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#444 - John Hackleman

2014-01-21 | 🔗
John Hackleman is an American martial artist and the head trainer at The Pit mixed martial arts gym.
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not just been around martial arts but come from a traditional martial arts background you were there for the birth of emma may in oyster walking around at ge pants and you still sport is fanny pack you don't give a fuck and you ve been around for a long time man you ve been of round through the whole birthplace vote may and trained arguably are the greatest fighters in the history of game and chocolate we would argue impossible to argue right in arguably ashes said his mean top all one of the all time most exciting guys to watch ever ever ever and he was always like that and you were there through his entire ride man they want yeah i remember you were there when he fought was it knowing hernandez is guy that the cat's name yeah and they came up to me backstage until an john john per head he told shock not issued autumn is valid
chuck was a wrestler he told us if he wants to work for the us you're going to have to stand up and bang he stood up and bang he he's he should have been bagged a lot yeah but be telling that guy has to do that so hilarious like you didn't have to tell him that he was going to do that anyway he checked fucking ladell i actually towards the end of his career i begged him not to so much and he still he would not stop banging he he bang to the end the air he very shortly dead and news she talked about it before too that he just like would hit a guy and he know he had him hurt and it's just killer instinct would just take over and he couldn't help it he couldn't help him we would spend hours and hours and hours with we put the little thing down when his chin and his shoulders to keep his chin down keeps us to keep his hands up awaits us and put stuff under his arms and hours and he would drill it drill drill it and then the
second he hit someone and just saw that little spark in the eye the killer instinct would take over and he drops his hands to his hips put his chin up in the air and just starts swinging for the knockout he'd forget everything well the crazy thing about chuck is for the longest time he could take everything he could take all of it and he beat a lot of guys cause he took their best shots and then when they didn't expect him to be around his knocking them out like ouster thought ouster pride does damn wars of one round war ouster came a very strong hidden with some really good knees really shot but chalk could falcon take it and stay in there and he would and he hit so hard and and then when his chin wasn't quite what it was he didn't want to change the style we didn't want to turn in to more seal game he wanted to go out a banger yeah he did that's crazy there but i guess
you know out so hard further with the average person even me included i might have been therefore all of it but so hard for meeting and understand what it must have been like to be that guy you know did he was the view she first exploded chuck was the poster boy i mean he was the guy you couldn't get like a better guys far is like style and like the result of his fights like if you wanted people to watch a fight you watch it shut down violate the bob aloof or the randy fights and guy damn he fought exciting mean he was one of them all time destructive guys in the history of emma and heat he was the that was at the top right when it explodes this was so fascinating so fascinating to watch that guy's career was it was quite he was an animal he was
like animal usually stoppin ouster the pride that overhand crazy overhand right throws heeded a few times before that too he had tagged him he to wear on him then boom we just put them away that crazy i handed he used to throw that was the strangest punch it would throw it right in between their gloves and is going to be the same got that bad he's got some serious one punch knockout power to he we were training yesterday and it's scary because i want to use these hands usually with hard punchers it hurt your shoulder when you him the old limits but with him it goes it does the immense it does even hit the shoulders because it feels like your hands every tammy heads it actually feels like here the bones of twenty eight look
one in your hand i mean there's twenty eight little bones in there and it feels like they're all separating every time he hits and i mean it's not even pain it is has such a word feeling and i just i just you know i guess flashbacks every time he hits me because it hits my hand but it goes all the way to my brain and i have flash back to when i was ten years all getting hidden by some moans back in hawaii like deep flashbacks like you're holding pads i do and i'm like but then i realized where i am i'm just thinking i just feel sorry for anyone that he hits and makes contact with that punch because it's a punch i've never felt before it's the power check out a different power chuck chuck power was mainly that straight right and then he had the overhand but it was timing chuck was about timing a great timing very to some when he fought vernon forest foreign fernand adjourned for
white and white he's like tiger is walking backwards and i was yelling i was yelling at him for the signal for the right hand and he actually looked over and went like that the announcer said something like it was a you there i don't think it was me then he's looking over to the corner and then just turn i said okay and he to the right and then you just boom i didn't know what now i think i think it may have been me i do i do see i think it was it was like when i first started work and for the usa has yelling brazilian the number for the punch and he like logo gay thing i did it they use out yea any hidden rightly eyeball to those a brutal punch as he has naked he had really hard hands and a punch really hard need perfect timing and glover glover without the timing or with the timing i must say that the timing bay as neither timing how does he has taken powered like in one punch go to sleep wow it's scary
well i saw the beta fight can see it in you fight and he he performed very well against rampage too and then you see the cow kings verified that was just an unbelievable mauling mean the kings varies a really tough guy a really good athletes such a great guy but glover just was so outmatched him it was mulling we did not like that in chuck hated that fight effect chuck because we love kyle and he is and how could you not create my fanny pack of jamie pack we actually have a jam off because every song and dance on youtube could i did a little dance and with my jamie pack i love to dance site challenged kyle but you cannot love cow and kyle it would come around camp for czech towards the end users not even as aspire find him why does she want him yeah is energy is is he's a marsh hardest
then he emulates just a cow keynes bonus cows are really good guy you just said it couldn't be nicer couldn't be smarter a really good athlete too it's coming a late in his life though you know it would have been interesting if that kid got involved in them and with these like fourteen or something like that we started later yeah i believe so i'm pretty sure who is an athlete first regular our thinking is wrestler think easily football player a super athlete though yeah i i don't know if he's retired i think he was thinking retired he a bunch of her face and a global fight was one of them is a real tough fight it took was check was yelling from the side choke because he was i tell them in checked his want of chalk amounts of aid he would try right now want any more damage because we love kyle right we hate had taken their fight
does it was and is a dangerous one you we have a situation like that you know you your guy is gonna fascism is a dangerous is in any way like to have to go into a dick is called a global doesn't have to write he does it mean is much the likes him he's there do the job tariff levels there did job in clover didn't have the closeness that we did term cause he came cow came around more when the glove was on his hiatus to brazil so he didn't have quite the closest he really liked the ambit i mean that the emma may spirit and i'll take out an m the email spirit martial arts is just so different than boxing which is protected might like to it they just don't carry themselves most of em like my cyrus rate care themselves like more like thugs serve yes
they don't have the same camaraderie i mean i have a picture of us sailor of his fight in them in turkey don't know i forgot the guy's name really tough strong ressler he lost a close decision it was his last fight but they were actually the date for the fight at the in they were there hanging out playing video game together like huddled together and i didn't know who that guy was at first i walked over yeah what's up man what's your name and he's like so and so i go aren't you guys meeting tomorrow they will coach rediscover hollow first came in he hung out for two hours at the wagon and then the day of the fight like hanging around the dressing room and then they went out and put on a bridge i mean a very brutal fight is a good thing as a bird as it did they didn't hold back aiming at a definite forty i was desperate who's a great eyes while days then i mean
a comrade you don't see that in boxing and mma you see it more than you don't yeah cool say it's gonna love it vinos cool too when now when anderson was champion a jury in paris champion all those champion anderson was champion when when those guys would like get into the cage and bow i would go well look at this here's the best guys in the world today and all of them behave like martial artists all of have the martial arts the ethics all of them bow face their opponents and they are very well versed daily life largely oda lifelong marshall artist and those the best guys it seems like as time goes on and as guys get better they start to realize that the correct way to live your life is the way the ancient warriors did like they weren't stupid they didn't i'm up with all these ethics because it was cute they did it as it makes you a better person and these ideas of
peace and harmony in to battle and the zen state of mind the ability to achieve this oneness with with the task at hand there's a reason why they invented other stuff and further boxers and you know a lot of mma guys it came from even a wrestling background they don't recognize the power of that those philosophies those four so these remove a lot of the un's indeed in the doubt that people have they remove you know who you are if you follow philosophies yeah i think i see a lot of the boxes didn't have then i came up in a box and background and i was on boxing i was on the army boxing team i was on a lot of boxing teams and the comrade with our team but there wasn't with other teams and i guys like chuck i think chuck was one of the guises started that the gracious did to but
even even a allow the wrestlers they replaced sense with coach and they use the word coach with the same reverence that a lot of karate guys use sense i think a lot of the wrestlers do have more of that work ethic martial arts ethic and like i said it comes through the coach and stuff but you'll see that with check you'll see that with leota when he kicked many owners and had any stood over may dislike could a hidden one or two more times than he knew he was out and there's no need to yeah but have also seen den henderson do that not do it
but i have actually seen him do it when he wasn't angry with a guy remember i did that with one of the graces renzo or he didn't need do that when he yeah enzo was completely i'll call the name recognising could he could hear them again people knew a lot of people will every will every single time by allow the guy's dislike they they know that no need to and some guys know that there's no need to but they still do yeah and sometimes it's the same guy it's just different fights yeah but check had that from the very beginning he also had that with randy because they were they weren't like friends where they call each other and hang out but they were friendly and randy came out to train with me a couple of times and him and check that was before they fought the first time but not too far before they finally got signed to fight and they hung out so they were good they were they never
her work ok was ok with almost all of his opponents he wasn't with two of em that i know of but i think every other one he was very friendly with before and after the fight but never during you never during but yeah he's e recognizes there's no need to be an asshole you know you're gonna fight no matter what talk all you want or create but when when all the guys did talk like if anybody like the tito it's perfect example though that's like one of the more bitter rivalries he had you know it's like you could see a push them off it's not really a good strategy was i a treasure strategy check off an anti do the ices somebody you know it bother check the most was now what someone said hamburgers he almost everything could go off his shoulder i mean you know like chalk whose big
and i think it's chaco neil or one of the basketball players i'm not sure who it was but is actually in the dressing room after chuck beat somebody and chuck came in and echo neil or whatever this deal should kill anyone here jack you're my favorite fighter and check talked him i saw the woodchuck interact with them or famous movie star chuck interact with them he interacted with a guy on the street asking for quarter the exact same way yet he interacts with everyone with dignity and respect and he's a family man like no other but so and when tito did say some things you didn't bother check that what is said to him by the chuck because he thought his kids with here then they and he don't want is kids here in that kind of stuff so is this and you saw this twin
the punches land on tito's face in about a second and a half flat that was one of his best performances and those were epic fights and epic in different ways like the randy fights were epic were those redefining because i think the first like losing their first one really taught him something about being prepared in condition than he just got out worked he got to a situation where he underestimated and randy's on top of them and he's exhausted and randy pounded on him yeah he was a chuck was never the conditioning guy he trained really i'm a condition but he didn't love to work out he loved to fight news a fighter i'm in there
people that love to fight and want to be a fighter but data now they loved to be a fighter they want to be a fighter check love to fight hitting care about being a fighter he just love to fight he was in their levin defy the contract was have but he just love to fight right and an he he just he has wanted to fight he didn't the conditioning part was so he could be better find a hidden love to work out right he loved to fight that wasn't very few people do love the civilisation lay globally love alone court magee lousy grew and globally yeah court mcgee he runs a lot with wait vests on too right he does crazy stuff and i he'll call me like every other day coach what what am i doing ten i'll put them on these crazy things and sometimes just you know not expect them to do the whole thing call me back that night he goes well
so and so and i did this much weight and i was like oh shit okay he's a freak he's a freak of conditioning nature and so's glover yes glover i brought glover to a cross fit because i'm a crossfit a certified guy and i brought him in early days across that i brought him to a seminar a certification in and they they picked him up the audience because he was the bad guy they what they always want to make them look bad so their survey they're trying to call him out to try to dog them and they are trying to have em go against this girl doing overhead squats we really tough movement for even muscular guys has so much to do a flexibility and balance and anna and shoulder pliability they call him up and he did twenty one of them in a row and everybody in the audience was like okay he just made it fool to you guys and then so the crosser guy said okay not
that's good muscle of anglo what's the matter i don't even know what that is so they showed him to the rings and he did a muscle up in no way to know what it was now i did it that's glover a natural freak too just like quarters mama guys have to go through my training regiment which most don't like but they actually love it they like able we do a coach you're you're famous for having some pretty out and this strength and conditioning methods like you like to use barrels to use your electorate guys do like heavy actual work death i want i want them to yeah i do want to work hard and i want to push to that limit because in a fight you go to that limit so many times i realise that and i had to get my strength and conditioning and staff in order by reading books because of fourteen years old in honolulu hawaii
and when i decided i want to find a gun was in the hague in shape so into the library thousand junior high school and i got a lab library book and it was a rocky marciano and i read that i learned that i should go run two miles that's amazing did he ran and there that shows that where there is still a werewolf bad though because i was trying to gain weight and you marzano light fur heavyweight so he he advocated media graham crackers and shakes what its henriette gregorio craig as the czechs who was in his book his book is like britain by nineteen fifty two whether he is he said that way or put on some extra muscle he was he was a headway enough and he was walking around like the hundred seventy two what do you mean that light i felt it was about one ninety now he would fight you try to fight it you again the high eightys but he would walk round lighter and he would try to gain the way to an real there's no way class
wow that's crazy i didn't know i thought he was very light but we're people smaller baghdad except for guys like primo carnero nino who fought then if i louis a prima carnero fire dems didn't he get knocked the ring by dempsey yeah i think it was desirous picture yeah that's right he was a legitimate enormous giant guy yeah he was huge but like joe loose also fairly like guy right he's in the nineties crazy so hard for people to imagine that the heavyweight champion a world was back ninety there and i mean and when you look at someone like like my marzano hit so hard here or even mike tyson i mean i mean he heap he bought up and wait and want to try two fifteen solid as a rock was smaller than most of his opponents he was such a good idea nightmare now
mike tyson of the nineteen eighties what a nightmare must have been the fight that guy just try to keep em off keep em off keep em up and he just will you not you and every we even in every pines and he and he was tat he was such a student the game huge he urged it again so he knew exactly how to land those laws solid picture then that's their habits to big lovers idle there now but as as if as a fighter well loved didn't clover have a fight and ties and was in the audience and any came up and hugged him after who fight was that that was the one that was to huna son who's a tough mother he's very tough very tough so glover is now finally after all this time for a lot of functional know this very few guys to this day aren't in the ufc that you look at and you go damn i wish that guy was in the ufc
many much all of em in the usa today does if cobbler guy as in my opinion i think michael chandler an area over or two guys that i'd love to see in the ufc i think they're super high level i think there's some some talented guys find other organizations but the big name was always glover has always i can't get a visa guy can get a visa for people tell you wait till you see this motherfucker and i watch some of the sites online and then i mean i was finally got a chance to have them in the octagon and i was like wow oh yeah this guy is legit he's very legitimate he's very well rounded just what an back well rounded game good kicks good punch good chan good aggression grades jitsu redress grassland vicious ground and pound very soon not really missing anything conditioning is off the hook
condition and the ability to take a shot and then recover really quickly and hurt the other guy like the beta if i was a perfect example that in a debate or clipped him and he knocked bade her out just a few seconds later and then it was just a beautiful left hand that he landed on better he's a monster man has ever any fight surgical five thousand debbie's iran that we see that there a fight that dan henderson call me and asked me to take because dan was managing so do you guys so could you hear him just teen often soldier he crushed i did so could you was like after that went on that hot that power fine tear pride or you destroy and people started with a roller destroyed iran at me and monitoring he fought and little knock double donor with a rest member that can i want to throw light
left hand and caught him with the wrist and starched him i mean he had unbelievable power knocked him out knocked arona out in one of the most terrifying ever and you thought holy shit who's going to beat this guy and then you realize what is almost already beaten globally and then you watch the glove fight you're like whoa what the fuck man glovers an animal yeah then you had that really fast knock out six second knock out of here's another wc fight the guy out of vandals camp i don't know who it was yeah george it was george something not oh george well clovers now and to fight for the title is really interesting because it knows long i'm coming just to get him into the ufc had visa problems for south six years
was fighting john jones jones and john is coming off that really tough fight with gostefson i think john is going to be highly highly motivated i mean he realizes how close that fight was how dangerous that fight was there was a wake up call kind of a fight like look man this is out there the gust of sin guys are out there and just go over to share guys out there too so i think john is going to come in like super motivated and he talented kid to me john jones about that guy young got ever win and they may title at the highest level its shell gun for the title and stop them i mean it's a bit him up beats a mass murders a moslem the flying knee seconds into the fight to show creative so light so our chances and risk does not share the you don't expect an answer it doesn't even as a champion
he's not he's not changing his game at all as a champion of he's about mother fucker that is a fantastic fight is a or tools but here there one there are one point i just get you figure my hands separating and amendment is how hard he has only it's gonna be a good fight as it is a great match up it is i don't think i mean our i would get real nervous to fight jones real nervous to fight someone like even jail whose
like his take towns are so crazy be so nervous to fight your rampage cause of his aggression at this there's somebody guys with so many tools anderson but that just knowing the power that their clover has i think that would put the most feared to me while yes it is hitting that hard this be like when i do i can do this this in the snares and get away from it tried to this item but the second that hand land i don't know what to do what's not going to break do you have any videos of him like hitting the bag or hitting the pads that are online not really we did one yesterday and instagram one people love watch and training videos where people love watching those i love watch like i love those countdown did you ever see shows is like a hager here you get to see those countdown to that you have see shows you get to see guys in their honing thing tightening their skills and it just makes the end
the beijing that fight ever more exciting you know like this outcome car this weekend the fox card henderson verses josh yeah that's just thomson fuckin love that fight that is a great fight and henderson josh thomson that is gonna be an exciting cars that fight that's in chicago her love that fight both all those guys who do i love the josh thompson to finally get his do he's been won top guys and hundred forty five pounds for a long time pays then we took that neat ds fight for people to see you know of focused motivated josh thompson is undoubtedly world class meaning first guy to stop natas like that the ocean do any you ever doing that today s stuff it shit dayton ideas takes a hell of a punch hell of a apaches durables fuck josh thompson stoppin him was a
huge victory that you really get to see with josh is fully capable of come into his only known arise gray ressler fight of killer melendez who that last firewood melendez and strike force what a fight that was god damn that was a fund that was a really really close fight till later people had thompson winona fight in those very close very controversial and what great fight it was gilbert lenders a fuckin savage days is he's like an old school mexico i love that dude love watching that dude fight ago like he chose to getting the fight like that with year ago i could have avoided he could have fought like you no more tactical today just wrestling more met him in the center and they boil threw down he fought henderson the same way yeah
that was a very very close fight as well very close very close fight love these guys are so evenly matched because one or two or more are gonna have to rise to the occasion to gonna have to see going on in this division you gonna fuckin insane division we got anthony paris this goober talented kid ridiculous kicker we will probably one of the best pickers inanimate today one of the best strikers i tactical strikers he shows slick and then take him to the ground and he's got laser sharp jujitsu i mean that arm bar was fucking magical it was so perfect the way he set that up and slapped it on it was a vice i mean that was going nowhere the fight was over that was like real high level shit and then you got pens in his fantastic and guarantee you he's gonna be motivated is how come the loss and coming off of you know he just didn't think was gonna get caught that position he was on top he thought he was okay getting caught
like that losing twice in a row to a boxer yeah exactly by well you can't check box or have a username is too good then you don't think it's a kickboxing can kick the liver yeah do i remember watching him on the ground before he was not amy's stories kicking really well and always doing really well but a couple of fights where he got taken to the ground where i was even more impressed with the way synched up a triangle on somebody i forget the fight but i was like well kid is legit not you stand up but he's dangerous is far from his back which is rare among fight fairly rare he's definitely coming off or comes from a very very talented creative camp duke rufus is what a gem of a human being to couldn't get a nice guy like run your camp any runs runs it any runs it well yeah he think he is he's probably one of my favorites minds well
a great coach he's just a great guy to i love sit near and talking to olympic in his brain long conversations with him picking his brain about striking techniques and about what guys are doing differently and what you know what you have to do to avoid theirs and why this standing like this we set up that in the united states it oh well of knowledge is more like just go if you get knows a man you give great cornered vice i'll tell you that the frenchman now what's good about your corner advice freak out you know you know lose your com euro common the guy down while you're in there i will never forget when court fought the that first big fight was it ryan damaged answer yes ryan jensen though fight and ryan jensen came out like a house on fire in the first round so huge too damn you look good in that
that first fight i mean it was one of the best performances of riots career that first round the first round of that fight scare and then you got him down you got court in between rounds and he said i never forget this because you're so calm he said don't worry your conditioning is going to take over you're going to take over from here and that dude came out like a goddamn john hackelman robot and just did exactly that just put it on em chased him down and eventually system and i was like while that is a unbelievable turn around of events very there was it looks so good in that fight ryan rather ryan jenson looks so good in that fight in that first round mean he showed like his real potential that these are really talented kid that you know there's a lot of those guys like that these really talented kids that may or may not ever fight for the title but they moments inside that cage real i won't this guy's got potential
at first round was one of them but the way you were so calm and so like collected in the corner like you had a physical clean calming effect on all your experience and you talk to him that's pretty valley i down in your man man has i was pretty nervous the other another close one in the corner was clay harvesting against justin edwards to that thing or pull it closer to you if you could yeah i think another oh there we go closer one was that play higher seventy five just an edwards various another away so closely sometimes tell that the guy just needs this that said or either whether be instruction direction motivation i mean you never tell a guy you're losing right i'll never know created link is always gonna hear like when he here in europe you said you tell the kid you're act is stupid
all these years is yours do it right i have said before is apparent when you say here you're losing their is getting here you're gonna lose anything with the word losing at it is it's a negative and those where oh shit i lost right and they a little bit i think out of him you do though when a guy's lost four rounds and around you gotta give some common structure you just go straight technical let me ask to win this you have to stop stop fight do you have so instead of saying when you lost the four around you just say you have to win this one right you have read the stakes round yet a knock em out or you can lose and then you can lose your house and your kids and your wife will probably divorce you and somebody will fucking take your lunch when you when you get home than that lot of pressure you put next pressure on them see human sometimes i get emotional
doesn't very does your approach vary depending on like the guy death different for chocolate named for sailor they are very different and you just have to feel the guy and then feel them seventeen corners and seventy four nineteen seventy four we are told me sir i mean i like i'm real emotional two aspects my fighters and i get somewhere have my own little breakdowns but i don't want them to see it because i get very emotional i've had like chuck glover that all my guys at one time or another kutuzov came just relax and i get really sometimes it worked together you really nervous like to see my guys sarah that have my guys in my jim training have a great time doing kempo doing pit stuff hitting the bag sparing once in a while but nobody fighting daddy my dream come true passion is training people having fun training with them
and just having a marsh large school pudding on and going to the beach saturdays with our geese and running and everybody looks at us and we're just like hey what's up but check stopped all that because who were less the path i was on my return fighting i want to find a more i hate fighting i hate it anyone i was fighting you know but that's all i know to do and as well it's a long story glenarvan why wasn't a pretty picture but then comes came to one day and is a tonne you try fighting they really mean like in the ring i got his ears for ever fighting to follow a vicious this isn't funny training his i want to try it if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out i just a couple of flights and assure goes those chocolate
so after that my plans of just having fun little martial arts school called pit and a bunch of fun guys training having a time and wearing a key all over the place and fanny and it and it is to hell what is it that you are let us get helen never back one of the greatest careers in in training ever and they went to how it went down you did you sit there because check towards the end of his career we decided okay we decided when he was going to retire and there was the controversial that with a dane away thing but we i mean all of us including dana who you know women a couple of interactions but he loves chuck like i do and he always one of the best for czech like i did and it was like bulwark from different angles trainer and here's a promoter yeah yeah i would though we both love check in one of the best return come but
in his gregor you take over the team and i'm gonna go worker we work at my school and do my when i love to do the pit and you can the fighters and i'll help you but i do want travel anymore i don't work anymore corridors are no problem there we shall now worked out now these like your fucking car dashing calabash as at the time the time basically for anything but check it out and that's all you that's it that's life now well he's a legend he's a legend superstar chinese end there's nobody that that deserves a more and he's a great representative of the sport is not life supervise got his either drapers rep representative of being a man yeah he certainly family he's loyal he's alone loyal human alive his he's a very noble guy there and the other you know the stories about him and he is that guy
through and through and i mean i'm private closed system and as i know you everything as if it wasn't for one guy you wouldn't be known as a trainer had their air probably could i wouldn't be training i think it was a firm they still be here some of the other guys around that i'd be you'd be a martial arts and try me that's the end i be so happy what is it about the competition what is about fighting that is the state board you dont like or nerve racking what is it will you love competing makes me cry and now to cry i definitely dogma guises emigre has america it makes me sad to see them get hit really realizing when i went through an as fighting and now and not wanting to do it and then just wanting to be a different different and getting so nervous and then the late let down of the fight we are whether when i lose i mean i don't let down like if they lose
it's over now he write her gay but then i know to do it again love these guys i'm in love i love olive and a man now i have been involved in sport have become like yeah i just like all these years not even my own guys are so many guys are there i hate to see yeah i guess i hate to see any other guys lose and even worse than that i hate to see them get her cause i know it heard some now faces i just don't like that so you have one which i gotta be teaching cry happy is a pig shit somewhere does not want to almost let's get out of your take on shark was he he's gonna retire when he wants to retire when he chooses to retire he's a man's when the great champions of all time when he choose retired that's when you retires and dana was like look good you're retired now and so that's where you guys had your issues yours was almost sort of out of maybe like
so much respect for the man and as a competitor that likely it's up to him he's gotta make the decision you can listen to my advice but it doesn't matter you ve got him the decision whereas dana was like he loves we know that dana fuckin loves chocolate any always using our first bass and an icy all beaufort for a promoter meda countries contour counter to his own financial interests shock was a huge paper view draw still would be if you came back today we got imagined got out of hand without came back today in him randy went out again shocking randy for jesus louise is there will be a big paper veto in heaven it wouldn't happen never have i wouldn't let out i don't care if i baseball bat break laser emulate nancy kerrigan but if it did whatever what i'm saying as it would be a huge huge vampa the usa would never do it now they would furthermore they will never did he wanted but but what whether people
realize including data was i want to check to retire from before even started one and i find it all sounds like but now fighting and healed fighting it's his passion he's gonna say was equipped if i some get hurt really bad like i did with retraction right then done and an end right then i said that's it that's the last one no more and he didn't disagree and but yo emotions run high after the fight so we we decided right that that night we said well listen in such a set weeks we're gonna go hike madonna which is our mountain up there and we'll talk about i will decide then madonna and we said you know what no more that's it and we decided then and he came back down and announce it that's awesome that was awesome yeah what about the sum of the other tough fight that he had had like they were shot fired the unfair is thou on better
to be honest i have only seen chalk knocked out that one time were shot yes where the other called the other times were like a boxing they would about flash knocked down it wouldn't he would it take into account about the retrained and fight without one is the one year so those two were the ones who really want to be honest the rich franklin one i didn't really know the knock out as much as i did the cut the cut just free the shit in a big cut as open upper lip service how was it it freaked me i mean i i've seen the armor i'm a roman yearners i mean relay i've seen your hearts open but this one is just a just to see some i love so much like that it's a freak now right so i was like never never fired again i don't give a shit you're never fired into that cut me the helen he had such good plastic surgery and looks right now and
some india so leaving that perfect their amazing jail face a great job and thanks to you we are we get on with a dark out of our town doktor rusty whose a great our dog and he travelled to that fight and he actually went into the er and said now working this way and their views the regular yard i do it now this is the lip this is this these plastic work organs so he went in and anne did his doctor thing sure was down the right way the first time doktor receivers chasm really loyal friends because of his loyalty to people and ass i was i was lucky so after the recharge fight was what was the thinking they the thinking was rigged yeah he got knocked out that was the first am i ever seen and be knocked out soon knockdown
that was hard but how many guys using that had the came back his lot shore and decided to regroup and see how he's going you sure you want to fight okay let's go i was always pushing that but retire but just as a coach keep putting that in his ear it's like that's kind of like oh i'm a great trainer i'm telling you to retire and then i'm saying hit harder it's like kind of going both ways so i kind of just let him grown man decide and then an legacy dana's input was very important ngos is well taken it is i didn't i didn't want that always throw shoved chuck face because i was more trying to build a more those watch a guy who from the beginning to the end and watching the end like a girl of sharks very important for young fighters too to see that there is a window in this thing
you really you don't have forever you have a few years and the all depend entirely upon how much damage you take how many injuries you get along the way and genetics huge and nutrition and health and taking care herself along the way as well watered down to be able to see that there are still two different dirty there's a beginning the arctic is another one is it begins and then there's an end and when the over it's over it's ali is not to come back and when the title now he's not gonna get in the ring with vladimir click going all suddenly starts dancer and every such chair and it's over ok and not extreme people think it's an extreme but mohammed ali i guarantee you still remember the days when he was a boxer when it was the fucking bad as mother fucker on earth when he's lighten up cleveland williams just here with unbelievable combinations fleet afoot still in his head there s hard for all of this is hard for me to retire and i was never anywhere in that
i never tasted the fruits of of superstar them as a fighter i never got you years blown out by raging crazy crowds like they walked into the cage and an identity to retire from that we can never understand the noise is hard ass he could i could lay and with ivy yet again they re like me you brought up to tea party and i think this is a huge subject in mma right now and i had a doctor on whose a specialist in traumatic brain injuries name is doctor more gordon these friend of mine and he treats me all the time soldiers football players people with like traumatic brain it is it are trying to recover and one of the symptoms is a lack of testosterone it's one of the major symptoms of traumatic brain injuries and one of the major causes of depression a lack of energy is that their brain
in just getting rattled does a lot of damage the pituitary gland when he says the pituitary gland is very sensitive to impacts whether its cause accidents or fall down urged bang in your head on things even soccer players is heading the soccer ball over long periods of time can really fuck you up and you know when when you realise that ok we're do you deal with professional fighters prefer fights that are on testosterone replacement the a place where what's going on on testosterone replacement because they have a legitimate medical condition or is it because there slowly starting to age and they would like a little pet back in their step or is they ve been hidden ahead so many times their bodies not producing testosterone as much as it should have that's the case that's it that's a very tricky subject isn't it yeah i have i am not a doctor
guy but i have my opinion on testosterone is like unless you have like and filter syndrome or some other low tee agnes her disease are i think your teeth gonna be normal i they either your test ashura normal unless you ve taken in the das i would be willing to bet i gone to bed they're ok so repetitive your chronic brain trauma ok i think the endocrine and the jury working together with the testes which is producing the testosterone i think idling the brain can cause a low t but i think it can also cause a highty because when you're messy that some guys get extra ideas like you stacy emily does it throws it off so you
getting hit in the head could actually increase your production to start writing i think it can i think it can alter it that's interest i think an alter it a theory either yes if everybody is i don't think everybody's a fair because i think they can show but i would be willing to bet that save number arthur a number ninety five percent of guys they are doing or they have a low t testing for low t and they're in their twenties or thirties done some type of steroids in the past i belong to bet that he is pretty safe bet and so i think that is why their ts is low my more than them getting hit and if they i've been getting hit them right i think other symptoms with manifesto as before a low tee assuring in the the speech cognitive cognitive alterations stuff like that i think
realistic which is getting hit too much that's what they call the chronic brain injury as eu manifests itself in a lot of if ways before their tea started lowering and i so you know in boxing you'll see a lot more because they get hit i mean they get hit thousands five times more than they do in any way because of the wrestling the clinton the he said the digital etc but i i think people aren t because they ve taken in the past so now it's low so they go to a doctor and a doctor says oh yeah you have lot here is a prescription fourteen other their anti it certainly is possible that certainly a possible scenario but one of things that this doctor dr mark gordon is figured out it could be just one sees me one head injury
one time falling down doesn't slow your words don't just one on one so one acute injury one it doesn't even really have to be that brutal that's what's scary about it that one throw it off it might not thrown out but just much like how chuck take a terrific punch right some guys can't take a punch at all right it's just the way it is it's the way it's always gonna be no one we're not all built uniformly durable and for some people it's just nothing but one traumatic incident whether it's you know getting hit in the head by a golf ball they're never the same again and you think it's never the again their tea level are never the very possible very possible that that their connected that head injury can disrupt the production of testosterone growth on the pituitary gland and is a very sensitive apparently according to him and he said aloud
i get through a no problem they have long careers as football players in their ok they have i mean there's more than one who have gone through football and not suffered brain damage does not it's not a hundred percent everybody s brain damage train but he said one good concussion one good head injury the whole thing could get thrown off so i don't know i wouldn't want to just give people the false courage that like or the first idea that if you don't slow your words you don't have brain damage or if you don't slow your words you didn't have an injury right i'm not saying you do or don't but i'm just saying i think those symptoms manifest themselves before an actual clinical diagnostic test where your t is all of a sudden low and to see how that test was if they know it was one punch that knocked him out then all of a sudden was this t low before after i mean it would have to be a pretty we
precise double blind study that have been done for a while and maybe it is right estimating but just being around the sport long enough and knowing that i've seen guys just get pounded in pound pound they just seem pretty tee gee up still five never taken d so but i have heard a lot of guys throughout their career starts flourished business there mammy i've seen other things but it's definitely devil interesting say serve their teeth low because of that one punch then ok you give tee but if there's other things also manifest themselves in their there actually the early signs of dementia pugilistic her then be fighting anyway yeah that's the big question is that if you've incurred a head injury and the head injury even if it was only one it's somehow another all danger brains ability to produce hormones
maybe i shouldn't be getting more head injuries so maybe you shouldn't be in sport were the number one thing the people want to do is give you a head injury that scene to be counter productive it doesn't make any sense so which is a weird subject because you guys are on testosterone replacement therapy gnomon super super common situation and its common its comedy eyes way to come and i mean and light here doc dr i'd love to read that by the way before you go you give me that because i'll get you are connected to thy love online i'm very interested in in the different here step that happens the fighters medically butter but i'd be willing to bet that the guys are on it because they want to recover quicker from training i think they want better quicker results and i think they don't realize you got a twenty some year old thirty year old guy and now he's doing t because he got some
doctor but he some guy to say ok you your low as easy as a low because you go emmy you do cycle year hormones and and you know so could be on the low end of high of normal so they give your testosterone now now you're twenty second year is twenty seven year old guy you're taking your charity and and so it goes up to normal goes on higher usually when you're training than they they cycle it down before the task so they're their normal at the task but now with at abuse of the trt or your test olson now you're your careers over your thirty two the now you need to take trt for the rest of your life yeah you shut your production down so so now you're forty five years old and you find yourself in between job about twenty five we ve had guys in the sea there were twenty five years old that had is tat your unused exemptions yeah that's crazy
mean that seems crazy so guy says you're twenty five and you're not fighting anymore and you have insurance have the money to pay for that that weekly sergeant shod i'm not adopt but i would think that if it does shut it down or if it even inhibits it like lupron does then are you be are you gonna start growing brass than the vagina areas for sure what's leubronn the is the is what we if sexual offences it's this chemical castration says well with i would give the like this offenders in him when i worked at the prison the state hospital i would give and their monthly lupron so keep their it's a testosterone inhibitor so they can so they don't they think that testosterone what's making rapists which i do not think it is by whatever so we the term and then say if you if a little extra by mistake once in awhile then there either brian yeah they said
a brass i don't think they actually grew of a day those kind of a joke but they do they do soften up and there i shall here goes away and an aid they become curve we like and become more van alluring to the other inmates really gas so they would you not saying you would someone might might do that on purpose to make them more sexually attractive to the inmates to create a fact cow as it were in my idea that work that way it sort of like that right up a cow for the slaughter wow i was fun russia is it's it's it's it's a testosterone ever so turns the man into china a woman so be like that but i m so you'd i would think you're being on test trt fighter a young fighter
then all of a sudden you're not taken if you don't have insurance and you can't afford the tessa on you're screwed you're in bad shape it looks like a while for your body to rebound and start producing its own testosterone i'm going to try it i had a fighter not too long ago and i fighter and he's he's on testosterone he thought i he can believe i wasn't on it and they are taken anything in my life i i'm the close thing i've ever taken close this thing i've come to get testosterone is top rahman to robin does not give you two restaurant i don't know trt and therapy razor take back home no doesn't work i fully no wonder i do you so how are you get your money back i was because i was antiquity and they that's what they get i thought i'd always meant by using tom around us to a of things i miss wellbeing gluten free rama noodles chicken flavour i would do two of em
those packages together you know sometimes i crack an egg bitch i feel like six eggs and just let it boil in them oh that's nice yeah so do i wish i could eat that canada anymore gluten free at my face consent to look much much taxing sexy i am also speaking of like a man and i'm gonna talk about me like him anger that's something i have been a while ago but my fighter i have the worlds only bisexual polar and bilingual fighter who that who do you think antonio manuel oath fly i didn't know but while she was all those things is as openly nevertheless i am going to facebook any is like pictures of him in a day
ah tat mother or forget is downright r o my god around for a while he was the guy win win floyd may where there was talk and shared check adele's like we're gonna guy was a hundred five pounds william drop you when you're fucking two million he better mobility and he would win their money on the chin floyd may where there's a fuckin phenomenal box but the difference between a phenomenal box the guy with the ability to stop a guy like been well as from taken him down good in luck you know learn that the hard way good luck guy like that you take a guy who's not box or seven pounds heavier down you now doesn't know what he's doing if you're like light quick you think you're going to move out of the way and you're not going to he's gonna shoot on one you're gonna defend that he gets the other clapped his hands together he gone for a fuckin ride up in the air dahlia said he's up and hammer fists on he's a boxing match nine and are correct
our karate eyes of my neighbour and i'm in my own neighborhood the dont it the guy wastes time he teaches people to take down defense and take downs and ground work he goes we don't waste our time with that we hit them while they're coming in and we knock them out they'll never get us to the ground it's like actually a good idea did you ever try that it's a good strategy with a crane strike i tried it with a crane strike it didn't work you ever seen monkey park yes i have a practice monkey power drunken monkey i guess a monkey with justin just risk you how would you take a guy do of these monkey what about a again i wasn't trying to grab dragon clause tiger claw tire launch rag and breathing the fire fire brewers snake or something they cannot take a guy down if he knows that at all the martial arts that were sort of exposed or integrated into mixed martial arts the one that got really left out of the fuckin dances confer boy country
get fuckin left out the music stopped the council was standing in the musical there's game of life confer was the stand and mother fucker the end of the martial arts parade we judo came in a lot of people i would have thought judo not the most affair if current wrong conquer idea showed ok we're losing that they're not laughing only and i had a machine i showed up on type one dog eyes i wonder more tie guys were you there is only created schools actually petting when the old type one donor he's the blackmail under master bill clark and a real good one to the way he throws those kicks very tight one don't like where he's got no chambering step before throws data laugh at that guy's yeah yeah you're sleep on it i would look it out edson barboza landing there we'll kick you started to see all these these techniques now retort land again now veto thirty five years of age thirty six years of age with every is is all
but i wonder blackberry these thrown we'll kicks head had kicked busy being it's like how man the fuckin head the den henderson fight retorted just for dan henderson that was like do you you me like em eulogy fuckin getting better better somehow another and chuck fought him back in two thousand and one right no one was that you have to thirty seven and a half dozen too he knows it was the first one i have accommodated was chuck best it was best transport show one of those things they held the fines and tour back then we're still world class through still fighting guys guys like chalk and then you look today and is actually better all those years later this is him against look right i mean jesus christ and ethical luke rock could this shit and i go look ass sweet ass we ll kick his man i mean you'll never believe that he wasn't like lifelong tag window student ridiculous fuckin athlete here is in and i am now think is
the thoroughly better than he was way back then he's delight different because then he added a different like that blitz he had was was worth last yes no downloads are now underlay fight is much more well rounded now here look at this shit man the facts are that common the guy throws it two times in his career both in one fight yeah he's definitely much more well rounded fighter than will that is in the go back to him where people were thinking it was over with him when he's fighting soccer robin pride member that further whatsoever for retort done breaks his hands to easy he gave up and sakharov a hidden through a ride been through rises anything bet my god you care so much yeah you don't users and staff his sister his sister was kidnapped and was she started ass the others uses
kidnapped and they found her no she's murdered no she was murdered a terrible terrible terrible story i didn't know yeah it's a horrible story and that haunted him for a long time but whatever the reasons are he it seems like now at this stage of his career here's him against robber i mean this is just a totally different guy than tat i were seen now may sakharov be designed sakharov by where the hell's he has done too many of them melvin man who fight did you see that now jesus would pull up sakharov versus melvin man hoof melvin man hoof one all time favorite fighters the guy when loser draw came in throwing missiles at you out mark hunting the fucking first round fought him in a kickboxing about knocked it or no it was mma marco was like shooting in for the takedown and he caught him and knocked him out he's just
wild crazy fuck fighter fighter from england or some from holland classic dutch kickboxing and super rich yet you leslie built just a second freak athlete and he put a horrendous sakharov it was one of the last beatings of sakharov career it's like the jap these they threw him in likelihood they threw a man to their like member that with anderly shit and i haven't made a stand alone a man over and over his melvin men of using this guy five before ryan wears a gladiator trunks he's such a destroyer and he's a guy was it do or die rob lower knocked about he was gone after robbie lawlor large caught him and put him in dream time but look at this horrendous beating once you get or rather down in this way a ravages couldn't do it anymore in other was just not left his knees raw completely wrapped up like a mummy look man
over just fuckin hammering him throwing his guard the side like its non existent lay on top of a man just pounded item i mean these hereford he's out cold ruthless route less ruthless shit here he took a lot of those you know look at this jesus christ his fucking head kick god damn man hoof is a monster that whole team mike's german holland poof what rufus savages like butter hurry him he's gonna he's got alister for why actually from where i stand asters training in thailand for the upcoming fight with mere we should be very interesting echoes really lost a lot of weight to show you a photo recently on line and looks like like he's lost a mask amount of mass if i show he could barely make two hundred pounds yea at a height to a five two or three though it wasn't pride i can go one ninety nine
he had hardly make into a five gangway yeah really i thought it was the opposite but i have always understood that yeah he got better when he stopped cutting weight because cutting to make to a fire was apparently brood alarm because he would was gas out though i remember it remembering super lichens guinean barely megan be able to make too if that's interesting like this is like fought five chuck because there is a whole weird way in process and causes in japan yeah those are the vander la days too man oh god like the angela stopped rampage evangelist scarab here was a guy that even though i love martial artists and guys who show a lot of respect and each other and then go out at random
one none of that shit that's not it was use a wild dogs there are no common actually go like a demon now to be ass i see him the marshlands inanimate he might not have brought it out in the in the in the ways but i actually saw it i even saw it in rampage rampage to me rampage for the person of the camera and stuff and sometimes off camera i guess well there was actually a camera because the hold truck thing i remember that remember the truck thing when he had too many energy drinks you went crazy even those days i is always saw him as i saw through here that and i just saw him as a very respectful guy i always yeah i i agree it is talks a lot of trash and smart and who knows how to promote fights in that regard but yeah
there has been a very easy talk to guy is very few guys aren't in the enemy in emma may world you could think of many box like the guy that through the chair at the referee who's the guy through a chair hit a referee or something and was thus recently was a while ago and he just fought recently lost again his name is dad used to train him i forgot his name but i mean actually this seems like a distant have that martial art edge i can think of so few guys like when i go to the ufc and it's just it has been around these guys so nice and respectful and just like all arms like you're being it's some kind of happy party camping he's in the year levick at a conference full of happy respectful people write like war i don't i think of many that aren't you wouldn't
it's the general feeling amongst the fires that you're involved with about trt that's my guys known aluminium about how they feel about it in general i would suggest open is there is a general consensus during its i think it's now because its now leave on whatever powers to be major legal forward ever crazy reason i think it's a lie the guys just think i need it to stay just like probably most other sports but i wish it wasn't because it was a lot more fun without it it's kind of to me it's almost like the weight cut thing the weight cut thing is just i mean it's got crazy with wage cuts rehydration i these i mean it wasn't like that before it is change in the amount that they're losing just staggering yeah some guys just losing thirty pounds five and their fighting one seventy in other their way over two hundred pounds for they start there
six bags and a guy wants after when i'm a little luck you could just see him on the back after the land is look like a skeleton and is so lethargic and then and they like two bags and he's like coming along for then like six bags layers like that dancing around does your eyes like a regular guy again it's so unhealthy it's it's crazy like your light here you bite into this crazy electrolyte imbalance and it's like i mean your whole electoral laser is it is you're not only does it affect you ass a base you have all that alkaline acidity in and it also the electrical wiring in your body because that's what makes your electric wiring work and you have a really important electric wiring between your av node and your sinus node in your heart and if that electrical doesn't happen every single beat it's not going to beat and third such a fine your brain is all electricity so
to throw that off just to kuwait and you do because here the electrons of the year the potential the chloride the magnesium the ices it's crazy thing that people put themselves its harm's way too wait because they were the competitive to fight the next day in such another dangerous point and thereby becoming almost every day yeah and now you throw trt into that mix and now is becoming a different support yet that wake things are real issue that doesnt seem to have an easy solution typing it does what it is ocean women the day the five women want re when they walk in if someone doesn't make the wait what are you going to do there's a lot of guys like diego brent owls last fight a perfect example human dusting for you kid just didn't make i was way over so what do you do so what happens and what do they do while they let him find me god but
too many guys are going to take advantage of that they're going to come in heaver than their opponent if they lose twenty pounds or twenty percent each time yeah i mean that could be a solution have the guy doesn't make the weight but it's still if the guy just keeps winning because he's not cutting weight and you are cutting weight and you're getting skinnier and he's not he's coming full and healthy it just seems to be an unfair vantage to a person whose not like thinking evenly doesn't it doesn't even care about the item of the dying day before the day of the day of but on the same day of when i am wailing data but but to many people bill i gag ass it may wait whatever and they'll come in not weaken their all greater within then the guy will step in the ring that made the wade he'll be two five and the average isn't like that diego gay the six he was six pounds
five pounds what was he i think he was at least five pounds for that weight class that's crazy actually i think he was fifty three so i believe he was eight pounds over but he had been in a car accident he had a bunch of issues there was a lot of things wrong these guys which is the average and even guys get cut that represent a pound or a half pound that's it i m is more than one billion only over the overlap powder half so he saw its exact ever be the same the day after the day before he walked the cage a pound over he is percent and the other guy way ways in a palace is still on the outweighing by a pound you acted given a maybe like five pounds if they're gonna do it the day of it s like there fallen a five five pound radius ratio worker the early more per like it is if you have found too a pound and a half it's x amount of percentage and it could go up accordingly
yeah the real worry that people have is that on the day of the fights that people would lose weight anyway still dehydrates himself and not really have enough time to properly rehydration and then it could be really dangerous because most have liked they severe injuries that have happened inside boxing's despair most of them have taken place in a light away classes because there's increased danger because dehydration balance is here i would let would do you tell your guys giovanni cut off where they weren't you don't want to lose any more weight in this now i mean more most of my guys are pretty good about our have too many crazy way cutters but the i mean to be honest i try to train them and i try to direct them in a lot of ways but to me that really personal thing i can't get in their body and feel what their know how much there hurting and how much weight and how body feels alleghany whom attired occur when fighting but i do want to
into their body and say you can't do this in some guys just look allow worse off than they are in some guys don't look that bad often are so it's hard it's a high when i'm in so a grown man they ve been doing most of them have been doing a lot of times i let them contradicted if i see some crazy i'll say sound but now germany female fighters now now i have in the past i'm not crazy about it at all what way i mean without sound sunny chauvinist stick to it now i think like this pointless gum like my daughter was a basketball player and she got a scholarship to college on basketball and did great and she was one of the best basketball players for a girl and you
say that for a girl because when they play next to the guys you know they're not the does look anything like the same thing happened she played her name's jellybean and she was great some mischief about when you watch two girls fight there's no different different girls are our animals and their great and their hearts i mean they're gonna fight of the night and then bring in fighting but bertha when they occurred i mean when there i just it's it's a different were different rummy we're different gender and and its more acceptable all four romantic too scars in his face the call flowers and stuff but mainly like scars all over the flat nose it's just more acceptable for society i don't think it will be so when you have now the girls fighting when there retiring out of think you'll have a whole different classes that are
scarred up and stuff that would bother me if a girl came back and she was one of my fighters and she had a cut to it i would just throw the towel on i just hate i hate to see that nets chauvinists take better but the way they fight is unbelievable i mean these girls are every bit as good i mean yeah i mean it'll when you watch most sports and then watch a guy play at its different sports now but when you watch girls find some of these girls and i was two guys funny they have longer hair and it's still there i mean they're that good amisha tan rode rose was amazing yeah and are the girl that's wild and fun yeah so there their skills and hard is unbelievable it i just don't like the curtain damage the scanner i toy understand where you come from for whatever reason accept it easier when i see it on a man as well i'm accepting it as when i see women bust it up i mean it is a part of what it is but if i saw like a really deep cash like i've seen
these men or like maybe some of the other guy so people that's pretty bad cashes inside the octon that's a girl that's going to be interesting up people accept culturally now again and culturally after left after careers over i mean to be known as some bad ass former fighter check something like that shit if so you do like girl the tattoos all over their bodies and some other phase in their like that you say my scarlet character in a woman my task december a little shower who chauvinist rather well you know you were so i was fucking seven years old when your reverie and fights near fights evidence a long time i remember cutting wait when i was kind of way as a guide in kuwait and i didn't have a meat coming up i didn't have a
a guy like me come and advisers i have read a burger do this so i started cutting way you know you can't wait till they are usually twenty four hours a day and he started drying out and that's when your water intake goes down and you training out that never more than twenty four hours you're not gonna do i didn't know that i was like a week out and fucking wearing plastic suits and a down jacket you know jogging down the beach trying to cut my weight and i was like i didn't if a lot of people do that with their long time a long time now they just passively starve themselves up to the fight and we you weren't combat boots in and this is silent may i come in a bed by that the way we did it back home you're right you're train methods like where did you learn all these different things you you like you're famous for having guy do a lot of like manual labor types dolphin be carry rocks and a fuckin wilbur i run up hill with it and
jus where'd you come up with this idea these routines have been known for a long time i think i'm always had the old school show mistake just old school guy when i was younger like a rocky three like and i actually have a rocky through experience were i was training hard i was like that rocky guy and knocking my guys out and then and then i got two other women who was much more more refined and she lived it when the house the suburbs and went from ghetto van eyes a really bad place even delano austria
so she cultured you and so a little soft i would do my workouts here in woodland hills it might even still be here racketball world don't know he is anyway i do my workout on the stairmaster you know and i was like trained for this guy and his name was his name was charlie archie they call him mister see here mohawk set up to fight on you here with me by thirty one pounds but we thought we'd take him anyway a trainer i was trying the jet there would then be the day you kiddies yeah i remember that i just went in there like smiling and training at the the thing i went in the ring instead of being either the tiger eleanor shook his hand you know and he whereby shot and i got up and we report a fellow i dropped ermine a drop me another body shot as they once you get who with a body shot you're it's your pretty much i mean if the guy knows how to do it unless you're turgato so i think he drives
we three times in two rounds a referee finally stop it and i remember thinking i have the time i lost my other tech and i remember thinking that and thinking i got soft and so i went back to my old gym i went back to hardcore training and i got a rematch with them and i ended up fighting them more him twice better it said i always had that high cry the tiring around the train tracks the tough guy he's kind of a lot of it kind of outdated and stuff but it seems to work for my guys did it in what way outdated in the way the current site and of the future condition their approaches at their doesn't that should alter all the time it changes its when so many things i i'm a firm believer in progression and learning new techniques like in the old pair you know i i came up
from a marsh light back in hollow hawaii call kaji campo karate judo kempo and boxing and it was a core art formed in hawaii by five guys in in forty seven mainly for street fighting and it was it was built that way it was pretty hard core you now grown up in hawaii white kids you know kill holiday etc so i want to be tough guy leaf of people who knows with hawaiians call ip bats easily finale says i howling i dare to whenever howley pride tattoo wished ngo within i like that so i have hardly pride and definitely hawaiian routes i love the islands i love hawaii but it wasn't easy growing up there it wasn't i mean i think come from ghetto you know my dad was a hard working newspaper writer and my mom was a great stayed home my men i love my parents for growing up in hawaii they do not like hollis
you're going to school hawaii is usually finale fucking holly that go back to the mainland holley give me lunch money holly what the fucking looking at how d you know so there is so i started training really early and it was a hardcore art i always stuck with a lot of those old training things training principles and training nix has definite those of stay with me even though things of comics things have gone i always knew that you the old old we'll train techniques we're goin anywhere and i say go back and forth with them and seem to work for me and then i get i got a goddamn introduced across fit like the early two thousand and i got to be good friends with a great life when the owner and we came up together with cross cause we thought across its grey but we should it's specific for my fighters and my students so we start across pit and
so it's like it with a martial art feel and and i consider our system cross bit so there's the wheel barrels and stuff what do you do specifically you have them with rocks you put weights on like do you do i put weights on them because i want to know what they weigh usually there's workouts i do i do with them but they're going hill because i live on a hill so it's four waits for different exercise some are shorter to buy to sprints twenty seconds on ten seconds off so you do use scientific training principles it is a very good protocol for its conditioning yeah and a lot for people who listen to this bat i first found out about it because my friend john role he started using it so it really helps it does and it was formed by some kenji tabata some japanese exercise physiologist
other than he is he he proved it in his nobody can do their own test but he proved it by doing the twenty second on ten second off protocol only eight times has four minutes and then he would have this other group group the do five mile run every day and then he that his four minutes minute buy a protocol protocol would get in better shape than five mile runners every day so whatever whatever that works and i i do my two bodies i pray do a couple of work out every week i throw to bodies and i think this is something about those old school strength and conditioning drills like manual work type things like the rocky three scenario was running or is it rocky four ways in siberia and his carrion logs around what what is it about those old school training methods that are so appealing to us i think
i think we're wired you know in our in our dna there are here we were wired to be are print systems in all of our you know we're way to be either fighter flight hey is now so are an end flight is running an end fight as fighting so there it's our wired amene so we get play basketball that's great and ran round the affair the ball and serve but i move away to fight our to run our wired to destroy you are wired to be you know why to carry boulders and they have now that was my point out they feel like it when you saw like george foreman when he made his come back one of the things about george form and training routine was he had really unorthodox methods like you would take a jeep and strong but damn and pull it and you just be does big job
guy poland a fuckin jeep behind them they also did a lot of manly shit like chopped the latter would it a lot of logs x all the time and swinging x is like a crossfit type move really is like a really good strengthen conditioning move for your whole body but it's also also he's out there getting the fucking firewood chopped up he's a man is get as work done something appealing about a guy are there in the snow chop and wood so some some foo with tights doing crunches in the gym with its feet up in the air you know as little little baby baby on on this better about a guy smashing would without fucking axe right it's more manly earlier yeah right yeah we do that there's a guy named cameron hanes and he's like a famous bow hunter and he also like trains for bow hunting and gets in really good shape for a lot of people who don't realize when these guys go bow hunting they have to carry a giant chunk
of meat down hills so you shooting elk like you have to of your pack would like a hundred and fifty plus pounds and make it down a mountain or make it up a mountain you might have to go to the top and and go over like these guys how'd you get in some serious because he had to bring their meat back for war so if you shoot an animal okay like if you go you doing like some camping and bow hunting you make a camp you gonna go into the woods and find the animals that are going to come to you you have to miles in then you shoot one waste five hundred pounds john hackmen and you're gonna have to get there thing back back seven nine miles to your camp and it might take you three days to do it where you're day all you do is walk to the body cutting a hundred pounds of meat off putting it pack and war looking back to the camp again over and over and over again trying to fill the truck up to this got cameron hans he trains for that like he gets in shape ford
he takes a giant rock monetary power rock puts it in a backpack walks up to the top of the mountain one was ridiculous things i've ever seen on youtube fantastic boat it has the meat we pretending it's me he throws a ride but he does this to get his meet exactly in bonds no he likes don't get bonds he's a hunter well he likes i think he likes the the sport of it going up the challenge but is it a competition well yes because of the it's one way competition you're you come eating for the absolute the alps life and if the elk gets to run away and does that arrow but it doesnt smell you in time or doesn't hear you step on a branch then you put an arrow retardant indeed it that's the competition i mean you wouldn't it is for me you have to be ridiculous fuckin ridiculous share do that but this guy this school training method its view appealing like he's a rock in his back he could have had waits you know it had forty five
plates on his back and stacked it up to one hundred and thirty pounds nope no no fuckin rock just a giant many positive backpack throws over shoulder walks up of have mountain there's something about that more appealing for summer into men and seeing a guy do some squat in a jam where in some cases sneakers you know getting on that smith machine where it's all nice and smooth and doing some squats i'm not doing weights anymore i'm gonna put fucking rocks now i will be a fucking wimp if i put i was the rocks in my fucking wheelbarrows it's not a bad idea now cause it'll give their moreover yeah just weigh the rocks yeah there's something manliest fuck about marine rocks chop and wood big heavy as acts but don't do that because guys get tired you don't want fuck it accidently shop their off what about some fat naked chick
the will barrel will are christ i got confused you going to do to her yeah i don't think that's good idea does not a lot of motivation never anybody not for her i guess what be a lot of fear here maybe that are motivated to lose weight by doubt it i traumatize a through a poor gas you ve just fat shamed do you know that fear ada myself fighting friday yeah you're excited not rhine auditorium kick boxers them and only what is the organisation is our fate that's right it's wireless wise position today they still want access tv are they having events on access tv i hope they do that's one of the things i loved about hd net when it was hd net you know i just love that they have so many fights on hd
and they have model all the time they all the time so many eyes over and over to so many good fights on eighty net and then the boss route and showed him the rice lot i am a man that channel as a good show ya rfa is still with them i'm not sure if they are but what is like having your sun fight is that weird yeah because i feel that fighting right and he's thirty two so mean he's only a second fight pro fight how long have you been training whole life yeah he's a trained since a kid you know basically five years old six years old he's been training but he just never really wanted to it is on this pictured fighting a fighter always been a great my short as them yeah i want fight pronouns i really did you on but he did say data for tyres
at first i was over really quick he six for one eighty five while thus allow reach beyond the tell you at home people you know maybe you ve never sparred even before really have no idea what a massive advantage along reaches got a huge advantage you now in the abyss touch a guy when he can't touch you right i see it that way but then i see the other way to where get short arm like its highest just gets in and then now send the advantage turns that quick so i think you know how to cut off the ring slashed cage because i if you did a study i don't know if the heavyweight champion then and there the hay would be that huge have i think it's pretty big you know why because i think that it if you have the high you don't necessarily require big power like
and john is a tremendous athlete in one of the greatest towns terrified me of sea but if you have described john with one word it wouldn't be power it's hard no doubt about it and i'm sure he's getting better at hitting hard but it's it's a different kind of hard than like a shark hard starch is all these guys with one shot a you realize like these guys got here like they get hit by a sniper buying me it's stiffening up you don't see that type of power with john i think by using the height but i think if you have height you get away with more whereas if your short at short limbs you better be able to do a lot of damage with every shot you land once you get inside like tyson style like that was the thing about tyson it wasn't just that he was you know short do damage when you go inside adjust the bloody doing a short amount of time was so tremendous because the amount of power yet but like pernel whitaker that was like a short guy but he was short
stocky but he had that where was like very and hard to hit but really didn't put you out with one shot it'd be a less effective body site body type such thinking no obviously sam a common way think as they say you reach advance they never say reach disadvantage exactly but i just never found it that way but i just think it's the scale of different thing what do you think on the ground do you think height it plays a part in triangles are what about land for is it true yeah the shorter guy well to think it's harder to talk yourself flat when you defending arm bars it's hard not give up on brazil at room we have these big ass fuckin stork arms you know his own room were guys can slip slip arms and grab hooks but
it is also so much leverage in long arms and long legs i think more of an advantage to her than long limbs than anything like you will get a guy like haji gracie clearly uses his limbs to his advantage a brawl yo esteem another guy long tall guy clearly uses that is advancing bravo especially one of his thoughts signature moves a sort of upside down triangle when guys trying to pass his and slap a triangle on you in this like really weird awkward way and i think that you why you know you don't necessarily get that is much with guys the shorter limbs because this is not available it's hard for like a guy me with the short stubby legs i can't this certain gaza's naga triangle m m there going to get it around the back of my knee you know guys i turn sixty pounds at most likely i'm not going to try one they angle that i'd have to cut to actually locked out would be so severe it'd be really really hard to pull off and a guy who knows what's going on whereas a guy like roger gracie though
legs are so goddamn long you get inside of his guard all studies moving you around swap it's on you and there's nothing to to do to stop it it's just they're strong and they're long and the lever of those limbs i think it's a pretty significant advantage on the ground well i think i don't i've looked at as one standing i just think as i say that guy gets inside a lot he's going to have the advance and the guys outside and i just don't think getting inside would be that much of a deal because there's a cage or a ring right because yeah you can't just keep moving if it was in a big open auditorium like if guys fought a basketball yet i would be very different be completely different sport that's actually a fascinating idea to have a basketball court site like a basketball court sized they're gonna just run around you can never get him up against its rapporteur and then and then let's give the other guy the chance to listen find a form of yes
one round the bath court one round and they had where you did one round point fighting and then one round we could only touched the like a karate point five and then they and gloves and then they did one round full kickboxing and they went back and they put on any spiegel i think and then they would do one round anything goes remember that little guys do that whose i know sony card used to do that did he yeah it was called shoot i forgot the name it came from a whole basis karate routes and so the guy the data were you better strikers butter but you remember draka yeah they used to have kickboxing combined with take down yeah but you just take them down and they had to get right back up yeah that was weird well that's what isn't that similar to what angle dig wushu or whatever well yeah
i did a lot of that the very similar stuff yeah what did they call it no no oh god damn it what was it called she was it i don't believe so i don't believe it was called that what the hell i believe can't remember this i have too much information in my head john hackle as i get older i feel i'm stupider sanshu sanshu do you meditate yes you do i just have too much information too much coming in i forget but he was a very good wrestler as well so that was one of the reasons why his kicking style which is so spectacular a bit one of the reason why i was so effective because his wrestling was so good he could keep the fight standing and you take his leg when he throws a kick and first of all if you try to catch it you might get a broken arm and second of all if you do catch it is balance is phenomenal whatever happened to just beat rich franklin he knocked out rich franklin but he's got a movie on our right now in europe ok then we have okay beautiful overhand right or hook
the others last friday's had signed was busy it's got a lot of movie things going on i did a pretty big science fiction movie lose them pandora is that what it was called when we see what the move film career here we go powerful wikipedia pandora mia that was the movie if you never seen that movie before it's a really interesting movie man really interesting science movie and he plays this dude in the future that is existing around all these freaky hybrid monster people that have been created it was a good movie is he good yeah he's good man he's a good actor he's a good like actor and he does martial arts in the movie as well and really dick martial arts like you know he's doing is is bad motherfucker conway vision checks commercial which come out of it but like rational his leg
and then watching rampage a team yeah are these guy i mean it i love to why said because i made it not easy to read a script then try to portray the earth they act as one makes them which way is now easy to do it all sober people tell you to say ok scared and then say this is hard to do their will on command here and i think chuck is here that personalities member that he was on talk show ease play with the dollar and he loved to dress up donald do you remember that what was that he did a great job he's so funny where he could be himself now some people panic when they say ready action and they have said wrapped up and who they are that they come off like fake and weird yeah i think he's living in calabasas living in that lifestyle i think he's going to take off in a second career
you think so i think he could i really do i think just being him in front of a camera with any in any background in any anyway weather movie rallies don't really well yeah randy had quite a few movies man he's in two of the expendables or three at expendable movies he's always got things going on randy always got something cooking acting wise that big fucking movies i know i've heard about it i never saw it never saw it he's got a big part work in a sense corner not in the ufc his son's not in the ufc anymore but he just bought i don't know if you work the sun's corner i know that was a big issu though in the usa that he couldn't work his son's corner right now that's some crazy yeah you know a man i have dana white is very competitive guy and he has like strong ideas about guilty and you know you have seen everything down there and in some different kind of guy you know
i don't fault anybody for competing in another organization i don't fault anybody for you know i think the world's pretty big is plenty of room for room lot and if you have see wasn't using randy in l and he goes over and is on better and his coaching i honestly think it makes a you have seen better in al you that as you have seen champion is that you wanted to get you'll see champion you shall i think it's a free you see add other age changes the the ratings of ufc or changes the ratings of bellator but what it does do is it gives cotour money no i i think the ufc is fine it's not going nowhere you know and today it's like you on my team or your against me you know it's like family like that by that my team are against me i will listen this call all hypocritical because it's coming from me who if i leave you ufc see i'm done
come now never doing this for somebody else i do see or that says i was gonna say this before you and mike i know i've told you this before i know it's probably like this you know getting tired i i have never i've been around combat sports like i said competitively since seventy four never heard you'd be considered commentator i've never heard such a good team ever ever i mean i came in just watching the face when you guys are calling that fights it's unbelievable watching the site it's the best it just the the precise and then and then throwing buffer in for the announcing the combination it's ashley magic and between the hell you guys calling the fight is just such a perfect combination i mean it
emily as the usa or that's so guy of you thank you very much i really appreciate that come from you that means a lot man near you're very kind guy you ve always been very well you know that sure and it's really it's it's a deal he just happened to step up with and then everything to seem to fall into place i mean who gave you guys calling it approves buffer than these then matches and then the fighters and it's turned into it is something that is great and that's the crazy thing about dana is dana is the one who like this vision of putting the salt together he's the one like he's the one who got me into commentary if i if it wasn't for dana why i never asked for this job never pursued it turned down pride they offer job of being the color commentator for pride i was like i don't want to do it i'm not going to japan thank you very much no thanks hey like i'm working too much as it is but when dana just this one for me like you
thirty seven and a half my go i'll do it i'd gone to bunch of a man i always do interviews for them and talk to people about what loved about the sport but i'd be in the audience when i was doing it and dana he figured out that i would be a good guy for this but like most people would have ever higher two guys never done any sports commentary all ever and take him and make him a color guy on television for the first bout this ridiculous but like you could do it and then i figured out how to do it along the way but the thing about like bergen me is like we ve been doing it together for so long like i can feel that dude sentences i know what you say and before he says it he knows i'm going to say most likely before i say it he knows when i'm saying things when i'm done we know like when each other wants to make a point we know when each other wants you to take over it's like we have this smooth sort of communication that you only get from calling a
in plus fights together to law last time i agree but disagree i mean you can you give two guys you get us of two guys that or two guy and a woman in a marriage you can be married forever and sometimes just not going to work that's true so i think it's a chemistry and you have so much knowledge when you're watching and i remember in the beginning of saying he's a little grab base but just me madame but you have so much knowledge you know i mean us so many other because when it the ground he obviously gradually the fans vague you always like exactly say what's exactly to happen here what should happen here what might happen here and how this guy should do this and that makes it really is a wise so
its ass a man i really appreciate that it's fun to do you know i never thought i would ever be involved in any sports in any way shape or form was never an ambition so that is so seamless and so easy to do but it is really just because i'm honestly a huge student of martial arts my whole life always have been and always uniquely fascinated by new techniques and drills how getting over another guy how guy did this we should have done that like i love you know i love i love watch endued show real sneaky shit like teacher wall burger this not teach you albert in sacramento yes goddammit he's who looks like he's from like he's from boston but he's not miller miller no no no don't shout cheated teacher dose of brains mostly as one of the worst brain days i've had a week a thing is it a train right before our garden i'm exhausted my fucking noodles not working so sweet but
tj diasha fought mike easton in georgia last week the fucking kid was moving so good doing all this sneaky shit his life you think he's going for a take he throws a head kick you think he's going for a punch he throws his knee he's doing all this really subtle shit as far as like his movement and in and out and moving from side to side avoiding the attacks of eastern but landing like consistent shots over and over again picking his style apart so interesting to see these kids like real evolve and grow and when i hey guy like tj dillashaw i see him evolve and grow like that like that's to me one of my favorite things in the sport seeing guy who's you see my ultimate fighter his talent did he's a raw young kid loses you know to a really scary guy and dodson i mean dodson yeah at that weight is a fucking dean many a will o the wisp
it's so fast any can knock eyes out which is a rare thing four hundred thirty five pounds and then you see dillashaw go from that to just slowly but surely putting all these skills together now you're looking at me go this kid is able a motherfucker and you watch grow right before your eyes you watching him like step into his his future before your eyes that's why the most exciting things for me and talking to me like you didn't i just didn't you ever saw as waste a scary to its like a veto this guy like training with steve steve marco he ever them yes hoagie so he was use yesterday training however the herds which began to laugh at layer of left you view pads i really was shea the left ok i've airplanes but when i madam i thought would serve only to see the glow birthdays your friend a global player
do you he like a binary rebel on steroids brow what do you do he's like wrestle i don't know wrestling and out along the way this guy's like a bad as bresler anyway the usa this anti there's doubleday there's whatever he's like the real deal because all the other yossi guys norm then as is its scope because guys like that or t j or this guy marcus alameda hear him marcos alameda yes somebody's you did you jeffrey guys and how they same naval closer to that thing is like a sheet veto wave his they call his dick names like that i don't want anything his aim is marcus alameda he just one some absolute some well there's another guy nay marcus alameda whose a singer this case
guy yeah here is the world champion guy there's a couple of them he was on the show with us the ultimate fighter because we did season nineteen and i'm walking him i didn't know he is i don't follow too and you know walk around somebody asked me ok get a picture in this and he's like hot holding the camera and there we go behind the scenes behind the the training room is one of the ufc was going was going on all the fighters know him as i did thing up to him they want to take their picture with them and i was walking i go who are you my way what do you do i just do and i find i look him up he's like like the world's best did you together right now are there really is one of the top guys for sure he just anyone abu dhabi in the absolute division yeah so so so might how'd you know he had a draw with hydra gracie in matamoras good that's pretty fuckin
harder as grabber want stronger rappers on earth without a doubt one of the very best guys and the thing about like this where legal postures hung around behind i grew up more boxing and hard core my our guys and that you could just tell but in this where did so scary goes like a guy like her steve marco yeah i mean you're going to go up to the minute your in a part you've had a few drinks and you're going to go up to them and say something if you don't do that you go to go up to someone like tj delisha and say something big mistake yeah yeah i got this guiding castle williams a fight me nineteen year old kid they looks like bieber justin bieber he's one of my praise undefeated fighter fighting you know king of the cage and he's like looks like you say loosely does the beaver but he'll take your head
and then throw you down and put you in some kind of lock and lock something up until it breaks well siler is oh my god sweet looking kid let me tell it's like a like a nice nice next door neighbor boy like are kid again sailor shock clover ah my fighters but these guys just before a fight you'll never think they're a fire you think they're gonna go to seven eleven i mean like silently for five years is the absolute com sky i've ever seen before fight he's the dress room like i said playing video games with his opponent and they're laughing i've seen em the fight before last he's in the east in the dress room with his wife who used to come into a corner with him all the time the last one she didn't but she usually does and they're playing they're looking like four cute little for the house and you go bro to warm he goes coach okay
three mamma is living like this one to the cage he's just like you fighting globe before he thought the tuna we're walking and i'm like okay bro idon't want you log in with this guy i want you taking the down real quick and you know i'm going over this the thing is coach relax i got this then we get up right to the end and birch yelling and there it's a massive ufc and i'm so nervous and glove returns to me right before we went to take the final walk to the cage and he goes coach i don't want to do this man i'm fuckin scared i want to quit right now i don't want to fight they didn't my only didn't look like you're joking what it was the train or do i mega megan got their right i just don't want do this anymore coach again i don't know what to say is
i go look to i'm joking you need to relax let's go have some fun so these guys they're just so cool these mma guys is scary this is what over him looks like no yeah this is his glass alot away down a little better he lost a lot of weight i don't know how much that's a good idea you know he's carrying so much muscle around with him i mean he saw in the travis brown fight yeah perfect example i mean he's all over travis bound in the beginning of the first he just couldn't keep up that pace you didn't do it you think a lot of that's a sh as well as the trt who knows who knows a scary one it's so they do that well you know what it is man if you looked at how big he was when he was the k one ground pre champion the accusations were always there they are so then the accusations he test positive so when it has positively has an excuse for it but then when he not on the dosterone now he shows like
low testosterone so i think he's trying to do it legitimately now but the problem is i think like you too to buy before a lot of these guys they run the risk of screwing up their endocrine system by high producing it and then they go back to try be natural and they're kind of at a big disadvantage if you go low if your testosterone low you ve been in here that big immediate cessation of low there's some fan and qualities that are kind of in because that's what happens i mean it's competing estrogen by because we have estrogen as well right may we don't we don't have nanograms like we do you would have nanograms of of issuing likely tessa we have peco grams which is trillions of a gram but a lot less but when we start messing with that
on balance i mean there's we're gonna go some books than a vagina leisure saying but thing around arousing whose feminine amnesia taters feminine but there still fucking bad ass beasts in other still wicked fighters ok how come a man when is it is competitiveness in the mind or do you think that the halving the extra testosterone system actually does making more aggressive making more competitive thou would never they'll never ever be discovered or proven unless they fight then that began fight went and yes women five men have you hurry for you that well because if you are using testosterone so you have begun they have oh testosterone their women their more estrogen and by their fighting each they're right which look great fighting each other just like when you watch the channels for the mexican channel you watch two very mediocre mexican boxers there does they look they both looked like two archer god is there going
i mean that but then if you put him in with you put him were there may whether they're gonna look just like amateur so i mean is good the girls are and they are fantastic i don't think they can ever competing because of the testosterone with men that's why they had that fallen issue yet i agree with you on both counts i think that the you in the eye in there that it somehow another equal so that it becomes a matter of like if a guy has a really low testosterone because of you know pastel reduce do you think the guy should be how to compete he has a really low testosterone is competing with guys like lover who are natural who are in work really good shape could give potentially like real danger that he has a limit is gas tank guide so and this discussion people that most people the disagreement must feel this disagreement most things for some i agree with most of the time about about that are minors
thank you we ve most people don't i get i'm like every book political view i have every sports evian there agree with me on my left took and my head kick they're like their disagreement on almost everything i say but i think if the woman like that did fallon okay that was a that was a big thing yeah it was a huge thing i took a lot of heat from that of people who saw being transfer back which absolutely not i couldn't care less what you want to do i'm happy if you're happy but i think that the dear that you could be a man for thirty years and then compete in mixed martial arts as a woman is pretty preposterous is precisely is ludicrous yet like i am is his gait friendly is as they come i mean i could it was neither can i make us on the eggs for if it wasn't for second card which i would probably have firmly opposed to goodbye big guy because i'm a sense i love chick flakes by hey
watching fights when the guy hurts the guy i don't i hate that so but i'm not gay unfortunately but i think that i mean it was it has nothing to do with gayer straight now it is happening deal tell you it is their silly they're just being what they're doing is they are opposed to europe your point of view and your point of view who is that not a woman and they were you'd except her as a woman they want you to accept the fact that she has had a sex change she's a woman now and i say in all things except for that one and all except for the bone structure is completely different you you're involved in a striking art will you and give each other concussions and i know for a fact or some guys even that are just
built in a way that other guys aren't and when you see those two guys compete against each other the guy with the bones has a significant advantage but it's never usually as radical as the idea of a guy competing against a girl so even if you change the hormonal characteristics this person and make them i'm only a woman the bones structure remains the same for fifteen years talking about it like like how long it takes to lose the way you know and it too a bone density to start really decreasing to noticeable levels take so long ass time went on and when they say that just like the guy with the low teeth from one hidden ahead which it
he's a doctor who probably knows more than i do but i would i would like to disagree with it and see it but i think what he's saying is it happens sometimes and he's dealing with those people that it happens too if you get the broad range of people that have been hit in the head how many times does it happen is it one percent if it's the only one percent think of how many people are coming to him with traumatic brain injury that have low test i'm thinking for so further women i mean over fifteen years i think you're still man because you've been a man for twenty but whatever yeah she's thirty thirty thirty thirty years as a man and then a woman and then becoming a woman fighter it's like so it's she's lost she lost one of her recent fights but she lost to a good woman who just really fucking good yeah you know and she's just she's now really frightened good the woman she fought persevere got through it and finished her off doesn't mean that still not it's ridiculous situation there
just because a woman figured out how to beater what it means is that that advantage still wasn't enough for her to beat someone better than her so do you think then i move that so the guy that does the testosterone when his younger or when he's doing steroids when he wants to be a bodybuilder when his younger whatever so now he has a low tee i mean is it should it is fair to say you can copy now because your on the idea i think it is i think i think a lot of your past decisions in your life affected yeah and if i mean why should that guy get to do it when this guy who said i wasn't he wasn't testosterone why canada so i think decision people the disagreement i got was well why you take that away from from mistake him in the past i said well if he is he another mistake in the past and now all of a sudden he can't vote or he can't go to college because he didn't go to high school i mean he just can't
the same things you can do your eye so we say and what you hear fell and again on a far or any job now now you'll never be a couple should you take that away from this guy because he didn't made a mistake in the past sorry that's just the way it goes yeah that'll stop if there's a way to stop people from doing it that is the way right to say you you you can't you cannot deliver take it now here you can efforts is reserved for people who have a medical condition it didn't abuser here that's why i've got a case that's where meat or comes into play that's where rhetorical strange because vittorio copper for before and a lot of people do in there's alarming that some people are now it's not i mean it i mean it's i do a bit over of the guys are doing it now it's probably but i didn't i is close see the heavier guys do you have any guys you don't have to name do you have any guys around now now isn't it of your influence on anything i've never let my guys do up and now that is becoming legal from my
competitive guys i'd ever real hard time limited and face the saying sorry to be a title holder is going to be diminished because of my my olive actions year old fashioned ethics am i not too smart thinking but sorry that's just the way it is at the pit i've done a lot things from my guys and to my thing near to my guys and and i've i've have closed some doors them there's certain things i don't allow and i think i would not i if the eu sees no say it you can do it now then i couldn't look my gun answer now why respect that i respect that honesty took that's a very which this gave us all be controversial and honest response is that one of the things about you and your relationship with fighters are really really respected you we care about those guys it's very obvious too much is always very there's some guys when you see them in a coaching fighters it's its
it certainly personal certainly emotional but not to the greeted disagrees with you these guys are they i think a lot of it has do my past and stuff but i mean i actually broke down after a fight once and i've always get real nervous after fights by broke down after actually want to global fights and end after i was sitting a corner and i just couldn't stop crying which fun i remember he ahead he had rocked a little and they see now i remember i remembered fighters cause it just happens now every fight almost while and i just remember my anne and i just think it i dont i should be doing the same wisest i can tolerate this watching my guys get hurt you know and then it happens real bad fabio maldonado was it that five years so that was the second time the nea and he knew how man i was after that i think he said something to the announcer right after a fight and he knew i couldn't even talk to him i couldn't even talk to him for hours after fight because he did that
yeah yeah he shouted of his hands they didn't find it you double seamen to get caught anyone knocked the guy right away and the first he did when it came back to the con was i'm sorry cohen know how you feel about that i know i just because they know it's not a joke for me that trauma is no joke for me i agree and it's like i do not i will throw in the towel like i mean i'll on the town so quick there if my guy gets hurt the towers gonna like i did i mean like check firearms the first one he was even really getting hurt it is so he was hurting inside he was he was stuck in a half hearted couldn't get up and he was exhausted and it it broke my hurry says i gain smash with elbows yeah but thereby decided they were issues still page through some nasty elbows of the body that was rampage at its pro rampage action in the pride days like when he slammed recordable rona god damn
that's all that a little bit of that so there's a lot of that and then how do you know about that for sure no just i've heard ok let em but then he he said something on a show ones where he was when we gave you i gotta prescription or somebody said not too long ago about what this guy's levels weigh up then they admitted that they had a doctor's prescription did too well rampage got testosterone place recently but as far as i know and nobody's ever said anything about using any sort of storage and the patterns ass by the users cock strong realise unbelievably stronger immediacy videos him rustling in high school now ran when in high school was ridiculously strong just lifting guys up and hurling them through the air yeah the first time i heard it was actually when he admitted to it i think i'm thinking more of the ax murder vander late and i never heard i never heard him say anything all i know is he came down from like two friction
thirty two whatever and in a hard be well he there's rampaging high school and show that show that again watch this video every citizen i take that back washerwoman look how wrong he was right ages just insanely strong if you listen i'm sorry i don't think he was on steroids at all i think look at that no it was so goddamn strong he's a good rest the two sides just i was that line just house healthy shit yeah rampage is ridiculous strong if rampage use that wrestling in that physical strength and really like embraced you get to he like knocking eyes out tat he would have been an incredible strangler down so physically stronger because he had i mean his punching was just his punching was just natural here s how hard here fuckin this fight with round
finally in our pride shit he was terrifying baghdad quinn rampage action for people suit some like towards the end of his career in the eu have see you know that might judge him when he's deal was injuries as all sorts of problems like and you get to really understand rampage you gotta go back to these fights that pride fights he was going over there throwing down every couple months against some of the best guys in the world fought sakharov are fought vander lay how many times twice at least right and then he knocked angela in the usc finally yeah but he such either here or might move just personality was not really fight wise as my chum hum more common why why because when you talk to or interview
they have no like egos or macho facades they're both fucking real about everything mark home is as real as he can be yeah oh my god i never knew him until we just shot the ultimate fighter season nineteen and i had never spent one minute with them and we spent six weeks together this is one of the most and rampages they wear my rose somebody said some after five once with rampages he fell by that decision or find that guy goes a crazy they go take my fortune ass he can one member that fight a close failures he just take mass i don't know he said i don't know what the referees were looking at but i got my a lot he's that against machita
don't know i don't remember his fight i was al i remember i'd never heard a guy actually say i don't know what the referees were looking at but i just got my aspect is like what are you been literally the judges they just gave you a decision you're telling them they're crazy and mark coleman is so much like that he he ended up being such a real guy i mean he's like he was so honest about every part of his career and everything he's done and did that's fight i always get my aspect i was so scared in that fight i got my she think i kicked me in the head and he just he he was such a real guy i just love and these are like the real warriors and they have no facades of yeah i'm a badass a football player you know walking around or whatever a basketball player walking all like that you throw a ball through hoop right but these guys but these fighters are they have absolutely no facades there does they so real yet colin was the original heavyweight champion on the first ufc heavyweight title yeah i was there i was there be den seven submitted i'm gonna crazy side headlong
strangle which he showed me that side had rock and i couldn't sleep right like a week because he's like you're more of a striker come here let me show you this go sense he called me let me show you this sent angle and after he did it and he wouldn't stop and i was like okay i got it and he was like you feel it now and like a minute later when i let go yeah it was it wasn't pretty that was when mark coleman was that big and that strong he was making everybody gain weight all the usc guys started just piling on the pounds you all saw them getting bigger up here because they knew venture they're gonna have to face that fuckin guerrilla let you couldn't fight him and look like morey smith everybody thought you couldn't like maurice was wasn't a big body builder guy wasn't a big power left a guy was in shape kickboxer and everybody's like all poor maurice is fucked not so that was one of the most shocking fights ever yeah and mark has nothing but respect more is hidden alleys hours the eyes
basically it is a real about their fight the haggis there was that other guy they kicked him and ahead of you william jaya tax by that fight and his his ups and downs in and he just has no sense about any of them no excuses about anything he's just so freaking real it's very knowledgeable as a wrestler too mark coleman knows his shit be a really good coach he was a good co teenagers he loved the guys and he would see you again he was us even though he does have a hip replacement the out there wasn't lisbon is teacher rustling not yours pity wrestling use rustling he was doing that take down and getting taken down by these young to a fibres and they were slamming menus like you tell you what you see his face sometimes body he hello slurry is not understood again do in a different way days i didn't know you were allowed to wrestle when you have a hip replacement i thought those days are over there
frahm and his eyes his superhuman his easier he's the real deal replacements are fuckin crazy nurse and nursed knowing what you know how much is it idea sawing off the end to your fuckin femur and putting on artificial joint with a big deal screw and turn dying dying knocking it in with a with it like it is like one of those rare road stricken nails a goes way into the friction and then you put it with a fake into your bone and it's crazy shit and then to think he's peering at the level or try the level he's training now yeah he's afraid what they can do that now mandy i had my friend gram hancock was in here and he's in his sixties i believe and grandma just gotta hit proposed six weeks later walkin around no problem no pain no nothing what they can do i was just incredible his great it's really crazy now november may guys like chuck norris apparently said here replacements
yeah dan gable is all fucked up he's got huge knee issues i believe he's had hip replacements as well what about super foot he had a really bad need to be yeah right that's why he can only throw his left light a fascinating and he also what a great hook kick there's a kick that hasn't made it into mma yet i was never good at the hook kick i never anybody i with a hook whenever i never did it much inspiring i had spinning hook kicks you know like either through a friendly round has to grow fast but then he figured out and let me tell you remember larry kelly from amorous massachusetts there's who's gonna kelly from amorous massachusetts those famous for his hook kick here this week that was just like a lightning bolt and he was knocking dudes out in karate tournaments he tell billy blanks when billy blanks like a top karate points guy there before billy blast became the tiber guy he was like a serious point karate champion of honour and that
kelly guy knocked him out with a hook but i was always in awe of like hook kicks it's such a rare kick to see some get super proficient at unless you can knock them out with a spinning hook kicks but hook kick you unless you're that guy because i've never seen anyone knock out out and it's more of a jab flip well super four deadening now you have some details with his hook i don't think so but he might have some were taken my bed the thing about a hook enamel may fight if you think about it with your leg up in the air like that get run over lot easier and taken down oh yeah with it whereas the spinning hook kick you might not land very often but is pretty to counter as is spinning jumped spinning back yeah it some interesting too when you see a guy like wallace that can that only at the time rather could kick with one leg right how good he got was that one leg was unbelievable the shit that he could do when you're
don't see guys having that kind of dexterity with their kicks anymore you would do a lot like this is him he's he's hold a giant guys really address nothing now yeah this is i mean he's from he's seventy years sixty sixty eight your so he's still thrown hook look lady the dead invented a jet he was the freak years kick boxer ever i was now if on a young stuff and the young videos and he could find benny the jet spinning back kick yeah it was the best tremendous he was my trainer for years and you know he teaches red damask to that end is this a super foot when you lyin he always fight forward he was a good box or two yeah he was okay i trained at the jet center when i first came to hollywood when i first moved to ben is teaching over there team karate center right there in north hollywood no it's right there on
desoto anne and victory real benefits again in fireballs zack where the hop kido school but the i do like par core and they do kickbacks benny actually teaches there now is his pride the best cry from the valley day's agenda some amazing fight in japan to man here tremendous kick you throw when the guy and an end to knock em out the fro and they didn't know if they should disqualify not because frozen in entire boxing our kind of like you're allowed to tee the guy down and i like to use the hip you're not allowed to use a trip but you're allowed to use upper body throws around his others are really the rules when they allotted liked in japan they want sure about the rules here they're not when they when that when it's a tie match later another theirs take hours ago i made a rose me once in the guy tell me no take hours ago i thought this materials you're allowed to do take out just now with your hair producer with your trips years really
well let's just make it no take down but anyway benny took a guy down with the hip throw he was all show black ball in judo and he took guy down and landed and the guy can goin crazy he likes ladders raising his ribs so they don't know what to do something that disqualify home is a great to me benny was the greatest kickboxer ever and he was certainly awesome and he was a big time pioneer at the time there's jenny there in the red pants yeah when i first came to hollywood it's one of the coolest things when i was so happy that i could train the jet center which one did you change it on fire and nice and the one in fire yeah the one where there was all the blink ease after breakfast a dyed yea out another masking gangbanger in the reserve so many again bangers retrain we are there respectful me i didn't have any problem but it was like a point of contention gap the train their ninety four first came there has already gone i think better but i train their i train their for most of my fights cool
bowling alley that he turned into a gem and blink blinky blake is announcing now those files that are out of china he was doing some renouncing we see it on tv every now and then we catch it some boxing show they would have and he would announced some white dude you really know much no i think now is it steve he's doing it with him i don't know i thought was the fight doctor no no no maybe it now and i believe it was back then but the problem with it that centre was the earthquake fucked it up it s darted leaking so when the rain came the year after the earthquake aegis was ruining the jam was fucked so then they moved it somewhere north hollywood but then sir he now she wasn't kind the same situation so we started another still teach them
no he's still teaching right there now and on the health and there's a house of champions too right is that still around but that's like not his it's not affiliated is that what it is the allison ncino how's the chance there is in nor cedar our shared values and sooner and its affiliated with him per se but mark para who runs it is actually one of venice blackmail you killed her down yeah those those the early days of martial arts man yeah he's one of though the real legends of early days martial arts especially los angeles i met many when he came down fun why when we had enemy the first emma may face nineteen seventy six and i fought and won and i was sixteen lied about me tat i was eighteen i fought adam benes as well so that jim he came into our jim as i go use part of this guy and it wasn't fun
i was a sixty year old kid he had he had the same soon backache he has now and he knock out some big guy named dana needed dana good son who two hundred somehow guy and then the fighting and then so he back and they used me this part them again and he if you ever come to los angeles look me up so i did do you remember dennis dyslexia there another wine guy right now no one i lived in hawaii he lived in hawaii and then they towards the currently com they threw a man with a bunch of like they find guys on the beach and given some title on and he fired and he was a real a promoter anywhere grass carried in the reins yeah i found my history sacramento area really here as well
love hawaii is that what it was he moved to hawaii and they kind of adopted him and said he was and he would fill that arena and it was dallas blade yeah see if you can find dennis alexia and the grass skirt because he would fight with a grass skirt on yeah it was fucking good though man yeah he was good you don't like you know i don't think it was that good like it's some exciting fights man yeah but when he when he fought stan longinus he got leg broken he got leg broken and the san longinus was a really tough but we don wilson to don wilson fuck him up with like yes as well he did not like like kids that was the first guy to really fuck him up with leg kicks was donna dragon wilson who was a really good fighter yeah i got a chance to spare him once yeah it was an honor his sidekick was unbelievable his technique is fucking it was a sneaky dude man really crafty fighter yeah and really nice guy to their his she's like into move in chechnya who did a whole series of movies
long familiar cynthia rough rock up the the point girls do you like like those forms the forms champion were crowded out of the blue she software that was will issue a holy land shoe do you remember a movie kung fu old old movie reeled as i was a member movies i see movie careful guy a white guy but the room to slap with this woman stood serbia's get up get dressed make the bed and get out and she looked at images who do you think you do you like crossed his arms and gave her a mean look and issues where do you keep the sheets do you remember that movie no me and chuck used to watch it back in the early nineties i had the vhs right and we used to watch that movie all the time and then when vhs went out i threw away all my vhs
we can't remember the name of the movie someone will tell you here twitter please tell us tell mr what that fucking movie get up i'm sure they'll tell you in five seconds i'll show will now there's gotta be something got there though there was such a good though as i said that so many women now then get dressed make the bay and get out how many women more than one whether one show alexia show alexia thrown us case he probably like thirty three the last ten years there look at him a crazy grass growing guys were complaining about their grasp girt too that was badly ninety that say that's a stand a man yad launch needed stopped him the ita launch these handsome i his legs just gave i added them i had an exhibition with their way stand the man a while ago when each end of the day after the show
again man that's crazy he does the horse round he kicked out like ten seconds in the first round broke his leg with a lecture unbelievable man is wrong with you today answers stock and don't tell us it's our fucking web connections sons of bitches get up get dressed to bed and get out it's one of my favorite lines is stuck with me so rude to say after someone let you fuck them i know i now see this why is it rude boom why is it rude and inside like kick you ve known i was ass allows us i bet ok billy ways it wiser having they should be honoured that they slept with the wiser rude have you ever said i dare you john hackelman that's what i have to say that was the voice of john hackelman saying that they should be on i am always happy when a girl says yes always even even if it's my wife i never thinking that they should be honoured
i always think that no one is honoured kid of if i gave you that citizens retweet back here followed in seconds please folks what the fuck is what is the matter with them me and chuck would sit down and watch it that's when cheek chuck is just leave on my couch do you know what check sleeves now he's at a very nice yeah he's not in he's not on a couch he's not in anybody's couch he'll never be on a couch again and i got his said tiggle that's the plan right if you like forty years old on the couch we have to really think through this thing we then there would be no discussion would then be like ok retire ones coming over the answer therefore there we'll find it eventually just is to take a little more time than i thought it would sorry your obscure comes four moviegoers down are one of the best i was the one of that did you ever seen a foot fist way yes those guys
i make all my guys my guys have had to watch a bunch of part of the martial arts the pit they have to watch certain movies to listen to my music i do love really corny bad movie scenes though like that like my favorites from superfly heresy superfly superfluous the best bad movies all time you know the movie right here drug here and he sees in bed with his wife this is all i've ever wanted my hall my vines white and like you all i ever wanted is american dream my heart meeting his car my vines meeting his clothes and a white girl like you wise vines clause because it made out of plants in how you make your cotton a plant call it vines not silk silk and made out of a plant it's made out of a fucking bug pretty weird silk sheet you mean a sheet out of a bug shit
fucking bugs bugs you need to make sheets what's another good line another that about no it doesn't movie tearing somebody's two may began pain don't hurt road house that's what you should show people yeah show them road just saw it show them how to grab the neck like to show yes i did i love it out remember when youguys you thin you could do that grab the neck and yeah just rip your neck out what a fucking shitty neck you would have someone just grease it and grab your neck and pull it out yeah yeah it's crazy no longer with us now sorry believe man look at him here this movie and he's no longer with us and a big part ladies and gentlemen mother fuckin cigarettes put those bitches down yes he was he most certainly was pin rat account
so common one with cigarette smokers bill hicks famous comedian also cigarette smoker pancreatic cancer it's not a good one what about alkaline water healthy for you good for you do you drink it no i don't i just drink spring water most time but i think the idea of having an alkaline high diet rather than acidic i mean there's a lot of science it chose that alkalinity in your body is you know it's a good state to have and that cancer grow in acidic environment i mean there's so much dispute comes to nutrition health and how you should live your life and how you shouldn't what kind of things are important taken here by the danger or safety of gmo foods there's a lot of contradicting information articles out there it's really hard to get the full skinny when it comes to something as complex as nutrition i think so do you go by
i'd read as much as possible and try to find what makes the most sense and then try to see like what of it has a history of use you only when it comes to like antioxidants when it comes to demands mean there's a lot of shit that they know about vitamins vitamins supplements being viewed the way to stop score from coming on if someone's on longboat trip and they know survey came from it came from a vitamin c deficiency nutrient efficiencies and didn't give item and seated i now give our design at the time but you know they do kid you can i salute it without a saying there's ways that they figured out icily essentially every vitamin a nutrient known to man smiling it's not like a guess you know that they figured out how to get be twelve they know how to get better and if you think the b twelve doesn't work since you've never tried b twelve b for sure gives you energy you now did a lot of where's would take intervening shots before matches mammy be twelveth tremendous stuff police to be tough
to anybody says it's not is a silly person so did that's proof positive there you ve actually to and very important report nutrients and have noticeable facts c and be twelve just the tip of the iceberg mean there's a giant amount of essential fatty acids central minerals that have been really proven to have a significant part in the development of of all sorts of aspects of your body bodies essentially star dust mere bodies essentially carbon and minerals and all these different things and you need balance of these essential nutrients he's minerals it if you don't have them osteoporosis what's that come from a deficiency of a mineral called calcium and there's so much of that in diet and so important in keeping the body at optimal levels especially for like a pro athlete its it's immensely significant but you think all being alkaline is more imports or more helpful than acid i don't necessarily know i wouldn't
able to tell you i'm not smart enough i'm not educated enough i don't know but i do know that there's a lot of work that i've read where people study benefits of high alkaline diet the laudable there's a lot of what seems to be the science is leaning towards that end that vegetables greenly vessel vary very them as well know don't eat the the same ones all the time been quite a few issues is apparently with people wanted to eat kale all day every day and if you do it over long the time that people can develop a year thyroid issues caroline smith hungarian and no one is jochen huh you're not fooling me so what do you get you can the people that thyroid issues that are connected to eating tail all day every day for long periods and they're saying that even though it's a really healthy saying it can you know too much like the idea you need to vary your son which is the of interesting because there's a lot of animals they kind of stick to one very specific type of diet and that to avoid
genetic mutation to avoid variables that they can't control they know that they can eat this kind of grass they go eat that kind of grass like cows for instance mean they eat corn but you don't for me in corn anywhere else other than when people freedom can mostly time they know what the fuck do go at the grass and you get that you're eating the grass as well and you're going to get a little bit of vitamins from them and they know what the fuck to do but people boy we do better when we mix it up we do better when we have a little bit i am a creature of habit i catch a little bit of broccoli a little bit of celery have some numbers one day have a nice cauliflower sow the next day today let go with brussels brows and you know trailer tell tomorrow chicken tomorrow thousand venison the next day let's have some elk you do better when you're either learn your diet you deal at home not home cook but yeah i think so but you do a lot of just hunted animals well that's what i'm trying to do
do you know my hunt you hunt yourself yes my goal is by the end of two thousand fourteen one we have nothing but gave me in my house i want to buy store bought me now want to buy again i don't want to buy a steak and all i want to participate in factory farming is i want it as little participation in what i think is a bad karma activity as possible not buying chicken mcnuggets in i have to be really fuckin starving men are not approved person if i'm in a bad situation and there's a fuckin arby's needs i need some food i'll eat that shit if i have to reluctantly but i would like it if in my home i never have to and so my goal in two thousand for teens just issued a lot of animals there i get i got that in montana last year that deer this year got another one in wisconsin i just got a wild pig as we can burn you go so when you go
you go away so it's a week long trip the weekend this last time was a weekend i went friday night and came back sunday morning how you bring it back you cut it up cut it up and put it in the frigerator put it in a cooler and drive it back drive it back yeah yeah insomnia do that every few months and last you a few months each time depends on how big the animals is pig was hugely to propound pig so that at last a long time but our have venison in there still and i got some elk from a friend who went hunting and gave me some elk i got some salmon that i froze from winter alaska i didn't catch these these were given to me by the guide yeah we were there it was a catch and release day unfortunately when we went to go fishing it was like a low number the salmon weird the day before so sometimes they'll change it to go catch really and this guy was like listen dude i got way more than enough salmon if you want to bring home with some wild salmon i got all this frozen salmon so he gave us like a couple of pounds
of frozen i have some of that leftover and that's what i want to do man i think that particular it in the system where we allow people to you whose animals as like a commodity in such a way that they try to tighten up the bottom line so much that you you torture these things you give them these horrible existences just in order to make the maximize your profits i think that's evil i think any company that would do that is their their short sighted cruel assholes and even though its standard model for these big factory farms i still their short sighted cruel assholes and i think shouldn't be an option shouldn't be an option for humanity to stature and ten on top of each other cut their beaks off when the young people from poke each other's eyes out too to take pigs and stuff
and these little pans and an you know never let them rome around just force freedom and papa for growth hormones fat and huge and then come along and kill them the seams disgusting but wild animals there their wild living out there as nature intended and all you do is just that world and take one out we demand that we do this i never do that from someone who is a hunter find someone we know that's a hunter that over half of heaven myself i don't feel bad because i could never kill an animal if my life depends on it you know steve anella who's a friend of mine who's a famous hunter as this tv show called meat eater and he was actually talking about and he's saying i don't think everybody should have to go and get their food just like i don't think that you know like people take advantage of the fact that the government or the city takes care of your waste we should we processing your own sewage to be keep it real i want to praise i gonna wanna process
my own sewage you know what i like getting my own meat so i do that but i'm not saying you have to and i think that's a real we looked at how it a guy and normal karate guy like me whose i'd hate i couldn't i've never killed animal like you eat meat but of meet some a hypocrite and because i love animals but i need a lot of meat why love animals to man i have two cats i have two dogs i love animals over what is a guy like me do it how do we find on the internet some guy that cooks hunt for the food and i guarantee you there's someone in your area because you're a nice area you're nice era this very rural california has a long history of hunting they don't shows a hunter now why the chad mendez other guys live in our thinking on the pit the pit elevated together here
gym we have in utah yeah the owner of that will is a huge hunter he goes to africa all the time and the utah is a rich hunting tradition massive elk population utah we were there one of the guys who was like a ski instructor that place that i went to told me on the way to work he saw twenty elk giant bowl i'll just sitting on asylum road mean utah wilderness with a couple of cities parked in the wilderness beautiful cities no salt lake and city and but the fuckin what surrounds it that's it gangster wildernesses it gets they have bears fish they have airs and elk of moves that wander around the ski slopes every now and then and you get the fuck out of the way our moose wanders on your ski slope anywhere there's by poverty and that that night you don't have to do it i guarantee you someone in your neighborhood is honor
and you know if they if they hunt a lot i am sure they would be willing to trade some meat for some classes again so i've been getting guarantee you someone in your gym who hunts would to give you some meat just so you could try it you could get right will live or wild game rather is some of the most delicious food you to buy what you could have whether you can eat so good for you so as also i think the most karma free way of acquiring animal meat if somebody hunted it does it humanely and downright way you know nominal everyone shouldn't have to do it but reform he's gotta go we i was as a society even if we have to turn fuckin vegetarian we have to stop that shit that's a travesty we're pulling out so much bad energy and were also people find out about it it really lowers our expectations of human beings we find it
they were willing to do things like that to animals just a profit it lowers what we feel like you know is possible from the average even very lower than we are i see it's one of the lowest things i think in other loathing see world you now low thing is this dolphin massacre there about do you see that shit there were two into the place where they found that movie the cove they ve trap to one fifty dolphins in there now nego slaughter em and everybody knows about it is not in any way we can do about it dad think that that lowers are our expectations of human beings lowers are our possibilities changes are our change know what we look what's normal was this is murdering dolphins normal in my world in your world the fuck it is if everybody john hackelman or me there would be no murder of dolphins right or drones or drones or bicycle riders on the street
bicycle riders smokers that smoke outside of starbucks cigarettes how about people to throw cigarettes out their fucking windows those jack offs i like to just pull them over and beat the shit out of it i'd like to see you do it now for smokers want him in the arms so hard that they can't lift her hands up to them to smoke knock em out you have to give ahead just hold them down and just beat their dealt up just pound knuckles right into their shoulders on both sides so you literally can't smoke but why would somebody smoke when you have to inhale it well because they get caught they got caught by the cool bug it happened to a lot of people that are intelligent i know have you ever asked anyone to put down his ear or together a few see people get angry you know there is an interesting thing they dont mind littering people is thomas teghmus left people
like when they go to restaurants and they have like outside seating i saw this woman smoking she was on the phone smoking and then just putting her cigarette out in this plan in others like big mean a beautiful bush part of big potter we'll big potter plant potting thing this particular cigarettes images poking alec little trees for cigarettes in their wishes and having no little conversational like this is disgusting your gross litera if you took it so too can and threw it in there would be ok no wouldn't be what you think it's ok to take your fucking ro cigarettes and stick em in the dirt casting habit is here i mean i bought for smokers is because i've one of my pet p then i've asked them if i'm anywhere and i smell smugglers who put it out and people are really obliging but there's people there
haven't been i just think what can i do to get either i mean these guys pissed me the fuck off i can't spit on them get in trouble so i bought fart spray i got fired spray online and i'm not proud of it i remember the first time i did it it backfire because i was actually at my favorite carriage barbarism by one of the best the singers time probably burgess so i asked her to please not smoke ideals as you smoke wherever the second set you got my first ray and its greater now this thing is horrid i don't know if you were smoke far pretty but it's hard and i thought i got even with her so walk back in the bar she was too i don't even know it and she entered coming back in the bar so i had to leave the bar because this fight smell was worse than the cigarette smoke so that was my karma yeah i got it turned around there's a bitch yeah the singer
thing people don't think of it an imposition on anyone themselves so they'll be outside in front of a place like the opening of a restaurant or whatever it is to be serious logging in your inside the restaurant comes anyway disgusting anxiously outside the exit door i didn't realize it smells when you smoking things are real weird like we is another example people don't realize that weeds so bad when you smell it they don't know that other people get smell it causes something that's happening when you're smoking weed you don't really smell it that much but if you walk into a room of people and smoking weed you like jesus fucking christ you guys know this smells like what the people in it don't you they have a grasp why they don't you you all factory senses detect changes in smell they don't necessarily detects smells find is find is offensive we smoking
smells good like cigars smug do or pipes yes pipes mob great nice cherry tobacco or something like that i love it was good i put my said there was a big part smoker here from the time it is a musician play them in their daily show me the musician working musician is our life had his adieu larry kelly knock out billy boy was asserted sweet he was really good at it pretty nice guy had a hell of a hook kick you always heard about it that's it but not done often you don't see that ufa but that would work and if it worked there it would work right because he was moving back yeah can you imagine if he threw it while a wrestler was coming in yes he would get taken down for yeah so that was or he fought a guy and the guy goes underneath it and attacks at the supporting leg and the way he threw it was almost we put his hip forward so it was almost like he was throwing a spinning hook kicks he
i happen to have a most guys a throw it just bring their back there their legs so it's not with that much power that one let me see the way to he comes back he bring his hip forward she forward and then came back so we get that happen it'd be like throwing a job up here but then you bring your hand back and so that you it's more like a right hand yeah nice on them yeah he was a talented motherfucker ok jerry tremble yeah jerry tremble i met jerry tremble when i was working somewhere in like santa clarita and jerry we'll just happened to be on the same set doing something completely different i got a chance to say hidell he has he has the best highlight video on youtube really jerry tremble he's ever wider use our fighter here and he just his his is a dynamic away his personality
his highlight video is actually my favorite fight highly video of anyone areas where there is who hear his highlight video is wholly jesus a bad mother fucker in the peak a days he was one of the few guys that was like super good and really find a wider together like benny did the areas there was a lot of the public it is three sixty ran ass kicked out he was a lot of people in those peek a days there were really boring yes stinking lamp point point blair above the not just that like they would throw kicks just as they have to have a minimum amount of tax yeah so they would throw these like half ass kicks just to get their minimum men and in those guys i trembled around always while techniques yeah down he was about mother fucker johnny terrio remember him yes i do who blinking rodri is knocked out scared but he didn t the lakes now
terrio was above the way guy lost when he did do the leg kick yeah right yeah yeah he's from toronto and esta who's beat him up didn't he i don't know but i know he's from toronto yeah he the non lake it guys when they came over to like kick it was like like a boxer trying to find a ressler guy yeah they just they could not cope with the lake see cherry term by the best however is it he has actually have hey guys and anyone else he has my favorite highlight video all time really i don't even know him i just haven't we i just saw once as this is my favorite in the comments is my favorite or something and he thanked before but that's all some here that is his are some guy yeah those it's really interesting because those guys like from that error there that that responsible for holding kickboxing back a little bit for some reason pick a i was doubly uk all your dummy
yeah we fight debbie case that we delay cakes and then some sometimes these two and then now benny system here as what he like debbie k their piquet and then and said in hawaii we had a no commission thing so we just kind of fought any system must have been a really nutty time is crazy i loved it i hate i hated grown up and who i abide but i loved i love the fight the fire fighting in hawaii she's is really good fighters in hawaii and there's some really good ones coming up to right now well always has been i think about just the tradition of bad motherfuckers from dj pen was not the first but certainly signifies it symbolizes that style over a fighter brown another proud hawaiian yeah a scary fucking dude yeah as those elbows than he does
when guys are holding to that single shit he generates a lot of power those they have some hawaii has always been a fight culture a lot there's been a lot of fights in hawaii i mean may i was and why i should so should correct myself he lost johnny terrio who ernesto whose tedium beach after they ought to item a blink whereby waste ok that's an esther whose far above the waste is therefore joliffe terrio style and then he thought he fought everybody man he thought rob came and lost it came and he lost to jane terio again later on in his career yeah yeah rick rufus another one duke there's a bad mother fucker in those days he was in one of one other really exciting guys in the pka days yeah he had good transition over the like kick kick boxing as well i think duke was better
more successful beyond that style fighting but he was definitely had its day the other jet yeah the other jet yeah well the jet rufus was a fan of benny the jet so he took his nickname yeah that's where he got the nickname he got the nickname because he's a benny the jet fan a huge fan of bennies yeah well benny was like one of the original pioneers and saw he's still teaching is still he's still hanging in there he said he was the free can a guy that just could do everything in he could stand rain funny two inches your face jump up in there and do a spin back kick yeah wow yeah good old days my does it get out is not good they come up still today will be it'll days one day ass a lotta layer i mean this there are some great guys come up and you guys like court come at an angle over making it to the top yeah what's his name
any time frame and may you know it's still in its infancy is hot as crazy as it sounds i mean there's a ten twenty year history from now from now to today people now look back at these times like well this is like when it was really starting explode where you go from here it'll be the biggest port in the world can changing like it's changed from box section the question is always gonna be i think once it the damage rather they should change tavis examples tavis examples are crazy doesn't mean that's my last vlog did you write about twelve to six of those it was between twelve and six or three or nine stupid well travis brown and the three and nine the josh barnett one that's okay yeah because it's three to nine just so fucking stupid kidney punches yeah it's all so stupid skinny buddy stupid to that's a stupid rule we can't kick the kidneys when on the bottom when you're in the guise guard that's an effective technique and you should allow that if you could throw a body kick you're kicking the
man have you guy on his left side you're kicking his fucking kidneys if you hit him on his right side you're hitting them in his liver it's legal it should be legal well the liver the liver you can hit the liver because the liver is in the front right and there's only one and you can't live without it right in the kidneys the to have on and there you can live without have to be on dialysis but there's two of you live with one just fine but you can't kick the kidney but you can kick the liver and you can hit the brain that's very sensitive one too most sensitive one period the most important one irreplaceable and you're actually the why you hit as hard as you can see we are up three o'clock we turn to a pumpkin or three hours in we are three hours in oh my god over i thought i was worrying thinking now the time i want to keep you can stopping now get up get dressed make the bed and get the fuck out
we could do it again we'll do it again in the future we could see i knew that you would be easy conversations the conversations that i've had with you in the past i knew it'd be easy i didn't talk about you what about saturday sunday we have not talked to talk about that anymore they've changed that rule and if people want to get a hold of you on twitter it's he has it's not don't look for under john hackelman because some fucking fakers out there look for pit your score master pit master is john when do you respond to twitter shit i love twitter shit i'm on its as one of my favorite tools pit her master please please me on twitter pit underscore master thank you brother was a lot of fun i really enjoyed filth do it again we're gonna do it again three hours we flew we flew by two it was fun
thank you to the maasai dotcom go to domestic dot com ford slash click on our training kindly hasn't play first game thanks to honour that allows the code word rogan and save ten percent of any and all supplements johnny i commend much respect my brother very much tomorrow kickass anonymous peter ship yet johnny hackmen johnny johnny hackerman go johnny hackerman much luck and yeah we'll be back tomorrow with peter ship so we'll find out how the world works i don't understand it hopefully yes
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