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#454 - War Machine

2014-02-12 | 🔗
War Machine is a mixed martial artist who competes in the welterweight division.
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battle i get by the time i get it where i'll be out somewhere at and after five party and meeting people and they'll be like you know what man like i feel batman you i'm one of those guys that always talked about you online and after that i i feel guilty you know somebody i don't worry but you know we're just just right now i'm trying to include towards jim and the new coach robert follis men before he's a great guy yeah not a like a nobody when i first got there before was coming so much a war since our company's ole we'll see about the right like you know i'll give a trial run you know and like you do you believe the rumors and he met me now every day is like i'm so i do have your man you train hard your good guy you know like but he does know that i know that he's not likely no but i get a lot of flak for my and it's pulling on a lot i think well definitely there
there's some of it's gonna proportion but there and you know you actually did some you did wind up going to jail for beat the out of some people yeah a little crazy if you tell a but i mean that's like those normal human stuff you know yeah light light it will get in fights i mean i'm driving here today in an old lady was for me off on the side you know cut me off you know people are violent you know is it does happen so natural thing to get in a fight you know it have been but i'm what i'm saying is like it's not just a you definitely are a good marketer you definitely put your shenanigans out there said to get people excited about it and a lot of talk minutes it works you mean your twitter feeds very active so whether it's people hate on you or not yeah i was i had no filter you know hey it was good like people know why am i have a fan fan's gives a but also i'm i'm kind of on the blockage but you know i mean a don't touch me yeah i'm sure like sponsors and stuff yeah that even if i was in the ufc right now i'll be fired every day
probably yeah i was thinking that when i saw you blowjob to eat i was like i don't think they would let you get away with that you will be fired every single day why not really in my opinion who cares as long as you're not hurting anybody it's one thing we were also talking before the show started about thiago silva you had a really good point thiago silva should never left brazil yes because you could act like that other results well you know what no here's what i see bring a man from nineteen thirties a not a criminal regular guy you know a lawful citizen and let him live today guess what he's going to jail because there so many strict laws now and everything's different so you you can't be raised with one set of morals and guidelines income live now when you can't do anything and we don't want to give the wrong impression about brazil because i love brazil and i'm a huge fan of brazil i think rio is like one of the greatest cities in the world topless but i've never been but the bottom line is brazilian people there more relaxed about the way they do biz
the more relaxed about the the mean they're they're very aggressive man to i mean as a reason why the ufc and mma like all that originated bring you know more value to originated out of brazil sure there was fights going on all over the world there always has been but brazil has a very special relationship with violence yeah it's a third world country yeah so i don't know if it is anymore no no the the economy brazil has boom so much over the last decade apparently they discovered oil off shore in brazil and yeah and there's a bunch other economic factors that have led their their economies like very strong right now it's actually there probably you know they're probably one of the biggest growth countries over the past few years but all the united states is maybe the street is country of on violence lead like fights when i was in england people getting a barf the cops came and up no one to jail it was like paul daley would he be the guy up he got what happened is in jail right
i want to join you who did paul belt daily beat up some kind of bar fight remember maybe he lost his visa you couldn't find bellator oh i didn't know that's why he lost his visa and me like i got a bar fight with a three hundred pound guy year in jail both times and it wasn't his first offense he had multiple offenses in no real time you know well you know they look at she got a hang grenade tattooed on your next you know you got what is the saying your knuckles dgaf punk i mean come on man hey maybe if you watch it if i didn't know you i would assume like the scars of payment if you want a problem you watch on youtube the first case is this real terms there my best friends navy seal he there's the whole fight he beats up everybody i don't eventually gets jumped and i'm don't even get arrested so you got arrested just because it would make publicity in i think because are are we going to charge a navy seal that just wanna bronze medal with bronze star or just wild maniac war machine who did porn and kicked out of the ufc
don't give a fuck tattoo oh yeah you know it's like they're not going to get the war hero my friends mom was like hey brian how come john is going to jail you did everything that's not fair like we don't know you know it whatever happens you know but that well listen man you know as well as i know if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time anything can happen that's why i don't go out anymore do period smart i can't can't risk it but it is smart and we're also not trying to make light of what happen with thiago silva i don't know the specifics i don't know the rules i don't i don't know i mean uh or rather the facts i don't know if he had a weapon i don't know what the fuck happened i know a bunch of different rumors yeah but i like that guy the way he fights he's a bad mother is a dangerous to tough it would you know what though i know the one thing for sure it was a woman was involved yeah and people crazy with when when the wife one is involved yeah that anyone is is a subtle subtle to going crazy when the when the woman loves involved so it doesn't excuse it but who knows what happened you know who knows yeah
it's a apparently is his ex wife and i don't know what the story was but apparently there was an armed standoff that was what the papers and all press is reporting i don't know if there's really weapons involved i really have no idea but it sucks guys gone now you know using your fighter in the ufc's there he's never going to in the ufc again and it sucks more for if whatever he did actually happen it sucks way more for the people that were his victims of course but it just sucks that a guy like that can't keep it together you know especially if you're a fan in the sport you like watching him fight there you always do you going to have a fun fight with that guy was in there i was watching i enjoyed watching yeah but that your point about like i like that growing up in brazil you know growing up kind of wild and coming over here and everybody so conservative so much so many laws and so much button down behavior you about on to mandate dave doug stanhope as a whole bit about it a lot of countries and i mean a lot of countries a fight
long is one thousand and eighteen at school there's know no nothing happened but america is strict job with that stuff yes really hear about ufc fighters getting in fights though if you look at it it's really pretty pretty amazing in comparison like like you know badr hari that mother always get in trouble you know which is another it is put terrible situation because he's like one of the most exciting kick boxes on the planet love watch neck i fight but he's always in trouble you knew he had to go to morocco for a while and and and hide and then he came back in the end of deal with this issue and then a new issue came up some dude got his leg stomped at a club and i think i think it happens more than we think i think that people don't basically lucky today is that what it is what happened was a fight my grade on his neck all this pun that into the computer doesn't matter i mean you know but uh you know someone else maybe no tattoos
white guy is kind of a i don't know unless you unless you recognize them you know yeah well i'm glad you decided to stay in now might have to keep away jail sucks i'm sure do are yours and i was i was in the whole you know it was born they put you in salter well the the first year i did my first six months was on the regular and then after that i got an are you with it with it with the sergeant and then when the cops a manic as you see five or whatever so walk when he should be he should be in the know publishing that women hold let last six months why it's just because you're a ufc there saying like we will how come i know that he could have people attacked in here another inmate so you put me in the hole then the second year went to jail the whole year in vegas i was in the whole time 'cause they already knew who i was and that is stuck in there wow for how long we in the whole whole year the second all year by yourself but you know what it sounds bad but it's kind of better because there's no chance to get in trouble for me at least you know i don't know like after all you get
aggravated one one day there's a lot of these guys in fake tough guys and they want be jerks and there's all these little politics you get in one little fight next you know i'm back in jail for who knows how long you know so special depending on what happens to the gear 'cause i mean i was in jail in san diego when i was in the main i still and these guys are playing chess for push ups and those little asian guy looking he was actually from home burma nice old man he was only in there because him and he had a wife and three kids and told her job was to own a car music no no no dressed up until the car he pushed a driver they put him in jail for us all right why is in there he's playing chess with with another guy and a bit on a push ups to bring these guys he won and it was all you push ups you'll push ups the has it not i am doing and like well no it's not here in the next thing you know like what we're going to do x parts in the burmese guy he had in my three or four times in the guy was he closed his eyes one overhand right not to go out the guy died the guy thought on his head
they charged him with the charge will murder and it's on can really you know damn well that was held defense they charged with murder i don't know what happened that i was and he was in now when i saw him in the whole he was there every day dating he was a nice assault like he's probably forty five such a nice guy and that's uh sad sad story you know and like you know that could happen then he's you know he's buddhist so brain washed this is my karma it's ok this is the plan forgot it tempting it may this is bullshit man like i felt so bad we want to cry i felt bad for the guy yeah there should be room in the system for reason like it with a guy like that there should be a guy like that you should be able to pull that guy side and go tell me what happened man what's your version of the story and they should be like this now look just don't this again and we're cool just don't hit anybody you know just called authorities have you have you don't talk touch people and the guy would probably going to ever happen again and then you could you have to
put a guy like that in a cage well you know i was reading reading like all these surveys and stuff in jail and articles but they were saying that like we we have more people in jail than any country by far by far actually people five times more than england and another set in second place we have more prisoners in california in the whole country of canada and the crime rates are the same so why is everyone in jail you not understand it's a business but well that is the thing that is a business up that's a crazy thing to admit it's a crazy thing to talk about 'cause most people would sound so unreasonable it sounds like a conspiracy theory it sounds like you're saying that fucking george bush planned nine hundred and eleven it almost sounds the same thing the prisons they make profit off and put in people ingesting would do charging for stamped envelope it was like what in eighty nine cents first and then we'll do a list as forty four cents and how much is enveloped are taxed when everything everything tax a lot it's it's like selling drugs better than drugs well that's just what's going on for that but the actually the price
prisons are getting paid by the government by the government to the amount of prisoners they have is directly proportional to what they get paid yes it is and i was reading my home that's crazy i was reading all the stats right place ok a year in jail cost of the state fifty five thousand and something dollars that house you for year write a year in what's called house arrest cost state five thousand house arrest you're half as likely to reset it to a quick do new crime all right so they know that the fact so why won't you put the guardhouse rest if it's only for a year and save space in jail you know because you know happens to a year in jail they only it's only a year yeah but guess what you lost your job you lost your credit you lost your house without your car so you come out with nothing and then your heart man i wanted too good but i'm going to do one more crime get some money and then i'll be straight again
but when you on house arrest thank you your use is still jailers you can't do nothing fun jail to work are in the home to work home to work but at the end of that year you didn't lose your credit you don't lose your house you do lose your car so you have to i wanna get in trouble again and we've got you know the struggle zero you still were you were you know right but the government doesn't get paid when you're under house arrest under the down five grand yeah is that a yeah five but it didn't but it should work on what works better you know it was it was jacked up system levels in there well it's four pro open system and any for profit system becomes an organism and organisms protect themselves and that's what they do i mean when you find out that prison guards lobby and they have is it guard unions and they lobby to make sure that certain drug laws are in place they want drug laws in place to ensure that there's a certain amount of prisoners that's crazy man that slavery that is fucking slave it is dude in just like the same thing all you know the inner cities they're canceling after school programs and all this stuff
there are building more juveniles what is not a coincidence no so you're going to fuck in the inner city kids they're going to gangbang weather gonna play spore you know i mean a lot of you hear the stories of these kids and why i play sports stay out of trouble and now there's no sports ornament gangbang now there's more juvenile halls and they want that it's fucked up man if you're right if you were if you were trying to follow a conspiracy that would be the exact correct thing to do to make sure there's more crime if you were going to try to prevent crime and save lives you do the exact opposite thing you spend the money on juvenile halls it's been around community centers is spent on counselor spent on people to you know i saw your story on bellator about your father dying when you were young and i well without my dad i haven't spoken to my dads without seven and i think that a lot of young men especially growing up without any sort of a father figure can get it into a load of trouble you it's so distorted and twisted it's like one
the easiest ways for a young man to grow up fucked up to not have an example for sure we somehow or another we need we we like identifying we sort of like we connect with these exam positive examples or negative examples and there's also the issue that a lot of people deal with what you know yeah they're fucked up yeah there in trouble yet but they grew up in a piece of shit household they grew up an asshole for a debt they were not all starting from scratch like everybody is not starting on the same level some people the game at fucking home base they already done their one their parents are rich everyone's friendly they're done and some people from the jump your life is challenge from the jump is this food there's poverty this there's a assault there's all sorts of shit you're dealing with in your house on a regular basis let you know people say that you know i'm a maniac right and i'm more out there than most people but like i mean i don't complain about my life but for
not pretty good for considering you know i mean if it wasn't for maine i'm finding an outlet in like weightlifting and sports and all that stuff i would've been a maniac well for sure you know yeah i mean you you know you went through a lot of crazy shit for sure but you've always been a good dude to talk to and that's one of the reasons why i want to have you on the podcast cuz that's where i think the people get the wrong interview is so long people in in the same circumstances of you would have turned out even worse and that's the reality of life about not we'll start off in the same place we don't you know what i i was actually on a pretty good track let my dad died when i was thirteen or again she probably died right so i would lose my mom she's a drug addict and most of those are going to lose right is max and i had no rules man i could do anything i wanted no rules but i want
jim i want to it was a little hole in the wall gyms call makes jim and see value as i grew up but i was all like cops and firefighters and ex military honors all crusty navy seal names jim taylor you like fifty five x vietnam guy right and he keeps he became kind of like my dad so i'm i was two thousand i was just i was a kid bro like i was bill like this in high school i loved weight at which point i had always and bees i think it's gonna fights but i was it all good grades wrestled i wanna be navy i went to the set up for college was a biology major now you know doing i do everything good you know sucked up or did everything right and then after my sophomore year like what are the guidance counselor office and they're like hey you know was fifteen thousand dollars from this year and i said well how my mom gets my dad's pension he was a cop they get their money every month turns my mom spent all the money on drugs they spent on drugs and my step dad
because he did have a fraud case right so is haley so will the navy one to give me a scholarship for my last two years and and commission afterwards but they work and back pay what i already know the fifteen grand right so they said we got it either you got to pay this we got a freezer credits and and i think i can transfer my credits so i would i wanted meltdown psycho mode 'cause i mean i sucked it up all that time and like didn't drink do drugs train did community service all stuff good grades and i went home dude my beat my stepdad almost to death almost killed him i beat him badly there's blood in the ceiling is american so bad and then i got arrested for like may hamilton to murder all this stuff because i beat him so bad but i told the cop straight up i say man i said i told the truth that's my dad was
the cop i said i he died on thirteen s r stricken most of my with a military call justin at all i have always been bees biology major is focused on my dad's money on drugs you know i mean i came along and i asked him why did it and we got in a fight and i so i can stop in that's what happened you know and the cop was there so this defense to me save my ass urban foot well you were seventeen that then i was your twenty at the time you are i'm sorry you were you were you were when you went to come college you are seventeen or eighteen i was eighteen when i went freshman year so we used and we stand at home during this time or you were line at college i'll come back to somers so they were out here yeah they're out here in see valley
i had no idea that they were spending your money i thought they were paying for the tuition yes the first sure what happened was when i was when i die i will get his money every month after that we were kids i turn eighteen him my name so my freshman year i pay the bills but it is a basis it's like a college with the base you can't you can't make it harder to handle bills hey mom i'm gonna put it back and your name you know just send a check every month aboard an issue she thought we overnight so i got out as well i was still pissed do the i went i went berserk mode i beat him up got in trouble then that's when i packed my bags i moved to a san diego i want the lions then i said can i said i wanna try out for you guys this team he's like who are you you know i heard they have tryouts tells like the tony galindo daisy tony run it weekend was there tony vernon white all those guys they said the next trial is three months so i got a job
ok i got a job to strip club pure platinum with a fake id i was only twenty and i had a twenty one year id i gotta drive brownstown strip club and i would just go into values and running and lifting weights i don't know really how to train really mean and i went and tried out for the team and i in the team and that's how i started fighting really wow that's crazy so you basically you were an angry dude but you were keeping it together and trying to do good and trying to stay positive and there's one event set go into this fucking crazy spiral because that happened and then actually rockbridge got home i still sucked it up i didn't even up yet i got home and i was just like furious and i was like trying to figure out a solution right and actually my brothers p oh well he's on probation for weed a little brother he came to the house and he's like hey bruce here in the room because i want to ask you some questions he's like is this yours this his ass minus nine and there was like a plate with a knife on it like a kitchen plate who's this i said i will give you some or somebody was eating do design and i felt like i was eating it was alright
and the capital that you kind of have an attitude i said yeah i don't really wanna talk to right now you know i mean it in your house yeah what do you want i'm not information of others who want to search you i was like no you're not like yeah i am not sure bro any driving by recent pull my wrist back and they all four jumped on me dj show me bro and i was like hold myra hands together and they couldn't get me down there pissed color jackson strong i can wrestle too you know and john could talk it down and i was like are you guys seriously because he has a fucking pussies who like their fucking bitch so you were just clench your hands using the dropping your weight and it could get me there fucking freaking out and i was it was wood flooring it was slippery outside takedown defense mad or dudes even if they suck at wrestling with their counteracting each other on their upper stupid you know there's no i mean there helping me really so funny i slipped dude
and those are you happy you wanna fuck are they constantly and they beat the fuck outta me dude six hundred and fifty two would be the share and one was like what are you guys doing that's jonathan michael they knew i was an so i still think going i go right let me go right for assault two for assault on a police officer resisting are face there's no way was i came downstairs stairs i'm michael oh there on the pure knows my brother they lied right so they're scared me they scared me then he goes oh well just plead guilty to misdemeanor resisting arrest and nothing will happen i said fine i'll fuck you whatever i did it and then i get home and then i was like the whole time my dad was a cop i was raised republican cops are good government good i want to be a navy seal i want to i love the country i said i never believed stores the cops look you up i thought my that's a that's a lie no i mean what that that's a lie the
cast of good guys my whole life is put upside down i this and i would be much there dad's ass that's so is the cops it was dirty cops and force you to beat your stepped outside and that right there changed me if i do myself as a kid i would hate myself object born with a piece of shit he's anti american yeah i was so down for the country down for cops report so if you knew yourself when you were eighteen years old when you knew years if you knew yourself of today would be house warming hater hit me wow this wow i totally changed my whole thing but isn't that incredible that just a few events like that can especially when you're a young man can just steer your life in one way or another consider are you down the road like if you if you're you would never put that money in your mom's name and you continued paying your bills and you dealt with all your tuition who knows you would
i've been war heroes and then got the i b brian stann you know one of those characters i do what i do super brainwash i was maybe maybe not i mean you know as you get older as you're not sure you're smart you're not a good dude you would start questioning shit my two best friends are seals all right they've got out but like i mean like they are not the same when they came in they were not there like i did i have friends who not only served but went on and work for blackwater and they question everything yeah they do they do for them i know that well they do it because look my buddy who went to black water he was getting like thirty grand a month star to jim bought a mustang you know my boy fucking he was guarding the oil ships for the pirates so it was for it but they have 4x use on the ship and the pirates come they blast him doing yeah actually videos on head cam well the crazy thing about the pirates situation and people don't even know why those poor poor fucking people there's another fuck situation somalia
we've never had a history of violence like that they were like people that were kidnapped they were doing it because they were kidnapping these european captains of these boats that were dumping toxic waste after short so that water fishermen the small the fisherman and so all these fish were dying and their fucking starving and people getting birth defects all pollution in the water the fisher polluted it's like really bad they dump clear waste off the coast sometimes another so the somalian start kidnapping the captains of these boats and holding them ransom for crimes against the environment so when they do and that they were making millions of dollars so then they were like fuck fishing that only with electric fishing but they like there's no fish left i mean the fish are they don't untold tons of toxic waste off the shore of somalia see i didn't know that's hooked up not only so you know all these things we think exactly these assholes are just pirates that there is
you know i mean exactly i don't know the story my friends don't want a story about my neighborhood friends i don't know if they had that in that tom hanks movie i didn't see that tom hanks movie but that's an important part of why those fucking people are violent histology just felt village of gollum's and all machine guns and they're hopped into boats now these poor if you brew fisherman for thousands of years and we ruin their fish in like that for thousands of years these people live the exact same way fishing turn off the land having a good time you know getting by and all the sudden some asshole's to dump nuclear waste often course i say always these technologies is the great evil do well some humans are evil use technology mean before tech gee you know genghis khan was evil as far i mean there's there's people that the b acts the guest bows are technology there's technology for back people you know we have great city for evil and for good but i mean not unlike as far as like the world was i mean as it was all of history
in the last hundred years with technology we pollute ever fought that is true no i mean something that technology a no no my my thing is is that i i believe that the like michigan lincoln shit all that shit was really aliens you know do you really believe that i read the best books the i've read how to manage your the full plan series yeah yeah it's a cross section it makes more sense than anything else you gotta go to session is wrong dot com in the right in the world the here's the deal a lot of what he based on his his interpretation of some tax some really bizarre old tax but what is really incredible about the sumarians was how much they absolutely did know there was many many first came out of that area as far as we know first wheel first written language first agriculture first mathematics first written language that we're aware of and they had a god for each thing that's why i was thinking makes sense though the god for math cuz that was the alien on a
you know i mean the god for fucking our culture well that guy showed me how to fucking make it form it could be it could be we don't have that we can no no way to prove you the way but i i figured i look at this look at the look at the earth we're the only thing doesn't belong here with only on this earth that doesn't live on the earth we wearing clothes we live in a build everything else is living on earth for real were all like we like we don't belong here i think we're out of place with the only thing that's out of places have like like where have fucking alien half human we don't belong here you know i mean what's like us is dogs dogs dogs like us but they live on they yeah but you know what i'm saying how they're very like you know they could be like me and shaquille o'neal at the same species yes same woman track right yeah that doesn't make sense yeah you know it's like a giraffe and a horse being able to get a cow pregnant you know this is me in a sense like we do look anything alike no bridges midget and michael jordan this species how the fuck is that possible that's not the same mary mary instance just like dog
dogs the only animal that we're aware of that have that kind of variance i can interbreed like that it's a it's a very strange thing because we know the dogs were human manipulated and then the the the whole argument with people the reason why there's a quote unquote missing link which i guess apparently when you talk people really understand biology there really isn't a missing link it's just a matter of the fossil record being very difficult to get all the pieces to the the faucet record the be issued fossils is if you die or i die right here so i say if uh we got there's a gas leak in this building explodes we're not going to leave a fossil map as we yeah it has to be stuck in mud or something so it's real hard to make a fossil so there's billy not only that humans are smart so the other them getting fossilize are probably less likely than a dumb ass buffalo falls into a pit and all his buddies fall right in after because they're all fucking stupid and knowing we figured out how to get the book made such good sense because it's like how they say but they just came here and we were like the imagery in links you know like that yeah
monkeys kind of guy like well these things are fucking smart but they're not that smart enough you would want to do that kind of there still like animals you know yeah always pussy because of our jeans in am smart in them up well it's possible who knows it's sexy it is but you know because you know like the old testament although all those stories if you read that in the terms of not god yeah that makes a lot more sense with those decisions said he's the nephew limb he said he got in trouble when he was in school because the he said that their translations were incorrect he said that nephilim you know they were column giants amongst men he was he was saying that isn't it isn't the the actual translation shouldn't be those who came down meaning the came from above and then the the gnocchi with the the literal translation apparently is those from heaven to earth came the idea that they came from somewhere else look if we put
robot on mars in two thousand fourteen go watch real time video that moving around that's a fact that things up there the humans are just one form of intelligence if the universe is filled with intelligence again aren't you they're going to want to check out what's on other planets why wouldn't they wouldn't they send thing we're trying to go places of course and we would definitely visit if we could if we could visit mars we haven't been able to figure out how to do it yet trying to figure it out there at might be twenty years away from a person going to mars so if that's the case why wouldn't someone come from another planet the real problem is no degrees with that guys translations that's one problem and the other problem is that all these people want to believe in it so bad it's so sexy that they don't look at it a maybe that gravitate towards it and run with it like this the aliens came and they work with our dear are you sure bitch you're not sure you're not fucking sure but it makes more sense in the bible it
definitely makes more sense in the bible but it's probably related if i could pick already had the bible be true i want to go you in heaven you know i mean i don't know that true no one are there cycles all the very shows true but yeah i think it makes more sense if there's an option five or aliens of taking a look i don't think it's an either or option when you first of all the the real problem with the bible is like that telephone game you know you to your friend story he tells two by the time it gets back to you it's fucked the stories fuck and they hold the stories of the bible for over one thousand years before they ever wrote him down the oldest version of the bible they have is in aramaic and it's they founded in these clay pots in a play called ron and it's called the dead sea scrolls yes that's the old version that is the most or ask how many schools where the cold other ones yeah there's a there's a quite a few ancient twenty skins actually even the samarian though had almost the same stories yeah as i it's an old story from what from what to talk with that well it could be
bunch of different things man i mean you stop and think about the variance in how far cultures have advanced today like you good today you could go to amazon and find some rainforest people that never seen people you show your watch they'd be freaking out you show him a laptop they think you're a fucking wizard i mean just think about that today but that happened in world war two yes he did yeah i was i when they're they they from chariots of the gods air fontana can yeah yeah documented like they wanna look we given candies yeah in london if i were god and they built fake airplanes yeah they want us to come back and never came back exactly exactly yeah that's exactly what it's like i think that if you a super intelligent race or a soup elgin civilization rather and you run is someone of your own race that just happens to be trapped in the outback of australia and living off the land they would have no idea that it within a thousand years they've been living like this which cultures exist in the same static state
for one thousand years all the time but look happened in this country just two hundred years crazy there's no america three hundred years ago didn't exist was nothing here there the buildings there's no roads and in three hundred years you got la chicago new orleans and fucking blah fucking chaos all over the place that's a blip in time so for these people in a static state for a thousand years all the sudden people come in then they tell stories about these people those people are fucking aliens man they came they we chariots horses drove them around like when the the engines first saw the the area spaniards they thought they were god's people on horses they thought they were part of the horse they don't even the fuck was going on they thought it was funny people returning they had no idea what's happening there were freaking out so i think that those stories when you you do you dealing with over a thousand years of them telling a back and forth before anybody writes it down then they write him down there right
done an error made kerr there right down in ancient hebrew and ancient hebrew they only know like three out of four words today in ancient hebrew and letters were numbers like the for god and the word love had the same numeric value like words had war machine would have a specific numeric value that would not just represent your name but also like what you are and like person the lawyer who are your lover your mother would represent we have a certain number to it and that was like in poor in like the way sentence was translating information they lost that when they translated into greek into latin and they did all that missing and say you get this flat interpretation of this real bizarre ancient language that was a language that was also numbers it was a math and a language together it's hard for us to even wrap our heads around his crazy people really really believe it kill for it
i want to man they want to believe because if you don't believe then you have this open ended questions everybody likes to be fucking comp pretty wants to retire everybody wants to run the win the lottery we understand is the beauties in the struggle the beauty is in the struggle the we appreciate life you gotta know you're going to die you gotta know know it could be all over that's how you really appreciate it like fighting you know like when i was do you envision when i felt like i'm a tj fighting if you want to maybe in the ufc has to be this way wait till you see it that way cj is the same thing the same fight which is struggle no the national news you guys live with them you know he's been buddies all like you know you're the champ like he's a champ it's not really for him liking people that don't know him seems the champions that but for him you still him yeah and like he's fighting with them he has about but it's not real the first time i ever saw like meet myself and you'll i fought jay rock
yeah and i got home right and i googled or whatever i found it and it was like it didn't seem right in the in there like joe rogan's interview after fight you know it it doesn't seem seems like i like photoshopped it in today because you're still you in your head you still you but now you're seeing you as other people see you yeah so you you envision something the way it's going to be in a ain't ever that way but isn't that also what are the things that happens when people start attacking you online it's like people their attack like a celebrity their attacking justin bieber they're attacking whoever the it is that they see that is the object of their attention but the person who their attack in the did you don't even know them i don't know any of these people that's kind yet they they've they figure they feel that you're like a free target they want to kill me lately people a people say for like just a lasting from of like they get you took a cpr like referring to my dad whoa i get that all the time people say i'm like do you look like i don't know
look at it too long but i only have the laugh like would have fucking dick then why would you say that like that's addicting you don't know if it's the internet man the problem is that people could say shit on the internet and there's no social accountability no accountability and you don't feel it like you say something mean to somebody how many i could for me personally i've said shit where i might have been just joking around but i said something mean and then i saw the look on a person's face and i'm like i'm sorry i was just fucking around i didn't even mean you don't mean it to come off that way sometimes but you do so when you just get a free ride and you just flip keep warm she said he sucking cpr and they send it out there it's like it's bad for let's on healthy is such a great sociopaths yeah you know and it's like a whenever i go out i've never had one person be meaning course does nice to me and i'm i'm not sure what i'm i'm cool as well you're just yet do some dumb for me to be mad at you know i mean i'm cool but look we where are you guys i'm out you guys will never come into the meeting went out
you wanna do it on here why do you do that you know i'm glad that it's probably different people but if you met them it probably the same thing man i mean people that ask me about that all the time like do you ever get half the people wanna fight you ring never people are nice to me everywhere wherever we wanted to me man i would give you a hug i'm i'm friendly and once they realized that but it's you just become an object when you're on a computer screen or on television when you're fighting you like you refocus his guards bullshit he sucks existence and some reason that fight that you why would jay rock dude there was a important fight for me for two reasons one because i realize how much damage you can do from the guard with your elbows do that was a big moment for me because i never saw anybody deliver elbows like he did from the garden you know how we practice that i mean i asked them pad astec he told me he told me that he was like a had tire but i mean like
this day no one's done it like that like that he was good and i was dizzy for i discussion for a week and half of that if i was dizzy i believe you man i mean that that night i had this check what you saw to do this time who deals almost going to smash her she worked at the palms at night and i took her home but i do i was so dizzy trying to fucker i could throw up i lay down i was actually did come and throw up at the same time lay down broadway just gotta ride me but i couldn't lay flaccid the rumors spin do you there bro happier problems drugs i'm fucking hammered lattice it out i just set up upright and have a ride because i laid all way down the rumors spin that's crazy yeah but he jacked me up with those elbows do down was one of the most effective uses of elbows from the garden ever seen the only time i've seen something really crazy from the garlic that is your riaa hall stop that dude from his guard on the last issue the last version of tough the dude in his guard he was uh
probably got reversed yet i think i forget how he got into his car but anyway in his guard knocked the guy out with punches from the garden under just crazy i've never seen that before but that mother fucker hits hard but that jay rock fight was also intense because you guys were really good friends you guys had become real close in the housing you were hitting him and then you saying i'm sorry i love you i'm sorry i love you we were talking yeah we talk and during the fight and you were doing it like a couple of feet from maine and i remember thinking like this is some heavy shit i'm trying to do the commentary i would like to have just been able to just say nothing and just watch it because it was a great but it was also like crazy interpersonal situation it was weird man you know like i sort of fight when you're going to bike ride with because i was happy i cried as i was sad because i i ruined his his dreams now it was genuine it was very genuine i i was i felt like i was i want to win and then it is my dream my life has those sixty but i don't take with my friends dreams like you know i mean
and that's my anime is it yeah if we make if we're all making mayweather money dude yeah like disco so twenty minutes because of luck right when you know the the person if they lose job anymore yeah it is different you know especially like the guy well george said it best he said he would never fight a friend he said because there's things that he does to apologize he would never do a friend he said i just couldn't i could not do it if i was on top of him i could not deliver elbows to his head concussive match yeah he was just talking about like the viciousness of dropping elbows on someone's head you just wouldn't do that to your friend you wouldn't be able to do that to your friend yeah but more than that i mean i spy nobody's buddies and we beat the shit you know there's a little different right is different trying to kill him it's there's there's the thing in competition where it's fucking real this is this is this is not just competing in the gym this is this is ready ready go ding the bell rings the cameras are on you there's no tape
faxes know reduce the hard part would be would be finishing it for another one still hurt say if you're going to knock a mountain that is happened right but if you rock him and he's like right right right ron you know trying to put on not that i'd like for you know yeah like you know you want the ref to stop it would be different you know like machine ammonia else perfect example real good friends machida head kick some and cook moved in to close the show and decided not to where is anybody else he would hit him with seven punches before that referee deck there in kill mode and when he gets in those karate punches you know throw those rapid fire right hands yeah much as a closer and you know that was a perfect example of the difference between fighting a friend and his most crazy head kick too because he knocked him out through his he had his guard we went through his hand sometimes at hand enough not enough for a head is something power in a dude like that 'cause she is so fucking hard that's why the mbti guys they both hands and away from their head is it
this it'll at the entry transfers through through through your your army is it hard to make that transition though to the smaller gloves because you know the the problem of the small gloves to is it will do is try to do like that k one style dutch thing like this is all these openings that don't exist with those gaskell this is exactly why since two years ago i refuse to sparta big and i don't ever get it i won't do it smart could just if people say the oldest a dangerous man i'll tell you what watch tlc normal it's come from punches mostly elbows head action whatever i'm that happens but it's rare in in the all out punches you you don't cut that much and in practice i've never cut in would you agree sir face up to in the which one do invite in a fight a lot of grease in and they sell the puffy bornemann most yeah and i tell you what meet we go hard with those and i've never i'm not cut anybody but then when i was
ron jeremy prostate pure long time ago headgear am big love i cut the shit out of them it happens it's going happen is going to happen but like you said the big loves you can get used to blocking way differently to big old thing yeah but you can't log that way so i don't allen's brother lives and you see that a lot from like the real high level kick boxer guys that go into mma when they they they realize how many openings are left but were there so you i still like you find like a nikki hold santa one of those type guys guys like fights that classic amsterdam style they we have that hands up high which is fantastic for kickboxing but when guys like that entered to me like alistair like it's a weird thing is there's all these openings there now saying that you won't get good boxes or they can always punches do that was a little bit they can happen happens if if your defense if you're not comfortable in your defense then it ruins your everything you start pan how's it how's hitting you know i mean
difference in the impact as well if even if you do catch a punch like say if you catch guys right hand and you know you have it in front your face with that little love there's not much protecting you if that hands that big ass glove the boxing glove is like a big pillow hitting you in the face mean obviously you know it's still fucking and it's good but there isn't such a different in those four ounce to eight ounce gloves it's an enormous difference and most of them are fighting with ten ounce gloves yeah you know we have the last two years man i don't far like right now i could towards matures and they do tuesday is little gloves and with there's a big looks over there's a and they say well this could do both both on good as my opinion one i'm stubborn and you know that's the way i don't believe it was definitely differ and it's interesting to see even mean even though the court what what year you were with your was your year of the ultimate fighter two thousand seven to two
one thousand and seven even from twenty seventy today think about how much things have changed there was no wheel kicks back then no front kicks to the face and was doing the karate kid coming in their worst in to little now that's another now they are late day so like you'll people thought quite was disproved because only one thing then everyone went to a restaurant you're too and now cried his going back yeah i figured if you can box and resins used to enter will cool cry to kick it can work you gotta makes you get a little bit of everything yeah because they even brought you to me have browning well last i can start doing karate shut up so i swear dude no i'm serious dude feature was doing it yeah that sounds good i know something like like three years ago kicks and i said well i said it won't hurt but you know i mean i know i can't really picture doing that i could do it i could pick him doing it could you you bad ass kids are watching some videos of you kick in the bag with same here yeah dude i was when i was a kid that's all i did was taekwondo so huge thai kwando fan
it was all kicks right all kicks but the problem was i transitioned into kickboxing when i was twenty one and my fucking hands were terrable i was getting lit up in the gym by just even believe it i did not my hands were way better and then i cut out like maybe sixty percent of all taekwondo techniques i concentrate on like a core of fundamental techniques then started learn how to box and then i doing more time i realize than those leg kicks god damn it was a does it that's the thing is like your world will so stubborn you can't there's good things and the thing about learning the thai kwando is you because there's nope to the face and there's no leg kicks you get really good at doing that super risky if guys are throwing leg kicks and punching you in the face was it you might not really get good at those techniques because you wouldn't put as much tighter rome is actually so you get real good i'm and then when you learn those other things you already have that crazy dexterity you know my boy as bad as kids you know and reckless the black and i'm a loser yeah
yeah he has natural he's gone nasty kicks actually is mont automatic karate pettis the so the brother his tennis brothers they have nasty thai kwando they started out in thai kwando and then they learned from duke roufus all the other fundamentals of a kickboxing and mma i think that's a good combination it's a good way to do it because i think it's hard to learn those kicks it's hard we want your that kind of download black belt to his brain it's a joe silva said yeah that's like you're free to nature but other i don't like this and chemicals same here washington nothing now is our no one can do that
i mean that's that's the difference between you know you catch a guy specially not in the transition not an inch between punches but actually just took just trying to take him down good luck hendrix hopping around on one leg punch him in the face nothing and george couldn't come down which is crazy anything about how good george's wrestling is in a lot of his other fights yeah it does johnny did a he's a better than i thought there's a funny when the fight no he wanna fight yeah now you won the fight i think so too yeah but i think almost everybody that i've talked to the watch a fight he said i'm stream i want to see if and i want to see if you're to win i i'll i like it know what i don't to fight jon hendricks in my opinion kostek beat hendricks there was a bad decision out there i think because you wanna find i was really renders die like custer's i thought a close fight that's for sure i thought that if how's the impairment i would say fuck that i would fight anderson and retire i think it could be innocent he's actually can't wrestle
he's had a headache for the last couple of years george oh really yeah freddie roach is talking about it and georges had some migraines he's been talking to over the last two years has been suffering from migraines but that was the personal problems well that was one of 'em i think there's some other stuff that he doesn't want to talk about but the physical problems are legit he was on the podcast man he was talking to me about aliens and he was talking like i was i was pushing him was like you believe in aliens you believe like apparently when they film the countdown show primetime shows on there was a whole segment they filmed where he was talking about like worrying like has nightmares about being abducted by aliens and then he has it like in his mind what he would do if aliens came and anthony your donald told me about this like why did they put them in the show like the he didn't want to have that in and i was like that's crazy i asked him about it on the podcast and one of the things he was talking about though was about me in time sometime i'm in my car and then all of a sudden i'm at the gym and i don't know how i got there and mike okay do that is not aliens
that's called we had too much yeah eleven is a fact because you know i'm not double i don't think a punch drunk but i lose my car all time now ever since the rough and i just was in a car let let like if i go to the mall my car is gone i literally dude i so can get a flag and put it on his roof i got to put it i put a little note my phone like level for like i had to put up a no lose my car park like memento for parking yeah you know how do but like brown is worse to me though even if it's things like in the last lesson question like five times in a day no but we this is just i mean everyone that fights noses danger sport that's why i get pissed off when the football players are suing nfl mother fuck you guys made millions it's a violence board you're gonna get it you have a head to head injury you got paid what you could do you know i mean we we don't get paid i don't think we do and we're getting the same
injuries but nothing happens we're going back the wrestler the wrestler movie is going to happen to eighty percent of fighters i'm hoping that they're going to figure out some sort of a medical solution i feel like if you look at the advancements in science and medicine with the been able to figure out about how to fix all sorts of injuries that fixing to matic brain injury is probably next and i know that the this he called the intrepid center for excellence that they work with soldiers coming back from the war that have a brain injuries big issue and they've made some big improvements and helping people but i'm i'm with you i would way rather see a fighter retire too soon and too late and it bums when i see a girl too long and i i see them struggling i see the worst part is is is if you know they do because any money yeah i mean like like you know some guys like they didn't retire with these thought they'd the money when they take fights
okay this whatever it would not prepared against a dangerous guy to get more damage you know exactly well that's a real that's a real issue you know all nobody wants to fight this guy well why do you think that we want to fight this guy because they're not the same level as him and because of the do finally gonna get knocked the out with say they're scared there is a fire yeah and it's not like you can't say that a guy scared because nobody everyone entering everyone entering into the c is not a perfect finished product they're just not it's a it's a device moment cycle that goes through the entire t of your career and one of the about boxing is they know where their fighter is at and they try to match him up well before they give him a title shot if you look at boxing on lost they get a manager and they slowly build them up and then they start testing them and they do test them but test them once they develop some serious world class skills in boxing you find nothing but she was pretty much like you
you eat a lot of work easy easy easy guys step up a little bit so you did you did you do the pulling back then i i make these are you know i mean they they they have so many fights with the other guys get like thirty you know you know i mean because their fight no one thirty you know can we realize also that that's the way to make money the way to make the money to build up a manny pacquiao to build up a ricky hatton to build up a floyd mayweather you're gonna have a lot of fight like floyd me there at mayweather is the only one has been able to go through the fire over and over and over again and come on undefeated cnn is a special athlete and into the thing like i don't want to knock on the ufc that your boss so whatever you work for them but like you see this one market fires wanna mark in the ufc well it's if you were a business you know if you're a business it smart but she do market fighters as well looked rhonda rowsey i know how much rhonda rowsey is making she's making incredible money if your pay if you draw if you're george st pierre if you're someone that's making a ton of money you make you make money based on how many paper view cell so there they're making shitloads of money so there's what
people read online as far as like how much the ufc pays its like these are the disclosed revenue they disclosed incomes but that's not what they get paid there's a bunch of other shit involved as well there's there's bonuses and then on top of the bonus is there is what they get for each paper view sale so they don't disclose and a lot of it is a lot of fighters don't want people to disclose but if your guy who start now and you want to eventually work your way up to get to championship status like it's a fuck in mine field but look at brock lesnar's perfect example of talking to in about this last night is there my guy where is look second fight in his fight in the former ufc heavyweight champion in his okay amir was as prime i mean me amir was so i mean as good as he's ever been when brock bottom now his problem is that he was too famous yeah he have you thrown in there yeah i know kimbo slice i think i did same kind of problem kimbo slice it was that he sucks he's only training a couple of dude
he doesn't suck inexperienced yeah he had potential but he was two famous too fast and they had to fight two guys two thousand got washed out exactly i mean it was like his own marketing you know guerrilla marketing on the internet stuff worked for men against them did you ever see the sean gannon fight the world although one we thought a karate dojo way back in the day before daddy is one of the great pull that shit up sean gannon versus kimbo slice that is one of the greatest displays of heart ever for folks who don't know kimbo slice became fame yes on the internet for all these crazy not now it's in his backyard fights he'd fight dudes bare knuckle boxing backyard fights beat the shit out of him make this money was cool looking cat with big big giant lp gas huge knuckles and really nice guy super not super nice guy he looked at his image you think one thing you meet him he's like so friendly and ready to throw down he's just ready to throw down so he a famous and there's a cop from boston name sean gannon this mother walker has a head like a fire hydrant and
this is when they were in the middle of it this is like the everybody broke it up they got on there was a lot of money being rational wrestling yeah he they said it had to be a stand up fight when he got him in a standing guillotine and he's put him to sleep and all these people are jumping in and saying no wrestling no resident there literally prying the two of 'em apart and kimbo if you tune it to beginning kimbo was tuning him up in the beginning of the fight but that guillotine man if a guy is good and he gets you a guillotine your fucked 'cause it's gonna he's give he held on to the guillotine for about thirty or forty seven yeah i can most tired as that yeah no one saying anything when kim shop for but i was because sean was battering him by this point it would this car you can hang with cardio can kimbo shot on him which is crazy and then you see him there everybody freaking out he couldn't hang with the cardio he also couldn't again is just an animal that mother could take punishment now that was a tough jim for those tough fight though i don't watch back in the day can't gannett start posting on the underground from the hospital after this fight
can i watch this shit live on the internet was like a paper view stream he lost his job was that yeah he did something happen he got demoted or you got in trouble something but the cop that is the last mother you wanna resting you there he's just so tough man because kimbo slice hit him with some bombs his face was completely swollen and bloody by then the fight but that do i had just know give up in him and plus he had been used to mma you know he had been used to fighting with better gloves and not only that pacing himself like just lighten dudes action he just jumped out of the gate i make him obviously had some good punching skills but as far as like his fans in a far as like his ability to pace himself like he was like really way outclassed and gannon started tuning amount of body shots and so but surely he starts beating down by the end it's absolutely brutal because they're given these crazy counts to the game like a thirty cal or some shit like that and they when the
it goes down you don't follow him like in mma you gotta let him back up but i mean he could have died easily kim absolutely exhausted and he's getting just force fed knuckle sandwiches but this was this was a perfect indication that although he name famous on the internet like he had a lot of growth to be fine the guys in the ufc you know guys like brandon lee hinkle like now social class wrestlers you mean not getting up back signed he got the guy gets you down your let you know yeah you're not getting up it's it's it's a terrible a type of matchup and so gannon went in there against those guys too he fought brighton ankle in uh in the octagon and kimbo fought you know he thought quite a few guys actually did well he he's he got better yeah better we just just so these guys have so many years on him he had some bad knees too he kimbo had some serious arthritis in his knees no squeeze them and people never died on the wars
like i remember i remember i was backstage remember go to draka yeah i want to be with a limp toyed yeah i was like in high school but i'll go there like only with fight i was at one one time and a guy from france fight now that it's he died whoa it was a what the fuck then it was like a you know i mean it was like that we're using all someone dies wouldn't be surprised nothing out and it's always was kind of weird people die this is die but the war is like there well they say that most of the people who die cut weight let's say that yeah most of the serious issues of brain death and real serious brain damage from a fight happens in the weight classes below heavyweight but there was a recent fight on hbo where a guy wound up in the hospital with swelling on the brain some russian dude was for which is beating and it was a heavyweight fight it was a heavyweight this cuban olympian and he he just beat the fucking shit out to this it russian do witches unbelievably tough just kept commenting face was like swollen outta here by the end of the fight and apparently he
mike serious brain swelling after the fight in his career is done yeah this sean gannon after the flash crazy oh god that's nuts that faces nuts and that's the winner do that sure might look like after the fight to the first time yeah i was there i was feeding them ice cream in the hotel room yeah side job with them he was fucking beat up man he got beat up that was a he rather fight with a torn acl too right yeah i mean fighting i like to do with a torn acl and tito was tito back then two thousand titles on fire duty to had in my opinion still to this day has some of the best ground and pound from inside a guard 'cause he did father passed passing the guard you control his posture he wasn't let's you and he was just dropping elbows on you smashing you from the top a batter can left he had you like a lot of people could learn like there's a a lot of people thought they had good guards and they fight tito and you get stuck in between
he was he was smashing guys from their guard to guard didn't mean to tito he never even got close to getting caught not hard on my room getting caught ever he doesn't get enough credit that guy you know a lot of is because the things he says you know a lot of it is you know little ups here and there that is done but like as a fighter you know just because he couldn't be chock like to go tito is still a great fighter tito he doesn't doesn't get nearly enough credit especially i think he has some of the best ground and pound ever you know everyone they've if you want to lose you suck it sucks he sucks it's just easy it's easy to shit on him you know that's the thing that's like sports shit to sports radio you should on players the guy drops the ball is a bomb they love to do that but the and they apply to try to apply that should to fighting and then you deal with the way more personal subject you know you know the guy's a he scared junior dos santos let's just say it was come out and say it like why
talking like that like we do you know what are you saying you know what how bout you get in their stupid you wouldn't be scared for sandals to punch in to punch in the face be crazy to be crazy to not be scared i can even watch me around civilians you know i mean like the fucking to see the crazy shit do you find it like drunk especially drunk white guys try to talk extra tough you're watching mma around you i do i don't know it's like a drunk guys people don't count as much drunk to come right away which always want to tell stories of fights and fires this no i did not want to talk about fighting yeah i give a fuck about fighting i guess they that's all you can relate to that yeah it's like dude i fucking train all day i don't care about how do i watch file type of fighting like this type of girl's ass i have a friend i have a friend and her boyfriend doesn't know any about martial arts is never rain today in his life
he likes to watch fights but when he watch his fights he he it's like getting all aggressive and saying crazy shit and she gets mad because she this guys a fucking pussy i'd kick this fucking guys ass guys are put and she's like you shut the fuck up you ain't kicking nobody's ass like why are you saying that you know how annoying that is there is the word i'll give you this phone guy he's going so why you saying that doesn't suck man did the perspective as we get up focus on the ground i don't think he wants to get up he wants to get up you can't yeah fuck man what please knock him out or he's trying to knock him out what do you guys think about it so far trading hearing people critique fights and have no idea what you're talking about no he's ever hit them you know there was nothing punch like what do you tell the point she knocked like someone is telling me about the chris weidman chris weidman anderson like a fixed fight to me bro there wasn't nothing punch
perfectly in the end of the chin because anybody hit you in the end of your chin and we tell you what happens your legs go we we just give out on you but you know knockout so weird like remember when tom law we found a lot and yes yes there were slugging it out and he wanted i mean like a glow it was a weird right hook it was like a software one looks like nothing but knocked him out yeah i've been hit hard to sell beheaded which in the gym fine and i've been dropped by guys 'cause if it hit you in the right spot it you're just done yet sometimes we're a punch doesn't look like it should not you like remember when hands are gracie for dan henderson enzo is trying to shoot in on dan try to take him to the ground it damn public item he killed somebody is like a uppercut almost like his wrist and a hanzo went out and like so could you versus little nog same shit he hit him with a punch but didn't even land the punch him with his wrist and he knocked him out you know that's why i like people like i use the term lucky punch i don't care i use it people
there's a look as you through it yeah i guess what though he threw sixty five hard ones didn't do end of those awful knock him out it's a lucky punch you know what i've seen guys will like i'm do you know all fight hello last minute left and you closed there's an overhand right knock me out so lucky punch you know i mean like this sort of but then again ok here's a perfect example like marcus davis send jeremy stephens marcus davis was boxing jeremy stephens but jeremy stevens la there's a few good shots but not i have to put him away and then finally the third round him with just his haymaker from jupiter and landed right on his chin and marcus was stretched he was out cold but i mean here with all these parts before didn't do it but he was looking for that perfect punch yeah that's not a that's not a lucky winners are sometimes are with the the there there is a few yeah and it's like like weird how friends when matthews fat matt serra they collided heads in matthews went down he thought he got punched but it was like ahead but that dropped and he went to the corners like would hit me that i get did i get dropped and
like they thought he got hit by a punch but we watched in the replay you can see they collide heads and he gets dropped from that you know there's a and that's why i think a stand up a little more shaky 'cause there's more luck and stand up yeah then there is in the wrestling jitsu there's also more what's important like things you're physically born with like reach and athleticism and fast twitch muscle fibers that to play way more with stand up where is it i can get real good once you if you teach guy the fundamentals of striking and he's a long tall guy you know he could get real good real affective real quick as opposed to assure fat white guy who's got short ass arms ann you're fucked yeah like the the physical but that short guy if they were just rolling that guy was a wicked black belt jujitsu just knows positioning he could run around that dude time up and did not and do whatever he wants to him so you can get like a blue belt in striking yeah you don't have to be as athletic yeah
that's weird thing to live with me and when we're talking about it about like and then the day everything's jim like we know right away the race his bloodline the fighting dogs bloodline my roof is bloodline it's all bloodline those are the best animals were fucking animal like it comes a lot like some guys are freaks why the freaks cause damage do genetically there's the magic you know i mean it's like bj penn yeah i don't know george foremans yeah all these guys are just fucking freaks so you you wanna get so good it's like it to me like jamie horne is an example of someone that's a great fighter really technical he wanted you can go off bill in an effort we never had the athleticism you know i mean yeah if you put that skill into saint pete for jeep and they would kill everyone i mean yeah genetics is a lot that's why
the perfect storm is a guy like gsp has the genetics and works like a motherfucker ann is smart and most guys that had the janitor lazy like jesus yeah i mean well it's interesting seeing bj come back now because bj is going to fight at one hundred and forty five and he's already down to like one hundred and fifty five is already in the 50s i've seen pictures on the skinny as shit it's crazy it's just i don't know like those last few fights like the nick diaz fight and rory macdonald fight like what kind of a beating you took in those fights noun it those fights were like first round effort and then shut down and then it he was trying to win but he's basically on survival mode for rounds two and three there two you should have never taken against 70s i mean the class warfare once over but the fact that he's now at one hundred and forty five is just so crazy that he just so extreme goes from i'm now can't wait i'm just going to fight anybody at one hundred and seventy and then i'm fighting in one hundred and forty five that's a giant difference yeah yeah but he's one guy that i think maybe should be letter other
guys can't wait and say something something answer is like one hundred and fifty five because i don't think i would only be fifty five you know we're not one hundred and eighty seven and i'm fucking lean fifty five can i make it yeah i could but it might be better that i don't think so i don't think is always the cure like leaves are really weak i was just talking to john alicia we started yesterday and i said you can stay at fifty five things like fuck i don't know man he said that one hundred and seventy was always small like alessio in shape is like one hundred and seventy five privileging shaped like a small one hundred and fifty says seventy no never muscle me around after the as if i can get manhandled so it is weak for me yeah you know so it isn't always the cure like everybody wants to go lower lower lower lower lower right i don't think it's looking cane change two hundred and forty with a little fat on him and he beats the fuck out everybody's which are small look at it small gains small randy was tiny and their fighting
and so like if i'm if i'm fighting one hundred and seventy in the guys one thousand and twelve pounds heavier than me it ain't heavy is the thirty pounds heavier they're fine with this thing about those really big heavyweights is they can't keep the pace they just can't keep that kind of pace you saw with shane carwin so abroad lesnar see with alistair they can't keep that this is too much muscle feed you can't keep cain velasquez pays people people think hearts and lungs are kind of all the same size your body might be bigger but you we have the same size heart and lung we gotta feed that muscle you know yeah that's a weird thing people don't really understand that a guy they well you know you just got to get in better shape you know he's gotta fuckin five hundred horsepower engine he's got three gallons of gas that's just what you got you know in lungs or uniform yeah how big were like a ween do like john does have huge dick guaranteed no this is it doesn't but it would be giant in comparison most likely maybe like shaquille o'neal someone told me you had a little deck i told me shut the fuck up first of all you gotta show me a picture you can talk shit like that second of all
dick compared to what was he like so imagine if shaquille o'neal is so humongous like say he had an eight inch dick big dick it's going to connie on security normally like you have like a fifteen inch dicks making normal it's true true lungs lungs hearts and dicks well big guys have bigger lungs don't they make me must have a larger heart too all things that much bigger shaquille o'neal maybe a little bigger but fifty six pounds heavier well that sucks for people little hands and a little less hearts 'cause you know you know some dudes you like you see their fishing like well this is crazy poking at all is what i hear i know it's true but i think they're about the same size of hearts
it is not that much of the variation in the amount of variation in muscle mass of people put on is pretty huge like a b if i'm if i'm one seventy five more calls me better than if i'm two thirty five i'll be a like see guys let carrie muscle mass and then they use it though like hector lombard he's a scary motherfucker with a lot of mass is a fugue is it like break those rules who smart paul higher once in his good cardio yeah not bad but it's also so monson's been in the game so long he can relax and that's a big part of fighting is just being able to relax its brain brains mostly cardio keep mind let like for example my my my neighbor's children right he has the also course record at birds he's you can do any notion marathons he can do crazy all kinds of circuits be them be right but for spore on one five minute around he's going to die yeah is it funny yeah my dude but he could wrestle he he commercial all day but souza punching involve five
it tightens up he's dead i do it you can run snowshoe marathon yet you can't focus part you dead brain is everything well nick diaz had the press style for that getting guys exhausted because he wouldn't let him breathe and that's what people don't understand when punching you even if it's a little punches you can't relax you need to relax so you're holding your breath all the time he's hitting you within thirty seconds of that you're exhausted and all those little fifty percent punches start adding up the media is is a is a nightmare next one of the biggest nightmares ever this is the last person i want to fight lately if i should modify saint pierre diaz here all day really yeah diaz just for my style this is a nightmare because he i don't know i i don't i don't i don't go i don't have to go backwards i had to go forward with him he he goes forward too much you should use a nightmare to me he revolutionized in my opinion that like that style striking you never saw that before like guy
throw in like fifty percent punches and just staying on you and just hit me with volume so crazy like that was the style that didn't exist before he looks looks like dumb yeah it looks weird but it kicks ass when you i like guys melt like like frank shamrock frank shamrock melted he is not under that barrage and he's talking shit and frank can't breathe and he's punched says what bitch what bitch eat that bitch knuckle sandwich in kicking his ass and then frank can't believe that he's got his ass kicked and he's getting talked shit to like this on tv and he realize i'm not going to beat this fucking guy and he can't breathe 'cause he's not get any breath 'cause nicks hitting him with three thousand and forty fucking punches a minute just dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot here is difficult yeah he's throwing a hundred and fifty punches hitting you with thirty one thing with nick is like like seeing period beating me easier because next league's rest yeah as long as you can see the mission would be finding them down yeah but on the feet band night
nasty body shots to was going to say is thirty of his punches are going to be hard punches to the body and he throws those vicious hooks to the body and laws you to sleep with a few pittypat's and there's boom boom the hooks to the body the pool daily fat another perfect example that yeah that's the other thing about nick is it he take a fucking serious punch do you see him he'll be pitter patter ng kuok it cracked right back to the kids right now just let's you know so what so what bitch so you hit me bitch see him extend their hands like when he fought calls content and he literally bitch slapped him he just some palm slapped him in the face i mean who does that who talks so much shit i love medias one of my favorites of all time one of my favorites it's just up it's interesting to see different styles and how those styles of play out and see if people could find a solution you know george found a solution to that style but never came
close finishing a never never really put him in danger it was like a very safety first version of that no one had about his lawler did yeah i a resurgence i'm happy him for awesome like i don't know we're like i thought it i mean i know there's gonna come back to that used to smash everyone to see if you can find online robbie lawler versus melvin manhoef that's my fave robbie lawler fight that was in strikeforce i know that's scary do old is first of all the dudes the blackest man on the planet ok he's black as coal he's built like fuck superhero hero who is the nastiest kicks and punches he said the god ever knock mark hunt out in the first round with one punch and he's a hundred and eighty five pounds which is fucking crazy they fought in mma mark hunt shot in on him mean it tells you how fucking scary melvin manhoef is he so uh spring just dis steel spring just coiled back ready to fucking explode on you so anyway
teen off on robbie lawler fucking up his legs it he's not checking any of these kicks and he sitting with these inside low kicks that got robbie's legs literally flying up in the air and then boom robbie uncorks haymaker lose every minute of the fight up to the moment he works is punch and melvin's eyes just roll way back into his head and that's the end of it yeah this is the fight right here is my all time favorite robbie lawler fights because she has legs are flying up in the air melvin manhoef is one of the best kick back boom there it is the best kickboxers to come out of one of the best gyms he was one of the guys from mike's gym where is that's where alistair started training recently when he rebuilt themselves mike mike is responsible for badr hari he's got gokan saki over there a lot of those high level high level guys from holland well i think
golden glory i don't know either way back last fighters over there but robbie lawler he always has that one punch power he speaks durable and tough doesn't give a littered legitime doesn't give a fuck dana told me they called robbie lawler told him you got a title shot against johnny hendricks is for the welterweight title he goes cool is it he's a nice guy like him but to he's kind of like a bimbo that's how is currently like he's like he's like simple and so nice and like we the bimbo like airhead you know like that's funny i don't know that's what always got off of you know i've had conversations with conversation he's not he's not too but just like like you like seems like quite in like he's kind of like a bimbo i know we're talking about much i i know what you're saying but that's just the perception cs i know talking for a long time which you know he was one of the coaches poll to fight it when i was on there real other team so you like real nice and like you seem like you know yahoo
what team are you on i wasn't you on sarah and he was on here which is like a brownie would always tell me back bro he would tell me login spar i'm like yeah right dude loaded with this boy is a striker so i asked him on the show they do spotted like why would i spar is like i know how to fight i spent like what you see you soon so yeah i mean i rest when i run another weights but i don't support i know how to fight already but the way you said it was just pointing it seemed like like like a like a like a rock like just like you see nothing but you know he's a nice guy but you just tell fast but you show me doesn't sparkle what do you think about that because is that may be a way to do it like you don't take any damage so you go into a fight and you haven't been hit at all you know how to people and you know how to get hit you've been doing it for years if you to stop now home timing would you lose if you did like a lot of network and you just concentrate on drills with a real good striking coach uh
i wouldn't do it because i know one way from the judges by jail we wanna jail like the first couple weeks few weeks is pouring out like i'm like flynn she liked my flexing are you didn't get to do anything in jail right yeah all you all could do that without a box like push ups and squats only workout i no that's great i would do it i me i spartan only once a week just just just tuesdays and mi with looks like i said and i said you know i have three days a week more great three days a week but it too much i think i don't think you need yeah this is pointed diminishing returns specially with taking shots at what everyone is her in practice no i mean so i've spent more time doing other stuff is less dangerous and on you know running and install that because i think in the beginning when your new i think is important is far because you need comfortable once you get comfortable is less important because you rely
you nervous lemoore and stuff so much of it is also dependent upon finding people you could trust to spar with like there was when i first moved to hollywood in ninety four i was trying to the jet center and bunch of real cool guys there was a bunch of real cool guys to spar with this one dude in particular i forget his name things ed i forget but he was uh do not do the spark all the time because i knew that he would never try to t off on me and he knew that i never try to t off on him everything was like fifty percent always you never was never you know some dudes will fifty percent you and then hit you with some shit we like come on man what do we do in here are we fighting then we spark and the next thing you trying to get him back next thing you know you're going to war brawling in your brain up you know i don't believe that you need to spar hard i don't think so either way i was going to say is i got better with this guy in my spa got sharper my reflexes got sharper because i was consulates boring with this dude where i wasn't worried about getting knocked out in in our training sessions you know i in well it's a you know
culture or not dude so you're going to post you're going to you're going to take it that says you are by that standard music robbie lawler's got a point you think maybe his style of of not sparring at all is a good idea for him that's it right you gotta find what works for you you know like some guys i think you could get away with more than others but i wouldn't feel comfortable counter confident doing it but i've never heard that i was doing severin yeah i wonder what i mean who knows he might just be ball shouldn't you might like to spread rumors there for you he was living with running for a little bit and i guess like me back in the day so brunch at houston's part of the bullshit dude yes is what we all want to do as far so he need confirmed it so i don't know do you know whether the asking but that's really interesting man that's really interesting but uh scary fucking finisher though the way you put away koscheck you fuck i mean the way you fight still need disney disbar obviously yeah maybe that'll save his brain in the long run that's what i'm saying that's a problem
fox news is they only punch so they're getting hit in the head all the time in practice and the fight so they get more brain damage in us you know once a week not the ended like always come there digs giving you hard when you see as like come like meldrick taylor is that freak you out it scary dude it freaks me out man i see barn when i was in my 20s i haven't done any sporn i'm forty six is old now and i still wonder what i did when i was younger like maybe i would have been smarter he would've been so weird like you know it can't be good hitting head camp we are so i mean that's why you got to accept the fact you gotta be careful this often you have a smart like for example last week i was born with evan dunham and i shot at the exact same time you kicked who is like that it was a fluke accident super common now yeah and i was on my on my ass i was like pretty much
almost out you know needed time bad time anyway is this when this happen last week now what do you do when something like that happens how much time you take office barn depending how i feel afterwards but i think we i anyway but if i would have been dizzy year like that night still afterwards the next day i wouldn't miss part of couple weeks because you loser gin yeah that's so exciting but sucks in like like i was fine leave that i not only find so i i think is a big deal but on them on tuesday we got this silver medalist olympic guy from denmark from martin cannons buddy he's a silver medal as he's using boxer no no wrestler her so spineless guy yesterday the standard is not good yet so i'm going to software i want to be dick you know but then he took it out of double leg and i was going up on the fence and then month over suplex me on my head dude
and uh i got rocks pretty good but you know it was like fuck some people don't know is this is happenin all day yeah hello day for you guys like save the if the album is save all evan dunham i have been my last round last tuesday my first round i would always stop for the day if you get if you get dropped or knocked out of roger don't all don't be tough fucking take the day off because you're going to do more damage your brain cover a little bit it will not only that mean you really need more than a day you probably need a long time off which is kind of fucking crazy and at least a week but i'm saying like some guys will like it dropped and they'll take like a man off and swallow the next round now i'm done for the day relax thinking of benefits you you've seen is getting knocked out cold in boxing gym in sparks parm later and it's like you gotta do it now fuck you yeah get back on the horse don't be scared to get back on the horse and you see him spar in there like and then i get jack out what is going on the job in iraq well that had the
been a couple instances in the ufc where guys get knocked out training camp and they completed their camp and fought travis lewter when he knocked out marvin eastman i find marvin eastman got knocked out twice in camp he was trained tito and he got knocked out by a knee during take down another time there was something else like during a takedown again knocked out so you've been concussed out cold twice in camp and then fall and travis lewter caught him with the end of this punch was kind of crazy it was the weirdest knockouts ever that yeah i kind of like pull it pull out who booty rava saluted versus martin keepers never knocked out anyone's life is just got rained travis lewter versus marvin eastman and these from these well
lunar coupon she's a strong dude i mean yeah he's not he's a good guy and he's from the strikers he thought he was going to take him down to try it you know he's one of in my opinion like the guys that like didn't reach his potential that makes me go take a fucking lazy lazy well not just lazy like wouldn't leave his gym like trained with the students and shit like that exist you smashing action silver yeah any gas yeah his travis right here that's crazy will show that one more time because it doesn't even make sense but it's not like people you might think it was fake watch this one i can take you down he had some with this punch here it is that's crazy barely works it's like a grazed him at the very end of the punch and marvin eastman had just been so damn in training he just went out cold but try fluter was a wicked jiu jitsu guy he dominated everybody in the house when you see when he was fighting on the ultimate fighter dude his fucking take
on is ju jitsu is laser sharp and he fucked any font anderson silva and he lost so much weight dude i never seen a guys i was so closer to death than the way games for travis he never made the weight he i mean the way to mister waits was a non title fight when he fought anderson an when he got on that scale man his lips were cracked and bleeding face was completely sucked in there was no water in his body and he was shuffling i'll never forget that he will could even walk he was shuffling towards the scale for a second time this is adam sorry miss weight on the on the stage they wait backstage afterwards he couldn't make the weight it was off by like a cup pounds till it was a mass it was no way he was going to lose anymore where he was going to die and so they change it to a non title fight but when if that guy i had just earlier in his career had moved to a bigger camp and gone like the jacksons or american top team or something like that and really got in shape he would've been a mother fucker widgets who was so strong is all
and that is in is cardio need better training eisen's cardio yeah yeah it was like i'm as good was the best ever for from part of the world yeah guy was anyone you're dead but after that so rap you would yeah yeah yeah well gosh guy metzger he's a he's another guy that had a real problem he was taking vioxx here taking some shit for his knees it was like a arthritis shit that turned out it would people strokes and had a stroke from this medication yeah yeah he's never fought never but again you like his face answer notice and he was like slurring his words like crazy and well it was like out of nowhere and so they urged him to go to a doctor and he went to a doctor and found that you had a fucking stroke i push was via i'm going to pull this up 'cause i don't want to speak desk but remember they pulled that shit god metzger that sounds fun it when they make really illegal but all these drugs fuck everybody up
yeah no kidding man yeah man he did yeah ok that was it was vioxx yeah and he he got a fucking stroke it to they took him to the hospital crazy i am yeah you gotta be careful although medications that they can give you for for things like arthritis and this extreme anti inflammatory medications like that they can extreme effect on your blood especially these like pharmaceutical ones they pull that shit off the market yeah i try to stay away from most of medication you eat really healthy man i watch your your twitter feed for what you eat you eat almost totally vegan right well ever since i got outta jail i started eating home i never know i'm not like ninety percent china study and a friend was vegan and i started reading a lot in in just made sense to me and i i believe this the the study like a lot of that stuff and i that that the document before so when i
this stuff is so i gave it a shot i'll try it out you know i mean i'm still straw almost glue whatever what do you protein from you say nine some was ten percent animal protein yeah we see what i do so protein and there's a lot of supplemental at powder from i like sponsor garden of that's a great company yeah but what i did stuff i like their style i gel and i'll take that stuff and all that fun is expensive i thought there are seemed to sponsor me like i'm a maniac you know that's why i said i'm that's why i want so i'm gonna email him right and i was like hey you know and they're like sure it was like really okay just let you know lego i guess our jailed in porn and like oh yeah we already googled you alright wow that's awesome but there are great company but anyway come in daytime jose i make smoothies just told like bananas spinach strawberries in the protein so do you
what a big meal until like later you doing that right now i'm doing that are kind of more you don't know the warrior diet yeah i never read the book but i know the the the i know a little bit about it but i like it because here's what happens is it my whole life you know i did the bible and i eat every two or three hours and you know in it was always easy in the daytime and night come starving and i want she was always a problem in the night time was like man when he does that name in the can she can cheat right so then i read the the theory behind it and it makes sense man like all day long the hungry anyway so i did a little bit during the day and then it was pig out and i have big you know big dinner so the last just just the last few months i've been doing the warrior diet thing but based all i do is i only either side i make this movie when i before practice and then a one right after practice one hour huh yeah that's all you need is an hour yeah i feel like it's good for me
only because it's a vegetable based movie right yeah it it's all fruit and and you know and you know i i try to do that with like whey protein you start your pants well your brains out we have a you know i like the way it goes milk taste better the way proteins better stuff but i don't know i i think i think it's bad from what i've read i try to stay away from all dare animal stuff expression dairy but then like what i usually was like only vegan all week and sunday you like a fucking pig here to give a one cheat day like pizza like anything i don't hear anything nothing nothing forbidden but sometimes say like we look at sushi august sushi can big deal but in my house i only the that's interesting some of our protocols from from mostly beans rice alike relapse daschle's home and then the protein but but to be either born died at the same thing every day same time today that's my
because freedom makes me if i don't have a schedule i'm fucked i can't even if i have any free with my schedule i'll screw it all up so i had that ring i don't now wasn't screwed like something thing i even get working up early like my schedule so exact like today i'm here right it is this ended early i wouldn't trade after this market is ruler and then on the way here i had the ird junk food i fucking went to jack in the box so you sort of manage yourself against your own impulses yeah because i know that i had this one but i don't if i have a schedule for any awful me i'll follow it to i don't have i don't have one i could just myself you too impulsive yeah i can't do it at least you understand that you know but that's a trial and error thing you know and i think that's probably we think about like your life and all this the circumstances that you've had your life those those developed paths they develop
behavior pass and those behavior pass when once you already go down that impulsive road becomes very difficult to those paths that's why people like gambling junkies the four could fall off the wagon just fucking let me just play one hand one hand of blackjack so you know they're sweat in their collars on darn it here's a crazy i've i three bit myself to gamble yeah i'm out of gambler either anyway but yeah but this right now my diet i like it too i i don't i don't think we need to eat them that much animals and stuff you know the china study shows like in the racks and stuff that if and the rats that ate more than ten percent animal products there cancer that would turn on and then they take him to ninety percent digital diet and they would turn off the cancers but i'm here to tell you that i'm an american and i'm not a fucking rat i'm a human being top of the food chain i'll eat a rat if i'm hungry but i don't like the base my died of some shitty rhoden city themselves yeah well here's the thing to what you think about all right so we're in tribes okay
those guys are the hunters were going to go out update hot along the way we're going to be eating apples and where we found right there on the way going to be at home you know hunting and get our gathering and clean shit up and we get a pig we bring home at night time and we have a feast but it's one pig we maybe there's a whole fucking so we'll get a small amount of meat and most really vegetables and adding plant stuff but just to let you know i mean i don't know how much you've done online i don't think there's anything wrong with being a vegan diet and i'm a big proponent in eating a lot of vegetables i eat a lot of axles i think it i mean i feel better when i drink kale shakes and eat a lot of fresh vegetables but the the china studies been debunked by many different scientists there's been a lot of there's been a lot of different work like one of the things that choose to try to study i was cherry picking data in order to master their the conclusions that they wanted to make like there's
if you just google china study de bont there's a bunch of different articles about of the queue here's one rest in peace china study and it's all about but guy who wrote a story but analyzing the original china study data he said i had no intention of writing an actual critique of the campbell much lauded work i'm a data junkie numbers long with strawberries and audrey hepburn films blah blah blah blah blah but eh spending a solid month and a half reading graphing sticky noting in passing out at three hundred am from studious exhaustion upon my copy the raw china study data i've decide this time the voice all my criticisms and there are many and this guy just go is into all these different points where there like the the is so campbell was influenced by his own expectations about animal protein and disease leading him to seek out specific correlations in the china sea data and elsewhere to confirm his prediction which means didn't use real science but he did was confirmation bias they tried to go towards the lot
he can do that man like i tried i had this what's the endurance i know that we had on the dude all i think and talk about anyway cat was a vegan really good guy and we were talking about about about rick roll we're talking about rich roll talk about veganism and you know what he was saying that it had nothing to do with not wanting to eat animals it is all about health so i sort talking about the benefits of fish oil and well and then he was like agreeing that there's a lot of health benefits official so do you supplement with fish while he's like no i know i don't like well why wouldn't you if you know all the benefits official because it becomes a thing where you want to say you don't eat any animals here's your things like like my little buddies is a vegan real vegan like reading labels and shit right i will never i don't believe in the whole house right i believe that i think my opinions were meant to eat some meat but mostly plants you know
that's why i think we probably mentally naturally but like whatever i want you know some of the grown a great deal of benefit to eating animal protein now there's a lot especially animal protein it's grass fed you start look into wild game and grass fed animal protein the difference between like the the fact is it is like way more that in salmon essential fatty acid yeah way more in the wild game much more much more you know the problem is most people you're judging dietze diets here's one jug like some this is a sore thumb that sticks out most people have sedentary lifestyles so if you start judge the diet of the average american with what is the average american do with their body under shit yeah so you can't even compare the average american to an athlete but when you start talking to athletes talk talking about the despite tific nutritional demands of you headline in your fucking body every day when you're training when you doing
conditioning i've i seen the videos you were you doing chinups with fuck weight belts on and ninety pound dumbbells and in between your legs your red line in your body all the time by man man man you need it as much protein nutrients essential fatty acids vitamins you need all good you can't afford to have a deficiency in any area and you should look into like if you're not opposed to it from a moral standpoint look into the benefits of of grass fed protein i think that's why i like the way i'm doing it i do both but mostly the plants i think as long as i am my energies are high in my muscle staying the same my strange the same like i could i don't know i feel good you know what i mean which is definitely better than the average diet yeah anything is to this is why in jail i stopped reading fucking this is a real shit right books fiction is fake of a nonfiction so long
and the reason why in jail i stopped reading nonfiction was because i will fucking read one book written by four ph ds in a tommy this right now another book by four ph ds and tell me the opposite yeah no one knows shit and it pisses me so that after a while i started only fiction just stories i think of shape you know because i got sick i read in them because each other and knows nothing you know well what's going on is that there's not enough it's not that no one knows anything it's like people are still learning and they're still learning about the body mean if you just look at training methods that people use to use just one hundred years ago errors in the training methods today you ever watch that all training camps like jack johnson and jack dempsey and all these guys just do most crazy like olds training methods it's silly their bodies look different like athletes are just different today we understand tabata methods we understand different protocols for endurance training you understand huh great monitor is going to overtraining understand like
hydration electrolytes is just so much they understand today that they did know that it's constantly growing it's not it's not finished product i think the main problem is those like if i mean we're scientist and we figure out this thing on like we we we think it were right but then we liked the design to stay for can they refuse to believe the wrong and they they really don't push this even though now they know what might be wrong they there they don't they waste so much time to make this right now they're scared it's sandie with the flat earth around with all that bullshit same type of theory you know i mean we're like you know they get committed to their ideas they don't want to budge they they they'll does rather preach their idea even though it's not right let go and that's the problem too with the science that's an eighty in the in the issue with people that study ancient civilizations there's a guy that we've had on this podcast several times a good friend of mine named graham hancock great guy who wrote this amazing book called fingerprints of the gods and it's all about
ancient structures he can geologists man they have this guy robert shock from boston diversity they studied the the erosion marks on the sphinx and they they're find to backdate the the an enclosure for this function try setting rain right yeah they say it's from thousands of years of rain it is a problem is the last time they had that kind of rainfall in the and and not ever is like nine thousand bc so like we're talking to thousands of years before that because the back then it used to be a rainforest the nile used to be like his rich rainforest so what he's saying is that just based on geological evidence you're dealing with something that was constructed along time ago much longer than anybody thinks but these egypt just did not want to leave now they were digging their heels in the sand and they were
is no way it's impossible where is this they were laughing like where's this culture from twelve thousand plus years ago you talk about and they didn't even know that anybody had built anything like that from twelve thousand years ago until recently they found the structure in turkey called go beckley tapi mom without a doubt twelve thousand plus years old because someone twelve thousand years ago covered it 'cause they've they've proven by when carbon testing on the soil that it was all put at the same time so they know that twelve thousand years ago for sure someone was melt making big crazy giant shit but they don't want to talk about that because they've been teaching call courses in university in forever and they give a timeline because this time line has been established and that's how they base their ph dis it's only based on their studies in their work at this all don't want to let it go and that's the problem you know there's a problem you know i don't know it civilizations for sure but it's a little the problem with health and a lot of these p they're talking about you don't need vitamins you don't need this let
when we find out what you do with your body because i have a feeling you're a fat fuck and you sit around doing nothing he tells people they don't need vitamins they don't need nutrients i slash saturday on the doctor oz some of doctor was trying to tell him that you don't need to take vitamins bullshit and the doctors are saying will you need to take your daily credit allowance fucked regular allowance guys on the on what we've done that i think i'll take you don't i don't i don't think it's right it's gonna hurt you to make you know some well it's also they love to make these these headlines i don't know if you saw this recent story where these researchers case closed vitamins don't work but we based it on two things i've talked about this for folks who listen and they like you could look at it again one more time is the last time i promise just for war machine they based it on
people over sixty five that had heart attacks that vitamins didn't keep them alive any longer and people that were over sixty five that had already had mental decline they already experiencing alzheimer's it didn't slow their mental declines the vitamins don't work but that's not vitamins doesn't work you're dealing with old people that already but there are you dead almost exactly even heart attacks for your brain stopped working then you having heart attack so fucking centrum one didn't work didn't fix that that's crazy unbelievable but this is uh this is a headline to get press so they put the headlines out to get the study to get people to read and pay attention to it it gets hits all these websites everybody gets excited about it they inflamed the results because the more you inflamed more people going to share him on twitter and the next thing you know people are arguing that you don't need vitamins there's just a study that released why even taking vitamins that you have a study and there's no fucking studies to tell you don't need vitamins this is stupidity yeah what the same thing what's up with the soy milk i hear people say that it raises estrogen
but people say it doesn't is there is there a real study the soy most definitely can have effects on your hormone levels for men and women for men for men and there's a real study here both and i don't know why the fuck would you want i'm pretty sure so i can affect your hormone let's let's just google it right now ten affect hormone levels hormone levels there's levels the graphics one level you'll be careful but haven't at an army you can yeah an army he chrysler chrysler girly girls milk when he eats us so i mean well that that they said but our drinking water that was so full of a broken when they like when they cleaned out the hormone stay in its lower into sorcerer two well there is some there also anti depressants that make their way into our drinking water from people processing like when people flush down the toilet like when you like water like in some places your the war that's been process so they'll process sewage water again ban drinking and then somehow another micro doses of these anti depressants and anti
thanks all kinds of can make it into that water but the levels are so low it's like you be almost impossible to you mean it's it's impossible to feel i think it's just is is detectable does soy does eating soy increase extrusion estrogen production let's find out yes it does soybeans complete protein source and a dietary staple many cultures store can so we in phytoestrogens called isoflavones isoflavones that may mimic the activity of hormone estrogen in your body the effects of soy i saw flavones on human estrogen levels are complex soya for everyone who consume in moderation and can have a modest effect on estrogen levels so that means it can have affect so don't get z and drink a lot of soy milk or you dick alsoft and grow some titties or if your girl you need some extra estrogen my imagination sweet like certain foods in their tits would grow bigger there would be
not shit at whole foods try finding soybeans at hopefully it would be out yes so it's always an interesting one but it's not the best protein like what's one of the best yeah that's real high in protein and all also yeah me too hemp is a real good one to have cz digest too yeah the one of the i think the guard of life on its like a blend i think yeah you can get a lot of protein mac danzik pulls it off you can get a lot of protein in vegan you just gotta know what the fuck you're doing the real issue is healthy fats too we gotta eat the condos and you gotta get a lot of fats or just like you book flights will say to them yeah yeah it's just like i'm not against i will take the fish oils on i i don't bother me like mac wouldn't know he's real real yeah he's an animal he told me like fuck that which is bullshit like you know like i figured he's been taken so long maybe he knows so i just believe them what
it was bullshit the soy shit this way like that's bullshit like there's no story there's gain emotional that's the woman in him the estrogens making emotional telling the back off the beans back yeah well mac is he's he's he's a an interesting too because his he's got a real strong character i really like that guy he's a very smart do good and he's a strong believer excuse me in character that's but not to have you know any normal protein when he started for some reason i started was was from like a science infection strep throat really well dairyman alot of people have issues during class has strep throat and sinus infections like three times year every fucking year since i've percent forever right and then i heard a rumor that if you stop drinking can go away now that bullshit i tried it and it stop fucking
anymore jeffery toney his glove the same issue right he he stop drinking milk in the short of a lot and i said this time with us that's why he started to and in the after that he said research more and that's why i became a vegan plus down with both but yeah you're not supposed to drink milk that's been homogenized and pasteurized and the problem of drinking raw milk is unless you know who's milking that cow and feeding that cow you don't know what the fuck you're getting how they're dealing in handling the milk right afterwards if you can get good source though if you get a real good farm that's reputable that knows how to deal with their their their the raw milk recent study also the try to discredit wall milk sing one out of six people who drink raw milk and get sick but then the very article itself it shows that you can't prove that what happened to them came from the raw milk and it could have been from i mean they only had raw milk they weren't controlling the rest of the their input and their input varied everybody's input varied and people get sick all the time it's real sketchy it's not like a double blind placebo test taken raw milk because rose homogeneous or pasteurized
no can in the policy the same diet and it's controlled same porsche let's not have yeah you you you have to live in the same invite you know it's it's hard but you gotta be careful you gotta be careful whenever endings raw you know you gotta have really brush stuff but that's what we're supposed to eat we're not supposed to be ron rotten refrigerators and you know i mean yeah but you know for for most people they're not going to be able to afford to just buy milk everyday and that's really what you were supposed to live in societies where you keep up a steak for a month you know the stakes are most setting refrigerator and the only way meet can sit in your refrigerator has to be like some fuck baloney thing that's barely a meet you know just been filled with all they should to the point where i can trot she's hot dogs cheese hot yeah that's the word what are like meet with fake cheese in it oh the centre s at all for you all that stuff
it makes you feel awful just make sure your body just goes into shutdown yeah even on my cheat day like i do just saw i'm a pig you know i won't have my pic right i always like do you eat gluten yeah see i don't know nothing about gluten i've never really read up on it so nice real science behind i cousin is is a is a lawyer in washington she's a bad whoo now's your show like mom be in bed ridden from she was talking about but i mean i don't really know enough about wouldn't i have no gluten allergy i've eaten pasta all my life i'm italian i grew up eating bread and pasta but when i cut it out i notice a big difference my face got skinny first of all i felt like less less soreness in the areas that i usually get information like my back i went because of a therapist told me that so is have good results with helping people out back injuries by getting off a gluten getting gluten in sugar anything sure for it sure she's like these things
is there not just bad for you she's like their inflammatory and she goes in so the issue is the issue is information and if you have foods that cause information it makes injuries more difficult to heal yes i was reading about us all that she'd like to make sugar and stuff it taxes your kidneys and your liver yeah and they they they can do their jobs you know the right so your body is more toxins should have animation body inflamed sugar is not good for it too bad it's fucking delicious though damn it's everything good for you is fucking boring and bland every delicious is fucking terrible for you it's true that's where we are that's where we are as a purse we figure out how to make they gotta medically engineer food to just be unbelievably delicious but nutritious it wasn't the gmo with does the debt or what well
here's what's up a gmo some of it is good and some of it is bad just like everything else i mean there's like things like golden rice they figure figure out a way to engineer protein to rice and in else is it make a christ it's more easy to to to process and aisle out of people have benefited from a greatly and there's also shit that they designed that they want to make so that uh a plan to certain plants deal with pesticides there's that too but there's they've always done that with selective breeding but they've they've messed with things so that they deal with pesticides better and unfortunately a lot of times that fucks up the environment like bees like they've they've connected the drop of drop off in the population of bees to a couple different things they they say that cell phones are not good for them they're not digging the fact that there's always cellphone phone signals every way that fucks woodsby's apparently but they can deal with that i guess but it's fucking them up is there sir
pesticides that just wreck havoc on be communities and if you get a genetically modified plant you know it's in in these chemicals are involved in that process in these bees get a hold of these chemicals or the company contact these chemicals it can be deadly to them this is you know there's a real issue with fucking with nature we don't know the ultimate consequences because the world that we live in is an ecosystem it's like everything effects everything they say that if it's died if we killed all the ants in the planet we would be fucked like the whole world would go into chaos who knows these two yeah we need everything it's all here for a reason it's all connected and when something that you know well it can absorb chemicals better so we can kill off all these bugs and we have to worry about and we get a big yield and we could sell that yield but it's killing bees like that's there's a you know in to everything's a pushing pull to everything in the more you you dabble with
nature you're dealing with this unbelievably complex structure the structure nature is so intertwined and so so bra odd that when you fuck around with it hopefully it has a good effect but there's all so there's gonna be the potential for a negative downsides that's what i think about gmo i think it's look if we can figure out a way to make food that all these poor people would have nutritious food it's super easy to grow an every the benefits from it hey i'm all for it but the time when they're involved in genetically modified foods are doing a for profit they do everything for money that's a big part of what what it is up yeah because i was like we we think about money now this now with billing k was gonna happen next you know i mean well there's a lot of people that definitely don't think about the future they just it is fucking ride bitch like more like why the fuck do still use oil as a bunch of reasons because we know how to do it and we have the whole systems in place for oil
to change the system and change it to like soul earlier but like la could probably run on solar if we have so it's really a shame that we don't have solar panels everywhere in la the mother fucker is sunny constantly they work and it's any constantly mean it would be definitely expensive it would take a while to and you also have get batteries and the batteries have to have minerals in those batteries and a lot of those minerals come from conflict areas like the congo or afghanistan so it's not all simple sweet and clean to have uh strip power from my from so because you have to have batteries to store that power otherwise it goes at night you know what what nikola tesla that nuclear test will
yeah sure yeah you got fucked you know we never learn about him but he meant all the all the best electric electric stuff he invented a lot of cool shit but he also fell in love with a pigeon he was in love with the pigeon before he died and i was like fuck pigeon i don't think he fucked up i don't think you fucked anything he actually one of the quotes i can't find this any anywhere else but i read it once i know for sure that he destroyed his sexuality was the quotes 'cause uh yeah i had some issue with some woman and it didn't workout and it just destroyed him he couldn't concentrate so he you know what i'm done with these ball awesome caesar uses this is i did there's a guy my jim he's he's from new york actually was a scientist right it's like normal he's is a scientist and he invented this thing
there are now his company is in the works of it's like a two hundred million dollar deal huge thing right it's a it's a magnet assisted generator so so once it gets going it's perpetual not nothing perpetual but ten thousand years is how long a magnet last till the energy to magnetize so it'll spin for ten thousand years jesus christ it's like a fucking deal it's like you know tours through the mine are huge deal and it's he says it'll it'll it'll it'll boost any power plant anywhere from likes seventy two hundred percent increase in more power production it's like a much like the modern tesla coil like it like it's like the newest thing i told my i want to see if we can call him or somewhere you said he would come down and talk to you but it's a bad ass invention and yeah give me his email address and i'll email and we'll figure out what is it like to find out what it is yeah it is he talked about at the gym the other day but it's like it's gonna be real deal man in excess of light that is it there's no right now we use turbans you know the windmill was
the electricity the turbans on the water filter city the nuclear energe but this thing just fucking magnets and they speak for themselves and that's it and it makes electricity so it just need something to start it up and then once it starts up then the mac they're a publisher let's keep on moving if it's not easy why isn't someone else figures are not petrol motion it's apparently not supposed to give ever been solved well it's not perpetual motion if you get something to start it up if something starts it up you know you it's something to learning it only last ten thousand years which is long enough what do you guys get it going within one to goes it just keeps keeps on when when will that was crazy yes so this dude is is you're not a way to sell this i would like to leave their negotiations with with with she was really really huge companies he would be better became cause i do not hide where i lived there fucking kill him like they did that dude invented the water card that guy invented car power that was powered by water yet died is in a meeting he had with these people sid caesar
yes it's easier just i'm the guy who then the water car died in a meeting with these two people that were supposed to be government agents and he was screaming they poisoned me they they poison me those are the last words for you had a heart attack that might be a fake rumor by the way sounds sounds fix sounds like that other one that the olympics one yeah the olympics almost totally fake they like to do that lately like to have these websites that just fake stories and they're not even funny they just fake yeah there's a website where people you could just add somebody's name to the last part of it and it will be a fake hoax death looks like a new site and i just replaces photos this too much on the internet the internet too much freedom german eight rows of the senate that the call does that because i was a biology major so long and that's a scientist or two in the country and they're like coming around to schools and trying to like tell stuff in a will right make us aware
a team of four scientists and there's just them and their adventures they were saying these are our inventions for the government is fucking canned were only four guys you imagine how many other things are out there but one guy said he invented a carburetor but she could hook on any car and i think it's eighty miles going like instantly is like oh fuck i'm fucking he was not to say we work for you like jam or what he couldn't say you know he's like he thought i saved this money will be rich bobla says the fucking government got the patent can right this lady she made a clear enamel coat you put her teeth one time but dennis put it on the clear coat your teeth are invincible they'll never get academy nothing there like it's like a seal it seals your teeth the but the patent threw it away really another guy invented but you know cigarettes there addicting you know because it's fucking cancer when dies he invented a molecule that it it dicks you like nicotine still
you just have no cancer so it is so you're the u smokin you're hooked on it but you won't die he like all best invention ever always lives and the company he works for bought it and shelves that doesn't sound right how is it possible you could smoke and and not get sick because the the the the the the the the markedly better was like nicotine whatever was it was a big but it was the car it wouldn't kill you i believe he said that to you but i also believe he's full of shit i don't know him at some some pretty complicated medison right there that people would know about the possibility of that these guys were there they're a team of scientists and come around like telling us like we're four guys and like we've been this year it's hard the deal is something that's so long ago too and like you know you try to like can the store tell the story in there but that was just you know i mean it's like wait awhile if you had an amoco underneath you can get a cavity than most answers are out of work you know you know then the card interest isn't eighty mile per gallon cars you know what i mean
they don't want that yeah yeah yeah back then hooked on your car you said you that definitely be a blow back there there's definitely a lot of people if they're losing money if they would lose money if something came along the made cars uh leave the more efficient they would need less gasoline that would be a load less money the amount of money that's spent every day in this country on fossil fuels weekend wrap my head around that number phase it's in number so to get that out it's gonna take any generations going to take a long wind of change or it's going to take one spectacular invention like the electric car electric those are cool but fuck they take a long time to charge up they could so like three hundred miles it takes like you get a charging like even even even rapid charge it's a half hour so i have to in the gas station for one slash two hour you fucking car chargers talk to that do it for my gym that the raffle by the scientist guy about the lead to cars again man like he says it it's a scam though he says that the whole car pretty much battery he said
that all the lead and shit in the battery is that it actually ends up being just as bad or worse for the environment than than if you just had a car with gas really so he says browser not really that was well propaganda dude but he says now it's fucking it's not as good as you think well you definitely need minerals then the same thing is with the with the batteries that you need for solar generators you need minerals to put into the bay i mean at least in the with the current technology that they have you lithium ion and that's one of the big discoveries they found in afghanistan was lithium lithium is valuable stuff and then when they converted into batteries like you got get that out of the ground you gotta get on the ground and that's so anybody thinks that you got this completely green clean thing because it's made out of batteries like now it's just not using as much fossil fuel every day through saying is that it if you we are but it really isn't yeah all you think it's going to be fossil fuel to make a cartoon that's another thing people aren't taking in consideration and there's no
tires other than rubber tires i mean you get you gotta use synthetic materials to make tires they haven't come up with a hamp attire yet you know they come up with something that's absolutely green and biodegradable as you're always gonna deal with your the attire when it gets lit on fire the fuck forever disgusting we notice sick waste that's one of things they do to people in brazil there the thing they do what they call mw you they put you inside of rolla tires burn and burn you yeah it's the is your dna it almost impossible to identify you because you just get intermingled with these tires is just a mess yeah celine and tires it's like a fucked up way to get the body of that that's what people go distribute goals they one sure and to be destroyed yeah because the the the tires melt so hot that actually been the whole frame of the cars that were you going to get your car
silly yeah so tell me man we were we were talking about this but we got off the subject what did you do the entire year that you were in sala terry like what was your day did i wake up because there was weird they would feed us like at four hundred am with breakfast right so they wake you up feed your breakfast and you could even pass back out right and then you get up again like we're saying nine or ten and one thousand o'clock will be lunch that's when you tell it like that weird schedule pick out to lunch and then from that point on i would just read i would read from one thousand am until like eleven at night now taken our break to work out i i i i mean i read the second year i kept tried with a hundred seventeen books wow what a home i mean nothing i could have had way more but you went out of books you know you're out of books is so boring thank my cell every other day for an hour you know i mean and and just like just bored to
what is it like to not talk to people for so long i mean you talk to i mean this weird dude it's like a for disabled is it's like a fucking time warp 'cause when you're in there the day is by real slow would like the months go by quick and then when you get out it's like it's like it was all a dream the movie when i'm in there it's we're ready you head and then i go it was warm and they under fed us so bad do they fucking under fed is bad in las vegas real bad i was trying to calculate how much protein i thought i was good in today and it was like two thousand and thirty grams there whoa here's here's i know was bullshit because in in this is the biggest specially jenny was better in vegas we only got a piece of fruit like twice a week so i would like an orange like twice or three times with its it blows which may weather was a right so maybe they got their do his his like two months since he starred beach at at the at the
george lake but not feeding me enough there give me shit fubo blah all the sudden bam fruit everyday big portions all this shit for all of you everyone right cuz i know i know why because they were scared that mayweather's camp was going to have the the people that fetus yeah you know and guess what the second you left went away why no i swear and i i told i told one of the cool god statement i see notice more fucker that as soon as mayweather started bitching at court now we got bigger trays and we got fruit every day and he started chuckling you laugh you walked away but it's like they knew there are feeding the fuck out of us so what like how many calories you think you get a day did it was it was shit i hard to say but no more less than one thousand five hundred wow bad it was fucking starving all the time so it must be everyone was skinny then yeah unless you get yeah money on commissary you can buy his junk through they sell chips and bullshit like that
said they don't sell a healthy options peanuts was the best while i live in peanuts but but they did the food was bad man it it was real bad that was the worst part so for a year just bad food by yourself reading books that are going what about what does it feel like to not talk to people for so long is it you know what it's a it's weird being you know knows mostly get out you get out of a culture shock because you know you go from no interact with nothing to life cars going by you know i mean just like will you know yeah like me up i think i think a medicine for anxiety depression i took lexapro exile i guess i have hannigan texans id i would not
since like two thousand and six lexus pros and anti depressant ssri a mostly i take it for anxiety so i will get panic attacks there is my dad died i would get him and then like i just battled him all my whole life and try to i don't want to doctor doctors for pussies number is for pussies and finally actually what happened was on ultimate fighter house in the ultimate fighter house like the the the lack of also isolated nothing do not not nothing i would it really got me bad i was having i tax on the show and now it just like i was mesmerized one when i got hold of our house i find the focus minimum the market can be tough in months ago to try to help you know and i should maybe nine if i was a betting on a lot of ways but when i was in san diego they gave to me and they just they wouldn't give it to me really get the would get their fix side the whole year we would
do it with this is worse because i had none i had like a lot of anxiety in there did you when is there like a like a wean off period or do you just cold cold turkey the call for you man and you get what draws so like the first the first like three weeks old mutual real real bad like on those bad not doing then i settle down and i was kind of good does it was shady men with shitty wow so just a year of reading books and being by yourself with about hugging people and shit she did note you know interaction like that even the visits and and it is a visits were behind glass you can actually see you in the hall which is blood better in vegas the videos were on a like a computers like a skype kind of you know really so they would come there and they'd be there but you could see him on skype kind of thing the time the phone didn't work good the screen then ordered it was it was really like after why i told the guards on one of his cancer might is because it is it would be in the mid harder for me
like you watch movies like people are like in vietnam movies do you like like why don't you write me back like i was in the war wonderful was awarded the right back to the families or whatever i can understand because when i was there i didn't want to business i didn't want to call anybody i didn't i i just sat there in my books and and i got out i did my my jail logs every week yeah i've read those and those and i just i just sat there and just you and the bubble man it was hard for me because like when i was in jail like my i was married my wife got deported back to hungry and all this shit so like i didn't get to say goodbye my gramma diagnose in jail and it was like my grammar was living my grammar was living in vegas like fucking ten minutes from the jail and i could even say bye she's dying again she died and it was like it
it was rough it was it was a rough year last year so do you get young kids who might like look up to you and they might be kind of going down the same path the do you get guys like that come up to you for advice and you tell him just don't go to jail man whatever do figure out a way to get out of trouble figure out a way to avoid violence you know i even in jail in jail you know i would talk i'm not 'cause for a fight for a fight and i'll talk to the first year i was first year i was in general population and i'll try to help them like a man you're not going to fucking quit the drugs dude if you go get back out and have the same friends like this is bottom line you gotta quit your friends you gotta get new friends and new environment or you're going to go back don't go fuck so you know i mean like these guys see that's my problem is fighting all right if i would've born you're drunk it's not i'm not going to look for a fight but guess what if something happens on it and i know it's bad recipe you know your truck
your problems cocaine the when you get out you better not be around your friends do cocaine do you so i will tell the guys like you know any work that mother fucker and these gangs with gang bullshit i see like young kids there were seventeen they brought from juvenile hall fighting a murder case and he's like seventeen orchid do it his friend did it but he's like in iraq so they don't you know he's in a gang shit but i said managers your friend that piece of shit which is something he did you guys both you get both get life you know the last room so i'll tell the other young kids man it ain't worth a man talk to the older guys no they tell you the older guys always like madness of bullshit i wish i could take my life but it's too late and when user in the wrong environment man especially with alcohol it's so easy to get in trouble i mean that story that you told about the old man that push that out truck driver and then next thing you know he's in jail the next thing you know he murders a guy in jail next thing you know he's probably in jail for life knows what happened sort of your lawyer he was poor you know we gotta problem with that is
real problem with that situation that particular story this like this with this hard by look shit we don't look at each individual case as being separate entity and say well these circumstances that are pretty unusual i see is going on here this guy not a criminal he just overreacted you can react like that we do do you i you got to go to i've been a cord that we did go to court you know like they bring a whole bunch of us of course sometimes and make you watch judges man given up fifteen years ten light not at night and look it up in the paper ten years like it's like what the like these guys give not yours like it like don't know how long that is they don't care they don't care they have no and sometimes i mean sometimes the guy who deserve it dude but sometimes it's like fuck it you gotta fuck i heard about that judge in pennsylvania that was put in kids in juvenile detention centers and getting paid for it he was doing it for years just went to jail they sent him to like twenty five plus years he's a fucking judge manatees and pay offs because of
same thing we talked about about privatized prisons about prisons making profit off of the amount of people that they have in am fucking madness man is fucking so you get out all you're you're there for a year diet fucking no human interaction what is your first week like uh so i get out and then how long before you get some pussy last thing so first got out i was i i was so like i don't know man like i'm like a what's it called either or whatever i'd look good right my whole life i've been in shape and have been working out i got a gel like i feel like it's secure like i've i'm skinny unlike skinny fat i was i'm sure the body of the life of me right so i didn't go i didn't push it for a month 'cause i was trying to get in decent shape first i thought insecurity right right right plus the first both joe the first two weeks were hard man like my anxieties bad like like out like i did you get on the lexapro right away when you got out yeah
we're going to try it i got it right away so the first like in no i didn't cry or ngo microsoft tough i stood on the why even my ground guiding christ sat there and numb right but when i got out the first two weeks i will cry every night in bed but what the fuck like getting out is so much she is hitting at the same time and just like like when i first walked into the jam i start crying like just like too much emotion too much you from going from no interaction to bam like on a freeway is that is that going crazy it's too much to do in eagle and game explain it just fucking weird really weird didn't expect that and suicidal too like i wanna kill it like i want to kill myself really yeah and what was the motivation suffered what we will lose you so upset about it's just that you're you you get over there with with the motion i was we'd like you can go just wanted out you can go from like being in a box over to real life they should like grad
do like it just halfway house on some something because use too much too much at one time like now if things when i was in jail nothing is real when you're in jail it's like it's a fake world man it doesn't seem real and you get out and it's like that was a dream and now all of a sudden your wife really got deported your gramma really dead your graph was really miserable as fuck then don't die you know like a year to pay bills now they want if i pulled a leave right off the bat in three months but the fuck you know i'm like two more stress and i used you know you start going crazy too and i just feel like miserable the hardest part about jail for me the first few few weeks that's a crazy thing is so this is the bella tore this is your bella tore contract they want you to fight daily three weeks three months i do you get out of jail yet what they did they did a fan fight vote when i was in jail me daily saunders and lima and like the vote in whoever wins the top two boats is going win i say
going to dumb ass like i'm going to win so you're not i said i'm going to fucking win the vote dude no one is going to get more votes gonna win dude i don't want another one i don't want those guys my first after three months now i by like ten times better anyone else was like me verse daily was number one to me he did verse honors them left i guess i don't find daily first like whatever right then so what do they say to you when you bring that up i told you bitch i like told you that like fuck man like you killed it but it wasn't like it wasn't even in is a tournament so the tournament is three fights so i was like it was the first tournament so far i'm getting the first it's like basically you got your number two top seeds most popular guys fighting in the first fight for the least amount of money could you graduates like seven seven the first part one thousand five hundred and fifteen then the rest so we're losing the first one makes seven grand slam i don't want to make seven grand like fuck that's so crazy seven grand for a professional mma fight on television
but that was the same thing same thing with another ufc two you know with everyone for lower but you know for anyone you know but either way but the term is good because a tournament should be seated so yeah the two guys the two best guys should fight at the end not in the fucking beginning no the anyway i'm training to get back in shape in a month so i tear my acl not a not a bad turnover through betar partial i fractured my my tibia plateau no cheese price sly fox i just got out and now this happened and i blame a i think my boy my bones were still leaks from that whole year of starving an invention i never been hurt before you know i would be sure it didn't help and also didn't help being out of shape like that and having to force yourself to get training to highlight
i don't hear that then get it fixed no no stop at a fixed here really how bad is it is it buckle not as buckle it's pretty strong so it was a rachael taylor's party it wasn't bad habit in any way to do like prolotherapy or anything like that i'm porno god junior will pour you know like i got outta jail was living in my students garage like like like in the garage like you know when i was driving his piece of shit car and i was just i was broke as fuck you know so i just like sucked it up and you know i feel how do you remember me one so how you been fine for how long you been fighting a belt or now on since since the last year so then after eight i think when the payment blah silvina first fight back i teach him a second round with crucifix then then i went to the tournament and i fought a skype on action news from china white guy though yeah
yeah yeah yeah be algic jailbird he was dick like me like very talk shit about my opponents like i'm a woman outside like my shenanigans but usually when i fight i come i'll fight for you harder can but i'm like i say shit but if you start it then nightmare personal and i don't have a to meet you crossland crossland and that's it i don't play the fucking bullshit game of like oh it's for show never show more fucker like if you wanna play the game it's real for me what do you think about belt well the the situation bellator that i thought was really strange was the chandler situation to chandler and alvarez situation and then the askren thing like how did they let askren go when he's the champ you know what like bellator is awesomer than they do they treat me good i like him a lot right i think an askren i think really he's a nightmare dude he's a fucking nightmare he's in v simple is boring and wants to invite
and so they created a monster you i mean so you want to go good get the out here it is like it was like almost like they might ago right wags average marketable yeah 'cause he it's wild astronaut norm want to done with many fans and the uc didn't want him either because what yeah she goes there in pizza everyone i want to see it yeah he won't there's no hands but if you did then you got fucking guy is it let and part two yeah i visible right he plus one time the fucking a dave trail because like thank god we got rid of that link as he was he was not below finally give a tally himself out remember he when two lines on the lateral drop down it landed on his pill he didn't deserve to get fired yet but they wanted rid of him you know what i mean suplex they wanted rid of them yeah yeah for sure so like so now screens in no man's land ashland up he just didn't now is what you you know is going to fight in china is going to fight the one i right yeah but is on
i think they're paying him good though they have to be but like he's out he's the most exposures offers you the fight in the ufc both is the second most exposure that you can get when i seen going to watch going to watch me man me personally i'm a purist and i feel like if there's a guy like ben askren that can hold you down and dry hump you for five rounds that's what can do i give that back i should be able to fight if you could take guys down and give him no he's an elbow almond pie and punch him in the head in and hold everybody down for five rounds then that's reality that's reality you can't hide that you can't like not have that guy fight because you're worried he's going to be boring he he's doing everything according to the rules like you can't like penalize a guy because you don't particularly like his style and yeah that's my issue that i have with the camp but every organization does i think they're crazy i would never do it if i was running bellator i would give the guys money's the champ nobody could so it's kind of interesting is kind of interesting you gotta boring champ you got a guy like
douglas lima whose is fucking beast smashing people then was vicious vicious vicious take some down nookie sandwiches bitch pizzas as lee was a huge i guess ashton small for walter yeah can take some down no problem man handles them but it all comes down to the ratings dude i don't give a fuck i really did the ratings are very important but the product has to be pure as soon as you you fuck with things like remember when the lead exe was standing people up they'd go down for like fifteen seconds stand about bullshit they stood up big country he had andre orlowski inside control it is working on a kenmore and they stood him up he had this he had a double wristlock he had the whole thing up there and they stood him up and i was like what the fuck is this side control you stand in a guy up they stood from the mount guys are full mountains stood him it's crazy they wanted the the b almost no ground time they won almost no ground time when
to do that you change in what mma really is emma is a fight and in those five minutes you have some specific rules can kick in the groin camp open the eyes can't pull guys hair go mean know what the rules are don't take it down upon it and everything else you could do if a guy like asking to just take dudes down and get on top of from a punch in the face and they can't do shit about it i mean he's winning within the rules against winning you gotta let him win you gotta let him win you gotta let me try to win but this the only it's only reason i can think why they didn't keep him and why the usage why don't you want him the ufc took him and then he fights johnny hendricks and gets put in the night night land but you see i think it's scared maybe he won't he could not he's possible it's totally possible if you look at his record but one give me a hard time j here our game a real hard time notices that decision wrestle embark yeah you get wrestling i swore i i don't think i think hinders would kill them at
the last check i think will kill anyone anyone in russell and punch but i want to see it i want to see i want to see you too i want to see a guy be affective until he can't be affective anymore like when people said like they ask like we sad when anderson silva got beat i was like no i was never sad when anybody gets beat had someone gets hurt i was more sad second fight to see dude fuck his leg up like that but i want to see a guy like anderson silva who looks invincible get a guy figure that out that's the evolution of the game it's all about that and if it was you know whoever was where is v tore with this trys weidman whoever it is i like to see these guys figure it out i like to i see a guy solve a guy but and that's the only reason that i can say why you sit in silence i don't see it i mean i don't understand what it is i think it is also the issue that they thought that a bellator was playing games and like you know bellator was you know like they may no so we cast off are we didn't want him anymore the usc took him haha there dummies
it is boring and when beyond was saying that i'm not a fan of a style you know like the guys affect it is kind of boring i don't boring as a person who grapples i get fascinated by how the fuck he does it i don't know i want to roll with the guy because i want to feel it 'cause i don't get it may i see him manhandle dudes and i've wrestled dudes that are real bradley's a high level wrestler he was it at tenth planet once we're doing these knee on belly drills that dude threw me off him like i was a fucking pillow like this there's certain dudes have that creepy wrestling strength you know and when i was on the bottom when he was doing neon belly on main i wasn't going nowhere man that's where i was so i stand and he wasn't any bigger than me like maybe ten pounds bigger than me there's something weird that those like olympic level high level grapplers have a wind strength that fucker was with yesterday the olympian the sort of meta list who's on top me bro he smaller than the first of all and i'm strong he felt focus strong his foot
retarded like just so strong like like a rock something else it's your whole life just grappling those guys develop freaky strongly dislike but he doesn't have that good you do so he just could hold me there but i couldn't i'm going to getting up did i was like fuck this guy off needed yes stuck on yeah there's some freaky dudes like that man that have that freaky grappler strengthen obviously askren has because if you look at his body i mean he doesn't look like a bodybuilder at all he does looks strong he looks like a athlete but he doesn't look like a guy even does much strength and conditioning is one that freaks you know he just ragdoll speed it's weird to watch i was really looking forward to him when they when they said that the bellator not going to i was looking forward to that guy being in the ufc match up distributing go see him and we'll i want see if robbie could stop that tank down i want to see what the fuck visit him when he gets hit by a demon if it gets in there with carlos
found it and you know he can't if condit could stop the shot and he's going to stand up with them i want to see him against like the real high level guys now is going fighting dudes you never heard of in china you know en medio keel friday okay that's so he's over there yeah without it was wrestled the death do you like there's enough options i mean there's bel towards you and then this not world series of fighting in the end is a w phase a few other ones or what is the r f a r s saying its sources organization i to me the only legit organizations is using the old like worlds far is legit but it has been long i don't think it's going to last how long to be around you know these things pop up and disappear and i heard there are paying kind of too much and i don't know i don't know but if even if you're looking at last you know i'm saying there are nbc late at night but i heard they like they pay for their spot and shit
could be of informercial is the embassy is not promoting it you know what i mean right at all to me for not going to be in bellator ufc1 bad ass too but you know you get no exposure you can't get sponsors 'cause no ones going to see the fight so you gotta be on american tv so you gotta be any of the use your bellator and to me like fucking up i am happy ability or because give me freedom dude like i know god damn well that people would you go back to the ufc would i ever wanted to see the question yes as a matter because guess what i'll be fired every week you know i mean like doesn't matter like just for your blowjob tweets yes like i couldn't do shit in the us i'll be fired so doesn't matter if i go back to dc i don't care about it all right now what i want to do i want to fight for bellator and i'm going to win and do good in or out and now i'm gonna start a side business with my with my neighbors your friends and and and and and and and teacher company that's it i do alpha male shit t shirts
yeah which is a very funny i love the show we've been trying to cheat they're funny you know why it's because so like i always buyers make the mistake of making a teacher with like one pushing on it right not everyone knows why am dude and not everyone likes me so for you here's my fucking my little profile on my twitter everything says all said instead of like you see better in bellevue it says i do alpha male shit that's it right that's all my sure that way guys will see getting up like they don't even know who the fuck i am i don't care about me but by the shared 'cause he like it says you know i saw way or if i made a short film she wouldn't not nearly as much i saw hundreds of these that's funny this is my moves a lot of dudes who want to pretend to be alpha it is and you know it and like a buzz wanna do this on a flight bill to do the shirts and me my money you still buddies we're getting a government contract we're building a whole curriculum dude so it's three seals mean brownie
building a meme bruner putting on navy seal gear and we're going wrestle in we're going to actually develop a brand new curriculum from start to finish and we're going to we're getting government contracts to train seals in green bay country that's a great idea and it's going be lucrative doing money did brandon wolf from remember him sometimes next the oc yeah he's doing with similar thing on the east coast but they did uh so they did it where ca isn't it moves and they had brandon since he fought the album teacher so we're doing this we're going to have a swear this shit in event moves and we're going to teach it but it's going to be like it's never been done before and we already have like my buddy has all the government contracts so it could be a thing where i think it's big enough it could be like where are we can hire out other fighters that are done fighting because a lot of us well should to do do but we so we're back if you got the chance you didn't make enough money to have a backup plan so if i can make fuckin one hundred and fifty grand a year
training season game braves this hand and shit and then if it gets too big we could hire fucking this guy and that guy that you were done fighting come work for us will be training the movies do it that's the smart thing too because there's some some specialists in like unarmed combat when it comes like removing guns from people and removing knives from people there are some specialists but outside is that most of their hand to hand combat should is our poll she affect it's not real it's not gonna work like i was watching the show the other night on i was watching the selects the sportsman's network and late at night they have like the self defense scenarios like a guy got attacked in an elevator and control in this guys arm and then he pulls his gun out and he shoots the guy who's controlling this guys arm and i'm like why is that guy just standing there like he's not going to control a guys arm like that the guy now how to fight what about his other arm you ain't doing shit about this on there's so many what if he moves what if he pulls his arm out what if he kicks you in the dick like there's a lot of shit going on what you
no it is what i i i was on opie and anthony wants needs to have this do that work for them was like it's fate karate guy who's talking this mad stupid shit about you know their but and then there's what works on the street like no dummy these works will works with trained killers that works on everybody when you shit works on anderson silver your shit works on everybody that thing is like you know i've been being a long time you know like probably hitting a new girl coming so i like your eyes let me just try just try and you can't motherfucker because if i'm on the amount you can't reach my eyes and i can reach yours i'll put your fucking eyes and if my guard you can each module is i'm going to have my own we're not going to get my eyes try biting through my calf someone said that once you don't bite through your calf you try to arm bar maybe won't we
that will hurt that will hurt bigger fucking arm can you bite through a steak if i gave you a fucking giant ham like a ham with that it hasn't been cooked yet do you think you could bite through that i heard it not be ouchi but i feel good as little things like alright well now use your eye pokes with juicy mouth yeah if you can learn how to mount someone i can really put their eyes good yeah that's the thing with street fighters like won't work street fighting is all who who's willing to go farther so it may be like we're fighting and you know if you want to if you want to try to hit me or bite me either ask amy i'm disengage or only goal came with a fucker and i'm to you know i mean so it's all like whose father was farther you know it's a house here do we want to get in i mean that's that's remember those felony fights yeah i know that's it there was one of them were due to how they got down is biting his face it was so up he's holding down a disagree and biting his face the guides giant bite marks as face the guy quit how to do a bit
this was like what the fuck man is like eight didn't second bite your bite your face i will how far you wanna go do you know yeah you will stories about some dude in some town a bit some dudes nose off like jesus christ but his nose off but you're right about those hand hand guys they don't they don't know my friends seals there like don't do they teach it they said they thought they thought it was it's a key to shoot the fuck outta you yeah and hand you know they don't know shit so if we can invent a curriculum but that's legit 'cause they're not going to be enough but if they're going through a hallway with a gun and someone don't double doors guy wasn't tangled up in to be able to defend those real quick you need to know how to do that and then some and for the longest time before the ufc came around really before mma came around people didn't really know what was the stuff that worked because how much times do you get in a fight in an elevator we gotta pull your gun so dude would be inventing a bunch of shit that could work and then from here i'm controlling his arm he's he's in my
my position for me to land a devastating elbow and from here he's done like there's things is not that's why i wasn't hungry once visiting my my ex wife's family and i hungry i found a then i found another gym and like he's fucking japanese digits you like it are kind and you show me shit like for like an hour just twisting it like you like showing stuff but i will let him do it right i'm not focus his badass maybe i should maybe it does kind of work that and we wrestled fucking never once was i ever in anything i mean like not one thing i did to defend one thing it was just it doesn't work it doesn't fucking work yeah somebody told me that aikido is really effective you know just how ever true kilo master mike will give the kid a massive fight knocked out i would love to see it i would love to see a guy to stand at the foot people like like effortlessly haven't sorted i wish it worked yeah when we can
we watch stevens ago and van damme i wish that shit was the best that's the best it's fun but this isn't yeah now but that's the most important thing about about mixed martial arts is that we know now more about martial arts than people did two thousand and thirty we just know more for we know what's more effective you know back in the old days everyone is gets by with like they don't have to prove it the belt that's it this is the best you know i'm a teacher you stand still i'm sure the move yeah you don't spoil the fucking teacher not like you know i i'm not much of a big issue to touch we hope is told him trying to get him i did all day long because my teacher were fighting no other martial art do you really fired teacher right right right and tap your teacher sometimes you know eddie bravo goes to town with his students and i've seen them get my guys by black belts are brown both so what have you to take chances and fight five guys in a row and he's exhausted that's what's called training i mean that's what it's that's what it's about right is that as we wanna lose yeah exactly and if you're free to lose then you're afraid to get better if you're
to get better you're going to be stagnant and you're always going to be going to shy away from rome anybody that can tap you this is the difference between people that understand stand they've never trained before if you never trained before you you will never understand that the correct mentality the correct mentalities like marcelo garcia like has the best statement about that is like you i have to open up your game in the gym that's the only way to get better you have to worry about you have to give yourself the potential to get tabbed if you don't not going to be able to have a guy but if you do you think you just just happen move on go neck that's like berret berret i mean small just fucking one hundred and thirty he's a bad mother fucker that i'm fucking he's a maniac bear it is the fucking did the personality to the core his draw this is you did too i mean he's in there thirty four today all developers maniac he he gives her gold papers on to myself and stories of visa maniac with compare it take a day off you won't like he'll bland well sometimes and roll
if he's a maniac he's a maniac an but you always want to put himself and make it harder for him you know and he's little and he's like funky so smart we can just get him where you can't he super technical though he's really fun to five two yoshida's a good guy to learn from my bed too oh yeah and he's like one of them was humble guys he'll see uh a white belt we do something weird like a with a foot what do you do like there wasn't a move but there's like they did very well like you learn he doesn't care if you use their brand new movie invented yourself and your first day he'll try it he has no ego at all that's smart we've got guys experience well that's a good attitude man because you member that was like a big resistance to a lot of the traditional guys with a lot of new stuff is coming along a lot of you're saying you don't need it all you need is just straight to grace yeah if that's all you only okay but there's so many new moves a people or a like a good dar strokes and all the that people will i didn't except for awhile yeah you do these neckties ever do japanese neckties not that one
when you can't get the doris if you can't go all the way through and get the doors you get it and you cinch up he ran you tuck the guys head into your chest you roll over in this way and hookah leg and crank it is a nasty neck crack it's obviously not on the bravo is really good at that the japanese necked yeah japanese necktie guess yeah prove necktie japanese neck crank whatever it's called nasty move like when you instead of completing the doors getting it all the way in contention it like this sometimes it's hard to get all the way yeah sometimes yeah will long arms guys like hodge racing of those yeah i got it t rex arms guys like roger gracie you know they have that advantage damian maia one hundred and seventy he's got a good long frame at one hundred and seventy he's an interesting guy at one seven exit to give the guy that like i did i never thought is going to be able to cut that weight that like that's a that's a big dude for a hundred seventy pounds yes what made the more court two is a two
leaving kuwait he apparently was walking around like one hundred and eighty five when he's fighting at one hundred and eighty five or what yeah apparently still be under your personal body looks well he's muscular you know but apparently he never really got much weight at all and fought at one hundred and eighty five that dude they you know this to talk about him from the the time when you know he was coming up in enter into the ufc about how fucking good he was before he got into the ufc back when he was like fighting in strikeforce or back even before then that he was always sparring with like big big heavy guys though like you would spar with shane carwin and they came up the same gym so he'd be in their guy fight one seven thousand one hundred and eighty five fight and shane fucking carwin at two hundred and sixty five and they'd be going to war with each other regular basis in a fight like you know what nothing yeah well you're gonna hit me i hate washing crone everyday and build on that date mean he's also no shots and like a guys who know him think that it's probably contributed to his demise all
yeah because you know those dudes that did trevor women's does he get you can't throw them together i mean like lester really really controlled but even like on our star like race fo in like on a couple guys it could towards a big but dega once off but even then once off through the fucking they hit you know what i mean even they check your kik race those knees or even like these are like that why are they kick you you know i mean even even even soft heavyweight keep shooting lake softap and it lands that weight is still heavy and it still hurt your leg more than any water wherever you know yeah so i stay away from heavy weights super super control yeah that's smart let's talk about guys get back injuries to rolling with heavy weights to get twisted up and right at is brought on record one time i shot on gabriel gonzaga yeah right dude gonna squash me like book i mean yeah peace and he moves goodies of china thank god
when he walks on the scale when the gonzaga's different than anybody else in the ufc when he gets on the the the the the platform you feel like the weight of just his he's like dance stone like he's made out of stone but he said with the trains all the time in ludlow ma is not training with like real good guys out there you know he's got mass and potential mean jiu jitsu world chat been badass jujitsu knockout power but he's like step behind the the really the very best guys yes the last thing you should do the bottom was cool though you know you see his his life there is really good obviously he's got a nice gym the people love him you know he's a great jiu jitsu coach too i said i do like a very very nice guy i'm at one time i was like wc wins in canada music hey man was it was close after after j rock like that was a good fight and i was like photos that you have for like if was you look
look up when i was crazy but it is to have him stay over there maybe not i love them i love him now he's a very nice game night his knockout of prokop was the all time greatest head kick knockout ever plus 'cause like it was a how's it going to win the last on all the list of lists is taking yeah that's cool can move yeah and i mean like they never gonna invent guess that move he had kicked the guy who's responsible for more head kick highlight reel knockout than anybody like when you watch a crow cop and pride well career was head kicking what happened and why do you not do good in your seat a lot of questions juice could be that could be juice could be punishment the amount of punishment is body took all those fights of fade or the fights with nogara fights with i mean you think about how many guys he fought took a lot of fucking hard hard fights cousin parietti was so he was a monster that first and see if eddie sanchez right yeah they told me like anything does
like any news going to lose we didn't like you didn't do shit that he really not much you definitely didn't look like the same croaker he never did everything but it just be that it was the end of the run you know i guys they can only keep it up for so long but like he look up for so long you know who is great great great fighter when he won the pried open weight grand prix mean he was a mother fucker back then when he knocked out vander lee the crow cop that rockdale vandalay mandalay was one of the baddest mother ever because he'd like he first vandalay he didn't know shit about the ground game and they had like a weird first the first fight was like weird tools like they would only go to the graph like thirty seconds or something and he liked i'd vanderlei up and hang it would hang on but would be standing up he didn't it wasn't free to uncork shots 'cause he was still worried about the wrestling but the second but he had his takedown defense down he added this bra at the end he let vanda lay up like a christmas tree that was that was one of the best the best performances of his career as a second fight with randall but yeah man
who knows mean every fighter they got a window you window time where you could perform at that level you know and when you're three thousand seven hundred and thirty eight thirty nine it's just slowly winding down and then that's it no there's not much left after that you know these guys that the perform at that super high level was vandalay in pricing about that van was never the same value we got to see free yeah you still you still pretty good pretty good but still while in party was crazy yeah well he was dominant pride that's the difference he wild in the ufc still be still but then but then he gets knocked out by know its you up each try to go to war with lee bentley you can't stay in the pocket believe it 'cause he can take it leaving and you get any the mother fucker hits hard chris leavins left hand is a battering ram my mother fuckers got a real hard left hand is a matter in being able to hit you there you riaa hall fight he's couldn't catch hall halsey
too good but vandelli went chin to chin with them well the things start on that wire styling yeah but you know like mandalay is still like the brian stann fight was a great fight still capable of putting on a great fight is is not the same vandalay is the vandalia beat like like randall so like quinn jackson or the van delete sakuraba or the van delay the beat henderson the first i mean he was a destroyer he was a scary fucker but that might have been a little bit to help their might had a little bit of help they had you they all do i do but i know they do it but it's like i think happens is its own fighters if your first fight is on juice then you mentally or depended on it yeah no i mean so i think i think the guys that can't perform without or those ones that they always had it but i think the guys that file all times without it and then have and have and have they can do the way you know think some guys that they've done it from day one then they rely on the juice you know i mean
we only have a couple minutes late but i want to ask you one thing about this is like the hot topic now in mma is testosterone replacement these guys are like twenty nine years old and replacing that testosterone and there's a real issue now because victor is going to fight chris weidman and they're going to fight in the united states and they're going to fight in vegas which is a really high place to get a testosterone exemption especially if you tested positive for juice which detour has in the past so he might not get a testosterone use exemption which is crazy because he's been fine looking at this insane level for the last year the bisping fight the luke rock don't fight the last dan henderson fight me looks like a fuckin digman mean the nuvi tour on testosterone replacement looks like a fucking demon but what is going to happen to him if he has to get off of it to fight weidman so here's the thing with testosterone steroids is that so yeah guy abusing his young which beach are probably did back in the day i think for sure
too long when you're young well guess what you never came off you never fucking did it right your balls turn off then turn it back on so now he may be young but his boss those don't work so he now we need to social therapy for really really does so if you don't have it you're hurting him yeah but the same time other guys maybe they just do because they want to use so then they get a bullshit doctor to say hey man you're a fan give me give me this prescription you know so it's a fucked up thing i don't know like the day like if doctor prescribe the doctor has this post out last year was so you know doctors are you know they're supposed to be a infallible one like you know honest and stuff and you will know no one is but some guys need a man coming guys that debut stairways in our younger and now they have to have it yeah but their argument is that those guys shouldn't be allowed to fight because
in doing so your natural hormone levels drop during training camp 'cause you train hard and you break it down your body it's natural for your hormone levels to drop but these guys are their hormone levels are not dropping because their keep on consistent level if they have to take ice the mount of in on natural testosterone or do that they're still doing that and so they have an unfair advantage in training camp by taking that and i i think that's a good argument man it's a good argument it's tough but i think every sport juices a lot of them do that's for sure every sport you know not every guy in every sport do the juice in football baseball with shit well it works exactly and people are always i try to find a way to use in sheet so you know i mean this is a fat fascinating situation when you got veto whose streaking who's look better than ever but now he's going to have to fight why many might not get a testosterone use exemption kids real weird right yeah it's like i don't know it you can't say yes they wanted to know the next fight that's why it's not very easy guy to say alright man
you're on this she guys can fight no more well his own been fighting in brazil that's the crazy life is been brazil for the last like in brazil the eleven fight on pcp so i believe we will get a new pc p prescription for v door yeah i don't know man he's a he's a here over there but yeah that that's a that's a tough underwent it is a tough subject because i would like to see him at this level the level that he thought dan henderson i would like to see him fight weidman and it might be will be the only way to reset level is on t r t so i don't know it's gonna stop testing folk would you take like supply you take lexapro and you take lexapro while you're fighting all throughout your camp oh yeah now if he said that there's an advantage that you don't get anxiety where everybody else is freaking out and they all get anxiety do you think do do you think there's anything to that on i still get anxiety but i mean everyone before the fights nervous because you can't control your nerves in the some way yeah well he's a
yeah i still get nervous but before i was we're nurse and i should have been because i had i had a anxiety and panic attacks it manages my nervousness to where i should be a normal nervous instead of retarded nervous you know right enough someone apart i'm not back to like this like totally like no i mean it's still nervous like any other fight but not like i was before my medication you know it doesn't make you tailspin but in saying that most of fighting is mental big part of it is mental isn't that advantage to take something like that for example if i said that they said i can't take it no more it would it would have felt with me because i've been i've been relying on it you know right i would not not for five hundred lineup for life you know i mean so it would help me a lot for me you know i mean but i don't for sure what it would do to your normal person and you took it i'm not sure how how would affect you not
so if it would help you nervous before the fight or not i don't know how that would work because it's an interesting argument because on one hand i want you to take it because i think that if it benefits you as a person and as a drug that someone invented that has a positive effect on your life and it makes your life better then of course you should be on it that's a good thing it's a good thing for some if something comes along and gives you less anxiety and you feel good and you still living a healthy life that's a good thing that's a positive thing but when it comes to performance like there's certain things like so the you know like adderall like fighters are allowed to fight an adderall and some guys have prescriptions for adderall yeah yeah but animal noises speed is it just speed i mean look at the generic adderall yeah but for a dd guys is there any benefit to it does it actually help them help helps you study yeah say like you have ad real bad and just can't your spaz you can't read the book it'll help you study you i mean but do the fucking have prescription for adderall that are in school or full of shit you know i mean i mean it is not
even a doctor will tell you it is not a real fucking thing it's speed dude giving you energy and you don't have energy because of what i like guys i think that have adult restrictions that defy enemy it's because like they do the train right in order to draw for yeah you jack don't you don't really invented or do not just about the math or is it okay to make soldiers march better and longer and less food so if you could be hopped up on that all day long and train you know pretty good you know yeah it it's interesting man i think that after all is a weird one i've never done it but the people that do do it say it's awesome for a bunch of different shekel snorted yeah yeah i mean chicks nor it's like it's like a you're too proud to to do math yeah i mean like i told mr does drugs my daughter is with this yeah your daughter did it mother fucker go to snort it exactly alright war machine war machine one hundred and seventy on twitter follow him go to his instagram as well not safe for work don't get kicked out of the cubicle his war machine will show his dick
you are not an instagram or twitter though right maybe it and i will send you a alpha male should dot com yeah but for sure yeah by i do alpha male should especially ladies go by that would be hilarious take some pictures of some the war machine you with his shirt on i think i'll be cool and your next fight in bellator when can people watch us march 14th it's on spike tv uh it's in hammond in by chicago and is this the uh this is the beginning of the one hundred and seventy tournament and the new tournament first round i got this guy named sean burrell most smash i do hope that my jewelry's next good luck to you brother thank you is it fun talking about where to do this yeah there's a lot of our people enjoyed it too our follow war machine folks and a thank you to our sponsors thanks to one 800flowers dot com go two one eight hundred flowers dot com enter and jre and get yourself a fantastic offer of eighteen beautiful valentine's day roses for only two thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and that is only for today february 12th if you missed
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