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#521 - Lewis, from Unbox Therapy

2014-07-15 | 🔗
Unbox Therapy is a YouTube channel "where products get naked." Lewis does in-depth reviews of new tech products releasing to the consumer market. http://www.youtube.com/unboxtherapy
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in the code word joe square space a better web starts with your website that's their logo that's the shit place everything else is like basically my own words but a better web starts with your website thanks ma'am could be worse it could be a way where i could be way worse we're also brought to you by on a dot com it's and and i t we dosed up louis the last time he was here and he had a dream that he was hanging out with bryan singer basically the protein stuff can't me full you i mean i got was a about to start editing a video i took a big protein shake and i'm not you know super healthy or anything like that but i stay full for a long time and they want to get up i didn't want to snack i'm telling you i'm gonna take this shit seriously proteins i've had people recently complained about them forest they don't like the way it tastes which i don't know i guess is subjective i don't it just for the record i always mix mine with coconut water i use chocolate though chocolates good well
it's also made with stevia so that's very little sugar there's like engram of naturally occuring sugar per serving if you're interested in hemp and especially like people said like why is it so expensive are hamp is the best temp you can buy if you go to any store you can buy hemp protein powder and you can compare the moving between this and hemp force and there's two differences one the percentage of protein per serving is much higher on the stuff that we buy we just buy the best stuff that you can get it's not cheap we have to buy from canada to enforce they are starting to change that law there fighting against it they're going all the way to the supreme court in kentucky there was like some recent website that was detailing kentucky's battle two grow hemp which is non psychoactive by the way completely it's not getting anybody high it's just connected to from the beginning to
i wanna and the reason being that marijuana became illegal and this is really wacky stuff but it was because of hemp hemp the commodity hamp being used for paper him being used for cloth him being used for food and for oil henry ford in fact me the very first for in terms of his very first car out of hemp and there's a video online if you go that video you could see henry ford banging on the fender with a hammer hampers a crazy plan i mean is literally like it comes from another planet it's so different than anything else pick up a hemp stock it's incredibly light really hard like a piece hemp stock like a big thick of hemp tree that grew a second long it's amazing how strong it is it's weird it's like an alien plant you can eat it has all these call fatty acids the protein in it is very very digestible like i said with on it we try to use the best stuff available but you can buy hemp force or hemp
protein rather that's a cheaper variety from men different sources and you can see the difference you can see it and it'll be more gritty it won't digest is easily probably it probably won't have as much protein percentage but it's all good i mean look any hemp protein is one of the best proteins you can get it just it has going to have less issue adjusting it then you will way some people have no problem with way other people more sensitive life has a way for had way protein prior to this one showing up and we were comparing the nutritional values and something i noticed on the hemp was the fiber the fiber compared to the way what's plant based yeah it's eleven grams or something yeah and you know i could have i could use to help everybody could use a little fiber which is good for your body period anyway we carry that in a host of other a healthy snacks and foods like the warrior protein bar with is a a bar that's made out of buffalo it's made out buffalo in this ancient native america
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to preserve meat without all the modern shit that we use that prob super bad for you so no msg no lack toes no nitrates as i said which is the one thing people really are very leery about when it comes to food supplements not food submit food snacks like beef jerky's and salamis and things like that things with nitrates hotdog nitrates not so good no antibiotics as well no added hormones all just super healthy and again fourteen grams per serve and only one hundred and forty calories just one of the many things that we have it on it and also if you use the code word rogan you will save ten percent off any and all supplements anything else for your crack and you're going to now next week and we're gonna be at the comic con america call american comedy company wednesday and thursday july twenty third and twenty fourth bring kill tony thunder and
sing a comedy show there with bert kreischer goon lorius ladies and gentlemen go to deathsquad dot tv for all of that information and next saturday night or next friday night i am with tony hinchcliffe we in san jose at the center for the performing arts and all the information for that is that joe rogan dot net under tour all right lewis from unbox therapy is here were all hopped up on coffee and speed all kinds of the shit just do this to joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day louis a lot of people don't want to think you're on speed when you're on coffee but you're a lying yourself ladies and gentlemen you in a mild form of speed drugs are everywhere you don't like doctor pearl hart said you don't want a drug free america unsweet
that's an unproductive smarter than me so i'm going to put take coffee away from people they're not working anymore it's amazing isn't it remember when you were young there was oaks starbucks they didn't exist like right there's this zero us something like that waiting for us out there does your put a new thing that's going to just you know that's a good question some substance does coffee was there forever right marijuana before yeah that's probably yeah probably isn't that was happening in colorado yeah it's happening like crazy right colorado is going off wash the states going off now too because now they just started selling it so now the same ripple effect the same effect it in colorado which is there making way more money than they even planned they have like an idea of how much money they would make and they're making way more way more now i mean well that's something that's been tide up for too long a lot of sense fascinating woodabe strange world we live in no i mean now they have have you seen the pot coin it is a
digital currency based on marijuana inevitable we will buy marijuana with his digital currency i think you need your own currency next that's when the government comes after you gotta stay low jre coin you gotta stay free an unambitious no running for office no note in effect policy nothing crazy but maybe coins can become that seriously like where communities online could have a coin almost as a reward system for the best part defense within their community well i think ultimately we'll will have digital currency across the board for a variety of different things in each it could be really easy for communities whether it's uh find communities or towns to set up their own funny 'cause i remember there was a town and man i want like north carolina but the town that was in the news a while back where they
had decided to make their own digital digital currency but local currency and it was being talked on the news and it was like everybody sort of agreed to what things would be birth and they would all have their own way of trade goods and selling things and passing it back and forth to each other i think that yeah like as an online thing that could be everywhere the decentral asian power you know it's a it's why should some person in missouri be concerned with what guys on wall street are doing you know yeah like what well how why isn't affecting you why are you allowing it to affect you i guess does it have to be all international like this i don't know this is smarter people do see that's probably probably have something to about that but it when the bailout happened right that was the conversation it was you know dudes in suits taking money away from dudes and plaid shirt you know michael shermer is now it was the same as skeptic was he on the parkers no no he has
ok these are famous sceptical when he wrote this very strange article for scientific america that's been chewed apart and it's in this thing because it's like his idea of if you like google michael shermer scientific america apparently writes an article there and he's got this myth of income inequality is like that i of the article and look this is how i know your ideas about finance are dumb if i th there dump this is how i know because i'm clearly dumb that's the litmus so if i read your dumb shit and i'm like yeah this is some dumb shit that that's when you know that your shit is off it is really strange it's a weird analysis of the of the the situation and the idea that here's
open quote almost all of our studies participants the authors conclude grossly underestimated americans average household incomes and over esther did the level of income inequality so both in many equality and social mobility though not as ideal as we would like them to be in the land of equal opportunity are not as large an immobile as most of us perceive them he's getting sh droid in the comments and whenever i see something like that i always wonder if it's the audience dictating the message or the or the message being authentic because i always wonder for the people reading this magazine they're probably fairly well off right then i scientifique america yeah whatever so aren't you isn't it easier to reinforce what they want to hear then it is to start store something up no but when i read this this is when i read something that's so goofy like this this is obviously like a libertarian slant you know a lot of people that they they
mean libertarian and libertarian almost has like a bit of a conservative text to it or conservative bend to it because it's the uh lot of that things are not as bad as it once receiving pull yourself up by your bootstraps the ability to have more freedom will equal less regulation and more freedom oh equal more prosperity it's it's an ideology ideology is much as being a conservative is as much as being a liberal is like sometimes p well they get on that one team and then they just sort of adopt the ideas in the inclination right team so this seems like what he's doing in this again coming from more on this seems like very libertarian in its lantan it just someone does something like this it makes the question like all the things that they think about like you supposed to be a guy who points out
logical fallacy's involved in critical thinking objective reasoning and you say something like this is like know this this crazy inequality in this guy i mean that is the night that is insane that's exactly what i was gonna say is i think the separation between rich and poor is such an obvious thing yeah i mean how can you dispute i watched i can't remember the name of the documentary right now but it followed a couple of people silicon valley type entrepreneurs and tracked their incomes relative to those of individuals within the company and the sort of ratio overtime how those how those of change but if you look at technology which is sort of the the angle i'm looking at it from the whole intent more often than not is to build inefficient like bill deficiencies into your process so if your amazon for example figure out to run your warehouse without people figure figure out a way to have robots to automate all of it right
essentially your bottom line is affected by how much you cannot like the auto makers for example get robots in there that the you know their technologies it appears to push in this direction of eliminating humans from the equation where it becomes tougher to pinpoint where the actual value is being added in the product that you're receiving so it's not like amazon warehouses don't have humans in them they do and there creating jobs and they can go around and say we opened a new warehouse so we hired two hundred people whatever it might be but once upon a time with the automation how many people would that have been yeah and it is going to happen when they i mean are they really testing drones for delivery that's not bullshit i that's not bullshit i mean it's not i think it's not nearly as close as the video may it seem but just the idea that the idea the idea that it's not it's going to happen it's like when they first made those photographs
put the hood on and you stood up there and you know they had that thing like it was it like one thousand eight hundred and fifty or something like that that uh in between that and having it in your pocket was inevitable it's definitely did all those ideas are out there someone just has to uncover them definitely so once we have drones that there are testing the to delivering product it's a matter of time before the skies are filled robot delivery trucks third tier landing places and dropping off tv's and definitely i think the last time we were here we talk about self driving cars and and how it like in an airplane it's okay for the process to be automated but in cars we freak out about it yeah isn't it i think it's the same thing with drones you people are afraid of what they don't know afraid of the unknown but maybe drones are a little bit further out but what's happening now is also interesting and exciting and it's in a flying under the radar in the sense that you have
amazon prime you have amazon fresh you have all these ways of getting things that you need without necessarily the same the same the system the same same chain that you once would have had we had a delivery man brings who is store and then the person in the store puts it on the shelf and then you have to to the store to buy it and you have to go through a cashier instead of an automated checkout just a number of human beings involved in that process used to be a lot more so everybody in that value chain could take a little piece for themselves but in this amazon universe it's all about eliminating those cogs and just doing a to be so yeah a drone is maybe the end game but right now there's a huge impact to that what that form of consumption yeah it's it's so strange to watch the climate shift and change it so strange to watch just online shopping remember i i i did some online shopping a year ago i mean not here go awhile ago rather and
i forget what it was that i bought but somebody said where'd you get that i said i got it online and he was like oh man i wanna buy anything online put your credit get out there and how long ago was that long time ago ok i i was on when online shopping first existed i was buying things yeah i was like this is so crazy so cool he could find something online and shows up at your i think that now it's almost more common to shop online than it is to not shop online yeah i mean right i don't know what i am i'm still yeah yeah i would never put my credit card in my mom's not like super old but i think that word we just do it so we think everyone does and it depends on the item let's find out what percentage let's take a guess what percentage of americans shop online says seven thousand and sixty percent oh that act we do it at all frequently frequently i'd a fifty to sixty percent what's what's freak
once the first of all if you type in every once a month if you type in what percentage of americans the first question is are gay what does it tell you about people using google search what percentage of americans are gay's first what percentage are christian is second though is that really that strange if you think about it yes do you have the answer to that question the gay part yeah hello is how close would we ask everyone k i just need enough time alone yeah everyone's gay and you just need enough time i was just curious what that top so this sir which is a common search i'm just curious what the top result actually is no for wika pedia what do you think based on your own findings like that
i say i'll mereka see i don't have enough experience with all of america just humans canada you you guys are american north i know but i'm saying the same i'm talking more about urban right in areas versus rural areas reuter was there all day all those farmers a case file they might not even notice one time but i have i have a cd experience i don't have any country experience the thing is different i said you know i think they hide it more in fact i think the city country thing is more defining then then say the city you come from like people say oh somebody from chicago's like this and somebody from new york is like that in fact i've been in marketing meetings where they have specific terms for those in type of people and you talking about black folk no no not your crazy canadian owner not urban like that but i mean i mean the life experience of a person who lives in a high rise versus the type of person who has a few right right totally different life experience and therefore the culture that you participate in is going to be a little bit different
so when people say to me for example you know you're canadian been to trono lot so you know it's roughly the same kind of idea but when you add we like a question like that statistically i would say torano probably more like new york than new york is like kansas city right yeah i agree with you on that except folks well the big prince train canadians and americans is how nice everybody is this way more nice people for whatever reason even in urban centers in camp yeah i know i notice people say use me in sorry anymore zack use me sorry pardon me and how you doing smile and smile it's just a friendlier place i i i feel like it's probably we don't have this background of conkers you know it's a different beat it's a different kind of mentality that set up the country where is america is definitely different culture for sure close it
yeah it's like a little bit twisted yeah you know and again it varies depending on where you are but one of the one of the things that comes up more than anything his guns gun the gun the difference in the perception of gun yeah prime it cetera that conversation always comes up when i'm talking to you know people from america the asking me what the difference is that famously that michael moore documentary what the hell which one was it it's one of the first one yeah but bowling for columbine was it bowling for columbine yeah where he he's from michigan and he went over border to windsor from detroit and i don't know he had some statistics in their people weren't locking doors in windsor and i don't know he's a lot of people thought that that was hard that was where she too but now he was trying to draw some kind of conclusion there that even though we're culturally identical we don't shoot each other which obviously is not true but some of
statistics coming out of chicago right now are crazy as far as the amount of people that are dying yeah due to gang warfare better like there's nothing like that at all oh i don't know there's nothing like that in canada no no no i think toronto i don't want to say a number 'cause i don't know but murder figures i mean it's one of the savings bank rob ford kept you guys a state by doing all your crack that's what he does he bring it up the entry strategy hanging out with the dogs yeah he's trying to calm everybody down tord that overweight white people is that the prince that book about i don't remember but a king needs to be down with the people you see the minute he gets up on his high horse up on a hillside too good for crack he can't relate anymore that's what i'm saying free free rap for that's what i say i think he's running again he's running then i hope you want porn star actually perfect the world going to
they only got i am the i number eighty one where fake nikki benz that's the perfect could kind of kind of a way to look at politics is that if if these people can be there and nothing actually happens there's no actual effective it it army exposes politics as a whole well it politics given the state of our culture i think the mo it's intelligent most capable people don't want job they they decide no i'll just get some puppet in place to do my bidding and pay them off or you know it's obviously not that planned sign one guys pulling strength scores but most people they don't want a job that doesn't pay that well it's going to take a shit load of your time and uh everyone is going to hate you no matter what you do yeah what who wants that job at smart i mean that's the problem we have really alright saying actually that america's there's several different articles about shopping online with the numbers were but
it's overtaking stores it's saying now yeah forty percent forty seven percent of consumers said the internet would be their favorite shopping destination wow yeah here's in twenty thirteen this is more than eighty percent of the online population has used the internet to purchase something so at least once and that's only people that have used the internet so that of all i'd probably say would be wow i would probably like sixty global i gather some people who don't have access how about how many people shop on their phone what would you say there oh that's growing rapidly i know that in fact i don't know the number say seven out of ten smart phone owners will use their smart phone for holiday shopping wow findings locations and checking comparing prices being the top two uses with forty five percent of consumers saying they use social media to assist them with their holiday shopping fascinating
social media is a huge huge huge factor in buying electronics huge mean we're talk your friend marcus marquez mark yeah who are also has videos online great great really in detail videos about cell phones yep actually he's helped me a lot of really enjoy his videos that is i was can you hear about us like there's never been anything like this before no and they they act actually we were involved in some report recently it was some university report i'm i'm not remember the name but they did some tiling to figure out how many people watch videos like that prior to making a purchasing decision the percentage in in our world in the tech space it's huge wanted the numbers were staggering and so is this is really awkward thing going
on right now where the influencers are becoming the retailers in a way juan we're taking on that role where it used to be a guy in a blue shirt at a best buy who could give a about the job right who you kind of had to deal with whatever information he had you didn't have a choice and now it's like why would we it's not very it's not the best use of resource is to take a bunch of unsophisticated individuals with a part time job and put them in that role which is essentially a fairly sophisticated role it's keeping up with all this shit which is crazy so let's take one i give him video as a platform and then allow for him to reach millions is also the difference between someone and taking on that role as a job and someone who's extremely passionate about electronics completely agree with that that's it for you and your guy like you you
probably no matter what your job is you would still be passionate about electronics one hundred percent i still be having the exact same conversations sometimes i feel like i might even be more passionate because i wouldn't be hated by the whole thing you know what i mean like i think weird way that might happen but you know there's there's definitely there's definitely this
change happening right now we're social media is allowing for individuals who you don't know when your personal life to take on the role of where that used to be for somebody connected to you you know immediately connected to you now the the word of mouth marketing which the scent was which was the most powerful is still the most powerful is transitioning from word of mouth in real life real words to social media words because even though you might be unreachable to people in real life you're not because of social media so all so joe rogan is an influencer i am an influence our market is an influencer and all of a sudden you're you're managing this social group of a million friends essentially that's the way they look at it yeah i know you your bill
in that connection you have this two way communication you're producing hundreds of videos right you're pumping out hundreds of tweets it's you you take on a different role and your super responsible in a way like say if you choose a certain phone it turns out to be a piece of is for some the massive burden on you that would destroy like to be unjustly there was no way would be worth it 'cause kinda like stain you for ever like your poor people's perceptions of your giant and more you know and most importantly if you're if you grew up invested in this you know like i did they just wanting to get my hands on the next thing it's room if if you're actually excited it's super hard to fake it you know what i mean you take it one way or the other way it's there's something about the format the third party format like brands they'll put out their own video come now to feature video on our product nobody wants that nobody
once you're super polished version of the way you want the thing to be interpreted yeah gain conversations i've had it's like i'm i'm playing like i'm boxing videos in general i'm playing the role of you that's why traditionally they were shot point of view point of view because it's your head you're about to go experiences and when i was playing around with the google cardboard vr i was like oh shit can you imagine this idea being expanded on of consumption through someone else experience images that will be unavailable to you through someone elses perspective because oftentimes i'm playing with items that people don't have the money to buy and not at least not immediately they may be thinking of or they may just be watching it for entertainment there's all kinds of different viewers but i can imagine being a key really wanting something and the closest i could get to it was that experience of getting it open in imagining that perspective of as being mine you know
well the unboxing videos are always very cool because you know you get you get real sense of the product like from from the perch to your hands to discovering it whereas like other times you like the guy already has it out it's hurt each fully charge he's he knows how to work it so he's swiping back and forth and showing you all the things but you would know be able to talk a producer of a television show into letting you film twenty minutes on a fucking new lg phone they would go no one's going to watch that i know i i've heard of i think maybe it was virgin somebody put put some videos in the airplanes which were kind of extended in length i don't now people would definitely watch him the world is changing you know totally change those producers that are in that in that business in that world maybe they couldn't understand it but the uh dance in the numbers they don't lie the content delivery device of television like
gonna be on at eight o'clock and go from eight to nine and that's when you got to be there or be our it i have the i love this conversation i feel like it's not it's not us who need to be adapting to them it's them that need to be a dad in us well there's no need as technology is started to change what online video is and now you have like netflix documentaries and television shows and comedy specials different jeans something that's on netflix and something that's on television it's it seems the same thing to me and that's it becoming more and more prominent it's going to get to a point where it's going to eclipse it because they don't have limitations of you have to watch it this time it's only on then you get to sit through commercials and all the silly limitation you're you're dealing with a more sophisticated delivery system and in the past sophisticated evolutions of systems are never held back you can't stop them you can try yeah wares blockbuster yeah
they fucked up there was a bunch of dudes sitting around a table like this with gray hair saying people like to go and rent a movie you know it's an outing that's what they like do you do it and then the wife gets to pick that's right that's where you staying that husband gets to pick on wednesday tonight's my night like the classics the classics for seven day rentals and late fees do you member late fee yeah can you believe that we put up with that shit we want better how 'bout rewind fees whoa now i can go with you there i can't get that far back member of the u one phase yeah that was bullshit that was so the wind and their charlie was charge you money if you didn't really want to do is right we won the video you like i think i did and then they look at it i know you didn't like who's considering you user experience there like how about some customer service well my friend figured out that most of the time that people that work at blockbuster or way too dumb to know whether it's fully watched or fully rewound they would like look at it so what he would do is just fast
or to the very end and then say it's look it's totally rewound and they would go ok 'cause they didn't know if it was rewound or on could there's this one is it go like that or is it like this like where is the start does it go claw finance is a go okay getting back that conversation about the about the internet as a delivery method there this this thing happening now we're online content creators with really large audiences are getting approached by traditional media you know they they are wanting to bring them over into that world to try and generate some interest in traditional media to an audience that generally isn't interested in that content and the problems occuring where those people aren't translating and vice versa or they're trying to mold them into something else there's a lot of really big content creators that have branch heading that way and there's some sort of feeling like once you've got once you're on tv you've made it you know which is still a going to a lot of people but not not
all for me because when i see it like like i said before sophisticated delivery system i want for me we've won when we've convinced them that we've convinced them to come work with us not the other way around you know and i feel like there's a lot of people there's a lot of people that are undermining how cool all of this is by taking the services and saying and saying i'm going i'm not going to upload on my channel as much anymore because i have a show on this channel or because i'm working with this brand or because i mean commercials now or whatever it is and that's a real thing that's happening with big youtube stars that's
last name so big youtube stars are getting lowered into the dark side that's right they pulled over that's right wheel control the content but will pay you that's right will give you paid he steady money gold coins from the bottom of the mountain time with us that is a real thing because their whole business is based around control they have to control the assets like record deals think about record deals music company yeah all that shit got overhauled wired there's i don't know what podcast company it is but one of the podcast networks got sold to got sold to some go conglomerate or some shit like that remember when that happened i was like wow that's weird why want to buy a pond now we're you nervous it did and they get bought by like warner brothers or some kind of form a warner brothers i don't know find out what the actual well who cares i mean i i don't time do whatever he wants to do i've had i've had offers to buy my channel really looking you said it would purse lips that's right you said that very very
serious tones it's right yeah well it's worth a lot of money lot of people are checking it now we can just change the way you look at things lewis you just a little too critical like why you so mean when it comes to certain devices that could generate millions of dollars if you just flavored your things that life personal really just the shell you know well it's also totally contrary to what you're passionate about what your passion about is innovation with your passion about is the consumer experience like i was but really interested in the last conversation that we had you were talking about the user experience the ue which i had never really thought of as a concept but it is it's not just user interface but is the experience how to make you feel active in the beveled edges yeah does the poly
smith laughs stocks that it comes in yeah what is all that about and that's something that you only would sort of get if you were truly passionate about this let's don't look at apple i mean they what they're trying to control the experience start to finish from the retail perspective there's a difference in the walking into an apple store in a verizon store yeah the apples they got it nailed they do have that the everything looks appellee you know you go to the apple store it's totally app i feel like we shouldn't go off on apple talk again because this people get taken they can suck it is the reality is that they make the best laptops they make the best desktops that the best phones they just do the android phones the best thing about the android phones is that there open is that anybody could make things for them is that the screens are bigger is that you know there's a lot you watch flash on them there's a lot of really positives when it comes to android phones but when it comes
like who has made an android phone that can fuck with an iphone the closest is like that htc m8 and i've had that good you know in case you see one yeah that's good actually me and mark as we did it in advert in camera test out the window of our hotel we check in he's three four floors above me some twelve he's fifteen we both snapped the exact same photo unknowingly i use a five s he uses the m eight right and we both post instagram sect within seconds of each other i see my go live and ran into i see his and you should check up i'll show you the result yeah what i've seen a bunch of the results from videos like marcus is i'll show you the result it's just it's obvious the iphones have a better camera it's a better it's a slicker design it's there's a lot of great things to it but damn androids fucking it's close really close this out just scroll down to the next one that's the iphone 5s on the top we
we essentially took the scroll down and that's the m8 oh my god that's incredibly different look at all the dead but it's not the same time because the sun is different verizon no dude come out really that's within seconds of one another the same look at how come yours like look at new you see your son it doesn't any like black what is that the blast the flair player but look at his flair the interesting part for me is if you scroll down a little more and you look in the shadow portion there's more detail in the m8 shadows saribal looks like shit you go up to the mind look at the detail where the cars are parked in that building in the forefront yeah that is it's a fascinating that you guys did that accidentally and then yeah because it it just goes to show you like the the mindset in so like we both saw the cool shot where like i'm going to take the shot and the difference in the output this sort of the con text of the user experience like the passion it you know person who's
into electronics can't you can't fake that you can know it is that's why it's so hard there are so many users for guys like us that really really like the interface on stock android like we talked about last time i have a nexus with me as well pretty much all the time but it's so hard to ditch the ice because when you want to make a photo when you want to communicate through photography this is no other way right now it's not there that's only one that takes very high making the one that has the extra extra big fat lana nokia one is no okay yeah yeah is there someone that has as well it so the saudis have some great cameras to the sun is a waterproof one right that's they have water for totally waterproof phone next hot why
it's not waterproof that's a good question that's stupid back back went back and then like when the state this really has in the body hasn't changed much since the five right back then it really wasn't a thing people were making it just it's relatively recent sam songs is i p rated for dust and water so is one of htc's is but definitely sony's is is a relatively new thing that's happening goal you know a meter under water for ten minutes yeah the hate the next one might be yeah one might be but it's not it's for them that's not a huge priority it just doesn't seem like a huge product it's everybody gets their phone ruined by pouring a drink on it like the what's the number one reason phones get ruined they give my rock i would say cracked screens toilet i'll take cracked screens are probably higher than water but they're both i cracked screens cracked screens almost universal doesn't everybody get a cracked screen imagine never had one it but i've had to move a turd to get my phone out of out of the toilet did you kill the phone or the phone survive phones are
how how long would you push it away i feel now later it literally like i got up and then it fell in the toilet i will put my through words grabbed it pulled it out and then right it off if you put in a bag of rice you probably didn't even wash his hands as fuck now i did the shaky thing and that's good enough hair dryer oh really what you should do if that happens is twenty four hours in a bag of rice yeah it will it will pull away what would i usually end up just doing it then having something stop working and then take it to the apple or call the apple store and they will send you one with that he's great with that here's the weird thing though they put or at least they used to i don't know anymore i used to do like some repairs on these things crack him open and get crazy like that but they used to put little litmus paper in there that would show so if it got wet it will turn red he used to be in the headphone jack i don't know probably are still do it i still do it but if you call they don't there's no way from there
well here's a question when when you say we drop something in the toilet drop on the should you shut it off and throw it in the bag of rice or did you leave it on it turns itself off but yeah if it's still on so shut it off in a bag of rice with is suck the water out of it but but i going to do with the right why not answer questions when you suck it off if you look at your iphone like there's the top part where the where your ear usually goes but there's water that's in there so you stuck that are like pretty much sucking here max it's gross i never i never thought i'd ever talk about my phone ever deep into that like i go like really hard many times have you done this product five times so
is your phone wait a minute where's your ihrer going that you're getting ear wax on that if you look there's like a little grill that's right there if you look really close you could actually see their shit in there i was thinking about the jack itself you have to suck all of them there's the bottom one that you suck and i suck that power but does that work you suck the water out will it really help but i've always done you mean getting water away from it is going to be a positive thing but
but it's not looking guy on the phone is a man just dude listen i've been sucking on my phones that cool i'm just saying in the most polite way possible i wouldn't recommend it no here's the answer to our other question one point seven percent of american adults identifies gay or lesbian one dot seven see i had heard ten percent that's the gays they just want you to think that everyone is gay yeah god damn tough stat to get though who's taking that good question it's a really good question 'cause what percentage of gays are in the closet versus out that's a good question i would wonder what do you think again impossible start to get i would say five thousand and fifty yeah just take twenty friends that you know and then think right how many of those twenty people are getting how many people are those do you think are in the closet how many just like real it tastes
we all know a few people that are in the closet yeah everybody does in like figures to really speculate on it's really sad it's sad when someone's in the closet you know when you got a guy who's a friend like justin martindale who's out and happy and silly about it you know and nobody judges am it's like it's no different than judging someone who you know likes to drive a certain kind of car it was a when you give a it says with a weird i know is it more the individual though like is it possible that somebody's experience is exactly the way they want without coming out like his kid could it be that there's too much pressure to come out to shore there you definitely there's a lot factors it did but i think it's all depends entirely on your environment in your family that religious background where you grew up if you grew up in san francisco it's probably pretty easy to be gay if you grew up in kentucky probably pretty hard to come out you know you're in a fucking deer stand with a bunch
what is your lame ass some shit i'm being to get off my chest you know and while listening to garth brooks songs and shit like one of you just have is he gay like that guys fucked man he leaves the community it yeah it's it's that's weird you know if we had a situation where one of our comedian friends came out as gay outta nowhere let's see if sorry just decided tell us know guys guy find this worth pretium grey would be like whoa that's weird ok wait one guy on which car you ten percent gay oh brody brody yeah he's eighty four percent he determined what would our e with a list sound like we wouldn't have a list it's not like i'm coming out of the closet guys i'm tired talking normal i think that happens joe i think i think i think once your hours you can start to enhance it
i think it yeah i think as you hide it and you breathe it in you know you try to hide your gayness but once it adds like oh my god i'm so ready there will some gay guys would totally disagree with that because it's gay guys that like really gay men like really list beef me gay men in his gay men that like men that are men who like other men and they don't talk gay oh yeah yeah like if sugar was gay you know the girl was living with a guy who looked exactly like him chrysler human crisis yeah if those two guys were bears they wouldn't be you know they wouldn't be obvious right it's a delicious couple to see what that is they're great weather now they have sex or not two awesome go what percentage do you think then are complete like flaming the whole way versus i think that's probably what you'd never know this i don't know one point seven percent of its one dot seven so let's round it off with it's two percent that are in the closet two
santa claus at four percent of all americans gay willing to say that i'm with and when i say that i'm on this and i think that's probably about right so four percent of all americans being gay i'd say super gay dudes it's like one percent one and that's mostly true for the drug probably like just raging like i want to fuck you in the ass i don't know men uh i have some friends that are gay couple that live in my neighborhood and they're pretty obviously gay but they're not like partyers or animals or anything wacky not doing i don't think they're doing drugs you know what's weird about it to me is like i know for myself i don't really want to be defined by anything i don't want to be d find buy one thing about my senior queer as the queers that's what queries i'm going to fit right in you know the lbgt for like the last thing i want is some kind of label but in that world it seems like that's exactly what
you know what i mean you want to be labels yeah it's so it's so weird it's like i don't know i thought because there is a lot of first of all the proud to be out like to be out is probably like a huge relief off of your back it's just you know is to be out and accept and not have to hide that shit anymore not after have that hovering over your head that's probably really fucks with people so it's probably an affirmation in a lot of to just say but the queer thing is i think they don't want to be i don't want to butcher this my queer friends they don't want to be described as a he or a she or a gay or straight they want and then there's those folks too otherwise why would be queer why would he be bisexual like what are you are you i'm clear okay what does it mean to you gain you straight bisexual i'm quite just queer so you just all right i got it
i think i got it i don't know if i have it you know it's it's so that's a real that's the thing yeah square that's queer is no one's ever told me that before you know it's fucking canadians we keep shit from yeah i guess so there's a lot of things we can i'm sure if i investigated it could figure it out babe mail when we we had there's one hell of a price one hell of a ride is it clear pride though that's a confusing parade because if you're truly query would even show up for it you don't even identify with it you know i do if i with that group that's running that parade wow yes i people for the longest time have been suppressed in and still are but anything for the longest and they didn't have an outlet where they can identify with other people that have also been suppressed in very similar ways so whether it's b gay or whether it's being trans gender or whether it's being they didn't have a community before to support them they just had scattered groups of people across the country with no way to communicate with each other yeah now you can have the i think it's like a it's it's probably it's probably the time
i don't think it will be like that forever at some point you mean well at some point i feel like the it won't be as exciting as it is now to be a qu here's what i mean by that is since it's only recently become as accepted as it is now right fifty years ago i don't know what they were going to do to somebody who came out or one hundred years ago or whatever it was obviously a tougher time so eventually it will be so commonplace that it won't even drum up nearly the discussion that it does now yeah but as long as it's only four percent of the population it's always going to be a marginalized group i mean think so i can go to that but do you think it's always going to be four is this something that is something that is a growing figure sure figure that's where becomes a real problem the christian community because that means a bunch of queries are indoctrinating all the youngins what's going on there spreading their queer well there's a lot of people that believe that if you sexually indoctrinate someone to world of homosexuality very young in life that they identify with that and that it
imprinted is a deep conversation dude it's a deep conversation but it has more do what is it with a header file sex at penn foster i'm not saying pedophile i don't know but right but thank you the likelihood of a person who was molested my metafile turning into a part of all of them yes yeah i think that's sake minted that is documented i don't i don't know if those are totally related you know and mister young being young experience experiences that you have when you're young help shape your perception of so many it does and also women who have been molested the young age into lean more towards prostitution and towards pornography and towards a lot of things along those lines that their ideas sexuality get morphed but right it's interesting man the the four percent thing like what you know what that's there's another question like what makes someone gay i mean how many people are gay because
the choice how many people go i'm tired of fucking deal with chicks i'm just going to learn start liking dude how many i feel like the company line is that people are born gay but i always had difficult that hi my eyes i have i have difficulty believing people are born anything all you need to meet this kid that lives on my street like no but but by this i mean by this i mean some percent samples percentage of our existence is nature and some percentage of our existence is nurtured and write to me picture it's not anyone it's not concrete you don't come out with a concrete perspective on anything except this kid on my he's five in these gays fuck this but five by five i think we underestimate how quickly character is built on an individual between the ages of one to two or two or three we look at a five year old and for us as adults five years is i think it's a blank but for them it's so yes it's such a huge span in so much as happy
in that period of time oh yeah and your childhood being dramatic is incredibly hard to get over and just the fact that it happened fifty years ago it set the boundaries and frameworks are the building blocks of your personality and kind of go back and repair that shit very difficult to do as opposed to some p most people i think never do but suppose to someone who's born and raised in a really like i have friends that grew up fucked up and they were just something about the fucked up ness that they in dr just they're never going to come all the way back they never going to look at themselves objectively they never going to step back and try to fix me or any of the personality issues they might have developed because of like a protective mec ism they sort of developed as a young person there's not going to do it shut off but there's just whatever it is they're done they're done growing changing and then other people
we can meet him in there consistently exploring their personality and their life and improving upon themselves doing things you know i love i talked to someone like dude i took up scuba diving like blacks that's awesome tell me about scuba diving you know like people i mean it and that that's not the best example but about someone who's like consistently constantly trying to expand their their experiences try to and analyzing their life then this other people that are just in a sea of decision making and alcoholism and drug abuse and gambling in this is that it seems like it seems like it you can you can come out in so many different ways but it it alternately stems from being happy or not being happy you know finding a way to get there right i mean she can happen to you and you have that moment of interpretation where you can take it one way or take it down is down a different path and the more severe the experience the the harder it is to take it in a positive way is weird that
i don't know you know i mean like for example failure the main way you learn how to do something so i'm going to how to ride a bike will if i fall off that bike i'm going to learn really quickly to stay focused so that that doesn't happen 'cause there's pain on the other end of it so here's this really negative thing that actually acts as the mechanism for getting me from a to b and getting better at something but the pain portion on its own when you can't justify it when you can't figure out the end message when you can't figure out what i've learned because of this that's when it's the toughest that digest yeah i think there's a lot of folks that try to stay as comfortable as possible as much as possible to so that terrified of that pain so dad they just don't experience much
yeah i have like a very low narrow world of it you know and then maybe the experience like a little bit of emotional pain online around again you know i mean like the foot of a you tube video and then read the comments and that's that's the end no milk bike riding for them because that would be some real life pain see i have i have two little kids i have a four year old and a two year old and just my life has changed a lot since having them just in analyzing their behavior and and then analyzing my own in contrast to theirs lady again yet adults are constantly trying to find ways to avoid pain to avoid off not feeling great all the time yeah like were complete lead you know risk avoidance i mean the average person whatever nine to five type individual them they put themselves out there for no reason my four year old there's a swing set he could go on the swing or he could pick one of the post going that to the top and climb all the
the top and said he's four you know what is driving him to do that because the adult mind would say oh you're going to break your wrist or leg or whatever and he might and someone's going to blame me for it fine but it's the drive portion in and of itself this just wanting to experiment that's the most exciting that's the part that i want to type into that's the part that's contagious you see him do that and it's like shit by why should i fall in line even if it's not directly related what is the next thing i do we need to be the status quo right like what we did today what we did today is not your average tech video right well tell people we today i was wondering if you're going to talk about it or not for sure we talk about anything and everything what we do today we ran a little test so experiment do people know most people know behind the studio is in a little mini archery range
you don't know that you should know that there's a couple of pictures on joe's instagram feed that's how i knew about it a little mini archery range and the experiment involved bringing some technology components out here to figure out how they would resist the impact of an arrow right yes yes yes have i done a good job so far i feel like i'm dancing around the subject okay the uh moving iphone the iphone six supposedly has a sapphire display or a display that partially made of sapphire here's a problem with sapphire how technical do want to get in there ok sapphires are really hard material they've been using it on watch faces for a long time it doesn't scratch easily if you buy a rolex or something it's probably got a sapphire face or something something like that but it's really expensive and it's really brittle so for a flexible surface it would be shit
shady shady and what a lot of people don't realize is that even if you have a stiff phone like an iphone is a certain amount of flex that it can put up with without chipping or shattering like something like that you know you can put some force on it you could sit on it etc it doesn't crack when you bend over type stuff or chip very easily although people crackle anyway smash him anyways so companies came out with things like gorilla glass which are these flexible of glass that are made out of laminated polytype bullshit a little bit of everything in there some glass some minerals and plastic new sapphire one which is supposed to be patented by apple is supposed to be the strongest we've ever seen so fewer people are going to end up in the apple store with a cracked iphone essentially that's the way it's looking right now so my buddy mark is we talked about earlier god hands on through a very similar source to who i've gotten my hands on components
before got his hands on this glass supposedly allegedly whatever no no no definitive definitiveness there but what we think is the coming glass put it through its paces scratched with a knife scratched it with keys would not scratch right very durable but i i was unimpressed because i said well we need to bust the thing we can to take thing to the point of destruction this is not enough and i wasn't the only one there are people in the comments that were like will dude you he did a great video so he he doesn't deserve it but they were like well dude sure you bet in scratch it but at what point is it is it going to be destroyed and so we wanted to test so i sent him a message where i said listen me you let's figure out how to get this done i think maybe we should go to a gun range that's why i say cj said he said on dm i say you ever been to a gun range he said i like where this is going
then i responded with i think i can do one better i said what you think about an arrow he said sold right i said let me reach out to now we reach out to joe so then i send a message to joe it kind of vague i like the way it was phrased though i said leaked iphone sapphire screen in arrow and a high speed camera that was it dot dot dot what you think about that he responded with fuck yeah gimme folks no hesitation fuck you in the dm that's why i love about this guy right here so we came down and we did it we made it happen in the video is going to go live i have a shit ton of data to look through because this camera shooting at nine hundred and sixty fps which i'm going to have the population wrong here but essentially an eight second clip is an enormous amount of footage it's like minutes worth certain for minute nine hundred and sixty frames per second that's what we nine hundred and sixty
it turned out to be what was it was like one minute video equals one second was at the got it i don't know i think that'll work on record as i'm going to be wrong if i do go on record for those that are really into this shit we were shooting on a an f700 at the highest frame rate possible and and basic we're going to try and give you guys the most accurate representation of the impact that we can and i mean i'm not going to spill it we got to leave a little reason to go check out the video but interesting results yes we're not going to spill it guess who wins some other stuff too it's not the phone it's not about the at the sapphire the upcoming sapphire well we had more fun than that so plenty of incentive to head over to box there be hit this of scribe button right now so you're ready when who goes live because we're about to
over the internet and we're counting on you guys to help us get there will definitely promote it we shot some shit we shot it a bunch of yeah definitely it was a it was worth doing definitely for sure so yeah we brought a lot of cool people down i should show everybody out we brought a austin evans we bright john from t l d we brought mark has of course well some of missy right now i don't think anybody no i probably in the bin and our internet josh also from t l the was there anyway anyway we made it happen in the bunch of cool cool people way too many cameras were in the back there you're gonna see at all we got behind the scenes we got in front of the scenes this is the struction at its best it was awesome it went down go watch a video what is it about men that we were talking about this men wanting to shoot things and blow them up
if you had to compare like the numbers just the sheer numbers forget about how many people are gay the sheer number of thing of things that go blown up by men you know like what is it whole things that get yeah no checks are sticking firecrackers up but think things to get like like blown up in a field how many things get blown up in a field that are gray nearby women fish you know i used to put fire crackers in their mouth and just blow him up after fishing so that so rude you should be you should be on some watchlist somewhere you know that if you weren't before you are now yeah then like like how many different like refrigerators have been like stuffed full of dynamite it's all men right
i was a kid i had an obsession with like opening stuff like this up they would buy me my parents will buy me some awesome piece of technology and i would want to get inside of it keyboards and walkmans i used to open those up mama to just to see what they were made of i don't know if this is an extension of that but ultimately you get to see what the thing is made you know what i mean that's part of it i think for sure to see inside when she shoot it look inside but blowing things it's also just to just blow things up you're right you're right i'm stretching on that i was i think there's two different two different desires so your desire is like the desire to see the wiring under the board yeah what all real it also like when that also when the error hits it they were so used to seeing this in the context of who don't drop it right we'll hook don't spill on it right to see it in that light where you
no this see rate that you've been so concerned about for so long you know it gentle with that you babe we these things true you know and so to take to to take this thing that's on your conscience all the time where is it to have it in my pocket right who doesn't do the slap them my body that you've selected to wally phone you don't leave that premises until it's in there so to say it even for a minute even for us that's a win or you just destroyed under she's getting off on the fact he destroyed things but it but if it was i mean it was cool but like let's say we put some i don't know fucking banana there it would have been quite the same yeah no definitely more valuable things are cool to see explode for whatever weird rebelling against ryan yeah i guess yeah seo exploding things whatever i lost it i lost weight i thought it was
it's it's exciting i mean there's also this just from a very straight up primal perspective this idea of the it the impending doom climax as if you were you get to wait you get to watch but you know the outcome you already know what the fuck is going to happen but you need to see it happen anyways i know what i was going to say that intake blenders ever seen that throw up with an iphone that's crazy yeah they blend the fucking funny blend is share that i've i do blends my vitamix couldn't have who makes my blendtec anet couldn't do a pineapple i cut a popper pineapple in there it just over here kept on overheating by luckily there's a sensor in there that you just have to unplug it and wait thirty minutes and shit but i'm like wait again why can't they should do a pineapple but like he gotta man up and get into tech men
i don't know i enjoyed the vita mix you know what i like about the vita mix that plunger thing yeah the plunger that's nice but i never used a framing other than kale shakes right but it's perfect for cal shakes work great but the blend text better even for cal shakes does it really liquefies it it brings it down to like a much smaller smaller size particle does it i use my blendtec now every day are my vitamix everyday like even if i'm just getting like hey i'm gonna get some apple juice i put some apple juice and ice in it and make it like a frozen that's good man that's good i mean you should look if the more you could go your digestive system a break blend shit up like that like vegetables is good for you it's good helps you poop too good lord that's the best thing about those kale shakes to poop
you're fantastic i need a statement while ross i gotta jump on the kill train still wild log ride like like you working on the uconn and there's a river and then the logs broke loose and they went down current like that that's just like when you take a shit just like whole hang on just hang on perfect woo and then you think like why isn't my shit always like this sometimes you know you go and i think i gotta take a shit i definitely take a shit alright let me just sit here and wait for this come out how long should a shit how long should you be in there for how long should be sitting down for it's really truly dependent on your diet right i think the easier it is for you to shit for you for joe rogan and experience in the bathroom what's the perfect length of time depends on
my phone with me because sometimes i'll drag it out when i'm done good magazine or a book that i'm into i'll drag it out like i'm done shooting of finished what is your feeling pull my pants are going to read have you said or what your record for time after you've been finished for still chillin with the my legs go numb all the time tell you that specially when you got that iphone are used to have a joke about it so true you know with that iphone resting on elbows resting in your thighs and you're leaning forward all that weight you're choking out your legs essentially yeah have you ever master baited on the toilet no heading over and that's not shitting but just sitting on the toilet now like i had when the girl was over and i couldn't masturbate in front of her so i would go to the bathroom i take a shower and then just try to masturbate while sitting on the toilet why do you just have sex with her she's right there weren't into it too much work so much work
so what happened what the it's really hard i could only done it once i've tried like three times something about the sitting on the toilets not take the position i remember somebody sending me something not not a product they wanted to send me a product because they say we don't sit on the toilet properly and it's this thing distinct just the way you sit or just swap thing that's what it was platforms and it was imagine that review my god yeah that is supposedly the way you're supposed to shit i did i looked it up i went to their website and i was like holy shit everyone shitting the wrong way yeah we are that is true it is easier for your bowels to work if you're like you can also sort of adjust your posture when your handle foil over top because i think probably the way i'm doing it with my phone when i'm lee forward and that's probably the worst worst like yeah to do is just like probably
straighten up and i could mimic the squatting on the the perfect technique with joe rogan yeah this is a and i am i'm never tell you this i'm here for you yeah i think i squatting sort of a thing like that like with with a straight back and be the weight we kind of fix the morning pee boner problem because that shit i still not good at it was what do you mean what you have to like do that weird position to stand over the toilet and push your boner down just to pee until oh yeah we just gotta just go outside is that what you do see out really that's what you do get close to get this one is all over the place give up his part and we talked with as i've i know his pie in a fire but you know it's outside i like to be outside for some reason just more comforting dissolves walk outside and he is an actor in a pot how come you know the pot i would say it's a pot that's like a planet pot but i
okay so you're dirty in there yeah little fertilizer for the plant it's not good for at all not at all dog piss kills lawns i know that definitely yellow this is a no no this is yeah like that stops being green a what's in the dogs piss it's them monia but it doesn't seem to be the same as a human like when you in the grass give you pee on your grass it doesn't seem to kill the grass too in dog case the same now you could smell dog pee it smells like regular p yeah definitely does mc cap he's disgusting i don't know if you're into my little animals my cat my oldest cat uh she's problems shits in front of the toilet now she's old is flushes eight i mean right howls at the moon in front of my toilet and it's a grey shit or something they would mess that an old when they get ahold mancat fall apart
the meaning the hang in there for a long time i get my tax eighteen fucking years old she's hanging in there but every night now mom my lamb just know what's going on she's eighteen she's probably some sort of a neurological issue yeah some alzheimer kitty alzheimer's or something like that but she'll she just a break this is fun but she's not screaming in words at night i don't know if she can and she remembers where the litter boxes which is two litter boxes in the house but sometimes she's in the bathroom and she'll just shit in the wrong bathroom on the floor this is all new like over the last and mines also having problems jumping on little counters like you know it's just like falls all the time and i think she's starting to get blind or something they just get week you know their legs are we at what point tomorrow bullet no we got a letter i don't want to suffer you know if i thought you suffering like most of the time she's cool she's
problem shitting and she pees in the wrong spot sometimes including an animal down when i put my dog down well i mean i didn't put it right but you've been there yeah it's horrible it's weird it's hard tarde tarde is weird 'cause you know you don't do that to people well no euthanasia pete some people say it's more humane more humane yeah it's certainly more humane if you knew that someone that you love dearly was suffering and write horrible way and they will probably stay alive for months or maybe even a year in this state before they the body of a we gave out and there's no hope to bring him back the problem is just so many people that would kill their parents there's so many p would kill loved ones kill if they had the choice like people have had there's been situations where a husband or a wife had been credit in critical condition in the wife had been arguing to pull plug or the husband had been arguing to public plug and the mask
controversy the family gets involved everybody's angry you know so it's you can't just do that you know it's it's it's a true about the person themselves making a call like if they're still cognizant how can you tell cognisant they want to kill themselves i mean it's like suicides illegal which is hilarious not everywhere now in the other countries you mean yeah but in america essentially it's illegal everywhere right you know euthanasia it is illegal the kevork ian kevorkian guy who see i person i don't have a problem with it if a person if a person could pass a psychological evaluation at their cognizant we their basic psychological evaluation they say listen i'm sick of stuff or whatever but there needs to be suicide house is like you know they can go in and just like a big hole in there no no falling or something like furnace there should be how 'bout that suicide forest in japan yeah that's weird the way
people choose to do it through the choose to do it with his little pants possible very few people jump into volcanoes so how many how many fast way to go right how long would that take maybe in he went head first i think so yeah you basically just person i mean that's what i used to do right to bad people have thrown into volcanoes did they should do that i don't know why you days overdue but i'm sure it's happening command man seems like the sacrifice that to the volcano gods i don't know if that's a real thing well sir rice certainly real things so you got a sim sacrifice bubble queneau would be like the most each one about cool way to do it definitely and jim the bug although how about like that braveheart where they the torture and what making everybody watch the torture like that might be more badass because you're intentionally keeping a guy alive yeah but that's killing someone that's not like human sacrifice so it's like
yeah i guess you're saying is a form of punishment but they never sacrificing the cool people there always sacrificing 'cause they don't like anyway but by new standards are they an asshole that's a product king or whoever he doesn't give a fuck about them right but the king by the time the guy gets to be a king who know whether he's a good guy or not his judgment oh you know guarantee you he is not joe versus the volcano what is that meg ryan movie tom hanks and meg ryan something about sacrificing something these sacrifices you in an hour and a half of your life there's a limited connection was the sacrifice of meg meg ryan tom hanks movie oh christ try watching like the sleepless in seattle that was like one of the first internet based love affair movies you've got mail number that we made in that you've got mail sleepless in seattle they were having an online correspondence right i think that was you've got to think that you got me
is it yeah what was sleepless in seattle is one where she had she squirted in delhi or something memory she had to orgasm in the restaurant that you're right but wasn't that also like oh that was like they send each other actual letters is that what it was that was billy instant right yeah you've got mail was the first online what year was you've got mail i would say nine defies six let's next find out sleepless in seattle nine thousand five hundred and ninety the you've got mail that was an aol thing that it said do you got mail so it's plus in seattle was one thousand nine hundred and ninety three ok this is a radio talk show that they called in that's what it was you got mail one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight interesting so ninety three sleepless in seattle was radio so that was before aol so ninety eight was essentially you've got mail was like right when four
there's into the internet invasion in our culture has cry aol and number five dot zero really confusing time i've still no people at all people who their perception of who aol is and what they do is all confused like people well you know what i mean like i don't want to call anybody out but you know like aol was a service provider they the browser right at one time like you would get a disc that comes along with your service you sign up and you get a cd that you have to put in an install their software do you remember that yeah yeah yeah so then then then they essentially became a media company which is what they are now they have they own some tax sites it's the reason i'm familiar and they have of course their own web but does anybody still use aol as a website that's what i was wondering aloud who do you think a lot of people still actually use bobcat goldwyn he sent me a fucking aol email address there you go i was no way still he's like
that and it was awesome in the member direct directory search got me a late and you used to be able to just type in your address and would find anybody had a well around you based on your miles and i found out like girls that live down the street for me and then i just started hooking up with them so i think they could probably fucking sudam soup your stocker well this would be internet privacy back then does not exist anymore what the fuck you could just send it at them a message and i used to anyone could get a message to anyway so like if your mom was on aol and she had an account like somebody stranger could just be like hey lady you want to fuck and no one isn't it funny that like given the option like message boy words in aol given the option to use your actual name like i have a message board and my message board has she will look at it right now i want to say like at least ten million posts how
millions ok seven million posts in the main forum half a million posts in the podcast forum at combat sports form is six hundred and ninety seven thousand the cunt farm is one million seven hundred thousand the message board right there well it's been around a long fucking time there's a lot of posts on it but like the actual number of people that use a real name's almost none oh on a message board and yeah given the opportunity yeah i mean i use my real name but if i'll go through the podcast forum or the any of the form it's all crazy names right shazam biz wally writer jr pa i mean everyone's got these wacky king phoenix that's not your name mother you know used to deal with the email to so how many
how many do you think i got the number here it's still use aol as a service adviser is that they pay for steps service car i would say the almost a four million okay do you think this is it obviously in a u s numbers on it yeah how many people are currently subscribers to the internet through aol he said for millions of four and to think there's probably nothing really to subscribe to anymore it's just a well still charging them yeah i think if i got it feel like it's less than the amount of two million i can feel like i'm underestimating i feel like invited do you were and always age ten okay go if you want an aisle seat i'll take time take ten okay it's two point five million assets close i got greedy it's amazing that it's two
tuna half million so it's still a lot of people what was it doing today good question time i remember wait a minute what was that merger it was time in aol time media in aol right yeah it was like the a pitta meofthe dot com fallout that acquisition where they they valued aol at some enormous figure i think i'm right about that i'm tired things today worms what they feel welcome to the podcast yeah well now it's just that's a well you could just do all the this is a new site similar to yahoo wow it looks so weird this is and see nc settings member how we talk about traditional media before there is an example of a company essentially losing its foothold in an incredibly short span of time where they were the way to get on the internet and then a decade later there news site yeah whoa
wait a minute and they started buying up you know media properties websites that are successful etc trying to get back into the game in some way but that's that's another that's an example of how acceleration is happening now adaptation more necessary than ever you can never rest on what you're currently doing you always have to be moving on to the next thing or you turn into a yeah and there's also going to be times where whatever you used to do just doesn't exist anymore it's going to go away like if if blockbuster trying to stay open in some way shape or form it wouldn't have made it nobody needs that anymore so it went away no you know is going to be a lot of those kind of things when things turn digital of record stores or they still exist but it's because records have become kind of cool yeah like an actual record it will always be there in some format but it just won't be the status quo like comic book stores
like comic book stores are cool because to have a physical copy of spiderman one is pretty dope but you know what you can get that marvel has an app that you get on your ipad right and you watch comic books on ipad are better comixology marv i think it's more marvel has one there's also another really big one i think is called comixology or something like that and recently purchased by amazon anyway i'm sorry the best way to look at comic books because you frame by frame so you don't have spoilers like you know sometimes you'd be reading a comic bug see the next page yeah you see explosion in the next page and you go oh damn that's going to happen it's actually better let's it is better 'cause you're literally going frame by frame every frame is in a unique frame you put it down and pick it back up your right where you left yeah dude reading comma books and also it's not like a limited edition you can't get it they could reproduce every god damn conquered that ever existed in digital form and they'd be fools not
and they could do like netflix like subscription packages where you just read all you can not actually have to buy them as one if you're willing to the monthly fee or something like that yeah we would make it accessible to the average fan and the real big wig sort of comic book collectors that are willing to pay how much is spiderman one worth i have no idea probably not saying about some money right spiderman one any amounts one million dollars i don't know something crazy like that most people are not going to have it but you can easily get it if your regular kid who had ipad like they could just but it digitally going to be great you know and it would make things this fear though there's this fear though that it brings down it has the potential to bring down the overall economic value of the more of that independent market place where if people are going out and spending eighty dollars per you know per
comic then overall there might be less money there less incentive to get into it less like this is the music business is argument right about independent stuff i don't think that that makes any sense though because i think that you're just going make people more excited you are dealing three hundred and fifty million people in this country alone you're getting more for access to the comic book and i think it's make a more excited about the physical copies still going to be worth a massive amount of money i don't think it undervalues it at all i think in fact it prob it makes it more exciting to actually hold the copy of it right but there but there will be fewer comic book stores than there were before well there be i don't i don't know i think that people still love to have the physical thing in front of 'em yeah two i don't know i think it's a mix if you look at well sample movies could you sustain a big budget michael bay how much money did you spend on transform
if people are going to go to the movie theater and spend fifteen dollars and another ten on popcorn is michael bay able to make his movies anymore yeah he is yeah at the same budget you bye em online right but that's what i mean is the consumption medium once you're online your expectation is that it's not going to cost you as much as it costs you at the theater it's the context of the theater though all that money in your pocket the highest number spider man one has generated isn't this it further the grade you know the great on for hours zero point five which is a complete magazine z one point zero which is very poor zero point five fetched as much as one thousand six hundred dollars for a complete shitty torn apart spiderman for the highest grade for a perfect copy one point one million i was close on that esther you're dead on and that's amazing fantasy
it's only the arm and that is the original spider man amazing fantasy had spider man on the cover and it was the very first time that we were introduced to spider man it's only the third comic book to break one million dollars the other two are action comics number one and detective comics twenty seven amazing but i don't i really for some paper see but people but right there it's like the shitty version of that's all fuck drop zone with one thousand six hundred dollars but the best perfect crisp clean as a huge gap yeah i think there's always gonna be that i get i get i completely agree with you that that's always gonna exists to like i guess a part i'm talking about it's just more map mass consumption that if the mass consumption medium was paper that needed to be distributed everywhere the average cost of consumption for the average user would be higher than it is in a subscription based model like netflix for example is a dollar month but what did you spend on rentals before netflix existed a lot more a lot more yeah that's true that's good way of looking at it and also
so the amount of comics that are at least like new ones that are digitally released right like right now the amount of apps interview in comic books is you know there's a couple but it's like the same mean if use really go to any grocery store anywhere in there would be an i only had a comic book they would be like a thing that spun around that little rack yep that comic books on it yeah that is slowly is going to be did yeah so kind of like our amazon conversation from earlier where streamlining the delivery method inevitably cuts money from that trans yeah it kinda does i guess but you can think that little tiny recording that now i know you know i'm just saying that that's the counter argument in all this stuff and probably the better analogy is the michael bay one is this idea that the traditional model is fucked up as it is and maybe the most original ideas aren't getting out it generates a fuck ton of money
yeah it's interesting but it's inevitable part of innovation like the horse shoe maker of the eight hundreds probably so peston cars came along yeah yeah it's like i bought this house in her shoes and look at my old my my kingdom is from more shoes i'd like to see is react and his price so mad you know guys probably going ape shit right now you don't need a fucking car ok hey is not that expensive all suddenly became jerry seinfeld i don't know what that what do you need his face is a horseshoe canyon dies a car guy yeah opposite of a horseshoe die struck a million cars right we've got old ones yeah bring his old porsches that's his main thing the porsche is his main thing portion nine hundred and eleven she's got like some ungodly number of portia nine hundred and eleven better cars overall him leno leno has more car leno's a gangster he has a full time staff that takes care of his cars there in a warehouse geez
he has hasn't online show yeah he's got some giant place airport he also has a show a web show that he does like all based on cars breakdown car seinfeld has their cars and coffee shop he's pretty close to close his show is more i mean it's a little bit about the car but more about hanging out with unique individuals i don't mind that show no it's not bad you think about a traditional media guy from ninety the 90s i think it's a decent transition it's definitely better than that marriage ref thing whatever that was on tv that was dog yeah yeah but you can't fix marriages who the fuck told you fix marriage is this how you fix some you break up break me telling people to get your shit together and meet somebody else and don't let this happen again don't let it get to the point where on tv working out your grievances
keeping at each other in front of america please you his his coffee should a car comedians in cars or whatever it kinda has like a podcast vibe to it a little bit very much so it's probably edited a little too much for my taste but otherwise i feel like you sort of getting in on censored version of both individuals pretty much yeah and it's also a passion project where she doesn't need any money exactly probably doesn't make much from it now they still getting those acura ads in there they are sure they're nice and smooth too yeah they're good ads he's good at the show is he really loves cars but that's what why it's passion project like he's really you got like he was driving a nineteen seventy three porsche nine slash eleven rs which is a very rare car tore the million dollars yeah and he was driving it around with someone i forget who it was in the car with them but the thing is the guy who hosts seth meyers at his name yeah that guy i think with him one of those some comedian character
it was sure and you know you could tell as he's describing the car like this jerry's words these a real car nut really there's such a difference between that and someone who is just doing that gig like there's plenty those guys online that are doing the car gig because they could have been a weathercaster or they internalism yeah not even that i mean they could've been fucking top forty dj or something but dead there reviewing cars this is the new automatic transition transmission it's a seven speed dual clutch setup is a diff i mean that in like matt farah who is a friend of mine who is a show called drive and he's on that and the smoking tire that is script in a teleprompter you're doing it wrong yeah and that's the thing about like if you can pursue your interests you will know
daniel life if you can actually find a job were you doing what you love in last it becomes a burden which also you can up you can up in the thing that you love can become your you know it's like marrying your mistress yeah at least you're still doing it your way and up your way yeah you know that's it's still it's so different than having somebody else tell you what's right and wrong to experience it yourself occ bikes are like the bicycle thing someone can tell you you can you're going to fall but it's a you never gonna learn as fast as experiencing the failure and and it and it a rating based on it you know that's something that i think makes my you tube for example so great is that the content producers themselves is keeping track of so many different were producers were created we're cutting craters writers whatever
whatever it may be wearing all these different hats so you get to sensual east see so many different perspectives on on the the output what would eventually becomes the video in that job used to take and if it's a super common question i get when people when i talk to people is you do that you mean you do all that on your own all of it i think what we're stood what about the camera guy what about this what that guy cetera and but there is some level of control and creativity and imagination that can come forty when you know how to do everything you know i mean when there aren't you aren't seeing physical barriers everywhere you're like i know how to do that well you also seeing you in an undirected atmas exactly really you in guy you're passionate guy about all these different things that you're reviewing it draws you in there's no there's no fake nastu at all there's no today in very produced lay in the back all of us had i
you know what i mean everyone was directing everyone else and then themselves and the whole thing in a more regimented environment it just sucks the lifeout of everything well we were talking about that if we had a producer back there was calling the shots clipboard meanwhile was just five guys laughing hysterically and just like and trying to make the best video to like everybody's idea was clearly about trying to like maybe we can get this shot about that maybe we could do that or this and it became like we were bring up an escalating it to make it better and i feel like i feel like that's what exposes the traditional media model in the sense that like if we're having fun it's going to come coming back to the social media that kind of element were for these guys friends we need to get as close to the experience of having them there here as we can for them to get the most out of the video yeah and every every time you put this business person or whoever in between that communication spectrum all of a sudden this filter
and audiences are more sophisticated than ever and that's why i feel like you tube is the place it's the ultimate battle ground because everybody has equal access viewership and so you can come with your big budget and you can come with your fancy voice the one you were doing that the fancy void you can come with your one million dollars in fact i'm million dollar ring it bring it the organic shit will win in fact in fact a couple of years ago maybe a couple of years ago google thought we need more premium content on youtube so they they launched this premium content initiative spent an enormous amount of money like one hundred million dollars to convince traditional media people to bring their content to youtube almost everything within that initiate initiative bond wow because it wasn't passion based because it wasn't passion based and it wasn't organic to the platform it was this really we weird kind of frankenstein version of it you know
i'm really passionate about it i'm really passionate about people that are web native remaining that way you know and a fat paycheck not necessarily changing the yeah i don't think it would change that for you you really do enjoy it and love it and the only thing would change is if it became a burden you know became your behold into another company you cold into if you add so any sponsors unblocked but you know mean imagine sony sponsored unbox therapy or well dude it i mean it's not it's not impossible i mean on the web there's this advertising is the web unknown no one wants to talk about that you know people want to run adblock and pretend that it doesn't
every site you love every video you love everything important and interesting on the web or the or a lot of it the vast majority of it is supported by the fact that brands are paying to be in your face google exists because they're an advertising company first and foremost it's how to keep the doors open right but this is really weird thing where people you know hey haters whoever the people want to come on there and pretend that it's actually something else to participate but if it wasn't for advertising in real money finding its way to the web none of us would be here right now you need it to survive and you need it to invest back in the content i'm here in la right now shooting fucking aeros it's not free i get a ten thousand dollars camera back there it's not free if you want to see cool shit it's going to cost you but at least in this environment you know it's spent on the actual thing and not spent on some woman walking around with a clipboard right well
been to certain youtube shows that are super over produced yeah have you ever seen you two shows where they do it like a hollywood show they have make up artists and click it producers and directors is a guy that's holding the camera there is another guy directing it and if someone who's over viewing the thing i've seen like six seven people i've been on the same sets man and what is that that's the blockbuster affect those are the traditional people taking the easiest path to secure their position without being imagined it's also people that think that you have to do that in order to be legit you have to have uh those roles that's right if yeah if this is not today we had probably five people holding cam yeah i mean not everybody not because it was their job but because it was exciting to try and get an interesting frame themselves you know we wasted everybody on the actual subject matter instead of having somebody pudding powder on our faces
and it was also the wasn't the the the voice of reason didn't exist although there was no one person it was going to say the cook we can't do that that's too for i'm going to lose our sponsors were going to exactly i think once you've had the real version once you've had the uncensored version once you've had you on the podcast and you've had me in my show it's really hard to ingest as in another format you know yeah it would be really hard it's it's a really hard to recreate that to elect to recreate someone who's it really interested in what they're talking about really has some of the it's i don't think you can recreate it you inuit arenot you can't fake that comes through you know that's a big issue in mixed martial arts too big mixed martial arts there was a bunch of those sort of sports guys that got into mixed martial arts and we're doing commentary on it but really did fucking talking right but there are more sports and they would say like ridiculous shit and the hardcore fans would go crazy that go after them
feel like you're not really a fan you fucked up weird baker guy who doesn't even understand what you're talking about and it just shown through and then there's other guys that do it that they clearly love it and those are the ones that are usually embraced for the most part the only problem from a business perspective is when the guy if the guy you're employing knows more about the thing than you do who's really in the power position right see there's something really enticing about putting a puppet in true yeah and or putting in expert in who will do your bidding pudding pudding it yeah exactly in expert the way you see it well compensated expert that knows that would be a company man in expert actor
yeah and then when it comes to electronics and things that's when it gets really score early because of sony knows that you've been beholding to l g and they try to lure you from the l g side and then and then l g finds out that you well you one over sony honey goddam turn coat thank uva relationships in the whole fucking thing yeah how does that work like when you get stuff like i know top gear show top gear from the bbc great show great show well they had a problem with american would do it doing it in america because they shit on some cars i mean jeremy parks and takes open dumps on some cars and porsches for years and years until like the nine hundred and ninety seven turbo was the first portion he praised he would shit on them how stupid they were and they were basically uh we're grown beatles and like i mean it would cost
we do that and because of that like a lot of american car companies did want to donate their cars to them and they had a real issue doing that show on american tv we kind of get into that in the last conversation about how when your subject matter comes from a company like if you you know when you want to go shoot a rom com movie the subject matter is the are the actors that you hire but in this case these these are actors diss the this is what makes the video or breaks the video i mean i can sit there and talk about what i've heard all i want without it in my hands i have no interpretation to share with you so it's a very big d still maintaining these relationships and making sure that you're going to get your hands on this stuff and therefore it is important what people say and how they say it and so this is i was ranting last show on tech journalism and somebody had a really good point in the youtube comments about journalism in general but like wait a minute think about politics think about commercials on cnn
think about the agenda of anybody trying to get a message out there if you can shroud it under the heading of journalism it's going to get past the filtration system that much easier see is the best advertising real advertising is stuff you don't even know it's there i like we just say product placement i remember when i first found out about product placement i think was on news radio they would uh there's two there's different types product placement and one there's free product they just give you free product and so you do you drink their sodas on the sat you wear their clothes like nike will give you free sneakers if you're on a television show i things along those lines and there's that kind and then there's also like where you are suppose to be holding up a coca cola while you're in the man we how to find this fucking killer before he kills again ask refreshing it's really help me fight
you know that's like the low five fi version that's that's like the unsophisticated version of it that unsophisticated version here's its ugly head pretty often offensively yeah on cable tv and the internet we are the in that will react great product place when you ads internet will put up with each and and ultimately i don't think it functions in nearly as well hi here's the thing it i always get pissed off when i'm watching a movie or something and they've completely covered up the logos on everything because watching that movie for me is all about the suspension of disbelief right i have to believe that what i'm looking at is potentially possible like you now the laptop the apple part is blurred out every reality show ever is that as bad as when this sony show and everyone's got a sony i was watching a movie a day where everyone had so many everything was only vaio laptops the worst right now it's music videos
it is no longer a viable business that invest that much money in a video and all you're going to get a little bit of ad revenue off youtube so there all supported heavily by product placement beats audio you'll see special phones and like super heavy duty in the frame you know for me if we can all agree that the audience themselves is becoming more sophisticated we need to get better at hiding the easter eggs in our entertainment because you're going to fuck up my suspension of this yeah using them so blatantly like like i said with this movie i saw the other day that every time they took a photo graph it was a sony camera every time what fucking movie was it god damn it yeah you need to call this all right now yeah i'm trying to remember what movie it is i just saw it yeah well here's the problem with the blatant call out is that all of a sudden as a consumer your guard is up repeat right we are bombarded with brand messages on a daily basis and so because of it we build up
this forcefield right that i don't remember the figures you're inundated with thousands of brand messages before you even get to work in the morning type thing and so your guard is up and so it doesn't pass into that other portion of the subconscious portion of your mind that controls your purge decisions so not only are you fucking up my entertainment by now allowing for the suspension of disbelief but you're not also you're also not selling your product because i saw what you did there right yeah and if i do buy it like i'm buying it in spite of what you did exactly like it's so good i'll buy it anyway but god you idiot so deliver us from evil that's it it was what's it about oh it's a silly fucking movie supposedly it's a eric banna movie it's bay based on a real life instances of a new york city police detective what to do serious thing where guy was possessed i get the fuck outta here it's so ridiculous so but and that had probably interesting
really blatantly obvious product placement it was pretty silly like so much so like every time they use the phone you see the sony logo clearly and place see brands themselves the people making those calls to the wrong fucking people does it wrong p so this is some meeting somewhere in and they're going okay we can have the phone in for three frames or eight frame zero out of the moon will take eight frames because we want as much of these as we can get was not a question of quantity it's not right you just got to plant the seed man well if you're teaching them how to be fuck heads i think you should do that but i don't think that's fuckhead at all because my life experience i don't care about average i personally think good advertising is one of the most sophisticated art forms that exist right i have enormous respect for good advertising the problem advertising is context like for example women they they're going to read vogue
z right vogue magazine is as much about the people they choose to let advertising there as it is about anything they write on their own it's all about context the experience of picking it up going the page is finding things that are attractive was pulling you in knowing that for three or four dollars you are now you are now completely consumed in the culture of all this really expensive stuff in these really expensive brands and it's all connected see their narrative the narrative en vogue magazine is not about what they're putting into it it's about who else is there who's at the party guccis their louis vuitton is there etc it's about building that entire thing up and for the mail prosper diff dupont registry even better example perfect plant registry is an add book that's when you're buying an ad book everything in that magazine is an advertisement with everything and we love it
there at every fucking newsstand you see a dupont registry and it's got some new car on that's caused way too much fucking money for ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of the people that ever buy that magazine to afford probably more than that like bugatti veyron one million five and it's on the cover and you like but who's this magazine for an ad for a car that cost more than most people's fucking house is what else is the rob report yes that's another one all the robber port is everything though it's like monson planes vacation homes in hawaii and all this crazy shit but that's the thing is like ultimately people want to be told what to get you know we don't have the time it's the reason that channels like mine exist you don't have that there are so many
it's fear is so huge now that keeping tabs on all of it is very difficult to do and in some ways were reverting back to the informational type of advertising that existed in previous times you know you break the shell and the guy comes out he goes i'm i got the new colgate to paste and host of the show is actually showing you what it is and what it does seem advertising has moved so far in the abstract direction right where it's like advertising for beer but everyone's partying all the fucking times like what am i buying you are in a party i'm buying a party in a bottle buying i'm hanging out with these guys blue that's their dream come true the problem is beer is not representative of the massive sphere that we have to purchase within we needed by complicated shit too right and you just tell me my life is better because i have it i need i need evidence man that's the place where you come in and then margos any
the who that's his name marquez marquez nicely marquez he doesn't care if he's marcus or marquez if if you we want to shout out its channels and k b h d awesome review yes awesome reviews but the the kind of in depth coverage of electronics do it is did not exist even on like the screen savers even on the it couldn't there's no way you can only do no one has that time it's it highlights the issues that people have with traditional media you know it highlights the issues that people have with having a very specific time we have to tune into something it's true that that was a that's a huge to creativity how it's a mess because you have to build this messaging that's suitable for this huge amount of people at one time like that you know the super ball right you spent a million dollars for commercial because everybody's paying attention at that time but it's not hard did all right not reaching anybody specifically i mean maybe more dudes are watching it than women
i was amazed female figures a lot of women watching to everyone in the house is watching it but ultimately is part of it is the shotgun approach part of it is just getting the name of your god damn thing to as many p it's possible but i think real decision making happens at this at a much deeper level personally that's my feeling so awareness is point a but in the knowledge this is the next step so fine make your introduction at the superbowl but that's not a if you can't stop there and i think that also the kind of advertised like the difference between advertising an informative entertain which is essentially what you're doing i mean when you're doing you're doing yet brands are trying to do what i do now like samsung will do their own unboxing videos really hell yes and who does it for them
some random robes yahoo no seriously what it is so it's not somebody's you hash major mind blowing at local look one up later look up the i believe it was the s five or the note three at a korean girl did for yeah you're not good not a good job it's the whole thing love peace it feels the whole thing feels so bizarre again again you're hitting that you're hitting that force field you're right that sensor people are alerted you know we're all on that's what i love about it i love that sophisticated advertising or something that's fifty i don't even know if it's just advertising but sophisticated content the more sophisticated viewer i love that name that all these people out there that experience my content now are gonna hold everything else up to that standard brian you see yeah so you can you are literally pushing the entire market place market place by not fitting within a particular paradigm
that's so interesting man and it's also kind of redefining how we view the information that we get on each product used to be the only information that you got about a new chevy truck was either reading about it in a magazine 'cause you're so intrigued you pick up a chevy truck magazine or you get an ad you'd see an ad for a chevy truck now you go online any chevy trunk revu booms and there's so many reviews for i've been looking at a a new s u v why my lease is up on my s u v and right thinking about something else to get or a truck or whatever and i'm reading all these different views and you get lost man it's almost an overload 'cause you like look up the choice the land cruiser ok the land cruiser bitch you bitch on cruiser been giant how much time did you spend lots of hours how much time will you put into this purchase
a quite a bit more than anything else because it's my family vehicle so it's i want to make sure they're safe and there are big and they can carry all our shit if we're going anywhere seats fold in a million big entertainment things so i have a four year old and a six year old they get their little party on the back seat and everything's groovy phone connection look at those everybody at the new one what's the thing called that carplay carplay what's that well that's what that's what that's where we sort of had a conversation about google they're doing their own version but apple has it there in car in car software and they have a few auto auto makers dave aligned with to put essentia lee an iphone experience in your dash so you longer have that dumb unit you know what they're doing also for a lot of back seats they have
this thing will you lock in an ipad orion the kids watch it just paste it right in there the kids watch their ipad and they also have games that they can play on it and they also have their own individual here jack definitely or they can go bluetooth within device so they have wireless headphones you know me and daddy don't have to listen to fucking frozen for the 100th time think about kids math it's cute it's adorable but one they love something they just want to watch it over and over and over and over and over i went through tangled i went through a period of watching tangled i price out one hundred times process provides don't do that yet no no minor american for different the nearest my kids have live differently and i know there's a letter different you i know mine my two year old especially you got to remember they had like they had all the technology all the video games since day one so no waldorf school for your kids
no do you know about walter screw that make you played with and told a friend who went there you know like tronic yeah yeah no no no no nice kids well nice is subjective right i agree but no listen i'm immersed in it i want to connect with them how am i in fact will's been in a bunch of my videos by four year old lately which is amazing because half of this shit he sees it come in the house you know he doesn't get to participate in that part of it so i think i have in that sense i have the coolest job that i get to do shit with him but i'm most in every time it's him driving it not me so for the audience it's like you're exploiting him or whatever this is nagging me weeks on end let's make another video for years likes it he loves it that's funny loves it but they're so into this world that like youtube for example
give them an ipad they know how to navigate youtube and that's the craziest part and i and i've talked about this before as well as like the consumption thing that i'm in like the product world the the tech world it exists for different spectrums to like make up and beauty and kids mark the research the policeman yeah the research the stuff they want yeah so they're watching played sets there watching car sets there watching the lego lego man so they're getting started even earlier than me not only that those toys get reviewed natural the star rating system uh give you go to amazon and you look up chilled toys you'll see a rating system in comments that the parents and the children lievens like tell the parents what they like and don't like about a toy and the parents talk about the latest build quality right which she used to you know
we used to have to like re consumer reports or find out about if it was even safer dangerous toys that broken stabbed you and you felt the height there's recall a fucking high chair 'cause people are falling over or whatever now all that shit's out in the open it's amazing see but here's the thing is like if the blockbuster guys are on one end of the spectrum poor fucking blockbuster guys i keep on calling them out they still exist you guys are listening right now probably not poor bastards anyway if the blockbuster guys are on one end of the spectrum and my kids are on the other because i'm already completely sensitive to the traditional media messaging like it's not going to fucking work on me it sure as fuck isn't going to work on that yeah they know how to get around it not only that there from the how old are you twenty nine
i'm forty six right so obviously i dealt with a lot of years where there was no influence whatsoever by the common person with social media and the ability to spread information like a guy like you didn't exist now when i was young my job didn't exist when i was in high school my guidance counselor couldn't have told me what the fuck i was going to be doing 'cause youtube wasn't even a thing you probably would told to do it anyway even today what guidance counselor is going to tell you hey man you should make some youtube videos that question more than anything else from young people how do i do it you do the number one question just start doing it right that's it those people that are asking that question you guys are knuckleheads stop the questions just go do something that's the prob the people they like to talk about shit so much they don't actually do shit i've been reading stephen king's book on writing which is a great book i was reading it this weekend and one of the great thing about the book he says like you only talk about writing so much like you should just go right just
get it done like a lot of times people and this is also in steven pressfield's book the war of art a lot of times people will track themselves from the actual work at hand by talking about it some definitely no i i mean i completely feel that way in fact in my studio i tried to created in such a fashion where the friction between me starting something and not starting something is at the lowest level possible you've done the same thing here obviously i mean jesus you just sit down and go yeah you know that's the key because human beings we will naturally find ways out of doing yeah we know we're supposed to be doing but this is easy to do this is like at all the things that i do that require me to do it whether it's writing being the most difficult stand up being the least difficult this is the easiest end up being the least if oh all to get me to do ok oh yeah i love doing standup really fun you know it's probably the most difficult to get right there is probably the easiest out of all the things that i do to get right i don't know
there are things that i do yet numeri might be to you but i mean to the average person i think this format is it requires a certain openness about yourself because to do a set are you review are you revealing as much about yourself in a comedy set as you are in a three hour conversation you definitely reveal more in a three hour conversation i would think i would think so too you can especially when you do five hundred of am that's what he's saying now you're going to get a sense a lot of people i know the berryer that's holding them back in the first place is insecurity about who they are or what they have to share whether or not anyone gives a fuck well that's a much tougher place to put them in this seat where expected to show who they are for three hours instead of mastering is really perfect little box this little thing that represents them right like i think i
make most of my videos are three to five minutes long and i think a person could listen to this podcast right here and know more about me than if they watched five hundred of them oh most certainly what's the longest you've ever done a video for is anything that's like really complex that warrants much longer you know you can get up into like one thousand and fifteen maybe fifteen like would be fit being like a new phone or something like really complicated in comparison like something versus something else but you don't like limit yourself like you well there's this it it listen if you get you you had to be smart in anything that you that you do if you're investing a lot of time in it and so there is definitely a retention issue will be before willing to identify the fact the consumption habits which changing in the web is driving force behind that then we also need to be cognizant of the fact that we need to fit within a certain list fit within certain bound even though those boundaries are loose and no ones going to fucking tell you one way or the other uh huh
out of the conversations i have in brainstorming that i do is about hyper focusing and iterating and finding better ways of reaching people and we just think a lot of us i'm speaking i guess for the community as a whole have figured out that three to five minutes just what makes sense three to five minutes is a song length as well yeah it's a really weird it's really weird that winds up that way three minutes is what they say right on that something for sure something weird we don't have youtube up there right now but if you look at the youtube interface it's a lot of thought goes into the way things are laid out people freak out whenever anything changes and why the fuck is that there google stupid people love seeing this shit like that the youtube does a pretty decent job of setting up like if you watch click on one of those videos brian like one your videos you would look
the right stuff others that yeah that's that's would send you down those affordable rabbit holes and that's where she gets weird here see so here's the thing about this frame right now that we're looking at at what point does this video become less enticing than the juicy shit on the right right he full screen did so he kind of killed it but will full screen it definitely does full screen it does right but why is youtube not by default full screen interface well because there about view times as a whole yeah so we talk about this last time did that did we i don't remember but that totally makes sense the way they're designed i think it's the perfect design also the comments as an einen retarded fucking aggravating is they can be they engage people and get people to spend more time there's some folks at do not have an outlet and i think that's sometimes refer acted in the angry and anger and vitriol
that you see exhibited on youtube page it's not representative oftentimes of what they're actually reviewing it's a reflection of their own life is that people don't feel they heard they don't like they matter they don't feel like they have a voice and then finally when they do have a voice like what they're saying is no want to fuck me my boss is an asshole i picked a shitty karere i don't like where i live sort of feel like people within those communities don't get enough recognition though so like which communities so like my my best viewers let's see your best viewers anyone's that i bask they're all the same to me let's look at what they're all awesome people get in my face how dare you listen there are people who are joe rogan die hards
those people matter more to you than one hundred thousand hundred thousand others that are fair weather type viewers there evangelists for you there out there saying to their buddies you fucking hear the podcast go check out the pod yes you need to hear this podcast check out this guest he had on so on and so forth don't tell them they are important and then they're going to want more attention then i know what are you doing you have everything there's a way that that there's a way this can work the way that it can work yeah mushrooms and everybody's gonna get a motion together saying no no no no here's how it works we need to find a way to reward the most important in our own communities okay because here's why it's not fair but they're out there as evangelists for our brands and yet they get nothing out of it what are you talking about they get the entertainment out of it that's the whole will exchange give them something other than the entertainement then it changes in the morphs that's fine they get the entertainment out of it but so does some the else who shut the fuck up immediately after they watch it the part
they are doing on their own time is not about entertainment anymore right but she don't you do that as well and don't i do that as well and she will you talk about things that you enjoy and the benefit of that is that you support the things that you enjoy like game of thrones for instance big evangelists of game of thrones it can't start talking they've never paid me then they wouldn't did i say pay what do you mean by reward there are ways to recognize without necessarily paying somebody like who's let's put it this way who's your most engaged twitter follower who do you talk to more than anyone else i don't think i have a one you probably you know but i don't think i have a one little having more than we don't have an accurate way of figuring out i will like you will be interesting to me to know who has tweeted at joe rogan more than any other user going to attract a psycho louis its main i am the one i am highlander
your sensually sending out a bad signal to crazy people know who you are no i'm not going all crazy belong not because in the real world stuff like this has existed for the longest time like but take for example form a forms on the real world but it's an older platform in a in a forum game of thrones sent me a box seat that counts that fucking counts by the way is true well they did that after i talked about them forever fucking counts they didn't send it just to me there by the way no no i know but like what are you talking about like what way would you reward them so you gotta plan in the old days on a forum forum on the old days but all this is mine's been around since one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight i thought i had the oldest form on the net or it's one of the oldest forms to me when i get in a forum i feel like i'm in the old internet and the reason
because social media to me has sort of but sort of absorbed some of what forms used to before home socializing right right so i could kind of get social networks is like for him to point oh or whatever right but anyway forms still exist and that's cool but on a forum the people who participate crazy in some forms they have like five stars or something right or there are reps a contributor rap a moderate are like moderators take lots pride in being moderat yrs even though not getting paid to be moderate are right now granted you can have circumstances where things get fucking creepy and weird that that's going to happen that's inevitably going to happen but for each one of them there's one hundred cool people who want to participate in your community and just get a little bit of recognition for that participation i really want to know who has cheated on box there therapy more than anyone else i don't know who that person is
not there not because i want to stock them but because i want to find a way to get ranked stalking you she said you're making just taking the totaling negative approach on this i can't help it it's right there optimistic be optimistic normally hear the optimistic one right on the podcast and the person in this seat is the pessimistic one not necessarily but i think that i agree in in form of what you're saying but i think that the beauty and the purity of the relationship between someone who likes your show and someone who can you show someone enjoy your show is that your show gets more the recognition more hits and it could used to grow and get better content because they enjoy it they enjoyed it makes their life interesting you know i try as much as possible like when uh
we look at my twitter one of the things that is about my twitter that's important to me is anything that i find that's interesting online i share so not everything because it would be an unbox therapy on a constant stream i put that i just fucking around area but it would be constant stream of video cousin content i can't do i can't do everything but things that i think are fascinating like or important like i put something from science magazine about a widespread contamination of the marine environment by micro plastics which i think is really is sad and of course you know reversible needs to be addressed part of our society in the use of plastics in our relationship with the ocean things along those lines a sexy photo open facebook may cause women to be seen as less competent that's from the science world report that's another thing that we did fascinating right interesting so i
a lot of that online so i feel like that is you're adding value for people yeah definitely and i was also it gives them an incentive also selflessly tweet me these interesting things so that i read to eat them because i do that all the time too followers yeah yeah a lot of hours and recognition and people you know people like that's a perfect example i mean that's part of the reason that i love twitter yeah is that you they know you see them but seeing you two comments i mean you can reply it's impossible to reply to everyone but on twitter you see one one guy gets reach we do you think well i could get retweeted at some right later ryan something that's been a big conversation lately is the favorite but are you a fan favorite but now doesn't mean a sense to me yeah well it doesn't make a lot of sense to a lot of people we use it for different reasons some people use it to save tweets yeah but that's not the way i i use it at all i could care less about saving tweets most the time i could use it that way but the
geordie of how i use it is a recognition piece so you're cool you sent me some cool shit i can't retweet it right now but i see you but why can't you retweet it it's just as easy to press retweet this is to press favorite because ultimately you need to curate your feed if you retweet everything everyone says you're fucked right but if you see someone's feed in favourites comma so so like so what i'm no favors favors do come up but it's kind of you have to go there to get right meaning if you favorite something is not going to go on your feed right so favourites are little tougher to get your yeah i see what you're saying so you're a letting someone know that you see them you give him a response by favoring their tweet but you put it on your feed so they can i know that you see them that that makes sense actually that's the best use of it
for her i did as a bookmark yeah that's how it was in that that's what it was intended for yeah that's how i've used the the only way of a it is a book mark and there's this growing group of people i don't know how many but when i talk about it on twitter a lot of people said they're doing the same thing it's movement to try and generate essentially a like button on twitter where it doesn't exist ok the favorite becomes a like button sort of i like that i like that because i can actually use that way more because the way i use it now i just i just don't i can't there's no way i can we everything that comes my way i can see everything that comes your way now with some possible if you're sitting on twitter and somebody takes the effort to to like they thought of you they saw this cool thing they thought of you you hit the start button and it's like there's an exchange there yeah there is some recognition it's not a dollar value but that's the kind of stuff i'm talking about i'm talking about nurturing community that makes sense that totally makes it's not that i think nerd
bing community also comes from being engaged from reading comments and maybe commenting on them in another podcast or another videocast whatever you want to call or twitter engaging with people as much possible answering questions as much as possible but with me there's a certain balance of engaging and still getting work done like my my thing is all about producing content i produced yeah hours podcast 3d days a week most of the time and then there's the writing of comedy and have random thoughts that have to take place if it doesn't take place my comedy will suffer and probably my conversations that i have on podcast will suffer i need to think about ideas by myself as well as have 'em in a conversation with pete and then there's also the researching of shit the reading of articles the watching of documentaries the reading of magazines or books the
amount of time that's left or to use the engage with people online is pretty minimal and if you change the balance in a way all the content that you put out suffers right and i think it's easy to forget that the content in and of itself is a communication yes meaning that like it's it's similar to what i said before but the best buy thing how essentially we took a traditional model this guy in his best by store and we said this is much more dynamic and and it's much more streamlined to take one guy who really knows and give that everyone will video is this way of having one message suitable or sent to hundreds thousands millions of people were as as a personalized tweet i'm sorry if you were to sit there all day and answer between you ever go
you never make another thing in your life exactly and ultimately the reason people care about you in the first place is because of all the cool you made yeah there's a bounce yet there's a balance in a maybe you know maybe it's like a weekly ask me anything sort of a thing like they do on reddit like i've done yes right at one yes it was kind of fun some of the guys that we had with this big proponent of ask me videos as well yeah and you just you get thousands of questions in on twitter and you pick a few and dress and it's huge yeah i think that might be a better way to do it even because writing things like one of the issues that i have with blog entries and i do enjoy reading peoples blogs but one of the i have is that you said if you give someone free you know a page where it's just an open platform to write things and to write about a subject they're not opposed you know it's just their thought and it's a way to express thoughts but they might be saying some incorrect incorrect in no not factual shit or disk
i did shit and they use that as the base for other statements and they use that as a base to further expand upon his thoughts that were based almost entirely on something incorrect in the first place or distorted in the first place or biased in the first place so it it's this piece like save some was writing something about you like a really biased piece about louis from unbox helping thanks for giving the but you know what i'm saying if they did do that and a lot of it was based on some incorrect assumptions about you and some incorrect information or distorted perceptions advisors probably i'm sure does but my point being that that's a really bad way to communicate ideas it's good for just trying to shame someone or trying to you know just throw mud on their name but or to praise someone or to pump someone up and create them you know create some but the best way to express an idea is to have that idea sort of vetted out with another person you know and that does
really the night that doesn't really happen when you do in that form no yeah and and another thing too right well to do in building on that is it the fact that video in and of itself is the closest thing we have to real life yes who actually meetings yes so you can eat you know you can to take all of those things that are happening within communication that aren't necessarily the words themselves and you can put those into the overall sort of scenario and and the line that you're gonna drop based on their perspective you guys were talking recently about your body on twitter who had the radio show and said some stuff in and get off the radio show and any call me yeah yeah yeah and you know con to help help context in the in so many ways dictates interpretation so the video is the best right videos this modern form of communication and writing is super old mmhm you
you look at the first of all one of them is way better but look at the reason why writing was invented writing was invented because you didn't want to what was your alternative but i don't think it's way better way because i think writing has its place definitely rule for some thing it's not yet i don't think i agree i don't think it's a question of better or worse but look what television did to newspapers soon yeah or the web did to newspapers right so i think it's one it's not better or words maybe the comic book discussion all over again something will win out it will happen it is tv better for people the newspaper it doesn't really matter anymore it's a moot point because people chose tv right but that's just because it's passive you just sit there that's right
it just comes to you when given the choice between video here's something that google is testing is instead of giving you text based search results on a google search they give you video results they give you google something and there's a video option for google to serve up there will grab it that's a lot of my traffic comes from google search not youtube searches so google knows that their objective is to answer your question in the way that you want to have it answered that makes sense right about the most suitable format for you ingest and often times that means video because retention times are better on video people i don't want to say are lazy people just like sophisticated delivery models i like documentaries for me are an amazing way to learn well it's also you can't hide if someone writes something in print but they're full of shit it's hard yeah it's hard to see that started posing less about themselves how much would you like if you ever read like really crazy
tumblr site right and like oh my god i would so much rather hear you say this yeah you know like like some crazy radical feminists ranting in time mail ranting here's the thing about that too is when you write something it's not nothing like plastering your face on something right i think these people wouldn't say half the shit they said if it was their face in front of most likely yeah and so if you would expect the craziness would come out of it you would see it you know oh you're a fucking banana ha oh sorry i can stop watching this now now i know what i'm dealing with or i can watch this with more level perspective because i know you're nuts that's why i'm saying videos the ultimate the ultimate in terms of bits and bytes think about the information i write down a bunch of shit on this notepad if i would have put that into bits and bytes take a photograph or type it out
nothing i think an sms message in terms of size is not there's not very much data there now sorry if i want that's what held the wet back that's why newspapers exist that's why we had to send each other letters we didn't have the bandwidth ha ha ha ha now that we have the bandwidth we can transport ourselves the closest thing we can get to it across the other way and so we have to stand up for this shit that we actually believe in we have to be authentic we have all these other things immediately fault in line because it's so much harder to fake when you have access to all that extra data well then how come like sort of fifteen second thing on twitter hasn't taken off like one hundred and forty character thing fifteen second video thing oh like finding yeah like those you know i mean that kind of silly instagram is pretty big yeah right but i mean how many people expressed themselves on it they have videos with
do things like this keyboard jump woo or they'll fucking ride a motorcycle woo you know they'll have that but how many of 'em are of people staring at the camera and saying something for one hundred and forty one one hundred and forty characters there's a huge community i mean instagram chicken monger instagram is mostly pictures yeah mostly pictures with contacts underneath it how many white what if we're talking about the purest expression the closest thing you can get to an actual person but actual video like this why is and that taking off words into a pure video communication youtube vine be about fifteen seconds why did why do you why do you want it to be because yeah that's why i know it that's why sex because i i know that because of like one of the things that made
their stand out of the fact that it's one hundred and forty courses concision center saying can we force concision with video is it possible what we're talking about ultimate expression right the ultimate experience of somebody and who they are and what they are what you do over here three hours if we're agreeing that it's all about faking it or not faking it only going to get astronomically harder the longer you have to hold it up right i agree is that what i'm saying is it would take out that i i definitely agree that to get a cross a more elaborate point of view right discuss something in damp he would let one a you tube video chats with a benefit to but like what about a something where i guess a lot of twitter is the sharing of links but take away the sharing of links i went to see them captain america movie today oh my god did it suck a fat dick boudin dead set vine
but do they use it for that people use it for that most of mine is like comedy stuff the vast majority people joking around little tiny seven second skits like some of the popular ones that i've recognizes this thing where people really like jordan shoes i don't you maybe saw this past around where if a guy's really into sneakers if he gets us a little mark on his jordans he freaks out you know that kind of pair and that kind of whatever whatever that is so that's like a thing but on vine there's some channels that are dedicated to that like what i would no i don't know really but funny in a funny way whatever skit i'm doing a terrible job described i use vine all the time like i was pretty much review sing spiderman three when i was watching it using vine and instagram and so
like that while you were watching it see watching i will and i think i think there's an issue right now of expectations and i think that when a person logs on to twitter they have obvious expectations of what there's what's going to be there the context of it and i think that for right now youtube is synonymous with video and it's going to be difficult for any player at any length to come in there and i started taking pictures tweets of drawings of things rather than i made i just said i was going to do it for the rest of my tweets from now on it's just been picture of shit that i wrote down so people can see my handwriting but i only did it once it's like this is stupid pull up a lot of right thing well not only that but the problem is there that a lot of what makes the web so good in finding shit you care about is the fact that text is searchable yeah you take a picture right although date is gone that's true but i was going say is how creating new people if you made a youtube video of a bunch of shit you wrote like page
after page of things you wrote that was a thing was is really the people soup press people this oh i see you have a voice and yeah oh wow yeah did you ever see that one where a woman a left a job and he wrote this the page after page like a tumblr thing of all these cards like shitting on her boss and then so the boss wrote back and did exact same form and she was dancing around and to annihilate american yeah yeah she will she was wearing like sexy outfits and stuff like that i need to talk about how stupid she was an incompetent in the that employee and selfish that's interesting when people who take old tech and introduce it into a new format the reason that they're doing it is because they're trying to imply i don't think they try and make it more serious than it is but ultimately i think it's because that person is not the best that expressing themselves in the real form
well that's weird because the original version that was bob dylan dylan with that song was that song that he did that there was a music video and old bob dylan music video with it and then in excess did it i've seen it do you think bob dylan was great at expressing himself oh yeah you don't think he was great express himself see but i appreciate abstract representation but it's not the same as sitting in a room with somebody right we'll never sat in a room with bob dylan that's true good point but that was his art form was expressing himself through music in greater lyrically job there yeah you know and if you look at look at the lyrics and what not incredibly sophisticated and deep and meaningful and all the rest of it but i think i i don't know i'm drawing a separation myself i think art has always been a way for those for people to communicate in a format that's more comfortable for them our goal
you're going to go to their party they're not going to come to yours talking is something we all have to do right you know it's interesting as well as if you went back to bob dylan's hey day when the sixties and the seventies and said okay we're gonna make short films were you just talk about and then people could take it yeah watch it the billing see what seems brutal right terrible it seems like why would rather just do a song like why would we want our plywood we want our bob dylan in that form but it's the same for celebrities nowadays it's like once upon a time of celebrity was like vape what are they doing there spirit now it's charlie sheen arguing with his ex wife on twitter yeah exactly do they eat cheerios like why are they real you know but now it's this exposure in so many ways has forced them to be real people for
and we can all over them and you know well the shooting all over him also we have the access to should all that's right that's right and and again it's much like the traditional brand thing coming into you to it's like the traditional people have to come to our party now you see they just got a profile like anyone else will sort over then there's people that exploit that opening like if you have a good article a tmz article about kim and kanye that is essentially a portal for hate it's all that is what that exists is you open up the comments and then just let the flood gates of hell to open up on the photo of kim and kanye kissing in front of some fucking fountain somewhere every so it supported up to me that people give a shit about that give a shit it's probably second only to porn wow we thought about like the amount of internet space it's used to just shit on random targets of hate weather it's like some ridiculous celebrities like it used to be paris hilton and that bitch just
evaporated she vanished people realize that piggybacking on that is so fucking low who the people that are commenting or the p they're making it all of it well the people that are making it was tmz or any of these they're making a lot of money and it's so if you ever seen there's a morgan spurlock has that show inside man ever see that show no i've seen his documentaries though good show it's on cnn and he does a bunch of different jobs like in just will go inside and see what it's like to be different peoples lives and why we did we hung out with a bunch of paparazzi and the they they see it it's like look this is a gig you know you want to be famous this one's at the gate you know what let's leave them out let's go boil it down all the way to the consumption okay that's what drives everything else right that's the fuel right why is why is that something the human beings want consumed 'cause it's fascinating why is that fans were stupid as fuck
i lay people matter if why does it matter what kim kardashian and kanye west are doing well this is actually and studied by sociologists and they're conclusion is that gossip was a way of keeping monitoring behavior an the and sort of reactions to our uh some behavior and how people perceived us in the community and it's sort of two to elevate themselves by trial and error we talked about earlier learning from your mistakes well those mistakes sometimes are socially being ostracized because you're act so your words or you know those things existed in communities kind of key people in chat right well now we live in communities where i've been in the same house for ten years i barely know my fucking neighbors dude i mean barely way there's a few people in my neighborhood that i'm pretty friendly with that i've seen the times that we've had conversations but we do hang out i don't want no ones knocking on my door and coming over for dinner is you know this we have
the weird environments that we live in now an we have this desire to find out what everyone else is up two and the the real way to do that is through gossip when there's no gossip you just go to the some of the kings and queens who is the kings and queens movie stars rock stars those people that you see in movies in form of communication though it well but so compelling so then it becomes well if it's solo why do so many people engage in it what is the draw what is the there's some sort of bass hume attraction to finding out what tiger woods texted to all those free bitches on his hit list you know there's some strange thing to finding out about i guess it makes people feel better about themselves it seems excited finding out some dirt right but at the same time they can point and say you're the fucked up one so my life is more normal or my
better it takes the focus on their fucked up never when britney spears was like imploding or shave their head and went nutty and it was an opportunity for people's point is they look how fucking crazy she is the photos or with a fucking umbrella wielding it photographer exactly yeah yeah it definitely makes you especially when it's that bad when member david hasselhoff his daughter released a video of him unbelievably drawn cook scrounging around i do for a hamburger i recall it
it was so insane yeah you see this poor kind of feel the rows of six i see like scrambling up food like that i she see like that as traps like if i'm on the web as like a bear trap to me you need stuck in it you know that that be a link yeah if if see the way we so consumed in these tidbits and you all you need to do is quit pepita person on the lowest common denominator and you win it's like if the consumers themselves don't man the up and see a trap when it's there and not click on it you know i mean obviously yep it it's it's not easy a discussion that you can't get to the bottom of but it's like you are essentially supporting the kind of shit you don't really like i was reading this thing on pornography recently or watching this things a ted talk on porn somebody sent it to me on twitter and they said this guys the biggest whiteknight ever and i expected
maybe just like a tumblr website where some dude was like arguing about being a male feminist or something some along those lines but it was a guy you actually made these like pretty intense detailed points about what's the real issue with watching pornography and it was pretty fascinating 'cause it was really in depth and he was talking about a lot of shit this you know pretty undeniable uniquely undeniable like one of the things we talk about is the a lot of sex in porn is nothing like sex in real life in that there's no hands and what he meant was there's no dressing and massage ing rubbing and holding and all the things that people do when they make love make love now i say that very sensitive instead it's like people doing things at odd angles he was a little white nighty for sure but there's it's undeniable that when you take note
just have this idea in your head there might be something wrong with watching porn but have it so much so that you've concocted a ted talk and you dead yourself as this moral alternative this moral and ethic alternative to all the other men out there there's certainly like a progressive brownie point sort of pull of that initiative the samic regarding pornography thing though that i think is interesting and maybe a reason why from a discussion standpoint there's something there is because at once upon a time the consumption of porn i don't know when i was a kid i guess i don't know because i sort of missed it you had to physically go and get a video tape for our agassi while tell you son because i was around back then when i was young they had video stores in this is before blockbuster even took off right was mom and pop video stores and you would go to these local video stores and you know i used to have to watch you walk into the sum
you have memberships to these video stores member those and yoda card they would venture your card in every tenth video you got a discount or free video there was like you push beads aside or like moon doors and you would go into this area and it was all dicks and fucking asses and mostly not like really hardcore shit like you're seeing today like they i actually like the covers of these videos would sort of be concocted knowing that they were going to be placed on a shelf somewhere that so much could kind of just get too as opposed to typing in you know suck my cock dot com or whatever the hell it is you're going to go right there so you know what to expect american pornography consumption pre internet post internet well i think it's a lot like our gossip consumption is what we have access to it we're going to consume more of it with the amplification level on porn i think is like nothing else i think it's like both of them i
both of them have massive amplification levels because of the access so let's put it this way but you could always go to a grocery store and walk out the door with a gossip magazine super easy access the saloon door thing yeah i mean there's like what two in every town it was it was in a corner somewhere true but but a magazine is very finite you know may two or three of them on the shelf yeah you're done when you get on front to back and had to stop consuming it there's not a lot of stuff right there right there aren't there are parallels there i mean i think probably the one for yeah i think both of our based on human instinct similar based on some howard this gossip is porn for girls for women huh but it's not uh yeah i don't think it is porn for them because obviously still porn for women but i'll tell you one thing you can be sure there's a man who's really into gossip that guys up bitch that's a fact
if there's a man out there who's really into like this girl shoes or that girls dress and look at her stupid car like i think i think this is gossip i think guys and girls like for the same reason that like if you go to a movie and you like brad pitt movies you also want to know what brad pitt's doing in real life like is he getting doing drugs and but that's only if you like someone who is a movie star when you talk about kim and kim kardashian and her family they don't don't do anything all they do is they miss rappers everybody that he's a recent addition to that fucking circus i mean he's over team before that yeah please do before that there was nothing if you stop to think about it cheap contributed nothing all she was doing was being a point of gossip so in that she's way bigger gossip star than any angelina jolie story you know if you look the number of people that are paid attention to kim kardashian versus pain angelina jolie
and the better like five or six to one and kim's favorite so i think it's more more of uhm look at her and if you can do things to keep eyes on you you that's your business there are tater love you business to keep that that sort of weird gossipy energy up yeah i mean i i go to it every day to watch because what do you go to watch tmz and stuff like that i i'd love that shit 'cause it's just like oh my god look what happened here look i've been there you know it's just because you watched them on tv and you watch them in movies and like make believe world and so it's weird seeing them outside a make believer of with tom cruise's got aids you know i mean you can't say that allegedly but i'm not even through the scientologists cured him of it yeah you were that big gold medal around his neck and what
we follow yoko ono on twitter of course i don't should i yeah of course write down a sad memory put it in a box burn the box and sprinkled the ashes in a field give some ashes to a friend who shared the sadness oh my my god yeah your friend who had a sad memory here's some ashes like that's rude mean which is four dot seven million fucking twitter followers that solarius that shows you how twitter is crazy google has more than four million twitter followers 'cause she used to fuck one of the best musicians ever imagine larious look at this one and what would happen to your room when you move away imagine if there is anything in the room that you could take with you when you die or shut the fuck up shut the fuck how many retweets how many reasons we call your answer phone everyday an complain and moan about your life and people around you listen to that keep in the end of the year what wow
she is even know how to save voicemail call your answer on the same answer phone dummies god damn voice mail and sir what planet do you live in i you can agree to the same descriptive so that be it translation thing maybe what speaks english sort of the fuck she speaks she's been around she's been speak english longer than i've been alive okay yeah but people never really fully grab it if they didn't you know understand how people could be in this country for so long and communicate with like i have people my life right now yeah that work in certain places that i visit that speaks spanish mostly yeah and i've been communicating with them for years and they still on a talking listen i've met them for you how hard is it man is it that hard my daughters for and i can tell talk to her i've known you for fifteen fucking years have been coming to this place and i still can't understand what that it's bad exposes this thing we were talking about uh
but how when you're young you have a cape capabilities to learn that will never be rep again that's not true either because i know people that have picked up languages late into their 50s and their fucking awesome at it you know i know people there who is going to be outlier so it's going to be special people but the average immigrant is never going to sound like a fluent person grew up here yeah but that's mostly because they keep themselves in communities that are other immigrants and they speak their native language and they don't they don't attempt to do but if you immerse yourself in whatever culture is spanish culture and want to learn how to speak spanish i know people that have learned in their adulthood learn how to speak spanish they speak perfect spanish right they just chose to do it it's not impossible to do it's like it's all just a matter of focus if you can get good swimming into your 30s very few you see very few western people learn how to speak asian languages right but i think that is more of a time an interest thing than it is
inability yeah i sent the challenge here not doing it i have no time and i have no interest see it just sort of prove my point well yeah but i don't know i think a lot of people like to walk around two hundred and say hey i learned another language and who's testing it i'm not testing the theory i'll go ok fine you can tell somebody you're hungry in another language good great right who's who's really patrolling that what is a canadian comedian i don't know his name but uh he learn chinese learn mandarin i think it was an and went to china and start doing stand up in chinese there was a video that they put on line it was fascinating because in a white guy now white guy they accent was a main obvious don't know whether or not he's saying the right but the winning team of tom tom how can he was talking like he was in for in china i'm sure i mean if you're gonna put somebody in it into a test to figure out if they're actually fluent in the language put on a stage in front of a bunch of people and see if you can make him laugh you know like if if the guy was able to put that
heather add sees pride pretty fluent well i think is also a good situation where you just recognize there was a big market that was rain tapped into it right like years millions of well they have this new freedom now yeah billion how many billions are in china's one at least one right at least one yeah so all these people that don't have access to stand up comedy you know in their language really there's no such thing as chinese stand up i wouldn't say there's no such thing but it's certainly not nearly as popular as english speaking comedy isn't canada so there it's a lot of god damn canadian comedians like if you wanted to learn stand up comedy and you wanted to perform an in canada there's many many many many venues many places do it but also many comedians where if you wanted to learn chinese and just tap i mean maybe his motivation to learn chinese was totally unrelated to his doing stand
bench i mean it might be just person like my friend john was like into languages public five different languages he just loved learning languages and they would practice i'm with people that spoke it it could be that but also it's like the amount of competition that you have over there is probably none yeah no fucking was a huge advantage to being white over there in general i know a couple of buddies went over there to teach english in korea and it's like you're a stud because you're to give the guy you want me near the guy that they see tv you know you're you you were tom cruise for a minute really yeah because they're really homogeneous societies like you walk around japan you're not seeing this makes this mix up of ethnicity that you have in north america we hung we have a strange cultural experience compared to the rest of the world yeah that kind of makes sense it kind of makes sense in the fact that there's so much content again gets
did by americans but it's also why it's really crazy in korea with the amount of pete so getting surgery to change their appearance to a western appearance death crazy whoo boy we've gotten into it a few times in the podcast we won't get into it again as we shared a bunch of links in a bunch of images but it's a para be as popular as like braces like that people get like some serious plastic surgeon india they trying to get lighter yeah you know what they use in a lot of those those places they use some sort an injection that fuckin chemical hold on asek i've said it before and i know what it is philippines yeah yeah yeah yeah lighter scan i forget what it's called it's actually also an amino acid or something like that yeah but it is harmful it's actually a good thing for you it's like healthy if you take it like as a dietary supplement with the fuck is it called glutathione
glutathione which is glutathione is what is it originally used for i forget what its original before but it's also been shown to aid in the body's absorption of alcohol doctor mark gordon who had been on my podcast before told me that it would greatly decrease the effect that alcohol on you the glutathione it's in some way to digest alcohol it's an anti accident in plants animals fungi and some bacteria preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive ac asian species such as free radicals and peroxides so somehow or another they inject this stuff into their body and it makes
it makes you turn more pale in some strange way this stuff michael jackson was i don't know what the fuck they do and actually have pills two i don't know skin whitening at home was a video is a video how to whiten your skin after eight weeks i managed to get my skin a few turns whiter and also got rid of my freckles well what else you doing what you do in your eyes we we do in your thoughts and your brain what's going on there i don't know man i think that's a that's a really far end of the spectrum kind of in which you can you can in me at least see the western influence on the rest of the world in a physical way well how about people that tan though what people they get ninety in a can they don't feel comfortable list of super super tan that says is that how many people are into that a lot yeah i remember that tan lady that lady that was on tv
an insanely dark even took daughter tanning and burned her daughter but is there such a thing as white people trying to look like some uh race there is such a thing as white people trying to look darker for sure well darker but you know what i mean like i said trees or fuck i guess everyone well brazilian guy just got an operation recently to look korean get the fuck now yeah i was big news piece got some plastic surgery people on the planet i guess for sure everyone's tried something they forum about it is a reddit nasty people are the in also it's like we were talking about before there's a lot of people are just not on they're not comfortable with who they are yeah so they think that maybe if i look korean i'd feel better maybe so there's a few shades wider i'd feel better right may be able to stand i think it gets particularly strange or interesting when it's a huge group of p
they're doing it right i mean the koreans when you have a trend is when it sort of changes and that's also what we're talking about it's like where's the content coming from most of its from the w so this these features is brad pitt face that you're seeing on your big screen over and over again is sort of making you want my eyes so small but now crazy the physical manifestation of influence physical manifesta wow but isn't it all the physical manifestation of influence when it comes to like cultural ideas of what's the traffic would you choose to wear what are your clothes how about you put a plate in your lip how did that get started your bone three knows who the fuck else has a bone through their nose is that your thing the only guy i know it's a tradition who the fuck we look great we have bones are notes you do not look great come here yeah so ultimately we all do things because of other people and what they are doing well there
the thing on this television show where this guy was going to guy was going to africa and he was visiting with these people that are regularly being around crock files and they have these markings they scar their skin in the form of crocodile like crocodile ridges they have across their bodies really crazy shed and they sort of mimic the skin of a crocodile yeah what's the just i'm coming of age thing with men they do this and it's sort of represents strength and they cover themselves these crocodile scars was so here to look at these keloid scars all are this guy's body and they said somehow another become a part of their culture like war paint or weird facial pain or how but what we think of as normal when a woman wears ridiculous lipstick and blue colored eyeliner and you know lashes say i'm happy as hell that that's not us
like we don't have to do it yeah if you've ever watched it going down so what you saying you're like a fucking assault like a woman's getting beat up by her makeup you ever watch it going down bro it's hard to watch it is you can't just get out of bed and get your shit just move on with your life i put no thought i mean not no i mean i gotta look in the mirror and make sure i'm not fucked up or for some reason you know but the idea that this preparation just leave the house facial preparation yeah and some women if they don't have their makeup on an another girl is around and she has her makeup on they get like upset 'cause should hold my fucking makeup on god and put my make up on shit bitch has or mega bond look at her webster crazy colors like from space other eyes she calls their eyes you see the heavens she's winning what happens in our eyelids goddamnit her skin is perfect it's covered in fucking powder their skin
colored powder all over yeah we lucked out mean we learn nails we lucked out in all kinds of areas sample needy sap how about your any that's awesome we dined war more often we we have jobs are far more dangerous we're more likely to be murdered right there's a lot of that's not so hot about no you know what it you know what else you hadn't that you have to be tough to a degree like you think so well let's let's put it this way but let's say growing up you know there's gonna be circumstances in which you're you could be physically threatened and that's socially acceptable for a woman it's really never i mean unless you being threatened by another woman or or unless it's like an actual crime but if two boys who ten years old decided to it out it's not a crime you know i that's a lot of it is there's a real problem with people and violent interactions that could a lot of the problems could be resolved with the introduction of martial arts early in peoples lives like the amount of action
violence that you see like no accepts other than sparring in an actual martial arts environment is almost nonexistent it's very very rare and rare jim we see people arguing or fighting most the time it's just you're you're you're getting it all out you getting on a system i agree with that but i i think what what maybe what i should have said was this idea that a man needs to stick up from so yeah like all all this the the chicago stuff i was talking about earlier they had like fifty murders last month or something crazy and i'm guarantee there all men shooting man yeah but that's a poverty crime gang or drug war both sexes exist there yeah that's true the build is actually a lot of girls that are involved in gang crime as well in chicago i'm sure there's a big article recently about this one grow died and she was like nineteen years old and she had all these photo of our online with guns holding up guns and shit making gangs i'm sure that's there too but i think the tough guy thing is it's definitely a thing it is is it
well there were out of time dude we fucking killed it yeah hey thanks again lots thank you both things we did today we're really fantastically fun to smash it and it was fun to do podcast with you again we gotta do this more often we could never run out of shit to talk about never thanks square space go to squarespace dot com and use the code word joe for a ten percent off your first purchase an for a free trial that squarespace dot com the code word is joe thanks also to our new sponsor untuckit untuckit dot com t u c k i t dot com go there is the promo code rogan and get ten percent off shipping is free both ways thanks also to uh dot com use the code
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