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#431 - Matt Fulchiron

2013-12-19 | 🔗
Matt Fulchiron is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called "The Full Charge Power Hour"
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pitch, get on that shit scared in day, one dozen red. Roses get another dozen free available. Only today go to one 800flowers dot com from your desk: or mobile device. Click on the radio microphone in the upper right hand, corner and enter J sorry, that's the code for the show that's one eight hundred flowers, dot com and enter JRE or call one eight hundred flowers and mention J R E. I would I like one, people, man, I'm fucking, I'm not ordering things online anymore. Now, I'm done I need to speak to humans. There's a disconnect yeah right. I heard you it just got hacks real. Yeah. I heard it on the news that, like so like, if you've ever shopped at theater online. No, no you're, fucked they're, going to steal your credit card, something that is everybody is everybody. Just everything is going through computers. It's just numbers and fucking data,
it's nice, to talk to a person every now and then especially if they live in America, America. Yes, it's really disconcerting. It feels strange, not there's anything wrong with talking to people from India and most certainly is nothing wrong with talking to people yeah, but when you're on the phone with someone you know they're, not even in America, it's. Head yeah, it's like what do What did you do whatever Please do it like you like. What are you doing, these people on the other side of the world in a sweat factory for phone answering, it makes you feel, like the company doesn't care about any of us, not the Indians, not us not any totally feels like you're being put off yeah, but you gotta like how many knucklehead fucking phone calls. If you are running a computer company say if you're selling, windows, computers and you got a customer service line, just stop and think about the
numb skull questions. Your friends have asked you about their computers, like you know that one friend they didn't get a laptop until he was thirty right, all right, all right, I'm getting in it as well and then starts asking questions said something wrong with my my video, Dr. I go there something wrong your video, DR yeah. That makes a lot of sense how what what? What where were you living? Well, it is in the in our standard computer. What's cut and pastes, I have to do that with gateway man. It was the worse yeah. You did that, so what I'm. So? What I was thinking is that that job is, you know, that's like nobody wants that now. That's the reason why they pawned it off after a while you're, probably fuck it. We can't do this. This is ridiculous. We can't really give advice. You give real advice mother fuckers will never get off the phone that they can't figure out anything they don't know anything. There's too much of I gotta come your house, I'm going to sit down with you for hours and then you have to be interested in learning yeah! That's the tough part! If you're starting from scratch, now fucking too much man, we we
adapted all of our skills and searching clicking and pasting and control. Seeing and control alt leading and we've been fucking hitting boards for so long when someone's never done it and they're. Like looking for the Y rice I'll come back tomorrow, I think there's a new pop machines that they have where you can choose all the different flavors. Like Coke, Great Coke Orange, I was behind an old couple last night at Boston market and it took them like ten minutes just to pour Coca COLA. Well, there used to places where they actually do too many options by different generation where they ordered a coke, and then someone brought it to them, but you didn't have to work at the restaurant as well. They made a coke at the place through these sponsors, real, quick um were also brought you biting. If you go to Rogan DOT, Ting COM, if you never heard it saying Tang, is one of our favorite sponsors be is the only one that we have other than square space that I think I've never heard anybody say a single negative thing about it
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Well! If you have phones for sprint, particularly even iphones of four of the four ass, you can bring him over from Sprint. What, what they're trying to do is give you a new bullshit cell phone, serve where you know they don't have to rip you off. They charge you a decent rate for an excellent service and everybody's happy. It's an ethical way to do business. It's a it's an interesting approach and we've had nothing but positive feedback from the people that have used I know Brian saved one hundred dollars or something when he's in right. I say a hundred dollars every month using my chain that might might my bill last month and I've been since I got this galaxy note. Three I've been using like crazy bill last month with twenty seven dollars. You could buy six dozen roses. Fucking money. You say it and sell it. Well, it's flip them roses. Yeah sing, that's confusing!
Ting has uh the phone that I'm using right now, which is the Samsung Galaxy. Note three. It's fucking amazing, I'm so into this phone. I've never had a better phone for like doing. Everything show me that yeah, it's just so big it makes me makes me look look at like iphones. Look like toys now, yeah! It's such a rich experience like you know, if you go to, website almost get a real website. You know it's like you're moving it around shit fits in my back pocket is that they also have the Galaxy S4, which is another really pretty dope, Samsung phones. They have all the best of the but it is off the sprint network, all the best phones that you could get like this
nexus to was a there's. A bunch of nexus is yet what our galaxy make a black. Also that the method that megaphone, which is even bigger than the note I call they have that crazy thing yeah they have. I think it's bigger. I don't know what else I have. I have that HTC one that is also another excellent phone. That phone is beautiful to elected the build quality. It's it's all aluminum is pretty sleek. That's not one of the far right. That's badass nice! So right so, I would say that people like my phone is probably too big like three more now Bill Pullman and his big fucking stupid thing in my party Ipad, yeah I do not like this flap as much like the flaps annoying yeah 'cause. It's not like the book. I think I'm going back to a regular case. Yeah me too 'cause, it seems, like you, have to
it weird. It does feel like you can grab it or what do you got? You got a mirror and the and the flap yeah I handsome. I keep my power to open it up. Imagine there's like a little lip balm, their little thing. You know and screw yeah at first. I thought it was really cool and now it's snowing yeah. It just doesn't feel good on hand yeah it's worlds goofy. If you're, trying to if you're, trying to do anything with one hand right and feel like you have to spin it around and hold it in place, and I guess it's not that bad! That's too bad not miss it when it's gone, but for now get all depressed go to Rogan DOT, INC common! You can save twenty five dollars off of any of their new phones that they sell. As we said there, all the top of the line, and phones, ones that I'm actually using right now so go get yourself some fucking roses. I would have that nice, one in red, the one that you have been in oh the HTC one yeah is awesome: phone
umbroconducting dot com go there. My friends go fly, be free and enjoy cheap cell phone service of an excellent provider. Shouldn't say: cheap inexpensive people don't like cheap. Now, they like an expensive learn that fill charge? This is called advertised, lingo, trying school you son, it's a bargain! It ain't cheap, it's a fucking bargain were vionic dot com on it is on in it a man if you pay attention to some of the more recent things about vitamins, there's a fascinating blog that Aubrey put up over it on it. Humans. There's this this all this debate about whether or not these new studies showed vitamins to be to the dangerous or to be ineffective, and the study is actually really pretty limited. I was kind of shocked they would make the conclusions from this study that they made 'cause, we study showed, was first of all people
who had already had heart disease, and these are very minimal doses of synthetic vitamins too, and they showed people with a heart that had already had heart attacks like recovery from heart attacks, people showing a cognitive decline, and I forget there was one other one, but the idea of find it was that they were showing that vitamins were just not effective and because, in these three cases that there stating that they didn't show in a positive impact, using what are essentially synthetic vitamins. The best way to get vitamins for sure is from food, but if you want to get high level nutrients like really high levels in your body, to the point where it's affecting you in positive ways like with the Neutro PIC or with you know, vitamin b12 when you're exercising to ask
could get that all from food Holy fucking out to eat a lot of weird shit. A lot of planning like the idea that these vitamins don't work is silly. There's a reason why everyone knows vitamin twelve gives you energy, it's 'cause, it's universally accepted, take a shot of vitamin b12. If they, how do you enter muscular impact on your enerji? There's, no doubt about it. When you workout, you feel, like you have more more energy, more gusto, you have more vibrant stew, it fucking mean that's a pretty important discovery? That a vitamin gives your body more energy to push hard, but it does does work like b12? Is it sound is rock solid science is there's a reason why these things have all been isolated like they know what the effects of these things are and there's a king of studies that show different improvements in people that had taken vitamins for infectious illness for mood and stress, cognition work, stress,
and did a study on juvenile delinquency and they showed an improvement in juvenile delinquency. Yeah lack of it if you give the kids healthy vitamins. Well, I read something that mostly people that commit suicide are, are vitamin deficient and I don't know if vitamins can help you with that, but it says something right there I mean it makes you really unhappy. If you don't have all your vitamin there's, no doubt I think a lot of people with the average american diet or vitamin deficient and it's way better way better to get your diet in order and then slap them on it's way better. But I I don't think, there's ever any wrong reason to supplement as long as you're getting good vitamins and nutrients and that's where it gets weird, because all vitamins are not created equal so when he may like an irresponsible statement where you like case closed vitamins. Don't work, that's really silly, because your actual studies that they didn't prove that at all, it is in fact it does work, there's a reason why they know that that's curve. He is cured by vitamin c It's a vitamin c deficiency. We
I have isolated all of these compounds that are crew, bill to human health. They know what the fuck they are doesn't have the ca, love to say, vitamins, don't work, I don't know who sang it. I think it's just these doctors that are uh. That puts your case with these multi vitamin researchers, but it's look. They've got us talking about it is It's certainly something to be discussed because I think they're right in a lot of ways and what their right in a lot of ways is that, if you take like standard, multi, vitamin and you don't know the source of it. You don't know if it's food base, you don't know if it's plant based, I don't know where they are extracting their nutrients from you you are very likely to get. Is a noob. Right, yeah it most certainly doesn't absorb as well as the food, but your you don't know what levels you're getting like you don't know. You don't know where there extracting it from how much bio availability is in these vitamins.
All vitamins are not created equally and the way you break them down is not created equal either like those today, things the little blue chambers, they famously find those fucking things in the bottom of the portapotties people should amount. They see these little blue bullets no way I've read it online, so it must be true. I've done no research to know research, porter, potty, research of my own, that might be a snow thing. Is that what these people are saying there? Are they saying the normal multi vitam you don't absorb any enough to do anything? Is that what they're claiming like they're claiming is that they've shown that vitamins will there be basically saying the vitamins are not worth your time? The vitamins that debt vitamins don't work enough is enough. Stop wasting your money on vitamin mineral supplements, the actual title of their their peace? If
and the most people that use portapotties of diarrhea. Well, that's crazy said would say it's out of there quick it's like a little raft ride. You also don't use it unless it's an emergency. It's like a log roll down a raft, everything out everything kind of raging river. I take b12 every morning under my tongue and I immediately feel it sublingual. B12 is also proven effective. It's a joke to say the move, vitamins and minerals don't do anything for your body is a silly statement. So when you see this enough is enough, stop wasting money on vitamin and mineral supplements, and then you are there actual findings. The fine things were like that. These are very limited. Test done on. There were male physicians over sixty five showed no improvement in cognitive decline, use Bing generic Multi vitamin supplement, Tatian. Ok, that's one! That's male physicians over age, sixty five, okay, alright,
They still went naughty, they had a cognitive decline, okay and they showed no improvement in cognitive decline using generic multi vitamin supplements so fucking. What that doesn't mean anything like generic multi, vitamin supplements and you're talking about guys who are over age, sixty five that are already sliding into the abyss. Are you saying vitamins didn't halt them from what nature. This didn't help them from the old age process, because that's what you're talking about here. So that's one In this study and uh studies show that high dose multivitamins had no effect on the progression of heart disease and heart attacks. A virus. Okay, Utah, about people who had fucking heart attack right and When you give a multi vitamins and you're saying that vitamins didn't how the fuck do. You know that it did have an effect on progression of heart disease at the fuck, do you know they would have already gotten? You know the like, even quicker a relapse of a heart attack if they weren't taking vitamins like the persons died
yeah. I already had a heart attack yeah. If you have one heart attack, you're you're, very likely to have another so saying that Multi vitamins don't work because it didn't stop that this is Easy talk, you're talking about people that already dying, it seems very irresponsible, is very irresponsible, is very irresponsible and very suspect. It doesn't make any sense, and I should got it on it. We don't sell multi vitamins, we don't sell any of that shit. We sell only food based stuff because the closer it is to food the easier it is for your body to digest it. It's is really simple stuff with synthetic stuff can work, but it doesn't work as good for you body like it's, not his bio available as well. You can extract from food and that's why, when we sell vitamins, we try to select like supplements.
If it's green stuff, it's like spear, a lean and cook, I guess, call chlorella and, as I said, I don't know ever say it is read it right and and then green supplements, there's it's way better to get it in food, though, and what is this is like dehydrated food or what well they take. I don't know how they extracted. The extract was probably it probably says it on the website somewhere, but it's essentially there extracting nutrients from from greens and grass and things along those lines and just makes this shit in water and you get a better. Nutritional response than just a cheeseburger and fries that they do anything it'll be better for you than a lot of things. It's just a supplement, an having supplements it allows us in our busy everyday life to you know you you boost your body's performance. You can give yourself a little bit of an edge in a lot of different areas, whether it's work workouts taking some shroom tech support, which is a base, of course, some mushroom. It's been proven,
the quarter steps mushroom really has a positive effect on your his ability to process oxygen, and it's really interesting stuff because they first learned about it from high altitude hurting populations. Apparently what had happened was there? Cows would eat these, mushroom is quarter steps mushrooms and they became more active and they were noticing that there more mobile with their little there are more active than around more and they pieced it together and fig. Now this is a mushroom that they were eating and when they were eating this mushroom. That's when I started this response, so that also is mixed with very bioavailable form of vitamin b12, and it's an awesome supplement to take about an hour before you workout all these things work and were so confident that they work that we have a ninety day. Thirty pill, money back guarantee when you buy new mood, which is fifty eight supplement, which is designed to give your body the building,
box for serotonin, give your body the building blocks to make your brain actually feel better This stuff is fascinating, stuff and there's a lot of science by and five htp as well and all the other different supplements. It's all listed it on it, go to Nn it this commercial, too long and enter in code, Name Rogan and save yourselves ten percent off any and all supplements alright boom the full charge. Here, the gentleman let's get freaky, yes, the Joe Rogan experience the full two. By the way I have spoken to the actual Nick D as himself. The man in that the you know, train by day, video yeah. He's going to the podcast. Nice allegedly he's a free spirit. He might change his mind right right right, like you're, free Spirit, a Duncan Trussell about it yeah. Well, no will Dunkin had a very legitimate reason.
Percent legitimate reason that he couldn't podcast today, that's all good training in mini known as a high percentage, but it's a personal reason and he'll be on Tuesday, people used to mistake us for one another back in the day back in the late 90s, because I never have you know what the glasses. It was something with the nose and we both got big teeth. When I saw him I'm like that's my brother from another mother, really I mean you get older. You start to look different, it's not the same thing anymore, but when I met him when we were both younger and someone has called me a Duncan Trussell looking motherfucker before that's a quote. That was just the guy that knew you were a comic yeah. This is fat James. I don't know if you knew FAT James Course. I knew food James is very sad when he passed yeah. I miss that guy. He was a sweetheart yeah fat.
Change, the common story. He called himself at James folks sure that's not put his hand out and safe at James High that James pleased to meet you. He would literally called himself at James. He was a fun guy to be around that was his hook. I'm fat James story was, he came home one night he was fit. I guess he was in the military right. Wasn't in the military, I didn't know that well it wasn't in the military? Do you know Brian? I don't remember. That part is either copies in the military one of those anyway, he was fit and he was like healthy guy. He came home and caught his wife fucking his best friend, ok and just went off the deep end just started eating yeah. That was a story being beautiful, didn't work for him. I mean you know his wife cheated on him. Well, I don't know if it was ever beautiful. I don't know how beautiful did. What is potential for beauty is he's a good guy, though man he was a really good. Yeah he's a fun guy always are store he still. What did he do back there? He worked with. You work the door for awhile. He had the.
EAST Coast flavor. I tell you what did he was fucking funny on stage two yeah I saw fat James have some funny sets. He was ridiculous. Did it couple stints on always sunny in Philadelphia City, absolutely dude. He had some uh. He sort of get some acting work after a while here. Is this him trying to get on this they're trying to put him up on a mechanical bull? Oh my god gray, he's so big one flip a nice down, never taking a shower of God. This is all about wow? That's so hello! How the way these two pictures just hit me over the head with nunchucks. Got change for a buck
Tell me cricket Wimereux. Want me glad that Soulja Boy there Superman said Jimmy Joey. Why ticket I'm getting nostalgic man, you know actually been Jimmy in the Jimmy and Joey phenomenon. Just wants just on a whim Jimmy and Joey. For those that don't know, Jimmy and Joey is like a it's like a double Andrew Dice Clay What is it like? You know like these are brothers version of Andrew Dice Clay, it's like me and Joey. Don't you go from there? It goes back and forth. It's like how come Italians don't like Jehovah's witnesses. I don't know why? Don't they like Jarvis Windows, Italians, don't like any witnesses and they just go back and forth with the setup and then their place lies. I remember those guys, so there was always different jimmies fat, James Dan. At one point I was a Jimmy fat. James was Jimmy or I get what you're saying so you placed in water in this show, so it was a show. Much did it once
it's funny so they use like they have fake names. Well, yeah! There's a fact with the original Jimi was really named, Jimmy that's fascinating subject, because I know that the guys have sold their axe to other people like that that guy who had defending the caveman. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Broadway thing yeah. What was that guys name? I don't know his name on a second, because he was a stand up and really a fascinating story because he may a ton of money. Yes, it is surely did he was a stand up and he put together like he put his stand up together in a form of like a one. Man show and it became very popular Rob Becker, his name, but then he started like selling it to people that they could do it. Actors, so they could all do it all at once. All over the country yeah Michael Checkless did. It Yeah yeah yeah, I'm almost positive hold on a minute. Let me pull this up. All those will soon as they're. Definitely doing that show the Vegas every time on there by the way, Michael Chiklis. If you read I'm a huge
he's the shield right now yeah. I love that the commish yeah, I'm not good, for you Did one episode of Seinfeld? Are we talking about the same time? Yeah Michael Checkless, he is also the thing right. After four right, haha yeah, oh yeah, I did yeah, it is Broadway debut in the one man show defending the caveman, so I was correct. We don't even need. The internet was so we hope I just sort of remember it, because I was like wow, that's weird, but I guess it just Make simple, you know to a comic. It's weird, like you know, you're going to buy an act like all the sudden like like you for Let's say when you: what year did start out nine thousand eight hundred and ninety eight? What if, instead of you doing your act, would have Dave Attell just sold you his act. So I would love it and you would go on stage and you to do like, say, like a classic album skanks for the memories, which is my favorite detail. If you went on stage it is, and just did it as
David tell yeah and it would be that would be called the skanks for the memory show right and you would hire an actor to do it. That's weird! It's really weird and God damn it. I wish that was available. Don't you think, though, that there are two totally different things is why it's weird and when when you turn stand up into. The one man show, then you can get away with anything, because it's uh really defined when man show and it's this defending the Caveman one man show absolutely. You know as a comic You can never do that. No, no! No! No! No! No! You can't do it, because every year you have to have a new act right. So this what's going on, is it that this guy figured out a way to take stand up but like trance, order into a safe zone. Right just drop it off where it exists in perpetuity right, no more rules, and now this app can be done.
At the same time, in all fifty states and you get in a way, you get all the money from it. So you not to tour as much you stay in Vegas and do it right? Well, all your minions. Do it around the country that is fucking weird. What if you started charge show making the full charge show yeah, you were showing the full charge. Show you would show it in LOS Angeles and select markets, then you would give people license is to do it in Atlanta. First of all, all my minions would have to be called the half charge. What do you do for living? I'm half charge, so you do the full charges. Jokes. Do you write your own jokes? Have a lot of my own stuff, mostly today, people wanna hear the full charge. So that's what I do for now. It's just you know. It's not my dream. I'm paid to cover band yeah? This is pays the bills, and then I do my own stuff at open. Mic surround Atlantic City, but it is fascinating that in our art form the which is that you give to stand up comedy that we all give you allowed to do that, but in almost every other, like kind of music, you people do
movies music, any other kind of entertainment like Tarantino straight up like copies? Other movies and it's known as a Oman right right but like with stand up. It's very sacred to us. 'cause. I think it's just 'cause, you don't get paid as much. That's probably exactly what it is. We just fun with my we had our rules. Are we, sir? You know it's not it's not documented. When we do our stuff, not necessarily right. We, if you have to have you not only have to have rules for other people. You have to have rules for yourself too. You have to everybody, has to keep everybody honest. Yes, the idea of create everybody in the idea of originality, an unique thoughts and the origin of thoughts. It's pretty in the US, because it's all we have right. All comic has essentially is what he's created in his own mind and then put to paper. Are you know, keyboard and then transfer to the stage. That's all you have as a comic. That's all you have. You can jazz it up
dance with it and do all kinds of shit, but if you don't have the raw material yeah, you don't have anything exactly that Why, for us that on it process is super important. I think it's one of the cool things about what we do that I have so many comic friends that were constantly interacting with on a regular basis. It's always Joey. And ARI and Duncan in you and Segura and Fucking Kreischer and all super cool super honest super aboveboard people and so You know I don't even want to do something, that's similar to somebody else. They have no desire and drop shit in a heartbeat when you find out that it's too close to something right, exactly so fuck it signs over the last. You want to hear someones, comparing you someone else now, so you get to hang riff and joke around with the funniest dudes on the planet yeah, because we all trust each other, so just fuck around like we all
did you like, like ARI, was new. I forget what the subject was. We were joking around about something the other day and I'm like dude. You've got to do that on stage and we started like working on how he would do it on stage agrees to like this or like that and when, when you do that, like you is uh that camaraderie, when you do that for each other, like you both have idea, or one of you has an idea and the other one tries to enhance it and help each other that boosts us all yeah boost this all I'll get off stage to grow have a tagline for me after he said that, like maybe that you call it so much easier to write for someone else sometime, because, like there's the pressure on what you wrote and you just get to sit back and watch the other person do it. Then some problems in your head,
you can just give it. Thank you Donna and needs just all inspiration. Have you ever tried to write for someone specifically, though, first for over there stand that down and try to write for someone now yeah. I know a lot of guys have done that to like. I know there was a lot of guys that were helping Chris Chris Rock when he was putting together one of his HBO schedules, and I see, APOLLO, might have been one of 'em believe Voss, Louis CK definitely wrote for Chris Rock yeah. I think as also Chris, was doing so many different things at the same time and probably doing movies and shit, and I think he just like to have all those minds to help I think so, go over it stuff, which is ball. Z, move, you know, have all these bad mother, fuckers right, cool, jokes for you. I know an also work with you creating the jokes. So you get like the opinions of all these expert comedians. I mean that's real balls. He moves a lot of comedians, don't want to be judged on their performances, but when bring it in guys like like Louis Decatur right for you, I mean you're going to get the real deal
you going to get me, so it could be the most honest assessment ever of the material and like a boy, masterminds like gearing together and put it together. It's perfect masterpiece of comedy. Do you personally think that's good though I think that's yeah, that's weird! It's good for uh! No, it's not what I do, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I think will Chris Rock is one of the greatest comedians of all time and that's how we did it. Did it brilliantly and it's right there on the credits or percentage rate I yeah such and such and such I know, Eddie Murphy did it on raw. It's like in every way and wrote on raw, absolutely nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with it. But it's you know specially, because of the way they did it, which is so aboveboard they let everybody know they were doing it like that? It's not no one. No one hit that not only that it's like what's wrong with bring in writers, there's nothing wrong with it. It's not unethical. Is it
creative just because you're creating with other people, doesn't mean you're, not still create EC and actually be very inspiring? Yes, you know and yeah, and it can get rid of a lot of doubt yeah as far as like they're like this is what you doing that's good. This is, do you? Can this blah blah it's exciting to plagiarism is the problem. It's not a lot of operation, right cooperation and paid cooperation, which is essentially what writing is right. Writing for com is great. It sounds like a great idea. I don't with that way, but I would I think it's really common is just really personal for me, so it's like when you're involving somebody else's idea of what they think should sound like to me. That's just gross! Well, you got you got. Imagine Chris Rock went up at the seller did what he had and then the other guys contributed. That's what I'm imagining! I'm very sure that
then spice things up or added or had an idea. Maybe Chris could run it out. Just a lazy, this getting all of his jokes. These guys were a little juice will here and there will spark and you get it from like hungry guys are right there. You know they're out there he's like it's not like a Louis C K. Let's talk about your divorce. In my I hear what you're saying too, though, what I I agree with you in a lot of ways is that, like is very personal, but even It's very personal, like sometimes uh another eye, on what you're doing they'll open you up I didn't even think of that. Why was I doing it that way? 'cause if I didn't, if I didn't say that it would open up the whole back end of it like this a lot of times like some things that your friends can see that you don't say I know a lot of comics that actually have writers and that to me always felt really weird, because it seems like they're just actors now or that
boyfriends boyfriend, Tacoma writer. What if a white guy came up with this black peoples and his niggas, hey Chris, I got decided you in it. If you started to bigger and blacker a white guy starts doing the bigger blacker, tour and just redoes all there was a guy doing that for Hicks man with really weird yeah, there's a guy that was doing like Hicks as a one man show him Dennis Leary. How dare you know the guy was doing bill? Hicks is a one man show God impersonating Bill Hicks as a one man show me, Google, this that's weird 'cause. Bill, Hicks still isn't famous. Oh, I think it's pretty famous is Larry still around. Is he gonna show or something I don't know. I know they want to cry gas to do a Kinison Vegas thing. He does an incredible, yes, an impression uh. I can't find it here anywhere.
There was, but there was a guy, a very positive that there was a guy who was trying to put together a one man show, and he was just going to do. Bill Hicks, like like a mark TWAIN sort of things. You could go up and do Mark TWAIN today because Mark TWAIN's been dead for fucking right, so people are happy to see you. No one is going to know what he really was like black pitch. That is not how Mark TWAIN talks we fixed. This is terrible. This is fucking terrible at the pipe down your home, the pipe of the left he held with the right God, but a guy like Hicks, like you know, I saw him in the flesh he didn't die that longer. When did you see him, and where did you see? I saw him a couple times. I saw him um. I saw him at least on at least three possibly four occasions meeting. I saw him for an entire weekend. Ok and it was all when he was visiting Boston. He was a big like tour pro coming off of the
Rodney Dangerfield Special and he was like just starting to catch heat right, I got into comedy, so I was lucky enough to be at a point where the clubs would. Let me come by like open mic are but the let me in on a Friday night, and I could watch God there's no way. I was working with them and I was terrible, but they would. Let me come in and watch him the comedy connection, the way they ran it Nixon all those places in Boston. It was so cool because they they had great comics would come in every weekend. You'd have guys we come in like DOM. I rare I saw him there right. They would they they would all come like can have like a big name headliner, but they also had this like insane community of really great comedy around there as well right and the way they did. It is because they super supported, open markers super supported the new talent they knew. The new talent is what big becomes headliners one day and you have to nurture it, and they were like big about that. So when I like Hicks was in town. They would tell me you gotta, see Hicks and Paul Barkley told me he was like you gotta see this guy he's fucking around.
I guess the guy from the HBO Special right and just like yeah, but you got to see him like he's just he's on another level, and then I remember seeing him for the first time in going whoa Like guys say they don't give a fuck, but they give a fuck. Everybody gives a fuck man. I always give a fuck. If I give a fuck right now, you don't give a fuck. When I'm stumbling through a square space commercial. I can't get my fat tongue to work. I give a fuck at the supermarket, I don't wanna look dumbbell hex did not give a fuck man. I really. I saw the first guy in my life that didn't honestly didn't give a fuck on stage when I saw him because the first time I saw him why som twice in the same time period he came, he was at the common connection, and then he came to nicks like shortly thereafter, and I got to see him places, the many connection was- was pretty fucking fascinating, but when it into next he went on for a guy that was doing like impressions of different different cartoon animal smoking pot had like literally had cop donut jokes,
he was the guy who we went on before was a funny guy, but he was it wasn't the same style of comedy by any stretch of the imagination right. It was the terrible set up for Bill Hicks because it was all like really dopey. You know right base, shading comedy right. All right, Hicks goes on after he and just eats fat piles of shit gyro plates and plates of shit and it's by the end of the show there's maybe three hundred people in this stupid displaced, maybe will say two hundred and fifty there's, maybe fifty after the end of the show he walked the entire crowd, except for fifty people, an the Greg Fitzsimmons in like three or four other local Boston, comics that I can't remember the name right, we're fucking, crying right. He didn't give a fuck. He was doing his bits as if he was killing and we're all dying, but everything was dying right. The crowd just did not bite, except for this small core people that were in
factor howling and the comics. Now I work with somebody recently in Indianapolis who's been around for a long time and he said Bill Hicks had a lot more dick jokes than you think. Oh yeah, We used to joke around about it, but you know it's spice up. You know any other topic. Just throw down jokes in between 'em to keep people interested. He would joke around about having to do that. Don't worry joke, but folks, Dick joke you're coming up here that big fat video. You have heard that I mean he was a fascinating comic to Maine because he represents I've had arguments with ARI about him cuz. He doesn't think he was funny funny guy, but he's honest about it sure he tells me this is so funny he's. Like is given, makes really good points, but he's not funny right. What what I I disagree! I I always laugh at him. I I'd after when I saw him and eighty eight. I laugh at it now, but what I think he represents is the first guy that started looking at
what you talk about onstage completely differently, like he said a young man on acid like that whole bit about what about a positive trips right. It was like really, powerful, like it was non bullshit talk right, it was was the way it was like, whoa who's doing like certain bits. He wasn't just doing a bit. He was doing a bit plants a seed and gets you thinking about a subject differently because he's mocked it so well that it whenever you try to seriously bring up the war on drugs after you've heard bill, Hicks talk about it, you Like an asshole right, yeah right right, right. Did, he just had a. It was a fascinating way of mixing ideas into comedy in. I think most powerful way since Lenny Bruce. I personally think he's the most powerful at it because his impact is felt by, I think, a different era
'cause of the because of Youtube because of the videos in the audio that's available, the Lenny, stuff. If you try to go back and listen to it now, it doesn't really hold up anymore right. It's right! It's weird, so you can tell why it was ground breaking at the time. But now it's just like ha ha yeah. It's very like beat poet very, like yeah, rambling Hicks's. I was on a totally different when he stood in the eighties to and you know like well, there was really a need for that yeah. It was the Reagan administration and the Bush one administration and people were getting by on who squeeze is the bottom of the tooth pain you know and no disrespect to Seinfeld. I can't believe, where is that song wants the deal? I can't believe whenever about Bill Hicks. I just can't believe he was dead and one eight hundred and thirty two that blows my mind and when you talk about that acid joke, that's on tape on dangerous when he was twenty, seven, so brilliant Jensen, saying yeah
I mean I don't want to show you a tape of me when I was twenty, so you don't want to eat it with him when he was like seventeen 'cause, he was funny was seventeen. Oh, he was going up. Fucking, Houston Annex move, seventeen and was good. I know Annie was clean and he been clean as far as like is delivery was clean. It was really good stuff. Wasn't the embarrassing shit that would represent you or I know he would get lausten of this is based on the documentary that just came out. I saw a couple of years ago. He lost characters of his family and, like you, this is crazy. Phonic, and then he was just as good as the guys that were twice as age. Fucking, pancreatic cancer, crazy, crazy, fucking disease. That's a bad one to allegedly so you can't I'm doing a lot of cigarettes. A lot of people believe that there's a correlation between cigarettes pancreas, the thing you can remove right is like does,
Nothing no translate. My body gives extra parts right things, take it out and I'll be a lighter brians. Education is based on operation, the board game Appendix right, are. You can take your tonsils in your appendix I. I think. Yes, you can take anywhere from ten decks. You could definitely take out your panics. What causes pancreatic cancer? Aside from advance age, smoking is the main risk factor uh how great a smokers three to four times more likely that a non smoker to acquire pancreatic cancer. Is your pancreas inside that that body thing cage, in the main part of the main part like a bullet proof vest, will cover under the flip cage what the fuck man cigarettes are so senior arm and his smoked, a lot of cigarettes and did jokes about smoking. He argued four cigarette pancreatic cancer, goddam mother fuckers. Well, so, like really talented artists of smoke cigarettes, it's weird! It's at
add it's at a lot of ways: 'cause, it's like when I see a cigarette smoker, I don't see a person exercising their freedom. I know that's what they're doing. If they want to smoke, they should be able to smoke for sure. But that's not what I see. I see a person who's enslaved yeah that's what I see. I see enslavement to a habit and all into a drug. At the same time, it's just another addiction. It's just another thing to do it, but it kills. You take kills a lot of doesn't get you high, but it's also a weird thing that you would get addicted to taking something lighting on fire and then put it up to your mouth and then breathing it in like that. Just the rich all of doing that can become so ingrained in your life that it represents something like after sex like people, some real like to smoke a cigarette after sex, that's like a classic movie scene where people have sex and they smoke a cigarette you. But if you really like
what are you watching their you watching him poisoning themselves? Yeah, like that's a weird thing, to find romantic, that's a weird thing they snuck in on us and how it becomes habit, finds no link between secondhand smoke and cancer fund goodbye. The tobacco lobbyists of America in Florida is in Florida. If you have a case that goes through in Florida, it might as well go through on the moon right now. It's like they're, not Americans, tired of people saying the Floridas America to stop. We need to cut it out. Even flip. My parents live in Florida. Don't get me wrong, I love Florida, but that shit is not America. That is some crazy spot. Where you can't any stuff Does it come out of there? Who knows who knows what kind of coke they were on when they made that study, but you can't even trust them to vote right. I mean that's all fuck, that's interesting, nicotine in E Cigs tobacco linked to heart disease. Well, nicotine, speeds up your heart rate. Doesn't it it makes work harder than it has to well. I've heard of nicotine being given as a supplement before, which is really
bizarre or as medicine before. I think it was for a heart issue. I it's just like anything else in small doses, every once awhile ain't that bad, but a pack a day, delay but through fucking cancerous smoke, and it's so hot yeah. Well, a lot of stuff is like that. And we were talking yesterday with Shane Smith from Vice about that devil, colombian devils breath it's called sky. Dopamine or something like this dangerous right, yeah the most, nearest drug, it's the same shit, that's in those little seasickness tabs that they put on you, You know those things that you get stick they stick and uh and the sea sickness is supposed to be mitigated by this. That's the same shit is the colombian Devil's breath stuff, but it's just like way more on. This is just like way more that patches, like barely giving you a hit they're giving you thanks. Just how do you take this dangerous stuff? Do you smoke it? You swallow it to shoot it. What do you do? I think they can blow it in your face and you just have it in your face and you breathe just breathing it in like having it blown in your mouth in your nose. You got it. You're done! Ok,
and then you become like little like a little zombie. They tell you what to do you go to your bank, account take out money for me and people doing they have video of people doing this wow, wow indeed, and it's the same fucking thing that you can get from these patches. These dermal patches, for seasickness. Can people go don't Bc Siri? I don't not see how to treat on the horizon. Don't take anything else. Give me five hundred dollars. Just don't take those fucking. I don't like drama mean. I took drama I mean. Oh, my god. I went into a dark dark coma, What does John mean? I don't know drama mean it's pussies pussies like Maine, that ugh
on a boat and start getting sick or give you drama Maine right right. Well, apparently, it alleviates nausea. But for me it was like a tranquilizer DART Italy for an alleviated. Everything else too, including your site near here. Anyone seriously my body was like this is me and my buddy Jimmy and luckily he didn't take the drama mean and we were at the diner on the way home, and I was just sitting in front of him. Alot nodding out like a heroin addict he's like you alright over there, you know he might actually take in a draw mean to user. Bigger than me. The Jimmy was like two hundred plus pounds, and that was probably at the time I was competing. So it's probably one hundred and fifty five pounds and I take this one drama mean or two drama means. I don't know how many they gave me, but I was gone son I didn't wake up. Surely FOO woke up to paint the next day
Really did you enjoy and you enjoy. It was tearable. I took too much. Probably I probably try to take as much as he was taken. I don't know what I'm going to ask you if you take two I'll, take two two guys doing specially, that I mean we're both teenagers right, the, but it's fucking knocked my dick right in The dirt is that a prescription drug, I think so that might be an over the counter. I don't know I mean the laws might have changed since this is a long ass. Girl who knows their formula might have changed too right, but apparently I'm too much of a pussy. To even take a drama mean I don't fuck with drama mean things like drama mean all the time it doesn't do anything to him, not Maine. I'm literally were eating. I'm sitting like this. Why are we eating? I shouldn't use it straight, felt so pathetic is something pathetic. When you fall asleep and someone asked you are you fall asleep like no right like. Why am, I afraid
admit that I'm falling asleep sure, oh yeah, when people me I always like, like hey man? What's up a sleeping? I'm sorry I wouldn't like you always lie about there's something feminine about sleeping yes and I'm a man. I don't sleep, that's exactly what it is for a week pitch man like our miles for weeks. Rich men lack of cells. We don't want to admit. I'm fixing my engine right now on the menu I'm up at six hundred o'clock every morning. Doing sit ups cry like to do crunches. I work my oblique's, I don't sleep would be much sleep, a guy for guys really trying to be intimidating, says he doesn't need much sleep go boat. You know four hours sleep at night and I got I got shit to do. I'm good like four hours over the house at two hundred o'clock in the afternoon, mother fuckers asleep on the couch, his dick in his hand, watching days of our lives but open laptop nearby drew
I'm so the up so yeah it should to do you need to sleep. Everybody needs sleep. How dare you sleep is the best I think you can get by on like if you really want to have like a low level. Mind set in your I like four hours sleep for a couple days in a row. But after that let's be honest, like you're, not functioning, very well, you're, you're, imbalanced just four hour, sleep at night yeah and you start to have weird thoughts- your brain doesn't work properly. It needs rest. Maybe you brown on me four hours, I'm good! You know my rem cycles are just very deep. They go deep right away, I'm confident in myself. So I go to sleep very quickly and not worry. So predators I go out and I get all my work done. My sleep work. I get it done in four hours. My body is unusual. It's very wolverine like if I get a scratch. People can't believe the next day. I'll quick, it's healed. Just me, bro, it's just not normal, not normal
This? Is the Jimmy and Joey sketch you do it? This is the sub. I repeat everything else off four hours a day: sleep God, that's my new character, two thousand and thirteen. I slept sixteen hours, so I don't give a fuck. You know I got a lot done. I have a new web series and working on right now, I'm very happy with built a shelf. You know we had a fire to produce or just fucking asshole doesn't see my vision, this guy sleep six hours a day, a lazy piece of shit, pussy, aware we wrap up at midnight. I will see you guys at five is like no. We need to turn around fuck and turn around I'm here to work. That's for production people are like yeah. I've heard you rag on that before it's insanity there savages yeah, they push people to work ungodly hours and it's like standard in Hollywood. Fourteen hours is like regular total, especially if you're working on a single camera drama show. Does like CSI shows in the other. Like those I don't know, I want to say that one in particular, but a lot of those single camera like cop, shows those '
People are working sixteen hours a day six days a week and the fucking season is forever. It takes forever to get twenty seven episodes of a cop show done just so they can be like I work in the movies that's crazy! It's folks that work on sets. It's like. There was a show that I did. This hunting show that I do and when you want to talk about people that work hard, there's a show meat eater and this dude, the dude, who hosted his name, Stephen Ella and he's got these guys at work form specifically, is God damned Odeon mows the directory, and these fucking guys are. Working sixteen hours a day on the top of a mountain somewhere freezing their asses off in a fucking tent- and this is what they do every week every week you're flying a fucking Mexico to hunt Buffalo or flying to the Swiss Alps to go, kill,
I'm crazy sheep, or something like that right. They gotta kill animals Antietam on top of all these hours. Well, they don't have to do that. They don't sometimes like. Sometimes they don't get an animal at all really. But the thing is like these guys that are working like behind the scenes, like the cameraman stuff, like that, the guys are carrying shit like what. Fucking, hard, gig man and uh. You know to be expected to work like that. Like Why are you going to find some special fucking people that are willing to work like that right hoping we're going to go, I don't get to stop work. If there's no stop work, when you're working you fucking work while you're there when you're, not working you're sleeping you get up and everybody works again: no insomnia in production life. Now you not allowed
and they knockout the forty hour work week in about two one: slash two, the in the adderall flows like hail just falls from the sky and you just pick it up and stuff it into them out. Is there a lot of that? No, I don't know just guessing. I would. I would say that if you were working on a set of like a show that was working like crazy hours all the time, you probably need least strong energy, drink habit? Coffee, don't cut it at that point. Coffee don't cut it, especially if you're not working on something for you. Alright, if you work on the math, full tron experience Kaboom and get enerji, I'm saying, like you, have a chart in your plot and your future takeover You know I'm saying I know half charge you just figure out how you're going to set up these one man shows around the country who keep your comedy in a time capsule and have all these people become the half charges you're going to be fine right, but if you're working on like that seventy show or something like that house white example was right. You know
something some ridiculous show some show where you don't give a fuck. About the outcome, not just a job, and you there all day. There all day and you get to see, whiny actors throw hissy, fits and throw fuckin scripts around to see the weirdness between the crew and the actors and oh fuck can Cara Christ right uh shit. The amount of time invested put in all that no it's crazy, because a regular person is a regular job, like you know, work nine done I've, maybe have some extra things you have to tie up before you leave the office you're at the office by six and, like that's, very It's a lot of time, and, let's be honest, there's some you two been in there there's some office godless winners. That's all your employee really deserves right. Your player, rather employer doesn't deserve your high percent. Your time, your lan. What because it's your life that shit's ridiculous to have a job that
sucks you dry for sixteen hours a day, it's uh, well it's almost like you it's. Obviously I believe that people should have free will to do whatever the fuck they want. They want to pursue that sort of alive, but if you If it's not something you enjoy doing that surreal, dangerous place, to put your brain right there. Ok, this is what we do. We do stuff that sucks for sixteen. Today we hate it and they need to be free. Some people, don't once a life or don't want their own thoughts, though, is that what it is some people like to keep yourselves busy well and there's a little bit of that instead of comedy it's like, I don't want to do Valentine's day. I got to work that night honey. Well, I see I understand what it is as far as like the production budgets- and you know getting things done. If the days take longer, it takes more time, cost more money, and so in order to fit things under budget or if in their budget they have to work as long hours. You know this is they do right and that there's
a twelve hour turn around, like you have to pay penalties, they pay meal penalties and all the all these union delta is. They have to pay if they, but the end of the day, it's like. Why is everybody choosing to work? So crazy? I don't know at the end of the day. I understand you save a little money. This way I get it. Is there another way? There is where it's called shorter hours, Woody Allen. Does it does he television? Does it a lot of times suck yeah they sit dust, it comes. Do it yeah by the Time NEWS radio is in its like fifth season. We only work three days a week, nice yeah. We had done two days a week done one day we got the script and, as we were, going over the script with have block and and and like mark where the scenes are going to take place. Yeah and that's we'd rehearse it go over. It do one run through and then, with the next day, did you really enjoy doing that show I really enjoyed doing natural, but I don't think I would really enjoy doing another show gotcha in less. It was like that right. You know like that was a really weird show, because that show
I don't know how it is on most sitcoms, because I've, only the only other one I've done is just shoot me. I did one episode of that and I did one episode of tv. I didn't really do much other than that when I was on news radio and they let us Adlib, like almost every scene. That's awesome like almost every scene there was something that was changed, something that was altered, something that was someone one of us came up with on the fly and most of the time orchestrated by Dave, Foley like Dave Foley would take the script and then he was he was sort of It was an ensemble show, but if anybody was the, it was Dave Foley and it Phil Hartman. Who is the big star and then you know Dave Foley was you know kind of like I was feel like he was like a nun. Cred producer really right and he would like orchestrate like a lot of the scenes and come up with fantastic lines for them too he's a really fucking mounted Diane and all the guys that I think don't get it. Appreciated enough for being fucking under
probably hilarious. One of 'em is Dave Foley. He says a sweetheart of a guy, like always has been always been, like the nicest kindest guy and really really really fucking smart, really fucking, smart and really fucking. Funny to such a cool, dude always was and and he's doing stand up now to really yeah. That's not his background. He's more of improv guys, oh well! He was. He was one of the guys from kids in the hall yeah. I know that much you watch kids in the hall yeah, but after the fact I watched it like after reruns, so good yeah. So it's fucking good stuff, yeah, so good, What was that on originally canadian television? What was that on? like kids in the hall: where did it originally air? It's a good question. I think it was canadian yeah. I think it was canadian tv yeah and we found out about in America and then those guys all came down here, but I remember my original point,
got production up in the style Jeff not in insane. The When you were asking me that was what it was. You were asking me whether or not I I enjoy doing it. I said I enjoyed doing it, but the way was done was so wild and crazy. Almost after the filming everybody was getting hammered had more drunken moment, talks with like Maura Tierney and Dave Foley than any other humans. My whole life, that's also these, like crate and especially for me back then like a social emotional mess, yeah, because you know my late 20s just gotten in a stand up, just got done, fighting just gotten in stand up and then moved out to LA, and I don't know what the fuck I was doing. I didn't believe I was on tv two years ago I was broke as far right, barely getting by as a comic and then all sudden, I'm sitting here with Dave, fucking, full the in Phil Hartman and we're going over the lines of the show where on one to make any sense right.
You had trouble, accepting that it was just like weird. Well, it's just weird so crazy, and so you know we had these wild drunken fucking parties after the after the shows like they were. They were very punk rock Dave Foley like really and embraced some sort of a punk cardiology for the whole thing an either the producer like especially Paul Simms was a guy who created it. He wrote it the head writer and he would just let the fun stuff go through like he just wanted to be the funniest, so he wrote he wrote really funny shit and really creative shit, and they would let you know Phil Hartman Adlib Andy, Dick,
take something just run with it right. You know, figure out a better way to do it, and then everybody was always tweaking their lines are always I try to figure out thing. What is this is it this? Is? It does a and yeah that one that one you know we would like help each other like that. I think that's a I don't really know, but I kind of think that's a huge faux pas on a lot of psicom to respect the writers. Is this right, flubs yeah, bunch of bloopers? I I made I I mean I mean. What may I do this is unbelievable. I can't believe that I don't. No, this I think it'll be called
free is barely this will be. Free bill is really. I remember that you never before the town we see. We want to see us. That's the freaks Fun Times, man yeah, but what he was talking about was or what what the question was. Whether I would do something like that. Again, You never find a show like that. Then they probably never going to make one like that again. That show went under the radar it was like. While it was on it was. It was so like ignored that it was
sort of allowed to be what it became, so they fucked with uh. But like I know they brought in like couple romantic characters. We brought a woman into the office once law, you know Lauren, Graham the woman from the Gilmore girls and their name yeah Lauren, Graham, I think so find a Saturday. She said, she's really cool. She was on a news. Radio for season really yeah so was Patrick Warburton, the guy when go to soaring over, California, is that it longer and longer am she's really fucking fine and really cool like you know, a lot of actresses they're like when you're talking to them, you're talking to Representative Jim, but right yeah. No, no, no! No! No! No! We work together, she's very cool, though very nice person. He's like fun to hang with like she's like she, she could joke around. She was lively. Are they brought her in, but other than like? They didn't really really fuck with it. You know they kind of Paul. Do his thing and that's why I was so weird I just
and less, he get a show like that. Now 'cause, once you do, a show like that, you realize, like that's, like I and from a show before the show on Fox called Hardball in Hardball. With this like really bad show, was in baseball. It was tearable fucking terror, the show was awesome and got destroyed, the guys who wrote it Jeff, Martin and Kevin, currently the They were writers from married with children. They were right from the simpsons they're, really funny guys they were really good and they put together this fucking badass script, and the pilot was like really why written. It was really good stuff and then, as soon as the show got picked up, these, they're kind of like they were. A soft spoken could really friendly. Really nice guys and just kind of soft spoken and the network didn't think that they were strong enough to run a show like they thought you
need to be strong, so they booted these guys out and bring this with super duper hacker richness, dude, I mean use, a hack asaurus. It was terrible like every terror cliche in a scene. This guy would insert in there his writing was just insanely bad. He was free that show coach member coach, remember coach, where he had come from there somehow or another, and he had gotten on this show, and I watch the show get destroyed and so going from that to seeing the news radio way, which is weird thing where no one ever got famous from the show. The show was always almost going to get canceled and limped into five years right, I didn't even get to a hundred episodes. We were two episode Shiloh men, which is like almost for the show like prophetic. You know it's like that's that's what we are right, we're just barely, but because of that, because no pressure and no start 'em, no craziness, no, not too much network interference. Brilliant producer, it became is weird environment where
so this ad living and all this you know re chain, things in very dynamic and really funny stuff that you're proud to tell someone that you worked on right. So one we've done that it's like it is really high. Do a shitty one like the Hardball one again right slightly! That's where we going to run into this yeah it's hard to do it's fucking, silent movies, man! That's what it is! You have fake laughs and there's a seat, silent movies, it's hard to keep that art form alive. You know And so you guys are riffing in front of the audience, while the cameras were rolling all the time? It's awesome. We drift in front of the cameras. Dave would often times change a line like on the fly like come up with some thing that was funny because his background in live performing so he knew how to come up with stuff on the fly. Is that hard ball? God I remember ones on it was only on six episodes. I think we did seven, but only six of 'em ever made it to the air. It's just they just just got butchered,
but that's what happens a lot of time, because in the business of tv what people are trying to do is make a shit load of, and these producer guys there want to control everything and they want to make a shit load of money and if they are allowed to, if they get into a situation where they do it, you can't be surprised that they do and they don't know their ideas suck. They there are some, which is why they have the job. So they push forward thinking that these off some ideas that aren't so awesome actually are going to change. This show for the better, like they're, not trying to fuck it up, but he fucked it up when see stuff like that, you, like, I don't there's too many people just do podcasts exactly how many people you gotta deal with yeah whoops. I heard I'm talking about how like that was one of the only shows where they were like. No, we don't think it was Larry. David was like no outside influences and he was always willing to walk before he was even anybody before he even had any money in the bank? Well, I don't know how true that is, but I bet it's true: the and initially like shows always get fucked with in the beginning,
unless you bring in less it's Martin Scorsese, and you know, speech Steven Spielberg team. Together for some new miniseries, I'm pretty sure fox. You shut the up right now right, but until that happens they have some sense and they will they want to. They want to throw their own special spice in this too right like Cory, and can we put Korean your in the suit? Yes, you with your Korean wrote in there watch your soup get ruined right. There's, you know it's a business How do people involved it's just like anything else, just like the design of a car or the box that the corn flakes come in a lot people have their say? A lot of people have opinions, and is you know this is a lot of we just going on you- and you know as well as I do that when you to create something expensive you trying to create something funny, the less shit you have coming in the better it comes to like, like outside the creative sphere. You know the ask people like once you get down to a core group.
Very competent individuals, like writers and artists, are sitting together and trying to compile the correct way to do something and they're working on it very hard. If there are functional group that should be where that ends right. When producers come in and they often have line, reads and they're like well, why doesn't he just like go? fucking Christ right, you know why. Why did you hire writers dude? Why don't you just do everything right when she just take here once you buy script, that happens all the time to they'll tell producer once you write a script and a lot of producers think they can write script. Right the goal now write scripts and then those writers will pass it around amongst their friends and fucking giggle about it sucks right I had that on a really small level. When I first started in stand up, I got this management group and they're like we try to base the sitcom around the fucking five minutes that you actually have an every month, and it wasn't just me it was a bunch of guys that they managed eh months. They would
Have these shows where they would go to, and then they would give us suggestions on how to write sets that would inspire sitcoms wow. And I actually got pretty far down the pike with it. I had like castle rock and we were pitching, and every year was this. This was two thousand two two thousand and two yeah wow It was still doing like a lot of sitcoms back then there's still the development deal game back then 'cause. That was the first year of fear factor, so that was when in reality shows were just starting to take off of survivor was first and there is a couple other ones, and then there was a NBC had fear factor in a couple other ones, and then it was just reality shows like John and Kate, plus eight, all these other mother fuckers just spewed onto the scene, and then it was like. The influx of reality shows over the last decade is pretty crazy. I believe, two thousand and two that wasn't really going on as much as a lot of sitcoms yeah and there was that sweet sweet. Kumon in the aftermath, Voltron
oh didn't happen, smelling now smell that sweet, sweet, sitcom money, everybody wanted sweet sweets. I know I know it's not even a game anymore. In a way. It's not really a game. People go for me, yeah wow yeah. We got where's your easy to I'm twenty five years old in the picture, and I, like your little, you get a little beads on you have one of these. Now it was a it was a uh, stainless or sterling silver bracelet. Where do you find that picture Hardball website. Is it Jim, Jim, back up and see if Jim Brewers, in there Jim Breuer was in the pilot he played baseball at the pilot. Didn't really know he put out sorry played the heat, with the original mascot that got beat up by the baseball. He played uh the Pied piper, because I think we used to be the pied pipers. Then we became the pirates or whatever the fuck we became. I forget what the name of the actual team was, but who are the funniest part of the pilot was brewer brew
you're dancing around and getting in a fight with this fucking baseball wow. That's so crazy! That's a eva! look at baseball right. There is this guy right here that looks like Garland No! It's MIKE Starr MIKE Starr was bodyguard. He was in Goodfellas Right it's been a lot of movies. I I guarantee your make up recognize a few. Some super cool guy man that side of STAR Trek dad right there, Captain Kirks dad to the far left, Bruce Greenwood. He was on the show two And that's that do this on that kids show. You know that kid show kitchen was really popular. Kids shows he plays like he's, got a character. I I catch him on like Nickelodeon all the time and there is Derek Jeter that to the far right I forgot his fucking name, an. Sorry was a cool guy too, though, God damn it. I can't remember his name, but I that
to do that. Got hit in the teeth with a pipe in uh in Russia. Yeah that's right now, yeah body, mind that guy was there a doing some movie and he turned a corner and some guys smashed in the face that pipe knocked him out. Cold its teeth were shattered. He told me matter: exactly too tough fucking dude. So how is Russia? He goes well, you see teeth yeah Adam because I was in Russia and I go what happened in this van turned a corner, some dude smashing in the fucking jaw with a pipe broke. My teeth out that was, it right, no complaining and whining- and I was like I was driving and do anything wrong. Man means like now everywhere I go. I word someone's going to hit me barely gave a fuck that this guy hit him in the face of the pipe and not to have Steve out just happy's teeth. Look better! Now I'm telling you this dude barely gave a fuck. He was a tough dude,
and whatever ever went on to do, but I do know is a really strange thing I saw he got something some sort of a like a a new show or something like that. He got like a part in something that was really excited about Ann his girlfriend at the time who is also an actress started only crying when he received good news and she kept saying like when is something going to happen for Maine? Oh, when is something going to happen for me and she's, crying man and like wild sport port. I feel bad for her their brain. Works that way. I was like this poor kid like look at this crap The brain pattern, she's on weird self, absorbed brain pattern. But that's the Hollywood way, man that's definitely acting way. I mean cry so a lot of it a lot of lottery plan. I mean a lot of a marked out. The problem is even the best are now
that much better than some guy. That's doing community theater in Oakland. You know it's probably some bad mother fucker that can't keep his shit together. Smokes a little bit too much drinks a little bit too much, but when he shit together and get a you know, get ahold of a script. You probably fuck it up right, It's never been got the right. Acting like an agent and agency or parts are always. The party was, was Colin Farrell when he gets close for a kid right, but the difference between a guy who's really good and the difference in the guy was really famous. As far as like. What's value, pull in a lot of ways like how much better is the good guy, then the famous guy 'cause you to be a lot better 'cause. If you're not a lot better. I'm going to go with the famous guy. 'cause people go to see a God. Damn Tom cruise movie right, you know, so they they have a hard road. Absolutely show. Did you see this picture? So it's like all the guys sitting here and then year, like
yeah, I had a fucking baseball bat with my cock out that woman is Rosemary she's from I think it was the Dick Van Dyke show, or something like that wow exactly she was the Dick Van Dyke show, but uh I remember. I was embarrassed that I didn't know: um yeah. I think I never seen the Dick Van Dyke show it's weird. I've never seen the Mary Tyler Moore Show. That's not as weird the Dick Van Dyke Show is weird because Mary Tyler Moore is really young there yeah. Yeah. She was on the Dick Van Dyke show. I never watched it so when everybody is like that's Rosemarie like people in the city, like that's Rosemarie and I'm like oh, like what the fuck does that mean This is before we compete here. Folks, yeah, no one knew anything back God, damn we were still up in the nineteen. Ninety three human beings were monkeys. Yeah, we were monkeys with a lot of railroad system had a language and cars we go to the encyclopedia. Look it up yeah we're so much sworn now,
but it was interesting because after I'd matter, you know she was she was getting on in age and she still alive she's born in nineteen twenty six so to be able to look back and see her after a matter, then I watch the Dick Van Dyke show and I got to look back and see her on what was for a lot of people that were alive at the time. That was an iconic program, and so Oh now. I know why these older people that were an asshat were like freaked out that she was on. The show was just like Jesus. Is it be weird to be on television. If you were born and lived four television was even invented. Yeah. I mean I know you looked it up before and it was invented way back before it was common but Still, it wasn't common until the 50S yeah and people they barely had enough money to buy one of those gigantic furniture things you would roll in your living room and occupy a good, solid, ten square feet of space
You could try and see if you could find the Dick Van Dyke show like a highlighter, a clip of love inside show on on Youtube she's. A very nice lady though she's very funny too. Still, as I'm sure she still alive but, like I said man, but I know for everybody shit a lot of lot of people that don't get a shot. The thing about it, I think it's kind of most fucked is a how many peep but there would be awesome at it if they apply themselves. There's a lot of friends that we have that don't act at all, but they really decided to be bad actors. That would be incredible at it right. I think, there's a lot of people to work on a lot of regular jobs. If they decide to apply themselves to it, they could be awesome actress but yeah, but the thing is like, but getting getting slack discovered, I didn't get the sheer numbers, a fucking people that are coming here. But what do you think of
a roll comes out for a movie like this is to say the full charge? Rights are moving yeah for you. I feel action sort of hand to hand combat specialist. So, let's go with Matt full Trem attic full tron again to Pakistan to fucking wreck, find some some shape this in people that are just they can't? They don't know how to make a deal work smoothly, and sometimes you gotta knock a little head, so you got to be able to do both and that's. Why all charges here for I'm like Seagal, it's like the movie, tells you what I am baffles RON is the full charge and I just knock out terrorists and I and save the world constantly. I see the being on spike tv in the fall of two sixteen. If we get our cards correctly, we game will taste by talking about in the podcast,
but the pitch meetings begin Van Dyke got ten Mary Tyler Moore's hospital has done more in Amsterdam, Mary Matthew and Mary Tyler Moore Craziness death of the party just the way people pretended that people were back. That is so weird sleep in the same bed at least. Look at this yeah. That is pretty sexy. No, they don't man look at the separation between the two beds- oh my god, I'm so sad, now, she's so hot and she's right there and he has to sleep in the next bed. That is bullshit, but doing it from behind with a lot more popular back then 'cause, you have the extra gap, so you always always project leader over the bed. I think people really live like that. Dude, no, they didn't tv. It's just tv rules
tv rules they they would never shipped the with the sick is, if you have people sleep in the same bed together, you're implying that the right don't implied that this is wholesome. Dick Van Dyke, his father knows best just wants to play golf yeah. That's it yeah he's just trying to count play some golf any trying to fuck his wife. What he's doing right now is running from the prison warden tells You can't do what he wants to do with his life sushi, Miss God she's. So hot, though, cute cute prison warden. Look at she wakes up with her perfect amazing she's had full. War paint on in her hair is perfect. Look at that. This is so weird man, because this is like a time. Capsule boy has a curse word this. That has been done before watching some stupid like what happened, the spark plugs I was so round. I dressed I shaved and I pack and got out without waking you up
and he was so proud. I had to come back and tell me honey. I forgot my keys in my money. I'm sorry! I am sorry honey! Look what she closed the door bed, the money! I'm sorry So, are you still mad at me from last night? I'm not mad now an! I wasn't mad last night. This would be a weird sort of a piece if someone decided to like recreate this show with the eggs. Sort of inflection right. It's not inconsiderate. I mean, if I'm great, but the only in considerably I'm guilty of is talking to you right now where there are three guys waiting for me to tee off darling goatee
you get it. You get that get that. Can you imagine that one point down that was cutting edge. That was, I was like saying, go fuck off this. Is it's really weird watching old shit like that did you see, I was to be in Anthony and they were talking about the house from the future that they used to have where is like in the future we're going to have and they were, how much similarities of what they guessed the house of the future was What show was it on that? They they had it. It was back back in the day it used to be EPCOT or it used to be at Disneyland. It used to be this building locked in is like in the future. This is a final soul. Was a ride yeah, I kind of it's like a standing right. If I remember I'll show you they have the video online, but they have made the things like. You know, microwaves and test microwave online shopping. They guessed really yeah. He ran away, find it up. That's fascinating,
so so is there anything in there that that we don't have Brian? yeah there. There is a lot of stuff. I see the wheel spinning. I I see the wheel, spinning young mister inventor. I can't think of anything full charge enterprises. What I'm going to do is I'm gonna go. I'm gonna watch old shit with the predicted the future find out what what and and what didn't and then pick up the pieces. Is there a mailbox that blows you that's? What we're doing? They'll cancel my appointment, yeah, here's, the here's some photos from what it used to be: oh wow. So what was this one? Was this created? What year, I believe was the teen. Where do I find it? One thousand nine hundred and fifty seven to nineteen sixty seven and it was called. Believe it or not? The Monsanto House,
Monsanto you fucking, rascal, devils and and uh, it's hilarious house of here yeah, but I I remember going to, I think it was at EPCOT when I went to it. Wow now find video of the video is actually there's a house that was uh. I wonder if it's still up there's a house in the Hollywood Hills somewhere that I saw not in person ever, but I've seen it in photos that looks like a UFO Have you seen everything I've never seen that now, I'm gonna find it on Google, the flying Saucer House, James C, define it or Brian. Flying saucer house, I think it's in Hollywood, but it's wicked. It's a house, though, that once you lived in it for a little while, but alright. This is ridiculous. Look at it! How dope
right the encounter at lax that restaurant looks a lot like that yeah, but this is someone's Fucking House man yeah no kidding someones chilling in that house. Ok, I take it back over dope. I would love to learn that it's like living this space needle or so dude look at this photo wow. Start saving up all that went up so the? U stream, people could see it. This fucking houses radical, you might even survive an earthquake or an avalanche, or something in that my you would be worshipped by STAR Trek and STAR wars geeks and where is that Hollywood hills or somewhere in Hollywood, um John Lautner by John Lautner he's ago created a one when this was built. Ok, it was constructed backed in one thousand nine hundred and sixty, but it was recently renovated, huh God, it's fucking wicked. The house is incredible there. So lucky, though, like local people do in California, they take a hill in a place where,
ground moves all the fucking time and they just stick a big spike down the middle and put a circle on it says will stay here. I can't believe no one like lives in the death star, whatever no ones recreated, that they live in huge, put out a fuckin awesome message and someone's going to run with that, make sure you finish a guys. You don't want to leave any weak spots now should be make it full size full charge. Well, they would have to to satisfy me so they're, starting in space. What are we doing? I don't know that's for the nerds to figure out get on it boys seriously, though, if you're single guy full charge- and you look each lie. Yeah. You look at the really impressive gal with where you live. Two dozen roses. Two dozen roses at the fucking UFO House, you bring her up to the UFO's house. This check things your ball and I want you give you my friend look at the fucking view from this place. So what that shit?
Would I like it so awesome come on death, so off that view of LOS Angeles at night is a really crazy. If you have you ever seen that view Brian, you ever been on top of Doheny yeah, I would go up look at that shit never disappoints mens. Would look at that fucking view. That's insane that that is an income. Your picture. This house is so weird because it's just surrounded by glass because of his Ufo theme yeah, it's kind of amazing that there not more of these like really weird freaky houses in Hollywood, you would think there would be a lot of like weird unusual shit. I guess by the time going forward a house. You kind of like got rid. All those crazy ideas about living in a fucking yeah. I think so and like, if did you come up with the crazy plan for it if you're in Ark Then you got find somebody who's crazy enough to do it We also must find like the homeowners Association has to agree with yeah. That's a big deal
California right, they say a lot no to a lot of stuff. Don't it's a big deal everywhere? I was reading about this woman whose uh get in trouble because she was uh. In Florida, Miami growing vegetables in our front lawn 'cause. That's the only part of her house that it's hit by sun, so she's got are vegetables. There she's been doing it for, like seventeen years they're trying to get her to stop The city is coming and telling a lady to stop growing healthy food on her property fucking vegetables. To let you have the vegetable like someone's going to walk by there gonna be offended if they see a tomato plant like what the fuck kind of craziness is that why you telling people they can't have food up? What She grow anything else. Yes, she can she's allowed to grow. Flowers should grow fucking, pine trees. Remember my thing: she wants can't grow marijuana full charge that shit silly. People do that shit is illegal, especially down in that country known as Florida or Florida country, not America or California right. This guy made us Cuba's STAR Trek House on this whole entire house is just like the ship.
Do you hear that? That's the sound of a million panties getting wet. That's fucking dope! Look at this guys house! Look at his fucking, even his fireplace he did up his fireplace you ever seen the documentary trekkies yes, but uh, dedicating their lives. Yeah, there's a lot of people that just get obsessed with anything, whether it's world Warcraft being a trekkie being a furry ham trails chemtrails! Anything you ever see that all Saturday Night LIVE Sketch for William Shatner Data Tracking convention- oh no, he just tells off all the trekkies any voices. John Levis, he's like you, you're thirty, you ever kissed a girl he's like you, took something fun I did in the 60s and turn it into a colossal waste of time how rude yeah! I wonder how the truck keys, but that trade it one the first like trekkie things on tv. You know, so they probably appreciated that they were being recognized yeah. It's kind of interesting like what shows take off with that.
I don't like STAR Trek, went on forever. It went on for a few years. I think was five was at five years. I don't think it was that many. I think it was more like three, let's say STAR Trek. It was a great fucking shower I'll. Tell you that. But it's amazing that, like ok here, The perfect example, the I can rocky Harmon that show whatever it is yeah when the others, when they do the rocky horror picture, show at midnight ones. They have these people get up and they sing along to the music right where they throw rice. They wear the clothes that embodies wearing them in the in the music and then the musical. They still do the new art like once a month once a house at one take off like why that what it? What is it about the rocky horror picture show that makes everyone want to get together and watch it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again have these midnight screenings and everybody loves it and they dress up and it's of community yeah
but it forms over this one fucking, weird movie. It's all such a fucking, perfect storm of events that comes out at the right time right when people notice is that I'm up again, it doesn't hurt that the movie is fucking bad ass. Is there a one time viewing? It is a bad ass movie. It's very good rocky horror picture show is a very good movie. I love that movie, especially at the time so how it holds up to get today right might be a little absurd. Knowing all the rocky horror picture show shit behind it. That's one thing I'm very aware of, but don't know anything about so I've never seen it and I say, don't yeah its causes in a it's also, a time capsule. I should probably see it again. Two four recommend it because you know I've. I've watched the, other states moving that uh William hurt movie about isolation, tanks, I watched it and I thought it was the most amazing movie ever got me into isolation. Tanks got me researching, eventually got me to own one, so it was like a pivotal, moment in my life? Seen that movie? Remember it being very good! I want
his recently Sparra Boldog wishes terrable. I barely got through it. Not only that, I try to talk MRS Rogan into watching it with Maine watch this shit with you for five minutes. Fuck. Are you watching so bad man? It's missing so much. That makes a movie good, and then you don't get to pick the movie again for another three or four choices. Do you know how it is standing there talking about full charge? Trust me, I know I know you do it's weird. How movies don't fucking hold up a lot come down, but a lot of them. Do it so strange like watch the godfather? It's perfect, it's a god! Damn perfect gem, there's nothing wrong with it, everything is great about it. I can't imagine Goodfellas ever being bad, it's impossible, it's impossible! It's a perfect movie!
there's movies that are just so good. It doesn't matter if someone else achieves great heights as well yeah that movies still going to stand no matter what error is shown in, especially in consideration between like what technology. Well, the shoe movie like that, then as a what is it we know is what's available today, you know it's good were not even Martin Scorsese can top it right he's the one that did it. One for over the flu cookies ness holds up. I thought the other day again, that's fun yeah. He does that's a timeless theme right there Nichols ST was a bad mother. Was you know, people remember Nichols this in front court at the Lakers game and when you pretended to be a wall so that their members some stupid right Nicholson, but go back to China, town Watch nickel in Chinatown he was a bad mother. Fucker.
To China. Chinatown is another one. Chinatown holds up, he was so bad. He was so good in Chinatown. We talked about it last time. I was here all signs point to Chinatown. We really. I swear to Christ yeah yeah. How do we get to? He was amazed at how at two separate happen, so this shit is in crazy conspiracy, crazy, full charge. I don't even know how it happened. Nicholson was the original full charge, chinese secret. He did a lot of fucking great movies, two men- and you know we still got it like that movie the departed. He was still great in that he still great he's just And he has like move seamlessly from young hot guide to old creepy. Guy seamlessly like there was show recently uh. You know that fast and loud. You know that show. I don't think I do. Fast and loud as those guys uh in Dallas. They have cars and they have a gas monkey garage took place and they take,
they buy, only fix them up and they resell am Selman Auctionsound to collectors funny show, but I enjoy it fuck. What was my point? Nicholson, fuck God? Oh, that is ok, I'm sorry I got distracted, they get shot right. They did an episode with Burt Reynolds, that's where I got distracted. They were redoing, a Trans am, and the Trans AM was the Burt Reynolds Firebird from smoke in the band. It was a car, perfect car for like when you're in high school, a good during those that those days when smoking, the bandit was on that was the fucking car everybody all my God, Firebird trans am woo. Hoo got the flames on the hood and shed, and it was an amazing car for several years because of Burt Reynolds but Dude Burt Reynolds is fucked. I keys hunched over right. They had him in there signees hunched over great hair, incredible hair, it's ridiculous. His face. It's been operated on way too many times
with strange and he's got sunglasses on, and you remember him from like deliverance this Veril strong dangerous. Looking dude, who had just gotten done playing football essentially, you know, had played football in college in Florida and went from there into the movies. He was a bad mother fucker, but you look. He couldn't make that transit could become the old guy. The spread couldn't make the spread couldn't be himself throughout the ages. Where is Nicholson, the hair started falling out. No to pay just show up to reward shows her all fucked up. Big balls by doesn't give a shit. He was always a freaking, always an artist, so we can kind of roll with it. He rolled with everything rolled with getting fat. You just kept getting fatter and fatter and fatter. He was in that movie with like share or he played the devil. Stuff like that. Remember that movie devils or something there which is or something which is of e, which is of Eastwick yeah exactly yeah, and he was already like fat and creepy. Then you know he
like made this transition seamlessly. So him and Burt Reynolds, probably very similar in age, but he looks great We could look at Nicholson. He looks great. He looks like guys can he was a little the game, the other day or or a Floyd Mayweather fight and he's eating pop and while they're interviewing him chewing part you're, not stopping for your camera. If you want to talk to Jack while he's fucking watching the fights he's going to eat popcorn, but you don't feel sad for him right. You see Burt Reynolds, you like Jesus Christ, look at this poor guy like is behind. These are hunched over. He looks like your ways. Maybe one hundred pounds, I'm not even kidding he's, got The wig on he's got his face is drawn from surgery and weird and shining his goodness. It's kind of spark he's got no life. It's depressing. It's dip! and when you consider like how funny he was. If you go, why smoking? The bandit it's another time capsule, but it's hard to see it's!
It is even look like that. Now man, you know, what's weird about smoking, the bandit I watched it a couple years ago. There's no there's no one under thirty in that movie right and they don't do that movies anymore. It's all like young hotshots smoking. The bandit was fun, The only young people that hadn't smoking. The bandit was people that almost got hit by cars on the baseball field when, when they jumped and started driving in a baseball field, how great is a Jackie Gleason in that movie? Burt Reynolds had that what he was great Jackie, Jackie Gleason was awesome. Moving was hell. Not trying sorry to interrupt you, but remember this one Burt Reynolds Movie, I think it was domino. Was that what it's called hold on Raynell, that's a weird way. To spell it, look at that sexy motherfucker Joe look at that. He made the hairy chest sexy oh well. Well, homemade back yeah. He had a lot of God, Damn movies with Stick
Sharky's machine that was it not moving or Burt Reynolds. It was a good movie man. It was a hot movie, and at the time I fuck and loved it. It only has a six dot two. I bet. If I watch today, I think it sucks, but is fourteen years old and Burt Reynolds play the badass in this region, narcotics cop, in Atlanta, to Device after a botched bust. In the depths of this totally division, while investigating a high dollar prostitution ring Sharkey Stump across a mob murder with government ties. Isn't it funny when you read like I could crazy are super overly dramatic Movie Oregon read like the description you like. What kind of life is this all this keeps happening to you. Starkey stumbles Sharkey, stumbles across a mob murder with government ties and responds by assembling his downtrodden fellow investigators, Sharky's machine to find the leaders and bring them to justice.
Meanwhile, most cops are bored out of their fucking minds sitting around the office. No evidence, no nothing. I bet it's terrible. If I watch it today, but God damn I liked it at the time when I was fourteen, did he ever go mustache Louis? Is he must actually some boogie nights? I don't think he I don't know he loved the mustache, Any ward, a lot diff tape over your webcam yeah, you don't! I don't. People seem to be in office a lawyer. It are the innocent. Now you know what it was when I actually had tape that they put over this thing from filming the show they want cover my apple logo, and I had extra piece and I put it over the the camera as a goof and then just left it. I met this girl the other day that had on her care. Or I mean on her phone. She had tape on the front and tape on the back like a crazy person, because she's like a FBI agent and how people are afraid of the NSA, the NSA tuning into your laptop. If you look through a million hours of me, you're going to see me in front of computer and then
ten percent those times I'll, be beating off, that's going to say so. If you need to see that still not a crime through that thing, but Why would anybody want to go through that data? What are you trying to prove just tell you it's been documented for some people, though it's dangerous, as I find out that you beat off like if you found out the colon Powell was an obsessive like foot fetish. It would change the way I thought about. I'm not sure like this is his move. He loved like watching a video very specific one. Girls licking your balls, while the other one you coming on our feet. Right now will change the way I thought about him and I would question his ability to lead the militaries yeah EVA. It's irrational for me to think then yeah. If you found out that he was this really in the Trans Gender porn. That was his big thing. You would not custom when it comes to his decision. Making yeah 'cause, I mean meanwhile, there's no other indications. He's exact
same person is when he was like the most awesome general ever. His resume is the exact same just find all this training porn shit if it gets out to the news people find out. How we enjoy says pleasure was a slice of pain, Trent Transgender, with the girls pretty sweet. What does that mean meeting girl to a boy meaning like a girl that has boobs in haircut a dick and it's fucking, a normal girl, that's hot you like that? You watch that like down, watch that for well 'cause, it's like that, you take the guy who you don't really want to see anyways and you give him boobs and make him look like a girl. Somehow it doesn't affect Brian's reputation when he says something like that he's doing better reputation. Reputation is that it's the best aspect of his personality is, it was curiosity, is his neck out there, but we don't want to lead in the military. At the same time, it's like, instead of having to look at a hairy, dude or some ugly dude. No, I see your logic. Have you tried it? No, it doesn't work with Maine. I limit myself to uh
Don't watch that! I'm scared I like it is then I'll be all I watch and now I'm colon pal. I think personally, when you start getting into weird freaky shit like if you're only into like someone coming on feet or something like that. Maybe you need to stop beating off for a couple of months. Yeah. Maybe you've talked yourself into some weird box where every girl has to have a dick, and you know everybody's feet up to have red nail. Polish is so fucking red nail part like you'll, find your search message boards for the red nail polish fetish, jerking off for him, and everyone agrees with these assholes black goth toads. Who wants to see that you find the red nail polish, but still not good enough. You gotta find the perfect there's always going to be people to take anything whether it's a conversation, whether it's a relationship or whether it STAR Trek, take things to a bad place. They take a good thing and they put it in a bad place. That's my porn, get such a god. Damn terrible reputation. Is because yeah there is a few. Do to beat off a we two bit? Oh yeah. We
will be yeah yeah yeah, we two bit watch, but also people that use it, so they don't have to date people they don't really want to date, just to get some sex. That's I think they just see it and then you know they didn't create it. They don't feel totally comically responsible for just watch downloading it and then they it off and then they go about their day. Full charge right being trapped like port, Dick Vandyke, right or Dick Van Dyke go to sleep in a different bed and wasn't allowed to beat off them. Couldn't even go fishing, not back, then it's not Satan would come and steal you in your sleep. If you peed off yeah, they did, they didn't, allow it it was. It got labeled a homosexual thing beat off and be masturbating beat off and be gay. Well, it should be. I mean you're, a man fucking him and you have a dick in your hand. What are you doing? you're doing gay shit, your fucking a man's hand. How dare you well, I quit fucking weirdo, we
I will fucking your own hand and I don't believe in gay sex, except my own gay hand. My both my hands are gay. As fuck my rights away, more gay left hands. Gaan my right hands get my life. My life was bi curious. Fortunately, there only gave from my dick monogamists lawyer lucked out on that one, not there's anything wrong being gay, but it seems like you guys, carry more weight than we do. You carry carry a greater societal burden, wouldn't not from people like me, but from people judge yep. So, in that case, I'm glad my dick is the only thing that my hands are attracted to give less to deal with gay hands are called jazz, hands right now, jazz hands when you try to like put a little extra energi in something that really sucks you know something, that's really not that good or you trying to come play, something that is unbelievably super awesome like
You know standing there in front of a movie even waiting for three years, and you have the opening night tickets like that those are legit jazz hands. You know when you're waiting for the Hobbit desolation of Smaug to come out waiting in line. Run, the Fucking Harry Potter novels were coming out. People are making videos of them raw sing by and giving away the ending. No, no, no, no yeah, God. Those guys were cunts, it would be weight of the video ended with somebody just pull line, siding the guy on the bike. Rice, knocking him down, kicking his ass and all the fucking Harry Potter, dorks join in sorry. I thought it was funny, beat him with brooms. Imagine man just wanting to steal joy, just one steel mystery from people. There's always somebody- and I mean you know I- the internet was still around. Then I don't know what kind of spoilers you would get. His social media wasn't a strong like twitter and Facebook and all that stuff. So I bet it was probably harder to find out
accidentally with the end of the book. Was you had to search for a spoiler? Yes, a claim yeah back, then you had a really go look in or you had to get stuck next to some who won't stop talking about it. Yeah you like. I don't want to know that doesn't matter, you still enjoy it there and he goes into the. Why are you still telling me this? I been working all week and when I'm done, I want to watch Harry Potter goddamnit. I had a guy do that to me once a guy that I really respected enough so brutal I couldn't believe my my opinion of them change, so I always use a famous guy he's telling me this really fucking boring version of that. What is the I drink? Your milkshake movie oh there will be blood, there will be blood yeah and he was telling me about the opening scene and he describing the scene I'm like. Please stop, please stop, please:
I'm going to see this movie, don't matter so you still enjoy it still enjoy I'll still enjoy it. You're telling me what's happening here to any wouldn't stop. I literally had to walk away. I go Jesus fucking Christ and I had I had to leave. He was insisting on letting not just me, but all the people around me know exactly what happened in this opening scene. I'm like fucking quizzes, Daniel Day, Lewis was doing this year. Dude, I told you don't talk about me and Daniel. If I have a protein shake to think he does everything perfectly. I would never criticize have you guys seen those pants that the young kids are wearing nowadays, that looks like these young kids, kids, it's where it looks like you have like poop the drawers almost where it's like. It's not droopy here, like Beaver wearing where it almost looks like the crowd, which is down way like by your knees and it all like hammer and almost looks yeah kind of like hammer pants when it. What is the
okay, so there skinny bag in the crotch make the crotch goes wonder about your knees. You look like kind of like a penguin. Are you better not be checking leg? tell you that the other part smoke that's coming out of his van. This is from yesterday is getting in trouble. Exclusive yeah they were like police were telling me can't hot box with his van while driving in a van, I don't know, is that he gets around I guess brings his so with them, so they bring Sabrina crew Yeah? You have to have an issue when we travel together, he's going to, screw. You know when you're a legit super duper star gay your image crew like he has I'd love to have a crew. I think the full charged crude needs a special name like the volts to charge, heads or yeah the volts to volts into amps Amperage Evereadys Duracell's, the Duracell group, seen people wear these pay that's all the time in the day they hit me, and I, like I, like I like a gross out kind here they are his they are there. Camera pants and I'm not shocked.
This like popular right now, I'm just not shocked human being they are begging for the aliens to fucking, wipe us out begging with every new, fashion choice. We every new video we make. It seem like getting pretty normal there for awhile incorrect full charge. Very sweater, vashan attention, fella, it's been downhill since the Fucking Bell bottom, we accepted the bell bottom and it was a slide. My friend a slide. I think I'm going to go to track, suits in Fanny packs I'll. Do it. I think I'm going to commit time for the tracks track suit and Fanny Pack is my new look for life. I think my body will appreciate it. It's very light. Relaxing, let's find some. Good track, suits Brian and change that to our new wardrobe. I show you, the ones that I we live in California manner only need to wear thermals and shadow need layers of goose down. I can get by with a tray. To to Fanny pack yeah I want to. I want to be part of your crew. I don't feel like starting my own skin checks. Where will cost
Could we where we definitely wear Pumas or Adidas, whatever I'm saying potential tops yeah whatever the tracksuit is. Is this shoes that a six? Those are good? That's a good choice. Brian! That's a good choice! That's a comfortable shoe too, and if you wearing like a blue tracksuit with some white stripes that will fit nicely if we learned anything from fat, James, its track suits and asics. No doubt about it. Rest in peace, Fred, James yeah, track suits in a six. I haven't had a track suit. Since I was probably nineteen, it was the last. We had an actual legit track. I got one when I was like twenty eight 'cause. I was going out with this girl. I wanted to try to pull it off like we're talking about now she worked at echo. You know that Mark ECHO, that clothing line she worked there and I'm like, give me one of these track suits and I tried it for like a week and I just couldn't keep it up. You know this is a tracksuit.
Commit to put it that way. I did never crew yeah, ever readies, weren't ready yet again and some other pironi that also work. So everybody doesn't give a fuck together, because it's just you on your own out there. In the wilderness of life being judged by your fashion, choices, yeah right, fucking, tracksuit and you, girl outside of a place where a girl, if you are dressed like this, should be like. Oh you Full tron stand up comedian, but she sees you and why you tracksuit well, you know like being casual and I like sing like a moron. This is a I don't buy that moron, they don't buy it. Is it a moron thing or is it a comfortable thing? Are we the morons full? I know I'm the moron, with our zippers to their dicks trapped in our belts when we could just have a simple drawstring, easy access we
smoking cigars to do. Let's do it so little white hold back little bit of organized crime seriously. Bruce Lee owned that type a tracksuit, the same way Hitler on the mustache. You can't wear that without people. Thinking that you Bruce Lee, I said Bruce Lee how many more people than he will see like this one, nothing. You could wear that no problem, but that game of death, one now Bruce Lyons that that says you can't wear that you can't wear, yellow jumpsuit it be embarrassing to wear a jumpsuit and like a break dance competition breaks out, and then you got nothing. You get you just kind of inching away quietly yeah Bruce Lee that Yellow tracksuit, if you wear that people go with Bruce Lee, tell immediately go to that. That track suit is off limits. If you have a track suit, you better learn a skill and that it better be karate, break dancing or counting numbers at horse race Hannibal. Now that I'm thinking about it is there one actor more synonymous with a very specific type of jumpsuit and Bruce Lee
No, I mean unless you count ll cool J, which you can't, but they can't because he owns that yellow jumpsuit in the game of death, so hard that this day. The only time you see people wearing them is when they're wearing it for a Bruce Lee Costume right, Acciones that fucking, yellow jumpsuit there's never been but I'm like that, where someone has just a really standard type of athletic apparel that is so common to them that when you see it all you think about, is them Fanny Pack, yay be a boy! She is scared when you have just like that, no one sees anything other than your ass. That Fanny Pack is only examined by people online. If you would, Here in front of our it would be like a meraj. You wouldn't be able to see it. You'd see, perhaps the ass ratios incredible that I think that it's she said tell you she's ridiculous, ridiculously hot. I forgot we're talking about now: Jack
Reynolds Burt Reynolds when you see a guy like Burt Reynolds Like had all that plastic surgery is like really hurting right. Now, no ones won the plastic surgery game yet have they well? What the users really crazy, you know is the same age as him Stallone. The crazy frog looks like he's thirty years old right. It means face. Doesn't, but his body is ridiculous, he's fucking shred! So what Sylvester doing just hair dye? I mean definitely one that he's eating Baby but to Sylvester have any plastic surgery yeah, I'm sure he is he's a he's, an actor. They must by the time they get to be like that age, like special with superstar blockbuster type dudes that keep your hair the same color they've had a little bit of something done: yeah just little tuck. Here a little botox there they get that weird, shiny skin that doesn't move and when they do, this doesn't work right. So it's like
so then you can even act. It's like shiny can be surprised. You know you could be surprised you're in a movie. Somebody higher yield crazy, ass, your poison skin, frozen fucking, paralyzed skin 'cause. You think that looks better Bruce Willis kept it real, kept it still working still working yeah there's a lot of those guys right and then comedy to love those guys, like George Carlin, perfect example, George, Brown just kept being George Carlin through a young guy to being an old curmudgeon and old, scholarly curmudgeon breaking down the funny shit about the world became stay, the same guy yeah. Something happens to some people, though man when they just can't do that. You know sometimes some people they just can't accept it. They gotta cut their face, not a lot of comics doing this. The surgery right when it became like shown on paper that duck lips
make every punchline ten percent better. They probably I'm sure they do. A few bytes Robles Ready does punch lips, he does punch. Lips, I say: punchline lips doesn't like on purpose like please tell a joke and, and he's got his face. Cut too he's got that scar yeah, but that's cars. An accident Sebastian right, though, because that's car came from a laser surgery. He was trying to get his hair removed from his face and they burned his face. Really well: JIB Roni's, fucking, hairy, yeah, yeah, yeah, fucking, hairy Miche his face. He gets double like an hour later and it's also kept his cheeks, so he had he was trying to get laser and uh they box. Am I wonder if you got paid for that? Did you get paid for that? I don't know, but he might have just done it again on his eyebrows and that's why he wears a hat down like this and glasses. I hope he doesn't. He doesn't need to do chase Brody eyebrows or something doesn't really
laser laser eyebrows and then ate too much it's something that lasts up to, like, I think he said six months or laser yeah? Well, they laser it. It'll kill like a lot of your eyebrow hairs for a long time like a lot of girls, get on their whore, hey, they go down the hoo ha and they get laser down, but I think it's a tattoo, though it's not permanent tattoo, but it's when it goes away in like six months. Why do you talking about his eyebrows at yeah. That's why shouldn't be talking to you telling on him. While talking about what we talked about an icehouse cocaine, he already talked again he's so crazy. He would the hair chronicles. He was fucking unbelievably funny the last time he was on here, though it was so great, everybody is talking about it. Then one of the funniest podcasts I've ever done with them, but so cool he's got the tv show 'cause. He was like. I don't know if you remember like when he showed up in LA in the late 90s, everyone was going fucking ape shit for him. Like on the on the comic circuit. Well, I know
what comics have always respected him he's always been a guy that we stand hoping I had. To the opening warm up stuff for the movie, so everybody loved him yeah he's fuck Hilarious man he's always been hilarious, but it's now But finally, he's got like some success, so he's relaxed. When you came in here and like cold with everything we threw at him like he. Is really really funny man, how much Thailand experience with transexual bars, yeah fucking, one of the fund things we've ever had on the show. It was unbelievably funny yeah system, sorry he's just a real original man. Definitely there's no other Brody's out none happy for his success yeah. I know it's beautiful he's on the billboard right above pink dot right now, not that one. That's right on the corner of comedy store the La Cienega and Sunset anger, and we were
all out there the other day and we were in brody- was trying to get up there like climb the ladder like the doors. Well, Brody's, a guy who a lot of people were rooting on. So it was just a matter of time for something to sometimes it's like hard for a guy he's got a unique talent like Brody to find the right vehicle and this Apparently, this is the right vehicle and you know what else is the right vehicle for him him on podcasts? That's the right vehicle and his podcast. Once you got what is it called now? yeah friendship. Friendship, broaden Esther on death squad. Now. What is the one he's doing? Right now is still a friendship, festival of friendship. You know, is giving them an opportunity to just be Brody 'cause, it's just so fucking, weird and crazy and unique and so shit. That's not You can come in and he's really funny man, it's really funny for a while. I don't even know if they still do it him and Don Beros used to closeout every night at the comedy store just
lip syncing songs and he played drums. He really really good. You would pull the chairs up and proud jumps. Drumsticks star planet shares right and it was good. His music is really good and it would just go on as long as there was one person in the audience they would keep going so it lasts for I'd, be like alright. I bet that's two am I gotta go and then I'd say there for another hour and a half yeah. You know all the problems that we talked about with the comedy store and all the you know the issues they have, how it's being run at the end of the day. That. Place is like the weirdest spots ever for, like cooled. Development of comedy is one of the best parts ever in the cunt as dark as it is there is that Ella of creativity and excitement. There there's something: there's a weird sort of a community in a commodity like Tammy, Pescatelli posted something on Twitter. Today, like any store gang all her friends from the comedy, store and search. You know put it all. These peoples twitter handles together, and I remember one time me and Brent: Arnst did show in Florida and printer, it's just slayed and he got
of stage and as he was coming up to me, went comedies to her mother. Fucker gives me knuckles, like they have. You know this is so many good comma, sort of come out of there and they have that hist Rita that plus, like being a marine or something yeah, there's some? It's undeniably are miserable and we love it yeah. They just need to in that place. Up never going back, get rid of some shady baggage in human form. The spot itself yeah. This is one of the most historical spots in the world of comedy. I mean it's, probably the. If you thought you stop the thing What is the most historically important? Stop in the world stand up comedy still around. I changed. How many store, I would say, is the comedy store to prior film. Live that sunset strip, there is anything in New York that really counts. I don't think left think he did. Did he fill materials out of the Roxy? No, the Roxy was Kenison
I want to. I want to say that he filmed live one of 'em. At least he filmed at the comedy store in the main room yeah. I remember the background yeah. I think I think that was it. I think, I'm pretty sure that was it, and that was prior when he was just the greatest stand up to ever walk the face of the planet he was the number one guy which my eyes when I have to rank like the all time, guys he's always number one prior yeah. I feel like Pryor's number one. I think I think Kinison in eighty six was funny as any living human being ever has been or ever will be. It always makes me laugh yeah. It's never like. Oh good form, oh very clever, it's like bass. He was the best for like two years, but then Coke just took its toll, coke and booze, and fucking drinking bottles of vodka, and we get married on the show and Mary was telling us is a story of heard something out with Kenison. After doing coke, for like three days in a row with no sleep and how it like for years, fucked with his hand like he said
a whole year, like he heard voices in his head, can you imagine having that kind of memory of Kenison yelling your name at you and they were always locking each other out of the house and fucking with you think he was talking about psychosis words in his head. He was having like people were talking to him that weren't, really there he was hearing things, because the fact that he just read find his brain hanging out with kids for like x, amount of years when he was a young guy, so that we had to get out of town yeah. You have kids and drove him out of town. Well, his fucking story about hanging out with Kenison is like one of the greatest all time. Hollywood party stories yeah the way Merritt tells it is from. If I don't remember what number podcast it was, but God damn it was good. It's such a good story. It's such a good story in such a when you stop and think about the like. The he
tree of stand up comedy like one of the most epic things was the comedy store explosion with Kenna sing in the late 80s because it became like everybody recognized that There was this one spot where Kenison developed in Hollywood, and this is same spot where prior came out of and David, let came out of and all these other people came out of it like it put the spot it. Became like an even bigger spot in the mind of like stand up yeah, you don't really hear that about the improv he was always a great club. Still a great club, but that place is a nut house. Yeah comic store is always has been a nut house. It's crazy! Please! I heard Schubert telling some story about how he took Kenison off stage on a motorcycle one time. How fucking awesome is that, and I don't know how it is possible. I don't know, but he told the fucking story. We went through that back hallway. He said that is so hilarious and I think it is and told him to do it, but then I said kisses and seemed pretty scared when they were doing it. Yeah, I'm sure that's a shitty way.
Break. A leg fucking made quite some risk. 'cause, you can see out the window yeah you fall. You could a good set Yeah! It's interesting! There's a there's! No spots like that left in New York, like there's a new spot. You know the comedy cellar is like the new spot and there's Caroline's, which is always like a headliner club, but as far as development club like the store, there's really nothing left there, something queens called the creek in the cave, which is a quite the same thing, but there's comedy there every night and people can do it. The only problem is there's no real audience, but there's three or four shows at night, and you can just hang out there and fuck around on stage, but how long you been around not long at all, but that's what I'm saying it's like these weird things like the store is one of the weirdest places 'cause, it's a place that still round yeah and still in the same form. The way this shows are set up. It started. Eight artist goes on at eight hundred and thirty the show goes on through the day. Everybody tag teams, it's an eight pm to two hundred am show every night, just what it is like, there's no other.
This is the rocket like that yeah like how many places left it running it like that. I think it's, the only one I think you're right, I think, there's very few other ones I mean there's some organized shows and there's some main room shows that coincide with the or shows that are organized by the end of the day. That's a weird club because it exists back like the clubs used to exist in the heyday yeah still running the same way and even running more free than any of the other clubs ever ran like that. Yeah, like the tag team thing who fuck else tag teams, is there another club in the whole country, that's known for only having tag teams, nobody, that's known for it. I've only ever seen it comedy magic. Does it don't do it occasionally, but it's not their thing. Yeah they'll also have an MC with comedy magic. We're just want ever because they always have a magician on the show yeah. You know the fan, I'm not crazy about it. Definitely following it. That's for fucking sure well, jeez. If you have to restart the crowd, when you follow it, I I feel like all they want is magic after that yeah definitely to restart yeah. You joke
just not as impressive as like disappearing tubs yeah I want there's. Always there should learn to juggle. I learn one trick just for situations like that: yeah music acts of the hardest use a galaxy have to follow music act, like God, damn especially if they're good, so much energy in music? I yeah I was just going to say I was thinking that went to see. Went to the hard Rock in Vegas House of blues rather in Vegas, and saw steel panthers. I saw that same. I was blown away. Did you like it incredible that was so surprised at how funny it was. I thought they were just going to be laughing at poison, songs, haha. They were so fucking funny. No, it's really good. It's a really good show. It's like the really good musicians too yeah it's funny, and it's like the music is really good, but there was one time where he was doing this Ozzy Osbourne impression, and is Ozzy impression? Is so fucking good, so I'm laughing like really hard at how good is Ozzy impression is an I'm going.
Damn this is like they're nailing it right. I mean they were fucking nailing it. He was doing crazy train. I mean it was incredible how good it was. It sounded like odds. He was moving like Ozzy and I was sitting there saying like what am amazing amount of power. Music has like imagine. If I had to go on after that, until a joke no way fuck, it would fucking suck at least ten minutes you fucked you're fucked. You could try it and start off with some like you better jump on them right away. Also, because now their attention span is ready, set, go like perfects, move, exciting beats, yeah rehearsed music over in a town. I no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! It's all perfect right and it's all like powerful and different and completely different tone than you setting up a joke in
in conversational trying to draw them into the way you're thinking about things what's up with IKEA. Alright, guys, men in women are so different, even I opened a show for Brandon Flowers, the killers. You know this band the killers. Now I've heard the band before he had a solo tour and they had me open the show at the troubadour, and that was one of the worst experiences in my life, and that was just opening but at a music show they don't even introduce you there like go up there and introduce yourself, you know yeah, I will open up for a couple of bands. I opened up for Bon Jovi, really yeah. That was terrible was it I deserved whatever I just. I deserve them to love, Figo's funny. I wasn't very good, but it was. It was also so strange because it was in a theater in a round. It was the I was on stage with all their equipment.
Yes, I had like move around these drums and try to tell us stand up, and I was you know not really used to doing stand up in places anyway. You know other than a comedy club, but only been doing it like a couple years and as it happened so there's no way. I should have been like opening up for a big band right. No, that's that's a that's a tall order! Yeah! I had some weird deal with MTV, so they offered to me unlike a really little. Bitch doesn't know his place. I accept it yeah! Well, you have to you, have to and so there was people behind you with theater was around some places either Brooklyn or queens on our member, but it was weird wow New York Bans use of e cigarettes in public. Is that crazy, white? Forty three to eight, why you're no longer allowed to blow out fake smoke and that is ignore that's that's ignorant of what that is. That's really stupid. That's just vapor its water vapor mean it's. Not it's not toxic. Doesn't smell bad. That doesn't anything. Why don't know
right exist, though, that maybe that's a good point. Likewise, somehow yeah, why can't you make a vaporizer that doesn't make smoke like that? I think you can. I think it's all part of the fun is It is probably smokers want to see it probably most likely. Otherwise you can't smell it, and you can't see it. Then what are you doing? Dude I went to a restaurant, the other night. I went to a restaurant the other night and there was this lady on the patio that smoke, and you know it wasn't that she was smoking outside she's ever right to smoke outside of a restaurant. If you have an ashtray there, if it's legal in the town, it said she was, are cigarettes in this plant, So we went out there afterwards and you know I was talking with my wife saying: do you think that she got rid of the cigarettes like like now they're going to be right there we walked right out. Sure enough. Four cigarettes is in brightness, you know. Is nice place to stick in a plan, She decided Nance right here this. Where does Disney, like you, wouldn't take your go to Canon crunch it in a way that there, but for cigarettes, there's a weird disk.
Connect with cigarette smokers. It's a fact. They know they're doing something toxic to their body and they don't care so when they're done their due. They'll throw it on the earth, they don't have any respect for their own body. They don't have any respect for the earth and they always say it's biodegradable, but how can that be? How can that be? Even if it is so? What it's going to exist for one hundred years will look like that for one hundred years ago, crazy talks yeah it's a little foam thing. How long it's going to take for that that it doesn't rain here stupid and even if it does like, if it degrades, then it's going to go into the environment. You know it's going to become a part of the dirt like that's, not good, that's toxic, it's shitty things you're supposed to put in a bag and then someone supposed to pick it up and they put in a landfill somewhere until somebody figures out how to make it into fuel. You know and until then we got piles of places where we stick shit like ' 'cause. We don't want it just laying around on the ground. It's not biodegradable fuckhead! No way it's not! Even if it is it's not even if it is, but they all say the same thing. They've all been given the same pamphlet
like this is what you say this. Is it's okay to do they all believe that early say that when Duncan and I were filming the Joe Rogan questions, everything show on Sci FI? We went to Utah and we went to this one place. This guy was supposed to show us something. Dude was nutty and is making shit up was pretty obvious, but one of the things that was weird was that he was smoking cigarettes and I saw him smaller he's like uh. It was supposed to be like this expert. That knows this terrain and knows the area. I see him smoking a cigarette and then all the sudden he's not smoking anymore and he doesn't have it in his hand and we're nowhere near a garbage. So I looked at him, I just go. Would you do it you cigarette? And what do you mean? you know, would you do with your cigarette and he goes. I so just throw it on the ground. He goes yeah. I did I. Why would you throw it on the ground were in the wilderness like we're out here we're supposed to be like the stewards of the land? This is public wildlife, land and you're, taking cigarettes out and throw it on the ground in front of everybody. You have a pocket
it's like a cigarette, weighs fifty pounds. You can't carry it back or you'll die up here. Put it in your fucking rocket. Man like this is disgusting, but for him it was instant. It was like This is what you do you done with your cigarette. You throw it on the ground you step on it. You walk on, so he didn't think twice about. I mean we're talking about, beautiful and gorgeous landscape, crazy rock form turns and shit. He doesn't think twice about throwing a cigarette out to that. Just leaving it there yeah that. But wouldn't do with anything else. That's a weird thing that people do with cigarettes. It's crazy! It's really weird man hum it's really weird and it took Bill Hicks yeah that the worst part. Quite honestly, most likely I mean maybe something else maybe was genetic. I don't know, but I smoked Dean Delray the other day, and he rides a motorcycle and he's like the worst thing is when people flip their cigarettes out of
car and you're in a motorcycle, and it goes right into your like suit, like in every moment, driving and you're trying to get out of it. That's a weird one: anyways though it's like it's a whole new level, and you see that all the time I'm just going to throw out a car, you don't know what happens to its only buyer. It's on fire, it's California, where everything is dry as fuck. It happens every week the whole fucking mountain side goes, it's all retards man. We just got get better and educating people from the jump better. Educating babies that were going to take babies away from retards, given that kid you're going to fuck him up, maybe a cigarette tosser. Do you. No, I know the controversy. I thought I fascinating. I posted some from the Borowitz today and you know I guess a lot of people thought that it was. I thought it was real when I first read it like when I first
the title, and then I saw it was the borrow its report, but it was that Vincent Scaglia defends I'll pull up the tweets someone someone tweeted me and said not to talk duck dynasty and I know no idea what they talking about. This is why I'll tell you, why The thing I tweeted it's in the new Yorker, someone first, feed me or send me the headline, and I looked at it now. It's like what is this possible and then I realized it was the borrow its report. He's a comedian but Vincent Scaglia calls Duck dynasty decision unconstitutional. All I saw was the newyorker dot com you know, so I thought it was some sort of some sort of news story, so I I posted it, and so
many people got hang there was so much and if it works the court to say with a lot of people agree with, I was like whoa whoa, whoa yeah. I got a lot of Jesus tweets lot of people talk to me about sin and the sins of the Flash and Jesus says that you there was like a lost soul. Leuven came my way and I was like wow and then so I had to tweet after that hate folks, not familiar with the bar was report, he's a comedy writer and what I oppose. It was sir. This is the first tire everybody take it easy as he was just being funny. But why is everybody getting mad about the duck by getting removed from tv for saying that he doesn't understand someone choosing a man's anus over a womans vagina right? Are you? Let's compare that to a lot of things that people are allowed to say and not get kicked off tv for yeah right. You know I mean. Is that really a big deal he's saying that I don't understand why anybody would choose a man's anus over girls vagina either I wouldn't
it doesn't mean that I don't believe that people should be allowed to do whatever they want. It's just that. It's not! That way. For me. It's like. I don't understand when people go to the opera, I know p You love the opera, but I've been to the and I don't understand it. It like. It doesn't work with me just like men's. These don't work with me, but they do you work with some people. Would you pick a man's anus over the opera? That's the questions! It's a fucking toss up, because I could you fuck a guy correctly. You're done in ten minutes operas, take three hours: hour's they take hours in their fucking mental torture. To me, obviously not to you, but the duck dynasty where he fucked up is. He was he wasn't just saying that he doesn't understand people making that choice. He talking about sins. You know, and people start talking, people rotting in hell for being gay and then work has to show a certain amount of I want to say. I don't want to
the guidance, but they have set a certain amount of an example if they are the people that are ultimately responsible for pudding, something on television. The guy says something that is kinda more phobic mean not even kinda homophobic. What was his actual, the actual quote: let's, let's pull up actual quote because it was to me it's like You know you're talking to a guy who, like wrote a book and his whole things about. His stick is about being controversial and you know being away now, ban with this wacky beard and him and his sons, and they all hold hands and pray at the end of every episode you know is, is fucking little big cock, sure. Yes, Second, about the queries now yeah, it's not like the President said that it's not yeah, I mean what is the redneck on tv? Do you know what he looks like I mean? Are you really surprised? I mean think about the shit that Archie Bunker said and it's classic.
Television, yeah and people a long foreign cherish. What is this exact quote, so you could pull up his quote as says. I think it's funny it seems like to me a vagina, as a man would be more desirable than a man's anus. That's just me. He adds there's more. There. She's got more to offer. I mean come on dudes, but hey sin. It's not logical! My man, ok, see, that's not that bad to Maine. He did sounds like this guy that sound guy who's, trying to do some comedy and trying to be funny and he's not good at it. You know he's trying to be interesting or what then he continue his whole life he's grown up being a duck call manufacturer and then over the next. You know x amount of years. He becomes The most popular people on television right and people think he's funny on time. They love that he talks crazy, so I think it gets in, that sort of vibe. Obviously
that's who he is in the first place, the guys not going to invent this character at sixty years of age. Whenever the fuck is he's, not the owner of Chick fil, a he says he continues start with homosexuality, behavior and just morph out from their beastiality sleeping around with this woman and that woman. Those men they won't inherit, the some of God. It's not right. He, I mean I don't want to show much 'cause. I you know it's fake, so I just I don't want to of that crap, but they show up Church scenes and it don't they like. I remember seeing at least one it's. A very religious show you oh fuck with God's America he released a statement. Listen to this, he said I myself am a product of the 60s. I centered my life around sex drugs and rock and roll until I hit rock bottom tempted Jesus as my Savior my mic in today's to go forth and tell people about why I follow Christ and also what the Bible teaches. Ah,
and part of that teaching is that women and men are meant to be together. However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they're different from Maine, we all we are all created by the Almighty and Kim. I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we love God and love each other. There was this quote. What a dick wow TMZ has a thing up right now. It says Phil Robertson. Publicly bashed gays for years and he knew all about it. I love how they, any new knew all about it in caps. Well, you know what man there's a lot of those dudes out there. There's a lot of those weird dudes that care of guys are gay and they do because they think that Jesus doesn't like it and they get angry about it. I don't think anyone's ever read the Bible, few people that read it doesn't matter. I tried one time I send so many hotel rooms, I'm like so many people talk about this thing. I'm reading this fucking thing
get through so very boring, so it doesn't hold up. You think that all too state doesn't hold up. The Bible really doesn't hold up yeah I mean there's no mention. There's no mention of iphones. With this amount of people, fucking read it though they quoted back. Even if share power in that scripture? Sixteen chapter four notice start quoting any like Why is quoting some book all the sudden give like this this? Why does it have power? 'cause, it's the word of God, welcome. I can understand it yeah. Why? Didn't God talk with more clearly covet thy neighbors wife? What are you saying? what he says. I can't fucker is that we would you please tell me what the fuck of it means. I don't know dude. This is long before the Dick Van Dyke show you are not allowed to use those words covered. I neighbors wife, why don't you go tee off God Juan, but
yeah. Those shows are like they might as well be silent movies. You know my as well be right? The first, the first minute and a half with him just getting his golf bag together and shit. You know what else might as well be silently moving. Unfortunately, man watching tv shows watching it on actual television with commercials might as well be silent movies, yeah and like it's gotten to the point where it's like. Why would you sit down and watch what someone else is programmed for you, it's like so what you want to watch. What I'm saying is sitting down and watching it through commercials yeah, I'm saying like if you don't have a dvr or if I try to watch the walking dead. The other day I tried to I taped it on the dvr, but I also had like an Itunes subscription for it, so I could watch it on Ipad, an I'm uh ' watch it on Itunes, on my tv, but I did to try to watch it live like actually watch it with the commercials on 'cause? It was honest: let's watch it now, oh my god,
one hundred and fifteen fucking minutes like six commercial breaks and they played the same commercials. Do not only that there was one time where it was like they showed like five minutes of the show, and then it went to commercial. It was crazy. Yeah like this doesn't make any sense like how to fucking you, concentrate on the action you're not really into it. You lost in this this break by all this shit that you don't want to see, and then you get sucked back into the action. It takes a couple of minutes and then and there's another fucking commercial. I forgot how unbelievably like disjointed, watching a show is like that like trying to watch a show like that lives, I haven't done it in so long, but here's the other night and it's fucking terrible Yeah. I don't enjoy it at all. I can't believe they do it that way. That is the chat. Having commercials on in the middle of a show. Is this shittiest fucking way to break up a show? I guess, one thing. If you have like a two hour show- and you have an hour break to pee like in the middle or something like that- and everybody knows it- you come back in
like a d opera yeah, like a five minute commercial break, that everybody enjoys in at the end and then it becomes a contest of like who can make the most creative commercials that make people actually want to stick around and watch them, and then they have this five seven. Whatever buck minutes of commercials, and then the next show plays that's how they should do it just make the products in the shows, you know yeah but You can't trust the show you like thinking wise. You have a coke there 'cause they paid him to poke their yeah. Why is the zombie have a sprite already do that they would do that on television shows yeah. But if you go to my house you're going to see at coke you're going to see a sprite, why make it some fake one? That's even throws you out of the realism to begin with. If you have like a pop soda. No one has pop sodas. You look at it go. This is fake as they don't pay you. Unless you prominently feature it, they don't pay you if you just use it like they give you free shit to use like when we were on news radio they had like fake cokes. They were
like they had like a sticker, they would put over a real coat, but the logo was approved. It was approved to use that if they pay. You then you're going to do coke. Commercial are going to have the coke right there. It's like this, just giving you coke, but if they but pay you you know, then then things would get different. Then you would have to actually like say you know, but why don't you just have a coke and a smile and shut your pie hole for an answer and it would be like written into it, but you have to say Coke every day. I think there's a big difference between like product placement and then like a real commercial like the kind of money that you get when you do in a commercial? They get a lot of money when they're doing like think about how people are watching walking dead. What is it sixteen million a show or something crazy like that? Who knows the number something hear something huge right, just think about how many fucking people are watching those commercials and how much does commercials are worth to the network bay. Big money sign big money, because if you we passed, one million views, two million. Then you become a phenomenon like the walking dead they're going to get some.
Cash for those ads that that's those ads, there were something and it does answer. Fucking up the whole show they've got to figure out how to bum. Just put him in the beginning, put him on the end. Let the whole! and play out so you can get drawn into it, so we need to wait for the season to be over with and then download, Well, you don't have to wait. You can download it as as its airing yeah. That's what we get it from Itunes, but it I don't think it comes out the day of I think today, after something along those lines. I might be wrong about that. I think I look for once when it was only on the dvr which is why I had to go with that terror. Another thing that happened, which isn't half as bad but still annoying as shit, is the whole fuck advertisement right on the tv show by the time you watching something at the bottom. Is all this other shit about, like you know the guy pops up and he's like yeah those little floaty, dudes little goats in the corner. They tell you about an upcoming show coming up next
on CBS yeah, no shit with there dinosaurs these things are all these like old ways where that was the only way to get the word out just go tweet it NBC, ok, tweet. It run a big little fucking little chicken in the corner dancing around telling you to tune into the next show, while the show is on right now, huh good, munchkin, you're, confusing the fuck outta me man, the scroll is definitely the worst, though right, yeah scroll that you can't stop yeah, you can't pay attention to a screw in the shade watching watching a scroll, Fox sports lot of sports places. They love that shit. They love. Just giving you like. We watch a sports show they're, not just They give you the sports, going to give you fucking stats info at the bottom of football. People love that shit man, stock market people,
that shit. If you watch a financial show, they run the fucking domino sugars of five points. I get that fucking numbers. How exciting lot of new shows, like Fox NEWS? Does that too? Don't think they'll show you the news and the scroll some Taliban commander killed. Sixteen dead drone strike that I have all that shit on the bottom lots going on. California, man killed Jesus Christ. Again he was only a tuna sandwich, says the homeless. Man yeah that nation with shit just constantly coming at you It almost makes the internet less complicated in a way that national television, rated well, the people think about the internet is there's a few live things, but most of stuff is just there to download yeah. Just extreme it and get it when you want it just there. I mean this. If you live like honey He did a live, music show from kind of want to say England, weather in England,. I want to say they were in England. I might be wrong. But it was uh the had.
Stream through some website and it was pay what you think it's worth, yeah yeah, that's great So you put a dollar in or nothing or fifty dollars or whatever, and they would show you a live stream of their concert, which I thought was pretty dope. Nice butt it's other than that kind of stuff. For this kind of stuff, like a u stream or something along those lines. It's just downloading things, just most time is just dirty out there. Yeah tv shows man, the idea you have to wait and it's Saturday night. Is it seven? Yet thirty? That's ridiculous! Thirty more minutes, it's all over yeah and then you sit there and then you have to sit through the commercials and all that it's it's that's a god. Damn sign movie yeah. No, that's what happens to me. You know I'm on the road in a hotel room. That's the only time I watch tv as tv and I'm like. I can't find anything I want to watch you never don't change the channels. You just flip the shit yeah when you're in a tv, especially if you're in a hotel- and they give you like a guide like you- have like right next to the
racks to your bad will. Give you like a big piece of paper that has like HBO Channel ten showtimes. Or whatever the fuck it is, but other you don't know. What's on you have no idea. You have no idea just changing channels, so you constantly changing channels watching some stupid shit change channel watching this stupid piece change, very unsatisfying experience, almost every single, the only thing you get stuck on his HBO and public access, local public access or, if I go really good show comes on that you didn't expect a really good movie. That's a nice thing! 'cause! It's one ten. Then it's like hunting and you get that satisfaction of winning the lottery. But it's rare! You know gambling is a tough game. It usually leaves you unsatisfied yeah the and then, if you want to get movies from movies, like those movie things where you press menu and oh yeah, you pay
one thousand, seven hundred and ninety nine to watch some terrible fucking moving. You know it's really funny when yourself, when you, when you go to the movies now, and you see something really funny you're like you're reaching for the remote control like I want to see that again. Oh, I can that's funny. I think that when you're have access to shit like we have on the internet were getting super spoiled to the idea of immediacy just being able to get things whenever you want it, and- and it's like, if you want to watch an ad, you watch an ad. You know what I like I like when I go to Youtube page and it's displaying an ad. Then it says skip this ad. I go yes and less it's something I'm interested in I watch a little bit, but something which I'm interested in, but I don't want to have to it's, also that they know that they can't get away with showing, in a minute add, will sometimes they're really long. Things like four or five minute you can skip on, though right yeah, but sometimes I like little shows like you're forced to watch it, but I seen some interesting ones. I've seen
cool want some longer extended trailers and some interesting ones, they've really upped their game. When you consider like in the 80s, it was like fold there's coffee, I really enjoy this drink, which you rarely see, though. If you watch a Youtube video is you rarely see commercials in the beginning and then they pause in the middle and then have more commercials, and then they pause again and again you don't see that you get to see the whole thing and then oh, probably the the majority of which you're downloading from Youtube is really short clips from most people, yeah there's some pretty long on there too yeah you watch tv on and watch our podcasts on there, all three hours of them yeah. So there's some there's some long, that's on there as well, so I don't buy the idea that, like it has to be done that way that it has to be every fifteen minutes. I think that's one of the things that's going to kill them. Yeah it's going to it's going to cripple the business that people are going to get annoyed by the fact that this is what the experiences did too and then once people start putting money into like like
Hulu plus do. An original program, original programming, Netflix Netflix, doing House of cards and what was the other show they were doing black is the orange, is the new black is a good one that is the prison prison prison show. So went with guys like that, when they start doing new, shows and creating their own content and put it online and make it available through devices. Like you know, I get my Netflix through my dvd player. You know you can get your Netflix through Apple T, because there's a lot of different ways to get it and you get it instantly yeah. You know it's going to be really hard to compete with that. If you make me watch commercials, you know it seems like. I would rather pay seven bucks a month and not watch commercials. It's seven dollars, yeah! That's not that much! You know I mean how much is apple tv. Every time we download a show.
Is it like six hundred for the whole season, right, yeah, yeah hours and hours and hours and hours of entertainment, and you don't watch a single commercial, I'll, fucking totally worth it it's worth more than that, probably yeah. If you really stopped and thought about it, like it's probably worth like uh huh bucks to watch a full season of a really good show, you say decent amount. You pay hundreds for it like twenty years ago, yeah to have that kind of access to a tv show you think they're going to do that with movies ever well they're going to have the option where you could download it to your home and, like you, have to pay fifty dollars like you can't You go to the movies and you go into. You know like an imax and you're going to see some fucking new. Sci FI thriller. Some new fill in the blank whatever it is, you're going to probably spend how much is it? How much is take it these days nowadays, it's like at least like avatar, like fifteen dollars, you want ok fifteen dollars, let's go to the high, let's go to twenty,
in New York. You see avatar your twenty bucks a ticket. Would you pay fifty to watch it at home. You probably would some people definitely would something is already doing that some movies already do not now at theater movies, on Itunes or movies that actually came out in theaters in giving it option to watch it at home, really know these movies good or they are usually dependent movie, usually like the independent or smaller budget ones, but there's been a few, you know that actually have been pretty big size, but then but then again there's something really cool about going to the movies. I really like going to movies lately at life, and it's one of the only things that get me out of my head lately liquor work, no more pot, it does liquor, don't work on no, no, no, I'm immune to it. Now. What's going on, I don't know I've been to a movie in over a year. You build up a tolerance movies are right, because you know you're not allowed to check your phone. Well, I mean P,
still do it. I don't. I follow the rules and I'm in the I'm in the movie, I'm I can. I can get out of my head and it's it's awful appear. I like the movies, the ladies behind us when see the desolation of Smaug wouldn't stop talking to each other, but the moving in the movie uh. I hate that shit and it wasn't loud enough. We can really say anything else like I don't know what he's gonna do it yeah kill Do it kills? You is like, should I say something and then if you say something, you feel bad too it wasn't loud enough, but the reality is you shouldn't, be God damn talking through the entire week. They kept doing it throughout the movie ' but you would be an ass. It was like at the level where you'd be an asshole. If you brought it up, it's 'cause the movies. So loud like. How can you even hear, but you can you can? Can you know it's there and it's it takes away from the experience a little bit your now. It's still open it to level of purgatory. That's worse than hell. Smog is good. Oh man, I see anchorman two that looks good to anchorman. Look Solaire.
Yes, that you can't go wrong with. Will Ferrell movie, did you hear who's in it? Uh all told. No. Quite Connie has a cameo. That's hilarious, Harrison Ford, Harrison Ford yeah! If you remember the first one, there's a good fight scene, yeah Connie in Harrison Ford fight. I think Louie Anderson's there. How do you know this? Somebody told me that they were they got to see the Premier Brians in show business. The anchorman looks good. You know it looks good to Godzilla Wolf of Wall Street was my idea of how I see I saw Cheech Marin today. No doubt you did at union state, downtown. Let's hear Tommy Chong
the Wolf of Wall Street, so I heard that you shared a cell with Jordan Belfort yeah cubicle, our cubicle yeah, because we don't sell call each other cell mates color, so Sally he also mentioned is very similar to Goodfellas. Hey you mentioned is very similar to Goodfellas, well yeah what else my favorite part! So please I did you guys. I have someone like on a wife smuggle in bread or like what happened. Yeah. We actually had people so cold Turkey, of course, for for Thanksgiving all my god. That is awesome yeah. We show one of the ways, Sir big boots. He also urged him to write it down. You think you deserve any other world he's not moving may come out for George yeah. I I inspired I I wrote my book called the the meditation from Joy and Jordan as we great every day, and we do- and I told him so he's he's so used to writing his book in the road, a few pages and showed me and I kind of insulted them, because I told anything any got really mad diseases yeah. I don't know how to do it from the heart rate about what you know and mixing it always get a best seller movie that her days as a to see and do good. Actually, my biggest thrill is watching him make money honestly because he was such a genius, but he was. He was merely call feature of the twisted. While
that's much different than the headline here. That was just considered a different. I was just going to say that that's really irresponsible headline, but that we've got us to yeah if it was like Tommy, Chong salutes uh so and so few success I mean all he said is that he helped the guy right now once I didn't know that the guy who wrote that was a guy was Sally to each on, I didn't know he's in jail, it's interesting while yeah is it supposed to be good Wolf of Wall Street? It's great as looks pretty dynamic that leaner Gabrielle slides under the radar with a lot of people, but he might be the baddest motherfucker of 'em. All I think, he's fantastic and him a scar score says he put uh something every Christmas. This is great. Do that Quinn, Tarantino Movie, the Django moving so good when he makes the turn from being a good guy to a bad guy he's a bad mother fuck.
I think he's great he's he's too cute. That's the problem. He's too fucking handsome and duck dynasty said he's the only asshole, that's better than a vagina. Did he really say that I'm sure it sounds like somebody would say they suspend the dude, pull them off of Annie. For that really yeah. I feel The headlines are way worse than the quotes on these things. You know yeah. I agree. I just had an issue with this microphone here. I don't fuck happened. We'll be right back folks. This would actually be a good place for commercial. Now we don't have a commercial turn off a broken thing fixed. I should do don't turn off man. Okay, this is a shitty microphone are, I was gonna suggest those anyway. This is actually a bad commercial for these MIKE's.
Brian stole aye Bro Friday, Joe Rogan and Joe's ideas are going to be able to take the house with a few other common nice this Friday, this Friday ICE House chronicles in tomorrow, show tomorrow we got a bunch of good people on that. And Joe Rogan's, going to be at the Hollywood Improv it for New Year's eve, beautiful I got a commercial for you, my some new CD I hate now on Itunes job I hate on now on Itunes, available to the public skin another one we're going to have to switch out microphone see. Ladies and gentlemen, we had a issue. This is what happens. She teach Chinese made my com, we just went America Detroit makes a fine MIKE arm is actually ones that Fitzsimmons has on his, his serious shell that are pretty dope. I'm trying to find. I love these mites
no, no, not at mikes the migrate, the MIKE arms suck, a fat one, the ones that great. So this has, on his serious show these really thick like tubular aluminum, looking ones, they don't like the. Why go to the center of them. Yeah doesn't have all this velcro bullshit need consent. Skip this. You guys talk amongst ok, uhm, Texas, tour me and Tony Hinchcliffe are coming too Houston, Austin and Dallas one January, ninth, tenth and 11th we're also bringing a surprise guest that are about to announce to tell us tell us that last the tickets are on sale. Now you can just go to desk dot tv, or will you bring me back some ribs Brian? I was thinking about some Texas Ribs today have a water and can't wait to go back to Texas. I can't wait, I hope, to run into Aubrey on
it's there. I want to hang out with Alex Jones might spend an extra day and Austin. Maybe I don't know. Have you ever spoken to Alex Jones outside of the times have been the show yeah. Here's my once in awhile text me back in the day. He would text me back and forth and Ryan's Alex. I will text him and he's. Somebody else. Would have his phone over the barbeque is. I know the best barbecue in the CIA is not watch you every five seconds. Wait. Try enjoy a fucking brisket. I love Alex Jones. Now he's great. I can't wait to get back to us to see that dude. I can't wait to have him on the show sometime. I surprise that we've never had him on the podcast. We will eventually he just never in LA and when he has he's busy dodging Chem trails. There's a lot of busy work. It will have men, people get a chance to see a different side, and then we do. You know I'm sure he'll go crazy and yell and scream, but you'll get to see a side of him. Well, you'll get it go. Oh, that's hang out he's a one dude and people He's asking wait a minute: is he for real? Yes, he is yes, he is for real, for the most part,
and uh he's fun to hang out with man, but we having Roseanne Barr on she's going to be on Saturday here, 30th wow. She follows me again: next week is going to be Monday, Joey, Diaz and Tuesday Duncan Trussell nice. So we've got a lot of shit going on there's a gentleman that a lot of things happened, Alex Jones back when the old cock, cap city, comedy club in awe Texas, when they uh, show Chem Trails, hey there, the old, the old, the old backroom it's just stupid that they got rid of it. There is so much history on that yeah they fucked up. What's the number that room is awesome, the room was just filled with people signatures from decades decades of comedy and they decide to paint over it. For some strange reason for no reason right whose idea was on caps How dare you clubs diver, stop
Comma. Can you doing like a national tour and you you know you have like twelve, we're going to hit you in Austin Ok, you get book to cap city would be a retard not to go. You gotta go bitch start the wall all over again sign that she did their smart they're cool there. They don't give a fuck there from Texas, then not show biz obsessed, it's a toll, different vibe and they liked party ok, drink. Some people like to party alright, alright text, people that sounds like Matthew, Mcconaughey. Text Jason for you, full kick everybody's gonna, be there the outcome text. This is a fun place to stop. I'm not, I want to live there, but it's a fun place to stop now, not not like in Austin. I I think, maybe outside of Austin I'd like to have a ranch where
trusted assistant guards at perimeter. Perhaps a wolf dog by my side, you gotta get guns and you gotta get dogs. Have you seen this thing that they discovered in Bolivia? Brian pull this up? It's on my twitter, three football in Bolivia has over five thousand dinosaur footprints. Well, you know it's crazy. The earth is moved so much since then that this is like it's now like a straight wall like a flat cliff it ' really crazy to look at 'cause. You know the earth's top ography changes and this where these things walking one point in time was probably a creek bed or something like that. But now You know now it's vertical yeah that muddy water or that muddy ground that they were walking on. There's a bunch they found a of shit, a load of them, but it says the title of the feed is twisted. Sifter twisted sifter. I guess it's an archaeologist website or
What do you want to do with your life? I wanna look. I wanna be a fossil. Three hundred foot wall in Bolivia has over five thousand dinosaur footprints, but it's crazy that it's a wall now so at one point time they were walking on it and then the earth fucking radically. It did so much so that it's like a wall and these muddy footprints or up the side of the wall. It's crazy, ' So I wish someone was here that knew what the fuck was going on. So they explain this to us. Yeah 'cause, I'm just assuming that! That's how it happened hey. You guys know a lot about dinosaurs. Are they really those bright colors? No, but as much as anybody do you know Bro? No, it's all speculative speculative info, but there was a some recent speculation that because of the way. T Rex was built that he might not have been a predator at all. Then you might have been a scavenger and that he might have been very vulture like that. Instead of looking is green murderer that we see in Jurassic Park that he would have like these really bright red
skin like holdouts are going to pursue, Do you find those images, Brian pull up? T rex, vulture, so Avinger T Rex, because you realize when you see something like that, oh they're, just guessing type in bad rap too. Just understood dinosaur, T Rex, vulture. Yeah you can find there's some in there. No that's not it! If you go down to other this one this one here, they they did through him with a very bright red, face, Ann black skin, behind it much like a condor- and that was one of the one of the speculations was that he wasn't able to run fast enough, because the way he's built that latest, with lumber on to dead things and fuck them up and there's also some evidence that something's got away from him, which is pretty interesting. When you can sit.
Fucking big they are yet. How did anything ever get away from that with that mouth right? But there was bite marks on things that actually had had survived for x, amount of years or x, amount of months or whatever, after being attacked by one of these fucking things I think we got a lot of big animals still that that aren't that fast, not like this mother, Fucker yeah, but you know think about the time of the dinosaurs is also that the whole atmosphere was different than the atmospheric pressure was different. The amount of oxygen in the air was different. The temperature was print, an if it was a really super oxygen, rich gaseous environment. Like I think it's been speculated, it might have been easier for a big thing like that to move. And that might have made sense why there are so many big dinosaurs dinosaurs were fucking dwarfing elephant there were huge, really yeah if you look at brontosaurus, you know, look at all those really giant plant, eater dinosaurs. They were fucking enormous. We went to
natural museum history in New York. They have all those bones of the dinosaur bones. When you stand next to one of those things you just go on god yeah you really get it in your head, like Jesus Christ, yeah why'd it. Why is it that big how to grow that there was everything that big right and now you look around and everything small horse is not that big. You know right and that's a little ass dudes are running. This giraffe is like a baby compared to a dinosaur. Like that's the biggest shit we got. Let's be crazy. Long neck asked giraffe, The t rex look like if it was furry 'cause. I always thought what if they had fur, they look kind of like crows. Look at this. Wow, so they don't even know if they were furring. I don't know, but I know it's crazy. They know that a lot of dinosaurs did have feathers, yeah direct descendants. What if t Rex us looks scary because it would be like taking a bird taking all its feathers off and then yeah? looks scary, looks creepy as fuck.
No, they look scary dude come on man, look at her fucking, whatever was cute. If you have a bird that has a head that big, it's probably even scarier a bird with teeth like that ahead as big as a t rex would be fucking. Terry I mean just just an eagle. Can fuck you up! Look at that shit. You know you. Should Google man, Google, terror, birds, tr or birds, These were these gigantic six foot tall birds that they might have been even bigger they as they did fly they just fuck people up. They just fuck things up, dude thanks, two dot five meters, so yeah there were six one, slash two feet tall or six model c two one slash two is a meter right through meters. Three tell me an American, so they were seven and a half feet tall. Seventy feet tall. It says eight foot, two inches. Ok. Why
Users say that why you making me do math a meters. Three is a meter. Three feet is a yard. Three feet yards three feet. So it's a meter is close to three poster three, but it's not exactly either way. Eighth, two inches tall and weight, approximately three hundred and thirty pounds? It was a fucking bird god. Damn is this big ass, spooky looking fucking bird! Imagine that then that's just the birds, seven have feet tall and eats meat. Running around with a hatchet for a face? And it wasn't that long ago, man. These things were alive when people were alive. Is that true yeah Fifteen thousand years ago they did not become until fifteen thousand years ago. It's fucking terrifying sane, oh my god, Jesus fucking Christ The Romans could had a fight. Ok, maybe that's not true 'cause, there's apparently there's some controversy about that that it has been so
just to the species did not become extinct. Fifteen thousand years ago, but more precise, dating by Doctor Mcfadden and his car. Colleagues refutes such a late date and that all known the the birds called tennis, hi tennis to tennis, fossils appeared to be at least two million years old, wow Ryan, Flightless Birds called Phosphora, woo, okay, for Russ so hide and I'm going to try I'll spell it, for you, p, h, o r. U S, r, H a c! I d, a e good luck with that one forest psoriasis aid today same terror, birds has been thought, then the youngest species of the linneage? That's interesting man.
You know it's interesting that Congo still has like big giant flightless birds. That's why I don't go. They have these weird birds that go fishing in the Congo. Yeah yeah. Oh dude, is a video Brian see. If you can find a video of ancient bird eats snake fish, please Brian! I want to see it eats snake fish. Congo. Do you think he's going to look any extra hard? If you ask him, please yeah, I got to find a shoebill that at what it is, a shoebill eats a snake fish yeah, that's what it was shoebill eats eat. Snake fish see why we watch television with commercials in it. We just type in bird eat snake fit yeah. That's it! Shoebill video! You gotta, see this fucking thing. This thing looks like something that should be extinct like when you see Shoebill looking data. I an it.
Might as well be What was that movie? How those are fucking movie, where there was a there's, a guy who's like not Wes, Craven fuck? What is his name? He had a bunch of really cool hard novels that had been produced into in the movies. All I can think of Stephen King, but I know that's not right. Now. John, no, no, no, no, no Graceland, Grisham! No, no horror! It was hard. Look at this fucking thing is crazy. Yeah. Night dwellers or something like that. Fuck. What's the guys name, look at this fucking thing My point is that this thing belongs in that movie. This doesn't seem like a real being. They seem something out of Haiti's that's walking. Fourth amongst the earth among the people. Is that still alive, not in my world girl, snake fish, eight
find the fucking. Take it out thing that zombie I take it out Bro, I don't let this thing in my environment, because if it grows larger, it's a threat to my ancestors. It's the Rogan and Joey show my progeny. Look at this thing. So we went from me this fish that breeze air. I got meatballs, that's all I got for you. This fish goes up. This snakehead fish goes up and sucks a big, deep, gulp of actual air cat look at this fucking bird man, this bird is a giant bird. I think there about four feet tall where Snuffaluffagus wow, that's crazy, hey forget it bird comes after me like that up we look at a fucker, hey look how it gets ahold of that fish. What a scary, fucking creature- oh my god, what
fucking scary yeah the fish is scary too, but that bird is just extra free it looks like he could fly with those wings. Can they fly God? Damn? That thing is big so weird which will fucking we animal man very large stork like bird. It derives its name from the massive shoe shaped bill. Although it's somewhat somewhat stork like overall form and has been previously classified, Well, true affiliations with other living. Birds are ambiguous, that's interesting, so it might not have any affiliation with other living birds. Some authorities now re classify it with the Pelly and Clowncil forms for her. The adult is mainly gray, while the juveniles are browner lives in tropical E Africa and large swamps from Sudan. Come to Zambia Birds remarks,
trippy is fucking things that are alive on this planet. Well, they can fly even if they can't fly there, Tribley I'm freaking out about those terror, birds. The one that walked Joe Diaz was all pissed. If this burgers, he dipped one of those snakes and ranch. How big are these fucking things it does, say how Thalia it says, identification. I'm just fascinated by birds, man, I'm fascinated by the fact that they used to be dinosaurs, Actually, have you ever seen those gigantic eagles that Live in the forests of South America and they eat monkeys monkeys, oh my god, dude Harpy, Eagles Bryant, Google. What did that bird do he had a cat that was like hey how's, it going dark, come with this web bird. Was it at Pelican. A pelican no way. Oh, my God did it just
audit whole slow in front of all these people to it doesn't give a shit look at that the uh. Looks kinda cool with it too they're. Not that scared. I don't think they're smart enough to know what the fuck happened. How about that? I think you're right there. We never thought that was going to happen did someone's going to come along and swallow him one of their brethren. What did I ask just five seconds ago to look up the harp jungle? The harpy eagle. Just will end on this 'cause. This is even more prosperous. Is the biggest eagles in the world is the Harpy Eagles of Venezuela Brian? Can you look that up for us. Thank you. These things are crazy. Man they've they've caught them stealing sloths, just snatched from their trees? If you go heartbeat grabs a sloth, he could see this fucking thing. What is lossy vegetables? They really slow as shit right and they don't have much
defense, especially not against a flying. Raptor. Specially, like the I think, the biggest eagle in the earth. I don't think there's any bigger eagles than the harpy Eagles their enormous, and this things oops down. Do you got? It is hardly Eagle training now go to Harpy Eagle grabs, the sloth there's a it shows this thing, stealing lollies so boss from the world of the living watch. This shit, the sloth- is just upside down poor bastard to look how slow they are. They're their design to the Eagle food is there for the taking. Is not even put anything in between the two of them. Oh he's he's, probably so dumb look at him
Ok, moves oh forget about it. Oh my god that is freaky fun right now, for the sloth right now, right now is dying because he's getting his body punctured by these giant swords. This fucking thing, as in the end of its feet, nothing fun about this feeder, these Claude things, raptor claws or frightening man, especially a big giant one like that. There's a reason. Those dudes have those goofy's shoulder straps on. You know, there's things that they put these big leather things on way home. The the eagle on their arm, whatever those things are called what they call Eagle gloves, Is there a name for one of those things that are an eagle lands on which is called gloves? I don't know, there's a name for it: yeah Joey, Diaz used this say No, no Joey Diaz say we waiting for a fucking falcon landing. Your arm. Eddie Bravo had a lead thing up was that real?
Is that really the catfishes? I it's like what the eagle has. It has all those little swords in the end of its feet, dug deep into the fashion, and it's just flying. That's a big ass carp to. Why is the equal more scared. The fish xd evil is evil is evil, and it knows it's evil. The wicked never able to be like when I die father. What will it be like when I die? Will I go to Hell, or at least gentleness podcast is basically reached in there thanks everybody thanks everybody for listening thanks everybody for being apart of it, thanks to read and thanks to the full charge. Thank you. Thanks to Jay Bob will make it happen over here. Going down tomorrow night, we will be at the ice house in the little room. It's the fucking sweet spot. You just come J pop, the other news, because it's a jam band anymore, 'cause, he's gotta sure here, J pop gotta pop haircut now can have jam band are not abandoned your pop
your singer now Whatever I don't even know what I'm talking about Friday night Jody's me, Brian Redban, India, follow MIKE Young, beautiful, powerful. Young we're going to have fun Friday night. Like I said it's the little room, it's one of those places that you very rarely get to go to MIKE Young. Just has some amazing news, maybe he's coming to a huge network there, nice good for my tenth nice, all right, thanks to everybody to tune in and thanks to tank response in the podcast go to Rogan dotting dot com. The same is twenty five marks. Lehzen gentleman, it's worth the ride. She was such a man thanks also to on a dot com. That's and- and I t makers of alpha brain and thanks also to one eight hundred today- is one eight hundred flowers just because I got a new thing- that's just for today. Only today, one eight hundred flowers just for today. Only so when you hear this in the future, this ship
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fuck outta. Here we appreciate you very much and will see you very soon, big kiss.
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