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#515 - Ari Shaffir

2014-06-27 | 🔗
Ari Shaffir is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcasts "Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank" and "Punch Drunk Sports"
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to wine her for hey everybody what the fuck's goin on hey i've been away a while but i missed you guys are even aware four days is we gotta down episode pod gas brought to you by square space is probably five or six websites out there dedicated to various parts of our his body that construction just very podcast it's not easy to make websites sky space allows you to make your own website it with just simple web tools drag and drop interface very easy to do it's nothing complexes nothing that the average dim wit knows what other about computers like myself can do it's just figured it out they figured out how to streamline and now there is a just drag and drop everything drag and drop it says what it puts stuff there and you can
websites you look really good blood folio lesser developed a boar folia about this on my store set up an online store scenario is a beautiful design three star with use your own images your wife can seller handbags or cheese pictures of your dick matter now you has made a living some pictures you dick your wife just takes pictures you dick and seldom pushed a little bit about his debts not bad but i'm an excellent productive her she was really easy to buy should on mine if everything was like amazon one click you know like five cents a seer dick get some tribunal the people would people would say islands yardstick this if you people it would write like how much like let's go ellen degenerous if ellen degenerous took pictures of her bottle need we need to cut costs you five cents to see how many fucking people pay was really easy deathrays spade ever fuck her vagina i think is going to come to that you have to open might be wallet yeah veto if who supervises do her
let us just as back from a dollar if we just a word interface i didn't want to pay five cents to honey ellen's yeah i'll see i do it how much fuss and the copier knows and i'll have a back to pretend there and you you're allowed to not even take like a breath lies test for anything under a certain amount of money have you a amount of money that should be like the responsibility of the manufacture of the cell phone to make some sort of a breathless thing than otherwise two fuckin easy just by shit you're really hammer devices by everything he adds rude can have that pillar collar a long time breath eliza fear for your phone could move your computer skidmore for text messages and thing that you signed after took off the water is the most likely a mistake most likely when i get to highlighted by so much thing of course we can so beautifully before beautiful awesome and make a website about those things start your own business heart resell you should purchases gotta squares based i comic maybe logo creator in creating a sleek and
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think about it cover joe is that you can actually build i do not pay for it and then decide like ireland gus gear that is a good word that is a good idea rather they there so coffin the ability to make a website so easily that you try it out registering tried out without any new credit card information so at the end of that if you like you websites wax on digital galail leaders bail and you have learned but that service anyone could of course be stockholm use a code word joe and save ten percent off and more importantly to me a menace groceries people in a very nice george made him the autumn in new york during those offices super friendly i came to show the really friendly in nice and found their workers that company man yet local people those the cool people that's why faith in the future be boys i will use over the foger news looking at the brutal things where we're going two i have faith in future because i think that technology and the technology creators are the ones that are dictating what's taking place everyone is
scrambling to deal with the technology that donors innovative yeah before well alex solid items instead of solid items and things that you way and put our scale and said you dealing with things like google will mean its there's a solid item son there's a solid item somewhere in others hard drives keep all the information on and obviously these offices but the reality the rules on a real product that you can pick up and having your hand you can have a google fallen but what the fuck is google whether the number one thing in the company is nothing it's an air has an idea so this idea has picked up all these hard drives and set up all these web browsers and set up all these different google chrome and google operating system based on nothing but what is it really is ideas an idea is what google it and there are really ethically responsible company which is fascinating because one of them most powerful one of them is also very progressive theirs progressive i'm a friend a worse a google
the guy who works in the office whose guy out are the office but in the office he likes to be referred to as a woman and he dresses up as a woman so it goes the office dresses up his eyes like a man does everyone he's a man to get to the office then the but clear he'd know is trying to you know it's not trying to get a thing from the government just running dialogue and google's like ok who is long as you're nice like long judicial works what do we care this pervades this zizi that didn't exist lie in older older wisely where irregular boy suit to work that's very good question but it better question is why is anybody why can you an identified someone sex by the clothing they wear that seal the more like the most ridiculous thing we're on a certain ways are being used to when i was a religious and works at some law firm for the summer and then the next year i like lost my religion
in the summer and i worked there again like a goddamn oriental india and i am i explained to them so i ll just take my stomach off since i left work i put it on to work and take it off soon as i love ya man i have i'm sorry i have faith because that cause he's smart motherfuckers are the ones that are the ones are the most innovative the ones are the most and the cutting edge about what's changing the world like google searches are changing our damn world right and in china can count on google gets the google is a crazy thing the availability get all the questions to me not always right a lot of contrary information but just a sheer bulk of information and then sort as i was a stand for university study ok you know
right you don't you start reading things like all this this guy's a professor of astronomy from cambridge acknowledge this guy soup religion is a professor of astronomy at cambridge you know it's like tat in which i was a microphone from this workers in all these dudes dinner in involved in these companies in my opinion it seems to be they're moving their ministers still corporations are still going to be always gonna be weirdness when money is involved but it seems like the think of the internet the ethic of these electronic corporal she is one of social responsibility one that that i didn't really exists before when i m chanting of any bad one by bad of those companies not then i can think of i tesla there must be really cool elon musk is go reputation of being is really fascinating innovative got starbucks school sorrow cause fuck i love having good coffee and they pay for people's health insurance they offer put you through phoenix online
ouch jailing check out soon like twenty four twenty five that will pay for your daughter that's beautiful i think that's his possible man people get builder and ethical company you know i can't really do i just think for so long people so goddamn rufus it was no use fuckin so up and whose area they ve done for years year beneficiary been do it like a really bad before was interesting hair like we're just gonna work as is the right thing will therefore for my vermont is if your been up their burlington vermont one my parents are somewhat especial camp there so fuckin beautiful beautiful town vermont is awesome your browser you wanna go to the higher ground place what's high ground some like small like brok theatre whew occurs cool maybe i that is a deadly work something in burlington a long time ago yeah i guess we're doing a programme which has spoken something in burlington we'll need clearly we were done with tomorrow
on the other hand i am natures box yet the nature box go fuck yourself gimme some yummy treats the very start because i want to say i am actually made a square space a store and working on one right now was so fucking easy how you just put a pitcher and of what you want to sell but how many there is that quantity there is used for this thing that's like pay pal and then if somebody buys it from you in two days it automatically goes to your bank account the money and aids you like a little shipping thing were to ship it to you i mean it is the incredible i was so blown away how each store wise because i knew blog kindness webs its and stuff i knew it can it be that hard can i use word press run this store thing i was so amazed at how easy it was how much control you had in squares base if we lose
you can make a store in less than five minutes it is really that crazy but somewhere weird so we dislike pay pal store deduce people use it uses a another company that's just like the how and pay pal you could just use a credit card to you don't have that pig right right so if someone has people know what those currently just pretty much a credit card processor that charges i think like thirty five cents per transaction and its exceed cheaper than what pay pal does because i believe pay pal actually uses a per cent of how much money so if you have a hundred dollars paper takes like eleven dollars etc having per cent where this actual company wherever it forgets ex barker some action
only discharges you thirty five centuries old it is a credit card transactions right so we just move in numbers around the ether sewed up there have bigger transaction is the same process for the rest can make money by moving numbers on computers thicket mass always does garbage do taken processing who i did on up we bought for tickets all at once by the more processing feet with a promising a few computers doing it yeah you talking about i didn't call the hotline well that's what debate argument with the ban in seattle was about project jim member a program like they rallied against ticketmaster and i talk to someone over there there were no it's a venue that they want their percentage they take it to its at what they wanted she produced a venue costs we know to blame because fishermen thank you and i hate rightly so whenever you're shows a rebel like you're take us with thirty five dollars i paid sixty six the what yeah it's weird but that's how it is you know i would love to rally against shit like that but i'll have a kind of times
gotta keep pressing forward you know i think louis for why was doing some weird shit where is making people pay cash and they really you they had a buy it like the day of the show and they are paying catch sir he did that the communist or the other idea was stops gal pursue because there's always scalping problem that's that always happens if you get us out of place like like a toy it master like someone who buys it from ticketmaster some company bodily real i've ever long time ago rob moons played i sold out why didn't we get people often pay like a hundred fifty dollars to guard against my but we had access to them whenever scouted sore somebody master of so many months ago people actually had to escape a little bit later this year did you get some stopping a dialogue about lui tickets for if you for you for someone else and then you can go the other practical outcome i told a doormat like i just because i'm going to be one of the forty back and then take the rest who he doubled it whew
people can't get any legal or what you want you want let's do especially in our right and our people months restaurants gotta have to cede somewhere i'm an important poland paper shine poland learn batch white paper i have keep going with the commercial nature box going nature buckstone for fuck yourself when i said that before i was feeling like a body i just got my nature bucks today man i was really really happy to semi two packages of saracen cash so roger captures all my goodness i forgot the brave men men went home and forget broom and they're so good you would die you want i'm delivered your house every day to the best i have ever had these two caches knelt that's not true i got some elk jerky for amazon dotcom no you buy some of journeys every goddamn grid to but sure i swear issues as far as i'd be a of an option were nothing headed die that's an animal sam away better for you then europe's elk
ships and all year not your way better for this assaulted and roasted stuffed still like these it that's what scobie more easier process rise affluent will once more easy to process about everything that nature box has is that they have no trans vats transplants embodies a process issue with those high for of course europe not somebody holocaust survivor they live in such a long life because no high for of course europe no transfers for awhile that's what it is not alone there are hundreds of them that's amazing measures as it can be that national authorities for their life is derived really bless those foods did you company may culture is called kosher dante jus food they looked over actually people you aren't do anything to it we're going to eliza second letter you not spell say to this house jewish and if you could send some the jew that's like an insult really now now i've heard that before its efforts on back to her i'll say according to eliza slash ensure p
we're getting insulting throw a jew not alter zero zero high crook foretold corns europe to nothing artificial free bing anywhere in the u s a few if you have a have vending machine vending machine and the best thing that you can eat there is peanuts in others fucking machines what's this bar ships peanuts i guess you nuts put some nature box dusk for the owners of major boxer jews why are easily say that no why privilege to have somebody clarity of joint revel in other animals and i think that's kind of cool and whether killing is all just gotta came a rare just like our guys i look over the killing and then make sure it's all cobra in theory i think like kosher was a great idea for having set some ground rules like donnie pigs their dirty fuckers people propagating sick like crazy they didn't know how to cook animals if you cook a pig the same way cook a dear you can have real problems pigs are the there on
wars they eat a lot of animals and so they get sure canosa say i couldn't get took the shit out of it you gotta you gotta eat a parasite too when you eat a pay did you know that guy then that all that they did not know where to get back in time mushrooms and get out from a tree but they didn't know why do we keep getting sick every time we this pig will they just thought the pig was disgusting they thought if you eat pig you're gonna get second you're gonna die it makes sense his back that is true back then you are a real issue and most ex whether their wild or domestic apparently the exact same thing the same animal the stages look different but they get fucked with each other they didn't a breed and i was really werner leather except when they are wise stuff now kosher because that's the tapeworm stuff answers always cause god said does you didn't you're not supposed to know why you don't need to know bitch god said caught said stay away fuckin pigs but
you know now that we know it's silly because pagan is awesome ennobled dies from being taken today when you could buy from what you could dive i note box habits and bacon play we can't do that beef turkey and here they don't have been turkey now but i'll tell you what they do they can turkey's grey area of south pacific plantations god damn those are good will and that big island pineapple yum yum yum yum but like he's gonna show roger cash have they just doesn't have any big related another think about a failure ease sake to ward off the jews modulation tangled in his back signals a tricky man you know guerrillas pickles by way of grace pickles in history the free world did not need to make those when grills shone with at the shop there is given him out what was those are shown boston embossed yeah the due from grills pickles cools cools fund reloads wrinkles i'm not bullshit you the best pickles and around my life people like what's the big deal pickles bitch listen may speeches by yourself
is but a trainer of those hot spicy basic area oh my god or so fuckin good gravelling i wanted my apple is also delicious the love that snack nothing simple dried pineapple so good let's go about natures boxes that you know you you get this once a month and you could add any other as snack for three dollars extra so you can just load up your box like i loaded up i'm not gonna natures box nagel nature but we're goin nature locks its exact nay major it's it's disgusting it's all about her but problem have got one how you do an add on he's these people this is divers save on four legged man really and add a sort of a cup podcast anyway nature buys download flash rogan sir that's enough we don't need the onto the
we'll do it later on diagram use covered bull goes pitcher will experience has restarted we have they are calling on the european sports purchased a really gonna call in well we have lately allegedly causing our time how you what did you do pon struck when you on the road with china i loved or from other places are therefore the slopes unveil on holy shit have again stood in dubai yourself punches no no no like eating you called in yeah skype an ok so you did it from from like remote location from this hopes unveiling i pulled over into the woods and i was on my phone when after those two called that's a layer it's always the lie where are you from the shower once became apparent economic just like and tables like art she
you fucking showering what is the audio like when you skyping like into upon cast over to go along with our wifi so you could but a year china on four june what is more the allowed ie works the abbot sometimes like straws in new york if it comes in and out of town seems like that would be a really cool way do apart ass walking around the table signal all travellers outliers kind of its very like room echo either the good part what you could do though is you could recorded separately like on an mp3 player and then send an audio late and they could cut it in so it sounds i see so we have to recording going commentators we now have to think about right the live one when it kind of that seems like a project that will give to you and take it easy here fight for a larger reasons why you know that that's not going to happen but i'm so happy or video editing again that of us shooting hard drives we decided
you'd hard redress lamb i always derives heights so we you on a more funding but i want to know what happens when a bullet hits a hard drives while you now as an loaded my hunting rifle really answer as a serious rifle to seven millimeter remington ultra let her go through it oh yeah it went through its sideways to like it's like you didn't you could hit it with wise so your shooting at something that's a hundred yards away and you have about an inch well maybe a little more internet half or some plenty anyway you see this is
shooting the hard drive won t stay put it's all just about staying put in not freaking out how he only politics which is really not the flash of white fuckin rifle breathed out yeah i mean that thing that has a muzzle brake on it which is the sting or on the tipp of the yard the rifle bolt the rifle barrel rather it distributes the you better come allowed or noise though so it doesn't is a hundred yards it does doesn't it doesn't kick as much which is really important is the kick his wits there's a should ideally series of years it yeah clench up before it happens near tens of how do we get zog and mothers hard drive destruction would we were a circuitous route video i'm glad you do it anyway as it has done so cool the sea due and videos again i was somebody put up a thread of some you're old videos
oh talented it's like you have such a gear for video editing i quickly learn know how how using like editing hd nowadays how much fuckin computer you need to make it even worth not killing yourself trying to do the reason why i don't just edit videos like that though the videos adieu there's like at least that add like at least twelve layers of audio going on at the same time is some court sort of super dope set up that we can get there would convince you start making videos well having this i mean this one was fun to do but you know i don't know dude could make the bet you'd make we will make an amazing videos etc that submission video for some some strong comes it will never happen like a million views are on early and had a lot i look at that let us like while got that met now you ve got some really how familiar you ve got real town as far as like how you choose scenes and edit things and music and affects into them you're really good
so you don't just take a video and cut it together an editor you something to you add a lot to you you made some awesome videos we're working together doing those taylor always david tell us are those that you the first gotta figure out length on the internet without monsieur clip like how do you make a ten minute long clip of people will actually watch is no way as many i let you show me a little while you have a timeline going on in you goes back in time forward in time it's nowadays it is getting easier that the actual programmes like the new final approach cook is cool cuz it could stink up a medically were used after just try to line up to and still jack i gotta think guy you know that's why i wasn't contribute their yeah we're getting out of the sad mammy jama computers into this man would do and it'll be fun to see how much answer
that's what it is like a jason after all we're getting would ever you know you're a legendary allegedly this is a comedy show or not but do not take us to a cage after all that motherfucker up i'm workin talking do today recently quadra bailing out conversation why very now use cool grana cool guy now i think he felt like that i think alike people do the outer all feel like there's a crash at the end of the day i was gonna have a fast acting ones or the time released once yeah so there's no crash that way i said lady slowly the other without like the boom and drop off a cliff but he was love in the outer i gotta get back on he was telling me how productive railing yeah i guess she's medicating lemon believe so but i didn't ask i believe if he was talking about doktor it works so much differently
i can either or when you don't don't like the opposite thing to you you have you needed allegedly around eighty david a few could have it hard core arose tat when i think of you if you have it may take it comes you send out the truth that's what i heard it's hard to tell you what the fuck is going on it's like you ever see him when drink and then they just loser marbles for whatever reason just loser marbles that drugs a brain shut off the not there anymore terrible decisions can we fuck entrenching you had is we have three drinks and they just go away they go here i can get that you don't get that knowledge barf right past but i mean do you get that guy i'll understand it to try to get do try to get it because obviously something's happening to him i gmos direct does it distinctly different physiological effects
our goal on his bicycle your body you know i've got drunk bunch timescale you just hours fear drunk there's nothing crazy it all your you you're exactly the same guy but you'll laughed a little bit more that you'll be a little bit more ridiculous like all of us were jacket loser but there are certain folks that they away in southern guys there this is that's my favorite things to say like they're not make memories right now not the law on record attacks which really fucked up it's like there in a dream that's that's all people that have a real issue these sign of alcoholism new black out the major alcohol billet what do you mean like telling a hundred times like yeah but there is something to say like i've been friggin myself examined i like to drink by every night had come home like i don't remember last hour like at all but didn't think if we only had three drinks s eye there is also a lot to do with how much you smoke weed
i'll tell together may both jump off yeah because i feel it's better than both like jumps you're right now i've only smoked weed and i really dont remember what i did last night like two hours ago i comes remember when you do know you're my sleep last night either what it is it happens a lotta where it like i come home and michael o i don't remember much last night but i smokes that fourteen joints smoking fourteen choices probably about what a good idea for you is definitely to take a break off the booze and that's this week does your ear healthy mean look what you did with your life as far as like have fun over the last four years go party you know just be it the comedy clubs items great fun thing so few people get to do nothing wrong doing it it's like do you hu it and manage how much damage due to yourself and the process certainly going time i just feel that most folks can't keep drinkin most
to get to a certain point time visit stories about some guy a hundred years old smoke cigarettes and but that guide the recently here though stories they usually fuck most people when they get to be enough fifty sixty when their smokers they start having real problems like extreme problems throws a grand fire like every day so dynamic how often you have your grandfather is over there jacket and eaten tobacco this i dont know how much of it is true i know there's always a guy that lives to be a hundred and a guy then he smoked autonomy is finally data whatever but our sights i know people die seen thereby deteriorate i've seen there i've seen their their face start like shrivel in from cigarette know that weird
we do need when a guy's a chain smoke registered their faces to shrivelling hardened like its own to itself sign of their right to re how to go outside all time through a leather face that beats the outside slogan but just i'm no several people have died because cigarettes several the first was a guy that i knew well i guess i'll have any relatives a dive but i knew a guy who was at the paul is to hang out with he died slow cancer dies that germany like three whereas there are new three guys they died from cigarettes that smoke cigarettes everyday changed wealth and they are concerned i is anyone in your family smoke no not anymore but my sisters one for a little while my mom smoked for a little while limiting propagating oil price macgregor twenty years if you wanted
into a thanks though just twenty years so it would probably ok probably like me are you you have to make used enjoy smoke loved it carry me ensure when china was thinking like you i got the urge back would cause everybody smokes over there ain't ever gets folks maybe solutions was already feeling a little too i had to close the same fucking i was looking at people or their cigarettes going do you think you could smoke for a week and then knock it again the now i'd know either gump too cigarettes unfolding oh my goodness one is i can still like that was disgusting but you know what it might be discussing does dinosaurs going way through your body move and then the net they like anyone i really wish i understood addiction i had a guy on earlier this doktor carr heart who explained addictions to me but when you talkin to a guy
super smart knows a lot about the human body and the mechanisms of addiction these explained to me i'm here in the words saying i'm i get what he's trying to explain to me but i told you stand them the mechanisms of how these addictions work on understand it but the way saying it was at its more until then i think it's more people yes it's in their mind the actual physical addiction he said is not that big of a deal younger people couches and stuff actual only their actions in those weird addiction simple e3 couch cushion other times haven't seen that as such it was eaten tape but that was addicted dean tape should pull the plastic tape break it off but our mouth is sure sure there's nothing there's nothing chemical that that's just mental that's crazy person that's his arms and crazy but that's also addiction that's what's weird about being a person there's all this an addiction is if you have is like addictions
i liked like there could just compulsive they they become a habit for whatever reason i feel the need to do it there and you're it apparently wounds big one foods a bit one for some folks its drive through that russia that you get when you not go that drives ruby fuck it to do this and diction vitriolic and here i diving popular arby's will do to have had that feeling you ve ever going to especially when you drunk riah distributing food you gonna get some delicious to listen remember we walked carnies industrial or that's the worst shit you could ever eat no life so go so good i had at last year again naturally this is me every time i e those like what the fuck did i just due to my body loafer pyramid or that they are you get chile fries on top of a chilly dog that's totalling addicts that places and addictive place those commonplaces addictive
great don't get me wrong i'm glad to accept the risk go there the i would go there tomorrow but the there's a certain addiction to that this is very peripheral cause you're not doing it all day every daily chemist cigarettes so i would imagine just the ritual aspect of the tradition the area where the way bigger because you're doing that some of you in your hands to doing this all day two on cigarettes for years that children so go right to the same six minutes it would have taken the smoke it throws it on starting new what's that smell but then he starts while giving an answer smokers but they once i'm minorities going through one he saw a new one and goes we do a dice what what are you doing six three ninety nine four hundred that's so dies would worry about how much money spent in a given these
your golfs various special brand cigarette that he was in smoking for like five years there is something very calming about it there like when you are strong story fear she wanted sentiment oh yeah nano a cigarette out of real absolutely that is a real effect by his words crazy that real effect is just that you're addicted to cigarettes nicosia humming but it's not that it's a stimulant negative is more of a stimulant i'm pretty sure i don't think harming it's also harms you because i know now i don't need a cigarette anymore well it's google that because we live in two thousand and four to be totally wrong but the waves explain to me and the way doktor heart describes it is it's going on as you have this build up and they need to get it in your body they went to get it i was i think it's a u condorcet star so that when you are situation in very stressed out you absolutely have extraneous external strasbourg you remember us of this that you need a cigarette it's also seems like the same fear
is being a serious when you do actually a threats like this reminds me of time i shall have cigarettes yeah yeah and again i think what we talked about earlier that the rid the daily ritual aspect of a cigarette must be incredibly strong because you it's so often especially the average how many people today the only smoking to drink a lot of people why what is that you know you're doing something bad the same thing as eating the you know you didn't have been banned and you like fuck it it's a ritual when i get drunk i like to do it's like the flavour of coffee and cigarettes together is the best ingredients that make up ass her high ever yeah nicotine to stimulate it was good this is the young them the actual its explanation what nicotine is nick is a potent boy here we go seem path those mimetic parasympathetic mimetic alkaloid found in the night shade family plants and is a
stimulant drug nightshade what people smoke cigarettes ass they fuck sellers it hath energy agitated nicotine intrinsic a civil coastline receptor and agonists is made from the roots accumulates in the leaves of plants which is obviously tobacco plan i think other plants ethnic raw towards america now yeah i thinking it nicotine from i want to say guerra reliably something differently i met some difficult to see you you have that as i e that's what that is marries yeah a pressure tsarskoye angora corn spelled legislative has spelled out you guys i see i it's niger you're gonna major may see i that's in nigeria can upload germany the blackout when nigerian team
the bonn the here on the german jim why what's what's funny wondered on this i saw you stuff is so delicious but apparently you get it in brazil you get like the purify event and large as we get has lost sugar in it when it who's got the best outside but it's some right it's not that of the fruit when i say it was what i think it was gore ana miranda the guy's a totally different say i know but it's just guyana is some sort of stimulus koran is like caffeine your hacha that soda the brazilian soda forward a choice never have a green and the green some new mason out if you gotta go to forward shown have the full zillion experience you gotta get why those garonne us all so let us go back to preserve their orders ill
i refer here since they have real they have the array of argos and realistic and hearts yeah they have chicken arnold guardians and they loved to eat that man is people only like that iran has caffeine yes it does caffeine yeah so that stuff ass caffeine in that's arose confused with so go wrong i'm pretty sure it totally different thing ass i had done him look like us as those berries anyway there one thing is keep smoking causes simulator stone to these guys their fuckin with you man you ok i wonder how do people as we talk of cigarettes and how they were got the earth and lit a shudder reproach the smoke and right now at least sub cursing us you and i wish i wish i d never smoke my whole life and no one fortieth birthday i would start smoking discuss who cares about timing turning body he who cares we get cancer oh my god you saw how would it be then why wouldn't be here forty three nobody sometimes
the fucking computer action from a to b endings cooked you ever think about your shit not good brilliant you maybe video from a distance with remote control of them know because you get researchers united two things and you start looking at things and overplaying stuff over and over when you look at you you're way something over like three hours in a row and yours looking at the notion that crazy but not a sign of jeering really in love with what you doing just really connected you obsessed with your work come on man you know that when you release does really good ones and you got awesome response online for people
but universally on that message more people talk about her great your video editing shields with your heidelberg at the internet about those nice reeling from shore they actually stated that those what's happening it's cooking your tea ducks wow really johnny something about it legged dries up your two ducks june last way i shall cry well i got a pair glasses and the yellow disposed to cut down on the glare psych less less intrusive like shooting glasses they'll have just like this that type glasses you were in the range because looking to yellow the supposed billig member the other stupid fuckin commercials for those cheap ass and while i was called the glasses their best sent out on these there were no other major what do you think of these meetings so much clear one i'll where it is cigar whereas on the un's tom but really
those are the ones that you suppose the logo and your eggs a z vision him wraps around my normal spectacles ones to those little went on the side listen are you got nothin say burger what are you and that's all you next year on a bus next to each other for five hours i what do for a living the comic mask which either glasses is my hd wrapper rounds as he non tv what overtly his heart is absolutely reorder allow me to see you in a totally different light where were you sit what what is it like being a jew was it i favour question my votes deprivation ass it was like to what do you like to believe fucking funny seven so i what's it like to have those beautiful wrapped around you
sunglasses like not having them but its way better than you have people say some weird shit people sometimes what's it like here must be nice that with my life so a drinking to coca cola which like that how now they're just for what purpose for a brother her what's it like have him for bulgaria and was lucky to have her brow the experiences of people say do she things like on a sneak tip they do shit like that where you dont units was to get math em but you're allowed to any elastic what the fuck you do question is going nowhere you waste evans time what's it like to have her for a mom what the fuck i'm kind of question asking edge i got some person right that's a person is not nice to be ended you with your doesn't answer back fuck em right back son shit joe did you
found that story but the kidnapping of the kid that they found in them which waited how was that about that so suspect from good it's very suspect yeah but haven't nancy great interviewed the guy father doing us last night i don't watch but i heard it was i'm trying to tell me that you didn't look in the basement for years on end he was in there for eleven days is that way you're trying to tell me sir it wasn t i just add it was a trap he was hiding apparently the official story he desired no noise they went looking for like eleven days the cameras in the from the whole time hiding hiding behind a joke dungeon he peeped decided to me himself like a little house back there i was gonna we had food losers blows obviously the something wrong that doesn't seem like an sank normal kid wants to be run their parents were you know
she doesn't want to hide must be much more than seven days onawandah the ceremony because i know wake some kid hides for little something's wrong whatever it is who did something it seems like something's wrong how many people out there like that that we don't know about what what percentage of the population is in some terrible place like that what they are trying to hide from their parents or they're trying to hide from someone in their family or someone they are close to what percentage is deterring must again two kids eleven it might just have a girlfriend he's fucking in a basement somewhere that's true bang in the basement i'll think so though they said they found them so low back there maybe so you an epic masturbated like whenever they found him had food food down there is hiding but there was blood that there is family rags and stuff there's a lot o reared and questions about this on board and in here by my party and blood good they re girls degrasse appeared not eleven in detroit they do they do that trust
zealous in it at all and so because the metal don't whoever said that atomic afforded other artists ruin in their changing listen i hope that happen weird is there a real allegory in others it's this house there are five hundred dollars you didn't have anything on yourselves and twenty years really what are we gonna has brought him to you didn't do it why didn't you by a hundred at ten dollars all due respect the kid rock and eminem i'm not moving to fucking detroit buying property there just it went by i hope because back but it went bad weather they do suddenly build new play there will listen the folks are there i'm a deafening think an artist community there is a lot we met a logical people to live there no doubt about it but i'm saying if you trying to like invest in something that you thought would definitely like you think you steal and money sitting are they a lot of work to bring back the detroit people are cools fuck that man
i enjoyed hang out there they bore super nice but i feel bad we run this river where these people fishing and those like this water is not clean so dirty water again it is and the others like it's one of the most the area around zog islands when was polluted areas in a country where and these fuel efficient cars like man i mean how i dont know if test in these fish i don't know if people justino their agendas for fishing in those fucking dirty than are they what are you doing in other residents like what are you doing they just any food man that's what it as you know you might have a fish is not so good but at least not hungry in ira cook it up good sheriff smoke cigarettes already you know what difference does it make you the fuckin metallic fish so fish load with this has polluted water have you never illusions apparently they checked of fish that they caught outside of fukushima and it was fine
and it was one of the fish it was at this is science guy who debunks a lot of the myths about climate change engine disasters and also its like one is very very strict very very concise with his economic whether its politically correct there are very scientific about his explanations for these things and is explaining this is a fish that is indigenous area doesn't migrate richly urban king in that water filled with radiation it is like a mile the cost i think was less than a mile and you can eat it besides these fish are fine like you have to worry about the fish that they cause there's that weren't like that they have caught fish that have an elevated amount of radiation and in this way really fast ethnographic a shaman obviously i'm a fucking idiot so when you listening to me anything i say that might sound tricky google what's its fascinating about this is that it's open me to pay attend
into how many different things have radiation like an article you did it said grand central station has more radiation naturally occurring because of all that stone or that more well that they haven't side of their my marblehead it gives us a certain amount of natural radiation radio and the radiates and there's more radiation inside that giant train station then is allowable at a nuclear power plant for workers rarely yes wow but its natural radiation so if i were you i don't know i don't understand that's vessel as elsewhere she gets weird but when you're playing you're taken mega doses we had ensign anyway who lives in japan and ensign he does a lot of relief work for people at fukushima how people and spread the word about how bad the situation is heavily displaced people up there he said that he brought his geiger counter with me brings garlic and he brought it up henderson when you're in play games like this ring was when you're in fukushima it's it's fucking terrible my dad
you could actually hang out there couple hours and you'll be fine zone so if u fine a fish that's like a mile off shore that fish is pregnant just hang out at that exact location for you know the whole time it reduces way and their got caught in the you know so i it's probably safe enough to eat this now but that is it wasn't a migratory fish that was the reasons why was what is it enough again i guess he added i think it's hard to put in our stupid little heads how big fucking ocean is pretty bad it's hard it's so big you kids bigger than than the country the continent there is still a give you look at what the pacific ocean looks like and you ok in north america we're like little tiny thing in there we don't we don't show the whole thing on the map because there's none of room to show the whole thing on the map or really i mean sort of mean what you you don't really get it you don't there's no way you get there
get it everything liners drilling remain fine just gotta find it so far ahead on standards of organ files on much water it's you can't see an end to the left you can't see an end to the right you can seen in the head and you can see in and bind this everywhere you look just water life a pie and you you better have a fucking good by them goodbye yeah that's the suffering and get back to actually there is a part in life of pi i just watched it in 3d the other day but there was a part in it where the tiger made this crazy face right before he was about to pee on the on the main character and it was so trippy that i do maybe wonder why they threw in their like it was very unrealistic and you are saying that you thought that movie kind of fell unrealistic that eager what was completely unrealistic as far as the dynamic relationship between the guy in the tiger the fact that they fought over food the fact that he beat the tiger back and it was about a mean that that i can go
so far if he had superpowers actually was wolverine or somehow explain you you understood the end explained all yeah it now only app now he's hallucinating doing why am i doing just piss me off workers too much we when the eu is trying to get up that ladder and he wouldn't let him in the boat that was some deep but the problem is that in my own problem with it the unreal may i shouldn't have a problem they ve just drink but the unrealistic movement of the cat johnny fuckin crazy out that the whole movie does not exist it doesn't want righteous special bugs movie yeah because like you drive with alleys islam oh you see that yes like us well what it does is a commercial for that camera thea he can't do did you play godzilla i'm gonna guess he s only i love the and was the end we kill them monster
spoiler now you want to spoil or to get a limited amount of time and then it's like go fuck yourself able opportunely sensible use of super whether the next day you have our market giveaway star wars at some point that's a shitty move and you have a year to watch it it wasn't that shitty on people in gaza during my hip so damn even you bad was like like unpleasant in it while you do anything good each dot my wife storyline in almost so what happened to him say it all has problems no don't do that listen it was a decent special effects movie in gaza
that's it gaza was most certainly no spoiler snow was most certainly the best gods of all time without doubt you didn't the suggested in mind the part where he got aisy naivety i'll say buried under that building and then all of a sudden he was up in fighting again and the next day he was back to buried under that building nobody likes i get knocked out with like pistols in the movie getting up and and duking aware of bar nobody likes i'm one of my mother my favorite announced that they so unreal some say not getting up being buried rebuilding suddenly fighting the second more for and then back to bed none of the building as if you never had gotten out of it the ridiculous yell it's a terrible editing that really happens yeah he's gotta wait what's happening it they thought it was there is no consistency here there is anything wrong when how about the dude horrible dude had like the worst lock of all time but yet the best luck is offline curtailing all his terrible things keep habitant and yet it is wanting to die but godzilla looked ass
tell her what i love about gaza was the face incredible in asking the holy said that he hated it because the face was really round and he looked very japanese and cutesy let's see nowhere on toys and evil man i think that was tunisia that pressure this isn't he look japanese and evil tony ensure the accuracy cute i will go acuity yap turning minsk of i don't know what he was thinking about it look enthusiasm gazelle awesome pretty glad no problem to look i love you the movie felt it felt like hollywood people man it boy am afternoon we'll just felt leg when you have an idea that that high concept you can run into cut the shit moments you can run into a bunch cut the shit moments and theirs is too many of us words your money i mean you can get away with due in a movie like twenty eight days led obviously there completely different ozma we but there was no
cut the shit move elements enamel remove whose hard falcons warriors want dragged you into it really was one when he's in the ilo or i'll come on it's better value are very hot weather as well as though he goes that compound right with an army of evil they turn because that's what i like it realistic that's a humans would do riots you know not pick healthy whatever somebody's view of the world but are reaching now who's at director rubric cubic ere they would all it's a human just evolve the animals pretty much civilised society so that's fine but then like releases no one's avi into the they were keeping these suddenly an expert with weapons on the whole movies like trying to figure out what's happening i learned that he had there been no clue navigational on a cure special and suddenly scott
he's really awesome with a machine gun out of nowhere more how long has he been hanging out with those resistors was too fast to we all remember that as i moment everything else is great what have you heard about ground the militarism shall then give it had an exact sets very cliche though the loan guy who's out tobacco the military's a loner for not a guy named shit cause i've been using it got his fucking six should carry overs fathers shoulder yards he's older now now i'll shoot lot zombies many good shit like that it's a good of video games than everyone about world is awesome guns i feel bad for crocodiles zero chance again laid the snow was for girls poor where i did all wandered around shootin fuckin shootin zombies pussies like some older checks it might eventually take em would you would you change acceptance question how long till you would what you heard about cutting off the arms his armies and liked to hang on that one
i wouldn't worry the look did so inflexible with aids fuck it some of the things that people with aids live a lot longer than zombies people in asia manner than zombies they just needs a fuckin medication with this modern drugs but i wouldn't do that would you what like a guy who who had aids the little girl of course now because you got some why would you fuck a zombie because nobody else too far how the fuck do but do you wouldn't you but it is also vital that always wage urca finds back there was no one else maybe just and was but
progress the but you have a problem it still feeling a rapist imagine hold some girls zombie down she screamed nash china fucker what does field terror would have his eyes grew me a different way you feel what if you fuck them and they came back to life thank you i couldn't well you but that was a secret to fuck me mad i'm not a cure that none of you gotta believe prince prince and of raw hella you the girl had a kiss there are great the guy's gonna fuck zombie presumes because backslide but you cut my fucking angela asshole was i didn't know i thought you were never come back that's a great idea movie and everyone distorts fucking zombies they get the fuck the little ones to do so to become founded by july you don't like alligator globally on a brave young rate
that would be the end of raping under through the out the whole all through the movie be death metal disguise doors down holden zombies down ass his bobbing up and down male and female zombies just a racial into jen orgy of fuckin dead people start fucking terrorism is left to go back to the compound dad's gonna fuckin oil drums if i agora gonna fight the fight for the future imagine like between fucking inviting like it's a race to farmers in the buyers to the buyers we're fucked you back a little bit like you back in the fuckers are full of our fellow member has literally would you imagine the only way that you can get them become august to fuck em everybody dvd wrapped up your enemies because
he would wouldn't want of beings on bees need new family libya santa fuck em come up with a boner fuck fuck your lord that annoying lady lives down the block the fucking yeah people places got trouble how long so don't you know exactly how triggered are you whoever got locked in the yoga the mayor of you get to a yoga matt how long you know exactly how triggered or whoever got laconism yoga the mayor of you get to a younger man most likely you gonna have some hot chase insane zadig zombies and thou mike kind of a freak or the forts has stated that for too long zombie just completely gave india you where's the psalmist our can i buy your dick it was a female yoga sister back up on you she's really into it holy shit but still it breaches backed clause at you see our whole arrests back in india yet would
go do yoga first with the young first place i got off i was on a mission to save the world over asia yeah but you see it's a rift between if you could fuck them before they can buy you or their friends by you can't in places like a fuckin korean barbecue solo pleasant inviting my ear to demand back at all in my knee point might kill you you you may turn into one of them if they buy your little thereby your little girl blanca ass i won't be word how could i be making an army real i i think you need to fill them up i think like i'm coming i'd want to get a little less zombies there has a more human you put me down for like weeks chain of up your base bang em
but then the probable agreed addicted to having sex in that way we should become a normal forget how long are you get hard every time you hear researches boner yeah maybe maybe automatically here that you hold the chicks hands behind our backs what the flag i don't like this are you cut the shit other czar replaying rip lobby or gross if they would all come back to life but how it would be like missing like chunks magazine so that real so she's got no lips she's a sweet girl she draws pictures of things you want i logged out you hold them to their hands in what it is about resort takes off other regular personally start crying that's why is it that's the thing that people are counts worried about the causing was on zombie apocalypse that's like a recurring theme canaries broken
is that what it is a normal is no such thing zombies in the bible but you think it's because people worry that it's so loosely put together society so loosely play together they become that easily just fuck up something go wrong what would make go wrong some plugin disease gives us rabies or somethin you think a things like that like all don't near that's glazed bees when twelve monkeys came out i guess it's real sits railways they had talks in second like get with everybody has a terrifying there's a lot of those movies only those apocalyptic apocalyptic movies are theirs load of a man twenty eight days later rainbows rage when there were ten days later yes there was something they chimp disease rain they manufactured it and got into people out god tat was a good zombie more they were fast is far worse if there really fast
better i don't know how to fucking went back to slow zombies after that twenty eight days later would be ten times more epoch of those motherfuckers were faggot rage could you imagine if those motherfuckers ass a movie that show would be solid reverence running after use past i don't know but you could do it and we may be one of the elements in being able to construct with these stories that take place over long periods of time is that the zombie can't be the biggest threat because if they're not the biggest threat than people sorted become the biggest fears that shows a shell lothar the zombies a sort of periphery at this point but the shows i really all about its people turning our bible at what the right that's what it's all about is almost like a is i guess bebop fish should have you nothing it should be nothing like icy go crazy when i was a show me where all of the prison there outside unlike why aren't you killing them like what an animal
they became problem i go with either right there there pressed up against the cage occasionally you'd see them kill them but there were days on with our planet tomatoes thought about that causes the because around but the fancy may there there's there's millions of them first john everyday that's what you do today did fire that's what you do to this catch a bonfire legs pour caught law that's too does too hard why would you do that each stab in the head stab in the numerous five say also that you weren't there were so many you could just more mall down like big portions of fleet definitely thinking you taken a lazy where you don't want valley and exercise of the company can like one of those minors access was pickaxes attitude i think like cattle barracks resources to smashing please somewhere hangs in the head which you gotta go to a lot of lefties zero one imbalance you're back do you think you could do that could you even if it was a zombie because i think i'd be directly like johnny are you talking about
through whose armies opening any preparation there's on bees up against a fence wooden you'll take me five seconds to stab the furs of mean that if you give me a nice big sword type thing and there was on these and i had a solemn out immediately starts diamonds on you see like the human element of my own i got a necklace that you're like that neck noses nope rightly brain let us now look here that's monster with his head that is how they were so semicircular brought gm whatever not me studies tabby might how to get over things have happened is that the two of you get over fucked up that was the most fucked up or that shower gaza like kill their wives till their family members killer daughters stuff that one that guy gives dark locked up in touch you circa kept like tom dalton stark that is dark would be an example of it would be that example although it at that
you're very specific scenario would definitely take place in a lot of people will be too hard for them who were taken and also they will also hope that one day to be a cure nea yet so that we can save but there's carrying this threat around all tat i wonder if you could have the same show with twenty eight days later style while algae was survival vibrant much faster to smile about our circle the stories be the same because it seemed like they would be the zombie the away bigger threat the other they were on your own time and then it's over yeah they were away bigger shrank away so you can have as many like relationship people to go bad you wouldn't be get too it is we scrambling for survival and these things are but jason after you club with crazy bloodshot eyes remember the twenty eight weeks later that's pretty good too i was pretty wasn't as good was pretty goddamn good pretty damn good that's it that's a real mystic monster scenario now godzilla oh there
something in the oceans been there the whole time waiting i'll get the fuck out of here here we try to kill it thing during work or to their trying to kill it that's the nuclear bomb they weren't tests they were trying to something s eye so badly ass you dummy you can watch the animated give online those tests as they did in the south pacific they weren't shootin godzilla you can sit rocks movie they did on the x men too what did they read that russia can only a mutant better stop they one man shot three two one bullet he was tried curve the boy badge stop you guys jack campbell you have then the script
that's why the sum that you need to take it to a board of people who we will watch isn t like what's ridiculous yeah you know we're sitting around smoking gerardi do that why would he do that we should offer that as a service the disquiet movie watch a movie idea we'll sit down watch a movie together and give them feedback but it's gotta be punctual we lose all ass will be worthless but honest we won't like will cause in our feedback probably look like that that was fucking stupid normally use worryingly attack i whenever you know it they would need they would need something where you would agree to not talk about it if it was really bad idea need that an automobile suck when there's no critical views before the critics of you guys you're apparent now know it's elect down when you see no rings are rotten tomatoes avoid that movie gave for he ain't no it's a piece of shit not even those keyboard deluded enough to think people were like this this so weird movies like they dont release for years
that makes on a shelf like do you member antonio bandanas the thirteenth warrior remember that it was originally called like the ear of the dead it was a god who is they have i had only by terrorists she's shillin man got lots of minds enjoying himself even merton eaten pineapples and drinking marguerite isn't shit eaters of the dead the thirteenth warrior six points six year it was one of those movies it took a long time to come out it was a michael creighton book well i think i read it either i read it or i started i fair started to read it but never actually read it a long time ago the because there are nineteen seventy six really near the book is like more involved though and much more like you think much croupier you're always get a better well
do so rare that are better than his antonio band areas why it was way over budget apparently yeah how'd it go budget they had only major figures like burma paying for this is almost money lost it needs the two million but the budget was more than a hundred million while out you our next step is that i frankly
mary oh my god you could make that mistake doth reckons time you said you can make that did you imagine citizens about grenville women women what you having a sexy frankenstein tell me you have an essentially frankenstein reveal activists wardour made sworn i walked in this on my mama told me you wanted me invest movie and a sexy frankenstein higher than i say this and listen listen this is what we want we get what we get fuckin vampires the vampires a sexy low value tonia gonna go what's your machine a vampire and frankenstein frank alive now the report that is alive so see frankly who can pull it i'll tell you what was there erin that's off that is our sexually frankenstein this is where the missionary doesnt was deserve twilight so wait how can i be like a big zalm anywhere that have given you a nice beautiful it's delicious talks well
guy's been a rough street fight was maybe that's you know that our minds are clearly not frankenstein easy would fuckin dry gula was unilateral son but their edward guy sparkled ok you can change the rules and its part fiction seattle overcast than other either i think this is the only produce don't put the vote yeah that's what was then why you went up there they went pacific northwest that's why they will never the sun never comes out but when it does come out they glisten really i didn't die like a real fucking vampire they changed the rules why it's bullshit it's why pull up without us pulled off of youtube i don't know if it's possible to see if you could pull up video frankenstein with no volume don't put any volume i was just mark how it looks more matter jamie or support item fuck it is this if you look at it for yourself you know when you doing to set it up on that thing so we can watch it without being forecast special dot com
i will do that from now on is no copper lies in china is this new frankenstein anything like the same story like as he's getting ready we exiting these weaned creatures can shut up they're making sure that things like sparkles outside all bullshit and he's smouldering meanwhile how how the fuck that guy still in class if you imagine you're a thousand years old you keep going to class brazil whatever making very suspicious well columbus discover oh yeah i was alive back that unfortunately has her is he was actually this like the spanish flu they kill them which is i think in nineteen hundred kyoto edward early from twilight and so he died in the ilo expand flow of empire did the vampire got vampires re run same time that's i stay forever same time back in a spanish flu days
so as i have like a hundred years is old enough to know it shouldn't be in high school i marta fucking idiot china pretend is the ideas that he died when he was a nice girl so keep my eyes calls you bear no why scrub beard you haven't you say she did i look here to say look young for my age i don't now though something that i read today online where was showing how many asian women could be like almost fifty and they look like that you want to know is i wrote to you just go back out they looked at it though that look younger not twenty but look super young dullard like fifty looks like thirty they stay in shape of low follow sugar diet loescher diet and disdain jab either grant alot though is the few cities i went to for girls and their skill good forty five and i mean they looked pretty sexy asian just keep it for awhile mise anything
by these better genetics that way or food more alien dna just without it just that at that stage young longer jews have the kind of makes you smarter ok asians have the kind of makes it look how did it blocks on crack without without risk of sounding demille racist alumni regarding now start if you look at all the different rates of this sum biological back in his explanation of this but how the fuck did many asian people have such similar features how the fact that so many afghan people have such similar her restarted my it's amazing if it's amazing when you look around a how many chinese people have black hair and similar skins how many black people have that in similar stint on you know how many how i mean it's amazing there was whites have a variety well people who were of mixed race in our like of like my family
lot of it comes from sicily and remember that seen from la nurturing mass the moors i think the moors were so far to people not shore morocco breeds and august lack of shell is all ships is that like shit susan hall white people beckoned much right now here's what we're the because breeds my white that we're engineered that's why it's crazy areas of dawn originally raw wolves all dogs were at one point time who knows how many thousands of years ago that i have no idea like when people started domestically but they assume that was right around the time civilization was invented whenever really out and that's why breeds became a thing he added ten thousand years waiting for you lookin out when you look at a shit to when you look at husky wolf theirs it's the same while it started the same animal like what are dark that's it they all come from rules which is the weirdest thing english englishman either wolf who is liable to cause was well then episode about the cosmos it was really fascinating
the cosmos show you i ran good soldier in it pisses offs religious people all my good like what we want and we want the ad whatever theory explained to and that a legal footing idea he goes by when i click that has no scientific basis for what you're talking about retard i'm a scientist i love him awesome he's not talking about that what happened was apparently according to the cause says that some walls got friendly with people people freedom then they kept coming around people freedom they develop relationship than those walls a chase off the other wolves and then they re only bread with the wolves that were friendly nice wolves yeah does wolves eventually became dogs over who knows how many thousands of years select of breeding bringing certain dies the wolves behave sir ways together i mean how many generations it took to do it every neither but yeah that's what she that's a human suffering one reading yeah that's what right does with their about my black people are late
so you ve heard black people time and others thirdly i've known doing time it's a racial stereo to learn her if you haven't heard now you heard i never sayings of actual phone number says one race human rights eyes we when your slaves utah i'm didn't matter at all what about making their own time just like the other day there were slow its poor example anybody will overlook our africans actual africans here that the hard working people the hardest for example you are african africans those that ugh dealers enough and hang in beijing in are you running them out on unplug just like that or the black people you writing them bulgaria has raised do couldn't do that because i bet the chinese authorities had no idea you know
i bet it was a complete mystery crowds live online should fear on the jew organ podcast he explained amount magically angriness we're going have to you this is something new you think that here in europe to make my way though much part of you wait wait wait too much parklike why did i give drug dealers what the fulcrum such an eighty year old my god lose i thinking oh my god rather than all the drug dealers you all know a guy from the port gasped i saw your podcast you think it's what you want drugs from me the loathsome nature do jpg you get known not kill you serve you uttered the words and i saw you we tree over there two to have you were in china you were in singapore no make motors outside europe africa sayings erika and sang a few cities around their beijing
and then and then hong kong so what was the biggest city shanghai shanghai shoe twenty four million online cod and one that i can leave twenty four million on the matter has nine but i mean like new york daft in the area nor i said often regarded as a few places would like one story things but not much everything just tall buildings he's always twenty million people but the good news is flat out the flattened out i think alleviates loaded approaching i was completely flat so but its load like buildings and alternatives to stuff all short buildings not say the ground is flat like your walk ass i want a man may now they are stuck on top of each other i know they have high right they see that's a difference in new york in new york is really hand those thirdly i don't really have a hundred percent safe knows in anybody
bulgaria has the those those apartments and will share a few is essentially city yeah then it really have it fairly big like sixteen floors yeah did evaporate today like a man cancer did you feel like they didn't care you are generally well that the shows i play to ireland for experts whose like fifteen twenty percent americans what was then the rest of it was chinese now there s was english australians and that's cool i mean their little that concern because already plumbers that are over their round they have like people work for the embassy or or people that like work for banks right rather people more conservative and smarter but there that's fair adventurous people right either work in shanghai where it hurts com instead of where they from the you guys are the poor people that want to do stuff that's a good looking at it they all cool or a running from the law another country's their citizens are often the good people as well hell that's crazy so
who said this while you not tell me the person's name but so you had your age said saw biagi roads talk to my agent airport he tells me goes on those things they got me in schubert should went to a different time why yes it was just these scenes i start there on scene and then they ll bring a guy do therefore rooms and another team up with another guy another seen wow and these fly from america there is physical is part there are brand new comedy seen starting from scratch inch in china woe the chinese now an english speaking wow the people there are already there they're working for banks are working as teachers and and they see assurance because hey guess what arise comment open mike next thursday found somebody that allow it and in summary tries council these people they like lawyers is like three years that's amazing that's all starting from scratch no rule says no like
this is the way it is the way to these guys move on and has that does not learn from other than you tube yeah the maize from scratch was really excited when if they take over man imagine if china takes over and becomes like the number one comedy community under your letters but cut with china has this style of comedy that's like this like thousand year old like abbot castelo with aid into changes so that the new guys that are speak both like trying to do like regular style many right and people away what is our stand ready to our soda cadence issue yards away different in their use to us guy there's a video about a guy from canada who move to china and became a comedian he was comedian america but he learned chinese really yeah learn chinese speaks man which one mandarin language on the basque people than it does bishop debt that if a last year took bunch of china
men are in classes really chinese loses does bishop he's a big in ireland is from new york originally wow and he just i think he's data show that a ballsy moves palsy move let lit the invasion for years now is in a second year to managing going from not speaking chinese to speaking chinese for a fuckin living in front or is it such a foreign language why and how that how and like it make you ve got it alphabet and like i likewise certain symbols look like certain things while her and how like how difficult it is to learn her talk in that language you said you got right nobody can translate your betsy alright new bits for references are so off that it just a just war why was a lot of it like so you big in chinese stuff culture is losing face better than you would think the leg of arresting me yeah but like losing faces
like like say i'm trying to paper amelia i got a thing i gotta go now i compare like with like hey man you gotta let me do that here right i put my card out like you gotta let me do this birth from these people i say more than just like slight embarrassment that's another is what is less crime is cause people like what am i gonna caught fucking shoplifting embarrassed i'll be did they go out of the way to not be that person so as their statistically less crime like that in acidosis shanghai there you can walk they say women can walk three thirty in the morning drunk and no one's touching on the planet the only violence as acts of rebellion against this country oh it's that country the our people take up machetes and fuck a heck of a man ongoing which they show in the subways by the way they show me john games on the subway now there's so much on games gettin hacked by these second wiggers winnie mean i'll china wages are rebelling ok
seven percent minority ethnically what are they what's a weaker but i don't know it's a different ethnic group palliser w i e g are but it might be w e g ear but ethnic w and of how they come up begun here they look will differ they have different food and seven percent in some cities like one percent but they don't no they don't like they want to break offers them so they they're the ones you got the big stabbings that will go on and though these is this margin playing games going on and sketches lives up his shirt pulls out an axe a little hand acts and just starts act in the sky other guys also watching he's it's on and he just picked up his shirt and starts fucking accidents people here than ever like efforts is may have somebody like is what they attack he comes back to the access girl few more times than they chase down weaker periods spent
the very a new house so it spelled you why see you are while i would not agree that say that again you why g age you are the cloud it's also spelled out another instance you g h you are we really are you why are you and their chinese muslims those are the trouble the muslims out of the violence yet they showed this on though on the subway did so with kids there the cheeses they really a blur right as the hacking goes on the head and done my god but it may be that when you're on the train the show everybody now they have to look at all the leaders of all the media so that the government has complete control and is not hidden like wouldn't they are here like was i feel like what they i don't know that there were again the real story so this
if the rigorous but you know how those rumours like a kite is and what the other one is the thick they say that but who knows what that really is right what's here the group a kind of taliban there like but there they just like we really don't know but you know it's different than here and is the same as here it's like they were gonna chips in all the computers so you couldn't go on sites that not you can go to google began gonna vps and just go through a door server and get all the stuff you know google is very concerned about china you're concerned also other companies are concerned about china because china which is copy shit o absolute like they have fake apple stores that are just two examples are my friend whose turner sparks whose helping one of the scene in shanghai he's bring mr softly to china he got licensing agreements the ice cream yeah he's brings mrs off are there and they start do good and then
what else will just paint up another van exactly like mr softly the same exact colors serve the same things and just peace right in front of his mr softer than it just looks like petunia there together at the same time and the government doing things like what will they do you are a good idea now another now the donut that's amazing yeah it's hard to think in terms of copyright laws yeah they don't think in terms of litigation either right it's a totally different culture as far as like our constant suing of each other back and i don't have other around a much maybe i wonder it's interesting we see that though i mean it's gonna be really fastening for you to come from our american culture in the immersed in their culture for three weeks i've never done it before it was cool i've been in brazil for a few days but a lot of brazilian speak english like seven eight nine days though it started become like normalized a little bit and those are really observed up plus i got no longer make friends easier you know what you need to write do you stay
how long did you stay in the same place shanghai was the first night and what's it like suburbs of shanghai for for a few days than back the sharing out for two days they have a proper club called com for comment which is like listen you proper saint properly can englishman but i may have i get works as a club is wondering looks like the belly room just like others is a cool place why we're bars where they try to sell up you know that's cool all these experts who need something english speaking it's kind of act as though you are so towards you never hear about that but i like always really ankle yeah it's like that the old hecklers there is so happy the english speaking comedy and how many those people knew you from online zero not around zero like couple relationship which is there because their checking out new comics that come into town i regard some basic madam but they say as i go thanks with the i took up this videos on the website that they they showed as the old damage you saw who is playing and then you box if they are not a big fan that that's ok but lycaena big fan superficial yeah like it wasn't like that
there are some like pockets listeners in our view here there at once secondly i like seven or eight couple of shining eyes just developing a reputation like this these scenes developing reputation for bringing funny people around has a function come out to see the new guy it's like once a month ago bringing out a town or and this it starts by going to the room like twice that he joked before the like here we ve all seen a man drawing from the city of fifty thousand tops in a city twenty four million is fifty thousand english speakers so do they write a lot there have to be mike days that's how you do it anyway you write a lot every week could be like form from some guys got company joke that's the worst when it's almost all comics in allowing gotta doesn't it had a lobbyist members but the the calmness of all senior shipping our uk vagina tagline we're not going for seven minutes fear one new bit yeah you barely new tagline it's just a better version of an old tagging can't do assuming you tagline it's not really it's just better start then
so that's why i've seen your act a hundred death has risen up there the words though in the fuckin there's no one in the audience is beaten down and tired and new knows more complex and the audience in the audience as i see it like slow shanghais this emerging and they were sitting outside they like like a forty minute bullet train outside their kosovo the heather spill small town feel ten million people my god a small town in enclosed early that's enough in ten million people on everything closed so that like chicago sized ten million spats bigger than manhattan shanghai i may soldier is when they say manhandling lively on island my only the eye when somebody actual full so do they ever actually say that or do they say new york city try barrels of something that is the right one new city means the five boroughs not try borough spy so i'll queens brooklyn staten island
bring it may that i sent for but i never know they're just talking about only the island of manhattan or the software greater new york like what science is new york city the bronx is new york city nice is part of our way yeah right right should be like just there yes sort sort of think hiring but if your patient men had this is bigger than that well that's also a lot of people i met for some acumen hen i was driving from boss i think i've been there once before for a karate tournament but i was sixteen i didn't really member that much and so may also drive in and i was like one experiences really young i was therefore comedy in the first time i drove a drove up the west side highway those the four the first members skyline in those just pre dramatic and almost always like the death star like this the craziest thing of her oh so intimidated
three the integrity overwhelming leave our biggest city is saying when i got back after three weeks ago yes ha ha immense almost buildings tomato just insanity did you feel that when you are in china reserve which place just so they had at the head of the needle financial districts and so we have these ice patties right across the field the twenty year all right parties and they with major financial districts and it's not as fifty skyscrapers wow they just do a little man they don't like vote that the referendums that ought to wait until some election year show their doing anything did you doing as cities that were crazy polluted china how bad it's bad it's bad i wasn't there one of those awful days where does bishop the irish guy in beijing is not as bashing still real bad he says i'm ever work by birth ass tenderly worm ass not everyone forty percent were mass well they see what they everyone has an app on their phone for pollution
that's so i was in the unhealthy range pretty much a while i was there but i think it's the worst thing that he was you wake up in the morning and tell you smoked all night so the app as is the air or tells you would tell them with an air quality is so then they won't like back to work about us mother fucker yeah so you have tissue paper as they did everyone has at all times why did try to please answer because after sars everyone's our work like people are concerned with the spreading to others too soon spitting allowed me more do you know that there's a spread of mergers is going on oh yeah they have signed up for that every train station though i do not bring anything else in winter want dumping your fucking chickens in livestock yeah now people kiss their livestock sometimes really did kissed channels tragic that guy's stopped his nor camel guys a dying fucker superstitious don't because new camel anymore then riding on a train this is
what i mean how long does it take before legs the some of the more recent we're talking only about the ideas of kosher regional origins for it we're pretty pre smart around pre smart do not eat pigs of all these we were dining sec i hesitate for those just told you go away how long till we have no superstitions two years ago now needs a comment you think so though in the salt of the shoulder one of that come that's not a right does asshole that some asshole what when do you think that dead end i wonder usinor hopefully it will be done by that god hopefully scott happened right like remove in that way but use natural to feel like every time i will do that growing up i be like i'd butchers believe in southern superstitions that i thought of yeah i did tat where did it was a good thing memory you ever things where if i step on this crack oh yeah family my die my mom's back broke
or each other avoid crass whatever reason may i like really keep why would you do it well when you confused about the nature of reality you think it's very mystic maybe this is like a droll it but now authority control rivalries wondered if the real origins for superstitions like that and children are the children have a more honest awareness of the nature of real itself is that its malleable and then things you can alter wade things go below you wanna be about stupid ways like stepping on a crack but it might be the you act or think or behave and you feel that is sensible you can't sort of communal it losses of thought process it can't put in contacts so instead you worry about stepping on cracks and breaking people's backs what you feel this sense that you have some sort of a weird you weird ability to effect change it destiny based on decisions aiming when the cats goes across
three in front of you do you still get at least like please you think about it a ladder later when i say a lot of all usually move around the otherwise i like what the fuck is this matter we're here is a perfect example of that why am i was kind of superstitious another kid but i've always loved in a voice had tat nobody blackouts sign a really talk about blackouts so when a black i will go st odin everything oh my god i'm fucked i blocked fuck you that's a cat since the cow and give that cat a little boat tunafish patent be purring cat but carter beijing bad luck he's a fucking animal is having a good time southern white guy made that thing i probably about the black racist i think this is the europe of the people yes witches remnants which has re lacketh if you'd cursed root cause care will we can't see fuckin glowing eyes running across the road from your carcasses about a car right is it what now
cat crosses japan icicle would you know walk walk at any time they walk in front of you had to say and mrs doyle disney thing with it with a supercilious guy summit is what those umbrella chaos wrongly like moves the cat backwards won't so even walking yet do you think that's what it was created only i think was greater than for working days maybe horses would frugality cat run across into very vacillate and blend into the shadows so just south angle and people found i fucked up scenarios that fat could be it or you shit you pants and fallen your rake and die does not know what staff infection is back a guy or lewd what what i saw the i further resources do and how to get the floor brought here this leg their heads or from like just below the knee all the way to end this can the guy was thickly rather don't don't look at them and i started i look at my home i'm not gonna look just started it was a purple ring about that big in
are the proper is was a yellow ring and it inside that was a little bone oh my god which is eating em up here i mean they're homeless shit well then i have to say anything they just let their fuckin they show it don't tell it all my gun but there are how much almost there was only i ever saw shanghai was homeless for sale alleged use here the leg is wasting away what do you do he ain't gonna maize popularity dead did you have a new found appreciation for america when you re landed ready to say a pledge of legions i'd say what man there are some things where i felt a lot more free jane i buy a beer walk down the street drink it like a big annoyance go or lives your annual and take it now invention other joint serving outside that they stop you know
brandon not exaggerate the vegas its forty minutes away from fuckin birthplaces nice but it's not a safe it's not safe smoke a joint what we'd smells like the cops are no reference point what are you doing but they had no reference point there nobody smells like now i just saw the whole proposal they don't know what i'd leave it smells like countries confuses imaginative kept we'd all social little so little of it well that's amazing what would happen if we spread through there why don't you get it be laughed at him country clap like wildfire if our should picture view we'd evangelist for china gotta go on but not their don't go there do it all through email oh yeah yeah for you that still fighting over you did they'll get you don't ask they're gonna fight tooth and nail to keep their silly cultures can kiss in their camels and shit you know hole for ever camels
your kids should in the streets mirrors the kids shit in the streets they cut their pants are cut down the middle so that allows them to oh i got no other avenues blue shorts exports and then i went and if there are squatting you gotta see their little dicks they train their king i saw one of them in like a market should like motion you could tell emotions are you know there's a universal and the kick it looked back a fugitive yeah yeah yeah do it like to pull this pamphlet yeah and then his pleasantries finally like a treaty really do it in the street now you someplace make sure the other could all over the back that is allowed to shit this stink yeah the bathroom smells so bad the bathroom smell so from pollution i polluted water just polluted water makes a smaller and also they didn't want it came i think we have a lot of towards is no toilets
this is just a porcelain hall the shy one in the area of squat its squat suppose that's better view bows supposedly vase supposedly knows the forbidden city i was walking around there the emperor's palace and i got diarrhoea there was bat like sweating like i gotta farc and then as a you toilet you go in there if i can smell seizure crossed the threshold of other battles males are you over the first toward the stall door and you i came a register refers like this must the construction of this because there's no toilet here so that's the only explanation and then you go to the next one do you like what our people walk no there's no paper with your hand will first i just said about doing us about our walk away
oh my god i was like i would like to set out the bathroom another area diarrhoea would mean a matter of course i'm doing it so you went back in and wash your but have to do so they did so this guy you only on the bar at the club within shanghai gave me this these this tissue packet because you needed i thought for pollution and it goes only tests and i guess i just had a year and then it was like a year the polio since all the way down squat over it but also the shit into your pants like you can't go over the balls your finger there's probably a better way do with explosive diarrhoea though it seems like you're gonna miss lasted into that whole you're you're you're gonna hear hover over like wholly like half a foot over the whole is echoed few quads it's got your call
the demolition or i would feel like i would really work your core a lot and is no acknowledging its so high that would work you resolve yeah that's why asians at them maybe not the loaf sugar diet is the shooting here oh shit you hate your ankle explosive diarrhoea forsake i'm just gonna hit my picture this picture this down areas electronically so like your your asses right it's over the whole yeah filling the whole singular feed if you're moving far enough away we do feel bad knees i'll do after that neither but i sit like that all the time that's always
squat eat our time i do that sometimes really sit on my yours i said yeah sure once in awhile free back if you ask how you with china in one of those toilet somebody drop their brand new phone in the toilet instead the husband went to go in there and grab it ass downing visited fumes and the woman tried to grab the guy replace those two thousand people died three injured finally i would like to say that in line with our barford large we have heard america detainees right there those prepare those data those leaders on the train what it's moving around and stuff they other shutters take chinese right i offer my pleasure permits what what is their right wherever back the best it sounds like at first i was gonna jealous but now i don't wanna you would never even go there to even out the real toilets like in this hotel was fine in the bars fine but like please just don't know it can be one of those
it's like six or seven tissues and aristotle suddenly you i got a budget presented hutchinson how's that part of it to do so i stood and i went to the area in hong kong i didn't get any but the air hong kong they grab at a really they want your business now come on we're ha loan which like all the chinese leaders a look weathered woof move here's some interesting hong kong they don't call college china a visa to go between them we are not being given as ms fully give him back it used to be english yeah four hundred years how they give up they let that happen her what aid back so that we get a four hundred for the image of poorer regions s report rico back we block no way without always the deal we will always why allied active one way back forever back we won't take less good ones distributes on country but at this point that this point of china was like it's britain was like i don't get it back to music and you really want to do this if you want to go
we're going crazy sign contracts will abide by that but it's time could lose faith but how can people they look at the mainlanders mainly like an insult they look at them like the garbage people really elected they are shit malls and they carry fuckin raw turkey in their bags on the girl the murders that's told them well hell yeah view them as like real underlings allow the i was told that there was rates as it gets other chinese of browsing the way how can it be a thousand why you're right deeply deeply well like the north to think of the south of calm here that we are if there's if if someone shit em all it was a main lander well like had such it doesn't mean they're all like that but that's that they can come from there what seems like the reality is far more sparse this far what you most sources is two men are now well what is it
them to behave in such a while they have a lot of revolution alas like not that many years that the old people they walk around and you know that walk really put your hand the back and last but just like stroll here like that getting shot in the face you know at a fire squad like they ve lived through someone bad time solar calm here that we're debate you will try to get you to go into it have you gotta camorra lawyers have good deeper than they set up the far side of control that already was trippy get you the ground i don't know what that is hong kong's pretty built up to that's fastened they're all bankers as the english influence so the english influence was it those are the street they driver of english china would drive like us the except they don't drive pedestrians their arraigned it's like if your cross history like this and you know the making i turn if they see a whole big big enough
their car there taken it does mopeds is shooting out through traffic through like pedestrians how many people get they said tom outside i didn't see an issue they say tons fuck that you one cross that's all it's all my keep walking and no you see me you're gonna move are you see my angle you want to stop and so you do not like give them timing you get here at java lang pay on just trust him not trust their timing like they see what you are i see we're not going to be like two seconds or go where you are now don't don't stop walk into the street next in characters while their dry tat matters you imagine texting would be so much more complicated than ours picture they do taxing characters so the taxi actors and dry and they all they at night especially the car drivers to say
battery they'll turn off their lights though driver though there is a driver that their lights at all with a dark is cloudy is nights my goodness i guess it is that if we much do you just walking across his tree in the hope that things you well enough to time you have such bad ideas rather throughout their motor a red lights because they think that saves does not enjoy america now done on urban areas new feature in a lot of course what they shut off stoplight really should have it then done that the most gas start up again now so i get an instant start up again the angel ignores goes into like some sort of sustained hibernation or some shit but essentially shut the engine offers an option that you could turn offer on and that's how they beat certain standards
they want to like us over time it doesn't that may be for every five minutes were worse but over the ten minutes were better if you read those things where it says like how might which the miles per gallon that like our gets that's only driving like a really saying com person does any risks your drive like super slow your observing the speed limit you better start slowly accelerate up to whatever's speed want to go to look at that that's right across the street is for and that is that the crisis is not working and that is honest crosswalk unlike others for like man just why are paid on a road has got nothing to do with me is working and it's hard to watch i get anxiety hats create so many years mopeds the run of those fucking drunk late at night those right here you though it's hard to hurt her solid jude
close at all that we can close now i wasn't i hadn't skim one at all but i make you feel the breeze go by oh my god definitely damp was very place who i don't know hunger was like fun shanghai a lot of fun to on better why air values cleaner definitely you gonna jump on hong kong that like a day before i left the before last day and i just jumped off into the like the bay and stuff was fucking or some sort of essentially just different but both call the about cool phuket swam it's a perfect mix of like you're typhoid a little bit of acid and two fuckin jellyfish came up at some point you in the ocean and then i food beer and asked what're we wish the jellyfish came i've got a little more dangerous but which has kept up an end of jellyfish get you you're fucked you just
a lot of pain for today's to day you'll be guardian and nine in my ex had it on her neck and wishes to sewage really burn gathered i tell him how do i get you anything your credit card rape it out as the hottest potluck place it was gonna last month's will largely they burn you for about six months they mark you up nobody else can get you they're not swimmer fast though those like now i do not go fangled fast brought my legs brennus little known you might just like there's one in austria that kills people in regular bail really kills people that they have these these emerge see stations that they have set up on the each where they have these giant jugs of vinegar gallagher pour it on maybe they let you know something i don't know i think i should probably google that we're coming soon got guts done here before and they said they really in a covenant poured over it yeah yeah but then they suddenly found out later that's not the way to go
oh yeah australia has a lot of others than really how far we china from australia it's not that far not as far as we are from australia nothing from sidney think they're closer to sydney than we are really he added south but like straight down south is a tall innovation than austria there's a box jellyfish it's no big deal in writing i kill you that's hard to spot yeah you know and you haven't written your nails lately no bigger than your finger nail and it carries l you europa copy i'm freaking out of a box jellia some alarm last match jack shit brand pollution lacks jellyfish just pull up box jelly fish no bigger than your finger nail can kill you in the blink of an eye by the way mother fucker just when i start to relax
but really live as they really are rarely a man is re read while ago that will you that shit that's how big that is size of a goddamn fingernail i can kill you in seconds that is not cool upon further research this anybody jelly is so cute that it might kill you know me lee and not from the sheer adorable none of it but from it's insanely poisonous sting the species box jellyfish was described as recently as two thousand seven wow i didn't know about it the species of box jellyfish was too dr as recently as two thousand seven after forty four year old american tourists of course by the name of the king was swimming in australia waters and encounter this minute box jellyfish he was stung and died soon after that's where the name
of common king slayer comes from after robert king thus the guy's name why how they called the fuckin jellyfish a king slayer because it kill this guy named king really didn't know about this jellyfish until two thousand and seven so that these guys got stung he died from a tiny jellyfish they didn't even know spot it says you're fingernail who did it legally images are brand pubs with images of some of them where they have a test little tiny tests to wear australian up all over us show especially i just heard on our man does make it but it's in australia somewhere for she suddenly through some of my body look at the size of that she'll tiny and the thinking kill you and it did kill a guy until two thousand seven and so they d called the common kings layer that's what it's called now really wild cause a killer running robbers eating didn't kill anybody till then dope
where did you know about contact with humans they never knew about it this is from a box jellyfish other far worse things oh my as it is one girl wrapped around is interesting and was wrapped around a held on and then all the things of arms are going into this is a type of box jellyfish known about box jellyfish is for a while but this type of box jellyfish the common king slayer discovered his recently first described as recently as two thousand seven while no about until this guy got fucked up by still is in autumn gas deeper went to this beach where there's just times of jellyfish and to start putting on his hat head what's in here it's a great video check it out as you know which ones they are feller luggage eyes out that while man guy they will tell all time what was his name man man oh yeah meanings
this debo actually put like a poisonous jellyfish on another study he gets done perhaps but not like that guy i got knocked down by the box jellyfish box jellyfish nine point eight of chances in that show tat is so weird man it's so weird that these things exist that can kill you so easily that's so weird weird these things exist that have venom in them in our view no anti venom for box jellyfish for these box jellyfish little tiny ones there's none we symptoms can be treated which can last for hours to two weeks weeks of symptoms if you live mother fucker here there is a joy fishermen this month this is crazy this is really funny part of this is what would it does to you this is really unjust
the severe sentence dont rather ugly heads until about five two hundred twenty minutes thirty minutes on average the sum syndrome is characterized by severe pains at various parts the body typically excruciating muscle cramps in the arms and legs severe pain in the back and kidneys burning sensation of the skin and face headaches nausea restlessness sweating vomiting the increase in heart rate and blood pressure and last but certainly not least a psychological phenomenon which can consists of the feeling of impending doom was as with all other shit of course you would think it does he dines sunlight hasn't even like an additional is it a separate thing snouts you're dying you can just think about all that shit severe pain excruciating muscle cramps severe pain and back and kidneys burning sensation skin and face had a nausea you you're dying the raw material recycling i who wouldn't you'd have to be
cocky is much longer than ever the blair house brows flocking bog jellyfish and killing me dude zig zag cold calling father swimmer everyday aid in getting this is incredible scaring scariest that nature creates is little things like tat jack you just show let us create a fine luggage not until proceeds off the bretons poems eddie bird we deserve fish eating like eating at one of them in his trial is like trying to get out of there would have to dive the get a jellyfish air so fish do each ivory and we have to be what they created a meaningless created a television show predation that's a good question souls surgery affairs surgeries rather on the island get now get another stuff can we play the steel video that gives yank from youtube propagate yang from youtube stephen wendy thus to us who owns the steamer for deserve it is here we have a year ago was shot
and i want to see him get familiar and try to get yourself a video of steve oh when he's up and tree and now lions come up to him that swipe it barely missing is but now they swat its hat they took his hat when those legs farm worker hats he knows of straw hat cells to wear and he's up in his tree and this this lion runs up to him in the tree runs up the tree is checking amount female lie and she like bites had susan bade him should by sat his ex up there in the treaty it is the most terrifying tell anybody ever met has ever done set the guides i was but if not show wild boar even stevens law now the others is the other guy voices that's what killed them known he fucking car another dot the guy who died in a car crash was one of the guys from the other show for jack was it wasn't from while boys he died speeding drunk porsche labour nothing but other crazy shit now from all the other crazy stuff with chances we need just those guys
every day would risk their lives may knows what john knoxville was gandhi a movie star and is put in a band over his eyes and let nepal thrown to the idea tat i did not notice followed each other by the best com regionally or whether there are any good com is though that you may make mention three or four all three of us gases were fuckin all mendous awesome just laughs every ten seconds did you see the new one with the old man now what do you call it grandpa bad grandpa god damn that's funny rose there there on edited version you ve ever seen it yet it's like the two point our whatever version you check it out it's even more i couldn't even imagine you better tell movie was really funny this umbrella healy really funny scenes grandpa something didn't jackass was awesome he's awesome johnny nice voice so good he was right now rocket and a thing went off and blew a hole through the metal rocket rightly has had its work so close our having gone to jamaica that's how he died here rocket to the fuckin head
one china fell from his thought never ever like oh oh yeah of course why don't they have more for what is it about due to want that feeling that rush of getting up to the edge those guys you're right up to the edge but stephen off a lot right got off the drugs yeah you're always completely sober which is our something out of you now let me less i talk to my six months ago you know like some incendiary go and he had a sex addiction davis trying to get off of and then then why under the butterfly gonna get talks about it ended in maybe but that this last time i saw my just a month ago oh it down again to see him and i hear he had a guy that came with him to make sure he didn't guarding of sex addiction that's alerts aircars joke russia do not a military use of the right and a guy like you supposed to have sex dicks of cut back for the best because
if you the amount of sets his job got bogged down with johnny genuine turns out the stars geronimo tangibly caught blocker you gotta addiction don't worry i've gotta go a three pronged effort i gotta match your daughter and for them to talk your treatment and leave it blank and then treatment a big one and the foger a guy like that like he probably bring his famous do stephen famous do i bet some really hot checks wants themselves in his direction he's pretty goddamn family advance for being a wild man so really crazy britches protracted omega a magnet to metal shavings start moving across the desk adam pampinara right so for guy like that the amount of love and sex must beginning or throw in his direction offer damn must re stunning was we high probably young looks the merry notably looks like
hey i like this should have been excellent i may look casual zone say enough to take myself up on this opportunity i would what do you know i wouldn't you no one else gets that shot no one i mean only one guy gets to be stephen and that's you want to member that because it struck with me too as i said it we're talkin a comedy we're talking about creating like like when someone's a fan of yours the crow thing is like sums in irish fearful you're the only one that can give them our issue fear they become our severe and you're the only one is doing irish fear colony because it irresponsible irresponsible for that shit here i'm sure you feel the same way probably well yeah i got a letter was revolve around the caution cash is closer ultimate fan of steve why would he not extraction nonsense has sexual on its awesome exaggeration other votes antivirals and christian person goin asian do that so much better
course bureaucracy exhibitions of course but there's everything addictions dixons two fuckin washing your hand if it's like he can't carry on with his day right they can't anything done than it's like i guess as an addition but isn't it paralleled what we're talking about earlier about the cigarettes that becomes like force of habit right it becomes part of your life comes i got away worn trail in your mom but i like sex a lot but then if i got work to do if there's some might like how can i gotta i gotta ticker though you're not sick right you don't have the this sickness on occasion is if you some but like to call it no will some people i too call discipline not i prefer illness disease i want to take a completely out of control do we crash the
so we offer you she went no no no no no no i mean the youtube crashed agitator crashed but we're still i use during our current so we're still rely on other show you by the way that you could probably play against sex addiction thing when it becomes a promise when he first spending money we start being sloppy and having sex with no condoms with people on the streets or when you're doing really like you don't know what to do you really like doing that and its way better than not doing there this one of the things that i dont by i think is what comes later go to that why stop doing that nets everything that's beating off its using cute herbs that's visor biting your fingernails people get weird we're we're up where we i saw this guy with some restart my losing much awaits comical barbecue and its other fabrics and it was like the little time i like eating natural chips itself instead of like process stuff and the fat our guys like man louis you gotta metal is weight as you say in the chancellor's i just told you don't eat those i'm worried about you
we wire my brain and make an awesome i gotta do all avenues lazy has been best brain that's the problem of people don't get their brains rewired in some way shape or form of euro lazy fuck is very difficult wake up one dangle i'm not gonna be a lazy fuck so of you get out you don't get early goin i have lazy tendencies we all do as one of the reasons why i'm not lays at all some tarifa guys that i don't like it like that part of me is what i've cable watch tv all day move i'm never get rid of mankind really got like coming right to internet i lagging if i work suspect specially valued do a show show goes well everything's great business set on the way home another new bits i'm workin on i know have a responsibility for his writing and i like to write to late at night when i'm in then you want out cape verde i write late at night but only if i am home i don't go and then come back and rags of aragon tired silent
relax your shirt from a tv or download tv so i have cables like a habitable single watches shows i won't get everything now on apple tv hulu net get what they want is done you not automatically like others now shows did i guess i'm watching this now tell me get cosmos netflix you the good the rule of thumb as you can get anything that's ever been made so if it's in that group well pretty much gotta so you don't need a tv anymore that's hooked up to cable you just need good in the commission and a new service only bad thing that your run into is live life you ve which morgan now following the problem girl barnes that's the way we see inverse or sport that eu is fuckin garbage its skips constantly and cuts out today in pasadena a young man came home to find another man sleeping in his bed that fuckin type of talk that news type
guy that they have to die were now it's not die i guess and physically but die off that business that fuckin news business now it's like comcast though and an apple tv you can just stream from your phone you know like nbc dot com you can watch the level news stream to your apple tv anyway sort as the latter is there any bigger dinosaur and our culture than the local lucia is ready you're dinosaur on the five o clock news sick today or president obama met with egypt united to say shit innocuous i any saying shit we all know your melbury don't alma urim you're in with the government in not gonna say shit on top of that you got three minutes you got three months you get a bounce around five different things so important i was so scared with its governing how bush was like i can't let you show the of the castle ass me back and then a bomb is like ok guys we're gonna stop that you're you're allowed to show them and now they just don't show them
out of just fear so the news doesn't show they just don't on their own was told to them is like what do you think about all shit has gone on iraq dinner traveling in iraq geology so taken over iraq since we left how crazy that support was a vacuum that we made smarter fights man i know it's not our fight but what a disaster disaster we did nothing to help them what could you do to stay there forever we're running shit now and i thought you wanna be attending an occupying force us to move nobody wants change right it's obviously the move you can't let the jihadists daniel you energy how state run by jihadis what about the children i'll you one thing please do so had this thing they're gonna do in china put chips and everything on a computer so they couldn't go on europeans he couldn't go on the stuff they didn't allow and the people got really mad about it there were like that's fucking ridiculous they got like start they rather they then rise but they were all upset
and the government was an hour i won't do it well be worried whereas here that's it we we were gonna do not tell anyone yeah until norton told us but that's just tell you they billy's ran it by their people we were just gonna do it in secrecy forced the companies to do exactly that interesting and that happens here did you see that thing i talked about like ultimate freedoms is like an old ones worse when you get really freaked out i just found this out by pvc are you know you remember pity if you go into your security on your for your privacy on your phone and then you down to locations services you click on location services then you go all the way down to system services and you go down too frequent locations then i'll just say that i show your history and let's say will click on los angeles nine locations recorded and it just show
locations that i've been in it like the days the exact address i've been on where you're driving around sousa ongoing was not i hung out at like i wouldn't say hi to euros or locations is it places where you stopped amid a claw nowhere i stopped in it just shows that it wasn't driving anymore they should act as a map and a europe that way it's like the map it exact addresses of places i've been how do people not know about this i've just finding out about geronimo can you shut off gauge alone could turn it off and i waited apple is saying that that that you use it for it is that it will demand great become smart your phones your maps are smart not owes like you're out from the law right and that's like if you if you use like different things like google home where says like oh you know your trip to pasadena
house right now twenty minutes like why are you telling me this that can be seen that guy it's done shit like that it's the same thing it's just to improve maps in and things updates that's why you can turn it off and alas the government gets hold of it finds out the warehouse restoring the drugs right right if it creates her he restored love story gonna drive house don't bring you phone don't bring offers i've gotta burner phone figures out well he's not if your four times will start better given inflict funds from ten point is always jellyfish check i only to look at the round the betray here
the steamboat sombre where am i gonna find one around here over the years in jail using their just feels weird hurts i don't now begins in urging largest field steals oh my god look at the size of europe whether they are using pain so nice and agony screaming and running back my guys is running around in agony what does it say
nothing sucks out soucis here detailed crises have you see it's love you and i hated john wonder the youtube sleep what a crazy i've really fish and well a better man than i not happening is always want to go for the grossness and that its nor with saudi yeah fuck all that man skype crazy i just can't imagine i can imagine someone actually want do that this seems like a fucking terrible idea we so he wins right he wins that's what objective is achieved actually it was goals were lodged by the way my storytellers show is recording september knife shit working on that story here nice i got that bitch tightened up now
cool sobered you d as big a crisis in nice miller's and retaining its own rivers do it oh snap done little baby very cool yeah that's interesting if you kill people too we so do it doing you shall man that that that was really fun you loved it set up that it was in peters which is like a dingy strip cloudy logics going into it and as we did at montreal the first time during this year's that much well but it's up stairs this they trainees your club you walk at the stairs he just feel like darker and then the matter what said it's like go forward already been announced the timing of this unit training should but you know i was a training or bone trench hinder when it's like saint fag really yet but you could still call cabbies cabin we're gonna get upset and another ok for now so we have to use it up what we can in the future
it would be one of those things where's like you know like tom saw they don't say like it was it was can a jew and if the word nigger they took it out of tom saw that took it out huckleberry that's the about that that's the problem with people going well that while that certainly certain lines that you shouldn't people should list so i'm not you just listen to its turn love otherwise your exact same people it took out that ended huck fin yeah and said now you can have that book hitler be can edit that i'm not so you're right you're right but i'm allowed to go to the school board and try to get it to take it out the labourers that's you're doing when you contacted the network and saying what has banned yeah have to reflect the time inaccurate way because it's not about the huge pretend the people have evolved socially since the nineteen twenties when in fact they made went with the eighteen something that our presence here that's all being human beings understanding that there is a constant series of blake that changes in things people grow cultures of were seen in front of our own foreign because the internet or she and blow back
we're seeing people get supersensitive about shit they shouldn't get so sensitive about and they just other folks embrace it just as they want to be in our fight and pick aside and in our look verloc really suit like the fat accept in smooth do not accept that extend our fight that no you're gonna die i'm lookin accept that you're gonna die early and is discussing any smell dude you're so outline now thought that we were able to stop it stop being like that we're about what that acceptance now i do not accept it now now nine in a mighty deeds groves and you're going to die clearly unhealthy dot stopping growth but is not another thing just like sex dictionary gambling addiction to food edition no oncogene by says about fringes in the eyes of others it does but sometimes our plane but when i buy says you outline did the causes the causes of it for sure some people have a fast food tablets
for sure some short and get away with the name we all know dude succeed anything they never get fat closer one of those here but we also know that if they stable you're stuck what are they doing they're making you stomachs more means you taken less food so the willpower thing so learjet are taken last year need less to fill up this model who did it he lost eighty pounds brian burma's eighty pounds in back once back hosted a lifesaver saintly launch ideas ideas like eighty pounds he came back sixty seven somewhere but but ideas that refugees get it on the table some guys of ghana got enough and keep i mean i guess there is such a thing is as if this were i think it's way more people just going like while i'm in that group i know you i heard you just stop going to dine at three forty five it's also they get it
it did to having certain types of foods nearby like sugars like that you know like there's a lot of people you get used to it i don't care i don't invite if i have enough like a day's unrove like lots of candidate which is overdue and then if i go a day like without a by six p m i started like you may go and low blood sugar it against began to notice on arriving and i was doing a lot less about in china rosalie you don't take caffeine in knock off in two areas translating sugar i could see the negative effect on me but caffeine as benefits accident effects cognitive benefits as they leave surety that's good that's right better as you get some caffeine from the tea but no they see that urban ii is like drinking like a very mild vegetable soup really likes it there's like some certain type of vegetable nutrients that you can get a lot of it very watered down but it's actually not bad for a lotta tease are actually quite good for you save the coffee it is really calving stays and leif so it's not really coming off it into your stuff
but i never got jacked from tee i never drink tea and as i say so my voice i just did a little research like woman she was your voice and one of them was one of them was caffeine unknown i've never heard that never anything dehydrates you in some way schizophrenia deficits i'll call is that smoking but it might look like or make do where i can fully used to drink parts of coffee its parts you said he pretty much ran that show start to stop to talk about a day foley didn't pretty much one show pulse him he ran the show he was a guy producing crowd but day foley was what i would call like a secret producer and on credit producer he just took control well he was really good agreeing sketches because a kitten some really good and cries of them live somewhere ya tell me he was we'll get a creating moments and so i would see like a scene and the reason why he was able to do that was that paul like
he saw that that was a benefit they had that super the egos about that stuff idea would lead us we could out lib all the time especially for the first four years we did a lot add living and day foley was a big that like restructuring entire scenes the first four years the minute before before filled yeah but dave we now he just had a great sense of it and it was just a really open sort of environment where they allowed like andy dick you know they allowed him to be him like they allowed him to open up and expanded and loose yeah expand the character like you would have these these moments and he would add a bunch of things to the moment to make them more ridiculous and preposterous we would things to each other like out right occasionally right for vicki like i could see how she would make something really funny and so like we would who do it for each other she might suggest some to me and action she would see like your character from outside point of view i said some like that
would work with those of which was a weird environment embroidery gives great promontory there was a goose a great calves as a really good show man and since the great show there was like straight actors too like god you actually rule whose whole fucking hawaii areas but he essentially we just take the lines and go into his character and then you know create dashing already like i'm leaving office space and like you forget about em too great analysis grace he's fucking great guy to the serious a a million hours some charity you like how could we do ask where you give a million dollars some share did it really her bow serenity said mosey momentum twenty dollars i could see in doing though such a nice guy does he really had a lot of land around i do some we cared about he's it is a very interesting real artists like that's how describes even like when it comes to like being an there is a real artist who suffered amounted to some of them are inter like that words like he's legit you had some
ass you couldn't sending bad about the guy as a person very very nice person always a very nice person but the most impressive actress was actor was more tyranny it's i didn't even know shoes acting sometimes like we be doing seen together sometimes we fuck off in the mill scenes people geography and should get back into the scene and she would it was she was so good luck you couldn't tell that she was doing some if that makes any centre like her ability to act i never took acting class as i took a couple lessons and private lessons that disney aid me take with this really crazy lady who was trying to get me the leverage her too be my mom in a suit com they created sitcoms rule out she was so crazy fro because they made me do it at exacting class you try to get you to put her in it was humiliating to such issues it was uncomfortable such an uncomfortable scenario they hired her but she was like really weird was that what she said we're hit me to she's like i'm worried you gonna go over there you're gonna fail oh shit
i put my head you but i'm not good at that shit you know because i played had games me all throughout my childhood in fights like godaddy at the wage earners people say weird head game shit to you in your way and in like what's gonna be like when i knock you out of this i haven't you don't worry about it have a nice night i've seen a few minutes ok i'm a killing your fuckin faith say shit like that touch other so when you knew that you have a boxing match and then you're too shit to somebody the way and the difference that and some lady whose enacting coach try and tell me that she thinks i'm gonna go there are more it's gonna go there in unifil and what did i need it about time don't talk to me like this this is a gross silver dresses like y y you worried that i'm in a fail because i got somethin you never got you shut up this is stupid we're talking to people you don't ever say i'm worried getting over their fail what is and what is that i'm not the best actor in the world of never been but i know how to do it it's not that hard when you're acting sit
i'm style you pretend that it's really era exactly so doing now i know what i'm doing as we watch you and is really like she's the line again start that hard but it is also good it is the most important thing because news radiohead harlin's relations we write it add perfect riding at many times it was like the best written shows for by far the best written thing that i was ever a port of but i was bad before that is factual was terrible hardball the baseball show was dignity dignity dog shit we so bad in so that way do we do a show like news radio it's easy to be good is a writing so ass you get into a movie ideas good they lack the avenger like say like no changes lines a little better this somewhat sounds are somewhat like i say if you at someone be involved i think this is where possums with genius and not just in the factors are really good writer but he also recognise that if you let someone be a part of the
process there are even more invested in it they enjoy it even oh yeah yeah right me i think that was it was also that they were always just now you go looking for the best lines and fully would always come up with the best line he was so good at that there is no one of those guys man and always has been the podcast for talking about his the problems it has had in divorce and al only in transport stuff like that that he's what those guys it like when i think about the fact that he might have been i didn't derailed alot away is because of this harbour relationship that he is still tied up to and financially entangled with instil a part of some crazy divorce proceedings is going on or like zeal was back alimony or transport with a second worst relationship on that show the second worse yet he had the same worse to fear the worst does anything you get used to get used to sing all these people interact with other people their elk and that
where i developed my no headshot policy from as very important being around always saying actors interacting with other actors in their both crazy about trying to work it out and just uses too much gas to its gas therewith famous people trying to hang out with other wanting to be famous people are other famous feeble very well it is also the weird dynamic of only one of you is successful that's your boat in the same business not good idea not good i've had friends that were successful but they did unsuccessful actresses and unsuccessful access would always try to get them to mention them to a castle actor way did you say did you talk about me because that move he's casting that movie and i'm fucking perfect for that part he doesn't know that imperative for that part but you have to tell him i've seen that shit is no because you're not or the other way soon crazier whether to check the czechs making madmen
and on tv from each other through something with your weasels do this behind or sweaty hold in our hands and what do you do tom you now producer of sorts well i'm working on the script right now the sound of a kind of romantic comedy involving i wife and another man here so i got here to what does the dominant female the dominant female star with the beta mail the beta male behind her hang in there clinging people so it's normal totally normal story normal the general norman gets my sword people like the union the anger relationships very different i've seen so many cool relationships that at some point became jeff i know they just the girl turns and they go what are you doing you gonna get a better job you gonna do while because you're gonna better job
why why should but it gets in the way that's their like that's their breeding what's also you hang around comics yeah on its bites again i'm gonna struggle for awhile well decided except there they get married in the girl wants to have a baby and worries hagen appeal to feed the bay i don't know what you get involved with a fuckin bro comic would you think you're gonna do suddenly be a ban okey our eu again how believe fall in love with fine lovely than i fell in love with your damn functions i always it didn't happen but it did gets a spell magic spell out what i fell in love with you with your love for abortion now laser my goodness how dare you those persons sarah they're out there you have you talked to if you talk to someone you deem them and you notice is never going anywhere ex thoroughly opposed to abortion you like ekes is getting
ugly let's get in the worst why because unfortunately there are you nope patrice had a fucking great joke about what patrice had a great job go get mad that you know you'd when have same kind of relationship they have and it's like it yeah he goes its like if you applying for a position and you know you want to be the president of the general motors with president general modest that that job not available but the job is available that i can well we have to call the boy and drink you last nabon you suck my dick that jobs available that positions availed there's only position is available figures will you tell me whether you want disposition i dont like i realized ass what kind of unless that's the kind of relationship we have you know you can't get mad at me that i don't want to make it something different
this is why i have opened for you i can't go on something that i hooked up with here there are men are breyer when here shows actually while by their real cool added to leave gunnar interferes in and i found some citys you live in there now pictures like actually got a boyfriend out cuz i was like we should go to hang out one too cuz you know i'll hang out there sometimes and she goes have to harmonise our relationship is only ever more than one thing those like the euro was well that's a luxury of sea offered his hang out and be like a nice guy now first after hang out and then also sex spell out of those all i see so you felt like if you got close to her you hang out get a sex probably happened i was sure would like lonely in that city other cases some new movie others what you see it and then you got to say obviously where the fuck my music plaint brow with them is economic logic
stephen song how nice cats in the case of man i was the whole music they play when homer losses child fine bart they persons and ex play math crag while the rough yeah it's what you know i've read something it was like advice to men with all these different and one of them was one piece of advice never go back with an axe really you anymore you're the reason didn't work out is really want anymore mc that's so generalizing because how many times have you got back with an axe and had the best sex in the history of the universe you don't see each other for a long time for repeated acts your heart
we also have our yew trees christ what is this blue at mister you like fucking clay face from you pretended to be our coasts now with his emotion i'll give you in your turn back into clay phase as oil who the fuck are you what have you done with ari rice whenever it now tell me about yourself pretty right now yes away you're gonna say when i'm so rudely interrupted i don't even know sentiment your feet
you're stupid here as i just because because if it get back with their care for your heart they can hurt you again it s what are we to say not sexier but if it carefully your heart jesus christ right songs arrive otherwise i would love to see you like swaying back and forth tat yes celebrating like a real serious allow using in like a real serious song like maybe like a hunting crows style because the cure for with you about really with it now man some of the best time ever similar superior quality like no we're back bad advice right you know what it's like if it's like saying there's no
if you hang out with an extra deftly fucking yeah and it's gonna be really fun freeing freeing will know is young i mean the dear that she's me come on man says that one generalised you like this for a long sometimes it works sometimes sometimes you apologize how went bad somebody fuck like wild animals in about five hours into it they said something reminds knowing they were like oh my god what am i doing jill sober is that a song about about from prove my life heterosexuality list looked listens jostle billy but she's ever saw him out forgetting guys smile and unlike only as such great smile and forgetting why should broke up with them like oh yeah charter got my friends that's right i remember that point now smile when the over again very difficult
if a girl ass nice ass to remember all the means it has a great ass and she's detail if you're hanging out you know you're both single you got a couple cocktails in you you just have to mean the same town she just touch your skin throughout her little kissing see kissing you dig is like a goddamn batter fear look who's bland boner radio sometimes obviously this talk like up there is the other sharing girls intersects here i'm sure this sharing geysers ex you're too i'm sure to girls there's a lot of shit you and i both do that it's really falcon annoying and is a real vagina drier a real fucking close the shell right every guy i mean this here there's first for every girl at everything hostage for some elvis a girl hot walking across the whole like failure hall i see are crossing the whole with show's over chief com
the bath is back there all the way home looking at the whole way and it gets up to me you are back you're funny i must pith myself early design that way to keep them later nature designs it that work them alone body keep you from wanting to do that you can breeding forgot you ve been enlightened escaped you escaped from that that is quite clear enlightened shamefaced easier august nine ten and eleven shit billions about everybody participates participates online simultaneously allegedly just do mushrooms august nine ten and eleven like everywhere you want to find them or what they're all about i wrote a primer online you can go to it but you must answer every question ever about mushrooms future google ares affair shamefaced primer are you worried about advertising shoe press that you might be targeted by the feds as what as a shrewd supporter now i live free wow you do
free so now i'm china recently live right all i'm like now that we're not we're not act on that it's the dumbest set of rules over the fact that you gotta see vs and by a gown a whiskey and drink herself to death in the parking lot easily known could stop you the fact that that's possible i'm not facilitating a mushroom son of a bitch lying for people and dislike him yeah you're right of life and you should do it we should all do it at the last change anyway you know shouldn't do who married we saw people under twenty three men even if they do it whatever seems old go you depends on your own doing spent europe its wearing honey ones are bad knights of cool friends of high school did it scared me if we allow people drink at twenty one how can no longer take mushrooms to i say realistically sixteen and have that's not bad if you have community centres were you could give me
kids like those that you know right i also even if they dont if you'll be fine it is the only way to get mushroom like i'm not seeing the kids you do mushroom they'll get me wrong scotty counselor southern joe roman chose kids should do mushrooms i'm not saying they should give due motions but if sixteen year old wanted to do mushrooms and they did them on their own and took them dialogue takes absolutely you don't our strong it as you and i'm very like a dog it by the way what does globally fifa and here's a reality has only you're actually help you with that will do it they did it when i was in high school there's those kids did mushrooms and what fucking listen to the wall you know about covers guy now in haste things in the fuckin the heroin area they have safe should have places that smart we go tell them what i'm taking so if you overdose they know though they can like whatever help you as best they can sit have like lips that providing it's like they're gonna do it why we not helping us people gandhi mushrooms absolutely yes we'll talk your clear guidance counselor high school about it yet smart yeah
smart you take no you don't need an ounce absolute jesus christ knew nothing amounts unity us down you're crazy don't freak out and then come back tomorrow we're talking about how suicide infects the brain play a cab next time will take more here's other benefits so they ve shown johns hopkins university show days there alone so fascinating that's what if they had like certain drugs that were not just legal but respected like that's the real problem with things like it's like a drugs research them exactly we can now now more than ever before they get the rights to strasbourg did all those studies on de emptying new ones on the empty there are new on our right now too yes indeed but only if its legal under the gods law the law when a peg referred me out he was like he was like hey here's what i insist as it may be if it gets right and it goes but if you don't do
don't give it to anyone just stored out jesus cry of warning like that don't give it to anybody what's in this fuckin crazy asshole away mixing rufus you got your own and who knows exactly you're at all times scan your phones location addresses hooked up to his laptop please follow me around a fuckin bulletproof van solid rubber tyres like the punisher throw you back there for a free ride you phony how amazing racist my mother's half mexican folks your face where you're out cold not good do don't do it you are very smart they told me they had mushrooms and in hong kong people that we're packers us is musicians are out there and he said the minute juggernaut mushrooms and he goes is a guy you're gonna get my i learned from the european experience podcast slow and also
you get him on here does there the woods hong kong has as woods and its humanist shit i carry no to pick that a lot of research you got run away with pictures mccain talked about all the different varieties that look like so sudden mushrooms butter super talks over voices yeah those like the red ones and like i don't know man that's the guy get out warning for some awful you yeah the amateur miscarry i am acting as a drug dealer nothing on that you know the problem with tat animal scary one is never talked a single person that a real trip with whom you take people taken up take them and they don't nothing has really mushroom undertaking it had an irregular mushroom what's set aside and right on that's what it is it some other end differed psychoactive yeah and they i think that the services that the mushrooms you getting now and get an eminent mr for folks it i know what the fuck we're talking about google i am anita must scary a mushroom religion google really because it's connected so lotta religions it's connected to santa claus its support
to be the original santa claus just go fear is fascinating but we ve talked about too much on the park ass to go on but its apparently different then sir simon has another it's another different type of but i've never heard a single person who done it who got off on it here like a real psychedelic experience i did it would doug jack and i did it on the day of the iraq war me and dog and yon urban yeah yeah loggia yon cooked it up and we drank his tea but mckenna was saying that those mushrooms may be they may be bring genetically unseasonably and also on air i long to get cherries illnesses and sweet yeah and apparently you gotta catch him in the right area you gotta get from the right like the right branch of this this mushroom tree that's grown or whatever it is enough for colony in new york exactly something along those lines were the ones who we're getting today just bullshit but apparently
on parts of the world some people know how to do it right how are the ones who cultivate them on purpose the other loan abroad but it's not like so silent like sills ivan mushrooms get you off the matter where the fuck you are everywhere no wonder who take some so sudden mushrooms produce cell simon that's what they are struck very acute benson is a bunch of different types of these similar but a vote that have suicide and knock you into fuckin jupiter that doesnt work we were the eminent a so loud people confused about the original use of the emanated miscarry and is like this like all this regulation about it being attached to christianity in all these ancient religions annoys you look it up these old cards and things from friday eighteen hundred santa claus on christmas card they all the m nita miscarry attached to it that mushroom was a big part of christian folklore mario brothers to their data no one knew so does that make up this we're lookin mushroom and no one really it was mainstream for small appeared a time in the nineteen seventy but the catholic church bought off the
to the job market allegro books really yeah well one of them still mailings worse than they are the wars and afflux the new pope's a good guy them simply eisner occurs they are here john mark or allegro guy wrote a book called the sacred mushroom in the cross and the recent mouse is he was one of the scholars that was that's what help start christianity like know that without the other fuck this they bought up the rights it connected the mushroom jesus and much other shit they bought of the writer but they didn't buy up the rights the other one the dead sea scrolls in the christian myth which you ma inflammatory its title so to go can't science silence me dick has us right another one here and all right it with another company when you could still by the sacred must the cross you have to buy you have to get it will actually yonner evaluate roma monotonously illegally download it now yonner ensure a publisher role again he prefer publishing and again a few years ago before them
it was you i have a couple copies of other all really old are gonna from a use bookstore she didn't want people knowing that they didn't back then that's for factual citizens or homer hadn't crayon up his nose and it went to his brain amount of super smart and he came with a proof that there is no such thing as god gave its next door neighbor others yeah what is his name now whose mother what mr berlin desire to vanderdyke here liners yeah he goes law can be cured is that while many goes well we can't let us get out here it burns at immediately while i go i can't let that be approved oh god yeah i don't know what the fuck they would do like what if they found today like one of them incontrovertible evidence the catholic church incontrovertible evidence that christianity was design and by aliens
he very line until they till they landed very i'll give you a analogy you with it i like windows alike what help me on your my hope they hit something business again shows up explains how humans are created around herbert chosen will close bang in a monkey shootin alone into a monkey taken it up in a test tube point human being passed out i think you ve gone because they are the same as the philip morris kept going money found out the level we gotta get business going now yeah well not given up my house and based on who cares i have a castle into hedy so people smoke cigarettes the going smoke anyway we tell them until they had only to worship something their worship sirens here again i e the industry that jesus christ how dare you there
another story for you about one of us but you have such an interesting gotta go in peace bari for folks we don't know how such an interesting take on religion and just some fundamentalist religion ideas because he lived in a crazy religious community in not a kibbutz but one of those things in israel and studied the tao for like two hours a day every day and how they super specific rules and then went from there to become within a couple years was a dirty comedian which is amazing the exact opposite like not only was it just a dirty comic but who is doing like lena ek that those videos that he was doing that was very you now joking racist inside you went from like the opposite in media while you were very inflammatory shock humor stuff that he thinks it's funny but we're done
well you did how worded as you're like one the only do that i know that went from being like a in a very strict religious upbringing like about us as you can get to becoming an open the dirty comedian starts a mushroom festival lobby the only one who knows what else is there ass by self bath there are a few other religious got area that's guaranteed homes yeah there's definite view they got out but like his far out as you got the out curling around the edge they dance medicos pretty metzger hits religion kurt metzger but what was he he was jehovah's witness my group will deepen the brother so it's a brother job weathered brian that's unfortunate but now he's just the same way it may bring up is a heap he breaks down till he says it's thing like there's no justification in the bible for killing someone at war has nothing to do is non nations in the bible in other just cause america's tagging
iraq and i was going to kill him iraqi yet still do not kill standpoint there's no way yeah there's no way around it and he talked about stuff like that get up in culture than lower congratulation and why was that there was a cause it's made up otherwise our explanation because its clearly made up what has to be made everything's made up we know that look it's not like could you imagine if you're dealing with a religion that the people that all practice that religion are clearly elevated their clear in some incredible place where they never lie and there only altruistic and their motives and their super kind of super honest and they they they live universally there's no variation universally by this intense moral code and this this this checking of love and understanding where so much so that like you felt it when you were near them like while that guy's clearly a catholic priest i give that was a thing
it was a thing where these people would never lie there would never cover up than what child rape they would know her then you might listen to that yasser then you might say okay well maybe these guys really did find the word of god and if the oh god made a lot of sense if it doesn't make sense to people while you know god we're mysterious ways or retards wrote a book follow booked retards wrote that use the salutary you don't need enough they would sell you at these tickets everywhere there call these tickets into heaven are you and it's our sonorous people and that diamond precept they would do that vacuum that not even close to the worst thing they ve done now none item clause not even close how about the last pope himself the last pope the last guy is really he's guilty of crimes against humans crimes next year he was one of the guys diverted priest pedophiles he diverge
them to new places the newly america and they did it again and i think this is your head that monsieur de hetty organisations gonna do that and you still gonna be that organization one from raped a hundred deaf kids ah rob you had around that she's a priest was directly responsible for moving a guy who raped like i doubt it the official members like speculation in thirty honoured he's going on for fifteen hundred years oh yeah probably since the beginning of the that the times when they made them can celebrate when they were started fuckin kids that's probably want to start a covering up i mean it's amazing that you have one religion and is a religion that i come from one sector the religion one sector ratification cooperatively this i think racism is its own religion i guess you're right suffice to israel to do this but the christian catholics don't think of themselves as christians you talk to a catholic do its work
rare that a catholic consider themselves a christian they consider themselves to be ass egyptians no criticisms arab firstly that over yourself there in africa the t other out ever arab credit that's not rabies who are you who essence cousin asshole but catholics the one religion that's explicitly connected to raping children no other than a newsletter looked is people in all sex of life the determines our peoples at it's so the mad systematic systemic over the years been covered up again and made to continue as they are going out the ill you you're ok what you are you ve done this work in a report of the police and telling us i'm doing it recently there are its ability is a catholic church now it s not not even cover up and make sure it never happens again discussed go to jail is a warning to other priests who
accused of crimes against humanity by victims of sex abuse items can grants to the international criminal court accuses pope benedict and three others of failure to prevent abusers rich hiding them moving the mere his is a criminal he knew this guy was fucking kids and moved him to a place this the ice here that you are in charge of administering the law in some way and you're so ignorant you'd understand recidivism rates for child molesters like that criminally ignorant or it's either that or you are complicit its wanted to protect europe your primary sector on business now this we bad news corliss covered up there's no other options right does the only two options so wise any wise guy wandering around why a guy locked and kids violent member those people that in china that that the baby powder formula for the powder that book twenty kids died from his baby powder yeah
found out with the ceos accompanied company were dormice putting this ends i meant that would make a test higher for purities but this i'm busy on their own was also had oxygen it killed when i feel it is murdered those people rise governments at we're gonna kill you all now have a would happen with tee with gm with these fuckin cars yet it does not cover it up i didn't believe sam trip loosen the podcast an he was talking about insarov vague terms it another the rebels and i believe him audibly mike you gotten you had that raw they don't do that do then i was convinced and then did i looked it up received them a dollar a car a darker and their willingness to someone else's life and dollar card would cost them a dollar a car so would save them a dollar per car to let this happen i'm telling you it's like you think you're better than that but it's like organs since when they go on chad pledges become that those become that horrible thing in the repercussions picardy driver now now tell people i was a hand over a long time you're free now
three of them around shit over itself barbara discards barn run as easy strata good friend barge fuckin car i've been said if they go in here for his wife mrs life's not here even lifting her missy goobers great over who was grey over to me in the reserve example of why the free market exists where its cabs or assholes they don't pick up black people they fucking yet you and made demand that you pay fuckin cash and set a credit card even less not the rules the smell and the like well guess what a new organization pops up from that downtime those guys have downtime in between gig sometimes though that the limo drivers that's why works well and then resumed
acts which uses like prices and could take people represents arrested the birth it we're exodus comedians job to do how do you work for albrecht you just prisoners turn on the app and whenever it rather go where the work and then here's what its awesome what's do you have to get check down they reddish do they know who you are and i think they know that another not paint people's insurance and other alpine drivers insurance overdrive crashes on that driver the ending especial insurance and i think they they ve gone they rely on checks but i dont think there that crazy checks like i had we talked about how that somebody was gonna get murdered here's the japs failure maybe that is the rating system is you get bad ratings like dr all over people won't take the i gotta go in new york last me to give him a rating
rate among very nice gotta theirs they do you get out media added that yet but you if you like murder and kill somebody just take their phone and give yourself five stars polish guy who acted as a grey point than it has ever as a writer unify for the life password protected phone they'll be here you're demise whether you would know where they are you would know what they are they come to pick you up only if you have an iphone its new but now they would know in the system that can kill the other ones about andrew users the temperance narrow it down they found prince don't work an android funds and on the phone as one on the young the fuckin big that big silverware come out o acts known at the motto acts with the other one eighty see one mega or whatever it is never fear president back jessica get enough my data blender all look at you you're gangster just like no data plan can i have my doubts as why would you do that addiction oh you did it
what time spent two social media and males when we get that where we all are you working hours on international for a few days i would write off it occasionally a gun twitter to send out messages funny i saw picture so funny so dear walkin around took pictures skywalker physical dear gave as euro fox just walking towards me and so too travel closest amazed at like his dear so used to being around people just around but other than that millie go online and really reach monstrous chilled relax i feel great shudder phone off dont ritually my email to hang out with people i see on elevators assume mozilla everyone's exit off and like no one's even at that we need friends all time keep your eyes up just like both are good too good to have a phone it is good to be able to get information quickly removes let's find out what plan but you have to have discipline with that and if i don't and it's like off in all told
look it up on your phone or you were alike on algeria in doing that but if you look at that trend the trend of being costly connect your phone being afraid leave you found behind these into technology if you sort of extrapolate like whereas at going i didn't exist before a decent that's technologies are drawing us in turn become come lately come on board genes borg do duncan just got back from virtual reality conference and he fucking called me up tripping out true ripping out tripped me out last year's completely i'm completely so i was informed the improv and we're we're trapped a funny was dude you're not gonna fuckin believe this man because this is bigger than the invention of the camera this is bigger than the old engines with internet use you go into room and is a man in the room playing piano yet these virtual reality reality goggles on put him on and he goes in its almost indistinguishable it was you watching a movie he was its age d and it's a film
play out front in three dimensions the way they make this film is they put cameras all or a person's body and then if they film as guys walking around so as you move this headset you're wearing it picks up all the appropriate angles from all the different cameras and seamless he said the first one if you got oculists rift the first working i pray that it is for this very pixelate it but still fascinating may say asha stats gone he said god on way better ashes stellar he said so sure about black and white prescription of my glasses you get nauseous like half of those people are called polarization fucking the changes here but dont alchemy freezing the fuck out didn't give me nausea i could see where would happen doug benson and made him sick i think what sick when you read in a car does your idea really say i've gotten my grave rolled on the window mike i'm not gonna make it
for why mike i'm gonna fucking i can't swallow quick enough what worshippers curvy road because you don't over the turns mr wurtz i goes against where were you know it's going from the first reading it just doesn't aiming in ivory and i do not herbie florina car if i try to read book or a newspaper in a car i get stuck at second reading think that's the only time a bus or training i got sick flying and eighteen the blue angels astride superpower but i got sick at the end he barked the dual puking when it at once what's with the term i got sick to mean barf that yeah now i didn't you ever hear it like that and i heard them like books that way the term i got my eye on you i had my eye on her she had her eye on you get her eye on you are you girls here the where you hey irish around looking at you but it was that fuckin some
jim fucking mediaeval shit i have thirty or ass he has her eye on you i have new spell fashion nature talked really weird you know i think that the only thing is lacking in cell phones stuff is the hasn't gotten caught up by etiquette yet ignacio now started blockades dinner put put forward that is nice and people do that people are also start to really get into retro shit like think about that at people really into like record players now and a lot of people are into old cars three more minutes or i'm going to turn into a pumpkin i gotta tell you this thing oh shit tat works shanghai that he's noodles street noodles of sheep meat which is delicious there's exports which i did not hear a street noodles does the way they get their oil to cook the noodles they would be such a low do you think you have another pod you right now give another like hour and a half or so our maybe but soon other one and the spiritual do another wanna fuck it i my kids are sleep
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