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#449 - Justin Martindale

2014-02-04 | 🔗
Justin Martindale is a stand-up comedian.
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He knew what the fuck is Valentine's day almost gone up in smoke, dangers holidays, we gotta do something Kansas forget that one felt as Turkey is it due to the gaze, give up the flowers rather flowers ass. They went through the Jays give out. The flowers rates must give out the flowers gaze is well. Now I don't go on dates. I say no, answers now. We ve got confirmation either way they end up dying. They know flowers of the gaze she's square thy flowery days. His fuckin cheese is more right, armor how China, south flowers, your fellow there's, a sponsor one hundred flowers, dot com, really cosponsor like going to the floor, you know why? You're cotton florist, what happens you'll be a bitch, let's be honest, your man wandering into florists you'd, like somebody done what you son
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bucks, more you can upgrade them to read. Roses are fucks Fox, so go do that chick! I now understand either, but look We want. You lay right, you I'll, keep her happy right. I don't love you like you, perhaps You might not want em, don't listen to me. You don't get that babies breath stuff. That's weird was babies that you know what to tell you white little by little white little things. Put in the flower, unite us now. We do not like the baby's breath. Do not get us bated breath. I remember that kid. I thought there was a connection navies and I was too it was like to they steal the breath from babies. What kind of witchcraft as this on Valentine's day were also brought? You buy square space Square space, who I got a chance to meet square space guys this weekend in New York City and very very cool guys, so it's nice to actually put a face to accompany them Brain is excellent. The product what they sell. They have a website,
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On go to I d come and an eye to use a code were broken and save ten percent off any and all supplements boom. Shylock logbook, my friends, mad love, Just the job will gain experience, TAT, Catherine Martin, what's guys tape Joe. How are go but Craig unto you now live in a dream, You are living a dream. You living your dream. Just in my letter, I dream world he s, wings. Good things are good. Until the world ends which YAP tomorrow, currently Jesus, apparently yellow stones. Volcano has been active today by the way I read one website about this didn't verify it at all,
not only that I don't want to bear via because would have the wrong. And then I can't freak out the reason of regardless of what time is it? It's only twelve twenty. Let's wait for a panic attack around like three show yeah, I wonder, are probably have to look at some other websites and see if this is actually accurate, because I've been reading Butscha things on Fukushima can interesting like I was reading. Although radiation innovation or that. But then, as a scientist I was reading like they cut caught halibut from right off shore from focusing and they ve arrested and those already liars. My dad like owned me like. I was like I wish I could go back to Japan. Is that why wouldn't you go back to Japan? Well, you know the radiation. It goes in others, people that work around that radiation plant they act. They can only work there. Five days in a row, but they have to get out of there began, starts affecting em, but it's not like you, gonna go over there and no Brian, they their mutants. Now they have towers, yeah yeah, no shit, yeah you're wrong. Here's I this
the thing about the Yellowstone thing you see today to hear I'm reading about the austrian volcanic activity. So what are they say here? There's actually o K. Is this the young, the newest yeah Jesus Christ, huge magma pocket? lurks beneath Yellowstone Super Volcano, not a magma pocket. A large quick. Nor is much more likely to renovate linger rupture vessel. Robert seized me pause Dog Jamie Barrel to study the ILO that you know why sunflowers civilities hundreds Clayton, our energies, we museum to react by seismic station set in motion can continue. It looks like that sound a park to their lab at the University of you Dog, within yellow stories
caldeira or volcano whole fifty miles across so big. You can't see it from round a little below the surface is a fool of raw called magma has shown in this sixty minutes. Graphic heat from the magma drives. Yellow stones, geysers such as old playful researchers used the seismic ways from earthquakes, like x, rays to see the magma underground. But who deny this recital two and a half times larger than tat guy This makes me just by the way TAT S. Nothing! I'm talking about man were imagine if the guy was over your house about all. I got over Crazy personal Marhaus, like other document Watts for dad, or this is worthy volcanoes, gonna kill us makes you want to make the volcano under your, whose much more animated he's like the worst like forthwith. Teacher ever the
by teacher the potential is two thousand times the force of Mount Saint Hellenes. This is study from the university of you, the hot money, in Brok between Yellowstone beneath your stuff is two and a half times larger than previously estimated. Oh, my god I was doom and gloom document around the house on a freak me out about seven years, and now they got new findings its twice as bad as they thought it was. What is this? thousand years ago. Now, one knows if or when it will erupt again, but if it does, it will be a big ass comes all away the Solway, her Denver researchers think they'll see the eruption coming. We believe we have that
If there was gonna, be a volcanic eruption, Elsa but three seconds to go on the ongoing somewhere unaware, I'm gone, but I'm going somewhere. I think our stricter, that's a good one that moves of beautiful prison, colony, they're, nice people they like to party Mart. Someone really is smart country. If this happens, is it going to trigger the big one here that some Think about don't matter. Man do you understand our businesses, but this fucker blows dug from what like I said he said, wait fifty miles across, but I've read that much larger than the super volcano yeah yeah. I have read that it was like the entire base of the crater or something not like three hundred kilometers insane. The apparently of this. Blows. It kills most of the animals on the continent. It's not gonna be like an issue for people that live around Yellowstone can be an issue for people to live in Portugal. It's gonna be in it. You for China asking to be an issue for the whole planet. It'll cause like a giant cloud,
will cover the sky and probably kill off like a lot of people and animals, throwing away Now most people kill off gluten kill off sugar glue own or Caille ITALY. You can try anymore organic, oh god, you been again, everything will be done in these things, underground, with light bulbs ever be nuclear power, yeah fake lie and nuclear power will be living underground, cave pirates, this bunch of legally Duncan enemy this guy for the safe. I show where he went in talk. This dude is got this organised retreat underground and doomsday layer. Think it was Utah yeah. I forget where it was, but Homeboy had like you drove into it was like a bomb shelter he drove into it with buses and these tunnels, and then they had like oxygen machines and they were setting up like whole colony in their where they were going to grow. Food is whether gonna store their supplies is worth
Have they like recreation, room and they're gonna have a day care they're like this one dude was, I think. Basically, thinking about like getting together, give women and fucking them on re selling off the husband. I think that's, I'm not a cop later I've, just a guy with a bomb shelter, doesn't have a good bomb shelter these days. That's a best way, ladies call on it. If you are right I'll lose you wanna be called leaders we so psyche apocalypse. Now, I'm runnin shit is no more law. Is no more rules. The internet's downfall, Pierre. I can check these down where this eyepatch and look hard core. It was hard. It's hard is fucked a trick. People into doesn't fourteen. You know if you. You go now in some shit up and start in some new religion in and they are willing to. Google search has got a little piece of liking, con man, it other that's, not gonna, go far, but like
Joseph Smith was a con man. Joseph Smith was a con man and he started Mormonism. Is that if you try to do that today, people like to I googled you last night, fuck off the best response anything Google due to fuck off? I know what you tell your beer, our bullshit menu final golden tablet, forsake the did. The branch of Indians in them yeah those guys All the weak or one is really spooky, because the government kill those people there are ye. I dont know if it's me I dont know if they attacked first, I dont know what Zack situation once, but I know they lied about what they did They rode over those buildings with tanks and shot fire into those buildings. I too, ass, the stuff yeah. You can see the videos of it, there's there's a thing called route rules of engagement zone. It is that's about me, make sure that that's what it is. I think that's the documentary rule Engagement
but it's all about Waco, it's about what the yeah that's yeah, but does not mean there were deaf. The fucking, crazy people, wake up the rules of engagement, that's the name of the document or even find it on now it's on Youtube. The full version of it is unlikely to be so just go. Go Waco, Debbie Asia in Europe should watch. It is pretty fuckin interesting man put tat they creepy I've been there. They killed the fucker, those people tat in their hands and they have a the foundation. Of the building, and it says the most televised massacre in the world and spray paints like arrows in. Direction on the tablet on the foundation. Words, like oh CNN, was here, and you know Fox NEWS was here like how is all televised fervor see yeah, we need those would happen, they maskew those people and they did it right in front of everybody
it's really interested in. It was a fifty one day siege and at the end of the fifty one day there were like ie fog enough now, What's its fastening, because I can't side with that dude you now I can't with caress. He's obviously was a cot. Leader is obviously one charismatic weirdos that was fucking all the women. He was haven't sexual all the women hats to some of the kids. You know, that's true kits, haven't kids now, Jesus Christ, I'm not! I'm not saying that he was a great guy in these still be around run is called but the way to handle. It might not be smashing building tanks for over the tighter and killing and cooking kids when they could everybody out and looked at them, but the told everybody there was, and then they tunnels down there to they had tunnels underground and all that, so they smoke them all out How many people died away, go wig
happy Tuesday as a whole and would add. I want to say a hundred and say more. Syria how many people died and wake up. I'm sorry who wants stop creeping make out Joe broken? Seventy six. Seventy six yeah! That's a lot of other more dramatic. Seventy six bodies stacked up on top of each other. Now really tat is crazy. The atm fail to read the compound, so the F b I jumped in so apparently had been shooting back and forth at each other. Yet remember that guy seeing that in the end, the windows and enchant shoot the cops dummy my culture can mean: that's that's there's a certain amount of both than I can tolerate, you can't shoot Adcox. That's what
go wrong hastily to live, work and roll over your buildings, ear tags! That's when they did that. It's interesting because I'd seen like Bill hex used to have a bit. I about the United States. Where liars and murderers, because you could watch the video of them rolling tanks through These buildings glowing fire of the ties and it wasn't like a fool but it was more like you know he had some bits that were really just sort of whose showing you like like like this is what you're dealing with these are the kind of thugs dealing with the Blue five, but then you look at the society of all their shooting, Kobza, they're, fucking, kids I place really shitty guitar. They just like the thirty June of this year, is banger by his wife and he's got guns and issued two cops. Right on car, ok running over all right. What about the gives? Kids going rubbed, be assholes, yeah, good points, little inbred, misspent fractals. Have were seen him sing pub.
Even Career David Rush singing. David David caressed sings, the blues and all new time life. Classic. Let's see if you can see yourself, the worst moments of your life Could you see yourself falling phrases? Porsche now that's what I call caress he's just one or two like an album release party put aside what you know or think you know about David Crash List, into his words rapporteur, just before his death now and the death of his entire family, all they have a video from how many of said the same thing. Pull this up David crash tells the truth about we go. This is a video of them right before the feds storm, the building and cooked everybody was the most entertaining thing.
ECHO has ever seen him sure. Well, Lumm allowed people went down there when the stand off has gone and they were like hanging out the cops watching. It was a spectacle which is fine, really are especially when you find out how it turned out there. Which are actually watching out again Dave crash with caress tells the truth about away. Go it's him inside the branch dvd. In I mean it's, it's really creepy, because I think it already been shot by the time they did. This listen to his words required just before his death and the death of his entire families is so dramatic. How many of us said the same thing?
law firearms are against anything to say so. I want to resolve a yellow illegal, Listen to you. I say you are american furs, I'll say, You can run over me Try no one near my family. That says that as american policy here he's awesome known as road recently ordered her daughter, Walmart Walmart Eagle Bear witness
three over here Robert hours, I love the guy. In writing. I brought it knows about every day. We all of you, may you guys they already avoiding the Elles like I found this even more positive easy gas? Rather, anybody was free to come and go as he chose three. Haiti never will. I somebody coming here to look after and girl, trailers and all ass the only use inertia have you heard if you won T find, I gave you America anymore. With eighty as I kind of power and therein lies,
Fears remind me: do you understand it worthy offices and go when accidents? That is like a thing that you know, but, besides in eight years, You are wrong. Europe. Has a zero farms, it already this question: if there is any question whatsoever, When you have you write, you keep a couple of the brave You are not going to do a very bad involve where they can risk their lives for the day. The law must be firmly some kind of eyes. I
oh I ever rattle adorn antiquated. Don't expect me to make a muscle in years way down diver anybody. It has in factors like art of what San. Like you, couldn't come in to people's houses. Will, if you have any questions guns drawn this women children he's like that. That makes it It points like why where illegal bulletproof outfit, now be like a more have a bunch of people with bulletproof have its own. Storm into the house with fucking guns of kids and she's. Obviously, redneck is Kenny power. She looks here. He definitely loves. Walmart he's Kenny Power, He gets his they Fanny powers, evangelists
here's a question: man! Ok, what? If a guy let's say, there's some guys some slick, talkin gonna, find some sad girls and two girls live with them and the any has its like harem of these two girls is too girlfriends. It takes them everywhere. They make us of a shoe. You have no style, analogies kissing them. All public That's ok, but I suggest that you, don't you pitched a show for Bravo right now. I think that's actually nature this guy booth him to their last loss and, sadly, can afford food. So this guy mine, but I call them races their memories, but it would you know I'm saying what I'm saying is like: when is it become a cult? Ok,
if your guy, if you got two gauss, that's ok. What is like wild cystic, centric lifestyle, ok, would only amorous right. That's right. Napoleon was what have you have thirty of em and it's you and your five friends and you all swab wives. You live in a place in your gun, enthusiasts, then you're than you're getting into the learning channel right now. That's that's exactly what Stephen I mean. I'm page, I'm thinkin shows like dollar signs, Joe. We ve got two days to live before the magma one or bodies monies are worth anything anymore. You need bitcoins, I don't is an interesting thing work. It's like that. It's like the cavalier is that, as we are driven by that place, it's ok It is like a more men or one of those big love plots where everything's where did up and they have no lit to society like I just windy windy when you go through. This a great idea as long as it's all that's ok, it can be caught likely to be like the Amish, where they live,
workers, sadly whereby countries a fine as long as it's old, but if it's like creepy wolden, now homage creepy you don't use electricity that creep into their own butter that so cute, that is kind of you kind of you. There If it's a ridiculous adds further massive restriction on their activities, but their been around. Long term. So it's ok, I just Martindale sighted start the Martin Dales, and this is your new religion. The religion of the modern does the might of aliens here dress up like there ever ban member in diva. You know if he fucking him like a budget specific shit, you may go all due and everyone lives in this data. Community fuckin feds would come and knock on the door. What and where you get in the ecstasy. When I say we go out I've just random teeth, a lotta he's going radio. I pay taxes. Far off my legs. Dna begin arrest, dependent too much fun, but if it was just you living with,
Apple Adieus party, it up all time. No one say shit if three guy share a house and they just parties all the time they like to go, dancing ability and go drank, bring people home and have more parties, and nobody is a fog. That's just call palm springs exactly that's a house fine! nothing wrong with his eyes. Your neighbors don't freak fuck up, but what is the neighbors freak out, but if you have fifty guys and they all lived in like these five houses that you had fenced in sir, be a real issue, was ten dies in each house on their own. Grow their own food. That's weird these fox and they have solar, backups them generous there. They seem to be taking a well we're. Gonna fuckin stopped us data American HIV shake it off the grid. We don't have a fox, try to be self sustaining, go in there and we are now probably that's what I've been looks for reference doing these days. Does a great story about these CIA agents that God arrested because of the d, a thought
they were growing weed and there actually grown tomatoes. That's for they say they go by the house with the scanners to pick up the to make it the centre so now the scanner they have, those in Denver now, but apparently there being written, ruled unconstitutional, some sort of a dispute about them. Now, these at the summit, this. They use outside to find it How much electricity that the house's use I see, if, like you have like a series of glow light right or grow growers eyes. Rather it'll give off a very specific signal outside the house like they can find out. The growing things, so they knew these guys were growing dang, so they came in broken. There has found their fuckin tomato they're using those lights for the tallow plants, the languages a board now who's grow and we'd yeah hours what's the story because it so fuckin stupid, it. Hurts you break out, would be amazing to be those people there, like their tomatoes, they have fuckin. What are you doing? The enemy? happens all the time by the way. There's
a bunch of stories online, you can, you can find them all over the place where people are busted from growing tomatoes my sister. My my brother in law was grown tomatoes in the basement. That mean people. Do it all the time, especially in the EAST coast, your web pages, basement. You set up some light to get food now, why wouldn't do it? But this is a fine fuck story, because his two former CIA employees and their in Cannes their home was bruk down and searched for in a two state drugs sweep claim they were illegal, that that's a lower, so they were Ex CIA and homeless. Now what started my face? A homeless, throw their whole was o hopeful huts. Their home was invaded exhibitors homeless people invading someone's house. This is it. This is how stupid this idea
drug war is in this war on plants, their operation, the operation was operation. Constant gardener operating easier. People grow plants is located, growth things. No, no, it's not stop creating light. Oh it's! Now we decide its not operation at home and garden. So we will. We will most think about all the different things you grow, that aren't illegal, ok and then if your growing something we assume its illegal and we the right to break down you fucking door, we ve law. A lot of rights. Folks, we ve lost a lotta rights. That's that's really weird It's really weird him in these dummies are doing this to Ex CIA agents, We found plants, tomatoes, yeah, it's fuckin, stupid man. It's a stupid, stupid, stupid situation. They're fucking masses
ways to grow. My we'd underneath my waterbed, like the flow of course. If matter, I grew up enough room you'd have the shit is we'd ever it's much farts do waterbirds and farts wider pensive. I liked the way work. Small, now they're, weird to sleep and Mozilla Womb. When I lived in Boston, it's bad for fucking now go away get a good fuck on a war bears you gotta get in a corner that makes sense ratio legs, one leg on each side figure out how to ride arts Golan sloshing at this clause is gonna be sloshing, even if you have those water beds and have baffles and unlike allow babbles whom so they only with a little, not quite the same once you get good luck on and like a real, solid bed, barely a pet temper pick one. It's got a good fuckin give too it is her temper, PETE Acquirements, now his temper Peter,
its regular beds union, patrons data using pilots. Now I don't think I'm going to get a show, because I would be amazing that be the best bet. Africa's unthinking waterbirds are the most uncomfortable beds ever now that they are awesome theirs. Had a bad waterbed. That was just me then. Well, uncomfortable to you, however, that wasn't one of those ones these secret to the middle yeah yeah. Those problems that we're talking about like baffles, baffles, meaning, there's a bunch of different compartments, still water, but there's many different compartments, not just one big one. Wiggles around there's, like now hundreds of em, so you sit in a new, just wiggled sat, sort of or just a tiny little, this Tyler that but the heat out of the water bandits what's fascinating, because it gives you this weird like deep sleep. Feeling, like you're being a a woman, can lead in utero. But I thought opponents of my heater stopped or something members a long time ago, but you
It's so fuck you you're sleeping over a water bed in the heater breaks you like you could get a cable, thermite annex it yeah How can you Frazier deck off? I'm cynical. I can't believe I'm fuckin call. This is like I thought I'd be fine. I didn't realize that another waters can elect suck the heat out of your body. It's not like it's warm in its wake up. Blue you wake up snarling, a mattress mattress is the temperature of the Roman. That's fine, but you can have a lot of water bed, the temperature, the room, the war. But a seven degrees. Your father, I wanna were in bed, one that about it might might want a measure lopped. My cap ended up popping mining woke up in the water, with a girl on the waters started coming up. We're way to wake up. You pay cats silly. Poverty waterbed wants a disaster. Man, it's a disaster and you got a fucking. Do something quick because that
apartments, Philip and water loud and sent to go through the floor if you're above some money there their shit that where you were you about some of the eyes and the now I was I was about someone, but it didn't get that bad. I took care of her before went crazy Gary on November, how I remember what the process draining. It was like obtained a touch of holding the holes and carry to asylum. Siphoning off pour it s, something I don't you remember the full full for both a vicious. But I remember when I got a regular bad after those like flock water beds, and this is where a bet was like silly goddamned. Gimmick bed Please don't make waterbed source they do they do about it. I'm gonna, Google, dope, waterbed just go beds and stuff. They have those ones with like fish in allowing that's ridiculous, but your fishing over your head, I'm done water beds, Antipater beds down
does know much wider beds and stuff have an alternative to water beds? Who waterbed suggestions? waterbed still making ways and Google NEWS hard. I was clever. Having said that, I am better but still making way. My recent trip to Florida course floors picked up the Sarasota Herald Tribune one day and started to flip through it. I stopped at a shudder. Born Poseidon shouldn't writer. What if it was the guy who is narrating magma thing he's like I bought this water a guy named waterbed whose on twitter or a tumbler outs, water bans on time, Were they just so they still Mecum and they have that what you are talking. I just know it looks like with the foam on those the temper pathetic. Oh shit
yeah specific as all those layers two year? That's how they do they just like the earth's crust, oh no back to yellow stir into the water beds and magma do what. If this shit is like awesome now, we should try out like that. I want to try a temper water Watergate, six sleeping in like a little like hot pocket. Little sandwich that probably, would be pretty good the warmth of the water bed. That's really awesome. Especially when you live in a cold place which in Chicago one week in New York last weekend, we appreciate alone again. Bacchanalia, like is an amazing. What we don't have to deal with yeah we'll have to like freeze or eat your grandma's, but by here's a worrying those poor people on their own terms than alive that movie, where there are trapped in the mountains and aided the aid it with a spoon alive. It was the
after team, wasn't disastrous. Sattler spoon. Eighty eight times are taught you gotta eat that has got to do, is gonna. Do Do you know anything about? It was warm climates. Those opposed to cold climates called climb develop cooler, people God, damn I hate Santa, but it's fuckin. True, there's something! bout, those cold climates that, like people, they develop more character. Yet what is it? kind of make some human like they're. All. Together, I know it sucks. Yes, there like. Why are we gonna yeah? It's like here, think it's warm! It's always nice swindling people. Just numb to it, I resisted Iran's just an asshole? I shouldn't we live in a very medical city to know I don't know what the actual numbers s more we'd everywhere. I got that way. Men are there s a good medicated such advocate? How many people are just doing drugs chart room where there are just doing all these?
if an alias disrupts gaping, we haven't everyone punch a week, pitches, each and every one of them you're Talkin pill? Arguably everywhere we do they had ever just trying to escape the the sir, This is as an ex ante and had to present said okay line. I let's go its annex in antidepressants. Culture Lou wheels. Let snow to a shovel wooden heard any there's one of those it's one of those things. We hear that, every day, yours annex or a here volume or a here. What's the what's, the upper one malaise ha matthies Arrow after all that one
like a really good game of crazy or on math. I think that's a courtesy here on the street game I play with myself, like you just see people now we're just like in your dislike. What is going on here, like all other on math, I'm seeing a lot of women on methanol yeah really too, like get like young girls and especially on sunset starts math in two thousand fourteen amateur, whose life for it is that what it or is it people, I believe the hype? I don't know I mean there is story on it a guy in Hollywood. Who does a thing like it's like Hollywood? angel program or something is a lot of kids. In Hollywood, move out here, and you know they don't there are homeless and their dreams are workin out, whatever they just start doing it and light This guy goes around and help some gives them shoes I kind of stuff. Is I get so that's it?
the huge epidemic in hollywood- and I think, I'm I'm pretty sure everywhere else, but I can never can ever do it's a huge ever do at work Heroin or any of that stuff agenda of the country's. That's a big one, so weird want to because it's kind of like universally accepted is being bad. But yet it's everywhere Yes, if you had a show about it, you know what kind of glorifying in a weird way almost rent It was a little bit like a great deal, don't say like yeah, but it means that, in order to make an effective piece of fiction, ya gotta make a little credit an exciting, but the weird about methods is so goddamn popular that they decided to make like fake versions and math and combat salts and sell that Is that sort of thing fuck you The results are: yes,
you know why? Because there are so many different ways, they can sell things. They change so many different aspects of whatever the illegal drug is like Adam oxygen molecule fostered Surviving cartel, can they didn't add things and twist things like say: if you know you a very specific drug. Like you have a new thing that you created called dunk Oh man, tools are doing dogma thought fox you up and Donk is, as you know, on whatever the chemical composition for donkeys, they just add, and then the government donkey illegal and if he does add an oxygen molecule doc, even though it still fox you up beyond repair, it's not donkey more because now got this other thing. So chemically speaking, is a different thing. It's dank so becomes legal, and then he say not for human consumption and sell it like bats salts. So that's it essentially, essentially what they did but knock, but best
thoughts are over the counter, though right you have. Yes, they are over some a gas station used to build a diamond seven. Eleven, not our oceans are seven eleven, I should say convene stores of think actual site. Manufacture pretty sure seven eleven ever We lost his any letters like head shops that synthesized stuff. No, it's not What you think of is what an over you think of the centres. Are you thinking about? Filling we'd gets fake. We re! No, no, no fake we'd is just fake, we'd, just glad, there's some vague. We than has like some psychoactive effect apparently, but doesn't feel like weed and really shitty, except by a sort of a fight that you have thank waiters, whore. It's terrible like a lot of hospitals are yet from people think as you can like messes with your had taken monolithic, we'd before me, more by the way, is a fucking store. That's on the internet, about a woman in the UK to die from cannabis. Poisoning by her
oh shit: the idea that she's, the first person ever die from we'd ever and then a what fuckin newspaper. It's like the daily mail here, I'll put up a woman dies from we D. I suppose she was she were dosed but she's out possible she Overdose done worse, Canada. How old is she whose younger she's cute and yeah. My much much energy this term now or some one and it's not true- she had a heart attack ere she has had. She had a moderate doses of marijuana and or System Chad, architect, it's not the weed killed her. Who knows what killed her. She could I've had some sort of an issue with her heart. Who knows what it was, but marijuana takes the Elles when they when they tested drug. Like say its ass, it or lsd or mushrooms are empty. I they have a thing called the El De Fifty and the elderly. Fifty is lethal dose for fifty percent of population for safe. If we,
it gave all of us in this room a thousand milligrams, whatever the fuck? It is if it kills. Two of us, that's l De Fifty, that's the dosage Dat. Fifty percent of evil gonna Fuckin died is pretty bad stuff doesn't kill everybody. You probably give Joe ideas enough to fill all of us come by and he would survive it. It doesn't work and only necks out of ashes. But if you gave like little Esther half of what would kill us, it would show her acoustics, so lethal does had fifty percent. The population will Romero want its fifteen hundred pounds stop and think about that. It's a lot, that's a lie. That's a lot of Serbia is: let's make sure that I'm correct about that El De fifty of marijuana. That's crazy! So do you think This is on a shit coroner or whatever, just being a retired, or do you think they're trying to like push something you know
forty trying to make, is this going to store it now? Why my picturing, this girl, like naked in the snow like that, I don't know like, was sheet which she smokin like wandered out into the field and die or like war. She now apartment where we were. She listened in this, a smoker. Ok, listen! the order. A marijuana smoker would have to consume twenty thousand two forty thousand times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. Bullshit, Canada. Regular marijuana cigarette has approximately point nine grams. Smoker. Would theoretically have to consume nearly fifty in a hundred pounds of marijuana within four ten minutes to produce a lethal response.
One o clock now she restart. I can't I have to do- is a dense and all day. One thing you can do is smoke fifteen hundred pounds a marrow and then get shit done right. You just be on Facebook. What line one pound of fact is that you could smoke thirteen hundred pounds of marijuana in fifteen minutes. You'll be fine. That's everyone's missing here, like the elk, If fifty is fifteen hundred pounds, we can probably, each one of us smoke a thousand pounds safely. We would shut down every Karlsruhe in your guide. You had shut down every cell in your body. You probably transcend space and time and become a god. You probably way when we David Garage, you would probably have a whole new perspective on all these guys travel. They were just a little off a little. The fucking the guy's to cut their dicks
down in Santiago sneakers on member those guess because they love just that none of those were the african or those of the south american guys. That was where words David crash. No Jim Jones was in Guyana, Brianna, trying tragedy John, town, Jonestown yeah. I think those Guyana, which is of America, right Diana. Either way. Fifteen. Your power, so Shut the fuck up here, that's ridiculous, always p will it said that it was ill o the woman died of Canada's poisoning. She did not dad a fool, and you know that had to hit every single local news station. All your mom's now and factors occur to you. Oughta be numbered till you all agree that a child to die and leave your mother child live
You called me for another dimension, not raw you into this existence, and I didn't do it so you could be a fuckin bought me from other demands with Mamma to church. Come omens ring limit. My lips of operating eurocrats makes my lips it. Somebody dumb Fox in this world alley. Whoever put that story out every one of them should be sued, should be sued for fraud. Be sued for misrepresenting the facts you should be sued. I shouldn't be suit, so much yell either and I want to be sued onawandah by being dragged legal system. You ve something stupid, but it is Thomas, there are down people, remember fire. Like a week ago, the big, the one over an m. Where were the era glinda yeah yeah yeah? So this is my favorite dumb story for the past week was that was outside and would like to look at the sky as it was
her in the sky, pink, it was kind of a really nice and the school was like. What's going on with the sky and all the others, a fire, England, DORA she's. Ah I thought it was like another sunrise knows what I have just looked at her like what she's a gas at the sun was rising again and again as we live on Pandora term bitch. I was I've, never wanted to just rip out a throat and just say fatality, you no more in my life there's a problem with the world. Is that you making fun of this one girl, someone could say just Martindale, you hate women. I dont eight women who halon women a door. Women America's gay best friend is not a tricky thing. Now is an answer either the tricky thing like if you bash any woman, oh, I ve, been told on stage that they like AL. You just have woman issues and no I don't. I love women on bitch waste. Money money can be a dumb bitch, though, for our dumb Cunt
There you go if you make fun of men, nobody ever choose your hitting men weird thing: they don't make even dumbest fuckin, guys ever known, assumes you're talking about the entire gender yeah. But if you but, like everybody knows that guy's or stupid, you guys are stupid. Women are stupid, everyone is stupid. Can we all just be on board to be stupid? This most of us are stupid, more good chunk of the time is plenty of evidence and maybe a stupid just on and you could find it it's there. Maybe it's just like an l, a thing like I find myself around town and your site. I listen to other white. What people are talking about like Something was soon will say something now just and I'm very vocal about us. Looking like what's wrong with you, God,
that's the stereotype of a bitch you gig now, but it's a pity amount of patient intelligent. I mean what's wrong with you that it is easy to find you sound like are a friend or is the sailors like you are you are such a bit? You're too, such as it is still want to look ease of objectively, knowing tat you would enable bitchy. I know you be a little bit you, minister, there somebody says something stupid. I must say I want to call it out. I don't know. Well, you can just being very blunt. If that makes me bit, you did fine. Well, it's a good thing to do occasionally, but it's also a good thing to just internal laws and laugh. I do that to you can have to reactions. Be around someone saying really annoying shit, just focus on fuckin crazy, go Jesus Christ or You sometimes just go hahaha laugh just because it is pretty amazing that you when Folly is some of the funniest shit like that just
It's been around forever we're talking Mckinney powers yesterday. How funding that guarantee that Caribbean is because it's so suddenly close to reality, and we almost David caress like Norway, That's one of the reasons why I so funny, because human, like hubris and folly it's like an people biggest being dumb ass. If some of the most amusing stuff for us, because we can relate to make especially now with like technology. I just take everyone's just a little brain dead inside now get allies. It's like everyone's on their phones, everyone's I look around, I shall go to a restaurant or something else see like a whole family on their phone and yes, blows my mind, I'm just like wow us, kids, a sea like three rules with ipads and Iphone five.
Stop it I'm just like well. Did you see that history in pictures thing that was going around the internet days ago, of other people on the train, whither newsworthy ahead of us? That is amazing? Wasn't a beautiful, beautiful caption with something like technology is making us antisocial, and then it showed all these people from like the black and white in nineteen, thirty and everyone's gonna paper further face, and now it's there. Instead of How far must have been back then get your news from some stupid piece of paper that William Randolph Hearst edited. That's how marijuana became illegal in the first place, because William Randolph hearse got a hold of this. This idea to stop marijuana stop hemp production from being made after the other Decor Decatur, William Dr Hirsch, you ran the fuckin newspapers tat. These people rodya their programme reading eighty percent bullshit. They do well the New York Times today. I read it so hard
information back. Then I read if I'd better Bailey Awful cartoons. Remember how our tonight or whether they were saying so on funny. What is what Ferris turn a funny pages. Yeah you'd reader may go. This is dogs. There has never been a worse regime of the comedy. Are so worried what there's never been a worse like detection of the colony arts manifested in in a bit of a minnow and a final product? Then cartoons, like
funny page like Annie and Cathy armor. They always that only or dunes bury do very fucking suck. What was, though, payment like only gonna watch dunes, Breaketh I'll fuck. I hear you talk, you have its, whose benzene that look. You can't make a funny it's what you can do it every now, and then the EU and their funding is funny way, was making fun of hunters Thomson and, like the seven like Marmaduke monitors, the fuck out of here with the marketing of selling them just pay for Marmaduke. Somebody made millions from Armand Norma Duty who's that one I love. The far side of the far side has very far sighted predominant Hobbs was Kurt kind of get into that one. It was the one with the guy with glasses, predator deck sexual predator down now famous one god dammit. What you're talking Miss Gilbert, Dilber jailer, Dilbert Scott. What was his name? Keeluk worked in the office, I never read
he didn't episode of news radio, the guy was a creator of Dilber disease fact Irae with the glasses. Yes in a world where this is what I like to do, that this is what it looks. A little dumpty answered, the double turntable mixer. Like dangerous drew? I don't really like electronic music. That much is not really my thing. Another gazer really you're, just serious appending us up putting us in a category Garfield. But they were saying that the maritime poppers bs I have like a lot of no. Why did you do paupers cause we gotta, try shit, that's a gaping right now it's a thing. I don't guys don't do pop yielded. Is though it's like it's just it. Will they don't
just how do I'll be about resolving them for people who are unstable, you're talking about it for non drug users, poppers or manage slams. Saying we write you like everybody knows the footpath explain to people why it's like for pretty much. What it is is its vizier head, cleaner, and it's like. If go into any like a SEC shop or like a like. Like if you go into like, I would even say. If I can, businesses, but like any sort, like novelty, set store or something like that they will have at the very frank case, have these little files and something It will be like a vcr cleaner, because we all know we all still own viziers, that's all. I know it's up assets that existing sort of a thing where you make something legal. Could you say it's not for
right now to slowly. Yes, yes, it's like yeah, it's it's, it's a cleaner, sometimes it'll have I got an nickname to elect Jungle Juicer, you know something stupid and what it is like I've done it. I did it like once or twice, but it's one of those things are it's like you. You do it and it's like this this raising had rushed in your body? Just gets like really really hot and it only last for like ten seconds I compare like with its if you ve ever done with its like that. Ok, so is this actual aim, my train, or is it to some other kind of head Russia joining hey loosened up your but and I don't know about that top and very specific rules, do you start out atop or is it like? You know a gear and open micro. You were you able to view middle ACT
How does the top and at that do not have a tight already today authority? No, it's! I don't know. I just don't like things up my report, Do some young deals unifies? What I'm, therefore, that's? What it's all about life is about finding people who want what you need to give a yeah. That's what I've? Yes mamma. I hope people out my French I hear this girl that he was dating and she asked she do suckers deck gear. How do you propose to do that? I pretend to be a girl. No man, we I mean we had sex couple times. He goes but her face The thing was just suck my dick near like that so weirdos Yathrib, while sky, like a black clouds, have sex so just once academic, and I was like did or put This motion is ignored. She chooses the weird said she got more satisfaction at a sucking dick than she did at of actually I'm yeah
we're all crazy business where's which arose out of many. I mean I mean, have you ever talk to dance average? Danny Savage yeah. No, I know is that yes, he I love that guided death. I would just he's like a sex advice. Guy right he's, just the coolest dude ever I mean I. I would love to just like sit down with him and just brunch. Just you'd, I think, like Lebanese, of those guys who takes it to that level what so I don't know modeling illegally. No, you just know his name like the whole, like gay rights, he's like a huge like he's, the it gets better get lucky. You know he's like a big campaign for like the algae BT movement and like equal, quality and it's one of those guys he's the guy who, like coined, tourism, Rick Santorum when he was an asshole or whenever he he compared tore him to like a frothy anal leakage whatever and so everyone I keep coined the fray Santorum and named it s, Rick centaur like that kind of stuff. I was, I loved him enough,
Santorum guy a lot of people. I went after that guy the out in my so many of them. Do you see the whole like, but the Coca COLA thing? Did you the the Superbowl commercial with that and what we're talking about? They did the several commercial where they played America, the beautiful and they they sang Amerika, the beautiful and did it in different languages. They did it and spanish, they did it in like Hindu. They did it in, like you know all these different language, because that's what America is and you get all these crazy people who are just like this is my country, I'm drinking Pepsi, now hashtag fat, coke. You know it is actually did its it's it's embarrassing. I mean I'm just like you have all these people you and then there was a gay couples in the commercial anyone's eyebrow I'm not drink and that fag Coke. Now it's like, but that's was necessarily it's interesting that you, through those together and you are right to do so, decide
it's all intolerance, it's all intolerance in ignorance of the language and tolerance is just as bad as the homophobia is just as bad as the racism is just as bad as nationalism. Absolutely just dumb asses near you, to throw them into that's, that's an important distinction, because a real is the same. Just idiots. It's really the same? What was that something else today. My country ain't allowed a spade. No ass ban, which is piss me off that whole the whole Grammy's wedding. To that whole they actually knew one of the guys in the who got married at the Grammy's are not only talking about they. There was like did the macro more same love song miss, unlike Queen Latif came out. Onstage. But she actually just walked out. Shooting like come out, but she came out says she is a minister and she married like thirty two couples: gay and straight Lucius marriage to support, equality in love and
it was actually really nice. You just like cuts to like who was Adam turn a member who was always like Keith Urban. Just crying. Bawling knows a guy look at him, look at that little guy and really to twitter? There, like other Grammy's, were great until the Frank's got married and, like my god, you not like what's wrong with you like who cares? Is bothering you that much that you have to take it to twitter and hope that some one and now It is doing it soon. I think social media to their taking like the most offensive tweets from people and like displaying them like showing the ignorance, it's like lady who, just like websites a stuffed out or not tired, eat, and just like look at these are the reactions from like ripened sore widow, evil. Twitters not done enough to know it's like that. One check who was like the shoes, head of a company or something and she flew to Africa, and she was like she's from South Africa issues, I will go under gonna
I hope I don't get AIDS J K, I'm white and it's like. Why would you do that? Yeah, she's, probably on his annex? It showed a glass of wine Lastra, marble and South Africa flying to South, actually wanderer, hometown and she's in America. With this like head of head of something she was like some executive of some company and there like. Well, you got five. There are about it. It's fun, if she was our issue. Fear had been fine regarding what is known. What Russia is probably have said that shook him over Dunaway Animals, Russia once before our deftly said something until they should go much yeah you mean it's silly, really for her to do it, but it's also silly for people to get upset joke she's I was joking, should probably fucked up. Maybe she's getting a job and they fired. Could she said that on that to suggest
Also, she was funny she got. A little zanuck centres is to add a couple of cocktails thought she was all areas our well. I can't wait till they landed african, see my tweets, o Angie am I right. Maybe they think it's sofa of higher and knew not? Why do I eat eat now, yeah a much disturbed at the manor intolerance in this car We still the level that its at, but I feel like we are at a turning point. A really do I feel like there's a tipping point, There's gonna, be like a lot of. Stupidity comes along the tipping point like massive over sensitivity mass, overreactions two things, especially with people joking around about thing, but I think that college. I do apologise Ultimately, I think like that the climate is way different people way more sensitive to things now than they were just a few decades ago defiling
than even really even more than just a few years ago. Now it's changed change quite a bit and I think that is just the exposure to different people on the internet and when people who don't get to interact with each other on a regular basis? You don't get in interlocutor in real life rather than you start to do it online realize this is a bunch of working people. Young people people hiding behind the internet and the idea? you can generalised like just on site, silencing just looking at someone or just knowing their lifestyle argue can generalised working person there? That's that's on lively ridiculous, because you can do that with straight people. Are all stray people great? What about all the straight serial killers? What about a straight rapist? What about a straight? These would have you know you can't take team St Augustine, straightforward, douche bag, ok, so what
What team you on your own team people fuck face! Ok than amongst young people are mounting. People includes gay, stray black white and some other things you I am. I hang out with mostly stray people like. That's that's the thing I actually feel lucky because, unlike while I remember when I first First, our doing stand up like people were like just get it. Are you for six years work as it was him also? Are you gonna look like turn for me unlike Euro six like half a year and allay say you're, like you're, like North Dakota, negative three lake negative three in these worth less in North Dakota. We apparently so was more valuable and Ella needs more valuable ITALY, even here, but why
are you having with seduce knowledge, you bother I'm already that can't be right it's, but he was one of those guys. It will not so there was like giving me a hard time, but it was just I entered being funny when I entered into this like boys club allows like it was. One of those things were. People were very weird like they didn't know. What to do with me, and so I had to just like Kind- just shown that I'm just me, you know Billy ever worries are in refugee of no worry when your meeting people when they find out your gaelic negative reaction. I don't give a shit right. It's the same thing. It's like you, you like, Mme, ok. Well, I'm a girl. You know it's like that: that does the same thing, but it's one of those things. Unlike what I love you see what I'm saying you stay just like. I get guys I'll get like the Brody,
domain Alice phony, my fucking now without having an, but it's where those things only located under my job and I get girls like a guy's couples. You know it's, it's, it's cool, yeah. I know, as we say in order that we say, is it like someone who has a price you being gay, who gives a fuck my talk than the first? Why that's thickest like? Oh, you have a problem with you know: that comic or you have a problem where the Jew comical Female comic or you know whatever? It's like. You just have a problem. You just need to go home and look at yourself and the mayor and take a nice hot bath and listened to some shoddy defined. A comics like girl, more accepting than regular people like generally near yeah, there's a lot of ego involved in order, even so common in common, oh yeah, there's a lotta ego involve so it's just depends. You know he's getting last. Words causes all gay of yeah yeah, and then you have
comics suit me. I'm I've been adapter, like announced Israel. I thought you guys ready this next guys a fag comic, unlike what the Hell homes Xanadu now was a Tonia squash levy, trying to be funny. I have, no idea. This was like this was this. Was this wasn't even at the store? The fact you this is like? Are you sure you didn't have a proper and Tom it'll be? Am I take it? You bring me to NASA is hanging out with where will crumble, run and naked in the woods and Canada? He god I was getting them. It's very more accepting, I think, that's as a community. I think it's way marks of agro very religious and it was really lucked out really lucked out really like that. You look growing up religious nor lucked out with it
core family friends and like I never you know I never got bullied. I mean I got called names and stuff, but I never got into like a physical fight with anybody. Will you always out? No, when did you come out the first time. God was, I think, night, and it was nineteen and then I went back in and then he went again and then there was like four five times. There was a by phase there is good. Is that light when you're, when you want to go back and see, come out and you go back and is it because ear embarrassed as well? I got I got out it by somebody so get out by someone they had sex with yeah yeah yeah yeah actually, and they got caught by somebody. Ok,
and so what has this event? Does I've just ever really told this twenty before, and I have no idea, that's fine! It's it's whatever! She onawandah! Ok, I don't want to be the pressure going down now, but it's funny now, I'm thinking about as a kind of such an asshole like I'm still dating this girl. We never broke up, she could be married, kids now reached were still doesnt really getting money. How do you mean Davy new items with this girl, and then we, like you know I I had the began. I had one, weeks rose. What are these failings- and hooked up with this guy? I was friends with and like my roommate walked in- was like that Nobody at random idea, you're gay, why mean we're everyone did and then like so it got around it spread like wildfire. I mean it got to when you re, like the room, walked in like what exactly we are engaged in when the room and open the door I was under the covers. Oh
so you see the room and remove hold me to do is cross. I like, and these hold it under the covers reality like that. You gave a demanding Asians toes programme and, at the end the tellers then lying lying MAC old. That's right! They call me the destroyer and then ran media. What to Europe like this? This rumour that rumour, what's here there was like a school abroad programme and someone sent a postcard was like, is what is what they're saying about just intrusive Jesus. It was like a Stonehenge like postcard. Am I enjoy Stonehenge? Don't worry about me, yeah air, and I mean this was back. This was like the early two thousand souls like it was a different, but at the same time it was whose I didn't.
They have to worry about, like you know how I feel four kids today with the bullying and then the mean even you. He'd come it's like. I have stuff on online like from you know from the left, factor whatever and it'll, be like you have that one. That's just like fag kill yourself unlike rip tat. Jesus would like no you, you kill your self yeah, but he showed how do I look its work it when you, nineteen years old, it's it's hard to figure out who the fuck you even oh yeah. I try to take on a bunch of different roles and I was nineteen years old ouch try to pretend I was different, things a traitor. I got a member I decided, I was gonna, be a carpenter fuckin hated Carpentaria did if you like a week in the attic. What am I doing? now, when I want to do unpretending this, what I want to do for a living. I want to do this for living figure you now, but
I can imagine what it would be like to like want to be something that you're not or not want people to know who you are, and it was one of those days and I didn't have liquor, my family whenever really talked about sex open Texas, and it was one of those San Antonio, and am I just remember this, Very religious, like we can talk about masturbation, it was always like you know: ass sex. It was all about like put a condom on and like everyone, gig old and like you know, it was My sex talk even was like my mom just be like now. A gap has is paying a sin of a John and it fails Rio get our at Mama's gotta go and ask what the hell did she did you see my saviour area smoke pot wishes reminds me pile yeah, really she's a cool mom ways if, when you are young, oh I'm sure, there's stories that I hear about my mom recently, the nation like she she's fine.
Two I'm like six three and so like fuckin giant giant feed us just growing in that water, bad and I must have Bangor humbugs your dad six three year sixty six for near Falcon. Corn, italian corn, FED Centre s leg in him, a Martindale just swam just move bitches, We can brothers and sisters to rose in Syria. How many them again, none zero! How many of them are borderline? Some of them could be persuaded. I don't think they can I mean I mean what they were, one of whom was in the military, so don't know that he saw disallow gay second daughter, you know, I think, I'm not going to answer that like with a yes or no. I just think that a lot of people will do things when their away. Ok, right now,
people in Afghanistan, Fuckin, taken after headphones thrown onto my brother, was opens its blocking replied for other over. Your sucking are what the FUCK Justin Martindale says our ear for freedom and my mother was in Kuwait. My brother drove a take, and what do you say? Respectability no date takes it sucks, I'm not into an idea. He told me that he almost got shot by a woman like like crazy Ask him it's where this we didn't talk, woman soldier or like a woman like I am, she was dressed in civilian clothes. She like pulled out a gun and, and his friend sir, and shot her in the head is lying owes nap yeah. So I'm very grateful for that friend cause that I can imagine that lets. Messed up. So I applaud you guys over there for doing that, because I cannot do that, especially with his hair. You have to go for Iraq shit Could I would cry like a little bitch, you trust,
that's. The idea was awhile shaved, yet war and shaving my hat yeah. I wouldn't go crazy. I probably I probably call myself. I can I say that, but I could I just I can that, like that David caress, video was enough for me because I just kept here in there. Babies and the women crying in the background- and I was like I- I talk to- do- determinism geisha on a Navy boat. He said there is a delegation, gone boats, seamen, don't ask, don't tell them about Phil men Tom, I think at the edges, little guys or to sexual beings. You know you know: they're gonna know we're not gonna talk about this table near the come on sign you could say growers while before you answer yes or no monsieur le these lives, lips that have their own vainest may understand how it works. Close. A closer ass closure of Dutch,
doktor James, I'm gonna fuck adjust the future son. I mean fill them think about linking all efforts now feel clearly failed getting just in hire somebody who can pretend that's a warm in closer you, geography and what a man and you jerk off. Like, I was sorry guys, really turned on right now, there's probably lips at least three or four years people s, think there's people get turned on foreign anything. You ve got my size to thank very much. I like em. They help me save the current eyes. Get you some roses: verbalance eggs, tattooed, Weiner flowers- I am I gonna microphone dont, be scared. Well, we're J R, even save yourself, some cash about chick about Europe, cover of having imposed rate now am I happy ending, gave what is an units that funnier die smoothly?
here with me. My buddies did a spoof on the show looking on HBO, what's it at how many hits it does it say? friend drew druggie and Jason Loony myself, my friend Jeremy Data guph, it's its. If you haven't seen that show looking its on HBO and it's getting a lot of heat because There is a god. This is stupid and this is and how gay people represented in San Francisco. It's actually a decent show. What's the best representative of gave member queers folk s good,
yeah I mean that was more, I think extreme cause it show. I mean it was aware, flock, and it was very, very, very very sexual and yeah dancin and drugs, and but it was, the characters were great. How does remarks was one of the guys on air and house parts straighten, which is fascinating? Don't do that? Why don't you make that fucking learn Julio you now that I know what the fuck you up. I know you dead, listen, Liza he's, ok, yeah yeah. Now look at me anyway. Ok, we're good here enough information as to how it go beyond learning about human language, human languages, a lot of subtlety to it. So one things I find so offensive about people, pretending that jokes or statements has because just there
What we did, we transfer information very clearly between each other and most people. Listening know exactly what the fuck you said, and I know that I know that you know what you know I think he's You ve got he's a great looking very handsome he's in one like conspiracies? How sparks didn't like wasn't like a nine. Eleven guy was a gouty. I think he might. I should be careful because I've been accused of that unjustly. So What being a nine eleven guy, a conspiracy, there's four nine eleven, by that I had on the pod cast a fuckin told him to his face that I don't think it's a conspiracy me still writing that. I think it's conspiracy fuck it's like they Illuminati of conspiracy theories. Some now it's just a convenient one, because- and I recently it was a conspiracy to commit the crime. That were committed. There was spirits see defy planes in the buildings for sure someone conspired
They took over airliners, they they hijacked them. They flew them into buildings. That alone, no matter who did it whether it was the government whether it was like some, whether a Saudi Arabia, whether as the Al Qaeda and Taliban Whoever did it. It was a conspiracy, honeybees ok, so let's get that either way. Nine eleven was a conspiracy, but the p like the guy, ran out in Super bowl post, football interview and said now, learn was perpetrated by the government, those people fuckin wacky, oh yeah, yeah, that's that's than necessary! More than nine eleven truth is those people that run out. You know the real issue. That is they don't know. You don't know- and you say that you don't know I think it was. I think it's much more likely that what It was the United Aids was attacked by much fuckin cycles and the guy government took advantage of this attack in order to instigate or to initiate rulers of the wetlands that they had already
dirty wanted to go into Iraq did want to go into Iraq for a long time. There is bunch of shit that they wanted to do. They want to go in Afghanistan. Configure will justify now. They had a locks lock tight, justified reason for for going to these places that that's what I think happened, much more likely than the The thousands of people kept their mouths shut, organizing this horrible crime that killed thousands of people and they know it they made the fuckin, the towers disappear and my fucking Doktor man gave me a book, I'm gonna bring. And because it so ridiculous. He gives me this book about how a nine eleven the towers were destroyed. Using Tesla Technology writers Tiger want territory for like magma, lingual, lava, suddenly now know no borders. Thermite was the big one, thermite cuts now they ve tested positive thermite. But the problem is like when aluminum melts at all the different part particles are inside. These infer knows: you're gonna get thermite,
compounds anyway, just all running so high wall that stuff it's in there and there's like all these pictures. They point to these girders cut. You know you're getting into debt gloating, he could see the line cut in the group within our Ryan right, I swear. Tat was all cut by welders at two to clean up. The scrap like that before and after pictures of those cuts like there's a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding when it comes to a lotta conspiracy theories, a lot of some of the big percentage of em. They're saying the Superbowl Reg to boot must have banks there saying the Superbowl was rigged. The United States wants she out on a win. The red hot chile. Peppers were bunked, that's what they say to you that I don't want that. Italy's runners, oh that's a new one right, yeah that that was just today breaking news. They were playing there. From the red, hot shilly, peppers, faked, the funk, I'm sure, there's a picture. The add that they said that the red, hot, surely peppers guitars, were not plugged in during the Superbowl performance set, hurts my soul or its mahars really does hurt when a go.
How does it happen? How does the and actually peppers ever get to appoint whether faking prate playing music, as I think what it is that they actually can't hear when there on that round. Them people, I'm so loud and be impossible for them actually globally put away your monetarism you, but I think it's even loud that loud that, even now We may do anything. There was the oceans and fireworks, and is there a picture list them here? It can't be any louder than the? U of sea like when you you have to see is going on. I have headphones on. I don't hear anything can hear myself loud and clear that the one to people screaming at the top of their lungs when a fight going in their feed. It for me in an indoor arena, that Ant man might be more people, but I can imagine be louder special without a roof. I can imagine could be louder. I wanna go You have to fight with you. I think I have to tell my bucket lists yell at me. No man ever imagine anyone. I watched as one February second, one wants and checks be the fuck out of here I mean what Gatt round aroused and ceremony saddened. It's one with twenty two ok twenty seconds
yeah? Let's go see some girls fight where I will have to work, but you know the illicit sit and watch live tweet. It can't sit with you and answer questions after I saw that video work eyes leg break and that that was terrible, rare to was so gross yeah really unusual to have a break like that. We had to break like that in the history of the USA, but there have been some and other organizations varies, we're out and fight. Oh yeah, of course we were there when it happened earlier. I'm I've been it almost all the paper views almost all of them and all the fox shows I haven't been all the Fox sports ones. I don't do those anymore, but I do virtually every paper view lesser some something serious going on, and I can't do it, but that's it on a second time open- and they haven't happened to a great champion like arguably the greatest fighter. I've. The greatest, via that ever lived, they haven't, had been an that's pretty crazy socks. It's a nice port man. You know that
and bodies is not designed for it. It's all over. Compromising joints. It's all about cutting off blood and sparking your fuckin nerves with concussions and stopping you brain from functioning really really crazy sport, that's pretty intense yeah, but the The excitement leg you get from that from being so crazy, there's nothing like it in the world and the girls go that hard core to fuck me should take verses, Rhonda Rosy, which was the last big problem title fight that we had was one of the best fights ever. It was greed whose so drama energy. We should also got more, almost got fully armed barred once but Khazar Rhonda Beer by armed BAR in the first fight and beer by our second fatigue, but me should got out of this crime. Easier locked in our by you knew was over and she gets out of the crowd going insane and it was a sight first
our Rhonda made her sail through the air with Judo mean that was one of the beautiful things about the fight was not just to chicks. We're going out upset wanders technique is impaired couple. Second, her aunts, her judo is just me never sent like her technique, which she throws. People it's a fucking work of art is like me, should try to grapple with her and Rondeau, launched her through the air, not once, but several times slammed or honour back in peace, beautiful judo, I mean of World class judo inaction, probably the As you know, we ve ever seen in the EU, have say you know. Comparison like relative to the two her way, clasped her division and then her bar techniques best, an olive mme that bitch. Bad ass man, bitches she's, wicked she's. Actually. From St Fighter better then suddenly real person vagina Germany has Medina. I mean I've heard
Mount Street fight of the girl gal in those girl. Suddenly she's, the one is bond arouses Tyler Bitch up and not throw off a building tat we use today. Let them have long hair, the Heather LIVE hair. May I gotta get the guys to watch and grab it. You can't grab hair nosedive say that would be like the first thing. You see that like a girlfriend or they will use ability that, like when Horse Gracie fought chemo, that's one the railways, fuck chemo up. He had chemo in his guard and uses bashing, I'm holding onto his fuckin ponytail. He got a hold up. Ponytail, just fucked him up one of the all time craziest fights ever in the of seekers. Chemo was enormous, never whose hightail to thirty two forty solid muscle and voices like one. Seventy she's, still David and Goliath jams, hoisted beaten still on barges, ass horses, a bad motherfucker back then and still is, but back then
That was the guy. The changed at all. He came around. Show people what's up, but back then you grab here we to grab here, they can't can't pot either cunt I'm sorry, you can't take a due in the deck girl can't can't can't put on call it. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a comedy part. This is not what its real. I learned heard today. Sister Rogan yeah, you, you know, allowed to kick a woman in the groin, but they don't have protection on like a man. Does, though they don't we're. I don't think that, where anything, that's pretty sure their job but you're you call tourism shores very sensitive vitriolic. Take a hardening there, they'll be horrible out you our That's illegal! It's illegal, just like it is unmanned, but what is interesting is I dont believe that the breasts are off target this grand intently Wait. A lot of women will wear like you know they. They wear like sporadic
bore brows and but there's no real protection of the breasts irony. I that's a really good question. Actually, I need to of women's Bresse or a target and Mme is of the rules. Exactly the same, maybe I would think that two like tape there nipples no, no real taping of the nipple, whose locate here's a rush and question is do January. Seventy, the very recent question can should chest strikes, be banned, so they're talking about banning them from what for women makes sense. If the will is saying that it depends if the girl has implants have ever hit a girl in the blue black accidentally, though the will murder even accidentally. Will I like all Bobo like gadgets. Flap amounts cyborg like him in the face of tits Lapham. Nobody like I've been like out and like nudged dearly currently the others a sensitive one feels good when you saw com
That's right in hands of that will most likely cause them to burst, so they keep a list of. Trial and surgically enhance, pressed for their female fighters. So that's interesting! So if a woman has surgically enhance and implant a, I guess they have to make a deal with a girl If she's gonna fight, you can't can't puncher too, that makes sense. You know busted boob this might be Should, though this is our form by the way, but it's on the Russians unmixed martial arts, our com and those guys are usually a guy named gumbo. Kid has the thing I get: let's find out they have do. They have a list, a hit the ball, but she just flies around the ring. Just an old balloons nourishing she's out Do they have a list of enhanced breast for women's enemy I know he does
I'll need to ask. Somebody does is to live a Google search. I need a call, they jump, the or be I can't take the battle, but you grab editors, we're let you guys grab. You guys do with the call oil check exe. Use when oil check is sometimes not another. Grappling a guy will literally have his fingers deep into guys. Saw just digging in there, and you know it forces the gotta move. Fourthly, gotta move in a way to get away from their grip on sound thickets, and I think it's illegal things illegal a wrestling either. I won't stop Megan, Mme but plugs. That. Would just shove something deeper in your ass to have like a protection? But what, if you don't like what the problem is, you need movement like you, need it you're asking to build a move, so anything that you do that would like protect your asshole. Who would leave restrictive would be like it would restore
Do your ability to move left and right in the macedonian, oh yeah yeah. What message you have led us into our oral checks? Legal? What? If it's like this, though it's because of a lack of interest in mind or die by now that just like Diccon things in your ass, I need to find out if this is so, what about the swan? I gotta go to the bathroom here's. A year's work worries, gets checked. Yeah, do you do this all the time Christoph since he saw the chairmen of groups is ruining even said something on the end of it Guy actually got a rape charge for a wrestling match, apparently what When was this. Seventeen year old Jerome Hunt faces twenty one counts of rape and attempted rape. Each count carries with him up to twenty five years in prison.
HANS lawyer, MIKE Butler crank claims that complaints came from fellow Parker wrestlers, who were simply VIC of a legitimate wrestling move bottle this file emotion to move the case, a juvenile court on that court document. He lays out a lot of information presented to the grand jury before they indicted hunt on the rape charges. Wizened data rape charges, while for state champion. Wrestler Jerome HANS lawyer says that all but two of the incidents reported happened in the Parker Highschool Wrestling Room before the practice. Last year's wrestling session before practice before practice before pray, just rape, possibly came from a wrestling move, called a but drag or skinning. Ok before just what is there was dragging before practice, it's not so the illegal or not being taught its being taught all over one accuser even testified to grand jury. I didn't it is a sexual move. I took it as him Messing around hoo hoo
charged and then approved. This is interesting because that is the oil check is like a legitimate wrestling move. If that's, what he's doing it's like people, then do whether or not you think they should be able to do that. I dont think they should be able to do that, but people have been doing that for a long time. Again actual legitimate wrestling, but look up oil. Check right signed a video for oil check wrestling because that's something there? I have done like for a long asked. I mean I would even say that's like gladly. Your days I'm sure they did that, while it's not the most effective way to control person. So it's not like something that someone does for a long time or are right. Their basis it is when you're in a wrestling match someone will you try to do is when and if you spend I've theories, but you shoot you been doing other things. It would actually gave to win the match not like something that comes up all the time. I call that a Friday will work but some people
some people who don't know wrestling, who found out that this guy's oil check and people You know, maybe being a dick about it agent. We will check, and people now finds us. What is this? Christ. No! No! No! No, not checking the oil crisis. Oil check, damage oil check wrestling, checking reach oil resources through Google oil check wrestling knows about it, but dragon say and safe. There Jesse lives. I don't see she has totally legal ceo he's doing this in the referees, not getting angry Adam and no one's going to jail see this is. It is actually a legal wrestling move that guy putting his hands and that guy's asshole like that is totally legal, not only totally legal, it's so common whom This video, like who,
like you know what I'm in a letter dated like, I said you, it's it's common, but it's not the most common thing. Like wrestling me all about it makes sense, it's not the best way to control guy all the time, though, so when it does come up guys, do it, but it's not like the only way to do it, and it's not like if you, if you concentrate on that when you should be doing something else, you gonna lose. The wrestling match is not he's what he's doing using it as a whole is literally trying to grapple by holding. The guy like days, not necessarily, please, I'm sure he might be sexual. We might also be training, inflict pain and discomfort yeah it's been going on for ever those damn oil checkers. So to take this one kid and com, a rape as I was asked up, but the other was then said during before practice. That's a problem like before practice that that disturbs mailing waiting there, anyway like ours before brag, does like five minutes before break
Are you warming operators in the locker room like hey check this, you ve going over techniques? What exact what exists? that's going on and how many counts to say there was just one person think isn't like forty cheeses, yeah. It's funny people are more than forty a large and outlaw read it again. Won't I shouldn't talk about this kid and by the way this is several years after two thousand and six actually about twenty one counts. Lao yeah If, if you don't know what that it did, so I'm just talk about him ass. But if the kid was in those videos, you better go watch the videos, because videos of people doing that but drag or oil check forever spin. Went on for as long as has been wrestling. It's not the most effective thing did always not in every match, but shits, pretty fuckin common in the minutes, but plugs that doesn't
did stupid idea. Just gonna go deeper entity bleed, stop the guy from holding onto yellowtail only can make it a decorative, but all that out Magog, it's embarrassing. It's happened. Comes I allowed pop pop I'm about to take that new dismay. Did I hear that Brok listeners thing about coming back to you? Fc Vs, bullshit, Otis Gas, water? Do they there's one hype story when they were trying to hide it up, because the doubly Debbie EU sainted proclivity was in Vegas, they may might have big announcement, but is really stop publicity move to talk about Brok, listeners wrestling appearance, so there was a little bit of hype on that. Some guys, tweet me that but dragged does not go into the bottle. Yes, it does sir sometimes but drag does not go into it, but get their stated said is a nerve backdoor of noise, pulling yeah you're right, but tell me that duty
sometimes put figures in people's assholes. Hey man, if I infer ashore, do, has to happen in the social fund. Don't tell me that oil checks don't go in your ass. I've had it sneaky creepy fingers, diesel oil drag you wanna on a gradual and sound like you're gonna like just rub it like a you know it's there, you go. You go in I like it. Oh I'm sorry, there now miss I've loaded me there's a different people here. This is a nice one right there. Let's see that it's down early. Definitely now those women at Bobby Lee S Bobby one might be Felicia, who that is the matter. My friend Felicia she's about ass grandpa, She o, though, that I know that is not right that easily that guy's, an asshole that that is that's the oil wrestling, but like russian oil, rich turkish arbitrariness and turkish, always Jesus Christ,
yeah anybody says it doesn't go in your ass or shot it he's. Clearly, looking at that and like here, you ve is well, you know it doesn't always go in, sometimes just hit the taint, Sometimes it's just that would hurt that would hurt at a good grip on the upper deck lapses. In the asshole historical lit up, stolen the lid upon the macaroni and show you haven't Tina get the steam out the edges, tupperware that mother Fucker, but sometimes it goes in the actual there's a lot of fuckin, but her wrestling guys out there that are arguing mirroring on Twitter. We just showed you photos you fox you're in denial and there's a lot of guys who have had their assholes fingered were like. Thank you Joe for speaking up is bullshit studio Gomes it can go in dude. It's a trap
my as soon as I got banks or not and gay, you might be knocked at the door, but you can either my daughter's immediately the mouse. No, it does not mean usually been miles. You just not gonna window you can get in. I think it's time if you have had your but whole invaded by failure to Maya S or the brown starfish of security, a nothing nothing gets through its tight like like that, event horizon when, when it open up the time that I was able to scare movie ever get scared. That's my favorite scary movie of all time. I'm so glad you, seven african, good scared, hair or fine movie, who the idea that run into hell work, but he also knows enough Brian enough, and you were you showing more guys with hands, do Dassault's. We get it right. Yet it happens wrestling fans. I know you don't like to believe it happens. Bird happened, oh yeah that was real to solve real. That's there,
that's. Just two men stand around with their lips lines and trying to gain advantage, making Valentine they planned by the way the work I one. Why go on that? One must dismay of black people everywhere, should have but check them. Much dismay of our solar fans, much They are people dont, like rustling or by checks. Oil checks drags but drives, I'm sure Chris Wildman has been oil, checked sometime. It's my last name like white men, you make an animal like that. Why why How dare you how you what is this parity? Can we play your parity very serve? You is it it's called not looking, not looking and fake brand stout, What cheese viable is everything twin towers, fog, black helicopters, just naked
So this is a parody of what's the show of embryos hit series. Looking and we? a hit series and am now that's all. There is a better at episode and say to hit Syria, but that's my friend drew and whose a funny guy from the groundlings and we did in L a spoof because of the San Francisco trailer the trailer they do for this one can play the sick. Cisco under I'll, just take it so weird being in your thirties, like one of them was like. What's uncircumcised mean and unlike what where art you're in San Francisco and you don't know what uncircumcised means, so we did a spoof. It's like a minute and a half and was little fun doing it it's not funny or die. How many who it's called but the name of it. That's it
If someone, I know not looking, this should be so hard. Maisie guys the body or cut out did say, love the sign. Now the idea tat, I would mean the other. It is your body, that's the guy from Nashville the Series, good morning to see. Yet I see it, the Abbe Individual local. You point hearings, I'm wondering Ilusha. If I should be clenching my bought all right now, but visuals that go along with this idea. As is well known, and it's getting it's been, unlike its was on her.
Imposed this afternoon. It's kind of crazy. It's weird people who were MIKE mildly, homophobic there. Listening to that, they would wonder whether this clench epicenter iraqi soldiers, pissed off we're Doin Iraqi, not american soldiers, give a fuck, ok team America He can't witnessing off anything pissing awful out of your listeners. Now. Ok, now well, listen piss off it might have virtually my little risk area on those high guest. Now, ok, I'll talk glass been left. I realise that was as motherfucker after Militia Etheridge, who else it began I'm dining, but for other reasons, just being when we call again, oh that this guy, what feminist Buckingham knocking at our door and star. Now we had him, but no than the one that rape culture guy armies
how dare you he's married that the when you go into a fight with no no, no, no. No. I ve two arguments ever on the sole podcast one was brine. Dunning knows Jamie, but do the Jamie argument was it was based on Daniel Tosh endangered Hush, get in trouble Yes, cyber actually saw that episode of I watch that one, because that was so as well. When he made that rape joke and is trying to defend it or it was foreigners that you guys is buried him to the ground at new. He didn't make a rape choking, while he did in the past. But it was. It was Tosh saying a rape, Joe get someone the story was touches. The latter actor any asks like what are you guys want talk about and some guy yells out rape, and an entire she's gone like what is funny about rape. As you know, is it the humiliation like what he thinks minimise rape and
just try to make fun of this, and some woman goes actually nothing's fibre rape and he goes when it be funny. Five guys raped right now, that's her aunt em and then, of course, the whole crowd last cause. It's hilarious thing to say, but this woman Bligh again always people free blogger and invited him to apologise and Jamie took this. The heckler- and I you know, I said that's ridiculous things are so obvious and it was a joke in this idea of trigger warnings and problem with that show wasn't even the two people disagree. It was like his depiction of it afterwards was. I think people forget how things actually went. Sometimes They give their version of it and then get to go back and look at the actual words that were sad and then their version of it makes them look descent right? Sometimes it's not even that there actually deceptive, What it is that there is a lot of people out there that a delusional this boy
I'm done and got it we're talking about that. We had a partner with his depiction of our podcast and maybe a nine eleven truth her when I clearly said I wasn't as clean, is possible, but he still thinks somehow another its supporting some sort of some sort of conspiracy theories. Woody thrown up. That's detract in me was the Jimmy kills things latest city as a track called dude brows get super mad. When you say rape is bad we still don't let it go increases. I listen to you: don't buy uses, listen to inspire who says, do brows while such a web diminishing anybody has a contrary, opinion the idea being bro. Those like men who were or like a tough tariff and masculine there s a new ways to diminish people's opinions like that you're broke out there all brows. Yet this weather,
I'm a thing that people do if they want to diminish you without just talking about what the actual subject as it's not that people get upset. If you say don't, say rape, that's not where it is. People get upset. If you hypocritical people get upset, if you tell a distorted depiction of the, sure events and make it so that it favours your point of view and they your attack and victimized people over The problem, this country, with people that play the victim role and dumb allotted to people, do it by default. They might not even realize, are doing it by default, but they do they they go into this. You know I was victimized. These guys got mad at me because I did this it might not be that you might have done something annoying in its also like what people relish. So I being These disputes in these debates people whether they feel like they're, gonna lash out and right or wrong like because nobody wants to be wrong, no one wants to be run. Yeah, that's true.
It's embarrassing it it's belittling! It's! U deafening there- are people will fight to prove how right there but the problem is when you do that, if you fuckin does a recording of you being wrong God, damn that makes life back, Brian Dunning, the God Damn and bad. It makes me look bad just it's bad for you, bad for your thinking. It's bad for your mind when you give a distorted depiction of the events, and people can clearly see that they go Oh this guy's brains, broken gray, sky, so dwarfed by ego. He hasn't see what actually happened and its clearly still not over it and still Jamie yeah? Well, Jim he's a calm, mean you're Jamie's, also progressive guy and is trying to do the right thing, and I don't have any problem with Jamie alike.
He's a nice, an odd guy. We don't agree on a lot of things, but I think he's a good person. I really do. I just think that, like these depictions, of of this this scenario: it's like this very dislike. This very progressive point of view. That is a very rigid and then there is this. This other point of view that Neither is like soup. Do she masculine that hates the progressive point of view and then We moderates that sort of get lumped into that super. Do she not much? frame of mind just because they disagree with, like the Zebra progressive point of view, and I don't think it's that black and white in I think so. With something like raped jokes, like the all Jokes are funny the only region, that are funny or funny ones, just like All murder, jokes, aren't funny feeling funny. Murder, jokes are funny. Murder, jokes, that's the one that are funny dislike all jokes about fucking ice cream, our funny and if you tell me a bad joke about ice cream
it's more offensive than a good rape joke, I suppose I am sorry that the people I hear that but as a whole, could island Ray. I see what you're saying rape is a part of life and it's not a good part of life. It's awful and it's not something should promote, but the idea that saying a joke about rape, somehow another promotes rape is crazy. It's a joke. The idea that it becomes a part of this culture and yet no that's crazy to its culture of rape, there's assholes. They commit rape in our culture, dodge about of having a rape whistle and It didn't work, no knowing does like it. Then let them get because it's a very visual thing like a talk it is it is. We have to contact Nancy, but but I do like. I acted out like a grab. It often my night stand and I just go it's a visual and when dies, guys girls, it's one of those things I'm like, but that's the thing I'm blowing a rape whistle. I never get like that, like back Lasher minutes, anything's a joke now
get offended. I mean to people less, because a lot of people talk about like gay people, onstage and Gay Joseph like that, and I dont get offence at them, because I know its part. The business it's one of those I mean how many times do I hear the inward onstage? How many times do I hear everything it's part of who we are? I will, if I, if it's a bad joke, if I think it's unnecessary guy up I'll, say somethin, be like hey that candidate work, but the same time. I think those jokes are kind of winding down. Now, because I mean, if you say anything about heard? I mean I've heard fag, onstage and, like you here that the audience just quiet, just a death eater just sucked out all the life there are very aware of young. So that's kind of cork as I like that whole progressive mentality. I mean you,
say gay people you're whatever by its like. It's, like you, can't say that word now. It's like the leg of Kennison did that old bid that he did about AIDS in here. You remember that can invent vaguely, a bit about AIDS was it was really controversial and got him in a lot of trouble is a second album and he was like just because a few fags blocked a monkey. I a candle and you know, but that was the tire the time, but it was you he was talking about how AIDS is the another ages. A gay disease like they say, hates heterosexual disease strike eyes. I do straight guys. Dice died, Sam news like they want they want I can drive dance? It's not do. SK as a few photo muggy, that's good impression someday be better, fire There's a do that. Does the stern shall used to do it I'll, Craig Glass he
the most insane can this impression, but you d think citizens and the Roma, like it close your eyes. You would really Tennyson it's really quite freaky. A guy does spooky impressions, but- people, are definitely becoming more and more sensitive to these things. People have said to me this region, because I urge you to heal said that I was a retard. I guess I was talking to you re a favor. You wrath EVA thought. He fought an embarrassing for the bottomless title and browse when the best fighters and the planet brow hurt your I rise as well, but he hurt you re pretty bad in the first round and de reverie stop the fight early years I was still trying to recover and whose hanging on he was given a referee. The thumbs up tell him he's. Ok, the reference to the fight in the crowd went. Nuts but he's like it's over. I guess I was over, but he was here is definitely hurt, but it was a premature stoppage and most people agree that it was a big mistake. So why
I was in the octagon and I was interviewing the felt real bad for the guy. I mean this is like huge opportunity for him? If I got stopped early and known as being like a really tough guy. That could bounce back, and you know he just so. You could see like he really felt disappointed that the fight ended the way it ended, and he was in his tea maids, and I said what about Chad Mendous, whose actually the wrong way classing as it is in a different way costs. I guess I want like, you're right, I'm a retard! That's what I said. Likewise interview on people, just like you, I shouldn't have certain you shouldn't say that intelligent! It's not. You know court on call professional, I only said it because I was you know I was foster I was in this thing where I feel bad for the guy, and I dont know what to say. I mean what am I to say: they gotta guy, just how does John Gimme A got me is that only four years of age- and I did say the wrong name, I did. I did give the wrong way class out, which is very unusual from am usually really good at that stuff. But
you know you can only have so much information you fuckin brain and sometimes it gets shuffled around and sometimes get shuffle around on the fly on television and you forgot. I call myself a retard because I myself deprecating person, I've ever left there might well have some people get upset. It actually used retard in their right. I absolutely should not your you'd honour set right I apologize for using it, but I do use that word all the time, and I use it all the time to about myself. Of deprecating way. I could call myself an idiot. The idea that I'm calling myself retarded is retorted is a disease down syndrome is the disease. I'm not saying I have down syndrome, I'm saying retorted like I'm slow, like I'm, I mean that is not an technical medical turn right and when I'm using it to describe myself in a desert, derogatory manner of being an idiot anomalous near. Ok, like two commissar retired, I think think that is so silly that we're getting so far is that in my new with our art Can criticisms are people
You call yourself, a retard is a new one twentieth because of a nigger. I believe he might not want to do that so that it seems like people who get offended. I just like my balls just went inside you ruined my own argument. May not just through my own argyle, there's a there's, a new are right there. I did didn't I kind of crush my argument anyway. In a way I did like why. Why should I be able to say call myself? A retarded retard is offensive to call someone else to retard. Is it, though the word, the words wholly taboo, there's a new one, as the new word usually turns junior now well gap twin
Nancy twink. Member that you can see all your trouble for soon. Twenty you can say to you, ass, you can see. Is that you're gonna get me and from what we want and all at once and weary Cullen for Bravo: Ral, Andy, who is gay by the way he may raise now? But if other people don't know your hazy ed twink and he had apologia, that's bullshit! I call I mean I've got my brother Andy on this one I mean that's that's. That is not! That is a group of people that that name has been was developed for, the gay community. That's like a twink is. Is twink and bear Venetian, say air than you didn't, say, otter, then you shouldn't say is low. Come back. I don't know what that is him saying twink like a black eye using Nord Nigger? No, no, not twink twigs not offensive now a cute I get you know I called
I like those I'd like to think of myself as an older twink, I'm Antoine clear tall deontology twinkies be eleven, I'm actually no animal. If anybody from it s got a family could classify me as an animal. I will. I will go through your choices and establish myself, starting that nobody Gabor Gabarus sit a what precious the girl from pressure gout, Gabarus, Citibank. My already going now know that by the way, while not really I have some of my friends- you color anime cinnabar, which I think is actually kind of a funding, but she got into trouble because she used the word trainee repeatedly on what I think it was. Our scenario she was just drop and left and right and that's what are those words to me cause that's, I think that's the new word that everyone's, like you can't say that now you can't say that word I've been hearing that word for years. I've heard trends, sexual people, transgender people using that word, I've its-
its but they're. Trying because it's one of those things were, the transgender community is trying to make a very, very poignant, part and just be like we are part of this community were tired of it when it might one of my friends who was on repulse drag race. We actually did that package with with Red Ban when Roger was a guest. One of her drag queen content. Since the current correira, who is gorgeous Cortlandt pull up a picture. Kramer Career right now, don't you it's my sunglasses, not enough now You turned to stone very understand, she's, not medusa, here straight guy, now, you're gonna be like transport. Walter answer entered is now picketing, not pick it That's a horrible where she is trying to get Victoria Secret, make her the first transgendered model. So I think, but I don't think the word. I don't have
I hear the word training I've heard I've heard drag Queen cor each other trainees. I just think it's everyone's being very, very sensitive people love to call you out on shit and they love to get you in something that you were wrong. That's a transgender show up, but yeah we're Armand Herrera amazing. I love her. Does how thick neck, though guarantees but gorgeous. I mean how deeply voice no vote sounds like a girl Chances are she's post up, better now, pre known, as has boobs, and everything that I think is what, if I don't know if it's how this, if she's had the surgery is he's got the whole target are instead, if they haven't had the operation instead of like being a glass half empty, which is called the full backing for a lot of people into that, the full back I bet there's a lot of animal porn online with the full package giant dicks, big, fake tidies inside
What are you trying to fucking do what is going on in whereas seller? What's your mixed messages, I know he has his stunning, a waiver. We had a transgender woman on the mantra. We had this thing. Her name is vanity. We're too Jia and vanity both very nice people put, though the vanity chick. We had this box attached to deeds decks, and the box was illicit, goes to show you how stupid like teachers and like standard practice of people are dying. We created this game, show called make me hard and they, the game show was you would you would have So redecorating have lunch. Things happen in front of you and then either we obviously control the bulb lights up, or so
you know we have like women dancing around Nuthin duty and a banana opting out of the box goes is like pretending that school, that's it. I had social experiment, but was fake. Wealth is obviously that everyone's, but here's that work is vague. Van. This vanity check comes out. She's gorge she's, like a ten and Couldn't whip commenter nipples, the guy? Second, it ah everybody's going crazy, but the light is not going on land. She pulls pants down. She's got a deck and the whole crowd me. These Ngos fucking crazy. It was the the loudest sound of disappointment. I've ever heard collectively from three hundred men who just ah and of course that's when the Lycos off this is dicks. Hard has arrived It sell it was silly bite, but it's true. I've heard some I've heard a lot
stories about people who earn into that. Like straight rose. What was silly was that you could say that you can have this girl polar Dick out. Ok, but what you couldn't do is say the word hard: they wouldn't Reinhard, hey what they wanted to be make me stiff. They made us change the title stuff like make me hardest to offensive. We're like what are you talking to F, I think, make me staff is way more offensive than those who want to change the hostages morons. Its is more on talk, just dummies. Wanna go what about moving around. I want the lamp to be here in the room did nevertheless bear the room one b, the room the room they would have no way of meeting the lamp there. I walked in that room and I said it needs a lamp was revised when we did it with Germany's lab. That's my skill. I might before me, but I know where the funny belongs can't say hard against a bad mood, better put my greasy little fucking, chubby donut seniors. Oliver, everything the boy oil check the whole show, but the point
everybody the audience before she polar Dick out. Everybody always thought it was the hospital on the planet, beautiful legs and beautiful face. Long hair. Both epic thunder this long heard round the worker yeah but the you definitely ride the something weird with the the morphs the animal morphs giant, Dixon, big, faked tidies and having sex with women's now having sex, with guys that too sometimes Mohammed to nobody everybody's having sex, that's just one of those things while at for me. It tonight, so Googe Master Mouth ever adjusting devolved information of boys got have secrets scheduling necessary as the good
like goes out of red bans, corner his child trust me. We take question Jamaica Do you mean to ever human centipede? What is the policy? Was the policy in the gay community as far as like outing people in the closet is considered to be like a douche move as its consent? to be like a question like say: if you know this guy and pretend to be straight. Maybe he has a few boyfriends. We says a few homophobic things. Try throw people off the trail, then is it a green light, says homophobic things, yes, and its green thou say. That's a really good question Joe that's it's one of those things where It's like mine, my philosophy let everybody everybody has their own journey. Everyone do what they want to do. That's a good philosophy. It's not time to say who I mean love you. If I'm a friend of yours, I will love you no matter what that's it,
the person I am at the first I won't about I catch, eaten babies I'll be the forgotten that cause I'd love a good bacon love a good bacon, its but he's journeys different whatever it, but it's one of those things words like if you. If, if, if you ve got some demons, are you ve got some issues in Europe? Come after my my people? and then I know some things. I'm just gonna be like our. I, you know yeah. That's all I've seen game on life about. Let the whole outing thing it's sad and then at the end of the day is just say. It is definitely so pitiful to have like Tipp to hate on a certain group of people and when you're doing this when you're part of that, like it's, it's just like what will they just self loathing the trench throw be above the trail, its pitiful, it's like gum ever talk to mean started so commonly it retorted Well, that are slots. And I was saving lives, never slept shame but slow.
Love to talk shit about sluts, yeah, ok and by the way, I'm a fan of slots. Unless I live ammunition say the word slap. Maybe I see that they are trying to say: is retired in training be lumped together with twink, but there's like girls who would like do now? wild sexual shit, they were the first shit about the girls. Do while sexual she's a whore horror, and then you look over there. She is like bowing to do that in a guy in the bar at the communist or you're doing one fuckin, horror stabber, she stealth, my guys, but at least look that's like less of a secret. I guess Zella was plus, we seek a finger they like when you have a situation like TED Haggard that guy the priest who turned out is higher. It was all pro family antigay church yeah I mean-
working really hard against gay rights. Meanwhile, having gay sacks attitudes doing man when that kind of shit gets out it off, I am all for it I might, but it that is eight is perversion like they call gay people perverts number. No. What we do is we. We won't have kids, we would have rights we want to drive and suv. We want. You know it's like what will the suv me little having like sends the kid cars? Are the line queers in trucks no fuckin way, but when you take it to that, an injury more it's like bathroom, views and then you're going to preach gods. Word what like that? I mean it's like it's like the what's her name,
comments. Those lives now that guy's awesome Mark Asia is that he's just a cute. Little is very air. Transport is very heterosexual. Maybe the most heterosexual man ever sure. Yes, no way that guy's gonna get it at all. Is there no way him how sparks nowhere else parks I think you're straight. If you tell you straight, I say illustrate how so I love your house, I ween hey. If he straightened Letty as easy settled out. I did say it was not. I don't know him personally. I'd like Tele stirred by the answer is greatest, but he's on an apple in others, TED Haggard Guy, and in any these guys that do it, that's gotta, be a really. You, like self loathing place to be like a gay person and to be like angry and twisted about it and lash out
one was it Larry Craig was. I was named the congressmen, the Senator congressmen, who got busted doing the thing on any Thea me of it, the tap Tunisia that old. That's like the old trick, the old speak, easy days, chew, rack and tap before the internet. We anything we can do is call plant voting. I mean that's, I mean that's a whole initiative, generation? I don't know if that's ageratums bath houses, that kind of thing that's like. Will that still going on? Isn't it don't you guys get well. According to bath house weekly, my fucking masks on it has to be fun to pick up guys like if we want to get laid its price so much easier. You know what I mean oh yeah, to just like here may go to the bus stop and do my little gay and wave thing too. I find somebody had you leave gay hand, wave alone or eating while you're talking when you don't have an pig, is finish your food? Firstly, hang onto that Russian, we re our fuckin part, even a mouthful of food.
Had sturdy. If you like, it really easy to get laid sound sex economies slobber not only luggage rise, configure your mouth be ways to get laid. I mean it's the same. It's I think it's easy to get laid. You guys have tender for God's sakes. I've seen so many days, joiner, ten we have with you under tailored websites or sent straight so tender angry ass, Indonesia's hook up we to say who want to fuck want thinks he's our Poland's AIDS and lawyer this weekend. There was a boy I was with, but am I buddies and he was, he was showing me cause I'd, never really seen tinder, so he was so. It looks so complicated, it's like so easy. No, but it's like you, ve gotta like swipe this way, and then you gotta do this and then you can squirrel more, unlike with ours, one so with yours with grinder say if you are in a town or let you go right now, showing with not prime put that dumb. If you're in
oh hi, oh, ok and you want to get a free, gone yet say you're, you do and again Columbus years put Europe and say do the other pictures. I find the idea. Don't ever had a fan, yeah, that's why I'm gonna have to cattle. I get we're after we myself, not that I'm like an avid grinder user, but yeah. Let's avid more twice a day now. You know, Rarely I rarely rarely made up of UK wisely every night. Don't you know how off these the grinder. Let's, not thrown down under the bus, though room in the light of this, and this one is. This is my am. This is be, he goes there what's going on. I have not a whole lot. You has reminded us and maybe be doesn't want. You read now his shit now it's I met someone! No complaints, work,
they had the afternoon to myself just making dinner. Now some very sexy figures, I'm be nice to meet you. What did you make like?
a blackened chicken pesto past anointing grocer Lydia, the sex coming up guys, trying to pick up. Girls is God's tramping, oh god, you're bump bump me fuckin with the mundane this of your fuckin interaction. I was hoping was way more fun now who wants this deck pictures and dig when I say that I had a guy drives by with his pants off. That's how you think it would be if we too, I talked to girls, no Santa Lesbian, that's what I wanted to say: I'm just a bail lesbian about making dinner and shed yet pesto. I'm I don't care, I mean rush garlic, such a scene. Now you know it's like it's. I don't know. Maybe it's such a scene. It's such a scene now about the whole like does hooking up and you know Miss, may know what little we don't know. This notice that maybe we're on the war when the outside we, we only talk to you guys like very briefly about sex life, then we run away and, on the other, the unicorn in the room went away cleaner hand. Yet this run your your body through a car wash the key to keep that pure Alan. I sprained my mouth is the case. If we do the same with you, so don't worry about it at all flows, the airline and I my tongue. I might catch the gay I'm actually leaving here and taking a nice hot shower, moved it. They should get a scrap of a car wash just amazing steel wool pad loves gravy. Riviera lovers. Have you received him hoop came out what I told you dumb fuck, oh geez, atop. Oh you on your mouth
who had why'd? You have to get gross because he's and yes I have. I had still let nobody ever an extra five about it for an extra five seconds. I get it now. Where does the sexes is where sex? just like its grossly the whale fluids. Sexes, arisen poop and come back well, but you do it. We got to see what you gonna do. Moreover, when you don't need it, when you needed exact with a dark, ordered gas, that's true like puts human. You had it now, so I felt it feels bad idea out and feel bad was like I'm shovel, my dick in between a say and paper, Arby's sandwich but like it was, silk refers no it's nice, but it was just like I did. We want attracted the girls or We have got to worry about your own yeah yeah.
It was one of those things like I'm. Just gonna be friends with them, so we, but you did have sex with them, so you do get aroused by girl you're, just not a satisfying salaries right and you feel more drawn to men and did you when you when, when you went by so you and by four wire. What what do you think that was was like you trying to figure out how like who you were treated Let's try. A lot of people do that this has an eight or this phones, this one's a five year. Maybe she's just doesn't like me for another one, yeah yeah Sylvia exactly and then there was a period mean there. Is it there the time when they will say was like MIKE was like twenty. Three? I guess, and there was a girl and can remain in seeing the story. She like we had this thing. It was this kind of like a fair. If you well, and she was engaged in one year
and so like it was on having it was fun, but it was a girl. It was agreed tat. We had a good time and it was one of those things were you know she would tell me she's at you know in a case, if you do this too well and you playing with my heart and kind like dangerous at the same time and then her fiance Hound out her fancy actually found out when I was going down on her and her bedroom locked in now he was knocking on the door outside and the lights. Why we're like shit? Ok, I'm here I'm here! I'm here here opened the door and Amelia what'll. I do Khazars I like what do I do? What I do. I do. I jump in the shower like an asshole, because that's not species. I just came over it ass. She half worker deserve a younger age, eternal shower the shower on and he's according to what am I gonna see later? There was great thanks for the study break. And the shower.
What's a good policy on my right, yeah really did that's the thing with the steel, all patio God. So when so and then and then like she moved away, and then and I got this phone call. God so crazy. I got this phone call from him to the fiance. Will jerking off over the phone now he was mad how did he was like what the fuck is. More Europe this and this in this, and she In the background and she's, just like he's lying he's lies it he's a fucking faggot, don't listen all men of that year. She threw you doubt thoroughly down. My was the last time, and this was somebody that I was like. I we had like We had something in when she said that I was like later like. I could that was it see you? How well do you? I was twenty?
you're. Twenty three sued already come out. You'd come out when you were when you would You told her, you were gay yeah, like everyone. Like new, like I was just one of those, but then you get the girls were like I'm gonna turn you and you're like. Oh, I get it all the time you get all the town he's trying to turn you straight yeah. Why? But this one works for little bit sort of get acid awhile was our offers. You probably was problem, of the other night at the stormy like a week or two ago, you I could you ever like a hawk rocking. You might that's a good question like like who imagine having sex and then just having a guy sit there with balls on your forehead. You probably love it. You have your fantasy Brian, meaning when he said he would only see guy and balls may feel pussy. You wanted my balls lemen like if every one is on top of him, fucking him and then a just but that's a very way. Yeah yeah by you're. Only seeing the Diccon bars that probably them shut up just shut. My ground
just five minutes. Think about we save refer. Yes, I don't know I would think I don't know if I could not believe nodded? Is there's no social stigma attached to that if you chose to have sex with a woman site, so big deal where's the guy's, a straight guy in ages, chooses to have sex with a guy. I dat's in this culture. That's fucking crazy! That's really unusual, but in some key. Sure it's like. I don't think I don't think a streak I well. I don't think a guy could be bisexual, but a girl could be bisexual, but is it not it implies a definite guys can be bisexual. I don't think so you nothing so I've said. There's two types of due to do. Gay things through gay dues, there's really gullible straight dues who get talked in the blow and crafty gay. Did you think that's what it is, there's a lot of this. The porn industry there's a lot of lake well, overall, is re yeah yeah, but for pay is a different thing like gears,
a lot of gay people find straight guys that are really broke. There's this guy's friends with my wife, whose a gay guys this MAC, Daddy's gala cash so our boys is and he gets. Due to their straight and have his russian dude as it a website events he bought the guy car. I got it put the guy up, an apartment like he was gone broke because spending all this money to take care of this straight guy. In this strike I would suck his deck I'd. Get together with the guy was like heavy russian acts and caught tough lookin like lying like what's his name he was like a gay Jason stay them. Look in Canada, ok with a russian access, sure, families, gouges, no one's! Look! Ok, she's. Everyone has made sure that he took care of his gun, gives kind apartment gave money gave him
the guy, wanted too much a certain point time. Let's go don't fairfax, they actually lost. Like big chunk, was money trying to keep this guy, but is: this guy was like the latest in a series of straight guys that he a minute lady there's a lot of cars, opposition there's, that's the thing. Is it that's the thing I M, fine and strike, is everybody my who was in a wardrobe guy in these gave you those tell us about all the different court on quotes trade let him sector deck Jesus? He would get out of there really funny like peg it. I get a lot of him to do so but they're not stray guys. Then they just now they are, they are or how this ok you're. You say there confuse they're. Just confuse: do you think tat? its actual likely to happen to you. If you kill and stage yet happened before
more likely what has happened, but it mean more likely because you're you're on stage yell and you become attractive, yeah, there's that, like yeah, they like his heart and broken one, and so this straight guys find that attracted her. I had Actually I had, I guess they do. Those guys are not stray just. What are you? There is no Santa Claus the Easter by rail and those again do, but there are like goes my girlfriend, oh, how the tables of turned, while comedy dude, put on this sort of like straight act. Just first society for jobs for career, for whatever filling the blank help like a percentage.
The law right man who knows percentage wise speculates by its pit sailor. Iman yeah, I want to say, like francis- has a sandy ago this past weekend, and it was like I I am as it were other or the black people will, where the white people, who was the Mexicans, who wears the gay people, Because I really guys really Ok, peoples and the Ngos are, we all know is just one of those like scared gap. I want to say anything and then lying bullet afterwards. It s very, very conservative whatever. But then, after the show like like a couple guesswork here so amendment you talk about the military, early rearmament and the military. Will you do and later you wanna drink. Some then, as I quit, the facts are that they do try. You you never drink outwards, oh yeah, maybe some do spend more time on a big navy ship, which is very terrifying cause. I'm, like I just feel like. I would. I would be like a little piece of veal just
throw em, maybe have home to the wolves till you after its oversee Cuba, Damn cedar exactly exactly nine Ellador career just Monday. I'll, never know like that's refuse. That's not like this now like this, when it going to be mega volcano. I There is obviously a tremendous amount of discrimination. Racism. Homophobia stood still a tremendous amount of it, but I think it's getting better. I really I do culturally and they were at a Good time. I think those are seeing change. It's it's good cause. I mean God, for while others are so boring, Why don't you want to make the world a little more colorful and he looked scared. It said too and I've been I've been scared. I go to a at the MID West and I'm terrified. You know there's like parts of the country that I'm just like my god like, even like. I remember I know when I went back to Texas not too long ago, but
I dreamt. I mean I feel, like I dress. Ok, I can open up sometimes my shirts, maybe a little snug, sometimes or you know my genes, maybe a little tight. You know how the fashion style, is out here nowhere that out in a small town- and I just see that the looks just like with the new, more flannel yeah? There's a guy task watch over the area and got no cam model girl. Now his hair, his hairs to creating it's all but he's clean, Maggie gave retouching yeah, let's allotted crazy poison ivy, but gave she didn't know you're gay the first year. I knew you gate are never went off. Her never really hit that share to the shop now get lucky shops. Maybe I just lost in your eyes.
I have not a you're just lost and allay you you're come from Ohio. You can't time machine or you're like they don't come up this far of Santa Monica Boulevard, kidnap Brian from the nineteen fifty private future did when mother Fucker was storm cell Ellen Gateway computers. He got robbed by a black wizard the following week after I did right right around my how sad time while walking back from I know, I repeat, we were on together at gunpoint in Hollywood, the year, not here pleasant to its, not pleasant at all. It is one of the in it's one of those God associate the did you post, traumatic and yeah. I still had a little of it. I do too. I did too, I think it's it's not as bad as it was, but it's one of those things were like if somebody behind me or, if, like somebody pops out like out, I mean I I like jerk, like
yeah or I'm gonna Blue, like really bad, like I'll, be parking at night and I'll, be like oh, my god, and we get my car in outlay out of nowhere and yes, there was apart. There was a time I was. I did not leave my house like a cancels mounts thrill issue. Worthy balls could suffer from violent crimes. Post traumatic stress is big. Would it was unnecessary? It wasn't violent at all. It was just like listen, it's your fault, yeah events in India and the threat of war, What I'm saying it wasn't physical and that's the thing that was scary because, like he made me like walk like it was I was in such shocked that he robbed me and then started walking down the street that I needed to walk down. So I'm following him and he turns What are you doing like I'm going home, I live right down. The street is that you
down the street of you. If you keep follow me- and I honestly I did that the just in just the the way I see it, I think it is laid down that it took me so long to get her, and then I some walking around the block and as I'm walking around the block he had gone down the alleyway and got into this White Van and the White Van drove off and that's the thing that scared me. The most was just the fact that I was probably being watched like it was. He was the guy there's like three other I probably out here like what like, if I fought or if I try to make it like an attempted, given my stuff like they that's the scary thing to me that they would have probably yeah and set me up to me. There is another guy in a van across the sky, that easily use other people s spot you now, unless they're mean is obviously p. They do it single and desperado, but in
Before going around a bunch. People get a car drive some weren't, you look out no one's common, get this guy, they guy, I'm though they think they got him. Then I had to go to file a police report in Latin Did you have to go? Look at a lie? Not yeah really. Did you shirt with him now But I dont see told him I was. I can't I was like it was three o clock in the morning was so dark and I wanna be that guy like back I and it wasn't him. I was I honestly I care member. It's really was there is such a long time after it had happened to so wasn't like they hold on Oh god, I want to say, was like six or seven months yeah, because apparently Isn't it was a string of em in Hollywood like I was happening alive, there is the guy who was. I thought that the bombs and people's garages member, that guy was like right around that time. The reject this crazy crime ring because all the people- from a lay in Hollywood or like slowly coming into two Hollywood and people like I was high, would so safe and it's clean nice and I know, there's food,
I've done Santa Monica Boulevard. Now it's like there's, there's crazy people like it's. Just it's out of control everyone's those in their minds. You think people are targeting people because it so save for the sick people think it so say again, as I think it's you know how many people are stealing people's dogs like that's just must stop yelling, yes in West. Only within you leave your dog in the car like seminal, come in and take your time move arms control when you don't have the dog you know, it's a mayor, while I'm running into CBS or someone, someone is comes and checks long walks away. Seldom do somebody shitty people out there in the world yet His lot. A great deal of otherness from the content is fuckin shit, heads silent, stealing someone dog, so that our great I myself does that it's a real piece of shit. I've been real peace. You should do that. I can do asshole rules everywhere, you look, I'm home That's, though, that the next
the changes about human beings, we slowly but surely said to weed out the assholes and our culture among hoping that that's, be the next evolution of society more open, and you're in Europe in your head. That's the sky! so I think we can save us. We have to realise that these ideas that we have like fighting over various ideologies, politics the way in our conservative and liberal. Why versus all that stuff is so fuckin stupid. I think that one day we gonna realise that are only problems live as people were asshole. Sir only problem it's war or theft or crime, or cyber crime or corruption? It's all this in problem its people that are assholes with its rape or murdered a whatever. It is assholes
should a human being. I just slowly developed humans, it that's exactly that's exactly what is poised to fellow humans. It say it's a mutation if you will, but we need really strict, not strict, but we need strong philosophies. Like the tall whites to note the tall whites are no tall. Whites are apparently a group of aliens that are an area induce area fifty one now and they are walking amongst us and they are advanced and it's like a thing you see the russian guys a thing. It's like a thing: the tall waits that that check the video of the russian guy. Now, don't you know, a canadian there's a canadian guy he's in Congress in he's like we all know that these aliens as an idiot I've seen it.
By. I saw people walking out of the ocean. I saw what you didn't see. Anybody Walker Second urges us Scuba, diving now it was late, is met with three pieces of the ocean, we're pulling your soul, whose thinking about killing them. Ok, guys. This is a hate crime. Now right, calm down, you saw ass. All those things about you get on family and he walked out of the water and you like aliens, oh, am g and ran away in Sweden, say our energy flowed over. That look like I say: oh Mamsie, sparkles came up your heels uphill located parts through. Our aid is true with it with a nice little rainbows street, maybe panic and forty glitter before he ran your house. Hey don't be jealous, they acquire glitter right, it's a magical thing. What are these aliens? You believe in their called the tall? Whites did not listen to all these people that tell you there see aliens are all idiots, hats, the universal. That's the one thing that universal about these people there almost all idiots. I too,
two guys reformer senator on my tv show on Syphon show was telling me all about area, fifty, one all the evidence in area, fifty ones fuckin, former senator and I talked to him for ten minutes and I knew exactly what was going on like that you're just a silly man, you're silly man and happen to be a former senator I was a believer and bleed and things with. Zero evidence. I mean there's almost. No evidence accept these weird for oh here. It is listened to play this play at this end. With this, can we gotta get out your out? Listen with that you're welcome guys, powerful Justin Martindale trunks, it doesn't exist passed while they data they probably took it down, just look up canadian prime, whatever the fuck canadian Prime Minister, saying that what was he was his official title wasn't, Prime Minister right, I think it was minister defence or sent my that Canadian
I got find find go back to the vice thing. What is his name was the I. Well my driver, this computers? I really shouldn't AG. Canadian Prime Minister aliens, computer, shooting committees for Defence Minister yeah, that's it former defence minister, okay, so just Google that canadian former defence, MR I'll, bring I have my laptop a brunette and, from now on, it is under the scheme knows, I'm going to catch up species called the tall Y. See, oh, my god. It's so real printed brings real they're alive eighties on earth at this present time, o em, Gee Cabal performed by the Council of Foreign relations. The builder burgers and the Trilateral Commission, the international banking cartel the oil cartel and select members. The military are planning to
create one world government. They are the ones suppressing the information about the aliens to the public bitch, He looked like you believe in aliens: doesn't it he's a dumb ass and by reasoning and by observers? our in twenty minutes long. So this is the one though, but this is probably a different one. I think it's a different guy Charles hold out for consumers and that's the thing I got out of these these interviews, those p but it's not that it's not possible. There's aliens what the problem most of these motherfuckers want to believe put it not the guy Brian for, but we just we'll Canada's former Defence Minister, Ufos or aliens yeah. He I've seen the video he was on our t. He might have actually been talking to in school hours, talking too was you talking everyone he was talking to like a group of people
who's gonna is in airy my ears, but let's go Now, that's not him brass, not any that he's a bald old guy. I know its not Abbe Martens's cat, it's this other girl. This is the guy, but for this one, so this guy is that that's. Not done, but that's not the video. The one with him on our time see. Look it's on a daily mail. This is which want the silly or edge he's crazy. Now this is the thing man, but this isn't here in the room with the alien here's. Where that does not doesn't matters. Could someone says rational, wouldn't that which is actually up no assist he's a former D. Minister and he's talking to a woman's newspaper. Cast her she's she's. You now mean what What kind journalism degree she has. It doesn't mean that she's gonna call bullshit on this fuckin goofy old, crazy, dude,
look, there may very well be visitors from outer space, it's very possible, but is also possible that a lot of these people are just nuts and that they want to that's that boy they want to have like ufos, be real or activity in the last few decades sense, and that are there. But bomb. What's up in our sound, I think the laptop our job is to get rid of again, because the whole cosmos is a unity, and it affects not just us, but other people in the cosmos on the thousand learn much afraid. Now, this guy s crazy, I could look at him like personally looks like the creepy preacher guy from poltergeists too, which is I'm very offended. There's something happens to allow these old cats. They'd know once fuck a new more and there is no life, the other tunnel. It's not gonna change. It's not like one day they can become sexually attractive again and they
look for some new meaning in life and what the new meaning in life that takes away from all the worry and the wall. The word and stress, is if they are aliens. This whole life is shit, so my miserable existence, but I have my depressing miserable existence. All the sudden becomes trivial in comparison to the mystery of the cosmos right. Aliens are real. The whole world has been thrown on its head money. Matter world politics. Don't matter relationships, don't matter. The aliens are here- oh my God, and change this idea. It's almost like a religious epiphany sort of a moment for them. It's like they're. Looking for. Or to it's almost like a pocket. Dick scenario, not apocalyptic, but what's with the term when God comes back arm again Well, yeah revelation revelation! It's like, like
something that's gonna, make our regular trivial, everyday life that he's a failure at sea meaningless and that's a lot of these guys, it's all these unfavourable white dude out there finding new. Our foes a lot of others here. It say it's a need. It's a need for mystery, it's a need for meaning in life and I think they distort reality in order to fulfil this need, there's a great deal of a tree. Giving to mystery to solving mystery. It's a part of our it's like, I think, is almost like hijacks are natural reward mechanisms that we have built in like we? We have this to discover things as human beings have a need to innovate, so they could stay alive so that we can develop weapons and figure out how to make far, and so this constant need to find out what are the mysteries whose planning things we find out? Who does it'll, be they are they gonna gas and these new needs to solve mystery. Harold, irresponsible for all these goddamn television shows that run crime. Everything
and tv shows about solving mysteries in solving crimes, and who did it wears a mystery. Big mystery is aliens, that's the grand finale, that's the fires, girls and a fourth of July, one ancient alien show that scared the shit I may, plus that guy's hair, while Giorgio Sucralose was a very nice guy, as is Philip, opens the late Great Philip Cubans who we had in the past, we together agent aliens on great guys. I love that. I love that shows you how stone though I can't do it told him just like, oh god, they're right there, they ve never really fascinating, subject yeah right about allow things, but they also skirt around fact, sometimes in order to make their case a little bit stronger, and there was an ancient aliens debunked video that someone put online really explained what's wrong.
With a lot of things as they did make a lotta conclusions, were they jump immediately to aliens to have been extra terrestrial beings extra terrestrial knowledge? Gary Cooper S illicit possible, the terrestrial humans to mine, for copper in early to have all these crazy theories to fund the tight, It is fine to sit around and watch, but as far as like scholarly work, most none that make any sense about aliens inter ancient images and this in our work, that's pretty fascinating is lot of ancient Egyptian. I cannot fee and other there's that higher lives. We ass unfastening Eric Fanatic, and yet he did chair to the gods weeds great book and really interesting documentary with it
It is wrong about charity. The gods about the origins of these different things in his documentary even is wrong about being them being extraterrestrial. There still fascinating mysteries, their fasting mysteries and most likely were a lot of really just get a construction methods that we don't know about now that we lost somewhere another. It was lost in in old, some red like getting raided by the Romans or the Mongols or who knows where the fuck the information went, but there is a lot like really sophisticated construction techniques, thousands and thousands of years ago that's much more likely than dissolved the shit was created by aliens, but the actual images and the the actual sites in the mysteries of are still fascinating? and maybe even more fascinating. You wasn't aliens. The fact that people are oh fuck and smart,
four thousand five hundred years ago, they made the pyramids of media. That's incredible and that's a fact mean they, carbon date, the that stuff inside the pyramids. It goes back to two thousand five hundred BC, so they're pretty God. Damn sure that someone at least was living there, two thousand five and obesity and was already built, but just a fact, it's at least five thousand years over four thousand five hundred years, I'll, just at least at least that old. That is, God fascinated. I've been there and that when you see I'm like that, you're too sick, wow. So even the sphinx too I've never been there, but I've been Cheech Anita. I saw them in parallel. The I learnt that remind blowing there. He just but think about these fuckin people living in stone age time got these, Damn rocks put him basins of water. This, like caves, it is filled with water. How'd you get these rocks here. What did you do? How'd you make this fuckin giant structure a thousand years or whatever it was fifteen hundred years assets here,
It's amazing amazing shit where my favorite movies apocalyptic up, but the people love to go. That's a good fun, great movie, you know it's a good move too. Is it's like right when he was being shame right and people realization. He's crazy damn a lot of communism love that, but that didn't get enough credit didn't I don't think it then I think it if it did it. When yeah I don't think I think everyone was kind and that shame phase willing. I we're not going to support it, but it's a great film will depend passion of Christ? I didn't see that one was. I saw that that was not a good movie It was. It was basically a two hour movie about a dude who is magical, got his aspect. That was accurate the movies. It was just two hours of them, beating the shy away ass. It was almost like it was almost per furthermore the way is like people warlike taking like some sort of pleasure out of this torture film,
It was almost like a snuff film because you, I know, as representative of the Lord and represented our saviour another good stuff, but though the moon, we wasn't that the movie was just violent. I remember a lot of people saying that it was like an old. I think. That's the reason why they want to go see because every year and cried unlike that's what they want you to do, they want shoot it. Oh God, liquidity look what they did to him and it's like it was. It was such a push in just like they threw it in your face, just nonstop you know it's interesting, though you don't hear about that move anymore, and I like it was a huge, was massive yeah, but it's an it. Didn't last gets out something that people go watch today and talk about why the passion of the crisis, they reaffirm my faith. Hashtag God bless. That doesn't happen right, like maybe now It was a very odd if a secret was that wherever the secret seeing is male gibsons, fuckin crazy, and when that secret got out, everybody was like. All of them are going to see this fuckin movie.
And then the one before that with William the foe member that one which, when was that, There was a Christ movie with William deferred very controversial. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes, yes, that last supper! Now this then something of Christ, the temptation, rotation, cries and nineteen. Eighty eight lessons for stars, ladies and gentlemen, Willem Defer was who is actually those cheekbones hadn't, quite Madame creepy. Yet he was just Steve in an interesting there's a becoming out, there's a new ones to learn what is it son of God, there's a lot of bible movies, Carruthers, Noah, Knowest, cut Joe, whose due in no sense whatsoever to grow Russell grow. Yes, crows director through good director, not sort of time d b that there's there's Noah, there's exodus exodus is coming out as well. Was an airing Darin or not ski, that guy's a bad
the fucker wise. You do not know what it looks very like say. Five to it looks very the three hundred like right, there's, like you, know guys around the woods like goading arc. Just like a yeah this is it your king, James version. Its view have seen the ad I thought, I'd Superbowl add for it. It's all extreme right the trail, examples and pull it out. We will end on this will end on Noah. No one will have an official game. We start with a massive volcano. We're gonna end with you as a fuel. Superbowl add no, I just poor, that's who brought out no, and this would be the last day you hear the shitty laptop was young. Replace the Bible sake. We ve got to save our Jesus praise David, CO, cash, Noah praise, Anthony Hopkins, isn't everything praise Odin, pray?
is Odin, praise Odin is hashtag, others coming storm cannot be stopped. The canvas to protect Stop! It sounds. Kill me sorry, it's almost like it's almost like taken it's like tat. Able sake. We ve got to save our family and we'll know. Wasn't the world covered in water and wisely amazing chicken average ass at sixty what's going on there, Liam Neeson is in every movies, kicking their ones out. Isn't it come on out asking Here ass kicker, some irish ass kicker Leah Neeson. Ask acres in everything. Just kick it ass! Yeah! was kicked, wolves, asses born. You come out with an irish ass. Kick irish physiology make choices lilies
see, I think, he's irish irish ass Kicker said I urge ash kicker might are good day may justly martindale how they find it just Martindale Letter, just Martin Joshua Martindale, don't don't put in Stan Martindale, as some other duty free tweet, the other day tat. He was your welcome. Bitch alot of debt got thrown your way because that zone doo doo doo doo doo. Then you ve had a MID June
surrounded is a lot of fun, absolutely orphan. Absolutely any time come on down on. Let's talk some and yet, if people want to see you perform where you doing you're hilarious, Stanhope, calmly routine, I will be at the countess or irregular to charm. Restrictive, laugh factory is well, and I'm shooting a pilot this month. For the network so check that our supply it'll go, it's accurately saying can't say non disclosure see, ladies and gentlemen, is a team player yeah even under the influence of possible any illegal drug, a team player still stick to that non disclosure closure. Thank students from HIV Aids have taken so much anytime. Man. Do it again for an apron boom shall are ill. They re in hey you fox. This episode of the Joe Rogue and experience was brought to you by one. Eight hundred feet were due to do too and one eight hundred flowers.
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he's a big yes ma.
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