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#425 - Phil Demers

2013-12-04 | 🔗
Phil Demers is a former Marineland employee turned truther, also known as the Walrus Whisperer.
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I d murderers are filled. The Mercier he's gonna talk to us. We're gonna learn some shit. We're we're needs the bottoms. Thanks, fill those wars The job will gain experience, so the young man retards right now filled tumors I heard about you and on Twitter on the internet. People were contact me about Europe. Situation where you you're an animal trainer right. I was, I was and what you were an animal trainer, one It tells you story, teller, what what regard to this point of controversy? could take a while ago were you Don't worry it's interesting shit! Why the heartless aside what how I became an animal trainer. Ok, Twenty two years old, actual school for broad,
cast engineering. I want I had. Aspirations are recording bands and touring with bands would ever be. As any confused twenty two year old pump would be and then search it one day. Then our crews around these give me the old you gotta get jobs and shit. A lot of money from education which ultimately became a free download about six months later, like we're Talkin, two thousand right so and Sun article in the paper you, be a marine mammal trainers assistant, and I thought that's that's all the great job. I can see a bucket sword do whatever it is to the people who are in trainees animals by anything I get the job apply for the gig, and you know what size boot DE, where both nine
at this job and I wasn't getting that marine mammals trainers, assistant job. Wasn't your usual scrub. Buckets everything in their power to encompass that? But I should a training. Animals really quickly run off the hop right of the hard their teach you how to do it teach you how to do now. Is there a science to train these things reserve? Is there like, like nice, methods or more cruel methods is out. I've heard of some of the method used to train workers as car disturbing in others. Locked them and pens together and get him really tightly group DOB, whether cant do anything. They don't feed freedom unless they do their tricks, that exist in just about every up, creation of animal training, but that's not the perspective that you exercise of that. They train you when they train you to train animals. It's about positive reinforcement so for animal does something that's a desire behavior, for instance, you reward them for that.
In that there's the subtle nuances of if they're not doing what is your asking you dont reward them So that's where you that's! Where the other and then there's of punishment I mean there is. There is all of that. All that existed in training historically, but Trainers now and in the art of training of training, animals is more positive reinforcement. Just so, you learn all of that. After harp and any other day, there's one you know, there's one variable and its fish sought other reinforcement or ultimately deprivation and was all things that you learn and our effective tools So you need both he's a train like an organ orca You develop a relation, but the ark. The orchids learn really quickly. I want to do this because I'm being reinforced for doing so, it's simple as that. That's you ve gotta run without you devote that language that becomes an understanding between Stacy
the years as grow this this relationship the animals no and analysing the animals. I worked with every one of my never met a single animal that there was an incredibly like good natured, just really good and really wanted to please some very difficult to train orca, especially when applying the Pasok reinforcement. So that's the case, and how does it happen that you you hear stories about like these? being corralled up and small cages with or small pens with a bunch of, unlike stuck right next to each other and how they deprive them of food for punishment like that bullshit nano, that's actually not bullshit, that's. How does it happen? I think we're we're talking about something to happen. A lot like a long time ago. Rather it is a system amalgamate ouch or turned into you know that the more the past of reinforcement. Aspect, but when you look at that you're, trying to suggest the negative reinforcement asked of it, where hey you're dead. Being bad something to shove you over here? This will be more of a circumstance where you can
positively reinforce animal for doing something because are not doing anything that is desired by design of the positive reinforcement technique, So what is going on here and you're, avoiding inadvertent I avoiding you're, not rewarding you're, not feeding your withholding food. So this is a lot of talk of us. It is a lot of talk to try to answer one simple question: why that they put them in a pen likes Sean next to each other. I'm gum really confused welling. What situation would they be emulated? I'd anyways. I would urge you saying they don't do that anymore. That's that's because what I have read about them tree, like when the big things if he were complaining about, was that they would all these animals into these pans and put him next. We each other in these tanks, and they really had no room to move, and I want to fighting each other. Sometimes, tidy tanks in all facilities have different size. Tat so options to mixer divide animals or whatever so, and that they would deprive them of food, depriving the animal food that
work in the sense that, if you hadn't animals and one environment, you want him to go in another place where the emerald didn't want to go. You can't reinforced that animal if it's not going through that gate. So ideas as you're gonna. Try to coax that animal through positive sort short short steps in this these approximation than you reinforce each approximation. Eventually they go in you're reinforcing them you're, giving them that reward for going through. But if they're not going through, you carry enforced So it's actually it's deprivation. In that sense, what does it feel like to train something that you know is probably misunderstood and really smart, a killer, western orca probably pretty misunderstood by most people. I thank absolutely how two percent there super intelligent creatures rang like it's hard to. I don't like that it's hard to call them and animal just because the others definition whatever that is of animal, and there is in stark contrast between humans and animals in whatever it is whatever that definition is
when it comes to sentient and intelligent beings. There's no contrast between humans and and I want to see animals as a whole because they have best interests they have. You know they have objectives I'm not sure that there is conscious of those objectives. Maybe they are. How do we know What we know about brain size and we know about how much activities going on, and I say so. You say to a certain extent about some annals. What look at it its eyes and Tommy's like thinking about poetry? Ok, maybe he's looking to dolphins eyes, and there is a big difference differences in making eye contact with marine mammal there's something about them. They're, very smart, very smart, the very smart, a weird way like where its what's going on in there like? That seems like almost like a person, a weird outfit mutual aware for sure is: the most fucked up aspect about places where they they have them and tanks, because it seems to me that that's like we're going to watch slavery. We want to watch slavery of an animal that we don't
we don't understand what they're saying, so we think it's ok, just lock them up. That's a perspective that your capable of exercising, but when people are sitting in further tv and they watch that jingle come on or whatever and you'll see, we'll jingle Canada Jingle, hey, that's fine! They go there, they block or a lot of things. They paid a lot of money to be there for there to be detained there to be happy? They shut their brains off to a lot of things. You know, maybe there's an inclination for. Second, that's must operate there, but I think that they are. The day there looking to be entertained and they get that music in the split splashing got wet. Hey, I'm happy, I'm Goin home happy my kids up. What is something weird about wanting animals do are bidding this, something weird about does dog shows those dogs shows aren't just about how cute you dog is those dogs shows about your dog being just on fucking point listening you every step of the way being completely trained. Stop only stop prancing. When you tell the prance that stupid
That doesn't mean anything like bears bouncing Fuckin ball on the Tipp of their knows. That is amazing either, but it didn't get me a bear. The can write a bike bouts of ball upon his head. I'm gonna make a millionaire a bunch of assholes out there that once it is stupid, fucking bear do some shit that any normal person can do it. Which we raise an affinity for for almost four that dominance to exert dominance on young people dare to humans every single day, as well as certain with animals? When I meet animals, dont speak English, speak any other language that matter, but they do speak their own and they can express like hey like. Maybe let me out of here speaking language, and that something that is really hard for people to understand is a difference between some sounds that animals make. That would it the case that there is some sort of communication going on and a pure language dolphin Wales or because they have a language like this. It's not as small as a few grants, and it's so
complex and weird, and it's so sound based. We can in decipher it. We have, de as that they're saying the same thing, but there's dialects there from different areas where they do it like they did so complex that it's like our human language. Just we don't understand it, and we can. Crack. It because of that, because you can hear the screams we put him in these fuckin tanks. Really dark, because we don't consider them to be intelligent because they can manipulate things with their fingers, because they build housing is just walk out the camp walk out. They can get out there in their world in the world. The ocean, you dont, need some. You don't need any that, in fact, we would be like terribly designed for the ocean. We are forced to become marine animals thing the change radically and quickly or the placement of our air Hall is a fucking stupid place. The way works stupid. You can't really cool
is it good, candy fat? It can't be fat cabriolets. You can't be lazy. Gotta move twenty four hours a day, barely eating really sleep right, where they they sleep while there in motion I wonder if just the pure instinct, survive and in May limiting one. Languages, species language isn't more genius than having such an elaborate like language, could almost wonder if we don't communiques as effectively as we could, because we know tat damn words like you know how much languages expressed in it Are you see each other and how we? You know Well, then, all the things that we ve invented that we have the name and then the interaction of those things in places that we ve invented like cities and aeroplanes in cars, all those things that we ve invented I'll, take on a whole new school, a vocabulary and their own. Yes, for ridiculous John Lennon said like imagine a world with no borders, no, nothing, I think, he's a matching. The landed the orchids really, nor is it a land of, but essentially jeez envisioning an ocean here, but he also married Yoko honour that it was a silly birch.
I know a lot of people are big javelin fans, it don't wanna meant that, but come on son you get it. Everything that guy says with a grand saw. I showed my girlfriend like a video of Yoko. No she's, like I don't even know Yoko Honour, does that the Hellenic scream yeah. What's this amount as Yoko strange? that's not good The sound of orchids is probably for a lot of people, like your gone under water for the Erika. Ironically, you know that Canada Maybe a journalist was onto something that the amount of yours you just had a weakness. There was we have witnessed so why? I do think that there is going to come a point in time where they will be able to soften dull, decipher dolphin language and realize, like what you do is in prison in humans.
There is a centrally just as bad as if we found a group of blue people. They were, they were people, but they were blue. Put him in a can. We can understand a word. They said they would talk like Davos, make crazy noise that we couldn't live but clearly talking to each other. Just decided to put him in blue people. World you'd be rich, quick yeah mean we would do that I would be a little harder to sell because they look closer to us because of fingers and shit, but You could just realized that a dolphin is probably just like them the mind of a person or maybe even weirder. Maybe even mean a more intense and a lot of ways, this rural motor tax, more emotional. Third, there, the base other languages and there and there being that source such social animal and such like long and and deep she'll structure. Social dynamics fan bond. So deep that again, the day. It's like this hasn't yonder the answer to wonder, if they're more by far more urgent and more like sympathetic than we
because that's what we lack is we're. We're Dicks Malone is without doubt one of the interesting things. Is the dolphins? Don't really kill people except in captivity, something online? Somebody robot turn out to be total bullshit, but I was kind of funny that a guy said that dolphins used to kill He bore up until World WAR two because in world war to the fighter pilot started using not dolphins but orchids. Sorry using orchids as tiger Practice and the org is realise our we ve got enough fuck appealing at the end of the war I got out, and now they don't kill people anymore. It sounds hilarious, but it turned out to be bullshit. But ass if it was true, such that smart did the the point is like they actually could do that and they The people were shooting people, they probably tell each other a bit like a man you here, that's that's out street I've go under the Yom. I mean it's did the relationship that we have with them, is very bizarre and we're gonna be incredibly embarrassed if we find out what their actually say. In one day
We realise what we ve done. All these people going to slave world, you gonna slave world. You know my slave. Do flips. I've been privy to lake, probably some messages that I know it be beaten. The shit out of even more than the chicken have already taken since having new left. I saw what you mean, while the idea that, if you're listening to it, if we decipher what the dolphin saying I mean I'd have to do some, I had to do some things which offers the speaker we just for a second ok. My lawyers advice so. Let's assume that I agree and often comes into. Let's call it an elderly dolphin, a real old male dolphin comes in cities has been captured in obvious aspen capture just been captured, who knows a month before low. He was out in the while his whole life its whole life, old man, wise old man, comes in with a group of about six seven others, mostly young, really aesthetically pleasing animals, and this one just is not prepared to stomach the life of captivity and
So what are you resort to? You start force feeding them right. So again, just hypothetically drop the poor, the waters down to nothing again, shit and dolphins, green, so they're not train they their turn and you're having to go down there gravitational rapidly. Its rostrum, which is the under their knows there that face open it up, start Cramond frozen fish in there message: do you think that dolphin was pride trying to tell me so imagine if I can just imagine a point like just to go backwards. About decipher the language I can imagine what I'd be processing in effect if they were, if the if they were able to. Communicate of language to language understanding with humans. That's dark, shirt and tough. Away again, that's part of your life. I mean It was part of my letter, but that's like everybody. Does it if you if you're, if you're a trainer like that is something we have to do something. That's not even the worst of day
That's his party life. You lay protein drivers who take it, how you wrap it around dolphins, face opening up new stuff frozen fish in their trick him alive start injecting Actually, no one ever says: hey may maybe she'll let this guy go Well, when you're Niagara falls, Canada, there's isn't really know where that you can let them go. I mean, really sick animals, though? was that we brought in from the Black Sea where's the blacks in Russia Russia's where's there's a lot of trade in Russia. We live as we speak. Have some wild caught org. Is that the cotton last like a month or two in the Roma with two of which in fact, are being sent to suit or to Moscow to be displayed in Sochi. Olympics tough, wildcard, fortitude and that those are slaves. Those are slaves, they really are their slaves. That would do tricks that have to do tricks Tijuana. I mean I don't say if they want to live, but yeah, that's what it boils down to your dear tapping into their their survival mode. Read this thing about
does that the cerebral cortex is forty percent larger than a human beings. Like that's something's going on in there. You know whether it's what we like to think of his consciousness or whether at some sort of an alternate state that day we can appreciate because they live in the water, but whatever it is theirs intelligence and it seems really Falcon crew and short sighted, that we lock them up. There's a scene in black fish where you see a group of boat, a pot of about five or six workers nor hunting, a seal and in it This woman named lorry Marino, whose a neural scientist she sang it civil or what we ve where we ve come to learn. Is that there are able to exercise a mind as as one gets, singular consciousness between the group and in the scene, the seal sitting on a little ice flow. Little tiny ice pad the work come in. All five simultaneously. Baboon like this,
this side of the iceberg and any other than in the waves or goes over, and they should the seal over starting from serious intelligent when you start talking collective consciousness as a singular, conscious tokens of some deep sharing, the plan that out in a way that a lot of people would never figure out simultaneously as one and it appears that one is leading the show the restaurants system shut down there, just going in as it is like an army, a one yeah and their communicating, while they're doing this their organizing. This communicating the irony I had shut man. I had shut shut off as soon as they were talking about the dorsal fin collapsing, because They don't use them could send out their fuckin using of swimming and adjust operate. So I'm in all that weight of that cartilage is just gonna overtime. Going too
second remarked I used to scratch. Candy we had a big mail. That is, this was a mass of animal smaller than telecom, the one that's profile than blacklist based the scratch rate, underneath that that sort of curvature peel off the debts kid formerly been shaken. Like a man, hit hard, poignantly handfuls of dead skin. Why prerogative there, while that's crazy, but how did they normally get that? Would they rub off on rocks they? Wouldn't they went acutely that that skin I mean they're they're, costly, swimming costly, moving, so the weight of the war, the pressure the water, would keep that dorsal fin nation erect is because their doll that surface resting, there's no or for them to swim in it is not the poor than ever deeper. It then probably accommodate them. So with the people to work in these facilities. What the hell are they rationalize this? How did the first
that needs to be stressed, as these are not bad people people. These are people to go into these situations, assuming that this is not only like a socially acceptable thing. Business isn't just accepted. This is encouraged and and and celebrate- and I mean Seaworld was celebrated by the masses. If you will up until the lot that the release of black fish prior to that they control the masses of people, see that and there just like all my god. It's amazing, that's beautiful, an amazing. So when you're twenty two euro pump kid you're thinking hey, I want it a gig. Do in that that that's the cats ass job there you get the gig workin for someone? Will you twenty two years old? You need a paycheck and your parents about power you down for your lifetime, that you can get a good turn needle get job work is large. Can everything else so you're you're working for someone who owns this facility and you believe you're doing. What's what's your what's in the back interest of the animal you there to care for the animals. So you don't see the Dutch
part, you don't think. While I'm doing this, I don't put the atom where the animals there, such as their it's, it's great that there are people love that its there. This is this job other people like really want to get get the gig trinity the right thing. So it's up it's up people's event, the rationalizing doesn't come till you there for real. In time, we have to really sir rationalizing some decisions that are made. What you get closer to the upper echelons closer the brass, and you see the decisions are being made like Jesus, but should we be doing this? Instead? That's are questioning shit and I guess it takes a really good person at that point or the better part the people could week. We never master key people are facility that we are going through a lot of good people. That door was revolving in and out any decent. As part of that, is like being disenchanted part of it? like realising what you do in part is. If you therefore the right reasons, you really give a shit about those animals and it beat the shit out to you that the decisions are being made and you're the muscle of that decision, assistant being re, the muscle to execute it you're, just
whoa wait. A second we'll have to do that like that, because news making the decisions well experience with same names just so our position I mean I was. I worked for facility that was micro, managed by one man, who's been who's, been whose own enough fifty two years or she owns it. He wants to see young slave plantation. I can't say It's just that I hear launch a lot of one point: five million dollar suit against me. If I say that so you ve said I'm gonna get lost you for saying that. I think I should have, or are you a disclaimer? I dont think I should get sued for saying that slavery. I think you should have to prove that it's not well. If is super intelligent animals locked up and swimming pools What's he doing it's like slavery? If you got the money to see this process through the court, then you can then impose that on him, but if you don't have the money to defend in your more than attacked so so it's basically one person's decisions and in all the people who really care about the animals are, but he owns. Joint. He has all cash. He pays you
He pays you the beer, the food, but he makes the decisions and does he make decisions like? Does he have a background marine biology like? Does he make educated decisions? Are these financial decisions or like to how to how do I, the crueler aspects of the job manifests itself the problem with the horror I say the problem, but with me it's bids. I worked at a very unique is very few facilities where it's like one guy who owns it, whose in doing this. As long as it's hard to rationalize his decision making just me to put a big asterisks next to his knee, maybe other people- I don't know about the other day that obviously financial aspect to the decision making by do that, story about the dolphin opened his mouth and forced me. That's the stuff of nightmares. We had to treat harbour seals like that. Just think of what it must be like to be that animal to be knocked out your world at an elderly age and stuffed into this tank, where you know you're, never getting out well, there's
escape hatch you're, not gonna, double o seven, your way out of this and fuck and figure out how unjustly the door and make your way down the dark and jump in the water and swim to freedom. Specially Niagara falls my pretty landlocked aside from some freshwater but dolphins. Like a last long, there died. I try to rationalize it now. It really was only until after I left when I quit my job. I come out, and the first thing I did was I started petition the Ontario government. We need rules and regulations so that these animals live, at least in an environment that that does we're accommodating to them. I wanted greater out animal protection laws. This is this was the this was the avenue I went because they allow still disillusion to the fact that hey wait, a second delve deeper to the day, one of them landing in the pool or being in that in your possession. There's a history there go by there and see? What's happened there and suddenly, the more? I think about that. That's when you start taking the real chicken she you like wholly holy shit like this animals been through a lot it's been. Frickin lot, protecting it in captivity.
That's not really serving this animal allotted like you're, not doing this animal big service like you need polish. This altogether. So outside the campaign is Jane, especially with black fish. Come look at people known Alec this: it's not that not fun. It's not fun. It's just disgustingly cruel, like a whole lifetime, a shit for an annual. That's again, if you, if you could relate to it instead of separate yours. From sat looking at it as an object, be that for a second now try to be there animal for a lot longer than the second Java, sinister feeling pretty and wonder why we would expect compassion from aliens. You know I mean think about what we can do to some of the most obvious intelligent animals on our planet that were different from well guess what they are here's something come from another fuckin planet that has fingers and eyes and knows in front of its face and looks just like you, that's a fuckin wretch more mobile? Actually, it's gonna be just as bizarre to you as an org is to you and to view look at the way we treat orders why the
How can we ever expect anybody? Be nice us? I you the exercise, the analogy of of aliens with the younger too. This all the time I'd say, look we're aliens to these animals you need to. Make this animals environment as comfortable as possible, bearing in mind always we're aliens, just you know, I mean yeah that's part of relating to the animals, which is a thing like that you're just like we're. Second, I gotta serbian nicer costs if an ailing comes down, that I dont besides us, it's a stupid thing to say like to all those who join target border aliens again. But like automatically go goofy with it, but the reality has its. Actually, It's the right analogy, because we really are aliens in the world and were obviously supposedly intelligent were obviously intelligent, figure out how to get them when telling not out to figure out how to train them. Put him in tents, blueprint
Thanks, rather have all these people come to see. Him were obviously intelligent of the film them there's. They can tell there's a lot of shit going on that they don't do, but they ve got my God because her decks like why you holding onto me like we don't hold on it. We don't we, wouldn't we don't do that. We kill things, but we don't hold onto them. I think that's when the frustration level start boiling for these animals, because when their first there, when they first arrived here as a green animal, if there I mean the bottom line, is that depends if they're good candidates captivity they learn real fast, that ok, that's the hand of feed me like I want. I want. I want it. Developed this relationship, if you were, which is an relationship of like abiding by this person's rise right there good wild animals, neither ones that are just like the same. For me, the third there there cut now and there's nothing you can do I mean you pull blood from them. Use checked up, look, there's nothing wrong with them as animals, not sick. Why isn't it eating an days later Why is this? Animal dead did not want to be in captivity.
Starve themselves to death scene. It so many times why the will to live larceny like at that was always the most frustrating think from you make me fuckin cry: Every time I ever saw Watson animal lose its will. That was the most that that destroyed me. That destroy me. Take it over with God you're not gonna, find cause of death here they just stopped eating. So now, how does the the main guy deal with all this? How does a guy owns these joints? Let's, hypothetically! Ok, let's talk about any one person in particular, but there's a which these things out there there's there's this! These Seaworld type places all over the world right like said the marine animal places? What have you and calm the most difficult thing, you can try to do his rationalize stress in in my particular experience is the disease. Making that's going on up there. You just can't anything that you think is a good idea is a bad one. Do you come in wreck communication with the people on the place. I did eventually grounds Twelve years I mean I was by all means.
Up there and have you ever been there when these ideas expressed? Have you ever been in front of like any people that own these places and say hey, you know, We're doing is really fucked up. I don't have a job, nor because it was this I mean the fist that was going on when these this, were being made that ultimately lead to maybe like the slamming of the first would mean that decisions being made. You gotta do this. Ok, so that this is what we do. This is how we train out get out. My office say no lose your job. What was that I was the asshole who's gonna get fired, fuckin, it's a children's movie, it's like a movie yeah! It's like you know what I mean. It's like some who veil type shit, were you know you see this evil thing being perpetrated by someone who is just in it for money and not thinking about the the humane the whole thing twenty mention a week. We have Christmas, show we are putting together and these there's these brother,
that. Do these animated shorts and Canada, the other they're pretty well known anyway, they had produced. This video and they gave it to us, and the colleagues were like there should be greater showed during the Christmas show. Ok put it in the cartoon was of this old man who went and a wild maybe walrus from its mother, and you know what exactly those deck. It's done, of course, that the cartoons unless graphic, but then the polar bear. His ideas is gonna, have these two things dual and and and fight it out then, basically, the mother, mother Walrus, comes back and and the mother Polar Bear and they knew they get the bad guy. But showed that video during a Christmas show how much is going shit that reminds me, someone hypothetically hypothetically where its it. It's very sad that we don't have laws stopping this. I think that this fight a bohemian, that's what
the stink. I started along a while back. I think, there's something about the zoo too. I wrote a piece a long time ago about the zoo about being animal prison that I ate a pot cook him with the zoo once Eddie. Bravo, my friend Eddie he ate five grams of mushrooms allegedly and went to the zoo. Once said it was the most pressing thing he's ever seen is life. He said it was so sad like the reality of what the zoo is. Just was innocent but while the sadness of it all he had to get out of there, and I like that, after eight apart cookie aid apart cookie, I know what to do and I sat there. I there's a bit across from the chimpanzee enclosure. The Eleazer and I sat for, like half hour forty minutes starin at this one champ distress think about what his life is like? What is where words the did the wonder of the natural and natural world. Living in the jungle, the living off the land, doing what they ve done for a fuckin and million years or whatever the chimpanzees been around, that
the freedom and laughter, and they would one around fuck in each other and grab bananas and showed him and they live like ultimately, an almost and Adam and Eve type paradise opium and fit is for cheap pansies. Its veto pm me yeah, there's debt dangers, sure there's jaguars. Can you are we to start as insistently, sir? Protecting animals from other animal will? Not only that we have that same problem is a fuckin mount minded just photographed in not the Hollywood hills this week screw it. Isn't we already caught it and one point time working we caught, we catch, fuckin, giant monsters and we release and will be free monster, we're in your neighborhood, and we respect that you have to wonder like it took it, took a body like five grams of rooms, and you had one airport cakes with tempted to be able size that perspective of certainly liberating yourself all the bullshit, like the flashing lights, the knee on disasters. Everything else says why people rationalize cause they're, always a nun data with having so much that they can't just for a second sit down and stare at that
most eyes just first second, and if it scares you don't turn away because of, some people that are just firstly on of it that I just exercise too much attention which also this is the issue of it being near ready and What is there any sanction, see adults walking back and forth pushing strollers. It seems like it's ok and look I'm a hypocrite, because I take my kids as they love Zoo, then the young they they enjoy. Looking in animals and its fascinated to be, there live and see a giraffe like woe and to feed the giraffe. I get it now. I get it, but it's it's probably better. If we didn't have it it's, it seems like a fucked up thing. It is come from a deer hunter like hunting animals, I like eating animals. I've been mediator, my whole life, but I don't think you should like em up. I think should be free, I think, the wild animals. You know they are there. Something something magical and special about seeing something in the wild, something moving around living its life. This
something inherently sad about seeing something we took from the wild and then made it live in a city doesn't replicate that experience in any capacity. What's it now is not replicated like weeds, give a fuck we're just saying we don Quixote. I know what you like but get there. I want to say we used to not give a fuck, though, People are more. Where now don't do that Secondly, the physical huge paradigm shift like people are not interested in, seeing that no more it with every I think a lot of things I think, with life itself, I think were experiencing now, because the internet is a reality that never existed before a way of communicating that whenever existing that had never existed before- and I think the amount its changing us is happening. So rapidly- and it's so deep that we have a hard time understanding, what's really going on We're in the middle of a hurricane of information and its changing every single aspect is changing things for the good and for the bad at sea
these things and weird, whereas it said there's a lot of confirmation buys because of it. A lot of people are grouping up on online fun, like minded morons, believe the earth is hollow and that this fuckin a certain group. Maybe that live in the middle of it. You can find a message for with those people, believe you and then they'll go with you this was so this weird aspects to this, but that its solely inevitable aberrations, fuckin rolling, soon, army of of ones and zeros and information has come and our way, I think, on the whole, the larger, like demographic of people and not now at the tiny pockets, but there's probably some relativity between two tiny pockets end the masses. A pretty sick of it like yeah? Why don't, I don't think they think about it. For the most part, that's what you say is like because it's there
because, as was already there, you don't think about it could see whirls already there. You don't think about it. There, adults, IRAN, an answer I hi. How are you always assume their rules soon? There's rules and regulations and like all they must be doing something right because look, it's being celebrated the holy shit like that that looks kind of small, but they must know something we don't. So it must be perfectly clear: look to see world guy the director he so Friendly's waving and everybody you and be means dolphins to get him to jump while you're not mean to the dolphin, though this is a difficult like. This is the thing when you're that when you there, you don't think you're being made you being mean by plucking about hats, the second main, but asking to do the job and training them to do the job. You don't exercise that perspective, that you're being means. So I worked with a lot of the cereal browser in blacklist, and you know it is until after you see what that, whether sane and courts the things are doing you dislike awesome, leaves a nice guy manlike back it dick what kind of
in Corti. Talking about what lies, of course, lies allegedly lies, or we actually lies. Let's say: let's pretending we weren't even real people there tarantulas that are on trial, they guilty every one of them they claiming why? Does your ranch less demanding people at the end of the day there are trying to keep their business very viable, keep their news, tranches, Evan, aunt business. They run they train ants they give these answer do flips or they pay people very little money to train them. They pay people very little money transfers people there who are legitimately good. Animal carrying people who care for animals and ability to convince them that what to do good paler. Very little put you know that the system of oppression there, where you like. I said before this that hammer that fish comes down and you are now, you're, the muscle ideas here, you know like the idea but you're the muscle to execute it. Are these people,
Credible businesses, shit, you knew what I was up against agrifuels. Night falls not big place. If you knew what I was up against a nigger forcibly, is it profitable like? Is it did they yield a lot of influence and at every level of government and everything else, yeah, maybe what did? What did you do that you get in trouble for what happen? So I quit my job, Dan, I didn't get in trouble for that why'd you quit can do you couldn't do anymore. You desire to breaking point is built I had a break for long before I quit, and so the quitting was like amidst what was like the craziness after go beyond that threshold of breaking point, so yeah I got out so before you quit, you are making thanks. I big stinks, will you I was trying to keep from keep what was going on from happened from continuing trying to stop. I'm gonna fix another really big problem of black, glaringly evident that problem that
Everyone is saying that we have a big problem here: who's gonna see who's gonna fight to change this. You, start looking around. That's not happen, this avenues not exercising it, this one pretends to ready to exercise somethin, but. So then you got it. You d say, is very difficult for you to communicate this because of the the of going on so your dancing around stuff. Little bit, I gotta that's a little back when we train or yellow What's a trailer This for exclaimed like fish fissile trailer,
should the present. When you look into their eyes. You know somebody is home straight spiritual power not to be met with military Han Asia, where terrorism is the one that went after these senior trainer here had shambles samian. He captured what it means to be. A sea runs ringer and it made me realize what happened to her really could have happened to anyone in expecting somebody to be killed by telecom. We won t much about it other than it was strange. Didn't just happened: it's not a singular venture to understand this. Both the man to just the young ones, decision worse until it come around and see what he was twice as large as the next door. These whales, in what we call a module which was twenty feet across and thirty feet deep and the lights role turned out, probably lead the. What I think is a psychosis and have tabled here. All psychological. Just tell you about some for twenty five years. Don't you thinking dawn would tell you that it was hard mistake. They blame just a face like I was just the instruction to the day the industry has a vested interest in spending is itself a lot of Jammu dolls cells allowed tickets at the game is no record of an organ, doing any harm in the wind. The easiest watch that they should play that for the judge and the.
To go. Stop this fucking cases over this things not going to court its slap suit, its strategic lawsuit against public participation. He wants me broke, he wants me to not be able to get through this judicial process. Right after hop is really expect. But when you see something like black fish come out, that's gotta support your cause tremendously. I like to think of it. I can't lose situation like this thing has been built. The craziest momentum off the hop it was. It I mean, It's scary endeavour doing what we did being We are that scary Lydia Mobile, but does that mean doing what we did? What did you do? A newspaper? they found out the war sky quit his job.
They want to know why you were the wars, turn the worse, the dwellers train, among other things, some other things. They want to know why you pick up the phone and your amidst the scariest, the scarier parts of depression and do not touch you not touch. Now I got I got things to pay. It s like I'm, I'm not touch and that their situation scenario unfolds. Where suddenly you realize you have to touch that. Someone asked you, and so you pick up the phone and and fourteen other people for that matter. Wind up picking up the phone as nobody story started. Does this investigation continues the decision I made different than than other people, for instance, and I can understand and appreciate why they had their reasons. I'd do mine is to not user face an image. I said: go ahead,
its filled, immerse its filled, immerse who's. Talking to this newspaper, it now go ahead. Something has to be done. Newspaper prince front page shit get crazy. Doesn't last for a day or two, and what will you allegations what'd you? What did you accuse them of or what was the was the big revelation. Well, that. The facility. I work that animals were suffering was simple: declaring just base in reality, the reality of those well facilities. Every animal suffers in those places they suffer from a lack of freedom period right. Yes, this one doesn't accept this Exceptional case we had serious, short staffing issues over the years. I now watch that department like this one from the experience staff to like, what's goin on here, like what are we? What do we do two and then there was like a mechanical breakdown in the water disinfection units, a big one,
The water was nasty and instead dumping the water instead of addressing the issue over the course of the austrian merit, we closed You know we are only in operation for five months earlier than thereafter we're close the public to the so called for the so called so called. So then we have to admit that, the water disinfection unit breaks in say August September. We closed in like Toby when our November December January, its teeth were opening in May. This is bad. And the resolve just little histories farther the water disinfection you to go to a time when an ozone machine ozone the way it works. It works in conjunction with chlorine, it it. It allows free to use less chlorine, disinfect the water or zones out. What are you gonna taking to treat the water in a purse in less than rational person thinking persons mind. You may think it's a good idea to
put a shit ton of chlorine and a lot and repeatedly it really every when employees on around overnight, for instance- and this went on and has continued to go on and that's when I couldn't do it, no, I can't do this, so you knew these animals are basically being poisoned by other chlorine. The terrible water serious damage done? Lots of serious damage done Is there a movement at all to outlaw these things now, after something like black fish, so I petition the Ontario government to enact to create stronger animal protection laws which they just announced to throw. Five and a half million dollars a year, instead of half a million dollars to the arrest Pierre to to correct this issue, the oars pc is the the agency that well I don't have
the good things to say about them. I think we'll leave it at that for now, but this would buy. Hey, did there's an animal protection guide, I thing and that they handle orchids and dolphins. That's they don't they should I mean it's, it's they shouldn't that should be like we should, It should be. The department of humanity, in other should be. Gmail to get together and take a look at one of those things get close to. Okay, What are we doing here? This is where my efforts wet from animal protection and regulations and standards of care to abolish meant it's gotta go right in You can't capture any whales in your own water can't do it can get a promise can exist. You can from Russia you could buy from Japan any these. Dr Hans, these thoughts, similar the orchestra ships to Russia? They what you can catch, meanwhile bring em it to ship em down I'm trying to have that outlined.
You should not be over. Do that, Canada more and I work in my ass off made a big stick: Still only this far there, far being around the world and like it just you anyway, people listening you like not very far. Doesn't it doesn't take long for a government, someone else to say finish. What are we talking about? We talk about jobs and in your gun, you're in a back seat, the bus again, where the backing Elect caregiver sort, on my way back up, humming I get make us think again and I suddenly plan which comes out stood when Telecoms as Angelica Tillman Telecom killed that lady the trainer, the sawdust freak out about it like this disgusting beast, they should kill I think it was. It was fascinating. He was, I don't know where he was from was from another country, but he was talking to his friend about it. And it was interesting to watch. It cite some. Some people perspective you so off like this. This is like some Parana in there that's eating people. That thing is
looking of fishes eyes promises. You know it by looking at a Budweiser bottle, they're fucking, idiot everyone. Flatfish said the same thing that telecoms nicest orca ever I knew can do big mail. I knew Ike the concern we had telecoms until Seaworld, actually success. We soon Marilla to have him remove We can do that. They know what they know. How do they do that, how they separate them from their children? I guess I was an amazingly beautiful animal good natured, he was gonna, kill someone. He was gonna, kill someone wow what now now this deerlike regulation on how small the the tanks, conveying we got nothing. Can there. If you, Listen! If you ever heard of some illicit memorial should I needed Anita, really a high pancake just come in Ontario dig a hole. I know couple guise of tobacco. A whole will fill it with. Whatever you want, I got. The contacts in Russia got you'll call them your a couple. Dolphins were thrown in their boom. You're monies
and you have to worry about anything, these all regulatory bodies, there's no import laws. There is nothing. It's it's. The wild wild West is there like. That's incredible is their other new ones that are being made now they're making like anew not often world, while in Toronto they actually just opened the rippling aquarium, They have sharks, they ve got other. Sharks, and I don't give a fuck about where they ve got animals. What will you have the sort of wonder like what's what the the environmental impact of actually getting those shark is something very like that that that seems pretty shitty yeah, will no doubt we're fucked in the ocean. There's no doubt about that, and I am with you on that, and you know I'm even with you on the idea of, like I don't think I have a problem with sharks at an aquarium. I seem swimming around, they get fed. I think they're stupid you there. Killing machines and it doesn't really bother me. My problem is with things that are thinking, but that exact perspective that you're exercising right now we may vary
we'll find out otherwise and fifty years been a holy shit. What we're doing the sharks like their mad geniuses? We must thank the who knows. Maybe, but it doesn't seem like this any natural advantage to them being intelligent. Their basic needs Is swimming stoning machines, the parasol they're doing I mean obviously joking around I'll think we should make sharks extinct and I do that the impact that we're having on all marine life is pretty profound, it very disturbing and not that disgust and occasionally you'll see an article on line about the garbage packs and the Pacific and then the several other patches they found. Although the country of the world rather with, as these whirlpools generate these areas where there is a massive, can cut, condensed garbage and play Stick and Gyre they're called huge picture: Cicero, Texas, size debit. You know our islands are filled with shit. Anyone decisive reading up on that, then what happens? Is the right wing media sorted comes into just like
the lever. These guys are all activists exactly. I've heard that in a have conversations online with people about that, without looked not that big, a deal thought that big, it's you gotta realise the perspective the oceans norm, its size attacks. This man he's an area the size of taxes as little pieces of plastic phone around in silence and expert, and it's like a goop. Apparently it's like the lot of the Plaza sword. Dissolves. This weird consistency in animals eating your opening up these animals and Saint Plastic Figurines leg army figurines in them, like that's, pretty, carries out. Trusses lot of their mother. The mother albatross doesn't know the plastic gears and thinks that some kind of food, so she feeds the babies, and there was this one island that is uninhabited by people, but it's a major out for these albatrosses. In this fight. For one over there and took all these photographs of albatrosses can hear that obviously always photographs of albatrosses with plastic inside of their bodies, so that in the nests,
Let it go you don't care, what's also the same thing as zoo. It's it's always been there. There are no the person that sees this, and if you look away immediately as it scares you are causes concern than how you know you're gonna, go you don't care well. It's all the same thing as zoo. It's it's always been there. You know there's always been garbage in the ocean, whatever whatever it's, not my responsibility to fix this. Someone out? There is a real grown up somewhere, there is older than mean wiser and has the role of the head of the Department of fucking. Keep in fish alive and he's going but together that's the perspective that exercise the second. Anyone even thinks about going to these
as we know that place where the people who know what they're doing are doing that thing that we all love- and that is our sums. Let him do their job fill. The guys are trying to keep the wasn't finance. No one would even give a fuck about workers, the Japanese be killing them making sandwiches with dolphins. They got away with it for a long time. They control the message. Now the sun with you, like you, say the binary digits, the information that the information superhighway we're all learning the our learning. So what happened to you so get there you you do you do this? They do this story. You tell everybody what the fuck is going on. When does the lawsuit happened and what is the lawsuit? Alas, it doesn't happen for a bit the lawsuit first of the four, thing they do? Is they make it very difficult? For the allegedly I mean that's a little now geisha they allegedly make things very difficult for my girlfriend has been working for twelve years as well: she's, actually kissing The loan orchids head trainer and thinks are becoming really difficult for her. She still worker no in the off season. They they fired her fast. They had do. They had to
it was causing them a lot of money for information. To continue to be leaked at. I assume that they probably thought was coming from her, but where a lot of people talking at this time, because the story wasn't just one story that come out when I had spoken to the media. This thing went on for like six eight months a year there still talking over there still stories, come out of this thing since the lawsuit former employees and certainly current placed are not talking, but so far they did was made things exceptionally difficult for her, and then they fired her, then they suit her. Then they waited a wild, nor they should have defamation, because those of video that was provided to the newspaper, and in the video there's at the oars, His tail is bleeding, is bleeding and in the news article She, as a former, employ who had just been fired, said I'm concerned for the kilowatt, because she's bleeding, oh they're suing for defamation again The slab suit.
You're nodded his head sue you for saying that you're concerned when you're a trainer. They could see me for anything. It doesn't matter. It doesn't, even though the lawsuit is that their slab suit again, they have The third didn't have any real leg does nothing to. People there. They could write a fiction story about you, you to get a lawyer retain one. That's five care the hop if you're lucky, then you got it similar statement of defence. That's another couple of I thousand and dynamic Kickstarter, tat kind of you go alarm on my fourth indigo fundraising, pain right now. How do I know? There's not elaborate scheme between you and the owner that place just make INDIGO Google money. Can you look up the video osbaldistone pretending that you're a war? Maybe let me just say this second saps in Japan, INDIGO Logo money just go on you.
You put up like Marie Land? Animal suffering will go to the video you can you can listen, I'm just fucking around, and I feel we must work to watch anyway that another you ve seen it over there. You don't see black honestly and honestly. I want to see any more. It is a pity that it's all very depressed, downpour binding that shit. I don't want to see it. I know what's going on and I think now, the the real the conversation is in repeating the same images watch this and videos or, but only together. I think what we need to do now is figure out how we gonna stop these things from being legal, because there is. I'm doing in Ontario at least right here, I think it needs to be done. I think the people that all these places- I know that the way the living doing this for a long time- and I believe some of em- probably do how real love for these animals but People need to stop. Everyone need to stop. The trainers need to stop. They need to stop its dark. It's just too fucked up you you're beers, enslaving, intelligent animals. It's tough to get to the trainers there
young people whose gone who are going to get a kick ass, gig, that's the gang. I mean again paradigm shift up until a year ago, this was the now. You know, with the with the troll start investigation of Marie Land with black fish people, Just like woe like what commercial said. It was awesome motor that jungle that was awesome, wisest job shitty, why these animals being tortured now they know but again, that the industry controlling for me for so long. So Russia's still gang can the water. We don't do that anymore. The states, don't you need a permit to import from anywhere and because what happens is to apply for parameters a period of like public Union or whenever they they sort of writing, and be quickly. Agencies get the shipwrecked on someone really needs to make a movie where a human gets kidnapped and taken to an alien, fuckin human world. Toby, a fascinating movie, we're getting
into some alien version of sea world and humans are due in fucking cartwheels and shall be the right time It's it's ugly DEC maybe like some crazy avatar type movie, where they would have meetings to decide when human is allowed to be transferred to another facility, remove them from their families. Are you gonna have an incessant seen because, as it goes on a lot of these facilities, reeling with trainers? Now, if the train is an animal with the animals Corrick, as is known of natural selection right out, there get out of here always difficult to bring a man, so they just want to fuck in their daughters and stuff they don't want to. But if you get him at the right time and the fresh enough, I much I might get rationalize. Why can't you do that to the ocean, but that that can the belief that happened. So dark, that's so dark tat. I was a tough one, so dark? fuckin torture all around so crazy that no one recognizes that and its because been extracting money from this
being sanction for a long time as generate a tremendous amount of money and they ve gone. To that money and they find another way to make mine Kalvanov barbecue, shot the camphor can sell hats cowboy boots fuck this Darwin train. Now everybody keeps do same thing over and over again, because it's always been a viable jobs. They reinvested the money in government lobbying. They reinvest in controlling the message through the media. They reinvested the money can the right friends and then, if you saw, if you knew you see in the small community of Niagara, falls and on top of what the angles and things that are happening. It's like Are you kidding me like I soon? I was up against some tough and it can be difficult to try to get these laws and it was not an easy. I mean how who passes largely lobbies lost these laws, Nottingham, an jokes man, there they don't address. What was what was the big stink a year ago, when these stories come out like what, while others do, the laws that basically the entire government just celebrated the announcement. Because, again, this is extinct about real. Where were you when we had come
we petitioning enter your government? They made along or rather they set working to create standards of care. From remodels we're gonna enhance our animal protection sounds good. They announced the author, announced that thus far is another How of us, standards of care to come, which are gonna, be the witch can it be weighed against the impact of communities so suddenly taken care of dolphin has something to do with whether or not Josh more down the street gets a job from the facility around the corner. Like does this? Does a related? That's relative summer motion, but that's apparent common and again we're going a long time for these frickin, not always now, of announcements. Then the announced influx of cash to the oars pc five million extra dollars a year to protect animals was pc aid. This thing up, the owner logically, the owner of Marine Lent bought the land that the pc operates out of an eye. Call in my history, seeing quite free the US pc agents coming in and we're talking, but what does that sound stand for? Ontario
society prevention of cruelty to animals occur. So if there's Adam cruelty happening. You assume that these are the people are gonna, come and say: hey, stop that now ran right, a fine something right but well when their offices in the building on the land that was dominated by the owner of the part that a bit of a conflict of interest. Could I dont know that that that individual being paid ten bones and our drive around from facility facilities if that job should have come I get it around like hey man like were shut. You down begin right that chlorine that's causing animal as to bleed skin. Lay off also settling of bats, cruel, there's just it's very thin the rules, there, the zone What is the answer is using the offices or on sea world properties? I wish I knew. I must say that I'm saying in my case or high, pathetic the owner of mine, I pathetically matter factly, the owner, my the facility I worked at bought the land.
And donated it to the other species of which their office of which they operate out of that delirious, doesn't stop doesn't in their man That's it wears an end. Well, me fighting a lawsuit primary right when you say doesn't then there like what else? What other whither that's hilarious? The fat mean. That's like heroin dealers donating money to the cops like here going to buy your fucking police station. Let us keep deal and heroin please. So what happened with me? So basically the newspaper outlet the media that that, our story ran with it really really beat the shit and exposed a lot of things. Ok,. Marie LE hires, this German, by the name of John Beady he's the former Mckinsey senior adviser Mckinsey was the the Prime minister, or rather the Premier of Ontario, this guy, donor marilla higher, rather rather Marilla. The corporation hired on beady former advisor to the liberal government,
Joan and by the name of, shit, I'm drawn up like runaways hires the sooner you know, one of time of consulting whenever So this guy comes out with a shudder, spins videos, everything else, and then he starts shaken the hands of all the friends and liberal governments are when they announced one of these new rules come on. You like, of course, nothing's coming out you just hired the premiers exe chief advisor. He knows all the friction. People when you talk about, then you should look at the local level of all the government, while the the the mystery of environment. The minister is a friend of the owners. While this great your history everywhere here now everywhere everything one by one to remember. A lot of agencies went in there to it to investigate. They took a really long time sort of relief sing their findings and everything sort of went by the wayside slowly but surely there There are three losses around like like like candy Halloween, but everything such a sort of
stinks sort of mellowed out in it to make us think now, in a year, while lots of things are in the news now that are different from matter begin to drop like that step down. So, alas, that here I had this permit. I was gonna. Do something real sad about this, then he bears out. I'm like ok we're having to those laws. We were working on it. I was. I was gonna travelling back and forth queens part. I was speaking with the Minister of Treaty safety she's, the one responsible for the always Pierre actually to change things, and I'm talking to you. We can change things. I think we are really believe this carefully for making a change in the world here. I guess mood for doing that emit sued. Now I'm in a lawsuit shit where she can talk to me about that. That's an unfortunate can't talk about it, falling by the wayside. Holy shit like turns out like defending animals is really scary thing to do. What's that really just defending animals. What you're doing is you're going up against a machine you going. Against a machine that generates money and as a bunch, people are profiting from right. So what happened? big machine, big and
the data, but it comes down to the monies comes out, and these police facilities generate no binding on your situation. Start in one was black black face was only released like a month ago to write on CNN like a month and change a lawyer and did your scenario when did wonder all Carter Pass August fifteenth of last year was the day that are story come out again. It was just me we're like eight or nine people. At that point and kept buildings, more studies would come out like a more people would come until last, each their job and right that some people like what and you you don't plan on soon them back on soon. I'm back what do you soon, I'm back for, while defamation number one they writhed while they released a video of me calling me an animal liberation army leading like they turned and made me to eat meat. I used to eat meat. I used to exclusively as a main potato guy pound it all day. Now
but a real, tough time like out of eat meat, but when I do feel guilt, so it makes it less appetising check it out. Cheese, I'm off milk in Ireland. Eating a helluva lot, healthier exercising more different things are happening in you, try to clear, mainly errors I have a friend is a vegetarian heeds eggs because eggs come from chickens is Lamb than the not. We have this idea that eggs gonna become a check or not. The chickens, lay eggs every day and he ll eat meat. If somebody he no killed it, if its hunted but he won't. He won't by any factory bought me knew what he said and I want to state that system is. I get on after you can get organic eggs, another motels eggs and get your protein from that. He just won't. We want participate in a cheeseburger system who participate in the factory farming system and of its
Basically, the broad spectrum of human behaviour, the fact that we could be almost saintly and beautiful and people can pick people above side of the road and and help them along the way, and then, on the other hand, we could be the version that stuffs a thousand chickens into fuckin ten foot square room and hasn't stacked on top of each other shitting on each other's heads, and then pull amount cut their heads off and can't walk because we ve engineered them to have these gigantic fucking breasts within a year of being born out of a lot of people, know that the now it's when you turn your which, when you open your eye to that afternoon, if again it comes back to theirs the truth, how much you want to delve into it assumes it gets scary people talk tail and run, but it's just. We gotta figure what the fuck makes the difference in the spectrum. What may the person that goes out of their way, not to step on a bug. And what may the person who has zero problem with stuff in a thousand chickens into a fuckin closet ike. What what's the difference
she, those two individuals and how to bridge that gap. How do you? How do you make it so that everybody whose walking around like number one. The number one thing is there. Thinking of is don't don't be cruel, you'll, be evil, a nasty. Don't don't do something that would ultimately be looked on in horror if it was made public, that's essential a lot of factory farming is depends what perspective your exercise extend the perspective, a person whose objective is to make a lot of money, now the objective of a person whose objective is to understand whether food comes from whether most people and now they're, not the factory farms. Nokia most people of zero idea how dark the whole situation is more I know the less I went to have a butchering house, a slaughterhouse s once for fear factor stunt and dude. When I tell I mean I'm not like a fuckin, fucking, woowoo kind of guy, I think a lot stuff is bullshit, but I felt that the
felt sad. You can Fish felt sad, like the air felt sad like it was a big pocket of death. My buddy work for the canadian Food inspectorate to see He had to go in there he's a vegetarian his teeth. I guess you'd call in a vague and this point he walked when you telling hot dogs for the bags that are collecting the dogs. Unlike make hot dogs, to tell me proud little mustard, I'm like a kind of measure. You do this, you like how to do it. How to go in there had to see it would it was just checking how disgusting it was. Those there's job was to go in there inspector. I mean whatever their regulations are, for the cook came for inspection. This has gone in taking a look at their operation in deciding whether or not this was acceptable practices and whatever parameters that he's trying to determine hot dogs will acknowledge, kneecaps and pretty era sticks and ass. All this are false ground up together, pretty should think of tastier things are less sorted disgusting, but
when you get a really good ones- gourmet hot dogs. They sought to like when you get like those really nice ones, snapping by the unknown. I'm not gonna turn around and try to be the guys get sued by the well. That's the last thing, those fucking dogs in New York, man, those dirty water, hot dogs, is Joe ideas, calls on those just setting up shop on a corner boil and some water. I watch the Ghana dared him eat five like trot dogs like this, and I couldn't believe it could do it. I think, shortly after we actually put a cracker up to his mouth and open it, we could we thought. Maybe a worm would come up I read, does not a big guy, he pounded those things couldn't will they will be ass? She guy the guy winds or even to Aunt S, he's done a big guy. I had to pay for those hot dogs five hot dogs dude. He had to pay with his ships and forts. When his ass almost felt like an hour and a half with question time, it s like a marathon runner. The last couple of miles he did from it get a pretty legendary story, not a good sign, a good start.
You Canadians are much more kinder and what he judged to be a good story, a story stocks were set up. A guy wait. Hot dogs who gives a fuck we're so kind. We open pits filled up with whatever you want to call. If you want to call it water, everybody does I right. That's the problem Especially in Europe right now and other place, I mean Uk they. Basically they they acted. Standards of care that were so difficult to abide by that eradicated. The entire industry in the UK, in the UK possible Euchre, listen when I tried to hope so try to get done here. To its likeness and a dolphin can exist in captivity. If you can give it a two hundred foot poor, not economically viable really probably possible to dig a pit that big so guess what she can't abide by it. Of dolphins. This is the aspirations. These were my aspirations, then look at this can happen, but I want to give up hope I mean it should be illegal. I mean that we can really discuss it any further, without repeating ourselves, over and over and over and over again
the bottom line is their smart. We should start warm up illegal, my loss, who should be too like I right now the fact that we're talking now it conceivable that I come home to I mean I know, I'm gonna come home to great deal of really angry worded letters Because of you talk on this podcast, oh yeah, oh man It seems that goes whose ain't sends you these angry letters, while my Lord layers with sorrow, he doesn't really tell me just as these from the people in the opposition lawyer, his lawyer camp was what do they think they think they can just keep doing this new scare people away charmingly broke out at the end of it I mean it's work and economies like wagon. My bills do not small. These are like really big scary bills like these are, I can buy, could about half a house at this point, but instead pumping his money into defence, against plotting. Steel, walrus men, that's a peculiar. Thing to turn to defend against, but it doesn't or what I'm defending against one. What did is that something there accusing you of oil? Will you
actually plotting to steal wars. While if you and I sat here and said, ah now, we should still at walrus what he thinks that plotting to steal the wars. I would say that's plan, then maybe I'm guilty by what they won't be able to produce is refrigerated, airplane, cargo playing a beach front or house in the Arctic for her to live in this. In that, like plotting to steal a war, is a bit of a stretch. Okay, so you were caught. Having conversations we tunnel- oh no, not nearly so They talk about this like it about its absolute ok, I think I can mostly their ability, If you wanna back things that may have factors picture wars is sitting on a concrete floor with it with her arm through It's her right, with her arm through a fuckin prison gauge. That's so dark man! So this story of smooth. She is She come in from like Wild caught eighteen months of age to utter pounds, this being so big pillow Kyoto, baby
his baby, she not concerning criminal launch, comes up with some other animals walruses where they come from Russia and the black sea. So she comes in and we start now. We gotta get blood from we'll see if these animals are healthy. So the way you do it with an untrained animal you throw a big net on physically jump grab them Dixon eel in their vat or train or someone, and they go to take the blood out. What, during this, seizure. There was another walrus there that we are doing the procedure on and hear smoky, whose climbing up another war is making things very difficult amount, as you can imagine this casual like linebacker So I do I put my hands forever face like this, and she opened up her nostrils and- and I remember vividly she took a big breath She started to follow me after that. I saw the back up this animal. Follow me big eyes, stared, I'm following me: I've never seen it. Like this before I thought it was like this is gonna, be one,
thinks it has fallen me because this is made a nervous. What had happened at eighteen months of age, and at that specific time was, I had imprinted on her. That's happens in the wild? you're, a mother walrus you, you should have a cap that animals gonna due to its brain, your smell your site, the sound everything so that you can be identified in heard of her. During this happened at eighteen months, evasive. So she imprinted on you just an issue of her. You imprinted on her because she was panicking. I think it has been. It was at that moment no question because I noticed a baby. While this is all going down- and you can imagine the stress of being caught only maybe months before separate from your mother or witnessing a mother die in arms Jesus Christ, so this and so this animal, I imprinted on her This is an anomaly. This doesn't happen. This isn't hey here's food, best friends now great. This is you're, my mommy
that's the relationship. We have crazy, yeah, that's intense than we start factoring in the fact that she's in the pool with a lot of easy chlorine values and she's getting chemical burns and everything else and I'm late She almost have paternal relationship with this. War, definitely have to Daphne had returned hours, dead crazy and all because the fact that not cleaning the water she's getting sick others. How are she come? Two thousand for so she's, probably ten Lou over ten years, all now This relationship also turned into created some problems. In manifested in like physical,
if the stations of stress developed this uncontrollable regurgitating issue where she doesn't keeper fished out, pukes it up and its from anxiety from separation, anxiety, fast forging a bit from that moment of the imprint too now or due to prior to now, of course, so there was. There was a lot of challenges that that relationship posed. So you try to train what so I developed is this system where the animal consumes fish and thereafter consumed Jello. I will teach you to eat the jealous. Play the gel so try to keep her from throwing up than the nutrients that are keeping her from gaining weight and being healthy right, I tried to train all the other people on this to win myself on a number of times, but again, so there It was a blessing in the fact that this is. This is amazing, so crazy, and it was also- and more so now like an absolute curse, because
giving a shit about an animal in that at that level. What were you saying that the parental relationship that bond that's too, man like to see what she's going through an initial realising like I don't know what I can do to save her, because she's gonna die she's back there at the same place raised work. Still, I can't be a hundred and positive. She still live right now. I did see a couple of videos in the summer and those bitter. Tough to watch could she still doing the same thing. They don't know user and show she's well hidden in the back. No one sees her. The user and the show sporadically. But it's difficult user, because all you do is looking for me. It's all. She evidence comes out and she looks for here, was this video that come out in summer.
Sure sure I'm sanctions skinnier like what what can I do. Does another thing that's important to remember When I quit Marine Lamb, we had an understanding I was to remain in this animals life. I live a football throw away from this facility. I gave my two weeks very clear understanding she needs me. Vets have expressed it, everyone knows it. She need me, that's the only way we can treat hermetically is. If I'm there follow me out of the water to go over to do whatever very treatments, we were able to do with her on account of that relationship. So we had this understanding and then actually called in a couple days after I quit. Frida dolphin, because without a lot of experience that was remaining at the park to deal with this, so the relationship seemed legit,
I can move on as long as I can keep her from dying. I don't want her to die. Then then I had a conversation with a guy. He had worked Emory lend for like thirty plus years he was like out. He was up here to meet. This guy was one of the nicest manner And here's like fill you just gotta, go look like you're, not just today, Greece, has feeling alive anxiety about this whole thing. Then, so you know what I'm gonna go. We ended the relationship at amicably. I'm gonna go visit smooshy spit a month; long as I'd ever not been in her life since her arrival in two thousand for was ten days. She lost thirty pounds over that ten days. This was a month now, I'm going to see Smooshy so short to the park. I get the secured a gate to get that I walk through for tat,
of years every day, no one doubts and I of course family here than being rejected at the doorway commando. My remit comment. We have we have that understanding we have like. Still care smooth. She ok, whatever so call my girlfriend whose work at the time in the park ski bring you my free passes like a pay to get in. And the owner son sees me by the shoulders this nano failure like family or you can come in or on bananas to him. There's been some something had happened: the administration administrative end where Phil kick men no more it's time to do lot of concern when I quit that there was not good, Circumstances you might go and apply gas, I'm gonna get sued for so much more. Nonetheless, I get in. And people are really nervous. So I know what's goin on
I run back to go see small show the back. I say I run that it is better for the movie is another guy rat, but I'm Tennessee nonchalant blocked baggily, worse movie right, I go sphere. And she's lying on the pavement bone dry war, sustained water in the heat they need ice, does no ice in sight and she's. Last this been thirty days and I've been gone. She's last may be hundreds of power she's. Really, seated. Well, I'm look at this late hour. You how much she way total while she should weigh in and around two thousand pounds now, but she at the time she wait. Maybe twelve against was through the smaller animal, difficult keep the weight on, because that rigour taken issue. She was way real thin. At this point, I couldn't believe it when I saw unlike so. Firstly, the vet does go, get meds You respond to me, so we give her appetite stimuli an antibiotic everything else. I'm trying to keep that straight face. I her work,
like everything's cool right that night, my girlfriend comes home and she's. Like you know, when you get hurt, you know when you're here You hurt by something, but you know what it is. So you know that you're a shitty place the real, is when you're hurting so much that you don't know that you're hurting you just sort of milling did a sort of after you know, you're, not you not in processing that she commodity like well, what's up nothing right goes on a few beers, whatever one till the next day that I was like wow like shit, she's gonna, die after I've come to turn this reality. This is fucked up. That's when the resolve for me said I was like fuck. It use, my name, use my face, get the store Out now,
I can get eyes on smoky, they gotta take better care of her. They gotta do something that cannot be gotta be paying attention. Now, that's what you ve all eyes on smoky. If I got all eyes on smoky, they have the cat letter die, but Wilson just die without you, I mean, if she's imprinted to you in your her mother, if you If she doesn't see you will she will she die without you? separation anxiety again, I don't ever been apart from her for ten days she very possess her. This, that's her! That's an inside addition, peace, years ago, she's enormous she's, tiny, that's a tiny wars. Are there Well, even a tiny wars is enormous gather so big. This was a fluff peace that in addition did put the size of our my god. What a string animal and these rights, from the Black Sea she's from blacks. Here Where else they live walruses, They have in the Saint Lawrence and on terror for long while, but they were hunted out. So I don't know unfortunately only ever played April
the Marine mammal expert in life and people eat them, yeah feebly them walrus walruses. That's so strange man told the whole story, so sad disheartening, its much more elaborate there. So many little details that can can you to go on it's just so. This is her. Follow me for me here. Some hunting around the corner and you can see, should actually favouring her level flipper. That's where share the chemical, but this is just privately waiting really with just one specific chemical burn lead that was so bad. A meter limp yes, because the camp I'm looking to follow anywhere. Animal got to experience a semblance of normality in the sense that I could take her out Walker anywhere one round the part she got the goats get going snow, run these wars, captain wars, as in indoor facilities. There never gonna see the snow. Bringing you shovel full shovelfuls snow in at last,
so is it only Russia, that's that's gang. Can these animals are the water right? Now that I know of again, I can't I can't pretend to be an expert. I was only an expert in pretend world for twelve years. I work that Marina propagated the messages that I was fed now and admittedly say that I know absolute. We, which every little about animals between black fish in the cove and things are starting to shed light on the treatment of these animals. How much of an impact do you know how much of an impact the cove has had on the Japanese there? heightened awareness, which you, I guess you can measures impact of course, but politically lot lot of posturing going on there. Japan want to say that its partner culture- they don't touch that, but there's gotta be something actual game? There's something I don't know. I don't a way into that. As far as black shouldn't black fish in everything. Here, like that awareness between the starve investigation, black fish, everything else. Yet people are starting to give a shit now granted its most of its life.
Experience in the high levels of hay were run on. The georgian shows a great hey. People are continuing to my INDIGO fun, hey, that's great, like we're gonna get through this There's a lot of shitty friggin lows. So this black fish one, you want to say this- is going to make a choice, is everything should be eradicated. Seaworld done look problem solved. Easy in six months. No talking about this after winds, baby African, who knows, but that's it I think it be there for quite a while, I think, it'll be one of those documentaries that gets passed around on Netflix or what have you as long as it makes its way on the internet in a downloadable form. That's a Ray disturbing documentary man. There's things are right hook, I'm just like the that star investigation. Really it's right Huxley. You know that it's gonna have some sustained like influence and change of power Enough of this going on right now that I think that people are they're, gonna have to come to grips
You know I was hoping that about factory farming to and I still am for the future. I think there's gotta become a point in time where the so much information out there that we can get a hold of in released, into like our our food being raise how animals are being treated and how again level too the animals, and I want to talk about his animals, the these, these marine wizards, his org orchids and dolphins. There's something different there, not just a regular animal there's, some weird super intelligent thing. I think you'll find the same with large animal that were slaughtering in slaughterhouses to get out. I want a pretended, I'm an expert eggs and a thousand things, especially penalties, might really intelligible, hosting pixie people. You know a guy got whacked often not walked off. Whacked out was a call In Sicily in southern ITALY and enough of Sicily, but they they threw me fuckin, pan the pigs, animal life, somehow about western channel the same thing. They found a fireman
thousand Vancouver serial killer. There was throwing the hookers to the PIG Siena yeah. They had a fund little pieces of this piece of that like their thorough and they eat yeah Yes, I'm not gonna hate him. Unlike pound bacon, the biggest sandwich pig is delicious and eggs and Angola forever Avenant taken a long time taken was definitely the thing, and I want to wrap everything in it. Back I've I wrap ice cream of bacon. That's the list Try eyes, grew big and rapped. I took an echo waffle I put associated, does not to be an echo are, for their part, have waffle down. I put. Ice cream, bacon and other waffle. This decision- I do know you do and by their story by not being a fat guy, you fat, shaming ocean, Phyllis Fatch aiming being able to say this agony this, whereby you fat, fuck with a shitty metabolism, just put one slice of bacon instead of the eight I put and then put, and I put them maple syrup. You know, then I put a little. I've come
whipped cream or some I found the same like while bacon and ice cream, but now You're done no more exists. Guinea pigs because their intelligent, once you see what's going on there, you can't unseen, you can pretend but at night it reminds you were especially pigs it or in captivity there. So sweet pig captivity? Like really gentle souls pigs are strange animals, man, they you know. I recently found out that pigs and wild boars are essentially the same animal. Same animal according to a site Steve Renault, who knows a lot more about animals, and I ever well what he was saying that assist we note that is what is it that before its office of funding page, the video. This one is not difficult to watch, might be worth a watch them, but what I say is a pig's like wild pigs and- and ass. He pigs are essentially the same animal on pay and one of the weirdest things about pigs is when you take it:
domestic pig whenever released into the wild. In three weeks I start to morph. They started ugly change their tusks grow longer. There knows there snout grows long of their hair changes. It gets thicker and course They didn't communist yeah that within three weeks I start the metamorphosis they become like wild boars starts. The bother me conversation comes in and the scientists at least those are sponsored by by the low paid for by big money saying: oh, it's really difficult. Can't re amalgamate an animal with its family capita norka bachelor other used to this account to listen. Orca is a key Eric amazing machine. Will you the real question have you ever tried they did try the tried with Cato Free, the orca and it was successful. This animal was get into a sea pan and Anna was eventually off on its own, and it lived for a long time and forged for food. He into with other orca? You got intimidated by this work. As I mean, it was probably a little bit of a lonely journey, but you get to learning
deal of his life and in the wild is reintegration and it was it was glaring success. He did eventually die. But nonetheless I mean all workers. Are they all dialogue up? A lot of people like you see? Will people are gonna be like while he died, he died of their while my? How long did you live? I can remember exactly again. I can't I can't pretend to be an expert. I read this propagate this right things, but I don't think it has to do with the longevity of how long you live as much of the Quality that the seller scapegoat waves. Why died early or did not, even after about the wildest fuckin harsh man, it's harsher everything very few animals. You know what we're talking about dear earlier, when you you find a dear that's five years, all that's a fucking old dear. It's very rare that a deer gets to be five years old and its just because of hunters it's because a predators and freezing to death freezing the death is like the number one cause of death. Four mule dear dears
Montana they fuckin freeze to death man before the coyotes get em finding happens like shit. Call this fact and they're not gonna make it so they have to fuck like crazy and shoot as many of them out. There is possible, and hopefully a couple of maybe the next year, then they fuck like crazy and keep gone and the silly. Why workers are different mandate like I would imagine the ocean of pure utopia pure and imagine it right. I mean, especially if their unlike last garner the task somewhere cheese. They dont worry about anything. They often really anything. They do kill dolphins. It's come fucked up fact: York. They killed orphans? What kind of fucked up it We cannot that's one. One of the weird things about life is its than the one of the major reasons why even Stephen Hawking said that if there were some sort of an alien invasion from intelligent species from another galaxy or what have you, we really should be concerned because if we just look at the way we treat animals There are less than asked that we can control and look at the way every other animal from
M pansies- to monkeys to everything. Fines things in either fucks it or eat, said everything slower or dumber than it put it imprisons. It fox already meets, and that's what we ve done. That's would chimpanzees do that's what dolphins do? Dolphins kill, baby dolphins on a regular basis about the vast they do? They do come on motor nails. Always the males are displaced. The cap for the african pregnant yeah super common raised there really horny, though these are like peak times a hornets nest. Rights are gonna. Give me saying, there's a there's a prepared where they're like what I mean orchids and kept We are back in their daughters, remind us that peak of suit of Supreme horny in this or that I really don't know, that's a big difference. She now we're talking in the wild. That's one of the reasons why female dolphin promiscuity is so such a high rate of it. We have to get worried if work is grow legs because they're, the ones I got a mother fucker for sure, I'm sure Rainforest who have angers and legs. They figured out a way to get out of water Gaza. Money gets a smart in enormous,
could live in Seattle? Randalls? I'm just run through the streets time is a rainstorm. You gotta, pull down your doors, is Org is going to be right, is treated gonna fuck people of workers are nice, though. I think that you could probably like us, the new shark NATO, like that New Godzilla baby Gazelle worker running. Yet every time it's raining, evidence fuckin bolted door, downcast org! Is they lady, like six inches of water? They start running. These need to be aware that only we need a new water that is needed when they did developed pause, run their arms. Watch out, or they just go cocoons and then how bout with arms and legs they learned it back lives for whatever you lucky yeah but we have done this shit. I feel the slaughter run don t we just pentagonal off now how many of them are there? Really? We don't know its common ring, it bitch
we learn in debt to the ocean, the jet son. We had jets, we can fly, we fly and shoot hellfire missiles. Doubt them they're, working on a factory down to calm, bring it can bring aid align, awaited mental fuck, us the whole time and other similar, like putting goat guns on ourselves that it would probably are by being super sweet. That's other mentally falconers. By making us what piece of shit we really, I give a shit now they're onto something they know what they're doing yeah. Well, I think you guys we said before that the more the information gets out, the more the reality of the situation becomes into focus and not just for the protected few that new before, but couldn't do They thing because you are financially beholden to the one person or people that own whatever organization contains these animals and imprisons them and the reality of the situation. As it becomes more more aware to you, you know, as you go from being this kid, whose like got this great ideal at, why can't leave em here hold Luella lessons, amazing, what a dream too
years later, like holy shit, I'm a part of an animal present are not even an animal on the part intelligent things prison. I can't feel a lot of guilt for being there. I didn't plucked out of the ocean so I feel like. Maybe maybe I'm atoning fur, that guilt of like shit man, but doing a really good job in in the facility and trying to care for the animals it's hard to feel guilty for doing what I think you should feel guilt, I'll think, Gilbert, your hard right. I mean that people are part of the other ones are paying at the gate. The only that needs a star the only thing. The guilt helps a gift helps. You realize you doing something wrong, getting a bad feeling. You realize you doing something wrong and hopefully correct it. Does in a gilt really does that you know you in guilt for work near especially coming into it. No, not knowing being a young guy who had these idealistic visions of what it was like to work at a marine animals facility and train.
Miller, whales and share, and then you get there and you realize the reality of it does Two part of you know you realising the world's complicated it's just as your version of the overwhelming guilt was that I'm not doing anything to stop this. It wasn't I'm participating in this. It's I gotta do something who's gonna do something more. We could do something: ok, fuck. It use. My name used my face. Sue me for millions. Forget my girlfriend fired where you live in cardboard boxes in great, Did you wear? What's like you, when you went to this was like what's the worst case scenario, think about it. Do you think about it? Like did you like, say? Ok, what's the worst, that this can do to me? Will you weren't jail where you wind up imprisoned. Were you wind up in debt? Obviously, I wonder I guess the anxiety was like subsided, a great deal once the resolve was there, but that was only because I saw spooky like take that out of the equation. I dont know. That necessarily would have at least how to as much a hand in like allowing myself to be a part of that investigation had using the name in face, of course, but
that guilt and everything else that fog, you don't think rationally like, while she does back away? treated. To change the status quo because hey this could be a great Can we, of course you know you're gonna, take a shit kicking. You know that you know you know, there's gonna be a recourse. I don't care. I want some You did die right, the increase in the shoes. It's like what are you will to do for this animal and I hate all animal, but this this being that without a share this bond with what are you? What links are you willing to go? I decided unrealistic, my neck. Well, that's very admirable men and re really is that the whole menu you're doing what the hero does in the story rant and confronted with in earnest. But the truth. You act, and you know, and especially emotionally in your case, you being so attached to this one animal you now literally it's mom to it, then that's gotta. Really strange time,
You know to know that you're right and know that your instincts are correct and you're acting on the best interest, the animal, but it is facing this good, intense of opposition Smith. Ass. A story mean to try to get the happy ending, you're. Obviously the good guy I mean it. In every one of those stories, meaning that classic story you're. Obviously the good guy. I don't know whether mean you might be crazy- might have made most this up now to go. There have done little Ladys would have played a video and relax covers up its pacing man. Yet it is an art to this. This is Hollywood. Man highly where this is fucking can ogre park. Sons is no one near Hollywood. It's a long way from a Chippewa nag reform, while because his warm out to bunch people did you Canadians go get over that shit, replace the statesman that they may not send you come in you guys gatling, big roads and stuff.
Is that what it is that it rose coming out, bigger our books and big word cars shiny than a rusty either. It's amazing look round. The way was the rust because who used to people that are travel around with salt attitude. Yeah when I lived in Boston. Every car, fuckin, big rust holes in the quarter panels put your finger through right, where the wheel, when don't play if you're sure in Canada, Who is the heard about jeeps recently? There was some sort of an issue about recalls that do real I didn't know I was like in the summer, and actually I made a deal with a guy he's like three k certified. Oh my god, no problem, I would guess certified for sure a ticket to the shop. Gaza K whole here whole here this that four thousand effects on like Madam dipshit, as a fuel tank recall for jeeps, Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Nissan's. This is like throbbing by the same place, no, no, obviously not rain, but this was confusing the recall, widespread recall jeeps gipsy lamborghinis,
Ministers range, maybe they used the same tank or something like that. I mean the typewriter. I could see you dont need like a high and tank to being a Lamborghini, although would be a very different shape and other different shapes for different crawls. I just Nude had brought this up, and I was not aware of it some sort of recall, this says a trailer hitches will protect the gas tanks which are mounted behind the rear actual and are vulnerable to rear impacts. Although crisis, told the agency. The trailer hitch cannot and will not mitigate the risk of high energy rear collisions, but what incrementally improve the performance in certain types of low speed impacts for ultimately accountable. The most malaria should those those teslas in others, Tesla asses one of the drivers is like a big dolphin advocate. What are you
on mask the guy she's, a woman, dry, Aloni Mun, wonder, there's a lot of people it on him now they're pretty common, but they ve had three of impersonal flames. I heard about the yeah. Apparently I mean it's a brilliant cards, one many car the years SEC, environmentally friendly and what sort of well that's that I think, are pushing that sort of sort of here's the issue there, all this conflict, minerals in every lithium iron battery in one year, Last year, my on batteries, if you, unless you absolutely sure, pretty sure of where that lithium was sourced. You're getting lithium from Afghanistan you getting lithium from the Congo. You going to see him from some really dark places where there's a lot of people that are running the show that are Cuntz, and when you know it's one of the things about cell phones, where the darkest things about computers, the very minerals that are used to run your computer, your cell phones, those pulled out of the ground in certain places by essentially slaves there being pulled out
little kids. In some way I mean. Maybe they clean that up in some places, because this stuff has been exposed, but Congo is notorious for being like a really terrible place when it comes to human rights VI, magazine is done several pieces. Congo, and you know how it how it runs down their asylum, tourism, peace, yeah Life magazine actually the magazine wrote an article on Marine still is the best. Damn are No, I mean they're the shit man area. There awesome, oh by the way I had any long. An Shane Psmith are coming back on together on the eighteenth. Gimme a party in here and which ought to bring both so happens, but anyone enchants met together. She be epoch, They go everywhere and expose everything- and you know this was beautiful about vices that they have had another. Why. My favorite one, though the electric cars, the the fiscal karma, though fiscal? You know those things are those there's really beautiful ones. They have a solar panel on the roof. So this
we're panel, actually charges up your radio and, like you dashboard new display nervous that it's supplemental charge, shirted light were well the really cool looking car, but they are they art them on the docks and during the hurricane they fuckin burst into flames when they got where serious? Yes, they there. In burst into flame did make it have. That least, that tested requires events wet I don't know, that's not good, though what happened to that portion the one that Brian, the other guy from the movies died, the Correira GTA Paul Walker Diamond That's a very dangerous car yeah, it's a slippery car Walter role, who is a world famous race car driver? Like he's been the head, has driver for Porsche forever. You can see Walter role. You could see his eyes, videos of him driving all over.
You too will be the guy's. A super talented and is in terribly good, driving, brace cars and He got out of the Clergy Tee and he was like that car scared me there's this guy It costs too much power too weird that, with his hand, I mean it's a mid engine car, it's very dynamic, incredibly powerful firemen and horse power very, very light, and he felt like at the limit he couldn't figure out at least said they'd. Drove in the wet one of the first times he drove it. News terrified. We said that the button the cardinal buttons one for the wet and one for dry, Quite a few accidents in that car and including spun his out at today. He has a here's, a clarity to isn't hundred fuckin cars, but he discouraging to spin out on him to. Let us know how to drive fuckin cars, maybe hazardous desire, whereas as this guy who is driving the car that Paul Walker died and the guy was a race car driver, he wasn't it.
Like a regular? Now he really knew how to drive cars, so I think it's one of those cars is just super power full and, like you have to really mind it. You have to be really careful of it. There's in other certain cars. It they probably should exist like Mustang. Has a car out now shall be judged five hundred it s six hundred and seventy fucking horse power. It's insane and I think it has eleven into wide tyres, meaning that there that wide and this one thing I had the jetty five hundred from the previous years. Five hundred fifty horse power is ridiculous. I couldn't imagine someone had that thing and said you know what this fuckin thing needs. Another hunt in ten hundred twenty horsepower see the proba how these cars and these these bikes, if you can like change the unused horse power, the horse pro you'll, never use intellect value these vehicles. That
price in a way to help here are really only worth to you pay twelve thousand bucks for a Mustang, the rest of the power that you'll never be able to use or explore doesn't exist, are taken out of the equation. The fuck things like that one and cool things about those cars is that you have their power son. You came there. Yes, you can. We get on the on rabby you'd accelerate sixty miles an hour legally and three seconds That is only then that's legal occasion within those three seconds, then there's value but is still so much used potential that fire thinking like an accountant and that's not what these cars are all about, especially muscle cars muscle cars are all about emotions all about the sound of the rumble of the engine. Even if you are going fast by an old muscle car that those a terrible. They drive like shit, they fuckin hand a horrible, every corner. You go around no aerodynamics the brakes or dog shit. Unless you up great everything to modern standards, you deal with a fuckin disaster, but it'll put up
fat stupid smile on your face me, DR analyse these crotch rocket celimene, your first gear, you you're half twist and the rest in Europe. You already like, don't go through schools, I'm came it start. This thinks there are schools on without up on the bacteria. Well, yeah I mean did their ridiculous amount of power ridiculous. Nobody needs it, but people like it now I get. In our foreign is even scarier the bikes or even scare than the cars, because they're so light. So just small object, that's hurling I'm not going through schools on and is like just Bob unworthy of governments in six or nine hundred. The pop up. I looked out six. Seventy clicks kilometers an hour and get holy shit like I miss my license. If I'm cartoon this, I'm just gonna bump I'm trying to be as nice as possible here, they're so fast and yours so to Indian. When you drive someone. Is that fast? Our time you so tuning speed? You know tuned in it crazy shit. I don't see how those becomes one becomes extension in your body when you're in the zone right you gotta know you shit, though, is that J last spinning jailing did he had the wall. No,
so closely his Simon have we had holy shit yeah? Does it what caused this willingness. Fuckin tricky cars managers like that? Just let it get while he was obviously turning sees turning to cease the you when you're driving a car like that he's ok into the walls. I was saying. I guess noisy half a million our car too by the USA, their priority, but the car to write for when you driving a car like that, the the amount attraction that you have, there's so much power and the? U dealing with tyres have to keep up with what the engine condemn acts and you have to mitigate that. You have to be able to bounce around a good race. Car driver knows where the limits of the tyres are and also in onto a track. The tires. Arnold
pig immediately. You might need five six lapse. Warm to our mother tyres. You get the giddy the temperature. The tyres is very critical to performance special. We deal with a cop tyres and these facts links that allow these race car drivers drive around on so the whole deals about putting he into those tyres and to you that or for conditions are bad or if its rain within the last forty eight hours. Others have big factors on the amount attraction that you have not, I think about and get by think that's nice locally as they stand, but the cheapest is up We are also talking about race cars, most cars. These things don't come in fact, but with the what does When the plays at the lessons learned from these cars, these cars, really fast raw racetracks people, things ridiculous, but why would you need that. Why do you you? Don't you write absolutely, however, getting gig? Sport is for ships and eagles. It's a hobby, it's a pastime, but the lessons learned from these races are exactly why today's cars are so safe than today.
I'll handle so well there so arrow dynamically sound there. There. There zero sixty times have dropped steadily every year. It's all because of the improvements they may, because a motor sports like if you look at Porsche, has they have upon a marrow? You know that is they have afore door car. They have a big. It's like a big like Mercedes. Looking thing, big space, nothing happens. Thing seemed like that I've seen like the They're gonna! Almost unless you ve look at my horse, that's a kind! They have that rail those com they have now they fuckin defy physics. These things are insane when you drive one of them. The engineering involved in these five hundred plus horse power, twin turbo, five thousand pound vehicles or whatever the fuck they way too well over four thousand pounds. Its shocking when you driving
believe how they handle all that's from motor sports. All that's from the lessons they learned in engineering and trying things out doing things like you know, like twenty four hour, races, the le Monde races and all the G T races that Porsche gets involved in. They learn all that they learn from those mistakes and how to improve those fast cars, and then they apply. Those lessons to the regular cars are consumer cars, but they also apply more so at least a great deal on the shitting giggles factor, because that's what that's the way get off me, making these links big an address, a lot of peoples DR one of these things. Yet awesome that back I could. I can't you, well they're getting into getting an insane levels? One was its weight behind these things are flying or they can that's, not legal yet, but when you get into when you start talking about like performance levels like zero to sixty levels like just ten twenty years ago. If you get a card of zero to sixty four seconds would be crazy like why, zero. Sixty four seconds you
To that end, I Mustang G T costs thirty five grand I made a regular car that you buy, can must entreaty almost zero. Sixteen for second and regulate for five at the most have a second slower crazy. The performance they ve got up to do a Porsche. The turbo ass, the nine eleven turbo ass, the new one go zero to sixty in two point: seven seconds: where do you to be in two point seven seconds to get? I mean that's great for firemen and I want to say policemen well. You can't, obviously starting a fire gear and apportion than eleven, but what's going be what's going to happen in a hundred years now. Is it going to be zero to sixty instantly? Are we gonna, like warp throughout our most gonna, be a different means of transportation altogether, really like what wormholes, like you, say hello. What transponders with the big gun yeah, I guess if we never saw the internet common, we're not go see the next thing coming either.
Evolution, everything's evolving wormholes in your car present buttoning a shop in the office right now, the fastest way to get somewhere to keep should at home. Though, thank you Work from home now boom now six I think the fact that you could send files through the mail through email that secret send files through online drones are now going to start drop. A shit you're gonna have to go that many places anymore. Actually physically gone places, I think we're gonna be strapped at home, looking at monitors all their talking to each other face to face through these things going to legislate on my friends already. Where do you think this this whole controversy in lawsuits? Where do you think this takes you do? Do you have like an end game here? Do you have an escape clause? do you have like a way that you can so get out of this? It's a slap suit to strategic lawsuit against private parties. Patient, the idea is he launched the suit I shut the hell up. The suit goes nowhere, he other backs what the hell off or he pleased me dry.
I got a motive funds. I don't get a choice in the matter. I signed a piece of paper saying I'm not gonna bother. You know my memory target. If somebody wants a Google, your whatever go go. What does it say? Smoky dotcom, save smoky dot com, so spouse machine postmaster motion. M, o o s. Each This is the fourth campaign that, with that I've launched basically raised about four, thousand dollars, and then there was that Billy challenge that I think you book to less drought, about yes, speak very highly view, which is why you're here, thanks less as a greek eyes ease, also guy who's, my homeboy last one along ways to trying to help us. We want through last, we one thirty two thousand dollars, Canadian. One day, I'm sitting there talking about initiating payment with a guy like okay, we fly in the sky tour just guys being flown down. We can have a big presentation. Less is going to be there because you know: was the celebrity that that was sponsored towards our charity and then A week later, I'm reading that this, Billy challenges belly up and
simple, is that by no money what thirty two thousand bucks I'm trying to support three lawsuits? mine. My girlfriend I'm confused. What happened? They disappeared, they don't exist. There's a website the Billy dot com. You hid it this bandit operation, we're not gonna paid up, so they quit, they went under the bail there. Then something happened. Ok, we're gonna work, but I fail to see the day when you wake up and if any, the emotion where you like shit, we're being supported, bigtime right wing thirty two thousand hours. That's gonna, see me till next summer, beautiful the longer. I can sustain this battle in these lawsuits, such counter suits. There comes a point where the with it through the power swings he's trying to do, trying to be this, not out of us in every way They can using money. If we that money and we last so long. Suddenly they have disclosing files and losses that they do not want. This close, the objective is: bleeding dry dropped the suit they ve done. If this historically
the best, the funding slotted. If I got the monies- and I get so far black fish, the movie everything that was revealed in there was from the ocean versus Seaworld trials. The stuff Cyril had to give they get to provide video of orchids beatenest not a trainers about all these things come out the same thing with with with Marie Le Turk enough. Profiles about the killer, whales, health. There you have to open up, but a lot of things exonerating us to show the watered log histories that The newspaper has that, but nonetheless, they're gonna have to disclose these things. They do want to do that then directive as soon as shit out of us make us broke, dropped the suit go that was the way the nineties eighty seventies, whatever some new day and age certainly this astray San effect, you Sumida, shut me up blows up the whole thing: a blow right up, everyone's listening people give a shit I won't get enough money to see this thing through. He can't drop it. I get the counter suit, while it start open books.
So you gonna look inside the subtle, bling books. You know this opening financial books, funnier Khomeini's, profiting medical records water. Log history: how? How much did you pay for those dolphins, let's find out, like whatever I mean, does want to things that apply to Lhasa, but, moreover, this also the question of hey. If, a person, that's going to turn around and say I dont think animal abuse is cool and you end up being sued made broke, wiped out, to give precedence to send for people out. There are good for the human race, it's not good, and precisely at this level I mean it's about animals, primarily initially, this is social, social justice now, so what you're essentially doing is reaching more people than the people who have influence can reach with their money and their influence. They ve collected a bunch of people that are controlling the regulations and enforcing the laws and
figured out a way to keep these people under their wing, but what you are doing by getting on its podcast by starting your india goggled count and fuckin, do you? Wanna go go girls or whatever? What you're doing is spreading that pass their reach of control he's got money. They only have a little bit of money that they don't have that much money. How much money have billions gotta have a lot more me. There's a fuckin three hundred million people in this country. If you get on the other, a million of those people find out, I see how much money does he have really, if in and by the way, if you start fuck and organizing a boycott of his property, that money goes away ultra fast. While the numbers are down that lorries, they fuckin should be man, it's a prison colony get the monies I sleep easy again, thing on. This wasn't hay for eighty hours every fucking week, you're gonna go petition the shit out of trying to get people's money that sucks asking for people money really, so
What the hell am I supposed to do. I've been paying I've been backed into a corner, I'm coming out swinging. I got to do what I can. It seems to be working we're getting somewhere that at legislation that was announced in Ontario, that's coming, if that answer I slept comes sooner than later. We're in a race ran out like this anti meaning that it stops these kindly lawsuits. That's happening that third, I think it's in its second reading in Ontario. Legislation like this is all because of the losses that word that were launched against us, there's a lot of attention so suddenly there to get nervous, so they're really pushing this agenda to try to try to get pony up for this motion, strike out everything in our defence, everything into counterclaim. What are telling us fifty thousand bucks! A pop. I got three lorries and trying to support mine. My case girlfriends, and this nice man who were for twelve years who spoke about the time the owner shot to pets, golden retrievers, honest on his honest profit, on real property. There, suit him for telling women women. What do we do? Tat had his deep
He allegedly, I was there that deck and a task that a lot of things that happened this dogs come running in these two pats golden retreat. The golden lads gone retrieval, there's more than their mother running up and down offensive borrowing. The deer. Shouted here, two shots. I commend the work some. Both are doing this thing phone rings. What's this guy's name, John Holler he's gonna shot these two golden retrievers, allegedly woe. So the guy who was very brave to say that and of other stories where he had to do some really at them. Some really tough things is being sued as well. Who's dogs with ease the neighbours, one of the load. What I'd like to house so the Dodgers got out a yard or something like tat, auditing barking darted into the parking lot, because that right across the street, the Dear Park gates open dogs and shit? My dogs are gone boom boom, there's witnesses
well. I had these dogs attack the dear what they buy. I mean I don't I wasn't there for that, but nonetheless, Amene Georgia Deal Just call the SBA can get these working document of African. You go on labs, you come grab me go. Can there buddy the swedish dogs on earth, told you off the hot, don't try to rationalize his thinking, everything, that's a good idea, golden lavish. The swedish dogs ever met a single mean one in my life as donors out there, the volume poodles Golden LAB a memo. Give you kiss me close to those things are gems through their beautiful dogs, TAT, star investigation. If you go so trust our website, just look up Marie Lent, there's probably three dozen story and that's in their boom. He still that's how navigate that web. Well, that's her Shot nears dogs, while, oh my god, these stories, this there's a shit ton, animal just the three of us there being sued, it's a bunch of people. He soon an activist for one point: five million dollars this
come out of nowhere. There's the dogs there's the dogs. Oh, my god is actually video very playful beautiful frickin dogs, their fuckin hats, while another dirt God s also what happened out of this blanket study a zoo, but it's get he's getting suit. So then I I was out of pocket five thousand dollars, Somerset, retain a lawyer for this man. Who's gonna do to look around shit like your buddy you're, not everyone and on. How are you talking about your friend who get in trouble, for they are talking about the guy who raw who came out about this and then started uncharted to sleep, easy at night, decided to say, look as if he quit about six month before I did amid Really I mean, if you think, the marine mammals gotta tough. You should see the land animals at this place. It's real, tough, some really shitty things going on. When you mean land animals, marine land has landed animals on its own, it tomorrow. We already have bears
but they have bears, should read about the bears. That's a shitty story. I fucking hate bear captivity. Man there's a video Brian. I want you to pull the sub. Bear, kills man and, like eight seconds is a video that I I referred Whenever any body talks to me about bears being trained in people, training bears, and the video Brian of Bear kills man in fuckin seven seconds. Whatever was bear from a movie. I forget the move. I want to see the long shot, but it wasn't along assured. It was like first, town or some Fuckin football Moliere somewhat that there is a bare and that movie a train bear as bear it worked in Hollywood and many met films, tv shows his
cousin or brother somethin, he's having the guy stand their wise train, the bear. This happens for real and the bear just attacks the guy at a nowhere, for no reason why it s just exactly launch itself. This is it right here. This is terrible ass. You are now looking at the bare agitators trouble Bruin, the guy standing there and he's doing nothing. The bear decides to fuck him up and that's it to turn away turn away. Brunner Wesley Mush, that's the end. He ripped the guy's throw out the guy was dead in seconds. You can't could bears man, they do they want their bears. Sameness, killer. Whales may seem as any animal, though their wildest on a golden lab. A golden lab is not a wild animal by any stretch of the imagination to shock and shut salted man. That deed details in those stories? You know what Jim quit. I was planning, today that those those those- It's got shot actually got pistol Jim because in the office with the vet gets a call she's like
oh, my God, put the phone down like fuck the honor of just shot to Retrievers Gold Lazo make Did you like? Well, you know Jim wanted to do this, but he didn't. I was like fuck man. That's US pistol, Jim. In my mind, quit shortly after June was in a real, tough spot. Jim speak. Brave, is how a man I'm so proud of this man is the nicest gentlemen. I've ever met balmy slap. The fuckin lawsuit so well. When a pony up, I was out of pocket I start fund, raising our pockets are funded and what s the idea that can launch and suits. We can keep up, but some point man can't you blonde onto your paid attention, cat doing them, anti slap legislation, it's coming, but we're in a race when a risk pushing these different things theirs. Activists are so saying things might get, he was eat red, the star, articles in the newspaper let's go on he's like what the fuck sort on the sign of their day brings are born. Then interacting with the owners of video there. That's amazing! You wanna see the honor Marine let he starts like did. Actually
the stab the guy on video, which is crazy and. They fuckin. Susan issues are but ship, it never happened. It's all bullshit, it's a slap suit is just hey. If you can, talk in and tell the truth about us working to sue you to shut. You are well that's now that's more so I am advocating, for this is social justice issue. Now so I could making an at the end of the line. There's always smokey. I saw have dreams man still want to see without animal claim know what she's going to, of course, any to see her So is this will turn you into a vegetarian, No, it's the only there's so on Twitter and Facebook, where people are following me grand there always I follow people are, I got shot on Facebook and, as always, frickin image is not like. Were right, You can see me cat, like I said you cannot see You don't don't take law, Yoyo watch thirty seconds of one video block off. I don't need that, no more, that's that's all I think, she's I've a real, tough time getting away from cheese like really then how to die for cheese. They suffer
like you, would not imagine if the other issues in the worst Ways- milk, no I'm off milk, wait a minute about natural, organic milk where they just go in and both the cow I'd have to see it I have to say it to know, but I know what I'm Wilson I was drinking in the gallons is done promoting icily saying so. The factory farmed milk, the way they get the standard by what percentage of what you, by the way, your little a great deal of it, is cruel. You that you automatic do why bother me tat walk into my world com? I like Facebook. Slowly, especially now that you're connected to that where these people every day there are supporting in their own, do in their cause, and I want to help our see it's what we're talking about earlier about the broad spectrum of human behaviour, that people can be kind and sweet and people can be fuckin, murderous counts. There's there's a speck. Durham and on
we can only that manifests itself in business is well on the way we treat animals is forest factory farming and, as far as running these marine animal facilities or zoo, in order that the peace and as these places they gotta earn met course world, and not only that they probably like you, went into it with good intentions and along the way real. What it actually was start. When I mean it, you gotta get a prize open at third. I gotta get yourself out of the outer the element itself and look from a different perspective, lunatic article III and go to the zoo, I would definitely advocate for that, will play the video and I go take a leak. So, as per the video and I'll come back Warsaw, I do still have it now. Why would you You see the dog video, the video that he was going to play earlier this week.
The only way really to do marine land or to do a story like Greenland is to have an insider or somebody who's just left and worked inside a long time, and I never thought that I would be able to get somebody and then, when I did, I thought that the story would probably I would be on a couple of weeks, maybe a month it would be some digging and we're almost a year later. It just kept growing into different stories and is different. Government departments got involved, it just went on and on I mean there was a period where either myself or or with another photographer or with Liam Casey, we lived on the road between here and Niagara, falls in May of twenty twelve. I got a phone call from someone who said that there was a lawyer who was talking to somebody who had worked marine land and talk. This person had some issues. Marine land and wondered if I want to talk to them,
is really difficult and finally, in the end he decided he would talk to us and that fill them ass. The first whistleblower over the course my tenure marine land. I was witness to things that p would never imagine a place like marine land to be My love in the end. We were working with fifteen whistle blowers and it was there feeling that problems. It had existed with the water. Nothing to get the levels right head, cause health problems in the animals and also shore staffing had cause problems because we didn't have the resources waiting on the people Two get the animals to do. Certain has been true favours than would otherwise want them to do. The first line of defence was too given drugs. I sought that resulted in death
you're busy, hitting your head against the wall, trying to make changes for the better for the animals and one day I walked in and walked out just said: that's enough there was a huge reaction from the public. I mean massive reaction, my email with jammed. I think we got something like two hundred and seventy thousand views on the video and the first day the species issued orders against Marine learned on a number of things between land configure all orders from this year. But what was also interesting is that the government reacted to the Minister meddler Mayor is bringing in a programme one. It's her hold to license zoos and aquariums in Ontario, because there are not at this time The second thing will be special standards of care for marine mammals, because there's nothing and the third will be greater powers.
More money and greater responsibility and also hopefully Trent more transparency for the always pc a three is the trainers who spoke to me have been sued. These are generally slapp suits, which are basically two to shut them down, but still the suits her, for, I think, a million a million once they haven't gone to discovery or anything yet, and I know they have a lot of supporters.
I did these stories and me and when I worked together, we are writing about the animals. We had no desire and have no desire to shut marine landowner. Anything there's MR holder has been saying above all we want to do is tell people we went to marine land. We talk to people, we interview, people who work there. We ve looked at records, we ve looked at video and here's what's happening, that's all, and I hope that they are able to make a much better marine land. Sir said the troll stars to really worries four I don't know exactly the sort of tight lipped at that and they don't. You know the regular reveal too much for that matter. Factors the troll star or any media gonna get a suit. Did you know not only places demanded apology. If there's been a mistake, sometimes I just did others little. Little money paid out something else to start fighting this completely there like yeah, let's go let's,
this while we tweeted it. I just tweeted at about ten minutes ago and I'll tweeted again and what will promoted on his part Caston and try to get some but to contribute money. How bout you? Your legal defence and my thing is- I don't I don't need a lot from you. The lot of you see a lot of people, so we find bones man, we can't do this thing and the other thing is no there's reality tv or their people obsess over the can't believe that the scripted bullshit I mean you know about it. I know I was on the tv show wiper. I know about this, so the scripting things around wipe out. I was on wifi, my friendship, MAC units asking to say, because I think it was actually after fear factor that they went with wipe out, there's no created it, yeah send them all they created a wild, while fear factor was going on right now we ve been over. There are many times like that that place where they foment in Argentina.
Or allow another, only one, the one item in the same united, the canadian version that day basely centres to Argentina reeling either do like they do it all over the world, now rain bunch of different countries that they are going to Argentina. I think the states is the only one who has a really amazing course that courses awesome it's a vault, credible though in Argentina is like, it is bad ass. I jumped over gas carnage dislike metal rods everywhere. She really adds nasty. It's a fact. It's a fellow course. So you got did mistreated. Much like the animals get mistreated, is fuckin. That's a theme here on the show I won. Those are our congratulations banks, its awesome, that's bad ass! I dismiss yes, the originals ever on the video right, you're doing it to try to use money. Now, just the back in two thousand, eight there was like to meet a media. Shitstorm took off like Jimmy Camel. Did a piece like inside addition did a piece of it was like a fluff piece of solution as relationship, but it took off. It was on a cover CNN for awhile, and so I just said peace. All act together and applied to wipe out was. Hey, I'm this guy and there
ok, you're, ants, ok saw other do that China when money. While Will this man, I hope we help. I hope we help raise awareness. I thank you. You did a great job of representing your position and in representing the the idea behind what you trying to do and the situation that you find yourself in. I think it's very admirable- and I think that I think you can do a lot of sport- I hope so I appreciate your. Let me come out here and it is fascinating, MAO's really interesting. I really appreciate you haven't balls. Do it well balls call it a part of me in a person them in the future. They look back on. It sets boss, but why now, whatever its do anything wrong?
three a shit man. I tweeted already thanks man and will allow will tweet it more in the coming weeks and just gang contacted me and if you have more things you need to promote would be happy and really happy to have come out again and give us an obtain. A few months and tell us where things are I gotta say in reality tv or pay for this, and in this is developing its stand on the front pages. While you can get a reality, tv show just because this interview, that's in the last year that can't you can't while in the lawsuit in the lawsuit their alleging. I'm really pissed off, because why couldn't get a reality shows a couple. A reality shows where proper, to me after wipe out right, and in the lawsuit they're saying all these reality shows that what is really mad making up these lies and they went through all this shit out. That's how I became the Congo West of animal training. They said. But don't say that stop innocent Phil Demur Stop this kind of west bullshit, that's got us, it has got to stop it stupid, but the
What I'm gonna go issues about is how could they stop you from doing a reality shows how could they prevent you from earning a living? How could they stop you from expressing yourself in any way that you choose to see more so in the sense that with all these lawsuits, nor was it touch it? No one to touch anything. I think there's nonsense, people, America guarantee, will touch it. We had an article that was going on a very big magazine. A very big magazine was come and I was gonna telephone, smoky story. This there's gonna, be I mean this was godsend. Domestic
all that is gone to. Listen, you want, because the lawsuits does dude scramble and right. Now, writing your name down. Trust me. This is dealt with in America. Here's what matters on reality shows ratings. How many people are watching? A lot of people are watching. It gets on tv, it's that simple there, but it's a money generated doesn't support a lawsuit, then what I suppose Canada's different story we're not going out with the money generated from what from from a reality television show, if you can start islands import a lawsuit in my work. Well, I don't know if someone launch a tv company turns on talks. If they want to talk about, we wanted to assume a show about you. Fighting unreal religiosity immediately sue them immediately, sue them so that tv can really think that, like universal pictures of someone who is afraid of Morocco and the call from them, but if they call, I suppose, maybe they won't, but a lot of people have been scared. A lot of people have been scared, so you alleged that they ve been scared off of doing other. Reality shows that what should we do say that they were to this, and that is really not a good thing. While we know that it's slap litigation, so it's all bullshit anyway job its operational done. Let's not bullshit is the cause. It's a great cause, and I think I think this and
the black fish is highlighted. A real problem that we have is that there is a real disconnect with the way we view these animal parks and I think you're, fucked and awareness raising the awareness is important and the conversation is important and I am glad you got it out there. We lost that thirty, two thousand bucks on the flip side boom. On the Europa Show and black fish about our trade that all the data boom bitches respect thank you to our sponsors. Thanks to audible, dot com, go do audible, die comforts last Joe and get you free audio books and thirty three days of audible service thanks also to stamps dot, com used to offer code, J, R e and click on the old school microphone, the upper right hand corner the page, the
CO, J R E gives you a no risk trial and a hundred ten dollar bonus offer, which includes a digital scale and up to fifty five dollars of free postage, thanks also to honour dot com. It's o n n. I t use the code name Rogan and save yourself, ten percent of any and all supplements we'll be back next week. We got a lot of people coming up next week, including MIKE Burbage Gula, and Phoebe, and the same fucking day. Will your dick explode people get. If you stand on comedians, I got work in we should have a good time and then next week- and I will see you guys at the Crest theater and second and oh, what a lovely and talented online lot Tony hinged cliff I'll be at the laugh actually tonight at the Dama rare show and Friday night, albeit
pussy I was out of the south, which are the show were, I guess he how's it going on you gonna get on stage. People from the audience give ya topic, and you just try to stand up about that topic on the spot son. I'm doing that says that I now you'll be a professional. That's called beans, don't onstage, fuckin par for the course are. Thank you fill and filled with people on a reach. You online filled. The mirrors on twitter d and winter is wars whisper. I kept the monitors walrus we walrus whisper while raised with me. Where expose. If you wanna go, there boiled demurred de em, you are ass e m e r m e r S and saves lives. You know I m e r s: Phil D and E r and saves who should doc. You think brother really appreciated. Thank you. I was soon for expert kiss
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