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#480 - Duncan Trussell & DJ Douggpound

2014-04-02 | 🔗
Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast "The Duncan Trussell Family Hour". Doug Lussenhop aka DJ Douggpound, editor, writer, musician, and collaborator of Tim & Eric and Eric Andre.
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as to stretch out their intestines are apparently like it's like someone to gear intestines unlike pulled them too far outrageous there like irian and stretched measures doctoring unexplained some what was wrong with something that's that's shoveling guide fucking diagnosis john stretch of jesus man tell me you're going to help me out here jack you're freaking me to forget your guts like spaghetti friend does big forty eight hours aragon sale going on right now at on one day and nineteen hours and twenty two minutes left as of this this broadcast go to aids i've come in and i to use the code word rogan save ten percent of any and all supplements boom had said to me duncan trestles here don't pounds here
from the agenda will gain experience through really move dog had an idea that we worked at the commonly magic club we had a great time fun and then i drove donkey backed his house and we sat around and we we watched bunch tv together which something i never could tell you i will not even tv watch the internet and i to watch some doug stuff i got to watch dog pound pound house
really really fucking funny stuff laugh and really hard data we watch these four five nine chemin we went through a bunch it's so good could you just want to ie eight kids it's got like a through line happening i just wanna keep seeing what happens next year i don't kill them and chances like hang like the one from the road we have obligations and to be somewhere so i have to show that was so fond of so fond of the young man that was a blast yet it so weird how easy it is in los angeles did just get sort of like exclusive and separate entered eighty that staff doesn't happen that much is a blast doesnt have as much but which is everyone's herself involved were also busy now we're adults let's face it is not like or a sixteen year old we can't like you don't get a chance to get reclusive what do you mean
is that what you are saying no no no he's saying he gave a clear regulations it hang you don't get a chance to hang our guy is people get so sucked into their business in their jobs and their families in the uk a really becomes this that old cliche that really does hold true it's like what more valuable to money or happiness can sometimes you do have to make that sort of distinction i give to say look i could use some more money but you know what i want a great fuckin time if i hang out my friends right now what how much with how much span trying to collect money how much i spent my friends because it seems like the friends part makes me happier so like how do you figure that out and along the one i think a lot of us get obligations and mortgages and one idea that start leaning you towards the money side instead it towards the fun side and that's like really what turns people in the old men yes that's how you know armed hunch down and sick two
say no to jobs i'd my main gig is like anything and it's hard to say no to a job when their offering you money and right you work allow i've been working too much the last few years but now came to this realization that i associate noah jobs now i'm here i have today off come and do this they just on its funded just be able to choose to have a day off that's one of the things that i cannot really scared me about doing that cipher showed gun like i don't want being positioning and warm just like every minute of every day is completely filled up that's not that's an enjoyable how some enjoyable to be their busy touch it can fuck with your head they serve
one time your brain want to break needs a break in you but then when you're working on staff that you want to be working on that's your own thing it doesn't feel like work at all just feels i don't know like something completely different and that's what it's all about like going into that zone but then you have to stop that zone and just do nothing for well can only be in blank or hazy work get away that's very smart of you gotta recover because some people don't get then they get frazzled or then they fine after all and they start hating their work that hate what they're doing up here that can happen to shore or even worse when they're not working they start feeling guilty when they're not working there so used it out so even when they get a break down
make it is riddled with a sense of despair and galloped unlike our fuck man help help the next job comes lies to totally be like that with vacations i can never enjoy the occasions i couldn't just relax couldn't just sit around i think i should be doing some there are now i can't enjoy vacations most i mean they're mostly a pain in the ass especially when you travel like a trip so now i think being on vacation is staying at home in lake trim a bush or something for me that's that's relaxing or i will ask you work so much i thank you get tired of the same spot though a real vacations five vacations are fun if you go with the right people are there not work to and you can all enjoy to this company so much you forget about the work ass by have like all in all the luggage and all the bullshit and going to the airport but if you give if you got the cage with people who you really love in their funding be which is really fun
a black it's really find if you can get it away from a place that has cell phone service leasing embryo about echoed dip out of it for a little bit my friends into junkie fide than ever i can get you can pick and place that's you know that's going to be off their grid of my friends do does no phone at all he does it doesn't have a phone doesn't use as you have a landline doesn't don't you know daily avonlea azure his wife ass phones she has a foolish actually works for google scattered hilarious crazy you know she's is dunbar school violence and he's is very bright guy very smart guy but he just feels like the intrusion of means of professor at stanford he feels like the intrusion of technology in his life is unacceptable and he won't accept and i really love the fact that he's like that it's it's one of contrary and things that sometimes annoying when he will go out and even over to vary this guy i know what is really all about really is a brilliant guys thought this through there's like fuck you may remember
find me every minute of every day my friend brent wine it doesn't have a cell phone we only as a landline and answering machine too good for a man look if you could pull it off good for you pull it off the i'd love i know sometimes i'm sitting there look hanging out with them and i'm looking on my phone and i look over him and make he's just content just having his surroundings just being in that he's better than us like i love my vote and to get rid of it but he wins ok whatever we win your phone you get to be the guy that every talks about he lives in the mountain chumps would doesn't have water he gets its water from the river get the fuck out he doesn't flaunt it unless anti flood sid ahmed i'm the guy in the mountain does neither everybody talks about em right so wins you don't know he's up there he becomes legend we now i've been thousand fourteen have been listening to that press feel book the warlord again he says that checking your phone over and over again is resistance to the art
his dick impulse because you you can't handle the fact that year all of this stuff wants to come out of you and its painful when it comes out or just intense so you try to avoid that by looking at your phone all the time it keeps you from sort of twitter is your art but is it really a very good point now for some people it is jenny high five for her it is she won't see says larry shit any comedian he's making jokes and there i was sort of making a joke there but it is untrue that my friend my friend slash lean you met her from toronto what would you did toronto with me introduce ronald now heard argue with me you never met i've met her she's very funny but she's just an internet media
she's never did gon say it was like trying to work her way to getting on stage and then doing it but fit like some health problems broke her hip and they have to like take some ron's ever happened to go real thing where she can't walk for a long time after they do the operation she's putting it off she's fucking let's just get a shitload of twitter followers and it's all just that so that sense he can't be right about that she has a regular job she does usual skater her are i think there's bf corsairs sunlight digital artists or something to spin attics but i think that there is a kind of processing goes on in your life for your absorbing stuff you're seeing things and hearing things a lot of stuff you don't even know your seeing and hearing and its part something inside of you kind of processing and then when you like are always looking at the internet not tweeted those moments where europe making those great but what if you where are they might arisen stuff that's that's not
what what are you reading things and learning new stove because then things that you're reading are often like your absorbing this kind of like did you see our computer generated the first news story about the earthquake adjustment out a new story about the earthquake lying its computer and it looked like a person road it is just that easy to mimic that kind of writing but a kind of writing is like so empty it's empty calories where view start absorbing other shit i got really good riding like really really good rioting earth god awesome nonfiction like that truman capacity book in cold blood if he's not like bring that stuff in then that whatever
processing inside of you those are the ingredients you know what i mean it's like you guys who is dividing us over the richer ingredient yet flavour your life worth two flavour whatever that next bout of inspiration is you know the next thing that comes out of you do you want it to be flavoured with lifeless seen in articles about the fucking malaysian plain disappearing makes them with like red it today i learned it there's one chicken in cuba that states that gonna like pepper it with some it's nice to have then you get the the book reader up and you get in cold blood on your phone
we are talking about an audible more you reach argument audible dot com anyway how amazing use audible dot com you know look you totally right you totally right i agree with you but i don't think it's need i don't think it say one of the other thing i think it's balls i think for sure there's a lot of times i'm distracted myself i'm looking at my phone but there's other times were actually like writing in a way right now because like similar say something also what's funny things say back to that come up with something like i'm exercising my create an i'm also interacting with people we are i think is important i really do i think at the very least putting stuff out there it's like it's important there are important that people if someone wants to like you do want to like you free comedy they want to like you for you know videos you put on line and they know you and they like you actually like you like you i d like you from you talkin like you from you writing things on twitter like this
section there you know that i think is very but for all of us and i get a lot of other people's tweets i get a lot of other people's blogs i gotta lotta people's podcast sit down so not just something that you and i are part of like the distribution we receive a lie with nepal guess who's listener radio lab all the way up here listen and radiological and we re truck and really good is about you know that expression you can neither confirm nor deny i heard that one in episode yet did it was wasn't really amazing it's that that x
russian came from a russian submarine the government found and it was in nuclear submarine it sank the russians confined in the americans found it and they they pulled it out the ocean and when they were pollyanna the ocean the there was like a freedom of information act request to find out what they had gotten what had happened and they couldn't figure out how to deal with it because it was a nineteen seventy four it was post watergate and thereby kind of freaking out about privacy and about you know of transparency in the press about
distribution of information that is an important constitutional rights and interesting in this day and age to listen to this story so the sea i had a real issue because on one hand they they have an obligation to keep secrets especially if they think that those secrets could if they got out could somehow another endanger the safety of americans so they have that on one hand and on the other hand there are the freedom of information act that said that they had to tell the people what was going on because they had requested this freedom of information can all this information back did you find the nuclear submarine so what they said was we can neither confirm or deny that we have found this sub boat you can't say that hypothetically if we were to find a sub that we would not talk about it for of national security which is delirious yeah became what they called a glow mar response because
global marine was the company law that was pulling this this submarine out submarine that was by the way some insane like miles deep in the in the ocean like they had to pull this fuckin thing i was like insanely heavy something like six million pounds and their poem the submarine out with a giant claw back of a boat is huge rescue mission they involve involved howard hughes had to pretend that he was mining for oil there's could have cover for why there there with his giant clause of the soviets didn't think that they have found it nay intercepted them in the middle of their extraction it's like away to lie without lying exactly it's basically away say yes can't say yes radio lab and y see you guys got a download up there all excellent there so good
turned me onto it did this the clinic regularly back treated at and chooses raving about it so much so that if i had a check it yeah there really dead man they're very refined yet totally different and what we do here it's very nicely edited yeah he adds but they do at the sound and the sound design is really cool guides really creative but not intrusive doesn't intrude in the story doesn't intruded it actually picks it up it actually enhances yeah yeah with pie gas you're getting a kind of four draft that's all you're getting you don't even guess like this it yeah yeah i needed a par gas are all a first draft and then with twitter to its like you're it's like
a lot of what the internet is the preliminary phases of making something awesome but they never go on to anything out whereas like what's good to taken stuff like radio lab or stuff where people have tortured themselves out another towards those of radio abbot you not only were probably have peal of agonized over that's what stand up as when using as a joke you're seeing something that's been refined and refined and refined or in the process of the yes somewhere in the middle of becoming whatever it's gonna become as opposed to that first thing that just pops out and it seems people are more into that first thing that pops out right now than they are the there are finding process because refining is is is not instant gratification well it's also it's definitely down but there's a very different experience to listening to radio lab or
dan parlance hardcore history which is another one that they bids put together like a show very edited he's a very it's a big difference between those and a conversation where you're seeing the actual thought process play out with more than one person you seen them bounced thoughts back and forth you what you feel you're part of the conversation that's very different about something like this where they know there's absolutely no scripting whatsoever they know that we're going in here and we wouldn't want to fuck we're and talk about one second to the next but there's so much to talk about it's impossible to run out a material and go so they're watching it all sort of form lots even though it is sort of a first draft of in some sort of away it off it provides you with very different experiences sat in that is paused when you watch an anchor man talk and tell you something on the news who is that guy wise you talking like what's going on that guy's panada show if you watch your very best friend gimme that same piece of information the privacy of your own home it's much when pact for too much more real feels
i tells you something horrible happened on the news and he's a guy that you don't even know if he's a fucking human is wearing make up and he's gonna tie on wise you have to wear that outfit why's that outfit so important to distribute information i needed to be taken seriously we'll be right back what more malaysian airline mysteries it sees i used to be news castors were more trying to fade into the background you know they wanted to be like
they wanted there were there but they weren't there there like talking furniture but now it's moving more words their personalities that were into you know especially on fox news and they get those like super hot eyes about course now see grace i know what you're saying in and year out a lot of me i'm a former prosecutor he wears those handcuffs honour next she does that you ve seen that right it always makes me think she's he might be and she is really watch a lotta nancy grace she's in a gluttony fuckin pm issues tie me up soap she's loves everything takes it all in so she gets outlets stiffs tight job or she's gets oil poured over and toes massage shit promises of a fee norm for attention ass her toilet paper it's probably just pictures of kidnapped known hidden she's probably gluten free the opposite like exclusive always gluten exclusive wits fascinating about a show like hers or pillow riley's is it they the personalities become like the main thing and people want a tune in every week to see what the personalities have to say about the new so it's not just about i'm walter
on and here's the news today like very professional but sort of impartial yet what
people want is like these at a tory type shows is ill riley shows we get to hear opinions it's on a news channel that is news i guess it's kind of news is no it's a fucking opinion peace man you tell me that during that half hour you have to talk about dead kids that's the only thing you talk about you have talked about their kids every weekend same ass our what are you doing is their logical in the world not just one dead kid in florida you keep broken harping on not does anything mean it's important to talk about decades in florida its importance i actually when you're selling around action specially when you're selling cars you had a lure people and man nothing or sell a kite cliffhanger you come back to find out how the kid got raped how do you explain the table that child's right we will talk more about our baby eugene with austria after this break cuts due a fuckin ford commercially never go to austro then you'll have to they just data mining flora why leave florida but the orders everything you want if you ve seen a fox news is anybody look at first to get mad about have you seen that twitter floor demand ontology on god of lord remark
i'm going to miami can be fun but the thing i like to think about is like i know that add space costs money and so that means the story before the ad space is making the news money so like when a plane crashes in some kind of way distant but in some kind of way that plane crash is gonna make cnn some money because it selling add space and when a disaster happens they have more viewers watching so then just a regular newsweek with general yeah i think so that's why everyone's getting angry at them a john stewart did leg whole oh yeah take off of cnn than their non news coverage of the malaysian airlines how insane it is there there's no news but day there will make new stories out of nothing because they know you're gonna tuna yeah yeah
it's kind of its it's something about that is its like black alchemy you know walter it's yeah you're taking disaster and catastrophe putting it through this linz called the news and at the other side you're getting paychecks and it's all negative there's nothing positive on in the news if you stop and look at the national news withered scene and although they are focusing on crises after crises have two crises but that's our fault as people cause that's private what we look want to look at more honestly on more i don't think we have enough power i don't think we have enough power as consumers i think gum did the idea that it's our fault that they push this on television it much more therefore that it is our phone the reason being that one they're profiting ok and be their choosing what to broadcast and when you get people in a loop any kind of
thinking or behaviour loop it's very hard to get him out of that lose their fear loop their fear destruction downfall the economy loop war with syria disan that iran's gotta that and hitler's fuckin glad when you get in the loop man that's a hard loop to extract yourself thump from site it's why ideologues on either side especially like on the right like when it comes to six certain subjects they lock on those subjects and there's no wiggle room at all
like at least cnn will have something like doktor sanjay goop turns around totally on weed and one hundred and eighty degrees now is promoting and now is talking about all these children than have had horrible diseases they found cannabis is the only cure for kids with seizures one kid was getting like three hundred seizures a week they got it down to one with marijuana skippers like seizure and constantly all day and the parents were helpless watch and marijuana cured at least got down to one minor seizure and now she's developing all these all this muscular controlled she can walk and ways she's never been able to walk before minutes it incredible story and would never be on fox is window at that now when you go with that now they found some reason why gun control might be a good idea i give them some study that came out they would have we considered it debated
we just attacked attacked you couldn't have someone come on that was like a real brilliant thoughtful republic in it said listen i never thought about going control before but this new study tells me maybe we do needs as more much more stringent set of guidelines it's fucking call how if you go back and watch early fox news how about obama who i wish didn't blow people up with drones but there's some good things about him too you know you there it is not our black and white but there are like this guy's gonna ruin the country he's gonna crash the economy we're all fucked meanwhile the economy is doing more better right now is a true yeah sure yeah i don't understand it well the stock market soon pretty area but i feel i have a gipsy periods inflated
apparently there where it were ready for another bubble to collapse and have just sort of built up to continental now man i know you i feel confusing cause you don't know how much of that issues more fox news people desperately trying to ignore the fact that the worst nightmare for many of them happened which is that of act got elected and then on top of that he fixed a crater that george bush had put on the contrary like when george bush left office he left it's like a villain and a bad man movie walking away from a buildings that had been just try he got us into this shit war
remember that the aids have you got us in this shit or for no riyadh deafening was pretty fucking grown and embarrassing warranty sit on the aircraft carrier with victory in the background i should accomplish it came out of a fuckin helicopter is something like drunk you seem like he was drawn norton blow all night and i thought it lets let's have a victory selling i can neither confirm nor deny i agree with doug i thought of a he's demonizing george bush of george w bush that george w bush is a fucking demon look at our evil man he was an evil little wizard put a black robe on that son of a bitch mission accomplished come on let's get i put a black robe on him and there in it just fits well i'll tell you what he is certainly a classic historic figure when all is said and done go back in time you know i till they go back in time and tell stories about the george washington cherry tree incident you know i cannot tell a lie and all that non sign in the dumbest president yeah well he was a symbol of you know the access of this era
we never learn from the stories of of history like no one's learning from rome no one's learn from that the ancient civilizations collapse due to access by learning it wasn't just access george w bush seem dumb and remember everyone started getting dumb like not only what is like ordinary started giving a whole countries started getting dunkirk dumb people like this is our time we can be president's now look if one of us has made it to the top any of us can make it to the top we know that one person gets upset if you lose weight come on board we all got guts to keep our gut like not having i'm gonna lose some way man come on broad in beer and i'll go to the gym like a homo in others people like that and i mentioned like however you lost it like whatever
diet of your failure diet and everything you do that's the adoption for your brow ass the process started in a fucking calcium be twelve seven in there think that's real similar i think he's real similar people are for ridiculous man they want slow you down if it presents stupid that tomorrow we can be fuckin stupid yap your written in shit you're fuckin reading in a ruinous countries stupid fag reading meanwhile probably when the cameras we're off he proprietor british acts dance i was watching the fucking inside walking dead those things where they talked the cast murmurs rick broken english what a great actor he speaks in a proper english accented is a moment and show where any like wait a minute i followed rick we're talk like that's a fake completely fake cowboy georgia accent
i thought he was really a southern guys who was so i thought it was from the south to you if you don't watch and walking dead and get in the house of cards only one showed a time that shows amazing it's great you are also making house where can people watch that or do we want to show if you go on youtube and just type in pound house it'll show up do you have a website for it is it due to work but because we watch it on darkens xbox really i've never done before i'm an app if you go if you have an iphone there's an is a pound house app and you can watch all the episodes in the ep really want to make an android lumbered life only eyes my friend my friend is made for me he doesn't know android but tat s that josh josh is like youtube channel network and then i also have this other network called bar and its hope that when we learn it
there's youtube channel networks yeah yeah that's the well that's kind of weird sheila that i'm confused it's pretty cool i mean they fights cook is it like a big money from somewhere to fund this crazy shit which is kind of rights and how are they doing so there dear becoming like a network lying near her i think it's cool because i mean the
my shoulder i wouldn't have happened unless someone funded they were like some episodes of this because you need that you need weirdos with money to make till i good staff come through oak is like that if you pay pal imagine pitching panels to like some normal square that would ruin maybe like work and make it be like this and for this demographic and bla bla make it more for girl make it never me and dug it got that no one can you skew female complete some of these contacts well tell me what you know the cool thing is it totally worked out which is that we were is show that is coming out on mtv other at the end of it which is another you tube sort of like online whenever website called story pig but we had originally page to do them as a show called creeps creeps was the name of the show and we're like we just want to do really dark comedy
edges and one of the questions we got older or like what's the show about well it's like imagine like a serial killer like a list the stuff like serial killers i got him a serial killer made a sketch out something like that and then one of the really cool we love it and then like next week there can use these is can you skew female to make it more female friendly it's called creeps like we will send a conversation is like they bring you in like it described many scenarios you in a room with an honest mail to kneel but then we said no we can't and what's cool is they let us do it and they are they are illegal and i don't give us any data they bear they didn't really give his notes that many they can give us now they are totally cholera super cool so now is awesome but you get that that's what you get from the internet and that's what you get so while you saying a kid you know i'm gonna work i have to do my own thing
if they let you do it it turns our good lays an outsider get any notes or anything they just said is europe has done and i just turned in it so that's why so weird you know it's really tell it's one guys vision there's too many people involved in that it would get fucked up and it's not that it again islam either or things other to any people like sometimes a bunch people work together and they can produce a masterpiece unambiguous they just work together gray and they know how to do it and they enhance each other but allow time to show like yours like the only way to really do it and have it that unique and interesting it cannot you gonna have nobody following can we what you can we watch an episode eden watch yet or can we watch the skateboard episode it's like a music video the itself i need a man we sure would reduce your shit you feel weird overarching something with us we we know it's up to you only leave it up to you once you are duncan if you think that's a good one the large one which when he thinks a good one did you sit along with dug in no idea
i saw boy now and we have been very briefly that story that's more story the skateboard you can watch our only set down to see i think people would appreciate thou and based on the things you serve me yeah it's pretty yeah that and i don't know man ok whatever about minority and you play with it ok you go p go p jerk off man that's not an esoteric off if you get the tents and tell us about lady harriet okay so what is the so called what's this reporting videos out ascii townhouse gay aren't we watch this and we're going to talk shit about the listeners while it's going on with shutter mike's off and enjoy this all right if you're listening it's not as good as watching it right now you might not even work oh yeah i forgot about this is the listeners narrowly go watch you again show your i dug why don't i listen to you there's not use show so the one that you're in ok show delicate which ones are dinner dinner thank god we're a cab
he's been understood and people say part folks were you thinking it doesn't not at all never has not once about fucking itunes we forget about ever got there was an audience nine million per woman let's watch it the nerves today my guest found the pound cast is comedian and annoying friend of brendan wash shots fired cells things with the old lady can a mad at me right now what's the matter you ticketing my friends mansion and she wanted to stay and i you know girls get all pissed off of us off with you really like it you should do some special you should have frog come over to your house cookie guy's an intimate dinner whose frock whose frog he's like the number one l a celebrity chef how am i gonna get the number one ellie celebrity chef to my house ex them right now you fran
the number one ellis levin chef frogs food is totally mine blowing he's ingredients that you don't even know where ingredients like what like it's on for tonight tonight i'll be there too why will you be their boots you guys help frog played the food make sure you get on refills well if my girlfriend
doesn't like them and have to use one should be remiss and if you don't want to know is how to work there's not can be a manual anything from bring out the food they might look kind of weird like you see because trust me it's going to be amazing my name's frank what we have here is a poison oak salad these top with sun dried acorns there's a cat is needle sprinkles the whole thing has been drenched in a rattlesnake been invented grab and using amazonian i'll ask tee to wash it all down enjoy regional selling you so boring try anything new musket camp where they really ask is kicking in its almost over
this batshit battered hamster tenders were amazing why did you not eat any how's everything tasted guys silken merger so trades ready for some deserve birdcage curse chocolate cake such a list of the top seamen frowned and soon references to me these working out between two i think you re goldberger brendan is basically over what do you want when workers
ready for my dad said somebody watch watching play on saturday you guys are listening to watch it is it so much of it is so weird david lynch like in just cool lynching enable its very very visual original but really distinctly you like you can really see like the same vision in the same sense of humour and every episodes really fun thanks man out that's one of the cool things about something like that were one guys doing whole faggot given up to brought me back as a kind of peace is kind of like malaria my cove sort of writer on it he's flutterings allow area these whole area that character she placed a sober and so i love that one line whether in their own time the line when doing open mike nearly ribeiro wish a collaborative others was up here tat the fifth to it in the context of that fuckin strange character and you watching him for a couple up so that arose like all my guy couldn't slab giggling really really funny stuff man i think it tv is just get it
better and better cuz the stuff like that cuz it creates competition and people they can they get to see what's happening without the big risk cuz you when you're making it tv show there's so much risk involved that you can't really there's so much money at stake rather than it is to take a big risk is insane you wanted just go by the median what then met middle of the road around and sell the most advertisements but when they start seeing people actually like stuff like that and respond to it than tv just gonna keep hopefully will get better but the internet is changed the whole fucking game because the same people that watch bang theory watch decapitations you know it's like the same people the same people watch again carnation sex tape same people it's just humans arrived just give humans access to what they want you know when you limit shit because you think somehow another it's gonna bottleneck the amount of money are able to suck out of a show how you do in israel limiting maybe we're gonna watch that thing yap noticed
decapitations on that big bang theory shall be amazing they manage eventually ended it like a red whether irregular there and they all have their own guillotine yeah like twelve deities outlined the edges be great the outskirts kidnapped somehow by like a real actual killers like doesn't understand what they're saying it doesn't even speak english she's getting everyone get their jugs let's just starts to bring their hands off in their feed off
he's crying while he's doing that is so great a bizarre diss digg beautiful wonderful it's that that's what's weird about like billow earlier the big bang theory or any of those shows as they have this perfect opportunity at any moment to blow people's minds just making a hundred and eighty degree turn just turning in some complete opposite direction but imagine if bill any direct an episode of big bang theory no note yes we can be alone react to beat us right to you could now i can if like if i have creative liberties with the script yes
i can get as many gear teases i want god every cell line debbie so fine if like they had to do that at once a year they had the let underground artist edit indirect their shows just to see what it would turn into why that would be a terrible idea we fund be fun for you with those states shows like sitcoms right but with such low stakes could imagine if it was your show and then some fuckin dj doug comes along and he's like i'd like to direct you show for we like fuck you man went to kill your cast no you're not man no hordes of lifestyle should listen mantra b seven no eighteen data be awesome they wake up and it's all a dream now that's that's the kaweah lawson becomes a demon i'll start eden babies baby salad everyday but what is usually rubber baby dolls don't worry but if bill o reilly came out for one shall in drag
and just like this is u i am now really explain at same guy even used to say that i just like this is u i am this is how i've changed deal with it that would be as big as gene therapy is biggest jesus is jesus will come back and will be built around now willing mina will amelia o reilly here and he starts slowly beginning transformation to to the female gender
incredibly just tells you that the reason why he was like that it's who scared scared all time people find out that identifies of being a woman and that's where all the hay came from the homophobia that jesus love all their craziness there was he was into just want to be a woman and any just starts put your pictures of his new surgical crusty billow riley pussy upon people just causes of waves of suicide years people still spot him out at night like dress like a man looks perfectly normal they realize it's just a fuckin scam like everything else here does he's not really becoming one wishes to bullshit aren't as you know i would be one of the great more new salvage now it's what happens if you really someone's blackmailing you rely somebody has something worse than they are like listen bell that's like a house of cards move here's what i want you to do on your show what do you think like i know i've got these pictures of you feasting chimpanzee monitor only want the chips wanted to introduce goes into tat goes out you know why i fear chimps can hide it who can explain it
guy most mysterious ways their first in china where dress you fucking cocksucker i'm not gonna go out that's my deal a personal life yeah so itself fascinating man and that's the descent that's it it's like deceptive i get it with artists and actors they don't have the gay reveal their personal lives any body then that you don't have to but when you have someone using actor like billow riley we don't know who he is or what he's really like bony activities on acta portraying themselves in this way this unchanging just more aware of of conservativism then it's i think it's it's not fair because you know that guy's got series fuckin problem here but doesn't bill o reilly think doesn't he doesn't think of himself as an actor he doesn't that its ending and see thinks he's being or maybe he is you know genuinely being just
we thinks he gets certainly there certainly moves he disraeli makes moves like a whole tigers in tigers out thing found went to harvard ok he's not an in those fuckin gravity causes daddy knows the moon caused that he knows that he knows so and when he saying shit like that you can explain that he's he's trolling he's gettin ratings he's getting ratings is getting people and his team mean he most certainly is right you think it's possible that the whole missing a malaysian airlines thing was the plane was hijacked by cnn for ratings i dont know that a possibility duncan follow the money
the money you made the most money after malaysian plane crash in air it's definitely cnn seen in his raking in the dough everybody who like had those last moments of like plunging into the ocean looking at the person next to them screaming registering that this truly is their last moment in this dimension their spirits can take comfort knowing that stay didn't die for nothing seen in his made probably three hundred thousand dollars and play never existed in those people in the play never existed they were completely fabricated name sound downtown and emily will never be found with endless endless amount of you know that these are only distort completely preposterous but you know that that was actually what they proposed during operation northwards what is what was that one northwards document was the thing that the joint chiefs of staff signed and president kennedy vetoed and the idea was to fake a bunch of attacks on america
to blame on the cubans and one of their ideas was take a drone airliner and they were going to say that a bunch people on board and they take the people off and they put in buses and a shuttle i'm off to some work that fuckin fanatical people who work for the government in eighteen sixty seventy fake names fly the plan up in the air exploded blow the plane up and then they were gonna have a fake relatives like who lost little billy abilities noon exist and when real person so
plain blows up because it's a drone and then they were gonna arm cuban friendly's and have them attack one tonne of obeying and they gonna use all this blame at all castro's we can invade man i last night and i remind me of your awesome joke as an old joke but the thing about like or like if we ran out like a roman emperor if we just as you know like that's it it's empires hog tied right now because it's gotta pretend to be a democracy so it's gotta come up with shit like that instead of what they used to be able could have done back in the old days which is there wouldn't even there will be a question you take the island we scared because then they would also take us like we need we need a populist is very complacent and we need a populous its terrified of violence even though violence is like super important in order to keep control of the populace but we need we need a populist that's looking for civilization we now need a fucking
entirely armed group or three hundred million savages that are ready to fuck people up and take their oil does the last thing we want have so we want some sort of surrogate taking the oil and some people that we know where there are heroes in their over there some our involved in oil freeing people free and people from their need to pay more for oil or control whatever the fuck it is but as long as the general population is wearing thin ice ties and listening to the man on the news and not freaking out wanting to cut his throat songs and not all gone fuckin barbarian mungo style because once they start killing a few people kill little here till little there to get used to it they get you pretty goddamn easier and then they start thinking about these that are running the government they start thinking about these shit heads like abusive you see that video that the thing in was in arizona arizona riot is key
blind sides this kid the little girl was lying there play it's fuckin horrific cell fucked up here i wouldn't do that cop what happens now don't know we'll find out but you know what what i'm getting from people that were there a lot of people that were there tweeted added their say and the kids were definitely out of control kids were drawn it was getting there but he was saying that cops seemed like they were enjoying fucking people like they were running around and just randomly fucking people up and
why do people have a real problem with that a lot of people have a real problem with their they're not they're not finding like the dangerous people get that that girl let me come on man how is that even possible watch that again watch that again there's a little girl i mean she's not big at all man i don't know what she could have done but that cop just blindsides her and sent her over a bike rack i mean that is fucked there's no way on earth that guy needed to do that there's no way the only way would be if that one was coming at him with a weapon or coming at someone else with a weapon and he was saving someone's life when he just did there is like either ptsd that he's like he's fact or he's a sadist or whatever the fuck is that guy does not need to be a cop they need to remove that guy there's no way a man in that position of power should be able to do that the woman was not threat he was a
a guy she was a small woman there's no way that have arisen that he should have done it maybe the time traveller in it that much she was adapted me this guy and he was gonna get her pregnant with the next annie christ so he knew that if you just slander down that once he might have saved millions of peoples you might be right he might be in jail right now hank up behind his back speaking in tonnes you're going to stay in this time for like a couple of days are gone crazy he added the other further you get away from the original timeline the more insane you get space time continuum just fries your hard drive earlier on i was really large what about fuckin handcuffed what began tonnes what's that famous time traveller i'm sorry i didn't mean to derail until we or yeah guaranteed or he has all bullshit i know it's bullshit is a famous time traveller soda but it's a great site it's bullshit if you think it's real but is a story it's cool man because the way he dealt with the
the way you dealt with going back and killing your grandfather whatever the way that their dogs is by saying that it's like there's multiple timelines and even go back in time you're not on the exact same timeline that you are on and so things are slightly different time line so tito i would say that like he would get cold all the time here like colds or a little worse so demands what's the deal it's got he said he's from another times a tangent works he's a fucking writer is writers and not a bad one not about oil and he wrote some two bethinks would be a fine troll and he came but this is gonna patents filed for john teeters time machine ass or if anybody ever says like hey where there's a patent for it you know it must be real you need to go and look at what a goddamn pattern is shut your mouth because for new patents patents for all sorts of ridiculous shit
this is where the oil is a poor applications patent pay your fuckin time traveller go back in time and patent every here can you go back and tell you just fucking everybody with your knowledge from the future it all things ridiculous but the idea of a bunch of different timelines is actually not divert ngos what they're saying now that new discovery that apparently it doesn't like point to the idea that there is the multi verse or bubble the universe is there's something inflation theory whatever that new discovery is through so many of these and i wouldn't say competing theories but ultimately there all just there there this coincide you don't know you don't know like who's right whose wrong or whether another all right and then there's like a billion different examples of what a universities are an infinite number of examples of what could take place at any given time lot they they say that infinity is so
intense like the idea of infinity is the best way to wrap your head around it if infinity israel that mean that in the universe not only has everything that we ve said in the exact same order in the exact same pause is an exact same time frame and cup of words or slip of the tongue its hat exactly that way in exactly that order an infinite number of times not just one but infinite number of times everything that's ever taken place down to the millisecond has not just happened once somewhere else but in at times somewhere that's how big infinity is that's what no end means that so we're like just like when you're doing some mundane thing
jerking coming the porn is taking this is infinite infinite loop of judges the tap and oceans oceans of jail is eager to see like just universe filled with you scorning racked all like literally a universe has real makes so the sky would be absolutely filled horizon two horizon with with you coming
more than this of all the come from all the duncans in all over the world at once drenched the earth we would drown in seamen house he and i are population were drowned we'll be coded in like a million miles thick of come we think about what infinity means how many different duncans would becoming there's no end to it s a one ounce of come equals hundred billion oceans filled with come instantaneously raining down upon knows oceans would be filled with more meat coming in early that the universe itself would not be big enough to contain the earth's size just from the sheer amount of calm it was covered it would push the
monsieur way past the sun it would like the earth on fire and turn into a big come what are those with those fuckin hush puppy is a big come hush probably one of the congo touch to decry or fits so big it touches aside and then puts the son out and press he's out the outer galaxy that's how much come infinite amount of people having and then someone you some god chef which is coming eda it just came in and then you know he lives in another world where you're coming on and it just goes on forever no that's how you impregnate the son you fill a planet wouldn't come uses up a black hole we don't know what to do about a black hole where you can get an infinite amount of kids to comment it while its in all mass broken down to the smallest why it's ugly to stop an infinite amount of come with its own other universe inside there still are big enough for everyone amounts of sorry a black holes like what the back of a black hole is like such a giant black cock be afforded but she's lie on her back
it's going down under eyelashes that's the universe has showed him and arguing about them so symbolic so symbolic of gag porn you're come into a black holds the the falcon whole event arises start sputtering you know that splitting the spinning of the black hole absorbing matter jack it's our choked up like a fuckin like legged dishwasher disposal system with a spoon in it you know those garbage transposing the spoon dropping and i thank you thank you thank you thank you scared to put your hand in their credit on stop it do you think and there are the universe was created but his innocent infinite come
they come look into a black hole do you think that every somehow no black hole on the future year we live long enough someone's gonna want to do that the euro area the first guy some rich brands type ass a first guy to show the world what to inspire you you too can come in a black hole him with fuck and black socks on so i always come acts descends like a shuttle from his pod chinese garlic in its glory all into the next shuttle and is wearing an awkward anti share in its way to small and is slightly embarrassing role of fat pulls out of the bar like a little waterfall is jerking over this black songs on into a tool you never know till you try i seek to inspire i am seeking to inspire that you too humble man he's
did you added the timid eric sketch the universe what what is that called the or they're talking about space i think i did guys go on easy now man no can you can you put it the tim and at what's it called space just the universe the universe is one of funny is fucking was my favorite comedy sketches really good the universe what account
the universe is a little bit like the human hand for example you have grounds centre right here and then you have undiscovered worlds and sectoral and appear as that children's crest so you can kind of picture that it's a little bit like a leaf for its not a ball the universe is beautiful something like a new woman that i was gonna date your dark and hear your massive and you have a black hole is elements i want to explore new exploring new his facial expressions had ended and feel around to see you see what's gonna come out at the time it takes to get from one star to another star is and see you need to travel the speed of light ass humans came and fathom the concept that time because it's really really really really really really really really fun right if you get put the universe into a to end up with very long to get a wireless fancying twice the size of the universe because when you collapse the universe it expands and it would be you wouldn't want to put it into a tube
and through the stars the hundreds of stars that there are in the universe into into a bag and put the universe into a bag and you all of a sudden they become but i was a child actually mean remember what do they say but there are now ninety planets you know the ultimate fatal didn't reversal of actual dark and mysterious generates butterflies and my stomach and that goes to tickles in my spine and that creates deuce pimples penetrates my mind and then the whole big banks was stars can be fun out of people say donno you get so wrapped up in the physics of it don't you have any funny so while i go up and look at the stars through my telescope and i see the little dipped her or as you think dipstick every star has its has a sister stone little bit like two eyeballs if you can imagine if you could see the other save my beliefs yet three hundred sixty degree i do you know when you look at a planet and you see a lighter plants not even there that's just a light this just your neighbor shying flashlight right do you are looking for coups says what are you doing in my back yard with a flash late and i told them i'm shiny i'm shining in windows teacher son about the universe is it get out of my yard worry communicated to my son why are you in all black behind my bushes shine a light in my house i said i'm teaching your son about the universe i'm shine a light shining light right in there and exploring his room as he's looking on exploring the universe i turned the late off i see your son go to bed and i turn this lay back on do swirls on his wall comets tale i do this every night with your son you're so we're
those guys have the weirdest style such an interesting style a comedy because you really have no fucking idea where there go on its very refreshing because it's really hard to watch something where you even if it's well written in lower its guy like you know everything's gone on did you work on i shall man for the whole time yeah phone that so called you so lucky to have been on that show that was i get that was like now it reminds me of monty python or something like a more modern version of that in our view that such revolutionary yet is a revolutionary show and that's a gross word to use so i think it is that what it is it is your right cause it so far out there that is like a push it like you know that's that challenges people do not be so stock in like
normal square types sketches that's why riding with you man because you're always like pushing it so far outside of where i would go with it well you know you gonna try to do something different here you have to in this day and age to so many premises have been beaten to death especially when you deal with like human interactions like how many goddamn sitcoms had been how many movies has there been any a dramatic shows that have comedic scenes mean how much it demi subjects to be covered in the same way over and over again i i was my fucking god here yet here too when you start thinking about like how much of what i'm doing and how much of what i'm saying day today is original
and how much effort is just me regurgitating something i heard before what does defiling gonna be some of that always the mean that is that the big knock on the concept of flip of plagiarism in algeria the knock on you know someone accuses specially comedians plagiarism essentially there's no way anybody has a unique sought and if you have a unique sought it is merely a combination of your thoughts and all the knowledge that all human beings before you haven't left behind including the language that you're communicating it in every single idea that formulates this thought every single piece of information that's been accumulated long before you ever born most likely and that's it led to this being able to talk the difference of course they produce someone who kind of acknowledges that but comes up with it on their own and some are just sits around waits for other people to come up with an steals those ideas because they are a fake antenna you not of the union
they are telling you like an agent you like your stealing the actual creative idea of turning into it and we like it when we find someone like a joke ideas like someone who's just tuning and knew it he figured out of tune into it and that salmon you like to be around him because he says funny shit all the time and then someone else who just wait to hear would show idea says and then just repeat it dude when i was its are used to go to a summer camp and i remember how can it is can you tell me about is like kind of bee phronsie tell me about his like child and i remember it seem weirdly familiar back then i was thinking about it and he'd like living told your story of your childhood ivy fucking weird no he lifted it from a movie like some i remember what it was but you i kind of went into details i need is lifted it from a movie that he saw you just sort of all my ok that's ok learn oughta be be themselves
this giving its hates yeah i think you're right man ok it's not a word about it are not at all except when we are swag i remember like swimming free swam and he did this awful thing this is like the end of our summer camp friendship because i had already like found out that he'd been like he'd been lying about his childhood which is already kind of weird then we're like swimming back to shorn i remember he stuck his ass out of the water he pulled his short stamp and he stuck his ass out of the water and like pulled is but cheeks apart to ike moon everybody to mourn over one where it belongs do people in an asylum oils is awful kid ai weiwei doing this lying about his child at ease i car every site saying it's a cry for help when we get there by the part so that's what it is really upon they tell you that in that
it round and then his mom came back and killed everybody there was an increase in areas that i knew that it was the story from a famous moving i can't remember the movie but i remember thinking about it later in realising like oh he lied that that that's definitely from a movie like it was i mean i was probably i wasn't idiot i'm an idiot but like then as special care i'm an idiot but i will do but some twenty seven lead such an easy job going anyway that's funny it's good is a good job it's not it's there does we visited the news now good no i was probably let's see i was in
i've been degree i guess i don't know a christian camp well it will it wasn't a christian camp but they did at church on sundays and stuff but it was cool i've emmy it wasn't like there are like beating you over that where there is a grand went to that camp and became a can't counselor that canvasses can't panicle in north carolina and i went to their camp since i was like probably nine or ten and just kept going back every summer that's that's good for kids man gettin away from hanging out with like other people being outdoors and i think this camp now i think binnacle now it won't work kids keep cell phones there so when you come back after put you have to give up your far why so there s a throw good for some kids i went to camp that was not good for kids is as dangerous as a bunch little criminals
two it was to make a plane which was a kind of sketchy area in boston and it was the boy scout troop when you went to new hampshire for two weeks kisser tying kids and taken their fuckin carts and leave them in the woods it was pitch black at night they try to do it to me too when i woke up how can the elderly and people poor toothpaste oliver anyone's clothes like it was like very fuckin sketchy and i got a little criminal camp so i would disappear every dangle fishing i didn't do any the activities i just get the fuck out of there i remember ricocheted mommy wants was only twenty two but there's a shooting ranged someone had iraq bullet fuckin we heard a poet to fuck is that some of those its ricochet i'm a fucking ricochet ike quickly bullets we can get it by bullets no i don't get it by boards my i am so far can add a year and so every morning out take off and go fishing some weeks i went fishing and then even now scar unlikely barely paid to a band camp
places ruthless man like day i was freshmen high school day one of on your way in that you know you're getting all these warnings like you know every freshmen guests are unaware ripped ran out of their pants seniors arrayed your cabin since your perry was scary also tat i was hiding under the cab under the bunk one of the guys bizarre soup to me he let me go really so they were trying to do that though they were trying to pull in madagascar extra small there like we can pick on this kid term that's really gets stab somebody gets really mad at you fuckin needed pull underwear on the wrong kidney weight so your sleeve and sticks for your ass exactly super oh grows the fact that you give like that that's
obvious supervision issue are you can't leave older kids of younger kids there's too much of a tendency to bully right you just keep dont know those kids and these are young kids elect trusting some fuckin eleven year old around some sixteen year old i don't do that but you don't he there's always one caught head sixteen year old is gonna do stupid shit kids and if you're eleven year old son is run some sixteen year old boys there probably gonna smacking around or do something fuck to adjust its bad supervision issue yet that is all it as it is and when i was there i was eleven in florida vietnam and make a plain rather i was like eleven or twelve because
move i lived in florida from eleven actually thirteen hours protein zella before from eleven thirteen and when i was thirteen is where i lived in jamaica plants those deathly i would i was and in all these kids like seventeen there's like some some kids at but like eagle scouts there were older and for them it was like this wild vacation thing they would get away and is fuckin torture kids get crazy rocks and stuff and at sacks was fuckin sketchy is how man because it was no money people run in it i guess looked around how many kids there were any idea how many councillors their words like well there's like fuckin twenty kids for each person there isn't really scouts kind of like moment million militant about late barely daily
so my gaze it's all deceived the gaze out and is fuckin have at it will at least what with a camp that i went to i mean they had some things i did like you met for breakfast and you now they had activities that were supposed to be doing but i wasn't fucking do other sounds like about keeping people in line like scout's honor and stop not at night man i gotta go to sleep and those advantages are run around time people up a mean that was just reality it was it was fuckin dangerous you want to send your kid can that's old that's the idea like finding because there's some camps that are all like this camp was i think of as i was eighty or a hundred years i've been around for a while i and they knew how to do many many farmers and their traditions and there's people had been their news i sound scarier actually fabulous like some old time shit like jos old camp bohemian grove type shit i don't know i mean they're yeah that's what i'm saying like there is a sea there were like there is like you know like steer our traditions there there is like i was ordinary did you know who the fuck now as it did have that whenever i look i swear to god when i see videos of the bohemian grove i think again
ethical i always think i'm like that just this summer camphor tyrants so the bohemian grove is clearly just as summer camp where you go do if you're an oil billionaire what is this look at what is it what are they doing asked uncle i dont know i wouldn't mariners their exercise wrestling match our game or something no that's that's this is where you have the kids fry in now though with a survivor energy saw its teach you bought heart from air mayor make man are you don't hear my care about my more difficult college meroz in new hampshire and at night time it was there was no moon out one night when over there and i couldn't believe that it could get so dark tat you couldn't see your hand from your face you put your hand for new fresh you'd literally couldn't see currency
so dark is unbelievable how dark got at night how could you see the kids you're trying to tie up there's a problem this content but let us not forget that flashlights and others here footsteps and flashlights in giggles and actually nelson was touching you in the middle and i get the fuck love me scream and yeah you how to screaming yeah because if you just try to play it like come on guys fucking gang tighter designs terrible it was not good it was not good it was the deadly not good for me as being a thirteen year old around seventeen year olds zoe sketchy to do decades especially if you give them enough leeway you give enough room they don't know any better in there just get specialty of older brothers that fuck with them that's a big one man that's a real big one you run into some kids that have older brothers a beat them up there's a guy chance there are going to have some pent up resentment looking to get their asean on someone else i did so they say about abuse with a lot of kids that abuse their kids they got abuse
and it's sort of it just passes on just generation to generation stop that cycle good quantity of a third party intervene during their ten years or something this probably some counselling ways you could do it some ways are recognising what sort of a pattern you ve fallen to you want to look at yourself if you're in abuser yes and recognise that you actually are the crest of the wave of the universe and you have a chance to stop this disease that infected you from spreading into infinity you can stop it i think that's what it takes them are you the the people who are doing enough to wake up to the fact that they can actually transform everything if they just stop this terrible flow of shit that's been going through from like just some asshole two hundred years ago punched his kid
in that case plunged his gait nagging branches is like an echo of this shit ed's punch travelling through someone started upon some wicked blocker yeah we didn't start punching our wives but we can stop it i think or this is very unique time and now we're really aware of the repercussions of all the stuff in the receipt of ism repercussions and the fact that it translates from one generation to the next were aware that a thing more than ever before and there's more of a backlash against it than ever before me clearly see that just about abuse in movies about like abuse of women that used to be normal for the leader of a movie to smack women face and it was ok a man he's a man's man get all the years our written kisser
big louis her again lucy case like an opening monologue and is now one of the things he said was like where there is a argue on article of clothing like a wife beaters sure there's a article of clothing midge is based is beating your wife is it out a finn i give you could just say that no one cares that crazy thought is a truce at creating a crazy man but you know like what i like sometimes hawk a wife beat at issue are using the boxer when clodagh boxer briefs advantageously good boxer sure yeah that's why feeder it's like being as we already i know i know i just upon it good of you started with access we worked up to life bitterly haider wife beaters
when the closer though the you know when you're like sometimes you'll find yourself habitually being an asshole like sometimes like i'll find myself like being in a jerk to someone like and then my mind will register i'm acting like my mom right now and like my mom you not i mean like oh shit oh shit this is a habit i picked up from somebody else there are interpreted that are pushing through time see and ideas like when you recognised not everyone of course is not all just violence in punching people it's not all sometimes is not so overt sometimes a thing you're doing it just mildly county in order i mean but it's still something you learned from someone who was mildly county to you it's like you stop that you can actually start that by going against the habit consumption
you didn't realize i'm being this way for no reason but i still want to be this way as i feel comfortable acting this way you know just richest habit it just a comfortable habit don't it only they feel comfortable i think they just feel they don't know how does not feel like that she rise outright vaguely their trap wrapped in there the word rang it is trapped nets is really what is traders ear and like a gambling thing europe met a guy's gonna real gambling thing six there there trapped in this pattern a thinking because that whatever rush they get out of that is like undeniable and some people they get trapped in like almost seeking this rush of anger or this rush of beer perturbed just getting can frustrated things and then they fall into that pattern get trapped there but i think we know that now more so than ever before and the lessons like
you and i for sure learn something from what our parents did wrong we we should certainly learned something from our parents did right yeah we definitely also learned something for my parents did wrong and i think our children my children you if you ever have children are going to hopefully learn from shit that i do wrong to like things that affected them that i said to them that maybe i shouldn't have said that they're going to they're going to compartment eliza going to think about it more when they have a kid they're gonna be one step ahead of me i will hopefully i mean i'm doing my best but which you beings and the process is ongoing and culture is balding along with generation to generation learning all these lessons yet mean our actual human culture is this way more advanced and weigh more sensitive than it wasn't a nineteen fifty that's what you could have a movie where the lead guy smacks of women amounts get a hold of yourself smack sack where
the guy today will well hey you know this is non answer just relax we're going through this let's just talk about why you're upset it that's what a normal person would do again the hitter get a hold of yourself smack that is we're that used to be like a cure like nagging was here and they fuck that shit out of existence she really wanted twenty two just show you care for a couple of fuckin knuckles across the mouth a little bit of blood just a little distance to get her heart when you kissinger why people are not spared raising their barbarians there are basically just less a hundred years removed from writing fuckin horses around what did you expect you know what did anybody expect from those fuckin monkeys there were apes remember one barber walter is got shown connery italian that's magnon women he said it is really like a gay like one way that tell me it's brilliant i mean
it's it's incredible the way mean he's got this no nonsense approach to the pan pan barber walter's tried to like check him on it and and he just fuck and owned up to it and and really fucked her up man because a kind of let her know that if she got a little crazy might smack she got scared those there was something to it man there's something behind it it was the worst thing to slap a woman now and then as i remember you said you don't do it with a clenched fist it's better to do with an open hand because she's looking away on a general level haven't changed my opinion you have it now you think it's good to see a woman to be good and on his back i don't think it's by i think that it depends entirely on the circumstances marriage merit it well if you tried everything else and pretty good at which it became leave it alone
i do want to have the last word and you give them the level last but they're not happy with the last they want to share it again get into really provocative situation then i think you're drunk shrewdly right i want
what does he can didn't deserve elaborate me for now i don't i don't think so i vigorously at abbot still man sean connery gets away with as his hands but he's got that cool action but imagine somebody out saying that emerges you'd law yeah just bad i mean ultimately hungary is just aiding women lies from an old school era so it's kind of funny to here yeah that's why because of like jude latona wives and jude law again but he has a proper access is a handsome guy if he wound up say no nearer view it would ruin his career absolutely ruinous career accuser a famous movie star today whose like a good example like ryan reynolds i as a handsome guy i'm not sure that it is one of those giant ryan ryan crest imagined frying secret said that it would know he's gay people i know you don't you aye sir
no other he's gay other he's a word hawk probably have time for sexual get this guy that's why i'm reynolds this handsome bastard if he said that if ryan not so that sometimes jean smack woman holy shit with a backlash be extraordinary salon dot com would dedicate months and months of of front page articles you ever what about other sites defending him none none now be none none to be a few those fuckin men's rights on contrary fan clubs fear those embarrassing men's right sites where they did they write things like my new eyes went too far you're fucked you ruin the whole argument the argument is divorce laws all argument the whole arguments emily guys get fucked over financial so weird salon dotcom started attacking patent oswald you know it's not salon dotcom ok it's a writer a writer
provided that they were going to pick a hot button topic that didn't necessarily jive or makes sense but they felt like because patent oswald was making fun of someone else's racism by showing like this essentially very similar to a co bearers get in trouble for i accept patent oswald is a fucking like is comedian and i've known as a pretty sensitive aware guy at the idea that he would say something racist just for the joke like he was they knew what he was doing and they decided to go for it anyway and that's when he attacked then lit they shed of he should have their gross like there's something about their their articles two if you go to salon dot com one of things is almost every article starts with a question you now is
do you know is this the time to reconsider the argument of whose funnier men or women question mark is this you know this is who is this what's wrong with the right question mark you know it is it's weird there their opinion pieces that represent this article it just is like it's it's amazingly this guess guess what
chicken but does anti vague in shaming peking pre school is that their salon article although mr show patriarchal hedge among and sketch showed titles that's the man for men talk in anti transgender subtext and classic that's so true are not not least to the homeless salon articles dummies you fucked with the wrong guy yeah you did he let em up she's right man i mean i i get angry sometimes the other day they were comparing tina faye too to lucy k and note is that the age old argument whose funnier men or women fuck you fuck you
here's was funnier funny people its men or women like stop amy humours hilarious lunacy case letters and tina say by the way is and even a stand up ok she's an actress she's funny sure she's funny on shows she's funny item in movies but so louis uk losing their rights as own shit performs zone shit it's all his opinions on the world to say that that there is some sort of a debate whose funnier her him is completely distorting what the art form is in the first place is completely distorting acuteness looking for a fuckin salacious article title that's all you do i used to think i thought i'd i thought they were alike it seems like there are much more respected and now they ve gone down this spiral everyone just rolling their eyes at renate shit to talk about in it always is ridiculous it gets through a certain gets a certain time we covering the same stories over and over and over and over and over and over this cancel colbert cancer colbert one fucking joke is merited like seven or eight headlines for four articles from them in the debate why he needs to make it right may make it right jesus fucking christ what are you talking about make a joke right me what was his joke i mean it was so i thought at first but he's a character he's a right wing ridiculous character that says dom shit tongue in cheek every fuckin step of the way it was at offensive to which asian people our pull it up right now so we can see what the fuckin colbert controversy up
but people are asking like hash tagging hash tagging cancel colbert because of a fucking joke ok here's the here's a in he's apparently responded to it but let's find out what how many they asked how many data is violated that had on here i don't know but they're all gross i don't know how many of these wondering how big if it's an actual big now it's pretty movement is it you can scan through and it's not just cancel colbert there's like it just like that it's like a place where all the outrage people have gone to express their outrageous therapist about anything in there just hashtag heed our outrage right now here's what they said okay on thursday evening when the colbert reports twitter account by the way which wasn't even him was given him the wrote that with some than handles they colbert account it's not stephen colbert quoted a joke from a segment on wednesdays episode so they quoted a joke from a segment
so they took it out of contacts and that's where the outrage came quoted a joke from a segment that aired that much washington redskins owner dan schneider for setting up a charity to aid native americans in lieu of changing the teams name the original colbert said he was inspired by snyder to start his own charity called the ching chong ding dong foundation for sensitivity to orientals or whatever that's in risk wants to a guy who runs a teen called the washington redskins which is an anti native american slur making a charity for four native americans without changing the name like did the whole context to that joke mean he's not saying that there should be a ching chong ding dong foundation he's marking the racism of a guy who's team is called a racist name donating without changing the name i mean it's so obvious but
so long as had like seven fucking articles about some supportive but some say he needs to make it right maybe just cannot put that string a words together in any kind to ever but i'm john whenever he said i think that's exactly there say you can't say change i can't say that that's the edward it's hilarious i mean did too to try to censor contact content that much that you taken case completely out of context completely out of the mean about content is the reason why language exists in first place it's everything to be well expand past really simple things like a fox shit you need context to it to happen goddamn language and communication that we have to recognise subtleties and when you pretend they don't exist that's get assholes sanctimonious fuck heads who get crazy about jokes catching it people dedicating days and days of their life to something that fuckin that tracy morgan says about stabbing is gay son there
crazy everything is taken completely out of context and everything is something it warrants cancellation you'll be shamed you need to be removed this is over sensitive fuckin morons it's weird how what your expressing right now is your offended they offend you that's why it's interesting is it's like they that law they are doing is so much more offensive than the thing there offended by yes the way their expressing themselves is so vile and disgusting that it
whatever tracy morgan said our partners wild said or colbert say just see might seem so tiny compared to what they are which is their like embryonic fascists if you gave them power and they grew out of control that whoever is like running the show it salon matt you ever is running the cancel call bear in some how they took power imagine what kind of world would be like god of you you they could decide what gets on these comedy shows the satire shows what you can't can't get away with how may transgender need to be represented how many fuckin gay people need these represent hamley fuckin straight white males need to be made fun of along with straight white females in may as economic chart where meetings grafton made short completely even across the board let's life man maybe they'll find some new to be pissed off about is that really what they love is being pissed off about stuff they do they realise that they are as their love wages limits is when you say they its writers its writers their attracting it's not necessarily logical people it's not necessarily like representative of the organisation itself their individual writers who produce something in somebody green lights it but at a certain point time you're doing more harm than good because you're so easy to mark or greater like super left wing when you get
far out on a fuckin limb and you want to cancel coca bear colbert about a really obvious joke like that you're packing up everything cuz you're making yourself look unbelievably silly like i know you feel right and i i know they did that the you have the righteous indignation behind what you're doing and you feel like the the people need to know you need to realize the harm that your words that you need to realize that there's humor okay and humor people get hiding but you're a big it hiding behind the mask of a comedian people get hurt people from jokes and guess what if he had her from jokes usable to get hurt from those jobs if you can make fun of something about yourself that means you have and acknowledged that something about yourself that may or may not be hilarious and theirs the difference between someone saying something unbelief be cruel and evil and someone saying something where their poking at you and laughing obviously he was doing that i was there programme the washing redskins guy and laughing and to deny that exist if
up the whole argument if clouds the water with shit adds yet strange to see salon dot com in some way like converging with nancy grace that in some way right like their meeting some ass alone is like put itself in this terror lever the writers hours put themselves in the awful position where they like oh shit i'm nancy grace and i worry like seeing the same song and it's not all that there's a lot of great articles on their i still share their because they have a lot of great articles its is sometimes they just go out alive what you need to get added germanic as you add a few writers fucking throw stuff out there and you do serious damage to your website or magazine like you can really fucked your shit up where you could develop a reputation the bad reputation like a rib reputation for being ridiculous if i hadn't oswald is attacking you
is it for five on people are looking forward to it and it rings true that's the problem as you re ass true what he sang we read those titles they're all mean bills are great marks a long dot com title yeah great you know look if you gotta like i got an email from them everydayness some great things like the thing with john stewart mocking cnn for its continued covers they ve got tat they ve got an interesting thing on chris christie like the governors to talk about it all you know not all about it all but a friend of mine hated vice farewell invoked and magazine because because one article that he was funded by there came a five years ago but i mean here you can't blame the horrid innovation because one thing fucked up right will do this deftly been some articles that i didn't like that vice did and i love those guys i saw the other day that made me laugh the rule that the liquid lapped ants diapers white
you have to have these diapers that people can wear any fill it with lube and you go to your left as you jason your pants lee share one of the one or the other who have a road it like more went to a strict club now that journalists that's where it is i wore spandex diverges choke off so i could come while receiving a laptop is lair adds a great article o i had a frantic and its journalism i want that's a smart way here i had a friend who did it that women that's engaged to a club back up there are five hundred out of your mind you to club their market the writer just happened to be gay you will get a problem here a very different kind of lab dance their receiving i didn't know that their gaze jeff clubs but now you know
i have a friend who use do he's too shavers cargan balls and he used to take those nylon jogging pants and he would run sandpaper autumn until you get like hold it through the lie it see how many fingers he had up and then he would lou bob is cocking balls all shave down and it would put the really super thing like almost transparent jogging pants on put along shirt over it and go to strip coming at lap dances and it would call it shooting go shooting and one time you fucked up i guess he put too much lou bonn and the girl sat arms what the fuck is like oh sorry it is gave her money and ran so embarrassed i ran out of there he said but before he had been getting away with it like girls had got and they like ok they climbed on it and communist pants and he said it was amazing it was like a legal way to get hand jobs it she's thinking about like the lead up did i'd like how many times do i have to push down the thought i've gone insane maybe he's here he invented those diapers because that's a good i think so
i think he should may have he wasn't entrepreneur now exists only a market maybe it's possible the diapers a good move its better it's more contained but you know but if you're sly if you know you're home you know what i'm gonna side on my loomed up diaper at last chance you gotta stop for i said to you gotta think is like if i was doing i would add alarm battles will be going up like you ve lost and this is it you start wearing them to every everywhere because i always where no lived a photographer as you word you'd start like in it you like in the weird lube ring my girlfriends movie i only way com it be the middle having sex who i do with it your woman what the fuck man really you wanna not have sex sega put a diaper on theirs guys
did so in a jerk off they can't come any other way yeah we're home jerking off man it's bad we ve got a problem and the problem is that the hand jobs are illegal at massage parlors let's face it if guys i've got to the point where they gotta put on loomed up diapers go did you feel a human touch to feel like an orgasm induced by another person we gotta look at our laws you gotta like look at it this is repression managed gun is like when the pigs go crazy in the cages and chew their feed off man it's some ancient fuckin puritan bullshit because the idea that someone should be able to do something completely free and
absolutely legal encourage and it's a foundation of our advertising selling sex is like almost everything we say we sell with sex how many cars have to have a woman's fantastic legs draped over the hood how many times have you you know watch some sort of commercial is a woman promoting something what's going on there there sat there you're saying you want sex you can yet sex for free but as soon as you give someone money for sex that's against the law and everyone can be locked in a cage for something that doesn't hurt anybody it's completely legal if it's free or if there's a camera involved filming it that's true to yet all my own part i think we have it permits though now i think they are as you probably a permanent imbroglio some sort of permanent maybe not for the internet won't matter now i'm talking on my ass but the bottom line is its fuckin sex it's not like
beating someone up emerge if you like had really poor people and you pay them just you could beat the fuck out of them they couldn't fight back it decides what the fuck somebody man i can't be the fuck at anybody it's illegal so you go to some warehouse and they give you some poor emigrant barely feed himself media beat the shit out of them and a doctor comes into stops it before the guide dies and then he put this guy in the hospital is face all fucked up but he given like five grand and in a couple weeks he's gonna be healed up and at five grand going to come in handy and now is with papers green card merely jovius with that's a possibility man that's a fuckin real possibility that someone could engineers until at that level if they if what both someone just decides someone just decides i came in i knows a lot of people who love to be the fuck out of all alike by your martial arts skills and the guy can't hit back say that's when there's a writer who attack colbert as in the week he takes the hits the honors italy fight club it's that are putting yourself at risk it sees beat up club that's fucked up here that's exactly man that's like a sick fuck tat thing but like when you get a massage
a kind of seem like a hand job is like a narrative euro conclusion to amazon lawyer with rubbing your feet there having your fee you're buying years these are relaxed stars you tell it's almost sexual aided squeezing your ass that's a big throws rubbing your ass its erogenous remember that should have and with a supposedly i've what you're volta yes he got banned from out of town because you're always try to get the misused arches backup near indeed she's a gazelle interface that's real i don't it's really there funny story the hilarious story imply not real messengers all their loves scientology massages figured everywhere you head she's getting your head massaged rub your head sometimes hard we fingers feels great what can they reject that no danger zone way to dangers and touching pull that fuckin tower but one
done and you haven't comes we go to jail i want percentage of massage massaged men have donors when they're getting massaged eighty otto the acting i don't get massages groundwater is that i feel awkward the whole time just like worried the vote will you communist doggies git chertoff needed tosh o brien red bandy look you up with rub maps he knows you knows where to go he's gone beyond i've heard about that i heard about the rhine brian is gone beyond brian we're brian nose like some pretty dark dark places the girl when it comes to find spots written you d expect illegal it so stupid that its illegal it's legal to have sex it's legal you went outside right now walked out this door went to the door next door meant what the next office building and said what the fuck and some girl those i'm off work and this is my office let's fuck debts totally legal you go in there shut the door lock it no one can stop you but if you
walked in said hey i'm willing to give some one thousand dollars if they fuck me and some girls like i could use a thousand dollars we're gonna shit ok let's do it but sharp get in here cops breakdown there are people are fuckin for money for the jewish age cash dead you're not gonna forget cage they could put you in a cage here but if i went over there and said that he wants to fuck the cops involved anyway if i just haven't you never know what have you ever ryan railed if you will take riah that ryan reynolds care and you walked into an office building unjust and want to fuck and maybe if you walked up to work one specific girl like maybe this is one everybody has this is one girl
every office building if there's an office building and has ten floors does one super slot in there is one he's gotta finder mean she's might be totally undercover just to normal lookin secretary but she's got that fuckin hint of great in her eyes and if ryan reynolds walked in looking shared open for some reason it didn't want to fuck that girl would be there should be there and should be we have to film this hidden cameras just send me into enough is absolutely the am i got you once the vote you get shot is plaza carroty getting sir squeezing it again now you don't do that how many infinitely universes would happen till along our gallant till i dig it later how many other stuff and i think it s not even why would you like four hundred buildings until finally you get laid every time eventually visiting rise guy get good at this cell that sell doug pound supports rape culture live on saliva com the com which is a dedicate
to your show this shows supports rape culture because it makes when it as i said in his arms to hug you because you make women think that it's ok for some threatening man to show up at the work that the rapporteur has not forgotten threatening with theirs penis he wants to you his penis he's let everyone now we don't want to know that you want to use your penis attention attention you i want to use my penis in this office it said i went interested but he's got out i can really almost ps shall be pretty and areas yeah sin dad did zoo yeah it'll areas is worse its awareness and sad that could be a show good show just douglas in response to turn a fuck we call them show that areas and sad some people would be ass citizens i rose and every now and then get laid we'd have to film the whole season before anybody new one if i take it that one yes billikin allergy thing i'll think you'd get you get many yes i think you'd be amazed that we did too
took a chance there's a lot of people their men and women negro your lot of mental fuck you you have to do both yet further show to be granted a wide net it's you ever says yes is you you that's the other part of the show is the first person to say yes that's it you ve gotta be whether it doesn't matter how it's a game show once they say some like you in a million dollars yeah now you that i mean maybe some of the gallery we reward slutty yes that's it if the girl said yes in more than just a priori sex with never meant no no no you to reward she once a reward she won for being the beer or now we're slug shaming will never go away selection we fucked up again i'm so sorry i did you know i had slut upping i gotta be given your money here we're going to say something very unpopular how like the word slut
like it either it well it implies that there's something wrong with a woman hamish yeah i think it's sunk deb word i think it's bad luck any i think it's yards that's it's weird that is a word i dislike it's fun they use the its funding i call them there's nothing wrong with being a promiscuity woman at all now like there's nothing wrong being promised goose man there is demand that switches collar
waitress number one de mer wages number one from hamley star from boston ass she would always tell stories about banning all these different guys she would issue is how larry s and she would tell stories about going out and bang and all these guys and almost always black eyes and she would just go in and and not almost always well it was one joke i go was last time you fucked a black eye she was like forever yos like seventh grade awry but she would tell us and we were all friends so as it was fun it was like a guy talking about banning checks but it didn't see nearly as gross it was actually more humor filled because she was so free about it and it was an issue was kind of bragging about it but it didn't hurt our feelings as men and she's out their fuckin men entered my feelings she was high and i could never i remember here i mean relaunch he's wearing a pair of like really nice genes and she told me i thought the ivy jean of india i mean you wouldn't even if you would use the word slut you didn't mean in a bad way with her
think the idea that abominably increase usa endeavour than a man pm promiscuousness us through gad so stupid niches share a terrifies it just terrifies guys you want to be in control to imagine a woman can do that without having to feel guilty about it that's what it yes that's exactly what it is that's exactly it as its men who are worried about losing control over the woman who loves body or the idea that even before you guys hooked up that she had multiple sex partners that will shame him he's grant holding her hand and knowing that these guys all saw her naked that sexual there which is i mean actual figures as we know is the course what happens of course it's a test the universe is testing are you a bitch ok if you freak out about some guy who your girlfriend before you ever even manner but europe ich because only bitches cling to the past specially somebody else's pass what's wrong with you man
we can now about she well i was going to do this thing in college and one time i try to three some get the fuck out of here yeah two guys in those really fine they wanted to do it again but can i want then they fight over you and one guy doesn't like you when you're having sex with the other guy and which is too much that's hilarious of other conversation that chick you're dating is revealing its cool cool school for some guy such fuck it or you at those guys come in you this guy fuck your mouth until your ass you wouldn't fuck your ass to no big deal yeah what's our soil it you gotta get married be the mother my children its we're because maybe we i would be saying the exact same thing but with a different tone and my voice did you did they fuck your ass oh ledge did these like
yeah man i'd the i am that's that's really sad thing i just feel bad because i think it's like i mean imagine if there was a negative connotation associated with guys having sexual i imagine your whole life was defined not just by like your sex drive but also by the sense of guilt it in with it where you had to be you have to like you a guy can have sex as much as he wants with pretty
zero gill but if a woman dies that there's this sense of like you re you're losing the valley lama ride out here you're like you'd like like yours some kind of like i don't know you're something that i gradually losing its essence and at such bullshit and so horrible to tend to think that that you have to deal with that girl that sending women have to deal with in its socks man their whole life is spent with this like undercurrent of guilt and when when there with a guy even if they don't think
they ve been so conditioned by like what is it like you know like virgins like the cult of the virgin the idea that there is power and a virgin are taking a girl's virginity or the untainted our like every time you're like every time you're having sex you ve been condition in some way so that it can you feel a little darker than you need to i'm sure many what i'm sure a lot of people over come that girl but it's a gilded guys have to deal with right it's then yeah you don't have to go to therapy be yourself right did sat by your desires yeah yeah ads it's i read a song of a picture on twitter where is like those two pictures one with a woman asking and one was an ancient asian guy an old asian guy wise zen master applying like why is it when a man has sex with many women he's a stud but if a woman does it she's a slut
and he said because a key that can open only open up our key that can open up many locks is a master key but a lock that works with any key is just a shitty lock that's in master sounds like a deck chinaman actual music is a sledgehammer fucking delight lawyering hey look
our forests launder tomorrow an article about some slight shame in being guy you know what i think man i think what they're doing is responding to the injustices of the world are absolutely real that is doing in a way that i don't agree with and i think that would be awesome as if these these things didn't exist at all if real sexism like real sexes we judge someone's solely on the basis of their gender not their personality end their gender which automatically default to gender if yo someone has a shitty personality even if the productive and in the job like you dont like their gender like give their woman if you have an issue with a woman at work he could become a woman haider just because by virtue of you having this argument about one person until like that
is resolved in our culture with like whether its racism or its homophobia whether it sexism you're gonna have to deal with backlash even from jokes because people are gonna automatically want you to stop even joking about things because if you have even those thoughts in your hand or even express those words you're hurting people but it is be shrill man if you're gonna fight the wharf dont be sure you know i don't like you do in there is some merit and apathy if you're gonna like go into battle so wrong we have hanno yes use the right strategy because otherwise you end up doing the exact opposite of what you intended which is that you come off looking like a more on any issue itself begins to seem even more relevant because i see more relevant especially when you're not using humor and you're talking out humor like you are discussing something in the context like as if it was said in court is an affidavit you know you're too
about as if its policy you're talking about as if it's a statement like this is what i believe let me sign there i thought this through i've printed it now these are my views on the matter you know your human nipple aid in the context in which is even describe them damn damn city should guarantee a dummy epistle of water i speak in a peasant have thought so how did you get involved with timid eric and how long you been doing it for about nine years ago i i moved out to allay ten years ago and nine years ago i answered a craigslist dad i wanted we're gonna funny tv show then i answered one craigslist dad said funny tv show needs and in turn that was them that's it funny tv show needs in our like comedy joe and it turned out to be this opportunities to do called tongue goes to the mayor time goes than tom tom goes to the mayor what was out on those on it
swim to carry their so we did that show i think three seizes at that and then they started their sketch show timid eric awesome show great job and i just working with those guys for a long time and you start out as an internal and then became a video editor yeah after just a few months no authority like how much experience and i brightest they're gonna understaffed brought on my laptop and i just would like because need help i can help photoshop star forever and lead to a job did you go to school for video editing to film school in chicago colombia college and i do editing there i guess that's cool so that's a great fuckin hollywood success story apply for an ad showed up at a show that needed work added your influence actually helped it and lunch you he owes a great thing
colonel lined up timing was perfect on that will those great guys to work with two because of their choices are so bizarre their choices are so unique that you kind of like you get established i really early not to take that cliche path wars he got like a gig they paid like really well but you how to do like three sons or what is that the two and a half man one of the five if you had a decent cookie coverage would it really it it eats on you it is so you that's what i had been going on when i lived and chicago's editing like commercial not commercials but like just like stuff like public these shit and startlingly to seoul crushing boring stuff i think that's one of the reasons why charlie scene when fuckin crazy like a lot of people think i'm an ass offer saying that what else is new
but i was talking about making binding yeah does you pray getting paid so much money to do like the latest yes totally not challenging not exciting not thrilling not creatively rewarding your right whatever so he gets a little crazy and so blow off steam what does he do those fucking crackdown getting hookers and going knotty tronchin we act as a tune happen don't just got back i think that's party its partly one of the reasons why he flew off the handle me eyes i was you gotta dig two personalities but i think we're gonna show like that is so soul socket i think if it was me i would say ok i have a hundred million dollars like right i can just do stuff i'm interested in but maybe he just had no kind of creative
angle on something you look at the difference between him then in him now and his anger management show you fucking never hear bottom anymore i mean he's not going crazy anymore went seems to be a better show a cheap hearing good things eddie bravo laxity thinks it's hilarious ivan washed it but i hear it's funny so he's doing this new show now that is like more creatively refreshing or whatever or maybe just bardell maybe did so much cover scouts top he knows almost over hey watch his own interviews and when we look at what the fuck as i do and oh my god it's out that's all i roll what owns a piece of that show too so he's making money even when asking pictures i just don't understand like for me personally i would i wouldn't take a job if i thought you'd be doing six months because i just recently got an offer to do it something that went for nine months but it was like might be something i can't be bored with right i'd rather takes
less money and do less jobs but just pick the ones that i really love doing by talking about it tells you get involved so calm you don't think it's gonna be a piece of shit until you're actually work and on it we cannot talk about it a second anything sitcoms a tricky they're fucking ricky man i was on a second there was a piece of shit and started a really good called hardball these guys jeff martin kevin current who wrote for the simpsons and they wrote for married with children they were really good writers really funny guys and fox didn't think that they can handle it so they took the show away from them and gave it to his hack from coach show oh yeah this guy i don't know what he did on coach but whatever he did he fucked up anything that was good he brutalized script he brutalized the work environment he just he alienated those guys from their own show and came in a rewrote everything on his yacht
to his into rehab everything i mean it was dignity dignity dog shit it was one of the worst fuckin changes from pilot to actual series ever no one was happy every wars like really really broken up about it and then they wanna firing em and then they gave it back to the riders but it was too late the show is in fact an for episode tailspin we did it only wonder bearing like five or six but i got to see that happen i gotta see something that was really good or budget dim its came in and through in there to santa just shit all over it seems to happen allow we're like the original creator gets like duff his own show you know john crystal lucy the guy who did runnin stumpy yeah here get happening every like created the sole show it was like his thing his complete vision and then they fired up like doing is show without the creator oh my god so crazy harmon harm and inhuman similar community right they brought him back yeah well that's how are we going to get there showed dummy like that
the thing about your shower novel and smoke of your ass for your show so obviously you it's you have this funny little smile in every episode where you're not the best actor in the world you not trying to be but its behalf of what's funny about it is that you're ito you're you're going through these incredibly ridiculous scenarios over and over and over again and i could recognise that year you now you are enjoying the actual peace while you're a part of it and it's fine man it's cool if somebody came in fuckin start adding to it especially some suit from coach damages dick all this shit what are you showing me right now those horrible and see what's funny i'm out of the just keep making these little youtube shows than have someone have that situation happened like where some network changes it in
why thank you show really it in some way could probably become so big because is so good that either you can't do that i think is solely possible i think i a blonde smuggle beer as again i think it shows really fuckin good and i think like letting all these people know about it now you're gonna get like more people downloading in many more people know about it on twitter is this a matter of time the that defining finding its hard sometimes so just so much good shit out there now it's hard for people to find stuff so what you do when you have a podcast towards that things you get to be good to be like a guy like shows people some cool stuff that you found and yes those opened the door for them so you you probably going to need a network they'll just fuck it up they would never let you get away with that there might be a network doing let there might be an hour ago adults where maybe the mean they let him and eric do their thing what kind of resistance and you guys have ever actually adult swimmers is pretty cool like that they can i like
today we can allow the freedom to obviously hear me fuckin show so crazy they show is so fond of work on because i would do screwed up at its like chop things up and like whatever like gonna make it oh god of it just to show them to do so they can you know just almost alike surprise them thinking they're gonna hate this by you'll be funny to see them and then maybe like do more than the other push push the weird assets and the network will be like that you like make it weirder was like great note to get i found out about you guys from any bravo any bravo like i don't know if he got it on line or on is it available online and how could you there's a dvd they'll boys i'm diamond erics dire adult swim dot com they have like a ton of episodes and bloodthirsty
he d somewhere here must be i'm pretty sure our daily lives every day because i remember him watching like a ton of all in a row and having people over the house to watch some people are like what the fuck are you watching like an ill at ease like you gotta understand what they're doing you know what they're doing like you that some people in eu trade showed them out of context and they just totally why don't really mad at this it's not funny they get mad that people think it's funny yeah that was already got some of those reactions with he fucking love that show called down he's always talking about that show just such a weird show what was the one where they play like a thing it was was it to play the guy that was in the
and there was a trailer park and got pregnant now is that was her funnier guy that we had to take the time areas the other terry hours and raising dark the craziest things i've ever seen so ridiculous and preposterous and a perfect example of just taking something tat can credibly weird place you never saw coming here great terrorists could one yet and where i'm does music videos now a gorilla give music created they have you seen why oh yeah you should see it some of these music videos at every seen some other music videos you i'll buy you a lot about you should watch bubble by man pulled i didn't music video with eric
banana bush backpacker bush yeah backpack or or back back regular boogie relate as you know we are at this backpacker bar and he was talking about the bushes there and we you'd make a song a rap about it like yeah let's play that man i want to see that a given that no while crack mia oj put out backpacker bush soon it's true man there but it's true that even though on the appalachian trail in europe is hiding i'm sure you have a mass of bush is that what they are talking about bushes you'll see ok don't tell me watch it provokes at home was events honour skip ad and add four was he has shown that channel endowed with higher things smell appears i got where you got some those planned
so what is that girl out of tabs going right now what is as adults
ps takes a little man does walks into the club is a giant that by guy with gold chains looks like a pretty created foggy place gotta these internally forbidden i personally like decrees months on from what the point is we please my lovers postmaster exceeding have them we always claim many swedes just well stay until you're makin patrice among some you have to see what you have to see how the classrooms says we're missing so much of it now we want to play it i just want to let some because otherwise it just about yeah he's gonna like a guy like that context is that you ve got this giant weird wrapper and backpacker bars by a piece is play city girt with alien it's pretty strange you gotta does it cried out nobody is another one and i recommend you to check that this is not something you should listen to should deafening wash you gotta watch all these yet well that's the beautiful stage about their show the shows the visually it's bizarre this
much weird shit out now because of that you know because that sort of opens up the doors to absurd sort of style of comedy these becoming more popular it i like like that the fact i like the fact that the internet like anyone can have their own thing and if it goes to carriers on it it is on the allegory talking about people there were on twitter that are funny on twitter more credit great yeah out for sure yeah all it needs is what is jamie the alex not play this while we're talking i don't know what you're doing think it's it's it's beautiful cause all takes us like one person who find it they send it to someone else yes suppers and sell an invite really spreads mean so many things that are made by regular folks just virus spread that dump it doesn't even have to make sense it goes there is some people that we're not famous at all and they made some christmas rap about play
doing something in their christmas jammies it was like the husband the wife and kids it's gonna fuckin thirty million views or something like that is totally homemade thing that they did and it's just people start sending to each other work and then next thing you know it's a gigantic huge fucking thing to freight train running over america spreading from email the email call visible i did these videos every synergy i joe voice over remix videos from ten years as or sell guide me am i mean my friend made the first i will as i might really my friend eric fencers idea but what is it they went like viral there these little thirty second united you know about those rights knew about this before i knew you had done it like i watch does when i was in probably
i give my last year of cow is likely nineties we made some order to they re voice tell virginia joe commercials more like what their lips were kind to be saying but just mixed images weird interests we as the same stuff that you do manages the same also god i don't know the greens late you're not going to listen to what is theirs thirty seconds either code are also held like bastardize joe public service announcements in my hand me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me immediately we do to turkey will hinder i'll call you later style you haven't i didn't have always used i will do tat can do rallies
you'd have to see that that's not the cartoon the g i joe cartoon with different voices over it now i can remember it gave all we did those before you tube and we put em we made like a quick time you know back in the day had to like watching quicktime what's up important before you tube or bc that's the needless it reset on time before where we are in a year five right now what year awaited when therefore youtube is new b c i mean is finally waste oracle like for historical we area we getting it reset the clock that is if you really stop and think about it the air the ability to distribute information like that in video form never exist before like that again that sort of a quick and easy to me really will have an impact at similar to a messiah that is wild to visit a in a ways while the internet certainly is a lot of ways
i believe the internet wasn't a real thing i need talked about if you were all sitting around a campfire and you like one day there will be a discovery and discovery will be that we can communicate our ideas not just through our mouths but through wireless transmissions that can be picked up on the other side of the world why this what do you mean internet could work not just on one continent but on all continents high up camp they would go crazy delegate the flashlights out i delete that giordano bruno guy on fire because he insisted the universe was infinite in our so imagine what they thought they were due to you if you ever predicted the internet god is there anything that anyone can say right now that there get thrown in jail for lax about a scientific concept to know now we're pass that we're done except if you're in like some shit hole that in our still wants to teach creation is not to throw you in jail because it is always feel that a friggin out because a word neil thyssen said on cosmos weight with interventions are they re just wanted there there counterpoint
is what they want they want and also the creation is point of view too because he was saying pretty clearly we understand the creation as contradict i thought ironical side of the universe is so tiny louis and what i thought i read it in the middle east there we're gonna dig atheists and was being criminalized or something but i don't remember where i saw that somehow probably see age is trying to get us excited about over their fucking things like eight yeah i mean they're allowed atheists then with the liberals have to step in and go we have to protect atheist right and salon dot com should we invade syria since their assaulting atheists should we now reconsider our invasion to protect atheists em i don't think that would sell as hard as if they were like you know blocking
christianity or something i think the propaganda should be like a crime of the highest order yes manipulation like that that was really true of someone actually really did do something like that in order to get people excited about war and made up some bullshit about them attacking atheists minorca get support on one side and the knowing the people going to die because of that data should be true yes they should be treated as like more than capital or because its murder of possibly hundreds thousands if not millions of people who may cause you did cause with one engineered conflict could cause a chain reaction that would cause a nuclear war which may be ruined the environment forever the eu should be treated like that right but anyone who instigates war like we are so large a lot about the idea that they were considering a false flag attack on i ran a false flag attack that ran engineered on america right before the end of the bush administration is aware that
there was something which is it known fact that i'm pretty sure i should probably google it but cheney bullets let's look up cheney planned false flower cheney planned false flag i ran chain it was pretty much established that there were considering it nice guy though is the ship he i hear he's always like so cool like worthy of you ever haven't you around with me or there is a great guy the black out on cheney i ran false flag there's a guy google it jamak as is only four minutes is a guy talking about it when i read cyclical that you wrote that
actually most interesting article hasn't got that much attention but i'm gonna take on this and this will relate to strike an incident that happened nazi germany remember that it was in the strait of what a moose there was an incident where an american carrier almost blew a couple of iranian speedboats modern perhaps would have started the next war against iran or potentially three it was averted thankfully the last i can we later learned that there is really nothing to be concerned about the incident was overblown and that there was a vice admiral in charge of the fleet and an industry to farmers who said this there is no concern there it was a good one but we have the second part basically you is concerned with red mean everything can you talk about at this juncture those animals name is kevin cosgrove and and you you write nonetheless conscripts demeanor angered cheney
according to the farmer senior intelligence official lesson was learned in the incident the public had supported the idea of retaliation and was even asking why the u s did do more the former official said a few weeks later a meeting took place in them the president's office the subject was how to create a casus belli between taliban and washington he said arriving there that we are moving in the right housework channing presided over look took up the next wore a fast war based on fast intelligence my son is a lawyer and when i send this story before goose publish it basically in a final form just a deity he went back and he said you will be buried the lead in this one a casus belli
from oppressive here where there was a meeting among a number of items among adams considered and rejected which is why didn't you work with did not publish it on grounds that it wasn't accepted one of the items was why not everything was a dozen ideas profit out of a trigger war the lender interest to me the most was why don't we go we and our shipyard bill for five votes it looked like a rainy bt boats but maybe seals arms and the next time not about boats goes through the straits of her moods status should have customize
and it was injected because you're kind of americans killing americans but back that's it that's the lever of stuff we were talking about the creation ok but that wasn't holy fuck that was rejected by the idea that there could ever be discussed and you nuts argument the nineteen sixty either you talking about the two thousand come on we'll just spit darlin here which is thrown i hate the only way to really be united on siren boxes how come you guys you're offer fuckin freedom with jokes he can't be free with foreign policy
we have decreed rain storming throwing things around man and committed to these things man we're fuckin free spirits here that's the kind of outside the box taking neck you in their position dick he had a fuckin fake heart for why do they know pulse that's not in the bible lieutenant dude who's running the military is a constant blood carbon straight through you touch him he doesn't have a policies dead does israel pump now know now is a real heart to heart transplants somebody else's heart i would a catalan i sent a joke about bin laden's heart that's what they're not raised about joke about how there was an extra secret service agent and everybody else was eaten burgers they gave him tofu and salad there's like what the fuck like job more lapse i won't fucking you guys aren't joggins fucking job more labs and they follow chain no matter what with a giant truck that had no markings i'd like which with the truck shut up and do more lapse in the moment cheney dies they fuck and take this guy hold them down and got him like a fish pull out is beautiful healthy tofu ridden heart open cheney up thrown back to our constituents that when you open up chinese chest cavity bats fly it's probably like that episode are there the scene in the movie the thing john carpeting movie where's chest opens up like a giant man just fucking snap your arms is its own mouth dedicated to remember that seen in adopting the scene the thing with a first found out those fuckin a monster amongst when a great movie great here there's a really old thing is really kind of interest that's the one i'm talking about new and his mind on unknown unless it is three ready then this three there there's one from the nineteenth fifties its i think it's the fifties the adjusted carpenter thing is like a really legit scary movie tat is oh yeah the john cranberries great hey man the new ones are bad either the new one is not bad the thing from another world it's called from nineteen fifty one it's based on yeah that's the original story original story is saying that are out in the cold it's fucking great because it's not just a movie it's also a time capsule like you you're watching like they didn't know shit about making movies backed down lithuania and it was so that here it is here that this is still here you're not scare people with film from another word same fact this is the spot where it was first seen and these are the first people who saw the thing this autumn and eric scouted it get here where did it come from what is it that i did not create remedy an ice like i got very then it was all those hands i gotta tell you about it you imagine one single woman the hysterical through water in their face two bottles yet just found in question that not even the world's greatest scientific mines cannot get over do you realize what we found
being from another were different from us one pole we can only communicate with it
i have some is working to see that a blast of cold hurdles screen tomorrow you can call me in my netflix looks q it's got to be man tell you too big to watch issued on fire so stupid claims can be destroyed nor bullets kill our story of modern science that challenges imagination ok it's also really the full movie i mean i was playing those trapped there is nowhere to go so i watched it was movies are always better on the plain a lot of times it was it was available it was for i was flying in england and it was long flight natalie got pretty good selection of movies you could read but he could watch rather and this was one of my fine joy the shit man i am i was like in tears watching agenda for afghanistan like run com it made you cry like lacked as i was on a plane
for some reason i was like connecting with the storm watering up like what is it about the play is its oxygen larder gap on a plane lupi drunk or might look like ipods actually more my lubricated diaper i watch two woody allen movies plain i watch woody allen movies forever and i watched two of them on a plane it's blue jasmine airplane aren't gonna watch and hotel room but i watched the other one on playing midnight at paris i like that sk fuckin movie but our endeavours i don't watch wasn't trapped in a seat rise a really good movie but was interesting washing owen wilson play woody allen had seen it yeah don't willing video and that's why i guess i wasn't paying attention on our storm how could you pay attention means like so obvious what he's doing he's doing his version of woody allen and me he is woody allen what i'm too old to do their carriage anymore nobody wants to see him talk about being in love anymore so yes
other people sort of play him like as avatars own wilson is essentially his avatar and that movie two trippy movie surreal trippy movie he's a weird case man owen
what both on the bullet no less lot long flight i was i saw very linden what's rubric film oh yeah like four hours long but i was flying to new zealand so had like all this time to kill and that's like never film i would ever watched is it safe for hours long that's the one that they say that that's one of the ones that spies cool man in conspiracy kids they say that the so that i wanted to film candlelight without using regular lighting so we needed a special kind of camera to do it and they say that nasa developed this special wins the film candlelight or something and then that's the beginning of the conspiracy theory that he traded this lends fur while he did ya he invented his own camera he i don't know the exact details we like took a nasa camera unlike put his own special lens on it very linden was seventy five
but it was within this setting you not i mean like you wanted to shoot candlelight right but under the enemy man avenue man dies i only dies i didn't write it i don't know i didn't sixteen between sixty nine seventy to lose all the moon missions we went to the moon right we want to learn in seventy eight most likely by would say ninety nine percent but we also have that one percent was sure if they really faked if that would be hilarious i'm still willing to hold that hopefully the only if they fares data if they only went there for sure faked it really gay at this point i am conceiving more of an accomplishment now the people had been in space we know that people deaf linking go to space we know the people definitely can go to space stations that's all those are huge accomplishments going to the moon for sure is another huge accomplishment but making that they went to the moon is a magnificent display a propaganda they really did do that
it would be incredible i was convinced for years that they figure men that's something like ever get that weird ache when you realise like you'll never get to stand on the moon or like you'll never get to stand on mars that filings joint want to ever stand in those places those places suck fuck you now how dare you would be amazing that i don't know i said how dare you of celtic mars it be cool though obese like one are like when you read about tighten and how it's like oceans of methane yeah you can live on their son but it because i know i'm just saying if you are a mortal the like see what an ocean of methane look like they could make thickest
the camera there i'll watch the footage maybe they are happy with that i did send a camera that i think that's the move from now on i think it's in the drone to get deep in film this ill so we get so advanced and we have to get so fuckin advance that we can just go places like instantaneously then it would be exciting because like look travelling to another country used to be some insane thing that no one dead when sailboats i mean we can't even rap our head around how distant australia was five hundred you're right we can't we kids not available to us the ideas and even available that you will even the euro the average person it lived here in amerika you have that the concept of australia was so alien to you but now it's a mean
twenty percent the people that you run into been australia raymond would mean worthy of us at least if you travel around comedians pro even higher than that i know a lot of people have been australia i know people jim jeffreys was on the pact as here they he fucking is from australia you know i mean it's normal weak we can't even imagine what is going to be like a thousand years now you probably can go to a planet easily when you can go to space easily price will be like a thousand years of innovation because i think that the difference between getting out into space and getting back pretty quickly and actually going somewhere in living like battle start galactica type shit we're probably so fucking far from that or so far from that that is as far as the internet is from people were riding horses from the internet before they we re out i think we who s invention would be telephoning yeah i could just like being hawaii right now we're after this week to work outside of just snap were on quite hawaii
fact if they minitel importing though pretty dough thereby ruin the world wouldn't it images too much tramp i won't be trampling on the pretty place teleport do i like use an app just be filled with people i can imagine visas instantly go to hawaii time you wanted the beautiful thing about her wise takes five hours there on a plane that's what's all awesome about at the quickest way to get their five fucking our that's why it's so awesome
you ever read that stephen king story the jews the jaunt now what are you so good i think it's called the john of fog it so good man it's like they ve invented teleportation it's somewhere in the future they have like airports for teleportation but the thing is they ve got a nest the ties you so the ears sleep when you go through because of your awake when you go through it feels like infinity it feels like your floating in blackness for infinity and people come out the other side insane or like you know i gotta have lost their minds because they did their their jibbering and probably how it will be because what would teleportation be like dissembling your atoms and in reassembled somewhere else yeah that's a good question i mean is it going to be like some star trek type shit in the story they say like it's a really quick story so i can barely sit stupid just read it this is a little bit of a spoiler but you should just read it anyway but they want to know what happens in
the teleportation device because they figure out that of a thing is awake when it comes to the other end it dies so they get someone on death row i tell you go through and tell us what happens in their we're gonna like let you off the year sentence will be forgotten you'll be forgiven guy comes out the other side he's like fucked up and he says it's a long time and there are many dies you what did you hear about that recent idea that they come up with some sort of a chemical treatment they would give to someone that would allow them to live a thousand years and eight hours yeah the equivalent of a thousand years and eight hours why yeah i've super strong weed out i'm really slows down i don't know the logic behind it i dont understand that i've tried to understand what their what they're saying but the idea being that you would experience the equivalent of a thousand years by yourself
in eight hour they would suck as you you can't like rita what would you do you're just like in a state of staring got that sounds like a great it be a horrifying experience while now who's to say that yes we hear prisoners could serve a thousand year sentence in eight hours biotechnology could be used to make prisoners feel as if they were serving a thousand year sentence like what the problem is man than those people can really serve those thousand your senses take a daily to those people would fuckin come out crazy you come out how to make society with that thousand year sentence like the bradley manning situation they d kept that guy now girl they kept him in a cell by himself for days days days day these days became years years years no contact with human beings totally naked and cold and we then then just broken over time just broken broken i mean
the idea that you could go through years and years solitary confinement naked and be the same person you are when they brought you in their deserted since a lot of people in solitary confinement i heard some story about like i am pr something like they used to do it s like our special punishment put you in there for put you in the hole for lower but now it's like people are just permanently in solitary for like years or something why would we only contact is like when they get the lunch guide sliding luncheon that's fucking crazy that's fucking completely crazy like the idea that you can do that to a human being i mean if you want to do that through human beings should be killing person objects like rather die than did it for the rest of your life there s you'll live by yourself that's a weird kind of special torture yeah you're just holding them here for some reason you're like we're just going to keep you on the edge of infinity for as long as we will keep you alive but everything that you know everything that you have come to understand is being a human being is totally taken away from the outside of the basics you can eat you can shit
you can pass and sweep but that's it the syrian push some purpose the idea the idea is unbelievably insane and there's nothing you can do about it that's what they do and to try to change that now i mean it there's a goddamn mentors movement i mean the amount of people that have been put in solitary confinement them our time that's been devoted to this style of torture they can you and remove one of the most important aspects being a human being contact and unjust break you break your mind how is that helping society by like torturing someone tell me that person look at that there are eighty thousand americans currently held in solitary confinement what the fuck well what's number three analysed solitary confinement was developed as a humane alternative to what took shoot him in the face of water boarding didn't want her boy boyfriend s latest action
our borders is an old technique rodya hours a day there's reports that i'm doing it i think i d like to lady teen hundreds or world where one or something this book i'm reading about about world war two pilots they're talking about some was torturing someone waterborne techniques kind of like silas scenes wow spin around saunter scarce shit man i mean if you really think that someone's that bad we should we remove them which are moving from society remove them period and if you don't you gotta to give them what it is to be human you gotta let him interact with people if you don't mean you're you're not just punishing them here torturing them you kid the constant chinese torino drip it's happening to solving the problem it's making like more problems right near for sure what what's going on in abu ghraib or go unutterable gray what's going to guantanamo bay
but what is that torture is causing more more terrorists or something what you are talking about the last time we were discussing chemical water border india this chemical larry i'm malaria deserves that they might ass well there's a drug larry him that my friend took got complete amnesia said this drug larry em they give it prisoners in guantanamo bay and really high doses when they first get there and you know it the potential for causing amnesia and when you have amnesia when someone can really control you because you don't remember who you are and see someone i'll just tell you you are this is all detainees at guantanamo bay all of them taking this larry on defence department forced all war on terror detainees at the guantanamo bay prison to take a high dosage of a controversial anti malaria drugs
actual term is male effect between malthus weaned as this does this affect only have only affects a certain percentage of people who take a while if you like allergic to innocent while it gives you shitty dreams minimum i mean some people may be done that but i'll give you should he dreams without a regular dose giving these poor bastards huge doses of this stuff so i mean you're already going crazy you ve been kidnapped by you know kids have fi weirdos a lot of those people were shepherds you know they were just out there like doing nothing there were just farmers and they were in the wrong place at the wrong time swept up
had a trial in a black helicopter never see your kids you your family again you dig into this weird island by these psychopaths you start poisoning you son in america does not america honeys on america there in cuba that's crazy that's in cuba to its very crazy and its call mean the u s army public health physician is the one who name did pharmacological more boarding there was a u s army physician came up with that term pharmacological waterborne is when you have amnesia you don't remember you aren't you start believing what people are saying to you there like yes you're a terrorist fewer involved i thought there in terms of the nice dealer who live in this if you live in this in this room now this little cement room and that's your home this is u impatient do that to him at least be a little make us feel a little better it's an insane to think about being kate like imagined like just to reverse that your
walking down the street your uncover city helicopter comes down grabs you carries you away suddenly earn some weird brick building with people who you came on and see what they're saying there's a translator with em they're just like telling what tell us what you did we know what you did where there s the attacks gonna happen when they said that they they d the premise that they would deliver tools they say in case you people have malaria but before they would even test them from aware they would give them a dose five times higher than the prophylactic dose giving to individuals to prevent the disease and that may my friend completely forget is passed by ended he he eventually remembers it now oh yeah but it took as it a temporary that's scary about a man look up where it says there was invented by u s army and was routinely given to soldiers deployed overseas
look up larry i'm suicide now there's this famous suicide note by a guy lost a shit on larry him and then just killed himself if you really want to like see how bad they should as this is a really dark d thing is what they are probably given at the soldiers to prevent malaria and then they realize i want this this has a very unique property all the best drugs come out of a military stuff right my only is it asked from like air like airforce yet i will not airforce use our lady like i think with japan and germany were the first we will come up with a believe brew first people to harness it for military reasons to the event ecstasy for the war and dna imagines like everyone's on excess they desire many whether they also did experimenting with dm tee the way terence mechanic first found out about the m t he knew a guy worked in the army research lab guy came up with a barrel for this stuff
i'm pharaoh said the army had a barrel of this showed a barrel of dm two led synthesizer fuckin barrel this shit the poorest of the pure clean one i am pointing micro drop when do an effect while you smoke it but yeah he said that they had distant insane supply this stuff and in mckenna was that was how he was introduced the empty it was the army's fuckin deity that godparents mckenna the first time
and then he was like ho lee shit and then he went from there to become the tenants were can we all knew and lie he got high the first time a military great deity of first time he got high on the anti it was from the fucking u s army research lab supply that's some guy who used to refer to as the real parents mckenna he knew a guy like many of us do growing up in this house can underground and this the guy that was the real guy who told him about all this stuff and sort of it was his guru of all these statue is tat some cat there was a scientist mckenna mckenna got ahold of dm tee from him for the first time and now he said that they basically how to hold them down like i just couldn't stop saying i can't believe it i can believe it i can i believe this is real i can make what he's saying recite a barrel
when he saw me he had his idea of what drugs were many had psychedelic experiences he had had lsd had done morning glory seas and hence a pretty intense visionary experiences but the description of dm tv programme best one that i've ever come up with is mushrooms times a million plus aliens that if you think that mushrooms are crazy and they are crazy mushrooms are absolutely mine blowing life changing things and you think well that's about crazy can get and then you do damn teeny go way this isn't even thinkable i could even have made this up i can almost imagine mushrooms almost not really but almost but then dm teeth in an insider dm two trips a lot of times you'll have it'll show you something that's impossible to show you something a million times more impossible you think you ve hit the annual this is how could this be and then law do you remember these things they are just remember think seeing you remember seeing something that's impossible to egypt
to get a second very s appeal finally i want to see implausible stuff the best way to remember it is write it down or to talk about it and recorded but two
true memory of it the true memory of how to be completely honest with you is very fragmented very like there's lessons that i learn for sure and there's images are still recall and its feelings that i can remember like being in the middle of and having these feelings but its slips through your things like a super psychedelic dream will you wake up and you're like what the fuck was that in five minutes later you can it don't remember search i carry the ocean home in your hands yes and you feel but you you but i see but you still feel good from it it's like somebody whispered the secretive everything endear ear and its good news and then you're like a verb eliza any care member in the uk but you just feel after you ve done it it's a snapchat its snapshot with god and haven't let it god says yes snapchat and that is what it is that we have put a man in a way that you have the memory that pussy in your face yeah you just remember bids raising its
i've changing and are really positive way like it's for most people but i have heard some people have four million erasmus experiences onto yelling and finally it are the girl did i do
empty and am anima and she said you just like go entered she took it in our law yet i'm gonna get her on the part of tat man what's your name neuro soup genera you're a youtube channel she was also the girl there was a part of that whole thing with that guy that had a mit media lab laxity silos lsd laugh it was hardly i saw that documentary yeah was a vice pc was the girlfriend yes and was it wasn't that hamilton mars it wasn't hell yeah yeah yeah i was out and and it was a vice peace she was the girl friend she was a stripper and she met this guy was a drug dealer and it became is i mean is a while story i really want to stop there i want people to do not get it from me to get it in its entirety highly recommended it's really cool to really cool in its creepy really creepy crazy scare like sad that someone could into these mind expanding drugs and then be so dark to get a dark yeah
sort of place i mean he was a fuckin informant for the government to me it was really got really crazy a drug dealer became an informant i'm not telling you anymore you gotta look it up it's a goddamn great movie it would be a great movie if somebody like like i'm just a factual accounts with no fuck airy you dont have to doc hurry up at all it's an amazing account soup is her name on youtube she's got some great videos on youtube and hurry youtube stuff and then her hamilton mars thing i don't remember what the we're hamilton morris's title of it was you find it more people know but look there's some weird stories out there are people have done some terrible things don't put dm tenure ass all may or do well what happened i wanted what's their report she's well she still with us right i think what happens when you put dm tenure asshole is probably pre similar to what happens we do intravenous easily
in the intervening trips that were reported by doktor extract men in the book dm team spirit molecule they were very long they were like instead of ten to fifteen answers the neural dm teacher up there were more than a half hour and much more intense it seemed like that people like right to the source since farmer cobia be able the name of his show what's the name of the island is a civic up as a simple good than her report was like it wasn't getting to this sore she was lying neuroses wrapped in these tunnels are something crystal crystals enamored k are why s de l e emeralds and morris and neuro sue just google that you'll find it but hamilton is very cool guy very interesting guy has a lot of really fascinating videos and in articles about various academics is a very bright guy knows a lot about them on top of beings cannibal coup weirdo
on the package we fucked up we're going to catch you kate while very came over to talk to me about the tank and we went to the lazy maize he can get too high he seems like he's assistant drew giant the whole world and you too i got two bred man got too we went to deep we we fucked up because it was not the only time you did that was we definitely that within thingy boarding to because we like financing that i myself was useless chemical he's very cool can it held this shit together yeah he's very cool i really love that guy but we we just kept gone i kept hand and the joint kept talking to those i desist motherfucker even know because the people live in new york i mean i knew these guys experienced a lot of subsidy ass right so i knew he'd be fine but of a certain point time the body just as a breakdown even joey ds we
probably seven eight hits and do you know where that go yeah you're talking on a pod cast yeah did fuck and might be looking together if you d never talk purchase managing your thoughts and talking at the same time within its problematic yeah if you are that thing that you can smoke yourselves sober eating that's true i heard that people just forget what sober what do you mean smokers of sober there you're bait apparently you're not stone anymore area it starts triggering a thing in your brain they actually acts as an antidote or something i do you get a high enough dose and it starts having our verse effect sounds like something yemen to stake you get it is over i wonder ok let's go with that can use most small yourself how can one the first things you look up in google it's right there
find out what it is i who answers ok smoking yourselves server is possible read here from marijuana dot com i'm no answer to be legitimate miser doug bents bathroom they sponsor everything who does i figured that the calamity receptors in your body absorbed oh what is this what is i sum i can go was really smart to relax ok this is hilarious because he obviously cut and paste the word because there the different fought between figured out the inevitable result of his work like oil look at it
smaller it's in capital letter said more than all the rest and the font become smaller for the rest of the thing so copy and paste it in word press this is one of those articles written by the robot was talking about now this guy wages smoked himself silver when he wrote this article it is guy fucked up as what he did now not barney bullshit is the word and damn eyed and a damn i'd a why in aid and
a m i d so we get so we're halfway through your session is just because you finish breaking down the old tac basically ok it's not forget doesn't he's ok let's smoke you may like myself sober let's try it this guy's response i feel like in theory that first half sounded really good then your bake didn't this just took you down different it's hard to reach giant premises when there's a carousel spinning around in your head playing music if you get what i'm saying i feel like although the erika ii it is possible i doubt one would ever philip every receptor in their brain would see it see this using a further increase of your high i think you just get so i forget your eye that's my theory is much easier outcomes razor go with that
it's over as you so bake you forgot i'm sober dude you forgot what being sober really feels like he's talking shit gradually to get that i mean are you sure i'd like to get that i if i know i'm going to do something like flying a plain real that man hey that's when shall we be thinking about this the plane for self to areas along every little thing every little thing they can go wrong have focused as it does is man i think it's good to have those experiences are renowned them because when you land you feel so good about life you so happy you just sobered up and nothing happened in rio but a plane is a good place to get really i because you're in a relatively safe place outside of the fact like when its i've been so keenly together i've been so i wanna play when i was taking off
i thought i was gonna start screaming like for a quick quick second ariosto ones yeah it happens man you feel like you're gonna have a heart attack is like that sounds great but then when you're in the air and also the time shit man more member on air france remember which one but we want yeah yeah what happened what happened i just remember having ingested and news more coming onto the into the airport area way outside the airport i remember wearing near where no earlier than words illegal i remember taking inedible in colorado after the war way after the war like job because it's like it's like you have see they ve picked him up with these
first class insane seat i've i still think about it like every couple of days i think about that flight just because it was so luxurious i've never been in a year like flying with the illuminati there's like dutch oil billionaires across from your act like it's normal you watch it might take their shoes off and put on new parents they have like luxury flying clothes that they wear pajamas pajamas they put on their pajamas in your seat goes all the way back in it's a big huge weird bubble see thicken swirl around but so it's a perfect place to be super high until we hit
fuckin turbulence remember that oh yeah and when they captain came on is that this turbulence is probably gonna keep up for the rest of the flight and i'm fuckin manlike scare like your arms which do that what am i gonna get drunk at the airport that's what i do is i ve been in those turbulent flights were set three hours a turbulent it's the word drake and then you're like not is terrified unfortunately german we're out time and mad store i'm sorry sorry freak everybody else happened dug it is at the end of the story that's our goes vines line to that you show and they show on youtube how do people find it again power you can go to my website doug pound with two jeez dad come or just don't how rattle thank you so much for the incense i'm gonna burn some of this key david i love the smell of share not so
so be it's a beautiful way keel chant we do our part s ponchas i want to thank our sponsors thanks to taking things too good a rogue indicating save twenty five bucks you first thanks also on a dot com gotta go in i teach the code word rogan save ten percent of any now suddenly i will be travelling to miami tomorrow so excited be with young tony and we will be going to the filmore play the jacket leasing theatre in miami morning you became fuckers and then i will be in autumn or in orlando by the end of the month very excited though shows are almost sold out but there is still some tickets laughter miami orlando is april eighteenth baltimore that's why you're running done africa if you want to listen to one of the most awesome plaque ass in history the universe than you wanna listed duncan trust a family our that's available duncan trust that com is also available on itunes it's also states universe wants you to be a part of this and you want to be part of the universe since your car pretentious magic i said the only to be a part of the universe is if you pay attention ass i mean it i get on it in i teeth for where rogan say ten percent i will be back next week we lot of great podcast criminal next week i want to tell you it is somewhat surprised you with us in this so much leather buddy see next weekend and for everyone a big hug in a big
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