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#455 - Joey "CoCo" Diaz

2014-02-13 | 🔗
Joey "CoCo" Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called "The Church of What's Happening Now"
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mother fucking t's is he hit it hold on it's just totally fucked up what happened i don't know what happened here this is the joe rogan experience sun in the house again d as the new blue cigarette spokesperson steven dorf is out in your in and jenny mccarthy can suck my dick mother knows keeper keeper keeper eyes she's so pretty i just like to look at her she is pretty sure beautiful she really is beautiful that chicken anna's she's gotten older i mean you know eh i think it's mad at her and they're down on her for what they called the pseudoscience about you know vaccinations she's like a real strong opponent vaccinations and you know a lot
people felt like she had no business doing that she didn't understand the science behind it she didn't understand like you know how people are saved by vaccinations and how dangerous it is so today i see people taking free shots at her but you know all that aside you know misguided nonce scientific approach to vaccines on the side personalities is great script she's so i don't even have autism no it well away now with some i don't you know i don't know what he had what how he was diagnosed i don't understand autism i don't understand she was pissed about jim carrey don't call the kid no more you know something his dick if you're not living is nothing was going to call the kid i need to have to call the caddy want to while i was talking about you get different relationships and you move on you know what i'm going to do that's why it's a if maybe if he called the kids and jenny get on the phone and said jim when can i suck your dick again and he would avoid it you don't know you don't know what
the kids still what do we give a shit with tmz over here i just she's nice she's pretty she got child she's beautiful she's beautiful scott bangin tits baby good to see everybody red band in the house my main man what is that photo that you put up it's a picture of her new show jennifer mccarthy's new show and tiffany haddish isn't it also what does paula bell let's paula bell there are far left at school bell paul bells fucking holding very little secrets or something and what are they do they do something at night shit i don't know what what is it red band talk i gotta call her bug dirty sexy funny it's a tv show it's a view panelist kind of thing i guess call bell is a fucking hilarious comma she's a monster she's lying she's at that point where she's she gets on the stage and she just fucking kills him she's become a guy that's why yeah she's got the mentality like a guy like when you talk like sometimes i tweet and shipped tweet ship
got me damn fault also like wash your pussy and should tell me wash my dick you know so when you have that mental once you've gone through everything in la you suck the cocks i'm not saying she's a cock sucker i'm just saying that once you suck the cock you've taken the lunches you grow and you grow as a stand up and when the eagle you know what this guy gotta do what i gotta do i'm just gonna rock every fucking stayed after she does what she says she's just she just know the format you know really funny yeah this is really fun always working all we see an airport and always complain always friendly you know very sweet i really got it's always you know there's some nights i go out to do comedy and you bump into eighteen douche magazine you go you do your setting you get in your car and you come home and there's some nights that you go out and you see people you haven't seen a year you hug and if you have a fucking there you go outside you smoke a number you go home and you like that was fucking great you know that these guys are still doing comedy not some other circuit like last night so more curry
you know problem or every time i see mark curry it's fifteen minutes about the store and he makes me laugh he genuinely makes my bumped intimite wraps and that's how the whole relationship so i said so great you live in the valley call flap is namah you just trying to do comedy you just one get up and do spots you've already had the tv show he's on another tv show as he really was not like a family with chachi he's the guys in the new ceo scott bales gotta show on like you know nickelodeon and nick at night or something he's plays when the black guys on the show oh really but the uh listen he still here he showed no if you have for twenty fucking years he's a very underrated center please on through prairie underrated copying me how he writes a joke now that he listens this joke on his earphones and he walks to these clubs i he sees ways to make the joke better in his head while he's listened to a very you know like you listen to yourself sometimes
i tried it off and fucking want to everyone chop it up i'm so sorry sorry i i record all my sets and listen to most of them and less uh didn't have to to like i knew what what what translate ok listen take any chance but every time i do i get that much stronger yeah every time i watch a video i get that much wrong it's like watching game tape you gotta analyze yourself got analyze yourself i just kill you if you look like me you don't wanna look at yourself i don't want to hear my fucking voice yeah it's very hard for me to go to a movie that i meant i want to fucking cringe when my role comes on here something like that stuff is people who are great with it i just don't i don't want to fucking voice when i'm hearing what i'm hearing my tapes in the nightly when i go to laugh at when you go to the ice house they always give you set my before when i thought can put that on at the house is home i get sick to my fucking stomach you know i don't focus on the material focusing on
look at the size of my fucking head size of my stomach fucking those with brian do you know so and that well that's where we hide from sometimes self announced but i do know that if you do it you just become that much better it's like watching game tape you know it's like really watching game tape and if it's a tail when it gets really interesting when you do a weekend at a club i give you thursday friday saturday minneapolis and you tape all three nights that's very interesting to watch it when you leave there to see how you evolved all three nights and mannerisms you gmail or mannerism i want to take off and specially for a new bit yeah and it's amazing what habits we get that you try to break you know like but we say do you know what i'm saying and that's a fucking ugly habit and i don't no i'm saying it but i'm saying a lot of people say like like so it's very rough when you listen to you so you see these little nuances that you like god damn i didn't hear myself say that you know
people should listen to themselves the mosses when they say fuck too much and they don't realize i see it all the time but the extra flux the extra fucks where it's this fucking guy was fucking thing with the fucking when you do that when you do it takes away from the word the word is a mean anything anymore on the fuck you crush the the the power of it because you have overused it like that was something they taught me in boston that was a big big thing in boston breaking the fuck me to he's breaking the fuck me to it's it's really wild did they have that when you were out in denver when you were coming up there nothing no art to it no like direction no will be heading that matt woods that for roseanne and a bunch of other guys and he did something on tuesday nights before the open mic you know it's really weird what happen with him and i he liked me he was from long island and the first night ever got on stage he was you know you know the comedy works doesn't open mic on tuesday then the
as guys are real headline writers forty five minutes and my first time i stage june 18th in one thousand nine hundred and ninety three he was the headliner i'd never seen alive stand up show before and i went and that's the night i knew i was naked on stage i went with my ex wife and we went i got on stage and he was the headliner so he came up to me right after he goes dog we don't stick with this you're crazy he goes you gotta right but you could you got sixty percent down you got the presents down and that's part of it he goes you gotta write so we became friends you know when i would go and then one day i got a call like two years later he started a writing thing before the open mic i was really fucked up that i used to work at the sports betting service and i have to take a bus from boulder to denver and i'd go pick up an eight ball and then call the club and cancel right now i'm not going to fucking denver by bus when i got an eight ball at home and sometimes i would do it but literally i had something and after a couple months one day he came up to me let me ask you had a t shirt on i had a white t shirt on he came up to this guy talking
she does listen man you come here obviously don't give a fuck he could should fund his mother fucker here without even trying use could you imagine if you wrote he goes at the time you cancel and you don't go to my classes he goes why do you do this and goggles punch this guy in the fucking mouth you know when somebody is like calling you on what the fuck did i do to deserve this yeah i could see if i said something but he kept going he's like you know you shouldn't even come here no more you are really talented but you're wasting your time no you doing those wake up calls a huge dog i left there with my hands clinton i walked in a bus stop and i walked back to clobber and never wanted to see him again never want to see him again but those words sank inside of medivh and go home and do the coat that now he depressed me so much 'cause he was right when somebody's right you can't raise your hands and sometimes you get mad but you
the mother fuckers right and at least he had the walls did not call me out in twenty people he pulled me aside and cindy's disease from long island he knew how to do it and he just read me the riot that and so i never see him again i moved to la and i'm trying to get into a room junior the first ninety days like getting out of we had when you move to la gotta get out gotta nothing happens at the couch you gotta get out libraries coffee shops no the spanish rooms and one night i finally rudy wouldn't return my calls that's how i met rudy moreno he wouldn't return my calls i said fuck it i'm going down there you know lost bro how most called you're not going to return my calls i'm going down the spanish room spanish what the fuck i walk in and really season 'cause i got and i had to follow that guy that used to be the detective i like my women how i like my coffee cooked dwight's korosu as known allow his rocky the guy and in the late
80s and 90s that would go on stage with detective jacket and had he would always do the employer when he played at that stick from the i went to my office i smoke a cigarette was what was his name so my god i'm there red band and i gotta follow this fucking monster been on all the evening at the improv all those shows you could tell he was getting old the rudy had him down there i go up on fucking stage and i rip that room apart you know like you fired up about something you mad seven minutes i went up caught the wave that room apart followed that guy like he was but are you going to get warm like hot knife and you stick it in a carvell cake and it goes right the fuck through is just like the spice for that room when i got up stage who do you think was there matt woods in the back with brian dunkleman you guys more bryant dunking yeah he was on the first season of 'em oregon idol and then he blew it they gave three million dollars and he fucking told what's his name
his dick so now he's doing the american idol in the casino and some indian casino but he is there with him matt woods that guy who told me off with norm get my life together answered all those things to me so when i walked off i saw at the guy tommy sled yeah we had a follow up tommy sleds so when i get off stage matt would sees me i killed and i walked up to michael bro you have no idea how close you came to die and that night he goes i know i could see it in your eyes but it did something to you and ever since that time we became tie front ilost i lost communication about five years ago's brother got sick and new mexico and we last numbers but i always look for my facebook because that guy set me straight about comma he pushed me button so much bro those days i was so fucked up i would have killed them seriously i would've fucked him up but he wasn't lying right every time i want to punch him like he's not lying he's now fucking line so if matt woods is listening
nobody knows how they got a map woodstown thank you for making me a fucking man that's always good people tell you things wakes you up it changes i am raise my hand for that guy thank god i would have been the same fucking person thank god yeah no kidding right i i had a guy tell me that i started out really good but now i kind of dwindled often i realized he was right it was another i believe his name is jonathan mcguire is there nice guy he was of guys we all started out with together there was a whole group of us in boston and six months in manners i still fighting i was kind of like half assing comedy and he said we were all like waiting in line to sign up for us open mic night but just matter of fact sorry about it's like you start off really good but just kind of dwindled off and i just sat there i didn't respond to them i just sat there and i immediately was like shit he's right he's right or not i didn't say something please my friend so i never get angry at him he just was right i mean he wasn't even saying it to be mean and he wasn't a dick at all he was just
by being honest is like you start off really good with any kind of this window off and i was like fuck i did it then i realize like i gotta quit fighting i gotta quit martial arts i got i can't just half ass this if i'm going to try the comedian i can't try to do two things at the same time it's too hard that i was like one of the main reasons why i made that choice that experience where i knew i was just confronted with undeniable truth i don't think that people could do that anymore 'cause of the pc comic still do it to each other it's important man i want to tell you that bit sucks dude that bits all fucked up like what do you say welcome amanda bit is like there's a piece of this and that bit i didn't even think of that yeah i remember this part of that that's this just saying oh yeah yeah yeah fuck that happens like you i have a guy come up to you and tell you like you might be on you might forget like i had a buddy mind forgot we heard a joke and then started repeating it and then i said to this day another joke is like shit
you could see in his face like if someone is not there for you to tell you that bit suck so that bit stoner that bits hack you might accidentally fuck up it's possible yeah you need guys to be able to tell you now i'm very happy that matt which call me out that night it was imax to remember going there would have fucking t shirt after the comedy works it was one of the best clubs in the country tuesday night this two hundred people in there watching open mic and go up there and kill just by walk in three minutes 'cause that's denver just my accent kills just the accent kills just me going up there talking about the broncos being friendly being friendly kills you know it's just it he was he really and him and all those guys matt woods map berry matt berry ended up selling like six shows to nbc big time riders still around well it's all important for someone to cut you down to size because when you start now you have a really distorted perception of how good you are you think way better than you really are well that's what the comedy at the comedy store original rumors for the car
restore original room i love going in on a sunday when you come back from somebody just care for four days this shit he like watch this bitch and you go up there nothing happened nothing nothing is eat dick i just destroyed in minneapolis for three nights and have and with the sunday night dying on during the early show like the seventy nine we would see that on sunday nights especially 'cause guys would do weekend somewhere else and do really well and come in and just get humbled it's really the devil's room and the devil's room he did you sell your soul that's how we make you saw you saw but he was saying a bomb in there it was good for both of us as a transitionary period but that type of room like especially high conflict no crowd control that becomes like develop a more hostile style that is kind of necessary because of that sometimes i can be really funny you know both of us i think a lot of our style developed because of the hostility that room
uh i am thankful i am thankful because one night i gotta call maybe eight years ago and it was a thursday night in houston on wednesday night you son had maybe twenty people in the audience and johnny patches fucking destroyed the room destroy quite the room to the point where pete called me drunk and he goes i saw something tonight i only saw two people do he goes who you could everyone of my wednesdays is dead headline his bomb there's only two people there was only one who could kill with twenty people in the room that was you so i saw johnny sanchez johnny sanchez kwame the next day and said that to me he goes it's really hard to believe that people do do this we do this every night the calmest yeah what we did every night the fucking comedy store eight people 'cause i went up at one thousand two hundred and forty five bro you know there's 8p left and they've already heard every premise every joke we fucking news line
so you have to go up there and just come out you know yeah you come out with john jones on the fucking floor come back crawling that's big part of why kenison became kinison kennison the cleanup batter would go on like one hundred o'clock or one thousand two hundred o'clock at night depending on you know whatever it was he was like the kinison spot was the late spot at night and you know all these different comics had worked out already the audience you could start an audience of the comic store at eight hundred o'clock you could sit down eight hundred o'clock and stay there till two hundred o'clock in the morning he kicks you out the show just keeps going soak in and would go up after who knows how hours and hours and hours of premises and setups and punch lines and he would i reset the whole room i live in hell i live in how oh i was married for two fucking years how would be like batman is fat and fucking sweaty with an overcoat on like everything was off he had
sneakers on a t shirt with an overcoat and it's like what is this guy doing with it's going on here so screaming with the power of a preacher with a head injury so he was so feature with a head injury greatest comic of all time came out of a head injury that what it was yeah you never read his book brian actually gave it to me already have a brian gave it to me for christmas is out there in the front it's called brother sam get joey actually once i read it i read it it's amazing the seattle i haven't read it since ninety five when they used to that's the woman that about houston walking down to a bar and and then they would talk about going to comedy store meeting the condiments my brother saying search ariana brother wrote it yeah it's a big big part of that keeps sticking with me was that he was like this really normal quiet kind of kid and got hit in the head he got hit by a car and he got fucked up and when he recovered he became this
this fucking maniac he became kennison so you know part of what made him so amazing might have been an accident like that happens sometimes like there was a story recently about a guy got hit in the head he had some sort of head injury and then he came out of it and he could play music like this weird things that happens sometimes with the school would a girl that a head injury and then she got huge tits and i'm not trying to be i wish i was lying to this chick was flat chested is fucked got a head injury have freshman year by the time she was a junior tits with fuckin jai normas and should become like the sex fucking crazy chick like just when i went to grammar school with her i knew she wasn't a sex fiend and i wanting to like when she was a senior and she was fucking nuts i was a junior i was like jesus says fucking tits and just want to fuck
just just you know like if this guy doesn't fuck me you're gonna fuck me i'm like i don't think i know i want to touch the head injury think it was not that you said that think about keniston reason now she won't talk to me now she made up my buddy my bumped into her and she goes i don't talk to that mother fuck so because she wouldn't bugger i don't know what it was and i still man in the freshmen that's the girl i got left back over in the second grade for meeting a pussy and shit like that she wouldn't let me bang i just dry hunter and stuck the teddies and stuff like that she had a head injury when she was a freshman i was a this up an eighth grader teenager crew it's musical talent to head injury will play this 'cause it's pretty crazy shit it's amazing so she became a freak from a head injury i'm not shocked man you know we had a guy on the podcast doctor mark gordon who is
specialists in traumatic brain injuries dealt with soldiers and athletes and also different people and you know the way he talks about it man it makes you really fucking question how smart it is to get hit in the head on a regular basis is when this guy starts talking about what can happen like he was talking about like water skiing that walk for skiing the jumping up and down on water skis can fuck your brain up to give you brain damage your brain is sloshing around inside your skull i never thought of that he was like it would even be a concussion like you would the damage in your brain by just your brain sloshing inside like head banging like might be a reason why headbangers are so fucking goofy one of the reasons why mistake are you're offered a in the shower coming up that handle with the soap like i bang my head one time that i was off for two fucking days i was off i was what do i mean by off i didn't hear voices or just
i feel you just didn't feel me yeah i got a concussion my freshman year playing football think about it now yeah i felt a little offer days you're not yourself well you know ryan parsons brian parses got hit in the head with a golf ball and he told me he wasn't the same for six months he said he got hit with a line drive cracked him right in the head he said he went down like a meteor came from the sky mean hit him right in the fucking head like really bad that's a dangerous thing a golf ball to the fucking head like people think that's funny you're laughing at you like why are you laughing i like him because we'll get it in there with a guy who's playing golf yeah he's playing golf is playing this happens when you found no fuck you don't be playing fucking golf easy to cup anna headgear did you golf did you hear about the foreign accent accent syndrome where the woman just turned into like a japanese lady and she's never even heard of well she
to john accent they know no one's ever learned an actual language of the madonna too yeah she just took some guy ritchie dick she just took doctor english you fuck their english you put a chip chip to revealing their findings for the first time so what is this i want to see that kid let's play that video that i asked blew up the kid is a fascinating story because he got hit in the head and he credits that to his musical talent a brain injury not that you go fucking hitting your head you know it's not always you become a comedic genius or amuse your genius probably somebody's got a buddy at home right you ready give me with them yeah i suck it comedy come on you gotta hit me in the fucking head i'm going to get better bro some some guys with head injuries are funny you just had it up yeah it's not playing right god damn it i forgot to bring that new laptop please remind our me
you know every day we find that more more things about brains and especially with the nfl and the guy shoot himself in and what's going on listen man i think that you're right i think that you had that you have the magic you don't know how many hits it's going yeah nobody knows nobody knows how many times you do this until one time you hit the right thing right when people get knocked out what happens after that they get knocked out all the time right there ten depending upon how much time you give it the only person that i've seen recover from a brutal knockout and retain his chin is bisping bisping it knocked out by henderson is one of the worst knockouts ever but hasn't been top since except for one time against vitor belford and it was a head kick i mean everybody get stopped by that kick the kick that hit victor if you human being any a head kick she with action to the head most likely they're gonna you're gonna go down at least and that's what happened this bank he went down and he wasn't even unconscious he get tko the referee stopped the fight and you know he didn't object he was a good stoppage but the
when is he didn't lose his chin from that one knockout his chin still pretty solid he's been hit real hard just that one knockout by victor is the only other one i have a mild ptsd i'm we do when you talking about you know i know you do just by hearing your stories all through our friendship i know for a fact that some might i laid down and i'll think of something i think about the worst case scenario and i say why that popped into my head what what is that reasoning what why did that pop into my fucking then and then i think about early on in my wife those first fucking fifteen years which is brutal brutal you know my mom said that the first three years after my dad died every time a door would open i would turn around just to see if it was my dad you know that has to stay with you at christie alive and then my boys dying you know atomic speciales and anthony my mother dying all at one shot so you finding your mother i always know that when i see someone
like anthony i saw at six hundred and thirty and national six hundred and thirty at night dog you wanna come over and eat na my mom made you want me to come over after dinner now add do homework and shit i'll see you tomorrow at school and then he went on mother had no milk he got in a car with his brother went to a supermarket and some guy ran a red light truck boom i go to school next day was after you don't hear what happened what i need i lesnar how can he die is with him till six hundred and thirty what we do from six hundred and thirty at night that we were fucking in the eighth grade would you do go to disco so i know for a fact sometime i haven't gone to talk to anybody but i started getting this i started getting a little stronger last for he is maybe because i'm off to blow maybe because want to blow now it's coming to haunt me a little bit differently it doesn't affect me in my everyday life it effects me in different situations like with my daughter like winter drive with my daughter i get nervous when i get nervous with my friends i get nervous about my friends a lot pro
lot because i know it is to lose a tight friend i know that you can't recover from that you know we're very fortunate that we all have each so i know that this pc's the abbott at some levels you know when i hear a gunfire i fucking go crazy even on tv like i sometimes i think about what these kids go through and you're in a school you can imagine guys being twelve and being out of school and some guy comes in with one new fucking age guns you know you go hunting you know the shotgun sounds like you know what a forty five inch sounds like think of these new m16 is that they come in those fucking clicks and those texts and you hear the bullets going in i'm all that shit in fact even on tv bra even fucking tv when i watch it i want to watch this shit that you called me and told you were going to the movies and i was like don't go see that fucking movie wolf of wall street yeah that was too crazy for me yeah it goes to show you what i really want to talk to you about how crazy with the 80s
that's right ladies are insane that's not exact recession with cocaine and i think that was all the nineties actually because i think eighty seven was when the big crash was right and he says when he started working that's that was his first day in the office right it was still fueling motherfuckas november it ain't the eighty seven somewhere around there when we crash n8 november tenth you know how i know i gotta ride kidnap the guy a week later real yeah goodnight granny seven so i remember liver in newspapers i remember uh that but the eighty when i went to see that movie i saw the blow like my heart stopped a couple times twenty min mark when i went to see that what happened with the laemmle i saw four white p run out of there like jails how about when he was blowing coke in her asshole upper asshole that is raw but there was it that was
his straw in her asshole is blowing smoke in there i was watching boogie nights when they go over that's my favorite scene and a lot of movies which one with marky wahlberg and the guy go to the guys house the guy for spiderman two and the chinese guy with the fire i thought you how many houses i went to three hundred in the morning that will like that really like just like you walk in and you're like somewhere right we went to one of arizona with something russian rifle yeah you member that those partly sunny were back in the day walking like you know what's up man right or something's going to go down at this house waiting for vampires still plugged in fucking blowing blood to spray for the ceiling like the opening scene in blade it's can crazy that's a lot of it is that amphetamine cocaine uppers sort of party scene it's very sketchy like you you're going and meeting some people that are involved in that world and you don't even know it like you think you think besides she seems like a nice guy when we phoenix i don't even know that everyone was on coke until brian pointed it out
brian wearing i never done coke i know when people are kind of being speedy i kind of guessed that there on coke but since never done it i don't i don't know the actual vote but was yeah i could tell if someones high i could tell if someone is drunk 'cause i've been hiding i've been drunk the coke things like again just a guess for me but we were in this club and brian goes you know everyone here is on coke and i like everyone is everyone's on coke everybody look around everyone touching their nose he goes in there all like planning businesses and you look around and it were they were all touching each of his nose now are too damn fucking totally into that man we could sell that shit through my company or your company and their jacked up making plans that will never take place a plate only remember him in the morning yeah it's fascinating thing you know and that's the other thing on top of all the death i saw and all of that then you got twenty five years of fucking heavy duty powder yeah
no like i tell you guys toys then the last three years i knew it was time to stop snoring at night when my spine would start fucking hurt the bottom of my spine would start freaking hurting and i feel like little fight crackers going off like we electro pop ppp why new was time to quit right then and there wow that's crazy electric you know it's funny how i always wanted to write a book about my life if i don't want to write a book about my life now i want to write a book about the twenty six year listen you listen you'd be crazy to write a book this is what you should do we you should do if you want to do a story in your life you do a store where do i put the fucking camera in front of you and you start talking to lose you talking loses ninety percent of the entertainment value of anything you say you're a master talker when you talk it's entertaining it's beautiful to listen to do you want to limit that to the printed word that's the last thing you want to do you wanna make an audio book the very least but more likely you want to look at your face you want to
the video may be an audio book with a video companion to it but don't write a book how much would be missing you're too you're too it's like that that form of expression is too limited for you it's not that it's not you know that you couldn't write a book and wouldn't be interesting i'm sure would be interesting but big part of your genius is your relaying of information like you understanding who's listening to you and you because of the fact that grew up in this really fucked up way because the fact he grew up with all this lawson this like extreme like extreme desire for friendship an extreme loyalty to your friends like you other things that i love about you is this same thing that i i strive for myself is to be extremely loyal to my friends and that
that's who you are so you got but all that comes into play like that the immediacy in the important when you're talking to people like there's a vulnerability there's a lot of shit going on that you're just going to miss in the print you know i'm trying to smoke up your not annoying history not the first guy they said it to me sucka book you just can you just talk your you know the funny on the planet when it comes just talking and telling stories it's just weird that you know you i was i went to minneapolis and the guy was cleaning we're talking in between shows about coke stories over both look at each other like fucking crazy shit that made you do like thirty years of my life twenty six years of my life was focused around that like my thoughts at one part of the day were like am i going to do it tonight or not wait the same way people think about eating and i'm not glamorizing it or nostalgic it it's something that i want to just it's gary it's ugly like my think about like god damn the people i bumped into the women i bumped into
it was like well especially east coast right and if i was selling my soul you know they were fucking definitely selling their fucking soul you know in a huge way that things there with them and it was just it's really fucking interesting where you live and that's for any addiction joe that's for fun and those pills you which is really destroying us it's the pels it's not the fucking math on tennessee not us but it's the fucking doctors in these fucking prescriptions you know in hollywood everybody's in the fucking prescription you do know that everybody a lot of ninety percent in our fucking prescriptions for some even if you go to a in this and i know what in hollywood i shouldn't say to a as a whole but i know people in hollywood they look me in the face and on clean and sober from alcohol but i'm taking pills at the doctor gave me so i don't kill somebody so don't do this so don't do that i sleep at night so i think and you go to after nineteen fucking pills what's the fucking difference you know yeah yeah did you listen to podcasts with war machine no
gets hangs it too and i takes lex pro because it but he's clean and sober other than that and what you say about the likes of pro some help some you know he did a year in solitary when put him in jail in nevada they found out he was an mma fighter and they decided remove him from general population for everybody's safety and he's gotta fucking grenade tattooed on his neck and the kids built like a pit bull you know so they like fuck this guy he's not beating up any guards or whatever he's planning on you know let's put on solitaire e so they just decided to put him in solitaire for a whole year crazy story but fucked him up is already stuff going in and they took him off the lexapro when he got in crazy story so he's going through withdrawals because he's on the stuff and i don't know how lexapro works but i would assume you probably have to wean yourself off of it now don't they let you bring that interfere there's some places but not nevada they will let him bring it in california if he was in
sitting california they'd let him bring it in new take it he would go to the prison doctor and they would give him his medison but not in valley nevada and there was like fuck you your criminal will bear they keep you alive when i'm going to give you shit he could sue them maybe i don't know maybe it's uh it should need religion yeah do you go to jail you are muslim you need vegetarian fucking meals they don't give you that muslim die you could sue them it's part of your fucking religion is it would do it although that the case like if they're serving pork chops and if you're a muslim they give fucking vegetarian or muslim fucking dish man period i have a special the deal for you serve you alright i have sleep apnea i go to county jail okay all right he kill somebody whatever the little house on fire still that fucking at this one of the only countries you have rights as a accuse as the accused you have rights in this country tons of fucking rights or people know bye should i go to la county the next fucking day after the first night my attorney goes down this guys either he needs to get transferred to a hospital
for sleep apnea we need to bring the machine and they're going to go now we can bring the machine it could be a block bomb in there they got transmit off that takes three or four fucking days my blood actually goes up i gotta hide attack guess who's getting sued can you imagine does that how it works or would you just don't deal with it but no you just how can you deal with you have a fucking you know let's say you know if you have a mental health issue you break a window you know those people who take don't take their medication right they break a window it take into jail you want these people in here without the fucking medication same thing applies anxieties is fucking silent killer for some people it's not at that i was never at that point for me but you know people that i've spoken with that it's a fucking they can't be in certain situations wow because it's just my bag informed can you imagine being in sala terry being in a room like this no way conditional windows that does shitty sometimes i workout and i can't breathe even there's no doors opening a gym i get fucking anxiety
just 'cause i want to go out and just get out just got here for five minutes just breathing the air i'm back just being cooped up in a corner doing fucking deadlifts at the fucking the kettle bell thing sometimes i gotta walk through the door sometimes i make him open up the garage door i can anxiety just from being in that position so i can imagine what he did in a eight by six hours after a year for a year how big is a fucking site by tiny and they give you shit i know you're at home going joey but he's a criminal i understand in this country the criminals the fucking i don't care even the world trade fucking bama some of the book of all they're all under the fucking jail in colorado tomahawk whatever means they got rights they got right you gotta give them location you gotta give him this otherwise you're torturing them i mean the idea of punishing people for something is very strange because the idea is that you're going to take some person you could put him in jail for the rest of their life and make them feel terrible beaches moaning right away it's very like medieval and our cat but they couldn't be they couldn't beat up a
the member of society yeah jails are not bad among the city and pamela i'm a felon i can't vote which are trying to so all that shit to do so they really some states obama wants their vote bama wants to vote but it's funny because majority people with families in the country of black well would be next because it actually i couldn't say obama wants to vote because he won't be he won't be he won't be eligible but who would be that they would benefit from that i gotta pick some new black bag coming from the south and shit no i'm just i saw that public enemy coming true you never know black planet you have a black planet baby but it's it's really amazing like when i went in i had the reefer so i had trouble sleeping they put me on fucking once that shit they put you on when you're crazy though
the floor as he did you the words you have me on phyllis imprisoned floors in three weeks that's recall thorazine doors you have me on that in prison for two or three weeks because i can sleep at night whoa so they have miss you know you have some we miss a misdiagnosis diagnosis in that yeah like they couldn't and i know you don't like listen if a it is a tough of this this is a very complicated subject in our country because everybody going to chime in on this you know but a guy who gets in trouble has right no it's not right that can put somebody who smoke pot in jail for twenty six fucking years but some guy who kills a fucking little girl or little boy lights a house on fire has no respect for society needs put in jail maybe that'll slow him down we've discussed this before there's no rehabilitation in prison brown there's no class that you take to come out and be a better person it's how much of this do you want to take how many
no prison isn't about the food we go for the food all you get fucked in the shower that's all bullshit the thing that if you're a man could you imagine me coming into your room every morning kicking your bed how would you feel everyone if i came into your room just put the fucking light on their firing rogan get up bitch and kick your bed how many mornings before you stab me the gentlemanly if i we lived with you and i we lived downstairs ik into your room every morning kick your fucking ben's a bitch get up how long take you to stab me what if you had eight year sentence take a lot less than i'm a guard now i'm already a guard yeah boy you're doing life that's what makes you not want to come back to prison because it's not somebody fucking in the ass it's your manhood bro with me it my man they took my man there's and telling me what the fuck to do and you have to listen and you have to listen there's no two ways about it and they can
see you in a way that no one else is society is allowed to that guy said to you joey you started off good but you tied it off you wouldn't get mad because not what you say it's how you say yeah there's another way to say that you're going to hold off and punch me in the fucking mouth and that's how they say they're always testing you that thing that you have any because they know they can and that's it that's what makes you not want to come back when you look at that place and i never want to be put in this position again a man is never going to talk to me and that fucking matter then i'll die before some mother fucking talk to me like that two types that there's some people you know but there's some p inside like me so how am i going to live without fucking chinese food i mean these are the little things that i thought about these are the decisions you make and not going back to prison and not gone prisons a bad thing but people a bad fucking people they need to get stop some time with me joe rogan i needed to get stop sometimes i've been doing drugs since i was fifteen
i was twenty seven years old it was it was a six month process that i don't have to do drugs i have to pick drug that makes you see life a lot clearer and a major choose question do you want to be in this do you really want to come back i mean this people that sit around all day talking about age block in kansas you will enjoy joe rogan come on dog how is there that's the baddest place the pork chops are tuesday bitches red band who did time in columbus i wasn't and that price to do in this tour that they do they play out of doing this fucking prison tour i was ok i partied out with him one time what do party out you were not fucking jail cell shooting heroin sharing a fucking needle with some other guy and you're partying out what the party night is that some fucking black transvestites sucking dick that's apart we really so you gotta remember them in talias some of these guys bro this is it for them this is it bro
got a fat chick that sends me money i'm straight they get some chick that wants a boyfriend in present 'cause you got one thousand of them fucking dummies yeah which add about foul girls are really into dudes that are in prison that's a common thousand those dummies they don't fuck they don't suck they just br groceries and oh my god and then it's funny 'cause let's say i date you right let's add date this girl and she's bringing me groceries i'll ask a dog got ahold me to hang up hook up with my boy over here and she also yeah gotta only for she needs a boyfriend should be like four hundred and fifty pounds she's batch is a recession but this bitch makes like eighty thousand here she's dying to have a boyfriend she go sled jail she gets a boy really take pictures to get on the weekends it's fucking crazy wow that's so weird and they're not allowed conjugal visits right no until then comes a time you know when you short but i don't think they allowed conjugal visits 'cause of boston i think when that guy was going to be present
out of massachusetts like ten years ago yeah yeah she is a dog he gotten tracas dukakis had conjugal visits in massachusetts and somebody killed somebody so they had to stop across the country i don't don't don't don't please don't i don't think it was a conjugal visit i think he had a release like a temporary release like a furlough he could go the weekends somewhere and he killed somebody i know really something i know the feds let's say you're in lompo or like my othered australia the low minimum karabel minimum security places i know you come in for the weekend fuck somebody you can and are you coming for two days willie horton the guys name downtown willie horton i think that was his name murder yeah it was a huge huge scandal right 'cause he kill
somebody on a on a furlough that's what it was what's his name willie horton is yeah and at separate when they get out and they got some chick that's feeding him and sending the money every boat the other thing with dukakis his wife starts drinking paint remember that shit remember that shared his wife i'm crazy which she was drinking everything she was drinking like like an freeze and like fucking deodorant she's she's she's drinking cologne what was she drinking that's like paint thinner or some shit yeah she was that disease well that's actually like no no no that's not what it was though was her she was an alcoholic and she was trying to she was trying to break clean and she couldn't and so she was trying to take anything the thing we need paint like lead like lead attraction to lead that's not what it is this was a deal and alcoholism thing can you do kokas i know the homeless people in columbus oh east always drink alcohol
rubbing alcohol that was yeah well that's what she drank kitty dukakis drank that stuff i mean it was a huge disaster yeah she had a huge battle with alcoholism apparently she's dead now i don't know drink fuck paint then she's three thousand and seventy seven years old still alive like this keep on in the free world well the the stress was offer after her husband disappeared from the limelight being the limelight is like that trying to become the president oh my god what a fucking crazy way to your life member every four years it's lightened up right now it's impossible right now you have no social life with the camera now in the iphones and crazy years ago you get away with little things as a present now they have you on every fucking level every step your response you know every word you say is on the internet you know the next morning after a state of address but whatever they got you on every level
see that's the hardest job in the world that and being a professional athlete in new york city yeah no kidding right in new york city is brutal to people fucking torment the world dogs you have one bad game they will fucking torment they will turn on you and they feel justified because they know how hard they work and they know how much you make and they're like fuck him fuck you they get rid of people i mean you know what the teams don't get rid of people in new york the media does basically remedia yeah look what happened to mark sanchez and the jets what happened the media fucking got you know was too overpowering looking katie bo doing blow in miami last week and assume she did he get in trouble with the implied i don't know but look you know that he was a quarterback in new york duh media fucking get you out before and they even make a decision they have to listen to the media it's overwhelming that's interesting
and especially like a really vocal town like new york like they are really really into this course to get very aggressive james a brutal yankees yankee games with fucking brutal yeah they level we never talked about fucking his gummy bears those testosterone gummy bears he was popping cooney bears fucking hey rod you do read about that he was taking testosterone gummy bears me best like in the first inning so he be on fire by the seventh inning and then he he's doing probably don't read him watch sixty minutes now come on dog i thought you know boy i don't know he was kicking shit up to a different level the bears because i guess they piss you after the show that place you like the see after the fight after every game they test best they piss test so how did he get away with it then i guess the law we'll go away it was just it would just sport but you got to read all this you gotta let me know you got to fill me in on all the that's here of these victor and it's all hearsay i mean the guy that
got caught they often have fifty thousand disappear i mean it's all fuck in here saying i don't even know what's really going on i know the other guy tried to retire yesterday but i'm not a ride is coming back he ain't coming back but they just fucking hate him what he who's the other guy was gigi derek jeer retired so you think they're related like he just knows that they can't take stuff these take anymore is that that's definite happening right lot of guys getting popped where they used to be able to act themselves and then guys mcguire and you know guys who kind of came out about it now it's like sort of revealing the whole undercurrent of why was cool that much fucking knew that he was on people that joey deals he disappeared he fucking come back looking like you know he just disappeared for nine years he just he knew he knew he just disaffected he came back and he was like my size because norman normal person yeah oh yeah and he looks like a guy that works out but i mean you remember it would have gorilla used to look like oh my god go in oakland what they had
forearms is popeye forearms over the fucking like a horses leg on the the meat of their forearm just as manly member steve garvey a motherfuker had the most ridiculous for august and when we were like when i first started lifting weights when i was in wrestling people talk about steve garvey's forearms and we would do these little right wrist things was during the strain we attach the weight to it and you do it like that it burns out you will like steve garvey steve garvey leg get forms like steve garvey because you have these like they were ridiculous they have pictures of it yeah pull ups garvies forearms take picture this shit he does like some guys like known for their body parts weird way the was all american man gi joe comic book the eyebrows what's matter i'm just looking for a good one that has a good day don't really have this popeye arm
things here they show us forms in any of them what were you in and on about do cnn require oh yeah he was on dark dark on tech they when they started did you google his forearms why don't you try that for the fuck would you google that bro you suck at google alright whatever forget it unless you can find it that mother fucker had some big ass wrists and he would hold that
fucking madness forearms or just ginormous who's the there's one picture on it but that looks like him without a helmet on which is amazing him later that was usually yeah that's him in a charity game or something either way you know the guy from the fucking yankees the yankees had this japanese player not ichiro suzuki the one they had before him porodi dog you could see that mother fuckers quadriceps through his pants oh i bet that ice looking old what the fuck is that like this like an upside down va an upside down v would be coming right down the front of his fucking like scott thanks is it it's a it's a it's a different fairly decent picture but you really have to see him swing a bat to realize how ridiculously strong as forms were prix de
so you could see though and it wasn't like bodybuilder muscle yeah like hairy arms and shit was a man you know it wasn't all shaved down lean probably drank beer every night just fucking just had man strength just crack you with that bat were human tommy lasorda again frank your beautiful hair too gaza man manned manly man how do we get on the subject of giant forearms were talk not someone who had some yeah so the gummy bears he would take these fucking things in the first inning in the first inning and he must've had a rubber deck the guy when he would text to guys and the guys would text him back to the doctor he would it is now the right time that i would text him back again he would fucking cock oh i read about that i see with that so that would mean is that our movie was time released let's find out find out what he did fucking tremendous fuckin tremendous do i thought you know all about after you take system test are whatever
add gummy bears and see what comes up took pe gummies and doug are there you go aron took ped dummies dummies why does the article was revealed by a doctor tun tun tun a doctor did it damn a doctor ratted him out so sad but he admitted it he admitted it right well this way i think let me say what i think bro look where gummy bear when when when people i think the yankees have to pay him a lot of money i think they don't want to pay him so i think a lot of this day went after this doctor gave me some money to tell the channel because everybody else got in trouble they suspended this guy for a fucking long ass time you know like when people want somebody to stop doing something like john golly the feds we're going to do whatever they want to do is get john gotti and throw him in fucking jail it didn't matter what they had to do that
i understand they didn't give a fuck this is same thing they're doing with this guy did you say that brian does it say anything about how long i'm looking for how long it takes for a test positive so just see if you could find that how long it takes 'cause it'll be too involved for to keep up a podcast and do it um they would take it i bet that's what it is i bet it takes like eight hours to get into your system or something like that we pee it out probably doesn't quite get in your pissed tractor what he did after the game they talked about on sixty minutes what he was doing after the game very interesting shit over now to stop throwing gummies to give you so search for that so let's say there's a ufc fridays in the fight on the seven hundred o'clock card he's the third fight yeah pop the fucking testosterone pill or the gloomy while the fight i hide a hamazon you know it's interesting man the argument against letting them do that is not that good like you got guys like jose conseco he's fine
in his 50s and he looks great like that guy was the use monster he was what juice monster i mean i know he's only one person i know if you want to do a real study of baseball players you have to look at a bunch of 'em that used and or abuse steroids but man i don't know i mean what's the worst thing that can happen is it anything like the worst thing that can happen if you play football because that's talking legal seems like the worst thing that happened if you play football is you get fucked up what's the worst thing you have it if you do mma obviously i support that the worst now you can get fucked up what's going on with these baseball players that just get bigger this seems to just get bigger like mcguires around these are bigger anymore but he seems fine he's coaching baseball sammy sosa became a white guy i don't know what the fuck happened there what happened there i don't know sammy sosa hit digital skin condition he says the skin condition i don't know maybe
jackson gummy bears well my friend who's a doctor told me that there are certain filipinos that he treats not that he treats that his friend treats or someone he knows treats that take a specific supplement or specific drug that is designed to make your skin paler and it's like a common thing that they do this here let me i don't know why i said filipinos we could because he told me that the people that he knew that it had gotten it done we're filipinos it says that these gummies cycle in and out of this system quickly yeah drug test would have to happen right soon after taking it real
yeah that seems weird bro that's weird you know we've all very fucking day why we think drugs are going to fucking evolve we evolve every fucking day i mean they don't even have edibles no more they have capsules now that you take that will switch on a different fucking plan if he on a diet or something now you diabetic in hollywood and and did la fee th everything now yeah this is let me tell you about this shit that they're doing this is freaky man these people taking this shot to in their body this is really fucking interesting man yeah they take a few shots of this stuff and it starts to this is weird they have pictures of people before and after they did it oh my god but it's intravenous glutathione injections hello it will what the hell man they still
the popularity in us in philippines in two thousand and seven and came to pass kristen in a little over a year and a half ago wow the doc this my mission is to help patients battle pigmentation does a bad accident right is that how someone for pakistan talks maybe yeah i could get away with it maybe couple shots they start lightning dark spot start to fade away that's interest well whatever man do whatever the fuck you want to do what do i care what what is your then you're saying that for you website for member may well for anime it's different this is why her friend in may because your main goal is to inflict damage on people right and if you have an unfair advantage inflicting damage on people and makes you get away with things you probably wouldn't get away with if you are a mere mortal mere mortal with a mere mortals body though
are repercussions too hyper testosterone levels in hyper human growth hormone levels over prolonged periods of time but there are also benefits of having high testosterone if you were the type of guy who takes way more than you're supposed to take and does it all the time you wouldn't be able to do it forever but you could can probably go through a strong camp doing that and you would have an advantage you would have a physical advantage doesn't mean you're going to win the fight because there's still skill and technique and will and heart encourages a lot of things that you can't measure input put a you know you can't quantify them but when you can quantify is that if you take the same person with the same will and the same heart in the same desire and you give steroids they i'm of batter motherfucker it's just that simple your body over faster when you body recovers faster you can train harder and get more work done and do things that you can't normally do like work three hard times in a day you could do that
be mean there's a lot of guys to get through that shit just on sheer force of will force their body to respond but there's other guys on the gear and they get on the guy then they can pop through those fucking three and still hard work don't get me wrong there still put in have some fucking massive hours there still busting their ass there still exerting a lot of will but they get a little michael help and that chemical help is undeniable and part the problem with that chemical help when it pertains to fighting is that what we like about fighting is not just watching an athlete perform well we'd like is the battle of preparation and will and willpower and determination that allowed you to get to be that person that stan across the octagon from that other person and knowing in your heart of hearts that is a fifty proposition and you're going to throw yourself into the fire and try to smash this motherfucker there's other bad ass mother fucker that's been
training just as hard as you perhaps just as long as you just as deadly as you are and you know how fucking deadly you are but he's juiced to the gills juiced up here and he's been working out in a way that you haven't been able to because he's been put in extra sessions because he's been repairing his muscle tissue really quickly so he has more energy the next day he has more cardio because he's taking epo and boo blood thinners and all those things that cyclists take he has more more growth hormone's body than a normal person 'cause he's injecting into his body despite the fact that he's only twenty six years old that shits real real that's real and it's happening and that's where it becomes a problem because the purity of the competition comes into question when you know that someone's received artificial help mean argument is that everybody's receives artificial help they they're all on it they all like to say that people have it or just said that recently everyone's using during camp he actually said that maybe he's right obviously he knows more than i do he's in
camps the i do is do little training occasionally with guys that fight and i'm not in their camps i'm not fucking doing 2a days with them if he tore says it you gotta take that for what it's worth is a world class fighter he's a former champion he's fought all over the world if he tells you a lot of guys are using in camp i i have to assume he's right now if let's say i do a camp how uncle it's out of my system i do a six week can it depends i mean i didn't know about these gummy bears as you say i'm going to say it like that from now on gummy bears this is just i don't i don't know i'm talking about i go to mike dolce i'm going to fight fucking carlos conduit firstly i'm just you need three i'm just i'm just saying i'm just i'm not one hundred and seventy i'm a twenty two rogue i'm gonna fight him i gotta
sweet camp when do i start shooting and when do i stop that's a real good question i mean i don't know if you would need if you're twenty two the guys who probably start using it they get a little older and they start using it it could fuck you up when you're younger and it's one of the reasons why some guys have gotten testosterone use exemptions early in their life like even their young 20s because they do steroids and then their testosterone shut down the production shut down and so then they might not have even tested positive fight you know that's also a possibility for testosterone use exemption that we've always had it from the beginning of your martial arts career that you got a doctors note before you foxy never cheated and it could because you use steroids when you're younger you could have been a bodybuilder or football player someone who took too much stuff and fucked up their own endocrine system it's super common so for a guy like say chris weidman who swears up and down that he never uses anything and i believe him and i talked everybody trains with and i believe him i think he's just a stud athlete for a guy like that who doesn't take anything is it fair
for him to fight a guy who's taken something i don't know you know i don't it's an interesting question if the doctor say that you could take these supplements you could take this testosterone you could supplement your testosterone if doctors say it's ok and you do you allow that in a world title fight i almost think and almost did everybody should be allowed to do it things that everybody should be allowed to do it if that's going to happen if they're going to continue testosterone replacement i almost feel like it should be up to the fighter and that would the point of discussion when you do the commentary that you know he's chosen not to use testosterone and he right with his natural testosterone whereas this guy doesn't it's almost something that we should talk about like as an option because people are rigging the system you being charismatic doctors who talk to athletic commissions and tell of a guy who's got a medical problem they leave out is that the guy
just got off of a six week steroid cycle so they do a test of his blood after it's clean of all the steroids his test asteroid is low it's because just got off of it it's not what a normal normal manual three hundred five hundred maybe eight hundred now his just like one hundred and sixty why is his one hundred and sixty because body struggling to regain testosterone production it's now because he has a sickness that you're addressing with medicine that otherwise he wouldn't be healthy and wouldn't be able to do it he's he's done this to himself and we know i've done this to themselves so that's when it becomes a real issue because the real issue is you're favoring people who have cheated and of course the argument for the p have gotten caught is like victor said hey man everybody's doing this they're all using i gotta go with him because he's the guy that's in the trenches he's the guy that's you know one of the main guys the black zillions if he says everybody's using who knows what the fucks going who knows if it's just maybe me
a lot of people use when they get injured maybe means a lot of people use when they go to a doctor because they're dealing with something specific recovery from surgery whatever the fuck it is i don't know man i don't know but what is all that brian this supposedly what alex rodriguez alleged drug origin was glutathione was on that yeah what's that mean let so then i accident hth yeah oh had glutathione cream wow how weird well listen man think about how much fucking money alex rodriguez made throwing and catching a ball hit the ball what did he play what position he play back how filmed thank you please the outfield shortstop think about how much money that mother fucker made huge star huge star huge daw tons of money fucked every bitch here's the problem with these guys
it is the only thing i have yeah that defend him the only thing i have is that there fucking season is long bro that's a long ass how to do that so long last season they play two games in a row they do double headers yeah so i mean for five in a year maybe i don't so how do they do they start at noon or something like that we started noon but that's not it i'm talking about they started fucking they start playing baseball at the end of january and they go through october yeah there's already training camp that's out there in arizona right now throwing a ball around it's mid february it's a lot of money man but hey to great job it's a great job imagine why in a fan it's a long fucking season seventeen weeks every fucking week you have one day off a rest after sunday not sunday is like you don't want to know what you wake up feeling like on monday oh i yeah i can imagine i could only measure a line back that you feel like a fucking truck it yet what's been hitting you gotta hit eighteen times by a fucking truck i remember when i was on the wrestling team software
high school i never worked harder at anything in my entire fucking life i couldn't believe how sore i was just walking home everyday you know we were carrying kids up stay there isn't doing crazy drills and a lot of a lot of fireman's carries carrying people around the the the wrestling room lot of drill there's a lot of wrestling and then running is unbelievable went from no working out at all to like this unbelievable workout schedule i think i done karate a little bit but it was bad bear really workout compared to this wrestling practice it was like barely everybody lineup psychics who who it was the rumor rent is one hundred degrees for three hours it is not in the room you're in is one hundred degrees then you gotta run stairs i used to play football and watched them practicing and i would die and i'll be running sprints will wake up quitman on it you like i'm dying and you look over at them and they're on the third floor running fucking eighty time
jumping down you like god there's no better conditioned athletes then wrestlers and then after wrestlers mix marsh most fighters mixed martial arts fighters maybe even over wrestlers because they have more things to do you know that think about striking you think about submissions but wrestler set the pace one of the reasons why mixed martial arts fighters fight and can he did such a high level is because sample shown by like real high level wrestlers they just taken getting to this whole new place and then i think honestly if they really be honest about it i think that the elite mma players take it to another place entirely take it to one more place 'cause they involve striking i gotta tell you something but i've never looked at the clock and said i wish i could live my life again but if i was twenty i began i be joe lozano wouldn't wanna fight in the gym i would just want to do jujitsu yeah it's so fucking interesting interesting so you wouldn't fight in the ufc but you would be like a jujitsu recall that ornament so yeah
she wanted to do it now you change your life now is that what you said is that you said change your life now how's it changed it i love it i just think it's i love getting beat up i think that you just prepares me for everything when i bootsy for major due to some completely different and why this is somebody at twenty you know they want to go to competitions and shit for me it's just getting healthy for me it's like a goal like my first one i could do three hip escapes now i could do the whole floor and back and i gotta stop you know you could do i can't still do any judo rolls i mean that's great though hip escape all the way up and back and then the other one and then the one with you the scape and pull your leg back and flip around that time broke my toe and you know and all this shit that i've always loved joe lowe's i've always loved loved jujitsu guys i love daddy i love marcelo i love kabrina i loved jitsu i love jiu jitsu once you draw upon yeah it's fun to kick to the head is fun but when you see a really really good huge it's like i don't want no shit on youtube i watch videos mu
videos and i watch jiu jitsu on youtube look at eddie bravo oh please at least one hundred and sixty three kids rip know he's really working hard man he did three workouts last wednesday goes to john jackson rededicated as far as my friends call me from john jack miller you should so early tonight bro please don't like john jock teaches a class and he's got eddie on the side so here kohl's then he got eddy underside they say it's pretty fucking interesting to watch that sauce i can't go to fight i'm in florida that week oh yeah no way i want to call me a little red said i can't do they sell tickets with death squad baby damn yeah it's fort lauder well and i can't damn i want you to be there for me too he wanted me to i told him no i wouldn't walk down the thing with him he goes why not i go remember fucking when jane you walk down fucking whatever i walking mobile isaac is it that i know fire
now you know what i'm saying so why your friend you might provide enerji but i swear to god i would love to be twenty five just to start jujitsu just so i could the camaraderie he how long you been doing it now since may i'm terribly has it gotten you better shape though conspiring session i'll guess out the third minute but drug when i went i was gassing out the first when i hold my breath you know when i think you know you hold your breath when you think yeah i go tuesdays i go to kettle bells like these three weeks i've been off so i got a kettle bells monday wednesdays and friday mornings then i go to jujitsu choose days i couldn't go today 'cause i had to come here at three but i'll go tomorrow night for the beginner class and then i'll do marcelo madness a little bit and that's what's marsella marcella madness fifty burp is in between everything else he teaches you so my fifty burpees walk lunges fifty burpees twenty five push fifty burpees i can
do that well that's a lot of work to a verb i can't do a bourbon why so many burpees because he want his john jumped if he's brazilian here as he would be really tired by the time we should use the technique and then you roll later on well they say that the best way to really figure out how to fight when you're tired is to fight when you're tired all the time just do it in the gym so that you use technique and you don't use strength now that's the idea behind it but the the problem with that is i think that's real good mentally and psychologically i think that's real good but skill learning you learn skills best you get the sharper techniques when you're not tired so i i think that it's it's probably super important aspect to training but the best way to good is almost definitely go through drills first lower regions where most people the 23rd i'm going to yeah are you going to his work shy love he once at what's a sunday when is it what day the 23rd of this month
i will be coming back from vegas such well thirty down in a not beverly hills but the other school in offer ocean i love hegan madam black asian really tell dime form in abu dhabi when its fight and i will die with the two thousand three yeah and that i was i was there and he with a call out to me like i could do that shape is just a he had trained at all he just he was so good that he could just like show up and and just start rolling with like the best guys in the world to have to wait to physicians who he gives his that's beast is so technical and he's he's he's cold schools you get there's a great old video of hegan roll fixing gracie and it's like when they were both young and it's it's a it's a crazy video in hixson was old and he and but he can was like the dangerous up and coming cat and you know he would call up he looked at me and i have to yell out like three minutes left one minute to he's a big guy right these big now he was like pull up his sing gracie versus are
ign n machado there's a video it's kind cool to watch because this video is you know i woods rrick this video is from like the early days like the 1980s or some shit when they were both young in brazil and they're both you know the growing up most people in the world don't even know what you just so is most the world has no idea the brazilian jujitsu exists and down there in rio are these two super how for predators going after each other in this incredible high level ju jitsu matches submission match this is them going out here i mean this is some old what's going on man could connect up is that the laptop yeah these guys if if you know if you watch this i'm this like some real high level jiu jitsu still to this day this is like you could see these guys role in like with this too
unique that they are exhibiting right here you can see these guys rolling like this in the monday als i mean these are elite elite elite grapplers and this is back before anybody knew about it what year is this brian free vcr no it's not yeah what's the gross music bonnet who did that you fuck head in nineteen okay i'm trying to find it it's incredible that when you watch that video it's say here no doesn't say i say think if i had to guess i think it was probably the late 80s but i'm not sure but i hixson goddam eventually eventually he got him he could not handle the pace for hicksons the greatest of all time x and i don't know if it's it tapped him i think he did
but hixon is it says the only person a ron trip is the only person credited with the victory over hickson gracie but that's just ridiculous 'cause he beat him in judo and all he did was take him down he lee ponder more e pond and whatever it is when you see someone throws you like a serious throw like the the matches but hixson was fine like hixson wanted try to go to the ground so he could submit him so when they say it a guy with a victory in a match like that like yeah i guess so but it's by judo rules it's not not with hicksons doing if and ron trip to roll and ron shipp beat him that would be a different thing there bar or you have a a jitsu competition of just an all out gray the competition two submission i got my money on the brazilian son
and also joining can't wait to get back man my back is pretty much one hundred percent now and the kids i go with a half my age bro you know and it's just fun to go and they oh you are dad asked me listen to the podcast they want to come watch me perform they came to the ice house you know they're really fucking good these are my problem is that i come back on sundays they all go to contest i love to go see him and support him you know like they went to the gracie's two of them went g but i'm going to be in san jose for the world gracie's job my thirteen thriller weekend yet i'll stop down by my man dave casmaria another one of my jitsu idols and then i go to to the world's you know go watch him and see what it's about life no it's really interesting and really watch them only went to one match you gotta come to some of the some of the ufc is we haven't seen in awhile i'm coming i'm going to lunch when you come in orlando orlando sarah
baltimore and baltimore jon jones is over to share but i'm i'm really excited about miesha tate and carmouche that's going to be a fucking barnyard fucking to grill is fighting it's amazing where listening up in a year they won't even need those fucking ring girls no more unless those which is grapple grapple we don't need your walking around with some fucking sign that says three go fuck yourself we got bitches pulling each others ass now punching each other in the fucking face why don't they have ring guys i think that the girls should have ring guys that's thanks i mean if we're not going to be sexist if we're not going to be sexist an miesha tate and ronda rousey really make and out so there maybe be you i was thinking maybe you wanna speed oh come on you know how awesome that would be if you were the ring card girl in a speedo boy in a speedo and some shower sandals i think even you should take with tap out and say that's my boys shit looking that's my dog yeah you with like an unharnessed like
pair of boxers unharmed boxers just loose just swinging dick you know like the opening scene of the d antwoord video where he's flinging his dick up and down member that part yeah we're his beatboxing it's in slow motion he sees that that would be you you know w that he be you as the ring car girl i don't know if you watch laid out for the video i don't know if you guys watch a lot of fights afterward i just re watched the whole run the rosy me should take card and that fight was you type quicker with two hands that fight was so fucking good that fight was so fucking good to miesha tate brown arouses great first one and it was so technically see where women have come and where are they going to go now 'cause the ones and in some gym in san diego and some german iowa the fourteen year olds they gotta be fucking oh yeah especially now when they see how famous rhonda rowsey out now these fifteen year olds in the training that look like men in there like that that chick in what was the fat chick in the baseball movie with madonna remember
read gina carrano the other one the other one that the father brought up and he was telling jon lovitz you know she don't look that good and then brother at the siege on eleven july which is like like he was scared of he said you can't take her out in the daytime like they have those ugly the training somewhere right yeah how you gonna be fucked because see the ufc goes after the hot ones 'cause that's what people pay for no no they go after the best fighters there's a lot of 'em that aren't hot at all yet was i want this is you this is you just find the part where his dick is flopping around don't play the music find just find the part so we could think i think we'll get in trouble play the music i don't so there it is that's you joey looks like einstein he looks like einstein but picture you in some pink floyd shorts like that carry entering ring card sign
and explain down in vegas free ball and total free ball unharness cock i couldn't believe they could deal with it they would have to and the nut sack that's the real wrecking ball that much that coming behind you that's the faster what kettlebell fucking that i got his tremendous does why don't they have ring carboys in the phone and tell him get some very serious i'm fucking hysterical because the audience is at one hundred percent guys almost no one wants to see it dude walking around the whole lives showmanship of boxing and went for one fight i bet the audience has a equal proportion it women fighting on the card ratio to women being in the audience ratio probably more stronger to women in the audience ratio so if you got a card in this nine fights on the card and one of those fights a girl fight the next in february two of those fights are a girl fight two of those fighter girl fight eighty percent of the audience that are there
the girls i say least one ring get like card com so with that bitch with a song out there shaking that big yo constraint it's all over what they root like a route like a root of an ebony chenery sign that mother fucker beer in god just bursting through the concrete so they want to see the size of congo's cock fucking hit and my goldberg in that as he runs by and shit it's like one of those roots in an old neighborhood that pushes up the sidewalk hello good should come on mike i wonder who in the as well as my game of to be he listened to us talk about his dick on the podcast he's good and he came up to me laugh is a good phone here thanks shop in towards his leg like because no one really sees alert at the airport when they use a lot of these good men check on this guy good fire to he's fighting is doing well in bellator just just one one by tko good fight to again
just a former like a really good fighter with the fuck did you fight actually i think he's fought right now i think so let me pull it out but i think i know he fought peter graham sure if peter graham who's a really high level kickboxer in his last last fight mark go goober maybe someone else fabio yeah i did fight program yeah congo versus queroz congo and by unanimous decision that's it that's a pre the impressive win because peter grams a serious kickboxer not like the best mma fighter a cargo as more and makes parents what peter grams a mother kick boxing you not he broke badr hari job with a cart will kick your she got through a court will check if you use this ridiculous cartwheel like put your hand on the ground we'll kick and he broke butter his jaw see if you can find that
peter graham khaos badr hari it's a crazy kick like really bizarre tick shattered his jaw to knock them out cold in him and butter are we got in a fight a press conference like fucking full on fist fight at a press conference those dutch dudes are crazy crazy they don't give a fuck that's a totally different world elvis the best nap this guy was that they took him at seventy at one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven 'cause he would have made out of the 80s he would've fucked the 80s up he had so much money by the time the 80s with ahead he would just been get women up there smart blow and shoot them you don't give him that memphis mafia they didn't give a fuck if you really read about elvis you realize one thing that mother fucker was crazy like sinatra was crazy but this mother fucker was crazy diretta chapter in the led zeppelin book will led zeppelin went to his house one night and this mother fucker then wake up for nobody nobody
he went to wake up five or six and there better be a she's bringing a blowjob weight from that's not bot or higher that's carter williams that's peter graham versus carter williams still waiting for led zeppelin got there at lunchtime he was out there with a robot he gave bottom is watch this guy was the real deal thought this guy was door realty oh elvis he was crazy as it gets watson old movie couple we saw my you know want look at his mother father two thousand and fourteen this is took that this was one thousand nine hundred and fifty i would've jumped out a window in nineteen fifty if i was seeing this mother fucker come out and fucking moving jailhouse rock it up god damn i'm elvis was a fucking soldier he was good too man for that much fucking good man he was he fucking good go back especially to the early days and just just take him into account as a musician jailhouse rock that's uh
great that looks on my gym it's a great song i little couple this fuckin jams couple he has a couple of fucking really good jams and you can feel his personality and the smile it just something about over he was just by looking at that point he was all fucked up he didn't give a fuck fuck you bitch fuck you yeah he's wearing sunglasses you must show fuck it but that's how you know you're not you wearing sunglasses in your mug shot in the counseling's home i'm fucking elvis guy little man family mafia can't do this bright in here i'm things aren't here is the only thing that keep me from the spirit world please waffle the money two for the show three years now go cat cool don't you who sings yep you can you wanna say stay off my blue suede shoes yeah yeah he was a bad mother fucker dude he took those chicks to town women there it is
let's botter thrown a wheel kick at him and peter graham wind up catching him that was a crazy fight hold on where is the knockout these high level right here lo take boxes boney oh shit play that shit again this is so crazy how we set it up to was like a cartwheel like look at his hand drops down when he does it he drops down with his right hand and throws his left leg the top watch this much i does this oh no ok you know what it was he threw a regular we'll take but he fell so i'm wrong he just threw a left leg step he stepped in through a left leg we'll kick but god damn that
dick is like getting shot with a sniper rifle i wish i could fall and not somebody else shit well that was you know he fell from the turn the torque of the turn that's incredible kick by the way edson barboza the first ever land one of those in the ufc he's fighting donald cerrone when that's an fa parks in orlando oh get joey diaz caught his pack those black cat is that's got now is uh what's his name still at the black zillions ovary or healing yes are you still owe he trains with them is still part of their team but he's he did a lot of training in thailand for his last night to get rid of the keys he's aims his injured right now who what cuba no no as far as i know mir has been cut i haven't heard anything love frank me abysses time to alms hartzenberg i love him i fucking love him and one of his biggest fans with after last fight i don't think he that he's not in new mexico no more
you know for this fight he wasn't he was and he doesn't like training away from home you know it's like to keep with these new animals you have to keep yourself about a different fucking pace and it's like me saying to you know want for my cd when i tape it i'm not going to go on the road i'm just going to set the flapper go ok joey joey hey joe we do not want to one road and try your material and ten minutes every fucking night that's why its own ok joey ok that would like to me right when you do a training camp i think you should go you know sink in six weeks is like when i was a kid you had basketball and football camps and people couldn't figure out each other but dog joe rogan he went to willis reed bass work at the mother fucking came back better than ever no because for five days you were around pro swimming told you little things like hey don't put the ball past your waist they just corrected young like i went to joe nemeth football camp one of best experiences i ever had i came back faster yeah i came
faster because they taught you how to run from seven hundred and thirty to eight hundred every they taught you how to run something nobody ever did sometimes is being around other people are really good seeing a guy hit the ball great senago runs fast makes you want to run faster it makes you really want to dig in seeing guys are really good at a sport and it takes that emotion of being home my wife in this in this you know what i'll hang till nine what's the i will marry that leave digital run home dinner when you now you can stand the general one thousand o'clock at night yeah up to seven hundred o'clock training this talk this when we fight him watch with a right hook rifle left though so that's why i always start training away is very smart fighters don't like it it's hard on their families sure that so that's where guys holding us we leave every other fucking week but it's indifference six weeks
six weeks away a long time that's not two days for the last now i i can't i got to come back in three days i lose my mind i agree with you though i think the only way to do it and compete at the highest levels you got to go somewhere or be lucky that you live in a town like if you live in new mexico if you live in our small melee you know you round the point yeah duke is something you know yeah rain or you're at cleans mma or something like that but still i think you've got to move around even with me they tell me this joke you know you come here to g g mac is a white v mac rival fujitsu in white belt school only been open for two years i got a couple blue box they put on so a lot of john jock people come down i don't have the balls to be just in it for a good exercise i mean but i'm going to learn something well i got a daughter somebody attacked not like to take him down ns them forgot to let you know i'm a kid eddie bravo qualities like dogs or you need to do is learn in north sound don't fuck with anything else just
is he on a ns kick but now i need to tell me and then salamis got a nasty ns that's what i heard i heard the roshan's got the nasty side of all of them he's got a great call me to talk to talk to sean about learning yeah every centimeter assignment would ever sign is a really good n south dakota so i did it up van eyes ten planet and fuckin to guide it to main problem my eyebrow was fucked up for three hours that's how good the ns choke from here is like guy he just taught me how to do it correctly yeah it's harder with the guy he told me that it's no he i don't know no yeah i just i just need to it's hard to get your arm in the right position with techno geek when i got to meet my eyebrow was blinking for like three hours on the one oh one i can't thinking that's already tapped my fucking face done yeah that could be and choke or it could be a neck crank depending on how you get it jamie varner tried for it in his last fight was last year the first run right there he tried but you could see that it was their space between his chest in the ground when you watch your son do it rasaan gets his lat on the side of your head and he
this forum under your neck and he's pinned down to the ground and he is squeezing the holy fucking jesus out of your neck it's technique it's all by getting in the perfect position it's like the difference between trying to finish a triangle when it's over your toes and taking the time to adjust when it's over the ankle and you get that real solid fucking death triangle that no one gets out and then you pulled ahead you know the guys who leave it on the toes either they're afraid that in the transition and adjustment that they're going to lose the position or just don't have a good triangle but whatever the reason is it's this little details little details not over the toes but over here but damn that's one of is that eddie is so good at it bravo in my opinion is one of the best instructors in the world and i don't just say this 'cause he's one of my favourites and beings in my best friend he's a brilliant instructor like the way he breaks down positions and tells you about all the possible fit pitfalls he's the best in the world mean i think there's a series of best in the world there might not be one best the world john
machado is clearly also one of the best in the world draculino clearly one of the best in the world euler gracie one of the best the world hoist here ran henner there's a whole series of them but bravos right up there with them that mother fuck their breaks down positions very technically and gives you this like really strong path and gives you adjust to deal with pitfalls in each path like what happens when you lose that position when you go back to this and then you stop from here make sure he doesn't go here it's all like so technical and so broken down you know as as a science like a mathematical science almost one thing i did notice about john jacks guys they kill us oh yeah oh no doubt john jack trains his people and the people that train be from john jack i could see how they stress like joey you can use your weight guy but that fucking form in his fate like they're like joe you being nice to this guy why you being so nice this guy but you fucking for i can no but i don't have it in me but you
informing that that that they know like this one brown boat maybe this guy was dirty from from he was a spanish guy from john john's and this gives a doggone there's no it's out i want you to twist this motherfuckin rip that fucking an amount that's all you're doing fuck that ns pussy shit this guy was like rip it that's what you got fucking guy pull a man grab that wrist and pull that fucking arm back something a nightmare to roll with guys throwing this guy was on me i mean he fuck yeah but he was really cause you got this wait you're wasting it why you wasting this i don't think it's created for me for me it's like improvising i could go and then improvise anytime i want is a five thousand and fifty shot i don't like using boy i rather i love attachment from the bottom so fucking fat and out of shape but that's but you can work on that though if you just watch your diet if i could do it you i love you i did it already i love it i already lost eighty pounds i love it bro and i've lost eighteen since at the start as before beautiful i love you know i could do like the uh nights and jack
and these girl fucked me up i was just working on my garden i just i just want to hold her in my guard but the guy who really too late the john jack black building teach me to finally somebody said to me now that guy and john j have moves like from 1960s but there your type of moves like the first movie taught me was when they try to butterfly i put my knee and his ass and pick his legs up and i was doing that all the time and killing people just laying on a mission he's like that's an old school old school trick tricks although little things that's what he has and i could who are eddie came in and evolved a lot of those moves now now i understand the beauty of eddie bravo when you guys are just talk i mean a car i don't know what the fuck you're saying i mean there's only one way to armbar mother fucker what are you guys talking about that he made it better i understand now that right asian into the arm bar and all that i get it now well john jock you know one of the beautiful things about john jock is that he encourages people to work on new moves and try new things and he's very open he rolls with everybody and you know he's one
the best in the world mean jean jacques is mean he's a red bell dana hixon gracie texan game is red belt that's like master janice mean and i would i would say this you know maybe five people on the and it did have the type of ju jitsu knowledge the john jukka as me is a real old school master but he's also very open minded and he like some people do different things and one of the reason is because he had to improvise a lot and change things a lot himself because he was born one of his hands his left hand he only has a thumb so he can't grab things like you or i can so he developed a bunch of techniques based on underhooks and over hooks instead have a lot of the g players are doing which was grabbing collars and grabbing sleeves 'cause he couldn't control you with two hands grasping things like this so he develop a more greco roman bass style so when they went to abu dhabi when ob probably started the first submission championships and jean jacques was running through mother fuckers and one of the reasons being is john jock didn't need a guy
the guy didn't help him at all he did he mean he knew how to use it but john jock was just as good without the guy as with the that was rare for a brazilian jiu jitsu black bar because so many guys had concentrated on training by grabbing a hold of the guy in grabbing a hold of pants and grabbing a hold of collars on one hand it makes you more technical because you have to be really careful about defense when you're in a guy 'cause if a guy trap there are many ready you can just pull out of it when you get like you can if you're all sweaty so requires like a more technical defensive attack or defense of maneuvering and you gotta you gotta be real careful of getting yourself into bad positions trying to ape out of 'em 'cause you might not be able to but john jock was all over hooks an underhook so he didn't lose a step and he went into abadam and just say smashing guys guys like soccer i like really high level like mma competitors john is dominating am on the ground just dominating i'm taking her back choking up fucking shit out of him
sliding his one hand that you know he he he doesn't have a hand on it fits in the places where the hands get trapped so you think so that he could get his like his and it doesn't have fingers there's not as much mass so he put like a point he slides it under your chin and chokes the fucking shit out of you with it like joe jack is actually almost more dangerous because he only had one hand it just shows you like what human ingenuity can come up with when you're situation where have you seen his nick newell kid you know who he is he's an mma fighter was one arm and he's full can people up he's fighting for the world series of fighting and uh pretty sure he's fighting for the title in his next fight and this can kid is a beast he's got one arm he's got a right arm his left arm he was born with a and and and as some sort of a birth defect wares arms only goes down to his elbow but still strangling mother fuckers taking guys
found guilty and he's got this nasty guillotine that he does with like the one arm that son a ban then the other full arm and it's like he gets you in that and your it's your ass is death death pull up nick newell guillotine choke it's really impressive love seeing shit like that man i love seeing someone who overcomes something that you know they just got shit hand that the world dealt them they got they the world definitely don't even think about it they like fuck it i'm going to move on what makes him so determined you know it just shows you how much how much about succeeding if something is in the mind and how which is the mind finding the correct path finding a way to overcome the mind is that everything is not just the body 'cause if a guy like this can be this successful i mean granted he's fighting in an organization where he's facing a level competition a step below the ufc i'm still as a person who's been analyzing
most of my life i'm still impressed with him i'm very impressed with them he's dangerous this it's fucking real like i'm looking at guillotine like that is a death gia tien you get caught in that fucking thing he's gotta squeeze the blood out of your brain you ain't get now it doesn't matter if he's got one arm i'm watching how he's doing this nick neal newell newell newell i'm so he's doing this and i'm like this kids in animal he's scary dramatic teacher in high school mister panicucci lost an arm in vietnam to his elbow put a great name he would fucking hit you with that stub during class if you disrespect her he would clock you at that fucking stab he don't know what the fuck do you don't say wow that's hilarious see if you can find just fine whatever is a videos he always wins by guillotine low shut up and let me know when it's ready so did you hear what happened with the ufc this weekend rashad evans gets injured they qualified but they had comments
who i've known for a while ryan ryan's been ryan said did for awhile and he has a hard time getting in fights nobody wants to fight this kid he's a fucking beast man he's a b i mean what i call order ryan parsons is ryan parsons guy the guy who got hit with a golf ball same i love ryan parsons i can't even think about that him no fucking play golf normal six months six months fucked up yeah well this kid pad is something man he's been talking about this kid along time mean huge huge order for this kid i mean what a difficult task you're taking on one of the best fucking wrestlers in the world in daniel comma as far as mma one of the best wrestlers to ever fight them in may what is this guillotine is since with it yet no no nick newell nick newell gatien this is him in a grappling match that's not him man he's got two arms jesus christ nick
dual newellmag eighteen don't make me find it you fuck this might be it so this guy who who we both know i know pat pretty well and uh i know that right it has been trying to get this kid to fight for a long time but nobody wants to fight him it's really hard to get in fights and smaller shows because they find out about his wrestling credentials and they're like oh jesus in time all american us national and a undefeated fighter pat commons now face the undefeated daniel cormier it's fucking crazy crazy task though to to take that add a such a short notice but he using undefeated a collegiate wrestler there's going to be a good fight if you don't you undefeated fighter actually you know legit and for is improved every time you fox brown everything believable he makes leaps and fucking bounds that guy and the sweetest fucking guy in the world creole fuck are you could meet the sweetest guy in the world
he came to one of the shows when i did the big one in san jose and we spoke for a little while in the back and it was just it really it was really nice talking to him with a great guy and his friends are what you know he surrendered stevie marco sign all those guys so we king mo king moe lossed too the hardcore kid that was his name immanuel and he lost her manual newton so he's got one who's got one arm is choking pay my god now what about the guy who is the black guy with the dreads from africa they so could you shop where is he so could you lost to most saucy who is fighting she to this weekend one zero margin loans also lost to go over to share you may also lost of machida first frightened and that was the issue on which it is that was the one that you i was like oh yeah big black eyes a mom i was at the front you took me yes could you as i think the the last loss was musasa he still finds out and this is camp because he was out there for a while i don't know i don't know about that i know he was but he was a
that was unbelievable athlete incredible judo what fuck physical strength that guy at two so could you just for whatever reason injuries had who knows what it was just never quite put it together do you ever see me they'll come back with a robbie lawler pull together well that's the thing about circuit you still young guy a lot of people don't know how all this is not even thirty yeah he'll be back in the u s so we said thank you at least he wasn't back down i mean maybe he's thirty now but when he first began his career pretty sure is pretty young guy to imagine what it's really a great thing to see when you're struggling for a long time and also everything comes together at one time we were talking about marc mero when i came in here how i did this tv show it podcast in there you know i don't know what went on or whatever i never had no prob with the guy and he reached out to make the podcast it was really good and then we had you guys had a thing along time again he just some something stupid well you know he was also for the longest time was just not that happy
this wasn't doing that well and he knew it was a good comic but he just whatever reason it things weren't clicking form he wasn't getting the success that he wants so he was more irritable so a lot of the conflict was kind created during that period of turmoil in his life but now he's chill i know mark along time one thing about mark mariners he's always been a hard worker yeah after i met mark he went to new york and put up we went to israel memory put them play it again that was a great response in michelle wrote a book too i was a great thing you know marx never stopped now that's the demar the real comics is that we don't stop you just 'cause you don't see me it's like i tell people that i'm looking ideas is funny and we have a great time on the podcast but you're missing out on life if you don't do go see david tell this shit you're really missing out on life we don't see some of these old timers that aren't selling tickets just because they're not selling tickets go see go see jim breuer he squeaky clean in a blow your fucking shoes are too i heard broke united squeaky clean and murdering
so i heard about brewer i heard he's murdering bill burr told me that jim brewers bit about his dad shit his pants is possibly the funniest videos ever seen his life brewers a monster man who is the monster for years for years you told me you had a hard time once found them the idea i bombed following him wasn't a hard time i ate did he was on the only guys in miami he said follow me know miami i wrote my own thing i did two lines of coke and went up that i take your fucking head off to that water i worked with you in miami mother fucker went up there was like watch this bitch and just shut everybody the fuck down this when he was getting high now he's clean and sober yeah he's just as good if not better better boy it's twenty years children it's fifteen years and it all comes together just like robbie law it all together after awhile you shut just hold down this whole catch better this thing gets better this isn't a weakness no more you know what we found out about robbie lawler found us about from war machine yesterday and mike cessna levitz he
podcasts and then he got ahold of me on twitter and let me know it's true robbie lawler doesn't spar he wrestles and he does all the striking work kicking pads and hitting the metzen and hitting the back so he goes into these fights with no damage he goes in his fights with a rock solid chin he goes in there fights with no no punishment on his body mean but i'm sure from wrestling but he and ask him why he's like why should i do that already know how to fight if you wasn't knocking people to fuck out i would i would question it but we played this fight yesterday with melvin manhoef when he knocked out melvin man who've you know we just did the roy mcdonald he he had lord roy mcdonald deep shit shit he's a bad mood fucker him in hendricks is achary fight but god damn i can't wait to see that fight that could get that fucking top notch fight but imagine that he says he doesn't spar he's very smart he put it together that's incredible he said you know what i got it my dear i'm not going to go in there
black eye on my ear hurt i'm going there fucking freshen kill somebody and it it might work for him it might not work for somebody else bro you know why i think it probably works for him 'cause he's so calm he so comma he's been doing it so long like he so you know they offered to fight for the title he said cool that we said he's got he's got like this weird stoic demeanor so i think that he doesn't get too rattled and worry about the timing like some people would do he just goes after it he said he's here guys like him the guy from new orleans like the crazy kid from new orleans the brother tim kreider alan belcher word about what about the other twenty updated confidence is right there you see some like john jack on the bottom he ain't even sweating i'm on the bottom i'm dying i'm about to ship my pants got that six pier
yeah you know when i go on the stage now and i say two jokes and they don't matter i don't give a fuck i'm gonna get myself on this mother fucking hole yeah that's experience yeah you do sometimes i go on stage and i do things that i know i couldn't do six years ago right i know and if robbie lawler is really doing that and not spawn in campton he he has a longer life in fighting a lot of people because the only punches he's taking their teas taking him in fights but still going into the fight with a lot of network he still going the fight hitting the bag still going if i use a rubber bands and weights he still is visualizing he still the guys holding the path he's ripping to the body when the guys are wearing body shields he's still hitting things real interesting man really because if if that turns not to be like an effective strategy boy that's going to recap i mean i don't know if it work for everybody it might not work for everybody but for him
if you could find other guys that follow that boy your career would last longer measure question let's say you take your comedy let's say you're doing a special and your goal is to write everyday two hours one hour in the morning one hundred in the afternoon and then you do a set at night let's pretend you don't go out that night and do a set for one month you just stay in and write that extra now do you think it's going to affect your performance that follow me that's he's doing the same thing in a different way if i was i'm getting ready for something i just had to join and always yeah but the difference is the difference is he's not taken damage when you're sitting at home and you're not going to comedy clubs there's no benefit but he's getting is a very big physical benefit meaning eh nobody goes into fights bus it up everybody goes into fights which sore ribs everybody goes into fights with a headache they going to fight with a sword knows they might have loose teeth they might have a fucking hurt hands he's not that that's an advantage
it's a physical tangible advantage my point is look at rodney rodney quick comedy all those years when he came back at four notebooks worth of jokes right for years day we kept putting them on tv and every time you show rodney at six no minutes people couldn't figure out what's a biography it was that this model at eight notebooks all those years that he was right going on stage you kept writing kept right now and every time he did a new six minutes are like what the fuck he's got ten hours guy you sleeping with this guy so i think you know it it's nights that i have a thing now if i during the week you know thursday deciding i'll take a plan at five hundred in the morning i won't go out during the week but i'll take that time and write a little bit at night just wanna have a different ave today one hour with if i'm not going to waste my time and that come out all fucking week i'm going to go out two nights three nights during the week and then four talk to people you know i'm fifty fucking one next week you do know that i think there's a big balance which we writing and performing i think you gotta do both i think the difference queen us in a fighter is that a fight
is making a strategy look obviously his performances haven't all he looks amazing i mean i fight with roy mcdonald was a fucking fantastic performance and fight with josh koscheck he destroyed just crossed in the first round so he's not suffering by this strategy it works for him every athlete different plus it gives more of a reason to get the fuck out there and now his mother fuck out you can't wait to get out there adding on stage for a month but see with stand up i think if you don't go onstage from month it's different it fucks you up it's definitely up its delta me up that's why on thursdays thursdays in my throw away now i got a sheet of paper with everything wrote during the week i got one hundred and twenty hundred fifty people and i just go i close with my regular routine by through all that shit out to see what i could grab some just grasping for straws on thursday night 'cause i don't go out there the week friday inside of my money nights but there's had a buck twenty i'll give him a good show
throw out some new shit in there just to catch up for the week to see what i wrote maybe it's not funny and if you don't do that those jokes don't get told and they don't get made i mean think about how many jokes that you have where you started out and it was kind of a premise and i've seen you like have bits that started out and they just they just weren't clicking there's something missing and then i see like four weeks later and boom it slamming you figured out the right path you figured out how to shorten it up you figured out how to get to the fund are quicker home and then it's it's killing gotta start somewhere you know it's funny again when i was in the sent during the thing with mark mary he looked at me he goes how hard is it to get workout space anymore he goes it sucks 'cause everybody wants you to perform yeah as long as the days are going to the store on a tuesday and just ripping a notebook going yeah people show up to really see you you know and did you see what he i only got a theater 'cause he said he joey i go on the road in two weeks i have zero material well you know how it is you stress tv show for fucking six months right and he goes he get
not twice a week so what are you gonna do so he tweeted that he got a theater some little theater on santa monica blvd rising two shows for two weeks all the money benefits to theater wow that's great you know that's beautiful you know that a guys like us need somewhere to go and just talk and he's going to do it every night of the week i don't know what can i say i don't know what nights it's just that's a great idea that's a great idea yeah it's perfect i am too because it'll only get is people that know what he's doing and they won't be in it is unfair expectation all this weirdness and he'll be able to form the bits that way north on tim allen he was like i'm going to vegas and fucking jamie masada please put my name on the fucking bored i don't want nobody come see me it that imbalance of that will tell how crazy got fat semi like the point where he was pull up on tuesdays just do the three minutes because you know jamie wouldn't put his name on the fucking boy
that's hilarious hilarious is he just wanted to try through talk just talk but when you go up to coming to say that people clap and they expect you to be funny and you just can't try you shit out so i saw him go onstage after a long time off one night in the main room at the comedy store it was weird is weird you could tell it just like just hadn't done in a long time just you see him like i mean you watch the old specials before is before a show before home improvement and i would see him like do his comedies like so much confidence and speed to it and some much enerji to him and it's just so good sharp sharp but then you saw him after the show and it was just like you know just trying to step in a stage and holy stand right here and you know just weird you could see it just it wasn't a part of many more he'd let it go away i wanted i had heard the rumor that they wanted him to not do comedy while he was doing home improvement 'cause is the show is such a family show and is it was so you know kind of funky you never
well i mean it wasn't even that that radical and act was just pretty pretty mainstream normal act i mean you never know what they tell you you know i just love doing i love getting out like last night went on stage and had a great fucking time you know just the ones that night gives a fuck i don't like going to they would know more now to do come i like the improv i like the empire still like doing improv i did it a couple of it was great i enjoyed ice i called for spots at the laugh factory for next week but long beach brother i would like that spot all right i'll go with you let's do it a long beat let's let's do a week night let's do a week night like maybe next week i really like it i really ok do do thursdays every thursday that's when they give me thursdays it closes a tense or are there is still a bitch you know what time do you leave to get down there two and no it shows eight hundred o'clock guys ok so what time do you leave i leave my answer date dirty
the shows at eight newly by thirty oh you're on your on maori has done in thirty minutes it's real funny i don't look i don't touch the one hundred and ten right i go to five to the one to the one i just said to four hundred and five the mother fucker you want to ignore this weekend guys ignore that mother fucking godzilla just pretend it's not real the fives add to those specially near near the disneyland all by farm boots whatever that is not boones farm i'm sorry yeah the you didn't know about james over this weekend at closing the four five n what is rich what are they doing for five not this weekend dog trust tomorrow to order one day they're going to set bridge hob wayne ten miles in the four hundred and five pretty good idea it's not like it's valentine's day or anything so what time will travel and what about the mother fuckers in new york they gotta be no valentine's day in new york jack yeah how much how much snow we got eight today my friends got eight and they got another six tonight we have three more on saturday but the city
shut down completely like the fucking jersey roads are shut down it's fucking it's amazing what's going on back there i love it fucking wow yeah they get a lot of snow remember when bloomberg was mayor and they forgot to pay snow plows they didn't budge then for plowing snow and people were like trapped and their fucking houses they were all making these videos of people slamming into cars like trying to get out of their spots and drive down unplowed roads after clearing snow kills pregnant new york oma jesus christ fucking god damn it where you going for valentine's day joey my wife's out of town you guys are going to be some nashville with the baby the father is sick so she went back to it till tuesday to spend time with the father of the baby in the whole fucking deal so take me out i'll take you where you want to go i gotta spot tomorrow night and saturday so it's all work work in half time
you don't have no shows this weekend now i took it off 'cause i was like i don't know we say who's your valentine no one what about that cute chick used to see you got so many bitches you know saying i don't even know no more which one i don't know you gotta bunch of bitch i don't have anyone don't be bullshit big cock sucker uhm i don't were you playing this weekend flat jon lovitz saturday it's friday night i am playing the jolla comedy store february 28th through march first were having four or five shows me tony hinchcliffe sarah weinshank bunch other people have you done that you missed doing like the lock lawyer comedy starring in any of that now do you ever do it much yeah art yeah that was my spot will avoid a comedy club he likes thing at the condo knowledge he added rats it is a big rats there
i would come right home every saturday night every friday and saturday i don't spend the night in san diego now i come right home i leave one thousand one hundred and forty five am home by like fucking one hundred and thirty san diego yeah i don't like spending the night you stay at the condo down there yeah definitely the place is a dump oh my god it was disgusting there comedy store condo who then is there any move to an apartment like i guess there are renovating the condo and move to an apartment was nice then the second time we got me a whole total yeah we were enough i had that fear factor money burning a hole in my pocket which looks like this that hotel it's like right next door that's really nice where it was like let's say like gentlemen here let's say like gentlemen given the beach how about that fucking mexican joint across the street from the hotel that had insane chicken burritos insane still there i forgot the one around next to denny's yeah they were so big that you could start eating them and start
walk into mexico and you would get to mexico right when the burrito was done these guys are telling me about all these fucking food spots on sunset the delicious i just don't go to hollywood at night they say there's a mexican place across the street from the la fact really taco place near peach is everybody are we everybody across the street were virgin megastore you should be i guess i would say that it's there now virgins on right virgin megastore or is it tower records was at tower records records something was there tower in hollywood one of those version or tower they say that the fucking place for you always talk about now what's the place you always talk about that you say you go late night there open till three or four of fat s when they have that it's just you it's like the sandwiches it's it's owned by the guy from entourage turtle from entourage and it's just like these huge sandwiches that look like they have like fries active cheese fries instead of fries on the sandwich they have cheese fries on the sandwich in the hood google yet it's a snowy walk you look and you're like this is the worst thing ever to and it's always crazy delicious
always pack ice wanted i drove by him for him smart move and take that entourage money invested she was an authorized now but round the rowsey moving is she in the movie or the tv show movie movie there's a entourage movie she's going to star in the movie and she's got another movie that they're making totally for her with her as a star blowing up like the world trade she might retire after this fight and shoot the paper she retired she likes being a fucking bitch and she said she likes it she enjoys it she's really good at it and she's really good at doing it even with all the pressure of that like miesha tate fight all the media pressure dude her judo is the best judo in mma right now those fucking throws that she hit me she with me she got high honor and just launched you know if you if you're shooting on rhonda you have to be blower hips you gotta be you can yep i have you shoot on her and you think you're going to rest under her armpits like you can with other girls she's going to
get an underhook and get her leg across your leg and you are going full lion she throws bitches but the chip he's fighting this weekend sarah mcmahan said the man is an olympic silver medalist was built like gleison tibau you ever see yeah sir man is fucking huge dude she looks like me in address i'm not joking for a girl like she has arms like a guy that's going to be a good fight yeah she's very really powerful man and she's a really good wrestler her technique is excellent you know and she's a silver medalist in the olympics and randazza bronze medalist in judo this is the first time in the history of the ufc two medalists are going at it too big nose they both happen to be women i mean it's fucking crazy so huge significant fight for women's mma i mean you talk about like legitimizing it a silver medalist in the olympics and a bronze medalist in judo one in one in wrestling wanted you know that's crazy people
happen it sounds a lot of seats people love to see those were specially after last fight man that was you know it was a shame what happened to anderson on that car but that fucking fight sheet i mean i watch it with red band we were on our feet at your house with the only time two olympians have thought was to gold medallists rulan gardner and yoga fought in pride in rulan gardner that was before he was on the big this loser one of those shows where he tried to he got like way high like in the four hundreds and he was greeley unhealthy and he had to lose weight to get down there sara mcmann she she stuffed who'd a check stuff let me go period are you go pee fella there's a visit each of her uh in the promo clip where she is there i can picture arms are pumped up with blood but she stands up after right and she raised their arms and like cheesus fuck their huge she's strong as shit she's probably going to be the strongest woman that ran as fought in her career an
probably also going to have the best grappling technique at anybody run has ever fought cozar takedown defense is just impeccable plus grappling knowledge like she don't do the same sort of things that maybe other opponents have done that is allowed rhonda toss them she's going to be more on point with their takedown defense so it'll be much more interesting ronda rousey my opinion she has the not just the best judo in mma but the best arm bars her arm our technique is flawless and she hits it from everywhere and there's no space like when she perhaps an armbar of someone everything is just tight all every everything is in perfect position and she's so used to people moving when you one way she's ready for you to do that she's already countering it and then she just rolls with you and it gets it tighter if you the other way she's got that planned out to like she's so good at riding you like a bowl when you start bucking in twisting and trying to get out of that armbar she is follows you and she it's so often because she's so good at this one technique she just hits that armbar over and over and over and over again her arm bars
beauty you you couldn't pick a better fighter to watch if you wanted to learn how to do an arm bar then rhonda rowsey couldn't pick a better fighter her fucking techniques flawless i mean i learn something new every time i watch your head and arm bar that's not bullshit i learn new setups i learn new transitions and learn new recoveries how she recover from losing a position and she doesn't even hold the legs a lot of the times like guys like eddie eddie will cross his feet over the face and then i'll hold the like to keep you from bob bucking around rondas like go ahead bitch good look around 'cause i'll just roll with you i'll just roll with you and in the transition i'll fucking grab that thing and make it even tighter sees incredible man and she thought it's ridiculous tonight we did for fox sports one yesterday i did one of those fox sports one shows talking about the ufc and talking about fights we did something about curling i couldn't many people got mad at me one of the olympic curling guys got mad at maine
retweeted his shin oh my god that poor bastard contact i feel bad for him i didn't think it was that big of a deal that i called it dumb shit i like a lot of dump shit it's nothing wrong with dumb shit why would you care what i'd like to but we're getting so offended a woman said shame on you that's what she said funny bro last week on the package i talked about her fucking if you need a blowtorch to smoke weed go fuck you crack if you if you look lap i mean i want you to understand what marijuana is and you want to show up with a fucking blow torch to my fucking house with a rock and put oil and people keep cow do you like dogs i did at one time like this ain't for me guys i don't see it was like freebasing cocaine for me i never understood the drama just give me a smoke this fucking i gotta pull it i gotta put in a sock and cook it and then you know i went to a party one time like twenty five grams of coke in nineteen eighty two am i now when i bought those little wendy's to come in bottles already and i bought the guy out and
look into this house and all i wanted is norton get my dick sucked and this fucking white do you know as they can all we don't snort cocaine here you gotta cook it and put it through a silk sock a silk handkerchief if it's silk it's not going to work and it twenty minutes just to do it and then we got to do it fuck that just give me the code is the same with those fucking dabs my buddy came only puts a rock on your desk then they melted then you take a strong and any cop your ass off and richard the road just give me just roll the fuck ice shut down the podcast guys i got tormented people like the fuck are you talking about you know what you're talking about with devs up here what i'm saying if you need a both torch to get high there's a fucking problem i don't give fuck what it does here you know what i smoke a fucking joint and i get stoned that god damn gills that's all i need and when i get fucked up on those two but
it's really sad too because i we had talked about this before like that that places up north and stuff that that to have these dab houses where you walk in it everyone has a glass pipe it's like being in a crack house it's the closest thing to a fault it part of me that that kind of stuff is always like well you get high i'm better than you like this is i'm doing like you're a fucking idiot if you have to go this far to fucking do this shit it's like making gatorade fucking never made meth out of a gatorade but that that a gator and see how they do that shall discovery bro they take it again great thing that you put lighter fluid in there and you put a fucking club apple battery in there you'll rip it open and you the cold medicine that mother fucker and you shake that mother fuck up for a few minutes put it in a sock and you snort it oh my god take it they could make mac the fucking house now who makes met at the fucking house right outside you do it like i could be in here
the chemicals together got it called shaker or whatever section is shake her up man i don't fucking know you know that's one of the ways that catch you people sometimes is then they start doing meth they start keeping it at their house and doing crazy shit like one guy i forget the story i think i believe it was an esquire one these magazines you know gq or something like that and he was a an attorney it somehow or another he got hooked up with math started doing math in the way the economy had buckets full of it in his basement kept it laying around i just made it and kept it there and moves like store in math in his basement didn't even think there's anything crazy about storing enough drugs in your house to put you away for the rest of your life to him it was just like i just had it laying around like wasn't even thinking it was just you are you you lose one of the things when you do the math is that you lose your ability to see what's martin what's not smart like you
you lose that with every drug is just not meant don't blame it on met don't blame it on mad men who said we've got a loser with weed no but you lose it with the heart to heart with co q you get deliveries you get your judgment is can foil that's what drugs duty judgment is fucking up and you catch yourself sometimes yeah you like what the fuck did i just do wow that's different scary pop sometimes like what the fuck and that's what a lot of people are looking for right a lot of people are looking for this fucking big burst of escape looking for something that just blows them out or whatever the fuck their life is because they look into just escape they don't like life they don't like it they want you how many we get hot and they want to get high to escape escape reality you know man we get your back hurts your back hurts you hurt your back and fucking hurts bro you gotta go to a doctor you know the idea i did it a butterfly sweep i left my thumb my fucking i landed on my how chihuahua my thumb hurt have been swell up i think when i
he did a drugs when my whole body was in pain and it's not pain that you feel is just his pain and it's it was also you did it for so long you buy became accustomed to imagining so in the beginning why is the main reason we get down why is the main reason a guy like you and handles you have pain in your life growing up we all do what made you different than not doing it you know when you are when you first get involved in that body hurts men i can you know when i was seventeen i go home at the end of the night which i was in school at a goal scored seven hundred and thirty sophomore in high school junior had to go to school and i'll come home and sit in the corner in the dark with earphones on within a track blacks and i just do coke till three in the movies is chris no drinking just do coke in the dark what possesses you to do that joe rogan was because i was a junkie now i was you know i was in so much pain what but pain
covers this huge thing when you're doing drugs pain could be up you know fucking that confusion pain shows up his confusion confusion shows up his pain and i'm saying to you confuse so i was sixteen could be emotional pain could because it doesn't have to be physical whole bodies in pain you know i talked to the end i talk to the killer kidnapped you might call him a lot now i'm guilty i'm really fucking guilty that because i saw something when i kidnap them that it's not jody yes i saw him suffering i saw i'm at one moment on the floor handcuffed and i would never want that for me you know i'm saying like i always dreaded that happens to a friend of mine for what i did and i always felt bad haven't called the podcast and i apologize to him and i we call him up and i called him the idea were talking he told me you know every time i talked he tells me more about his life bro you know what happened since i kidnapped i bumped into him in ninety four i kidnap them and eighty seven i until the ninety four and i bought coke from
he was all fucked up it's at a pearl street down in bowl and then he never remembered i think he blacked out that's how bad of shape he was and i asked him the last but not this and the time before i ask and human me buying blow from you because i remember seeing remember hate you the next day believe i didn't ask you to fuck at b we caught him off guard he was at a bar all fucked up i guess i'll be some blood high look who's here the guy who and that made the guy who kidnap me fuck blow after after you kidnapped him before you apologize for kidnapping if you lay the ice moment i saw him at a bar imposter did you even say i'm sorry i kidnapped him out that night i just gave him a hug asking if he knew where i get some blow and shit not
at night amy hagen i always thought the bottom when i apologize that felt really bad and i talk to me and annie i start telling me he's fifty he lives with his mother he had a heart attack you know i could tell when i talk to him and his pictures on facebook that he had a stroke you know that was often the blow bro sometimes they cause me and i kiss how he's drinking you know and sometimes i feel real guilty that i do this but then you know i'm the type of guy i don't play that shit you know i don't play that shit at all he was fucked up when i kidnap them a couple weeks before you know how we got this whole thing started was because he dui fucked up some cars went to bold the house n hospital boulder general and while he was in there you know boulder he was hurt left in the room by himself and he stole a bottle liquid cocaine and jumped out the window and a quarter an hour later on the other side of both when you steal a bottle liquid cocaine from the hospital you already got problems oh my god kidnapping him you know we laugh and we giggle me kidnap them makes me feel bad
maybe i contributed to that but i didn't he had his own doom why did i get fucked up you know i mean i got stop it in different ways i paid in different ways because the guilt of me doing that to a man fucking destroyed me you know i like to fuck around you know i could do something bad if somebody harms me but even with huge it so i just can't put my form in somebody's face man i hate when i have to lay on somebody like i'll check on it or you hey bro you know i love you right now let me know i know you know it's funny so for me seeing him that corner i always have that guilt that i tide him up show it's fucking well it seems like that was the life you're both live in you know now that yes yes no you're apologizing you know you look you you you were on your vault on a crazy path you know the eighties for all the ladies that's wax assist over those movies that i dajt all that stuff i dodged all that stuff the 80s were my period of athletic competition it was all hibernation from eighty one two
two hundred and eighty eight all i did was thai kwando that's all i did fed like dodge that all february nineteen one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine was the day my life went no you know why why i got my i wanna i wanna form in a karate time i was a purple belt i was in the eighth grade and ilost the fighting i got this qualify for kicking above the fucking face you're really young how old are you i was thirteen or fourteen i was semi contact when i got outta gushan ru karate and you know i like those guys that's why i missed that whole thing because on the weekends we just got a different fucking tournaments you know when you do that was a kid just go to different tournaments on saturday we would all geek out and go to honda you know what honda is in new york that's a big marshall it supplies yeah i would go out there like
get some in checks who child stars kubu tonfas i get the fucking things that you could punch the punch is maki wires i had the fucking the fucking the iron palm sander fucking thing the juice you put on your palm's it was the real deal that was watching chinese connection when was the last time you want chinese tonight when everybody goes to sleep put on bruce lee's second movie do me that favor told me that fucking favor and you're going to see what fucking unreal is put up some bruce lee you're going to see the last scene of chinese connection the last scene when he goes into the school listen to what he says remember chinese connection is is kind of a rip off of spaghetti westerns if you watch most free movies place with made in italy there's so far we've gone like you haven't watched him in twenty years watched the good the and yeah it was a tiny paint the town red i don't remember but that was a great movie that was a great movie great came back as a ghost stories a ghost story in chinese connection he comes back as a stool they kill his teacher
avengers is teacher and it just the new truck scene in the chinese national first attacks of school he goes in and he goes i'm allowing you to leave who allows you to leave even in bronx tale they lock the fucking door they wouldn't let the bike is leave right here look at this changed america forever this was one thousand eight hundred and seventy look at this guys watch this i still remember the fucking commercial for this the trailer look at house music and they all had an steve mcqueen wanted what he had you talk about lee's farms this guy screaming for seven times the size of man and nobody had ever seen anybody kicking like this before its one thousand nine hundred and seventy nobody ever seen nothing like this i really
i'm being catholic school at sacred heart school for boys the seniors and losing my fucking mind but this isn't nothing i'm gonna show you the scene with james america forever right here the double punch to both of them right here band right here this changed america forever right here ladies and gentlemen that double path nobody's ever done that practice when they say white watch all that why it says joe rogan this is all beauty this will never happen again pregnancy
all right this is one america change for l1 guy him in the back this just fucked up she's forever right here the guys locked up in kingdom in their acrobat told me it was one thousand nine hundred and seventy nobody had ever seen new insurance before that nobody look at that shit
how many times do you hate yourself in the back of the head doing nunchucks well back in my head with bruises fuck i probably have more ptsd from getting hit in the head by my own nunchucks who never getting punched kicked i would crack myself man fucking hard those coco bolo ones from century martial art supply coco bolo nunchucks they reflecting like a pound each they bounce off the back your head i still feel knots in my head i still feel knots in the back of my head you're supposed to go up and catch it behind you but i was going this way and catching it like that i was excited there was doodles evilive and whacking self in the back of the head just going all fuck and then right back to it this is this is this is too much i remember still going back to school monday and kids were losing i still remember the drive in theater i saw this set will put that final fight scene 'cause that's one of greatest for he jumps over a table and flying sidekick some other
no he gets the nine hundred he gets the he fights this is the end the end when they're going to kill him look at bruce lee she just stares there looking to me fucking just runs out of its before and he singlehandedly made being chinese sexy dot dot dot dot dot dot ah that's the song pull a ah this is my life dog stay at the movie theaters till midnight till fucking midnight we stay at the movie theater just just this is just too much yeah i don't think anybody today can realize what an impact that guy had on kids well i was living in newark and i was at an apartment building and uh the superintendent of the building his kid was my age i should go over his house that's how i found out about bruce lee hit him in his but he had a older brother and they're really in a bruce lee and they were you know i have like bruce lee posters and i was like well what is this bruce lee stuff here you guys are into and then from there i'm pretty sure we went to see a movie together i think we went to his dad that was the first time i was like
close to it i was like maybe fire sex and he taught this country so many fucking things at the time people would just you know it made everybody but it even strengthen like rebellious like if you watch enter the dragon there's a partner lana you never caught this is the pointer dragon with a guy i know bob i know bob you must attend the morning uniform she tells him outside he throws the punches and shit and the next day he's dressed in white think about that everybody had a guy on bruce lee refused to wear a fucking guy he wasn't at his grand father he just refused to wear fucking guy that's the kind of mentality pulling these kids that's why these kids are getting bitch slapped do you think it she was around the lake people be getting bullied nobody got bully when i was a kid because you watch bruce lee bro he gave you fucking balls would you please
people got believe me talking about this i got bullied think of a bullet by people who are trying to be bruce lee to fight scene the end trust me it's on it i just watch it beyond a on youtube i was watching this shit the day crying this is tremendous but it's it's hard to look back when you look back at that and see the kind of impact that had at the time this is hard to rap your head around it because nobody had ever seen anything like that before they had been old karate movies and all that but i mean maybe there's a couple but it was nothing like five fingers of death came out there was like two or three then this guy invaded and the beauty of this was my stole this i want to aris storytellers that especially from male dog you know before bruce lee everybody was walk chinese people the walking around there with the help bro they would have fucking help he walked around halfway started to sleep came out bruce they were his shirt symbolic that mother fuckers bruce we came out and gave them this inner strength for me i was in chinese i was cuban i was an immigrant i knew what it was to walk around feeling like you and two
so for me he fucking strengthen my head just watching that shit like that chinese motherfucker do that i could do it then my stepfather would come home 'cause i used to go to karate and my stepfather would you learn through and i'd teach him he got don't work on me mega what the fuck do you want it just worked at the karate school and don't work here and you tell me you know why don't work as i smack the shit out of bruce lee in cuba one time and i would believe him what he would tell my fuck bruce lee up one time on the corner and q by bitch slapping add chinese it was bullshit me to make me because my mother would tell me batman was a faggot you know shit like that is this is a vaccine that's it well no that's speed up a little bit more but what fuck it will take that too what's this one it was also the first guy that was like really shredded like that in movies were taking shoes a duplex this fights mrs this with the sword look at this guys this is just tremendous we
so every guy that was like shirtless and movies it was flexing before him was out of thing because the guy was ripped hercules yeah but not like a fighter guy right tarzan because everything else was after like hard times bronson that was much later right oh look at this fight look at this right here lucero spending will ferrell just play this fight out for joe there's one scene in here where you look at him and you go you know want you could be fake but look at his hand speed there wasn't speed up and filming this there was wasn't nothing this fight with this but i think was a russian that was coming to visit but this is just i meant this whole from the fucking time he walks and it's a twenty minute fight the first movie does is a spinning elbow front kate who does it for you he walks the mystery jack is is right here we can see it right here before he goes like this he walked you got to get to the microphone and it'll do that no more don't do it
i didn't even hear what you said right he's playing the sound and you're talking shit what oh my god that guy the white belt watch this watch this hammer what's the speed what's his fucking speed dog this is one thousand nine hundred and seventy there was no sp we have filmed it's also the sounds and he made but crazy why don't play that music friend watch the spinning what's this are you fucking kidding me watch this down this mother fucking instead you know this fight scene by horse pencil areas at the movie theaters with my boys and we watch it and then we go next door to bug lizano's fruits and we not all the fucking fruit box got him in the arm up bro this is real this is twenty oh my god bruce lee fucked up that i had any technique what do you vitamin he let go because of a bite he bit him in the fucking ankle real fucking hard those could armbar techniques one thousand nine hundred and seventy or whatever it was what year was this this came out
who is the original everyone movie this came out like in seventy look at him dog nice just trance in this mother fucker with his ass if you ever watch the chinese connection you're fucking up and he's like you said steve mcqueen every ten minutes 'cause he's really angry in this movie 'cause they killed his teacher you fucking a ball i hate this fucking movie who on the phone with steve mcqueen loosely mean talking to him come on what do i do next because all the fuck up that watch this this steve mcqueen's in the movies that were saying with this combo is buses chill road watch this joe rogan oh come on now that is 8a wheel kick this is unrealistic it's that quick but when you get will kick in the face dude nobody said shit but this is tremendous who is the last time you saw this still good well wait wait wait this fucking say this is just too much you know look his technique is really fucking good it's really good to this day
i mean it's hard to see someone do martial arts from back then and compare it to what you be today but bruce lee compares it's really good kicking technique man like his i kick it straight he's not kicking up his hit comes up it goes straight that's what gets good what day is gonna fuck this mother fuck up now for joe rogan suzuki watch this joe rogan watch this goose was this dog old school old school old school fucked up popcorn to her it makes it crazy screen when it karate chops with fucking at night he goes out the suzuki he fucks up suzuki then it goes back to school
and they tell me now you gotta go do some time and he fucking grabs the guy he goes this don't touch my school i'll fuck you up then he walks outside he agree to do time this is the beauty about bruce lee's agreed to do the time in the movie he walks out and he opens it daughter all there to shoot him that's the scene you see he could have turned around and ran away that mother fucker looked at him yelled and ran out to the audience and it ends with him the flies psychic and you hear the bullets going off and you just ready to go kill somebody at that point chilla mother fucker i'm fucking somebody up today and that's how he left you off that was it and then return to dragon came out with chuck norris and that was kind of people but that time he now he didn't die attend the dragon came out july of seventy three and he was dead maybe a week later he died a week after enter the dragon came out he died july something of seventy three so i was ten let me tell you some when he died you have no idea with
countries like because there was no internet you had to find that by going to chinatown that was the proof we gotta go to chinatown and by the magazines and they showed you the black and white pictures of him that carried him in his way kareem abdul jabbar and james coburn there wasn't there was no news they probably care about some chinese guy that was we didn't find that to a month after he died that they sent us the letter by the fucking in a bottle with a note you know it's really fascinating about him and he made his movies and all of his like scenes with these wild kicks and jumping flying techniques but in real life when he practice martial arts for fighting for like he never did any of that stuff he to trade it on low kicks and punches in boxing techniques mixed with wrestling techniques but he just knew that it would be spectacular looking yeah most dirty is adams time got you really want he did to society wait into the film industry what he did he brought something that was just brilliant
do you want to enter the dragon when they just cash them out they just said listen you coming back with us and then the chinese people got mad and that was her own money they made those movies for ten dollars in thai where the fuck they made so he had some sort of crazy there's some crazy conspiracy theory about his death that it was absolute chinese mob that killed him because he owed money and i think well money he just took money out of their pocket when he left he went over there born abroad think that's what happened they kill them really well can barrels of money how much money do you think the chinese connection cost is shoot what they think they paid those thailand p well it's kind of crazy when you find out this son died as well and died because there was a bullet the gun was supposed to be a blank gun or had a piece in it or something like that or something it would never fuck but if you were thinking like that some really crazy really rich chinese gangster guy wanted his son dead as well some real old school genghis khan type shit killed a man and then and then put a hit on his son and that that's how
went down mean i don't know what happened to him i don't know but that's always been the conspiracy theory it's people you know people love those kind of crazy stories they love the crank crazy story of a you know a curse on him or or i never thought about moe crucial to sam i touched his back by getting ready for machine sandmark trust him with the murder touch but it is crazy we got a blood clot brandon leave was kim right there was this this is my philosophy on it the da never talks about heroin coming from chinese chinese been bringing hell into this country since jesus left chicago but they that smart then that smart they don't flaunt it when you see a chinese restaurant where you see you see fifty people would you see why people in their servant not the whole families in there when you got a good chinese restaurant what do you see you see the kid in the two kids doing homework at the table don't you the whole family runs it they all move in together we all do all that shit sorry not the not puerto rican's browser not fucking italians that buy a lincoln continental all look at me then keep it low to take never could get busted they have such a great
system the triads those chinese gangsters member d'amalfi concept is not italian is chinese it shine fucking nice oh spaghetti well i don't know but that yeah noodles noodles came from china it bra but italy the italians came over to china found noodles brought it back to italy and said oh we made me and bobby mix we got together some chinese figure out some fucking gabba gooch so i think that they made all this money in china where they made these movies 'cause after that reduces himmel run run shaw the ramen shop after bruce lee die ramen child became a break partner warner brothers in fact he produced a bunch of charles bronson movies do you understand me so it was a lot of kinky shit going on in thirty years later killed his son if he watched god other two what does he do he kills the fucking sons he leads veto live video goes back to you states gets back by easy bye
turn the machine on jesus christ not gonna stick those are good for you photos of salman farts bro this is something wrong with you know it's gotta without the salmon at the little him for some therefore it's terriblr but bear fart in your face and you don't have to turn that i'm really just sit down that's glued coil with some enforce protein in that mother follow oy joey diaz so where can people check out where you got dates coming up this week i'm in love it's your love at late night one thousand o'clock show just to get warmed up and d still running that place yeah ds back over there i'm doing valentine's one thousand o'clock on saturday one thousand o'clock then i'm in laugh boston then i'm in fucking stress factory with vinny vinny will have been on now he's getting his hands in all my gangsta buddies are coming out there right yeah kids i haven't seen bro again they call me out that we want to fucking table one
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