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#520 - David Seaman

2014-07-07 | 🔗
David Seaman is a journalist and former Congressional candidate. He also hosts his own podcast called "The David Seaman Hour"
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i think i work out big videos all have different backgrounds because i've been watching out my i have a girlfriend do a lot of them lately and like you know the update the abandoned jam you'll have the outdoor ones yeah on the beach they should just have one like in the middle of a mcdonald's that would that's a good moved like a food log like a food court food court all around you sizzler with old people everywhere just watch it would be given to walmart i like the idea of like you forget it in a in a mcdonald's i would never allow you to but a food court you might be able to actually pull off if you blurred out all the different labels you might will do that just yeah make it like you know texas or something like yeah arizona tucson hottest fuck everybody is angry what the fuck you doing man jumping rope on stage in front of my cheeseburger you fuck that's rude it's truck stop will be kids this is the guys in really good shape that's fucking rude i'm trying to enjoy this
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and also as our live shows which has we're having chrysler at comic con this year glorious much other guys but you can get 'em all at shop so i just hit collect live yeah and for brian's death squad podcast network that's all available on itunes you can subscribe to it and of course guys killed tony which is hilarious great show i finally got to do that and the new kill tony is out right now right now me and dahmer aaron holy shit was dom irrera funny oh my it was like dahmer at its best it's like what you get to see dom irrera it is snarky snarky hilarious best is fucking awesome was really really fun and some funny comics and some ones that were terrible perfect with perfect evening for filtering to time is a podcast bar pal twenty inch and the podcast is all tony and the and red band and a couple other comics will sit down and then open mikres maybe problem that have never done comedy ever they'll go up and they'll do like a minute and it's really fun it's real
cool and i think it's the closest thing that brian does right now that i could see b like a television show in fact i think you we better off 'cause it's so good i think i better off not doing as a television show just producing for an online series sort of thing and like slowly but surely put in some money into it because i think it's like a show dude when i sat down in it you know what i felt like i was like this could ease maybe a comedy central show easily it's an e the premise to understand it's great fun you have comma it's giving advice to some comics and other ones that are just insufferable that you just you have to stay inside me out one was really good with hun so fun i think tony hinchcliffe was there and also princess she was there that week did tony design this idea yeah we both came up with we started here to an idea of it at the beginning and then we just kind of made it more of a show we added things like the bear the west hollywood burim at the time limits we had
time those are big females that come every show so yeah it started yeah who are the two girls again uh sarah weinshank and kimberly condom these checks to a new a new minute every week one new minute every week if you only knew how hard that is for someone who's just started to do comedy and is only been doing comedy why while they've been on the show so we've only been doing it for like a year right yeah yeah just we just had our one year anniversary so they've only been doing it for that long and every week they do a new minute that the internet gets to listen to fucking in credibly courageous i guess first comedians go that's incredibly courageous for a pro like a long term pro to commit to a minute every week that'll be hard like if someone said hey you want to do a new minute every week every like that i put online like sometimes in minutes not ready like i'll try
like this fuckin jokes not ready will guess what i'm sorry uh it's very unfortunately the only way word to get ready as i have to tell it a bunch of times and it's gotta eat dick just got sorry if you were there when it ate dick one day it'll be awesome but they don't start out awesome they start out in this weird way and they sort of morphin grow well to be able to do that live on the internet in front of you know a live audience and do a new minute every week those chicks have fucking some serious chutzpah yeah it's great and it was written with a really interesting is that the one girl i i who also is usually on dysentery with me which side serwis stare wind change and then the kimberly quick quit college it she was about to graduate quit college and started comedy on the show so you saw the first that she did all the way up to a year later awesome yeah it's in it's it's any we've had so much weird drama to we had this guy they dressed up as like
iron man you know and then he had drama and now we have like a weekly guess i couldn't imagine he would have drama now we have a weekly guy that dresses up as this guy called the iron patriot and we have we have jesus on your episode yeah jesus is beautiful you had a interesting jesus like quality to it really did anyway go to death squad dot tv for all the information on upcoming shows podcasts podcasts download and there's a link on there also to shop squad so shop squad dot tv yet shop squad a tv are you folks boom should lock lock boone david seaman cheer and he knows things that you don't
use them the joe rogan experience would you consider this would you consider this that being your opening song open steam and knows about it just thinking that's my new it's gotta be a new voicemail message i'm feeling like you could do something with this i feel it's got a good melody too it's catchy it's very catchy didn't have been knows where you don't know it may be a chorus repeats it a couple times yeah doug stanhope is a great joke ever seen that joke that he does about how lazy song writing is he tells punch line over and over and over again it keeps doing it and everybody gets uncomfortable i think those day that's a see how fucking easy it is to write a song now you see how lazy song writers are it's really funny too because you don't know what he's doing until he's doing it yeah he's fucking awesome that was offered last special
dogs hilarious you see somebody like adam levine or uh i'm only thinking that 'cause he's in a movie recently we think about that 'cause he's beautiful but he just he locked down the voice and now he could say anything and people would be like yeah you know like met for zero dollars and ninety nine cents somebody out there would not necessarily main isn't it interesting that he sells acne stuff even though and the voice like he's on this like big show but he's doing an informercial keys it's a contrast because do you like someone has to be like sort of sliding when they pick up like proactive or something type commercial right and what isn't it usually like someone is not oh i see what you're saying i got my people are no longer in the prime yeah like there's a and auriti commercial for like some online course or something like that online university courses i forgot what it is but her wearing a bunch different outfits and it's like you know the she probably needed money and this is something that came along but he died is a hugely famous they probably gave him so much money he's like fuck i don't you know
afternoon three million dollars whatever like if you look at uh baldwin he has enough money right and he does the capital one shit constantly yeah that's pretty shilly that seems like kind of embarrassing for somebody that famous to do but they must have just given him a shit load of money and it's a good card and he's like well i'll do it i wonder if that's worth it how many people do you think saw alec baldwin and go you know what that mother fuckers my banker i'm going to go to his bank how many people did that i don't know talked about it though so i mean it right but it gets you do it you wouldn't do it right when i do what would i sign up because of that if you had no bank and you said i gotta get a bank i want to choose it because of that now course not right who would but it might it might like slide the balance if it was if i was already thinking like should i go with capital one or somebody else i'm i could well i liked alec baldwin twenty years ago in red october somebody he's been good a bunch of movies right fucking glengarry glen ross knocks out of the park
when everybody tells me that was over the top so over the top this chain with the watch in the whole coffees for closers that was a fucking great scene yeah deck he would stay with his character fuck people get weird because he's so goofy in real life you know it does so goofy shit in real life to people don't respect his acting that dude can act his dick off he really can fuck yeah he and that glengarry glen ross scene is fucking fantastic he's a vicious fuck cold hard capitalist and he's this is the army pussies you don't get the glue gary glen ross leads yeah how did the only closer to get those yeah yeah that's a grateful contain that poor guys always duke it out though with somebody it's like a flight attendant or recently the cops arrested for riding his bike the wrong way he's going like the raw away a street you can't ride your bike there
shut up that come from newark cops are happier to come for you if you're a fucking actor they're happy to cough you we coughed alec bald today was awesome he smelled like liquor ride his bike drunk going in the wrong way that that is always in some sort of a dispute with someone but the fun interesting people are you know i mean mel gibson he tell me mail gives did become more interesting to you after you heard him scream and his girlfriend you should shut up and blow me his last one here is actually pretty good the one about him escaping from mexico i saw that yeah i was hi this is actually like it's completely psychotic but it was really entertaining you know he's kind of a bracing it right yeah i'm bracing that he's crazy like he's in the expendables movie you know he
embracing the crazy aspects of all those recordings he's like the first casualty to that kind of shit like the first real casualty too big time movie star being sort of exposed like's by whatever you want to call or what would you call a brian i don't want that stampylongnose i want to be so they knew a lot of schambeau very similar to catch wrestling this is your call and ask or an escort do you said that's a hooker how dare you i don't think she was that i think she was mercenary in her approach recording crazy man screaming but maybe you know what if you're that check how do you sure that mother fucker doesn't kill you how do you know he's not going to ju in all defense mean in her defense everyone looked at it like that that woman was even when she did was evil it is the whole thing is a disaster ok let's stop thinking there's a
black and white on this mother fucker that holds the whole situation was a total disaster he had a guy screaming you've i can can't he's screaming i hope you get raped by a pack of niggers that's he screamed he screamed at on a recording ok so he clearly out of his mind isn't it amazing how many chances we give people like yeah i'll go see is moving fast yeah but my point being like she's probably out of her mind to yeah you know she were forwarded him doing all this shit like put it out and she sold it role in how it got lose got her fifteen grand from tmz or some yeah whatever it was but what's what's fascinating on on both accounts is that like with their together they mean what what what caused her to be with but both of them are making terrible choices you know she's record bring him he's completely insane and it's like you're getting caught up in this whirlwind of kunice but in her defense how else would she react if she had a child with this guy and he
screaming and yelling crazy shit like that like you don't everybody looks at in terms of like she was mercenary and i agree she probably the mercenary but a guy like that that's how it works if your fucking sixty years old and you started get old looking and you have this unbelievably hot young russian chick who's really into you should probably suspect something is she probably suspect she's not in love with the way you look she's not as a back to you as you are to her you should probably say back that she knows that you are an incredibly rich guy who made like three one hundred million dollars or something on the passion of the christ right what was how much money do you make something insane right one hundred all himself lethal weapon at least a billion dollars i don't think he made that model he owned that one but he owned up the thing about the passion of the christ that he funded it himself and it wasn't he huge international fox news obsessed over there for like a month walks a lot of people went out to see it i'm sure to that movie was huge the passion of the christ was find out how much money that made let's guess before we look
i see it's dead now though have you ever heard anyone saying they saw it on tv or anything like they don't play that at all you can even buy that anymore pro i'm sure you can but i think what happened well you that jim caviezel guy didn't work again for a long time and the guy who played jesus yeah he didn't work again for a long time he's doing something this is the end of desert now like wandering around for twenty years man i think he's gonna show now or maybe a new movie now i don't know but he's doing some stuff and he's a very good actor so it's kind of unfortunate but i heard they want a little crazy let's guess what do you guess before we look at how much money it made i don't know but i bet daniel day lewis would have been a way better jesus see would have really gotten into it yeah i guess i'm going to one hundred and fifty million that's my brian don't cheat don't you can be cheating were having a competition here bro hey hey hey don't let that fucking bitch right thing ok oh my god is bigger than i thought really alright so bigger than you
i think i would say holy shit two hundred and fifteen million dollars keep going bitch wow that's just domestic son ready for this domestic three hundred and seventy million two hundred and seventy four one thousand six hundred and four foreigner another two hundred and forty one million one hundred sixteen thousand four hundred and ninety holy did you guys are going to see jesus coin in the next few weeks so more than half a billion it's insane that was driven by people supporting him because he's pursuing a religious topic and that's the time i would ignores that dude its opening weekend was eighty three million dollars how much did it cost to make though i don't know man oh my god while three it look at this shit three thousand theaters wow twenty seven thousand dollars a show average and you never think about it that way you
you ever think about it when you're looking at like what the actual numbers are for a movie like that eighty three million dollars that made the first week suck it on mel gibson karate go the crazy movie too if you watch it was just the entire movie was like this sadist dream i could i just getting the fuck beat out of him and it's so hard to discern a plot and it's all implied like you you know that the guys already jesus for the movie to have any sort of an impact so was it actually a movie that he made for the insiders like you made it for the people that we knew the jesus story because if you didn't know who jesus was and you saw that movie wasn't there informative on who jesus is it was kinda weird it was like why they beating the fuck out of sky like what's going on how come he's not worried i'm freaking out he's got magic he doesn't use it how can we start using the magic while earning those guys beat the fuck out software religious people it had a thirty million dollars budget also copy fifty three million dollars the first one look at this fuckin look at these numbers
three hundred and seventy million seven hundred and eighty two one thousand nine hundred and thirty domestic socket so mel gibson was just blow maine to scream at this russian check you know i mean that is probably what was going on his head shut up and blow may he didn't like fund her recording sessions and stuff like i was trying to like she's trying to be a singer that's right so sorted sorted sad you see that video that i posted about two women stealing some guy is uh like furniture or whatever those things are on the beach when you have like a big tent and you know he caught anna yaka banning he walked checks or stealing it he caught he walked up on i'm going excuse me hey how you guys doing today and it's older women in florida were just took all his
bags and stuff and they had them all in the middle and they were taking down his thing and acting like it was there in condom stealing it the second he said get the fuck away from it you know they start coming how to make an attacking him it is one of those one of those videos like that drug play drone video times there's another one too i gotta see this it's got a backlog of awesome videos so they just shit so you need some help do you know how to do it yeah this is our stuff yes no it is this is all ours all of it the chairs the bag this is all our stuff my kids yeah that's my kids i'm sorry death
these olds do they steal from the young this is so weird ryan over its life but i'm glad i made it in time now step away from my shit how about that you know what i will and then i'm going to and put it in the grass or even like that step back so is that rio yeah seems to be really i mean it's being reported on news and stuff like that it's got over one dot six million hits and it costs nothing to make i want to shut the phone off and whip their ass yeah right i've been trying to search it you know news reports for it and see like an official you know like a police
order anything i guess i don't think he filed the police but i look at is older videos and was just him and his kids you know singing cars and stuff you know so it it doesn't seem like yeah so actually did catch that will look young criminals become older criminals see six year old ladies just assume that their sweet and kind 'cause they look like your mom you know this i have some friends that have mom that are criminals to straight criminals you know my friend his mom and his dad both of 'em scamming credit card scams all kinds of crazy shit like you can't have their following you you gotta go a circuitous route not the fuck away from them they want you don't want them knowing where you lived there criminals and they but they look like grandpas that happens you can get those is that boy your blood at all 'cause that gets my heart rate so you don't get your heart rate you always get your heart rate of you being attacked while you're holding a camera member
yeah i do remember yeah should really talk about that well we almost had an incident with young brian but yeah in be hitting people people hitting people like that like then obviously they're stealing this guys stuff and they're hitting him i wonder how long does it how long was it there for like was it left there for hours when was it was it a set up who knows moon fucking know that be a crazy thing to do set some now and then set a camera from the day and i want to start stealing to come down and go hey and just all my life yeah i mean if you were saying that the rest of his social media like some women are more family i know like singing in the car i hope he's right what if he was on ambien and was really his stuff in the bright whatever were to get his side right you know jamie find out if it's real i don't know if it's real so i can't really comment but if it is real and they were stealing his stuff and then they were beating him up at what point
like if you know those women are criminals like brian let me ask you this you're not a violent guy at all you're very friendly guy and if you were in a situation like that we're stuff is left out and you came up and these old ladies were stealing your stuff and then when you start talking about they say the camera on the start hitting on you would you fight back i i would keep the video on as much as possible and then kicked away and you know i kind of you go to i can do like now guard no i would do strong arm i would do you know like just a heisman yeah i just like get the away from me while recording you know been in situations like this before i mean i always pull out my camera immediately and hit record i had a weird police incident that happened recently that pulled out my camera start recording him while he was talking to me it's just like i am now to the point recorded a cop was talking where's the video will show i'm not showing it now well i have to yeah you want to know know know know no i just don't i
uh i'll say that i'm at a house not in burbank was bank age drinking involved no that we at at this person's house and we were just talking by my car and the cop pulls up and this comes out good cirque cirque i need to see your id and and i'm just like this is my house 'cause alright i don't care what are you doing and he just started like like yelling at you and all this stuff this is like come on what's up alright hold on and i pull out my recorder what's the problem officer this is my house you're on my property what is going on he goes i need to see your id and you know it was just like this whole thing might be another reason we just being like like why the fuck are you bothering me was impossible though that they were looking for someone who looked like you who had done something fucked up there on foot looking for what he says is he's like i just find it peculiar that you're sitting outside this house at two hundred o'clock with that book bag and i'm like yeah
just got off work hi this is camera get was from kill tony right and i was like this is on my camera and he goes yeah but you know and i'm like so i'm not allowed to be at my house on my property with a book bag without getting you know what it's like to be able it was like to be black yeah he had a taste of it yeah i ate it's you know i understand what he was doing but i also understand work like what it mean this girl we're having a serious conversation he just cock blocked and ruined everything that i've ever right we built up to that yeah i've built up to like there was like a magic part that was coming on and she's about to go ok i'll come in and thank you and now it's ruined 'cause now it's just like what the fuck happened uh i need to go home it's late you know indeed that's interfering with mikey fucking rights well you know it's definitely fine if we ask you questions i mean it's definitely find pc is you standing on the lawn of this house and he
under is whether or not you're going in then it's gonna let go you have any right to be on that the problem is once someone starts to think you're guilty of something they want to they want to believe that they were right yeah they want to spell if there's any sort of a hostility between you and them sometimes people perceive that cops received at like any is respect between them is like some resistance of what they do with their authority so they want to impose it on you now and get you to do something like i'm not fucking doing that and then also near involved in this uh location over nothing and you were innocent you're an innocent person but the the ego the cop gets in the way that definitely can happen with wrong personalities even with good cops there's uh been a lot of incidences lately where i feel like specially when i'm in my car i'm like man i need to remember to just put my gopro on in my cards record everything i'm doing it one driving because i mean there's been so much crazy that that's been like i saw a guy jump into traffic the other day and get hit and i'm like why did you know that later i watched him jump into it like and he was just like a drug addict and he you know i don't know what he was doing i eat
i think he was alive and everything i just kept on driving i saw a woman shooting like i think i said i yeah getting in the middle of street like i'm like what but i also think like space but these videos that have been coming up just women attacking in like anthony get saying that woman said that he was going to that woman was going like if you called the police was going to say that he was raped she was raped or you know attacking or whatever actually said that she said that when she was hitting him she was saying that she was going to say that he sexually assaulted alright bye is the open anthony thing that's going on yeah the opie and anthony thing if you don't know our friends open anthony anthony cumia was in new york city and he was take photographs and he got a photograph of a woman and this woman get very upset he took a photograph of her so some sort of an altercation took place some words were exchanged she started hitting him so she was hitting it and if you don't know anthony you don't know that he's a gun nut like a legit guy
not who actually has a license to conceal carry in new york city which is incredibly difficult to obtain but here's one strike for people who want people to have guns anthony never pulled out that gun never leave me he obviously felt threatened he was getting hit this one woman who anthony's in this guy but he is fifty one years old loves his drinking and i don't think he lives that much is not like you just like big scary you know quinton jackson rampage jackson looking dude you know he's he's a thin guy is not a not a fish weekly imposing guy and this chick is vietnam and he's got a gun on him i oh i wasn't there so obviously i don't know what that owned the situation was i don't know how it got started on ivory did very little about it other than he went on this rampage calling
an animal and a cunt and all these different but what's hilarious is everything that he said in his twitter rampage that they're firing him for he said on the radio show and they hired him for the radio shows you paid attention to what he said over the years and why he's entertaining in how he says it he it's crazy about racial situations he gets crazy about certain aspects of the african americ community and he's done it forever and so these things that he said after getting punched that they were prizing to serious who had heard him say these things and they gave him checks it's kind of hilarious and also like one of the things that people are pointing out all over all over the twittersphere is there going all these lyrics to rap songs that serious has aired since aunt
he got fired for tweeting and the lyrics are ridiculous i mean oh yeah dude it's hardcore rap they air hardcore rap lyrics so they've got but you know nigger this and suck my dick and this bitch isn't that bitch is you know the craziest most radical you know hip hop shit and yet anthony gets in trouble for this thing that he did where he went on his twitter rampage and said a bunch of shit that he's i bet you could i bet if someone was a real opie and anthony fan you could probably go back through all the open anthony shows and piece together him actually saying those words that are in those tweet that serious makes money off of races that serious makes money off of well you know what man here's the thing i think what happens is that these companies get really terrified of the twitter storm yet they get like you saw that with we you see it all the time with sponsors for rush limbaugh but you see it with
believe conservative radio in general you see it with like donald trump had i forget what it was a tie collection or some shit at macy's and then there are all the people on twitter like tweeting the macy's account like don't support him 'cause i don't remember the issue was but they once it gets going the company is overwhelmed and like gift to respond 'cause a thousand people just retweeted this thing and they i think they just feel like the the best route is the forty eight laws of power or you just put a head on the chopping block and and think oh i see their point of view i do if you i think they were fans of the opie and anthony show that's what i think is part of what's going on i don't think they listened i think there were a lot of people complaining it's just like the money coming into good show it's a great show it's the reason why we're doing this show the reason why we're doing this shows because of opie and anthony on a lot of ways there's a direct chain of influences one of them being tom green green had his own show in his house way back in the day and i remember going over there and be like this is the craziest shit ever he
server room he's gotta god damn server room with cables all through his living room and he turn in his living room into a television show he just did a little too early he had a great innovative idea he did a little too early that influences and any cumia influenced me greatly when he did live at the compound he did he die this thing live at the compound where he set up a studio in his house in long island and in his in his basement has a green screen and he'll fuckin saying while he's holding guns to the singing songs singing karaoke while he's holding assault rifles and that i don't know if they ever pay attention to that but that shit is hilarious and i saw him doing that while he was still an open anthony was doing it just for fun and i was like oh my god this is genius he set up a green screen he said and uh real like professional stage with a green screen behind the history and he would have like video of manhattan or he would have like like i was going totally steal that idea i might still put it
screen behind me for if we do get that try quarter our tricaster thing that will do it in respect to anthony i have a i have a green screen in my apartment the room yes we're sure you up to it's kind of a kind of low end because it's just the green cloth it's the right color right then use i movie you switch up the background and suddenly instead of being in your apartment you have this sub background or maybe it's the city or the fuck it is you find something on flickr and then people a little bit more seriously 'cause you're not just some crazy rambling in your kitchen you're like oh i see somebody spent a little bit of time on this and people will watch i like that pretty cool everybody out there should do it go on amazon and get like a green screen kit they're not expensive that's not everybody if you're like just a fucking idiot do it but you have something to say this is the way to not seem like a crazy person on youtube a crazy first on youtube just told you how to not say things and do things that make you
everybody on youtube that's like one of the easiest ways to dismiss people always just kind of youtube show fucking guy in youtube sandwich crazy shit on youtube it's not like it's sort of a term of dismissal isn't it yeah i think it's all changing i think now people are kind of not even a big youtube right just do it from time to time but i think people are definitely intimidated by things like the young turks where it's clear that it's more powerful than half the cable shows out there oh yeah i said the only thing they can do and this is something that he's talked about is dismissed indigo it's not the real thing but yeah this is real other than probably anything on the radio right now so so what he's doing is realer then i mean his numbers he can verify right now is there they're using like nielson's come on she doesn't youtube does not fuck around with their numbers they're very serious about it they absolutely that's absolutely but it's also that it's a number that you could watch and see i mean like you can't you could tell me whatever you want about the nielsens but the reality is you only
a certain amount of households like i don't know how many it's there's some fuckery in there there's some number differences and they they can tell you but all day long well we just statistically analyzed how well it works i don't believe you no i don't believe you 'cause the and it says so well it's your best interests to inflate their numbers so they get more advertising dollars will mainly that's probably what's happening but i don't think it would take it's inflating i think by their algorithm this is what the numbers that they've calculate it's probably pretty close there probably pretty close but why why i want pretty close when you can get absolutely exact and that's what the internet offers so when they talk shit on like tank and like the young turks just look at the num look at how many downloads you know what that is that's real it's a real number it's not like fifteen one thousand households across the midwest you know i mean i don't understand the nielsens at all i never i stood it it's voodoo and in less they can accurately every time
you watch something a little counter should go over every time you watch it home or you watch it maybe it's an app that we all wear on their fucking google glasses or something like that they met here's what you're watching so we can all figure it out but it i do that you don't really know they should already have that though based on what cable companies know what channel you're watching say they do but they don't share that information they say they know how many people are watching what on satellite but they can't use it as a ratings thing because it's prob some nsa type shit you not even supposed to be doing that you're not supposed to be monitoring people's viewing habits and find out that they've been mortaring debu dirty debbie that's over and over again and clearing their history i don't think that does shit i think there's probably a second copy somewhere it goes off another cloud and special if your ordering freak shit if you order in some freak so here about the there is a thing about tour where only one of the nsa programs actually flags you for further review if you're using tor
sure the anonymous anonymous web browser people used to serve without giving away their identity really so if you use it you get flagged exactly just for using it they consider you to be like some kind of elevated or another word they used as extremists which i think is so ridiculous because the people you store are journalists activists and probably like boy kids in college were going to write or like they said extremist extremist the fuck are you talking about dude who are the biggest freaks in the world journalists in college kids what animals and also rolls on internet course that he's actually that would be like the number one pizza which which people i've only used it once and the problem is it's ways slow it needs to really it's frustrating you you you didn't worry when you signed up to use it that you would be flagged i assume i'm already on thank you i think amount you want anything i talk to you the other day about you know as you know for a second there you start to sweat it now as excited as i hear about this but no
the tour issue it goes to show you how fucked up things are that they consider that extreme yeah it's kind of weird that you're preserving your anonymity would automatically put you in this weird bracket but i guess have you thought about like who are the extreme people that would use this that would be danger and how many of the people i guess their definition of dangerous in our definition is different like i would like to see activists network and out like companies done bing pollution i don't really give a shit about that i want to see that happen but they consider to be you know a threat to national security 'cause it threatens the balance of power yeah i know you're totally right it's it's it's easy to make both arguments that's the problem it's in it's one of those situations where yeah if you did that and you looked at everybody's background when you found them using this and analyzing how it would you say analyzing and on bustic anonymizing anonymizing anonymizing web browser would go well you know it's probably a good pool to look through but the thing is like could i ask you
rely on them to look at a guy like david seaman go oh no this is actually just a smart young guy who's looking at the world and doesn't like all the bullshit he sees and he thinks that we can do better really that simple that's your agenda that's how i take you in my ass great in my assessment of you or you are pretty accurate i get frustrated by single person i get fresh rated by seeing stupidity and callousness i think we're seeing like a nice combination that and we're also on the other side seeing progress and i'm attracted to progress so i'm just trying to like push the ball and you know talk about is that i think are actually helping while also reminding people that a lot of this stuff is not been fixed i think you are so doing a great service in that you're doing it in this uncensored form through the internet very courageously ann you're a part of it's now like this whole it's
connected in a lot of ways to the new corporations to like google and these new technological corporations they all seem to have an ethic about them that didn't exist and some of the other corporations that we think of whether it's fossil fuel corporations or car manufacturers or anything along those lines we don't think of them as being like particularly ethical particularly tolerant but you think about that when it comes to like tech companies like google trying a there's companies like google especially was they're very upset while this net neutrality shit they're very upset about all this this this possum really the internet is going to be regulated by the government like that they're going to be able to monitor and track like streams and how fast yeah the i was just you get i just think about this earlier today because i was trying to figure out what is the problem like how do we get to a place where accompa he can be i was leaving a twit a company can take advantage of that capitalistic impulse towards you know constant
progress constant new products refining more make it more addictive make it easier to use so twic because their profit focus that's what they're doing because they are in the right kind of business where they make their money from giving small people a voice that's obviously an oversimplification but that's what twitter does and that capitalistic thing that machine works really well and making twitter better and better at least than couple of years until something better comes along and replaces it but then you companies you know the big guy recipes for the big cable companies where i'm getting more and more like capitalistic lee efficient and more ruthless isn't actually helping the rest of us it's dragging us down because they are in charge of this thing we all need the internet and if they're only thinking about we can fuck them over a little bit right here and then we can implement this so we can have the fast lane for our preferred partners they're applying that that profit motive to something that is completely against the public in
wrist and doing it a very efficient influential yeah they have lobbyists working on this shit but it's against the public interest to be like lobbying for pool is water and being like well we make more selling polluted water too bad you can't that you can't sell people internet access and they can choose which sites people are going to be able to get the fastest that be like selling me a newspaper and it's like oh the photos haven't been printed if you want those photos to be printed go to our office and will print them out for you you would not pay for the newspaper you like fuck this i'm never buying your newspaper again but it's also one of things were when you're looking at so why why should this be legal watch this be okay but it's censorship of what people are putting out there into the world like the the point of the internet is that it's not preferential right it's control there's it's an added element of control and the added element going to large corporations and not to individuals is going the wrong way it's going the opposite
with the internet goes the internet goes to the individual having more ability to communicate the end digital having more resources and what you said google seeming to be more ethical in some ways and a lot of these tech companies have the same kind of eat those i think it's not because they are necessarily better people is because what they're doing in their industry is non parasitic so where is the cable company the only way they can increase their profits is we got this pipeline into your house let's more money off of what we own overtime that becomes pair citic where is google essentially the whole empire off of user read content anybody who built the website improve google search anybody who puts shit on youtube impro is that you know content offering of youtube so they make money off of everybody in the voice and they want to protect that voice k companies don't give a shit they make money off of pumping their networks to your home and they want maximize their profit unfortunately they're really powerful and they have a bigger voice than almost anybody else yeah i think the
interesting way of looking at it i think there's probably some of that in there too but i think that also i'd like to on the bright side of things i think that what i'm seeing from these new tech companies is just more tolerance and i did that tolerance is probably due to the influence of the internet and that's probably how they look google is the internet i mean that's what it's about so the whole company is essentially about the internet and now phones but the phones are also connected to the internet i mean it's a big party they do and that ethic of the internet it seems to be like the social ethic to be involving way quicker in way stronger than at any time that i can ever remember in in in in cultural history i never member these like big movements shifts and how people talked and behaved in the words that were accepted in the words of warning accepted and you know and just would just these giant trends that take place in just wash through culture they didn't move this quick before it's because we practice
it's like thought mass correction which i'm not entirely convinced it's a good thing yet i still haven't really decided if it's good or bad but look at that woman who took the flight from london to south africa and tweet it out that insensitive shit about like you know like i hope i don't get aids when i land in africa or something she finish it though she said just kidding i'm white lol so even even worse so before work better you mean that's what made it funny before her flight landed in south africa i think you've already lost her job and the up the global uproar so that person learned that this is not socially acceptable and why did they learn that because the internet gave them that lesson well she should the comedian 'cause that would be fucking hilarious you know if a really funny comedian said that like a lisa slesinger said that when she went to africa holy shit that would be funny is that the
something to say yes it most certainly is it if you work in corporate pr for some i think it was i don't want to say the company but just a big media company so you think she was on pills or something like why would she fuck it i mean where did how could a person in in corporate america think it's ok puts out of your twitter i have no just kidding i'm not i'm white lol we don't get aids just kidding i'm white wow yeah that's crazy person funny though still funny it's a horrible thing to say but the point is like crazy people are being called out there still crazy but now we can call them out so you're going to ruin a lot of good jokes you are a lot of jobs leaving their jobs like anthony just for going on here twitter well well the anthony thing is particularly weird because that's sort of what he had been known for like you guys had a show where was like they were openly joke
about racism all the time like the other day he had amy schumer on one of the best of shows it was from years ago they were talking about interracial porn and amy schumer was fucking hilarious but she was saying that she she was so funny man it was really funny she's so sharp she was saying that she's never fucked a black guy but she likes watching black on white porn and anthony was talking about how sad it was and that his his racism won't let him watch it like his racism won't let him watch a black guy
a white girl but there is a certain that is pretty racist if you if you can't handle a black man fucking a white person certain shooting that he's junkies choking he is a comedian i think a lot of people forget it it's a comedy show that he's one of the funniest people i know that just doesn't go on stage and as a comic is most certainly a comedian whether he goes on stage in front of a live audience or whether he goes do you think his rampage was meant to be funny though no that's the problem part of the problem that's not done for entertainment or then you're not then your profession doesn't really matter see my issue with all these things is that like many things in life they are not black and white this is not black and white i think anthony is awesome i love that dude he's one of my favorite people on radio f he's great he's just funny as shit he smart it's fucking knows a lot of things about different things very very interesting the way he looks at the world he says
a lot of crazy shit about black people he does he has for a long time i don't know his personal experiences i don't know what he's around where he's formula did these ideas about certain black but i also know that there's a lot of black friends patrice in him were close you know he's black is it coming to show all the time that are friendly with him he's not a mean person he's not a bad guy if you're a nice person he'll be nice to you too that said i don't know what the fuck went down that night who knows yeah you know him he did get attacked which is crazy but he also had leading up he also used to always talk about statistics about his city in new york and something that about how you know it the the the race issues with that and so i think that what he could he didn't when he went off he didn't really say all blacks are you know he was kind of just talking about the purse attacked him and was a average you know is what he said yeah he called her a continent animal and all these different shit if it was a white
chicken he called an animal he would have been fine yeah and he would have called her the same exact words it's look it's all very tricky you know what are we say about when whenever you see a situation where a two people get into a fight it's not always just one guys fault sometimes it's both guys fault sometimes one a different person like if you talk to this guy it would have never turned into a violent altercation and maybe you would walked away shaking hands sorry man no worries dude another guy talking to the same guy it might lead to a bloody fist fight and it's just a matter of how do you communicate with people who this woman i've been i was in new york city with this chick that i was dating we were walking on the street and then it was so nice she was so nice i me she was never was it shouldn't be mean to anyone ever know mean faces shouldn't have anything like that in our so we're walking in this black couple is walking in the same direction and the girl step
in between her an eye and pushes this girl that i was with just push there move bitch just move bitch 'cause you know we were walking this way and they were walking towards us and she just decided that that was her spot so geez she is elbow this girl said move bitch she she pushes aside and i am thinking we're about to go to war like we got about to go to war and i'm the knockout the girl first because i don't want to have to deal with her while i'm hitting that other guy i'm like this is about to be a fight and then that chick just turned when this white bitches or something along the lines like that some white and walked away and kept going fortunately 'cause it was like and all the sudden it was like that was like close to a fist fight for no reason you know and it just open to be that chick was black and just happened to be the girl that i was with was white and blonde but that happens there's black assholes out there just like there's white hassles out there there's chinese assholes out there you know that does make me racist that makes me scared people that are assholes and
they come in all forms bro i grew up in a boston neighborhood jamaica where is jamaica plain the where i lived before i moved to newton which is all cushy and nice so make a plane was phil with these irish savages they were dangerous fucking kids the dangerous irish kids and if you ran into him like they it didn't matter what race they sure it's like who's a savage these girls kids were savages did matter of their white or chinese you walk down the wrong street in chinatown and you run into some crazy chinese gang that wants to fuck you up you're not happy i mean it's not better that way there are all sorts of races every race contains savages every race contains assholes the problem is when it's a black person getting attacked by a white guy you know you be real specific that it's that person that's a piece of shit and if so other people jumped in its them that are pieces of shit it's not the whole town it's not all black people it's not you know it's just there's a certain
type of person whether it's white or black or whatever that's a piece of shit you know i don't know if it's this lady i don't know why who knows what happened to her that that day you know who knows what happened who knows what's going on in her life and also guys taking pictures at her she wants a punch in the face you remember what time it was i i was i forgot to look to see actually when i'm in a car but i think it was around two to three am where in the twitter happens but he i understand he he's if you look at his photos on instagram he was taking a lot of photos of the city a lot of photos of cops in construction workers and stuff like that i get having a great camera that that you're playing new york's empty and you're downtown and you're taking photo in that a woman's walk in the distance yeah you're taking her 'cause it's a photo it's cool but but you know i don't know what happened here but what does seem it happened that he she did attack him and he didn't have a police deal with the police
you know he doesn't call nine one one 'cause you feel like they wouldn't do anything right you know maybe he's right but i don't think the right way to handle it is going on twitter and going fucking crazy and i think and that's something that someone does when you just want to lash out and for him he likes to use social media to you know to get points across and that's the point though the black on white violence has been a point of interest of his for a long time you know and there's a reality that it exists just like white on black violence exists just like all kinds of violence exists and anthony is a guy was particularly concerned with that it's one of the reasons why carries a gun i mean he's a rare person that has a concealed carry permit in new york city each one of us pretty hard gotta big ass fucking billionaires published so that's with hitting him while he's armed with a deadly weapon and then five other people jump in apparently and cool things chaos and i would have loved for it to be avoided but i think siri lost the potential opportunity to engage
in a discussion about this about viall in new york city about violence in general people interacting with each other about interacting on social media interacting when you're hot with fucking rage and you're just venting and ranting and constant continent animal and what is actual intent and and what is my job as a representative of your siriusxm am i am allowed to be anthony or do i have to be answered the that only thinks like siriusxm wants me thank and only tweet like serious xm once made to eat when are you clocked off work exactly now and when when you when are you not just i'm not supporting him right in this i'm saying this is this very tricky situation where the company has to be real careful because part of what you do is to promote free speech and you have a radio show and you have this network that's uncensored this now it was the coolest thing about serious with you get howard stern on it and he could swear it was the gr
this thing of all time from now on these on chained and opie and anthony are on chained and comedy is on change you can watch you can hear all my bits it totally uncensored they have among serious it's beautiful so it all the sudden you decide that you don't like what a guy says on twitter so his minions which are very similar that is voiced on the radio very so they are not identical i'll be silenced it gets squirrelly the whole thing is a backlash it's a backlash the the racism and or implied racism of his tweets you know look did i do i is that he just went on the radio and explained himself and more than one hundred and forty characters yes 'cause i bet he could invented the exact same rage the next day with no twitter thing and people would not have had a problem with it if he said it with his words he explained what happened there's a no problem with fucking getting out anything super important where you don't want to have any miss
takes and how you're being perceived with one hundred and forty characters wait you're saying can't animal savage you know he's not talking he's writing a bunch of shit down so humanities conveying those thoughts do you not think that he would have those thoughts up this check him do expect him to be you know and delicate his approach to violence like i don't know what you're looking for here because if it's just that you i think that what he said is racist have you ever listen to that show is if you listen that show he says shit like that all the time also if you have a job as a show host or a pundit you really need to be allowed to say what you want on your social media even if it kind of damage is maybe asian but no but but no because look if he said all jews need to be thrown into an oven and pissed on while they're on fire no no that's right that's a little bit different so but is it different because where does where does one draw the line what if he said that he's only joking it turns out he's actually jewish is that ok
i don't know nearly enough about him or the show so i really don't know i think it's the same thing i think when when you say something absolutely totally awful like that like all like you can't be associated with my company right that's not a serious person at that point it's a crazy person and it's a dangerous person too because who knows what percentage of the population listening it's unhinged has been waiting for a girl like you to come along but he didn't do that you know what he did is respond to a person who attacked him and then talk in very racial terms about this scenario and he has in the past on the radio show about what it's like to worry about black violence on white people yeah and and that's what it was that with like the young turks thing i
you saw i don't know if you saw that or not but that was it called more races that was one of the worst things i've ever seen i lost i'm sorry all respect for them just based off that one interview 'cause it was completely you can know that they don't the the backstory they they don't know they don't sure but it's an interesting thing though isn't it when you're looking at someone who doesn't know anthony doesn't know the show doesn't know the back story and is responding to deciding everything right there you know that he's perving but he's taking a picture of this men cumming industry not know think about all those other pictures that he had taken and that he is an amateur photographer he loves taking pictures in a candid photo of a woman walking down street she's pretty she had long legs and said nice body look good you know for three hundred in the morning trust up less st absolutely street meat but they jumped on him unfairly and that's like fox news it was like wait aren't you supposed to be the opposite of this no i don't think it was like fox news i think it was like they perceived what his
i'm telling you there's a fuckin real problem with saying something like that one hundred and forty characters it's stupid like did some dumb shit on twitter before i've had people write full blogs unlike why tweet that i had there was like a joke is a joke tweet i get that i that you could decide that you know you have a green light to write something which is one hundred and forty characters doesn't work doesn't work for anything important if you really had a situation where you thought you is in danger or you you know you were you know you're going to go unconscious you're going to lose your eyesight like apparently like spots on his eyes wouldn't you here that like the full version of it i think of anthony just would tell the full version of on the air and avoid the tweets none of this would have happened he would be able to express himself the exact same way that fucking animal he would have been able to say whatever he wanted he would have been able to talk in depth about
black on white violence which i'm not saying that's all that exists there's plenty of white on black violence there's plenty i'm so thing that exists mean and it doesn't exist is pretty silly to me to pretend is not black people that will hit wipe so and rob them just like to pretend is not white people who will get black people and rob them of course it this yeah races exist violent racism from ran some people on both sides can and does exist so is he right in in saying that it exists from them or would you have to qualify it first by saying that there's a lot of piece of shit white people out there as well i don't know i don't know but in my opinion what they're doing is silly this is that quote from penn jillette today penn says this if i'm in a position where cross somebody was carrying a gun and can can defend themselves and hurt me and their choices to write angry stuff on twitter instead of fighting me back wonderful gandhi that's gandhi yeah i don't agree with that
i think just 'cause you have a gun that doesn't make you any more special or not like well i didn't use my gun it's like that shouldn't even be on the table in the first place it certainly should be on the table if someone's trying to take your life what's the diff is it someone punishing you with your knuckles and someone beating you to death how much have much of a background do you have in violence if you ever seen someone getting knocked unconscious in a street fight actually yeah but on youtube i've seen in real life i've seen in real life few times and it's terrifying i saw in real life once in hollywood there was a moment in front of the comedy store we're all hanging out it was after a show and guy in this other guy got in this argument and there was if it going by and there right in front of the house of blues which is directly across the street from the comedy store and in the middle this argument there's back and forth and it's a white guy black guy and you see then start to like swing at each other and the white guy goes
into a full panic all i remember is this guy like standing like wincing his eyes and flailing with his hands like literally had just in full panic and this black eyes i see him hit and i see cars going front of it and i don't know what happened i just i know that there are hitting each other because the white guy was flailing but i don't see the connection and then the car goes back you know the car passes and the guys flat out cold on the concrete just in serious trouble he's in the street there's cars going by he's in a fight the guy is completely unconscious and everybody screaming his cars honking and this guys out cold on the street that guy could die easy then let me tell you something a woman can do that to you just like a man can do that to you if you don't think that there is went out there that can punch you in the face and now unconscious 'cause you never been punched by a woman there's a lot of women that can punch really fucking hard you know
this cds snacks is my friend miriam i'm not komodo she's eight time world more ty champion should be the man to kick boxing bout she's beautiful it's nice person make snacks now believe that kick punches you in the face your fucks ville like for real like a regular guy who doesn't know how to fight she'll beat the fucking brakes off you it's not good so he doesn't know anything about this girl and the girls teen off on him with left and rights and she's got like precision punching guess what you're going unconscious so should you applaud him for not pulling out his gun yeah you shouldn't pull out a gun in that situation and he did the right thing so that i agree with them yeah i just won't go as far as saying that he is gone like that's i he's joking yeah i know he's my son who is written she was written you get all up you get off october even you the regular person of course is gonna get because it's not possible to to tell sarcasm like i've i've thought that he was serious because
it's pretty serious god i realized i realized he doesn't show in vegas and ship it he's very seriously he has a lot of serious ideas he is serious mean he's joking that by sings gandhi ready to joke but it's sort of this is yeah the premises absolutely sir is it's true is there anyway to see a security video of how this went down good question good question given how i mean serious is a big company kind of big implications to one of your biggest so will their outrage was all over online i mean people went crazy about it there's petitions right now they're up to like i think last i saw was fifteen thousand you know there's a cancel once canceling and they have to be getting hurt by this because honestly howard stern and opie and anthony that's pretty much you know fueling that channel i i would imagine that do you know that for sure 'cause i don't know what they make their money off i have no idea i would just be guessing well i i would imagine that opie and anthony is definitely a huge pie was a great shy it's a great show and by the way if it was on the internet it would still be awesome if they do
switch to the internet would be huge and you might be a great opportunity for them if they if they can't anthony if they fire anthony just hope he still under contract mean how's that work there what he said today is that him and jim will be back on monday next monday and so they might have they might be making it the opie and jim show just based on contracts but what's interesting is is leading up to this is how much opie has been talking about that he's done he's not going to sign a contract he does he wants to do a podcast he's done an timing of this is very interesting because sometimes on the universe it's very interesting very very interesting yeah wonder man i hope they do a podcast look this shows awesome funny show to watch little jimmy is the funniest guy ever on radio gym now is my favorite guy ever of all time on radio no question about it consistently comes the funny he's alaris an he's smart he's
well thought out he's he's an interesting duties honest i really love joy i think is a hilarious comedian to he's so fun plus he may i feel like i don't feel like so much of a per after i hang out with him like i thought my acted too many dick jokes that i went to see him and i even told them that i go dude i had the best time that you freed me in a lot of ways 'cause sometimes i go yeah i got so many dick jokes why i keep writing dick jokes his whole actors dick jokes from getting to end and i loved it it was awesome i saw him at cobbs cobbs comedy club in austin not cops cap city cap city comedy club ending starting is compound show this week though so that's gonna be interesting is all right i don't know how if he has a lawyer if the city you know i was in a lawyer up nine if but what if he can talk about and what you can't talk about you know it's an interesting well i'm pretty sure he could probably talk about the incident that he could talk about no one could keep you from talking about a person attacking you how could they keep you from doing that
the person that could keep you from doing that is not a person want to be associated with a fire you for that good imagine some keeping you from talking about you being attacked like your own some experience how he expresses himself is entirely up to him i think we'll probably get a more balanced view of it now then when it happened you know i think he's probably going to take into consideration all the he the bullshit in the time it's a lapse in the motions of relaxed in the tension that's relaxed the sting of the punches and he be able to look at it and give you a funny assessment of it but the the show would just be better if they go on the internet do whatever they want one hundred times you don't need anybody anymore i just don't yeah they could move anywhere they want you don't need anybody anymore it's silly it's like the amount of people don't have ipods or iphones or can't get their phone to green through the radio
comma almost everybody now it's really close you know especially if you're commuting if you're getting on subways and shit like that it's actually better then having i'm sort of a satellite that sends it to you you can get it whenever you want you could pause it you could listen whenever you want just a better medium you know and that to me right three cars that have a serious satellite radio i love it it's great i love the fact that i could flip through the shit and listen to new music i love that i can uh get on the classic vinyl station and listen to all classic rock come hold his fuck i'm old is fucking i reminisce listen to some bob seger i like it i like serious i'll keep it as a product but man you gotta realize what you're selling music channels are definitely great for sure come into my cars also i just i know that the majority of what i listen to that was open area and it used to be howard stern but again you know it's just kind of
the same yeah i think that i think that they would be just as happy if not happier on the internet i think they would do just as well if not better on the internet i don't think any downside to this no one can stop you anymore these just be able to fire you and that was it they can't do that anymore does anybody could just go on youtube with their cell phone you just start david seaman show sitting here at chipotle click this government bill's going on right now is a school should just basically what i do yeah i think with a green screen using a cellphone a green screen what if this would have happened if that series just instead took a different route because i you know they about their studio how horrible it is and stuff like that what if they could just send it and michael like kind of what you know joe rogan experienced two then we you know so right right right but what if would they still be as upset if he did all of this we rampage if he just had to send in show where they had their own staff they own employees their own sponsors and they just send it in water
into a lot of what ifs now that we're not business people obviously right that's why we work together i don't know what it would be like to be a part of a shareholder corporation they have shares their response for a lot of shit like they have to listen to a lot of people man there's a lot of people involved you have companies man anytime it's crazy and people start protesting you gotta act you gotta get out there and you gotta save this company as a shareholder you know is that ceo like the guy that the fucking nba guy when they when they got rid of call sterling was his name that fucking bald dragula can dude it was so ridiculous on that podium was so ridiculous this or that goofy fuck that shit was so as we find him the maximum amount you know there that drives me crazy that whole story like you got an old guy who is known for saying racial shit he tells his girlfriend she can fuck black
just don't take pictures of them and all you can focus on is the picture part she he's let her fuck black guys and you guys going to find him right two dot five million that's ridiculous the highest amount seems reasonable he told her don't take pics black guys with an asshole you can fuck him now they leave that out that totally leave that out why would he leave that out because you can't you can't bring it up if that was commissioned that was you and you were the commissioner of the nba and you had to explain to people and you are looking on the bright side he's allowing her to fuck black guys right yeah i don't i don't know what to make of that one either 'cause it seems like this goes back but you're saying about how to you into to get altercation or something both people kind of need to be involved right and you don't have to be an asshole and say those things and if you're going to be an asshole and say those things you have to be aware
but if you are also prominent and you own a fucking sports team people are going to listen to what you say more more so than somebody in a trailer saying the same thing on youtube right like if you post that in the youtube comments section not going to see a national uproar especially if you're not that dude but if you're a bill in air and you own a sports team and you're always in the public eye even if your old it's not excuse for saying racist shit you're absolutely right and i agree with you one hundred percent but here's the bus you're looking at this guy and this guy is being recorded against his will he has no idea is being recorded that's what he says cnn mel gibson possible scenario you're in this scenario where you're dating this girl and she don't know she black thank you i don't know what's going on i have no idea what the stories but i know that he did say should have paid her off that is what he said there was one of his quote that he should have paid her off and all the stuff comes out and you got no one is saying that what she did is illegal no ones freaking out everyone is paying attention to the fact that i think people are free
now that it comes across as an asshole to exactly i should have paid her off you should have said sorry like that to everybody is the kind of the character of the old billionaire who represents everything that the average working person kind of despises right this old white guy is saying this shit that really is insensitive it best and that's one of those situations where i can did the media is just manipulating people and it's just like shit anger that were being collectively drawn into right at the same time like well and the guy is kind of an asshole like there's not one hundred percent culpability in either direction exactly just like what we talking about all day it's the same thing it's like is not black and white everything's like somebody like that i give less leeway for sure like somebody like that less leeway than a private citizen way to me he's a private citizen but i mean billionaire and you own a sports team you have to be aware that you have an influence when you say thanks where is it some person on the sidewalk who says that most people are going to be like well it's not
my job but you can't see i can't see a way to justify recording someone an playing what they said no matter what it is if it's not a crime you so if it is mildly offensive is that it is offensive but he's in a old guy and he's got this young girlfriend he's trying to fuck and were supposed to it's not a statement he's not making an affadavit he's trying to bang some chick he's telling please i don't care if you fuck i'm just don't take pictures with him ok he's trying to get his freak out she chords that i mean that's exactly what happened and that is exactly what he said happened he thought it was a the conversation between the two of them is it speakable that he doesn't want to take pictures with black guys 'cause it makes him look bad yeah it's not cool but he tells little fuck 'em i mean that is that is part of what he said right and this isn't as simple as racism he said i don't care if you fuck them like how racist is he he's letting her fuck black guys well that's a low level racist for sure and it
he does he saying this in public is this a big bold statement on twitter like anthony no no he's that confines of his own home and he's trying to get laid probably had a couple of drinks in am two you're going to hold the guy to that publicly yeah is an asshole yes but he's not sure hurt feelings is not trying to spread hate me just get laid it seems to me that the intent of but you're saying like the context in the intent are pretty crit so when you release something like that and you get angry and find someone for something like that that was knee jerk reactionary responsive they took regardless of whether the guy is an asshole i heard both ways of her more than he is that he isn't who knows i don't know but i don't like it i don't think it's cool i think it's cool you take this old asshole and do that to him and i think to wind up selling the clippers for like a fucking trillion dollars and he's going to profit off of it anyway yeah and there's reports that he's just going crazy
and that's also taking something that like you say private you know the internet in your own house like it that's should be uh is one hundred percent illegal like i shouldn't have to worry about you taking all my texts and all my stuff out of my phone and then putting it online now why are you being fine tuned half million dollars of a crime wasn't committed right exactly you're not the government why are you finding somebody that much money it's one thing if it's like we're going a dock your pay for a week that's chump change i understand he's a billionaire but you're enforcing something with a lot of weight i couldn't agree more and i also think that it's a situation that merits a serious conversation start serious conversation about race about context about privacy it may is that what it doesn't matter is some guy giving and can speech where he this righteous indignation in his voice we're going to find him the maximum amount mean basically running for president or something he's got that fake politician thing going on with giving a speech totally
ingenuous the whole thing's goofy but you gonna flat are you not paying attention to the whole recording while you focus on the one part don't take pictures with black guys there freaks he's letting her fuck guys like this is not a normal dude and he's at home in his bedroom is this real is this a real world where you just find him two one slash two million dollars from that you guys are assholes the whole thing is an asshole organization but you should all do is sit down and have a conversation everybody sit down and you go what happened here and it's a chance to say well i was hanging out with this chick and she by are ferraris and shit i gotta that penthouse for she's my good mod i got her on his side but ever you know she fucks all the black guys which takes pictures of my friends sticking my face mocking me so i told i don't take pictures of black guys please would you freak out if someone said that you would like that's an unfortunate relationship for that poor old billionaire and sort of an unfortunate even more unfortunate relationship for that lovely young lady who is such a
low self esteem that she needs this old man to pay for her sex and buy her things and that's how she gets back goodbye hustling and in the meantime she hangs out with all these black guys whatever man what do you give a fuck this is goofy is a goofy if you'd be taken at my cnn with over and over and over again playing it back and forth in the sorted details of the donald sterling tapes emerge he didn't want him come on come on silly it's fucking it's a non issue is not uh call percy's not hitler seat i would say a racial slur the n korea people are being sent to concentration camps cnn has zero interest in really covering that you know that the depictions the illustrated depictions that that one guy who escape from camp you've ever seen that one the guy was came from the prison camp was showing the various stages brian pulled out pulled it up 'cause you could see it you could you could look at the
actual images yeah i don't think i've seen it but do not spring it's going to freak you the fuck out it's a guy who is tape from this you know essentially slave camp the slave prison we have like hundreds of thousands of people there who are in straight up concentration camp people were born there man so people are born in these camps mean it's unbelievably heartbreaking when you hear these stories and one guy escaped and he had been i think is the same guy he had been born there he grew up there he had no idea what life outside the camps was and he started explaining the various aspects of torture what level of deterioration they would judge prisoners out means complete nazi germany type shit and it's going on in twenty fourteen right now it's just like nazi germany stuff i mean it's i don't know how they single out the prisoners what they're in there for why that is political dissent is it prime i don't know what it is but dave
what if when they once they've decided this is the enemy this is us the right to good okay i don't have to do anything over there he i think sent like all of his girlfriend's family his ex girlfriend's family to one of the camps or some like it's crazy he did he's he's a little light kim joy whatever i forget the guys name kim jong just google that and like ex girlfriend well i know he did that one girlfriend he killed his uncle right here secured his uncle he's a crazy dude so that anyway my point that is that shows you the whole media moral equivalency thing is bullshit they focus on things if it's a more outrage and i'm like yeah i could see how this is offensive but what about that what about everything else happening in the world yeah i don't know man it's just i couldn't even imagine living in a place like n korea mean it's not even
when you put your head in that place we're going to bring up whatever the thing is brians is trying to find it soon as you find is the search terms i'm not finding did you write n korea escape pictures n korea a scape pictures he he drew them all it's really dark shit man drew all these images of do you know what it is you know i'm talking about i didn't find it oh yeah it's prisoner right yeah right yeah that's it yeah the manner escape to north korea prison this is it so this guy he drew these depictions of like how malnourished people would be and how they would treat them um how they would treat them based on what they weighed what jobs would give
i am about to the moment they died you know and some on real stuff yeah it's insane like this this guy's killing babies is yeah dude is it's dark and it's going on right now mean dudes confirmed i mean it's scary place when you you know that the hi who's the head of korea right now someone was trying to make cool against him he had him assassinated any at his sons assassinated 'cause he thought his sons would one day try to seek revenge and she had sons killed and then he had his wife and he gave his wife a raise yeah gay there are like a better position in arrays like the whole situation is completely gangster could you asian guy kills your sons and then gives you some sort of a new job oh okay yeah seemed normal well they treat him almost is like a god right so it's a little bit different they warship everything he
'cause i think it's just straight fear you know i don't know that's probably part of it also do you know that when his father died if people didn't cry convincingly enough they got like six month terms two thousand and fourteen all right now have to include crazy i can't see why the twitter storm can't focus on that for a little bit make his life difficult what can you do what can i do sending pizzas tentatively time how much spank rock on until the us invasion well the problem is that they'll take it they'll be fine there's enough resources that they'll be fine people will starve to death i mean look what they're doing to these people in these prisoner camps fucking unbelief terrifying shit man that that can happen the world can vary so much that's what's scary is it 'cause it gives us the possibility of that happening here
you start thinking like man so that's why i'm so against like government overreach 'cause it doesn't start all at once and then at one point that was a new thing for them like oh i guess we got this now right and then you grow up and that's just normal see even though it's completely insane to everybody else that's what this surveillance stuff is complete insanity and body in europe is pissed off about it in here things have been how to normalize and it's like well it has kept us safe and the new thing that came out i think in the washington post of the times is about how nine out of ten people that grabbing the photos and videos and stuff of are not even the targets they're just people being incidentally so stop so when they say like we're incidentally grabbing their data it means like really intimate stuff like the go conversations that people have had with their partners are just being stored in databases and
that's the beginning of and there is another report that they might be collecting baby photos the nsa might be archiving peoples baby photos that's the beginning of not tomorrow but maybe in fifty years for sure some shit like that 'cause that's how it starts right there's like you get to stage one maybe we don't even see stage two in our lifetimes but to give people you don't know that kind of power is insane right and if things go bad that's when you can justify stage to what things are fine now but look what if a tryna type situation happened one of the things that every leader every great military leader knows is that you must capitalize on opportunities and when it tragedy takes place it's not just a tragedy but it's also an opportunity for more control and it's the things that classically people have done throughout time an in us history it's very easy to map and that's one of the reasons conspiracy theories are so rampant when it comes to big crime
like oklahoma city because you see a ramp up of the laws afterwards and a lot of people think well this is a fall flag of an it was used to justify the ramping off of laws and now they have more control well or not it was or wasn't the point being every time there is some sort of an incident with things go bad whoever he's a power hungry fuckhead tried to take more control as if it would have protected them for that situation whether it's the oklahoma thing whether it's nine hundred and eleven if nine hundred and eleven was just an attack and it wasn't just some nefarious so i mean it was just some nefarious plot from some overseas people that had nothing to do with the united states government doesn't matter the united state government still capitalized i think that's absolutely then that absolutely what i believe happened by the way is that there is not a it was not an inside job it was an opportunistic thing afterwards where oh this fee in our lab we're going to capitalize on it to the maximum amount possible which is what they do the neoconservatives under bush got uh
in the two wars that arguably we didn't need to be in at all with the class take military tacked yeah and introduce all these laws that really i think shut down like a lot of innovation we're seeing now people speaking freely podcast you know tv shows where people are really speaking their minds all that shit i went on ice during the bush administration like i hate to be like a bush hater but i know this 'cause i was in high school at the time during the bush administration in high school nine hundred and eleven happened and i notice the kind of death of vitality and like people were afraid to be you don't want to sound like an right like everybody was for the iraq war and if you i don't know like should be going there list of nine hundred and eleven have you forgotten and like i'm not sure how that you are connected really like i'm not sure why people are saying the same thing but the over heading was you don't want to be like against the
country at this important time and that bullshit lasted for a decade where i'm sure a lot of terrible things happen that we don't even know about yet and might not know about for awhile and only now are we starting to see like kind of the flowering of independent thought that probably would have happened ten fucking years ago if it weren't for nine hundred and eleven and if it weren't for that crackdown we have the internet we are on the path and i feel like all this stuff now podcasting could have been in two thousand and four it might have been but the technology wasn't there yet as far as like the ability to broadcast that's true that broad broadband wasn't there yet but just that movement of people speaking their minds would have started sooner and there fear like a lot of people were afraid and there are no fly list that was a serious thing for awhile people would say you around you on the no fly list now is like it was abuse yeah i mean it was abused by can people that they were they were going after consenting journals lara a descent
sing journal lower poitras who did that new york times story about william binney and she's done some other important stuff since then she claims that every time she goes to an airport she gets the full thing because they want to show her like you can either keep an eye on you so you're both just for all they have to do is throw you in a list of the people that are working there giving in the for the for the first king i mean they're not showing her they're just working yeah they're making this amount per hour they're putting in their time waiting for that buzzer to ring so they can get the fuck out of there but someone we have to do is put on a list yeah that's that conveyor belt idea of like once the order it's been given and somebody just doing their job yeah that's why so much bad stuff in the world is happening right now like this is what i research all day i'm kind of a obviously crazy but it very too but that but voluntary industrial complex is clearly real it's a real thing it's an economic force where people get employed by companies the pay them way more than they should be paid for what they're doing right so you get
two hundred thousand dollars to design the next drone any other about your age would be lucky to make forty thousand dollars so you go into this new world where you don't really belong and this is what and snowden from what it seems like this young guy gets into this world where he's making far more money than he would otherwise all you have to who is buying all you have to do is i can see this i can see spying on everybody constantly 'cause it is keeping us safe and uh making a lot of money and if you're the designer drone designer i can see this so from your little perspective it's not all that bad and you branch out zoom out far and you see that we're a society that is basically run by an avatar government that starts or at least provokes wars for its own benefit and for very cynical reasons that have nothing to do with what they tell us on tv and there you go i can't stop the conveyor belt nobody can you can send out ten thousand retweets or a million petitions that does not stop the conveyor belt because at the end of the day that person
who's doing whatever they're doing spying on you or frisking you they're like well i'm not going to the unemployed like i understand what you're saying semen on the podcast and i understand what you know the eff says i'm not going to sit at home without a paycheck i'd rather just be sifting through peoples emails and obviously most people make that choice that's a problem with human nature i guess is people need money to pay their rent and the only solution is to actually change that economic structure like bye bye military industrial complex that's old paradigm shit country to country wharf there is over it's on its way out we're starting to move toward a different kind of system and and that's it's cool for me to watch because it's actually happening like what i'm talking about is not something out in the cloud it's already well underway yeah it's it's a strange time in that their ability to do what they're doing their ability to spy on people their ability to influence people their ability to
have control over the populace with these tools of surveillance is coinciding with people's ability to communicate there being upset about it this is a weird time because in the 60s and 70s when all that watergate shit was going down what voice did a regular person rap you could hope you would just hope the washington post would publish an op ed you agree with and that's pretty much the extent of your power when kennedy was assassinated what what happen who who taught we we know where how the people get their thoughts and you imagine if there is an alex jones back there back then when the real platform how insane that would've been oh my god to thee killed him quick if alex jones lived in one thousand nine hundred and sixty three they would've killed this shit out of him do you imagine there probably was about twenty alex jones at the time and the right is a test but what could he have done though that's the point like alex jones has a really radio show that he doesn the internet his you two videos john youtube channel he the regular radio show mean what could of god have done in nineteen
three the answer is nothing couple i wonder if they did how many people think we're my uncle used to do it all the time it was so creepy like he want to talk to somebody and like talking like other in russia now yeah i knew one dude who did it but that's it one it wasn't like it was like everybody had a radio in their house right growing up there basically everybody had a tv if you didn't have a tv you are a weirdo bobby just family doesn't believe in tv that's like people who don't have internet if somebody says they don't have internet i'm like i don't understand that why would you do yeah well you know i don't want to get caught up in it how about grown some fucking discipline you about joining the human race like if you don't have the internet you don't know what's happening oh i don't know how to get online you don't silly fuck this is the this is the time to voice your opinions on things this is the time to speak up and is the top water time to see that this old thing is luckily ending i think some people are still caught up in the the
police brutality outrage is that you see on the home page of reddit everyday and that people are always tweeting that's too real and i understand why people are pissed that i one hundred percent think it's the right move to shame the shit out of those people and always like have that that fire going but that's not the solution the solution is that economic gradually shifting away from the military industrial thing and we're shifting into a different economic model and that will end this stuff like the spying in the drones and the police brutality that's why ten because you just don't have as many cops and the cops you do have are more locally financed and it's and the way it was and some kind of mad men utopia that probably never existed but was at hell of a lot better than what we have right now yeah what do you think is going to happen do you think is it's a war right now where technology and the access that the average person has the information is at odds with this gigantic neolithic
group of corporation corporations that are sort of combining forces to try to slow down the internet is this a battle like good and evil i fuckin internet control net neutrality and regulations if i want your isp a little fucked him your eyes p number whether it's stopping this tide transcendent even see it good versus evil 'cause then you fall into the bus versus outrage kind of thing i just look at data and that's what i've tried to do with as many as fix my life is possible is emotion is fine 'cause after you see the data you get emotional that's one hundred percent fine but you shouldn't be deriving your conclude and from the emotion and what i see is that a lot of this stuff is going to end just essentially by design by design meaning that as innovation increases people are not going to tolerate it anymore and it'll better technology or better technologies take off i mean the reason why we're having this conversation is not because some ben franklin was
within two hundred something years we will have podcasts because gradual technological innovation comes along and it took probably million things before this to get to this point and now that you're here doesn't take you any more effort to put out a podcast 'cause it's all built and it's the same thing with if you look at the development of travel people used to get around by foot then it was carriages like oregon trail type shyt where if you had to go from new york you might not make it now it's a flight that cost two hundred and fifty dollars and takes like five hours and the same thing is happening with the economy where we're getting away from old kind of for stitious technology and entering the age of science like science is now being applied to economics and to money that's going to change some of the worst aspects of society for sure for sure like i have anything i've researched this is the one of most convinced will not come
true but is already happening around us and what makes you so positive that is going to happen again 'cause it already is it just in the early phases like if you look at the b word you look at bitcoin has an eight juice called to be with yeah 'cause i was debating whether to even talk about bitcoin this time 'cause people get so into it it it's as it's money people get emotional about money you know to get into it in a negative way you mean oh no just don't want to be known as the big point person because that's not the totality of of me right i don't need to worry ok well anyway i'm going to be the alright good i just don't kill people still like your a great advocate for bitcoin and like i'm not trying to be like i'm trying to report on an important shift in society which so anyway the coin is worth eight billion dollars is it really four years yeah four years ago it was worth nothing like one guy traded ten thousand bitcoins on a discussion forum and ixc for somebody to order him a pizza and pay for it
now those ten thousand bitcoins are worth like six point something million so something is happening inside water pizza something happening in society where we're saying like oh we can create money without governments doing it for us and that's a very simple shift it's not a big deal people have already accepted it hurls bitcoin wouldn't be around and if you take that little choice out to its logical conclusion it's going to be a drastically different world in ten twenty thirty years it's going to be a different world in two years no about it i mean i think that we're seeing this now where people are starting to get paid and bit coin i coded who there was a story recently about someone getting paid in big coin well jon fitch got made in that's right in nautilus coin which is an altcoin so you get paid in his last fight yeah nautilus coin he got paid i think it was twenty thousand dollars coin and then some people contributed on top of that
and it ended up on nbc like this weekend's fight he was wearing boxers that had their logo all over it and that was done completely the internet i watched the deal go down on twitter 'cause he and brian kelly interacted publicly and that's pretty cool can you think about like what do we use money for one of the things is sponsoring events like banks on stadiums yeah in a change it's going to be bitcoin in stadium and dogecoin whatever is it large coin or dogecoin i've tried both and i get i get called out either way i prefer to say does going to the sounds a little bit more sophisticated and dog you going yeah what does it stand for it's an internet meme that that dog with the stupid face the shiba that breed is so famous she be new yeah
is she doing he's got the mean that you just put so in front of anything you want to say basically like so rich so wow so that's where doege coin case it emerged as a novelty coin and then not so much transaction volume that people started some people started to take it seriously it's so strange and stuff like that happens isn't it it's like what makes it bitcoin just take take off other than the great design but what makes it big what makes doege coin that makes that's so exciting bitcoins human psychology like that's the reason why the fifty dollars bill in your pocket is at fifty are bill and not a sheet of paper purely psychology you see the pyramid on the back you see the deal on the front that's money to you totally and uh people around the world have said that you know bitcoin and even some people have said that those coin like you know what this is
it's me i understand that it took somebody time to make and that it can't be counterfeit those are really the two biggest properties of any of these coins is it they're hard to make and you can't counterfeit them period so when you get that thing going you try it back and forth over time some people lose their password so over time the amount is reducing talk about big coin not noon one because they're too many does coins the big point you're using it constantly so the amount is being reduced over time just through through usage but unlike a government currency there are people i know that more money will be printed this is the opposite like we we know that only so much is going to be printed overtime and then that's it ever so fascinating and so might happen is some kind of weird feeding frenzy where everybody gets into it wants once because increase sing values create one of the strongest network effects that we know of his people like you think about how fast facebook took off that was just people like oh it's cool that i can casually spy on
my friends that i'm in class with this is oh i now have complete control over my own money and it's appreciating you know at a certain rate that beats anything that of traditional bank and all the problem is that these things come and go so frequently that people don't want to dip their fingers or their feet in the water that it might be the next aol right you know it might first one yeah the first one and then they really get it locked down the what we all agree to a you know elda coin or whatever the we gonna call it yeah you know five years from now or two years from now i'm going to share my strategy and i absolutely do not want anybody to think that this is like what you should do this is just what i've done so people can understand like you know this is what i believe is a good thing to do for me not for anybody else i agree two hundred percent i'm only convinced that this currency thing will take off i'm not even a hundred percent convinced that bitcoin will make it because the bitcoin foundation has been doing some really stupid fucked up things like what well they
points at a guy who has a really checkered past and i feel like i'm dumb dumb should and should not have been a part of that organization but point is is can you do mind saying like what is his checkered past like when you say check past you can google it it's too serious that i don't want to say it but it's really bad bad allergy violent stuff like like molestation type and this i think if you google this it might be public it doesn't really matter but might be now now right anyway the point is that foundation i feel like it's made some bad moves and aside from that the first one so if you look at like compuserve they pay we won a lot of battles were not using fucking compuserve to connect to the internet so i'm only convinced that the technology will win not that bitcoin will win so i do is i own a little bit of bitcoin and again i'm not rich like reasonable person money i own a little bit
coin and i also in a little bit of the three or four currencies after bitcoin that show the most promise and i own enough of each one that should they come in and become the next bitcoin or the next slide coin all be really satisfied but if they don't come in it's not the end of the world yeah and what i'm doing is when one currency doesn't do anything new for two months or something better comes out i shift the money into that one so my id there is however long this process takes a bus going digital to new kinds of money which is happening all be in at least one of the ones that does well we'll just try to keep i think at this point there already mature brands that will take off do you ever see a point where you know how you go to the airport and you see the government currency exchange where it's australian dollars mexican pesos and it has all the things like what the rates are you know those things i have the airport we can exchange your money everything is going come a point where there's so many accepted currencies
and we have that on everything like this is what every prices like it's worth this much of that and it's a fluctuate ing thing on a like a like you know some sort of a stock market sort of a ticker tape type of thing where if luck it does fluctuate on a daily basis i have some bitcoin it's interesting to watch it go up and down sometimes it's a big jump and sometimes it's a big drop what what you just mentioned already exists basically like the alt market will blow your mind if you go on you can bring up it'll blow the mind as far as like the ability to purchase things you know just how many currencies are trading against each other it really is exactly like that foreign exchange board at the airport except way more complex if you go on men pal there are a a range of currencies that you probably and i have not even heard of and trading against bitcoin and in some cases trading against other currencies like their currencies now that don't even really trade against bitcoin because they're like two steps removed from that how would
be possible that all these could exist and you could purchase items from it from with them rather like saying i want to get a case of this delicious c twenty coconut oil this is not a paid sponsor this is not a plug is not like an unfair plug that i put in there but if you want to buy a case of this and would they have to have like a bunch of data like it's worth to doge coins it's with one point nine big you know i mean it would be a program could you have currency exchange program it would be a currency exchange program so it probably won't program they just going to tell the math for it yeah like an app so that you would have to everybody that works in a store like you'd have to run a price what's what's interesting is since this is software and not government issued currencies this stuff can happen instantly you don't view like we need to check in with the government of our crime you know and make sure they're cool with this it just happens immediately so they're already service is being built that are pretty much what you're thinking of like i want to work on universal wallets where you don't have to think about what
currency you're sending you're just sending somebody values so if i want to send you ten dollars worth of internet value i could do it i don't have to even know currency it is as long as it's a mutually agreed amount of money if it could be a mutually agreed apon number like instead of saying this is one hundred bitcoins it could just be this is one hundred one hundred bitcoin is nine thousand eight hundred and which coin is one hundred and one you know to mean like whatever the number is the value number you entered into an app and it will read out what it is and whatever currency you choose to use and sense are going to be done online and it's all sort of in hard drives in the in space you could kind of like have as many of them as you want it it's not like if you had a cash register you're at a store and some asshole comes in with canadian money and he wants australian change like pits get the fuck outta here are you crazy i have australian money but if you are digitally connected and you service twenty major coin you know whatever you would call them programs would you call them
what call are these i think actually i mean it's more software currency but everybody calls it a currency and if you look at hollywood bowl of they have some of those foreign exchange stands also the apple stores you walk in you trade your chinese tourist you trade your one for us dollars then you can shop at the shops that step is going to go away not just on hollywood boulevard all over the world think about how cool that is that now you can travel to any country walk into their malls and just pay with a mutually agreed currency it seems inevitable doesn't sort of like we looked at the internet in nineteen ninety three is like wow this is kind of cool thing that you didn't even seem like it was for it was the internet 'cause it was going through the line the phone line which is the shitty version of the tv that couldn't play movie that's happening now some of these people are weirdos some of this stuff you like doge coin what the fuck is this but like
of that you're starting to see the very beginnings of one of the companies i've been covering is a company that does this like legitimately as a product like they have i think sixteen or seventeen employees and they build currencies that's what they do they build currencies and if they haven't built it they find ones they're taking off and support them in mind them and make money off of them and so you're starting to see like a more professional kind of environment there's still a lot of experimentation but it's starting to be this is serious business and i think citibank so that digital currency by twenty twenty is going to be like a ten trillion dollars three or something insane and we got to get from there to keep from here to there and we're already at the year two thousand fourteen so a lot of money gets made over the next six years a lot of money gets lost and a lot of new stuff gets created that we can't even think of yet i totally could sit i totally could see it it's
seems like the people that are all hedging their bets now and it's almost like they know something is going to happen like they see this bubbling on the surface like a volcano is about to erupt but they can't figure out which where's the mainstream going to come out of it is going to be here is going to be here this is the next internet this is the next thing it absolutely is and it's going to be fucked people i think by now people listen to your show sort of know my track record i wasn't wrong about drones i wasn't wrong about the nsa really and this one you're on about a lot of shit if this is going to be big and it's what's called a black swan event people are from black swan event is the thing like the financial crisis in a way that takes everybody spy surprise and changes everything and this is the same deal it's like now we have an airplane before we didn't what do we do with this airplane oh let's start let's try to fly to london and before you know it you have commercial
flight that's going to happen here is people are experimenting and before you know it there's no more euro dollar there's just bitcoin and whatever else we agree as a people as a species is money and here's where it gets really cool and then i'll shut up about this but somebody on the reddit bitcoin category subreddit posted this think about how if you really think about what's happening people are making money from coins 'cause they have to mind them which takes energy your kill the bill goes up when you're mining these coins you notice the difference and so what people are doing regardless of language is deciding that i can transfer some of my energi for money for actual money that i can use to buy anything else in this physical world so now you have a globally competitive market for enerji that will be created as a result you have entrepreneurs who aren't interested in creating coins they're interested in how do i get enerji as cheaply as
possible so you'll see solar fields in the deserts in africa maybe to fuel a mine for cryptocurrency so it's going to what it's going to do is incentivize a lot of us to find cheaper enerji no matter so you're going to see all this innovation where the energy industry has to get cheaper and cheaper 'cause we have to continue mining these currencies which is pretty crazy to show fashion so it's a technology that by design is good make us amusing all these bullshit terms like better but we're going to care more about cheap energy than we do now which i see is a good thing we're going to care more about what by purchasing power mean did i really agree that this has value and that's cool about all this stuff is that nobody's forcing anybody to do anything it's all vala and it's all happening while marijuana is becoming a legal or becoming legal rather it's all happening on marijuana is legal in colorado they just i just tweeted something today about the statistics from colorado that they're getting back
from as far as crime and revenue more revenue than ever before more revenue than even projected and less crime you are locking up poor tourists in college kids and now it's no longer a crime so you're making money off of them shit loads on in new york legalize it brian he talk about this i gotta pee yeah new york today legalize medical marijuana it's become the latest state to permit this use monday it said hey i found that video though that you were talking about earlier about you come at me oh oh yeah it's do you even lift bro is that the one yeah bro look funny see what this is but i don't know the medical marijuana thing though in new york is uh i don't think it's it's like legit medical marijuana it's probably not going to be like the california i just got my license renewed yesterday and
the first time where it actually was a little bit harder than normal and if it was just the doctor 'cause the doctor was like this old doctor and you walk in and you guys alright why do you need medical marijuana use i used to be able to just say it eases me stress i it helps me go to sleep at night it helps me and what's funny is those things are true like you would probably be taking xanax or sleeping pill if you are using weeds exactly when people say like all the medical marijuana patient like it actually is medison right but he came at me like that medical medical reason well i use it to sleep that's non medical reason i get for stress that's not met you my court then i finally said headache hey guys all right that's a medical reason and then he like sign a paper but my friend that with this guy sounds like the grand terino of existing ls yeah that's weird why would you do that why would you go to the go to idleman would you go anywhere else alot of money
bitch he's you know he went to jail though he gets my props 'cause he went to jail he was like one of the pioneers have a two hundred start manage twenty versus two hundred so it's less than that but i know what you're saying but just yeah you get some i'm not scared if i'm going to jail for a joint then you're not going to go to jail with decriminalising california along time arnold schwarzenegger decriminalised it the worst you can get is like your ticket you get a ticket if they catch you smoking and it should be heard you're right to point out the legalization thing is that's happening simultaneously and is everybody is important like yes because it's creating entrepreneurs and creating revenue by people that smoke pot it's a completely different ethic even amber lyon our mutual friend his committed you know pretty much for professional time right now to promoting this idea of medical uses for psychedelics which is it was recently in slate like seems like the whole kind of mainstream consciousness is coming around to this idea that shit if it works
we're starting to have that attitude towards everything like bitcoin sounds crazy but if it works in the fees are lower why not yeah it's the same with this like if people can be more relaxed and maybe have some simple insights why not we should give our ambers websites reset dot me reset dot me and it's a new website that she created entirely based on the idea of reset consciousness through psychedelics and all the latest research and news on psychedelics she wants it to be like the huffington post for psychedelics she went hog why i found that it's one full on hogs one full aug video that he was out talking about earlier that do you even lift bro okay it gives all actually we don't talk about amber because she's she's this new website is very very important for she she can out was really she talked about on the podcast she's really like down in the dumps and very bummed out about her situation leaving cnn and decided to take a trip down to the jungle and went to
but she was working in the she's working in the factory and finally saw how the sausage is made exactly for i mean i used to i still consider myself a journalist and it is a depressing moment when you realize that this is fucked but you don't work for anybody do no i don't for this kind of journalist you know the best kind of journalist is the kind of journalist that just but i mean she saw that from within cnn i just see that from outside i'm like oh these people are all fucked up but she got to see that from the inside which it's got a fascinating well fascinatingly also depressing 'cause how hard do you have to work to get the cnn yeah very hard i mean look if they find out you're not playing ball lot of people have these idealized visions of what they're going to be able to accomplish as a journalist you know i'm going to be the next guy who breaks the big story the next girl who takes down the evil regime and then you get over and you film the evil regime when you have all this evidence and you risk your life and it gets really crazy and hairy and get back to the states and they put out and info peace like an info tainment infomercial piece on the city and you like wow
how can we have a sniper footage where is the sniper footage where is the people dying where is the what do you guys doing here what's going on here you just made up fluff piece the best starbucks of anywhere in the middle east are her new site is great though she a lot of time on it and a lot of effort so just just to check it out for something that's interesting go to reset dot meet lots of cool stuff on there too like i said she wants it to be the huffington post of side alex so what we saying about the do you lift so i just found that video that we had brought up earlier that we're going to talk about he does pranking i guess a giant people absolutely left on the why is this old or new a year too old surprise you guys haven't seen it but he doesn't do stuff fees this is sam is gone yeah why won't they fix my heart is is the skin is thing everything in my life that's right you got to start lifting man you're gonna salvador he hi my friend
where is supposed to mean to get yourself into a world child my friend oh yeah casing it terminal walk away thriller lift up your glasses oh yeah oh hey yes what do you do if you call me out in the middle of something you call me after be a small in the middle courtyard here i am you do it what do you mean what am i doing you must be looking to get punched in the face punishment which what which cheek yo do you guys need a number of the gym be sure i just look at you guys it is our listing i've been going into my house if you are you sure about that guaranteed let's go the list of i gotta get on the bike to buy gotta black top but i i'm pushing his mother fucker you're pushing and pushing no well if you can lift you better put over your shoulder and walk with it you
alright let's go this one doesn't seem all that maybe this is one hundred and eighty five one eighty five i would what do you want to do with the press how many times you want to do five is it that said i was expecting a number somewhere around thirty so should know americans my play college football i'm trying to go to leap upward of two hundred and twenty five at least fifteen times right now awesome brought you want to do what i want so if you are way less than you do i say let's go over you start going no problem i'm going to make some money alright what's up bro do you even lift even live bro are you looking at ski malicious many of the girls bigger than you but i start lifting i think i was pretty cool about it excuse me do you mean left
so that's that's where this do you even lift bro meme comes from ok now i get it i just thought it was people being silly online i didn't know that there was a video that originate from makes sense so what about search form squares what you mean when you say try to look a shot so what do you mean i try to look like a big shot i'm just like i was lucky to get peter right now what people think that's funny it is kind of pie do you even lift bro is a funny thing to say to people but man these guys getting close to getting fucked all right i think that's a people like i think is that i don't i did it i think it's real i don't think he stages these beforehand and i just think it's fun to watch people do i'm comfortable things yeah that get this rate reached out as
yeah wow that's interesting well this is one of the things like we're talking about with the opening entity thing like how different people handle different situations you know like how differently people handled him you know the guy who shook his hand that probably if somebody said why don't you live to be like whatever like but it's it's the interesting how different people handle different situations in a completely different thing and you could be different every day like the way you handle one situation like that guy came up to you today or if that guy came up to you immediately dmv yeah we're anything fucked up anything wrong fight with a girl fight with a guy fight with the mom fight with the dad fight with the boss whatever it is traffic bullshit flat tire someone stole your laptop fuck you fuck you i don't lift fucking asshole you know it depends entirely on where you're at that is a problem with human beings are not ready somebody beat his ass
this guy discovers you gonna hit me if you yeah really i need a battery charge during a hot day will do one say it again say it again say it again a poop my pants you guys even small chicken legs hands call i'm using your reaction alright alright thanks about that was good ask are you being frank this is david that cool for user reaction your reaction was priceless awesome that's actually does that i'm love how much i love how much shit you can do to somebody as long as afterwards like hey man this is going on youtube people they like i'm going to be famous fuck for telling you i'm gonna kick your ass silly but you can get in trouble man people don't know they're being pranked they might fucking hit you and they might hate you because you seem crazy you have crazy person coming up to him
starting shit for no reason they don't know you you might be nuts man and it might make worse that your videotape and look at the i look at all these videos that we've been showing lately people just freak out when they get a video tape they don't give a if it's a joke or not he can with that check it was hitting that dude if he's telling the truth by the way by the way jamie show me on gawker right now there's a whole story where the interview am the guy and he's completely row without exactly what happen will happen after he thought he was still recording but when she hit his camera but it turned it off and he thought you still recording and scratched it also and then they said that they were going go call pat and pat was going to take care of all this and so they went to the car and so he was at how i'd say he sent the his girlfriend was back at the house i guess he was gone for like an hour when i say it with video and they called the police everything but they were gone but hi yeah it it's right he sent his girlfriend the video yeah well just in case if they took his phone like that kind of shit well he just wanted to show like look what happened like look what's going
right now why now yeah well strange world we live in send a video over there falling through the cellular network isn't it shitty and compressed though no not anymore used to be i don't know about that i just got one the other day and it definitely wasn't perfect was i found an iphone yeah it should fine unless it's over i think two minutes and then it might start compressing it by in normal videos you like you know like a minute clip or whatever this is usually for eddie bravo sent me a video of me getting out of that tank that crazy a frozen two hundred immediately below zero tank and it looks like shit i do know if you cross platform it a lot of times it will be constrained platform he has an i phone i have an iphone sent to me i saw that on your twitter by the way what is that about the tune in forty degree as thing what happens is you go into this thing for two minutes and what happens is your body thanks you just got you know dropped off at the top of the world like this yes one forty degrees below zero is an insanely cold
and you do it for two minutes and your body rushes all your blood to the surface of your skin to try to heat it up 'cause it's freaking out i can't believe how cold it is and then when you get out after two minutes it realize like oh this is like a normal temperature and everything relaxes and the idea that flush is out inflammations incredibly efficient like if you have injuries and inflammation incredibly efficient at reducing it did it help you to fuck you great makes you feel good too it's really crazy is it painful while you're actually in the negative two hundred and forty no no not just we're two colds even care quick you know because it's so quick brahma sent it to you so if you could throw it or i should do you jamie is this an expensive thing or is it something that could be in malls in a couple of years oh oh it's expensive is focha it's expensive to have one of those that's that's what it's expensive but to use it i'm not sure i don't think it's how much i don't remember quite honest with you sounds like a cool idea i mean it sounds like the kind of polar opposite of
people go to saunas get although you know expand your if skin and whatnot and get talks that is in some ways it's somewhere is is kind of the opposite but in other ways it's just another way to get your body to do things that are you know than just resting you know the song or put picks up your growth hormone and picks up like doctor run to patrick wrote a whole piece on the benefits of sauna currently son has like some like that hyper heating environment like the hot air for short periods has a pretty significant effects on recovery in the body so the russians had it right all along man ever seen that thing they do called the banya do they had it right all along they would do these hot cold bass it would go back and forth and do this bonnie a thing where they go to the sauna
they slapstick so yeah yeah i saw i saw a vice video about that it's pretty fucking cool i'll email to brian shaw email to jamie lee meant to brian ok um ok what is it you know it is yeah i'm just trying to find here alright sounds with you um what we're talking about cool shit but hole shit happening now what was but what was it what was the subject that were just talking about before the before the video yeah before this thing i'm sending it to him um before that i was just going on my ramble about how bitcoin is going to change everything no i had i had a point about this fucking tank thing and i forgot it now i was asking about the i said you were saying though i'm not sure the place
i went to is in hollywood and i don't know how much across i should look it up i should look it up 'cause it's a good spot but athletes are using a kobe bryant is like one of the first guys to bring back from europe it's just in europe they have figured out quicker than america america's on do it now that inflammation is one of the huge causes of all sorts of elements in the body physical injuries sickness is information from your diet information from exercise strain stress all sorts of different things that cause your body to have information that it fucks up a lot of systems of the body and for recovery reducing inflammation is really critical they used to do these ice baths where guys would go into like a tub like this big steel tub and they would just pour buckets of ice in there
cold water and you would sit submerged inside this thing and they would do the of a similar version of but it take far longer it wasn't nearly as effective and they figured out how to do this one which is really i'm i mean it's just knowing not that painful it's interesting it's weird you you do you do you do it get out there like well like who you know like your whole bodies like it just feels like as soon as you warm up everything just like is it's only two minutes and everything just free flows and it feels like you have like extra blood pumping through your body or something you feel like you just get this charger energy that sounds cool it's really cool i'm going to look into that just outta curiosity 'cause i do infrared saunas and i get you feel good for the rest of that whole day if you do the sauna like three hundred or four hundred pm the rest the day you're a little bit lighter little bit friendlier and like everything is nicer yeah
massage is great for that too there's also cryo healthcare that's the name of the place how much does it cost does it say as a store let's find out how much it costs but it's something that they figured out like a lot of different things they figured out in europe there it is that's me coming out of it right yeah that shouldn't be that compressed it's not even video now two minutes read it hi you will not i mean the breathing was really weird ok whatever it was awesome
it's crazy how hard it is to breathe in there that's the weird thing when you breathe who it's like a labored breath you know there's does the video but i'm gonna do it all the time now i can't wait to do it again they have more over the place uh ian mccall does it every day he's one of the search for the ufc flyweight division when the best in the world he does it every day he's doing that cryotherapy shit goes he went up to two hundred and sixty three degrees below zero 'cause he's an extremist he does like three minutes and twenty seconds something fucking ridiculous yeah long as anyone's ever done the coldest everyone anyone's ever done this collision negatives and in a good now not to me you know i don't know what happens with other folks you turn into subzero you start freeze and other people the star you slow though there's many many articles on cryotherapy though both cryotherapy applied to sports and athletic performance cryotherapy
applied to injury and recovery there's a bunch of different things you could do now it's interesting there's a thing called the hyperbaric chamber there's that that aids in recovery and oxygen utilization healing of the body like guys have injuries like your riaa faber he had a bunch of contusions on his leg from his fight you got leg kicked a lot and that was fucked up and swollen and he went and hyperbaric chamber that helps yeah it helps him with his hands to his guys get his hands healed after broken we went to the hyper bericht chamber it's pretty incredible cool can i have some amazing shit now we're just we're just a few years away from creating like bulletproof immortal people you know i mean we're we're maybe like a hundred like if if we live to be a hundred years more if you in beings don't blow each other up they're gonna have bullet proof
in going to have organs that never tire they're going to have a genetic code that just never drops off i think we're less than one hundred years away from an actual ftl drive if it can be built i think it will be built in the next one hundred years ftl faster really nasa came out with that just the media stunt was like a computer generated image of what an ftl starship might look like how i saw that yeah the warp drive so yeah the warp drive thing and i think it is it happened again like assuming we don't all kill each other it will happen in the next month what would be the point where we could get there eventually how do you say that what what could give you any indication that they will be able to surpass the speed of light it seems like an energi problem and i don't even know what kind of advances are going to happen in enerji just within our lifetime so i don't want to and the ftl drive expert but that's i
this is working on it came up with some kind of innovation where it would require far less energy than they originally thought to do this you know the war but the space time fabric or whatever the it does right and the fact that he figured that out means that now they can work on a proof of concept they can do a very small version and a laboratory one day and once they have that that's all you need to get industry interested you know like why why should we build a faster than light spacecraft it's kind of a self explanatory thing like cool as get resources anywhere in the galaxy of course people are going to try to build it if it becomes reasonable it's interesting if you look back on one thousand nine hundred and forty was at forty five when the atomic bomb was first detonated and think about one thousand nine hundred and forty five to today and how long it is seventy plus years exactly yeah i mean think about how primitive our technology was back then they had this stupid radios the tube radios that would get like two channels and they built a nuclear bomb no kidding right now
we have smart phones that are so good i mean i was thinking about how the year house and i had a palm pilot knows really excited about it because it is the best you could have yeah have random bits of pop up antenna the little i had a hard antenna the noble i donated come up like you you would pull up we went to school if you were very lucky in that all the stars were aligned you could send an email i'm a shitty little keyboard and you pay like seventy dollars a month for the data plan for like five hundred kb something yeah i enjoyed my palm pilot i felt like i had a computer with me i was being fucking real i was on i was on the ball into technology ball but compare that to today and that's only fourteen years amaze you know what amazes me the most still to this day shazam that app that you can you hear a song you just press that and do it see i did other day it was loud as fuck in this restaurant in this song was planned and i was like that song is cool what the fuck is that song and i was like this thing to work perfect instantly
give the app gets better all the time to that app like like whatever they've done to it it's the new processing power of the new phones as a phone more powerful more resources are available for these apps to figure things out like that i don't know how it does it understand how it works but it's incredible we can do now incredible the heart rate monitors that work off of the flash on the back of the phone that's insane it's pretty cool put my finger over the camera i even use the the ten thousand steps thing that the samsung has were it tells you when you've had ten thousand steps in a day really i try to hit that big is it it's just good like if i look down and it's eight hundred pm and it says only six thousand steps i'm like ok just go walk to the la river is kind of close to where i live so i'll just walk down there and back 'cause i know it's about four thousand steps i do that and then i feel like i've hit my quota for the day so you have a cell phone that's keeping me healthy pretty much that's incredible yeah i'm a maniac dog get those ten thousand before i did anything just so i could be able to do whatever the fuck i want for the rest of the day i would just
the staircase and keep walking up and down it like it idiot i probably would i'm not kidding i can have something like that where there's a number in front of me that i have to achieve everyday 'cause i'll just go nuts i'll just do it right away just hated immediately yeah i'll just go ok what time is it it's nine hundred o'clock by one thousand o'clock i'm gonna have ten thousand steps redico how long would it take you to do ten thousand steps it's not that long it's like maybe like twenty thirty minutes of walking it's done that's it i think so that's why you need to do in a day i mean it's gotta be brisk walking but are we already consider brisk like just short of a power walk pretty much got jogging but when i walk it's to get cardio so that's interesting do you ever do that sometimes the air sometimes the airport when i know i have like a long walk a treated like a workout and i just say i'm just going to walk fifty percent faster than i would ever walk and just give it that extra like an when i hit the ground like push off mother fucker i don't do that airports cuz i just
shut down in airports i feel like you're almost like this this freight that just needs to be transported where you need to go like i'm normally in my head and before you know it you're there i like music man very rarely at the airport without music very rarely makes the whole trip so much fun when you're sitting down and just chilling out waiting for your flight to take off and have some really good music like i don't even mind never mind waiting you can enjoy the music the prob and with a lot of travel is the downtime problem that's the problem the problem is you're not doing what you want to do but what people don't think give is that you can do what you want do while you're doing what you don't want to do like if is a time where you have to do something like just sit and wait you can listen to a book on tape you can go audible dot com get a book on tape you can listen to this podcast you can listen to some cool music and it makes it better it literally
it's better than just sitting there i have dummy like why does this thing take off just plonk plonk crank i did the airport there again for vegas i was listening to shooter jennings ever listen shooter jennings holy shit wow in jennings son has some fucking talent he's good dude he's got some great songs it's really good interesting stuff so that was my that was my travel time i travel time was listening did some new music is good and they grew up books i like reading on flights 'cause nobody can interrupt you there's no phone call or nonsense i like writing on flights that's my i get some of my best writing down on flights for whatever reason are you working on a book or something 'cause i think you mention for that you right yeah well i write down i'll eventually probably put together as a book i'm not giving myself any i like especially right now i'm concentrating almost entirely on writing stand up i'm going to do
special in that it is actually just went on sale today for denver i'm going to be in denver on sh august 22nd and 23rd twenty it's friday night it's like the night before that a pinched to have fun and do some shows and get lou and then on saturday night i'm recording my comedy show at the comedy works it be fun cameras a cool city i like a colorado in general cala rado is the shit right now it's changing changing radically it's like all this marijuana money is really transferring the consciousness of this entire city a lot of people could about it and you know they're worried about you know in the various elements getting involved in all sorts of weirdos and biker gangs and who knows who's going to have money now
but the pros to me so severely outweigh the cons it's like you're giving adults the ability to choose responsibly whether they use it or don't use it you're what you're doing is you're giving people freedom and freedom always makes better just does so long as no ones getting her internet freedom to fuckin cell poison and not talking about freedom to shoot darts at fucking babies what you're talking about is freedom to ingest a plant that grows naturally on earth yeah and the government let's you frack for thousands of miles but you can't you can't blow a puff of smoke in the air that happens to be an herb like it's one of those things where it's so intrinsic ridiculous that that's why it's changing all at once yeah it's interesting we have i think this is one of the coolest times ever to be alive i really do and i think one of the reasons why it's when the coolest times ever to be alive is because it's just so chaotic and so strange and no one can do anything about it no one can stop it now they're going to try to attract
we're going to try to put the breaks here and charge people for that and you're going to you're in trouble when you're on a list and i'm going to watch you what are you trying to be anonymous you fucker i want to know where you we were talking about this right before the show like all that shit that's coming out like all the corruption and anger and government incompetence i'm starting to believe that it has to be there because that's what wakes us up to we don't need so many agencies we don't need like so the wars and so much bullshit let's just decide things for ourselves and of course we need some walls we need some police some roads and that's really it thank you very much you know like have a nice day we don't need you archiving fucking baby photos yeah we have gone over the line and so you're seeing that people realize that people realize that banks are ineffective in greedy people realize the old media is dying out and they don't give a shit about their viewers so they're just moving over to better stuff and it's happening across the board in pretty much every industry even though i had this woman tiffany van gogh
be on my show recently use another podcast host an she was talking to me about how all these grocery store now have an organic section and that's taking off and so you're seeing like this we have new standards like that's i think what's happening is that we have higher standards than we used to and so you across the what is better stuff yeah there's no doubt that things are getting more complex and harder to control there's no doubt and there's no doubt that these old systems whether it's like afternoon when you watch the news at six or five for whatever the it is it seems like you're watching a parody right anchorman is becoming more and more i mean when you do you watch if you try to watch like the la news try to watch any of those channels local news at five hundred o'clock it's like these people are ale who are you i think these things were not supposed to exist forever and that's why to us it seems so kind of silly is like it's supposed to be dying out that's like it's the new season new stuff is going to come out it's kind of like fashion right like every year
going to be something different that's the way it works now it's a corporate media and centralization top down type stuff is dying out and i'm sure it'll continue to exist in a bunch of different forms but that idea is getting we during weaker i think that eventually afternoon news eve news whatever it is going to be like a burlesque show like going to pull it out on stage like a nist alja thing like riding a unicycle or fucking being in a covered wagon like take my photo i'm going to covered wagon we're going to go watch the local news it's a new show where they just leave out like really important parts of historic events because they don't jive with the government plan you know i mean that would be really funny like watching like news report you could easily do a parody of a news report of the fervor after two thousand and eleven or two thousand and one rather after september 11th you could easily do some sort of a government
propaganda fox news at its worse but just oh so subtle show and people would you know people would eat it up and ten years from now it probably will be like burlesque really you watch burlesque show isn't that kind of like cole bear does in terms of he takes that model makes it a little bit ridiculous and now he they have millions of viewers so i mean going to take over letter in spot yeah this hilarious when does that start what's weird is what is going to do is going to be co bear now i heard he's not that is going to be himself yeah you know he's like a ardent catholic is he really yeah he's like the guys are serious catholic interesting yeah that is interesting or maybe it would just be a new character that sounded too maybe that's character too maybe the catholic thing is bullshit we just playing that character as well yeah who knows what do you think
i don't know i think he's probably going to play a version of himself mixed with like a late night talk show host of character you know it's probably you know i mean like a like hey welcome back guys you know but he's still going to be himself as are you awake yeah it's very quick guy very because linux was a character that wasn't really what i know yeah well yeah but he doesn't think that i don't know he's so much better with just cars i will jay leno's car shows like he's got this j lynn's garage garage it's fucking great and watch them like it could be a really good show like why didn't you do this all the whole time 'cause you see him on the tonight show it's just so you know it's forced he's talking if i like that's that bit that bill hicks used to do about them talking to joey lawrence pulling out a gun and phone's brains out and it for is an nbc peacock on the wall because he's a company man to the bitter end it was a grey
the classic bit but in a way i mean the reason why the bit was funny was 'cause it kinda was true like what was he doing used to be a great comic and now he's she'll this like guy is just selling peoples tv those who doesn't give a fuck about and but you know when he gives a fuck about cars i've seen him on i think discovery channel before and he's lit up like a christmas tree just super excited where he knows everything about cars and not just everything about cars of today he knows across steam powered cars and old cars in electric cars and he's got like a a fleet of automobiles works on them he's got this jay leno jay garage show and he he loves them like this he's doing jay leno has more money than he will ever know what to do with he's rich as fuck and he had so much money that he made from stand up that he never watched any of us tonight show money was like proud of that they just put it all in the bank
so all those cars whatever his house console that shit that's always stand up comedy money wow yeah wow you guys get a fuck load of money he is not spending the money he makes from the tv show nope it doesn't have makes a lot of money doing standup saying amount of money by now must be insane you just put it all in the bank point being like he doesn't need money but he's doing it because he loves cars that's what everybody should do and then nobody would ever have had these issues with jay leno if you did that you know you when jimmy kimmel went on show and mocked him 'cause he was trying to take conan's job back and no one would have ever done that if it was just his car show you know there's no competition there's no he's just having a great time talking about cars it's cool to see it's cool to see somebody like kind of get that and it's like the internet is transformed a lot of people's ideas of who jay leno is that's really cool it's cool when you can see the other side of somebody where you only see the little public piece that pushed out there well he's
jobs a weird job man being the host tonight that's another anachronism that's for sure going to fade out is if you look at the demographics that idea of like letterman and i don't see that existing even fifteen years like i would put the the lifespan of that concept at fifteen years at the absolute most 'cause the people watching it now how old are they fifty or sixty how old are they in ten to fifteen years what about like chelsea handler she's kind of doing that and she's going to do that on netflix now well that seems to me like an internet show that format seems different you had our true or it's like a panel like panels i don't have as much of an issue with the panel is that seems very like the way you should do is show almost that the late night thing i just don't see it existing because not only are people getting older a lot of old people are liking podcast now i've got some older listeners and i'm sure you do 'cause it's not that hard like we make it seem like it's this huge qasm it's really not like you get bored of what's on tv at night you flip around through it
on your phone now your podcast listener you've just switched demographics you know yeah no i know what you're saying it's the problem with something like podcasting as opposed to these other things is that you know if you have a show on nbc you can't not be a shell there's no if you're going to be the talk show host for the tonight show you're going to be cbs going me your you can have a certain amount of room for creative expression but essentially what you're trying to do is you're trying to be tanning while you're promoting people's projects and that's how you get access to tom cruise what it is you know if you're you're some wild fucker you're not going to get access to tom cruise you know you kind of have to be more rock obama how many times the interview brock about it's a good color and yep yep four k did that's a good point well you know he's a hundred percent safe i was on with ron paul yeah so i did tonight show jay's a fucking real nice guy though he's a very nice guy and i really
i came on his car show it's really cool to say you know i don't want to crazy shit he did you know when he was get that letter letterman and him were duking it out and they made those those that tv show about remember made for tv movie the late shift yeah it was uh hbo movie that they made on the struggle who how much of that was true and how much of it was and i don't know but apparently jay leno really did hide in the closet while this car is having conversations about him and then use that information against him i just kind of funny to worry think about it like i think leno has a bit of a spine though because i've seen him do some skits on you know surveillance type stuff and criticize various policies but he's not a complete the company man right like he did he does use that from in the time we had you and ron paul on well we didn't talk about i mean i especially didn't talk about too much crazy i just said that but what i'm saying is just by doing that he's being kind of better than he could be
yeah he had me on though because nbc had fear factor on i don't think it was his idea like i mean i'm sure he probably told me he's always been nice but i think that wasn't a decision where like 'cause he's a comedian you're a comedian don't think so i mean i don't know i don't know i mean i would assume jay leno has a lot of power over who he chooses or not chooses to talk to or not talking you wanna show when it's not like they needed me on that could have been if you said like no way that guy's a dick but i'm sure he get blackballed it but raw call for sure is a controversial character but emails right about so much stuff that's what's so funny is a few years ago people like ron paul would have fucking crazy federal reserve and there's so much i started to look into it a lot of people and it's like well federal reserve is actually pretty crazy so he's right about that is right about the whole like we shouldn't be going into uh these places 'cause now you see iraq like what the fuck do we spell all this time and money over there for if they're now falling back into the same chaos
yeah do what is isis i have no i mean i guess i honestly have not heard of them up until about two weeks ago that's what i'm saying you know you're on the ball yeah like that's the first i've heard about them you're on the ball mean you're on top of it if i there's anything weird shit in the news you want in my favor to talk to because you usually have anything really significant usually have a pretty deep build idea of what's going on you don't even know what isis is talk to some people the other night that gave me a fairly good explanation bryan callen is on top of it of course as soon as in the she eyes apparently it has a lot to do with that but it's it's a really bad militant jihadist organization scaring the fuck people and it sounds like like a team of bad guys in the avengers doesn't it does sound a little totally avenger like isis ok this is more evidence that life is not real i'm in a movie
well we're definitely end of bad guys were definitely in a movie or at least the video game or something you think so i think life is too weird like for me on a personal level is just too bizarre too many chicks getting some bitches things are just happening so i don't mean like my own life things happening so quickly in such a cool way like the whole currency thing i consider to be psychedelic the whole legalization thing is literally psychedelic and then this internet thing and how people seem what's going on in twenty years ago they really didn't think there's something very cool about that and the progress rate it almost doesn't feel like reality it feels like it's a simulation where all and i'm not saying it actually gives who the fuck knows it just seems like a lot of really interesting weird things happen that by pure probability why would this even happen seems like it's kind of an adventure i agree that it is an adventure but i think it really is an adventure
i don't know there's no plan there's no design yeah i'm not convinced that it's a simulation but i wouldn't be shocked if it was i mean i probably would be shocked but logically speaking is if i looked at all the possible in the variables i would say that being a simulation is definitely in the mix but even if it's not a simulation it's a simulation because you are born and now you have this localized consciousness you don't know why you don't know what you're supposed to do like crazy people claim that god speaks to them for the rest of us we don't know what the fuck to do we're here for seventy or eighty or ninety years then that the game ends what was the purpose what were the rules exactly you don't know but it does feel a little bit like a video game there's a certain life cycle to the game certain little obstacles and people talk about sinchronicity which is it borders on being like secret type stuff but i think there's something to it i mean the secret
like the outlaw yeah action well i think there's a difference the law of attraction like nonsense and synchronicity which i believe is a re i don't understand it i just believe it's real what do you think it is when you say synchronicity you mean thinking about things and they come true having friends think about them and they call you coincidental events that take place like what specifically do you think of when you think of synchronous yeah it's those moments were like you're on a flight and at the last minute your your seat changes in the person you sit next to you is the agent who signs you and then your career takes off and i talk to people that happens all the time it seems like if life were just this now fuzion thing that we all go out go through and grind three when there's no purpose whatsoever and no design at all and nothing to it aside from like just maybe re produce and then die if that were the case i don't think all this cool stuff would be happening this constant synergy things are getting so much better so quickly that it see it's almost like this is where we're so
used to be in its leading towards something that's fascinating i wonder i look at the whole if you look at the big picture of the whole universe everything starting from the big banks spreading out it's forming stars giving now solar these solar nebula's solar nurseries giving birth at stars and you think about what is this whole process and what's that you do it's constantly trying to make more complex shit like everything is more complex a planet cools off biological life begins to form life starts shooting rockets out it starts like streaming things down spinning things the air above the planet in orbit blowing nucla
bombs up in the atmosphere and if you look at that and it's trying to get off it's trying to figure out a way to complicate itself trying to figure out a way to get more biologically more biologically advanced to the point where it's not going to die it's trying to figure out how to kill diseases and spread information faster the speed of light is trying to figure out how travel in space through warp drives me think about all the things he's trying to do is try to populate other planets in which case we can do to evolve its technology continued smarter continue to change its its capacity to change the world the environments open up war or hold start traveling to other dimensions i mean it's going to populate the whole earth it's going to populate the whole galaxy it's going to populate the whole universe it's going to keep going it's a crazy little weird thing and it's called consciousness and we're bodies that carry consciousness around the same way a jug carries water around and we our consciousness
figures out a way to evolve the body and the environment and changes things and move things around improves thing and right now it's improving the very society that we live in the very culture that we operate on is changing radically because of technology technology and human innovation human creativity changing the actual earth itself building with papa three thousand and forty stories shoop build am the ground figure out how to engineer and planes and bridget you could drive across unpack lakes and all triple lakes this is being done like right like that bing bing bing bing jing it's just happening it's highly what school is we've layered in capitalism so we're doing all these things that are essentially just creative and or not at all necessary to get laid or to get food you know like that's what it comes down to for most species and instead were talking and building stuff and doing all the things that human beings do we don't need to be doing it
yeah it's amazing so it makes you believe almost like where these creativity engines are kind of chaos engines that are just churning out ideas for sure you don't need to be as smart as we are to survive on this planet but you do if you want to survive you know for a long fucking time what i want to add that i kind of forgot to add in there capitalism thing i saying is that we've trance heard it said that all these things that are essentially just art and creativity are now survival for us 'cause we can make money from them so if your are rocket ship designer three hundred years ago that doesn't mean anything if you if you great sculptor three hundred is it go you're still probably in the fields like you gotta eat food right you gotta do it now it takes no time at all for that shit so you can actually be a scope you can go to can go to nyu or columbia or something and learn how to be a fucking sculptor and you can become a rocket designer and do that and you'll actually be compensated
so you're doing these things that are completely not essential to your own existence but it's been kind of transferred in this thing where i have to do this so i can survive so very cool if you think about it yeah it's not essential but it's something that's desirable at something that help make our life more interesting so you're willing to give up some bitcoin for it and next thing announced junk junk you're off to the races yeah yeah we're you know we live in the most exciting time ever i think this is the best time ever to be alive as a human if you look back on all the different and everybody wants to cry the sky is falling you know pollute and and global warming and change like that's what people have to be aware of is i would say different things in twenty eleven 'cause it was a different world in twenty eleven and i'll be saying different things in twenty seventeen 'cause it'll be a different word and if you're always saying the same thing like there are financial experts have been saying that the collapse is coming for the past twenty five years literally like
just put your money in the goal now it's common folks and it never came like the one hundred percent never happened the recession one of the few good things about his done seems to have us seems to have gotten us out of the recession through a combination of things and that collapse that they try to sell you on newsletters and stuff is not happening it's not going to happen in the way that it's described it's not even going to feel like a collapse like would you consider the internet to be the collapse of civilization know it's like the growth of civilization to collapse of jesus the collapse of easy corporate money is what is the collapse of a lot of things a lot of stupid shit is flushed out just it's always going to be that way so he's going to be there's going to be an old method the old method is replaced by a better method the old methods trial struggle to try to stay relevant and it never makes it and there's no ones riding wagons around man there's no wagon there's this great quote that made the rounds western union in like the 1870s or something you probably saw this like this
the phone has no use whatsoever it was it was about the tele and that was pretty much what it said like this telephone is too novel to ever gain mainstream acceptance we were talking the war worlds the other day in the orson welles playing the radio show in about how they were talking about radio being a new medium and that radio is a new thing and then we have to figure out how to control the broadcasts and that must have felt like telepathy for the first five or ten years because now you have fdr or whoever in your living room talking to you must be cool as shit yeah you know and also there all cried drunk at that i'm drunk and high so there like holy shit fdr's in the other room and plus yeah really stimulate the imagination just think he's talking you we get to see him except in the movie theaters there we go to the movie the reason they play them like these clips ever seen those
i seen some of the war clips we gotta mazing amazing like they would play like clips of soldiers over there doing battle but other than that you had to pretend that you could imagine like you gotta look at the newspaper stories and you'd get like a black and white photo and try to piece together it was like to be there i saw this great thing online that this is talking about how we assume and they were all rude now 'cause we're all looking down at our phones the whole time it showed a photo of a subway in new york like sometime in the 40s and it's all newspapers yeah so people this is rude back that were interested in finding information they're just doing the kind of crude yeah they've always done that people have ways sat down on airplanes that had magazines and read magazines and books they did to have parties and start saying together
their souls while they're on the flight and i was on a flight once where a lady try to proselytize i was gonna fright flight once with my friend who is jewish guy and he got really angry he got really angry this big black woman came by and she said something to the tone something along the lines of jesus loves you i need to get jesus to you and put jesus in your soul and she would like sing she like singing while the plane was going on before she got up to tell him about jesus was like singing by biblical songs my friend was like i'm not interested thank you not interested please stop talking to me can someone please have her sit down the lady came over and told her she had to sit down stop singing and then you know a couple people came over had a conversation with her stop singing out jesus shit people who have a secular upbringing you have a stranger coming up this have
it's all of us all the time like there a couple of mormon guys they don't come up to me but they're on their bicycles where i was a few days ago and you could see them doing their thing and it's a combination of feel bad for them 'cause you know they're just brought up in it but also as a secular person i just go you know this stuff is not factually acu pushing it on people who have not asked for its unsolicited and who the fuck are you expert on what god wants your some broke mormon kid on a bicycle and you're supposed to tell me what jesus wants me to do with my life like you don't even know what you're doing with your life yeah silly silly people silly silly people you can't do that i don't even answer the door and ever since i got one of those big metal doors that you can see through like you have one of those yeah decided to have that if so much uncomfortable and like you just open up the front first story you could see through what's going on up not interested slammed the door i just wanna make sure you have a thinking of you like a night club slit right no no no i have a a
wooden door that's then on top of it it's just a huge metal door that has like pins holes through the whole thing is you can see through it but barely but you can see what's on the other side of the door and you could talk but you don't have to open the door glorious i love it glorious times my fax me text away son yeah i'm just absolutely completely fascinated by all these new things are coming out i got a new pen that i need to implement next podcast do it i haven't set it up yet but uh you might be interested in this two for notes this nude pen is a digital pen that takes a the graph of any no do you you don't have a core have it here and i don't have it here it's at home it's it's complicated it's one of the things i have to look at and figure out how wanna and is the special notebooks ago with it you write down on this notebook all your different notes the camera on the pen takes a photograph of the note
then when you go to the note you go to that you put your pen on the note and the audio recorder will play what you were talking about when you wrote that note oh wow so you can be in the middle of an interview be in the middle of a conversation when you're on podcast michael does a lot of times i have ideas a there was a i was talking to this guy by gad saad the guy you met was on the first podcast in the middle of it i remembered this bit that i just stopped dealing i just stopped doing but it was a great big oh my god i don't i've never put that on anything so i started being down to that ability to go back to that moment and so what you were thinking about when you wrote that down like you can you could save alot of missed ideas that just sort of disappeared into the ether when you're having these long three our conversations mean that's just another new application of technology that's incredibly fascinating that's really cool think about how the ideas we've all probably had that would be like life
changing but then you forget it because the phone rings or something and never comes back yeah let me pull up whatever the fuck that pan is called and we're out of time we turned into a pumpkin probably do a lot of lot of podcasts here let me see yes i think i saw on the did you do you know where you got is i think a summit staples the other day no i got it i definitely got it online i got it on amazon dot com i don't fuck around son i do everything online now i very rarely go to store and buy shit i just love the idea just so weird to me that you can do that you just fucking click on something and then i'll send it arrives at your house and it's going to be 33d printers pretty soon from everything everything people have been saying that's going to be really cool livescribe is what it's called livescribe eight gigabytes get eight gigabyte
of storage incredible works with wi fi syncs up to your computer it's too much we live in the strangest times ever this is so weird like every day that some new thing that comes out is it from an article i got with this guy was talking about shorthand mercy guys writing that gregg shorthand is what it's called fascinating it's like they have weird little shorthand language you can write like two hundred and ninety words a minute if you're really good at it you can whip through it so when someone's talking to you literally get everything they say and then you can go back to it and re lies by reading your chicken scratch and never seen it yet orders to it all the time yeah it's weird stuff man not a lot of reporters anymore man the old school the old most of the people now they record things and then they write him down then the up everything you said because the couple you know conversation was not clear and make yeah i don't like rick written interviews for that reason like i don't like in an article
where it's just quoting that person like let's see let's see the video let's see how they came across exactly my point about anthony goes back to my point about open anthony getting across what he dead on twitter with no humor without him without some you talk too also that's the other thing about anthony is away plays off of people you know it in a way better way to handle that pudding six you know who else got fucked that adam richman man versus food guy yeah yankees show very mild very mild what he did very mild he's talking about losing wade in the road something about like how much weight it needs to lose and he wrote thinspiration like hashtag thinspiration and he started getting attacked by these people that are apparently it's in the that's in the anorexia movement this idea thinspiration this stack this is he didn't know about this so they started attacking him so see he starts responding to them attacking me tells us1 guide
draw a bath and open your veins and the society they like that's it dude you're done and they pulled the show thanks i actually like that guy show alot nbc just signed him up for a new show that starts like next month though so he well he was on the travel channel rather rough they were rough with anthony bordain their rough with bert kreischer bert kreischer allegedly since ver crash it doesn't smoke pot this is all fiction if you did smoke pot he would have to do it off camera right and hide it right yeah and uh anthony bordain he had a problem with them to is like i don't know i think there are quite conservative so they weren't happy meanwhile homeboy you didn't handle it so well either why you telling people to kill themselves 'cause they told you that thinspiration is a anorexia the hashtag by the way take it back take take save take it back the inspiration fucked anorexic bethany should say i think a lot of
some people just need to have in their contracts like look you're going to have at publicis that you have to send your tweets through if you have we're paying you this much money as i know i even have almost said a few things in my girlfriend's publicist is like don't say that what the fuck are you doing standard thing now with television shows a lot of people they in contract they are asking for control your social media super super standard like they want access they want to be able to tweet for you they want to be able to eat thing you know i've had terrible idea i've had that request it shouldn't be giving away your soul to somebody because really that's what you did there were like we're only going to use it for promotional purposes can do that you can say your main like it tweets when i youtube things people give me shit about that already like when all of our videos go up on you tube that's not me tweeting it's an automatic thing when you know that low that is just as useful that's different it is
but but my point is even that it doesn't cost anything it's just a link to youtube people give me shit because it's not me they called the rogan bot what but it should be it should always be you but it should have a filter where they approve and then once they have ruled my no negative no no no no i mean it's it's an almost instant like like like like every time you tweak it automatically get sent to something that yeah that's fine but but based on based on like hey you know if this tweet were to go out you had been fired this job would you can get on that kind of power yeah i can't okay especially a guy like anthony especially you can't get over you can't get a rest then you can't lose a job from is what i'm saying that's so that the i mean if you're what there's the two totally unrelated things what i'm saying is that he can't give them that because the audience doesn't want that one of the things that double oven then i love that i know that we wrote that cunt animal that's him
right wrong bad good it's coming directly from him if i really think that somebody had a green light red light option whether or not his tweets got through that would be disgusting you know i would i don't want that i don't want anyone else involved in someone's tweets just and giving them the like when they asked me to do it they were like you were just going to promote promotional thing i was like how do i know what you're going to do you're going to have access to you can do whatever you want you can delete my tweets if you don't like them like what if i said something dump and i got on a plane there will we know you wanted to take that down like what i wanted that down i don't want to take that dumb i meant that you can have that really is the only thing you have at the end of the day because like shows the networks change a lot especially for journalists but definitely for entertainers to all that of changes all you have is a year reputation with the public and if they trash that with a bunch of bullshit these are not that smart like i seek some companies on twitter like this is
don't care about you they don't care about your vision yeah we're out of time david seaman thanks again time and we gonna do this more often we are the last one was only work what two months ago perhaps that's how we'll do it is so this we're we're hitting this time where things change so exponentially fast seems so frantic and frenzied we need use over popular goodbye everybody could see assume please support our sponsors go to which one was this today was nigga legalzoom go to legalzoom dot com use the code word rogan and also go to natureboxnaturebox dot com slash rogan to get fifty percent off your month first back alright with you guys much love big kiss
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