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#429 - Lee Camp

2013-12-16 | 🔗
Lee Camp is a comedian, author, and activist. His video series "Moment of Clarity" can be found on YouTube, with new videos twice a week.
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the Joe Rogan experience has been side smiled layer. You were on Fox NEWS. I was once upon a time he made it in. There did smell, like soul, for a small like souls. Why are the girls that work there so hot? Because they know the higher people? Does this insane their way to it's, not fair, because men will agree with them and just hope that they will say yes hi five you'll change your whole philosophy and there's you can find clips on Youtube or people just put together every time they like open their legs during the past segments praise the Lord there too hot. It's unfair. That's like hypnosis, you know,
some of those. What was that Womans Megan? What's your name that really angry when I get in college, so fucking hot swear, there goes where she show me some Megyn Kelly. This is this is this is really cool play this, because this is how I found out about Lee, but back it up. So I'm sure you guys are gonna have a lot more jokes for the rest of the campaign. Here they just keep quiet
I can. I just ask questions sure what what is Fox news. It's just a parade of propaganda, and it's just that it's just a festival of ignorance million people are dead in Iraq. Come on. This is ridiculous. What's the point of this, this is insane people involved go outside, go, go hug. You love your family. You know Fox news. Alright, thanks is the best watch this. This is. The best part were also takes this point Captain Kirk this morning, because it's Saturday morning run some fun Greg. You got the cushiest job in the world, yeah. Look who just uh beamed aboard right now, the ladies from the starship enterprise, hello, welcome. This is for hot chicken Alfredo Bowl accident over. I just wrote a new book on Captain Kirk and the way he was able to woo beautiful women like this. It's all coming up simple talk about Captain Kirk Inlaid, but come on the fictional character. Captain car too, by the way, not even William, Shack
I was in the green room, but then I could not figure out why there were these women there. I had no idea how about that you just it was almost like. It was scripted because you said that and then they showed you the most inane stupid piece of shit. I didn't even know that was coming up next, oh my god, it was perfect. You could have been what if they went to some serious news and fucked you he wanted to, you could see his face. Is he read the teleprompter? He was like alright we're going to get out of this and go to Osh shit. Indeed, it's like completely proved your point
like right away. I come on there. How did Kurt get laid? He just gave Brittany wrote that he got laid. The writers made him get laid he's, not a real guy Jesus fucking Christ. This is Edward Aliens- is two wars going on the fucking tire banking system had to be bailed out by taxpayers money. He was fucking. Really they just wanted to see what a human cock was like that, so we got laid. Do you think they have like a bunch of shit that they will throw out there like beach balls to distract and they get they get it from the CIA every week STAR Trek check, they just have to send it. Basically, we want to talk about this week, just to zap the american mind without power race, and no, you know, I mean, I don't believe that it is. I don't believe I think I tend to think that it's more incompetence than that
is conspiracy. I think its ratings. They don't actually care about the news they only care about ratings. They don't care about the news, but I think in general, like even the most of what we think of as being this big gigantic conspiracy with our government and the media is more incompetence and whore ish behavior than anything just there prostitutes they prostituted themselves out, because that's where they got the good assignments that I think it places they got the big ratings. I mean you don't get to that point. You don't get to that job unless you've proved yourself a faithful foot soldier to whatever their messages. Generally, you know, they're, not you're, not going to get hired on there. Yeah and even guys that used to be kind of like rebels
Heroldo Rivera for Rather Rivera was kind of a rebel. At one point, did you know he was the guy that had Dick Gregory on TV and show the Zapruder film for the first and wasn't going to fist fight at a KKK rally. I think on his shout someone hit in the head with a chair. They might not even been trying to hit him. It was just a melee and I think a chair went flying and he got his nose broken and he was fucked up, but he was so excited, so excited actual cut ass face, I'm a tough guy was he was supposed to Box, Frank Stallone, or something crazy like that too, along time ago, my god they might have actually done it. I don't know, I'm pretty. Sure, but he's a wild dude, or at least he was awhile and Dude You know and now he's just like Fox NEWS puppet. It's weird when he I think the ones that actually stick to their guns. They don't last long. I mean Chang Cougar lasted two months at MSNBC before he before he needed to leave Amber Lyon is another one that left, because her Bahrain story actually mentioned Bahrain
CNN. She brought it back to them and said this is what's going on in Bahrain, but they were doing ads talking about how great Bahrain was and they wouldn't player segment. Yeah yeah she she's been on the podcast for, and she explained it all to us and it's so hard to believe that what we can see to be like a shining revered institution of news, like CNN, have just a bullshit propaganda wing the day that they're capable of that behavior. If she's telling the truth, I don't know I wasn't there. I assume she is. She seems very honest. I don't anybody else aside on the other side, I don't know what the fox really going on. So I probably shouldn't comment on CNN did or didn't do. But I know for a fact, not reporting a lot of shit. That's going on now reporting a lot of shit and I feel like all these networks, the mainstream media, it's a very small box of accepted thought that is allowed on them. It's not it's! they're not going to go either very far to either side or outside that box.
It's it's not really. The news and that's one of the more interesting things about the internet is because the internet now there's all these sources that are like more real news. Like they're telling you about shit, that's going on that! You might not have known, I could just This thing about the CIA dude, who fake CIA guy for like ten years and now here. Let me pull it up when I can get a chance here, but I think that what we're seeing now with the internet and with just as incredible influx of like daily information about life, about science, about the The real reality of people. Ought six people are waking up. I mean it is slow. It's a slow, painful process, but it's people are waking up. I mean I mean with Syria. That was the first time. I've ever seen are war machine and our media war machine get into high gear. An people were like, I don't think we need to bomb the shit out of Syria LE
yeah no shit right now. We were talking about the other day this. That was the first time that that really did happen with the public said fuck this and the government. Oh yeah, Syria, we don't need to go over there come on. I mean we were just saying. We just wanted to see what you guys thought sweat. This dude highest paid employee in a leading expert in climate change, deserves to go to prison. For is thirty months for lying to his bosses and saying that he was a CIA spy working in Pakistan so that he avoid doing his real job. Says the federal prosecutors, so the dude how slick is this cat? He tells his people at the fucking. He goes works EPA, the highest paid climate expert, and they go well. We want you to do a lot of studies on climate change like listen, I would love too. I work for the CIA and one day is a protecting America. Meanwhile, making it up, but he did for the longest time like this guy built them out of one million dollars over a decade, and, I said
more power to and there's a drift in the system. Fucking use it. Well again, it's like it's more incompetence than is anything it's more human whore, ish behavior, it's greed than it is anything this guys that work example that I have to work for the CIA. What can I tell you my hands are telling you have to just invent that you're, a CIA operative, how many fake CIA operators out there like these are trying to press, chicks and amazing, especially with homeland. It's probably jumped up quite a bit, can you proved said a you see I what I would love to, but it's top secret would have to have you. He would have to be sequestered this thing, but I can't I'm working for the trying to save America I know it looks like I'm on Facebook, twenty three hours a day, yeah the check a cell phone with you. Do you text in like twenty different checks what's going on and you were really working on climate change is just getting mad, cast his ball and every night going strip clubs from parties is house.
It's a lot of you porn, but you porn is actually a front for a CIA website, so we're making sure that the really dark stuff doesn't get. I watched, you know the anal. We have to allow a certain amount. I am horrified by the gay. I think we have to allow a certain amount. If we don't allow it, then we're going to lose a lot of the people that would be with us against this job, my job to measure the diameter of the game, because if it gets a bit beyond a certain point, if we start getting ostrich like we had to cancel the program, you've seen some of the, I think the size of an Aust Ridge Egg and that's not compare the size of some of these peoples butts like structure out in these videos. Have you been to E fuct Joe website e fucked? No so I'll, just really horrible shit? It's like that. It's like so many pink socks like people getting octonauts coming out to people having sex. That's the weird thing is not just that that exists that we kind of not even a little bit surprised at that exists, because we all know that the natural tendency of human beings is to escalate.
Is escalade right and if a guy can put it in your mouth is going to go. What about your, but you know like. I just need to know why you want to do it. What other holes do you have mean when people are you know about test with anything, whether it's sex technology or what whatever it is you're going to try. Take that thing to the highest level like they're, making a Mustang now there's a mustang you could buy from the factory it Six hundred and seventy horsepower. That's true. Dick Ulous, that's absolutely insane! It's a Shelby Gt500 got like six hundred and sixty eight something horse. Where do you use that just the salt flats? You tell yourself lights. It goes two hundred miles an hour. It's a mustang, it's one of the craziest things that anyone's ever offered for sale because it doesn't even handle good, it's really like an old muscle car. It has something called a live axle, which is a sense. Put a log that keeps your wheels on it. It's just one big fat. They don't do that anymore. They do independent rear suspension so that when you hit bumps your car, a joke,
our tendency is to see how far I can go. I mean look at a nuclear bomb arsenal like one hundred nuclear bombs would destroy the planet and we've got like several thousand just in case. Let you bitches know were serious serious yeah we people are weird and I said, go to the end. We escalate things. If you know, if we're gambling, you don't you know, if you become a blackjack addict, you don't pay, for. Hours and you want to go to fifty. You want to go to one hundred to five hundred really feel that fucking crazy rush, and Tell you that, like once you get addicted to that rush, you can't take that back like you can go from five thousand dollars to betting, a dollar and getting thrilled you won't. You get angry at yourself. You know so weird thing that happens to you. We're we're Blake meant to ask So you see those gaping videos like yup I get it. I see whether there just makes sense were fucking crazy. I think it like the the whole anal thing always like. I always wondered why people wanted to do anal, but some people like
yeah, but I could I could see. If have you ever been with one as girls were like they have their place. He does feel like very like there's a lot of extra baggage learn like room in there I mean it's like you know. We have a rather large of a guy at a distance like almost while. I would imagine that the John is just like princes, prime, the variance size just to show you if I will like married to a girl like that, I would get all right we're doing anal more often than while in the
don't say it like that you're going to clean your room or take away your allowance. I can't say it like that. I know that, but you know that I'm not going to say it while 'cause, I'm saying it to you. Have you say it to hurt? You pretend to be somebody who you not to her I'd, get hurt like windows, centerpiece baskets from one hundred flowers and come on in the car vaginas gigantic. That's the number one thing: one! Eight hundred flowers used for vagina, more anal make up for anal and two comfort women with enormous vagina things. They have a special on the anal bags basket. Nope ask so we get a note Fox NEWS, girls why they're so hot those girls are so god damn hot, like I don't want to marry them. I don't wanna have relationships with them, but files, a single man. I would be very attracted to those angry bitches or the weather men in LA. I just think, there's so there so like aggressive. I don't know if there's so strong, like there's so
stern in their opinions. Yeah most of them are not dumb, there's nothing to it, dumb, something sexy about those mean bitches, yeah, just because I'm a glutton for punishment, but If you are, I'm like when you're on that show like what? What what is it like when you're in that studio, to feel weird, do you feel like? Well, that's the thing is like all of them just seem like they're doing their job, I mean yeah, they run for the evil empire, but they don't they just like whatever gets into the day. I need to say this thing this thing and then, where are we now we wrapped for the day like so I I had to remind myself why it was important for me to do that. I, like re, read an article about how million people died in Iraq. I mean this was several years back an you know, 'cause, you don't want to fuck up the show like yeah. I felt like I needed to do it. I only wanted to be on there once I was like if they happen to be on it's going to be a one time thing. This is yet
dude. It was if you were like a publicity whore- and I know you're not, but that would be an awesome move. I mean it worked out great. I never thought it was seven hundred am on a Saturday. I truly thought the only people- and this is four five years ago- were not everything on the news went online. I truly thought the only people seeing it would fox news fans at seven hundred am on a Saturday. It went up online viral and all that shipment. If you got something relevant to say, the internet will catch, it they'll find and I'll put it out there to go back to that girl like standing that sitting there with their legs open, This is insane. I just want to point something out of how We are so weird like as a culture that this is part of like normal everyday office life like we going to some decisions here like look at this woman she's showing everything but her vagina, I mean her knee- is just strategically blocking her labia, her leg,
the wide open and she's hot as fuck. Now here's the thing. If you put the Chiron right in front of the vagina, then everybody would know the news exactly we'd be a very informed country and women would get angry if you knew the news, so you were looking at a vagina and you read the Fucking NEWS. Huh like it's just weird big, to dress like that, like she's, completely wearing come fuck me pumps go back that up again. Let's dissect this you could hurt like her shoes. Those are like want to go out and get sexy shoes. There's a not comfortable by any stretch of the imagination they show most of your foot. You well almost her entire legs are exposed. Me you. If a guy was sitting there like that, you know how bizarre that would be if there was a show where a guy was sitting there in a tiny, tiny, kilt, You know that you could bear if he moves his left knee an inch to the right you're going to see his cock for sure, and this and they also have like an ejection button that
slings them into the stratosphere once they hit thirty five, but his agent in an age limit. They disappear a poor girls. That's actually had some kind of irritation down there so. Well, I think Sarah Palin brought the dumb milf back so how? Maybe maybe you move in that direction, but I don't think actually brought it back. She brought back for a little bit, but now people, like God, you say too much crazy. She Gilf gilf getting a gram right right, right, she's, a gilf! You don't want to say that doesn't fuck with your dick is creepy. Yeah milf is ok but Gilf, not so much it's just weird, that we have these odd standards of sexual attire in the workplace and not just in the workplace. But on television like until and promoting this to strange propaganda, machine and just really hot girls with their vaginas hanging out. Explosions in hot girls. Ok, I can't pay attention whatever the fuck she saying where she,
great thighs. Oh my god see. If I see that girl I go wow. I wish she liked me especially if you're lonely and you know, you're not married or anything do that dynamically is like twelve times her size yeah. It's Rob Ford's FAT brother other shows- has like cameramen it from the ground that set up skirt that isn't upskirts totally in upskirt they're panning from the vagina up. It's off center. Just slightly he's trying to show It is too, though you gotta give him credit is well. You know he's gotta go to war. You know you gotta, get a respect. He doesn't give a fluke the only way I want to get this one. If I let her know, I don't give a fuck here's my gut, I'm not to cover myself, I'm standing extra straight up spread my legs wide. Look at that package is going for the don't give a fuck points he's like I might be a fat fuck, but I'll fuck, the shit outta you dirty bitch fat 'cause. I like to live the good life, that's what he and I like how there's playlist that all the different ones, who is that, when the one that you just showed that the fox went to the redhead yet screw,
that one, the blonde that was on the screen. I know who she is. That's the one she's been on these things before they're all hot, though they're beautiful, it's weird, but it's just such dirty trick. This one I'm not especially like if you're married- and you know what you when you're trying to monogamous you're gonna, look at Saks in a different way, because you look at like a girl. That's like super super hot and you go
I could never get that if you're single, you can have your delusional you'd be like man. If I just ran into her at the right place time, maybe this could happen. So it's a different thing. So it's the there's a wistful, almost romantic way. You look at the Fox NEWS, girls from Maryland on this. On the same note, it's like when I went out when a hot celebrity that gets divorce, there's something inside of the most loser of guys. It's like now. I got a shot yeah again and again to the initial against of or something like. Okay, they think all I gotta do is certainly there I'm just there guys are so delusional. They feel like all the going to do is be the right place right time. You know. Maybe she goes to the car shop because our wipers broke into a sort of fix it ourselves, and you know I get some pressure by my knowledge of windshield wipers and she realizes it. Just have regular guy and sometimes girls, Jesus Christ. Look at this. She actually pulled her skirt up. Look bam,
Dare you how dare you you dirty bitch? Oh my god, look how she sits it's. Like perfect posture, it's kind of like going back to when you were like really young, looking at like Jcpenney's lingerie catalogs with more intense, and you wonder why people that watch Fox news or idiots- I mean not that a lot of networks on, but you know they did, that study that people who watch Fox news know less about what's happening in the world that people watch no news at all. I believe that I love that makes sense it going to find out about Captain Kirk's love life, So these are two regular guys ABC. Look how ABC's, regular grass BBC is more probably geared towards women that don't wanna be threatened the drugs. In the background he never seen this video naked. No, it's just hammered in his shorts Christine they are the whole neighborhood knows the boy they fix me. Stick jumped over a fucking. Second story. Window fell, that's amazing! Oh my god.
That's funny! Yeah, leave the fucking camera on long enough, people catch the crazy shit hour. Did you see like the snow storm snowstorm with son, you got jacked, yes, yeah exactly yeah snowstorms all throughout the country, they've been getting these nutty snow and ice storms yeah? what is that man? It would be unfair, mean I don't want to say the pretty girls shouldn't be able to get a job. They certainly should, but it shouldn't be. Probably pretty girls telling you about important shit we're too weak pain. Since the message, no not a an end, is that this thing, if you see an ugly girl on the news you like that girl, knows his all right. She fought her way to the top there's just something about from. Like a like what I said, like those Fox NEWS, women that, like the one you were talking about, The show started, who argued with someone about Santa Claus being White Megyn Kelly apparently said very authoritatively that Santa Claus is white she's,
authoritative, always a lot, those gals are but there's something like four beta men, especially for men. There we can beaten down by life. The Ult fantasy is that this woman accepts you the ultimate fan, Is that she's impressed by you and accept because she's so hard as she so obviously beautiful, but also so hard asked that there's this there's this uh. You know when she's around you want to mock Obama care you want to start making fun of it like you will write specific jokes, magner hub girls, just get in get in just be able to talk to her. Asan is white, you're God, damn right, it was his white versus show me one picture where sandwich black that wasn't drawn by a black guy. Chinese. Greenpeace just put out a video of Santa like in a melting hut, and the point is that and he's saying how that are arctic smelting or whatever? And it's pretty creepy video. Well, it is you know, but it's also,
It's it's so hard. Let's face it, he's going to fall through the ice before the elves will extra weight. It's so far far, hard to fucking figure out when it comes to climate in climate change, it's hard to figure out why people have this weird need to be on a one side or the other, and now this weird name, I was in uh exercise class and Someone brought up just out of nowhere. Some guy I brought up climate change and this young guy who's, you know, could be one hundred and twenty five years old starts going. Climate change, as always happened. It's a part of life. It's a part of the cycle of earth. It's always gotten warm and always gotten cooler over a million years sure every other time. It's happened over a million years. Now it's like one hundred, but it's also
how how much research have you done? He was really was there. It wasn't what he was saying. What he was doing is just like going against liberal ideology, yeah right away, I'm on team, B and c in business. You know almost on a no nonsense, business sort of a guy- and it's just this needs to be taken seriously, and so you know he- and I had this conversation I said well, it's absolutely changed throughout History- it's without a doubt, but it's also very possible and most likely they were changing it right now, even more rapidly than normal, something to be concerned with an I look at his face, like you can have both options right. I was given the option right right and I was also saying you know: climate control and you're doing it in an easy way like yeah. This seems like it would have to argue. What do I don't give a I've known vested interest or not no vested interest and and being right about climate? I've done zero work in it. If it was my chosen field, then maybe perhaps my ego would be attached to climate change like Egypt, but yeah each is snowed in Egypt for the first time at one hundred and something years, the other day it snowed in Cairo
yeah. I was in Illinois with month ago, when they had the most, who are you safe ever had in November or whatever amps sitting on her bridge or one of those going Chicago in January. Who is John one? No yeah bro. I gotta get you to put that on the calendar. That's the Chicago after January 24th with beautiful and talented Arisha fear who believe it's cold as fuck fuck, fuck, fuck fuck, bears jamboree horsies moving back. All you have to do is just he moved in here. Yeah, you get one winter there and you like. Oh there's a place where I can go where I don't have to do this. I was on a couple shows with him, but I thought I was visiting yeah for a while, I think it helps comedy allowed. He just decided that it needed at new environment need to really mix it up. So we got an apartment there. Eighty five right now yeah in la you know New York's fucking, fantastic, it's huge gigantic! It's build with all sorts of interesting stuff and is more museums per capita. Probably any city in the country. It's it's a thought hub for sure.
But it's also like you're, also be your brains out by being surrounded by people like that all the time. Just I don't know Just really think that's good for you yeah! I, like it, now, some people love it. My manager loves him. He fucking, he wouldn't live anywhere else keeps keeps me angry. Yeah 'cause! I want the Energi, the city. I like those, I guess, I want to be somewhere where here like birds, chirp- and I see the wind hello gently through the trees. I don't hear anybody talking. That's what, but I think this is because of around such large numbers of people. I do. I want to a balance of that like with the UFC or the you know, doing comedy shows right here and yeah yeah get all those people. I want to balance. That out was to some no people to you, your
your job is to watch. People beat each others heads and you don't need it on the subway and the structure to sidewalk don't enjoy watching violence outside of my job yeah. Well, there's not, I don't think is any more violence in New York and there is an la now. I just meant angry people. I think in fact probably New York is more open minded. You know a lot of people, don't think that I think of California, I mean the most open minded, but I think quite honestly that there something that you miss when in cars. All the time you don't interact with right. That's, I think, that's actually what it is. I think that in less They are truly rich, rich in New York City and taking a cab everywhere. You are you're interacting with every type of person all day long and even if you are rich, so you have to take a cab like. Maybe for that one brief moment, you know you're in a different environment, but you get out of the cab you're going to walk and you're, going to walk for a block or two and it's going to be fucking billion people there's is like that we walked down New York. You get anywhere else, it's not park.
Out of the office to the House garage is not like them all. He didn't just park your car in the mall and you're walking in holding hands like the other doctor, Seuss families. Now this fucking wards of people walking up and down in this weird people and homeless people going to step over bums and you're, going to see everything you got to see the whole fuckin broad spectrum always said it again. Yeah. I think LA is very, very kind of liberal or left wing, but there's a lot of apathy because I feel like it's just too nice here, it's just too nice and happy. Is this definitely not enough weather, yet we're cocky as fuck yeah? There's? No seasons yeah they don't have to deal with weather weather, is real. You know you need to know that you're on a planet change when it when the cold smacks you in the face yeah, we have. We found like an area of the game where we gotta God code. You know, like you come over here. You owe this God code over here it doesn't rain, doesn't snow, never gets cold. The warships towards a hoodie like that the worst have to wear here is a hoodie you just today
BB left right, left right, nice weather forever. It would do everybody a lot of good if it snowed here every year. We would, just creating a lot of fuss, some fucking crazy ice storm tornado just once a year, just snowed and God fucking cold and rained, and just let you know that, like look you, you ain't shit, Bitch I think, there's a reason why people that live like on the actual coast itself have a more humble and more laid back sort of vibe to them like beach towns like if you go to ten or Venice or Santa Monica. You have like a more laid back sort of a vibe. The part of that is like your face with the reality of the ocean. Right like you a massive massive you look at you standing there next to this insane thing that you can go in kind
It comes over you, your fuck yeah. It does it every now and then you just playing russian roulette that it doesn't do it today. One day, the earth moves in the middle somewhere in a fucking seven mile high wall of waters Wash is one hundred miles in all the way to fucking. Receda kills everybody yeah. That happens all the time. Everyone. So it's nice to see the earth to fight back just be like look, I'm still in control just to let you know like this. Is you haven't locked? thing down all the z control. The weather is zero trove, asteroids control, super volcanoes and all the other shit they can look at micro organisms could kill us anytime. They wanted, he can't be scanned, so I might do that so I'm in, but was there any negative repercussions when we did the Fox news thing, uh yeah it wiped out my entire career kind. Reed switch. I mean it was ok 'cause. I was kind of looking to make the switch anyway, but it switched me from a completely college touring comedian. That was bad. We all my income was college touring and, I
add, a largely a political, largely clean, but not exactly clean, but act an I was kind of switching more to politics, ankaran more about that shit. An after this clip went viral. It was the first thing every activities board looks up on Google and I've. I did five one hundred colleges, I've probably done ten in the past four years. Wow, that's hilarious, and for folks who don't know college is paid a lot of money like a lot of guys were first coming up. Like that's the number one goal. The first goal is to get it college agent get under NACA, do good at that mention and then start doing college tours ton of money, We do you're a nobody. You can make like two grand a show in the 90s yeah. I knew I was a nobody you know and like not even yeah, I guess the 90s early 90s. Is bill still like that in the early 2000s, it's a good. It's a really good place. Some guys get in a rut, unfortunately, and they become just college comics right, which is why I was looking to change 'cause you get stuck there. Don't you totally do and people don't realize it, but when you go to
back like they offer you the chance to showcase, but they would really like Youtube be like, as is clean as possible, they don't want you doing anybody really controversial shit. They want you to be. I would still like they could. Put you wanna know what I'm worried about getting any people that are offended. They write letters. Emails people people still have this impression of colleges from like, I don't know, 70s and 80s weather lately so yeah. There are these activist hubs and everything now college, kids, don't go fuck, there's a lot of virgins in college, which is really weird, show ideas, and I did the University of Miami. I think, was university map some university in Miami couple years back We were in the middle of something- and I remember I said, so many people didn't know what the fuck I was talking about. I go. How many people here are virgins? I go you don't have to raise your hand. I could just a little of this. Let your handy, there's, Alot alot like you guys, don't even know what I'm talking about like. Oh my you're in college. You guys have to fuck
get it over with. This is a big part of life and you haven't even started it. Yet that was your name. Probably though you're out of Miami University of Miami, you guys need to fuck. So we're having a party show their own if they know what to what you mean when you say a joke about that, probably a little sad they're not doing it, so they get so mad at so many different things. People are looking forward to pro testing in a lot of ways in colleges to trying to stretch out their protest muscles, and you know sometimes misguided, sometimes guided it's a lot of it is done in you know the correct mind whether or not it's the correct idea to protest in the first place, but you could have a joke about anything that someone finds misogynistic and next you know there's a giant letter. That's written about you. You know from one people that attended your college show and then you have to deal with that yeah. I actually went to one where they told me beforehand. They go ok, so don't curse and don't read. This is the best, don't mention drugs or alcohol and it was like
order a clown. Then alright, you don't want a comedian. If you're like ACT digs you act like can exist. I remember exist. I remember is like a stock joke too he's walking a bar. They buy it silly. Someone said it and this guy comes up and says I was very offended. I got you a joke. I go that's the most ridiculous shit ever listen to what he said. Two Jews walk into a bar and they buy it. That means they purchased a rich and they have a lot of money and they purchased businesses like. What's negative about that, How could you be offended by that they're looking to be offended, people are looking to I just hear the buzz word yeah. That is totally a buzz word, because that's okay is that sound about cheap, it's about a guy, but a big guy who purchased a bar, it's so stupid! It's like what are you saying it's bad to be a badass businessman, I'm so confused, why you're upset, but it's they're, not really upset, there's looking to upset and there's a diff since between someone who's actually like protesting, something that's real and someone will get
to upset it nonsense, and if it's fucking it's really! Frustrating like there's a there's something's going on today, there's a female protester: did you see this thing and she's? She got arrested for sexual assault, because she kissed a riot policeman's helmet, oh Jesus, a picture of her doing it. It's really weird men and it's in ITALY, my people, you fucking dummies. How dare you dairy this girl is beautiful and she's pretty and is kissing his helmet and they arrested her for sexual salt, like that's, not that's not the correct use of power, that's abuse of power in the UK. They were prosecuting a protester 'cause. He called police horse gay. Look at that she's gorgeous. So pretty and she's got glasses sexual result. I think he's well defended against the sexual assault. Video here like come on. I feel like well protected against it. Also pretty that's so crazy
this is it look at him. A private sector he's essentially going to face condom on right now. Look at his face looks like as a finger. They got together and they did some odd couple sex address data. It is so weird the things that people try to get away with like something like that like. How could you try to get away with? That You don't know that. That's a bad thing to do this this this making someone go to court in arresting them for sexual salt for kissing a fucking. Go a woman whose gently kissing a policeman outfitted with children. Here this dude went into chase a Reverend Billy well known, preps protester was facing a year in jail 'cause. He went into Chase bank with some people and they sang about the death of the rainforest or something, and they called it riot, causing a riot. Or did she go to gyms for being dumb, but riots for us singing is a riot. You can't save the rainforest at the fucking bank by singing. This is so misguided.
Just seriously. That's like trying to win a game of pool when you're at home in bed to be fair in this picture that we don't know. If this lasted for thirty minutes, her trying to grope women, I try to grab a dick. You know what I mean. All it says is kissed: You did all that other stuff they would would drag it out would add that as well. All she did was kiss him. She kissed, I mean his pants were off during that, but a people are so fucking silly. Let's look you know what happened there? No one got hurt like that. The idea that you would do that try to take someone through the system for something so silly that makes me angry that you have any power, 'cause you're, a petty piece of shit. You know to that. To someone who just kiss you come on Europe any piece of shit? That's cute, you don't think it's cute that a beautiful woman kiss your fucking shield scenario. You dude, stop it's like
at Uc Davis, he got our when the Uc Davis, guy pepper, sprayed all those kids and the world just went bananas yeah it's the same thing like you know: that's not right! Yeah! You know you can't just walk up to chill. Do. Did you see it'll, you maybe can look it up, but he sued and got something like thirty thousand dollars, yeah for for for getting fired or whatever. After doing that, will from the internet response for a posttraumatic stress yeah. I said it depressed him course of the world. Your country. What do you is that correct is is how much he did that do get a deserved. All deserve So this guy Franco MAC hurt my cari. I guess, as he says, he's not prepared to brush off the incident as a peaceful gesture idiot and the italian police broken broken. I was down at a reply la I went down there for one day like what is smell like what it small planets, not fun. It was like a year ago, but it wasn't it wasn't. The occupation was, they would part of the
walk or whatever, and they were getting right. As I showed up, they were getting shot with rubber bullets for writing. In shock and the sidewalks and these kids had some of these kids have these big bloody welts from where do those where bullets can fuck you up and I'll take out, and I too, if they hit you now, you will go by no girl. Last night- oh my god, that's so crazy from a fucking. What I got shot with one along you can show the rubber bullet yeah they in I hi stick campus every time they played Michigan it like just went crazy. I people catch cars on fire. They would bomb the whole entire campus with it live with like tear gas and stuff. So even if you're in your house, you would still have tear gas in your house, and when you say that you mean the students would do that, the cops the cops, the campus police to break up the protest, so it will be up to it was just nonstop partying, like every street, had houses on our cars on fire too much party in here some tear gas, so they used to just they used to just shoot the rubber bullets to get out get it.
The streets- and I was just walking from a bar to my house, trying to get back to my house and getting your house I'm like I'm trying to walk, and they just start firing at it. Hit me in the leg and my whole leg, just bubbled up and got black and it hurt like fuck yeah. That means that some rude shit I mean those fucking things. It's not like, like a snurf bullet the rub and they're going like bullet speeds. You know, I think how fast they go. It's pretty fucking areas, trained trained, guys used to shoot us. Try to shoot us to like that like on train tracks. Is we always like put like nickels and quarters like on the train, tracks and stuff, and it was CS near and they would start firing these guns and then don't really aim it at it. They were just trying to scare stun guns. There were rubber bullet go, but they were just like firing in the air in their fucking. Ohio savages might as well be in the dark ages. There's a wee, thing that people are doing that there's a bullet as available at shit. I was like next to that kid that dude got jacked. Yeah
It is really weird they're allowed to do that. I mean come on, especially when you drives me crazy, when they look the size of that. The proof that they've used agent provocateurs to break up protests with yeah to put masks on and start breaking shit, and then they go to the protesters are breaking shit. We have to hire, we not bringing the cops and rest everybody, and so then they move in they turn Anon peaceful protest into our a peaceful protest into a violent. I mean that's the thing that most of these occupy, like half of the people, know, and I, like the quarter, that people were cops like that's the inside joke right. It got to the point where people are saying that it's like thirty something percent, like literally of all, occupy people, if that guy, the CIA guy was there to take those his job he's climbing expert is trying to save the world, he's also trying to get Octopussy try to go to the occupy. What is the the current status of occupied because it seemed like it was really exciting for awhile. But now it just seems like it's been in full
like the mob and brought to its knees. I mean, I think, that it you know it the I don't know whether the brand occupy will continue, but the the activists at what kind of activated by Occupy think that all still out there and all doing a lot of things, a lot of its on line yeah show down. Does I'm don't I'm not trying to demean their efforts? But what I'm saying is that at one point time there was a sense when all these people were lining up around these businesses and their camping out in the in in these parks. There was a instead, like the way I described it was like it was almost like some white blood cells cells had gathered are, found, some sort of an injury like some white blood let's figure out, there's something wrong with this area, and it's around until we figure it out and that's what these people no standing there and having all their speeches in the parks and protesting, but then it came like a thing to do as well. It became like you know it developed sort of like a social thing of its own. It became Wendy phone Brian. This is
like some of the shit I was shut up. Talk to you. Look at Ohio state stuff. The occupy. Thing became like I was listen to this interview with this kid who is, he was in college and didn't know what he's going to do his life and you decide to drop out and become a part of the Occupy movement. It's like, then, once I saw that it became clear what I should do with my life and I'm like wow. I don't know. That you know I don't know, I think a lot of people rocket and we knew were activated by it and really kinda realized what was going on with our society, and I think that's incredibly important means. You also have to you know, Yes, there are million failings and we could go through 'em all, but you have to think this is the first ever spontaneous global protest movement in mankind's history. That's in achievement in and of itself, and it also change the entire conversation in the country from off sterritt e to the fact that hey these, like couple of one thousand people, have an incredible amount of wealth. Yeah whoa,
I was going to say, is that it was sort of one of those things. When you see all these people protest where you're realizing that this this model of with no leader thing doesn't really work yeah. No, it needs to be something in between. I believe that's like this sort of like got infiltrated and then sort of scattered and LOS. Message in a lot of people's eyes and then it stopped being relevant in a lot of people. When they talk about the news, you don't really occupy protests very often anymore. It was a big thing for quite a while we hear about it on a regular basis, but I think I hate the idea of leaders, but I there's something to at least like a governing body that keeps everything together. Yeah I mean that yeah there needs to be some leaders. I think there needs to be some democracies of some form, but it was interesting to see I mean a lot of. There are a lot of the collapse of it. Besides the pepper spray in the in the shooting of rubber bullets and all that stuff that was done you
it was because the media all kind of came together and said we're all going to trash it. I mean the New York Times, first, article on it like online or whatever a few days Inn or maybe a weekend was just say how stupid it was and how the mascot of the movement is. This topless girl who's dancing, and you know it was like ridiculous. I was down there. I knew exactly what they were talking about. It was ridiculous and So that's the left wing New York Times I mean that's, that's our media. Remember when Giuliani was doing that speech. She said why don't you go occupy a job, a bad opening act in Jersey, maybe because a lot of these people were occupying a job for like seven dollars an hour and couldn't afford the bus home from the job you want to talk about it. Dude is out of the loop. Are you really saying that man yeah this billionaire? Where are you? Where are you the mayor of Fucking New York City? Like hello, you don't know that it's a mess out there going to occupy a job. Did you really fucking silly bitch,
It just seems that it's it's not sign of the times that enough people like together and go yeah yeah like there's enough agreement that you can have this gigantic huge movement without a leader, but I think ultimately, that's one of the issues with it. Look out non defined structure and non defined leadership position. We can both be. You can both be a benefit and attraction. I mean look at like say, for example, wiki leaks. It was like they were able to collapse that thing by imprisoning, essentially Julian Assange, the guy at the top. So you Take one leader. You can cut that head off, really easy, but if you had, let's say a lot of leaders to some degree or a lot of you know each each different area of elected somebody to kind of run things with him. Did you see the salon piece on the on there were they were despite discussion about offering Edward Snowden Amnesty who discussion,
who there's certain a NSA officials that are considering amnesty for Snowden there being there. Because no because they're really nervous, because apparently only one percent of what he might have has been put out. So there's a lot of stuff, they're nervous about coming out state department just swarming on on board. They don't want to do it. They think it would. It would encourage the odd Future Edward Jones Loza yeah, but man if there are there, actually saying that, though they must be so terrified terrified and in my opinion, that is a fucking hero. Well he's like he's a digital Paul, Revere, I mean you know I mean it should be furious. Know that it's coming like hey yeah look. It's being done in the Adam. The enemy is spying on you all the time and listen. What do you love Obama or you hate Obama? This is a dictator's toolkit, Weather Obama's, let's say Obama wouldn't even using it. This is a dick tool get for the next to the gets into office yeah, and it's the
yeah that were supposed to just tolerate that, because it's the government, like there's a whole reason why the constitution is the whole reason why people are elected into office is because they're supposed to represent our state of government they're supposed to represent some really clearly thought out rules that were of the times designed to fact in the possibility of corruption, so they without the influence of religion and they kept out the influence of corruption. There's there's all done on purpose. It was all like really like astutely engineer, three branches. All that shit and slowly but surely elected officials just shipped away at all that stuff just right in front of us chipped away and everyone was busy paying attention. Kim Kardashians ass. Nobody even notice that it was happening and then slowly but surely things like the NDAA get past and then out indefinite detention of american citizen attention with not only that, but you don't have right to an attorney. You don't have
craziness? Like my other charges? Yes, soviet Russia type shit! This is not see shit. This, like you, can't do that. This is America. On my web series, I interviewed Chris Hedges, who was one of the people taking Obama to court over Nda, and they they ultimately LOS, but they scared the shit out of the government that they couldn't use this thing where they imprison people without a trial or charges. It's insane, it's so crazy that you would want to do that. Why would you want to go around all of our checks and balances that are in place to ensure that people that are being tried or actually guilty, Would you want to do that? The only reason why you want to do that if you want to use that power to imprison people for your own whims, for your own decisions, because you you decide this guy's a an enemy of your your cabinet, whatever the you decided, you wanted a guy demonized and in the end you know same idea with Americans. He's got Americans on his kill list and Eric holder was asked. Tell you what it would you ever take out an American on american soil and his response to it would have to be a really bad,
thing going on as well. You like, so you said. Yes, you would take out an American on american soil, This is insanity. Well, they were considering doing that. Christopher Dormer do remember that Christopher Dormer was now the top yeah that was crazy and killed, kill the family of police officers, killed police officers and killed a bunch of people, and then there was talk. In the news and uh a bunch of different newspaper articles that I read with that he might be the very first domestic use of the drone for combat and they might have actually imagine fucking death for the sky. Bitch take out the whole neighborhood. You can't shoot again cops in their family they're, going to shoot missiles at you from the air. We if there's a big disparity between the capabilities of the average american citizen, the average human be
Bing and the government that runs these average human beings and whenever you have an imbalance of power going to have abuse, because people going to want to have some of that power going to have a taste you gotta keep them down. In order to enjoy this position that you're in you gotta fucking, make some decisions and be tough on bow and I'm looking at your email bitch about that a monitor every single one of your calls, because I wanna make sure you not terrorist. Ok, but anyway, you're just Bob Smith, who got elected to office and decided to change the entire rules for running the government? They're, not like monk they're not like these guys dated for twenty years on a mountain achieved, enlightenment and then became the perfect leaders for a society of regular guys with stupid shoes with those slippery slippery bottom shoes with tassels are fucking weirdos these guys they are regular, rich dudes that are abusing their power, and people should be fucking furious about this. I don't understand why there's not more outrage 'cause, we don't feel it. I have
very good friend he's a very good friend he's a very nice guy. He's a writer he's very smart, and he said you know what man, I don't feel it well, I'm looking around my friends they're doing good, I'm looking a lot of my family there going good. I go! Oh my god like that. Is that that's like saying that if you are in a sunny field somewhere in Kansas, you can't believe that Pakistan has a tornado right. This is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard, and you can't imagine it might come back to you eventually yeah. The idea that, like you're doing good in your friends, are doing good, so there's not that much corruption like it's not like these are rumors like all this NSA stuff. This admitted it everyone admitted it and free time, you know, and people will stand up for certain things. Every time I try and passing that some gun legislation, people get furious alright, and I and I'm not talking about whether you should have guns or not, but the people who stand up for that stuff should also stand up against this other stuff, because you
all those things you have your gun forward to protect your freedom, your family or property, they're. Taking that by other means, there are freedoms, gone the ringer emails, you can be locked away without a trial or charges your families indebted to student loans and will end up at some job. They hate because they're paying that shit off the rest of their lives. You know half your shit. Your house is foreclosed on all that shit. You want to protect with your gun, they're, taken without guns. You know why Fox news, chicks there, two guys there too hot you want to just make them happy. You want to you want it. You want to just tell the Mary I'm a hunter. I my fisherman outdoorsman, I mean I think everyone should be able to carry a concealed weapon. This is a mess God, damn it yeah. We have bomber Kerr come on and get on with it. I mean. What is, even trying to prove with that. You know, there's a reason why we need to. We need to fix our health care system, but unfortunately, the way he did it was by basically saying all the insurance companies could go. Nuts I think would happen. Is he wanted to do something? I mean this is a total optimist, guess that he wanted
something good and then the only way he was able to pull it off at all was to make it some sort of a contest well gained with the insurance companies actually profit off of it, but ultimately everybody does get some sort of health care health care. I mean this is one thing that I fully believe in healthcare in police and like cleaning streets and disposing of waste, and all that stuff should be taken care of by logical, healthy society first, education, education, health, safety and cleanliness. All that's primary! That's primary! After that. Let's worry about JANET Jacksons nipple on television. You know after that yeah. Let's worry about all these other things like the idea that people should have to pay for their own health care and like look man, I'm going to going to be in a society is actually we access full. We can use our money to pay doctors and the doctors should be paid well by the way. The big problem with doctors in these situations is that the the doctor's always get. They have massive malpractice insurance huge
loans. They have to pay off to do. When I go to a doctor now they're free to say anything because they they think, oh well, it might come back to me so they say well, it could be this thing. It might not be a it might, but I don't know you know you like cast of my total. I have cancer and he's like probably not ' 'cause. They don't want to say you don't have cancer 'cause. Then. If you have cancer there fucked yeah, then you could sue them because they weren't right about your cancer Jesus Christ. But I think that you know this should be a bunch of well motivated, well paid doctors and teachers and policemen that should be taken care of like right away and they got to change the idea of the role of a policeman and the idea of the role of a teacher they should be.
Mobile positions right right. We shouldn't only give you know we get perks in society to celebrities like tables at restaurants, and things like that. I think, like the best teachers in the country should be able to, like you know, fucking fourteen year old, every once, while not going trouble he's the only if it's a fourteen year old boy and it's a girl- and she looks like that on Fox NEWS Checks- joke yeah. How dare you busted joke out about that? Do you think, that there's already shown more mom right. Well, my god she's put on a God. Damn show was down of science. She knows exactly without lenses, she's Melfi, she's, very melfi yeah, those girls. You get him alone. They go crazy on ya. I forgot what I was going to talk about. No, I don't she scares me. I'm lucky damn happy. Did you see that video on my feet of this fucking Idiot put his arm in a tigers? Mouth is playing with the tiger. Oh my god,
go back to go on my feet about nine hours ago on my twitter feed is similar, Dick Ulous thing ever I can leave this guy was willing to do this and just hopes that this tiger plays plays along with them. It's so hard to watch. It is biting his arm like it has this entire arm in its mouth, and it's got these huge giant teeth, see if you could spread that out. Where was it that he had a tiger, I don't know, I think, he's a trainer, but look at this crazy asshole. Oh my god, this tiger is literally biting his whole arm. It's so big that head is so big it which it snap his arm right on anytime. It wants to, and it's it's stick it in there and look at the dog. How about that dog? The circling situation is like what the fuck is. That did you see the dog the poor dog is like. Maybe he fills up the tiger on dogs. That dog doesn't know what the fuck to do dogs like ok, what the fuck is that the dog,
the tiger gets filled up on dogs and then doesn't eat the human. The dog doesn't know what the fuck to do he's not going to protect. Did you see the guy that sleeps with a tiger and like dogs like this? like this tiger. Just like hey, I'm just hanging out yeah. This people are assholes. These people are asshole. You know why? Because they encourage other people to do this too. Maybe you can pull it off? Maybe you have this incredible repor with TIGERS, but this idea that we supposed to do a lot of really dangerous shit with big wild dangerous animals is so fucking stupid You just shouldn't be surprised when that dude eats the guy. We played a video last week of this trained bear attacking the trainers. I think it was a train is one of the changes relative like his brother or something like that, this Baird gotta know where decide to rip this guy's throat out there doing these. These things there they're training them just standing there, the guys not threatening the bear at all and the bear says you know what I'm just going to fuck this dude up. Quick just attack some rips them apart,
because when you try to put him on the tricycle, he decided he had enough Did you ever see that video, where the bear a eats the monkey? Oh, my god, it's russian circus Bear pulled up shit out Brian Russian despair. Tax monkey there there was a monkey driving a bike and a bear was driving a bike. And they collided, the monkey fell in the bear ran over the Monkey and Smith had a shower about kids watching at a circus and the bear just decided to fuck that monkey up embedded in a bath. I was being attacked by the monkey. That's smart they're in pain they well. They see the monkey, the preacher. The monkey cause this. So they just bit bytes shit out monkey know during Shakespeare's time one of the most popular shows was uh monkey riding a horse and then a bear would try and like eat monkey or whatever it was called, bear baiting ant. Thank God they fucking loved it. I've heard bear baiting in other ways. I've heard one bear baiting thing: would they take a pit bulls and they would
tie the bear down by chains and then release the dogs out and see how many dogs it took to takedown a bear? The bear was frustrated because he was listen to, I think, Maybe I don't think, there's a competitive. I think it's like paint like watch. The monkey falls and the bear falls on the monkey and it's like pitch and just attack some, so he was like using the bike to catch. The monkey need him. No, no, no! No! No! The monkey fell in the bear ran over the monkey. It's not the bay. The bears, not a strategy guide. It's not like thinking five, steps ahead. I kind of figure out how to fuck this monkey up and make it look like it's. His fault just a documentary supposed to be good about that a killer whale that ate the trainer. Oh, these are my black fish yeah. No doubt yeah. We had one of the guys in from marine land that was originally wanted. Till comes trainers not really yeah. We had a man a couple weeks ago, Phil demurs and he was fascinating. You know who is telling us like how it's just a God, Damn business like they. They don't give
talk about this wow they treated like shit. Those animals were really smart. While this pan is fucking, this dude up never seen a panda that exam anyway, he was wearing Jean Jacket on turns a little look, and it's like I hate prison turns out. A panda is a bear. Yeah the end of the day come on. Why get me in prison, you Fox but Phil was talked about marine land about how depressing is seen, those those orcas trapped in these fish tanks and they want to having sex with their kids just fused and horny, and their isolated, and it's really really evil. If you haven't seen black go see it and if you haven't seen the podcast with Phil, very enlightening and eye opening and If you go to save Smooshi COM, you could actually aid in his legal defense because he's getting sued by the people of marine Land who,
yeah cancel Seaworld is one of a Willie Nelson well and also known jet, cancel yeah. These are just the latest ones, yeah as everybody is cancelled, they should boycott those things. Things are prisons, though The prisons for aliens there, aliens that live under the water and they're smart as shit, and if we found him on another planet who worship them right, but because they are in the ocean and because we can catch up with these big nuts and screwing with cranes, we do it. Assholes people who run Seaworld, that you are fucking assholes? No one knows those dolphins and those whales more than you guys do, and you know what you're doing so fuck you I've never gone to Seaworld. I never will go to see where I've always let's see well, that's fucked up and talk this guy, just he just cemented that thought. In my mind, it's just it's now How does that grab his kids? I mean the part. The part. I only saw two minutes the documentary, but they grab the kids, all the water and the rest of the whales wait around 'cause. They don't want to leave 'cause, they realized. One of them have been trapped and it's so fucked. Are there smart?
yeah it's. We can't do that. That's not cool! You can either just because you can't understand what they're saying when they complain. We know there smart. You know it's one of the most evil things I mean it's essentially slavery, so no different in slavery and the idea that it is like this is not a goldfish. Ok, you can take a goldfish and do whatever you want to it. I don't give a shit. You can eat a goldfish for a prank. You will never hear me complain. You know why 'cause goldfish aren't smart. I like smart things you know and things that are really smart. You know not like dogs. Smart pigs, smart, like dolphins, are really fucking smart, like kind of people smart in some weird way and you're an asshole. If you put that into fucking swimming pool, they like used tools, oftens well, there maniacs and they do a lot of bad things and there's a video of a master masturbating dolphin who's fucking ahead. Let's fish the crazy there. Hypersexual is like human interest. Side is a lot of yeah. I, like you, and you got your genius- is, and then you got, the ones are seeing how big the US hawking gave him. No doubt and
much like humans, the vast majority of them are good if you're walking around on the street on any normal city. The vast majority of people that you run into are good people not the criminals and not trying to hurt others. Just most people are good people, just the ones that are not good, stand out right and it focus on him and it becomes something that people want to pay attention. I have a thing I do in my act about how these top billionaires, like the Coke brothers and shit like we, I hate when we'll go to them for advice on like how to run the society like there there's a cycle paths, I mean there, you wouldn't respect anyone else who collects a billion of something or like you know. If you find a going to million shoes, you know they have a fucking problem. What about of a guy out God Bill Gates, everything about everything. I've heard he's kind of a psychopath to not that, like not the initial inventing stuff, it's the it's! What you do after that like right? Well, what is it? Is it just kept going and kept making more and more and more to the point where you just who
is ninety million dollars good well, such as make it so I mean the way they make more. I don't know specifically about what Microsoft does, but it's it's a lot of like you know, tearing apart anybody else that could threaten them and as those apple yeah, you know, I'm not apple. Pretty ruthless. I'm not defending anyone comes to competition. I said all these businesses they're making tons of money, you know they protect that shit. It's a game! It's just like protecting your pieces, if you're playing chess If you're in the business to make money, that's you know you offer a good product, so your conscience is clear, mean apple, makes a hell of a laptop. They make great stuff, but I don't know if there just glad- I don't know, if you look at the netting around the Foxconn Factory in us. Well, it's essentially no one can be. No one can be conscience clear because we all get these conflict minerals that power electronics at they almost I'll come from impoverished areas. Where there's a lot of the log
from the Congo is lost slaves that were doing it. Yet we're doing, I think, still still is in a lot of places I mean vice. Did some powerful work on that? Shane Smith will be here on Wednesday. They they went there and they investigated the whole. What's what's going like? Why do we need to be here like what? What is what is the? What's, the the main appeal, it's cold yeah call Tonya the stuff in we used to make cell phones, we needed in all cell phones, so it's almost impossible to like have a conflict free like electric car, but here's the thing you could pay. I mean in a different. If our system was set up differently, you could pay those workers mining that coltan, a nice wage livable wage. No, and there was a there's I don't know if, got done, but I know it was a proposition to make cell phones that where there's a thing called free phone and everything like that, but I think they only way but they only had like 3g they didn't have like four.
Or Lte. They were like a step behind people like no. I need the latest shit I want to. I want to save the world, but the cell phone that I had last year. It's not good enough. Listen, I need some new shoes. I need to save the world, but this cell phones a month old that HTC one can you do that? Can you make me one of those people? Don't I want the older shit we've been carefully trained and I want the ownership- is that what it is? We've been trained. Isn't it, though, isn't it just a natural human inclination to always want the best? So I think, natural human inclination like. I feel that materialism, I think materialism is obviously an empty pursuit. I mean, I don't think anybody can argue that the pursuit of objects, ultimately over everything over emotions and friendships and love affairs. This stupid stupid objects are not going to be happy. You need all those other things, but
if you have all those other things that objects are pretty cool right, you know I mean it's, it's somebody gives you a really dope lamp and you put in your office like this thing is badass you look at it gives you like a good feeling. That's a piece of material thing that you own, that's actually pretty nice and art works, falls into that as well. In our work eventually is materialism. If you're collecting paintings, I mean you're collecting someone's depression in someone's work, but you're also collecting material thing right. You collecting an object but yeah. I think it's a vicious cycle in which, where we're told to always want the newest one and they are, the companies were rewarded for designing something that changes every month. I mean I boo yep. I I haven't used my Ipad. I just didn't have any use for it for like two years and I rebooted it up. Nothing works. Anymore. You can't know apps work, nothing because It's designed to kick you off and say: oh you, gotta get a new one or we're going to know everything stops working like well,
there's a reason for that, though, the reason for that engineering wise is that they want to be able to control their product ultimately, and they want to make it the best experience possible like there's a status is a max of logical, but is the technological reason for some of us only updating the operating system, constant updating the applications concert, they improve them. They get amount of time, but changing the feature that changing the shape of the plug Well, you can have the old plug, but it transfers data quicker and we really doesn't work here is that they had the old drugs and the new plugs a million times you right and you're wrong at the same time, you're right. If you want to think as far as economics and like yeah, you should be able to save people money, let him use the usb plug. While I have to have this thing that get out, but the thing that nobody else has works better, it's a better. It's which transfers data quicker. It's better connection, allegedly what I know- and it's not like, if you think about. If you like, a playstation one goal, you're not going to play it like a playstation four, you should called five. What is
new thing lightning bolt connection. Is that what it is and is that what it connects? Your like? A Iphone five yeah, lightning bolt, connector, better! Here's, a question: oh yeah! It's a lot better is a lot faster and it's different usb. Also at the old one is a lot slower. The can tions member, like I work with the you, would always have problems with like plugs like or if you had like a alarm call. Rock that had a doc system in it always had that wiggle thing where you had to put something behind it, just to get it connected. That's because it was just not a well designed plug for multiple uses. Yeah Yes, apparently it does it. Does it transfers data Cuadro transfers, wow data up to ten gigabytes per second dub, the speed of current usb three dot zero, so that just
answer the we're only talking about tech, I mean there's, there's other things: that's what these shelves shelves collapse in a month now, oh yeah get like IKEA shit yeah, but we're talking about like updating applications and how your Ipad wouldn't work, and I really think that that's because they're just constantly upgrading shit and then making it better and faster, and I yeah, it's frustrating. If you're trying to save money but if you're not trying to save money, that's what you want to do. You want every to push the latest shit? You know like, oh, so what I have to get a new plug, but now my biz. This can transfer its data in twenty minutes as opposed to forty minutes yeah, but like so, I've got the older phone whatever this is the Android and I've had it for like two years and it still works. Fine, I just don't have the fastest phone. You saw my dad. What's going on with you you're a young man you're, young you're healthy. I don't need to fasten the phone SAM's fine works, fine works for a you. Have you a joke about that, I use a carrier pigeon. I should you, do a joke about how he's been with me twelve years? No one ever looks at cell phones goes. Ok, that's it we're done we're done. We did it screens bigger now,
fast enough. It's not going to happen like we, for whatever reason we need the latest greatest shit. We all do you, not because your fucking mister use bohemian Witcher two year old, Ipad magic sketch. Let's get so it's good for a laugh, uh, my glasses yeah, I think yeah. I honestly think that we were talking about materialism, although it's kind of an empty pursuit. I really think that it's one of the things that's pushing what human beings are doing this planet overall, which is advancing technology. I mean one of the things that we do. If you looked at us just can totally outside of our culture outside of your life, outside of you, your reality and looked at this swarm of beings and what's at the forefront of swarm of beings, its objects, the constant, creating newer cars, bigger, tv's, better computers, better phones and they constantly obsessing at these objects and they're working jobs. They don't even enjoy just to feed the machine that creates these objects
which is really sad when we say their wide working jobs they don't enjoy. I don't know if it's their lives. A lot of people, though that's my point. A good percentage of people made a mistake somewhere and did something that they don't want to do good percentage. That did it for just a living in this no passion to, though I think it's a good percentage, I wonder, though, if, when you see all this symbiotic connection, we have like a cell phones like you can't leave your house about yourself when you feel weird. You know when you're there talking about the Google glass going to wear that were becoming more and more addicted, closer and closer and closer to it to it, maybe the whole reason for materialism in the first place, it might be that's the pole of materialism materialism. Ultimately just be the engine, It's a symbiotic relationship between piece went very positive way to look at them. I don't even think it's positive sounds pretty negative. So this would be a lot of shit. That's different! I do agree. I mean technology is increasing exponentially and in some ways it's great and in some ways like I feel like we could be using it for better things and we're like the drone Amazon delivery system that they've been talking about.
Alright, it's lovely you bring in a slap chop two and a Gora Phobic obese coleslaw addict, but you know couldn't drones be used for something more important? Well for them I mean their businesses selling people shit. So why would they do that right, there's obviously a folder drones, but if they're going to use that drone for their business, at least it's cool, at least you know you're hanging out in the city and she drones fly by dropping off packages some more well in down yeah. I don't trust us on one. That's not gonna, be building a break. I get nervous about a rumor. I don't know. I don't know he's reporting back to. When is one of I'm gonna run out of batteries and spiral rented some little kid stroller yeah. You know in the first week it's going to happen, you can't tell me those things are feel group. People should amounts guy. You needs a crazy rednecks like display all rado they've. They passed a law in some merit, call Rado allowing you to shoot drugs, it's a it's a yeah. They they can't do it, but they can try. You get a lot well, if you have a high speed rifle and it's hovering if you catch it. How
you have you should ask I don't allowing people to the Amazon drones, not the full size, drones they're, talking about drones period, this state Cala Rado, so I know they allow it. I just didn't know it was possible for the type two yeah yeah you can do it. It's been done, they've done it with rocket launchers. They've done it with like heat seeking missiles. I know they're taking drones out before. Definitely and We have a high powered rifle with a scope. It hovers if it's not like moving again, if an even if it is moving, you can lead it. If you're really good sniper like one of those Marines, some a lot of the time. They're supposed to be a mile up where you can't see him: oh that makes sense, yeah if their well. I guess they can be right. I mean they could be as high as they want to know people in there. They are often like when their bombing over in Afghanistan. You can't see him so crazy. It's such a weird thing that we just have accepted that as a part of our civilization yeah.
Yeah, how far we've come over the past fifty used to be like ten years ago, someone's like deer, this drones taking people out you'd be like what are you smoking and they don't have try to make it seem like it's just the Patriot ACT was called the Patriot ACT. You know I mean like this is they've given up on the orwellian Hellfire missiles. Hellfire. What does it say up there? Brian with the uh, the headline say car. What is town vote on drone ordinance postpone? Oh someone got ahold of 'em. We're going to we're going to make it so be able to shoot drones at this guy. Spelling and ding Ding Ding, Ding Ding all were so crazy, never going to happen because there's bullets are going to fall down and hit people and shit. Oh they certainly well well that happens every year on new years and these assholes go shooting off their guns. Bullets land on people. People die every year that somewhere in the country. So when the world sounds awesome, there's something beautiful about that terrible one hundred and fifty people die every year, coconuts falling ahead. Yeah
More people die from peanut allergies in this country than terrorism, isn't it crazy peanuts or a mother fucker? That's argument against we'd like when the doctor drew type characters start talking about like the withdrawal symptoms of we like not so much not for, like normal people from the of the peanut allergy freaks it will and it's the weeds not kill as many people as peanuts. It's not killing anybody, but I mean even the people that get like these withdrawal. Syndromes like peanuts, are worse like pee Peanuts are a higher percentage of people like the amount of people that are getting like really addicted to weed? Oh, my God is even one in one thousand. What are the symptoms like boredom they're just bored? Well, they say that they can't they have to have it. They can. I think they're idiots are
Do I think a lot of them that did talk about being addicted to either idiots? I buy the ones that say. If they do, we, then I'll start doing coke and, like a crazy, I I because yeah, but doesn't that start earlier, like alcohol, like yeah, you have to put in a weed as the gateway. Also it's like, why do you have to put it on anything? That is what you're really doing is taking something that's innocuous and you're you're just doing your natural escalating. What do you do? You would do with with gambling with prostitution you're crazy person, but you know you just look. Going to get nutty, and so you get naughty with weed, and then you blame the weed. Then doctors got you on the couch and it's like: when did you know that you were out of control, that we'd pulled me? There was a grip I needed. I couldn't get up get a without buying girls, yeah. It was the first time I fucked that was like this is really exciting, and I want to do this more yeah. The key then I did a weed and then I moved on yeah. I think uh is it's like we were talking about earlier with the whole fox thing: it's like there's teams and there's
the teams, don't recognize that this is not an either or thing. There's a lot of weirdness in this life, this is weird shit and You tell me that marijuana should be illegal, but you, you're, ok with people selling Oxycontin's yeah, oh you're. Ok with vitamins so much worse, stuff is legal with ambient ambient is crazy, like you're going to get addicted something that you need to sleep, and if you don't take it, you can't sleep and you go crazy, oh, and by the way you might wake up while you're on it do stuff the government's fine with cigarettes that kill half a million people a year, but their problem with medicinal marijuana or whatever, like that's the ultimate one right cigarettes, are the ultimate one. It's the ultimate thing that you never hear a politician talk about, find me one guy running for president ever that it said he wants. Take cigarettes out of the american people's hands Is anyone ever done? That Imagine of terrorist killed, half a million people a year, people be so bummed out. People would flee
is there shit? If you volunteered for the terrorist organizations in a killed America, you get roped into it. They need it. Even though I think this scared, I got hit hypnotize and then addicted, and they got brought into terrorist organization, they murdered him. Stop this other terrorist put in the word cigarette and that's what you have the Hypnotize you with people. Looking cool you know when you see cool people that are artists manner, smoking man's amazing next thing. Let me try it next thing. You know you're caught in some chemical web, where you're at more cells. Your assistant did, Cortana for real. You see people that need it and it's fucking. They do life's a and people got to medicate themselves against the difficult illness called life in various ways. Yeah, and I think that the idea that anybody is going to be able to tell you what you could do is stupid. Some people should take heroin. I know that's, not everything I say should, but I know
some people have done some amazing music with heroin and I'm not saying that they should. They absolutely had to do heroin to do that music, but they did. The music is awesome, so it is what it is. You know it's not forever. Yeah you dumb to do heroin yeah, it's crazy, kills you, but now look what fucking look at Nirvana did Now Kurt Cobain did was on heroin. And then we use all these drugs as an excuse to imprison, fucking half the country we have percent of the world's population, twenty five percent of the world's president. Well, that's the other thing to privatize. Private prisons and then prison guard unions that lobby to make sure that drugs are illegal. Like wait, a minute, why it's like the lobby to make sure makes sense, work harsher harsher senses they lobbied. Make sure that we have work. That's what they want to make.
I want to make sure that we're out there arresting people, so we have work. So I have plenty of people to keep you and and the and the people making money from the privatized prisons. Allow me inside out two It's all orwellian mean. You add that to the fucking What's in the sky and the wars over oil, I mean it's some pretty kredible stuff, that's going on right, crazy, shit! You know freedom all this freedom talk. Meanwhile, that NSA is just looking at all dick pics. Looking at every email ever sent ever I want my guns, but I don't. I don't care if they fucking. Looking at my dick pics, I wonder what the fuck is going to happen with this snow day. Saying, they say that he also has some sort of a like a stash of really super crazy shit that he will release. If anything ever happens to him and they have like a code for it like JFK, is the code can do it. You have to like you have to like there's a
crack it in the in the hearings in the UK. They said: they've only released one percent of what he is. That's the same how's it possible, that's crazy. How is that possible? how much more crazy shit is. Imagine if we found out that we're not even real they leave out on a disk somewhere. We are in the May, through, where the matrix and like this makes is a hundred percent real. Did you see that new stuff about the simulation, but the hologram yeah? I was on yeah yeah yeah, it's a pulled it up. It's bizarre! It's the problem with this uh The latest evidence that the universe is a hologram, the problem with all this stuff, is that I thought I saw that headline. I know I understand it now. I couldn't understand. I can't understand it. I've tried, like string theory stuff, and this is the cover of the slate science page. Do we live in a ten dimensional hologram? Ok, I'm just going to shut this off wake me up. Conversion seem bewildering at times the past century. We've learned an incredible amount about the cosmos: thirteen
a billion year history, its structure, including the number and distribution of galaxies, and which is really amazing when you stop and think they figured that out this, more gallon and more galaxy, no more stars than grains of sand on beaches, beaches of the world, let's, not only that there's a very distinct possibility that the universe is fractal, an infinite one. The ideas is that inside every galaxy is a black hole and inside that black holes, another universe, I'm not high enough. Meaning it's not high enough. It's not possible! You can't get high enough Do you do you started this shit? Talking nonsense, but it's it's a really incredible thing that they've done right, trying to study the smallest possible, measured, compe, moments of nature. Is that as they've got deeper and deeper, with this they've shown that the world is kind of magic. It's it doesn't it's not based on
any of the laws of reality that we observe in everyday life, like things aren't solid there, almost all air yeah you're not actually touching anything. When you touch it, it's there vibration, the force they charge against is pushing the electric force. Whatever is yeah butcher it, but it definitely hardcore how Google that from people who know what they're doing a comedians when we talk about Quantum theory- and they would talk about article particles in super position with their moving and then still at the same time, we got some of these particles that are only they're only there when you observe them observes in there and that's sort of those are the beginning. Steps to this study of the possibility of the universe is a holiday and also simulation theory, the possibility that what we are in right now is some indiscernible artificial reality that we've created in the future. And then we don't realize it, because it's so good, it's just it's perfect, but we,
That's far enough to create something which we inevitably will that's indiscernible from regular reality and that's it seems like some piece of fiction. You know that's why Anthony Weiner some pictures of his dick, like really obvious shit, things, get weirder and weirder. You know, and and these things, these weird things happen over and over and over again it's so it's almost like the letting you know like this is this is a parody week created this this current prez from the future. It's pretty pretty perfect. I mean genital warts come on, maybe no, but maybe yes, because I think there's a Yin Yang to everything and if you could just all fuck everybody Willy nilly with no rubber on and not worry about it, then it wouldn't be so pleasurable. If you could fuck someone who didn't have herpes or genital warts that design idea because experiencing pain, then you appreciate it when it's not there. Well, I think, there's a yen in the Yang to the world just like nothing else in the universe. I think there's a reason why we have evil and so that
in appreciate good, you know, I think there is a reason why we have bad relationships. We can appreciate good relationships. I really believe that sounds rude to us, but I think the only people that ever learn are people that experience both highs and lows, which is why lottery winners are almost always fucked, which is why, people who are born rich are almost always have you seen the church where people that become paraplegic and people that win the lottery? Their happiness goes back to almost exactly after a year. It goes back to almost exactly where they were like you, don't retain that that immense joy or sadness tends to and back to the mean it makes sense. We're adaptable mean we like to think that we are what we are right now, but you know we are. What we are right now is what we are because of the circumstances we exist in if our circle, senses existed like we're in the Congo digging Colten out of the mountain with a stick. That's it would be our reality. You know you look at a friend of my a book about uh Montezumae, Graham Hancock,
book about Montezuma and the the incredible shit the Aztecs do. Like really it was a novel, and we were talking about like living in that time like what it must have been like to live in this crazy, barbaric name of human sacrifice and That's all they had new. That's all they knew just like this is all we know. This is just like they're going to say the same thing about us in about ten years. What was it like to live in a barbaric time to roll Fox news? What the fuck was going on there, people were watching vaginas on the news, while drone bombs were killing grandmothers see. Women actually think that were just joking around about that. But that's not really a big deal to show your vagina without intelligence, not rude, but it really does sway man's opinion of total Talking, really really really don't want to be on there. It's it's it's it's the weirdest thing ever like. If you see a girl and even if you have no shot at our whatsoever, you even if you don't want to have sex with her. You want her like you. If she's
super hot and she's wearing some revealing crazy, Fox NEWS type girl, clothing, hypnosis. It's not fair straight man is not fair. Specially for dumb straight and that's why so many dumb people like Fox NEWS, those fucking sirens, they pull you into the rocks, So this is exactly sirens into the rocks. I like that fucking you. I always think it where I think we talked about this before that that Fox NEWS is so cool with certain things like family guy. Like a cartoon, I know, but the company of five the same doesn't match the rest of the network, because it's all Brian, it's all about making money and the Fox NEWS that with to with the way to make money in the news it. The really obsessed people, conservative people, the people really really into it and looking like conservative talk, radio conservative talk, radio dominates, liberal talk. Radio but the real numbers were, but I knew back in the day but when AIR America came on the idea behind AIR America was that we needed a some sort of rebuttal to all
all the right wing right wing to rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage Type, dudes that were everywhere and every time you turn on the radio. You have angry white guys screaming about immigration and all this crazy nonsense. You know, and I think that there's there's that's undeniable. You know people which is we're not looking at it, for what it really is. Also you look at where talk radio's biggest it's the middle of the country, that's all red and they're out on farms, and I've got nothing to do to listen to talk, radio yeah and you know they are also easily lead and if you're really dumb, if you feel fearful- and That stuff plays towards fear all that right wing stop weather its limb by or Michael Savage there all fear mongering itself there playing towards fear and that's how they make their money. So Fox NEWS is just that's a great bankable market and then, on top of that, if you
you know, you're a guy like Rupert Murdoch, whose, like super conservative in the first place, you want to be able to influence culture, you know influence culture with the family guy. It's not going to matter whether not your television shows that just strictly entertainment based or conservative or liberal that doesn't matter. But what really does matter is fucking new shows the tv shows is just about making some money. What's the best way to make money have people do it's with stars, and it's also about repetition like the fact that that you know if the news says this thing over and over and over again that's what has the effect yeah. You know, family guy says one sentence: that's not yeah! it just becomes so yeah they can can do incredible things by just repeating things in the news over and over again, and then people say I thought that this was going on. No, that's God damn, but if you just listen to certain news, shows you're going to get that slant. If you listen to MSNBC you're going to get left wing slant,
listen to CNN a used to be a left wing slash. What was it you know with MSNBC it's interesting because it is a a kind of left Wing SAM, but it's also very much a bomb apologist, and so, if your more laughs than Obama like I am that and you're like he's, give him a pass on everything. It's like you, NSA surveillance is not ok, just 'cause, it's Obama in office. I wonder what it is man. I wonder if it's the bill, Hicks joke where Now you get into office and they have room smoky room filled with industrialists and they show you a footage of the JFK assassination from an angle no one's ever seen and that co any any questions. One of my agenda is, I wonder, what happens when you get in there. 'cause I've heard it argument, here's here's what I would say about it is you don't get to the point that you could get in there and less you've been approved by the business community. I mean Rick Rubin was behind Obama as a senator, maybe even before
I mean introduce for the Beastie boys. No the beard as a he was. He was behind Obama, it even as a state senator so basically been this politics thing going on things like Rick, Rubin, brownie points, though, if you're at a party but You know the ok was already given for Obama as like he's with Wall Street. That kind of thing right, and where, as you see the people that don't get that okay, look at Jill, Stein or or even you know, RON Paul that I had when he was up for the caucus, they're changing numbers and shed and yeah- and you know, Jill Stein- was we tried to attend the presidential debate and was arrested and locked in a room chained to a chair in the entirety of the debate in New York and then run
least after it was over? What was the reason they said it was trespassing 'cause she shut up to the debates without a ticket and inch even she said, she's been like four foot: five she's. Like a sixty year old woman, she said to the armed Guard: how 'bout you ton chain us from the chairs were not going to leave the room, and he said no, oh, my god. That's our democracy. This is the this is the Green party. Presidential candidate was also really interesting, watching people scramble when RON Paul was doing debates and watching the way the pundits the people on TV were just dismiss him openly, and they there was one time where I believe RON Paul is like in third place, and someone else is in fourth place and their concert in the fourth place person, and they like it, nor the factory yeah yeah was that the list was on the screen and they said one to inform us like what the man it's so transparent and and he's got his son now, and people are wondering if his son is uh. Play ball, what's going to happen with Rand Al Razi, a chip off the old block. It's also weird man,
I think that, ultimately, though, with the friends that are happening right now, with like alternative news sources on the internet and people get into these places, device type people that are showing you like what is really going on. This is really where your cell phones come from. This is really what kind of a pill cool uprising is happening in Bahrain. This is really what's happening in Syria. This is the reason why the administration tried to get you to think that we need to take military action, and this is the reason why they ultimately back down like the that stuff comes out. It's going to be so hard to fuck around yeah. It's going to be harder and harder to control. It's going to be so hard to control they're not going to be able to then will do no identifies the fuck out of them, which is why they're trying to control the internet more. You know the tried to pass those bills that would kind of shut down. The you know make the internet less free and they failed. I was called open piper where the bills in Congress and people flipped out, remember like a Google. Did it thing on it and everything and
so big? I mean it's because information is getting out there and it scares the shit out of them and they're trying to make the internet chain down. Meanwhile, Google, just bought Boston dynamics? Did you see that scariest shit dude Google Skynet despite is crazy. Robot company keep buying crazy shit? What else did they buy recently? Was the other nutty thing that Googlebot or they they bought ways which is pretty awesome with that? That's a program: that's using like a gps that tells you real time traffic, because what it's doing is I sending out how slow you're going. Some people know like that streets only going thirty miles per hour, right, you're, getting the most accurate GPS ever so pretty much Google by something that will be able to track. You was
the tracks yeah! That's a fact. I mean anytime. Anybody's got some sort of thing when the running from the cops that phone on they know exactly. You are yeah, but, and- and now it won't even have to be the phone on the car will be sending a signal right yeah for sure I mean I think they really are. I think you know when you have like that, those let's. What is a good show called where you what is it when you're in a GM car? When you a button on star Onstar, I had a my new card. Yeah, here's me they find you. Then we were so we know you get a car accident. Onstar goes we're sending the police to right. You know, I don't. I don't know myself as the type of guy that will need to go, run and hide in a barn somewhere, but I would like to have that on the possibility on that on the table as like, I could go hide somewhere and you can't anymore, but one day when no one can hide including bad people, will we be forced to reconcile, will be forced to alter our opinion or alter our behavior rather to a more evolved state, because everyone is accountable for their own behavior. Well, the problem is, I think, the largest be
that people in terms of a structural society sense are not considered bad people. I mean the fuckin heads of the government and then the corporate asshole, but don't you think they're considered bad people more now than they ever were before. Just we're talking about the impact of Operation Wall Street or the Occupy Wall Street Movement is one of the things that's done is start the conversation. We open up the dialogue about the discrepancy of income discrepancy of wealth in this country and make it a topic of discussion in a way. That's never really been fully expn, before it was just everybody knew they were rich people and poor people. But now it's kind of quantified, six hours of the Walmart fortune of the same amount of wealth is the bottom forty percent of America, one hundred and twenty five million people. They have friends check this out recently, Google, by computer vision, robot arms. These are companies and what they specialize in robot arm, robots, robot, wheels, robotic cameras and then robotics, but but the like the last mergers that they bought, like the last eight most Avamar robot base.
Isn't it ironic that their motto when they started was don't be evil? Look at Google's new robot Watch time magazine from December 16th says Google's new robot run like hell. This is fucking crazy. It is a cheetah I mean, It literally looks like a cheetah, Utc. What does it plan to do with that thing? I don't know it's a good question, but where you see the thing run, it's insane. They have one version of it that I don't think is real at the beginning of it where it shows it pull it. Look for that yeah, but go to the very beginning of it. Go to the very beginning out before you click the link, and you could see the idea of the cheetah the actual robotic cheetah, image when the thing first starts to it, if that they for it before you press play nothing wants to hump, your leg are look at this Brian. Yes, look at that!
What the fuck look like a dead mouse via back end up a little, so you can actually see the full image. That's insane, it's a robot fucking cat now, that's real, though that looks like like an artist rendering or something is actually it's a metal cheat ahead, but when you this thing run they Get super fast, like a person like a really good sprinter. I think they max out and like the 30s or 40s like thirty miles. An hour is like maybe maybe the fastest guys in the world can get into the 40s
this fucking things. These things can run like cars. What are they going to do with that? They're going to change bad people they're, going to make sure that the streets are safe. These are a robot super friends. Looking this thing, you imagine if you're sitting there on the street ready to cross, and you look left and you look right, and you see this fucking thing running down the street going twenty five miles an hour, so we need to invest in a magnet company, asap Rocky, a magnet company to get away from these things. If we had a shit load of magnet magnetic pulse is like throwing magnets everywhere to get outta here. I think they probably thought that through there, probably using magnesium is lighter what wow that's, how it stops? Twenty eight miles an hour, actually a person cannot run that, but how long I cannot run it, but like a really fast person, can you ride it? I would take its back and choke it yeah, that's good! who owns that now ha and it pisses battery acid, so sweet
I love sweet girl, ride, androids, great yeah. It's this weird like what to do it. That way, don't you guys make phones like why making robot murder are going to be that thing to be that things slave in ten more years? We're going be that thing in twenty more years download your fucking brain to that you're, going to run to school in the highway remotely going to la like at home in your bed, going to be like a shallow kitty pool with wires, like in minority report movie, you got to be kidding it connected to put on your floaties yeah. You could be connected in this pool with dimmed lighting with these electrodes in your head and you're. Just going to be your consciousness is going to be inside the cheetah robot, just booking down the four hundred and five And now that you're also have meetings where they want to keep the humans around any longer. It's actually, I think we're done with them yeah once somebody gets dumb enough to actually make one of them conscious themselves the beginning it's going to be just human consciousness, downloaded into a robot, but then some dumb, going to decide. Well, I want to make my own people and then that's fucked and we're fucked.
Isn't it funny that, like we saw the terminator and all those movies like that, so stupid doesn't happen. Of course it's going to happen and it didn't stop us. It's absolutely going to happen. If you keep going what's going to stop it from happening, how about that yeah you tell me if people keep going from here from twenty thirteen with the access to technology we have now. How are you going to top one hundred years now, they're being artificial people, sure not you're, not you're, not you know, there's no way There's no way. They're going to have that figured out in a hundred years mean we might not see it, but a grandchild. You probably see it and we're going to look like it get chimpanzees if they have artificial intelligence has access to, like all the information ever were going to look like just fucking moron there, but these things are dangerous. You know they made nuclear power when they didn't know how to shut the plants off. It's built them. They just started on it. Reckless they have enough bombs to blow up
everything on the planet ten times over and they keep making bombs there crazy. Now they have and robots that fly from sky. Now they don't see you, to make the universe safe. We gotta get rid of freedom, ain't, free son, freedom, ain't, free actually had a guy say that to me in all earnest. Recently, freedom isn't free. He had ok, it is by nature. Yes, That's exactly what it is: freedom, it's it's free. It should be free, see! That's just because, like there's a press it doesn't mean that freedom isn't still free thing freedom, you know, god damn we gotta go get the bodies, Lee Camp we do are there any bodies out there or how we created all the baddies. What do you think do you think is fifty percent batteries that we've created and fifty percent batteries that are actually real, that we have to go after or do you think it's like one hundred percent bullshit at this point? you know when you the history of us, propping,
Military military dictatorships then go in invading them yeah. When not our friends anymore, he did we used to like you, but now hilarious, another great bill, Hicks Bit yeah. It's just like it's so weird that all this stuff is fact all this stuff exists. You read things economic hit man to find out how we really do run economic. It might come as an island of early and booked the real the control of resources all around the world like how we get away with it, and you notice that in one of my videos recently I did it on now. Basically, they found out that what dating conventions, if you have worked well, you well save it save countries with debt, and now they going to America, people with student loans and mortgages and shit so they've enslaved the american people with debt
Well you say that, but I say they gave them the opportunity for a nice card Lee Camp, there's something about going to job in a nice new car and if you just put one hundred dollars down at one thousand five hundred local aren't that smart alot of 'em. You say that Lee Camp, but I think that Alexis can make you feel better? I don't think I was arguing a can't. That having that loan, I was arguments to smile that student loans, people think they can pay him off and then they can't for fifty years. That's another thing: it's like. I believe that education should be available in free to all of our people. I think it should be one of those things that we encourage. We need more smart people, more smart people, more educated people equals less losers. That's that's a better society, it's a better. We would be better off, but God damn the id here that you go to school and it costs you but
quarter million dollars by the time you're out and you're fucked you're, making fifty thousand dollars a year, and you made that decision at eighteen and then you're, twenty four realizing. You don't want to be a lawyer anymore, you're fucked and it's a shitty feeling too, like you, trapped, you're sucked into the web of the system, mean friends that have student loans that are just mind boggling. He talk evaluate how we're going to pay it up. Like I'm, never going to be enough, you really know you're never going to pay it up like you, you have 'em. No, I said, thank God, age IP, as they went so crazy. Some people, especially if you do like medical school or something crazy or law school or it's very expensive, the number, the actual number you are in the whole four before I even get started in the game of life's and now there's all these fraud schools that trick people into thinking, they're going to get some great degree. There's gotta be a better way than that. There's gotta be a way to have education free. It seems like the most important thing in education: healthcare, police, yeah, the internet. What's the newest education, if you could focus and make sure you like, sit there and try to learn different techniques on like Youtube and
Right Beyonce, and that's just now. I think the the real internet. I was to this podcast. I forgot that I think it's Radio LAB Intel Radio LAB or something like that, and they were talk. About human neural interfaces and that the ultimate goal is what they're working on right now is. We have already the ability to take phone and ask a question to the phone speak right into it and give you an answer in a couple of seconds, but you know they're going to have within a decade two decades. There's going to be one less map. Yeah you just going to have that information. You just think it going to get it. It's going to be there and you know it might actually even come in a form of knowledge or it won't be a were they have to read like it will come in a formal they'll. Be the breakdown, what are parcels of knowledge and information 'cause, they already figured out, they can plant information, they could plant information in the brain that could plant false memories
they can plant false memories. That's another scary thing at once. You take those memories, you have control of everything or you go to a place like that fuckin. What was that Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Total recall? Really they hook you up with some machine and you just live like a baller. That's the matrix matrix, that's the real, the real hologram but like they have been, the Pentagon spent millions and millions on pills that help erase memories for for soldier yeah. Well, they also tried a lot. Should the didn't work like LSD, hey, I you know LSD initially, the idea was that it would be a truth serum that they would have to the enemy given LSD and they would be forced to tell the truth. Not so much as the they didn't even understand the does. It work one zero there they were given people every on bottles were asked to drink this, it tells the truth and they would just lose their fucking marbles and then they said: ok, ok, ok! This doesn't work for that, but maybe to work, for this is probably like one guy who really loved acid and he wanted
continue to research They said how about we do this when our guys get captured they'll take ass. In that way, they won't be able to divulge any secrets. So that would do that. Those are the two options and then somewhere around in the late 1960s. They realize they had a problem because acid really permeated the entire culture and started changing the way. People were thinking right, opening minds, and so many people that Timothy Leary, you know fans were tuning in and dropping out and there were people are gay going to a point where that was uh. To think there was, you could be a republican and you could be a Democrat. You could be humanitarian or you could be a psychedelic adventurer right, all the sudden, that's an option to write, and then people are diving into that. They work with these people have like really good arguments and they obviously are impossible to the mind and all of a sudden they're against the Vietnam WAR they're against everything yeah. They did. You know like the weather underground. They want to have orgies and Faulk and blow up the government yeah. It's
You get a lot of weirdness when you start throwing a acid into the mix, so there like around one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, alright, let's just should illegal. It's hard to did that up until one thousand nine hundred and seventy everything was legal, marijuana was illegal since the 1930s Besides marijuana like mushrooms, peyote, mushrooms, cocaine, all that shit was legal until one thousand nine hundred and seventy that's weird huh, maybe not cocaine so definitely a psychedelics, that's what they're going to say about, Salvia cigarettes alcohol in twenty years from now ten years. Well, they've already done it with Salvi in a lot of places, but I don't think they're going to say with cigarette. Thank God they make a lot of money from alcohol. 'cause they're not going to do that as long as they make money yeah. We need something you can't do that we're going to be reprogrammed to be drunk like I want to be drunk right now. I think, and then it's going to fuck with your brain. So your brain thing search wrong. It's going to be like an on off switch, they're gonna start program. What I think they're going to do is have like a Jack Daniels patch. I just
put on your stomach and you don't have to drink? You don't get shitty breath just put a patch on your stomach, is so much less cool at bars? Oh, it's totally not quit on your stomach just a little bit. So I'm trying to find out what the actual drug hey baby wanna, hang out and put patches on. Do you see Kanye West remake video that Seth Rogan did and the guys friends. No I heard was really funny. Don't yeah cocaine was one. Cocaine was illegal until nineteen, so you mean legal legal. Rather until one thousand nine hundred and seventy oh yeah, free morphine was legal, Codeine was legal, yeah should be able to get coding with night Quil. Oh my god, I was sick once and I took some nightquill and I've never felt better. In my whole life it was beautiful. It was. It was like a total psychedelic experience and I don't know if I took too much or what, but I remember last year is: it ninety seven, maybe ninety eight somewhere in the 90s when it was still available. I know it You can't stand up comedian, that's addicted to this stuff and
used to work in clubs like in the 80s and 90s, and club owner would have to go out like send a manager out to pick him up night Quil bottles of Nyquil Vectors Hotel room and get fucked up on that yeah? That dude was is a straight up. Night, Quil Junkie, never heard. I never had anything like that. I was working at rascals in New Jersey and they were telling me the story about this dude and I'm like how many bottles like you'll go through. Before bottles of night of Night Quil she's yeah. We used to do that and then no doze. If we wanted a high also know toes and just leave it at the same time like no, no, no, it's like if we want to either high or low Nodosaur Robo trip confuse the fuck outta. Your brain son yeah, you can be mixing it up, that's a speedball for retards, yet Cody was delicious. It was so but like how it made you feel like. I was melting into my bed. I was like so happy also like I felt so warm and comfortable, and I was sick as shit. It was this back. Are you doing anything
yeah yeah you into which is done you're just on the coding that cool? Well, I just did it once I mean I literally only took the stuff. Once is that John Mayer know it's a James Franco, James Franco and Connie West Virginia Music, video together. No, no, no, the one on the left is the real one. One on the right is a parody yeah 'cause. It was
such a ridiculous video. That Connie is like pretty much having sex with. What's road ash Kardashian on his motorcycle, they did a shot by shot remake of it with Seth Rogan as Kardashian is so bad, though, like this fucking, the lyrics are so bad. It's just such dumb nonsense, overinflated ego nonsense. Did you see him on tape? They brought it back on South Park and the last one was the gate fish one and they brought him back this time good morning, baby in Kardashians, the Hobbit and she's, like my wife, is not a hobby, but am I crazy or did Connie US used to be a rational human being like he just wasn't famous enough room to really bloom shut, this terrible piece of shit off it's pretty funny, but they started making of shit. It's not good enough to just to have it next year. It's not good enough to stop it shut it off nonsense. I get it the
guys just so bad. I don't get it. Maybe someone try to explain to me, though. There's another thing: that's really cute lib. Really left wing people have taken to defending Kanye, saying that he's a genius, the White Guy it comes out in full blast. Yes, I've had a actually I've read, so they they loved him for that moment where he said: Bush hates black people after Katrina. Well, if you and some street cred. You know you you to talk about how Kanye West is a genius he's a misunderstood genius and, like all geniuses, Vahdat met. What what do you misunderstood genius? How many records you sell he's he's an understood. Genius apparently yeah. Well misunderstood. In fact, he's criticized yeah the reason why he says such brash. Things is because he's a genius and chances are enhanced, but is the problem? Is the music is terrible so that evidence doesn't hold up? Why does it sell so much? The same reason why the recent Gallup Poll said the forty six percent of the people thought the earth is less than ten thousand years old,
we're overwhelmed by retard were swimming up and whatever, whatever shit is put on the radio, the most will sell the most. So whatever record companies with I'm going to put it on the radio every ten seconds. Not only then now that he's locked up with Kim Kardashian he's involved in this fucking weird sort of a you know reality show met a reality. This is this it's weird meme at this internet thing where everybody is talking about- and it's constantly keeps up- I mean that baby, is born an actor like that is a role that is a role that babies playing yeah, other poor kid just grow, like that in front of the camera completely confused, while the cameras mommy, I went to Bob now, there's cameras shut up and it fixed, and what's it named, like Siberia's Lord of the jungle whatsapp, something I'm just wondering what they named it. Oh, no southwest. Of course you know poor kid. What do you do? Hopefully they'll wake up.
Hopefully somebody give Connie West of mushrooms and go. Oh, my god. What am I doing? I'd been doing? Who am I I'm sorry? I'm sorry of. Beyonce's new albums who gives a fuck dude, I don't care so this nonce pop music talk the news. You know, I'm not going to it's yeah, it's pretty much slop. I don't hear it sherry. I don't want to talk about according to find it what yeah it's nonsense, ship or something please not in the office, not hot. It's dumb! It's dumb! Why did music is dumb because I don't like to listen to it. I think it's shitty. Is it like what kind of shitty music toys that one pop band that you like one direction or not one direction, but it was something it's all. Music is all shit. I'm talking about Brian. There was something recently that you said that You really like. I can't remember what it was, but it was some kind of you gotta remember if you're going to bring it up in a conversation. I failed at that, but I'll try to remember. I don't want to
beyond that. It's mostly talked about music is so vapid. It's so incredibly vapid. I mean I just did a show with a great band called roots of revolutionaries 'cause. They say something, and God forbid, a ban should say something I mean well, you know the problem with people saying something. I've already know what they're saying like I get it. You know you're saying something already know it. Why did you say Miley Cyrus, you were talking how much you no, I said, she's got a great voice. She is she had when she was singing a Dolly Parton Song, Joe Lee, so you think you think Miley's better than Beyonce say. As for I like the way she saying yeah in that song. Absolutely what do you? Ok? no that's interesting. Why is it interesting? I did never mind that Beyonc would never thought Miley would be better than So I like Miley, but I don't think he's better- that terrible dog shit song that she said at the american music awards or video awards or whatever it was. We got all the controversy yeah that was terrible, but that one video that she did. We should do the Dolly Parton thing. She's gotta fucking help voice man, Now I guess Beyonc does too, but I don't like that music, you know
the new, but you should check out the new one it sounds going to. But thanks what's that girl that life is short, Joey Diaz likes Dighton Diana Ross Oregon once sexy girl from the 70s, it sounds like that kind of music. Now that she's very sexy, very 70s kind of cool album, I think you'd like them in Diana Ross is, did you see this thing about FDR's been going on the internet lately that FDR grew up in address yeah. How old is that he really yeah? Apparently it was like normal back then for kids to what what we say. Yes- and I was just yeah, it was normal for people to wear dresses like for people to kill people or just fucking their children. They would have their sons and dresses like they weren't rigid about their gender roles back then yeah. Is it photos? Why are edge around yeah yeah?
I mean someone to Google, Google, debunked, F, Deana, dress d boxes. Maybe it was a joke, they were being troll, I know back then it used to be cute for but it didn't matter was a boy or girl. You dress them the address 'cause- it was keeping their babies. I don't know about that man. No, no! You can't debug it FDR drive. Open address wow. This is the article that I tweeted from the Atlantic is that it was wasn't always blue for boys and pink for girls. Fuckin, really strange, you don't think but that was that was like not that long ago,. And people, apparently on a regular basis, just to kids up like grass gesture boys up like girl, Refinancing of it the new deals mastermind unexpected childhood. Look as a reminder that our cultural norms about gender, specific clothing for children are surprisingly recent. Historically, historical development, it's
weird. You know it is weird that we decide like the ladies on Fox NEWS, are allowed to wear these skirts and allowed to have these legs. Close, but men or not. We have to wear our silly clothes, but if we were in Africa We're maasai warriors would have to dress differently yeah. We just accept the societal paradigm yeah. We think we accept some weird shit. Why can't are being addressed? Prime, I think it's cute. He does a very cute, I think I'd there. I was trying to find more pictures of it because actually, I think my mom told me that a long time ago and I didn't believe her and then I found out that there's like a lot of old pictures and painting the boys in dresses and then I started collecting. How do you know it's a boy, though,. Could just be really shitty drawing over on this one? Oh boys in dresses. Are you looking at your phone dude
We could check it out of this. No, I was I was looking at tweets about the show. You can't do that you can't do it while it's happening will suck you in Overlin you'll never escape. I didn't know that rule and then they'll they'll ask you questions, and then you respond. You guys. I got your computers if you left it well, it's just 'cause we've given each out to talk about that's how we 'cause there's certain things that are going on the news that I thought were fascinating, that I knew I was going to bring up. So I had to um One of the things that I wanted to talk about was the FDA is actually saying now that anti bacterial soaps may not curb. Bacteria they're, also saying that, like washing your hands in hot water, doesn't do a God damn thing and that it it's soap that kills bacteria and that anti bacterial soap. It is actually bad for you and but the but the pure l shit. Does kill like
well that just anti bacterial soap right, that's just poison right, but it's also making it so that we don't have any defense mechanisms anymore. Well, it is in your hands like if you're one of those Howie Mandel type dudes exports that shit in your hand every day some people do that they get obsessed with it mean we should shut the heater off banks, it's it's about one hundred and fifty thousand fucking degrees in here this. It's great. Soon, we'll have really eat um. But uh. What they're saying is that we were using it way too much and that people that are doing that or they're killing their natural skin flora and that it's it's not preventing us from getting sick where we're going to run into some like anti biotic distance train is something soon. That's going to fuck and tear us up, 'cause apparel, it's caused by my factory farms. They pump those animals full of shit, so they can live like on top of each other. An something vicious is going to come up soon, most
slightly right. If we keep fucking around with the ecosystem, it bounces back. Yet all these dead be these man yeah. That's a weird thing: men that the amount of puppies- that's probably the GMO well. They think that they think that it has something to do is actually an article uhm from my twitter feed. The other day from Seattle, organicrestaurants dot com was talking about the pesticides manufactured by Bayer, an Syngenta Eighty four percent of GMO corn in the US is treated with either well. Listen to this word, I'm Odac glow Prid or close Theon did in How I love that stuff. On my pasta, that sounds good for your corn makes your corn taste yummy I did this thing. We put a square box and he counted all the biodiversity inside of it, for like twenty four hours in different parts of the world and there's two is it for twenty four hours. You find all kinds of insects and all kinds of shit, flowers, anything you put it. Cornfield in Iowa or whatever and like over-
twenty four hours you found like three insects or something because it kills everything wow yeah, that's the way you can grow that corn and nobody eats it yeah. You have to just jacket full of all kinds of wacky stuff. They say that also cellphone signals are messing around with bugs. I'd say be Laura bees communicate with some sort of a frequency that gets interfered with by cell phones. They could pick up on that. So there are flying around, they hear the transmissions, they feel them and then it Verso now, bees are listed in our phone calls to an essay, be Bro Goddamnit Sobeys, looking at cock, yeah appease affected by Selye on top of their head. Also, while they have those multiple facet, eyes, Salata eyes, yeah. They have eyes it or like like pull up a bike. Is it trippy when you see him in real life, yeah, there's a that was uh, those are concerned a few go. There was
started. They were starting to try to figure out what was causing the bees to drop off, they thought it was killing them, but they say they're not killing them. They they're pretty. The cell phones aren't killing bees, but their death, disturbing them and they're. Definitely the fucking with their ability to communicate and people don't realize that when the bees are gone, we are lot of trouble. Yeah. Have you seen those crazy little art so these Monsanto is created. I heard about it. I didn't see any just as we here's the drone thing about a tiny drones that drone bees. The idea is create some and they can do the work of ab yeah. With apparently they'll, rent beehives and you got to like someone- will bring it out to like pollinate your shit that dragonfly eyes. These are probably drums from their future. In this whole time, these are like just a little drones, recording us you know how like Papa VR To be honest, is a hologram world, yeah, there's so fucking strange. I mean we're just looking at them. As
their normal, because we see them everyday and they are part of our life. But if we did know about bees, they didn't exist, then all sudden, there's bees everywhere would be like what the fuck are. Those things, it's weird little things that can sting you and fuck you up and if you're one of those poor people that's urge to bee stings. That must be terrifying, go into a field, and everywhere you go, you could die. You know you can get stung by some country. Little bug that literally shut your heart down. There's something beautifully ironic about the fact that a lot of us can't survive in a field anymore. Through Kenny Peanut butter can survive in a field camp, wait yeah, well cool pieces. Wow, that's so strange looks like technology. Doesn't it doesn't? Look like wood looks like it looks like it's fractal. You know all those pine cones and you know when you see the sunflower seeds like a sunflower season, side of it and all of them fractal they all. They all. Look like you know it. It's all like a GM
pattern million years of evolution, so weird so weird that they developed eyes like that. We developed eyes like and then there's also shit that developed eyes like us, but completely outside of us, like mollusks, like plus their eyes are very similar, squids and uh, plus. There is really an exposure incredibly smart to allegedly taken hi and shells anything use tools too bad they're, delicious. They they can also climb out of fish tank, walk across the floor climb into another fish to eat the fish. Then climb back to the blood yeah is famous story about a guy who had these x. The fish is exotic fish in the end aquarium one aquarium had octopus in it, and one aquarium had these really expensive fish and the fish would come up missing. I was like what the fuck is going on like someone stealing my fish, so we set up a security camera like trying to figure out if someone snuck into his house and stole his expensive fish 'cause it kept. So then he watched this octopus lift up the lid of its aquarium, climbed down the glass
I guess they can hold their breath for a long time. Walk across the ground. Over to the other one climb inside of amazing fish eat it and go back. Tell me, it was wearing a top hat den it that that that yeah on the on the category of weird animal shit, you should look up chicken that lived for a year and a half without its head I did see that you say that his head off, but let's head off piece of it, will adjust the brain stem So it's completely headless here and a half and he took it to university because everyone thought was a hoax. How did he have that in the face they add to drip should end its neck? Is mountain goats? saying, yeah, look at these ITALY there, like super high up there, just climbing sideways off the damn, damn yeah mountain They have actually these really rough but flexible toes, so they they grab ahold of rocks and they can. Get that they can walk on shit like easily that we could never walk on. Yeah
teacher use crazy, motherfucker you nature's weird. It has a lot of options. It figures out a way which is one of the more reprehensible things about our denial that these dolphins and orcas are intelligent beings. This is a different than us, that's what we get away with that kind of slavery. Yes, we just moved from what led you to become to go from being like this. Besides that one Fox news parents put to go from being this guy was like Jackson. You know fairly digestible then you go. You know what I got to say something alright. This is we're dealing with I'm not. Satisfied with this anymore. Like what I mean, I think it started with the Iraq invasion that kind started to wake me up and then it just kept increasing and I woke up more and more- and you know, reading reading great books, Chomsky and hedges and and yeah and
infuriated me to the point where I was like. I gotta talk about this shit on stage I don't know it was. It was a lot of anger and and how many years in what you doing comedy before you start doing that uhm? I mean it probably been like six or seven years, but not all those were full time. So, probably only like three full time and then, but now it's a bunch of years. Would you start out? You start in New York? No, I started out in Richmond, Va University of Virginia Ann then at right after college moved in New York City, so start, doing stand up in Richmond, yeah- I open, MIKE's and uh, and at U Va I would uh you know open for whatever fucking axe came through Darrell Hammond, Jimmy Fallon and stuff wow. Was that terrifying probably weren't doing that many sets right, yeah. Well, it was terrifying also because I was not like. I was not a performer. I had never been on a stage of my life until I decided to stand up and yeah that's a while.
So you do that for six or seven years and then the Iraq, war comes around and you decide to do the kind of actor doing now or it's all like social commentary, and it was a slow process because I feel like I mean you know you talk about that shit, and you know this well, like you talk about that shit you're, going to alienate some of the crowd so figuring out how to how to make them happy enough that they're not that you don't lose. The crowd is, you know it was a slow, slow learning experience I kind of moved over more more more until now. It's gonna, probably ninety percent, about about world issues and yeah world Issues- Man, god damn you know, especially if you're a woman. If you're a woman and you're trying to have a political opinion, onstage good luck, yeah, there's so many should head man, the don't want to listen to a woman that has a disk at a different pinion. No doubt you know that because, as it like there's a sub conscious thing that goes on with the audience does like Kinda doesn't want to lower themselves by allowing the comedian to be funny, and so, especially with a woman you get dudes in the audience watching a woman. They don't really want her to be funny, because it's not allowing a lowering yourself and and so the way that
easiest to achieve is I'm a slut or whatever. And then there are the men in the audience that, like ok, she's a slut yeah! That's like the best way! If you don't go with the on the slot, you better be hideous. Looking you know, you better be just some giant fucking frying pan faced nonsexual, to be like a really attractive woman and be a stand up. Comedian boy, a lot of I shouldn't generalize because there's people that every mold mold but hard roses hard yeah, that's a hard fucking road certainly be done, which is difficult. I wish said: there's like three three categories: that your stand up goes through again, beginning you're, terrified go onstage, it's just their tool you just try to get laughs the beginning. You might not like the joke at all, but you think it works, so you do it because you just trying to get a laugh and then once a little bit comfortable. Then you start doing shit that you think is funny,
did that you actually would laugh at like you laugh at your own jokes like this is actually pretty funny, and then you realize, like what your own actual sense of humor is an you figure out a way to express that. Then and then some people never make this third step. They don't have to like the greats. Like Berg Steven Wright. They never made this third step and there's still amongst the very best ever so. It's not it's not a mandatory step, but for a lot of people that get position that you are and they would say they decide. I want to make my opinions funny figure out a way to make the ideas that that I think these ideas that are, representative of how fucking silly we are as a society turn them into not just funny, but something that makes you a eye opening funny like you go back to work and you express it and then everybody laughs and they always fucking right It's funny, you know yeah. I think that
Third step also takes a full on confidence in what you're doing, because you're going to alienate some people and you gotta be like fuck them. I'm doing this anyway yeah for sure, especially if they don't know who you are right: yeah, I won't want. You got a ton of celebrity behind you. I think it did change a little bit. Do you find it because you you two videos, you're, very popular Youtube channels that may have the biggest difference for you. That's like when your sort of blog right, yeah, that's been. The main thing was made a difference, a moment of clarity. It's called and and started doing that three years ago, two hundred eighty episodes and now and and and it's nice because that's like International, it's like you know I can go toward the? U K and I'm not I'm not saying I get billions of people come out, but there's fans everywhere, which is really cool, does the most and the thing about the internet. It's like something like this podcast. I would have never done internet inexistent, you still amazed when you get the fan from Romania or whatever. I'm amazed at all that I'm amazing image listed in this fucking thing. The whole idea of a podcast is incredible that you need this little equipment and then boom it out there to mill,
to be able. But I do I do if I can say about that. But the main thing is the military videos. What's the difference. Can you put gas in a moment of clarity? Why? Why is you put more effort into the moment? Clarity things! I put more effort into into the videos and they're also short, the three five minutes, whereas the podcast I'll talk about issues for half hour, you do a solo podcast, which is you talk, and it often solo, although I will do interviews occasionally but a lot of times so I always say I'm going to do a soul podcast when I haven't done one since the beginning, the beginning issue solo, once I used to just have ideas and just too much work. Also you gotta carry the whole thing. It's test Carol, amazing grace few people like connections that Bill Burr. Oh yeah, bill, burrs, great yeah, that's bills! Perfect! For that, because, like bill, not the type of guy that likes to talk over people, but bill is
the type of guy that has a lot of shit, to say about a lot of shit that maybe you wouldn't give a fuck about, but bill get angry about something like now now now now, because what they trying he'll go on these like really long rent. So it's almost like for him. It's perfect because for a lot of people they wouldn't have that, like his sense of humor, is so aggressive bot, Justin you not fucking me over. I see what you doing. You know one these bits that I love the most is he does this bit about all these movies, where there is a black team and the black team faces all these odds and all these races and the the white people trying to keep down the black team with? How long are we going to fuck? You continue to make this movie. There was one about synchronized swimming or something like that running out of sports. Yes, like they can't swim in such a fitbit at such a funny bit, but it's one of those things where it's is such a bill. Burr bit, you know, and it's such a Boston bit too it's like his style is one of my
weird styles that Boston, aggressive style of comedy yeah, his shirts, great yeah. So that style of ranting about shit lends itself perfectly a podcast, yeah yeah. It's That's a nice thing about what I do is is some very ranty style, and so it fits well on podcasts and it fits well in those videos, but you know well on late night shows is that is that is a gross man. You know I need those anymore. I know I know I really don't think people need us anymore. I mean I'm not joking around. I I think, they're nonsense. I think those are just like silent movies like there's, why. Why are you doing that? Why you doing it like that? That's dumb, you know who would go to see a new silent movie right? I I saw Hobbit last night, it was fucking. Awesome is in TH 3d, the dragons incredible he's the one before it. Yes, and that would you like that now I know that one I felt like was a bunch of shit happening. That was setting this one up. Do the dragon is worth the price
admission. I saw the trailer so the choice trailer, pretty good. Oh the dragons, to start the Fucking movie. I hope they don't kill him in the next one. Fuck seeing most of it or just like the very end you gotta get to like halfway into the movie for the dragon comes out, but there's no bad parts in the movie. The movie is fun, it's fun from the beginning, to the end, it's way better than the last one. The last want to me was kind of flat, but I think it was just there's so much to set up, but this one this is fuckin wicked dude. So wicked the dragon is so good. He talks I am fire it's cool. Who does the voice, the dude, who was Con on STAR Trek, really yeah Ricardo Multum on the original con. Unfortunately rest, so I don't think it's with us anymore, but the other con a friend of mine just died, amagai joke macho forty one years old. I can't I can't believe it. People are dying, young, some, idea, which also, where does he was such good health, and he made it to the
hospital. It sounded like it sounded like you know. If you read the report that the wife was said, he woke up, he was screaming and they called the ambi the ambulance came and then the you know it was announced dead at the hospital. It seems like the heart attacks. You always think. Well, you could revive them. You know he has a healthy guy yeah. I don't get it. He just bought a couple of weeks ago, it was fighting still is forty one years old around a martial arts academy, guys in tremendous shape. I don't know man, that's crazy. The government man government is one of teaching people how to kick ass when they take over those bees. It's fucking bees, it's anti bacterial soap. There's a fucking article right here in the front of a CNN about vitamins being a waste of money. Victoria Lynn, Medical Journal says yes, I've third things that a lot of vitamins haven't proven they do much taken in that form. Taken in like pill form, it says the vitamins industry is based on anecdote. People saying I like this, and it makes me feel better said Doctor Miller, profession,
epidemiology, Johns Hopkins. You know what the problem is a lot of these guys that are saying this they're trying to get attention for their work and there these controversial stances. 'cause measuring someone's health and measuring whether or not they would be healthy or not be healthy, based whether not there taking vitamins is very tricky, but we know for a fact that humans cure. A lot of scurvy take vitamin c. Scurvy goes away. You know we know for a fact that supplementing vitamins has a positive effect on him, yeah and apparently there's a lot of good tests for vitamin D. It's all science. I mean the the reason why we can break these molecules down to individual components like vitamin a vitamin c. Vitamin is because of art and science, because they realize is in the fact that each one has its variable. The different, the different from each other, the idea that that sub don't do you any good these guys are out of shape, but he doesn't exercise, but it doesn't know his body, it's nonsense, vitamins for sure? If I can help you
There's vitamins didn't prevent mortality in any way. In addition, well, how can you tell? How do you know if someone would have lived? They didn't have vitamins and died 'cause. They took vitamins or died because they didn't have vitamins and would have lived. They did you don't only way to do it is to take two people. Have them live the exact same life? One guy takes vitamins, one God doesn't test their blood along the way they have the same life experiences. The same stress the same. He can't do
Obviously, there's a lot of variables and comes human health stress. Your lifestyle, the pollution that you live in, there's a lot of things, but to say that the building blocks of the human body, new nutritional supplements, like vitamin a d, C b, twelve, the ones that we know absolutely beneficial about it. They don't inject vitamin b twelve into athletes because it doesn't help right they injected, because it's awesome like if you ever had to take vitamin b twelve supplements. It's great gives you energy level. Some will be twelve. You spray it on your tongue, give yourself a big dose of the twelve it's a great as it depend on the way you take it in like whether it's a pill or a this is ball it the v, injectable B. Twelve, is the past and there's some forms of vitamin c, that's more easily absorbed by the body. But what can't be this? when these guys say when they're doing studies knows suddenly to just to check it doesn't work. You can do a study like that. What we know for a fact is that people need vitamins, you need them. You need them in your food.
You need them. He need them in your your nutrients in your food. You need to have building blocks for repair. You need to give your body protein, you give your body carbohydrates, so we understand all that yeah, there's a reason why they've broken these vitamins down into individual components is because they know with what each one does yeah. Watching the news. I mean this is another media thing. The media loves a story like either vitamins do everything or vitamins do nothing 'cause that gets readers. You know, oh it's a gray area or oh, they probably do something or none of those articles getting read. So instead you put the article like. Oh this guy says they do nothing This is uh one of the guys that had every uh retorte to it, he said these vitamins. Multi vitamins addressed the nutritional deficiencies and people. We don't believe that the answer to all life ailments such as the editorial suggests, I think that's one of problems with saying that vitamins don't help is with doubt. Nutritional deficiencies are not good for you. You could live through them and you could live a dollar life. But if you take good
food into your body, you will feel better and the reason for that is nutrients for sure you should get it from live food from the symbols and from from fresh vegetables and fresh meats. That's for sure we should get your vitamins if you can eat a balanced out that way, but some Nothing is better than not supplementing it just is mean it's pretty much from and and- and we don't always understand what those deficiencies due to our brain whereas physically, if you could see if you're getting fat, you conceive again out of way- and I you know I'm healthy whatever, but yet but brain you know, activity intelligence like we can't see that. So we don't know what eating all the does to our brain. No doubt mean you want to really clean up your body. You want to really be healthy. Cut out, processed food. First, just cut out that stuff. If you can cut out cut out all the stuff, that's not just natural things that animals have been eating forever: vegetables and meat and eggs all the normal stuff. So you cut out all that even dairy I've started cutting out dairy. Damn it was listening. Tony Hinchcliffe the other day and I was like I don't want to cut out dairy, but if you do, you feel better
Thank you pictures new name don't refer to him as anything other than that he's happy with it he's going with it. Didn't we get like this country got crazy and I, like milk and dairy after, like a lobbying campaign, one it was that it was, I think so. I think like in the 50s and 60s, like milk came like dairy farmers said: hey yeah, give your kids glass of milk everyday the week or whatever. Every morning I feel like we weren't is big into it before that. Maybe it makes sense totally makes sense, makes sense that they would try to try to do that mean look whenever there's a way to make more money is away make money, that's what they do. We make more money by pretending. People need milk, what's fucking glasses, no car day has shown to make your children grow an extra entry year. You know back in the old days. They would talk about, Palma, loves being or pall malls being the cigarettes at doctors, yeah yeah. I have that poster from my office is like four out of five doctors, love camels or whatever is amazing, and that was uh. Parents lifetime.
Then there was like 50s, maybe 60s when was that yeah no family? Fifth, yet not even that longer I was born in sixty seven. My mom was twenty one. When I was born, so she lived in the 50s. She saw that shit when she was a kid leave this load in her face, and she will follow blow it in her face. Oh my god, it's a low joke. They had a low job. But what is that? I don't even know what that is just cigarette yeah but see if you can find the doctor pole model doctor as that's what Johnny Carson used to smoke till his lungs became these black shriveled up things today dangling from his neck. Rattling around inside of his wheezing chest, more doctors in camels in any Your cigarettes, though it says God, look at that. That's so crazy!
they used to do that to watch those old movies or someone go to the doctor and the doctor? Be smoking cigarettes in the office? Well, look at this for thirty days, test camels in your t zone tf throw the tea for throat. I saw another poster that showed that, like it's, like it's good for your t zone, your throat, Yrs you got what was the year. That Brian doesn't say. That's so crazy so crazy. That was I mean it couldn't have been any earlier than the 40s or 50S yeah. That's how things evolve in a mess, not even one hundred years. Man, that's nuts. They thought you're supposed to smoke cigarettes. Do you ever see the J Edgar Hoover Movie with Leonardo Dicaprio? is part of the movie where his mom is telling him that your doctor's been telling you to smoke, to make your more to make it more vital yeah, you need to smoke. I've listened to the doctor. I using amazing here's the t zone, see it says your your t zone, which will tell you tea for throat
That's the that's the taste, that's the that's the page. I have in mind what the hell is, that your t zone with how these people not all in jail seriously. Oh and it's the same one of the dudes that was behind some of these campaigns that it said. You know smoking. We can't prove smoking harms. People is the same. Do that in charge of climate denial, stuff yeah same thing, just put some doubt in people's minds, you can't prove it this same as smoking. How about this thing that we read earlier today about the climate tonight at the the climate change x for the highest paid guy? Is it is so beautiful? This way it things like that, make you wonder about the simulation he's like that fake translator, yes find a way to get into the yeah. We didn't talk about that. Yet that's one of the weirdest things ever on television, this guy at the Nelson Mandela, funeral was not only faking being able to translate sign language. He had right before and
and trouble it before end ten years ago was accused of murder, and this guy was three rape to God, damn it there was three feet away from the fucking President and Noah I'm insulate pretending to translate all these speeches had the full on schizophrenic episode. Apparently well that's what he claims that he says: yeah, maybe a con man. What is that was an angry group that burned two men to death while he was in an angry group that burned two men at death. Why, let's see so crazy, where you asked, if you say oh agent, I think people got upset about remember we talked about that in the podcast. Why do black people talk on the speakerphone and people? Will you go see black people 'cause? They do I'm just saying the wrong with talking your speakerphone, but do you tell Maine? Why do black people, your speakerphone like that they do that a lot. They don't do it as much anymore. That's kind of dropped off
or maybe I'm not seeing as many black people and which I like Bluetooth? No, they would have their phone on speaker. So maybe stand there what's up dog what you doing man and then there were talk like the guy would be like YO man, you know me. I just tell you able to hear both sides of the conversation. It's like they wanted to. Let you know that they don't hold their phone up through. Here. That's You start to click with people. You think that no white girls do it. I guess maybe Well, there's nothing wrong with doing it right. So if I hear one side of your conversation or two sides, your conversation, it doesn't mean fuck all to me. It's the same thing. If I hear you talking on the phone, if you you're having this conversation, I don't hear the guy on the other end, it's not better! it's just a conversation, I'm hearing, it's not a bad thing. So if you choose to have your friend on speakerphone, he talked to him and you want the whole world to hear that conversation. Give a shit I have a problem with it at all logic, really to me it's just the same as one person talking. It's not hurting my feelings, but I think it's weird that
people enjoy that that they like to put the phone on speaker phone, He did so it's like yelling at the movie theaters! No, that's rude! Because you the movie theaters interrupt something for other people. Like you go to see smog, you want to see a dragon talk. You want. You want to hear some ago. You don't fucked up now, Bilbo No, don't go in there. Bilbo. You! No! I think, that's rude! but if you're outside the movies here in the movies out- and you like Yo Dog, that smog was the shit yeah you just see there should be yeah man. That dragon is a mother, Fucker dude dragging his mother, Fucker too I am fire, questions Bilbo and Bilbo's got the key. Is it bill, but his bill right? Who is the? Who is the old one, Frodo Right, the little dude
from there once a little but the other one, the other ones? There was from the last one right and then Bilbo's in the new ones, yeah exactly it's good, fucking movie doesn't solve world problems. It's not It's not change towards going to anybody cry, you're, not going to believe for a second, it's real! That's my kind of moving yeah I don't see any depressing movies dude unless he banned static, and now I can't I can't watch that the one I was talking earlier. They work yeah the black one. I don't want to watch that and a language it's real depressing because that's a real life. That's even me worse than a depressing movie about you know. A fictional character but I don't wanna, go to depressing movies anymore, but I did go, see Dallas buyers club, but it wasn't really that depressing. It's just kind of crazy there's another money market, one right! No! No! It's about Azt about the use of Azt to treat AIDS patients and about how
is unloaded Azt on people. Human trials of Azt that just dropping like flies people they were using Azt for cancer medication. It was killing more people than the cancer was could and then AIDS came along. They like look, we just fucking, throw Azt atom. We gotta bunch of this shit, got it in factories. So what was what was behind them? Wanting to use this shit they would make the movie goes into great detail about it, and the movie actually has a disclaimer at the end is quite fascinating. They talked about the cocktails, Azt was used in a lower dose and helped save lives. Like said just as an aside at the end of imprint, we say but the reality of Azt is ect is toxic as fuck and Mcconaughey's character gets AIDS and they put on a GT's about to die, and then he
eating healthy and going to this guy in Mexico, who's been kicked out of United States for practicing Alternative Madison. I don't tell you anymore, spoiler alert, but it's pretty interesting, but it's it's the same thing. It's all about. Did you just say that course he did. His twelve were going on too well It's the same thing: it's just people making money. People making money off drugs kill them, they don't care. The movie goes into really. It's really do a really good job of a painting how the decisions were made and it's interesting stuff. Yeah, I mean that's the thing when there's money behind it, it held to the craziest shit crazy shit. Do you have Hope Lee Camp for the Rachel? I have hope. I think it could go one of two ways. I think we I think we could. We could we're going down really ugly path right now, where things like the the corporations are taking over.
That are being made globally? And you know things like the Trans Pacific Partnership, which is the largest trade deal mankind's ever seen, and basically needs the sovereignty of our country to corporations and being pushed forward right now until Is that past it has not passed yet, but Obama is trying very hard to make it pass an and it's being decided by six hundred corporate lobbyists and not they're, not allowing the Wikileaks leaked some of it and it's pretty horrible it basically says that, if, like a corporation can't do something here because of environmental laws or whatever laws, they can then sue us in an international tribunal to get their profits. And I think that if we keep going down that path, it's going to be very ugly. But I think that people are waking up. What can they do if they really are waking up, what do you think could be and like if you had to look at the big picture? If you look at like the, the society that we've sort of found ourselves in today in two thousand and thirteen he sort of extrapolate from there three thousand and forty years in the future. How do you see it working out,
I mean to make it work out. We've gotta start. I think we've got to start living differently. I mean if, if every country were to use resources the way America does, we need weather whether numbers three five or something like that to be able to sustain it. It's we live in an absolutely unsustainable model, and you know maybe the party will go on for a few more years, but eventually it's gotta end, and so I think we do have to change the way we live in a pretty a is severe sense and it's and you know it's being thrown into our face. As we see every day, you know the flood. And the fact that there's a patch of plastic twice as Texas floating in the Pacific. You know Fukushima all this shit. It's it's kind of like even bigger than that. Now right. It's like that Hg Wells quote though I love. This quote that history is a race between edge location in catastrophe E. And you know I don't like it that out when he's writing war the world saluting hundreds when really they
and even begun to fuck the world up yet and will, and that other great quote will do the right thing once we've exhausted all other options, love that one that one's, That was fantastic. You know I'm listening to this latest hardcore history, podcast right now from ever. Listen Dan, Carlins, Carlin's, hardcore history. Now amazing podcast. He takes, episodes in history that you would probably never study and makes them really fast and all and really interesting, but it's about World WAR one. What got us in the World WAR, one, how brutal World WAR one was when Germans invaded Belgium, sin yeah, it's the you know hard to really believe that that was one hundred years ago. True, history is mine, blog mind boggling, because what we learn his kids is nothing yeah, it's true, yeah, really don't get nearly and it does have time. There's no, you get history. How many days a week you know how many hours in a day you're in class for an hour at a time like what the fuck are. You going to learn here, take this at home and be even more ridiculous. You know read,
pages, that you never remember, and I will teach you some shit that we've already disputed, like Calum, we still have Columbus day yeah. I know he's the Columbus Zoo, most evil mother fuckers his owned. His own journals talk about like chopping peoples, hands and nose is off. They didn't bring him gold, his own journals, his own fucking diaries. If you don't, if you want to learn about him, listen to our podcast with Greg Proops, Greg Proops, cops knowledge. Ladies and gentlemen, if you listen to that, podcast is amazing. He so but he's also well read, and you know so entertaining so he's talking about Columbus. It's like one of the best descriptions of how fucked up the people were the scene of them landing. You know these places with people have never seen people like that before and it also in the in the diocese like it's amazing how generous they are. They just walked up and wanted to be friendly or whatever, and then, when they don't br after all the fucking chops, their heads yeah, they were all like psychedelic people taken out Oscar will,
off the land and these crazy ass holes came by, and boats starving to death is raping this song thing I'm listening to about a world war, one it it's really hard to rap your head around these atrocities taking place today, because what the Germans did? The Belgians, let me say it's like real crazy, like Genghis, Khan's type shit and the idea that that's only one hundred years ago and then that's the same, the same animals that would call themselves p today existed then, like the four form of us and then there's the same. There's no difference. Maybe we have better nutrition, so people like they get bigger, but other than that you know taller with japanese people. Clearly, they've added, you know: do persons, aided them- that the size of japanese people, since the indoctrination into the western diet, they've grown steadily larger and larger, and he was have to like. If you go back to like you, know, Rocky Murciano, who was the the champion the world. He was one hundred and eighty dot zero
he's like one hundred and eighty nine. It is heaviest. It wasn't big at all. You ever go into like a ford from the civil war and the door is like four foot five or something yeah old houses. You have to duck like people in the civil war. They would like one hundred and twenty pounds in these great. You know historical figures like I'm, I'm saying Roberty Lee, but I don't actually know how tall he was. But it's like God like Robert E Lee or whatever, like five foot tall, any like what let's find out how tall was Roberty long. I bet you're right yeah. I think, Napoleon Really well at least he's known as being a little dude, because he was a little dude amongst little dude yeah yeah. How tall is Napoleon, let's find out after robbery? okay. Let's check you say yes, I say he's fifty five LISA five, four five one, he is actually five hundred and ten zero. It was time that we fucked Naga. How tall was the poet we fucked over him language? You were doing the point. Everything was huge though ok
the Polian. I say I say five feet tall. Forty eight genesis for you don't give a fuck used in just five foot five wait a minute that doesn't make any sense because people were really little back then five dot, five, that doesn't mean five and a half five and half inches. No sixty four five. Is it in feet? Is he canadian one? It says one dot, six hundred and eighty six meters? What is that five? is that. Why would you give me this ask SIRI. It says five comma five feet tall, that's weird! Ok, this website sucks ass go to Wika Pedia. Ok, his height was actually here we go. How tall was Napoleon. Huh, listen this the British
I began to have the time promoted the idea that Napoleon was short. In reality, his height was above average for the period wow. That is really in true history. That's exactly what we're talking about! Historians have now suggests that Polian was five foot six, which is, often seen while It's really interesting. That's not that short for back then yeah. It says. Napoleon was often seen with his imperial guard, which also contributed to the perception of his being shy, because the imperial guards were above average height in Psycho, see the Napoleon Complex is regarded as a derogatory social stereotype. That is interesting. So in reality, Napoleon was taller than the average person at the time, and they had learned it here. First folks and we learned, does the internet lie? see you soon, that'll be wired into our minds and we will just think it, and then everybody will be an annoying cunt. That has all the answers, And you will tell you something like all self righteously need like. I know that too.
Everyone knows everything idea, yeah. That will help right when everybody knows everything we can't know be no grandstanding equally vapid when everybody is all in for Russians get shot. When anyone is lying, we're going to know everything about everything, so there's not any secrets. It's also. It's gonna be weird. This will be they'll, be able to brain scan for lying pretty soon. Everyone just going to be an extra see all day today to develop a new ecstasy that doesn't fuck with your head, so you can just on ecstasy, all the time. Everyone knows everything, but no one cares. Everyone knows everything about everybody, but everyone's on ecstasy select. So what give me a hug baby alive so happy to be alive, we can so when you go back to New York. I leave tomorrow back to New York yeah. I feel very at home I've I've enjoyed it out here. I've had I mean you know whether partially could you give me a good show at the ice house at one time? I could shows that a fake gallery so yeah a lot of lot of cool
happened out here. You did. A great job of the ice house sounds really fun stuff, pretty funny stuff. That proud is the greatest crowd on earth. Yeah, smart! They don't get any better! that really doesn't matter. So it's a club, the nineteen sixty it's it's spoils you when you, when you get to the smart crowds, because he then you play of the neanderthals at a regular club and yeah. But again the Yin Yang makes you appreciate us what it's for yeah. I think you should always have a shitty show every now and then to see appreciate the good ones yeah, but you don't be is probably schedule shows in places you know are going to suck just so they could really appreciate, like Austin, somewhere cool you Chicago. Schedule, places that are just fucking filled with you're going to get some emails from the places that aren't those cities is that mom send it in fucking weirdos. Identifying with a certain patch of dirt
boo Boo, Kansas, Casey's and there's some cool people here who, if people want to find out about your stand, but they want to catch you somewhere. Where is the best way to get ahold? You Lee camp dot net and then the twitters Adley camp and the Facebook is Lee Camp comedian and everybody would Lee camp dot com uh yeah? They used to be used to be korean porn site, well, uh in the camp. My name is Lee Vampire my idea what it means the Camp Lee Camp makes, I always figured out like over there one day and be like I'm Lee Camp and they're. Like that's, not legal, you a bad boy. I can't believe you but yeah and I do those videos twice a week twice a week as well you're committed. I am committed holy shit. Two hundred and eighty episodes out there do you ever find yourself stuck is not to talk about today. So it's not there's nothing to talk about. I said I always know how to make it funny. So it's it's fucking depressing yeah. So everything so is that, like the theme
everything has to sort of have a meaning to it. You gotta be pointing something out and try to make it funny. Yeah. Most of the time I stick to pretty important topics. I will occasionally have some fun like with the Amazon drones. That's, that's less important topic, but most of it's pretty crucial stuff going on in the world. The Amazon drones one day we're going to look back. If he I don't watch that video. I should watch it. It's weird and we've shown on the podcast for the Amazon drone dropping packages off a lot of people like actual science, people thought they were strolling. They were just going to get a lot of attention for their possibilities of the future, like in no way shape or form actually preparing to use drones to drop packages off like they're. Just that's interesting. I think the key would be what the like flight pattern It's like running into planes and power lines and they're really low. I think they only go like above buildings and shit, which makes me easy to shoot down, but we were saying is: if someone's going to shoot your package yeah just happen if you're delivering some fucking,
something says with prizes can blow up. I have three in a sixty two cameras everywhere to prevent that, because Amazon wants to secure a right and safety of their drones, and I'm sure- and I have your privacy- well- have no interest in the thousands of cameras fly around our neighborhood yeah yeah yeah. They won't hack those now that all through there, they're gonna realize from this, the people need their freedom need to speak. Jason they're going to they're going to they're going to give us that they're going to they can agree. This is the positive job which is yeah man. This is what I do when I in the show. I tried it in a good note, I'm going to The Amazon is going to realize that going to say, and all these they need to understand the folly of their ways people are slowly waking up. I do I'm positive. I consider myself a cynical optimist. I view the glass is half full of shit. Ha ha ha. That's a good one. I like that. I agree with you. I think it also it could go both ways for sure, but right now the pasta,
bill is, I think, are leaning towards what you're saying that people are waking up. People are, It just takes awhile, I mean if you look back at this hardcore history podcast about the. World WAR one and how brutal the the Germans were to Belgium's and how you know that wasn't that long ago, and you think of how relatively safe the world is today, unless you're in Pakistan you get hit by a drone or less here in Afghanistan or few severe hot spots in the world. The want to fuck in safety. There's a lot of there's a lot more safety now than it's ever been before is a lot more civility now than it's ever been before, and all of the bullshit so the war and all the it has to be done like under an air of fuckery, because just come out with the idea of imperialism is not going to be accepted anymore. You can't just say, like the Germans were going to take Belgium, I know like America would go well. Why? Why would you go into Belgium? Didn't do anything to anybody? They barely have an army like what the fuck are you doing. We wouldn't stand for it, we're going to go through Belgium, 'cause we want to get to France. You can't do that. Also,
these kids news gets around the world much quicker used to be. If you wanted to say somebody did something in that attack them, you could do it and no one could prove otherwise, whereas now their cell phone cameras- and you know freaking serious, showing you what's going on so yeah. That's also one of the reasons why the idea of false flags, you know which a lot of people don't want, except as a historical fact, but the home in the kind of history channel talks about the Gulf of Tonkin, yeah yeah you can go for Duncan, is declassified documents that fake. That shows where it's like. After it's a certain age, yeah yeah we fucking idea million people died whatever whatever we don't do anymore. You know if it's long enough people just don't even notice that the truth came out that I do that was sixty years ago. We don't do that anymore, pay taxes! Hippie, do you, do you think freedom, free cuz freedom at make the model your chauffeur freedom, freedom, ain't, free, free to make free Lee Camp
fat, lazy, gentlemanly camp? Thank you very much. Thanks for having me fine man, we gotta do this more often anytime here in California, will make you a regular son. Definitely urine thanks to everybody that came out this weekend in Sacramento but we can. I had a great fucking time. It was awesome. He prefers super twin, it's really or is he loves it I know now we're friends, he loves it. I asked him last night I go, I heard you're called Supertwink and he goes yeah and I'm like hilarious because I like it, I like what well it's funny and it actually goes a lot me. I don't want to give away his act, but he's got some really funny bits that that actually enhances yeah he's awesome. He tony Hinchcliffe is fucking, awesome and he'll. Be with me new year's Eve, with SAM Tripoli, at the Melrose Improv in Hollywood, and we would like to thank one eight hundred flowers, one 800flowers dot com go get yourself beautiful Christmas, centerpiece, ten dollars off by using the reference Jr
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back Wednesday with Eddie Huang and um, and Shane Smith transaction shows coming up to yeah. I just I just went on sale, Texas toward me and super twinge already signs anywhere in nineteen Houston, Jarod January tenth, Austin and your eleventh house, and do it Tony can stuff is funny that kid is really good man. He was really funny one of the show Vegas December twenty seventh, the greatest lineup I've ever put together ever Jilly D, as Brian town are, you should fear, and me at the Mirage is going to be crazy. Is the day before the? U F c Friday, the twenty seventh come all right. We will see you guys Wednesday, much love, big, KISS Lee Camp DOT. Net Holla Holla
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