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#532 - Shooter Jennings

2014-08-06 | 🔗
Shooter Jennings is a musician, radio host, record label president, and is also the son of country music legend Waylon Jennings.
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using go. Oh shit, I got a new guy, I'm into arise, so I've been tweet in about your shit over the last couple of months and my mom a huge fan. I love all you say here. A fan is, are we However, the outer offence. I love that I love you. I love that southern comforts on as one of my favorites may, our voters in Sweden about let's see a group that has a group in whose name said in comfort route, real, quick while we're on. Audible thing by the way, when I was wasn't a huge audio books and I'll tell you a hilariously, lyrically awesome, creepy creepy experience is a highly recommend if anyone as our in their there, your buddies thing, they listen to that book, get Dianetics thought another area. So correctly, it's like being a bug in Philip K, Dick Movie, it's like being totally collars, really man the way, the guy reads: it the whole thing and they all package. So who welcome they headed like oh,
you know the read the book commercials, like my whole life. I always heard that shit and I was I come and get the ADI book Dianetics of that shit, whack and highly wreck just never! This for whacking has been by the end of your, like Nato worked up about the concept of what, because I guess, dianetics like I'm kind of incessant Scientology, because it so fuckin retarded in one way and one that seems to me that in the other sites like because it says so, areas and egg, all the craziness you hear about side like rattle of really looked into it around Hubbard and giving Nova Excalibur Dino, but that what is Excalibur Gate. He read a book colleague, Excalibur supposedly big rumor is that this book, but there was like the foreshadowing for Scientology, and I and at that, like he, try to get published and like the three or four people read it. Committed suicide, so he like locked it and evolve into a sea of it, and no one had ever
where that is, but that was like where scientologists warned wrong, so I M so fast they buy something Dianetics was his new book, like that he wrote his eye. When I got it figured out like it's, it's more like this in any kind of like the dialogues with colleagues they have introducing what was in the Excalibur book to like the the mass population. It's pretty fascinating that's an ounce like one of those in the mouth of madness. Totally like the child arbiter book were like the movie were judged. The guy wrote a book in a bunch people I'll, kill themselves and gone crazy murder and peoples, and Neil yeah Neil. Isn't it right yeah? That was exactly that's what the whole rumour about it and if you ve seen the master with a full Seymour Hoffman when he play. Like our own hybrid guy. He had a book in that it was called like the sword or something instead of that, but like yeah supposedly puzzling, like showed much people and they like, went crazy and apparently one
The book is about- and I don't mean like derail- aren't how globalization in this direction, but don't worry, there's no real and thirsty conversation isn't gonna shit. I live Zagreb because they might do this buzzy. There is what the whole that was was about Maude mentality and breaking that apart so like that that no matter what everyone is is really always alone the matter further in a group, but when they are in a group they act as certain wait. It's different, so there's like there's theirs is above the there's. A guy being hung. There's a scene in it were the guy being hung and then there's the mob at once among and doesn't like analyzes like the people in the mob and analyze the executioner analyzed the eyes getting hung like I don't know fascinated with that that kind of like ecology and is what that's why the whole do. You know Scientology thing to me. It's a faster because I'm like how do these peoples they pay money to join this fucking club. It's like you know rule
Rollercade and all that stuff in the sense that it's like you know your new friends in your old friends and they have like they assign people to you and then eventually, you kind of weed out all those other people. But the Hulk saved up it is, is taking the whole concept of dying. Eggs is taking like when you are look here and a dog bites you and then for the rest of your life. You're scared of dogs, like will come said wine Dianetics is that they can take the memory, what they call reactive memory, which, like the dog thing, and they can turn it into a regular memories so that you won't like D get rich guy of all of those kind of little things that fuck you up through life? That's what the concept of clear is and saw that so that when, when you, those things become you not reactive anymore says: if, like you, you hate your dad. And then, for that reason you like reacts certain way to people your whole life like you, cannot even get that out of their seal, never like act on com. You know I'm in here, then you have to pay them a lot of money to have an auditor to go through your life.
Figure all that shit out free, that's where they make all their cash while they give you give them a certain percentage of your income. Great rice, like tithing, like title in a regular church think even ten percent expressly the highest levels. Yeah, you know that you're driving, big one. That's a big one with religions. That's the way they get you. I knew that. I knew that with the other ones, but I didn't know that there was a there was like at writing process. I I didn't. Do a lot of things like I used to rehearse I've been here. I've been living in fifteen years in my old man These were her son Hollywood mine in this place, and there was a day care next door and someone told us learn how he would it vine yeah right, that's crazy, shit right, it was, I d member will know it's Red Cross street from they'll run Hubbard exhibited. I like, and I answered he's like yeah. That's Scientology Daycare there like real hush hush about it, but it's it's Scientology, Psych in
like their lot of that shit, goin down, I'm probably get murdered tonight scientologists become such a joke. I know I know last few years if this was twenty years ago, you'd Evan issue, but the internet a certain expose them in a way that them seems so preposterous eggs seriously preposterous, it's funny! Now it's what they have Big. Psychiatry kills thing to that. Big of it is that on sunset tours where the fuck is, he is What that is yeah, that's exactly that! It's it's on Israel, sensor. Hollywood delays are mags door. They I hard drives, and I saw that amongst the street. I didn't know that when I was algae, wow- I gotta go in there and check that out because they don't believe in their undeniably lot of medicines been in certain ways like I consented, I kind of the point in certain ways, like I mean I've, been I've to psychologist, for my life and when I went to one for like relationship counselling and in of course like it becomes like they want to die,
about you and I'm like I'm, the kind of guys like I don't like whatever problems and issues. I've had my life. I work through them like I've, never dated I've, never seen the need to really kind of I don't know, I'm like an angry yeah, there's another shit, I'm angry at from when I was little I've kind of dealt with all that you know what I mean Sometimes, when I see signs Doglike Tom Cruise be unlike screw, that's not my gear Tom cruise like global, even though your weird lead I invited of dear you, show yesterday we were never able to outline a you. You do come on down there to talk to you about your magic. The other is that you Joe Rugged- and I was really serious about those three areas- hours and merely Manson down like crews. That would bit odd if he showed up it would have been off. I did talk to you, stop being so glib. Have you seen the guy on, and I suppose not like this guy, because he did he did dis my best friend and manager, which is not cool but I'll, decide that
Previous to that, when forgot, sticky, there's a guy on twitter name, not Tom cruise. Do you know this? Gonna did he's hilarious, He just talked to Isaac blowing rails as Britney spears all day, long and driving down at like he just talked about being a coke out of state and like how he's like Scientology rules and he's like looking for bitching unlike hanging out with you, know, Travolta doing rails, and yet his Higgins graduating. I think, stance against psychiatry. It's it's. They ve got some good points, but there's it's like all things. This probably it's not the complete black and white issue. It's not like psychiatric drugs are all bad or this antidepressants are all bad because I personally know people that word. Like close to suicide. Yes, oh yeah, I agree. I agree with that too. I think that the best of his good, it can be good, can be They can also be a crotch. Yet you know in that way and I think a lot of times may here's the ears thing. I have it like one, dear friends, gay word for me. I turned me down over this, but his brother he's got ferryman
where'd. She go out on the size and George record. Indeed, I walked out of my house without my vinyl, I'm stack of idols for you, what this means we have to hang out right will hang out and be happy too. Very Miller. Correct living in a minor key, which is on the George record, an unfair and worked for me for nine years still does but he's in a ban on these do an off his brother was on. Does those medicines in in stopped hard like culture, he comes up, will cause it went crazy. It's like you have to like that. You have to really really be responsible with the site like drugs are changed. Your mental you know, and sometimes like you said so now, does wonders for people to change their life and then sometimes can be really damaging exhort. You have to be careful, but the same time Scientology no drugs dance. Like I don't know you don't think that's responsibly.
I think there is a reason why they come up with a lot of these drugs, and some people have benefited tremendously. This people that you have natural chemical imbalances in the brain and the idea that someone who doesn't know how your brain works can say. You know, oh, you dont need it because I dont need it. You don't need it because might doesn't need to crews doesn't needed. So now, John FUCK over here, doesn't needed either. Let's crazy, some people benefit from them. They are tremendously. Sometimes they can use even user things as a bridge. You get really tough times in your life, you can use these psychiatric jugs as a bridge and then get a healthy place, and then we yourself off or your life in order of red stuff about people doing that too, certainly think, they're all bad, but I think the agri and there's a lot of heat hold that don't take care of themselves and then just to get depressed and just take a pill and now the better. Well, maybe not. Maybe you would have been better off if you start eating better and maybe stop drinking as much and do
but an exercise every now and then and probably you'd, feel better? They would help you know so I, and also that the Scientology things we see a guy like Tom Cruise, who is undeniably wacky, but also undeniably successful It is always positive, like he does his interviews. She's got a lotta Energy is, like men is of benefit to them, this deadly. Something to that ended. There is doubly something that, especially when you get a guy who's. In that much I mean that much power and as that has had them and success you know in has that much influence like I mean you know either there I know that they treat him like. Like he's the he's, the ledge or another junior or something so I'm sure he he's love that cited it, but the reality is like it. He friendly stuck I mean there's gotta, be something to me. Like I said the reviewed the audio book of Dianetics is funny. Is that is it is it is
fascinating, because it explains why he's always a fuckin good mood all ends. I am the good? It is clear thing. You know his gaze really figured it out any like really happy Alla time enough. Who knows he might be, or you know he might just shut the door when the day is John, and I thought I could wish also to Korean fucking fish all over them round flopping around like a fuckin animal, and we know now. I like they're right, I have friends or unlike somebody's gettin, beat somewhere in this guy. Doesn't society now you know somewhere he's gonna pledged. So what is the people that you can tell their holding back the negative. Ok, I find You know, you'd tell us from this. Guy gets away he's gonna fuckin do so, there's some people that are actually com, and that is something we can tell their keeping together. But there's a month, you're inside just right using at the cage, fog and get out here, that's uncomfortable when you you, you know
If you try to explain to someone you like well, listen, everything he said was good. He used all the right words. He was very much, but I know this The fucker was hated inside sigh and they like that. Since your perception, sir, I mean you can't prove that now you can't, but Nobody knows that one. Do that's like that. Course. Man like yeah so funny, it's true, though my next door. Neighbor, my old houses, scientologist he's a nice guy synchronized. Why? Why be scientologist when you're just some guy like that's what I want to know because they worship actors and they were. That's why I think they worship to act. Hers and their wishes and artists, because that influences others to become scientologist, I think that's the strategy right, the media and in this, but you know they. Gonna deify, like like, anyone who does anyone art tat S kind of a superior being well in a way like listen,
Ok, I'm a shooter, Jennings Van. If five found on the shooter Jennings is really in the Scientology, where the fuck is this, that written into a nigger, I see so keep some positive, and that came to put how bad ass, music, ok, for control. Others, and that's all you need Scientology men look Tom Cruise, bad mother, fucker, ok, Tom Cruise doesn't take any drugs tankers drink water every day, Tom Cruise runs Marathons Tom Cruise, the fucking piece I want to be like Tom Cruise next thing. You know you fuck and hold them onto these Campbell soup cancer attach with little wired rain. You, yes, I ve ever done are no and I did it. I didn't really. What I'll do it with you? I would love to outdo Hartley. I dont know if they would take me, and now I mean You'D- have to have someone who doesn't know you are and right. I definitely founded due to didn't know who the guy was in his late. Fifty did you just walk in and I was on that goes on in San Diego, I was
their filming for this tv show little doing CBS called the game show in my head. We put these some little. Your pieces in someone's, I could talk to them and then I gave them. I tasks that they had to go to I got a cell water to people that came out of a hose The deal much like where economic means people dare to tell their play a fake news reporter and convince people to tell them they ve been abducted by aliens and always different language, but why we were. There were filming. They had this dynamic set up as it was in this outside public place or a lot of foot traffic was so had to die. Netteke set up and they had their immediate or whatever the thing lawyer has caught and it had its like two cans looks like two. Like things: the liquor Campbell Soup can they took the wrapper off and its connect. Strings and so a really care with the glue yarn dissolve under this side. Did it in the guy wasn't very compelling
no good at it, but I got to ask em all sorts questions and read into it and gave me some brochures or something like that. Try to get me to go down there it. What what when he did the auditing, though I mean they, how far they don't really I'm sure, because they're trying to commit someone come back that they're, not gonna, start diving into like real personal shit, but surely they? What do you do? two questions. I don't remember it was very unremarkable. I remember I was peaked this is one of the problems, which is why I was well to do at the first. Otherwise I would probably just hovered and watch other people. Do it, but actually knows dumb questions like dumb questions about your childhood with your career. You know you're happy in your relationship and you know they just get a reading on you allegedly from this non scientific unit of measure. Instrument, so wacky, that's so I lackey so I see we could spend. The whole thing talking about is because it so It's one of those things were like there's a bunch of people in on a joke. You know you're, like just
wanting someone to say to say: ok, we're just fucking, no one. What those people, leave systems the thing about having those belief systems is that their very empowering for people who believe in em like if you, if you look didn't go, wait a minute: Winwin Fuckin, planet, Z, new, really yeah! I was insane like doing about this will actually brought up act cover. What you're talking about an I pulled up that website that Mark Scientology Z, new dot net. I've never been there with my favorite sabre. They have everything they have. They of the entire Scientology, like like everything about what they believe all operating. They mainly logger at that of Wikileaks, Braden they the operator and mainly like level three which is fairly well. I guess tankers like four five or six years of dimity was three nuclear lights. They have different manual
He knows he was three a couple years ago. Now is for five or six. I don't know areas that I am in keeping out with his level. What rank is that, when I know, is ranked up because they ve liked given They made up some new ward ram piracy that video leaked using all the stuff that was like they made up of this. They made of this thing. They never had before the guardian of the Galaxy conduct. I gave it to him and he was like like saying all that she made no sense easy on their words in starfleet leaked to the internet and we put music to it and she a gorgeous Yad, so good to work are it is it is man I mean almost. It is almost like, like something that you would exceed see from some artist is doing some like fuckin peace. Yeah, where he's a man, maybe so brilliant. Like you just said Leaped intolerable I've been just listen. It helps my acting like
pretend to really be decisive for this long. It's like the dumbing down or may the new and come out of this in the previous. Oh, my god. It's genius for there's like theirs. They all thing were Jim carried gorgeous care occurred, carries character, is like it, insane asylum over this Dover that check them. Samsonite A is from the first one and then it turns out. He was like joking like for twenty years and avoid Lloyd. You mean to tell me that you ve, been even further king for twenty years, offer gag any like yep the amazing, if we did that, that's the only way, good partition and work and the only way that our president in this country. There was actually going to care about the people as they have the lie their way from beginning to end the moment they get an office and in it flip and then you would have to also have a cabinet. There was in on the lie. Like you, I too have everybody with you. It was working with you like. Ok, we're just fucking around we're gonna get in their work.
Change. Elinor, you never be altogether in the real trust person yeah. I think that the system is so far rigged, though that to matter earlier that, obviously, because at the same people are like this running at a minutes, it's like you know it's like whoever's. You know they had when windows. Ninety five bad, the fuckin start me. Then the rolling stones and now, like whatever their commercial, are acknowledged. The same fuckin company. It just looks different. Everything in right yeah. I think it's silly when people are alike voting is silly. This is this is my whole thing with that, because it's like what is the fucking difference like first of all, there is who who were like sir, I may be going is loud people's opinions of this, but, but people who are so gone. How on these certain politicians and lobbying for them? person, and there, like so excited Obama's like in change everything and it's such a media Osmond, often and like offers by presidents awesome, but otherwise, like it's the same fucking guy,
same shit over. So I look at people or like really gone. How about one guy? Unlike? Are you fucking, crazy, like India, who, what we you're buying this I mean I nobody's, bought they were so I mean, like you know like built goes on our city hall, like that change like this you watch the nineties thing that has been unnatural. Geographic recently, there's others, it series called the nineties and it's like six hours, the whole thing, and I sat and wash her one day in its off and they made it really reminds you how much shit you work attention to in the nineties and how rigged it all was like everything like Osama Bin Laden was unlike They didn't interview with him and like Ninety eight or ninety sit what when was OJ. Ninety four yeah, it was right around there s. My reason for ever was OJ. I don't OJ was oh dear Malik, Lewinsky, but one of those things were going on at the moment and four hundred thousand people watch this interview with a sound line he's like
He says on areas like we're: gonna fuck you and you're gonna, Watch it on tv and you're gonna be crying when it happens, and in life for people watched it. Nobody cared and like the exact but there are areas when, like monocle, insecure or bow J was like in the prime and everyone's like looking over here. While I this I ever hear no Samas, just fuckin bullshit iii is is fuckin. The presidents and everything like like year like a summit did not fly that plane. I mean there are some people who did she shit in their people involved then we will never know the truth about any of it, having no matter how how hard we dig. You know what I mean sets like to me. It all seems so silly when people get so roundup like they, they believe They have to believe it's like Satanism. You have to believe in God to be a sadness that seem so stupid to me, like you have to be christian, If you want to be in the church of Saint- and you have to be Christian first, because you have to believe that whole thing
to believe that there is a Satan to join the church of Saint. That's isolate. Is that true, yet blooming? I thought, though, that Satanism like really in its final form, was really just about hedonism. Were that's true, but like erasing pleasure that the concept of like of likes of sea when there is like the Somali Crowley church in there's, like the kind of like the Levey Church, which is what your kind of time, which is just essentially like, like anything you hedonism arrive. Essentially, yes, but like the writings and the teachings in the in the things that they were they reference Satan as an you know they all those kind of like rituals and shit or silly, because it's like you, ve gotta, be in the frame of reference of Christianity in the Bible and that. You Norman here it was really scary. It be something you ve never heard of in some creature you ve never heard of a near like be terrified. You know it's not the same. A guy from the Bible which has gonna make it into a thing. That's. Why it all seems zealously, Believin MAGIC, believe in magic tales? It should make it won't you
Do you have to believe in magic in fairy tales believe a garlic Obama's gonna fix the country yes deserves. The same system is so beyond rigged. It's in its so transparently rig. Yes, you have to end if to fix the system. You have to end banking, it in the Federal reserve. You have to get the corporations out of control of the media and everything I mean and representative government yeah and influence a representative government by special interest groups and lobbyists you'd have to completely revamp everything system. That's just completely broken, I others, not in working about it, it's so there so many like fucked up pieces of it that as it trickled down from the top to the bottom, It's just. You know how I got one water like water, those through when you may see springs like natural springs, the color that water's going through all this rock and all this sick. This ground- and indeed
so it filters everything out of the water comes out really pure and delicious to drink, but it could start out really fucked up. It all gets too, while the opposite is true. With politics, like you'd, have a great idea, and you get yeah yeah you'd have someone who has great intentions, but by the time they get through the filter. Of course, durations and special interest groups and lobbyists in this, and that in Riyadh put it comes out empty, yet there's nothing left, it's always going to do that because there is out there they want it to be that way. You know that to me, like you said it's, it's so fucked up, and it really is it's really because of that that now, you know the name for centres, one prisoners thing it's I mean because you just how these are just the corporations have too much control and they there like the net neutrality thing, the train did to cut that out and that's like there too. Literally giving all the power to like these. You know by common shit like not that by com, is the any time.
You look at a cooperation as an individual, which is what they keep trying to do. They they're doing that as far as their ability to do to political campaigns the dune as far as like their responsibilities there, they look at their to trying to look, corporations as if these entities should be given rights like an individual given rights like a human being, but that's that's crazy, in doing so. You will you're. Also doing when you have a corporation is you dissolve the responsibility of each individual for the actions of the group right if you're going to give corporations responsibilities or if you're, going to give corporations the rights of an in Joe. You should also be able to charge every individual in the corporation as if they were guilty for anything that the corporation is in trouble for right, and if you did that, then it would in the actions entirely of the corporation, because right now save you. You're part of corporations corporation likes
go to Guatemala and build cell phones and in the meantime, you fuckin shoot rabbits and fuckin poison the wells, and you know who knows what kind of horrible and anti human shit there doing in these third world countries and pollution and genocide, and those of a group of people that doesn't want them to clear cuts. They fuckin gun these people, then you find out about it all later and everyone involved in the cooperation should be response. Right and that's the only way, you'd ever stop any that shit from going on review. If you looked up Bp Perfect example, the foot of the oil spill in the Gulf, which fucked up, so many people's lives mean does so people don't have a voice. You not hearing from the fishermen, United hearing from the people have had to clean that shit up not hearing from the people they lived in the towns, was the one who got really sick because the dispersants this so many individuals. If everyone in
BP, was prosecuted as fully responsible for the actions of BP. I mean man, she could get crazy. The added literally every single executive, every single- were everybody re heart of a corporate. They raise, these opposite dies, as was even crazier. Oil is subsidized. You know that the amount of factory that's involved, when you get heavy duty money involved in in corporations in, and then those corporations have influence on politics and they have influence on the way law. Reformed and structured. The way our society functions is its madness, its madness and I don't know what the solution is, but it'll you and until you figure out a way to to not have these big groups of people that have this does diffusion of responsibility now because of your in our sugar Jennings, is a part of BP and BP. Does I'm fucked up
the old man. That's fucked up! I can't leave my company did that, but oh well, I got a raise. I didn't do it Then you can sleep tight. Knowing that you didn't do think personally, but you're part of a machine that did something that it really does. I was accountable that I'd be so pierced I'd be like you know like be beyond that. I mean exact. Let's that's vacillating. That's fast a point right the doll these companies, like the courts, are in favour of the corporations a usually in its labour by. I can't believe what are at one in three companies own eighty percent of all television or something something ridiculous in the eightys, it was like sixty companies and now it's three yeah just any just look at the way that the world is the way that we reacted to the media. We react to this shit like that. You know, I don't know it's. It's amazing unfilled. Did feel like when we were younger that like within it with things like the BP oil spill, havin stuff, like I think, if that happened now that we would hear about it,
mean familiar oil spills just happened, then wasn't A longer bp was a couple years ago there was like ten years now near for years was partner, mine, the big one was the Exxon Valdez that happen. No nineteen, eighty four, eighty one, we are those a big one. There was a thing which is by the way that areas still fact. Of course it is- teenage IE eight and they they killed off a massive amount of salmon and guerrillas about our come out of their festering yeah. But then it's people like you and I that drive cars and you know, need gas in the you know you buy an Iphone and how's it going to fucking, get to the apple store to put that bitch in truck, and it's got to drive it over there or no other way. You know the whole system is just and set up without a whole lot of foresight, like did, did it was set up to deal with what's available right now,
and no one sort of saw the future of how things are going to get ugly and where, where it could become problems and how fast and how much carbon can you get into the air until it starts fucking with the weather? And you know her friends just so much and then there's so much momentum also wants like the thing about like politics and the saying about the influence of corporations and special inch Is that it's sort of been this way for so long that come in now and tried it's almost like, there's a train. Running through your neighbor John John John John John and his two. Strangely, we stop this train de grab. It like honey, you hold onto it. We need to do is put some stuff on the track. What's gonna run over that stuff, we'll have worked he's, not the train. We gotta grabbed the bat and put a lot of weight on. It is going to work. No will there the things that were doing to try to like to reform politics like from an individual point of view, there's complaining about an on line of writing. Blogs are doing this in its akin to chew
grab a hold of the back of the train and did you he asked yes, I agree the only way to do this move. Where the Icelanders online and I don't mean, like Movie USA, that mean in men form in kind of like they don't you feel I mean I feel like the only that of the people What kind of red and Research that Canada is anti establishment? Yet it seems to be that. If they tell you you know you got a you ve gotta, do they
now you gotta, wear Blue sure every day they only where the only way to dead to fight any of his by not doing it. You know I mean like just just whatever, but at this point in time that they have convinced this entire country and convince the entire world. This is how things work and you have to go along with it like Jup jobs, and you know they like the fact they keep. They like the fact that everyone is written out about money Alla time they lay squeeze the middle and lower class. Out of that, you now is that their freaked out all the time that the both parents are having work all the time the kids are in shady day cares within education is terrible, and it's like they that's how they keep that and control unanimity, but must be both just want the life and accept that and say that's the way it is and in a nazi is very few people that actually stand up in trying to figure something else out. But there is not really a solution, especially that that someone like me
give anyone, but, but at the same time like I can sit back and look at it in comment on it because, like the back ribbons ragged, that was my wheel, my my getting like there was right when the new economy fell in two thousand nine, the very beginning, it won't do that ain't done immunity as nine George Bush was missing and Bhamo Likin real glorious at the time, but nobody was doing anything about the collapse of the economy and in the bank. Bailouts were happening and it was just like man. This is insane. It was like the scariest little point in time you known and that's kind of where that and came out of it and for me it was really my comments on the whole thing and by haven't Stephen king, be the dj and do all that shit like that what he his character was really what the record was about it and was carried by keeping hope and hang you, no small communities
that you family in- and you know that this kind of like friendships and things like about that level- is the only way that people like unions, you know, were started because it was like people. I can't take this shit, we can take this anymore and they said that connection that level. That's where you can grab the train and you can you know when enough people, it's like that monkey piping man, when I was I was in York living at a time when knock their wall. Street thing happened then, and my daughter was going to a school in the financial district so like when I drop her off at school, and I have me and my buddy would walk over to the like my wall, street is hang out in the middle. The whole thing you know, I'm a guy, the bad wrap in. I had these different things, but those motherfuckers were standing up to the man and the man was like fuckin shootin. Being bags, adamant, shit and do you know it was really crazy, like their their books and the cause for burning the book and she had it was. It was like some Siena like Nazi Germany when we walked others pouring rain, your people on the trees
every ten or twenty minutes like a whole bunch of cops with those fucking guard things run through the fog in place and not some guy of yellow shields yet make sure you know like riot shit like their copyright, but where greatest scene. I think someone filled it and I was therefore it that's. In the middle of that thing, that encampment Dogma Wall Street thing with my friend Lincoln We turn around man in this fucking cop comes run in with that fuckin shield just slips through this raining any just eat shit and falls down man and leads likely for these beckoned hippies, your like hey, you, ok man, you know, even though,
Mr Miller, FUCK you back here that man is mother. Fucker just did eighty shit running into that day in european history, laugh in a mad dog all that occupies stuff to me. It signals that this possibility, like it wasn't entirely successful sort of awaken people to the idea of protesting. You know that you can protest in the mass scale, get a lot of attention and people are willing to get involved because a lot of people did involved. But it also said to me, as if things got Your squarely like, but when we almost invaded Syria, the and then the the response was so strong against it that you don't hear a peep about invading Syria, we went Obama came on television and gave that speech it was almost like invading Syria is inevitable. And everybody was like for you, man for you and then it stop. There was silence in the news, like you literally, don't hear a peep at the government talking about
the inevitable invasion of Syria. It just doesn't exist anymore, because the you blame your last words, wife or something on television on everything. Oh look over here. This is happening on the ground. That is the right and the left were against it and if they had gone forward, I think It's an action like that and I think they're calculated in that response, that, like when you have a million people like like a ship. Saying and there was one of those some one of the dictator's I forget which, when it was it, was ousted eager. I forget one which, when it was a long time ago, but it was because he had said that if there was more than three people that were together that were protesting as a group, they would be shot on site. I forget which dictator was in in two days, three million- people, were in front of his castle calling for his head, and it was like Oh shit like when you have half a million people on the streets that are calling for your head, the fucking, the gigs out.
And the real that the numbers when you deal with the press, and the secret service and then the government in the Milton the actual numbers of those people that you would need to protect against a mob of food? Five million Americans have had enough and then come with rifles and go. Ones, and just storm. The gates, like everyone, worries people say what do you do that freedom, second amendment. Will you need a gun for what? Why do you need a gun? You don't need a gun like TAT was that was written back when there was musket. Let me tell you something if the ominous thing ever hit the fan. The shit is the fan like that and all of a sudden you ve got your four million people that are showing up on the White House long and then they, start storming en masse, and they literally call for the president's head and rip him up. On national television, that's not out I the realm of possibility, given a few.
Terrible decisions, a natural disaster a nuclear bomb goes off somewhere in Chicago the fog it hit the fan and then next thing. You know there's a million people with guns apple, buys Jesus anything can happen any good. Only anything, that's what I got out of occupier Wall Street. I gotta like this is this kind of dissent Its manifesting itself in this form right now, with this bunch, people with Fuckin drum circles and they're, saying enough is enough. That was it was too hippy. Is there was the one issue was it was too it was too too low Combo yeah wasn't mean that even though it got rowdy there at the end, it's like it wasn't enough. You know to me in there what happens when we liberals go, he like go protest and then in theirs, when the right wing is proud, as they have a whole, never ritual. But it's like that. I feel like when you look. All of that, like you, said it's, it's the power of it. Man I mean
Edward Snowden. Shall we get into that? You know you could get into the power of like how that's czech member Everyone is like do the cloud. The cloud is so fuckin cool, that's gonna, do everything and then snowed comes out and real life. We don't want our share in the cloud like that. I'd start changing rebranding the gave the word the cloud you know like you, gotta Europe and still the cloud, the cloud, the cloud, but here they everyone start getting little like what does it matter if it's the cloud, as is their own? Writing your goddamn yeah there's! No! Regarding our drive there there packing your hard drive there go in writing there pulling out, your data point all your credit card information pulling out all your your contacts. You know if you who are a person that is involved in some controversial activity, every one that you call everyone that you talk to. They get monitored now like. If you you start talking crazy shit about the government in this part gas, and then you make a phone call. If the innocent decides to moderate you, they can monitor your buddies they're going to monitor people you fuckin play pool
we're going to monitor a guy. You go drinking with everybody gets monitored and you all becomes aspects you I got mine. I guess starting monitored after one on the show our debate for you even desire to go on this. When I was too, about you probably start to get my verbally and leave you probably already modern. Before that, probably probably wouldn't out. That's ridiculous means like look we're, not criminals, No one's these, these aren't criminals idea that your monitoring, ninety nine percent, the country or whatever the fuck, the numbers, arts and foot- is everybody a criminal and then there are other monitor each other. The Senate, they they fuckin the inner say was there will respond, I'm a goddamn Senate it at did. You read the thing about the world of Warcraft with it? What one of the documents you know that game the world of work from yeah. It's like of days ago. Online roleplaying aim would like a million millions of players gone around the world and they had they had enough agents in there because they are saying that that terrorist groups were were me,
being in those games, they would go in the game and they meet in Atlanta, but they said had so many NSA agents in world of Warcraft that they had to assign other NSA agents to watch those NSA just inside world of Warcraft. I mean can't you see these motherfuckers sitting there like playing like he's like a level fifty wizard you know is like today yeah and can drag at noon. We, while their busting of people who are pretending to be terrorists, so they you bust other terrorist. There's like yes, that's what a great idea I'm going to go on and on line game, and I want how many times there have been under cover sting operations were an undercover drug dealer,
selling drugs to an undercover de agent, posing as a guide to the moon. But is it? Is it right that I totally is right in India and then one of only now there and then everyone tries to cover it up and it becomes some crazy story. It's kind of it must have happened before it has two had application, only one job street and the movie with their the cameo, with the woods named, Johnny Depp, maybe use these The new twenty one juncture now now with great is. It is wrong as a great cameo Johnny. That, though the is blue that, for you, then web similar. That point, I think I'll be ok, undercover guy blowing and for the other guy these guys start spine each other. Like there's a c. I think that the Senate is a bunch of criminals. Is that's going on or do you just have carte blanche to spy on people, so you, like fuckin lifespan guys, let's by everybody, out trust him for deck islets by him. What's its final word is declining
design and his hard drive. They said they passes around the office source they did in these. Instead they did it. Also they d like spied the people that worry and offer they spied on x, girlfriends. Fine girl. That's it that's the smartest thing. They probably did mean man, you really when are you know what, after that, go on in a joint essay on work? My way, all the way to the top just fuck her for the rest, for. I've noticed when the CIA spies on the Senate. I really think that they should bring everybody involved and long term. You guys you not only did you violate everything, these was standing for you, guys post to be looking out for us, The way you're looking out is by spying on the fuckin Senate. Look like you think that the Senate is bad. They think that they are involved and are they terrorists? the enemy they work for the Fuckin Russians like what are you tell when the fucker
who do an here Winston money, but you should go to jail just for wasting tax dollars just for fraud. Tending that you hear rumours solving democracy or that you're here protecting and serving you should go to jail, just firm, misrepresenting what your job is now he's got a gun them crux bunch of them and that's why I love like I'm on the Edward Snowden team, because it just like fakir like that's all you're, that's gotta. You know that, like movies were made up like that, we wanted. We wanted app and we want some got to be like YO. You are all are getting fucked and I'm going to willing to die over this shit and tell you about it. You know Yan, four Obama, was in office that whole hoping fuckin The change is website was all about protecting whistleblowers. All that shit was removed once all the stuff going down with Edward Snowden and Would Julian Assange, but before
He was all about protecting whistleblowers who exposing illegal activity. Guess what that's exactly? What Snowden did everything he did is protecting people who are being exposed to dangerous elements of our control government, that's that's really. What's going on, I didn't realize I was on the Obama pay me. I never went to the about age, but at the same time I am I I never knew that. Then he said that one o clock a shit. Yeah Jesus I mean you're like we had to say: hey Snowden come back here. We promise we're, not gonna, kill you like Yet when America has to say that you not, I mean it's like fuck, we're fucked Howard Stern says. Man, you know is like we're like the last dinners we are like than leave
what say, we shouldn't police the world, but the reality is like. Ninety percent of world, like murdering their own people, are like stoning women, death like there's all these other countries like there's, not many countries, it that says: hey fuck and stop right here. That is what we want for America's. What we hope for baby, look at a new look at the innovation and all that it's like you know, It is hard to get all hype dove and excited about it. I mean, but our World changed so much man. I was talking it. I was talking to I'm thirty five hundred mine about that is about how my generation. It was like our world is so fat compared to everybody else is because I mean it's probably just getting worse for the other kids, but you know we saw like we are forty alchemy, as fourteen could come into his brains out. So I went at a time like you're just can't I was just kind of every kind of hopeful. And then, when that happens, that's the first time ever happened. It was so dark. It was so like theirs.
Photographs floating around in my eyes, full of shit. I remember gonna be like man. This is dark, but a kind of through me. I was really in an age nails and in man censure like that and like through, beyond that world. Even more- and you know I everybody loved the dark, love the dark, and then Fuckin nine live happens were like twenty twenty one and it's like holy fuck like everything chain, after that, bringing everyone everyone. There is the lot darker. Everyone I realise that yeah, you know that might just these massive assaults can and here you know there is always kind of like dreamy, its No! It's America thing it's like we always kind of, even though there was a lot of corruption would like from Nixon too, like the other Kennedy assassination is shit which was coming. The start of like, like televise eyes were published in a broadcast in certain ways. Newspapers like DAF, mass death and weird crazy shit like that
you look at I, there always kind of hopefulness hopefulness. I think like like after nine eleven after China its guy people really like disillusion to it. You know they do not have that same, that same kind of feeling that there was going on in there. He's a nine. I note your sand, like the perception of what America stands for yeah yeah, to be that everyone else around now already is to say it's the land of the free like theirs. They still I mean you know, you still got a New York in the cab driver, guys who by the way, only driven for two weeks, because he got here two weeks ago, like he'll, still tat you, like I'm goddamn so habit America, of course, vizir city and its beautiful, and there is a beauty to that and in what we are for the rest, the world, people that are in these fuckin terrible countries may escape and they come here and it's like that. That's great bill, in comparison to the Congo, where awesome it covers. The Congo we are at the same time were also like. We were like kids that you know like. I think the couple generations before as it was
the parents stay together and it was like great, like we're the kids them I'm shot the dad and got away with it and we're like all right, you mean like like- are our vision of of America is kind of like we really can a hate, our parents, but where are you I mean like like at Yale. That's unaware! When I set about what I'm. What am I know is. I am now like. I just feel like we can never this weird. Will this work all the wherein the three of us and everybody there no kind of now? It's like we have this, this kind of just disdain for things like even this fuckin sandy hook and all these terrible things that are happening in and everyone wants to focus on the gun rights thing. When there's like mental health issues that need to be dealt with theirs, kinds of stupid at there have been crazy people forever. There have been murderers forever. It's a good changing the system and trying to get me just everything just seem so fucked. You know, like you, wake up and you just wanna watch cartoons be definitely don't wanna watch the news and doubling a woman.
One of the reasons why things are so fucked in as far as our perceptions is because getting more information about the real dealings of our government now than ever before, because guys like Julian Assange and because the guys like Edward Snowden, one things that people dont like about it is like. Well, you know the experts American secrets are putting Americans at risk as well. Maybe what Americans are? doing is putting Americans at risk as what they're doing is exposing truth, the others so exposed. Things that we don't like. I remember after September eleven one of things that are found like the most shocking about it all was how many american flags on people's cars- I would drive to work and that will like crazy american madness meant every car had an american flag on it. It was not so J, London, J, London selling american flags losers are made at times
I mean it was insane when that happened, like exposing secrets in Hurrah Aldo exposes secrets, is put guys and lives in danger. Nyjord Snowden, that's like telling you that yeah, but that the Viking. The flags man. There was insane. It was because there was a since nobody who knows if that was real like there, I mean you know, I mean it was real people buying the flags. The sense of of of nationalism was real, obviously, but at the same time like There is a side of it. There was just like it, there is marketing and there was all these things in their. There is like the magic. We're going on in the right hand, mothership going over here in the left hand, and then you have like the nine eleven movie in your like looking at that and everybody's looking at in this loose change and so you were saying it wasn't, a plain that had the Pentagon was a missile and he got fuckin with wrestler. What's his name, he's got. The challenges are interactive, ensure jogs argument. They d get.
Bomb paid, you know, did you watch the nine eleven observe that conspiracy, their yeah here's a problem with its very severe I work with those very same people. When I did that safe. I show Jordan questions everything. I love that there was a killer. Should thanks man? Will we still my do it was? You were still talk him? I just don't want to do it the way we did it because they there's a lot of factory involve no shows that we allow hers, turn plain around our Jones wants to talk like wait, there's just that you those shows they, like the gravitate towards the fantastic and avoid simplicity, implore, avoid We're only boring tv, namely the Jews, now and also avoid, like other possible. Areas that are sexy you know, there's a lot of incompetence involved in government, sometimes people they misconstrue conspiracy. They they they think of its conspiracy, really just a bunch of idiots that did it
the job of protecting people and then the scramble afterwards and then people that have capital as on the scramble and made money, and then people look at the people. The capitalized the event and say oh well. This is clear evidence that there was a conspiracy and these people are the ones at profit. It may we not maybe there's a fuckin horrible event and some people look at horrible events as an opportunity to make money, and they did and they didn't have anything to do with it happening, but they did have something to do with profiting often in our citizens, like an egg people, get involved, he's conspiracy discussions and, unfortunately, what happens is when you start lay what about you shit conspiracies that aren't really conspiracies you. Throw the whole thing into a tizzy because now. No one knows what the fuck do believe and if I find out that you're wrong, but a bunch of ridiculous cans. Yours, he assumptions if you're wrong about those what it, what else? What am I
supposed to think about all the other shit you're saying yeah. I very right about that. That's a real problem with conspiracy theories is that the people will find them there sexy defined, so people go, look, inform and fuck everything and they're not willing to abandon them once they have sort of called them out, was to call that a conspiracy theory. They stick with it and they why the fuck I ran into the rocks dino and allow these nine eleven guys like that. These lies nine eleven guys, there's photos that people said looked clear, that thermite It cut the steel and steal asshole. They cut that sir he'll, so they can move it like. This is our after the fuckin buildings went down. You guys are touting. This is evidence that thermite was used. They caught the fuckin girders so move that shit out of their or you. Why did they get rid of all that wasted shipping over China What are you gonna? Do you want to hang onto it? Would you want to put it in a pile so that you can go and send your independently
two gaiters they're going to overrun scan for thermite yea barely see. I now know you start Irma. That, in the first thing I think about is the biggest one is what have with some of the line we dump this body of running over that whole story. I retire by that and, like you will say, was not there. They had nothing to do with. There was never a situation You ve been dead for a long time. A lot of people, special ops people say that has been dead forever. The I'd say that he that he died ages ago, and they just did this to uphold our do. That of the Fraser and chuck them into the situation in the early autumn. Here for man knows it's about you. Do you write their man? People ride that shit down and it's like you end up kind of like more confusion. It is it's like white noise and static came on and all the time it's almost just as bad as the is the is the media is, you know,
while it helps them, it helps anyone in government, because it also shows that any time is any sort of a cataclysmic disaster in terms any sort of an event like a nine eleven there. Sir. Much scrambling and this so much, chaos afterwards. It is impossible to get a clear story on what exactly happened. Yet they love the issue that you know if it's like when their involved in something. That's why Edward Snowden people like that really terrifying? They tried to no, they planted fake Snowden stories that were like there is. There is a UFO one that they were trying to plant them, so he would look like a cook and they weren't real real Lego, be like an article in a man. You know some european, the salmon snarled say that the UK government knew about your files and had them for a long time and all your father perfect one. Mary, took
man, I mean I've. Never even it's like I'm obsessed with other shit. You know I'm obsessed with all of it, but the reality is like I've never seen. I would love to see a ghost, never fucking see if I can ghost I've never seen like an alien I've, never seen any of that. I've tried have slept in on it arouses matter. People that I have seen go like any other Something tells me go straight first Anthea that you're fucking crazy. Like that's a nursing, I thing because I've never seen what have you ever had experience with the girls right now. I've got the common store really late at night. The com is all yeah. We heard about all that I've heard about all this shit about the mark that the killing room they had up their whatever, while a comedy store used to be serious night club, yeah, his own by Bugsy Siegel, the ass. Many people were murdered there and cereals night club. We know this was back in the nineteen thirty's. Gas in the nineteen forty like whenever was there are the early twentieth century? and that was a place where Dean, Martin and Jerry Louis would perform in the comedy stores, original form was
essentially a mob club. It was a man run nightclub and a lot of you killed there there's a tunnel from the back of the me store main room. The green ruin, the main room where you go and take this tunnel up your house that was up in the hills. They had it during the illegal bootlegging era, There is a lot of wacky share that happened in that place and because of that, I have heard to minister that the person it sits in the audience you're something there's some lady that yeah I've mostly bullshit mostly, but I was there. I performed the comedy store for thirteen years, and I never saw shed yeah around. I went there late at night. I would I would sit in the main room when the light throughout everyone was gone and just wait for shit to happen. While nothing out see that's, but that doesn't mean something couldn't be there,
I just want to see some fucking earth man. I mean these behind these fucking books and go on these talk, shows and say the shit I'm like. I don't believe it Lord you're saying I just can't believe it because I can't never seen it man I mean. Imagine. If you did, what you saw was a brief but unique moment and in a brief, unique moment. You saw yeah it's gone like what are fuck, but you saw it Yes, I await a measure it is known, had become a cook. I guess maybe right talk shows me like and then his face was. I mean I don't know man. It's ion completely, ruled it our biggest sailor you out ghosts. I just want to see some proof. I was he something I mean it just seems so not sick. I got abducted by aliens in my ASCAP, proud in all shit like I see these people and you like these poor or so lonely and again nothing going on and they either drain the shit up or their taken. Ambien walk around the front yard asleep and bright. You know how this thing or whatever it is like
Just don't know it's like. I want to marry me, my dear. I want to go too far in the sky. When I was a kid when the moon came out, you know it was just touching into mainstream all the sleigh ride, alien abduction, shit. You know and watch x files every second week. I think I'd Travis, warm guys. We call there's been a full year right turned out it turned at. There is some kind of their. There is fraud to it. It's like it always is going to it like that. Have you seen that movie, Well done. I well I M in the movies, okay, but the fourth closed the fourth kind yeah. No, I didn't easier because it was again, as they had like this lady, whose has with the real lady and they have her interviews with military vision at the scenes, but it was all fake Legrand set up this whole thing I mean you know: Blair Witch was the first to do this kind of Jim. That event like it's off, it's all coming nuns, vague everything. Well, that's just stare!
you know I mean it's, that the real problem is when you deal with, though the people that are involved in the quota Unquote UFO Community, I arrive interviewed a ton of those for that. Vision show, and I say we had the show each but it was only an hour long, but in that our long episode, I had several our plus long conversations with a lot of different people that were involved in these things and one thing that you get out of them is that these motherfuckers only of one option that option their head is it you have owes, are real even if they haven't seen shit themselves, and they were there not taken into account- is Many people are liars. How many I told this story before I was in the woods once and I thought I saw Wolf. I thought it was a wolf for about four seconds at the most. It was a squirrel, saw squirrel. I was wolf,
squirrel what the fuck is wrong with me by goes literally like that, like I thought it was a wolf, it was a squirrel in the woods and I'm saying and am also I am comments I caused check myself, Mama very objective, like that, a lot more like what are you doing dummy like saying that myself to make sure that, but some people do ever say what are you doing dummy they see what I like that. Do, not the Jackal no punchline thing. You know I mean it's like. There's no punch you out of its use technology for our it's like I'm exactly was I. Like the other day my wife came home and I was drunk with a knife. Because I because I had I had his guard doorbell fell off right. We are doorbells like like stuck to our front door. It's not like wired in hello, wireless thing and it said it had fallen off. I put it in the house in my has gone, and I was she's working and has dropped cars
drinking and hanging out and my play. I was videogame that may nobody's plan stuff and I had been tricky. Often the door Bell rings am like doorbells ends You know like I'm like I'm, like got. You might get a nice exerts legs out some of the bad gathering, the doorbell furs for the garriga odium orbit there in the house and ring in the door about. Let me another in the house. You know I'm not scared, Collagen M m I'm, the guy. That goes downstairs to check it out. I'm not got no problem with that. I got no problem walking down stairs, or maybe somebody down that you know, but it didn't smell that I was like doorbells ringing on the inside of the house in this fucking sucks and I'm hammered. So I'm going to give you the knife out. You know, but but like and same kind of thing like I think I'll, see something I think I'll. Something in my mind does these places, but at the end of the day I know it's ridiculous.
They must have a home invasion of twitter. Is that everything I'm worried about a twig, your home invasion, which was rampant here when I first moved into town in the flat land, split, tweak or home invasions of real three as tweezers need money, bad idea, they they they come up with wacky plans as the number one thing that happens to methods as they lose their ability to make good. This is. Yeah we act as both after couple days and shit. You know like nine days, get more what they also like. They don't see how rich it's almost like. Their judgment gets cut off, I can only see like a couple of steps forward. They can't see like the whole future yeah so late. They they. See ya know what I'm doing to store all the math, my ass humans, check there, and then they get arrested in the poor methods. What what are you doing there? Man find it died? I find it do you know the people tor things. Thereas guys are stored guns in there asked so there's one article in G, Cuba, this guy, who was a lawyer, any was representing methods and some
thing was jute vanity, fair juveniles, and along the way start doing math. Then you start selling. Well then he's gonna yeah. He had his basement had like buckets of mass, like he had like made it, and was storing it in its basic pillar of your fucking mind. Yea was out of his bed. That's insane. He was a lawyer rid of any methods who became a behind and, like all, went Florida did that silly saying what a great story I gotta find that article. I wish I was many years ago. I wish I, but I remember, reading that one of the the experts that there were interviewing was talking about your lack of ability to make critical decisions and that it goes out. Windows when the first symptoms of Matthew, people start doing like rational people start doing really irrational things and don't seem to understand the cockle consequences of it. It's like they can't these associations,
gee, I don't see you know, You see several steps ahead. He say like well, you know if I'd go outside like that. Firewall is explodes and then we have the trick engines in the building. Catches on fire fox markets are big far methods. Don't think that they are thing is I'm not like that fuckin gunfire nothing's going to happen. You know that so I know I am known plenty of people who have gone down that path, and I mean I've tried the shit if you tried math yeah, because a lot I it's like it's like really powerful coke. It's like if you like I've, been a diet. There have been times in places where someone is is had that shit like it. I mean It's I'm not a bit. I'm not like fucking do in blow all day, long or anything, but their bid times. I've done chosen shed Anderson around like a man when a party in like a fucking maniac so got you like think the guy's gonna chowder whistleblowers, something right. Then it was it'll, be like its creates MAC math, but I mean it
only to call a math, because its crackers be like when I first moved here. I was party in a bunch and there is a guy had like this yellow dog speed. It was like yellowish powder wasn't in its the same kind of effect. Fact legate, like one line of it, will keep you out for like ten hours like with coke, you wanna do more every Gower Every in thirty minutes with mad, like you do a line and you're like like for fucking, you can stay up like an hour You know if you want to and then those guys like that's. Why mad, like you, don't need as much of it and we'll just do Samara those smoke it and do that, and you know it's like that's what it s like, really really powerful, cokes But I can't stay up all night on Coke and I have stayed up all night one time on map just one line of it, if just being up all and you just like a guitar Maxine. To do so, but I like in the South EAST, where we play a lot. It's it's so big down their morale in every like my bodies that live in Kentucky and stuff, like it's everywhere, and that their bodies all do
They and all you know far they'll do sometimes will do it easily and then one of the guys start doing do marginal fuckin, like here in others tonnes a sad stories guise of kids and shared that are just doing then stand over eighty nine days. The kids are now at the end there find is wired and get you know. Yeah so minutes, it's just insane bids that its it burns like a mother, Fucker too, when you do like when you take on you, do, if you do, I really like burns your nose like insane, really would burn the inside of you knows yeah. Maybe it's kind of awesome. The burn they burn is kind of a diktat accept like it's like you didn't regulate even how appears here it's like snorting Albanians, so many times you done mirth, probably into selling love fine dozens. I don't worry the worry that people have as you do at once. You know: it's not like heroin, and now I have heard and heroin but its, but I hope you
heroin. I know it's like that. There is an immediate, like euphoria thing and with what with Matt. The reason why it's so cheap so cheap it. It's so much more potent, and I think that's why it's such a big in its like it's such a big deal when you know it's easy, with with weird and drain oh and all this fuckin shit in it and then ensued a fat and all that you now I'm in they got in the south where they had made suit a FED by the counter gives people are coming in and by, like six seven packs, a suitable love you bite out here. You have to give you your drivers on. Yes, there, that's in the south, where they were like a real fast, but I mean you know. I mean I pray I'll be private times I mean there's driving times, I've may have done it like where I thought. Doing something else, and then only our that's does devilish. That steadily but it's like my brothers and sisters and cousins. I mean they're, probably hate me for saying this, but I mean where they come from, that common. Its common people have done crank or do it
No, it's not it's not like weird. Is its deadly, not addictive. Like I mean, if you're there a person has never done cocaine and you do cocaine I'll, send you like fuck, I gotta do more cocaine. All the fuckin timely, I I know Sir people that are into coke like that, but I can never do that like if I do have done coke. I can't do it for another couple days that I'm not I'm, not the guy who stays up all night. Whole bag and does I'll do like in old. Bob were suddenly tat, but it's been a long time. They're gonna believe I did do it. I would just a small amounts of it. You know here there, but there people that, if you have that personality, where you're going to be the guy, who does the locks himself in hotel room for three days and does blow it doesn't show up your job and all that shit, because just because you got a bag of blow it up at a party, you know then can I have a problem with crank, but I think it's the same kind of thing. I just a hard core manner.
My style like I'm. Certain people prefer crank coke and I would like- or you know some people prefer after all, and do all that and so kind. Like me, none of it excites me that much I would definitely anything that lasts a really long time. I can't do I care but I don't like it from a party like we dislike right now, my alley? That's I love weed. I fucking do in studio. I do it at night after a kids asleep to go to bed like it is kind of you know it's never gonna fuck you up so much you can't snap out of it in fact, can make a good decision right times. You know you can like vanishing, fucking hate that old pizza, but you know, but that it's not like you know. I went and robbed my mom's house, and I woke up two days later in a ditch and I'm like fuck, probably shouldn't tonight.
Those speedy ones. They they elevate you and they they cut out a lot of decision making process yeah. They definitely do they Devlin Emil. Just in and there's no two ways about it. After you, ve been up an entire day, you just start fuckin, when you start seeing stuff like I've done that it without drugs, and you know what I mean. I stayed up days on end. You just start delirious in like when you're using something it's feeling your heart and keeping you you did you break. Still acting as if you or not on the drugs, and you ve been up for five days in your seeing, but yet you're just wired from that shit. That's like do the invasion thing like there was a I used to live on. What I've lived all of this town, but a sentiment again. Gardener disaster burger right yeah. I lived right there on the fabric. And there was a house there, though, notoriously had been like twitter like cake the door.
And came in or just like in, like tied the whole family up and shit and Rob Lonnie, that's all they want. Is they want money to buy more crank rest essentially that the deal, but they had a fuckin killing people in all kinds of share, yeah yeah? Well, you know they think there were already got killed. We will fight, will never you caught. That was now stone the Nazi and a bunch of steps ahead, yeah for sure people, terrified of crank there d terrified of method. Terrified of anything that makes people maniacs and earlier the big fear, and yet the bath salts craze. Then I like she did say software that he wasn't on Dassault's like while he was here's the thing they they say. Oh, we all they found. The system was marijuana. The real problem is they don't have test for bad bad salts sandy huge issue in Kentucky my friend, because he crank is now getting two words I too expensive in the coal minors. The com I the get in test for amphetamines, show up in as the coal minors one in that that's why they did that Basle
Things started because the When I heard one of one of the regions, I guess was that the call minors who do not know when sharpen the task that guided Vulcan smoker snored a bunch that shit and go down and in the coal mines and Viking worked like three days, for it makes sense there they dont, but they do. Apparently they take a drug, whether its math or something along those lines, and then they they alter it slightly doesn't, grow up in a task, but still has some pretty significant response and the human body, and then they sell it is not for human consumption basalt. I got in stand it. I thought it was just like people have figured out the bath salts, make you high when you do them like with something weird about the Basle it's not, but now they just sit there selling on. As that all because that's the way you sell it, the others think pot to that they sound like something like that, and I try to our in time, and it was terrible only just give me a headache instantly could smoked a cookie and broadly apathy,
but unless damage, I have to say, like I'm, a thirty two in all this, and I just while we're others rely upon my head, but there was a tweet you send out than I saved the photograph, and I look at it that way like seven eggs and was clearly little butter in there in the past, and I cook too, and I was like I'd look at this fucking thing: ass, a God agony that all day and all night bade the fact that you that border the seven examined my phone right now as I have twenty four chickens, real you saw the fresh eggs. I get my yarn yards. So great when you can get. I jump founded on oarsmen like the eggs are in I'm gettin among the day they come out, come out a chicken bone freedom and now it's a dark like an orange yoke so delicate voter restaurant, a diner orders mags, you look at the yoke you like. What did you guys feed your chickens, home paper. There is nothing in this yoke they gathered.
Third, aggressive than about my I did I did. I know I saved at nights in here somewhere been a eating. Nothing but farm fresh eggs like war, As for the past year, my goal is, by the end of this year: to have all the meet. My house be wild game that I've killed our eggs B. Those entering LE yeah I've. Twenty I've never been hunting, Indeed, I'm a computer nerd like was a care like my dad. We went went out shooting one time I did quail. I did queer honey with my. When I was a kid we they go out in the field everybody shooting at the bargain birds and shit I know I never I've never even been hunting. I mean it has never been. Might might Zimmermann like thing like I like guns, I've were gone, shooting guns and things like that, but but I've never, but just now really done. It will be an ado. I mean I I I t like I dare people around me like. I can never fucking blowup dears brains out or whatever, but I mean I I would go with you. I would definitely guy not
like I'm not opposed going, so you would go, but you wouldn't pull the trigger. I don't know if I were torture. I've done I've never killed an animal of the gun of you have read venison. Oh, I love it it only comes from killing dear you gotta know. I know. I know that I'm just saying you know what I mean that there are certain people little like in every my wife would never kill you never know the hunting or like dive lots of, transit probably like I don't know. If do it I'll go, got no problem with that I've I've. I think that there is so many good things come from hunting Langhorne there be, and I love that when people say that they want their own their own maiden and aided in I'm just saying I've never done it. I mean people, people think that I'm like a Harley riding like, I think, I'm tall. First of all and second of all the things that I might get into hunting and, unlike all this redneck shed and I've been like I'm computer gate to move to LA. When I was twenty How do you think country music dad is one of the great country that icons of bleeding behind or doing? I bet either he's a gun collection, the likes of war, arrogance and stuff.
Oh wow and then to enter into that kind of stuff, very in the history and stuff which I was real group in his own way. He's gonna nerdy through the guy, from Vietnam taxes and in being who he was. You know He was a kind of in into history and things like that, but we went on without junior one time, and one either one of his head? Nothin, like we ve fishing everyone's while tonnage, your wife is a great artist. Do you take us My dad said he in a curse like he can never catch anything and I went fishing Johnny Cash want anti. Why he's got a funny, but again, we didn't want to fishing with Johnny Cash wholly Annie had like a bunch of fish that he'd already caught and he autumn eggs and where that so they say, he's gonna, try My dad will actually do you think he caught something. Does he look like you will rule out outdoor z, people, that way. I can. I watch way more power movies, with my dad, like used whip me up in the middle of the night
say, there's a scary movie on tv and I go downstairs. I was like six or seven. I got on to proceed like petrified by some horrible movie that way Six year old should Lodge Larry S, eye was caught, a more are active listen to music and watch movies is funny. Isn't if that country music is inexorably connected till I hunting and fishing gear woman. Naturally, I guess being because direct the code, that the era and the like you know, if you go, little bit. I mean not very far from my dad Generation Museum grown up in all the all of them. The grand old opera and all that had a mean all those guys were in that they all lived in the woods. I got. The TED, the Nashville in less time say nationally in all of the South EAST was far far more undeveloped, so back then who is really country folks, and they were him like country they would rather windows up and they listen to it because it was found upon. It was like a poor peoples, music and also a lot of people in the south and stuff. It's enough
Lee, tied into that of course, but I mean you know it's funny because now it's like someone, if their critical of eye, I represent myself pretending to be like anything, I'm not, but if someone was Eric the goal of the fact that I live in ally and I'm not like your country when I play like countries tat music, it's like do you there's really think do you know Jason Sardine in these fuckin these country eyes at her. So big, like you, really think those guys daily existence is like tailgate parties. Hunting and things like that, you guys are fucking retarded because they're shopping for shoes on Melrose, that's what's up I'm caught cheating at the cobbler canteen Shop and use our milk, and these make you a country. Man is pre. These Jane, you perfectly pre three torn re perfectly pre torn is the worst God so stupid. There's nothing stupid,
wearing jeans and are already of holes in a built in so down there of course said. But it's something everybody wants. They want to live already be worn in they want to pretend that out of his life in the decade there they ve been. You know really really wearing it yeah, but they don't even look remotely like uniform. We warn like when people have those genes that of Hope rules and in their knees like it's obvious, you didn't get those holes working, Like all the rest of the genes. Perfect you just going what a weird thing to become a style, Yeah holes in your clothes is a style yeah. I know it's like it's in my genes, like I don't I'm the worst like I. I don't wash my jeans, like I wear in four months and like they literally get holes, worn in then like it, because of because of that like I'll get them in the knees. Sometimes I did. I walk on the back of them so like the backs of them are like ripped right to remain until I eventually get holes in
because they're just old and Jerry, but it's funny man, it's like there's a bit there's like all these weird styles right now. There are just like what is happening like those of affliction kind of thing that was going on all those national guys. One year ago, the tribal Lucan Channel years skulls and we have not like cool insurance like you're sure, like you method, that's a monkey words. What a mushroom and his mouth ass my own one? Actually this really higher primate darkens is all this shirt is based. Turns Mckenna, stoned, ape theory, I'll overdue, that lower hominids aid mushrooms and then they have this ideal of nuclear power spiritual area. Yet us with a shirt represents hint harassed. We cannot have this bizarre idea that sets an interesting idea that his his brother actually is Brother, Dennis Mckenna. Still. I was a fascinating guy themselves, actually substantiated with science and awaited way better than I ever could. If you want to listen
the first podcast that I did with Dennis Mckenna and he explains the actual effect that suicide and how on the mind and why it would. Why would facilitate the construction of language and that? What would he would mechanics theory was? Was that what happened to lower primates. Is there somewhere around. You know million plus whatever years ago, when, over a period of two million years, the the size of the human brain doubled and like a very substantial event in biology and they really have no idea what caused human beings to become so much more intelligent than they were previous and theory is that this is at the same time that the
these tropical rainforest receded in the grasslands, climate change, forced these tropical rainforest to become grasslands, and these monkeys climb down off trees and start experimenting with various food sources. Different things, one things they do, they start flipping over cow patties and they defined by and worms and shit to eat underneath them, but there is also things growing on the cow patties and those things re suicide and money cows. In the jungle, though, this is like that, Iceland robbed and they ve got this receded into grasslands. Over the climate, change right and rain forests had become a grasslands, ass, an aid, and so these monkeys eight mushroom, exactly and then got smarter beyond there's a bunch of different reasons why, besides the facilitation of language which is the very specific reaction suicide and has on the human mind, and why Dennis Mcnerney described very well. I can't really repeat what he said: I'm not Smyrna and I remember it either
What more can also said was that low Simon in low doses, increases visual, acuity, its sharpens edges. It makes you be able to see things better, Macy, Horner though it make you see better and maybe horny or so it makes you have. You see Are you probably more aware of things, but you better Hunter view horny or you'd fuck more so there much the mushroom meaning monkeys would have a biological advantage Mushroom, you're, not mushroom, will you do know of a bunch of monkeys or walk around and one of them eats mushrooms and also these, like you, oh there you know. Did you guys gonna try this shit labour at all the things that makes sense. As far as looking at the effect of a substance, the effects of a substance has on the body. What would cause me of consumption. The substance over a long period of time of two million years, what would cause direct changes to the human body where which cause direct changes to the art, the actual
function of the mine, so Simons like number one. It's so common, it's everywhere, grows out of cow shit, it's totally edible you you are you hungry. You can He did. You eat it. You trip balls, you trip balls, you think about things develop language, you develop Dundee empty, oh yeah, I've never done it and I'm dying to try it do Sturgeon Simpson is now you should check out his record. Accurate its new and he has call turtles. All the way down our her about the loud times that IRAN will, he apparently a did a bunch deemed used in record in regions like yeah. That's that's all. It's our talks of a duty in society seven minutes a real old school country, its guns hatches dm two molecule. Really. I didn't know this about seen out at sea. I've never sperience? Didn't I'm I'm! So all that to include let's get get into the ok, I want I won't brainy crank well,
the empties, where the weirdest ones too, because you can never be tested for it? We have to carry one. I've never had a link alone. That kind of an experience with anything I've done mushrooms before and I laughed aloud have done ass. It had been really see anything but it, but I'm very fascinated with, like that, the pay out a kind of experience and all that and have no I've, never never had it. I've ever startled, like you, try it did He be your eyes closed the zone. You get sort of a full representation of what yeah. What's the deal with the aliens didn't? Well, there's something that happens when you take the empty. Were you you you pass through visually or spiritually, whether its real mansion he passed through and some new space and when in some new space. The woods weird about is all in your head with your eyes. Shut area set eyes shut, but if you open your eyes, you can see some crazy shit too. You'll see some crazy shit, though that's also you better off. Keep your eyes closed. Then you get sort of a full representation of what what's going on and what you're saying when you
eyes are open your eyes are taking in the physical world like what you're seeing in front of you and you trying to combine the two of em very bad, it's better, urging to stay silent, darkness, close your eyes, take it and then just close your eyes and lay back and you go on the craziest trip. It's it's impossible to it for anything to be stronger, its impact. But for anything to be a more potent hallucination, because it seems more real than reality itself like once in a while, you do the empty. The weirdest thing about it is coming back like regular reality, so try and dull site that's more real gets more. You feel it. You also fear is makes any sense. You feel the expense, It's in your in your essence, in your essence as a human and it sticks with you. After fuck man, I've had trips stuck with me for five or six years, where every day I would think about that
for five or six years, while man, that's a very fascinated by this man, boats, the very the very components of Europe, the brain itself, the very the very human Neuro transmitters that power thinking that that, though work inside you're, my mulisher endogenous chemicals. These aren't like it's not like thing, that's alien to the human body that you put in and has as crazy effect now deemed tease actually produce by your body itself. So when you add it, when you taken smoke, like your body, already knows what it is. It's one of the reasons why so transient like it's when you take it, you have his extreme high. You have this wild ride of hallucinations and experiences whatever it is, and how long? Maybe that's the crazy thank fifteen minutes max I look around you and time is causing a short thing with tat more. If you do it intravenous. If you do it intervenes, they can last like a half hour or more really yelling.
Rick Strasse men, who was the guy who he was one of the first guys to get. They're all he got federal permission. The D S permission to do. He's research studies on Dimas, chirped mean intravenous the impatience criteria, the universe in Mexico, and they did several of these, and then they did it. He wrote a book on a call empty the Spirit molecule where these people are these incredible, incredible, exe sciences, while on this intravenous dime Ethel tripped mean and repeatable experiences they would go. These were in very very, very much mirrored the alien abduction experiences. The people talk about like being taken aboard alien, spacecraft being brought to alien places, an alien land
like very, very similar, reptiles, ass. He started connecting dime Ethel trip to mean an endogenous dumps of dementia chipped mean to aiding of ducks and experiences, and that's what he thinks it's all about. He thinks all of these people that have these like. I woke up the Miller nine hours on a spaceship you just your brain is dumped a bunch of DM tee in and somehow another you got caught in the middle of this world of being awake and dreaming. So your body, when you're dreaming, is essentially producing something. That's cause: nude, hallucinate the speculation as that that's the empty as well. They they haven't totally proven that yet, but they're pretty sure they ve already proven that the deities produced by the Pineal gland- that's. That was a long time, for that was speculation, but they proven that that in life rats that live rats actually produced the empty. In that glance, that really is opera
tribute tributaries shit that that is very fascinating. I mean, like I said I honestly have in Ireland. I have never nerd, I'm dying to do it. I just never die I'm just into that man. I'm into that experience amended that, like going to the next level ass sweet yeah this is one of the it's one of the weirdest ones, because it's in so many different plants. It's not like you have to go and get pomegranate Brazil in the same way you get this. What's that walk away, I ask I, like I always go, is essentially the way they did it. Let shit like yeah like the movie well. What I ask is an orderly, active form of Dm T sit as Dm Tee when smoke it. It goes directly to your brother, blood supply, but dear de as in so many different plants that, if you ve got it from eating it, you would be true balls at every time you have a salad because grass
Has it in a lot of different thousands, different plants evident so because of that year, your? U body, produces chemicals at mitigate that one of them is called model. You mean oxidation and model. Aiming access is produced in your gut. So when Amazon shamans figure out how to give people DM tee with a sea modern duck like in today. And you know United States, modern chemical world, there's scientists, it away how to synthesize pure de Anti, so they take it from plants or you know, from very chemicals, they synthesize purity to you smoke. It goes right in your bloodstream, it's pure the empty, but you can't do that in the Amazon. So what they figured out. Who is make an orderly active version of it. What it is they combined the leaves of one plan with the roots
another and one of them being harmed mean which is a natural embryo inhibitor. So it's a motto aiming oxidize inhibitor that they mix in. So it's like a dm teacher, but it's not quite as intense It's us, it's a slow release, law were version, that's very hallucinogenic of our spiritual, our ways, but I've only done the big one. The big one is the deal this, the smoky damned he is shot through a cannon to the centre, the fuckin universe. The way I describe it as your communicating with complex g metric patterns that are made out of love and understanding man. That's so funny, because I've heard that ever the geometric thing and in You know I'm a big study of like sage, sacred geometry and in all these kind of things are very fast neighbours very fast in I'm, so fascinated geometry, sacred geometry and fractals, and all those different when you when you look at that
nature of the universe itself in the nature of cellular life, subatomic particles, Adams becoming in visuals individuals being a part of a group of individuals that live on a planet, the planet being a part of the galaxy, the Galaxy being a part of the universe on non wrong. I dig it seems like there's, there's a fractal geometric nature to life itself to fibonacci sequence that describes You know I, the way sunflower seeds are developed where Nautilus, Shell looks the way so many different plants grow. There's all this weird sort of very act on mathematical nature, two thousand like the tree of life, thirty, three, the other, it's just through so many things like that, I'm so fast they with it feel like when you, when you unlock those kind of things, you're, mine and you're into that stuff, like there's a great book called gateway to the gods that are at? I don't know how I ran across this book, but it's about this guy
of single geometry. It talks about. I been really deals with the the in the bud. I believe the watchers and the natural in the concept that angels with the were actually like international trade. Google and deal it touches a little bit on the daintiest cannot thing touches on some of that kind of travel. Mine travel, but I very fast by a man I just I, you know that I think your minds open to any, do do some lady empty it. Probably it probably enhances you're. Like you being so knowledgeable on. So much of this probably is enhanced. Your trip, pudding because you mean I mean I don't know I mean. Are you? Are you like? Are you able to focus on in looking at her wherever you so hard so hard. It's so crazy and changes every second like every second, you look at it becomes something even more impossible. That's the weirdest thing about it's. You can't believe you're, seeing something that's like this like. How is this possible there are there like enter.
Beings that more than one person of Xenia in there all this, they all describe them. As the see it, do that. I've seen see. My trips have been different every time. I've done it. That's one of the weirdest things about it is. Like someone saying they ve seen the same things that I've seen. I'm not even sure I could tell you what I saw. I can tell you what I can, Amber about what I saw, but one the weirdest aspects of it, is that it's impossible when you're seeing it like this, isn't real. This can't be possible that I can actually see this and then like one, might think that one of my trips, when the most profound ones there was like these, like also children that we're in this this dimension, children that we're like infinitely more intelligent than me but behaved like children and communicated like children, and they would say you six and a million five and a thousand times like something like a kid would say. Like I love you infinity, I love fifty million south seven hundred thousand different.
Like not here ass. They would say that and then they would go. Look at this and they kept saying look this in every time they would say. Look at this. They would show you something that was so. Am I so a beautiful like tears were like flowing down my face self conscious. I was My eyes closed and seen as announced conscious, but I was crying because it was so beautiful and then they would say it again I love you. Six million five and a thousand times look at this and then he would show you something even more insane, like a million times more in saying whether showers worthy urgent didn't make any sense. Just can describe it. Just the free, dual nature of the universe embodied in imagery, which also had meaning and love connected to it. So when you're, seeing it you, just seeing something beautiful, but you were feeling it and it was like Almost like it was running your soul like it was cleansing you, as you saw it. Reading that I saw made me every time.
I saw it. Every new thing made me love people more made me love life. More may be more appreciative made me want to hug more. That was over and the will to go. Look at this and then you'd get hit with a new wave and images overwhelming I'm just crying. Couldn't couldn't hold it in it was so unbelief. The blue, intends your had a negative experience. No, not in the no I've, never negative guarantees that the empty, a sort of exposing us, maybe a little out of control. My life, like maybe too, stressed out, or maybe you know taking too much time devoted to us time to work and bullshit really things are really matter in the law like the negative aspect was like: after was over the hey I needed just fuckin chill out, I got needed just smell the daisies and needed just enjoy this. Experience in distant while, not fifteen minutes button wasn't never had a name
experience in that like while I was in a business negative, but I've seen it I've seen people Freetown yeah. Have you been someone that free down my friend any freak, the fuck out the first time he did it, but I think it was because he was trying to control it. You can't truly can't you can't like saying I'm a pull myself out of this and sober up. Good luck. You have to get in young people and to give in I mean I'm a that's. The thing is man, it's like I'm, I'm that given our lot alike in that way, the dislike it like I, you know one of the more out of this experience. Like I love, I love life, like I'm, a positive guy vent to kids who love, I love the time with them. You know I've got an that's why it's I'm so fascinated with, like the he I dont believe, all the bullshit on the media and I dont believe our second. Do you know all this shit that we ve been talk? Mothers wholesale like that's? Why I'm into the Bitcoin a dream and got into my mind those things amended, the technology of mining. I am I am I do I mean I'm just, the technology of an amended,
the programming side of it in the end in the crib doll- Jean, I admit, but like I am in two standing the full aspect of life while I'm here and it's like I'm fine fascinated by religions, My mom, I was raised Christian, my mom's away, like you know it's hard for me to say that I am that I'm like I'm, not a church going a guy, but but it's like, I believe, when you're here used as big you. If you can leave being good You know I'm in a good guy. That's the thing that I'm into the knowledge em into the like, discovering where things come from and you know the studying, like the Egyptians and studying the fuckin, our work that their eyes. You know I'm just into its that's. Why? Like some aid, the empty like if I could travel to other dimensions and party with reptiles right and you can you can with the empty I'm no about reptiles, I've never seen a reptile on us. I've seen it
things that are somehow or another consciousness or appear to be conscious or our rapporteur. Intentions of your own consciousness in some sort of a much pure much much greater form, but no more it wasn't a church going person, Jesus Jesus Dignan, Morgan Journey of churches and human creations in humans, the with any sort of power structure any top down power structure. Is the people want to contain? they once once they have power, they want to retain their power. They want to contain the people that contain the ideologies of the people that are involved in that group, and then you know that Open minded, completely open situation where you have a group, but there's no structure to it and ones, just loving unable to do whatever they want. There's! No one person is the leader. Now this now we do you beings everything sort of falls into that weird
for male monkey category, where there's one person that talks and everyone else listens and that's what you find churches, that's what you find at political rallies. That's u find when the president gives a speed on television, there's the one and then there's the listeners and is in its dialogue. It's one person talks and there's a everyone comes in, sits down open up to page three, twenty four we're gonna read from the gospel, and the reason for this is one person, it's doing this one person its guiding this whole thing and that sort of contrary to the very like nature of Eiger, cooperative and open group of humans, a community em, and that's also the best way to control people to ensure that this or one person disseminates the rules is one person gets to talk in this one person keeps everybody and to control the preacher of one all rise coolly. Honourable judges, here you know that would mean court court itself for you to stand up?
this asshole, whose wing robes. Why wing robes man? You can't you can't give the law, with a t, shirt and genes on their use to where, like special fancy close the an order to on we're in the long term and at the way, the powdered, wigs, crazy, curly white wings mad their mad and they are also running on momentum of an ignorant asked running on the momentum, essentially of people that wish to write shit down on animal skins that same momentum is still propelling society, tell ya man a year in its yeah you're right, you're, right, it's and where you get into that forever, because I've view now just conceptually the way that the control is is, is you know, doled out, it's pretty pretty, but I mean breezy, it's pretty math mathematical wumples. One eagles do like you just like us, then keep that keep the keen everybody poor give everybody.
To get in and then convince them that if they dont do what we want them to do, they're gonna burn in hell even better than poor. Now they have a new things called Bein in debt. The ivory when these debts way better than poor, because poor you can deal with being poor but debt, you never gonna hurt you can't stop working. You owe money you're, not even her that's exactly at man. It's like you, know separate the family you you're, getting bright eyes that ban bright eyes now Conor a burst of you heard him know those guys that they have greater call the people's keep it there. Opening the opening law. The opening thing is this guy, who daisies he's talking about exactly what we're talking about, how to control the masses and stop man as a great speech at the beginning. This thing,
but you know it's like keeping that keeping the mom and dad separate because they both have to work. You make it so hard for a normal, like lower income family to even be gather so that you can disseminate information each one of them exactly like you wanna, and then I have a lot of time together. You know that's a big part of it, and this is so saying? It's just do it just as insane and just like the wages and the way they control that in the people who make the money it's like, like the banking thing. This is why the Bitcoin so brilliant. I mean you know me. You talk to the two Andrea's whose, like, like the man but Andrews on travellers who we were talking mothers before the part left that Bitcoin because Foundation yeah We need to have more again find out what that was all that and see that the foundation is never been needed. This is what's weird about it because they ve there do. You know the bitcoin itself is the protocol. So it's like that's with brilliant
the foundation was created is something that was supposed to kind of drive. The development of it, but it's become its become a corporation, essentially I had a lot of negative about the debate. Are in charge of it now or even more. More so people like they're kind of crooks and shady but there is really no need for them there's not like there's a bitcoin company. The people work for you know the bride. The thing it's like more, like a virus that was set into the world and then just like the internet was you know, does not like the then. At company that those present at the internet. You can decide today that you not, I mean that's a beautiful thing about the internet. Isn't it is amazing? Maybe that's why they're trying to do this? Does this net neutrality thing is such a big issue, because they're trying to they're trying to can't liked it right now time. Warner cable can already like if they don't like that, Rugen show they can slow down when we'll go to your site, making slow it down on purpose. Let but
That's that shitty enough already, but like than with the net neutrality thing they're trying to to get rid of then Then time Warner can say, hey, Google, will your shift gonna be real slow unless you pay us money incident going to start extorting money. Out of do, you know, back into their own pocket to actually did the altar sites in even blocking sites in the end Winwin Time Warner owns All the internet mean, though that is a giant portion. The internet, if you don't know what the actual numbers are, but it's over fifty percent of the of the service provider and the service provider can then charge companies and decide what people can see. Then that's like the internet is that the purpose of it is getting fact big time. You know, I mean it
trying to corporate time, trying to control the same way they control the airwaves. Yes, like I mean like Ligon, secondly, be Egypt and they cut. They cut the internet no and shit like that. That's what we're like three steps away from, happening in that's that's. The internet. Dinner is decentralized. There is no one in charge of it and they know that You know the reality is like if their veto, if they have time Warner, becomes how big of a deal somebody will come out there and run their own wires and plug and set up their own. If I can statewide WI, FI and it'll be fine, you know, but it's but you know that, like did you ever get into the session about Bitcoin about how you can you did? If I send you money, you can attach a message, do it or you can actually like attached deed or I could write a song. I would be in the blockchain copyrighted, but I'd you can actually embed a message in the transaction and that the first, the first try, action ever done, better go made. It had the like wash like either was imposed. Really
while she Journal deadline, was like you, the government proves second bail out for banks, thing that was included in the first transit transmission cause. It was like their zanuck enough, like the shit is so fucked up the banking Federal Reserve, the government or thing like we ve got a subtle in that way, you don't need a bags anymore in a red Armenia which I had changed. Escrow changes everything I get in here: need banks. If you have digital currency, we asked the engineer. The Moors party is down. There is the mining community so like its there's? No, there's no way to rig it. Now, yeah I think that if, if it can continue and it can grow and of, I think could be doubly well definite, Thank you as well as about basing this deadly powers that are trying. That silver horsemen, of course,
Can you imagine here's the reality. Rearmament, banks, our record stores and our big record companies and Bitcoin is Napster. That's it that's what it is when you, what would the Tower records man? I'm fucking? Go there EL. The fuckin time is not there anymore sure. In the end, all these fuckin city, national banks, on every corner- that's gonna, happen. Martin, where they will not be there anymore? That will be the same fate as tower because people fear how to send their money around. You know yeah and once you get used to buying things with your phone, which is probably the future I do it all. I bought a fucking computer like I'm such a nerd that I, by old, old. Four hundred and eighty six pc would like a disk drive in it, because I just wanted to play my old games that I liked about one on on my phone on the way in here. What I mean on Ebay, though a bit, but like those people in your like paying off money for that the like, if you know I,
you're. Go right now. I could go to anywhere in preparing right now, like with Del Like story sodium Bitcoin like I bought my manager Peter like with some big, went mad and alleged Fuckin cheap, and it was like I send Alec Subset now, Dallas darting shouting at just recently, why restart com is the first one, and now now wicked Wikipedia takes it for donations and in its they becoming adopted, and I think it's you know it back in Ninety four, ninety three, when the internet was out people like no one's ever going to do this www, something or other they're going to have to come up with some easier way to do it. No one's going to ever this will never become normal and so here we are twenty years later and it's like the there's, no way that anyone could function any of our devices can function without internet being involved. Everyone would prefer to go to website then call a number do its eye. People download them
They cannot by had really I mean they do, but you know I mean it's like you, so I think that the all the talk around Bitcoin right now is the same kind of talk. There haven't round the internet, then I write it. Can it be at em there's like messaging programmes you can send money in the in a text like on an Iphone so like. If I was like hey, can you go pick up this and you know your sporty foxworth of it or whatever you know, whatever it cost, I can just send it to slim not been so you could psych say of farm so if we were living together and you want me to go pick up- a stake, yeah, hey man, TAT was really go, get some food and here's the money. The address like diamond had been there's like a couple sense, maybe a charge for the transaction Phoebe. Theirs I mean such and if there is when it's such a small amount and that money goes to a four one. Can plan for the mining system cause? It's gonna eventually hit the mark where it can't make any more, can generate more bitcoin and then, after that, it will be living off the transaction
but it's kind of interesting to see like the money thing man, it's like some people think, even though it's like people who want to just like make free money which is not, is not way, it works, it's like it. What it actually is is in this is the nerve part of me, like. I also run full node Bitcoin, the date on which it, which means, like I'm part of the network of transactions that happen. A complicated, but at the same time like the need, the technology behind the whole transaction confirming prices, which is the UK. The mining is what is so fascinating to me, and I, like I'll go on the internet in an irish sea and hang out and talk to the developers and shit cause. I'm just. I think that some one has to and is going to use this technology in the wet it big winners and make. Finally centralized entertainment distribution platform because eventually, like Itunes, takes thirty percent,
like they ve been good to me. Endeavour moments, but here's a reality. You make something that cost nothing to duplicate. Could digital and they're, taking thirty percent of it, plus a company like tune core like jabs you and robs you to get it didn't even get your shit on Itunes, if you're just a new banned. You knows How do I get my itunes some somebody's and collect some money for them produced email, your saw and ideas in the correct format, and then I it takes thirty percent like if you To that end, he got it where I was like say I gave you a David though he saw there is a way to just have approve ownership and have like, like a transaction, feel like there is tourism bitcoin where I've I just gave you an album. There would lay somehow paid the belly where'd you get it. You know, they're not met. There doesn't need to be the but Itunes the store you go to to get it. It's like really, I'm sending you a song Ba. There should be a way to like build it. Build a decent rise distribution plan
Oh my god. It's crazy that Amazon takes that much or the regulations rather takes that much beyond. How can they do that? I tell you why? Because there is everyone said: the internet is never going to be away the people. Why music- and I did said we're here and were put nor flag down in? U S going to be sorry and that's what happened they jumped in when nobody cared their meetings that red they said, we don't care, don't talk to us about Mp3S, like Sony said, don't talk to us, but Mp3S until its thirty percent of the market and by the time it was thirty percent of the market. I, this fact and where an ipods and was waited with thirty percent seems like a lot of money, because it's not even like their storing it on their website and you downloaded from their servers like they need all the bandwidth, and so your because your album is in x, amount of gigs and he s not what's going on, Try it I mean you're dumber host. They do store it may do they really do with four podcast for pod castle.
My party cascades downloaded from a whole, like a torrent of a company, called the company's called lips Lib Sal. You ever see this core is so that's a tomb as waitin core or like reverb nation and on those things work is, get yourself. I mean that's essentially it, but I believe that it goes into the back ended Itunes. I think it does a lot of those companies like that like if I don't pay Tunecore after five years, they're going it my music will go off Itunes. Like they have the control of that, but I have also seen labels go directly to Itunes, not be those things and goat used the back in there. I mean no. I thought they did store yet, but you know I mean I probably know that I don't know that, but Reality is thirty percent. I don't care what you call it. What you it's it's it's a duplicate of a digital file. Yeah they cost nothing to replicate. That is. It is kind of crazy
yeah, that's why so many artists held out for so long on it, but then that they just buckled and wet. But I know that those dirty deals went down the back room where, like, like certain people, got better cuts off that like the Beatles. I bet you mine are not taken three percent of the people, but never admit that, but did everything's a dirty deal Listen this ship, billboard, billboard charts you think about it. Like all this. Album is number one. I billboard there, certain artists, but I've heard about where they ve had the like sponsorships with, like say, Coors light and the red the weak. The record comes out cordite by three thousand causes the record so that their goes number one. I mean it's all rigged fight Actually, it's all rigged by money said like none of its real that Grammy's our real. You know just to me, it's authorised the gig Grammy's aren't real Pierre. None of that you think, any that's real deal, I didn't want whirlpool. There are people that charge
Better services that are people that were at one point worked for the Grammy or as everyone and I have. The email addresses all the people that they know that vote, so their people that will charge you like five grand to bombard these people with emails all year, so that by the time they see the voting she'd like fuckin person of of like there's. There's things like that, but besides that dude, it's like the Grammy's are self contained operation of like the old media, legates, its eye, Clive Davis and all those people in there all like, like, like random banned from nowhere who nobody's ever heard, it is never gonna wanna Grammy unless they ve got money by, do you know, I mean so like
whole show like what I mean like the billboards are fake and all that shit all it should not real. It's not like it's like the fifties were like muddy. Waters puts out something to go straight to the top of the charge involves, unlike race, music becomes like this big thing: it's not that way anymore. It's all corporate control by the one percent is controlled by the bye comes the world who are putting it on the television her who are deciding who's gonna wind, like arcade fire winds of Fuckin Grammy, because they think that that, like you know, everyone feels like it's been two populated. So let's give one arcade fire this year, and it's like it as much as I want to believe that there are like and are in any way involved in these can processes that are totally not it's. Just all the marketing is theirs. Fuckin five people call on all the radio station programming for the others. Nino
people buying their way to the top of the buying Grammy's buying their way to the top of a billboard. It's like everybody's, if rich people are the only people that have the ability to buy their way and top like, why would I would sum? Why would muddy waters? Even care deny me in, but it just the system is changed so much like, but that is not just a system as far as like bill awards in a more general that something on a kind of things, with the acknowledged that they go along with being a musician like that, you know going on playing a show in calving a grass roots thing. They that's one thing, that's real, but like all the accolades billboards, the wards in all that all its stuff is just for show in its title, and if you like it, so well make sense, I mean you know it totally makes sense me why, wouldn't they manipulated if they could manipulated if it led to financial gain a course of theirs vanish, others that acts like you know gave have Davis Gonna make record and he's gonna, give it to the red to the day when they
bohemian Grove Little Party that they do or whatever they're going to fucking he's going to say I send you the new. You know Kanye record whatever Missy the New Alicia Keys record and his radio stations are going to fucking. You know they're going to get that. You know they're not getting pay all of it there if I can get in free trips at Disneyland for their whole family. Like five of the people, you know. If I can fly like this record, does invested answer to me. It's all a joke, and that's probably why I'm not why I'm not a rich man? It's because I had guy fucking, I'm out. I spout off about the shit all the time on my radio show too, and I'm like, like listen. What what's radio show I'm on serious and serious exam outlaw country a channel six I'm on the x x, x channels, odors, let's call electric rodya. The triple x thing was something where I was tryin to actually kind of defunct
wait. Now I mean I still play all those bans, but there's this whole, like underground country, underground kind of roots, blues thing that was happening in and it was getting. Through this Amerikanische shares getting real thick americana in country and everything there is real big gap in the middle. And there is always bands of refining the gaps I was like before I started a website with that news cottages. On AAA Radio, and I was like I got more heed over it. I mean it helped a lot artists. I know it is because the because I'm friends of them and when they definitely I I now, stop producing a lot of other people and start working the studio with more as opposed to promoting them, which has been really good but Just a way of trying to promote all these really great bands, it really just weren't getting any chance, but I still play all this bans or issue, but it's called electric ready, I'm doing like nine years now, it's just kind of insane, but I don't do it like this. I do it on the fly I was like looking at this, then I'm like
so you do. My show for nine years is that I would actually have something the chauffeur smarter than I am and I do mean on the fly on my laptop like wherever I mad. Sometimes I've done on an airplane you know there's one hour how to get an indian and weak. So what this thing We need other people here and asses ago, a location to do it from him, the fucking, what a great location in the back and Wolf and editor and knocking lava, Lamson fucking antlers in these places insane well, which we it into this we first moved in. Here was the opposite: they board rooms It was just a regular, even even the covers over the floor as lights. I've never seen that shit before other space, TAT Man and its divide in this room. I would never. If I were you, I would just stay in this room. All the time the pool table outside here, it's a good spot grass by man.
Yeah. I yeah. I think it's important to have a space where you feel comfortable. You know you feel like you can just chill out. Doesn't feel corporate, I think it enhances the conversations in a lot of ways for sure you know, and also it's just creepy secret spot feels are creepy secrets, great great. I love it. So you think that you doing your radio show and being honest about all these things are held you back. Where I don't know I mean I do know at one time. I said the thing about about the billboards and I I had evidence the snowman. May I say what artist was cause, I'm not in the business do now, but there big name big name, had who had this new record coming out in his sponsor companies bought three thousand copies of first weeks. Are they make what number one- and I said that on the radio in and my boss-
Any David he's told me: I've got a lotta calls that they call him and they say he's saying the shit in their response, because it's not true and am I kiss it is true. I know it's DR seen the paper that settles too, but I think they get pissed that I say but I love people, don't like me. They blackball me a long time we ll anyway, because I was just all we have always been that way manner to my disadvantage, allow ways but like someone's, a phony I hate that more than anything the World Man and Anna there been ties. My life, where I was a phoney growing up the girls with things like so until we tried to Try to get into the habit is get older and is I've gotten an older interest, there's so much in sincerity and especially in the music business that I have such a disdain for it. It's just like like the way that the writer's work. Let me what happened to country music is, is directly responsible, very directly related to like the exact that you know what we're time of corporate America is the same kind of shit,
It just got into where these corporations are in so much power and if so much money that it's really hard for like a little man to beat it. Do you know it isn't so I just get really. I see people who pretend to be for the little man or they will get their plan. This fuckin ballgame over here and unlike the talking, both sides are mouth and adjust kills me, you know, is on the outside of the happily say it all day long you know, but but yeah like. I definitely think that that there there are groups I just found out about a group and national, but there are groups much like the build up. Our group were they in music and in movies and things I mean. I know that everybody knows I can add- that cutting, but by their actual groups, where they were they orchestrate kind of HU there get it
who they're going to lend their support to a mean that they never played me. Other areas like that are going to have a meeting in their say, we're nor at purposely keep she drowned. It's not like that. Not that paranoid, but, but I am I do know that they have meetings about where the studio ads and the local community and the Congress and city planners and developers and ban, certain record labels, mostly independent, the independence of kind of choke, hold it out the the corporate one's a little bit in a weird way, especially in in NASH.
And the song riders in the radio people, and they have these retreats that they go on together, and I d, like you of course, they're all scratching, each other's back right course, like the little guy they have to pay. Like fifteen grand join this group to go on these retreats, you don't keep paying its like, like its fascinating to me. You know like when people like that's the dumbest error that doesn't happen. It's like, if you think that doesn't happen, then you're done, because, of course, these people want they want the keep their job they want to stay in their. They want to keep me the money they're making so they'll do anything it takes to keep their position yeah. It's unfortunate right that People that are in that sort of a position there making a shitload of money, don't realize like man, this is kind of bad for the art form itself. The do this thing. They very art form that we need that our case Ellen. They love it's a short term victory that they want
it's like a long term like people like us, you know like I'm. A movie fan like I'm a blade runner is my favorite movie of all time, but I don't have the money Frazee out mat What shall we do? As you also, I mean hundreds at least I'm. I just bought alleys pranced. These posters, that is out of a fillip, filled, K Dick Novel gas about yeah, do Andrews dream of electric sheep of the book, but a grey fucker moving man. Great movie and stands up Pino stands at the end, the movie, the original version was Harrison's board forts post to fund other he's a robot too. Well, that's the kind, That's kind of the point of the line is like the kind of the point of the movie. A little bit is, is that I mean it's implied in there especially when, at the very end of the movie, Edward James, almost character like he's been leaving. Origami all the place, relieves the unicorn c in the original one. I just watch that the actual one for the first time I had never seen at the one where Harris afford narrates the film
Oh that's! The original directors cut, no dredges cut his when he does not. They took his voice off till the last seen out of the movie where they drive away. I see only one. You ve seen the one, until now, which was drenched yeah yeah, that's the only one you can buy. There would do with the minutes. Was available on DVD. I know dunno Vivier Jasper, like the minute the Dvds came out, the directors cut Saturday, the markets alike. On voodoo I bought it. I was like trying to figure out a way when I was travelling on the road and a card to vineyard Avenue venue, I was trying to find a way to. I don't want of space and my fucking. I found the Fuckin Icloud in the picture. In shit and it's always full and I will vote against the fuckin wall You know, but I, the video let me watch movies sounds like almond watch, blade runner, and then I put it up, and it was that that version which I had never seen,
are there and then there is a final car. There was made about separate yours, go there came out and that one has the deleted unicorn seen in it, and what what what? That is that? I guess that that who, for its character, has, as some kind of like does a unicorn thing in his path in his memory as a memory of a unicorn there's a scene were in the movie and the final cut, where he shoots that chick that snake round when he shoots her, there's a shot at this unicorn, because it like reminded him of this thing, and it is kind of like connecting the Dodds that he has is weird memory of a unicorn in the woods and at the very and of the film and James almost makes a unicorn. He walks out the fire doors house, nausea, unicorn on origami sitting there and that's like Edward James, almost saying hey, you know we are your actually won two, so that was kind of the implied but the whole thing is like you know: if she's wine,
he's Y know, anyone could be one, and that was the kind of you know I robot are. We robots like New, that's kind of the the ultimate story, but it never confirms that in the end they run away together and she chains of dying, and it's like a love story and any he hid it not mattering. If he is one or not regret, Well in the real world that we live in right now. That seems like much more likely impossibility than ever did when blade run. It came out, yeah man exact, then like the idea of a robot, looks exactly like a person I might as well be travelling to the moon. Might as well be fuckin that historical act Gunnar Sarkozy, New yeah, but now you, when you see there artificial bodies that they are able to create now like the robot faces that move and articulate just like a human face like really similar, though some of those companies ones her so similar, yeah. I used to imagine what's a hundred years from now going to be like in like this I'd the company
a hologram, the company and made the Tupac hologram, and then they reached out to me- and I met the guy yesterday's good Gary, and he I'm I may be going there I'll go get my kids from here and I may be taking them to discuss because he's contact me about Did you like a whale and how it like? I think that they're trying to talk about getting a bunch of the guys and making a hologram like cash in Wales, real who knows but like you gimme. The demonstration- but I was talking about me, said man the Should on tv like not let a certain way look like he didn't like the lighting on the Michael Jackson, one. He said it wasn't right when he said that when they do it correctly that that I see it
with Michael Jackson, they have a body of law, and then they had his face technology that, like that, does the face on top of someone else's face them. So it looks like right, but, like you really have to do that, like it's not see gee, I people, so they had the ability right now they have the ability to do the help me I'll. Be wine like I can they can. They have. One thing has got these three cameras and I can be in that room He was telling a story about an indian guy in India whose running for president or whatever their fucking things over there and it did you hear what he told me, what he's really ridge and he had like three percent of the vote and he set up these they hologram things. Like every town and you paid for them to all be over there and said. Like hey, come see me I'm going to I'm going to talk to your down and eat and he'd like stood at home in the staying, and he appeared in like fifty Townsend.
No was hologram. Why is really there and he never told him they thought he really came to their fuckin shit town. There is nothing to do like you know they will village, and it was like this guy It is a right now like I could go over there and they can have like a hologram thing set up in Japan, and I could literally wagon from the cameras and I'd be in Japan and be talking my fuckers and totally like help me Obi WAN, say we Siberia, like the fuckin said Lord Guy appearing like talking about. It doesn't look like that. Is it when its inner normal room. It looks like you can't tell the difference from a hologram. I will report to you on this after I go to it. If I see this demonstration, do you remember when they have that on television for CNN, when they were covering the news and Wolf Blitzer would like stand? The CNN hologram the holodeck Oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah. They they experimented with it
during elections you get a video of James hide these ETA guy city. Oh you found that sell, gave it ascii but may have the longest. Forever with that. Dude right, there's a hologram economic, Madame, say. He's not really that got it. I got solve. Hyaena appeared housing We can be dope if he fucking appeared out a smoke, they're they're, saying and demonstration they gave you better, get guys like you know like presenting in a word in and they use standing in the room in this whole family walked in the room agenda and you stand there and talk to them and they were like talking to him back and everything and the need is blessed in flames and they were like all freaked out because they thought Israel. Look at this look at how it comes in. First of all, how strange let him walking again jamming bag inability, because that guy's get them
big his hand wave ever. I would never vote for that motherfucker just by the way. Maybe this is like an indian things. Stand there producing homeboy, look, presently redress. What's it all about to your school teacher, you're old, lady schoolteacher man is a theme song. Look that's hilarious, fuckin waving his hands he's wearing white tights in a dress. This guy's, a freak he's a hologram is wearing white tides and addressed in ASEAN, chair White AIDS and address a bizarre man. That's so bizarre
it man in it and it crazy. I mean the technology that you can deposit in the fact that you can do that is just like it's so amazing, like I would love to not have to ever do a show like travel to do. They are my fuckin people why you ll be there that they want you to be. There were headed now have arisen in something about actually know when they arrived there, course. It's like a jury that ban Manner Astro man. Now they were a man like you in an like early, two thousand and nine is but they had. Clone man say their war masks. They were these hoods, so they had like five Klondike. In cinema animal on the road and you would never know it was the real ban or not because they always have their lives on in shit, but they're dead. Like five differ bands they were just send out during that silly cap
you know people, I know it. I know, but is now like half a thing of the horrors of reality. If I see you want the guide to be right, there ain't, no again, your reputation be really damaged. If they father, you are actually in your liver room, a guy like so fuckin out. Why you're doing Maybe I'll be right as their vows Watchin Falcon, like YO managed asean anything. You say that the CNN thing that they did during the war. Let's hear they only did it during the elections, and it's like a their busted out the fuckin hologram. This is crazy and he would You know be in another location and the other they would appear further with. I will I am the guy from the black eyed peace. They started with him and then they used it with They use the President Obama Avert event, it wasn't it
John will pull out the the sea. The CNN reporters did it the silly there mom text me tell me how proud she is of me and pulled back see could see him appear at fascinating, a brand new day and by the grandfather, but now, let's make it look as much like STAR Trek as we can be appearing process. This is great. We know already eve of a brand new day in America. How will this year in Chicago Visa Hologram into performer and Obama, supporter of like this, like exactly like in STAR Trek when they would be in people down? That's what it looks like right here, yeah but yeah. This is it's a beautiful time here in Chicago. It's been over time! I say this to my mind with the purpose of this just to shop around the world to just then added element. They did it with Wolf. Blitzer
Moreover, he was he was a hologram too funny that who listen to that guy's, a beautiful time. Everything's amazing cut to everybody. Fuckin head, the later you fucking piece of shit, fuck heads will, I am right, kneeling run, for it was gonna, be the President, Haiti or some shit. Now that now there was another guy, I'm the guy from fees will I We're thirty's. What's his name. Where backlash Why closure the same kind of the I was about Joe is about like John and then he said the oaths is broad going to be led by my words. Another one side, the realisation summit it will. I am was banging they twenty minutes were. Did you hear the lid you you're the guy the around the controversy rather do? Who Bubba? No? No, no bother. Do it.
He MSNBC in recently the Howard stern thing now welcome an image. We see. Do you know what I mean? There's got there's a guy who could turn memories, whack pack name on their by like he had. Into retirement from doing prank calls. Will one day recently, retiring with Malaysia AIR thing this guy called then, and there, like, we ve, got the soldiers from the war on the phone and it yes. Yes, I believe I saw something I said you know I saw I was driving and I looked out of Padua there. I saw something I believe it, a giant burst of wine from Howard, stern, ass that hit Malaysia Plain and also like the Ladys like excuse me, she's a silken Tell me what you like she starts. Danny does. Are you as you boy, you're fucking, DOM, are either to the girl and they like caught the tray? vision interlinked him. He turned. He wrote an email, the harshest who is it. This is how I got a near. He said they call any said that he was a soldier. Therefore something
and they put him on the phone with another guy who then like was true, quit him, the on him being the jet tallies: Eddie Should it is way always the the guidelines? through they? Let him on Fucking MSNBC in this moment. In this check, her name was crystal. Ball was the name of the chair. As recently Remember that- and she was just like you know. I had no idea what to do with that. When the guy said Fagin, I buy a burst of wine from ours ass. What hit like MSNBC, like that all this trouble is like No one was paying attention while went down for so long for a couple minutes in cut it and it was like man. Everyone got fired because it was like. I mean they not only he get through with they didn't even catch. These hours turns ass,
a long time, and when you do those things, those remarks you haven't earpiece in and allow times it's hard to understand what the fuck anybody saying and it is a bit of a delay. I say you hearing Crystal ball. I can I can. I can forgive her, but the guys it over there watching the fuckin broadcasts are supposedly watching the broadcast. When it goes down, it's been ending on the fly on that. That guy should be like caught it here? I got it now, but I don't remember the something long when the plane crash. Oh yeah, that was another one for different names. They all got fired, could editor fucked up. The answer is something along these lines something recently the near daily news. Let sums fake story go through
and didn't do any fact checking it was all over the news. I forget what near daily NEWS Hoechst daily, that's funny man they they are. It happens all the time tat people are tried so hard. Now they were thick. News comes through. That's like them as real thing, we're getting yeah. Well, you know we live in strange times where anybody can get information out. You can but especially these legacy media places like that. Like like a news, like where we're getting someone who's live on the scene and light. That's like those are targets for people fucking with people. Hey it's like does you know that everyone's looking at this everyone's paying attention to this? If you can get on their Babo buoy, it you'll deftly, get it some play on the radio show the people do things like that. Pastured Spain is yeah, that's where we weren't we're times
so that you are also aware at times when it comes to those things being relevant at all, because at a certain- it's time you gotta pee there realising that more people are paying attention to our minds or days. Then I arbiter down their Facebook Twitter, all the above this, so many different things like the nightly news like who we all watch. I do. I will say leg of if, if I'm crews in the channels and I'm home, unlike the five six Clegg, news on I'll turn on, because our own cause of low bullied. Dalai, like intervening there's on going on, be interested in that interested in that like who watches the news on my channel. To now I mean who address I can see him in all areas when they were seen in is because of you know it something massive has happened and people wanted to end like watch a twenty percent. Otherwise, as a gilt, really it's going away its way, slowly, but surely, and also the format so bizarre that, like the the evening news like the LOS Angeles evening news. Those are the figures bright, cats in the world the way everyone talks is fake. You dont get you don't.
The any personality you have any. Action, those people- you know, if you had some online, Shooter Jennings reads the news like Nan: some shit went down a decade. In any start, people with connect to that like this is a real guy and he's telling me about some real stuff, but if you watch the average broad cast its on local new show their self itself fake, then so, like uptight in and weird yeah, it's just the same garbage doubt. Do you like is not updated. That's why people like you know I don't like look at my twitter feed for that, like if I hear something's going on or if I like you know if I see something like it's like that, combination of all the people. I follow kind of provide the correct information. Do I mean that seems more? active me yeah, and even then you still have the process started so much bullshit, it so difficult to figure out. What's right,
what's wrong in and then, when you have this information thrown into the mix mean it's been proven. Government organizations will when there's some bad goes down. They'll throw bunch our wacky shit, into the news as well to start a counterbalance, but there's a lot of people out there. That believe that a lot of the conspiracy theorist but like say the most ridiculous shit, there there being hired to say yea. I d give a shit because it makes all conspiracies conspiracy, sound selling, yeah. Of course, I believe that a hundred percent there miss information agents all over the place, mainly he hallways one, who I am Sleepy Hall Famous Rider, It read a lot of books about a lot of consumers that thing, and he was a straight up- disinformation agent for the mace.
Real yeah, he was like he was out there trying to cloud up the religion side of things before the Masons Bay via the conspiracy. Welcome mainly be also famous alot of people swear by his shit, but he was really amazing and even like in bed with that we're ever figure, though William. What's a guy road, behold the pale horse, man, we could talk about the skylight. Have you build Hooper? there were men. I I love his ship did into jury is really not. He should have unlike alien bases on the move and then yeah yeah you got under like that and there, but man, if you did, you ever listened to his radio show you can download every episode of it. I've been trying. I have been in contact with his estate because I'm trying to take- the hour of the time is the name of the show and every single episode you know he was killed in the fifth in November, two thousand one lousy using. I can't fight or she gunfight he sat on the air. He was, I click Lucchese Bill Clinton,
labelled in the most dangerous person, radio, and he said it is a sad they're gonna come after me, Because- and I bet you money- that other guy desire ass is the reason, and so they did they bad it's. He moved his family way and they came after for tax evasion and the end when he wouldn't comply, said the: U S marshals in there and and they shot at him and he shot one of them and they killed him really habit. It he's man that story that dude is very fascinating because he is the real life like like dude, I mean that in my than black ribbons record, the steam king character he'll, never think the enemies, the real life character? Of that like this guy was out there in his readers shows awesome. Any Lee was just like telling use like the first person die, whether burger the first person time while his people, and just landed out there, no matter what it who pissed off and eventually pissed off, not people get him killed, but he been here.
He's very fascinating and in our the time I wanted to take the first episode of the printed on twelve inch. Vinyl will cause Long, and I wanted to put music under it and then and then make a record on a record label. When I was trying to get the family to. Let me do that bed with their interested. Then they can I just Have you ever looked into William Cooper debunked? I have looked into some of that stuff, but I mean it to me, William Cooper, I mean obviously he was hitting on some pretty harsh things if, if he was killed by the United States government I mean they don't work, maybe or lower taxes, and he gonna shoot out with the federal marshal she to arrest him as possible to yeah, but that if you either You gotta. If you listen to his show here, very saying, he's not he's doesn't it seems, is very collected is very smart, very educated, It be one thing if he was like full a shared, but he's not.
Like his, if you listen to show, is he was. He was very wise to things anyway. And he was saying a lot of shit that would put a lot of people off and I know for a fact lot of his try read his book and halfway buckles like bitch, toss it across around the behold appealingly. I add some wacky shit in their. Whereas, if you go to area no whiskey yeah, you got a rational wiki. He believed that you folks for controlling the world that you felt. Technology had been used in Vietnam became one of the stars in the EU, if Lecture circuit, writing books that alleged that space aliens were part of the new world order, he later believed that he had been
wrecked into believing an alien- and it was all part of an aluminum plot, including the Jeff K assassination in the fake moon landings. Here, he we know about the curate men landing thing right. What about it, but about how the others? It there's the theory that that that the? U S government wanted that the technology developed during doktor, strange love, music, two thousand one for the monkeys and in the background- and we shall that stuff- They came to a m to film the falcon in landing the advertiser would fund. They would give him an unlimited access to the two NASA and everything for two thousand and one and find every phone forever as other supposedly like you is hinting at a lot of it in to those wanted and eyes whatcha, especially language. The news hinting too What are you done in a movie on weathers documentaries? It show all the secret symbolism the deployment of designing that movies, terrible because he had studied all that shit man in it. So true, there such cool shit in it
movie was like they were like review. Riddick interviewing the craziest people on the planet earth with no frame of reference to what they were talking about and like when you wash it movie. It's like. Why did it sounds like you're crazy? like everything, but the movie is bullshit, because these people who are talking are clearly insane and embedded the people who I actually did the research before those kooks are the people that is cut a fascinating about, but I'm dead cubic nerd anyway Cycle Coburg was definitely a genius and Emily Fascinating Guy, if any He was capable of thinking anything at a regional realities. Sandwich is a website reality sandwich. There's an article yeah read that in Ireland, and here I am not convinced. Ninety fascinate I am not convinced you know, I'm not convinced about any other males their mechanism of the mainland and my comments about this. We liked I'd I'd ever heard Bill Clinton taken the moon learning now so why the best Bill Clinton wrote this book called my life and in his book my life, he had a whole quote about about
Mujer I pulled up, so I know that my life book this is this is the quote. He wrote in this quote: he wrote about when he was young and he had seen the other moon landing goes. This is we're pages it's. This is just a month before APOLLO, eleven astronauts, buzz origin and Neil Armstrong had left a colleague, Michael Collins. Above aboard Starship Colombia and walked on them. When beating by five bons President Kennedy goal of putting them all a man on the moon before the end of the decade old Carpenter asked me if I believe that it happened. I said sure I saw it on television. He disagreed. He said that he didn't believe for a minute and that them television, fellers in quote, could make things. Look real that warrant back.
Then I thought he was a crank during my eight years in Washington I saw some things on tv that made me wonder if he wasn't ahead of its time. Does working crazy, that's crazy! That president, would say of the United States, would say. I saw some things on television during my time in washed, and that makes me wonder if he wasn't ahead of its time. Specifically talking about a guy Waiving the moon that the moon monies were fake, see I can totally by two because of the fact that, especially in their knowledge is me, look at us now, like we haven't gone back. And we're trot. We sent a rover Mars, but we have Rovers are easy. He I learning is biological life in space as the really difficult thing because of the radiation because of the solar flares, because of all sorts of micro meteors is all sorts of things can happen. If someone when their outside,
you're you're out there in space, you're, not protected by the environment, United Tipp, protected by the atmosphere. So there's no, no protection from like micro mean here's asteroid Olympics, like all the different like we see, shooting stars those reforms and rocks that were in space then made there down to earth, but they get eaten up in the atmosphere. They burn out yeah, I mean the radiations, the big one. I mean years the thing I think it will it we're going to know and I'll tell you when we're going to know is. Is these independent contractors are trying to get to the mood googled being one when someone else act, someone else besides a government goes to the moon. And I mean the russian government and the baron's into by you some someone independent Guzman and it looks way differently than it did what they did in the sixties. You now and it's like, like really dont float when we I can hear you know mean like then, will now the others. It there's a lot of fucking things about that
If you know on that, one website with the Google thing they like do this contrast word count, compares the two thousand one monkey scenes to the. What I was there were comparing a style of filming calling a thing. It was called front screen, projection, yeah yeah, something along those lines. That's exactly what it is. Frankly: arrears greener. Whatever it is, it's he added. It's like a come to a mirror and there is a certain kind of beads and there's the projection come from a different angle and, as I believe, like you're able to film There is on the stage at the same time the backgrounds the adding a later. That's why it looks yeah. The reality sandwich title is how Cuba fake the moon landing there. I think I don't know if this is this. I believe in it wholeheartedly for a long time and. This reality sandwich article shows the use of this front screen projection method how it mimics think that was called how
They mix with the shots, looked like from the moon landings the relay? with the moon. Landings is how few, if he's, if we stop and think about between ninety, sixty nine in nineteen. Seventy, two that that's when all these took place, and that no one has been more than foreigner miles above the surface since then. Yet that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm say. That's what seems so so ridiculous to me then, how about when meat? Neil Armstrong he's there's a twentyth anniversary of the moon landing for NASA and he gives a speech or twenty fifth anniversary. I think it was yeah, that's what was and he gives this speech at the white and though his words were their great ideas, undiscovered breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth, protective layers, the less that code that he gives his is speak to America's honour students.
Like all the other high school students, they get the best grades and science and math and others different things there. All their listening to this guy was the first man in the moon talk, and it is a thing he says there are great ideas. Undiscovered breakthroughs available to those who can remove wanted, this protective layers, yeah. What the heck does that so between him and Clinton, it's almost like if the moon, Things were real, like there clearly fuckin with everybody s begging for people to read into it yeah, but it wasn't real. It's almost like poetic! How why their dropping these truths? The other was out there with Cuba like they said that that, in light of the sounds like he was drop and where the guilt of the fact that he that he'd, like that, they did this thing, and you know that he was trying to trying to admit it in aloud.
It is pretty crazy. The last time people. Why was nineteen seventy to gear like we're, going becomes fucking closed since then? And not only are we not come close? We ve never gone further than four hundred miles. That's that's the thing about every single space shuttle mission every space station mention area he's inside of four hundred miles from the earth's surface, except the APOLLO missions. All those were too sixty thousand miles and back. You know it's hard to believe it's like you like that, no one's ever going to make it to the moon are going to prove. It will be I'll, be dead by the time they do anyways. Who cares the big mind fuck for me is when you look at them? like you sitting at home, and you look obviously the moonlight bid snow. Went there. Did you didn't away like that? But we know that they did go to space. So if they go to something, I couldn't believe they can go to space
this is when Iraq, as our nineteen, sixty nine here yeah. I don't know that, and I will look. I love sexy ideas and the big sexy idea is that they didn't go that effect at all. They somehow not accounted for the american people, that's the big sexy idea as the fun one. That's an outline. Its also did that time, which is so filled with bullshit. That was the time of the Nixon administration. Watergate fuckin mean dollars just lying the gulf a tie can incident they already faked. The got us in Vietnam with a fake, fuck and attack the mean that's wild, widely accepted. Now that the gulf of tongues in incident involves flag. Millie really and that's that caused more than a million deaths. They got us and don't mean that's way, crazier than the idea of justice Taking a trip near its Joanna you so man in the Euro as time goes on, like these things do get exposed phobia
the fucker, remind factor if they did find out that it really was audible, No indeed land on the moon yeah like earth than ever like what? If everything was true- all the conspiracy shit was true. You know what I mean they get his start. Finding that shit out of me look man. If, if what's the name Virgin galactic, you can pay and Bitcoin Gonna fuckin trip through space right now like Take me the moon, the others too far. It really do that. Did you ever hear about the fake moon rock that was given to HOLLAND by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin? Now it was fake yeah, put pull it out with Canada, interesting Jane, that was wait. A minute was a moon rock that was given to the dutch Prime Minister by the APOLLO Levin astronauts, and once they examined it like many years later they were, they were doing it, for, I believe us for insurance investigation and it was actually just petrified would
The year is, is attached to a whole, a plaque that said it was there from APOLLO eleven and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Algernon taken this from the moon, and this is the and they sat in buzz ordering a meal said the, and this is really for them, I oughta sweets and on the new I'd, while our whoever gave them the rock I don't know if the actual rock was handed to them by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, but it was supposedly a rock that was given to the dutch prime minute her from the APOLLO Evan astronauts in nineteen sixty nine and it was vague yeah it was It was doing a global tour. Theirs is given to them. Fifty years the case as the rock was given to William Trees, a former dutch leader
global tour by Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and bustle following their moon mission, yeah The rock was then donated to were a museum. After the dutch Prime minister, death and nineteen eighty eight then, after that I guess they decided to test it when they tested it. They found out that it was actually just petrified, would second Are you knows me? Maybe it's like they like fuck this guy's, given we did. The moon beds in our rocks are valuable, scattered dutch Prime Minister, give away some shit looks like a moon rock yeah. It's a symbolic gesture. Either way the either way. If was drawn in the Armstrong showing in the no
then the moon landings facts I mean I just do not if they were in the no, but if they weren't in the no, then then even further. If they were like did Have you and I walked in the moon together, and it was just the two of us and we came back we're the only to humans and walked in the fuckin man. First of all, when you think that we would like look round a black man, look at this shit, I mean they were like LAO whatever man's would another place so by the time get this so my hands your fucking piece of wood, this pressure by word and says hey. This is from your moon trap, personal. Neither one of you picked it up and brought it back, and because you know that second of all, like wouldn't do that we would know that it's not especially if our whole life was meant to get to this point, and so many hands is rocket useful to give this among men. Great think that IRAN are now geologist, so I could never even speculators that, whether an idea, tell where rock came from what we know for sure that you didn't pick it up and bring a bag.
Maybe, but maybe it looks a lot like Iraq, that you brought back and you think it was. You know, I don't know what the FUCK Moon Rock actually looks, pull over. Moon rock? Let's leave we decided that there is a real human rights while they definitely got moon rocks that came from asked Royal empty eggs now is actually one of the big point of contention, because worn VON Braun who was Nazi straight up Nazi. Ladies and gentlemen, that's a real moonrise looks like an asteroid. Also came from my from space. That's the thing about the Werner Herzog thing, whereupon Braun rather, whenever Braun was in an arnica in nineteen, sixty nine before the actual or sixty seven. One of those before
the actual mood landings took place, collecting asteroids that they had gone to Antarctica because in articles one of the places where they could be assured that a lot of the asteroids that had landed there, for whatever reason they knew were still were from the moon styles. So they elected a lot of these two examiner interests, the others pictures of Warner VON Braun in an article in a broken arm of the time on what happened on babies thing about not figure in the moonlight Did you hear that says? There's missing moon rocks and they're worth a lot of money on the black market, ya out. Imagine Moonrise! it will Moonrise com, you can have a moon rock and you have five million. That's all he become our be fuckin. Did they give a shit man? Well, that's there's out those a whole black market, first stolen art, because there's a lot of people I just did.
Give a fuck. They just want that art, whether it's stolen or not, stolen, and now they just they just want that art they could to hide it, and you know how people come over and bring them to their secret lair. Look. This is from. There's some shit? They stole Iraq outlets sudden Reagan ray and in the work of their nose. Father were were run our time here in ten minutes we turned upon him. I am always did three hours out and fast men. It's great doing this. I see why large zoos by to talk yeah. In the mean you got the skill of being being like reminders is alive, said like when you talk to you. It's like you just did just roles. It's like seamless information flying place from your back and forth. Think we started talking about psychology and did not take one breath and now the way
man landing in well there's so much to talk about it. That's the thing! The beautiful thing about this world today, so much goddamn information, the assets, costly common action. You can pay attention of it. If you do you go mad, I the one thing of get done to myself lately is forced myself to stay off line for like many many our days at a time I mean it, I will be happy not de. I am happy to throw my phone aside cause. I, like I run my own business. I run the record label that we do it, my manager and, like I was packing leg. So deny me and my wife were literally packing- all the pre orders of, like our vital that we did in boxes, shipping, I'm a jet, and we set up aware and we ve done all this shit, like I'm stress, out of luck in time and studio time, another kids out as they when I get my kids, I loved her on my phone aside, but I will ro bond. If I didn't have like didn't, have no. If
wasn't able to get on the internet cuz it like part of my favorite, my non stress time is, is there's a game called combat arms like a free black first person shooter game, that money online. Only that my man and bodies we go in there and play and kill each other like do that kind of stuff. Like I said on air sea and talk about cedar like fire, see, do you're a serious get my your IRA, seeing all the time I'm on their right, I mean I'm idle lino sit on their own, but I got a year late at night, I'll go in the big when channels on the free, no thing which is there there's some kind of communication server and talk to our developer, guys and stuff like I'd like a man like that's my favorite thing to do, No, I out do Facebook. I bet you don't know I mean I have. I have an official page, but I dont use it. I dont like do it socially around your twitter.
I always liked Twitter cuz. It kind of like a one way thing in a weird way. I that I always like that communication better, be Then I got over what little overwhelmed by a guy used to be on all the time and I used to like douche all the time and in calm like when I went to a split up with my last acts or whatever like I just got really complicated. There was a lot of sudden there's like factions, people and there were people commenting and everything that we just became kind of like weird in public and so a. That. I can backed off little there, but you haven't. I brought you something in public and everything like is subject to other people's criticisms, evaluations with or without any information whatsoever, and then you watch it all play. I like why idea? the writer on that time. I had started to creep into Facebook and started to enjoy a posting pictures of like skeleton shit that as an IRAN's, and, unlike me, out of my friends for the first time, unlike others, chemical and then all like this wave of negativity at me, I'm like
what that thing. I've never no great success in there Twitter Twitter, I cannot. I backed off a little bit on, but you know I've been abroad. I like you a lot better like. I think everything gets its more my speed, but like You know I had my way. Everybody be I'll, see what I like about. Twitters retweeting shit, Eliah P, Send me interesting stuff than I can send its other people. That motivates people to send me more interesting stuff. I so, then you you got this constant network event stories come in your way? Yes, that's. That's very true, gathers everywhere allotted dumb shit and gossip and stuff that people get caught up in it, but that's just human beings, man, PETE Human beings, love stupid shit. Yeah. I mean like to be assholes, you know just so yeah and just to fuck with you to see if I can get a rise out of you just to get you to react so that they know that you know shooter Jennings is a real person on the other end of that That's why I like to keep it where they think. I'm not really scared. Like I dont react.
You know it's funny like Ricky Ragman, his body mine and even die made. It is like it's funny that people you know shit all day long and you never applied to over. Like one guy says fuck. You do that's why they do in. Like that's what people there's theres many many people like sometimes someone. I never go back and forth people, I just you do it stupid? I it's a waste of energy, but I will we'll go online and read something if someone says something rude and then I go over their profile and I'll see you then I'll, say some rude to me. I gotta see if they say rude things. Other people you find out that their whole profiles is just doing that is like hey. Asshole I found that out to one time I said something I said that a tweet. This is act. This is kind of when I backed up with Twitter. I tweeted something about John Mayer being a giant dish, because I thought that
he, like all the sudden like was that y'all Hollywood and he was all played out of Hollywood and then all the sudden he buys his place in Montana and he got a poncho and starts growing his hair on wearing a cowboy hat and delicious house. Like me fuckin break, but he still hanging out at fucking, Chateau remote, he's like putting this image forward and as likes phone more the funny sheds. I just called amount. I and my team, the like put it I remember it was halloween of two thousand and twelve I'll, never forget, because Tansy fuckin puts that shit ever where and all the sudden I'm getting calls from like, like might like my brother and my family, that they're seeing it on like a Yahoo page like the TMZ, like with says a thing about how I called him a douche and all that dude. All of a sudden I had I'm looking at my twitter, and it says I've got like lots of mentions in the number just keep going up and I can like it was like fifteen thousand fifteen year olds. Tell
what a piece of shit no body- and I was doing this shit for attention- I've never seen. I just started retweeting all of them like desires, causally, retreating, always people tell me what a position I was you know, but after that I was like man, I'm? U just scared me to death, as I am as now worthy of you know, John Mayer, no I've never met. Is it possible that he just like found out that, like having a place of Montana? Is pretty cool? Probably you friends, I don't know no art he's a nice guy, though, the communist or sometimes I've understand I mean I know it's easy to accommodate first voice way too pretty. I know some girls arise and I have been robbed. Fuck binding town like like some guys like you know, either in fact their friend and then like a douche bag like I've, kind of gardens and windows. Way, and then, but isn't it two sides that too, like I am plus or those girls resolve at him, and he was like you know one unless they are the only for you know, the treaty was like John Mayer, he's now
all, but meanwhile he just got bored yea doesn't like them. Maybe that annoying say Have a girls are gone riding. A mountain did saying these crazy things about em. Those are also the same Girls would be annoying if your John Mayer and you're dating back right right. Its evolution use, Google ready. You can say that where you can also see like man, I really don't like his music does. After all, and I really didn't like it is version freefall on which was lay all these like twelve year old kids, think John Mirror the sign and then inside already had issues in refer that there are people who have the same. Can issues of me but kind of a well known fact that the John there's a douche bag. I can guarantee at it's kind of not news. I don't know the guy, I don't either. I will reserve judgment and time needed so that that see. That makes you a better man than I in situ situation, because I did not reserve judgment. I got here. Kyrie I'm reading this rollings article and my blood is boiling.
By ranch onto just cause he's like per ease like putting forth dislike, and he calls himself, the new Neil Young in the article they that is as easy as I'm. This generation zeal younger seminary that, and I was like that's what flip the switch from Iraq fuck. You and your fuckin bodies, Wonderland fucked up. I thought that's what you know. Don't say that don't say if either, if I'm there's generations nearly a million the nor Jones is this generations like jazz javelin it wouldn't it was something something so like that doesnt work. It was like something even worse that he said, but but just to say that just read me the wrong, I'm a huge Lillian. As I am a lot to learn before you're gonna be nearly young John Mayer I worked at a consequent before I was a comedian. I worked as a security guard and great woods. Great woods is placing Mansfield Massachusetts that has his concerts,
and the Neil Young shows the last one I ever worked was like this is too fucking crazy house, like I got to get out cuz, I thought I thought I was you tell like somebody killed Youse Madness, because the way great woods works is theirs, a covered area and then there's a back areas like a lawn. And all the security people were assigned to you, no stop people from bringing in booze. I could bring in bottles of wine stuff like that bottles, whiskey, and also to keep keep order like when she would go hey although the lawn the thing, but the law was there's no sign seeding savages. Where are they wanted to a lot of people to start fires? and during the NEO young concert they had to shut the concert down because the law and was on fire just and then the fight broke out. And I wonder I had a security jacket on and I covered my security jacket or turned it inside out armor what I did, but I like fuck, this job.
I got normal person now, and I got the bug out of there. I remember I go swimming if I got paid for the last day at work. I don't know if I punched out oh shit, but our we're saying to myself varies. I was probably nineteen the tiles long time ago, but I remember saying this: is the last day I work as a security guard, and it was the Neil Young show just so crazy. There was fights breaking out and fuckin bottles were flying and fire, and those like this is once again pay ten bucks an hour, something stupid thing like this is not worth it then, but it was cool that it was kneeling on the list. The bank go out and Neil Young in that's, like Neil youngsters, He lives up in northern California has got a giant ranch ranch if there's his own diesel yeah he's got like what he made that he made a new ipod thing he's trying to sell it. Isn't
yeah. What is it like? Guess it's his own version of an mp3 player. I don't know how you can jump in that game, as that seems to me, like I always in Singapore Business decision to try, because it does not make it a phone you're, not gonna beat Ipod lay. No, he buys ipods, they buy phones that have music on them. Now I mean there's no yeah gonna, polio, Aurora yeah, it's called pole, oh no, it's I mean. Look, I think its awesome technology that he's got some shit words like that equality is way better, but I mean your job in that's like saying, but the idea is that IRAN is a banner yeah. It is it if you're trying to do now haven't tried it, but that's the trend of salt audio files and at the end, but no and listening to music is it made for mastering for digital quality frightened. So
master everything. It's it's it's kind of weird. I mean it seems like a losing game to jump into, but, although enough gal I can like, maybe they they, they crowd, funded it yeah. That's the weird thing: rises crowd fund, but can you play stuff from your again? Can each for stuff from your apple from Itunes too. That will sound bet. It will play like any say in ideal. Is how much better? What's No, you a lot of time listening to it through shitty ass fucking, its supposed It seems that some better and I believe that one on court- that's what they ve got some crazy algorithm. Unless what is going on inside really here, but I mean it, you started in the art- this sounds better. Resist sounds better yet does, but I don't like it do you like it. You like, I don't like it. Ok, let's move onto Africa's DAS, Vassili argument, yeah that, but there pointing out this article about it that it doesn't mean Jack shit. If you dont have really good headphones behind it, you know an interesting debate
What is interesting, is it like see of people react to this and they up the sound quality for phones, video, valued his dad ran on time. You are right Well, that's it! Ladies and gentlemen. The asses over the people on Itunes give another couple of minutes thanks to our sponsors, thanks who me undies me undies, go to me: undies dot, com, Ford, Slash, Rogan and get twenty percent off your first order do that by September. First, so me undies, dot com. Ford, Slash, Rogan thanks also to audible, gotta audible, die comforts last Joe get one free audio book. In thirty three days of audible service, thanks also to dot com- that is oh Anne and I t use the code, Word Rogan and save yourself, ten percent of any in all supplements, shooter Jennings,
This is a fine man. Would do this more great man. Do it do it again, and I got a stack of idols fear that I've got bringing levels. We acted. I'm? U go whatever mammals, we'll figure. Something out! Thank very much whether appreciated. Thank you so much for having their sea gas.
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