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#526 - Isaac Haxton

2014-07-22 | 🔗
Isaac Haxton is a professional poker player and No-Limit Hold 'Em specialist.
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german concludes the commercial aspect of this podcast now we are going to talk to isaac a ike accident super wizard poker player strap or self immolation gentlemen will gain experience ride isaac accident a ike we're gonna go with like that like good though you friends call you yeah i wanna be your friend let's go let's go with anger things you you're a big time poker player all over the world and there's a lot of people are my message spore there are big poker fans and very excited to have you on the park ass one of the things they they asked me to do frankie because i bring us up all the time that lot of poker players are gamblers and avoidable
place our current degenerate gamblers but poker is not really a gambling thing it's more of a game of intelligence in a game of information and a game of strategy the true yeah well its gambling in the sense that on given day you winner whose money if you're playing for time takes when it was a bunch of money but it's not gambling in the sense that its outside of your control it's not like going to the roulette wheel and saying i'm in order sort of mood let's bet on red and see what happens so its gambling in the sense that there is money at stake it's not gambling in the sense that you are admitting yourself to chance undressing what happens here
you get involved with will first of all your money twenty eight years only twenty eight years old and you're a world travelling poker player mean that is first while awesome i love it congratulates mankind shore congratulations on really being able to craft that kind of life is i think that's excellent it's really cool so how did you get started and how did you make this leap to becoming this internationally known professional well i've been sort of an obsessed game player my entire life i'd start playing chess when i was for i started playing pretty seriously in tournaments when i was like six play chess pretty seriously from six to maybe thirteen or so i was never really great chess like by my greatest accomplishment the chess player is eighth place in the new york state third rate and under tournament
but so i played just seriously for a around thirteen i reached this point my chest career where it got the boring where i was just really solidly second best player in the county and ever i'd go to adjust chess i know it was going to happen i was gonna beat all kids i was a lot better than we can play the student in the final and i was gonna lose why would make beat you it was better than me he's not it harder and he had a sharper chess mind than me something that i never really got past in chess was that it's really easy to make one small mistake and end the game and poker is a little more forgiving of slight oversights like in chess you think through move it looks pretty good you make the move
and then right after you made the move oh fuck bishop takes night night lose and poker is not quite the same in poker you make a comparable blunder and you bet the river and you think this is a pretty good bet you're gonna be a bit more than half the hands call you and then you think oh shit actually he can also explained king jack spades this way this was a slightly bad that rather than a slightly good and it doesn't injured tournament to have made a slightly wrong play in jet in poker the same way doesn't chess so i think my brain is set up better to be an extremely good poker player than an extremely good jasper would it be and the relevant now gi to say the playing poker is like me or of a game where you re start every time yet whereas
chess is like a sword fight like you you get one chance did not get stabbed if you get your arm cut off you're gonna die yet at that is actually pretty good analogy you so when you play poker are you the type a guy like when you like a person and you have an idea that you have a big advantage will you then take a big chance will you then gamble or you or are you a conservative calculated sort of a guy you don't want give up your hand doesn't want to tell people how do you think i see what you guys i saw you doing we're just right now back and forth my should maybe should therefore not say more in the former category i mean
more of a gambler guy in poker you have to make the best of the edges that you're given you aren't presented with constant unlimited opportunities to get an advantage so when you are presented with one yet you have to certain amount of courage this involved and playing the game of poker as it's not something you chip away at necessarily it's something that when the opportunity presents itself and you believe that you have it do you have i got a green light the goes off in your hand or do you have an instinct that you say i am in in terms of like the risk management a part of what you're talking about a lot of that is actually outside of the process of making decisions within a hand so like in terms of risk management law that is like men
the stakes you play relative to how much money you have so if i'm being a cash game and to game where you buy in proof five thousand dollars that a game where losing one hand for the maximum amount isn't going to ruin life isn't going to have a big impact on anything so in that context i can go ahead and risk of the full five thousand dollars that's in from me on a half a percent edge because that's how you make money playing poker you identify an edge and new exploit it so in terms of like courage and risk management the like risk management thing comes in before your actually playing a hand
and then in the course of playing hand you have already made decisions that put you in a position to be comfortable taking the maximum amount of risk that you could be confronted with after that boy one say making sense there yes tell it makes on its so you're more inclined to take a big chance you betting a small amount of money that russia of the small amount of money going in now when you go what's like their biggest by and that you ve ever had to play off for it parliament it would be a million dollar by an whole she's s low we wow so when you do that i see your sponsored by poker stars dot net does hocker stars pay for a portion of that did they give you a piece of the action has at work ah poker stars does not but what i will pardon me
contract with poker stars does involve getting a certain amount of money per year that is earmarked toward buying into poker tournaments but they're not like explicitly staking me in the poker tournaments it mike compensation for right so you accompanying the company so you compensation is essentially up to your management described so when i play something like a million dollar by an poker tournaments what i do is i take on investors who are typically other professional poker players and date by shares of me in the treatment they put up a fraction of the by end and if i win they get a free if the winnings that's fascinating so are you guys gonna back each other so you if you go into a poker tournament and there's maybe twenty guys it's kinda the ball that you and the guy you're playing against and finally have a piece of each other yet that happens
often that's a big thing in the world of pool but pool they do it in billiards professional pool because they don't make as much money and so they they did you know the kind of like make a savour that's recall it so like say if you and i were to play in the finals and it was me you pull tournament it depends on the agreement but we might make a fifty fifty or sixty forty split so play our best but you would know that what worst case scenario even if you lost your getting at forty percent of the purse right the same thing all happens in poker tournaments in addition to what i was describing where people sell action before the tournament starts there are also often deals made towards the end of the tournament so recently playing an in las vegas and when we got down to three players left
it was me and to other guys who i think are also really strong poker players and we agreed that rather than play it out we are going to just divide up the reigning prize money according to how matrix each of us have an called today why doesn't bother people deserve is there an ethical quandary involved in their eyes hitherto vocal minority of people who are bothered by that and that most people are not bothered by it and all that something you see happen everywhere from the very high stakes parliaments in the world to a weekly twenty dollar tournament that at some point people will agree to a chop indian marshall chop where they just take out some of the money like the same sort of thing you are talking about or it can be a complete job where they just split up the prize bull
but the vocal minority what is their argument like what they say they say you guys ruining it this is like poker supposed to be about gambling and chance and that's where the excitement comes in and that or it's supposed to be a pure competition it's not spoke about this deal making spoke be you go in your compete the best luckiest player wins and that's the guy gets all the money now the vocal minority are they the spectators are they the actual players themselves are they the the commentators are they the arising it's the spectators in the media then people who were actually in their playing a day to day basis same thing with billiards yeah that's interesting so the spectators feel like it's not as exciting for them is that the idea than so they want to see one guy when a million bucks and one guy when dog shit and i mean that's understandable right i guess yeah i guess
yeah i don't know man i mean i think i'm too close to stuff like this to see it objectively we could friends at so many poor players and because i don't know i think people should be compensated i hate the idea of a winner takes all thing right now because like if too there is big pool tournament called the term of champions and every year the winner gets a good for pool i think it's like fifty grand so much for poker but everybody else gets doctorate in also so of course people they shouted again they deftly chop it up so the people that are the commentators and spectators like you say the vulgar minority is it only small percentage of the commentators inspectors it's hard to tell it is the people who objects aren't saying anything about right but that i would guess yeah it's only a small percentage there's no rules against their the right it's not like something you guys have to do in a sneak tip
there are some tournament venues that won't enforce the chop which means at the majority tournament venues you say to the tournament director we agreed to this chop page this amount of money at a minority of venues you can't do that you say that determine directorate as i don't want to hear it you have to play the tournament out and then you do your and then you have to do it on your own and then you have to trust the other people at the final table to honour the agreement and turann annually right after them as anybody or not are then it became very clear it very rare i can't think of i can't think of a circumstance where it was like a handshake deal job at the final table and then somebody just didn't pay i couldn't that would be a disastrous thing there that person there are cases where somebody has made a backing deal and then refused pat their backer well
there is a really high profile one with the guy who won the world series poker main event several go on jamie gold got taken to court by a guy who to have a backing arrangement with him and had like voice males saying yeah giving you this amount of money for fifty percent of your winnings and then after the fact jamie gold like no one it is i don't know you but he was a pretty weird guy has still not still is he's a pretty weird guy who i have considerably less exposure to lately because he has more or less moved on from the but for world ritual christ you won the world series poker won the world series the main event had a big dispute with a guy who claimed to be entitled big chair of his whining and then just faded out a poker because that not
because of that now lost back a lot of what he had one playing in tournaments in cash aims and to set aside for this game pretty how do you get to i just would imagine that if you ve got so good that you win the world series of poker that's like a very proud but a ball way to spend your time well think that's the thing is that not everyone who wins the world series poker main event is an excellent broker player it's one it's one parliament with ah on the order of six thousand players and the best player in the tournament is maybe ten times as likely to win and as the worst player in the tournament but its wonderment so it possible that a middling tournament player can win the world series poker happens all the time wow i never knew the oh yeah that's crazy
she then never happens and pool for each committee you're not gonna be like earl strickland the final if you suck that's so crazy and that's why you can play poker for high stakes and it's pretty hard to find a high stakes pool without some careful handicap being here why i never knew that that's fastening i always felt the guy one was the best guy or there's like a handful of best guys in the swap positions and about whose focusing more now i mean this year a guy made the world series poker final table for two years in a row that hasn't happened in about ten years that's interesting i need to pay attention more this programme now what about gambling in vegas do they put a line on who's gonna win yet you can make you can make bets on the outcome of the tournament but the
only whereas for like a football game if giants are playing falcons you can but the money line and you can get to do on the giants if there are the underdog or less two to one take the falcons for poker tournaments the bookmakers are not that continent the right prices and they only put up one side if you what about on one guy to win the tournament they'll give you a price but it's a really bad price and you're gonna lose making that bad and you can't take the other side ha betting on the outcome of poker tournaments is a pretty small market here because the that's another thing they tried with pool but they took the one time they did in vegas than big tournament in this one guy michael of bronze and excellent player but was like
forty two one underdog they all dumped to michael they all sat on michael abroad and mike leubronn wonder when in the whole tournament and then the yeah of course vase like aren't you fuckin shortsighted assholes were done right all the forty two one guy one airways missing ball they should never fucking mess and was just so ugly yeah that i mean that's but be fixed especially sporting and relevant players don't make too much money that that's the thing is when you get to the small market stuff specialist borneo malay the players don't make too much money that that's the thing is when you get to the small market stuff like poor the players are making a lot and you can bet more on the outcome of the term than the tournament itself its worth that's obviously creating a bad situation so your world series of poker comes along and vase was a blind eye to bet on you to win the whole thing but that's basically it bet on you against individual players and individual games are
maybe some of the smaller online bookmakers you could get some prop bets on like who will be turn longer mere phil ivy that type of thing right by betting on the outcome of an real small like if you want to bet big pilot you bet maybe a couple hundred dollars now a lot of these poker player you want you can melick fifty grand or something permitting a lot of these poker players are like serious crazy gamblers like they'll gamble on golf and then only in play golf like they'll do shit like that a million dollars on a game a golf whose the neediest when it comes to that stuff that's a good question i feel i have a little was already saliva comes to mind but the thing with him is he's a real sharp guy when it comes to betting on stuff he is not as crazy as he'd want you to think like
with gulf for example he started playing higher and higher stakes golf with people and was losing revising fills terrible we all got again belong off with fail whose dumping he wasn't dumping he was legitimately bad but then what he did was he went and coach by tiger woods coach and got really looking good came back and played for huge stakes against a couple of guys and smell one midway through the round like this is bullshit it what's going on when did soon get so how did you do it on the snake tipp did he put like a mask on forget your mean everybody knows who fill ivy looks like if you're a popular or poker player rather what would need to be sneaky about like where he practiced oh yeah i mean i guess he like vacation to hawaii or something
little more than one one vacation would be a really sure like two month long everyday yeah and then came back and kick some see i don't do that thing is so bizarre to me i would think they're so many variables involved and golf that like the coup mrs themselves are very above all the wind is variable there's theirs what's going on luggage fig where the ball lies and then trying to figure out the roles of the hill and all that jazz and trying to get a mean yeah seems pretty damn complicated i am played a really long time but yet the mechanics of it seem very different learn and understand like that coaching could help that but even just a variables like one again tiger woods just dominating everybody like crazy it crazy it just defied my imagination i was always like how could this one guy figure out this weird game like where so many variables so much better
everybody else like what could possibly be yes what is it feels it touches it you know like what is it that allowing him to see the roles of the of the hills and then how does it all go away with one divorce that's really crazy part does the it is of the crazy i've read this stuff the door on hedge fund managers that by far the most predictive variable of the performance of a hedge fund is whether are not the manager is currently going through a divorce oh yeah because any life just goes into turmoil yes or if your wife's i can't get out of the worsening fuckin free without a clear really just depends right depends on whether or not a good divorce will you not you want it yeah i mean even you wanted i bet it's still a pretty big disruption depends man
you have seen both sides have seen horrible horrible divorces where you now the guys just destroyed and usually its financial the financial stress of of divorce is really for the four britain has never been through it or never seen some and go through it it's it's like you're being attacked by aliens that you can't see and their stealing money from you and just like every second of every day thousands of dollars are leaving your bank account and you're watching yourself go broke you watching you of your life all the work he put in i had a good friend and i've talked about on the bag ass before but not only did he get divorce but his wife calculated and planned it where she went to every good defence attorney or every good divorce attorney town and consulted with them before she decided to pick one so
when the husband found out that she was divorcing him he couldn't get a good attorney because they had already talked to her so some sort of a conflict of interests that's pretty diabolical is diabolical gets now not only did she do that but because they were too for so long he had to pay for her attorney could she didn't work and he has to pay her for essentially the rest of her life they were they were married from more than twelve years california has some wacky laws so the only way to be different is if she'd remarries which of course she never would because you now she she would lose her her sweet paycheck that you get there i watched the sky like age ten years in two and two years he probably aged ten and just was pulling his fuckin heroin gone crazy and it was never over like you out yet is it over yet is now not note now she's renegotiating she changing the term she's doing it and she was doing it because he had to pay for her lawyer as well
so she just dragged it out as long as possible struggled for almost two years is poor guy stride so for him yeah fuckin i wouldn't bet on him playing golf that girl be fuckin knock em balls in the tree dobbs and screaming and at tat bird and clubs its devastating for me but i didn't mean it and when you now and women want to know why why guys don't get divorced maybe they know me like that you know or tiger woods poor bastard not really the right is still find yeah i can t make it yeah i'll make it is just not tiger woods anymore company gulf tournaments as he one since the since doors really followed off but i don't think money that's weird before jim days when a few he's really come back from an injury right now
i just saw some day he they say he's got about ten years left in his career to catch jack nicholson how do you get an injury playing golf back i mean there's a lot of talk in that swing back for composes christ i would surely get injured myself club for them you know what you're doing so you twenty years or how long you been a professional poker player i've been put seriously and make money i about ten years filing taxes a professional gamblers and soda team while i was in cool and only sort of playing part time for the first few of those years so six to ten years pending anyhow so you're doing through college and at one point in time when you're in college in europe in the middle some stupid course you didn't really give a fuck about what you like anew
i think i can be a goddamn professional poker player definitely there was set master of my junior year poker was going great school was not i was studying computer science which at one point i was pretty good at i thought the the thing for me i'm gonna get my under red green computer science i'm gonna go to grad school this more computer science become a professor workin research something like that i thought that was my career sex mr my junior year this thing started to me where i'd go to the computer lab and sit down to do a project our would go buy it i just still be staring at a blank screen why hit a wall i couldn't do it anymore why what was that i dont know exactly i i think
it was some subconscious part of my brain realising ahead of the more conscious and wilful part that this was not what i want to do on term many so you had a passion for it at one point time or at least an interesting yet and was adjusted the passion the interests for girl sort of overcame it then became an option that became like i think that was probably only a small part of it i think that even if i hadn't found poker and decide to make that that i would have made myself get through undergrad computer science somewhere around grad school or early into a career doing that i would have realised wasn't doing it for me there's something that some kids do when there are young and their starting to try to pick your career they they look at something that they think they can do
yeah and then once they start doing it they go this is not what i wanna do though shit you're eighteen yet the school they tell you pick a major you how crazy unlike took an econ class a math class a computer science and cognitive science class my first semester of college i was like i really don't like the math class the yukon in a boring how relating there's a career main cognitive science i guess i'm a computer scientists now but it's not what you were drawn do i mean i liked it i thought it was interesting some of the class is more than others i liked the theory math side of it better than i liked spending twelve hours in the your lab bang out code isn't it so we are that we expect kids at eighteen years of age to be able to pick their future to build a pick a direction for their future yet cecile bizarre i decided can imagine going through that again
for me i am i took a year off when i got out of high school and then i went to umass boston for three years but i completely half assed it like i just was doing it because i didn't want to be loser you so i was going to school with no ideal whatsoever how i was ever gonna fit in to any traditional work environment and all the while i had a sort of a career because i was teaching martial arts and i was teaching it at high levels teaching in boss university and i have my own school and we like that but i was still going to school and i was like what the fuck am i doing but at least i have like some things that i was interested in bad friends were going to school now like while i'm gonna be an electrical engineer like that we want to do he now but i'm ok it's good money to make good money we can get a job yeah but that life is a weird life man that's the life that the majority of people do yet
priority of people do this life where they start doing something because it's a job that they can do fuck man that's a that's terrifying to me yet it was a sad scary for a guy like you so that's why when i hear about a guy like you i go yes like i love someone i ain t ass i fucking love when i meet a another comedian love meet a guy who makes a living as a musician i love when i meet a writer you know i am slowly people it figured out a way to stay out that fuckin trap that weird trap of just doing something because you can and you know and people who are doing something because they can do it in their listening to this debate i am not criticising you easily could have been you easily in out no one's better than you i'm just some celebrating you u ike that you you did it you figure it out there's a luck involved furlano different ways but is a lock a lot of luck involved in being american so luck involved
having good you know motor skills they can walk and you know disease and a disease in uniting fucking cancer your eyes work in a lot of luck and also the lot of different things so no doubt about there is definitely a lot of luck in finding a path picking up and then figuring out that this is something you can actually do and that's when the courage and then the determination come at once there is an opening to just run run through that door so when you re teen and you too you started making money doing poker and then he realized that like schools kind of whack what did your parents think about that well the way that played out was like i said seconds for my junior year i failed most my classes after like straight ays fur vice masters spectrum
no i don't think that was not arouse whispered do your pistol down our cards to asian on his cup with did they think i'm you're bored get bored i think they were a little sceptical of computer science thing all along that i just seemed to pick something out of it and go for it and it was not a huge surprise to them that i was getting sick of it and then by coincidence over the following summer some legal rumbling started in washington that maybe it's to crack down on online gambling
and a bill called the unlawful internet gambling enforcement act got past ah m or was due to get past that fall and i started thinking shit online poker might be going away i gotta get all the money while i can and i called up the school this was slightly late august i'm about to go back to school i called up the university him said ah i may be taken next year off but what happens if i do is there any penalty can i come back the following year no issue they said it's fine you ve got like one more week to let us know i said ok i'll call you back in a bed i call it my parents i like i'm pretty i want take your often just play poker full time and what they say and they said why and i explained the new idea
yea thing and the getting sick beer science thing and my moms how much money do you think you can make a few take here often play poker full time like ah my goal be about a million dollars well and she said that sounds good yeah you gotta go i can't help to make about thirty grand the first million bucks is a good call people like here in the decade wait a minute and bugs comforts and you were only eighteen right no i was about to want money what twenty one i've been doing it for soldiers already i'd made a few hundred thousand bucks already by that point it wasn't out of thin air get us it was like i may be planned the this many hours a week i beat these games for this much it was like a realistic target for me why
now what is the difference between a successful online poker player and a non successful when it was legal because i was seen it's too big fucking mess right well you can legally gamble if you a resident of nevada online is not the case the situation in the u s and worldwide is pretty complicated the really weird thing is that no laws actually changed the government felt like enforcing them changed when the law talk about the you i d a past i didn't know this at the time i was making decision to take the you're off but the final language of the bill says nothing about what unlawful intern gambling is it assumes that something that somebody else already knows and provides for enforcement against the banking and credit card transactions that facilitate
illegal online gambling is in no way clear what illegal online gambling in the u s is what's there then so crazy version there are no federal laws about online gambling other than this anti illegal online gambling enforcement act online gambling is true did as illegal by the department justice on the basis of a law from the sixty is called the wire act that says you can't play sports bets over telegram and they're like reveal the fuckin telegram and i'm telegram about smoke signals that legal jesus there like that's basically like playing poker on the internet that is so crazy so they decided that that's playing poker on the internet yet wow began on sports through a telegraph that is that's so lupi yeah
what was it like sponsored by the casinos or something like that is and how it got weasel through the wire actor no idea you were gta the damned cracking down had to be right problem lee it's hard to tell the casino lobby is really fuckin powerful in america what about them and a lot of money involved donate a lot of money to both political parties yeah and and then of course the union as you know are these around the union i'm sure as well i yet the however is urgent are connected oh what union represents casino workers but i think one of the bigger like food service sourdough ones and is a big yeah they will have to do is just too short to strengthen their position as job holders because like the the
you have sea has a big issue with the coroner union yakking think that's who has a lot of that casino jobs as well i'm sure we'll it's what they are trying to do with the reason why the see as an issue the coroner unions kazoo for the company that you have see also own station to rouse so there's this huge push to try to get them to turn their casinos into union casinos so they're keeping the u s e out of new york that way like paragraph politicians fascinate yeah trust any because it so old school and so transparent like the corruption so i mean a new york state like the the actual people themselves would benefit tremendously if the allowed mixed martial arts church they also have boxing already which are more dangerous than the means are proven and they still for whatever reason have been able to bribe these politicians transparently all that shit it's just a power struggle over the money it seems like yesterday
just try to keep online pope for online gambling it was the same thing the online casino lobby in the u s has gone through a few stages in what they think about online gambling at first they just ignored it didn't give a shit that's not a real thing nobody's gonna gamble on the internet who airs and then around about two thousand and five two thousand and six start saying i know this is this is unethical we can't let people gamble from their homes they need to drive though a casino that's where we make money that's really serve liquor so it could be show their fucked up when the rain and think of the jewels if you're playing online it could be any body which of course is wrong in both direct chickens for wondering people gamble under age and casinos all the time for the other the identity vera
patients are for online gambling is probably stricter than for live gambling anyhow that's a pretty interesting is it no that so what are you what's the online thing like what you use you have to show a photo of your credit card you do driver's license yet other varies from sight the site and ramp up there's more money involved and i would urge you not to someone who has information like you're sixteen year old kid grab your dad's information to start entering an end you need more than a credit card would you it depends on the site but like copy photo idee utility bill you might need to answer a phone call on land line associated with the address you you're losing your hoxton a miser nyc why i guess not the one who's making this gamble it's me if i am george i'm fifty
based on my voice on obviously you can get around having making online or mean making a phone call it seems like so fuck an old school yeah at a weird waiter verifies i mean it's one layer of a whole bunch of different shit that they do to you on a landline it demonstrates that you are physically in the place place your claiming to be right ok though make sense i guess but just simply anybody could just be on the phone what's your face timing yet i mean it that's why it is only one aspect of it needs have to hire major powers like you
but that the internet gambling thing though that did it was a big crackdown cause i remember it i remember one point time used to be able to gamble on sports online guys used to be able to use to play poker for money online was really common and there receiving some websites that were there was a boy you d i'm sure they're still around bo dog they still round boat in the u s has become both vodka bold allowed both lotta both is the entity that they spun half of the main both dog corporate entities beak is operating online gambling in the u s is so risky that they have basically set up their corporate fall guy of border which is what gets me when inevitably continuing to take back from the u s eventually goes portal
i see so there they just kind of like setting up a straw house blow down when the ship gets but their meals taking money out of straw house and putting it in this big stone mansion somewhere it's under a different man yet boat all guy i shouldn't say any of this to confidently i haven't been paying close attention to it but i'll come to on the park us every day i think both dog is continuing to arbitrary arrests the world as both dog and is both vodka only four it's you us facing operations that make sense that and i are guy he he cannot come into the america north america yet bunch the online gambling industry without joan of arc those living costa rican our southern gas so crazy so weird what gets you locked up and what is it that they say they pay in taxes like what does it mean why
they do not want revenue so it doesn't make any sense if people are willing to gamble and then they'll pay taxes on those gambling debts or gambling profits at whatever it was or even losses it seems like be it off the company wins money or if the person wants money taxes gonna be paid i could seems like that should be pretty easy to world so to go what i was saying about the stages that the casino lobby has gone through in their attitude online gambling around two thousand two thousand six they decided okay this is bad we need to shut it down it would then be using money they thought they were they weren't they learn that and this is my opinion here am i i think that casinos saw online gambling as competition when it wasn't that arm
online gambling casino gambling are not the same product i dont if i'm the type of person who either likes to go play blackjack at my local casino or likes to play slots on the internet i don't play less blackjack at my casino because i could play slots on the internet that they're not the same experience were you don't get the same things out of them if anything the availability of online gambling was feeding casinos new customer because people would play a little online and say the seams i can understand this now maybe i'll give gambling at the casino i would like especially with respect to poker as most other sorts of gambling going into a casino to play poker having never done it before is a little bit intimidating you're really know how it works and your surrounded by people who do and the ability
to get a little experience playing online in a lower pressure environment i think introduces people to the game who then go on to play in life casinos while no one you girl i've seen how many people are like me i dont know how to play poker at all but are still tram play poker two people get liquid up just wandering the programme of work a this shot my every once in a while and more at lower stakes than at higher stakes obviously obvious ah at high stakes it's really rare to see somebody who has never really play poker before but it and it happens should is that like when you see some fuckin fish some big that comes in some way we would call them whales vienna's column fish whales the common pool yet sent from an all over so they come in and
a lot of money don't know what the fuck they do it nobody slowly start circle at him yet there is a long wait list play at the table back as if there is not seed available he walks any says wanna play everybody looked up with that guy looks rich and we don't know him ah that this game can become ten handed now pull up a chair so when it guys when you don't know a guy so the world of poker essentially you know all the elite players yeah there's no one could sneak up on ah i mean they're probably a few people they're probably like a handful guys who mostly play online turn up at a casino end i wouldn't wrecked some but there are among the best players in the world why but for the most part yeah i recognize most of the top where's my friend irish afeared stanhope median great guy funny larry's mother fucker but very smart and
when he was struggling as a standard communion he's playing pogo torments making more money playing in casinos play poker than he was stand the i've heard our dogma that before menus mega living demonian doing poker i have always found that incredibly fascinating tat he was doing that you just go and from place to place play poker and he gets he keepsake cartel kinds helen be renewed the fact there delong privileges assholes and instantly but as anybody ever hustle like the way they do and pool they pretend to sack and then a rope in and get some it's more common i'd say the mid stakes than at the highest stakes just cause the world's too small to get away that much ran the stakes high stakes how many guys are there in the world thirty elite dozens
depending on your counting it i guess so hundreds maybe maybe but those hundreds your aware of all the me think pretty much and if you not an overwhelming majority if i'm not it's because they're playing games they don't have a lot of intersect with the games i'm playing in we like but of all places macao or places like i mean that's obviously huge going macau is really interesting i've played a couple of parliaments in macao i've never played in the cash came in macao though i have played in cash games with me guys a few times the you have see did some shows and mckenna and dumb there's been some boxing out there and that i think they're doing another yo other yet but they said that like it's it's like vegas times a hundred they sort of men like the amount of gambling and craziness majesty that all yet it's real crazy where's that exactly that its way
to hong kong it's like a one hour fairy ride from hong kong and how long has been around macao i want to save maybe fifteen years may be less so crazy i think it's gotten huge less than the last and how does some we're gonna happen how does something way bigger than vague as to sprout out of china china says you can gamble here and the millions of chinese millionaires say that sounds like a good idea let's go get well here and they use a building and there it is what is it like like the as far as like the buildings and far as i look bizarre vegas its creepy i lived in vegas for three years so i go there and oh that's the win and it looks exactly like the wind only it's on exactly the opposite side of the world and everyone's chinese were so they called the wind now get yours
the wind the venetian what are they rip off or is it a euro zone when some ok because you know china does they do wacky shit like they'll build like a fake paris it's really strange other their laws are over there is far too isn't there a fake eiffel tower in chang lilienthal and allow easier figures it ours is like a fake entire towns like european villages towns like down to the brick look exactly like them there is this story that was on one of the major websites to forget what it was with a deep and nothing was vice actually they they detailed all these different towns that and constructed in china that were exact replicas a famous like you know swiss alps towns and stuff like that it really weird transplanted weird oh you are just go back from china tune is to turn him how crazy it was there tell us about gutter oil jitterbugs guttering i'm retired on the podcast can't be
real i i mean in the long delicious food long on i was delicious poop might not be enshrined in hong kong is mainland i don't know but so much how has all the major players to win and then the venetian knowledge ass and a bunch of theirs like a hard rock determined i played there was at the hard rock mechanic and deserve we speak english now what about the hookers speaking i didn't doktor any good i bet i bet there there is certainly a market for it you think i would guess that it forces for some hookers to speak english and macao yeah you're my friend who went there said the you couldn't get away from them swarming you know it flies said mosquitos and then a hot summer day in the northeast says crazy like how many homing hookers or were but an extension
why do people gamble and lots of money not a celebration of victims drugs yet i can't believe it something like that can just explode outfit like i never even heard of macao until may be two or three years you like remember peripherally reading about an on line something like that and then i heard about boxing match is being held their guide basically didn't know anything about till poker took off there may be or five years ago so you're eighteen years old you start playing poker twenty one years old you tell your parents you know what forget i want to give it a go i will try to make a million dollars in the first year how much did you actually want to make an effort here one point oh god damn son blow a couple months after i said that i played in one of my first ever big live tournaments and finished second for like eight hundred and fifty thousand
so i got up and were headstart why jesus christ so a ruins happy at the hacks and household yes they were ok with my plan so then there do you just go guns blazon just i went back and i finish school i only had a year left so i am you you want a million six and went back and so i would have told school does suck my dick come back for you and for computer that there was a president what i did i went back and i decided to go degree in philosophy i thought there was a particular track within the philosophy department called philosophy of science and logic that i can count somebody as i have already done toward and it was like five bullshit asses away from a degree in philosophy like our
i can do that i'll get my college degree before i have to be the creepy old guy who's back on campus ten years when pokers done i'll be happy i have one think you're gonna have to do your planning unfailing you thought it was like possible that a clog away i thought it was spoken although aware of how it was possible it could get too hard i thought maybe i'm really good relative to my competition now but who knows about in ten years no it it's like competing in a sport at some point you're older than the other people you're not sharp as them their hungrier than you are and you can't keep up do you all we talked about in the arm the ads i was talking about alpha brain but there's a bunch of cognitive enhancing things that people take i know some folks after all and some folks taker
new virtue or pro vigil like these different cognitive enhancing smart drugs do you guys with those things poker players in general absolutely whether what what is like the most common stuff i mean caffeine is has to be number one there are waitresses walkin around serving gough yet both tournaments really so his daughter and boost to lose if you want it make us look it up by their plan seems like a bad move at all in terms of like high level competition the biggest tournaments essentially no body ah cash in a casino on any given night it recently common right so what what do most guys take besides
there are plenty of people who take after all a riddle in ireland as a speed to rear its another one other and adhd sort of things were on provisional is not unheard of i fucked without a little bit in college for study and tat i just like it very much i want to send you some alpha brain so if you are to ah a bunch my friends use alfred that's a good one another good one is there's stuff called neuro one of your her neuro one you talk about it before spill romanesque east of rice really goes well there's a bunch of companies that are selling is kind of enhancing formulas now and especially now that our brains become really popular become super popular to sell these blue and this is all of these different things like parameter in colleen is all these different things that have been shown to have positive effects yet cognitive function
minor tournament a couple months ago gave me something called smart caffeine which is caffeine in feeling i thought i was awesome i've been taking some of need recently do pressed on your message that i haven't i've heard good things a few of my friends use it all i got one of my closest in poker is jesse alvarado around our energies on my website matter much sums cougar he's not great things about you he said that you are probably the best heads up player one on one player in the world will bring about that fella there are definitely in the running i mean to what is a different between playing heads up and playing like you know a large tournament thirty forty people well besides the obvious what's the the strategic difference like how you approach it it's
simpler arm which doesn't assuming its easier it means it's easier to really in depth in how your analyzing it and the same situations come up over and over again because only two players and if there are nine players at the table at nine different people who can do something different every end similar situations don't come up nearly is often whereas what i'm playing heads up two hours into playing i i can be an spot where i'm on the button he's big wind i raise he calls for comes down he checks i check turn comes down he bets i call river comes down he checks it's on me this exact situation but not the board's that have run out but the betting action
that situation is come up already twenty times in the match that we're playing and i can have a pretty clear idea in this exact spot the sky a little bit more than my average opponent he's gonna take this line with a strong here more than some other people will so i can't watch ms effectively or i can't make a value but with care is weak a hand as i would get some other players and heads up poker is more amenable to that sort of detailed analysis of how your opponent is playing but i understood maybe ten things out of twenty that is ten button blind flop river let's park yeah
so would it how much of it like this this expressions that they won the day that the big one is a poker face having her face like how much of that is real and how much of it do you read a guy or de worried in life poker absolute totally yet it did a huge so if we look at each other renown were plan what are you looking for ah well feeling the senses absolutely you do sense it ended there there's just got thing that happens for sure you just look at somebody and he just doesn't look that comfortable he does look comfortable and often there's just a general sort i feel you get from somebody that is difficult to put words too but that the top players are confident when they get those got feelings and go with them ah but that there are specific things you can look forward to
like you can you want to first get a sort of baseline reading on people's posture like look at them sitting the table when they're not playing ahead and then having done that you can observe shifts from that like somebody will bumping into the mike here but some i will get up closer to the table when there interested invested in the situation or you can even see somebody make like a micro gesture of recoiling in frustration when a bad card hits the board or you make a bet that they don't like and you can see little movements like that you can read somebody's paltz in their neck what yeah so you see it so you staring at someone's next in that sense it began to be a factor
you're not worsen arms while they play so that you can laugh all its overtime german guys now are wearing scarves well worked a german no doubt that's crazy so you look at a guy's pulse in his neck i'm gonna looking for the amount of beats eyes if you get using her fancy it going master or like the blood pressure raising when they're really tents that's correct you never would have or housing how deep some his breathing can wash the rise and fall there chest why one thing people do is are people tend to be a lot more still and tight when they're nervous and move around a little more and more relaxed when their comfortable and so when somebody is trying to just keep it together and look put there
her face all look the same way they always look but there actually really comfortable cause they ve got a great hand and thereabout win one you can sometimes see their legal start pumping built they'll start happen their foot real fast the beekeeping everything above the table still but they're like will start going real fast y know what about someone fake annoyance that happens all the time does it area like and what were any of those things like to reassure you that i have just said i look people's legs are applying community playing and somebody couple weeks and he's can be blocking me on the reveries mozart happen his foot i have just said that something i'm looking for fur evidence that there are strong so when you see something like i'm sorry nothing i used to do
sometimes i feel like i can't get away with it as much now because people know who i am and expect me to be born some bullshit and in control of my physical stuff but sometime new is i would sit like this while playing into the land on your face and like when i wanted to fake being nervous idling into it and you can like see my cheek go little white where monopolies are making contact with my face and that will make look more nervous yet practice system for romania why not if you can make one point six million dollars and four zero brags like movie share to take tells can be real site like about guys you play with sunglasses items that super common it's very and those from your eyes are it's a factor but it's not one of them
just once arm because you're used people looking you and in the eyes your practised at lying with your eyes you know people are looking at your eyes then legal can't can hide your line sounds like an eagle someone i believe it is so so the glasses not not a huge tractor not a huge factor with a vague one the lips ah the mac hand general pasture legs and feet even people are not on top of that one how a maid sums even faked out by faked it's hard to tell you don't necessarily know it was a fake afterwards because sometimes it's not facon you're just wrong you handymen you'll know you're the tellers genuine but you interpret it in
actually somebody's non actively faking you out but like none of it is an exact science like i see some by his pulse go up i know for sure they're pulses up and that their feeling something intense right now it could be that they have i flush it could be it could be that there really excited about their great hand or it could be that there really stressed about big bluster me right rights he knows i'm gonna so yet you get these physical signs but there's not direct path from that knowing exactly what do you believe in psychic energy do believe that you can read something from pherson other than just tells that's a tough one to answer when you use the phrase psychic energy i'm inclined to say no cuz that sounds kind of magical and crazy but i definitely believe that there is very
subtle none verbal communication that happens between people is sometimes involuntary that you just you know things about what's going through the mind of somebody you're sitting next to and it's hard to tell exactly how and why you know i mean i think that's not had an example at morton what sense arm i mean whether at the poker table or in any other context when you're you are reading people's moods thoughts all the time you can tell when somebody is feeling relaxed and happy you can tell when their stressed out you can tell when there
focused in thinking ard or when their spacing out right down i'll make sense like you just need interpret regular human movement communication year patterns in such but i would say that one of the best sort of of evidence that being psychic doesn't exist there's no psychics they just become poker players and start fuckin cleaning up i mean clearly there's nobody who can just sit across the table from you and read your and every time there really psychics that would be the place where would show up as poker ain't sure i mean any of a number of other places where you could make a killing or otherwise be very successful and powerful based on that ability aiming
now though there be lot of em stock market bigger one plain lottery obviously will then that that's getting into predicting the future versus reading mines which i mean i don't think anybody doing either of those things but reading mind seems marginally or plausible than predicting the future yeah right him that's a different cairo but reading the futures come interpreted as psychic right isn't it i mean in some way that their their similarly crazy powers that some people claim to design socially design like it seems to me that like the ability to read tells will you be so tuned into it because it's part of the game of does that carry over to social communication like do you notice things more in the way people like we no one someone's bullshitter rioting all known summoned bullshit soon tells you sorry that's like a little fuckin screwy mechanical
this weird sense just based on the data that the cumulative over a lifetime's work of ghana gaining with people that something's off here and in also if you ve communicated with a bunch bull shares in kind of recognised so we feel like that like being a good poker player makes you a bit better social reader as well i think so i think probably not by a giant margin but yeah i think i'm probably been above average that i think i have a more studied self aware approach to it then a lot of other people do i i think i may have started from a baseline of being a bit below average that kind of thing ah m where
somebody might say that story felt kind of bullshit my more likely to say well he said i think and equivocate it on a couple of things where that's not await you would talk about it if you weren't volition ah his eyes were dartin around a lot so you look at it you would look an analytical since instead of just basing just in your instincts you'd use both your instincts and analytical yeah something there's something i want these main things and fascinated with poker is the ability to read mines the red tells rather to the ability to sort of get this sense of where persons gone what things get
since i think that's fascinate has noted that exists in real life i know it does i know it exists like that thing exists with with human beings i don't know exactly what it is i've always wondered always wondered what exactly is going on when people look at each other and you know something's off yeah i'll just various sense like there's a privy story of told us poor but my friend brian cowen he's too a guy buddy deeds to date like some the craziest fucking people of all time he is a bunch crazy people in his life to out hang out with them and he would have this guy over like we discuss a fuckin bullshit or as i could he couldn't see it for whatever reason just couldn't see it and introduce witches girl within five second like he goes hey this is bubba blah is my friend joe i go high done and she was was high in a bombs argo she's fuckin crazy i go get out right now what are you doing this notion crazy issues
nervous to be around you like i do trust me ice i have a spidey sense filigree you're crazy i go that girls fuckin crazy turns out course you didn't listen moves around blah blah blah droughts on math completely ever fuck my is processed goods has these genes in her life and and minimum fuckin camps in her life and then here get rid of her and then years later he's on a bar at a bar on sunset and about to walk in and she walks buying she street walking jeez yeah i spotted it like that he didn't spotted raw fascinating he would be a sock aspect
i don't think i'd be a good pug play and i have the patience it's it's not something i'm interested in but about if i was interested in i wonder if i be able to pick up tells i find that so fascinating i feel like with all the experience and martial arts you would have a leg up on learning that stuff here picking up tells has some in common with euro looking at but he's stance and picking up that thereabout to throw a kick that's interesting because looking someone stance and whether or not they gonna throw kick is based on data in our gum like some i'll say like during a broadcast like he's about to throw a left high kick in some or how you know and because a very small but perceptible rise in his heel like his heel came up the back foot
which means usually that guy's try and get a little bit of a head start throwing kick was back like a needless you see because so many guys drone kicks out you or you'd you ve tried to did on people when you throw kicks of people of theirs the thing that you see but its it there's some there was a book on this in not about martial arts bids about just acquiring massive amounts of data about my specific things and then being will see these things i forget the term that they used but it was just about that about how for person doesn't have this data in their mind it seems like like how this guy singing this but someone who has all that data is up there it is just like this but little yet it's exactly the same thing with picking up tells him poker begins just thousands of times i've sad across the table from a guy i've looked at him i thought about whether or not i think this guy has a good hand
put out my call and he shows me his hand and i've just been through that routine thousands of times and so now i find myself in that spot and the guy's bat and i'm looking at him and thinking about whether or not to call and i have a big sample of what people would like right before all them and then whether or not they show me the winning it so garlic doyle brunson is for a hundred years it will be a wizard that shit right i would guess that's really interesting that's really interesting like them does actually teach i tells right i give you the year that old been around that harms i've been plan zeal long time fifty sixty years some years more like sixty sixty years
all they did in his eighties i'm pretty sure that's amazing man that's that that all those years of accumulating that data and a guy like that has been a really been around for the transformation of poker to whom he was real diff thing back in the sixties tells you people's houses right then those i was too they haven't casinos back then i want to say the sixty was when poker in casinos began picking up sixties yeah what what led to this poker revolution that we find now i'm fuckin everybody wastepaper now yet that there were a few stages of it the earlier parts like what the sixtys and seventys i know less about by they start running the world series of poker in vegas in the sixties ah m and have every year for
i guess we'll to restarted in sixty nine i think so they they brian every year for forty some years now the big one on television was one need they started showing those cameras on television cards being cards to he put his hands i was a shoe huge making it a spectator sport exciting even for a guy like me doesn't play if i'm so at a bar and i look up and there's a poker thing on you see each guys hand that's to me it's very exciting and that that was a huge leap for they had tried televising poker tournaments before that but its especially to a casual you were a lot less interesting but you see le less of it at least for the cow the you know the not involved observer let myself you see less of it on television now in the u s in the u s in other countries is not it hasn't fall off nearly the same way in other places in the rear behind that is that in order to make possible guilty show you have to sell advertising space if you're making a poker tee
show who do us all advertising space to progress on poker sites online poker sites can advertise in the u s anymore fuckers so in canada or england or france poker on tv so in candidates legal the bellman youth is ambiguous ambiguous his in most of the world its ambiguous it seemed like if you are a poker player you live in america you just move vancouver you play online vancouver travelled on america give up use listen ship guinea you are citizenship and getting citizenship somewhere else difficult a walk tougher than you might guess yeah my arm in two thousand eleven when it became clear i was gonna have to leave the eu s keep playing poker online i was very startled that i can't just go wherever i want chop and stay there indefinitely so
you what you like malta now that you're you move mostly i can only spend about half the year there for these reasons so i spent about half the urine malta unduly travelling around other places as well you fuckin pimp look at you kid gozo hating school trying to figure out gets the beloved parents fuckin bolts makes one point six a year the first year and then for thereon when you got your degree and then he decided to dedicate itself to being a professional poker player how many years was until you kind of had to make this move out of united states three graduated in two thousand date moved vegas and lived in vegas from two thousand eight two thousand eleven and the movement what was living in vegas like it was pretty great i lived in parameter worse you spend a lot i'm vegas you might know it it it's the apartment complex and export of endless jim ok yeah northern is nice
but yet and it was just full a poker players are real like some friends mind from power and moved out there with me at the same time i had two friends from college who ah one still is a professional poker player one was for a couple years moment to law school they moved out two biggest with me ah my girlfriend then whose now my wife with me and then i met a bunch book letters were already living out there and panorama towers and like two thousand eight two thousand nine was just insanity ah the whole building wish poker players and scrap pull up empty apartments one what a party that must have been poker players and strippers how that work out must be a lot of money being changed in those towers allegedly
allegedly out details of that sort of thing good for you to stay on the straight and narrow son i avoided the force that fuckin traps hedge fund managers descended into their doom so so you eleven in vegas here you doing the poker thing in vegas in vegas but mainly on mainly online still wiser to more profitable easier more profit for me at that time given my personal skills and inclinations arm there money to be made doing both the advantages with online ochre are you can get a lot more an hour in you don't have any of the castro still time associated with going somewhere to play there is not the drive to get there and the drive back and the time spent waiting for a seat and game playing live poker involves
catch games involves a lot awaiting around for your turn to get play the game yeah imagine and then once you gettin game you play thirty ends in our online i'm playing three or four hundred at an hour and that's what that's not even particularly high volume you playing more than one game at a time online i say so you run multiple computers or know em it's just multiple windows on one computer ok so different sites know simply multiple tables on one side real air not doing anything sneaky or bad by play multiple tables no when you have a thing on sites do you have a time limit yeah yeah pretty short alone something like fifteen seconds and then after fifteen seconds it goes into your time bank which is like another minute worth a time but
that is not constantly replenished so like you use thirty seconds of your time bank now you ve got thirty seconds left for the next and if you were to go and your time bank again so yet you have play quite quickly that's that seems like like why anybody go anywhere if you get played on my back and so games are tougher online because you can get so many more hands in the best players are winning so much that the competition to be ass player in the game on line is stiffer whereas live is more fun for many recreational blair's people who are using it broker not all of them many preferred play in alive game or they can see and hang out with the people do you remember when you plan on monday of worry about botz resolve nothing more that was some
the people really worried about for a while it's a concern for sure on the biggest and best sites i think are doing a pretty good job at enforcing against it i u can do various things to detect when it's about rather than a human playing and then how do you do a google what good would well they run programmes or something like that shudder the site has various standard work with based on what you are giving them they're not like scanning your computer to see what other programs are running or anything like that there ought invading your privacy in that way but what they can do is they can keep track of your mouse movement around the screen and this speed and timing but your clicking on things and
they can detect the difference between a human moving a mouse around the screen like a human and a computer program that just jumps from buttoned button and acts instantly so at this point if you're running about that place for you part of your challenge is that you have to code up software to move the mouse around the screen it in a convincingly human like fashion and evade this detection they track your playing hours if you're just regularly playing for forty eight hours straight that's pretty suspicious rome was they get a nice fuckin webcam video you don't frank infinite computer yeah occasionally comes to that sort of thing like guy i know was playing sixty tables at once and there like that you're bought but a person can't do that and so
he uploaded a video of him do in that needs like no i've can gain this is what it looks like we did you ever go bank of screens in front of him i think it was all on one screen all the table stacked on top of each other so that whichever table you you have to act on pops to the top and you just click and it goes to the design and the next one you have tat on pops to exchange our cap have above my god he was comparative star craft blair before he came to poker second speed clicking oh yeah multitasking star crap players into me watch that i dont saying i don't owe their doing so it's even more amazing to me yet same burden every now and then i watch those videos and it's not it's duncans obsessed with that shit
silver whatever the fuck that is on star craft for a while then he lost silver standing very upset for embarrassed but out or watch him get obsessed with that stuff and he would watch the videos in his eyes with the light up in his pupils with dilate and those videos are insane and it's a huge spectator sport and career raising huge there's like tv stations devoted to just that i'm ready for you i need to talk to one of the gulf channels programme warcraft dudes apparently it's a very very very difficult game too that is in a lot of ways very chess like adsense very strategic and but also like almost athletic in those sort of speed clicking demands all three d games are very athletic in that sense the hand i coordination that are involved in playing games like unreal or quaker doom danny those crazy
there that's why detainees competitive gamers who transition to poker and are known pressure four players not imagine that people they just have this inclination towards like figuring things out than a game since they would have that for towards a lot of things absolutely yet pokers full of people who were in some gamer sport before poker the pool things huge is very lotta poplars go into poker because we can actually make money doing it supposed to ports very difficult to do when you u eleven in vegas for little bed hanging i was trappers and poker players and structures about and then see decide what had he had he gold with malta so weird story actually how ended up in malta arm originally it had a lot to do with malta it's like right next
cecily like a couple hours on the ferry to sicily hooker so my grandparents or from our goal so yes i bought malta's real nearby i drink a lot a sicilian why need a lot of sicilian bits of their food their specific sensational jesse foods basri amaze although local red king prawns and malta are strongest wishes why ok so how you would but makes you live there is a things at a gambling on residency thing easy it looked like it was going to
when i started looking into it at the time it was basically just mean paved some relatively small these for the process you need to fill in a bunch of paperwork mainly stuff like demonstrating that you have not made to support yourself that you haven't been convicted of crimes in the country are coming from basic stuff like that and they will give you a permit to stay there is on you like so do speak spanish or italian i wouldn't lie there in malta they speak multi in english multi and what is multi it is a semitic language most arabic jesus christ but it's written in like roman characters like darling i used to alter roman numerals don't go like this like these instead a eurozone the off that we use of english and french and spanish and italian while
it's a semantic language but it's a semitic language so it's just full of like axes in cuba each is that you can't pronounce loyal needed to go to the post office to pick up a package that had been set to me and i don't have a car there is a need to take a taxi so i get the address of the post office i write down it's in a town i thought was called coral spelled q o r m i i get in actually i need go the post office and core me guy looks at me like i've just told him might need to go the post office on the moon is never heard for me it's not a big island there are five hundred thousand people there you can drive one and the other in an hour i say it again i showed you among these papers is oh army yes we can go to or the silent you a silent kilowatt aghast silent whose why use it how weird what a strange thing
that's that whole part of the world so bizarre because it's like the sort of the echoes of the conqueror movements of thigh of years oh yeah you can really see it malta i mean it's been conquered by so many people over the years on obviously language is semitic because at one point it was under more sure arabic control which why that seen from true romance at the moors and sicily with in other words saying this racist singing all the black people that mean that the reason why so many sicilians of dark skin the maltese people look roughly like lebanese people something to our pretty dark skinned they speak which that sounds a lot like arabic with an italian accent basically
did you do like a lot of research before we decide on malta medium amount know anybody living there already i knew a few people who had been there each plucked and moved some strange ilo what happened was part of justice crackdown on the poker sites happened in april two thousand and eleven a few weeks went by maybe maybe that's all just blow over and everything will be back to the way it was in a month or two it i'm pretty clear that was not going to be the case by late may and the world's yours pokers bout start in vegas summoned to plan a poker tournament every day for six weeks ah but i'm beginning to plan ahead to what i'm gonna do after that i can get act playing online and talking to my girlfriend about where we're gonna move
and the idea of malta comes up and we decide she's gonna go thereby herself and check it out while i'm playing the world series and she's like not really that enthusiastic about this idea at the time like they're gonna go to this little shit i'm the middle of nowhere i know about it is sounds weird but she over there and ended up loving it like malta's great let's go there why you came back just the worthy other poker players go ah follow folly over to other guys came with me over there and didn't stay fascinating vagabond lifestyle yet not all my friends who are living in panorama towers in vegas are now scattered all over the world so one state in vegas wondered state and biggest one do tat how many i
wandered out might like close group of ten friends so in a handful more out of the like fifty or sixty who are living the building but isn't it legal down to gamble on line on some sites if you live in vegas yes there is online poker in nevada but its nevada only so programme other people and about and rightly so as a limited group of people the plan if you can't play there high stakes there aren't a games playing full time from nevada is not a very appeal proposition the guy who decided to stay is playing mainly in casinos now is it is there any movement to change this as far as the online laws yes but yours is all implemented i was in july of review i e g passed in two thousand six but it's not relieve and clear how much that had to do with anything that what happened right after you edgy passed in two thousand
six was that some poker sites voluntarily pulled out of the u s market and then doing transactions with poker sites became more complicated because a little ramrod while saying that you idea it didn't change what was illegal it what it's not like online poker was legal before that and then it wasn't it's not like online poker was clearly will the whole time nobody really knows it's up to prosecutors to decide that they want to prosecute a case against two legal risk so i give you decided to stay in vegas and start ye keep playing online what will be the risk the sites wouldn't take my business the wooden take your business what if you went through a proxy then question so was anybody from the u s it's a poker player tried playing online poker from the united states and been prosecuted players dont really
at prosecuted so it's essentially the site owners the sites are the ones that are exposed to legal risk so i give you decided to stay in vegas and start you keep playing online what would be the risk the sites wouldn't take my business the wooden take your business what have you went through a proxy then i might trick them and i might get to play on the site but i would be constantly at risk of being caught and confiscated if i'm caught i might lose all so yeah you you have to do all sorts of identity masking bullshit to get away with playing on international oversights from the u s what's being done to try james ah
some ways it's pretty similar to the marijuana movement in the u s actually it's happening i state by state basis ah there's probably not gonna be a federal bill anytime soon they there been some attempts ah but they haven't cumbria is passing but so far nevada new jersey and delaware have passed online poker bills and you can play in those three places that's it that's it so far california is at the core
front end is a huge one arm if california becomes an online poker state even if you can only plague in southern california residents it's a big enough state with enough money that that will be a full fledged poker economy yet twenty million people here mrs a goddamn country yet this is canada close has forty is it i think so i think that operate i think you did do think erecting i think we looked it up actually we'll find out right now population can i want to say its thirty seven population that sounds about right california is actually higher than twenty two thirty four thirty four point eight california
janet ten francs for pointing out a signal of wishes close mean allays twelve or fourteen already thirty eight covering thirty up as a california is a bigger than can so pretty close thirty eight thirty five and then those are pretty comparable to like the larger european countries like allays twenty million at least twenty million while that's whether the twenty nine came from but that's just without mexicans they have no idea really are here right here you could easily be thirty or forty there's a lot of people here that are undocumented nancy crazy the actual numbers i mean i'm sure they probably have some sort of a vague idea but unless they're going from neighbourhood to neighbourhood scanning how do they know gal
that's the idea that their year illegally there's no documentation yeah yeah i guess you could like gas somehow or another year you could track indicators of economic activity like tat any fuckin bags or rice are being supermarket re says i dont know if that would work but i mean track how much food is old yeah in allay that asked me pretty closely correlated with how many people are here a gas but how much cash business they do that's where things get really squarely because a lot of folks in the illegal community debate for tat they rightly span cash on their their bills that use cash the grocery store the grocery store has a record they don't know who spent it but they know how much food there's ellen but it would be racist check because you have to check those those weird markets weird spanish nancy dry
by like you gotta vano initiatives are you check all the markets the gas and then just calculate people binational yeah pretty clever basket he treated like a goddamn poker so how long you been in malta no since september two thousand eleven selling cars and any plans are what about like monica or other places where you monaco creepy monaco is creeping there so much fuckin money and so resources the guy made a million six is first year play poker this fuckin rich ass you know how you'll see a car drive by on the states ill have like a hand written sign in the window foresail fifteen thousand dollars call this number bs in my echo you'll see that only it'll be like the fuckin mclaren or something for sailed one point
a million euro should hand really sign in the window come on i've seen that monica a bucket erin foresail like what those handmade sign i don't know shit about cars i might see the wrong name annoying but yeah but we really must get excellent workers wow that's crazy when they go to trigger the taxis they're all cadillacs that much many why wouldn't you go to a german of money for a fuck mclaren not theirs differ maclarens there's theirs i have talked about in the package before people get upset me but the theirs this also saying that maclarens don't sound very good and then they said what about the sounds awesome the million dollar mclaren million plus dollar mclaren has it's amazing sound to it but regular maclaughlan that's like thank two hundred plus thousand saw it doesn't sound just doesn't sound like a ferrari like ferraris have as part of the the beauty of a ferrari is the sound it makes them like the people
their estimates that that's why the reasons why turbocharging cars aren't appealing to a lot of real sports cars fanatics it has done the same sound becoming sent here a forced induction with the air it just doesn't doesn't gives the same exhaust so much so that a lot of turbo like someone eternal charge cars which are actually doing is their faking the sound so there's a thing called the sound synthesizer the use in the bmw m five you turned off praise allah really grows and when you when you have it on its actually pumping sound like engine sounds through speakers so it uses a sound system of the car to make you think that year i was and you each car is this the beer w m five which is a brilliant automobile but they just act that oranges others too quiet by default well they used to have a v ten and the veto
and was a monster engine was justly incredible incredible engine and it made so much cool noise it just like fuckin throaty deep powerful pressures of eaten hollowness bmw retailer pull it off roquat the red and they switch to a turbo charged ngos have eaten so they switch to a turbo urged engine for the new one has more power more torque it's faster
it just doesn't sound is good just doesn't it now the one that is how it used to have this incredible whale to dislike here play it for you like a ferrari report as part of the that's the delay funds fucker so they say about monaco is that more than any other place had ever been in the world there's this feeling that you don't belong there and nobody is happy about the fact that you turned up lebanese happy about the fact that turned up like there there's one big poker tournament a year and monaco that i have been to several times and like all the patel staff and cab drivers everybody else like that that interacted with their just seems like
surprised and put off then you're there that there is like some young american dude who doesn't speak french who is in monica really so it s a millionaire billionaire playboy place yet and they want it for the rich french speaking people but doesn't want towards whom you have there are some shit here i mean there are about people who are not french he's probably guy like chateau is around the world for knows chateau shutter
that's a bmw with a veto sound like the nameless areas under the new ones on the budget but the new it's better car that catch twenty two to twenty gonna do they keep go these bigger crazy throaty engines is eat the gas they kill the seals in the arctic shit drowned the polar bears the frown glaciers and all our good stuff what is the year of the economy like in this multiplies what's it comes out with a lot of it at this point has to do with foreign companies many of them in the one gaming industry alot also just in banking and finance and stuff like that the trick or laws there's something
will there yet saw some of the lowest tax rates in the eu so like many small countries it's like you know anti go or on saint kitts further their buncher like island nations near the u s that have carved on it for themselves as tax havens and business friendly economies malta has a bit of that going on as well after you because you maintain united citizenship do you have to pay taxes there and here as well as outworks only here ah if i had become a resident like i was planning to which i never really finished that worry if i'd beyond present a resident like i was planning to
yes i would know taxes there they attacks treaty with the u s so i can deduct what i pay their against what i would oh here you don't end up getting double taxed arm but since i'm not resident now i've no tax liability in the u s seat but if you if you do become a residence somewhere else you have to give up your residents here right no not always eyes i mean in this is not all that this isn't becoming citizens this is just becoming a permanent resident so i dont get a maltese passport or anything like that i get like a sticker that goes inside my u s passport saying that i am a registered permanent resident here there's a thing like that with
with mexico yeah donner resident visa supplied dieting stale in six months time than you have to go back and forth yea that there are all kinds of visas for every country has their own set of rules and different rules why do you citizens of different other countries and do you enjoy this this living in malta doing your online gambling yeah it's pretty decent place to live if i could live anywhere in the world and keep going online poker there's a decent chance i pick some relax inferences go over malta why san francisco i should really like it there i was like gettin rid moved it there vegas just before the deejay crackdown just because the atmosphere the town yes nice place place very smart get one
smart cities i think in the country is also like one was tech savvy the someone somewhere tat people their lot complaints though the on the folks who were there for a long time are complaining about the real say prices your shot through the roof or regular people can't even afford leather live there anymore they can't afford houses i've look the housing crisis in san francisco to predict a four million dollar houses like this like regular house like i was out of formally that arouses two million our house maybe some four million our house friends who live in atherton d or that is it's the richest one of the richest neighborhoods in the country and its outside of san francisco and it's fucking preposterous like their houses worth fifteen million dollars and it's not worth fifty million dollars just not yeah it's just they have a large back yard but it means not large
if you live in kansas rotten nebraska anywhere else is the largest ones fucking area words is ridiculous real estate and it doesn't make any sense like you look at this like how could you ever pay fifteen million dollars was fucking house doesn't make any sense yet that's great but clauses wacky fuckin billionaire google people about their just too much money so yeah me it its supply and demand people want this one spot there's limited space and those people have a whole lot of money it shows me crazy though that you can't live here not that if he so much but it just yet me crazy that you have to like leave the country to do would you do for a living because some fuckin goofy laws are obviously put in place by criminals or people that are too shadiest fur yeah i don't love and such like an awful it's awful so if it does change would be like a something that's gonna
and when the next decade like i think so yeah i mean like poker stars net they try to work on that of the year there is a pretty good chance that they will be in the new jersey market in the next year or so i guess you need to get regulatory approval and obviously the u s pino interests are trying to keep poker stars out it's not a company owned by american did you send doughnuts chris christie guys house over and over nobody who led the men donors and hot dogs and maybe cheese pizza steve say send foods that guy's house he'll say yes he loves food he food probably much zeal our money
and money buys food and this is like cut out the middlemen just sent him the food he did it looks like he's pretty enthusiastic about that yeah he's not this yes about teslas won't allow them to do rex cell teslas which is the shadiest fuck you know i don't know about you know what's the story with how google it i have all the information on i don't tesla new jersey christie he just gross christy says tesla criticism is complete crap he such a fuckin slob conservative criticism over his administrations decision to stop tessa from selling cars in its show rooms in new jersey concrete crap the fact is we looked away for a year to allow tessa do they were doing and we couldn't look away any longer look away what does it mean
they had already been selling cars on mars and looks that they could interpret to stop them from doing that but they didn't for a little while and then decide they would the company cannot sell their cars from the show room they have to show rooms with a company cannot sell their cars from the showrooms or offer their customers tests drives the jersey law on the books since the nineteen seventy requires cars to be sold through the traditional dealership model cases i don't like the law either i didn't vote for i didn't sign it but i don't get to just nor the laws that i dont like cable to actually make sense yeah so probably was bitten food out when he said that public ships flying i was deeds somebody sued or whatever and they couldn't ignore it maybe yeah probably some thing or someone paid someone off or something like that right it's crows i just
our don't its first of all it doesn't make any sense why you have a law like that in place the only reason why i like to be in place for some unpaid somebody off doesn't mean i guess in theory the idea is you should need to have a licence to sell cars otherwise you might sell people real shitty cars that fall apart and then disappear and not be accountable for selling people cars that don't work i guess that the rule is actually a result of a backroom deal electric car makers chairman charges on crime anti tesla rule a new rule that effectively bans there active consumer car sales would it saying in this one article that is in new jersey dot com sounding ready sauce back its furred specifically direct to consumer so like
there has to be middlemen broker you have to have manufacturer who sells to a dealer whose ulster consumer and tesla was selling manufacturer to consumer and so they had to crack down on that is out what's going on isla mask the way he said it he said that if you believe that the law on the books protecting dealers they are for the good of consumer than governor christie has a bridge closure that he wants to sell you which is of course in reference to the scandal that slob close down a bridge for whatever political reason had nothing to do with safety or the health and welfare of the citizens is some political pressure a governor christy's promise that this would be put to a vote of the elected state legislature which is the appropriate way change the law musk said when it became apparent the auto deal or lobby ok when it became apparent
the auto dealer lobby that this approach would not succeed they cut a backroom deal with the governor to circumvent the legislative process and pass regulation that is fundamentally contrary to the intent of the law in case or he's a bullshit artist yet which makes sense sounds about right that makes sense so he's got a bunch issues is also the same guy who's morbidly obese but said that he's gonna stop marijuana from being legal in his town and it won't be legal in his state rather on his watch because of the children you know we have all the children looking at you let their leader this morbidly obese person that's giving out any health related advice whatsoever now just drives me fuckin bananas i kind of shit of course they have i don't have anything against fat people being elected to office but i do yeah the morbidly obese i just don't think it's right
now in its round there really older now if there really good at their job fuck it should be but he's not gonna this job doesn't seem that was france is a hypocrite it's just what i m my issues became only but the mere one thing which is marijuana near and dear to my heart it's fuckin fantastic plan and i think it ain't ever lucian and so i see some non evolved morbidly obese person doesn't care but his health and is trying to push what is talking from a health perspective and worrying about the children emily citing studies that he doesn't understand now by studies that he doesn't understand government studies on that suffer and ignoring the shady ignoring all the positive benefit studies of time and time again been pushed aside because of their agenda oh yeah i mean in my opinion you don't even need to demonstrate that there is anything positive about it for it to be clear that it should be
go just from harm reduction standpoint people are going to smoke we'd better not you tell him it's legal and if you make it illegal then there have been with criminals to do it and there you people themselves in danger and there's going to be more crime sociedad grime the goes with that and that people can be locked up which is more harm yeah this is ridiculous blocking people have non violent drug offences is archaic it's stupid in fact the world organization just recently called for a decriminalization of all eyes are fascinating absolutely fast there i think it is the right thing if you can have drugs and you can have drugs goddamn plenty a drugs or be moon got over a thousand but go to a corner liquor store and you can drink yourself to death now
a drugstore there's a liquor i'll that's filled with enough booze to kill dozens of people we ve given preposterously hypocritical society is malta like that can get good we'd malta no malta's corey repressive on the drug laws really it's a catholic country those folks so what happens if you
cover the joint malta i have potentially a good bit i'm in jail a joint i don't know the fucked up thing with multi drug laws is that they really don't draw distinctions between one drug and the next and there's a bit of a growing heroin problem there and so there's a bit of a push for harsher drug laws to crack down on that and there have been a couple cases of that spilling over into weed and people getting in a lot of trouble for relatively small now we'd sense that does sense that does happen a lot of these small countries or countries that are just not sophisticated they turned the lump drugs together and oftentimes they also tend to prosecute people bakes based on the weight of the plant and they pick up the pot with the planned like a pot like the other groups
the dirt the soil itself and then they count all that as you know they will give you found someone who had marijuana plants in their house no you wade everything it sly price whence is smoke a ball marijuana but it's like many persons pal yes stuff associated with it yeah it's like a snake you little fuckin loophole that prosecutors use and scroll this is when you make make criminals out of people that are just doing what they want to do that doesn't harm anybody else just it's it's it's a loophole just showed you that you have too many laws when that's what it is becomes bureaucracy becomes red tape
becomes a machine that needs fuel the feed itself and its getting to the point that everyone's criminal and that they can just pick and choose who needs to be taken down sent to jail and so that the criminal justice system just becomes vehicle for discrimination oppression because if you interpret the laws to the maximum stringency we're all felons for a million different reasons and ensure that shit you know the internet so felony a bunch of the shit you own in your house is a felony like if you do both of those your fuckin double com yeah smokin pot and gambling online you dirty bastard really show downloading videos that their usual didn't pay for like yeah well that's a tricky one man that's a trick you want
i think that as time goes on it does seem to be changing in making access to legal purchase a bull versions of these movies and things will be much much much easier than it used to be a while back and you know i'm not in favour of putting anyone in jail for downloading things rub but you're gonna have to deal with what is a downloadable copy of something me what is it there's a lot of ethical arguments both ways i like the argument that the people that have downloaded things when they give us our calling on piracy they will know it's not piracy because there was pirates i would take yours and you haven't anymore right it's a copy and that's it true and this is just it's one more example of how people want to use these black and white sort of definitions of things that exists for physical in our car based the hard things that you can put
on a scale that you simply can't do right comes a digital content you just can't you can't do operate applying property laws to ideas pretty complicated especially ideas we're not stealing the idea for a profit right like you new tangled someone is enjoying the idea without paying for yeah it's i'm not saying that's ok to do i'm not either my dad's a writer there their professional artists in my family who need to make a living by selling them art and if you can get all the art you want for free that's fucking them over but i think that there is room in this country for ethical consideration by the consumer so to put it this way like memory napster was around there was a bunch of people there were downloading things for free often napster there were doing the peer to peer thing but a lot
people had this sort of really cool ethical consideration where they would take like face got something they liked it they'll go by it yet they would say hey i owe this guy this fuckin album kicks ass argo by right you know and they also would become fans of the band and then they go see the band live which is even better for the ban because that's more profitable for the ban sure as opposed to record where they get kind of pennies on the dollar that we get the much larger chunk in us others this logic going on you don't mean how is a different that you can download music for free how is that different in some ways than the radio is it just a better copying because the fuckin radios playing your music all day long cause you have to pay for your radio music by listening to the ads in in writing at a dodgy paying for your bandwidth that you used downloaded a all gets worley yet it's all pretty complicated
my point bring that up wasn't that i think it's on that there are laws regulating what you cannon cant download without paying for it but just that it creates fucked up situation when the laws are such that if the government decides do they got a reason to put far can anyone they want in jail more especially now that you're there literally downloading every single voice mail that you ve said every single email that you send from now till fuck who knows when will be in some s a database somewhere and they might go look through your shit and who now you might have said something completely joking like this look this poker shit isn't working out so i'm going to start robbing babies and you know what our shooting bank up and taking the money and then they say oh that's criminal intent and this is a terrorist threat the super fucked up thing you is there i'm pretty sure this is accurate if the unsparing kids
there's a theory bullshit hairs on all me out on area but i'm pretty sure they find that shit they leave the information to the fbi or the local police who then base we conduct a sham investigation to find the information legally so that they can use it in court but they already know what they're looking for rice dns aid guided illegally and just gave it to him yes but exactly do yeah yeah so that should be illegal that match its said snake you fuck my depending pound what you're doing and that's where it gets squarely if it dry you involved in trafficking human try four gang and you know selling children to sex slavery yet there's shit that's bad enough that it becomes just difficult question of what rights you can trample to keep people from doing that yeah
this guy just started we went in and also if our society was just and if all the laws that were in place were in place in order to actual pricked actually protect people protect people from being victimized by bad people but there's no what's going on means a when you come you dealing with most drug laws turn it no one's getting victimized by pot says they're just not they tried to push for a while they were demanding these to have those commercials where these two fuckin no nonsense guys beating dinner and like the guy i would be saying that if you buy drugs in sport terrorism period right an italian eating like to tell you i like it was like giving you this this feeling of authority like it's your dad at sight of broken a stupid nonsense they ve been talking your friends around like not listen listen period end of discussion if you buy drugs your sport terms when he's eaten the salad somewhat
the fact is this what is this weird psychological message you guys you trying to remember that day dogma pretty sure my buddy day there's a guy named jeff who were these mushrooms and his claws yeah what i mean i was buying it directly from the guys were growing so there's no terrorism involved there met they men have terrorized fertilizer pop the top and poured into the ground and we do so silly but i mean there is a little truest like if you buy cocaine somewhere up the jane there's some fucked up people involved in getting cocaine do you and you know why because programmes linked to illegal export o was legal you'd be buying from merk sector fuckin do no glaxosmithkline some of maybe they don't cocaine there of course just ethically
just like a jack daniels of commercial road tunnels are we have seen a man is what yeah pull up what's let's watch this fuckin goofy s commercial it's quite a larry's how they treat you like your fuckin monkey take a look at us yet this is exactly why it is so funny was this it's a ploy this drug money funds terror it's a ploy manipulation extraordinary tehran and why should i believe that the fact that officially achievement so you're saying that i should believe it because it's true that lets you argue in history so the guy in the left the first guy is a more on the handsome guy and the old gentlemen is like is weird it's the dumbest falconer had ever
there's nothing being said it's two decades but why is convincing evidence idea because people were scare their dad convincing for people are too scared to death now here who's gonna fuck and see then go i don't want that guy in sound to be mad at me somewhat by drugs completely ineffective like absolutely one hundred percent ineffectively not one person watch that and didn't do drugs manufacture did more drugs because of that add i got mad did extra drugs but because it so fuckin stupid the treaty liquor moron like that somehow or that's all you have to say like first of all the that was pre internet like two thousand and one not pre internet but pray the effect of the internet and social media social media really change the whole gained the way people communicate the way and they understand information that was pre social media because you can't have those kind of arguments you just can't you can't cycles its fact availability oak you can fly
in spell fact must be why unsolved have that guy come over here and set him down for podcast for three hours dissected dude i send him through the fuck invited but mix splice em up silly bitch we're dead phyllis ridiculous waited expressing an opinion yeah you you know first while you can't make an argument about terrorism and drugs a thirty second commercial its is physically possible yet you don't have a really complicated issue it is asked complex as as biological life itself is unbelievably complex if you want to break down the root cause addiction and where drugs come from what is a drug what are the effects wide is is one term drug wise it a blanket there we throw over things that save lives that enhance cognitive function in and productivity like caffeine and things that kill you and things that are bad and things that makes you know
if more interesting there's all gather under this one big blanket called drugs so you save buy drugs you support terrorism if you have a cup of coffee after your meal i'm going to stab you cuz you're a fucking drug user you crazy ass hole you going to have whiskey on the rocks like a gentleman you piece of shit like em it's madness it's like an that's the kind of shit that was available in a day or was out there before the social media aspect of the internet made that preposterous you could imagine twitter response if somebody tried to put a fuckin video like that you know what hashtag yes our drugs tat yes all drugs would be the fact that the parrot the attack of it there still out there there's something now not like the already not that bad i was what is one that you could think of james if you look up recent anti drug propaganda commercial consulting the doom anymore i really think that their so idiotic
if one child went without a school lunch that was funded by the state if one teacher got paid one extra our someone who made that video should get their dick kicked into a fuckin immediate pulp consists its a waste of money it's a waste of taxpayers money not only that most of that shit when you see that member that talking dog like yeah i wish you wouldn't do drugs i was allows not bring up as in the previous fair it was on my two thousand and nine calmly special so i'm sure meaning that it was two thousand seven or eight yet it was just mocked mercilessly yet i wish you wouldn't you never see me smoke in mid may find fucking retard
sponsorship that's all made by a partnership for drug for america the problem with that of course is partnership for a drug free america has received millions of dollars from alcohol tobacco and pharmaceutical companies can of course my joke was that that's like hookers making commercials against strippers that's really what it's like thirty much like alcohol companies making commercials against pot our farmers who could drug commercials making worse gets preposterous is idiotic as their moors or something recently the foundation for a drug free world a world filled with first walk before we talk about if you're interested in area stuff like really in death i recommend doktor carl hearts work doktor crawl heart who has been a podcast guest and was in his book his book hereupon up rockwork doktor carr heart
he had a great point and one of his eye price high price yeah he's brilliant disability guy and he's the socio professors ecology and psychiatry at columbia university and he as well known for research and drug use abuse and his his man is so clear that it is the best statement not only there are never going to be a drug free america or drug free world you wouldn't want it yeah of course he wouldn't i why would you two drugs our technology the reason they exist is because their effective has because we have figured out ways that we can manipulate the way our mind works that whereby works and whereby feels for good and for bad like all things in life when beings have tools and those tools can be abused or can be used and they can use to be used to the greater good of mankind and that's
drug is just like that it's just like a to absolutely was the other commercial as a bunch of among display logic went goofy for good things in the united states have tried judged by the time they affected soon find out why they always alcohol cocaine prescription drugs over half of kids would suffice knew it aims of the horse they wanted seven out of ten teenagers offered an illegal drug teenagers is talk to them about drugs are forty percent likely to use drugs cable that that's good commercial mean that that's that's like talk to your kids that damages that really wasn't also seven attic ten kids get offered drugs in high school i wonder who those three are those fuckin losers is offering new drugs common foreign policy going to again something you don't take pills you don't know what
don't do heroin that sheds addictive but the only way we learn all these things is by you know the ability to freely communicate expressly china express thoughts rather like portugal has instituted a country wide decriminalization of all drugs a while ago and showing great through has also been fantastic lore crime lord drug addiction you know lord cases of hiv infection just crossed the drawn across the board in you you can't suppressed people you know i i notice as apparent try very hard to not suppress my children i try to explain to them what good or bad about doing things explain to them the dangers of things but give them like the i don't want be the boss you know be the person who can tell them things that they don't know yet and do it because i love them but when you
lose you fuckin tell people actually cause it's drug because the fact effort she t fact i wanna be you to death you fuck and dance shitty propaganda machine walking around with a fucking pair glasses eaten salad ass all ass all face just two fuckin shit commercial that's my least favoured commercializing ever got a direct ever you do fact so you're telling me that is a fact that i'm telling you you're both assholes the first guys and asks about anything like that direct your dad that's it's like a dad thing that guy is like a dad i have a friend who has a dad like that i know people who dad's likely i can talk to him could be like you're a dance why you're son doesn't except your thoughts i understand this you gets away from you he mocks you
i gotta go cannabis conversation i'll fuckin yell at you in your own house when really but that thing that fuckin mr no nonsense guy that mr nancy nonsense guy intimidates people react evasion defect did you anyway fuckin spells fact out like that you should be able to spit on them it should be an automatic that's the first similar the appropriate spare uncertainty idee spit it's not a soul but clearly it's too late for an intellect we'll discussion near you hit em anyone rocks piazzas layers if it does not have taken this fuckin where the boundaries of normal thinking but in out those those kind of commercials are really insidious there in city and there is the roots of them as what's the most disturbing when find out this partnership for a drug free america is just its essential
the business boy yet the alcohol lobby protecting their market yeah i mean it's so weird it's so weird especially like you know it it would be like less only getting out of here and in a bit like a really shitty movie that's attacking like a really are for revealing iraq is in a way of being accepts what it's like kind of away that that no nonsense guys it's than that something that like for whatever reason like even they ineffective way that the first guy communicated if so you try and tell me that's what i'm trying to tell me again i'm telling you anything because both dumb where'd you go idiots this conversation socks and this is the reason why people should be allowed to vote you two dummies
you damn you have it is fuckin salad argument weird and malta worse in terms of drug laws yet pretty bad you you can end up in jail for a very long time for not very much to do something midnight express type shit right if they're moving his arrest no movies ever it's embarrassing really just plan poker odor madman and we are deeply vulgar not much i mean money i'd say like i pray average thirty fifty hours a week ok videos weeks deliver real work to create a real job it very he's or through a lot of you deliver yes it is not a sitting it's not good for your term before sittings the new smoking of i have heard that raise i kind of by it i mean my back his way to fuck for twenty eight year old is a really fucked up destruction
do you really think that a stretch a bit but nothing organised not as good as should be hanging gets bulging distant way do degeneration of discs i'll think it's gone that are you but you i was when i was using this thing for while it's pretty cool this new thing i decided that i like sitting up straight in this better than i sitting on that thing but doesn't hurt you these things are there she was put up it's a second kneeling chair yeah i do know those i've thought about buying one of those two said on opening poker didn't do it well with this good and bad to it it's something more comfortable thing but definitely forces you to sit up straight a buddy line has started playing from a treadmill desk jones honest treadmill while his it's this like specially designed treadmill desk he's like walking real slowly it's not strenuous because the studies show if you go more than
two miles an hour it starts impacting your garden function walking real slowly but standing up moving around all day that's class computer that's probably he's lying in a hurry he's lying in a lot i mainly that eventually treadmill does it gets to lay some virtual reality type shed some oculist rift poker playing valdichiana dope beware vacuous really i'm not you know but i have to tell you oculist does the newest laid his greatest three d show reality helmet that they have created ok my friend duncan whose a big proponent of any loves a shit does he got a copy of one of the earlier ones we tried on it was amazing but it was really pixelate it was like craig one like oh yeah video games like we there's no way you could misinterpret what it is like you you know you remember that really old nintendo one came out like virtual boy virtual boy that's why it was a bad thing was insane red read my
oh got it and he got a headache within thirty men some people get headaches brian got a headache from occupiers it doesn't give me a headache i think maybe the same kind of people they get like a boat sickness like motion sickness on both seasick that's an inner ear thing personally but i think maybe that's a genetic thing like you together you don't get because my kids don't get it but my wife gets weird closing my kids get their robustness from the fuckin old man but anyway this are you a rift apparently it's gotten exe financially better and duncan call me the day i was at the improv and he called me up news fuckin frothy like dude what i just saw he's gonna change everything the world is going to change this bigger than the internet it goes this is bigger this is bigger than the invention of the wheel bigger than it because it's fucking great used fuckin froth
at the mouth i wish i could see his fucking beady i'd like boldly out of his head he was so happy and excited he went to this three d virtual reality developers conference thinking and he the newest version of the actual rift which hasn't reach consumers only any of my right this is a low level sense you like developers but the newest latest greatest one you go into a room and is a guy playing piano and the way they fill apparently they put cameras all over a person's body and soul everywhere you look it's like you you will see it as if the camera like you're looking like you i know there's no break up of the motions completely smooth and it's completely aid de three dimensional like movie like like like you're watching perfect three dimensional for k video she's yeah and he gets you go into this room is a guy playing piano he talks to you and you get to sit down
you can like move near him he can move around him i guess all been filmed like you can chew hinge where you're going while and the video files you any said it's fucking nuts like this sound he said is like three d stare no sound the guy playin the because you feel like you're in a fucking room and this guy said it just changed it changes everything he was he was gone raising he was going nuts he was going that's about it and based on his original one that i talked with which is like i said very pixelated very old school like one thousand nine hundred and ninety video game e type it was already oh yeah then they have ones now virtual boy was fun wasn't would pull up virtual i've never seen before never i'm i'm actually slightly his chair this sort a helmet thing on top of a tripod you mean in to it's just like red lines on a black
ground far member right and their various video games you can play like flight simulator here there are new virtual boy that's the suit the games looked like basically there is very little detail oh god it's all read like that only three d signed devilfish will pull up bomb louis from unbox therapy are pollution he lou has a video on that one that they made with an iphone it's it's a cardboard box he had it here and also as a hardware stars you open it up and then put the pieces and placed in it your iphone there and then he put it on your head this guy it's like so low rant and a pair where they made it that low ran on perfect on purpose rather to mock the oculist rift the arduous rivers this gigantic refuge silica and this is he's
cardboard v are headset hard board cut out that using your phone to create a headset doesn't make any sense anyways i recently made a reaction video in which i gave this contraption to a number of individuals who you might recognize and i got some amazing reactions so given seeing that video yet you should definitely go and check it out but this one is dedicated to telling you in showing you how this seemingly boring piece of cardboard can turn your phone into ace state of the art virtual reality heads so in all his card board cut out that you construct into what she's here now you can actually make this on your own using plans via the cardboard website so you don't need to purchase one of these just get your hands on some cardboard use the plans and you can make yourself or you can buy a pre configured cut out yet
on if you want something that's a little bit more streamlined and closer to a finished product it's about ten dollars and link that down in that mention was neatly cut off here so lou gets their heads but its unbox therapy on youtube and he's got that you could see that as well some video overshooting the i found six glass with a bow and arrow but he got a copyright or hold of the newest the glass screen really i phone sex it's a sapphire glass and you can bend it gets i share with keys weakened its eye greeley super super durable that sounds like a thing i would have some use for yeah this is what my iphone looks there taken a beating up most of whom have but what you can't do that we found issued an arrow through if not the flag
not for the right of remoteness destroyed it yeah arrows and phones dont makes but we know how often you can get shot by five era we ve got a phone and probably not off and probably if your phone is wrong that's not your biggest concern you have been shot by arrows your phone is not is the least of your concern yeah yeah buddy whereby if your personal health so should govern downside been attacked by mongols are usually the era come one at a time how we got on this virtual reality headset thing but yeah i remember that's right oh i remember because violence however ergonomic be deemed to be able to do it sort of like in the oculist world like
think eventually bureau the ground yet a virtual table yeah physical objects virtual cards will or or its virtual screens in front of you minority report style and you're moving them around through this actual rift headset in your standing up while you're on this treadmill and you're walking that's not too far i bet it's not you know the really love this idea this guy's doing of walking really slowly in a lot of people claim of writers especially claim that they gets their best ideas by walking yet they walk specifically in the hold on to tape recorder while walking and then they distort or your walker dog or someone talking tape recorder reacted at his something about moving
like the movement just getting that not nothing heavy but little but a blood flow but your backs fucked up from setting her i mean it's a terrible but one try this door on trial in these jammies here did this to you take a few seconds i generally this is a kneeling chair i just started doing it recently i will try to reply just like this feeling end up you think this benefit now how many podcast do you think you could do if you had to stand up for their be good what you think about that does this is bad enough that the standing up thing i've actually been mess around with a little bit recently i sharply
ochre are in an xbox controller instead of a mouse real and then i don't mean to be fought my desk so i can stand up wow that's pretty cool yeah like a lion your back what about that lying on your back staring up at the ceiling put up green on the ceiling i don't like it i feel like i'm less i'm like paper just on my laptop lying in bed before i feel like i'm less mentally engage lying down i think are sitting up right or standing or a lot yeah i wonder standing writing because i think one of things landing asks are getting pretty popular they are but i wonder if the getting
popular for writers because something about writing you don't wanna be thinking about what you're doing why can only be thinking about standing you just want to be like getting that flow stay air yet one no similar work though down so i not dictating would work well i could see dictating standing yeah you walk round on a sofa arrived only talk to shirk meander yet remember i'm on the phone i'm definitely moving around wandering dictating softwares fuckin incredible now just the dictator software they haven't your phone voice recognition software and you have not really good it's amazing psych the did though the ability to pick it up like you could you know you could get on these these nope things on your phone and just talk into it and it just picked it up and crew well i guess i'll give you a hello you dirty bit
i'm tired of writing so i just figured i talk in my phone ps fuck you period bam pretty good nailed it absolutely ps fuck you period we live in the future the needed it put a period or didn't we had the word period no period even say period it puts appearance exclamation point puts escalation what what what did you i use the word period that's a very good question is limited network abc say a word period when you say the jurassic period does it right the jurassic not or does it have contacts jurassic period the drastic
hello of this period the word for the jurassic p r i owed d can't tell us at the end of a sentence if you say the jurassic period was a very exciting time that immigration the jurassic here it was a time where a lotta dinosaurs god dinosaur pussy period methods but you can use its views which the jurassic
period was a time where a lot of dinosaurs got a lot of dinosaur pussy period yet did at that time got it p s i can tell you at the end of a sentence yeah so nobody's we that is the view as you see keep going it keeps going it thinks over this period but if you want to say now that happened during the jurassic period i wonder if you can get the internet just write that it can tell anyway or if it's the last word and always goes to the dot that happened during the jurassic period period dispatch you that work nice period period works that's how you do it let us say period in the middle east can go and if you wanna see period period then you get the word period a period are i figured out fucking got it got it that's we live in the future
sooner or later you going to be able to do that with your oculus rift no just show it to you on a scroll like some link when was kings grove will appear out of thin air how are you gonna do this programme the zipper for your life you twenty eight by this betrayal of the rocks i mean at some point i'm not can be able to compete at the highest level the way now that that just has to be true right what age eating dennis forty fifty but why would they be what would brain slowdown do they though do they do they say down because of atrophy because of lack of use they slow down because you're dying like what ages and there's never been a seven year old chest world champion how old have a gun i think if these fifty's i think pokers probably similar though
can make a living in both without being one best in the world so make a living yeah yeah but it's like may gets me a lot less fun at that point yeah right you just kind of a journeyman one of those guys they bring in as an opponent for a box or any other we it is still a test still good upon so by them and you'll be living in malta you'll be in jail for part you wanna mobility come back to america what do you have like a strategy leg of how many years you want to do this are you just like enjoy right now enjoy there now and it's just so hard to predict what the landscape poker will look like what making a living in poker will look like ten years from yeah imagine especially the regulations and laws if everybody just open everything up i think it would be quite fascinating yeah
i'm hoping you know there's a young there's an article that are posted recently about the doubt the death of politics is technology in the death of politics and the idea was that data was going to deny politics a lot of what politics is a sort of like manipulating data and that the internet and this free access to information is going to sort of cut out most of the forms of applause licence till it makes sense i would hope that that would also have a similar effect on things like your business is it is it for us take me to know and you have to live in some fucking weird island in the middle of nowhere to avoid being locked in a cage in writing the lock me and engage their just gonna walk the guy who lets me play poker on his sight from the u s and they're gonna steal your money they might still your money i steal your fuckin money the dear j like still in people's money they do they loved their best thing they do you do about it
the de does it to that other d i was doing and in california solaris there were a bus these pot shops not charged with anything take all their money and then say the cases pending and so they just deal a million dollars here hundred thousand their proper happen to a friend my news nother professional poker player professional gambler he took a trip to i want to say puerto rico pressure was puerto rico to play black jack and i can say no there he said the advantage backtrack player the game there was such that he could get edge counting guards so he made trip there to make some money and he flew back into i was i was the lana air ah at eighty thousand dollars in cash on him and he had all the seeds from i sent this bank trend further the casino can i was gonna go will there i gambled there they paid me out this money
i've got the cash on all the receipts clear trail what he did he got there they said you go on a cash metallic a drug dealer to me mine wow and charged with anything they just took his money and when he had to take them to court to get it back and he did we but it took years on a lot of money and if you don't have a lot of money to pursue the case and you don't have the wearer all the navigate the legal system the way he did and something like that happens to you you're just blocked when only eight thousand dollars it seems like there to be eaten up pretty quickly and legal fees i think he ended up suing for the fees as well so he got paid the money back got paid his costs nice bostonian interest now that gas and you don't always win sometimes you're out the eighty they took from you and sixty more you spent chasing one of them
been prevented if he had legal representation like as he landed or had cleared in advance ants you know i'm saying instead of trying to going out along with a lawyer everywhere you own your professional gambler now in me and animated like contact the lawyer and arrange to have everything taken care of as you get there d be is your way around that ah i mean can we contacted alluring travelling with cash and declaring it at the border is a thing fictional gamblers deal with all the time to deal with that before you and no no almost always no problem its legal to carry money you're carrying more than ten thousand dollars across a border you have to out a form saying you're doing so but you fill out the they say why are you where'd you go this money what are you doing with it and i say unprofessional poker player i want it and vague and i'm gonna deposit
my bank account when i get to somewhere else or whatever and its fine was the most kashmir travel with raveled with like had with me on plein i want to share and sudden housing euro within doors not a hundred thousand one hundred k and a briefcase with a fucking big chain attached your rest in a bag a bag let go you jim bag a three way nike bag yet oil conspicuous if you're moving one handcuffs attached to the attached to the vatican dutch choppy hand off to do the same yeah that though the arbitrary limit of ten thousand always drove me crazy to carrying more than ten thousand dollars in cash like well what's ten thousand dollars to bill gates and what's ten thousand
hours to the regular first right but it's only a reporting requirement it's not like your novel and to do it if you have more than that ass a bill gates shows up somewhere in is that why you have a billion dollars in cash sexism bill gates pits i cite a roller our billion in my pocket that could even take a billion dollars on you what's their thousand dollar bill which though is the largest hundred honour those largest hundreds of biggest u s bill needs to be larger the rather used to be thousands or maybe even ten thousands but they were like not in general circulation they were printed for like thanks to hold onto impasse between themselves on the five hundred euro note is i think the large international largest denomination that's like actually circulation i've read that international crime is mostly done in euros now because the lobbies
move around cash in five hundred euro notes if its giant mounts of it that makes sense because a five hundred euro note is like seven hundred u s dollars and takes up some space is u s hundred what is more that what is that right there that's a hundred thousand dollars is that real yet was as gold certificate only prevent once in nineteen thirty four though god damn whose actually be doing with woodrow wilson credulity fuck he's responsible for some shit guaranteed against this background what is the most money that you ever one in a poker tournament in a poker or plant any event and yet it the just cash i've ever had no poker tournament was bout million dollars i finish second in the tournament in australia this year that was a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar by and so you have to spend two and if it does not get it
well like i was mentioned earlier i took on investors to right environment i didn't put up all money self so the baby was a re entry tournaments so i busted once on the first day and then bought in again so i spent five hundred thousand upon the tournament and baker and second i came in second and making money how much is empty to go inside and about a million i don't you remember the number of top ahead you'll be real courage it chose to point something what kind of pressure is there aren't you once you spend two and fifty thousand dollars and you get shags had he come back again it was a rough weak use a series of germans there the first one was the first big one that i played was the hundred kay that was also re entry than i was in six times didn't cash and six hundred grand and you didn't care in and then four days later is the two hundred fifty a sharp for that and
straight away i think you have you have made ready for the giant iron fuckin balls wow six times in a day or after all what are you are you sleep tat night what does that night like jobs we can do that too many times in a row nobody can write what with that exact one the re entry period was open until the start of the second day of the tournament so after the first day i was getting bloodbath condemned on the money and so i come back the next day and play for real and came back and got knocked out for this time on the first and the second is she's right so then after that it was a lot of australian chereas and a long long sleep now
what day is often than the two fifty guy why that's crazy that's digging into the account there finally some damage so when you look at like law is like tat and winds does that make you play more conservatively and upcoming events or did you have to play intelligently period and just take the losses when they come the play are you get more conservative is your bankroll management rather than your play the play from one hand to the next is really about you have to put the magnitude of the numbers out of your head and try to make the best play each time it's on you to make a decision so you and the moment are used then are you still thinking about that six hundred thousand dollars at you i'm pretty good at just get myself in a moment on the the place where you get more conservative is you lose for a while you have less money than you did before that
it started you re evaluate i have only seven five percent money i did a few months ago should i may be so seventy five one of my action in this outcome internment instead of fifty raw say i say that that that's the way but you can get more conservative it if you're going to or losing stretch is playful ours too was the biggest losing stretching over river ah in dollar around in your period garments ah see i'll give you ever gone through like a couple million dollars ah come in where i didn't where i am action didn't have all myself yeah i've lost i guess my biggest losing a couple of days was on the order of fish de million hong kong dollars hung on dollars which are bigger early let let last round
only like six million oh my god designed only six million you as dollars and personally i handle a small share of that so i didn't personally lose what was a small share a million two million was a small jane eyre ten per and six i ran still that's a lot of fucking money yeats doesn't feel good and then of course a bunch of my friends lost a shitload of money do and we'll have to send out the email hey guys didn't go real well that that's the worst part of it for sure is that hey guys didn't go real well but you weren't because everybody's like planning on making a like a profit based on your success in the past year so it's rare that you hit these dark spots would you tribute them to us just luck is it is i mean it's not that right
like any given day that i play poker i might be if humbling cash games may be like it fifty two percent favorite travel winning day maybe less than that ah if i'm playing a tournament i'm a favorite never losing day because tournament they pay about ten percent top ten percent of the field so they're paying top ten percent of yield a really good player ashes fifteen eighteen percent that seems incredibly stressful very stressful is it well how do you feel like about this like as a human being trying to make a living in this incredibly it feels like navigating our minefield arm year it we ve been obviously you ve been very successful this yet you ve turned a very nice profit do very well but the amount of stress that on your twenty eight year old body we're not just your back but your mind racing in battle
these numbers in talking millions of dollars back and forth them down and up and was of you do and to mitigate their i liked meditate everyday what kind of meditation ah just breath focused basically just sit quietly for ever from ten to thirty minutes and tend to my breathing just concentrate breathing and breathing yes tuna stay calm and and i sometimes i'll do an exercise on top of that where i'll track thoughts that enter my mind and label as thoughts about the future or thoughts about the past and that but that exercise does is helps you helps to bring you into the present moment and to see that it's difficult to have thoughts about the present one
you you just have sensations and feelings and experiences of the present moment and the thoughts that you build on top of that almost all about the future or about the past and observing that process is really good for bringing you into the present moment and that that's great for poker because all the shit that stresses you out when you're playing in dealing with these big sway it is thinking about the past and thinking about the future thinking i'm down this much in the last couple of days that's real fucking bad what am i gonna do or i'm gonna win all this money and then gonna buy a fuckin yacht and so often the sunset and both of those are things you can think that take you out at the moment of aright he just bad what do i think you
as what's the right boy so in that sense pokers a lot like life like that i think key to life is to be present its great training for living your life mindfully end rationally and effectively have you ever done any treatments in our sessions in the isolation time i haven't i really want to go on you you make him banks on eve i'm traveled around on them today in malta and allow to get something shipped more vigour how to get them to send me a desk chair malta i guarantee him somewhere in europe this they have sensory deprivation they have a couple of all tat i looked it up and i do have i didn't get around to go into one but it's an across the whole island again no idiots right fuckin their understands their analyze it jesus christ if you do once you gonna realise what i'm making too it is new and why do we not take him really close to doing at once with j c and allay several years ago we gotten the gap and we went to the place macarthur it was closed
well there's a place it's in venice while you're here the float lab deliberations that's where i tried to go it i mean jesse took me there it's amazing they there the best place to the best place in california for sure i check them yeah well i'll try to see if i can look it up when you get out of here call the word we're out of time and would in turn to a pumpkin sorry were three hours and that was the showers net credible flew by yeah follow ike on twitter its ike poker i k e poker on twitter anything else poker stars dot now you're sponsor real quick our plug my dad's book father brooks hacked in is a writer and just published a book called fading hearts on the river that sort family memoir that tracks poker career and all the other interesting shit that's gone on in the action plan of the last several generations it's great red like cool family stories and also in resting meditations on game playing in the meaning of games and how they function in our lives excellent
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