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#421 - Christopher Ryan

2013-11-27 | 🔗
Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller "Sex At Dawn"
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when the arrested at work a lot I live on, refused us not just for their goddamn commercial, mighty milligram, that's stupid. I know people there that's stupid out? They would reach higher bitches. They probably other target Marxism and people DOM enough excusing prime partner order that I just haven't ahead like ice with bodies wash well it like the loss will far poof people. Actually defence of cells body watched it anywhere. Now think we have an anomaly dot com you, but if you go to defence soap, dot, com and no, they have it because he sent me some before yeah great stuff, multi there's like a lot of we all came out of wrestling cousin wrestling alot of people get bacterial infections that get staff and actions from their skin forgotten scraps on the mats and then dirty mats and and also ring worm, ring worms free common and allowed sheep awash, wash with antibacterial soap and ass, the wrong approach,
doing that what you doing is killing everything man, the good stuff too. It's like when you take antibiotics, we have a real the problem with over prescribing antibiotics. Antibiotics are very useful. Don't get me wrong, I mean if you ve, got a staff infection or if you ve got fuckin line disease, sunlight that antibiotics to save your life for sure there there is an amazing invention of tactic, human minds, but there EL. It is there's other ways to approach it in a holistic way. Two approaches to keep your skin healthy and clean and keep the healthy bacteria than actually fight off bad bacteria. Keep that shit, active! That's why I've always preached the the benefits of probiotics I drink community every day. It's it's I like the taste but there's these floating pieces of fungus in it. That feel like an elephant just jerked off in your soda goobers, its It's a soldiery beery soda e thing. I remember Mariner Marin, whose marked Marin is clean, sober and he
a computer, is like tweeting on twitter. A might drink it fuckin beer like what's going on here is this before the day started, taking them out a whole foods, Esther got drunk. Remember she she didn't as ensuring she had two of em and she was like lab rat like desiring words and everything. There is less than one percent alcohol she's a Suez by that its. If it is more than one half of one percent now they have to market and it has to be sold as alcohol, because they were using bottles, apparently that allow them to continue fermenting. So if they had been on the shells were cup a month, they get stronger and stronger. Stronger ass time went on. Phantom Stick for your help, the amazing for your immune system. It's really some special stuff. If you heard about the fecal transplants yeah, I'm crazy, improve in my back yard and take poop, and they put it in your, but because or you colon like, if you're you're lacking certain bacterial things. It's
was to live in your got back to get bacteria. Co lie actually intestinal floor, yeah intestinal floors, the nice, where saying but peace, save people say people from all your disease from shit. That was sorry shit. Shit stuff that there was a completely unclearable in any other way is like you're, Fucked you didn't work, they shut up your ass. I don't know how they do, regulators, nothing, they take design. It doesn't help anything. I just wanna firmness that's right. It's really simple. They just take some from someone. Who's got the floor that they want a little bit, but it in the blender. You know some hospital thing mix it up and squirt that right you ve heard of the device documentary without poop line that the Chinese are, I think to it, where they make. Why out of kids poop, that's like seven years orders and I have heard that and have also seen where they boil eggs and p young boys. He virgin version always retailer forget they prefer like boys under the age of eleven. Are some point that well,
no sign of being the other Diana feels vice versa. Thing about people going around the streets take up the man cover- and they ve got these big long spoons and they grab the stuff caught in the filter rate and the strainer and its this, like fatty latin this horrible, like big Luger, is basically what it is and then they take it out to their plant in the countryside. Boil it down and sell it. Cooking oil, and they estimated the ten percent of the cooking oil in China contains the stuff yeah Brian Cowen was tell me that when he was in China him whose with his family and his mom, said that when they at this restaurant she noticed that they had pigs dies underneath the building and shoes. Figure out what was going on and the browsing. Why, living on the building. She was I suspected there, the sewage system, hair and so the heat,
its traditional method. They had the well just the body heed of the animals in China and other asian countries. They typically have them under the house, so he, the house, why and sewage. I have shit into the eager face of a big nobody, dementia, how dare you you know that he'd listens they're here, the pig was asking for and our eldest lose no seriously. This was on a long bus ride in Sumatra, in Indonesia. Right and you get as these twenty, our bus rides and you stop and the bus stop in the same place. They get the quick food and the shutters long liners shutters and I go up and it squatting. That's right, it's just a whole, no plumy or anything look through the hall and they're all these pigs down there
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One. Eighty and nutrient based rejuvenating drink mixed designed to help your body recover from jet lag or from getting free gone and, of course, our brain use, the code name against the attempts at or go this. We can save a fuck load, more art, freaks doktor. Chris, Ryan is here and let's get this party Rowan, the job will gain experience when a man tells you that he should into a pig's mouth, you look at him differently for evermore. Look at an aching differently. I've been, I want to go hunting pigs. Do that soon they gonna go and do that this January ever written Michael and they say about to hunting wild boar now Noma now excellent. I say I think
might be in the imo, wars dilemma, or maybe it was published separately and remember where I came across was a big area for them. Northern California is a huge issue with pigs, their wild boars all over the place and did you know the while pigs and domestic pigs like wild, boars like those those crazy Logan even worse than the same animal, the exact same animal yeah, really no speed therefore, no no no courting to Stephen our its exact same L. Animal even is without a doubt. The biggest animal expert that I know is a host of media that are hunting. Can we show just got done hunting with him and with ants in four dear, which are fuckin everywhere. Oh my god, you know people that, like worry about dear hunters, in what dear and exits evil its cruelly the These people have no idea media. There are like these guys they're asking to kill deal as they have to make no personal days. There's. Nobody has Agatha Coyoats, which
the funds and they kill it wounded animals are you now gets wounded, but man where I grew up in pencil, where there are no coyoats rate, so there were no predators. Their relate to mountain lying still in the mountain somewhere by they're everywhere everywhere I mean I've had four five during a car yeah, I moved out of there when I was seventeen. Let's do two years a drive, my function to live in Harrisburg, really mine too. We couldn't drive at night German. Now you better go ten miles an hour. Is they were everywhere in their driveway? And you know my medical marijuana plants? How dare those cuts they eat? Flowers to they love roses. Trade, crazy dream that I just remembered because of that. That, a bunch of roses in four PETE for a friend eat, and he was eating. Tell me how fantastic they were I was just taking it for granted that I don't want any these roses at all, but I've got em for him, but a strange dream valentines, but it wasn't like roses like a bouquet with, like the leaves and everything it was like a plate like
like almost like a tray that you get like at Wendy's, and in was fast food trays, stacked up with roses on it he served him. Man rose yeah yeah, I came out. I got some roses, he could eat these. Try their fantastic member. Try my like now get it sells or your marriage it is to find a strange dream and- and the fact that I just remembered it when you said there, like dear eating things, see what else nor will knock loose hat. Yet dreams are a motherfucker manner, so weird Halleck and the Miller Day, like oh yeah, rather from my fuckin dream. Why can't I remember that when what is the mechanism of their figured that out? Yeah, there's a chemical that your but your brain releases that a racist memory, his as your waking, remember the name, the chemical but there's another one that stops you for moving right. So you won't hurt yourself. It disconnects year, volition. Your body and that's why you have those night terrors. You know where you're like you, you hear someone come in, but you can't move
You have now you think, that's what it is, but it's really aliens brow could be it's just. It's fuckin aliens right man. What is it with aliens in anal probes? Well, I think it's bullshit, that's why I think it is I think people were crazy or worse rather than words someone's gonna put some in their. What's that mean of the singer who used to be married to the bike. I'm sorry! that's arms giants are sorry. This narrow crow show protein is weird Cheryl crew, alien thing now. Ok, I may be. The only person in the world has ever noticed this, but it she's got away they came out in their to size on the regulars one called a maybe angels, and it's about the lyrics like my bags or pact, they ever come for me. You know, I know sister. She knew Elvis and the Azores all this kind of like its song from the perspective of someone who's waiting for aliens to come and take her away right.
And then there's another song on the record, called Heavens Gate, which is on a really know. What that songs about me. After this record came out. The heavens called in San Diego all killed themselves because they thought There were a leans behind the the comment. The hill Bob comment that was coming to take them away, the other same sneakers Yanks, either owing Nike Purple Nike there, and you want to people in that sector was the nephew of Lieutenant Hurrah from STAR Trek. Well, we're but anyway that happened after she released this record. So what I mean,
pretty weird. You got a song about aliens coming to take you away and another son, called Heavens Gate and memories about that warm baby movie. That was really a bomb yeah. Maybe she was like a warm baby family life. I've thought of that is that alternative I've up as you just have but cancer to roll? She did. He had didn't she disliked survive. Only now she had breast cancer, I believe Dante was but cancer. Girls, bud cancer as much as they get break breast cancer. Breast sir apparently very vulnerable, decanter yeah, well why? Why enough? Because the cells replicate much more often in much more quickly in breast tissue that another to ah, which makes sense, because they have to notice swell up and more often become milk bags here, ovaries to write you think about ovaries every month and hearing cancer and other very common, rather than its I've, been here's. Here's another angle on this, but I'm working into this book. I'm writing. You know. About how many times a woman menstruating before I go,
Jill now you made me, but how many so woman came into each became fertile at eighteen or nineteen because they had low body fat, so they re menstruating later, while now earls or menstruating at eight nine ten years of age, but the sort of typical Hunter gatherer human thing? It starts around eighteen, they be having sex before then, but there's no consequences because they weren't violating sitting I rubbed into sex as that learn about anyway, so just to follow this line. So the start having sex they pregnant. They kid they breastfeed, two and a half three years, typically rights of that's a period of four years when they're, not obviously because women typically done. Obviously when their breastfeeding, especially faith low body fat, and then ok, we start are violating again. They might all violate a dozen times that you're pregnant again other kit insolvency. You added all up, you find it because human before agriculture fee
obviated. Maybe between Fifty and eighty or a hundred times in her life. You look at after agriculture like now, In our view, late three four hundred times in life, sometimes a day for them, but someone somewhere around all day a week in the whole life their whole life there spent bleeding so that stresses women's bodies Elias every time they go through that psycho, as you say, their breasts or swelling things are changing. What are they showed me? This change in the amount of menstruating woman. Do? Is it just food? it's a higher body fat which gets them started earlier. It's also the women aren't, are having as many kids and they are breastfeeding, our kids so woman, it in an hunt in. Agricultural society or now could have a kid kids on cow milk, immediately. So they generally cycling again. What's the numbers on people who brescian people down almost my friends whose wives and children they breastfed yeah known,
and you have to also think about how to judge it in a how long they breast, I know one lady, you didn't want to breastfeed with similar nipples to get ugly now other women, different stretching out or do they, having my wife's, but to some something doesn't somebody will more susceptible to stretch marks to like I've met people that had a kid and it just rack their body may look, so they were attacked by bear in Alex law marks over stomach and any see some girls they baby and only three weeks little or nothing even happening that make it doesn't make any sense. That's genetics, generics they vary substantially when it comes to Lastly, the scan apparently new. We see that in mixed martial arts, like some guys get cut, really easy, and it's not just the shape of the bones. That's been argued that the shape of the bone around the eyes to some people that just happened. More tender. Skin, there's gotta be Japan be Japan fought like it's gotta know how many times champ of two way divisions notion. I cut never gets cutting
beat up mean he's had fuckin wars, spies, swollen, no cuts to weird some guys aegis of Punch, MRS I'm in they cut open this very strange thing, I think goes that way with China's as well like some girls, vagina snap back into action and other ones. It's like you just shot a bowling ball through a chicken. Its will. At this stage, a stitch up outside and pretend you not a fucking. Your can and after that it still you it's just genetics We are talking about dance average earlier yeah he's gay rights that he's not real into vaginas and That's what I hear he wrote it call him of it for him vaginas. I can't hams that had fallen from the sky and split on impact. How route it did not win him, a lot of admiration, from the Likud, it's silly to say to me like that, you know it's a shitty compares well, you know what you know.
But a minute it doesn't look. I can't handle fell from the sky. It all now looks like a strange gelatinous area and is trying to steal your sperm. That's what it looks like the mouth of some strange creature, just some Saki bus to steer the pole genetic material out of your body which essential, The vagina is being point of pleasure and a place. Rp secular, predator mask that wasn't my last special fuck, you about my wife, saying that uncircumcised dicks are ugly and might have you even see you're vagina. Do you know what that thing looks like, the extra skin and that might be the vessel can part of it, the Genitalia unites all in the beholder exactly in the mood, especially if you really want it. Yeah Whenever there has been an, I mean better. That's when it becomes delicious when you're all excited so is then, so is this many things that have caused people to start menstruating later in life.
Primarily less breastfeeding, less amount of time and higher fat diet. What percentage of women breastfeed. Yeah, you're gonna want to look on the cross cultural stuff, to nominate over the first website, I find innovative, say it like its fact: that's what you do the c b c server diseased now they know, though nobody America more are breastfeeding, but overall rates are still low. Ninety percent of and exclusively breast feed for six months, while how many ninety percent, in their thing its low. They said there saying that overall, the rates are still what, with their saints article, I don't understand that doesn't make sense Bs News to what you say: fucks three, this wrong so impossible.
You know, and breastfeeding also relates to what talking about earlier, with the bacteria and the intestinal fallen and all that Babies that are born vat generally pick up bacteria, especially skin bacteria, that stays with him for life. And they found that babies. You were born through society and don't have that and are more likely as a result to get infections and various fungal infections in their skins. We got pussy bacteria on me, yeah, you wanna, do you wanna get as much as it can and then breastfeeding as well. The first few days of breastfeeding things got lost them, there's a substance that comes from the press, that is It's mostly stuff other than milk, really high collapsed from collapsed room. Think it s over again today to spit out I'll. Let you know what you're talking about you now say, but I know it tastes, like
In order that you bite it holds tat. Also: elephant cow yeah by an outline pilasters radios, healthy, its rich in human growth, hormone or cow growth. Hormone for some it. So what this listen! This statistic is pretty crazy. That did not say how many people do it. What they were saying was: if ninety percent did this and how much lower house, I can't read in target same time, but infants were breastfed for the first six months. Have seventy two percent lower risk of hop hospitalization for lowering Pretoria tracked infections and a sixty four percent reduced risk for now. Unspecified gastronomical, tracked infections. Fifty eight percent risk reduction for the entire no infection, neck road ties inter enter archaeologists in pre term.
Infants and twenty seven to forty two percent reduction in allergic diseases in breastfed infants. That's amazing you would be an asshole to not breast feed. Your kid. If you could because you're like setting us up this kid up for I a life of more likely infections, much more likely allergic reactions and those are big numbers just the stuff that happens when it still a kid there's Evan, that their life long changes and immune response, whether based on whether or not a kid was breath. The World Health organization recommends a baby should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life and then receive a combination of breast milk and easily digestible foods through the age of two. While you should still have breast milk up to the age to research shows that if ninety percent of families exclusively breastfed for six months, almost one thousand infant deaths could be prevented annually and thirteen bill and would be saved in medical across each year, according to the Us Department of Health and the services office on women's health. That's amazing!
mean another some issues that some women have. Some women's aerials aren't set up for breastfeeding and some can be helped with pumps. Two apparently. And then some people they just don't- have a fucking time. Unfortunately, so it's a social thing you know in the United States is still seen as a shameful. Do you know sort of something you should do in the bathroom, their states where to you gotta do it in restaurants or in public its there's a lot about shit. Women have to contend with, in addition to the biological stuff yeah doing in public is a rough one. In this It's like everywhere. In India, women are breastfeeding, Gabbett as a spanish, tits and indian to its? No one cares. You know. You're a nice America, corn, FED Tete, unique anxious. Have that out there in a hurry? I sat next to one on a plane just last week on the way home from Vegas and the whole damage. Semi sunglasses on staring at her nipple is great you're, a fucking
reed we're gonna reason why PETE, no, I wouldn't be respectful to be the reason why people are afraid to do that. Fuck was was this: a corn feds are still at a nice fat. Why would you do that? She was hot you're, just be an asshole Anyway, more than seventy percent of american women don't follow the new recommendations. So let me, that thirty percent of women breastfeed. That's that's correct that's. This is that this is a more accurate statistics as to how few actually breastfeed said percent of american women. Don't exclusively breath see their babies for the first six months, so they might be mixing formula in with that, I'm not sure how much or how it works, but that's a good you. Ever heard about, would naturally did in Africa now prefer formula made. A bunch of formula with some do is too old. Has expired, They hired guys to go around Africa worrying like lab coats, lookin, like doctors trying to convince women to use this formula because they were good,
throw it away, so they sold it really cheap in Africa. Now these are women who otherwise would breastfeed, which is really good for their care. Because these guys are wherein lab Kurds in Euro speaking with authority. In this all the scientific bullshit, a lot of women, tens of thousands and started buying this formula mix it with the really shitty water that they ve got all these babies die. Oliver Africa Nessler got in big is like in the Eightys and Ninetys it. There is a worldwide boycott of nicely. Because of this, is its corporations and the idea that you have to make money for your company period today with the Supreme Court, read to hear a case to decide whether or not corporations have religious rites, They ve already determined they have. The right of free speech, which is true lighted into unlimited spending on political parties, because that's considered speech citizens United, and now today they agree to hear a case, because these companies
there are owned by religious, radical right. Wingers, don't want to of insurance for their employees the cover birth control, so they say a right as a corporation. Not to do this, even though its national law and the Supreme Court's gonna hear the case wow that's a wariness yeah! When people talk about Frankenstein, you know this idea like Orewhelm will robots ever take over take. Do it's done. Yeah, look at its core nation is something we created legal structure. That we created that has already got more power than governments are religions. It's taken over governments you, even if you earlier, you talk to people this a year, but there are good people in their company sure there are, but the company doesn't give a shit here right. They'll die of new people. It's like it's like a struck, that has taken control of the planet and we're just part of the structure. Whirling working for this monster,
yeah, it's all about ones and zeros, and when it comes down to only being responsible for your bottom line and having an obligation to shareholders to include increasing the money every month that that's really weird cause. It is sort of a machine and its each person has to go home, say what can we do business it's business? What we do, what what our? What do we do? Where plugged into this weird machine and what are the machines doing the best I can tell their entire purpose is taking part the earth and turning it into shit, destroying everything, that's beautiful and and digging being holes and turning it all into plastic. That than floats on the earth. Some you know and when you are involved in the manufacturing process most except for Ting Tang not really corporations so that companies have a virus a less time. One of the times. Those I knew show you we're Talkin voting and I had an iphone of your whereas the data I would get ten you very nervous, fucking Iphone, but
got so like tired of bullshit with phone companies like the hidden, charges in the he bullshit, We admire this, this philosophy, okay, here it is, you get what you pay for when I can fuck around. We selling my phone I gotta Samsung just so I could go with too good for you, which ones yet galaxy us for. As far as the I saw you and with the other one, their despair boy, that's a monster, yes or no. Oh you, don't you know what I thought you got the note three year another when a few months ago, a donation She waited Davis. The shit, though this is the one I really love using allow yeah, I love the fuck. I found TAT the little pen, yes stylus. I write my calmly notes on it like I don't need to bring a notepad with me anymore, endless supply of pages and I can file them on the phone, like our can shuffle, through all my notes, put them in folders in folders
I gotta stop coming on the show across me money. Every time I get a buying, my unknown get a porch while the the gas, yes forest priests we did. Is we another phone beautiful I mean just the screen looking at photos and I watch videos and stuff on the phone by like looking at the photos and man, I go back to an Iphone after that. So small and The internet is the biggest difference in experience I mean. Is this the notice enormous when you're looking at screen, if you're looking at a photograph on the screen or few looking at a website, Missy goddamn huge mean a thing that is clear really is like a tablet. You get an awesome view and you know I carry a purse. How dare you immerse? I like it. I wish you everybody did. Yes. Are you take this matter that it yeah I put on my back pocket? If it's easy really adds no issue at all, but, a hundred percent in favour of the Merce. I think I'm disgusted by the fact that we can't wear purse
through their. We just have to take back. Take him ass, I consider more than immerse. I consider it my quite chain Kane Bag, murmuring member, quite chain, king yeah do configure your bag. That's right here, like a little leisure, satisfying little. Whether they kept is necessary. I'd keep in my laptop when those so wanted to look more sophisticated Phil. I commend my forties now probably didn't work. I went back to backpacking bypasses more effective, wait for your fifties. I did not give up its gets new shirt that liquid, like a hoodie Mohammed on right now, but it has a man like out a Fanny pact built into it. I know how I got two hands in your pockets in the news like this middle. Like thing, that's just like I like yeah yeah, it's I'd, velcro, just open it up in two hundred. That's her like a baby step. That's the gateway drug to Fanny, backs Colleagues, I use my crazy and it just looks like it. We have low, you know,
of gear and yeah and some some girls like guts, finding his girls other than a fetiches, so guys I pretty some girls. I got really the average, not enough. Not enough of them. It's an evolutionary advantage is more guts out there. So they started history. Retaining towards them in order to ensure that their seed get spread re no other guys with the gods have money you. Having allowed people have given up on quality and is now this, so I get the job done report in a story. But our warm will. Physicals attributes are not nearly as necessary as it used to be. Our society gets more more safe, is less and less a requirement to be physically sound or strong or not. Look like can kill over now. They have life insurance policies, sexually beneficial. If you marry a guy with a little with a bad heart exec. Ladies
feel any well yeah. You marry a guy's got like sleep acne eyes a hundred pounds over way, and there is also a gang of pills like dissuaded out, nice life insurance policy, make sure the medical stuff Zol documented he's gonna kick over. Eventually. How long can we last get Evolving sports say I know what you are. Losing weight discuss, go, get em, on some stupid shit. They can't do that Technical just give the fog out, and then you re it in hang gliding? Its evolutionary right means, there's gotta, be gold diggers have to be a part of evolution. Right mean has to be some some form of an equation. Is. A serious question cannot really it's like we were talking about. Like corporations shines, I did or a book about that as I get a gold digging yeah. Well, we wrote in our Actually we say Darwin says your mother's, a whore
I had business cards that had that quote on the border because whence theory is that women traded sexual access for goods and services rat rain gold diggers, essentially And the sort of mainstream view, since Darwin has been that that's women's nature and amends nature is to be the provider, and so the women are trying to rope in the best provide or another, but that the we basically call bullshit on that in our book. So how'd he couples who was that Well, you know, aside from all the evidence that our ancestors did not evolve in nuclear families in our bodies in an earlier now those three hundred pages evidence, but essentially what we say is no women of sex. For the same reason, mender feels good in its await a bond with somebody. It's not about getting something from the do because when you actually look at Hunter gatherer societies, hunters go out of their way to make sure that nobody knows who killed the animals, like the hunters, will
exchange, arrows and stuff before they go hunting the guy who brings the animal back to the village. Often generally is not the one who killed it. They're, all these very a powerful way, that societies make sure that nobody gets proud and nobody gets too much. Credit in everything spread around evenly is fierce egalitarianism, with the scarlet. And his stock is there there do you know noble savages or some shit. It's because that's the best way to mitigate risk in a hunter gatherer society rights. Like you go hunting today, you had you get a dear. I get one when I go on for a week, grave you're not gonna, get one every day it sporadic. You come you don't have any refrigeration anyway. So it's not like you could keep it offer yourself in your wife and your kids right. And in admitting case, Ressler everybody hates. You know what
you get it or I get it. We all eat plus we're all really highly and interdependent. So the last thing we need is you and me fighting over, whose a better hunter- and you know- who's fuckin, whose wife and all this kind of bullshit is that splits up the group So are we? Are you in sex at dawn? Is the human sexuality was actually a way to bond to group together when people are having with different people simultaneously and raising children together and obsession with paternity it is assumed to be part of our dna is actually responds to agriculture, which is just ten thousand years ago, which is like five percent or less of our existence, as basis, so as a response to staying put, which allowed people to make much larger civilizations, yeah in a nutshell. Essentially it was when people stay put. They could accumulate resources right right, whether its domesticated animals or land or buildings, or wheat or whatever, and so on That happens, then, there's a completely different sense of property
right because an hundred gather society there is very little property because they're nomadic, so you don't to carry shit around right and whenever there is a shared and when you shifted culture, suddenly, there's a lot of property and it's not shared it's. It's hoarded. Its control by individual families are people. So that's when paternity becomes a big deal because you spent your life accumulate. These resources, you want them to go to your sons right, and it's also interestingly, the first time that people really understood that sex caused babies, because before that everybody is just having saxon women are having babies, there's no reason to think that sex is causing the baby, but then, when you ve got to as the gate in animals, and you see like ok, the black bull fuck that way cow, and now we got these black and white calves. Oh right, I get it right, so we start putting that together, when you're living around a lot of domesticated animals and breeding. And so
that's, when women became the property of men, red down the old testament is? Thou shalt not covered their neighbors way frame our property. It's not a virus. Things, marriage reading context nor his house, nor his ox nor his slaves nor his she ass whenever she asses. So it's ok Hands off your neighbors stuff in the waves part of his stuff. That's a radically different from the way men and women interacted in Hunter Gatherer societies, where women have very high status equal to or some higher than men's because the women's supplied over half of the calories that people lived on the gathering is what brought the food. In every day the hunting was an occasional bonus.
So the women were involved in plants and harvesting fruits and vegetables and Saint Malo rodents year some offer rodents, yeah Ladys, take a small rodents will go get the Elk Dixie can handle anything large, so they because they brought in small rodents. They were the gangs, the comic so that you know they were the like mom. You know they are their day in day out dad's like it. I like occasional party. Dad brings oh my dear something, but that's interesting. How do they know this for sure? Well, you look at which aspect area or human being in all having the higher status Matriarchal, in that case, primarily you're. Looking at anthropological, research has been done by people and Hunter gathers still, some hundred gathers in the world and in the sixtys and Seventys there were a lot more and a lot of people were at their research on that there's, a pretty sizeable research on him, gathers and what you find is universality is so, whether you
in about in wits, in Greenland or australian aboriginal people or Papua New Guinea or the upper Amazon. You find these similarity or universality among all the different groups say: yes, ok, look if they're all his calm and all these groups from all over the world? Then it is a characteristic of her. Gather societies, and we know our ancestors were Hunter gatherer. So therefore we can extrapolate my that's interesting, so what about money out of that factor into because when we started not just accumulating material possessions but actually start figuring out, finances figuring out money in Monterrey. Compensation for work and things along those lines like how did that factor into the male female relationship, because men, physical, He being stronger were able to do things being more aggressive or probably push year when it comes to acquiring that money and then They found themselves in an imbalance. Position with the men have more finance. Worth in the woman.
Yeah and the women generally have zero financial worth it. Just at the manners you know slightly higher, you look it women in in societies like early agricultural societies in the Middle EAST and as recounted in the Bible and so on. A woman's only access So the thing she needs food shelter status, things like that is through a man. There were father, an anthem, husband or the Middle EAST. They take it to the next level. You can't even your space, young workers, because you're the property of the man, doesn't want that we ensure You walked around the fuck intent over your head every day, some mean that's the biggest like you want, about, like the gas approach to life. They DR, like mean in two thousand thirteen saudi arabian women are battling, to drive the Skinner lives to dry, just a second. They won't let em DR amid these late, do you guys got our relax, your grip,
are you saudi arabian men, you're fucking yourself over? Like is no one taught you. You know what? What having character is as no one taught you would being a bitches. What kind of man wants to keep his wife from driving and wants her to wear a sleeping bag everywhere. Chagos with fuck, em ridiculous, that ideas, ridiculous chance, your face This has got to go through life, lectures at bank robber, that's so fuckin, dumb and thousand thirteen, the fact that still exists me. What is that an echo of what? What what caused all that scarcity thing? Why think it's an echo of these The days when women became the property of man and and honestly, you know well someone I was talking to recently. The dinner and american woman said in the sixties and sixty six. Open, a bank account without her husband, her father co signed.
The various uses. Silly bitch she's gonna go crazy with money by first, as they have no money for baby. For me, I don't think so yeah. I mean it's not that long ago that we were we're still you no fucking women, and lots of ways but as far as that, you know the whole middle eastern thing. I thought That's a reflection of this notion that women are the property of men. Now, why were women the property of men? Partly it says you said, questions of upper body strengthen the way men organised politically more effectively than women did, and so many control of a lot of stuff, also the need for armies, because agricultural societies expand Neonazis into our saying earlier, about corporations right. That's when you get these, institutions that where growth is a central characteristic of that institution, I think was Edward Abbe. Ed growth, for its own sake is the ideology of the cancer cell sources
ideology of corporations of agricultural societies. You know we talk about growth right out. This year's growth rate is whatever you know. Everything's always got a hundred thousand new jobs reintroduced by the present. Exactly where we need to be I'm talking about in this book and working on now, it's called civilized to death is the height progress, stop making sense. If you're going in the wrong fucking direction, you go in the wrong way. The last thing you want is progress. You want regress, we don't want growth. You know we gotta go. We gotta contract get fewer people. Yeah using fewer and fewer resources doubts of fascinating the transfer can once said about a mushroom trip. He asked a mushroom: how could he possibly? How could anyone pass me save the path at humans around and they said very simply, very easily, each parent each each couple should reproduce once you know to people
They have one kid, everybody relaxes the whole. The resources relax everything relaxes like there's plenty, if I okay, there is zero, worry that people are gonna, go extinct right, but then the problem is: how do you to those people like those crazy people, the run that tv show that had nineteen children revamp fragile She was she in labour flight three seconds. What it was Monte does dizzy, actually have sex with her, or does he just jerk off and the abyss, how it, how those babies actually fertilized that Well, how can you tell that women can do that? I mean, I think it's freakshow, I think it's, I think, resources wise like I have three kids, it's hard, it's hard to give them all the time that they deserve. You know you. You know me and my wife to discuss that when it comes to a little the possibility of having more children, I think we should really concentrate on raising the ones we have are there. In this great. They need a lot of time
children need a time and I enjoy given in that time. But I think, if you have another kid around, everyone it's a little bit less time, and I think in there getting less time. There's some benefits the independent aspect of it as long as there's love and whose comfort, but I also think it each case. Allow shit, you know, teach them alive specially if you really are into it and concentrate on it. You reading books on it, which I'm really involved in the idea of raising kids, like I'm raising little human being. So the conversation that I have with a moral geared towards that. I get scared towards enlighten Them is to the world and a sort of guiding them is headed. Tallish tree people out of be nice. To be Bonn, be nice. You, your sister, be nice to that too. PETE, don't don't get angry at things for no reason. Look at it this way. Instead of that way- and I think that No, you may get a missile out of that. We have fifteen. Sixteen.
Kids like do you guys, you shut the fuck up shut the fuck up, organise tease, you irresponsible, feel little brother, Europe responsible were and that's it. Those people did those people have like every kid has a chore and everything. That's how you re zombies mean these kids know what the fuck is going on the world like they need someone to help them every day is spent, do tasks and in your life is basically religion, home schooling and these tasks that those kids us than the nineteen people, what are they the dungeons? Who, though, the Gong things our Saviour finance mean learnt yeah I'll. Do you could tell us people not do that. I think this is America, but Eric has got its faults, but but but about a day only neutralize, like eight gay couples, Sean's anyway, I mean like avail, goes I e to encourage the average it like a gay couples and you don't have any kids I or adopt a kid which takes it out of the other pool earlier. You know mathematically, you can have our layers like cause, they're lots of people like me, you don't have kids right.
I think the way to do it is to remove stigma around not having kids and to encourage it to an it will await Helen, Sir hurting those aloe parenting, and this gets back to the gather thing like a raise by everybody. You know they say you know to parents are better than one year. That's true, but you know what five parents are better than to write. Takes pressure of you rank as you get frustrated. Get tired in other mother gets tired. And it also its enriching for the adult. I love being around kids here for a couple hours in right now, and I know that I can fully A party at my house here today and there is a gang for Halloween- knows a holy party, and there was a gang kids over and
was fine, was fun target or other people's little kids and see another different. How they behave differently have different ideas about stuff, and I was not wrong with that. This is the family. The nineteen folks live at home together, nice, our stuff from nineteen guy, must make its good bank prepared for all those in our heads. Loved. A fuck saw religions doves to keep them all around love, send it Nineteen kid seems excessive, but again something ways anal enough, a really religious people. I think it's I'm a pick and choose what they like about the Bible. That's why they get religious tattoos, give you think that will you raise religiously twenty one. Family of twenty ganders is new and caught the Bates family. There. Twenty and I'm fuckin daggers the better and a new there's still growing legal that create Fatima left you
I was really catholic and what Catholic School, when only for one year, but luckily my mom and my dad split up, announced by five years old and is like that old were New Jersey, sort of italian, an irish mix there was whatever was Fuckin catholic the catholic school. But for me was, it was very enlightening. Like I gave up on, religion was six years old. I gave up religion in catholic School like obviously, this is not really if I use is very obviously by and I'll show you oh god, and I wasn't saying that there is no God, but I was like this shit is just crazy people. This is just more crazy people that have figured out how to control a bunch asshole. You scared the shit out of him I can see that as a six year old. This crazy lady was teaching this class was. This is an evil demented woman, a hateful,
horrible woman who had nothing to do with what everybody told me. God was about here near my parents, arrays catholic in that part of the country So a lot of that, but I was thinking recently like you- need around anal Saxon Christians and I wonder if if we're short of shooting ourselves in the foot. Those of us who are trying to get a move away from shame and hang up some stuff. I wonder if the people with the shame actually have better sex, and now you think, like a priest working and I'm out behind the church in the woods, knowing gods watching, you think, that's like a really intense fuck because I think you deal with so much guilt neutralize, I hate until the gills useless fuckin gross, it's one of the worst feelings you can ever feel. You know I mean I think, there's just reasons for its to guide you. Behaviour in a way that you don't have any guilt, but it's also
You can get fucked over and create associations very early on about things he really shouldn't be guilty about. Like masturbation like some was telling me hey, you know man, you should cover your camera on your laptop, because the camera on the laptop and the Fucking Anna sacred spying on you know my good we beat off. That's how you gonna get. What am I doing bad beaten off, occasionally Legion mice, pussy of shame that but set for some people. It is a shame like sure we, Mr Ryan, we have photographing evidence of Hugh masturbating like good release it. Let the internet see release the hounds. Let them know that I'm just like them. This is just my dick. Ok, I'm beta hurts. I gotta get rid of some stuff. I've often thought like that would be a great a political campaign. Like the guy, who are the woman who begin says, aren't I'm running for president and let's get this out on the day right right here. I
It allowed in college. I've tried Kirk I've tried here when I do not like I factors like just give out there in the country responds to that. You know what this guy from Toronto, is essentially railing. Lord orders, your rob for what he put a brand rob. Then I say, spied on porn here arises out of the planned. Diskette discredit radicalism, yeah, like if you're in a trainee porn that they shouldn't take it seriously. Sorry, when I was a trend anymore, trains and transgender orange can't say, training to get upset, but cap you can still call cab drivers cabi. So let's hang on to that. While we can, let's hang on to that before the fucken super sensitive police break that down to their cap. Professional cabbies, asshole you sis gendered asshole. I get so much as, of course you do. This lotta disenfranchise people out there, the one blow horn, anybody who being earshot
it's so frustrating I just have this today. As yesterday, I released upon guest episode with a transgender purse. Yeah right tell me about this wonderful person I met. I met her at a party and I'd that first I didn't realize you was transgender with dictators like broken out of it. You mentioned it but anyway I saw released the thing I get an email today from from somebody knows: cool, smart and and she's like she's a lesbian and she's like well. You know she's upset, because the trends and a person dresses like a conventional woman associated with this sort of conventional vision of womanhood and so the as we she's she's supporting a pair.
A dime that makes me feel bad. There makes me suffer that level areas like Jesus Christ. The lesbians are fighting with the transgender people. No wonder nothing ever gets better yeah I had they ask us. Stick together, I discussion with his radical feminist woman about she. Would the discussion originally started talking about tat, Gender is about how transgender man is a man. Woman is woman, now ok but scented, showing on mega more than willing to call them a woman, a more willing to call them whatever new name they want or whatever they want to be called her now. My job remains to be your fuckin ridiculous, the Irish Santa we need them. You know it can't be. I know all you all. I want to have to call you Chris, whatever it's silly and they come under the fuckin Bible. You know Saint Christopher Saint, Joseph Saint, their ran them a lot of a memorandum. Variable costs you know by number, but what we are talking about, which we gotta really weird. What
we're talking about traditional roles and then things that women do that discredit, other women and she was talking about? May carbon high heels it? I like well well. Well, well, well, I know for a fact that If you see a transgender man wearing make up and our heels, you don't have a problem with that at all. Do you and she's, like you're, right, What the fuck is that about! I go if a guy is dressing up, like a woman, if you had sex change, becomes one you like you go girl, but if a woman wants aware high heels, and let her ass hang out of a skirt. You think dead, there's something wrong with her. I'm, like that's ridiculous. You're just closed minded, you just very rigid in what you expect from other people and yet for sure. There's some women out there that put on a big show to get sexual attention much like a peacock male spreads, its feathers mean they're they're, trying to get attention and its effective. I think a lot of the problem that people have with that that they don't want to admit is that it be
others them that people are attracted to that it bothers there People are now is attracted to them. You know, there's a lot of ugly women are mad, pretty women mean it's fair life is not fair and until they can come up with some sort of a genetic remedy which I believe, It is within a hundred years, they're gonna be able, you and turn you into whatever the fuck you want. You want to be a unicorn if you're gonna be the hawk no, I think the gunwale duty or body would have. I think, there's gonna be a last tissue to our genetics and the design of the human being, who invariably be manipulated, they're going to change so you're gonna be able to look like a beautiful woman. If you want to- and I think one comes man. It's gonna be a weird time because, first of all, as only real available to the elite at first there's gonna be a glowing perfect specimens that everyone's gonna wanna fuck no one's gonna want to fuck a regular purse with a mole. You know us fucking, weird teeth and meanwhile become exotic, or they become exotic most likely, not though it most likely to be like cell phones, only ritual haven't first and then with
A few decades everyone's gonna have em cause. It's gonna get cheap. So I wonder how weird it'll be, though, because I think we'll be trained for it by our avatars online, so will be a cost taking these other forms, you know what is a thing. No, I mean this. The thing about competition and the thing about. It really does boil down to that peace. Feel like if you attractive, the you take. Something away from them rang like I was on a wedding lawyers and there was the bride at the wedding was furious, because some other woman that one of the gas had Broughton. Dressed, really sexy and share this band body and the bride was fucking crying like that. This was her. Big day, and this fucking
it came in and she went out and it wasn't. It was Nathan, crazy, wasn't likes you weren't fish nets and abroad and was like cup how? Why get married figure this shit? This is exactly where the majority of flux, various new settlement for cold mashed potatoes, and the woman was attractive as while there with a bride was attractive to was, and they were clearly in love and it was, it should have a celebration should have enjoyed and all she could covers this. Bitch was upstage in her on her can day. This bitch was why the fuck did you bring that bitch? You know what the fuck did she dressed that way in my wedding, apparently no one her. She was a guest friend of the guests fuck. Now that that count, Titian thing is weird, because people feel like you're taking something from them. If you have I give you always wondered, play basketball, but you ve, no five, eight and like me, comply, and I wish I was busy tools that now young guy, wouldn't fuck
What's his name, the big giant chinese guy yeoman, whatever his name is still on the let's go check, I did fear fact to check and I stood roughly, but it came to him. Look like I was a child would easily accessible didn't raise bad days is lower basketball. Robbery: let's get dollar every side, very dark. You know it's like you can't to get mad shack for being seven feet. All we're gonna play about. You obviously does not a card. You doubt my friend right Who gives a shit, because I mean the assumption underlying all these things is zero sum thinking right. You know that groundwater that yeah famine thinking right exactly and famine thinking came under the scene after agriculture before agriculture hundred gathers the the way apologies describe it is. There is an assumption of plenty to eat and Hunter gatherer societies and in arming societies in every society since then there's enough John of scarcity, is it
clearly different way of looking at the world. You also see it in we're tired by religion. You see it in agricultural societies, the God angry jealous temperamental perverse. Gods in Hunter Gatherer societies, hand gods are giving their dared diving, giving their they're just like a source of richness. Yeah right, it's completely different way, looking life the world each other, it's amazing, but They'd never invented shit. They invented sharper, arrows and things on those lie. There was no cell phones if world DE gatherers did we know internet there'll be no podcast right. Now you wouldn't be wearing glasses. She would be weird you now, It would be inappropriate, need glasses if you'd get the hell outta. Here you think the glasses is countries making your vision. Gervasio came trails in my birth control pills in the water, the World Health Organization works, but a new world order. They did. People that lived in these hunter gatherer societies, though they were very happy
I don't necessarily want to do what they do, but they were very happy. Well. You know that yeah. This is what this books about yet right, set down by the way people are. What's this fuckin book now only I said I was thinking of the other one, the one I'm working on now the new, but it's called civilized to death. About the modern world in conflict with our evolved nature, but guess had done now read that before the new applicant ones, new book and come up about it, you're after I write it, yeah. You started an area where you come in, and this pronounced the last round, the fucking son of a bitch, you son, of a bitch busy, and where are you? Are you a very busy Duncan got me into this podcasting shit? I don't even know what a podcast was when I met Duncan you know it is so much fun. I love I wouldn't write books. If I could do this for a living, I would just hang on tactical, interesting people. It's a more effective way distributing information to I'm amazed how many people listen we're gonna, like fifteen twenty thousand downloads. At this point, that's a lot better
That's good through heard Rogan numbers, but whatever they might, we started our brine I'll get a hundred. The first day we did a hundred watch it on you stream gas or during the video from the gecko yeah. We started in ITALY, where one of the few that doesn't We don't do any editing shows there s the air with boards and all they go out there. You know some people in there were originally. The big knock was it that was very unprofessional that we should add that in, but not that this, but there's a does sort of a thrilled to it. The people now like these people appreciate the authenticity yeah. It's like you you're here the also the conversations that we're having with this conversation with you, you can. You can not just acquire information much more easily than reading, but also stimulates your desire to acquire new knowledge in a way that we know. Does it's like you, you get ex inspired by a variety some other time magazine,
spied by a variety of different ideas and ending go pursue those ideas on your own, but they open up doors and die to me too, not just to the listeners. There's a lot of you just having these conversations being able sit down. Garlic you for three hours, just talk. Well, how do we do that? If we did that normally decided have dinner together, we would be what you gonna eat. The this here is really good, we'd, be with other people and made me having their thing, and you know it's your right. It's extremely efficient. I mean my feet, the thing about. It is exactly what you said it gives me a reason to sit down for a while with someone who otherwise might not be mine. I may time for me right. You know your half time, you know they ve gotta, think about their effectiveness or not the committing to sitting down for three hours, because we're colony show the committing to just sitting here. In doing this, you know it's not
like checking your father or I'm gonna. What's on tv was a when? Is this start as a season of that in and leaders magazine a guy with four can take? Who took this picture? You know I mean that stuff it is like life. Distraction. This is almost like a year. A lock yourself in clink across the table and weird way, never really set. No, it's couch uri over there. I really here which chat and enlargement can t Vietnam blows likely taken most of our time or there'd, be music plan or something maybe something going on where you are you're you're, adding to the distraction of life itself. There is on this. Flowers, feeding rodya, address videotaping big fast through trade roses. What a strange dick tasted like rose pedal. I would wonder what would the some one of those weirdo dream? Expert people would
how did they would decipher that, like what would be their giggling there's? Allied dream? Reactionaries, member Stanley Tributaries, yeah dream dream: expert yeah! I know what you say about that man rose without them. Thorns interesting. I was just paddles petals, maybe is dear school, another dear, so did you did you bag? One? Yes, tat was it bucks? in those both is the kind of sad story always fond sees no known I own she was, but eating rose peddled dream interpret really thought my Islamic De Mining, my is voluntary and police service. Energy is heading, thing to do with that, I shot black and wounded a dough. I dropped my rifle I fell and apparently scope was off.
Rifle and that the ammo got wounded and its language have followup, who couldn't we couldn't find it with a blood trail. We followed it for several hours the next day, even look before we couldn't find the dear so got wounded very, very depressing, very sad and it was like to extreme opposites. The back I shot died instantly like I gotta have a large caliber rifle pleasant, Ebony Winchester, three hundred win mag three hundred in the idea behind it was like. I want to make sure that nothing, it's wounded. If I wanted to be as painless as quick as possible, I had my rifle cited the day before went to arrange a shot, a gang around a shot. Ninety rounds, before the day before we left in another one of the data and I've been practising a lot, so my accuracy is excellent. I was ready to in the idea behind it is very simple. I mean hunting is very thrilling thing. What I
want to do this year, and this is in no judgment of anybody is not doing it, but I want to be able to know exactly where all my meat comes from an I wanted to be wild meat. I think it's better for you. I think it's in the goal. Much more. Ethical way than factory farming. Certainly and even more than agriculture, because an amateur animals living its life complete, free and wild until the moment you pull the trigger and so, my idea was to get all those docks in a row make sure that I'm shooting at an animal that I'm deafening gonna hit the crosshairs lined up on it perfectly fuckin scope is off scope is often animal got hit. The shoulder so I went. I wasn't sure that was what the case was. If I just missed, you know, there's so much genuine going on it. So it's so depressing, and so sad so I went arrange- and I went with a marksman too and well.
As were with nose out of sight rifles in any like, as Laugh Tsar, quite a bit off by six inches and a hundred yards, which is quite a bit me fall as I walk around this library, hills and snow everywhere logs and these big stupid mood boots and was wearing that, were there were insulated boots. There were the good life forty below zero be can fuck and walk, and I mean there are enormous and stiff their ankles. Ben Frankenstein exact like ski boots, but they keep we want, but I fell and huge huge depressing moment very, very That means that the animal will die and probably dead already, and if not the cause swedish anyway. It's part the cycle of life and their trial, to get rid of as many dears. They cannot there. They have a lot of dear damaging Alot they're they're, trying to replant forests up their dear eat, all the saplings leaves of oak trees and things on those long kill people accident
they do. But I was obviously trying not to do that to make sure that it died instantly like the first one. The buck I shot was dead within seconds boom vintage? You have it cleaned the night I didn't know you got a butcher. Did everything tongue it up on a tree took hours we did in a garage with skinned it in the whole deal and it took hours to cut it down into port, but this the white right way to do it the last time we did it. We send it to a butcher. I have no idea if that was even my dear, that I got back and tasted delicious. It was awesome, but I didn't see it. I didn't see the whole process and to me it's like I was missing a step
get the ashes back from someone whose very mated currently out. Oh, I know it's in the area to stagger newspaper assigned to me as it. Thank you. You know you cut it. They cut your grandmother. You might want to check out the book I mentioned earlier. The omnivores dilemma theatrical. Poland is the idea that I was just he said. I want to make one meal were, I know where everything came from bomb doing there now growing vessels. I broccoli from my garden, rushlight us pretty serious garden now and it's getting bigger chickens now, fourteen chickens- and I just ordered seven more get seven. When you order from a chicken factory show you you order my line, they they send them through the: U S postal service. Actually they are. They get their next day on. What are they call the red something reds
with with the breed is a gang, indifferent, Bree Bunch, different types of chickens, but chicken eggs for ya, get fresh eggs every day from these chickens and then on. Yeah, but that I'm getting vegetables from the garden and I'm trying to go by the end of two thousand fourteen, my goals to be all gain meat because I think going to be a meat eater and I've been a meat eater. My whole life I want to be. I want to know where the food comes from. One I mean is greater than go to a farm that you know the guys taking cows, like Doug during the guy who's farm, that I hunted on this weekend. He cows and grass feeds and even gave me some of his meat. That here and I was happy to get that Gimme a couple stakes you known, exact where they came from, I know exactly feeds it. He knows exactly what their cows been through is no hormones. No bullshit is there just cows in grass does what it supposed to be, but me the time you don't know what that relationship is between the farmer or the butcher, or that you and you can assume it's bad. You kissed his or Israel, Sir
if its factory farms and also the fact that most of the state that we're getting is fed grain, in those animals are not was being corn and antibiotics gather fuckin, seek I'm one of the reasons being is because their bodies and process Cornwall. So they get all these accesses and all his per issues with their stomachs, like you know, it again, I'm not trying to judge doormats, saying, go out and do what I'm doing, but I, knowing what I know about the whole process sing documents like food aid- there is no knowing what I know about. I don't want to do that. I will, if I'm gonna, do not want to be a vegetarian, but if a choice between being budgetary and and keeping the factory farms system in place, which is probably go with being a vegetarian, I would use eat eggs which is eat eggs and vegetables, and you know on those lines, but I like meat,
and I think that is a result of health benefits of these latter health benefits. To me, a really do find it delicious and a voice said this It's not like those animals are gonna, live forever, become magic they have a short lifespan dear dear is lucky as fuck: they hit five years old. They have to be lucky as fuck do not get eaten, a predatory hit by a car shot by a hunter, and especially froze to death, which is the big issue with new, especially in non norm, lands see the place where we're out these dear fat is fuck because their grazing on crime? eating alfalfa there eating on these alot of these places. They actually grow food plot just for dear because deer hunting. First of all, opening day is fucking crazy. We were out there. It was like fire Thirty in the morning, we were out an before it got light. You here as soon as a sunsets cracking here,
It's like you're in a war zone dear Day in Pennsylvania, gas, Sewell Holiday, you remember that yeah I remember seeing people driving home from hunting with like a dead dear strapped, to their pinto. Yet you have now You gotta be careful first day dear seas, and yet, as you did out, dogs and cows get shot and answers. Yesternight wherein, like oh yeah, camel yeah, not an orange juice orange drawing orange vats, we're in a blind sitting. There d road agrees out a tree nano one time I went up and tree, but for a short amount of time only hunted up in a tree for about an hour mode the time was in a blind that was on the ground. Is it intense, because it's nothing, nothing, nothing! You waiting freezing, I mean fuck and freezing it's. What fine, if you walking around, if you well insulated, you walk around its actually kind of pleasant because
feel warm because your clothes are good, you're, wearing wool and down almost everything. But when you just sit down nothing fucking keeps you warm you after you, ve changed your body and release and touch upon those chemical bags. Does. How does how they could be feet? Warm. I didn't figure out those until the second day they made a big difference in you put him in your gloves Yahoo. But these little bags neat they help. But your face, a fallen off you still sitting there freeze dick off, you knows, will not stop running, but it's quiet, quiet, quiet enough, nothing and then? Oh? Yes, you hear snap and you like all shattered here. Oh shit, there's. I was pretty exciting exciting. We had decide whether another dear was big enough for me to shoot. This guy is trying to raise large dear on his property, but since they're trying to get rid of as many as possible right now, because a girl there, the heat
as a green light to shoot a younger dear said, there's only two years old: they likened to grow like five years. They get these big crazy antlers. But you know there are big antlers a cool, but I was doing it for me. That's what I want to do it for from now I want to just try to do that every few months and bring back, a hundred pounds of meat or what Shootin Elk shoot a large animal, and just try to live off wild animals, you don't mind, my wife's from Africa from Mozambique, I'm leaving in today's we're gonna Mozambique first time ever for me to be an Africa well, but you went home, we were, she was raised in a rural stare. Grandmothers house was in a village african village and she spent weekends there, all the time so anyway, when they were in Amsterdam, was sitting in Amsterdam. Is a beautiful spring day by a canal and the others little ducks go by and she's look dogs like really starin at these dioxins, gotta weird look on her face ass. You would he thinking she said. Ah, I was just thinking how much I'd love to kill that Fuckin Ripley
that's out and stuffed with garlic and herbs and rosemary. Let me my grandmother, like my wife, grew up like you know, ring a knack of chickens and ducks and geese and like it's, no big deal for her out, like whatever that's what you do. She thinks we're silly Americans are ridiculous with our disconnect from where things came, What does this woman than I know whose raising her son be a vision? She wears a leather jackets, get leather shoes on and she eats mate. Oh, but he's gotta, be someone wanted to be a vague and kids fuckin. Three yeah somebody's to call child protective serve us email on no account be twelve there. Given the kid me, maybe that, hopefully there given a be twelve, they say people that get together be twelve from actually from insects from this amount. Sixty you eat Certainly that are mixed. India makes only vegetables burger King Z, twelve every couple weeks ago, such a great energy.
Fuck yeah, it's great for body, you know trimmed export one of its big ingredients. Besides accorded subs mushrooms, be twelve fantastic for Durance mean to give it to us in true muscularly when we were wrestling, if, like someone feel entirely down, they shoot you give your shot a be twelve logo. Ford Drained, is far from losing weight, the danish hours pilots use, then oh yeah allow people the best ways the shot theirs sub lingual. There is actually a good company and makes a spray Supple angling worked pretty good, but nothing beats. Yoll injector only be twelve right near system. Now, that's a big issue with begins not getting be twelve. Primarily, I think it comes from. Most, but they ve actually brought this vague and couple to trial for
and slaughter murder whatever. It was because their child died from malnutrition, because the kid wasn't get enough be twelve. The baby died because they didn't give it the provider and they insisted on a vague and diet. So and not harming animals. They harm their child in our life it's like, and that's a real issue. Factory farms, evil. I agree with you. I think you know it goes along with the same thing. We were talking about early with corporations being that we lost? Are we lost a script and humanity is favoured over finances over ones and zeros and humanity. He favoured above all else. It should believe that the most important relations should be serving us. Yes, how did we end up serving the corporal while they are us and they are because there's it's because it's a game because it so you know acumen of game. We can figure out how to acquire more, and this clear benefits to being into the guy was the giant mansion and gets driven around rolls Royce, like in others that he's gotTA chief
if he flies his own jet is others benefits and being that ruthless fuck it? But you know that maybe I'm gonna sound like one of these regions here, but No, no. I do these guys with the yards in the mansions and they're not really happier there. Now actually happier. In fact, a lot of them are much less happy, then then, certainly than people suppose, because when you get that much shit your life becomes about your shit yeah, you got you that much money where you invest it. You know people are always trying to get it from you that you know what is freedoms, another word for nothing left to lose re at a different kind of freedom, but I think there is a middle path and I think make a mistake by assuming that people are missing. Thoroughly gonna be happier when they get more No money is one there's a broad range of needs that a human hair. And in this society in a little money does he need to be able to figure out how to
pay for food and shelter in the studies, do show that happiness goes up front. Like seven grand a year to forty grandeur and then, after forty grandiose tapers off yeah housing once Europe needs are met once you're needs are met. That's not everything after that is not about happiness like I was explain this to a friend of mine, that one of the big things it happened to me when I started doing well start making enough money anymore, not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but when I first doing, allows me and was that I didn't he'll worried anymore about where my bills are getting paid, because every month was like a fucking the terrifying struggle to pay for food and pay for gas, and it was always barely under the wire I'm paying my rent three days late every month was either cuz. I didn't have it and I was just it was all way. That once tat was alleviated. It was a huge pressure release. That's what makes you happy
when you can go to a restaurant and not worry about wearing what you order. You know that makes you happy everything. After that you get used to you so big house, just as nice to have a smile seen some dozen smiles better cozier everybody's connected droughts. You know that's the thing is that the greatest predict of happiness. Once you get past level subsistence or you know you can take a vacation, you not worried about paying your bills and all that the greatest predict happiness is community a sense of community interconnection with other people, and you know shooting ourselves in the foot with the wealth. Is they want things that happens with wealth is that we become isolated and insulated from other people. You know The difference between comfort in numbness. You know it I travelled backpack all over the world and so times I meet. Somebody may be like how you don't man you gotta yet come with me? my private jet, you know we stay at the five star hotels at those able in see anything yeah, you know
storm tells you the same wherever you go, you know like it's different beach out front, but that's it you're not really meeting any the local people yeah, I mean yeah, whatever you You know I'm talkin about there's an ice elation that comes with money and are not just talking about wealthy people and talking in a social level as well, where my more Americans are much more isolated. Socially then Indians or Cubans are brazilians of lower classes. You know it's there's we pay for the money is what I'm saying yeah I I see that I mean They make sense, and I think that society as a whole gets really weird. When you cities to Jim. Morton is good. Buddy mine lives in an apartment in New York City and he lives. Building with. Probably a thousand people mean our know how many people in the building I go. Who do you know that the thing is I am, he goes. I don't know anybody egos. I say hi to my neighbour renown and I've seen him a couple of times because, but I don't know anybody so It's even more crazy because, unlike
community like your house, is next to your neighbor's house, he C Mon Eliza high. So what do you do? A printer alcohol? I write books and you have future behaviour in Hey a mixed or that doesn't even go on and there's a thousand people living in a box stacked on time. But each other, and that is the norm, instead of the village like Wanna things that I've found really fascinating about your book was sex at dawn was the way describe the interconnectedness of these small societies that the idea of promiscuity that we have today were debts. Are de it is someone going to a bar in linking up a stranger to around stranger in having sex with someone all Willy nilly. Increasingly, that's not what from a security originated as in regional aid as just having sex with a bunch of different people that were also in the tribe and it was the norm and you knew them you ve no them for years. Sandia exactly so
there. We try to make a big point of that, so that people wouldn't get confused by by our use of the word promiscuity because, as you said, it means it means now screwing. A stranger and people don't recognize that in pre history there really weren't any strangers yeah. You know to you today about that that in building and how nobody knows. Each other reminds me of a book. I just read recently researching this. Otherwise I called Paradise. Open in hell, and it's a it's studies of the way people react to disasters. You know in contempt. Three mainstream economic theory which both which serve based on the do that. We're all selfish and trying yourself optimizing, always looking for advantage for ourselves that serve like built into economic theory would predicted in in disasters. The people would be even more like that. You know that they have been even more protective of their resources, whereas what actually happens
in disasters, people start helping each the rangers. You know, like those people now building that's when they meet each other as an earthquake crying like holding, did you feel out, or you know, twin towers. People were so happy after that and I think That's also why people enjoy much enjoys the right word, but even Sebastian younger. Yes, his book war I saw him being interviewed about the ISA Cnn. Correspondent, though, is well he's ease of workers or hours on end. He was embedded with a marine platoon in the corner of value for like six months in Afghanistan, and this was like they were at the Tipp of his spear right, where there are getting attacked every day because they were like. In this point in a valley where the Taliban were above them on the mountains shooting down in denial grass. It was just a horrible thing so he was there and for six months I think,
and he was being interviewed about the book, it's cold war and he said they said don't legs so, but why did these guys do that? You know I mean they don't care about you, politics there, not thinking about oil pipelines and chinese expansion. You know whatever the guys in the Pentagon are thinking of why there Do they do it in his answer? Was love right? That's what, These guys go to war love for each other and that they have a sense of community when you're under fire. Rather, we talked about the disaster in New York or an earthquake or whatever, but imagine like Damn day is an earthquake and you have the same do every day and year, depending on each other constantly. It creates deep bonds of love that people really miss when they're gone
and I think those are the bonds our ancestors had gathered intensity to life. In those circumstances and an immediate yeah, you know cause any day and you were out hunting when you fell, that gun could have gone off and you could be dead now. I didn't have ports in the chamber retargeting its I'm, illustrating, appoint a hunter gathers out of his fuckin meted out by active errors. If he, trips, yoyo, led gone Reagan, act or a leopard can kill, you are a snake and get you were you know what you can the immediacy of death is, I think, something it's a tonic. It makes life it makes me think that maybe that's one of the reasons why people feel so unfulfilled is that they're not experiencing highs and lows the just experiencing a drone daily drone of traffic in a job. It's mundane an end! Is that what causes all this depression yeah, I think so in suicides and all sorts of of horrible. As a result of this,
Is that what I said earlier? What's the difference between comfort in numbness, right comfort is about what we associate with comfort, pillows, blanket sleeping bags, jackets cushions things that stop us from feeling right? That's what come for it is it's a lack of feeling. It may be a lack of negative feeling, but If you blog negative feeling you're also blocking positive, fairly anti depressants, they don't just make you stopping depressed. They make you stop feeling that the highs and lows they take numbness that making the creation of six yeah there's a lot of people that have talk to that, have had them and then got an offer them they're like just like lost time. Much like there's that that day, Your meant nothing! There is like there is missing time. The year was just a series of things that went on that had no emotional connection to whatsoever and that the antidote for this crazy society that we live in is completely unnatural, and this all the to obviate the
reward systems that are set up in our bodies from thousands of years of dna and learning. All that stuff is just never appeased theirs. No real thrills, there's nothing here. Are you you're real thrill is like go and buying some illegal drug from someone interest, closing the door and doing it and no one knows fuck you go and heroin. Does Europe? Yet when there's a ritual I mean a lot of the junkies find the hardest thing about kicking heroin. Is the loss of ritual ran coming pretty a guy with a junkie community jerk like coming under your hang out are the same people. You know you got this thing in calm and you ve got the ritual the burning, those measuring the Euro syringes, though shit yeah, I mean I've been interviewing alot of addiction specialist recently did you have car a hard on here? No he's cool yeah he's a really intercrural heart. What is crawl hard to kerosene see, he's a neurology professor at Columbia, University, a J, R Atr eighty Archie attack. Now I think
send you an email about him because he was coming out to do the bill Marcia a month ago, reacting he's got a book out called high price, it's sort of auto biogas, fickle account of and being born in Miami Wrong Party town he's a black eye. You know low income. And I remember, is if it's his brother, His- U nobody's grown up, most of them are in jail in allotted, grew up in, at like inner city drug seem right and through good luck in some people who were impressed by he ended up getting a phd in his attended professor Colombia, but he's dude from that world, and so he's talking about drugs with a very knowledge more realistic understanding of what they are and what kind of people use them and why they use them. You know and his he argues that you know drugs are an addictive. What's happened these people are in this absolute
impossible situation and, as you say, they like go get the drugs and get behind the door and say fuck you, because it's like the only the only escape they ve got the other unfulfilled. The the idea of the hunter gatherer being fulfilling life like that lifestyle in fulfilling life has really been appealing to me lately, who are the reasons why I started this this project of two thousand fourteen to live off only gain meat, because I start seeing these documentaries like the Warner Herzog documentary on the tiger happy people of its offence, ass, they fell and unimagined. I love everything, hurts Ogden yeah I've seen all over, but that's a wonderful there is a real need to those Peter, and an end, then, is also. These Alaska shows that I like, like a life below zero, is one of them was all people that live below a right above the arctic Circle of writer, ripe below or above the arts of some of my hundred forty miles above the arctic Circle and the latest can freeze their ass off, but they're they're happy, they have a town,
they do it's not my life? It's not what I want to do, there's their missing a lot of things and I enjoy you know, but there's something about this. This life that their living that creates the stable, happy people, if you look at reality, shows like reality. Those drive me fuckin crazy, and I think they should, because something about putting people on television for no reason and following them, because their on television, for no reason like keeping- but the card Ashton's activity carnations are just some normal folks from shore there better, no worse than most of our neighbours, but when following these unexceptional people that have nothing to contribute their they're not doing anything they're, not releasing songs and not writing books and not contributing to the other. The cultural awareness there's nothing going on there, but yet you follow them anyway, because they're being broadcast, and it becomes something that you locked into. But your deal
people of an exceptionally low character, nonsense talking you listen that things they care about the things they their dissent. We shall Dron eating the fat of this society. This is used in big fat, sloppy society. They just lets them, pull up the trough and feed a common organ, and because of that they they never are pressured to develop character and true identity and be exceptional people, and in the way that these hunter gatherer people are that have watch. These subsistence shows you're dealing with these really solid people. They get up, it's fuckin twenty below zero. They have to feed their dogs, they have to pull together these these salmon wheels to gather up all these fish. They could feed their dogs if they don't get tuna fish to Europeans, a fish you'll have to kill one they're fucking dogs, because they can't see the goddamn thinks they have to put it out of its misery is one I was talking about how to kill all dogs one year, yet it kill,
it's fuckin dogs can feed him. I mean these are two different kinds of people than someone like. I hate red shoes. Why did you give me break shoes? Oh my god, my feet or fat there not just out. She knows my feet or fat, and then kind of way. She's always telling me my feet or Van though, when I see my feet are factors like Northern make up your mind. Bitch you mean that that kind of nonsense distraction. When you come home from a day of work in Europe, fucked up on Zoloft, Daring at this stupid, fuckin show What is that? What is that I mean? Is that like some? So in a way that this machine has of getting us to continue to contribute, continue feeding this machine continue buying things and becoming a part of this week. Process. We have we're. All we do is create new items and blocks of, can things and and Does your house filled with shit that you buy and everything that you buy just continues to contribute this process of car,
so creating new shit? That's it! and keep running on the wheel, all they care about is that the we'll keep spinning fast faster if possible. It doesn't matter. Why, right I mean Member listening to this interview with a football coach fears ago, great grandma, they said he I remember who he was, but they said: what's the being a great courage. He said: well, you ve got Be smart enough to really understand the game, but smart enough to see how little it all matters, I will add, sums are just about everything you know cause if you think, bad! You realize like this is bullshit. You know this that The entire enterprise of western civilization is not leading to happiness. Italy away from happiness, higher suicide rate, higher depression rate, higher lack of of life satisfaction password were destroying the fisheries restructuring the fuckin planet. You know bit by bit it bigger it's all the time what's
what is the point of this? You know, and I will say well, but you know I would look at the pyramids. You know we created the peer reviewed. We is cell phones, lab leveller, but none of that shit matters unless contributes to human happiness and its demonstrable than it does right. Therefore, I mean I hear you say well I'd miss this I'd miss that I'd miss a lot of shit too. There is no doubt about it in the book, not advocating that we go back to Hunter Gatherer societies and, although partial step like what you're doing our group. Not because it's going to save the world, but because total enrich your life, a thing heads lives here, but You know the whole like I'd, miss this or that thing is kind of like a non issue, because if you were raised in that society than you wouldn't haven't, you will note of MRS right. So it's not about you or me becoming hunter gathers it's about looking at these two approach. To live independently and saying
the people are born and raised in those traditions. What's the outcome whose happier whose better off? Who, as greater life. Satisfaction who has better health healthy. You know look at all these different parameters, there's a great book, don't sleep, there are snakes, it's about the penal. How people of the upper Amazon is missionary went to live with them he's the only western who speaks their language. It's a very unusual language, Daniel ever it so he went to live with them, learn the language and eventually he they convinced him to adopt their spiritual, additions rather than the other way round. He abandoned the church they do at which church sent him, but he talks a lot about happy. Satisfaction. He says some psychologist came and visited the village when he was there, and these are hunter gatherer people very little count. With the outside world, and
the psychology said. I've never seen anyone happy this much for this. And he said the way you judge it. You take videos any look at how much of the time they're laughing or smiling right. He said that they laugh about everything. Their house falls down their laughing someone. You know you your barest, you laugh like air the thing is about laughter is very trusting society, a real look into the mentality, these people, one of the things that Really striking about them is that they don't you were talking about food three. They do have a sense of future or pass that extends beyond past. Beyond the generation of the grandfathers, So when the missionary showed up and start talking about, Jesus they'd be like ok dad. You know this guy is now seems like. I did your grandfather, no no noses before my grandfather and, of course,
they were done their dogmatic, then its meaningless. Why you know there's no connection, between you and this story is that I want to hear about this fuck it. They just walk away cuts in telecom. Salute me not in here I mean it doesn't Rio. Obviously it's nice to have history and we have a lot of it. You can learn a lot from reading about amazing. If that happened a long time ago? The document about, but that's pretty funny yeah? We blew it The problem we have. Is it so deeply ingrained in our idea. In our of culture, so deep, ingrained that when you talking about happiness that have in as without money without success is come in here we we don't buy it. Give you talking about a guy who's got you. Half million dollar housing Dr Cadillac, and works
day. Like will listen, you know we have. We ve decided to start a commune and we really going to be really happy went to grow on food. We can do for money, We're not gonna, have any money to get the fuck out of here in this house. I got this car. Can we need to pay for gas because a lot of money to just the electric bills, five euros month, old people get this idea in their head that you're. What would this thing that you're doing this part of this role that you're playing in the society only way to be happy inevitable to step outside of that and have like a rat. Go restructuring of what you do is really impossible. You know why, because you're always can have to pay taxes on the Fuckin house it going. Unity by your house- you have your own, you land, you don't sorry every year, yet they fuckin property tax, pillory in Spain. It doesn't work out in showing. Our you pay the tax up front when you buy it, and then you done that's it! It's yours! Unless you talking about gigantic,
eggs land like someone's, gotta, goddamn, huge cattle ranch, three thousand acres, and that means it's obvious like these, a lot of resources, a lot of waters. He should finally pay some sort of attacks on that, but if you The guy who's got a hundred, fifty thousand dollar two thousand our house, and you worked your whole life to earn that house and you you bought and paid for it. You should be fuckin done just like you done with your car. Are you not to hang your fuckin car of year? You have to like what your car worth is here. What you owe us ten percent that boy I painted a ready when we talk about a paper sales tax, because gonna cut when I bought the fuckin thing, why do you keep getting a cut every year? What is probably tax nonsense? It's stupid, give us and keeps you on the TED it keeps you wanna tell you, can never just go off the grid. One of the shows that I watch watches show called mountain men, guy named Eustace Conway and he lives in North Carolina Guy is totally off the tit right off.
He does is low offline he's gotta generator that uses the river water. The river water spins. This we'll that creates electricity. Necessary powers is banned, saws cuts his own would chops, has like a couple thousand acres out there and he lives off. Do meat that issues of chickens that he raises he's off. The land grows his own kale the whole deal, but his big dilemma. Paying is fuckin property tax every month so every year you know, he's got to figure out how to sell things is gonna chop would sell. Worse deal is different things when really you pay for all that shit wishes, leave that guy alone he's hurt anybody by living off the land that he paid for it like get the fuck off his back, but always gonna do that are always going to keep you tied in if they can, if they can figure out a way to keep suck in money out of you, and I Actually, a justification for the incompetent system. Could system is so fuckin filled with just just
gross, misspending and misappropriation and and and mismanagement of funds is so grossly sloppy and bureaucratic, and they need to be its everybody to be on the tit in order feed that stupid, inefficient machine here here. Man here here, your time Unalaska, you know and getting off the grid and all that you I had a transformative experience of first time I to Alaska. I I was in college in New York, now studying litter, and one of my teachers is visiting professor- that I got to be friends with. Was the young? first person to ever be a professor at Oxford he's like a real big shot at Oxford. I mean, since one thousand two hundred and sixty one or something as the youngest person ever be a professor, why? How always twenty one when he was afforded thanks anyway? he's very well known. Guy Indira Gandhi was his godmother, is written into books and honest
and he was a friend of mine- and he was I was in my eye was skip my junior college and this I had a one we're Europe undergraduate. There was gonna go to Oxford for my phd thanks to the sky and his connections as steady literature there do a phd in by the time as thirty be teaching somewhere, hopefully have tenure and be all set for life. Not so I get my junior year because I found a loophole in the student handbook where I could blame scammed through which I've done like every school I've ever been in every job. I've ever had. I find some scam right, so I, I scanned my way out a junior- and I said I'm gonna- go to Alaska as I want to see the frontier so hitchhike from York to Alaska had all these freaky adventures, as you can imagine, right wing prison got shot at all. This crazy should happen, and I met people along the way. You pick me up, especially like in Yukon anywhere in Alaska, who were fucking kind
So company take me home Selina they'd feed me into give me the wife and kids that you know the or women you'd stop and pick me up just trusting like air, whatever you know really self sufficient people they their own houses. They had if he relationships they knew how to fix their own cars. They were really self sufficient. None of the knew anything about the fence this Manzi, literature and philosophy that I was studying rain. I I hardly know the collected poems of DE age Lorenson, my backpack, and they never heard any the shit right, but when I compare them to my professor friends back at school and has like wait a minute. These people down on any this, do you know eat knowledge, but there, really happy people in their healthy people. Good families and their decent in their kind in their generous to me, and then I and one of them
stumbles into Princeton, New Jersey or yours, where I was going to school and stayed New York, and my professor friends, you know, come upon them They laughed at them, they wouldn't help. They were behind them. They went professor friends like how to call for fucking electrician to change a delightful ray. Well, why wait a minute? What what do I want to do in this life? Nor am I going so that's what I just said. I forget no grad school, then I wrote to the I like to sorry not going to print stir Oxford, not I can do any of us tiller thirty. I'm not gonna make a commitment to anything. No joy, no woman, no grad school, no med school, nothing, I'm just gonna- float around the world and have adventures why that is cool story. I loved idea, that's that's really cool. I found out, I didn't go to view com, but I went to Anchorage recently we have with our we re Eggers. When fishing
fishing. We only to shine their Kenai Peninsula south of Anchorage corners. I don't remember, remember what river honour membrane. We had a great time some salmon- and we we did a show up there, but I felt that way as well about the people that rose. There's a self sufficiency to allow the folks live up there eat mean even in Anchorage, which is a city. You know it's a real city, they ve hotels and gas stations in the whole deal movie. It went to the movies. There was ten o clock at night,
was bright out. He s very weird bars with no windows yeah. I can't ever Linda these people and their drinking. I want to see a fuckin son come here. I let you know what a loser you effectively and people will make better decisions. There is light on them. We don't want that. So do still have like handgun permits. Where you have to leave your gun at the door. We go into the bar some places gun check. You have to check your guns and you come and cause everybody's got guns get shit faced then you pick up your gun, underwear yeah, that's the best time to get it after you, ve got enough bargaining, you you find people there. They were very kind and very cool and very competent, as you were saying in there just their people that also dealing with nature in a way different level there dealing with weather you know real weather and we don't to do that? We, especially in California, which is the most ridiculous, and retarded state in the country. As far as the way people behave on the normal, don't get me wrong. I love it here and is logical people here, and you know
my best friends are here, but the real, of California, is that we don't have to do with whether at all the worst thing we have to do is press a button. Oh my it's hot, he paused. Botanist, not hot anymore, mean it's really is honest hours days on really not that fuckin hard to deal If you live in Alaska, you have to take precautions and every year you have to keep a candle in the back, your car, you have to keep matches. You have to keep blankets with you. At all times because your card break down you to be at the side of the road. No one could be on the road and net candle might keep you alive. You alive, the candle in your car with all the door shut and that's the only way you gonna stay warm stay alive. Lay there there's a lot of that kind of thinking going on there and then, when someone sees you pulled over the side of the road, the not like all whose creepy fuck you know in german oaks. That's pulled over the side of the road is hazards are not stop into this guy. They like. Oh, he was this person. This cut, you you know, can
soul out here in the middle of the woods. The guts fact- and how can you be me, come on in exile? Do you guys have cell phone service? No, we drive five more miles. We itself one service hop in the car I'll. Take you to where we can call somebody yeah, there's not the but you're right, you ve, prove press her friends to not pick them up, would be right where they live. That's the crazy thing about it's, like you write that down, ass. There was probably wouldn't pick up someone who is broken down inside the road, but there I, too am not doing that if you live in a city, because you never know what I think you're gonna get exactly yeah yeah, you got it. You gotta participate in the world your born into whether you agree with it or not. You know you inserting review the way you son, of a California that also, eyes to the origins of civilization actually funny way there.
One of the leading theories for why Europe became more advanced use in quotes Ray is because people had it had to think twice their people. Their winter. So when you build a house, it has to be better engineer the best engineers you know best cars. German, you another, not italian, because in an architect sure, and all the stuff you see in Europe, the the Mediterranean countries are sloppy right there. That the house's aren't insulated there, neither the fittings iron rage, you know people like you, lay the whole mentalities, canna laissez faire whatever. Well, that's a whether its reflection of the weather is a reflection of the fact that they are not battling whether for their lives right. So there is a competence and a sort of carefulness in you know checklist if your pilot, you use a checklist, because if you don't you dear dead pilot
It's like that in northern climates as well. It develops a certain kind of approach to life. That's much more companies, and then, on the other hand, you go places like Brazil, where the weather's, fantastic and the people are laughing there on the beach, their smiling and very friendly, and very warm and that's all, so because they don't have to them. I have to deal with any both there. Weren't flip flops mean nobody has to worry about nothin in a matter of whether you know Tom it a year. Is it never gets cold and others people in Rio that a serpent twenty four hours a day, seven days a week? They do whatever they want. No sharks down there either within recently something a bit by shark in Brazil was a really really rare situation. So they'll surfing, perfect water like bathwater, beautifully beautiful waves. Everything's greatly. I know you like Governor Herzog, you ever see a documentary, Botswana, seven now gone. It's a bit:
Odd. Verna herds are, but it's it's a documentary. They will blow your fucking mind and a year and a grisly man to love it yeah out tat the music and grisly man on I'm thinking of into the wild. Oh yeah, anyway, this this film is above one or seven, never come up its bus, one something I remember which number but the brazilian documentary and its available with subtitles. It's about this guy, who tries to tie Jack a bus well and Ideas is just like grab some money and jump off the boss, but there's some Kind go and buy and they stop in the basket, surrounded and then suddenly it's like what it's not at all what he intended. He Damon tend to be on this bus with thirty people holding them all hostage, but now is there and then the tv cameras show up and their helicopters, in their tv crews, all around turns into this like national day where everyone in Brazil is watch
this dude on the bus live coverage, the OJ less one. Seventy four one. Seventy four highly recommended documentary for insights, visit brazilian life and just something you you'll? Never it's like grisly man in the sense that there is a lot of Four footed used even documentaries, you get the interviews and stuff, but then you ve got the though the footage that the tv cruiser we're taking at the time is it's a very intense wow, that's fucked, ok, I'll check it out yeah. I think that Certain amount of nature having to deal with a certain amount of adversity develops character. The issues that I have with modern life? As far as like people just getting a nice If job is that you're eared you dont,
we have to deal with too much. Adversity is not there's not a lot of risk involved in our fear, and parents like that for their children like take a safe job on a you know this that you know you get in the union. You got a good Good Korea, the government jack, but when you do that, you, when you were reduced those risks, you also reduce the excitement of law. If you take away some of the thrill of life and my whole life, I've been a thrilled. Junkie in more ways than one have avoided the the fear like the drugs in the things that can really fuck up your life, I'm avoided all those I've seen them happen before, but if I didn't void them for sure what I got hooked on Somethin, I'm I'm crazy, pursuing addictive personnel body for sure honey percent yeah, but I've funnel it into being addicted to positive things. Right get addicted, martial arts are getting them to stand of calm and arrogant, addicted to things like, but Those are the does their thrills, that's what I'm addicted to
directed to like martial arts when things about it there was so exciting. Is Regular life became so much more manageable. When four, five days a week, I was fighting for my life. It's like there was a reality of us, a mad scramble with some crazy brown bout. There's gotta a nasty guy are you guys are due in battle he's trying to choke the blood on your neck? We know and because of that everything else I would do would be so much less threatening and so much more in contacts with it would give it a context, and it would give the perspective and it all lines. Is the mine, yes to be terrified. Gas. When I wrote a motorcycle first seven owners in Spain, I had a Bmw, God, Spain. I wrote it every day, every night at so crazy yeah used for work. How many accidents you know what a lot of near misses
some crazy near misses, but I never dropped it. Well. That's amazing. I've dropped other motorcycles. I almost died on a motorcycle in why? was died on now in Venice, another story, but the first time. I almost I took a bag. Trail bike. I laid it down and slid under a barbed wire fence. Oh my guys, like forty, oh, my god, that Canada shredded you and then The time then time I was in Thailand. I was in Chang my Thailand. I rented this US one. Eighty five, like a small light by- and I did like us stay trip around the golden triangle in North West, Thailand, which borders Burma and allows, and its where, like eighty percent of heroin in the world, comes from this also, where I tried heroin, which was a weird time
did you try and injection or deterrent nice smoked it smoked? I met these two british guys such a weird thing than I was, and I remember exactly when it was because I got up early likes, o clock in the morning to watch MIKE Tyson fight James Bone, Crusher Psmith, oh I'm, so any was being shown in this little bark, I pray enjoying my near where I was staying and I got up early because I wanted to see it and these two british deeds and me were the only ones there so gets a bit were junkies and they were like super high class dudes like one of them. His uncle was in parliament and the other was the son of a very famous writer whose book I had read. Actually. Why they will say his name, but a very well known. He won the Booker Prize and big deal. Many where these things two were junkies, and they were so, though, dude. I was in Thailand ostensibly to be an actor in the taking of good morning the film you have good morning, Vietnam, there
and Williams found that there were taping at the time in Bangkok, thousands so he gave his parents bullshit. He was hi, I'm his friend was like I gotta, go, save him, and so he came and now he's getting back the two of them for my taste and fired, and so it ain't always. You know my my thing about drugs. Is I'm not? I don't have an addictive personality, I'm too lazy to be added, Iran has its really so I d do things I get the thrill out of it and I try to be care full about it, and you know like to do things in the place that it comes from right. I've done, I ask in Brazil and Piety and Mexico and some in Northern Thailand Chang my it's gonna, be the cleanest best quality Heroin ever meet these two guys in their into it, and they ve got all the contacts and Allah and so they we get to be friends, and you know they invited me to to get high knows. I gave her. I've never done this before they are now we got. You no worries so
sitting in their room and we did the chase the dragon? You know where you put the heroin on tinfoil and because the flame can't touch the heroin, it's like a ruined yeah. I can go to prison for saying this document and Amazon fiction, but you know, non Americans? If you admit that you have ever used illegal drugs, they can they stamp your passport. You never lie in the country enough to friends that happened to so, if you're in another country- and you start talking about using drugs like on another podcast, they can Well, I don't know, I don't know about podcast, but would happen with his friend she's coming back from Amsterdam. She was a judge in the kind of his cup competition and she lives in Vancouver and the poor. She changed planes in Seattle and they too her and said. So what are you doing in Amsterdam and she told them- and they said Sir, if you smart, marijuana she city and they stamped her password she's, never allowed in the? U s again, why
because she smoke marijuana in Amsterdam. Why in another guy knows a psychiatrist, a canadian psychiatrist who had worked with LSD psychotherapy and they Samantha the at the drive through Border Vancouver and to view them they wish you pity, Roman Catholic. Oh, you did the research with LSD. Have you ever used as the stamp why, in the country crazy, That's all is that only America as far as I know, Canada's rough. If you get up drunk driving in America, good luck in Canada or really no yeah yeah a lot of A lot of fighters have issues Guinean, Canada, fights lotta comedians, have issues comedians about issues getting into the Montreal Comedy Festival, which is one of the big events for stand: a comedian because a drunk driving yes, because a drunk driving virtually any domestic violence or anything like that. Any Bravo had an arrest for having gone on him. Legally
he was working for a check, cashing place and he used to to carry large sums of cash in his car to another location, and so would leave with the Czech Ash company had a registered concealed, carry permit for gun and so he got pulled over for somethin. How to tell the the cop officer I were for czech action company I've illegal, registered hand gun in my car right now, it's loaded and and they go ok all as I don't wanna put in handcuffs women run this so that they run it may go. Ok, checks out. They let him go because it was it was. Nice was beyond his record because it was all legal does matter, every time he goes Canada. They sit down. Tell us about this. You have a on side you right now. If you do you get a gun, you should go for the border, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! I was I was working for company, I was now I get cut, he's got an extra hour every time he
and Canada happened to me personally and going into Canada? Would you get her when it was your issue, for they asked me if I had ever been convicted of a crime, and I said no and yeah go sit down and then they call me over and they said that the guys, like you said you never been convicted of a crime correct. I said yeah. He said as anything you'd like to say about fair banks, Alaska and nineteen. Eighty three, come on man, I wasn't. There was an ATM years old year. We liked very pinkish. I was twinkie. I was very twinkie, so you were worried. Who's gonna go down. Is memorial Day week and eighty three four nights, and a prison and The guy guess said twenty hours, a community service, and this will disappear from your record. And yet, if you don't get arrested in a year, so I always say note is that sea I wasn't convicted of anything ran and they said it would be taken from my record the guys like now. The fact that you were not alaskan,
you're from outer statement. They couldn't strike it from your record. So in its on your f b, I record, which is what we get in Canada. Yet he was Nigger thief, yeah snicker thing, so he's look I did for days and fit in a federal medium security. Prison with no underwear for snickers first because we would know under where we were in anything or just naked. I was wearing she why or else, why did your pants at the girl through life itself, because it makes it more harrowing commandment? I wasn't. There was an ATM years old yeah. We liked very twinkies. I was tweaking I was very tweet, so you were worried, who's gonna go down again. I was worried if I were wearing you know what Eddie firstly, designers are here, is that you isn't that under the amount of money that they can even bust, you for some major non eighties ring. Was president, there were trying to fuckin, be tough on crime, just say no yeah, and also I had happened. Was we got in from his ten day hitch with these two guys
I met on the ferry coming up. The inside passage we have this long, hedge through the Yukon territory. All this crazy shaven. We get a fair bank, so the first place. We goes the laundromat because we stank right. We didn't have that special soap. Yours, defence of defence, and ass? We went to the laundromat, we put everything possible in the washer, so all three of us were wearing shorts, with no underwear boots with no socks and a jacket with no shirt, and then The guys is like he wanted to go to the grocery store, cuz. There's a pay phone he's going to call his girlfriend to let her know that he'd arrived on time. I find it I'll go with you and the other guy's gonna stay with the bags or backpacks knowledge should watch the clothes. So our way with somebody was on the phone. We start pushing a card around. We were, like you know: soviet immigrants, like, oh, so many kinds of food. Here we ve been living in the woods, eating nuts and chocolate and lsd. For the last time, and so he
opened a thing of Keefer for some had ever heard of key for which is a liquid yogurt yeah and drank that gravely body as doubtless I aye for some reason: ADA Snickers BAR even I'd, been eating chocolate, not much imagination there, and then we need to use the phone, we did the card and we laughed and saw the some security guy had seen us and turned into a thing is key: showed up, and I had a knife in my boot and some grass in my pocket, both of which were legal at the time in Alaska. But it was enough to make this cop not like me, at all- and he was like this- you know napoleonic cop, Gunnar situation, any didn't like smart ass com,
kids from outside coming into Alaska and the summer snickers moroccan around yeah fuck around keeper. So he took us he bank of this and took us to prison fair banks. Correctional say: did you not have the money for this knickers bar we had plenty of money is, did want to pay for it, but it was like. Well, you tell it to the magistrate Oh! Oh you mean for that now there was just like. I don't know what the fuck you too young and we're just silly arm, and you know- and maybe there is a lie in or something I don't remember rise. We pretended. We were shopping, so we put like d, food and should in the cart you Know- and we are often put the retina package like we're: gonna pay for it when we checked out right- I don't know what we're just being done, Yes, we ended up being taken to this prison and I have paid to the actors. Remember we were did the intake, the guy, that, like the prison dude who booked us and neither did the whole intake thing, I was Joe
looking with eyes, like I'm, not gonna, get that piping grass back. Am I, and usually I don't think so as they were when bother me if it just disappeared and was never even registered as grasses hard to combine Alaska Rat was then and so we said I had a little understand earlier cook ass. He was like what the fuck gifts Curse bar. Why would this guy here what's wrong with that cop? Did you like hit him or something you know it? You know. I just had a hare possess right, so this guy was cool. He saved us because when he did ass he said. Look, I'm not gonna put you guys. Is in the general population. You're gonna sleep in the gym at night up you got some cots, you sleep in the Jim, you know, never let the other one out of your sight whole time you're. Here you go to the bathroom together, you gotta the showers together, you watch each other's back and you'll get through it all right and we It was wild, and this was like eighty three, I guess- and
to that. There's a lot of money in Alaska right from all the oil, so the prison was plush it like every meal was all you can eat relays would bar who we rules. White roles. Wednesday was Prime Rib day where the cops could pay a buck to eat with the prisoners rear, but the cat was only twenty minutes. Each meal so I'm they were sitting there, the stable wooden leg. Nineteen, maybe twenty, maybe twenty something like what we're sitting at the table and the guy across the table looked like Charles Bronze, Marianne Stash and tat another any website this day was shovel in any. He looked up one point. He says this is the best prison. I've ever been in the aches laundry list prisons that don't don't mean, that criteria instead a year he be his story, was he founded dude with his wife, who any be
him with a lead pipes and he didn't know if he was dead, but as soon as it happened, he got in his car either from light mix four Arizona. He got his car, to Alaska, why does he knew he'd get picked up and he wanted to get picked up in Alaska as eat heard? The prisons were much better, that's a Larry S, so he might have been guided death and said. The way to deal with this is to go to a place that are often present in that place. This happens to be on the exact opposite of little hands in a fucking. Far shit, it's a long drive to last. Can you actually, Dr St to Alaska the alchemists way? Well, what does not like it's bumpy at least was in shit, yeah casino, every winter it gets all torn up. Yet how many lines is it most It's true lanes, one money, side, get stuck behind some asshole two months ago, forty miles an hour where you there's a lot of passing mean it's a lot of its just flat and because, like the U constant
Well, it's just like being you know, it's just flat scrub plants. Imagine someone driving all the way to to Alaska. That seems insane. Drove to allay from Vancouver by way of Utah. Just that's it ten days is tat we stopped and when hiking in rattle. Ok, you made a trip out how many hours was an actual driving. I don't I was about six thousand kilometers. I think witches round what four thousand miles only thirty eight hundred year- someone the thing two point two per year, two by two kilometers from someone, has nine hundred kilometers sixty miles, someone yeah like sixty miles an hour, a hundred kilometers sixty two sixty two mona that's Utah's great. He had Utah's amazing, so beautiful man, my lab yeah. We were in my lab and then I'd.
I want you to go to my lab since the early eighties cause. I read this book called the desert solitaire by Edward Abbe error that will now a great book essays about the desert. He's like a it would have he was like a red neck philosophy. Fur, Hippy, Emmy hugest integrated these worldly, whose like a like is the singer. Willie Nelson he's, like a Willie Nelson kind of author, three guys from Pennsylvania originally, but he moved out West in the sixties and got a job as a fire look out in arches national mine manner. We one of those parts or maybe canyon lands right there and spent the summer by himself in this house. You know just what is a credible view. Looking for lightning strikes, and he wrote about. He wrote essays and the book became the so called word of mouth classic. Its pro saw a million copies by now. Why it's a great book?
I wanted to go there since I read a book in the early eighties, and this is the first chance, a guy man. It's amazing. I have a good body who was living outside of salt lake for a while, and then you had to move to Arizona and Fucking hates it here to move there for work, but you just Ranten and raved what how great Utah was now I want to pay this winter go skiing. For first time I saw gets gang. That's the point. It's so beautiful! they're. So goddamn gorgeous mean rolling hills, We were there. This summer we went there. Turn ski and then I was there this summer film in the tv show aside, I shall one of the things we did was in Utah and everything was fuckin green gorgeous and AEGIS did to see what it looks like we're not covered snouts, like all might cause this paradigm go to the Red Rock country. He shouted down my lab yeah archer. Yeah. I ask just its phenomenally beautiful This is some sweet spots in this country. Yeah! I mean that
for me, I die should on America lot. Anyone who follows my twitter feed sees me bitching about America constantly, but the America's got that Europe doesn't have, is just incredible natural beauty and large scale you know it's not some little part, you know the Grand Canyon, Yosemite yeah. I mean the mass of amazing. I all these parks around my lab are amazing. Alaska. The whole financial aid is often shards man yeah. Really.
Ass. We were in Seattle for the site I show and Duncan, and I went to Mount Rainier yeah and we drove off by waves like fifty miles outside of Seattle and its uranium mountain any from Seattle has like it's like a cloud, its mass massive out of gorgeous and just it sort of highlights that city. I think there is one city so cool the ocean. There'd keep your humble and it's got his massive mountains like listen, ditch you ain't a sheds relax, but when we do up there mean Duncan I've just could not stop like rolling down the window and sticking your heads uncle goddesses, real, it's so gorgeous. Just deep green with like low clouds everywhere, because you know you're pretty high altitude up there in the mountains and issues
fog and the clouds in the trees, and it is so alive in the air you feel like you get eat it. Clanging we're squashing is so technical term glad you use. That is like I follow your your movements, yeah people who were not squash enthusiasts. Don't you know that another right terms? They might say Europe big footing, that's not correct, we're squash, big footing. That's no shoe the idea wasting your time. Hey easy one of the things that the guy said, the woman. Squashing with Skype, job, Steve, very rare, cool guy. They, the both guys we went with, were very very scary, cynical old, actually in the show very very clearly pretty chill. Yam will want things. They said it was like look man even if there is no bigfoot worse to learn who campaign yeah, we're we're. Haven't you time, it's beautiful woods that wherein, unlike like that that attitude without some people say a fishing. And hunting is well. Although it sounds like you're, your trip wasn't as enjoyable sitting in a free,
it was a joy was still I liked it Alex offer in a little bit. I think it's important to get the fuck out in the woods here with your buddies in Vienna good, I'm the guy on the land is names dog. He took me to one spot, we went hunting and I went up in the tree stand and he he likes to, do a lot of his hunting walking around, and so he said, let's, let split up for little bit Argo this way use in the tree Stana. Maybe if me walk around sometimes scare, dear towards you. And what else it's just me alone for like an hour and it wasn't a single sound every now and then I'd hear like old school but there's no tv cameras this time with the fifth basically
filming what we need to fight for the show. So just me sitting up there and stand like look, are waiting for a deer Shaw but just soaking in the beauty of the woods and it's the drift, this area of Wisconsin, which means, as the area of the glaciers didn't flattened out. So it's all hilly and gorgeous and woods, ye everywhere and creeks now, just God, damn it- is fuckin beautiful, just luck and beautiful and quiet and peaceful I just sitting there for an hour. Did me good like it cleaned me out, somehow a clean. My my spirit, you know, yeah they're, you mention whether earlier and we are talking about the climate this fear, yeah there's something about whether that I find deeply relax. Yeah like strong storm here tropical store, I'm a hurricane. You know I'm like
one of these guys. I would time myself to a tree and just like watch the hurricane come through. We d die. They get hit in the face by a car that the downside tides of fuckin tree comes by, takes you had you shouldn't do had dug, but I I agree with you that, like as long as I know its, not life threatening a good thunder showers of beautiful, even if it is life threatening that even more cleansing cause it's good to be fucking ten little bit, it's good to it, for me anything that reminds me of how insignificant I am is really liberate. Yeah and the problem is when, when I get caught up in my ego and in other whatever the bullshit is that I need to deal with in by blah blah blah blah Ryan. I forget how Ya'Ll it's like the football coach route. Who'd, you don't, doesn't isn't smart enough to know how little at all matters you know. Yes, it's I never want to forget how little it all matters,
I was in your spanish bird. I grew. The honor of such a thing is really important. I think, as were saying about whether that dealing with weather is, it is important to just now you you're humbled by nature. Upon occasion swellings I, like when it rains and allay in everybody s ago, ok yeah! This can happen to these people to complain about it. But I love the fact that their interests to the reality of the fact that you're living on a planet with an ecosystem is variable very variable, something it that cuts through you're a I still love it when the lay out of it and in Europe You know the inferior unsure that yeah you're complacency exactly cool things and in I've lived in India for four months at a stretch, the cool things there is that electricity would go up like constant
that's so cool yeah! I know it's not like it's terrible that food goes bad weather are covered in flies, keep me from going there. Please. I never been India. Now I dont know that's what century down. I don't don't like any amid a mood. I love indian Fucking love it there's a dish named after me, Lamb Rogan Josh this happens. However. I had that last night delicious and somebody up some last night told me that story showed me that recipe in her cookbook, and said something about the person who named it got
you can fused with South Rogan or something or Josh somebody now what's, nor is it an old day. Ass now was that bullshit I come retarded my god. You hanging over the months have rights that this has been around for ever amyloid. Let's find out how long Lamb Rogan Josh revising I was. I was hanging with this really sweet woman in Vancouver one night and the lady lay came on and she said you know when wrote that song it for his dog, and she's. A gaze dogs thing was lady and he wrote the sound for the tug ok vision, as are ex boyfriend, had told her. This is from Persia It's one of the signature recipes of kashmiri Cuisine, Roy again means clarified, butter or fat in Persian, while Josh means heat hot boil. Or passionate Rogan.
Thus means cooked in oil and intense he and other interpretation of the name. Brogan Josh's delivered derived from the word Rogan, meaning red, color, the sea, Indo European Route, that is the source of the french rogue and the Spanish Rove role Josh, meaning passion or HEAT Sligo, so this old shit man. This is like deny named no no she's an asshole ceased your google search for she fucked spread certain sites not me or that beautiful itself, our which, by the way, I watched his last movie that this is the end. I just watch holy shit. Is that fair hair? Sarah? There are some fucking funny funny funny moments in that book: guy
but his Craig rabbits, and now I grabbed MIKE Sarah was my favorite. He was alone with a camera. Candied powers is how much any powers- oh, my God, is a fucking amazing hearing, varied ass, a dairy fund all just taken the piss out of themselves. Yet what I look out there all like, however, Robinson as a towel everywhere goes well, so hydrogen we'd, just so true, but Craig, you realize you know, he's always gotta talent stage with them that was really really funny movie. Now is a good day imitate theirs as one video of like a fight that broke out in like a gymnasium, and everyone used even used to have Taos more back then because they with a towel things kind of new- and I didn't like last ten years at wrapper- start having towers all the time and stuff, and this is a terrible thing- is newly like like where they
carry round tower the moment. I am no longer see that yet he said there was this fight that broke out in this gymnasium. Then they showed the video lasted. Two, like everyone got out of the gymnasium and on the ground, was just towels in stickers from people's hats, joke Larry S, a big rap battle, towers and stickers. Yemen, these away like where the tag on their have yet for that, like many pearl from the old lamprey, she is the original gangster hers from her from the grand all appreciate that attack on her hat man. I don't know what I was about to hear, but that that that way Harrison New Jersey, that's how MIKE yes, it's a fucking grow story.
You know the story about the the lesbian woman. She was working as a waitress nasty, no yeah. She got some nasty know. That said, we now can leave it here, because we want to be realised array. Apparently it's a hoax. No, yes, very sparingly, yes in the family, so again shit I raise a family brought in the actual original receipt. You now you get a customer copy and a merchant copy yeah. Well, the custom copy was the one that she left, but the merchant copy she left you know, sometimes we will forget, but they fill out the wrong one. Well, they the customer copy. They had a copy of it. They like they saved it and can copy. I don't know if somebody Photoshop did what the fuck you can vary print these out, so I see did is just reprinted out in writing on she rode on it in a hoax to try.
Draw attention to her dissolve in sending your money. Yes, thousands and thousands of dollars that she was going to use in choosing to send to something else, and you know me I dont know if who knows mean we're accusing her of hoaxing it, but it might have been something that her or her her staff right. It could have been a house on he ass. No one knows, I think it's grow. We shouldn't. We should definitely not accuse someone you now say that she did at her, she was a liar, but somebody fuckin hope. What is interesting is that of you heard the family. I said that what did I say could think of is that the hostesses Dana is gonna, be or dance gonna, be your whole waiter in be harnessed and then, when she came up they go. Oh definitely not a Dan. You know or
someone has a real name's, Dana and eyes she kind it might have to take it as an odour call me a guy. You know and that's why she got mad at these. People me about this field as an enemy should hopes that and write a fake, so dizzy actually did leave returned ass. He left her to twenty percent or one percent or normal David, shabby legal. After, like the right amount airlines we like five years ago I read the story in the International Herald Tribune about a guy relates, were saying earlier, rich guy, millionaire, big House who decides give it all up. Yeah give everything away and lives Simple life is that that was happy would make him happy, erroneous and, right so honest, working on civilized to death? I found this clipping I kept for years, and I saw googled due to see you know what happened with this guy. Is he still happy years you get another job was guy. It turns out
The whole thing was a hoax I'll. Then he owed a bunch, your money and he went. He figured out that he would get more money if he auctioned his house. So it was, he said, like any went up look relations company. They came up with this whole plan d like he was gonna, renounce his wealth and all that, but real behind the scenes he had to make money to pay off creditors, whatever it was an he's gone around the world still giving too ox charging lots of money to give talks about how wonderful it is to give up all your money. It's all a fuckin. How am I gonna Taylor yeah? That's it areas, this family, apparently not only will they not homophobic they actually wooden vote for Governor Christy because he didn't agree with gay marriage, so as fair was very progressive. So it's like you know she fucked. Whoever did it fucked up fact the wrong people. They just did some grouse. They did some gross and fake, but does world we live in man. You know until we figure out how to tell whether or not people are lying. We're gonna be there
with this nonsense for a long time with she's the one that came out and said. Look what these people said put on her instagram or wherever she did in an answer actually good point in so that showed the wrong amount on there, and so they have a credit card statement like going. No, this is the right amount. Here is my actual copper receives, so she had two of done it most likely unless someone tricked her in right hook the good bill away and then wrote on the other one fake signature when they have to find the signatures match and then wrote on no one with a fake signature find out who the fuck wrote that they give handwriting experts. They could tell if it's a woman's writing or man's writing returns. Gender, hey, easy, cabbie! Cabbies, writing tab. I don't know you know, I think I think you're gonna have bigots for sure you're always going to have big heads, but you're also is going to have like people that are crying out for attention and pretend that they've been a victim of bigotry. You're going to have
but you're also gonna have false rape accusations to it's like That's one, the reasons why I'm I'm really? against gender, identity in the fact that not gender identity, but sticking with your gender, like uniformly and Prejudice Lee, like always amounting penis. You know, I think, that's ridiculous. Thank sticking with your race just as ridiculous sticking with your nationality. Equally, ridiculous. I've met fantastic people in England. I've met some awesome folks in Canada. It's stupid. It's like categorize people or to like I'm, a fucking patriots Van and those I saw it It's the same thing you doing the same thing at its dumb and it's just as dumb on all sides and until that's resolved, you can always others. These cloudy situations until its impact simple for someone to rape of women, which is never gonna happen. Probably until we figure out, there's not a mean
Is it last steps before there is any no violence and no rape is going to last Epps? What does not that's? Can we go probably we're not gonna see in our lifetime, but it's possible and that's the only way we can have a real harmony and the I don't know necessarily how much like pro vagina pro men's rights groups at all, how much those things for can help anybody they could. Dialogue. I guess, but they also like. They divide in a lot of ways, and they know when people hear the word feminist, they automatically think shrugging aids. Man there's a million women creates like a rift when you he'll men's rights organization. Anything I think massage nests, I think, lazy, massages women don't like. So they come up with a bunch of reasons why women suck you know that's not necessarily correct on either side Still, that's the automatic stereotypes. Wages who lied about and I gave Tipp has told far
We'd like to tell our friends that she had survived. Brain can win in Afghanistan in all her people in her army thing blew up and she was the only survivor which he never even toward in Afghanistan is kinda crewman it then Let's get offer dwell on that poor soul. You know, I agree with what you're saying. I think that the the source of all this. All these problems is scale. It gets back to popular, even levels and and the size of community. He's right. You ve heard of Dunbar's non yes near so when you get it Dunbar's number. Other people become abstractions right, it became stolen whose hundred and fifty people right Stalin said. One death is a tragedy million deaths. As a statistic ran, it sets in it. It does, but like that. So if you're, you know
like in her case she might say. Well, I was in line to anybody any know those people right out people sending me money, they obviously they can spare it. You know, and I need it and you know you can make. Sort of excuses, because you not talking directly to the person you fucked Ryan S right, whereas when and it's the same thing in the legal system, you get minimum mandatory sentencing in us all. These people are gone away to fuck in prison for fifteen years the life. For and the judge is like dude sitting right in front of me. I know I can see this person is an individual. He doesn't deserve this right, you know, but because its institutionalized, I have to do it, and so I really think of it as long as we're living in these massive societies, where we can, only dealing with people. We dont know in any personal way. There's all Can it be that sense of emptiness and and the abuse of trust? yeah, I think, you're, a hundred percent right, I think,
we have a real hard time. Dealing with large numbers of people you hit. Is this weird detail? Each man, like I was saying about Jimmy Norton lived in this box with a thousand people it he doesn't know. There's this and all I want to get back to this we're talking about early about New York. After the twin towers gear, we film fear factor in New York, and I think it was two thousand and two or maybe two thousand and three at the latest, and it was palpable how friendly but were and then what a change it and made and what a sense of community we had a woman who is with us who may or may not have smoke. Some of my weed and she was one of the crew and may or may not have been ready for some of my weed and black to help us actually fainted on the street- and we had a catcher like we were all sitting around a mighty goes only you, maybe allegedly s at that and we went outside and she she literally lost consciousness. So the fireman came and
when the fireman came over? First of all, they could have been more friendly, and you know they were really nice to her and anything, but the amount of love the fire. We're getting from people on the street like wave into them. Hard can add, you know like set, is yell and shouting nice things across the street. You know somebody else. Some about love first responders, some some along those lines and they waved them, and there was like this. This field of appreciation and comrade, I think, about the american soldiers going into France. Yeah world were to the mantle of air again: oh yeah yeah. I am and yeah save us from this fuckin har. Here I mean it's real life, yet the thing. Then we can go through an entire lifetime without ever really experiencing real life. We don't see death, I mean an army dead bodies, you ve seen, but you know I think my grandmothers, the only dead body I ever saw and I get a kiss her on the fuckin lips, which was pretty creep. I summit, grandfather same centre, a situation, Jim
you know this mortician ask him: Kate led Caitlin Dodi. She would be a funny guess for either meat or just a hanger she's like a hip young sexy, mortician gonna, show called ask of more Titian. That's like gets hundreds of thousands of a hip young sexy mortician. Ask mortician, ask that sounds yeah. I had her out on. Unlike podcast, she was fantastic cheese. She's just fascinated by death and She she's pretty hot. She's hot from mortician. But still so we now alarm for two a dot man. Can it really be what she said I mean it's really cool because you'd other thing is we come to these moments in our lives where we have to face death and we get some creepy dude in a bad suit. You know selling as overpriced by the way,
What's going on with the twelve thousand dollar hermetically sealed stainless steel coffin, what fucker. We saying with yeah we're saying we're ripping you off yeah we did as a good line on that because, as one of his buddies any went to school with his foot my own funeral power, then There are pre open about what a rip off it is and how they scam you and how they get you in the period. We are in great grief and they say you know, wouldn't you like to represent you family in a very beautiful way we can offer this fantastic walnut line. Coffin is the finest Valori interior fine is lower, and now this people or their there they don't want to feel bad. There not taken care of their loved ones, so they spend insane amounts of money and then there's the scam where, even if you want to cremate someone, you still have to combine the body, so they have them on the body prepared for preservation and are then arming, Caitlin
I talked to others. That's America, nobody else and bombs by really yeah, there's always take out the blood put in toothpaste. That's America nowhere came from where civil war really because they want to do so. Many guys are dying in their families, wanted to bury the body back home on the farm UNESCO. I died down in you know. Wherever Georgia, they have to get the body back to pencil, vain YO, it's gonna write. In our case is going in a wagon behind a horse or something so that's for me. They started the embalming thing, so they could get the bodies back home and it is they just often became an american tradition and it became also one of those things where becomes part of the system. You now once once that something is in the system re. It becomes an issue words really difficult to change that it becomes it's like well, one on problems with making drugs illegals like Balkan. What about all these people that make their living off arresting people for drugs? You know, and that's one of the main issues with as far as lobbying is concerned, is put
he's got a prison guards. Union prison guards Union spent a lot of money to make sure that certain drugs remain legal or illegal in the companies that make these private prisons. As you know, the state has to guarantee them a ninety percent occupants some other bodies- oh my god- that so fuckin crazy. A funny example of that is in Spain, funny but less tragic. I guess, example in Spain they ve got an industry of dubbing. Films in tv shows Sola It's really advance. So, like the guy, who does Woody Allen always does Woody Allen Spanish people associate that voice with Woody Allen and apparel. He's a real art form right, whereas in Portugal subtitles it everything's, been subtitled forever, so there's no tradition of dubbing business dubbing industry in Portugal, Singapore Everybody speaks English. The guy checking you, you know taking your man, the gas station speaks English because he
Rob watching american programming with portuguese subtitles hearing the vote of the voice. Speaking English right just pick it up, Spain, nobody speaks so people like me. Go there make a lot of money teaching English because they ve got this. But dubbing system, so they're, probably like two dozen three dozen people make a living doing this there, completely fucking the entire country. Just so I dont lose their jobs. That's fascinating! Hundreds of millions of Euro spent, if not billions, on english classes at it's completely unnecessary, just whether those thirty guys who make a living dubbing, then everyone will have to learn English when they want to learn, because no other group watch you get on tv and hearing wow that's wild yeah, there's a lot of weird things like that: we're something becomes a part of the system and even though its illogical, it just remains because his agitation horrid right in front of the according ass folks are now explain that way.
Let the keyboard the delay out of the keyboard. The placement of the letters is the way it is because of frequency of use, and and so they tried to space the letters out so that you wouldn't hit two letters that were to each other that were the arm came up on the typewriter so that the arms would tangle. So they right and make it so that the arms that came up would be spaced out, so they laid out the keyboard that way so the very inefficient way to have a keyboard, because it's not it's upon the demands of a machine that no longer exists, it's not based ease of use right, I mean really that's a metaphor for society in general. As what I've been saying, the whole time you know, like the interest of the corporation. The interests of these institutions super the interest of the person? so people. I say to me when I get into these arguments about human nature, like you: have it we're peep
we can decide. You know we can the free world the idea, but you you do want a shoe, that's more or less shaped. Like a foot If your shoes strays too far from the shape of a foot, you're fucked right yeah, and so the other keyboards a good example of they made one. That's like yeah, yeah yeah, there's a much more efficient key lay out, but the problem is, you would have to First of all, you have to change your key. You have to bring it to a place and get it done or you get up. If you have a an actual external keyboard, you can. And learn it, but it's really weird and you have to re, learn. Yes, there's this vast! The address is like I can type pretty goddamn fast and I have to look at it. Do it like why I'm talking to you is, as I feel, those little knobs on the Athens J M good to go, but I know where the system is a no everything s. Apparently, though, it's not the best way and the other way is like, statistically quite a bit faster psychic. Esperanto, when, as
moronto. Is this some like that, an artificial language that was invented. I think late nineteenth century Knotty box, do you know that I on way resume? I have these. Bottlenecks to English translator, that's good! Well, I have been paid, really, is been paid to translate from ebonic stainless steel like that lady on the movie airplane sized, because this friend of mine was how much do you paid for that? I got pretty heavy whatever is backwards teaching English in Spain as lunar Barcelona friend of mine was spanish. Woman was a translator for an independent film festival that they have every year in Barcelona called Edit, and so she calls me I've been. She says he Chris Hum. Do you do you understand black people and I thought she meant conceptually again Beverly some euro. Whatever
Much as I understand anyway she's they not only the way they talk. I go we're. I wonder the story was the tat year, the films were all about the original bebop guys the origins of hip hop in Brooklyn in the seventies I S and Delta blues men, and so these spanish translators, who spoke English very very Well- would listen to these dude and they couldn't understand what they were saying. So they had we come down the first. They had called a black eye, but he was british and he didn't understand them Then there lay well than our white guy, but he's american. So I might I was the good and sit there next to a translator, watches dvd with the pause thing. I just you know pause. You know the due to be like yeah we're. My crib and is like a stop. Anything went back to his apartment, containing. I didn't even have to translate it into Spanish. I also was the in House editor and translator for the biggest porn company in the world. Low private in the house translator and editor
So you have to translate american porn to ain't. To Spanish. I tried again what a pretty did in a job was translate from bad English due to better English. Because had someone else who would like do the rough translation and then unlimited email me the documents and I just had to go through and clean it up. Funny things like, for example, german tale. The word tail refers to penis So remember one of the first ones I was translating it was like for some hard core porn magna. And there were two dunes wagon, hell yeah and one of the duties of the woman, looked at the deeds and was it was like you guys have nice tails his tail and Iceland whoa wait a minute in English Tell you another woman. It's completely different bay without was there was a weird gig, Thou hast, thou as the gig that strangely enough led me to meet Paulo Kwairyo, the brazilian writer?
him. Now he wrote the alchemists like I've heard of that selling book in the history of humanity. But what is the alchemist about? The out missed? Is this sum is story about the private prodigal sign. It's it's. What Joseph Campbell called the hero with a thousand faces right, it's a geiger born in some Spain, has goes on a quest goes through. Northern Africa meets all these care actors in their given challenges and tests and things, and then he goes through the task. Any goes back home any finds the treasure he was looking for all the time right. The audit, its range story: it's not a good we're recommending it it just sold more books than any books in the Bible. Really, yes, a vessel Y all acquire yours and industry Legato books, are, there will be a Paulo Kwairyo stand with, but the not good books. There is a new age bullshit you! Now it take
the oldest story in the world: retails it and calls it new love makes a lot of Dante. May do there's this knowing that something's wrong and searching for an answer and finding one that has the most mystic qualities attached to it says: do it's bullshit, isn't it is You know Jamie and Swiss. The magician now as interviewing homies is like that. The world's most famous close up magician he'll. Do shit in front of you on a table that will blow your fucking mind anyway. He said the worst. He said: smart, p What are the easiest to trick really yeah Is there their produce their attention is predictable. You know where they're gonna look, you can pull their attention where you want there well trained kids, really tough, because kids look were, there was to look back and he said
he hates doing magic for new agers because they already believe and all his bullshit. I already believe Crystal Savior that data. What I do is it really go to impress you it's like yeah, it's like selling fake state mentally handicapped people. Here, there's no challenge. Will you do an answer? Us kids, like what Bernie made off? Did that's goddamn, scam very fast, kids. Gammon, probably allow satisfaction, tricking trick, noticed really smart people to give your money but is also very simple right now, just hellerman with more money, more money, you know it works for even the people are looking at the numbers. Countesses fuckin. This doesn't make any sense, like Britain many common framework to forming any sense. You can't do that. Can someone is not greedy through right yeah? those frugal and smart and conservative the garden. This does not seem like it makes sense I'm gonna get out. I don't need it, but Spielberg. Listen, I'm telling you guys. Can we? Twenty percent of my investment of so many people ass money with that guy too, like big, big, big people, lots of fuckin money money,
yeah. I was working in the eighties after Alaska, they went there two years and then I got this job and the dye lived ever Toullier. What to summers? I worked on menaced cannery the first year and on about the fish Kanner salmon here. We do. How did you know they boil efficient and is China Cuba on how man it was it was and it was very intense. I worked in a keen I've, keen eye packers, still remember and respect lived in my tent upon the bluff. You live in it the early summer, Yo Yo. Individual ten August big tent we're bunch people with just light and now you're circus knows it was a three men, geodesic dome tent and at one point we have eight people in there haven't yeah. That was pretty fun in the rain. We all had to sit with our legs over each other. You know
circle and were passing the wine in the joints around in a circle, cow and plain footsie does the first time I ever saw anyone lighter fart. There was such work going on in my life. I've never seen that ass. I started a video I mean I know does did eliminates the stink shells the methane right yeah end, but I saw is living. There said the way that the way it works is the fish come in and you know you can get jobs because when the fish come in, they have to process the rag fast because they riding so come in They go through this. If they come off the boats they go through. This machine is big clanking. Did you note machine that they called the chink? I thought Call the chink is like trying to change change in danger and when I asked one of the four men he said, I know it's called the chink, because Chinese used to do our job Amity
wise to rip off the head and get the yes much of it. As is possible. So there The fish go under these conveyor belts and they come down the slime line. Where I was. I was a slight monkey the first year, so you stand there. You ve got to pay in cold water sprang on a cutting board, you're wearing rain gear your plugs because it so loud. Yet a knife in your hand, gloves and just getting official day you you're getting what the chink mess sometimes at MID, missed everything sifted take off the head, the Finns get the God's gift bloodline off the spine in the back and then you can. It on you put all that guts all that stuff into a shoot which I later learned is goes into: tanks that are sold to pharmaceutical companies, because the fat from what the internal organs and ahead of the salmon is the base for a lot of cosmetics. In any other than the fish assuming the fishes in diesel
condition goes under another conveyor belt, and then it goes down into the canning section. Where chopped and placed in these Kansas chapter, I did you have lived some really crazy adventure see you ve had a pretty wild and and broad life. Why was the point Ryan? I wanted? I mean when I was twenty. I was like you know, Fucker gonna, die someday. But it's so romantic tat. You actually like engineered that you know a lot of people don't in others, so that maybe they have a rich, crazy life, but as because there are now a hawk and their rights. Like you made a conscious decision to have this event. Yea was definitely intentional and immediate. Help that I didn't want to have kids so that removed that whole area of of problem. For me, it also helps to my parents were sort of upper middle class and really good people, and they were like
The only thing my dad said what that first year in Alaska call it I said: look I'm going I'm going to Japan, I'm just like forget college. I'm I'm alive you also The time I discovered ass it by health? No wonder her connection. Maybe my dad was like look Chris. You know our support you in anything. You do, but please, for me, go back to school finnish get! You D cause it's gonna, be so hard to go back later so. For my daddy, really to this day, that's like the only thing he's ever stepped in and said. Please trust me on this. I would Back to school, but I said: I'm not gonna live in the dorms, I'm not because I went to the school full of rich, spoiled assholes George Bush's niece, was in my class the air to Spalding Fortune was in life, so I lived in my tent in the woods. That's also hear dude, I love talking you man somewhat,
We're out of time, but we can do this whole day- is a hundred times a year. You gotta gig tonight. Yes, yes, where thyself and sold out, though so go fuck yourself. Folks, turnabout, take it to a tough shit. You knew you lose. I was get asked for one you can get in ITALY that come on Son landline rose, pedal, listen look if you like you, look at that nickel each other routes, pedal and think about breastfeeding. On planes, listen skin man, anytime Duncan, and here I was trying to log Duncan who knows we will will talk about that appear here, Dung Indonesia, little guy, I definitely below it came on. We will have been doing that more lately have an couple people on what we had Brian Cowen and Tom Roads on last week had Dan Carlin annually Bilali. That was really fun. So what do we do plainly always apply religious ex don please by go by two fuckin fantastic book, and if you think about
breaking out, but the relationship at a push over the edge of player that that extra push you might need if you're in a bad one be free and they go fuckin with no underwear in Alaska. Hey. We will see you tonight. If you want to come down to be tonight. Is Red Ban Matt, full Tron, SAM Tripoli, Brian Cowen, Dahmer, rare and me you can have a hell of a show was supposed to be great Fitzsimons, but unfortunately he has to pick up his mom at the airport, but Gregg will We hear on the pod cast this Friday. So we have a good time as well and Gregg as a new special out tonight. Two on the way home from the Irvine Improv couple months ago, and it's really if I can find it really good stuff, So we will see you soon, my friends, mad love to all of you, thanks to carbonized for sponsoring the pod task, go to carbon night dot com type in that offer code, J, R e for a free trial, thanks also to tat, go to Rogan, DOT, teen dot com and save yourself. Some money on an awesome company accounts
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