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#494 - Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen

2014-05-02 | 🔗
Brendan SchaubĀ is a mixed martial artist and also a former college & pro football player. Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian. Together with Brendan Schaub they "The Fighter & The Kid" podcast.
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I think tank top look at that. The Joe Rogan experience as he gets older is getting more and more feminine talking about war. Talking about, I don't even like the food, be marked as your body's preparing you to come this way for, like older days, my sister, my sister, looked at me and she goes. You know you got a game when I go. I see this because you look like one of those fish in a polluted lake. Our bodies get. I was like what I'm the same way too. Has no you're not gonna, start eating and shove food producers you're a dime piece for them for the gay community. For so I'm not really. I was just in New York with gay men. I was at the duplex surrounded by game. No looks I got nothing, that's when you know you're getting a
well you. On the other hand, the way you walk around dude, you don't walk around. Like you got possess yeah, I wasn't work around like you're uncomfortable he worried about how they're perceiving because my neck hurts. That's why you hurt yourself shaving exactly my chest. Hurt myself shaving my chest: you hurt your neck when you're shampooing your hair come off as a bottom I'd say in the gay community. I think just press it from the bottom lot of gay men are just way more. Muscular was walking down West Hollywood. I was literally the guy who looked like he had rickets. I didn't appreciate it. Plus it's a different bird. My first week living here, I was walking in West Hollywood. Never been there right. Yeah going down, there was not familiar was gave Bill Hong, which is I do not care, but you have a tank top
because I just got done working out doing box over there, there's no way to walk around without a tank top on once you get boxing, especially if you're going to be in a gay neighborhood neighborhood sacrificed for America not make this. I was going to say you order with a tank top, because you were in your experimental phase. This things you have to do, and sometimes you just gotta. Sometimes we like playing hard to get a boy likes to play, girls. It will put on a short skirt and high heels. You did. They have a man. They just feel that everyone know that the business might be goes down to the public, but it's still operations brings all the boys to the yard. Shop knows the size of every one of his friends dicks I can guarantee he investigates. That's a question. He asked he's like straight into the river cities, gave the new season, honest meant, uncomfortable yeah, it's honest man and he let his likes talking about boyish stuff, but I was in West Hollywood. Richard Simmons pulls up and Alexis in full costume goes. If I
had. One wish would be to be with you for a night. I don't know you It's not an accent, but that's probably the best impression anybody I've ever heard. I don't know how I don't know how to do it. I don't want to do like my voice. I don't want to my voice. I don't even know if that's if it's possible that came out of your mouth, I feel like I'm getting those weird right. You feel like, I feel richer shares talks like this. I'm actually watching the number of cows eat. Looking over a James, Scott and more of a he's louder and he's excited there, you go it's Richard Simmons. I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. I heard which Simmons I was looking over to see if Jamie was somehow other work in the buttons and slipping get in there. I was shot, I'm sure how many experience with less Hollywood, really flamboyantly gay exercise instructors look at.
Two months ago, I don't fucking, get it. What about me? What about me by the way Richard Simmons Richard Simmons, has a bad down there, but he feels like he's built like a cpa. I've never seen him Skinnyfat bill he's been huge, japanese, his muscular as your average librarian Steve Maxwell in here the other day, strength and conditioning coach, kettlebell guy he's Zach Maxwell's dad who is the top Flite Jujitsu fighter today, these days, on one of the only guys have Chrome, Gracie Zach MAX was a real beast. Is Dad Steve Maxwell? It's like, then, my kettlebell, instructor and friend for years. Is that a valet uhm he's well he's got the craziest life ever man he's not out of la he's out of everywhere. He travels all over the world. He goes. He goes there I don't remember the original point, were you just talking about uh being muscular an versus like Richard Simmons? is built like a Crossfit instructor. That's what it is he reduce me to the guy who invented Crossfit. I didn't know the guy invented glass Fit is fat. Well,
Greg he's not even he's not even remotely in shape, he got a gut and I can't listen to that. Have you seen it? No, but I'm saying, if of big fat, guys trying to learn how to lift I'm gonna, be like non cool bro. Look at this look at this image of this guy know, but that's because that Greg has a set of tits now had polio when he was young and one of his legs is much smaller than the other and so far so has titties because of it. No, but he can he can exercise the way you would be able to, because the S p had polio and he's partially paralyzed chills as it does now. He does so. What he does is he on. He was a real good gymnos when he was younger, but because he's got issues with his back his spine, he that's that's. That's how it's hard for him and put it was also, I call bullshit, that's enlightening, but it seems like he's over eating, and it's diet, I mean, if you're he's obviously was walking around right walks around yeah.
This is of Crossfit we're not talking about the guy was the head of Arby's. Ok, we're talking about the guys ahead. If I look at that, I mean if that is nice and health are going to listen, maybe maybe knows things like there's some people that are really good. Coaches, that never really thought. There's people who are like students have all sorts of different things, whether it's athletic movements and they don't possess any physical talent. It's a sue super common thing. In fact, sure people become fans of football, no more about football than football players who are professional, that's faster absolute same thing with them at your average coach in football, not for sure I mean there there, like Rex, Ryan, those guys just way out of shape, told Johnny. I mean you know perfect examples, perfect example true, but in football some of those lineman are big boys out of shape. So you can see that the point is you. Can you ask for pointers, saying you can only got a mascot size without without being the walking embodiment, exercise, but look at all those other people. Jamie just threw up. There's other people that are all fit instructors. Look at that. That's what they're supposed to look like that
the third one in next to the blind, hot chick? He tells me something to do it, I'm going to do it. He said The job would say how high the guys abs are ridiculous, definitely not listening to the guy who's that feed out on the end, because I find that strange well when they say give us your best pick and you do that, I'm not going. I don't think, is that flexible, they're all fine for Maine I like it, I like it. You don't want to have one on one with the girl, though too hot. I don't want to let your wife train with a male personal trainer. No did I did I used to do it all derided a bodybuilder girl. Is she at Golds gym? I met her and she was a bodybuilder but natural and so hot and I put in my shoes that I did it right and her boyfriend. Her expression was a body builder in the jam and noon of May, and he he give me just these terrible. It just walk around just in golds lifting and grunting and really mad at main, and
this is just hating me 'cause. He still liked her. It was such an uncomfortable thing, but I know what a good time that isn't it the best when you run a guy, he's a bitch, think it over a chick. So he gets mad at you because you like to check oh glorious. Those men are so important just to know that there's bitches that out just to know there's a men who just are not men, he be doing masquerade, preacher, curls concentration, curls, just and I was like I did for you and problem you're. Only problem is that you, both think to the same person is awesome, does the only process. It's not like you beat her up. It's not like you stole money from earth or not like you took his car and threw it in the river. So you just said petition, but to the meatheads defense. He probably trying to make it work, and then you come in with this big spotted, noticed sales girl, there's no defense, there's no defense of bitches. Which you know you gotta, you gotta deal with your position in life and if a girl likes someone else and you grovel and you try to get her back or you get upset if the guy you're a
Well, the other thing. The other thing is I'm sorry. I was on mad tv at the time and he wanted to be an actor. He wanted to be the next Arnold. No, it wasn't going to happen. This guy sounds like a winner. There's like dude you're, better looking relaxed you gotta, you know you're more muscular, whatever you're into
there's nothing wrong with other guys like in the same check. You like it's just the slightest short, if guys know, like your check, your your data Mowgli check. It's also this food. Twenty center book movies news dude, run around out there that think that there's a gal out there, that's the one. This is AU, go, go gear more on the took shoes, the one Brenda Brenda we could drink with their group. We set out by the porch, was like a Bruce Springsteen song. Here was a world. We would drink wine too good, even try to flicker Bro. I mean try to what I don't want to run anything I got a break, but I lover and his name and that we start talking about whether I know what you don't know, how I, I don't think I've ever used. Definitely anyway, anyone in a given any time just because they don't- I don't know, but I think I do. How do you know that I love is not anyway, so it just changes a bit and kept rolling for he wasn't going to hear me Vince himself to the love somebody and it looks like us insane relationships and he's like I love it's a loan and lover. I go. No, you don't measure it out. Look. Do you want me,
do, you want to get something I was like blowing it off. He would just literally I gave this team retaining it. I gave it no entertainment, none do not in love with her. Stop, listen yourself, you want it. You have to stop lying to yourself in life. As you get older, you stop doing that fully or you become a crazy person for yes, you have to you have to confront, who you're pretending to be the you tell yourself it's so important. It's not when you're younger, though you're you're, like on this grind like for me, I'm on this to grind on Mary to the UFC in home, so girls, it they. They become their it they're they're. They play sex, fiddle, then you'll see the UFC. I made the AFC and she can be a real bitch. You know I'm saying She turned to deal with sometimes, and your health is on the line. Your consciousness is on the line. I gotta be selfish after the super cell vision. I can't go to your family's barbecue on a Saturday 'cause. I gotta chill and recovering train. Isn't, isn't it also? Don't you find as an elite athlete that you have to be really conscious of your
mindset and what you think about now, if you're weak minded think about what Nokia Lumia last night, the psychology, the psychology of like when you transfer Orlowski the psychology of staying positive, not nag I'm a positive person yeah, but if somebody is bringing up is that you have to risk that when you get involved in a relationship, 'cause oftentimes relationships go bad and some like the worst times you could ever have in the gym, will come right after you got in a big fight with your girl, where you just can't concentrate, and you get I've had that happen before while had that happen, that's why you don't deal with chicken heads. Don't message, that's what I mean you gotta be disciplined about the people you surround yourself with. I won't even entertain the idea of a chicken head chicken head comes along right, now, keep clock and get out, so you wouldn't get the girl that was with sterling the how to make chicken head. She deserves a trophy, the ultimate shaking out of all time, the LA clippers jazz correct. What listen? If someone said listen, you're going to bang this chick, you
I'm going to lose the fucking LOS Angeles clippers. If you hang out with this bitch think about that, biggest chicken head of all time. He lost the team because his chick take other races amount. Whatever he's a racist bastard he should not be that way: granted If he never signed up for this chicken head, he would still own the LOS Angeles, clippers and Natalie that you know the whole story behind it. The wife, his wife, was suing this girl. For embezzling money that the band sterling it clearly given this chick. He won to give her some things with gifts and stuff. I bought her gifts, and so the wife was trying to take back the gifts, so she was sooner and that's when the tape match revealed sounds a little drunk in that a probably lit up, probably came home from a fucking dinner. Had a couple of drinks in am, can you imagine the next morning, but you been sobered up and was like what it's totally illegal by the way you
and just record somewhere, not in California, she's, saying they're, saying two things that same one that she didn't record it. Somebody else recorded it and saying to that. He was aware that he was being recording both
Yes, not a chance. Older preposterous yeah, you're actually not allowed in California. I think, without the consent of the press, two parties to Portland sent you don't do you need to do. Is you want to go around the nation? He needs to make pause about this and it needs to be how to avoid chicken has one on one he is the ultimate face were taken her well, I don't know first because of it yeah, but he's going to. He only bought the clippers for twelve million bucks. It's worth a half of doing deals. Yes, this man sell it tore the half a billion everyone's trying to buy Oprah's trying to buy it right. Floyd Mayweather, meanwhile, he's suing the he soon the NBA, no he's not going to go with them for billions of dollars. Even divorce lawyer is good. So he's not a stranger he's, no stranger litigation. He was divorced. Just do that to someone because of a private conversation that was illegally wire taps, you can't do that yeah. Even those, even though he's an you, can't do that, because who knows what his state of mind as he shouldn't have to protect his state of mind, wonder if it's gonna be public? If it's in a private moment, if you want to say something completely inappropriate because he's drunk and
internationals in his own house and then wants to recant it the next day or feel the folly of his ways or feel bad about what he said incorrect himself or not. He so what he says publicly should be public statements, and this idea that you're supposed to pretend that everyone is listening to and watching you every minute of every day is ridiculous. It's unfair! It's unprecedented and you're talking about an old man who is probably barely understanding. What's going on, the internet was invented when he was sixty one fucking years old, rap your head around that twenty years ago, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four? What what kind of internet we have! Some dog shit, AOL Internet! This guy was sixty one. Then there's no idea into it and you have to stand up for this chicken, but you wanna use a hard case to send you gotta, do what you gotta do when your old man, you want to fuck young pussy you're, not going to get chicks that are balanced, she's name, that hot plenty are we doing running out when you do it, she looked at him for him.
Looked at him. Have you have you looked at his Look at his team. He owns the LOS Angeles Clippers Housing Marion looks like an elephants. Balls, that's been stuffed into the shape of a man. He's ancient had seen her still icy norscot, the fig and olive in Hollywood you small, due to some young chicks, Playboy mansion. So that's a given he's an old guy and she's a young girl and them's the rules. Ok, let's not pretend it is anything other than what it is. Look at that that's what it is man, that's what it's been since the beginning of time, she's planning he does look like hot melted, cheese hot! Can we better creature, we start model Brendan Beauty and the beast of all. First of all, you are dealing with a totally different class of human. So, let's drop, that
hot for you and you and hot to an old dude that looks like an elephants. Balls that has been shaped into a shape of a man doesn't matter to the management team, at least when you own the clippers, bitches or lining up on him to be shot records who get money. Two things have taken this iteration one as you get older, you'll give less and less a fuck about a girl being perfect, and that's why MILF porn exists? You want dirty old chicks that are just fuck it. Let's give up. There are weird looks on keep their one. Choosing Almera looks mate. We were talking, there was approve us and where the couple of twenty one year old girls, I don't know how old they were, they were just hanging around and an he's peeing and he goes to those girls, hot Anna.
Was like yeah yeah. They look pretty hot to me because no 'cause it my age, a girl could have a goat head if she's that age and she's got a body like that. I don't care. If she's got a goat head, I still think she's, not you your standards, you're not like you know, you're you're, not looking at symmetry on the level that you are when you're eighty four or whatever he is JD one shake. First of all, you gotta know the clippers you're pulling. Some does not bad listened. She can't see. Do you know what it's fucking vision must be like must be ridiculous. His vision must be ridiculous. It has to do with Jojo used to do the choice. To do this. This bit. That I think, just to this day to me, is maybe the funny one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It was Hugh Hefner take
kings. Viagra like TIC tacs and the girls trying to psych themselves up to have sex with them and the one girls are easy. I can see. I can see white hair coming out of his asshole. She got hold your hair, don't worry, he'll get you in the audition for Bay Watch is going there he's like lucky lucky you, girls and lucky lucky sure my bit. Please stop now stop now. It's all been. I don't even remember how that pickles. In the morning I talked about America, I talked to playmate. We had a discussion 'cause. I said it's a little weird to Maine and she goes What's weird, I go well these girls are in on the of what was the show on E. The day has next girls next door, I said the show will go next door, this old dude in these three hot blondes. It's kind of it's just weird shows. What's weird I go, well, obviously, they're not into it, because the way it looks just into it their careers and she goes oh no. He's a great guy. He takes care of,
Just following like it's weird, I said: what's your dad say about it, she said I don't have a data, that's a given. I told you that yeah, it's a lot of that they don't have a real male role model. Maybe or someone who looks at the situation goes they hate. This is my little daughter why she with this old man. What have I done wrong to make? we're leaning, Tord this really old guy, but I'm not I'm not hating on Hugh Hefner, I'm waiting on the girls cute Do you think my mode definitely not hate on the girls 'cause, the girls, a lot of 'em like girls who get into that situation, whether they're they're taking naked pictures or doing porn, or you know almost all of them. They come from a situation somewhere early on in their life, where someone did something bad to them. You know it's a super common thing:
It's not all of 'em, there's a lot of girls who don't but the percentages Horner Porno, yes playmates, I don't think well. I think that that is a very similar like I don't think, there's anything wrong with the other one. I should be real clear about that. Like I don't think I want to change photograph things wrong. Yeah do something wrong! There's nothing wrong with having sex on video, there's nothing wrong with any of it, but a lot people that associate like their sexuality with how they expressed themselves or their sexuality. Collusively how they promote and present themselves like sometimes it comes from a place where they were abused somewhere. Most of that at that kiss me. So when I see you know and I'm not necessarily saying that that happened, those girls are with after, but when I see now, I think those guys are opportunists, something might be, but they might not be they might. He might really be the first guy that was really super sweet and they knew that he was going to support them. It's super possible. Well, one of these, I think, are you shake your head like that? But it's totally true like if you're
we can really vulnerable. If I'm a chicken I'm the prom king, you know I'm saying the prom queen on the prom queen I get done. I have I don't have shit to do right, like what am I gonna. Do I'm a hot chick women do Playboy well find me up. Mattson, 100B, animation, wrongly ambition, and then he do MAX and one hundred this like alright. Well, let's step our game up. Let's get these titties out, get more money. Great now make money just showing my titties. Then it goes from there, let's throw it. Chicken now you doing porno, that's the vicious cycle. I don't know, though 'cause I just head ass Akira on the podcast. She wrote that book insatiable she. You know she is yeah yeah totally, and it was really interesting conversation because I catch you find out like kind of went with the or Jenn of doing this was 'cause. She does like you know now guys and all that and she said x, very self, aware, 'cause. The book was really funny actually and kind of interesting in how open she is about how destructive this was going to be for her future in certain ways like having kids, never working with kids- and I said what do you
think it was that cause you to take this jump? 'cause she's really, very simple where I go, you probably could have been successful at a lot of things. 'cause you're, pretty small. You know and you should came from a pretty tight family and she did you know? Honestly? I don't know, I don't know what it was that got me to take this step 'cause. I knew full well and still do that the reprecussions Alot of which You can never walk away from. Does she have a boyfriend, yeah she's married to a guy in the business course? Could you be married to a porno start now? Could you do it will be tough action? Eat up, have a strong mind. Sometimes people don't know why they do what they do it. I don't know that it says. Cut and dry is saying well most the time I think it's probably damage somewhere. I do think there are examples where people are is a cross section of their yards in a d Armand's example. You talk to Dante on Mon Ching of any abuse or child. That is a very healthy attitude about the whole thing. She's, a very smart check to rise, interesting to talk about it because you know she sort of disposes the myth
you know all those mess. What's the matter is things walking to face shoes thing jobs MIKE stand? Okay, maybe I shall not to hammer. I bet, okay, where were your time out above about porn, porn, stars and and damage and and being self aware, if you get my point, it's just look like now. Doesn't matter the the the the on the bar, mine is the there's a lot of whatever the percentages were it's forty percent. Fifty percent a lot of it comes from damage. So that's how I look at it like. I always feel so you feel sorry for sure. I have daughters to so I see what I think and I have a sister, that's a very different thing: growing up being a check. It's different world man is much more vulnerable I can be strong when we're talking about gay, guys hitting honest like last night. I want to get vegetables late at night, which is where anyways. I gotta get vegetables in Marina Del Rey and I'm walking by this froze
yogurt place. These two guys are making out which is whatever you. Just don't see the lights. They me looking at they stare at me. They make some smart comment under their breath. I was like man just look forward. Just keep moving just keep moving like soup, nervous and then I thought this out hot chicks time. So the real shitty looking dudes are getting no matter, they're always getting hit on I'll, give you one more I'll. Give you one more. If you are with your check, your check wouldn't feel threatened by two dudes that were into you but if you were a hot check in you, were this full see it that's different spectral? Oh seven, never struggle, but if you're. If you're hot chicken, you were the guy that can't defend you and there's a bunch of big hairy guys are hitting on you, that's even worse, said even worse situation, so to be a check like it least, you don't have to worry about yourself physically, like most likely and think about how nervous you got your
UFC fighter. Two guys I was your nervous you're, just like my nose on comfortable, but after you hold me down and rape, my ass, but think about that you are physically dominant over them percent still in equivocal Blee and still feel uncomfortable. That start shit man, so you think about what it's like to be one hundred pound girl and there's three or four You two look like you and they're buying, yogurt and you're. Trying to get that bacon yay get some bacon bitch. You know you can have that fucking. Is these giant schorger liking a gazelle among lions? Poor girl tigers have run away from that Agnes fast. It's very rare. You get thick cock ogre's who are banding up and raping guys in the fund and salad bar, especially in Marina Del Rey yeah. People always want to say that, like you know, like there's a guy that I had on the podcast that actually tried to make that argument what he was like well, you know the statistics on rape are very deceptive because a lot of people don't know that more men, a rape than women and I go yeah, but you know who's rate than the men of
for men. So it's fucking stupid, like what kind of dumb ass point is that other men are raping men. It's not like women are raping men who gets raped more men or women you'd, be surprised at the outcome next on Retardo, I also don't believe other doesn't imply that, of course it is present prison law guys getting raped in prison when you factor in his top guys again raped. That's just a fact, especially if you consider rape their things. People are considering rate now that really wasn't considered rape more younger. What are you talking about we're talking about a lot of different, getting sick? Getting a girl, drunk and and yeah says it's in German, getting a girl drunk getting a lot of guys in jail, who spent a lot of time in jail and one of the things they all said as they I go. What about the right thing and they go? You know man, a lot of that he is. The you got to realize is that there are a lot of guys in jail willing to give it up for free, and so, if you are the
kind of guy who, if they know that they're going to have to fight for it and you might lose an AI aura- knows 'cause you're, not asking you to do the right thing. Let's just go over the other trip, no I'm saying they don't actually leave you. They want to know, know, know, know, know know what he's saying is that if you're willing to fight they won't fuck you and but that still dude. That's you fought back and so great guy who gives in out of fear for his life, he's getting I was also watching a prison show and the guy was saying this gangster saying not gay men, because, when you're in prison, all rules are off yeah. When I get out, I I'm back with my girl yeah, they call me the card game for the due dates and you, member what Shane Carwin said to me. I looked at my cat. I got well, I don't even know what I'd do if I had to share a prison cell with you and he looked at me, goes you'd suck. My he's going to pick me up starts with me and I go. I get hurt his right as he goes in my ear, because that's forty percent
mark or I go, could you do that to you? If I let him yeah is strong man. He could squeeze poor poor guy too bad. It had all those injuries. Man have a lot neck injuries, a lot of back injuries, football wrestling. What do you think of the sun? You think of the cover of the incredible performance by John Jones, smart as shit too, that shoulder wrench that he used in the clinch Maisie? I never seen anybody do that before and everyone is going to start doing it. Now I mean now: it's one hundred percent 'cause that comes up all the time speak at League Stonemor Elbows. On Monday my coach goes listen. I want you put in elbow pads on now. You know, and so good at those two in those tight situations it doesn't have, it doesn't make it advantage or a disadvantage rather have long arms when he's using elbows, and he has all the torque from his Mccann advantage, the ways bodies frame he's, throwing nasty elbows inside the Clinton, and it's literally the perfect distance for like power shot, whereas they give you his punch and he would have to like get some room in order to punch.
But he's landing these elbows inside and they're just perfect. What's amazing, what makes John the best pound for pound fighter in the world right now is. You would think he was just going to sit on the outside and pick global texture apart, and that was the game plan and then goes. I just decided to Switch it up. Do his game 'cause. We thought most experts it be inside against the. If it goes inside against the cage go over. That's where he wants to be is going to tear John up John said get this, it's a cage and it does work. He did glovers gameplay against him yeah, just like he did shells game plan against jail. You know this crazy, but something I saw you saying something during the during the fight with something
I'm with his right hand, don't know, never any right hands ever found on upper yeah, but that's really that's it. He threw a few. He does not really knew nothing like normal right through a lot of laughs. He threw some nice left. Talks to man has left, took a great. We checked left hook, yeah very nice, real, accurate left hooks, but it was the elbows. I agree with you up against cage with the most in my last. My feeling is: it's gonna always be Gustafson. Gust of them is gonna number two or whatever they're they're in battle out again, I want to see, I think the number two spot is up for grabs between Anthony Johnson and Glover to share it. Those guys have similar can't sleep on Daniel Cormier Man do not sleep. Well, that's true. Never true, for many people, both so true in or maybe both those Dormir something special kind of you can't fuck with Daniel Cormier he's something special, but is he going to deal with John Jones, we're going to find out. That's for damn sure yeah. I think Daniel Cormier is the most marketable guy to fight better wrestler? He only wanted wrestling he's, not just wo gotten for sure
no I'd say probably even the points close, but I thought I mean outside the gust of the fight guaranteed that excite might be outside. Of that that's gonna, be the next fight with with with John Johnson stuff. For short gust of sin took a big chance to infighting Jimmy Metal to a big change eagle. Yes, yes, he did yeah, I mean he, he beat him and he will who won. The matter was no joke. Man was dangers these days, he is very hard xplosive fighter. However, it was way too much of a jump warm fighting Gus Finn was like it was kinda liked. Gusman Stay act, that's super easy to say after the fact, but if Gus then came in. He wasn't disciplined, he doesn't mind, is peas and queues. You wouldn't be ready that if he wasn't right, but sometimes guys will slip when they go from title fight and they drop down the next fight there on the fight card well, but he believed he won. The fight He thinks he's the champ and Johnson same thing to you guys, Alexander talking like he won the fight bro. It was a great fight but drop it. You lost. It was a very
five, but I agree with the decision me too. I agree it was. It was the right decision. I John three to two yeah John pulled out and pulled out, yet he and he got it out like a champ in the last rounds, but Jim because of some and fucking held himself. He held the counter himself very well took John down Indian Gustus and after that fight in the hallway 'cause I went down in the press conference and seeing how beat up he was and then seeing John it, I didn't see John after the fight- call John came through by Oscar, you did, he was on a stretcher is bother who trembling leaned over. I said man was a hell of a fight man, I'm so proud of you Might my coach Tony Jeffries, he came from box and write olympic boxer. That's the first UFC event. Ever been to was cornering me he's never been to These are watching on tv. Those first one he sees Johnny goes. I've never seen anything like that. He was. I would never do this after seeing that ah
that show he was pushed to the limit in the fight man. That was the limit and they, both of both those guys hit the wall, but John just care portion just a little bit more. Ms, very close, fine, just a little bit more. I think the sides DC and Gus Finn. I don't see anyone challenging John. I would like to see what happens within the rumble Johnson. Well, yes, I I think that I mean those two is as clever to share. I I double eight over yeah. They seem very similar. Similar similar styles lowers her glow research. Oh fuck, yes, show that you might have to have surgery. He shoulders fucked up with the fight his arm straight because he was getting. That means getting like that right. Wait for the first round against the cage was talking about the beginning, just even listen. We're talking about the shoulder ranch and he was like hey. When do I get to talk? Oh no, I thought you were saying what the not so once I thought you're talking when he uses his shoulder. No, no! That's just the mission! If you're talking about when he caught his arm- and he yanked at this John grabbed his arm, they tide up and John grabbed his arm,
not it either yeah generally tide up John grabbed his arm yanked his shoulder up and pop it out fucked his right arm up. It was dope and it was done. I've seen that stuff yeah, that's so inspiring. That's what you're talking about earlier, that it's a copycat business and you're right in a lot of ways. The NFL is a copycat business. So in the NFL get nerdy on here, some football talk the Tampa two. So in the The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the championship with their defense. They had a defense called the Tampa two, where the middle backer would drop he's so athletic. You drop back deep into coverage, which was rare the next year every team was doing Tampa Wanna, champ, ship doing it the next year every team had that defense will. Now the offense of figure it out no ones doing that anymore. In the UFC same thing, you see a Anthony Pettis using the cage jumping off of it. We see Johnstone elbows, guess what I got.
Did you. I wasn't the only one working elbows on Monday yeah, because you see how effective it is like. Ok, I need to add that to my arsenal, remember when the front kick to the face started, everybody started front cases the face. After four Anderson, it was pretty rare to super rich and then he knocks out Vitor Belfort within, and then we see LEO to do it to traffic power. Almost Brown knocks out will trash man landed for an Allis announcers like well. What should I do here in pan knocked him out again that was ridiculous. Anyways yeah, it's a copycat league, so we'll kicks wheel, kicks everything everything meant relax We are still a cracking gadget on planet stuff man course. You regret three gray, that's it yeah. It's only guy rip to show trip. We had no idea that that was going to happen. Didn't think about the table was interesting about this fight. When guys were calling it and I'm not taking shots here, but why you guys call it Goldberg use every check. It was chocolate
I would love to see what Chuck Liddell is saying here: Chuck Liddell, thinner. I wanna have Chuck Liddell how he feels about this fight right now, Chuck Liddell thinks he chocolate well cosigned on Chuck Liddell's like damn it Chuck Liddell's, not fighting right now. Did he really say a lot of that said a lot of Chuck Liddell's did I say any sharks? I don't think you did. Thank you, Protee Man, well Goldberg. You know he has notes yeah, maybe to talk about it, but that will listen trucks. When you know one of the most famous fighters of all time. I got people that don't know anything about global. That was like a important point. I guess to talk about though. Well it's the folks didn't know anything but yeah free with your socially Chuck Liddell with clover globals like the new age, Chuck Liddell. I guess and then when he pick come apart and John's John. Done great, I'm proud of John for this because he's angry answering his critics if you've seen some's Instagram post their classic, like Phil Davis, talking all that smack. Let's talk about bill for a second yeah,
so Dana White says to fill for those that the listener that don't know, and probably Brian as Well Phil Davis ART once a title shot in Dana comes out like broad. You just don't seem like you want for your call. Anyone out your your. You know these rankings, these bullshit mankins these rankings. You gotta, make your way you got you got to show me you want it so feels not best shit talker in the world and he starts doing it. He'd did so much like when they had the press conference. He was talking, did John, not big knowledge in Anthony Rumble Johnson, so he taking a page out of Dana's book trying to get this big title fight. He goes out if you watch the fights it's Molly whopped by Anthony Johnson, not even a fight, not even a fight, and now
I mean the criticism he's getting is ridiculous, but big risk comes by. You know big reward, you know. What can you do so John Jones puts video up of him watching Phil Davis fight I'm standing is damage is going to all that, so it was classic cats on the I guess what Phil's trying to do, though man, let's ring he grows elementary. Let's say he goes out and dominates. Anthony Johnson is a quick knockout. He is a chance that they put him in next in line yeah. If you dominate Anthony Johnson but Anthony Johnson's, fucking scary fight for a guy at two hundred and five is scaring at one eighty five thousand one hundred and seventy, not that scare campaign he was sucking which deplete himself too much he's a poster boy for point of diminishing returns. When you deplete, so so much you have no energy left. I say this all time. How does someone not say hey, Anthony your two hundred and forty pounds, you think fine at one hundred and seventy smart Bro come on man. You can answer that yourself. How many times you told you set on this podcast
I wish someone would have just told that's what I'm saying how come so it doesn't come around and talk to us doesn't happen. There doesn't happens when you ask her for big Nog in Brazil, We got third by wanted to give me that fight and m right. So now, let's do it in Brazil. How about that? Oh, my great great decision making sure he should sit shop down? Do you understand jet lag? You know much I'd like to know about flying in planes, yeah fuck that noise like taking seven x rays. Now good man now couple days before you fight not gonna flats along. I wanted to hang out in the stadium for like ten hours so because the traffic and realize this here's the fight this is- is instagram. Video answer Lebron James blinking, but the thing is filled deserves it. I love film well, first of all, my favorite people in the business love field too, but it's working again, he was trying to play. The game was trying to get people can't be. Madam, no I'm not! I love Phil.
I think that what he's trying to do is get people to pay attention. You know, and it's It's just best buy. Sometimes it backfires. That was a tough fight he should have been. I think bad match up. They also look for you to fail when you start doing something like that. So if you're doing it before, or even you're, fine like it's. It's a the point of return on I'm getting. It will be less than it would be. If you start talking shit after you, I give you talking shit about getting another fight when you have a fight coming up against the guy. The favorite against you guys are fucking dangerous guy with a lot, people don't know what the actual Johnson was the underdog not to Maine. I know there are people, you know what the hell's going on into the hits you hard this in the car in the top, but the top fifteen from one to fifteen. Fifty you can be a horrible match up for number one. It's amounts styles and spot map shows Phil Davis.
There cannot be a worst match up from the Nancy Johnson Johnson Guy beat LEO to Machida. What are we talking about? Collecting some? Don't think you want. I don't think you want that fight. It's close though he didn't get dominate like he did against Anti John you're absolutely right. It was a big difference between them, which is a bigger underdog. Yeah. Need to fight. He was it was close by. That was a close fight. I just need one. What do you think was about it was just rumble. Just two is a monster. Is this too much of a monster in rumbles, a scary guy you stupid just last heavyweight cat, so crazy almost stopped in the first one. He broke his jaw in half in the first round. Like our last, you thought the last two rounds. So the John there was shifting up and down 'cause it was shattered in the somebody is fighting Orlowski. I'm just got some good stories and we talk about how guys are being fights. It came back. Fine it like you with the Mitrione fight me and Matt you know we're buddies, we can both talk a little smack, so it was good to hype. The fight talkin smack. It was great when you
Legends like Mirko, CRO, cop, Andre, Orloski, big Nog, with our law, keep fans or hit me up on Twitter like oh. I can't wait to see what your smack talk is. There's no smack talk. I don't need to talk smack to Andrea Lasky to hype. This fight he's a legend you're not going to win many fans over. What do you say what I'm going to say? Oh man, who fought the very best fighter in the World Heavyweight champ you I mean. What are you going to do it? You gotta be super respectful, yeah man, otherwise they fucking attack like wolves. They did find the fight sells itself, but tell him tell a story about how how are you your you, are training with Orlowski after after after training where he he goes come here. Yeah so Andre Orloski and I used to train together Jackson's Camp and when I was getting ready for a fight this over shoot almost four years ago, the two fighters that when I First of the game that I admired and loved, where Merkel grow CUP and Andrea by two very husky. Do I want to be like so I walk
in the jam in it was our Lasky's first day at Jackson's two. And uh, you know when you see in a guy and tv fighting all time, then you run into me like damn: alright, So I see I'm like oh shit, this under Orlowski. So then I try shobra last year in the ring first day spine right, fresh off the plane from sparring with them, so mean are gone and it's it's a close round he's a bad right here we go back and forth. People would literally stop and want to spar with just these dog grounds back and forth five rounds in a row then later that night we grapple, and then the next morning I drink coffee every morning right drinking coffee. Now this horrible coffee breath breath smell like pure coffee, shit, breath I got to Andre and he's not very warm person at all Not at all is that very Bell ruse rush in where it's going to take awhile to be his friend I can tell, and I'm trying to break these barriers Van hey bro? I just wanna, let you know man. I got the coffee breath and but he did say a word to me. The night before training goes: it's ok! It's ok!
Much better than yesterday! Yesterday, shit ago, black is yester. My breath smells like shit, oh cool cool, and they just went about our business. That was really the only words he ever said to me. Man we trained together for for a while. I was even like friendly what about when you're kicking when he had you kick his body yet and then we get done a train. I've never done this. He goes up. I'm trying to this russian accent you guys pretty much terrible russian form. All right, well, consignment from Russia result in the body he goes out. He was put your hands on top your head like this on, like what we do and we just got a spine and exhausted right. I put my hands up and he just goes brace yourself and starts wailing at my body with kicks punch is Waylon. Is this this make you tough, my ok like or trying to be tough because he's my hair, only ok, wow wow, and then he it's my turn. You do it to me and I'm like do no, you hit like girl, hit and I'm fine
in trying man trying to hurt this guy nothing, and that was my Expn with Andre Lowski, oh no man and now going to fight him for years now I gotta fight him. How I was I was sitting on the beach and I get a call from Lex Mcmane, my managers bro and whenever he calls me multiple times. I rarely answer. Whenever causing multiple times, you know you gotta fight, he called look at whatever ignore calls again ignore. I'm like oh shit. We got some answer. Like. What's up man, he does Amigo. We got fight my yeah who hunt finally freaky saddled up and sign the contract is nope used to be a hero. You'll get the out of here. I knew right away. They re signed under law, seals Yelp and not done he. I was like done. What is it? He was seven weeks cool. Let's do it Coover June 14th UFC, one hundred and seventy four going down, don't dump dump Dan empty shit gets real left the beach
to the gym. So today we just decided to Bryan Callen Bryan County going to join me on those those dates, so they could be there with a friend the kid might get my date in Vancouver and Lloydminster, both of those Bryan Callen and twenty in schools going to fund a by the way I'll be at the Colusa casino tomorrow and then I'll be what's up, Edmonton and and Toronto this month got it right powerful Bryan, Callen Yuk Yuks, how many fighters in the kid that you guys doing a week. We just want to do one week going to break free from the teat of big businesses that voters soon very soon Joe Rogan very soon were killed it man, what is doing well over there awesome yeah good pocket trying. What did you think about the rest of the car, the rest of I I thought joy benavidez, look great fuck yeah! I haven't seen a guy tap with his feet like that dope right all the years of the FC. I don't think there was another time where guys tapping his feet like that,
from mountain, a joke, computer, the joke and stick to a concert thing was titles and super tight full mount with both arms trapped inside Anna guillotine. Pretty wild, it's pretty wild technique. I'll tell you came away private. Besides John Jones off he just destroyed go over, but the guy who looked the best to me, was Luke Rockhold, yeah, guys a time piece to look really good. Handsome too handsome bastard got him. I got him over you and I apologize hard to believe that you really weighs a buck. Eighty five like when you stand right is like such as comma shredded too scrawny. God is not like a thin one hundred and eighty five, oh yeah. You could see him eventually deciding that he doesn't want to make that way anymore, going up to two hundred and five 'cause. I don't know, Aldi is how old is e lesson. Thirty right now, I thought you things like thirty years ago, fuck,
surfer surfer who just turned Ak Ak. It was like. Let's do this, that reverse triangle is dope. I thought you didn't go for the arm earlier, though yeah, well, that nobody is doing his patient. You don't wanna lose position, but he also will he's going to lose it twenty nine. He did a really good job making sure that he got that the side up, gotta minus- I didn't let him flatten out guys like try to flatten out try to protect the camorra, and he made sure he got yanked up to his side that triangles nasty to that triangles nasty stuff. To finish from there, you really it's very tough, it's very hard to finish with the triangle. It's that's what I'm saying the triangle to finish that reverse triangle. Like that's, very tough Braulio Sistema, he fell for it. Brother's team was nasty with it. Have you ever rolled with him monster catches. Everything you've got a very weird style that duck under style of attacking that inverted triangle he's got. He is an artificial disc in his neck. I don't know that there's, there's a benavidez lookout dope that is both hands trapped in Archwing, God, it's like
our men that guarded duck to a lot of guys are doing. The guard, like that's enough I'll check around their mount the crossing their feet under like a guard Klay, fine yeah, but under the body of the actual buying. If you have like a really good, strong, tight guard- and you do that from the Mount more you You fuckin sap the will out of a guy. As you take away a lot of breath, you clamp down on, like that's very hard for them very and a lot of guys freak out when you get in a mountain they're specially out Mount yes plug it up. That's a look. You look about a meter is how much arc he's good in there and how much work? That's a expert black belt Mount he's a he's, a beast, and then you see other guys mounts whether it like kind of sloppy you use very loose. There's no pressure been a veto. Is just crunching, it's a perfect name to Joe constrictors, a perfect game. I love the he's a great guy too one of the better to the school yeah he's funny he's a he's, a good dude yeah. I it was interesting watching that, so we start good Jiu, Jitsu tech
Jim Miller celebrating. Why was underneath them? First time ever, you guys. On top you unconscious and Miller, was celebrated. Oh Ralph get him off. Man, crazy, Jim Miller's, jitters, ridiculous cat is, he seemed to submit Fabrizio coins with an arm armed guard high level super level slipped it in there like a glove, and he was like what I can't believe this you can see like when the arm bar was locked up. In coins face Liza Euler Gracie Black belt. This is like, I can't believe I'm getting submitted by an American. Oh you, mother, Fucker. I could not get Silva John Silver, who knocked out Erick Silva, you talking herself, so he's a beast, but if you ever see Dong Young him knock him out down a young kid fucked him up. Man Kim is a beast. Yes, yes, I can't done well he's still young. He comes out of black house, but it seems, like he's, got all the time in the world and he's just because he rushed. I think you just got.
Who Eric no, he didn't. He just he's been tested by Fitch Fitch beat in a decision he's been in there with some really good guys. He's got a lot of potential and he's definitely getting better, but there's no easy fights every week every once a black belt in that, like I say at one hundred and fifty five one, seven thousand one hundred and forty five you're, basically a black belt everything if you lack in anything else, you're so competitive at the top twenty you're going to expose grandma, Giago Elvis Tiger well, this is back, came out, guns blazing took two years off, looked like he never missed a step, black cakes with, so it beautiful technique that I held up pad for Tiago when he was king. Show me how to kick, and I held up he just kind of laid in with some kicks like some low kicks to the legs, and I was shock. It was shocking. It was shocking how strong his legs look. Strong is all they're good, but it's great, but his technique is with so beautiful. He throws that straight right, right, leg, kick in that left hook, right, leg kick and it's fucking devastating.
Timing is so perfect. He rarely gets checked if you like the amount of guys that get their legs kick check versus amount of times that guys Landum, there's some guys are just uncanny at landing them and not going to check. Thiago is one of the best, although, although all those fantastic be the best Barao was fantastic down, browser based around can fuck you up with anything He could fuck you up with a long punch. Fuck you over the knee grounded. Did he people don't realize brows are Floyd Mayweather
The guy hasn't lost in for three days of one lawsuit does Floyd Mayweather because for me, was undefeated still made, though, but in MMA to have one loss out of what is right around. Where is what background I know, but what is his background as far as like, because he's an over when young guy he's a object to black belt, who got into and the main trailer as a l, these budgets is world class is is, and striking is fantastic. Hiking is so good. That's like it's the same. He trains, although it's it, helps to have a go. Yeah, you know it's kind of like the court may soon. Trading partner is is came last because if you don't deal shot to shot him fight in May Very very: do you think of that fight? Dillashaw is a tough kid he's, a really good athlete he's a really good fighter. It is a big step up a giant step up. I mean, I think, he's improved without a doubt over the last couple of years, but we're going to have to find that you up is you off browse no joke? He might be the best. It's like this there's three guys for guys that are contention for being the best and number one is John Jones. In my opinion, the way he shuts
guys down everybody except Gustus and gossips and fight, was, I think, gust of sins fucking fantastic. I think you know, I don't think there's any any play Don Jon, because the Gustus in fight was close. I think it's just gossip said not good, but if you see what to glow over somebody to rampage, you see what he did to Machida. Well done for me sure dominate results. Get me caught tech also caught by armbar the veto fight, let his arm hyperextended is still won. The fight was so not the opposite. His arms bent his whole body, I mean there's a craziest armbar I've. Ever I mean it was nasty. It was a nasty beautiful per your arm bar and John still didn't apps on a lot of guys are taped. A lot of guys with his arm is pretty fucked for a long time. I pleasant Chelsea, open snap that bench and rolled it over yeah. I mean if you didn't, stop jailing that first round I fight was over. His toe is useless. Her bone was sticking out. It was twist around circle. Was all disloque
You didn't turn the wrong way. It was fuck shots, apiece, Johns, a BCS and ask the best way is, although it's all going to go to fifty five he's going to, I think he's going to have to. I honestly think that holds. Although back, I think it's like a rumble Johnson type way. Yeah. I think it's a rumble Johnson type thing we're talking about that. What else is formats? Forty five, though there's a lot of guys. Cub Swanson for one he's the title. Sorry big thing doesn't matter: he beat club with one knee one flying need back in the WEC beast comes the Catholic I've ever seen in the training room I think crime is Cobb is a real threat. I think cubs remember something like it literally: a real life ninja. Really he was sparring in and I was just like it's rare. I stop and watch guys into amazed. I was watching this like dang this is his ability to come in and out it's going to get faster activity. The creativity had was like nothing, I've ever seen wow and she has even unleashed all of it. Yet now he's still not to that level. Yeah ten leashes it. However, they also, I think, there's bigger match of that. Fifty five I think you're right and I think that he
probably better served physically at fifty five. I think it's really hard for him to make that weight. So, like you see, although, although will come out guns blazing the first few rounds, but then he realizes he's not going to get a guy out of there if he thinks he might not be able to get a guy out of. There is just going to be them up, but you know he'll start Coast I think the reason why it does that most likely is because the fact is cutting down from a lot of weight, he's, probably walking over one hundred and seventeen is getting down on one hundred and forty five and he's a lean guy. You know I don't know exact walking around weight. I would ask tall is pretty he's a big kid now is very, very fast, very muscular, but he's so god damn good. His left hook right legs, so good, smoothest and quickest. Who gives him who does have the most trouble within fifty five Cerrone or no? No, I mean he's got some
great fights who knows who's going to have a hard time with it, five thousand five hundred and fifty five would be amazing. Since I'm fine at fifty five, he still has a possible rematch Chad Mendes at forty five. That can be that's going to be interesting, for, although it's like, why do that? What it do for you money, I agree, all right in your your super fight to make real money you'll soon, nine, fifty five yep, fifty five human in Paris was him a better mostly to the US was to happen right. The palaces had some injuries he's had some injuries. I mean these guys get banged up. Pedis just had knee surgery, so it's gonna be a while before he passed out to but uh it's going to be huge for the UFC and just for her Clayton General dismiss for breezy over doom in Mexico. Saj, it's kind of Mexico. Other ways for every silverdome speaks perfect. Spanish, perfect, the you see. It couldn't be more perfect, yeah, Kane verse. This verb ratio for Bristol speaks better Spanish. Then I mean yeah, it's ridiculous, so there fighting Mexico and they have. These two is the tough coaches,
the picture for the UFC, yeah and dude. How how good it from your dock look against travel amassing those amazing his his double. Double jabs, triple juice, so inspiring men and so had been there. He and Rowing Ching and looking the other way and matching kick for kick in when he left, he kept up his feet and kicked him in the body, but those are the back trying to get him to come to his guards. So, just like matrix that I yeah he kept sucking and stroking confidence just caught and by the way to come back after all, all that time and be that confident and to be looking like you're having fun and You need to go through a fucking dangerous moment in the first round. Have first round was super dangerous. Josh Brown might be yeah, one of the most dangerous spider. Wasn't talking to him Joe. We were there, it was he talking to him who's. Calling him was, he say telling him you're cut your cut. You know you can't you know you. Could this open any pop up again with the jab?
really talented, was cut and he's kicking his legs and kicking his body wasn't kicking his legs too much actually actually gives body. What are they saying about your Romero? Who looks so amazing he's a freak man? It frees another one! That's a real challenge. At one hundred and eighty five gotta be Kelce Anderson twice, you know, he's incredible with the world Champ to waste throws dudes around it's just like he started uses wrestling finally yeah. Well, then, you really will be roughly was in Cuba in Europe and stuff. The reason that, like international wrestlers, a lot of times beat Americans. Americans are freestyle collegiate wrestlers, an in your They they start more from the clans. They do a lot of Greco, so they're clinches way baton. So when you fight internationally, like that it, when you wrestle internationally, it's very different, so you tight with a guy like you'll Romero. Good luck dealing with that Greco. Do good luck to it does throw yeah, but it's not just that. The other thing about that guy is his striking. He hits on trial and he sold them our vast Riddick any regular along. I mean that's it. You see him in Hector Lombard for
training other for week, justices you, all's been fighting. Eighty five in lumber is way better once and just cut it. Seventy us yeah, I like him and another one. I look great hello longboard due to his judo, is ridiculous. Those throw the jail nobody ever Ragdoll Jake Shields like the cavern networks, a pro yeah. You never see that. That's just what a freak you out that that Hector Lombard, recording it real you'll with right of ours is legit. You know Brad, these are all so very tough care is the task. Dangerous striker and you know the Derek Brunson Fight, Derek Brunson head. Kicked you album and took him down twice, but he had kicked him like picture perfect and you ate it like it was. It was a piece of toast with butter on it, nothing which is drunk still bouncing around. Like nothing happened, he looks in super superhero like his body, so written moves like the one. He covers distance like what the Fox man, what is he thirty, six yeah yeah sex he's, not young, I believe it
it doesn't. Look like he's slow down at all, doesn't look thirty, seven actually does look like it means anything expect you it does, though I bet I bet you it does. I want you in the brain or I bet recovery. I bet he can't train as long. I bet I bet to him look at the good Lord Jesus Christ. Can you go superheroes Thiago, Alvez Bro? That is T No is that yoga, that's Romeo! Back in the day that looks like Thiago, it looks like he's, got a belt onto like swearing like work short It looks like he's friends with me for Meta, wore it yeah. I guess that it's a well built for sure he's got a weird looking his face. Look, you looks like Thiago does he does? He does
to find another picture of 'em. We actually see what he looks like these that unbelievably athletic, and I think with a guy like that at thirty six and I've talked to some other guys through a little older convention name. This is crystal come on good Lord, he looks. He looks he's more muscular than the Wolverine in the cartoons in the cartoons be looks on your cartoon. That barely looks like a real guy, but for guys at thirty six and have that background and I'm sure there's injuries. We don't know about there's a there's. A tie. Sensitivity with me. I'm saying like that. You know. If you know you lose two in a row well got to get back on the horse. Let's do this rom and he's going there, the. We want to get those big fights yeah, oh no doubt, and not only that, like stylistically, think about matching him up with Chris Weidman, Why is known for striking and Weidman's known for his wrestling he's known for both, but who
it's a wrestle that can nobody who wants to strike with that? I say what stuff I I think this is where Weidman have an advantage. If Weidman mixes up and drag them into later rounds, maybe I don't know that's why I'm saying that's your only hope that I really hope we don't know he controls fight, show he controls fight so well that you people say that he gets tired. The thing is he just so relaxed in there and when he takes advantage of anybody move in a certain way, will it explode so much and any of those Galax load that much those guys get tired quicker than a guy like Nick Diaz? just keeps going the same pace, those guys wear out and being worn out in the middle of the octagon against scary. Guy is a terrifying place to be so. Everybody keeps she's tired, cantars, getting tired like that's what, when Who is fighting uh this past weekend had Brad Devices Corner race self? I was telling him that you guys tired, tired, tired
it wasn't really that tired. You look tired, but that's what role did what else you gonna say through the corner, so you got you got a bank and got a bank on that. You got to say you got this mother fucker out, avoid him at all costs and then sneak attack with crossing shit, but the reality of the situation is not good. Today, let's throw out the window any service. Technically, it's not looking good. That's why it couldn't be a code of options camps on this force going with the flow we get offensive mode, this we're going to full defensive mode and then a k, regionally sniper attack and then run away, but other than that I want you running always run run. We have more fight in us disqualify. You want them to forget about Caleb Starnes that only nothing to remember: Caleb storms after your performance tonight stay alive. Son is always the world series of fighting moves. Given your fucking meals, you ever heard of Bellator they're interested in you run the argument he wants you to be their champion, run.
That's the reality of of the business right away when you're not always physically, not less physically. That way, and it's the second round and you're out of options, it's not for this guy. This guy is championship aspirations, but if Your'Re the guy that has no shot if you wanted those mid level guys that has no shot ever this assert. Twenty times to pull you aside and go you're still a post man. You always have not going to be your America you're not going to be two time world champion not be tripping over merit, so fucked up, he goes back to the current YO son. Reality check. Listen this guys so much better! I think what we should do is I'm a call belt or shoes we get along. Just what you wanted to do. You gotta make up about being injured, and then you get to run just run an while you're running. I want you to think about what you're going to say afterwards that Post fight interview that's going to make people, forgive you for
Slater shit entertaining dog slip and just hit your head, and faint obviously were joking. Ladies and gentlemen, don't get upset and don't quote this for any fucking boom. Oh god, that's ridiculous and the beast dude he's a beast and that this is just a striking that right hand of God. Yes, this is striking his wrestling. The way he rag doll to far as there was even more impressive. His wrestling is for ridiculous and is the first fight that he used it. That's why I'm saying we haven't really seen his wrestling 'cause. I bet when he goes to the gym. It's all striking 'cause he's done dressing so much it's second nature. It's like Rhonda, she's not doing a ton of judo ranking right right now, but when he says Zzzz he's going with a high level, judoka like I'm bored at Lombard, so the training or Tyron Woodley he's down there too right, there's a lot of really fucking strong guys. Look. How fucking fast he's
thirty seven year have beautiful fuck who played down. Oh my god that Greco stuff he's going to get a big, tough fight. Next, I give you that elbow going well, big name. Tattooed he's easy to Sally's, God, Damn silver medalists and one of the most decorated wrestlers, any supervised, nope, never beaten care like that. Twice he's a beast, and he still is interesting too, because it's super relax when he fights to yeah to relax com com com is below he just he's been involved in high level competition for so long that he just knows the proper mindset for winning. So that is what Korean Cormier has to remain. The same. Yeah call me has that same thing, man. I feel bad about myself when
see Cormier right now, just watching Romero. I feel bad about my you. Should you become english well and very established? This is slowly losing my parents, I'm getting my face is more narrow. My nose is getting bigger. I used to be cute. Next podcast is going to show up with a scarf on. What are you doing? You know I want to be that guy love the theater. This reminds me of the theater, but we jacket, small english accent you will back is Brian, have fun I'm having a wonderful time with you guys. I have to say it would be really subtle. It would be like. I must tell you the fighter and the kid podcast and doing what's going on with horses. Real subtle is just an extraordinarily good. You know we summer in Cape COD now and we had a wonderful time, will go from the current calendar accent to like just weird neutral, sound and then it slowly more went on island, Henry Miller said. Is
that stevia? Yes, yes, is that coffee, yet it comes from a plant. It's an extract. Of course. Up I'll tell you what I spent. I spent a great deal of time in the Amazon, great people, wonderful people down the way it makes and what makes or breaks fights for me like the for doom fight, most fights, it depends who I watch it with. I do it was on the euro is freaking comitative too busy, but also would love to watch fights you guys well. What about in Brazil and stuff were the ones that I don't do. I would love to watch you guys. We should be doing that for a while. We watch. We could set it up in here too, by the way we could podcast while we're watching the fights. We could totally do that. It's like you know what you're doing that we totally do that. When is the next one brilliant in Brazil for example, when it doesn't have to be Brazil. When is the next fight? Do is probably a fight that we could podcast from this room while the fight is going on be delegated idea. Just do it on you stream, and this let everybody know listen. This is not a regular podcast. Ok, if you're, expecting cohesive, cohesive
content is something that makes all over turn this off right now, because we're doing is we're watching fights. So if you want a companion to watching the fights will sync with three educate opinions, but it would be fun to do. Oh shit, jade, the ass stairs is Mio Chick, oh shit way, that's another Munoz yard, Munoz Massassi, and what's before that that's the one that found Silva may tenth. Can we do it? Can we do it boy? Yes, we can do. We can do it, that's a good god. Damn fight to. Let's do it: Brown, yeah, Matt Brown, sorry, Matt, Brown, Eric Silva, being backgrounds coming off of sorry, Matt Matt Brown is coming off of back surgery too you're, not back surgery. Excuse me a back injury. He had a disc that herniated on him- and he had a hard time, uh in the middle of camp hurt his back
It has allowed to watch lyrics, so it might be a little better. Looking than big Brown, I'm going to be honest with the fuck did not sorry. I hate to see me in this tank you're, cute guy, but he's a cutie pie he's got that error in his eyes almost now Matt Brown's a fucking animals, small t breaks guys background pace is what sets it guys just want you. What you're calling that fight is no call, I never make a call, but he's ferocious brown is fucking ferocious. It's not just his pace. It's his mind that welcome dude overcomes to guys, I don't think comes the most athletic, but it's just his pace and demeanor. Skies high level guy. He got him over ten, unlike joy, where make pics yeah, not just not good to make stuff doesn't make any sense tough. However, however,
the reason why we should definite watch fights together is for me it's tough to watch fights and it's super tough, but it depends. It will literally ruin a fight for me because I've been with them. Dudes like Rhonda, is a very close friend of mine. It's different when you watch fighters. You know fight right, I'm trying to order the paper view in the the main cards, but start my fucking cable work right, so I'm freaking out in Lakewood sweating, I'm not going to go to a bar, not chance, I'm showing up to a bar watching the UFC fight. Did you just get harassed? You would get mobbed. So I'm like what am I going to do so I text my coach Tony who lives in Santa Monica like Bro. I need you to get. The fights is a problem this guys house. I know you hate watching other people. Everyone knows about me because I know you hate watching. Other people know once here man come to the basement. This guy, they probably won't know who you are just come like fuck. It's only thing. I do. I race down there. I make it just in time there two guys there but they're pretty dry '
Can I come in with the hood? You know they can't really tell so. I just sit down. All of a sudden he's due to shine to packing. You've heard this story by and these guys are packing in right and I'm like dang it I just get uncomfortable. 'cause, I'm like man. Let's try asking me questions blah blah. So, finally, one of the guys he was probably fifty years old, Hyatt Shit, which is whatever you know, you guys support that high shit, Cheeto fingers, Cheeto fingers grateful dead, t shirt right. I want to give a motivational talk, but he looks over at me and just goes oh shit, Brendan Schaub MIKE, what's up man omam and, and so from there I'm taking pictures of guys watching the fight it's mine nightmare, I'm like oh, no, this is. Why is my nightmare during the middle of flight, one of the guys go a bro, hey bro. Do you know MAX Holloway and uh that's all he is some random name. Do you know MAX Billy? Do you know that's billion.
How would I know MIA's uh? He wrestled me in high school man yeah. How would I know? Guy rests with the high schools. I love all your answers, man, all you Russ or stick together, Bro and that's kinda, I'm dealing with doing fine, and then this is the best part. Then Rhonda's walking out one died. They they They have no idea right round in our close, he was broke. Stands up. Would you fucker? who would you fuck? You want goggles hell. No man way too big. One guy is all hell yeah. I would tap that meant. I let her arm bar me and I'm literally sitting like oh, no, not residents are blocking the door and beating slapping everybody with an open hand. My way, this time for spanking literally a suit use the Simic Man fight. She needs the girl. He gets out there. I literally bought out the well see ya. Thanks of the fights in garden along got mister on it's tough man. It's tough to watch fights yeah
you. Don't want to watch anything that you care about with morons, because they're going to walk over it and then go all they do is talk the whole fight broke. So what do you think it is you get nervous for five? Does it hurt nothing hurt? No I've guys. It doesn't really get punched in the face when you get punched in the face If I'm home will do him right here, man, it's perfect, we have two tv's here, another tv out there will goods exciting. We could usually prefer to watch him by myself in the dark,
Jackson, jacking off with my tears, I watch him almost my tears because I'm not fighting just. We could be out of my day watching with Brian and who brought pro my friend but expert bro yeah. This surprised us with a lot of friends and that's what all really he's picking the six to one favorite to win all wow genius genius is good, though, do you friends that are experts, Brian, my well by our body gaze, these both our friends he's a good fighter. It is tough guy. What's trending once Brenda shook his head? Well, I mean he knows it. He knows is talking about the rest of and fan fought is a lot of arms going on there. I don't feel confident, run straight and trying to also the work. The word fight around a lot pretty good on can't. How do how do you get the thank you well
I mean it's hard. It's John Jones to win has to be yellow, but he won nationals in Jujitsu training unknown and that's not what we asked silly. We asked how good his pics- oh almost one hundred, I am most. I disagree. One hundred percent because he's already so he supports Samick man and Brian, goes also shop, looks what what do you? What do you think of certain members run rousing ago, certainly make man? very talented fighter. It will be the easiest fighter career. I guarantee you because I see roundish training, I know so with men. I see her right. I see what she done. I'm telling you it's going to be your easiest fighting. He argues, though, it's going to be the hottest fire career, whatever easiest fire on his career, so that's whatever it may be. However, let's talk. About this with Rhonda, though the reason why these girls are fucked when they fight Rhonda 'cause, the same thing is the MIKE Tyson effect. These go Let's go from fighting on Facebook Prelims. They win one fight and they uh. Oh, hey
great job branded as everyone. The fight here you go made a very prime time for whose phones going mine. What is that that clock? What now well with some of the similar arm, do I know come on. It give me the stupid thing by the apartment here, but I will regardless his Pixar since there are way better than the wars, not not not how many dollars do it seven distance! That's where it's seven to six! that's, where the sign was a sign. So I wanna sex talk about to go off. I don't even know how to set it anyway. Definitely not scared scared. I could never watch fights with morons I've done it before it's brutal. They ask too many questions and disrespectful to his bitchy scared, his bitch, like, oh, At the same party, guy goes pro arm bar all day all day, hey brother on their feet.
Here against the cage clinch. There's no fucking hardcore. What are you talking about? Oh no you're in the wrong place. Yeah just left I would have left for sure. You know I want to grab my friend and fucking cock, slapped him too, and he didn't know either though he didn't know either the worst, so why is the worst so he's inviting idiots over his house? I should not know who's coming to think I was at my friend and I roasted him on the fire in the kid that next morning and they all heard it and then the next day I go to the gym and you know just regular students. I go the gym. I can tell him like son of a bitch I want to go cheater fingers come here. Cheeto fingers come and talk to you, I'm going with pep talk, you're, fifty, but down the Cheetos, ditch the shirt. Let's go for Ajag, wow how rude but necessary to sometimes so much necessary necessary. So I'm just need to be heard. I think so they need to that shit? They don't want to, but they need it, but most people are sort of pissed off from Aligner Gazelle, I'm doing it for free man, wow wow,
I always thought there was a girl in there was a girl I dated who was a real pretty girl in a nice girl in a way yeah I'm stopped right there. I'm gonna check out full of shit. I don't believe it. He can work with the story and her. Breath was I mean it smelled like an open grave like I've, never craziest thing I've ever smelled his open grave. That's a deal. Breaker by the way I remember we're at the elevator has depends. I was excited about dinner and I went and I went that's weird- it's impossible that someone's mouth that's not possible. So I go. This is probably doing math uh. Well, no or sundown. Until I got to him right or sucking big ass. He did nope nope, so she couldn't get so anyway long Tetlow story Short were in the elevator. I'm like get a cab. This is in New York. So all right, there's a situation here. She'll eat ice. One late. I'm young I'm like this is Shelly What's going on
I'm not I'm not going to pay attention, I'm not going to pay attention. You know you just like camping. We to replace we start making out and I'm telling you it was beyond anything, I've ever smelled like a felt stung. Can I go look at the time? I don't know what I did. I was. Let me get outta here. You know I'm such a bitch that I actually didn't want to be rude. I think I kiss her a little more and I was like hold your breath. Finally, getting out of there. I said we're friends, I go. Listen. I gotta tell you, your friend is: is great he's got the worst breath and she goes we'll talk about that, but no one tells her about how we know she was. Oh, my god go to college. You could never get a day should never called them and I go well. Can you can you tell her you're her friend you are doing, hey life is ruined because you can't 'cause it tell
that her breath smells like an open grave. You gotta tell her that's a tough talk to have with someone made. It depends on your friends. I've had her friend who's, a firearm. You mentioned him too he's not very good. Things have been going his way and, yes, you always should do. I said I think she get a job wow, that's that's, but that's your best friend, no, that's being a friend Nauman, keep playing, grab ass and hopefully things workout for you how many people to ever bro. You know many people in acting class for years I sat there going the no it should be quit quit you? It's never gonna happen. You got to choose to go back to College Bryant, Brick Brian or talking to us on the right here. Do you believe like something like talent like some tea you're born of town either? Have you not or is it a clean slate and from experiences that we not clean slate hi percent those people that are more talented, it almost everything weather, comedy with its music, whether it is my dad it or you don't write musical talent without a doubt is very worthwhile with a very so wildly. There's
advantages that certain people have that are so undeniable. Is this fucking thing, oh, my god tell us what is it well, the physical talent, David Epstein's book, the sports Jane. He makes that case. You prove that it's amazing I feel like a bomb go off. I hope it's not. It's supposed to be just a nice little o'clock. How does it gives ten minute warning is that it did you read that book jobs and it's like a minute. Twenty six now did you see her that book? The sports? You told me about one thousand times, but I have not read it, but it's without a doubt. True, there's certain athletes that just have a huge potential. I mean, I think some people are just naturally better at math. For example, sorry, yes, percent true to one hundred percent sure this
certain people that have been more eloquent way of describing things? It's fascinating that certain people that are better storytellers matter read. Reading human emotion- and I don't know why I don't know if it's a learned skill, I think certainly storytelling, is a learned skill. It depends on who you around when you growing up, I think too, and I think that you're, a guy who's, been around if your dad is boring as fuck and you're boring as fuck and then? Finally, at thirty, you meet a bunch of charismatic people who know how to spin a yarn. Two right so far behind the eight ball, you're never going to figure out how to be interesting. So you better get rich, there's an evolutionary biologist by the most famous named Steven Pinker at Harvard University, and he wrote a book called the blank slate which I'm reading now about that saying. We're not a blank slate You can certainly learn a great deal as a human being. This call there's a great game. We have huge huge potential to change our lives with what we learned, but the fact the matter is most of the science proves the fact that some people have a proclivity, for you know
chess over whatever it might not only that there's some people that have a lot of the aspects of your life that were completely beyond their control until they became an adult, the childhood, how their race now raising who abuse them them up to put in a bad situation because of fears yeah, what that did to their brain chemistry it without a doubt the wiring of the way, the very way they think we have with with sports is different to. Like I I've had you know, I've given college to major college teams, talks of like that, then it a gym. I will say any names ago, Brendan come talk with. Tell a man tell him lol, the guys, aren't hitting mids or they're, not they're, not show up for training they're not doing this not doing that I told him- I said I mean I'll talk to me. You don't want me to talk because I'm going to support, I'm very cut throat right and I see I've seen it all men I said: listen, If someone has to give you a pep talk and tell you, to show up every day and train it's too low,
You don't have it 'cause. I know guys who, like they literally have give me Jim keys. I will be in that bitch, twenty four slash. Seven. They do not give me a gym key overtrain like a mother. So with these guys not even showing up- and I know other guys just like me- who aren't in the UFC and you we can- did you come to practice your not that much passion about it? Your waist time, not. For me to you is: go get a job. You have you're not going the abscesses, not some. You should be into not a chance in writing. Yeah, you shouldn't be dabbling in my. You know. If, if, if you have to give a pep talk from a guy, you know who you might whatever you pick up to who's in the UFC where you want to be at, and he spires you to get your ass in the gym. It's too late. I always use the Tyson analogy I say: can match, ok imagine that you're, a guy who says you know what I'm just going to have a few fights. I'm just going to you know I'll, give it a shot. I'll, give it a go I'll, have a habit adventure. What, if, on the other side of that adventure, is a guy like MIKE Tyson was completely
Yes, not only is g genetically gifted. Not only is he freakishly fast for a heavy way, not only He trained by a guy who's become as mentors when the greatest minds the World boxing is ever known, Custom Otto when it comes to psychology and the pumping have a fighter in the changing the fighters. Mentality. Custom model was a pad motherfucker. He would tell guys things that they would to be able to carry with them for the rest of the Witcher Tyson's career when he passed away, but even after Gordon Kevin Rooney, who was the last bond too custom model, because, no tell him shit like food, you know fire is it can either be your friend or it could be your enemy. You can either cook your food with it or if you can't control it, it'll burn your your whole house down fears like fire. And that fear, if you can control it, it make you a better fighter. So you're saying Billy Mickey who doesn't who's not doing This is he get Torok it together and stir Fucked is going to get. You said you could get hurt for you get Marvin Frazier, information five times afro and tie
then came out guns blazing almost horrific display of destruction. I think I've ever seen the heavyweight division 'cause. It was never a matter of whether or not Marvel's is to win was a man of how many seconds it was going to take before Tyson landed the boom on 'em and's, the corner. We just started a mall in am and said, have famous dad Joe Frazier was dad, but he was never. There was a monster, it was never a guy. That was so you can run into a monster even if you're Marvis Frazier. Imagine if you forget about anybody else, imagine if it's you look at him. Look down. Yeah he's terrified. This was when Tyson was before even fought for the title, and this is one of the big fights that sort of cemented in everybody's idea that he was the next coming because Marvis Frazier had had some good fights. He looked pretty good. He looked like a good boxer. He was really well trained, but Tyson was at look look at home common Lucy. Was he paced around the rings ridiculous? We played this on the
I guess no less than five times just gives. A in my opinion is like one of the most devastating heavyweight performances in the history of the sport. In a perfect example, and it was on ABC. I would love to have seen Marvis Frazier fight Tyson MIKE Tyson would done the same thing to do probably write a lot of people say: no it wouldn't. You got to watch the Frazier Foreman fight. Fraser always had a problem with that. Look at Jim Lampley sexy bitch. Look it up damn doing the damn thing: Young him once about some passion about boxing. He loves it. It talks about shit about MMA, unfortunately, which I think it's not he's come around. I think stuff around. I heard an interview lately where I think he's being bad gotti, the Gadia that legendary nights that God he will not award. He starts crying man, it's hard, not too much. Just man look at this and Joe Frazier. He kind of know that his son is going to crush you think he knew yeah. You can. I mean probably idea but you're going to have an idea. I mean he knows my sons capable already right. That's Kevin Rooney yeah! This is after custom, monetary, double look, how jacked,
SIRI Jack Tyson. How would he have done in MMA? The same would have smoke people who have been terrifying. If you taught him how to get as good at everything else. I disagree. I think it's tough to say that it's tough, to say that you can see is a very undersized heavyweight. You've got picked like Jon Jones would have picked him apart who's to say he would have been happy wait. He could easily been two hundred and five. He only weighed about two hundred and eighteen. You know one eight thousand one hundred and eighty five wow, that's crazy to think because he would have to deal with that with kicks and stuff Russell it's hard to say man lot of guys. Aren't they don't want to wrestle, they don't want to do just do they hate grappling yeah yeah, so you and if you have some apps for shared, so you could see that the actual fight itself, no no back at right about. There is good thing here. It goes he so fast. It was so unmanageable. You couldn't other, we were talking about a fight with John Jones trying to find there we go look at this. I mean they don't even get a close up on a fast enough to see the destruction as it's going down. They started the cameras way in a pull out, but they don't
is a Tyson just charges edges in the beginning of the round. You can to start, but you can't find sparring partners that that that name, listen, listen in the universe. Here it is Oh bang, bang, oh no terrible video by the way is one of the worst copies of the Youtube video. Whoever put that up, take it down case uh listen when you fight MIKE Tyson when he fight Jon Jones. When you fight these guys. You get one shot at him and it's live with millions of people watching. Could you cannot duplicate in the gym? You get one real life shot! That's why people have so many problems with these guys, Jon Jones List there's! No one in your gym the size of Jon Jones. Doing these weird kicks and so on these weird angles. In doing these shoulder locks against the cage you get one real life go at it and by the time you figure out it's too late, so crazy. Why these guys are so damn good MIKE Tyson to you tell me
he was training with ISIS criticising I've. Seen Tyson do that arm, wrench they did on global I've. Seen Tyson. Do that Tyson didn't exander Holyfield check yourself, I never that fighters box do in a little bit. I just haven't done it the way, John Dinos John, so that it illegal way clapped his hands together, and it I mean he he's, not your pullover Johnson, beast wrestler man is not really good play the way he manhandles guys inside the clenched away. It takes guys down to be fair, I think that Alexander Destin Fight was the best thing ever to happen. To John John was like alright. I need to pick it up here, and he has. What do you do that? I think when it when you're going to spite? Thank you is this title shot three was a really contested means destroying guys right yeah, I mean it's not to believe your own height believing house for no knocked out Mirko Crowe. And I thought I was freaking God's gift to the UFC, and I was like alright I'll still training. My ass off, I literally didn't think I could lose whatever she keep doing. My thing can keep knocking everybody out, it's whatever. I feel,
like John Minida slid into that a little bit where you're like Bro. This is dope destroying everyone, and then you get a guy like Alexander who's, just this big? Just as long, I think John was like any step my game up here and he absolutely dismantled glow text, Sarah, and that's why maybe it could be also stylistic thing to Gustus another part of indian strike, that's part of it for sure. That's part of it. He said John Jones didn't perform like he used to at one seven two man. I couldn't agree with that Well, Alexander, just trying to stay right he's trying to hype this fight. He said he got it anyway. He gets the next fight for sure, but he's been talking all sorts of smack yeah. Well, Senate. He say John Joe does on a fight me judge of scared me with this unit. It with with I mean why he's got to say all that I have noticed. That's how you hide things that we're going to do. It's an interesting fight. Man I'll tell you that, after the first five ten interesting fight, I think you can see we,
better John Jones in this fight, but I think you need to see a better Gustavson two. I think I think it won't be. As close as I think I know I think one of them, I don't think he was close. I think one is going to pull away. You make a pig I think one is going to pull away man. I don't know Bing everything. I tell you what for breezy over doom's a tougher match up for Cayman a trash brown? It's all about matchups! sing for Bishop poses a lot of threats that came yeah. You don't realize how big Fabrizio is he's big he's big Travis Browne lose it that much not that much taller now for Bri. She was light for that fight too. He's he's losing weight and you got down to two hundred and thirty. That's what people are. That's, what guys are doing like entrance Brown came out. What two hundred and thirty are they doing? That's already cardio came came it's a copycat league, so destroying cats and then everyone's like? Oh that's, cool. Two hundred and sixty pounds. I can't make it that long. I can't keep that pace. He said everyone's getting lighter canes Carlos, very unusual physically to in a very unusual cardio, just from genetics mean
he's gifted yeah she's, not your most explosive athlete right, but in this Stama goes he's attempt to stay put his head in your chest and just just so good. You know he's just such a good fucking athlete mean his stamina is incredible and his team everything's Rosie doesn't have any have any motion. You never see like like his teeth down down, thrown wildly makers. Everything is strong over things. Good, perfect technique, can Brandon. What do you think his boxing or, what's the most impressive part of his game besides cardio for you, Let's see for me that obviously, but his box in his wrestling is amazing. Stuff like that. What's amazing to me, is he never? Let's the moment get to him? I was talking about this. Brian was asking about the Andrea Lasky Ann. He said this and now I'm getting a little more experience. You know this would be my tenth or 11th fight in the UFC, which is a lot and It's not let the moment get to you, you, don't you don't let the
only gets so big where you get freaked out, and that happened to be in Brazil and I thought no girl is the first time it was like what the fuck am I doing free. It out when they're thrown these crazy uppercuts under throw uppercuts? I still in leg kicks. That's not my thing, I'm doing like cakes, uppercuts lily. I watched that film, like with the fuck, is that guy the moment got to me I was like dang. This is a big moment. I beat this guy, probably going to Brock Lesnar. Next, that's what I was told trying to fight Brock Lesnar next. So I'm thinking of all these crazy situations that slim the moment get to you. So with Andrea Lasky, and for you asked what so impressed about King Valasquez Dude NET. Have you seen that guy freak out net have you seen him like? Oh, what am I undo and start fighting unlike himself, he stay to a game plan and mentally he's just so solid. That's the difference like he said against junior dossantos. Is this last fight in the ridiculous man. I was tired. I was exhausted, but I knew it. Kept pushing. He couldn't match this pace, less a champs,
mind, set a lot of guys, give Emily coasted out here. He did it. I like what Winkeljohn said that Jon Jones go out there and have fun yeah, they kept say, that's what it's about kept saying this corner? They list Saphan well he's at his best. When he's creative, you know he knows he's putting on a show he's put in our show, with a guy like Glover part of the way to put on a show, is do shit that nobody saw comment when he put his hands down Roy Jones style. What happen when he got up against the cage is, was rolling with every shot that global was thrown component, lasted him with elbows and punches as well. I mean it is just stellar performance picked him apart. Just showed he still getting better to like that was the best he's ever looked is getting better hickory plus he's throwing shit like wheel, kicks and stuff that you never saw common. You know like Jesus Christ is spinning back, kick is outstanding. Now crazy. He's got a really good. Spinning back kick data, you know damn so so so many really really high level matchups these days and so many fighters getting better every time you you have to you have to you, have no choice so that this,
goes back to that. So, if you're not passionate about the sport, especially mixed martial arts, but in life in jail, if you're, not passionate someone is you know, I'm saying so. You cannot keep up especially approach. What did you think about? What do you think about Edson, Barboza Donald Cerrone? Would you think about that was crazy, cowboys my boy right, and I always tell Brian this when cowboy walks out from that unlock? Can you tell who's going to win or not if cowboys mentally ready he's the best one hundred and fifty five in the world to me off similar bias. I think he's one of the very best in the world when Donald moment get to him. Donald, doesn't fight like Donald, the DOS Anjos fight. That's not Donald, not Donald, the impetus, that's not Donald! You can just tell he doesn't want to be in there this so I can only tell is on the fence, and we came out was like oh no he's getting his ass whooped and then this huge jab drops drops Barbeau.
Yeah and they end up taking his back. He took some bombs for that took some bombs. You can pick the party boycott some crazy hooks because all right and left six yeah, if you could tell barbels at a speed, advantages mix it up. I was like oh no cowboy, this isn't good and then drop them. They got his back jump out of my the spider monkey got his back choked him out. Then everything is all good, but now you got huh Beebe number comment off. The bead calls on the rough he's, a rough rock. Sleep, is like a rough rough, it really from say period. They posted this full wrestle. A grizzly bear at six roughly what the fuck you gonna do was playing grab ass with the girls in the playground. This fools wrestling bears. How can it compete with that head? Thank God sure bodies at one hundred and fifty five, Where are we going to do he's so aggressive that fucking God has when you saw on the internet, he beat us that mean you may plus Angeles look like they were in the same league, which is not bad yeah. It is yeah. The kids got ridiculous grappling
the best grappling I've ever seen inside the octagon. Just so aggressive with his takedowns aggressive and changes things up, changes angles and then gives you like a difference in gears. You know like you his gears on you crack speeds up his approach, slows it down drop down. We think you can stand up. It just makes it a lot. Is that okay, I I nasty C S, Korea, we do a show together, you'll see now I ask them we're doing some break down stuff on could be, and I go. Is he that good? He is, he is man. Is you and you really haven't seen anything yet in the jimmies? Are some monster era, a somber, great background man, it's one of the best backgrounds ever for, for you have surgery, because it's it's Grappling is a lot of really tough russian guys transitions yeah you competing with fucking animals and these guys you're really good at it. Transition started as a sample guided me yeah. He was combat sambo World champion yeah, it's kind of the face of it number them enough. That's not real.
There's an actual video of him as a kid rolling around with a fucking grizzly bear and a grizzly bears like Dick sending naked, jokes and shit. This grizzly bears like a blue belt in Jujitsu. I don't know where they found this better. How is at the San, Diego Zoo- and I was watching mountain gorillas wrestled the little mountain growers like the adolescence and they have great technique there. Natural wrestlers period. Here it is never oh, really Brian, while you're playing You are dancing your ass off this guys wrestling with a bear. Little bear double leg that there is an image. That's on him is it? Is this the right video til Youtube says, I think so man, this one UFC posted and then he could then Sobib confirmed it that it was him. Leave that he's a little kid little kid wrestle with God. Damn bear that's insane right! That's uh!
cool what kind of bread called and yelled at my dad with a small buck was my bear. It's a baby bear still, though yeah. It's still for sure I wouldn't fuck with that. Bear looking that bears aggressive as shit too strong and appears like a dick in the restaurant cool. Is that dog plasma torch obvious up Aspergers? I want that his head. I want to bear badly right now, you don't because you would ignore it if your backyard waiting for days to come home and then one day, someone will go in your backyard, not know that the bear likes to wrestle people and fucking take him down there to scream, and I just got back to the road yeah pretzel, bp not home enough to have a bear that recipe, not I'm not home enough to have a fair, the rest, and I want so badly right now. I'm not home enough to not fair. No chips, no bears definitely no chips. It's just not fair. When they're little who's, Johnny Hendricks going to fight against next John hundreds will fight the winner of Woodley, no Hector Lumbar nope.
I would leave an oily time. Roy Mcdonough fighter June's support teams on you. If he wants me for international and over the to make and be there for the Brian kept the winter that will get the next title fight, I think Tyron Woodley is about as big as you can get and be one seven. So weird, these giant he's a beast. He's a fuck looking strong kid to man, but to too, but then you also got Jake Jake Ellenberger. First, your boy, Robbie, Lawler, yeah, couple inches there. So many killers, like you, start thinking about seventy, like I said one hundred and seventy one, fifty five you're better. All your bases covered. You gotta be back to being an be a hell of an athlete on top of it and you better be on sale. The row Tj Dillashaw fight, isn't that the same card with Jake Allen we're takes on Robbie Lawler. What is this one? Seventy four one hundred and seventy four oh yeah see Tj Dillashaw and Robbie Lawler
yeah they're on they're on the same loss. He can't get a picture up there and how about mighty mouse man he might be the best pound for pound guy on the planet that might be the most technical pound for pound fighter. In the plan I mean everybody always turns to the big ones beaning Baral Jose, although and John Jones, but all the smaller you go, the more talented they are. My must read as they are. I agree. Maybe the best really knocked out, then, if he does with folks on our common as ever done that at one twenty five, what you'll see to a knock out there, especially at that level, and it takes guys down, submit some two in the fourth round against Moraga means it do what is right or with John Moraga. They went to war. He they actually, you know, is overcoming with technique and then he catches him on the ground is ahead in the fight and he still finishing with an armbar, crazy and bra This fucking dangers, Baraga caught him clean with a straight punch right to the mug, and he it great fight it fight,
I can take your man he's techniques, a little monster, really technical and just does having a guy Matt Hume as your trainer from jump for the day. So why it's huge. I know so much create a base for you right now. You know so much. First of all, it was a very good fighter himself. More, both Moitie Jujitsu did Emma Mae fart in uh. I think you've got an extreme fighting for pat military to stop at mill otage with a broke. His nose with an e old school is really good, but his knowledge- you also uh, was a judge and pride for a long time judged a lot of fights probably will see Matt. He was very stoic, look guy. He would the way it behaves. He just always struck me as very stoic, like smart dude, yeah there's, a lot of shit about fighting here in the corner, when he's giving advice is some of the best advice you over here really yeah. Very technical very very much. You could tell that they've trained for a very specific style of of game plan, and
we just you know, makes adjustments. Has a plans be plans like you could tell it the way there when he's talking about DJ and when you sign benavidez, you know the baby is loading up. You know if they saw Coming. What's weird to me, it would not weird, but what's cool is the relationship between coaches and fighters like the coach would know what to say to a fighter right like some guys need to be hyped up, does need to be hyped up where the coaches, yell and scream, and I'm in between rounds, doing stuff like that they can be sued negative and ones are super calm, relax, very Greg, Jackson, yeah and just the difference between that's easy. When I was on the ultimate fighter out of coach yell at me and slap the me so hard it. It literally rocked me before walking lock. Slap me so hot. So little Spazzy was like come on. Let's go, that's not that doesn't work for Trevor Wittman. Did he really? I was like how she had this fucking want. What are we doing, and I went when she went down to
that. One that you write. What you're doing that works with clay Guida, maybe like his brother, sucks visiting my brother only slap some like twenty percent he's not like really cock in the head. He just apps absolutely get him mean he's not her his brother, yeah yeah, some guys like that, like if you watch box and if you watch that Garcia who's the media, Madonna yeah, Robert Garcia, have you seen the way he coaches guys very good, very good coach, yeah, great coach for the home. Now he works with Kane recently said of Kane took to years off. It could be heavyweight champion. Boxer, in three years, and you have to get him get him. The right fights build them up. Strong for three years would be every chance and a lot? That's crazy! Yeah I mean the heavy. The heavyweight boxing picture is please What is the name of the beast is a very good boxer.
So yes, no known known, MMA, sinnipee, Pata Klitschko he's going to destroy guys. So how is Robert, Garcia think became the last guys going to beat Klitschko well, what else is going to say this is bull I don't know, that's a stretch, but it's a stretch as an interesting thing it it would like to see him try to do it. I would think they would Asin see what he could do that to reach to deal with. For came by the way my reach sure is those could still fight. You know the heights road. They threw very few punches. They they that that's because they've just that that jab and then you know it really comes. I have a buddy. This is a funny story about the clutch goes. I have a very good friend. I played search for power when I first came to LA he was dating at the It's clutch goes fiancee now, wife, I know if they got married, Hayden Pana Terry. He was dating her and he kill me for telling the story? Don't tell a story then. Well, it's not too bad. It's not too bad. So so he's dating this girl. Click on her are not dating
and he thinks he's. All paranoid is all work as Fricking Klitschko cars behind him and he doesn't know if this is true or not, but he thinks Klitschko has someone tailing them once and so he calls me up bro get over here. Man, I think something's bad to go down. For you know me, I like that he's like Kathy's about to go down, as I think you know, I'm dating this girl, I think her ex boyfriend and that time I had no idea who is dating or, with his time, legos think Ex boyfriends trailer mango who the fuck said ex boyfriend. He was clips Kyle now like the heavyweight boxer? He was yo, I'm not fucking. Coming down there, he was yeah bro, he could take a manual. No, I like that guy and, if you're talking with this girl, that's what you can't man is no not a few months. I like it too much fuck off man hung up the phone six six two hundred and forty three Redmond traffic. Read it read it. That's a lot to tell you and just one ridiculous.
Fifth round. Well, you know we should be talking about. Is Bernard Hopkins at forty nine one, another title, it's so ridiculous, Brendan Schaub how the fuck is he doing that has Bernard Hopkins, win titles at forty Tell me he's training, smart and it just is raining bring. Experience is destroying these youngsters right, but is not incredible. Forty nine years old, incredible thing: how smart can be straight training, I agree, it's being guys this 20s in there just, I can't explain to drop these destroying grass he's destroying guys. I can't explain it. He dropped to do it in the 11th round rock circles in many ways of doing old. In that picture, like that old, he looks old enough. It's just the gray in his beard and shave, his beard obviously world at all. I agree so we, I think he is a hunt. Real explain he's doing something that nobody's done in sports. It ever maybe well. He's also said that he he doesn't need to work out. The way everybody works out, like everybody has this idea that you have to work out hours every day hours every day for a thirty minute fight like why you got a workout hours every day, so he
I figured out how to maintain enough fitness to go one, slash three init five, that's 'cause! All the experience all he does. All you have to do is get in shape. What you gonna do with you do, show me easy to Jasper and he's mastered your boss and he's put in his ten thousand hours. He's mastered boxing, and now we just get in shape and stayed. He even really hurt. He's never been really like my all knocked out now and as far as the training goes at it, it's funny to me. I was I had the strength to coach. I still work with them, Andre Watercress and he would might be trained for an hour and a half these circuit. We do twelve rounds. These circuit, crazy, ass things and I'm love it right. It's love to workout. Doing. Do it and this guy who doesn't know shit about the FC never seen Eoc goes. Where do you before men I know I gotta fight coming up here, so yeah uh uh, twelve, Vitalia now not only three rounds years. All like ten minute rounds or nah there. Three five minute rounds goes.
Bidding for but you've been there longer mean man how you been The half is: oh, that's cool. I could tell you what and then and then, when I walked into the locker room. I was like this cards totally right. Jackass. You have no idea what we're training you like. What are we doing sit down? My coaching was like YO man. My fights fifteen minutes been here for an hour and a half doing all this crazy shit. We need to cut that day down, and so I went to TIM Ferriss. Did this like looked at how much olympic track athletes when MIKE Training and they they lift heavy weights, do a lot. He took a look at how much they actually are spending how like, if you actually time the amount of time they are lifting weights where the weights are in the air, it something really crazy. Like twenty minutes a month like it's very very
so there are maxing out, but well that's that's different! That's just that's ridiculous! Trachsel different weights, though yeah track. This is completely different Friday. No, I'm not saying that I'm saying it doesn't like for strength training when they're trying to get stronger. What's interesting, is that power lifting and stuff they don't lift as much nearly as much as you think. You know it's the right, but that's not what he's talking about it all was talking about translating into much over now he's talking about. Maybe look around. We are fighting like this totally une relevant. Well. What I'm saying is the Colombo Crisco Khaos look up. Vladimir Klitschko Klitschko returns three belts in ESPN, you gotta see the highlight of him, stop and that dude what's amaze, Think about Bernard Hopkins. Is that he's able to control the pace of every fight he gets in, even if the guys really good he's able to control the pace of the fight I'd like to know his diet? What are we doing here?
he's very into healthy foods. You know we don't need anything processed, he doesn't need anything. Stupid, doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, he doesn't fuck around already or anything new. This Floyd Mayweather doesn't drink. Do drugs smart when he doesn't fast food that drives me nuts yeah, I think probably a lot of it. He does for the camera. I think he's being silly. I bet he does a lot of it for the camera. Look at this look at Klitschko. Look at that. That he's so big Man, he just so long and tall check this shit out latest light up tank stink, he so long dude. He so long like I said you get one shot, it's in front of millions of people for a lot of money when one should have put in Hopkins beat when Hopkins beat Kelly Pavlik an after the right. He grabbed him and they said would say he goes. He said what he said in his here is he goes. Don't let this ruin, you lie,
In other words, I outclassed you completely and you are a hit man at a killer and he goes don't let this ruin. You tell complicated problem with alcohol. That was just big as Dan was. Apparently it happened after the Hopkins fight. Apparently you know it's weird. I always had a problem with killer still a hitman's. Still a killer is going to be tough to be a champion. Have alcohol, yeah you can still rocking. Do you guys got like Bernard Hopkins who's going to bed at seven hundred pm it? You know I'm saying waking up at six running and shit, I'm just saying that very high public was still a killer bees out about, but he's not in the same areas Bernard. But meanwhile you know you do boxing match. The same was to try to do mma math. Taylor beat Hopkins twice and Kelly Pavlik knocked out. Jermaine Taylor yeah is matchups. It's boxing, and it's also, I think, Kelly PATH caught Jermaine Taylor after Jermaine Taylor had had his bell rung enough, there's a number where you've just
hit the wall and there's no coming back and one tablet stopped him. It was one of those. This might be the end. It was one of those where you see the end of a fighter's career, sometimes, and one stoppage yeah. We know not always right. Leg, Pacquiao came back, After the Marquez knockout a lot of people predicted. He would never. A lot of so this is it. This is the end. He's got a really fucking smart trainer, Freddie Roach, he said take a year off till told me another thing you have, so he wasn't even boxing an object. We didn't know. Contact for a little thing is Freddy and George start to be the same way towards the end of his career. They only spar, ain't camp and Freddie. Only smart has his guy sparred the last four weeks before a fight smart. Is that super smart? I don't understand the logic, because spring seems like it's so important. You doing, you admit, we're doing everything but getting in and you can actually go a better shooting in fighting 'cause. It feels like when somebody hitting you back well when you're at that level. What are we the same with the NFL. When you have that level, why take Bronte Brain trauma in the NFL most
don't hit during during the season they only hit on Sundays? Listen if you can't fuck to make a tackle on Monday, you're sure shit not going to make it on Sunday when it counts, yeah what Freddie Roach does with his fighters. If you watch like any of those HBO twenty four sevens, I love they can sell me on anything other great. He does a lot of positions like hill throughout that dot. Net zap hook now go over this. This one particular combination that they feel is going to apply to their opponent over and over and over again, and they develop it so that it becomes like sort of a secondary reflex. So will do a lot of like specific stuff for each individual fighters. Twenty four slash, seven has kind of it was a plus. I give it a a minus now be plus 'cause. All access on Showtime, Floyd Mayweather took his business there. If you watch last episode? Three was coined by the mist. Jackson is in the picture anymore, and you know why he released it today. So Miss Jack was his main chick right forever shoes on all the countdowns, whatever this
pretty girl. Take him. Shopping show are like in Prada, spend all this money, Woop Woop and then she's not on there anymore, he's like we just had our differences she's not around anymore, so Twitter is pull up like YO, what's wrong with Miss Jackson, I guess she was talking shit about Floyd. So Floyd is like what this is. What happened? She was pregnant with wins and decide on abortion without my consent. I want to these babies Jenna Bush without my consent. That's why we're not fucking together, and then she yeah gratefully stench. She on Instagram is Jackson Post. The pic talking shit to Floyd with her new mannelly right I'm all into this shit by the way I'm like TMZ in the final world. You love it. So then she post picture with Nelly and then Floyd like what he post picture yeah, Miss Jackson looks great before I paid for all these fucking plastic surgeries shows the pics. Her just die
Instead, just straight up. Busted like in the morning just one eye open just a real warlocks state in the morning posted that picture, and then he took it down, though he took it down when you're having an instagram fight, that's kind of that's pretty low is now it's not good. It's not most. Let him go, but that's people love with that out there, that she had an abortion with his twin. He can't let you know what I think he's getting so much backlash like what the failure to good blah blah. So he's like what should I think she said something interview so he's like oh really check this out that party had his dad. His dad comes over. They start talking it out of nowhere there, both Trafico at room does rough. Does rough chicken head chicken had to get you a Floyd, Mayweather, don't fund them he's got his master chicken head. He is a black belt in chicken heads, I'm a bloop, I think more than a chicken head. Don't you think? That's a debts Everett crazy situation where she can head that's a chick is being that's being together along time,
riser Christian because they were together and she was allowed to have all these side pieces that I become Miss Jackson, that's how you can miss Floyd Mayweather. She accepted that lifestyle and then she want to do her own modeling thing in all this stuff, so he suspended her from the countdown show. 'cause before she was in on there and they asked why he goes. You know what she just had to prove her worth she's going a little too big for her britches. So I have to suspend him from the countdown show that be a chicken head here, black belt chicken, his voice in the Stepper game here suspended at this so fucked when you involve babies and stuff into that equation. Try to figure like where, where that, how that factored in you know well what point I like listen on the king of chicken heads bitch you're suspended from the countdown shows. Who has that cock a listen! all access to be here and we need to get out why?
can I chicken head get the hell outta here? Well that salarian managing your employees, chicken eyes. I guess man, flying shop. You got a pair of I just want to bring it in the attention of the listeners that you're wearing a pair of very tight camouflage, camouflage shorts. I really appreciate that put my high tops with no socks, yeah you're, very happy with your legs and those camo shorts, though. Let's talk about that met those quad son and that's a low slung, that's a slow, slow, tank top yeah more my dick hanging out the front, it's whatever the necklace is It is sad when you see those fucking relationships, those crazy relationships, specially when their errored in front of twenty million people, so dark we are doing to each of the cameras are on. He starts talking about abortion. Isn't so. Oh they. They say that Floyd's biggest problem is women. Ah yeah there's every
famous athletes problem there where people somebody in finnish people, like you, start to see what they're really about as the fame starts to wane like Bruce, men are deciding that he's going to go Trans, gender, there not for sure now. Is he really trying to no no he's not Brian just making that up and get in trouble waiting? I'm getting in trouble. I thought now that is a rumor I did. I did hear that you've seen that, have you seen the pictures? Rumors man just rumors, you don't have you done research unless you're talking about a man's body and his aspirations feet towards being another woman? There's no statements, there's nothing you're going to find online. It says I'm going to save in general, say this ready going to save I'll. Tell you this here is being a malibu to say this right now: listen up no somebody very well very well, I gotta be careful, but I know somebody very well. Please be care who is very close to that family. Ok, and should you be saying this for sure, I think it's ok, I think it's ok, I'm being general,
they told me, and I said the same thing you said I went that. Are you crazy? Take a look please: let's take a look I went that could just be him in the middle of a conversation and he makes a fucking weird face and then so one captured it and then put it up and made it like. It was a big fan of the whole plane. A wig hold on hold on please hold on, please hold hold so I went. Why are you talking about this guy or even focusing on his sexuality? I'm just what? Why are you? You don't know the guy. I find it very interesting. You don't know him, so I just think it's interesting and surprising that Bruce Jenner, maybe so summarizing what were the fact they testing to what would the TMZ fat, but he has decided he is going to go trans gender come on, yeah. I don't. I said it an and then subsequently I've read it well, might be the up. The did you streams down, you know that and it keeps cutting off. I can
no, no, no Christ. How do you suddenly get sensitive about one thing and I don't know the guy, you don't know him, you don't know his scenario. You have never talked to him about it. You're getting observations. I think surprising. He looks odd, but you did not know whether or not this is true to be a transgender. His skin is very tight and he might he might very well. I find it peculiar that you would spend. Anytime whatsoever contemplating storing the data interesting circumventing your friends name so that we can get this out well being as vague as possible. Very vague! I
and maybe is it would explain how he's able to hang out those squawking hands all today and he's the only one with talent talk about chicken heads right he's the only one with talent did something out of all those bitches in that house. He just needs to look around right here, where the only reason all the bitches or here's 'cause. I have talent knowledge. That's not true! The reason why there is she did porn and she was friends with Paris, Hilton. And her mom was the architect of a lot of yeah yeah in there her mom was married to Robert Kardashian. Is a famous lawyer? There's a lot involved there, the day OJ. They had excuses, though, but he was already like long long past his fame. Yes, when he came back with this and there was no one, no one was hanging out. You know talking about how great Bruce Jenner was it just never came. We wanted to get into movies after after the Olympics, so he got. He did this. You got a nose job and yes, your nose job. His nose is very, very different. That used to be very different and you stream
work out on it didn't work out and and then I don't know you can keep trying, but after certain incidents in anyway or not, I mean, I think the I think with Russians have done. I think the mom is a genius marketing genius. Well, if you take those girls and run with it like this and not see, Ryan Seacrest got behind him and then Bam the other like That's not good! the dummies in their young. They don't know any better, because it looks glamorous and she's got all the nice stuff that everybody wants and so hard to get, but it doesn't mean that it's what so, it's like what is it like? A porn star thing where, where it's not tied to accomplishment in the eighth, the wrong kind of attention. You can make that argument. Lisa pornstar could just like show awesome dick sucking technique we discover she has a talent yeah. Well, it's not care about. Auto care was like, let's be on, it's not really a talent. She was it's not really more skill set is not a skill. Your
he born fucking, because that was always fucking and she was always very sexual, and now she does not on camera. You know yeah, but some those are bad at it. So every talent, it's a town or is it a skill like if I play golf every day, I'd be pretty damn good. If I was, if I was a girl fucking, guys ass? I can dig I'd, get pretty good. Ok, let's, let's Google, what's the difference between talent and skill, because I'm not entirely sure well town will tell you were born with God skill. You can work. The scale is something that you work at getting better at now, I'm not buying that because uh, some people have no talent in the beginning, and then they work got it and then people go wild, drive skills in town yeah, but you know it. Sometimes you see somebody who's gets in the ring in their boxer and you go. You got talent, you could actually be good, whereas you see somebody who doesn't have talent and you have to go I have to work really hard and developed skill to make up for your talent. Here's how it's described. Online talent is usually an innate ability to do something. Watch,
skill, is a learned ability to do something. That's weird talent is the natural aspect that needs a little nudge to realize, while skill requires investment of a lot of time. Talent and then the really scary thing is when talented people develop skills. Yes, after negated, Jon Jones yeah MIKE Tyson, yeah yeah, that's a diff or so much porn stars, your time or girl who just can take tongue to the ball just loft on, and you see it like White House she's been able to do that without throwing up how she doing out a lot of skill involved lot of experience, let's kill somebody who had such a huge fan base because you believe her face like I was talking, but that her acting her ability to make you think she's really enjoying it is Brian thinks this girls, a legit like she's eyebrows and I finished hardener for an hour and that's what we were talking about so she's, a freak, yeah yeah. This is people are not. They shouldn't be
stars and those people that go. Oh yeah, well, you're good at it. Yeah yeah you're good at it, but she yeah. She does some hardcore stuff too. Not familiar with this, not light. I wasn't either she doesn't matter is Corolla podcast! Oh really, or not. We were really she had this book and I read, I said: come on, you read her whole book yeah. It's really easy, it's funny! Actually it's like short yeah, but she's. So honest we've, oh my god! Is she honest about it? Did you read it? I did read it naked in the in horse stance. Is it? Is it uh? It's it's a bad horse, a best seller book. Well, just came out. Just came out, I don't know you know say now, Bert Kreischer was saying that the book business so fucked in so bad that in less there's preorders like the amount of books that they put out in less there's a ton of pre orders. They barely by one up
put in my shelves or bring them to a book stores and things along those lines, because people are really hard on Kindle and all that yeah they're? Getting for that and then just not buying that many books, many people just not buying that many fucking books. That's really good side yeah, I'm going to let everybody know that you stream crashed you're having a real bad problem with this computer right now. Bandwidth is left, but audio still going good. So I'm just let everybody you stream his shit. The bed will be back soon, will be back soon as possible will be back soon. So do you guys do you guys turn on do anything with the fighter in the kid we take it to like a network or you take it to somewhere else. Well, Now we just got the numbers back and they're good right there good. So it's time to start making some moves we gotta, do something where you can swear. I'm just gonna tell you right now, every time we get together and we do a podcast, I'm gonna tell you, you gotta, stop doing this nonsense. Where they tell you
What you can and can't say you gotta, stop. You said it, you go. You go your dirty comedian, your cage fighter yeah. So you can't you can't censor that. What kind of nonsense is this? This is ridiculous. We agree an argument, comedian, a fucking cage fighter and telling me want to talk it put in you know what the last podcast we do talk about broken dicks yesterday, yeah no broken dick stories on the I know broken Dick stars no, but we talked about all my friend text. Me goes. You sonofabitch detail this year ago, Watt Bro! No one knows it. You, everyone knew. It was in all our friends and family knows why the grace broken Dick stories of all time. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody broke Dick. It's one of those things things you don't want to be. That guy, though, like you live in gotten. You know somebody who knows somebody seen the Loch Ness monster. Yeah, there's not a this is not a bad bro Dick story out there by the way? There's not every brother historian makes you go? Oh no! No! It's you!
Being aggressive grows on top is just really crazy, but the thing is, you would think that guy would like that straight elephant. Dick would have as Aussie it's long as you think it's going to break in the middle like a twig, it's not good short stubby dick would be way harder to break in the middle. It's a fact is safer if you're going to be promiscuous like shorts. If you have a long piece of metal- and now, let's say my friends, working with like a band exactly if you have something you going to war, you want to short stubby, try bending a liter sized piece of metal, it's hard to dance, very hungry, but my friends not working with like a monster, Ding Dong here, I'm saying it doesn't have to be monster. All of us. Do just hit that taint at the right angle, Spang like a fucking Ferrari that hits one of those Big Jersey barriers, bank, bend the frame, Ahad, fucking blood, pooling open your ball sack and I can't believe neither you guys ever broke your dick. Not even close. My dick is bulletproof by the way it's not going to
right. Now I have not. I was always careful about that stuff. I don't always hold calm down. I don't like girls in porn sites. Did it gross a bite, your face, your lips and I'm like hey It really hurts and makes me angry, not attractive. Bro, I'm a girlfriend when I first started fighting for never reason. She start hitting me not like abusive, but like like that stupid shit like fame. Like her fucking hitting where was she hitting you with part of your body, should hit in the chat. Shit mean the farm not in the face. It's weird being chicken had him in the face your chicken and we actually anywhere isn't she is checking out if she hits you yes, the chicken head last. Obviously chicken head characteristics. You should have a
in a t, shirt dude. You should sell a lot to it. You should chicken head spider fighter in the kid avoid shared wife just having chicken chicken at a voice like a chicken have a chicken head at all costs, yeah avoid at all yeah and just just a chicken that don't have a severed chicken head dogs. Now, that's too, until I don't want that's just how it's sort of like it fades off like just draw the chicken head and that's it. You don't have anything else, they had weak and autumn like no. No, no, you could do a chicken head and then just this bot banging this body in a bikini, that's good ticket in the fighter. In the kid shop dot com, that's the answer will have those specific and heads at all costs. Yeah, that's a great idea boy that might be the most sexy shirt ever sexist. Women are going to be angry at that. Well, not all women in certain women that are it doesn't matter. Women will something that men won't do is well gang up and go app,
the guy was shitting on any type of woman, whereas men, if you, if there's a group of women that are making fun of a man, I gotta, type, a man, we don't give a fuck. I actually stay really quietly. Well, sorry about that. We won't attack like Perfume Sampler when Sharon Osbourne, you know, shows that show the talk, and they were talking about a guy who got his dick cut off and the girl through the dick in the garbage disposal, and they were laughing about it. She was I think about his spinning around in a garbage disposal, that's funny. That's not cool! Imagine if there was a show where a guy was the last thing, because he heard a story about a woman getting her cut off and the guys throwing in a guard that was not a fun show to be canceled. It would be a rye if Dr Phil did that would be on the right yeah. I I I I I don't. I would be a pariah yacht for and our new she's suffered no repercussions for it. That is in good thing. Well, it's not our dick, it's not our dick. We don't care, but if
the woman. You know, and I get it because it's more likely that a man is going to assault a woman in a woman's going to solve them, and but you can't laugh when a woman insult assaults, a man and expect people to be just peace, love and Nirvana throughout the sexy, your dick in a that's a man hating. So there's no sooner back on the screwed in in an insinkerator I mean, let's dark is dark. Yeah that's a nasty fight. What happened was they got sleep? Is she drugged, 'em she'd, shut it off. She put him to sleep and she cut his dick off. Then she threw in the garbage spoke. She might beat clippers with the chicken on that or something I don't know. I think he was leaving her. I don't know, I don't know what my god, oh my god, but does wish that show whatever it was? She sees Sharon Osbourne laughing about his dick spinning around in a circle she could. I could just
is really swell around a certain Osborne was in Vegas. I was looking. I was looking for some shoes and she got the guy cooks, and can I see some id? I was right there and she goes go yourself and her the guy she was with. She walked out of the house with you guys what happened. She asked me for idea to know. I was, I told me, go fuck himself. I heard that with my own, I don't gossip and I but when I saw that I went that's an asshole move. That's a shitty mood yeah. It's not a good, that's a big time. It was rude, relax, that famous that's appearance thing to do, and I saw I don't like anyone this world is fame enough to do that. That's not cool man. What is she famous for exactly? Besides being I don't know, I don't know with her at first then I was in reality shows legit on MTV I watch. Every episode is married to Ozzy Osbourne, who was totally out of it. Yeah I mean literally, like the whole time, sherron right shaking all over the place. Shitness pants. She said the kids she's totally on the ball.
She's on the ball and he's off the ball? True, she said she was having a bad day: ideas, those extra hungry eyes super thirsty for Dick, that's what it looked like that is that what you got out of it! That's why I wanna take you or something I don't know what she did she doing. Well, though, well she made a lot of money with Ozzy but sure I just think that's a bummer when people treat other yeah. It is a bar on man that bummed me out yeah. I even said it It is that, did she do what I thought and then the guy who worked at the store? Was I what I what I? What point: do you get like that, though, I mean you guys are pretty famous going to face, was having a big time. Someone ever have you ever pulled the famous card. Average Joes never like that, I'm not that guy. I think that most famous completely legitimate and just random and lucky I'm much more impressed with a talented people that people don't know, then I usually am with talented people that are really famous. You know, I think talent is. What impresses me You know if someone happens to be famous and talented, that's more like
wow! That's interesting! Let's see how this guy manage. Is it, but I don't look at him. There are better anyway. Anybody thinks that, just because you're famous you're a better person or someone should know you, people ask me my name all the time when I know they know my name yeah and I always assume that it's either because they sure you know the, maybe they don't know MMA that well the thing I'm Dana White looks at that call. People call me Dana white because they know there's some sort of a weird connection at a a and the. U F c like a random, they barely peripherally watch it not make them so now, you're in a suit two. I think this is going to give a like like what I don't know what maybe she was in a but having a terrible day, no no no making excuses people watching everything you do they watch it. Are you doing some days? You can just do something. You regret. You know I fucked up right. It could be. The guy was being a dick to it could have been. The guy was doing a power who knows, and she knew what the fuck is going on exactly. I have this lady totally pull up. Remove only wants it. She was one of the security people at an arena and
was running in, and I had my my UFC tag on and she stopped me and wanted to see id as well as in like all these other things that and everybody around I was working, there starts laughing, you know like bitch you know who that is like the guy who is working with it goes. You know who that is like will let him, through she's, like I you know, I need to see this night was a real lack. It was weird it was like she has decided and she was just like real grass of trying her moment in the sun. Sometimes I'm not famous right, I'm not that famous at all, but sometimes can work against you like. I want to you guys, can clown me all you want, and I told Brian this I want to go my Prius on Saturday right to do that because I six hundred miles, I average six hundred miles a week in training camp, so I bought it It's just for the fifty miles. A gallon ice. Had my m6, don't get it twisted, grab them six and drives that prayers like it. I'm sexy. I do. I drive the thing. The wheels are going to fall off any second, however, that pre
drive fifty miles a gallon. So when I go the deal, I'm taking pictures with the dealers stuff like that. Well, they think you're on tv here this instant meh yeah, millionaire right, and I brought my with me- I told my was like either because they know who I am we're going to hook me up or there gonna be like now, this guys ball and just fucking problem problem. So when they come up, I'm like oh cool man, you, let's sit down. I obviously wanna fucking Prius so were sitting there. They come back some ridiculous number. It totally back iron man, but eventually you know husband got him down, but in general it backfires. I feel like 'cause, the people think This guy doesn't care. He is all this money, don't care what what number? Whatever number we bring him he's going to pay for it yeah. That definitely can happen. They can definitely target you. They feel like you're a school. Or that's just someone is an idiot who doesn't understand personal relations. Don't you don't? You know you re?
in the city, like you, don't think the guy knows that you're you're doing that. I thought I had a guy try to sell me a car for ten thousand dollars more than it was advertised on the internet really yeah again I went to deal when I was asking about cars while back and and I go like what do you- the guy selling this, for I asked when I knew the answer and homeboy hit with a ten thousand dollars over the figure on line, and I go you sure. And he goes yeah. I know well how come it says different online and then he goes ghost pale 'cause he was afk an asshole, he was a guy was hoping that I didn't pay attention and he could just knock
under ten thousand dollars hey. I got it for ten thousand over the price pulled off the internet, quick now that that type of facial and there's also short term face too that's what I took it as to me. It was like to come on an idiot man come on. You know. I don't see you for every step to you an honest mistake for one out of recession when you confront someone famous famous at Mcdonald's philosophy, where you walk into the room and went to their store, Ann you're considered worth fifty four thousand dollars. Was that mean the average person who is a Mcdonald's customer? I don't know if this is true anymore, it would spend over lifetime about fifty four thousand dollars. So when you walk in you are in Mcdonald's. Yes, you are not a meal so that, like in their book, so you're not a meal. What you are is your worth, not that hamburger. You are worth Eighty four thousand dollars over a lifetime- and it's called long term thinking right so a lot of cum We will talk about that. Like Dell Dell assess what the what the repeat customers worth over a lifetime and it's a big number and
that's the way to run a business and when you start thinking short term greeting to go, I can get this guy for one thousand dollars extra you're being stupid It is a good idea, but the best idea is to take it one step further than that. Just fuck it be now to be boy doing business. Everyone had to think of people. Why the initial fifty four thousand dollars bill you don't have to think of it like that. Just be nice to people and try to put out a good sort of. A tool, yeah, I'm doing the right thing and have our people that act like dicks the managers, a deck, get rid of them. Tell everybody that works. There listen. I know I'm looking to hire nice friendly people. I honest positive for everybody to work in everybody's having a good time. It's not good enough! Just be good at your job. You have to also be a nice person, not a nice person, I'm really not interested in working with you. Are you a nice person and if they liked it going
when this model and the you know so you know it does some people act out of fear and if you explain to them the philosophy behind why to be ethical and that's, and sometimes it can help them, because our circles friendly and nice, you know being nice, should be mandatory. Yes, that's a myth. Any common sense don't be an asshole. Well, so it's not there I'm not saying it should be well be everybody's in competition with everybody else, and it's like there's certain people's. Current time. It's like when we're talking the guy in the gym. That's mad dog and you you know, because you did a girl, the he's a yeah. I also when you, when you run into certain Gozer weakened character issue on their own, is secure. We love the hard stuff in in acting cut stuff too, like whether or not real people yeah we're people. Get really really bum,
because somebody else got successful and they get all worried or mean about it in realizing. Why you focusing on that one of the fuck he's concerned. Somebody else is just focus on your own thing. Why are you focusing on somebody else? So they don't know it? Well, they don't know how to think and they've got a pattern there. This stuff not bad pad. I had a girl, speaking of just not being nice, a girl who people warned me about her, like listen. Actually, not that cool is kind of a bitch. I was like. I don't see it super friendly to me. We go this Thai restaurant straight. You know traditional Thai rest, the lady taking order didn't speak, very good, English and my date Well, she shine or this stuff. The lady was like uh say it again, right like in whatever broken English and my date starts laughing and making fun of her. I was like what never saw. Never saw little that fish that meal she like, so we go in the movie. Now I don't feel good and just bad well said that was again going wrote that Booker said make sure advice to women pay attention.
To how the man you're with treats the waiter is there a street. You well that girls, two girls, two people, would treat people badly when they don't have to when it's an opportunity to be nice to people, people who tip badly. If I see when tipping badly. I lose massive respect for them, especially someone with money. When I see a guy with money who is doing well for himself who is really cheap with the tip or takes money back, puts money down, thinks about and then take some back. Oh, it's dark! That's dark, dark, shit, right 'cause! This is like everything you don't want to see in person. Fish short minded shithead, but you were you doing well, there's you don't have money concern right now you have money concern. You have an opportunity to be nice to somebody working their ass off, making eight dollars an hour. He'll come up well, I've had friends, don't tip they say Michael Jordan TIP what they say is the worst tipper in the world. I heard fuck. You, Michael Jordan. Man make a hundred million dollars off his shoes. He has a lot of guys hard to, like believe in love that you don't believe they should.
I tell the story in the park, as my my mother said, my dad from there's not a lot of money because she watched to do. They were playing golf yeah and I cheat on I cheated cough, but this guy kick the ball out. Looking around me, sure, nobody thought she goes, the guys, a crook, my father's, like that, the ball out. My father, like I don't know my mother, my mother's, he kicked the ball out and did it like secretly, if you do it in, like you know like joking around like a wild sheep, and if you catch me, I cheat if you play a board game or any golf in the AC sheet. Re we cheat and really try to beat you and do, secretly, but if you catch me, why I'm just kidding? I mean I don't care but I mean I'm going to cheat at any gay. Can you play for support game random gift for goof? Yes, yes, but doing it to really win and you're going to be secretive about it. There's some things going on to jail by the way yes turned out to be a big, oh, well: famous, a white collar criminal, really Bernie made off nope
no Bernie made up Bernie made off my father's friend. They came to my father's friend uh because this ponderosa and he made a fortune, and they said this guy can get you twenty percent of your money first thing, Paul Derosa, who makes it made his money. The right way in the hard way goes really twenty percent. Call the police. Now she said because not always got this thing goes, really call the police never seen in my life. I've been been. This is this: my whole life. You tell me that twenty percent on his money, like that called the cops, that way before he got caught way before you got got smart people, lost a lot of money. Steven Spielberg was one of 'em yeah huh, hp like I ripped off a lot of rich people, that was a huge fucking mistake: charities ripped off a lot of charities. Oh yeah catch up with you, man, Well, he had a chimney cap going. No that's
Maybe that is the greatest scam. I mean that he kept it going for thirty years. If you paid attention to how many bankers have off themselves in twenty fourteen, no woo, it's in double digits, really yeah. It's uh weird number bankers when your number, when your life is a number when you, this is only a number and you did it the wrong way in the jig is up. You know, let's see bankers, that killed, could have killed themselves in twenty fourteen that some stupid number man there's like all these things, going way back to two thousand and ten, two thousand and twelve there's articles these mother fuckers are due turn off buildings. I mean it's dark, that's not how I go. I don't want to public building this man help it's a bunch of people that are like just super depressed about what they're doing with their life 'cause 'cause of how they define themselves. Did you speak in adduced, jumping off bridges and building, so you see Homeboy on the one. Oh, I think it's the one hundred and five or the one hundred and ten try. Suicide. This
two weeks ago, guess who's front row for it. This guy I coming home from training this other guy kill himself. First of all, I was in sitting there for five hours, just 'cause yeah Homeboy wanted jump off, so the cops bed in front of me blocked off everyone, I'm sitting like work for whatever an accent I'm waiting there, people again their cars after an hour. Walk in this one, dudes walking back how bad is it look at the bridge. I always see, guy hanging out for you? Oh shit, yeah he's trying to in traffic commit suicide, So I literally sat there like this. I'm not making this up the cry, start a chant jump now. Jump jump after four hours So I looked over this old lady in a KIA's going do it already, but there is a time and after a while you could be two words like brilliant. You know I really have to go somewhere great movie. That would be a great movie an hour and a half movie of you or anybody who's in
traffic, and you see this mob mentality and you splice back and forth between this guy and these people tell him to jump and the people that get what is this this is the guy people are drinking selfies. Yes, I was in that manner that the guy actually jump. I think they talked Now now I don't know the results matter jumped he might have jumps. So what he did is the other side of traffic, the other The traffic was fully free flowing, so he walked over there to stop that traffic to it would literally. I was there for five hours, man, the same thing I was in Boston. An actually on my way to John Howard's, gym and same thing traffic. And people are taking selfies with the dude before he's about to jump off. This guy was up there and close my brother facetime them, though I wonder who the guy is, who talks that they have. They have special guys that go and talk to him. I'm not gonna lie, I feel like I could talk him out of it I feel it just. Let me up there bro. Let me use comedy: we go with this. Fucking guy exists, I'm just jumping in New York City and my mother. My mother has an apartment in New York City, the woman,
the hall there's alcohol. Knock on the door. I see big irish dudes with their fire in this huge mustache. Just huge guys and the woman asked you hello and he ended the guy, the goggles, how you doing- and she goes home fine and he goes were you sitting outside. So we you sitting out on your air conditioner and she goes yeah. I said: do you think that's a little unusual and she goes no and he You don't think sitting on your air conditioner. Sixteen floors up is unusual and she goes no, you don't. She was or just kind of collapse. They grabbed her put her on the stretcher you're coming with us, really she's, just right up to the city, one. This guy wants to jump on this guy got to turn off the highway. Hey, bro, not that all your jump off your life sing. A lot worse, I mean maybe break your legs. First, I know my neighbors
it's just for attention yeah. Then we broke up with some girl. You know I can't go on then jumped up, then people do jump, but once a nobody in terms of his first, they cover themselves, though it's your ears, national recreation, yeah, your instincts kick in it's very rare that someone tries to doesn't try to stop their fall. What a horrible way to get they've done. Studies on high enough SAM Sheridan told Maine Sanford and tell me that most of the people who jump and survive like the golden Great Gate, which is very rare, all of them without it out say that halfway through, like there like. Why do I do this? This was about. Only gate is higher yeah. They all decide. That's a bad idea. I think golden gates. Number winos have no idea colon. That I think, is number one two. Is that creep hotel in Denver in Colorado but that one overlook where the fucking shining was young, yep. Well, golden gate was averaging twenty six year and that's why they put those nets down. This is a documentary called the bridge, who's jumping off that damn thing that high twenty six people here
and a lot of people. It's a lot of people and there's a ninety eight percent death rate. I think, like two percent, have survived that and they have to hit the water. We had a certain angle. Where are you break your? You know you hit it. I think you have to water eighty six miles an hour. Well, if you hated life before and they're not fun, and then you jump off a bridge and every bone in your body is broke and you wake up in the hospital that what is everybody body breaks when you hit the water yeah? I guess it's not just that you, water rushes, into your rectum and I and but also usually break your neck or your because they did what it does to your jaw when you head and your feet never lost because the surface tension of the water. So this this is the water. When you, when you hit it it resist initially, that's why it falls in the water. It stops, doesn't the actually that will dental your feet break. But then you
Your chin or anything else that has to break that surface tension as well. You have a friend went cliff, diving in Ohio and he's telling me that he jumped off some favorite famous cliff where everybody jumps and said it was a and believable how hard it was when you hit the ground was only one hundred feet only. It was only one hundred feet. First, I jump forty feet and it was a nightmare. I've never do it. I offered, I also jump. I don't know it was two hundred and twenty foot drop. Oh my god, yeah, that's crazy! I don't see my god. I'm not gonna lie. Don't seem that high until you look down, are you any fucking mind when you're up there you're This would turn inside out. If you leaned, almost I'm scared the hot about I'm just talking bout homeboys jumping off I mean my scraper is the way to go. I feel like. Oh yeah, that's do you. Just we should fly. I don't want to do anything I want. I went parachuting. I literally was so afraid that I wasn't listening the guy on the radio in my helmet and I was holding the.
I was pulling on the guy, so he I I bend up. I the Para hike, I I am the Blanding a mile, a mile away from where I was suppose American. I wasn't listening to him and how to go, live myself. To learn to do that stuff. Who would you jumping sky diving go to the top of this tower cliff, diving none? base jumping the early doing something. That's like you look at the pros and cons, though the pros and cons like House in Costa Rica. My friend wanted to jump off this cliff. It was like it was all rope, not bungee cord, and they go well yeah How did you guys do it? I'm not doing that. You look at the pros and cons of largest courage is so funny Larius, which is the funny thing, is a lot of base. Jumpers would say I could never get into a cage, can fight another killer and I could never get on stage and do standup encourages a cup part ment allies thing man there's opposing console, my brain weighs it. Let's see, jump on an airplane, well be cool for about thirty seconds. What, if it's, not cool, wow? Look at that. What is he doing open top of a scry screw
rain God to sell things to another level? I mean he's, not he's not gonna based on he's just crying about yeah online. That is a bad. No, it's not that's retarded. I don't look at that goal. That's gangster sweating! My fucking me too. I'm sweating right now sweat these tight ass cars. Let me see that picture. Oh my god! Oh my god, Oh, my god, there's a guy above him taking that picture. Jesus fucking, so there Is climbing up that thing, I'm I'm sweating dude my hands are wet right now: hands together, quads are dripping. When I have a boner. Is that normal totally normal? You think if you just fuck that guy's ass, he would back up to your rhythm just so that you would not come. I gotta fuck, you you're, climbing too high just going to fuck and we're not going to do it fast.
Dude my Kaiser know why. But my asshole said tingling right now. My dick, my dick is like pulsating and clamping. I remember climbing a tree and I was holding out in a great. I wouldn't like that kind of red shirt up. Let them corner what the fuck is that. What is that? All my god look? How high is what is the wind chill ease the windlass? Oh, my god, he slept pros and cons. Trust you get a very cool view from high up can't get enough. How can I do freaking out when you look out the window in a play? I don't will do that like that, it's not like that! It's wiz I will be on the freaks me out a little bit, especially since that plane went missing when I get on plane. Unlike say this bitch, it was missing the chance. Look at this video- oh my god, I'm such oh, my god. Oh my god, I'm having a really hard time with this Youtube and lady said either
It makes my stomach. What is he doing? Don't don't do this. What are you doing? Shit fucking he's got something on his head like what Gopro ways to know pro for sure. Oh my god, how far is he walking what a rush? I am sweating so hard. Oh, my god, guys crazy, holy fucking shit. How many disguise dying here, I'm getting I'm getting car sick, my God is doing it again. Did he do it again? This is insane. What's the name of this video, have you have you seen homeboys to climb the the mountains so with without any Lee? Yes, the ukrainian climbing guy that crazy, you crazy guys who plays amounts. Another random, sweating, sweaty I was. I was climbing a tree. My friend Eric Wagner High School. I was only maybe I don't know thirty feet up high enough to really hurt my legs
holding on to the branch, and I won't let go and you guys let go the brand to go. I'm not as good as well, because I was I was scrambling to get to the next to savor and so he's holding on and he's not afraid at all and I'm like this and he reaches over and squeezes my package. He goes Horan and I go Eric stop doing that and it goes at so K rank. It was the most uncomfortable thing and I had to watch him he's looking in the king and he's just squeezing my dick and balls like it to one of those two orange that cloudy does it more than three times and kept doing any, have to be exactly get down the ground together and then I'm going to fucking kill you, but whatever happened did you let him go? He was bigger and stronger management off him anyway. I came, but here is it, but let me explain expression you gotta stab Lish, your position. You know how I was like. Oh, I don't seem that high by the Golden Gate Bridge on a spring
Beacon College in Missouri. My buddies want to go cliff, diving and I'm afraid of heights. If I tell them this so is the girl. Let's do it, you know I'm like yeah bro sounds awesome. We just shakes around, so we pull up. I'm thinking, I'm like man. I hope this isn't that high up. You know, I'm saying like I, dear God. I hope it's not that high up 'cause I'm trying to act like a badass, so we pull on the boat, I'm like gonna, look that bad and we get up there to beast to get up. There we get up there and there's no turn around. You can't go back down. You have to jump everyone. I would like to see a shop in the water. One jumps on the last one by myself. She wore adding like. I do not want to do this, but I have to do it then some guy down below goes this big guy out of shape goes come on you pussy jump already, and I hear my friends in the boat go yeah, some like shit. I have to do this. I jumped the the scariest thing ever done. It was higher shit. I add contacts at that.
In my head. It's the one I kinda, like belly Flop head, hits the water contact was shooting out. I was so scared and mad. I live I didn't talk to my friends for the rest of the day when he was like fuck this done. The boat was just upset man. If you're going to I've, never told this story and I haven't told a story: 'cause, it's a scary one. I've never told this story before, but I'm going to tell you don't know the story. Joe last summer I went to South France, and I was with my wife and my buddy and he the first day were there. He goes we're going to go cliff diving, and I said I don't like that idea. Ok, it's a group of people. One guys the best horseback rider in the world, whatever random stuff. So we get, there do think we get there an were up there and it's the ocean number one, two, its craggy rock. X, three, it's very high in four, it's cold. So I look over and my instincts and I go so if we jump.
Where are we supposed to swim too and the surfer who was from there said over there, but I don't like the way the tide is washing up on those rocks, so I go That's all I had here not going to do pros and cons not going to do it. The horseback rider jumps his his true, my wife mother of my children, because she did you guys talk about it. She's, like I'm doing just a competitive check. She goes out. Going to do it, I'm doing it. So that's my mother, my children, so guess why I got to go in to make sure she's okay, so I jump in and you're scared I wasn't scared about jumping. I was mad. I was mad. I don't like the ocean. I was mad because I didn't have a good instinct about it. I was mad because I don't know
that area and the mother, your children, decide to just really matter, but they see your wife said fuck these kids, I'm going to jump in this Rosh. Well, my wife is very competitive and she's not going to let somebody fire so watt right, that's ridiculous! Now I jump in. And I know you and I are the same mind 'cause. Your cost is like this too. I jump in and I swim. We swim and We have to go up on the rocks and the waves are hitting these rocks. So I said it to me and I go we're gonna have to ride this wave on these rocks. Let me go first so I can turn around and pick grab you no big deal. I go and as I go and turn around I get hit with a second wave which is came out of nowhere it it. It literally knocks me, rolls Maine on this really sharp coral, so my feet, my hands. Everything is awful of blood. My wife, my worst legs, are all full of blood. She starts
kind of panic. She goes like that and the ways and stuff 'cause I got the wind knocked out of me. And I'm telling you right now, I I grabbed her and she goes get away from me. She thought I was going to drown her, so I have comma bitch. Well, she just didn't want it. She didn't she was going to bring her down, so I have to calm her down, so it gets so bad 'cause. I can't grabber. I try to get her back up on the rocks again washed off again. Ok! So now now, yeah I'm swallowing seawater. She swallow seawater an and I'm literally, I'm literally talking about the car. It no big deal just going to we're not going to stay here. Less real let's just and further out so we can get used these waves. Let's wait till it comes down its crisis mode, use your time, John talking crisis mode, and I realize that I'm panicked and I don't really actually have the strength. I'm worried that I'm going to go. I'm trying to I gotta hold her up. 'cause she's she's strong, and I think- and I think I gotta get behind her, but she's little.
They pushing me away now. She grabs on to me and now I'm like oh boy, I gotta, I gotta get it together here, 'cause she's, holding on to me and kind of pull me under the dude who's. The surfer sees what's going on, he dives in he grabs her. I literally I'm holder. He comes up when I go. Take her. Take her like really comical taker, 'cause she's panic. He grabs. He ends up having to put her on top of him and he eaglettes the wave ride him up. He gets his whole back and legs ripped up The polls are on shore, so she's a bloody mess I ride best way. Then my feet my hand. My body, I'm all ripped up, I'm all ripped up for the rest of the vacation, never been more angry, so bad by the way that the helicopter that the rescue her copter shows up all crowded around like when they saw everything happened and I'm full of blood were all full of blood. The
skew helicopter comes, which is by the way, some twenty thousand dollar fine or something we. I grabbed Amanda grabbed by grab. I go to my friends. I got let's get in the car now they're going to flee they. They think it catches and figure out of time. So we jump in the car and drive off that way. Scariest. What I realize there was that the c can take you so quickly just go to the bottom they're, not finding. You will see you later love and that shit happens all the time because People are, if you don't know how to ride currents and waves. If you're you, do it for another good swimmer had a shimmer, you have a pretty average, lose your life. And I am a good swimmer, but you know what I thought about you know: it's crazy change, a warm hand, you're funny thing about me. I thought about my kids being without their mom, I wasn't going back without without their mom. I was going to happen and that's way scarier than me losing my life. I know had that expression. If you didn't jump in well, that's exactly
imagine, if you didn't jump actually well that's. Why did she have surfer? Minus yes, but it sounds like there was. A lot of space between lots are jumping in the surf. Regina wished the surfer in He didn't know. We were in trouble, oh my god it it did. That's why I jumped in and that's why you find. After you know, it was so sweet that was thankful. She was, she was okay. Well, that was a bad situation. I don't even like telling the story 'cause, it was 'cause 'cause. The feeling it gave me like I ate it. I didn't feel the way. It's not good. To feel that vulnerable to see is a scary. Yes, I'm sorry! Well around. I love the ocean, my my buddy, who is something that's not fun. My body used to have to take. He would he would make his money by sailing boats in the winter, for rich people up the Atlantic which during storm season sailboats, and he was only one of the few people willing to do that and I he got caught in a storm for twenty three hours. When the swells were going over his body, they couldn't.
I had to literally fly a guy from Alaska in a special boat 'cause. Nobody else could do. It could navigate the storm who tug them in and he strapped himself and he was getting hypothermia the water and he couldn't see the waves at night Here- wait to hear them because they would just come over the boat and the whole, but with submerged that happened that happened for up for him. That happened for a ten hours just kept some. And they're all you keep the boat from capsize. You gotta steer you towards the way you've got to be an expert and he was so They were stuck out there and you're at the mercy of the sea and a lot of times you just get washed up on rocks and you die. So we had to keep the rocks. He gotta keep away from the rocks and yet keep the boat he had today. But these insane waves at night, where you can't see them there's another rocks and the water and the water could a simultaneously worry about bolts, right and you're in a metal boat for ten hours settled gets a wood boat. It's a would boy, data would boat, it's a sale, boa sale! You,
Keep that shit. Keep that ocean ship and I said to him I said: do you ever so? Would you have a life vest? He goes. You know where I live fest. I would already made you guys you look if you knocked over you dying because an chances are life is going to keep you cold and alive longer than you want to be. You know they can come back and find you because they can't get back on the boat can't it in that kind of weather, you're, probably injured anyway. Those guys are hardcore, keep it keep all the deadliest catch, show you ever watch that show not some clothes jazz are up there, just catching up trash, how much total wishes could grab. Somebody decided this is what I want to do with their time. If you fall in that water, you got about two minutes before you have for your debt, hello, sir yeah, you don't have to be better ways to make money. I wouldn't right there in the sea in a lasca, I'll shave, my body and paid by shame my body all tan and take stories and become a gay
stripper. Fucking recently know when he was your day. Yeah he's a tough is fucking, Wildman decided he was going to get a boat and just join and become a fuck, a rug he's a the think level Tides for an adventure is going to join a fucking crab fishing boat in Alaska. You know who wouldn't do that Brendan Schaub as tough as he is no interested. She needs it hates nature. I'd rather go work at Starbucks and I, like I, love the ocean. I love the ocean man. I love surfing. I love stuff like that camping. You can keep it. You know what I love man, I love being by the ocean. I love looking at it, I think well
it's more mellow like neighborhoods, are near the ocean. The problem is are also more crowded, listen man, however, some of them, I didn't think, were discovery. I go to do this this thing and and I'm talking to the great white expert, who did a documentary on those great ways that breach the waters out after and I said I said to him- this is to be literally. I never forget this. I go there, but there there there great whites in the Santa Monica Bay and he goes yeah dude a lot. Don't talk like that. That's how you talk, I know, but for the for the sorry this. Actually he said, oh and by the way, not only are there great whites, everybody talks like me, and my stories call Cousteau once said. Thank you for Saint Jacques. He goes up, I said yeah, but little once he goes. We tagged the twenty one footer about two hundred feet off the Malibu Shore
I was like we were the fucking signs, twenty one footer yeah. I want to know if there's a chevy with fins out there. Well, that's. Why only served when there's a bunch of people, so they have the options, I'm not trying to be funny, but I won't surf like with just me together, buddy, how much people around like right? Do you know anybody who's ever been bitten while surfing or attack, while serving lumped while surfing nothing yeah, it doesn't always happen, but you gotta think that what you're doing and when you're surfing is your mimicking, what a seal look yeah, which is their main food source and on top of it you're doing it like a fishing lore. We go all the way to the shore and they're right back. You know you, don't you tell me why her body suit? Why can't we make him? So we don't look like wells and color blind, thank so everything looks okay, but all right so make make up. You know. So if it's, if it's black to see, looks black well making my said right, he said he said that when you're on a wooden board and you're wearing rubber for them have a
generically. It doesn't make any sense that you're not their food source. So when they you buy you it's almost always an accident. However, I told you the David Blaine story about he decided part of his magic show and I don't think he aired it showed it to me on. As I found out, he went to my day off of sure from I guess: law Angelus, I think, was Nicole to lupe island or something like that. He put a weight belt on held his breath. He can hold his breath for longer than anybody in the world. I held his breath and tuxedo real quick. I don't believe this story out of power. Well, he's got on it got video on it, for this is real video musician images which issue. This is real video and he ate a banana under water. While these twenty four foot, great whites, just circled him, and why would be put on tv I'd for a whatever reason he wants to say he was going to save it. Then he decided didn't fit with this, because it's easy now with your friend that gets one hundred percent of fights right
yeah. You know what the guy Bruce Jenner with David Blaine story. Well seems like he did magic for you. How freaky was that who played was legit. I went to a party at Callens House, KIDS party. Why was there to have no idea? I don't have a kid show. There's a jump castle, David Blue? He jumps out this bitch that he Brandon David Blaine started doing six. It's incredible. She should ever seen up freak. You out, you think you think you think you know magic and all I could focus was on his shoes he's doing all this magical could focus on his shoes. They were laced, so what I did I was like Bro is there. Some sort of money to do from here is not spend money on, tell you the tightest lily possibly get any tighter is all I could stare at owns. New balance, he's black black jeans and about and washed black jeans will not block new balances. Does not wear clothes, does not care about clothes, does not care about money. How come
He is obsessed with with examples of human suffering like he reads all about all different things. Like the Bobby Sands, Holocaust, I mean he's always instead and human endurance he's fascinated with how human beings can suffer with dignity, the for the most in the book that really change his life was Victor Frankel's book man's search for meaning and David's. Always he watched his mother, I'm not talking about school. He watched his mother die of cancer and I think Change forever me and my brother look very similar to my brother look they certainly there. You could look like not my neighborhood, not my brother. He looks like his brother, you could you could alright, whatever, if you're crazy about it. So where you fighting Arlovski again, what is maybe in Vancouver Couver, you see one hundred and seventy four. Let me I always wanted to ask this. So that's about how many weeks right now, six six weeks away now when you leg gear up for a fight like that, when
you do differently than say what you're doing like you're, always working now yeah. I always answer like maintenance mode, yeah right you're, always in constant, like learning mode yeah, I honestly workings to keeping your conditioning up what changes between just train and then boom it's time to train for a fun yeah, the intensity for sure and expiring like tomorrow and spa and with this specific training partner, to make our lossky, usually I'm just going to rain train with Mark Nino's in Pat, come and stuff like that, and then now there's a game plan implemented. You know so, with with the rounds stick into a game plan stuff like that everything is way more intense. My dietze on point of people make my food now supplements around point. Everything is really really serious. We do differently with your diet. What do you change as far as like what you eat? Well well I'm out of camp. I usually I just like to eat healthy in general, like I juice every morning, off sleepy other things against juice by juice every morning, but if I'm out with friends like
If I go out with Brian, I have a cheese plate, I'll have a beer here and there, but now I mean I don't go out rarely ever eat out. All my meals are cooked, everything's pay. LEO Diet. I don't do any bread, not right right yeah. That's you've been doing that for awhile right and gluten. Big difference, huge difference, You have touchy thing with people. A lot of people are calling bullshit on that, but there put some real science to people having problems. Man and the other thing is is like, like friends, asked me to go out and do stuff, I won't do it like over Thursday night. Let's go see a movie, not cool man, I'm in I'm in bed by ten every night you kind of have to be right. You have to be like super. Legend about me that I I have to be, if, if I do anything less than a question myself lying in the octagon, you put together all schedules far as like what you do during the week. No, I they have a coach, Tony Jeffries who looks over the schedule and put everything together like I've already sparred twice this week, but it's just so
happens. This bad guy is in town and he is a very it's great sparring have to be another heavyweight, so we we're going tomorrow, and that was I just found that out before I came here he's like yo you're supposed to go. Wrestling Jiu Jitsu, not anymore. It's barn fire rounds with this monster. What about like on the track conditioning traditions, another level so like it add strength and condition today, where it's kind of like implementing five hundred and thirty five minute rounds circuit training in the tomorrow spar five let's not go to the track and they give me a heart rate monitor after run. These eight hundred and then, as soon as my heart rate gets to one hundred and forty. I run him again and it's cool because by by June 14th at week, Gov
all run. It's crazy see how fast I recover that's cool to see men, that's interesting to wear one of those runs around your chest: yeah a little water rights. What are those for heart rate monitors are reason. Those the best ones are the ones on the wrist. They don't quite. Do it right yeah, they don't do it. It's it's it's. I think it's called a darman you your around your chest. Then you have the watch so right on. I can see it here like coach. Is a site. Tell me: what's your heart rate at a record every say one hundred and seventy eight and then like soon against one hundred and forty year, going it's all about recovering all about increasing the amount of time that you could run before You know you hit a certain level and then once you hit that certain level dropping back and cutting the amount of recovery down as much as possible. So if, during the first week it takes you a minute and a half to recover, that's what it is, but by the six week it should be like twenty. Second, it's cool. It's cool to see you get, you know like it gives you a definitive did you know, you're in shape and what school is my coaches so on it from last camp we looked at when I
start camp for Mitrione what I ran my eight hundred six hundred and four hundreds in my recovery time compared to now, and I'm already up ahead of the game. You ever run like a you run, like I, don't know, eight miles, see I like to run long distance, I love box weird. I love running long distance high right I'll just run for four miles, and it's no thing, but they have to cut back on. It is hard on your joints, but I'll run those eight hundred from my coach, but turn on the beach the beach yeah I was gonna. Ask you to do the beach beach and dunes dunes are great right up the tunes yeah, not off pc, so awesome, because you don't take the pounding that excited. I see people run, on sidewalk, and I just go God. Damn do not have anybody that you talk to. It seems like you're talking about what about what about biking and stuff. Is that that low impact or sure, yeah, very low impact, low impact. We have to go such a far distance to get a good workout out of it. Unless you
nothing, really nothing really substitutes for running does it I mean you have swimming swimming is good too, but it's also tough. You could do a serious workout on a lot of different machines, depending on the intensity that you put out a spin bike to whoop your ass yeah. If you have a good one, you will go to what you're dying of those things. Signs are beasts, well the purest forms of Sh Sean is sold? Athletic is a sprint the running form. So for me, it's just in my blood lead list. I know if, if I in sprinting on run. It just makes me know that I'm doing the right thing for other guys that that makes sense for other heavyweights, they probably shouldn't do it's hard on their knees. For me, I have to do it. I don't have any of these, not gonna. Without nothing, I've been running all my life. I just So that's probably why you don't have the injuries cause you running, all your life from the human, he is an amazing ability to trap us ever yeah I needed to do yeah. I think you're, talking about how how how you're one of you guys you don't get people get into
because they put a lot of weight on in between fights? Then they come back to training? That's when you get into spanish body, they jump into camping the bodies like what the hell are. We doing they blow out like their knee order out of time with three hours ago there. It is, I did it again. Take it easy fucking flew by. So I think we kind of talked about the is UFC fight. Why I need to last great fight yeah. We talked about pretty much uh, the entire UFC other than a couple of the prelim fights, but well when we get to see you guys again, why do we do this and anytime. You want you want to do that thing with Eric Silva and Matt Brown,
there we go to see the fund, I'd love to do it, and that would be like the most disjointed podcast ever so for anybody listening in you're going to have to watch. This is a companion project have to be a real real fan of black. You have to watch it with the fights, otherwise we're not going to work. I'm going to say that the beginning to say skip over this. If you look it up, it'll be it'll, be our fighter in the kid for that week, yeah! Ok! gentlemen, that's it were done a thing U2, one, eight hundred flowers. For sponsoring the podcast shit. What is here Gmail? What is Jamie's code word? Rogan's buy one get one free available till tomorrow Obama, is it? Is it code word Rogan, said in two seconds to. Next week we got a lot of podcast coming out. Blazing gentleman just tell you that now it's not ok, don't ever say it Jamie. Unless you know it's J r E, it's one.
Hundred flowers, dot com and enter J r E, that's one: eight hundred flowers, dot com enter J r ET, do not listen, Jamie Chair and put in Rogan because it won't do jack for and you say God damn it that show fucked me I will be back next week I got a author Nick cutter MMA writer, TIM Kennedy. I've got a lot of people coming in next week. Next week is going to be a long crazy week, gotta lot of shit going on. So that's it. That's it for now we'll talk to you fucking freaks, real, soon, much love thanks everybody out there in podcast land. It's listening and join this whatever you doing, where you do it, whether it's commuting or sitting on a plane or sitting on your
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