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#461 - David Seaman

2014-02-25 | 🔗
David Seaman is a journalist and former Congressional candidate. He also hosts his own podcast called "The David Seaman Hour"
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its place or whatever the fuck? It is this the cites, the wooded, what how it's an online exchange for Bitcoin the exchange is dignity get it done so it hit the wall. Unlike the forest, got kind of ran on Trans am always kind of in the background of all this, completely unrelated shit and yet macaques run by this guy, who is a legibly kind of peace, I gotta say, I like allegedly as you guys do, but has a respectable journalists, I've heard sources say, he's a piece of shit, and so is an error in the way that his sight interacts with the overall Bitcoin network. In the same way that if you you know using email and you have, download a shitty email program like a knock off version of outlook fuck up the way you send your emails doesn't mean it with what you're using in the way you ve implemented it an immense, been used enough by now that we know that it will. Used enough by now that we know that it works
and it was kind of a similar issue here- or there is an incompetent implementation Hackers are able to steal over time some in three hundred million four hundred million dollars worth of Bitcoin pretty brutal and bitcoins taking abashing in the press, switch is well deserved, but I personally bought more last night because believe it and drinking the Kool aid, and in that case, when some shit like that happens, and that case, when some shit like that happens, it's not a tragedy. It's actually kind of an opportunity because, unlike will now, I can actually buy some more this, instead of only having little bit of the future currency of the new world order, a real fraction of it and Are you getting shit from people who, like your promoting a product? That is new world order designed then why do you have any evidence of that like if you actually read even a tenth as much of the people who are reporting on the shit like everything is out there about coin, and yet there already moving towards like you've just created by
Maybe you are. I think they think that sort of what we're talking about before the podcast started that there's a bunch of people that love for some to be a conspiracy, so they look for it and everything and anything things that are I've in involved and things where I know there was no conspiracy. I know I was there and yet have had people tell me that it was like you have see, fights like that. Things are fixed, that someone wasn't really injured and that their just its scam and all it does- is to set up another fight. They had this all along the shuffle its people love to think, but because there are some conspiracies, so they go looking for because you don't be a fool right. Nobody wants to be fooled by him in that is the number one problem. The fact that conspiracies have actually existed. They ve the water, so bad lay it sort of like a disinformation tactic. It's like one of the things they always talk about I give you if you re dancing about intelligence, need not not intelligence like human intelligence, but like intelligence
reporting enough for the government, one of they do when they try to control information. Is they discredited by attaching? It is ridiculous shit, it's just what they do and actually logo and actual strategy? Is you mix in the bullshit with the good stuff point? since the well and you don't believe any of it yeah. Is it like if you believe in something absolutely ridiculous and, along with some really interesting shit, they can automatically point to that region Jealous thing and same was the same. Guy believes that for reading your mind from a base on the muffled clia and embryos intruders. You really believe that. Well, then, you find out, what's really going on you find out all the others. Are you ve read Bill Cooper, no horse. I've heard but for some reason, but they all you read it in you go while the states does really fasting, and then you are talking about alien basis on the moon. You ain't where way way way way. Why start talking about sake that actress, surely Maclean has as a book there
skimming through that's all about like how, in the nineteen fiftys the? U S, government had a secret meeting with like seven different species of alien, and there is this council and even though she's a good accuracy remission. You like, I can't really anything. You say now is little out there she's a wacky, wacky, broad, her talk about like psychics and all kinds of not to this book, and it was enough she's alone the ashes forlorn loan, though, what good totally be right. I want to add that, and also I want to believe she's right about the council. She's silly person mean you kid get Google surely Maclean and find out all the different spiritual healing energy things into and she's he's just than erotic massage probabilities, an old season with eighty that in our there's a thing happens to humans and it's the same thing. It happens to men and it happens for women when they stopped being desirable physically, they often look to fantastical and
unimaginable things like you are foes or fuckin spiritual awakenings inside there for something that drags them out of the mundane existence of the ILO, because if we My father was real. If aliens were real, big foot was real. If you could really read people's minds wooden matter of no one wanted to fuck you anymore yeah there's something that's bigger than yourself. So this is a reason why, like menopausal women like older women, get really into that kind of. I give you look like, and I am not saying that young women not get into a two. They certainly do iron man they're allowed on an alarm and her and weird shit. Fuck. You mean this is just one theory, but there there's a spiritual thing that happens to two lot: older men and older women where they they start
looking for a large our paranormal things start looking for other starting to feel more spiritual because they're getting toward that point in life. We gotta think about that shit, this little that definitely, but in search for things that the search for things unseen, like the search for big for a search for aliens awry We do believe that a lot of what's going on as if aliens are real, a wooden matter, known wanna, fuck them in their sleep on the friends, couch and fifty really? What matter now? Will you were? You guys are no shit, I'm a taste of the good work and alien they would get if they just like hadda, we'd, brownie or maybe like a weekend camping or something is that it. Ready doesn't matter. They don't need to find that other thing to make their life seem like it's not a big deal. Yeah look up in the sky some time. Nothing matters with certainty. There is some crazy article. I in scientific American, that fewer to add up all the people who ever lived on earth like a hundred billion people
so you just don't matter period word or these fuckin things that are running around trying to spread our arab genetic code and then our hearts with cholesterol we die cigarettes. Weird video game and so so, like that that they need to find a religion and any defined aliens and ordered she feel like part of things there already part of things than they already don't matter. So what more? Do you need? It's like! That's perfect right there! I don't you think it's a don't matter thing! I think they're. Looking for something exciting for a lot of people. I mean novices just one of these goofy theory sumptuous down, but for a lot, people when it comes to what matters in life, one of the big things it matters in life, is being sexually desirable and waste being sexually desirable. Like unequivocally no argument, no one wants evacuate right and it happens sooner to women than it does men, because for a man you're like eighteen, it many nobody wants to fuck you, because you have nothing going on start to get, mid twenties if you're good looking, you might be able to get something based on that, but as you get old
We get more status and more experience. You know what the fuck talking about more often that's where attraction comes from that for women. It's like twenty is your fucking. Prime right there you're already at the MAX and twenty five is still good. Thirty still good, but, as Older society is not just heaping you keeping status upon you write it still, for you very much looks based, whereas an older guy. Nobody cares what Richard Branson looks like or what Felix Dennis look like it's more about who they are. But, if some actresses in a show, and she looks all everybody who say that the other definitely something, but I think that Rich Branson, if he's got really young hot wife, and now I've got a personal trainer she's going alone. Fucker you ve excel things TAT he might go, and I think that trainer would end up on an unsuccessful space. Why never come back! I mean that all these gonna fuck her all the time less stupid you gotta make sure you don't turn into a relationship, but I think alike,
gold diggers that they look to fuck young guys for some young Studley broke, bodybuilder I do with giant hog these s, where they really want. They want the status, but they also want something. Physical women just want the money in the Saxon. That's all men want ass. Well, you know when I was young when I was like in my my late teens and early twenties. It was the most undesirable I've ever been in my life, like that, the hardest time getting laid hearts because those broke, I was poor and I was didn't even matter. If I was successful in some things, exports- which I was didn't matter, because what was important was money was important. Was financial success was important ones, you not being loser, and I was a loser smarties, like bank accounts and far as I can, lived? I was a loser in. I was a young man at every young man's unless you're born rich start now. Does a loser, you, you don't have anything to show, and women had
desire to be with me, their guys who really kind of get off on being able to bring women back and have nothing going on look at what a loser I am and I'm still getting wade. So that the thing you can use that to your advantage. Probably that's what I do when I was a college is as a gamble loser, but if this is what can pull now think about ten years now, when you're actually not a loser, how good things might be. So that's no way to motivate yourself. Well it all. Depends on what you're willing to fuck to you a but he can get laid a few choppy standards are enough. Women. The advantage in that area, because they can always get high quality sex, whereas a guy like you really can't unless you're at a certain age in life, you can't just walk in somewhere and go home with somebody that night but a woman can do that anywhere, but the balance that, but that's not one most women- want they want to bring the relationships they want. You know I think most women by the way
this is a massive generalizations deserves some women that want to fuck you and kick you right out, get out go by don't get me by. I mean that's fine to the the differences, the guy laughs as he's getting kicked out, hey, whereas if you do that to a girl like you, the worst pieces should ever you know, you fucked a girl and then after dialogue, look gotta go, don't mean nothin. I know hugs realise when I raised sociopath kind of thing to do right, but of a girl doesn't took, I go, go, tells Franz Dude she suck my dick factor that stepping kick me out the. Would you like me to go to work. She too domino kisser, listen, this isn't going anywhere, get out of a car fuck again, ok, please do thanks. I think everybody is had that experience. We like, I, was just used anywhere away two seconds, that's about whose awesome totally different, but I think it's totally different, because women have a different instinct for the most part in massive generalization. Whether women have the instinct to try to find a guy. They can trust. Tredah now
unless you're done Muslim, enter a few, and I like over. So what the Cougar thing is the leg about covers the fucking given up just like women who have their shit together and cougars, tend to be more professional, like executive types and I no longer go further starving artists, because I always liked be the less is he person in the relations have been if I'm the one that their relying on for some kind of stability and, unlike already completely fucking crazy with the stuff and working on the that's, not a good thing. You know, like When somebody's asking me for quarters to use the laundry machine relationship so moron stability yeah. It's hard man, it's hard when, when you're dating you know, and in one of the other, is like really financially unstable. It's it's always hard. Very stressful put a giant wedge in the relation I have a friend she six small and
her boyfriend. Now ex boyfriend is not very successful and one of the things that they face about. Is that, like you just frustrated all the time he can't get, We ve gone with his curiosity. It's fine Something just happened for right. As you know, they broke up there are things to happen. There's a girl! Sometimes, the Murphy's log on there may being, but it's just you know, we're talking about it, and she was talking about how difficult it is to day. Someone is really struggling is that it becomes its mantra. Let's like going off in the back of the head at all times like you're broke, you owe money bills area. When you have money problems, that's all you think about collectors are calling you you're gonna. Do you copy. You need another job, you need this and that it's really hard to date. Someone might that casino get them. You get them under massive duress. Right now definitely better if you can walk into something where a bit of money, because when you
of money. It's the opposite feeling in your head. It's o! This could go away if I wanted it to whatever the problem is like. This could probably be reduced, defining the two with theirs that for sure, but the Zactly. The big thing for that I noticed when I got my first development deal. Wasn't a lot of money both enough money to where I could relax like I wasn't enrich, but it was, like haulage, got some money, like I can really don't have to worry about my bills. I can pay my rent this month This is crazy. Wait lifted off my shoulder, and I think I was twenty five at the time send. You know most of my life up until that point. From the time I was working with us all struggles, never there's no money in the bank. The money was in the bank was enough to pay whatever check I sent out, maybe, and then I was gonna have to stop some more money in their as quick as possible to pay for the next bills, but the sudden I had some money in the bank- and it was this weird feeling of relaxation also, why does is incredible, not rich, just not even a worry. So whenever you PETE
you know what, if someone who's is struggling or talk someone's trying to plan the future I would say- and this is it's it's hard to believe- but it is the truth. Being rich doesn't matter. You used to everything you're doing you get you to being in a big house. I've been in a small apartment, it felt exactly the same as being in a big house. Being big House is kind of cool, but its deftly knotted itself with what it costs to be in a big house. Everything like if you buy a house for a million bucks, the amount of money to spend every fuckin month on a million dollar house in mortgage and fixing it up in a manner our as you have to work of your email, you work a reasonable job make a hunter grandiose. Unlike the normal, you no good wage. Fucking money man. Your house costs ten times what you make in a year and your name paid off and you're gonna pay off in thirty years, and then you gonna have to fuckin pay insurance on the fucking problem
woody tax would mean property tax. I gotta pay tax on some should already bought every year road even already own it. I own the Fuckin house, I own the property, and I have to pay you what paying you for I'm, giving you money for what I own. What the fuck is going on here, DR you, crazy and plumbing and electricity in this, and that when you really stop and think about how much you're actually working for what you're getting out of it, it's deafening not worth it for most people. But what is worth it do not worry about going to dinner. If you can have of my writing. Go get a meal at a restaurant and not think too much about it. Just says I would like the salmon and not look the price and say the chickens this man but the salmon's, you know a dollar last August the Samara. Instead of thinking like tat, you can just order. Would you like you, could go to a movie? Now worry about the movie, all the other shit. Difference between having Alexis and having a Mercedes, the difference between having a toy Yoda and having afford you get you
to everything everything you're doing you get used to zone. Was your car gets you to work? It's fine! If you have enough money to buy Mustang, you love most things, go, get a fuckin Mustang man enjoy yourself, but if you don't don't fuckin sweated, do you have a car that gets you there? That's the real difference between you car being repossessed, you have no money for food, you haven't no money for rent and being able to tell you pay your bills. That's the big jump right, big jumps, not Ferrar ease and you get used to that stock is Steve jobs. He never went crazy and he was worth billions is always the fuckin turtleneck every day, but he did go crazy. He went crazy like to push success. He went keen. Everley didn't have a balanced perspective. Nobody internal aid wasn't buying, mentions in cars and stuff nonstop. Now but he was so obsessed with the pursuit of apple being this dominant market player and all the money that they made in, yeah. He went a little crazy just in his own way. You know. There's a minimalist crazy to wear it me. He still didn't like the Fuckin Silicon Valley, where
friend lives up there. They have a house that their renting, but the houses were fifteen million dollars to tell you that house was in Fuckin van eyes. It would be worth foreign aground outstanding, as it is a realistic absurd to San Francisco. There is a place for those two hundred thousand. It looked like one. Shacks in Detroit just subject we like a ten thousand dollar property yeah going for two hundred thousand. No doubt if you could put another house in their native, you could german in there with no backyard just fuckin stuff on the actual footprint that areas where so much money. When I say that it wouldn't be worth foreign Gran event eyes, a prob exaggerating, I would say its prey where the million invent eyes, so the prudent, a very nice house point is it's not a fuckin fourteen, fifteen million our house, whatever the fuck, they would actually one up getting for it. It's not, but it's crazy area where all these people have tech money that technically
squarely money? Man, it's just studying the numbers are crazy, doesn't make any sense. You ll find out how much money so Nosegays may, like the good guys, the Facebook guys like what that's crazy, many yacht private jet You know mentioned by an island money. That's insane was gonna get even crazier in the years ahead with Bitcoin, because some of the earliest adopters the amount of coins they have you think about it. Like least, or for sure gonna be billionaires and they're gonna be the upper end of that they're not gonna, be like low level billionaires right, but what would happen if they kill collected they saw their bitcoin I'll. Let you can't sell moccasined crash in our own market right, but then what the fuck is the point in having it I think for them. Eventually, it's about living in a world where you walk into a store in the prices in Bitcoin fur so I think if they have for long enough and if it doesn't get fucked over by too much bad stuff, like the mountain
situation that we could live in a place bad because then you have one price, regardless of what country, or in your and universal price language right. It could really happened like it's kind of a long, sharp and it could actually happen, and in that case that person becomes like science fiction rich. You know migratory mathematically worth hundreds of billions of dollars, instead of just worth ten thousand bitcoins or whatever so science fiction ridge. So we kind of got off track. How did this bitcoin collapse? How this Mount docks thing take place? What happened there? conspiracy theories that mountain looks like some kind of CIA up to discredit Bitcoin really so that Somebody treated me, but I don't see any evidence of that like it sounds like something they would what to do if they thought of it in advance, but I don't think that's what but I think it was purely incompetence. This is a website that started like Mount. Docks is short for magic.
Either in online exchange, really started as a place where people sold magic cards no were not making this up. My is that every they deserve everything that guy S visit this company to know what the fuck they are doing. It didn't dinner there ass from their elbow in terms of programming languages. Like somebody told me they probe, Their trading platforms, php, which I don't know that not programming. That, apparently, is a totally not the right language for anything, financial and their health. Is based on this, and so that a super and competent for any reason. They're the ones he stumbled into this massive market if you're now trading billions of dollars, bitcoins and supporting the whole planet, sooner Bitcoin market and they weren't ready for that and just series of fuck ups at every stage, a bad pr communicating. What's going on when something doesn't work that has taken offline, not realizing the implications that we're gonna scared. The shit out of the whole market, if you just take, should
line and don't tell people in advance and it looks like got had by somebody that somebody found and exploit took the money even an the money that was in cold storage somehow, which is supposed to be impossible, but I'm sure they were incompetent enough to have fun up somewhere along the way and now or in the situation where a now where people are panics body, the Good NEWS is that there are other exchanges out there. That are much more time. Backed by real companies, coming online there couple in the: U S: coming online, which is pretty cool, because I want to see the usb in on the action I want you to be so much is happening in Japan and how many places, I'm sorry hounded. How did someone break in like where? How do you get that money like? What are you? What are you actually doing? How are you getting that money? Ok, so yeah Bitcoin itself has not been hacked, and as far as I know it's never been hacked like the actual protocol is one hundred percent, they don't say per But if I send you money there certainty that I've sent it to you and
this case they were using something called transaction malleability which I full disclosure dont fully understand the shit but pretty much what I think it is is like. If I write you a check, you have to wait until check clears before you actually see me have the money and in this Mt Cox was assuming based on unconfirmed transactions that they had money they were sending money and you apparently know anything about Bitcoin. You can't do this and the other strangers weren't doing it and so, if you like, if you got a million dollar check, it could totally be a rubber check. You dont know until it's actually cleared trade on a million dollars is, if Bitcoin really does become an emerging currency the whole world adopts. What a great movie that's gonna, be all it's amazing to gathering dogs stumble upon his billion years. Just see them sitting around here, we're worth a billion one if we call them. If we are girls and money you switched over to Bitcoin and seeing this fact guide a mark carpet list is of the sea.
Oh my God is this him that his em, what for dorky is race. Sorry buddy, now living coin- is well he's hiding. No, they don't know. His whereabouts, so easy, their hiding or private and tortured somewhere, who the fuck knows my God, three hundred fifty million dollars because of this guy's fuck up it's a big fuck up. Oh my god, it's a big fucker demanded by many people, kill him. That's real, money to three and fifty million dollars for folks, and our stance is that this is not like people trading, fuckin, magics, gathering, corns liquid market by three fifty million dollars worth of laptops. If you wanted to you, could actually yeah Tiger Direct is right but yeah and then also Vegas. Casinos is too casinos that are allowing Bitcoin theres many cult, theres many emerging companies or were up into this pretty much,
every day on it was even thinking about getting involved. They say they should about that. I don't know about that. Not at this point, this is just gonna, be a blip on the radar. Oh, I don't know what I'm many believes. This is like nonstop Bitcoin, negative news I dont there. This is, I think, just as news alone is gonna, make people not like invest or do anything that made me in the short term, but I have the ceo of COIN market Alma ass the other day and he runs out of the. U S, exchanges virtually base Santa Monica and he didn't On phase that all he told me, this is a couple hours before Mount. Ghak sexual came out as being insolvent. He told me on the podcast, I think, they're insolvent and I think they need to do appear as soon as possible, not disappears and run away, but just disappear from the Bitcoin echoes Someone said that more credible companies like us can step in and do this it in a way legal and regulated and actually backed by real investors, and he didn't sound concerned about he's kind of. Like will yeah this. Our shitty competition is going out of business, and now we can take over
and I wish I knew to know whether or not it is correct. That sounds very comforting here? I think, as long as people continue to watch porn, unlike pay, cam girls of bitcoins People continue like online gambling as long as you have libertarians who want a statute, some of their money in case there's some kind of financial apocalypse as long as you those three things there's always be Bitcoin demand here, that's a question: you not allowed to online gambling! The! U S with money. Can you online gambling bitcoin? Oh I'm sure it's a highly grey area does that would be a way to get Bitcoin Rockin just tell people that they get gamble and Bitcoin or their casinos in Vegas. Now that have started we talked about that asset to, but I think that online it be we are,
in its prohibitive online. The lack of online gambling is what crush the International Pool League. This Kevin Trudeau, United Scam artist, that guy those. I, though they secrets I didn't want you to know about, which is why I'm putting in a book for everybody to February that we lost secret. They don't want you to know about. This people that are hiding information guy put together. This huge, more couple million dollar professional poorly and he was gonna marketed based on idea that you could gamble on the matches. Are mine and right when it was coming out right when they invested on the money they change. The laws like and it was just a force out are the online gambling. Although I casinos, nor mine in all that boat dot com, all those different places there. Those guys all got fact due to leave the country that border guy he had a boat
fight. This an organization of Fight Organisation had to leave the company. The country can come to, America becomes to America, they'll Rustam, and it just because- online gambling in its it's so grows. It makes me so sick, the idea They can somehow another prevent people from gambling, but you don't pay for gambling in various preventive in Atlantic City, on preventing an indian casinos. You don't preferment card casinos, just like they decide it arbitrarily to keep people from doing online because it hurts those casinos or hurry on whatever whoever it is that it hurts. They decide, to allow them to prohibit business. They have allowed them to halt competition and halt innovation because you're by eliminating online gambling you're, not just eliminating online gambling, eliminating a lot of different financial transactions, you're, eliminating a lotta wagering that is done through credit cards, you're, eliminating all sorts of different things. You you're stopping a business, your stopping build
from being built you stopping people from being hired, and it is freedom of expression. If you are now and you why shouldn't you be allowed to spend more money on what you want exactly you're gonna forces people go to Costa Rica, you mean here, you're doing a lot stupid shit, you're, you're, really stopping business, everything from the construction of buildings, these people are gonna use too. Employees the financial careers that people could have in online gambling running web it's legit businesses, we worthier providing a legit service Some are no. This Conti government got away with stop and all that shit. It's. It really makes me sick, but if you could use Bitcoin is very vague. If that's a legal loophole and you can use bitcoin gambling thanks God, damn exports of you can begin. On the Fuckin Superbowl, mainly baseball NBA, you have see boxing golf. Good gamble on all that shit, yet I'll be worth billions fact year would be worth billions. Not only would it be worth billions of people found out the exact
by shit with this bitcoin. They would start investing chunks of their portfolio and bitcoins would say I want ten percent of my finances in Bitcoin collect Gamble, while I think porn thing is gonna, be huge where a lot of guys wanna nowhere wanted. The girls that they watch on the live campsites right, but they dont cause they want their credit card linked to the site is in their wife, will see it be a whole shitstorm meddling, rich when a vacant just load up at the local seven eleven on fifty dollars with the Bitcoin have transferred their account. And they do that key by Bitcoin, seven eleven. Basically, you can use the various money. Services are used to be able to God. I that where things are headed. I think that we're getting atm machines now coming online. There is one in Boston that I saw a video of I've seen as well. That's interesting if that would definitely opened the door and Firefox add on technology. Porn opens up the door to technology. All the time I mean went on,
and video online statistics. All that stuff came from adult stuff. Well, when Apple cut. Flash out when apples flash on the eye pads and on their allow laptops, and they went when on their phones rather when they did that the? What what is it? five http. Now, let's go let's Oppermint HTML five axiom of our thanks to pick a new community. They put new mood in their computer when they start using HTML part five. I mean all the points I started. Adopting it mean imbecile. Almost instantaneous. Car use did not be able to watch porn on your Iphone and then Papa how fair it is just like these.
Human forces. People need to watch porn tech. People need to train the aid it they will seem and do they need a table needs transact. Yellow do need a Middle EAST. I think half the issue with the Middle EAST is that guy's just not getting oftener fish, but like a thousand Robin tugs, the Middle EAST, and to see what happens. There's deftly that- and this is also about me on that. But women are were opposed to dress like job with a heart. That's an issue to cover a mob. No, it's just so repressive and I understood and, like you gotTA respects Moody's culture, but you also have to respect the fact that a lot of these living in these societies. Probably don't wanna live that way. That culture is a trap. There's a problem. Saw any suppress of culture. As it's a trap and you can get out of that trap, especially that trap, is tied to religion. If Europe eliminating information, your eliminating progress here, eliminating people growing and you doing in the name of religion
You know what man I really if I dont know what God Road or what it didn't robot. I highly doubt if he's the way you're describing on this awesome, amazing guy, I highly doubt who gives a fuck clothes! You wear thats! Just me, though, I'm not thinking forgot or anything, but I just highly doubt so. What dealing with most likely. I'm not San. Definitely, but most likely is some bullshit written by people and its poisoned, your culture, absolutely the poison, the very foundations of culture and won't, allow any progress. It will not allow new information. It will not allow consideration of old ways. The way you live is perfect. And they will not change. You gonna be cut and camels heads off fuckin dull, knives to the end of time, and that's just what it is or what you You do in his how you're always gonna do it you're, gonna, say I'll, walk bar you always going fuckin dress that way, you always get a bow the east, all that same shit, I've been doing since the beginning of the millennia you're gonna continue to do that. That's not so!
So if your labeling, somebody who disagree with is an infidel or is not an infidel not a lot of earlier reasonable discussion there. You, like here's, my point and then the other person's born is you're an infidel. If we are to society- and we call ourselves the infidels we dump The name for a strict club. Yeah have a Jerry Podcast cast softball team COS. The Jerry infidels would a good neighbours Joe Club make all the girls will veils. Wouldn't it wouldn't feel bad about about interface didn't seem built their Robin back on a showing their pussy right, good idea, actually called the infidels and all girls where veils so bad of course, our women around the world have anonymity want some prefix, so I
I saw a famous actress of the coffee shop near my place, the other day and she's sitting at a table by herself, and I don't like the big bug eye sunglasses like she's, like a praying mantis pretty much, and I seem like people can't want that. You know. Maybe you want it five percent of the time, but I think a particular moment somebody would not want. Wow you mean that amount of attention. Yet, if you're a woman in some of these arab societies, you can't just walk around like american style I think we don't want to hear podcast. Actually, some guy was jerking off on a rooftop because he saw like a woman's veil come down or something there very sexually repress. You can't even distress normally in a coffee shop without getting same kind of attention that over here and a list, forget yeah, that's true, but this the idea that supposed cover your head right always. Always wear veil. The anti Semitism unsanitary, you think over time not really mean that no more than Werner baseball had the science
I do not know how to air a re everything. Ok, it actually protect your hair. They go for those in damage with such damage, your hair, so it can work if we damages your face all this bullshit that people worry about, like the cell phone Neuro Tower weapons or whatever and warm Weymouth color. You hang out with people treat me some learn shed its geyser radio shack. You gotta, stop fighting with people on Twitter. Man really do
People say too stupid shit to just ignore embark on the alleys behaviour. Do you get it locked into and then you'll? Like I'm retiring from Twitter? I get locked didn't like it recently eyes. It was Sunday morning at seven, a m. My phone goes off from a goal, which is this. Since all cap psychiatric from some psycho and undecided fires is take, them were one. You know, connect your fuckin phone, your twitter rise, whereas you know still has it that way: Doug Benson, ladies and gentlemen, you wanna fuck with that benzene right now, tweet shit out of a just fucking, tweet M, constantly twenty them all day causes far will just didn't run out of batteries. In ten minutes. I like how long as your battery last, like ten seconds I mean, I assumed a just cause. My iphone is surely batteries by allowing the world a text, you essentially you're alone, the whole world filled with assholes detective you ride. I turn it off. You know what this is going to help me more than go and infrared saunas and all the bullshit. I didn't relax misconception, take twitter off my phone that well you're dealing with too many people. You know when you, when you deal with that many people you can have them at their discretion, get in touch with you right. You have a certain amount of responsibility to try to connect with people online cause. It's what you do,
that's what I do is well, but you can allow them to just do it at their discretionary time, because its intrusive, your ear regular life, is important, like you have to be able to have time to reflect Dont you'll, never form your own opinions. You must be constantly inundated with information and other people's activity. You can't do it. We cannot allow that it's a symptom of its symptom of the new world. You know you are experiencing an extreme form, because you're sort of a public figure and you're a journalist in your car virtual Utah, you cover a lot of very fascinating subjects, so you gonna get a lot more than the average person has this set up like that, it's too much money can't do it that way. It's very true do that, starting to by phone would explode. If I did that literally shake, it would just
it can just bone sparks fly out of it when your phone like frozen, because something happened or people text you and your yeah. That was just thinking that I was thinking like the twitter outcry can handle that many things at once without reserve. A one time accidentally gave my cell phone number out on Twitter. I was has transcended somebody in a p m, and I said I sent it to the whole world and my fucking phone literally just shut offered. Reevaluated does like this. Is God we Roma, reboot, myself, rebooted itself, just like fuck, you committed, suits their wishes, and my my inbox filled up at five seconds and then the tax that we're Commonages Yang, I tweeted something. Yesterday, some he sent me that I was talking about how I felt when my child was born, that it was Thinking about how crazy it must be helped different babies being born right now? If you could see them all in real time in front of, you are gonna giant screen, billygoat baby invasion? I mean you don't
about exerting hospital room. Whether one's been born will someday sent me a tweet in their tweet is a link that shows in real time call every baby being born all around the world, and it is a fucking invasion. Scary app is like, if Obama gave out a cell phone sets out its likes image. Is why baby maybe baby baby Baby, Switzerland, Africa, Indonesia, China, diana- and this is the ported babies, s not the little. Shit out in the bottom of a fucking grass hut in the middle of the jungle, didn't count those daily counted the wise woman or in the census yeah. I mean It's! U C, O Bryant find a link with the yesterday the hours I quoted as a retweet. You now instead of a retreat. I quoted it. It's crazy! It's so nuts, you go to it. And it's what is the website for folks who want to get to a leak egg googled, Dr Doc,
now. What does it say about tat? Is Google DR dot com sounds logic? well. Look at those are the baby's see those babies on both sides, Holy Shit that is scary incredible those are our babies, it's going about deaths going about. One, I dont see allotting relax and not allowed. U S births most. How is that only Google, Dr Dotcom? That's all it is like Google derived outcomes backslash hose
but try to share so that the stuff tat we can see- that's all like real blurry, thus the other stuff. Do you think this is what the essay sees they see like every new human being coming online yeah, the inner say, is there paying attention twenty four hours a day to every one of these babies make sure enough? We can do anything. You fucking alleys. Babies is crazy. He's a fucking interview. I run out of oxygen, it's terrifying man and I don't see a lot of miracle flags either man, I see a lot of those other countries are not as a red Chinese. Why? Others me as an American. I think we need to do our job and do some more fuckin, most debt. China is number one most birth, India. Look it out just stopped what, if freaked out but it is a computer crash now well, what if they just stopped
having babies. What if one day we went on that thing and it was a day where there was no babies, it just says no view with with Clive on children, a man yeah when people stopping for it or something stupid you know what that is. The people that are doom and gloom rs about over population. There, idea is that, as time goes on, what's going to happen, is the cultures like world cultures that are like really have a massive amounts of child children, childbirth those are going, you become more developed and as they become more developed were actually gonna. Have a decrease in population. Does that doom and gloom worse, they obviously don't have this website on bookmark granted did they would see it Fucking invasion. In real time, Oh, my god how how we got here. Of oil will there's a theory that the more people you have an area, the more and a big intelligent productivity. You have so high. Population doesn't led to the malthusian meltdown
people, you know starve and kill each other to get back, new, a lower population realm. Instead, it's the high population itself, that's what is leading innovation and somewhere along that innovation can keep up with the higher population. Makes sense. Yes, it's basically look at humans, like Canada, network capacity. It makes sense but what concerns me most, those that just the actual natural physical resources can I watch a dilution, yeah and pollution. I want a movie zero dreams of sushi, and they re talking about a movie like there. Times and obsessed with the really interesting, weird First of all, may I learned to things one never want to be a fuckin sushi chef. They were too hard. Those four can be were hard man, the apprentices, nor my guys, they apprentice something like fifty years old habit. The fact that the guy worked on making eggs for like ten years before I got it right and then, when the guy told me did a rice are crying.
What are you cooked and egg right says what movies so beautiful you not as we would be sick of that shit after fifteen minutes, a guy has a ten see room, it's a tent see room in Tokyo Subway station. Look out for months or accept booked Africa and its the best sushi in the world. Apparently, and the guy I mean his his sons, fifty years old and his son goes to the fish market every day and buys from the same guy who's, like literally got a flashlight on a tuna touching it with his fingers, and he has to make sure he has a feel for the texture and texture will directly contribute directly correlate with great flavour. Iq knows what textures the right one and they know like how to AIDS
the tuna and how long for an old tuna? How long for a young tuna, fuckin, crazy shit man is a true, are artisans. We imagine if we had at the? U S like at every level of our society, somebody putting out a new app like the new Facebook app is, I'm not sure if this is perfected, yet and study it for the next six months before they release it. Yeah, no shit man! and I mean there's no money to be made and what the skies doing either I mean there's enough money to keep afloat, I'm sure he's gonna ten see fuckin place, and these people talk. About his sushi, like you know, restaurant tours and restaurant critics and they say they get nervous when they go there. They get nervous when they meet him, takes the same Fuckin subway everyday, sits in the same see the same. Stop he's eighty five fucking years old and he's been working every day since he was like fuckin. Twenty look at what an old bossy is there if it comes back up various yeah
it's his glasses on his sons, fifty but everything about the way the cook the places fuckin amazing it made me want to fly to Japan made me want to book. But but you came a book online, but you gotta go there in person and get your reservations when it made me want to try to associate final what the fuck's all about he proudly gives you like a riddle like ASEAN Cohen that you had to solve. If you solve these it ok three months now launch we're on and if I was gonna, do it, I would want to do it quick before the whole places nuclear before Mozilla shows up How could is pretty unsettling, it's very unsettling you know. There was a scientist that went there and was catching fish from right of the shore and they tested fifty tested flounder. Think what's the other word for flounder the ground. All nobody saw around fish flatfish, one of those lavish. But the bug point is those those Fisher did they stay in that area. There not migratory, and it was tat you could eat it, yeah. I find it so
What he is saying is that the ocean is so fucking enormous. It's not really have the same effect. That people think about I can hear it is scary stuff. The waters he's very scary. It till dangerous dissipates out enough in the oceans, the others just the ocean, so goddamn big there right now. It's ok but The real issue is not just Fukushima. It's these nuclear plants in general to try to make it really to someone. I had a conversation with a friend who is very pro business and very pro their power and the benefits of nuclear power. Any single talking about these few places where the issues of arisen and accessible, ok, I just want you to think about the amount of time that nuclear powers been here. Ok now think bout, the amount of nuclear power plants that exist now thing but how many of the men have had catastrophic failures, only two right only to your right, but those to those places are far ha ha harked for
for these two and its less than a hundred years of nuclear power. How long do you think people been around? What, if people another twenty thousand years stop and think about how many those nuclear power plants are going up. Everything around them: two places right now, Chernobyl and this place, and then there's a three mile island or for Mile island, whatever the fuck. Is that place kind of fact, but not quite as fuck, I don't think we know enough about it. I think that were too it's too new for us and we don't have the time for that, you need to do it properly short you're. Absolutely lifespans are just too short. We're like fuckin fruit flies, working with technology that has ramifications that'll be around for thousands of years. Why don't I lifespan is nothing compared to the lifespan of any kind of leak. Also, we we grew up in a time where these things are already existed and we don't have any say in their construct right and so
work manufactured by people kind of assumed their meal going to sergeant worded around all that technologies oldest fuck by now. It is all this folk, the one in Fukushima oldest fog, its outdated technology, but they kind of assumed upon construction, that was innovation with progress in the future. There is going to be able to way be away to correct all these issues will there's not still isn't at least with coal power plants, even though those are messy to its only fucking up the present. It's, not your leaving. This thing that for thousands of years is gonna, be making children have birth defects and stuff its messy when its drawn out of the earth- it's probably not good for the environment at all, but its temporary. It's not. Something is destroying areas for long time yeah, it's interesting, it's like you, look at what people are willing to accept and not willing to accept, just in the name of having fuel just a name of progress. Just name of financial reward and this
it's kind of scary, how flippant people are about polluting the ocean about polluting that that the BP oil Skelly had Peter chiffon, we're talking about the BP thing and you know he was talking about the I listen about one fascinating. He kind of gets under my skin because a lot of them Many governments stuff I can latch onto and agree with, but then there's something strive ass. If there's not a certain humanism there that you need to have yes, Everything doesn't have to be in your framework of the free market principles. That's great for a lot of shit if you want to get the best water or the best soda or the best we'd, it's probably a good idea to get flea markets. Working there see have competition doesn't have to be for every single facet of life. While you The real issue with him is environmental data mulish his willingness to another Frank saying like is his concern about fracturing was so It was. It was really funny.
Talking about people that have had their land is destroyed forever and saying what they got. Millions dollars most people they got money, they would never been able to get the hush money, but it is still there are. Land is fox like that them. The money is all its are relatively: what's a million dollars to peer chef, it's probably not nearly as much as it is to those people so for for Peter shift. A million dollars or whatever the fuck. These people. That's worth it to destroy a piece of property, assent, for as long as people they went around was weird about. That, too, is I think you asked about the environmental impact and he said: there's theirs: often wrong with fragment, there's no environment, environmental impact That's not true, just google it it's all over the place. It's not true at all, there's over a thousand documented wells that have been polluted from Frank. You know that ideas that fracturing works exactly according to plan. So deep in the ground that you're not going to disturb wells, but it doesnt work. When, in the plan, it's a curse,
business. Would you do your public water into the centre, the earth you creating earthquakes, you know, and I've had a lot of people Google meal Guinea to get up to do with resources really right. Wing tight rival were pro business who, by the way, almost always financially struggling but clearing the way for the one day when in the future they have money there. Go out? There are neither regulations to be kind of like they want to make some minus, whereas this this economy, well, that all these people I would send them to all these websites in the new just vanish, like you can't, say anything just. Send you I'll send you all the links I'll, send you the fucking one of the six years of Exxon petitioning to not have racking on his property from one of the richest most for asking is short for hydraulic fracturing. It doesn't sound Mycenae, it's good for the earth. You have. The Exxon CEO is hilarious till he doesn't want it near his property, yeah. He doesn't want. Ragging he's gonna fuck with his property values of yeah. It does dude,
excellency YO doesn't want fracturing facility near his. U S home, he files are law suit you. Fuckin dirty man, you're a dirty man, Rex till her son. He's there was name Rex tellers and Cyprus. Dinosaur sounds like an industrialists from like the eighteen is so scary. You ever seen there'll be rod, yes, sounds like one of those guys exactly yeah, this is. Oh! This is not an anti franking law suit and expert said nothing could be further from the truth. Yes things can be further. It could be that a quarter is actually a gremlin who lives on the moon and likes to suck baby dicks. Ok, that's further from the truth. You fuckin dummy! Now Nothing could be further from the truth of the earth is really a frisbie. Is that further from the truth, you fuckin cunt yet bag lawyer, so they will not be a sponsor of your podcast anytime, soon digging out for themselves.
Citizens of Barton filled described as a wealthy community, which you expect Giving the houses of the chief of Enron have sued to stop the tower the towers being built by crime timbers water supply? It would be a teen story, building a Jason, to tell her since eighty three, your horse ranch not fall, from an eighteen acre homestead among the others who oppose the project or people not exactly known for their environmental concerns, form a? U S: House Majority leader, Dick Hamley and his wife, for example. All these fuckin rich can't put in their neighborhood. They don't want it are you guys are fine when it was in Baltimore. You guys we're fine. What was in the middle of Pennsylvania Shit and into a river that people like to fish in full, Ah you call you fuckin criminals. You shitty environmental criminals, because you're ruining the earth there's not a way to do it, catches
water and chemicals into the ground, because we know that this gas and oil there that's Conti shit the terrible idea? Well, then we extract for water. Afterwards, brine Dunning says no worries afterwards, we simply extract the water you heard as video on it even takes on an affected accident like an affected, offers no worries. Legumes he's like those talk like a fool like aha, don't worry why droll fracturing does it literally what he sounds like my talks about it, explaining how simple, it is our only poison, two thousand well so far been around for a few decades. Dont worry, what's a thousand places that are poisoned forever? No worry. Hungary's big were predisposed to listen to people who sound reasonable, yeahs reasonable, and what that's? What I'm saying David Seamen, let's be reasonable hydraulic fracturing, is very safe.
As for your community today has put forward in your own home, hydrography fracture your own gas from the ground below you. That's like the reverse mortgage, guided sign at nights, convincing old people, the cash in their home equity and, like it's, a good waiting it shows him in front of a sports car. Again you get a sports car, but you also lose the fuckin equity to your house. Suddenly, no hunger own the house, you live in it, but at least that is just financial. Yes, money comes and goes area, and is there you're not poisoning the fucking, very water that people can drink, changing the water like people, you to be able to use that to fertilize crops to feed their animals to drink. Now they drink it. They get like Nero toxins. They get like any police in their nerve. Stop working anybody who thinks that's totally. Okay. I would recommend the prescription of yoga meditation, we'd Brown,
the only permissible by law, all those things would have all three of those things we, the fuckin trifecta of not being a dick anymore, the we brown into the most introspective and milk. If you want to think about a drug that makes you consider everything you're doing wrong, whom god damn those things get to the heart of, it helps me see like the other person's perspective, and even if I want to go ahead with what I'm doing at least I've seen it from their point of view. So it's not coming from a place of ignorance. Coming from, oh, I see both sides. Now I can do it. I want, whereas, before as the person who doesn't see how the world is perceiving it and it's kind of scurry. It's scary to me that I want that long without using that stuff. The reason for a lot of people there of these negative opinions on marijuana, brownies or pot cookies, is it most times at their used recreational in Mostar,
people are using I'm just sorted tat, fun with right or their fucked up there already drunk and then they associate being hung over and like making bad decisions at the marijuana has to do with that. Will people think of is more of a party thing with China can be noted, is fun to get high and watch star wars with your bodies. It is it's fun, in our view, a bunch people over the house and he go. Let's see pop rise watched hours, fuck yeah, you know it's fun. It's also funded Watch star trek by yourself like every day, but it also, but besides, being fun. It most certainly can be a tool for psychological exponent exploration daily. Can you get explore some areas of your consciousness that maybe you didn't know we're really troubling you and then all sudden they could dragons of the forefront and some spot lights get turned on them, and you didn't even know that you had some sort of a sublet or subconscious. Hiding of these ideas, not a scientist law, but I really believe that stuff like that has evolved alongside us
farther reason why it's not harmful? Why nobody ever odious on marijuana is there. Had time to adapt to it in its adapted to us, and we have this summer relationship where it's making US or introspective and were able to as a result and because it We tend to grow more marijuana which keeps it alive and keeps it thriving so take this decision, like a coral reef, almost an We come along with modern society. We make all this shit illegal just for the sake of it, and we do it the things that people have had his basic tools for most of human history. Do you think about it like this shit is only been illegal for what like seventy years yeah. It's me, Thank you dead on. I think that's exact. What's going on, I think it's changing. I don't think you can stop the change its currently under way. I think what Colorado did and we Seattle or washing state did that's the decisions made by people. They, and then you see that not always the sky not falling for those people making a lot of money right and then Dennis
opens up and now that the banks are gonna be allowed to take the money from the Colorado dispensaries? What do you call him? its legal decided to spend. Privately or is it a pot store, despite rivets is here to give her should not only be, but it's not a caregiver, because not medical such as the store than Colorado is just sellen we'd. This not just gave up on the whole medical thing they like yeah, we're just sell and we come on in Seattle still hanging back to her. What are you guys doing? What I think will see that people are not going to go crazy, that's gonna help local economy, a lot and then other states who want to adopt some form of that yeah Colorado's like the crazy friend that each the mushrooms first, the collar carouse, like you gusher, that's, not a mushroom who carry out the fucking. Eighty man Colorado's, like you're, crazy friend
real skinny, but never gets. Second is gonna cowboy had in technology that Fuckin brownie brow, so Colorado just goes: hey man well, just fuckin start selling them will see what's up, and so all these people, like you know, started these huge businesses and, within the first day, within the first seven hours they had made millions of dollars mean the amount of money that's being there. Tourism, like people driving from why arming to go to cholera and also they binding huts. It cuts down on crime. I have a friend, you actually is a manager at one dispensaries out there in Denver. And she was telling me when one of their dispensaries moves into a neighborhood. All the people stopped their dealer images into the store and that's their new place, obviously, because they wanted to dissidents, less risky yeah. You just fucked those dealers out of their money. Like that's done now, it's being taxed now is being regulated. Now it's helping people cause people are being paid jobs that actually pay well, instead of just one drug dealer taken all the money.
But our own, grow their own as well. You know, that's another, be If we think about it, you have to worry about the cops. Come your house and break in and you for front door is get a plant somewhere in the closet. You have to worry about the more you so k legal. I really like the balance that away struck where there are dispenser, you can buy from when you see the green, whatever it is assigned the other plus sign, It's not in your face severe somebody who doesn't like it makes you paranoid when you do it or you just have a conservative upbringing, it's not something where you are constantly confronted by it, that's cool! If you when it is very easy to get. If you don't, it doesn't have to be a part of your life. Saudi lay a joy like it in their Nehru thing, Athos really kind of hilarious. I was DR announced she with friend mine and is in his neighborhood and there's like the green plus signs and he's like analyses. Fucking things are all my neighborhood.
So the liquor store stupid. There is like a story there by the way you smoke pot what're you talking about. I note nobody, nobody believes the dispensary looking unhappy like people always leave liquor store, is looking up and out. People leave dispensaries, look in the same way they leave when they not near pants. Gonna go get allowed to have my boy. I can't believe we gotta wear that take begin their car. They drive away like some kind of a criminal. I think gum, People just have this attitude. That means having a dispensary somehow under the different than having a liquor, store and skies. Gonna liquor store, write me drive out of his house. Take a left go down. The hill bound, there's liquor store is a fucking dispensary, a mile away from that is our credit strings in my neighborhood? What's so, what's all this, in plus sign nonsense Erwin your hours, somebody in they smelled on a sidewalk there like they're kind of of
ended by my life. You offended this is fucking. Who'll peaceful people are having good time around. You doesn't mean it there's crime or danger that smells good. I got caught a plus sign instead of a green cross you're. Just no relates not across its Busby, like Red Cross bits, green grass, it's probably true Green cross yeah, but a mean even the cross, is not across anymore. It's a plus, I'm not religious sign it, but it's not it's good of crosses an extended bottom is a difference in the shape its we haven't, eaten anything it's a red crosses cross yeah. It's now admit it's no use! That's why it's across! That's why it's green cross, yet we can really call to cry like plus, better any lies, as it is part of it have any kind of We're just Chinatown Really what Red Cross is supposed to be those outlined? Why is it? Ok? Ok, let's go! Where did that's one of the great things about being a journalist is it's the parties is realising can say, I dont know two things and that's the best way to do it. As you have Google, you don't have to I draw.
What little you know, you're, not a mean yeah areas What's the green plus sign on pot dispensaries, ok,. Doesn't sir. How is this not been asked a thousand times over and like radical relic, trees is an interesting thing, because, like a lot of these stores that green plus sign has become so universal. That's that's all. It has on the sign of a plus sign and then I'll say like w? We know that, whatever you know, West Valley, caregivers was one of em so's, W b c gee. That's all it said, and then it needs Westphalia characters like what the fuck are. You actually sell and they get in their interests. So we do. I say you done of, unfortunately that place, that is to go to my favorite spot. They, the government, told them They had to close down again because they had opened up too late, like after sir time they were approved, someone that and the deed was like.
He was very nervous about exists, shut, gotten, shut down once for something else, and Guy who owned it previously, one up in jail. He what he was one of the few people. They got popped actually hidden, no now any on another one, but I know one of the guys who got popped and want to do in time and then there's some guys in San Francisco. Guys pot university guys, whatever the fuck? They are cannabis university, those guys still Duke an Encore pod pot pop Mccormick Todd, Mccord Todd Mccormick. Our friend is involved in some legal bullshit. Again, it's crazy. I only delivery nowadays go to the store and smart move. Man yeah I mean look, there's there's plenty a weed and its way easier to get in its way more relaxed, but it's still sketchy federally, and if some on comes in after Obama, which is very likely
that is more repressive, because this, this Obama thing has been a goddamn mass. I mean he what he's done and what we thought he was going to do or so polar opposite They didn't stop the d from rating these medical marijuana facilities, there's a lotta raids during his time. You want to go and look at how many raids took place during Obama's tie, Maybe it's been quite substantial. The blow back from that has also been substantial and it's very damaging to his party, because he's essentially a republican and Wolf clothing mean allow the shit that have done outside of social. Things have been like a real, really similar to what the Bush administration to theirs. A lot of really negative shit. It's happened with the d, a breaking into these parts, doors potent fuckin boots. Kids, necks and taken for there was one that they did where they got caught doing all this, because all the film was sent remotely to another location by constant, it was currently set, so no get steal a hard drives, the security cameras, we're still recording. So so these
you got to see them, but their boots on his kids neck thrown to the ground. Just a kid he's too young to you're old kid working in a place gal just allow the money, just people being thugs, they steal the money. They know that these people aren't threats. You you break, you seek twenty old college. Kid is working there and national security. There are assuming the diner astrogation. You know these people are, you know, you're resting, yet you boot on his neck was that people are trying to relax. People are trying to find like more healthy outlets for their anxiety or their uncertainty. The point is this: probably gonna, be someone could really bribe a politician to go hard on these things with the new administration off as if there was a big pushed by the pharmaceutical industry, is a big push by the alcohol industry. Big push by whenever prison guards, unions, whoever it needs to be the can the wheels to get them to harder on marijuana. It could conceivably happened. The genius totally other Bosnia, but I think that
the chances of that happening herb, thankfully, not that high, because the cats out of the bag public, knows that marijuana is not a bad thing. Now it's a good and that's a varied. That's a very hard thing to how can you out do that plant doesn't matter how many refer Manasses he put out people of color, conclusion that it's actually not bad for you. Do you see alternate what about she was on Pierce Morton talking about pot I'm sure she's against the dry and put put it on and culture on peers. Morgan taught him up, not just against it she's so ridiculous. It so hilarious Cosette, first of all its working right, we're talking about so obviously her trolling, let people like it! I just want to stay in the media and they don't realize the real harm their doing to the national, Of course I agree with you. She got u dimension her name just now and now. She's getting booked on other show because of this social agenda today Show and that's great so she can sell more books but she's fucking. Oh people who actually rely on what they see on tv and she just fucking.
The whole discourse, your brain five seconds, yeah, she's, she's, terrible person. Men which is doing is for our own benefit and the troll trolling when you have a business anywhere. Why is the illegal and cannabis you're right. I am sure you're going to drop me in saying no, it's not what you think that sometimes Linux by why that, while I keep trying to when you ve, been dropping, now explain now, so don't you dropped want the sole purpose or smoking pot or eating pop brownie is to get high. That is not true. With alcohol angel pause right, there he's wrong right. Their liquidity is a crazy com. What does that mean? Who gets you get francs not to get drunk yard drink whisky for the taste He forgets sit around drinking whisky. Imagine if they came up with alcohol, free whiskey and sold it in those big ol. Arnold Palmer, lemonade cans when there's all free whisky, their trials with we they're trying to give
the the benefits without the high like extract that and put in a pill, I think that would for people over no harm in another. There did there. Actually, these scientific research behind that is further to extract C b D. It's for pain, repeat minor. Chronic pain and they'll want to get high, but ok, that's If my thinking was that they're kind of like oh, you can use the medical benefits as long as you don't get high from it, and I think that This is totally just my own respective. I really think that part of the medicinal property of marijuana as it allows you to see things differently, and I think there is much more of a connection between the mental and physical then were willing to accept in our western society, and I feel most humans up until about a hundred years ago. Most of what I'm saying for granted, like you remember, reading looks like novels the eighteen hundreds were somebody sick in their doctors is: go, live somewhere like Golovin, the countryside, you'll feel better prescribed the shit actually work If you're less stressed out, you're in a better environment. You get better, your body knows what to do and we ve totally like. We try to be
clinical of everything that we can't? Let somebody just get high and fucked up for a few hours and figure out their own shit. It has to be very clinical. You know you can actually feel something. That's all altered state of consciousness, although I agree with you on that. I think this scientific principle or the scientific gum reasoning behind extracting c b, these just People who have injuries can have pain, medication, its natural and have another work. Yet I don't get knocked up or high. I'm thinking it's a mouse that I am not through, and I do not think that any wrong what you say. You have in your right and a lot of ways as well, but I think that the there's a bunch of reasons why they extract C from cannabis and they're. Not all it's not all. You know that the and once keep it down so play this fuckin wacky bitch place more. There are forty
You're old, going to everybody's everybody drinking alcohol to get slightly higher than when they start drinking to pierce, the Portuguese. Absolutely I am done tv after doings. I bet you you have to ride in the right now explaining. Why have you not wait? I'm would you please let me finish ones and inspires more you'll. Take you use around the Rainbow enjoy wine they drink line for a perpetual, rising eight dollars, bottles of wine. Perhaps you have a warm feeling. It does not you You can download somebody's been smoking pot. Their eyes are random giggle when everything by weight are incapable of carrying on the normal fund. I've. U else mobile! Now, I haven't never almost wholly positive to how ridiculous that their income, bull of herring on the normal functioning of life. I do you, jitsu I'm high. I do comedy Roma doing its part CAS high, Almost every radio show. I ever do high that-
I'm a function of life like what we go to the movies high. All the time go to dinner all the time. What you talk and what does she basing it offers? Does she have one ex boyfriend? That's a pod head that she's, a you know. Basing our pilots about must, stop and think about that, because she's dating, if, if that is the case, she's dating a guy who is willing to tolerate her so just Imagine what kind of a fucking idiot he's gonna be he couldn't you know he couldn't function. Would you crises pro whose probably paralytic just being around your fuckin shit bag personality. Imagine that imagine that woman! That's your girlfriend! We couldn't you couldn't function and live so or if it's her friends like she says she knows, Lot potter's, she's potheads at a friends you know what she's doing is that abide just trolling like that see that had been ok that controlling that she did when she started doing it, because, when he started doing. She was trying to get em alert coming up. Some some words on a thing
when she started troll, unlike that, there was poor, bubbly pre internet. You know I mean she was probably doing that shit way before only way for her to get attention platform, but now that she has a platform should use for good and ugly and well established information sub being silly bitch you now have a new wants to point of view. Can you do that not just be a right wing. Fuckin chatters, also like people like that who claim to be limited, government and conservative It seems to me, like they pretty much just want lower taxes, because if you really believed in limited government how the fuck, I tell you that you can put something first of all, safe in your own body. In this the comfort and safety of your own fuckin home, when you're an american citizen and supposedly live in a free society, you should be able to do that in some way. Do I think it should be Acts unregulated, absolutely, keep it safe, keep it on the books, but why should you'd be allowed to do that. I'm sure she doesn't have a real argument against that. So it's only add hominem its.
Another lazy: I go about the Beatles where they lazy. What about Steve jobs as he lazy, United Buddhist isolating one anecdotal, fuckin thing designed and that's not? I can an argument against alcohol based on some guy outside is drunk. Liquor store. It doesn't mean you shouldn't God drinking with your fellow Donnelly that look what she's, using as an example she's talking about. We were you in the bathroom she's talking about you know you, you could drink it and have a warm feeling like come on. You know what you're saying: is you can't small just a little bit apart and just relax a little, you can have a very mild pot, candy, there's a pot candidate, speed we'd has its goddamn. Perfect, is damn pervert. You can have one it it's just my old edge will reduce search smile, so mildly really like to, a poor to take to heart candy one year, but one one is Crete. It's like you, don't feel perplexed I'll get badly? What we're talking about? You don't get any of that.
The dosage issue, the same thing with everything. The idea that alcohol is more. You know that could easily under dose of alcohol. Just have a warm feeling, but you can't do that with marijuana, so foolish, it so dumb and it's so ignorant to human physiology. Its ignorant to all the time things that we use on a daily basis, where, if you over use them, they would fucking kill you. I mean, as a huge amount of medications that people take on a daily basis where they took twenty times more. There are supposed to take their dead salt, ten out of the salt you're a dead person doesn't sleeping pill, yeahs, fuck, yeah, Tylenol, PM's and tunnels, apparently really bad for you. If you drank you should not take tylenol, add another said to a couple years ago. If you do thank you should not take tunnel. Is your hangover cure you should take. Some like add will cause a seat. If it is really tough on your liver yeah. That's not good for you,
a guy who takes he takes this- is is a crazy cocktail, but he too After all, takes Xanax any takes Ambien then prescribed ways out about exactly what that about succumbing to speed myself up so slow myself down, so I can relax, well speeds himself up and apparently ghetto freaked out from that, so need suddenly relax and as it were, the zionist comes in, but then again a bad night. So the ambient high total power totally do that with coffee and alcohol. There. Happens as you have a meeting at six p m. So you get our carbonated, then it six forty five in your in your apartment, looks like. I need to chill out drinking cuz you're so answer the caffeine have a buddy that a crack habit. And I used to go with them, and I got a liquor store Williams fucked up and he wanted to come down here goes the historian you'd by forty out just like bring his heart rate down and he would yeah he won T live in or at their eyes dead. Sorry about that
he died use. This is why not a comedian whether now eagerly I couldn't get upset at you foresee unhealthy live. It is obviously not held there. He had a lot of a lot of drug problems, but he wandered about dying cause of it in dumb, but the seeing him trying to calm down by drinking pounding forty out of beer, his trial, get the alcohol into his bloodstream to test alleviate the the crazy heart, be that he had gone on. That's for the d and stuff like that, it's fucking up also as if they ve betrayed the breast of young people by wine to them without marijuana. So as a result, there are probably people out there who, like will maybe myths, not that bad Sakhalin, maybe crack cocaine, is not that bag. Is they completely lied to us on marijuana, wanna, as a kid in middle school they had come knew our classroom and give us the whole dare breakdown and he had a. Suitcase filled with like fake versions of drugs and what they look like
and I was thinking like how even as a kid as account ridiculous, is this now not an expert on all these drugs look like before. I didn't know shit about half these things down, like practically a drug dealer from Palestine. This fucking infomercial years other stuff that you should never look for dont. Look for this one. It comes in this kind of bag. You know, What is. This is what we are propaganda, there's education in knowing what not to take as long as you're honest about as long as you know, this one is actually just drive plant. It grows all over the contiguous, United States. I've been for thousands of years. By the way you just had contiguous and their use that word ever have ever used Do you ever course? Now it's good word! Thank you. I read a lot of shit o my candle and then certain words just get into my mind, is a good one and not going to use this next time. I feel like using it rocket contiguous hope used correctly anyway. I'm sincerity, in fact
you're right, you're right, you actually right it's that if they said that, if their honest, where there, though look you shouldn't, do this one cause, it's gonna lower your motivation at least stay away from it till you get in the college until you get a job or whatever it is that you need to get. You should avoid if you want to be as motivated, is possible if they said that Ok, then I'll, listen you when it comes to stay away from the crack, cocaine gazelle fuck up your life, which it will but you don't trust that person. I have no trust what they say. Well, it also fucked up the relationship. The people have to law enforcement right it fuck up the relationship. The people have to people in positions of authority that you legitimately need to protect you in civilized society and that's what the cap should be The cap should be an armed opposition, that's very difficult to acquire. It should be. Something that we really respect, and we love and appreciate that but that are us that are there to help us. If some shit goes wrong, if some bad people around, if some people victimizing other peoples, people are breaking the law. That should be a part of our society, but when they become a d
yea person and there shooting someone's fuckin dogs. They got a plant grown into their house in how many those goddamn videos you have to see for you realize is a problem with the fact these costs they could just break in a somewhat thousands shooter fucking dog you're, nothing. They shoot. Should dogs there behind dog gates, barking little tiny dogs who just shoot em. They should because they wanted to meet the fucker the people to want to. Let him know, look I'll, show you fucking dog, you're, gonna, start crying and I'm gonna get what I want and its power the power trap. It's part of the same, and it's part of what makes people distrust cops and that's fucked. If cops did have to deal with these laws. If there wasn't laws that we're unjust on the books than this, behaviour would never take place. Have you couldn't do that? Someone? breakdown someone's door and an Fuckin shooter dog? If you could only go and arrest, people who are committing crimes are whole attitude, crimes, victimized people, our whole attitude about Law enforcement. We change, it would make it better for them. You know make it better
and they would become like fire fighters who would become an integral part of our society, that's absolutely necessary, except for the people that are fucking, committing a crime which we don't want in the first place, but it has be real crime. It has to be cut, the creates victims victim. Crimes or horse shit crime. Against yourself. There bullshit, you can't stop a person for cut, not their own fuckin finger. Did you know that if you decide go, get a bot cut from Fuckin Home Depot taken home and hack off one, your fingers. No one can fucking stop you, you go to the hospital, they say what happened. I cut my finger of the bull color than other rest. You really want to do that. You're african hate their finger, I'll. Do that again you idiot you gonna die. You know you get it. Can take these antibiotics and get out a hospital, but how come
cut off your fuckin finger. But if you you see a guy who likes to smoke part, you can arrest him you'd arrest him for what would you do and he's doing something to his body? That you don't agree. Is that what it is because it there's no victims here where it? Where is your victim? Is the smoke going into the air and polluting our modern discourse? For us? Is it? Is it fuck and taking pain off cars down? The block knows I'm doing a goddamn thing is just ass: there's no Ryanair, there's no crime and doubts where we have to make a distinction, and the reason why one of the reasons why that distinction is very difficult to make his because its people that have made these laws enforcing these laws a business there's a business not just in keeping prison guards in in work but keep in prisons filled and keeping making you're the prisons generate income from bringing in prisoners, so they make sure that laws are in place that salute. We ensure that they are going to have new people in their every year, because people going to
breaking these laws, because it laws that are ridiculous. The laws have been in place since the beginning of time and those laws the league they're about thirty percent of the people that are in prison? That's so fucked up about it. Do you think these laws. These aunt, I psychedelic and anti marijuana laws are actually like us. Form of societies immune system kind of going overboard, like I think about how smoothly brilliant people seem to have some kind of interaction with drugs at some point, there lives whether bees Steve jobs with the acid trips or pray, much any musician with we'd or any writer with weed median with Ria, ok, any comedian unlocks a lot of potential that otherwise wouldn't be there for people and it you the world in a different way, especially if you do something that's even stronger, like psychedelic It shows that it's almost like route access to a computer gives you a lot more power, but for most p,
will you dont wandered access? You just want them to have their. You know their web browser and that's it you don't them fucking stuff up. I wonder of society as a whole is the kind of unconscious thing that goes on is like this is really powerful stuff so allow some people have access to it, but we can't just the whole society go Timothy Leary, you know tune in to not whatever his thing was because have as a result is complete The uncharted waters that we haven't been to before and their people really are. Of that happening? Why should give you have to look where these laws come from or the law, ass coming from real educated, philosophers and ends and scholars not so much exempt. Now know these laws are coming from people who do, lot of lotta mongering remember all the shit Ronald Reagan was saying back in the day? Well, it turns out. Did marijuana, may be one of the most damaging drugs known to me, the most dangerous dogma. You know it's, it's
that kind of shit, those the lebanese people like this and culture twat. Let's finish, listen this good, so fuckin ridiculous play ball. How do you know what it but it because I'm around body hands one in many- might render shadow Jerry was a lot of emigrants. Why maybe bromar work parliament's concern that the partner- probably South American, but the morgue we'll take it, and if it is made legal vastly more people will take a fashionable disaster for commerce. Commerce allows hotheads are incapable of following simple instructions and getting a job done. I used. Here's Morgan, saudi languages and recently also pass on drawing on the economy is long overdue, and when I was a member was when I'm I'm moved to a new place in California, and there is a cool guy didn't come back, then it's four feet down and its color
and with green more than I call the mafia is upon. Had I was there, you know how you silly. That is more than I want to talk about anecdotal evidence. She met a poor guy who was a pot head who didn't cleaner poor. So therefore, what is selfish contrary to what is self centered? Combine a hundred dollar bottle of wine stock about eighty thousand? Why and then she talks about our poor guy. Couldn't do his job because he was high on pot. Is my I don't have time, let me try and stop the stream of vehicles just get anything done with a party and what we need. Are you really vital halted? Everyone What about me? There's no smoking part one time how much you'd, assuming a pot headaches and enough. Now so that it can be made fun of on tv million has been lying drinker have you smoker. No, smokers work all night and then die young saving, the social Security mutton system money we for commerce, commercial.
Since then the barbarism, the good of the country we ought to encourage Americans to smoke like mad. They be incredibly productivity. Singly he's encourage one can't you see right now is a human whose screaming for a cycle interventions have if we can get an Coulter to a jungle retreat in Peru and FF. Feed Hiawatha with one of those things they use for fog law when they stuff like goose filled. Grain, to make their liver fattened delicious. If we could do that with her with eyewash, guy, just pin their nose and our mouth pinot despondent together hold onto it forces dab law while hold it in their make sure body absorbs it throw up, and then that is that's gonna, wild ride in the feathered snake and come back. She does needs Dick too, she needs dick too for short. Well, you know what she needs: she's dick that actually want to fuck her. She probably get some day, But its programme mass they're, both dragon in all his ears.
Breast MAO's some! We advised me producer stopover stay wedding, stinky, feed, falcons, slippery socks, hope things ominous, I'm sure it's disgust she's gross to the gross human being, not gross like with you now she sees not ugly woman snap, my favorite but their personalities, gross. It's so insensitive and aggressive and ego map maniacal, like What's he saying so preposterous, and so obviously so patrolling just that's what she's doing Fucking dunk. She's, the master troll the day, said the new Godzilla trailer. The way they re a little bit more. This case was more things to yell at them up with that, because that so much are not. After all, be a heavy drink is one of the cat is out of the bag again put it back in. That was the problem. But his. But the issue is not about again to pick up where I was in the middle of my sentence by Germany. However, the issue is not one that is a big deal
He's probably why reach very recent alcohol related disease, cirrhosis of the liver, London, liver accidents. As a result, we all went down precipitously, it will go off, we would have liked. This is how many opponents we have one Nobody has, I think, that's just about enough for me I'll see nobody has ever overdosed on Canada, Genoa. So what they can perform daily functions. There are going to be on my taxpayer sent the people talk smoking. You accept that people can overdose on. Much I'll everybody dies. Eventually, please just today to dissolve dumbing, encourage cigarette smoking on national television. What she's doing right? There is just being silly person which is due right there is purposely trolling, which is doing right. There is trying to get attention and holding onto an argument that doesn't have any basis in logical thinking. Arguments just about her trying to get her point over she's a shitty example of a person who is allowed to talk sense, what it,
as in a p shouldn't? Be you shouldn't be given that sort of a platform? If that's the kind of thing that you do so, obvious she's, not thinker, which doing as she has an ideology, and she pushes ideology at the expense of all the contradictory evidence. On the matter, watches mean she's, talking about fucking, alcohol, being ok, cigarettes, being ok, marijuana being back there, beyond my tax bill is her concern, would guess Hocker amount of new tax bill. They go. I smoke, but it's damn thing to say it's too Fuckin Nancy Grace thing, they're, all lazy positively. Get you fat so Are you? Are you a fucking, maniac mountain climber, you running a hundred miles every morning, you're fuckin, lazy or lazy, pitcher lazy fat face bitch. Ok, the british lazy dummies out there talking shit while pot, it's not pot, and you know, and can pot make you lazy, work,
relax you and if there is, if have a tendency to want to not do things pot will deathlike such accentuate. The tendency, but Being lazy. Is a state of mind it's what you decide the direction you decide to pursue your life I'm not lazy, because of marijuana. I am more introspective and oftentimes. I get more done because of marijuana, because I have more interests is this: we have. These perceptions, and we have these stereotypes had been reinforced movies and we have these ideas: and we have these ideas that are coming. The person who could literally doesn't swap pot clearly she's, not eaten part cookies and exploring your constitution. I don't believe in any kind of media laws, but I almost feel like they should be allowed for gonna talk about a subject. This big you. Actually after I have first hand experience. So if you're talking about marijuana harmful, you must actually used it yourself more than once before you can talk about it. I manner you talk about Bitcoin you,
We have to have used it at least once you're talking about anything petroleum, upping, unemployed, you have to have been unemployed at some point or least interviews. Somebody is unemployed now and not just pontificate which is what so many people do, I agree to a certain extent. I think that the marijuana thing is, it's also troubling the format in which their communicating in these goddamn formats, these television formats or so, and I I didn't realize it when I was younger, but now after four years of podcasting, I'm so aware of what the differences and communicating like that- and communicating like this, like when you when you, Did you do to like say if you are really gotta jujitsu and you roll with someone who's. This really strong. He wrote the guy's a really good athlete it takes you while I get them, but you're gonna get them take a while like. If someone does no jujitsu but they're, really strong, you may not be able to hold out of them. It may throw you off them, but eventually- tired of doing that, because they're doing the wrong way and you're gonna get em. When Anne
Walter's on appears, Morgan Show she could say a bunch crazy shit. She knows the commercials communist seven minutes minutes this ridiculous argument. It's completely circuitous doesn't have an ending to it and there is going to be an interruption, we'll be right back and then to going to cut a commercial making to come back at she's, gonna babble, some more so she can spread, is just like a fight. We sprint between rounds, sprint and then be true rounds. You relax and then you come back with some other fuckin inane argument in the next round, and that's it he's doing, but You got her on a par gas or three hours. I would bring and dunning her? Oh, do exactly did the right guy. You just talk to them and allow them to express themselves and to your reveal, how ridiculous they are absolutely sure. If she were here, she went to be allowed to intellectual hit and run reap, throw out like this huge character, attack against we'd smokers. Then it's over exactly. I would let her talk of letter talk. I left. I have ours to kill. Let's go come on, get to it and after a while you're gonna get tired. The union Tucker
he retired say in knots is getting tired of sprinting with nonsense and then slowly but surely we will compile facts and slowly but surely we will present you with examples of people who use it, who are healthy and who have benefited from it and I'll tell you my own personal story benefit from, and then we can compare, and you can tell me if you you think it Eddie. Bravo was lazy. You think that one of the best Jujitsu instructors and the country was the first American ever tap a Gracie. You think he's laser mindset Willis. I guess I was a family or you think, he's lazy. You don't just stop and think about all the comedians. We know that smoke. We that fuckin conflict travel across the country to costly writing in performing, or they lazy and now you're, you're lazy thinking and in saying that you're lazy and if that's the type of discourse, you pursue. That's what you're trying to do. That's it. That's a lazy way of being a human being its lazy Wang of operate,
an incredibly complex neural system, that's a lazy way of being a functioning human being. Who has given this incredible position of communicating with the world because you have responsibilities when you communicating with the world, and one of those responsibilities is too Spress yourself, to the best of your abilities to look at life through the window and sorry express yourself to the best of your ability to look at life through the most new wants an objective perspective, because year you're going to say some things are going to influence a lot of fuckin people. How much have you looked at it when her obviously not so sure, poor guy she told the poor fellow was greened. All you fuckin poor baby. You poor baby was your pool green. How do you go on? How would you go on a lot of beautiful people. That's monk, marijuana, beautiful, spiritually beauty,
personality wise there's a lot a lazy people smoke marijuana does a lot. A lazy people who don't smoke. Marijuana is a lotta lazy people who drink coffee. It's a tool like other tool. It can be used or it can be abused in. Oh, it's like me: job from one of my bed, you can build a house marijuana. You know you could you can smoke pot and use it to design things, But it's just like a hammer. You kid, you know you could build for them, but a hammer. You can hit nails with him or you'd hate yourself, the dick. If you're, fucking, crazy, it doesn't mean hammer, should be illegal right. You can design furniture on marijuana. You could build a fuckin airplane on marijuana. There's a lot of things you could do by your own marijuana. You can write a novel and marijuana what has been done many times even king wrote almost all this shit like coke. Two probes example Stephen chewing on writing whether that's a mixed examined, not elapsed. Yeah, look people should able to do whatever they want to do is long you're, not hurting others, if you're
making marijuana anyone it becoming a fuckin rapist marrow. If there was something marijuana with there's a cactus flower, the people found a new Mexico and for some reason it makes your rapists like everybody takes. It becomes a rape zombie, the ethics they that fucking thing illegal in you started in people's faces in Miami that generally, but you know what, but that that was what they started. Saying was marijuana there, the guy we design zombie that they said they tested on. They tested positive from marijuana of those only drug getting, this positive about salts as well the stories, but this is out his poor. The media is, and in the when you're, giving out these five, five to seven minute blurbs on information, while why the test, pausing for Basle Cause, there's no test for Basayev, you fuck head. They don't have a test, that's interesting, so it is making. This should always bats alt, whatever
thoughts with it they could be of a variety of different compound sister. Does a medium term for this exact Loki Man drug? What would these bogeyman drugs are? Is you take an illegal drug? You alter it so that it no longer illegal, but still as ridiculous effects on the human body and then sell it is not for human consumption is not just one. Simple for no other. Not just take math and add phosphorus to element is a bunch of different versions of these bats salts. So, if you're saying that you didn't test positive or back salts Europe and you wrong you right, he didn't have positive, but the reason is have a test for it. So, of course you did has positive for basalt. You set a test through a lab going to test. Robust citizenship. They're gonna for you now cocaine look for alcohol there. They have a spectrum that they look for things that unless specifically tell them what kind of basalt they're not look for a second what the hell does not accord with a check mark next of bats, are so they tried to blame in America. Wanna say this guy smoke part native guy's face. I was
happen sometimes sometimes, unlike I went in and out and then I went somebody's face within our realises how attractive they made weed out. That is, people go. I want the fuckin zombie weed. I want that we'd, the main duty, its face zombie curse, stuck, I my name Bilbil handling, these crazy homeless work, but if we give them enough zombie, basically we to irregular do get mad munchies, the new taking more get together, dummy off here and I say w they'll do backed and no need no need to have around anymore. It's just a field, for I honestly do cause. I feel bad for the viewers. I think that's going out to people's homes. These toxins are being pumped near living room she's, a minute. Its woman. You know mean she's not going any better, suddenly and smarter, which which he is what she is. I feel bad if you, you know you, ve lived your life and accumulated information had life experiences, and this is the result. This is so. You are that's a disease, master, that's attention seeking missile too so desire after this public destroying lives along the way. But it's fucking
did he personality? It suggest so unfortunate? It's unfair! for her it's unfortunate for people that listen and, and don't realize how ridiculous her opinions really are. When you look at the actual facts themselves, it's these the the end. Anti marijuana rhetoric? It's so stupid, the there's there's deftly problems of people using marijuana, but this proud people use toothpaste has problems people using glue, they take gluing sniffing nigger, FUCK and Craig is important not to man. There's seven billion of us on this planet and there's a certain percentage of us. They can't handle anything why because they were raised poor because race in a poor man, a shitty I should say because their genetics or poor, because there of birth defects Khazars environmental hazards because they have diseases because fill in the life experiences. Fill in traumatic, childhood incidences, filleted, fill in for wider fucked up, but a human being is a very complex puzzle that doesn't always come together correctly.
Just doesn't result lot of factors that have to do have to fall into place to make a David seem it to make a guide and come on a par aghast and be articulate and express information and have all the stuff in his head? You have done a lot of factors in place. Not it doesn't always work out that way. It's one, the beautiful things about running across a guy like you or across, and anyone who's got their shit together because it's not easy. Are you in your podcast, just attracting a million listeners and building up something you didn't do of a network back me. It is just your own thing and it grew over time. We also yeah pretty cool. Didn't do it trying to do it right as part of the Euro with when we had these discussions. There's nobody listening. So we just breast armoured our thoughts and it allows you in our platform to explore with ease like five minutes in a blurbs where people run on and start arguments on television just to try to get people to buy their book. It's it's the silent movies man, some old shit, that doesnt work anymore. The world is complicated and five
conversation on a very complex issue that has of a massive social impact massive both past of any negative, like everything like every fucking good thing in this life driving has a positive and negative effect. I am I'm going to stop driving I'd like being able to get somewhere quicker than walking, but driving people their car accidents, you breathing in break dust. If you live in a fuckin city, forget about the pollution from the engines, there's no free lunch. Everything has a and a minus, but it's art as human beings to to have a bad approach and here's what's not good, suppressing and making something illegal, that's beneficial to millions of people and if there's any lesson to be learned from prohibition. It's the rise of organised crime, because when you turn regular people into criminals, the criminals, provide those regular people with drugs and it's gonna be on tat.
And regulated definitely no major corrupt, the officials and the whole thing becomes its own little environment and it gets branched and that's what you have is now. You have powerful cartels, that want to keep it a legal. So they continue to say and continue to make money off of it. Yeah and I don't really hate and culture have nothing against a woman. I feel bad for our fair by that she's that person. Now I really do feel bad for anybody. That's in that position is that such an certain for a person who has experienced live through as much of an objective lands as you can, and you see a person like that. That's that not a person whose at their best, that's on a person who has done a lot of soul, searching, allow thinking and has come to this really peaceful, loving conclusion. That's a silly person that silly person is to be themselves and live with their own nightmares every night. That's not fun if not then she's, not I'm on a farm life when you're talking about how we lived in a fucked up world and people do crazy stuff and things are mixed. I wrote this
like all the other day that a lot of my readers didn't like, but I think it's one of the better things well written and that's where I too, This angle, where, unlike would have President Obama's right about most of this stuff, you know he's doing a lot of stuff is arguably not constitutional, however, there are seven billion people on the planet, a lot of them are driven by hateful ideology and certain in the world and in a new, clear age it only takes one of them it doesn't even taken good takes. Another nine. Eleven, like I mean I'd ever going from an culture, nine eleven as natural, but I can say to see the other side of the whole argument, and I know you have to be able to do that if you're doing the kind of work that I do is, I have to see people like General Keith Alexander, coming from which is the argument that we can't it sorry that can for your text, messages that socks boo hoo we're not going to allow another. Nine eleven happened because we don't want, have three thousand innocent people die and have call me crash and have total chaos for the next five years, and so
I can see things that light. I wrote this article coming from that place of. He kept a safe, and I really That's a total Bush era argument I think that I normally despise, but you to be willing to explore that and explore the fact that its the year two thousand fourteen now he's been office since January, two thousand nine and you have he's fearmongering and the alternative media I don't want to do because I do their shows they do mine, but you know, people like Alex Jones, basically where it's fuckin too and fourteen like if what you're saying is true, why are you not neglect somewhere? Why aren't you gonna, fuckin, dungeon, tower being tortured by poem insecurity for one thing is easily dismiss cause he's so crazy. When pull up The invidious of him screaming and ranting arriving in new just dismiss him right away. But my point, though, is like a bomb is not the bogeyman that he's been made out to be. I think the woody is is:
somebody who's trying to do the best they can within an extremely fucked up and flawed and peace together system that is dealing with like fifteen different hands. He's at once. You like that, whenever the d a breaks in somebody's door, that's like Obama's like sitting in the White House on his Ipad music, oh yeah, let's go to this guy's house. Wrangling he's got other things hundred mine, and yet we link all this to Obama. We should instead be trying to modernize the whole Fuckin systems. That Obama has less to do. Why this is a very good point that I agree with you on looking at the other perspective, I think that's very important and people very reluctant to do that. People are very. Were luck? Is one of the hardest thinks it is hard for me to read this article, because, unlike fuck em, like defending everything that I dont believe that you're not you're, exploring your idea, and I think you should be allowed to export idea- I think it's important to be able to export idea and people on the left or people that are you know, Anti WAR or- and rightly so, they would like, reject that instantaneously. But I think that,
to get to know what you really have to export. I think tat to look at the the holes in the argument even to look at it from an offensive point of view. You you have sport and look at it from their point of view to understand them. I think that I would agree with you in a lot of ways that oh Obama, O bomber, that Obama has like one of the most thankless jobs ever and it so unbelievably fucked up situation. Trade deal with, however, he's lied about thanks and I have issues I've issue with the lying about the NSA collecting all your metadata. How long did you think that was going to stay alive? I mean that that was gonna sit out there before people found out. I mean people exposed that that was not true within days and there is a new one. That's out today I broke down, don't go negative butter theirs new- and I say- I've known document that the USA and the Jesus H Q, which is that the british version of it as the british government, sent us a pretty much are they have
his whole procedural thing for how to go after activists. They dont like and harassed and losing troll identities are literally that their slideshow, showing how s agents troll, people. They don't like online and destroy their credibility in reputations, and this is shit that even a week go to this would be like kind of out there. Is it sure, like maybe governments, troll people, but you can't say with authority like the: U S, government, the british government or trolling people they don't like now. We know this is a fact, and that is something that needs to be random, because that's not united. We are paying for the hang for this crazy or pay for some anti social sociopaths paycheck. Every two weeks from the federal government to fuckin do crazy stuff on the internet is so funny man. It's so funny
it's this awareness that they ve made think about what is thy less charm. I want that job by the way out of the low and charm of her life on online troll. That's that's what the government does like thither. All I mean it's hilarious and it only works if you pay it, but you know you know if there's enough people working for the government and turn discredit, you I'm sure they could put a good dent in the perception of you, but I think that I would day that's not we're supposed to be new and of your fuckin government. Aren't you supposed to Being a government is like one of things, it's sort of in a lot of ways like what you shouldn't do when you argue a trolls online. I guess and do that because you know you just get accept the fact that you're in an unusual position well governments in an unusual position to Obama shooting at illegal it? He was basically getting troll by Snowden for a little while it out. I was watching this and I think it's absolutely ridiculous for a? U S, president too,
lowering himself to the level of a twenty nine year old, freelance contractor for some defence company, how with my way, by and by addressing the issue and making it seem, like you know, stones. The problem when it should have been is a meat, ITALY, the second the shit came out. If our one of Obama's advisers, I would suggest just beyond, So do you believe you looks like some stuff went overboard. There is something is it should not have been occurring I'll put an end to it will appoint a panel look into its, not what America's about, and we went over more because we don't want to see another nine eleven happened, and so of course, some programs crop up over time to keep you if in some of the shit is unconstitutional, will fix it and most replied sailing. Ninety nine point: nine percent of people, including myself, would have been like you not job. Well done, you know we don't need to fix aid on the second thing but I, instead it was a Mannheim. It's like the plane was forced to the ground somewhere in the search for Snowden. It's been in the news for months of what is this is ridiculous,
Well, it's also. What did he do that so terrible he released information about crimes, I mean, if you look at what is law, what is law in this country where there are laws- and there are precedents- have been set way back two when the founding fathers had no idea where ever gonna have a fuckin internet, they has. Laws were in place in order to make sure that people's rights are protected. That the government doesn't get out, get a hand that law enforcement? Doesn't get out of hand because people who have all power corrupts them It always has tat since the beginning of time whether it's a fucking regarding the mall President I'd states. Power is thing, and these there's below. I was in place, they circumvented those laws, they change those laws, they pass things like the NBA, a past things like the Patriot ACT. They pass all these things to make laws that are in place to protect people's rights in valid make the fourth,
in valid, and so then they feel justified by doing what is essentially a crime. While guy comes out and says: hey a crime, is being committed on three hundred million people in this country and multiple millions worldwide by a good. Of Americans who didn't get a licence to do this? by any voting by any court of public opinion. These are unelected officials. This is my scholars, is Bob Smith and Suburban Virginia exact, looking through your emails potential, if they just have the power to do so so because they have the power to do so. The acted on in that crime, that is, a crime. We have laws so Snowden did was calling him a trader is one of the most disgusting labels. You can ever label a guy who took his own life and sacrifice to safety and security in order to enlighten the millions of people that a crime is going on, I mean he's a modern Paul Revere Times a million
yeah I saw agree, and he had a nice life in Hawaii had the dancer girlfriend making good money. For twenty nine year old, isn't Downeys under the fuckin the crosshairs using the crosshairs. Now he didn't have to that he made a choice and is definitely not inattention seeker. Don't pollutants on. How can the motto unity God's Glinda curly moguls residential Ex chicks are probably way harder than that banging why Progress M Eve russian liver, steel and checks? The kind you fucker you get all groggy anyway? They do not only with literacy in a tub filled with eyes. I don't know I mean I don't know, what's really going on with them, but if I had to guess, I think they take care of him. I think he's very ok, don't think about it if they were like if it were a russian Snowden and he came to the U S, we would totally hook him up. We lay down and ass the. U S, government with deep singing his praises every day is correct,
Maybe, when you realise that does happen, they do steel like scientists and they steal, like our are competing with each other. I knew ass is one of the major superpowers and we're in still Toby a novel right now, early spying, nobody else. We have satellites and in the? U S is the least evil of the superpowers by far and then those promising one, but we should still hold ourselves to the highest standard wishing to be like vicious about it I think this is a lot of competence. I think that's a lot of what leads to these evil decisions and yellow behaviour is starting to think about how to suck it to an urgent and other stuff is getting out the these laying powerpoint slides. It feels like something from the office like the bullet points you like go after. The activists damages the credibility that bring it up. Guy search for untapped dirt the website, it's dirt, some tech blog and one top articles right now is about the USA thing. They have the actual slides. Now you gotta see from this because it so like it's just the combination of evil and mundane this. That is just we
You know cause it's people making these things and people making these policies and its just incredibly vicious stuff. So hilarious it really, hilarious man says it's hilarious, how competent they are in a lot of ways. It's almost like on purpose. The sounds like the whole thing is being done on purple, maybe they're, not incompetent. I was thinking about this too out the government puts cross. This image like ours, the bunch of bumbling morons. We shut down the government because we can agree to something we don't know What's going on, I mean how you have the USA: has these protocols for harassing people were very smart, some level we know it's there those the slides. It's funny Lee confidential information to companies, the press, visa blood, eggs, etc. Post naked information on appropriate forums, appropriate forms, stop d!
rules ruin business relationships is set up. Honey trap was set up, honey trap. What do you do things like this stuff needed to assign a dance credibility hook up with the girl? Oh yeah? Well, what exactly did happen with the signs are mean? What for folks, you don't realize he's not in If you dont know Julian Assange is he's in the, but what at which embassy from South America South American on this. I should know that I forget, I should know too, but he's not there because of what he did by leaking. All information, in fact, does not really a crime that you could get a guy on mean it's this. It's it's not the same kind of crime. The reason why they ve got him held hostage is because they say that he had secret or surprise sex with a woman which means had sex with her weather, a collar economy. She agreed to them whether in bed, afterwards, a guess
they're, both naked and stuck it in without economy, pulled the creeper switch rules in that surprise sex. I guess that's let it doesn't sound like a real thing like how is that desperate, is assuming a real powers. There was a ten year, though I mean like how does that require being books, surprised, I don't know man it, sir. Confusing as fuck that that could actually be something that they could hold a guy and in an embassy for how many years now I've been. There were more than a year on time it's gotta be kind of trying to be in the same place. It's gotta be brutal. It's probably Polly drive you fuckin crazy. It probably will probably really will drive you fuckin crazy, that poor bastard, I stuck, he stuck it probably would die there, thereby make sure dies. There that could be crazy. Vizier, like twenty years now, thirty years from now, I think some president will probably like parliament
you think so, it would have to give way way way in the future for that the President's Snowden, unlike twenty forty five- might yeah, Miley, President Miley Cyrus, President Miley, two years now, gotta, be like forty five years older than ninety eight. You gotta be in your thirty ethic. Thirty six to be president some of its hurts. It is her, It is heard since that transparent it hurts that we're a bad that, after all, these years of of civilization all these years since the printing press all these years since newspapers, all these years is television. Now these use, the internet is still that its parent still that ridiculous. I gotta tell you, though I I've been thinking. We about seeing, images from Ukraine of all these people bloody and then they went total like com, the off the civilization map. Just chaos, burning stuff, brother, and brother like really dark shit. Over there and they threw out their president, I believe,
and he's on the run or something, but it makes me wonder, like maybe some of this stuff, that we sense is being really oppressive, is necessary for society to just hold together like if we didn't have the occasional situation where the government comes down hard on somebody that things would just only disintegrate and you get to place, we walk in a FED ex. Nobody wants to. Nobody wants check you out, because it is not enough of this kind of cohesive society or fair. Well. That's like some sort of the thinking that there has to be a year in any Yang. There has to be a good and evil. There has to be suppression and this desire to escape suppression in order to create momentum and energy and in order to susie, ass sickly, encourage innovation, fighting and something of the rattling against something? It's almost like to discover freedom. You have to face global of oppression. Yeah. There's a lot of thinking behind that that sort of the way the universe works and that there's hunters, and then there
pray there. You know there's lions and then there's gazelles, and that this is the sort of the way the world works. In order. The gazelles to stay alive and keep reading after realise a line coming after them, because if there was you know, he's got else could just hang out and live once by the probably eat themselves, silly they'd foxes, it would be too many of them, then in all die starvation. There would be no food left, I mean it's almost like you need both in need a good enough I need a night the day you need a winter and summer. You need a whole fucking lot of different things to come into play That's what I'm starting to think is a kind of evolving my views on this stuff, because I think that government sir, the kind of immune system against shit like what happened in Ukraine and see what's happening in parts of South America. Now where people are just lose, it and you can't let that happen. Just can't you know, cause the results. You dont know where it ends, and it seems like at least the example with Egypt and ends place. You get from something that really socks. Two summits unimaginably worse,
even more oppressive cause. You can only go from oppression, the chaos more oppression, it's very rare. What the United it did with our founding in the constitution, and the bill rights. These are very rare things that don't happen. All that often but interesting that we don't realize we observe in and learn from what what what What are we try to escape and what did we pull off in trying to escape pulled off is the greatest star. Up civilization. The world has ever known from, I mean blue without a doubt, there's never at a time in human history, where, within three hundred years, less of a country being formed become the dominant superpower on earth, not just in a roman sort of away. Not a gang is, can sort of way, but in a truly global way, and now we find isn't spying on everybody as well, has missiles all over the world sending drones and places we're not supposed to invade. So we Sinn Fein robots to do our dirty work for us would mean
the most insane dictators for the most insane government, radishes, a dictatorship recovers ensue. If you like the rest, the world tat, they would think us is a decade is dominating them, but we You pay unique space ass, really that you know you re but the shit, the Pax Americana stuff we ve imposed a worldwide peace. I realise and using the word peace, given that there are people dying in certain areas, but it essentially peace through force, and we have established that- and I don't want to say that that's all bad because I think it's provided a lotta stability and a lot of innovation for millions of people was on. All bad of. Nothing is all bad, but a lot of bad. But what I can say is that what we have begun in this most insane empire ever we, born out of trying to escape suppression,
We tried to establish these parameters that would avoid suppression in this place and those parameters allowed people to be free to do. A lot of things were unable to do in other countries, freedom set up homesteads and build houses, and with Fuckin farm and and and men, and make cities that just don't exist anywhere in the fucking world. We want in New York, city, arise in America because it wasn't like fuckin country like us, when New York City was first form. There was nothing like us, and everybody flocked here from all over the Fuckin planet, no this is the free spot I fear my my parents, family came from, they all came from ITALY and they came from Ireland Worth socked. They got on boats that even know what the fuck was on the other end, because it was no internet back then, and they just fuckin took a chance and those gangster by the fuckers created this incredible place where they were trying to escape a shit life. So what we do We shit up this live too. We were impose the same bull shit, there,
We were scared of, or they were scared of when they formed America we just fuckin ignore, We ignore what what our founding fathers warned us about. We think we're smarten that well, you know a benefits me if I take away the fourth amendment so fuck you I'm just some fat guy leads meat and takes prozac and I've decided to change the law. That is a funny that with in some ways, become what we run from its exact greek myth where the king, given the prophecy there- His son one day will grow to kill him, and so he exiles, assign to some distant land and in Oh doing actually assures his own death because there in a battle or something in the sun, kills his father, not realizing that it's his father and if he had I does lived in the kingdom for his whole life. He, of course, will not kill his own dad, but it was that there action of trying to prevent his fate that made it occur. Yeah creating enemies, creating enemies out of fear being
right of people to create an enemy, and then you create someone that you should be afraid of now and now we're droning people and creating new enemies mean notches droning people. But the latest revelation that we're we're not just droning people, what we're using met a data to find out where their phones are and sending missiles to wear their phones are especially when it's been absolutely shown that Al Qaeda and a ban. They switch Sim Card back and forth and move around all the time, so that people can't clock where the phone is connected, is connected to Al Jazeera, guys connected to our halloa. Isn't who those spoken sim card float around, who knows who's got what, but they decide it's ok to shoot missiles to wear the phones mean that's sad some incredibly evil shit, that's insanely, evil idea. That is more important to kill this guy than it is to know kill all the innocent people around him, while they brighter and honest
hammer down there listening first in like I'll know, that's him. That's Algiers not according to the NSA documents, they don't in cooperating evidence outside it, better data. There is no other found. Was they sell rocket there? these are not allow these guys also use phones that you can take that they all have can't. They won't use funds that have batteries in them that you can't take out like than ever use, iphones or like hd, see ones they use phones. We could always take the battery up because the USA, and now you know whatever govern organizations filling the blank. In a holder, the Messiah plucking the now my fire there thanks reality all at this point in time, if you're bad guy, they have the capability of listening and your phone calls. They also have the capability of turning on your cameras, so they you, specific found that don't have that? Also you can remove battery so they have a power source. And they re not, though, cover their phone cameras the front facing Cameron all other shit to so they dig
work around all that kind of stuff there not do not stupid What technology allows the enemy or their enemy to do, but in others the data thing is this. So crazy idea, the idea that you found out where the phone as he sent a missile towards foreigners- I mean I can sort of kind of sea in all of this is that you do you know it's Godzilla in our guide, zealous phone as yeah I'd say just just to be. Or sentimental. That way I still have trouble believing that they're just killing people in a metadata because I would like to think there's. Somebody within these agencies is like wait. A second. We got actually have some kind of probable cause here before we end somebody's life. The would be nice to think that. But the issue is that you're dealing with people who are so accustomed to making decisions that cost people millions of lives over the course of time means less. Thousands live dozens whatever it is the loss of life there so accustomed to making decisions? One,
It came out of the year, the Wikileaks so disturbing was their collateral martyr. Video, where they were talking about shooting those missiles into the Van and that their children there in the guy was like fog, notion, brother, kids, member that yeah. I do that Wikileaks is another example or if they just come out on day one and so ok this organization, his eyes surface some shit. That is really unacceptable. What are you doing? to date, it renovation doesn't happen again. Thank you very much that would have in the if this whole thing with Julian Assange in the embassy in Wikileaks becoming this globally, prominent whatever it like this alternative media organisation would not have happened. All of the? U S government on day wanted just said: ok, thanks for bringing the stuff to our attention. It will not. Again, I don't wanna do not happen again. They wanted to continue happening, but they don't want to make sure that they then the age of the internet. You can't just crackdown on something like Wikileaks without a lot people noticing will now they know
I mean now they know you don't now they know because of that now they know because a Snowden me now they now, but it was uncharted territory. But the point making is he you know saying that they wouldn't shoot missiles to wear. Better data- is a word about innocent civilians and casualties. Clearly look that video and you could say at least in this certain circumstance. There is a very flippin attitude about the loss of collateral lives, collateral damage and when children are talking about a shit about kids, like ok, really That is our rat, where the good guys and they should have their kids, that's death attitude, not all my God, we kill kids does not that I'll. Do that translation as its unbelievably dehumanized, and you talk about innocent guess. What there's no one more innocent children, they didn't choose to be there they didn't choose to be born there- that in choose to have those parents that in June to be led by their little tiny hands into the fuckin car seat. In the van, where you gonna shoot with hellfire missiles, because you you thought a reporter was an assassin
I mean it's all a mistake in their attitude is: should brother kids, that leads me to believe that there are people out there in the world who are willing to shoot missiles to wear the phone as it so here that with Vietnam they through all this stuff, like the slow realisation that we're- maybe supposed to be there in that innocent people? Are in killed and there's no purpose for this week that realisation with Vietnam using a lot of the same stuff is happening now. We're going through the same bullshit react to listen to people on tv. Tell you you know we have to support the troops. We can't question anything. We ve already been there like that all happening, the Vietnam WAR, then eventually people just fell out of that narrative. They realized was bullshit and now today, still considered something where you can just say that the wars are complete, bullshit, well, the best story about all this or that the most did you buy yet true is that both the Vietnam war and the Afghanistan more. A big heart of what's going on, is profiting from illegal drugs. Me now
the heroism right, yeah, we'll move Heroin me there's a big, part of what was going on in Vietnam, whose big part of the whole golden triangle is big. The amount of money that was move in heroin during the Vietnam era is documented, mean is documented that there were soldiers that were involved are profiting. Was I move? with Denzil Washington, where he can play. A famous drug dealer that went to to China and was he had a friend or but one of US These was a Vietnam soldier and they were, it was a did based on true story about how he became a big time, drug dealer gangster yeah that was it great fucking.
I saw the views I had much like what's going on in Afghanistan. Now you if you brought it back, then hey a big reason. A big motivation for the Vietnam WAR is a secret drug running organisation. They get out a fuckin crackpot, it's the same thing. They say today, but today's even more blatant and in your face when her rather Rivera is interview troops that of guarding poppy fields like a wolf. They were way way way way way way way way. What what do you do? While we need the information from these reborn, where the Taliban and so worker gather poppy fields, oh ok, ok, No one's making money off this, the right, yeah, the fuck out, here, whoever it is that's profiting whatever by whatever method, whatever avenue their profiting there find some sort of a justification for, but make no mistake about it. Pardon motivation. Why? Where there is that money that has a fact What factor it is, is it more or less Valuable then the trillions of dollars and minerals they discovered
more or less valuable than the natural gas that Russia and the EU. States were Duke in and out over during the time of the mujahideen. Is it is more or less? I don't know, but it's a factor. It's on actually a factor. The amount heroin production in Afghanistan. Since, in the U S, occupation is upwards. Eighty percent of some fuckin crazy. It's throughs reverted to this, just the unreported sister story. It's fact mean these are facts, stone, cold facts. So when I say unreported, I'm not saying that this shit's, not true what I'm saying is that uses the stuff the people don't see on Fox and friends. Exact is the poppy fields. It's kind of interesting that we watch Fox or MSNBC in some kind of Academic. We'll talk Obama's performance. I go Obama's just this country politician who we can just sit there, and review him, but he's really this incredibly powerful near emperor of what you just talked about this technological and military empire and
No, it's kind of absurd. I think for us to still think that he's this constitutionally bound. President many spy, on all these people. We got military actions all over the world like. We need to consider the fact that we are not live in a pre. Nine eleven world anymore, The young opium production, it's it's ramp forty, nine percent from two thousand and twelve above all the time is going open up sounds like the business to be in its way better than Bitcoin right now to Bitcoin into poppy sees its it's it's incredible. If you look at it, just Google, the amount. That heroin has his jumped up fifty per oh my god, it's up by fifty percent in the last year, The most recent January, two thousand fourteen, that's from Newsweek by the wax crazy that hair from news weak their drug out but is up fifty percent in the last year and since the since they make
can take over since american occupation. Let me go to the american occupation, its form growers that at some nutty number, guy just so sad, because it so obvious it so interface. You know: do you think the world gets better I think I ask you this last time, but from here if you like things, have to get better in their already getting better the deadly better it's, but I think what we're getting out earlier is really important that the union, the Yang, is almost necessary and or an ordered for things to get done. It seems to be almost natural part of the universe. I think this the greatest time ever to be alive, a really do, but I think free time. The greatest time ever to be alive at that time. You know just not everywhere. If you live in, Africa. Right now, if you're in
Beria right now it fog and socks is Saki down to be alive. Yeah. You know if you live in Somalia and you have to be a pirate, because all the Europeans of dump nuclear waste awfully shores and killed all the fish there. It s done Saki time to be alive. You basically living in a mad max movie. You live in the park, You're bunch a skinny guys on cat that fuckin that narcotic, they. They chew leaves to get that now, not memo. Now it's called cap HIV It say: yeah, I'm a type of amphetamine that day they get from plants and they tewett they get whacked out their fuckin mine and they get machine guns. They get an rowboats nigger fatigue over fuckin oil tankers and she'll, never worse, combination of things ever it's worse, combination of things, error and enough for them. Time to be alive, but for us here here in LOS Angeles Chillun drink, fuckin see two o cocoanut water criticized in God's greatest we'd sittin, here use and laptops, and
super powerful internet connection connected to a million people in the world. It's awesome to an awesome time to be alive. I love. I love America and I love the internet and that's part of the reason why I'm so obsessed with all this should I talk about? Is it these are really cool tools that we put out into the world and It pains me to see us fuckin adopt ride like we created the internet. Its truly amazing. It's a game! Changer and note now weapon eyes it that's the phrase. The last thing you just show we are using it to harass innocent people. Here s credit them ruin their business people. I am are many at this argument, a million times now that I've talked about that which is well aren't companies doing that? Aren't individuals trolling! It's really differently, government is using your tax dollars that you send them every year and their use Two psychologically harass you order harass the journalists that you listen to. Finally, where different from some fuckin weirdo doing it or some greedy company doing because they wanted to protect their little domain
companies that do do therefore should avoid them right there shitty, if you, if you, if you're, saying negative things about the competition and you're you're, making them up and you're trolling you trying to kill their business you're shithead. You know, I mean that's, that's reality. You know there's a thing has been going on with us with one the guys we found the podcast several times guy named aspirin, who I don't hate I like the guy I think, he's a good guy. I think he's flawed like a lot of human beings, I'm flawed as well, but he's exaggerated and said some things on the shoulder of turned out to bite us in the ass an a sort of starting investigating it, because he started making claims about my friend, teats business tat started taken him. We're gonna go into business together, for whatever reason are falling out, so take decided to start selling his own coffee to date, ask ourselves a bunch of things: cells, good products, so good coffee bunch of different health and nutrition products, nothing wrong with what is selling
but he started shooting on tat stuff. We called it inferior quality without any testing whatsoever. Then you also called it a knock off he's talking about his empty t, oil that sells well there's a problem that several problems one problem being the Dave aspirate doesn't make em see tee while he buys it is accompanied by they buy and sell it to a bunch of different companies. My friend Larry used to be in the nutrition business and user owned. A company called natures. Purist very good company, He told me exactly how it works and he Tuttle told me how he buys from the same suppliers at all these other people buy from like this is only a limited amount of suppliers that make vitamin d that make you know em city or that make all these different things. You bob From now on, we try to buy from most reputable supplier, and then you packaging, yourself and label yourself. That's what gave us that's, who take the two and so David, on TAT stuff inferior without any testing whatsoever. That's a propensity for both getting, and so I saw that I was like what the fuck is that when you can't do that, you can just say that I know where do you get your shit? I know that,
Buddy. That makes your stuff you can't. You say that his dove as inferior. We don't know where he buys it. You don't know what testing he's done. You don't owe me in fact tat. Even when are the way to make his is empty tea or to try to improve what he thought Davis doing by selling in glass bottles, because he felt like stick a leech can reach chemicals ass. It's it's it's in the heat is very conscientiously. Did it was that's conscientious with any kind of copy, Dave's business We copy Dave's claim, about Miko toxins in all these different things. So then he rose and TEST Dave's coffee and then test. His coffee is well well Dave's if it turns out to test positive for micro toxins under threat below threshold of two different eco toxins means you knock on effect, its argument, you physically fact you, but his whole career
defame was that there is a real issue with micro toxins in coffee, he's developed a process that eliminates them every other coffee could be tainted. Thousands number one thing: it's like classic government shit, create a problem and then offer a solution. So I in a parrot his words not doing research, you know and having them on a par gas he's very smart guy, very knowledgeable. It seems so we repeat, is his words about Michael toxins, Degrave, so take and he does this test and finds out. Dave stuff actually has Michael toxins and take what gone through. None of this supersecret process he's done the standard, wet processing that all high have all single source coffee companies do take. You know He goes well what the fuck man, you know, this guy's shit has some eco taxes, mind doesn't like what we're. What exactly is going on here so we sell his coffee at on it. We sell the bullet, proof, coffee and upgraded coffee aspirate Crawford. So we decided, as that and tea
and STAR Box and some random coffee from hope, hope. None of them tests positive from Michael is so it's a nice in issue. That's not really presents dialogue, an issue with weapons parroting it and in saying that it becomes is huge thing saying that it's an issue saying that it's a huge health issue, but ray. Coffee expert red online thinks it's bullshit. They all think it's bullshit in factors like scores that they have for coffee. They have scores like a really good coffee, like Rusty's Hawaiian, that we ask our drinking to really get stuff scores of ninety five Delicious coffee, you know in order to score high. They test your stuff from mould like they tested. They need
that. You can't have mouldy coffee and have a test high. So this is not an issue. This is an issue that was existing in the eighties. There's a pub metal article from nineteen, eighty about Michael toxins that our people are dying or chop and other people's face eyes set a bunch of other shit about it. Legged causes coffee bitter, that's not the case. That's not true, so is about it. So much. But the point is this all started his ears old downfall started because he was making false claims to try to eliminate competition. He was doing exactly Orson company shouldn't. Do shouldn't shit on someone to eliminate coveted now ass became out said hey, you know, I think it's kind of fucked up to date is basically Being my my claims about Michael toxins, which, by the way our true, then it would a point they would say: hey entails copy. My lies, you know, I mean that's basically what he would have to say because other than that does not the case of managers with the the coffee equivalent of the root beer float, which has cost
with butter and empty Tito was urged it turns out. There wasn't even asked breeze idea. Was a guy named Rob Wolf, another guy without in the pot podcast, when the paleo girls, he wrote it in two thousand for so it wasn't ass Rees idea. This idea had been out there. He collects these ideas. That's one things that Rhonda Patrick, who is on last week is a phd. She said it ass. We put some shit on his website from her scientific research with vitamin d and didn't a creditor so There's a lot of that goin on man, a lotta people, discrediting people saying shitty things will be ignored, the it all comes back to get that it all comes back, because if you're saying false claims about someone like that of your of you're, just right Then, when deciding that someone stuff is shit, then they get to test your stuff to man and impotent other that your whole process is bullshit. That's all the unnecessary nonsense or voodoo you do, interior your process to make sure that your stuff is better than anybody else's does actually. Work is actually real and
item doesn't actually exist yet initiative throw stones if you're in the glass happened last house. If he didn't do that, we would have never Tacitus coffee, we His father was probably still an issue. You can find things online about Michael toxins in coffee being an issue, but apparently they figure it out and like the nineteen eighties, this wet processing they figured out too it puts us in a real bad position because We ve said with this guy said we repeated it on this podcast I repeated in you know it's not bad everything you cells is good stuff. Don't make no mistake about that. You shouldn't by I just ready as that's, not his style. Now that is hawaiian roasters, that's a different one or caveman was I came. Anyone roasters hawaiian roasters, which we have no affiliation with man? Is my friend Tate Coffee, I've, no business interests, not he's just my friend, I actually have a business interests in selling Azra conflict Zone, a piece of art and I sell it. On it, but I
I have to be honest always about everything, and I did I would have liked. It would be profitable from me, does not talk about this big, we sell his coffee, but it's not ethical meme. Good coffee, it's nothing wrong with it. It is a vital source, copying carbonated, which is necessary. It's it's good. He buys very good coffee. He sells very good coffee, there's, absolutely nothing wrong with it. The other claims were unnecessary and the claims created business, they create A model that created is this. This issue that doesn't seem to exist, but why did it all come out to light? Would all came to light because there was an your claims about someone did he thought was a competitor. I mean that's did candy shit that the Govern is encouraging in other employees to do to discredit. People is what discredits the government when something like that gets out. That's like the perfect way, expressing what I was trying to get at earlier. This idea of you fucking government and you're the? U S, president? A? U dont! You cannot
You can't lower yourself to this level where you're competing Snowden with a back and forth that should be we fucked up where the government we're gonna, correct it, yes everybody would honour that the same with Wikileaks, this image, Guantanamo Bay, went overboard with some interrogation stuff. We detain some people against their their basic rights. We did this because your panicked and we didn't want another nine eleven and now what take steps to correct it and that's not what they're saying that's not what they're doing and that's really. I think all anybody wants to hear that that kind of rhetoric from your own out, which is we nice there's a problem. They never fucking said that. Yes, Obama is many pause. The things that I can say about Obama, as I grow to just look more about the world and realise that he's not this evil dictate. That info wars makes them out to be its more complex picture with that said, he still has not come out and said its clear. The point. The USA has done some stuff. That is not within the bounds of our laws and will fix that. That's all you have to do in a b.
Case closed was you know, people would demand what does fix that mean and always have locked about clamping down on it now those people be. Ok, though, I think you're gonna have what is animal and now does that mean you would be ok if I honestly believe that Obama was fixing the problem in a meaningful way, I'll be ok, I think some very busy and idle knit pick whelp I'd rather see us move forward. The country and not continue that you can go after nothing until the end of time. There are some really big innovations ahead of us having where we might go into a big economic boom in the next few years, the Bitcoin thing either Bitcoin goes away, something very similar to it is going to take off, and these are citing things at work on the verge of another big tech boom like we were in the nineties, we shouldn't get bogged. With all this petty bickering and all this hateful stuff in red tape was petty at all. I think its critical. I think it is a sign of the times, and I think it's in Dick but this new environment that we find ourselves in this new
environment of? I don't mean the issues are petty. I mean the government back and forth is petty, it's very petty, too, like force an airplane to the ground, Serbia somebody this is not the most powerful govern the world. You should behave like that. I agree with that. I absolutely agree with that, but I think What's going on, you know whether we're talking about that the car, everything over they were talking about the government thing or the talk about virtually anything. Is you can't expect too get away with business as usual, because too much that gets exposed. Now, because of the internet, I think that when you do evil, shit and other p. We are aware of that evil shit they can find out about the devotion. Put it on mine, you, don't you you gotta, expect that you can't you can't he's gonna, say workers silent, because a lot of more actual patriots they might have to they might have
a job a long time ago, out of college workin for the inner say, but they didn't do it because they wanted to be a bad guy. They didn't do it because we want to spy on their neighbour, because a neighbor might just be now that the United States should get the fuck out of Afghanistan. You know that's, why they did it. They did it because they, on a key people, save as a lot of people like that out there. So they find themselves a part of this genuine the dangerous organization that is genuinely violating constitutional rights and what they do they take chances. They take chances. What about that been a guy that guy that was the first whistle we're way way way back in the day I had some balls deck. I had some balls and he got away with it too. Cuz. He was just predicting a future crime he quit and then he predicted, your crime and then, when the future crime actually came in to manifested itself that was slow, Ten years later, as putting, credit, but when you stop and think about it, this guy called it and he quit the USA after two thousand and one that is amazing gas amazing he was the original was whistleblower and nobody toxic
that cat a guy, you mean he's another fuckin hero but they're doing is what you're not supposed to do you not supposed to do it like that? You haven't, legation near the top of the heap, but it's also an impossible job. I think trying to govern three hundred million people is impossible and I think you get out Austria and ITALY must come up with all these ways to keep these motherfuckers and check. That's what my president, Obama may be right. Article comes from as this realization that there are a lot of people. And actually the best description of a bomb that I've heard. There's this pickup, as to put some of his videos on Youtube and they're, not all about pick up a lot of the murder symbolic views on life whose US sky Owen Cook here she lives. Now. I've never met him and I was watching this video, where using people aren't really prepared, to hear the truth about Obama, which is that he's like a principle this school known as the United States that he's just trying to hold shit together and people, don't we go up on the podium and say: look, you want more jobs. You gotta, create,
innovation because things are stagnant like you, ve gotta go out there and do it. I can't just cause things out of thin air and its decision. With national security stuff, he can't fix everything the people need to demand. You know protections Privacy is it's not all on him has to be on the people and that we for the most part, not you- and I not read- ban not most of the listeners but fucking lazy is a country been focused on other stuff and now, coming back, to bite us in the ass. We have to decide, but what's important to us how far we willing to trade off our basic rights in exchange for the guarantee you have no more nine eleven yeah or does that even work at all, and what should we concentrate on one we're trying to prevent another nine eleven? What should we concentrate on two conscience, spying on Americans, or should we concentrate on a non intervention, is in interventional foreign policy that doesn't
because people to get so fuckin pissed off at us that they want to kill us. Should we concentrate on not shooting jump, drones and new apartment buildings because they have a fuckin cellphone that we want to find. The user made may be focused on not giving easy easy immigration rights to Fuckin Saudi Arabia and, like all the nine eleven hijackers, I believe from Saudi Arabia, many of them were discarded. Bunch of different things. That could be done. However, The problem is so gigantic. The world is so enormous. There are so many people there. Somebody competing financial factors is so much shit going on that, for any one group tried out exit and they don't even want together, which is so the so fucked up the CIA. Any f b I dont work together, compete with each other. Exactly that competition will that's. How portrays got busted think a puzzle, because the fuckin CIA was gettin investigated by the FBI. The investigated portrays the FBI investigative betrays the fucking spook got spooked on I mean that
are we got busted, that's what we found out about his affair. I think women is really how you got busted, though he allowed personal life to take over the ass granted absolutely nothing about this case, but just one what little I know it seems like that. Not something that would have happened if he had remained one hundred percent above board that whole in instigation that was set up by the FBI, would have never had because it was that woman in temper, the socialite or whatever, who triggered the whole fuckin unravelling thing, and once you unleash those kinds of forces, I think they just keep digging Ryan until they find something to crack and he adds a crack and you unleash that beef that there's no knowing where it will end up in an end up with him losing his job. Well, it's hilarious too, that he lost his job because a pussy he's the number one murderer in the country. I mean he's been visually: that's what it has. He murders, bad guys for the country, That's what a general is. I mean leader was a murderer, that's a killer, say, eliminate or let's, let's get sanitize it here, but I was only had he's a worry warrior list say: warrior he's a head warrior just go back to like the car,
and the barbarian books or the economy would economy. Do he Slade any fucked? That's what warriors do they sleigh and they fuck. So we want these neutered warriors. We want these warriors, it don't fuck. We want these people are over there to shoot in their heads off of people a distance watch, their heads spoke and they don't any pussy, their daughters, being life on a regular basis. Doing what these laws against with the Bible tells. You can't do, but the Bible you don't have to worry, but the Bible, because you get a free pass from Uncle SAM. We ve talked to God, and God says it's ok- to kill these folks zones Bobo where we would have we. I reckon false premise: God forgive you. I know you kill us people for no reason, but hey you didn't know any better. So it's all good, while the news the blame. No one to blame, because the government is essentially like a gigantic corporation doesn't have real sort of like one person competitors like a lot of people and whenever, wherever don't worry about it, I mean that's essentially what's going on so that one guy who is the best
portrays. He's the guy there's a guy that whenever they went to the news and others some Afghanistan thing, they went to general portrays. He can't get some pussy really you can and you can hate him, because I look for his marriage, vows aside, of course, his wife should be upset if he she didn't know. Of course you know if he lied about it, that's kind of something to take into consideration. When you factor in his character, Tick, into consideration lightly. When you really sob and think about how many warriors in the past of Heroin and Genghis Khan fact like every living human being in the year, twelve twenty a meet with what We pretending when we were telling these warriors? Are we pretending, they're out some strange be doll, can Gee, I joe you, no organ less thing that just fights for God glory and country and doesn't have physical desires. I was alive The guy had this guy David Brain and I podcast, and he was talking about how police and military and stuff have only been professional flight, the last hundred twenty years or something before that they were just
pretty much the enforcers for whoever owns the lance. If you're the feudal lords, you have your own police force, who it basically collect taxes, and beat peasants and stuff. We ve only accept did police and soldiers to be professional for the past hundred years, so it's catching up, because these are very old. Structures in your using violence. So it's hard to out he mixed as always kind of boggled my mind. The cops will go from a fatal I like some kind of fatal confrontation where they have to take somebody down to fifty its later there at Starbucks. Getting another key fuck, that's gotta, be a weird fuckin mind melt, they have a massive disconnect, I think of may very well be that a lot of em we're taking antidepressants. I know it the military, incredibly common, it's one of the most prescribed medications for people that come back there He is people of issues and had it, well. You know it's with Google that, because I read an article recently about antidepressants new military and I
I don't remember the exact statistics but it was in the military it was produced. Bring but makes sense, because, their allow you to rationalize things in a way that you you're not going to if you're not on that stuff, yeah man, the presence in the military. Now, there's a lot Mozilla man, military or capricious prescribes antidepressants to growing army of soldiers. A military says. A twelve percent of its combat First now in Iraq and seventeen percent serving in Afghanistan are taking preschool Antidepressants this is for two thousand and eight only assumed the numbers of Ghana shirts increase since then, of course it as if they found there's money in there, they look. That's the beautiful thing about being a corporate, you have to maximize your profits. Every year, corporations just can't stay hey. We made x amount of money last year and we made the same this year. So we're doing really good guys know. Now you have taken
He knew the ground. They want that infinite growth paradigm that Peter also for goes on, and on about in this documentaries mean that's one of the most ridiculous. Aspects of corporations, one of the most ridiculous aspects of the economy. Is the infinite growth idea? The idea that you can just can you to get bigger and bigger every year until what you have all the money on the planet, because that's where it goes. If every Fuckin corporation actually continue to grow, and in state alive for a hundred fifty three hundred fifty a thousand years. Whatever it takes, they should all have all the money in the world? Who could tell what would happen? then we can have infinite growth that doesn't make sense its monopoly game. Somebody ends up with all the piece of paper by the end right. So if you know you gotta think that if the term solution please we're making until millions of dollars in having twelve percent of the soldiers and I racked and seven percent Afghanistan into them,
and ate a mean that was six years ago. So what is it now and I'll? Probably pretty fuckin crazy? let's say any presents in the military in twenty fourteen was try that two thousand and fourteen and let's see what it says, Meanwhile, by the way, I'm just reading random blogs with a very quick cursory Google search with no vetting out whatsoever, so they might be awful shit, but look we don't even have to look do it whenever the numbers are, those are all abstract. Anyway. We know that it's it's people, people are deafening on it and that's a crazy that you, you know you d, take people when you put him in this terrible situation, yank about their lives and you ve. And I sent him over to this now. They're gonna kill people when they come home and there were, I fear sleeping with somebody else or their girlfriend is left them, and then they had the PTSD crack at crackdown can't deal with,
if any more, I know a dude who knew just recently shot a guy, and I know he was haven't some just the issues. I don't know what the exact circumstances were. There was a car accident. Someone rear, ended omen. He wound up shooting some guy and I dont know what he's. He has gone to court yet about it. I know that they're, trying to put together is to try to figure out what the exact circumstances where the guy rear did him. Who knows a guy might have been crazy. Who knows that he might we ve been defending himself? Who knows I don't know, but that's an issue when people used to killing people and people been over there for a while this guy he did a tour more than one and then he also went back and did black water stuff. So well I seen some shit. You ve seen dirty war is by an hour it yeah. He asked, pretty disturbing the yard, is yeah. I'm on training at that guy in the past was actually watches. Summit last Jimmy scale, I think gum
we're we're living in a strange time where a guy can make a document are like that. You know we're living a strange time where you could talk about documentary like that for hours and hours. Your part cast this pact farther. It's part of the reason I love America's. We can always self correct, yeah we're not doing this part asked in a basement somewhere worried about the Fuckin syrian army storming inherent torturing us they are. If you're in report of the world. The only difference is you're in a different area. Yeah you no longer. These rights- and you got be careful- we ve, thankfully, don't have that and I want. I want to see that remain, obviously I do too, I think that it's not just America world and I think the idea of a country like America. Ultimately, the goal would be to have a whole world up the same standard that we hold ourselves to and have a global community of people that are essentially, you can have the same rights everywhere you go on. There's no oppressive north korean regimes is no places like Syria that still hold
dictators is now places that I think it's really shameful that we haven't gone in North Korea, because I understand people like the work. We do. We got some it's a humanitarian disaster. Little humanity is watching. Another holocaust arm wants to take the Nobody wants to take the loss on it's going to be messy and it's going to take time and money and probably going to lose some just going to be health careers, gonna lose yeah, that's our ally, and that is a real issue, because it's right there, but I don't think it's a modern society. We conceal the shit on the internet. We can't just let them continue to kill people the other bank the other month he his girlfriend, he just wiped out. All of her family or friends or some shit over some nonexistent, sir, we executors ex wife exercise, he executed Ex girlfriend and he executed his uncle. Who is thinking about stabbing a coup? executed, olives, uncles, family executed. His uncle sons were innocent. There were twenty years old, but he knew they would come back to get him one day we executed them. He executed everyone,
Meanwhile, the? U S. Government is fixated on guys. I kinda com when they go after this fuckin guy in North Korea. Very good point used the same kind of resources against somebody like that. I don't really think someone who's. You know be concerned with military operations, because it so close to South Korea, and I think they ve publicly stated they would launch Nukes South Korea. There were ever invaded wherever you are so clever. If there is some kind of resource we wanted in North Korea, we would find it we would find a diplomatic way to resolve. Ok, but are we or are we not mean we have to decide? Are we retarded? Are we goofy fox adieu, stupid shit that we could point out easily or are we these super clever genius? They know how to circumvent any in our security systems and neither adding called the nukes. I think that we are we're convenient if the core we're really smart, but we have these layers of stupidity and now All the layers are connected. Some of it is just stupidity. It's not there for any reason now, Now you know, I don't know what the answer is. No, what our real capabilities are probably shouldn't know since I'm not the military, and I would just I will
love to be able to trust them wholeheartedly. I would love to love to be able to step back and say: hey you know, of their invading a country's, because their countries full with fuckin assholes and those assholes going to kill innocent people worldwide. I would love that. I really would love that and I'm not an anti military guy. I'm I'm a realist, I'm a realist when it comes to human nature and amaryllis. What comes to human history? You look at those. World has never been a time of peace ever in the entire world ever from the top, that we were shut out of the first monkey, Mama till the fighting over a fuckin dear leg, whatever the hell, we're fight Novak, then to today, there's never been one day on earth where no one died. There's never been one day on earth where no one dropped Iraq on someone's head from the top of a cliff there's, never been one day on earth where people didn't fire, to the death. It's always happened. It's always been apart. What we are in love the union, the Yang that we were discussing earlier, that exhort of exist as a Annette your part of just like in the universe, theirs is push.
Pull? This is discussed. I goes in. The Thai goes out bill. O Reilly can explain the mechanics, Weena Almond Jesus Corner, but I think that there is. There's something to that and there's something also to something that I harbour and cried often, but I think it's an important point. We liked Look at all the different sort of area. As of the world where there is what we call a natural phenomenon or natural examples of strange behaviour or observed behavior, or natural cycles of whether it's a weather patterns or whether it's you know whatever it is. We look at all these things being very natural for ourselves. For whatever reason when it comes to human beings, we decide that, because we're are essential, because where we have the ability to rationalize and think and communicate. We all think what we do is natural. We think
We do is still some well, you know ass a society we have to be civilised and think things through and that might all be natural that wouldn't we might be seeing with humanity, is a really complicated version of what goes on in an ant hill. Will we I'll be seeing is some really natural behaviour? That's just on some next level. Fractal shit, it's just so Ober complicated, because so many of us and you dealing in your factoring in information as well as the insight debris the instincts to dominate in have food and resources on top of all those other things you're also dealing with indication you're dealing with the ability to exchange information also the ability to enhance yourself with that aged information and alter perspectives. Wolf stays a wolf, its whole life. You give it which backs and mushrooms, he becomes a really introspective person, at least for a few hours. He becomes a yoga unstrapped times I mean there's a lot of people that change because of it.
Experiences and information and and and and below just life, giving them something the forces them to examine the the box that they put the world in life give them something that they ve, they sort of been forced to sort of again new perspective that doesn't. But in the animal world and that why you have to add in fact, during all these variables and look at human beings and say it seems natural doing seems natural and I think tat, along with you know, the bears male bears eating. The young cubs are forced the female to keep breeding mean all, that stuff is natural to adjust its disgusting and horrible to watch but its own, natural, we're working it out, we're working it out. We are working out a really think we are I'm confident about it, I'm confident about it, because the effects
in my own life of of education of minus educates, army formal, I mean just reading things and in being exposed to information to be exposed to life experience it just still in this fuckin podcast man just talking to people like yourself just having conversations of people and hashing things out and then seeing the reactions, these conversations that people have on line where they they join. In the start, discussing things on twitter, discussing things on Facebook and I've seen, boy, you know, have conversations in person about things that have the park ass. Well, hey! You know. I I found out about this minister researching into this, and then I changed my dad because of that and then this and that it is not swell the reasons why misinformation like the aspirin thing so frustrating, and it really pisses me off because in its the wrong spirit of this thing in the wrong spear. What we're trying to deviation of scarcity mindset everybody coffee's effectively.
Market everybody can outpace. Well, famine thinking doesn't have any logic attached to a family. Thinking is just is what it is. I got a piss against powerful piss again. What we play the Godzilla trailer Z to obey some about a delicious does right by way would know stock and see tee o either they just nice people we like them much better
so a trailer cause it looks dope, is Fuckin Brian granted for breaking bad as a fuckin star, so it's gonna, be epic. Goddamn sucks could talk to somebody in charge. You're, not fooling anybody when you say that what happened was a natural disaster, your line, it was not an earthquake, it wasn't a tie soon, because what is really happening is that you're, hiding something by which we as promoted back to the stony ever been so good. Releasing should slowly poverty among the ocean,
a few listening for lodging. We awakened something, you see the bunch. Culture is nuclear tests and they were trying to deal with two so good about not shown you much to control and not the other way round.
Dancing for Gaza has come and extra while that would unite us, this mother Fucker Bob TAT the Ocean brochure who would stop us? Oh yeah baby, my dick is rock hard up up up up up up up. That is good for gas. Is I love a good monster movie? Does not enough so thanks to rattle green of city, o Cocoanut Waterford, keeping us with cocoanut water that made David seamen piss, not once but twice in a three hour, POD Cas Khatami's, Vanozza Funpunk task as this one.
Does anything that people need to know that things are going on. Your part cast is how they get it. David seamen, our Itunes, Itunes, anything else and architecture is well known that really promoting anything. Renate designs, teacher, oh it's on fishery, say many other projects, but it's on stature is is available in two straight. Mp3 format is worse: they dont have to get rough Itunes exactly as they want that they can. Just Google David seem an hour, and it's like the first or second, please don't make father's name cave kid grew actual David seamen. I like it now it's. What do you think you're on for all that a middle school cause. It's still so new deal right as a twenty eight year old guy or turning twenty eight next week, like I'm kind of over the whole last name is calm thing like good for you and what's wrong with come here, nothing. The bedrock Human society makes human, sir, you yeah psych cement or whatever since that made its buildings. Its memorable, which I like your name, was David Steel Rob would steal, make still makes buildings. Everybody
succumb. None rather come definitely videos. Your name was David seamen in your mouth, then we had an issue as you may. Well it change. My last name was David seamen in your mouth and you're. A guy I give TAT was like the full name. Highway, David's, even in your mouth, and I'm a guy you do a name is Smith, is you're appears realistic, assholes. Let's change your last name but dick in the ass. What kind? U? S? Name is kid north north To that I thought it was weird and weird to knowing its egocentric is its gross, we feel regret it when his kid fuckin Susan gets older methods can happen so the David Seamen, our David Seamen, are the last guest was the seal, the Bitcoin Exchange, and I grilled him on whether to get time, thereby so I'm totally happy. Because I never had a problem. Moon unit, Zapper fight have a problem: Munoz Zapper! Why do I care about northwest apologize, Tanya, you're right man, enough roman Northwest?
good. If you weasel out in our broad dvd and apologize, are very probably tweeting you in a few hours with obtain your rogue, it is allowed to man he's the biggest Rostov all anyway. If your genius, you have to acknowledge that your genius, exactly you, have two of those in our genius, the it doesn't count David Seamen, our ladies and gentlemen, Ryan, whether you are going to have some dates coming up soon. This weekend, I'm gonna be in Lahore, comedy showed rescuing alive, kill Tony show Friday and Saturday at the lawyer, comedy store alive of killed twenty Friday and Saturday just Saturday by Friday and Saturday, we're doing just comedy shows, but Saturday we're doing also killed. Tony ok, what terms the kill Tony six o clock. So do a comic
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takes around me on. This, is awesome and keep it together bitches. Yet we have. There is more obvious. We absolutely were much love people see soon.
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