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#498 - Aubrey Marcus

2014-05-12 | 🔗
Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer.  Some of his writings and experiences can be found on his website, WarriorPoet.us, as well as links to his latest venture, Onnit Labs.
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you you plan these out how far this yeah this work sometimes is a long time sometimes something just comes up and time was one of those times meat and acquaint sue i met through actually the above the world he had gone down here and done this watch you my experience which is the regional way that you describe san pedro before it guy catholicism from the missionaries who came in and freaked out that the native people were doing the ceremonies with this san pedro cactus which is what we call but it originally comes from this four thousand year old recipes from the shoving people which was like the peak of pre andean consciousness and so i heard about these ceremonies going on and i haven't had any experience with that medicine and as i fuck it i'm in gotta explore this see what this that i see what this unique tool is good for san pedro
superiority pay odious madeline parodies a different act freely yeah so parities a different cactus similarly related and mechanism of action but it's a little bit sterner it's a little bit harsher they describe the difference no one's gonna whack you on the head parities more of a hammer and san pedro moreover more of a feather exactly a wedding further but but but they can be pretty intense work too describe adam yet slightly different cactuses obviously the pay only came up through the north american tradition more frequently and then the san pedro watch humour was carried on through the south american tradition so this place that you going to in peru is this like a centre is an organised regular plays the people go to i didn't there were these there's these places online like yelp for iowa oscar retreats you may rate them with stars
it's so bizarre someone sent me a tweet saying you know something about because of your spreading the word you know look at all these different things in or out there i click on the link on my heart what does this and it's like fuckin fifty dick i ask a retreat thrive websites and they're all yelped and reviewed and five star force die it's fucking raising gotta began you you need these kind of review systems especially if their integrity because this is pretty our for medicine you're dealing with into processes that are very intense i was alone is a very powerful amelia why which can interact with a lot of things with your house but it's also dealing with a very deep spiritual issues traumas that you may have things like that so getting a really good charm and a real master is so key so and good even systems in knowing people even better is knowing people there have been there talking to people from experience and in finding in that way
as theirs their popping up just to make money because you're chairman and just because you have i was god doesn't mean you have integrity at all yet amber line is telling us beauchamp those fields or up than theirs kinds of crazy stories like that and kinshasa and just charge they give you the brew which is maybe they didn't even get themselves it is bought it in a market may be there but a bunch of today which is datura in there and you're getting more of like that that man one hallucination instead of the instead like a really powerful dm two experience so things that are going on there that are not great but if you get to a real i was scared and a real centre with really good edison obviously as i've grabbed and previous journeys that can be incredibly powerful so this is your newest do latest you're just back from it just returned how long a week a week ago how fucked up where you as as fucked up
most beautiful way possible i mean this to me this was this was the one this the wind was the one this was the single greatest thing for me that i've done and i've done you know i've told all these stories the eye alaska the bogus riding the back of a drag and seeing the flotilla of snakes popping the eighth dimension doing you know exploring advent calendar of past souls and above all of these crazy stories nothing as dramatically positively impact for as this expire it's down there and the combination not only the medicine but of the the integrity of the place and a course being began off the white wizard himself which was something i was surprised that in i expected him i didn't have any expectations really and i was really blown away by what do you mean what i gained off the by wasn't himself what you actually met gand off if there were again off limits that myth i hung out with afraid david he's my he's my homeboy so so
this is something that i am not sure if you're joking around like did you actually have hallucinations you're hanging out with ganda now not just describing that kind of benevolent friendly slightly humorous archetype a summit as access to great power but can just sit around and and smoke a pipe with you and tell stories or when he timed for work you know he can step up and do some pretty amazing things is all kind of probably get through and into the story but just really follows that archetype you know to a tee obviously no direct links to the gander so would exploit explain later you take this stuff and you take it what is like how long does it take for kicks injure and what is similar to yeah i'll tell the let me too i'll tell the whole story and in secession here in and we'll get to it and the first part of any of these medicine journeys is you set your intend to do it and then once
it happens the process already begins you can talk to a lot of the different teaches about as soon as you set your intent to do some of this work some stuff to come up and they'll be some your dark material that are starting to come up as if its own i'm getting ready to surface and then they'll be a serious amount of resistance like what stephen breastfeed says when you go from something you know thing lower to a higher place there's gonna be intense resistance and for me it was a fact i was going down a lower amazon and rainy season which means there's gonna be fucking mosquitoes everywhere and i hate mosquitos and i am a bit paranoid about things like malaria so it for me out i almost cancelled like the last minute but ultimately looking back you see that that was like that as my resistance yeah exactly and that's going to for every but anybody listening who sets their intend to do this you gonna find at the eleventh hour some serious resistance some fears some material that's gonna come
that's gonna die now under the shit but that's normal you can heated are not in a life as a series of choices but expect resistance to come for that so that's what came to me and i got down there and i've been going through some some personal stuff my first time single and alone in thirteen years i just put up with my partner she's great but went that way i had some other lot stress and we ve been pushing pretty hard so when i got there into into peru i was seriously ready for some i didn't know what i didn't really do that much research on the watch you honestly usually alike they re trip reports i go to place like air wid and i look and i i don't really know shit i just knew let's go down there and as like whatever something good is hopefully going happen but still in i arrive there see you get into going to leave i spent the nine lemme take the take the flight into a key does and it keeps us is one of the largest cities that has no roads to it the only way to get to a us by plane or by boat
so it's kind of an interesting place but like many live there five thousand wow five hundred thousand even there's no roads and it's like jungle down you a lot of what you'd call in thailand you can't took took seen others little bikes that have a big backseat motorized bikes and just kind of a sprawling really dirty stinky place so you crews through you christie that place and then we we have done howard who runs the centre down their spare quest centre and he's got the the law white hair and a big friendly smile so as soon as i saw him as i gotta merkin yeah he so use kentucky born the grants a route doktor kentucky route doktor which is like an old natural medicine doctor and a half native american as well so his journey distant does talk briefly about as i learned caught on the boat could we hopping about to go to the centre is his centres on two hundred acres in the jungle that he's been preserving
so his journey at nineteen he got called to start working with piety and wet and dry the kind of traditional native american as with his ancestry that kind of path to do pay eighty ceremonies for about twenty years both with himself and with leading other and then he got called they go down to south america that working with the san pedro cactus the watch what got kind of initiated into the shovin way which is us age av iron and understood the old recipes the old ways that they used to make the medicine and not only with what you mean but the villa which is the the second medicine that we did and the visa is the most potent de empty experience on the fucking planet like nothing else i've done many of the other ways can come close to that its the nation of an end empty five m the empty and before turning an u snuff it through knows
go through that story that was kind of a grand fuckin finale this whole thing and it is i guess you so much other than even i'll oscar anything else that i've done so a call to start working with those medicines along with thy alaska down in the jungle and had been doing that for thirty years so it had fifty years of experience working with these plant medicines and as you can imagine that's a long time to you know to be on the path and just be following trying to heal many people as possible and shown the shown the medicine so awesome in an someone that use with these comments they don't speak english so you can i get it from home and then you do the medicine and it's all kind of magic with him you know not only is leading the ceremony in that way you can just sit around a bullshit with him you don't talk to him about a crazy females that
that try to take him to the dark side him and all kinds of these stories that you would find from from a guy like if you're hanging now again up in the fuckin shire and eating supper and in snow it is crazy dragon pipe like it had that kind of feel to it when you get there so i get in i get into the jungle and it's really beautiful place like the ceremonial hut has has moscow vines that are growing along the hut and inserted whole hut which is pretty raising the sea and then everything is screen and its i kind of like a nice rustic would as i said it's on two hundred acres so we go this green in place but i'm still extra paranoid i set up my mosquito nets unlike completely dowson ugh spray like just wet with bugs drags i'm still super paranoid so we get in there and you know talking go through the initiation get a pretty good degree com rain it do the medicine the next day and that night i was just i couldn't sleep at all i was exhausted by stuck in sleep gazelle just so
concern about like a lot of stuff was coming up from a lot of emotions and stuff and and when worry about this these bugs in this everything which is made worse by of course another kind of test it came up somebody who is there said did you hear about it two cases of malaria that just showed up recently like why are you gonna fuckin they had all the things you volunteer that information but of course that's that who came up so that was an opportunity for me to really work on these fears compare noise which for me my greatest fear is that fear of suffering some fear of some illness that i wouldn't be able to be no death i'd seen in mother that is what the other side kind i felt like it as i can tell that would suck i don't want to die i obviously have a lot of stuff to do and i love life like an amazing love to do the fear of suffering i never really kick that fact that fear so i was there
finally like four in the morning the jungles just loud as loud shit anyway cicadas here and now birds in these crazy other all roads that are in the trees making honking noises and all kinds of stuff means we really loud at dinner you that like the hot therein does it have when window yeah that's all just screened in windows so its wide open to the jungle and we're just nestled in the jungle like when you go to the bathroom and eternal light i defy giant fucking things crawling on the windows and stuff and on the outside part hopefully inside because they have got through the screens but yet anything attract a little light will be in a kind of stuck to this indoor like a gas fired dog size right in the jungle and theirs everything was nice no hot water no showers in the room but you know everything else it was pretty nice now i've sea air eater
so anyway four in the morning i'm draped in its mosquito nets and finally in finally i get this idea in my head and the phrase ass the mud comes into my head sectors trust the mud and with that final thought i was able to finally get some sleep trust them trust them and i guess to me that was just a metaphor of the mud being the no itself you know in the mud being what's me you know what's inside me this flash this life this everything all being connected just distrusted trust them just that it's not gonna fuck me i trusted some mosquitoes not gonna come in or some millipedes knock i cry my bundle and should stick me and i'll never know shit again whatever other fears lad and you hear the stories to like don't p in the water cousin is this fish crop urethra spread its spine and explode your dick it does happen at does he have all these crazy scary stuff that you hear about this and that can you can really free
about doing that but again so far only four in the morning they trust them i advocate eminent i'm gonna go go through this next day wake up feeling a little better but i feel like like a like a sick person you know when you go to the doctor your super healthy eating and get your blood drawn to get that kind of anticipation before the prick nino of the needle pricked like ads for me as acts just fuckin need this so bad i wasn't even nervous before doing this new completely new psychedelic which is crazy usual any time even if i take like a small thus a mushrooms you get those butterflies and your stomach oh shit i'm about to jump yeah you have that i just felt like a sick person going to get some medicine so we get in there to the ceremonial hot and laid out is what's called the messiah and that's key part of the watch whom a ceremony is this kind of may said that they set up and on it is these six calls three female shamans three male shamans there their actual human skulls and
that up and then there's jaguar skulls and then there's artifacts banning all the way back to shoving which is four thousand years old there's a piece of the moon it's on this alter how does europe is the moon in doing the medicine you interact with a lot of a lot of people have done and collected riding things in one of the things happen you're done is you feel compelled to give something back to what you verse for what you receive so a lot of these most of these are just gifts that have been accumulated over fifty years of of work i don't know exactly where that peace came from but somebody had that given them whenever and then they say holy shit changed my life there's this fucking piece of the moon maybe it wasn't a piece the moon but he was given as a piece of the moon which is basically this yet who does but anyways
i mean the sculls were real the jaguar schools all this and they have that a big centerpiece an altar called the land zone and that's like an ancient kind of shoving central pillar which axes like the centre of this alter called the axis moody you know transforms kind of into ceremoniously intellect the center of the center of the universe is what that supposed to be so our sitting there in an he's here text going around in the medicine the san pedro to liquid medicine i didn't even know if it was liquid if i was going to chew it i had really had no fucking idea what was going on i knew that it at that braided on the on the same saratoga receptors that mushrooms and some of these other things five hc to eight atone receptors i kind of new a little bit of the mechanism of action but i didn't really know anything other than that and he starts going around the room and he's got you no kind of warm smiley skis crack and a few jokes and to me that
the best sign of any good sharm it is it is willing to like crack a few jokes and stay with you like the ones that are shady and the ones that are weird are the ones are like being sharm unlike watch me play shop everybody be silent like a yoga tv ass his son chanting exactly i was really guph exactly like the ones that are really comfortable in the medicine this is what they fuckin do where they can crack a joke its knock on effect in two thousand and eight you think less damn them do that any less in other and stock and stop the dragon it is that the dragon nagging to stop so he opens up these things and actually covered in the skins of san pedro cactus cecil vessels and he stopped looking around the room and he'll look at you and look at you for like five seconds and then what kind get it get a red on you and then pour a certain amount into a cup so i've seen in these poor little little bits in the cup and for me i wanted a project like gimme the fuckin mother
does but i i was just going to trust what he's going to do so eventually united everybody drinking milk looks like drink and maybe two ounces based somebody's porn and he gets to me and i just bust out a huge smile on guy let's let's do this as i really i do know that moment i was just really looking forward to and he got a big smile and he pours me up just a full mug quite full but at least six ounces liquid you know what it tasted likes nothing there so you get up to the altar he blows a little the maputo which is the nicotine aristocrat tobacco this large joint looking thing and that's kind of a cleansing plant it's just kind of ceremonial that used to cleanse a space and cleanse your your energy before you do it when i get the cup and it takes six oz it takes like five six cups
pretty bad in its thin its thinner than i alaska it's kind of ruddy and a red but it's pretty pretty potent has that kind of bitter or be tonic e conner thank god it wasn't sweating so terrible and everything else that's a terrible and then he has one of his assistants bring some lemonade to wash it down apparently the lemonade has good electrolytes you drink that throughout the day on this so aid and i'm thinking like usual ceremonies you just kind of sit around and stuff happens you see stuff like that well settling entering sit around now not with the plan was so he goes nobody meet me out at the front we're gonna take a little boat ride to some my friends in the jungle and bring him some skater nets monday local tribes and like the fuck region bunch of drugs you gotta make us get a boat and go tracy through the jungle guy
as a guess what the planet so we get our stuff and mete out an affront and everybody starts getting really kind of chatty in this first part and he tells us doing what you meant like living living i've time in a day is what he says like them since gonna change and that the first part is gonna be very exuberant and may even result in uncontrollable hilarity in in the first part and i and then little change from there and that name of this one was that the serpent beside of the water masada which is a very kind of fluid the idea is to be happy like the water be very fluid be very close to the close to the earth in and that's the idea for this so everybody's kind of chatty and we hop in the boat and we we crews around and you can start you that energy start to build very similar simony you know as that kind you feel something start to come on in
stretch out your spine khazars some energy coming up three and we i too feel that in the boat but then by the time we landed on this little inlet and your crew did the jungles and in these rivers and it's crazy because you have no idea how they know whether going are going through these like small little openings in the mangroves and trees and but whatever thirty five minutes later we end up in this really isolated landing it looks like nothing and these little bare chested children come out and run out to meet us and we hope off the boat and by that point we could tell something something very differ was starting to happen like really like coils of energy were like pulsing through our bodies and it fell so far in ridiculously good that it's like indescribably good like like full body kind of organic little typhoons of gee like just passing through where you want to kind of stretch you don't if you want to run you dont know if you can just
it's like almost hard to contain it and then the mental side of things everything starts to open up like the most beautiful with we just land in the most beautiful place in the whole universe you now you just start to look around it has this kind of look similar but the lighting is a little bit different and it's just kind of glowing to you like you just landed in fuckin pandora avatar world and the only way i can describe the feeling of that was some combination of like the asked embryo may like what mba may wished it could be it in its ultimate form and a bunch of mushrooms at the same time just smash together so you had this kind of energetic side from the mushrooms in this kind of visionary clarity and this just pure ecstasy of i feel so fucking great that i can't even stand it which was not ah what i expected from the medicine in i was expecting something much more visionary
a head down visions stuff like that we get out there we start interacting with the tribe the kids com and then the little kid start i end with people in our group and the kids because don out only brings the westerns out ahead of this tribe when their blasted my tumor you know the whole tribes where the coolest fuckin nation of people ever ever in this universe emerges fuckin like hugging everybody where like super excited emerges looking around in this forest and it's just beauty i everything is beautiful like they bring out these bananas for us and we look at him like ah fuck that looks good and then we take a banana and you have a bite and sake it's the most amazing banana have ever had like everything is so fresh almost as if you now tried or done anything ever before in your life and you ve just been and everything is new you know like a few hug
friend and we thought we had some good friends down there are one of the people in the tribe it just feels like this maize in connection you have other them it just tickles with excitement and if you the banana it's like the best tasting thing you ever had ever before answer they they come in they meet us in and the men were oftener off in the jungle doing some work he's just women from the time and they said plants and songs and linas around and some dances and we're stamp and around and they have a few like crafts that they had made and we're cruising around and you know you ve we picked up a few things to kind of support the tribe dropped off the dropped off mosquito nets i got this little thing i get you something i don't know why i got you this but this is a rally made that has pink dolphins on it so i don't know i don't know that isn't years pass from their free to do so
carved from like a bean pod that's local there in the jungle mama's big fat dolphins maybe why maybe that's why the ticked off her guardian this anyway so we're hanging therein and at that point i saw you know we actually had we had a crew there with us it was documenting this which we'll get to see at some point when he comes out but there asking you know about what how do you feel what about all the things you're worried about and it was that point like i had any solutions to the problems that i was concerned with is just at all it was meaningless because life was so fuck and beautiful and so good in that any i didn't have to figure out any of these problems and worries and concerns lonely fears everything it was just such an overwhelming feeling of everything was so amazingly good that they just didn't matter and it's like were alive and that's enough you know every breath was so amazingly positive and and such a gift to be in
you couldn't even worry about something else and that was kind of a nature that first little stop off in the jungle and really cool but then it started so we therefore couple hours and just laugh in i'm fine screw around in and thinking about things and smile in eating snacks like like the banana and then start to get dusk and so we go into another right in and slowly before that it happened kind of the the whole thirty of things and everything started the energy started to drop and weak i remembered what are you saying how the medicines gonna change and certainly that's when it started to change everything kind of got quieter and a little bit you now still very powerful but in it four kind of that ecstatic energy where you felt like you had to run around or had to stretch your had to do something to stop least this energy there was in your body that kind of started to die away and so we're at dusk on this boat ride
and the way that the shadows were it was like a very different to distinguish between the jungle and the reflection on the water so were cruising this canoe and it looks like we're cruising right the divide between a male heir and water everything is just really difficult to discern what we're doing really kind of cool visual effect obviously made stronger by the tumor and to have my first visions from this experience and start to have visions of just what i identified as the true nature of life and and kind of feminine life giving birthing energy and it was just crazy ecstatic vision of life within life within life like looking at a human not only the person but then a collection of cells filled with bacteria filled parasites filled with life teeming all the way down to the level of the floods that are moving around like you know and
and there is visions of the octopus tentacles flowing in changing colours and visions of ever even in the dirt the dirt its was alive with different terry insects and things in everywhere you look there's just life bursting through every seem and with them i saw three women with these long venomous fingernails big voluptuous tits and amber skin and amber hair dark dark eyes and i could make it the venom dripping from their nails in their smiling at me and waving me waving before three of them were waving me forward like this and it was the most you this the ball site i've ever seen is this life everywhere tentacles in and i realize it that that gee that polarity of that extreme life living material feminine energy was what completely irresistible to the other force which is that that law
a force that source the non creation consciousness you know that has no form and see order in all things you know and this polarity of masculine and feminine we're just ears is attracted to each other and that what's that's what made them the balance between the earth and afraid which i still are really understand but a cap kept saying over my head was that existence is the ecstasy of dichotomy and i think what that means is just that balance between this life giving feminine succulents seductive sexy ecstatic chaotic presence of the feminine and the other dichotomy of consciousness itself has none of those attributes none of those physical attributes but that's what existences it's that dichotomy of both of those with a valid together venom wasn't you know we think of venom is as evil but that's just part of this
this rural life death cycle you know things better fourth things die the venom is this a chaotic seductive element that is it's all a part of like it's not separates not like this part is good you know and this part is bad it just all my fourth naturally without any choice so venom in their and our banana he now are only the same thing just manifested in a different way so all of it was what was irresistible it wasn't just a good parts even these in these women with these venomed nails were lately irresistible to the place that i was in which was its very kind of consciousness spiritually centred place and that was completely irresistible to me could see out would be to consciousness itself you know because that's the dichotomy that creates this the polarity an interesting point life so we get finally everybody was silent on this boat ride we took it but slower said took his about forty five minutes go back and then
my friend daniel is there actually the guy recommended it right before we pull up man the best sex at our half and all those just fuckin cracker cassettes exactly what it is like having very similar visions of justice entering this weird sexy seductive world and so this sum this dolphin thing came from those people the countless people there come and make up they seldom or something it feels crazy like listening to your store and hold on this yeah thanks for bringing this very regrettable eureka illegal so the sandy ways we get back and then these like well meet me back in the molucca which is the ceremonial hot meet me back and look for the night ceremony and the moluccas all lit with these different candles the kindest played out in the hall we know the whole mesa fuel
actually bring up a picture that is almost impossible to describe what this actually looks like pretty pretty incredible summit night no see the candles and you'll see this makes a table and we're just kind of waiting there and waiting for don our to come in and everybody is gonna get cleaned up because we're sweaty from the day politics showers and which is a little weird could still pretty fuckin blasted at this point this yeah that's that's it that's a different night there's an i kind of front on first stood somewhat does it are kind of front but that's the tabled i was there was the second night but anyway so i'm waiting for him and there's these maputo cigarettes an altar and i wanted to smoke one you know in doing that but for some reason i felt we're just grabbing it off the altar without giving anything back to the altar though he'd been passing amount yes that's that's what it looks like car from mine but but
i'd look through my bag and i like what i got to give something to get this with pancho and i don't know why i'm sure would have been fine with an hour but that's just really what i felt at that moment i looked in my bag had little stick a cinnamon that i used to light and burn and smells nice though the google that seems fair so i put the sentiment up there and i take them upon them and then i think to myself out i got a light while there's a bunch of candles in front of me but for some reason i didn't even feel right taking a light those candles without asking first so i asked the candles candles i said do you mind if i borrowed some fire and just clear as another voice as if i was talking to somebody else are reared my right says cause you're gonna get me some smoke and i you're right so i oh and i there's a cavalier to my left and i in a lighted a little bit from there and then there is another candle all the way to my right and i asked ass i can i can i have some fire there's a yasser thy lighter
a bit more still wasn't fully quite lit and there's a candle in the middle and without thinking i just went to go from the candle in middle didn't ass just didn't was kind of unconscious and blissfully when i did that the smoke just blasted me in the eyes like straight up in my eyes and really stuck in a hurry the voice come back and say even it's fair make sure to ask permission and it was fuckin craziest thing and what it was was he was teaching me the principle reciprocity is what is one of the biggest fundamental core teachings of the serbian people and that even if you don't have anything to give at least give your gratitude it's one of the core reasons in ways that we ve got enough from these kind of old teachings in that way ever you do there's a given take you know when you take an animal
at the very least give your gratitude for the gift that animal when you take it could be a vegetable not just say a little no thanks to that and as the earth in general in providing a home providing us place materials the principal arrest prosody would be to do your part to protect that or at the very least just be grateful for for what you ve kind of got in that self that gratitude is is enough but it was funny how that kind of came up in this kind of very back and forth verbal teaching from this alter in this really silly thing minutes mapuche owen and fire you know that was kind of the the example that it used to kind of dr that point home and really enough stuck with me and as something that you know i always remember like the given take of things is something much or
more sacred than even just an idea that we have you know there's like that is a fundamental principle that should be abided by that something these to you you know you feel when you see someone who doesn't tipp you get this we are feeling when you with them you know that's or some who is in the same similar vein rude who's in the service profession is trying to be kind to them and they they recognize this imbalance because the person is trying very hard to be nice to them so they feel like they can be shity to them you see that as an observer you know is it outside or watching that's very uncomfortable so you seeing in balance you're feeling imbalance or someone some throwing the cigarette but yes on the ground so common incredibly common and that's the exact feeling that you get from that is that this is a person is not in tune and amazingly so it seems to be the majority of people in smoke cigarettes in their cars throw them out the window manner of it
majority i shouldn't say the majority i haven't done a survey but i should say a large number i see it all the time i see it i've counted eight premises so far that i've seen that throw cigarettes out the window which i find particularly ironic right stick environmentally conscious car was cigarette fly out when the right one then makes you wonder why they chose environmentally conscious car for audition exactly cool yeah that's that feeling of the balance the the the reciprocity just the the being aware of the given take of things that's a very important principle is very important for it's to me i'm very very sensitive to that the most important things to me then you're right in line with the very core teachings of of the shopping people and that was it in then they used to give free so the shoving was not a race it was a collect
and of individuals that came out of the jungle collection of germans and he listened teachers set up shop in shoving which is natural location but it wasn't racially organised and they had no hierarchical structure which freaks archaeologists out because they keep trying to but for one who is the king but there was no king it was like the fuckin round people cannot understand that and they would do ceremonies of the watch you mind the villa to any of the pilgrim the kind of came in idea was the pilgrim brings a gift whatever they are sometimes they have no gift and it's just their gratitude but many times it was actual gifts that would come and that's kind of how the society work based upon in a simply that principle of reciprocity eventually it it died out and was carried on by a couple other two traditions couple in places like the mochi in things but from that point and other things started creep in hierarchy power militarism etc
when the incas on which people credit is this great highly civilized people which they were to a great degree but they were still fully which arise in in a kind of data over they overwhelms the whole surrounding area with a military force different than the shoving but did just more typical to what was going on the times the shopping was a really kind of unique unique situation that they had and like i said their core principle there was that principle of reciprocity and guidance from these two really powerful medicines so the night ceremony the night ceremony yes so we get in there and first part of the night ceremony on his alter on his table he has these ancient whistling vessels somewhere between five hundred twenty five hundred years old and they like he's clay vessels marge jaguars mine was a too can sum one of them was life and death as friends together and this is amazing let s life and death his friends so
one is the skeleton the other is this voluptuous woman and they're holding each other like this and as life and death is and all of these vessels and you blow through the top and creates a really unique whistling sound and so he asked us all to the altar and he says why do we try to wake this up a little bit you know any always has that kind of rice smile cuz he knows he understates what's what's going to happen so we asked are blowing on these whistles and together you know it's discordant at first but then ultimately it locks into this frequency that feels like it's going through your entire like just penetrate straight through your head like you're not even listening to it it's just wiping you clean of any kind of frequency that you might have a really strong like resident sound now goes straight through your whole body which was kind of a to experience in itself
and what they used it for was that you know aligning you know kind of sound and frequency and getting you basically back to that clean slate so that anything i've going on in your head maybe you got a song stuck in your head maybe i'll beat stucconia it may be that some late in programme kind go going on it just kind of wife straight that straight through a cool experience nothing crazy more profound than that but just kind of someday be a part of this in a blowing these vessels that have been used for this purpose like ancient consciousness that their technology in a two thousand years old from the maltese people and some other people was that something them certain review without something that seems to resonate in out of these ancient germanic cultures is the need for music the need for song song to carry through ceremony songs it take you to whether its mush
ceremony or i'll wash god i was garroway in their eager rose those songs they sing when what is that what is there when you talk to them about that what's the the connection the grocer kind of their own special thing but almost every single shamayah tradition has rattles and the and die howard had rattles to his rattles were a little different in these ones but they talk about breaking up means for them they can see these energetic forces and for them talk about the rattles breaking up this kind of frequency field around you and kind of reach how abrading it to a certain degree so the rattles are used completely ubiquitous lee and then as other things like singing balls which you'd find in tibet and in the end rule they had the whistling vessels and other things make kind of other shrill sounds and then of course there is the drums which make a beat good for dancing a good for that the eager ass themselves are jesse songs that the plants teach you intervene
kind of dm t oriented is as i kind of found out i found myself singing one of these songs out of the fuckin blue when smart snorting the vulgar but we'll get the heading in sequence but yeah it's a china just breaks up the auditory field and also and a lot of cultures that calls in announces basically help for spirits to come and the allies to come like hey here we are you know come find us is another reason but i don't know i can't see that stuff i mean you know what kind of sounds good puts me in a good mood in fields feels good but takes one of those other sears do parents it and like specula on things that i have an experience and they don't actually like talking about things that you can experience and that's it strain of religion and charming is they don't tell you shit they show you everything if they show you they just they won't tell you you know it's like this is this is it
ruth and you have to go find it for yourself in as religions by and large alike here's the truth is written down his book you better far but whether makes sense and not or will burn you are killing they have something real all that unnecessary when i read the dragon right this is completely unnecessary exactly does everybody you get to that same conclusion teased differently but the different degrees but its reproducible its reproducible at every individual see you don't need to go talk and you don't have to believe in now nothing that you have to believe in other than just what you experience yourself that's that's the beauty of this kind of worry to saward here so then the next part of that ceremony the last part was to snore this liquid out of what's called a singular which is this giant steak and it's a liquid preparation that they pour in the tip my name was a combination of
florida water tobacco some more what you and a few other plants in this thing and so you get up there and its big steak and you kind of tippit in one austria have a bit you tippit in one nostril and you took it into the other nostril and then it fills you're it fills your body with with this kind of fiery had a lightning sensation you feel and it's almost like you're just hold none the stake burn and as its going down this liquid that you just tilted down your mouth but it didn't any kind of great fear the girl psycho dynamic affects other than just a kind of like really align you with the altar and so there there at the altar not
much happened but one of the interesting things was i was the first one to go and i was waiting for donna do tell me like when my experience with me because i'm up there at the altar of he's watching me one of the great things about how he worked is throughout the whole soon he never did that it when you your turn to go up he would never too like ok you're done he just come italy trusted you that you would move and you'd do take action at the right time and i really appreciated that and that to me you know instead the great degree of trust in him which is something that i haven't had immensely in in a lot people as this ultimate trust that he's got this thing kind of figured out and you get that from the trust that he puts in each their individual it's kind of this interesting thing so i'm sitting there and really the only take away from that for me was no indication with the altar that said
basically i said to the office and now i'm going to protect you and the altar and i could hear it again clear as day and said i'll protect you too and that was kind of the end of that dad encounter and i look back in dont howard smiled and i gave him back the stake and everybody went around the circle and that kind of closed off night one never the serpent messiah night one of three nobody tripped nobody freaked out i'm ill shrimp by nobody leg had a bad experience with this that is the danger of going down there and one of these retreats right that you might go it alone you might go with some crazy purse yeah handle arrived so he he goes through these extensive questionnaires that he that he reviews for anybody coming down and he says he's pretty good weeding out you know the loans that are gonna come he says just comes through in the writing and how they answer the questions get us to answer essays liking it yeah form
so they're writing in writing extensive amounts about their in ten about their life about their experiences barbara in so he said pretty good at filtering that out but of course some people who were pathological can fool and it's happened before where it gets in those situations but you don't wanna go down then fuck again like it's just is needed can i come out a winner malign lies with those who have to ask what happens when things go wrong that might well you know said that's like unlike in some ways and that sir i'm a theorist in things going horribly wrong in our so looking at this might sell sounds beautiful what could be unbeautiful about you go down there with a he had pressure and he said he's had that happen he's had that happen where someone came down intentionally tried to undermine the ceremonies i didn't go into what that was but he's you know
but then you know he's there and not only is it him he's got two other shamans there as well indigenous shamans the sky don robere who's a banco curandero which is the equivalent of like the coral belt in jiu jitsu or something like that is only a couple in the have been bestowed this great iowa scarecrow honour in a uncle current air down robert and his wife dunyasha another like really bad ass charm and see have liked the wizard council there so their able to really work with some stuff in while and make it pack wonder happens to those heap of they are crazy person they wanted doing those drugs imagine vanity get snap somebody back to earth like you get have someone who's completely sociopath given some of those in the they develop empathy possible usually right off sociopath what is it is it possible that can ever be cured i mean i don't understand the human mind enough
from scientific standpoint the medicine is an inherent don our really forthright about this at the medicine by itself is neither gonna do good nor bad without the intent of the euro because the intent of the user you can use this medicine for you know how brouhaha sorcery he knows what they are in sorcery to what extent that means you know who that is basically by saying that he saying you could use that to get your own power like the chairman who amber talks about where you know today that's the dark side so sorcery is kind of a weird workers are not like making weird shit another some stare some weird stories really using it for your own power and really weird stories though you have to take into account their told you by people i've been there last details but i assure you think that shit whether you're not a liar not say you're a liar
do you have to sort of include and the no sego effect of believing something terrible human is strong we want or been anthony ones and we there was a woman that they have whose a regular on the show short comes on top and they call stalker patty and we gave stalker patio listerine breast trip and told us that it was drugs and this girl we now know how much of it was an act i don't know how much of it is she's not like mentally completely there but it she was acting like shoes tripping fucking balls off like she just ate the strong pod browning world issues is clinging to the earth trying to stay on the army has all out are you decided takes baldos balls extra and pretended his balls were now and we are pretending balls run out balls reich hyena zipper and she's my god and ever i want this emotion
can you guys me there's a drama drug surely bleed just because of the the effect of telling someone at this i mean how many people that get hit with the holy spirit when you know see those people who starts begin tonnes are ceremony mulatto when wit would they do that i mean what they we do in that if someone hadn't sort of pressure them someone had put in there head that's possible mean enough are you coming if we really want to do that it seems like the only do there's a bunch of other people around them that are doing the same thing the power of suggestion takes over and then you really believe sought out a lot more like the board is talking through you and gibberish liker hypnotists you know there's that hypnotists kind of idea that or people who were there in the more people who were watching the easier it is to hypnotize because of the the whole dynamic and the other people and exert our suggestion
absolutely that plays a part i've seen that happened i've seen a lot of people get hypnotized because i had a friend who was hypnotist there's a guy named frank those who as a community in rhode island and he was a dirty hidden test his do show its judges and his son is actually apparently a hypnotist too i think it's frank santos junior i just gotta tweet form my dad was a super nice guy in employed me actually way back in the day at a comedy club put me up when i was just starting to headlines but i watch this guy dozens of times over several years i watched him and we would all watch like comics would come from like we frank's annals was doing shortcut next we will go across town dr over just watch because it was you couldn't believe it was real you would watch these people all the suddenly believe there have sex with madonna guys come in their pants that they will be having sex onstage and they come in their pants and we would
you would have a thing that he would say to women and they would have an orgasm so you could say it you know a touch you on the head and ominous say creamy cream donna or something you ve come up with a name whenever he wanted to say so it was ass if it's not that it should be making that up my son's perioeci never forgets other my point is have like i would say aggregate era and he would touch someone on the forehead and the one we just go and people would be dying laugh and sheep women be embarrassed and there's people that would be can since that their naked like oh my god like they have their clothes on their convince her naked his people that work vincent everyone the audience was naked mean they would looking around and laughing and they really were her it's like this was really working wasn't that they were acting through some we're gonna and he knew when people were under when they weren't people i think it through stage with germany would look unmarried not knob so yeah you're not around it and eyes and ears
i know you not let you know it's not going to work with you you just shuffle them off and the ones that would work on those the ones you did it on super interesting dynamic the mind is so and credit we powerful that that is one of the main reasons why its super difficult to take someone's word an account of an event sure some of you are talking about an event like something that happened here whether its watching car accident you're being participating in an accident what how much how much of what you actually see in it a traumatic circumstantial you really really collect like saves like an asteroid was to slam into the ocean near long beach and kill like a fuckin hundred thousand people and you were there and he saw something happened he sought hid the watery such people really going to recount that correctly into unless you watch the video your version of the events could very wildly could be you could be by hours you know of
don't talk to anybody for cell phones go down version of it if no ones taping and we never get a chance to see who knows what versions we're gonna get we're gonna hundred different versions devout timelines botswana things it people i think connect to allow of ideas of conspiracy you know people say oh you know all these people told this story how much of it could be aligned sets there's another option does not have if it is a lie is how much it will be a free people were just welling on crazy shit until it becomes real in their own head and then they have stories in their stories coincide with as a part of the brain they call the simulator and that's what makes you like think of some weird food combination like of cinnamon man is right
no one's ever had cinnamon man he's probably somewhere zena right now whether turkey save you a simulated together you and a very accurate idea of what cinnamon mandates tastes like and that's a very part of valuable part of evolution if you're using the simulator constantly enough it's almost going to be like oh yeah i had cinnamon man is like he's right about that and then for ten years down the road i shouldn't we actually never actually had cinnamon man as they have done now was people live implanted vague memories and in light on industry teeth since they ve done it in some sort of another way with mice figured out a way to implant some memories in mice some weird artificial memories like day they have their i believe and if butchering us i apologize i'm obviously not scientists but i believe that but they ve accomplished so far as they have obtained this route
entry ability to introduce artificial thoughts at least in concepts and at least in concept on up less complex mine as humans but that they can do it through tactics with a sent through counselling if someone particularly like tries to bend your mind and ben your version of the past over a long series of things and reinforces within friendship and alienates union don't follow the the script you know me now like watching homeland yeah sure sure would churches do as well you know if you don't agree with their dogma their doctrine they'll get like you you'll get a lot of rejection but if you do agree you'll get a lot of acceptance and that's one there this is why really it's really weird but what they decide to be upset about it i've watched these people that are freaking out about this gig i've just got drafted and tat he was in and if our at first openly diego
and i'm seeing on both sides and i'm seeing people say this is an amazing thing and then i'm also seeing people saying you know hey why did you just fucking keep it to himself like no one gives a shit we're not we're not homophobic we just don't hear it you know it's it's fast to see their website to what what's what is it about this that people connecting with religion because it's so much crazy shit about religion that no one really why nobody freaking out about tattoos cause it's pretty good the unclear units must get tattoos wise and everybody freaking out about piercing us was get pierced all that isn't it are you dwelling on the gay thing why is that anything the number one thing what about shellfish where's the outrage at the fish where's the protests weeping what is really going on you it's this this masculine story that's been taught i mean you gotta figure somewhere between this just fightin like in barely
it's ten percent and in other places its two percent but a certain percentage of men are gay yeah they're just gay yeah and this really good number those are just fight in it barely hang on and then is this story that's out that if you are that way then years you're a man you're not a format you now and so this this kind of here of not being a full man is imprinted in us and then a combination of that mixed with these people who are desperately fighting it because they really can are barely hanging on it creates he's crazy said i i hope did it balances out to the point where you can fine gig eyes without worry about being labour homophobic like there on the menu for being guph done this gives you say anything if you see the jug around about gave people you re all his homophobic comments like was that
what it was are you sure i think there's some gay people discreetly shit it's not negative against gays by the gay friend or a friend whose friends with the young guy anymore i know the guy but my friend really knows and i keep trying to fuck him and you know like stuck in a situation like man i can't be friends it is one more like i thought i was gonna be open minded and then you realize somewhere alone why oh this is a dude a dude and so he's like just like guy friend and hangs rule your girlfriend you i trust that mother fucker you dont trust is with a great guy hang around the hot lesbian he'd like he's gonna wanna fuck you of your guy it's ok zoe wrong with it but you know you be real careful of your dude near and while those situations is guy won't leave me alone so it's like ruining his head like a so
that guy down and serve with being with his friend being his friend that's crazy shit when he has a couple of drinks you know earth he starts he's chart like psychological warfare is trying to say things like look no one is born gay you choose to be gay because once you try you really certainly is easily workin on your implanting he's just working as pimp game camp wrong just flexing on my poor friend now and if you if you started to do a joke about that that would be widely considered homophobic you know why i considered like game men get a pass on all the do she knows that comes a lot of being a man you know me reared remember we all prostitution is it's not gender specific we also have things mean well work in our life workin out life from the
the information that was given to us by people did know what the fuck that we're done we working out life based what we figured out of the course of our lifetime and we d learn d programme a lot there was talk to us lot of nonsense that was working reinforced every fucking which way you look move ass they stood just haunches people pressure from your own parents matter pressure from your own parents is gonna be one of the worst things in others this they never recover from that shit i've i've friends it whatever fuckin weirdness their parents put on them they just voodoo they don't have any confidence in our having the ability to be themselves that's an interesting thing when you look at world religions it's the had a tea and learned region is the absolute hands down number one deciding factor about what religion you are if it was like you just finding the truth you know you look in everything and finding drew it be financed
burst everywhere but really what it is just your in an area and that's what fuck and talk to you and that's the story and so why you're in their religion it's not that that's the best one is that someone has been fuckin dirtier eddie bravo and i both had very similar childhood revelations and we're having a conversation one day about the moment we realise there is more than one religion that's how we both kind and realize it was bullshit i found out about jews my uncle married a jew a nice jewish woman and dumb convert went through the whole rigmarole i was i didn't understand what was going on i was six years old you know and so they explain to me they said well you know uncle sow on the south who it was gonna change religions ok what does that mean well he's gonna be i'm chewing so he's gonna have to go through this whole ceremony and learn a bunch of things you know how to learn
about the really i give to take lessons with rabbi and well with what is what is jewish and now it was of some people that have a different religion than ours masturbate more candied bacon but but some are its it was just the idea that there was another religion bubble what do they have the same god again shit got weird i start asking questions like that they have i'm gone i give a guy essentially the same but they don't they believe jesus i just don't believe she's them sire didn't believe in resurrection like well what does the right they are not the south american illustrated what are you talking about like i thought we figure this out like when i was six i guess five six whatever it was the which was first grade i guess it was six i went through what one of the biggest changes in my entire life as far as i understanding of the world around me and it was caused by one year of catholic school and being in it
school seeing the darkness that place and all the evil those fuckin people all the kids who are just like can trick didn't yelled out in that place i knew i knew was bullshit i was like this an uncle sow together the whole thing's nonsense and i was like realizing of when i was six those like jesus this bad word used jesus figure speech folks all i was thinking was like oh my god others world is run by crazy people guy given birth into land that's filled with people are pretty much on momentum and the more aunt em of like one of the craziest fucking stories of all time it's a goddamn zombie story and everyone is on this momentum of the zombie story too where the men aren't fucking in the women are wherein penguin outfits and everybody's basis in my view what are you guys doing what is this so and then what they
it was really bad about it there is not that they were just doing that but how aggressively their mission was to spread it by death by maybe by whatever fucking means possible you squash everything that's what kind of sweat through peru you know they were doing these watch whom ceremonies the mission he's come through and see if they like we can have that in other accessing higher truth finding reproducible in our knowledge about the universe through consciousness we can have that but they also couldn't completely squash it out so they kind of constructed the ceremony renamed the medicine from watch humor which came from the plants watch you man i think is as i say it and called the san pedro and of course saint peter is the poorest new holds the keys to heaven i guess that's who you hang out with right before you walk through the pearl gates whatever so it then in renaming that they allowed it to kind of still exist but they completely catholicism the whole thing change the nature of the altar it became
or religious centric and then reconstruction nature of the ceremony so it was like communing with saint peter and taking a glimpse of having so they change the whole framework of the the ceremony kind of water down the medicine a little bit and then used it in their own for their own religious purposes and that way kind of change the whole nature of of what this was which was these guys and if you look at the keystone of art for the starving people it's us tapestry called the stellar moody and is this do just fuckin head up hard forward told him to stocks are what chu maternity into a jaguar with snuff coming out his nose i need that as a tattoo don't you want to look at a stella yes t l l a right monday our i m o india i yet pulled up than usual t shirt
teacher it's bad for dialogue inside a zombie chip onshore so that was the old that was your way and i'll tell you a little bit on the third ceremony why the jaguar was the most sacred animals that eta in spirits with that so to go to the second one the second one is the earth ceremony and by this this is day five started to go through kind of a detox cause you're eating very very clean no sugar no dairy no wheat the medicine itself is very detoxify and i'd been drink in whatever eating crap in doing the normal canna entertaining i mean i still pretty good for obviously for it i'm a person but good enough bad enough that was going detox i really felt like shit in the jungle andy four and five we go into the the earth massage m m really hannah dreading it because i'm like not feeling good at eyes a wild ass fuckin will which color picnic
what would you get words actually it it's actually carved in stone and that's a relief of it if you want to look you can find the one that's actually in stone we share so there's someone it's actually carbon sound so that's four thousand years or so those what you must stocks that he has there you scroll down in his hand and see him holding onto the things and he's as for me into a jaguar there in all these different layers of communion with snakes coming off it although it going all the way up to the sky damned as does that is that as this is fascinating man yes so this is a completely different branch of the whole psychedelic food chain absolutely why completely under known because its everybody knows it is san pedro which is this kind of watered down could follow size richer and medicine is i was down there was some people who had done san pedro before they're like as rico as go for good but this is a fuckin much different ball game like the way
prepares at the way the whole ritual is totally different game i want to meet this dude whose from kentucky who lives yeah you gotta have a cat you owe me of his is is amazing is awesome i just love that these people are out there that is live in these very wiles lives is it so different anything that we have locked into our has is acceptable you know that's its high don't let go with the idea that it really is right then find your face it doesn't matter what you do you just do what you want to do like you should do what you want to do because war all just gonna die the way we live and we die and you can accept that it's hard as factor too and in between or just a bunch of choices and now that was now i'm getting back is that was one of the key teachings of this thing is just life just a series of choice so anyways i go i do this earth mazato medicine and
a much smaller cup he looks at me and i'm looking to those can shady at this point i don't that same big smile a man at some kind a smile port about half as much medicine and we're gonna take another boat right go see another try about deeper in the heart of the jungle site and immediately i'm just just fuck like nauseous to death not enough to actually make me puke but it is pretty brutal hop in a boat and we're cruising around about and where i'm sitting in the boat as i'm getting all this sprayers windy day i'm getting it spray my face and i'm thinking about like monsters inside me about the fucking parasites in the amazon nauseous is shit i wanted pew but i dont want to puke is enough puke i open my mouth and then the waters gonna get him my mouth and then i thought i was gonna parasites so i'm in this like locked into this hell just getting wet my eyes close my mouth lie close just nauseous like really nauseous for forty five minutes
and so we arrive in this place and i seem to be the only one feeling like as everybody else is fuckin cracking jokes and they feel great so we at this place in its its entry in the jungle like wow how beautiful mike therefore i see there's no tree and if he had known fruit it's real kind of a nasty fruit goodwin make it in and health preparation but it's all riding on the ground it smells like like a jack straw stuff with cheese that's not setting out from this fund for eternity these up aching and micro waving over and over again i know that's about it s a really good that's really good description of the highlight that were like funky ball sweaty yet elsewhere and cheese and there's pigs cruising around and it's just so weltering fucking hot bugs i'm just like this little however is like well look at the jungle and like factors young view in it and everybody on these walks were walking in the tribe long one
and they in this kind of juvenile i kind of like i was there before and so in my world i was closed space and i really is that a key realisation that i i was feeling pain at that point i was in pain ass nauseous those unhappy and so in my world i was closed off and i didn't want to give anybody hug i didn't give a fuck about the young i didn't care about the earth i was so focused on me because of my own pain and i realized at that point that's what most of us are like we're in some kind of pain sometimes its physical pain sometimes its emotional pain sometimes its other paint and when pain it's hard to give fuck about anybody but yourself your natural instinct is the kind of cover and me like i'm fuckin her info you fuck you fuck you so you look like all these youtube comment that's a key indicated to me that those people are in pain you know that's why they're close out that's why they're attacking deepened i'd somewhere you know there's some pain undoubtably undoubtably and that pain
horses more people to reject them yet because that sort of negative energy they give off forces more people too on them which sort reinforces their bad opinion of people it's in the cycle and in so i appreciated that kind of messages as walking through still like bacchus i hope they will be over when it has got there's a windows we give is clearing in the jungle and these books full tribal people show up but i'm just a kind of shifting nervously from decide everybody else's off exploring finding like jungle snail shells and collecting them adding to their collection and bring out this fruit and i'm like two paranoid to eat the fruit and so all these different opportunities choices come like they bring these jungle pairs right in his weird thing that i've never had half an hour half like an apple half like a pair in everybody's orgasm over this thing but i'm thinking i have what are they wash this with what's going on so i
like nibbled like a peace that i thought was safe and i didn't touch it in answer that was like one choice and it may not eating that i felt even worse i felt more isolate i felt more different than everybody is like i'm fuckin weirdo everybody's feeling grain and so i started get more and more isolated in different things come up and opportunity to walk in here and in our experience this are the forests of the fact that his pride bugs there so locked in wait and i just got worse and worse and worse and it was like the universe with providing me these opportunities to do something and i kept failing to pass the test to finally i see this tree that is pretty looked pretty good for climbing like i'm going climb history i'm thinking about it forever and unlike how may end up there i'm still i'm pretty blasted and i see spider in the neck of the tree which is going to be my original path in like a fucking this fucking fight up there i'm not going to be able to climate
then i realized at that point i was like all right this is a test i really want to climb this tree i can fucking figured out spiders not going to bite me and so i feel and easiest super easy i just like hop a few branches and i get up in the tree and then for the first time that in that whole session that will ceremony i felt i passed a little test like i did something that i was so so do i made a choice that would lead to more happiness so i started to feel a little bit better but then we go up to the tribe and they start dancing around and you know i really had the stronger to take my shoes often just kind of dance around that big hiking she's are muddy and stuff and but new access word about mosquitoes while little that i now i found out late in the scale of fuckin bite me through my shoes anyways so i might lighting you three she ruth webbing in my shoes let me up i should so i would have been better off take my shoes often dancing around in the mud anyways
but anyway survey or annabelle failed that test again i but i kind of get to get the game like i'd get it you presented with tests you can you pass them fail in life is kind of a series of choices but happy when relief in the jungle in my god we're getting out of here i judged basically took a beating from my own mind the whole time i was there and it was in doing that it was one of the most challenging times i've ever work with the medicine because when a bogart which feels like hell i mean literal hell are you really are doing just completely surrendering to that how you just lie in your back like ok how come on this one is such an active medicine your presented with these challenges and asked to do things in a man more active way which is great but if you start getting on the wrong side of it it can be really challenging cause you you have nothing to eat your mind from really running rampage other than just this kind of gentle guidance so tat
experience in the heart of the jungle we get to the canoe i'm starting to feel a little better at least past one test and i climbed the trees so they me that so we get there and again starts to be dusk and that's when the vision start and then that was probably where i got my most where my most powerful visions so i closed my eyes and i just bury my hands them i had my hands and immediately i see this demonic face there was made up of fires that were burning and steam face full of fires and then i noticed that its plastics that are burning and fires and i looked down oh shit then i see that later on the skin of which feels like a woman didn't have all that all the features but i could see the jungle was this woman's pubic
push here like this life coming out of her armpits dinner and over you know vagina was all this like jungle and in her hair was the desert and her skin was the planes in the different things through the mountains that i got this real feeling of ida i get it i'm looking at the earth mother then the fires were burning all over her skin and there was oil that was being drawn out like like some was taking big syringes malevolent doktor was pulling and oil out of her skin and then adding it more to the fire and the fires kept burning and i need this horrific image of this almost rape of this beautiful mother earth that was presented it too and so i could it was shaken looking at it i know dark to tear up a little bit i say fuck how can i help what can i do what can i do and then again just like with the altar like a really clear voice comes and answer me and she says
we don't have an environmental problem we have a consciousness from sake you work the consciousness and i'll take care of the rest and the way she said care the rest i'll never forget that it had such fuckin strength like please like do you s work on the consciousness but don't about the other shit i'm almond amr protect myself one way or the other kind of a really powerful moment and then when i saw there is what she showed me or what i saw was people in a would touch somebody and there is a bunch of people they have just begun a running around all haphazard kind doing these robotic motions in circles like a wind up toy that was just k wire that was off balance in our region touch touch one of these people and a light would turn on ahead instead of being moving around randomly damages and then looked around and then they would touch another one of these wind up humans and they would stop and look around
and then slowly it started to connect and what it was showing was the spread of consciousness now you turn one person whose just lie in their own fears and pain and worries and patterns and help them consciousness and then they'll do the same to somebody else and that's how despair this can be solved and then all around the world that just kind of i think these step started going off people's heads and connected and i got this image of the utopia that the world could be where we assent in humans what kind of a line through consciousness are working you know help prolong life for as long as possible it's gonna take little time but i think was in probably the next twenty years we're gonna see a completely different version of culture i really believe that i think that that wave of touching peep on spreading announced already happened i see it i feel
john morton it's moving in a way that it has never had an opportunity to move like this before the ideas that got past word two miles by fuckin hippies and poets and the beat players of the nineteen sixties that though but they were so terrified of what they squashed now the acid marijuana movement would they squashed they didn't have a way of communicating back then they didn't have this fuckin thing this is the crazy shit of all time this this internet in conjunction with this new found awareness of these psychedelic experiences and the lessons that can be learned from these psychedelic states with its the there's a wave of a change in consciousness that i've personally experienced i know its not planning generic thing it's remy others people that are holding back the people are so still still angrier still critical or still scared and you know i can't feel for them realizing what's going on here like you can
pessimistic you can be you didn't get it into your head if you really choose to that the world this is terrible place of awful people and more likely that this just a mom and i m going on that was created by people who didn't know what the fuck was going i were awake we woke up like we're on a spaceship tended towards an asteroid somebody i woke up going to whose flying this thing are you guys flying a fly a pay much food we have gas is in this fuckin totally can we turn this because this where's our eggs how does it why we move in this direction is our reason we're movies russian as anybody thought especially when you consider the mena there the republican right wing silent there was a variant thing recently bill nigh the science guy just a brilliant public speaker when it comes to the fore
ending science was on the show and on the show he got called science bully or some like that they were talking about science bullying because they were talking about him talking about global warming being affected by human beings that's pretty much a general consensus of scientists human activity in the carbon footprint of human beings has affected global warming the other guy was like well first of all figures attitudes like we don't know exactly what its doing and he what you're saying like these regulations could harm business like that guy for ashore doesn't do mushroom his if he'd ever don't rush mushrooms who really accept is you just
a crazy thing you said we need to make money so will keep poisoning earth to make money i mean i know you didn't say it that way but that's essentially the equals you know if you put him in a mathematical computation what you're saying is even if i do as poison the atmosphere we need it because we need the jobs and year your considerations of the idea regulating something that poisoning the very earth we little on the deck could be somehow controversial because that poison is profitable not need to find other things are profitable substitute it i guess we someone need to stop we need to find a substitution or you could be harming business that seem mine that can put together that screen showing you the age diversion of those people having that ridiculous argument that same technology that that technology is there is a reason to figure it out they want and needed a reason to figure out how to make this gigantic elsie
screen with an incredible resolution and just vibrant crystal clear colors they wanted to figure out how to do that they wanted to figure out how to get rid of the guard it's in the ocean that giant patch of whirling deteriorating garbage if it was like incredible amount of of need to do that if people decided focus all their scientific aspirations on fixing all the problems on earth in a profitable manner it would be the biggest industry of all time movie giant we would run out of polluted places because you you like shit we used a bother polluted place right because we figured out some new awesome shit there pollution into clean air that gives you enlightenment we found some new air little which reaches mines and then you make it by burning out nuclear fuel rods and some sort of a high gigantic process with dirty ocean water purifies the ocean what mean they would come up with something some
a consumer egghead would come up with some awesome shit they would figure it out the key is just the consciousness ass to comfort exactly human innovation is insane we send video through the sky ok we'll you're fuckin sending pictures to each other on a ring their basis you can count dick pigs but that is his magic that shit is fuckin magic sending magic to each other and the unmarried figure it ultimately that is one of the thing there's one thing that humans can do the dolphins couldn't do any other these creatures can do on earth let's say something up was gonna happen earth like we saw a big asteroid coming in twenty five years its humans who could figure some shit out too like that
fuckin movie armageddon boil that thing up split into i don't know d materialise it whatever the fuck it happened like we have seen that you ve gone back in time to five minutes before we have the opportunity potentially to use technology to protect the earth and humanity at large and that's what i all of this whole technological thing why it's good and why it's necessary otherwise we're just completely at the mercy of these other forces i think the problem is that as albert einstein said it's become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity both of those things are supposed to ride together like home as you know a motorcycle fuck inside car both of em right together and that she got split off by these oppressive forces in state date forces and religious forces that have caught him gone through in doubt any of these knowledge centres made illegal any these knowledge plants reinforced this crazy idea pudding business above something like the earth
is absolutely totally possible but there's other options to and one of them the weirdest ones to me is that this off has to be in place in order to move forward with this process is going on right now this process with people connecting with technology that he's all these forces they see to be moving image when you when you move warfare www movies versions of technology as the most important thing goes the biggest part the space race listen i'll put so much money into that that was not unnecessary damage military like many options they got that they didn't have before because the space rays just the innovation of materials and rocketry a understanding of what they can get away with flying things into orbit shit that's never going to stop man that's not going to stop it just it is what people do and sometimes people need it
pushed to do it and along the way they have to do battle with ease and the long the way they have to do battle with suppression like for the gay people to get married and two thousand fourteen to cheering throngs makes it all the more sweet here as it was rejected for so long and i'm not saying is anything about that rejection certainly not but i also i think that it all has to be there like that and that we're in process of becoming something different were learning about the flaws of staying what we are that this relying entirely on the flash rely entirely on these animal instincts tat we may or may not think are beneficial we have his canoe some would then we don't want to separate we dont want to separate from jealousy wouldn't want to separate from emotion we don't want to be a fucking computer program but that might be annabelle where we called technology might be a life form it might be a life form that we're giving birth
that we are just some weird worm that becomes a butter we don't know it yet and so on push push pushing and work for gay marriage and pollute the air were lightened plastic on fire and steel and copper pipes out of abandoned buildings me where the weirdest fuck thing it's ever existed ever all along the way were working on technology gee all along the way we did you could take the dumbest mother fucker out there and is holding onto a samsung galaxy s five that we will all along the way were giving birth to artificial intelligence i really like your idea of meeting that resistance nino and and i think that as a great great wisdom and in that and that the fact that things may be are exactly as there are supposed to be in sometimes i think they're there and that's it it's definitely a qualified and then the other thing about technology is the point i try to make as often as possible is
these medicines that's exactly what the fact they are is their technology alcohol as technology to light all every every one of these things is a technology alcohol its causes there's gonna be somebody figure some stuff out shot a whiskey eagles this programme for you really simply write to right there in front of them for people to people you have all these labels and means and ideas in the proper way in bullshit that goes to just look at it the thing is technology are gaza technology methamphetamines or two analogy what humans technology but what can that technology reproducible get well with me she can get you clean you fuckin house and see if she fucken goblins and freak out and become a stripper so that's reproducible on what's reproducible on what do you mean what's reproducible and i was right and you start to see patterns of how this technology can be utilised and just taking an objective look at that yet
a panacea it's not gonna do everything for everybody nothing it's nothing it's just a technologies like a phone you can call somebody a bitch on the phone or you can tell him that you love a man that you'll be there by the side forever like it's just fuckin technology yeah it's just a means to communicate with yeah that's so true in that these ideas or this idea of an infusion or what we call a drug being a technology and being a method of of enlightening or method of opening yourself up to a whole new a dimension of possibility like just a world that step into it and now your values who changed like you're you're a different person values your ideas human beings in general all those change and they change and this really drastic way that's kind of unavoidable you know you just even if you come on deck and you get madame skeeters thing in your feet is still you know you're you're
who you are is not here he would have been the same exact frustrating circumstances three years ago for owners of five as a mounted nor will i ever be again i think it was on you know when you came on my pike ass that i said that quote no no man ever steps into the same river twice for his at the same man and it's not the same river and that's the case with these psychedelic experiences even more so you know it's because who come there in general that metaphor works is we're always changing situations always changing but you go through one of these ceremonies and you just have this overwhelming feeling that the poorest that you were a prior to doing it is not the purse that you ve become the person that you will be aiming that's gonna continued to change but but things shift in a really dramatic way that can be incredibly powerful positive yeah i think that the word is out people telling people now it's starting to spread back and forth in these
i just stories in the internet i'm hearing people tell their friends you know hey we got together we did this and you know it changed my life an amendment i hear it on a regular basis and its reaching different areas i was hanging out with the chicago blackhawks the hockey team and these are key players or from canada and farm town i ve been bashing each other and boards and skating around and the eyes not the people you'd expire who never even heard the word i oscar but some i got in the conversation that i done a bunch of ayahuasca experiences you have these guys like i heard about it sounds awesome i really want to go do that you like but the how do you even know about their search reaching this kind of critical mass so it is really excited huge in the mme world yeah i know dude whose a showman whose a trainer i didn't say you want to madame i protest movement dimensions names are he's a legit chairman i mean he's a cool do like you have conversations with them and you look at this
his eyes like oh you seen some shit he votes on i was get ceremonies for emma may fires he'll take them for retreat in the mountains they have spotted it goes to and he took up the eye watkin just he thinks it's important for for being a fighter thinks that a fighter to really truly get in tune with whom he is a man that psychedelic experience i can i ask experience will get rid of all that extra baggage is carrying around that it doesn't need in and allow you to perform an unhindered soul meaning may not even want to continue and may any more as the other problem with it something like i alaska there's a very real possibility that you don't have one hurt anybody again and i think that's that's a fear that a lot of people haven't they don't want to give up these things but it's just your own minds truth it's not like i ll ask is telling you as i was good its use allowing you to think about something in a certain way so don't be afraid that shit i am used to
be i mean this is a good beer did your statement and in prefacing i have to admit i know it sounds because even to me but when i was first starting doing comedy i will to make sure that i wasn't on the path of enlightenment because if on the path to be enlightened i saw it fucking up my comedy right mitchell ridiculous thought it sounds like a cop out for not trying to be more enlightened but was a real legitimacy thought i was i was thinking about all the people that i think are really funny and what kind of thought what it is their calmly we're gonna call me do i do i like that they do and is all this like crazy ridiculous drunk in you know these tirades stories that works just the most regular sexual escapades those are the guys like that i thought with a most hilarious and i might but there's no get a drink
did you hear me you can't be doing yoga eaten vegetables liking to drink to be this funding is a totally different thing and i remember thinking that there is no way that you could be like on the path like even thinking about an enlightened meant and still be funny the i think the way too think about that mean for me is and i think part of spain open it up is being on path to enlighten men and restricting yourself from drinking or having to be in a certain way is kind of like that shopman that's playing charlotte the truly enlightened individual can decide and i think that toltecs at a word for it they call it you're controlled folly you can decide to get wasted in and do something like that but do it in a car this way i mean obviously doing something to hurt somebody that's probably gonna be a problem we think of course let you can choose to be whatever you wanna be you don't have to be a fuckin raw
vague in meditating every day yoga kind a kind of person unless that's what you want to be like you can still choose yeah when it's still a path with heart and i think that's what the true enlightened is and will be its not can be playing enlightenment is just gonna be being there and deciding yeah we're gone now fuckin jack daniels hold today in order to see what's on the other side of it and why there is a big issue with people who are trying to combat and what they seem to be a negative negative behaviour negative attitude hate maybe perhaps that their combating it with hate that's like it's the total incorrect approach like if you if you are faced with with something hey you market down hey don't actually be angry point out what's ridiculous about it and if you could point out what to dig it is about successfully it can even be ignored by the subject of your ridicule that's the beauty of it
you cannot ignore it if someone shuts down makes fond of you and it's really funny way and you really stupid our guy do if someone by the ways you like we always do the cow and by the way fuck i do that he noted you know that's that's me that's bad example but that that's when you when you're trying to stop hateful angry behaviour the tennessee as always to me with a more hateful more angry response it's almost like instinct but their strength and forgiving p and this strength in having a frustration and anger towards something and then just completely letting it go and there's a freedom in that will you realize i oh that was a choice the choices hang onto this how many guys you know that you had like maybe a disagreement with beef with all your work
are running into them my my god is better not get physical like this guy swaying museum but then when you got there like you may be said something explain your side a little better and he said something explain his sidling your hug you can you hog and you and i wow what a relief set as what a great feeling that is one just like it neutralize this acid you ve been via any side your body in especially when it's just a misconception and will you enlighten that person or you can you know you can clarify what what was really on honour what you had to do or y y you fucked up her that's a nice feeling when people just abandoned the idea being enemies but it makes you feel like what keep us from doing this all the time in one thing that i had a mean i've a few experiences that were pre changing to me but one of them that was that it didn't expect was
ecstasy didn't doing actually i didn't think you'd changing very much a thousand is gonna be a party drug we're gonna do ecstasy and hold hands like us hold my friends have dude here were robin fingers shows how ridiculous thing ever it so like it would be so homo erotic or so gay we did on a regular were for holding hands butterby a joke involved it out but when you're on ecstasy it felt totally normal and then i remember things after is over like i know he's not gay and i'm not gaelic will but i'll come in normal life i would never let that happen but in this state of of ecstasy when you're on dna it's totally hugging your friends is totally cool and completely non sexual and it made me think like me and we really and secure and like the strangest ways like and that we don't even recognised as being in secure jobs actual and secure physically and secure mentally insect and secure a story
people really like you this people out there that are living their lives wondering if people actually like them or if they just pretend like them to turn on them at any moment the deer going through life flinching now anonymous these experiences that was one of the things with with the watch humour to mean just hugging somebody who you don't even hardly fuckin now but it's just another human being in its like at the end of the ceremony night you know just like that was that was cool you feel like you feel this connection with that human being in its it so that we become dull and we close ourselves after all of these possible expressions that are available in these medicines are a great way to kind of open that up while they are technology and they have been used by people we know including yourself to positive benefit to a positive result and that's it certainly can ignore anymore you can't tell people they can't do it as you said right
you can't just do that doesn't make any sense the only reason why this shit is not in the united states of america first of all to hold him back our freedom it is its hold them frida really sacred freedom we have created last year although the only reason why human beings figured out anything because they had freedom to experiment that's the only reason why languages invented if you could weren't allowed to say how are we fuck and make a equals we do there is is this the reason why anybody was allowed do that cause yet freedom to to express yourself freedom to travel thanks for freedoms and whether the try that the trial thing is creating a language or whether its figuring out psychedelic medicines allow you to get a better grip on your ego and how much your insecurity in the futility of life itself becomes a focal point instead of life there
tell me of life becomes your focal point would support there's not a point but it's going on right now in your blowing it son and blow and it's like angelo done these cities sugary let it before it came out to knock out tommy earns your blood when it son you're going to your whole life luncheon wise relic very wide chin and being angry a people of color in that area yeah that's that's the key that's out there now though it is no secret that i mean i didn't invented fucking boy railway thousand years all you gotta gotta do hold an unfounded ones you must stop it is it is hard for it and that's actually so too close out the earth ceremony they all shoving in spiritual figures there jag they're turning into jaguars in their heads up i didn't really the stand added he began off doesn't unit on our doesn't really tell things he lets you trying to figure it out so
we go through in the night of the earth ceremony was his kind of big clearing night where he's working on trying to clear the energies out of different people much like an ilo scare would so gets my turn and any you know whispers he comes by mean he says says appear shoving rather hard to heart and as i was like an actress this kind of warmth in and intensity and what are you saying that he starts rattling is rattles and a feather and he starts doing on my chest and i'm just sitting there in about thirty seconds nothing's happening and then i noticed my chest starts to lift like more more until might chest is so far forward then i'm not consciously doing this at all my chest is so far forward that i can't help but till my head up to the sky and i realized at that point what the message of that was was that so often we lead with the cerebral part of our mind just
king constantly thinking thinking thinking but really the best way to do it is to lead me with your heart lead where that deeper knowledge that doesn't require the magnet calculated that we have because it is magnificent calculators great for computing innovating things like that but to chart the worse for yourself for your friend for humanity charting now with that deeper you know empathetic intelligence that you have your course centre which you call we call heart in or whatever call that that's way to really lead he was able to kind of get that through my head and help me understand what all these graphics he's tapestries were without ever having say a single word in that's you know some of them things about working with a real master like don howard is he could have told me that they all have their head up because their hearts forward their heads connect with source and their hearts leading the way what he doesn't have to say that you know you can just kind of
in a use the rattles used the feathers you look at it in you just feel it is you don't need a hold narrative the duration of the events it's pretty clear what's goin on yeah you know you just tap in that same truth it hit them four thousand years ago will hit you that's crazy in its ears fuckin awesome do you believe that you experience you co experience other people's trips do you believe that trips are contained that was one of the ideas that mckenna had about any these psychedelic that when you take it you're not just imbibing in this one psychedelic you're actually experiencing all the trips of all the people we're done it that there is a shared space that the trips live in and let's see it's what you're doing is literally or figuratively
connecting to some sort of another dimension i thought i feel like back as i feel like there's a spirit of the plant now i will say with non plant medicines which i've done a couple actually told some similar stories and last parker i did i feel that with non plant medicines i haven't had a good experience and i know a lot of people i read marking the empty dwell that comes from going extracted from plant yang yet synthetic in other do like five m now drain i haven't done any synthetic everything i've done is from the extracted from bark so i don't know i mean about but with the planned medicines i feel like you're connecting to you're you're jumping into a lake that has been there and has a residence and everybody else who swam in that lake and left there thinking of water yeah they're beautiful stink whatever you want to call it that you're connected with that whole experience and he hasn't adjusted major sorry to hear something to consider to when you bring up this whole idea of what is synthetic and what is natural on the reality is ever
thing on earth comes from earth so is it all natural in a certain sense is just been manipulated by human beings the real question becomes that not natural because it seems like we manipulate everything around us you know when bees make honey their manipulating things i mean we a billion every goddamn thing we get a hold of and it doesn't isn't really natural effort be made it seems like the bay just sort of fuck can i ask as a major maybe it's just that that lake in some of the less de lake got formed by albert hoffman and run over the thirties orator so it's like it's like eighty years all right so it doesn't have a lot of essence hu it doesn't have a lot of spirit i believe it probably does have a spirit and maybe in three thousand years that lsd spirit will be strong is fuckin the communal experience of all that will be there
when you're doing something that's grown and been alive and been is in existence its had way longer at a just kind of feel and collect the energy of everybody else it's been there well that's what they was more that's what in a sense that it would have these experiences in it because the idea being that when you are consuming psychedelic this is by the way it from butcher and some saucer but when you are consuming psychedelic the idea is that you are becoming one with it that during that time as the process as i say process sancho and smarter processed process which shows canadian process as your saying it i guess i'll be english where the claim that the somehow another when it connects to your bloodstream when it passes the blood rain barrier whether it's still aside or whether its any these other psychedelic compounds that you take in that during that trip what's actually happening is you
changing your frequency in euro your mom and you what at whatever you call your consciousness goes to another place what happened in the place where it's out what's happening is it the bull there are connected ideally you have to be in another dimension your minds another dimension eu bodies here that doesn't make any sense it does make sense because they're all it's a big crazy soup yeah but it's a scam it seems like you can only you access certain areas of it when you this certain frequency that you get by imbibing these plant cocktails and whether there is frederick as their base on the plants or whether it's the actual plant itself we you're doing as your tapping into that next door neighbor you just stone cable from that guy like using his electricity like woe maids almost like that here you go into the next door neighbor dimension agree and all bets are off kind of look at it like you
you're a cisco bob and you're going through an onion and so all of you and all the potentials are that whole shit about its alone i onion and infinite onion of infinite lairs ensuing these medicines is move your consciousness which is like a dot on that ship kebab move it up and down through those different layers and and that's really kind of what you're doing but you're still connected you still that one infinite she could have on a fuckin infinite piercing infinite onion tat his consciousness is just kind of sliding up and down oh my god israel that way the idea that you can somehow another in mid life alter and change that sounds ridiculous to people but is it less ridiculous that you can run into someone they just lost eighty pounds we would have that guy tell me that i didn't make a draft change in the path of his life whether its
figuratively or whether it is an actual drastic change like what you're seeing from that guy's and he's his reality in his future changed his reality was he's a fat fuck heeds doughnuts he's gonna die fat and then boom he starts hiking and then boom he starts drinking water every day and equip all the soda and boom he starts eaten fresh vegetables nan boom he said fuck and lived in wages and working hours does jujitsu he loses seventy five pounds becomes a bluebell he's eagerly though that's a different human that is a guy how is this in the same world and how many of those little changes that happen during the day pro and con are this constant river shifting thing in the idea that time is a linear thing any and yet to sixty five and you get a good
for one came back and you'll have social security and to go into a box life or the unconscious robot verses that life lived on the bleeding fucking edge of free will and that was what my last ceremony was about the bleeding edge of free the amazon leading edge of free where does it but i got banned showpiece they'll be there his name for a punk band ever the blue the edge of free will and then we could solve the debate who the number one fuckin drummer of all time is journey that shit is erupt on twitter people were apparently very upset at the choices in drummers people take there now one drama of all time seriously provokes asking the problem in a wind up do in one of those parts ass again that we did last night the the fight companion while the usa fights are going on got drunk and me brennan shaw brian cowen and aubrey watch the fights and just talk it was while it was fun par gas ever is because it was
it was the for it was a podcast plus boss and fights who was was a combination because it really did flow like a pod cast psych subjects came up we talk shit to each other gave out some disinformation it was totally like a regular podcast and and our job there they were awesome fights going on so to the folks at asked yes we're deafening it to do that again it i had a great time it was really a fresh thing and it may be now am i liked i might like doing them more than i do in the sea fucking and i want to say it but it might have been better because i a talk shit and in be completely free with my language that we talk about the fire gas last night was one fun fight watching events ever because we got just talk you know hang out have fallen laugh joke brennan sharp tolls
the various ways in which these shit himself you said yourself that is this what is your father and mother dude funny man he said some funny shit he cracks me up ice fucking guy to man it's a real pleasure when you meet someone in the more you know than the more they constantly surprise and delight you with what they chavez chavez awesome these aces in my book he's the one love you will give more time because israel confident now but guess what he's a goddamn professional mixed martial arts fight if he wasn't that arrogant comfort he would be i would really be suggesting try something different this is not for you you have to be a crazy person do that job and he knows it zack like crazy you know just like this certainly version
the crazy person in people don't want to see like see the cocky credit for that it's the authenticity of it amazing i may cocky can be an act and can be that i got a big old truck with big old tyres deserve a little tiny dick kind of mentality is there anyone out there i would think that of your bail truck and build tyres girls villa kemal and see that decks you wanna put call is the least attention to your dick as possible you would want like an old gulf of veto be gulf if you had a little duck would not want a peacock it out so strong that's my you think that the word would be out but i don't know i don't know if they ever looked as if a man like tired maybe next homework for everybody's time makes them as you do with big tyres on my comments on they set out take a look at what happened ha bleeding edge of free will to great name for it i like it i like everybody wants to take it going i got no trademark
final ceremony the amazon and i now have a vague idea that i'm a decent colville car but i have no idea that's gonna come in the night but anyway we get to feel fucking great you know we had at the good ended the ceremony that kind of lead with the hard enough sleep in well at night felt great the next day was riding everything is good so we go to their sumerian and i'm really feel like a million bucks is opposed to the last time prior to that and he looks at me in and before he pours anything he gives you like along lookin in i that same big ozma from the first day and he gave a huge mile back and he said porn any just feels that cop to rib to the in britain and like my i get least eight ounces of this fucking others much humor and it's funny cause it seemed like a gets harder every time you takings even watching i donno bear this bunco current air chairman i mean choke sit down and eat as they watch humor whether he chokes it down
it is your body is like god here we go again on this fuckin crazy rollercoaster into the cosmos anyways i took it down and right away like the knowledge is are there and i'm just starting to feel good not in that same kind of uncontrollable way as the first day budgeting is really positive goodman madame kind away and i brought up i've playing his native land i'm not very good at it so i was super self conscious the whole time about playing it cuz there's nowhere to do it privately and everybody would listen and i kind of i mean i'm ok but above all to a flute watch it to like play it and have it ready listening i don't know i'm self conscious about it you don't cuz i'm not good i guess at this medicine as like i'm starting this fuckin test game off his last summer fail by every test in the heart of the jungle on my can ceremonies like this time i made about myself on my alma a pass every fuckin tests so
we go there and take the medicine are good we get ready we're going along hike this times that of a boat run so we have some time and abroad flew out and i start plan of food and i could tell cuz our planet yeah i'm not great but people kind of dog it cuz i was playing it as authentically in as i possibly can and so that for me started off this first ceremony in the right way like i made a choice to go grab the flu and i played it and just fell do not be worried about that should anymore i tell me start a ban generally putting loop actually tat was right i have two instruments that i can kind of play its a flute did we do and they don't go together and i think what he's talking about did you see the right mix of drugs right may serve jobs in the flute degree do is exactly one body
to show the prerequisite for the whole audience will just to be blasted power veer type you know we want those real patriotic back and those are the only instruments they had dug out of the tune boy you know just highlight the absurdity of hard dimensions only though they are keep their mind yeah so scare the fluid so we start on this on this nature walk and in our kind get the game that there's gonna be tests presented in you pass me feel good you don't pass me feel like shit so can through i'm already not stressed about the bugs i got my inner instead of this shirt and all this crap all over me i'm just going into tank top by a bug spray and i'm not trying to be a fucking hero but i'm way i stressed about and were walking along we have his native guide along with us now seat is really long black millipedes indigenous is all spin hundred spindly legs all luckily in writing in this
pattern normally not frequent fuck out so i he and i pointed out to the guide and she picked it up then let's across her hand and i think to myself fuck this is a test i gotta let this thing crawl on me to like ass this test is ridiculous not need to do that you need me to go with you next time you go to the jungle highbrow hire you hear bachelor fuck it fuck that you don't know anything about crawl on you could you take the universe is a task for the eu in the box the only reason i thought i was safe because this guy did it but anyways and now go and deep with the wounded at that point i had do i had a little chrome inside i let across me where did you ask any questions about toxicity now the guide to the english version is the letter is worked out if i can work doubts sounds good there and i felt good after it has like ok conquered that will fear and then we had another chance to eat some cacao pods
and last time i passed out in the past on the car parts does word and i had wash my hands and bars are worried about shit did you ever go howie mandela tempting like i did like tat was kind of like there was me not trust in the mud is worried about the malaria is worried about the mosquitoes is worried about so that was it so on this third on this third session another kid our power comes like guy is another fuck and opportunity to just not be stressed and eat like all the rest the people see dig fingers in this kind of gooey plus when to eat fruit and then pull out the spot it's like kind of like an embryo it's really weird and popped into my mouth in his grave tasted delicious i could kind of field or burst energy from the cocoa and as i got i tweet so i'm off to a good start we're headed up to alter and i start to realise that law it is just a series of these choices you can either let fears that you ve had prevail you from doing this like how mandela constantly living in a world where he's a
aid of all kinds of shit and that's making him choose this thing over this thing or you can kind go the other way and choose not to be afraid of those things i when there is danger i'm not saying don't reckon i danger but two separate fear from danger which will allow you a broader spectrum of choices which will give you gifts of things like the ability to eat pod fresh out of the jungle when you're blasted on what tumor which is something i was afraid of doing last time but i wasn't rate of this time so what we afraid like taking a parasite or something yeah somethin like that some kind of germs at around my hand i'd of is that really common doesn't happen to a lot of people down there what are the main you hear stories but i dont know what in berlin and how many people go down there those stories
no the statistics and obviously there's some risk but there is also of tons of people who are going through a bunch of people in our group that did it we're fine bunch of people go down there all the time and do it in their fine starlike if a lotta people get sick from that had cut that out programme yet us from san say people worry about it nor about malaria like maybe yeah but do you know any fuckin people going down there the lahti goddamn people gone down an irregular justin wren he asked of sea fighter then went down there you dress animal much stuff he's in our brain he's the one who got that our fight for the forgotten charity for the people of the congo and he got easy sit down there he got some sort of horror in the congo jungle bug mean typhoid fever unlike that something not like down gay fevers let it whenever it yet might have in that whatever unwisely he was on death's door like really that's too much you gotta be careful in some places are worse than others peruse in that kind of that still happen
but it still pretty benign and especially in this area that's a scary thing when you run a bug that can kill people like a flu that you know issues somewhat feels like a flu that so much more powerful than any experience before you like oh shit i might not get this one that's what i was that's what i was terrified and that's was the resistance that almost prevented me from having what are your credit is the greatest week in my life it almost stop me from obviously it's a week out none of these fuck and in i made you know i'm assuredly the absolute right choice and worked out but again so that was kind of the message that you just have a bunch of these choices and accurately assessing danger verses your fears and everything that you pile on top is the key so well like the place we're gonna do the afternoon you know landings which is this kind of sky deck overlooking the jungle and i wanted to take my shoes ass i walked up this i just fucking didn't i took my she's often we're about mosquitos and that fell great just
on the grass and the motto my feet it was a short walk there wasn't any crazy it going on in there brush ruining anywhere about we get there and i go to lie down and and i'd taken again i'd taken the most what you might taken at any point ever some or blasted than i have been the whole trip because i got eight ounces instead a sick and i go lie down and pondering this idea of choice a lot and fears and in a feeling pretty good cause everything it's happened i was past these tests and i see a law aunt crawling towards me to my right answer and i look i'll fuck as an ant coming inside we broke my train of thought stood straight up and then i looked back that and i just realized holy shit i let that little fucking aunt have the power over me too me sit up lose my train consciousness and completely move on his behalf and it wasn't like deadly poison is that as is the ant
thought to myself how many other these little things that are truly ants in our existence fears worries paranoia is relationship did you feel and she about in a certain way or crunch i'd like thing that's uncomfortable to you in a situation that you're projecting in your simulator is worried about these little thing when in reality are no more than these ants which are harmless cause you to make to you use actions that aren't your best interests and weak because we give them power we give the power over us to make us move they do have power why think it's what we are discussing for that it relates to this is that you truly can appreciate your freedom unless were in some sort of a struggle to maintain it and it's very strange thing in that these these things that you're saying have this power over us we give them this power there also
causing massive amounts of self examination and assessments of why there's this conflict this place when you're conscious yes there's lessons to be learned in conflict and that you realise the futility of conflict and i think without those lessons and people turn and nerve the world and avoid all the camp conflict we we lose the actual lessons their available on these life experiences and these lessons of standing the repercussions of shitty behaviour these understanding what true violence is really all about understanding how can turned around understanding watching guys hug it out of their fists pfeiffer fuckin ten minutes each other for not saying you should do that but there is a reality of that them hugging it out there like ok water microcosm this works like why can't this work for all human race because if we go to war there's no hugging you now sometimes after you duke it out with each other you realize ridiculous it is an that's better than war
and people would think that savagery or that would dont understand and i go we'd have to stop all this horrible what's going on here we will definitely encourage everyone to be nice but a law the way the errors are we're going to learn and that's a it's an integral part of developing human consciousness is a very important the conflict is there so that we can learn from it is not there that it shapes your life and defines your future though and that's where people get fucked up it's where bullying is so horrible because gives them an equation in the can emotionally solve their left in this deficit that they feel its futile the can't pull out of it and then they go into a functioning depression and because somewhere along the line someone almost in a way you could say stalled or freedom stole their happiness they took it from they took it from them with an act and you know i think we can recognise
as human beings is why rapists get beaten up in prison in why why do they go after child molesters in prison with such vicious vicious attacks because this you took something sacred but ultimately you have the choice all of these people however difficult it may be to take that freedom back you know and whether you can do it maybe you can't do it in action maybe you're gonna be sorry to somebody doing something how do you but you can always decide and nothing is fucking easy not saying i could do it whatever you can always decide how you let that affect you whether that simply an impetus of pain or whether that do please changes you and is suffering any see that accounts from different people who ve handled p w camps you know their stuck in the fuckin peered have you can't be canada and for some people or in you know in auschwitz wits you know differ survivors talking about different things some of them you know it was pure suffering
they took every single fibre of their humanity from these people some people were able to the choice that they're doing is creating pain but i'm gonna keep my own my own sacred autonomy of what my feelings towards that are going to be at the very end that's the ultimate is that we always have is maybe we control the input that's coming in but we can control our attitude towards and that's the last thing that nobody can take from an most partly weaken control are output and output is someone else's input and that something that a lot of people ignore or are not aware of when their due something that ultimately wines are being very damaging to themselves they are not aware of the fact that your output is someone else's input and if you pay something out that's a negative its i'm going to come back a positive ever
it's just not it doesn't work that way if you put out a negative a negative that attacks and negative just it's more negative the only way it works and sometimes the only way that that's though that the other problems being a human being sometimes walking down an alley and there's a bunch of people that are gonna fuck with and there's nothing you can do about it either let them be you up you can fight you could run you did but you going have to do with a real life situation so it's these noble or white in this crazy world is not everything that happens to you manifested with your imagination your intent no but allow yes you know it's not everything now but what alive it is how much work can you get done in your lifetime to make sure that less people experience bad things in their lifetimes that is a real ripple and that ripple effect
right now from someone listening to their scare ron fuck indeed listening to your story listening to your depictions coincide then with their own instincts and feelings maybe a few experiences they ve had and then choose an ethic you now and that that idea and that choice of choosing an ethic change the future can change experiences that people have you if you look back history and you look back at the horrific things at the omens dead in the spartans dead and all these people did when they were going to war with some other people if you look back at just a mound of off stories that we could just go back and find it about all the different slayings that the monk empire took part in that the romans took part in that the meat over and over and over again throughout history of these horrific terrifying acts of humanity and and think about what it would be like we didn't know about those
think about what if they happen and we didn't learn think about what wit terrible they haven't it is definitely terrible but we know that that can happen ever is important and sure it's important that we need this whole thing is just this chaotic scramble for recognition of the state of of consciousness wherein scale extra what's going on this is my land that's my pussy this is my go what's dirt boom and then start all over again and then who bodies in your genes pass on to another new meet vehicle its carrying consciousness and it try the deal those stupid shit that you taught it and like all my got his mother fucker was right about almost everything and now i sobs and then you hope
that you taught your kids a little somethin so they can my dad was sour retired most of his life but he told me when i started getting all that he realized the maize and he recited the puzzle is ridiculous because there's no solution and in the moment the that this is the key the key staying in the moment they died and then you remember that from the job so you go through life is like quite sure in case you know a modern day cell phone and you just try to figure out your your interaction with all these people read but that's it we're apart this crazy ripple it just doesn't seem like it because we're in it it doesn't seem like it because we're a part of it cuz it's just life to us it's you know what happens today while i get up in the morning i turned on my computer and i'll find out what's happening in the world where is it stories whereas if that's what i do but what what is that what is what does anything that you do in life what are any of these patterns that you follow what are these things you do it's just consciousness expressing itself trying to figure out what the fuck is going on trying to make some sort of an account of all the same
you're going on around you always have the workers are so many of them and then so all of these things that seem to happen automatically until you find a point where you fought get to that ultimate stillness and you can do that and afloat tank you can do that a medicine journey you can do that and good meditation or even yoga but in order to pay really chart your course at any level you have to find that stillness but then next level beyond that was right where am i here in this story so done comes over to me any starts you know doing seeing asked me to kneel and he starts using the feather over my head and i it feel like a weird transformation happening in my body this kind of invincibility that i started to feel at that moment and it was this strange kind of feeling of our kind of crouched over the top of the young man i started to feel like a kind of like a rumble in my throat like a growl and i could feel like my toes start to grip in
and it was almost like i was transforming myself then into this big cat looking over the jungle and had absolutely no fear nothing the mosquitoes couldn't hurt me my other fears wouldn't bother me death was no threat you know like now thing at the very moment he know could actually harm me and i really as at that bleeding edge of invincibility at that bleeding edge of fearlessness neither bullet couldn't kill me i'm not trying to be crazy but the i felt then you know was completely without fear for the very first time in my life absolutely nothing scared me and at that point that i realise that was the only time i've ever had complete freewill his only at the very edge of your fearlessness is nothing push pulling you prodding you you know no attachments to anything you not afraid of losing anything is losing anything wouldn't hurt you completely fearless it there i was completely fearless at that point and that was
very first time i had complete free will and feeling is something i'll never forget you know and i realize it all of these points they talk about the determinism of life oh it's genetic so it's environments you know there's a is that you can get to where you have absolute choice maybe you can't stay there not saying that i am like that now i mean i can remember that fuckin place and i can remember being completely one hundred percent fearless and knowing that could choose anything i wanted in my life and be my authentic choice not pushed her prodded by any other factor and that was perhaps the greater gift i've ever got in my life and one of the reasons why this ship was may be the best thing ever done that's some deep shit son yet i'm taking all that's in deep shit i want it that that conversation is very puzzling to me and
i've heard people some people say that it's very simple very simple free wells were does doesn't exist for example can be proven proven by tat then how come you decided gonna die it went out and i know i know this is a retarded did the version of the actual events i know that their scientifically proved in some form or fashion you your decisions are decided for you before you ever decide them by an amount of work you know what someone decided it a part of their brain was lit born impulse and you know that that represents consciousness to one hundred percent extent that you know that that's not the origin of the very thought itself that it come in ripples and affects different states of the mai different times and indecision hoagie absolutely sure i do not believe that the the data is like that conclusive yet and from what experience i can fuckin tell
with a surety i would put anything on the line that that is fucking nonsense by the way no idea what i'm talking about know nothing about neuroscience so what they're saying my six seconds they say six second choice six second before choice something triggers in the brain but how is it possible of you get some choisy make immediately to lessen the exact india make it he said he wanted to know what it is everywhere now there's no freeware come on son from what i experience there is rocket freeware in robbing people are that running is one of the things that are most detrimental i think it's a semantics are our argument because i think idea of is there completely free will well then what is it what are you saying when you saying free will mean are you free of emotional baggage or you free of memory are you free of genetic memory fears all sorts of foam
is that may or may not have been passed down through your fuckin dna noon we know why you're crazy about them are you free of all that i am not necessarily but can you decide you know what fuck this man like this shit i need to get my fuckin life in order can you make a choice some dynamic it shows what is that it does not freewill i don't understand i understand your argument ass i can stand what you're saying about their something's going on the brain that determine decisions before the person believes they decided before they actually have consciously realized they decided it isn't that like how a decision works obviously and i keep qualify but i am almost retorted but if you have a sort of conversation about anything else other than the human mind i give it about a computer program be pretty traceable military the code you may see where the sequence takes place where's that the variation what's going on weakened in a watch this deviation or this path but with a
when my my god damages lot going on it being a person and may i decisions changing your mind what changed your mind the thing that these neurosciences are failing to recognise as there is there is a human mind and it with a high mean the thing these nero scientists are failing to recognise the meme well i think maybe some of them do but i firmly believe and i've been so i've experienced this that there is the mind and then there's another thing called consciousness consciousness it were through the mind and it's in your connected with it but it isn't just the mind and its consciousness aspect of you wear free resides so the neurologist just neuroscientist may be able to prove via the mind all of these different facts but the count business is ineffable i am i have a son allergic to tests have a similar take on it but slightly different in there i do believe that was the issue might be into labeling at something with these valuable human word sir i think that
be the issue and calling something consciousness at all i think if ever it is that you experience in the scientific state you not qualified to describe and you not qualified to cast a judgment on what revelations that your little puny mine makes when you're over there because you're in the expert you're in the face of something that so impossible to believe so possible for the imagination to conjure up that is defined eyes all your silly little words so we started things like you know we start using consciousness in a sense that we use it to sort of laid down scaffolding of ideas i can understand what you're talking about but i dont what that means then i saw anybody does that's why someone has been doing for fifty years isn't gonna try and tell you they just to show you you don't need to like this is consciousness but the sole hey man not sure you're right i think the whole thing might be together you know that we have these ideas of leave this is the human brain and guess what
the human brain is touching the whole thing the human brain directly touches the center of the fucking universe do you know why because there's no empty space even a vacuum the stuff out there this dark matter this there's fucking air on earth there's a direction between some think some adam some object some physical some gas some thing connects everything this idea space is a really relative concept if you really look at it known anonymous you're the bottom of the universe which is an ocean the elderly an infinite ocean the idea that there's always air no there's just is different stuff it still all connected the whole thing is a big soup the whole thing needed you don't get away from the big soup the ecstasy of
caught him in here i mean this chamber there are gaps in the cheese here and there but ultimately its thoughts in a spiral like you know i mean look you can look at a fuckin sponge and you could say that think connected world in size i halls and africans gonna kid is beginning and shut up stupid you get wet all things get where it's fucking connected does a memory aldrin there that's you and the universe it's you the universe are like a fuckin sponge i gonna get away with anything your brain your consciousness you're mine there are the same thing it's all the universe we just have compartmentalized our biology in these very special four ways in our attempt to understand what the fuck is going on as we wake up at the front wheel
spaceship as hurled into the sky was okay this is the brain agreed ok it's all the brain the brain is independent of the spinal cord and when this bottle quotas severed the brain can no longer communicate hurried agreed and we figure out how this little biological creature works boom on this it is just a reacting part of this soup of the universe slowly getting to try to understand itself during his very brief fine i in obscure existence it's a part of the infinity that's all pop it off why you're trying to figure it out as is happening that's us man indeed well when you tell a story the villa because that violence is not mine also visited the empty snuff so we leave the thirty days of the other so this is the same night so the same nights i leave the leave the temple i felt myself feeling like a big cat and feeling a fearlessness bleeding edge of free will that experience go down i'm failings
fuckin amazing display a mug wow this is awesome but i know we're gonna do the villa and the way down how described it is says you need to know we get a chance to go home and he just said it just like that and then he didn't need to say much more in that but you knew that it was so if you do you go home well and at this i just such immense faith in what he was doing denies as i got this again reproducing so walk into the hut i put into practice what i learn learned up there and usually on the way to the hut i was like someone scurrying from one foxhole do the other cause i was worried about mosquitoes as an ominous just walk in this fuckin hot at my pace when i want to i'm not gonna let the mosquitoes bother me and little choices like that were already ways tat i was putting into practice this knowledge that i got which is why i love what you mean someone so i take my time walk into the hut take a seat and he brings out the
the snuff the snuff tray and the snuff tube basically but this two is not just a normal snap to its four thousand year old when looks a human meditation bone like a bone from the nuts bone from your foot that's how down the centre that the shopping people themselves had you snuff the vulgar some thirty five hundred years ago the tray itself that held the day the villa was thirty five hundred years old used for exactly that purpose and he smiles to us and he says now thing is used its not new emmy just kind of smiles and we talk a little bit and still at the very edge of doing this most intense dm two experience he's got a little chuckle and laughing and that was one of the better things this so anyway this guy goes reform enemies cannon struggling with it a challenging time and he finally get some down and then
if you do it you must go to your room and how did they get it up you knows so you put these oh yeah i'm going so i up there look at it in its but its high load straight down the mail i don't know how they do this without a drill but it's like this hall i guess they had some courageous twisted until they went home like when they start a fire yeah zadig stick so it's the knuckle bone but it's longer and its hallowed straight down the down the center of it and so you put the knuckle in your nose one knuckle in your nose and then the other knuckle has been cut off certain way that lays flat in the tray and then it's a bunch of brown powder that's all in there and you basically just in one nostrils and then in the other naso as asshole as you can go well and so we gets up there and in any gives it to me i put it in my mind i got big knows helped make it stick the knuckles of my nose and i just take it rip in one nozzle take a huge ripping the other nostril and adapt
why i mean it burn like how but it's more than that it felt like ever watched your highlander when you cut someone's head off and he is absorbing the soul of a vanquish foe it was like the most incredible power like coursing through me as a laugh like this shaking like lightning struck me here i was zaire the crew you feel it's a painful feeling and at the same time it's burning at the same time intense dm two yeah well not yet so didn't kicking the deity part but just something electric happened like i just got hit with lightning like my body new i oh fuck like some in crazies gonna happen so done our just like me and he knew i got a bunch of it of you go to your room this kind of set out with a smile like i take out of the heart and i go to the room and everybody else is gonna go so i start lying down and the bad it's completely dark i got blindfold on and i mean on snuff still kind of burning a little bit
then a pretty familiar dm t experience starts to happen that kind of chrysanthemum of energy except it's way fucking thicker than i've ever seen it i'm using like seeing it in of me in this kind of thing but this was completely through me like it wasn't like i was looking at it like i was it i was this next this of energy and lights and spider web and there is really no separation between me and which is an experience that i've never out i've always kind unknown myself and then this other and i was able to kind of look at the their as myself this i was like oh fuck i am becoming this thing i am now really myself anymore except a case things will would happen to my body ok bye still there but it was in this weird like it was in another room or something i got so that happens in a kind of pass through that
section and then i find myself in this or that whole nexus of light pics anthem whenever that the thing is gone i find myself in this room with a bunch of different spirits and one is like this harry oh parliament's looking frog man with staff and then there's these other figures in hoods and then there's these figures all around me and i feel i can this neighborhood bar and everybody's kind of looking at me like that you don't know you don't belong here so i say i say if it in it is good if anybody wants to speak with me please do so and of all the speed look at me like that's not a mean weybridge signalling anger jeffrey sam sit never second and then i say grandma here and now and so i mean i was really close my grandma she's my tattoo here and my ass for us
grandma here and to my left cheek darting approaching in the most familiar mean away that i remember probably from one ounce of ten or twelve in that form remember the clothes shoes when in her face and now everything once and she said hey aubrey and in her voice held out my hand my left hand she grabbed hold my hand and i could feel it just like her on my mind and projection of my grandma but feel after hand here voice and i know what she said me in what doesn't matter what anybody enough said we love each other and i think grandma gotta go now should yet i know let go and she laughed
and i started the process of coming back in my body but how real that that moment was now i mean you could say it's all my mind and projection of grandma but feel after him hear the voice and i know what she said me in we're doesn't matter what anybody wants to try and explain that you know that was my grandma that was our will this is a very touchy subject for people whose people love com bullshit on these costumes but this is what's really important it doesn't matter whether or not it was a hallucination or whether it was actually your grandmother is the exact same experience it still is that experience us that is what's really crazy about a psychedelic is that it may be able to bring your grandmother to you might really be able
do that like that might be real if they might be hallucinating but it's the same experience that is your grandmother came to you that's that's a really weird thing for people to adjust to that the idea that there's more than one possibility going on here and the ideal you don't have to debunk this but you don't have to debunk something first of all you haven't personally experienced and to that it doesn't matter i could debunking is not important it's very important not to get caught up in some crazy woo woo like faith healer nonsense right it's very but if you really don't believe him take it yourself and until then shut your mouth i understand he trying to be all scientific in everything and i understand it no i take offense what do these pseudo scientific explanations what can be easily explained by modern science the workings of the human mind i don't think so i don't think we finish
think leave even did dipped our toes into what the fuck being a conscious entity in the universe really truly s i don't think we have and so for anybody and i didn't have any of this kind of kind of unfinished business or anything it was just an amazing opportunity to connect with her you know but for me the change the truth of it experience enough for someone who did have and nodded his head tends to everybody in this is reproduced born you going with his expectation i'm gonna do volker and talk to my dead relic if i wanted to say i love you too that may and it may not so dont go with expectations but for me that's this is my experience and this is what what happened to me in this as vodka sammy the idea that that decision people say is a reproducible yeah and no doubt m t is reproducible ridiculous but if you think that the exact same experiences reproducible what you ignorant of is that
catalogue of possible events stop and think that the catalogue of possible events is infinite and the universe of dm t dimension the dm two experience when you tat is that what it really truly represents is something you had no idea you could ever even think up if you're just thinking it up you had no idea was there and it becomes infinitely more complex the more you pay attention to and is never ending did you can change constantly and were in the same miss in my little feeble attempt using human language to describe this experience is so use it's so it's so silly but the point is along the way you realize that you could probably reproduce it but it doesn't matter it is not the same thing for a tenth of a second every the second is a new thing
an impossible new thing like ok now i understand mothers these colours and there's these chat or what the fuck is this this is a new thing this isn't even possible there is a treasure than that and it just keeps going never stops its caught you can't catch up you can never cattle catalogue at all we can therefore say why we ve got a very clear not all of the possible effects of being antimissile tripped rain and oh you went to page fifty four hours on page thirty four which just as it did does an end an infinite inhabiting your head you don't the database it did on her it's like you know and trying to figure out how satellite works it doesn't matter she's vegan so who is so outer world father this guy needs the only time you never worry about until then carry on totally in
and so the cool part you know with the smoking at the empty it's the candidates in and out this was stretched out over ino forty minutes and it was a long way kind of back from that he can may be called the a lot of other things happen and actually one of the things that i have going on in these psychedelic experiences i have kind of like a recorder almost like a shred of consciousness that i conscience another weird where do you but a shred of mental capacity that i keep open the record this in store this information one of the reasons why i can tell these stories a member whereas i was coming back from place i could feel thing it was like almost like knowing that these microphones or on a summer you just have an wariness that its on in amber consciously being like i gotta shut this off now and so for the first time in any these psychedelic experiences there's a good period that i dont even recall and i couldn't even talk about here but what i can recall is as i was coming back even closer
i could see a lot of these attachments onto my body is i was kind of from a bird's eye view differently things different relationships different other things that it attachments to this former attachments to this idea or attachments about and i this was able to just clear a mile away kind of move through with my breath in my hand and unjust cut all these little hooks were in my body just found myself coming back in and just marvelling at the magic of this machine we have in our hands that robustly mine exactly exactly you she got your hands in her tongue there you can move around remember moving around one time wiggle hose wiggle and that process our member i started singing like i can eat out like a little song none total nonsense gibberish but it just started come out singing that as i was getting back into my body and i remember
still singing and i maybe i was seeing a little loud and i saw this vision of this woman and it's kind of crystal leigh gown comes up and she smiles at me and then puts her finger to my lips like sure it's a great way when you tribune so did you talks are more now she has just stated terminus there's like ok i'll shrewishness always a check the union yang you know either i had a fuckin shit a group of friends that he man woman here's club and little rascals sterile both gonna be there he'll be in a human woman hairs club we can't get along they have shown us saw the hut got built betsy i'm excited about so yes i get back in my body and then i walked back into the hut i was one of the first to do snaps was one of the first back and i sat and he asked me to sit in his chair and then look at the the altar
i'm just looking at the altar and just kind of merging with one with the centre the altar and realising that the core of my centre that kind of that principle and non duality that you talked about touching report of the universe the core my being really started to emerge with the core of that the zone in the middle and i just felt leave oblique connected with the entire universe at that point realising that send me that same connection is within that and then that was pretty much the the rapid ceremony you know we are we all got kind of back in and candles burned out and had a feast ate some came in some alligator at the end of that night and testing came and became a crossroads is came in and around streamed alligator tasting programme now came and tastes delicious gonna like a tougher chicken but anyway we finished that often go have a feast and there we go in and really the last kind of words from done our disease you know
told me as i was leaving he says is renaissance time and that's what he believes its time new renaissance responsible consciousness renaissance and he's their johnny apple seed in this mother fucker he's been holding down for fifty years waiting for way forward to get critical mass out their dealings a mass now let's get another what are you experience what's the difference in your life since you feel like you ve been exposure these ideas so now at this point i have the road map back every time i get in a weird situation i'm not immune to fears and i'm not immune to worries and concerns but now i can see them and i can choose and i can almost say ok i recognize you i see you coming but i also remember a truth so much deeper that i felt and while you may pasture me for a moment find my way back to that eventually cuz i felt it i saw i chose to be that way and for me because it how active this whole ceremony was
knowing my way back to that feeling of fearlessness knowing my way back to that connection with the center of the universe and the lessons about reciprocity in all of these things i just have the fuckin road map on my way out of any kind of maize or worrier concern situation i know that still gonna come on there's still going kick back occasionally resistance is still gonna get a foothold every now and then and we for an hour winfried a day for a week i don't know but i'll kick its ass ever thirdly because i found the way and i've seen what is capable for me in what i want to be as you get older do you find less and less battles with that shit man knowingly or smooth sailing absolutely here he i do i owe me i like everyone experience similar moments of
malcontents or similar moments of a lack of ambition i find a way to fight him back and i think that one of the big things that i keep harping on and that we harbour on allotted on it is take carrier meet wagon fuck it has a big effect on how your brain works has a big effect the other day i did a caravel work out i did chin ups with await vast on an anchor weights and then ten rounds of the heavy back while the fights are gone on so i did renegade row with kettlebells i did alternating cleans did clean presses and then i did these needed chin ups and then i just had a ruthless savage bag work brother she was done you can bother me that's not pie
well i think you would say out fund curious you could build you a douche bag ass other totally mean demand a big mountain you got an issue i don't know what it is but not really interested i got to go see you like you have a bank of bulshit in your body and if you could blow that out in a jam man that's a lesson if you want to talk about some think that i need to learn over and over and over and over again although i know it although i've espoused it i said we have seen an action because sometimes your ego and you i get a little tricky and they take a few days take two three days off like i'm fine i don't need to work out only i'm busy right now i'm a on everything very calmly you like you're on the verge we're on the verge of stepping into that new or that next sort of creation that little bit more hostile vibration you pull back you can easily put them back you don't do that you never do that if you never take care you meet wagon boy
no man you don't know there's a day i was high as fuck after that workers have their work i was i was high play i was i was floating legos filled within door fins and beautiful i went outside of sat down the back our watchword chickens run around like the world so with love i might as well be smoking weed i'm serious i was highs fuck just stretching you know i mean gotta be similar to like psychedelic effective have we really completely stressed relieved then stretching out just taking in nature was gorgeous was beautiful is like a drug man and people who don't action size that option just to it it is not about its have you worry that it's about the way you look and above vanity and they they don't wanna be misconstrued is being vain or they dont want to compete they don't want
acknowledged the fact of being physically attractive or sexually attractive as beneficial because then it will hold wait over them and no judge themselves are not chasing after that so they sort of take pride in being a fat fuck or the joke around about it now in being lazy this three burma very human beings and the planet but the reality of it is if you took better care you meet wagging have fun a ride shocks would be better used run smoother i get better miles the gallant doesn't fucking break down the highways much it's a completely different experience for sure itself at the bare minimum do enough to keep your body out a pain do some yoga is not hard i mean is hard but it's not hard to find a place to do it so hard to find a way on mine spoken just do that trial please get out of pain and get out of fear and then you have a chance to connect to that
that other whatever that other is but the first steps you gotta take care the base route you gotta get your by right anthony bourdain sardine jujitsu fifty seven you his wife and kid got a majestic this kid's five and his kids like really getting digital so easily holy shit i just can only five now but close someone that range is kids really getting a gesture and his wife is quite about ass like she's really obsessed with it she trains and daily and so now is for can training pictures i am trainings he's gonna stripe on his wipeout is doing bars and shit is cardio improve and octavio of border i don't know what the source of it is like where where you can find online but few ghoul it she wrote an art about anti bourdain getting into shape and doing jiu it's a fascinating article four is what she's a really fuckin good writer business smart very interesting but i didn't know how good her writing as its very interesting
i got i really like it's a great style it's an enviable style of writing like well she's got some skills in our she's documenting him like a tests study it's obvious who he is it out his obvious but she knows talking fifty seven year old man was frequent smoker until he was thirty yea and is done should names of all the different drugs and in what way how little exercise again in all these different thing it's really fun if you get a chance check it out but good on it ordained man give here i love someone won't take a chance at fifty seven years old learn something new exercising is exercising his right freewill yeah yeah apparently she does drill with and she says it's fuckin too intense he gets crazy you know that guy's gabrielle p ptsd day is i shall just lamped up well brought we ran at another finance in pakistan
volunteers nevertheless time your worry that we're gonna run things talk about areas of silk that's funny did did that come up at all in them psychedelic spreads hidden because i can't i can't have you any more than it would have if i had not thought of unlike so that all those little dosages ants because our answer you can choose to give you power you can choose to billions of finance but like ants unita or the world's gonna fuckin fall apart that's that's what's really crazy about the whole thing really can eradicate any of it we're all going to humans and just enjoying this shit right here nomadic my dick i mean this life i'm saying enjoy what's round you right now what your experience you right now and i think that whether science can determine that free wills allusion because of your circumstances you genetics your life experiences that's all well and good but that's it empowering to whoever is this to this end it is actually affecting you
you do what view whoever that is that here's that me saying you whenever met you can alter this thing you have it yeah i don't know why you can alter it i don't know but but i've done it you do it does something special about me i'm just a normal human being i can do it you can do it we can all do it and that's but you shall friend is johnny apple seed into the world and of a fucking crazy play in the jungle in the middle of nowhere they have to fly into here indeed do you want my information on that i wrote this all up in a twenty six page book she book with articles stuff it's all on my report that you have you to a six page book book about they share its
the days that i wasn't doing ceremony i was writing about it who was filming this for you hire somebody asked and we got a bad asker we emit shots from the empty disappear molecule love mitch and then we had i have mentioned the park area donald schulz is crazy like wild life guy thing i talk to you about armies in the saving the rhinos and done a bunch of shit like that and then we had one of matches main film guys there was love i too want to saving the royal skies and see how they feel about those weird camps that they have in africa i don't work done on those all about it he's been there a couple times you got some crazy fuck and store yadda bison neighbour rifles from the hunters and crazy shit yeah i would love to talk to him guys prosperity enough louis through the park gas and he spent a good deal of time down one ass captain the most fascinating documentaries and he put out it was all about this contradictory world these african hunting camps real fast and if you get a chance to watch it first of all
through if you don't know who he is just google him i don't wanta spell it is our fuck it up but figured out bitch it's a damn suggested spelling of evaluating about louis and you know he did some fantastic documentaries aren the there westboro baptist church they hates fags guy who holds those signs at funerals and shit that was incredibly fascinating but this is one of his more fascinating once the contradictory nature of these in camps is that because of these hunting camps these animal there are more healthy their populations are healthier than they have ever been but people running on the arguments i cages and everybody else's people freaking out and it's it's it's a real complex freak out because i can see boss eyes i could see the size of the people that are running the hunting camp because they are in fact making these animal safer giving them a value and then also them
we spent is making sure that their populations will stay steady and strong but they're gonna behind did you see that's why do we that's crazy you're fencing men do too common in front a state with one reason too these fuckin animals but that's where get the money to give to animals alive who that is the universe in a fucking nut shell donald grew up in south africa so when he if he comes on every other conversation whether he's got a lot of opinions on that island under but i will need to hear them i would love to hear those efforts a louis the road document erebus god damn incredible i would love to hear someone is trying to see those animals what it's like to see them if you re pay attention to a really good documentary on africa like there's a great bbc series called the congo the diversity of light very so stunning it's almost like you're watching something that's a window in a forgotten time when animals existed because they don't seem like
should exist they seem so fast tat stick in an almost mythical like these shoe bill birds his gigantic birds this enormous long beak that looks like a giant like like a canoe coming out of its face and like five feet tall its work to pray stuart and his fist the climb out of the water and walk to they get to the next part and dive in theirs antelopes it of us of the swim under water and eat fish they ve an antelope its fish man could swim underwater a hundred yards it's in the antelope family there rhino elephants it are trapped inside this rain forest because the grasslands turned to reinforce all these these planes animals just got stuck there see herds of gazelles running through swaps its mad lis mean after is fucking incredible in that
somehow or another those animals are in jeopardy the guerrillas that come down off the mounds you see them walk through these these little dirt roads walk crises roads in a family in the mail grills lookin out of their why old he's a wild guerrillas today in two thousand fourteen like we have to do something to save those fucking things necessarily think it's keep and fences chewed arrows out of either i mean i think this is a crazy things you have the most incredible diversity of life of exists make life in the world all coming from the place where life human life apparently was originated and then when people are conscious still want to enjoy those thanks of the fuckin magic of this crazy blue rock that were on you know it is it soon see world gets shut down axing zoos take your kids is now for us now carry their way again it won't be susan the future folks we're gonna relay growth that is
ladies and gentlemen this has been fun it's always fun we apply shade very much all the love we get a twitter com it shows just this device there were all riding on you known like we said is hiccups along the way there's lots of negativity but there's lessons to be learned in all those things for me for you for all of us and i think one of most important things about having these kind of conversations you get to highlight these things i'll get to think of these things together and we all get to acknowledge that these are you know we are all experiencing life in this weird green figure it out as you go along style you know interpreter harsher people bitches get it together try me nicely good brothers and sisters and the earth she brothers and sisters and the earth and on that note thank two legal zoom gotta legal zoom dot com use the code word rogan in the referral box saved have some money and thanks also to honour
dotcom go to o n n i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements we got a pod cast build weak ladies and gentlemen including late night episode five hundred it will take place on tuesday night at nine p m but the great doug stand hope and the great tom roads oh good thirdly movie made possibly the greatest drunk podcast of all will be this tuesday night and you have to look forward that we love you slightly higher they cast
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