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#506 - Moshe Kasher

2014-05-26 | 🔗
Moshe Kasher is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor. Check out his book "Kasher In The Rye" available on Amazon.
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one way dishonor pussy has right yet we fucked up something to take a lot of cocoanut water that day get alot electric lights my system and let the party began and now that's gonna sell out it's a little tiny s room so what only like eighty seeds the next gigs that i am on the road at the orpheum theatre in vancouver on june thirteenth with brian cowen antonia hinged cliff all suck it jesus and you could find the information for that joe rogan dot net all my toward dates and all that stuff is up to our the cash is here why far go wrong i got the urgent plea and efforts in that year males view that shit out he's a larry's comedian cosine outcomes me i'll be johnny brenda's in philadelphia on june the third and also be in fort lauderdale and connecticut at the comics thing they're going to agree on choices to very brave choice and it's bad it's brave wonderful
like it's a balance sheet and then i'm going in both parties are best that's a comedy show on on a cruise everybody go there that and got it all wrong anybody overboard as a joke ass my clothes account overboard we trying at home boom cleared out you were given website www most recapture darkened though important want to spell it go seamen philly you fucked me the job logan experience most gusher servant who barker augment thank you i'm so glad to hear that you are asking me i was watching you last night i was she wants that list oh really those really final thanks man zealous which is very similar in a lot of ways to work under pussy was under pussy all about tony pussies podcast were gone stage and the and do none of your material you gonna stay
age and the audience we yell out topics and you just riff from there and try to do a whole set based on their suggestion that sounds like exactly in my wheel house here my sweet where it happens we didn't settlers is that where they write it down on a wall that list it's on a screen no no they put it up on a screen let your on stage they introduce you you go out very say hi to everybody and then there's little screen and on the screen is like hit a great one it was i fuck the elderly so that you don't have to and he wins a scrape up he is right here somewhere was really hilarious thing about how you know he was work with milborough back in the twenties that wasn't a catch line he would say i plug the elderly and the audience ago so you'd have to really body matter really delighted i really enjoyed it man it's you know i've heard about you for a while in us it was nice to meet you and we did that are issued fear is not happening you are very
any that evening is well thank you very much sir that's do thank you that's how i just love that all this still although there have met there are still areas like still never met big j o garrison he is larry king had great things about that night yeah i didn't get a chance to like sit down talk to him and then i didn't mean well i've of men but junior stopgap never hung out what money to hang out validated looks i've never romania looks like a serial killer dialects awesome i love is look in a good way i hope you don't take offense do do you like the way serial killers look here actually when i used to have it when i had a day job i was really i'm really in the serial killers coming like i like to like google them and check out their vibes and i was at the i worked in a cubicle for a while and i was googling serial killers and the way that work that was a sign language interpreters for a long time and
the way that it would work as i would work at you work in a cubic gonna be somebody to cubicle over your inner interpreting over the internet over webcams like this this is a long story but if you needed help you need back up you click a little button and then whoever was available would leave their thing and come over to your cubicles sit with you help you trance like us i'm so people would pop up wouldn't be easy to understand that be gnarled the missing fingers are retarded united you'd need some extra help and so i just for like three hours had this like just compare monitor of like famous serial killers tab over you can know the california serial killers tab over how do i become a serial killer techno but anyway why pretty popular does no good see watching sent cnn or weaken i'm guessing what oh about homeboy was on biogas is kid in san diego or in santa barbara other went on killing spray and didn't he wasn't
hardening women targeting the girls with nobody s them now i walked it's pretty intense i wanna get that guy's juice in my head this i posted someone on twitter much pride clarify after a posted it was an article bout how many serial killers mass shootings mass shooters have a history of psychiatric medication and it's its staggering like something more than ninety percent of all these mass killers or on us eyes or coming off of s our eyes and i'm a definite dont think that the esa arise are killing people don't get me wrong i think it s our eyes are bad for you and obviously not qualified to judge zero medical background i barely understand vitamins barely understand what the fuck i'm talking about but think that you gotta look at the possibility that something that makes everything ok for you
is also gonna make everything ok as far as your actions like things you do i think of you have anger and you have psychotic thoughts now you know a lot of like frustration at the world and something comes along that makes her actions ok i think there's is ways is to be some sort of correlation there i'm not saying that in our people should stop taken antidepressants because we both know guys you have to can it it's fuckin change their life and also who will be around there like way happier in anything monsieur way happy i'm totally down four but these the there is a connection it's pretty undeniable it's not that doesn't doesn't it must necessarily mean its causal like that taking the medication is causing people to act in this way not us but i have a good friend who was murdered by someone who's on antidepressants you so it's it's real shit
i don't know isn't i'm innocent the idea it becomes a chicken or a kind of conversation guys it does it you're crazy exams are you gonna have been referred to take some s our eyes exactly have you ever been on i have yet when i was a kid and has a very young us twelve thirteen years old i was on that that seems really young it was really i was there was a big mess but i felt it in a bad way sort of coursing through my body at all times i can definitely you can feel when somebody when you know that the finger of god is poking inter brain income like mushrooms around eleven maybe it is not a meme iraq you can feel your body like not responding or responding i think you know i mean respond the motivation why they have you wanna such a young age was like a juvenile delinquency so i was a little girl
finally i would like to see the big swooping palmer was shining or i wouldn't trust you at all you know the clouds the classic unhappy youth with big losers and nineteen fifty movie no i mean really i was i was troubled garage blade leather jack that was in the jets what did you do that when you were traveled so so much so that they wanted to put your medication what this is actually why what we're talking about before like i i went to rehab when i was like thirteen twelve thirteen years older women i was in another we have that whole time and i've and i got sober nos fifty and i was on my way here listening to europe a sort of with a brief degree than our aid from one now that's all remarks are you guys actually to operate a great thing we got this videos online for folks had been asked me about that that day i was giving eyelashes yeah so its eye it really made me think like
every time i hear i've known about you're sort of philosophical bent towards a world as our e psychedelic are sort of four ino of freedom lifesaver kind of thing it can be here and i was thinking as a person has been clean and sobered that long it's been a long time how do i know i'm thirty four yes twenty or twenty years or so burn so when i hear that kind of stuff i think to myself like this is unfair that i'm not that i have somehow put my boy my life path is placement in some sort of position where these sorts of things that unite us take mushrooms and ass i was twelve years old not not exactly the timing you're like looking for spiritual enlightenment right you just show you yeah yeah hand job or something like that due to its undeniable the truth of what he was saying like that he was having this enlightenment moment yeah than sound like you at tat period a party now he's had several those is changed him as a humans maiden brighter like like the field
you get when you around him another sounds ridiculous but it does happen to people everyone has this idea in their head that if you are sober if you're sober person you ve gone eczema years that you dont want to fall off the wagon and when i get back to right where you were and totally completely understandable idea i've talked many friends of that same sort of feeling like they're they're just like you gonna wanna fuck and try this like a front eight tate he similar thing a key he loved getting fucked up and he had an issue i knowed yet take fletcher only would do it and he would just go off the rails and so he's been sober for a long time round time is very discipline very healthy so when he sees something like i ask and all these benefits of his dear mother fucker like you don't want to take that leap like what if you like i'll just try once and i'll be ok and then you're off the fuckin on the train through the
no no rails willie because this like membrane when europe a person that doesn't do drugs europe sober person you there this membrane between you and the rest of the world and its paper thin but it keeps you on one side of the long ride i mean so even though you can look on the other side of the line and think or will it would be fine go to peru or you know to go to you know some alaska ceremony and take if i can do no that i would be doing that once i would go get i meant or what hurts waiting for me there come back barcelona be fine but once you that membrane into you and whether it's true your programme and you feel like i don't know i could trust myself tonight stay on the other side for everything that's interesting have you ever gone in for an operation rising where they had a medical you yes there what happens then
i ve had my wisdom teeth out and i was put under and then i was taken or one of the one of the saddest parts of being a person that doesn't that is sobers it when you take a you note when they give you painkillers you take them as prescribed and if you take them as prescribed urine gonna get the fun part that's gonna take away your patriotic fuck man i thought this is a free like what kind they give you i think i had like it i got news for you they got your high oh you mean the membrane has been split future like it in and i don't care if you took it ass prescribed you got high it didn't i dont remember feel it i mean dude i would have loved it if that were true you just get really i didn't i didn't right i think like vacant was trying to italy you have some old i wanted to tell you about leaving that shit here i told you take it with you put forward embargo or do not want that should here because if i tell the gobs no there's no vike it in here and then they find like an prescription
somewhere around you do not have a prescription for any when was the last time you into a fuckin doctor if i didn't liner lying at the dinner so have record of it we have different drugs do you have that under the reference on one and you pulled out a bag within one second i mean this stuff it says for peace for failure because he is now an audience here fyodorovitch year enough the fuckin send dogs in their once a month suits i didn't like it that's why i still have it they give me a bottle of etiquette to over mother fucker soon i'm talking about the member and i didn't like it that's why i still haven't none the problem you have violated i'm saying things like i didn't like it that's why kept it and want to make sure i had a close i think that's what they gave me when i had my first me operation took it and i hated it it just made me feel so stupid was it was either vike it ends or what's the other one that that people take that they actually say makes a creative there's another painkiller like factory and very cap common painkiller oxy no no no no what purpose at all
cosette that yeah it's either it was either vacant and per capita per cassettes is one of em but it was bad whenever was but i gave this guy the poor solid tone whose super happy argues ikea that these as an example which is why get down you know there's a blind eyes name was joe it is always a long greasy here he where jean jacket with cut off sleeves guide no he's always hanging around the poor he was like a classic dickinson's character you know if it was like you now ninety ninety two which is when he was around but it was his classic like look like he was elected skinner fan back in their problems up jill you got some her ex rose greasy mustache fishes creasy and he bought the perks
while you were out all coupon got them perks so you even if you did do it whatever you did do didn't get you fucked up enough for you worried about falling back into who you were when you twelve with a thing is what is interesting is about being in this a sober person being in twelve step groups is like and as a person is now thirty four i've been to a twas the meeting a long time but i still have a lot of that sort of still the the founding and the building blocks of a lot of my sort of moral code of personality is that you read you recognize i recognise looking back like a lot of what i think about drugs is programming programming that i've you know that i've tried on purpose on amendment accepted willingly this kind of programme but on the other hand its there's also wrong ballistic mean others reality about like do you do you be aubrey or be jeff from the poor how you like it very difficult to know what's going to happen
but you don't know you know you might you might be you know in the river of time and you might be you know dead show you no parking lot trying to fuck a sixteen year old hullo roper i think we also have a lot of misconceptions about how drugs affect us and what would the addiction press this is and i know i probably still do but i had this guy in the podcast named doktor curl heart and he's fascinating character cause you know he's had both real life experiences with drugs and you know he's his professor of cycle psychology and psychiatry at columbia he's super brilliant guy who wrote this book and his book is called high price it's interesting in the book is a lot of it is about the actual facts of drugs his own life and his own person no situation the things at his experience personally but
fascinating fascinating when it comes to the aspect of like what are the actual mechanisms of addiction and one of the missing sanctions and the misconceptions about the mechanisms of addiction are there you know someone smokes crack and also in their addicted that is not how it works and in it being addicted itself my coming off of it it's like everyone makes it seem like this horrible life or death and these have you had the flu then you know what it's like to withdraw that's all it is theirs there's shit it's interesting though there's two different there's two aspects of it there's the flu and then i'm kind of weird personality flaw that makes you really really unable to deal with having the flu you not i mean like as i i've help people get off heroin in seven it's like yeah this sucks but you're on heroin ran like it seems so obvious get through this horrible part you won't be on heroin anyone like when i think back they fled and then they shoot fucking dope again it's like what the
logically if you're putting these things on this on a balanced logically you're right it's just a fuckin flew what airlines terrible for it but there's this other weird part where design it is like you have them lou and there's a little voice going like if you just press his button the flu begone immediately before who's gonna become i'm instantly instantly so decide this little voice chipping away your head of the issue the voice more than is the physical actual withdrawals and symptoms no doubt and also there's this thing that they talk about in in twelve step groups which is these strange mental black spots you know when you look at the area a series of consequences that you built up as a result of being a drug addict or an alcoholic and then you you know all of those things leading up to that you know the bottle
you know my wife left me i lost my job i've got half a tide us and then the moment you look at a bag of heroin you forget all of those cut for you have an instant of of consciousness nuno disappearing and you just forget all the consequences or you can think about is the relief that's in that little baggy do you think that a lot of what the twelve step programme provides is like a structure and sort of like a discipline and when you follow that structure and follow a discipline allow times you like less likely to go off the rails because you have sort of an ethical you have like these standards just supposed to apply like can ability you know like one of the things i ve found really interesting twelve step as a people that i've known that got sober one of the things we have to do is go and find people that they had issues with an and apologize right as woods
kind of fascinating you know you talk to someone like you know so why'd you you know what made you compelled to go reach out to the person and nina there their idea behind it was that there are some psychic wait till the stuff that sort of ways down it makes you feel like you're not a good person and when you feel like you now good personal makes it easy for you to do something that's not good for you i think that's why i think that them missing piece out i think it's a hundred percent rather than the missing piece or is it it's not even then it make doing some that isn't good for you it's something that can make you instantly forget about yourself ready that that and that's the sort of weird cycle is the moment to do get high or drink then you stop thinking about all of the psychic weight that you ve been carrying around with due to feel a little bit you know lighter and freer unfortunately by it being a drug addict and continued drink your creating more and more psychic way you know we are creating more more damage in the wake of your life so you have to keep you know it's this type the horrible you know he dynamic treadmill of like you trauma and relief the air so yeah
i think the other thing that twelve step groups do and like i said i it's been a long time for me that they they they pose whether its real or not they impose a value a life or death value to being sober where it's like were engaged this cosmic struggle you know you come these meetings to find your other brethren that are also addicted and then you go out new help those brethren and then were here and this is the most is the primary anybody whose act in twelve step groups will say in the primary fact of my life is that i'm a sober guy and if you and that's it help perpetuated thickets and about another gets a bad thing but when you leave things when you leave tossed up and you stop going that valley you that that sort of cosmic build up of what that means goes away and then the reason that you're sober becomes just a good idea which is a much less compelling ray and to stay sober than i'm engaged in a cosmic struggle to find my brethren and
save their lives body on the cliffs it makes you less annoying about it when you leave when did the way you're describing it yes by leaving it why unless you know that it's a good idea as opposed to the life or death struggle because many people i sober it deerlike crossfire it's all you ever fuckin here out of him i'm doing crossfire against people that just our doing jujitsu are guilty able as well everything everything a thank you everything over the newly converted purse is the most annoying human beings exists on an across the board across the board everything guilty is charged every of us are i think that you you know you get excited about something becomes a part of who you are and then you see the positive results of now you're sobered now you don't have to wake up in the gutter cover in your own fuckin throw up and shit your pants and the problems you did it was you can't come to me and tell me john brothers
just to save every the village i that's a marshall aren't i don't have now opened its religion it can become like no no no this is the answer were all humans must learn the anna carnage correct and that this is the truth and that's the only thing also like if someone had success for them they think this is the only way and that way your fuckin you're going down that road mosher what're you doing there yoga you know yogurt designed by devils originally by the bye payments demons gave its people so they can convert them with tax it was interesting swing of they assess our i think as i remember when i was in when i was actively going to meetings there was sort of weird offshoot within ay ay and it was no there's no official sanctioning really and in a but there there's the sort of currents of thought and one of them would be to sort of passively dissuade people from using second
psychiatric drugs in the name of sobriety so you'd have these people coming in that were clearly very disturbed people and at some plumber going i wouldn't do that here why don't we don't take those drugs here was is like oh are you a psychiatrist toughen up the attack but now i'm a plumber and i know what i'm talking about voices nor you stop listening to him i gotta voice battled and all kinds of shared challenges tab you right now mother do you know it's my out voice so you need a voice ok about moving your people hoard who'd like sobriety in an hour into that world their real hard time believe in these gone have a drink there was a guy used to own the tempi improv and he was sober guy and action pursue per sober to the point where they lied and made up of rule about the stage and they said comedians can't drink onstage because its state law not true not true at all now is the and so on
a sign there that they have in the green room talk about how the state law and then we found out that it was bullshit so we found i was bullshit and we said we brought a flat sk on stage was stored sprains idea to go to liquor store get a flat so out of flask onstage and has explained to the audience and i was just pouring warm diet coke into my cold diet coke zeiss a medium diocles her if you tell us about the warm diet coke flask that's next to my butt heated up but this guy was he would you gotta take a drink before you gone age i i get a shot even the bar you paying for it to pay for it i think you re born i was before i give the bartender money i want you know i'm not not again so the point is i get this shot you know that the owners like shaking his head like upset that the bartender gave it to me we have conversation i got it it's a shot it's one shot i'm gonna go on
i know what i'm doing i trust me i'm not drunk i'm not out of control i'm a professional comedian i'm going to have a drink and then go do all this material it i've been working on for a long fuckin time this is like some reckless endeavour i'm gonna fuckin caution to the wind are thrown back bang of fuckin shot a heroine put up or more depository my asshole dorie go over my band over there how they have less morphine suppositories post being credible until you know you're the only committing the drinks alcohol i am the only while some time social standards in the area the aol of diminishing committed itself look it's do with it and i would say you gotta roomful people that are drinking you selling them booze and you don't want me to have a shot before i go on state will evangelism of any any kind of evangelism is the as yet in less you really do know something could you imagine if you really did find the fount of youth the very frustrating like yours
all fucked up you jumped in boom he came out you're twenty years on your running tell these people in their like get the fuck away from me crazy ass well you're not sixty you're fuckin twenty locally i've found the true you that's how they all feel like just be soberer sobers awesome that's interesting is andrew urban jerusalem now from those this thing or people move there to go blues their mind algae some syndrome there i don't have they got get on an airplane thinking though the messiah or if they go there with those layton seeds of life with a moment i walk into jerusalem i'm gonna lose my mind but you will walk around odds the city of jerusalem and they be nine or ten messiahs there who are american like what a crazy coincidence that uk that is great that a fact three may i love that that exists there was a vice special about it recently aurelia hbo show
follow its people the went to jerusalem whacked out americans with southern accents use going the tongues and reading from scripture and oh that was about american evangelical evangelical yet boarding the state of israel here i don't see that yeah but an who go over there and just go bananas not as far mean they want think there is any messiahs on that show but there is another level low over the same nonsense that's a much more subtle version second that's the thing tat was a cover i think that was a title of one a marked merits but it was yet he had a legal one man show who is doing about that probably based on himself a little bit right i have the book at home actually market fearlessness we say hello com yeah i think it was i think this was a really funny burke and never got around reading it but her good thanks i'm he's good the guy good that's what i'm saying so when
you got out how long did you stay and trim for he decided to be this guy who's just sober because it's a good idea oh you mean how long have i been in my current adoration of what it means to be a person doesn't do drugs without year without the twelve deb ideology attached to look how long have you been free of going to meetings all that stuff for like all employers over listeners you joe and gets to park work you know i swear i first went clear i i don't know i had a weird experience because it gets over so incredible young writers fifteen even talk to norton about no no no i never really are no similar think he was eighteen and nineteen rights of the whole group of people i was with was like the word fifteen sixteen seventy eight in fact i was like the younger sky they got sober in work in oakland went from but there is this whole circle of kids it got sober
the same time we are gonna hung out and you know made this kind of social reality with each other and then one by one of course they all got older and started to think very reasonably well that was probably phase right am i doing here empty i was this is ten later twenty eight years old events over ten years like how the hell do i even i didn't know how to date people i didn't know how to be a fuck people at large and if she had to go back to if european weekly meetings in order to caressed the personality that you are developing when you're in high school like who you define yourself and was based ivo you weren't highschool well that's exactly right look like i also undeveloped nothing about me is true that was true then today and then there's is colonel that you hold onto which is this idea that you're a person it needs to be sobered that that's where things get a little bit hazy wonky so one by one all those people that i got sober with started it started drinking again certain high again and then you go on now
thirty four years old events over twenty years i dont know i couldn't honestly tell you it was or wasn't a phase but it also can honestly tell you if i started getting high again that i wouldn't fuck and just pull the slowly pull the plug on the stability of what i've got this is where i think that for a lot of folks especially like you who's pretty rational guy obviously you know we're having a normal conversation and you not say anything naughty i'm pretty sure you're on the you're successful comedian well regarded their luggage things going on i don't see you with destructive behaviour anywhere else so it became and what is making it so destructive mean it because it you're some genetic component of your body that when takes in some sort of a mind altering substance it just goes nutty i mean i have i dont know the answer to that because like nor is it the art and a good example love that guy is awesome but nortons clearly crazy in
ways and is one of the reasons why so hilarious but he's a complete total sex at it right and resume our open about it so we all are what he's gonna differently now he had now i'm not saying i'm on nor in level he takes after another has he's like them jordan of of functional perverts so he these obvious together personality he's got that maniac the imminent so common in comedians it's almost like if you see your kid he's kind of crazy in superimposing doing dangerous shit starts dear lord stand up in only right right right you know me this is the one thing where you can actually have a healthy human being can develop out of this very bizarre personality trade because mean even myself if i had gotten stuck in some sort the job that i didn't retorted enjoy but i need the money and then i got a mortal our family and i'm trapped and stuck in it
what for sure be some sort of off the rails jackie for sure i just i am impulsive i'm very impulsive and and i'm capable making terrible decisions but i keep it on czech and i keep it on check through work i keep on check through having the kind of paths like for like four hobbes and for four i enjoy doing like stand up career stuff where their wild crazy things or it's ok to be naughty in being nothing is actually a benefit you could be cut a more creative and you come up with these things that a lot of you would never say but they final areas are you find a pathway jelly ds not a perfect example joey's had mad struggles with drugs is whole like he's got paulie impulsive you know easily come on a diet among there's no telling what sets arguing that fuckin sandwich it'll just fuckin take your meatball sub slammer down like would have died from that dine fuck your mother he'll just just gonna go off the rails you know but
you're not you don't seem to be an off the rails kind of guy well i mean i think that at present but i don't think disagreeing or agreeing with you i d i represent i think better than i present well right i have mine arose my clear neurosis of you know and i certainly struggled with sex stuff a lot of you do do dim to do to the struggle with extra that's the either you getting high or the struggle with at at at at at what everybody has now of ours i mean it's a whole mind flag and the other thing is that there is what is the drug that they say rearranges the addictive process in your brain anywhere it it's psychedelic as well boca that a book so it's like hulu even knows maybe the membrane gets ripped wide open and you come through the you know the other side are completely different person with a different process what would i began does i haven't done it but what i believe does according to the people that have is its
shows you every aspect of your personality and what's causing all these different behaviour patterns whether it self destructive behaviour their its self loathing behaviour whether its anxiety insecurity the root of all can explain to you in a very unusual and unique way so it's not like done methyl chipped means the active ingredient neo oscar and the people the guarantees i was treats what they experience is the very chemical that is responsible for divine feelings for four dreams for probably for near experiences is your each egg released in the mind it's released in the brain it in its roots through this glad that's literally your third i sit in the middle of your brain and eastern system all those pictures of the enlightened ones the glowing third i that's the pineal gland they know for a fact that dm tease being produced there in live mice so its most likely deities being bruise there and human beings
the theory is that when you take any these drugs like when it's with its eyewash whether it say what it does is allow you to stop being you for a while and see the whole wiring under the board see all the the micro chasm the fractal nature of the universe itself and see in a way absolutely impossible i begin doesn't do that i've again shows you you shows you you unlike this really harsh an unusual way where it just shows like almost the mathematical components of all the various things have gone wrong your life and why their leading up to this and then on to that it requires your whole addictive mechanism in your mind it's very trippy staff because the risk that the success rate rather for people who have done it with addiction is astronomical means huge way more than fifty percent railway more than fifty percent of people to go there and do it never do drugs can heroin
annex pill heads all these people a friend who didn't he was so powerful the open up a retreat down there my friend had clay scholar cheating retreat in mexico you that's a complicated thing about like just to put back on the on the ilo oscar idea how do you know what you are experiencing is true enlightenment i mean these are hallucinations shore so like we're in a what level can you trust the hallucination like two very good question here's my take on it in this something the p boys worry about like say if you do a drug that drug takes you to that the vine consciousness at the centre of everything and this divine consciousness explained to you that the insecurity of your being in all this mad this at your experiencing in your life is really just your biological mechanisms this did the remnants of the monkey body that have
the run from predators your entire life and all the savagery is still an in the very dna that causes yourselves to to duplicate like it's almost unavoidable and then you have to find peace through love and you have to find this and you come out of that experience like loan aware you just had a conversation with god you just learned about yourself you're a happier more relaxed your anxieties gone you see the finish line you see something over the cross the boundary between life and death weather not that actually happened or whether it was completed nation is this exposing matter right experiencing is exactly the same and it's it's it's a foolish thing to wonder about its beneficial if you really do have that x it's right was it a who says what the fuck is a hallucination that's how about that about what is seeing something that's not there what are you saying it's not there you're seeing it like it's not
because you can't put in a bag and take it home and of chemicals and sitting in your brain anyway then it is their whatever dynamical makes you see things exactly light is just as much a hallucination created by our brain as anything else is it's a different state of consciousness but like that you know that the the classic image of the person on acid like writing down his thoughts is like our eye this crazy enlightenment last night you have to come see any opens up his dire and it's like be cool bro me that there is also the issue of the words that we use to describe reality itself were created in this state of consciousness and state of consciousness you experience when you're in any sort of intense psychedelic state is so bizarre and alien that the words that we used reference things in this state there not effective enough they just did not you you can't does mckenna used to describe turned from kenny subscribe de empty experiences as
self transforming machine elves you know in the first time i did it i remember thinking how the fuck he gets self transforming machine elzevir out of this didn't that to me at all but it's because the way it's silly the words don't work is that what it is so fuckin alien that you can't describe the closest thing you do who is looking at an alibi gray painting right you know gray has all this amazing intense psychedelic art like brimful of one of our great paintings his isn't intense trip to me in inspired artistic renderings paintings and such those are probably the closest thing you ever get and even those yet he did this big old the installation of burning than a couple years ago this in every just this huge down those all alex gray painting i am presenting like every night the earlier this year
zack way that is a perfect example of a trip to mean based experience that's put in some sort of a painting and its unbelievably beautiful and fantastic and all that but it still falls well short of the actual experiences you know it's interesting i'm looking at this as a personal it's been sober two years but has done psychedelic some have even though i was so young they were said they were definitely a fundamental part of my development i still relate to this kind of majority you'll that is is probably because it's part of your dreams the are experiencing that at night they don't know what we're spiriting during dreams slot a lotta guesswork about that but there are trying to do more detailed studies on the effects direful trip to mean in dreams are mostly having sex with my mom oh shit now must be she's very hot and that was why
you are looking for the diabolical part of my personality i'm just incredibly attracted my mom you just another factor i'm just say mother fuck farmers your mom's a new it to see what is wrong with well let's find out she's a listener longtime harry she's not a listener she's death that's not a listener evasion stand up company mode can you tell me what she has tat she's really to have now announced my mom's thoroughly as you can say anything you want to you about your mom and have as long as you're ventriloquist's you get talker cards a match yea our put your hand over your mouth we do though my mama say some words black on the brush our mouth inspect fuck you bitch she prodded sense of vibrations coming off somewhere and stuff if you could send the psychic vibrations villa funny you been signed but real heard you know me these are the other monkeys were fuck each other like crazy like especially like gum
nobody is an almost fuck everything but the mother whenever fuck the sun rise that's the only taboo so the father we're fucked a daughter here but the mother fuck the sun and that is the primary pain of my life had i've been running for this whole time that's why i went to rehab that's why i want to do i will gain from accidents do not want to me my mother and the psychedelic landscape will one day i began is especially a it's so gross that no one ever wants to do it again to trujillo themselves right never its arms numbering of ordinary about being recreational right they say that about the empty as well that's true and i and i think that when i think about doing iowa scarred the empty or i guess of the same sort of nor is it an area or or i begin at that systems to medicinal from you whether up it's not that i think oh i'm gonna go start partying on iowa ask every weekend it's that like i said that when once that i think the ilo europe would be positive no matter what
but once you take away that line between you and a person it doesn't get high then it's gone yet i guess you'd have to figure that out yourself hunting anybody can ever tell you in what can they do i was hoping you could i've ever had a drug problem so it out in a lot of people lot tell me i'm wrong an online your drugs roared no hippy you gotta folk drew a problem since like that substances them never been an issue with me my ranch you like i had to do it like i've not smoked we'd for weeks at a time has bothered me linking does above all never never crave we drinking but according to crawl heart all ideas about like addictions crazing and stuff like that it's way more psychological then it is physical and that when you feel hung over tat feeling that you have when you drink then you're fucked up and then
you're in pain he knows you are experiencing alcohol withdrawals again spirits in them right there that is what being hung over is so this idea that your addicted to alcohol because you have this hunt hang over these withdrawals and then he can't kick in the future your dick it again like you're addicted right away is just these compensatory mechanisms or the risk there is responsible for all that horrible feeling the headache and all that stuff it's the compensatory mechanisms or they're trying to compensate for the fact that you poor this poisons all in your body so you bodies like rage against any sort of adjusting all the levels and then there's no more out on its like half of why i feel like shit it's fastened it isn't it so everybody the turnover is enough pollack for an hour and a half their well alcohol it is a weird were being addicted to alcohol when it whatever it is whatever addiction is an answer to it the whole state is very strange the idea that you have a substance
i'm so much of a part of your everyday life that even though it's bad for you you need to put it in your body let's fascinate you go down the downtown away any time and driver anytime you feel sorry for yourself about your career or the way things are going good and then you go oh weird you go look at a crack bad they got this person decided to do crack instead of all of the other things forget no work no fat why no interests no hobbes no books no no school known just i do i'm a personal does crack my human experience has been to get money to smoke crack that's it that's what i've checked out what if you now ben too skid row and you're an ally you ve gotta try it's the vacation destination of the year this week's episode of the georgian experiences brought to you by skid row just to see where we're because everybody like has as i that
one day we're going to have some sort of walking dead type apocalyptic scenario it's already year were ready it's just a small spot it's only like a block or to or copper blocks but long ella downtown blocks are filled with villages of homeless four wandering around like zombies shootin yelling each other this is not the congo kinshasa this is normal in michigan this is the one the biggest cities in america must rich vibrant cities in america in downtown there as a straight up zombie apocalypse village waiting for you to visit and the people would think we're lying or rang agitating city to find a video skid row to so people can find it it about even break you're getting their son whereas their peoples on site through that door go to the door and die are you out of there is one of this battle rap videos somebody put on the underground now my message board rather or these two guys are bad
wrap and in the middle of it one guy shoots heroin shoot heroin the middle of a battle rap his name's cadillac wrong so pull up i was wrong shoots up in middle of a battle rap and ted ten minutes in there in the middle of it so hurt just like you know all this craziness about how i do you i peel your cap back you know i do that you know i'm on the back mother fucker blah blah blah most of its silly have had a lot of battle rapper sitting with me come on and explain it i can see your shit online i see what you doing i think i see eating it as some people are good out oh yeah it's real he really shoots up learning we have you gonna show what are you doing on china wording
i'll get it to work to ten minutes and he arm you know he shooter with interesting as he shoots up and then immediately becomes way better so vows manager to continue shooting up because this is where your expertise lies this guy was i guess was like who is fucked up on drugs and then he got sober now it's fucked up on drugs can it's interesting when something like this happens if someone does something crazy then all these people who like fans of is the kind of fill you in on the background is so many wrappers out there that it's impossible to keep an eye on all of munich people was bringing up new names decide wrappers retire again here it is like a million new ones it's impossible to keep track of all of them but this guy has la fans talented wrapper and middle of his ten minutes into this battle rap he stepped back and myself a he shoots up
this is so this is seen as a right now as we know this com where ya know starts poverty around germany's tears lab their is very do you and this is an important area we're not walking in a series of what are known as the oldest postman everybody knows me well sending me i'll blow me even more the fire how we all live in not bear the constant morphine ass exciting kogi methadone dog satirical can be based on a white mist with envy you may mean you ve minister obviously made things on a piece of his example attribute this is all in my errand manufacturing persistent joseph random
resentments and hence his gaze on raise with the edison narrative tat life is so good tat earlier parties on thousands are gonna boldly mother fucker you made an account he was a boy day five years ago aggravated aside there wasn't this policy everybody knows on probation medical legal asses they seem unlikely that have their asses zombies not have one a cracked bomb associated with messenger vanish like everything popular your paris ruin in your life flash maybe do the downs drove a purpose while we suffer when you can be ass the others in the sense that i wanna drafted a jungle
for multiple girls sat sat pasta rights and working poor by figures have so much that i have a buccaneer remain there was bad heroin that argentina didn't seem to work because you can still talk right boys in attics he just got a clue to go where he monkey with a good good work let's get back to hip hop that's the thing that happens to people to become annex is that this need is like this horrible thing and then you go you feel the need endemic she even it's like they city that's what we call jason the dragon skies like the dragon is the first heroin experiences you do heroin never did errant what would you specialty amount was a kid so kid it's the lsd lsd from latvia and alcohol so what me you decide like oh my god i'm fucked up i gotta gets over i was i was in and out of rehab crazy ray
for alcohol agree have for what i honestly as up as an adult now looking back i think it was i was sent therefore behavioral issues i was given on the link that was the primary thing i mean i don't know that i really believe in drug dixon in the way that i used in other the the i think that the paradigm of what addiction is within twelve stepan within rehab is the dixon as this is a permanent spiritual state of being you know right though you are that's what you are and that's what you always will be that's the main criticism of things like our colleagues and analyse that and god the guy part got part is a little weird from my perspective none are by any means but it is a little weird for like you joe you hit rock bottom you're just some guy and then you
my solution you is ok welcome meet god it's like what that doesn't seem like don't they allow you to substitute for a higher power out of like the idea that like maybe you could substitute for the universe sir but it's all just mental apologetic some still a spiritual what why am i going to court and federal judges mandating me to go you know to have the spirit the universe he'll me it doesn't it doesn't make sense i'm into it with a federal judge when you mean well like you could go to to court for a drive relived charge and have a judge say you must go to a meetings for ninety days and then yet a meetings and the thing they say to you as you find a power greater than yourself trust sandy there's a disconnect there why is our government official telling you to go to a central is essentially a church right what do you think that maybe that could be just because there is a lack of other viable options for a judge like if you wanna get someone sober and knock
ex anonymous al clogs anonymous is pretty much the only thing that we ve shown that has good a high rate of advocacy i think that its what bull i think that it's the the paradigm there were living in the rainbow go that i'm for i like it and it helps me or helped me when i was young i am all for it but i do think that there's an three may this thy why is some atheist drug attic being sent to a god based organisation it just does seem a little bit weird my thing the standard that we have today as far as what we believe works and what we ve shown the work the people that we know that of states over they ve gone that route the began route is so alien to western culture right that we we haven't use it as an option but if it was an option and we had an eye aren t you it would make it would make being in twelve step programme must be like sending smoke signals as opposed to calling somebody that's interesting or what we should do joe is we should get a big bucket of ivory
go to all meetings and put it in the coffee and just those if you want some you do that there's a bunch of articles my for anybody is interested in i've again but any they who has any sort of an addiction i would recommend it wholeheartedly i haven't done it myself but i every one that i know that's done it that has had some sort of induction is kicked it that's amazing not just kick did but man my friend ed is the best exam he's so different now you just saw in it is supervised very was is very motivated it was always very successful real estate investments always do and much too things he still successful but it's a way different way now he's a small
he's more present more relaxed like he's a kinder person who gives off this different sort of relax feeling very very interesting and unique and he's completely free of any the pills that were plaguing him and for him he was pretty healthy guides get injured and once you get injured he's taken pain pills and then whoop after the races yeah that it's a weird things that there's a little monkey inside of everybody not just some kind spiritually broken person but if i wanna get enough pills yeah there you're gonna get you're gonna get addicted we'll call heart was talking about the young the prevalence of these prescribed drugs and prescribing oxy cantons and only different things and they like to really incredibly potent drugs right bidding prescribe like crazy because they can make a lot of money off them he came up with some new drug that far more potent than oxy cotton and i remember
now go and whose compliance this ox icons bull shared our battle wrapper i take a thirty year eighty those bitches in my fuckin fruit loops i think rush at one point i was taken up like ninety eight but that's the same are sharing the programme about the progress of broadband they progressive their classic is now they're called i think that's corporate prague rock rush canada living the same about approaches how can that be progressive as it is you think is jamie progressed i mean i don't know what that means around four i guess this is their smart isn't progressive i dont think it means that their forward thinking i think it means a day their music progresses am i right or something like that too many uses the word progressive and prudential yeah yeah but progressive more provincial i was
i was just fucking using that there's a million different ways you can use or progressive while this to you now that they like progressing ford and progressive as far as an idea ology riders to or not you know like progressive music i don't really understand music but i would imagine you saying as far as like how the court's progress all i know about his progressive house which is that it will progress from being bad music to being worse i think this is your folks more aggressive with being that the yom did you those pills man what are these right here that some definite what does that not i agree with the forthcoming spills what he's yours it's aside sport tech shrewd hackers talk yesterday
nobody's from technetium track oak avenges gliding bag you get your literally more sketchy than that right battle wrapper sketch completely strategies what we're in the middle dog crack i became a recommendation for dressing gotten past progressive the idea music as opposed to progressive like thinking and perhaps because progressive becomes like left wing and argue the become interchangeable progressive and like liberal why you know it's more like people think of it is more like link seven a person would have very different idea of what progressive thinking is of noxious to call yourself progressive yeah we're the progressive ones where the wise ones and then there's the other side the dumb people but i do think they're down will they are definitely dumber you know just words your problem
and things our problem is as soon label something you do you can define things in a way like you know your liberal like you know arguments were sancho will liberals like you like deal actually no the word liberal means it's probably a good thing but let's look liberal we know liberalism most often thought of his being like bleeding heart are soft or you know someone who's we got has a delusional view philosophical view that's the negative way of thinking about a liberal adult adult here an adult look at the word in the dictionary favourable to progress a reform as political or religious affairs until we are progressing air or i am your liberal noting or pertaining to a political party of pertain to not based on advocating liberalism but there's like some ok here
favourable or in accord with the concepts of maximum individual freedom possible especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties that some that sounds good itself the meantime we can really say that being a liberal just think about that you say being liberal marking someone for being liberal that it's not to be favourable to the concept of maximum individual freedom especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protect of civil liberties you dont none of that that's kind of complicated because then you know the extreme right wing on the libertarian side people are essentially liberals themselves yeah they are did that around like fighting the b a lamb in nevada around the weird racism stuff the bundy ranch yeah that dude is really all about the x
stream notion of personal civil liberties the ad everybody liberals possible that our mission ever have any say in anything except i don't know what they think the government should do i don't but he thinks a black people are better off a sleigh love he's got a point there and i'll tell you why from the liberal perspective yeah that was that what sort of a crumbling of his big ideologies like and i'm a huge racists and the fact that he didn't i did he ever said it but they had a recording of italy went back and played it back forum like you did you did say you said that exactly it was a zone where a man till i mean i've seen a couple black people that we better obviously is attacked or a couple of years and they said in his visit perspective was it is driving through las vegas and saw bad neighborhoods in vegas and start talking about you know how much better they would be off their pickin cotton like ghana plantation like no no not me i think you're her perspective
fucked up do and dont chosen taxes bitch about paying those taxes are doubly taxes raising taxes but what here's a question do you think that crazy you see us be murder man what do you think a person like that we think that he would have gained from an i ask experience what it just making craig it's a good question i don't think anybody really knows until you take someone like that and give it all otherwise just guessing none of people have actually done it certainly not enough psychotic who done it you know the other thing is illegal in america so you have to go to peru to do it or i gotta do it under the cover of darkness here in amerika very hard to commence i gotta go to peru on a logical experiment boy obviously was very troubled human being anybody there possibly do that but you can get in the car random issue be that issued himself at the end that seems like you did they have announced that right right he's dead of a gunshot wound inside his car he's symbol
such a spoiled brat that that day want to know how much is like him being crazy and how much of him like growing up in my weird cinderella type life that once you he didn't get something immediately that easy that he just couldn't handle it without that's the thing i was reading a lot of people you know that were sort of deriving the idea that were calling him crazy they're saying you know basically went up when a muslim person bloated kills a bunch of people we start talking about the calling them terrorist winner when a piano of a black dude kills a bunch people we our calling them thugs but when a young white guy sets killing people we the mentally ill and somehow bats there some inherent hypocrisy and then and i kind of just think like it's i was thinking about this last night like theirs there's levels of human evil that are so intense there will we get only approach some we just kind of like shut down like remember the matrix when they would do like the electors
pulse and all the machinery would to shut down its like their levels of human evil that we get to that are so intensive when we start approaching them thought just drops out and pay and it's all emotion that's land so you can look at somebody like that and say you know its hypocritical to call back i mentally ill or you're fighting again a feminist caused by not recognising the inherent massaging in his attack but really what's happening is something so much sadder and deeper than either of those things just like we're living in this insane world where human beings have some tick in this country more than another country's no one can figure out why were they sometimes wants and what will go into a place and shoot a bunch of people and no one knows why it happens and some people say is because mental illness and some people say because of bad parenting and some people say it's because of gun control and some people say it's because of you no violent video games and violent men and mme and movies and music and nobody fucking knows why it's really happening in its so terrifying that we just
art slinging mud at one another trying to trying to say well it's this it's that neared you're part of the problem by perpetuating this idea and the reality is its existence is terrifying and humans are fucking weird and once and well does as the evolutionary blip that somebody pops out of their mother without you know sort of genetic code ready to murder people and i don't think it's because of the spoils maybe it is and i don't think it's because of you no chemical balances or maybe it is it's just the reality is that's what's happening is jack the ripper exists in some the point the o o o o one per cent of human beings it's terrifying small percentage but there are so many people that when an access to news and information is so complete now than any time something happens anywhere in the world that's bad we get to hear about it and the numbers if you look at it and try to put into perspective when you talk about seven billion people here but a horrible gang rape in india and everybody
from the clutches of trust and rightly so you free gal you think would have that was a loved one would have that was me oh god what what wrong with humanity that about people in a basque and rape some woman the numbers though of people not raping and not murdering the more shocking like we concentrate on the negative and look entirely at these people like this one fuck up his crazy asshole shot a bunch people in santa barbara the number of people that don't really defying human behaviour ideas of human behaviour oftentimes are shaped in this scared way by these instances that are extremely rare in perspective if you put in the perspective of the great number of people you know great number people nor not gonna commit violence they're not gonna rate not going to murder the negative do anything just knowing that it does exist within those numbers that perspective gets sort of skewed because if you go to see it in at any point times like that old bill hicks bit member that bill
expert he did about our watch and see it an aids murder das pet bulls because then you'll be indoor chirped europe to all his share in allowing that someone needs to get turning to lady jane von does not fuckin dead turner so he's geese but put number one but he will die of aids where ninety nine per minute here that bit and dumb and a true if you go to cnn right now what do you get you get the fur thing is six killed in santa barbara rampage three shot dead in myrtle beach imminent each year building this billionaire says he won the ukraine election egypt campaigner workers slain made its all murder murder murder murder murder is a lot of murder there's a lot of murder but there's a lot of people write this seven billion fuckin people three hundred and fifty million in america to so many somebody
actual amount of people to kill people when something like this happens if you looked at a giant map of all the human beings in all the human being's right a little red dot and every now and then a murder went off faggots a small amount it's a really tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny amount but what's interesting about us is that all of us know we're not supposed to murder people we also some do not i mean like that's a part of the human thing is that the difference between the human in the animal is that we were born with this consciousness of what you no good in the an evil whatever that is around these sort of notions don't fuck kids don't kill humans don't rape people we all know that information and yet we keep to it it's is it just because we're animals but again with the numbers of people that actually do do those things met rape kids murder and do fucked up marble robbery this is so small and all whilst all of it like if you look at all these people that are committing terrible crimes like
the one thing they i'm a common alienation alienation is one of the big ones a lot of these people feel alienated a lot of these people feel like they're outside of a lot of people hate all these other people to associate other people giving them pain they feel like they're out they don't you know they dont have anybody that they feel like their connected to their all fucked up on psychic tropic drugs are all fucked up on line itself through their dared they're not in the hive one things it's weird about people is that we need other people we need a bad and you can just take a person and feed them and give them water and never have any human contact because they'll go crazy that's why they put people solitary confinement they can't wait till suddenly that slots he could look at someone said hello to m me you need people it's part of the very human experience itself we're not individuals were a part of a giant multi life organism the multi life or
wisdom is the human race and when someone doesn't fit in iraq goes wrong here play video game and you're in the middle of getting your ass kicked you just want to unplug the fucking box cuz your friend is mocking you and you're like you're down like two hundred and two zero and just keep it until you're in i think this is shut it off your instinct is to turn off the box lotta people do that kids do that all the time you are kids play games if they're losing really really valley the flip the fuckin chessboard over anger these people are shutting off the box exactly that's what doing by driving around shooting a bunch of people in shooting himself he he caused some pain and then end is on what's all this thing what's a solution a solution is very complicated but it's it's part of evolving as a race i think it's it's of what are we now and what did we used to be we used to be merged you're fuckin monkeys on rampages thrown rocks at other murderous monkeys before that we were single
old organisms slabman around in the ocean mean we ve become something that is good and us to this point but it's not done it's not done it envisage having these kind of conversations human beings having some kind of conversations don't just you and i but people all over the world is slowly but surely elevating awareness and its noticeable in our culture like look it is the kind of weird example someone was talking about comedy in the nineteen eighties you're talkin about like eddie murphy raw if you watch eddie murphy raw like you realize how fuckin homophobic nasty is in mean spirited strata jim me gets so friend was he had it on and africa the fuckin told also them that a professor really homophobic really we prefer francisco how dare you that far that fart siena but but you sums a bunch of you used to be able to do
got away with it now be rulers hey you know that's not fucking cool and its beak more and more not cool as time got has gone on as more and more people exchange information but the the reality remains that there's a good percentage of people that fuckin suck and they're gonna be sir the apparent till they socket everything i have this person over the other day and a friend of mine emily and we're we're talking about his childhood and into this horrible parents parents heart bull parental situation real bad drugs i call on meanness and violence and always different things and to see this person is gone through this and can kind of express it then you see him with his kid and his great he's great parent super loving you know into it communicates a lot can you go okay least you know something happened was a terrible situation but information was exchanged the vis this person is evolved and then
we are dealing with this new person in their life this child they add and they doing a great job with it you see the sort of informing and being changed and lessons being learned and lives being in written it's a cigar as a human race as is this a huge project of of evolution and growth we're getting better it's just not done it takes a long time time and you're gonna have newt gingrich still sitting around saying a bunch of fuckin stupid ship and you're gonna have bill o reilly have these dinosaurs that we're stuck in his old way of living starling you gonna have these old shit heads that are still loafin around with this our care idea of what the code of life is side their head and you're gonna have shit heads like this fog and evil kid when around shooting people in santa barbara because he was an outcast you're gonna have that we're not done yet maybe part of what's
hurting us in the fact that were not done is that we're restricting along these other options like iowa sky will gain mushrooms all these different things that have had massively positive effects on some people live changing effects would it have helped and kid i don't know i don't know but it helps me can help people weigh more than anybody's ever figured out as far as like psychotherapy and going to meetings where you pray to donuts all that all that shit's cute but go see the wizard go ride fuckin snake with gand off in the middle of the jungle and you'll come back with a different perspective just smoke the fairy dust god takes indian and literally be shot to the center of the universe for fifteen minutes and explore all the possible options for life itself its seems to help people and i don't know who to help this kid this kid sent seems like he's completely totally fucked up but i think that he is one part of this giant fractal and when one part explodes and blows up it doesn't
is the beauty of the positive aspects of the fact that we have to figure out how to keep those blow up at a minimum us do people raising kids they just do a fucking terrible job of it and it all could be around a bunch of other kuntz you know maybe neighbors all the kids go to school with their pieces of shit and they're parents sock ass and use the the worlds filled with suck you know and sometimes you can't get it can catch break you just a bad spot i had a bad name when i was thirteen or when i was between eleven and when i was thirteen we moved so i guess not eleven thirteen those in florida thirteen to fourteen is where it was bad i was when i was in jamaica plain was a bad neighborhood in boston it's more gentrified now becomes sorted moreover hips replace were people bought places and fixed amount but when i lived there in a castle was like
seventy nine sunlight that some seven nine eighty spoken terrible spat kids kids bad kids doing bad shit there was always the people are breaking into people's houses left and right now is it would do being ease and calm paeonies like it was nobler they themselves would call it that oh yeah yeah yeah got power gonna go you will be in the end they would they had horrible accents there's a kidney just like that all the hudson live next door you couldn't trust i care for five seconds whose always trustees things they were just their drinking they were eleven whose listening right now weeping he's dead that is why we think he's dead member followed he was creeping next door neighbor hoof too but it but the point is it our stock i mean it was only for about a year and a half to my parents realise is a terrible place to be and then we move to supper called newton which is the total ops at nice families real like fuckin mayberry type town but
drag the plane was tricky and if i had stayed in jamaica play if i was in their work it's fuckin hard to find people hard to find safety you know how to finally i would leave my how i would be sure that one enables a break in a be sure we caught people dr way trying to break into cars i did just it was this dangerous just not good if that's you spot you fuck man that's that's the number one thing that shows you that this government and the people that are in charge don't give a fuck about the human race as an idea because if they did the number one thing that ever boat we concentrating on its horrible neighborhoods skid row you'd go skid row and they would go how the fuck in this exist two thousand fourteen with what we get on your personal freedom stuff this is obviously a problem right a giant problem you gonna fuckin village of zombies gonna go to compton goes that go to the ghetto gotta go to war
gotta that the worst spots in harlem go there and go how is still like this because valuable people in this country believe in individual freedoms above the freedoms of the of the masses i mean you don't take person's freedom to help i'm just saying that than the fundamental notion of america is due for yourself and the problem with looking at a neighborhood filled with people who were down on their luck is that the the reaction this country can be looked at all look at all these poor people or love your brand look at all these lazy people that won't do what i did look at me look at my house i've gotta therefore house i've got a huge car therefore person can have a wonderful eyes and a huge car therefore if you dont have a wonderful ass a used car you didn't do the things you needed to do to get it i am always struck a people that complain about being well for people on welfare there are always people who
i can tell have never encountered people on welfare i never see people that are like from neighborhoods were people grew up oh i forgot like these back and welfare it's like it's always people from the suburbs that are talking about an an abstraction and intellectual abstraction lung the welfare people then you go meet people and you go oh you're like a poor family it's a lot easier to talk about welfare mama's when you ve never met people that our moms that are trustworthy kids by getting food stamps yeah i was on welfare when those kids i was i was it some not what people think it is people this people struggling this show these people that abuse it here about them there's the work and they have jobs they still take welfare and even rich people efforts towards a rich people that somehow another were right that caused the system getting welfare but some monies are gonna fix everything we were doing jews on welfare or the first of its kind but should be a band their neighbour with a special entrance to the building and stuff
in the back and you will first with those are if i d cards their data last name warlike like are you sure you're in the right place i think people raising people and get you get stuck get stuck in a bad patent super common like one of the most common things in life is for people to get stuck in bad patterns in how many folks do we know that have the same issues over and over again when it comes to girlfriends friends with comes to boyfriends with her comes to jobs getting fired coming can people this drives me goddamn nuts people say work in i've only got like a couple of weddings ever and one of the reasons being is like i'm not gonna go to your obviously going to fail project one those motherfuckers they'd like friend rights to work with and huge super offended because i didn't go to his wedding and as i do who'd i've seen you through every one of your horrendous relationships you have
a ton of fuckin terrible relations they all went ban they all just complete just obvious bad choices from the job and you ve been with his cheek for a year and you want me to fly to new york q man you're being rude haven't you ever made a wider ridiculous party the invitation said will attend will not attend do not believe in the long term viability of this relationship which is all if you like standing their standing staring in your best clothes waiting for some people to say some nonsense to each other i guess crazy but you're married crazy i'm married and the only reason why marriage my wife wants marriage rose she likes but there's something i love her enough that are more than do something retarded that's what i did but the idea that asking yeah that's exactly i said but the idea of asking someone to go and was stand there and watch you do your fuckin ceremony and hold hands and look at each other and slip metal so this fingers like
damn you need that much attention fears really want to do it do yourself go somewhere and if you really want is not amount of get ceremony not again someone doing and how but we want our loved ones around like then she want people to fly to where europe because it makes you the fucking king of the hour and makes you super special and makes you fuckin that this is number one reason why we're year everyone knows why we're it's all for mike click here here let's have a toast to mike it's p that one of your fuckin special will any even further on the absurdity of marriage we're marriage argument is flawed in its beginning because it's like why are we involving the government in marriage in the first place what are you going destroy your love what the government then go basically all you do and you get married and register with the government is say it's going i want to make sure it's incredibly difficult for us to break up guy if this doesn't work out make sure the government is somehow involved in our separating ok i've
i understand gay marriage mother understand straight marriage because the gay people like being if you're gonna fully go gay you gonna be out and we all know that a lot of people who are gay or not out daily high there in a closet if year and you're married to another day do he's all in that guy's all in he went it publicly and financially when you didn't even have do they can't get pregnant they can't get pregnant like
you could falk till the end of time that person could never keep you there you can ever say you're not going to raise your child what our responsibility row i carried you fuck a baby for nine months inside me i love your ex ante that's my new guy you motherfucker predators like a whole hogan roguish what are you going to do when i divorce you given birth as his give thickness shit like that i don't think they shifted seven different opening taint shoot the baby comes out but in all in all i mean that's that's really all in and they don't have to be that's a big commitment if you gained so to get married anyway like wow that's a commitment that's a commitment as a motherfucker nothing happens with the gay people is a lot of times fascinating when they get married they assume traditional roles like me female roles like i have friends
gay and married and then they lived on street and there's a dead the guy's one guys clear the husband and one guys clear the wife you know it's like it's pretty clear one guy works the other one doesn't they have a kid they were adopted in their raising this kid fur very fascinating situation but they have almost these sort of nuclear family but they have it with two men do you think that's typical but it seems difficult to meet the one person let the funerals many times i seen the thing it's a young yeah sort of situation if it gets an opposite attract sort of situations that the name of the kid they adopted no linear he was wise no way you can adopt like kids turn you data here if you have money and get a white one why one deploy worse
often these like horrifying like cobwebby log you know orphanages you know where they sat up straight for let us first five years of their life and they look on nice and why then you get home and they like i will break your love in dragging the problem is no one touched him for a clear to everyone cried they would ignore him yeah now i'd rather i'd rather i'd rather have a nice you know touched african baby then some eastern european blonde good looking baby there will never be psycho future emanation per star i could see that what you know me i think people have a natural inclination to be attracted to opposites in a way not full the opposite but some aspects like things sometimes a stronger personality would like more submissive personality or the opposite or vice versa submissive men like a dominant we're bearing woman or you know then i've have four
these are very similar and they get along great too is it doesn't matter isn't the cliche though that somebody's very who a very powerful man will want to dominatrix no to beat him up and should honour ass super true a girl i knew woman whose dominatrix intuit professionally beat the fuck out of these really rich guys should kick them in the deck and stuff and with high heels and leave marks all over their belts like beat them gagged p on them should do all kinds of crazy shit them nothing about that sounds pleasant monsieur le maire issued by the master that was part of the thing right like i had to be i had to be the master like for them loose like an opportunity they can completely relinquish goes it playing a role like we do think that he gets now any time ago no you fuckin shut up you know and she's now they just a given new it willingly it's really amazing it's almost like they need it so take a service that she provides and so
these like high powered c o thirteen i imagine emptying low penises fat penises i do think it worth their thick the now like their teeny but there's like fat that's like array rare item under a founding do you know where your belly stick out further than your dick do i could do rob ford type but would not that person and he said to our father personality that body my taste now examiner yeah sure absolutely scotus tie still on the little man in budget sort of like philo do type of skin when mapping out of the space between with his pants around his ankle issue kicks him in the deck and each year you're in bottom like about a year some sort of like weird chest here since you send definitely will a like a symmetrical chest heretics yeah the left
as more here and the right ones will fat deck and but he's all rich and stop because as little darky went to bed master yes master should peas in his face shut the fuck are you a guy that he would he would i think i don't know there's a woman of the man but that one of them would lay underneath of glass table while the shit on top of the class down new this real they told me they told they did it could be not true i dont know i wasn't there watching but it seemed dynamically correct pledged their dynamic of real intense like you like psycho you know one of those i care you know those guys it seem like they could have started a collective they were born in it in a different a slightly did or an era with a little bit more money they would have started a call it was like that type a dude la and she was like all sex workers and stuff really what did he for eleven i can't transition year it was a database is strange straining strange man interesting are very where people are there's a lot of very where people here an ally of the weird
this is the way to spot is there's a spot where they think they're going finally get that attention that they deserve in sexually there's a lot of weird saxony and another come i made my way down well i'm in a relationship now but i was very much a taste i got some good story ok please this is this is pretty good one well wanna tell you though ok with one when i was started here bottom i've gone had some issues with sex but one real bad nor was there was a girl i was i went to this clothing store and ice to be really big girls very big girls how big a mean his big
as you could my allotted plus i mean i'm i was into it all where i like a thick girl anyway my girl now is not a very small but bless yo with it now i love her and she's great she's hot is weirder and ski close so does our feet or allow those relationships where there's a feeder no guys at a real this is like where where the fat thing we go goes beyond just like a black i think it's hot and intellect up like a fetish so they'll be a guy like we like a skinny kind of weakling guy that's like bringing his fat girlfriend like twinkies and and impose and roast beef and staffing and billing here honey keep eating and she gets bigger and bigger so there's like feeder and then there's like a big woman that just eventually i guess grows and grows and grows in la his erection grows whether something like what now this relationship is defined by we save there's a type by this is defined leg
sites when they talk about the am and you can look that our pyramid that's that i'm not but is it like it is your community they well yet i don't know the community because after bring back to get the target that many cranes to bring people too meetings i mean i got on line community where this is all discuss i'm shoulders the and others are real thank five euro i've never heard of that been trying this withdrew new grown and now i was never like that for me this is like us the weird psychological like i'm gonna bring you food its being dominated by one person that's passive i think other met though the dominatrix in this case as near enough to do anything but sit around and eat you know that's interesting that's interest but anyway i don't why even brought that us ass geared sexton of this person was was big and i went to the store she was the she was the parking attendant at the store and
this is like well into comedy sounded on some level of public figure i'm not like a huge public figure but enough that it's like i be like at random approaching maybe i should who knows anyway this girl she was bigger and she was the parking lot turning at the store and i somehow started talking to her and got a phone number and then some texting with her and this is i remember how to show that night in orange county i was at a i was at a m comedy show it you see irvine and i brought my friend jacob jacob seraph down to the down to the show and and she was texting with me while i was at the show and orange county and was like oh you should have said something you know i would after dick in the parking lot and i was really activated like the little dick getting hard like our rapporteur guy you know and and she's like you hey i mean you know where you come by my house tonight i'll suck your dick tonight because a greater you live and she's like compton and i and i
start doing the math and unlike ok orange only if i'm driving back to my home silverlake compton this sort of win a weird way on the way so i fuck and get rid of jacob you know i say to some other comic what can you please give to take a ride home i've got a direction right now and not in like ok i cannot tell anybody what's going on to my friend my good friend jacob is like why are you laughing we often the stranger was going right under the ganges gets a business take care of us think it's eleven thirty nine but he's a pervert to some drive i pull off the exiting compton where this girl says she's gonna suck my dick and and i start driving through content and its looks like weirder and weirder and worse and worse the further i go and i keep texting aren't you keep going keep going on i pull down this alley i'm it's like an abandoned alley and it's like it's like you want talk about having to different brains you know i mean like i new my brain my good brain my big brain was telling me like your goal to be murdered this is situation where you're i'm dry
thing down an alley does an empty field on one side there's like tat housing on the other side like its there's no street lights she's and she keeps going keep going keep well i'm not the end of the end of this alley i'm waiting for you keep good i just know i wanna get there her brothers are gonna come out surround the car you do you do i'm dead my car's dead and i keep driving forward because i have this other brain that's like this all ape bonobo brain that's going like the end of this road there's a blow job you to help me you propose other ways i swear you couldn't there is no place in l a bit more well suited to murder a white person there this alley why so has it go down she comes outside take a deep breath she gets in the car
gives me a blow job and i hope when you came was it like the most like sneaky coming ever cambaluc i can give you three examples are the o the other crazy thing is you lives and she lives in and one of the first thing she says before she starts giving me head is yeah yeah i love second decker suck anybody's dick supper and then she just drop some and bomb like a heart is my you live in competence and my other again two brains my brain is i don't come in on the racism don't come in on the racism comets he's about to give you a blow job don't even and i didn't i focused focused on why was the last time you saw her yes less than we did you change your phone number i we i'm you know i change my fight to erase the phone number
told her i have a girlfriend now didn't have a girlfriend have a girlfriend re store phone number then i like maybe six months later i drove by that place again got her phone number again start a text in there and then erase our phone number and i never went by an english stood pubic she was like to to if the problem is how to do anything with a lot of big girls yeah we ever had any kind of cleaning problems where they smoke more like pooper does i could you like a bigger boner when you smell that does not mean that they don't smell the best disasters kuchma it seems like a serious question is and i began at me as you know i mean you know the fat people shower when i hear you say that kink in all those nooks and crannies the document that between families not that big mean antonio melick five onwards ralphie may size you have foster off he may bravely musical go too far
that is why i guess there was another girl when i first move to town that she was a girl she was like a kind of she was real intense speaking of power dynamics she was she's a kind of growth she kept going like put your cigarette out on me cigarette jesus christ and i was like i can't i don't i don't think i can do that and she would be like she's very aggressive then pain oriented and she fighting me and like biting my dear confiding my balls and that was also hot but also i didn't like the biting parliament our stop out and a one point she almost jewish like that now stands at one point she looks down she's like going down a stops because what is that the kind of what is that the way you would say like if you were going down on a girl you saw the cause some sort of sore or something and unlike i look and there is a contusion like a straight up like bubble blood blue
stir on my scrotum from her writing from her by i say you fucking did that and she's and then afterwards shoes with great we should do it again and i checked her i i don't know i think you may be a little rough for me and she goes ok she's like our dialogue back no like it's all let's try images if you can't fuckin ride the dragon with the scales that i have then get a god damn jesus christ i got more have you read the clause or like the next day were year like wise my bow her and you just look on your back and just like us i've done that but doesn't assorted normal it's girls just getting caught up in the third as a passion that's not the lighting or very actively leave it that's why i lamping down your throat i had other i am i have had sexual i don't love you you don't seem like you had you seem like you ve been having public funds sex experiences your whole
what makes you say you know you're like good looking and you ve been you ve been famous for a long time and if you feel like you think i don't know on sex that way i know what i feel like i feel like you're the type of do that likes to have sex only with good looking woman i'm crazy like you're like an hammer it now i know but there's like for me i used to get off on like hooking up a people that were not as a true i was home a bus was hot right you know i guess i hot to them the end i would fight of objective attractiveness in people that weren't objectively attractive so it makes sense yeah so ok so what we were talking about earlier like cats you your king so like that ugh thing whatever lead you to be an impulsive drug person lead you for a while to be improved impulsive sex person so wasn't even almost unnatural sort of attracts like wow that's a pretty girl she me i like her lover personnel union like a personality talking about drop
embalmed schwann suck nigger decks deal i still value that's interesting enough though i actually have one how ro bag and black where there was a shock she was really bookmarks latin that does not mean that there is a god only nine is right about that but when a man i was lying secondary day look where i live know for sure that became that they and it also is very compartmentalized i would be like the store i'm arab one instance in particular was at the store i like to call on the morning shopping for other safeway getting some groceries and this woman walked around the court
and she was big and in the way that i liked and i started i did you ever get like the viewer gotten so horny you start getting cold yeah you're gonna meet new low shivery ass i am not enough learning wondrous women's it is almost shopping at two in the morning i can cheese ways or whatever i can figure out a way to numerous and if i walked up to her with a shiver ring like a two in the morning i hate how are you know where he's a fucking make that's cool so crazy he's just cause she's big forty thing yeah something what could it be if it wasn't the big thing no i guess you're right the big must be re that's when it would get the most pronounced it was pretty intense that's amazing i've had sex why lysol after the woman left because i was imagining these are those rational
no cuz i'm actually like scratching this area of her body and then she left i was like that i went into my bathroom i started lysol on my legs like and then dish soap and then lights out in the next day i think of twelve step meetings i went to my first and only sex addict this meeting i was just like someone's gotta chain is to look at your face was ass you know there's no there is very little way for you to convince yourself that you're just like a young man swinging around having a good time engaging in the regular sexuality of all human beings when you're spraying lysol circle legality that's awesome so i went and one of the things about ass a sex the first thing i realise when i got to have sex attics anonymous meeting as i may have a problem or something i may have a compulsive sexuality but i dont have what these people have something else that they're talking about what were they taught him they were talking
i'll look i'll start looking at pornography at four p m then all of a sudden the sun will be coming up well and i was like oh or like i i had a home but i took all of my money spent on prostitutes you know that kind of thing a while it was very intensive stuff that i did not really fully relate to what is definitely mental illnesses that are connected to weird sexual behind you're like there was an episode of this pod castle they talk about all the time a new favour progress is radio lab oh yeah sure great part it is really good maisie stuff really interesting and fastening subjects in always food for thought and they had one about a guy but epilepsy and it was fascinating so he was having always tumors and they offered a surgery to fix this not tumors some seizures rather an they offered a surgery to fix the seizures and he accepted it
and when they gave him the surgery it turned him into this weird sex asked who was wanted food our time wanted sexual time but could not stop downloading pornography child including child pornography and could he would eraser new downloaded again erase it in the way then there neurologist described it as the area of his brain that was removed literally is the area that controls impulsive decisions when it comes to sexuality and needs in and any any desires there there's a part of all of us that like you know like bilbil has a joke about it the giver see a role people street new driving i just fuckin could turn right now under a cloud people over like everybody's had those thoughts we know never does anything but like me i would see a really frail old person and i would say i could just kick this guy's head right off
body just out of nowhere is kick his head on and i would not do it i ever i would never even think about doing it but the thought is i bet that i could do the better it is we'll just gonna head nowhere madge if you like a hundred year old man you just i always think about leaping like right you kicked might give us that makes sense just across the room again right through someone just fancy what everybody else would be dealt with like what are really why what the eye but you'd never doing that's the ideas that we all because people have good decision making the and because people have ethics and morals and you know and because you nice you or do anything bad like that but that these thoughts are just they can come in your head randomly and why why do they come up because you know that is a possibility that in some weird pizarro universe somebody might punch this old guy for no reason or that somebody might turn
car into a crowd and stamp on the gas as it is so you you don't really think about doing it but you think that could be something someone does but this poor fuckin guy was doing things like he was like you couldn't help well that with the child pornography the other the pot that is what they said was the part that they removed from him was the part the regulated that when you had the thought than your next out as well of course i shouldn't we ll kick this old man's head because that would be a mean to do when i wrote a jail and that's wrong but there's lots the role of biological mass in your brain that is the part it tells you that second thought which don't do that so this guy's when and regulated sexual compulsive it yeah an end in hungary as well right is designed remember that time here they were talking about just ate like a wild man squint stop eating but weird thing was and this is why they the judge recognised that the new
i'll just correct there was an issue in the guy had to deal with it but they still sentence into jail because he didn't have anything on his computer work whose public control himself a work and the rest of his life so showed some sort of possibility of control yeah that i thought i found that to be fascinated it is pretty because i agree with in sort of a weird way but he knew that they were there because what the thing was it wasn't justly downloaded pornography is that he paid for it and by showing that he paid for it is even worse is then you're supporting child pornography right the other thing i thought was really fascinating was apart afterwards where they started seeing while started saying and interesting that these kinds of aberrations could be cause five but just a violent call the literal physical hardware of your brain and this brain doktor came on is the second guy afterwards and remember this part when he was like that's what everything is every thing every
fine every baby you're every positive thing your comedy some that kid's murder it's all biological it's all from the moment you're born you're born and this happens or or this kind of chemical dump happens in your brain there's nothing that's occurring that isn't biological no human behavior isn't it actually related to the biology of your brain so that kid so that dude looking to child ranald and that kid in in santa barbara all of those are related to the biological realities of that kid's brain of those peoples brains and that therefore this person started seeing this the craziest part you they were single then shouldn't we should we let a person off because of what happened three lepers enough from going to prison this would happen in their brains biological anything that's the wrong question because all crimes and all behaviors are as well what's happening your brain biologically the way that we should be of crimes is how likely they are based upon the biology to commit a crime again is literally
like time crimes or what future crime yeah that's like minority report types exactly unease literally saying you can look at it you can say this guy's brenda this this and this is therefore this likely to die commit a crime therefore he should go to prison for this amount of them while how sketchy would that actually i we think that that is something that could happen in the foreseeable future everybody talks about these mass shootings in they go although its mental illness that's the problem the problem in a sister so people that don't wanna deal with you know whether or not control should be in this conversation was at war with mental illness we should focus on mental illness but the problem is there's no to focus on mental illness as it pertains to mass shootings you can't go up to a crazy person and say you seem crazy you the comedy store any knight of the weak and go and you just round up like you know that the craziest five percent and then they seem like they might shoot someone there's no way to know until the shooting someone they grow up they were crazy enough to shoot someone may how can you look at a crazy person and think
that guy's a shooter kind of crazy not being a harmless screen on the street kind of crazy person yeah it's impossible the any anybody doesn't want sort of background checks on anybody that wants to buy weapon ear bribery huge problem huge problem the ideas in the inner ray is their philosophy i believe and it's not too do not for any sort of checking but therefore minimal amount checking because they think that if you give up a certain amount of rights the government forgive those rights back so they said that they stand and they dig the heels and they don't want anything other than looser and more more freedom when comes to drop it drug guns rather like god georgia the reason they passed they they changed their guns and they made the gun laws like less restrictive and people are freaking out like i should probably google exactly what it is but the people are just going nutty about these
gun laws what this elliot guy here you know you bought his guns any he also had four hundred rounds of ammunition on and he had also to psychiatry so it seems lady edge dash relations should be shared with and also i just shut found his eye twitter and you know i was seeing how you seem may because he was so rich and stuff i had this like really good of like american psycho you'll see that maybe he had the same kind of voicing but look here following on twitter hugo boss bmw four seasons hotel at sunnyside assets for friends why newsboy whore people for peace and your boss he's a longing eyes and a rich and rich people things i mean it that yeah it's really scary year it there's no wait there is no way to to know this kid there's a million kids exactly like that guy but never shoot people they just crazy and make videos in their car and even make videos by the way his parents called the police
said we think our kids gonna do something crazy right and the police came investigated we're like well we'll be back when you suit some people at the police but the poor you didn't go ok your parents are worried psychologists oh and we have you on record for buying four hundred rounds of ammunition maybe we should look further in this this is what this is what they changed in georgia this is really fascinating and there idea is that each when it's gonna do as is to allow the people you have shown that they have guns and and dont have never crimes with them that it protects the base constitutional rights of the roughly five percent of georgia residencies who hold licence to carry weapons it says that law gives added protection to those who play by the rules and who can bring vacuum cells from others those who don't play by the rules they said now this is this is what it lousy m broadly speaking there saying you're how to carry a gun in bars
and associated parking facilities through through gun though gun holders can before to leave upon notice by the property owner government buildings can be allowed to bring in the government buildings why places of worship ok only with the express profound approval wow school safety zones school functions or on school provide did transportation or brother i've learned means a kid who eighteen years old is a senior in high school who has a licence to carry a gun could carry a gun on the fuckin school bus by iran my child if they start shooting you can revoke their permission to use the gun that's nice gives me asking me sir you're gonna have to if the personnel immediately get the bill expands stayed stand our ground law a version of which rose to prominence the tray on marketing you know what fire oh here it gets even grey
your firearm dealers are no longer they ignore need to maintain records of sales and purchases for state purposes that's it seems arbitrary and terrible why we do not want to have records of whose who's buying guns someone his bind guns every week hey man you have a million guns like what do you plan and i mean understand their point if you i always try with this it with these issues to put my brain in the brain of the people that are making the argument i guess i understand the point they really don't the guns are the problem and they really think that experimenting with gun control laws to try to solve a problem that isn't that isn't solvable through gun control we'll just off the only result will have as that people's guns or get taken away and if you think that gun rolled won't solve any of these problems that it just becomes you versus the government control your guns and look at these fat white
i'm so happy that this law is getting signs have you seen the pictures of the guys bringing machine guns it into two partly why do you gotta take that it's because of this this law but it's just these like big virgin like call a duty type deeds with little army would straight up a our fifteen's extra their shoulders ordering to put what it just like a we're just because they can now think about supporting they ask so as not to bring their guns put it up on images possessed so ridiculous i need to see that the backlash i mean it ours no crazy see jesus there there look at that bid look at that the just absolute drought of pussy that that guy has had in his life look his gun is his penis i'm never going only guards your check that's crazy the shoulder harnessed in everything
can you imagine go into too and that's how that's going on while i can unfortunately i can imagine you it's weird about it is it is an american problem because i've been to israel a bunch and other israel obviously has problems that are not connected the gun control with rice in itself leaving that issue aside because of the associate politicks realities of israel people have guns all the time therein dress answer in synagogues everybody has guns as open carry everywhere and it doesn't feel weird and it doesn't does not pay shooting up random indiscriminate do you think that's because they have a common enemy it could be because is violence there all the time and that actually makes a if you will pardon me it makes sense when a palestinian and israel and shoots up a bunch of israelis that terror makes sense because as an the ology behind it as opposed to just some and i'm dude firing into it into a school here and so maybe it takes away the impulse of the israeli people and the palestinian people to do indiscriminate violence but
every time you started doing this like is it is it is it gun too many guns will know because there are countries that have just as many many guns it aren't they don't have these industries shootings is it because of violent video games will know because japan and korea play more video games and we do it and they don't do this it starts brett bend your mind like what it what is it exactly about america that has all these shootings all the time and why so often here why i think nationalism is a bad thing but tional as in the case where everybody bans together never but it's nice to each other because you're also all fellow israelites which occurs in israel light if you live in israel or that like an israeli one of the black is really member those guys in black israel it was gathered together awesome degeneracy those guys in new york i've seen you know it's interesting about them in israel a bunch of the move to israel no i guess lights are basically just a group of black people from chicago that decided they were the true jews and that real do
why dues and they were at an apropos of what i don't know and they weren t outfits like super here next year straight up suit of armor and they stand in the corner and say that like like white people i will read on brother radar group of a move to israel and they were just sort of squatting in israel they went is run and they just stayed and these the government the way these really government immigration works is that you have to be a jew to immigrate there or you know or it's complicated but if you do as i oughta matic citizenship in israel and so they went to these like israelites and they were like uk you guys got to you guys are like just here we can't move here we do so we are jews brother and there are no will need to convert if you're going to stay as citizens and we convert brother and then israel exactly which as you know it you guys can stay and they just kept him it's really should censure as do than ever
anything and currently you can go to like of weird commune in the middle of his own there's a bunch of american black israeli relied jews really so they just decide the let him stay why did you that it was this annoying i think they're just to their dislike let him stay so amazing they let him stay the eye not very weird i would think everybody it has to convert because its total jewish state so i guess if brian wanted to move over their he'd have take hebrew lessons and he'd have to convert that's right and thou that like it and he's got and probably wouldn't work out anyway citizen marijuana legal over there i don't think so although there is a mere one illegal immigration party in parliament i think it's funny you think that the law localities marijuana we go in israel maybe not legal very loose with her for changing laws that could i know that there was a member of parliament those from the legalization party the gas of cannabis by country in wikipedia new
sites on mare marijuana i rarely there loosening the there there look yet it in their recognising the the medical benefits of it so why does the government approved medical marijuana farm in the galilee hills of northern israel with the galileo the galilee the sea of galilee as where jesus walked on water oh shit what a good place to grow we'd that hardly why they saw him i've no water one strain is said to have the strongest psychoactive effect of any cannabis in the world jews powerful jews we do will you know the reason why moses supposedly met god when he saw the burning bush they think that the burning bush was the acacia bush acacia bushes rich in the empty at one of the richest plants and damp
so they think that what it really is is some sort of a metaphor for him taking this this psychoactive drug and having this experience with god this is like mainstream jerusalem scholars or try exams taller make sense while all the stories in the bible or all translated down from ancient hebrew originally than to roman latin rather greek all these different languages the you lose little bit of the actual original meaning of it right guys talking to burning bush and seen god and this bush it's everywhere both spoke to him i mean come on i could give you a bush those pity rodya total as its right now you get in two thousand fourteen that's what's yours i am what i am sound straight up like a high person will that's what part of what's going on with a lot of these new churches where they have iowa as are of religious sacrament and its approved by the supreme for these are native american these white people into penance
brazil actually from brazil bruce here i'll pull it up julian churches that think it's ento diamond or something churches allowed to use psychoactive drug and the the ideas that looked if you have wine and wine is a of recognise religious sacrament the freedom of religion is country should protect r our our religious sacrament and then our religious sacrament as i alaska and that these these guys are these these churches the fuckin brazilian i wanna get churches yeah there's there's a couple different ones anyway the point being that i mean that probably what the fuck was going on when moses was around in there he was a moses and he didn't have its experience and what it was their experience what told him to be nice
people gave us a list of rules that human being should follow bathe some morals and ethics that he learned from a burning but it also said not to fuck neighbours wife so that you actually say don't covet which is really weird because where i have it means is that your neighbors wife is property and that year if coveting her property like you want to and that's a good way to be a neighbor man mean don't don't try to your friends wife because you're gonna ruin their relationship of your right one of those creepy dude i could you imagine you were living extorted some dude who looks a lot like david has a half in his prime in the nineteen eighties and this and naval hassle off kept coming over the house while you were work ring in the door bell taking your wife to lunch and i was kind of shit like this motherfucker trans fuck my wife and just becomes a huge huge goddamn problem on a given ass well ass a nice guy and we're friends and that's it likely sneakers bitch discussion of what
you he's gonna ruin this whole thing it's in the bible half of them has even has the have nots ain't even ass off shore david has lots of a beautiful human being what i'm saying is if you say if you looked like brian for instance handsome fellow average goodbye this guy or their brand are there you're regular guy wait i'm trying to figure out what you were saying handsome beautiful look alone had on climate fat he's married some haughty and then this work and david house half look at mother fucker with a body like the rock the oral trying to take his girlfriend you'd will you and be happy with that would you so i have a drop camera checking my check out right now leaning than leaving for contributing to your you're watching your relationship unfold watch david has a have banging ursela how is it going to those nato the stasi eeo thick rural policy
i want to find out about these black is released in i've seen him out here only once oh yeah we in their new york in chicago i've seen and this is where they would go about right together would read out bible about the so called jus the socalled jews today so they have this idea whether the thirteen tribes of israel were were basically like native americans mexicans asians black people max you know eskimos etc and then the jews aren't jews the owner people that didn't make it as do our duty at this doesn't seem fair while you familiar with the ethiopian jews i yeah i know about them yeah that's where they believe the arc of the covenant is right no it's weird about that is that it actually could be there it's not probably why not probably well do you know the entire religion of eastern of ethiopian orthodox christianity is based upon the idea
the arc of the covenant is in addis ababa in the main church of the ethiopian church but there is in its special room and eternal special room and special dude is the only do they can see it i know that's when i saw goin gray a little bit it has a special room with especial dude and only one dude can see it nobody else can see it and then when the especial dude is ready to return for a picks and other special dude and that special dude becomes a guy to concede that the people can never see it i never hear things like that i start one that's that's not real was rightly should but imagine if it actually was especial dude and whose only allowed to tell one of the special do when he died they said i got into that goods the first thing that the sort of researched and he raised she because all these guys that were around that area have cataracts like these guys that were taken care of that church i guess you'd call the monks or whatever load autumn there were thing
that i guess they would be yeah they be priests ethiopian countless christian priests of some sort day there was quite a few that a had issues that could be described as similar to issues that people have when they have radiation poisoning saw the light of the lord was so overwhelming that a given cataracts lowest what they think the argotic covered in is if the arc of the covenant is a real thing like what could possibly be where if you look at a melt never read is lost her what could it be i would say flying nazis right ghosts of nazis yams like most likely system pocketed nazi dick there right now i think if it if it is anything that makes any sense at all it could be some sort of a reactor like some sort of homer active molecular get arrested recently who is making a fuckin reactor in his back yard number there remember that yeah were so you think that's the arc of the cover i don't know i wonder i wonder if it really was such a thing see
their finding out now pretty assured with a high rate of probability that there's been massive cataclysmic disasters that have all but wiped out the human race a couple of times that they ve been found and thousands and thousands of years ago and that is the case it might very well be that human beings had reached a very high level of technological sophistication and that might be why there are all these beautiful enormous ancient stone structures that we really don't understand how they they made today that it could be that was people at one point in time with its fifteen thousand years ago when i was that had gotten pretty sophisticated a lot of ways and then we're all most wiped out by asteroids so they had been enlightenment before other current enlightened and maybe even different which is why they have all these credible stone structures but we see no evidence whatsoever there lecture know of it
whatsoever on outside of a few batteries that we found they have found batteries real yeah they found bad is iraq here put pull up brian ancient battery i rack because i read is soon mare and sue mare is the is far as we know our current history oldest known civilization right the fertile crescent here so that exactly where baghdad is exactly where this this civilization was that was the first written law urge that we know of the first mathematics the others the battery it's an actual battery they figured out that is what it is that whatever it is it generates electricity in a very primitive way so it would but my daddy ends is moon where you beat somebody up in baghdad no sentiment when you make a really good checking whether they crossed the alike battery there the the idea that like whatever
had happened they believe like ten thousand five years ago is also responsible for the decline of the ice age that it start the ices massive global climate change but also a complete reset of civilization so that's all we're going towards now of global warming another risa could be this guy this guy randal karlsson on who an expert in these geological events and what he described so much scarier than global warming will he describes global cooling he's like everyone's fight of global warming and global warming obviously gonna have plenty of unique problems he's like what i worry about more than that is the particulates that were released into the atmosphere like coal burning because i worry about that more than boy more than the warming itself the warming itself very problematic is now a downplaying every saying but global cooling
or you re more sunglasses and smoke lucky strikes and just hang out on the hollow you don't get it and now he's talking about ice ages is like ice ages are horrific does that's what kills everybody that's what fuck substance that's what causes lifespans to be drastically shorten that's what causes massive diseases that's what causes huge glaciers to fill up entire continents they know now that at least for ten thousand five hundred euro eleven thousand years back at least half of north amerika was under a mile high sheet of ice and they can canada was all ice that's why the wall you know what's gonna throw how is its law so our winter is coming in winter last forever but that is actually that the world they gave their lives and they have these hundred year winter yes to maybe just and i said well they say that there were times in human history recorded tie where summer never came
were they had these many ice ages right where they had temperature very as you know when we think about the variation between winter and summer you know it's in places you talk about fifty below zero two fifty degrees like that's about it warms gets right is sort of shift and sometimes it would not shift it would just it would be just suck you would get sucked from the jump all year round constantly and that's a week thing to think about that global warming is preferable to this global cooling global cooings the worst fuckin thing you could ever have avatar we headed towards another i said is that what i say now now he's our definitely warming up he said but there's a lot of factors he said that you know he he was talking about the co2 in the atmosphere and want to things and so there was
things like co2 in the atmosphere is awful but it is also the responsible for plant growth in the forests of actually started to increase increasing amount of of growth of of plants and trees because of the fact that like the like like predicted growth of certain forest is actually much higher than it was predicted because that is the excess co2 in the atmosphere the real issue is there's a lot of the things going on as far as like solar activity the magneto sphere of all these things have to be take into account when you talk about like why the earth gets warmer and colder and there's been periods observable periods from studying ice course over to tens of thousands of years it show all these different shifts so i said yeah without a doubt we're brass halls were ruining the earth and we're we're deftly fucking things up but scariest thing isn't even that the sings things and natural disasters like asteroid impacts which were their finding with the latest data that their far more frequent than the way we ever thought the media on earth were way
a way more frequent and that like the singing but over russia recently where they saw that when people driving a car in these things for rice bloated and the sky the lack of it splendid just you know whatever as quarter mile lower you know in and on the ground it had been a massive casualties like thousands of people dead like a nuclear bomb right these things are gonna happen they happen all the time we live in a shooting gallery i have to do is look at the moon the moon is very plants or water aren't you get to see all the impact holes like right that shit hit us to the maya hasn't it it has that's all i'm saying is just the prosperity of our time to prospective thing it's all right we're talking about with these other such evil in the world is a lot of evil in the world but is also a lot of people in the world reign in perspective not that much evil right and what he is saying is that the asteroid impacts are inevitable and their deadly in their ruthless we haven't had won a couple thousand years or cost
women and it could have on at this exact in all the time you ever boom ever did if one five mile wide chunks of iron go in forty five thousand miles an hour b seven miles deep into the planet a second after impact but about my career but my head shots i need to get a pilot season so depressing everyone you know what happened in the entire air ocean its head and everything is gone the ocean disappears and vanishes it does everything in the perspective you know you think you're at rock bottom driving on the alley trying to get a blow job for reasons of constant a giant raising living at a neat that's the bridge of racism exactly it all and then and then as you are in the middle of your own little interpersonal like rock bottom
in the literal rock hits the bottom of the earth and destroys all mankind and if that doesn't happen the earth itself locks up is huge meteors that that hit the plan wipe things out but there nothing in comparison the super volcanoes super volcanoes fuck up all the time they're all over the planet has a bunch of these gigantic caldeira they get to be the size of mountains and then they explode and all that's left as a crime and the sun is gonna burn out workers are not going to get all of this the sun's gonna go and just like burn out one day we're gonna go to turn the light switch on and our bedroom and it's not going to be their home or sun bitch you used it all up that it well that's it's gonna take some time but hopefully will figure out space travel for that hopefully we'll be like the highwayman did you hear that song with willing nelson johnny cash now i don't know merle haggard and someone else to some other time
and they ve made it our who's the guy chris christophersen he's in it too and the seller i ever greater but it's like black turkey maybe i love it black but it was it's it's a song about reincarnation you know cunning and doing it all over and over and over again in this this notion that whatever life that you love you you will continue and you will keep doing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again to get it right but along the way parallel universes will exist where the next generation will exist and the next generation will learn from this and go on and on and on but you might be stuck here right here forever living us very same life over an overgrown thinking one day we're gonna have flying cars they gonna die and come back and can we nineteen seventy five again fuck this is straight on later all over ninety verse theory its multiverse theory
combined with groundhog day combined with some of the heroes of country music in this way but i was i will have you heard of the bosman moraine theory but is that this is really fucked up this is a theory basically because time is infinite right so there's an infinite amount of time ahead of us right there it is possible the work currently here existing in reality but because her so much time what eventually will happen is that the sun will burn out the universal keep expanding will all be pulled apart into nothingness they'll be nothing but that you know the atoms or separate from each other and will be just floating nothingness with time ceasing to exist but because her so much time in in front of us that and because is still some heat and temperature that eventually because all things will happen in an infinite times time frame
if you have a nice time all of the things that are possible to happen in time will happen because of infinite time that eventually we we create there will be little blip of recreation of energy and you know a virus will be created and then approaches obi recreated and then you may be recreated and the society will be regretted into the real risk of reality that were in now so all things will happen because there's infinite time but because of the realities of energy and and and production that that it is much more likely that and much more takes much less energy to have created a reality where all of our brains where this book that you have joe that is created this podcasting empire was created with intact it's much more less energy to create your brain with all of its memories implanted in it then it is to create a universe that create that informed oliver memories to some extent
so for your brain is just have popped up in this universe having a bunch of things that it sitters to be memories and this good considering to be your you know this looking like your pod studio and in your california in your world it's much less entered to create a brain that you understand that reality than it is to create an entire history that your brain will have memories of in other words it's easier to create a memory of a photo than to create the reality of the past where the photo was taken then this makes sense no well i'm not a physicist so that could be part of our friends here to create a memory and artificial memory mean bill it's easier to life it's easier for life to be simulation than it is for life to be real that's right that it's more according to the laws of physics it's more likely that all of this is this is a simulation where all of our memories are just a were created in a in a vacuum because it creates
makes more work to create a history than it does to create the memory of a history see i think that's maybe maybe who knows might be true might be possible but think that's part of the problem with intellectual masturbation there is that you you can get into these it's more likely that this is not real israel well i got news for everybody the tobin it's not real it's falconry were here of knock knock it's real whether it real in a simulation there is real it goes back the same thing is about having psychedelic experiences are the real or are they hallucination right it really does matter whether real essentially can put in a bag and throw it on a scale and i'll show you always thirty pounds or whether real and that your i saw and then you have a vivid memory of it still real whether or not your your law if in your memories are real because they were somehow or another created in some sort of assimilation or whether a real because you went through it and because we are
we did evolve from protocol as they climbed out of the slime and then they all this was created by asteroid impacts with the theory of pants burma taking the bill blocks of life from other planets slamming him into the oceans either way story right still real not enough at all really happened it doesn't matter if it happened weather we dinosaurs they have bones seems like israel would that's what this guy was saying this visit to us hearing talk my doctor shant careless the guy's name was taught my sportsmen brain theory he's like be that's the most likely scenario the physics is come up with and its absurd and no one believes that because it so crazy right so they don't even so basically if you get to a level with physics will you start getting out into the into time and space like the furthest reaches you get to a place where you just go it turns out we have absolutely no idea what's going off for now for now i think this is also the theory that makes a tremendous amount of success that if we do
eventually come up with some sort of an augmented reality or an artificial reality that it will contain you progress technologically they'll be more more efficient it'll be more complete and eventually get to a point where its indistinguishable you are you going to do have some sort of an oculist riff type reality that's indistinguishable from the reality that we have right in front of us right here that you they're gonna have way to stimulate the parts of your body they get your deckard because the tuna fifty pound fabrics enemy you now and so called ethical you're not cold there is no called that might be part of the whole thing that one day that's going to be an option and then even mental illness is going to be an option in this artificial reality that we have created right or maybe the the artificial reality will take into account the lessons that you can learn from the failures of others so cnn in this artificial reality will be filled with mass murders and crimes and all these things will you could see the horrific
reactions in the face of the families of the victims and all that it could be programmed into the thing yet or the fat or what if the sun burnt out a billion years ago in somebody right before burnt out created a computer simulation that could ec society yeah he's gonna we're just were were wherein it words as it were contained in some advantage m marble hurling the universe the speed of light and will slam into an ocean on the other side of the galaxy and that ocean will be just like that seen in pet what was it was the fuckin new alien moving prometheus from the engineer spills dna into the river we could be about to be permitted engineer dna sperm dude you stoner without the weed since you are a senior haven't stoner thoughts and you don't even using we that's why i need to go peru and gained and you might need to i just don't want you know imagine like what we say
the girl monsieur le maire come on man i'm not doing good man please this is your idea of medicine we get like a hundred dollars real quick i'm good for baby you know me or worse we're on our way to downtown allay due to a sitter august first be enjoy ideas and whose walking industry while others zombies it's me the guy on the level might low portal joe you have a zipper era that allows guys with the fuckin refrigerator boxes i'm about to eat my one meal of the weak and joe ideas comes over that's my sandwich you up dog listening is guinea neither is needed aggravation yeah i don't know it's a personal decision but i would give you as you suggest now is to do the natural route first have you ever done isolation tanks i have what you think about it i hated it bill drove me
easy i was thinking about you xxix i knew that you are proposing a proponent of it and i really wanted to love it but i just maybe i'm too anxious maybe we're dr weir in portland her it didn't get me high gummy anxious joy do once i did it once something you get used to the first time ever did arousal weird i buy it for awhile i it's hard to relax and accept the fact the earnest can you know in a move at all you start getting busy work whether you like it itching for no reason one scratch your face how often is you're fucking face it's almost never like we're when a conversation besides that time we're faked it i didn't have any itchy face i didn't sometimes our rub my habit i need to write it when you i take it from me to fuck her need or scratch my eyebrows or minutes turn with however
think about your body and you may be more than most people would think of your own body all days on i do too i think of your body constantly looking one so happy to come the yacht i don t i know what it is about all those signals that go down your body that are hard to ignore when you just lie there still but it's hard life still it's very hard law still use it you see that thing gave we talked about this wildcats before in eighteen eighty three out this group of people experimented are they wanted our senses off like like site hearing you know everything so they on somebody that was like like he had no will to live anymore snake they they took it site is ways hearing and stuff like that and you just pretty much had no senses again so he's pretty much like an isolation tank and he started hearing like d family members in his head and which at a point where he just start going crazy saying that they won't stop talking to me and then he ended up started like that
tearing up pieces of his skin women where were you shows is in a hoax because it was a hoe that way that at some point i know one thing the area that russian things is resisting i know it sounds crazy person the problem anecdotal evidence based on one particular tastes like you know you don't know how fuck up that dude was before they tom i do know that is your talking about that weird russian slopes story yeah i think so they came in a language other than i was on a vision of nightmarish gruesome nest beyond all that anyone had ever seen before yeah that's like gum event horizon that movie rightly they travelled to throw wormhole and they hit the hell hell gets into their spaceship and they start telling each other is that what you meant of the movie event horizon he hath stagnant didn't gets i think did what what will you get out of the tank whence once you do at once you really
do you get out of it and it's an environment where you actually separate from the impulse input the eu bodies given your brain and lack of me that would be bad depending on how you are what you brain i give you one of those people that you know go back to people that have drug addiction that i just can't wait to get that x and all their thinking about getting that crack in them and then try to get him to lie down a tank for two hours and think about nothing and don't move their economies so uncomfortable right they're gonna be freaked out because all the body is just tuned to respond to this manic mind running around duna butscha things scourge that when i got shot heroin did you see that we urge jp nor i saw you so when it was shot her own these job and down a move in and stuff like that this body scanners is crazy fix when you're in that tank there's no movement and are we today
in palm springs s it in like twenty six year old kid and his mom was sixty years old walking along but the kid was so obviously fucking act out on crystal using moving around scratching seven this old like white haired ladys attempting to look and ignore the remit so obvious were sitting at the intersection looking at the sky and she's i can well allow we're just having a nice lunch out with our sun and scratching buck and weaken out and shit dislike poor bastard poor bastard is right that's a scary went to tat one you just lose all of your ability to make good judgment crystal oh yeah i attribute i've done it i've done crank was like it's not pleasant for me it was unpleasant but now i think now i'm an artist but now i feel are people like us would be like i know for sure people
gotta be it at first have an instant feeling of like i'm so fucking creative you know you george i'm writing so much i never in somebody my entire life and then a month goes by new like oh my god i'm a fucking nightmarish twitter what's happened i'm stuck with that's the afterall thing you know he's done after all yeah yeah i know a couple what do the era that a people do their problems they are the arroyo and their there really like that tuned in very well the people around them either have you read math land no that's a good one you'd like with as is basically about how how methamphetamine is like destroying the the modern midwestern small town but it describes and pretty great detail what happens to people why people get addicted to math because meth has as a a chemical compound the way that math gets you high it gets you high in a different and more pro our way than any other drug like it if it takes that whatever dopamine and i'm not an expert on this are not going to say it exactly whatever that
open mean release that regular drugs give you it takes that unlike doubles it and also at the same time makes it harder for you to produce the dope we naturally so it makes life worse and the high better at the same time the toy make sense whenever you asked for more than your body wants to give you just force it the red line it forces then rarely have this backs off you don't have any afterwards you your body lose its ability to produce it give it back to like that cat wrong guy we start shooting up and has a shooting up then bodies active and moving around royal desiring as rather than a lot better still another whenever battle rapid science not my snap my sport but us a little weird but heroin you run better like you said you should be like losing his laying on the couch gonna say well at baby as you know it's bad my experience with heroin of one of the big ones this guy is nickname was water dog these com
our dog or buffalo bill news a pool player high level pool player ice play a lot of poor when i lived in new york and this guy would gamble new chewed up and he would do here you go in the bathroom chewed up and come out and sit down for like thirty minutes and not move just sit there like this does all fucked up on heroin then he would get up and it would play pool so well it was incredible where they couldn't mess he couldn't mess he played perfect it was like perfection and you would watch employ some of the best pool at ever seen in my life you know it actually makes sense because his ideal state was an hour after shooting up wearing the moment after shooting up he's too high to function after shooting up he's getting that flew that sickness so his ideal perfect human state a person in that kind of addiction is you know the high where's down a little bit and he's like a norm
person again yes a normal person also his nerves were gone right is worries and fears like he was gambling for a lot of money their planned like ten for ten thousand dollars hitting you fuck totally again did give a fuck you just couldn't mess couldn't could no anxiety no anxiety and whose play imperfect and peep we would start the better guests are complaining that we start to make like rules but he couldn't shoot out before he played there was on his shirt chemicals that are weird handicap they would say like love denied this guy's planes guide george de greek who legislate attack you talk like this is mother fucker he goes into the fuckin bedroom he shit it comes out again miss this cocksucker and would get get upset i'm not playing a movie shoot up here you i consider it save you can't shoot up like they have these little green ones crazy when the course now as medicines let him out here in compton or our minimum
here rather in nam bell flower and you want to be taken to compton to it pool tournament in wyoming drive a man and to go get as heroin i was like bit i'm not driving unifying continuity mind you could gonna gray blowjob here but you also could get your car taken away ass true cause they have had you buying drugs the idea is that if you are in a car and you take someone in their buying drugs the cops show up thinking confiscate your car steal from you just larry us something you're not allowed to do so or allow to steal your car take it is take your car than the gunman owns it what is the government do oh they say they auction at the oxen and they take the proceeds and they use it to power more cops crazy besides and its other speaking of computer simulation zog meda think about the law the time does somebody decided that could have a law actually moses
yet most saw the burning bush was like what we should make law and then all of a sudden you can get your car taken away for driving water dog to get heroin there like what out of this happen will have places in the country right now two thousand and fourteen onwards still illegal to have sex if you're gay still legal to have oral sex still able to have anal sex sodomy sodomy laws that are stuart meet someone to prosecute you for certain sodomy lot they still exist in certain parts of the country that's why i've embarked on my new tour sodomy busters dot com i'm going all the sodomy law states and i'm engaging in hard core passive sodomy with enormous gay men it's a good move as long as you're passive they can't say that i have all you did was lay there give him shit i ask them to stop silently but it wouldn't want you didn't silently your clear your conscience is clear did you weep
definitely i wept i wish to destroy those sodomy loss gay marriage all of it little anytime those laws involving things that is a choice things are indeed alike and you don't imagine those laws and certain kinds of music mean s is just as ridiculous is laws and certain types of sex you hearing what someone else does that they like to do is pretty weird i'll securely crowley was right was thou wilt that is the whole of the law don't hurt nobody else at so satanism that's yeah she's gone satanism i mean i'm a jew but i gotta say i've there's not i believe do as do what you want and replace it with morality base laws are ridiculous you what you want the if we really want the only thing that makes any sense what they always harp on is protecting children don't hurt children don't yeah but they believe
somehow another engaging in immoral activity could somehow influence children or turkle send the wrong message like one of those crazy hot fox news checks right the law in colorado do you think this is sending the wrong message to the children meanwhile the wrong message is being sent to the children currently by the system we have in place that not just the wrong message only message united nations messages that is like those well we're fucked healthcare as far you know that everything cost too much money tax me more money from taxes all we going to war here we got to watch out i ran my blow us up i'll rush blow up ukraine just met the message is a terrible the new you can't just be events a disk if you your pretending that you some sort of a moral voice of you pretending that you know is this sending the wrong message to the children it can't just be a in and points of controversy you if you taken on that responsibility than yours
the responsibility is since your broadcasting to millions of people too somehow or another illuminate certain ideas some elevate cultural ideas and give people these these possibilities of of of good these possibilities of good nature of good public of good good future of of good human behavior instead of the majority of it just being eye catching if it bleeds leads bullshit there's a lot going on that good and nobody hears about it is all go on its great there's a lot of beauty in the world in your concentrating continually on negative the perspective is that of its negative then somehow another it's important to know the news as we get it it's important to know but it's just as important to know but all these positive things if not more important when you look at this sir seven billion three hundred million in this continent will you look at this
this country rather you look at this this like perspective of like good shit too bad shit what you're getting on the news is not balanced at all so unfair and aren't you fuckin assholes are concentrating almost entirely on the bad shit treating almost entirely on nonsense when it comes to marijuana laws sending a message to the children that seconds that you wasted actually saying that you're fucked america you hate america with your shitty choices and how you project things like terrorism in the idea of what terrorism is it's like your thing a few people do a terrible thing but most people are doing a terrible thank ear and but terrorism its goal is not an it to create damage but to create terror right to make people afraid to go out even though they did with love one school bus now i've always afraid to send their kids school on the bus
the news is doing the same thing here it's just you know it's doing that over the over mass media airways by creating a small amount of terror so that everybody is afraid all the time you want to go for an jones then you say what the news is actually doing is reporting these instances in these instances are in fact designed to keep people scared and keep the military industrial complex in a position where they can demand massive amounts of money because they have to protect you from these horrific events that happen incredibly rarely but we'd almost all of your money day long to stop them from happening the only reason one and are taking place every day like fuckin popcorn and a microwave just pop up up up up up up up up this because of the good men and women of this government to protecting you from the horrible realities of terrorism i believe that except i believe that its even scarier than that which said there's no diabolical man behind the curtain it's like us it's like
robot tat we ve created a consciousness robot tat we ve created and even the people that are perpetuating that believe that it's the truth so there's no one to say hey with it's crazy we have to stop because everybody on every level of the stratosphere believes that we're in heads in something necessary and good and proper we are witnessing when people talk about television programme and they go you know television programming is designed to make people stupid they get together and they think about right well i can tell you for a fact that's not true how can i tell you because i hosted fear fact if anybody was doing so designed to make people stupid it's fuckin fear factor and i hope that shit four hundred and forty eight episodes and that's not what it is what it is is people stupid shit rises if you make something really stupid it's cells and if it sells everybody makes money and that's why it was clear a hundred percent to all conspiracy theories throne
at the window when it comes to that there's no government agencies had come to the sad and say you guys are making they show two fuckin smart we need a dumb don't have it done haven't other soldiers we don't have soldiers is flawed countries gonna melt week that doesn't but no guy shows up with a fuckin white crookedness cut in like looking like some terry guy from a spiderman comic book but the real that you're talking about a scarier yeah because that when there is a white crew cut guy then the people can lies what's happening it over them and american take them out that's right spiderman can come save the day there's no spiderman it's going to save the day it's the spider web like consciousness raising that we will all gain by our indulgence in i've again that would certainly help nobody it is eventually we're just gonna have to either wake up or go to sleep complete with well there's a reality that not everyone's gonna play that game so if you did
have some sort of a psychedelic revelation if you did have a whole country that has embraced these new ideas and had tried turned the current culture that we have today into a more peaceful moors self aware more sustained culture still gonna deal with africa still got to deal with i ran stood up to deal with russia with all these parts while that may or may not be planet but hopeful yes i am hopeful for sharia for sure without a doubt and things go terribly wrong at any point time along this but i think i am hopeful that will rebuild after that look i think that yellowstone my blow up and kill everyone on this fuckin continent it's very possible that that's it continent killer if that does heavily yellowstone jelly stone that's that's all that's bullshit
you're not an urgent acca blow at any moment there could be a big picnic best not to know why is now starting to kill us all yellowstone they discovered in the early two thousands as a called dara volcano that's three hundred miles wide that one point in time yellowstone was like a mountain and the mountain blew up three hundred mile wide mountain blew up and filled the sky with fuckin molten lava and nuclear winter and kills everything on the continent and happens every six hundred two eight hundred thousand years it's going to happen again and last time it happened with six thousand years ago oh my god that's the most terror one thing i ever heard of my life there is no money like the moment that it blows everyone earth will simultaneously just go oh islam christianity capitalism socialism gun control insanity rape culture micro here my girlfriend my personal illogical none of it mattered and they were all dead
like an immediate alike justice raise revenues goes oh it was all about the volcano this whole time but for that moment it will be for the moment for a killer or you're unlucky for the moment if you're like in maryland and it takes a long time to kill you that's the straight in having sex or eight what would you do don't you get it up again to you ted you're not gonna get it up of the skies filled with martin ash my god what we did really most likely most likely california fact it's not that far there's like a deaths there's a dead that's like several states over and then there's like he's caused the far east costs which in other i'd be dealing with zombies enough to put fences up because people can be half molten wandering through the slogan hazard on the way to new york it's getting fact and nothing growing decline
little changed the whole the whole country will cool that's always been talking but that a lot that notion that like there we won't do anything especially as it relates to global warming we won't do anything until it is too late because it being too late will be the evidence that we all need that will there will motivate us to do something yeah i don't think there's any they can do they say that if you stop carbon emissions right now everyone just stop burning coal and stopped in cars and cow stop farting there's still all the processes almost inexorably begun the process we're getting to a certain point of warming and not just warming but but massive shifts in the in this like the differences between like cold and warm that the weather beaten
more volatile storms become more frequent like this almost nothing i can do about that this point time can i just do what i want with impunity and to say super volcano behaviour now because then if you become some epic genghis khan contact caught in then future remembers you is that there is future motion casual thought of it but there's gonna be a future for people in australia they'll make it regime australia let's move if if yes don't starts rumbling i'm living city bitch i love it over there is where it was no use i think you'll be able to get on a flight to sydney some like one of them dogs at runs from soon armies embezzlement madame la that i in nature or just like fuckin i'll be in my tank and i'll be like tell my family time to australia so the moment fox news pipes
world news tonight there is lots of death and murder but first a story from yellowstone national park and a bit of rumbling other neve america's favorite part you decide to know they have thousands of earthquakes and yellowstone every year thousands i really don't like this it's just maritime package it is a maritime but it might be a hundred thousand years right maybe two thousand years that's a long fuckin time but it literally might be today it could be soon i think they would know they have good indications that some activity was going on but i think it would be like one of those movies where you no fuckin armageddon type movies were there would be one scientists to figure it out and no one would believe him any be yelling and you'd get arrested as you break into the tv studio need a warn people yellowstone is gonna blow they pull them out and its who would be rather cooper maybe braddock in handcuffs and easy screaming we're all gonna die and then we there and then you would be
dr euralia just drive on the left hand side that's all i have to do but how do you get earlier on to all of you i'm gonna be for getting a boat yet again about really quick boat and get their quickly now waiting for him he'd have to fly take sixteen hours at five hundred miles an hour for complaints do the math that's what is a lot the thousands of miles with arable from here to stroll take forty days some like that on a boat saw this fat one beaten each other twenty two this great document about this dutch girl that took a boat around the world is fourteen years old youngest person ever to do it self her parents are assholes now they're cool there ass hole and now i think you're cool they could stick its socket their parents or idiots fuckin when a fourteen year old go around the world she's fourteen have away until she's eighteen world because then you wouldn't be the youngest person to do it stupid sedated
the good who care law no argument i've been around the world to anyone any credit for gonna fuck and plain oh she did by boat amazing what a person i mean but according to your own logic though apparent who cares of plants or as the vacancy volcano end now because she might live to be a old age and influence people in a very positive way or get eaten by sharks at fourteen because their parents or fuckin retarded and they let her dinner raft was pushed her out of the ocean we love you but flowed on young soldier about deal shine on you crazy diamond that italy has already do i'm sure drug dealer parents are assholes therefore going there trying to cash in on illegal beaver parents because i was thinking watching it like you know what like it's not value the keep your children alive on four but it's like our keeps are children alive but keeping him alive for what like to give us
experience of life that so much more valuable than just keeping them like their heart beating in them making sure that their eating food that everybody should do that but to make your child have a life that's worth living i feel like it's worth risk that my point is like there was this this family who living on a boat and brought me a little baby and then that was on this last week's episode of this american life had a baby in there to call the navy to rescue them cuz our boat started taking on water and ever like your the worse parents ever why would you have a baby at sea or the stuff but it's just like this how many people having such a regular experience of life like this whoever this baby have been at sea the baby live is gonna have such an more intense and unique experience of life like i don't feel like it that valuable to have a safety laden world where you know you you make sure your babies ok at all moments at all time than to give us a kid and experience of of unexciting life
i think there is definitely a balance when it comes to risk reward you know i say this is person whose fought for content martial arts tournaments i've i probably had i don't know how many amateur fights i had but is over fifty measly is probably a close to a hundred i don't know for five years basically almost every week or constantly i was constantly competing sometimes fight to three times a day and then all the times are trained and and sport in the june which a lot of more just basically fights i did a lot of risky shit so i not averse to risk but the risk of competition i believe there's that work what i feel about martial arts and this is it says extreme bias but i always said that martial arts or a vehicle for developing your human potential
and then in doing something incredibly difficult but getting really good at it you develop this intense focus that you can apply to all these other things and can see that thing well and find that path whether in an art form or anything else sorry to pursue that learning how to do a martial arts and because it so difficult and because it so chow that you learn a lot bout learning and you learn a lot character and focus that that can be applied other things i dont of that could be the case about a fourteen year old and a fuckin boat and middle the ocean that gets eaten by shark i dont know eating i am sure you are lucky scimitar she got lucky she's what good is by the way i was watching this fuckin animal plant what would when did the animal planet you start lying to us round the mermaid these motherfuckers ever knew one on mega dawns they have a new one it's so fake and i'm launching this and my kids are asking me if there really are seventy five foot long sharks there
picture of this they pretending is whale and wales bit and have by a shark but it's like a highly detailed computer generated picture but as someone who knows what cd looks like i'm lookin like this is bullshit and some of them his attention on whether or not megawatt dawns actually exist on material fuckin exist and then they should this photo from world war to the chosen i am shocked that was near a u boat might the fuck it does so is it just lie made up creature it's a complete work of fiction complete where let me pull it out because i know it i know it is but i need to know meg le dawn show is fake its total bullshit but don't tell you that you you watch it and you think that there's really some sort of a fuckin giants dark out their discovery channel provokes provokes out wage with fake shark weak documentary this
yeah mengele dawn the monster shark that lives it's a completely fake documentary figs e g i and everything and people are out been scientists are fucking furious like a guy who tweeted this as neighbours david shuffling please artie i'm a professional shark scientists and i can unequivocal we state that magadan is extinct and their rights is thing on shark weak but they have these fake photos or was once real bob long time ago millions of years ago as a real shark just a big shark and they said did the shark went extinct because its fed on enormous whales sperm wales a lot of us might have figured out a way to get away from the sharks by going into cold or water so by going in a cold water the sharks couldn't survive and that water and so they managed to live but the sharks didn't have enough food and so they went extinct
it's fuckin horrible though that they did this because look the mermaid thing like you gotta be an asshole if you believe is really mermaids i get it if you really stupid it's kind of mean but this goddamn thing is bullshit because the it looks as fuck you you watching these people talk there and mother experiences it seemed goddamn real they did it all just for ratings she's fuck heads it's really awful man it's it's really ross because the inner they didn't it's not like there was new movie piece of shit movie with shannon dorothy nourish andorra nature these hitler lampreys but it's obviously a movie so stupid we're running out of time three hours in return into a pumpkin fuck fuck history chair or now discovery channel who is animals channel and animal planet in rome by name please and dirty and already poor girl fucker
fuck energy sector due to kill himself all the other people out barbara fact that fat barrage legs throw em bonds rate i just ass lady but don't fucker don't there's varied next i can give a movement and get our sweaty in chile vine podcast really really enjoy it we are doing our model again on back please follow motion on twitter you can go to him site most captured dot com and when you gonna be on the road again what's your netscape this weekend albeit for lauderdale at the hard rock casino and then next week billy johnny brenda's comes maybe there are you doing that improper to hard rock yeah that's right places awesome that's what the best close places in the country that fuckin place rule and then the week after that'll be comics she's the two casinos and aroused comes to me and in any of those place good times you folks are right
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