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2014-05-06 | 🔗
Nick Cutter is a Canadian author of short stories and novels, who has published work under both his own name, Craig Davidson, and another pen name Patrick Lestewka.
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and i enjoy the fucking shit out of it i am i want i want pull it out because i'm it's so beat up and down gear proves that legs dangling out there we the group and i guess i'm about about two hundred posts pages into its real getting juicy i really am really enjoying it man god it's really good get good and it is it's really fun and it's you know it along the lines of like stuff by me or one of those classic old stephen king books you know like standard or pet summit hurry where it sits tweet still dark dinner's sir a logical shit go on this horrific things have anders monsters and it's really fuckin cool man end and he said to me he told the net cutter wasn't your real name like we're what's
without the old area what is what's the deal there well you know i think them the most concerning thing to me would be as at anyone because i mean i grew up like you like stephen king is my idle steed there's no nobody i've read more than stephen king and beyond that like i grew up as a horror reader i mean i i've read everything now i see me certain diversify but i would even say diverse vikas that sort of like i love the horrid genre so like clay barker obviously stephen king peter straube robert i'm a cannon the list goes on and on and on that we started who i cut my teeth on so so really my agent said listen you been writing these things under your own name and they're kind of their i would even call vitamins literary but maybe they would be a little more to that side are rather than than than the horror genre and i he sort of felt like listen people aren't gonna people
be confused door or people might you know let's have some separation basically in the best way to do this separation is just to give you a new name put this put this hall work is when i sent him the troop mean there's no way it's anything other than just like i wonder to write like an eighty style hard fire balance or a horror novel like not split in any hair is not trying to like make make it met ironic or anything just trying to go straight ahead the horror that i grew up in a loving oh and trans european homage to two to those writers in that time so there's no doubt it was gonna come out is clearly a horrid novel so he said let us just make up a pseudonym and i i'm i wouldn t i'm new to this but you know you have an agent is well and like i mean it
a major in time i imagine in most cases you trust your age and maybe not all we trust them at all do you talk to me about that type of thing yeah them well i think maybe looking back you know what we did is we settled on this pseudonym and then i quickly when it went away trying to erase any sort of sentiment that i was ashamed because i think that i live in toronto and i hang a lot of people in the heart of the origin resort of john writers and their question was like are you ashamed and like fuck no that would be the if that the worst thing for me for people who think that you know cause i'm proud as what i've done as the troop as any other writing i've ever done was so when you say literary like what are your other books and i am not familiar with the other the other books were i wrote a book called arrest in bone which is like a book kyar the shortest yeah short stories and then i wrote a book called the fighter not not the same fighter met the christian bail movie but tom and i wrote a book just recently cataracts city which is so it certainly
i don't know i wouldn't say chuck he was an early influence but for like macho like fighting boxing day fighting possession you know those restarted the things really sort of manly endeavours that that they were i was concerned about it interested in with those books but they work you know they certainly weren't literary like up allison railway some like that i don't know who else she's a kick sees it as a canadian you know a canadian short story redder like salman rushdie or you know a fillip roth those kind of like serious literary writers all i know about salmon rose to a bunch of muslim really don't like that you have stevens was on their side disappointed in israeli allowed was dick is head up after i don't know they put a fat wound him raise it over the following link if i think i think the guy you who put it out died so i think that our died with him or maybe they carried it over i don't really know how that works but he is showing up at public function so i think he's less concerned about being killed
four guy yeah you think about like men of all the stuff could you madison puts a file on you for suddenly he say during a pod castor ridiculous yeah i know who ever didn't kill lower dilemma verse bulgaria can you just kill the guy in the funds yeah exactly the donation be putting out to manufacture ask is like i'm gonna get you is the day and age you can't hide behind a fatwa anymore no example today's internet you know they can find you but i can find you too you can publicly exposed them yet for their far wash aiming that's right so i am not familiar with someone rushdie's work i have read a little bit of it i found it quite boring to me honestly i think i feel to their somewhat with literary writing like i do i do read it because you went to school and didn't english degree so i feel like that there's like medicine it's like it's not necessarily it's good for you there is a sense of like you should be reading it cause it's good for you and it'll make you a better person but i'm sort of
past all that now i just like to read what i like to read it if that happens to be you know shorter crunchy literary fiction where it's like dense tat twelve fine but if it's if it's something like a really good horror novel or a thriller novel i mean i'm all over that to you as far as i'm concerned with when it comes to fiction whether it's a film or whether it's a book i only want to be entertained totally or not loom aiding elucidate united reaching me with your action not i agree but i want you know you go to school right and you have to time on your hands right yeah you wake up in the morning and what you have to do maybe go to a class for two hours a day and so i think people in that realm feel like they give you the time i'm too like invest in like really crunchy mind sort of melting no attention and really tests you the annual and then they start to look down on someone who just once read like like for example i didn't mention at all in my first why i did a mom my english degree you will talk about stephen king
can you get me started looks like him well yeah you street him when i was twelve years he gets marked yeah he gets marked and i was like after while you're just like what is sick fuck off like i love stephen king i love a lotta writers that you guys seem to think are you know base hello hello you're esteem and who are you in the first place we're just sitting in some writing workshop you haven't published a goddamn thing like that to be an asshole i may i like rise people that i'm that i'm talking about but like you know yeah there was there is that certain that the hierarchy and unless you're reading at this level but it's like most people like to read have like a job that really occupies them and they get home at night baby and they don't have all that much energy they just want to read being you know four
i meant you know and what why look down on that gene any time you concerned about image so much so that your ignoring great work the unlike stephen tank yeah examining king wrote some really fun stuff absolutely end and really and deeply psychologically thrilling as well like you can't dismiss the stand now just cat or yours yeah or it yams lot one thing that i noticed too like trying to write a horror book is i think it's really difficult to scare people in this day and age right like it's it's and so you would pray maybe you can answer this little bit in terms of liking comedy like i read stephen king when i was twelve and i just read first while he's the writer that got boys to read of our general you know i mean there's nothing else other than maybe choose your honor your books that i was reading back then until i sir graduated stephen king and
dumb and so you first she read it just cause you love stephen king and then second you know i went back as a writer myself and you'd you sure a treat the book is like an engine them away mechanic treason engine you trying to break it down and see what what is working how does this work how does he scare you and i that's where you realize his genius because it's like you know i'm workin on like model t ford and he's got like this he's working the delorean engine from back that future that's how much he's above you know a lot of us in terms of like he is works at a level i think of like conjuring fear that is so if a call to two first will see how it works break it down and then try and do it yourself and so when you have people like looking down on him for four that i just don't think they really interacted with his work as closely as i have cause for slaughter you're saying he sucks i'm like i can't even touch him in some ways and so what are you saying about me why think is one things were it becomes
trendy to say suck yeah it puts you in this sort of elevated category of intellectual who i think that's horseshit because fiction like when you start talking about monsters or vampires ear automatically full or you're doing foolish work yes whereas if you're talking about depression and suicide and you know of your or share yes i'm done with you re like is when it comes like fictional movies especially like if someone says oh my god was an amazing movie i cried my hours out those who or what not me i'm gonna see a piece of shit where you made me cry and want to cry of plenty crack you want one cry watch documentary on rwanda ok don't don't fuckin cry because some food asshole made some stupid movie where some people are pretending terrible things happen yeah certainly not going to learn from that you're just now i like to be elevated by my fiction or at least three oh yeah totally micro
no no i mean and and i completely agree and and so at once other things stephen king does really well as is childhood there's another writer to my mind really who writes about childhood as as well as stephen king captures it in likeable click it orthe or the herb smile of movies the body the became stand by me you know he captured at a time and in a boy's life especially that time is just remarkable you know what i mean an end so so i think now too i know patent oswald did like i think it was i forget where it did it but he did like a long article based on his admiration really for stephen kings i think now there's a renaissance finally stinking it's gotta be close the seventy now where people are fine like ok disguise this guy's pretty good well again one those things we people love
calling someone out or they love shaming someone love diminishing someone's work they did they just enjoy it yet it especially if it elevates them yes yap or second industry thing it's all too many people like this can't be good because too many people like it and i have to like me sir off people haven't you read the off the peruvian poet noah haven't i'm sure he or she is awesome maybe but i'm not maybe not exact time he's only try to turn you onto a ban told they tell you it's amazing shit now you gotta go down too like a basement somewhere and they'll be planned like five people or give you they send you all the time people send military you to clip dodge dog shit music and they like this is amazing spanish so nuance yeah that's right that's rain and if you and sort of like if you don't get it then you're out a yeah i guess that sort of like you're lapse in judgment or ability to really recognize how good this is
what separates them from you at least not complex enough that's right yeah that's right i am lacking in some some serious way you know arm stephen king is an interesting comparison these said that stephen king captures childhood really well i think that something you did really well in this book is as as well thanking you you'd captured this sort of lord the flies types in here i want to give away too much of the script sure but when things go awry in in the beginning sort of sea this social hierarchy that's going on any see shifts in this so a hierarchy based on the events that take place and it's it's quite fascinating i really wish that you did it under your own name and i hope that like richard bachman workmen nobody stephen king do that you're with bark maria why did it is because he was too prolific is that what his agent just said listen man first
i dont get it man because he's probably got cause he still to this day he still pumping out books at an enormous rate and big like slobber knocking books you knew no little tiny so i think it proper rights like me on a good day i can write like maybe three thousand words that's if like the pistons are firing really well and i and write a thousand words every day you know that sort of my limit but he must write like five thousand day consistently and its strong strong stuff so so that was why bachman came to be because is agents like listen we just can't be flooding the market we stephen king we gotta let separate you outlets just put some of these stuff out under a different name and then you know you stop have your book out every year which is still an astronomical rate so tat was just for it was a totally a sense of he just had too much to say why that's amazing and he eventually took those bachman books and put them under stephen yeah yeah became like an open secret really in only write any republish them under under his own name basically was what was the
movie that they did where reserve a dark half yes yeah bachman book not sure but it was based on really it was based richard starker george was his his pseudonym in there that's when students started started stocking here i yeah yeah that was definitely based on his experience having written under a pseudonym i that might have been a bachman book then there was another example of his his ability to sort of not just be so prolific but also be prolific under like some really establish territory with its forth his work he always a writer yannick how many times did he do a book about a writer character yeah yeah i know i think it's cause it to the narrative is easier to write from that perspective you knows even the voice that you find i found it i'm a writer this voices because i was reading rereading the body latelies made into stand by me and that's it
that's a writer character whose writing that an dumb you're right she does have a lot writer characters which some have avoided up to this point but you no longer united successions what's that a writers and may what's all yeah you're right it's almost all set in maine sort of state debt that territory absolutely has ever been a main i've i've never i used to live in new brunswick which is right sorted rate above main but i never crossed the war went down into stephen king territories stupid i should have there's some beautiful parts remain but the there are no i won't be kind if again there's some the damas human beings on the financing of mankind osanna take disrespected i if i was being unkind i would call them launching kid weirdos that live in the woods not all
the aim is to those great parts may bangers great city yeah but the real problem with main is there some areas where there's nothing like there's an area between portland main in bangalore when you driving out from boston where you go at least an hour without saying anything driving seventy miles an hour and no radio there's enough how you came in catches station will get anything that is desolate he had scam and your fucking radio start smoking lettuces ass kids go in is nothing about how it is now there's no radiate there's no gas stations man there's just a straight shot of like seventy miles of just of gentle jerry road pine trees of your own gas you're fucked saville man and of its now and out your future really fucked yeah we do that drive all the tongs with due gigs up in bangalore if you fond of main even at all i mean even
slightly the pitchfork litter coming up and scream at you you call them maniacs we call the mania for i get up and not mangy they they love it they love it up there beautiful mean is absolutely beautiful country and neither are they have everything up there d here and moves yards like where that way started i wanna get back to nature i feel like that's probably the place you might say you want to be a survivalist yet mean might be a place to get your crew started it's probably one of the least populated states in the union yeah it's way it out there you notice for us to new brunswick is pretty you know you're well east at that point what's is montreal is north yes main yet completely but parliament hold in yeah yeah harry me very modern in every respect the pieper friend tat stick and educators you then another for you i guess browser anime advance and comedy events as well both for voting
to monitor all since the early ninetys probably since nineteen ninety itself is one of started going on earth i love my lie due to we ve never had an opportunity to live there i've lived up by law well across the country but of course there's the francophone influence there which i don't know i don't know i guess you going up there is an american i didn't much interaction you have without necessarily you know do you really yeah well of course i mean the lot of great enemy fighters are are for our least a couple frank phoned yes p and patrick coty lazo it was a statement was gases carmona there's that holds five the tri star jim yeah materials one of the best emanate gems in the world which i dont know how to happen you knock as emma may like ice living calgary in that's actually another odd emma hopping
there is there is a lot there's a lot of interest are norman's lotta great fighters yet who have come out of calgary but is of quite a few are there now good fighters very good fighters coming up and i did a magazine article on on one guy who am once i just followed him to his first professional fight actually which was an interest sort of thing to follow any actually he hurt himself really badly in that fight and that was it that was his career but but i know the gym that working out i've had it was i mean with i've i've rarely been and felt that level of like camaraderie but also competition sort of in such a time small area so so um yeah build grid matters yet i liked him thing fresher yeah yeah absolutely yeah i don't know what it is about canada and producing mix martial arts fighters but also mixed martial arts fans
this more emma may fans per capita in canada than anyone get you blow the the toronto what is it that air canada center we sell our place out i fear and down they sought out the roger said another roger said are yet i can take huge place that you to be used as different name right yeah sky don dr yeah exactly so that an that's a me sixty thousand p sixty thousand to one and was just peace fight i think versus georgics yields are that's right that's right yet we are where a great spa sporting supporting nation you know we just had the raptors just got bounced out of the playoffs like the basketball team and you know pulling out men they had like people like twenty thousand fans clustered outside of the watchings that's amazing yeah yeah it's a great its end its great that you guys and you have to come up and i think that i think for there it was mostly you guys were down las vegas and view other places but then you decided to come up candidates but it's been good for you
and great for us to wheel canada just has a love of all things manly yes we do have that they're not a number drastically by no words there's a lot of embarrassment our girls that's all things manly yeah like like a flash it away like that too little to testosterone kind of thing you i've a friend who was talking about a suit com that he was working on and he was talking about there's a woman that was one of the leads that was trying to introduce was also on the writers and she was trying to introduce these men characters there were like the type of guys at she likes there were like i soon to two jockey he's very much of a meat head like they didn't want anybody who was interested in other women other than the girl there where they didn't want that dilemma the added in one anyone who was dominant over the woman in the relationship that in one anybody who was obsessed with her body a working out there like that
those elections like all verboten we can't go on those things and it was the writers themselves because they felt threatened by that those types of men they were rejecting those characters girls don't like that those grudges grow they are guilty you know guys aware scars instruction was getting angry she was like when you sign these this is what i like to me that the type of guys i like women don't like yeah yeah what and when like it or not that's that's kind of like that's an element of our society to like why purposely sort of ignore them and oh no that wooden screen test whether we don't we it's embarrassing yeah yeah i think i will can t about before coming here like you your career is sort of had i think you must have run up against that a lot because like i remember when fear factor came out there was a sense you know there were these hyperbolic now newspaper articles like societies collapsing you know it's fear factor legwork you know what i mean people are doing things that like why we getting people to eat bugs or stuff and i thought i
that show you know mean and then the u r she comes along and it's the same kind of like who with what was wanted politicians had the the human cock fight a bunch of amused right and so you ve been you ve been situated along that that line i think and so you'd be i'd be sensitive to it if i were you at this point like kind screw off why for i was doing things wrong public relations standpoint i've been nothing but poor choices variety elected that way when i started first turn work for the sea was in ninety ninety seven and but i was i was ass it comes on these radio said conduct people were talking me like i was doing porn like philip with fucking you're doing that like they do not really your career really you're involved in cage fighting like what's wrong i was like it's just its martial arts they take that takes place in a cage it could place in a high school gymnasium will now be ok with you now with that make it more sanitize for you is in a field we are i am afraid we have to make work takes place the martial arts but the
the rejection of things manly mean it has its roots in some pretty lasting behavior you know when you see like the stoop anville rape case and share the out jocks conspired as long along with people that worked at school the outer high short of yeah cover that data any that kind of you you know sergeant stig supported thinking group thank you know of a these bitches you know all the men together but dosages weak human those are pathetic humans as nothing not represented a vastly lenity yeah no i completely agree but that's a thing it was like masculinity gets tied into all the reprehensible aspects of of male behaviour against women not just a celebration of things that men love men love certain things that don't harm other people like men love car
that are loud and fast yes you know men love a lot of things men love shooting guns as we would they want to kill people know it's like there's something funny about shooting a gun and if bring that up and say that all i don't have gone little own going out i'm not leaving guns they need to take away all forgotten have have these conversations v1 of this school shooting they need to take away all the guns maybe they need to stop giving people these fucking drugs that make them psychotic everything about any over there that sort of their over medication of some of these kids ninety percent of all school shooters nine b plus are either on access or eyes or a recovering from assess our eyes therein withdraw from antidepressants and it does not necessarily mean that the anti depressants cause that but i do believe is without a doubt and over prescription of medication without a doubt go to a doctor the doctors knock em look at a holistic approach to your life and say hey you know
you are raised by shitty human being yeah maybe you need counselling for a decade judgment is beta blocker and that'll although bad thoughts will be walled off yeah and will not only that all your innovations are gonna be lessened your ability to understand the consequences of your actions would be lessened your ability to be did depressed in two fields terrible about bad actions has all had been removed a lot of things have happened when you put people on drugs that change your neuro chemistry doesn't mean those jobs are bad and i get these fuckin tweets from these p i can understand a complex argument or a nuance conversation i have friends personally have benefited greatly from antidepressant yeah i don't die it's not that i deny them order dont support them i think this definitely place for them but i when you look at all these p will that have killed basque groups people and you find this one common denominator over and over and over again
nor that but concentrate entirely on the tool itself is ridiculous most human beings are absolutely incapable of walk into a school and shooting a bunch of children more human beings what is about some human beings are capable i dont know but then its not being discussed gun controls being discussed there the raising of children's not being discussed its gun control is being discussed i find ridiculous i really do and i think that that sort of gets lumped in with this route election of of manliness this now this support of any thing that's anti may our this denial of these male instincts yeah don't necessarily have to be harmful to other people like competition yeah yeah i mean there's so much about i mean i'm my career is in a way again my early stuff was all about about men doing men things which some of it is is silly and self harming but but also
like something that i think built in our genome we need to express in a certain way you know what i mean so but i know that certain segment of of readers or would just we're like or turned off it immediately in the same way that in the same way that these these tv writers we're just like now that is the wrong people for your stop now defined you know it you need to find a receptive audience and end the same i think your career has been a lot of that is about but finding the right and also i think also both of us it's about make make people realise that like i'm not a meat head meat had you know i mean there but i feel like people think that like i'm there they read this broken they assume that i'm i'm a meat head right i wrote a book called the final answer a boxing match you re right an end would be the same thing i don't mean to put words your mouth but i dont know if you ve had the same experience as yourself in a sort of like
you know i wasn't raise that way i don't i don't consider myself a typical and whatever if you're jock that's fine you know what i mean not in all of europe durban del valle type you know if you have that even those our oc it's not that i wouldn't say that like what would you call ikea bro but i dont think citing grows more lights a rapist yet straighter perhaps has your raise issues are shared in being and most likely you have a bad relationship with your mother or your sisters or someone in your family who just did a terrible job of expressing you the responsibility of being the physically stronger sack and though the one that is the penetrator not the penetrating yeah this whole relationship between men and women i think a huge part of it is how the raised how human beings arranged and what kind of a relationship they have with their family yeah i had a really good relationship with my mother i mean really lucky in that respect lay i've never had any hate towards women but i have friends genuine we don't like women
meaning that came from their from their upbringing either father maybe the adverse or some bad recite she's awful did that our bad mom street moms bad relationships with women and they just they just don't like women i mean i don't i have good friends that no gamble that will say fucking cons they're all the same they ll say shit like that around union like come on you mean you miss out loud a great chicks out there just like this lot of doing that i would i would if i there's some people that if i've always along with them in the woods i would seriously think about killing of getting away with the area of human radically yeah if you around here is perfect example if you are around that fuckin nut
paternal who's the other guy the guy raped and ask send does or send dusky i was around if i was in the woods and it was just mean sent us can they started a grave maybe just sit in this no one round and i looked to left and there's just miles and miles a would lock you killed yeah yeah if i knew he raped kids persona kill him if i get away with it why because don't believe that all lives are created equal i dont think that there's there's a unity yang to the world there is good and bad there's positive and negative there's give and take an the trim weeds right get it you get shoot dogs at of rabies in others a lot of things that happen in this world that are comfortable that people dont like them their unfortunate but today
need to be done here and when you find some guidelines to rape children you should remove him from tat day out this is a mess he can't clean this up no and i feel like it had a note i'm pregnant now to my depth here in terms of what my real understanding of it but i feel like it's such a built like it deep in your dna he looks in your genome a yearning to rooted out renate mean the best you can do is hope that europe are aren't you situation or you're you're you're somehow away from the source of what you're you're you know issue is basically what i mean if you're out in society mean of course to be started up against it i think you get cured from something like that i mean i don't get it for sure but i feel like yeah yeah why think there may a time in the future we can understand get to the root of these behaviors tat perhaps access whatever it is wrong in a person's mine that makes them either
have a desire to victimized children or have the ability to victimized children and not feel remorse forward attracted to it do you as a writer do you cause as a comic i watch a lot of things that i don't agree with and i will mean other comedians doing things are just no no no no no no like i watch religious programmes ok yeah i watch conservative right wing propaganda shows and just be seething in every muscle tends to in your life is not just the i try to get empty do those things because i don't want to get angry i what i wanna do is try to us find the patterns in their thinking in turn and you see a commonality in in these sort of group think mindsets whether its republicans already i seed in feminists alive i see it in male feminists i see it in these people like they
they choose sides and then there's a massive amount of confirmation by us and you see it you know it both ways but the writer do you like to study likes and or certain people that are just completely alien to your way of thinking to try to grab peace of the way they interact sorted jump into their head and trace a narrative through through their eyes i've tried that i think i think that's you know i know writers and i certainly no comedians who i mean i should like to do the the rate space can mean like you really want to sort of confront these things you know unlike really go on a good harangue alone and i think i think are really something's not funny whether we can yeah but it's really true and it's really like honest and it's really you're actually getting more of a social commentary at that point like hicks yeah exactly like you're getting a really strong distilled powerful medicine you know
and there's some writers who is sure workin satirist vein i guess who should do the same thing you know over the length of a book so i've i'd that i've never found as much success with it at least not yet you know does the same thing of course i we have on conservative being a base conservative radio always gets gets on my nerves it's funny because we have right now we have rob forward are our mayor in toronto whose doing all sorts of hilarity reality is and we have now you know and he's like he's no end of a fun you know i was sitting at the bar yesterday when i got in those talking to some exacted a defence contractor actually and he was like but you seems like a pretty good guy least straight out honest i'm like he is a user guide you prego and feel like you have a beer with and i don't think he looked down at you for sure but tom he's also the mayor of our city and he's easy i mean a bit of a guph and he's a bit of a bully i find as well but it's funny to list the conservative pundits because they ve got it
turn themselves into paroxysms and back twist to train defend his behaviour basically and it gets more and more difficult to kind of defend hey view of a man who keeps doing more and more interest in kind of who's trying to defend her wealth really wants you planted jerked well conservatives i feel like i am more liberal so quite liberal so once the i think once a conservative or liberal but when you play your stick in the dirt you just gotta keep gotta keep hold manner that stick even though the wind is blowing you like we re back yes and one of the one of whom was like well i mean you know he's getting he's getting videotaped all the time by you think he'd be hanging around you know i can't believe his friends or videotaping it's like he's hang drug dealers you can't really back drug dealer not to do something that may or may not profit them in some way so anyways but you know and of course you know the one talking had says that no yeah that's that's true i never looked at it that way so then something that becomes an arguable point that they can be like yeah rob
and victimized again that was the argument about donald sterling slippery yells the argument like he's ok guys getting illegally wiretapped will give em up give em up radiated nor you just an old doddering old man which true enough i feel i heard some argument that he was actually asking her to take em cause yes he felt like his head was going to tapioca and he couldn't remember anything anymore so he's like please tell me so that i remember all the things that i say apparently there's a true yeah those actually part of her john wiretapped himself basically inch her job was to take their conversations so that he would remember what they talked about so there are certain issues that he had a clear up certain things that he had to do she apparently employed by him in some sort of impurities sassiety yeah yeah so is funny because even guessing it like i did like what does this guy have a right to privacy people
i can't believe you're supporting him like there's somebody fuckin morons out there that have the ability to comment on anything that gets discuss like you can't think of the guy's thinking is reprehensible but yet think hey wisest is it wise it ok to just listen a private conversation that this having the somebody recorded fine him for that private conversation i don't think it is and i think it's fair you're right i mean i'm i do one of you know you feel this a lot of times and of course you have to separate what he said and the reprehensible clearly the long standing reprehensible nature of this man has used you know sort of proven to be over like twenty year span and then of course the question is and has been asked already why why is he still in that position where everyone knows he was a racist dirt bag but no one was you know doing anything about it i think at this point they got the players basely pushed it they said listen if you don't get rid of this guy we will not come out and play anymore
well here we got to that point however i also represents a very unsavory aspect of our culture yeah that's right oh it's important to take a stand say hey this guy's gotta go what i didn't get the thing that puzzled me the most is that they find them two point five million dollars were conversation than he had in his house here i dont see standing up in court i want yet he is he's a litigious dude sorry to hear that you lose so much money they're gonna lose millions of dollars because they tried to find him two point five million dollars to make a point that less so much money when i had i wondered a conversation to you know because now the value of that team is up in the air like what is it what is it worth you know and i think i think it's gonna be worth more because once they were they make himself the autonomy because then it's almost like tabular rasta we can
we do it it's like we're getting rid of this old trigly date and were harnessed you know who knows it might be like black ownership who comes in magic charm magic johnson writing or per winfrey was sort of in charge and though she was that was all just nonsense ok but yeah magic and would be the country was one of the ones who was actually insulted deeply pussy as each ivy it's even better right he's got everything good loves jesus get em in the axe laker yeah yeah perfectly rare basketball player in he was one of the ones that i think she was in trouble for taking photos with that's right that's it that's what's sterling brought it up you like do we really have to have you taken pictures with magic johnson but it should interesting you is it is it is in and it's a quick it blew up to me like i just saw it on some website and i thought well there's just an old dumb white i say an old dumb like i things but it was much more clearly much bigger than the law if there was something else like say of he was safe here
the president of a company a big company general electric or some slight danny idols peace on the side ok stop taking pictures of black eyes it was get merely the response as someone who has benefited tremendously from black ass that's right that's the amount of money that that guy's made because directly because of the work of black atley s it's got that whole slave owner title equality yo yo and there were there were rumours that you know back in a couple years ago had gone into the dressing room and all the you know best what there have been various stages of undressed needs like i like seeing all this you know black black flash you know what i mean sort of a thing so he said to a woman he brought a woman that our lock roma and use and look at all is beautiful black box right that's good i quote yeah enough to renew nosey i think things like that in a spiral and all sorts of direction and you can you can quote things that may he may or may not actually set but i mean the guy does you know what at certain points like you
when pandora's box my friend you will mean the nose so dumb an old that's right i remember shit no so pandora's box or open on its own that's right do you think though that as a writer yet like studying a guys like that you actively do that do actively like watch how i think he s or of absorb his stupid thinking i should we find i've done it more in magazine articles i wrote like profiles you know of of people but i've use that to move into into my fictional worked hizbollah gum you we like if it was a basque ballplayer say that your falling around you would try to climb into their money and shadow them really like you physically shadow them in and what is your day can i can i follow you and of course that's up to the level of how much there willing to have you basically dog there for as long as they're there but i mean the more you can do that the better it's the better the actual article is gonna be depending on if they want that are not but like the young
the enemy fighter i followed obviously he was just and which may arise in his name was ryan styles and and he actually only had one fight was up in red deer select calgary and then read hears about two or three hours away and it was like in a civic centre sort of a thing and but was really his father s great story man i find them story sometimes are where you dont quite make it you know i mean like athletics it's like you put your heart got senor soul into and you're just not quite good enough you don't mean there's something about you you just can't quite get over the hump you know i think i find those are the stories that are the most hit my heart strongest you know his father is on the contrary swat team now but he was had played for ever in the end the junior leagues of of hockey animator up for a cup of coffee with the least for like two games but he played professional for two games and his son was like an incredible ressler sort of had that you know had the classic sort of emma pedigree
and but he drove away like a sandwich truck you know these things they go around a work sites you know like a catering truck and so i followed him for like three or four days on that job and dumb reaction said that he let people take things on credit you know and so people build up like a hundred couple hundred bucks before they paid off finally and one guy i guess just you know we went to a mechanic shop he was like his son europe needs the sellers billy like now he went up he's like a wild are now up enforcement murray like ten hours away he just bailed he just left in the middle of the night so tony hu as it has had a wife and a young kid got in the car went up and found them hand and and god is money back you know so i mean this is the sort of mentality that this guy had so slow and i think i got a pretty strong story out of that just by being able to stay with them long enough he was really nice to speak to me talk to me and you got him burrowed inside of his head and i think the strong work comes from as close as you can can get to those people
isn't it fascinating that work we have this deep deep connection to towards people that really are never going to realise their goals it's a painful i feel the same way myself you know what i mean it's like i always felt like the mountain goes and up and up you got if you're gonna hit your point on it at some point and you gotta be happy with that spot where you are in the mountain whenever you whenever you reach that's why i think that's a biggest part in life really is just be accepting your spot on the mountain wherever it happens to be we'll talk lee the real issue with putting all of your eggs in one basket in life and that bad get being athletics and especially athletics especially combat athletic idea the idea that you're gonna have some sort of a long and successful fruit full career by throwing your bones and another person china separate themselves from their consciousness that's quite ridiculous yeah cause just the very of doing it in preparing for that very active to the amount of damage
your body in your brain even endorses but we this idea in our heads you know a guy has to be an undefeated champion yes you know you my son's gonna be a champion someday eyed man if you're really lucky your son won't be a champion yeah really lucky your son bull learn the valuable lessons of martial arts as far as i character development and as far as your ability to over would seem to be insurmountable obstacle to become a champion you have to be a crazy person yeah if the crazy person his obsessed with nothing but that and that will take over your life yeah and i feel like having worked the obviously with people like that you know shattered them in and recognising that mindset no one i find too like there's just some point at which like there's some gifts that are just bestowed by genetics something intimate how hard you work you're not gonna quite get to them
that level that separates the real and you won't know that until you hit it you know what i mean you're not going to know about wall until you run into it and i feel like for some people like i talking to one guy just to guide the the german and i hear something more or less like the best that he he ever felt in a fight was when he was up against someone he knew is better than him any he was gonna lose and if they fought a hundred times you lose a hundred times but he'd tat guy he made that guy see something about himself he got that close to admit that the other guy sort i recognise i'm a frail i made out of the same crumbling stuff that he's made out of and so you know it appears that teflon armor that that i think some fighters carry round with themselves like that's it that's all i could do that for me is the three i still lost but i made that guy discover something about himself that he hadn't discover up until that point has he never been tested to the point that i got it i wasn't well the test him i thought that's another part but just being recognising what you are able to do you know and it may
be beating him but it's you and some other measure of success that's fastened in disgust me if you say that someone can get so close they could tell someone that means that they could be them they just have to figure out what it is they did wrong and go and i were in a more carter that's where the madness lie yeah maybe that's it isn't it the man this lies in the preparation the man this lies in the trying to like what separates champ from someone who who's just very good my personal experience in in martial arts competition there's a level that some people just not want to push themselves is that it really yes a big part of it and then outside of that there the other variables or genetics cycle gee some people have some people have a differ psychology which really interesting as people that have been bullied especially people that have larger brothers than that bullied them in the house there whole life those
scariest fuckers on the brow he suggests p i think was bullied and so shall we now but yeah he russell lied when was boy was that such on jones has a good relationship with his brothers but he is a giant brother whose way bigger than hymns brother arthur's a beast is of profit ballplayer came fox john up all the time i think today still foster really guys huge so because of that i think the john grew up with this just super athlete brother and here british shit don't because it's fuckin brothers monsters any he was sort of whose imprinted on such a young age too you know i mean i think that's it to use get these things impressed on your flesh at a young age and you don't forget those lessons brothers are a big one man it's usually for whatever reason the younger brother that's the real beast because the your brother and doors the beatings of the elder brother gives them and because that it develops a solar steel
determination quite frightened yeah i could i could totally see that that's totally makes sense both on our physical level but on an emotional kind of no you're getting that adam antium kind of mind set about things and just gotta keep prevailing i've always i too like because i do watch a lot of emma manned and i love it both as a sport and fixing as well but also like the psychological aspect of it really fascinates me and i very sorry like how painful pete come up i wish think about like my jordan and who were you know we would think differently of dominic wilson wilkins if michael jordan ever existed and i think we think differently of so many fighters if yes p hadn't existed or or silver are you know john jones these long raining sorted champions end and and i are you would know better having been been through it but there's you know what i mean there's that next level whom hand quite you know they have their one shot they can't quite clear it and so
lucky to have another opportunity that sort of gulp go back at it and can still make a good career for themselves but i find that mme especially in view of sea right now is there some long raining champions and peep and that's what people love you know they sort of love but all the focus is on them and then these people that the guy's underneath who could be awesome were it not for for a just peace but that's the whole purpose handling and champion that's re dominant other over other savagery that's me yeah that's that's the thing about being the second best guy who could have been evelyn and any other era that's gotta be so mad i wouldn't it be yeah a junior santos is a good example of that people always compare agenda can do junior junior dos santos was the champion he knocked out came the lad that's right but it at a time where came velasquez was injured he tore ligament in his knees knee was all fucked up didn't have good mobile lee and junior caught him with a big party then they fought to more time
and came destroyed now is not freedom from pillar to post probably took years off his life with beating i had friends who were marshall artists and fighters in either former providers guys have been involved in fighting their hula who universally text me and e mail me said do that fight took years off that guy's life they could they they just felt it even watch out through the tedious specially the second one the the set the the third one rather the last one the the second rematch of unbelievable beatings and i started what i'm thinkin his age he doesn't knock you out he just miles you in and really just reduces you in some terrible way where he keeps a pace it's almost inhuman yeah for a heavyweight heavyweight era to honour forty come man to keep up with him good fuckin loggia probably not going to happen now in the lot genetic i gotta talk to bob because his trainer said that i could go
couple months outside of training like get injured be out for a couple months than come back in a network everybody doesn't get out shape any if seconds are kind of known for that there's a lot of them tough fight boxers too like its it seems like a tough culture mass again i think some of the greedy is toughest fighters of all that i totally anime or boxing then in indirect tudor stamina shocking they just don't stop then they dont you write their sorted just like you're gonna to hit me with a house psychosis chavez yeah remember when i go to find you just did the bell rang ring and he just start moving forward through
a barrage punishes the never ending to rob any fought like didn't have an enormous record and others have like a thought like a hundred fights or something more than more and i let you seven fight before he ever suffered a loss yeah that's that's how was yeah yeah andy seven in and that's lay over supper careers of some other fighters you know in terms of overall records are sure yeah yeah so yeah it's i mean a lot of fighters today in this day and age don't fight nearly as many times as these two back in the day no like a guy like floyd may whether whose forty five and forty six and forty six and after that i mean what you that's unbelievable like but ninety seven and that so in saying is ninety seven fights area you know that's great before he had lost and then i feel like i could be on what i feel the wheels fell off that's the one votes as you know like on along
a timeline any any fighting stories usually can be a tragic one and i find that happens lesson emma may i feel like guys no wonder retired better and mme than in boxing i feel like people hang onto the rope a little too lost their way through a wish those are you really going to lose no no chuckle adele deafening didn't know you didn't cause i thought i was almost gonna mentioned chuckle adele is like because he did rocked last couple fights and that its made some yeah you will not just that the only reason why stop fighting dana why because data just said that year data is very close to them and said i'd see what's going on here and maybe you don't because you're the fighter you gotta stop the thing fighters is they have this belief in themselves gand ceased ever ending and unflappable especially champions the oie i know i've always count me out on the figure out a way to beat this mother fucker go into that ring with that determination and that's what made them a champion the first place but that's also what that fails them when
when it comes down to like objective thinking and being introspective about your abilities and how much you ve diminished it's that sort of bulletproof belief cells that one's a fucking them yeah yeah and i think also to their their young right i mean comparatively animal when my dad retired it was like a tree door open under his life away because you i used to having this routine to his life and you look forward to it but i think you know the first week like all this is great and then the second week it's like what the what am i doing i feel like mine and then looking down the barrel of that when you're at sixty sixty five that's one thing when you're looking down the barrel of that when you're thirty two thirty three something it's gotta be a different this is what i was does what i'm good at this all i'm good at i think some of them might think and and it's like god i've got a long existence ahead of me doing what what am i doing that and nothing is ever going to match the thrill that fighting now we'll never feel that or i'll never feel somethin like that you know what i mean i feel like that must be i didn't all of you
you ve talked to fight did they never do are they got it bribing what that feeling is like well i think the only persons ever gonna truly understand what it's like to sailor john jones and enter into a world championship fight with the whole world watching aged or shots in the bruce buffer it's time they are the only ones that are ever understand i will never understand i've watched and dont counter and more than a thousand you right in the ring you when the endorphins are still there when they are focused on completely outside and other competed i've kick box on a garage probably a hundred tycho no matches doesn't matter i just i don't know what's going on when that's happening dusk i can't imagine literally can imagine you think it's a different i will then cause i mean i mean it current level in some way in the fair enough then the short of the crowd response and the idea of how many eyes or on you but i mean when you step in or even when i've done fighting it still you in another guy so i wonder how far removed as our experience
you know i mean pretty far assume it is certainly in terms of but i mean i felt like i was apt up to the point where every one of my synopsis was screaming and i'm just not bill to do that you know maybe they have maybe there's a calmness i feel like sometimes you look and that their the top fighters are able to established certain calmness that that i've never really found in any way those situations in my life whether it's a playground scuffle or or an amateur boxing while the calmness alot of it comes with the experience itself being something that you recognise and you ve been there four and you know how to deal with it whereas someone who is never we took a guy who has never competed at all before and yeah through many you have sea fight they would fuckin shit their pants special they didn't know how to fight them yeah i know that there are so many things to deal with it would be overwhelmingly probable hearted yeah but if you do you guys like john jones because we keep talking about him trains
his whole life in wrestling so he's wrestled for many many years competed a very high level for in wrestling then start competing in ever may trains every day so in a jam costly working out with these really high level guys it become see you have a comfort level with like just the recognition of what this is yeah you understand it you get in there you know what you can do your very aware of what you're capable of cause you have literally put yourself to your limit in training and you get in there and your much calmer than a person whose completely alien to the experience so i think for you like doing it blood times like you didn't have a chance to get used to know not disallow guys you do yeah probably similarly gifted in or not if yes not gifted is the way but it's a lot of not gifted guys go very far too hard work and just sort of intimidation and yeah yeah what they don't ever do is beat the great ones know that difference yeah then
gifted guys ten have great career if they can get a lot of the competition they can become coaches they can t in fighters they can they can become commentators they can do a lot of things but they never figure out a way to beat the great will know now i feel like that in my experience watching as well there's that kind of that's that's a separation novelette it as much as your heart in your talent and then there is no heart is something that is one of these ephemeral qualities that no one but i mean there is there i mean there are fighters that you know that's what they have that's what's getting them through its not dare say their talent it's there i think it is a combination of a lot of things that are kind of impossible to quantify but you can you can see it in indifferent athletes done how to be a fighter that seem to be where its most obvious to notice it but there's lots of athletes that i like and and usually it because they have some quality of of heart that distinguishes them in my eyes and it they're not the best browser just there but they ve
in their skills as far as they can go with why were loved arturo guardian mickey horse of course those are that's a classic to heart guys go up there were just never quite you beat the mob you get knocked amount could stop them but the will was never would faltered no no absolutely had they had more talent but who knows what what their limit would have been necessary or have trained more intelligently heated more intelligently mean a lot of what is talent in a world it's the approach that you take if you look at the arturo gaudy moved and punched he was very talent was what is yeah most likely that he probably just wasn't train correctly or to the best of his yeah you got a guy like a manual steward who gets hold of a box or from the time that he first start and which him just incredibly perfect technique per
the strategy the mindset like custom honour what he did with my tie yeah moulds his mind said you know you can you can do something that if the guy grows up with some you know midwest boxing club in the middle of nowhere with the guy doesn't really know how to box and that's the guys teach him that's the guy brings it to his amateur career and a pro that cannot be lacking in just giant chunks of knowledge that a guy like say freddy roach have yeah you jesse you never know what would create a champion out of a contender yeah sometimes it's just that it's the the mentor he runs into yeah i think that i think that's die i feel like that's true yeah and also even mid fight you know because gaddi with somebody you see unsolved drawn into firefights we didn't need to you no one and our whether he's really listening to his trainer at that point or not i i don't know but i know for me to even even the amateur things i did what i want i really took away from what i really enjoyed was that was the training part of it you know i try
in dumb i was living in iowa the time and there was a box in club the bottom of a like a really sort of and it was at the bottom of a gold german coral veil which is sort of like just outside of i what city it was run by a coach and two two girls to female fighters the climate their sisters and they were like one thirty one of em with maybe one thirty one of them was like one fifteen tough tough as nails fast and you'd did spar like i knew i was gonna have to get in this amateur boxing match and so i like well don't you better not let busy on me and i dont night did not can be able to really punching a girl i didn't think you know now i ll tell you i was able to but even if i wanted to punch them i don't think i would have really been eldred lay leather honour because they were fast and they were mean and they were and even if i did touch him they be like you know you you pay
like a softer like this is weak we got shit so sought but i want i really took away from it is really enjoying the discipline you know with nutrition and with but the roadwork me i could i did all tat stuff i love doing that and i felt like that was the only thing that i could actually taken to my own hands and that i had some sort of agency and you know mean i can run this hard and as far as i can i can hit the ban four until my arms feel like noodles that's all that i can do direct improve yet of your skill yes but also there is a limit it like i mean in the one thing that i noticed and i've set before is like and i feel like other people have noticed the sex i got a lot of fights when i was young but i think i ever one one i feel like i'm exude this kind of waffle something that like i just them not a fighter but every time i've got it fight it's been more that someone is i feel like is taking trying to take it
and a judge me or has been picking on me for a long period of time in it's the only way that this is going to stop or been orban picking on someone that i i cared about and and i always got the sense afterwards at the person who beat me up basically knew it knew that they're like they i can draw davidson into a fight and out and and killed the heel willingly go in he'll go into the bare trap and then i'll do the elder beat him up and the good thing about it ultimately as it is the picking on stuff stopped you know anyone but i had to take a beating in order to sort of a fact that you know yeah that's a weird psychological sort of a relationship between the bali and the person its picked yeah yeah but i feel like and i feel like the real true fighters wouldn't even do something like that they would recognise why
sure i'm not going to do with this guy i mean i am other yeah mean made me i don't know maybe maybe there are some voters who work to beat the shit out of people are you sit yeah yeah you ve ionian notice and fight sometimes i feel like tat guy looks like he probably might have would be happy to be beating up someone with far less will he be taking as much delighted it as he is usually they ve been abused is that so near yeah i believe that's a big part of a lot of what would constitute a boy his physical abuse you now that they ve been abused either at home or they ve been abused by other kids and china lash out and get there's now yeah dave i have taken on the role of the bali because they ve been bullied so marshlands alot i could see i actually here's the thing a sort of a story of my one of my my worst beatings that's why i'm she hates me my brother replaying basketball and was proud like i said in seventeen eighty nine my my last year i school probably and these two guys come say let's let's play to unto so we did and back there i pray way
two forty i was a boy was a big fat dude you know i just two forty in high school yeah he made maybe maybe maybe two thirty like i was in order but it was not i was not a healthy wait obviously would way now one seventy five one why sound like you know that's partly the whole boxing stuff and we do tree planting allowed up in canada that sort of like what you do at university you just go up to the woods and plant trees and that i shall not await that way during during university but size big beast you don't i sort of knew how to use my body in the guy that i was playing against was maybe one one sixty so we were get close to beat them and i turn around and i see the ball weapon right at my face she thrown it at me i turn my head and it sort of those by the side of my head and just you gives me a scout burn basically and then he's charge and right at me like to get in a fight and there was no prob prior probably know none at all that's the thing i mean this guy just
just a basketball game and and and kids in the wise from like ok what one can have a fire in the middle the why have i think i'm gonna be ok it's i didn't really want again to fight but again this guy sore abashed balmy it's pretty shitty move so anyway this guy comes out he's gonna be like eighty years old he's like one of those guys at the why that was like a retired jim teacher and they sort of said ok bill you can just story hang out around here and keep order that's the be nice of you to do that we comes out me he's got a whistle around like all p whistle around his neck me he says take outside i'm like i told the last thing i want to do is take this outside but an and any says sit guys you take this outside some ocean i'm sort of like being shoehorn into going out having in a fight with this guy
so i'm going down the hallway and my brother is like a regime of sobbing my shoulders because i guess he thinks that's what he should be doing you know that's how little we know about fighting you know what i mean is my brother i guess i've seen this in rocky i should keep him and keep on limber you know he's like you're you're going to be fine and if i but i had a chance to look in his eyes he be like you are you are you are fucked you know what i mean i think i knew that two surrendered ups outside its winter and in canada and others you know ice on on the stand sidewalk and i'm buying face up in what i assume is somewhat somewhat of a fighting posture and he kicked me in the head so first thing he does just like kicks me right the head and i'm not even sure without happen i'm still standing you know and and he does it again and then i'm like our god this is not this not good so he had martial arts training glass yeah definitely and then
you know there's a bike rack and i remember like rang my my head off of it and i'm i'd get him in a sort of ahead in we're being like face down in there's like ice knelt on the street you know that those blue crystals they put down you know i'm i'm my faces pressed into it and thankfully it goes on for while clearly i'm i'm beat and he's like our are we are we had enough here i'm like yeah i mean i've had enough that's enough so he goes back inside chuckling with his buddy i'm sitting out there on the street i don't want to go back into the why you know what i mean i'm going to have people inside going what the hell happened you need help and i'm like i just want to crawl into a hole and you know not to see humanity for about a month so my brother goes inside yes my clothes we go i find out later this guy we lacrosse is a big sport in our in our country and he was like the enforcer of across the lacrosse team like the aaa lacrosse team he was a tough guy i get a chance you know right for
get goin didn't have a chance and then i discover his name is we lived in a small town in you sort of these things are come to you as time goes by and then my buddy calls me up a couple years later says did you hear about so and so i said no i was wait university at this point he's like they went camping in the woods and held him in his dad and this word gets back to your idea of abuse he stabbed his dad forty four times kill them ill woods and they caught him just walking down the street the knife and i and you know later on the interview with mom and his mom was like yeah he was you know he basically would sit out on the porch saying that george bush was going to come in air force one i'm pick him up for some topsecret missions we clearly had some some mental instabilities that didn't present themselves at the age at which at least they were maybe emerging data use em i mean that
had never been been into i'm not i can't really comment on that but i mean i don't know but i think i feel like he stabbed the man forty four times would have to be really heated argument and if they had no prior sort of history with one another not really no but for already stabbed him and then he stabbed him that many times holy shit and i thought i thought later like man is bad i got it i mean but i got hot worse i mean at least like let me off at the andes like right well i will try to explain that someone who gives me with a figure in a car like you never know who you given the finger two eggs actually my wife has a bad habit of talking the horn and like baby i love you but don don't do it don't i don't know who the hell stepping out of that freedom car not only that you never know what state therein the yankee in the worst state of mind ever at the moment you lay on that horn you could caught them at the breaking point yeah and that's what puts them you fuckin peoples
in this day and age when you're doing with cities and traffic in the unnatural stress of slamming two hundred fuckin million people together like there now they ve done studies on the public and density just with rats and shown how bizarre rat behaviour gets when you get too many rats only attain environment and meares human beings behaviour as far as like human beings when you have a small amount of them mean everybody seems to get along finally when you jam them together you started getting all his mental illnesses will that's what they do with a rethink rats have a certain amount of rats and you jam into a box there a certain amount of a more just sit in a corner start nodding their heads up and down back and forth ninety gets really we're yeah yeah i found same thing we are used to work it up placed on marine land in non agrifuels saga
she world kind of an idea we had a guy on that worked at marine life was that so really i was involved in this fuckin horrible situation with with dolphins and he had the fuckers phil furthermore oh shit you i did my internet and for an article i didn't know the mirage ok of course yeah yeah ok he was expelled the us and the solution at all ass monsieur already lower yeah yeah it was all explain to us how intelligent these dolphins are the dolphins gone hunger strikes that have to force feed them and that they take them away from their mothers and they buy from russians yeah really ruthless the way they do tat yeah yeah i know it's it's it's rough it's rough staff yes i owe you got you got all that already from philippeville was an insider phil was so is there after i was there and i think things got time reunited never trainer either but with some of the things that those guys are the animal kingdom guys i saw was property
but the same thing as you pass so many animals and if you did the same to people of course there's gonna be like mania stir being in a depression all sorts of stuff that we can sort of a moat you know animals can only sort of just do it through their behaviour we get a sense like this is not right that this right is not good it was the zoo you ever go to the zoo much an animal disease pace back and forth in their small little container yeah this is nuts i watched his bare once and he mad for walk to one area turnaround walk to the other turn around and go back and forth like that animal is going mad their good going mad there their animals like bears they will moreover miles and miles countryside and that's how their genes are sort of adopted there are there doubted rather than their whole being is adapted to this idea of nature providing them food they go out and forge for the food when they just
how can this box the food comes sliding under the door and a tray every day all their reward systems are being rude up just ignored or contain some strange serve away and madness ya know exactly it today and they find other well you know when you baffle of those primal instincts think you know it's true i have a son and will be taken of the toronto zoo i mean we might have to where else can you see all of those creatures you know you can't just go out in a searching the forest and find a barrowman you could but you you do with the understanding that no matter how nice the bare pennies or the gorilla enclosure it you can't it can't do all the things that that guerrilla you just have to hope that they have a mind that is a bit more able to him race their new situation button and some animals may be can but other animals just like i built for this in same same with some men who are imprisoned like i'm not the with cool hand luke sort of a thing i'm not bill for this
already happening i agree i and i have children and i take them to the zoo but that is feeling more guide i do a just cause my kids i want them to explore everything sees may things impossible by this parliament a big hypocrite gonna want to support contains animals yeah fuckin penguin in its ninety degrees are now i like says fuck penguin things like parents going to like what am i doing how did i get here anyways likewise its last went out and suddenly i'm yeah who's this guy in this pollution feed me fish and fish are dead already we are going to leave and getting them learn to do that like having a lot of animals just end up starving because they just will learn to eat and animal that's not you know they are normally used to catching in some way so you can't take their enclosure they can't they can embrace that much of a change
also the the reality of zoo life is completely alien to the reality of an animal existing in ecosphere yeah are in an ecosystem so when an animal is in a zoo that animal separated from every other species which never happen now no absolutely yes bizarre and done without there's nothing trying to kill them so they don't learn anything now all their natural instinct to avoid predators disorder like sit there they don't they don't it periods predators every monkey experiences predators every ape experiences cats in the wild there there's no apes that live anywhere where does not something that my fuck the mob whether it's a spider or a snake today should avoid or something to learn their yeah i keep wave net snake that's nickel fuck you but that's what keeps him sharp exam you don't mean that's what gives them their lives purpose really even if it's just surviving well it make sure that the good genes pass on and in the zoo
is dumb monkeys happening now learn at anything frankly and earnest raised they just that's what they're breed the weirdest form of like animal prison ever it's very strange no yeah i mean i agree but again you got kids do i mean you do all sorts of weird things for your kids ending sometimes zoos exist but for the benevolence of kids are the needs of kids so that so that parents feel like well shit dear we see this any other way i love i want you to see them gloss over also look at the happy monkeys even though in some party you knows remedies are happy monkeys these are not naturally there but you know you're not gonna taken a borneo either shaw monkeys yeah exactly monkey steal your i worry you can t spend stores of chimps stealing babies are there is an awful article in esquire where these two to two people couldn't couldn't have kids so they d get get a chip
you know and the chief but they raise the chimp like it's their kid and then they have prior the chimps like twenty years one day the chip goes nuts tears her face off basically like chimps are incredibly strong powerful creatures and um you know basically me she survive but just barely sort of a thing and you don't nice that those sorts of things i think when i think the chimps i think of that movie with clint eastwood what everywhere they were at orangutan but and those are prowl even even tougher you know i mean they're they're bigger creatures but the last vote are they their more subdued sort of a thing while they are still fuck you yeah dot your eyes and they don't actively seek out fucking by their animals the empty chair seven instinct to go out and kill thing is that so short jimmy chimps are not there not herb force like a lot of people have this misconceived i wish i had that up until this regional depredators the monkeys
monkeys alive ouch nor scene never dark that be dark then like eating a little version of themselves basically got ten then it will they they cannibalize as well or do they really ass they they murder other chimps and they cannibalize or the chimps they cannibalize chimp babies chimps are the worst aspects of human beings like in animal feed with intelligence yeah an eye but i think that is makes people want to adopt them because its closest thing to us that's not us you know what i mean which where does the bonobos or close cousins and they will exhibit any their behavior but what they do is they fuck each other like crazy how really everybody fox fuck everybody them the fathers factor daughters the gathers fuck
the there are other brother fretting fuck their sons everybody fox really just like a big clan on vat just i miss you know sort of incest all over the world so much so that its kind of clever on their part they have avoided captivity because of it you cannot have them in the zoo is it just that's right people like we can't show our kids his fucking apes go on go on at all the time we are so weird it's so ironic that you can you have these animals doing everything in the wild accept breeding we cannot tolerate the actual action buried an exact like hailing other like them hand as they want that are what is it there's one group that they gasp define them to handle the trying yeah yeah debris the only thing that do avoid is the mothers will not have sex their sons that's the only one word for mountain the bonobos have that one rule for whatever reason the mother does not one of sex or sun nets but everything else is forget everything on the table and you will never see that mozilla because they just like you guys
do exist in the wild where we're ok we'll go we're ok whether chimps and our guerrillas and would only resolve conflict by fucking like sort of a prime like pastor like that the express dominance kind of an idea that way or even like hyper i'm sure we argued here but let's have a look around here everything's all right i don't know i mean i would probably have to study the longer we do do a lot of chimp like things where they pick up branches and smack branches around they'll pick up a large action they dragged on the ground to show dominance ship save a lot of that they do a lot of posturing with picking up large thing shaking trees or shake things to show how strongly are but chimps will engage in some serious violence yeah i was not bonobos not bonobos yeah maybe if you want to i mean i guess if you into adopting it but one part of that story like you understand like you have kids you know i have kids i think if if you dont have kids and you ve tried to have kids i think you people might feel that there's a loss in their life and and
something needs to be filled you know and often you fill it with an animal of you get really into dog breeding or gara seventeen cats or something like that these guys decided a chimp was the way to go and i guess i would have thought like totally innocent the owl k chimp whatever you dress it up in a tuxedo and do whatever it's a little weird but i get the i get why you're here it i know its replacement for the fact that you can have kids but then when this kid goes pharaoh on you basically and and attacks you in a way that term theirs documentary about people that scary animals called the elephant in the living room supposed to be really gonna eighty percent run tomatoes i need to watch it but it's a document about the raising of exotic pets in homes and how many knuckle heads in america wind up doing yeah they only have like there was this the other day i was watching this peace on this guy is a pet mount mine really bottle fed it since
the baby in uneasy at least in a sort of our remote area ere i dont know dad didn't pay tat yeah but he's got this caddies had it since it was a baby announced a full grown to underground female tat and suchlike yeah yeah works i think you are juggling dynamite right here my friend but might not be you know i mean i don't know what i'm some animals or cool with it in his lungs feed them and you're sweet with i'm here the bottom line is it so we can have that instinct to chase shit if you roll of bali yarn in front of us take a ball of yarn and toss in front of a house cathay dive on that yeah oh yeah total open no know exactly like a laser point on the wall there but yeah there bananas you can't that's their instinct joseph and we of one who home with all manner of like cats are you can't be cats for like sorted just likes sadism it came home once it was night and i was like what you got there in your mouth and she opens your mouth and it was a baby mouse alive she
cradled it in her mouth like but i realized defied come five she was just going to play with it until it either died of fright or my shoe yeah she cheated up basically so i think like a dog a dog just goes and gets what let's eat at most animals do but man house cat especially cause they're all their needs are covered so it's like this is all just fund for me my travel through up a mouse once he had eaten it and then just putin's russia yards are the girls had a male but it wasn't the milk out that it was the female she's bore
that's terrible hat for air hair ball yeah like you discussed i fucking weird because they looking at you like the parent and rely on up against you they're so sweet but you think man if i was an inch tall you would make sport out of me you meet out to me and you have no not a goddamn care in the world of nowhere more allow no remorse at all i enjoy reading reading just got into this last week reading vague in forum how to feed their cats and they d all reluctantly have to admit that their cats need me ray ray is cats are very high protein requirements much different than a human beings much different even than a dog he can feed dogs
a certain amount of vague in food and and if we can do that more they say were there's a vague and vague in household than in that counts on our dogs and cats has well do their dogs while the people get away with it with their dogs they don't get away with their cats yet ass they just want healthy really like mistreatment animal contractors order i need some mangy lookin for a fallen out and always find these just going through the stage to reading the the torment that these people have gone through for the make decision to feed i know i know i can imagine i can only imagine i had once out i was trying to do an article on none on peoples i thought would have been really interesting because of one thing i noticed it in research was like people indifferent parts of this country breed pitfalls differently based on where they are from i can turkey arkansas they breed like a really lean its effect
it is like a really lean fast version of a dog whereas in in california or story florida am i am area they be pre like really big bulky kind of that sort of what the dejesus that they want to put together an yeah for it for the purposes of a fighter these creatures i mean i i i like pitfalls i've met i've met not you know nice pitfalls you know but i do i no from what i've researched anyways that they're like bread into their built to be fighting creatures that sort of what they were bred for and not sorted what that's exactly what they were bred for and so that sort of thing is always in there is is in their dna he likes it sort of its sunken there and you know you're going to these people forums and new experience in the same way with viet like the very strong emotional kind of like you don't understand you don't get it and i wasn't even coming from a perspective of like in taller
and sore hatred i was just coming from a perspective i just want it would like to talk about it where do you go to a pit bull fighting for i wasn't fighting this was what they do with this one was some day in a sort of tractor pulse for dog how come up the sledges and they see how much how many brings they can carry on and that sort of like i'm you i'd much rather right just like strength events basically for these dogs but idea i sort of the temerity i guessed to say you know you guys i hope i can see what you're doing this you're sure to doing this because these dogs have these instincts and it's better to have them pulling a sledge than fighting fighting one another or fighting other dogs and you know eugene sort of assaulted by these people who are like you don't get it at all these are the nicest creatures ever i wasn't even coming from saying they're they're not nice creatures you know i i again i feel like a lot of it with animal ownership is the owner it's really not the dog always in order a dog when its born can go any number of different ways
when you see a on by a guy who's driving around like a jacked up pickup truck and his dogs got like a spike collar on and he's carrying around by a links of you know chain you're like that dog my potentially have been raised with a certain hire you know that the aggression might have been brought out of a more than this dog that had grown up with the family with three kids in the other can be pets but they're always dangerous run other dogs always almost always yeah very rare that you get a pitiable doesn't have animal aggression yeah the artist thousands of years of genetic gap there raise them to be aggressive and to fight of the dogs and i love pit bulls as pats i won't have them just because it's a drag like your friend brings dog over and you dogs don't play they wore it actually found a you know it's exactly that's two peoples is one thing but if your friend brings our is black lab at ain't that ain't a fight the ass tat not a fight and i went i did went into the s pc and they just busted a ring in the attic forty fighting dogs
they were so nice around the s pc workers all the but they ended up having to to destroy most of them were maybe all of them even because there is it is it's like having a stick of die might with a fuse of indeterminate length that could blow up at any time you know and they just felt like you'd been bred to this sort of utility and this is what you're good for it it's not your fault but you're just you're not they found in general population and they also if they're not train properly can be very dangerous for children casino recognised children's adults with ill acquiesce to and adults were demands request they look at adults as being the ones that are in control they dont look at children along the same lines the see something there
and they just a packet of rock and really doing it is it is it is an enemy again there's gotta be people listening to this who are or people fanciers in their about a bunch of whom have you yeah who have who have had half had words about this or of their know that people oh you had people's your child care i came home once my dog killed my dog in the living room you're kidding now they went to war it when i was young people's jesus believe me man i'm i'm i love them as animals will never have them as not anymore yes we ve got kids now to have given if i didn't have kids are just when i will deal with the other get out and attack the neighbors dog or something that to my dogs dad got out of his yard crawled into neighbours yard attacked the neighbors dog in the animal control guards came over and killed him yes fact it's like first war it's fucked for the neighbour in other dogs
working like dogs bark at each other and they think i mean i am like dogs at all for real now find it down for the first time in their yard it is death that's the only way i know you with the guy in the basketball yeah exactly you're you realize you're like only shit i'm i'm up against a different breed of humanity writers kicking me in the had nowhere and you know you're just try to play basketball you brought rubbing you wanna be our totally neophytes and you end there was something you know this is prey way too like right early but there is than about the eyes of a guy like that i'm you don't you know you're done before you're done now you're done before hundreds of those do yeah there's just some club working around in their eyes like and you're just like oh no no no i'm not i'm not dealt to this standard this is not going to work out well for me the others grass and enjoy beaten the fuck out of people like i said a lot of them have had the fact be none of them and the becomes nets ones
they say that the most horrific thing about sexual abuse is that a lot of the abused become abusers when they get here exactly it's like a rip repetitive of the sun re expresses the sins of the father so dark yet weird thing makes you realize to just how fortunate like again i know you you spoke but your mom and you have a good relationship with your mom i do good rushed with your father is well now terrible i dont know i d be he was horrible guy but my experience up until i was five years old was just him being really violent scary took to both you and your mama mostly to many other really bad enough so that it is just a scary thing to watch while so you know farmyards very fortunate you realize how luck is
stand so many things that just to your parents are where where you're born in the world and i m and yeah i didn't i been very fortunate that way but i know friends have had you know different situation so but anyways yeah yeah i mean it's just you get your hand in life you do what it white with with it what you can but some people's hand is just unmanageable and that is does the reality of being a human being their certain people that are just abuse to the point of no return before they ever get it as transport their life out i wouldn't even begin to know how to manage that i wouldn't know what to do and i know people that have adopted abuse kid and in other kid is they have had the kids and the kid was three and the kids now kindergarten and fucked the kids fact no
my my wife is the child services social worker which i mean it's tough it's tough and she told me this one story i can repeat it and cheek she goes over with this this other with a cop actually to apprehend these kids opens the door to door bag father answered my kids aren't here kids i'm been here for days she's like while we have reports that your your wife said that they are here are certainly not with your your erects any basic data weren't they got inside rooms empty apartments empty as far as they could tell closets open closets open ajar so they opened up two kids in there in the closet and the one thing that my wife noticed was it the wallpaper i didn't who wallpapers inside of closet but whatever
was ripped in rags and the kids had been eating it because they had been in there for so long that that that was sort of how it how it came that would they got to the point where they were they were eating the wallpaper listen this pod cas recently there's this pod costs that are really enjoy called radio lab and one of the emphasis was a radio lab dealt with this guy that the episodes called escape adele dealt with this guy who had spent his entire life in and out of jail and it was about his is childhood and now he was sort of abandoned news raised by i forget what relative but they didn't feel them and so him and his daughter his sister would eat paper at night just to fill their stomachs of because you in agony from hunger pay yeah yeah you know you you read about shit like that and this now this guy goes on this horrific cycle of childhood abuse and becomes a criminal and and
he wants a meeting this woman and falling in love and actually having a family but still keeps fucking up and can't figure out a way to stop and you hear it from the woman like the woman who married him her point of view of what can you do that's how i grew up liking this horrific state he's broken he's broken man for ten yards like before even at a chance really to make his own decision about some of these things yeah yeah i know i don't mean to be a downer about any it s yeah yeah as a writer are the woodwork get asked earlier about watching things you you know watching humans it you don't agree with your watch things studying human behaviour when you that do you try to put yourself in the mind of the abused or the mind abuser like do try to put yourself into these people's heads
shut to see what was good like this guy you know they ve around him and in a way saying like not my kids aren't here and they find the kids in the closet d try to put yourself in that guy's mind i mean in that case i put myself in the mind of the social worker because no it was easier for me to put myself in the mind of of my wife rather than put myself in the mind of of some like that you know what i mean but even in the troop there's there's a character shelly who is has some very serious things wrong with him and so so yeah i think part of it is trying to put yourself as closely into that mindset as as you can see why recognising that you can never quite bridge that gap you know what i mean cause because that's just a leap that i can't quite make you know so you just have to hope that that your guy close enough that
the reader is i've always said as a writer you just need to be one step ahead a reader means you have to have done that little bit more much more research or just spent more time thinking about these things at a reader hopefully is going to read really quickly and it's gonna be like ok ok it's not is really sticking out that is enough that's gonna make some sort of check up which all people do in a book or a movie their length now can you just is too far you suddenly you sort across some through a boundary that i'm no longer quite with you in the way that i was before you never know what it's like i was dies you know dinner yesterday at the hotel bar in that ended up next to this guy i'm talking to a many who is it like a big tom clancy reader and i said to i i've had people like i had a guy get in touch with me once cause i'd i wrote some sort of that had some military stuff in it knee was sir said well you know to not be a net picker anything but the clip capacity of an m16 is actually sixteen rounds and not seventeen as you said and i'm like i get it
i mean i get it i get that's that's wrong that's a mistake but i think probably that story that's what i'm trying to do is not really having it be great if i could have caught that it was more scrupulous to fact by really you're trying to weave a narrative and fixed but some readers that's what they want they i take them out of it if you don't does exactly if you don't get the facts right if you know if you're doing something about medical staff and and you're not you haven't been scrupulous about it then then then you're gonna get but i mean i'm the guy mentioning like that's why can't read stephen king because it gets apparently too many things wrong i'm like i'm so deep in the most stephen king narratives that i don't want to go i wonder that too i say i sort asked when he was unable to he wasn't able say anything it was just a general i send my desire you get things wrong bedroom large beard big mac there might have been he was he was he was a defence contractor sounds good
if you can't tell you the exact things that stephen king got wrong at any particular examples he's got a bit yeah what and sometimes you just find yourself faced up against so many said something like well in a fraction frank in areas like while i've i've do no done research and there is actually not a damn thing wrong with fracturing and it's a myth just like global warming is a myth and as i can think we're probably on different sides of this and i'm not gonna get new an argument with you about it but that's all just two out of a conversation is like o k i'm i'm i'm the danes fraction myth no i mean people are light up there there tap water out of your seen in these people been able to do that blood pre deeply into it people i've been able light up the tap water long before there was fracturing it is possible that well waters get is getting they get contaminated but the reality of content
they did well waters directly related to fracturing is undeniable yet because they're they're blown out the earth and then it shipping through into the into the other al in their getting better fracturing their figuring out a way to do it it's more efficient but the reality is you know you gotta breaks makes to make an omelette guys don't give a fuck now they're trying to natural resources out of the ground and they're not try to not pollute their just doing their best confirm informed whatever regulations that get established that allow them make money and those regulations are directly influenced by the very companies that make fuck trillions of dollars they own the politicians they by all the regulations they make sure that everything is in place so that they can make money totally i mean there's definitely some damage the tracking is don t have the question becomes is it ok is it over this damage is done because there's a plus sign the people are employed and water natural gases and lava
to resources that we get harvest is an animal is that's different question yet but the idea that its of its a myth and there's nothing wrong with tracking that guy's a dick those fuckin right wing chat or boxes yeah yeah and it just come right out with a two bit them within two minutes of us talking like wow now suddenly i'm not getting into this year and the idea that global warming is a mere two is an idiot yeah i ll come on pretty well established and whether or not its human influenced there's that's a debate at most scientists almost i think some insane numbers like ninety nine percent that its human influence and she's not a fucking funny you shouted dirty whole year and i feel i felt almost like a black eye to say
but like a bit of a fraud that i didn't go up against them you know because i made a byword walked yeah you can't fight every battle but there's a sense of like cause that's the conservative thing is like to come right out you and i feel like well fuck if i dont if i don't i'm back and say something i've started just like let him believe that his point is valid for lightly so that you can eat in euro liberally wear glasses i now working hates you tired amaze even spoke to the first place alien spoke proactive correct you and stephen was these fresh worried about global warming i'm gonna buy away and put in your country and meanwhile you know that and a global warning changes both the code in the warm the cold gets colder yeah that one of the big arguments is like well look look i'll walk you know you look i'll call it is now we had a hell of a winter then stands like you don't it's the fluctuations that are the things you'd our need to be looking in orbit way whenever it so it's a worthless sort of thing to get into you know especially with this guy to be like
what sterling's age it ain't it a word on it in a word he's a man at that point it should a scared and receiving denmark sandy ghip ghisizzle fuckin shit you're takers go on yeah about half of you with your defence contracting and your global warming denying he i know you just sort of feel like well at least i don't think i think you're too old to have too much of a sway in this other than your vote still counts as much as mind like talking to girls like that just to find out what makes them draw those conclusions but the what i'm always fascinated by is that on the show you you ve got people who oh have contrary positions to what it but you're able to engage with them i think in a really really interesting way that's that's not terribly its confrontational but it's not adam how to describe a right but i've seen you do it in its skill obviously as well
i like to talk to people that have strong police and systems in things rather to find out what where they have their belief systems are formed and want to know that if there is a logical rational sort of basis to their belief system yet or is it just as they have sort of adopted this prediction and pattern which are very common very much so yeah i had a car with a guy jujitsu class about global warming we talk and edith is twenty four years old military kid and he was someone else brought of global warming and the kid goes its natural cycle so always abbot natural cycle i go you're not a scientist i go you are your scientists you know scientist i refer to you show me a phd your scientists scientists ray i saw a mocking miguel listen man you're being silly you know what the fuck targeted allow and where'd you get it just tell me where you got that mindset where did it come it's that no nonsense right wing mentality yeah like us
in question it it's clearly what's really fascinating about it is that there are always supporting big business but no one gets fucked over more than blue collar folks when it comes to big business knowing it doctor i'm always that to us like some sometimes this outlook is actually the one that's most injurious to you in a way of your own life in your own you know sort of happiness in a way yeah yeah yeah and they mean you if you think about it the people that are less educated for them all fart or more likely to work for a company or need a company to employ that those are the more likely people they're gonna get we're paying jobs those or more likely people that are going to need some form public assistance are possible but yet those are the people that have this pull yourself up by your own bootstraps mentality and that the with ease can welfare rats they have all these crazy ideas nor had whereas the educated people who are more likely to be able to fend for themselves or more like
we at least to have the possibility to have a higher paying job because the factor educated at least in theory who are more likely to support public assistance or more likely to be against some of the environmentally destroying policy of of big businesses it's real weird how people just sort of form these these paths and then they lock into and that that as you said can be really against their own self interest and self benefit going forward but i do know about you but i found like as i've got an order like when i was in school i was a total like lib like almost has left as you can go as pc as you could go and i will get older i feel like i come i come to some sort of not the centre i'll always be to the left but you know what i mean there's their certain things about liberal they get on my nerves as well like i mean that's just i feel like any fully rounded human being is not gonna always be in one camp that's higher let you know a healthy approach
i think i'm very much a conglomeration of liberal and conservative as i found like more and more will there's an old saying show me a young man who show me i'm a young man who is not liberal and i'll show you a man with no heart show me in old man is not conservative and i'll show you a man with no brain and its somewhere along the line you realize that people need a certain amount of difficulty and they need a certain amount of hardship and they need a certain amount of they they need obstacles i need you to overcome these obstacles and when you set it up so that they never have to overcome obstacles and give them a consistent series of safety nets they get laid and that is true and that doesn't mean that all people on welfare lazy or their welfare is only for the lazy that's ridiculous as well but to some lazy fucking people out there and not just lazy lazy thinkers there's just doubled not a weakness yeah and you give people the lottery ticket you know what happens then
how can they lose all their money in they fall apart you people need to accomplish things yeah it's a part of the whole gender the sequence that has been sort of ingrained in the human species from all of our past behaviors mean all of our human reward systems of accomplishing things and feeling good not accomplishing things are building up self confidence and that's real you know although the pull yourself by your bootstraps in a lot of ways that's good advice yeah unfortunately its conglomerate it in an attached to this hatred homosexuals is weird in our fuckin pro war stands wrong religion religious kind of context and flavour things as well which kind of has a you talk about it's happening when your kid i have always felt that you know that's one of the things that really is
go into your thinking and and the way that you have an outlook on the world's and it's not a part of what john does as they want to get your young and they want to get you indoctrinated and they want to start to have a good soldier further for the balance forward kind of a thing and then i was an i never grow up thou art and although you but like i were not a very religious household arm but certainly come across a lot of religion and some of whom like totally awesome and really nice and really we and i've my wife actually came up early baptist and there were some point like around when she was eighteen or nineteen assist like i can't do this anymore ike i'm tired of feeling bad about myself for x y see you know in so short a left the fold but she said that was one of the most difficult thing she ever did peeling away from really of her friends olive all of that you know the entire it was a nice little safe bubble that she was in and she she still likes a lot of those people to this day the bottle
broadly with some she felt she had to do in order to sort of oh i guess store or make some sort of separation from that time in her life vavasor disconnect if you if you subscribe to religion and in all of its principles by the book you this is a massive disconnect you have to have with just right quality itself you're believing in adam and eve and resurrections and miracles and no evidence whatsoever to support any these things that are completely contrary to answering the ever experienced and then all the evidence that you see of science or there's only six thousand years all acquiring this book ok then they just find some hundred million year old shit lies probably media they were planted down there by the you know by iraq
you know the homosexuals yeah they didn't only a fiery gonna diggers i'll have you know and they went down and they buried those bones and they saw acid dated them somehow so that they seem older than they are but we know carbon dating is not an exact science known for cooking is a mess and i'll meanwhile don't talk bad about homosexuals while they're eating a shrimp cocktail and they like yo dude you got to read the whole book because this more shit about not eating shellfish than there is about being gay yeah unites musty shrimp and that must be paid there's a lot of shit you're doing wrong not supposed to on saturday that's right yeah you're not supposed to have religious tattoos you fuckin place out so fuck yeah you're not supposed to turn to your body that's in the bible people of religious tattoos it's like talk about not reading the whole book yeah exactly i think and you just pick and choose funniest things as you know really hard core christians will will make fun of
you know scientology which fair enough go ahead i'm by perfectly fine if you want to make fun of scientology but but to obligate round kind of weird story than than their book presents as well it's like yeah it's there certain you are you not spotting the irony here that there is a certain similarity between their weird beaten run sort of stories and your weird i know and were born after three days kind of van and all the sort of you no sir raised it did we will sort of beg reality is well worth it compartmentalize thinking is very dangerous and i think once you you just sort of make your mind up that your way is the only way to stop being objective in you cease all introspective thought you get of locked into this mindset and put these blinders on they don't allow do you see you you see yourself as how ridiculous you are and that's how people get caught
doing dumb shit layer ted haggerty the guy who was our guide running this giant religious church huge stadium filled with tee whole try meanwhile we richard smoking crystal meth rang and gay prostitutes and there's this recent guy was antigay marriage proponent who turns out he would run a female reign of show right yeah yeah does homeboys named jamie this guy just came out the other days north carolina politician and he was fuckin he's a drag queen and is so obvious you see that there is that other one recently where that k k k guy shockingly and then they find out he had sex with a male brass blackmail processes dressed as or as a woman or software i sat it's like yogi it doesn't take long before you ve somehow dig into these guys history and you're like it's surprising anymore really it's like i knew that little
skeleton was in your nose craig see that many industries a man is in jail it's an email form sale so the man's in j did that information just now have the information that you had sex with gay male prostitute how about we where were you a year ago you know how easy it is to doktor macro fish so that they could go back and looked through it and it would be they're pretty easy prettier zone and they're watching what you're doing right now here's homeboy that's what they used to like really his name steve while this this is just a rough number of cox in this matter how many sir do you say a thousand lifetime and i would say that probably look item that's it went too far chubby cheeks and probably knows i take it dick i get champ especially get the hearings on as its handles big grips big gripping earrings organisms
bitch dominated by the way is nothing is nothing wrong with i'm out at all i was stuck in a thousand coronel but it's when you're sort of when you're when who espouse a certain viewpoint it's totally against all of our no one is really mean spirited and hateful towards that kind of thing that really gets on your nerves yeah yeah it's ridiculous there but people to do that they love to point the finger it's like no one loves criticise women for being promiscuous more than slots who sluts love to shit on other slots is that's all good mostly neck craig they do man it's like a big thing with girls they're the girls who are promiscuous love to shit on other girls her promiscuous they always a second
she's a horse a fuckin everybody meanwhile year virgin you know and men do the same thing guys who sleep around are constantly shooting on guises slippers willy brandt you much or yeah it's a common thing it's like people try to throw people off the case like so i guess exactly like that self hatred thing almost sometimes that that sort of yeah there's a lot of you know you see that about guys whose steel jokes would sometimes like accuse other people still on their journey thrown off the case and other committees will exist mother fucking serious like everybody knows you steal everything you do and a stage in minsk would constitute use people still has returned because he was the biggest and everybody believed what year for when you think about like the most obvious defence that's the one if i get accused of something i'll just august accuse other people of the same thing that i'm runnin up into i was wondering that too like for you you know
talked about earlier about like when i rate reached even king the second time as an adult as writer myself in trying to break it apart you do you do that what other comedians do you like the abolition of the first time it just like fuck that oh good and then the second time is short of time look at that you what they're doing not to not to copy it are still but you see how power how many forensic forensically almost putting together these jokes and how are they sort of what i really do as i like to go back and listened a really old stuff to try to understand the time period because i think that a lot of comedy is a weird thing like a lot of old movies they this he'll hold up today like if you go back and watch the hustler with such a zombie i write me a holds up completely today it is still a great movie but any comments from nineteen sixty two very tough to listen to yeah it change comedy changes so fast acting like some like horror or or something like the hustler like the thing
this is good now you know the kirk russell one as as it was when it was made but comedy there's a shirt shelf life it involves a lot faster i thinkin and something that was really edgy at one point becomes stew david i figure point that's that sort of my feeling about guys like lenny bruce who our opinion is probably the most important comedian ever and he was the guy who got arrested the moment he was the guy pushed the boundaries of understanding language in content and what's the intent of what you're trying to say and what are you what what what are we doing more suppressing this intent and he was a brilliant brilliant guy who went ultimately went mad did you really i never fallen and towards the end of a diet of heroin overdose he he went mad and he would go on said age and just read transcripts of his legal proceedings i mean it was really only boring stockman ask kind of zau known i know has kaufman was doing it ironically like he would stay
on stage and play mighty mouses theme song go here i come to save and he would just for people are because they expected him to do common eu just do weird share but lenny was going nuts and towards the end of his life he would go on stage and red directly out of the transcripts and explain why the judge was wrong but there was no human oil age is more like it was gone crazy yeah and used to inherit all time meets those long gone idea but i will listen to his comedy and try to put myself into this sort of almost innocent mindset of the people that were list living in the nineteen sixty listening to this kind of comedy yeah to wrap my head around what kind of an inch this guy would would have had but don't necessarily trotted deconstruct their kommeni comedy is different in a lot of ways than fiction and i think in fiction when you reading a great now
look you're reading moby dick or something like that are still holds true who holds the test of time yeah when you you you read that you can kind of get a feeling for the way the narrative is given the way the use of words shapes the environment the your imagining and comments three different in that it system i guess i certainly did when i was first starting out but they but i don't really do that anymore i went if i watch comedy now i watch it just to enjoy yeah i try to watch it as a fan yeah yeah and i i mean i do the same thing with with reading and theirs stuff they realise this is awesome this is outside of what i do i could possibly do anyways i imagine you listen to some comedians and it's the same it's like what they're doing is its fabulous
but so far field from the start and it allows you actually just to enjoy it totally as a fan because there's no worry about while this is gonna influence me in some way that that that would be problematical nor does it just so different but whose an example like that for you as a writer is just showed so different yeah well like yeah like like margaret outward for example the canadian writer shit like the handmaids tail was needed to a movie i still remember that something similar so that's wrong with me sir i go to a week in prison or read the inmates tale of the marshall plan no four red one a week for the rest of your life are doing i'd like rather take the prison term autoimmune preserve our standards can enrich you and grow you forget gaff come on not the kind of person
my group they arrive here take a fuckin a pineapple tree and grow in the same place where you grow grapes it's not a safe environment you fucker i don't know that the here and now you know i'm i worry about that too because i'm i am a little bit of a chameleon so if i start reading too many say like new our books suddenly that becomes western should i think i want my next book wants to be sir like out like a horror western sort of a thing so first by you i need to read a lot of those things just to situate myself i think in that time and just try to get the fuel for it but you do worry that you're gonna be like you know you want wanna be derivative i guess that a thing right and in that and that iraq is in in common its jokes dealing but it's all plagiarism it's the same thing and there's theirs there's some writers who probably get too close to their source material then they find out later that like this is so close that it's almost copying what this
the other person is why really admire i see why did it but fuck i'm not my self here i'm more like just this person very common in comedy in the beginning yeah what you're looking for your voice right your style like eventually i feel like a thumbprint and initially tom printers its there's nothing on it but slowly the world's start developing and you get something that's distinctively your own what are you a time you don't really know what you're doing and you want to be like this guy that you admire so start doing colony that similar to this for me on the beginning it was richard jenny yonder jain worse yet in the mass car member in the one one of his one movie applies stand up with some added ass movie stuff but i remember like being a big admirer of his than onstage like hearing myself going omega like a grouping he's right re so many guys who they start out like a man this is like i was essentially an open my girls like a year into my car many career is somewhere around there and i realized it but i see it
time there's a lot like there's a lot of if i tell clones out there and there was a few dean cook clung after awhile anders probably some louis seek a guy now yeah yeah the resistance to thing where someone admires style a comedy and they start to imitate i've seen my own act as someone else's mile yeah it's gonna feel weird weird and your parsing it out you're sure like that is and it's not it's not necessarily the actual joke that they ve taken but they ve can more you're you mean you're so the essence of the way that you presented will involve range so like your subject matter they'll just mr on your subject matter and so it's not like your material there taking but god damn it's close it's just like it you can see the road they got them their cup of blocks away sore sector in each hand you can we claim originality because the the
the problem with originality is there's no such thing because every year and that's penal publishers want that they're like what what is it like every he's been done already i do say unique viewpoints they can be unique yet ultimately original boy the whole language is an original what if you're gonna write about murder monsters air water the elements me all those things have been caught you ve been done we all understand that the any description that you have of any of these various aspects is gonna resonate with people because they directly how either literary experience in it of some fail mix science and end of an actual real life experience so there is no real truly original thought and no but i i don't know about you with with comedy or with so other things you ve done but one of the biggest leaps i made is recognising that my own life is some has value you know
when there are interesting moments in my life interesting scenes things that i have experienced and bring the men in the service of a character rights you know it's transported and you're telling it through three characters eyes and i've always like there you not to make anything up right just going back and remembering is deeply as possible and those things are original even if it's with in a story that it itself might have been told a thousand times but one thing you can go back and you can stick a claim on is like this comes from some element of my own life and i know it has to be original not mean either that's not original because other human beings of experience in that's your hope is that your action gonna be able to reach into their choice and really should have some sort of reckoning between use certain likes synchronicity that you meet maybe hopefully you know do i think the word isn't
original the real the real word is derivative and with the real problem the people have as when their intentionally derivative and that what that does is it stifles creativity yeah because someone like say say of far someone amount i want to give away the story they of your book the troop but if someone read your book and decided you know what i am to make my own story about this exact scenario and then they kept going back to you book and they started in adding elements to it with different dialogue but the same elements and you know and here's the fucking guys and i mean that's that's grows and will it sets us when we find out that your originality will we will we conceived to be or perceived to be originality is really just you ve copying and twisting around the original work of someone out at its very upsetting yeah oh yeah yeah you feel like that to get why would you get into it in the first place you know but i know
in publishing say when the divine she called came out in a publisher like we need the next divinity code and there would be there were a lot of sorting knockoffs of it with the same kind of ideas and and but they actually you know the writers whether they wanted to write them or not some money you know how an influence there you know sums can offer you are dead nice amount of money to to write what you know it's sort of a bit of a knock off you people people may be in enticed into sorted doing that in our whether that's why they got into writing in the first place you have to assume not you know but yeah i've found like theirs there's some element of that and there's there's some element of um you know our original people this sort of dont want originality sometimes sometimes are like this is a known commodity this is working really well we would want to do stuff like like this yeah and sometimes even scared of original things like lenny bruce i people
we who are that original they it's not an easy road to hull whereas if you do sort of do maybe a rip off of a dane cook act i think you might get initially get a better pop then what if you're really charting sort a really original depends depends on how well you're doing an idiot near ripping off some one leg you might get a little reaction is a few of those guys out there right now but i think the wheel we appreciate in someone is we appreciate artistic expression mean that we're all influenced by muse can movies in literature and things that we have experienced and life with theirs influences that are just undeniable but what is your intent when you sit down to create something is your intend to expire ask yourself in june in your own unique language your own unique experiences in your own creativity or are you
copying shit yeah you just copying shit that makes his anger yeah of course there's like a certain amount of like hate that nickel back gets yes that i'm not sure why they get that hate but i think that some of it has to do with the fact that it seems like they concocted it like they went what together these songs based on some algorithm yeah yeah i don't know if it's fair i dont get it i don't know why the hate exists but boy if you want to fuck and make an audience laugh just talk about nickel back is people go you do suck but their certain bans that probably suck equally yeah worse that take it get a free pass or second a totally different way nothing what bothers me mother and son yeah there i said it yeah even i mean i hated to throw these guys under the bus about our case fire little that our talk now there were eager nato riyadh and like there you know it's like if you're being like
super original that's almost in a way as a fake originality you know what i mean like i've i've noticed that as well as like you're not really is original as you think you are what you ve convinced other people that you're really original and that's like a double delusion whereas nickel back is what they are was when someone's affected when i get about love unlike i like a lot of their song i think some of her sons a very good especially their early sons but now feel like therein this groove of doing that certain kind of music and so they dress a certain kind of way might you weren't a costume you might as well be dressed up as a fuckin clown again because you you're dressed up like a guy you look a pioneer somethin they're out there with amazing jar in your hand replaying fuckin homemade fiddle ray you dylan do deanna when the middle feel what's up wheat lila piano what's going on here you're you're you're
this is an affectation and you wonder if they started that way if they got engineer that like someone some some producer came in said listen we need more wheat fields wheat unique i look out his ears in writing what the fuck is going on whether they started that way or whether that what's up with those boat that big hoedown boots going on you are you working in the field and the need to have some time off to sing or your multimillionaire rockstar voted confuse the fuckin goofy beard fuckin stop what's up with a fig trees behind you too that's even more offensive or down homework penetrated it's out of the hotel lobby in beverly hills photoshop with make upon fog yourself why thank you you know you become of you also become a prisoner to your success if you get us
amount of success doings a certain thing sanyo others yesterday but i had a friend who is a fat guy who is agent told him don't lose weight you lose weight you're losing role yacht legs like you're losing parts if you if you ve lose weight and like he is here trapped in this thing than he had created this overweight yeah exactly will there it does seem to be like i'm sure you ve talked about it before but like it's not as funny like joe pisca paul even getting ripped you don't mean you manage to do it but joe pisca couldn't go from the sort of weedy guy too like the big bulky guy of like dead heat and maintain being funny as as he was and the same thing with fat if you lose the weight suddenly people are just like all you not as funny and why is that i'm not really sure but there's the physical comedy of just being a big guy no word have which opus come over i've heard the comparisons
how do you oh really you dont welcome at i imagine why i'm fine i'll get us about i don't i did maybe that's why didn't work because i didn't give a fuck if plus you do came on the scene you are already again the ordinary you never understood is in some other body position you know you're always a big guy back and news radio when i first saw you i wasn't as big i didn't really office which we advocate than those just kickboxing but i have been a black boat and martial arts those seventeen time come from his physical background from the beginning there where i i can't i was really self she's about it when i first do comma would like i had my body low really wearily really bulky closed sort of hide my shape because i felt like people wouldn't i understand i had seen guys on stage who were muscular too and the bill aigrettes road ass not going over asthma smart too like you ve come on it is like a sort of a ripped up ever really shown yeah on people always say that that do did rather see you shape that's kind of funding to have gone stays a big beer got
slap in your got why you're not telling you push last rays kind of right yeah but doesn't mean that you can't be funny and be fit it's like we have i that we know what funny in what's not but you don't know until you see it that's one of the reasons why someone can't really teach you how to be funny because you can ever each mitch hedberg you never have ass in how to be much had but no it doesn't sidney rule no ease his own entity exact highly yeah so you can't fit joe ideas either gathers guys you just can't phenomena were more doesn't and then you realize somewhere along the line funny to you it's about trying to figure out a way to get inside people's heads and get them to relate yeah one saying this relate but it has to be funny deal and what's were a lot bad comedy is assigned even funny to them they're just you this this certain stage of communist two stages in the beginning the one who stays number one is you just do anything that works you just
you like the day there's like hammers and saws newness using tools joke is like a tool ones you get a certain amount of proficiency confidence in certain cinema stage time then you started things that you think or funding and then the shift the shifty goes doing things single work and then i got up and you look around again they laugh at me like i think and then too you get a guy goes on stage would like a half a grand he's like why is this going on because i see that my cool fucker you are and the awning starts laughing yad because they relate to the way this guy's thinking his he actually does he humour in what he saying it's an honest vision of humor yeah and those stages are very distinct and there's the huge difference and that's the thing about joke thieves and people who were derivative is they never get out of that first stage even this proposal is they can get that's why they
lotta guys who started out stealing jokes and then they stopped i could name names i will not but they stop stealing they started running original material and there are regional material is dogs and the reason why is he never really learned how to do comedy they never really understand the language of comedy because a big part of comedy has to do with honesty both hosty with the environment they live in and honesty with yourself and how you interface with other people around you and if you pretending you this comedic genius really just a plagiarists you fuck you're dealing with a lot of demons a lot of walls you ve built up in your psyche and those walls just trip you when you try to write original stuff imagine a similar literatures will very much very much and i think that second stage is is right the first stages you're sort of your ear most emulating the people that you love you know in the south stages you want to do something on your own and that second age i think with you is dealing with the idea that you confident enough that this joke means
to me whether it's gonna go over i can actually deal with that whereas in the first stage you couldn't possibly deal with a reaction that didn't need some sort of sense of accomplishment or get them to laugh or that i think sometimes with comedians that i've watched obviously i dont really really watch them through the early stages of career but there there the company billowy therein it's a shame with writers there like if i fail that's fine i want failed doing something really interesting really a ridge to me and it really is expression of what the hell i got into this in the first place for a good example that is a hundred thompson in the early days use to take f f scott fitzgerald and just re type it oh yeah he would re type the great gatsby over and over and over again and the idea was the thing you did with hemingway's while coca and the idea was that he was learning the rhythm of great right and that there was in in writing down the rate writing of other people you sort of development
hence the rhythm me i could see that in a way that's how i got in the comedy because i would like to see like an hbo special and then i will tell my holy shit did you see sam kennison last night he had his job tell them the job and it would laugh at me tell him in the job and i would say realize through the rhythm of doing sam's material you know in his voice now and i was very virtue of how they like club and your friends are laughing and you can get the rhythm of this this thing would very similar to what what did the slowly did you ever do thou did you ever try to like pictures of writing a great piece of someone else had written and just like got go over it i did a lot of it not quite like but similarly like you'd you'd rita there are some writers pry the same as some comedians who style seem so easy
imitate was an example well re carver the short story writer the american short story right would be an example of a style that you look at your like i could do this but you and once you once you really set your mind like all train right carver type story that's what makes genius there i think is that it seems easy it seems that some u can do but but the genius is not only in the genius of him but the genius of his deceptively simple style so i tried to write say carver story and it was a total nightmare and a failure you know we have things in the writing recall trunk stories basely stories you write you throw in a trunk you never see him again and my trunk is full of stories like that and i imagine your europe similarly as full of stuff and these are all things that like you need to go through i mean i i pray was rejected two hundred times at magazines
i finally placed a story like i did literally have filled a shopping bag or a pillow case with rejection slip when you have an idea for a story how many of those ideas actually wanda being wind up being stories that you will turn into a book or a short story well that's up it's a pretty small percentage in terms of the ones that you know i always think of it's like you know the way a pearl gets creator you ve got like an oyster and a little bit sang gets hit men if enough like natural never goes around it and i'm like ok that's enough it feels like the characters are strong enough i've got an idea of the plot and where i want to send these characters then you are harvested pearl and it becomes a short story becomes a novel but there are several that just are imperfect you can tell just in their conception their imperfect i don't have it you know it's different right i get i would write a store i'd send it out if it's not worth you don't really know into get enough rejection said it clearly ok that this will continue can t you guys get up on stage that's the different like have you ever how many
do you tell a joke that you really feel strong about or work on a peace mature before you have to say this this isn't meeting my expectation of what i thought or do you just keep telling it anyone just fuck it deserves the depends depends on how much are really enjoy their certain ones for can never work in a dual just for certain ones are right and i go i know this has got something but i can't figure out what it is and then their certain their certain bits that as i write them they come out in fully finnish form yeah all that's brilliant unhappy i got one of my favorite that's what i'm doing right now that is in the mom i wrote it plain and i wrote it is i got ten minute peace and i wrote in its full form on a plane and i did it on stage that monday and it just destroyed a really it was like it was done from them and it came out and came out and join us
it rests needed with me and i was so angry when i wrote it it was so it was that it was about a certain particular group of people that is so incredibly hypocritical and ridiculous that it was due in i someone lying about something and it was in this group of people and as i i had enough of this and i just went on i hide came out like as a chunk it was done then there's other bit like i know there's something there but i know what it is yak and sometimes they those bits will last for years and throw men like every third or fourth set one up catalan in the middle of throw it in there that much is obvious the figures are gonna die yeah sometimes it's like you feel the energy of the room and me back and slippers in its say i mean with me too think it's a matter of i've had some stories that constantly got rejected and then you i think you get a bit
name for yourself and then those will find acceptance because they're like ok well he's done this and this in this but the but i find to me like speed is something like i wrote the true prying about six weeks which is a facets of ever written anything but it was fine you know i'd come out of wherever the room where i write and my wife would be like you look energy you don't look like all bedraggled and haggard like you do when you stumble out after working on your other books like a vampires been stuck in your blood out for eight hours and that sort of what has told me that i hope i am able to write a lot more books in the horse because i just enjoy the writing of it it's more fun to me it's more it comes it like that enemy in the region i think that came to you so fast forest focus your passion about a second vote has been working out a long time and when those things come you know how to deal with them and i think now i know better ok idea comes to me in its i'm i'm ready to make make hey with it i think he's really read a lot more harm than good
because of what you said and because the booking really fun i love does that john raw and i love when a book like that comes out and so you saying that like this is something i like thrilled you and air judge you as you are really keep doing that yeah now i appreciate thank you now i'm were sort of in between contracts right now so i don't know i might be you know sellen oranges on the side of the freeway for all that i know when when when i next see you i do you come to massey hall ray i will have to come out i saw you what massey hall one year on a couple times yes only undergraduate go and check that out but anyways what we're sort of in that weird spain swear i don't really know what's gonna happen exactly so so hopefully i have good news
listen man you could solve published this is a new era it's true yeah there is a lot more that go in ireland some huge successful people doing it thou unbelievable success people had unknowns that have put out something just through word of mouth tat through amazon have you books incredible there are gaps in publishers who who you wonder like i read this book wool by a writer caught you howie and it's a sort of i'm fine really really i'm good in your any no you find out his history as he's been rejected by x number publishers new like how did tat happen what i mean but it does it does happen and in its great that there's that opportunity now that like ok well listen that that's fine i get it you guys have whatever agenda that you're pursuing this is what i want to write and i have a way to get it out to my hopefully readership and build it why now is this move this book the troop as it out now yeah when they come out because i've got a present for you you got an army that yeah it came out a couple months ago yes
there it is there's a new cover too that's the only change the cover while they change the color is just something that they do in publishing from time to time i'm i'm not sure why either but yeah they made a big a big change of its analysis and isolated guy ana hilltop or something one of the best one i like once i like that one too with that's the the uk cover looks that way does the air with the birds and the lightning flashes lie like america yeah dammit i like the american cover but yeah it's totally two totally different for sure have you started running anyone yeah that the follow up as we did do that one for sure it's called the deep so it takes i'm i love undersea stuff like i love like that the ocean so it takes place at the bottom of the marianne you no one now cameron went down and then so ate my
miles below the surface crazy fuck he is i know he's not he's out of his mind he is out of his mind billions of dollars canadian tudor yeah bottom of the ocean and yeah just well you know picks up what there's not down there either lilienthal first god ever do there too he is he is and i don't want you to know what you like claustrophobia is one thing that i'm not good been tight spaces and if you saw when you went down in it was basically like he had metal down the side of this idea she went down in a coffin probably tides basis i do have prioritized bases at the bottom of the four how many miles deepest while challenger deepest is below the marietta's trench that's eight miles and the pressure is something like seven jumbo jets per like pressing down on you per square foot so yeah it's it's not feel like that sea i don't know about you what are you scared of
thousand interesting are you yeah like chaos animals well in and out of his animals i find with a kid now i'm afraid it should happen into my my solve or something that or you think that's the merit look at this image the jamie just pull there it is a challenge for the rice so there's mitt mt everest that's the height of mount everest compared to the deep deepness a challenge in saying it is eight miles and miles that's the deepest part of the ocean that were aware of that what it is that where we have the obvious bought somewhere that they haven't other could very well be yeah exactly but that's the deepest known depth dsl deeply that is so ridiculous but i figured okay well like tight spaces i dont like that pressure i don't like the dark like down their darknesses i mean i don't think it's like the darkness between the stars it's that dark its prey darkness that i don't know if i were grappled with
oh yeah for a horrid book it sort of has a lot of potential of things that scared the shit out of me and that sort of where i got a start with is a monster but no no it's sad ghosts i saw it in short there there billing it is sort of like the abyss meets the shining so there kind of that that you know that the shining being like it's almost like a haunted did they ve set up research station and it's another crew going down to figure out what the hell happened to the crew warrior like yeah so suddenly be you and i'm done it's all done and done what i will make sure you get a priority when the art comes out i'll go get one ship when do you think it will be done well i'd really like they probably going to do a few soon therefore dare put that its efforts year after so base its january of next year but you're the actual be out but do they when you do something like that like do you bring it to the publisher and the publisher gives notes yes yes
basically you i gotta too but contracts are you written the troop gave it to my agent my agent set and into the publisher accepted they say what we want another book to which your idea said amongst some someday do it down in the ocean is a good sold so you write that one and then you just senator editor in and he in this case you gave me all sorts of notes and you know you work on that you go back and forth then eventually at some point we say we're fuckin sick of this are we done yes we're done that's interesting now and whose qualified to give you note like that like how do you how do you distinguish whether not someone's qualified to give you notes and do often disagree with their notes yes i guess you wouldn't i guess you wouldn't have that really i mean you might have trusted people that you would deal with and say well what do you think of this bit too knows i dont even do that no no not audience does it that's right there that there the most serious arbiter of things yeah there look i am dredge do myself to exert the beautiful thing about materials that you get to listen to it with my iphone or
my my note mind galaxy no three has never have it for like maybe four five months and they might have a hundred and fifty sat on it out i can listen to all those sets and then started the audience action and guess how its work so that's yeah that's a similar idea to it to an editor i mean an editor relationship with writers pre a pretty important obviously as the one thing you can't go snatcher book off the shelf months is there it's there you gotta live with what how it is so work as hard as you can in this stage to make it as i mean it's never gonna be perfected thursday me things about it that you look at five years later discover why did i do that but each book i think each book price just like each maybe one of your comedy it is an expression of that time in your life to and you gotta let it be that there is but you know out of the hundred and fifty sets be a hundred of them are from like a year ago that i've got stored take them
be reason i save them and then maybe fifty of marcel or over the last four or five months and then what i'll do is never listened to the old ones but always think that i'm going to like it i but the most recent ones are the really important ones like on this phone does a new phone it only has santa barbara as i didn't show in santa barbara that's it eventually it over the course of a few months it allows gallagher ones in item at the ice house of that set on i'll listen to that through day and i'll break out the no book and listen to the headphones on and then my next set out at the notes and then i ll try to get what i did differently little girl but the beautiful thing comedy as it has built in editors in the audience and are also you can you can there's no sense of being on a shelf you you know devolves as you as you you know you work the act over any work the act over in any sort of becomes
do that as much as we can you know that book prime through seven or eight at it but i do something gotta just say what that's it we're on a schedule you you can read it to you can sort of rips or the rawness and i'm sure you can pride do that in a comedy act as well you can ripped some of this stuff that is really most important and most the wrong if you take the wrong is out of the rough edges and you get sorted smoothed over and you listened too many editors then you can't play everybody i think that's another thing to i've learned lose yourself like you lose your vision of what are what is good and what bad because i know as a comic you certainly can yeah you lose you listen to a joke so many times you dislike it gets means like it's just a bunch of globally gook to you really yeah toll and that's i guess that's a danger that we both face in our separate you know but very close closely related kind of careers about listening to the right and ultimately like listening has spent with horror you have someone you know i've had plenty of emails random no you have to like what what can a person are you
an awful creature what sort of primordial swamp it did you crawl out of too you know become a wholly y yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah absolutely i again oh i m not near let me i'm not merely in the public eye says you i wouldn't have to face that level of scrutiny but certainly in my small way yeah of course i can make a tweet just a jew our people who write bomb large only about i'm sure yeah law searching and trying to find psychological rackets and arm of road somebody i thought it was funny prefer you don't think about it for more than like you know what i mean but at the same point also you dont recant and be like while jeez i better change things because i rode term i wish this woman she's our date is talking about how much she hates children and i wrote on twitter that i've u women don't like kids the same way do dogs like to eat their own shit
and get a reaction dreams a lot of room for interpretation but this cairo to hope along about that i only few women as in our being there and have children are doing very well telling me i found it i should have said hate instead of dont like yeah tribunals considerably more definitive it was this base at one particular and this is why the thing that women who don't like kids like that kid away there's something good about that rights as weird thing i've i fight very not just distasteful it's weird wailing its disturbing repels me i when people like especially whatever reason women hate well and two now that i have kids i see a man who doesn't like kids of hate kids early think about all the abuse that some children suffer a lot of times because of beatin like tat that hey kids
comes very disturbing to yeah yeah machine when you have kids of your own i'm i'm totally fine with like i have friends who just don't want to have kids that's it thing in all totally they're just like we were i'll be out of travel and urge that i mean yeah so do i love my son and i know you love your kids to but you know there's some points were of me and my wife look at each other where you know i mean i don't know if you had good sleepers but me as but like our kids a toddler now he still as asleep while but there are times like four o clock in the morning when he hadn't slept and i feel like i was just like there was some hellish fourth dimension that had known that i was staring straight into and i just think i think but then that's part of rights of passage of a view of you being apparent but but if their silence i want anything to do with that i'm like i don't don't blame you man yeah sure go ahead you pass on this one we actually went through periods where you didn't sleep but i dont i just
i think there anything coup about shaming people that don't want to have children no none is there's people that feel like that if you if they have children you know there's something special above and beyond the person's doesn't have children like you're never gonna get it yet is anyone grow up yonder is now your little inside of it like now you really couldn't possibly understand what what we're talking about here sets a helpless guy said this thing once this guy who was a crazy man whose fastening do but he had kids they were all grown one of them had been in jail the other one smoke crack and he was mocking this guy who's this musician friend of mine who was in his fifties he's like i feel bad form is never and children as a wife about from because he never figured out what life is all about my procreating unlike you
criminals want one or the other one smogs crag criminals criminals sons of working rangers vigour in the low my leave they having contributed anything to the forwarding of of of are our species they in his sure he was better he was better because he shot alive round dog shit out a kid fright mazes isn't it now does that holier than thou moral high ground and some people take when they have children i did that you can contribute an amazing amount society without ever having a child i think just asthma it's a different sort of contribution thing wrong with it and i i have a lot of friends and i really want to have kids in a great people and i love them dear and they loved my kids they love you you know i mean they loved diving that's your thing it's like people who just i'd i hate kid
i hope the idea of kids i dont like seeing them on airplanes i dont them let them in my airspace in any way shape or form was first law slightly below live under a wrong because i'm not not taking my kid out in the sunlight cause you're like them your boy are you a person do you like people yeah what do you think they came from the sea mainly disarmed into existence as you know eighteen year olds or somethin yeah i just for whatever reason i just think that there's some people out there that can't make that connection that like it's a baby in a baby becomes an adult i certainly get a lot more now that i've have kids like i like babies like see babies i think they're cute when i used to see babies before guess i got a fucking things you're starts green but i never hated now know exactly what to do eightam i find them very disturbing and actually had people i am wondering if i've ever run into someone who like basically has said point blank i could oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
there's a girl data they said just now i could stand around and they d they always want too much attention as a data for lie i share the shoes two's angry about love should i think answer alcohol i think it might have been a little better that she just now who knows who know does no yeah but i but i've i've i've never heard it but i've had people who are pretty those two intolerant on that level as well you know and an eye i don't get it either and i certainly before add kid you're more comfortable with them now in i'm more like sympathetic to what other people are struggling with their kiddo public unlike don't you find too that as your more comfortable just as a human being in life yes some success under your belt you not all mean even though
there's no ultimate comfort because look we're finite creatures on a finite plan an cyanide solar system and all we if you don't live in the moment you're a fool because there there really is no tomorrow are crumbling edifices you know it's only as good as it is today and it's not can be as good tomorrow as it was today so paulo cream in rocky to nailed it or three three for which one was that there is no tomorrow i think he's grand by three strategic oh yeah yeah i know it and focus for the russian canada russia and joseph driver yes that's rocky three doesn't want to train is like more to my is now tomorrow teaches them had a fight like a black eye yeah that's right i do remember that yeah yeah three but is right there so tomorrow does now and now goes on for a long time but it doesn't go on forever job the only reason why you think it's tomorrow's because the earth is spending even market is tomorrow if you release you really into that the winner definite does come but there's no tomorrow judges
this time i mean we have a way of measuring it but it's really ultimately quite fruitless yeah i agree but there something about it where it it becomes a completely overwhelming for some people to define their very existence you now the such of time the i mean i i wrote an article four esquire and it was about and you would have some knowledge of this basic because it's it's in emma may as is hormone replacement therapy or testosterone to your tea and dumb there's this there's this study its golden negligible sin essence so soon essences essence in essence great great great word were whom suggestions is is what we're talking about negligible scenario dns c n e s e e n c i think and it is negligible cynicism ensign essences is what you're talking about it's like our bodies just getting older and an thing sort of slowly slowly crumbling and now
the boss in essence is the study of creatures who don't age the way that that humans do like tortoises that's i know i was in essence s right look up negligible in essence you see a turtle gap that you look at the life delivered shit it is quite sure yeah how their babies up it's perfect for a tortoise a tortoise doesn't know any different i guess but they hastily i they would private committing suicide does so they would be cutting their life's string short that way but i think whales certain whales habit seagulls of all creatures muscles must freshwater pearl muscles lived to be tuna fifty years old and they don't and they dont show this that's the thing it's like a five year old muscle it acts the same as the two hundred year old how about a co hog clam dinner they get no five hundred and seventy years old is the oldest when they think that would be an enormous swords two and forty five years lobsters
hundred plus years assuming we don't really know until they get about a hydra you know too hydras now it's kind of snake biologically immortal violet quickly immortal immortal it's a genius small simple freshwater animals that possess radial symmetry a hydra there predatory animals belonging to the phylum whilst spell this see and i don't know why you put a sea and then an yeah i guess not work you run out of vowels fuck that's in c and d a r i s need area and the class i drove they can found in most unpolluted freshwater ponds lakes and streams in the temperate and true google regions and can be found gently sweeping vice gently we ve been collecting net through weedy areas they are multi cellular organisms which are usually few metres long and our best studied with a microscope but they are immortal
that's a may what an interesting yeah phenomenon i never the thought that ensures their wives shit yeah that's yeah exactly they just squiggles around in the weeds has the power to restore to be like for hell yeah it's like a reconstituted shitty child molesters become hydras in their ex life they just gives up its re work and dirty fish not a mortal of officially to you now that sort of the idea of tea party isn't that that the proponents say that you know you aren't you i can live forever of course that's not the body that we ve been gifted by you know cited by by nature but you know most when you talk to me eyes i talked to guys i use my father as you know my dad sixty five sixty six and he's like i dont want to live forever of course i just want to be able to be to carry groceries up to my house maybe i want to have that sort of quality of life for as long as i can and then when the whole house comes down let it come down immediately
what i mean well that's wishful thinking it is quite honestly yeah but you you certainly can manipulate your hormones to give you a decided advantage over non manipulated people becomes a real issue and mixed martial arts because of course we are a job who is on the podcast the fighter and the kid with her and brian cowen he's a fighter and i see and he said at best and he said what's wrong with t r t when it comes to competitive sport is that there is in advance of youth and there's advantage of wisdom and wisdom comes with age and with experience and with years and years of study in practice and that that advantage sort of in some way their serve appointed diminishing returns where cancels out use and experience whether its at thirty five or whether as thirty seven when is it tipp back towards youth again well when you start supplementing the hormones witnessed astro it doesn't and then you get guys like veto for viewers thirty's
ex thirty seven years old fucking everybody up because their got muscles please now yeah is taken to about like dan henderson i feel like that's one where he's like forced to go into like wars with guys who are fifteen even twenty years is younger than him and i feel like you know what i mean that would then be no people of the people that i grew up watching as boxers didn't you know you just had to keep throw self into that fray and if your body lapsing around you that's the choice that you ve made what he's not just ass for any more than he was here yeah yeah they abolished it it's no longer loudly and a longer lack and most s letter commissions even worldwide have ceased the usual brazil stopped it
becomes really fucking interesting especially in brazil because in brazil you can buy steroids in a lot of stores you can buy them over the counter like you can in mexico ok you don't have that prescriptions and enough they ve changed then brazil a newly habit in mexico in mexico people going by like fuckin viagra they go by purkis ads they go by our constitutional out west down there lie in a lot aware but they just have different regulations and it comes to pharmaceutical drugs and and and and starts but in the eu have see you cannot have testosterone placement no one can have an anymore so it's really interesting also because these people that have been taking it for x amount of years they ve depleted their system they ve sort of shot their own endogenous production i think there's a there's too many negative stewart there's too many negatives to it as far as for athletic competition and one of the big ones is a have doktor more gordon is a friend of mine who is a expert on traumatic brain injury
and also one of the big issues is you have to find out what is it that's causing this depletion of their natural source of testosterone is it just old age which is one possibility the possibilities traumatic brain injury cutting their testosterone proud lately more he's here the fuck out of me man his his take on traumatic brain injury is so studied and you know he's he's been involved in assisting football players and athletes of concussion yeah a lot of them who have had you know really dramatic changes because of head trauma and the way he scribes is like you never know what it's gonna be the does it it could be you go jet skiing one day and knew not just a bouncing on the water and something's wrong and you brain in your body shuts down star strolling libido drops you're not aware as you just feel like you feel depress the bottom dropped out and began the doctor i'm depressed they put on anti mean it's like and what
finding is that the majority gland is incredibly sensitive to trauma and so obviously that when you're dealing with a sport that a one of the big goals is to shut the brain down with impacts with with a straight yeah like giving them testosterone so that it negates the facts of brain trauma sort of like just masks the real issue is going on here was not as simple as their body getting older and they need testosterone deliver a nice quality of life it's a matter of medication that sort overrides this issue where in other getting their cutting their brain fuck yeah yeah so i think and also these to me too much possibilities eating yeah think there's that too i mean i interview dumb but keith keyser young and he said that the basic said the same thing it's just not
and i thought you know of course my editor wanted me to look at the sport side of a thing and and i did and i think there are some really interesting stuff too weak to be found on that side of an i come down on your side too i mean just like we ve been having combat sport events since greek and roman times yeah i mean you of course you don't wanna some people would say well listen we also fix empty shells in asia isles and were able to do great things with medicine so you know what i mean like why not take the advancement these benefits that we have and if tiara he is one of them but i do but i do think there there's the fairness to the sport but when i bought just before i left the hotel i saw commercial where it's like an under him now go in the morning you swipe it on a new head about your day so like just for not sports take how did it just generally from my what i've the research that i've done which was just and service of that article oh i wouldn't like i'm more less set of my dad why to use it i would be like listen if it works
and if you try it you know what i mean you know it make some benefit to your life you know i'd be like of course i'd i'd be all for it is really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to manipulate human i doubt is essentially a low level form of genetic engineering and what you're going to be able to do instead of introducing these synthetic hormones and your system which owing to below do is they're gonna have national botz that repair tissue they're gonna have you your bodies ability to recuperate with love you will understand what what hormones do and the various different miles a day they plan your body but a hormone doesn't necessarily make you bigger will make bigger is it it makes you you when you too testosterone it makes you recover quick and one of the ways guys can cheat is that they can work harder and they can put in more time because recovery is shorter because they take these these hormones and they can put in these tents in
insane boost sessions in the german they'll be fresh as a daisy in the mornings whereas the other person as disorder will themselves to get our yeah through hard work and determination in really put in those the timing and get better that additional what yeah i'm so that that's consider cheating angry yeah but one you it going to have can male men who were these national bilateral trade some form of genetic gmail man for three hundred years it just keeps reject that's another thing i did there's a guy obregon gray yes another guy you're right ok we basically just says that your whole body can be replaced slowly says look at it like a car but i feel like there's some part of me that thought just as a fiction writer like i don't know if i want to see it two thousand person worthington mellow go they smell like like old paper flash sure i learned how to spot where they live
jameson and their prime but they smell like barbara walter did he ever less sensory kind would just be too too weird yeah we're running antonia without wouldn't be something that you would really have to think about man there was if you get if we get to avert a point where people are immortal there's gonna be a thing were very like they they go what is there a next should i just let this die often there's gonna be people that do decided just keep going on but i feel like you'd lose all your family and friends and eight areas there are necessarily you're all two thousand year old you get annoyed with each other for eternity acts this man is a fascinating conversation i your way to thank you very much i know when you knew what comes out what is called again the d a deep the dear yes like that movie with naughty it is yet at that time have been used before but it's a different thing all well not entirely but there's difference and when can i get a copy
we'll make sure we will you time let's say six months at the most six my market down i thank you brother was a lot of fun now my pleasure thank you remain the book is called the troop and his name is not really nick cutter his name is craig davidson so if you like nick cutters work to tease logical to tease because my aided acute or i will do that worked in a different way as is unique in your name your age and came up with nikolay both came up although he thought like they need to have like a hard driving kindly nick charter bob slashing that's right upon end next marlboros no filters cut him off the liberals are thanks
thank you very much i available right now and amazon dot com but you actually sell out do you have an audio books and audio book version as well for her beautiful go get it you folks and thanks to our sponsors thanks to tango to rogan dotting dot com get yourself an awesome cell phone save twenty five bucks off that things are to one eight hundred flowers dot com to day only tuesday may sixth you can buy eighteen vibrant multi colored roses and get a free glass theirs twenty nine ninety nine introduced ten bucks more to do roses a glass vase and a delicious box of chocolates how can you go wrong you cannot go to win in hundred flowers dot com and entering j r e or call one eight hundred flowers and mention j r e thanks also to honour dotcom that's oh and and i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent of any and all
supplements tomorrow we will be back with tin kennedy mix martial arts superstar and fascinating individual and then we got a lot of talk ass common folks lotta good ship much love see soon thickets
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