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#517 - Crash, from Float Lab (Part 2)

2014-06-30 | 🔗
Float Lab Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality Floatation Chambers. A Float Lab floatation chamber provides a light- and sound-free environment.
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We're back so crash. You ve been doing this. You ve been this type business longer than nodded. Even there business law that I've known you, you went when did you get stuff? making these hundred things about fifteen years, ninety nine, and what? What what brought you know that I think it was with me. As a writer, I still have a sob night clubs in ozone in the music industry, and I you know nor cod excises, drugs and stuff like that. Do that, for you know, but with time is in in the eighties and staff and there's a music industry. We have night. Clubs is adieu. Management. Then I want to do an audio later on back in the seventies, were that Stevie Ray Vaughan stuff like that blues clubs in DC, and then we went on like in the 80s and had like a culture, club, Eurythmics and count Basie and then
I wanted to draw it Caesar Norton the showroom in there, and I were the Liberace. It is on an honest, indifferent, Zeiner, whatever it shows from Then I am we you to a little bed and then these gigs and then I got Van Gogh honor. We should open up for one of the bans on turning with narrative. So it is that, unlike on our two makes him beyond this, make do in music and get these studios and had succeeded. Hollywood and, finally, on our John, and I had enough of these. People is not on Heroin right said I've had an owner of functional, though not a stealer. I don't steal. I ma am a functioning guy back then, and I dont steel and I work and I do jobs, but I used to get raised. The light
really a high and eyes out. Part of you know what we did right, but so I was finally done with that and I kick the dope whenever one on out there to Vegas from Hollywood left my buildings and I built a recordings. Go to ranch out there. Ten miles south of town builder build a studio in there's a my guys come out to do some recording out there at this branch. I got there and I'm in the back, I just built it at my head now, there's a good old water thing from what the horses were getting water from her whatever it was I had in their nose working on my voice and when I pull I had out of a sudden I I I'm supposed to build these deprivation chambers. You know what is a deprivation chamber This is how you had like this idea tat. We can take this down to just go with a scream, so did those photos around before I get distracted so you
just out of nowhere had this idea was even- and I believe it wasn't an idea. I don't even know what it was. So just you and also my voice light or nothing. It was just all of a sudden. I am I hadn't thing and when I put my head out, I do I'm supposed to build deprivation chambers and get ever people to do it. I dont know what is it that provision chamber or not I do not a recording studio. I got no interest, I'm already doing what I wanted to. I don't need a change alive for I've quit doing what it was. That was holding me You know. So I was on my path already, but hit me so hard in tat moment. I was relieved of all my previous sir. You know I gotta unity. Back to I used to have this, I reserve that I'd, build empires and then collapse of over the years unite right, where I worked worked really hard and then because too much fun wrecked it every time you know I've been through in at that point in my life marine. I keep thinking about now, starting over again and whatever, and at the moment for me, There is no longer affected me at all. None of my past,
lean into this thing that they used to hold water hold water for animals. Horses probably, and you look in there and you pull your head out and all the sudden you have this mandate, you have to build sensory deprivation, tanks so you use actually got a message from God. I don't believe in God Listen, pow, rs talking it wasn't guy? Who was it was I do I but everything I don't know what it was. I'm confused indicate, though some sort of pure air, but think about? the chain of events that happened. You create that thing you you you improve upon the existing dynamic existing design, rather in six substantial way obsessed with it. You and I get hooked up we make videos about it. We start putting it out you're doing a part
ass. Now more people are finding out about it. More people are opening these and I get every time I go to a town like it seems there if it, if its town and has a sensor deprivation tank, I get these offers to come, stop by and check them out and say, hey. We started doing it because heard about it on the podcast sets a great way to make a living. We love floating below the benefits of a witch swan. Thank you so much that happens The tyre in the movie man you're in the movie, is because what happened happen, what Gonna happen is yet to be his what's coming perhaps is is is much larger. And what's happened so far with tanks with these chambers right, we think they're gonna, be everyone thinks I'm pretty well sure of it. At this point, because I have a have a realistic vision. Situation, and I am convinced that this point that indeed it is going to work, you know, and I dont know how it all in turn out, of course, but I think that having a chance now,
Why this situation so important to me this this distance action in this electrical and all the these features that have to do with health and safety risks become a safe, healthy. And It's like restaurants, justly everything else. It involves cleanliness. This is very important to public service and for you what's important is that it protects the benefits of the service were all the negative aspects of it are eliminated with foresight, about it in advance, and I think that super important and a really really commend you on that. And you also have these really fascinating ideas about how to go about that mean you're, you're, you're systems of cleanliness and although the ozone, the filters and, though that the newly the sensitivity of the filters song credible of incredibly detail stuff tat. We ve spent, at a time keeping getting better. Now finishing up with a whole. Neither bunch of stuff too. That is one thing after the next thing. I see when I first started. This is using apart from
who's your that, whatever there was like no parts for anything that you're trying to makes intellect really try to figure out how to improvise Now, though, all of every single component that we use is made for us, we have very specific providers of all of this stuff that we ve find over the years. These containers everything it's all very specific cases Unbelievable amount of problem was that term be spoke right. Two made, as that would be spoke, is dark eyed. I believe that it is reasonable to placate in the last one. I will learn these women alone be pretty sport. That's it means. Made to order an order. Right, yes, actually these parts and components did not exist until you came along design. These these annual new devices for chamber has and figured out how to get em all work together he's been in
Let's go on and off all the electrical I mean, there's been a it's been oak, it's been fun you now. This is getting right to the point, not a word or glad that we finally or on the other side of all this stuff and at it a valid system that system now demands acknowledgement. We put it in there and that they can't say hey. You can't do this here. That's that's not true. We could put one of our devices anywhere and the authorities will allow it because it's done to code, why, when these places there trying to get through this trouble, there look at furniture Hampshire in Austria was. Where they got. Variance these different. Things they try to get. Also it's not a swimming pool. So you don't have to have any code or whatever these things aren't cool right as we wanted. Rules have code right and because this is it
Pull doesn't mean it shouldn't have code that just made it should have a set of codes. Debtors specifically designed for this environment, which is with this stuff is here this system, standard here that we have this? It is all that There then read through this and this the reality of the direction that the industry is going in that the Socrates are aware and then they're not stupid, they understood liability. I say that can't, say, hey, go ahead. Ok, we don't care. If I can't a blind eye on this anymore, because it's been brought Our attention now, what's also been brought to their attention that their there's a lot going on right now are pure being investigated for four things. Like the doktor, our stuff, we got all this weight loss shit, that's out there and you know all this self help industry like things along the lines of isolation, tanks. It could be incredibly damaging if these things become as popular as you and I think they will be, and the film
Pension systems are good and people have nightmare stories exactly along innovations. It won't survive, survive. That's what hardworking and wrote it outlines. The aids came out. These things were not accepted, capable of dealing with an AIDS, even these these pay site. So you, the cryptosporidium that that'll take ten days and chlorine to deactivate Georgia. That's that's it. Do you know in chlorine and in bromine, and that these are not effect methods to deal with one, that's something that people had considered for these tanks, chlorine and it's it's. It's actually back skin the sitting like that, it's not it's! healthy, formulate the skin like when you go into a chlorinated pool and you're going to like our public was passionate. Is heavily corn in it hurt your eyes, you need for cohesion in jest system. It is your breathing it and when breaking down and inaction with his other materials, these methods, at the latest creating a political I've toxic by
products, then that need to be eradicated. Nicky. I just keep that's where you going places this happiness, which net water out of their leave. You now this guy on that thing, with a hammer every four months and gone so today, you're gonna, take it is its expensive, don't wanna duties, Hence its tragic aid hurdle is your money and throw it down a drain, but yesterday we just find a job. Somebody, commissioner, and still around in that stuff enemy. The it isn't gimme. That should be a regulatory agency that demands certain level of of cleanliness, yeahs Nationalism Yasmine. It's important watson, to that this. His ways that people can have Lloyd, the negative aspects entirely figure that out do it and don't half ass, that don't put people at risk but, as I said before, we're talking about forty one things, and I want to get into what about like a commercial version of it, a non commercial version of a home
another of aversion, where you know that just gonna be used again. You know that you're not gonna do anything stupid. You gonna, take a shower before you go in your made in a universe. It's only yours, you need all that other extra jazz if it was only yours, correct, well what we would want to do is make sure that whatever we build is built a code we don't want put stuff into circulation. That's not code worthy scientists jab into somebody law ability! Issues like your fair. If we cheap doubt something and made it and then their day Ok, listen palazzo you're, saying she doubt, but I don't necessarily think it's keeping out it's always keeping out. If you don't know what's going to into that water, if you know what's going into that water, because it's only yours is actually being out at all, it's like do you need overburden your system do need to make it. So it's unbelievably stringent removes all the path. Does not you not no one's going in there, but you have it you
Don't you would be. That means that not only that be totally acceptable, it would be ethical so's. You tell the people what to what to do could agree with that of the The issue is with us. Now is that people there they're they're gonna, take that that that's it that will satisfy your home and they're gonna. Put it into a commercial space right, but you're wants that these laws in All of these standards are put into place, then, certainly then we might be- just then in saying: ok, now here's how be done that that way, the less effective say than the commercial version First, we would have first, what were were very diligent about is to us abolish them. Guidelines in the beginning, not to say well, some of our stuff does this or that is they all of it does its certified its
it's perfect as it is now, but the rest of it is okay. We could do that, but it wouldn't be you know what it is that we have taken so much time and effort to to get right now. We know all the other components, the less expensive ones, but say right, and we could do that right. But what what I'm saying is the only reason why you need all those expensive components cause you're dealing with more than one human being right. If it's me, That's the one human being, I'm I'm completely, okay, with taken super in actions on it. It would not be like I like to have the best there. I know about it before someone who lives in a modest way and can afford spend the massive amount. Is there a way? I know there is a new thing at their concern, tat, yeah. What do you want? it's a shower curtain on on an aluminum frame arises. I don't know how they're gonna keep that stuff Roma hardening up a lot of things. I don't know, but I don't know what in the water
and now that I don't either going to keep that somewhere without getting hard. A house not gonna dissipate out of I would really studied and do it, but I am aware of certain limitations that occur just in general when you're dealing with this material right indecent. That perhaps some of these other designs are made from people that do not have a long term history, a long time history in this sort of business I did not understand Zack, what's involved, what the like, I remember the thing about due to work for Somalia, he had encountered all the bullshit he knew about when engine seized up. He knew the saw content was too high. Fucker the spy engines your place. He knew he knew advance what it was? Probably when we talked on the phone with the issues were yes, I need to come home and fix them, so you think a lot of these folks. This sort of getting a tax. Now hey. I got an idea, but they're not foreseen the potential hazards or issues that would come from these things. Yes,
Somebody's gotta, get a good explanation is tat. This is that I don't think that they can that the ones that I am aware that some of these guys I dont norm in Africa's I I try not to turn to two to get involved with these people, because we're on our own page. We are trying we're not we're not try we're doing. We we're moving forward in a direct I understand it. I mean you're, aware of these companies that are coming up and the good thing is it making people aware of tanks. I got Kickstarter You know somebody Semi Kickstarter for that that sent thing and I looked at and I was like an organ retreated known of about it of its good of its bad out of its. Idea on the Google on your computer. When you have the Aarhus search motor whatever deserves it, I saw it on the Aarhus said: Ozma Intent or whatever it's interesting. So it's the public has a somewhat of a intrastate lazy that
news, is doing some series on actors and how they get into a peak performance or whatever. It is like this in that and they want to include us in that nature frame over this type of activities that unilaterally deprivation near you know how many celebrities you somebody sensory deprivation tanks their lot, there's more more. We have I'm coming in more now Miller, yeah, there's something you know: there are various, is very it's pretty cool I'll tell you not in their those good people as well, that the ones that command that are famous or whatever their there, never like a big guy. You know it's me or anything like that, the committee lope erect, you know that's. Why commended Elton John Sunglasses, big fuckin, further hands had come in big world yeah, right Asian, where you gaiters, but the people than that that there are two
So what I'm saying those it is becoming? More and more of a young stream are becoming more and more popular and people becoming more more wherever. I know, a lot of fighters use Diego sense as evaluating on it here, Miss Stevens who we talked about earlier. He loves it is lobbying away fighters economic or not. It was a very close eye, but he did not win, but it was. It was very close and was very good. It was an excellent fight, is really close at the end as I believe it was a split decision. Why at the end, we were a man who knows, but I think the right guy one, I think, cups once in one the fire, but it was like a set of super super close it both put it those great was while fight, watches, geysers, so skilled that that's been about kick with a guy kicks him in the chin. My watched, you walk out on a little clip and your wife. And out on this a long time ago, and as your wife, you don't even stop blocking any jumper on a kick. The guy Did you take him in the chest or something? And he goes out immediately? I mean it was like it wasn't. Even you didn't even walking and then that
I for my research law and order sharp devolved guy the site. Captain or whatever is here, is Thomas How about you and how we are going through New York in their visa hoodlums writers? I got for firesides it, so it shows What are you talking in a microphone? Kramskoy says sorry other Charles Joseph heavy effort. As you know, the guy is the vault. The ball order. Guy he's like he's like the Dancefloor said he said you guys and looks over emphasis. Can you take one of these guys and he goes out is Joe jumped up, and an item. Originally this never happened in New York. I didn't not anybody out. This is clearly advocated, store, New York, Lissom who'd low, is using these little talking about me. I'm trying to examine happened did not have never happened, see this story. He told me was
It was because he relied on marine pills. Are you sure it's a writing on ambient Nova? Direct aid is never had a problem like I did not been. Everybody in New York, never kicks a guide. The other ones around I haven't been able to Ptolemais. No, I haven't been in any sort of physical education cells in high school, really you never did you never get into a situation where some guy, given a lippy mouth, you gotta put him up a guy and fear factor that I had a grab, but once I grab them shut up and I just grab them who held on to grow, his neck late, I heard em now just he was too dangerous. He had hit some people before you throw. His wife down on television shown it attacked a councillor on another television show and we they had warned us for he came on the shoulders. Like is very here's a contested and he s a producer. Who is a celebrity wireless reality celebrities? then our reality showed his wife, others, the new one. It was an old Fairfax. Reality shows Boca. Oh yeah, man shore. They had viper man started in two
thousand, I want to say that two thousand and one or survivor did rather two thousand and one and two I was on the amazing race, which I think was like two thousand for three or four months. I mean they ve had those for a long time grabbed me. I'm gonna get him this the chill. I think those gonna hit me kept getting my face. I personally I got my face again ass. I am I gonna, let the problem if someone hitting you as it's really hard to see, they're gonna hate you play soccer punch, you by Tommy Reactive, already been hit. You know it's the action times that people have, way slower than action times. Action times are way faster. So if someone decides to hate you and you don't see a common, it can be very dangerous, and when what gives invading your space and they're they're, not listening their violent their angrier. Spinning your face is screaming. If you just let a guy hit. You know the first part is one of the most important aspects of any sort of an adaptation of you get hit. You get hurt
damaged and then someone can fuck you up really care for ordinary group Dasso. When someone these violating all the laws of engagement and is also he showing himself to be very, very dumb about physical altercation, could it keeps coming for? I put him away from me and it keeps coming forward again like that. Will something's gonna happen. If you keep doing this, are you not thinking about it? You're, not thinking about what precautions. Are you don't even know how to fight? And yet you still the already do you have any sort of look at his himself about not just that of looking at his physical frame and, like he's just he's frail nothing there. That's like dangerous is no explosive move. Man is is the spitting is yelling is red, the faces all emotional run out a gas and five seconds of aground. I'm just think it all these things like, but I don't want to hit me. That's the only one time though. Does anyone time on television have gun in arguments of people before, but
the nice person man for the most part I can avoid most bullshit, but I didn't kill anybody New York. That's it! I think he said he said. I think it is the other ones ran off. You asked him if he can handle one of em. He said yeah what I don't know what to say. I don't know what you remember. I don't know who is on ambient who is on. Third, I don't know I needed we also over there. I wouldn't do that thought about those that a lot of these people. I think that there once you stand up, they take their skill scatter off. Sometimes I just got a guy. You that'll usually started now. You should always avoid ravish altercation. If you can do it any physical altercation, if you can avoid it, please do you're, always better off people Cool heads prevail, people relax, calm down, they come down and get over a situation that could have resulted in a murder mean that happens all the time, we're just like people escalating this point. They make irrational decisions in their super violent and they go and do some really dumb
what time people they get caught up in their emotions. They get caught up in their anger. They get caught up in their third primal chimpanzee rage, and they just fuck up and do something terrible. That's why? How of love each other one of killing each other me where? How could that even be rational. How could you ever kill someone there? You used to love it boils down to some the same issues that we are talking about earlier people don't have releases. Did I ever release for their aggression? Did unavailing release for their frustration. They don't have a release for the energy that their body continues to make. They have all this food taking their body, thereby getting fat because they're not exercising answer. This is always imbalances in everybody's uncomfortable and people are at their agitating, easily irritated and is all about personal maintenance and its all an issue of personal maintenance, whether its by taking YO ass, is or what you and I like to do where getting into the tank or what some folks like to do. This like to go for an evening jog. I know a lot of you
but it stated they they go for a jog, Jamie's, big jogger. You go for a run and clears you mind when it's over you just things that seem so important twenty minutes ago, they don't seem important anymore. An hour a girl? You are sweat knowledge, different things, and now you like in a greater respective everything's gonna, be ok. I was just caught up in a wave of movement of emotions and anxiety, and often times you can alleviate a big chunk of those. Just with physics exercise their like. They say that physical exercise is as effective as antidepressants when it comes to making people feel better. The physical exercise for a lot of folks is the recipe scared rise comedy rider and he comes in, and he says that what name ass he read a guy yeah he's gone right here for a walk, you don't even know run. This is runs he doesn't. Even to run, but when he goes out, new runs. It creates a man
framework that he uses to write with yes, so he'll go out and just go for IRAN to create the mental I'm that he's gonna work office is a material with yeah not to the physical benefits, rye is it. I thought. Well, that's interesting: certainly the right. My bike sums off comes into my head that I will ya. I didn't think about that. So I guess a neuron is exercising motel. Your physical stuff is taking care. We sure you're, all your hormones, pumping your body filled with blood, going accelerating all your processes you're, getting all your hormones going movie, getting all your endorphins going toxins areas system, pumping You know you flush out your system, everything's movie, you're sweating, so you see toxic value system, allegedly I don't like when people talk about that is usually don't know what you're talking about it, I'm getting rid of all the toxins. Are you really are you just sweating now? What
happening here some Irish over sir? But that's a lot of it? It's you know it's. Exercise, allows the mind to release a little bitter enemies come down. Perhaps when its foot the bill the whole situation is requiring. More of you there in your mind, is like freed up from creating problem, to have acts is the battery thing we were talking about earlier to its your boss. Stores up all this energy. You don't have a release. Some folks never have any sort of an explosive release like months weeks. You know days, there's nothing. Never happens. They have no no release or thereby just like shit. Designed for all these different things that it doesn't get used for its designed so that you can do manual labor, it's designed so that you could hunt for food so that you could gather in farm designed sturdy when required to be and when. You dont require to be. It gets uncomfortable. You know, and that's that
The issue that a lot of people face in this weird modern world that we ve created. We don't we give the body when it really truly needs Homo Stacy speak now. State or something like that, there was fastening things about the tank is that it allows a very unusual type of relaxation. It also is an incredible wait. Absorb magnesium into your body like magnesium, which is an important mineral, gets absorbed through your body through those salts, Psych, since salt is one of the best ways to get in your body feel better when you In that thing, you feel invigorated eyeliner thing for a couple hours I feel, like I just slept the go: good eight hours sleep, like my body, The good thing I mean how good is so good that it is the people the day in what interests people like it when they come in and they do it they got. You know that was made. Low percentages, in another. We ever ask or anything, but most people say wow.
No, it's such a positive. Being in the downside. I don't even know what it is not only the downside, but I have had people come to me that that were in a poorly set up tank like this one guy can't arenas I try to do it, but I was sweating you in a badly set up tank. You nuts was a sweaty, almost first to feel slightly cool yet somehow slightly cool if you're sweating at all, just a temperature, the waters too high- and that can happens happened to me before I've had my temperature set wrong or for whatever reason it gets warmer outside I e mail: do about that recently glad to leave the door open for a while? let some of the heat out of their number down one, not just left it. I left it Joanna. Stick it out it doesn't matter? I can do that, but it's some if it set up correctly. It's an amazing thing should be something that everyone at least one point, your life recognizes or experiences, because I think that its
it's an alien environment that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. If you could take a pill that could give you the experience it you get when you're full blown in the tank, you know how that you know that feeling that you get when you are fully relaxed when you ve completely, let go against our inner like that where everything is so chill your mind is, in the second credible place in your own, essentially just breathing and floating. When you hit that moment, man, if you get a pill that could put people in that state, Do you like ecstasy people to be like trading in the black market they be like? This is amazing feeling it gives you like the world goes away. Do you don't feel your body? The world goes away in your loan with your mind and empty room. Your blood,
we'd be put free, gout diarrhoea thither felt it would be like that's the craziest drug. Every lamb adds freaky browed. So illegal, though vehicle with your dead, is completely black jail for ass. He added air while it allows it. It is like a drug in its effects, but it's completely natural completely safe completely. I mean, I guess you could get addicted to a because I think a person get pretty much addicted to anything right it off its worth it's worth overdoing, People say that about jargon, often blisters. Now the locusts come to worry about the locusts, and then you worry about you know people get that we would gambling people. I mean people get addicted to bug a lot of things and aren't physically adieu. As far as like the cellular level, but you get addicted to those Russia's that you you get it emotionally can get a dick. The fighting with their spouse, so out of evil. Just can't help they have these seas
battles she was in the relationship, so they get mad yell at each other and then they recover and they love each other. So much better because of the fact through this. This always Nero Chemical where we get upset, and we thought we had a hit from that elles, interesting We get bored we're designed to go wild through the jungle. Bang each other like These do that anymore, so you're bored. So the way we keep its exciting certified that make up with each other I just think what what I love about tank is. It gives you a chance, sir, stepped back and see stuff like that. Gives you chance a step back and see like your whole life and to be alone. With your mind, I alone. With your mind, it's really get a good look at what the fuck is going on at such a good place to go to when it debates than cause like the regular world is loaded with stuff. Now I like your constant in order just like unplugged, not answer the phone or not
not have anything going on at all. They ask oh, very so rare complex, complex to get yourself somewhere. Where were you, must have to leave and go on a vacation or something, but in there you could just you could just get in and closed the door and take yourself out of whatever it was that you know what was where do you wanted to leave from you? I know it can come back later the Bare prepared to deal with situation than it might have been in, oh yeah. I agree, and I think it says it so interesting to me that this slip through the cracks for decades that. Somehow, and other people forgot about this and was one of those things. It was incredibly fringe when I came upon it went to a place called soothing. Solutions are still open and Burbank and they have those samadhi tanks. They do a great job, taking care of
I'm a shower right there. They will get set up and laid. It ran with super nice, but she was like it was on the verge of going under there. Wasn't that many people that we use in those tanks- it was a pretty rare. It wasn't like that. Super popular thing. I remember the first time I did it there. I was like this is fucking bananas. How is this not something than ever, but he's talking about everywhere you go on. I questioned her about it, a question of the people about it. Then I would ask people. Have you heard about it, and I was stunned by how few people in the psychedelic community didn't do it yourself? Thousands of Dennis. I can never die is, I'm gonna go. This is such an outrageous you're gonna, be everybody it, first it in so doing it again. This is something that is its Hancock had never done it now you tell me, was to come to my house: do not send him to you to do it next time using is in America, fuckin dragging them to one of those things like how can
you go around you travel away. The jungle. Do I ask a come? It's right here sit up into himself, really good eyes. Amazed super intuitive, like he's a great a guy to justice a beautiful human being. In doing so, that really has allowed laudanum to ascertaining honest inquisitive willing to take chances in the, even if he's incorrect, occasionally with some of these ideas, the once it has been corrected, it's pretty mine blowing some of the implications of one of some of the things it is discovered and what things talking about this in the phone on the car right up here that go Beckley Tapie situation, where they ve discovered this incredible stone ruins from Fort a thousand years ago, and this is something that I just didn't even know existed before, that had no. There was a culture fourteen thousand years ago, those capable of building something like this, and because the fact that covered up fourteen thousand years ago, the pretty sure there was built at least that law
Perhaps he revived Laundress covered up on purpose was covered with impaired, and they said I think they explained how the ark- and this is our main stream archaeology, focuses in some weird friend shit. This is me pretty much completely agreed upon by all these different scientists that at best point around twelve thousand years ago. They covered all of these stone, structures and its enormous stone structure complex of these. Concentric circles. In these these weird three dimensional carvings at or entities. Columns are huge, were very intricate. Very difficult to to do especially back then They thought that people are essentially just hunters and gathers, which is it and think that people are built cities back then so far ten thousand years ago, someone or twelve thousand plus years ago, someone had had the ability to do this. Were unaware of until this discovery, and this is governor wasn't even made intellect- and I think the nineties Eightys and Ninetys some
found one of these stones. They started uncovering it into this data, only uncover like five percent at. Why isn't that a focus, but it is just slowly but surely bodes only five percent uncovered, but it's it's known as why? Why why isn't society like informed about us can carnations ass is huge and, lastly, the fleet is fake, dog is got his girl is pause. Something's wrong somewhere with a dog weathers, argues that this issue should be well. It's main stream television mainstream media is alot of. Is you know it's a business? It's based on the base humans that the amount of numbers look. I've talked a lot of people that work for Papa proxies that work for, like TM, see the work. These people, not just regular people that are up this system they get some money out of and the get some money. Other system exists because p were curious as to what Britney Spears is up to their curious is too
how can you West is going to deal with Jimmie Dale, making fun of em the people just get super obsessed by this stuff and there's a business in feeding that obsession. So all these people that don't take them away from that, innovation and dont get into an isolation, tank and don't take a yoke and don't conscious we choose to not inundate they're mine with silly nonsense instead, if they just took A broader path took a wider view, took a more sensible approach to their life. You know, I think, We would see less and less of that stuff. You know it exists because there's a void because as a reason for it, because it's interesting to people, it could be a fad. Maybe If people continue to you now get smarter the horse that we looked at earlier in the park ass, the court should not courtship of eddies father, but of leave it beaver. We locally
to beaver- and it look at things that we see on television today in the sophistication level of the media that we produce, that you did, the artwork that we produce is pretty intense. The growth amount is pretty intense, so I think that that is just that's the evidence that people more sophisticated overall there still gonna be plenty of idiots. There always will be is always going to be the resist. Those gonna be people that are alike involved in religious cults. Maybe people that are ideologues that have these in insane ideologies. There's always gonna, be that But I think that overall things are getting more sophisticated people becoming more aware people becoming more smart. Do you think I'm I'm hoping for that now believe that that's it's probably correct and the tanks part of that and somewhat tat can help a person. I mean if everybody in so they put him in these schools, help these kids and are there define themselves. You know that that's very important for people to die
that opportunity and that that option two. American turn out how they gonna be based and what it is that they think that how want to be in armies. I do it because of your own reasons, yeah and know what those reasons are, and that's some of things about meditation, whether it TM or whether its yoga, whether it's going to attack when you're alone, with your thoughts, you get an idea of what you thoughts actually are. If you live here, I've just acting constantly on the momentum of other people's expectations of you wanting to be liked by these other people. You can run into a trap and you you set up a life. If you didn't really want you're fucked your year, your trap in this situation where you have a mortgage, you got credit card bill you got student loans. You have to pay a bunch of shit going on. We have to continue to feed and all that and aspires, if you have a family and you have to feed them. Oh, my goodness, then,
fully large any can take any chances whatsoever and often time- people make the mistake of getting stuck and it is just a tactical mistake- just like you would be a mistake. If you got stuck in a video game just like it would be mistake if you followed a map incorrectly and you get stuck in the woods, your life, certainly some sort of a journey. It certainly some a journey and we After all, be aware that when we're making journeys, we're not gonna We make the right steps, and sometimes you have to back up and try again and if you're, in a position where you can't back up and try again, you ve trapped herself, The system will set out honey pot for people to get trapped, The system will set out the idea. Retirement the ideas, the golden years providing benefits, provided you a healthy work environment. Why well because want people to work for them. They don't want people to. Realize their own dreams and escape those four Compania ass. We get a higher, more people and train them and they were to set it up so that you stick around. Stick around
servant unsatisfying world. It's up to you to see that YO game problem to see that issue as it comes up on the map known. I think this is a right turn to see all the problems that could potentially lay in front of you and calculate year a future and then also look around all the people that didn't do it and look at the misery the therein and learn that you don't wanna, be like them and then look at the people that have kind of can chances navigated their way. What do they do differently? They knew what what what activity. They have that. Maybe you lack what insight into their own mistakes. Are they willing to delve into that you're? Not that you stepped back and good? You know who else don't I? look at myself that closely, but the person able to look at themselves, the closest is gonna get the more rational results. Well put you know because you're, your own architect may turn out how you sort of I want to be like steel anneal. It's not happened. If you wanted, a village is sadly little black. I really the odds are slim
Can you imagine if you could imagine I found the secret is real the you could just become whatever you want. So if you thought hard enough about being a giant you just our group, We have. You saw hard enough about being a woman you to turn to a woman. I people legally. You, I guess, I'm Goin crash display well, I've been thinking a lot about live. My life is a woman, so you started Coloma, please do it. From a cellular level. Obviously, totally one that's what's going on here with their that's for the completely consciously. Isn't that the idea behind, like the secret, did you get like I'm. When that whole, the secret thing was going on and what the bleep too, we know, and peoples are really getting into the idea of manifesting your own reality with your imagination. Did you get a lot more? we're coming into the tank centres. We rightly say that I was probably like kind of in the people, maybe so headed to that group. What's it called
consciousness regional molecular consciousness. Yeah yeah I'd really like that now I like that you know moto stuff about the water have in a personality or whatever to simple shit. I have a dark field microscope then I studied in a bit about water, and I and I yell at it or I'm nice to it, I can't tell the difference Are you nuts, your rotten It doesn't seem to effect a water under my microscope, but he does the freezing. How did it was called the message in the water was motor he's a scientist that suggests that the water is like, where water sort of, I think as the their premises. Yet, if you're nice to water waters, no in this if you're nice, to people they're nice. I think it's something it's called hidden. Messages in water adds all pretty fascinating, but a lot of people think it's sort of bullshit scientists
that yeah but does the ones you gotta listen to back those other people are seeing ghosts and shit in of the problem as the scientists, the one and analyzing shit and looking for actual results, whereas the people they're like really and spirituality, and chancellors and they're looking to find very specific result than not looking too just measure. This thing, you know it's fun, done that thing. With the muscle testing push on your arm. They put the little medallion I near the tin, Woodman dahlia narrowed governance in either. This is Tesla technology or now it's so ok. Low, wristband ban whenever this, so I could never understand how that works. Doesn't make any sense to me arrest. That's so one dad sky shows up in this affair. The metropolis that's over a desk behind me with a towel on it. So nice their proximity thing yet to be within ten feet of this thing or summer. Seismic facts. I say: ok, ok, what is
thing is like a medallion there, my dahlia ring or a thing. I acknowledge trying to share, they say sums about Tesla Technology and they put your arm up and they pushed down on your arm. Super love. That's all pulsar! Those are corny trick and understand how we're so I took the thing. Those ok you're, watches to the table behind I have in my hand, hand not not behind my back in either put it up on the table underneath the Tao or my hand right and when I came back, then The tests were off, the guy had not a clue how the minute The task, so he didn't know. If you had it on use, then he started doing all Carney tricks and it didn't. He couldn't Let them because it is our. I was now, let me turn to produce try with me. He did it to my my co host the you have c and he's believe it had one on. Should these tell you got try. This is amazing.
What is in the guy goes well, I'm explain to you saw about polar such using, always worthy clarity. Magnetism blog about fuckin, voodoo Tesla is tell me all this stuff, and then he said this this this thing we put on your risk and make stronger, and I really, and he goes yeah, so he I want you to This new, like put maybe put my arm out that daddy was okay, now resist me, you now and and I resisted em and then is like do not suppose veal to resist that. I was like both look man you're, making a mistake. If you get bad leverage Are you trying to push down my arms in a big enough? home arms out there, like that is its digital lived. I live with this shit, I'm gonna work and then he goes are now much to put this on. They tell me Philip stronger. I go on my stronger I can get you a stronger from a fuckin little rubber band around my rest. This is ridiculous. Standing in a different position I go you're doing. Differently. I got you try to get closer to me before and now you do. If further away from which you know you have less lever average. This is
A bit like this? Is dumb fuck man parlor track to get mad at me, man, he was really upset. It means face, started, getting read, I go, listen man, there's no scientific basis for any their shadows, wore a hundred thousand Arthur each can't be wrong turns out. They were wrong, out they sued turns out The class action lawsuit and all those fuckin people get their money back me. I got the big deal, yeah parlor track total or shit, but I talked to fucking athletes. Warrior they do that to be able to leave, whereas I, like you, say whether the chamber thou is like they do all those hoax this they try this or that they tried to acute pressure. They do these shows Don T really know, try to discredit yeah he's a natural: will you don't you
his credit. The chamber they ve never been able to come up with is evidently wants you to earth volatile, it's so natural, so natural and so positive when you look at it so ingenious and its design. Ten effect with the absence also affect, does something it help You do something with yourself and I mean what else is there that does that Thirdly, and its super relaxing, just some relaxing we can all use relax clock. I know I can goddammit pleasant fuck it used to relax. Nowhere is evil. Come together at a bigger, hurry to relax the other to her and her rocks are of an hour and a quick two hours for forty bucks. That's amazing! By the way you have the best fuckin rates man, nobody has re aye tat everybody else's like I've, read fifty bucks an hour. I've heard people say while you know, there's no money, and this is no profit and also its. We really have to charge just much. Just keep doors open, but what you ve. Who is done is I mean I can't tell you how many
Gonza gone album, go to Sochi, do so cheap out again in my town, two hundred fifty bucks for an hour, I've heard that over two hundred and fifty soon it over an hour completely the most expensive. You heard so much Argentina Buck teeth he and stuff. I dont hock, say it just a bit bombs me out, because it's not cool to charge. People like that to Detroit. Do you know if, if you, if it doesn't it you can charge more well, so I dont have to add on well, if you have an initial investment, new building, an x amount of tanks, and then you have a place where it makes sense like as far as the amount of rent, and then you just how filled all day long. It can be profitable, I'm not gonna, be Rockefeller, but you're not trying to do that, not just trying to spread this shit. Try to accommodate the people in general, not a specific group of people, like our memories, clubs, I always have jello shooters for doll over dollar for beer that always it draft ways have dollar she all my synopsis dollar. You know a people,
the money is a thing for dealing with regular. You want to have what is your object, trying to make. Is this your money thing? Are you provide a service in created where community like that. Come to you, like, I never hear anybody. I have never once heard anyone they go to you think you know a crash was rude. The place sacked the tanks are expensive. No one's ever said that that we say our crashes, so cool place so nice. I loved their it's great No one has any negatively. That's Society is so handsome. Looking over there. Bastard, there's a bring us girls. I always get move ashy and should be like oiled up and heartless you yield and girls come out from all around the users. Tanks did a hidden uses tank. Does its original tainted use? Oh Harry! That's another thing: we have our own chamber owing to give it away. We we updated that thing. Tat is all black. Now we made it the nor out now
lack door in its its inlaid we ve taken. With fixed it all up and on its awesome software, that let's do that at least tell me where we need to do and we will give it away thus decided what goes I gave away my last tanker, my somali tank. I had a random drawing online people semi their emails, and I just want. I spun my likes it. Thing with my laptop and I'm ok, this guy, I just Added to that guy. Just total random decided descended to this one guy in San Diego, and he got my time with this issue, not to insist periods. We returned it all up. It's an outrageous vehicle man, it's it's a cool rig in its entirety old thing, so it how much is sought. That's funny that tourism, you thinking about it insult magnesium sulphate rose, pay great right. Yes, it depends on where you get it, even though its labelled the same. Why? U S? Pay is a pharmaceutical great there's equality is different like anyway,
their homes I mean at the bed bath and be ninety nine. Said, store for fifty cents, a pound right. Yet it's you know it's not the high ground, even though you gotta get it from you. You woke me up with some chemical companies Adele's out, so I get it with Seventy five, eighty cents, a pound or something their watches, but so figure as say thousand pounds is eight on her box in whole. But the that chamber those and is in promotion. We have it all fixed up and Wendy what for over gonna Dirk. As you know, we will be talking more about this. This value and westward yeah, so you can open up replacing Westwood. One is gonna, be open for the public. That's a good question. We ve been working on for a while now because of the year a few details with people that we needed to get behind us. How many thanks you have right now, averse to that's it. That's why in tat, place and wastewater will have ten turn so too.
Who, in Venice, are bogged down by deepen August right yes and would be if you pay we had twenty of them in our internal there's, a lot of calls. We don't make an effort to utilised and in a like there's been some shows on. The tv shows want to come in. We haven't, even if we don't any time right dressed like that, they want to come and film there's something while vice film there there was cool and hats and more ass. A member he contacted me, after is over said it was one of those life changing things. He's ever done, he ate a pot edible and got into your tank and just like changes world which are our world to that really was. It was an ex was an extraordinary opportunity for us then to to have that Two to show some people with this was about. He writes. Formed a lot of people. You know you and him and other people that you are the most this issue, and I don't know who else is really very well. That was his first jaunt there, his fur, Mr Real run an attack, but he's his whole thing that far
The copier show that he doesn't really was fascinating. He had a lot of really fast, any episodes really cool well produced episodes where they covered a lot of different kinds of psychedelic, spotted different kinds of subjects, but this this subject, there's some this whole thing where people getting curious about altered states of consciousness is increasing and growing and even more so this idea that you could do it in something like the tank words totally natural and safe and healthy, not worry about it, and so I think I think it's all part of this new sort of expanding of our ideas that were seen in today's society said expanding of what What is we know? What do you have in your life? What's in your world, you know what do you adding to your body? What are you at to your day, will you how you expanding you're you're consciousness? Your point of view, there are new things too. New new
considerations. These are points to consider that in the past Sir William, been left up to the individual They, like you, go along with it the tide, but now you can. You can grab hold yourself and say: listen, I'm gonna think about this. The way I think about it and they make Decisions to you now have dearest you not not a victim any. Knows a victim or other this, though, that they are what they are, but you now with the ability to recognise You know that you have your capable, and you are potentially just go started a new we're all yet young if we want to be if you want, we certainly all work in progress, and you know this hope, the more you keep improving yourselves, the more you enjoy this process of life, so we're talking about people trying polite
people of trying to shit in getting the archery recently its fond. It's like something exciting about learning something. You know you don't know that much about it. You can see your progress here. Maybe you know make up our Marshall Ardor Sequoia Skill, you something you can start doing something sewing. I mean I don't know anything imitate about the you know. It's good a balance yet another. It is it's a super super important to have a balanced and also to find things in your life. Stimulate you, the more things do that excite me in stimulating the more things. I do I'm learning new stuff. You know it's just get into things and that those things that I get into wine of enriching my life. The enthusiasm that I get from pursuing some news, subject and I'm interest learning who, when you're learning what you want to learn about, which is why I wanted to talk to you about these crazy screens that you're trying to hook up these tax with the thing that crash was going off about forever
was the screens. Spend above the tank and amid the lowest amount of light possible. So the only saw the image you didn't see the actual screen. Itself of the border itself, Just saw the image in front of you and in that sensory deprivation state or the only input it was coming. I was what you were catching off the screen, what your hearing from the programme that your mind would be way more easily up way, more able to absorb the information, it's a trap We after five tries military providers. We used to get this thing finally doing what is supposed to deal with, as always has been difficult to get it to be contained that image in that area that it has to be an with far so that that was If he's you know your land down, looking at it in one of the first things that we figured out was cause you're on your back rise there. So I take it. You like this job in the gulf. And as soon as the screen changes around your convention,
you're standing on your feet and looking forward on your feet at the screen reel off. This is London. First things and then there's some other stuff there that you know that So when you're lying on your back and you watching the video you think you're standing ass, you take the video that you make them, which there is no video for this really dress, like mostly your brain, you don't want to see gone with the wind in around here. You are whole mind. Just yes, funds are movements, or what have we been working with different staff as much as we can with the time we don't have enough time but we come back. We have. We have a stye. You then, to start to produce these programmes are involved in this system, but the the initial its occurring there with? That is needed. That's that's the future. The this works thou! There's a screen, that's hovering over face when you your under back and how wide as it is, the one
now's is nineteen interests because their material required to build it. They can't get any bit now, though, there's thirty two and screen material. I can get it to make the to make it thirty two inches across but is there a size that it's no longer good, because you have to argue that lack or saw black? The whole thing is a screen right into the the image or move around within the screen, so you have all black, we're working on something you know like those tiles in the bottom, if you're in a dome now in your laying back on your dome in this tiles or underneath you so that the bottom is as waterproof, of course, but you use lights on the bottom projector or whatever in on the bottom dough Elaine on your back in the dog. Man is all filled him with us, greens and all in scenario, laying in this thing in your flying through space and adopt the absurd
everywhere. You look and then a flips you over, but wait a minute later when your weight, I unwittingly ass, clean ass, you can see through the water yachts, clear, Isabel, so the It would not ruin the whole idea of sensory differ no. No, it's a whole another thing light underneath you see light your fly, but you can't turn behind you and look behind you, screen everywhere, you're enclosed in this is neither here. I don't really want to get that. Ok, but if you're I'm confused, sorry there interrupting lying on your back you're, looking up right. What difference does it make? What's behind you see that what you want to know that it's not it's something cause, then your fly you're, suspend it! You look around. You're in the air I mean, underneath you is cool, tell if you can have the whole thing. Companies they knew is already added windup looking up, but you can't when you're lying back, like that, you don't know which lays down now you would be, they were making think that you're on your stomach, looking up at once, you know I'm looking down. That was, actually you don't you
and is twisted when it twist. You have no reference right. So when they move you in there, you are under impression, that's the position. Europe was sometimes I don't know where I met when I'm in the tank, when I sort of snap out of it and ever more, I don't even know where my feeder facing their bottom ever fallen out or anything like that or you take off any which way are now yea filigree flying through space seed, That kind of stuff is like freaky can't tell people about. It is about I think they froze me out because of those to talk too much about stuff. That was
people who froze Yahoo, they don't know they're fucking government area. Fifty, why those guys I have nothing to do with. May I more of a say, but their controlling you account trails reign in the skies. Santos, lots upstairs drip and not the nano stuff. Now that's where to go there, but this has to do with the audio, mostly the audio, as was the yes in the audio actually meet you at some demonstrations were made, the water move or the waters moving us a semantic frequencies. We figured out how to them to create the patterns of. Sounds you were made out of frequency based material? Maybe you borrow a mayor. Twisted sex appeal to file We're made out of frequencies, are getting very busy based materials. Everything is moving. Oh you mean, like string. Emily, the idea of everything moving at a different vibrate ladder is, is comprised of materials than their unique. Like your livers different then neuron, your kidney in other, Quincy, other the lever,
material that the kidneys men out of his be difference of the cells, then that would be used for these purposes with. If you could die, see what they tell us that the replication of the cell crazy depreciated version. Now there was as you and I we just right s, handwriting Sakhalin. Well, what if instead of a depreciated version of the previous one. What if you did better reflect creditors? Now there is a better way Why wouldn't you, if you already undesired, but how that well There's gonna be a tool. We have this, the sensors. Now she has joined with the brain in the Germans. Who get me with the cap. There was the neurons brain thing, but a gap that has lacked roads on it like swimming cap, was is not now it's got electrodes its accounts that goes on your head again ever built it for me out, but I have discussed it with them and they understand that they can do it based on some of them have done in a bathtub somewhere, but the this answers. Then he says are connected to you, your input.
Information to those other things, sensory of of. What's going out in, what's going in to you and then monitoring what occurs based on this input is. This is what that things all bout that United want to get to deepen, because this kind of like in the future right now and then sell your ideas to compile sound with images to essentially tune your body to a different frequency, and that could potentially chain, the way your body produces cells, absolute that's it interesting analogy of the situation. But indeed there is a lot of evidence to. You know a lot about meditation in the mind and the effect on the mind, the physical effect on the brain and that what meditation, it's turning into a certain type of frequency, Turton certain type of mindset, turning to a certain mentality
me into a certain energy that the mind is is focused on and that that actually has a profound effect on the very brain itself, desperate interesting stuff, a super interesting this or that make something like what you're saying actually viable. Oh yeah, now that we have a group of people that are willing to give us the money for that you know that sir, we have, though the resources not complete, that on some sort of period once we focus back to women try to get that others have done so then we can get back to this stuff, but that technology that we have built and patented as well is extorted and that that takes this thing to another level. I mean this is what it is and that's why important as well these vehicles, where producing now, not only will they be used for this stuff tat. We ve been talking about here in regard to relaxation and so forth, ass. It will eventually, The future be used also for other health benefits
learning in a whole array of, Various positive features that this too hot it about absolutely influence the human entity used in conjunction with a lot of other things in your life. No riot exercise. I meditation all these things too so loudly. That is this. There is no there's a silver, but that is it's a car like you have to get it should be. Everything is important. Food and take their mind your ear. Asked or whatever. It is all like that. If you get yourself a bow, and stout, and we have a lot of room for growth. Like us who were just getting started as a. I think that the she's itself. Humans that we are are just starting, to understand a little bit about what we are. We don't know where we came from a very good point:
yeah. We are studying and we discussed it in the previous podcast about just just a couple generations between us, the people that live in the nineteen forties world were won, the war were to weather the drop in the first topic bomb, and then people before that in eighteen, hundreds of just a few generations you just dealing with a few seven now how this retina works. You ve seen this in the back of the head. It's in the dark or the eyes is changed round the information somehow, and it comes out there think it's out there when it somehow back in here being interpreted, wild boar, talk him meditation, there's a study on if you you, Google, how meditation changes your brain, a neuroscientist explains. There was a group of heart, neuroscientist led by this woman, not several as are whose a Phd and they are, they were injured. Did in mindfulness meditation and they reported that the brain structures they monitored brain structures change. After only eight weeks of meditation practice, eight weeks of meditation practice,
your brain starts. Branching out a different ways are truly expanding your consciousness, you think of spend your conscience is being some serve and airy fairy thing. We know it's measurable, like its expanding your mind itself. What is more important than this out on these any more important I may not it it is. The did is Supreme opportunity yeah too, to to do something for yourself and if you can, and your mind believe me: all these people are trying this if they try to tat. It would be, oh, so much more effective, it's it's it's it takes. So much it's like can you Can you get across the country riding a bike? You certainly can. Can you get across So if you write a plain fuck yeah a day, and this is the difference site. You can get there on a bike. You certainly can't good luck. Good luck! techno, chauvinism,
Eliza wearing knowledge to two to create. Lay this: it is these monks they're out there trying to get this stated levels is twenty years in sight of a mountain meditating or you can go to but a chamber and get yourself sorted out in my Strasser. Oh yeah me. I would like to see what those cooling master see when they hit that high level, because I do believe They can achieve psychedelic stable. No, during that there could be any provided all day, Arbutus some of those monks up there, and these are modest wherever there are they use these frequencies that they produce with their railroads and staff. Their effect on the summit will Duncan truffle knows how to do that. He'll hear he can do those chance, this crazy buddhist chance. He has a memorizes, very freaky. When you are doing take a man to some years ago? In his mind, ass mine, he he also the freeing aspect of chanting and distance
harmonizing in saying all those things you just so? Do I get into this state or outside it puts you into this is vibe Duncan benefited tremendously from a tank, though Duncan? Is them for a long time and one time way in the past, he had a bad break up. Call me up from a hotel, he was at some hotel is like dude. You know my girlfriend. Just kick me out with this horrible breakup. It just went awful and I'm at like he was living with. Her is like I'm literally almost and, I said a come, live with mean we're gonna next, your bedroom so Duncan came and lived of me and was going into the tank that you designed and he's gonna take every day he live with me for, like a few months- and I know how many maybe four five remember turn till we get back on its feet again, but he sorted everything out in that tank, and he would tell me about it he's like dude. He does. I can't wait to give back an attack in everyday skin,
tank enough and figuring out more and more he's figuring it out and is on reading why they address that. It goes in there and its figures it out of never met a guy who got his shit in order quicker back quicker than from a devastating break up then Duncan debt was will in turn to go in there and do the work required to get done with that here. Realize what had gone wrong look really quickly, instead of like wallowing in his own self pity or trying to distort reality to sort of just serve b E. More easily digestible. You know what I was all her she's crazy. I sort of he saw the whole thing will astonish you didn't put into astonishing sought his pardon as well as the other one realized and then from then he went on to become successful comedian. It's crazy! It's a sort of slow build from there. He caught caught that momentum, but a lot of it was based on, do going that in that tank having those expense
is on daily basis its if its offence, ass dick system for people to their now, you know access themselves, yeah, in that year that the rest of it is in our thoughts. Its crapshoot You really never know what you're gonna run into in there, but you do always have that opportune. To look at yourself and you know, and sometimes on, or even do that times- are just relax. Sometimes our times were, like you know, I'll come home maybe I'll, come home from a show and everyone's asleep and I'll show you a sneeze go in there and chill for a bit and I'll just go in there and just chill like I'm done, I'm tired I did work. I did shows I I did hear podcast I disagree hiding. Maybe the worked out already to have nothing to think about Iceman Ill I go in there. I just
check out loading. Man less does the lightening of the low the releasing of all those muscles and I get out there and I feel so good. I feel so like com and chill so important man. It should be everywhere. The should have em every Jim should have on community centre, should have on school, should have a university should have em. It should be just support is having a basketball court. Yet a Basque while Corbians a tank, the fuck, you guys Craig teaching people shit now get a goddamned tank room. Son? Where were you know, I think they were going to do what we can do to make that all happen in other schools and stuff for these kids are at once again, not in it. Things go the way that we hope they go. Where about providing these vehicles for schools and old people
veterans or these veterans get a lot of benefit out of this too. They get that p s de wherever it as yesterday yeah they all traffic stress the Saudi. They say that the chamber is, is the one thing that the helps them up ass. You think there I'll get in the camp that you know that the medication and so forth, but other than that they don't really have an option on it. This is a thing that would be very appropriate to offer these visa service men and women that they come back and have troubles dealing with the framework of their sex creation when they get back here they have the opportunity to go in there and investigate the case. It's already done you go in there and erase whatever it was its bothering you, but you can go in. There the terms with whatever it was realizing. It is. It's done
is what it was just like any other problem that people go back to. I mean at some point: it's it's up You to release yourself from that obligation to get upset or feel bad about something Dingle right in the past. You know that's a huge point, because people define themselves by the past instead of thinking about they are now, and so they still look at a mistake. They made and don't you get past them stay, grow and learn, but dwell on it think defines them this, though, first thing I met some guys. Bandies is singers. I've only met him twice to four times years later, both times. You start Tommy about this story about what happened to him when he was in this anything in this poor guys gone on. All these years and he still focused on. Worst situation that he ever had to live through so attached to it, with some guys, get one break up and done
some guys. One break up in their twenties will tank them for a decade. I've met guys like that, though you know chemo, you would so you know she fuckin phone over their trainer dude sound. They still move on. What is that five years ago. Well, you know changed my life, Bravo Toto! So at this point I can trust women anymore. You stupid, fuck. You know what you got mug by one person, you dont trust in people every is actually ivy. One person is a murderer. Let's not trust anybody tat I heard about TED Bundy, I'm chosen people on ground, not sleep. Tonight we mean there's death pitfalls in life you gonna run unknown. We all are you didn't, learn and grow if you survive figures about, gives us the dust off and then start going, and I dont let this stuff no letter dated
It's also directly proportional to the amount of hardships that people face in life, their ability to face hardships. You know when there's a lot of folks that live life on a cushy cloud of marshmallows and bullshit, and then one day something goes wrong and then twice spoiled. Kids are so sad, like a spoiled on boy, is one of the saddest things ever a young boy. It becomes a man and can't take care of himself and his dad is to keep on rescuing in his dad has to keep on baling amount of situations and giving a money. I've met guys like that, and that is a crippling affliction when they don't have the to themselves to be able to get by life, they constant, we need someone to help them and bail them out, even as a grown man. I've met guys in there for he's still need help from their parents, unlike what does fuck man, you're, never gonna get it right, because some along the line. They didn't face enough. The adversity to realise that there is sometimes you just gotta, get up and get shit done there. Sometimes we have to, can pull yourself up and you have to push forward. Even if you want to stay in bed
and, if you don't do that, you just keep call on your daddy need adequate rescuing you. You never develop those tools. You never developed that ability. Direct eyes what you're doing wrong with your life, because you you're soft, you gotta cushiony safety net, a safety net for a safety net. I have his friend and she has is this friend that she's been friends with for decades and his poor fuck family super super super wealthy, like unbelievable, wealthy billions of dollars. And he had not only did he had, he had a trust fund in a back up trust fund. So you Lou through the trust fund, and then he blew through the back up trust fund, real trade investments into disastrous business ventures, no character. No discipline nobility stick it out, but in- edible amount of resources had millions and millions of dollars just paste it all. I didn't understand it completely press in one day said door. He said you know cause she has chosen,
Well she s sons. He said DORA goes whatever you do. Do not give your kids money, don't give them a fuckin penny, especially boys. Don't give up any doubt that ruined me don't give money its deep shit to be a man like in your late forties. Looking back at your life, this disaster wreckage that you put forth with millions you ve blown. Now he is like a retail job is paramount for going abandon them meal. They look at that. Nigger whoa, this wild shit, man, two guys still struggling from the way he was developed from the tools that were instilled in him at a childhood in you know and adolescence. Having that safety net just provided him with a way to stay in bed, kept him weak, never developed character now, or they have an opportunity every time things go wrong. Every time things feel terrible? You have an opportunity
to learn from whatever makes you feel terrible and never allowed to happen again exactly yeah. Thank you that push forward dont dont. Do it again learn from your mistakes. We all make up, that's where meditation comes in reckon, I think that in solidifying in your head- and I believe meditation, the tank, which is more magnified, form of meditation. I think it's more intense. I think that you can. You can really get something out of that it would Those sort of ideas in mind about constant, consistent improvement in its only the only thing that you allow from yourself to maintain. Certain standard than consistently tried improve and do that do then you'll be happier person That's an amazing concept there to become a part of two where you're involved in Europe, the construction of your own character, yeah through your own efforts in your own evaluation and then to to make the right steps and make the right decisions that to become even so
Longer, as you go engineering your life, it can be done. It's impossible making due to a certain extent certain extent you can do it the world to be a better place crash. Rent becoming a better place becoming unannounced everybody's partner is to do as the hopefully make it a little bit better if we could all get on that. Just do that together. Try to me he's a little bit better. Just a little bit better. You really have a monsters of fat. I agree- and I want to thank you and thank you for coming on the pod cast and talking about the stuff, and I really want to thank you for being this guy who's out their innovating in this almost forgotten business. Because for me, knowing you has been very important, its help me a lot and knowing your tanks and being aware of that, do you know there's a guy alter this pushing it so far is created. This incredible port
I think of it. I mean I know what it is that it's a tank filled with water and others, the heater attached. I know there's filters, but for me it's a portal. I get enough containing and transform I'd I'd die travel. I should go to places it. Does it memento vehicle takes you somewhere yeah it does. It opens up passages in your mind to take you to some pretty extraordinary places. So Dagmar Roth Behrendt, you Joe you, you know they're not monumental in my life, and I want to thank you from the bottom, my heart, that while we found each other man, that's what that's how that's was to work. You know you know we both. Let people understand what the benefits of these things are and we both benefit from them as well. And our generous with those ideas in its spread. Those ideas to other people still have no man, I'm not making this up. You can you can really get better. Your life can forget, and the people who if you're perfect right now, who are you? Who are you strange fuck, wit
I really believe EV everyone, that everyone can benefit from everyone, so If you guys wanna go. The float lab is booked up rock solid deep into August, but the debris would one who knows? What are we open harshly westwards gives me up right, one westward: what's the difference was worth while you see I was brand. Brain. What is I was confused, therefore, it's realized, which once more passion which one is where Brentwood brat? What is where OJ killed? The allegedly that's real points very pass: ass, well, ass, quite shocking loud in a negative way. Don't let you talk to somebody anyway, so will will let you know when Westwood opens up, will let you know in the pot cast me while you can follow crash on twitter float lab is the website for, for the four lab itself and it s about interactive, very dearly.
Facebook float, biotechnology float lab technologies on Facebook. Pleased like that follow and all that good stuff and we're gonna have that the chamber to do something with their soon in the near future. Cool, my old chamber will figure out some sort of a contest and give that bitch away with it second time of giving away chamber. I'm very excited about that, ladies and gentlemen, will be back tomorrow with the full charge. Matt full tron will be in the house That's it! So much love, because.
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