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#432 - Joey "CoCo" Diaz

2013-12-23 | 🔗
Joey "CoCo" Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called "The Church of What's Happening Now"
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the job will gain experience gleaned judea is what's our beautiful goodly digging move we we did find the origin of great goodly moodily were both issues like from ninety it was the group it was great googly moodily was the first one was like the nineteen seventies do you remember what you heard i heard it from a kid from la north carolina ways all the marine station in north carolina where based that was that's what he was from a grub tat like he was and he stu always now i bring up a big rock mukoki go good googly mcgaughey without within north carolina accents ranks app is yes it's from frank zapper it's great goodly moog leads from the franks app hassan none nook rubs it
concerning seventy four how have you put example with african ban like francs garage there was really good man there will hear fucking crazy like after while you like i can't do this no more but one of the best dramas we have today originated from that banning created missing persons from his wife terry bosnia who was play boy who gives i found out about for example from my friend tom i was probably like ten or eleven years old and i had this one friend is a weird kid dad was words fuck him i was a super hippy manny drove a sob i'll never forget that is dad had this like really we car where the fuck and key was on the floor you ever see a sob police cars and aspen colorado are they really that's what they drive in aspen south it makes sense a bet there but those things dr really fucked goodness now they're there may be an aviation company
saw was initially and lay still out there i think i'll just as they have a wheat barley stop there very we're and but you know by the insignia sob a very can you pull up brian someone who's trying not to look flashy on purpose it's the card can get where you know it's a really well engineer car by its but that's a non flashy carling a sob is like an under the radar shorter really nice high and car so sobs subjects down there one of the dealers done yeah oh no they went under when no we was buying their tough sound well discussing have reputation of being ugly fuckin ugly there these ugly understated really well i like you i too like recently the worst way why didn't last way when you cuban that success what are you buy it because when i mention than on the pod cas fuckin
worked writers that places were secretly email me going down oh no oh now at the paint is bad no problem with this i mean so many this how goes it really most yeah the city i ve just one car the now but the cat like people may god does just move on because maybe that i live in service maybe he'll that that now that's it heavy duty one which i didn't care because i would leave stem like leasing cause more of a car for your money we don't have money actually you do you lisa fucking especially the reality as cars are good for a few years new year's that's going this has gone on get rid of him before anything goes wrong i was not so i was leaning towards a cow lack i drove it i thought of the just came in it
we want to cry like you figure scarface them when they shut up but that what did he say needs cattle to cuban no real cuban meant when i saw that i got a really good consulted listen you need a cadillac and you like your mother paying you understand he's telling me this makes me think you need to get so sad when the servers riders talk me out of it i want to buy america's affect those going to do all this shit and then i went on the sioux bruising i've had three supersaver it's time we get some mouth but who sold me with the fuckin free service i think you have reasons customer satisfaction that's customers i always say in the next couple years airbus and have a good product it's gonna be competitors are how people gonna beat you out is customer service you know you gotta foresees the hotel in denver and want to chicago to big differences then you gotta harley davidson hotel you took mitchell you took at one of hotels around you can't stay still in the hotel will have somebody come up do you go
get your water can i get your menu do you need a ride like what the fuck yeah or consult when i found out that about subaru that's it made me go back to the super ice canada has its roots reserve is not gonna pay for breaks and ties but brianna for fifteen hundred britain for thirty five hundred ride i see we send so man i don't know joey i still really please i was gonna go down rattle white one now you haven't got a yet no i got the soup we the newspaper last week so done it is nonsense to talk about the skill levels subaru our mental hospital in that leases up duty or if you decide to go second car super bar as you do that one day which i could see in the judiciary do that one day which i can see in the ideas future for sure second car superbowl you're gonna goddamn cadillac ok i gotta get it's it's a passionate if you enjoy it look i had a mustang gipsy five hundred and it was a piece of shit beyond what it's like a new one yeah there's
this is wrong yeah it's got i had a two thousand ten and there is a lot of issues with a car like as far as like the way would drive because of the rear axel i've gotta look it's called a livelier acts like a big fat log on the end the connected to tyres is not there optimum set up and like when you drive around and it is a lot of body flax because it was a convertible better than the previous years but still he could it felt like uneasy when you driving that said i had more fun in their car then i think any car i've had like i've ever owned ever because it was so stupid because was so loud and it was so fond and i was like who is just drive around a fuckin mustang you know it it was fine it was like there's some
to that like maybe the bill qualities not nice but what's the philosophy behind the car will do this shall be the philosophy was let's take something that doesn't make any for consensus take way more power than anybody needs slackening in this fuckin car put a crazy exhaust on it make it suggests it burns rubber and every gear anytime you want this retorted cart and when you have some like that it's you oh it's all for fun we drive in its from a fuckin cadillac city as we please god damn thing's beat for robberies and drag raises the horse power ridiculous what is in the five hundred all its remit i'll tell you exactly it's it's a ridiculously fast car you're one of the most powerful sudan's that you can buy today do they go zero to sixty four role and i drove the one under that among our own dry the cv sixty with all of jesus christ less than four seconds they go zero to sixty three point nine seconds five hundred and fifty six horse power
that's in saying how bad is life in the service departments we have one seriously how bad is it how bad is they can't fix your fuckin car you one car i know what i'm looking i'm talking area the good thing is that that some deal depending on how old or new yorkers that just give you a rental car like they gave me this loner car which is fine at volkswagen listen son many driving a fuckin fat silver city as we and you just enjoy the shit out of it so it breaks every now and again you bring it in they fix it up when you drive and you could enjoy there's gonna be a feeling that you don't get when you're in that fuckin subaru the subaru reliable and get you where you want to go but it pours appears area it's a different generalised iceland its eyes but its value is crazy thing i grew up in jersey and i grew up in the metropolitan areas as you know each group around people want i want to colorado can i really want to both allow i lived and bold
joy living there because i always felt stupid and securely because they got a blind people the latter smart people there and almost my people i couldn't argue a model which trooper they will come i go if i gave you this card and voice i'd say what about toyota never say look a guy all this subaru people and as for european destiny people that have one cheap certainly when making ojeda you'll hear things what are they will pay top dollar like people if you shall one with real a thousand miles some genius why do work the house in this i'll get another car looking to make your cash off i'll pay you a thousand overbook and then you'll like what why do you have with this is me i'm a ripple angela
you do for a living electronic killer engineer you around the electron what i want runners that's what they run is now and all the other want the wonderful everyone makes them no more than those little ones yeah chooses to only nine lamb chromosomes bankers because a land cruiser is love their land rover range rover and then what is a land crews urgently cruises old thing there's land rover rap the land rover bays landrover i acknowledge it can belong to tell and in boulder you can't buy a new land cruiser people by the new ones because the public honourably up hill people are goals the old ones and then like putting super engines and a minister took him to the euro special relate even bolder had bert subaru is biggest dealer in the world then number like is subaru but had so many through bruce baldwin that you couldn't take it to the service departments or in denver so it happened was this guy left the subaru organization and open
by lee hill super repair that was neighbour all they do is show bush and i use it that guy and he would talk my error but that do not by our colleagues have you sold meal or even whether if i hadn't we now that's what i my partner what is i know i could depend he would chuck talk to me about it he had been a shoe bruises nineteen sixty eight there's a lot of you that is really dedicated to those old toyota colorado there because they know what it is you know what a wiser than you went down until that night where your wife you know what it's like what does though subaru have like the most sophisticated four wheel drive system for those kind cars but when you look like the top ten cars are driven snow italy to attain receivers had this most recent top ten list they have good ground clearance there is they just figured out how to make a car that i mean the either
the successes so undeniable in colorado you look right you see subaru everywhere the colorado is number one i think i want to add a while they just people learn that they make a living just on those greece subaru makes a fortune on three real american states than people to new mexico have em undermining the very sophisticated by where they ski right now with a shock along the shore to harbour curvy no more it's fucking goerlitz like santa is that when a survey is gorgeous but up more just a little less crucial temporary we're in the mountains in the months it's no big it's really beautiful green shelly i referred we should do a gig in new mexico i've never done anything in development should show tat they had they closed the calmly club down i spoke the clay ouida
has a friend has a rock club into mexico we contact them he added with three times a guy like that sold he doesn't know companies do a you and me show there would then one must do in all the agents do yeah let's do a lot to contravene the fireplace here whatever is the best part time of air applicable cravat hospitality there's more people we albuquerque am we greens experts actual and i've done research on the mexicans it dates from there and i don't really want to go outside of albuquerque i heard really not faye face what we say is cream of the crop albuquerque is bad boys bad i'm going crazy idea gravity is the real fucking deal diego sanchez a fucking around these dounia running shit now they really do they really throw down there so but i am be interesting just to go out into a fucking yan we i've never been needed go there's a lot of
parts of the country that have never been like you ever that dakotas north or south yes you go and see them out rushmore yes really did calmly and not snake river in the south was states to have a weekend gig there and joseph a blow and i couldn't find any little kitchen and lose one mexico in the fucking kitchen and he partner that was the end that is why that is so crazy trouble you still have rooms him in his partner had rooms when i started north and south dakota and solid corner was little dirty be dirty it was a friday sadly i would drive in colorado to snake river green river some river i did all right i did the one in idaho what evil can he will jump rid snake reasoning river you do twin fall snake river boise american american whatever within a f was basis you do
all that shit on those jake all potato run one and potato run to while you do everything american what the fuck is the air force base in our american hove american somethin fucking you do switching up the twin falls i figured if i told you the other day yoga came out of monkey to enforce fucking amazing it was a real indian not like you don't like the within africa indian internet hilarious you say and real indian we made of american lot like a person from india which is actually in the future confused me for its good views do man we're both confused it's a bunch of spots and i've never been to man they have been why homing great well look school very very frigid
it looks very cowboy two very cowboys believe stay cowboy crying and at cheyenne battista me and i'm gonna believe and you know shire wyoming had some of the best chinese food ivory my fucking life it's why believe you man are i used to drive from bolder on fridays to china wyoming was a forty five minute drive and i get shot laughter source can i get dammit twenty other new yorkers standing what this guy there every new york wyoming would drive to this place on fridays agriculture blouse love what for i rise on the negro and it was delicious did you ever see that episode of anthony boarding show no reservations when he went to why only oh no wasn't my arming confusing with montana montana is great do dog but that's fucking whoever how do you guys were a camp there in october in late october and how was was terrible freezing trees fund now it was fun
because it was something new and some different in its relatively safe thus far mt lions girls no bears enough to worry about that so is kilt call this fact but relatively safe so my montana is like it still my country i mean it's really fast as a speed limits still crazier while they didn't have any speed limit for the longest time but the federal government like listen fuck i want any money at all from us to put up a fuckin speed limit there was no spoonies do like ninety not i had a body steve grand doktor steve doktor still lived in montana so that with seventy five against a lock and pedal it bob i was too fuckin power then raising this fucking krakatoan it's basically the autobahn buildings entirely used to have life think how the year was somewhat once you pulled off was right number the town circle they still do calmly their seats to
it's a bar hotel but i did there for trivial thousands they'd billings has a good vibe calendar i landed in buildings and we had dinner and buildings there the final nine and seems a real nice not otherwise be real merrily not realise that's a place you go away you just want to move into montana raise my kids while man desert theirs something about the people that live that close to nature safe the same way about anchorage you been alaska yes goddammit which is one of the places in the world do something about in that close to nature it's like the people or more i want to say humble i wanna say them but grounded there more grounded by whether the more grounded by just the intense connection i have two nature mean and eagles are everywhere up there maybe they see eagles all the time i saw it three or four eagles wiles there like
you know what it's like to go forty five years of your life never fucking eagle and that also see a gang of a million years an eagle that's another eagle one would fly a regular holy shit look at the size of a fucking thing you see me up there we saw five moose in two days are severe and i did five moose we these giant salmon come out of the ocean and they know that their there fuckin swimming up river to hatch and shit we caught it was like we were just a real piece a wilderness we have to look out for bears if to keep an eye out for fuckin bears joey diaz it's the way this place ever lukashenko we were not now we didn't have any other fishing on did you cook it right up we did one good was delicious man delicious we most of what we we caught we had to release that day because of the numbers of the salmon we're it all depends
how many how many fish come through like if they only have like twenty fish through the day they shut down the ability to catch the first and keep them you have to catch her release but caught one that was a rainbow trout and but trot was my god it's delicious it was so because it so fresh mean you're getting it right from this river this that this the majesty that placements incredible sits oh it's so weird it's so weird being up there because you realize that this is how these people live in its so far removed from anything you'd experiencing ella except gonna tell you some shit and went down last night man was this you know have chickens right so go outside to shut the light out in the chicken coop chickens we keep the line on during the winter months inside for a couple extra hours they lay more eggs they lay less eggs when it starts getting darker and will it fuck you bitch
where an exit eggs so anywhere glad to shed light off and i hear walking running like up heavy animal running out what it is but i know it's big here but a problem above alone but running through the grass and i hear another when chasing it and it's dark out near the heel and on this i can see the silhouette on the top of the hill so as these things are running by i'm seeing them running by and i don't know what the fuck was i'm assuming that it was a deer is being chased by either coyote or amount mine if he's gonna be my on the fantastic sided lean towards mountain like as i heard more than one heavy animal and it could be that there was it's too dear there were running away from some some coyotes we shown us here at this is foxes and a chicken coop at night with we're trying to get in the chicken coop that's not what i'm saying they were something was chasing after this dear it was
he's deer were running man they were running uphill full clip you could hear the ditch rambling on the ground and fuckin leaves were kicking up and it was no more than a hundred feet for me so it was like some real live national geographic shit because whatever the an animal was was it was running that's at least seventy eighty per animal it was a big deal it was a regular size dear wasn't like a baby whatever it is it was run zambian real conservative i sing seventy is probably hundred pound dear so as its running but apparent proudly you hear this other footsteps button it all just ran balmy ran by me ran by me and i did see a coyote a silhouette of cairo on the horizon so it could have been the kyle's that would change in the big animals could have always been dear heart detail because was dark out and i think what i saw was the cairo it was so
do tat because it was really dark and indeed there is a little bit of moonlight out lobo lights from some street lighted shit but i'm just sell freaky to see some life and death shit taken place a hundred feet from you just randomly just randomly walked into a fuckin gang hit an end more gang had these fucking he's a kite or whatever the fuck it was one man lying northcotes worth trying kill someone who lives in the neighborhood and edam gets of night vision get like sony camcorder by the back door and when i need to do is give some game cameras they have game crime was that will go off when they detect motion and we actually use them onward hunting bigfoot unsuccessfully but we did get a picture of an elk that's what they're for you know i would love to see what the fuck it was could you imagine if i had a cool video of a mountain lion download dear or even of a patent coyotes chastened down a deer somebody byline would obviously be corps but somebody was chasing a dear and i was watching it all happened it was not
it was really freaky like hundred feet from the ground just things running byline wow this is this we expect you to check to see if the chickens light still on centre springing petrified of all that shit i love it i would ship my fucking our minds either here or else we will tell them that shows the need for the most part it's u priests as just interesting is flock that will be discussed about you ask line i shall jarrod was that's found the motion skin then took the lead workers she was a new mechanism they show the other guy walking from house into the wilderness eat fuckin weeds we'll little bit of a fool i mean they're like four different story
he's gonna once that was news interesting shit i've seen as a reality shown twenty fucking it's a very interesting shall be registered not fake either all taking anything like oh no i lost my lighter homenas dinner doing any that that the actual life itself that these people living up there is so intense that its worth just playing their life below zero absolute to me it's one of the best of those realities as i like the alaska last frontier that's another really families that are in homes setting up there and that's a really fascinating show because they seem like really really nice people really cool like salt of the earth people that are less they're in alaska and like no one's a shithead alive the last frontier is the only show i've ever seen a reality tv with his no enemy every purse and on that show is a good person thereof
very nice and very friendly they also have a good sense of humour and soon we get along greatly scene we good natured this into all be hard working no one's lazy everyone does their part they're doing their whole life is stock in food and getting ready for the big freeze and it fucking catches em for eight months so for eight months you can barely get around you can barely do anything it's fuckin for easing for eight months so the four months outside of that is all about gathering food so the whole show is about these people catching fish or shooting a moose and and cutting at our book shooting a bare they're getting food entirely from the land i want the episode with the white dude indeed a wife got any stewed with an indian the wife she's gotta he she's got a freak for kids the hit our colleague below zero they show them getting out of the boat season eskimo righteousness more they shone set
up the net so when the salmon come true they can get on that is interesting as i was wrong what was done interesting something that set up the night was at the involved the hofer yeah but he had a wife was work nobody was wet flocking cotton eyes trees weeping so that really fuckin was while a little kids had asked no kidding no language fish damage our like enough and i'd be puke and tat i was intense its intense no i thought and eskimos a bad word i thought they decided that eskimos ban useful say into it she called herself and ask them all so i don't know what's the
politically correct and the dns well it's not that far removed you know there's a funny thing that came out of there was a guy who's a rich due to his mormon whose absolutely convinced that the mormon doctrine was true and it shows of campbell really was correct that the american indians are actually lost tribes of israel that seek to do just made shit outbreak joseph joseph smith who created mormonism is one of the most hilarious characters in all of recorded history when it comes to like a guy who influenced a large group of people to believe them because the staff that he thought was so wacky with so much of it was she so ridiculous but this was a big one the loss tribes of israel where the american indians so this fuckin guys i'm going to prove it this is a true story and mormon god is the only whatever so fuckin guy it's money to get the american indian native american genome identified
turns other from siberia they all came from the bearing straight like all then the native americans they they there very very similar genetically to people that live siberia spreading tents stop and think about that you know i mean it it's funny because this dummy actually believe they were from israel but for but but it is fascinating scientifically to think that there are there i love when scientists get it right when they figured out people walked across the bearing straight and they may it's a north america like them out and out the right a gallop these cities native americans there from siberia same folk same folk who came down that i like it when the right it's fascinating its fastening to think that they figure that out they figured out how people got here who got here first is always under debate there always find in some new shit they just found shouldn't suit new zealand they found a boat
that was a hundred years older than captain cooks so try figure who the fuck landed in zero new zealand first now manifesto of back then show ideas travel around by boat have you ever done accrues overwork crews no worker that about doing it back in the day in the hard times you wouldn't say good gig accrue should be on a boat talking to people lose show they got all my goal nobody goes home flopping cycles up into these bucket wrapped all fuckin daily though you're the one that insulted the christian on training i just want to tell you now defended by holding a champion with a cap information age you know you was all about one time that big
in the they still do they have a thing in new york on the trip to nowhere you get on on boat six o clock we walk in new york harbor and they take outside the say lemme see you began when he like a big you fuck the chicken then i say we have six them on everybody's good i got sick for little wanna take the pills and i've been on boats fishing boats a lot and when i was a kid i was on every summer then and miami and then i started getting ceased i got all disarray one time i smoked a fuckin joint limited some being seasick is bad enough smoking we gonna bone the jersey shore dad i'll tell you what we freaking out i just and down on him but i got back to the fucking boat and my and kept smuggle enjoys a savage he's out there frazier one smoke enjoys he kept saying you should it was more getting work as i was out we bought some strong we know and i was out
one of the most uncomfortable things piazzi too i but i've been on a boat fuck him playing last week i know exactly like a something fucking little not used those this times are not affected by a fuckin plain last week ago exactly like a mother fucking little plans or those spooky spoke even though it was a propeller one or was it a little i didn't look i just sat down look straight like look lies in and make that that's no that's the one that their trailers chicago denies the early flight and i use take the eleven o clock direct like the early flight and i want it chicago than i had a fuckin flattered that little blame it tanks can in pushing that will see myself i was i can create it's weird that we rely on air travel to get to do our job but we do know both of us and the waterways more ways i mean what what else
although i understand that it's tough to try what i have just made it a simple situation saw a view we turn them into a situation that sure not on council you gotta make sure you don t much that's one thing don't do too much you gotta know what too much is for you and if you see burn out from the road you gotta background no no i mean it's far is like i know exactly what plans are groundless how do i get delayed the plane ticket now you know it practicing classes and available i can upgrade another get a thing for my ticket psych its weak to security fuck him whenever lame i just put the thing for pretty say let's see if they approve my little fuck knows yeah good luck good luck there is a fascinating to places where law fucking time you no sign of you can't tell this through the bushes the problem as people look at it that work is most people don't reform me how many people
do you think that are like hardcore criminals ever actually fully reform to kidnap and a couple burglaries some drugs i never terrorist business paved trying to make an asean i don't fuckin terrorism i see things from your perspective clearly i love you but i also see things from the law enforcement perspective like this guy life are you fucking crazy might not have ever go to shit together diet but you know i'm saying you know they never now you have but i mean how many guys that we knew when we're grown up who were criminals stayed criminals or want to die like everybody i knew there was a crazy person like did they don't really lucky crazier than three thousand creating does not come up to do this because he found an outlet instead com is just as exciting because i got i think that a lot of the criminal law style is not just the fact that you try to by there's also a little bit of a charge and getting away with shit absolutely for me
was the charge is looking at a motherfucker going here what now what talk at all that shit the now what you know some guy run up to you to give it to me was that but comedy outweighed the thrill of don't shit and more and more i just got waited became my love it became a passion was like like a seashore a seesaw just kept switch in and the love kept breton great africa put more emphasis i can't come in jail right the we surround the second thing with a bunch of brothers jump up and down you can't come in jail did you ask start to feel like in with kommeni you know you're year you you're feeling that excitement but a positive result is coming out of it everybody's having a good time you're having a good time they're having a good time no one feels at about it after it's over whereas when you do something criminal there's always gonna be of a bit of remorse euro is gonna think you'll justify it but this always
be a bit of remorse that you ve resorted to stealing you're hurting people for we all know inherently does not way to go now but you you're with you and i very slow in ways that we saw something that allow people didn't see even though we love somebody you love fighting till they used to love fighting but you what about your life at the age of fifty and you said i want to be able to pick up kids i want to be able to remember my name and there's no even with football now now was seeing more football with me i know one thing for sure i know one thing for sure will show here too we find me namely a mobster criminal gangs made millions and then diana can get shot play something there's nothing worse than living your life like a pimp from your fifty one gonna knock on your door now in your old age you ve told me a thousand times how much you fear getting older not being we'll take care of yourself beef to the feds
take everything now left after those ultra com and they put you in a minute then pushing a k a shitty food and your family has to fend for themselves now and they are ready nation that these people can live a neighborhood they can live in community they were married to i always knew that the amazon at an uncle i loved as a kid we gotta my miami my mom would send me to marry for a summer my mom let me fucking stain stay in new york days early the in the summer we gotta miami built the northwest he built the southwest he was a construction he was like guys we grew up with he was a heavy guy that did the whole job himself he was the gc he dug it he laid the pipe he did the brick worked woody any became the stan you became a millionaire but he only used to do every summer he drive out here a fucking camper with his kids and stuffed to buy but weaving go back to my am and i guess was shot above i know he's got you when i was a kid when i was a kid
night he would take me and we go on about and we go out to miami poland the weave we got aware we dropped the ouida we gotta next day we get back rule of our five does his wife in him sleep in the same that i would hang out with my cousins there were three of them and i would sleep alone with him and at one after tea women the old days a tv show off one wants me impossible turned off the pledge of leaders came up he will go either way ready we get ready we go about either lucky does or stores of my am that you pull through you by a big thing a milk and eggs and he take a bee only drive for the boat he gonna but when i was and we pull out he put in the way we go back back in an example play with the kids like going insane he trusts because you know that i know my mother that but one
when i was down there on saturday knock on his fucking door and they arrest me when i was down and i had to go home and my mother told me what happened to shy guy like in the sixties and now it's the seventies and he's in his backyard target practicing some guy in the new development eight miles away is walking the dog and he shooting the bull school hit some in the fuckin were eager to ass well they take it out they scan it's the same bullet that shut the guy in california ten years earlier this month we would have kids seven ten has to sell everything movers kids were to bedroom in atlanta meanwhile he had a house like fuckin you know ten bedrooms move is good for atlanta the attorney do a fucking years came out we was sixty four what happens you come out when you sixty four broke there's nothin die than last time i talked him was doing tornado a later he was living in a fuckin trail that
some thought me right there that that's not the you don't think i'd rather have a hard life and then it gets easier knowing you're sixty or seventy you live like a doctor you want to play with you can't you want back so i saw the same future you for you and you saw what the link is yeah i get on the bus cbs born but that's twenty two percent of people the others sixty eight whatever percentage number is they end up in a hospital i can remember their name even saying why was lucky their martial arts didn't have a venue back then there wasn't a professional because when i was twenty one years old i i think i had my last fighter there twenty one twenty two but i really but thinking whereas this go on like that offer me a pro kickboxing fight for like five hundred bucks some like that ok we're gonna train for train six weeks to make five hundred bucks that's crazy and i know this is like like a first fight that was but how much do champions make i found out this kid in rhode island that was world champion
and i was in asking people tranquil and my roses guy gives you well off like how does he do a little he if he is lucky fees lucky homelike a thousand dollars for a fight and i was i why and they were like this no money in this and i was like what am i doing what am i doing i'm either going to get hit in the head and taekwondo tournaments for free because there's a zero professional at what or i'm going to do kickboxing which was already sort of at a disadvantage because i didn't start off my career kickboxing so transition tiger unknown kickboxing was gonna take a little while for me to really get it down was getting better with my hand techniques but fuckin head aches and i'll get had eight wide lie in bed and know that my head was throbbing was dues had punched it judges taken shot in the head and kicks and punches in your fucking skull getting rattled around mary am alone my shitty apartment medford lying on a mattress looking up at the ceiling going to my breaking my brain like my
am i gonna irreversibly break my brain doing this shit training for kick box internal fighting three times in a day for nothing fighting for thing there is no money at all there was none there came a second places kickboxing turner there wasn't a dime this is crazy violence for free you know and i thought about it and i was like there's only one option i have to get out of this for a break myself because i can keep when and maybe i could to achieve some goals and start school but i had known that point that i wasn't gonna be a very good selective teacher because i'm gonna teach anybody wasn't crazy you didn't want to go to war with in teaching you i don't want to do any aerobics classes i didn't one i wanted to teach me those who want to learn with every ounce of there being i want to teach people were obsessed like i was like if you want to do this this is dangerous there's people like me out there they gonna try to kick your foot can head off your neck for real
and if they hit you you're fucked and if you keep going you gonna wind up it's on opposite side of a ring with one of those fucking guys ends the guy who is going to kill you and you can try to kill him and that's the game and you want to learn that this is what i do and if you don't do it my way if you don't do it the way that i've been taught in the way that my instructors have been taught in the way that everybody agrees is the right way do i want to do you're in a cramp talk and i want hear i'm tired i don't you shit i want you to i want you to force your body to work if you to do that we can't talk that's terrible for business i didn't want advertise it in one put flyers i want to get the hardest core dues and women there were women one of my best students was a check that i started out from a wipe out and brought all the way up to a really strong bluebell about to get a red but which is right before blackened intact window and she was badass man i taught her from white belt onto until the entire ranks she would be disputed
how many tournaments man's chick was crazy she was but she absorbed she was like a sponge she would come and be all these hard core people training and she just got right into the mindset all these people that it in a trained with me in there were ahead of me like my friend we re rodriguez's larry jones while he's like the top level national black belt all lived in this boston area train together and come down train with each other and bring students and and the ones that were obsessed man they were fine the ones really wanted to get better than you could see them just with every technique they through we got a little bit better at every fuckin day they got a little bit better and you see them stretching and working on it and it's an exciting but then if you see someone like half ass and at its brutal its hard i can't do it i can't i can't you know if they're not totally and do it i completely understand but i don't wanna be teaching you you have to be a crazy some of your crazy personal teacher that of the court
for me as a shell account school i go for works at night and i i gonna watch thirteen fifteen year old i realized how many hours their ways do college how many flogging i was away that's a big point of controversy in the marshal username call brooklyn and you know what i got good and when i was a kid i would go those guns ornaments and new york and i went first placing cod but in those days there was not for contact there was someone contact from the ways down in after what you and i would always get disqualifies punching everyday area then it will hardly fucking cod is do we do now if you know the kind of though promotion it's not like i was standing as well it's not and judges to buy it's it's my first hundreds of israeli citizens months it's me seven months what i did and i'm just
indeed let them know gave needs fine these measures i have enjoyed lovers i swear on people you already have a lot of knowledge man you know now i don't targets or do you have more in the average person the conversations eve how with eddie with myself documents best world one of the best instructors in the world of just show the way and the great things down sober no gay and grab and people's neck i got miss browning i get this time your own if you lose more weight the more weight you lose ram ability to get you don t let me say something now does in shape and there's been a judge to ship no doubt go more than twice a week it destroys i try to go on tuesdays on thursday days the guys i gotta be mac but it's a john jack school i wanna keep it in the family it's no evaluates john jog black belt zella but they have a could bring a black boat that teaches purple about these fuckin tremendous jerome you know i've always
a fan of just stranger just like the usa but for me i love watching eddies videos i've watched at brazil video the easy five hundred times phil as two years i watch all marcello guy see is at risk the fucking psycho i love war history escapes me i love all that and i'm fans of certain people i really like stephen coupling i really like his stuff he's a big white guy from can teach us some basic stuff i live it's amazing how much you could get our live oh yeah like you could be a shape but then his judges shaped like magazine escapes just on one side i cant do back and forth yet but one a girl those things are high but now when i go to a hotel coming on the thing i run and i do hope escapes do when a hotel that's it you could get a real good work i will use my way you know i do if i just want to just do something to say did something i do a body weight squats and a hundred hindu pushups
really gets your heart goin man a hundred body weight squads when you started like seventy and eighty like wow this is fucking your legs it and you have to take big depressing completed and you can do it but it's you free and then a hundred hindu pushups is the same thing when you're in liked hindu push of number three liked pitch of the hundred my sleep then you start getting like towards seventy like in europe by the time i do a hundred of each i've got a good and decent in our fifteen minute work out in like something real gets here and just what he bought in then supplement that would support abducent pushups get a like a rock solid work out in a hotel room no room at all easily nice which were very nice but i like everything everything so nice i do a lot of body weight of these days the yacht abbadie waste a lot of body weight squats and louder chips i do a lot of like like all way down chin ups all the way down at this and slow collecting that's like
motion that is like we replicated jujitsu like pulling a body cinching up a joke i try nepal someone in grabbing gable grab trying to complete a sweep out that's it's a lot of like slow polling and its a long range of motion type thing like sometimes you grab and people from way out here and you try to suck a man now so i think that chin ups and and things along those lines like things that make your body like functionally strong think those are really under underrated ip once lift waits these one fuckin tell you i do tell me i put a three fifteen for four ok what do whatever what can you do with that body a ferrari that you know how to drive you know you this crazy race car that you can have it taken first corner you fall yad you're not you know i've let it like you're not even using this like to get good in a sports you don't do any sports he just left like a crazy meet it
do something with that shit you do not use it re fifty three fifty dumb my goal the end of history gene for five behind each other and they secretly think about cock slab asses and had just and maybe when i first moved the cholera guys next door to me would flocking lift well you know just fucking insane mouths and they would shoot deca and just keep lived and that's all they did i could figure out like i would man watch this reform was great they mixed up body building with strength techniques like their lives they had squats and they did bali buildings shit jesus christ democrats laughin something oh you ever
spit coffee amateur what you're talking about your friends who used to have his mom shoot em with zero is why are you you're a line and it was not the footage find cause they got all feel my clause as every six weeks back these these lie that's all i'm talking about the kidnapped called a pipe gas but only so why don't you say she is lady accepted the apology and equality from time to time noses allow how are you when i lived in revere when i was kick bargain teacher nedda nautilus placer the kiddies work out nautilus plus i became friends with if he's listen there's i perhaps i forgot his name i'm sorry but we're friends for like a year so very scott anyway he was fucking huge he was like my age we're both later on twenty one but he was fucking jagged can like i don't know how much weight but i was like
fighting at one sixty at the time so pray about a hundred sixty plus pounds and he was maybe two hundred and we're about the same height and the dude just fuckin swollen looked way different than me i get a job s neck and giant showed it looks different than me right now you just as big bodybuilder do and i didn't know what he did i didn't i was totally ignorant steroids back then totally ignorant because i was always trying to lose weight i was not thinking lifting ways and getting any bigger trying to compete in a hundred fifty four pounds so entirely on and one sixteen kickboxing but i i asked him once we're drive somewhere and i go were so what are you eat he goes goes i you know i have about our genome eight percent protein breakdown in this that madness and i said now and will cause supplements you take it tells me you know i take a little bit of this order but that this is really good for metabolism and i said do any steroids is a pause and he goes dude fuckin look at me
what do you figure course due to her it's oh ok but it was the most hilarious conversation who doesn't use aegis looks amigos do fuckin look do you ever body whose world anybody who's i'm glad you're star nature eugene had a heart attack me blames and on right abuse why about that although these thirty years it's the ploughed into the ocean with flashing del rosaria who's the usa fighter they died of hardtack riesling whose a v cool guy by the way in a really good fighter in a very good kickboxing force a terrible tragedy this guy died of a heart attack but apparently they release the corners results and he had opiates in his system and cocaine so you know it was who knows what caused it but he also had a condition that he was born with you now
some sort of a heart condition that he had that was just genetic so is that on top of the other stuff but the caucasus what gives people fuckin heart attacks badly ashes some did you ever hang with anybody who i mean hang like her basis that steroids was their world you have seen and wrestling the wrestler now the juice yeah guy says it all right maybe two ounces of theirs yeah whatever vials and after that when you and somebody's world that's like that is finally and say it is adjusted damage will you know what it's like my it's like anything so gun nuts your talk to a gun nuts about calipers like the fifty cow the seven millimeter the five six and i am they they start how can these crazy numbers is seven hundred when mag and you don't know what fuck their sam it's you get caught
you walk three relating to seventy eight did you not twenty two caliber is improving the bullet goes at three thousand feet per second like you know all this they become torques they become gun dogs like my friend justin very cool dude hundred percent gun dork he's a gun about guns rihanna guns he does competitions he goes and does you know about guys fascinating because i love talking to peep of anything that their super passionate about and there's motherfuckers action about guns he's got some kind of guns he does competitions he goes and does you know those room clearing competitions were targets pop can you out of print pink in other than they do all these scoring events so he loves that shit so he'll hill talk to me and you know if he'll get his geeky is i let him you know like global you'd go well what does that mean he'll just keep gotten he knows everything there is about loads and balances and impact and who but makes the fuckin most precise rifles and it's like anything else
dude about steroids they did about guns someone do about boats will start telling you about the second best kind of of of and carved wooden canoe you could buy they have to buy it from a very specific type of wood aids of its anime certain fucking guys to manufacture still do it by hand with its that way with everything is always some people that are completely fuckin obsessed with whatever the subject this steroids of its emma may emily fucking guys never talk to that airline complete total emma may history buffs like joe silver let me tell you something i know a lot about mme i know a lot of fights i got a lot of fight in my memory he's probably got double the amount of fights and his memory this month
fucker will tell me like if we and i would be talking there's a new guide is brought into the sea and i'll say what's his deal what does he do joe silver seeing this guy fight twenty times already probably in here just rattle off with the strengths and weaknesses are what is susceptible to what i would do if i was fighting and nineteen ten he's on the monies guy is obsessed with mme obsessed when i lived in bold rather problem my ex wife and when the first people i ever met him pulled at a we place i was living on the hill the hell is will the universal bought colorado ways i was living a block away not even twelve fourteenth street to me was the which she was eighty and a boy from was twice
everything has his father's day she had to be fifty something ugliest women give his thing you fucking like this kid was like twenty or both deadheads they both snot like that he is father invented like the belly button ring or something he was a millionaire you got money every month i found out they sell the weed i used to go over there and buy weed and every time i was over there was this lanky skinny dude named ed you talk to me you from boston vienna off let alone didn't every guy see it on the hell am i talked to add this is nineteen eighty five brother right and i love dead and finally i let her know what i did you know i used to do credit cards and that told me how we became friends and was a vietnam that but he was a look he's the one that one cleaned up you fucked up he went in
in that way there was another look there was a complex alert what does this term learn something bad these guys like visa ban a cleaner by a clean back life just as bad news though guy you call when they sit by clearly aware hides a ship that it wasn't let the cards in vietnam they show that the ace of spades some shit solar he had a body whose name was like a legal we name that i thought it was the devil and i had heard this mother heat they all bought we in this house and i came friends on over the years i became friends let i knew it was a stone cold killer when i went to the vetting when i'm on the game a right of veto and the wars there broadly pictures and am with kids and purple stars and metals on my are you fucking says so but i was a good high the american you know brow was a great guy he was my brother if he's listening i haven't talked with twenty as i love him and i miss him but i was the stone cold kill i made the mistake
tell her that i had a problem with somebody else might see it with which we a joy the third puffy go somewhere that guy he wasn't kid so the dolly was a devil was raw that's decline of raw was dying from agent orange i guess hyman roth would do in fact and banks and the sky like it'll be i didn't notice in my own language but retie might see added go what's up doggedly hug me i love you my brother cry but i knew he was soon he's like when we take another dude and every time i see him his plan change like he had been thinking about it finally as i listen i got the count well let up are baseline this motherfuckers want pull the mother com baseline emboldened by as a cause of refinement and when he goes by eighteen polar monica and their hope i must say i was like what're you gonna shoot him when he goes about we don't shoot me
oh you this because no issue we take up until those will retire those motherfuckers we just rap were peanut butter we three days and its visa all they find a little well beloved law she's because as i mean these guys are fuckin serious repairs meantime i see him after that dog was that can scare you want to do this joy joy let me take care just for you you're my friend i love you i mean that's how it goes this is like i've been around some crazy people and that's why i respect colorado so much to this day there's some fuckin animals will confirm those weeds available bold and i love dead i mean i'm five introduced at a new method drop should argue that you goddamn you finds a fucking gene is what proxy for never talked about weapons but you know you never told you vietnam vet look i'm a month and i have to tell me how to drive until a fuckin that place to get medication the real b
yeah there's some crazy people there that's gonna wanna fuck comes up dingoes job what's this number one we go down this macro should eloquently sure you have a saying there's people well good actually they just wait leaves no doubt lisa i just polly shoreline lesions no problem nicer but it's fucking these people out there with a vague and vote on speed i'll read devalues number one thing is i had a friend who is this way about steroids and he's dead too and i hung out hammer this little stairway crew and it was fuckin amazing the lingo delay no they threw round was the way you and i discuss sets going to boston for the weekend due to show us how great it what the fuck is like dog i get up in the morning protein shake then i blast love little decker them come on ten tablets de boer those tablet for five milligrams people go do one these guys don't ten
had jean labelling podcast you know geology riva both amos regime is for not just martial arts but stunt work de las downward and you must tell us there was a guy that he used to be friends with the died from steroids who's this up every thirty minutes every thirty minutes you disappear go into his bathroom himself a sub mouse whose do indifferent shed all day more than three hundred pounds the g named jeeps winston remember ran jeeps winston god is one of the anxiety is for arms there was like a body that was his eye this thing one outcome and i miss him but i remember how easy the last shot i do is fridays after the work up i got down the show why do some blow i drink some beers item burger king when i come back sunday look in the mirror i'm trying to back it up that's the guy jesus christ
even a person anymore where's the fucking barbarian but the best of the people who denied do instead you have a friend that came up to me the shoe and he said to me don't ya rogan ever tell you about me the guy's genome is a black box out i don't know what's his name from the pride not not a fighter ok he's just after ok because i'm a friendly joe roguishly tell you but i don't know he goes i was on fear fact a big black body blow yea jerry very nice guy yoke him in his body were we're both by builders and they are competing in the other scared i did some goodbye i did some movie weather and people like so did you stare was his i've never done steroids a mile larry you say the barbarian brothers again we're your back the barbarian both please the barbarian buzz i want a smack the shit about them they used to say that they never this there was a just eight thirty six exit they were
it depends on what kind of steroids issued in your eggs i mean i guess it's the earliest legalise what are you chickens are getting into rugged terror bird by running away your backyard while the inner ok go around those guys like if i'm looking at the picture i could believe that either one of those guys didn't take steroids if you had a good genetic disposition good metamorphic genes and you really power lived hard he can get that big mouth brian frazier always tell a story because brian who is the comic and writer road for bunch different different shows but he was at one point time a serious bodybuilder and he never did steroids in his life a hundred percent i know for a fact that all it was a good food he what he actually would pride himself on the fact that he wouldn't supplements he would get out food for vegetables and me stuff like that but he was fuckin huge he was a hundred percent natural whose obsessed mother fucker
every day and he was like like one tonne one on stage and after the show i go dude you can't wear shorts leaves you got to stop doing he was why two big i got too distracting i got you me out and we're friends agreed fuckin huge do decanters made his his arms like everything that he would wear would be like tight to his arms like that because his were literally double the size of my arms they were she was a huge guy and was all now what are you want but i'm here to tell you so you think this re hears coming that lomna yellows pointed out superstar guys oils and fats nineteen eighty two i wanted today but brian was closer that's eyes no bullshit the discipline that brian frazier as is he's a crazy person what he's got like radical amount of discipline locks up argue this point
as the one eight seventy six years i was to start work in the kitchen after i almost blew up for making the fuckin suleiman doughnuts cinnamon things i'm too big in point of my gig was hide steroids for lilium ex wife we'd get sterile invokes is when my fair words youth execs would flock edna get you never get up nothing i'm sorry nothing would soon and is it was out of aren't there was another when struck when you ve when when strawberry pills three milligrams of milligram and a half that was big and then and what these savages would do i knew who was doin stairways but there were some black eyes i've done for ten years families i couldn't afford fuckin steroids and they were they were these guys we're yoke joe and they begin
yoked and when i say yoked you know low fat out low low now a lot of fat little rift all right and they would do this prison terrible no protein fuckin know what have the people you can buy protein powder right you can order protein parliament vegetables you get broccoli and let us it's it's burger king let us is the same should they give it breaking that fuckin cheeseburger you know it it's a shit it's not good letters that when you bite into its ready but these guys would get yoked in their own protein powder like joe we the protein bad you know what i am now there's still huge oh my god occurs huge diagnosed it's my ass cynthia this note no question tell you my friend grime was pretty close that size we the gay together and i want to say vermont for monday hampshire one of those and here
a bit of a cold healing as voices really raspy and after the show he had a great set but after the show here i'll join the club on users will conscientious but she liked areas i'm really sorry my voice has been bother me or weak and the girls don't worry about it listen you killed it was a great show he goes it goes i just i just feel like it wasn't my best performance and you see now i want to apologize and the guy was like hey we stopped being a jew about it he didn't know the mushrooms jewish because brain is left you she's blonde he looks like a mid west football guy he looks like you know he's got long curly hair he's is big fuckin sick net guerrilla and the guy cosmo julie says like you stopping at about he just thought that he was being cutie trying to be funny he goes thought the jewish and you know his face gets red and fuck you you thought it raises peaches shit you at isomeric cocksucker keeps us like tat lee takes it like to live
level ten and the guy ok calm down just to do so expression speech like he's leaning over this guy's death going this saving as a factor that desk between them and otherwise we're probably got directly in his face and then what guy swung out of sheer panic or who knows what what could happen while watching this what am i gonna do like he's way stronger than may i can't i can't grab i'm i'm not gonna hit em he's my friend i got what to do because of like it was like it was a gorilla and i'm like and keep him off this guy if decides to get on this guy i don't know what to do here and calm down to less than is far takes his check fuckin storms are there and i tell the guy well i don't think you're gonna say that again sorry to the guides the guiding know what to do he was shit is pants using older guy too you know is he was he is legitimately terrified crime is an enormous gap me wasn't gonna hurt the guy had never known him do anything violent ever but goddammit get the fuckin shit out because you'd never
spectacle was jewish didn't look jewish at all you know you think of georgia dark haired people were busy unawares doing down here for while a random wants a movie theatre a few years back restored stand nothin users writing at the time funny do though anger men to georgia i bought a joke from him only to dudes everybody about joke from and he's one that i never used it but i've talked about on the podcast it was a heckler did he created and he goes this my impression of god creating you ok the dash of kant oh no the cap came off too much can't i ruined it and eating their money at the time so you any single devastated stage he sold it to me i think was five hundred bucks wow what a lot of money i did do needed some money i thought was a great line towards five hundred bucks straight line for me and there are even ever used it onto me maybe i use it one can't remember
i'm gonna go pay regret you want a few things ever paper there's our where was in the new anchor management and let you know very well well a man i was gonna be in any way look solaris the fucking as look awesome it looks like the perfect get and see a silly movie definitely get really really busy already yeah you have to get really big died super ridiculous if you like the first one you'll love this one but there are so many good cameos in it and when i saw that werewolf transfer me numbers of jos should it's fucking needest ruined it for our man boiler son of a bitch the anything failed does a man that guy kills me tat ignited still on my all time fairer comedies just for the sheer ridiculous of at all it's like i love that kind of comedy like a guy complete total buffoon whose like a good hearted guy fox everything that's now to get to see david our care do stand a comedy he came into the commonest orange
i bought a he's like everyone's bills on me like you pay for everyone's during last night a lot of fuckin people there to an interesting why did you do that i don't know he's just holidays i think i think he comes in one's eyes but then he went on stage and did like a little little so interesting but i didn't see the whole thing both is hard to do stand up after already famous yeah you know i mean it's especially when you known for doing comet movies and in any trouble create your own stuff and go on stage with it in that form but also so wrong what you think of it like that is so insulated from regular people in like a performance setting everything he performs gets put out there on television or in the movies and he's there were when the people seeing this david our tat guy being an actor comedy activism say like the transition between that and doing stand up in front alive audience in a small place like the comedy store that's a big idea transition that's hard to do is alive
it's really interested in seeing how many like actors and musicians what just try stanhope commie that has come to the communist roland day next thing you know john mayors onstage and you know what man they can do it aside we could do open mike's for music we showed up at open much music to start singing fuckin terrible so we are the world we are world like we are the world like bruce springsteen we are to be serious about act be i think we do want is open my eyes prior to your own music right yet be now i would imagine the bureau nicholas unless it's a really old song and then you doing like a bad cover of it will you like wiggle it around lobo change it to little dwight yoke m do elvis their cash it i guess you get away with that i was i was
really cool when johnny cash did hurt by nine in snails that sounds like one he picked a ninety nelson but too he made it is own did suicide susan's his song rusty cage by our garden till we get a couple and hurt is my one of my favorite johnny cash sons ever is because he was so fuckin old what most got video that song that video we're done when he was he knew he was on his last days that guy lived that way the real crazy road life the rock and roll life contrast stars shit dude those countries stars back in the day i can you know merle haggard and all those mother fuckers those guys went hard dude that's that's it hold different kind of party in
and that movie that was a good goddamn losers are the other day and i watched the falander lie at the hotel i despise movies about like iconic figures musical figures one of the best some one of the best chauncey revealing with trees vantyle she's good she's fantastic keen phoenix is a bad mother fucker it's a great flock and move johnny cash my dogs named johnny cash amongst of always been a huge i shall just because he was so legitimate you know i q is solid jet his songs were they just seen right you know i'm sorry like there was like some prison blues is one of my favorite songs of all time you know just as they are this guy sittin in prison looking out these guys
by a train they're probably drinking coffee smokin big cigars you is awesome what is this right here redemption by johnny cash sin and redemption and they got the redemption or i wouldn't be here which is the title of the list he's also one of the highway men which is one of the great unheralded songs of our generation of that's on i was a highwayman god damn that's a fuckin so willie nelson merle haggard any cash altogether i think someone else to the fuck answers in there that's how cursed he's gonna think we'd never let alone know you i haven't seen you know love i love love silly kherson kelly personal
you forget about that did you violated i just came to my colleague is looking at you johnny cash wailing jennings and chris christophersen diet that was a tour they was why is it tat gotta johnny cash wieland jennings and chris christophersen holy shit chris christophersen is bad fuckers all the way up to those blade movies whose about mother fucker it is a deuce got bored and decided toward again you know what he was good and brown pay back pay little that was me and pay back with james o brien male gets wasn t ass real eased a gangster pay back well he's a good actor on top of great musician yeah and being facetious but those blade movies either i love those movies man specially the first one i love the first who for reasons i love the first one is great version
one is usually dwarves besmeard yes now when i was best performances is the bad guy you know what he's gonna let down a everybody is good and that sets a fucking great goddamn movie stars like vampire comic book movies go does a great one i like a guy you know as the big progress on two and three any kind of like two funky like the first but i was a huge fan of that that comic book when i was a kid blade was asked me a teak knives knives are made out of wood just like a really hard work better care securities vampires always there yeah well you're teak blades it's amazing that when things go add for an actor they always they it pisses me off that they get the colony places they try like if it's just another day at the fucking office if they only knew it's not a day at day at the office of them try it for a while and they make it out
whistler and stage presence tat moves and council wurlitzer it's it's a thirty minute thing to be up there an hour really leads to perfection and the whole thing it's just something it doesnt eat away at micro just surprised maybe someday could think it's like you i can say you know what is we going to the shotokan white male class i'm listening all about milk last the black walk in there because i could throw good psychic that's what you make me feel i can not respecting the people around i don't think they have any idea what it is doing enough data around think any of us did either think we really need it wasn't till we started doing together we stuck with it rested for they too right i mean all me it's hard to make a big generalization they could these guys who have started out as actors got into comedy and actually fell in love accommodating liked it better than i have ever leaking you think you always call the plum oh yes you may have a love of plumbing but do it yourself why and that's why i don't take it
i have some really bitch really just gonna walk and for the dance and take over this motherfucker like gs beat what you love comedy and you are also very competitive in a lot of ways life you your idea about comedy is very competitive and that comedy is that's that's the the highest heights people they want to slide over as actors and think they're gonna disrespect a year no now i would never ever disrespect somebody like that i cannot imagine like all looks easily do i know someone is targeted at your problem it's really that now more than ever get email from people here we know death squads aspired to stand up and they get up stage that's great put them is that second journey does that second push that it really comes from you a lot of people don't get it just is just what's a long term proposition there's no way around it you can't pretend you know you can't do it for a couple years and come up with a few minutes and think you're a fucking national headline because you not it's a
long term proposition and lot of it is based on europe you're gonna have a bunch of different kinds of crowds a bunch of different kinds of scenarios and you're gonna have to find your voice by navigating all those different waters and is tricky it is not easy it's gonna take a long time you gotta restructure act you gotta have shows where bits kill and then another show were bit turns a whole audience off and you can't figure out what the fuck went wrong you gotta figure it out it's not about having a couple a good shows its about massive consistency over hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of shows and figure out where your voices that ain't easy no matter what you do and if you were doing fuckin slam poetry contests if you were right in books if you were saying and songs like fine your particular voice fuckin hard man to be genuine to be completely unique and genuine in an completely original like to your own thoughts very art very fucking two seems easy because you good on onstage what's up pictures what you doin air in a new start
hockin shit and people are laughing you i can't architecture to but they don't realize how much work it took to get you to where you could just figure out what are the right words to say what's the right mindset to be in when you're on stage what are the right combination what's the right way to settle into bits what's the right way to them into a story was the right way what keeps activated what would back some doubt would pick them up it's like a visible dance you're doing when europe there are guy watch it i know what you're doing i say it and i've known you forever i knew back when you were having a real hard time would stand up which to me is fascinating because you the only guy that i've ever met there was having a really hard time a stand up and then i don't know where like you hit a switch you from having a hard time was stand up to be enough can murderer we would it was almost like you like you fuckin pass through a doorway or somethin like in two years of you work at the store you just figured it out
figured out one night and europe and stage and where we were in the back rather in europe on stage we're watching you like damp judea just turn a fuckin corn he's figured out how to be funny figure out who you were up there it's really weird when you are you getting at think there's always that cheese some that improving yeah yeah i'm showing up just isn't working and then one day i'll fuckin blue papa i just started it's really will withstand you don't want to go to sleep you wanna go home and keep right yeah and riding at any rate i became infatuated from ninety five like ninety eight had so many other things going on we say yes albany fucking things go on that i could really folk focus and then i moved to ally all these distractions you have all these stupid distractions when you first moved away you're a comic
agencies this that this that and then one day you just something which goes these motherfuckers don't matter nothing really matters i gotta go up to speak which in my heart i just got will go on and little by little once you find your voice you become a savage that's etc etc shut tasting blood it's like anything else will you get tat taste you just go after the com is towards the fattening garbage man once you get the car bestowing me that's like you know job that's the commonest as its john john mitchell it throws up a high level that that's it is i love a boat is its especially in the two thousands when you down there there was there was some and intense comedy there was glass for you guys are coming up there and you come up there was a in tat time you you go on stage you get is we're covers this fucking thing
just get stronger and stronger in the more people you go up in front of his dad in the beginning they make you go up in front of people you know you're going up in front of mickey shorr and going on after they put you on a lot of guys are really fire you go up front emits you sure you have no idea what that those to you at this if she might go it up i cannot disguise i've thought about it written about that experience thousands of times enough when was more like a black i had a blackout to go in front of mitzi shore because i knew it was it for a guy like me and mitzi shore turn me down you know what i was going to go back two bowls and probably stab his mother fucker will come on i would just when you get that now what about institutionalized there's no turning back it would crush my ego her taken me gave me another five year reprieve in my life i knew i got some do
five more years before i go to jail for kills that's how i felt did you feel like you're gonna do that because when i met you i never got that from here i was i didn't get there that's what part of the part of the job in my country was the day i wrote a letter and i said you can't scamming you wanna take them when we got a fucking wrote urim and why not you order up what they told are getting only talking about the i told you that you know that at the end of the day and i was banished from but really came amplitude sometimes you have to tell him and i added doctor and talk to her again and ninety nine when i took that change was around two thousand you met me and ninety seven about three years but one day ninety nine before i went to bed i was cleaning for couple days maybe three days the berlin i had my wits to me and i said i'm not gonna fuck with this no more it was all these things that i was gone and the wise man walk on a fine lie with her because i wanna be a part of kids life but weren't looking that way
and i was gonna take a shit no more money mason early i wanna go calling card like all that my father and i just lay there too and i told him the opening lie was inevitable listen between you and i and she knew me i said you know if you are on fire will not pass on you contacts have been with you because of this child right i'll pay for a separate followed her room one of the top right does she want what was killing me at that time was you wanna take and change a thousand name right and my position was my followed by my mom remarry my poor dad died i keep his fuckin may that which has some in my heart so i always felt that that's let have become eighteen let us decide what the fuck you must write that was eaten aware me when they had no value a name did have a value to me this whole situation
valets me once i analyzed it says fuck this bitch on which she stands for i turn that core because i drop luggage off there's not sometimes in carbon sometimes it alive you just carrying around luggage may that doesn't let you move boxes five feet but the door is only three sorry mother fucker you gonna drop that shit till you drop that fuckin box you ain't gonna go too many people get locked into those relationships whether friendships the friendships former x y know ex wife and husband whatever that you want to call that relationship axes but they like to dear but the fuckin horns live together and they can't separate and they fuckin every gaze push pull they fuck with each other on purpose you know i've non people that went through a horrible divorces where you know you tell that they would they like be setting up each other like you know fuck him make him pay more you know what's let's
the one thing and then change a term just keep keep the bills come in and like i've heard people talk like it's a horatio trays and i'm sorry and this is this was the battle of show that this is the already at the job and bowls at paid the most uneducated schmuck like me i was working for a sports advise you can make any twenty the sixty thousand a football seasons six much you can mason as the same there was some guys make a hundred grand those i had a month in december may twenty five grand working in fact you just gotta get some fresh the bat and send you money but that yours you're gonna come through the fuckin ball season listen bro you wanna make fifty cynical she twenty gaudy the union assembly twenty thousand by setting so basically buying your knowledge i knew alex what you're buying your bullshit it's bad com also really but this is what i was doing so i knew this i knew this aren't i come delay this issue pass me maybe passes me of my dream was betsy shoulder foggy you can
old thing was the store from day one people told me to go install that's your house that was my fate turned me down i will probably got back the colorado polygon the work over there you don't you what are you done sets in seattle you're doing gown i acted wanna see out i will go back the colorado and try to be a dad and one day i know me fuckin day car breakdown snow without you get one was bills overdue bill and as a bump and from his pocket book it gives you add to this list lobster i wasn't over this motherfucker and also to fifty five years saw you know as much as i the carbon storage much power my life near lively came along at the right time candle over the rights do you think the people create diamond s like the big big hippy new age argument about lives that you create these possibilities in life that you yourself support for all these different events that are happening to the not random events these are in the events that are sort of cod
aided by your own intentions yes stiff about sometimes absolutely one thing i learned was then i'll tell you listen i go to bed now i got up at my feet up my what's the news and i got a bad light not you not point the audience shocks to sound the the guy did the programme by russia in vital that we require fuckin bomb and that's it and everything else and until you come through that you can't really and that was for me that i believe that you are innocent i got a bad man all of my feet up i what's the news and i got a bad light let you know he is running gotta bedloe man at a shovel window a certain way closed doors away and i couldn't leave the line on at night because i owed money to a drug dealer rob somebody created although scenarios i didn't i didn't make that kidnapping up went there with a gun i knew what i was doing but it's funny that how quick the turnaround was between like ninety nine you know like it's
sort of stopped done luggage and kept starvin kept stop it getting what you tell me is that i never did blowgun after two thousand six that you're trying to tell me who me are you trying to tell me how i say they decide what do you think that's what we're just wait a phrase that saying that what we have done balls and say we want there isn't one day i went out with a chick so one day i went home just stop don't blow that each nevertheless though whether one likes and obtain about being a criminal busted you bore i can't leave when i'm fucking telling you that's two thousand six one day i went all right one day i went all just stop don't cocaine
no ray had no hog i'd call no body at peace my i didn't give my life gaze was in all the game there was hope ok what i would have thought that shit you never get was mounting whatever the foe became so my point is that was i drop i kept drop in the pain that i had that luggage that i had i forced it ah i just didn't fuckin the drugs i overcame whatever was make it may do
miranda drugs society wasn't making me do drugs or barbecue for these that they five heroin acts without barbicane envelope audit in man was their hysteric etc bomber care i harrowing obamacare people which is why we created in a lot of waste is random thing rings abruptly sometimes people wake up on the wrong side of the bed may come about you a united stand you fucking round you know say no bitch people get their feelings yes but i created a lot of shit that happening now there's no fuck yourself
stop silliness or it'll invade your life and rule and quality of life like if you don't get upset at people sometimes there's times where people are infringing on your happiness no shit a bullshit they like listen man you need to learn you're all for your own good you need to learn that what you're doing is socially unacceptable you're u passing off on other people you passing off this shitty reality that you're trying to promote some tea even get lie in a person like that has were saying before was like bad relationships and then all sudden like everyday you're dealing with this person is nonsense distortions in lies and can never trust like who is was your fault dad never your fault right it's never your fault always somebody else's fault when you deal with like dad on a regular basis and communicate with people like that it makes incredibly difficult for you to live your life because constantly you constantly like debating or dismissing bullshit exist
should i be bullshit then that somewhere along the line you realize fuck this man i gotta stop hanging out with this person persons and asshole you know that person doesn't give a fuck about the truth i don't give a fuck about me that is an i've got a few those my life and he just cut him loose and when you cut him loose like your way at a person you like your life is free and easy like oh its unlike constantly engage in conflict is that if you surround yourself with the wrong kind of people you will be constantly engage in conflict whether you want it and whether you have that attention are not like is not just about having the right tensions you gotta make the right choices to who you put in your world because of you what a bunch of shit heads they don't care about evolving they don't care about getting it together and other trying to do is pass off a nonsense on you
a fuckin shit erode your she wrote area it i used to love goods i wasn't a gun that like a body but i loved guns i loved have them i love them at the same time one there was life everytime i carry a gun there's a problem yet that out there almost right it's like a magnet for other guns now the only when it says that a man i'm telling you what i can't really gonna carry the girl for a very short time because i didn't like it i did see the purpose work it's a nice thing to do used to try to be a tough guy but all it's going do is get your fuckin trouble cause you pull that motherfucker when you motherfuckers pull their my u real tough guys and i live i go on it i knew it i wonder fire and somebody blatter you up
it was amazing high to go home and i know what the fuck just happened why they have to go from my reach my gunfire why would a six other people in the room and a coat party with guns because guns attract and they like fuckin magnets and one day i got rid all those governments like i was eighty five pounds of drum while the same thing ten years ago this far would be ring with people ask me questions about you know how do you get roadwork you know why don't you take me a second wrote you get all your fucking people calling you with these questions and at the same time their little concern for you they really don t just trying to pull you down especially this fact of down you let me before you down but i don't know what you're doing it's not happening from me what you want you want you want me to do you gotta go i get off stage every fuckin like what do as i went to my sister's wedding although your mother that goal
what did you want on our skies pick and now to broach my fucking corps that people come up to you have put their lack of the night i saw somebody but i started the store thirteen years ago i was going to screen up some stupid movie that my buddy was in my wife is sleeping so i can go down there and i was walking around the corner by joey and i went up i know i didn't know what he was telling me what he was doing in front of that how he was can you hear about this well he was telling me what he was doing what he was he was working and i draw back the fucking studio city would like tiers of my eyes because here every opportunity he was a good looking newly with us but the end used about restoring drank and everything was i e and now i'm supposed to feel good the other one or one cause
schmucks got a job work until two in the morning parking cards or something you know i mean we all had the same easy malta's people to feel like those people in your life to teach you the lesson see people fail and have regrets and see people not give a hundred percent or not give it all their focus or give it all their honesty give it who the fuck you really are we see those and that regret is is there to let us know i dive happening i was getting my car maybe he was guys always have that one comment that the store may like a fucking cometh i just want some about something it must have been nice don't blow all those years something just like he's one of those guys that he's gonna play down right here and i just gotta colonise ago this is why i guys parking cards nino among the fact roadwork at least try to make things happen
why this guy's balkan fucking car there was a guy that will i want a moment his name you you'd warmly about him a long time ago long forever what real bad form and then one time i was back in these costs and the kind uncommon in fact the couple years he's trying to get a hold of me to open up for me like when you just you just gotta get back on stage after a couple years and open up the big show a grilling that's what gonna do here you ve broken mine i'm going to win request is that you have comedy in two years wanna go up and in front of us all that club like that's that's ridiculous would do you think you could just do that like you but that's what they did lot of guys that didn't make any comedy that felt like they didn't make it because nobody help them and i've heard that so many times i've heard that stuff that argument like i wasn't there when the right group are if you know and with the right group is very hard to get roadwork like what are you talking about what we have to do is be funny you're funny before you is one of the easiest businesses of all time you get
proven onstage for shore easier to understand this is how it works you go on stage you get people laugh people notice than they are offering you work it's as simple when you pay that you have a certain amount of time and you prove you can consistently perform really well we want to give you mark they give you a little here they give you a little there you make some elections you start networking the next thing you know you start moving in your area little bent getting a few gigs here and there and it takes fucking years and you gotta keep doing it if you don't donna then you really want to do it but if you do keep doing it you get point we're joe and if you want guys didn't really want to do it and one day you see joe ideas and he has been good folk do cocoa losers who you there you like a living lesson guys like a low levels stop on your job broke my supper i broke my driver what was i love and when i had the same opportunities we both walked store he you figure spots he was good
decent showed potential whatever nine o clock spots couple belly rules but now you out here for eleven o clock at night while that's dead that's what with everything joey's that's with music that's with writing that's with anything where it's up to you to create what you put out there the lot of people fuckin fall short bill hexes friends not together guy from portland oregon that he was started used to wit and they both move porn dogma comic yea was import waste from houston texas was a guy with other tat is all i know he they did calmly at some place of used gimme pineapple no no no no kind of those of funding and this in this chamber door wide at istanbul rowena jimmy pineapple still he didn't his eyes and for an organ didn't have like some health problems i'm not sure i dale dame
he's even manage by somebody there lay cuz he was doing some gaze at the emperor i saw he wrote something twenty five years ago about his after buildings died about his relationship with bill evan been moved away and he got married and building the tonight i had a kid and bill did hp i had another kid and bill was on tour in but we still remain friends with a beautiful and he goes i never had jealousy from all i wanted was a mess because i knew that he's the one that they used to do at the pizza place with in houston excess early pizza play station to cover me i know who you talk about but i dont know you're talking about a mac lindsey there was now a bunch of those guys from their why would you say mechlin because i thought i am here the outlaws what's fascinating by all those guys was how much they were so obviously influenced by kennison those guys go in
white sleigh asset white slave boys live used and also one of the portal here those guys us comedy outlaws what's fascinating by all those guys was how much they were so obviously influenced by kennison those guys go in world mean they're very talented guys i worked genuine jimmy pint but when the first time ever came to houston at the last up very funny guy but there they were all real good real solid comics they were so obviously caught up in the the wave of this one old fucking maniac even care when i first saw hicks hicks had like all these kennison mannerisms i keep telling you realize it was like so used to being around kennison and kennison just being the man a six eighty six was like four people today i cannot export the can't reach we understand what kind of an impact that guy had on the world stage of comedy he threw the whole fuckin board in the air
the whole thing was changed by one guy this big fat guy screaming about pain nobody's ever done that before it completely new thing and the jokes were crisp and they were solid and he got too and they had really good points like about the kid in africa i'll be in married i was you like about going to hell like hell delay club med get devil well you ve been married ours is fucking old hat you i'll show you around this where research is older than he would when he would talk about like his life and his parents gets fuckin red in the face and scream out there was nothing like that nothing like that at the time and so these guys there all the all these outlaws coming out love ya got swept up in the week of this man genius a genius were head injury story fuckin book is book is great is the wrote a book called my brother samson great fuckin book if you
stan of comic you like i gave it to finally get it for you on amazon see what you think i was sure there's probably some use copies at a real ok it's rate fuckin but i read that the seattle ninety five one of the most important parts of stories how can assumes a gorilla kid normal shy in regular kid gets hit by a fuckin car he get hurt like really bad like back head injury and then it comes out of that just a wild mother fucker just wild and reckless and confident and crazy like literally got head injury into being the greatest comical malta because he went from their like right until he was doing all that invent jellicoe preaching and he took them energy and rodya writing to stand up and a lot of it came about most likely if you listen to his brother who knows better than anybody step different change because of a head injury that's fucking crazy his brother was crazy after they were all crazy
his brothers karla ball was crazy all those days were craze hollow both still out there rang in it hit in the clubs the club still loves it in look even though you know something try to explain this to me once a long time ago about stand up colony and it was like look man even if you'd just earn enough make a living you earn alive and talent jobs jobs are it's like everywhere you go you making people laugh you haven't it time their enjoying themselves and you feed yourself that way that's fantastic because if you can do that david i do it because the best way to live and i was our remembers like that told him sounds like even if you're just a guy who never really makes it back in canada headline enough to bring a good crowd in oh have you now have failed clubs all across the country you're gonna get you may villa especially now would see these and t shirt ass follows
opportunity now the twitter and with you too even a low income could make it ass i gotta do not work in the improper per se a guy that doesn't work the improbable funny about there's a thousand glow there's still a lotta clodagh clubs logical hi you know which is on the and then there's like the austin reuben although that illicit underbelly to that this figure to open up another room tempi rights listen to me in the spring so that's who's gonna open it the people all right bronson comic lab in minneapolis east orange why east rather for that will have to be so you have stand up lie you have the champion brought you have stand up scottsdale you have the other one scottsdale at four
one night you have this place communist six rooms in the arizona airline was always been like a very strong comedy town in our people they like to have fun and is not a lot of options in this the tempi improv was one of the best options area for the longest time so got like a whole community that's been so raised on really good comedy like that's always been an option if you live in tempi than improv is a big stop for a lot of guys so every week you know you're gonna get this guy's national headliner brian cowen enjoy d as you gonna get that kind of comedy like almost every week and so they d they really built up a big audience and i bet they can't even satisfies us added tempi organization called dick sucks
or ass dick sucking mother fucker though suck you dig wet or dry coca just with a shudder when they will suck that everywhere there s a nasty cocksucker down there is working as it appears to tell tale bright about they take your time with you hurry up it's amazing how down there is where the fuck and women who loves sucking caught fire like one day they go fuck yourself move arizona than this amazon is harder out and they saw the fuck it and they really do it really a weird place i cannot believe any more but we say what the fuck am i those who have no ideas anybody fuckin though your movie comes out this week this week this week and you got to actually go to new york and watch it yes did you enjoy it
we find this is your first time seeing it added it i guess i too i saw two times last week that you liked it that much and though i saw it i had no choice in silence having all my wife and i went one neither in new york the relaxing is also met the guy to place big pussy yes the proposed in new it often everything's there are no new time yet ever since i ve known you you get confused with this guy in vienna and either usually don't even tell people you're like art gallery there like i love you you know sopranos air what our get out i tried to tell em like sometimes i ask people i like those caught me though you have see though the war the best was lady was asked me who i was now also you stop me to take a picture fuck i welcome barrack cooler cocksucker ahead he said that he also get confused with you sometimes leads knows that that day he did and coconut one it was dying it was really nice to finally meet him he gave me a big whose
davos was yes i'll fix it is ready to do that at the premier of the movie so we be and i will work any kind he looks at me becomes right owed me man what the fuck he goes out just the bathroom people ask him how much was issue with their like a talent was it may and here you are really was very nice very nice you know they're using you in the club of using the trailer for granting mandatory olive on their use that one lives like bad bail the power of the internet the less the strength of the joe rogue have experienced the power the mother fatality story because that stories of fuckin hilarious story it's a crazed like they had no idea you were they books you because i thought your funny you go the premier and when your faces on the premier known shot a move because a director referred me right joy was arts out so they put me in the movie but then take the movie they show in the mid west and all these places to see how it scores right and when they should
then i'll show no titles no names no nothing and they give you a questionnaire one of the guy salt when i'm shoot a movie i really was very nice but nobody really talk to me every had this starbucks carbon obeyed me if i want to start both inside the noblest may i want to establish which i wouldn't drink coffee but jesus christ asked me what i was just a regular guy when they screened the films i guess people study joe bucci's go fuck your mother this guy going what the fuck is going on and all these reports came back so that got it so when i do the eighty are they all their like cut me and when real comes out of jail you broke it jerry indonesia we they didn't know you were now they daddy internet didn't know that you know this is big what we do here why the fuck movement that i know that some states
dwight my light my cigarettes issue my shoulders but you think about what television show that like the amount of people that watch a television show like of a television shows on every week how many people watch it with a big one big ones like like like what is duck dynasty get it's the heightened the biggest ratings ever getting crushed us when we were up against on syphon like forty millions on my table zella dehydrate cable you will share list and fucking about that in fact i know that you guys with children that you now we did very well on japan and i didn't have to come from other joe borg impact guess i will get more downloads that lack come elbow on affects did you know that you again more download of people watching that shit that spite put on were randy everybody no disrespect you know i love me that show the add on for talking about download you don't know ratings that load podcast viewers hubley one download and watching this list
we should show that fuckin come out had their effects but you're not going on with a sigh i show you time a target the science i should know about that more people watch this than that show more people watch this than i thought if series they had before glory spite oh yeah you farms a lot more people it's a maze how many views people watch amazing places i go now that people hear the voice of the treaty is a pike ass the other man it's amazing people that will say that do you realize it or does it is one thing isn't it creep up on you like takes you time become holy shit like this is this is actually getting kind nutty when did you realize what did you want you realize like that already impact of their stuff online year and a half ago i really felt the veto security people talk to be added people to usa people talk i made in our text people talk to me now a man i though that was funny last time in your right what you said about the money
program where many people say shit you know this is huge the student movement has spoken you were were closing in on eight million downloads a month and that doesn't include stature and it doesn't show here to reuse stream such a million greater so close to its seven fifty and whatever it is it's alliance lotta hemingway honey individuals that is i don't know i gotta say lot it's definitely not eight million i'm around a how many admit is there's lots of different people downloading die we still have the tv shows mentality they go by holding companies killin anything it's a different thing it's what they didn't before before people were stuck there were stuck with radio or that have to bring a cassette or you know they listen to books on tape there was a girl a good option but now they can do whatever the fuck they want so much shit you can download felicity europa gases duncans you get downloader dan carlin cats and learn about some history you can download us in our science part
yeah i mean there's the numbers upon cast now just fuckin staggering the options that a person has as why keep telling people you can charge money for this i give you think you're gonna do charge money you're gonna make a little bit money from the people you charge but you're ultimately gonna fuck yourself because it's gonna say you're growth down either your beer growth is best achieved if you follow spirit of the internet beer to the earth give people free shit give people for sure that's good and that way when you develop a relationship with them you develop relationship we have already given them something like you know like you i'm just constantly ask them to buy your tickets constantly ask them to do this it's like a really easy free thing and you're happy that they enjoy and you do it in a spirit of that not even in the spirit of trying to make money off of it then it's all sorts of falls in the place that's what's happened with all of you that before forty five years
the word is how i love it didn't hurt brian's feelings i usually watch the first half via taxes mother fucker twice at noon tell him that the pod castles it too was a gipsy waded out but apparently the way across his face try to fight mother fucker molly down every he's gonna die in romania we when i get up listen there's some night i got a better they like one come back on sunday i'm dead five shows all weekend you know five hours a night i fucking go to bed at fucking six and then some nice three looking at your instagram to grant you gonna fuck impact that you got any other place you take pictures of pancakes live in life we all live in your living like essentially we were living in the nineties yeah that's it so life of a comic it's a life of comic you know you're going to bed is i'm gettin up you and i are very is for
all our recently eyes full savage i lifted his instagram either day of photos of all the parties do in town there's not a virus like five six month that's gone all around new york from like eight eight p m on he's got spots always one a m spots carolines shit he's going up he's he's getting excited by speedier exciting this weekend ladies and gentlemen at the mirage the greatest line up and put together ever shall we as brian cowen are you sure fear god damn and me and at the mirage yeah i mean you know you need to be there the show that so fuckin good does bring everybody up and take a night be fuckin beautiful my arm i just take the nominal tells him jokes but look became king better land now we ve never done a crazier shown that as the crazy show i've done four headliners everybody good time it'll be sold out so muscle that already at a mirage terry fate or
i guess he's at his own theater there i've never seen it before but it's supposed to be a sweet sweet room when i have a good and tangibly rumours of the fucking there what's going on with the fight this i want you to go there maybe you're not gonna be there are now no one knows in our work is as a crazy fight anderson silver all tat greatest mixed martial arts has ever lived i mean he's get stellar is entire career dominating champions strangling dan henderson canal veto over the fuckin front kicked the face the greatest martial arts its ever walked face there's a guy lives like he's in a fuckin movie and he gets clip who gets hurt and a dude plays ask about his head boom boom boom and he's out any you know referee has to rescue him and all came about in law in part due to him clowning who would people dont realises there was a moment in that first round where he had anderson silva really hurt and is not what is good for the heel hook it was he was ground and pounding anderson and he
pull ass to him on the chin and you see anderson's head bounce off the ground he realized i well that is a fucking hard shot he got clipped with he got hurt his eyes roll up and roll back got really rocked and i think that severe we influenced his decision to try to up the antics and really drive white into a stand up out which he thought he would have the advantage but i think one of the reasons why he got clip what that left hook and clown around was because you get fuckin heard on the ground and i thank you he really want to go there he almost got his leg ripped off he got out play lock and who knows his knee popped you could easily pop his knee and that exchange was quite a deep leg lock he goes from there and you know he's trying to go down into a stand up war and he's a common stand up stand up you know and then his kick it i'm taunting and pretended he's hurt and drug why then is just a mother fucker do need clips and knocks amount so the question come when you come into this fight that's like well
much different would the results have been if anderson just treated it like a fuckin samurai if he went in there with no antics and just laser beam precision striking chops those legs up eventually lands a big head kick or something you know who knows who knows what what and will see this week while we won't even because he didn't do it then so who is he now and whose whiteman now you know the first fight it's gonna be one of the most mysterious fights ever going to one of the most hotly debated fights ever because everyone's always gonna say what would have happened if anderson wasn't fucking around what would have happened if anderson took that dude per serious and just stayed super discipline in the feed and was able just like in the sun and fight to get taken down a first round but then keep the fight standing for the rest the fighting and put him away who knows what we want we don't know anymore but we do know is that chris i've been knocked anderson's over the fuck out its shocking here
the greatest fighter of all time and widening clipped him with a fucking long left hook the bank right on the chin dropped him and then finished him off and he's gonna be so confident coming into this fight is going to be a really interesting fight because i think she's gonna be real confident sanderson knows that reminds us he's in choosing keeps the fight standing he should a pretty distinct advantage as long doesn't do anything silly like last time and then to widen is already be wide majority knocked him out widens gotten better whiteman still young wide meant just had that region a keen shit down on his knees went to germany for a week to get his knees treated and apparently he's he's got his home work out like em he does you could do it online everything he does he like you you if he puts it online spoken watch puts up his it puts up its work out schedule tells anderson waste is tragic doesn't give a fuck saying the second matter and then again it so fascinating
it's fuckin fasting what's gonna happen man i have no idea if anderson went out knocked him out i mean by that possibility of white men took him down some minimum thats a possibility widening knocked him out there possibility would have anderson takes widens back and submits him with us knows manta big of itself that's all while right and it's for legacy to four anderson this is for legacy you know anderson suffered blake that's a humiliating defeat especially when he knows that there's a lot of people to blame it on his clowning you know that's liked and for brazil he'll go there's a lot of times or he went to brazil where are you people were like disappointed he was their champion not just the champion but the greatest champ in any came from their countries along feels that disappointment he wants make them happy in this final this is going to be very intense fuckin popped god damn joy cats i wish you would give a blow to find the courage
josh barnett edged that's a good fight against travis practice travis brows lotta very rhonda and run arousing those data judge ash barnett and travis browns is is a dangerous fight that's a tricky five guy can cause that traumas brown might be one of the toughest motherfuckers says he's a big boy he's is examined traversed by it says if i had a gas outsize italy signifies if it gets sick five some around that is a big boy but he's also he moves good man he moves light on its feet what each striking an endless their mother fucking overrides kick to the face such right dude and that was after taking a far role ages in that first round he took a beating that would have stopped ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of people on the planet if there were an opposition taken those cash out our star was murder in him with knees
and there's nobody it throws needs like ouster have you never seen ouster over and fight asked are overcome was the k one grand prix champion and he's up per high level kick boxer for emma may like one of the most high level guys to ever fighting remain a heavyweight division especially in their money fucker delivers knees in a totally different way it's all he been technique and torque lump i mean those how can these go deep into your soul they pass through your skin and push your fuckin belly right in your backbone like they make your body go numb because he's literally smashing his knee although in your nerves i mean they're ruthless knees and his whole body gives out he goes down and he's just getting far again found it and you think a negative stop despite any second nap he figured out a way to get up and and then ass to gets tired and then he
gets up and alistair is clearly exacerbated try loan kicks rightly kepler her right diabetic and lastly that one straight up the middle right to the chain and asters legs give out and and travis finishes em off toward the greatest number of hours to fighting it was supposed to be i dont know you're but mere got her i dont know if he's scheduled whose when we find our supposed to find me a good meal got hurt somebody got her yeah i wonder i wonder who he is supposed to be fighting next i don't know how to let me find that out i'll find that out next fight he's a guy that a lot of people thought he was going to especially after the brock lesnar fight a lot of people thought that he was going to be the fucking man fine frank near yeah is both a horrid she's lead you see one sixty nine which is a suitable yeah that's right that's crazy fight man
both guys got a lot to lose with bogart too good question gets edinburgh and dominant crews is the main event that's that's that's gonna be a big fight for that costs and still to this day it can't be legal in new york it's fuckin crazy it's one of them the weirdest as far as i examples of how corruption shapes what people were allowed to enjoy not enjoy its they figured out a way to keep the you have see out of new york despite a giant hit the economy we need mother taking money away from new york or not letting that company or they would be would bring hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to restaurants and local bars and i mean the the impasse would be huge the prestige would be huge people would love to see it and they still sorry didn't have combats portiere boxing regularly in new york they have kickboxing glory in new york the glory high in a high level
boxing in madison square garden it's amazing these motherfuckers there there there figuring out a way to keep people from enjoying what they want to buy you know a man is always gonna be that this always gonna be that is always gonna be for there are trying to do to make money for something if over folks had only been know what it's all about the colony our union keeps it have see out of new york and they know it's a big event for new york but they were the u have see you have seize on bazooka zoof also on station casinos same guys they want them to go union the coroner union wants those those hook fiscal union so they're taking their dinner their battle in the eu have see hard core they develop these like crazy websites the contact gay and lesbian groups they do everything they can to try to like make up a big force against the usa the crane is it kinda gay and lesbian goose but you see is like they lose their openly in support of gay and lesbian rights day they actually donate money too to the very centres and that you have seen
like totally open minds fire fighters have been reprimanded for calling people gay slurs and things along those lines then they're not the color unions just trying to figure out a way it's amazing have exhibited allege but if they did they switched over union it would be worth millions of dollars to the union scott fast stuff because on one hand you go well you know unions are important if a guy wants to good wage and you want to make sure that they have some leverage and buying power people should get paid but when you see shit like this like how could this be right i give you the people that work for those casinos voted against doing the union thing one thing is a mess slick it's just count corruption and it's gotten to point where i think they can't back down now they ve spending money trying to keep the you have set out for so long but you put your finger on a dyke and theirs the whole and that in that in that fuckin am and more holes are gonna start popping up and eventually
can overwhelm you you are still running on his guard we'll be insane bids still spent all his union do is trying to keep it out just so far we're shit like that happens with two things get entangled you don't business skin tangled so the card in you have seen you jerseys is a sick fuck and card its dominic crews had barrel which is crews have been out for two years man with two different knee surgeries one cadaver acl graph that blew out on these body rejected it then he had to go back in again another nine months of rehab and in three months a training so loses on bullshit he loses a year fuckin incredible so finally back fighting from champ edinburgh and then you got joe say out though fight recur alarmist that's a great fuck and fight and then mere versus overriding there's a lot of good fights to linux his bag routine off is to refer wait murderers oh those too
where's my bag routine sambo champion this linux or as a destroyer because the calm hands a stone can't do that rights are brought into rancher cantation roeder s ship but the kid can fuckin bang may get ridiculous ridiculous power bobby greens fighting able to hilo god damn it got a good fights man lotta good fights it's gonna be crazy to because getting back and forth apparently you're saying this can be a real issue will those guys gonna be in jersey yeah are you saying that category four long years to two grazing only one times was not that bad you have gone back in that weaken is gonna be naughty on what is it like them that we can was like ok
we have three tunnels rat lincoln tunnel side you have to george washington bridge upper and lower and you have the how tunnel right bless you have the fairies when you do a super bowl you have the super or one location for you gotta say they happen but the rosebud everything around the rosebud will be nfl related for the first two weeks the first weakest press we the last we gotta play asked i think continue to weak situation to get you to spend more money or its are one week so you go regular players writer super they come into town a week before the practice in all that shit it's that the eighteen thousand between thousand people accomplished through its two hundred thousand people like a couple years ago real sport and exposition how many hookers fly in four superboss you'd be fuckin blown away since i did move out a hooker i've not mad a whole twenty minutes out every segment dedicated
to the isle of working through the more who at this aids bill and what really happened to a city when they have the soup bowling you said that was the exquisite for starters twenty million pillows a coke shot it twenty million people competition mortified right resolutions that the eighteen thousand golden gave its two hundred thousand comment so now this is that's pretend you're gonna have to suit board sentences everything around that stadium isn't would be related super did not do in at this time do it all the nfl experiences a shit scattered throughout new york city so if you want to see the nfl experience hall of fame you got go up the museum of natural history if you want to see the nfl quarterback challenge you challenge you gotta go downtown that's gonna all that shit that dimension
there's a lot of things going on is that this was not to mention their clothes in the leg internal one tunnel is only for buses socially we want community say our boy out we'll get you back and for the other thing i don't like it always family finally the third and fourth could smell could not what they said it hasn't snort of february and eighty years you know that means it's gonna fuckin snow in february eighty years i said any in the superbowl in that area newark and as a stone of february and eighty years countless is that true when my wedding reunited oil eighteenth and my movies pictures every year of be walking into the bottom related and one thing for certain does we know the photograph let me see what it may be that day what they're saying farm has slowed erecting a big storm the farmers almanac is predicted dare they the temperature that's allows
but to reach seventy one yesterday where new york yet what my now sure that's incredible yea was warmer than is here it doesn't make any sense its right into the other set its unseasonably war ok february second in new york and this is true february second inert hasn't seen serious no in eighty years while so it is true so it's that day it's that specific day the years they ass roger get dazzling shit last week they ass roger get thou wilt leader for the possibilities is no he said you know what if it's no less of an old fashioned super thou be asked work it out like that snow are you out of time the soup molly with kid gloves
you're in a lonely ophelia massage glum and watch it i want to watch this year here all try to figure out yea loggia currently around gonna nowhere else if you feed beaten fucking me bore sandwiches and because of that i want to find out what the fuck and hope is all about and i think of it if i wasn't play in the snow are really enjoy it causes and ass i love chaos i think it i've ever met fight in the snow we are seeing now went wild you're seeing the tina cage when while another came the cage smaller organizational in hawaii rate known and unknown california things to have my friend but easter own part of it and these to have these emmett where the fuck is that clearly tat last week where are they fly and that's crazy for that is so gangster playing a game and the snow like that i don't give a fuck that is buber gangster and a seat this eighteen thousand people in the audience go to that audience shot look at those mother fucker as their freedom their dicks off and there
still there they're all therefore dad i love that they are willing to play in the snow like that it's so wicked how the technology because now like the silent it the site i draw heeded the seats a heated yeah blankets heeded the gloves rise amazing what an fuckin could get hit the cold it was said american express commercial didn't sixty six dollars a boy job priceless presses get the fuck you know what it's called price war is cameramen falkiner wraye money man jesus christ that's insane i get that east coast man it gets rough look well when i went deer hunting recently we went to was content for that show mediator and we sat in a blind dear blind waiting and you sit in that fuckin blind and in his ear or degrees outside in the wind is whipping and you
far gang coal do you know why she because you're just sitting here not move it's one thing if you're moving like i've been in zero before but if you keep moving when you're in zero you're ok as long as you keep moving generates a body but when you just sitting there waiting for a deer obviously ass a fuckin statute can move you scare sit there it's fuckin rapid man wisconsin in the winter up here fuck lakes goddamn their dear everywhere are everywhere was crazy when i used to know we're pussy massage the east to east coast at my one started snowing known i wasn't cry and i was until a but about used to it i see that that i was i was i had should on but it's fucking called that's a different i was in eugene in oregon my man ass a girl
yeah we're gonna rare rare cauldron out or ever you i forgot about this they had some serious no are you guys are up there this is cool due for ten minutes to walk gettest i boxes and we gotta go portland again the support and the report on the energy let's do ok we'll do portland again it will do new mexico together to parliament the links this weekend dirty bitches we're gonna be there this weekend at the mirage go grab some fun when you do a new year's is i got an early shall whereas the early show john love it's ok really show up then i'm off her out of our late i'll be up there but is a park you shall be weird ray i forget how fuckin crazy the parking is renewed everywhere if you get to the if you get to the improper in time man if you want to go on you study a ten year was trying to get bad it's about time that's why did know for sure just drive over just drunk as triple he's gonna go up and then turning hints there's got to be to get out there and the day before
you know we can always ring in the new year and then you know you can go about that too she doesn't matter while so fund which is jerome catching up asleep alas too heavy a fact of six weeks ago on the road that's a tough i do really morning radios well not only radio is inevitable that's what people that that's why people vigorous low percentage and they put it all on us they put every ass they figure twitter i see who goes in the week before they get three station they'll call us as they come in wednesday but those they radio for us because the only the splendid diabetes hockey clumsily commissioner that a dime mental guts because they pull all our sleeping wanna go away from the fucking podcast back to play well in a lot of ways like you send it is like being on tv show yes aimed to save the world gets out of nowhere and we do all our promote
there's no radio emily railway station was not mandatory for radio stare use not promotes maggie guy there lay open after me turn who else is left is a lot of time to disguise throughout the countries should do if you guys and this is guys you know they'll dudley they are vital to pay out of there for them daily dollar railways bodies i do like radio for the movie call a couple place now surprised but it's all ferries and i had called bc at all serious it's different affiliates it wasn't like in the old days we gotta use needed radio wednesday yup thursday friday of friday to drive through what happened gas it did radio give fucked up by those jack channels and others like pre programmed channels is that the big communism station come eleven cleared out which that's it
communism as if they were firing people for say they got mad at once there was a kid that had the my colleague they marry him he would say fuck that kid there movies fuck him his life wasn't a man i don't know but years ago something that some clear channel he didn't impersonation eight that it was off color of people itself easily man while they're just thinking about money then they're not it's a kind of funny that you use alan art but you just thinking about money that's a real hard line dance you gonna make sure the product sucks because your products never gonna have any edges too it is i gotta be anything dangerous about is that going to man and current controversial about it command if we can have a radio show where we do like this we have a morning radio show it's like this completely uncensored and it's on dr time whatever just take this one why you why have you know some some other nonsense i just take this and if you
to throw a little deepen their throats will deepen their god it's gotta be real people ready for this this society people were ready for this you know what they're gonna be ready for as having the internet on the fucking radio the internet is going to be in your car it is going to download them watch em our stream live joe how many times you joe so what are you thinking this weekend you go to the right track with yes we're we're gonna go nobody was in a normal way do that nineteen eighty is fuckin done ok so nobody wants to hear that you you wanna hear that should maybe we'll have to shoot you but i wanna hear somebody who saw me the fact of truth for what i want some you saw me they're fucking mind that what the advertiser fucking town what they could say what they can at a time when i'm with you that's the beauty of african podcast then is abused and stability but i don't give a fuck you don't want to i don't give a fuck we at our word up this is pirate radio its ground
roots as grass can be yeah this is crazy pyre radios has ever been before even greater radio is good is rocketing get pirate radio wishes it was the internet would this shit what a joint my mouth what that should i level that shit what have you stop and think about it from the moment we started doing this all of us everybody who does it now all this aryan brine and you know cowan and everybody has been doing this we were just is doing to do it you know just start of doing it for fun you know which of june it like as a guph so the intention was never as a business intention was to make it as far as possible and to make it this is enjoyable to listen to his possible to create and it becomes sort of like a peace that your creating it doesn't it's not like i it is like when a conversation but when you are aware that other people listening and you you know you want to make sure that it's this is entertaining that there's something to this you're you're you like
you're fashioning a piece you know and that's a lot of what you're doing when you creating a podcast it's a piece of art this piece of its very pretend to call an art but some the u creating and that someday you realize along the wet yeah you realize over years that's all there is no difference we're going on there were given you what's in art and what i had what what what sticks out of our minds i don't fucking go on you you don't go on yahoo and see what the hat topic isn't talk about anybody could do that here to do that you want to about that shit i won't talk about what pertains to us today i don't wanna talk about all barbecue what arguments fuck fuck you guys blocked unhooked he's a fucking present why you by ensuring from this shit the present ship but why you get in guantanamo bay leaves a shirt but i'm not gonna go on intolerable generalization of what we're gonna do that
it could do that at you of you want you have you have three tvs aghast pulling together one night and put the loser synchronized their synchronized show what data about four that talking about five at the same time really didn't diane sawyer comes on world news tonight comes on this that doesn't person there's an interpretation of world loose tonight with diana soy on foreign onto and they cover the same shit that your government in a minute because they want to get a few before anybody else gets it right so we will go it's the same shit will you up in the morning you guys i went up in the morning you don't get up at six a watch tv in the morning and see what how bad they get you go in the morning and the fear they put in you despite all the talk about his as teachers rape indicated this happened
overnight in this positive not that you buy time you get your car if you have any feeling at all you fuckin shock that's why get up before forty five and i smoke though and i get on twitter playfrock amused because let's get the fuck let's get our head away from that shit will gives a fuck you still got to get up you know whether obama kids alive and kicking on you go to ralph is anybody pop up and pay for your bills at ralph's or whatever wherever the fuck are you do shopping you read back all right and what the following question when you re probably pops up now of course they dont show so what the fuck what were i don't worry about that shit normal you way by old path and what you can do what you can help you commuting you some of the people write any move forward if you do and that is what the fuck are you doing well there's a lot of people that are are are not doing that but they are involved in the political part of it it's like you can't i don't think you could do everything becomes
if you really want to concentrate on fixing their the economic system of fixed system up only for a short time irena pale that's for sure but let us a lot of people say that's a cop out because the world that we live in and this is the society you help it enhance it want to solve the where you gonna do it armed let us put you in a good move you gonna forget they get out thank excellent work and as you know i'm a fucking this and i thought of my wife she was yours careful yogi and i ask as i was scared to go out at night why i don't know because you eat balls that would kill fucking know sometimes eat edibles thomson girl came on and was telling a story about you given him but she but to about you ate like three or form you you had lately like he ate a quarter of you had literally eight times as much in your system airplane yeah he was telling me the whole story about it and i was like that that's one of the most vice is thinking about you that high on an airplane
you you haven't anxiety attack was little breathe and have you ever start this where this second that's fucking really high man would you get now that like which love walk you know that i love working on that now that the day would cigar i e the whole tree but you will be seventy milligram it was a greenwood i start my day with a double one seventy able to do so i do not approve of and that's one forty and the third was to transform a rage raves that's our the mild tolerance with the air person the length of time they would have to indulge in marijuana hit that guy tolerance that shit that ideas which are starting their by others local news item of you saw conan o brien he did a thing last week i was brilliant where he took all these local news channels and showed how exactly generic they are reporting on the same story edit it together everyone
oh yeah sure is only makes sense if so funny six hours an even bigger story that sweeping the nation might now who are you really shopping for this holiday sees its ok you could admit it if you bought an item or to or ten for yourself i throw k you can admit it he had bought an item or to or maybe ten
for yourselves ok you can admit you are designed for your side bar to timber yourself ok you get admitted item or to or said yourself were ten four years it's ok you can admit it if you bought an item or to or ten for yourselves even admitted tat for you found herself in the hague and admitted for yourself it's ok you got one or two maybe three or four maybe even ten items could admitted gonna keep it going enjoys assure this hand for the way in which these people the girls over yourself it's ok you get it more sure maybe time for yourself maybe analysis or by ourselves it i'll pay you can admit it decision seems to go and showing itself naturally with these few words nobody knows how do you guys think this works you think that there's like some sort of ran script that goes out over the airwaves they get these generic packets from their that year like nbc and stuff like that they could change the wording but i still do not i do not believe there probably laziest fuck
idea what we get coastal and you have to realise that for years your grown up when you are young you always are directly shea me controls everything fuck it they could not control everything they control what they want you to hear right control what they want you here you can't shoot a fuckin be begun now without the whole country finding on ten seconds they win rough the fuckin orgy now a new point gotcha new orleans by if i'm sorry announced signing sureness lower there what are you doing is certainly gross why dont distract our conversation that are there and then the fact that they do so i don't have a second conversation is contrary to add anything that would do it is because people eventually just i mean how many times i don't mean to put anybody down you watch a second lily now
pay for their and then only when anything they like fucking silently everything to fort for fox and wherever they are all the same just rewritten over and over and over again and there's some nice it's gonna may roaming costs i'm the one dicers juggling something original remember i should that night somebody to say as the original home and causes dawn dyson joe he just did dyson dies did the jargon the original cause did the same joker the main rule one night this was the best but it's the same thing with tat that's it this why this shit's winning this is i'm more people training interests first but i know this is this is it mean cassidy's pike ass we do we put him up there are that it does have the tv shows operate under where they interrupt things every fifteen minutes that's it that i watched till the walking dead you know
we get on apple tv you can't get it the night comes out on tv so was out on sundays i decided to watch it on regular tv in real time it was fun in brutal they just commercial after commercial after commercial they can throwing commercials up it was fuckin crazy as like this grows terrible way to watch and our programme we have so many different options now pike s and people jumping were gone i like this when i was jail in one night i may i may lead to gave him i would say the caribbean what's his name in jail and off he was smart image hosting show on cars that to say once again that goes on it once again who started up johnny depp we all like johnny depp lava johnny depp i'm gonna go ability pomona movie i promote i'm talking to you
shall i be so tell us about what you are doing well on the size of my old starts get the fuck out of here you have broken up a fag around the same shit so eventually some people said fuck it we can't do this all these things to mere register your shower about gas yes i was the different assortment of one educational five guys i try meter history one is fucking great by the weakest number history reader they are very interesting and even when you're doing a park ass he was the one that educational it's not coming you why i like how they do does your radio lab ever had a radio out radio i was really good etc it's interesting to because they add in sound effects they like tell a story and they it really well to do an interview and explain things as the interviews go away they intersect a narrator explaining things as a goal number they call sound effects and shit it's really well produced so
they have a premise i the premises was why are these athletes from this one take the arab in africa why they such good runners like what is it these guys it make him good runners and then the whole show they speak to experts to talk about and then they ultimately speak to a guy who is born and raised in that tribe and he explains what it is a combination of factors but one of them being is brutal circumcision thing that these guys have to go through unbelief billy brutal rights of passage to become man were there a concise you with a sharp stick they make crawl naked through thorns i gets like really hard core shit like what they make these people do they make their they make them run i gonna regular basis whether dick is like twisted up like they have therefore skin tied up in a bow and they're they're running naked when i get out the the hot they also they have to run they can't walk anywhere incredible rights of passage to become a man that are so
brutal they get through this they have this insane tolerance for pain and they have this genetic predisposition to be good runners like the waiter body shaped and built fascinating stuff so list me too it on this podcast maybe appreciate like that style of podcasting acts in and it's style obviously than we do but i like that alone all its obese gotta be created now with the same people are sick and tired of you not listen for years i've said dan i normally so people ilo fuckin stays up just those later delivered channels i dont know why this go on working time pocket no who watches dead shape and now you sad i lie with now they gotta put stars on every week to make it work every fuckin awake put somebody famous now i get home on satellite and those of its miley cyrus just in ten blake and poor i gotta know last week was the other guy what the fuck do you want me to do fuck asean i live cast their vote we want
does that shitty after those fuckin people on there but it's a mess who watches late my talk show hullo tolerance direction you do well just camel militia that fucking conan clip was great opponent baconians out at nine o clock with times here here its value in china compete home comes out at ted i corner i'm talking about levels internal speed honcho i've never wild game the beginning of a couple minutes there as you do on the same standard thing like monologue in the beginning then i think you can this is like a podcast show warfare and i haven't wants the whole thing my friend wants it he's after cournand is always yes i'll have to call it and then craig ferguson still those piano fuckin what's goin out at all was the other jane leno kill me fuck you once in a while still got a heart of my main man they well that's my dog
what's him if he's got somebody cool i know is that a goal for all of us of that he still an interesting guy he's very interesting i've always loved him since eighty four to watch and david know you get a real see an interesting side him he's in comedians getting in cars getting coffee you know where does the areas sancho have you see now why would i be letterman is really interesting because he has a vaudeville drives around and as crazy soup to volvo and someone famous call them by who was it who was that wanted to know if he wanted one of those volvo's some mother crazy fucker some other crazy famous fucker forget africa who it was but someone said hey ma am binding soup you want one he's like fuckin count me and so that this volvo the sick speed and like a fuckin ridiculous high horse power engine it's good you're crazy like a regular wagon you know that you
drive around and put its its brutal click on that shit is he could see what it is that's a big time both the call to the ad involve that's an address those that it's the ghetto those fuckin fifteen second ants like the skip add option other than it's gotta seconds of five seconds you gotta get me quick gonna get me
mommy's gotta volvo wagon vista ninety ninety five although nine sixty station wagon oh my god really is in region red has a black leather interior premium sound system and a sun rule but it was filled with a high performance racing engine by none other than all gnomon men's lazy horse power would be eight with a super charger and i must thank five speed gear by saying that kind of car that you would take to a place like this and do things like this but it actually car where you can do things like he's doing how rude
that's an interesting web series to another one like jerry sign for like i like him in that more than even like you do in stand up like really good at that ass he loves fuckin cars that guy's addicted to car we feathers on he's issue push owner like he's he owns like some insane amount porsches i mean he's got like like like huge garages that he owns that are dedicated to these cars sexy airport in santa barbara noxious here on the east coast is well he's got a separate one set up over there and he has a full time mechanic that takes care of all the stuff is like just costly working on its core slick he has like air cars are worth a million bucks like rare first in addition the out nineteen seventy three nights eleven our ass cars are super hard to get a hold of his
a car not strike j leno two went to jail in those best things that he does jail garage it's a thing that he does online and its like it better than the tonight because the fuckin guy loves cars i mean he's in love with everything and not just for scars he's gonna bunch old stupid cars like these crazy like nineteen ten fuckin shit boxes that he's got rebuiltthey he drives around and m is jerry seinfeld realise just laird the ice get like all kinds of cars mostly porsches but obviously could see there's gotta chevy camaro ass easy ass bugger viii w bugger he's got a fuck load of cars man he loves em i mean i you know people are in a weird shit some guys steroids other guys and a gun teresa fails in cars fuck it get their cattle acta joey do it do it doing the surest do your wife driver subaru tat she has
truck candelabra blackened gangster she has the without honest silver one to anyone say that when the car the elastic early got was die hand i owe the one that looks like a mercedes yes does this must be great somebody told me those cars are fucking great this guy who knows cars told me look the difference alexis it's a barely evident here i gather access is a little bit sharper it's a little bit like higher tolerance is a little bit better design little bit more i and but not that much he's like that fuckin car them it looks like a mercedes at hundred makes it goes like that is like the bargain fuckin car the year that's fucking god it's red card on i've done eighty just did a hundred and ten coming back from san diego one night like nothing nothing i think i have noticed friendly korean and he was just like he was a doctor and he was talking about a korean work ethic and like he's like you don't know man goes when these guys make car
of these one hundred was first come announcing the nineteen eighty seven and he was like listen man these cars are going to be good were four thousand dollar car that went ballistic there were great i lose salesmen sullen these making twenty thousand dollars a month and for how long the commission's that's how many fucking days there was so much those were for georgia is called i forget them dave similar super cheap bloody a red they went away for a while and they came back with this new thing site mitsubishi like i've always said there's a mitsubishi part in every fuckin car to be she has shit every fuckin car lot what's the well sir what it mitsubishi build built they built the plain that people crazy oil to the main issues which be issued the make that's while out old time people of by fuckin any cause mitsubishi chrysler chrysler have mitsubishi
sunday alot of people tat these hundreds expensive down this call at coos q you u s accuracy is sixty thousand out there too but you look at it a higher pointed out alone mercedes it's a dope fuckin car man hungary's lunch you know it's a ball it's a ballsy move too if you that's a money by sunday like you know i'm pitch biscuit and this i need is the opposite of the cadillac move with the anti floss where is it which so which one is now the equity q you u s each you you you ass sixty one thousand hours man does not cheap and that's where starts at dale yeah but it's a
ox our car in comparison to the like the high end lexus like what's the high end lexus let's say hi lexus lexus s forty four six hundred starts off its seventy one so it's like not so much of a savings and a mercedes benz as five fives zero either comparing on my dear the ultimate so the acquiesced ultimate is sixty eight thousand and the lex sal for sixty starts at seventy one thousand the lex is a mother fucker dude those japanese those designers and engineers at they have that work for cut toy oda and then when the lexus and made the high and lexus i had excess truck i still miss that truck really least it now i brought it with me to colorado i miss that fuckin truck it was perfect was one of those big ones a thing it's called the relax the suv god damn that thing was good it was just rock solid the
handled in like snowy whether in the east the way it drove even those a big car like the only systems that were designed to stabilize at around corners and stuff and is adjourned double suspension fastened stuff man and then the alas which is their big flagship that's the one that's their their big you no other big sudan that thing is the first car parks itself a parallel parts itself now i get finds the spots of your seeing that afforded that also addressed it at all yeah yeah i would trust learn as well as large resources where's the braking system to lex is right we have a lot of brake modestly braking system that earlier because a lot of different car you talk about we're cruise control which workers it's like us markers model yeah monday's heather
but there are also those things that recognise even when you not increase control they apply the brakes if you're going to close the cars this career as like that lane departure warning we're in totally if you'd like to go over and away that's fascinating i have that on my suv and it also why will slow down if there is a common front it's a laser guided cruise control so say you get on the highway you say ok i like the seventy miles an hour well there's a bunch of tat fuck it slows down like whatever the traffic scanlon like forty and you have to put your foot on the brake slowly damning you have to put it put your foot break of everything gets dead stopped but then when the traffic picks up it'll pick up a little back from forty back to sixty backed seventy it's amazing they came up the new mercedes drives itself man their reporting about it in the frankfurt auto show the newest otto show this guy chris harris those following follow is really funny mode of journalist
he was there at the auto show and we're talking about this new car that literally you gonna be able sit in and it's going to follow the over the road it's gonna break can accelerate decelerated it'll do like verse really everything that a person does so their super close to that kind of google technology from more than one source i know the glue car has been real successful they have a car gives itself and hasn't gotten any fuck and accidents sir why times gonna be like why was why should we let people drive he flickered dummies you crash into each other if you know what he drives ever you just getting you saying and you press a button just never get me a crash again is no better i mean i know that that it's nice to be able to drive i like driving and i know you are driving but wouldn't it be if we knew that no one that you love would ever die in an automobile action again and that's how begins joint that's how they take away freedom stop skynet goes life it's all coming through google
coincidence they just bought the fuckin role company joey they bought the boston dynamics and make an fuckin robot frogs and shit cheetahs what's next joe ideas i'm a mirage friday night our should fear brian cowen joey ideas aids else come on brown and are you gonna get again should go on texas rightly january knife houston january tenth us in january eleventh dallas where are you where you go into all the places where people know yet in houston we're gonna be outfits scare fitzgerald and we're doing a pod cast before the show and then we're having a show me and tony hinge cliff and then in the january tenth tiffany had issues joining us and we're gonna be at the spider house ballroom
and in july ermine january eleventh will be at the curtain club in dallas texas again with tiffany had is tony hence cliff good a google leave moon really and this friday night of course the mirage but then the thirty first christmas eve i'm at the mill rose improv with tony hinge cliff and the loveliest sam tripoli be in item thirteen january twenty fourth chicago oh jesus it's gonna be called me and the mother fucker irish affair we can have it's you are we going to levin buffalo do you mean you worry twenty three to twenty five of many of my life less good away hawaiians fucking a great place to go no matter what you gonna do what they do duncan just got back whose maui reflection retreat that's how he's born he's relevant yea went to some crazy spiritual retreat and talked about
pod podcast than met a bunch of people from the podcast gas were there but he said it wasn't even weird is that it was weird at first but everybody was like so too near what their retreat was actually really all about that at all turn to be like a really positive experience could you did i do now i can never to shut up with that fucking out there but a freak show of dude right you name o my eyes and i get it to do settle down name how why look i stay ever every show and i meet people after every show pictures of everybody until their entire to taking pictures i too to be as accessible as possible i talked people's much possible but i think those cyprus in areas where it is constantly round people like you're saying like on a boat more with most of the people like literally ninety percent of people or more that you run into it'll be fine but there's that ten percent
i don't know i believe you allow will you won't lose radius bay situation lies occasionally but that's all i have to say to them occasionally let's not when i talk about me joey i jam ban and his friend made a song with joe with you and your baluchi and all that stuff and another sign i think they they ve fearlessly and why are you finished and gas but you should all drowned we sit in this so that that's it folks thanks to audible dot com gotta audible dar comforts last joe get yourself a free audio book and thirty three days of autumn a service we love them their excellent can't say enough good things about audible dot com they are in fact the shit they also sponsor hard core history swung my favorite pike ass ever so audible doc
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percent of any nor supplements are you fuckers will see soon merry christmas got such elevated kisses moons dreamliner noise let's get up really is the last of the greek authorities will bring further still does not touch my family guy not just by family family guy just like that
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