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#502 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

2014-05-16 | 🔗
Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at FoundMyFitness.com
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Said he getting cortisol rushed from the the feeling of about do. Actually, I could have gone a little more detail by as they. Please do you know so that feeling of anxiety. You know that, like you get four gone stage. I mean you're a comedian, I'm sure currently familiar with that actually are expressing a chemical called day Norfolk and this disease. Endogenous came all in your brain and it binds, do something called the copyright receptor, it's kind of like the counter of the endorphin, which and two with the new operate receptor said. Endorphins are the feel good well its nemesis is the dine orphan, which is that anxiety, like feeling so but here's the interesting part that anxiety, like knowing that you feel before you're, we are now going to do something: Lightyear, really that you care about, or that's kind of anxiety, provoking Bernie public speaking. Does it. I get it right before I'm gonna do it. We know, gave a talk or something or to a podcast in front of five, and if those people
so that dine orphan binding to the cap opium receptor. What it does is it up regulates the mule period receptor so that after you get that anxiety feeling you have a better orphan rash, because you up regulate them. You up your receptors, which binds the endorphins that feel good ones and you actually become sensitized them. So there's a biological mechanism which, having that anxiety, actually does you good. So it's it's kind of like a stress at first, but then later on, your? U get you feel better you're more relaxed. That's me, you know that's interesting, because the one of the best feelings ever is after you compete like when you first when it was things that people get addicted to is you get addicted to the rush for sure the adrenaline rash and yet addicted to the justice? The challenge? of competition being life,
fine on such incredible scale that everything else seems kind of pale and comparison. But the big addiction, I think, is the feeling that you get after you compete especially when this is amazing. Feeling like life, is incredible. He just you like that. Round feels better under your feet: the colours in the trees Better everything looks better for coupled Genoa totally know what you're doing about and there's a biological mechanism for the and it's interesting because it's also the same mechanism that occurs when you are working out really hard and its painful. Why you're doing it, but you the more pain you experience, the better, the rush to better. That's the endorphin high people talking about it's actually That mechanism is anxiety. Inducing stress, inducing. It is an important factor in that because of this mechanism and talk about where you up regulate those receptors that bind the and orphans and you become
sensitized them so they become we're sensitized them. So its heat does the same thing heat stress, so we know exercise caps, hasten so eating spicy food, its painful! Why you're eating it? But what happens? Is your regulating those those new up, your receptors in your sensitize in them to the and orphans, which is why you ve really got after it and spicy food. That's what that is. God never knew what that was that, since, thanks. I was it just tasted good, like a kind of weird cool, good spy, tastes and I'm sure there's dopamine responses and all that stuff involved. I mean there's a complex mechanisms and things going on your brain, but when you're eating, when you pleasure, when you enjoy a certain taste of a food, but this particular as and where you ve got this dine orphan an endorphin you no connection really interesting? And I think it's something I I discussed on a recent article that I wrote about this on them. So I hope you know people find in it
In writing. It's interesting is now. It is not. It is a lily. It's gotten some really good responses to have read it in a red, a love, the response of people, farm pre fasting when you were talking about in the pod cast, but it's kind of almost like the Union Yang of Life, is what you're talking about here. It's like you need to have some negative in order to feel some extra positive right now. A days Are you familiar with hormones I know I've heard the term, but I couldn't describe if somebody asked me to light so what it means you mean: yes, okay, so what He says what it really refers to is having a little bit of something that too little toxic for you. Something that's a little stressful in your body. I mean exercise for sure is that he is little stressful thing, some in some of the food we eat, like the agencies and green tea or Polly funerals and some of the fruits and also in red? and these things are actually a little bit toxic to our body and what
happens is that this induces stress response mechanisms and our body the activation of a whole host of genes, You know antioxidant genes glued asylum proxy days, things like he shot factors which do a variety of different things. A little but a stress activates. This whole stress response. Mechano our body and then what happens is now we can deal with stress better. So it's it's kind of like interesting to think of adding a little bit of something that toxic to know get better that's fascinating. You were talking about the last time we hear about Michael toxins that, in fact, Michael talks in small doses might induce that sort of response. Yeah I mean I totally made, I was wet hand waving. I haven't read anything gale out your hand waving unlike well. Actually, maybe makes sense in small doses. Can obviously you don't want something? That's like very toxic and kill your brain cells or anything tat, but
things in small doses, and I wish I was assuming that maybe mica toxins could possibly have a little slight horn automatic effect. Like? I said I had. That was just me theorizing. So isn't it fastening, though, that that is the sort of the way like, especially when it comes to exercise that you need. Experience, this like intense hardship in order to get this wonderful feeling of a com when this endorphin rashness. I feel so again after work ally, I mean all my best decisions after having a really good work out, just like my body, has a prospect of a better perspective. If I haven't worked, a couple of days, I'm stressed in and then I have to make a decision. Often times. I don't trust my judgment, The same way, I'm apps, currently addicted to the the feeling and end the physiological changes that occur? Without size, and there are a lot of the matter occurring in the brain and and elsewhere It's the same. You know it's what's real
kind of fastening recently in a we? You know about inducing nerve genesis when you work out that's kind of well known where exercise induces the growth of new brain cells. Bt enough is one way I do have one these things, can you know you ve grown a brain cells and so growing new brain This has always been associated. With learning and memory. It's like. Oh, you grown even new brain cells in and they ve shown that that nerve genesis in adults at least, is associated with new learning a new memory, but what they found recently. I found this really interesting because a kind of changed the way I think of it is that when you grow Those new brain cells like when you're exercising heat, stressed as the same thing actually getting in the your exercising your head, stressing your body. I mean your core body. Temperatures, elevated it's in a very similar. So what indeed you grow new brain cells, and new brain cells have to make new connections with other neurons into what what happens happening. Is that other actions that you made with? Not so the connections you make between neurons synopsis that reform berries, its things that you can
right! I mean you make me forming an absolute and that's like a piece of information. Remember orders. In some cases it's an experience that you had that you remember why you actually change those synopsis in some of them go away, so you kind of forget room for a new neurons to make a new, so it really is trysting. How also you have this connection, but is but it's a balance where you're forgetting things that you're here totally God disconnecting some connections between old neurons that you had previously made for whatever thing you learned or and you're making room for this new neurons just was born to make a new connection and make learn something new. So you have that balance again. It's just now it's, it's seems like a very important biological mechanism. Does this mean in Yang words like there's their stress and then there's the the response to distress, which is good and in others, things like forgetting things, but so that you can learn new things and it's kind of an important. Can you imagine if you
members everything you ve ever you're going to say. I have a real problem with that. I have a real problem. Without having too much information in my head and then forgetting things that other people remember and then They'll. Remember like yours is very important thing. I'm like. Why did we do, then it just yes, I've had to an experiences like there's too much stuff where, if you go back to talk to someone, you went to high school with people who don't leave that are stuck in that time, and they liquor and remember when we're seventeen, we did that crazy thing, like normal fucker. Remember that, like how do you remember that, like me, you gotta get out of town a unit mix new connections in your brain son. You know that that's you're, referring to its called episodic memory, which is the type of memory that associated with experiences, and that's there's a lot of different second regulate that one one would be like a very strong emotional response. Like your migdol is activated to have something
you're, probably remember things that are fear inducing or something that's really exciting. Like really really exciting to you. You know that those sorts of things- Kenya, solidify those types of connections, so also Sarah tone in Israel, not by those aroun yeah. I've been doing this other paper that I've been working on. I've been looking at the role of Sierra Leone and in brain function and dysfunction and also behavior, but seems like serotonin, plays running an executive function and specifically in deciding memory, so so any episodic memory that has a big rush of Sarah tone in would it be because what would wooden? What would cause that specifically, what would make a Saratoga Russian a memory yeah, I think I mean there's a lot of different things are at Saratoga and Release is happens to a variety of different factors that one one could actually be very potent something that is very potent that year,
experiencing due notice. I make sound your words like it's. Not just everyday stuff that you kind of block at Lake assistant routine, but at something just novel and wood. Like the day you find out that Kennedy got shot or the day nine eleven happened or the daily extreme events? What what yeah parents would that be? I think that would be the amygdala response where your emmenthaler gets activated, but. I think for the stair tone. In its it's it's more, if they ve done a lot of studies, were they ve looked at kind of like depleting, and what happens? What happens when you don't have when you can't make it you just your episodic memories Bad, that's a thing with people who do M Dna with People party too much into ecstasy is the crush afterwards is their serotonin being depleted. That's a big part of it! What's the mechanism of action of India are empty, may always forget would pull it up.
India may supposedly has some function with rushing sir, tone it into your system, and it gives you this gigantic. Let's see if it gives you a, induce euphoria, sense of intimacy with others diminished enzyme, the mild psychedelic. Second Delia's. A weird word seem like it should be real, but it has many cities, particularly in the fields of psychology therapy so gently they use it a lot. Lately, it's been used a lot for PTSD, which is interesting, because I've only taken at once. I took it wants a long time ago. Ever taken a young there had desired taken again, although I had a very positive experience with it, because the the downside, with the next day was just brutal like I couldn't reed. I was our memories in a coffee shop and is trying to read a magazine, and I couldn't focus enough to read a paragraph. You couldn't focus. I just there's nothing going on. I, my brain was just a good
painful, a dry sponge just so some some things that happen and when you release a lot of serotonin, we know in tears and absence. Is that your body, because there's it's too much. There's more than you know. It's supposed to have you'll start today. Regulate other receptors and missions to there's like a negative feedback. So what would happen the next day, you're not going be responsive to that serotonin and that's that something that's a big problem with some necessary drugs, and things like that, were you know: you're you're. Basically banning the serotonin from being Maintop re metabolize taken back up, and it sits around and these two names for a lot longer than it supposed to, and they ve shown that the consequence to that is you actually down regulate Saratoga receptors, which what you know, surgeon, receptor response to the serotonin that your releasing so you for you can respond to it. Then, what's the point, so there's a lot of these feedback mechanisms that occur. You know- and I don't even know, Oliver
I just it's very complex, yet its listed in Wiki under the long term effects that it causes down regulation of serotonin, re uptake transporters and the brain. The rate at which the brain recovers from Ceretani allergic to tragic check out changes is unclear once that demonstrated a lasting ceretani logic changes to nurture kick turn Ergic in some animals exposed empty. Among other studies have suggested the brain may recover from the damage, but a lot of people to do it. They take five http to try to use up there, certainly take it while they're doing MGM. And they take it afterwards. He actually really care for one year combining multiple on drugs that are affecting like serotonin, for example, that pathway, because then you should end up getting something called you call it serotonin syndrome where it like p but are taking us. Our eyes have to be really careful, not take a bunch of triptych owners in it, because then, and induce like a toxicity. That's that's pretty dangerous
I forget what all the You know what all the actual effects of ceremonies anymore, but there are not good. Get it all that's an issue with people also that are taking five http yeah if there are certain s all right and they take five HTTP, you can get this certainty, ass, injury, yeah. You know at the edges about serotonin? I mean we always think about it as being a brain. We know no chemical right, a narrow transmitter. Brain, but actually the majority The serotonin in your bodies is not in your brain, its meeting, your guy really yeah so action, You just published a paper. It was published the last time I was on this podcast. Actually, my paper, I didn't know was came out in press the day that I was on the spot guess, but so,
there's two different genes that their that that convert tripped fan into five http. Ok, that's the rate limiting step. Were you convert trip divan into five hydroxide tripped frown and are caught that's called trip. Nutrient Hydroxyl is ok and there's one enzyme cultured friend Hydroxyl is one that local its low localised are located outside of the blood bring barrier and its predominantly found in the gut but it's also found in the perennial land which is actually separated by the blood brain barrier not close to the brain, but it's actually separate. And it's also found in sunder, t cells and placenta tissue, but and then there's to prevent. Hydroxyl is too, which is the brain form and that's found in the dorsal RAF ape heart. The mid part of your brain and honours. There's also some expression, so your gut has neurons and it as well enteric neurons that enzyme, that's the neuron one
there's some of that. Also in your got, but mostly it's the other enzymes so destructive and drugs they want I'd like slaves to they both make serotonin. So serotonin made in your gut actual causes July inflammation and have shown this in in like now models, because what happens is serotonin made in the gut activates t, cells and tissue, have a receptor do it on with ourselves surface and when they respond to serotonin, they proliferate and grow more and so if you're making. If you have a bunch of serotonin in your got, you can get inflammation, and you know this is. I think this has also been documented. People take too much five http as well as with collide us and in such they ve done mouse models where they knock out that enzyme churchmen drugs is one that makes her tone and in the gut and it lately, ameliorate, that the influx inflammatory like symptoms in those in his mouth models. So
The other ends I'm in your brain. So this is where my paper comes in and sort of its a theoretical paper, but I found a mechanism so a theoretical paper me I didn't actually I'm doing experiments on mice at and actually do a clinical trial. I just found an underlying mechanism- and I explained at all and found all this that was buried in literature and put it all together is actually my first theoretical paper that I've ever written obligations gatherings. So what found was that these two enzymes for trip to China Troxell is both have what's called a vitamin d response element, which is a tell them sequence that vitamin d went by DE binds too about him into receptor. It recognizes that and it can turn a gene or turns off a gene and it turns on gene Jean does what it was to do and turned it off. It's almost like it's not there. What I found with is that so the sequence itself of this vitamin d element can determine whether or not to turn it on or off, and I found these two different enzymes, attributing drugs lays had different.
Bonds elements, one was an on sick. What sick signal on one wasn't off signal The brain wasn't on signal and the one in the guy was off signal suggesting that vitamin d was regulating The production of serotonin in opposite directions, indifferent tissue, so you needed it to make it in your brain. But if you had vitamin d, it would shut off the got one not completely, but turns it down so that not making as much Saratoga you don't. How much do I inflammation and then I related two autism, because an I'm gettin way out there, but it's pretty cool, so autism has been on rise like right now. The most recent cdc report that came out said that one in sixty children have to them. I mean it's been its risen, like six hundred percent, since the nineteen seventies, like its astronauts like how much a tourism so can't really I'd. They haven't identified a genetic cause like seventy over. Seventy percent of autism cases have not been link you a genetic mutations, which means to me
Something in environment seems to be going on to something something that is. You know, interacting with possible genetic mechanisms at causing this autism rise And you know, vitamin d is one thing: that's been people getting adequate. Vitamin d has been on the decrease the same time. The autism rises artisans been rising and so I came up with this. This theory that. Low vitamin d during pregnancy, So during Nunez, when you're, a young child can lead to serotonin deficient in the brain and what happens is during the brain during field, a brain development serotonin is critical to guide, neurons toward they're supposed to go to make them proliferate. You know it's an important differentiation. Factory to help them make the kind of neurons are supposed to make? It plays a very, very important role in regulating brain structure and morphology. What would vitamin d in particular because vitamin d three was the one that you were
last time right, vitamin d, three so vitamin d the way it works. Is you can make vitamins in your scan teeth meeting So you can commanded him to do three. I so you ve b yes and you need uv, be light annex bird, something in your skin called seventy Hydra cholesterol into vitamin D. Three, and then this gets released into the bloodstream. Goes to your liver, where that is converted to twenty five. Maxie, vitamin d, which is what people on its a major search circle informed about amending. That's what you get measured when you go there, you're vitamin d levels and then it goes into your kidneys and gets activated to an active, stimulate hormones and it's called one. Twenty five hydroxyl vitamin d, so vitamin d gets converted into an active to reform and once its converted into that act is here at home in your Kenny's. What, then it does? Is it it buying? to a vitamin d, receptor, indifferent tissues in your body, putting your brain and it does this thing, where it turns on or turns off over a
in different genes in your entire body. So it's regulating a lot of you know different processes, one of understood the serotonin. So I basically came up with this this this theory that No keep you know. Women were out we're not getting a vitamin d and the child brain was unbecoming. Serotonin efficiency is changing the structure of the way the brain was developing and if they ve seen now Autism actually seem to be occurring in utero and are finding that I've been doing. These studies were their funding. There seems to be a good time. Environmental component and they haven't figured out what it is. So I'm hoping that people will start. I'm not in autism researcher and not a neuroscientist. I mean I know a little bit about it, but what I did was I can't I just took a step back and started putting on these things together and came up with this hypothesis and also found things like estrogen can activate that seem. Gene in Japan I drugs lay so estrogen can protect you. If you have low vitamin d, you can still make that that serotonin from trip to fund, because
you didn't that same Jean also so, and then the whole got inflammation thing autistics have this and I think that there you know they have high guide inflammation cause. They have to they have too much serotonin going on in the gut. That's I'd, Harmon thing with common with artistic: that's yesterday, that's fascinating! So it's pretty interesting. I totally forgot why On this I totally tend we're talking about serotonin five, each gas cells and the good right so that that's another thing words like five HTTP, the first thing as it hits the guide and you ve got It ends I'm in there that can well in the guy, so chick violates JP, actually bypasses attractive and had drugs lace part. It is now the next step which is to be declared box lighted into certain. So you can actually? bird. It you take too much of it. You'll converted into serotonin in your gut before it gets to your brain, so its summits.
Five aged Sierra does not cross the blood brain barrier. Five http does so. If Europe, if your converting the stair tone and immediately in your god, then starting to get to your brain, so there is theirs. Complex mechanism does trip defend, crossed the blood burn tripped event, does get transported into the brain, and we talked about this a little bit last time, where it competes with brains, chain amino acids to get transported into the brain, so that what happens is you Lucy NICE, losing these things actually when they, both because of the same they're, going through the same transporter tributor into very Aramis acid in and proteins it's much less abundant. Then branching amino acids like losing nice. It was. Is it a myth, trip defend Turkey to thing that correlation between eating Turkey and getting tired after you. I don't think that getting, hired after eating. It is a myth. I think it is a myth that its failure to trip to found BS
actually mounted to the perennial gland. So the penniless and converts serotonin into melatonin, ok and he'll gland is not it's not a part of its separate. By the Bye brain barrier so that competition, you know for the branching amino acids getting into the perennial gland, is we're talking about something different. So. Go you probably are going a little, but a trip then being converted into melatonin serotonin then melatonin when you're eating Turkey, but Turkey, but Turkey has lot of branch enemy, no ass swell, so its most like you just Fuck is most likely a guy exactly, but use that it not me stuff and all the other stuff, because, along with it, the other thing you, the tea cells, when you get back to their real quick, because you were talking about the elevated t sell counter. Now is that
something that would help. People that have HIV would a light like a high dose of five HTTP help. People who have HIV that have low t sell councils that makes sense is then sent your thing. I've never thought about that. I mean that's an issue right with Aids, but I may well there's a lot of issues, but rather they definitely do have Loki Sayin. That's a really good. Questions are actually I'm pretty impacts that that's interesting. It is possible, but it seems like five http. You know being ready to serotonin. Tone, certainly have an effect on T. Sell counts, not only begun levels, don't know it has an effect on peripheral blood cell counts, yeah! That's. Why is actually pretty fascinating question? I don't know the answer to, but certainly something that I think I'll, probably look into to this. Yet it seems that we have some. We have a supplement that we, so that is my graduate in this box, where here that's five each
P, L trip to fan and a couple of things called new mood, Yasser Bisque Governor that some as a five HTTP supplement that was originally created, it was originally when we first came up with it allegedly my friend in part. Are allegedly likes to do ecstasy, allegedly, and he came up with this. They called it. Roll off and the idea would, be when you came off of lino one people do may the call rolling and when you are off the M dna in a Europe that was the traditional boost that you needed to get your brain to produce more five, each to to produce more turn, rather actually what s really interesting. As I look at this, is that you have vitamin d three and it yes, which really surprises me because whoever made this connection, but by for putting them indeed, with the alternative, and I'm pretty impress, because that
until my paper was published in February, no one had known that vitamin d can ring. I mean you, I'm sure I don't know whoever may that action, that's an Trysting, that's interesting that you are able to figure out put vitamin d with electric defend cause. I haven't seen any supplement on the market. That's done! I mean I don't a few. Whoever did this new, but because, because tripped offend, you need vitamin d to convert to prevent into serotonin. So that's they pretty interesting, though my partner Aubrey, whose also my good friend, is very he's, very diligently, come to the research involved in any way supplements and he's also been a freak about vitamins nutrients like it's his entire life as mothers maniac. When it comes that stuff, he learned a lot of it from her then extensive research but yeah we mean we made sure that work when something like that. I wanted to make sure that we had all the basis covered yeah now, kind of cool about the vitamin d in there wouldn't be expected that the path
Neil gland is a fascinating gland that the fact that that is what creates so many different Elena that regulate mood and that also now We are not familiar with this thick. This sum is in this thing about die, metal trip to mean, which is the psychedelic drug, that's produced by the brains also produced by the liver and along well. They ve they found recently like within the last year, evidence that its produce for the pineal gland. It's always been like this. Big some sort of there is. There is anecdotal evidence, but there was never real hard evidence until they they actually show that in life mice, the pineal gland is producing demented trip domain and dumb. That's the third I mean the pineal and you know reptiles, so it's producing it when you sleep or well,
producing at during different periods of stress during rem, sleep, but the you know it's hard to get a brain hardy. It amounts to sleep when you gonna fuckin. They saw mark its brain or an opening in this brain. In your testing, its pineal glance, so the amount of evidence they have about humans, but when- and where is is kind of lemonade, but now they're making these correlating? They did. They think they're making a correlation based on the mammal based on them and the mice. But we're trying to do more studies on human beings, more accurate studies yeah and trying to come up with more accurate ways of testing, especially during different stages, because the the policies, is the theories that, when during heavy rem, sleep and during periods of extreme stressed when you body believes it is going to die like if you're under extreme physical trauma
people that have had extreme physical trauma you know, and they have that, go to the light moment. The idea? Is that that's a dime Ethel trip to mean rush in that the reason why they have these intense afterlife experiences Nick, I came back and it was amazing. I got to see my mother and I went to this place, and God was there with you Get there. If you take psychedelic drugs mean get there right now, a healthy person can have almost the exact same type of experience with psychedelic drugs, and it's just a crazy psychedelic drunk as your own brain makes. So the data Donato trip to mean that you produce in opinion, glean crosses over the blood Red Marian threats, affecting things like in your brain is it binding two different receptors and stuff in your brain tat would be a question for someone far smarter than May, but but the the drug I was gonna improve her. I mean I've heard of diametrically mean his wound. I just a minor well versed in the whole field.
What is a crazy dry, because it's the most potent psychedelic drug, none man and it's the one produced by your own brain. So it's really weird. Is it. Produce leg is: is it like it from melatonin, or is it completely different, completely different, but its very similar de Mello tone in its chemical structures, its related, like their close swear I mean cause melatonin, you know, regulates asleep wakes coordinating and read them, so you now in December during its very similar structure, the melatonin. Would it have any role in that Well, I'm carrion rhythm, the could, I think, they're all connected. I mean they. They try like okay. This is the you, look at any studies they ve done on the human mind and the studies of their done connecting various hormones and and things like God, will, whether its direful tripped mean or melatonin
trip to fan, I think it's probably pre safe to say that is caught between. We know a lot about that stuff where they know a lot about that stuff, but they're, not entirely certain about all the different effects that these regulating hormones have on the brains. I saved us, oh yeah, for sure it. Complex or think they're, probably the most ignorant about DIME Ethel tripped, mean is it because it's you know It's been thought of as a recreational drug for a long time that people aren't studying asthma, probably well, the only God I know That'S- had grants to study it and has been allowed to study it by the food and Drug administration who regulates? Who let I guess it would be the FDA that would regulate that that yeah in terms of like wrote that the recreational drugs- I you know, I don't know I think it's the FDA, because it done other churches are really weird one, because all it's illegal it, since so many different things, it's impossible to get the sources illegal because down
Four tripped means in like a thousand different plants. In grass LAO mean you can get grab. You can literally get full heiress grasp. Just go Morland flares ass long, take the back. That shit branches, somewhere near the empty and you have a schedule, one drug. You know like hat well Our reason them. She was like to go out side and chew, cheers grass like I mean it was like, and she would it would shoot Gabriel Chris, How about a two? It was like you know that we want to see some really crazy. You want to see a Jaguar trip out, pull the video Jaguar tripping out anti empty, I in the Amazon, find these dm t rich, plants and they chew them and eat them and have psychedelic experiences, and they have different, apparently they have a different way of processing things in their stomachs than we do, because their primarily carnivores
they don't have the same, got enzymes and things accused here's the Jaguar up or place where he will discuss it. But it's so crazy, because this Jaguar, like they do it actively. It's like something they do on a regular basis. They ve observed them many I'm so eat these grasses and these plants rather, and then they just trotted off had Cathy Grass large cat, like Jackie Lizzie leaves, when regurgitating they cleanse their digestive system like catmeat sometime since use other effects
His work is yours. He is one of the commonest rain forest vines it see, cause playful kitchen is behaviour, but could see in deep lobby happening. Don't turn kindly shit right now then, the king of the jungle me into jaguars ins. Are you really journalist people in their hallucinogenic rich? You have brains fascinated to biology, is pre Jack, pretty complicated, billions jaguars, eyes, dilated necessary. Exact plant that people use NEO Oscar rituals, so this jack was eating in is lying on his back. The jag you also takes Georgi tonight and its senses
it's pretty fastening staff like so much. If we had nature there is still so much to know the young the human got produces model Amy knocked today's, which makes domicile trip to mean it. Doesn't it kills it in the got so that if you consume grass that has DM tee in it, you don't have a cigarette but I don't know of a cat, has the same got ends yeah, I'm not sure. Yet, got your gut has a lot. I mean it's making nerd transmitters her. You know it's there's. There neurons down there doing stuff on. There is a connection between the brain and the guy as well. Over the whole thing about human minds, so fastening where someone like you, who is just sort of putting together all these different things, he found an indifferent books in and you go well hey look this Combination of things is going on in the item. Indeed, indeed, divinity depletion, and then here we have this issue with autism and autism. I'm right on. You know. Maybe I'm wrong of these.
Together. Let us app explained the male peppino dominance, and all this and really my goal was look maybe I'm right on you know, maybe I'm wrong on some of these things, but you know I'm definitely right about some some of these things here, I'm intersecting it intersecting into the other world, the scientific world for all you, people that actually do research on autism and do research on serotonin and all this, because I don't I mean it's not what I do and I think that that's it's good to have theoretical papers like that, sometimes where it's like you get someone who can make all these connections where there's tons of stuff buried in the literature, and I had a mechanism. I have a specific mechanism that explained it you kind of to say here now, if you think, if you think this interesting follow up, and actually started collaborating with the group that does do search on one of these, it you know, looks at your tone in and does vitamin d research, and they were just jump out of their chairs or so excited and now they're doing experiments and Agatha have already found pause.
Data which is really nice and reinforcing, but so that you know that was that was my goal is a kind of just make these connections big picture? You know, find a mechanism finding a mechanism by by which fit vitamin deregulated serotonin was amazing and putting in literature but the the whole vitamin d thing vitamin d three is important get something that Most people are. Seventy percent of population is not getting an adequate Bynum. Seventy percent seventy Actually, we have a somewhat ciao to me on twitter. After after the last I've got an artist and he was a look. I like what you're doing- and you know I've We to make a call infographic, just basically Summary everything I ever talk about with vitamin d, it's like all in one graphic, and he did it for me and if you want to pull it up, it's on found my fitness dot com for its large vitamin d hive by men, Haven T and it's a freak. An awesome
graphic where this waste this guy's name. He always Jason, right, Jason, yeah it andreasen Rodya. So he made this infographic It's like! Basically, I talk about how vitamin deregulate two thousand different genes in the body guy here it is so it starts off here. It's got this guy with all these like chromosomes in a motel, a marriage because vitamin these important fertility or length who I wondered whether to totally and then, if you down. It's like look is showing a seventy percent of the. U S. Population does not have adequate levels. I thought that was like throwing me grab too easy, ten people guys are really have a right of the right and it goes on in this- is like you're tag cloud words like all the things let go wrong when you don't have an. If I like some credible, is not awesome so it's like learning impairments, reduce their tone in use. Cancerous. All I mean by nine over a thousand different genes in the body,
well down warning. It shows a tell him we're because it actually began dna repair. Enzymes are regulatory, vitamin d as well. So, if you like, and if I am indeed you're gonna have you can see that break, in your dna you're going to damage your dna and then, as you, keep Goin it shows. You owe all the factors that regulate your vitamin d like how sunscreen blocks movie be, so you can't make it was something. A melanin which is an adaptation to prevent you baby. You know ray from burning. You actually also blocks your ability to make vitamin d and body regulates it. So all these different modified regulation regulates available any of it, so it has to be released into the bloodstream. Get converted and act age age regulates at seven year. Old makes four times less by indeed from their skin and our two former twenty year old self. Always living in a northern latitudes. Another thing people live in, like I think it says above thirty, so degrees north with the function of the summer. They cannot any vitamin d from the sun wow, so
that the solution is vitamin d supplement, and we know that this just really awesome way to put all this great information show it with graphics. People like that in its heart, easier for people, stand in it and I go into you know what your love should be and all that, but I was they stopped, because I've been wanting to do this for a really long time, and I have no artistic capabilities not so someone is reaching out to me and and wanting to help was like. I was really oh so I'm. Where is it on your website? If you really before think if you sign up for migrant armies louder, I think Europe yeah yeah. I think that's your website, it's getting cross Strait and threw it hardly dared to is so we ve five chance. To get to la hands, so sad,
that's the cool, the vitamin d, that's very cool yeah, totally the tell him you're lengthening. The reason why I want to get to that is because I e mail do about the support that I read about called tee. A sixty five and I read about it because my friend Bobby, he email me about it, and his dad was taken. That's bad Bobby for Folks Optimist Board be a b b, Obi WAN. He is dams again is dastard experiencing vision, improvement, and I was like that. That's fucking crazy. So what is this t sixty five stuff. So I go on Google and I Google T sixty five and there's a whole. These war, crazy claims and alive people are selling it, and you know, there's all law suit against it, because there is a guy who is working for the company of former executive who his suing them, because he says that it might have caused him to get cancer, and I mean
the ideas. What they're saying this is the company, the cells it The correlation between cellular aging and tell him you're length is rooted in solid research. Tell me become shorter, every time a cell divides and when they are lost, cells can no longer reproduce the enzyme tell him ears, tell him arrays, Hattie Saint, say: Telomerase kilometer, can lengthen tell em ears, possibly slowing or reversing, to digest diseases in one study, mice, genetically engineered to lack functional, tell em arrays tomorrow, telomerase isn't that access to lack functional to rob to showed brow degeneration and shrunken testes, but those effects were first, when the enzyme was re activated in such findings have sparked a lot of hype, and I urge a cottage industry of companies that assess a person's biological age on the basis of their tell him you're length,
t Sciences has taken the buzz further, they sell a pill called tee, a sixty five, which it says can shorten couldn't lengthen sees me short telemarketers. Yes, right now tell him as yet. So let me let me explain that, I mean so complicated, but I think I can. I think I can shed some light on again. So this is all right. You know tell em errors Every cell in your body has forty six chromosomes. With the exception of year, gamete which have twenty three, but these chromosomes. Have your dna? Ok, they're, wound up with these historic proteins and ask for your DNS and at the end of this Muslims. Are your tail honours the problem is that these tumors have a funny structure where DNA there. It's it's a repeat of tea, the age Ujiji and there's like this structural defect in here in the dna of the tumor, where there's a big overhang and like one of your strands of dna longer than the other one, and so
when you're, so when the cell divides and it's gonna, it's got a copy, its entire genome, with all those forty six chromosomes to make a new cell all that same dna theirs. It there's a little gap there at the and cause. It's like omega, don't have anything here. Where do I? How do I make the new dna, and so what happens is that seldom has a little bit shorter tumor, because there is little gap that didn't get felt, and this is happening so successfully over multiple general year after year after year after year, each time it gets a little shorter, each gets low, shorter and now becomes a problem. As these two elements are actually protecting your dna from damage occident damage from from unwinding and also from your chrome, you're chromosomes when you're cell divides gear, they protector chromosomes from fusing together and liking alleys, funny abnormal trans locations, which led to cancer and other problems. So you don't want that to happen, and the problem is that you
for ourselves, with the exception of our stem cells and our lymph sites, don't express this enzyme called Lama, which is able to actually rebuild the tailors it's actually able to rebuild the end were that that tool, a mere little gap where we can make it. So it's really cool, take one hears is great enzyme that can rebuild it, but why, is it only in our stem cells and wise and in all of our cells Gene is there, but it's just not activated its silenced and the Answer for that as well. If you're, if you express too much telomerase and all these other cells happens is you can make a cell immortal. Cancer cells have actually developed their substance. Cancer cells are like the smartest thing ever they develop this this capability to the act of aid that enzyme to become immortal but the really ironic thing is: is that it's, the critically fourteen members, when you're sure, when you tell him we get to a really really really short stage, they go into
This crisis words like, oh, my god. What do I do? What I do you know and they either die. Or they go into this in Essen State where they don't divide, or they somehow can activate this to and adapt, why if they reactivate this telomerase, you can, if you if this is the damage, so that already has mutations. If you like, ok, we're gonna, we're gonna, keep you going now, so it's kind of pay. Paradoxically, the short tell him: you're length is what actually can reactivate the telomerase to make make it become immortal in May cancer, well, if wealth, you already have mutations gap authority already like an abnormal sell, because you ve gotten damaging and up to it s exactly sir, and take a pre cancer cell and say here: keep going grow more So So this is the telomerase is in stem cells, because you're stem cells aren't dividing not much to usually just sitting around waiting to. They have to come out divide and make more of a certain cell type and they go back into just waiting around so they're not constantly.
You know, dividing mean, meaning there not constantly get out for more damage, and I can explain later but anyway, so the the telecom rays and the mice this is kind of cool. So you might you talked about these two Amr is deficient, might well mice. Actually it's really weird: they expressed warmer, isn't all their cells. To don't get shorter, and yet the only live two years on average and so in order to try to understand the biological mechanisms by until now? Shortening what that? What what does effects are you have to likely engineer them to not express that two armies and what happens is over multiple generations. It takes like three three or four when you get to generation. For you know, then you start to see pro jerry types of effects were now these mice born to this a fourth generation of not having this enzyme? It takes like that long. We get. The teal appears to really short level where it starts to have projects, ethics and inserted prematurely age. Their tissues start too. You know
break down and they have all these sorts of aging effects- and so what they ve shown as they can reactivate telomerase at that point after for generations, and reverses those biological effects. The tissues become younger. This stem cells, you know, are, are active and in making replenishing relations like they're supposed to do so. It's kind of cool, like here. You have this pro aging mouse. You reactivate the enzyme and render it literally reversed the aging in these my would have a possible benefit to children and produce area. So oh the depend What type of procurators their certain ones like there's Werner Syndrome, which, if you pull if you just Google Warner Syndrome and image it W w e r and D are Warner. That's a a disease that involve involves Reno, short, illiteracy. Basically here, you can't reboot Churchill mirrors and that its excessive soup tumor shortening
and what happens is if you click on the warmth, one of the two with pictures of the women, but it they reach puberty, like fifteen not that one. The there was if you go back there is the idea that this act filipino woman there, I think, left tat original left hand corner perfect. So she ages normally up until the age of about fifteen and then after she's forty years old man that right right hand, picture forty. I mean she looks like she's like eighty right or not yeah. She looks very old, so in that, in that case, it be interesting to see if it having telomerase could help rebuild the tailors but, like I said, because of the potential danger of allowing a pre cancer cell to become immortal. I think there has been a lot of there's. A lot of people are careful about that. That's why it's not like. The market right now, where you're just but is
People are selling you. This is the thing this two year, sixty five stuff and this see the lawsuit is this guy? Who worked for them as saying that he got cancer so this with reactivating telomerase is, if you are, if you generally are healthy. You dont have a lot of you know. You're serious do you know you're? Not you don't have a lot of inflammation a lot of damage cells then allow. Per cancer cells. Are immune systems getting rid of em. You know, Ryan being telomerase in a normal cell is not really a bad thing: it's not gonna make it a cancer cell. It's gonna make it a marble. It's gonna help. You know it not have critically short dealer mirrors the problem, is reactivating in a cell that has a bunch of damage in it and so to me, you know, measure, looking looking at how much images and yourselves. We can do that. I do that right now in people I take the blood cells and I look at dna damage, but amount
yeah yeah yeah, you can't do you have to come out of the Bay and the Bay Area and Santa Consent, one! That's it. Just like you, consent forming you do a park ass yeah reform kind of a kind of like that to be in part, my trial, so acquit. What do you do? So? what I do is I I take blood while I get an empty to take it from for me, and so they draw the blood. And I take the blood Anna centrifuge it through this great aunt. Where I can then isolate just the peripheral blood. Modern nuclear cells, which are like mostly be genteel, emphasise that's in some monastery. So I dont have any red blood cells or platelets or any of those neutral fills, I don't want those or MAC. Macrophages are things like that so, and I take those those full blood. My nuclear arsenals, I look at the amount of double stranded breaks in the dna, so I can measure that I can quantify that
Not only do I look at those double stranded breaks in the dna, so I'm the double stranded breaks. I think we talked about this little bit last time so Just normal living it's it's It's ok, here's for you in a nutshell, Joe, normal age living your metabolism, your mitochondria general, generating oxygen rattle radicals, which you know gets your dna and you got enough. These oxygen radicals caused strand break and then you get in parallel. We have two strand breaks you radiation does the same thing, but let's just forget about all the outside stuff like forget: it personages uv smoking. That just normal, you know living. Does this and this happens every single day. You know and so you're. Your body has to repair the damage, and I talked about those enzymes at are magnesium magnesium dependent and how magnesium is important for dna or parents. I'm in forty five percent population doesn't have enough of that, while I'm looking at people that are obese,
and those people usually don't have a really good diet and their most often magnesium de fish. All I want is a defeat who does not like a clinical acute deficiency, it's like their inadequate and creative, inadequate levels of magnesium for not taking in you know enough. Magnesium, which is four hundred or so milligram today, they say look at their dna strand breaks and then I have this because I think that they're, not enough magnesium, I dont, I might actually measuring their magnesium. Someone else that I work with can do that, but I haven't, we haven't even found it necessary to do that yet then, what I'm doing as I'm a man I measuring their capacity of their that their body has to repair the unknown amount of damage that I induce. So I look at them baseline damage damaged how much damage there and then I induce damage within the radiator and than I am over time. The ability of their own enzymes to repair the damage finding is that if I look at someone, who's lean or obese based on me, am
then I'm seeing their differences. I'm saying that people with a that are obese, like probably am I have thirty, or so they have of a lot more of this damage in the bottles and not only do they have a lot more of this damage, their capacity city to repair the damage is impaired so, and it makes sense to me you know you're you look you're talking about people letter eating porter there there very macro. Nutrient rich Diane Diet see another eating a lot of process. Odin, junk food not getting their micro nutrients, their assent vitamins zinc, magnesium. These are real desire for like three hundred different enzymes, to work on the body when I measuring one of those nets- dna repair which is important to prevent cancer. So anyway, Well, we thought we were a sixty five, that's right, so I went on this whole so that aid that's part of aging in a nutshell and there's other points, but I can we can get back to later and the compensation, but so too,
sixty five I was actually really impressed because I read a couple of studies, so sixty five struggling through some chinese herb or something her. That's that's what it that's! What it's from, I believe from from when I read and I think, I'm saying you write the stragglers route, so it has the capacity to activate telomerase arms and theirs. Two different papers that were pretty good. One paper was a clinical paper where they they looked. They gave varying doses of tea. Sixty five- and I don't remember the exact doses, but they did it s response and they looked at a couple of things: They looked at the activation that enzyme telomerase and be they looked at tumor length. So they started the trial, baseline, measured, tubular length and telomerase activity, and then they gave people these tests
five, it varies doses of it and what they found as an independent manner. The tea sixty- increase the clamorous activity- and I wanted increase Tal Telomerase activity. Very high doses and in a subset of people it actually increased the length of their team a mere over Baseline I've never seen this before, usually so, a year when you're doing a lot of other things affecting them at length. Vitamin d is one one of them. Indeed, the way vitamin d effects to them. A length is totally different than the way to sixty five days, because vitamin d is preventing. Dna damage, inflammation things, accelerate tumor, shortening t succeed I've is literally rebuilding the end of your team, So it's possible to actually start and end up with a longer Taylor, as opposed to other nutritional factors that regulate just delaying the attrition of it of it. Just so that over baseline they had like us
Eighty percent, I believe from Britain that paper a while ago, forty percent increase in at length? That's incredible! It wasn't crowded it's incredible, so then I went and read the the other study which de the mouse study? the woman they lead investigator and I am very familiar with her work. I was really close to doing oppose stuck into a mere until them are LAB Cosette. I've been variant, scintilla measures for quite some time, I'm so. I had been familiar with her her papers like her publications and, So when I saw that she was, it was from her lab. I was like oh it's time for me with her work. You know she's pretty good on pre, thorough and so her paper what she did which she took that same mouse model that I was talking about where they over six. Subject durations they knock out that telomerase enzyme and they over you know three or four. Five generations. They start to get these mines that have really fourteen years that our aging their tissues or asian quicker, and they
gave those mice like third or fourth generation mice, to sixty five and what they I was giving those minds that sixty five was well to rejuvenate. There their tissue. We know that she started to to you're very similar to telomerase reactive action, not as robust, which is surprisingly mean you're talking about reactive, in the entire and ambitious something that's just you know able to activate it, but they, the mice, didn't get cancer. Did they didn't get any types of cancer? So but, like I said, Now, if you were to take, if you were to take a mouse model, not go their telomerase enzyme inoculate with cancer cells, so give them cancer cells then react. They, then, given the tea. Sixty five, it be they're, probably gonna. Do that experiment I mean that's, that's the logical thing to do next, just to make sure to really prove that its roots, it's pretty safe
so the bottom line is. I was impressed with your sixty five. Actually, surprisingly, so- and you know it personally- I'd you know, I I think, there's always a risk. It's like Walpi Evelyn, pre cancer cells there's no telling you know. Obviously, if the it was a big issue. More people would be coming down with cancer. I wonder how many people are taking the stuff of only heard of a couple of people that I know they're taking it. I've read some folks online and a message board go to that sentence or taking it, but I don't know enough about I don't know how many people are taking in either that that would be. One concern, though, is that having a bunch, praying recitals reactivating tools, whereas in themselves than pushing them giving them the fuel they need to then make more cancer cells loud for possibilities. The people that on the company there with the guys the whole thing is really really odd. I don't know exactly what happened
because, apparently there was like some sort of a physical article altercation with I was suing them and their suing him. Because are saying that they lost two million dollars and sales because he said that he got cancer which is in there also saying that if we had cancer, he had it before He started taking t sixty five, how the could you ever know right well, but that's the thing: that's that's the thing you have cancer before taking it right, I might say This is gonna happen, I'm saying theoretically, reactivating telomerase could push cancer cells to full blown pre cancer cells to full blown blown cancer, is now there's immortalizing them and letting the survive and and propagating pull that here's the question, and there is the big one That is their diet, a thing you can do that the word is always: oh, you
to have you know the cancer cells can grow and an alkaline environment, but I've heard it. That's horse shit to this idea? alkalies in your blood and having a diet that makes your blood on your body. Alkaline rich is horse shit, I'm totally not familiar with. That so never before I've heard of people wanting to alkaline or blood. I didn't know why and ever really followed up on, and I certainly haven't heard about the cancer connection to it so that new to me, I've never heard of other things. People are trying to do. Well. You can go alkaline cancer and when the first things it pops up as myth that the Sid alkaline myth that, if what I have read the counteracting. This is that if you did alter the alkaline of your body, like the very Those are so small that if you if you alter it in and in any sort of a shocking way. Your body just is fucked like it's: it's not good
No it's true. I mean, I think, with the exception of of of the guy, you're trying to actually make a little more. You want. You want these different, but God period to make more acidic. We know to be more said: Can make more acidic type of environment to get rid of the bad bacteria which can grow and that type of environment, but all the other stuff, I think the their slight changes, and and Pierre and I mean you're you're talking about activating these think immune systems sensitive to this sort of stuff- I mean it. Almost any sort, activating your new travails and they don't know either activated, but when their activated just like fire fire fire- fire in their fight for firing all kinds of crap, tighter kinds which are making you know reactive, nitrogen species which are damaging or dna lipids and your protein, so it's like in others, theirs like that. Going on you, don't you know, and it was with this this this the critique of it was saying that foods don't influence the blood p age and there
This is the other three. What it says here on the skies websites. Proponents of the outline died of put forth a few different theories about how acidic diet Arms are held. The most ridiculous claim more ridiculous claim is that we can change the page of our blood by changing the food we eat and that the acidic blood causes disease, while alkaline blood prevents it. This is not true. The body type is all reference to give the guy's website that Sir Chris, crasser siege, our eye ass k, r e s as e r dot com. That's not true, the body tightly regulates the pitch of our blood, an extra cellular phone. Wood and we cannot influence our blood ph by changing our diet with references, high doses of sodium bicarbonate, can temporarily increase blood ph, but not without causing uncomfortable gee. I syndromes symptoms, rather, There are certainly circumstances in which blood is more.
Or acidic than it should be in this- does have serious health consequences. However, this state of the doses is caused by pathological conditions such as chronic renal inside insufficiency not by weather. How you choose to eat a salad or a burger, in other words, regardless of what you eat or what your urine ph is, can be pretty confident that your blood ph is hovering around a comfortable seven point: four, yeah. I know all that you know need to make your body alkaline in cancer can exist now glad environment horseshit I just don't know enough about that stuff, honestly to say if it definitively of hits I really don't. I know that things in vitro. You know when you're looking at cancer for talking about growing cancer cells in a dish and changing that violent environment is one thing but I don't know yeah yeah, I don't know either that's the problem, God Dammit
maybe something if you, if you aren't email me I'll, look into it yeah. Well, it was a matter of me not having Doug into something like that. You have just like it's one of those things it just gets repeated over and over again by the way it's this is apparently disk. This myth busting. Is it there's a bunch of different websites that say that its horseshit so and a bunch of different doctors with references about the this this whole alkaline thing. Here's cancer myth number one that cancer doesn't feed on sugar, every new patient says will ask me about this, theory is prevalent on the internet, that sugar will influence blood sugar levels feed cancer and cause it to spread the truth. Is he can't really control bloodshed? thereby why you eat the bodies, complex system processes. What we and manages to keep blood sugar level stable best. Is it true that doesn't make sense? I mean
you're? Obviously, when you're eating sugar, you're inducing insulin response, which then you take the sugar up into yourselves, so that regulates the blood sugar levels and letters that doesn't let em ushered Pepsi Diabetic, Irishman, that's not working there. Then you carry let your blood sugar levels normally and that's not good that same sex. This, of course, is people with diabetes. You don't have the proper insulin regulating systems, but a few applied a theory that sugar can affect insulin levels and feed cancer. Diabetics with cancer would all be dying of their cancer one. What exactly come: fuckin quotas that doctor hole and who are you fourteen weirdo, but is there any sense this? These are non colleges too specializes in gastro, intestinal and esophagus salvageable supper June. Salvageable cancers says at worst. These myths may lead vulnerable cancer patients, try untested treatment,
procedures you now. The thing is: is that cancer cells, You acquire this capability become glycol Eddic, where their instead, using glucose to convert into Paraguay and go into the mitochondria and use this whole mitochondrial matter, well as an ox phosphor relation to generate energy. They become they use this whole pathway. That's called Mycalessus it's a much shorter pathway and they they're using. Two to generate you know that's how they're using to generate their energy. So I think that probably phaser on people coming up with all these different. Theories and things that manipulating the glucose and all that what it can do. I know that you know I did a lot of work. Manipulating cancer France and cancer cells and grad school and dumb. You know getting
If I, if I have this, is in vitro first of all, I do it in vitro. Take it. If I take a cancer cell and I take away their glucose, but they still have all these gloomy and they have no other amino acids and that they are fine. They gross, or but they will die if it took Their gloody mean they would die within twenty four hours and its for me to think about. Cancer cells were not only do they need Energy ATP. They need nitrogen source to make new nucleotides for New DNA and also new amino acids. They need in a molecules like to build lipids for lipid illicit membrane, so it it there's a lot of we know just just taking with glucose- is one thing, but there's a lot about. You know me RO molecules that are really required for cancer proliferation. That are also important, so you know,
making someone's taking some of this stuff that were learning and science and immediately applying it. I think in some cases can be a little dangerous. You know just because we don't exactly understand how all these mechanisms- working together. So I'm a little cautious about taking some something that we are learning in science and currently applying it to two yourself, especially if you have cancer, it so fascinating maybe you think about like blossom. I was here is talking about the folic acid you know and and how that's that's a perfect example where folic acid is is great for you. If you don't have cancer, because you can build new dna, but if you have cancer taking a lot of it is not great for you, because you build new dna and that's why can't you just are doing when their dividing. So you know that's and there's another example of that with another microwave train by one of them. Ease, so I actually this would be a transition into to some of them off it staff, because he was talking about that, specifically
oh dear, that doctor that stuff that I sent you yeah, this is some so whoop weak, definite get into that. I would love to in a moment so just a letter but you know it's, it seems you know. If you're not interested in doing research, it seems at all every one whose done research on this alkaline diet thing says it's horse shit, but they do say that these foods- that? There are suggesting that you eat to keep an alkaline. Rich diet are very healthy for you. So In that sense, it's good for you, because he's gonna provide your body with the nutrients that it needs, especially if you're nutrient deficient you're, much more likely to be unhealthy. If you're, much more likely to be unhealthy, immune systems can have a hard time dealing with any hosting DE rises, but that This alkaline thing of your body, your body, basically hovers between seven point, three, five and seven point: four: five. Your stomach is very acidic, with a ph of three point: five or below so can break down food,
and your urine changes depending on what you eat and that's how you body keeps the level in your body steady, but that this idea that you're gonna regulate the alkaline of your body with food and that you're gonna keep your now go state harsh, there's a lot of less sort of like myths going on and found recently. I think I saw your twitter. You posted some I don't know couple days ago about Caille, and yes, it is what kind of its it's kind of these people, doing more harm and in this sense and in some cases, so, Ok, I'll kill. You Sepphoris family like Broccoli, Cabbage Brussels Sprouts decent. They have something in them called glucose and all its ok. Who close all its can get. Could they get clean, an enzyme called Myerson AIDS, which is in the plant, and it form some called I so sign AIDS and ice
I have signed aids are very been shown to be very potent anti cancer Even so. They activate It's actually a party that for me, since I was talking about because these are generated, the plan as a natural MIKE defence mechanisms, it's one of their natural defence mechanism against box. It's like a natural pesticide innocence. They produce it to keep bugs away I so Theo Sign AIDS are, for us, activate a variety of different genes that are involved and stress resistance, including tumor suppressor genes, which actually kill tumor cells and so, and they shown that they shown this. We know quite a few times that, if you, if you give my site, my sap cancer, that aside AIDS, they will kill a cancer cells and the whole ice with I aids thing also pet, competitively by Two I had the iodine transport and the thyroid. So here this whole- oh, my god, you can't Kalen
you are quite different because it will screw up your thyroid calls hyper thyroid. Isn't right. So the thing is: Is this I thy assign aids? They could they appear to compete? doubly bind to the same transporter that iodine does to get into the thyroid. Now I was looking for. The paper This showed that, and it's like nineteen forty eight is what I wanted to see- was a dose dependent manner of giving them. You know these if you sign it or kale, and How much of it, you know, competes with iodine. How much do you know doesn't like can get access that paper, but what I did find is that when you give these mice isotope science laudanum, that kills cancer cells, but it doesn't cause any thyroid problems which me to believe that, as I have cyanides, probably very, very very small degree of positive innovation, getting iodine dine interest thyroid, which, if you d If you aren't loan I'd on, would be a problem because you're not you know so much
very small amount of competing with it. To get it to get iodine into thyroid can be a problem Lester really really, patient and iodine and then any small amount you need. So in my opinion and for me I said I love getting isotopes unaids from from these cross reference by the way the enzyme Myerson is that converts that the glucose and all its into, I suspect I assigned aids, is heat sensitive, I'm so few heat it it will, an inactivated, not completely, but it does now made it for the most part and so you're not getting as many of those. I suppose science, which is probably why people start to say a boiler, Kalen. I personally want so they assign AIDS, because the data so strong, showing that these things kill cancer cells admits. It is a well known fact that these things, So this idea that Rock Hale or entities rob Rob
what was the others it one out. There is a gap rep Brussels roused, but then there is another. So that's that story. About the idea that those are bad for you, yeah seems bullshit we guess what I'm just I mean to me it. You know, for me, says, ok depends on what you're defining is bad for. Your thing, for me, is its anticipating, a bunch of genes that are tumor suppressor genes that kill cancer cells. I mean it's good for you, these ices areas and intricate good for you. If you do if you're not like completely deficient in iodine, which most we are. I mean I think, that there is some problem with women in their twenties or forties, but supplemented iodine while you were taking these are so Ryan is ready, and I say I have signed AIDS. I for their very I've, been talk about these four years lake. How awesome they I want them like I want them. In my bonnet life. What may I say that as an example, swore I'm telling you. How can I get you.
So because they're fucking awesome? I got a kind of herbs because I might see all this stuff in its like. No, no, don't not no there's a war in Iraq Hale because you you wanna, get things like. I suppose, there's this chemicals these plans. That are a guess there. You know, there's rightly toxic, but inducing stress response mechanisms and our body that are good for us, their fighting off all that all the if that were making in our body right now. It's it's a good think. Pre cancer cells are always happening. You want tumors. Sir genes, are genes that when there's something's wrong, like you have a big, Tat Dna damages talking about something happens, reputation happens in a cell; it senses it. You know, debates this whole responds pathway, words like dying, kills the cell so having. Something that activates those pathways in your body like ice with I assigned AIDS is a good thing. It's you know, and personally, I want more mom
so all this stuff about that is important. He searched bad conclusions. So the thing is that when you look at the when you look in the literature the if you're trying to look at the effects of ice, but that fires on its on firewood function, there's not a whole huge literature. Like I said I was looking for experiment to prove to me. I wanted to see how much competitive inhibition there was of. I think they're also called icy threes see three on the item Transport and forward. I couldn't find it's it's all review articles were they refer to allude to the reference, go the reference, its with some other review is there's no. I wanted to see the data and I had to dig like dig until I nineteen, forty eight worth since this competitive binding. I say and then I found you no other papers, about? Oh it's only in effect, if. Have low iodine, which made me think. Well, I can't
the data by what I think makes sense, is that only if it is it's such a low, competitive, binding, that's You know it's not like if you eat Esther not yet. I had on its that if you already are at that point, we don't have it any little bit you dont get, makes difference, and I know- and I know this because the mine, the mouse models where there are not even looking at thy word function there. Looking at the effects of, I suppose I need some killing cancer cells, those my I have no problems with becoming hypotheses, they're, giving them large doses such MIA ok. Well, that would have been a side effect. They went unnoticed, go because this is just completely theoretical and it doesn't work it it work in practice. Of getting hypo firewood ism from fighting If you have normal levels of iodine, it's funny you're fine, but if you're, if you're like one of those people that is iodine deficient May it may affect you, because if it, if it there's a small amount of it, it does seem to compete.
With iodine transport, but I think it's a very small competitive amount. It's not a stunt like all the iron, it's not like all or not like all of its getting and are not getting in. I think it's a very small, MT. It doesn't get in But if you're, not if you're getting your iodine- and you know it doesn't- does that following talk- okay, so that people can follow that began I really do so much of the hardline these days there, so contrariness and some people want to debunk anything that items thing and then the other one is its oxalic asset. I think you're gonna confused That was the one that Dave aspirated talked about this. Why the gas, India with Kale? That's why I brought that because here he said the boil Kale because of exhaust gas it during the war, and let me tell you about that. The Zella gas. It, I think, there's a little bit in Caille by it's mostly in spinach oxalic us so much stronger and spent yeah, that's the highest Galileo and that
what people are saying on the internet from what I could see on this whole echo chamber thing that happens is that you need a boy spend edge. I guess earn something more they're, saying Caille, because then you're gonna. Activate this like I said, and now it's not gonna binder minerals like magnesium, calcium and they're, saying that this problem! If you don't you, speakers and you're gonna get kidney stones right, so I was looking in the larger and I found a really cool experiment done by japanese group, where they took manage raw spinach. They boil did they Friday, they frizzle bit and so they did in our various different temperatures. And then you know Then you make him into a power. To give to these. My set are magnesium deficient. They they may put him on a magnesium deficient die and they fed on either the raw spanned. The boiled frizzled fried and they measured magnesium levels in their blood in their bone and they measured Coulson.
Levels in their blood and bone, and also in their kidneys, and what found was that there is no difference in the magnets and calcium levels and the bone and also the serum. It what weather you boiled bra, fried whenever frizzled, however, I'm sorry count the calcium levels are worth. There was a difference from frying at, but the raw and the boiling were the same and basically the conclusions were it doesnt effect absorption boiling raw? It's the same european Thorpe sooner magnesium, calcium there were magnesium, calcium in the kidney they did have him in the kitchen. It was a little bit higher concentrated versus the control, but it wasn't causing you know kidney stones and things like that, and there was no difference between boiling or not so if you're gonna make the claim that you know, oxalic acid causes. You know stones and need a boil it well. Maybe there maybe you need to say, don't eat it, but I only
sticky sounding any! That's the case, so it's our gas in you dive consuming it and raw form, not Bob, I think it's it you'd to consume massive massive amount to two caused. Something that would be like So what do you mean like eating it? Every day, all day now I like eating like like pound towns of everyday carried everyday of, though that's beauty. I'm not pure here's the violent. I have not convinced myself that I have to boil any of my experience or Caille before I eat raw, I actually actually put it into smoothly. Every morning I make a smoothly with Caille Rock Hail: spanish tomato carrot Cotter Banana almond milk, some berries and poet protein powder as well anyways Ivan convince myself that eating Ross
imagine my smoothly everyday you're gonna put. You know I put an ice amount of it saw pounds of it, but I haven't convince myself that I'm doing any harm in this is obviously not just based on the way your body reacts, but based on the research you ve done it is based on the little bit of reading that I've done on on those of the ices areas on its. I'm definitely convinced that you know that the oxalic acid, you note because it does bind minerals its key later. You know, there may be some cases where kidney you know can accumulate in the kidney, but I think that from from my reading. That's really really large dose and I haven't its myself here, I'm not saying it's not possible, but having convince myself that worry about it. So the idea dad dear getting some sort of toxins from the vegetables, because the vegetables are trying to prevent predation right nonsense now we're getting timing, but nonsense that it's bad for you, it's it's it. There's the in
their activating Camisa, so it is a kind of toxic for you. Ok but it's activating stress response pathways that are ultimately it's like. Ok, a little bit about for you. Activating a pathway really really good because now you're now turning on hundreds of genes that are, solved in dna repair that are involved in gluten. Proxies getting rid of oxidation that are involved in making, I mean making sure, shells die? So to me you know you are a little bit of these toxins from these plants. Absolutely, but your bodies, counteracting of these talks, embodies incredibly beneficial. Your body is in your body, is pretty amazing. Ended is pretty beneficial the reaction to to some of these talks. It so the point that the incorrect correlation that people have made between the very low toxicity between these, these plants Kale broccoli, whatever and I'm being something you should avoid consuming less. You boil them. That's just not in mind,
In my opinion, it doesn't make sense, does makes sense to me that so I think We can take something little and it becomes a sensational and there Oh it's very sensational because, what's good, for you is for you, but if you do this little thing, it becomes good we again and I think that site the good marketing tactic in some respects. Do not I mean where there is one cases, a study that you could find a pub bedside about a I guess actually, no FRO Patsy due to choosing this patient with Oxley induced acute renal failure. That was it limited to consumption of Oxley, rich fruit and vegetable juices obtained from juicy we D. I had the case and also review the clinical presentation of sixty five patient scene in the mail clinic Rochester Minnesota from nineteen eighty five through two thousand TED
with renal failure and biopsy proven renal, calcium, Oxley crystals. The cause of Renault, solo says, was identified for all patients, a single cause for thirty, ex patients and at least two causes for twenty nine patients. Three patients include. Our index, patient had presumed diet in, used obsolete, never say that were never throw path. Ain't, never path. In the context of chronic kidney disease identification. Of calcium oxalates. Crystals in a kidney biopsy should prompt and evaluation for causes of renal oxytocin, be blue, blue bird So what do they mean? Yeah, it's mean it sounds like their these people, how many of them more than that had the from the juice Let's see, sixty five patients from nineteen eighty five, two thousand and ten a long time and to have sixty five patients.
And all of them further from actually single cause for thirty six patients and at least two causes for twenty nine patients, since you cause yeah this who cause for thirty six patients, ably was juicy there's one of one is chasing, ok and yellow, and there's two causes an amnesty as it so about three, so it sounds like like I said you know: you're theirs. Gonna, be cases where you can you can. You can probably cause that to happen because it does by in Calais. These ions, especially inducing perhaps because you're taking us such a large quantity of vegetables and breaking them, onto a juice it would that make me I sound yet more obsolete, maybe south acid, maybe so, because I give you juice like think about like what a leg of sixteen ounce glass of juice, how many vegetables have to go into that juicer being at the liquefied down too? I
makes movies for the most part I dont juice, occasionally I buy a cold pressed uses, but Most of what I do I just behind me I dont use either. I have not actually have not ever juice makes me these as well, but you know there it sounds to me like there can be cases where you're getting a really concentrated amount of this and you're doing it everyday cause. There's people out there that go extra, and no matter what they do. They go like to the extreme? And you know, because. You can you know that the oxalic EL, the untying of aid, the accelerate can bind, does fine to these metal, I to collate some men. It absolutely could accumulate in your kidney so but you would so the real key is the thing that we have always been taught to eat a balanced diet. I think people are not going to that extreme right and I dont think most people have to be under
I fear that they canny rots bent spot raw Spanish. That's the thing! I don't think they're, u need to fear eating raw and I think maybe just be a dumb ass, unlike you know, go way way way overboard right, so eating. Some raw juices is probably really good for you eating nothing but reduces all day. All your life is not so good for right, animal protein or somebody it's another lings and yeah yeah. There is another guy. I know a guy who were brought lesson was actually Yossi heavy. We ain't nothing but me use fuckin crazy person and he got diverted Realitas and he had to get us twelve inches of Colin removed. Pre serious operation, truly interesting that some I know I don't know how Much of it agree. This is dose dependent, but there's bacteria, your guy called purification bacteria, and call that, because of the bacteria that make that
really nasty smelling, fart, like hydrogen sulfide, like pure hydrogen, sulfide and bacteria, the purification bacteria they actually use. Like Sir, fate and nitrate as their source of energy and they converge then too, like, for example, hydrogen sulfide, but they need aid they. So it's the is basically what we do with oxygen. They do that with these sulphate, they they make an intelligent. I'm afraid, it's like us, converting accident water, that's how we make ATP. They do this by converting sulphate into action. So five knots their energy, this purification bacteria will they need. These products, co factors to do this and that Heem him is red meat, so some people are really really large doses of read me like what benzes you're, giving those bacteria Heem start to make hydrogen sulfide. And with hydrogen sulfide seulement first by the publication of bacteria, so the have nots smelling farts like hydrogen sulfide parts
and also hydrogen sulfide combat compelled to compete? suitably binds to enzymes in are got cells that make energy, so they actually so it go. Hydrogen sulfide goes and binds to these Electra transport chain, enzymes that make ATP in our guts hulls and competitively inhibits them I'm actually being able to reduce oxygen water to make. Eighty peace in your guts Del start like starved down there and threats to break down the gut mucus barrier any it's a totally tangent and I don't know I got on that. I guess the me the behind me die right now the divers regulators that people got from eating only me yeah, so it like, I said I think it's it doesn t really does dependent thinkers eating a little bit to meet it depends. I mean you know your own body if you're eating tonnes of meat insert smelling these hydrogen sulfide smart farts and does not good right- probably not not good,
So if you smell guys, forty days talked when it's like. It's not it's not the kind of part that no it's the heights, the pure those ones, Edward, yeah. What's going on here. Those are body building parts of Europe and a guy in the bureau that you know how to read You re just woke up a lot of protein period. You now is it affect all types of protein ices came to him is in there it's. What MC gives red meat, the red, color yeah specific direct me. So the more read me the more hard before pretty much makes sense what do you really think about having the worst farts? It's always guys with big guts, no like, if someone farts on an airplane, you always look at the guy with the gut. It's very difficult to fix who is fighting on an airplane. That's why there is why people are so sneaky about Yeahs, Nagy airplanes, foreigners. You know who you are, but the guys with the big guts they're. Usually the culprit. It's it's I mean that's puppets. The purification
bacteria purification back to them in their name. For a reason we want to throw up so for this is that you know my friend, but Cowan, who I love dearly, but he's fucking, ridiculous and he's one guys that will get on this tangent and listen to on person say something, and then bout it out as if it's fuckin gospel, and then he hit me with this Peter offered. Guy is that the guy's name all may more money for doktor off at were fuck. His name is, and he lives to this guy and without debunking it online at all, and I, I did it real quick. I did a real, quick debunking of it and found a bunch of people called bullshit on all of his claims, a meal Studies were from nineteen, ready to insist like sir, so much of what this guy had said was horseshit one of em
claim that a study this guy was basically saying was taking vitamins and taking Anti oxidants can actually cause cancer, and you know count. Of course never wants to be wrong. So he's telling me none at all studies confirm this like the fuck, they do man. So I sent him all this this you know Roger him with all these debunking sites and backed off. Finally, but for fucking days, his twitter was all about. Don't take Antarctica. Is he come really you can pull down I'll fucking called me up is like due to really worried about you, you taken in actions taken item as and where you gonna get cancer. The fucker you doctor I got. We need we need to dive into this. I mean two eyes. First of all, in angers me what was the name of the book he row its? Do you believe, in its called on account of his book, I'm a cop I'm trying to make money, is there that's what's going on with the lobbies, fuck heads these contrary ends with these people that make these articles know how many of them are just idiots ought to know how many of them like brine, Dunning, where they just sort of their government
we deficient there's something wrong with the way their thinking we're. Yes and yes, I discovered that in communicating with Brian over three hours? My there's something wrong here and I know what it is and I don't want to know what it is, but that's it you're not normal. You not healthy Europe, correlations, are not healthy, though, like just just and discussing buildings following his yeah like his is way of looking at things is unhealthy, not its correct. I don't know if that's what guys doing on an overall nice people are doing things. I think that just trying to get attention there, like ok, he's gonna kill. You fuckin kills you to kill me. Everybody knows that people are loving Cale these days. People are finding ways. Health benefits gives. I took talk, free in openly about our during Kale salads. We'll kill shakes. Rather we have regular basis and hum, I feel great when I take up so and in our people sell. Send me these fuckin thing, so I read tweet some of them and then I'll find country. Three articles are retweet does so this off it fuckin thing, just drove
me up a wall, because I started reading all the people who call bullshit on this guy and all these people. They say that he's kind of dangerous things, you saying are kind of dangerous because their ease Refutable, but he's trying to sell them, selling selling them, as fact yeah. So let me lemming, I'm nuts, then here, because I really am. I was I first of all, I wasn't familiar with the guy until you brought to my attention and actually my my adviser, my puss doctoral advisory and eighty five year old, like world renowned scientists, new. The guy was you just like you. A crash em like you in. He really doesn't like this guy he's from my with his whole everything he's doing less. Why was so angry at Cowan because we go online, there's just a fuckin slew of reputable rival reckoning disguise another. I didn't read his book, but I listened to the podcast and I took notes on what he said and
and I'm ready. Let's, let's go through some of this, because I think it's really important. First of all, this guy makes huge over general evasions. Doesn't understand mechanism, that's clear to me so the first thing The first thing he says, as is that we should have. If we're gonna look at the effects of supplements, we need de randomize controlled for trials. We need to hold all drugs to the same. Standard, we need randomize controlled trials. Randomize controls controlled trials are like the poster child. For pharmacological interventions, drug interventions and what are you? Basically, you get a population people be split into two groups and when I have either you're you're, drug blah, blah banal or placebo and you're gonna give. You know, whichever group one drug Bobby the other gripped the zebra and you don't know, is getting what they don't always getting. What am I going to look at some and point like heart attack or might aquarium FARC Infarction, or something like that, and it's really. We design for that. That sort of thing, because
When you start off at baseline everyone in the trial has same levels of drug blah, blah banal in their blood? Guess what zero? Because we don't make drugs, we don't eat drugs. You know it's not something that were you know, eating on a daily basis that pharmacological drug that's been designed. The certain economic mechanism of action to act on a certain thing to do a certain thing right like stands, for example, so you know, you can do that when you have this randomized whole trial for a certain x amount of time, and you look at if fact on, heart attacks and you don't have to measure anything you know the problem is, is that you can apply that I am thinking for nutrition research because every has different levels of vitamins and minerals and their body people's different diets have people letter d, you know have inadequate levels of things are deficient in certain things: have optimum levels of certain things, and so, if you just take this random but people put him in two groups and then
a vitamin supplement and then try to look at some clinical and point like heart attack, will guess why you're here of people. That of what were severely deficient whatever you gave them they're still severely deficient or you can have people that are to have total adequate levels and you're getting giving them a vitamin, they already have adequate levels of and you're trying to look at some clinical end point you kid do nutrition, research with the same mind framework, whereas we're looking at we're gonna do the same type of that we do for drugs. You know that you can't do that. You can't do that. You have to think the way you control and design we'll trial and when you're doing nutrition research, where your we're looking at facts of vitamins and minerals. First of all that this, very different things going on when you have a pharmacological drug, your bring it to someone because their already falling apart. Ok, there are falling apart and you're trying to help them not fall apart as fast by giving them something. You know that blocks x or wires. A cluster of synthesis for one step.
With vitamins and minerals. These are things that are important from four for preventing you from falling apart. These are things that we require these enzymes. We need in a co factors for ends that we need to do like hundreds of different physiological functions, thousands of different physiological function pseudo, so we're talking about a different start. Right? It's? Not it's not like. You give people vitamins when the falling apart. No, they know they need to getting there, vitamins to make sure they don't fall apart brown and the whole randomize control trial. Using that that's what did so he kept saying that we need to hold vitamins to the same standards as drugs, we need to have randomize control trials and that's how we, you know, deter whether or not their effective or their their efficacy. Basically, but, like I said, can't do that. You have to measure people's vitamin and mineral levels looks like but say you're looking at vitamin d at base. To see how efficient they are for one is going to determine the dose that you give them enough if someone's life. Twelve nanograms promote leader, and you give them
hundred I use a day. They have even shown in that annals of internal medicine paper that doesn't work there still going to be deficient at the end of the trial, because The four hundred I used today raises your blood levels by like five nanograms familiar, so you can't that you just on the way to do and chosen reserve the difference being that given someone something this completely alien to the body, but could be beneficial like a drug or giving them something that is absolutely essential to the body that is necessary and is a part of normal everyday diet that you can't look at the two of them. The same way that the drug may help people, but The reality is your introducing something: that's plainly alien to the person system in order to benefit them, whereas with vitamins you are just regulating or measuring what is essential to the human body in an end, and pretty much has been established that vitamin be vitamin d vitamin c all these different things that various aspects of neutral in our essential right to human health. That's one! That's one,
aspect of it. You can't look at a drug the same way. You look at me yeah and also like, I said people already start off with varying level of these vitamin. So in your randomized em into two different populations, you don't know some of these people get up could be efficient. Some have plenty of, but vital we know, K or whatever you're looking at so to measure them at baseline. So you don't like the population's. You need to get population, that's low, because the whole point You know giving someone a vitamin supplement is to bring them up to an adequate level. It's not too, like have some effect on top not like a drug where you're you know working some receptor and having some response, no you're taking vital. And mineral supplements, because you're not getting everything you need from your food and you want to get yourself up to an adequate level and so what you, to do is start all. You need a measure. People's levels at baseline start off with the population that inadequate given- provide a minimum and mineral supplements to get him to an adequate level, and then you can measure something. So it's real.
Important. I think even talk about this last times quantifying these levels will. This is the reason why you can new starting off with the population people that has enough vitamin d in China but the effects of vitamin d on cancer incidence. Well guess You know they already have enough item, indeed already inadequate range or, conversely, if there really really really deficient and you're looking the effects of vitamin d in cancer incidence, and you give them a dose that still makes them they're still deficient Well guess what we don't know how vitamin d is affecting conferences from that one study, because there's still deficient at the end of the trial. You know conclusion is oh- my does- was inefficient- was inadequate. Bring them to an adequate level of vitamin d. That's that should be the we are not about him and it doesn't effect, can cement and rights, which is what will tend to do, though. You know you have to sell your story to get a published. You do all the years and years work of research and you find negative data. Like what you got a solid, somehow you're, not gonna, sell
by saying oh well, didn't government. What does this does not mean an opt out? level. So that's that's really the one first thing about for and so many others, including the people that road this whole enough is enough editorial. The same. They were looking at randomized control trials. Most the time they started off with people didn't measure anything at all at start or throughout. We know the follow ups and you know it well well, the enough is enough was even worse because he enough is enough, for they were studying to the things you are setting were heart attacks and people over sixty five and dementia delaying the onset of dementia and people who are over sixty five Jesus fucking Christ you're talking about before I die and you're giving them vitamins and saying didn't, stop him from dying right, you're dealing with compete completely broken human beings that are like on DES door. There's they are forgetting shit, they don't know where they are and their hearts failing a gap
Well, don't worry so to say vitamins dont work in those two circumstances is ridiculous and their other circumstance showed a slight improvement with vitamins, and yet they still came to conclusion of vitamins. Don't work because that's the most salacious title right: they vitamins, and minerals are important to prevent disease. They are important to prevent disease it's, not it's not like if you're already far power, and you ve already been deficient for years and years and years and years and years guess work much harder. Patch things up much more difficult. You heard so much damage, if required. So many different things that are going wrong, that trying to patch it up later is really difficult and so you know and the studies also they did things where they were giving it to cancer patients and like us or smokers they were looking at. The effects of in a carotene vitamin a in smokers and the thing is is that smokers, cars are a different because I mean they're taking in noise points
and every day and what happens is their lungs. They have a very ox native environment so when they take vitamin better care. And which is part of a vitamin a family. This beta carotene cleaved, because they have occident of stress and stop going on. It gets cleaved into some. These cleavage products which actually damage dna, more inclined, and accelerate cancer, and but the thing is that that specific to smokers, if you the same debate according to a non smoker guess what that doesn't happen. They don't get those cleavage products and incidents are damage their dna more and it doesn't accelerate cancer. So you know you have to the context is so important, like you and can't say vitamin is bad, for you know well, if you're a smoker You know this is a certain contexts where you know there can be problems with taking the high does submit a carriage, and for that reason where you're you're you ve got all these occident of you know stress things going on, and so they cleave the better beta curtain to certain cleavage products that normal people don't get. You know so context
important, and this is something that so many people so often ignore, including off it. You know another. He he's basically states that and he said clear its clear and consistent that Anti Oxen act. The supplements are bad for you and can give you cancer and he gets two examples. The one example he says is the prostate cancer study and this an example. He says is because you need peace oxidants around in your body to prevent cancer cells. It kills cancer cells right, ok, so it's kind of like that it's a kind of big over generalization and are really shows me his lack of understanding his lack of understanding of mechanism either because it's too much work to look into it, because it's a lot of work or you notice, because he doesn't care is now so, let's start off with, The first part he says you know, vitamin e can cause prostate cancer. This is this is huge, is actually there was a
huge huge study called the select trial where they took the one a m and vitamin cancer prevention trial. Slender. Also important. It's a co factor for about twenty, five or so different, genes are one of them being but proxy raisins and days in all these different antioxidant genes it has been shown to selenium high slanting was correlate with low cancer incidence. So this thought that would play a role and prostate cancer, so they did is big trial where they got like so like thirty thousand men is pretty big and they M supplements. They gave him either vitamin e, so vitamin ease. Actually there is a whole family of vitamin EAST, such as one vitamin there's, actually eight different forms of it and Alpha beta Gamma Delta, and there's the present as either to offer all or tunnels tribunals and the major forms are alpha and gamma to cover all ok and these
Different forms of vitamin e, the alpha and gamma to call for all their there two oxidants, but they actually have separate functions so the owl. But to call for all is a very potent antioxidant, so it's very good at getting oxygen, reactive oxygen. Radicals, that's generated by like normal metabolism, these things down but your dna, but they also damage or lipid like bilateral your membrane, some membranes. What happens is vitamin ease, soluble, so it gets in those lipids boilers and it Vanstone that oxygen radical from damn and what happens if you don't have that happening, you're lipid membranes, different stiffer over time. This is part of aging, where you're dirt they become region. It's hard to transport metabolites into yourselves, it's hard to transport proteins in and out just it screws up stuff. So it's important to have you know something like fighting alpha to call for all prevent that from happening. It also prevents your proteins from being oxidize which causes problems. So that's really ample
to have a new actually need to get it from your diet. Vitamin is you have to get from you die from plants we don't make it ourselves the gamma form actually is also an antioxidant, but it's an anti nutrition one. So nutrition, is formed from your immune system. Just normal immune function like fighting off things, creates reactive, nitrogen species. So these Hydrogen species also do the same thing as oxygen species. They damage or dna. The damage are limited membranes. The damage proteins in your body, so being both offered to call for all end, Ghana to call for all their during two independent functions is important: concern there making sure you're not getting those oxygen or nitrogen react species damaging crap in your body. Basically, ok and that's import to prevent cancer to prevent you know a lot of Nina disease.
Of aging so proteins I become come oxidize or get nitric aggregating they conform. You know things and plaques in your brain that can cause no general diseases. So it's important to have you know these antioxidant mechanisms in place to prevent that from happening as we h. So with that said, the alpha to call for all- and you can tell Complexus- is the alpha to call for all is the major forming your tissues and in your bloodstream. The problem is, when you take really high levels of it. So the idea is like twenty two point. Four I use when you take really highlights Ten times I like four hundred I use what happens, is it depletes your gamma levels? ok- and this has been well known for light over decades. Multiple tabs have shown this, including the lab work and they showed at many years ago, before Ivan, joined their lap. So you know taking high levels of alpha can be bad because it leads the gamma and the gamma has a separate function from the alpha. It prevents
nutrition, it also eyes and anti inflammatory, inhibits Cox enzymes, which were involved in general, Pope prostate lindens, so what they did was they gave men either alpha to call for all four hundred I used so ten times already a maybe even one ten times and selenium Ok, so they gave him either Africa for all selenium, only or both alpha to corporal insolently him or the placebo, and then they looked they followed up. Did it a couple of follow up to look at prostate cancer incidence? Ok, so the first study was five and a half year follow up, and this is publishing like two dozen nine in what it found was, there's no effect taking. Vitamin e had no effect on cancer. Incidence taken selenium had no effect, but what they were. What you can see, if you look at the data is they measure their alpha and gamma levels at baseline,
at five and a half years? What happened was those men taking four hundred I use depleted their gamma took off all by like forty five percent at the end of the follow up, which is like crazy, it's not good. And then the second follow up put it found. Is it seven half years later they found that? Oh, my goodness, the men taking, four hundred I use of out of it to cover all had a seventeen percent increase risk of products. Prostate cancer and then they went on to say. Oh, my four hundred I use a vitamin today day can cause prostate cancer, however demented this selenium with the vitamins. Didn't get it so the men taking that offer for all by itself, but took once it took with this one and with it didn't get it So that's twenty unprotected and they didn't know why so another study then recently came out from the same. This is all the same. Big cohort of people found only the man that were severely deficient in saluting him to start the trial that took the alpha coffer all were there
that had the increase cancer incidence. So I started thinking about this. Well. Why is that? selecting am also is important Like I said it's important for pro, like twenty five or so proteins. One of them is important for her, granting nutrition reactive migration products, so like while this makes sense are taking high levels of alpha coffer, all depleting your gamma levels, which is important to get rid of nutrition damage right, which damages dna causes. Cancer is like that and You can give someone this selecting Emma s sword if you're not deficient in its lending m that doesn't happen and selected that one is Many important also does that The bottom line is, does take. You known normal poles of alpha for all, like twenty two were thirty, I use a day to day you're gamma levels now is it? Is it good for you, like is it going to prevent you're gonna? Look membrane from oxidizing in your dna, from getting oxidize guessed you know, is gonna, give you cancer. No, it's! Actually the opposite prevents cancer.
Is taking high levels of of offered to call for all dangerous. Will it can be yes because it pleased her gamma, so taking high levels of Africa for all is not. It is not a good thing because it can delete your gamma, but that's all if you're also selenium deficient. It's very, very complicated It is not simple, and it's not as simple as take by too is going to give you cancer now there's a whole host of complex mechanisms that are. Play here and the reality is you know if you want to, sixty percent population doesn't have enough alpha to cover all ok, sixty percent. So if you, if you you know what a supplement with it just don't be DOM. Take it. Take us our level of and supplement the max. You can buy a mixed to cover all together, so they get the alpha on the basis of what is a good source of that. So of a cottage pecan walnut plant plants horses. I like to get my my omens also so aisles get my my by too many, mostly from from plants. Horses and also I use Ahmed milk
Sweden almond milk. In my like, I said, I make a really big nearly every morning which has all these different micro nutrients on. Sweden is the key really right over friendly said alarming, looks amazing that drinking milk and more say so good. I go accounting, So what kind of flavour is Vanessa? Go look at the fucking label, please what does it say as far as grams of sugar Ray nineteen growing of sugar per servant? Yeah, you have to get the and sweetened you have to get in in vain it has. It has a lot of magnesium Anna and about a lot of the mixed by Germany. So it's it's a good source, so vitamin e supplement taken in your opinion. You should probably just get it from diet said to make sure your levels are a normal, healthy levels and then it's a balance of the different So, finally, I prefer getting from day you. There are mixed to common rules that you can buy low it's not like ten times the already ay and their max so you're, getting the gamma with the alpha a good source for that.
There's Swanton brand may have a good one you mean by a yacht like a brand company out, and then you know that I think that might be a want. One I've I can't recall off the top of my head, but they are pretty reliable in general. In a sense he oversimplified things, but there is a danger of taking too many vitamins when you're taking vitamins like a vitamin e that could potentially, if you're, taking one form of it that could potentially deplete you're, you're absorption of exactly if you're, taking a really really high dose of vitamin the alpha took off her all vitamin e there could be. It central danger and depleting the gamma form Would anyone know whether taking our gamma figures have violently it'll, say it'll, say alpha to call for idle, say this sort like it says, offer gamma most supplemental forms are alpha, and- and that's because that's the point,
many species found in tissues and plasma, so people, you know we thought it was like that the most important, but we found that game is also really important and but you can buy mix, took off roles. We can buy mix to copper. So that is just one thing that he brought up. That was incorrect, yeah. So that was what he may. He said the data is clear and consistent and for one that's anything but clear I mean, there's lots of complex things going on and he said that it be as clear and consistent that supplemental antioxidants cause cancer Well There's also other studies showing that you know these people profit per in interpreting the case of prostate cancer. If you look at them, levels of alpha to cultural and gamma. Those with the highest levels of alpha and gamma. Have the least you know prostate cancer incidence of theirs is inconsistency is in terms of What exactly is going on and we're still really understanding all the magter and underline all the mechanisms at play but he also, he also
over generalization that taking supplement land to accent is bad because you need pro oxidants to kill cancer cells, and that was like the second part of his. Why supplemental enter into talks you're mad, and you know this is another example of context. So we know if you, if you dont, have a of the alpha gamma took off her all then you're gonna have increased any damage, you're going to have things at cause mutations and what happened? You know what happens is you gonna accumulate that over time and that's going to cancer so not having enough of this. Vitamin he's not gonna, unlike us at sixty percent of the population doesn't have enough, but the flip side is that if you already have cancer, then taking supplemental vitamin e. What happens is because it and set oxidation, then you there's can isms in your body that induce cell death, when you have
nation. When you have this demonstrating dna, tumor suppressor genes get activated and make killed. So So what they ve shown is that in mice, if you take mice that already, if you give em cancer- and you give em supplemental vitamin e- u can a tenuous that whole pathway that that activates to sell the death of these cancer cells. But that's not the case. If you take a mouse, it doesn't have cancer and given by too many, it actually prevents Edina damage. So this is a case where you're looking at contacts so someone that doesn't have You know that is not doesn't have cancer on their body. You make sure the not causing dna damage, which is happening every second, by making sure they have another, these antioxidants, but on the flip side of that mean, if you already have cancer, taking a bunch of supplemental, you know about vitamin e is not a good thing, because you couldn't attenuate that pathway. That is important to kill cancer cells. So it's another thing words like context so important. We need to differentiate between people that are normal, healthy and people that are trying to prevent themselves from getting cancer by preventing the
things that cause cancer, which vitamin e can help prevent versus talking about. Someone already has cancer and so just incredibly responsible to make a simplified version of these incredibly complex process. Yes, then, In my opinion, it's it's a big big over generalization and it's probably there because died and deep into this stuff. Is it takes time and its complex needed understand? some of these things are interacting and working. You know, so it's much easier to be. Like you re, you read the study that conclude and oh yeah. That's it. That's the thing that people love to eleven. Someone can break it down the clear sentence. Antioxidants can cause cancer while whose women get on Twitter, whereby no to there being an idiot rain. We people love doing and they love saying things like that: lead, like nice, clear, concise. He's digest and no less.
The high alkaline diet kills. Cancer even know me, I don't think there's any possible. Where could boil that down intellect one sentence didn't seem. Electrode biology is very complex and try two oversimplify it isn't. Necessarily meat doesn't necessarily mean you have a good understanding of the complexities. This is certainly enemy. Apart also requires a notepad yeah. Did you a lotta, googling yeah. You know numbering there, all offered to confer on damage copyrights. It's something, I think, is important for people so to understand it is. After all, is the major supplemental form and the last study I show saw us said something about like eleven percent of the population takes high levels of velvet cough wrong. So. You know you have a certain part of the population that overboard and they prob?
but I dont know about the effects of that's going on the depletion of their game on how that can be a bad. So I think it is important for those people to realise that, but flip side you know someone like off it. His solution to that is, he wants to have high dose vitamins FDA regulated so that people like him who happened MD can prescribe. And so that's his solution to me. No high dose vitamins and its. If you think about it. First of all, You know who's going to define what a high doses, that's it the already because, if look at something like vitamin d nearby right now already forbade. Indeed like six hundred, I use a day and seventy the population didn't have enough vitamin d take six hundred I use a day if you're division isn't gonna, go to an adequate level. So that's not a good level. What is a good level of vitamin d if six hundred is not an accurate level? What's with an accurate
So you know in a couple of studies that I've read where people that were deficient and vitamin deep took four thousand I use a day for a year. That was enough to get them up thirty nanograms from elevator. We took a year took a year wholly show and while takes a long day while they Did they measured it after a year or so it is possible if they had done some time points, maybe in between that it could have Rachel levels higher the done where it slow absorption into the body or something. Why would it take so long to the get the levels? I'm not saying it? gonna take a year, I just where the study was designed. They measured it your later. So it's you know it's possible that than didn't take a year, but daddy was that they looked at it a year later after taking in of four thousand I use day, but that was I think, generally speaking, people that are supplementing
between two thousand and four thousand. I use generally tend to have adequate levels if they're not severely severely deficient to start with if you're severely severely division and can take longer to to get up to inadequate, what are the other things it office said that you didn't think we're we're accurate or were problematic, yeah. So he also said that the data is clear and consistent that supplemental vitamins don't do anything. There's no positive benefit from them. That's what he said: no powers, The benefit and, like I said to his credit, I haven't read his book, so maybe he goes into some specific that I am not of, however, Say that supplemental vitamins have no benefit is like really no I mean they have done they ve been done. Randomized controlled trials showing that omega three fatty acid implementation supplement haitian lowers all cause mortality, so
you know supplementing and he actually refers to omega three fatty acids as an Anti occident. Listen that podcast he did so. You know that. That's one thing vitamin d supplement people that our stab supplemented with vitamin d too fifteen hundred I use a day. I dont remember how long they did that poor, but how to seventeen. It was many years There is a seventeen percent decrease in cancer cancer risk. There is a thirty an increase in cancer mortality and like a forty percent increase in in can't cancers, have the digestive system, including cancer. So that's one for vitamin d Alice yeah. What's another one. There is another study where they looked at Malta by women that took multivitamin and this
not a controlled trial. This was that they did questionnaire and found out like how many have frequently women took multi vitamins and how how many times a day that how how many days a week they took em and what they found that the ones I took vitamins on a daily basis had the longest humours the measure tumor length. So that's another one, magnesium so that talking about you know, taking supplemental vitamins helps you fill some of those nutritional gaps that you're not getting from your diet, And the reality is that we're not getting a lot of those vitamins and minerals from aren't. We talked about this. Is it possible to eat a completely healthy diet and get everything you need or do you need to supplement mean? Is it possible that question I don't know? I mean like things like vitamin d, what would you have to do mean? I know it's a milky have well somebody at four vitamin d: you'd have to really be living in a place that was exposed to you. Baby
during winter and summer and you'd have to be out in the sun for fifteen minutes, you know cause getting it from fear. Well, maybe it fish. Has it a good good bit of it, but you'd have to fish every day and also to get the omega three? Is you have to like every day, the omega three fatty acids or another big one. Indeed, have to be quite a bit of fish, frightened certain fish like salmon, Santa like Fatty fish right exactly you'd have to eat like fatty fish, so I think it would be really difficult like Personally, I try. I agree with with off it and that goofball Dunning, in some instances where you know you to try to get all you're you're micro nutrients, much as you can from your diet. I agree, you know and being a case in point my my do my smooth ie, eight that's my trusty, my greens, and healthy, healthy medes and fish. I really like fish, but I do support, You know I take omega three fatty acids. I take vitamin d, take a multivitamin which has my selenium.
My trace elements for my iodine and what our story Jake so I could be complex, even though most people aren't they don't have low levels of the bee, Vitamins data like fortification enough now actually take a complex because it's really kind of interesting, but we are. Our lab has shown that well, it's, partly shown this that as we age? I talked about higher lipid membranes, get more rigid and a lot of This includes or mitochondrial membranes, they get more stiff, over time. What happens is metabolites and self can't get transported as easy and all What happens? Is these proteins there? They bind co it was like be. Vitamins are really important for a lot of proteins in the mitochondria that are necessary for metabolism to generate eighty and these proteins require be vitamins, and autumn are embedded in the membrane. So when the membrane gets stiff, the protein bind.
Constant changes to that be vitamin, and it's been shown that you overcome that meaning. You actually can overcome that messing up that binding constant because it screws up the structure of the protein by increasing the level of bee vitamins. To what level do you recommend What what's so? What's the? U S, the idea, and what do you think should it be four p vitamins. You know I don't no telling what it should be. The there there's just no empirical data to show how much more? You would need to understand time. I have a bee accomplice, and I just can't recall the top of my head. What all the costs are so made up of many minor means. Do you know what the name you be complexes veto right now happening right now I have one from Vida costs, but I've been switching over to Swanton bran because I spoke out. Swanton would work W A and as Owen they're they're pretty
liable. They ve been around for a really long time. They generally have some some reliable supplements for Omega three. I, like Nordic Natural's, really good and nordic natural some. What is what that's a fish, babyish oil, so there's some oils, here's that here's, the young, the swans and it has twenty five twenty five milligrams of rival slave in, which is one thousand four hundred and seventy one percent of u s- R, Simon Simon Famine, Environment Simon, which is, one, it has twenty five milligrams, which has one thousand six hundred and sixty seven percent of the EU s idea vitamin c it has. It is well in the B complexes, vitamin c which is intransigent, eight hundred thirty, three percent of the. U S idea and the other big one vitamin be. Six is one thousand two hundred and fifty percent and vitamin be twelve
two thousand and eighty three percent of. U S idea. That's interesting. I've always found an interesting when you look at some vitamins hooligan multi vitamins- and you know you know what the idea is- neither see their percentages fuck off a chart yeah they have to die. Percent of: U S be twelve yeah that is to say in the years our ideas and knucklehead I mean that's what they're saying in their company wow. Look in fact them case of item b vitamins, you know, like I said, most people aren't aren't aunt em and they haven't really shown any toxicity of taking too much of this, be vitamins and they are water, soluble summoned up to paint. You pick him up. I personally am taking them just me, as I've seen you know, some of this data were, it shows, said some of these proteins at her. When your member, let your limit by layer is kind of more rigid get screwed up. You know we over time and also in you oxidation does that are eating rancid fat things like that change.
Some of the structure of those membrane proteins that require be vitamins and, like I said I don't know how much more unique there be cool. The study to figure that out, but it's not a dangerous one because their water soluble it it. How I haven't seen any data that shows it dangerous one for one, because they are water cycle and pay them out. What are the facts? but one that we should be careful about overdose avatar. After all, one, which is a rough ride like I said the whole into way between the gamma alpha, you know, is a gamma to call all our political for all. All the evils are fat, soluble I also should be careful vitamin d you can we know you can take. You might try. You know if you take that Cecily levels that that I've seen have been shown that, like ten thousand, I use a day for some time. Anything over that. Actually, I think, could even quite higher than that, but that's the limit
of toxicity. What about a mega threes and omega three in plant based form, verses in fish form great question so If you look at the so it made us three there's EPA, there's Diego an ally, so the major plant form like flak seed oil, reflects seed walnuts, for example, have a delay. Ok and that's they dont have EPA or deejay. Now you can convert a very small percentage of l L A into the EPA, but it's like five percent of it. It's very inefficient conversion and women may be able to do a little bit better ever converge I can recall, stop me with their number was. But the point is that if your only source, I will make a three: is flax or walnuts you're, not
in your data. You hear that weakens yeah. That's why I d begins. If you're Vigo, really I eyes Microalgae oil mean Fido plankton essentially or what making these omega three vision into. Phytoplankton gets contrary to that. Microalgae oil. I recommend for people that are vegetarian began. Michael algae, and but when you're eating microalgae oil. What what? What totally costume vague and is there any sort of animal protein microalgae? I guess you're. You know what they're phytoplankton. So if you're begin based off philosophy reed. I want to eat like any type of creature. Final final creature, it it's kind of its greater but so I guess I could be a problem, but if you are doing, if you're a vegetarian or begin for health services and is not like a philosophical component, where you know we have a problem with eating the spider
then we'll shoot me invasions shouldn't in avoid their certain probiotics it I mean that's a creature to trail Roma living life has yeah get why I don't know if they move, I mean they're their active, their active. They are absolutely Just because you can't see them here, you basically little tiny turtles or something you have whatever The little moving thing right here. I don't know what the flask. Don't have a lot of Egon friends. I don't really know cut those people, that's very important. I have anything against them idle about fucking weather. But the omega three day, Jane EPA, are really important guerrilla. Important- and so you asked- can you take too much- I mean for one. You know. Epa is a very. It's got a very potent anti, inflammatory fact which, as you know, important
for a variety of different mechanisms, me inflammation chronic inflammation over time can lead to a lot of age related diseases, and deejay, as we think even discuss last time, that's really important component of your soul membranes, particularly the brain like forty percent. So I think a lot of July. I think a lot too she take it. So well depends we have to look ok, you got your fish oil container and on Friday it says like one thousand milligrams or of mines as two thousand one hundred one year, something and then you turn around the bag. And you look look, let's break the breakdown, ok, how much EPA? How much GPA, deejay and then there's other fish oils, so, on my container, it says like two hundred or two thousand one hundred and something tat bag it.
Got eight hundred milligrams of appear in six hundred milligrams, deejay so and then all the rest is dismissed or fish oil stuff. So I actually calculate how much I take based on those components to appear in the age. I because that's important- that's what's important to me. So I take it six pills of those a day and observing side. I guess a serving sizes to Sir I did a little more now take ten ten pills, yeah, ok and you're that's pretty cool. I've done. I mean I've done that in the past. It has a big impact on joint health it is a big impact for our own grappling Virginia to people who are always getting sore knees and sore. Elbows is a big issue. And even sore backs has a huge impact on now. The entrance torn out absolutely. What is there? I informed what is the actual mechanism, the entire inflammatory mechanism involved and fish oil, so the
EPA is the major part so that you can actually EPA leg. Just you know, there's there's companies that also, if you really just looking at the anti inflammatory part of the fish, all you can buy EPA expensive, but what it does is it inhibits that whole Iraq, no tonic acid pathway, which produces prostate landmines? So it's like it's like upstream, it's it's inhibiting the production of Iraq, not ass. In a process of landmines which activate Cox, like all you know, you got this whole cascade of inflammation, going on it plays. A major role, not as probably other men I haven't even read about other things. We want as well that I am not even sure feedback mechanisms stuff that, but that's the major work, that EPA does and they ve been shown that, like taking two grams of EPA a day, can lower can like reduce Yossi reactor protein vowels cash. I don't remember the exact amount
by how much it was. But it was pretty significant words like a really you can measure. It lowers inflammation system like systemic look inflammation, how many thousand milligrams your room, you can set it one thousand milligrams or in one two thousand milligrams to grams yeah. They just call ground rules. I usually three thousand yeah. It's like it's much easier to write a confused me, maybe because people are aware of the whole metric system and stuff yo. If they see two grams, like that's nothing as to where we people get confused because we go ounces all the time with so many different thing, studies quietly understand why we use the metric system in some cases. In some cases we dont all right leaders. Also leader, will how many quarters, in their own government, seeking a wiser court Molitor. What are you doing here? One
we did everything Millilitre leader mean so gallons. When you go to the gas, I don't even yeah, I don't even that that was after Google. How many inches or tried to fuckin, I'm nine. Ninety centimetres! What the fuck is! Ninety, sir, how tall as I don't even know you know they mean if someone like tried to guess someone's heightened centimetres. So your fish or that you take is Tom, come but Epee Andy Asia is a good question or take gathers Carlson's, curled parliament. I believe that your do take the lemon flavour in the bottle or do take on impulse. I take both. I bring the pills with me when I go on the road to the women in the bottle at home. The other day, is something to be aware of with the omega three fatty acids and that's because their Paulie and saturated fatty acids there very prone to oxidation, so keeping them At four degree, while keeping the fridge sorry, it lowers that that oxidation process and also just smelling it doesn t us, never
make sure it's not rancid, smelling when you're taking when you're taking it, because that's the one thing with the omega three fat I see them like us. If I take a lot of things, we got the essence and thorough important, but I think it's important to be aware that they Ten grand said Anne and, if it granted consuming them, can be not as good and when you leave them in the fridge. Really, how long is it good for when you crack opener bottle I've always given in a two week window? If I don't drink it in two weeks, I throw it out I don't use the bottle anymore, but the bottle is more. Prom is more open to be near oxygen. That is one thing to be aware of what bottle. Now, let's go at the pills idea. That was something that I think that was part of the reason why switch to die, and I think I got really sick of that lemon you ever
It gives count for much yeah so familiar to just not taste, anything you swore pills, but the new dealing with the gelatin as well rash skeletons. But I haven't immense myself that its doing my charm, but who knows maybe I've, been dug deep enough? What about krill oil, how they feel, but crude oil Am I really done much much reading on the cruel is that that has bottom in areas where our that's caught and conflicting parties, liver oils and one that there was gave us more kids and errors. They will get their way. I've ever try to like the taste a pill, and I couldn't really actually figure have crude oil here. Although the abbot you know taking taking the omega three inches populated, open everyone's around smelling. It is that idea. I recommend doing that because you can smell what rancid fat smells like. So that's what
like to do in every once in a while just grab my omega three pillar there, the fridge and take some scissors cut it open and smell it and doesn't smaller answer that still good I've got some cruel, toil above is or crude oil, which was supposed to be the benefit of crude oil. Overfish will have a lot of deejay or EPA, and now I mean it's a seventy five milligrams of DNA, Jane hundred thirty milligrams of EPA and that's too soft shell servings. So you think that fish oil is probably better choice, and oil. Well, I don't know if there's that there's also one grandma krill oil, so says one gram, krill oil. Maybe there Something in there are not aware of because I really I just haven't- done a lot of research, but I'm looking at the deejay an EPA specifically if you're taking this
to get Deejay and EPA. I would said this is not a very high amount You think that if there is something good about krill oil, you should probably menaces was it is things krill oil radically better than fish oil blood. Sugar regulator know anything about it. Fortunately, this some other reason, maybe there's something else ya, like I said, I'm I'm completely ignore I myself here and this website, krill oil actually influences your metabolism and means to improve. The reference study found that, although both fish, oil and krill oil contain oh man a three. They differ greatly in how they affect the gene. Controlling your metabolism. Krill oil enhances glucose metabolism in your liver, whereas fish oil does not
oral, promotes, limpid metabolism wars, fish oil does dot. Crude oil helps regulate the might of conjugal respiratory chain words, fish oil does not sardine J does do those things that when they're saying fish oil so do they talk, talk it shit. Why? sure I'm not sure on Madeira following among those, because Deejay does regulate lip Leben metabolism and also so lists Deejay, an EPA in addition tube to the anti laboratory effects of EPA and, in addition to the deliberate lipid membrane, part of deejay these fatty acid molecules are signalling molecules that actually bind to different, dna regions, nor gene and activate them much like vitamin d does, and J J, an EPA do this, so deejay conduct can activate Jean. So you know what came out and innate it's been shown, activate mitochondrial metabolism genes. So when they say krill oil
Diane FISH or does not there to stay, doesn't make any sense to me. You have to be specific. What is it you're tired of talking about HIV because there in? But you know what I mean there's an article from her cola. Zaga good website INA Recall, is hit him ass. I think he does have a lot of good every once in a while. There is something you know it. It's both I haven't spend a lot of time reading his stuff, but I do think he does. He does have some good information but he saw doesn't side coils bad, it does seem like fish oil, is probably more beneficial or provide for this. The phrases in the year. So the point is, you have to be so big. If you're saying just krill oil. Will you talking about There are things in the crude oil because, if we're talking about you activation, Dp Ain T Data is doing that did do deejay activating genes its that's that's what it's doing. In addition toward its turn for Europe,
yet, this is so confusing. After reading what you said, because it saying some studies have shown, the credible krill oil may be forty eight times more potent and fish oil means you need far less of it, and fish oil is confirmed by two thousand Levin study for forty eight times more potent ones since the yet. What are we talking about in the krill oil? I just don't understand that's the problem and people have mortgages, they have jobs, they have children, they have dogs tat, they have a plan to water. The falcon in all those who have to its. I feel bad for people hard enough for a male Europe, whereas I argue about I mean no. Its causes raising ass, its craziness and the reality is understanding mechanism like what I'm saying mechanism, I'm talking about Diego can activate you know, promoters certain genes to to increase the expression of mitochondrial metabolism dreams, that's been shown, and when you say crude oil is better, can do that official, can't them
no sense to me. You didn't tell me you want specifically in the oil. That's not in fish oil, because you know dear Janey, Pierre, in fish, oil right. Are we talking about a con tracing dependent thing I mean, is there more date, Jane in cruel, I dont know actually yeah. I don't. I think this is something that's gonna have to be really studied in length and our I would love to see you dive into all these claims, but there's quite a few claims on line about the benefits of crude oil overfish well, but it doesn't it with one of the things Kirk Clue oil contains ass, a tax wool boy. Try this one. Ass T x, a anti HIV and asked taxation ass tee a acts a anti age. I that's that, tax under the a
marine sourced flavour noise. That creates a special bond with the EPA indeed CHE, which allows direct metabolism of the anti oxidants, making them more bile available, so make sense that selling malarkey. Possibly it doesnt Marcel more. Does it that it really is. The issue is another just so much to try to sift through find out how to separate the wheat from the chaff, ass. It were its yet with with the d a chain p, I M, really important thing in my opinion is getting it getting enough about like getting taking. In the good bed of dna pick as most people aren't getting any of it and all the other stuff. I'm just not sure how significant it is. Maybe it does increase bio availability. If a little, but I don't- I don't know if it really makes a big difference. So
so for the folks that are taking the gear they're getting their omega threes just completely from a plant source. What can they do? If anything? I tried. I really think that microalgae oils the bat that said I would, I would recommend, taking the fish oil, but I guess they won't do that. Some cases vegetarians won't do that, so the microalgae oil, as is the next best thing, in my opinion- and I like I said I don't really know much about about the crude oil, but I do know that The age at deejay is very important, as is easier now now a variety of different re reasons, but I'm gonna send you some of these studies on the currency of you. Unless you get bored reading it, you can't do it it's there's. Just it seems like this is such a Point such a mess. It says that so many different substance than just go.
Into all the contradictory arguments, the back and forth about all these different ones. That can be incredibly taxing. What's it I mean your website is a great resource of this. If people want to found my fitness dot com and try to figure out what what you ve already so describe new Verde explain. But how does a person's start? I think a really good resource at Eyelike is the line is pulling institute. So if you go to line is pulling institute, they are pretty good about writing a very that scientific research in situ, that's associated with organ health, university or organ state. Healthy nourishes, like that
but they they do a very balanced review on a variety of different supplemental vitamins and that by demands and minerals and essential fatty acids, and that that they give you both sides and now, if they go into the crowd and sometimes I'll go into things like that. None, but, generally speaking, I really like lions parliaments too. It's it's good. It's a good resource, give other places where someone can go where they can you know like say, like you just not sure what you need like we're talking about like various levels of vitamins and getting them tested. It is her like a standard place. We could go if you like some, who lives in the middle of nowhere can find to play Yeah give her boy permitted. I think one of the companies that I am familiar with is wellness acts. And I have no association with them other than I did a couple of gas blog posts for them. Where I for free wrote about
Adam indian Magnesium and they they actually think they're pretty much in almost every state. Now where you can go on to their website and they have a variety of different ass. They so do other measure different vitamins and minerals, and the omega three Fatty acids still measured from the direct protein and that you can go to any the enter your address and got away like a lab corp around nearest by whatever and get your blood drawn, and then don't give me that data within a couple of days. The hope you interpret it. They have a variety of different positions and nutritional people that can help you in trouble. What your blood result mean. So I'm like I used it myself. We also got a test for my mother in law to use and she lives in Mississippi. So you know- and it's pretty much- I think it's pretty much everywhere now, so I really like them and obviously you can go to your position in Europe. Your primary health care provider, but they may may not measure everything that you want.
Three whom they also my give you some of the more you need. A do was read about diet right how many times over her from a position of like shit, overweight, physician. I means sloppy loose skin all around us rather liked your melting right. Have you what's there? Yes, though it but the one that's a fax is pretty cool. I really liked them, but the nutrition thing I gets making its way into medicine, and that's part of the reason why people like off it, who is an empty these people, they ve, been trained very differently. They haven't been trained in understanding, preventive medicine, understanding how these complex macaroni transfer, interacting with different. You know, proteins in our body and how that's important to prevent different diseases. You know that their so they're, not they're, not thinking about it from the same frame of mind.
As long as people like me, better, be Phd. Researchers are nutrition as and there's a variety of other. I guess natural product doctors maybe have more there's a whole variety of different natural perfected lumped into homeopathic, sometimes completely different. I rob guilty of it myself, and I think I have is confused them in a way where the just anything homeopathic, I think of his horse. Its is the humming a path I like that crazy thing where they like dilute things too, crazy amount when you can't even there's like no active compound, if you, if you'd Google or would look at the Wikipedia of what is these interests learn from sorry, homeopathic they have their own measuring system too. I think it's like really they'll. Take a compound and they'll dilute it like a million fold.
Tied to the point where there's like no biological activity and they give to people. I'm pretty sure. That's that's the homeopathy. I didn't realize that until recently repeatedly diluting a chosen substance in alcohol, distilled water, followed by forceful striking on an elastic body. What dilution usually contains continues well past. The point where no molecules the original substance remain. Is that ok, let me tell the story so I recently had my wisdom, teeth, removed and Oral surgeon gave me this makes the pills that was arnica like nonsense, but I well, no, it was homeopathic, which really makes ignorance, and there is some anti microbial activity and things that than arnica. The real arnica, but I'm home they're gonna goes like sugar, the it's a water, its water, literally I didn't know is homeopathic. At first, I just thought: oh yeah, it's just arnica and wasn't telling
has been looked at it he's like do you realize this is homeopathic what's that really you? I knew homeopathic was kind of crazy. I look, we looked it up and it was like mine I couldn't believe that they are giving I think he knows. I think he probably made the same mistake. I rise as I was just arnica this for anybody, defending homeopathy homey? but this is on Wikipedia lacks, but this is all with references lacks biological plausibility and the axioms of homeopathy have been. She had been refuted. I'm time. The postulated mechanisms of action of homeopathic remedies are both scientific implausible and not physically possible. Although some negative, legal trials produce positive results. Systematic reviews reveal this is because of chance, flawed research methods and reporting bias, which is pretty come so
you haven't homeopathy earlier, I mean any terms, summonses homeopathy. They usually are worrying crystal. They know also, as a channel re right so No getting back to my wisdom, two thirds a kind of a whole topic I had to get them removed zero, like impact in causing problems and pain and such so. I did some research. I advocate my teeth: remove the guy some kind of benefit from it, and I found that the or wisdom teeth have something called dental pop stem cells on them, and these dental pops sell. So this stem cell research is like a whole. I'm really excited about the stem cell research feel more regard with that. But anyways are wisdom. Teeth have dental pulp stem cells in them that can actually form other
tissues in our body like bone cartilage and the even showed recently they ve they ve, taken dental pulps himself from people with impact was, in truth, taken amount and transplant them into mice that had damaged motor neurons and it was able to differentiate into damage mode, likened to nurse neurons, neural type cells and help place that so I went and looked on line to see if anyone was banking and created cord blood banking, where you can banker cord blood and indeed there is a company that, with a couple of companies there, both associated with cord blood banks as well, but there they bank, the gentle pulp stem cells that you can, when you have your teeth, removed the central care with likes, buffered sailing solution near or certain will stick the teeth in them, and then they ship it off back to the camp and they preserve and liquid nitrogen the kind of do very minimal processing. They don't actually remove the stem cells to keep it in the tissue. The dental tissue, in the phrase it in liquid nitrogen, so that you can later use it. If you need it, I saw it
actually really cool, because you can use this if you have damaged cartilage bone, possibly Parkinson's disease, where you need to replace damage motor neurons so that I thought that was pretty pretty cold like benefit for cause gang. You isn't, youth has removed, is not one that is fascinating, know tee at that primary too, children, children's cheese our primary teeth in you to throw the teeth away. There really have a really rich source of dental pumps themselves, so you can there be a child. Is there to than you can bank it? Ah where youth freeze it took six hundred and twenty five dollars for them the whole processing and then two story. It's like a hundred twenty five dollars a year. I personally think it's agree, investment. If you have kids and Isn T there. Also, if you're you have you isn't anything you have to get them removed, yeah. Why not? My daughter's Gibraltar loser for its truth, soap, opera,
yeah. The company that I want went with I can. I can give it to. I actually talk to their cell biologists are on the phone. I read through all the procedures in these scientific papers to see exactly how you process and the optimal way in the where to have the best viability after his arm, and so I was like getting on the fire. My ok do. There's two years until I went with this company because I spoke with wonder cell biologist, they had done two things that I thought were the best so anyways the whole stem cell phones for yards? It's you know, what's really cool is that they can take fiberglass cells from your skin like skin cells that we laugh off like every day and they can add four different transcription factors like for different genes that they can add by, like a viral, add virus to them, and they can reprogram them to become these pluripotent stem cells in your body, meaning that conform anytime,
so in your body is you can t get skin cell and you can make it. You know into a Larissa Oliver cell hearts. Armies has huge huge implications for kind of medicine, but I think also just for extending lifespan. What did you think about This latest study, where they took mice, and did you read about this when they took young, though the blue of young mice and they re introduced it too old mice, yeah, so that was that since that a year ago, who was the recent findings, because I've seen other studies that we're not super recent, but what they did was a took like bone marrow cells that had a bone, transplant and took which obviously bone marrow forms your blood cells from young. My and transplanted I'm too old mice and extend the mouse. The mice like lived longer you this This is recent at some day, it's from March Sex or may six, rather, they they actually took injection of young blood. So they took the blood of schism data.
Blood of young mice they injected it two old mice and they had tremendous benefits, including regenerating different, differ. Cells. Brain cells, tissues cells, Willy Brandt, cells, and I mean it, makes sense that you'd, rich regenerate different blood populations, because you have you know: stem cells, stem cells in the blood and stop there and improve the performance of elderly mice in memory and learning tasks lab that's all crazy, structural molecular Please I'm in paper, you absolutely yeah. That's awesome. I mean is this is this is stuff I'm really excited about. Now is, as you know, stem cell research and reprogramming were the Abbe. Genetics is a really cool part where you can reprogram yourselves to debase, would be younger
in other their finding. Now that that so apt genetics think we talked about this about last time refers to changes in gene expression and things like methyl groups and assimilation groups will sit on top your dna internal market turning down off now at their finding is they're trying to look at patterns of Malaysia, like in your dna, so they ve already solved the human genome project with no genes and now they're trying to look at the that the math alone to human math alone, and they ve been able to rule over the past few years they ve able to identify that. There's patterns of masturbation in your genes that happen with age and they ve even been able to like systematically identify. They ve taken blood from people various ages like from ninety two hundred
on, and they ve been able to identify the age of the person, the chronological age, the person based on their imagination patterns like with ninety six percent accuracy, and they ve been able to do this within four years. I think doesn't before years off, plus or minus four years, so they can take someone's blood cells. Look at their malaysian pattern and say your fifty years old and the person will be ineffective between fifty and fifty four forty six fifty. So I think that's pretty brick in amazing that there So anything that's really cool. This is I'm here, I'm on this cake. This epigenetic kick where they ve been able to now. Also look at the cancer cells like in a person take a tissue tumor sample, and then I too from the same person another non tumor tissue and look at the mathematician powder, and also that the cancer of the timber tissue ages by like forty percent, based on the malaysian pattern. While and yes, it's like the cancer cell
aging rapidly, so with really interesting is not looking at what genes these are. My genes is mathematician, pennant are happening around and defining its like dna repair, mitochondrial metabolism, antioxidant dreams like everything we ve been talking about this whole pike S, things that affect DNA, damage and metabolism. All these things mathematician patent are happening clustered around these. Around these genes and the cool thing about it to me is that for figuring this out, then we can figure out how to reprogram ourselves too. Young and extend lives, and I really think that were getting close to doing this, so I mean, if you think, about getting example. Like stem cells, stem cells also have mutilation. Pattern said that are very distinct to stem cells and There are certain genes that are one when a gene is methylated, it's not being expressed. There are certain- genes that are not expressed in stem cells for reason, because when they get expressed, they cause the cell to stop dividing and you don't want your stem cells, subdivided because stem cells or what's repopulating the petition
ok and they found that, like a certain gene is methylated and young people. So when we're young are stem cells, have you know this genes methylated, but ass? We get older Jeanne. The Malaysian goes away so there's enzymes that actually called deem athletes is that take off the map. All groups- and this becomes active and then the stem cell, like stops, dividing like me, lose to basically losing their stem cell and then you know moral sense. Tells you lose the worse off you are you can't replenish or damaged tissue and all that? But what they found was at the thing that activates that thing that takes off the metal group is something called enough cap, a b which is an inflammatory. It's that that thing is activated by inflammation and copy inflammation, activate and Cuba be and then act races, whole pathway of De Matthews that take off methyl groups. So what I'm thinking is that
inflammation, is a chronic signalled, its away, that I have been able to link the environment and, in the way, when I say environment edged, mainly damage constant accumulation of tissue damage. The dna damages talking about environment to epic genetics. So it's like you, have a chronic signal inflammation activating these democracies is there. Taking mental groups off of dna and now you're expressing genes are usually not expressed wonder more young in stem cells that stops the sums set stem cells from dividing. So it's like a really cool link between you know, environment and an opportunity eggs that were in as it relates to age in which we know that environment regulates but genetics. So to me it's kind of cork as long as we're figuring out his programmes. What that means, I think that will be able to reprogram are ourselves to become young. Incredible. How long do you think it's going to be before their hands? I think that were we're. Getting really close I mean, if you look like I say what the stem cell research
what we are doing now are we can take us. We can even take renal, epithelial cells that we excrete nor urine and make it into a pluripotent stem cell. It we can make it become a seminar lever. So, I think, with you know, the advanced or making with that. In combination with this learning, the looking looking fight figuring out the human epigenetic effigy now we're we're looking at mathematician patterns and figuring out, what's happening with age. You know, I think, we're and make huge strides in the next decade when, hopefully, if research funding doesn't go down, you know it's been going down the drain, but I m yeah, oh yeah I mean is funding- is hard. It's really hard getting getting funding in science because, but why is it with with? Why can't aging you it's like boys, there's something to be made where there is money to be made its funding anti aging research seems, like God, that's the way to go. Well, there is the
Finance National Institute of aging funds. A lot of the asian research is ask some private foundations that are funding it. But the reality is that you know these were funding, it would taxpayer dollars right. I mean it's. It's there's not a lot of money for real in general period. I mean you think that cancer one would be another right. I mean the NASA not that The answer. I is funding a lot of cancer research, but the problem is that it's hard to get funding and the things that are funded. Here's here's! What I see as the big from the things that are funded by these big institutes are typically things that are already been proven, though not as creative in it. You know there are things that people feel already solid since, like oh yeah published on this. Yes, we're gonna fund you're, you on that, as opposed to someone that has very creative ideas, very risky,
like. Well, I'm not gonna, you know, there's all these are the people that are trying to compete for this money, giving funding for something like that is risky, so they dont fund a lot of creative research winning. Unfortunately, what makes leaps inside this mice thing is so fascinating, because they show that, after four weeks stem cells in both the areas the muscle in the brain, gotta boost of activity and were better able to. Reduce neurons and muscle tissue, and then they are so discovered that injecting the old mice there was a young mice with old blood was a huge sat back, was a huge sent back when can join to an older mouse so that bring the old blood into the new.
The creation of new cells in the young mouse slowed an old blood seem to cause premature aging, yeah incredible. It is incredible, I mean it's, but how long for people start fuckin doing something gross like taking a person? Stealing their blood, introduce me to their own stay young means really Vampa tourism yeah, I mean for sure. We knew that someone has read this or that they now I'm gonna grab another water or the place is one winter. Will this study it was published on, though in the Washington Post, the articles published on May forth and study
through the studies published on line. The journal of Science came out here, yeah, one of whom was from Stanford. The Stamford group will that they, the apparently they ve, been work on this for quite a while, but the results of the year that the blue- results have been pre shocking to a lot of people. I think a lot of it comes down to it. Like I said, there's is, if you look at the Abbe Genome them, nation patterns, and these stem cells is young stem cells. Even young cells in general are very different from old ones, affects them. I mean you're looking at Abidjan, annex you're, talking about regulating whole host of genes like hundreds of different genes, and so if these things being deferentially regulator when you're young versus old than taking someone's young blood and transplanting into the old person old transplant. He would make sense because now you're, you know you're you're, basically taking all those
patterns. I wish that we ve been able to identify and Jean expression things are now going back to young so like now, you're you're not expand. Eugene TAT are causing your stem cells to send ass astronaut. Expressing your expressing more things in modern dna repair, and things like that. So it's incredible do what they were able to do They actually had more enduring navigated maize's faster and longer on treadmills and easily up for perform their control, peers so we are only given sailing out like a definitive response benches. It's such a creed, you? I think I think, but I think this is something that we can do with the report of our own, like skin, into like pluripotent stem cells right in the year The that's, that's really fascinating and it's the same concept to get someone's young blood you're doing it to yourself and haven't only been able to come up with artificial blood cells. Is not another thing that they can work on, I sense
I don't know, are artificial heart cells as well? I think I just I'm not. I don't remember exactly the studies and the mechanisms just much wealth, although it is difficult to get funding, there are so many different, yeah artificial blood while patient. This is our now from the dash scientists, dot com and it saying that well This is incredible in the mists of news that engineer and organs are being implanted into animals and people. Researchers announced the creation of artificial blood for transplant is very recent. Two April sixteenth knots. We live in strange times when it comes to these things, every day or so, it seems like some new study from somewhere in the world is popping up. That shows this incredible break. Through the my sorrows eel is studied. The artificial blood story study They can engineer some sort of a super potent blood and introduced
your body of similar, to like what the cyclist did when they were blood doping. Take their own blood, pull it out injected back into their body, so they had more blood or e p o, which stimulated red lights up an idea, that that kind of stuff is just it's so trippy the idea of sort of hacking and re tweaking the components of the human body. I re but I do think it's really cool. I mean, I know when I first when I first into the biological sciences. I was chemistry major in college. I did research using these nematode worm, silicon weren't worms. They have like a fourteen or fifteen day lifespan and they have a lot of the same genes that we have, but I could like inactivate, one of their genes and literally double their lifespan. Today it went from living like fourteen or fifteen days, like thirty days, and so this was actually was viewed. Inactivate, insulin, growth, signalling and insulin growth factor
and what happens. Is it this script, this growth factor, then usually, when its active it, it keeps the this foxhole gene, which is a transcription factor outside of the nucleus and doesn't allow it to perform all the function to ITALY performs which is involved in a bunch stress resistance, like hundreds and genes, and so when you get rid of that idea, one signalling the worms boxer gets activated and all those genes and Bob and stress for resistance, get activated and the worms Lib twice as long. So it's like literally a genetic programme in these worms. That's controlling the way they age so when I first I remembered but hit me It was kind of like wholly crap, like that's pretty cool like being able to reprogram the way age, it is such an amazing time with all the stuff, because it seems like we're around at just the right time to catch this, just incredible, percolated
of all these new studies and all these new things that are being developed This is such a strange time till try to pay attention and watch it all happened, it's so exciting most really exciting for you, because this is like your field of right study. I know it it's great, I mean, I think, we're dappling. I live longer you know how long you think you're gonna live. My lifetime without lino, without really more gummy, without your interest that low stone erupting doing arise. Impact I'd like I'd like to be a centenary and that's good with a hundred beer? You no one would have four hundred comes around and they ve got shit locked down where you look like you look now at a hundred, and I could effigy attacker. Filling a happier now than it was when I was younger, I'm smarter, I understood, and stress better. I understand all sorts of
the emotion right. I understand management management of my body of my hormones management of my feelings, management of energy levels stressed accusation techniques stretching YO girl that different stuff. I feel I am way happier, and you said that old expression, uses wasted on the young. You know, I understand life better and better at it now better. At being me like, it was an awkward thing younger way more relaxed and easier than I feel I get two hundred. Goddamn wizard I would I would have shit down to a science This amount of errors that I'd make as far as in every everyday average things that you fuck up you fuck up almost nothing every day would be like you'd like to learn, things you could challenge yourself costs we learn languages. I can never understand people say like. Oh I get bored, I wouldn't even want to live, passes certainties, like I don't know, but I never get bored
always new things to learn new eyes study. The new thinks there's the world is so there's so much to learn, it would be awesome, didn't have time to sit around and learn how to play the piano. Learn how to speak a new language, I'm always sitting around reading about science, which I really enjoy doing, but I gray I mean, there's so much out there to learn and you might get to appoint a year two hundred years or you might abandoned science totally and just fuckin go down. Totally different road. You might be a sculptor, you might, you know eagerly enemy could live. Several lies not only in order that I'd still be active in, like I, when I in San Diego Easter, I was surf. I was a surfer insert instructor
and I guess we really. You instructed p by AIDS to teach and all girls surf school in the higher love lawyer yeah. You live two blocks from the beach sidewalk levy on fire right now, seal that stuff about sending you know you haven't seen my family's there. Oh, my God, San Diego, experiencing crazy fires. We now know had no idea huge tornadoes of five hundred feet high on a phone how so that's a good idea, I mean good sign, well mean the fired Parliament's down there on top of that, because they have to deal with this stuff every couple of years now there was the big one. A couple years ago, I was scheduled to go down to a show, and there was this big fires and it was so crazy. I want doing this oh, but I said I had I don't need all the money to the Red Cross. Might I can't You mean that so many people off their houses had failure would be so glad to go down there and just make money I remember back and like I think, those like two thousand to or something when we had a
David fire in San Diego, and I was actually serve. I was in the water and it was really weird beak. As there are all these pelicans and all these birds flocking to the water you'd, I'm sitting on my search for looking out and rise and waiting for the wave and like the apocalypse like birds were disk. Coming to the water right and it's like way going on? So I the water and there's just ash. Following like because my my car was. I was in the higher shores, determined carbon parking lot and there it is like all over the cars and parking lot, but it was like the that moment, where our sitting on my board and all the birds like came to the like I had this almost like. It's a nuclear warfare or something You know that new remount, like you, have your had one of those just get this area feeling. Whereas it's the end, but this is it. You know and anyway is it that fire burned a lot of really close torment, outlives, actually either actuated twice out here,
yeah my neck ass, it came really close to times too are giant fires the mean We have fires that are so bad out here, one time while we're doing this is a time I got evacuated. I was filled with fear factor. And I drove from LOS Angeles too, to hone ranch to hone ranch is about an hour and a half outside of delay and I was driving near see me Valley, which is about forty minutes from here. Any valley is where the fire kicked in and then for from there for the next fifty minutes of driving. There was no fire well. When I got to work, we started filming we're doing the show and then, when we're done and we left, the fire had reached us, so the fire had reached You know an hour of driving, so we're talking about being a sum of around sixty plus miles and the entire
right side of the road was like a Lord of the rings movie, as I expect a demon to ride a flaming whores It was insane for an hour, our of driving. All you saw the right side of you was flames with me using the only a separate it was a highway and flames were jumping the highway, and you know they- they tried to keep the fire as far away from the roads. Far away from structures, but it was so out of control that had travelled fifty miles, plus in a few hours I mean in a place like me now, there's like Alan San Diego, where there's lots dry, you know russian and like what kind of man it isn't so they have to. I mean they obviously know this can be a serious problem today. Is there any sort of like so much? We can do mean they try to stop at them. They create fire breaks, they drop Repellence honor. They dropped this red stuff. That's that that squashes, the fire like in certain areas, but the this fired leaps. The problem is these things cross highways. They the embers fly through the
here they land and dry brush and poof. Thereafter, the races were run time. You weren't a something would going on with your Avenue Iphone up on its found, my fitness, and it was just released like earlier this week and its basically, you can get my podcast where I talk about my information and also have a new section right. I given new new stories in the community's action. If you ever used ready or hacker needs its best based on that. So if you like that, yeah, and I'm trying to make an interactive community set, you darling, podcast there be really cool right. Now, it's new, so it counts as twice it alone below. Also found my fitness dot com is where you can follow me I've got a bunch of gadgets honor, you can click to download my newsletter. Follow me on Twitter Al Patron campaign. Where am I I'm giving I'm trying to do these podcast, and I have a couple of milestones where I'm trying to do want, taught you to podcast a month or for so I'm ass,
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If your self, some money, lots and lots of cool guess next week, I'll tell you about him all later I'll see you soon steed Maxwell scumbag. Next week, Alex ROS from shark works dot com and have a lot of fun bye,.
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