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#419 - Lorenzo Hagerty

2013-11-19 | 🔗
Lorenzo Hagerty is a former attorney, corporate CEO, and US Naval officer. He currently hosts the popular podcast "The Psychedelic Salon"
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and one of them is talks about psychedelic x you know that the tens mechanic talks thee timothy leary talks it's so rare to find a place where you can find a lot of those and in the case of your podcast psychedelic salon it's the best one i've ever found and when i found it i was so happy goes like this guy's got everything you have like every mckenna recording like ever you all timothy leary recordings and alan watson in who'd i mean who don't you have anybody essentially who's ever said anything weird about drugs i dont have joe rogan yet don't buy emily he's in i've podcast and are really could go on and we could talk about them
started to podcast intentionally and mine was just accidental no that was it thus the misconception we did didn't start is intensely at all another now we just turned on a webcam once we're doing owed to use dream broadcast screwing around just for guph always started the same way then how did you get yours i i'm kind of geeky guy and i was looking at tech and we're apps actually mine states conference hinder i'd already produces planking artie talks at burning man and i them up on the web and little ten minute increments good to keep the file size down and we're up at this mindset conference and a guy comes at me and says hey start a podcast can i use all that stuff you have a nice a sure go ahead i said i thought of the two but i dont have an ipod side i and he said need one you do your computer so i waited couple months and he never start his podcast and so i got a hold of my said are you still going to do that and you said no and i said well if you don't mind i'm going to use me so whether yours so i made a pot i did a podcast of a talk i gave first
i did one that friend of mine made during the last one actually he gave a blanket or next to last and then i did those two and i was trying to figure out how the tec worked and our answer then i put up my stuff from plank in our day and you have still just playing around with it now catana looked and there's ten people and maybe twenty and thirty use your downloading probably my friends and all the sudden i get contacted by this guy came all and had been up to maybe a hundred downloads and he said hey of your podcasting use guys over in england doing the dope fiend is doing something he likes and in so i started kind of what to do in the dope fiend oh you dont know but the dope seemed now that is a great podcast her it's on the cannabis podcast network in fact it is a letter as you can find it don't feel that code at uk and their great progress he's he's got a whole series of bad kessler took the can
this network yeah he he has some good music shows in factor i i first found you during my stoner a bachelor days on news radios harsh at first sight while and then i wish list two lefties lounge who is one of the pod gas than the doping network and place a music comedy and also understand cuts from you in and he's just got his podcast now that's how i found your podcast withdrew their audits cool i don't i'm not even sure how i found out about you are so sorry it was probably twitter someone suggesting it online or maybe my message board could have been i don't really remember who who turned me on to it but it was more than one person and i think it was probably because like i would occasionally post like a clip someone you know like anew to fill a gap mckenna lecture supply better when those really cool videos as some people have done that
the minor amazing things about the internet is all these user created videos i guy just post one today that someone made out of no idea who did it and i did it with things that i said our podcast and its funding how they did a fantastic job it some weird thing where you can you know you can be a thing that you put out all the sudden its caught on by these other people than they add all these things to it music visuals and it becomes even bigger like somebody mckenna ones were him giving a lecture but they ve put em visuals and sounds and and there is to amazing and their super inspirational oh yeah every week i get to links to some graphic artists as a headset hey i use a clip rear podcasting and it's just wonderful to see if he says the visuals really enhance what terence has a say or anybody i you know and i know
had a lot of people spin off punk podcast after listening to you in a few of them that with me and some of my hadn't stuck around but like these two guys third replied cask all black lighten the attic koane chicago agree what they did is they did at twelve part youtube video series in how to use it ass he and is still the best thing out there so it's audacity s he's a free open source sounds our hardware software its audio multi track you can do lots and lots of stuff with a meal was free open source is probably more used in pod gas in anything why and but they did anyone part youtube thing you know it is in everyone's while i want to learn some new not ass i gotta one three kids back that so cool so you must do everything yourself then you must tell you added everything you put all eclipsing other yeah that the procedure is i i i listened to a talk first in
a lot of them you know there's a question she can't hear she have to cut those out and you got a boost and adjust the sounds i get the sound of the best i can and i'm taking notes at the same time cuz i put program notes in a little short quotes and all because google and duckduckgo other search engines don't search the audio and so i've made you i tried to get like fifteen twenty quotes of terrance and each one of his lectures so that their me they're searchable but then i once i have that done than i write a script where i introduce it and than i out and i write the script out then rehearse it read it so and then then curse you know you got a cut the pieces together and add the music and and then turning to mp3 and put on the rss feed and put it out there's a guy do the whole thing why respect that so much because i this podcast is so easy we don't ever added it we go live we just let it roll it go it once it's gone it's gone i just fuck up a fuck up and it's it's it's got every bump
the all happening what that's that's the magic your podcast because i am listen quite a few your podcast i listen to the comedians and my wife listens dear sir it's the interviews but you're every one of your podcast i wanted to jump in hark pan and i've talked to a lot of my friends it listen to it in this young man he's he's just like one of us and i want to talk with him and i think that's the their real genius at this pod gas is just too three or four whenever sit round talkin isn't hilarious lou but what kind of society who we become where just a regular conversation is novel i invite you to address issues like what the fuck are they doing where they just talk and will you know years ago when i was living in temper on a saturday night there's ganem carol subtler who did it chatterbox cafe and we go down from from ten to two and what the fit thing was about twelve or sit around the table like this we all drink and in just talk and
they could have collins ins so people could essentially your buyer without leaving their house you wouldn't have to drive drunk and so the sound effects were like a bar and all and we'd all assume characters and sidra talk and it was a hugely popular show wow that's interesting interesting the the idea of audio theatre which is basically were podcast are is a completely new thing to me at least kind of existed before because when i was a child i listen to like audio recordings and a record on the large vinyl like of course listen to stand or comedians and teach and charm and things along those lines and you just sit around and listen but the beautiful thing about podcast as most of the time of people are doing in this enjoying this they're doing than out a year at the jam or you drive your car community work are committing the school or what have you
you do something else exactly and in its like the old radio she i grew up in radio wouldn't have a tv until out and like six or seventh grade right and so when i come home from school it in the afternoon my brother through the radio listing just like tv guide and yet with fear maggie in mali and my dad nigh on sunday afternoon down the basic would listen all these great shows we had an episode of news radio were andy dick became obsessed with fair magee and molly i remember that when listening to all the recordings and laughing and like walking in the walls and stuff cause he was laughing so hard that's the first time ever heard of them and i can tell you where they lived seventy nine wistful vista dr why i listened to all the fever magee and molly tat so such an interesting time in our society one families to sit around the radio and listen to like orson welles and those kind of thing that's all we had you know that i'm seventy one now so i can go back a little ways better i don't feel like things
change that much because podcast have sorted turned into the old radio and and people walk around like you say a little different you're not sitting at home now looking at their radio my case is far less professional in i'm not very one profession i guess i dont let us any plan national five guess i don't know if there is such a thing is in progress in their net i used to listen to scientific american there they had a good twenty minute one that was good but i kind of fell away from that's a nurse said this hospital that i was going to get this procedure done recommended radio lab the first one that i tuned into was this one about these kenyan runners from this very specific village and shoes going on in depth about it and then like to hear her describe this intense thing to actually listened the shoah grainy elapse really good they have sound effects that they play while they're giving their learn their talk on things they bring in people to have interview
and they sort of inner jacked in the interview like tell the guy will be talking and they ll explain like why this is so significant like that what the guy talk more it's really interesting like the guy talks but instead of interrupting him as he's talking this sort of edit things in after the facts are that having an interview with a guy and they just interview him but also interject in the middle of what he's doing various acts and information that actually enhance the story and make it richer really well done and there was all about this one of runners issues like unbelievably awesome and it comes to this right of passage ritual that they do it concision inquiring you're talking about right with great concern that the same drive awful terrible stuff but they became like super immune to the response of payment or or to responding to pain or super determine and are super whatever it is they their level of is easier their level pain tolerance or their a bill
led to suppress whatever the hell it is but they must re converting that paint a new kinds of energy of some cause for their long distance running or later i think that and i think it's also super critical in their society that you get through this ritual and if you don't get through this ritual not thought of as a man i'll have our rituals and there are a lot less painful and most complex issue that you have now one sounds and what's really insane was that this guy was talking about his sons and now he did one his sons to go through what he had to go through and he thought personally as personal did that there was other ways to build character and i thought that was really interesting is it sir it's a step in what we would call more civilised behaviour but you know what happened you know take generations to see what happens was also love you know what this is if you love children you don't want to go to the same kind of shit that you went through you know she wanted
they can interesting person would he do you give him bad parenting and rob mafia shitting they road tax law and i want for my kids i don't like it didn't want like there's a girl like i did and i had a wonderful childhood but it wasn't perfect i think we'll work on now as a society whether its on purpose or not by by you putting out those counterpart task by me trying to have as many pod cases i can well we're all work it on i think is we're all again at this world that were living in and go and do we have to do things this way is this this is really necessary right and the more that word gets out violent words not it's just a realistic word it's a it's where we're all just going to come on like what are you do you know what we're not trying to run the world i don't want all the oil i want to steal anybody that natural gas so dont want to watch you do it right i d i dont want to watch this crazy world we're living in words really obvious that what things are being done are not fair it's really i don't think that
can have a society the way our society is word so big and so disconnected and not have people that are acting in their own self interest but i dont think that the only way it can be done i think once we become more and more connected and i think podcast her big part of them psychedelic part of that itself which is kind of psychedelic is a big part of that as those things bring people closer and closer together just think less of that kind of behaviors necessary lesson justified let's have it is unexplained candidates can all out there now we understand people way better than we ever did what work rising that we're all alike young when you get down to the opera below the operating system to machine code get one of my very closely friends in the world is vietnamese he was eight year old orphan time i was over there i didn't know and then but we become really close over the years and once we get through
the culture in the politics and the religion we just talking about people stuff you know problems with his wife were the same as i was have with my girlfriend at the time and and on a human level we realise how just identical we are in here you go in the world people are are the same except they get the overlays of culture and religion family and all that stuff but if you can break breakthrough those carriers now we're psychedelic i think are very humble you'll find that we're all alike in and we can figure out how to get along word both different and alike but our differences are external the the actual human being like what is the what is a person one of this life what is one happy ass i wouldn't want to get rid of any culture i think they're there would add although spice and the flavour to the world we want to see the cultures but i think we need to quit fighting we never quit fighting while there is also an issue that a lot of cultures evolve around these ideas that are outdated antiquated crazy in fact
like there's a lot of religious cultures that it would like their ideas beautiful cultures really interesting there are works fantastic there though dress is really fascinating but she's cries the oppressive they are to reach out and look how they treat women in saudi arabia and two thousand thirteen women have to protest for their right to drive a car holy shit and look i'm going to have to dress in that heat and they get the black clothes not the white ones its ink completely insane it's it's old fuck it's ridiculous it was from a time when people didn't know any better right the idea your god wants you to do that is beyond ridiculous you know it's is legend is you know it's basically superstition when you come down to a huge part of it are gypsy ideally a get that people need a higher power believe in a higher power one hundred percent but if you see that there's the hand of man and some it tells you that you should stone homosexuals to death you can't see the hand of man and you really think that's the way oh god will handle it right why would a guy
invent homosexuals in the first place if you don't think they're doing that because their born that way look i'm sure have been men who were heterosexual who are like let's see what this fuss is all about and went over did some gay shit we're not sure it's happened it's not that nothing wrong with that the reality of being gay if you ve ever met anybody whose case is that most people were gay always knew it from the time they were born now what your god create that what would you go eight someone who was born in a way that makes them just by nature of existing you can europe stone them to death you should surround them death well you know my youngest son is gay and when he it came out i said will you i've been talking yours about this for ten years and he said he said well i knew i was gay that long to he said i just had to get the courage to come out just last january he got married in washington dc and it was he was a big deal the kennedy centre and so it was a big society wedding and
amazing social event with hundreds of people there and young people from the state department and everywhere and while and you can you can tell the tale tools that were the old establish straight people who came just to be polite at first but it turned into such a wonderful party we have they had the wedding and then a dinner and then the reception all in the same place and everybody stayed until and close down there haven't secular mainly the old people are watching the young people dance because while my my
my son's husband is a principle dancer thea susan pharaoh valid wait a minute gay ballet dancers this story just doesn't make any sense you don't think they're big where there's one or two funding of their certain like leg of you here guys and interior decorator ban rightly unhealthy straight dude i'm sure there are some get mad at me was saying this right now but i dont know why it is with us something about the certain professions and end you know what you really they don't look gay iraq gay but boys he but the answer when you quickly as well you know that's always been the rumour about john travolta is probably not even gaze problems we were still zadig outside i feel that it is too good to good is it changed the way people decided to mate you know remaining dance if you want to go to fund wedding just go to the same sex marriage because its new for them somewhere there really celebrating something right the first time it's a very joy
right they don't feel pressured into it's not like you guys have been together for five years he hasn't gotten your ring this is bullshit you need to lead him now this is an example of the game i don't have a girlfriend like they're doing there and there are wonderful couple this is it was it where is it legal now how many states is gay men think about fifteen or something like that this fine you see it's happening ripe slow but surely yes he had just moved to florida taken a new job and then i had all these plans but he couldn't get married in florida so they left everything in dc fifteen states we're same legal same sex marriage and then also more states where thirty four that ban same sex it is more that ban it recently there has been a federal the decision the tax department is going to recognize it no matter what state they live this fascinating though theirs states words band slightly
ban same sex marriages thirty four of them that's amazing they had got the waiter does put it so stupid it's so stupid it's hard to believe so stupid that people in this day and age decide what to people can't do because of their saxo like that if marriages legal ok and i'm not sure it should be of marriages legal why shouldn't be legal forgave able there's just so sensible it's so dumb it's such a weird thing to get behind its like what's your end game here they understand how you're getting by anybody would be getting behind us outside of some crazy religious belief you ve lost me would you yeah what do you care and the idea that somehow and others can eventually cost us money urged drugs was were some stupid arguments that you see that convoluted logic about why people being gang getting married when make any difference or call any more or less than i am not getting married or them you know or stray people getting up isn't what about what studies are you
what do you know who studies on this and these homophobia that are just inside four million for white re they're saying you that that gave barriers same sex marriage now is going to cause arrayed gotten rape children i mean they're making this stuff up duchess unbelievers if that's maybe like this information maybe like the new there the gay marriage people who are pro gay marriage or saint shit like that just to make such a retarded argument with his work and clever move yards it's one of those weird things where i can't believe it still round its like i remember when i was a kid i told a story but in the interest of this particular discussion i guess i eleven years old and i move from an francisco to florida anders out of things that i didn't know san ink was in probably open minded and a really remember being very aware of the difference immediately upon moving too to florida because i had a friend is from mars
a cuban france names candy and his dad tag and he s good deed or some within his craze last name africa's last man but a dab screaming yell and slamming the newspaper table i can't believe this shit and i was you know try and figure out what was going on in us at which a dead man i doubt you mad at you say daryl in fact get married you believe this shit those almost mary each other he was mad he was thrown the newspaper down i was eleven and others what a silly man you are you're a grown man and this is something that that bothers you and concerns you remember taking that little eleven year old boy light wow there's a lot of weak ass bitches out there posing as men like you dummy what do you care tough guy is you care the two guys one kiss each other like to focus from the deal it's a stupid it's a damn thing to get behind our little granddaughters lesson
or they were like four and a half and just turned eight and i came back from the wedding they are still saying now two boys got me did they cast an eye for the young further pictures i won't i thought you answer now they're really cool with it and one of them they told her teacher about yeah papas little boy is married to a boy from southern it's it's gonna be normal for these people it should have been normal long time ago yet when i was a kid i lived in san francisco next to this gay couples black eye and his boyfriends white dude and my aunt is to go down there and they would smoke pot and play bongos naked they would argue together i was like spoken seven and they would next door to the gay couples house was chart totally completely normal it was like a black eye there's an asian guy there's a gig it's like good another guy it's like it's no big deal i didn't even know what the word nigger meant when i moved to florida i asked my mother and she got mad at me because she's
playing games and i said dont know what it means what does it mean to someone set it at school that is a derogatory term for black people i was lively oh really in europe what seven so i was eleven levels when i first moved florida knows because i couldn't believe it i had an experience hardly any racism and in san francisco san francisco in the seventies it was just the the age of utopia had expired right which is like the nineteen sixties the late nineteenth sixties in san francisco there was still an echo of like understanding and progressive thinking in san francisco like no other playwright so was a bit difference to go from sovereign go in the seventies two fuckin gains will florida around rise gis gas retarded they are feeding alligators marshmallows in this fuckin lake near my house i mean it was reduced
less than a different mood for california from florida in its in that's we're all my kids live but is not fit for human have fish i wouldn't that go back too crazy for words to any i lived in san francisco and lake sixty six early sixty seven and i just got married is my now ex wife but she was attention born and raised in houston and she had a three year old son who is my son my eldest son and now adopted him and was in the navy where in san francisco is our first month living together and she grew up in the south and call black people niggars and i said you know we're going to have more kids we're just can't have there and she said what that's what we do less and i said let's make a deal not do that she said well you're smokin i dont want on smoking
so they i quit smoking when he never said nigger again i quit smoking cigarettes but our kids are pretty well balanced knock knock it off but why that's a great story that's if you know sometimes just takes one thing to get you to quit some stupid smuggling one realization i had have a really important reason i didn't want my kids grown up like that that's beautiful well you should want em grown up around so honest what cigarettes to write well that's true success of weird thing that they did where they got through a mean if you want to really look at problem that we have right now in our culture there's a big one it is a big one that all these people who run for office who get into office there concern with the loss of lives there are concerned with here alison and safety there are concerned with invite nl pollution their concerned with economic growth are concerned with all these different things to benefit human beings but
they never mentioned cigarettes i mean you want to talk about one of the biggest and most obvious pieces of evidence for conspiracy scarcely where half fuckin billion people every year i mean how many fuckin people die every year from cigarettes psych four hundred thousand in america right just in this country would i dont know what it is worldwide but it's gotta be some areas you know if i were the number is nobody's ever died from canada o d of cannon to which just imagine that there is an issue where four hundred thousand people died in yours in your country a year for thousand and yet no one brings it up ever fat
insanity that's so hard to believe that you not talk about four thousand lifetime which is an insane body out that's insane body count for more than all the worse if civil think about nineteen you know whenever there they found out the cigarettes are bad for it was ninety fifties or sixties or whatever it was within the first started going i think there is a connection between these people die of fuckin cancer and smoking on he's burning chemicals so grabs in denmark commissioner that that thing about how many people have died and then millions many many millions and ensure an estimated forty and forty three thousand peep another putting them on on the asian kids you know that there are really push cigarettes over their cause is not wrong here but that over recent years as it each year estimated meet it forty forty three thousand prematurely from smoking exposure second aspect which is even darker another eight point six million live with a serious illness caused by smoking wow
similarly forty six point six million u s adults smoke cigarettes wow that scary both father and died from smoking cigarettes that's insane number i didn't know hi wow that's like understood this like normal four million a decade just it's also like knowing that you ve been like your society has been infiltrated by like aliens that are designed to kill people aliens rejoin people and not cigarettes we would be terrified would feel who are under attack to be a war and cigarettes is what these aliens are killing four hundred thousand people every year what do we do that making aid under be a million people sick as well fuck what do we do in europe let's say while i'm gonna smoke until i'm forty five or fifty or what are my my father and my brother both smoked until they are about fifty and they each lived about ten years after the quit smoking
died of sixty three so now it's all smoking did at its heart it's amazing how many people go for that it's a more so hard to quit you know you have have some kind of a really big motivation cause it's it's nicotine is more addicting than heroin what i've heard that before it sounds like that makes sense but you know the heroin condition what everybody thinks he's not a hundred percent is closer only about thirty percent really get physically addicted real yeah is look nicotine's but seventy five percent and heroines about thirty percent we need to find out who those lucky bridges are there are twenty five percent not addicted to cigarette thirteen percent conduct of heroin figure out of those guys are checked their genes yet what an awesome fuckin trade to have not get addicted you know it's really sad it's it's really sad because its is evidence it as long as money is around you're not looking at people's health and welfare and in most of us are the caffeine
did you know when you do a diet for ayahuasca you go yet golf caffeine for at least a week ahead of time well in our tradition that i'm involved in her was involved in that caffeine was one of the things you gave up for at least a week ahead of time and i had to start meaning myself a month ahead of time just cutting it down and less and less because when i go cold turkey on caffeine in three days i'm up standing up all night with cramps in my legs not just the headaches really caffeine a ticking go cold turkey on caffeine for even if you're only drink to it come today while i used to when i would stay up late writing i would drink a shitload of coffee and i was concerned with was getting the writing ran and i realized one day i woke up in the next morning i fuckin pounding headache and avoid matter then i realized had outcome coffee no way like i allowed myself to get this hooked on this ship so i quit good and then i took it
several months off then i started drinking coffee conservatively since then but i went without it for quite a while because i was just like that i don't like that like i had a headache from not having something that didn't make any sense that's stupid but after i've been off and we do a week before and the week after and after i've been off it for two weeks a half a cup of coffee buzzing all day i'm it's a real doggedly rate drug if you only use it once in a while its lead yet you know it's another thing about coffee as its everywhere meaning talk about a drag that you can just tap into every five steps is the only drug that labour contracts are require you have to have a coffee break yeah that's interesting is when back in the old days to smoke cigarettes in the off the old days well i guess it was well go about but about eighteen years ago when they finally got rid of it where whereas was working to verizon wow
a rise in eighteen years why wasn't verizon tee then but why in cubicle helen and there is one corner they put all the key all the people in the one corner smokers on course it filled the room anyhow i so you could see this little cloud over this what year was it where they did it with airplanes because i remember the airplane thing i remember a bag i remember lot of airplane rides smokin though so weird airplane things so weird because i had to sit and smoking a couple times the only seats that were available oyster difference smoking and dead matter but you know when you're trying to get a seat that's all they have sarajevo smoking but i mean that the smoke was the same no matter where you were laying when i felt like and how much filtration they even doing is there and i mean how much can they do where they get near for another spend some lawsuits by flight attendants who got cancer from secondhand smoke oh i wouldn't live flight attends or smoking in this picture what happened to our world where people just smoked up a fuckin storm like this was
some improvement yeah but we're weird have at their habit that kills half a fuckin mill and people every year one hundred country worldwide worldwide we find out what the worldwide cigarette desert and refine our right here because i need to know this is certainly makes sense no one and i don't think we're still subsidizing tobacco farmers but we may be we had been up until very recently i know it's hilarious isn't it we subsidize oil companies i didn't about that until ana kasparian told me about it i heard your talking about that and take tell you what the oil depletion allowance is part of the reason kennedy was murdered pollution allowance and texas is huge tobacco kills five point four million a year what is that once a million five five million desi aided by twenty thirty the one i'm can add is world health organization among the cdc which ones mileage
when i was five million five ninety five million deaths per year dennis so many goddamn people how can you work for that company how do you be there but you know it's but neither one hears the other problem pro you doom wherever you want to do i don't have a problem as long as it doesn't get in somebody else well you know when my dad died that harm my mother yes also as a smoking is harming people matter what you don't envy that second hand smoke a lotta people get cancer because i live with a small group there are some studies essays even worse than smokin itself that's ridiculous and yeah of a house with a secondhand smoke my dad was a smoker my mom is smuggling i was really young give it up i think by tunnels like seven we had a basement workbench back then all the beer was in no tall bottles in my dad be down their work in the basement and my little brother who was
four and a half years younger me he had to have it going around drain in the bottles to my dad has well when he left a little bit of beer in the bottom one for his cigarette thing and he dropped about three or four bucks in it you can still see him viewing is puke ass he ran up the stick imagine them as it tastes like i don't think he drank beers a teenager he had a bad taste that's hilarious that doesn't even seem real doesn't mean it seems like something if you had explained to someone who didn't understand human beings leagues so is used if an alien came here and was a viewing our culture they saw this aspect of it they be like what the fuck are you people doing us i started smoking freshman year in high school you thing everybody had to do my sister does well i tried it i was a year older than her i try cigarette also i want the brunt of this stupid i hated it
along like it but i wanted to be in the crowd in one year pressure while i know a lot of people brian red ban who was on the show what he he's quit a couple of times can't do it he d courts and he gets right back to it he got sick reason you took off like nine days and going right back to you just you just get the pulled right back into it even those e cigarettes like he doesn't even use those you know i don't exist i don't understand how people can can see all these numbers and not in that thing it applies to them that's that's an addiction that's why but it's a weird one like why would you kill yourself now that's the weirdest whenever its letters is so slow cobb it's gonna be it's gotta be pretty ass though a memorable essay slow but those people what it when to walk upstairs and stuff like that's not slow fast your normal diminishing your life right now what it means to me if you can go the stairs fast your normal
person and you you not old the you're not you not is injured and you can't walk up a fly stairs without being at a breath right your life is on like a real like low yacht shut wrong and you're not lino if you don't that's all the energy have you're missing energy thing is robbed you have energy of you realize it because this new life that you have this is just your reality kevin water your ears clean the water out you like oh now i can hear your when you pop your ears and you come at all airplane riding you know you feel stopped up anew pincher knows and and blow wanted so the air can get out you years pop up stick with it sounds like you know my my aunt and uncle she lived into her nineties but my for uncle died while younger and they were both smokers he finally quit we have emphasised that he be spring there were the oxygen and she burst working right next to out twenty four issued in poison them what a weird thing people point
what happens poison wives there wasn't hurrying five new heart stand up it's one of his old things were sit on the stage and put his that jamie's as our lungs black alone i black lungs are smokers another wonder why is it because it is not up to a machine is making on import inflate that's all that doesn't flattened so it's showing you were an actual black cigarette smoke as long as like why and this is an ongoing along a healthy long oh my god what a day what a difference that's insane you need to put this your wallpaper computer if you're a smoker just a collar there s so horrified so you know they're not working very well oh my god i'm working well yeah i know more people love cigarettes so where'd you notice of this old bob newhart routine set on a chair and put a shooters here and he was sir walter raleigh are he was in england and sir walter raleigh was calling him telling stuffy sent back me says it's called tobacco and in its a leaf in you
on fire and what do you do it it's really a classic man smoking that that's funny in those protein from nineteen sixty years ago probably the fifties maybe maybe saturn when he started is one of his early things is it there it is there it is obvious that what he has nothing while again i was very gunnar nearby your firewall about a decade of airlines november there are still here yeah they're walkin oliver london london holiday our over while that's america you got another one therefore so all go back all what's tobacco ali
you ve got any kind of you bought it you can't leave while now you're you're beautiful why don't you know we have plenty elite overrunning seek on file we're up professional kindly if i'm gonna who did not exactly what what do you do in at least one different ring are you think now while at once you take a pinch of tobacco
make use me imagine a worthwhile rode over mary beggar another goldenrods either do it over here tobacco as other users you can join i gotta go trend away and a little piece of paper
you know what you think of any real arrived in berlin and i want you to go if you want to get on the other down the boy to visit build your coffee what coffee while
i a drink you i got and then you aren't you drink it in the morning while you're here you go what about you cannot come when i'm running late i'm gonna be a long one lame allows call me anymore that's great lears therefrom i saw it action the ed sullivan show we used to watch every sunday night jackie gleason saturday ed sullivan on sunday says
is fascinating that's that's just with the way broke down was really interesting without even bring out the death still hilarious why would you do that using students state any other health concern with this before they were really known to less funding is early sixties so late like did you ever see the narrow leonardo dicaprio movie about j edgar hoover no i haven't seen when j edgar hoover was young he was caught sickly and saw his doctor prescribed cigarettes that's what made him sire and wanted him to smoke cigarettes and was a young man like his mother in the movie is like saying to him and then listen to the doktor and smote those cigarettes y yeah that's where we're
but you know there was a peer pressure cultural thing you started when you're really young cause other guys we're doing all the movies youth on the move is really push cigarettes you can't see ain't as a black and white movies smokin all that's true right and tv shows everybody always smuggled cigarettes and was like a part of me cool news gasters used to smoke and that's so we're lose casters they are that's the one of the weirdest rungs of show business is the news castor to me when i look at news casting i feel like it's like watch watching silent movie who is this like some antiquated form entertainment that we don't need any more like the way if you watch an old like made it or an old dumb black and white foam where were you subtitles and like like not ferrajo it's kind of fascinating cause it's time capsule looking into this time where this was the relevant form of medium this right this is how the they they got their film out it had to be like this there was no sound so they would pay
music and then would be a like a script and the we read in an outbreak in between scenes and screen would go me alive piano playing there if someone try to do that today be like what the fuck are you doing like this is so stupid want you to make a moving and why you doing this like let them talk like why you just why is it only written that's so dumb and that sort of what it's like we need to watch newscast and say why you do not like this they read the new he read the news but you'll be barely cover anything cover these little tiny three minute shocks on super complex issues where a minute that is telling us what they're going to do next i oh yeah let's its end then
this is also a lot of nonsense and things that they know that people want to listen to and to name light whether it's like you know alex baldwin grabbed a paparazzi by the neck or something like that it's info tenement now not in is weird it's weird it's weird there still doing it it seems like something that they should stop doing that girl or come up with a new way to do it where i don't feel like you're bullshitting may i don't know anybody who talks like that that there's only one new show i watch nets john stuart the daily show vs that's a great nature the alley i mean i've i like him because he calls out both people raise he's very consistent on his pretty equal opportunity i mean if the obama administration does some silly the bush administration did something silly he he's really he'll go out in the heat definitely leans laugh torture but he's killed go after to allow more quickly as anybody here but they can rely on that for news is mired glowering lavish closest i get to watch in asia may it's the end by far the in an area in a big leap but it then
becomes a matter of life have you ever seen people get in a discussion on the internet and someone who will put up an article from the daily mail and another in the other person argue with america daily mail really we believe a fuckin lengthen the daily mail and then it becomes our well what it would work where can i get my goddamn information from like it becomes an issue of what's the source and you know whose whose where's the money behind this this organisation because these organisations are going to be eventually just like cbs or nbc or fox news it's gonna be there's gonna be influences bind them some other now can it be like this the raw data were collecting from all around the world here it is but also some commercials during the peak of the occupying movement i spent hundreds of hours watching you stream tv because you are watching the raw thing taking place here you are really interesting your progress is really interesting during that time you did a lot of social commentary we might not ordinarily do that and you are
talking about how important near the occupy movement was i feel like that's that discussion about the occupy movement has dwindled dramatically it has but i'll tell you the way i look at the occupy moment though what we ve seen they had announced new the beginning saying ok we're going to do phase one and what we're gonna do raise awareness around the world that there is a big income distribution problem that we have one percent nine percent gonna show that this is true everywhere in the world and we're living in a police state because the police are gonna shutting down if that's that's our only objective that's phase one if that was put out that way i think it's a owes a big success now just the other day there's a thing in the news that the occupying new york people had four hundred thousand dollars left in their account donations and they took that four hundred thousand in fifteen million dollars with a credit card at the people who run off on medical bills and four gave it all
and now they're using that knowledge that they learn to do videos are stuck to teach people how they do that for themselves to buy their credit card debt for pennies on the dollar and said oh what they're going after import so that and i got and in australia and the uk in a couple places here in the states friends i say internet friends i've never met him in person that are still very interested or involved i should say in occupied type activities but what we know now is we're not alone that there all around the world there's people litter thinking like this so it's more about justness awakening than a movement but i think it's still simmering under the surface in i got a lot of bad precedent obviously but let me like i was starting say i i spent hundreds of hours watch and in interacting and chat rooms with these people now so i felt like i knew little bit better what was going on and what was coming out in the press and stuff like that because that was all slanted and these people are really on top of things and
we do now no one percent ninety nine percent so nothing else it was pretty successfully movement that way will yeah pretty successful as as like a talking point i became the talking point you used to be talked about the top percent right several percentage fireside whatever it is but then became than one per centres that nine percent are then it became a really thing yet our voters like those david graver i think as one that get credit for coming out with that and you know that becomes a viral idea people start discussing dino the nine nine percent of the people in this country don't only one percent knowns fifty percent the well to one of the market is not want but secondly three hundred people own forty five percent hooper well that's amazing those guys bars they win i think that what's interesting about all this i have a very optimistic view of the human race i think as ultimately people want to live a life that's harmonious and happy i think of that
with you and that's true with me ass she true with pretty much everybody that i know it's gotta be with our people so it's him of spreading that idea through the population as quickly as possible to as many people as possible and let them understand that the way tat we ve been living our lives for decades and jim nation after generation is just them momentum of an ignorant past it doesn't have to be that way anymore and it doesn't mean that you can have government and it doesn't mean you can of corporations and it doesn't mean you can't have people who have more wealth and other people it just means ever you think should be done fairly and if you guys are putting laws into place allow you to fuck people over allow you to move your factories to mexico and have people work for pennies in the dollar illaoi there's a lot of shit that being allowed to do as far as like polluting the environment that shouldn't be kosher and there they are should be a way to resolve the and the way to resolve that is not you spend money to change the law to make it legal for you to do something that's horrible though which should be as fish what the fuck you can do
make sure they dont pollute the environment structure loss lawfully don't rip people off figure out a way to make it so that you're not in control of giant chunk of of of river that you're factories by the pollution that leaks into it figure out how to make it so that you're not poison the wells of of people in town because your fracturing and pulling natural gas out of the ground and destroy these people's wealth figure do without doing that and if you can't do it don't do it don't do anything when you put money in front of humanity it seems to me like we can still have competition seems too we can still have capitalism it just needs to be a moral capitalism and ethical capitalism were humanity and people and just caring about people in realising not going to be forever it's a fairly short ride scenario what nice to people and all the money that you may be an asshole and put people out of work pritchett that money most
likely of your position to put a bunch people out of work in and make a fuck a lot of money and fuck someone over you probably already have a lot of money urania sweet spot irina some weird position of influence we enjoy you got you fuckin stranger he person joanna pollute the river you weird asshole who doesn't care about polluting someone's wells you should be devastated if that happens you should stop operations but no because they know in pull billions of dollars worth of natural resources out of the ground by still continued these practices didn't even consider not doing they just do it they just keep doing and they find ways do where harms less or did this has less of an environmental impact allegedly you know me i'm even though the numbers are but two of the rules data shows that they fucked up a lot of areas doing this stuff but no one
i must have been doing is calling for senior you ve hit the nail on the head is it is not about regulating things from the top down and trying to get people to change your ways is getting people to change themselves in one good examples of a corporation is doctor banners the soap company doktor bonner rasta hemp soap yes yes they might be hippies would you think well he has went with the guy was i think he's like twenty five years old ones dad died and he had take over the company i didn't really want to but he the first thing he did this is nobody in the company can make more than five times the lowest paid person in the company why he's he's got a really your very conscientious conscious company and of when he lot of others like that and it's gotta be from the bottom up where they just doing it in their successful he's competing in the soap business and in fact if you go to bed
man it's the only soap that'll get all at dust off your hands if you got a burning many other problems somebody somebody one twitter toby i should get you to go to burning real people keep asking me to go to bury man look i meet plenty a dirty hippies my everyday life this too many of them there you know i don't like camping i don't enjoy the desert now they can't stand the heat and i couldn't wait to get back but i've i stop going i hadn't gone since two thousand seven now good move has begun commercialize honest is so expensive and am in then you're offline for like two months afterwards turn recover but it was the times i went were sown the most spectacular time obviously talking should because i've never been on a y all the people that actually go and enjoy don't they can be in serious go our your time and i know that most of you are probably cool as fuck the what matters is that small percentage is going to be so annoying that i can't go what did you see no percentage that's that's one of the things it was kind of unique about burning man i thought is that in fact it
first year we went camp across from us was so start in the afternoon know some loud music and all we had a bunch of people just sit around talking and so i want to ladys and our camp took up a trifle of cold beers and popsicles over to him said can we bribed you to turn a music off for a couple hours and sure in their turn it off and you know it's a cleaning anarchy is whether the right but that's very nice that your grace and dying you're right it's gotten i would say commercial buzz gotten really big but one of the people who are nowhere was at this year's camp and she's been there i think nineteen years in a row and said this with best here never been now when i going is like twenty five thousand people and it was much more manageable than sixty some now wolf most part i mean this is pretty much almost anywhere go when i run into people that want to talk about things it's a cool conversation for them alter our nine upset time but as always there
one per cent maybe one out of a hundred mits might might even less than that or someone just gives you a brutal ear beating on the power of crystals knock cheese we stop or someone who they knows a healer cries someone who they know it's with that channels i too have a sky fuckin talking to me about a channel are the other day ass they pleased whether you think all this gets a frantic spit whatever it is it's like you know come on man if you're not channel and shut the fuck up you are channels and let me see it because you do not channel and if you never channeled how do you know what's going on there you don't know what's going on there could be a lot of factors that
i might be losers marbles right there you might be watching and act like a crazy personalities a lot of attention i guess i miss those people burning then i was in ugsome cantons booze part with this wasn't even it burning man this is just a conversation someone was one of the weird things about the pot gases so many people have to talk to me about something they have this idea that they have to tell me and in many times very interesting but maids not and made i'm just like its brutal nonsense we like i haven't friend of mine who believes in psychics he's going on about the psychic who who told him everything his life and everything about your life negroes i go to italian you you don't know it goes now and i go but dating that's weird is judy knew about my grandma go don't you know about your grandmother why you want someone to tell you shit you already know did you ever think that maybe even and manipulated be structured questions in a way they got you too to reveal certain information or think that you were
we're not answering it for him but he was leading you in a certain direction did you ever think that that might be possible and ex pause like no everyone thought about i always about we think about that a lot of people gets these things without giving it thought you now and then some of em the psychedelic romance it's it's even guph your people come up to you but gaff at one time ahead at a conference am i not just giving his presentation and i went up to say something to him and he was surrounded by a bunch of people and there's this one girl who is obviously just really whacked out on something she had spiked purple hair and she's piercing everywhere and she couldn't stand still and she's bouncing around she says why how come people don't approve of psychedelic and he said they're afraid they gonna turn out like you well that is an issue as an issuer potheads do a lot of what lazy sloppy potheads that just you know they're so loathsome to be around that they make you connect that behaviour to marijuana when i was a kid
so the marijuana made you lazy and i had always negative things and attached to it and until i met my turn eddie bravo who was a smart guy very articulate and he liked smoke pon talk about always crazy things and in like to make his music when it was highly can make muse i thought it was a second summit time that turn you into a moron my god again like that music now no no no it enhances your creativity and and once i immediately start smoking pot or once pot i immediately started resenting although doping realtor michael potheads god damn you guys ruined something that's some names you you ruin the image of something this amazing by being knucklehead you know i have experience when i was working the back of the phone company in and one of the guys that worked for was a vice president he was pretty far up there and we work pretty closely together for almost a year and i haven't gotten whole story but after about a year rap dinner one night and he says he
it making a confession verve reason he said well i smoke pot i said really list but my house right now we work together for a year in a really high powered environment and i found out later that he's gone up the car two or three times during the day to have you talks you can function pretty highly if you know what you do and how you can definitely function pretty highly especially we get used to it the where the where describe it is it's like surfing you watch a guy is a really good surfer or girls are really good surfer man they can write some crazy ways but if you put me on a surfboard i'm falling flat on my fucking stupid face i can't serve at all i've never done it tried it i'm sure i would suck at it i tried at once and i sucked marijuana smoking is like riding psychedelic wave in theirs there's a wave of the psychoactive substances th see that hits your body and
you can either ride that wave or you can trip out on the fact that iran this wave and free gout and start getting paranoid are going down places in your mind or you know just spiral that's possible to but once you get good at it you don't that doesn't happen very often it's like you standard holiday spoken pot longer not have that's impossible i had my first token nineteen eighty five now i start smoking pie in two thousand and one oh ok yeah you're another late bloomer i thought i was yeah i thought it was stupid tools like thirty or something like that i thought i was so dumb else like this is stupid thing ever these people are wasting their lives in part i didn't know how it first yeah i've a smoker and i got this partner
i wasn't inhaling proper whom he can really in and i spoke lives on my third joint islands like over a period of three or four weeks and finally i got really nelson i figured it yet inhale the wound and give me the cigarettes i called her workers workers often i caught her where has it it works stone and she says don't shout chiba down the walls of years when it took me a while we even learn how the others a people that are worried about people finding out they smoke pot oh yeah i think that's what i was even that out here any more but not as much but still in a lot of ways like that you know conversations of people they go you know hey you ever face any repercussions to talk about pon mike realistically anybody there would be upset with me because they found that i spoke pot i really don't want to talk to them anyway right like if they don't like me a private like them anyway like that that's a suggestion it stands to take just listen to what i have to say about it and if it does make sense to you that's one thing but of europe's
and it may because he found that a smoke pot take care you're not going i worried about that at one time but finally what i've done the the pod cast down in pretty much out of the closet butter we'll get a little resistance from people in the family that are unhappy with the wife friends that about some serious drug issues and i have also had people that i've talked to that were like real straight edge and when the reason why they are straight edge like maybe they lost family member to addiction and i've had conversations with them about it before i totally understand that and i totally get that mindset and i probably would have been in that mindset myself if it not for several people that i met my life because i died lost a friend the heroin and i lost a friend in high school here are two people to heroin actually that i know more than that i think are loss at least one other ones too to pills to like opiate pills yes he's like it that would be considered in turn on the same lines and i could go
the idea where people be upset a people that small potter whether anything because it would think they connect it to a losing their family members but man it's unfortunate that word drug is such a broad term let's one of the reasons i am doing what i'm doing because we if with proper drug education those guys might still be alive you know that we dont educate would you say no and said o k and w and so i think that if we can just get a couple more generations behind us where people are not so oppressed by my one of my favorite stories i got from a kid and listen to the podcast when he was like guy he just got out of high school is eighteen his father caught him grown mushrooms is his closet and turn him in the police in the kid want abdul hard and fellow and so he came back jail and jail and he just went sergeant church within three or four times a week became a fundamentalist christian again just went through the exercise we found the salon
and i realize it hey he wasn't crazy there's other people do this to he himself a fast food save up his money these out in the west coast be working is an artist right now and so he got out of that oppressive atmosphere so dense fastening migrate eight tell me they ve come out of the closet being gay but they're afraid to tell her their parents at their psychedelic or they smoke but why about that that's fascinating the eu to have a great smoke pot or smoke paul joke there don't do not worth a jungle for it the idea of five castor daniel for a young man up in san francisco cisco that started the psychedelic society up there he started it like just two years guns got four thousand members already in seven thousand members four thousand maybe he's a young guy thinks he's mid twenties and he said he went to college and never smoke pot until we get college and got into pot mushrooms and
we started the psychedelic society san francisco has four thousand members and he's a drug of advocate new activist and monitoring how he has a he did a talker podcast called come out of the psychedelic closet got a letter in the mail the other day from a kid that he hastened little drawing he did of the closet with his name on mrs i just can't come out of it yet while but you don't if i was still in the workaday world working in the belly the beast i i i now in california someplace with medical marijuana probably be honest about that but i would never talk about the second alex in the corporate world i mean a quick way to get fired yes fastening the can't talk about an experience even that you ve had ten years ago right though will you some crazy hippy this tyrannical exact up are you why try to britannia or more or less normal waged a fuckin dirtier be doing ass it in your lunch break right now i must
if you think as in the navy then someone mine at this the state life and you are in the navy in the sixties yeah sixty sixty seventy as in vietnam and off the coast with a navy india actually my wife was a navy nurse to we're both an avian and that's amazing man what what did you do back then was there any substance is now alcohol lots and lots alcohol factor i can tell where i was in the day you were born why you were born in sixty seven yes i was in the officers club at subic bay in the philippines on a break from the gun line and the reason i remember it cause i was drinking my first flaming flag and celebrating my twenty fifth birthday why you're born on the same day amazing and the reason at the flaming flag and was one of the traditions in our wardrobe and it was a brandy snifter and you'd like the brandy on fire and then yet sip it down with a brilliant farewell
it was in the afternoon we didn't realize a brandy been burning awhile and by the time i m a problem getting licked down by bernd my lip on the damn glass it was but anyhow i'm on my twenty fifth birthday was you're born day and you're out didn't fuck weren't celebration in the world world joe rogan his arrived at her wardrobe went out and celebrated and burnt lips only me they didn't have enough to do that but now i have anything until i was forty two years or was it around you at all did you see it anywhere you know i went through college without even curing the word marijuana why where'd you a school the moon i graduated sixty four i went to a small boys college in the midwest called no name you went to note or damn you never heard about we'd not in this not in sixty two sixty four that's insane how is that possible it wasn't there oh my god that's amazing wasn't there and what was that like well use very repressive
imaginable very very there are no girls there and we had to get up is three days a week he had to sign in outside the chapel between seven and seven hundred and thirty fully dressed lights out one thousand and thirty in lights out was pretty serious you couldn't have electric locker electric blanket cuz they cut off the electricity to your room and i had a classmate kicked out of school for studying by candlelight i mean that's how repressive it was it was really a backward place is studying by candlelight got kicked out of school proud because he stole the candles from the grotto or some now if it is your nose for studying by candlelight why owl that's so dumb yet it was crazy plaice and sole insanely dumb we were the only class that until recently i think that never once saw winning football team for years of losses
and so i parlay that by selling my four year books on ebay and marketed that way in some way by four hundred and fifty six bucks that's funny that's interesting what a weird time but i was i was living in dallas in and i was forty two years old when ecstasy hit the streets him dna and i'd i'd never taken any drugs nardini spoke came out of the navy unearthing you're an attorney right yeah in in houston out an attorney than in dallas i started a computer company i had a personal computer company that nineteen eighty one we ought gross microsoft and i had for color picture in for magazine made the front page of the wall street journal and really then came in came in and crushed us like a bug those the name computer company ready his in dallas texas named dynasty commissioner dimas the computer corporation bertha larry do is we were the annually of computers i had like three thousand distributors around the country and it was his
and we thought we saw this machine you're here this item or is it eight k machine the sixteen care ram and it was a twelve black and white monitor and a cassette tape deck is what we for input in output and you'd have to load your europe near boot programme and then you get to see our sierra so you just the tone and rewind it and unloaded again and an we sold hundreds of these four three thousand bucks each why in and parents and say you know why do i need that you know you got recipe programme and in pong and a couple games and i said i don't know why you need it but if your kids don't have this there can be left behind while when their thirty years old and later as talking at one of the three java conventions to san francisco a guy came up to me and gave his car ceo of a company like a hundred programmers normie said you don't remember me do you know my dad bought a computer from you and you told him they would help me
so i don't know anybody else got help at least one customer turned out what what year was this i see he went out of business i started in in seventy nine seventy nine and we the lady for why and it was it was great use you hurt him combo this was the pc bubble in writing for ibm got in and run short and memory chips and i call it my friend it osborne borne he'd ship me someone than when i got some back ship him and gives close network is pretty good ol boy fascinating and there's a lot of fun you great fun but we do know what we're doing in a we're geeks and end i didn't do anything cash flow or business you i've been electrical engineering a lawyer but i d knowing what business and so we we just so ourselves out of business and by the time we're done the last six eight nine months i was so financing the thing by selling ecstasy so how did the ecstasy come into play i was i was doing this
better thing an end close friend of mine a lawyer and biloxi call me one day and he says what do you know about ecstasy innocent would mean a drug and so i don't do drugs he says it's legal this isn't taxes and at that time you're gettin thirty years to life for a single joint there's no way i touch them like that you cannot errors like yeah joy for one night and so he says no this is legal in our heads friend of a friend of my wife's actually and she was a model in town ran with the fast crowd and i met with her and she fix me up and so i got involved and then my friend wanted sums i sent him fifty and i start telling about it and i became really evangelical about it in the pretty soon i'm buying hundreds and five hunter six hundred and and i didn't really i said at the time the guy i was buying from was actually the main man and the big guy that starts the ecstasy hit the street in dallas it's been out here in west coast for several years
therapists nor but dallas and start club was the ground zero and the start club was just club was so big madonna move to dallas to be close to that club y see here there's a documentary gonna becoming out soon called the stark project and it was an insane places really the genesis of house music before even chicago is called start club music and then it and in there were balls ecstasy on the bar where you go buying on didn't twenty bucks and get a get hit as is all legal and they had chill space it was a crazy play set you wouldn't like burning man in a building in fact larry hagman was regular therein and in the end this movie that's coming out here quotas are saying light certainties always agree partying or if he says the only better party is burning man but that's like putting the star club in the middle of a desert but people some people get all dressed up burning man type in it and we're talking name brand
people you now talking heads and people like that madonna even w showed up george w been there and is it just a while crazy they play this house music chill space and who had bathrooms is just a wild place and that's really were ecstasy start spreading now i was selling to all my friends and and a lot coworkers nobody and we are really serious about it that i would make people read all water literature there was there wasn't very much of it is a speech sasha gave and a talk that rick dublin had given it international health organization but not much but we were really serious and i was sort of not in the club singing i was getting people together in small groups and doing it but i still have a lot to ask and i was getting deep discounts inside that money to cash what my message when you say sasha deeming sasha show young that lot folks don't know
ok i'm too narrowly sash sasha children is the guy that he didn't into in invent embryo may but he resurrected it it is pending in the early nineties hundreds and he recent sized it and wrote a paper about it that hit the underground but most of what i call abc chemicals are came from social shogunate two c b to see i other things did you ever see the vice documentary were hamilton moors interviews sasha children i don't think i saw that one by the way i think this item iversen that were my life children social children under set as it is why those names that i've read his name a hundred thousand and set it yet if a really interesting vice documentary were hamilton morris went and met with them had a long day with him and he went over different compounds with them and talked about discoveries and you know what he found in now was irregular at the plank in seminars and we'd sit down and and and we hope bunch of us i i a few one on one
conversations with him but we i talked about things like the navy he was in the navy in one war two but the chemist would come on and they would start talking abc x y see what his acronym books he has his book p calling he caught yeah cynically means i have known and loved and tripped means i have known and loved to our citizens and the first part of the book are like a novel and they use fictional names was about an institution their friends and then the last half of the book is a recipe section and there are literally the over well over a thousand chemicals here you look in the index the ones in bold are the ones that are psychoactive so actually four nine eleven happened i was part of a study group where we're gonna work in our way through it and every two weeks we get this powder in the mail and new experiment with it try and then
levin came in they start sending see what smallpox or what it was for the male anther anthrax and so this chemist was out of the countries is i'm i'm that setting anywhere powdered through the u s mail so that ended that experiment but a lot of things here bring about now are things that are coming up his bushy he he is his he's really declining now but he's he's he should have gotten a nobel prize that now the way he would do this as he he'd get an idea for a chemical say well what if i moved this item over to this part of the ring and then he'd since size that and then start out with what he would think to be a sub standard grocer real low dose and he'd work is way up the period of a month or so and he did this would like a thousand chemicals it all himself until he finally found out what the active dose was and then he had a group of people which i have several em there's only one or two other still alive actually failure there all in their sixtys and seventys in
and there they are the ones who talked about the front bar the book and then in the back part where he synthesizers it there these all these comments you of what people took him and i've seen the original documents for these comments for each paragraph there's like sixteen pages single space typed i mean this was in depth research that they didn't for burgers over hundreds of compounds to manage and being friends with that guy while this was going on every day would he do they're gonna set are the universe wanna come now i did i answered i don't you go take a day off and and i take lightly if you sat down fact with him when he's is declining mentally low little he's blind now but if you sat down talk to him you would think that he'd been
next door neighbor grown up could talk to you about anything in his he was one of the hat is one of the happiest people who know i'm sure he's probably never showed up now but he's a piece of serious scientists the very countries of various it what does nothing wrong with that as well you know in the idea of being a serious scientists and not experimenting with your consciousness being a nucleus goose you might be able to find a picture obsession his lab his lab was an old pot shit out behind his house is still there anytime now they've now bottled up everything that they want to get to the smithsonian or something but it's if you look at it you say this is a mad scientist place your it's it can't all the stuff came out of just such a small little shed yeah hamilton morris actually went in the shed oh yeah viewing yeah that's ever there there it is his hand in this is a leaky only potting shit that's what you're shed looks like if you done drugs a million die just does look like we like guys
on every drug tourism million times over but you know he he doesn't like pot that's why i put out applaud cas once heard dairy he and his wife were talking in and he's talking about these ones during that they had nieces aus awesome you know we stop time and we actually stopped it uses i don't know why we started that clock again she said well you chickened out neeson what were we on that time she said brownies equipment but normally heat he didn't like parted and now i know probably by twenty five none of the secondary people just don't get along a pot that's interesting what's the number one concern they don't like that just they don't like a it's the self examined a tory aspects of it well some of these chemicals get pretty self again towards true acid ashore mushrooms for sure yeah this is a real abrasive quality to eating pot and abrasive self exam poor thing that a lot of people find very uncomfortable
you got a really practice with each doesn t get the right amount to yes you do and you really don't know like vienna cookie from somebody human even if you made him yourself you know you have to like test out ease badge and go this is a strong batch or this is not a stronger ads for this one a friend who end up going away party last night wherein planking we had little party in and somebody made some brownies and they said don't eat more than a quarter one and she got there late payments last words and she ate two brownie that was saturday night in the following tuesday she was still too soon to go to work it does choose so lazy bitch just in one go work i got i got stone one time it lasted over twenty four hours was the favourite lit his friend is that's making this the health and nine is just pure they take over a pound of hash and go down to like one girl
our kind and in these little bottles and you'd have to take it out with a pin head in a tight traded with you can you can smoke it or you could take faded into alcohol well i you know is how stuck in the barn and apparently wouldn't come out so i thought well microwave just a little bit and i was doing five seconds five seconds nothing so when eleven seconds in it shot out like a volcano in iceland a piece of paper paper towel i was living in florida then and end the woman whose now my wife was in california in any i took the towel in i didn't i wasted so i ate it i swear he ate the whole town well the little part of the town had had a partner called her and i told her what i did and she said all that time chlorine if you want worried about the pipe and she's a nurse with a master's in health you know so i took her advice seriously all that chlorine and stuff at that time you shouldn't have eaten the tall and course by then i'm certain get tat
nicky so i took some perceptive ac which can be activated the whole thing and i was stone for good forty eight hours forty eight hours i was functional after twenty four why but i could tell all i could tell i was still high its very uncomfortable is not is not fun looked so this person your friend was was high she said until tuesday and wednesday did she started on saturday night late so sunday monday and then to say she shall she went to work to stay but she said she was not feeling to get all my goodness you don't to do that it itself seems so crazy how it is and that's that's really i mean only those where accidents you know that's only when you eat but i didn't kill us yeah of course now don't tell anybody unless you do something stupid while you in that statement it won't be the drug that kills you marketing we could be if you're really stupid but i mean you wouldn't overdose you can't ohio some can overdose for shorter guides
most things where you should be able to go the hardware store by a saw i say shudder but if enough people cut their hands off saws will we have like protests doing now make it so that it is very difficult to get us all you have to get a licence to get a saw research should wear assign thing i'm stupid i used to sovereign of stone gimble the same argument really can be used about firearms etc the fact that people use them against other people but the idea that if you have a firearm that is dangerous like is is it is really dangerous if you know you're doing it seems like you can control a lot of what's dangerous and non dangerous what a firearm and then because how bad people can have guns and bad things can happen that is true but doesn't mean that good people can't have them like that seems to be a weird sort of an argument now strange guns you know where i went hunting with my dad and in high school the marine corps headed a gun club that we join in and we ve gotten shooter thirty caliber machine guns and browning on ethics stuff like that but we learn gun safety will we learned a lot about it yeah i people or do we have married tat society
friend no names will be named who gets mad at ugh it's because their meda sheepskin he thinks it's fucked up today take these if they skinner and they make boots are like why the fuck whether meanwhile he eats meat here is about is caught heats up his fucking car has leather seeds like i mean it is it's so byzantium vegetarian like it but this this the draw the line at these sheepskin boots like this fucked up to using the sheepskin like ok you're getting in hunting now and in your ear talk about with deer hunting ammunition calling a heard some just gonna die in the forest anyhow and why not you eat m rather than the wolf eat a motorcycle yeah you're gonna u not mean dear don't live forever they die the it they don't what last very long neither freeze to death that happens a lot and then the place where i went montana they they freeze law where they get
by predators but they never reach old age just doesn't happen there's no old age for a deer and if you live in some that that dares are a problem your dear our problem you want to shoot him if you even if you're not against sending you because they can be a real problem we know rethink of em as rats nevada radishes an animal and erasmus and animal that is infiltrated entire cities in an entire population areas where they know people are they know is a food source and live infiltrated the deer the exact same way and the idea that well you know it's our fall we came for the dearer actually there's more dear today than there wasn't fourteen ninety two when columbus didn't land here there there's more dear today and have been ever ever in in the recorded history of this country right and that's just because of land management and because also there's very few predators and so the only way they get killed is by people killing him and there's a lot areas where just too much space you can't kill em all like go through like rural pennsylvania my god thereof
upstate new york in saying how many glitter long island for wild una how sitting job in they were all over the claw lower their place there they are literally organ has a serious to hear profit or people don't understand will what we the problem the problem is first of all car accidents a huge amount of people get in car accidents with dear and dear can go through you win she'll and kill you the the antlers can they ve killed people before not just once it's happened many times and god forbid we live in an area that has fucking moose isn't that will kill oh yeah though a land on your lot russia that would just dear though yes they didn't did you ever hear the head that funny nine eleven call with a guy that hit a deer put it in his backs eaten and the dear bit him he he escaped using a phone booth and a dog and smell the blood nuth kept him in the phone book out several areas that's all you know i know
that one but i did hear the one where the cops took someone's pot and made pot brownie no chile and thence wording eyeing they called the cops on themselves they are saying dying and here's like you please hurry up times going really really slow as who's been there before and has been like like way too high and you go and share fucked up man i know what it must be like and there is proof that makes you stupid deadline twists your reality there that's not a thing all they knew they knew like whether you get into who dire stands it's actually kind of ironic because if you look at the the idea behind it is i mean the ices don't think they understand that when you keep something illegal you restrict the information it gets out we restrict the information it gets a lot of misinformation gets outlaw confusion and it actually is worse for people that's worth
eating programmes in place because they don't understand that when you eat part it gives process by your liver and it produces and called eleven hydroxyl metabolites which is forty five times more psychoactive than to see two completely different psychedelic experience and so they eat it and they thinks poison them or they think that someone laced at least it is i've heard lays down times like this this is like man so unless this because their freedom am i going to die they have meant that its own before i've never been that's down before i think of him an overdose and so my wife he says part would be the first ever body or you know at the other thing by eating it is we all have such a different metabolism you know some people will look start coming out an hour and have two hours for me it takes almost three and a half hours come on so you have to be careful in that time lose your patients and say well i didn't have enough and then you need another partner yeah much
it doesnt in our really it depends on many many many factors and that's on another issue with the illegality of it is you're not getting the same or standardized dosage again view ordered tylenol or you vitamin c gaps or something like that you're getting this you know you getting weirdness in unless you know the guy who makes the product that you use you just guessing where's it states over don't show your pants we cannot really in depth research going on with cannabis oils and things like that that we know one scientists is doing some amazing things within an and working with cancer patients and all that either there's so much information about being an anti aging and anti cancer and i mean we're dogma intensive studies thousands of rights that to show all of benefits of it not to mention the hemp benefit which is he is even more important really when you think about the forests and what the hemp could do yeah it's some it's weird tie where we have all this information about what could be beneficial for us
society how much money could be generated by having legal cannabis and much to tax dollars regenerate just in sales tax alone be precepts day and that these transactions are still going on today there don't mean there might be an increase in in part use of pot were made legal d probably would be an increase but the reality is if you just go what we have today what people are doing people are doing in illegally made it legal you would that this aids and the city would get a tremendous amount of money but see they're getting money through the warren drugs i'd only found out recently three quarters of all the arrests are pot session primarily three quarters and so three quarters of all the money has gone in the war on drugs think of all the drug testing goes on there not testing for lsd their protesting for thought he sits big industry the prison industry such a big industry that's why they're fine because in guard union yeah yeah yeah prison guards unions lobby against making drugs illegal
drugs legal rather partnership for drug for american i think that's a sea grooms and a few other liquor companies are the ones upon that usually pharmaceutical company i'll probably yeah that they they are to be part of this actually i think pharmaceuticals the alcohol tobacco and pharmaceutical companies where the the primary drug pushers are aware described it was the them doing course against pausing hookers doing commercials against strippers like that's a good analysis is really well you got one so stupid just doesn't make any sense like how can you have a partnership for a drug free america that sponsored by drugs right like drugs give them millions not just a couple of bucks not just drugs are in luck i like what you doing about pot we disagree about alcohol and tobacco i think they're awesome products and great for humanity so i'm going to send you some money alcohol tobacco drugs a bad name so ridiculous we're just now we're time we're in really really weird time in human history where again we have so much information and yet so much contradictory behaviour going on cunt
victory to the evidence is in place contradictory to logic or contradictory to reason like why you arrest and somebody for a plant ever what does it is anybody in her by distance to stop what would you do what you are caught for who for the corporations whose bezukhov to protect people and forced alarm protect people and the law should protect people so the idea crop journalists must enforce the law than on here to protect people will the law that don't protect people fuckin stupid and you don't protect people by lock locking them in jail because their plants on them that's just dumb exactly so are the shit to do this is a good good place to put out the item about jury nullification you know what people don't realize this but it used to be part of the judge's instruction to a jury that is you don't find this law appropriate you can find the person not go and they don't know and they keep that now if you hand out of literature or pisa literature about that at a courthouse you get arrested they won't let you said but it still law jury nullification and and
actually men had one case where i did this as a gesture that in fact if i'm ever on any kind of a pot case unless there is violence now look different but if it just the same possession case i don't care what the facts are and what the judges you can still say not guilty and there is nothing that can be done about it while in people need no that i mean there's a big jury notification movement on the way you can find out about that its high to keep your head around because you know people here the judges instruction and so i had to find him guilty are you not yet it should all be legal it's really simple wish to hire people to study it the government funds that you would almost normally spanned on law enforcement you those in a better way to hire people to study what are the actual effects of this stuff and informed people not by basis of your prejudice in one way or another or what your biased opinion would be one way but the actual facts secures the facts it my fuck up your memory it seems like
you get high mezzaluna short term memory you might get tongue tied might get locked up as you know i do here it here's the negatives here's the cons smoking something in general problem that the best thing for you eating it you might freak the fuck out jump off a building a meeting is scary you can have some nightmares ethanol your dad show people it is of a vapor riser probably a really good moves for us health was probably savers bat here's what happens here's what a good doses here's what happens when you have half that those here's what happens if you have a quarter their nose knock yourself out joe ideal but no one's gonna die
would be that simple and then start tax and the shit out of it and my goodness would we have money we have money for everything and we started making marijuana legal and have a high tax shit let's make the decks ten percent with i'm only five percent in colorado imperfect embers like i love galleron colorado's always on the ball throw is ahead of everybody that their animals there liven up there with bears and shit that altitude hidden who don't have the oppression of edges awesome this is an awesome stayed cease all around awesome colorado's when my all time favorite states that you lived there for one year that twenty five percent of smart move because i don't mind pain if i have to pay for bucks for a joint or whatever it is and on pay and a dollar you know i don't mind that my twin sales having to be less expensive than the black market brandon and it'll be fine like look marijuana is not that expensive and you think about what alcohol cost if you go to a bar and try to have a few drinks can you grow your own pot in right cheap as fuck but if you buy it
do not that expensive from what how much it you use the use of april get about three or four to one thing in a year and look in comparison to so many other things that are really expensive its caselli to talk about it and that's now while its veto fairly illegal pot i can see that there the war on drugs making money off of it psychedelic i think is preserved for aid might start thinking you know that for i used embryo may i was in an irish catholic republican lawyer when afterward i was still irish and everything else went away wow that's what up weird how long did that transition take for the from the first hit you took you knew something was up i think it took from the night that i ingested it until the next morning sometime all of a sudden i realise a whole i just had a real awakening and i felt like i did when i was a young boy you know that i've had i've helped a lot of people on their first trip and also
invariably they say the same thing what i felt like this before i mean you don't go crazier in need and it is really not a psychedelic and and so too gentle way to get in and it's so good for therapy you know got any mid offer in the in south carolina are now think entering the second phase of an empty i may tell me which shows the first phase one was treating rape victims with serious ptsd and they had a and in making amount of recovery actual recovery one woman had left the house in fifteen years now she's got a job and i think something like that but the pentagon has now proved this study for postmark dramatic stress this and they're looking at some other studies were the pentagon cause ptsd as such a huge problem an embryo may see here's where the drug companies don't wanna what michael and annie do i think they only do me
two sessions with em dna cycle either psychiatrists assisted in and guided not psychoanalysts or maybe not that higher level but there's a lot of counselling goes on with it and see when you take him to him it lowers so many barriers that that you and your therapists can really talk honestly and they have had like speaking the phase one studies just to prove it won't kill somebody and still had some amazing recoveries now face two they want to do the extended therapy with a thing but see the drug companies not like it you only need one or two pills ever happened here don't you don't keep taking it they want things that they can keep you taking its central because it seems like they would be able to make some money using that stuff if you get in but then you know there's gonna be abuse with that there's his abuse with empty i may for shortly raver people are dying because they get the hydrogen and dance and honoured
most of it because it's adulterated you know it's not pure him right in and yet the what're they cut it with i dont know i think all kinds of things and it could just be impurities in their processes but to apply some sort sums for its it isn't amphetamine and so they probably cut it with low speed to eating feel something originally back backing in the early days when we're getting it it was either cap form a lot was in powder but it was pure m dna and of course we we knew the source and stuff like that but today in other european a group called dance safe and i dont think their active more because they were the government shutting down but they were doing free drug testing at raves to tell you if you had pure emily who said that down that so rude and in short sighted they thought it was encouraging drug use how my darling said isabel david eyes saving lives how could that such ill illogical stands to take it you should never put something in your mouth that you got from somebody you dont know that's a good good thing to say except if you want to put your penis in some small
well and barely know them i've never hemingway stranger under but i've always gotta normally for have our united saying that it's gonna but obviously that now they re about guide i'll go along and especially of your own ecstasy think about it you know in the dallas we some of our cars four zero sum swinger clubs in dallas and low would sort these clubs because you can an erection four hours but you can't come in so the swears involves loved it but at a stroke people i come out here to the west coast in the word is oh you can have a third day let down hang over and and you can't sex on it and i thought well that's completely story and everybody bought into it out here but in dallas it was a totally different no use having that third second third day blog your thinking so in dallas you are getting pure empty a may right in here
getting this and what at a mean i don't know of any places getting it pure unless you really don't you know the chemist but it was a better it was it was definitely pure and you know that we have legal at that time there's no reason to cut it and do you remember when five emmi odium tea was legal any good by and by like our coffee cup folder on line and get the whole nose like thirty dollars i know somebody will it have you noticed what i heard you know i heard you don't know thanks it's weird what but still legal like salvian legal and a lot of places is still there and then they have basalt issue which is really nutty they take it pound like crystal meth aid they alter it so it becomes a different new compound it's not categorized then they say not for human consumption so it is bass walls but everybody knows these was smoke because it's like cracker math or whenever the holidays and they can't do anything about it it's amazing that there has been something like
i do i use a number could have for me but close to be seventy new compounds are better distant england this year well england knows how to pardon where worldwide is private higher might only be wanting it might have been seventy lacking here in twenty two but there are sir that you're just no way to stop these things coming now what are you doing one way going crazy when it would look look if you had lived there you'd have do something it's raining right now snowing right now the gets aliens rather way there's a bunch people in england watching us right now lie oh yeah for sure loving when i was just manchester adjusted to shoulder really manchester yeah dancer steers awesome it's fun loving when i like the people their degree of their as audience members their amazing there
the best audience members you ever get their polite they listen they get things einstein we'd gone stuff there you know they they get another shot i know it's gonna well i think i know what it is i mean is it or they more educated in england as their school incessantly better idea that even if not the point school but their their preferred even better than the one thing that early me the most advanced society is that there is such a minimal amount of finances that are dedicated toward school system the minimum otherwise china cut school budget there is cunning things they should be pouring money into the public education system pouring money into community centres ordering money into anything that benefits young people in their cunning unbelievable worse things like music art and grants boards yachting wrestling and a lot of places you know it's makes me sick because people need
these things and its greedy old people that had these things neri younger their design deciding that these are things that should be cut those things could be and cut a bull that should be look here's your budget year to spend a hundred million dollars on school systems that you can do whatever the fuck you want as far as clean as needs and do another but number one you need to do this because this is what's gonna take care of everything how this is it this is what's gonna make the people that are babies become cool adults but if you don't get that right the whole society scrapped whole generations but on the whole generation dares to figure it out for themselves and there's that that latitude of pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and let you know i figured it out you should take it out to a man you did figured out then you should know how goddamn hearted is to figure out and you should also know this isn't that
only way to do it that this is a silly way to do it to have and motivated teachers they get paid twenty five thousand dollars a year mean how can you feel yourself how can you how can you expect these people who you're entrusting to educate your children to be motivated when you can barely in india some of our best teachers are just so amazing concern working in the inner city me i'll entirely they could have other places summum junior college arbiter there and i have one friend who work in the inner city in san francisco problem another one here anyway and they were amazing men and they just they did it because he wanted help these kids well that's a beautiful notion and beautiful meet people down it's beautiful they still exist it is sad that operations have controlled the political process to the point where my personal in the power when a person becomes president then they they never have a chance to do a real overhaul you
ever really like the one person is ingress role you have a million people you owe that got you in an opposition that you have to pay back or do bidding or meet their interests before you do anything right and so that's that's what you know that's where all these different laws come from there so confusing and don't make any sense to people we ve figure out a way to govern people by actually governing people looks like weeks app that there's gonna be so much so much bullshit and so much corruption and somewhat thievery in so many slanted ideas week just accept that there's gonna be a certain amount of that because always been that way and if you look at that and looked like a lot of the decisions that get made at the highest levels of government like who they benefit he would say could never happen this could never happen if we the right attitude can only happen when money gets involved this can only happen when someone puts money ahead of humanity and that's like the real core pop
of our society that's fucked up is education in education not just in the small sense of teaching people too how to read how to read but teaching people who were brilliant how to think about life exactly not how to count and how did it calculate the dates of vessels that you find but how to think about humans how to engage with each other how to look at this and very existence in a correct way will you operation said a lot of the agenda for schools as far as the curriculum things like that because looking to to get past little cubicle workers and see that was one of the lessons that the powerless learned the sixties here it is all these young kids get educated because her parents got educated from the g i bill and end the hour
the king is kids in their getting too smart for us and i think they ve intentionally been dumbing down the school system how do they do that though just by under funding might well look at texas the school books in texas or teaching creationism and they're trying to get evolution over the textbooks completely right but you don't think that's because their dom rather doesn't know how that is that their their religion and we are not and not that there but that their online to make comes down the people though but what i'm sorry i'll rephrase it you don't think that they're doing that because they're trying to make people down there there are people using those people to do that i think i think the corporations want people who are really think and out of the box too much they can get those from the elite private schools but isn't there like always going to be like a large base of fundamental people in places like taxes that they could just take a cab lies on bye bye now lean as far as their decision making towards them because they know that's gonna them to get into office well yeah incurs pretty cynical about that i think the voting is
pretty rigged anyhow it electronic voting better while that certainly has been shown yet again technically sexes practice long taxes lived there for a while and its pre bible china yeah very funny oh yeah yeah i was doing some jokes last time i was in houston my friends are this girl walked the bathroom if he talks about jesus one more time knew how to appear barely talked about jesus than me title the book seizures messiah book this out that their talks about the original jesus actually being fictional very interesting yeah i read a thing about tat i do like some a drink you got here you got some did you want some coffee and eat me like all day how dare you that's right tom irony i read a summary of that online or or they were talking about this new study that said that jesus may have been created and they found new documents is suggesting was either
this is what i would doesn't matter i dont know of jesus was real or of jesus was artificial my point is it does makes sense that he died and came back to life three days later and as long as you believe that we have a problem we gotta play we have a disconnecting communication we have why would that be real we have that we why what happened there he turned water into wine will you there when this happened do you know her people are do you know how much people like you do the demand what now must have been light back when people couldn't even right shit down and it was fifty years after the so called event that somebody wrote down for the first of course any way later than that that constantine and a bunch of bishops decided what goes in the book and what does on right now ro the new testament unlike wholly jesus like they left i found the added stuff that there's so many different peoples turning your prince on that is just nonsense was about control droll people but the idea also
it is this is absolutely not saying that there is no god if you ve done psychedelic thank you ve realized after a certain amount of those quorum quote breakthrough experiences i think you realize that you no idea what's going on in this other realm whatever these other realms are whether their individually different whether they're all connected with it just frequencies on a dial whether its five m yo whether its dm t whether it's suicide and whatever these realms are that you enter into their so fantastic and special and strange and beyond description that the idea of god does not seem nearly as ridiculous you ve had them others a video of me are there any interview they did where i tell the stories about oh ex hidden straightened dallas and i mention about fact when i got it too at one point my life in florida i decide as could be an atheist i really want to get
bit of everything and so i was tryin really hard to be an atheist but i had this friend lived on the edge of town with a farm and he'd get mushrooms from the capacities and his colleague karl yard and bring him into me so i ve an atheist during we can then i eat these mushrooms and saturday you can't be an atheist with five grams dr mushrooms in your stomach weak be sure not the real problem is it can't be sure and my problem with religion is that when people sure about something that they ve never seen never experienced you're sure because you read it are you sure because someone told it to u sure because your tradition like you gonna tell me why you're sure if you're sure because it some demonstrative science ok i got it but if you're sure because you're sure the god wants you to iran at home a written down somewhere like why it doesn't make sense why when you tell us now why why
from god only tells one person that doesn't god no that game the game of telephone doesn't know that game you must know that their games he made everything he's gotta know that game sucks so well you tell one personally a few thousand years rail why when you tell us all the time when somebody asked me if i believe in god i just say ok define what you mean by the word god bright and we really never get much pass that because people people say old man the long white beard certain enough throne i saw one i don't believe that see that's where i differ from you yeah because the should have seen on mushrooms are way we're dead and i live in the clouds in our seen things on the empty that made a guy in the clouds were the harp and a bunch of people around him with able bird wings that wasn't even we i disagree with that environment us i'm simple i've just now the old the catholic image of the the guy in the through the white beard it could be this is why because life is so stupid and contradictory and weird and humans are so bizarre and so hypocrites
go and so strange self destructive and our acts collectively make sense to the individual and yet we all feel helpless in the momentum of the united species its movement whether it's the polluting the ocean the fucking up of the ozone layer and judge shit flying around space slamming into each other because we get so many things floating around above our earth whatever it is it's it's so bizarre and contradicting crazy that it almost seems like the work of a madman right it almost seems like the work of a god like just one crazy mother fucker that's designed to control this planet ass it europe is a crazy ass all he's like anybody else gets into a position of power he gets is fuckin head gives big it's crazy starts order and people around so do a knotty shit like if you eat that apple everyone's fuck that's where i set it you did it solves done all of humanity forever ass a separate yes sorry
can i say ups and the only way to fix that as you gotta get a guy's his son to sacrifices his life like come on you know we get all right up in the affairs of the world but you had intense dreams you wake up and in that the only last for a few moments you can't hold on to some of these dreams i have a feeling that when we die it could be just like that it can i i i felt like i was on a planet earth or some and then i can't remember you know her damn thing about all the stuff we went through it possible joint there's there's thought we'd i know how you live and infinite life that's interconnected one to another and that's one the reasons why you meet someone in their old soul or someone in their particularly fortunate likewise is diverticula fourth why that was where people drawn them like initially from the yet go maybe this
things they figured out in past existences they were not calculating in this exercise maybe you have a certain amount of work that you can do in this existence but your basically still riding on the momentum of fuckin e on of lie right you ve lived over and over and over again one of the things we can do in this life that i don't know or not we can do it another life but as it with it with a human body there's a lot of physical pleasure that you can experience and i think that part of what we should be
here's haven't some physical pleasure and not just getting into the spiritual sounds like some must start now call now i know how you do it you psychedelic people they were a commune or maybe like a new new situation no actually i'm observant eyes i seldom leave my k really your hermit multi million very personal guy why can be but i say it all up for a rare occasion that's funny percival in small doses bright day you know that you that's actually this is a reality that that you the overwhelming amounts are people with your around overwhelming amounts people you kabila over stimulated by some people believe that the result of living in cities and living in high population areas is like this same thing they are experiencing we see people getting into road rates writing thing is experiencing a cheap superfly if the hand what counter help or whatever it is they just overworked this is too much stimulation areas need
it by yourself watch little tv read a book relax you need to be on nature going for a walk we know a thing or hearing thing to see squirrels and by other couples his is that's that we just don't feel like we need that because we're so trapped in this momentum of accomplishment is constantly pushing forward but not realising that we don't when we don't stay here forever you only certain valentine quit doing conferences and workshops because afterwards people come up and they asked me all these questions that are so deep i dont really quite understand the questions you know it i'm that i am a carnival barker that's my rule all the actions in the tent and you're in the center ring yourself in the main tent but i just i like to point to a lot of things and i go abroad by don't go very deep and so i can't answer actions and these people want me to solve their life problems i don't you understand what they're asking me so i've just quit my appearance
well there's always gonna be people they want you to figure it out for that is always gonna be people who don't just want to discuss things and people of said which is absolutely fascinating but they want you to help them it's a very selfish point of view and it's it's very common in i'm just not up to it that's not what i do not think anybody is quite honestly and in especially if you go up to them and asked them for advice hey i need your advice like man listen you need to do is you need to look at your own life and figure out what you're doing and why if you want to talk about like specifically with in order for someone to give you advice i should have married this girl i call my god where do we begin you know i'm gonna have to like if you wanted me to give an honest answer she should you should get married to someone i would have to see those interact frolic weeks right after i get to know you individually out at omitted to really say that yes you should sign illegal contract we give up their do several europe's one person deco do it did and then if it work you mad at me i've ever
village i think it will take an ecstasy what you think i don't know i don't know you man you have you started in the limelight that's where you of our good era with the idea that you would be able to tell someone what to do or not to do or what it at your asking too many we're questions we should wish you should be doing is figuring out for yourself that's a big part of life and then surrounding yourself with people that you mean that you you become friends with any can share i hadn't history whereas if you can just run up lorenzo and ask him to solve problems case shit norton he's i've gotta clean up crew in houston whose a lawyer for my next year in the navy together tune has big brass plaque on the front of his desk it says frankly at risk not get involved so you know you're gonna pay top dollar with him what these people they just want to drag you into their world and you dont want to be in the world and the like listen you you knew your own brute new people hope you are you sure about that because it would do different wasn't this wasn't run
two people in town the fix my life you know but this that going on out there and is unfortunately all goes down to the same issue people that haven't been explained how to think too they haven't been instructed on what's the most productive way to fling was best wait a minute i mean by think my former opinions are creatively or anything i mean manage your consciousness was debated web best way to manage how you look at yourself in relation to the people around you and if you're being two goddamn needy you're ruining for everybody exactly if it's always about you you you you you mean me me me me me me me me that might be while you're in that situation the first one is solely with the vote can help you no one's helped you up to now you're exhausting that you know used to be on a motivational speaker circuit for a while and we had all these pat things when your point of somebody got three fingers pointing back at yourself the other one is you can walk
room full of people laying on the floor and give you a hand each one helping to their feet but you let one of them climb on your back and you're going to be down on the floor with him and so that's that's the saint don't get involved in helping people just tell him what you can help him with some ideas that they got work on themselves but you can't solve their price yeah it's not that i don't get involved in helping people its people have to realise that men are verging on youth and individual have your own unique burden if you will to learn things if you want then began doing research you got a reading books you got to start communicate but going up to someone like you and saying hey i need you to fix my wife you know what do i do like i don't know fuck you do things that are barely note of what i do come on man you gotta find somebody i and the other problem is that what i found is that people who needy they never recover keep them in your life goddammit their needy ten years later i came out we ve gone ten years you're still a goddamn rack
why why why why have you nothing in this area you asked me for advice ten goddamn years ago we spent a lot of time talking about shit ten years later we do the same thing years in me and a world of a bull shit and you just trapping me like a little vortex are being honest like that's for the best thing in due form not in the hate you talk should about you unlock interference amos they do they hardly get figure i just heard it what's this you know life beautiful when everybody is trying to do their part but life becomes real pain in the ass with no one wants to do the dishes you know if you live in a house with a bunch of people know when does the dishes it becomes that hey what the fuck are we doing everybody get together here what's come on dishes last night there's ten of women here today war was more food needs get into that kind of nonsense then you get a shitty communication system you gotta shitty commune yet cultures goes down hill from their eminence this what are a real issue is a real issue is that there are too many
by their that that will not just one attention but demanded for nothing right in all its that they become ill people i wouldn't want to see man i gotta get you to listen to my c d do you know what that would like if the whole world you know someone if as five billion people the one due to listen to their city would ever have time for anything else it's like a male right we don't even know each other why am i listen better see name huge do you think you can help me do you think you're really i can help you by listening to your city i'm not a music producer what the fuck you do a man who's this how much time in the world i can't help everybody you know if you have something that's interesting send a link you know if it's what's there to help you video it'll spread byerly right put something online to people find it ascended before and then it gets going from there the only way today in theirs what they can do they ve got you tomb and in passing put their music and needs the only issue that i ever have in communicating with people sometimes people get exhausting i want you to read the script you not want to text
i don't even know you man i have read your cigarette april on madrid there bookseller time and some books i need to reassess flattering right it's alright area but i would never do that i would never send someone a book and say i want you to read this and then critique it for me i'm not the needy i think that's a needy thing the other reason i don't do besides the time is now first not sure i know what you're talking about i'm not sure i know the subject but then what if i don't like it here i don't want you to say hey this really sucks we have heard that have em for people sent me stand up before review this and then get back on like oh christ i i i thought during my sure stoner days i want to do stand at that time you're doing news radio and and i thought i was really funny i worked for weeks and weeks to get like
five minutes when you are in your fiftys when you while you have their stone raise your fifties and get my girlfriend to laugh at more than one or two the jokes and i thought you know there's no way i'm going to open my could that i need a new girlfriend well that happen to it wasn't her father was nervous that that's hard work to do that i really admire you guys it's hard work when it's not going well that's what it's hard work when you try to come up with new material that its hard work mean i wanted working it's not i although i love music i always think comedies just step above because laughing actually can hear you in so why i've learn more comedians three or shown in one time i heard you say so like you thought joy ideas was the funniest sky alive and so the morning i usually listen to your podcast at the gym you if makes to jim time goes faster and i came home from the gym i got you tube the joy deists channel and six o clock that
i get stone right then six o clock at night i'd seen almost all of joy i seldom seen it all again but he he hits a tone with me he and mark marin the couple those guys really are in the same grew by men and i just now i just can get get goin hitler stability is an animal isn't he seems to do no added brief so yet i live in his best of his ad lib again when he the best thing that i ever saw the funny thing i ever saw was joe ideas announced don't show it was me
joe ideas announced jones alex once caught conspiracies joey hates that shit he doesn't want to talk about ufos at camp trails get the fuck out of which a bullshit so he does hijacked the whole show did you see now sit up and you too yes i have to say that we will put up with genuine is joe ideas now don't show and he went on his ran for like a couple minutes to asean when he left plaque has and i could i literally couldn't breathe in my face was be read i gotta see was is killing in alex jones tried to jump into fashion stops it from jumpin it just gets a louder and crazier anita point one of the few people good stuff like jones over alex jones had no idea here two virgins
better a covering up of michael jackson do not now don't move you dance and sing it unless you know he's dying oxygen now not right are junkies junkies junkies a junkie every guy doesn't make up sing and dance men he has oxygen tanks at night something's not right there i my taste like you're worth more than what you are alive you understand me in another guy record come and that no more he's doing for next year with the people for roma vegas that jump up and down the big bang group how that is he's worth monopolies ever been fighting for finally kill michael what i know i'm not gonna break down look the music from burma cutting back the logging and all of a sunday they will put burma bull they tried to build up the build up to get their single lhasa michael jackson killing a building right now we ve got information documents right here is strategy john i'm not saying you give it to me here i would do you but we do know where labour and other support another not only when you visited my brief for you i'm sorry i know what i'm saying i love you but i'm sure you're a carriage or two on top of this loot otherwise way more for i know i know i know you don't want to talk about yourselves ok let's get back to every country stable chinese mean a jolly day as we can point the finger and there's not fat man what is what is our models we know how we say the word what are the chinese say about equality they call as july whatever that worries me round i white ghost we are white
looking ghosts that's it we're waiting destroy the fucking world trust on time but at the same time what do they call us why love that's a big
why goes they called black people so males there's also a boy goes on over why low it goes and nothing but that's appointment these it's not people i mean you heard this world it's the suits it's too fuckin bankers it's that fuckin guy last people up and now imprisons always given money the consumers will go to the very end those crazy this is like a real short clear but i had this what i thought we were going to sign this was actually a whole range of rising to this is the guy's aim at close this is this is it have baggy caused enormous is right there and they said we have put you through the extra machine i'm standing this weapon bullets with this baggy under my fucking left much bigger than the right look as i'm writing start no that's it i can't opposite hand like zones stinking you're like roddy danger you thought iran is thinking up a storm mathematician my balls and sweat now jail he's my hair might write taxpayers are to work ass politician he's talking to you like a christian he's lying
so give columns and you know what we're talking about naked body scanners we're talking about children being molested by day s march we will lose its low politician with the same story every four years with their sorry ass line but these almost get offended because i see the one fuck that's why i'm a man whose don't bring down this day wants infallible forget about because worth at least the kids not fucking liar so next time you into your bullshit congressmen or your bullshit governor or even a bullshit presents some sort of a present and he's can't you without saying for shit they give you every for fourteen years and you still vote for a moment and then you get mad think about me saying the word fuck with that i'm already locust alone another very solid points now do the don't know i know joe you you get when you put digital at the american public know that every four years there by the same shit they been violated boy is the same people with their harvard articulation and how they don't curves and their questions and they had a family and these are the same people are shut up you're fucking s every year the one thing you gonna let others it is at an end to it where he goes craziness check yourself before your regular so it's like
all in all i want to take a shot of facebook yourself before you big fixing as area and travel united i remember that guy because he says what i'm thinking but he says it's so much better if we so crazy funny so entertaining some mania it's fun i would mania for friends this gives you a different perspective on things realize the way to live two figures he knows a lot of us that are different yeah he's just a is is one of a kind and and i haven't heard em to hurt him on your show now i'm a huge fan yeah the internet has really been very kind of joy ideas because people you know is very hard for a guy like that to show you what he can do without the internet can't do that on a radio show we just go offering crazy has comedy it's very hard to see on regular tv unless it time or hbo so that he was in a lot of what it was in a weird category than the
came along and podcasting came along and then people just got to see who this ladys he's right now yeah yeah finally is likely to deserve yell thou didst steadily you know the internet just sort of catching up to win their eggs there's so many things to get exposed because the internet that means you're podcast it would never be on a radio show how could you ever have that on late night radio and you know there's no way they would ever play that it would be impossible no there's no way we're a few coast to coast no turn on our lot but you know that is not in its two too long d i like that and yours mean years is very specifically pro drug to owen doubt would be a real issue for sponsor mean every now and then art bell would have mckenna they would discuss that asylum in the stone age theory and what have you knew be very fascinating but the
amount of just raw information over and over and over again talking about purple talking in a positive way by psychedelic experiences like there's never been asian like your show and if you think about it near they they don't talk about doing the drugs as much as about what they think about thoughts it come back into the outer shell really would be called philosophy but can you imagine having your hundreds of thousands of young people listening to a philosophy pod gas but that's the category hits in it is if you stop and think about it most philosophical people if you call yourself a philosopher there there blow hearts people who pontificate pontificating fella if ye without the drugs sucks it's very rare that it's right it's often overbearing often self centered often not self aware not objective and introspective its missing an element that's it one thing to say but i
that without control of the ego is very difficult to get philosophy right right has never knew very well called to have unique ideas that are that big express like the though that the way that people what wonder when someone wants to express a profound thought to you if someone wants express some sort of a life changing idea that they ve come upon realise themselves to its very difficult to do that sincerely right without coming like a blowhard and ass all there's something about expressing yourself in ways with that it seems like when people are trying to make profound statements they're nuts trying to make profound statements there also trying to sound awesome there also trying to impress people with their sharing of the english language under their use of prose when someone like you something like mckenna or someone so
something like that mean has been a million people have said brilliant things ellen wants is another one they they they ve said something that just really rings true in an honest and you way it's it's a little bit more than psych than than just philosophy it's a little bit more than just psychedelic its the combination of the two that sparks and rotation period it sparks thinking it's a bit of a seed of an idea that gets planted it and when you hear in or especially when you watch it which won the beautiful things about these user created youtube videos there visually stunning they draw you in britain that form as well the music they attached and then the actual words themselves like the combination of them is so entertaining captivating they the spiralling become something we bigger than just philosophy right it becomes philosophy that effective because philosophy that may actually change the way you think it's very difficult to go to philosophy class
and then choose your way of life all sometimes it's boring and dull but sometimes they just talk too much they don't say anything interesting like that's a big part of what people like when they live podcast like a guy like joey ideas per se or guy like duncan trestle therein thirteen people it's not so they're saying cool shit there entertain people and when you're not entertaining and you're just saying shit doing it wrong you're missing a big percentage of what makes people listen to you right and retaining and retain it yeah i mean that is the medium of the fireside chat in that that's where it came from one person would you now or several people would sooner share stories but when you learn how to do it correctly it became exe fighting for the people of that door engaged in it and it became you know an educational experience as well as entertaining experience with
that's why we re started doing m dna in dallas back in the eighties is either a couple or maybe three couples at most in need i'll take it we'd get together with our spouse or significant other for a while and then we get get together in the last several hours we just be talking and it would be a philosophical life changing i notice you doing this seek it lowers your various like like loring her fear barrier where you can say something to somebody and no you're not gonna hurt her feelings yeah so you the truth sir comes out and you can talk to your friends in your spouse or whatever and and say you know this has been bother me lately well you know i thought maybe it's really a healing proposition that you do for yourselves and each other yeah i had a conversation with a friend when i did actually see whether he's asking me why i wouldn't lend him money to start his business ordinarily avoided that conversation like the plague because
stay your friend can't they sadly that differs had never work samoan ike banks bags therefore reason nobody ever pays a friends back now i mean our actions and nobody maybe but somebody bar twenty five grand from you most likely that it's gone you know i started my computer company the guy was my mentor he loaded me loaded lebanon have been loaded me some business i need to get home ever took hee hee loaned me some money start business and then years later before i paid him back but half of it and then we went upside down and i was really upset about it and it wasn't a lot of my own and mutton seven thousand dollars i guess is locked me and lamenting the fact that i couldn't pay him but i would eventually he says now he says what and how he had a big tugboat business now he said when i started this business sir twenty five years ago
my wife's father in law or father loan me the money and that business went broke into others went broke and he died before i can pay him back so that's his money you got to find somebody to pay two in the future but wow that's a very cool guy he was his amazing guy the very cool guy in its very cool that you wanted to pay him baggily making attempts to pay him back its brutal why i've had several friends that have lost just because they only ass a money money and this one friend boy it it drove him crazy like he would talk about it like this guy would come over his house and i would hang out with them and i would never bring up the fund that he owed him all this money and you know and it would drive and crazy and they look man i'm going to pay you when i can pay if you don't do it but he would find out the guy just new there sir if you like what's this is and so became like a big part of his wife became like think of this guy like was a friend
and he didn't want to lose his friendship we realised realized the friendship was now listen there's like really negative thing worse constantly hey i fuck and pulled out money out of my account island do you have no intention of talkin pay me back because i don't do anything about it because i don't threaten i can't we possess your car cant do anything with a bank can do if fast same thing when you you see people that just they don't go all the way with stuff like they pay was things they don't fall through to get an idea in their head and then they just fuckin shut down and never finish it and i want to start this business and but within let me try some within six months i'm gonna pay you back with twenty five percent interest impossible loose and then two months later would have a man you're not gonna believe this route i fuck bar manufacturers and that's why i'm out best southern which want to do what you want do you owe me a lot of money man hey look you knew going near disappeared i too to the loss of jesus christ and there you go people can pay back i mean it happens over and over and over again there's a lot
people out there just like when you were talking about people that need people to help em in alec people coming up to a man help me this is a man he's gonna let me money other ways you now there's other ways a guarantee you the best way is not borrowed money from your friends there's gotta be a better way than that you need to figure out how to get some of that fuckin money on your own it's not like i totally closed system works impossible to get a job it may be deaf i understand but other people you didn't write it might be possible peter figured it out this is not like something like holding your breath no water for an hour it seems like you can be done you now dear they will come up music they make me laugh really has house they only a joke i refer your kids old enough for nemo yet yes so that the clown fish you're clownish make me laugh make me laugh year no no i mean people said so like it's worth the worst thing is when you're doing an interview and like like your radio or something like that radioactive
and they go give us an example you material like oh christ get fifteen minutes here will now it's like you can't you can't hold their like it's stupid its gross it's like this inept inept reviewing had a friend that was a drummer and we are in after hours club down came a texas and my mentor actually got him i wanted them play the drums and is banned and he didn't want do you didn't want to he party and finally my my free bribes the ban gives him some money and tim gets on the drums and and he's just kind of play we'll bit and also the guitar says ok take it may hits the drone one time bang he gets up mrs you take it back now how was it yeah man it's i think one of the things about psychedelic there really aids people as they get a chance to see how annoying they can be in our i've met people that have
a lot of their behaviour and of apologized friends and stuff for being an ass or doing whatever just because of secondary trips i won't trip with anybody he put a video by slovenia have i've had so many and i dont do hardly any psychedelic say more young start worrying about my heart now it's all right i watch cuz different goes differently if i was if i had knew had cancer years ago if i hadn't recurrence i'd go down the jungle couple weeks but i think that convicts you when you do that i think i'll ask can fix anything at you i'm i'm a huge wine it is it's a miracle no it has changed my life more than anything else have ever done a strong wordy awesome this pretty awesome isn't it the thing that we press if it was here was legal i'll ask centres or people you know it's it's such a weird state because it is legal with some of the churches now but the took me i was actively searched for it for about ten years until all of a sudden i found at an end
happened to so many people when you don't find it until you're ready for it then it finds you and your i've had at your lot of amazing experiences on some difficult ones but that all all in all there me more positive feeling about this life and any other potential life than i've ever had it sir but it's very earth centred you know i i heard you talking graham hancock about how everybody gets ecological on it in your words ass it is more mechanical you know you can do all kinds of problems and code and write a pariah and mushrooms are pretty mystical but i'll ask as earth centred yo it's an earth spirit that you're playing or engage with india and it can be frightening and scary but you're amazing things that happened to me i i tried not to think too much about what happens after because i'm closing and out sooner now want to but in
at times i say well there's nothing there and other times i say there's someone there but as it happens forty from my mother died i had an i was good experience with the circle that had been with for quite a while and i didn't tell anybody that i at my mother had just died before the surmounted tidy bumpy plotter anything and occasionally the irish kara will call individual people up to the front for a healing or supplement this ninety the call me and i got to london and was making my mother actually saw an image a huge image my mother floating over a stack them for the next morning and we all stay in the same room and sleep in the fortnite in the next morning we have breakfast together and we go around the circle and talk three different people said who was that spirit that appeared over your head when you're up there and that just
me out because i thought well i'm imagining it making up my head or water through other people since in some regard that that there is a spirit there i think my mother she does is that possible that its also both it could be i was thinking about it i could have rejected it in the there's no question about you know i don't buy one way or the other i'm open ended on it so all i know is that was a very moving experience for me and then other people saw something happened now maybe they were just feeling the vibration of what i was going through wonder i wonder if you could i dont understand exactly going on when you're having any sort of a singularly experience but i would imagine that if you are both in this same mindset like a view and the person who is also and i would ask is in the room and you're on the same sort of sight like mindset theirs be some sort of an exchange of of of information
from your head to their heads mean that's what they wanted a call to let s see the leper thing before they discovered that it was already named and was called harming though i have a friend that heads really really my durable experiment like that that happened to him and so with another person who worth thinking the same thing at the same time having same vision would they do what was it that way had this guys in one corner of the room and he's thinking having some ufo experience where there's a spaceship and and he was thinking about getting on the spaceship and just as he's thinking at the guy on the other side room says they dont forget there's only room for ten people the other opposite sides room quiet yeah i've heard people haven't really like you need visuals that every one in the room had and i was wondering if maybe you can conjure up something with your imagination or with your focus your ideas even conjure up sort of psychic image your mind and because
woods tuned into this thing they see it in their hallucinogenic imagination is well definitely possible it's possible right and yet on the most intense experience ever had i was right i'd never had an experience is transformative this as this and i was gone and i can't even quite describe but i was shocked the next morning that the world had an ended in every experiences nobody in the room was close to this him and i had the most transformative experience my life and to them just another night another year the weirdest thing about doing the empty that you're sitting on a couch and outside your house nothing's changed but inside your head whirlwind of possibilities of opened and you ve all the sudden seen a world that couldn't possibly have ever again tat even in your imagination just of human rights for even in your imagination is strong statement but it's absolutely true it once you you d empty if you ve never die you have a breakthrough experience the one thing that
everybody always says has never solve our common never would imagine that was possible it is is pretty some some things that do happen better for them happening in your head or somewhere else it just hard to say but that there are both or both yet i awash with others i think a lot of what happens is what your intention is going in and i had had wanted one experience where i want to get rid of my fear i was really no watch the fear factor feet which made me fearful my my i'm a no sound of santa making the whitewash but so i decided that was and i want to get rid of fear and any you know you're fasted watching fear fact inside you want to know now then i lost my intention in the light of your factor i'd never go on it but the so you you fast the day before i didn't fasting since around eight in the morning only had a few sips waters
there's nothing in my stomach sometimes you u purge you vomit and sometimes you dont first half dozen times i did it i did not violent and and and you get disappointed once you get into the purging than you you realize it's like being inside of fireworks display is really spectacle sounds groves and really so throwing up it's amazing oh it's amazing its it just answer the whole experience up its close to an orgasm not real close but it's that that's what will bring to mind so anyhow you sit there and the sudden a little boys will come in your head said grab your bucket cause you sit with empty bucket grab your butt and whenever i hear that will avoid a grandma bucket yet excited to throw up matter given at the first few times had after a while i i got into it and it said grab your bucket and said we're getting really your fear tonight and so i start purging in purging and purging and i said
wow i finally got now you got more to go and i purge for me forty five minutes and the next morning i go to empty the bucket there's couple inches of black crap in this bucket in i didn't have hardly anything in my stuff and according to the way the shopman speak is your its psychic energy your purging and so i really had a visual pouring my fears on the toilet in the morning down i want to save that shit santini lab at you imagine the isolated new compound larder that actually comes out everywhere and that figure is actually something exists in your body to be removed seas i wish i thought of that what lab and send it to what was made to find out just like spaghetti small spaghetti systems gesture of europe as the years and years smuggled cigarettes left some stuff on the walls have some some cigarette graffiti that's a fascination taking pictures of there sometime well you know at the time you don't really think of those things
is it possible that it was just all day i'll ask you drank a drink to another while he whom they drink little shouted last shot glass so how was it two inches of liquid what was in there just by always zero sum it was it was not real thick just bile i guess it look black what smog puke puke interesting why should it taking a picture that sounds like pretty intense stuff and then once it what is it possible they were still high when you saw two inches of yes that was also you you see you you you take you drink at about eight o clock at night or so right and by two more three in the morning you're here most of the people are down to base act baseline sometimes say oh yeah i'm back to baseline if i can't stand up but then you sleep floor there and get up in the morning by then
morning you're you're pretty much backed a baseline as far as the chemical but you're still in thrall o the thing and hinder your ear somewhere else rather than so yeah it might have been not to millimetre neither where there was something in there i'm not gonna change my memory of it yes that's a good ideas hang onto that's how jesus got started write it down and about a year he lasted for awhile tell it to a bunch of people let it get crazy and crazy everytime you tolerate here where the right down but right now like metaphors right right jam latin and parables and thus speak very well there's a guy and there's a scholar in jerusalem that in israel who wants to worm he's trying to push the idea that moses was on psychedelic when he found the tablets and that the burning bush was actually the case bush which is rich india
and that's why it's burning like in burning the bush he saw god he's trying to say that this with this meant was they burn the contents of this plant getting many many many many translations from ancient hebrew to lie and two greek the fact that this day and age in hebrew there's a lot of dispute about what things mean in the first place like provokes you don't know agent hebrew didn't have they didn't have numbers so letters doubled as numbers so the lad i was also the number one right so words had been legal value like the word love and the word god have the same numerical value it's it's really strange system that we lie in the context of all these magical sort of definition of things and descriptions of things because there is mathematical qualities to these words that week what it is they would we it's such a unique way of looking at things in comparison to how we look at things today we look at words when we look at mathematics is being completely separate they had it all
combined together and some sort of a weird ancient language great that doesn't exist anymore so when people try to translated it like and then you go from that latin and greek and enriched uranium it's gone solve weird now right so when these eyes are trying to go back and look at these original inscriptions as it will one burning she might very well be the acacia bush it makes sense its prominent in the area and if they figured out a way to get dm tee from this bush they figured out does do some kind of a process and extracted that could be they described it and that was what things at market john margo allegro it said about the bible when they had study dead sea squirrels and he wrote that book the good mushroom in the cross he was saying that they were trying to hide these things from the romans when they were captured and people were originally writing these things down they really were or description of psychedelic mushroom consumption and of fertility calls
they hit all these two in stories in parables because they wanted to keep the information but they didn't want other people to be able to access by the way i heard you mention that book we owe before you said you got an old coffee but you know that a couple of young urban had every published so that deal about you get an amazon yard sets a very cool that he's done that yeah you can get it and now when i bought it i bought it many many years ago because of you herr yawn introduce me to jack error and jack hair was working on a book with this other guy who turn out to be a powerful wanda murdered in jail or sometimes i really crazy stuff but they were working on this book about santa claus and the connection between us clause in the army to miscarry a mushroom and the gradual have read all that i wasn't he added recently on his work and then it was inaction between suicide and mushrooms and religious experiences and jack hair had all these old images
the old images of ancient paintings that showed naked people dancing under this translucent mushroom and that there was was it their way of describing being under the access and then he showed me all these different religious religious institutions buildings in places that had mushroom shaped doorways and mushroom iconography in and mushrooms all over the place he didn't even think of mushrooms like the way a card was caught in a outfit is red and white nor is it exactly what their eyes it signifies mushroom the ancient image of halos you ve seen the right the ancient images halos is a mushroom cap i mean it is a mushroom cap it literally i've seen a lot of those old images it in the first century the so called christian churches had a lot of mushrooms and yeah they did they didn't have that hulu nothing floating above the head they have this behind them which this mushroom happened with literally all the lines on anything i have poop
images we can there's an article where i linked to it it was santa claus was a mushroom is a row i wrote it in like two thousand seven from my website it's on joe rogan dot net and i put in it bunch of photographs couple of em of ancient people that had mushroom caps fur for for them there is only about the last few thousand years that this has been suppressed but it was pretty active psychedelic go in the ancient it's amazing that this is all true this sounds like nonsense right medicines like some flatter shit like when you hear if you dont know any better near you know you listening to you and i talk about this like we ve been and one that is well documented tat is a lot of documentation about it there's a lot information that shows that there is not just that the christian religion but many many many many many religions were aware psychedelic mushrooms here jamie's gonna pull up this up the fire
de the the images like that jack hair me were really unique and i haven't been able to locate him since he was in the middle of a book for he had a stroke rackets yeah i was really sad hid the i'd i'd met him and then he had just had a stroke and yet a second stroke as well i met him i believe after the first one he was cause he was having difficulty talking then but it was bad then apparently bad woman but they were in the middle of creating this book and his you know he his story was fascinating i care like you was a republican it was a goldwater republican as you described it and then he got divorced and met a girl smoke some pot are there in the world opened up doo doo doo doo do you know a lot of the eu f o thing may be a dm t really sir but ten or twelve years ago i correspond with what whitney strieber because in one
was books he had said something that to me sounded just like a dmt trip and he allowed to stay that might be possible and then about a year or so later he did a radio show with the strassman that you were in the house movie yes good market and he laid the to agree that this could there are some of the abduction experiences could be a spontaneous release of the anti yeah makes sense me why it when you think about a wire all these experiences were people get directed all happening in the middle the night that's when your brains producing the most anti allegedly mean they know for a fact now that's been proven by the cottonwood research work that's true it was done com would research rendition they found de empty and alive rats pineal gland they found a real so they know for a fact that though the patio gland is a source at the end of the first i've heard that really which could have been speculated on but nobody really tinned dounia that's up a pull up the article is pretty interesting found and live rats pontio gland
its mean that's one thing that they have always pointed to a design anecdotal evidence the arab especially the ancient the ancient religious war the third i myself blowing the right these symbol of mysticism much like the mushroom capping the the halo words now getting back in and unfortunately we ve lost so much information that humans had one time about these substances but i think part of the transition that took place was you know the rights be elusive sir were you show many thousands of people went through their that lasted for couple thousand years but in about three hundred bc the state took over control of the rights and once the government took over control things change this is the article on the cottonwood research dot org website which is ass draftsmans foundation says we're excited to announce the acceptance of for publication of a paper
commanding the presence of dm tea in the pineal gland of live rodents a paypal or will appear in the journal by i medical roll top graffiti and describes experiments it took place doktor gmo bore wilds guys we're name being are gee i e g i j ai gee i n b o r j i e i am i say that hoard does a j energy together bitch what are you trying to do to be why the fuck would you put a j energy together one of the other you agree bitch both g satellites is that saying see though that those is this the one of their that there is a mean as well as clear as day that's the bottom of a goddamn showers spores will come with theirs want don't go to youtube is one of my website that i can get so it is not there did you google happened so have you ever seen a machine of herself trans coming basketball no i haven't either
what i finally figured out those self transforming basketballs i figure out i'm seeing the same thing but i wouldn't call it that i'd called something else and that's that's why i never scribe what i see because any plant that seed in somebody's head and tears did plant see here the self transforming machinery in the basketballs jeweled basketballs and i think that if get rid of those words of labels you'll see things that you can say well i could say that but i'd rather say this about it so a lot of people get disappointed when they smoke dm tea in the i don't see the machinery and the basketball yeah i don't know what that means machine out the best walls honest of is is my my website downers point though it was leaning back to the new podcast site for some reason also the links are bad is that what it is no way really ok well founded and two seconds
have you got a word press you can still find it but the images as there are bound to have an image is looking for these guys fictional website as bullshit that's all itself should be up there with photographs not up there are elements of their great i'm not that way somewhere else how dare they but i think it's probably pretty obvious and if you deal with people that lived a long time ago and we know for a fact that these substances existed a long time ago they've been here forever so the people would have found they would eightam they were freaked out and they were told everybody or to tell people that they cared about or just like we d society do mean without it's gotta be like one of the most powerful things that can happen to a person outside of dying bring haven't children dying losing a loved one what have you wanna most things experiences that you can have is psychedelic it shouldn't be missed weather ever have a second one or not you should at least have one heads whilst amazing that its illegal still its maize
they ve been able hole on this long with everything that we know now about what is legal we're talked about for cigarettes crime and when he tried to keep our very weak written in a thousand inclined to believe that that's there's the evidence right there froze inclined to believe they are trying to keep people stupid and weak bind the terraces theory that nobody's in china you know there's a bunch of competing groups that have a lot of power but not any one of them is in charge calling the shots and most of them are pretty stupid people letting you know we think some of these people are maybe smart because that money or something must have been heritage is or they got it is a derivative trader or something but people in congress in politics and no matter who you mean there's like you and i were on their own summum have experienced these jobs but we should give them all as credence of being knowing all
no it's they live a life it's that's the momentum of what they have done in the past and what their ancestors of done how they ve gone to this position because their family name in the business of the grew up in and what have you it's just a momentous thing and once the family controls a certain amount whether it's the world bank or whether its whatever the fuck you corporation your your family owned once someone that kind of power and control and not very it's not very likely that they're gonna be willing to that guy and they bring their children up in that same mass they're they're going to private schools or meat in the same friends who are from the same kind of families and so it's it's inbreeding kind of thing it's one of the problems with capitalism but as i also think it's one of the union's and the yankees of life and one of the reasons why there's so much motivation for people to get things together today because we see so much evil and corruption and parker say we see it so we get motivated ernest change everything you ain't we can see things without going through a corporate sensor not to you that's never happened before its
people weigh more inform now because of the ho ho the internet's changed all the rules and if the internet was around the 60s or go to bed a different outcome but i think i think that what's going on now is going to make the 60s look like if these things i think right i think was slowly but surely people are waking up to the idea that we aren't the same people that we were just nineteen eighty four wheel seven years ago there was no iphone changed a lot of thing yes absent you now twitter and facebook can all that jazz just the ability to get like i love twitter because i get link sent to me like a live check out this new scientific finding leave this new discovery check out this video this is amazing this guy made this and look at that and it's like the tv of interesting information that comes to you directly on your phone a daily basis is pre staggering you know when we were first try to get the internet going in the phone company sector
there wasn't a lot of acceptance nobody the bank's wouldn't talk to us the government wouldn't talk to us but are our company bought bbn which built the original routers and had control about a third of the backbone and we were watching you say oh there's already a million people connected to the internet oh there's too much in five million and we're comparing with how fast phones rolled out and was just several orders of magnitude faster but to get to where we are today i dont think any ten years ago would have predicted you'd have a billion people connected already noticed a common and nobody knows what's gonna be here in ten years yet there be crazy to trade predict it's gonna be way weirder but you now and in the iphone ipad knowledge and wireless you know when who's in the business as at the dinner afterwards we get to as representing the phone company so they now to wine and diamond talking this
one guy who is the president of a new combination of netflix netscape and sun knave foreign lions in their senior vice president was saying hey you need to start do more research and development wi fi in this was before white you know there was essentially no wireless in this is only like i don't know if fourteen years ago or something and i said one of the wireless is not going to work put in all of our aren t money into it because we're all liven up in the hills over san jose in there's no internet connectivity and why by the time retire we want high wireless internet and her home that was the lot of the motivation for now that's
personal interest in you know one of the things people don't want to talk about about the internet but since we are running part of the backbone i could go to your watch it through the network the knock and watch them manage the traffic on the backbone of the internet hidden it would in a week day around three thirty or forty clock a big spike would hit of of usage on the east coast and as the time would go for five or six o clock the east coast bike will go down in the mid west would weigh up and then it was like a pig going through a python and it was young kids coming home from school before them where they are downloading born without porn the end the phone companies wouldn't put all that money into the backbone because it was huge business yo there we are always works though that's how the video recorder videotape came out yoke is people could watch porn
yeah the age ass the data as a martyr member those i bought a beta did you know you're one of those guys there once better though worthing whether yeah but they u can get many titles the quality was better yeah roll out it was out of here you gotta go with whatever the mass produce thing is do you remember those things you used to have to go through to look at the porn is doubly go through bees or their selina dollars and you go in a little cubbyhole yeah did have to go through saloon doors in order to the more than anyone in the afternoon she could see the cars from all the salesman's cars or parked at varying yeah people you see look at you so squirrels important campbell designers place you don't i sat down on the sea people were interesting like tat they they they don't want you to know they like sex or like masturbating ideal or pretend they allow yeah they never do it does yards
faster than the aspect of us we're so where i dont think the humans always been that way you know i think really i think the last two thousand years been pretty repressive one at what happened christianity largely railing yeah i think organise religion the sex was weird because we know there's a lot of sex going on in the clergy but to the boy boy sex etc but i think it's been yo you read about the borgia pope's and stuff like that yes the higher elevations of the church of always have been big involving sex but they'd maintain the people know no well they used to have sex like pope's in nam priests and bishops these to have sex with women totally normal though they had kids apple yeah but they had there been so much pussy nowhere is gonna so out of control him hey i'm the pope who's gonna say now exactly so people going you know i listen that's it you can have sex anymore
which were re unless you become a priest and join our little group here but even then yes there was you have an undercover sex with kids out how the idea that an undercover group of of kid fuckers couldn't on a gigantic called that would in capture like a billion people worldwide that two thousand thirteen is in one of the most incredible facts about our our reality i was as raise catholic and no altar boy s i serve mass all all through four years of coffee chief and and did you ever get touched her never one never whenever approach never touch nobody images cigarette earns renate thing carbon father standing room for a drink you know all this for years has altar boy in college i never went communion cause i wouldn't go to confession can anyone tell my masturbated that's funny that you know during all that time i was never once approach but a guy became appreciate
close friend of mine when i was a kid we want boyscout camped gather now he turned out to be a pitiful reached a real tragedy for the family we knew all these and now there if did that happens just because of repression that someone has the access to no sex and then when they run kids they just almost are overwhelmed with india i turn out you know how you are when you're twenty years old and until you think about and if europe if your repressed you know maybe go wherever the first option is an opportunity is but i don't think he was actually molested as as it because he and i went through the same priests everything and i'm pretty sure he wasn't molested this happened to him after he got to the shipowner wow that's horrible yet if it's it's is even more horrible if if the actual act of making someone celebrate sort of perpetrates days and turns people in some ways towards having ex with almost basically anybody they can celibacy gonna go away eventually
hopes i have been here only a few hundred year old revisions to the blue eyed yeah me but this that the eye here that people have done that throughout time is also another will disturbing fact of of of civilization when you find out about socrates and in all the details sexual young boys on a regular basis and that still happens and in some countries i know that we had a friend who told us some real what i consider our stories that they concern serve normal behavior you know yeah i've had friends have gone down ghana stand described the call man love third our boy love thursdays how much is true now it's not but the idea that people have with young boys for pleasure and women for procreation right and that this is practice insists is online can i had i can get my head around well hopefully the internet will expose that as well i mean i
i wonder what it would take to psychically clean us up of all are weird patterns that were caught up in entrapped in regular frequent psychedelic experience deck it up and also communication communication away those seen everything psychedelic lubricate communications first of all there is a lot of things that you can't put words around and so you get together and you start trying to art or music or some way to do that and must communicate and get a new language look at what all alex graze done yeah now in getting that message out there so you're right nor work where look how far we ve come in our lifetime you know it were nowhere near where i want to be but i've been anew and when i had to look a white drinking fountain blackberry found were to sit on the street car and you know that that's segregation is still here but is not nearly as bad as it was not quite as sanctioned as it was in women's rights are a little bit little bit better and
my son was able to get married to many loved you know so we are making some social progress and problem making a lot more in a short period of time than we realise yeah that's where the exponential gluck growth really kicks in is in social progress and you know like i've made fun of lotta like really heavy duty lefties people that are like ultra progressive to the point of being ridiculous but i can't appreciate the effort because this powerful strong effort for whatever it is we have done in trouble for saying that i don't think a transgender man became a woman should be able to fight in women's anime my point is the safety of the athletes but people have defended transgender people because of the fact they automatically stand up for someone they feel it has been a press and i appreciate that i appreciate the idea behind that i fully appreciate the sentiment behind that and i think that
fascinating as a culture that there are people that if you were pressed gay rights they will go after you and they right they will run i think that's a good thing whether its misguided or not and a lot of times it is when it comes to certain aspects of progressive thinking that the fao that heavy duty lefty behaviour exists and exists in like big groups and big organized groups i think is very important i think very important because it balances out the heavy duty right in right wing in writing you now leaning groups i think those things eventually with education and with the undeniable truth that the internet presence will find some a comfortable medium of truth where really self aggrandizing do she behaviour no laughed is just as gross itself aggrandize do she behaviour on the right will realize it compassion does not have to have an ideology attached to it should be a part of our human beings behave when i was a rip republic and i was not a bad person i was very
informed and i but from the poor side of the street you know my dad and have a car when has grown up and stuff and so i made a lot of money i thought this is great i did this in my own but i didn't you not i've decided that kill everybody has the same advantages as a white colleges american male i'm not allowed to complain that's not even then the fears not feeling i've had some even though we did our money i was i had so many advantages were time here so but we but i would like to talk a little bit more than one talks motor their wits and this and we'll talk a little bit more so why will say thanks to everybody for doing into the pot gas the legal zoom dot com go legal sundar dot com use the code rogan and save yourself some cash thanks also to tango to rogan dot ting dot com and save yourself twenty five bucks
of any new phone on tang bring your iphones over from sprint and you can use their and thanks also to aunt dotcom good oh and an eye to use the code name broken save ten percent off any and all supplements aren't freaks was in a minute yeah we always have these things were to get hit it's three hours and let god damn it we can you know at least you don't have a thirty or sixty minutes show they have to put your commercials in the middle and everything by way of a plug for legal do matter when i first came to california took me two days in law library to get up to speed so i could write my will and i was glad to see that there are still discount with because it's my project this month i do my will and make me i've i've known about legal zoom for a long time and is really that's another thing that i think the internet sort of made a lot easier finding out what you're you're rights are finding out what what
lawyers mainly know how to use the library and have their secretaries type a pause he sang sooner because they gotta go vice and so legal zoom can take care of the ninety five percent of all you haven't you go from being a lawyer to write and computer kobe well i was sir as practising law on houston and we had primarily of a business law my partner under title insurance company and weird using the haiti and houston when the savings and loan think was going on but one day are our main client came in and he had a big construction company and he wanted to sue one of his subcontractors and now i looked all things one january in philosophy but you're not gonna wind cause he's in the right here he says oh i know that
i just want to hurt him size it give me just a minute i walked round to next office my partner i said figure out what my share of the south is worth i quit i'm goin home and that was when i just i had it in building up to that cause i've been doing stuff that i didn't come a lawyer to hurt people and do stuff like that and so just walked away from it and had gotten lot involving multi level marketing while end when i found out is is set to if you say i am a lawyer and i'm doing this people just flocked to you in a second people and because you're a lawyer doing well they say a lawyers join at euro it's gotta be great so is it like a pyramid scheme pyramid come here we're saying don't do it yourself at home faceless why
why has serious there was before him i knew about oliver one first aloe companies and is really easy to sell we do that a meeting in bunch of people to be there and you'd paint half their face with this stuff and leah einstein like thirty minutes and take it off and it looked like the two face on one side and a higher and yet sorted like putting us at hemorrhoid medicine what what's hemorrhoid what's hemorrhoid predatory preparation asia happens we didn't you say tightens up the titans your skin up for an hour or so when you put oliver does a whole bunch of it it actually did work if it did tighten up your skin get rid of some wrinkles for the really yet we outward for the evening for the evening i won price but an end we saw the whole right a thing one on like actors do that before they make movies i don't thinkings get the stuff i think it however anyone get elvis's this had some powders and stuff you is a chemical thing about what happened is our fucking people's faces now the company went out of business neither this all these
yeah i know a lot about these multi level companies they all spring from a vitamin company neutralised is called and that's where the divorce invent handle it sir future yeah i think amyloid finally bottom somethin like that but what's that big one that's the big one with the leaves that said i think of an huge company here were anyhow variable life urban life and in fact one of their their first vice president came out of his company i was in ideal incorporated but there was so dear to be great and caused caught and one that the california go your campaign are used in a whole lot about this they all sprung from the same core of people at one time they all knew each other and i get involved in that for a while and we were selling all kinds of things and my partner and i started jewelry company in we kind of fell out and i was in
peters i started a computer count me it was a pyramid company and if it was a lot of fun but yet i finally lost the faith because for a while i really believe that you could do these things and we had a woman who is a german refugee that wound up making twenty thousand there's a month and stuff like that and so those things did happen but they were so rare finally now i was able to see the light well it happened address that could take an empty that's when i got out of the motivational business in everything motivational business that's it
slippery business it's fascinates me people that have never been successful at business but give motivational seminars on how to be successful business after my computer company crash s when i got into its a fascinating getting a method that people would it sort of like you know like there's comedy classes there are taught by extremely unfunded people believe that have never had a career as a chameleon had they decided to start teaching comedy and then they start making more money teaching calmly than they ever did doing comedy itself is like a lot of that back in boston there was a guy terrible comedian was teaching the local comedy class i was identified make any fuck you you couldn't get it he'll comedian a teacher comic class anyone have any part of it and innovation i am a motivational speakers are in great depression alla time we really we go back actually nothing be over we get our stays on tee my wife is low
i mean i'm broke until all this week we had more problems in our audience combined probably that's the lyrics but you had some good ideas you just had to figure out the guy you know their self they were all from hundred years ago you know there's not much anew in their field its wild anthony robins is another one right on european he's a super successful at that but what else has he done magnesium i kept our successful real business when he first came on the scene i just start kickin myself because as gosh i was doing that better than him he's very handsome so beautiful irate teeth oh yeah my skin he's got it has a lot more common good and always booming voice throws karate kicks but you know eventually you cannot push yourself too then he started all of fire walking in them yeah fire walking my wife get it and did not get burned where
it's time you could do it not to bring to a well now you walk where i could not do it because i am not gonna walk on fire barefoot ok but if you did me i know that the ideas getting through a gurgling if i did i not get through our right because i wouldn't do unless our shores you could think that you are going to be all right and not be all right but how long the second time how far did she walked longer the second time i think is proud the same rail in here i mean i didn't know more than twenty years ago symbolically but unless it hungary like we are enough burns are wise find out brain cuz i believe it's gonna burn boy burn much but that a thinking you're playing games ear or you know the three laws of taking psychedelic our number one cars are real to fire burns a number three gravity is still a it lifted three things you can't go wrong that's like the bill hits joke
you're the bill shock man acid thought he could fly jumped off the building and he's like if the fly wouldn't he took off the ground and men's isn't during the last two more i remember that that's it that's so logical logs girls like what that guy was an asshole he was a houston guy yet is i've left houston by when i was gonna law school houston only celebrity i saw that wasn't a celebrity then was glenn campbell was was singing for tips in this bar but i i you say lightning hopkins bar he was a black lose guy and a couple of us were good in houston yeah where's that down the fifth wards where were you will again ass he had we'd have gone a little group but we regular you're not that we got no we only white kids in there you know why so i went in and he'd right now he rap with this stuff in and i said he i can play the spoons nieces give the boys and spoons get up here
i start playing the spoons while he's playing attire you know and he stops nieces you're in law right i said yeah he says go the law school you'll never make it as musician what an asshole oh no no he did in a funny way and he was actually i couldn't keep a beat the houston had to the greatest comedians of all time come out of it sam kennison on businesses to rank they had that whole houston annex down back and then they had like a real creative group of young up and coming comedians name in our they started this thing that here comedy outlaws and it was here and can assent in a bunch other guys fastening sort of development to law school there in history i taught sailing a history yacht club as high got will because of kennison they all had like this unique star this very aggressive in your face thoughtful style of of common break breakin think things down in a very logical way in our but but making
points but also in our being like really bold about it i heard you and at whose mark marin talkin about kennison yeah and i'm really gave me a whole new were marianne s an amazing kennedy stories when he was on his part gas he was talking about doing coke with kennison and you know how he liked was hearing voices vulgar year they did someone you are young here with me but you can you imagine he did so much calculus here and voice a three year oh man wholly break your brain bad man i was lucky i never like cook such never try to i e those same woman it gave me i'm dna for first i must give me my first love to cook and i said this is awful men like being a dennis office she said oh yeah i like that and beginning but after after ten twelve time showed you could to like it i said you know
through that was scotch and its cheap in legal and i'm not gonna go through again yet is weird things caviar required tat why would you acquire it we require of the costs ten thousand dollars and tastes like shit you don't like it to begin why acquire it why acquired that usually silly i never the cocaine but i've had a bunch of people near me that had problems with it i always associate cocaine with a lot of negative things that i've seen but one of the biggest ones was driving friends we were severe massachusetts and there is two lane road that our leave in this area that was gathers this famous place we go kelly's roast beef and everybody would go there and take clams they had like fried clams there's like a famous spot people try or from far and wide go to college so we were driving back from that news this p behind us people beside us in this car we're doing coke and there was a girl at sea and they had the light
the dome light on and she was doing coke and she looks over sees us look and she goes like this she's like as their drive by just looks at me like angering craziness arrived back and that's our have you guys like that lady look at i was looking at how you're doing coke give the dome light on and i'm looking at you and you're mad at me i didn't do anything i didn't know i had a few friends who got into it too far and it's it's it's the thing it's another one of those things that your body connects to chemicals and become becomes a massive part of your life for some really strange reason i've only done meth twice while all that's a weird thing to say and i am the reason i would never do it again his cause it's the one drug that could hit me
while the average time it did i don't know what it was i was cruel for racial sailboats over northern set the martyr regatta and guided owned the boat was from houston and i was in law school there and he wanted me to drive his boat back trail is on a trailer dragon and i can't go back on sleepy i slept in today's nieces take this he came me this and i drove straight through from your homes the houston i was wired and it was about year later i said he i want one more those things and he gave it to me and i thought you know i could get ready the hooked on this stuff and i never driver math what truck driver arrive here as the real math rank i don't know i know came near it again after that i've had some people got real trouble that his friends the come down like it's it's crash you for me it was just a tone crash i could once i finally came down not in good class
coupled asian when you were taken pure emptier may you know crash at all i didn't not because nobody knew that you're supposed to i think but the other thing is i was working at the time so maybe i was just so busy i didn't notice it but i never had to come down crash when i was in dallas the big one i only did it once the next day out of perform i had to do a stand up set and i went to coffee shop in the morning and i was reading a magazine i couldn't read as i could couldn't couldn't stay focused long enough together a sentence i couldn't get paragraph i couldn't do it i just i didn't have it in there was like while i am stupid as fuck i was like what's going on with my brain i didn't know i've hd pay and know about supplementing afterwards try to re regret kick start your brains ability to ceretani and dope mean but it didn't and set me while i enjoyed the experience as far as like what i got out of it but i also thought this would be very dangerous because that reality of the
the loving morn ecstasy feeling when you're locked into it is very appealing and you can want to do that a lot and then if you to do that a lot you would exe it means that more or enjoy more than you would enjoy regular reality and then it would you not sort of legal diminishing returns are collected bailing out it has built up a tolerance i did more india may than is sensible i didn't know what i can see that was the problem back then nobody anything about it and alice you know and you heard safe thoughts worry about it and that there that just no literature there's no nothing how did it get started well the advent of the story ever really got out but this guy we he went by the named thomas crown he was the he was really the mainstay although there's a guy that nothing of his name
everybody thought was number one guy in dallas but he was a good friend of tim leary and he's out here in la and tim leary says here try this and that's when he finally saw this is great i'm going to take it back and he heal it up dallas with the stuff so i but i actually did an embryo may one time well about two hours after had taken it saw still pretty much up there and they pay me to do a thirty minute keynote speech at this big corporate here i was an hour into when they finally caught me off to stay here i had people on their feet and find the best talks everyday why they could they cut you off whereas only spoke stock thirty minutes now turn our they said this really enough that's a little bit whose only one person in the room that new as an empty amaze one other women there that to ashes the distributor and what did she say she she couldn't let us go on first well while i did last stupid
yeah well that sounds like nobody really knew what the hell was going on with that stuff you're very good chance at seaworld human guinea pigs in that little interview i did i tell you about the time that i took a way excessive dose was that man what's way excessive one thousand five hundred what's up what's on average twenty is what is at what you should take you shouldn't you lied hundred and twenty zero to ten times there and i still have these two cosette to ninety minute cassette tape that i filled up talking that old time i've never had the courage to listen to it but from that time for another seven years i tried empty i may about five years ago not long after nothing happened five years after nothing happened but seven years after i finally got mgm aid work can only that once a year after that and i haven't done it now and i guess five six seven years but it is really fried my brain now you know oprah put
bad news information out about the holes in the brain thing in the night before a couple days for that show aired her producer was informed by maps that this is a totally bogus it was a lie they put out there there's no holes in the brain of a blood flow mri or something like that and i now maybe i would be a genius today if i had if you know it didn't really fry my brain now it was so stupid i hadda monster headache for three or four days an embryo may did not work again for a long long time but it didn't kill me and it didn't think put all my brain the holes in the brain things what everybody said that was one of those were almost never did that she had this mri this this woman and the woman knew that it wasn't a hole in your brain young man got a hold of it made the really gave rollin mason what this is about blood flow or something
was not a hole in her brain and operates produce your new that any she still let that hit the air sir like the benghazi thing only didn't get busted that's so silly bides do you know why why why but you know i think they probably trying to save people approach like scare people off from doing be in this day and age when you're dealing with something that so ultimately you know cut with a bunch other shit net now i'm not about it ever take something that that guy got it a raver a party or something like that that you just can't trust his stuff in a lot of its new you don't know whose making it and we at least you had good sources good supplies we know who the chemist was like that but today it is it's not safe and last year the chemist her friend of unfortunately you now if all all could be fixed in a way you don't just do you get pot newgate cannabis read the miracle drug it in the plant does so much things for you the hemp plant does that cannabis is right
the medicinal plants and it certainly has but for ptsd there's nothing like empty and i m dna but see that would be used with with a doctor who knows his lie and stuff idea now i'm not saying there's anything wrong with dancing i've danced all night to is really good how dare you it's wonderful how old were you when you were dancing all night on empty amounts in my sixty you just learn and yeah i'm just catch up now you kids getting everybody their head of us are you there had a me the kids of today they their starting from the jump information they just need to be cautious overshooting the unhappy crazy about these issues so an unfortunate when we have so many dangerous drugs that are labelled there description drugs there there there were their dosages clearly marked we know about them there's is legal ones that are just floating around out there and their therein commerce during connection there's money money then you she's back and forth or take no theirs
way you can ever regulate that unless you make it legal you can't you tat it is legal and then you get some kind of a structure to take but then again the argument is logo lives can be legitimate mov legal to certain cannabis and see what happens you know that oh we you down for legal trucker math charter matthews legal well yeah i guess you could regulate it yeah but still energy is regulated and say you know who needs it nobody he'll be would use it like crazy way fucked up on a ladder they will go to the truck stopping i really don't ever give much thought to those gonna things because i'm not an activision drug policy or threat and so were rooms you can go home now the new new method to chrome and hydrogen peroxide so you don't have to worry about all this us no sanitation why andrew mushrooms and hydrogen peroxide bunch a youtube video then up but two years now you two thirty five hours every second goes up there's that like a least riah just amazing
it's crazy don't tell you another thing not to try not that is not dangerous but violette when i first moved forward egg in lilac at several years after moved and i lost all my connections and thus the word on the street was that a nutmeg was very similar to india and you could take some nutmeg so i got one islamic courts tens of that nutmeg and i kept at all and i took me not the big tin but the captain mean putting families live soldier and i took the whole thing when my god i got real sweaty i've got a horrible headache and today this time i can't get near the egg now if it's got nutmeg annexes l throw up somewhere in this data is you ate nutmeg will make me sick but i have heard of people getting high from nutmeg so was that of us what i heard too well maybe have to get the big tin but the little tin took it
a big ten have not met him i just can't you see what a big team will get you well i don't know i would not try myself because a little tin convinced me not yeah there's some guys my message board there were experimenting getting high her that i just don't believe it is another area where they have trip reports and getting high and nutmeg maybe they do how do i know earth and fire friends of mine in it's a really submit arrowed dot org that's the first place to go if you're gonna do a drug yeah arrow wit ass and spent more time there than you spend noon the drug yeah heroin nutmeg what's one that they have some horrible stories about about so sometimes when somebody asked me what's this like should i try this as it go to air wid and read the bad reports and if you can't handle a bad drip then dont go but don't read the good trip reports anyway can handle goodrich yo there is apparently no there's a page on era would saw about nutmeg i love this
it provides information about psychoactive drugs to educate to reduced harms and to support much needed policy change you know that some of their big customers are not customers readers are the agent plantations corps in the whole separate section for law enforcement for parents and so they started out as just a little database for their friends and now it's one the most visited websites on the net it is a huge what did the age is go there for education to find out more about the new drug hit the streets and that's the first places about to find out what is about that sense saying i wonder if that's how they found out about bath i don't know but what they'd they find out about it on the street but to find out reports one it now how do we know what these kids are on what's it doing to him what do we do now blue taken a hospital or were put him in jail and here there's gonna come a day when people look back at this day and age and go they were so naughty they just made it well we're just gonna an oxygen into it and find out you know it
this this is illegal to get you thirty thirty years in jail for one ounce this however is exactly the same effects plus this other weird thing than it does and even despite as best they can why why didn't they fix that why did they let that go on for years and years needs right now it's crazy people polly drugging is a real problem with the holly dragging a painting a bunch things to candy flipping work summer are safer than others but a lot of the polly drubbings going on with prescription drugs that's really the emerald prescription drugs just with alcohol scary one night regional hearing for canvas when they're gonna make a legal and thirty seven the only medical testimony was from the ama and that was in favour of cannabis and they cut the guy off through my hearing guy what the only medical testimony in scheduling at her net taxing at the time was in favour we're in some weird
still its means it's amazing that nineteen thirty seven work nineteen thirty whatever it wasn't it conversely those authorities haven't that to this day still effective a massive amount of blood interracial sooner that decided just get grandpa and grandma to get them and then they got other kids negative tell their kids narrow is gonna be scared what now there's a huge movement injurious injurie actress geriatric medical marijuana real and i know some one geriatric doctor who is prescribing for his patience i i've i've no some anecdotal evidence of of older people in nursing homes and all of it had some marvellous things here to him it's finally getting into grandpa grandma do i'll that's amazing some amazing
after all these years people finally start and attach on the after nine people in their sixties that you were very anti drug but they are all sudden all this pain or they're they're going through camp in cancer treatments or something there they can't keep their food down unless it try this brownie and on pre here there are going to the dispensary regularly especially if you live your life without any thought this is all its available now sonny of his new cobby he's here all they can't middle around much a you know there's something i can do here reduces inflammation to lotta people that have like serious problems walking around they take some patents may shall lucy goosey lotta folks that have experienced pain relief from our especially of its high and c b i use it for pain relief actually i e when i'm in pain i can't tell her i'm high when i smoke at the pain doesnt i don't think goes away exception pay attention to an amateur i at them
thinking about you have ours have you ever had any experience that when you were on any sort recited dark that you fell like some the paranormal experience like you a foe experience or like being contact with something or seeing something that you the experienced it felt like i was a real thing yeah yeah seven times
mainly on ayahuasca but there was a reese's one time that you still is just crystal clear to me where there was a we are sitting in darkness you knowing it appeared like there was a black curtain in front of me with just a really bright light coming out from the bottom and from back behind me this this female kind of entity is just very dark and shadowy i said what is that in this now this could be going out of my head i admit that but to me it was real and this entity she said well that's what you are really made of that's york or do you want to see it and she reaches down and start to pull this up and start so bright as it no no no no one gets scared i don't why end so my friends said i can't believe you didn't let her picking up you know but it was it was like a message like you are this
shining spirit behind the singer to me that was a real entity encounter so you think that that was i going into dimensional thing that you are communicating with good a banner could have been a figment of biomass raw and i i i i not tried to distinguish between it because the emotional impact of what went on and what i was thinking and saying and frayed to look at my own corps was kind of fast waiting what's also what is the source of the imagination and wisely imagination so obviously affected by different chemicals and worse education come for exactly the machinations clearly affected by canada is clearly also affected by caffeine clearly also affected by alcohol definitely affected by suicide and effected by many many many other things airplane we'll do it you have ideas that are different than the ideas that you have a future in a baseline soberly consciousness and the the question then becomes what exact
golly is imagination is imagination just a series of chemicals interacting with neurons interacting with thoughts and ideas and learned experiences because out of the imagination comes everything that every one ever used on earth that wasn't here ready anything we made whether it's a phone or a television cetera curtain that all out of the imagination so the imagination isn't just something where you think things up they'd well you know maybe i just imagine if nothing happens without imagine the imagination is the source of every single creation it's a week then when you look at it that way we don't look at it as something like oh you're just imagining things that aren't really there right we are also imagining the wheel you also imagining internet connections you're also imagine airplane somebody had to imagine all of us without that there's nothing but without the hue imagination the world would look radically dear
it would be a hundred percent natural and we'd be animals the imagination is the one step that takes us from animal into animal that changes its environment radically and starts to transcend itself start two symbiotic we attach itself to its own creations which coincidentally came out the imagination the imagination greeted technology that like glasses you're wearing or the watch somewhere or any any that things were talking through these microphone all is technology created through the imagination right shoes yeah tech so when you see something and you say well maybe it was my imagination i'm not we sure what do you mean what's she i dont really care what my imagination or some other multi dimensional entity what i focus what am i learning what one of my feeling for yes what's my emotional state and then what am i gonna take away from this what am i gonna learn and recently podcast i put out mckenna says some to the effect what makes us think that that
the entire cosmos can be understood using the neural network of a primate says we're here to observe and appreciate and i like that in a rather than try to figure out black dark matter and all that that's great i'm glad people working on but i'm not gonna worry about it too much i'm gonna appreciate and look at the wonder the world yet so that nature just amazing just look at other different varieties of insects there just gee weird alien creatures that we just take for granted because i've always been here last lighter biter we can live without writers or bees or bees and yet ass gettin me around his earliest and as a lot of theories about that but one or more fast anyone's to me is that they are absolutely convinced that whether they can survive it or not cell phone signals are damaging bees gotta be it's it's fucking with me and immediately like our lines and cellphone towers linearity those yeah
think dead high power lines has there been a direct correlation ever stably between them and sickness is between some high powered lines not i got i put the real super high frequency power lines yet there there have been factor i know somebody who died of cancer quite young who lived under those for long time and that was anecdotal but i think there has been there have been some studies now showing because people in certain neighbourhoods of soon and things like that i've been around them before where you feel them yeah its own weird fit you either in his saddle x and you look i noticed there was less around you we just relay this is enough energy to kill everyone you ve ever met ever instantly and adjust
through these wire lies where we don't know what we're doing to ourselves with always like traffic signals can't get away from it where's wifi everywhere now cell phones or tv there's radio think that the information is just in this room that we can't see right but with the right equipment we tune into without words can be really weird when that equipment is actually inside your brain self that's can be there very very very strange it's getting there to us so close your they gave person first ticket for wearing google glass driving i saw that and i think that was a valid issue of a ticket to i don't want people driving and looking at google at same dynamic yeah net but like people talk and under cellphone was have hands free my question is how can they prove that its active because if we just that thing on your eyes and does not care i think they beat that ticket but i think it sends a message yeah that cops don't like technology
well they like the technology may have its also the other messages they like right and tickets yeah oh yeah they want to raise many they can they have to feel quotas feeling quotas one the most disgusting things anybody ever got away with the idea that there has to be a certain amount of crimes are committed in a manner would have everybody agreed to only go to speed limit for like a year what would happen with the police officers just explode what would they do if we all agreed that would be an interesting project in some small town if he can get everybody to do it then nobody has any money that's coming in from from speeding tickets what are they because they rely on it you know they rely on it for a source of income is couple little towns and awaited burning man that's that's most of their income but man saying i mean look it's one thing if you want to take it someone because you want to give them an incentive to slow down to make people say from that's one thing but as soon as you start developing like you have
standard amount of money you have to make every month from you just saying that people never improve you're just saying that people will never get better at following a law never get better being safer and just the fact that bank on that you have a quote on that's disgusting there's never known speed traps in in texas you know that you wouldn't go through this town because his fifteen miles an hour and sixteen and get your ticket and connecticut's horrible is connecticut between connecticut and boston there's a lot of stretches worth fifty five fucking miles an hour and there is nothing there it's just straight line i just want to you want to get to new york between new york and bosses like three and one slash two hours at fifty five miles an hour just gone cheese's clear eyes everywhere you look some asshole disguises a tree pointing a radar at you so stupid and now and not jamie put a picture just a moment ago but now and in colorado their developing this technology to tell if someone says
in part and not look at these things tat if someone smoking pot enough inside a building for it the smile to leak outside so they have developed is instrument than measures the amount of canada smell in the air on the street and i'm gonna start to give people tickets for these things that will help them rise or sale of this is in colorado i made pot legal this so fuckin stew those are the forty percent that didn't vote for it may be that or a may just be the fact that people is verging on control and adjust weeds blow and everywhere like tumbleweed in august we just wafting through entire communities of beaver catching contact eyes they ve got enough for you used to be and put your pardon in coffee and dogs couldn't smell right they ve train the dogs to look for the coffee as well i don't know if this is true but a friend of mine told me that what he and donors buying bear piss and wolf piss in sprinkling it around his tar tyres and in his trunk
because he says one drugged smells it may go crazy they forget who drugs totally they want to go tat bear you know well one of the top do well i don't know this probably is made up but it's story wouldn't think would be made up of mean dogs instinctively freak out they smell wolves yeah now so our bits coffee yeah that seems to make sense that's i wonder then get in trouble for like pasting wolf on your tyres how to prove that they have a wolf personnel it credit eyed and bringing the wolfish ever wolfish detecting devices they ve never cannabis modal tracking device but there's some some sense that a dog can't resist that you know the one scented supposedly universally applies to all animals brings endear brazen l reason moose beavers piss really yeah your smile or better beaver estrogen whatever it is beaver sent and allow the young men go after beavers
italy which is interesting that term beaver ease they don't look look look if you're woman's vaginal looks like a beaver sticking to a doctor if something wrong that's what's it look like that of you call it a beaver why you call it a beaver because somebody else did before right because while the added another ideas that it was created back when they were really harry mean we don't know already today for poor foreign internet foreigner yeah porn on the internet i think porn got women determined our little band the imminent the internet came along and ambitious it was just fire through bushes just the proofs of irish but apparently the the sent from the glands of beavers is the best sexual attract and
for other animals never go figure the i gotta know what that's about i mean maybe not that the beavers were the study of the animal were deaf certainly a weird fuckin anima men if you see one in real life oh yeah you know and you see their crazy houses they build next to the lakes with china's isn't like an word only take canoe and pipe pedal out there and there is a big beaver damn there you can watch him than they were busy is beavers busy is beavers and their otters around there and people eat them apparent delete them apparently they aren't is bad i guess when people are starving to death watch a lot of those alaska shows more people live in alaska any whenever they can get hold of arms laudably beaver up there the beer tales cook the beaver tail sounds like people see all the glass eel marinate see and beaver and unknown getty which gary whatever the hell you get hold of their probably hidden
what was its ahead this is come into when we did be picky this need a source of calories and and proton rotating at an that's that's right there take it apparently seal oil is very important for them to the very high calories in the cold you deal with parents as one of the best the worst dumb losses of clerks of calories is your boss burning off calories to keep itself warm so one of them ways they say to lose weight is actually to walk walk around with like less jacket or less coats then you would feel covered where's his remark in order to keep warm is actually burning off that's interesting so you hunting in alaska now i'm going in wisconsin i'm going i see this weekend well here going i would go in alaska too though would you go after dear there's a guy was gonna farms overrun with dear and he brings in people them to manage them every year because the inner
the reality is as he said especially wisconsin lot of we're gonna die by predators lot of lot you hit by cars hit i'm cars to freeze death and you nor to keep them heard healthy manage you gotta yellow senate and you gotta be the wolf and i want to i want to try to live there tire year i wanted i want to pick a time like after the first year tried to live the entire year on game meat i think it's possible nothing is possible if you're gonna be a meat eater you now to know the exact source your meat i think is probably the best the most ethical ends sort of sane way i do it at the discussion between us and our food weather growing food in a garden and then cookie and eating the vegetables grow mean i think it's a beautiful thing it's it's interesting traction that you have between where your food act come on i chickens now and i guess i get fresh eggs from the chickens and i'm trying get closer and closer to my food if that makes any sense but we mainly
organic are almost all organic but mainly vegetables we need chicken may be twice a month and we have a friend at slaughterhouses his pig once a year and we know how its grown raised nothing but mainly vegetarians but it all of our food most of it comes within twenty five to forty miles warehouse you know that's great olonnois cs eight community for agriculture and i do most to cooking and so is really fun you get this box each week man you gotta figure out what you gonna do stuff that's really go off a lot of money i would love to i think i've talked to my friends about that everyone's who condemned busy we never anything done but the idea of getting today there everybody buying it a plot of land and then hiring someone to run that plot of land and produce food for this group of people like say get twenty put together and say well this is our grocery bill for the year if we can manage a plot of land and by a plot of land together everybody pay for one twentieth of it or whatever and then hire someone to take care of everything and hire a few
or maybe some see essays appear there must be our dont know that several events andy agar county in and we belong to this one for quite a few years now and they supply most the local organic stores and so what we are getting is are the two the tomatoes at her other heirloom they're not perfect there in we're getting food from a farm like it become and not everything the same size and shape and all like that real as israel foods pick that day or maybe the afternoon before and there is real good fresh food but that way we don't have to get our own group together now we've gotten a bunch of people involved in this and some people don't like pomegranates are persimmons or whatever comes sometimes in the baskets we swap around with each other stuff in the we usually everything's i get all thro his from my idea to better doomsday to it my dear
give the shit is the fan bleary miller viable than ever on an eu you read all at two and when i was younger i was into that too but now that you know my dad my brother in my mentor all died at sixty three so i'm eight years pass my expiration date i feel it saw free time you're i'm just exercise a well but you know i m its i'm not stress but that i see the google kids are working on long jeopardy things now and and i just commented friend yes yes if you ever notice it all of this long jeopardy work is done by people nor thirty four but but some here seventies radio i really need to have had a lot of fun i want to have a little bit more fond but you know you gave me you said here's a pill give you another hundred years i'd have to think long and hard about that really because you worry about deterioration or does it not having fun well
because sir there's a lot of pain and watching your friends go through what they're gonna have to go through every smuggled through love affairs at or broken and tragedies and stuff like that let us not allow chamber that i love affairs because the big whether pursue over the edge were now something in my grandkids now other their hearts broke that's funny that's like what you we'll talk but the radio lab thing earlier about the guy who went this horrible circumcision process becoming a runner wouldn't want to to go through it you don't want your fat your kids to grow through heartbreak right night might my children have already gone through part right now is my grandkids and i poured and i told this one of my grandchildren i said you know if i'm not around when some young man break your heart i will come back and home
you remember that with the guys wise at his father s want to be around or anymore well see i have four five grandchildren for girl even if it wasn't for that i'd have a little problem with women but i have a news its to whom i have a very good sense timid women too and i have three daughters but my point is that a lot of heartbreak comes from the fact that people just decide they dont want to be with you anymore it doesnt work outright and people think that when someone leaves them that their taking something away from they feel deep sense of loss and their connected idea part of growing as a person's realizing you're gonna be ok and here's and here's where may would be really cool is because when you and your partner gets point say yeah if it's bad for one person can be bad for both of even fear not talking about so if he sat down got together one evening just the two of you did m dna and talked it out now i know from personal experience that my marriage my previous marriage was really gettin rocky when i found him dna and
we stay together another six seven years at good yeah really worked out a died after that while the kids were grow and a lot of things happening but but it did extend our marriage in an extended and really good way although grant weird twenty one years and which were good friends now with winners iraq period for a while but we ve you worked ourselves through that were yet we both respect each other and we realise that it was not a one way street but he writes i think that india may would be great for couples therapy of people love when they hit that seven year mark or whatever it is yeah i think there's a lot of things that people hold in and they were pressing relationship and don't communicate about and then sometimes a psychedelic journey together can open those ideas i've been you start talking about things and you find out to this been a misunderstanding all along or that a good bit of lack of communication that work things out much better much easier a long time ago or that your boy
fill in the same way that we both want to move on i don't know how to do it i've had one experience where i went on for months some was built up and finally got it out in she said it's no big deal you know a has certainly been a big deal to me for a long time and turned out if i just been talking about it i would have a month of bliss instead of hell you know so communication is the key and and there are some things that help you communicate potter you communicate didn't do you think that those things in those heartaches another party what makes you personally formation you have to get information feedback i wouldn't want to not have any of my heartbreak since just don't you i just don't want to see it happen to someone i understand and i agree to a certain extent but i think it very important that everybody goes through a certain amount of a just undergone what it's about you don't have a choice you can authorise look
add friends that have gone through it where i know they they became better people because of it over a friend a went through a devastating break up now he laughs about the idea being stuck with that woman you know but act then there was no wagon live without her it doesn't matter what happens to you how big the tragedy is that after some enough time passes eventually that becomes one or your funniest lorries will i doubt it no no less rice some of this sort of your kid was eaten by a wolf on that when we talk about that i'm thinkin where virgin saw your family dinah plank rocky i'm leaving things happen in the lock and cry you know if you think about some things that happened seem to be a tragedy at the time and usually that between people carp brahms sovereignty by like breakups i'm talkin about like getting fired i'm talking about things are not really devastating fire devastated thing i've had that have sometimes they can turn into a good thing that it can be a changing experience and change i think oftentimes opens the door for good
change opens the door for good because it gives you a new found focus enough you survive at you're gonna be stronger yeah every time i have like had something but to me where had a rethink things that's always been a good thing area and when you get fired i what are we doing here and you all suddenly get us new motorway and i realize objectively this would be a good thing for my granting kids when it happens to i just don't want to go through that's the point about being a grandpa i mean is that what they always say that the strictest parents were always like the most lenient grandparents i wasn't a strict parents or even more so the more lenient yeah idea especially when you're an older person and you ve experienced so much pain and hardship and you see the innocence of children is a beautiful it isn't there they don't know
any racism yeah they don't know any homophobia yet there are no any blind and objective hey they don't know that there are no the disillusion of government did i know all this right i don't know any of this yet they don't know like they know or ribeiro view that that though the rebellion against taxiing unenslaved all the different aspects of society that you now bring people to this hysterical gout point where you like this work and think it matters how and i'm not gonna take it anymore malware i love they don't have that they have you know you stepped on my toe they have my toy relatively speaking these are big problem for them to i mean all of their little kid problems at that we just have to learn how to work our way through a my three year old has a way bigger problem with my five year old taking one of her toys than i have is anything in life rural takes her doin to day tat she screamed tears are flying out of her face that never happens
so for her that's a devastating apocalypse a huge apocalypse of toys really is its relative relatively speaking and you have to address it that way you have to say i respect the fact that they actually are freaking out and all it doesn't seem normal to you you're a groan adults right but for three or others of iraqi again i'm i acknowledge that this is a really serious thing for me and a hunting gov treated like adults my parents didn't shut up that's i grew up shut up shut your mouth break both your legs cut the shit i heard i was i was really lucky i grew up like an asian harriet family of school really my problem of it my i couldn't have asked for better
so that's amazing yet and we look i turned out ecstasy deal dallas sends and ecology deal the hosting a drug podcast guys crazy what is this book the euro the spirit of the internet that's that's repent two thousand actually it's it's one of the first books that compares the internet to psychedelic drug speculations on the evolution of growing global consciousness while look at you you fresh faced little yeah that's a long time ago the two thousand when you wrote that the two thousand and thirteen years ago assign amaze i was through that was your last nonfiction arrive at a fiction book up now that's a first of a quartet i'm writing but i went fiction could do so much more do you remember so to grant hancock did you do member one people thought that the world was gonna end in two thousand oh yeah why you came why tat was a deal man see i got involved why two came about ninety ninety five because we we
set aside millions of dollars to fix all those problems and most software industry did i mean that there is a huge thing and the press only picked up in the last year nine months or something and we'd armies millions of dollars in years and years worked or specialised companies working on it and so i really didn't think anything bad was gonna happen i wouldn't want to be somewhere an airplane write them cause her work programme that you are right in reply i didn't think the airplane were crowded i thought i could get stranded somewhere they couldn't get my reservations rye rollin worried about the plainest that was a fear though like air traffic controllers at their their computer systems you're gonna go down there was a potential for that but it was nothing like the press made what the fuck did they do for air traffic controllers before there were computers eyeball against radio i'm gonna nineteen sixty is worth how did they described by cow i guess it was like coming in thirty thousand feet five degrees north latitude talked him down i don't know why
commercial pilot by why are you really but its restricted to hot air balloons you're commercial earning is restricted i do than aircraft lighter than air aircraft i value that i don't have a booming more but i used flood loans in well that's gonna be spooky honour grateful what is lacking urban a basket nurse base its awesome because now it gets aloud when you burn but then you could you not burning you're just floating it's quiet and you can hear here the sound knows note an obstruction sitting here today on the ground in dallas airs she's one track that we had taken sunday morning khazars a woman who would lay out now accurate but may i make a death how we would come in we burn and then with we'd come applies that we close down in low income over the lake and just then we say good morning miss seed joe how a rude it was you could hear everything in texas cartoon fly or in sunday morning ass he pick up trucks with people passed out in the back of months that's why woody allen
dangerous is it seems like it's pretty danger the reason i quit is because i wasn't paying close enough attention i almost hit a power line and it scared me so my eyes how is fine people for money and stuff here oh my god i got wrapped up in the conversation these guys for him and that's my problem paying attention them more than the flying and they didn't know we have close call i knew he had close how glass not that close close enough i i i was coming down and i didn't burn soon enough and so it takes awhile to get your momentum back up and yeah i cleared it by fifty feet but now i should have cleared it by five hundred feet or something landing i guess it anyhow it scared the hell out of me i said you that's it people died hitting paralysed all that's mainly have seventy one balloons not not not all that many compared the number of people flying knows safer than reagan now you harnessed in europe there are no jesus i used to sit on the edge of the basket in own
really in a man crazy revel wind came along and knocked you off while you wouldn't have launched its overturned miles an hour you wouldn't launch sugar i looked so spooky honest we girl in my toes sitting and looking at that video we go these air shows where they bring in biplanes and stuff like that and for the balloons they would put up her hole in the middle of the airfield with a keys to a cadillac or something on it and you had five miles away anywhere in the radius of five miles away and launch and whoever grabbed the keys got the balloon well what are they collide knew each other really get kind of bounce yet and here s the same attitude at least but you rose roads are you nuts was do that but nobody in any thing cyber full and ever got the keys but you have a bean bag to see throw that never got closer
money or such like them why this great fun you know that my my ex wife took manner balloon ride for my fortieth birthday and on the way back i said well how much do they think costs having started and the next one it's taken lessons adeline money then how much does it cost to get a balloon balloons about thirty five thousand but i found when i bought it and how we how do you feel that bitch up once you done fly or they pack into a basket that sir no maybe a third of the as of this table why and but then you have your basket to see ever a trailer behind you you have a parachute up there anything change shit it's avow know nothin dude balls i had one guy one failing to take him up in a parish i am he want to jump out but i do want could once again jumps out you get somewhere lighter and if you're not care if you shoot up too fast you collapse the anvil that doesn't happen very often but they're really safe there really sacred a lot of fun and wow that's scary that without how do you lower yourself
to lower and naturally that there's a hole in the top and you have a line that goes through a rope bulletin bleed era that let it go we are when landed you're actually landing the fat is held in by velcro answer except for flap flapped is open when you're just buried land you rip that is pull the top out you pull the top out deflating land now how sometimes you landings yellow ruffian i've had landings are dragged four fifty eight hundred guards were her bounced up now that that the conditions sometimes make it tough and in in nor texas i am you had to be really yeah you can you allowed to land anywhere when you're landing no effort lets you because you if you if you out of your head and there is one fire weapon nor texas upper by cisco i think of it and whenever the balloons are common landing you could see dust coming on these gravel roads from two directions one would be this farmer with its pick up in his shot gun and other be the sheriff to come to protect you because
i hated you landing on their long one ballooning started in france they they would carry a bottle of champagne to give that a farmer when they landed as eight thank you for letting land here here's a champagne when balloon he started in the it states the balloon is never gave it to landowners hit drank it themselves champagne propane breakfast the balloonist how rude why they ruined the whole thing look at those that raises like albuquerque does one in colorado too in colorado springs who went to the other woman that debt taught me the balloon mood colorado springs to yet we want there to see it but there is bad weather they never launched it so you gotta do it rise and sunset a couple hours until after sunrise in a couple hours for sunset that's the only time air a stable and have you ever met anybody there was up in a balloon saw you have oh no no i'm is too early in the day and plus looking at other things how convene what what most people like to do on their first loon right is picked leaves from the top of it
why are some reason that the big trail you know so we can go over skim the trees and they can pick leaves wow that's weird if it's where that we figured out how to float around in the sky it's just a matter of time before we figure out how to do with suits in here that some jet pacts are come around pretty good well they ve got guys have those wings suits jump cliffs psychopaths some catch you not i can hardly washes video meanwhile there's one we're gonna crashes it's really are to watch that when i haven't seen but this is time for this figure out something within like a wing young wings those technologies gonna grow i think it is an ever things gonna grow you know i mean if they have a jet back now and they do i watched one when i was in denver there is my friend willie has arrived in cages but doesn't kill pga tail pga the radio station had a guy come in that say
that had a jet pack i come in and he launched a jet back in the parking lot flew through the air for like ten seconds you know i do for ten seconds and they will within the ex money years ermenonville do mildew five minutes and then now x amount years after that think they're gonna figure out some sort of power source is gonna be able to make it viable mode of transportation but it was very complicated as far as like that controlling their area the yacht in what is called this eye to pitch pitching yeah yeah early it's like it's not a simple thing to figure and how to do it you have to learn how to get a licence for balloons has no just up and and he had what are they have to learn whether cloud he had worn learn about procedures with the affair could have colleagues in mourning get a weather report in all and you tom we're going to launch and so they know some blooms or can be very how much for it is other than a blimp deluge clear target i've never been in a blimp variable what would your license oh no no louder than air well maybe
i don't know i mean raising let me do it but i guess i guess it would be illegal i think the lighter than aircraft do have to renew that licence or at once you get it you got it that's the best the crazy thing you you don't i have to renew it but you have to have a check flight every year i think with a somebody else who is a commercial pilot so all you have to do is get a friend to go take a ride and your current again i'm not current what was that when you just put up jane lady gaga unaddressed that flies gaga the actual lady gaga there's a guy like remote control oh so is it lady gaga or is it a toy that's lady gaga lady gaga is in a jetpack ok or she is to get a helmet on let me see less reassuring after it's over so she climbed into this fuckin thing and flies around
i didn't see jump actually be annoying lady gaga japan humans we ruin everything this is stupid she's connected by wires shut to solve this is a fuckin charade japan she's a wired up and everything that's more like a little helicopter worship at studies wired the other guys go into a stadium football stadiums get back yeah well there's one guy that landed he was in the middle of a boxing match vendor wholly feel was fighting riddick bow and the guy landed here like a parachute connected to fans and call so like the fan and remember that and they landed and delay the fight like a half an hour while they had a rest this guy brilliant police and they beat the guy up in areas like that and that it is sort of change the the atmosphere the fight because there is a big break in rio the finally really cool off than how to go out again but that was i
so i used to walk in the bluffs down by delmar which her up maybe thirty feet or some in one day came by one of those his a parachute had a big fan on the back and and he was i level with me and he says hello hello and he's moving very slowly this is the video riddick bow in havana hellish vilified and look they stop and alex what the hell here and they look boom the guy lands ringside in a crowd they should return policy alone into a wild animal is a more important things to do these beat the shit out of gaza see y know you guys but we still in jail and i'm surprised you didn't rescheduled fight that's really fair to do that is how i think people wanted to conclusion yeah was going on around the money everywhere in all the money on paper view as well poor fighters yeah you know what they should adjust the start up immediately should awaited half an hour to give it
five minute break cut the cords this let's do this because i think was a quite quite a break while they arrested this dummy needy badge that's it as an example the needy bitch as they should have those fights indoors yeah think they probably mostly do i really rare rarely here about fights outdoing only do a few occasionally outside in vegas you haven't got a big one way back and was in africa or something i can remember it the two more time ones do what they do more ones in vegas outside whirling get quite loud i think yeah but it's also your environment is different and you're dealing with outside and raining that weird you know i went to king of the cage used to have these fights outside i went to a couple of them they used to have them in an indian casino in california back when mixed martial arts was illegal in california say would hold them in its outside casino and one time they
it started raining was pouring rain out and said it decided to let the fights continue pouring rain so these people are fighting their slipping tribe throat kicks their fallen there ass and people are clouds they put their soaking wet it was like the crazy and they release that as a dvd i think it's called king in a cage wet and wild but it's really insane series of fights or people are trying to fight in a torrential rain storm people are just so nutty did you ever hear of an old long time sattler name gorgeous george yes shore i saw gorgeous george russell my dad took me to see him in the elgin high school gymnasium in the big deal he had long well it was maybe almost foundry shoulders but not quite but at that time i was huge and his that have become the ring in the beginning it is here would be up and he takes bobby pins out of his hair and trauma activity so disappointed in cash one that's funny
just george it's another thing people would come if they came for another plan to below what the fuck is going on here this is not really hitting each other like why you urging that where to find out who's gonna win whose a champion of the world in rang like what's this week it we're strain restrained floating around a balloons pretend to hate each other a knotty race listen i spent a lot of fun it's been grateful range of ours is enough really glad to get too to meet you i dont think you realize what you doing but you you're ear in a role here for a lot of young people that you hush march you are maybe you do but you're you're extremely well read you know so much your time graham hancock about stuff i read the headlines and une who often terms about the skull and stuff like that but what you're doing is you're taking
a really high level intellectual product to the masses into especially young people that may be hadn't had the avenger go to college or some and they find out hey there as smart as anybody went to college and you're really do a really good service with these park well thank you but i'm not try and an extremely worried that size working i'm extremely uneducated always very well read well i read a lot of things but you know me what is education if not reading but as far as like formal education and it is also as far as like i don't you know i just like what i like i'm interested in certain things and i find that there's a lot of things out there that are fastening the people just born paying attention to and i think what i see in what we talk about on the palm causes really rule reflected by what i see on twitter and when i see on the internet when i see when i go to the vote websites that i visit for information i see just a massive new absurd in curiosity right i think
he bore way more curious in the ever have been before just by virtue of the fact that getting more information than ever gonna can get it again been held back so i think what this pod gases we came along the right place at the right time and is the right type of person in me that kind of can bridge a few different worlds exactly that that's what you're bridging quite a few different world can agree that words in the pot heads exec on the bridge between admitted as in the pot adds were now that different in my look different it but this there's prejudice against people who you know engage in martial arts and exercises like this prejudice against people smoke pot and some of its justified and some of its now there's assholes an airing upload absolutely it's so easy did too nine p m because of that now think tat conversations like this podcast and it cannot give everybody a better sense you know you were getting into people's heads because you right in your ear they got the cheerful they're listening listening theater theatre the mind you know it's it's the old voice in them
in the back of the mind that you are you here i've heard so my many of your podcast at me i feel like i've known you all my life i feel i have known you long time phenomenon of illicit need on many road trip give the introductions tallies different very psychedelic talks how many up so as to have i just last night did three seven why do you are an episode for nineteen almost ground for twenty you know why we're gonna do especially for twenty episode now mike what that's so stupid i'm so tired that hope for what are you saying it's like come on what this is a number the pod cancer the pie mean we is adam abkhazia hypocritical because we always like make a big deal of each one hundred that we hit but twenty two seem stupid it seems tired daily for twenty days come i'm thinking about four four hundred web and working not too far yet but i've i've cut out