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#448 - Tom Segura

2014-02-03 | 🔗
Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky called "Your Mom's House"
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Hey you fuckers. What are you doing got to meet the square space people this weekend in Manhattan the great Tommy Bides London outrage, german, and They couldn't be fuckin core their exactly what I thought. They'd be buncher, so much a smart looking young cats vertical gas was really fun. New York, was fuckin, fantastic God, damn that was funds greater who find so many ways I fuckin shows intense the show. What will talk about the letter but square space, guys we're cool far and so is nice when you, when you have a sponsor that you believe in budget needs, people that are behind sponsorship. Does the company whatever and they really and they were super happy to you that their product is actually autumn that so many people use it and enjoy it.
What square space is a website that allows you to make your own websites super easy to do. If you can do any the normal functions on your computer drag and drop and clicked and point knowledge it you make a website care scenarios on the podcast last week runs her website through square space. Was talking about how easy it is for her to organise Oliver media. Did you get it? store, you gonna put an store up super quick and easy with square space. They have awesome, support twenty four seven, if you're, u confused and can figure out what to do, they can help. Through it and they they also have it sort of your musician need some music on the site. You can it's So much cool shit about squares Base and the most beautiful thing is I've never heard one person say that it's not awesome. My love squares, mainly as user. Well, either that aside a lot, and I work with them too, and I feel like it's the thing that I always think about the fact that in today's day and age it blows your mind with someone still doesn't
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that save you, Tommy bonds leave behind a child, some money like say one day or a wealthy man, and you get a taught. You worked your ass off. You love the shared it kid you kid wants to be, a surfer would have, I can give my can all my money weak. It doesn't get all your money, you kid gets the money there. Is left over after he pays taxes on the money. Then you already pay taxes on right its money, that you earned, that a state tax without that is called yeah, it's creepy, it's just would like our peace, but you had your peace. This is all clean money. It's like a guy gives you a hundred dollars, says Tommy, I like you- and I know you would want two hundred hours on they give you a hundred hours. Do you really have to report for earning, and you have to pay taxes on that. That's a gift like what are you doing you creepy cunt yeah, now you know what someone's workin for someone someone's, not you know one someone's actually getting a paycheck or someone getting a gift, and you know
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multi vitamins, don't work, were really ridiculous. What they're doing they're, saying that people who are over fifty sixty five, who have had heart attacks, dont benefit from multi violence. That is a that's essentially one of their main port up points of their study. Their study had three parts to it the really bizarre study. One of was that they should. High dose multivitamin, had no effect on the progression of heart disease and heart attacks of ours. The other one was the thought me. Physicians over sixty five showed no improvement in cognitive decline. Use generic multivitamin supplement taken. So what they're doing as are taken people that are really fucked up already and dying old people that giving multi vitamins that are synthetic generic generic but they're in their not showing improvement and cognitive recline. Let's be honest, first of all, when someone
having cognitive decline. It's over you're, not gonna, get younger you're going to get older There's almost nothing then improves cognitive decline in people. Were old and their falling apart, almost nothing there's some new miracles. They come out. So what they're saying is essentially vitamins can't do me. Goals? They can't do any the miracles of modern science and modern medicine hasn't been due either there's no medicines. They can give you that slow cognitive decline in old people. Sure I mean You can may be cut a few things in your life, that you're doing that are hurting you like drinking or cleaning up your diet, giving yourself inflammation. There's a bunch of things you can do to slow down. Process, but when you're fuckin dying, you're, fuckin dying so for someone to make a study saying that vitamins, don't work in their a waste of money. Based on these. That shit is so irresponsible. It so
irresponsible and has come from. We don't even sell multi vitamins. You know, I think that best vitamins that you can get in your body, are the closest to how nature intends them meaning food based vitamins thing that are based on new transit are based on actual food, not synthetics and synthetics. I'm sure are better than nothing there, that they're, not as ridiculous the idea that there's, a reason why they know that vitamin c cures scurvy prevent scurvy, there's a reason why they know that when you have a lack of calcium, your body can get osteoporosis there. They ve This is all facts in science, people love to shit on things that are controversial when they do not have all the evidence they love to be a name. They love to call bullshit I have to call bullshit when their fuckin wrong and with with vital.
In sub imitation. I think the wrong in a huge way. I prefer to get my vitamins. I take a lot of different nutrients. Allow different but I prefer to get my vitamins mostly from like green drink powders powders. Chile, dehydrated greens, We sell super foods on it's. What we call them earth grown nutrients, numb on a duck and it's a based on that idea, based on the idea that the the closest to what you eat in the real world. If you have a healthy diet, are they gonna be the things that your body digestible and what we have in this in this the Super food power food combination. First of all, we have very As greens, we have it. Accidents, the greens that we have all these
earth grow nutrients, its essentially food that did just take the water out and all the nutrients are left is as good as eating fresh vegetables, absolutely not, but its close. It's close enough so that, if your diet is off, if you're not getting enough vegetables, if you're not getting raw nutrients and minerals, you're gonna, have a much better time, adding something to you die then just allowing your body to be in that sort of a situation where it's a deficit. Gonna, have some some doctors on some scientists in the near future that are extreme advocates for multivitamin, supplement nation, and we ve had many relations with these people, because of these sort of salacious headlines that people really pissed off because I have seen some improvement in their patience and, with various things mean, has been several studies that have showed an improvement in preventing infectious illnesses. Movement in mood and stress, cognition, work, stress and even juvenile delinquency
a noted help multi vitamins, and this is not these? These are not like bullshit he's on in Africa, the daily mail or some shit that this this is on like public pub med sites. These are all like publish papers and others of multi, vitamin and mineral supplements station on juvenile delinquency amongst american school children, a randomize double blind. Placebo control trial so shut the fuck up about vitamins, don't help you as they do their there. They are the building, blocks of life, they are nutrients there. What you need in order to live your life optimized gray and died obviously I not a scientist and obviously I barely get through the shit that I'd I do understand, but the reality of all this stuff is that the more healthy nutrients you get in your body. The barrier bodies can work. It's really that simple,
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yeah this this weekend, Tommy Bonds and I were in New York having a good time. Anything apple fun there was father is a good time to show is insane. They were the nicest fuckin on the planet earth. So nice Is it always look at when he talks are talking about sizeable crowds? We sort? I went over a thousand people now, but for them to be that nice fellow a room of what was out there, you know it was kind of a screw situation. Because we were this old venue and this place the only way I could get to the tenth floor where the Artorium is. Is you like an elevator and at the bank of four Voters two of them were broken and don't forget the building had thousands of people in it for other. Massive events to massive events, the stern show party, lay certainly had a short they badger which those on the bank. Yet he was on one floor and there was what was another: the ox Superbowl patties, actually there's a seahawks part where thousands of people and then,
Our show was sold out four months. So's like is. It was madness, and it was all these people often flora floor on elevators is so weird to like to to do a room that big that is not a ground floor doom, tenth floor and tax law. Its own share the places all this shit, it's really fuckin cool building is bad. Ass is like there's a lot of old buildings in New York City. That, unlike you feel that's if you feel different when you're in them, because you like when was building they. Nineteen o nine wow and you're walking around it for mothers solid is fuck, you nothing A building that's been there for a hundred fucking years. Still solidarity solid immediately made some goddamn buildings back then, but on top of that is Scott. All this history in it, you know these these. All these people have been through it in It had some strange design. I guess a flaw or what you say, but just a by product of the disease,
There was a win win fling through the entire hotel result the entire out all the entire conventions, so whatever yelled Manhattan, Senator the entire Your place like thirty miles an hour wind like you'd, endorse and win would come in, but it was war. You couldn't find the source of the. U can be like others, windows open, that's where the winds from it was some sort of an effect of all these doors being open and the wind coming in from the front door. So the wind would come in from the front door with such momentum that it would go down these hallways and literally make it upstairs so you'll be on a tenth floor in the wind would come whistling through. I mean strong wind and the weird thing is that like to get to to the room to bite to backstage you go up you you got through the floor and you go down like eight hallways with turns, so you feel, like you, this weird labyrinth, yeah, you know, there's not like you go well there's doors it's right here. That's where wins coming from you weave the way into this area, and then
the wind is hitting you from every angle. Yet is and it's warm its honeymoon cold wind as it's freezing outside, but by the time the wind gets to you, it's been heated up by the building, so we got that's like some sort of an intern internal baby tornado thing going on it was you what tornadoes, I think part of what causes tornadoes in some hurricanes is the two different heats colliding with each like a warm water and cold air or be ended and warm yeah there's something about the AU, whether France and Conditions Colliding- and I wonder if there is any factor and the cold air becoming like whipping round that building like then, and becoming warm do. Even when we went into the green room, we felt the you know the that wind yeah, as I I mean there's a curtain there, you move the curtain in there's, no window windows open, so I just did nowhere is confusingly. Where was coming from its
how's it hitting us right. Yes, really weird and when you think about like wind and buildings, like I think about things like like member, that movie back draft, oh yeah and then like those like the first scare, open doors that when you are in a fire than when you open windows, open doors affects them out of oxygen coming to the fire, and sometimes it's almost like explosion that you now this wind and air and and heating temperature. That also that when we deal with them so often like on a stable basis air can rooms like specially California, pre stagnant climate, pre, static climate, but when things. Change like radically and have these weird facts like you realize how bizarre the whole idea really is in the first place, air,
invisible around us all time whipping around and moving, and you could feel it when it blows. I don't see shit, you don't see shit, it's also like one of the basic kind of building blocks of the world of life, and I think most people know very little like me about like you kind of like. Why not know more about how that works laid out again, oxygen feeds fire nets agenda. My bill extent of my acknowledgement it would be weird of Manhattan, put a big fuckin wall around it? that would be the way to avoid the the window. There would certainly just put a huge wall, but the top of the buildings would still be way. We probably again I will the engineer than in them that the fact that they can way right, yeah, yeah, I'm in all new buildings will definitely like buildings in the last twenty years. All why like sway, especially if there be well sure in Europe, a dyke San Francisco allay you know, they expect them to have a tolerance for
quakes. I was in the Ray Kurzweil House in San Francisco: he's got Google guy. He works for Google now, so I'm the guy who works with artificial technology- and you know, he's this proponent of the idea of the transcendental man one day, we're gonna be able to transcend our biological existence in either become a part of a computer or download conscious distributors. Fascinating fascinating, do but live on top of this fuckin building. You know like this is the disco man we as the crazy place to live like this. This rocketing moves man feel weird about those Malibu homes on stick. For those people- crazy, crazies Rimmer, when we were in New York this weekend when we're flying in, we flew over areas that Hurricane Sandy hit in New Jersey and you see like we're buildings used to be you see These areas, where she's just wiped out very fuckin real scary man like
It doesn't happen that often, but when it does happen, you're fucked and it can happen, we just would basin everything on such a short time line. You know our ideas of what weather is possible. Only a based on the last a hundred years, it's true with cargo years, and then you also only live so long like anything about like history time in history, you know of a human lifespan is not even like I'm going to measure how often something happens Ba, so we only have rapidly referred things happening through happens like my grandfather was wrapped. Let's not that long ago, yet happened fucking yesterday in terms of history, so yeah is pretty often actually to put it in perspective. Think about- lifetime of like say a house fly. What are they live? They live like seven days, ten raise or something that help. Ok, let's, commissioner. I think it's a couple of days now think about how many horrific things have happened in like modern recorded history
whether wise, if you'll, if you lay there over to overstep, we don't know about like really bad. Natural disasters happen all the time seven days If I lived, there must have seven days, sometimes as long as two months to being different. I'm all scoop Aunt Miranda, men distinctive as asked how little change happens over the course of seven days in the world, and sometimes yes, I'm times now, but the idea of basing the weather on what happens in seventy increments is fucking cop the ridiculous, because we know about Seasons four seasons don't exist to a goddamn fly turn grandfathers day. World was frozen. Things were dark Life was terrifying. There was no shit anywhere to land in a pappy was around last month. When the ship would drop would freeze instantly. We can lay eggs, you mean they that's what their version of a world
yeah, but then you talk like ten generations later sort of like a became a throne, stipend thing where they're talking about the winter being months or years instead of months, seven Zena sensual them now to hear you. I know what to think about winter is winters varying lengths in this crazy world. They live and sometimes winter last four years, four year block. That is coming I'll terrified of winter here, I'll terrified of winter? It gives you a good perspective, because we know that winter is going to be, even if it's in Iowa Universe somewhere, like Michigan Fuckin, call this shit for months now, tough it up. Yes, socket up, you'll be all right, but if winter was forty years, you gotta move. I wanna hear your arguments yeah, but you know what I'm saying you know they like the thinking behind that. It's like that. That really is what it's like the difference. She live in Michigan and live in California, yeah, there's this in places where people live, there have pretty extensive and sometimes brutal winners. Nothing
forty years. What I'm saying there's your further north. In the candor yeah. It's definitely is that have like you- could you that it's pretty seriously winter by October there, and then it gets just gets varying degrees of worse in also like The like this isn't winner. Yet I know it's five out, but wait till next month and you ok and then you go into Amber December. Those are freezing January February, the worse and it still called net place in March, and times in the April. Two thousand may yes, we're trying to maintain gotTa Edmonton catch. Her crazy snow storm in man calls. It was wrong to call this fact to a couple in Phoenix there came to the shows. Little was done it. And they were living. Edmonton, Nay said they they take. The summer off for the winter the way I fear they just got errs on so fuck. This up this especially Phoenix finishes great the errand. The summer time ago. It's crazy but unaware time, dreams, beautiful, the sun instead hundred thirty reason, sometimes fuckin retorted.
I thought that that, unlike in Vegas, what the fuck are we do yeah gives like one ten, all the time we're just out their cooking, Herr Dry, on your face. You happen you happen to like walk on my pavement or my God car. Maybe I car get an ear. The thing you turn the Koran says like one: twenty two and working life What is happening since the sun yeah yeah, but these people they lived more their life in admitting than they were like the real thing everybody would if they could mean, there's no such thing as like I've. Really, you know I'd and people are like the seasons and all that and you know a change, but nobody wants to be around twenty below for extensive periods times. Usually, that's that's in a reasonable. I thank you kind of want to get out of that. Naturally, after awhile dear see their show life below zero, it's one of those Alaska shows people living in these strange climates and there woman, who operates this refueling station and its sink.
Hundred and something miles north of the arctic circle So this crazy lay hurts inside the thinking that this is about ass bitch she's by herself up there and she was attacked by a bare once I dont know how she survived, but but can leg and I think, maybe your hip- to bid in your has her yeah. That's her she's, a beard some gone. You two of your old lady, the more the best Normally she doesn't look like that of the frost, unfair stumpy quoth. My way, I just I just saw beard, she has my beard, tough, broad man. I've been trying to figure this lady out a watch, the show all the time and I'm trying to figure this lady out. I think does what it is. I think she's a tough lady that enjoys challenges, and so, like her life, better for her when its uses com. The struggle against nature in the elements she enjoys it She seems to thrive off of it. I think that You know there's enough
jewels. You put you set up circumstances for its better for them like a big picture. Likes People work better structure, so people work better with no structure. You know, and I think you keep progress along these lines, some people can thrive in harsher. Situate like this is ideal for some people, but I think, not for a lot. You know it's a minimum amount of people that actually want to be and will thrive in environment? Will everyone is always looking for Phoenix go to in the middle of winter. Everyone is looking for comfort right and what these boy doin is going the exact opposite way and the same, we're just looking to make it exciting and struggle every day, but we too, to do it. This way like these, What do you call subsistence, a hunting people, meaning they live completely off the land they get their vegetables from the grow em they get there
fish by chip that woman right there that innua woman, her fuckin whole family, has had massive loss because people form through the ice and drowning she lost her mother. Sheila our brother, she slots like several at close family members. Members fell through the ice and fuckin froze to death you know I mean this is some harsh shit, this worlds crane. They have to do it as the only we're gonna get fish that are out there on this river flowing river, that free the top of it freezes new standing on it and if you fall through, that's Wrap zones is over, but there's no other way like there's no other way to get the fish out of it, but she also has there's purpose for up there. In other words, it is a refueling like she's, therefore a service or no is she just there, women just that's how they live there, that's how they make their money. They don't they don't have jobs, they just get fish
the out of the river- and this is what this several groups of people but you're. Looking at that at that anyone, woman and her husband here has never in marriage, yeah yeah, there's, there's four have different today, selfish or just fifty, they self something's, duly trading. Now they liked or trade. Like give you half of a caribou, I need some fan. Else from my car to repair, my snowmobile went out they'll. They travelled by snowmobile everywhere ever so when their outside their outside man. They're, not there's no like heated trucks where their driving around in no sir, It's it's it's a crazy, hard life here, but they like it. They do like it will does this one lady is really fascinating, because she said I mean it's hard to tell What summons really like when you got a camera interface yeah it's hard to tell who they are their relax news talking to them like. Sometimes it takes money. To get to know someone define. You know what what what goes behind the scenes inside their head. So you don't really know that lady that well from watched her on a show but which it can Taos
the something the cheese enjoying about being up there in this way, really scary environment, where she's already been attacked by a fuckin bear I mean Jesus. She Eichbourg and those are grizzly bears. These are the big brown bears than not likes black bears you could scare away like their dirty their fuck, you up. She hunts, caribou and fuckin small, and when I wish up find out there, that's what she gets her meat in the barrel, I see your beard I'll, give you a break above beards now, I think, to bear rubbish item or something I don't know what the that's volstead such a big there's, not really much topping better stories as much as I gotta take my bare fuck, like I killed a bare yeah, what's a better store than that, maybe a shark but sharks. The idea fight Nava Shark is crazy. You know how much chance here, but if you did, if you like, you know, that's why I got this half hour,
It's like a shark takes your ass on the shore on a sure say, if you have a giant knife in your that, could shark chicks your ass on the shore a shark deserves it? Yes, but you're lookin has a shark and get you on the ground. You could take a great white shark, put it on the beach. I will fuck that thing off. She has no chance. I will get behind him. A stab right is stupid brain. Yet I find it a little p, brain or chop away that allow it has afterward, I'm sure he'll opened his jaws and shit would overdue on the ocean you're fucked. This is my World Moorhouse United a bite me. I'm gonna stick fuckin a knife in your brain in the EU, but if you're in the water young about the same amount chance except the OECD. Asia sharks are stupid. There's some way that you can like job in the nose with Ike Harpoon. If you add like one of those fish harpoons due to go what they call it spear fishing gear, shoot the carriers sure spear guns of you could likes
Abbott in the nose with that. You might be able to get the fuck away from me, because you know that their kind of sensitive in their nose, but you may not most likely you will probably not- like the you'll miss by your arm off and you bleed out. Oh yeah yeah, they swim pretty fuckin fast to listen, can swim like forty miles an hour healthy, some, almost Guy California. Yesterday gotta tagline online, it's crazy guy, you're, fucked, up, live homeless guy was a liking It was outsize camping timeline outline yeah, not good their yo, dual homeless activity. They're gonna have more and more that they didn't really camp when they help us where it is always the best I ever at home, was costly camp and would deprive the work and almost always so. This guy seems like you might have been crazy person we could be homes in the city, hills were loaded, A man with a little time
done in fun, it's gonna happen more. You know. This is something we talked about on the open, Anthony show we're in New York, yeah talked about Mount line, a taxi, yeah man- Here, there's exit group of people right there, yeah that was in the back, We burns rickety surveys, Jim Norton and Open Anthony and US I find room and photos on is a good time circle Billy. I am a big fan irregular very nice guy man's had been very nice. Guy really easy to talk to very interesting wolf fact that you and also about the jaw the biting year that they ever bites like five times more, for that purpose. I can believe that either man cries deftly thought he was making exaggerating the exaggerating. Well, you know sometimes it's INA it sometime Like someone tells you something. This is not correct. Brian! You repeated I've done that before of course. Sometimes you know you I've been intending to like misleading heard something in or you
think I remember the numbering, I think of you so now I've done that. I thought I was gonna, be bigger, obviously having a wolf bites harder, but I didn't things can be five times as fuckin bananas with its now own thinking snapped the leg bone of an elk. That's insane here. What a crazy here you know the idea that people think does a dog that so and now, when you think about like just that, you're it whatever you ready, knew about them. You think about added stat. Do you think about the fact that they hunt in packs vague about three or four those mouths? What those it with as possible doing in how quick amount of time? you mean like those they ambush you. You know that this way that and pretty soon you looking around like oh shit and that's what happens the animals? You know they get they get trapped it's so funny Steve Panella, my friend, the hunter guy from the show mediator was talk.
About? There was this sum this one thing we're where people are talking about running and trying to keep up with wolves and tat. A man try to keep up the walk right and one of the ways they tested it is they took these wolf dogs and they let these Wolf dogs go, and then they are. These people run through the mountains like see if they can keep up with the Wolf dog dogs like out, know sea boss can run faster, but sometimes people can run longer earns that Airbus would lead the wolves dogs, wolf. Dogs are not wolves. It was like the way he describes like that's like taken an alien an alien comes down and finds the fattest most out of shape. Guy with a war diet, and so run as fast as you can. We want to see how fast humans terror, really,
that's it, then it is. Isn't that a great analogy because it gives a wolf is a wolf. These are not dogs and getting fed throughout their running down elk and biting their legs and right- and this is not done- a wolf dog, their fuckin wolves. You watch this past season of these bowing down. When he gets his kid, a wolf, you had an hour now, Itunes, it so ridiculous. You see their brain like he was his name. Mcbride Kenny powers in gets his kids a pet wolf, unlike just keeps in the garage and he's cheetahs crack, and it's like a fig chain like a big billygoat chain fence, is keeping it all. My hat and it's just like south in my eyes, growling at the kids go feed it and they like have to throw meet at the at the Wolf Graecia. Yes that's what case got for so ridiculous.
They re not to show that this is a good give. The boy was perfectly for totally new high painter was John Mccain. We run house much I'd like to be so very important that Turkey has a strong male Roma surface here, because this opportunity there will still be taken care of river. I stopped shows so furnish argues in such a good. Doc. Dude, is God damn hilarious? Hysterical. Did you see him in? This is the end yes, holy shit is good, in the mean time movie, I branded to work with the fuck's named Craig Robinson, the other night at the the improv whose in it was, I was telling. Oh, my God did. That movie is so goddamn funding. You were so funny in it and
We are talking about the Kenny power. Seen like when he comes in I mean they, two movies outstanding in there. Just the whole thing goes so hold new level. Craziness he's alive, is this character. I love character. Any powers are really cocky. Fucking complete idiot cared. You purchased subtle enough of an idiot that, like that kind of shit, can be around a lot for the strong Roma there's a girl to be. Apparently he started the sofa those car characters are really funny. Man you're the best part of their carriage red interviews with him and, like the other, guys, the Jody Home, having been by cameras neighbour They like all are behind this and their say how do you know allowed people appreciate the character and think it's funny for women and then some people are big fans on it. The level where they like yeah he's right, I came powers, is that I think
like the fan. Were there like fuck em in the how I am more Americans who we are under pressure. This bullshit gonna Wolf market, bad ass Kennedy. I it's annoying that dude you fuckin neighbour, but on tv, their awesome awesome for its bleak. Its was better than a reality. Show because a reality show like the other guy, like any powers game reality show he would become famous in here, get annoying like essentially That's what you got with the duck dies to people You got a reality show where our whoops you made someone famous he's a fucking idiot, no homophobia and you will get it. Why would a man choose a man's? I dare not choose a dummy, but now the skies on tv famous and then you look on Facebook and they get all these knucklehead therefore, would about freedom of speech.
Support, Doug Dynasty in the fort them, whatever members first amendment that she didn't mean, that Institution shut. Your whole emerge that show. I am amazed me. I get that lay still bit fuck the fact that, like the dirt, you know you in this family and feelings, how they really are. It's all set. Like the shows Jake, way overproduce avi, others guys, whereas av uneven and scraping there's Hannah, we like their hands. He kept his word. Had tech dynasty guys what they're dead duck beards yeah. It was really weird anyway, I envy and where they have borne a warrant for two words: they were there, like the weaken. Why would they? because they that's the cool thing. The idea of Europe, China's, so they were there the whole we can do and press now. There has hanging out their work and they were that's not a normal did. Likewise, you people thought could hear them there, that budgets not mince his did this. It is essentially like a Kenny powers in real life. That's the point
with them in real life. Right point you, like I haven't a guy like this in the tv show, is bounded down, is actually even better because it so good. It's better then a reality shush, because reality she'd be making that asshole, famous and they'll be people on Facebook. I saw can agree with a man support support assure him, and he is right as an American now these these ideas, that what is this will feral uncanny power, and we'll Pharaoh owns a card here share like them to pass fuck. Instead, it is this from he's bound them. I need to watch that whole season. Man really do but yeah that isn't, those people in real life and sometimes folks. All they need is like one example like that: that allow shift, but you'd have people on the fence who just think about like waken up and going no. What do I care sums, gay men? What would it? What is it in me that gets mad about these games?
why why why do I say they're going burn in Hell? Maybe I should just fuckin relax and then they see a guy on tv and she's been kicked off tv. You know what the gist of what can hurt look do with each queers like there's a tipping point where a guy that on a television show and that the whole debate getting out there without any real rational response from either the media for any from anybody. Not no one like gets on tv and says: look we're here, make a big statement about this. This is wrong with this This is why we have a problem with ok. It's not freedom of speech is not about speaking you're. My so, what's on your mind, what is on your mom you're, not you're mine, is that they're gonna burn in Hell, you're your mind, some fire and brimstone. If someone is in love with another man and marry them you're an idiot
you're, a dangerous idiot. You you're, taking people that I know for a fact are born. That way. No scientist, but I know a gay kid in my neighborhood he's five he's fucking gay. Ok, there's nothing wrong with that, but he's gay. This kid's gaze parents, eternity play football. It has one I'm not to do with football he's always dressing up in dresses, puts girls. Close army plays with dolls he's a gay kid. Ok heel to heal he likes boys. It's it's the way this thing to see from the jump but as parents verse supportive. You know, I mean They wanted him to try boy things is not really know it, but has no heat going on so he's gonna. Be ok, avatar bidding. Madam. We now like what what happens if a kid like that is watching, television and he realizes he's gay and maybe twelve or thirteen, is Ediths thinking about sex and he's watching this any feels horrible about himself, which apparently does because they definitely happened. You know right over nothing over something you can't control over somebody's born with that's why it's dangerous, it's just
is dangerous, is being critical about people for a bunch of other things. They can't controls just as dangerous being racist people understand that they don't see it that way, but a gun. A person. I don't know what I'm way would want to choose, hang out with a black man overhang and out what a white man coming, and I just don't get it there's more. There that's the same statement, this the same statement, you're. Really See I didn't difference, but the parallel when people talk about like you, know, you're not the same. You ve been through and are like comparing the civil rights. Yeah movement did but like the way you thing that similar is that you're, just you trying to down and isolate a group of people for something that they can't control, because you don't want any part of it so that's the the parallel- is that you know whether it is want to hang around or early Wanna put down black people or asian people wherever it may be that the same thing as down somebody and not wanting them to have the rights just because they are born with us,
sexual orientation that early Malta did people don't want anyone to make the comparisons to civil rights. They don't want anyone to be able to send their hair. We really are wrong while now, because now, because that's what I'm saying is people like civil rights, people dont like it because They feel that somehow another diminishes the horrors of slavery, where there is an issue that people have with like comparing something to racism and black people. Particular Evan issue with gay people comparing themselves and the plight of gay Americans to racism I've I've seen, I've heard people like scream and yell about it about it's not the same and fuck you and you know in there and gay some people. Gay is a choice. I've seen a lot of weirdness almost as if it though their worry that it somehow another diminishes. What's horrible about slavery, which is ridiculous slave it was horrible still is. Racism was horrible. Still is
but so homophobia- that's just is horrible like, but the people they think it's not it's, because you're, not gay its. That's him that was who you are, and people were angry about who you are. It would be just as bad as you being born Chinese and people hate chinese people and the like what the fuck man didn't. Do anything you hate me because of the way I was born. It's the same. Goddamn thing you know, ideas warrior when nobody ever own gay people, but that they killed them. It's in the Bible. Bible that you should be put to death for lying with another man. You don't think that they ve been persecuted. It's it's This hundred different religions, where its illegal organ the rules to be gay yeah, you could start with it with Islam and work your way up through a bunch of other different was theirs countries that don't even again
Russia, Fuckin Russia, Russia's that's insane saying that Russia is. Did you see for these discriminatory laws against gay? Please don't mean, and they Putin came out, cause we're about how the winter Olympics there and said that, like galleys have nothing to worry about, like they're, not gonna, be discriminated against when they're in the in Russia for the winter Olympics, but You know like Rostov, I wear like you're, you, the you're, not supposed to be talking about it to anybody in and giving your opinions on so like we're, not gonna doing to you, because you're gay you're here but dont be talking about it. Yeah, don't stay away from kids. It stay away from kids. We really well that was described as a hard life margins. That's a big was a big well yeah look at that, are fostering an environment of hate and fear. We should look at that very carefully as as shit or about these people going after this group and this ethnic group go and after that group
what, if you were trying to dominated nation and control it in a sort of a dictatorship form which is essentially what Putin's got going on there call me say he was voted in a way the guy's not going anywhere. If you get voted out in our mean he left his term put in someone who worked for him and then took over again after that I was gone me he's running Russia. That's the way to run away to be a dictator in the way to run an empire is through fear to control and fear is many enemies as you have that you have to protect the people from the better, and so one of the things that dictators do. Is they start pushing people against other people? Have you can go people to be inter conflicted among the ranks of the normal civilians? You can guarantee that they are going to be busy. They're gonna have conflict they're, not gonna, be able to deal with is the rules or the military choices the military's making theirs. Busy with their own shit, worried about these people go and after this group and this ethnic group go and after that group and
gaze, we're gonna touch their kids minors, and then you know fostering. Violence against gay peoples can foster anger from gay people. Get straight. People minutes is a blow back on all sides. They d get. You anti conflict, it. So you guarantee psychology so crazy. Outrageous, too, you know, subject like imply that gaze will want children? We idea it's almost trolling yeah Is there not a you know, adults with natural, you know Sexual behaviour. Just happens to bees were different group, but that they would be not be able to control themselves. Yet it and be practice to it. So sober easy, it's, crazy, so stupid? I think, By the way about like why you, you say, black people sometimes get more fired up about the compared
it is, in my experience a lot of black people. They come from like really christian homes. You are right there, much more intolerant towards gay people allotted time. Onto come from really christian homes. Earlier Yeah, there's a lot of that world. That's what happened with Proposition eight in California mean that was a real embarrassment where they re peel. Gay people's right to two to marry knows an embarrassment and a disproportionate amount of black people voted for that yeah. It's. It was a weird numbers over fifty percent, but I think even like outside of the christian homes, you would find think it allowed melodic cases more homophobia in the black community. I think it exists more. That's so weird! I do think it does. How much workers you done I've done, I can dance like do. I think I'm saying that, like
we're getting was black. People are thirteen percent of our population and when I'm all I'm saying is that I think a bigger percentage of the population is humble, I'm getting it from just having some cannon and been exposed to a lot of black people. It's amazing, apparently, a lot of these african american churches. Were there the organised drives to vote against problems right, but I was saying that, like the the the the community is bigger in black culture like going to the late by that's a bigger thing, and I think that that they're pretty openly most the time saying that it's bad, you know gaze or bad. So I think that that kind of breeds- that homophobia more in that community and that saying that all black, people are on the phone back or that they're all preaching that and all do I'm saying that I think that exists. More in that culture, and that community will that's interesting
There's that there's not just that but Mormons also spend a lot of money. Mormons very much. I mean I think a lot of people have given the credit to the Mormons for defeating that proper right, yeah yeah while they they put a lot of money entirely, which is I had a joke about it in talking monkeys in space, oh yeah, what about the Mormons should be afraid of gay people because of some of the amendments, because really by seventy dog you to be in the morning, they can talk in a secular. This matter. How much time is bound with now? Then you breakdown the whole. You know what Mormonism it's like, which is like right is. The guy was like now I got all they came to me, but you know it's interesting is that this sum at this hour? becomes at another point of contention because now now black people, being pursued by gay people write me
puts this weird thing. It's out another battle taken play I mean I don't believe in those car conspiracies. Necessarily that, like whole social structure of this country's organised, keep people poor is conflict and key people ritual keep voting for corporations that one protect their welfare. This is and keep the divide between the two and every now and then in a organise chaos in a way that we were sort of kind of hitting them Be Putin is someone does? But if you're gonna but this is the way to do it. The way to do He stood to take like. What's your ordinary, like liberals, ok, let's break down liberals liberals like left wing there almost always voting pro minority. They pro minority and almost always program right. So what better to separate that mass and cause confusion amongst the ranks as they get those two factors on your enemy. These two like static, constant
actors and have them do gettin out right. So now you have people who support gay rights and people that support. You know the idea that gay should be married, can it out with with black people with minorities and christian minorities who almost universally vote democratic. So it's like woe you, what does a tricky thing? You did their rank as by causing trouble between those groups of people. You essentially weaken the entire party and that's what happens if if you connect black people and gay people, the black people keep gay people from voting. The whole left wing becomes a fucking mess, Rightums Caspian. White guilt runs rampant through through the left like through, like them, that's like so many especially educated Democrats, who are filled with white guilty here and there want to come down on black people and they don't work.
Come down in black people. Even for something is heinous proposition. Eight proposition eight was being supported by a bunch of church going white people much more give as being read in a strictly by Baptists but white after Stanley was all these white Baptist leaders on tv talk, you wouldn't marginalized them as fools is buffoon they would joke about them are cut, but people are and do not about black people write. It was this weird sort of like touchy subject: tough, to do you didn't see people marking all these black people like it, whether its on the daily show or whether its on any these leftwing websites, where mocking black people for for the majority of them voting for this right there you didn't, you didn't see that not treat the whole. The whole thing gets very tricky yeah. There's it's interesting too,
like you're. The big thing now is for the last few years people try to figure out. You know how the Publican party can rid bait, really compete again when the year, when the White House and when certain other elections in one of them things that keeps being brought up. Is that the younger there's through certain like Constance right among the left and the right like Vigo, abortion? Like you know, pro life was produced and when, with the the gay thing is that the far right won't let no support that rain monogamist support it, but the younger generation of new voters, even ones who our conservative have concern. Values grew up in a world where it's more in welcoming to the gay community and and they're they're. Not
sincere like moderate. Once can be. I think you're gonna try to win over right. Somebody who can cut none extremists, leaning, left now younger voters because of some of these extreme Constance, and so it's like, if the, if that party, the right could embrace something like that, would that even the playing field for them I think, if most certainly media, and would they then be able to compete more for these, maybe younger leaders at the other more open minded young people who feel like that's a basic right it's kind of an interesting way to look at it like. If you change your position on that, do you then get somebody who you want elected you get a lot of the no nonsense. People that just happened devote left because of social issues right? You would get those that's a pre, substantial number, seven deeper scent of black people voted in favour for proposition eight cents. Eighty percent of people of black people voted that gay people show be allowed to be married and that they should take that right away from them.
That's it is regrettable. Here, that's incredible! That's fucking gross! That's grows and terrifying, it's funny cause I'm reading an article on having imposed, stop blaming California's black voters were proposition. Eight says: yeah: ok, don't blame, because it's a other people voted for it as well, but if you don't think that it's him pressing and growth that set Three percent of black people voted for some silly law that takes away the right for people that are in love to get married. I think maybe it is because, if I mean obviously its religious, that's the big thing: yeah yeah! That's it that's the big thing. Maybe it's like black! Do just don't want to get married naw they may, in fact there is no one to get married. Let's start with gay people, if have less them, get married, less us ever get married luggage and outside it does not damage maritime divorce. I don't know it's. It's It's just how people raised. I think that's people change later on in life.
Your young, you think a certain way, and then, if you know some, those people will be converted to thinking differently with time did the antibiotic you can have your own ideas in this life. You can have your own thoughts and you can have your own unique point of view. The real problem is when you ideas, start fucking with other people's lives. For no reason, we are. Your ideas are based on just so shit, that you believe that's two thousand What years old? That note will, if you want to believe, like the a thing in the Bible, man you're. Cherry picking because a lot of other shit in there too, along with gay people like you're, not supposed to wear two different types of close again supposed to wear like silken caught. That's like punishable by who sins upon your life or scenario Yeah. I mean this some some great old. You now that they used to say, One of them is, like you, threatened with death,
ass, if you rend your clothes and terrier closed, so that people who have liked rules were their knees. Aren't you like that fashion in the Bible use was to die. For that says you put to death for that. You know. There's some neighborhoods. We could really about go in there and clean out your gun, Silverlake yeah of Civic doesn't do that anymore, There fashion yeah, thereon cardigans. Now like all hipsters. Here's nineteen things, the Bible for forbids other than sexuality. I put this on Twitter, the dig it so fuckin silly. Here's that the exact quote in Leviticus cover? Not your heads neither render closed yet ye die and less wrath come upon all the people? Okay. So if you, if you don't the uncovered, not your heads, which means don't uncover, had keep your head covered, got it ok, don't keep your head covered. That means you're gonna die in wrath will come upon all the people, so everyone not wearing a hat. You
this up measures that was the key that all we have to do is all where hats and God was like good peace on earth love had taught. I wrote that shit down a long time ago. You motherfuckers, didn't lose everyone's caught up in this game shit. I want hats, I wanna fuck it everywhere, where had by God Orders are where tangles I got stuck in that company. God hair net, like if you work at a restaurant, you have to wear here, no less godlike wherein ads you fuck make a super where man make no mistake. Folks, I'm not I'm not. This is our paraphrasing directly, quoting this from the english translation. The Bible uncover not your heads Jesus, maybe mature other, had yeah. Maybe, Eminem keeps your dick covered, but don't didn't call that a head back. Then they called it. A mushroom was a yeah. You're, not supposed to trim your beard by the way, neither shall thou MAR the corners of thy beard. How,
I'm going crazy about that present alien states. Clearly shaven these by Heerd Jeff will come upon us convenient so far can still but you know it's even more stupid, really religious people with religious tatters, because that's all Bible. Do you suppose tattoos ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead nor print any marks upon you. I am the Lord cuts in your flesh for the day like instead of like, like Mark like other of a picture of you, mom gaiety, Bravoes, gotta catch one data tat, two of his grandma on his chest and beautiful they remind him of his grandma against the Bible. Death yeah you're not supposed to have been that's. He sat essentially what it is you print something on you so have we done to followed all the rules of the Bible? It would just be like a murderous rampage constantly would be so laundering bar, but everyone would be fact well how about every Catholic would go but burn at the stake.
You'd all die in Hell, because That's one drink wine and church right you're, not you're not supposed to do that. It says in the Bible: Leviticus ten nine do not drink wine, nor strong drink, though weird nor thy sons worth with the when you, go into the tabernacle of the congregation lest you die, what that means. Is you drink wine and church die, but everybody on a church, the who is actually there even accord that he said like. I don't want you to make a church I'd. Rather yes, but I was Jesus, see the Jesus stuff is very, it's different. The Jesus of Europe, because on the Jesus stuff, is very different because Jesus, most have liked, but a lot of people quote about that is all from the new testament and the new testament is even sketch here than the old testament.
Testimony sketchy because it was originally written in ancient Hebrew and the oldest versions of some of these stories are actually the dead sea scrolls which are written and aromatic and thereafter We on animal skins, they found in area of Israel called Coom Wrong and they found these clay pots. And inside these clay pots. They found these ancient ancient score. Rules and some of them are so fucked up. Did they have to peace? Them together would like tweezers and they have made ten years and years and years and years deciphering these thanks man, and you can see them online. Actually, they have photos on this, I think, is a website dead, sea scrolls online, but. That's the only version of the Bible, that's in aromatic dead. Sea scrolls online. It's actually d s ass. The website is DE as s dot collections got. I am G D, or just look up dead, cease, girls online and new address? Yet it should
it might some academic, but you can read these scrawls, I click on each one, Brian and you can actually get an image of the actual scroll itself. And all that stuff on animal skins This is in error, which is the only version of the Bible? I think they know of its and aromatic. So all this shit that were I were reading here is the stuff it's from, essentially the oldest stories in the Bible. The news estimate was actually commission I Constantine there's like Roman Emperor Constantine, there's big chunks missing from this like, so there could be like where this is don't do it? Well it's it's it's clearly. You know they don't have the full work, but it's pretty amazing that they even have that, because you know this is thousands and thousands and thousands of years old, and it's made out of an animal skin- means really pretty incredible that it exists at all mean even if its pieces of it. But it's so cool, they found the shit in clay pots and these of course,
we're stories that were told like an oral tradition for a thousand years before anybody figured out how to write em down. But then you need dealing with the new testament, which has caused team and a bunch of bishops put together. So it's much more recent. They actually know who the people were, who put it together and it was all like way after Jesus was dead. Linux crazy. You we are about when you really stop and think about the fact that, like some dues put right is down and not just some deeds, but an emperor who clearly wanted to convert all of his people to Christianity, to control them, but that we still only with this is again and we followed with a day constantly didn't even get baptize until it right before he died. Like you know, I mean I thank you how to get baptized of the next people could say: no, no, we use we gotta make good. No state Christian and Wednesdays Christian, because if he dies and he's not baptize, you have to admit to the entire world that this guy, you know somehow another's going to Hell and go converted everybody to Christianity
ran the rum Roman empire that way Anna on his bishops to put together the Bible. That's where the new testament comes from. So when you deal with the new too to me, you're dealing with an even squirrel your piecework yeah cause. It's like that. What dubious, fuckin origin slightly Tommy Constantine got a direct line to God. Some murderous roman empire. Guy he's a direct line to God, Bitch just get the fuck out of here. The oldest. All this shit is ridiculous. The newer older shit is ridiculous. If there was no bible at all men, somebody would try, make one up, of course. Some some do would be right now, right everything about you too, however, a year, a few years of a story will come about where a guys like I'm Christ, like I'm Jesus Christ, I'm back and then you now, whenever he'll talk and die a book shoot out or some shit get arrested during by the fact that, like two thousand years ago- somebody's been like God and that that's that
Yes, that go! Nothing happened when, of course, if you like, really good at it, you could dominate a huge group of people and by the way, You can also have some really cool shit to say, as well as being a fuckin nut. You know like deep, actual bra October we're talking about one. Oh yeah, he's got some really cool shit to say is a silly man says let a silly shit like used to be an atheist till? I realized I was God that was one of his quote, because we're all God why the fuck ever shut up you're, not God, you know water and a wine, but you can do it. You shut your mouth, we're all your get it that silly your mouth don't say: shit like that. It's stupid makes people marginalize. You marginalize the whole idea of universal consciousness. When you talk in such fuckin, vague and silly terms. Well, Joseph O, we're all God. Oh, please go on go on, would you gucci sunlight this relation, Terrier gotta. If that was true, well a simulation theory now you're part of a programme
and you are you're running this programme somehow another. In the background. That's the simulation. There is not a year your ticket have like the secret, more you're thinking it instead of simulation theory, think the power of suggestion or the power of positive thinking or idea, as they could have me somewhere in the future, by sitting there watching myself silly or you know like It started the programme in a kind of playing a game right now. My son of me here s another Gary Boyd things that I think that the? U created this I think that somewhere in the future, I'm sitting here doing assimilation of myself. Why now? people think that they created, and I think most people think that it's just something that's running that your party, but have you do you actually created itself. You know why don't you Oh? How to create anything now like? How can we now your a computer programmer lost all that knowledge and the Nokias This means just a program, so the
it's like you, can marginalize yourself in your computer programs and it would be like some super genius who knows all and say I'm gonna, give myself limited knowledge and information in this life gets a realistic assimilation as as a guph to make life more difficult. I'm gonna make myself really dumb and lazy, give myself club foot and I'm good give myself one hand that works and other hand? That's like semi paralyze from birth, like that, so crazy, like that of the world, we're all creating our own universe into some people are really should he job designing themselves. Now, that's just me. Look realistic! You have to have like legless people around there. Ok, so they are not used in our area. Right, that's Melissa S, words type, so we can bring Melissa Etheridge set as it gets on an airplane. She's really happy for all the other people in the airplane, because she knows on aeroplanes, knock and crashed she's on it cause she's a sort of crime. Her world its awesome. The power to really really proud of her. I love what about,
Well, maybe she's right! You know his here's the thing we're itself what's so easy to guph on her or anybody who thinks that way, but we can't prove that's not case. Can we can't? We can't prove what what kind of or your consciousness has over the world itself. We assume there's a lot of random factors that come into play in life, whether its car accidents or meteor impacts or disease in their name in our name. It filament fellow but we don't know that in there lot of things about being a person that Very strange does a lot of things about our interactions with each other about energy, about the amount of energy put out and what you get back, the way you interact with humans and how not know that those things in some way or another. The way you interact with people flavoured not just your relationships with those people, but the entire reality that you live in its very
possible, that is more flexibility and that that the world is more malleable than we think it is and that we have everything defined in terms of what something ways or how much distances, but these are just sort of crude static factors. A constantly changing and moving world and the human mind interacting with that world may be be much more significant than we think it is and its work the reasons why these ideas of quantum untangle It becomes so strange when you find out about these theories of quantum mechanics, and quantum physics and string theory and super particles superposition, whether moving and not moving. At the same time, things blinking in and out of existence, the lowest measurable portion of of the universe that we can find the lowest Mary. Like the smallest, tiniest thing, it's magic, it's all magic, the look when you get it quantum mechanics. When you get into string theory, subatomic particles, when you get into like really complex,
mathematics and in different experiments they do the smallest tiny, is measurable parts of the world, it's all magic, its! empty space me atoms are mostly empty space inside these subatomic particles the they're moving and there still at the same time they blink in and out of existence. They go somewhere and they disappear, and then they come back. We have now idea where they go, we just no. They go somewhere, they exhibit man the lowest measurable part of the universe itself is magic the smallest portions, that we can measure or magic. So just because nothing, is big in this tables made out oak and his microphone as metal, That doesn't mean shit, meaning mean shit. If I hit you over, the head with is gonna fuckin her because that's the rules we ve chosen, but the actual reality itself very malleable, there's a lot of weirdness to the world. I don't think Melissa. Etheridge is totally right. I think there's lotta hubris
involved in thinking that you have the answer and that you use thinking good thoughts Watson. You know this plane is never gonna crash. I don't! I don't believe that We, this is coming from also from a person who was suffered from cancer. So it's like- I don't you know, now. I think, I think it's a self serving philosophy to think that when you might be right but to say you're right, I think it's crazy yeah, you you, you can't dictate formulating a positive thinking is a good thing to do is not all save cause. You walked in the room, but it might be, that's what's fucked it might not be, might be meaning it may be because it her Irma because the present any, but anybody who thinks a certain way, anybody who lives their life or the sounds like bullshit. You trust me in people. Don't cry right now. Listening to this, I agree with it sounds like bullshit, mostly Actually, it's not true, but it might be true. We can't pay
that it's not we don't know all of the inner actions that the human mind unconsciousness have on the universe itself. We do No! We assume that simple, as you are responsible your life, you responsible for your actions, you responsible for where you drive and where you go to school. What comes out of your mouth? We assume that that is just up of the mathematical interaction of human beings in this culture and society in civilization, but we're not totally shore there did its. It is possible that you're thinking and that your mind itself might affect reality because the reality that you seen the reality that I see as just what's in front of us. We assume that this is constantly going on behind the scenes. We assume you assume that when you go to home, when you you got me soon further tv, you assume I exist until I. Still you dont, know for sure you call me or we meet and we we high five and get on a plane. Go go. Tell some jokes. We don't know that that we exist We just assume. Based on
the evidence that I've accumulated. When when I go home, I assume that you Tommy and live your life, but I don't know what the fuck you do read. The whole thing could be a joke. My life could not real in your world. I could be just what happens when you come around the programme. That is Joe Rogan right. I might not be Real use! You leave this room, go out and this whole thing might shut down and the only time it turns out when you're watching sword like the difference between particles being observed in not being observed. They have they the exhibit different behaviour because their interacting with whatever the fuck it is that measures of it all goes back to reality is what you make of it. Maybe Well, maybe, but I mean it. You know can really, if you dick to view decide to live your life within that thought. That reality is what I make of it. You know you d, take everything
a lot of ways. Yet you lot awaits you. Do you know when people die, they always said. I see the light noisy. I you know with a come back to life, Mooney die. They always see the light there we see, like I saw my family was all their and was all cloudy people smoking weed. What? If what? If what? If that was just you waking up, got oh yeah. This was a whole program that I did in my family's here and we are all just a joke that I used to read about the aliens about book. Without what dissimulation theory would really the reason why aliens exist. That's us aliens are us in the future, and what we are is where people that fucked up and we evolved to far. We eliminated all the fun out of the world. We eliminated sacks blow job muscle cars cigarettes, we exhibit. We took out whisky, we eliminated all human conflict and what were we would be left with will have with boring, bullshit we'd I've bodies These words dick bodies anymore. We ll have dicks somewhere longline people realize it Dixon Vaginas, causing huge fuckin problems girl. This is too many
out there that are getting pregnant. Keep a man is too many men out there that arrayed bang there's too much nonsense to many people that are having babies that really dont support these children correctly and so sex and the sexual urges being responsible for breeding we got out. We had a factor that are, we gonna take out of the equation so one day they they got everything, like changed and evolve to point where they eliminated all the the variables in the world. The limit, too much power and the eliminate eliminated sex and emotions, and we don't like it so we plug ourselves in two a simulated version of the roaring twenties of the digital age. It's not a coincidence that we are at this moment in time. The craziest moment the world has ever known where the world in the universe is constantly changing every second of everyday. It's on a coincidence at all. In fact, this is what we
asked for we asked to be born in this time. We right now, as I said this onstage Friday night, but I believe that we live. The greatest time to be alive ever This is the strangers, while this year most there is more possible, most possum, Hildy filled time in life There are so many things going on constantly. There is something in the news. It is the first monkeys were born that did they altered the genetics of them there, here I'll pull it up on and on twitter. Because this is such a strange strange. Scientific experiment and people will, I posted it. Everybody's lightweight may dismiss I'll fuckin plan of the apes got started, but it is up The age started these The first monkeys with customized DNA programmed genetic mutations, so they are programme
genetic mutations and these monkeys were born, so they they there working on, creating a perfect monkey, they're gonna third, the genes of these monkeys and they're getting continued alter genes. The monkeys until Eventually, they have a monkey. That's a smart as a fuckin person really or monkey that has a giant dick or a monkey grows wings and flies like a bat. This programmes in play, This is something to be. The monkeys are born. These monkeys, born we live fantastic time and the idea that what the aliens are. When everybody has, these archetypal experiences, it's always these things. That law, very similar to what you would expect human beings to eventually become of you go back to lower hominids go back to monkeys. You go back to chimpanzees. You go back to the great apes You look at them in comparison to us. Will you while they have more hair, they look more
stronger the more veer morph much more physically fit, you take the average person that works in office, the average man and you compare them to the great. Apes, they're, all fat and their their skinny. They have no muscle like what is gonna, be next. What's gonna be next? Well, what gotta be next? Is that you're gonna continue the trend to not need bronze, not need biological, strengthen the brains you gonna get bigger telephony, says the abyss. To control things with the mind the ability to talk without using language of the mouth, is going to shrink up that the environment and be off foxy good afternoon built in sunglasses. These fuckin gigantic black eyes involved has been a ruined our fuckin atmosphere mean they literally are what we expect us to look like a million years from now, Human beings too slowly but surely evolve into that. If we use to be Harry little furry rodents, which is what we were. The idea of you know what was no primates sixty five million years ago. Ok, when the great extinction
and happened. The killed off the dinosaurs, the giant peace, Iraq misguided hit the Yucatan. There was no primates primates somehow or another evolve. Out of that of the shrews and the monkey and the rats survive, whatever mammalian lifeforms survived so crazy. To think, that's only sixty five million years ago, man, that's as far back as we know for sure, there was no people, no, no, no way know how and it's a blink of an eye. That's in terms of the universe. It's a blink of an eye sixty five million years ago, so words so positive that things go away. Doubt at sixty five million years ago, so positive, so positive when the dinosaurs died off so from then on. Some are another people were created there's nothing. That's candy! blink of an eye and a view look, how much different we looked at the early monkeys. What what's next, Yes is aliens. Is next that's next, four hundred percent. Next, that's what you would think they are going continue. This trend of no hair here
here: loss on arms in the body, people getting less Harry people getting less strong. This was getting smaller. You using your fingers and eventually can use Google glass ass. You get extra talk to adventures. Caterpillar read your minds enough to talk. You ve! look we're going to strike up. We can all agree to genetically altered ourselves. We don't have penises anymore as soon as they come up with a fuckin thing that you can, programme into that, takes you in a wild sexual ride of simulation that you can never achieve with your actual real dick you bill? this stupid thing anymore, you're, Dick, is gonna, be just as dumb as a horse. You dick like something the matter will be pleased to fuck with Dg X. You laugh about it just like when sending a fuckin pigeon with a note wrapped around its leg. Why did you that, when a context, you you, wouldn't you wouldn't the actual having the writing in your hand, get the fuck out of here the due to send me a selfie with a big smile sums up, and it gets me in one second year after reliance, I'm stupid pigeon, that's gonna be what sex becomes sexting. Become some silly thing that we don't need to do any more because we're
have some integrated pleasure system in our mind, we're we're gonna be with a distant goal. Release you gotta know the fuck. Anyone you want man, you're gonna, be able to have insane sex with Christie Brinkley when she was twenty one unit be able the you know too, to fuck the hottest woman of you can appeal to have sex with beyond the hundred beyond says, to booting going around the whole water inclines secular deck, whoever you want, you can literally be able to do whatever you want whenever you want to do it once they figure out like this. This rift thing. But we're seeing and when we see oculist rift is like the first photograph dear, those like first photographs in these two have like a thing they would throw. I attend over their back, they'd, be hiding in this box. You know that everything that you really old cameras the way these all right, I'll, throw like a towel over the top of their head and they would point thing, everybody had to stay still feel like a minute. You said all can count, don't fuckin move.
That's what we're seeing with Oculist rift, what do you think physically will be the evolutionary change of humans? Those shrink the outward drinking equal were eventually gonna. Get to the point. We don't need moment. People are getting more vigour now, but that's because a protein right protein intake because people understand diet better and yes, forest athletes, you you're dealing with hormonal manipulation, growth, hormone testosterone, you're also dealing with massive scientific advances and strengthened. Need training and then also there's some selective breeding big people. Getting big people is that Christie Brinkley has heard today. Sixty she's jamming do you see her moving around two? It's not an illusion. It's not an illusion created by the the photograph. I mean, looks like an older mature woman by I would send it
sand in home. She certainly greatly up. Send it. I'd have to be real careful. I am a plug in animal ending in order that the hip strength lower back muscle to six words, a cannibal swings on actions and do a lot of those. I do. I do with Christy. But we're gonna get to a point where I made an agreeable to reverse aging. That's on unquestionably their working on that and There are already like doing tests on that and on other animals. A feeling of this path is going to lead us to just be born and just lay down with a fuckin monitor in front of us and just sip your fashion nutrients and a happy and never stand up and you plug into what everyone and we're gonna get our nutrients the same way. Those wireless paths are when you know you take one as new cell phones, we get the sitting on something now just charges, you don't even have to plug it and that's how we can get our nutrients marinucci.
To deliver through our car seats as well Dr teamwork, we're gonna, get nutrients, gonna drive to work naked and then a niche it's going to be absorbed by your bodies. Can we won, your stand mean? There's the rub: testosterone, cream on sure, testosterone, cream absorbs. I threw skin Diana Fog, and you can we'll sit sit near at hand, new way to work and your car is going to feed you And you believe it not. You know shitting, no farting, no farming, and if you want till I feel like a Henry, the eighth orgy of food and big Fuckin turkey legs. This programme that punching that programme and to take you on a Germany too, the eighth land. You died a gigantic oak table Enemy heads hanging from the fuckin ceiling is pretty awesome to think over all the world. You could create a just jump into it in a second, its common dude. We We are just so comfortable with we live in now it seems so normal to us, but you have. We have a lamp on your
able over there, you gonna goddamn lava lamp sitting next to you, this weird gooey shit is bouncing up and down. Someone figured out a way to have electricity. The shit that creates lie ning come through the walls in these weird pipes, yet the wrong when their cellophane chance it put that in front of the per cent for the assault lamp pullet that thing so people can soon document that the ban on the bottom of a chance in a far far look at that thing. If, if you brought that thing back in time if you brought that thing. Just simple ass, stupid lava lamp if you brought them in time and showed someone from King Arthur's time, they'll kill you definitely He's underpants sorcery, my lord, she's electricity in the walls does lightning in the walls we're going to die
had. I stick a fork in that hole in the wall you dead, every person has a hole in the in their house. We stick afore guinea. You dead it's ridiculous might not die and you might get really fucked up. I got mine my lad, I stuck a key into an outlet. Oh my god. I don't know how did I guess the they had? Maybe the shut off the island certain measures right, but I in Goma, sparks flew, I mean flew out of it. The key broken and stated that burn Chinese above and just like. I think I fucked up in here affairs can, and I did the same thing, but I took a wire. My ideas is gonna transfer electricity from the top outlet to the bottom outlet, and I put it in there. I remember my daddy's watch incredible hulk at the time. That's why I was in the kitchen hiding and Put in the wire sparks and fired felt followed?
firebugs as sure, as is that, if we had done in like the fifties, we just be dead. Well, if you ve done that during the days of direct current, it would have been very different areas like they do. Remember the Thomas as experiments. They did when Thomas Edison was trying to warn people against the effects of alternating current they the day cooked an elephant they they hook this elephant up to this. Like these, why there's an barbecue, this elephant, no embarrassing! That is pretty crazy, Thomas Edison an interesting cat in because obviously great genius, an inventor and responsible for a lot of pretty incredible thing? Yes, but also like it was due Battle with the concepts that were being endorsed by other scientists like even Nikola Tesla, who was it alternating current guy. He
in alternating current Edison was his whole thing was set up on direct current. So if you, if you watch it, pull up video up cause, it's fuckin crazy. I this is again when you think about human beings, some other that long man, I mean this is. I was nineteen. What when did this happen? She had nineteen o three nineteen three. So this is when people were just starting to figure out what the fuck electricity could do and they have this elephant straw chained up and Thomas assassins like look I'll show you guys what happens if you fuck and listen to me. So I did this just to disprove the other guy. Yes, but watch what he does. They have this thing connected to this and they just charge it up and and sat the self Lucky's cooking, now now is poor, elfin just stand there and boom falls falls over dead and that's in your house, that's your war
rules and Edison was trial at dynamic. Listen to me, batch iguana, crazy, fuck, that guy He didn't just try to prove it what science he said. Ok, I want to show you how many take some. Bigger than you and I'm on a cook it my could in ages who set out. So it's not so that must have been like a huge like weave of fear and paranoia after that idea, catafalque now that with this new type of electricity, because in that case, what he'd he hooked it up. He caught dead the covered with white, there's a mainly the connected with wires and then fuckin just due to the shit out of this crisis was Tom pilots and could you imagine if in two thousand and fourteen ok, if you know hundred plus years later, They did that. The image of someone tried to prove something if they try to prove in others. We are. On the verge of wireless electricity. Ladies and gentlemen, in order to tell you what is wrong with wireless electricity
here's a Marty, Mc Fuck Face and Marty Mc Fuck face. The scientists shows us here. We in Times square. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an elephant is connected. This receiver and we're gonna broadcasts wireless electricity to his brain watch. What happens is poor elephant fourteen years girls drip! bleeding from his eyeballs and false face. First Peter, would be all over it. Everyone would freak that killed immediately. There would sail I'll, kill him they didn't, kill em. They would beat him, they would torture to Vienna time he's an asshole easy. It is not even Do you know even eaten and elephant outside your cow that you, you get electrocuted can you it now you're just killing it just showing it to prove point. That's two plus years ago, and it really no longer If you really stop and think about how much different people are two thousand three I want a night in three rule. Nineteen
racing about that. Do behaviors changed so much in the area will be measured by decades. It's cool easy immeasurably measured by movies. When we slap women across the face of a time bomb MAC, James Cagney Heroes arose here heroes smack women right across the face? John Wayne style get. A hold of yourself smacks MAC and the woman to stand and take it and its chairman. A shy country in the interview talk you we ve seen. I guess she doesn't listen, listen we as inaccurate and he would say women have away like getting you do that you day in the wrong. Bitches sure you're doing the wrong women. All all women. Don't do that hell. No, you choosing to date that that style of person idea there people two hundred years ago, the wooden cause you to hit them nothing, they wouldn't torment, you not every
He wants to be constantly in conflict zones such as stupid state is drawn to the conflict. That's why I should like to hear you. Is awesome, as is the actor, is an active, but also in always coming from a different era for sure he, but he looked at having those borrow altered. His smacking next visit this level of Arab. So we give allies that business, it's Sean Connery saying, should hit women. I mean it's this, and this happened a long time ago as try twenty plus. Now maybe twenty five years ago, I'm guessing odyssey, not a long time ago, endurance what we ve been saying right, airport cast, but please all school do he's gotta being late seventies or somebody yeah. But what I'm saying is like you couldn't do that today, held like the agriculture has evolved ideas. I couldn't do that years. Go by the worst. To slap a woman now and then, as I remember, you said, you don't do- was of an ancient faced, it's better to do with an open hand Remember that
I love you haven't changed my opinion. What did you say? I would love that which we hold on hold on her way. Did she say, rested, the deal with an open hand. Remember that love that of ensuring that no, I didn't It's good to slap a woman good. I don't think it's that bad that it depends entirely on the circumstances and if it marriage would merit. Well, if you tried everything else, and pretty good at it may be leave it alone will not want to have them. The last word and you give them the level last word, but they're not happy with the last they want to. Again and to really provocative situation. Then. I think it is absolutely right. What
that's good! That's someone ruin a good, but the idea behind that is fascinating yeah me all he's really saying. Is I don't like it? You happy broad, Thirdly, what is trying to find a break up of the dead like about having, just as it did not all like that, so called Is that all men are like. I'm, not a woman like that. I know what's so great about that. Only great thing about that is, you call somebody out here You're calling him out on national television and his is the fence. Instincts kicked in which he said, she's like he realized their prize. Having a nice chat brings that up and he was like immediately his face changed then he goes. You haven't changed my position on the Algiers re like I'm gonna do battle with you now yeah he likes conflict of the guy wants to do was to have conflict. Well, I think
I think it is really confident- and I think he believes way sand and he thinks a barber waters is trying to catch him. In We now exposed that and have him back down like a mockery of data and tobacco. I d crazy bitches, sometimes after smack of those. The one who like to fuck I like wild animals, that's what I need in my life. I was six years old you how to get my Deckard Asia very young, screaming bitch. You know lets me, send it in no he's not young man someplace some people d, the aphrodisiac like the stimulant, is not just sexual. It's not just how the person looks not just being attracted to them, sometimes drama. You know like there's a lot of heat They get sucked up into this idea of fighting and then making up and then to make up sex yeah super common because we all have been
Before we break up with someone like it's over, it's like fuckin, devastating its heart breaking and one day you run into them and it might be just a month later or two months later, whatever may be both of dated other people whatever, and then you hook up in its incredible axis incredible and you're nice to each other, and you, like I'm sorry, I'm sorry too, and it's incredible beds at such a heightened kite type of sex make up sex because sometimes people need to put things in perspective. They need the the benefit of time. They need the benefit of having You know emotions run to your head. Having all this these bad for, you This would then have in the mall slowdown and relax, and time puts things in perspective. And you know, and then you see each other then like the fuck and
think of then is like the good times general hard to think about these really stupid, petty bad times and relationships once the relationships over. You really mostly just think about the good stuff about that person. Right then used in STAR Fuckin again to do then Jacques Henry, through his decker lot back and over time. But then again, what happens after that? You give organ tired of each other, again fall the same old ways and you get tired with each other. And how do you fix outlays gentlemen marijuana that's right smoke, some weed and fuck. You appreciate each other like I get just met good, that's good advice, great advice is no no better, like enhancement to sex than marijuana the people who fuck and don't smoke pot. You are missing out on fifty percent of your sex. You really. Are you don't know what you're mess and its if it I can give you something: that's not dangerous in that will make sense,
Fifty percent better. Do you know what that would be worth on? The open market mean they're, stupid pills that you take that are supposed to make your dick grow. The don't do a goddamn thing. There's stupid people out there that are cutting rhino horns off to make their Cox hard that doesnt work. So much money in like enhancing Sex and the number one thing to enhance sex? It just flies the radar, the one thing that works- got charm if you who are in love or you or in lust? Are you have someone you like to talk about that and that person like you to fuck them get together and smoke some pop for it. Don't get crazy, don't don't smoke so paranoid you free down. You can get it up just a little bit just a little bit. Every touch will feel more more. Spectacular. You feel like electricity through fingers. The warmth of your bodies will sensation would be so pleasurable people, I don't smoke ponds
you're missing out a large chunk of? What's access it I'll? Do it Morgan go touch a stranger or do mushrooms. You wanna go deep, Steve turn earlier deep, deep, have on mush. Never yields crazed like two kaleidoscope. It's hard to do. Lighting years really are to do. I like I, was putting there's really tall girl went on mushrooms and I thought she was an alien like I just might just did you start, playing tricks on yourself. You arrive late tricks on yonder. Do that? Don't don't don't? You won't think, your nail him still. What have you done with nice house? I carried out its work. Obviously, the way you get affected by mushrooms is different in the way. I do a thing: everybody's different, that's that's where the weird things about psychedelic or pottery and ex everybody, yeah I've heard people talk about what part does them might
what's Goin on your head, but this time they showed me down somewhat talked in both sit down, and should I don't get it but maybe and what is their own. We weird personality. An strand that you, you know why you think, there's a lot of weird personality trot traits, lotta, weird biological traits. People have a lot of different things going on you, like black people, with alcohol link, there's people that are the worst trunks ever that are super nice people, and this is also people. There their did. They have a couple of drinks in ages, become friendlier. Nothing goes wrong at all, and now it's really fascinating, because I look back there's like friends, would like one a punch me, I feel like I think not. I did some like now everything I already rank. They were physically violent people, my Jesus Christ and then there's the person who, just like hugging you. I love you man,
yeah. I guess you know they're the same amount of drinks, and this is the behaviour that comes out yeah that almost special bombs you out like I may you can't drink like you really, we can't have you drinking yeah s not uncommon at all known as public one hundred people. What lesson that I'd Irma Celia! It's like a food, our gmos- well. That was something that they are nothing I had up on twitter, today's pretty fast any about food allergies. They figured out a way to fix kid. Allergies to peanuts. Really the dna of penal allergic kids changes with immune therapy study fines. And this is on science dailies- this is again at a later goofy websites from Stanford, and is that treating a peanut allergy with oral amino therapy changes the dna of the patients immune cells, corn too to study the deal
a change. It could serve as the basis for a simple blood tests to monitor long term effectiveness of the algae therapy. That's pretty bad ass man, Zella Fuckin foods. People learn some people deathly large to shellfish. We had then on fear factor this dude ate some roaches and roaches are they have the same ends? apparently a shellfish, so viewer allergic to roaches, where, if you don't know, if you're allergic to shellfish, also allergic to roaches really now says do they went and if allowed to shock, and while he had started down his throat started, closing up, he was having a hard time, breathing swelling in outlets. What happens? at night he knew reply was shellfish guy but didn't think about the roads? Will we didn't know brio? Nobody? No men now was the early days of fear factor, while now that shows too so lucky that no one died, yeah so
lucky that do deftly. Could if you didn't have romantics around you know what are you guys doing with what was gone Seventy packs of heroin found in Philip Seymour Hoffman apart poor fucker. He just got back on it right. A couple years ago. He was really clean up for like most of his life and then he is He had a prom while ago, then he was clean for a while and then they talked about him I remember reading about him going to get help like I want to say within the last year to do something like some type of rehab thing in the last year, and then there that's really a bummer men or the thing about him to as he die with a needle as on his arm. So he really did it. Why did it yeah he's out the only one either this dying? Apparently, this quite a few people have died in these coasts. Marilyn. Recently,
they think it is a bad batch of heroin are a strong batch of heroin or somethin. While he was so good holy shit, was he talented, acted men unbelievably nights, wife some of the people that are able to like encapsulate those credible characters things he able to fit themselves into his carries. A lot of people are fuckin crazy, like Robert Anna Junior yeah, how crazy now he would go off while benders India arising as a lot of those people I'd really good at acting that sort of attracted to that chaos near a war may be assist a part of what makes them a great actors, ya. Think you're! Really, if your great great actor, you have a sensitivity that's like may behind. You know your sensitive marine emotion.
All round and them enough intensely in that sense of you can be drawn and in certain other directions tat so, but he of men often was just genius actor you. I was a bad motherfucker sad when you see a guy like that to succumb to their demons, Now he really is too that's a weird one to that heroin ones, a weird one, because people are talking about like legalizing all drugs like that be legal and in a way I support that, but in another way, I'm like I would suck to see more people do heroin really work crystal meth. That's what I'm saying now with pills. I've met several people. I know several p Paul. I know one guy very well that died from pills.
One guy very close to my family fucked up his entire life on pills and still amass needs to be a great guy, and he just a wreck, and it's all all opiates opiates. You know, and then you see this guy neglect fuck like if it was illegal, would it be even more prevalent like I will, but I would hope not, but God says, I'm not just Anti Heroin- Think Heroines a terrible drug to live your life with just yeah there's nobody really whose like doing well through Having with heroin below the crazy thing, is how long some people can function. And there's people that can function and the people that actually probably never get to the point where they are not able to function in others, people they can keep in check, but I think for the most part, it just goes down hill, for you were one of them, items with these people is that they are now I ve been trying to get high the China. Be sick right, because your bodies craving it yeah you get so addicted,
through these opiate pills that your bodies just trying to get to a base level. It's not trying to. I'm trying to get high as much as is trying to get out of a deficit, so you give it these. Pills and then you like sort of your normal for awhile yeah, so scared There is a mere. I know somebody who had a bad ringing problem and would like when that one way to you know, withdraw, would drink never really to get drunk. It was because this is such a alcoholic that you know Jude drink just two main to not be shaking in sweating. Yeah yeah, that's one up! Don't I dont understand because I have They have had many drinks yeah. I don't get the alcohol one on our stand out. I could be addicted to somebody addictive to somebody for but I do understand, obviously met patent. Many people war did two year budget may it is an honour standards, assumes its so strange that their bodies craving alcohol
I could see it's not just an emotional thing. Melissa what happened with some in anyone else, but she died from going cold. Turkey, really she did only had alcohol in our system which dad she never any drugs and with her body to spend here this suspected she tried to quit drinking and Digest centre over the edge yeah. It happens. I believe him anywhere does glad. I don't have that that gene yeah, you know I mean I've never drink once. If I dream once in a week- and I have two major somewhere muttering- I don't drink again for like weeks, man really yeah. I know you know, that's just my own money when you used to hang out more locally at comedy clubs, every night used to probably go through that, where you're like a club, every single night, did you drink more back then yet, not really, because I never never ever drink before sets, so the most ever did was re after sets. But if I was just doing spots-
and hang it up a little bit. I'd be more worried about, like you know any word about driving home. It wasn't a regular practice for me, like you, just never been that big of a drinker in I mean I have more drinks on the road. But sometimes a lot of times. I go clubs and Saturday for the first time. I asked drink and they'll all but say like a. We didn't know you drank, and we will be talking about it. No again, we thought that it was so weird drink m shells. Acknowledge is done now, you know. So yeah alcohols fun? It's fun, one drink twenty, a drunk, but the problem is fact on your bodies is so bad and and I ve been talking about this because the last two weeks have and drank. I tried to see what it's like to nothing exists. And like glass of wine with dinner on Friday, but one glass of wine. That's no like getting hammered, no getting drunk, no getting buzz. No nothing! initial remarkably better you on Monday, around remarkably says, two weeks in a row that I did this like
endorses up means sound sub do You know it sounds so obvious, but you just think if you're out at a comedy club, you hanging over EU bodies, yonder shot formulas to a shot, let's do another one. Ok, let's have a beer, three or four you feel it gets nothing and it really is nothing, but I didn't three or four drinks and no drinks is pretty never again how much very feel it Its tremendously differ. I'm in a few weeks ago, I had like few drinks, and I really feel like it took me like totally to Recover- was like forty eight. Seventy two to feel like a hundred percent, better crazy. You took like three days yeah that much I never drink at home. I only drink. If I go out so like I'm a said homing like open up a beer or anything that, unless it's likely at night and the girls were about to go to bed Anita have one were drinking. How do you feel to a feminist? I do know that and whether they push that the contrary, a shudder dying, wrote in Yemen
papers? I could, but they know it's funny about that. Whole feminist things that they're saying that works. The other way around two with women and men, the man is drunk the woman sober the woman's raping the man. I feel that way on a percent support that They have to say that it would be ridiculous. They have to say that, can't say, there's a double standard. Nobody wants admit this double standards. Right is double standards don't exist, especially in like the super liberal left wing progressive world, it's a sign on both sides. So I was watching reading. This serves persons blog when we were talking about everyone who had sex. If someone was drinking is rapists and she was talking about men as well as men being drunk that a woman taking advantage. Yes, ladies, that is rape a good he talking about the guy's, a few drinks he's buzzed and he comes over any wants a fuck and you have sex with them. Your rape, a year that is, so fuckin, dumb and so symptomatic. So
Ike symbolic of like what's wrong with that sort of rigid, like liberal thinking, is that this day are no debars, its double standard sailing made them. One of the major differences is that in this situation, we are thrilled to be it's nano? It's not rates whether the man has limited inhibitions or not that man and to have sex he's is if a guy comes to your house, so give a guy to gets drunk. Take a cab to your house. Let's make it a responsible store, I'd take, cab to your house and you throw on the bed and fuck em. This rape is just not know it's just not it's just now, and pretending that it is because you don't want women to be taken advantage of vanilla compared like Stube Anville, like that, the girl was it. She was
drunk that she was unconscious, these guys, rape, areas, horrible Dat's, unbelievably horrible, unbelievably horrible and disgusting, and it's a crime and its evil as the saying that a man being drunk is having sex. The woman's that man being raped, diminishes the impact of what's horrible, about something like stupid, right because right, fair because you're being silly now, will you you're saying something that is so preposterous that anyone with any logic immediately pick apart. Anyone who sat in the experience- and one is a man by the way, whose of a heterosexual man who now what it's like to have a couple of drinks and want to go. Have sex like the idea is somehow another rate. Could you whenever someone who? Obviously you, like you, obviously like this person, you are obviously have most likely about sexual them before you go over their house, the fuck
here. I would even argue that if you, if you're a man, are you took a cab that woman's house and she handcuffed you to a bed Blindfolded. You put a ball, gagging your mouth and fucked. You the also time like it. Wasn't it wasn't something that you are fighting you know, or even able to dial nine again tied up. So it's an you fucker I mean everything, have your opinion situation, where you felt rape like you, had a girl in your bed and he didn't one after another and William Penn you're a man of a growing your bed. What are you doing you're a man of a girl in your bed working, stupid, gamey, plain q. And right now do Me. I still feel good about our relationship yet shot up if you're a groan, adult you're, not a ten year old, you not someone, has confused about by energy and about sex, while it about stimulation and attractiveness, now you're fuckin adult can get raped can by girl she's.
Eyes brightened it's one thing: if you like Frank, the only thing that can be really crazy is if ok, here's a scenario some sort of a survival situation where youth fleeing the country- and you have your friend- wife with you, do you, while you have to stay in our time together, because there's only enough money for one hotel room, just gonna get some sleep in and get on the road, and I actually the floor. You take the bed and then why sleep when you wake up and she secondly, deck and I gotta eat is fuckin ruined my life. Here, you ruined my life by being crazy and suck my dick Walmsley, but hey you know he caught a raven me up. Stop it now, but I wouldn't have said yes free soccer. My dick vows wait. Wait, wait a minute now stop, and that is probably one of the very few scenarios that I could see where there could be argued that a woman rate was a guy. Yeah there's her they what's? What's the one, it's
Why female? The kind of have that will add scenario, yea, aware or pretence, and anyone who tries to pretend she call he's what's going on she's right was choking. I've got a man he's like ass, not even you, so he got duped right, there's another one, but it's kind of Raby can Raby but dad ill finished and we'll talk about that, but come on the woman being drunk is always read the woman's trunk. Do they want that to be raped? They wanted in obviously there's a broad spectrum of of rate of intoxication. You know like one drink drinks three during for drinks, one drink as you and you can make good decisions on one drink. You can but you're drinking review drinks. You can still make really good decisions on drinks but you're drinking site. If you, have sex with somebody to make good decisions and its drinks in the idea that you say that's: rape, you're, crazy person, you're crazy person. Your beer person whose dangerous, because you're fucking up the whole idea and argument.
Conversation about our goal- indication you're, ruining by being unreasonable by had taken it. Hard, ridges stance. You diminish with the effect of something like two mill. Where were they are getting someone so funny it up and taking advantage of someone who so fucked up the way to kind of real, no stay position is, are you gonna look at those two and say there equivalent believes either equivalent? Then ok, I guess we have your point of view and you know the severity of each other, but I think every a person like those new realised that they're not so it's kind of ridiculous, what's a completely logical stance taken that its And on and off switch it's either on you. There is now call a drink in the system. It's that way. It's rape, it there's no I'll, go it's not rape right same act seem ridiculous. Knows it clear that there is a certain point where someone is unable to make clear decisions. There fucked up their intoxicated
but where that lies is, is very blurry. It's different for every person and some not some girls goddammit, a lot of girls like to get drunk and get fucked they liked have sex with people they want to have sex with when they have a few drinks. They like it a lot, so the idea People say that that's rape, because Bob because of what or because you want to push this ridiculous, progressive agenda, and this idea that Anyone having a couple of drinks is somehow another so incapacitated that there like a child like then we have to protect them yeah. I guess it out there not making sanction that there is a difference between a woman choosing to have done. And go have sex and a woman who has had Many drinks, and someone is you know, taking advantage of her mind has been totally different thing. Well, don't worry that also the woman and the man if they're both drinking ran what happens The woman is almost always in a clear, no one
accusing heart, no one's saying you know it's woman raped me. We have drinks together, ensure raped me how many drinks you have to have a have to she have to image No one says that right it doesnt sit by you say to that. I would say to the guy like in the girl could say: AGA too drunk to consent, and then you know Tumblr talk progressive. Everybody's ago it is raped. Such sums drinking? No, no! It rape, sometimes to have sex with someone is drinking to say that you're not responsible for your own actions sexually, but you are when you driving a car. You are when you know you assault someone, you responsible of you, kicked someone's ass and hurt them. You like I'm. So sorry I was drunk you're responsible for that. You are fuckin responsible for your actions, but you're not sexually. You know If your girlfriend come sandwiches, Hamburg and she beats a fuck, are you hit me over the head with a hammer and you gotta hostile your fuckin head, gashed, open she say I was drinking beer, some not responsible for that violence, but
comes over your house, she's drunken she fucks you. There then you're a rapist, and it's because you didn't you know you didn't take into account the fact that she is not responsible for actions cushions had a couple of drinks, its Agnes had stolen it, so illogical, and they there so rigid on this, because they want to support one hundred percent women and women's rights and the idea of not supporting rape culture, the idea diminishing rape and society, but by being so rigid and by being preposterous and illogical You ruined the whole discussion, because we're on your side You and I are gonna percent on their side as far as like someone being drunk, you take advantage of that person right. That's this! ass. Whether trying to say is that there is no scale exactly it. Just is black and its why you can't say that, because you ruin the whole discussion, Europe, because we all know most of us know P, who'd like to drink and fuck,
oh common, it's so normal trying to get frisky people. People are married, they drink and they start making out and its great sum the loose inhibitions, so bad. The idea that alcohol is bad across the board, for everybody is fuckin, stupid, sip, it stupid it's this barrier body, that's what the only thing you can prove for sure. That's bad for your body, long, those weird things: man people who are intelligent, who have good intentions and there's good meaning behind what for trying to do. They fuck it all up with their ego and the fuck all up with their rigid thinking and it look at all because their not being open and objective about the entire discussion. The situation It's the same thing I feel like with judging people as black and white veal. Most people sure are complex, more complicated in varying degrees of good and bad and other competent
What is it you could easily put in our generalizations like there was a generalization someone Percent of comics and they were saying that comedy clubs are filled with angry man. Not ceramic observed that's a giant generalization, what do you do? It would have a bizarre Silverman, Eliza, slashings, onstage, still angry men that are now it's too silly. It's silly some comedians or angry men resource mechanics! You know swords over some fuckin bouncers, this sum, people that you know what can finance their angry men. Some amount, generalizations or fuckin stupid their grows so funny, because when I hear those things like, I always think of bunting comedy comics that I know they were always possible mine, is just silliness yeah. I dont think I like, when I think of like all goofy silly, you know, like last paying around the weekend? What would we do laughing all the time we're laughing angry ninety percent, at a time when our angry it shit
idea, that mean looked look we all know due to you. Are we but we all know and equal or more a greater amount of dude. You aren't like Norton, were hanging Norton all weekend, Portance fucking great he's angry. He comes off like fake angry, for jokes, for free for funding, but he's filled with humility, he's a very like this self objective, guys always like being injured speculative and talking about the way, behaves away, thinks and he's always like criticising himself. You know and the idea the visa is angry. Guy we earth I was gonna say that is that people also assume that they say the angry, the anger with respect to like somebody doing something on stage and had no. I have no idea that persons not like that off stage that that's a heightened the you know version of themselves for the rack for human rights, for whom it's, like you know, like brine holtzman, Who is one my favorite?
medium for some, whatever reason just never really caught on with people, he used his whole act was his angry man who would say crew evil shit and we would be die and laugh and cause he's not like that at all. If you talk to holds manoeuvres, deities laugh any shaken peoples and Harry. I would go on good to see you hey good time up there. You are really funny he's. Funny guy, but then he would do this character on stage where it was just like. Like Susan Smith, when she drowned or kids. It was like her. Those with bad kids are those kids tackles the tv they dimple where that blocks their spilling their milk. Kids, we not be missed and it was so horrible, but so find it. I thought you had to be there to see it happen when the tension was in the room. It was like two weeks have woman drowned our kids. You know it's a hilarious position to take the the committee, heard those kids were bad yet so he says it is built fuckin spilt milk didn't put away their blood They said that closer tv yeah those
we're not be missed and the way we say this self, the key to in like in those types of jokes, is that you can never pull back on it when you say it, Yeah yeah. I got all in like they were really I can tell you, I know you know yeah, you have to like believe what you're saying yeah in the start, real now, of course, now that's the fuckin! That's why we know we can laugh at it. It's a real issue, with with progressives this idea that you're you silence that kind of thinking and talking in our sights. That kind of those kind of jokes- and I see the point I see that you try to make a kinder gentler world for people to live in, but I really feel like concentrating on jokes is a bad idea. It is it's: it's it route when's. The whole idea trying to make people or at least diminishes the whole idea of trying to make people nice in real life when they really mean it really care, because you're not focusing on that,
TED you're, focusing on one they dont mean at joking around like in the eye, here that somehow or other joking around fuels the actual act, the actual act of violence or the actual active ray for the actual act of anything. Evil or mean because Joe around about it is somehow another gives the green light. That's such a silly idea, that's so silly We have a problem with rape or, if you have a problem with violence, if your problem with assaults do something that remedies the root cause of that and find that it's not jokes. First and nobody wants to they show was inspired, go rape. Somebody, the idea behind as fuckin ridiculous, the idea that, is a green light. You watch a comedy show and someone talks about beaten. The shit out of people gives the green light to go up, beat the shit people, that's no, that's a defective person case persons. You can therefore be can't make your art only for defective people
fuckin stupid is, but it's all a lot of that progressive mindset that this progressive, black and white mindset left wing liberal mindset that it ruins those discussions because yeah we Do need to be nicer to each other fucking yeah for sure we need less racism, absent Thirdly, we need less. Sexism, absolutely we need less assault. We need less rape. We need less violence. We need less road rage. We need less everything. All across the board. We need less than that, but we're on your side and You're, making us look, is something wrong with us, because we want to drink and fuck you make an US look, there's something wrong with us, because we enjoy a ridiculous joke that some doesn't really mean. That's really cruel and nasty. Nea. You have you. If you really think that the committee is there, the problem you are you're, just gonna You're just gonna. Make yourself look ridiculous. You're gonna get a very few people.
I agree with your point of view. We like the yeah just get people start talking about anything than that could be offensive and you're just gonna end up not making progress. Your wishing for Yeah. The idea of trigger warnings that the earth was trigger, warnings that, when people right blogs, are super progressive people when they write blogs, they talk about rape or anything, violence, crime, they will put trigger warning in their a trigger warning. I liked let you know that something horrible is coming up: might trigger post traumatic. Stressing the failure at you. I have to say: if you got He'd have been robbed and and summons writing about a robbery and dull, put trigger warning and like the type a trigger warning in the thing and then explain what they are talking about. You get warned that they're gonna talk about salt or they you get warned warrant to go to rape or sexual aggression or whatever the fuck it is, trigger warning trigger warning its if
fascinating aspect of our society that you want to protect people from just even thinking about something that might have happened to them. That's bad upset! You I also note that, subject whatever that subject is, is it off. Limits are severely limited, someone actually has been victimizing. Real life is kind of really ridiculous. Me fucking ads. For that I mean, can you don't get trader warnings when you're not doing aside from reading that Fuckin blog, There's no trigger warnings on signs. When you walk down the street is not trigger one. That when you have a conversation with somebody who you might no well the. Nor can it be like real, quick in a moment and bring up fighting, asking heads wouldn't hurt or warnings be a trigger warning like when it think about rape. If you give a trigger warning that we let no one be a trigger warning, but it would certainly be a trigger right, and you know every movie. Essentially, every violent movie is a trigger trigger to people who have experienced violence. Of course, every fucking television show on crime which almost all of them are me. What percentage?
television shows dramas or on crime? What, was Chicago. Police are CSI or this CSI Miami New York CSI, the moon is fuckin. The law on orders they're all on crime who, if you spirits, any violent crime in your life. You know it's a horrible, horrific, traumatic event per traumatic stress from crime victims is huge. Yet very show on television that the drama like a huge percentage of em, it's probably like thirty percent of all late night. Are all I'd, nighttime drama or based on crime, violin shrine, murders too. I was so kind so crazy when you, when you watch shows and the em they have. It seems you know that The version has the violent, the African like a guy's, getting his head, fucking blown off yeah and then maybe like that's right fudge you anyway, they just bleep fuck. You know the can begin
and all tat we can handle hearing that the entire this hogwash New England actually set. No, he said something else, but we can't handle it, but we did see him twelve gauge and blow the guy's fuckin guts all over the place, while the walking dead, whilst the walking dead the war Indeed, their cunning people's heads off the blowing people's heads up with gun, but they never say, fuck never say fuck it. It's over dinner. Let you you know you can also, God forbid, they show woman's breast. That would make it. Now. You can't do that. No pussies at all, not dont. Show me the babies come from or where the babies are made can handle it, but You can show me a lady with a samurai sort of cuts, people in half.
She kills regular people to doesn't just kill zombies, regular bunch of people kill. Regular people have killed a hundred bunch of regular people. Fine, it's fun! I can't handle hearing shit what the fuck man we're weird so we're when a stupid culture. What are you doing here? Something about the guy, the forded, think the airport we talked about overdone minutes, amateur wilful, dude fart when they pay go to the bathroom due to costly farming in public restroom here, but we were at sink and they do washing his hands and he cut a monster far, and I told Tommy about it. How, as I do this guy he broke, he broke the rule. I walked out just before this happened. I, unfortunately, none of the incident immediately and I was I can't read my head around, I think would have come to. The conclusion is that if you do that all
for is for you to acknowledge it. The emblems yeah. You need to say something like. I say something about that, because I was thinking about how an old guy one time forded next to me in I gonna tram and then the airport anodyne cheetah, he let it fuck him big part, and I looked at enigmas, Snug Adam, as I already and I became, took away like what we re listening and yes, I will thank you for acknowledging you're you're far right now. You, this guy is washed his hands ages. The sink is not the Europe of the past. There was a failure, and all who does that there is definitely a grey area is definitely grey area.
People for it all the time at the colonels. That's so calmly, I hear a lot of fun, but if you get done zip bob walk all the way around wash your hands in the middle, washing agis load and no one said a word, everyone just just let it go, and then we got outsiders IQ do. How do you feel about this? I can't stop thinking about and they were trying to figure out what kind of forest girls cut winner in the bathroom and whether or not they wash our hands for each other, probably My job is mostly: they demographic there for they close our doors are then they'll? are themselves they allow themselves to fuck and folded up. You know they really let em rib yeah once a getting that door. They close our doors, Have you taken a shit, we're gonna start, but one of the far whether washing their hands. These things, I think
I wonder about where we need more of this world. Do you mask your farts when used to shit about Russia? Now, God do we hold onto the Caliph girl efforts in India, she's cool you have on your phone. I love girl, farts forty year old man's got on his phone. A huge fetish, now, etc? website, is its amaze. It's always been yet amazing. There's been part porn forever were due to sniff. Farts would have a girls ass here I am naughty. We played some far cliffs and our show and words talking. And the guy wrote in, and he was like a big time, part fetish, and we like what it was the thinking about and he was like. I think it's his back to the taboo of it, that the pretty girl is not supposed to so he said. You mean like that. It seems to be a dirty girl. Yes, an idea, he loves you a pretty girl doing. It is like the ultimate thing. That's a thing about people's like they want people to be naughty right.
Just as we feel so most people at least feel so confined by the rules and I think women, so even more so than men. Women, even more so than men, because society wants you to be a lady behind where sure you know and their slut shaming, you're not allowed to be a slight. You not allowed do what you want to do If a woman wants to go out and fuck a bunch different guys like of one want to fuck two guys in a night she's, a terrible person, I give you five, Now about that. Oh, my god. She wished she went to discuss how she fucked him. Then she laughed and she went to the other guys has in fact him what a whore national champions like girls, black, what a whore. But if you told me so he decides he leaves his this girl's housings like underwent fuck, somebody else, because somebody else and he goes on fox hunting. We like
There is an animal. Was it do it wasn't even done he wanted to fuck more data raising. That is crazy, though, that we don't. You know that we have that that double standard for that I'm, a member in college guy friend, going into a sortie house and being girls in the same house and the same nine different rooms and like here we all we're like that spent as they use such a hero, a gears. We are also happy with his story, but if a girl went to get twenty house fact, one guy says ghanaian honey laughed and knocked at the door here, Comanches Falcon on our journey, Jeff Flocking whore. Really applaud her name well or not, either way. We should let her do whatever you want to do she just fucking people. Why do you would you care on where they stay together forever during college Jesus Christ We have a problem. The girl, fucks one guy and inflexible, got at night. You silly yeah you're right, one of those guys, so you do so
egg in front of her. Obviously she likes them so that suppression leads to like a reaction is holding back wait this need to let it go and the greatest forts right now do ass. I believe you did you dirty bitch. I wonder if I am authority bear part, my mouth again of funding the people their own. This Isle of Girl furniture actually want agro, now promote that so stupid man, again That's not gonna make a bad girl what it does. Smell in the fuckin noise and the whole thing than naughtiness of it all. We heard it in Boston, girls, farting. We have a thing about about people shitting to lay out now, and wants to admit they just took a shit. We want to hide in up with noise and fan light matches and TAT did it. It is
Here I mean I don't like it the single single stall, unisex bathrooms. When you get a shit shit and then there's like there was that you go in there and you like, I fuck man, why don't you go in first now that wage? I now I get it, but you get that you know like. I feel you can't relax or you can say. Can I please use the restroom like if you had a meaning, if you haven't a meeting or simply say I'll, be right back off these restaurant piquancy. Look like shit, I can't keep talking to Gaza. Shit. You say I use arrest room, it's ambiguous and you leave you know you can't say I'm so sorry. I was late for this meeting. I got here on time, but I had a shit yeah right right. You can't say that may be upset the other. Go there s room, and then you, you know that the clock running so because if you come back
fifteen minutes later covered in sweat. While you took Meister shit, you can't really out their yoga ignited grandest thing. Sometimes that's you have to do. Sometimes you have to take a ten minute here. Yeah, like sometimes you just you take issue comes up. Klomp and your colleagues allow more up their yeah dammit happen on the floor yesterday. Oh no, isn't, as I said, Diana was one that when we go to sleep and those like I gonna take it, and it was during take off. Then you are. Any further had ten thousand feet, you know and then your way for them to turn. About sign off. I go in there like this is gonna, be this is like a fuckin marathon but I didn't have time for its. I really dropped. Have it off. And then Leon. I finished it was pretty preacher man, it's one, weird is about your body. Is that there's, like this intangible sense of how much shit is in their yeah? You know when near taken a shit. I guess you have the feeling that weird
feeling like ice smell shit or feel shit, Bruin affiliation, cooking in the oven and then once you're taking that shit, you got this pressure thing like you know it's in there. I know it's up there and there's a certain amount. I goddamn this isn't ready yeah, I'm gonna have to move to up to empty it and then come back later. That's in that's the worst like when it's all gonna certain foods to will trigger just amazing amounts of the commander. You were you just like my body, mostly shit like am I just a walking, talking, shit machine. You sometimes out, like the amount that will come out of me, is just edible me. I cannot get over what's coming out of me. If you think about how much food e, though she sank, think of like your entire day, if he should want to day a breakfast in there and then lunch in the air, and then you dinner in their like this giant mound of food that goes near body than snack like you might have
protein bar along the way, and then you have always do drink, saying you, my drink, milk. He's got some solids in there and then slowly, but surely compressed that into just logs Big Roby shit logs? It's amazing, so really bigger, now picture pretty girls gotten over your face and let them oh really! Well, that's under glass like Big thing are guys copies in guys, like women, shitting on class coffee tables, There are those who drive us alone is like one, those rumours primate up its products, ridgy gear, durable thing: yeah, someone decide say it and then it sounds cool. So people repeated here was to loan links sheriff again on the tables and girls. Take big juicy shit on our tables. He loves as you wanna, fuck em. It's wants him to shit. I'd like
Watch people shit over a glass table just to see a come out, maybe once really sure what about a gothic Jody is that I think that's the one that would be at the top of my life. What if he's fell in leather Taylor, table shouted, baby or glass went through your neck? Shit was in your eyeballs. You died knowing that shit was all of your face and feeling, though, the hot blood Russia to your neck. Well as our it all, I slipped whoops sodium. I think that it would be I want you to know what the as shit then some mother I'd like to see him have explosive diarrhoea class. They who I would like to see a girl whose leg addicted to stimulants look who's, trying to be really skinny just how little she actually shit Erica probably shocking see. Little tiny, poops curly squarely terrier slightly bile the yellow smell toilet. What's Goin on GM? Sorry, that's daylight! Anything half of her shit is pills.
How do I I'm still come out non dissolved pills, wash clumps yeah, but Emily would be fun, watch couples Maybe I don't know about fun, but maybe fastened, fascinating, I think, is an art exhibit dogma. Ardle weaken immigrate to set up a lie. Exhibit I've always thought of this, where you have like ten people, fifty feet up and their but naked, and they did body types and they are sitting on glass. Toilets with ass tubes coming down and exhibitors, you walk around and they all shit I've abacha, fun and they flush it. And you see these glass tubes fill up with shit and come tumbling down and and then use up at the bottom, a giant large tank filled with shit, that's all glass and you have different colored hair and you like I, this is my creation. I this is. If you wanted to buy this, it's Fifteen.
We were talking with his due to explain to us this weekend about how We were talking about expensive photography because we saw really expensive, photography, peace and I We are talking about the scam the strategy involved in high powered high priced artwork and that what's Times what a dealer will do as they get a bunch of people that are really into two art and they were there do as the oil seed these houses with peoples are, though it they'll take you be breathed into that. Might its freaking me? Won't you motherfucker, you might be able to really. I heard it several times over here. For me anyway, the guy said it's these things I bought. A Bravo was the worst. He was a failure. Eddie. Even here, that's all. I really like you that people here we're anyway
he got up a guy who, like buys a lot of our if they give these fish and they plant these things. The house would like to give you this. This gallery, we'd like to give to you this peace. This is a guy who was pieces. Gopher about fifty thousand dollars price point and sing user. You you buy a lot of work this gallery. We think you'd like it's, who would like to give two t, like all amazing things so much, and so then this gets around to these people that are in the small community of people who buy expensive art where'd. You get that. Oh, it's a blah blah blah blah. You know the see bring gallery actually gifted its eggs are by a lot of pieces from them. He's actually putting on exhibit next month, all amazing and so they'll see these plague. They'll say like four or five dresses off from an under an unknown guy, doesn't have a price point, really exactly buddies, talented and so that's how they sort of stimulate the environment in what he said. In his words, create heat
and so then they'll have a gallery exhibit, and this guy's work will be up and it's really good work right, but people are bought into it, because oh no Rothschild has a piece above his bed. That's where I fifty thousand dollars its amaze or the best prepared. I was fast day with, is that if they do get that out there at the seed, the stuff to these important people, and then they have, they make sure that the people that were gifted show up to the gallery so that win other my people with money. Are there that persons like you? I have one of those, oh shit, you have one of those weird Ryan. I won't want to that's like that. It's very strange man, yeah! That's in its it's kind of the fear, I think said. The mace of the fear yeah as we talked about this exit through the gift shop, is exactly kind of the same intensity, where the guy who was doc
banks. He was like Albion artist and then now, though, is the eye out any very successful, crazy money and there's no like history of him, there's no origin of of like a work being It was just one day was like here's, a bunch of workers. An overwhelming amount of work that I kind of didn't really create, and then everybody was willing to yeah, but you can do that they markedly and yes, you can do that. You can this. You can set people up. Minutes the hype machine. It's like ok how many times has there been like a common central, special and you'll see the kind central special coming up and they'll have a bunch of people that you know are The critics or something will say, he's one of funny as guys out there and your own gama, and then you have. You know you look with someone. Missile say something wrong. My favorite all time comedian Bam.
And then you'll see this guy. Do this thing and then common Nag states new show with the new guy already endorsed by all these other guys. Essentially same thing is true: no movies are big and that forty earlier the court medics thing like the funniest thing. I've seen this year, new shows five stars on law, this guy that guy who's critic said I've. Never ever had such a good time. We had a good time. And you know, there's some dude. When it comes to movies. You could just always count on there's some do that are just pull shutters: oh yeah, big bullshit, business. They just love, shitty movies and then the the deuce I tell criticise films like Roger Ebert was a famous gallic people would be like really upset at some of the movies. A decrease yeah away, criticise them young people put. So much into work and his his critics of films. I never was real
I read a number of them. I remember remember which one that member disagreeing on some stuff like I was. I was really have another problem that are useful. I come out with a really feel like everybody is a critic we all get to say what we like and dont like and like. If you can find some other you'd line up, lot with their beliefs and meant that might be the person for you to trust, but if it's not then, like I, don't give him really any more credibility than a lot of any other. I know you wash Latin, you know they knew a lot about film, other Moses, Cisco guy. So we were more vis, Cisco guy Cisco ever at like liked all those being movies- and I can assure you say finally, we sign ever trusted him. What does indeed need those guys anymore? The point is that everybody can do. It now has a social media, because a facebook, because a twitter anybody could be a critic. And there's some pretty eloquent reviews by people who don't do it for a living Many reviews that people like you know that
those rotten tomato, remove reviews, some of those rotten tomato reviews are really fuckin good man there really concise and then just regular folks, TAT Sir person, who enjoys the movie or didn't, enjoy the movie and said here's what I think about this. I think that that size, a better indicator because it gathers you know physically average, it's like, so the lad people know that watch movies There is an awesome, pretty good chance, gonna be a pretty decent movie. If they all say this is a fucking garbage Is that it's not very likely. That's a good movie avenant when you like, take professional interviewers like their professional life. Where's like how can you be someone adverse just prove your art is reviewing other people's art. That's essentially your contribution, your contribution, reviewing other people's fucker, you and then
You find out that every actually wrote his own scrap, timid, dog shit, diminish. He rode any directed a piece of fucking garbage failed at the thing that he was praised for being a critical valley in the desert. Yeah. That's it yeah, supposedly unbelievably barrier stuck at sexy, It's like having the best like the most respected colony critic was like one of the worst standards of all time exactly that's exactly what it's like about: a guy who never gonna open, might nights with Fuckin terrible. There was a. He knows, and you know he would say here is the problem Tom Cigarettes last Special Tom? Has this independence dick way distributing is just fuck, fuck and hack, it's exactly. That is what the idea of being critic, too, there's only one reason why people become critics is because they don't have anything to contribute. There's no critics that our critics, because you know
brilliant at writing, books and amazing it doing paintings and What I really like to do is Just- the people shit. That's my favorite thing Now the usually wanna be authors. They want to be screenwriters. They want to be someone who's doing that thing, but they dont have in them, so they become a critic. That's one another! if things about things like run tomatoes to just regular people, they dont have to write a review the right of Eu Review of it, because her inspired to write just probably like how you should we should. We should treat artwork. We should look at people's now you look at an average of old rotten tomatoes gave it eighty percent, and then you look at reviews ago Cassie with this guy Sassy, without giving way too much. Here's what I didn't like what I'm giving way too much ears red yeah beyond the valley, the dog and the setting of the sequel and he co road it by I remember seeing it was sexy, there's a lot of sex in it, not a hot chicks and stuff, but yeah this total stupid stoner seventies. Maybe we should work
and get really high, and do commentator ass, a literary on grass, my beyond the valley, the dolls? So this is a movie that he wrote. He co wrote curtain with Roger Ebert for twenty centuries. See. You criticise that, though, because unless you know who the other person is in. Unless you know what Rogers contributions were here, you know me he was a part of a dog shit movie. But I've been a part of dogs, it shows. You know there's a lot of those things that we did on the man show that would dog shit, but if you know about them on the scene struggles even get dog shit made in realise how difficult it is to have. To have something represent. What you wanted to do. Specially villages First movie tried to make. Who knows how many people involved in this? Who knows how high on cocoa producers were? Who knows a fuckin crazy, the actors, where Who knows it's it's hard to tell me if you read his copy the script? Who knows
how much editorial a Tory control he had on it over here? Who knows what the studio decided they wanted added are removed its until you unless you read their individual work. If you write a blog entry and you wrote it all by yourself now I know and that's your work and your work great, but let us show like something like like general neck Offensive and how much control do you think they had? I mean how much, how much input to calmly central have how much input to the producers have right, you have to know the standards in practice. People say you can't say this. You can't say that changed this now waters down, but it's good enough. What do anyway right? Who knows on the watch your suggestion that loaded? Imagine this week as a representation of what what he wants, but you don't know that he's actually mean getting on exactly what he wants.
Which is the beautiful, beautiful thing about part ass in the beautiful. They must stand up as you don't have to have something in it that you don't like yeah give exactly at its limit while people are involved in the smaller the number that the pure the division or the pure there, the product away, you die from one source swearer. When you, you get like giant groups of people that, like all the voting in deciding what should be a movie, yet all putting their input on how a tv show should be with monologue, should be assigned a work can have that Norway, those things work if you have the less people the better now. Those that's why the things you don't have like directors and really prove themselves and talent really proves itself can get boot like they have that power of less and less notes. That's? Why way that work is items better? You know people aren't telling really Tarantino you gotta change. All this shit,
yes he's getting is putting the movie after that he wants to put out there. Yet you know so. Nobody like Good South Park, perfect example yeah. This is really Tray Parker, yet one fuckin, guy and Matt Stone is involved, and it is well known in all the writers are involved as well, but without having this one guy. If you watch that one hour thing that they did what was called whether the countdown to some seventy two air really fascinating, really really you get to see his his process. The creative process, how many other people in put things in what what's involved in creating a things, but their show is so successful, successful and so awesome that Commie Central GIS, leave it alone. They just oh great MAC away and, as is the daily shoulders sort of situation, what the fuck are they leave it all, and in Louis, has that famous the oven where he just take less money and gets He delivers an episode. Has there, even though the episode beautiful he just dropped outta here
is the best way and will look in on you when you gotta guises, talented is Lui like you want to buy your network. The the best way to get him on your network is to get him get. Let him do it let him do it there, smart enough to get out their own way right. It's a beautiful thing that they figured out to do that with him, yeah they're back get out their own way and let him do it and, unfortunately, I feel like you know. A lot of entertainment would be a lot better if they would embrace that a little bit, or are there so many people giving their input on on television? I mean people would die if they realized the amount of people telling you to do things and cut things out and tv. It's crazy, yeah it system! It's it's hard, it's hard to get things done, honour on network now, because every spot that they have is valuable. Every slot, every thirty minutes law, especially during prime time, six, truly valuable.
It's worth so much to have those things there that they have to be real careful, because if it's a hit they can make so much money in advertising. If you didn't, you have a new pale show and it becomes a new cultural icon, sort of thing in my god. It's worth money so much money so because of that these non creative fuckin people get involved in the creative process. Trudell optimism on foot data, all men that's, that's a walk away from an leave alone, the most what we do helping Anthea on Friday, they were talking about that about rate well being served ruined because of All this input is now all this restriction. And all this, you can't just be wild anymore, you can't just do what you actually want to do is say what you actually want to say. You got to worry about being suspended to worry about being fine. Even on satellite radio. They were still find yeah and you get an like taboo topically. Don't just going to bring this up ever yet
I mean they were. They took a hiatus from satellite for a while, but they were still on regular radio yeah, that's so bananas Anybody the hiatus is because the they hadn't some crazy homeless guy get on, say who wanted a rape? Who was it? The black with companies arise all right, there's some crazy homeless, Guy, Santa Bunch, nutty shit, and because of that the gap a pretty sure they got suspended from Sir a light, but they were allowed to be on regular radio. I even want them was the opium Anthony suspended from satellite ready. I know that that play for radio, on serious radio, which is now, I think, vivid radio they used to have up to like a month ago they had these rules that you weren't allowed to talk about in says you are allowed to talk about drugs, including marijuana. You weren't, allowed talk, but all shipments like wait. This is Playboy radio and you can talk about new wanna, yet the exam suspended them for thirty days. In this ridiculous can't talk about marijuana. Playboy radio of up to budge
that's so dumb, so they were uncensored radio, while while they were suspended from uncensored radio further so crazy. Something someone else said Larry's once more and more idiotic thinking, there's a lot of idiotic get out there. But you know it's also, let's be honest, idiotic to have some fun and almost guy on saying what a rape congolese arise like what do is say, don't do that anymore. It's stupid and growth that the guy's nasty like why? Why do you have this fucked up mentally ill person in year, studio, saint, stupid shit like that? Like does not go right, but mitya suspending them for that in our just decided, arrogant. The people, let you know the people should let them now that they don't like that. Like hey man as FUCK and Gross Y Y, you get this guy sings rape. Some woman woman works in the White House like this crazy. How are they suspended for thirty days? yes, if it wasn't for them, the outer never done this
would never done it this way either because we have. The show that I ever did. Every other radio show that ever did was always like real structured, go in there they would have their bedstead. Other news gather would interrupt our fifteen Massey. Do their traffic saying they had all this stuff. He had to go through and do When you do open Anthony, you just sit there and hang out with them tat. It was just a loose open. Hang cover. Patient and it was so much more fun to do that way- and I remember doing it sank in, like God, damn like this is the way to do it, one only if I can do this I have a radio show. Are you still sometimes every once in a while, will stop in and do radio somewhere else right, you're still like? If someone is given a certain tat, we still give them the set aside from I think I think I do worm Owen AY and Kevin and being regularly
and in our so sometimes call into another station is not that many of us anymore. This does jocks. These discharges banal choked out. We ve been choked out by Jack TV or Jack Radio right on the proper programme in thy Jack radius. Peacemaker. Have you ever listen to it before this music there's no Jean de Jason, Mars is no radio personalities. Point since morning, radio shows or I'll just chosen some radio, so so goddamn awful. But if you want like good music and you dont want to listen to fuckin idiots. Babble, which is a lot of what you get on those morning, shows yes, like Jack is grey. Oh yeah, I'm saying like it it's some of it is so like the guys do in mourning. Show some of them are still so bad there dinosaurs their dared die. That that hot style only existed when there was a small amount of people are allowed to broadcast. You now and then
the restrictions came down and they had to be as generic and is politician like as possible, they beat you ve got this top forty nonsense. We have people who talk like this are next year. Didn't know you you're talking and some weird fake robot voice in your logging into this system and doing you know, what's expected of you and is now individuality towards is no uniqueness to it. There's this it's just a restrictive in environment for creativity. That's why when a guy like Howard Stern, came along. It was just like he blew the roof off of the business because the sun, the guy came all along. That was scared to talk to take on content crucial stances to say outrageous, shit to say really funny things and to try to entertain peep on israeli, bold and crazy way and in attacks
Other people who work is competitors like openly attack that, like the who, the fuck you ever did that yet I was just there was also a strategy nor that it was like he would when it was in a market and a radio guy was telling me that lake If he came into a new market. The the first thing he would always do is attack that guy's show so that, like he, was playing in a new city and the The former number one show would have would be betting being made fun of on Howard Show, so that listeners would be like. Oh shit, like he's. Making fun of this guy, create that that buzz in that new city right creates drama. City and then people are, you know either sailor. You know what he's right the show is fuckin lane or so you know you would also probably if he would, he would pull the people that we're gonna like in many ways, from that new reality and then you know either it worked out over the end, its now the its low fruit anyway, because a lot of them really do suck. So do you,
do you just go in here Jack, I'm because it just pointing out the obvious that a lot of these tests lay there shall, on his show, what opiate Anthony does I did they? What they do is they will, though they were doing jock toper. So throughout the month of October, they were like really. Corny shitty radio shows they would highlight them, play them and then just destroy them. They would place play and Anthony is oh good at like destroying things so as Norton, and so they would, they would play these rate and paused them and just crush damages go off on them. Like ten minutes and then come back to them and let him place morning crush them some command. A brutal like if you're, that guy, that is so fuck you. I know that all and I gotta hold your radio show today for Jacques till written in the past ski to hold a year, because the Owen a past are fuck savage their animals? Does she which huge Owen a fan earlier listener.
They obviously every day when they, when they decide to go after somebody, it's over dealt torture You onto a torrent, your fuckin facebook, page hold of organ attack. You will attack you as well the stern fancy area. As me, Madame, like you, you have your little radio show in mine and then you get home your fuckin mailbox fleet What's up his fucking hate mail here, which is wanting their wondered, bring up. We want stitch reward for the best overall podcast and you know we agree or disagree that that's all but some someone from some pocket What are we gonna bother mentioning because I think was actually someone who was like when the sound guys from the progress told people to do this Toby, but to the sense, she or way- and I got all these fuckin angry people on twitter- they were asked, This other showed didn't win and look I you know I first of all. I think I think contests or stupid. Ok, I'm
and people like the show, but I don't give a fuck if we want to come doesn't contest or damas fog of never asked to want a contest it's nice that people acknowledge that they enjoy. I like that, but if you go and after some one else for winning something and somehow or another it, oh it it it. It takes away from the show that you like, like you, you're, a fucking idiot, is a bigger show. Now now, so I never heard of them until this, this wave of fog. It started come in my work and then you just reading it like this is so stupid, like you, don't have to like a show, but if you're mad, that your show didn't win and another show did you're a fucking dunce did just go out and wish a bunch of hate. All this means is that the show that you represent. The show that you like has a bunch assholes for France does it. I don't know why that is. I don't know who is responsible for that, but so unnecessary mean we live in two thousand and fourteen. We on this pike, especially.
As a rule support other people as a rule constantly telling people but other partners that I love the weather it our core history with Dan Carlin or others. And you'll bilali Danielle below is podcast or Tom, secures podcast or whether its any body, Joe Ideas, irish fear would constantly promote people's pockets when they come on when care. Santa Maria was on here the other day I'll tell her start up can you should do upon casual and if some our another you like her podcast more than you, like my podcast good, That means you like something. I don't give a fuck there's plenty. People in this world there's three hundred million fuckin people in this country alone, and this podcast just people all over the planet. I get emails tax measures into or tweets rather from New Zealand from Australia from Japan. I get him from Afghanistan. I get him constantly from all over the world. It doesn't plenty of people- you don't like! That's
Who knows how many millions that is, that they have access to podcast You should listen to whatever you like. You know the idea that somehow another your show is is is being stiffed by some. Been out. I mean- at some they organise some fuckin thing when they tried to win israeli, like that, it's possible that there are upset that they did that, and so this is the blow but it's probably seem sort of tragic, get us to talk about it. Get us to be angry about it and stop that other shot. The review. I had submitted a bait us on that too. Meanwhile done other- shows great. I hope it's something I can listen to. I hope I enjoy it. I'm not I'm not and any other shows. I love what I love me now and there's someone out there that wins some.
Sticker award, oars some Itunes, a water supply that we didn't I'll, listen to it, because I want to know if it's good good, maybe the aisle find it enjoyable and be something I can listen to on a plane some time and have a good time. I'm really serve a goner unless there is a saying that about to bring that China, didn't slowly. We need to talk about the USA, several yards. Yes, what can you say that was pretty kind of fights I heard in the stands? Yeah I heard some people got stout Hoopdriver instead craze another I threw a chair at a woman. She's dead, RO at somebody out in the woman got hit that you didn't get clarity on that, but whose it was intense understands. It was because it was. How do you get a chair and the stance I think the chair was in higher up when they have the The free standing area with like the with action our chairs in their eyes? Yes, yes, so others! So someone through down, I'm not how was thrown they were just talking about the chair got thrown a hit, a girl do through it, but they know the stabbing we made
something like that happened because we were all. I realize it sometimes fights Even in stands in you lookin, at just kind of if they, if fizzles out really quickly- and in this case it was, it was like you shot. You heard a huge, you know, like kind of shouting, screaming from this area, and we all turn were watching it, and then I realized that thirty seconds later, there's a fight going on and everybody is looking in the stance like because its there's so much action and bearing and people are scared. What fight was gone? I want us to have a man. This had to have been I was Jamie Varner unable to Hilo was their fight. That's what someone said. It was it was it was later on. I was it wasn't one of the early fights I want to say it's, probably about here- make sense six, seven fighting, so that would be furniture you. There was a crazy Vulcan fight that five eggs people wants to add people yeah, and that was the those
bananas were living at six or seven decisions in a row up to that. Yet Jamie Varner unable to just fuckin assaulted each other. They threw down Varner look like in the beginning like he was seem like he was moments away from closing it out. He hit him hard and fast, He would he had I'm in trouble and you didn't know views Was it outright then, but then towards yet the fight? like he was gonna, get him again. He ottoman a North South choke too, for while here burnt his arm out the first round because he was trying to choke em out with that North South jokes. I had him on the ground, had a dominant position in how to choke couldn't finish the choke. Then they got up more. Fuckin slinging knuckles at each man. It was one of the wildest most aggressive fights. The way I described in did Those punches we're like what did you say about my mother punches yeah? That's why I described because they were just there so ridiculous and hostility throughout the fights we were seen a number of haymakers.
A lot over the top running, throw in bunches. It was pretty intense, there's a lot There is a need. People complained about it like push that always happens. Online people complain I thought there was. There were some some sites that war the most dramatic because there were evenly matched our decision, but that Varner fight and and, of course, that fuckin the main event was a huge disaster. The stoppage the premature stoppage yeah so bad because first was too bad, because Henin Barreaux looked fuckin sensational mean he could derive favour with this big punch. Any heard him with a bad leg. Kick before that man like it was like a whip. He you're right with a hard lake- and you can see awry have like a little bit of a limp to him like right. After that he was a hard kick and then economy that big. Punch and had I'm really hurt and so for him. It sucks because he had you, Riah really badly hurt, and it doesn't give
like this, this definitive ending he was looking at the referee when he was camera. Firstly, why wanted the referee stop the fight, which of course, look he's the champion retain its title. A lot of money to him. It's very valuable. It's also a moment up a point of pride, but here You re a really badly her. It would have been way better if you could finish him off legitimately enough. He finished him off like where there's no controversy but curb dean! Stop. If I kind of early but you know and side like he didn't know what? If what if we stop the fight and Eureka like after henna bra got off them rolls over on his back and he's unconscious I mean he's getting cracked he's. Her is wobbling hanging on ages, his hands up and he's getting hit with ponchas. I did think it was quick enough to stop the fight or I didn't say it was bad enough. Stop the fight, but I'm not a rapper rain man. I'm not in their right next to the guys he is, and he made a bad call. But
it's because you wanted everybody to be safe. It's the right call to make if you, if you're concerned, with being safe. This is the Jamie Varner. Sure Hilo five bone less than the persistently is landed. Oh my god. It's crazy, but the way winging at each other like this there, Wing hunches at each other out Trujillo hit him so perfect too, and he was chasing after two hilo- I mean it was done. The thing was so crazy: who was like what while this like Donnie Brook style, fights one of the wild, what most slobber knocker fights of ever seeing is one of the five it's the fight. It gets an audience, excitedly, that's the kind of fire the people are or phone up about. I feel Sorry for your. I favour a little bit You have a chance actually come back. This fuckin durable guy too, because he might have been able to get that and survive and come back. We saw with Frankie Egg.
His grey Maynard. He was her even worse in your. I favour was, but lucky came back, any one came back and he made a draw out of it. It was the thought was Martin that they got out of the a crazy on board or was he a penny? No, that was Martin was putting it on and he put on russian gas Margo Madoff like yeah, that was a cry, five first round hee hee hee dammit, dude on the ground and got a real good, deep arm bar and the guy. Screaming and agony one who's trying to get out of it. Looking sees arms, hyper, extended, screaming and agony and get out of it actually managed to win the fight. That is incredible. That was absolute, incredible foxier. There is some of some great fights Josie, all those a fuckin beast, and so is that kid, Ricardo, Lamas man, Ricardo Lamas, is a tough fuckin kid.
We also saw Alistair in and Frank mere yeah them do that that me to the face here where I have a friend, so I've really good seats. I was a side and that that knee was right in front of us like we're, you hear it, may we saw francs eyes will back. I was certain. First of all, this I just heard is jog cracked and have- and I also thought is he stumbled bigtime. I thought he was we're going down absolutely the eighty one go down like Frank Meares, a tough mother, Fucker man he's tough he's tough in experienced and duties just been there done that it's hard to take him out. You know even this, that's why so impressive that Josh Barnett took him out so fast in the first round francs, and tat man we're trying to win. He was trying to win and he's gettin. He was getting pretty good,
almost how to gear Tina one point time, but Elster popped out of it. But you know maybe a frank that earlier in the five before he taken all that punishment, maybe to have more strength, is incredible to build a take that abuse and still be in at the wheel. Ouster fought conservative you like a kind of admitted to it that he was worried. He had lost to fight in a row and wanted to make sure we play it safe and got the when by the way, was a true here that that you asked some like you're, hurt and he's an airline. I always solely on its about. I mean, So we run our time. I'm gonna turn into a pumpkin, soon Tom Cigar on twitter. Ladies and gentlemen, TEAL M S, e g, you are a and the podcast with his love. And talented wife Christina possess key is called your mom's house and it is in fact a shit. Do a lie. Version of this part cast a lot of times. Still Tommy Christina will do gigs stand up and then, though, also do the podcast gas and it's gonna fuckin huge following Now- and it's beautiful to see man learn a love
growing in expanding and that you you have these shows now in all these people know like all the stuff you guys talk about on a regular like really into it. So much fun. It's like it's a party and in it's it's a good time we're doing life. Podcast is like a whole different type of performance for us. We're doing it all over man, San Francisco New York used in Seattle, Where is beautiful and there are free, of course, add what what is the website to listen to you? I will run I too, as we go to your mom's house. Pod cast out, come beautiful and square, space square space, dot, com use the code word Joe and save ten percent off your first purchase. Thanks all two legal zoom dot com use. The code were broken in the Referral box at check out and gets more savings thanks to honour dot com used, the code word Rogan and saved percent of any and all supplements. Thank you. Everybody came to New York this weekend. We had a great fuckin time if it could have been a nicer crowd. You guys
cause fuck and even though everybody how to get over a thousand people how to get upstairs through two elevators we mentioned at the beginning of show, they were going to start late because of that and everybody cheered and they were happy and we got. We got everybody seated before the show started just I can't think you guys enough. It's is of real honour. Having people that are so nice and so cool come to our shows. I don't know how it happened, but we're gonna make sure that we continue to try to nurture this. I will be back tomorrow with just in Martindale Friday, with Cameroon, haze, famous BO hunter, and then it looks like mighty Saturday with PETE Dominic, whose very funny stand up and sometimes is on CNN and is also got a great show on serious xml. Well, so we got a lush, it come on up the fox and we love the wheel area. We love love wrong because
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