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#447 - Cara Santa Maria

2014-01-28 | 🔗
Cara Santa Maria is a science communicator, writer, producer and television personality. She is the host of "Take Part Live" on Pivot TV and "TechKnow" on Al Jazeera America.
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they will gain experience last time you kind of phrase or use the phrase that i have stolen and use over and over and over again i give you credit but its whoop peddler let me talk show profits really didn't going mad but i love it you won't let every time i see that dude i just think whoop adler yet we have a little kind of twitter i was there i was i was com i asked if you will peddled much even someone about using like i am a god and you are looking at how much and he was like ours really funny i favour yeah he was actually like you is that you had a good sense of humour about it i don't think he takes himself totally seriously he's not like caught leader seriously i think he gets a gets a how head of himself and he says really ridiculous shit and then what people call him on it you know he just start use nord quantum
mayo the quantum consciousness is room you know i think better him then a lot of other people in his position better him then you know that cabin who though guided shall you wait locks secrets that they don't want you to know about and it doesn't seem like deeper i mean depart trying to sell his books but outside of that i dont really feel like he is that much of you know like a predator like he's not using this kind of pseudoscience and in truth be told there is a little bit of truth to some of the things that he talks about but but he does kind of i think step way outside of the boundaries of what's reasonable and healthy but you're right i don't think he's actually trying to take advantage of people fundamentally i think that departure oprah thinks what he's talking about i mean he believes in what he's talking about
i think that he actually think cities helping people maybe is helping some people but these also peddling alot were i think i think you'd probably is helping one or other use deathly peddling alot of wool and one thing that i always get out to him that i dont think even he knows what he sang there's a lot of times where will the people will try to impress upon you then would the sayings important and one of the ways do that is by using these like really kind of like vague terms that sounds fantastic yeah i mean that's really i think where that term pseudoscience comes from it's not real science it's it's it's fake science it's bad science but sort of sounds like science through an untrained ear and that's the dangerous thing is if you throw around a lot of really big words and you are really authoritative alot of people caught a bully what you're telling them what also there is an issue in that some of it does have some truth to it and when you fuck around and pretended at all does what you must she'd altogether you be created
we cloudy atmosphere on london i'm not sure what the fuck you're saying i'm not sure if it's true plain it's really hard for like an everyday person who those ok wall i've heard that before and you know my doctor told me that and you know that seems important and then they thoroughly these other things wool i mean if you're in authority figure in your saying all these things that are true i guess i should believe you when you say all these other things it's really dangerous you know that's that's route now that is as i was an atheist hashtag until i discovered i was god and the nice son don't make me smack you we'll paddle and then he responded he responded something really funny at enough you can find a yearly rehire all guarded drag we're all got ensure that actually is very goes pretty well you know he did a thing with his son were his son of followed him around with a camera and complete we exposed him and he went on tour like promoted
with his son and did like interviews unlike opium anthony in all these different places but one of them was like his son like caught him sleeping when it was supposed to be meditating i'm going through the tumbled meditate go into the table is completely covered liners back it's it's quite funny because his son sort of you now grew up with them and sons and fathers have notoriously contentious relationships i'm always incredibly impressed when i meet a daughter who gets long gray with her mom son who gets one great with his dad because somewhere along the line and those male male female fema relationships assumes me there's like changing at a guard or simply how to this need to be your own person and deep
son has that shit in pockets pockets for that and its go about deep actors are really taken safety seriously so that here you know his son catches i'm asleep and he's a cap and put it on the internet in quantum i was not called those travelling way of my third i was open to the possibilities he did a an interview or debate rather with richard dawkins fairly recently i think it was here challenging dawkins on the concept of eight years and an darkens spanish katagiri old countryside but it can actually made it actually made him oh dawkins look back and i mean that's the thing it's it's when you engage in those kinds of conversations with people who can really hold their own you gotta be really careful because dawkins i think he's take and i respect the men immensely his take is very much an educated you know i'm an evolution as diamond evolutionary biologists
the reasons that i don't believe in god but he's very hard line about it and there is thing about being this kind of ivory tower british elite that just kind of makes you seem like a dick even like he's not a dick he's a really sweet man have met him before he is he saw spoken in but the truth is you put those two men in a room together i mean debauch knows what he's doing he knows that like part of it eight or part of conversation is about bringing out certain aspects of somebody's character it's about like ability and i think it's easy for people who are already kind of hard lined atheists and warrant already big dark and supporters to be like that seems mean well i think it's me i disagree with really think i think he is a dick and i think he is mean and i think that because he's how to deal with any it's over and over and over again unease and extremely intelligent man
tired of it could be that gets this quivering and his lips talks to people who have no that's not what's going on i guess so furious about defending siam defending the truth i i don't think he's a dig in in and just way please a dick for a reason dixon normal garb and you i think is also a dick because he's a normal guy with a lot of knowledge that doesn't have allowed release and his life primarily he's also i think he's also sheltered a little bed because of that is position because of you know when you work in academia and your kind of surrounded by like minded people a lot and only periodically do you go into the real world where there's a lot of people who don't have education that you have and have totally different values and belief systems europe can be really really frustrating because your constantly having to defend a position that the rational opposite that like nobody else is come up through the ranks that you came up you know ninety seven percent of practising scientists or something like that don't believe in god and move it's not that
but ninety seven percent definitely you know know that global warming is true and and maybe something that seventy five percent in america don't believe in god but we're like a very religious country but when you when you can go through the motions and you just come to these logical conclusions because of all of the different life choices you ve made but then you interact with people who are from such different background you have never studied evolution who have never studied in a global climate whatever it's like talking to a wall sometimes you almost can't have the same kind of reasonable conversations because when you're too somebody's not coming from a rational evidence based place who's coming from kind of a two emotion or his coming from folk lore for whatever reason they have to defend their kind of belief structure their faith position to really frustrating because you don't really have a lot of ammunition at a certain point but especially when you're talking somebody like chea poch copra who has like made a career kind of being good at debate
who knows exactly the way to twist your words and to make it sound like what he is speaking is the truth and then he's got this like very benevolent kind of kind and calm demeanor and he's gonna make dawkins looked like a deer i didn't think did he did any any twisting of many words at all i now know i think you know he seemed like a whoop peddler i mean to use your term he that's what he seemed like but darkens was just getting so angry and it said old saying you know never argue with an idiot because people want tell her to in our that's not saying that networks for me i'm now i like i would never debated creation is like people are shared by the wine i think like bill nigh overtime and get a real nice was dated debate can ham that's insane i dont know why he's doing it i mean i have friends friends has shown kara whose a physicist at caltech in and right she's really great books about about time and about quantum physics and he
does periodically debate creation ass animals what are you doing this such a bad idea you know like because these people are old just in the art of conversation their skilled in the art of debate even if what they're saying has no way they know how to argue these positions and try and trap you and get you on the defensive they have all of these different kind of skill set but he always says it's not for me it's not to try and prove him wrong it's not to try and convince him not to believe got you know like this guy is can't ham is like a hard core fundamentalist christian we're never gonna change his mind and they say the reason that we do these debates is for the people who are sitting there watching who may be like to know the difference between evolution and intelligent design have never thought about it i've never really looked at the evidence that be even a small percentage of the people who decide to tune will be
given some sort of information that they didn't have before that they can be armed with to make better decisions but i don't have to me it just seems like i mean i think it's a noble pursue but at the same time i'm not sure how effective it really is a beta creation i say i disagree with you i think it's i don't think you're going to convince the creation is not at all but i do think that there is theirs are you in someone whose good at it if someone as the ability to speak speak well and also have to have a certain amount of charisma idea that adding that later the issue the darkens issues that he gets so emotionally invested in this fuckin horse shit the deepening spewing that he gets angry and feeling instead of marking and like there's a brilliant exchange whether there is a scientist do it there was a panel and deep oc was on the panel and as the scientists stepped up and asked d park a question and the deep
clearly didn't know what the fuck he was talking about but the way the guy handled it was very sweet and it was smiling while he did it explain that he was in the process of writing a book with stephen hawking and then he was in the middle of this and then that don't you like i understand those words he said but i am not sure if they mean anything like the way said it was it was adorable because the the guy didn't loses cool and it made depart living a fuckin idiot the same guy got up and said you know what is this item talk you talk in a bunch of fuckin bullshit shut up and you don't know then other suddenly or deep park as this pudgy indian man you're picking screams of races southern fuckin hot buttons get push ere i think the same thing can be done so fully with these creation is fellows like chair i think the idea behind creationism is so preposterous the initiative one that we see it in the form of you know not
the form of something created the universe where there is some sort of you first or forced it creates stars or the reason why adams exists in the first place all these fundamental questions that scientists have as to why the structure of the universe is what it is there that but then there's this book that has been translated from other books and then their sticking to this fucking crazy book just play on the other shit in the book that's ridiculous like the shooting book about not all where two different different types of cloth here and they do that usually the point out the shit in the book that's ridiculous end they figure out you know and point out how if the book says you truly believe this in this century and science has unequivocally disproven does that you believe you know it's one thing to talk about like you said you know these big questions like what came before the big bang or you know what a lot of i feel like intelligent design advocates confuse for exam evolution envy and natural selection with a so they confuse the idea of how
organisms have evolved over time with how life began in the first place which is a fundamentally different scientific question different topic totally different field of inquiry and so you know a lot of times what they do is they appeal to these two questions they say like will you don't know what existed before the big bang therefore god don might draw you know every time an end instead of kind of allowing that is to say you know ok neither was no what why is god the first reno i'm sorry that you jump to let's look at all the other times when you're saying that the answer is god and we ve disproven it over and over and over and over and just because we don't have all the answers to every question now using the scientific method doesn't mean that you know through new tools through new lines of inquiry that we might be able to answer those in the future it doesn't like just because we don't that doesn't mean that there are other phyllis
ethical answers to these questions that don't rely on this like very fundamentalist view that i think personally for example bill nice gonna be able hold his own he's a total bad ass he's not gonna lose a school and can have if you ve ever watched him in but i mean he's not job like he's a total of some videos or is a total matter butter and he will lose its core and he's totally not likeable like nothing about this guy's like up also i think that maybe that why built i was willing to do because i've seen bill nigh right go unlike billow riley a million times and there kind of a mutual respect their heap he deals with bill o reilly very well and i'm always impressed she's the one who is below riley's like the tide comes in the outcomes are obliged to do that you can explain yeah he's receive i'm gonna fucking funny i'm really monitoring and guards corner interface below its it's up
he's a bullshitter idea i think i think he's a pandora i think what he's doing as he knows there's a bunch of fuckin scared old ladys bibles in their hand that listen to his show and he's on theirs totally i mean he's an he's honestly not even as bad as rush limbo and fuckin who's the other guy mormon guy glenn back went back to the late in life mormon guy and rather than being a more motor denies mormon do we have this conversation less on the sugar reform and really my folks are shut woman that someone has or from neutral non from texas while mormon texas law others this'll i'm everywhere there everywhere yeah born and raised less jewishness forty why when you were fourteen what was it that they got you i just didn't like i was it's it's a funny to you because i haven't found science yet it's not like i knew you know i didn't have like all these answers available to me i just probably around like twelve
the eleven like when you start questioning things are really started questioning things and lots of things worth making that's for me and be noted a lot of the answers that they give you in the church like warrant sitting well with me and so i was studying and i was trying to figure out like and have been taught this my whole life but it just doesn't make sense it isn't there well with reality and arm of going my father and saying you know i have all these questions very confused or not i believe and the answer they always give you just two like really pray about you know it's like they give you all of these answers and art helping at all they don't they dont really improve your confusion at all ultimately i finally just came to him and tat like i am pretty sure at this point that i really don't believe in god and and attending which is a huge part of your life when you're fourteen in when you're in high school and your mormon either for three hours every sunday you go to use every wednesday night you have all sorts of family things like family whom evening every monday night and then you go to seminary which
their bible book of more men and then like probe great doctrine in covenant study every morning before school i would get six a m for like an hour before school i mean it's really intense it takes up a huge part of your life and when you don't believe it's kind of i mean you have to come out you have to come out like it's it's so pain like you're stuck in the skin it's not you and i mean obviously i don't know what it's like four somebody who is gay whose like you know her to come out in their community but i would soon that there's like at least a faint similarity to that feeling of like i can't live just because i'm lying to myself every day so i finally came out to my father and it was like not good it was a difficult situation is hard for the family and i didn't end up like i ended up actually not having relationship with them for many years it's it's better now but at the time really intense thing like as a fourteen year old kid to be like oh i need to make this like really intense life decision
dad didn't wanna interact with you declared or you didn't want to we interact with him because of the pressure it was like a soft soap my parents were divorced so i went to my dad's has every other weekend and then like i think like a month in the summer something like that but we also went to his house on sundays to go to church together has my mom wasn't attending after they got divorced and so basically told me around the court to this day i have a moral obligation to god to force you to go to church until you're eighteen years old as long as you're living under my roof and i was like i'm not gonna go anymore and he was like well then i guess you're not gonna live under my roof or ass it was a really tough decision it was kind of like me or me or your atheists em and at the time i just felt like i can't not make this decision so we didn't speak for a long time and i like didn't go to his house for a really long time we have a relationship but it improved overtime mid improved you're very small person i always assume that that's genetic or it was assumed that there is at least some element of that genetic i mean there it is
elegant is thank you by the way but intelligence is a really really complicated topic in neuroscience and psychology and so there's a really not a lot of evidence available that says that intellectual the is hereditary mandatory something i'm a friend he's dams wives dumb their kids dubious occur the sudden they're probably is something there is an especially in terms of especially in terms of environment so a lot of times what can happen is that lets say that you have to you they do these twins he's all the time it's one of the only real ways with human behaviour to you to understand pure genetic why because i like my sister and i have very different lives and we have very different personalities and we're very different intellectual abilities but my sister and i are genetically different even though we came from the same source dna right half mom half tat is all full together you didn't get the same illegals on your genes and we are literally night and day but if you took to people who were
modern psychotic twins word identical twins and those few kids got adopted out when they were babies and raise my two totally different people and this happens in nature a lot air not nature but you know it happens in society a lot and you study those two kids you find that the kid who grew up in an impoverished environment with you know wasn't getting appropriate or adequate nutrition whose pair we're not highly intelligent or educated versus the kid much like a huge part of its environmental a it who grew up in the impoverished environment will not be as intelligent like a huge part of its environmental huge part much i mean you seed and animals do you put a mouse in a cage with nothing there and you put a mouse indicate with all sorts of amazing things we interact with its brain is going to do they grow larger you're gonna see more kind of neural interactions much more intense branching of different neurons so
that's not to say that there is not a genetic component is very hard to pinpoint what the genetic component is it's been kind of an enigma to be able to chase that the toilet answer me to so many different variables so many unlike let's say you have a friend wisdom and his wife is dumb their kid might be done because they don't know you know it's like they're not speaking intelligently to the child they don't they dont have a really great grasp of the english language there probably not reading very challenging books but sometimes you do see parents who may be are limited but they so desperately want everything that their kid deserves and the kid you know shines intellectually from the time their kid and they really foster that even though they might not even be able to have an intelligent conversation with their kid they are going to put their kid in a great school nigger all he so he so gifted i want to make sure he's always in care and that kid might grow up to be you know just no genius then you see it a lot you know you see it where such a child grows up to be this really you know
academic star and his parents may be worth exactly on the same page it is such a crapshoot when you deal with life experiences and you deal with education in what just the teachers that you get the school that you go to the but the books it someone by chance me hey might be interested in this and boom alight ball goes off a new door opens up to your mind and then you stop pursuing that path and then there's like even silly things like you know d are you eating well out of you exercising our you ya like like those kinds of yeah exactly but it those kinds of things you're actually the most fundamental you know because if you are theirs action really high correlation between intelligence and
a high inverse relation between intelligence and poverty because it's just when you are growing up in you you don't eat enough and then you're going to school you kept focused can't pay attention you don't sleep it off your working an extra job it's just so hard to get ahead of the game that way and so there so many differ variables and that's why think fundamentally whenever we have his conversations like isn't nature is that nurture or it's always both its all almost everything is nature nurture there's something that are very heavily netteke lake is spent when it comes to deficits like if your you know if these to genes to split the right way or of the cell migrated in this direction and it didn't work that way in and then you end up let's say with something of intense genetic difficulty you end up with down's syndrome example there's only so much you can do you can do a lot environmentally to improve the light it to prove your life and improve your abilities but you still have down syndrome re enter the eu still might be dealing with something of a feeling even though i think you can push that ceiling of envy
first i you know you can do a lot kind of environmentally to improve or whatever but there are still always gonna be some sort of their there's always gonna be some sort of like genetic component but it is very difficult sometimes the lines get really blurred and it so hard to tell from the outside that's why we do experiments with animals minutes are really heavy reason that geneticist so common use animals in the lab because you can clone bunch of animals you can have a very specific line of animals and then you can do something where change some sort of environs and all components or some sort of drug or you do something with the brain of these ten different mice will all the mice were clowns so they started out jeanette exactly the same so you can't do this inhuman you can't like mixer every other variable is kept the same and then only manipulate one variable because we just grow up with these rich intense in sing lives but you can do that with animals which is why animal research is so important to answer a lot of fundamental questions it's really kind of fact if we stop and think about it
there's like three hundred million experiments going on his countrymen that's what humans are we're all experiments were all like this is what happens when someone please stop from the time there five exactly what happens they only cake needs what happens if you dad beat you that out happens if your parents ignore you and can you imagine if like your dad or your mom was a really intense kind of cognitive colleges are experimental psychologist like you know there's all these i i dont think that their necessary they true or i'm not sure how much there is to it but there's always like tat rules about like bf skinner whose probably one of the most famous behaviorist in history we every psychology student learns about skinner it you know like skinner has a kid and then like all of the things that he might do to the to the crib that his daughter rose up in an exactly at i'm going to do and enrichment experiment with my chat like i cannot imagine that would be really intense
there's a lot at stake when a kid my resent you for that year well you know we outlined our parents for some reason or another no i i just don't do there's some there's a story about a woman who were owned a comedy clubhouse fund was a comedian and when cry when younger she would ignore them because she felt ass if she ignore them you grow up funny and it probably is true now didn't work you anymore ali group to be account maghreb super duper shitty human but there is kind of it's interesting you know there's a recent study actually and i'm i don't know how much talk i put into this is whenever there like a single study that gets a lot of media attention that's how we do it in in this country specifically when it comes to the media and science were really bad about picking up oh that study is really interesting so let's let's
get up in all the different media outlets are going to talk about this one study where we got one you know dose of results and we're gonna say it like its truth right but there was a recent study that we're all these different comedians i guess i think was in the uk are usually were yeah like answered itself report questionnaire and they found that there's a really high percentage of it wasn't psychopathy it it wise psychotic malady trades near comedians and so its action and of interest in almost every committee and i talk to is always like most comedians a kind of fodder legumes likes you know they're they're anecdotal kind of stories are a lot of the deal with us are they deal with that and you know that humor is kind of a tool that a lot of comedians develop over their lifetime i think especially comedians who specifically have like a stick like you know i deal with wait issues so on my jokes about my weight ideal with my bad relationship with my parents all my jokes about that and
i mean i don't know i don't think you can make any sort of blanket statements is probably like incredibly high functioning people who have never dealt with mental illness at all but i think there is some sort of like really beautiful truth in comedy where you know there are lot of people who are very highly skilled at taking these fundamental human challenges that we all deal with whether they mental illness whether feelings of rigour at her feelings of lonely her feeling like you don't fit in and using humour as a tool to really deliver these kinds of very universal messages and there's a skill in that and i wonder if it's that we all deal a little bit with cycle personality trades we all do a little bit with depression with anxiety we know pick your poison and that alone comedians are much more in touch with that they figured out a way to have this vehicle for talking about these very human experiences and they do it in such a way that we can all kind of share in it and laugh together about it i mean not gonna but what
i read that study and i thought one of things it's found issue with his they found five hundred funny people in england yeah i'd seriously i dont see that maybe for england actually never been to have his into english great i wanna go fuckin around eleven over there i ve been then all israel as it has never its links of strange i've never been to like the the easiest country to travel to because we speak the same language their great there their fantastic comical audiences they love american stand up to their there's their site type of stand up is very different the huge bands of american stand debate they tend to be witty and a bit more reserved and very good great wordsmith great writers but these days studied five hundred comedians this is a thing there's that many comedians if you took america which is three hundred million people and you said okay many comedians either there's maybe a thousand professional comedians at a three hundred million
thousand how many of them actually good there's maybe two hundred fifty them to one and fifty comedians in this country that are worth a fuck yeah does make you question like how like are they self described to me like how did they find these people and how do you get five hundred in england you have to fifty in amerika i mean i just don't run by an maybe they weren't professional committee as we were there just people who found themselves to be funny also i dont know if their circuit is deep in wide as ours is mean you go to work like new york city has twenty comedy clubs you know i mean los angeles ask god knows how many i mean you just sit here and just count especially the greater ellie airy branch out to push like bray irvine in ontario and allay might have fifty fucking and it's not just tell in new york i mean every major city has at least one or two comedy clubs and you know cometh go into earlier the country and and really big comic stoning
laying comedy clubs at a certain point you know they're they're packing theatres and we still do though we still workers should out agronomic clubs you have to work for me i find that there is a certain amount of armed the intimacy that you get a calmly club is the you can't at tat anywhere out in big theatres the big theatre shows like i did this both you to this weekend which is like three thousand plus seeds but like dinner the ice house when the little room it is eighty seats eighty three rooms like yours i'm sitting like as close as i am to you when you though there often it's because it's funny real intimate sort of thing you comedy you know to do it correctly my opinion and to be really in touch with what you doing unita do you need a lot of different environments to do it in adding that smart i mean to have kind of a lot of different experiences so then
and really tell what sticks and what works with different audiences it's not just the had its also you how you feel about saying it to these people how they react to it and how that resonates with you because we person says it is not just like this is what i have inside of me and this is how you react to it comedy is one of the rare art forms where you can't even prank sit without other people's input and so it's not just what you're saying it's how like this com vision that we're having would be there a different if you were your dad you're the guy who's the more men who still sticking to select the way i say things would be different the way we would interact would be different and much like you know we're talking about other variables that go into creating human there's also so variables going into just creating conversations tells a conversation mealy one thing finding about podcast is that a conversation really is kind of a piece of art if if you
who can listen to it and it's real interesting and it becomes like something that's enriching to you and inspiring to you and and the person people that are engaging in this conversation are careful with the thing they say in terms of like therein intently folks they know what they're saying and not just spitting out where'd salad theirs it and art to that that art gets too you and it's sort of enriches you i think that the conversation and instead of comedy the very similar in that where the sin of comedy is like it's it's dependent almost entirely on the environment's do it in and the people and experiencing and it seems like there's kind of always goal whether spoken or not of this sort sense of universality the sense of like just because you and i are having a conversation right now doesn't mean that everybody at home whose listening isn't a part of the conversation you know what i mean having it so important that the topics
we engage in that the things that we know the emotions that we share have they resonate with other people and then so important comedy too like there is i think there's a to be said about just like all wacky person who says all sorts of wacky things that are totally out of step with everybody else that's so weird indifferent and that's funny but i think that would lose its stick after a while i think part of what's really improve in comedies that there's this like a universal kind of themes that are touched on that people really relate to because when you're like you're totally talking about me right now iraqi either because we're like fundamentally salvation i think it's important that when we watch tv when what when we sit down and eat no paint money too to be entertained that it feels like you're talking to me you know not the person next move me that i'm engaged in this conversation it's it's a part of our nature and so i think that there there is like you said a big art to that reaching people especially people who may be sometimes don't feel like that
you know i can't watch two and a half men and feel like it relates to a catholic the worst i fucking show until i get so funny it so did not speak to me and i dont get it because it it it it's like the most popular show you know everybody loves it early duck dynasty for example is it the highest rate of shows of all time fucking insane to me but there is something i mean there there's a reason that these things do really well is because there is a whole cross section of people that they find it to be like really relate above all for the internet mean and i think that there is an art and that there's norton creating television there's an art radiation are doing comedy any of it kind of spoken word kind of avenues i think shows like two and a half men especially duck dynasty is sort of a trick because what doctors is pretending is it you're looking into the lives of these wholesome guy fearing a duck
chrome is massively now what will we find out now is that they're just idiots and that also they ve been doktor adoptive talk these people into grown us fuckin beards and wearing cameo indoors and all the stupid shit that they do is contrived and also yeah i do think that there is that there is a difference between feeling like you know i'm a part of this in their speaking to me and then there's this growth kind of the base human desire you're too like be avoided too like look in on somebody else's life who has it worse off than you do so that you can later ok no matter how hard i have it no matter what kind of shit i'm dealing with these people are fuckin freak show and they make me feel better about myself which is such a gross like that's one thing you know i work and television but i've also done you know work in journalism and you know still unum thirty years old i'm on my course my career course i've been successful but at the same time you're always kind of inventing yourself in trying to figure out your track and life and one thing that i've you know
i go to i take a lot of meetings in in hollywood i go to a lot of outta this person it is the science show and i really want to do this thing in his hands are ok cool that sounds interesting let's talk about it we could take it to this network and one of the things that i found him and we always say no to i do draw a line in the sand i dont have luxury of i don't have time to take that mean you know that that's not i'm not there by any stretch and i don't think that that's even a goal but this margo they're just to be able to sit fucker provided i've already that yeah but but the one thing is if i do go to meeting my fundamentals that i don't do what i have done kind of humiliation television it's not something i ever want to happen and do you know in the in the industry they my colleague conflict reality there's all these different euphemisms whore because what i do fundamentally is reality tv because its nonfiction programming right i'm mostly into the edge attainment fear i'm really interested in you to science
programming or political base programmes that's all nonfiction with reality shows that rip dead duck dynasty early in the centre and the same i know a genius for me specifically i call that kind of tv humiliation tv a lot of producer call it conflict reality which is not not place i ever want to be which socks because that's where tvs moving like that's where the jobs are but i won't do it you know i mean i don't know come on let's all most popular highest raided shows our life it's just a trend a rude but its trending down you know that don't you feel like we are well on our way to iraq receipt let you watch that movie and there's literally watching a show called out my balls whole number there watching how my balls yeah my balls are and where they just follow each other out and like punch each other into balls and then the people a hook up it's a laker isnt countryman above and it's like wasn't that jack like isn't that what were watching now will not so fucking you not speaking
uk and tv have you seen this shoeblack mirror of heard of it have not seen it but i've heard it sells looking good and am super depressed i watch it i've wash it all in a weekend and then realize that in it was an anthem but the only makes three unlike twenty levin unlike three and twenty thirty so it's done like there's only six out of his own ever which is super depressing so those of you i want to watch this morning you there's only six episodes that make unless it its it's like a modern day twilight zone is really on its super dark but one of the really interest components about it is that it has this sort of dis technology angle it's like future but not too far in the future so as your watching it is very reliable like they use technology really smartly but just like we are you know just like i was talking about this idea of outright ass being the way the television is going you watch this the show and they're all
on their phones they have these you know these implants in their heads or in their ear there each episode is different but it like so believable and so sad that this could potentially be the direction that outcome there is going because i mean now i'm dead giving you know it's just driving here which is kind of a hike from hollywood's i'm on the freeway like for quite a long time and am looking it there's a little bit of traffic so when we're stop i'm looking into cars are more especially like city buses you look in the city buses literally every single person headphones and on there like no interaction between other people so damn held into their phones and what this show does really well is taken at component unlike what happens when we push it happens when we go into the future where nobody even cares about one another anymore they live in this like we're digital world in their avatar is who they are
they up they they spend their money like buying their avatar new hat or suddenly great all like the concept of wearing a hat and life wouldn't make sense because who gives a shit what you're wearing your avatars wearing this hat and all the avatar as interactive but you don't interact with it it's like fascinating because there is a fear that that's kind of the direction we're going as far as those along interesting ran as far as television my god help me dumbing down and becoming a part of the accuracy i think but one of the issues is the delivery method of television the first place is massively flawed because first of all you're dealing with censorship censorship fox everything up you're dealing with a gang of people you're you're getting involved with that dont want offend anybody they want to make sure that you promote whatever values that represent them
answers it's all about the sponsor you're fundamentally behold into your advertisers and television and then you have those advertising to consumers because that's gonna interact their intersect your programme every you know x amount of minutes boom she's going to shut off and then there's gonna be dancing fuckin lizards or selling their net marshall most important children can set right because if you can't get the advertisers come in you can't get the budget to make the shell which mean that you can build an audience which means that you're not going to get the ratings that you need but fundamentally you ve gotta keep the advertisers who you are i think the bottom for most tv is being beheld into those advertised like then you have something like hbo that produces something like game of thrones and it becomes massively popular it's a brilliant show and crew doubly well done and then he say oh wait a minute there's that too but that is not being represented that that that that type of art for is not being represented on regular television because of the restrictions because only then will be exactly the delivery method is just so fucked up that
i think more of the issue then the dumbing down of people because things like pike ass are perfect example of why that's that it's not the case that is just not reaching those people you not stimulating those people like podcast were reaching more and more people every day and one of the reasons being that there completely uncensored still i mean this is my fear and i dont want to be cynical and i don't want to be negative like you take you take the number of people that you reach podcast and compared to the number of people tune in every night of fucking two and a half men and its ike depressing to see the difference in the just sheer quantity of people tuning in and i completely agree that the world of podcast and the world of each be which is this beautiful kind of you know only subscription television so we don't give a shit about the advertisers the way that the hbo model right is to higher
actually i was somebody peaches them show they love the show the production company believes in it they hire them in their very hands are like you sold us to show that you thought would be brilliant we want to give you a chance shows how brilliant it is and it works i mean it very much works because they don't get in their spock everything toppling did you on most networks and there's a small portion of the population who who just eat that up and i think that we are probably those people i think your listeners are those writing everybody listening to the show right now is like i'll fuck yeah you know i loved breaking bad arriving in bringing that is actually a really interesting examples it was on cable television walking dead used to be
example i think that the first he's and was just absolutely amazing and brilliant and also on television with commercials and now it's kind of shit i don't watch its foreign opinions but a lot of people still live it's well i'd like dumb a black person abuse relationship are still to noon when it comes back in the same way that like there's a handful of shells like em like that with girls i watch girls on each reality then i'm like i don't even like this and i think the delivery method is this what's really flawed there is also the non interactive quality of of television we just sit there and do the best you can who is going to blog somewhere and and nino and an bitch about it but now i now think it we ve got i feel like an apple have to understand that second screen viewing is like the way of the future like if if you want for television to actually work because as we know it's sort of dying and like the web is really kind of i think picking up that slack but if you do want to maintain function in
television sphere and this is where i work like obviously i want to maintain function in the in the tv sphere even though i am perfectly happy to do a lot of course nothing two i have a lot of fun i liked it about my time with it you to understand how to integrate those two things you ve gotta and most people nowadays while were watch tv were multitasking it's very where there's a handful of shows where like true detective now right on hbo it's like the new there's three episode so far when it's time to watch you detective i hit play i may dvr and unlike pissed off the phone you know what i mean i'm lying focused i'm not picking up phone and checked my email every five so i'm really focus but that's like one where every week the rest time if i am watching tv at all i'm on my phone i'm on my laptop doing were i need to be but to do other things at the same time and so if there is a way to have this screen functionality i'm watching tv and then i have like things
my tv or things on my phone that will contribute to my experience watching this show all engage in that what you mean by that a girl like showered worker hug how did you ever have that so like let's say that like my show on on pivot tv so i do assure you can't take part live and its nightly and it up until yesterday actually we were shooting at completely lives so we're shooting at nine p m wes curse midnight on the east coast and because of the live component people can we asked people can interact we have these panel discussions we can like in real time like low its social media they also answer was saying there's like how do you respond to that which i think is really cool because we're all living in of now we're like we want customized entertainment in order me because its capable we we have a capability for now and so i think watching tv and knowing that tv is going to reflect the questions that we have
is really interesting and now we're shooting life to take which i think even actually less more flexibility so we a little bit earlier in the day by the time mid airs we ve already shot it but weak have source all of this cool social component so like one of the things that we do as a segment called view like you wear it lets you an episode and we have this really grew panel unlike guantanamo bay and then you know somebody is watching you never answered this one question that always bug me about guantanamo bay so they like skype and they re the little question and then we have the expert on the panel who can answer that question directly and we can pop it on the air so just even baby steps like that i think a really important when you're watching tv but i i think that there is a way to do it wrong and i think that's what a lot of these talking headline news let's do like sierra them msnbc like it's not social interaction if you just have a twitter ticker on the bottom of this that's like the lazy way noise is noise is there's like tickers everywhere desire of the mai
tickers like everywhere and i just i can't even focus at that point you the ticket drives me fuckin crazy they do that on sport shows like if you watching fights alarmed times like are the fights are going on there's a ticker under that showing like football scores and baseball scores and this guy's out these needs my air and then also like you like an joe schmo number two says i can't believe he blew out his knee and you're like i don't give a shit tweets here as i heard you don't care about i think we're talking about completely different genres cause that wouldn't work with like us com or that wouldn't work without scripted entertainment is a completely different arena and that's an arena that i don't work anytime i work in unscriptural television which is totally different thing i think that the problem the television right now is like you said if you are behold into the advertisers you're basically beholden to fear and there is a bad habit i think in television right now where a network executive wants the third fourth and fifth of
of the same shall we say that that worked one time let's try it again was tried again and then they like run it into the ground instead of we want them this new and innovative and out of step with what we all see because this really it's too expensive of a risk today if this fails we're out millions of dollars and it's just it's not feasible for their networks that there's a lot of fear that comes long with taking intense wrists whereas hbo doesn't even a shit about any of all they need to do is maintained their subscriptions because there much more interested in how their received critically they would much there get twenty m he's then get you know x amount of viewers that doesn't matter to them they have a certain number of subscriptions they love it if subscriptions went up but for the most part they understand that only certain type of and is ever going to be able to afford they ve got already pay for cable they ve got to be able to pay for an expanded package and you know they know the stats on their subscribers so they want to make quality television
you said your beholden to the advertisers airbus into you know network executive that incredibly affair to lose their positions at their jobs because they ve gotta bring numbers into the network and i've gotta bring more advertising money into the network and that feed i think in some ways is what fuels this fundamental dumbing down of america because instead of saying we're gonna create content from an editorial perspective that we think would be better fish are they say what do you want to see in this huge in the news arena this is a real problem in the news arena and america instead of saying this is what happened in the world i am giving you a play form so that you can see what is happening in the world i've worked as a journalist for many years so i have the editorial distinction or discretion to be able to say this is what's important to share the news people now we're saying what are you to talk about what's in it to you and then you end up having this like negative feedback of like going down the toilet it's so dangerous
watch the cnn headline news and they had a poor who d think is a better person brittany fears or paris hilton it the a fact paul it's insane they broke you think these on cnn amman and an emma's fuck msnbc when bieber got arrested baroque into actual news to give us this update because it so fucking important that we know to the minute about just in beavers arrested by the way all the charges were dropped is complete an issue and he wasn't drunk by where he wasn't speeding you have idea judges constable arrested because he's a crazy fuck that's florida look there how do you deal with a nineteen year old kid that has a hundred billion dollars he's gonna go the rio and that no more interesting conversations i think it's it's more interesting that we talk about you know in
many quality in this country and we talk about how you know the sociology of having that kind of responsibility and what it's like growing up in the limelight when you put pressure on these people it's much less interesting conversation to say oh meanwhile while i'm speaking too about syria or a while i'm talking bow tensions that arising in sochi around the elected whatever the fuck you no tongue about the state of the light can you imagine and then breaking it oh more on beeper we believe the cnn one with were msnbc i think we were talking about the usa elements where is the rock in the ultimate distraction the as there is little hairless board and that's the thing that's like so it's so funny that i feel like anybody who was alive in the fifties who is still alive to this day who was reading these i authors that i now love like vonnegut and orwell and indeed they were warned about this just opium
future how many of those things are just coming to fruition all the time you know this big brother mentality this like fundamental we're gonna keep you distracted and keep you lazy in and try and like eliminate any sort of ability for mass of revolution it's like just so scared essential when we live until i dont things i'd actions or engine i dont think that there's some like mask and spiritually that there's like five people at the top with like nefarious to ashes you know thing missus that we're going to control everybody but i do think that what happens is that money money comes in power comes into and people are desperately people with money and power desperately don't want to lose it people who don't have your power desperately want to gain it and so the system is really fixed in a fucked up way egalitarian values and socialist values are not respected in this country because you know you see it all the time people voting against their own interests because not because they thought
de mentally believe that you know this fat cats politician who is trying to pass policy that keeps the little guy down in that like really intensified the income inequality in this country they don't oh that's like morally the way we should they believe will one day i'm gonna be rich and i want to make sure that the laws protect me it's it's horrible and i think that the one thing that maybe we can say is more engineered than other is this concept of the american dream this really fucked up concept and it don't get me wrong it happens for some people there are rags to riches stories out there in the great but they should be a template for all to live our lives by we should all be like you know hoping in saying that one day we're gonna strike it rich and we're gonna go from you know this place to that place it should be much more piecemeal we should be living in a country where where is it you that you can work really hard in your life and you can actually make that make life for yourself and maybe get out efficient situation gettin a slightly better situation i think that that's a real goal and
should be a reasonable goal but in this country it's getting to the point where the very our decline that social ladder in i think lot of it comes from idea of like keeping up this narrative this rag two riches american dream narrative the kinds of policies that are put into place because that narrative is what fundamentally underlies everybody in america is real dangerous it's a really really danger this point of view and something that i think that has gotten worse in recent years do you think it's dangerously what what makes you feel it gets a dangerous idea the think that you could pull yourself up from poverty and become a wealthy person and that this anti socialism ideal that we we sort of you you find a lot of people that are vehemently opposed the idea of socialism i think
a router that isn't laziness i link lotta people believe that socialism enforces laziness and i don't even think about laziness thing laziness personally think a rude of that comes from our asses m races intolerance and i think that religion is it is an easy tool for people to use two to perpetuate this the ideas because i think what happens is that when most people who are wealthy were born wealthy that's just the case there however the truth is very much a drastic most people who are poor wealthy came from wealth there because social mobility in the country is worse than in most countries and it's worse than its ever been in the past so it is very difficult if you look at the data if you look at the evidence is there difficult to move up in social class in any sort of real meaningful way there there are definitely there are our
i feel like i said like step wise elevations that do occur but if you read anything by robert right if you look at me listen to obama state of the union address it's gonna happen to night that's what he's going to talk about is this growing rift this growing income inequality and how the rift rich and poor has gotten worse and worse and worse and so i think fundamentally happens is that if your boy poor you're very likely to be poor in life that is not to say that you have to be but you're very likely for your kids poor in those kids to be poor if you're born rich your more likely to be able to maintain some level of wealth and i think what happens is that the wealthy people who have the money and fundamentally have the political power because they have the money and the social power many ways have this like really bad sense of entitlement well we must have been some how better because we have more money there sums would have connection between money and morality there's some sort of connection between money and some sort of positive valence so if
i have more money and i must be better than people more or less fortunate than i must have done something to deserve that there must be reason that people who live in poverty live in poverty and that's where you get these horribly regressive social policies like that asshole in florida who is trying to pass a law requiring people who are on welfare to all be drugged fastidiously blanket drug tests for people to horror and welfare to continue you receive their government assistance things where there's this fundamental fear of government assistance and of welfare when we don't we that we give more welfare took operations and weaving due to people right we know that a lot a majority of people were on welfare at this point are people who work full time and people who are supporting families people who are not fucking lazy there's like this that there is some sort of like social leaching of the system that there's like i think there's a lot of reasons the minute you know there's that you know poor boy
single mothers who don't know any better and their welfare quit you know these terms that are really like in painted by polish makers on the right by be like big pr machines like welfare queens and things like that when this duty show is over and over the that's a tiny fraction of our population and that the massive the majority people who actually receive welfare throughout their lives use as a stepping stone to be able to get off of welfare and that it actually ends up saving the entire country a lot of money and so i mean i feel very strongly that this rift comes from entitlement that this this idea of like if i'm rich it must be because i'm better in some way is a really dangerous idea and that's where like you asking why do i think it's dangerous i think that's where it comes from one for a lot of people becoming rich or getting to a position where you're wealthy is is a competition someone's
if achieve that they are they want to say look i've won there's that old expression people that were born on third base with think they had a trouble and that's like look look i've won like that how many earth how many of those people yeah exactly really did when lange i i i would be blown away if somebody could show me high statistic of individuals who actually started off in an impoverished position and became wealthy now there is there a fair amount of people really have pulled them out and pull themselves up from their bootstraps and gotten in education and most the time the reason that that's happened is because they ve made use of public assistance has been available they ve been able to use federal grants that have helped them get through school for whatever is that if you come from an impoverished neighbourhood and you use education is a way out right in you you dear underground
dear graduate training you're able to get the funding that you need to basically get the education to be able to get a really good job that's one way that people get out but these people are rich afterward their comfortable there's a big difference between moving from lower class of moving from middle class but as we know the middle class in this country is shrinking the majority of people who i think would probably say didn't i came from modest means and now i'm wealthy they probably didn't come from modest means they're probably white already they probably had two parents at home who were really helping them we know mom was there in could make it easier for this kid to maybe not have to have a job when they were in high school maybe not have to deal with it if the things that real poverty is just about not having money it's all sorts of socio economic problems that come along with poverty and so i think even growing up middle class at this point we fundamentally understand that that's a privilege you know what i mean
i grew up in the middle class i grew up in a suburb of dallas and it was comfortable i grew up in a single parent home for most parks my parents got worse and i was like seven but we were fine by me work three jobs i gave money to my mom when i worked in high school we note she d need that we did me that but i had it so much better off than a lot of other people and i know that about myself and i dont want to ever forget that because i'm in a comfortable position now but i didn't start impoverished and i think that that is what made it easier for me to be in a comfortable position now that sounds impoverished mean it sounds poor like you to give money to your mom and dad we're gonna highschool but it sounds before i think that if you actually look at what the poverty line is in this country i don't think we would have qualified because of your
contributions but if it was just based on your mother she work three jobs is hard work each is an amazing mom and i think that probably i mean that the poverty line is very low if you really think about where you have to be to qualify for example for assistance with a bow the care like to be able to qualify with distance on the on the insurance trades or two to be able to qualify for certain government programmes like its low you have to make very little money there's a lot of issues in this of a lot of what we talked about earlier when we were talking about the variables that go and creating human being that that's that that plays a part in who is your parents where did you grow up what is the environment they are forced to be in and the debt between welfare and subsidies is this is entirely in how we view it review subsidies as being an important part of maintaining business or is essentially that's a much more expensive form of welfare that costs taxpayers way more and oftentimes has
when we do away with their pay money tax money goes to that like denisov weird thing while the farmers the farmers are getting help out of course you are old and how it arm anything flourishing in everything we do when we do away with their pay money tax money goes to that like this is of weird thing while the farmers the farmers are getting help out sword kind but look what's going on look what look what's really going to cost more to produce not expand now that i'm not a fan of giving people money in order to make sure that they do you know they do things like i don't think you can give people money and make sure that they do drug tests and i think you can do give people money and make sure that they are forced to apply to x amount of jobs per month i think all that time and energy that spend enforcing that is probably its
probably just going to create the sort of authoritarian environment that many people are really only going to count for something like three to five percent of those people anyway that you're really like obsessing over whether or not because the vast majority of people for example on unemployment dont want to fucking live their lives on unemployment the nobody's i would do i'm rolling in my unemployment there like fuck this socks but i can't find a job and especially in california if we collect unemployment we fucking paid into it and it's our money we earned that's something that i think we have to understand about the tax structure to when you spend your entire life paying interest into taxes there are social programmes that those taxes fund and so when you fall on hard times that's that's what that safety net is supposed to be therefore you ve been paying into at your entire life i have for you i want to know what you think about this recent this recent to call that i add that i read him we covered on my show in utah which is a very conservative state right it's it's it's a tough
we like overtly republican state they are solving homelessness crisis and the way that they decide it do it is completely evidence based and so for me i get this story and i think of it much more in scientific terms than in moral terms but i want to know what you think about it so they looked at the average homeless person in their state and they realise that in terms of me call treatment and social services that the average was person with costing the states seventeen thousand dollars a year there were seventeen thousand dollar burden per person and that if they put this person into government housing and offered them a social worker it only costs thousand dollars a year and so no strings attached they're taking these individuals off the streets and giving them apartments now a maze check in with their social worker they may fall off the grid they may
work on getting a job they may resort to alcoholism you dont know and no matter what they don't have any strings attached that apartment is theirs and they can live there it's provided by the government is helping them clear the homeless people off the street but fundamentally when it comes to a bottom line view which to me is a much more conservative republican viewpoint this is cheap but this is saving the state money do you think that it's a good idea are definite think that's a good idea i think also what's what's really important when you dealing with the current called homeless people is to differentiate between how many people have had bad luck how many people grew up in bad environmental the people of mental health problem is that the vast majority of part of it the reagan administration change these standards for people being into mental health facilities
they allow these people there are clearly ill just fend for themselves and a society that doesn't take care of its sick is the society that sick that soldier i mean yeah even it ll i love that you bring that it becomes even more than this issue like we're tongue which i agree i think the homelessness the waited there approaching it in utah's brilliant i'm a very progressive thinker i think it's one of those interesting things worse conservative thinkers may be on my team with this but for different reasons but fundamentally the fact that health care is a for profit system in this country i think it is so a moral need such a day starting system because its built on a cap this framework and asthma because i think that capitalism has a very important place in modern society i dont think that capitalism is moral framework i do that's why we need regulation because i think that if it's all about trying to make money it's very easy
agreed and like really bad practices to come into play that's where people get taken advantage of that's why we need fucking you know like meat regulation like red upton sinclair's the jungle like it's very important that this happens because if it's all about profit motive and bottom line people can make disgusting decisions and they're not gonna take care of the consumer so happens in in a healthcare framework is that we have healthcare system that's a for profit system the more sick people there are the more money there is to be made so there's absolutely no incentive to help people get well and this also no incentive for people to motivate their patients to seek non surgical methods not surgical to seek preventative method i mean at least with a bomb care even others like lots of problems with this law even though i fully think that if we had gone single pair it would have been significantly better system at least now you know i can get a path for free i can you know i can that's pumps near here
and you might be able to you get prostate exam for free and end there's an and how much sheep is it for the state the subsidy or this or the kind to subsidize prevented actually preventive is the right word preventative is not a word its programme and it was not a worry look it up in the dictionary i'll say that like it's now become a word because people use it so often but technically the correct word is preventive which is an online overdose hadrava similar yeah but rita it'll say something like to see preventative preventative liking most of the dictionary definition say that like however they word it but over time it's been used so much that they were added to the dictionary it's one of things is anything wrong with that because all words were invented eventual etc originally rubber that's true but anyway how much
deeper is it right for the government to subsidize those kinds of things of merger is intense cancer treatment later yeah you know and an end so many things if they can be caught early we're gonna be cheaper i can give you a personal story i heard my neck doing jujitsu and i have bulging yes can my neck the building this is causing numbness of my fingers and the owner nerve was in it i was feeling pain in my elbow those going and i talk to doctors that wanted to cut me they wanted to do surgery there were like now this is the best way to deal with this would the we'll do we can give you epidural which just numbs the pain you don't you don't feel the pain anymore and then the other option as you go in there though cut a piece of your disk off this was a year ago i d i treated it
plainly non non surgically with spinal decompression raw fang depletion massage spinal decompression was big and then a recently a thing called reject a keen which is something that was invented in germany where they are take your blood and they he didn't spinning centrifuge and take out some aspects of the blood and then ran acted into the air and it becomes a very potent anti inflammatory medication and gone total i had a new mri no bulging disk at all no no symptoms no issues no issues with it with exercise i could have gone through surgery for nothing yeah we're gonna go my back cut open piece of my disk removed and i there is a real issue with with doctors that are motivated to automatically point towards a surgical option because certain options are fucking expensive and there's a huge profit motive it the asking this man i mean for the most part of this labour author paying for it maybe maybe some you no medical device that as we ve seen over and over the marketplace
regulated also like some surgery in you know this town in colorado costs ten times as much as a surgery in this town in vermont only because their medical regulations there it's crazy like there's no bottom line at all it's pure profit for them to do certain things is anything wrong with giving someone incentive to become a really excellent surgeon and if a guy is an amazing surgeon and because of the fact that he's the best in the world he gets paid more and that motivates excellence should get paid more evidence that weird there's a weird grey area there because that's capitalism and now but it's not the doctors that it's not the doktor salaries that are making all of this so expensive it's the fucking profit motive at the hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies and the medical device companies that we're all of the money is coming from i think that the way that we pair we probably still don't pay or doctors enough if you think about how much they put into medical school and how much they put into professional liability insurance i dont think the doctors or act
walking around like super wealthy while some of the more but the liability is also a huge issue because then you dealing with predatory practices where you dealing with their people that absolutely did get fucked over in their doktor screwed up in their their lives have been changed like i read some woman yesterday who was an opera singer who gave birth they ruined lately you know the they wall between the vagina and anus somehow another during the operation is fucked it up and now she can't sing without far too i read that story i did like real intercrural really sad i mean i can laughing but i think that it is highly sensitive are just because farts or funny you have i guess i guess she can't sing we are you to want to be on stage thinking opera like you're forwarding the how could anyone here unless you're forger unbelievably wearily unbelievably tenure might then it's really thank you too you have it i think you'd be the sound will now that why gas but now that it's out to all the p
the front roared and below there nothing waiting for her high notes i mean it's like there that's you now there's a reason that my group was short there it is my practice i mean but whenever you that then you leave open though that the you those fuckin late night commercials have you been injury call james sucker fuck you know and drawing the ice specialise in getting people what they deserve no matter what policies are pass no matter what regulation is available there's always going to be a small percentage of the population that's going to figure out that's gonna try to take advantage of it and that's why we need drawn laws and that's why we need judiciary you know that's the point of having three branches of government we need a judiciary you can watch out for the rights of the people that's always gonna happen i think that when we legislate for fear of them
happening that's when we start to get into a huge trouble bullets swore that is why does that have to happen and what i wouldn't have to you i just think that but it always how we're looking selfish otherwise that wide why does that have to weigh wiser factor in they're a variable the big can be considered and amongst the many variables that go into raising and human being is there some way there we an engineer people to be less like that while there is something to be said about the type of society that were raised at now no fundamentally if you want to go even beneath that if you want to talk about evolution for it after all there is a survival instinct and all of us and maybe you could make the argument that the survival instinct can downstream have something to do with a competitive nature right like i need to make sure that i'm eating enough i need to make sure that i protect my family i need to make sure that i don't die there is probably actually
an environmental or i'm sorry i'm an evolutionary basis for that but i think beyond that if you compare for example society too many societies in east asia what you find is a massive difference between what we call an individual society anna collectivist society our sister eddie and i dont know if it's based fundamentally on how we govern or if it's based on like mass of coal rural norms but we are from the time we're very small to feel highly to have a highly competitive nature i gotta get the best grades i gotta get the best you know i gotta when in sports i've you know somehow got a stand out as an individual me me me i and when you look at these collective his cultures it's all about we us we're only wrong is the weakest amongst us they have these like huge families where you know grandma lives with multiple kids and then all did you know the daughters
and some of them live together and they help raise each other and it's a very different culture i dont know what the root cause of that is but i i i do wonder if having that very individualist nature also contributes to having this cut throat kind of appeal ouch and sometimes when from the outside might look like a lack of empathy and a lack of fundamental caring for those that are less fortunate amongst us it's also i think that the type of society that thrives on innovation and the type of society that thrives on success and type of that's foster these sort of individual mentalities whereas these other more family oriented more tribal community oriented cultures there knocking
to be so driven to succeed there now am i saw me and these are these are office as i thought at him communism these our societies that have a history of communism and you know we in america have never had a communist government we ve always been a republic since we started and i think that there is this like fear of the word communism there's a sphere of the word socialism and theirs there even though we have a heavily socialistic society as it is i mean we're capitalist decided that has a lot of socialist values and that has a lot of social programmes that are available in the middle east are poor that out a lot of people get really sweet all the word socialism we like toward compassionate passion like the fire alarm passionate yes
something where we pool all of our income together and pay taxes and then have a public service that available to deal with it we are financing that you think that a lot of conservative people would agree with you that because the bottom line would be less money spent on these homeless people a lot of younger conservatives the degree of make is i think a lot of younger conservatives are much less concerned about conservative values when it comes to social issues a lot of you conservatives for example are for gay rights but there still fiscal conservatives why i would say that they be much more concerned about the bottom line is their fiscal conservative might take on it is if you really are a patriotic person who really believes in the idea of america as a team the best way to strike in the teams to have less losers i agree the best to have less losers is defined the people at the lowest wrong of the socio economic food chain and help em simple
and in think of them as children dont think of ms lazy adults because the lazy adults that you you you point out and demonize are just there that there the fao in factories that are making the baby sitting and grow up to be human beings that are going to have to deal with and interact with on a daily basis and in life but whether they are lazy or not is outside the question forget them cost in the fuckin children constantine these children they have this horrible role the dies and these children are gonna become those people who are lazy and when you concentrate on those children i think you will understand that these people that you are pointing to and demonizing that have had this hard a bull role the dice that i've been dealt is entirely empty possible to deal with hand these are
fucking adults that your demonize anxiety i haven't had the easiest road and taking that word lazy and really like what are you projecting when you think of these people is being lazy like live a fucking weaken their shoes and tell me that they probably dont work just hard for now fucking income in order me i want a fucking before i cook doesnt horrible horrible fucking job done does not sound like four i wasn't fine but it was all right but i was a kid i like you were exactly that's how it used to be used to be the case that kind of labour force was taken up by young people and now more and more i think the average person that works in the fast food industries like twenty eight years old and like it person lazy i don't think they're lazy i think i think their mother
down there in a shitty road there instead he wrote in their working a shit job it's hard and not on i don't know if there's a solution to that that universally apply like say oh the reason why all these people have these jobs because a blank just sit there into the system and the one hundred million euros it's it's about lot of policies across the board the problem is when you actually are filling legislation with a lot of policies that keep income inequality where it is and keep you know the little guy down and they keep the rich people getting richer did you see that recent study alcott i hope at the numbers right to something like eighty five people the top eighty five people in the world have as much wealth as the next three hundred fifty million it's a problem when you try to bang numbers sir i know mr hume eighty five three hundred fifty million what the fuck that never did like never
and in the history of of our global eighty i mean it's insane like it you to be something that the average theo made forty times the salary of his lowest paid worker and now it's skyrocketed too like four hundred plus that's enough here it is eighty five richest people my tribe rarely ailing not three hundred fifty million three point five billion a year is its oh it's horrified three billion eighty five richest people in the world on more wealth and three billion and that a certain reliable who the fuck needs that much money it's like a sickness like you look at bilin melinda gates were incredibly wealthy and they ve given more they are the biggest philanthropists in the world they have given so much money to people were less fortunate how it should be a windows on my computer i use windows just because that jessica's steve jobs com account and i read recently that this guy who's billionaire investor just dump dollars
stock after red steve jobs biography ain't really is i've got an asshole care of his good products i hated i hate the idea behind it for any kind of like on the spot now you are surely was when i switched over to an android phone fuck you slowly from san your ear voting with it all i found crazy now let's get on we should deal with it is what we should do the book ok so i agree with you that you don't need that much money and i agree with you that but why how does that to happen and how do you fix that yet stuff what i think one thing that you do is you ensure that the laws it's not about preventing rich people from getting rich there is nothing wrong with somebody pulling selves up from their bootstraps there's nothing wrong if if you come from a wealthy family being able to maintain your wealth but the system shouldn't be rigged in such a way that you get what help from your government then poor people do that's unfair so having the kind of tax code so that rich people
and find so many loopholes that there actually paying less effective tax then you know somebody who's working as an admitted native assistant and somebody who working on companies really through a mean look there's there's another double taxes there's there's a certain amount of tax is that if you were a very wealthy person you just have to pay a lot of people have certain a lot of their assets and offshore accounts a lot of people are able to pay themselves almost nil salary and put the rest of their money into some sort of corporate entity and corporate tax rates are significantly lower than individual tax rates in certain examples and so yes we have so much corporate welfare in this country i mean a lot of people even worse we are in life i know a lot of people who work as independent contractors in hollywood in what they do is they kind of rig their taxes so that their accountant they have their incorporated so like you would be like
joe rogan incorporated and what you do is you would get everything every check you ever earned made out to your corporation and then you would pay yourself a salary you pay yourself though bare minimum salary to be able to pay rent in bills would like no spending money and so ok joe rogan only makes twenty thousand dollars a year because of that which means only pay taxes on twenty thousand dollars a year at an individual tax rate in your corporation pace corporate taxes on everything else that you earned during the year and in some very and i mean that's just a very simple example of completely cheating the tax system but what happens with these people who can hire who can afford to hire like ten thousand dollars an hour lawyers the big get away not paying almost any taxes and in the again a little guys kept down he can afford that he's going to age in our block he's trying to figure out how to deduct things just to be able to afford to pay the tax
this can still be able to you know put food in his kids mount it's just it's fucked up sister here's and probably to keep their visitor a bit of a problem a bit of a problem with that type of thinking i don't agree that is a good idea to give the government more money and i don't agree that giving them more tax money is in some way going to help these poor people and agree that taking money from these be like saying like what france just past recently a new laws will shorten taking the most rich and in their tax of seventy five percent i don't i don't trust them to take that money and do anything prudent with it did under eisenhower when the rich had the highest tax where we had the best economy that we ve seen in a really long time because a completely different is our only if you re very different to compare those things until i'm not saying that i mean for however i believe whether we would advocate for higher tax bracket for rich people verses poor people blah blah blah the fundamental thing is we're not
in a good system where rich people can get away
paying significantly less percentage of their income in taxes then somebody who's poor certainly not good but is that what's keeping these people poor and is that was keeping these we will rich is it just the taxes that will not think that that's the the only one that is a huge thing that helps keep rich people around think that the idea of giving that money to the government there therefore the people is rich anymore therefore everything's good i don't think it is because in the government has its money and what does it do just bloats up the bureaucracy adds more people in government function we only want to get that money should be going to its social programme but it should be going to them i think that we would be way better off if people contributed to the social problem but social programmes voluntarily and why i think it would be even better if we had some sort of a system like you see in a lot of developed european countries where there is a certain amount of public service that were required to make like in a lot of european countries would happen
is that you are required to basically give let a year of your four may be more to the government like yours require to serve your country for a full year and then your education is covered in you know college or something like that and it can be anything be militarily it could be something you know in volunteer work whatever reasons so that as young people are growing up there no when i get you a certain age this is i do i'm gonna serve my country and with it i'm going to get a secure understanding that i'm gonna be able to get an education and it ends up being incredibly for the economy and i think it's actually from a moral perspective good for people i think people should serve i think it's a good idea if the systems in place is completely cockeyed in fact and that's a huge problem in america no system is i'm not giving these dummies a year my life will guiding the way we re now that would be a huge problem but fundamentally and this is the thing whenever you have you know these
long conversations about any of these rules the kind of social or governmental issues is that i think truly it comes down to campaign finance reform a lot of the problems with the way that our countries governed comes down to the fact that the un's to his always to win elections it's not actually to be ineffective secular or legislator so you worked so hard you re so much money to have the better adds so that you can then win your election and the entire time that yours you are expected to actually be serving the public all you're doing his fundraising that's your whole job is to fund rays to make more money so that you can stay in office and its it's the crop of our system and its what keeps it so incredibly broken if it didn't cost money to run for elected off if you weren't allowed to have advertise
is that were paid for with private funds there would be a totally different way that people govern as when it comes down to the money it is it really solly every single part of the governmental process i certainly think that this the motivation becomes financial and when a financial motivations take president above all others you have this a moral drive to increased numbers and i think that's a huge issue with corporations in general just the idea of corporations being this entity that consumes and and produces and is all about ones and zeros and the bottom line above humanity and that's the problem there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing something brilliant and making a shitload of money off of it if you're destroying the environment you're not stepping on the
acts of people who are easy to take advantage of in order to get your bottom line down even lower you know their their fundamental things that you have to fulfil and above and beyond that if you can profit good for fucking you out you to be a billion ere i want you to get as rich as possible the idea the attitude in this country is so what if there is a certain amount of pollution so what if there's a certain amount of environmental damage as long as it has certain minor profit and so what if you are literally like fucking stepping on the backs of people who defend themselves if you get a certain i mean it's the same core argument it's the same reason that our economy is booming in the first place because it was all founded on slavery and it's not that jim like if you look at these kind of this moral perspective that that americans had early
is is we had an agricultural society right before the industrial revolution and then it moved into a factory society but when slavery was still legal it fuck yelled easy to make a shitload of profit when you're paying any of your workers when they require work for you for free and you can the machinery as you want you and you dont have basic human dignity that you have to do in the area of other were put in the bible lack of economic your lot of slaves and don't get me wrong this goes along before american calls not beaten to death but you're alive it's beautiful it's in a uniform somewhere and they live for a couple days soccer and then after that got indentured servitude and then after that you ve got you know the fucking lowell factory girls and you ve got child labour we have what we ve long history of those who are less fortunate in order to make a buck off of their backs and its growth and i think it something that if that could change yes we might not be as much of a fucking looming you know wealthy society but at least we would be and care of the weakest amongst us and as a whole
would have strength and we wouldn t the top eighty five people getting richer and richer and the bottom three billion three billion over only having that much money what is the solution to something so disproportionate like that like how does one step and in two thousand and fourteen and look at the eighty five people have so much money will make the billions nobody was look at taken people and say how the fuck how is that how is it possible again in romania engineer that i don't know if there's a simple answer to that but i think probably the first thing that you have to start doing is cleaning house you have to look at the books you have to look at it let's look at the legacy of making this kind of money and let's make sure that all of that money was made completely morally let's make sure that nobody is fucking destroyed in the process let's make sure that nobody was taken heavily taken advantage of heavily let's make sure that the the globe wasn't in fact in the ass and in doing this and as soon as you start taking those though
things out any start saying ok well you ve got to make sure that your lowest paid workers are treated with fucking dignity and that they earn a living wage you ve got to make sure that you offer health insurance to the people that work underneath you ve gotta menino once you go through all these things maybe that person makes less money may be they make more money i have no problem with rich people being rich i've problem with rich people being rich on the backs of poor people that's my real problem you ordered the total counterpoint to peter chef who's on the podcast last week who defended fractions whose like a few places get fucked up who cares the farmers got millions of dollars because it get fucked up the only way i'm a cynical companies look at it i mean i had i used to work for a nerve psychologist back in texas and he we had a contract with the texas commission for the blind so a lot of the patients that we saw had sorry visual impairment or blindness and other two totally different tack that doesn't even apply
store and another thing that he did ass he was he was an expert witness in court cases so one time he was going on to be an expert witness about this girl who had taken cough medicine like totally over the counter cough medicine and she had a fucking stroke she's like you know healthy nine year old girl took this cough medicine had a stroke and i really dont know anything about the medical implications or why it happened but apparently you look at the records and you look at the history and something like one in one billion cases kids gonna take this cough medicines have fuckin stroke and the true is the bottom line is so low that it's more cost effective for this pharmaceutical companies to just pay these people out and say like oh that fucking folks were so authority this happened but the risk benefit analysis shows us that it still worth it to have this medicine on the market here's your money to take care of you for the rest of your life cause you're fucking stroke and there's like no way you're gonna be able to work the same way you could have before we're gonna keep our product on the market because
we still are making a mass of profit even if we pay you out for having your stroke and this is way that a lot of you know pharmaceutical companies operate and sometimes it makes sense you have to look at a respect if analysis let's say you have hiv and the door i mean every every probably saw doubtless buyers club like you know when there are four looking at aisy too you know different different drugs that we're on the market will really dangerous and is it are you worse off being sick from the drug or you worse off with your hiv getting worse progressing to aids you know it's always a risk benefit analysis and it never that clean and that's the problem we have these conversations like what is the solution what is secure will it's fucking nuanced and it's always it's not always that straightforward and it's really about risk and benefit but this is where captain listen can go awry really quickly because if you say the bottom line is the number one measure then you get in a lot of trouble but what about me
when you're dealing with medications you have also these extreme variables as far as like biological diversity they added the difference in human bodies some people peanut some people that they their round dogs their eyes close shut so much difference and yet it's really tough and any you can give a hundred people that same medication have no issues whatsoever and one person dies yet what do you do if a hundred people benefit one person dies from us sometimes that's what's gonna happen but on top of that one thing you can do is make sure that when you do your human trials it'll only give it to three hundred people there are too many drugs on the market right now where the human those were were fast tracked where the fda
wasn't as thorough as they needed to be peter ships argument he was saying we don't need relegate regulation like the same argument look what's happening and what a furniture right now that the market aside we didn't have regulation all of this people west virginia be fucking dead you know what i mean that everyone is only what their fucked anyway and like this is what happens when we have regulation tells you know what do you want my not even know what's happening in west virginia so right it was because of tracking and there is like some horrible like oil no it was again it was it was a chemical spell but it was from like an oil company and so what happened is there were these reserves that we're downriver from a water processing plant there was a spare it fell into the into the river and people started drinking or actually lot of people were saved because the water smelled like licorice and they noticed the water smells weird maybe i shouldn't drink it so a lot of people actually didn't get sick because they didn't drink the water for a while and then the government came back and said ok with me you know me
the situation as best we can go ahead and drink the water and people started drinking it but it's still was not nearly as detoxified as it needed to be said now people are having all sorts of complaints injuries are having you know rash is and allergies and all the way down to like neural jack all issues based on this and this is the part of the reason that this happened they say is because this plant hadn't been and says that the regulations in place require that these plants have instead friends and it hasn't been inspected like ninety ninety one is that ninety one ninety two you don't know it was a fucking long time ago it was too and this is what happens when we have as a lot of anti regulation people say quoting what too much regulation in this country what i fascinating was after the conversation with peter shit how many people were a defending him and be being really aggressive about how safe franking is
and you know and insulting me and like they're not gonna comments it but it's not hard right wing the people and by the way a guarantee the majority them are not rich buddy this attitude that they want things to be in place so that when the time comes the relations are free and clears they have a straight highway to six and i think you even see a lot of pro science people that are very split about fracturing because the evidence isn't completely in and there are some dangers but in some ways it still safer than may be other ways to drill but truth be told our fuck dependence on fossil fuels is what really getting us in it i mean it's like i dont want keep inventing new ways to get fossil fuel later that's not the direction we should be good that's a regressive direction to go in it like like fucking let's work on getting alternative sources of energy and let's get the fuck off of these fossil fuels let's stop driving these fuckin gas dazzling carloads move into
new energy when it comes to the way that we consume are electra that's easy to say but the real issue is that the situation we have right now is people are operating cars based on fossil fuels are eating their highest part that's because of the oil funding lobby we know there's watch you killed the electric car we had the capability to be able to to move off a fossil fuels fucking years don't you think what i'm saying is like a new technology that money in the ground is there and one is located it becomes a huge issue is a huge commodity became seventy also like you're talking about corporate welfare like who the fuck are we giving somewhat corporate welfare to fucking big oil these big
companies are some of the biggest lobbies in this country and they are lining the pockets of our politicians in our politicians are never going to vote for laws that shot them out because then they're not gonna get their beautiful corporate sponsorship and they're not gonna win reelection here's reverie examples whilst from you ever heard of politicians say that we should ban cigarettes yeah exactly vigour cigarettes kill in this country and this is not fake four hundred and fifty thousand people a year is that in spain for her two thousand members in this country are lower than it used to be because we have education because we had our surgeon general come out like almost fifty years ago and say this is fucking bad for you but could you imagine if there is a terrorist who killed foreigner fifty thousand people in this country every year and how much we would be trying to get that terrorist we will respond nevermind eleven that was thirty five hundred people yeah exactly if there is a food product the killed four fifty thousand people a year if there is anything that killed those numbers it's just dirty money
its dirty money and every one turns a blind eye to it and it's one of the great hypocrisy our time i completely agree editor says you're saying let's say it was like tainted spanish did that i don't think i'd be hearing anybody cry for no regulations after that and that's the problem with those arguments is that you then conveniently after some sort of horrible event will the thing about regulations is that you what money into this and you contain it so that nothing bad happens is very hard to prove a negative right if nothing bad is happening that means our regulation is working that's a good thing when bad things happen sometimes it happens because we're under regulated but you don't know it until people fucking get sick and die if people aren't getting and dying that means were actually mean teeming at a good dilatory pace but people don't
wanna hear those arguments people want to look like oh look how inflated our budget is look at all the money that we are putting into all of these different regulations i don't see any effects from it i guess you do it's hard to measure negative effects aren't dying that's a good thing i must which gears here because is one thing that really want to ask you about the people because i know we're almost had time we had a heart out focused you worried about that you worried de the ocean are you worried about fish being well without ok it's i know that there is a lot of pseudoscience out there and that there's a lot of good signs out there is a very hard to come through an i really haven't done my due diligence mostly because of the new all i'm i have the luxury of thing i'm not that years going if i were still a science writer i would probably know a lot more about this and i feel much more competent to talk about it i definitely have news outlets in media with that i trust more than others and obviously i'm worried about this spill it's fucking horrible i'm
i have the luxury of thing i'm not that worried about tainted fish because i don't eat seafood as a general rule looking at all why so i don't like it but i also have we had concerns about certain types of toxins that fish can carry in great quantity than most dick animal so you know how you look at these lists sometimes like if you ve ever known somebody who is pregnant and the doktor was i owe you can't do this in this and you probably should meet this and am i what if you're pregnant and you're not supposed to eat like certain types of fish may be probably just don't do it anyway because if its harmful for the baby i don't see why it's not that harmful for you i'm into the lower concentration but still but also fucking hate c4 that i hate the way it tastes i'm not a big fan at i only lobster losses it i'll take the same make the only route has this underlying like briny do not with you really you're with me you two reactors even sea weed i can't eat because it has this briny leg ocean e yucky taste
no so in that i am being selfish like i don't fucking know because i'm not eating it but of course i mean nuclear radiation being dumped into the ocean is dangerously whether or not it's dangerous for me is kind of a moot point like is a dangerous dangerous for the ecology of the ocean of course and i fundamentally is going to affect all of us so i think it's about actually really doing our research and figuring out like are these scare tactics or is this like legitimate scientific evidence and trying to soar through the bullshit which is really hard to do a mean digital media literacy is something that i think we all need to be armed with living in a world we have so much information is another example of how we need regulations i mean god dammit who let them build those fucking things in the first place knowing that if the power goes out were doomed m of the power goes out you're gonna create a up a spot that you can never cool off that's gonna be fact for the night hundred thousand year maybe don't put it in a place where there's a history of massive tsunami said
i would like to do anything we have different issues all for this country right i did i did a show for the weather channel caught hacking planet and then we did a lot of fun kind of spin off of it called the truth about twister's and they were really fun and they also helped us realise that like no matter where you live like mother feature it could fuckin gacha but indeed ways so you know if you live in tornado alley you have to tornado prove your infrastructure if you live in a place that's prone to earth because you're on a fault line you have to earthquake proof your infrastructure and you should think about building these dangerous things you should think about the safest places to do it and i don't think that on innocent floods zone on the coast is a good place to put a nuclear reactor your but they do all the time because they want to have that water to cool off early the core so that becomes more convey
in cost effective to keep convenience and cost effective i'm in other words we keep coming back dear mother fucker centre working terror we could talk for the nth time delicate we just about over and over you and yet we need to do this more often i've loved you did was here and also i gotta say like i'm thinking about starting my own pod customary much inspired by you joe and in others if you guys who are listening and who are tweeting and being really cool i haven't even had time to look through them but i'll be doing that the rest of the day be a few of our goal the added thoroughfare but you know but i would love to get some feedback and some insights and what kinds of things you would want to hear you know i always oh you know if i'm gonna start a park asked him to do it for you guys so i want to do the driver yourself listen just taught your great talker just talk
does the yard guess there's gonna talk to people nothing wrong with that as well mean definitely have a guess but look here awesome a talking just get together and talk about things you find it interesting i'm in a close that we are aiming to quote that as it we germans i'm often look ended it it's not hard to do apologize describing it as did it it so much fun is larger light when i sit here it's like so much fun and i won't wait and look where the fuck am i not doing this more often yeah bold it's also we do completely on its head of assent yours there's no input there's no production company there's no executives network is nothing there's nothing this mean look you see how easy this is this going to rich reach millions of people we get nine million downloads month now amazement fuckin crazy you can do you could do that too it's not hard to know the last time i came on your part cast which is about a little over a year ago i walked away and i got something like five thousand new twitter followers from being a
gas to on your ride on shark finning is broken be the more this time care santa maria followers on twitter its wits prove point let's see how many you do santa maria and your show is one more time michel is right now working on a show called take part live on pivot tv take part live on period venus pivot how widely tribute is that containing an idea forty million homes so if you have directv if you have u verse if you have firefox you you have capability if you don't you can go on the website take part dot com slash live and you can watch each live episode a few hours after two years until the following twenty four hours so you can pick up basically each days episode the following day until the new the third that's pretty close to vision impaired people that yeah look we're super nerdy also if you go to my website which is where joe is right now on the screen my
say i have catalogued archived every single clip i've ever done so all my podcast all my tv appear this is all my internet appearance so so you can click on take part live and you can see any clip that that's been clipped out from that you can click on talking early to me and see all my old talk nerdy from half postal sugar yeah i love that that was relieved of or yourself you organize your website never nigeria and we're going to turn square spare squares were fucking jam fuckin told you people airspace is there but i do it all i literally do it all myself you can see you know all my young turks parents is every time i ve been on tv from sundance to travel to whatever in there all the beautiful will do this more often promised here like every couple months or so had left here and audio shows why would have really yes i can't wait i'll you'll be my first gassed really you'll forget our economic research someone tweet me i care santa maria example you over me ok thank you kara and thank you door sponsors thanks to ten gotta rogan dotting dog com save twenty five bucks off of one of those delicious
nutritious cellular phones also to honour dot com you use the code word rogan save ten percent of any and all supplements and thanks to stamps dot com use the code j r e and get yourself a hundred and ten dollar bonus offer we'll be back tomorrow mushrooms on a comedian but some good luck they kissed we very much love caesar
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