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#522 - CJ Werleman

2014-07-17 | 🔗
CJ Werleman is an Op-Ed Columnist for Salon/Alternet, also known for authoring the books 'Crucifying America' and 'God Hates You. Hate Him Back'
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what's going on why you shitting on us what about your your country man thanks for joining me i appreciate it thanks joe things they have me on mode please she did it i buy watch a very fascinating interview today or conversation that you had today about the the religious right and how much hate do you get on a daily basis like you're you're going hard here man you got uncle sam crucified on your book mean might have i always told people that when they asked me where do you live i always say southern california and i never give the exact address because there is a fatwa put out on me actually and no joke the westboro baptist church in which we all know very well when my first book was placed in our nine the title is god hates you hate him back they saw the title without understanding what the content of the book was in fort though i must have been on their side and if i'd hey we got somebody who's written a book in pro about our mission one site
look at my book they realize how off base that was and i was attacking them for some of their beliefs and fred sexually issued a public fat white i have made killed so i want to leave addresses some california because i do have kids yeah but he's dead right this at a five one have any any teeth i don't know do you inherit affect whether there is a good question tickets is get past them i'm not sure but whatever happened to salman rushdie keys around now yeah he's he's now out in the open i i think that maybe people who want other people dead particular literally literal people is there memories he was a that was a weird one man he wrote a book that that people had interpreted as being about the prophet muhammad it wasn't necessarily no it's more about the poetry which is written on it moment of islam and wasn't actually taking scripture from the quran itself so
i mean what he wrote would be very mild in say comparison to a s park episode where where the prophet mohammed is dressed up like a bear the islam is very fascinating religion to me in so many different ways but it's uh more fascinating in that liberals have for whatever reason chosen that as being the one to defend in some weird sort of away like anytime someone criticizes islam they be islamophobic but you will never hear like certain segments of the progressive population shit on someone who is criticizing christianity you don't become a christian afobe my i mean give here on a very important point here the problem i mean chris hedges write a great book called the death of liberalism in america the lib class no longer exist in america it has no voice and to the score that point hillary clinton's popularity hillary clinton doesn't shouldn't stand for a popular site i make so she doesn't stay in full progressive clauses she's causes she's a brandon randomly so live
more class has been left to be the political place force or you know pc correctness and that's it so while so you know you have democrats in office who who are attacking liberalism things like the welfare state free trade and so forth you had president clinton hood how did the unions destroyed welfare an implemented and after which outsourced eight hundred thousand jobs abroad um you're left with a liberal classical i do is do is eight you know wines and cheeses and pick up people who was saying the wrong things politically so so i have a problem with political correctness yeah pick on people who are saying the wrong things that's the big one saying the wrong things not actions not picking on people into the islamophobic one that to me is uh weird one man like if you're going to be scared of any religion in my opinion it might might have a good it's a good one to pick islam is a good one when the number one suicide bombers the number one p
people that are the things that they're doing to women and is comic countries the things that you're seeing in the news on a daily basis that are free predominantly islamic countries are going be scared of a religion that seems to be a good one yeah but my point is that's happening over there or if we're going to worry about what's happening here you are far more likely he called by a right wing terracing you albine islamist terrorists since one thousand nine hundred and ninety there's been three hundred and forty five americans killed by american muslims where is it and twenty americans killed by muslim americans you can't count the nine slash eleven attackers as as most americans because their external i will foreign fighters fighting for a farm cause that's why i think the most dangerous threat to american democracy in a secular values is not islamists it really is you know these christian theological wack jobs that represent what is that party which is really a proto fascist movement in this country
in this country in this country yes you definitely less likely to be attacked by an islamic terrorists and that's because america is doing its job and keeping us safe over here we've overlayer so we can keep you save over i mean i'm not exactly sure if that is a zero sum game i'm not i'm not sure how that is working or if it's working or if it's just some massive debt that we're going to have to come back and pay sort of like the housing you know i mean it kinda seems like it doesn't it well it's go back i mean we've metal in uh we meddled in the middle east and fares for so long and we wonder why shit happens i mean you know if you listen to the conservatives they'll say that you know they want to attack us for our freedoms they want to attack us because we like drinking beer watching porn on the internet you know they have a very very specific agenda they hate the fact that we have fucking mill terry bases in the middle of the holy land they hate the fact that we're willing to operate in a bipartisan manner to solve the israeli palestinian situation
and so that's why they're angry you know it's got nothing to do really with religion and if you actually look at all tear these attacks have wild ninety five percent of all suicide bombs bombing attacks have been committed against occupying forces rather than being in religiously motivated event so religiously motivated in that they have inspired these people to attack well blow themselves up with religion good point it is you get the you got the the power structure where that's you know if you go all the way back to some of bin laden could say he's a top of al qaeda they have very very specific political objective obviously the fundamentalist islamic you know lowest common denominator in society who starving and doesn't have a job has no future they're the ones they recruit to carry out the deeds but there's certainly a very rather politically motivated rather than religiously motivated
yeah i i would assume that if you were living in a country and you have a giant huge empire that is invaded not just your country but one hundred different countries we have military bases and more than one hundred different countries to the world i would i would feel like you would want to resist that like that would naturally be something that people would be no resisting jfk airport was the saudi national airport and flying a fighter jets in and out there and doing groups of new york city all day long yeah well man you've got rise in the south in the confederate states would love the blob the capital because a black man in the white white house imagine if there was an airport well we would see jay would you fancy accent you tell me how else we're going to keep america safe at this point how can you i mean that is the big question like say
when i mean i don't know what the real number is but it's it's a more than a hundred more than a hundred military bases and more than a hundred different countries all over the world like the people talk about the role empire room doesn't have shit america it's a joke it's like not even close like this is you crazy as empire fucking iskan fuck all those other people those amateurs that came before us this is the nuttiest empire that's ever existed how could you ever how do you pull that back what look what's going on in iraq right now is this void that is being filled now by these these jihadists once were pulling out the american troops and the iraqis are being in dated with these various terrorist groups this isis organization and it's scary when you see what happens when the predominant power military power in the area pulls out and then it's left this vacuum in his power struggle what what is the solution well i mean you first have to look back at the
root cause of it all in the root cause was we drew up fictitious way the w not just for us but we west roughly buddy i was involved in a letter you wrote so we drop tisha's borders and we said here so the three different people you know the kurds as soon as the shares he the country we're going to draw the board is now the borders now coexist and get along and come by one happens of course it's those three you know three different you know sectarian sex cockett along so you need a hard man addict tied at the cape the papal suppressed and controls or get leaves in turn strife at remove him like we did and then not reply is it with a suitable alternative leaves his massive power vacuum and that's why we have the situation where today we have all out civil war so is the solution do you continue having a a hard line dick title like saddam a sign which was you know obviously you know virtual oppressive guy or
do you just withdraw obviously there has been a midpoint where we had to be a political solution the solution and that's the only way out of this a political solution now but how do you organize a political solution when you're faced with these overwhelming numbers of jihadist and people blown themselves up and soon these verses this shares as the whole the whole place is just over run with turmoil mean how does that ever become a political solution that seems like a just a phrase that you can use we need a political solution but what does that really mean add a political solution i mean the only way forward the only answer this is you draw iraq up into three different countries but america will never allow that becaus you'll end up with the kurds having being a proxy state the turkey will end up being the shia majority in the s being a proxy state of iran saudi maybe you will never allow that because there are ally iran in which is a natural ally for the wrong reasons but our natural ally the us will never allowed their data so the
michael solution is three different states but america is never going to allow that to happen so so let this is a massive should all shoe of certification so did you see the recent interview with dick cheney where he said that his number one regret was that he didn't invade iran at the same time as iraq play's mother fucker is made out of pure evil they need to scrape that guy and put him in a test tube and find out he might not even be human i just thought he i think he's part you know see if he's a demon he's a demon i mean when he didn't have a heartbeat remember that when he had that fake heart artificial heart that was keeping him from having a heartbeat had no pulse is not in the bible somewhere i mean i i guarantee you there's a religious tech somewhere about a war monger yeah it was some who brings death and destruction through the land he has no pulse his heartbeat if not them
that was like a lot if and a guy who differed from the vietnam war there was no other times five times yeah five times it was never drafted figured out a way to weasel his way out of the system got to a position where he runs a company that what they profit off of is rebuilding things that the military blows up they get these giant corporate giant contracts to rebuild places that united states military blows up and then he comes the vice fucking president of the united states and it starts blowing shit up and then start making money and he starts making money from the company that he used to be a part of pureed unbelievable at night then this is something i write about a lot is you know america what america is today as a corporate totalitarian state and had a difference is a great book buy a democracy incorporated by sheldon wolin who was a hobbit or i think my still be a harvard professor and he said
in the classical totalitarian states state something like germany or style in russia you have a charismatic figure at the top and it's where in a classical totalitarian state it's where politics trump's comics and inverted totalitarianism like we have united states economics trump's politics now everything has being sold to the highest bidder in this country so corporations run anything you've touched on such a good point with halliburton jerry skyhill a offer of dirty wars and so forth i'm a huge fan of he spoke and a length how the heart of our occupation in afghanistan we had middle of two hundred and fifty thousand men on the ground in afghanistan only something like forty five thousand americans forty five percent of footprint was actual american military force the risks are corporate contractors whether it's
your food delivery works for arm supplying medical or whatever or infrastructure rebuilding so when you have corporations who profit from war and you have a political plus in washington who only is totally one hundred percent beholden to these corporations we now live in a well in a in a country where walls of bees you know was a for profit that's how i will make a decisions based on what's profitable and not in the interests of national security of the american population the wars are for profit and also the wars become a business that you can't you can't just end you can't just end that this 'cause then you take people out of work i've heard argued about the war on drugs it's one of the best arguments about the reason why there's so many lobbyists against legalizing marijuana when you look at the actual risks of marijuana being so minimal and the actual medical benefits that you have for people that have cancer and aids and there's so many different ways you can use it like the idea that this isn't something that's
decided to like hey will you we can use this for people and people can benefit why isn't it one one of the big ones is because there's a whole business in arresting people imprisoning people making sure that prison guards stay working making sure that prison stay filled making sure that sheriff's that they need a certain amount of sheriffs need a certain amount of deputies like there's a whole this behind that and people have to recognize that change a law sort of just like what's going on in iraq right now with his giant void when we pulled out of iraq if you just cut the top based on all these laws and say look this is all legal now all you is that we're arresting people for all this shit you're going to have to find some new shit to do there's going to be a mad scramble and they're going to have figure out some new way to profit well that's this is just that we're in right now with war the mouse of money that's coming in from war is staggering the percentage of our economy that's dedicated just to war is substantial it's fargo
better than many many other things would be very important inner city restoration education public education i mean the amount of money that's being spent on tanks and missiles and fucking just feeding groups and sending people over there and then contractors like halliburton perfect is that just amazing amounts of money that's flowing back and forth and cut that off it's like you've got so much momentum and enters the it's like what we how do you stop that well i mean you're just talk about you talk about the angkasa russian problem represent from this country again that's another part of the corporate totalitarian state now if you take a a poor person poor black dry on the streets what is he worth to the corp questions he has no money he's not going to spend his money at walmart or macy's or whatever he has nothing but put that poor black minority person into a prison all of a sudden private prison organizations will make fifty thousand dollars per year out of taxpayer money for him being in prison for non violent crime so when
trying to dismantle and find solutions you've got that's a kind of headwinds that you're running against this too much influence the corporations of the political structure have these conversations all day right possible solutions can be offered cj wear them and if you were the president i'd states you can't be in were born here it acts as good a friend as well it's in a different california was probably good enough for all it's worth making forty is made to be the president she wasn't even hot day he's an animal i'm just one of those guys check around him who fucker but i think if if you had you know if you had a position where they said look man you seem like a reasonable guy written some great books run this thing well i is the solution for america and and it stops me
i'm getting booked on a lot of shows is uh the solution is socialism i mean you said it you said you can't bad word fuck you tried take everybody's money flights in the same origin of wells in our envy of the rich and all that sort of stuff but you know americans i you know not know where in the western world is that socialism or the is the s word more lord that you know associated with demagoguery than here i mean you say socialism and american thinks of starling us russia or e germany when i hear the word socialism i think of the country on from australia i think of canada to a lesser extent and uh think of all of western europe socialism doesn't mean the absence of cap capitalism it means where you know basic human rights are catered for in a structure which is paid for by the rich and corporations what we have in america is you know you've got operations paying the lowest tax contribution to the federal government in us history republicans will do
and then say arbiter our corporate tax rate is thirty five percent it is that on paper the effective rate after all the loopholes after all the deductions all the loopholes actually being written in washington by these pro corporate lobbyists the effective rate is twelve percent which makes it the lowest amongst all i would say did countries that's the reason why america doesn't have nice things like bridges i think that's why we can't have nice things like you know high speed rail could today looks like a third world country i spent ten years of in in that of my life in indonesia the last ten years before i moved here america basically looks like bangladesh with white people you know it really does nothing works there our high schools are falling apart are rail is running off its tracks are bridges are collapsing in the water below time not one us city is ranked in the top twenty most mobile cities in the world not one us airport is ranked in the top one hundred airports in the world and that's becaus were true that is true
and it's because we have no i would stop of the federal government the review it needs to build a happy society you know a happy society you go to you but i'm always staggered by my hardcore conservative frames or debates i have in online or in interviews on radio panels and so forth and you can see please come back from europe get god i had a lovely holiday it so nicely you do see poverty the public transport the you know work works like mean i can set your watch to it you know and and you can rule you know you wonder why because they have a state with corporations paying their fair share in germany which hit the you know economic how times at the same time we did in our weight their economy is booming becaus they have a good day end of social democracy and capitalism they made a law in germany where if you have a company of more than fifty employees at least fifty percent if you're bored must be represent well the working force so the working for fifty percent of you board must be elected by fifty percent of the labor force in that company
okay so the folks that work whatever you make the long line they have a vote so it has have have to be elected by those people so they have to represent the needs and wants of the people that work for that company exact it's fascinating and germany is booming at hasn't stoffel germany's birth but the opposite of the the can y at the moment is still trickle down economics and you look at kansas kansas which is basically laboratory for tea party hardcore conservative thinking they put the muscle receive tax cuts on the rich that we've seen in the last twenty or thirty years total reaganomics in twenty ten now go to three hundred and thirty eight million dollar budget you know blow out and now we can have to cut education and services to the poor and safety wealth net now because he got his budget hole that they can't explain now i'll tell you can explain it you just took a massive cut to the rich and corporations and nothing comes back for it well there is
definitely a real problem in america with when you were talking about the corporations paying a small amount of taxes and then you look at like the infrastructure the infrastructures there's shaky spots in this country especially new york city the brooklyn bridge just had a giant collapse recently you see that yeah there's some big chunk of it it fell down like yeah you gotta fix that fucking thing man like how much where is all that money going especially when you consider like in new york they have to pay tolls everywhere every time you go somewhere seven bucks or nine bucks seven fifth seven dollars and fifty cents i mean that's that's lunch somewhere and when you got to pay that every time you drive across the spot and you and i have to pay for that all the people in the middle class in new jersey have to pay for and that's because the wealthy
pioneer share of taxes in that state so the middle class and once they get lumped over the tax bill isn't it fascinating that when you start talking about this kind of stuff we started talking about socialism that the rich pay their share the big resistance seems to come from a lot of poor conservative people when the big existence is socialism comes from these people that i don't know if it's like they have this idea in their hand that one day they are going to be prosperous so they don't want you muck it up for chances but i found this quite fast nating that like one of the big distances to the ideas of communism or the ideas of socialism and these are just ideas just bring them up but uh kneejerk reaction comes from the low for middle class were middle class conservative folks yeah i'm what john steinbeck you know sidibe's he said you know
turns are temporarily embarrassed millionaires in waiting that's hilarious they know their every everyone in this country thanks again to be rich you know that's a that's that individual rugged ism which americans believe in it's it's very hard to break that you've got the work class in these red belt states which of voting for a for a party which exc simply is only benefiting naming the top one percent yeah your car i mean how does a poor person and say mississippi or alabama pull the lever for the republican party who is blocked the expansion of medicaid basically blocked the expansion of universal healthcare one of the biggest predicate is of pov easier access to health care if you don't have it you're destined for poverty and i again set only because
said jesus a few times before they get to the polls and hallelujah you know you don't know yourself of art i met a lot of folks don't realize that that all started with reagan reagan change politics in america with his embracing of the religious right and using them as a political base as a base of of it you get people you can guarantee we're going to vote for you if you start talking jesus i mean reagan morally moral and financially bankrupt this country not only did he bankrupt this country with trickle down economics fiscale but you also bankrupt this country because he older americans a whole generation of americans how to hate the pool and where we are today that's why it's so easy for people on the right to your cut veterans benefits cut food stamps and so forth because it comes down to that christian you know wealth prosperity theology if you're rich you know jesus was a marxist before max's head of marxism had a name if it rich change jesus is bestowed great well fong you because you're honorable and your your pious but if you're poor
or it means you must be a sinner and if we have the blacks and hispanics support means jesus height some you know so beaded with him what more white people jesus loves them he loves them but they still need to fend for themselves because however actually they get the philosophy from mine rand who was an atheist ein rand answer that's a whole larry s one die and ran one is a really interesting one because that's that's one the the the libertarians seem to cling to and the pull up by your bootstraps pull themselves up by then which this attitude that you know it's easy to think like iron ran if you're born into a privileged white neighborhood area you know everyone's got an equal shot what are you talking about yeah i love canada in any any ideas that anybody has against what you're talking about like socialized medicine it's not the best and can and like i have friends that live up there lately said like they've hurt their knee and had to wait ten months to get a surgery and that sucks that's not cool but they're nice
focke they're educated as far as the education is free you get good universities all over the country that are pretty much commensurate so you don't have this thing we have to fly all the way to new york to to go to ny you or go to boulder to goes you know you can go to it and and neighborhood univ city and you're going to get an excellent education is a different sort but environment up there and that's a problem cause we've capitalized and private the education system to hear such a degree i mean if get a degree in australia where rights macquarie university or sydney university or university of new south wales an mba at one of our schools is exactly same as an mba then one of our schools here you know not only does an mba matter that also and then it has to be from the right school so an mba from harvard or an ivy league school is true an mba from university of san diego or something like that and that shouldn't be the way an effect what it does it still keeps propelling that plutocracy becaus there was a study done that at least for eh
the student at harvard we shouldn't have it has at least one parent owning at least four hundred thousand dollars per year so we're still you know with with the capitalization of everything we're we're forming a system where we have you know the very wealthy at the top and we have everybody's struggling at the bottom that the elitism involved in education is really fascinating me today especially because there's so much access to information so many books how much online so much to read and you can get some access to information that would you know along time ago difference between going to harvard and going to san diego state was pretty gigantic but with what i have access to today the average person has access the exact same from information that they're teaching at any school anywhere i had a conversation with a friend of mine and he was wrong about something and i brought up this woman who a head you know she went to the university of mississippi but she went there in this was her major
this thing that we were talking about and he goes this guy went to yale you know we would yield for that he went to jail for something else any's eighty ok so he went to jail in like the 1960s who knows what the fuck they were teaching back then like what are you talking about man but the his first initial reaction was look she went to the university of mississippi he went to yale that's hilarious but that is the way we think it is an also known as the way we think but you know these kids are going to mit or harvard or yale well it's the network that with him so when it the jobs are available the only growth area that we have in this country is that technology jobs but that's such an insular job it where only the networks the alumni from this prestigious schools get the really apply from all the kids working at google they all went to these you know fancy schools it could be afforded by the wealthy parents yeah
kind of creepy that is that is that the leaders of my months as case and i think it's kind of creepy into also creepy that you we wind up having the like skull and bones type organizations where all these people inside these george bush yeah these eternity's and john kerry you know they get into these frater nistic group these you know very insulated groups and they feed off of each other and they they become very nepotistic and they they help each other in business and they formed all teams together i so i found it in in sitcoms in sitcoms it was fascinating that a lot of the writers and went to harvard they work for the lampoon and like they would recruit other guys from harvard and it does there was with the guys that they wanted to hire as writers and also has really fascinating how are you guys all went to this little club together so you you know you you're feeding off each other yeah and in the meanwhile i get in from the camera and say i did it all myself i'm self made you know so well
point there is no self made you know there's we are the one of the things that obama made a critical blunder with was this a whole you didn't do that yourself you don't feel that yeah if you made your own business you didn't build that i thought it was a huge blunder because instead of celebrating you know someone who does innovate and create their own business and get out there and do it and set it sort of wrote you know saying this is a great thing and more people can do this and more people can contribute instead kind of focused on the negative aspect of it instead of saying something along the lines of i think you could been i can imagine what the work load of a guy like a bomb is you know how much time does he have to actually consider every chess move that he makes everything that he says how it's going to be interpreted so what's the you know how it's gonna be twist didn't turned but that was a big blunder it seemed like an obvious checkmate move he was actually that you didn't build it was taken a little bit out of context because the full full tran
that he modeled the punchline basically you channeling elizabeth warren who had given a speech earlier on that and basically saying you know the universities which taught those kids you didn't build that the road which you are taking the truck sign in using transport to deliver your goods to market you didn't build that in the bridges and so forth and he he messed up the execution of the point and then it quote on basically every entrepreneur in america you didn't build your business but that certainly wasn't the message but even saying in that fashion saying you didn't make those roads dull yeah done everybody knows that man why concentrate on that wine let's say but you know you did a great thing you created your own business but in order for that business to prosper we need the infrastructure that all of us are contributing to we need the educational system that is going to bring up the new workers that are going to be a part of your company we need
the roads are going to try it we need all these things we all work together you understand that joke you know because you're literate on politics but limit people libertarians and it's crazy right wing republicans they don't understand that they think these bridges and roads and infrastructure comes from finnair they are believe but you actually libertarian i believe the tax rate should be oh my zero in general and the corporations will provide everything my only problem with taxes is that i feel like most people that are in positions of government like i just i just feel like the system that we have currently setup is so inherently flawed that throwing more money on it is just going make a larger bureaucracy going to make more jobs more regulations more people and that system that sort of feeds off of the money like we were talking about with private prisons or were talking about with prison words and keeping drugs illegal in order to feed this machine when you make the
is this of government larger and larger i don't necessarily think that's the best way to fix the problems that map i don't necessarily think that i've had this argument with friends that are very liberal that you know we just need higher tax rates and i'm like no then have more government and i don't think more movement is the answer i don't think more regulations more people more things more forms have to fill out more people that are in some strange office somewhere that have to justify their existence i don't necessarily think that's the answer i think it has to be some sort of a top down organization reorganization of the very structure this society operates under because right now it's it's foundation of this unfixable bullshit it's so flawed that up throwing money at it is like pudding gum on a breaking damn it you need more than that you need some sort of a car apprehensive sophie designed to reconstruct
this whole situation from the bottom up from the top down the whole thing exactly and and you know what i would like to argue that the you know the way you re built in a car the economy is the effort is the opposite of every every conservative politics or economics how build a car to me and i'm not an economist but i listen very attentively to people like you know robert reich or jared bernstein or poor krugman guys who are no the lorry economists in their own right and the prep the right the reason the american economy isn't trying to spot the fact we have record numbers and wall straight to spot the fact that the end of the official unemployment rate is full length employment it is falling but not with jobs that pay well it's always these service paid jobs and so forth what's happening is we're not having shared prosperity you know we the minimum wage level which is blood in nineteen sixty nine level the middle class income has stagnated and has fallen since one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine so why you have corporation today's sitting on record three trillion dollar profit that product if
isn't being shared of the american worker and when it isn't being shared with the american worker weed the consumer economy now we no longer makes stuff air economy is basically financial services and military so when it comes to financial sir so instead of making products we make stuff up so if we have a consumer economy and we recognize that then the middle class and the working class made more needs more to spend anyway can yeah that is your lesson the tax burden at the bottom and you increase the tax burden the top so consumers have more to spend and the only reason these corporations despite their record profits on hiring is because there's no consumer demand what do you say to the argument that that the corporation shouldn't have to pay profits because they're not people the idea that they shouldn't have to pay taxes that the people in the corpora pay taxes so the corporations themselves should not have to pay tax you know that's how my not just absurd i mean these corporations benefit from our airports are bridges are
rides to transport around that works interstate highway systems hour and a technology you name it it's but the people that are in the corporation they already do pay taxes i'm going all peter schiff on your right i see what you're going the people that are in the corporation is just a group of people that have all the group of people all paid taxes the id the corporation itself this unit has to pay taxes on top of that is that's sort of just firing this notion that a corporation is a person that a corporation is like an individual which is one of the things that they used to justify corporations being able to contribute v sums of money to political campaigns that a corporation like the supreme court has ruled this the court you can sort of act as an individual in that regard need to move away from that that whole line of thinking i mean this supreme court is based the radicals in robes and you know that
reagan i mean you know it's been a phoenix have dominated court and for the last three decades i mean we haven't had a liberal judge appointed to the bench since lbj who is the guy that's in the supreme court that said that pedophilia that no having sex with man it's like having sex with no different than having sex with an animal yeah not a laid out of the other guy the big fat guy sally's gallia yeah scale yeah yeah fuck man you're a supreme court judge he said what did he say
if a man wants to have sex with a man what's to stop him once might have sex with an animal yeah right next that's exactly what i said whoa son for real i mean you don't think the people are gay i'm using the people are bored i mean do you know anybody how could you say that i mean i've got i've got a lot of guy friends and that it sounds like you know one of those guys is like a little back black friends when they're out there i did a good job yeah but i do have a lot of gay friends and and open to go very guy parties and tell you straight out that that one one my my gay friends said man i i just pounded samarasan i can't wait to pound your dog is the next logical step but there's no denying that there are certain people that are fucked up and they do have sex with animals but you know that it was young i thought i'm not sure if that's the same but i don't think they you should be allowed to be a fucking supreme court judge have those
so it's sort of connections that you're making might have said that i mean the five conservative judges on the supreme court are all catholics and that's fine i got no problem with that but that means that it's a problem with that the supreme court is the highest court in the land but you've basically got five out of the nine representatives on that bench who appeal to a higher authority which is the vatican in the pope so i mean remember when jfk i mean you know i probably too young for definitely when jfk was elected but for when jfk's campaign in one thousand nine hundred and sixty the biggest issue against him was the fact he was a catholic because americans were worried that he would to answer to somebody outside the united states and we that situation today but no one seems to want to talk about it yeah that is a fascinating thing that at one point in time that was a detriment than him being a catholic was thought to be like a knock meanwhile we almost had a fucking mormon in the president and no one wanted to draw mitt romney said on my mormonism is off the table and the media went oh ok
fuck is you mormonism off the table right and why didn't one person to media say do you say i believe that in in the mormon heaven black people will be your servants i mean what it's difficult questions to believe you get your own planet and your diet yeah and do you believe jesus when given in italy returns will be to missouri yeah and you believe that the american indians were actually the lost tribes of israel this is all i want in anyone else you know because he's so it's off the table you believe that joseph smith was a con man confronted for yeah who found golden tablets at the age of fourteen but they mysteriously disappear because the angel took them away i would've been happy of choices myth was convicted for the in a convicted for having sex with an animal or stealing something but is convicted for for the very thing it is trying to defraud american public leave so and it's really funny that the mormon church the sect of the mormon church that romney was involved with was
so radical that they moved to mexico in the 1800s in order to keep having sex with multiple women they wanted to have multiple brides like the united states said hey look you can't marry fucking twenty chicks cut the shit and so they go fuck you man we're going to mexico and they went to mexico back when it didn't matter 'cause it didn't matter the difference united states in mexico before there was cars wasn't that great you know mexico was like arizona just go down there it's no big deal will be in mexico will see you over there i want visitors get on a horse you know but then all of a sudden at some point in time like america became america and mexico became what it is today in like this fuckers are still over there people don't really the romney church they still there still over there romney's dad was born in mexico that's why he couldn't be a president and no one else for romney's birth certificate
the table it's off the table my mormonism and my face is off the table where my dad was born untouchable five guys in the supreme court catholic and the the head the catholic guy who i like i like this new pope i think if you want to have a hope this guy is that the best you could hope for he has a very conservative chair that he sits in regard that crazy throne he doesn't drive the pope mobile anymore he said look at my age i have very little to lose someone wants to take me out here i am and he also said that he believes that two percent of catholic priests are gay or files but he has an interview the other ninety eight percent yet but how crazy is that a two percent are pedophiles right well i mean right i know i'm with you i actually wrote a piece for salon on the new pope and i wasn't my headline but the headlines salon port was the lesson atheist can let the can learn from pope francis anne and uh
he's very progressive i like the fact that he's denounced trickle down economics he's called it an abject failure he's talked about the poverty this is inflicted upon all countries around the world he's talked about the failure of globalization and so forth yeah i think we still have to remember that he hasn't you know i denounced i you know bigotry against guys i mean you you know and so forth he hasn't that and he still is just starting on the child rape factor but i mean there's certainly good points we spoken about when it comes apart from it's certainly better than the the form nazi who move pedophiles around to different churches because you bust him giving head jobs to boys he was the worst he was the worst pope ever he was the scariest guy ever folks i don't know pope benedict the guy who was before pope francis was involved in a case where he move moved a child molester who would actively target deaf kids who
he moved to many guy molested a hundred more deaf kids after we moved in the mean this guy was just a predator yeah his navel fark and the you know the pope benedict they've kind of cooled down off of what you know what what charges we're rolling against him but they wanted to charge him with crimes against humanity i mean they wanted the vatican itself is the way the it works is it's it's own state correct have their own created by mussolini that's the last bastion fascism in europe they also uh gay bathhouse and you know that there's a gay bathhouse that's owned or yeah it's not bellas guarantees bathhouse is well i'll pull it up hold on second gay gay bathhouse vatican there was a big controversy this is back when homeboy was still the pope yeah the vatican plays landlords to europe's biggest gay bathhouse the catholic church paid thirty million dollars to acquire a building that houses a senior
carnal drum roll and a huge gay sauna is anya run salon you don't have pictures downloaded do you know but i have that picture guys awesome god that was a great singer singer when he when he what i used to have that crazy golden throne looked like something right out of the fucking lord of the rings i mean really did right with his college ok so sick looking really evil fuck that guy yeah there's another great picture i don't know if you've ever seen it of him he's sitting there on his crazy throne and they had these gymnastics guys do some sort of crazy gymnastics demonstration in front of him with their little tights on and he was sitting there watching this and like this for all this shit this guys accused with you would think that he would want to be as far away from young men in tights as humanly possible is pr consultant needs to be fired their soul austin dark and creepy and try
to adjust for all the years and years of evil but the catholic churches that is what i like about the catholic church and we had to say about his pope francis is the like that shows you exactly how man made religion is because i mean pope francis is basically coming along he's trying to adjust religi into modernity so it's basically just making the rules up as these guys to adjust it you know this is like via committee yeah it's so cray well i mean all of it is that way i mean the whole reason why they had to bring about this idea of purgatory was because they were trying to convert pagans and like oh yeah well you know you have the land of fate we got something like that so we have this thing if you not totale good you go to this place in the car the waiting room yeah same circumcision yeah i mean we're not trying to sell circumcision the jewish five two which was a you know christianity was re branded in from you know hebrew ism they got to draw and so we got this new religion for you the catches
gotta cut off the tip of penis in pyramids like wait wait what are you talking about christ yeah it's also the history of all of our major holidays i mean the reason why christmas is celebrated during the winter solstice that was because it was a pagan holiday in there like whoa a coincidence that's when our baby jesus was born no no he wasn't if you pay attention to the bible who was born in the spring he wasn't it wasn't supposed he born then what do you guys doing your fucking moving around the dates you guys are assholes trying to sell it it's it's hard to pay attention to uh that old shit in the first place because it's so difficult to decipher you going from language to language and then on top of it you got a bunch of people monkeying with the dates to try to bring in other people you messing up the whole thing man just shows you like how ridiculous it is the idea that someone could have said something in stories and songs for one thousand years before they ever figured out how to write and then they started writing things down and then
it translated it from one language to another back and forth back and forth but it's still a honey percent correct and definitely the word of god and when your mind you know and that there i am in america's most western christian nation on the world and you know something like eighty five percent americans have now idea of that historical context of the bible how it came from greek and how it was translated busca you know tribes and so forth in an initial stories told in the oral tradition and where to gossip came from and who they are who they were which we don't know we rick is just think that you know the bible came down in perfect form from you know well from the sky and then that was it came from jesus and it's a lot of it is about gay folk about gay folk and their desire to have sex with animals as well keep it away from my children put away from my children strange world we live in man we got a real strange world we live in when it comes to religion because they folk
it's on certain aspects of the bible but ignore some of the most ridiculous ones like you're not supposed to wear two different types of cloth together like there's not supposed to eat shellfish you know if you eat shellfish you're going to hell do you know that yeah you can't go to lobster man you're going go to hell you can't have can't go to the your bar you're going to rot in a fucking cave somewhere at a red lobster you fuck you fuck so the whole play red lobsters just like the den of sodomy a terrible place matter fact it's more hated in the bible it's brought up more often let's find is there a bonnick group study which showed talked about biblical illiteracy in america and twenty five and of americans believe that joan of arc was now his wife and forty percent of americans believe sodom and gomorrah were married couple oh my god that's hilarious that ass for you know i'm a little too often well there's so few people that actually pay attention to the things that are in the bible like i have a friend who's pretty religiously as a religious tattoo and mike dude do you gotta read the whole book
you're not supposed to wear tattoo a yes man supposed to have tried to specially not religious tattoos having a religious at to have god does come back as you enjoy it man you missed the point total it's on the same level as homosexuality yeah yeah it's not you're not supposed to get tattooed son okay you this whole thing up have you ever read or heard of the sacred mushroom and the cross now the oldest version of the bible is the dead sea scrolls and there was a guy named john marco allegro who is a forget where he went to school cambridge or yale whatever it was he was respected scholar and he was one of the members there was deciphering the dead sea scrolls and he is the only one out of the whole group that was an agnostic and it because he was an ordained minister but during his studies of of uh
image and he realized that is kind of horseshit so he became agnostic but because he was an ordained minister we still allowed to be on this wasn't a vocal agnostic studied the dead sea scrolls for over fourteen years and it was his conclusion after fourteen years of translations that the entire bible was a huge misunderstanding the christian religion huge misunderstanding and there was really all about legis ceremonies that were based on the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms and fertility rituals and that these all these ancient customs were hidden in parables to cover them up and hide them from the romans they were captured when they were imprisoned killed they would hire they would they would cover up their ancient traditions of these consumptions of psychedelic mushrooms in these religious ecstasy that the the religious ecstasy they would they would achieve from
eating these mushrooms yeah is a fascinating fascinating book will pull that i guess i'll answer they want to say the you know the the book of revelation is you know i i cryptology book tour that's written in card to protected from being interpreted by the romans yeah yeah he went to oxford that's where he went he studied the hebrew dialects and this is a scholar of ancient languages and he he wore it wrote this book and it was very quickly bought up by the catholic church the only way to get this book you got to get an old copy of it but the nineteen so
70s when the book came out was very very controversial now a gay name jan irvin has republished it through his family that you got permission to do it fascinating fascinating book is also another book that he wrote that he wrote a second book because the first book got bought out the second book was the dead sea scrolls and the christian myth and it was very very controversial controversial because of the fact this guy was extremely educated agnostic very intelligent very well respected and rock solid credentials like you couldn't deny the things that he was saying the people that read his work they mean a lot of his is strange conclusions were undeniably bizarre in the context of religion like he traced back the word christ to an aim sumerian word that meant a mushroom covered in god semen and that they believe that when it rains we're talking six ten thousand years ago when it rained that was god coming on the earth and
but these mushrooms that would appear out of nowhere underneath it's really crazy because it's all based on just a massive book occupied yes a giant boo party of magic mushrooms but these good long story to get into have disgusted on this podcast before the people that are listening right now probably moaning like not again but it's also connected to the aim the story of santa claus and christmas be as these minor clause is coming santa claus is coming to town these mushrooms have a michael risal relationship with carnivorous trees so like you would find them underneath pine trees which is where you know people always have pine trees as these christmas trees you know fir trees whatever an these red and white mushrooms look like santa claus the you ever seen the aminata muscaria mushroom do you know what it is now the ebony muscaria mushroom is fucking santa claus it mean it's extraordinary yeah is it's this is this is what it looks like in all the ancient images
wow of christmas cards old christmas cards jamie see if you find some old christmas cards they all you to have pictures of these mushrooms there was elves and these mushrooms and by the way take much terms see elves does happen ok it's fascinating that these mushrooms are connected to and also the colors of the mushrooms are exactly the colours of santa claus the red and white the fact that you hang these stockings by the fire this is why you have red and white stockings what the fuck is that because that's how they draw but these mushrooms the way they would dry out these mushrooms by hanging them over the fire so these red white mushrooms were representative look at this these photos see them up there those are all ancient christmas cards see the me to muscaria mushroom appears over and over and over again and all of these kind of been lossed the sim geez been lost but that is the same mushroom that's on the cover of the sacred mushroom and the cross
if you pull that up jamie the book the sacred mushroom and the cross the john marco allegro book it's all about this psychedelic mushroom nominated musk area which is uh very confusing mushroom because it apparent they varies geographically it varies genetically that's the book the second mushroom the cross say mushroom maserati i guess i'm going to go to the end an incredible sort of connection but it totally makes sense if you think about it you're living ten thousand plus years so you find these psychedelic mushrooms you eat him you have these intense religious ecstasy experiences and then the romans are coming you the stories you come up with these parables that you can disguise the stories and the app of adam and eve supposedly was this amanita muscaria mushroom wow that is the word
app old is very many translations for the word apple but one of 'em is red the color red and the idea of the eating of the red meaning the eating of this mushroom this red mushroom right that's extraordinary there were trippin balls bro there were all tripping balls and trying to write things down and then along the way it got cool children away from the gay youths and what is it that kept them from the you know the original message will most likely the absence of the psychedelic experiences these ego dissolving experiences which are just for bidden friend you know i mean if you look at the modern christians mean one what's the one thing that they keep the children away from the drugs the drugs evil marijuana and all the things that are ruining our youth now it's ruining your youth is ignorance is to what you're teaching in the very first place like with one of the of what you're actually saying so few of them actually even know it historical lincoln
still understanding of the religion is so poor so hard to mean a guy like allegro guys studying this book for fourteen years that's the big thing is that's the oldest version of the by what we know of that's the oldest version of the bible that's in aramaic as well so it's trying to add that to what people have just decided is the new testament which we all know was was concocted by constantine took about bishops and they through some shit out and put some shit in in the fourth century yeah well after lee well after jesus in clearly the hand of man involved clearly it was blows christians away when you speak to him and i believe that you know matthew mark and luke and john were eyewitnesses to jesus life but mark was the first cross filter right and he wrote a good forty to fifty years after jesus had passed away matthew and luke copied from mark but use their own risk active external sources seventy years after jesus had passed away and joy
or he's gospel one hundred years after the death of jesus so you know stories were campfire stories passed down and and when you it's interesting one of my books jslide he was only human i typed get the new testament normally when you read the new testament you'll read you know matthew read can you read matthew in any looking cuny john and if each of the gospels has to write about each of the key moments in jesus life where at his birth his baptism you know his ministry his trial his execution that kind of sound all this is the same but if you just focus on one story in matthew let's say it's his autism and in one story and then uh baptism in lucan baptism mark and so forth you see how wildly these stories differ you know which almost have no resemblance at all when it comes to the facts and so forth not only that's a long fucking time ago the id
you're going to take anything from two thousand years ago and it's going to make any sense whatsoever in twenty fourteen piecing it together it's the idea that that's the foundation of the very structure of your society that's the foundation of your your ideology that's the foundation of your morals it's all based on this two thousand plus you rolled garbled shit and not based on what we know today the experiences that we have today what we know today about values and ethics and communication and the blowback of negative behavior that we're not trying to formulate our own new guidelines for life there call basing this on don't eat clams and don't get tattooed and don't fuck up guys like all this crazy shit that's all is fucking based on nonsense it's it's it's
it's quite amazing the hold that it has today and i think one of the best examples of one of the major problems that we have as a culture and that's our fear our fear our fear of the unknown our fear of death our fear of you know with that we're not living our lives are wrong way so if we have one particular ideology that we follow anybody that follows an another ideology is immediately attacked and that goes for the people that are really is also go through the people that are on the left that attack without doubt anything that's on the right it goes for the people that are on the right that attack anything that's not all left it goes for fucking you keys fans that hate the dodgers it goes for people who like max so those fucking pc guys are assholes like we're weird with that we don't we want our choice to be the correct choice and when our life
exactly and an america is now in pauls will show that america is more polarized today was on the eve of the civil war and while while twenty yeah well thirty years ago we kind of all go down news from the same source you know there was cnn or wherever now live camp and the conservative camp get their news from their own camps it becomes an endless as feedback loop of conf nation by us and you know opposing force in opposing paying into taken i consider and that's why you know these political parties now more so on the republican side and more part of this tea party site there become a cult they do and ideological purity and if you're not ideological pure i mean eric control there you know the majority rep and in the house
how was thrown out for not being conservative enough eric cantor hoping conservative enough what was it that wasn't being conservative enough on signed the immigration was the big thing but you know i've been i i think virginia's borders are well secured if i night from mexico are you going to virginia what is so attractive yeah we're we need to be to build a war in the self edging up i like girls that certain accent yeah will build a wall around virginia to learn well the immigration thing is one of the best examples of how this country is fucking crazy and insane is because it's a country that was founded by image so this idea that we're going to keep all the immigrants out of a country that was founded by immigrants is holy shit crazy i mean that not only that it's evil you got a bun people are living below you in the in that rf third world country that's connected like it's
it's an artificial boundary created by man it's not like it's across an ocean like you have to get in a plane to get to australia like that's that's separate from america and you guys are closer to us and mexico were more concerned with the australians and we are with the mexican i mean skins are involved in some brutal fucking drug wars they have terrible crime they have terrible corruption the mexico city is one of the most polluted cities on the planet as far as air pollution it's terrifying that this is all right next to us and these people try to flee to get out is to get a better life and like fuck you this is america can't even come over here i know how like how irony is lost on the right i was watching a show on hannity payson you read his immigration crisis and and and the headline to his piece was trouble in the heartland or a defending the hearts where it was defending the heartland and the graphic he had for defending the heartland was the statue of liberty
which was a gift from france i'm from its immigration the little areas that is the letter is in what is the the the the the what's the writing on the statue of liberty to send send us your poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free well and what is that the lack of you know what gets me is the lack of a introspection or navel gazing when it comes to this is it's policies which have caused this the refugees are not immigrants these are refugees flame intolerable violent circumstances and fly stop on by policies not only draconian drug lords are drug wars rather but also you know a free trade nafta i am signed into law by bill clinton displayed three to fall million mexican farmers alone by by allowing american agribusiness to go down there build up their months there straw city you know industrial farming complexes alto
supply the market because of economies scales with cheap food and shaped fruit and projects send these mexicans off the farm san simon city open areas middle businesses drug running and then with america's appetite for drugs like cocaine which come from south america or you know at a historical low the fighting over in form a smaller and smaller bit of market share and that's why they become more violent more tolerable more violent trying to defend their smaller market share and turf in these places so we have created the circumstances down there and anyone who says we shouldn't the kid who travels at fire through the desert on their own better people you want and we're not talking big numbers were talking forty thousand we gotta pop question three hundred and fifty million if we can't take forty thousand kids who bust their not to get across is in you know you know hospitable terrain to make it in this country
give me them any day over somebody you know somewhat confederate in himself yeah you know we're going to take america back south moon rise again s stone rise again it's amazing too that they you know the confederate flag thing that's a fascinating one beacon the flag was representative of so many things to them and you know his pride the southern pride and all these different things you maybe you guys should come up with a new flag like maybe come up with one that doesn't have a swastika hot it you know it's essentially what it's like for black people because that's what i like it so much you imagine driving around your if somehow or another you know you find yourself in the deep s and you're a black person you drive it around and he sees rebel flags everywhere you would think of that a lot like a jew would look at a spa sticker i understand that the swat sticker meant a lot more than that at one point in time was actually like a symbol of prosperity and like this probably yeah i mean the swastika at one anytime was like there was it was like this and
didn't symbol maybe was reverse but it was used in the oil from the hinders yeah in certain types of martial arts it was like old version of karate they had these swastika are so there's a hindu temple that's near my house that visited and they have a big sign up explaining why there swastikas everywhere lived in bali indonesia for a decade and when you drive around by lucy always hindu temples everywhere over the swastika but it is actually in reverse and but i mean everything is mythology is always borrowed an ideological ideologies or is borrowed from elsewhere and and yeah it's it's fascinating that they cling to that goddamn flag i got i got you like being from the south that are cool but south isn't this app is never gotten over losing the civil war there are worse runners up in you know in history of sports you know and they'll never
if you look at the republican party today you know most because there party is so monolithic such as a monolithic control their self data forwards there pop the seven representation republican party to my senior positions you know eric from virginia you know marco rubio you know you mitch mcconnell you go down the line they're all servants and you know you know the whole pool so of blocking a bomber is built around obstruction nullification and you know that drives the you know the thrust and parry of of who they are as far as a reactionary party it's also something that unites them you know unites them in this this group that they have you know we'll see the broad i'm a southern boy you saw the boy almost motherboards well you know this group their own version of skull and yeah when i say take your country back well well to wear now leave us a to the pre civil war days but they won't say that in public but then what
wanna take america back to was the fifties that's their idea of the ideal america but that was the year of big federal government with the f t hasn't dale insightful yeah so and that's when they had a good when liberalism was on the much in america is that something the people always do though don't they always like long for some day a long time ago when things made sense you know they belong staggia yeah they have this nostalgia for the archaic this is very common right and oftentimes like ridiculously so like i used to date this girl she about like high school by this amazing like high school was amazing we were all young and free in like pitch you had it's everybody was mad at everybody like come on you tell me fifty go finger bang once and everybody got all to scroll about it you didn't have bills back then must have been awesome come on you were living with your mom fucking sucked i get outta here like you can't think like that like enjoy this moment this moment is the best moment
and beings have ever achieved i believe right now this is the greatest time to be alive the world has ever known yeah it's fraught with peril and all fucked up and economically completely out of wack but i still i think this is the best time ever because information is being exchanged at a freer pace it's being exchange at a faster pace it's being exchanged amongst people but have never been able to communicate before by translation software by just the fact that you have this internet it's allowing people to send me images and exchange information and ideas and communicate back and forth and influence each other in a way that's never been available before to anyone ever in the history of the human race and if there's something that is separated us from the other animals in the world it's our ability to communicate with each other well our communicate our ability to communicate never been better than it is right now and i think this also there's a chain change that i've seen in my lifetime where p people are moving towards more progressive ideas i think
of this resistance that you're getting from this conservative party is this batting down the hatches and trying to avoid this inevitable change and i think this change a lot of it comes from that from this exchange of information from under ending each other better well i think it was saying death throes of that white minority politics in america and is and as what see more dangerously is america the browning of america by the year twenty fifty rounding by if you fear of a black planet is just talking to chuck d type here when the browning of your brow you let us say browning yes a colored people but you leslie brownies i does that answer brownie brownie brownie wise a brownie bad but blacks no that's you can't say blacks you notice that the blacks you can say black people promised raylene i don't know what time i'll ever say i don't know either changes all the time but
don't bring the browning of america by two thousand and fifty you know whites will become minority in this country in twenty twelve actually that was the first year where white babies with a less number you know we're outnumbered by black and brown gravy so as well brianna this white minority politik this reactionary movement is going to become more aggressive more frustrated because they don't feel like they have representation an get terrorism start terrorism is a is a reaction raineri response to political weakness or political political impotence c and we saw the shooters in las vegas those two white extremists who shot those two police officers the walmart worker if you read their manifesto that's what play party manufacturers of these in las vegas for weeks ago six weeks ago they were into a pizzeria
shot two cops to death in vegas in vegas they had their batman and robin mass on and then they shot themselves here but this one yeah really yeah i know it's national news is there's too many of those guys are watching too much without our wrestling stuff that's what it is too much of that wrestling stuff i don't even about that one but it was their manifesto the manifesto was basically that you know watts are losing white christians are losing representation americans being taken over by brown liberals progressive feminists so for so we're going to dress like batman and white folks yeah we're going to take it out on cops in a walmart worker and end up shooting themselves but we're going to see more and more this and actually in new york times had a great piece on at the rise of hate or the data of height and their explode of right wing militia groups in his country is frightening and the or they feel that they are the minority and the more they start losing national elections let's face it there
looking party is not going to win the presidential election for the next twenty years in every demographic where every democrat every demographic in america the democrats are getting gaining market share every demographic in america which is shrinking the republicans are gaining market share so now that's what it focus on gerrymandering is district voter suppression it's a trying to win at the state level but now is there benny other than socially the do believe is a social benefit to having liberals in office i do believe that the one thing that i think that obama has done i think there's a social benefit to have and i like that in office so there's a social benefit as well look i'm we could have a bama becaus he's governed like a clinton he's uh he hasn't governed as a liberal at all name liberal policies implemented a bama care that was a far from a liberal policia live policy when they had unilateral control of the senate and congress should have
universal health care but he didn't even fight for universal for even though it campaign for that i would argue we haven't had a liberal president since nixon and it nixon wasn't didn't implement liberal policies because she was liberal or haram you know had a conscience or was moral he was uh us us president to be scared by liberals and there's a there's a great story with nixon when he's in that that that the heart of the anti war movement and he's in the oval office and he has hearing henry kissinger standing next to him that's on the new some types and he turns to henry kissinger and says and all in awe the white house is lined up with all these yellow buses of all the anti war protesters and nixon sounds kiss insurance has holy fuck man they really going to storm the white house and take me drag drag me out this he really believe that and that what you want the white has to feel like you want the white house to feel like they're afraid of the people you want politics and politicians in washington feel like death ray and the problem is they're not afraid of the liberal class in more liberal class is dead and the underscore that
since the popularity of hillary clinton hillary clinton is just a bland she stand a brand she stands for nothing she we are in our weight she ran on no platform other than she was hillary clinton she's going to run on the same platform be cause they believe they're not going to be against a once in a lifetime candidate like their head and barack obama so she's not going to stand for progg evil liberalism liberalism there's no such fing liberalism in america there's no one fighting for universal healthcare does no one fighting for free education or anything like that or higher taxes on corporations and the rich i mean this is you know we live in an area with conservative politics trumps is there also a bottleneck in the two party system which is essential well we have you could say that there is a green party you could say that there's a libertarian party all you want but the reality is they don't included into the debates as soon as the debates get heavy mean what they do
did to marginalise ron paul who is a republican shows you what they do to anybody who doesn't play ball i mean what you saw like you would see him placing in polls like second and third and they would ignore him and concentrate on who was fourth and fifth i mean that was what they did in the media to marginalise that guy affectively to do so what isn't that the bottleneck the bottleneck is that corporations are sponsoring these people operations are sponsoring their campaigns paying for their campaigns massive donations and then they have this agenda once they get into place in to to to to help these corporations that paid for them to get in in the first place that is that that's the problem you hit the nail on the head and the problem is i don't see them is being the two party system i mean in most western democracies you have a two party system australia or the uk and so forth the problem but in australia and uk you have public financing of elections here it's the opposite so
our voices don't get heard we die you know politicians don't come the visit you and i to come and visit and do this thirty thousand dollars per plate dinners and i listened to the fifty one lobbyists which in washington and playing their campaign finance so you know what it was twenty two thousand only a mere thirty two thousand donors in the in the twelve two thousand and twelve elections represented more than ninety nine percent of all political donations in that campaign cycle so z zero point zero one percent of the population is donnie ninety nine percent of the the campaign finance studies to political parties and show you get rid of that you're going to have two political parties which represent the interests of corporations are not working on the middle class those numbers are crazy stop and think about that i mean everybody's fish dated on the one percent in this country the one percent to zero point zero one percent that's madness that's madness all the money is coming from them that's it so
fifty dollars donation who gives a fuck is there anybody that you see on the horizon is there any movement and he he humans that you see that are really trying to implement some sort of change that you think we have a chance to well too but only one has a chance elizabeth warren and bernie sanders is if is of war and winds elizabeth warren runs she baits hillary and i'll tell you why in white it was a referendum on our rock hill clinton the only if hillary clinton had not voted for iraq she would've been a nomination would be the president right now the in the democratic primary selection in this cycle will be income inequality and that she will lose to elizabeth warren becaus affair association to wall street her husband's record in not being a progressive and liz warren is a champion for the middle class a chambers for working class she
to dismantle wall street she wants to dismantle these financial debt products which have wrecked havoc on the american population and haven't met these laws and regulations haven't been changed since we had a crash in eight we stand on the precipice of repeating what happened on i ate nothing is changed and she wants to fight for these causes which will you know in the of the game so to speak bernie sanders i like him as well but he has no chance in the national electric a list of warren could win the day and say nomination also become president why bernie sanders i'm no chance and how do you think a woman could be president well because at that sand sand that number one democrats yearn for or a historic candidate a woman server i try to black guys didn't work out so well let's go check it out so we want to not a piece of his state you know a historic moment all the white men are all around their lives and only capsules assumes a run for president they're all call weiner in yeah
and sand is well sanders his too much of an open shirted socialist identa lisa massage lesson so i feel the meteor in the republican party will be too easy came to slay him with the s word where is that is warren is never mentioned this word and is more of a populous than a socialist the s word the s word is that unser mountable mean is it possible that what you were talking about before that if you look at what's happening in europe and you look at the if it's of socialism as far as canada and some other countries australia so socialized education is it pause all that can be this must in some sort of way that's not going to kneejerk turn people often america well the problem you have a failed media class because the media class won't report the facts the media class you know republican gets on tv and says there's no such thing as gravity
then seen in says well we need to get a democrat to speak on the democrat it says uh gravity israel cnn look democrats and republicans of fighting again you know so you'll never have an honest fact banks argument and you'll never have the facts which are disc social democracies work germany and and is western european countries have far less social in you know income inequality don't we do they also have happy to people and we do on the world happiness index that top fifteen countries are all social democracies america rates is the richest can going the planet bitrates 17th seventeen from the all happiness index we rank behind mexico so it won't be long before they the wall down there to keep us but that doesn't make any sense if all the mexicans trying to get over here but we're have we're not as happy as them that they'll make any sense it is the war it with the world happiness index and hasn't even know what's talk to me yeah nobody interviewed me asked me how i know you're not buying it i'm a very happy person i don't get it yeah well you are the
world happiness index is measured measured on some metrics such as pollution access to health care access to education gender equality income inequality a pollution crime rates teen pregnancy and so forth and mexico is better than america we rank behind mexico on the we'll have someone is not doing a good job in america because most the places that i see look a lot better than the place in mexico that's it doesn't make any sense then you were in woodland hills here in order for but i don't think there's any i don't think there's any way that you can like qualify like a whole nation like that though you know i'm saying i don't think there's any way that you can say like hey this is a happier country this is 'cause you know you kind of you start statistic mining that way like america is the least happy the least this but we are also the most innovative we create more things we have more art more music more pop culture more comedy more movies so many
things come out of america because of this turmoil in this crazy fuck top sort of the way we live it also lends itself to creativity it lends itself to the distribution of of of of media no we have more shit that comes out of your good or bad i'm not saying that all of its great hello art of influence comes out of this one spot absolutely i mean you know this is right whenever i speak i try not to come across as the the the typical american pressure between through i could just walk piers morgan lost his job all that guy was as shit that's why he lost his job so she never got that job in the first place he was involved in fucking tapping into as far as hated to true life i was up in for that so many times and i want to you know this but the i look i'm like i've i obsessed of america and always have been my friends in high school would all
criticize me for being being and american the reason i moved here is because i am in love am in love america and who more america more than that you know an immigrant who wants to come here and help make things better i still believe in america they we're doing things the wrong way are you a citizen now i'm still a resident of talking shit you not even want to convert you can't even vote so if you become become a citizen you can vote but you'll never be able to be president i can read california weird that's weird i'm sorry this idea is based on the note and that someone is going to be groomed al qaeda
over here and leave one of them white skin terrorists and it made living in the world's most populous muslim country for ten years won't help my resume data when i run alright manchurian candidate jesus christ probably don't even know you're a commie you probably don't even know you over here to fuck up our freedom yet is there right in the middle as christ you don't even know man i'm a sleeper cell whi is it that america produces so much like as far as creativity so much innovation so what technological innovation so much creativity so many good things come out of this place as well i was actually i you know america is a great country i think you know we've with that the us has purchased a litany of good fingers contribution to the world culturally is you know you can uh you against it but my point is that the benefits so few and if you look at the new economy invert economist as far as the technology
you know this facebook producers and there's there's what was that this app just sold for how many billions of dollars fifteen billion dollars but they got her in a workforce of like twenty five people twenty five people benefit that the sale about so in the things that were producing now no longer have any social capital we not producing great products which can be exported to the world our technology's been app by the military industrial complex most of the rd and technological research done this country country is uh benefit of how figuring out how we can kill people better another is that really true
i mean how much how much of it is done on a lecture cars how much of it is done on electronic roles in the cell phone will look at look at electric car and that's a great point coming tesla you see plenty of them around and it's these rich white neighborhoods and and certainly where i'm from and we're gonna you see a ton of and that a new toyota he up there said where you from i never don't favor holder on from got fed up i said new full page no you do i up but if i can nope too late live it's live is this really long yes well i got damn it god damn it i said my gunah beach can't deny it in game of two things canoga park and laguna beach we're fucked uh oh my god i can be hearing a but in the conservative way the so we look at the opposition jessica i mean if it wasn't for big oil and so we would have the electric car years ago
and uh a lawn maskers spoken at great length of the opposition his face and bring electric car to market so yeah we're producing great things but you know the corporate totalitarian state big oil and these kind interest will always trump look what's happening look at these states have posed tesla you know in new jersey for example with scars and chris christie takes us you know what what is that guy all about yeah chris agency is this is donnie moore he's again slamming i'm ready for two thousand sixteen i'm gonna wheel him out there cannon fodder i only work already cool as motor lies a two wheel things all he's done you don't have to worry about christy anymore he's not a candidate he's not he's giving up he hasn't given up at all the big money is moved away from him 'cause politically is dead in the water because these lawsuits again the following well into the twenty sixteen election side with the bridge is that just
bridge fingers over the phone is there was a bridge freeing but it's the whole culture of the team and intimidation that whole new jersey soprano like atmosphere which turns off women and independent in minority voters plus fat yeah did we mention it already yeah fat acceptance people step aside because you're being silly okay i don't accept smokers either smoking acceptance i think is equally stupid deserved
habits so is being morbidly obese it's a dumb thing to do well i got no problem with them over the base if you're poor because the poor in this country can afford to be skinny but if you're rich and what like christie is well you have no excuse of being a fatty that is true to a certain extent but still it means over eating that that is a personal choice even if you're poor if you're getting bad food that's one thing bad nutrition is another thing but the over abundance of this bad nutrition is just simply gluttony manage looking for a family of four in your gut husband wife on the minimum wage it's cool you netting four hundred dollars a week is still going to play around you still got a private car you can their guard are the jars and by a fifteen dollar panem of broccoli and some put tires or you go to wendy's in your face the whole family for for now you know that sir that is a locked but yeah the reason in their fat is not because they're barely getting by with that foods 'cause they're eating more of it then they need to you now it sucks that they're getting bad food for sure it sucks that it's so expensive to eat healthy
down in those are absolute yeah i am with you i'm a fat ass like you are i'm a fat i'm sorry sorry fat people must have really good friends in her fat ass fuck it's not that i hate it's just that there is a certain reality to being will be said i don't i don't think you're helping people with this idea this notion of fat acceptance and i think this is this is the the bra the end of the spectrum when it comes to this new ideas that i think where people are becoming progressive and more sensitive and more open minded i think there's great things to that but i think there's also things like fat acceptance where it gets to a point where like listen yeah i couldn't i got in trouble on twitter a couple of years ago for tweeting i'm the rosa park
not giving up my seat on the bus for fat people you got in trouble for that while we don't know why was a fat person trying to take your seat on the bus is that really happened no it didn't really have him so he just gave it up you just fucking yeah yeah i mean it's happy just being an asshole this and that that feeling of shame this idea of fat shaming people don't like that but that i feeling of shame the negative feeling is a feeling of social failure and that feeling of social failure that ostracized feeling the only benefit of that there's it's not you know it's not good to be cruel but the only benefit of that to the person who receives it is that it motivate them to lose weight this is a fact and phatic captains that means you're happy the way you are you're good the way you are no you're going to die quick your fucking heart is pumping through sludge you need to eat some vegetables you fuck she is christ even if a mess debated over chloe kardashian is
khloe kardashian big one which is barely big you know i mean if you talk about that's not fat i don't know if that would be a big girl but you know there's who's that woman whose the mccarthy girl who's on all those many right now no no i can imagine a hot one list of melissa melissa mckenzie enormous one that everybody loves she's america look at her she's all shall be in everything but all friendly and wacky yeah poor gal she's going to fucking die she's your heart is not going to keep beating if you do that it's not gonna last those really big they never hit sixty they just don't they never make it how to take in disneyland i'll thank you exactly what the churro in each hand tool fisting fucking with one of those hats on soda or a backpack like one of those camel backpacks afraid with fucking mountain doing it yeah
is a lot of bad things to the american diet that's for fucking sure and a lot of it is uh do you ever watch the documentary king corn god damn amazing the depth that the corn industry in the corn lobby in the corner there's these people that have grown corn and this subsidy shin some solutions and workday of some sort i mean are they mereka government yep the court and corn syrup like this this is how much of this is involved in our food and everything it's amazing so it's in our bread that everyone's here up in peoples fucking sodas in there this in there that and there was a thing out it was all lawsuit about mexico trying to force out corn syrup 'cause they were trying to force him to use corn syrup in their production of coca cola and so they resist it and then they were sued and
the whole thing is just corn is a wacky fucking plant man well i mean in fact that it's so pervasive becaus no coincidence that i where is the first stop on the boat party's nomination process and that's where they spend all the time you know isn't it crazy output bagging no coincidence whatsoever but for anybody who wants i mean i'm not going to go into depth about it 'cause we talked about this before but please watch the documentary king corn if you get a chance its food inc is another good one that's scary one that's a scary one yeah that'll don't shy away from fast food i've taken a lot of heat about this this subject of minimum wage by a bunch of people that think that folks who work in fast food or folks who work in entry level jobs she not get paid fifteen dollars an hour that's the number that i always throw around like you can't live off less than fifteen dollars an hour man you just can't fifteen dollars an hour you can pay your rent you can get something to eat and it's still not a lot of money and if you run a company that can't afford to pay your workers fifteen dollars an hour means you're
taking too much either you personal making too much money you're not giving the workers enough or some something's happening you're not profitable you need less workers you're not you're not you're system is not efficient there's got to be some way that you can pay if someone works for you all day and they get paid less than a survival wage you essentially have slaves well this is what the problem is and you know and i keep coming back to this point in america you have socialism for the corporations but we have capitalism for the rest of us so take warm out or bank of america they pay their workers so little that we have subsidizing with food assistance housing assistance and so forth every walmart the four walmart heirs are more than to combine forty troopers bottom forty percent two percent of americans yet era not to pay their workers so little that the average taxpayer the average walmart employee cost the average taxpayer in this country for change where dollars per year in texas so you and i
i funding the work force for a ridiculously wealthy bunch of individuals i can afford to pay their employees more credible so that's socialism for about them and capitalism for the rest of us and they hit me with those numbers again the way most wealthy people of walmart for the night in harry their wealth didn't hear it i did not build that mother fucker did not build that i did not felt that so okay for walmart arizon more than the bottom forty two percent combined in this country the four walmart heirs four people earn more money per year than the bottom forty two percent of the entire country in google it i can't i throw up on my keyboard that's incredible that's it so all we have to do is kidnapped the walmart all of their money redistributed to the bottom forty two percent we've essentially cured poverty you in our four people
well that's a new melissa mccarthy movie melissa mccarthy she fucking gets mouthful of donuts she gets a good sugar rush and she runs out and kidnaps the wall and she let's him see the error of their ways and they wind up working in the end of the movie there happy and they're working in like costa rica like fucking saving people from hurricanes or some shit yeah that the craziest insist so when we've all that wealth you and i paying for each one thousand three hundred dollars per year to walmart to subsidise their workforce for people that's incredible yeah that's thread up all the kirk the coke brothers combine the two coke brothers own more than that i think you'd still have them cougars but it's around about the bottom fifty percent two guys and more than the bottom fifth ok so we got an issue we got six people we kidnap six people we take their honey you living at the torturing pad but you would have torch and we just kill him but we i don't mean that don't put me on the list but if those people those people's wealth
six people he said fifty percent and forty two percent that's not combine a combined in the running of the acoustical separate do you have a separate them right but he but it has i work then because that me like if they the combined forty two percent but then you also have the combined fifty percent are you can read about it is that it does not happen to get i can't guarantee because as because the store king from the same number so the the combined wealth of the car problem is is in the bottom roughly to send the night right at the combine well off of the wall not air so you working from a a fixed number they can't get him both together it's not like you know the six of them are ninety two percent right they don't know ninety two percent but they own double forty two percent yeah so what is that how that
it up to sixty percent with having to tell you the beginning on on the continent well i'm well i'm dumb as so we're screwed not only when not an economist i'm not good at counting so if you if you think about that though just just this the fact that the four people from walmart in the to cope brothers just so sick people work what is the total money the at the total amount of money that those guys have well the kind of the card from his where a combined about fifty five billion dollars and most of the money is on is from speculation not from hiring people or building stuff most it is from oil speculation so stock market stock stuff which has no social value money fuckery money money factory that's really what is right that's what chris paul krugman said we're going from a country made stuff to our country to make stuff up here putin said about the united states is before the crash he said i don't understand the united states economy it seems they just buy and sell each others houses
is that right home is all before the out of hand it's all these wacky financial instruments in a moving numbers on the screen how can that be fixed up i mean first of all you're you're the only way to fix the coke for the situation as i am and what i mean is there is no way right i mean you would have to well you have to enroll in a yeah you'd have to end all all speculation but you know robert rock your speaks about this extensively if you have a trading exit the moment they these guys can trade monna pips every tip of a scream you know to the you know the three decimal places where it's on currency where it's on gas and when you're moving 10s and hundreds of millions of dollars one pip is a ton of money but there's no this would be a trading text on each one of these trades because this volume have tried volume money benefit society in no measurable main god damn man what a weird world we live even when that's real these are the numbers that jamie just threw up here the collective well for the six richest wall
wins rose from seventy three billion to ninety billion while the wealth of the average american declined from one hundred and twenty six thousand to seventy seven thousand and thirteen million americans have negative net yeah that's a crazy thing at eight hours i was exactly right since woman has now have more wealth and bone forty two percent my number's up i didn't think you did i didn't even check i thought you were telling the truth for sure yeah there was a recent article that i i brought up the ushers podcast michael shermer wrote the in the scientific american that was torn apart about the the missive financial inequality so one of the dumbest articles i've ever written and when the way i know whether something is dumb as if i think it's dumb this is i can see the logical fallacy's in your argument about finance yeah i mean it was just but what is that common what is this like p everything's fine everything's fine thing where people want to sort of manipulate statistics and look at things from sort of a rose colored glasses point of view what's that from what would cost the
because people have no experience to what the what is happening in america you know i'm not going to admit i'm not already said but he ever live in a nice spot in another spot in the area i live in here is you know i'm going to guess ninety percent white and wealthy to moderately wealthy to wealthy i have no clue what's happening in you know these rust belt states is you know you know through the nw which would particularly the basis of manuf picturing i mean these are economies which have been absolutely destroyed through globalization there is no economic recovery you know despite in spoke with this before spot in doubt record highs and despite the unemployment number happening we're not going to get these jobs back be cause we now have the walmart business model is the model that the rest of the corporate world in this country emulates thanks century it was the pennsylvania railroad railroad country in the twenty country was ibm today
walmart so what walmart does with its it did it make cities bid against each other to get tax breaks to move it so they can say i was going to put us a store in your place i get to cities a bit against it so it becomes a race to the bottom as far as corporate subsidies and welfare every tryma walmart net err store opens eh from walmart employs a new employee one dot four american workers is displays now their control the american economy the retail economy is so dominant that they have much control over to suppliers procurement walmart they demand five percent reduction of their suppliers every year you can't reduce your costs to warm up by five and every year and then will fuck off goodbye so after at five years of doing this where you've got five percent five percent eventually walmart says to their suppliers will you need to move the china and if you and if you move to china will help you set up if you don't move the china we don't we do no business no longer and that is happening with countless numb
companies companies like rubber made a great american company which had to work for it's in the hundreds of thousands of people in the 70s and the 80s you know almost no longer exists in that form anymore because i couldn't you know and initially i didn't move the china but they have now so this this globalization is free trade is not benefiting anyone and that's the model that operate under is there a way to start first of all there was a number that you threw out then i get confused about you said for every walmart walmart opens one dot four cans or misplace is displayed as far as what is at one point four what is like this one person that was so every time and the walmart employees a person one point four americans loses a job every time the employee one person one point four maryland correct this offer everyone person they employ yep more than one at that that kind of makes sense in the mom and pop store the death of the mom and pop store has been really criticized both by p
all that are against walmart but also people that they're saying you know why don't you shop and vote with your dollar like if you appreciate mom and pop stores and they cost five more dollars when you go in there just go pay them to five more dollars do you understand how walmart is making things so cheap do you understand that the people that work there with the number that you threw around that for everyone smart worker we pay what was the amount of money that every person has to pay in tax download hundred one hundred dollars those things were just made more clear and people vote with their dollar more do you think it's possible that something like walmart can slowly die away that these monolithic corporations that have this massive control over economies but that that day the walmart destroys communities to such an extent the people in these communities can only afford to shop at walmart comes as vicious cycle so it
so you know unless you put in policies which regulate trade and protect the working class particular class you're not going to solve the problem so and this is not a great sort of hypocrisy is how for example the republican party presents itself as the party of small business because it's a nice nastalgic picture that draws it pay people's mind that picture myron modern small biz operation you know on main street in middle america but name is single policy that the republican party of helped small businesses with as a republican party protect in the modern power operation from these monopolies is oligopolies do they give the same tax pro so they do these corporate subs they do to these big organisations to drown a visit now they haven't you know the republican parties and look at the small businesses at all in this country and and that's just the way it is now
once fighting against that that's not that's not like a big rallying cry of new democrats nor the republicans this is not something that anybody is bringing up no that comes to political ignorance and political ignorant born from evil our education system or the fact that the mainstream media only sports titillating you know issues we're still talking about flight missing me three hundred and seventy or anna nicole smith's death you know to focus on liberty and trivia rather than on real issues there's no walter cronkite's in the news anymore and that is there's no real news anymore there's television programs that highlight their entertainment programs that highlight things you think people are gonna be interest yeah but they don't have a desire for journalism intern and its corporate controlled media how many we have places you know how many venues on corporate on media do you think i'm going to get book when i talk about the corporate totalitarian state not a lot your show come back for sure do you
get chills down your spine when you see things like what's going on with edward snowden and when you see what's going on with julian assage when people do expose some really horrific things that our governments involved with the underpinnings of our society itself to mechanism involved in it's turning the wheels of the military industrial complex when that gets exposed and you see like the sum or just upheld held the arrest warrant against julian assange for what having sex with a woman supposedly or whatever the fuck that means some one of the most dubious and crush civil charges of all time that's involved in an international incident yeah i mean is there ever been a more transparency jewish when someone they're going after someone and pretending it's something else i mean it's always dangerous grounds to to i get
to trivialize any rape charge but you're dead right i mean it's not even a rape charge i mean it was rates are yeah it's sort of the the circumstances which i read a sar fishy in dubious as you have said that to you know i the one of the most frustrating things is weird be more the american popular and certainly would be more angry about the nsa overreach if there was a republican in office the fact that it's a bomber in office has guided that you know democrats and liberal class i just think i will it be for bombers happy with it must mean it's okay i guess is not too bad yeah and then also part of the problem is with you know the millennial popular mental millennial generation it's you know it say hey look at me you know so we such a high look at me and winks from selfies facebook accounts twitter and the more they think more exposure the better so when they talk about being watched well they like being watched there is thing though that
if it was a republican that was in office and you were dealing with this nsa leak where you find out that they're downloading fuckin email you have every phone call you make is being recorded people would be up in arms because of the fact that it's a democrat the same people who would be up in arms are sort of letting it slide in a way partisanship it is and that's that's how you coming back to what i said earlier we are we're we're living in the most polarized moment in american history and we only see things and issues for the lands all of our political parties in aware of we have deeply entrenched in our own camps then we only listen to the talking heads who feed red meat to our respective camps were goofy as fuck in other words had not too many conservative not too many tea party voters read my paces you know in salon
yeah so long you can be well if they do read it they redid to get angry because they go out to the rifle range and fucking shoot pumpkins with obama's picture paste it on it god damn it do you hear what he said about jesus which yeah well you're you're you know actively trying to piss him off of the user your titles of your books right ending of things are i think so crucifying america atheist can't be republicans try to hide him back yeah all those i just got an email yesterday saying god doesn't hate you everybody else does oh how rude god loves you but i hate you is that what you're saying yeah pretty much well then you're not a child of god fuck are you you're not doing it right they're not they're doing it wrong you can't you can't just run around saying that god doesn't hate you but i do exactly fuck if you know that if you know god doesn't use
london and i was not disposed to do turn the other cheek the part yeah i don't see much forgiveness i'm not covering the covering much forgiveness and never met a real christian like that we would forgive you for your your yeah yeah i do actually in you know i do have a lot of friends who are christians and this emailing yeah i do you said this twice yeah he said he said i have a lot of friends are christians you said a lot of friends who are right wing hello okay friends i said they don't really have these are just make it i knew it to be honest feel a surfing the seven billion people in the world i really only know forever really well right yeah exactly fit i do i i mean actually it's funny moments and i this conversation with the other day every moment of med is actually super nice you know actually one of the hardest moments on the planet is abby huntsman you know john huntsman xar daughter she's on msnbc oh my god
i do have a little crush on her but yeah yeah yeah are you staying there tonight have yeah we wanna shame what's your name abby huntsman i don't watch msnbc i try to avoid all mainstream media at this point i get almost all my news from the internet i've kind of completely given up on watching fox i might watch fox just for the hot chicks i watch fox just to see chicks cross and uncross your legs back and forth is this her she's a mormon yeah that yeah she is she's beautiful but she's bitch this is node out about it if you're a mormon yeah i don't care you could be a mooney you could be a scientologist it's all the same to me man you know he could be born a mormon you know get locked into i had a neighbor who is a mormon who is great nice sky super sweet people very friendly very very warm in capac well it's also too i like to say to you know the s you travel down to uh the seven states and individually the
this is people on the planet you know seven hospitality is a real thing but put it all in the room together and talking about the biggest bunch of bigoted assholes you know you have a man talk about taking their guns and black men there daughters what check not only my watch yeah well i think a lot but that is this again fear ignorance these isolated folks that even these small towns that are separated from the larger cities by vast distances those larger cities mean you know tend to be the center of diversity yeah you're going to have going to have ignorance and fear now those places but you know it's also fed upon by the politicians that are running for office in those very areas exactly and it's fedex had a pawn by this right wing echo chamber which constantly keep some fear of the external enemy whether that's liberals whether that's muslims wherever it's diako dot com
this but isn't salon kind of an echo chamber to the left a little bit yeah yeah it's a very very friendly audience right yeah very friendly audience in the left yeah certain tip it will say you do have an echo chamber on left but in the lift echo chamber facts and made out of where is in in in that right wing echo chamber that's a total disregard for facts even romney's head pollster nail in the current members last name and i guess it doesn't matter that he even said the camera you know facts don't matter you know in this campaign come on you know i mean they can they can say anything is ronnie taking another run in it that i think is there and i have big wing establishment wing of the republican party that wants him to run i don't think you well but that that the stylish meant his desk for canada because at the moment ran pole is going to be the nomination and he scares the life out of establishment republicans because
he's not an ai con that's why did chinese and a major at the moment trying to water down this isolationist live sharing wing if they're probably compile because as it stands today he would be the nominee right and paul and what what scares me about rand paul what should scare people very well what scares you asking me what scares me well i he's a libertarian for one i think libertarianism is worth only exacerbate the winner takes all society that we have at the moment we need to be doing the the of that liberty amazon would grant more power to the corporations in this country and less what scares there their established in the republican party is he's an isolationist and military industrial complex and there's a gray based on recently that if hillary is a nominee and ramp alza nominee neocons will for hillary neo con republicans will vote for hillary watt
make sure she's more hawkish then then rampaul is whoa that would be crazy could you imagine cheney advising people to vote for vote for hillary clinton overran pool they would do you mad a race of hillary clinton versus rand paul it would the biggest landslide since lbj barry goldwater in sixty four you think hillary would win i've been hillary could almost win every state wo what do you think would hold people back from from voting for rand paul well well he's he's uh is you know x for some earlier number one i think that a lot things are going to come back to haunt him he doesn't believe in civil rights act he believes said private property trump's everything you know he's you know there's a great video of him he's asked well do you believe in the civil rights act well i don't know i kind of think it was a good thing but i also think private property owners and restaurant owners have the right not to serve you didn't use the word blacks where they
right not so black people they don't want it you know so you know i i think he would be a disastrous candidate very cold water the same people who voted start goldwater the same people who vote for ann pool and we saw what happened to goldwater america is no where america res america there's a center left country not a fire right that people treat his dad people love his dad well watch watch with well to do people left you know he's a bit he's a neo confederate i mean it you know on rand paul is in the a confederate i mean he's a you know a regular space set sons of confederate meeting so i mean it's all about nullification states rights it's you know one state what is it state rights means that means this country they states can you know ban abortion and deny black people are right to to to attend restaurants you know telethon lay
which also means they get it allowed gay marriage they going to allow people to smoke marijuana they could allow people to do a lot of things that you know the federal government does not allow yeah yeah it's not entirely a negative thing like the idea of states rights do non interventionist foreign policy which is a good film and for that i think grand ron paul had some very good ideas is definitely a wacky old dude who's not you know how many old dudes get stay alive and especially in the world of politics get to be that old and just don't have utter disdain for the established system john mccain yeah i mean there's this whole thing that we've been doing from the beginning of time of profiting for sending young men to death for things that they don't understand sending over them to fight in foreign ends for some cause that they're not going to they don't know
so what they're doing they're too young there too young to see the hustle i mean that's that's the oldest trick in the book as far as like the mill and that was one that ron paul stood very firmly against yeah he was one of the few people that was doing it right or left yeah i am i know i'm we have ron paul and rand paul when it comes to military and i'm we've both of them when it comes to the dry ending the drug war but you know thinking that a ron paul rand paul is good for america because they're anti drug and anti war is like thinking a big mac is good for you because it has let us in a pickle but what is good for america though at this point in time when you what we've clearly established that you've got massive amounts of money that are one financing politik what is good for america is what has already worked in the past and what has worked in the past was fdr's new deal and that is socially america came out of the gilded age we went into the biggest economic crisis of wrecker of saying we in
and it's social reforms economic reforms political reforms and from the end of world war two to one thousand nine hundred and eighty we built the grey american middle class where we brought them up spurs middle class the world has ever seen we put a man on the moon would build the interstate highway systems we had the gi bill we had free education with acts such a gift to education which doubles medicare with the great society happy days laverne and shirley it should have hand in in in in but i you know my dad lived in america for ten years during the sixties his generation during that time just the husband just you die worked and do you still had enough to for a mortgage and have to because now both husband and my idea of fun that and mother have to work they can barely keep the above water they're saddled with debt with no way out and this is the world we have to go back to that area we have to put in social economic and political reforms which which distribute the wealth from the top back to the middle now
did you do that so if someone came to you you have all these radical ideas have written books about it if someone was running for president be elizabeth warren who else whoever it is that reads your stuff what would you employ i mean how how would you fix this in a reasonable way that makes sense well number one is the text code because where where there their denial of of tax revenue to the federal government is extreme at the moment that's why you know we said early america doesn't have nice things is be cause corporations shooting the lowest percentage of overall revenue to the federal government so but if you contribute more money where is that money go and who gets to do take where that money well first of all is your building infrastructure i mean infrastructure is falling apart in this country we're spending money on its back goes back to keynesian economics which has worked in the past and work again we have to build bridges how to build hardware systems we have to build higher speed rail moon that create jobs and that creates markets in new economies
we have to build up middle class and the working class with better labor reforms we've gone from from the moment and reagan destroyed the unions well that will suck the air traffic controllers in one thousand nine hundred and eighty one we've gone from america protected by collective bargaining went from something like thirty five percent to seven percent today in a every social democratic country like australia and scandinavia in western europe upwards of eight five percent of their populations that covered by collective bargaining so the workers have a say or a shared prosperity you know from nineteen fifty four to one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine their productivity gay the shared equally between corporations and the working class today only twelve percent of the gains are shared the working class and middle class so we have to that come through the tax code it comes through labor reform access to health care
education so forth do you trust the federal government to do the appropriate thing with the new taxes like say if we did reform the tax code i would say if we did change the contributions that corporations are forced to make do you really trust the government as it's in place right now with all of its glorious incompetence to redis put that money and do a good job with it well you know it's it's you know people will say oh do you know government was does a shitty job corp ninety percent of corporations fail in their first five years so government is not a perfect perfect solution or perfect be all too and all but there has to be a balance where and we have that in other countries where does capital investment but also public investment and public and public investment or liberalism liberalism was never meant to be a left wing fing liberalism i was always meant to be a countervailing power to capitalism where capitalism fall short liberalism
supposed to pick up the slack and protect the downtrodden the paper the feelings of the people that capitalism leaves behind and you need public investment to to fund those initiatives i was always gonna be weist that's just part of the part is your for every solyndra that you have you can have tesla you know and people and their republican like the bash government spending on the faggot slender but they also forget their government funding is my tesla enormous success is using their part of what's going on now with the internet this access to information would also detur certain percentage of waste because people will be more responsible for it because it would be more transparent than ever before the stimulus the stimulus was the greatest public stimulus program in us history since fdr's new deal but was also does transparent spending a public spending with a was saying i mean that the federal government put up a website with every vendor and contract there and that the details of that available for anyone to say
in the waste of that stimulus which was an and if the size of the stimulus should have been ee eight hundred billion dollars it was it worked it added two points to gdp created you know x amount of million public sector private sector jobs but was transferred i don't know how much more transparent but you never see you never again eliminate waste totaly but the offside today it is is uh it's filled by the private sector and and uh dragon's holy trinity you know monopolisation monopolization deregulation and privatization and you know this greater nice there and more crony capitalism then you have on the other side certainly with deregulation that's scary shit that people want that i think that would be a good idea well his reason why regulations are in place is to keep them from running amok with natural human instincts of conquering natural
when instincts of deception you know this is just natural things that you have to guard against with laws and and it's a fing corporations a concert and not concern of the core the common good it's just a and it was machine yeah and it was it was clinton who deregulated wall street with glass steagle and that led to the chain of events which collapse the entire fucking universe in two thousand and eight and we haven't had one except for dodd frank which is a pc effort to regulate wall street went back to the same place we were leading up to the days of the crash and i want what do you think the people that thought that they should let the banks fail like that's the peter if idea quite a few people ron paul believe that as well the film bailout banks you know the former fed chairman paul volker believe the same thing what do you think about that well you know in my uninformed opinion and it is this is great book called the confidence man and
it's really an inside's account of the obama white house in the first four years then obviously is he came into office he was dealing with the biggest economic catastrophe e america sent since the great depression and he was listening to all the ideas going forward there team atb team be was the likes of larry summers and tim if you got now and pull rubin who was a clinton tonight auntie mae was paul volcker and so forth paul volcker auntie mae believed in letting him fail hardly get rating that this debt leverage vehicles that have created those fictitious wealth and fictitious prada any end to bama went with team be the larry summers who are there protector protect the status quo of wall street and you have there wall street bankers like the ceo of bank of america same thank god you know same day was charged and was we've never be back to where you were if we had to let wall street fail
i don't know enough to be able to give a quantified opinion what today look like the arguments that you hear well we had to prop them up to a to avoid an even bigger chemistry catastrophe same valid as well so i know i don't know do you look at the future of this country and think it's good workout or do you look at it and say i'm going back to australia in about ten years when the shit hits the fan i think it's uh too light too late yeah i think um where we are today what it is what america is going to look like if you send a movie elisi am with matt damon yes that's what america so everyone is going to live in a gated community in space so the rich people were tied behind gated communities i'll be out of for goods and services which arrest can afford and the rest america's gonna leave in a crime riddled a society we have now public infrastructure and services which you know the rich will have a
they'll be nine middle class but don't we have loads what third world countries look like really rich top and i really poor bottom and nothing in the middle but you're fine statistics don't we have lower crime lower murder rates than ever before map everett motor writes a falling from the height of the 1980s chicago i love the chicago fucking a whole curve obama's town goddamnit gramma megan spell dutch people in chicago band don't like obama it's amazing so black women in chicago is in the news the other day saying he's the worst president we've ever had wow wow black woman wesson bush stepping up worse than bush yeah i don't know about all that but now i mean if you're a whistleblower he's the worst if it's not easy way yeah
but when you see those statistics those numbers yeah honey what it what makes you think that it's gonna get way worse well mean create crime have you have you read freakonomics now a gift that i mean it's freakonomics ruben makes a a you know cooking a carla you know causation doesn't prove your correlation doesn't prove causation but that might be very a strong argument but the only reason that violent crime is falling in this country is because roe v wade roe v wade abortion basically destroyed a whole generation of potential cremen uhm you know because of poor communities you know don't have access to abortion so so crazy yeah this got races underpinnings that finding in a deep deep well it's so harsh to get behind but you know you look at it scientifically if you have just the data to analyze is really yeah yeah and but violence is one is you know is one aspect you know they re i mean what future is there in america where education becomes unaffordable where those who
graduate a settled with debt that can never get out of and warehousing becomes unaffordable and where there's no well paying jobs we have stagnant wages where you have a a country where income has been totally re distributed to the wall for the look with the share of income is you know it's what that the top one percent used to get twelve percent of the income that the top one percent get something thirty seven percent of the income in this country you know you're writing this massive underclass we have no way out so you're saying we need more abortions that's what i'm hearing well some people ask me if i'm ever you know you know they obviously know i'm liberal they ask me if i'm a pro choice and i say i'm not pro choice and pro abortion there's a big difference well wish it did involve killing a fetus the reality of what an abortion is is something that people don't want to discuss i've had this conversation with people who are liberal and just when you talk about it flat objective
no no ideology attached what is going on well there's a there's a person's growing up body and we snuff it out and at what point in time is okay stuff and i i hear i mean and yeah i mean it is that that's what it is yeah is it okay a weekend but yeah this bunch of cells is it okay six weeks in things dark get squirrelly start getting squirrely when you see fingers started seeing ahead and little feet it starts having a heartbeat when is it a person is only a person was born so a nine month old baby that hasn't been born yet you can reach in suck that baby out with a vacuum that's groovy yeah man when is it when it's viable outside the womb it's very clothing your phone is a is a viable and then you're right in the right to me and says pot the equation as well sure yeah mine so it isn't one of those things like many things in this world where there isn't a clean cut black or white there are many major shades of gray yeah and i i and you know and i i i'm leaving a joke about my pro abortion call it but the
how dare you today's jeff about something so important i was a very emotionally contentious mine field riddled you know it's also at one that women you know rightly so take umbrage with men be able to decide what they can and can't do with their body yeah i'm not trying to decide and i might know certainly in pro choice as far as how i vote but when i look at the reality of what an abortion is i it disturbs me that because of ideology and because of the stance that they take left or right that people will argue against the rear quality of what an abortion is and i think when you do that you do a disservice to the topic so it's a tricky situation and detailing maybe it is i mean there's no way abortion is a tragedy no matter which way you cut it and then men have the deal sensibly with the tragedy that and unless you had a one night stand with a crazy and she says don't worry i'm get an abortion and then for a man to review listening dunkle me time to party yeah the i
wish there was a better way you know wish in a way that you could immediately you know there was really i have a joke about this that it should be a better way to make people than sex i mean at one point in time maybe that's where the aliens are all about and when you see the aliens they're always sexless right they always have these smooth bodies and they have no muscles 'cause they use their brains to move things around they probably got to a certain point in time and they realized listen we're not going to evolve and less we get rid of these animal instincts to breed and conquer and dominate and the only way we're going to move to this really utopian society concept that everybody has you know the grady change the steps away from being an animal from being a violent pray order to being some enlightened being somewhere along the line you kind of get rid of sex well you in into a baker but i mean i don't mean to brag it's really hard to get it in there i'm saying you're hitting the walls and real produced through genetic manipulation of you could answer cloning we pretty are you already doing that yeah we get all
become unix i think the world be a better place i'm not saying that sex is bad sex is awesome the sexual differences between men and women men and women are a fascinating dynamic that i think fuels passion and poetry and light not poetry i never figured poetry only talk about art there's a lot of good to that struggle there's a lot of great things that come out of struggle but there's also the reality that if you had to extrapolate from here for from where we are to what we used to be believe in evolution if you're one of them if you want to go back to the times where we were fucking living in caves and fighting off t rex or whatever the hell is going on and extract without one thousand years in the future ten thousand used the feature at some point in time elimination of sexual urges might be imperative i i mean it's uh that's how most based surge and you know david suzuki environmentalist set of bessie said
advances we become technologically and if you look at the infant we created his information superhighway and we thought gonna change the world in changing universe yet id five percent of the content and papers point is it eighty five is at the heart i don't know i might i might another statistic also to tie it think it's pretty high yeah i i we looked at it before i think there's varying numbers i think i heard that that action number was fee was sixty five percent of him about to it for greater emphasis i thought it was thirty seven with find out right now what percentage of the internet is porn here we go we're going sixty i got sixty percent what of the internet ok let's find out here how much of the internet is actually porn on forbes it says don't make me click some shit to continue to the next site goddamnit link to reddit rude yeah probably you youporn not that i know what that is that's a bad place
it says ok in two thousand and ten thirteen percent of web searches were for erotic content only four percent of the top million websites huh so four percent but there was a volume this fucking there fucking around with numbers here give me the volume bitches did not give me the volume right off the bat that's not this one forbes is hiding information god damn elitists web porn just how much is there thirty seven i was right yeah thirty seven percent yeah that's what is thirty seven percent that was the number thirty percent of seven percent of the internet is made of pornographic material man wow hi there mark pretty high nutty according the estimates from us scandinavian research ninety percent of all the day
the human race has ever produced has been generated in the past two years wow that's nuts that is fucking button that's crazier than porn i can turn off the ninety percent of the data the human race has ever produced has been generated in the past two years well how much of that is just bullshit on twitter and i think that i couldn't remember rating something like that something like eighty percent of man's knowledge everything that man knows has been acquired since one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine the year we landed on the moon that's always that's awesome that's always thrown about how can that be possible in the was two thousand years old you don't have the fuck you're talking about son with that weird everything we know is from nineteen sixty nine award yeah israel descent but it's sort of a yeah i must be eighty odd percent that makes sense because everything is built upon yeah you know the the i mean we you needed the infrastructure of hunt you know you needed the people to figure
the combustion engine for them to figure out the electric car was only a hundred hundred years before that way for someone had the flu i meant that would dim demonically possessed yeah anna yeah i'm a that doesn't the numbers of creek pretty crazy when you look at ninety percent of all the data over two years what is it going to be two years from now then when you look at exponential increase in technology i'm i'm hopeful you know i don't think that your view your vision of elise cm this is gonna come out pass yeah i'm i'm i'm but i'm up to in a are you an optimist or you a pessimist i am i know i if i if i have the your friends i'm a glass half full kind of guy
i i mean i have the advantage of you of of being here and i know when when things really do it get to the i just got i'm planning to make this track emphasis where where we have universal health insurance and pensions and social security and that's why can't rest on a bench i'm i'm pessimistic until the liberal call passing his country becomes a force again because there is no key veiling power violin to capital in this country at the moment until the liberal class becomes a force again what are the detriments though of having lib in control well i just pussies that's what the natural though the fuckin alkyne is going to come over here and kick our ass bunch of pantywaist running this land we are clinton love blowing shit up you know really that only blew shit up when you get caught getting blowjobs that city really like blowing shit out remember that sonofabitch out of all the women he could have had
he probably had a lot of 'em so we found out about a mile the fat girl in more ways than one didn't supposedly bang elizabeth hurley you see all those photographs that came out recently really this one him and hard looking at each other but you know therefore you there's no very fucked but she's a good girl she was cigarette lover yeah sure when she's actually a engaged to one of australia's greatest cricketers ever really is shane warne how old is she now hi i'm gonna guess she's early 40s hanging in there barely tooth and claw i do a would you really dare you do that mormon to god dammit what are the negative aspects of liberals well you know well nothing the solution you know there's no our one size fits all obviously right now and you know i i think that country's struggle for
with trial and error i think that you know what's happening is dragon germany doesn't is not pure liberal societies at all it's a balancing act always between liberalism and capitalism and i think this country juggle two balls better at the moment so lopsided in favor of capital capital trump's politics from nineteen oh at all all started in this country not not to get historical historical but justice pow route of a memo when nixon was in the white house and said that the sleeping giant in american pie politics is is the ceo of america and from point on that memo turned into the the greatest migration of wall street lobbyists for migration from wall street to washington and today you have something like fifty odd thousand lobbyists in washington have the years of politician
so liberalism has no chance and again if liberalism had a chance we would've had universal healthcare when the democrats had unilateral control of congress but we didn't we ended up with a very capitalistic solution to our health care problems but what would fuck up if liberals ran things what would be the real big true well what fucked up when fdr was in power for all those years so long ago there is a different world that's like talking about a culture that's aboriginal culture that had some sort of collective government and comparing it to ours so different some of my friends are aboriginals i'm sure with your gay friends your christian what that mean would be the negative i mean would there be any negative any weakening of this great nation by having a like a real liberal idealist yeah i mean you've got to give it a guard are you gotta go you gotta go back
but it worked and liberalism has worked or it's a proven success you know free market capitalism hasn't worked in this country we know at a trickle down economics hasn't worked again kansas if the need jaw bush came into power george bill clinton rise taxes on the rich free times created twenty three million jobs george bush you know came power put in the biggest tax cuts on the wealthy since world war two and had a net loss lots of one million jobs not including even if taking out the years of the great recession and the great crash at a consideration we see it happen in kansas that free market capitalism trickle down economics mantra just has been of object value wherever it's been tried so is liberalism is going to be the perfect answer no but there has to be some some measure where we the corporate state is put in control but if you did liberalism get in the power and then in this sort of antiwar sentiment gets firmly put into place what do you do about the vaca
it's created in these a hundred different countries where we have military presence fdr was a liberal and we went into world war two but there is a different world rank it wasn't in a different world is not really i mean there's no terrorists clear enemies we wrapped in a nazis and you know there was sort of a different time well more clearly defined the middle east there is not a problem the mint in the middle east that's gonna be solved with military intervention our main iraq is purely a political situation you're not going to quell the violence by putting we couldn't stop an insurgency in our when we had one hundred and fifty thousand troops on the ground now we're sending eight hundred military advisers what the fuck is that going to do so you know syria you not going to stop unless and less borders weird you know were redrawn so isolation is uh you could argue well it has isolation isn't gonna hurt when there is no military solution to these these geopolitical problem with the idea that military solution is the suppression if we're
not solving it at least we're suppressing the power from gathering steam and forcing and you know there's some situation where they could collectively form some large threatening group were dissipating that in some sense by our military presence in these countries that our foot on their neck is what keeping them from growing large and then fighting over layer so you don't have to fight over here so we're going to have freedom over here i mean that's the logic behind it right but we couldn't do with one hundred fifty thousand troops so how many trips do you want to keep in these countries for how long does it become like an endless occupation and all are in every hot spot around the well i mean i don't think that's a good idea but it seems to be what it is yeah that seems to be what we're doing yeah well not why i think obamas i mean you look you look at only geopolitical issues which would come up in the last few years everything from syria to libya to russia to now iraq republicans have played obama to get military involved in all four of these situations through
situations on even the news anymore and we would have had a military forces sorry you know i think the the obama doctrine for like you know i i know he doesn't like only by my doctor and it's working it's you know stand on the sidelines use proxies down put boots on the ground look for political situation political avenues whether it's through sanctions or pressure on currencies and so forth these things work there is in russia is withdrawing from there the the borders of ukraine is because they sanctions have crippled the oligarchs russia and there pudding turn put in pressure on putin to to withdraw does it really worked this people who argue it hasn't and then obama's policies have been disastrous i mean there was an article on political recently i don't read it was the man who broke the middle east this figure this picture of a pensive obama like looking old as fuck but if anybody is hit the wall like aged wild
in an office that poor bastard who knows what kind of pressure and stress they must be under to be in that position i mean i can't even imagine why anybody would want that but this guy elliot abrams wrote this article about the policies and what what it's done to the middle east how up things are now you know a lot of people don't think that the policies work and they think that created more problems than they've solved yeah well i mean how's it i mean we broke a rock i mean republicans led to be revisionist at the moment and say that things will rosie when we drew in two thousand and eight or is it nine if things were there was a civil war raging there still in our last year there was an average eight hundred to one thousand iraqis killed in terrorist attacks each month in that it's a civil war has been raging putting military intervention doesn't solve that we have to we
to even put pressure on the iraqi government or malarkey to be more inclusive i mean we fucked the perch when the day you know i got friends who worked as security contractors friends who work for global corporate roger monitoring the green zone during the early days of the occupation in iraq and i said after the after the saddam statue fell in baghdad you could walk freely without a sidearm even anywhere in baghdad in early days but the minute the brenda in co d buffer size door sack the buffers office of the police force in the military that created a civil war from that now we put maliki in power or we endorse malarkey in the power and he's just perpetuated that paula see you have you know she is only in the sewers soon he's become the underclass so doesn't matter how many people we put there it's not going to solve the problem what solve the problem how do we fix the world dude you know one of the problems with these conversations uh love these conversations but i also hate them i love them is a fascinating their stimulating but it's
point time we have a man i go this which is the weed and when i get anything done here not changing we just mentally and then leave it on stays the same yeah and and that and these intellectual conversations always end up search the letter i mean if you're going to ask me if be a prick for a minute i would the solution is we put in another heavy to cratic regime that suppresses lg headset the population now muslim going to be sending me death rates now but that's what a mess is it done if you want peace in the middle east and we need to prop up autocratic regimes wisely is different than any other part of the world because they're not countries in the way that we think of his countries is artificial countries it's the same reason at yugoslavia blew up because we told you the ends in the croatians and serbs here here's your cunt we pretend to like each other get along in government a single country but they're different people iraq is three different countries under
but we're telling him with british borders to get along nicely and to treat each other equally in a demac under a democrat government when in these countries that don't even know what democracy is so maybe taught mean wasn't iraq a real country at one point i mean there's some that argue that our rack that baghdad hasn't been the same since gangus khan invaded and 1200s that fucked up i mean they killed everybody in baghdad like one thousand two hundred and twenty or it was that the country's literally never recovered well i mean if you want to end violence here you just draw a big circle and say that's sheer standing you draw another big circling and say that soon you stand now getting your corners and state a fact there and that's the end of it really but then they're going to say you know i like it over there yeah and then the saudis e into gaia what we've got so much money in a well if we don't want to share it with anyone else in the iranians interval we have so much money and wealth were going to share we've days portia popula things like siri are and you know in the south of iraq
i mean there's not going to be just another israel palestine type situation living right next door to people you hate that look exactly like you i mean bottom line that the region is fucked maybe we should just note the whole region put a massive burger king there who goes in and out but i see what you're saying fuck man that's the problem with these conversations they always hit this point where you go ok well what what can be done in the answer is almost always no answer and the only answer is at the out of there and just put let you know app al there is one of the most oppressive autocratic regime the world saudi arabia you know if we don't support them price of oil will have oil shock the american economy will be doomed even more and we were sitting on such a precipice of potential desire is ridiculous if the price of oil skyrockets japan is fuck japan is so dependent on ask keeping ass america keeping the price of oil do
'cause i have no oil if there aren't i mean august garden for the roof i mean we have problems in the middle layer so we're going to have a worldwide catastrophe e that's why we need fracking need support frank and all these assholes that are worried about their wells getting poison you go to walmart and buy your water like everybody else do you get from any hope at all when you the situation like what happened with syria where the united states pressed reference obama got on television military act and against syria was inevitable everybody just said fuck this whole country collectively right and left was like get the fuck outta here with this and then it went away it went away that's speech that speed seemed like we were on the verge of war the rain on stage and then we're we're we're we're we're the war war show the tensions not just short attention spans but the government recognized that there was a huge resistance that my
the straw that breaks the camel's back that might give birth to not just a goodbye wall street but something global something where really did step in and say this you guys are fucking crazy you guys making the whole world dangerous scary place and we're not buying anymore yeah and also again assad is big of a prick of years well the alternative is could be worse i mean you had foreign fridays islamist groups that want to turn cereal into a theocracy lisa sides as bad as the years a secularist you know that's the ball was in sodom hussein a second set of assigned was the seculars iraqi except for you know maybe a few excursions into kurdistan you know kind of kept are oh my god i'm not able to your in big trouble what about the people that live there and how to deal with his evil fucking serial killer sons yeah well i mean you've got death squads going door to door again there knocking on doors in this soon in neighborhoods dragging people out straight and executing him right now i mean and low
so you give these separate sex of islam their own countries and less i can reform you're never gonna solve the problem yeah well get rid of religion mushrooms these mother fuckers the same shit they were eating when they have a sacred mushroom and the cross jesus mdma yeah supera it on you know we need for real the problem we have such a fast food culture microwave instant download society we need like a psychedelic taseer will you just instantaneously get enlightened like we don't have time for you to take a mushroom and be reasonable for an hour and twenty minutes and then get the fat and then sort of container we need to just taser people like i was being a dick just just zap 'em american had a minute i get out of here psychedelic taiser you can already set it online it's just like
van just like the new look going to feature a why what i'd know what what it's for i don't know we're talking about psychedelic tasers we need to go over there and stays out everybody with some sort of a d m t tasers g that is a quick introduction to god if you listen you might as agent orange airplanes of a man just like going on just fill the skies and on light mint i did it look we have just finished writing a great book the brotherhood of eternal love and how lagoon beach was there not that i live there better is there percentage for all the best ass scan hash into america really yeah and they had this big concept of fingers in sixty seven out in the canyon of laguna beach i don't know where that is but they drop this cargo plane flew over this crowd twenty thousand people you know it's like a grateful dead concert and dropped acid all
of the crowd and became like a five day concert i never knew this history of the city i don't live in well you know what that was back when people were experiencing this new psychedelic freedom the word hash is such a strange word too because hash in a lot of places gets considered as being much more illegal than marijuana much more means in a lot of countries in fact it can get put to death for ash but all it is is thc all it is is our kind crack sort of but not in the effects of you ever smoke hash it's just a it's just a pure version thc it's just more potent but it's very similar and the ways to smoking marijuana just more more powerful that's all it is it doesn't do it it's not like heroin it's not like it's you know it's not crystal meth or any crazy it's just this hash i gotta eighteen year old son and you know obviously human open international which has the lowest tolerance of drug use probably anywhere in the world he's got a friend
he went to jail for six months just just you know he was sixteen at the time but just having one joint you can have one joint you can be in jail for ten years if you're an adult and since i always friends in indonesia he went and got his medical marijuana card you know one of us the green dr in venice fish right is god he puts it on facebook as it is is a get home delivery with my and what he did so god bless america so he sees optimism here what were you doing in indonesia well i i i i the old way i only meant to live there for a year and then when you turn into ten years out of business in australia which is i want to go had a bar there bar like like brassill he went god damn brothel in indonesia i didn't want to say hash bar wow so i started writing full time when i was in indonesia so you're a real international traveler you've seen it from all around yeah
i kind of well what propelled me into writing that religion was i you know i sort of witness the i five terrorist attack in bali twin suicide bombs and jim brown bridge will right there that night and that made me from a journalistic point if you really want to delve into watson is religious texts which would make somebody out straps the force them so unblock themselves as middle rain in front of a crowd are well within a crowded restaurant taking women and children with them so now you just we're going to put a somber note to end this pod if you want to talk about weight again now no i mean it really is all about the mechanisms of the human mind right that ideologies can allow people or or give people the motivation do some crazy including things that their own selves and not just ideologies that are accepted established ideologies like islam or crew the entity but like those those heaven's gate guys cut their balls off and fucking wore purple nikes and waited for the spaceship
and the comet there's something about the human mind that is so easily influenced by an alpha or an idea or a message from a higher power whatever it is this some about the human mind that so easily influenced it's it's truly a dangerous but malleable thing we want to believe something than ourselves you know that that's human proclivity we want that why is that is there something higher than ourselves we just have an access to well i think you know how hard a sense of consciousness uses a before we you know we already got our kind let go of the fact that once with dead weight dead i don't think i regard can accept the fact that we really nothing more than a virus or bacteria that all surprise the planet and i you know people who do you know i i never try i'm not a an evangelical life yes by any means and as a lot lot of a lot of those guys but i'm not but i always like if i'm going to give some sort of literature after my own books too
do someone who's our religious it's carl sagan's pale blue dot i mean that really puts into perspective in iowa you know the meaning less of of the human existence yeah have you ever been to the keck observatory in the big island no i haven't i just got back in the once before the time i went before was way better because i would this time i went during the super moon and the moon was so big he couldn't see jack shit like you just saw the moon you didn't see stars but the last time i went was the moon was dark you see the entire cosmos so fascinating because the keck observatory is established in an area of hawaii that's above the clouds and the big island has certain diffused st lights so it doesn't put up light pollution so when you up there you get the full vision of the night sky and it's
unbelievably are emerging unbelievably spectacular and also like it's very that word life changing gets used a lot for experiences people have but my experience the first time i went which is i guess about nine years ago my first time going there was truly life changing like i looked up then i saw the stars and i realize like we're on a planet and learn a planet were flying around in space were just so preoccupied with their own bullshit that we forget that were on this planet and how so we are yeah if we i think if we could see the stars on a daily basis i think would be a different attitude slowly but surely i think people would establish a different attitude just the sheer humility that comes with looking at the stars this gazing up at that thing you know and just if you want to look for a greater power or you want to look for a greater thing than us just just the vastness of the infinity that you're looking at is is enough because when it's just black
it's too easy to ignore you look up you see a couple of dots yeah well the moons out tonight this is you know you get back to your house and you watch fucking kardashians and fall asleep with your socks on like a fucking idiot i mean it's too easy to do that it's too easy to fall into these traps i think people that are looking for something larger than life itself it's right above us were in it's not even th round us or floating in it and it's humbling and you know it makes your your earthly worries seem insignificant puts things in big living well that was the reagan speech remember that reagan speech we talked about how quickly would put our differences aside if we were being faced with the threat from another planet yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah boy the fucking ufo nuts love that is ufo nutters they claim to that one speech by this crazy old man who is probably suffering from dementia was he in the end he was in the end he was but when remember when those iran contra
files are going on they asked him yeah like did you really sell arms to to iran and he was like i don't remember i don't recall that was what you said i do not recall and they allowed him to get away with it 'cause he was an old man that the strategy if his son ronald reagan same with the same name in his book about his dad he said yeah and the last two years he was in former dementia you know and probably the cia ghost him up with some crazy shit keeping stupid so i couldn't tell you just started a new conspiracy website somewhere probably but his sons gay too right it's like a ballet dancer and i think so i'm not sure it to show it's like a liberal talk show host and stuff like completely rebelde yeah yeah well there's two sons is wanted one liberal wine is on the torture and the other one is not he's a right wing lane
oh the other one didn't the right wing loon know didn't know his dad very well right that's correct yeah trying to fucking recapture the old glory it's so weird when i see people fall in love with the idea of what ronald reagan was like they reminisce about the reagan administration and with a great president reagan was conversations with people like what the fuck are you even talking about man are you we went to disney movie of ronald reagan the mythology is incredible i mean he didn't lower taxes on the middle class or the poor or anything like that he only raised this on the wealthy and send the budget you know blow out the door the by the budget and share and put the economy into a recession and then raise taxes something like four or five times after that sir the whole me for him being a tax cut or a job creator and so forth you know it's all state to mythology in other in the big one of course his introduction of the political the into the political world of the
that's right yeah that was the big one but it was well if it wasn't for them the jerry full wells moral majority he would never have been present you i hate the christian right swept him into power jerry motherfuckin falwell that crazy but wasn't like al capone that made who was it that was wasn't al capone but who was there made jfk president also the chicago ma oh well it was a frank sinatra connected in fact it yeah i i'm in chicago literally reeks imbalance lyrics south chicago we only love people when they're dead why do we celebrate them when they're no longer with us that's it america it's america yeah when jimmy carter die is going to be god damn st right now he gets maligned misunderstood these are probably in my opinion the most philosophical and the most interesting former president ever thing interesting when six months after jerry four wheel was out of power he
approval rating was sixty four percent roughly me ronald reagan archer firefall well without power jimmy carter did i said your foot what do you put in my coffee i'm sorry master too good had a dose you to get the most out of you know when jimmy jimmy carter's approval rating six months out of office with something like sixty four percent ronald reagan's approval rating six months out of office was something like forty two percent now polls on everything but they take a snapshot in time of you know the political winds reagan wasn't the president when he left office it was only much later much later decades later decades letter in mattered to administration and look at look what's happening to bush now river ridge route the you know revision is amazigh glossing over or trying to tarnish the turd that was bushes legacy now you know or the original bush which is completely been glossed over her but
walker bush never hear negative thought about that guy he's a site now yeah fucking guy was ahead of the cia yeah jesus christ were weird where weird when we do that well i've had conversations people a carter the weakest president ever in this not like i was fucking stop if you listen to the guy talk he's very philosophical for introspective guy probably one of the most open honest introspective guys we've ever had as a president but amare there were americans are hostile to intellectuals they liked it they like americans to act on roar emotion and anger and fury can we have both and we have both i think how much driving foreign policy wise bomber has tried to be circumspect if and to think with clarity before he yeah but this whole nsa thing will be his legacy the edward snowden thing will be his legacy the you know the
when you look at the hope and change website that they had in place before when obama was running for president and his assist ablish position of assisting whistleblowers who are supposing crimes and then you look what he's become look at what his legacy is that's that's exactly i know i often say when you'll people us in you know interviews also full how do you think a bomb will be remembered as a present i i side you'll just be room it is slightly better than the alternative that's how his presidency be remembered and with that we're out of time that was some three hours match was that free out and flew by wow that's printable that's how it works over here
we do we going around in the peak hour traffic we does he up and we send you a i don't think we got anything covered i don't think we've figured anything out i don't think no solutions but it was a lot of fun thanks man i really pressure off and on thank you thank you have me please go by his books they're very highly rated and you can check them out on his website you can check them out on amazon if you go to see j world a man that's w e r l e m a and on twitter if you go to his twitter link there's a link to this amazon page and that amazon page has cruise find america on a also has atheist can't be republicans god hates you hate impact jesus lied he was only human all sorts of things to piss off anyone religious in your family send it to him for christmas hanukkah your birthday send some people things for your birthday say happy birthday to me fuck yourself here's a book read it cj werleman you have a website to cjwilleman dot com thank very much
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