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#533 - Chris D'Elia

2014-08-11 | 🔗
Chris D'Elia is a stand-up comic, actor, writer, and rapper. He is currently starring in "Undateable" on NBC.
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faced with some other people i don't know look and sexy like young about these young you still young guy i know i know i've bye bye still kind of feel young i thirty four month i'm forty seven today and you feel forty seven now but i take all kinds of charade me film fuckin fresh hormones fuckin epileptic supplements guys i got guys like you just made me feel like going to die soon because you you seem like a body i would hang with like that when you know your but like you seem like somebody that's my age and then when i i saw your you're not like how the fuck am i going to feel because i deaf feel less energetic than i was when i was twenty five year budget
what do you do about its all about what do you do about your model the exercise how often the exercise used exercise society hump in that's that's my party colleague i used to exercise so much and i just don't man yeah you got two especially when you hit you thirties is it can't hear jamie ears at me turn asia amount for one i think gum his whiskers d been in the room young crystals crystal clear you gotta keep take care otherwise it started atrophy all the way around it and now if you don't you bodies slowly atrophy i got i gotta and i just use it i got up and then it s like i do the road so you know do the road and sex so it's like when you gonna fuckin start and then it's like you know that's the hardest but i know what you know you like a fucking do but it's like he's gonna write it down that's the number one thing we write it down right now what you have to do the day and then do that
like the idea of writing down thing is an art hey you know i'm not i'm really not lazy i'm really not like an hour you know currently do inserts yours worker in your act i see it the improv you're there almost every night constantly you not least when it comes and now not at all but that's also stand up is like just such a rewarding now you know right at me the people are like yeah yeah but if you weren't out there's nobody there that's like but if you don't see like if you had an amazing body took his shirt off and people want yeah shit christs eureka and then and became what you have now he'd be like what the fuck my body my amazing body but now you just you to having a normal body and so it's become the yea
thing is to like i'm pretty lucky with genes my genes zalm like i've my guy sound shit yeah you magazine a fat really is a lawyer guides and i he i e pretty well i don't eat like shit you know so that's palmer for people who don't do they have the slow genes and the money what happens they just start getting fat really quickly that's a dad is a drag that is really you're just those of the cards to acta morph it's what it's called right r and d morph into more and more for the fat one act amorphous the people that can't put on wait no matter what they do i will start to will someday yeah if you don't want to start by when it's already fading you know like right now still look good look i've let it in a dream you're a real good give good everything's good here it'll go though no matter what
then there's like the others is god does my pocket s sometimes a train is named steve maxwell presenting jujitsu bipolar sixty one sixty three sixty four sixty four fuckin guy looks great he's rip tread six pack works out on farm just cause we added never gives his body yeah chance to get so slot an awesome did i just you know my my thing is also like for me like our focus on one thing and i'll just that's about it and what that is his comedy to me like that stand up to me i mean i told you i trained like just five years for five years in which to train and again with john machado and i did it like every day and i worked out and i lifted were hits the good and just what i did and then i did stand up and i like what the fuck am i do roaming around because it wasn't it you know i found out that that wasn't me you know like
to a point where i was good for me but it was like other guys were this is their life and then once i did stand up it was just so the so obvious that was who i wasn't that was my life that i was like i'm just going to excel at this i feel like if i worked really hard and i did we'll stay it is a strange thing you definitely do work really are like us embassy there all the time but stand up strange thing in that like its potential is entire based on like the contents of your mind and putting it all together and it's all the whole thing is you it's not like you know jujitsu there's more there's armed rice triangles could be very creative and you can even come up with your own moves but withstand up like literally anything everything that you can think there could possibly joam yeah and you can and you can i remember like especially when i first started out and not being
the figure out like had pan pad after pad filled with these ideas that were just ridiculously stupid idea they could never be comedy without trial a europe what are the ideas that i can come up with that could be comedy we'll get some of my were still to this day i'll go back and find some i hope you don't look like how did you ever make it you fluctuating it embarrassing you read the shit that yeah that's like one now at all like i watch or tapes me like what it's hard is otherwise tapes from a couple years ago i know you it's hard to fork and look at a picture and see how used to dress a couple years bananas are the voters photos from news radio anna had earrings that's an rumbling lawyer i had hearings are you not say kid you forget imagined me with earrings now i had now area so not me an hour but i was dead did out too far
molly knows i'm gettin fucking your answers ones they hunted thoroughly automatically diamond absolutely where i got one yeah me and my roommates well when at the same time gunnar yours pierce my one room it was crazy you want both ears pirate style he added to my brother had to hear both ears here that's a gangster move especially in the nineties and you look at those yeah and you look at those pictures and like you think i'm a man like you like how did i get any pussy like for real not even i am i know it's funny but like not even to be funny like how did somebody be like yeah that guy well girl settled just like i say now i don't want to think of settling with me that it does not go out with me i actually wherein earring because of jujitsu because i started
get out of my role now tape and who fuckin our heaps sarcastic really yeah just take it wow that's crazy i know why they wouldn't just fuckin taken out i know due to tape their ears because they have the stretch things you know they have those giant holes in their ears and so they pull the and together tape it the guy frighten you have seen us yeah they they put those but others things called yadda endangering wrong where they go plugs plugs away those things are ridiculous those arc yeah yeah that's a whole cultures there's girls i gotta be like africa yeah he's got the biggest hold right here what's i come the those can women than have those plates dear surrey the surrey women they have those plates in their life by and large the plate the more cattle they're worth when they get married the audits
about that at all i mean i know about that i've seen it but that's a strange choice it is weird when you think about wall cause that's attractive to right on any more apparently the wording dad that obviously i'm not hanging in broad but the word is that it it was like much more com but now women are rebelling against it allow young women don't do it because they have the bang their teeth out their lower teeth a site like war as the plate gets larger like as you start doing it starts like going into your mouth and you'd drool constantly and yet none of that man like what the fuck are you like just less pain always known obeying anti it doesn't make any sense i just did it doesnt i mean that's a weird thing like what culture like decides is beautiful
a boy yeah it's also like different in the world currently like you go fuck it thousands of miles across the world and its completely different and it still now yeah which is crazy to me yeah yeah now two thousand fourteen there's a chance in africa right around the giant played under lip and subdued like you man wanna fuck that girl get a plate put my food on her play worker attacker at the same time but if it were us here we will be like oh we're each be too hard to fuckers you got a plate whether we imagined that became bought matches i mean if it became hot anywhere who came like a style anywhere it could be style anywhere else it just needs yet hatch right yeah it's all we fuckin made up i mean like used to be where girls who are very fair skin were hot because that meant they were wretched their indoors and fucking that was awesome yeah and then it will in the end the workers got all tankers are outside but then it was
like a fuckin ten chicks are hot because automatic physical vacation yeah the end then the fur girls were not right then it and around again year whereas likely that girl doesn't want cancers shriver era she's got the money to know and have the skin care but it's like is making to shut up with our minds yeah decide like ice data girlies to attach a lot of talk to her by go you know you're not you don't look better when you can write you look great when you pay right the tissue look different right all it does is not better it's all in your head like some girls really can cause i'm not i know yeah i don't and how about like girls that our tent like filipino grocery like i can't i mean i'm sort i need to tan like you are you got that you brown you're lucky you don't have to do that should get cancer or even weirder there's a lot of filipinos take the stuff concluded die on its
it's an amino acid but they they haven't injected in their skin somehow to light to lighten theirs permanently lighten their skin tom it what a fire whole procedure involving this glued asylum stuff where the it's very common with filipinos apparently chicks would yet it's just canada judges do whatever to make look whatever but dinners dude that do that too and that's just absolutely not yeah there's certain things that do not do that like immediately i can talk to them like of your wax in your eyebrows we have nothing to say yeah well if you have to earrings really do have a unit brow and you wanna get that euro brow termed i get that i get that's fine but if you have like sculpted eyebrows you'd go fuck yourself talked you do absolutely you try and you hard man year either there is yeah i don't even like like any any type of like shave
some part of your beard rye right riches let it go or haven't not not all yeah like amis the white stripes war of words that i mean honestly if you're a fuckin alike a fighter or some shit yours i'm about lines of my beard and cause i'm crazy to cycle to be fuckin too then fine but if you're just like a guy and you work at crate and barrel right and you're just like did its focus on with my with my sideburns yeah what do you do it yet this does a lot of work and father just you u peacock and their account was talking but this once into bookie read about the reason why men disdain men who where a lot of jewelry and then it goes back to the hunting down is that men who would wear like shiny flashy things they would distract animals like there'd be they would be a problem
run hunting journeys and the same thing with men talk too much like men were like if you look like movies where there's a there's hero in the hero is like someone to be looked up to re always very stylish yeah can i elected and greatly nordic states com they keep her shit together because those are qualities valued in hunting parties that's cool isn't it where it makes sense here which is like with women right the dish in the way we communicate with each other and the directive resumed the way meant communicate each other men value stoicism men valley you a guy can keep a shit together when it when the chips are down but when women would be gathering and making no food and shit where men roth being quiet and making up on animals the one would be talk how kind of shit about the man this has he
he's run around out there hunt what has beads on shit fisk air quality you'd like that's that's the reason why the culture of females the culture of men it has to do with hunting and gathering that's fucking crazy and deep about what about then you get the movies with the female characters that are common collective in coal yeah does her affection yeah i mean ok but it means all fiction then that year and then watch out of me i come up with this movie that's gonna feel like i'm sexist and you are because of that i am too but not really mean look just it's more realistic than sex it's not saying that those those possibilities don't exist they can absolutely exist but the reality is most of the time they don't you know i think there's no one answered for more fishermen's it's like would put human characteristics to animals like yogi baron shit we give them a human we will i think we
so do that with gender and sometimes we'll give women like these male qualities in like especially superhero women like brian also no brain or area elsewhere the fucking disappeared through use do it again charlie's angels when charlie's angels came out and barrymore was kicking people knocking them outright and it goes far beyond what goes far get warm and she's not beaten up nobody come air command he goes that was my woman is going to go out there like crime i'd beat her fucking ass i did a fucking ass right in the house one man has truly funny he's hilarious one morsel areas guys that for whatever reason never made it and you know i mean i'm i gotta get on the past of early definitely shed he's just like you but he also go he will go up like one a m and walk the rome i am but but the seven
seen people that state would be crying yeah cryin he never forget sorry he had this been the brine wholesome bit and i quote about susan's methods is drowned it was late a gentleman i heard there were bad kids they sat that close the tv they didn't put away their blocks for while the spell of the milk those kids will not be it was late a i heard they were bad kids they sat that close it they didn't put away their blocks allow their oil spill in the milk those kids will not be messed up black god but it's finally the way does it it's weird yeah it's awful it has offered its awful but it's hilarious would when there is that florida do with its issues really cheap airline that i forget what has expressed air or like that some air bus it was like a the cheap airline they went down the everglades and he had this hilarious bit
about trying to walk his dog and those fuckin body parts washed ashore and then people with their fuckin cheap airlines it is his his anger in this that these fuckin people too stupid by regular employment and now we have to deal with it i'm trying to walk life giving up trade about my diabetic pick it up feet and shed its full it is you have to see it i'm not doing the guy's material and justice but is one of those guys i don't know where the fuck he is the ad and now he was a meter made over right he actually looks like he would be a meter made weaving i just fucking guy and you'll be like what is this guy do what is this guy do besides this and the answer is you fucking go stage that's crazy what make any sense because he was so good he he was oh god yeah i coming how are you not like but one at what may lead
him to be so good was like he had this stage stage was story very rarely did anywhere but here he would laugh factory sometimes yeah i didn't feel right now oh no no no no no no he would be up there would show courage i know right everybody's globally he was men fuckin travis bicker would come the real life bigger just people would be like oh no this is not for me the others those guys that everybody knows and everybody remembers that you know like you will you call comics comic yeah you know it's like four four comics those are the guy like if you if you act like a lot of commerce ago the store whose like ten favour comic several a lot of we're gonna say holtzman oh yeah what brody's i tat s but brody's catching on at least as yeah central share each view what is it we are coming to put the essential in israel
i can help you do that when holtzman was you know young there was no internet so it's like now people can find what they want yeah it's true well it's also true that like you used need in a network like we're talking about this before the podcast started you used in need a network uneasy need someone to come along and say hey you know you are the guy put you as a star of our show you're gonna be this guy but now i have just outlined funny video on youtube and then everybody goes who's that guy then they they send their friends at work and next thing you know it's passed around to create this in the next thing you know like look a rustle peters russell peters became giant not because a television has a fuckin you too but so russell peter cells out the o to arrange in london to shows in a row that's like a teen thousands fuckin seats or somewhere that
and he's gigantic and all because it just because it was funny nobody picked them nobody right we know and that can happen now but when wholesome was around with special when holtzman star just didn't exist yet no network i would be like hey you be on my second you be the lead you would never take the chance now i took the chance with that guy who knows what the fuck he would do ya you know like we're talking about like guys get in trouble for saying things off of the author off their show on stage as a comedian yeah i remember the rumour was on an of whose substantiate or not but that a b c told tim alan to stop doing stand while he was doing home really yeah because stay at love is used on the huge sit com and set a stand up even though but it wasn't even while back then maybe yeah so do not talk about ideas which are now being a man yeah but apparently like people
it was sex as you know could be too harsh for a family show cause those using with bob zagat bob sangree envoy for family show and he's real dirty re like you do stand up at all while he was on that show at i guess you didn't know they must have more also he was getting so much money maybe just didn't feel the need to do it but a boy how something to do with his his willingness to say yes right yeah i don't know man i mean i i but that to me it's like i've gotten everything from stand up so to not do that is just weird to me like i can't wait to get off certain gone stage when i was on his radio but did you do you do the descent about we always right always never stopped i dig it lazy there was a time in the early nineties when i first got on television like ninety four ninety five i did fuck off with me
act really you must there was i just did what you do did the jokes that i'd for years and i didn't write at all for how long it least year maybe more maybe more and then one day on the writer from news radio came to see me at the store and had a late night spada and i really was ugly really loved you eating crazy i went down do and it was in front of somebody i respected cup are respected and interests wasn't good and i realise that i have been coasting knows i can't i just now good night a few moments in my career did did them what the real stand out a deck moments had been some bad on the way but there's a few stand out really eat plates of sheer alas what those moments may be way better in that
it happened to mean that moment of eaten dick in front of those writers at the at the common in the main room late night the crowd was dead there was the idea was not there was no one there i mean who might have been plus writers they might have been thirty other people were scattered throughout the rome maybe fifty maximum don't you think fifty but had started out a full and then as the chagos on a garment like pray one o clock in the morning or something like that it was just but you were on the show already right yes how did you find such a late spot i wasn't leads bonds is part well when i first got these radio i was a non paid regular misused to put me on after the show is over
go on like aftermath see rise like when nobody knew and see rise but actually think me he might have already got an hp especial my nine you for but my point was that at one point in time the executive producer he actually said to me goes well are you still do and stand up your nocturnal yeah they dont people don't get that people think that when you do stand up its to make it yeah end your like the one you make it you're like you did it do you graduated that's the debts what that's you that's your job that's you that to me that's what it's like that's why when i dont understand when comedians who have a show apologize for some shit they did right because it's like that in a way that disrespect who you are in you really feel bad about of course about your like yeah you know i'm out you know whatever it whatever it is it's fucked us dynamite you're like oh i should have said that in ukraine that and you feel bad than fight but but the thing is it work you know to be a committee
it means your somebody who people are going to go to sea jokes and if you are telling jokes and that somebody gets offend and then you say you're sorry i didn't mean that i should have said that then what you're saying is your kind of serious you were kind of serious on stage when he says that yeah exactly just be like will know i'm not sorry because i was joking and i'm sorry you feel that way but i'm not sorry for making a rape joke or whatever because it was a joke i was trying to be funny right that's why the only thing worse than what was it like a rich michael richards when when i was terrible it did not seem like a joke at all it seemed real is fuck we hang around back then i was i was i was like an open micro at the high cafe when that should happen so and kind of new frazier smith a little bit because he was soon he was whose hosting that night you know and i was like laugh regime's hosting that night and
and when that happens when you saw that like there's nobody in their right mind that would have seen what went down with michael richards onstage and be like i was joking wrath we'll michael riches is the exact opposite because michael richard started out as an act right got superfluous and then try to be a comedian right right that's that's tough that's real fuckin tough that's way harder its way fuckin harder you know of charlie murphy did oh is he dead yeah yeah trolling there was an actor furs entire career than gunshots culture and then when we launch palko everybody wanted me to stay right and then he started to extend a bike headline wow that's i can't fucking imagine that he's got balls charlie murphy has giant fuck the iron bars i dont know i you know i don't know but but but yet another richards but what happened with michael riches of within when he went on to letterman to do apologize it was even war here i mean
talking about the war in iraq because i do just say sorry or whatever but and then and then he said something black people blacks just sounds like you so out of touch just stated last it was just it was all you had to do was be like oh i was look we ve all been in that situation is a comedian where something goes wrong and you're like a new and you push the envelope and an end and sometimes it works out and sometimes doesn't like remember one time a lady mouth off at me in the audience and i called our current a bunch of times ok whether or not i i feel like i should have done that the point is pure up there fighting for your fuckin life man and if you woke up so be it you're this is safe place you're a comedian and you're in entertainer and if they if they try to fuck with you you're just kind of for your life
and you're in if somebody word i have seen that there are crystal clear call the woman account at a context that south park in terror but i was trying to be funny about in euro yeah sorted i killed mean because his apology was so bad it was about its also you trying to figure out how to get out of the situation on the flock right like when echo riches on stage this the scenario was mike richard was onstage and these guys we're heckling them right michael richards look he was a bad medium i don't even know his stuff at all i met you i never saw i saw i live in the flesh he was tarragon he would go on stage and everyone would be waiting for the funniest to start with you so funny inside as seinfeld he's kramer he goes on stage and he would like do this rat falls and stunned monetarism this work russia if we do all this crazy shit and would fall down would slip and end it would be
no kind of like silly but i thought that it was going to set up some common got it but it never did it would never do never go anywhere and so he said the lad factory and it's like a friday night it's late the weekend night it's late and he's fucking bombing and these guys heckling ran their hackler brutally and he just pointed up and start call them niggers there are some never there's a nigger over their right and like well i'm here i see but the back story is he was on stage at the comedy store before that he went are the store and then despite the factory and he was cooked out of his lord on stage at the store i didn't know yeah well you he definitely enjoys stimulants this is not surprising i you know absolute we does cocaine can prove that cordelia anonymous speculation was it was carved out of his head but that it was like super aggressive
that kind of it and on stage for no reason effectual that's good cocaine cholera epidemic only the end was apparently just it was ugly and but he got through without saying bigger right across the sea went home yeah he got away that without saying a word if they didn't do that sat me think about that his life would be insanely different right when he would he could prove it would still be don't stand up who would have sitcoms who would be beloved doesn t remains with them their beaks did you see him in a movie you know it was starting to fail though it was starting in parliament standard will expose you if you're not a stand out it'll expose the shit out of you and you have to keep sharp to its people are like when you know
my favorite i want my favorite ours is eddie murphy you know and you should come back you should come back dude if could you imagine going back after thirty years of not doing it and get busted with transsexual hers will you have talked about it unless you jim norton anyone is completely on it the most people can't lately on weird perverted shit especially by your chance that's why you can't apologise if your colleague that's why unless you really did a kramer you know unless you unless you truly feel like you fucked up what station could have done is he could have said listen i got a cocaine problem and i don't know if you've ever done cocaine but cocaine eggs an idea seemed like a good idea that's a terrible idea even people who don't do cocaine know that they are there where their its knees i look you know i got on state it comes under the influence and i was bombing here's the deal on not that could accommodate right ok i'm a good community actor right as a stand up and marginal at best right
if he owned it let's hear it said that it would have been like out ok we ve got about here they really would have i believe that i think you know at the very please you would have gained loud people's respect because i've been doing our yeah hours our respect big type here your fears that the matter if he had done lack only show like if provided only african americans come to how come into contact with what get through yet we were at the store i didn't see it bought that he had last october we are at the store that night i had miss kramer my spot was i'm calling kramer i missed him i had i gone store like just after his spot so i got there and they were all talk him how bad it was like a cop kramer robed up and so there we're hanging around the partial huts were hanging around the parking brain ernst comes over the laugh factory a bribe
yeah he was like ya ya gonna fuckin believe we just went out or laugh factory and so he started telling us the whole story about michael richard going and you know and drop it end bombs in the whole deal and we're well i didn't think anything of it and then monday morning the video came out and then it was one of the very first of those videos they like i just someone doing something really fuck that's the other thing man is that if that wasn't a big thing then and an end it became a big that was what were you saying when it first times are yet happened here that debt is just fuckin that was when i saw that i was like i actually had a thought whereas i men we live in a different world now i mean how many times has something like that happened undocumented all or that how many
so i dont think that undying while i haven't i grew up in this if i can i can i get you get in fact power now i know you're not in fact as much as twenty one year old you getting fact that date they have no knowledge of any time before this right you know at least you being thirty four yeah i mean you kind are watching it come to fruition as you're in a dies and your kind at sea all these fuck ups happen like the kramer fuck up and all these other fuck ups scene as you are becoming successful standard like don't you ooh learn from that guy you there's a mistake and i want to make but these kids like they don't even get there like so what are you saying when they move expo i know but this that's the thing we there has to be some sort of backlash words like we're like look i i think i think i'm a good guy i think i'm a good guy you know i try to
try to be good to people i think my friends would say tat a guy here yet i feel sure or thank you but but i'm trying to not be ready doses or even modest i'm just trying to like think outside myself i think i think i'm a good person ok and i definitely fuck up there's absolutely things out there that if i were to run for a pilot too for some sort of office i will be second are we before that there's no way there's no fuckin way even if i was really politically minded and very smart and the best candidate did you fuckin way i would get elected because i've already done the thing that me and somebody's gotta screenshot of it they do not i mean and but so here's the thing though i think that we in a time now where you ve gotta just like look there that shit's out its video tapes somewhere somebody's got something i fall asleep chicks vulcan we take pictures of me without the sheets my dicks are probably it's probably is out there somewhere probably you just gotta be
somebody's gotta come out to wit where were they exposed and they just and there's a video of the guy are you sorry did this happen what i have to say about this fuckin dick pick you just gotta be like look whither like me are you don't i fucked up you fuck up their shit out there like this because a me because of my us that's and where i am and if you like me you like me you dont you don't but i'm sorry and subscribe to me or don't and if it isn't even a fuck up i know it's not me think about that like if you'd like the lid scenario that you propose if you're lying there and subject takes picture you dick that's all no it's not a fuck that's lightfoot but but if it's we're politician he doesn't get elected that's true and that's that's fucking bullshit yeah through dick that's bullshit but i think it's only ridiculous base on the standards of the the previous generations psych i think were japanese politicians on these please previous international standards and then
as time goes on what would look obama bomber on the four presidents had said he did coke brand and smoked we would never happened and you know you never never these i was i've retweeted this thing today was about nixon nixon during the watergate administration or during the watergate scandal nixon brought in all generals and was testing the waters for taking over congress and having a coup having like military intervention to take over its really fast nay i don't want misquoted or anything but that guy like he his era was a different era like the nixon administrations error was a completely different era like his the standards that he was judged by four was was things that there was no more exposed for anything in the past and so all of a sudden he gets exposed
the watergate missed the watergate scandal happens he gets busted i spying on other candidates in and then you know he feels this those so we can state happen when they shot those kids they were protesting the vietnam war and he would constantly worried about lefties causing word about liberals and the liberals taking over the left is in the east coast lefties and he apparently had crazy meeting with these these generals and this is the one about the guy said i got the impression he said that he was so of testing the water with us to see whether there will be support any nodding of heads or some of these other things one one well have come to the conclusion that here was the committee to keep him in power so like if they were trying to keep him there were kick him out of power because the watergate thing he's gonna bring in the miller
who's trying to find out whether or not in a crunch there would be support to keep him in power so like if they were trying to keep him we're going to kick him out of power because of the watergate thing he's going to bring in the military like he was trying to test the waters but today in that same sort of scenario like a guy it's over you now you you you can you can then you can't hide things like you could hide things that right so he got busted and he thought they're gonna try to kick him out of office and liking it is it nixon was a really bad guy who's a really bad guy but they were really bad guys like i'd probably every body that was bad guy that's how i think the standards people can be judged by or very very different because i dont think really bad guys are going to be able to be present and the future right i don't think a guy like nixon will get to a point where he could be the president and not
all the dirt on him that would be revealing right illuminated but long before you ve got an off so it that has to be that what yeah there's good than theirs bad because the good is a guy like nixon like dubious i found him before he ever got an office that no one would accept him right right yes dear totally but like the stuff like the sexual stuff that people do you know like a j f k when everyone present right never never never chance if their hit if there was faced with back when j of the direct messages i mean j f k was an animal use fucking animal he didn't didn't care if he was married you didn't care he was gonna party he was a garden
president i died the commander in chief and he was gonna get dick where there was just did you just did it so cruelly and president today no chance clinton was the last guy the last of the great presidential dicks langer it for now on you'll be judged in completely different way of that's i don't it is a good well it's not it's good when it comes to things that aren't sexual because it affects the job yes but it's not fair to judge somebody sexual prowess because of his prowess is it prowess or is it practices lush thing it's not but is it because what if instead of like sex what if it was a gambling thing if he had this crazy gambling thing where you found out that you know
hey man obama can't stop gambling on shit gambles on everything role the dice roaches running across a durable i killed his game what raindrops coming down a window but that that arguably does affect the job yeah you know but i dont know if you wanting to get ass would be like you know what i'm gonna do in gaza you see that aspect that doesn't have a gambling could effect that there was thoughts that did the one of the things that could affect a president if a president was like a real pussy chaser was that someone could blackmail if if someone had some information like a safe you how i got i gotta get through that makes sense soviet spies super hot to fuck em to fuck the president then would have some presidential dick and she fucks them and then she has some dirt ottoman southern pillar talk politics a motherfucker pillar talks a motherfucker
dear that's the thing but that's kind of mord i mean is it really a thing out tax i mean come on what hot jig around that's what i mean what come on she's even when that happens in movies unlike come on james bond is first of all does no harm by there must be able that there has to be to try to make it happen to make it to make it for that that's right i mean to be like we have to get you into scattered chaser top ten unifil lady spiles elements some leninism right now pull the nine of them are not nine of them are not ten of them are not about it there are disgusting woe witty see these monsters actually i'll take that back they want to start getting down that's jimmy thickets theirs
they're ok i know hand i'd where knowledge ideas worth here what's filling from just pulled that up just pull that that its smashing lists top ten beautiful lady spies from history it's the first one also you never there there can't be us by walking down the street we like damn look at that person there woman her name's anna chapman she was a beautiful twenty eight year old russian with an iq of a hundred and sixty two what yap she had a diplomatic father diplomat far in a taste for the high life russian national when living in new york united states was arrested along with others the titles about her body that's our parents know how do you know she is but this woman anna chapman is pretty hot she's on page to young jamie none other girl was not to know but she
rested along with his yacht looks kind of jam yeah hunt shit she's turned guaranteed during those eyes that's does it takes so she was a spy yes so she's a russian national well living in new york united states was arrested along with nine others on twenty seventh of june two thousand and ten while recently on suspicion of working for the illegals programme spy ring under the russian federation's external intelligence agency chapman pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the u s attorney general and was deported back to russia that's it just deported as a part of prisoners swap and right now she's tied to a bed somewhere in russia when it one of which is doing today
well then the next one number for how it should have a five year what the emerald that's about it with as an asian one and then number three is pretty young beautiful females applied during the chinese a war between blah blah blah blah blah tune read that the k you oh am i an t cure mean tang and the communist party has only fifteen shoes i fifteen asia put that part of the friday tonight and for once now that's that's the now that's when the image wait one hears the whole birth i'm confused when they re too that's ridiculous but banana hinders not that old that's it enters a new agencies nineteen thirty to thirty two nineteen forty seven what does it mean
fundamental rights are still fresh did she die maybe she must have back in that of the life and death of her has become a symbol of the courage of the chinese people's often cited as a homily h m i l why of their law you know that word is what's homily under her that word used accounts google it allowed the internet what we're world we live in homily is a religious discourse that is intended primarily for spiritual edification rather than doctrinal and struggle fucker using that word for of their loyalty to communism are stories often told as in homage to the struggles endoored and the south faces made for the cause of liberating china from the centuries of rule by foreign powers it's one of those words that uses other words i don't know to describe a gave his picture this other check is clearly not a real picture number two because
from fifteen fifty one fox right you can't have pictures is checked i've seen that living a movie star goddammit sons of bitches there's somebody right now and then model hurry model hurry there was in it tony said but you have it that sounds like some old old way of thinking to be like what we can have a good precedent that wants to fuck alive because spiled ghana like come on it is quite ridiculous that that sounds like that sounds ridiculous but we can proved our own point because the top ten throughout history we only found one one of them was fifteen one of them was legitimately hot and like i said she was russian right that's debt servicing there was one hot railway lines right right so we can approve it boys are really is right the edward web yeah but author of human history women to endless she was twenty eight what does she now that's is one that is too hot
still how this was only to four years ago so she's thirty two and thirty lange and pleasures are caught so she's fucked you we know about her now maybe maybe she arrays raise in russia they brought it back to russia's public goddamn hero where is she today which even if that were really a thing i think people would i mean you don't know about about people would be like raising hot spies that's true i mean that that their why're you there's no way we wouldn't do that to she's even had a nap picture there is light if you go to google images whew yeah she was smokin letter this is probably a maxim oh yeah totally ccs from that's from her as it is she's got these long red gloves on this hot lingerie illegally will you help me if you're spy don't take fuckin pictures like this
i think that it makes sense if it was ending to not be retained just beat but just stay out of the fuckin light ok come on son that cabin how really really think on i mean come i mean come not spies to issue the pictures you say under it not a spy hold it right up to her by a barrier dirty girl that's crazy yeah there's a lot of dirty pictures her somebody should unknown yes she was on maximum yeah see this notion was on russian maxim like not really maxineff maximum account russia mix yeah i wondered why she's out today ghana chapman today i bet she's got a good gig somewhere in russia spargo park asked throw it does one woman short exclaiming her she'd twig stupid
arrogant despite the rest synthetic see she refuses to discuss it like a true spire refuses to this interesting profile she's connected somehow to edwards a while there was a recent tweet proposing marriage to edward snowden that's real she proposed marriage snowden one i want him to marry me sick and boss by spiral amerika from pressure i spy again and again and again i may very private disk person on the revenues on twitter many into the issue to her tat she gets it yeah you said there's a tweet about it she's got it a twitter page but yeah but i thought like maybe like somebody else guidance fund now anna chapman twitter spies need to work on their social network
anna chapman on twitter lay out a tweet alibis union tweet alibis put up a toothpick way somewhere else if i went to her twitter page you followed me out panic but i'm fallen are you blocked nope they were gonna zones made you found out you were blocked it now you know surrounded by the village social india is become very strange and like twitter and i'll everything on her pages on russian scott wild but yes she's a frame clear all sexy pictures all over the place like instagram you gotta like you you had a funny report but let you out you a girl and yesterday page you dont have a hundred thousand years has not happened cause it happened i went to girls page and we just
her doing yoga was her ass like her genes she had two million fuckin follower youngest around here i was walking by in i was in las vegas or some shit ato and there's a postscript was like come see to graham sensation shouted out and was just some check that's crazy man girls radically the tens instagram than in real life oh yeah they would because they just shut the shit i want the followers and then you get the followers for heaven and ass an let me ask you some and then what and then what that's a good question because it was an article in like one those new york magazines that was all about this woman who was an inch graham fitness sensation shortages they didn't say it but it was just because she had a friend das yeah sure it was just incredible right there were just talking about her lovely figures on her figure answered they write juicy buddha and they were talking about all these projects that they're putting together and there was a meeting
a teen behind her and they're gonna marketer i'll fuckin cause of an ass yeah just because of a body part a big fleshy body part the carriage and that that yeah hips leaky give birth easy and fats and he could sustain the pregnant and that's fine but then when a girl postal picture of her from behind and it's like you know some quote inspiration shit you dislike no i know they have millions of comments on their fuckin thing but are still comment now i will yield just say no no more than now alright ethnic said no because it's not it's not ok it's not ok you can do it but then you're an asshole does fire than when you go to girls page with its into grant or twitter and they're just a plethora of images of her in sex
positions there ass out in our underwear bikinis doing selfies all and then there's a quote about men and needing to respect boundary that's yeah that's something that's just like now treating women like yeah you're a woman sex of jack you're crazy don't know that would be like if i fuckin that would be like if i took a bunch peanut butter put it off over my eyes and face and mouth and then said to you do why psych peanut butter in here you realize what you got can t you would say you because you're crazy so why don't we back and say that about those girls what we do come into a kind of but then when we do we're sexist yes well there's also you have no hope of second of banging them if you guys that true i don't
it depends on the aid we re let your program you shoot them down and then a million other geyser abominable those you know what you know what those guys are fuckin worse than those girls those guys a trader you for they are traded sons of bitches although for real when a dude psych hair or era when you're when you're when you're trying to you know take it with a girl and then some other dude psych yeah i heard that do it's bad dude are you oh yeah why that's the yelled i heard that dude he just fuckin he now he's out for pussy is named carry a lot of girls you know that do usually did helped you by the way yeah cause you and every hour really by should i can't do that soon i think i still no better that is a weird thing there do what you did some dude i would ever do that as a matter of fact i've been wanting
been trot like if i'm like really trying to get this girl and like i so hot or whatever and then i've an end and i find out she's a boyfriend and there has been such wages in my life we're outside i found out about a vibrant and i found out that the boyfriends jean i would never forget that that's them that's their thing here to be a fuckin due to simulate dude i'm gonna do the right thing but really i do not consider instagram ass your fuckin asshole well there's a lot of these are fake white nights they just trying to look good he's trying to come office like i'm different than men have ethics and morals and the really important to me is china position themselves if you're dude and your best friend is a woman it's it's it's it's it's aspect is very suspect highways but yeah yeah unless you really unusual well look there are there are look and i'm not saying that women
hot women and whoever are having their fuckin they can be great friends but get you off if their hot and even if they're not you sometimes don't wanna fuck it s an that's ok right you know but guys that do have like a hot woman it's best friend that are not banned and they pretend now it's totally platonic ok i could never trust a guy unless he has like an insanely hot wife that that yeah or or if that used to date yes that leaves us yeah that's possible if they like legitimately have nothing to do right other anymore right like i have axes that like i wouldn't want to sleep with but in their heart you don't mean right it's over yet all but you still friends yeah yeah friendly deny your best now no attention now weird that's weird which women anybody like when a guy is like work at an angle and try really hard
the like position himself as better than he position himself as being like different in every other guy i'm t known slavic has other doing negative things i read this one nice fuckin twitter page of the day it was amazing it was just like he's he might be the ultimate white knight i dont want to give out his twitter pay but he might be like the greatest if i met him he probably has almost no blood in his veins is blood sugar probably zero hereby faints although his it was so weak but things he said is he said it's all been he said all i still practice feminist is still practised feminist i no longer so you are no longer would you say advertise myself has a feminist because i feel like it's up to women to decide whether or not i'm doing feminism correctly jesus christ
so our still practice feminism but no longer advertise myself as a feminist jeez correct that that's i actually don't even know what you say about male feminism is a very strange thing not mail quality specialists or equality promoters specialist legality and people who only look out for the greater good of all humanity and don't gender identify or don't do not dare not gender specific and how they say the pierre should have rights and national debts i think equality is a beautiful thing when it comes to like how people are treated in when it comes to laws and without a doubt that's how it should be but this idea of male feminism it strikes me as a bit pandering there's a little bit of pandering on does little the other
absolutely little bit of role playing going on absolutely your year because because a mail has an income to want to sleep with women if so it's like that's not going away this guy just because you respect of a war doesn't mean you can't see a woman in black damn look at that ass right that's what those guys are acting like like that that now it's better now i dont look there's an object you haven't you your men you have a mid brain with amid brain what we mid brain is like yours like a lizard you not i mean you're like a red fast red cargoes bilingual shit you even if you dont physically do that you fuckin were you do you notice it right you can be fucking a girl a beautiful girl and then
on the tv or coming here comes out with a beautiful girl and you'll be like who's that yes you could be anyway that's must acknowledge that oh yeah i know i don't think there's about that i think with them it's it's about positioning themselves as being so what women have a problem of men in the same way that men are proud with women what what what are the issues at manner prom with women in this is just some men and some women is generalizations but there's always like all that girls a gold digger she just wants a rich guy she wants a guy with a big dick she wants some pigs dud some big you know she does even realise and i'm the guy sure these like issues at a lot of men have with women right a lot of women the issues they have with men is an animal the guy's a savage just trying to provoke a bunch of women he doesn't ever want to settle down it has one ever have a family he's ever
to be loyal to one woman right and so many position themselves being different than every other man right they'll come along and they'll say i've seen they the evil of you know male reno patriarchal behaviour and i just think it's not cool on a feminist i bet looking out for all women's rights and i'm different than all women what you don't ever fine is men who will you i guess you could but it's very rarely guys who were savages who identify with being a feminist like it's not like press ugliest athletic pro football players like a warm also a feminist basically it sounds funny i as an its guises like they're not very manly then so they're they're stick is i'm gonna position myself as being solution to all these other men that are out there i'm socially retarded i i dare not attractive in the treaty
no sense so what i'm gonna do is be like super alter sensitive and super where women's needs and super attentive and i'm just going to live my life in misery and attempt and i guess i work sometimes i guess it is vital that have fuckin platinum albums human dna though will you do you think it s like which guy i don't you guys don't get a guitar and just be like those guys get manner possible that's what i'm saying like john mayer but that's it i'm sorry i don't know but he's not a feminist that's shred of you but if that guy's just he's com grandpa in the picture yeah i guess you're right about if you right i mean those guys don't now he's more like a romantic right right right you know he's positioning hymns himself but i mean look people position themselves what what what do we do comedians i mean
one the reasons why guys got in a comedy i know one there is what what i love about doing com these also girls liked me like customs i didn't like me when i was fighter is very rare the girls were really excited to hang out some guy was hanging out sweaty dude salt getting kicked in the face it's not about attractive but mean guess you're famous fighter but but but comedians like that you can make them live and so you would you would work hard on being more funny be more funny around right girls to like you mean pretty much every comedians heterosexual has had that motivation be funnier cause girls like funny guy and when you feel less attractive you ever taken a girl to show you a dick onstage well that's a terrible terrible terrible place to be clean and you have
you have nothing you have what you thought was in its work its last year like ah she issues as you do to me but worse because she you know your your work then a guy who does nothing i want you do you're awful at its now like i'm trying to find my place in this great and i've got good features no ray ease means gap potential once chris gets a shit together but no you will you be i'm on stage like they saw what you do and you do it awful that's really fucking funny positioning yourself as like being a funny guy like you
i'm the guy right you want to come to me for lads i'm the guy some people are not that guy there the guy you want to come to me for equality talk i know a lot about women's rights and i dont are used identifies a feminist but i found it s like insulting to actual women so i no longer identifies a feminist i will leave it up to women to decide whether or not i am doing feminism correctly amazing is that guy picked up a box of cookies he would fall asleep in the middle of lifting it up it would fall and hit his head and died it is a fact that guy's not gonna be with a rebuild society guy has to be a singer that said that no i think he's a comedian well you know that's defining summed it whatever it is it's a disaster it's it's two people a shitty friends and ignore
imposing recycles no man no link no on these fuckers instagram and just right now do it attack me at it so i can go no amount of fact find these dudes instagram i know a lot of you listen find these dude these these bitch made duty on instagram pity comment you come no and new tang that crystal clear and i want to see these do it so i can laugh women position themselves as being different other women too like amy shimmers got a funny fuckin sketches she dinner show about that about the girl who can hang his life there's a girl cells tat played yeah she's less so guys i love sports you know bitches europe
compania hired obliges looking at what you guys and they'll position themselves as being different right in all these other women that want a certain thing from a guy you know like i knew this one check and she had no female friends but none but she was d t f all day she doubted everybody can tell us your things she i'd all male friends and you know she had boyfriends choice bang dude which she had boyfriends minutes check which as always but that was her hustle her hustle was that she was you know one of the guys that's how she got all these guys and she sort of morphed you know any kind of kind of what she liked but really you get to know her which you really wanted was like a real steady relationship and but about guys she got in that trap or guys didn't take her seriously because sure she was banging guys what she had other boyfriends and it was always like chaos and with a cigarette
how to get out of here i'm lonely he know people they get in that position where their whole life is like a constant i'm late i gotta go find my life fuck my lack of yes that was this checks uses it was always like we think some fuckin stevens bullshit stephen i've been friends for years at home where are you fucking stephen i can see even dare we went to college together millions legs i mean like comes over and sometimes are both horny and they all my god you're crazy but her hustle was she was different and although the girl she was like just one of the guys he had read and cheap but she d downside wanted a committed resource of course but no guy wanted to give it to her will not happen fuckin all of his friends people man they morph and become who is they think that other people want them to be much too you know whether its they become a male feminist or the become a down ass bitch
whatever you know people and then along the way they actually are that person along the way they actually become nedda that becomes all they know of themselves yellow if it's because that's what you know it's like oj prior thinks you didn't kill his wife in the subject no i mean i wonder i don't know that's what they say but it's i give you the mind broken in saint yeah you make yourself do you want to be i think it's totally possible that he really believes that this point that i don't avi desert it did it's completely positive though i mean people than crazier than that right that's that's just crazy it's not super duper crazy craze now it's not mean if you like yourself or fuckin ten fifteen or twenty years now ninety three many forks twenty or twenty five years tat flew by almost twenty years yet people they
come like religious people think about how many religious people have like almost exact same way of talking arms the exact same inflection accompany late night preachers have the same way of talking they all talk about god's work in the same way with the same way crystal clear so we're jesus came down with these rules came down from the mountain but why is that they do something they adopt just like a male feminist dobbs sort of an email way of tracking and a more subtle way of like a more like yes it's like much much more people stopped giving him media ass the guy stay agenda there how many guys like even when there is like guys a sound exact like david yes there is like tat guys therein everybody would just words
they were do when a tat they would go on state today will do i finally also with the sports announce that yeah on that every go out again side retired that do not when i do that you're not like oh that's that sports and actually like that's the sports announced forgot or like morning zoo dj oh i did a tour one radio towards the other day whereas pierre inside of the things every didn't toward things there but almost like north korean prison would be on the list of worse things ever nice folks i'm sure they're there are there all night individually but we have to do for hours again it's the worse well it's that will you really appreciate when you call one end side and then other shit a good do that like or good gao your tongue said yeah she's a good gal at something you're just
in itself the as superimposed over she's a good girl but you know i did for hours of this shit from like six they dot m and i spoke to ten people that their exact same person all right click delete milan crystallized new calmly tour starts this week but sally and then their questions so what's the deal waited when i didn't able and i did these fuckin things are you data all well what what is your for your factor rise to get what are you afraid of you because i appreciate you worried bugs right now what what now now those shells called on data but you're a good luck and guy chris what's the deal just
what's it what's the what's the boss data but what what are you find a debatable at a girl floating shoes will take her out or strip cub dj to this day over your legs was murdered babies onstage too gentlemen fifteen dollar kamikaze he's right irregularly idolators here that even over anastasia and she safe that's better it's dead that that those those inflections those like patterns that people choose they they think that like this is how communion supposed to talk all talk like that and then i'll be a comedian like now that you did it but a lotta comedians do it when starting starting out i had a real problem where i would mimic other and our i myself so yeah low if you watch
you're after like you know in the beginning i like tat guy you know and then you go on stage in but you figure it out if you do it enough yes you know it's like it's like reading one authoring just siding with him and then you're lightweight there's other books out there you gotta we'd all income will your opinion yeah yeah o brien can't yes i think we are talking about what the fuck are you alright a book and me priority readability raised like one chapter it's amazing pluck you you have to read this and he placed it leave use out life and you like wait a minute you know that guy crazy costs are setting him i did bob thing a guy like disagrees with nobel prize winning scientists that he'd misquotes there come on i'll send him like all this fuckin brian i got this huge argument ones because he kept quoting this asshole then on his podcast so in the middle the conversation to save this on my phone because i tired
this conversation with him i just start reading off all the different things where this guy has lied and said things wrong and he seemed slowly get deflate do you ever just just google debunked after that guy just whatever got you you do ass i do that with everybody now do that with everybody now that i have as a guest i how does one diana in dave aspirin this guy is a nice nice right is a burglary and he he said a bunch of shit why do you have in mind in the first i didn't know i don't know i don't mean that i mean what was the reason he was on the transit knowledgeable guy knows a lot of shit about what though like what different like he calls himself bio hacker and how did you know learn about him think take take fletcher turn me into i'm pretty sure pressure was tate tate loves he created this sum created but he popular as this idea of mixing cough with grass fed butter and empty t oil so it's like a slow burn the caffeine kids it's delicious beverage that's really
all along the way he started promoting this type of i feel that he has its which called miko talks in free is a long story that has been beaten down on his part one of our greatest go but it too much but after that there was so much misinformation that i felt responsible because i put it out just as i and i repeated the things that he had told me so now i google debunked just then i know a lot of times when you google debunked you find out a bunch of fucking crazy pray dont re guy like if you google mead debarked you're fired that's my girl cia disinformation age in whose hiding the truth about i'm trails of a real this allowed people to believe that i'm a disinformation agent and then i'm hiding the truth about cam trails can trails which are the evil sprang that the government does with planes when you see those contrails behind planes
artificial clouds crystal clear and those of beings reunion organise a government that government good we're out of their fuckin minded lately i've been called a paid disinformation agent might they believe that i get paid i'm waiting for my fuckin checks first of all i am not getting any checks from get paid it might be a lump sum plan on life but people if you don't believe in the things that they believe in they automatically assume the euro government agent i got this guy mic west who was on the podcast who he was on my cypher to be runs cycled met a bunk and it's all about debunking conspiracy theories and all people ever say she works for the government skyward course he's a malta i multi millionaire who was so a video game company a super successful videogame come news
what a video game company makes like tony hawk the deuce loaded and just he's into conspiracies recent like he's a scientist essentially in a lot of ways not i won t is a guy who's very educated and intellectually curious and so he tries to figure out what it is about people that makes them gravitate towards these unlikely scenarios that they believe that the government is sprang right chemicals in the sky and all you care about this guy's that he's a paid disinformation agent which i know not to be true i know it's retro but people want to believe that can share its more it's more exciting if there's like big secrets out there certainly is giving you you ever we hear that shit in your life i mean i don't now take about that stuff you know so when i hear like there's a part of me that doesn't believe even though i know it has happened for sure they ve covered stuff up like i think like that come on you can't do that shit
i think that's out of the world is when we talked about earlier the nixon story gets out that i tweeted today that's a perfect example of there there is fuck area in the world like nixon tested the waters of like trying to see this support for military coup against congress that stuff does happen look watergate did happen they did spy on people did record what state did have rightly did higher the baby did take the national guard and make them breakup student protest and shoot students shoot american students nonviolent non armed they did that in our day they did there's a lot of shit that's been done so i think conspiracies or real but i think that the problem is that most people don't go into any scenario with an open mind they they don't really
try to find out all the facts they have a predetermined idea that they want to live they want that conclusion to be they want to be valid they want to validate their conclusion more than they want to objective we look at the truth yeah that's a fuckin huge problem there that's your problem while i click is another thing say we were talking about like you're a good guy right but if somebody wanted a fine dirt on you if they wanted to dig deep human president take it jain something fucked up about you well in finding a fucked up thing about you that one fucked up think they could decide where crystal leah he got drunk want jerked oftenest girls hair and ass all they could decide he is a chronic masturbating in girls hair while their drunk like this is what it is all doubts this whole white right everything else is just setting himself up so he could jerk off erroneous hair like like they decide that way thing you ve done you made of below you are
it is we were all the time though fine one asked de personality that kneeled may be it did this wants or may be ran a red light and others say he's a fuckin reckless driver red with guy runner shall read like butter this guy's an asshole did you see this tony stewart no i do not know what happened ran over guy he's nascar driver and he ran off we are talking about on the way home and we are driving home from the jolla we did not enjoy san diego this weekend didn't
and called rightly i need and as we are driving back it was bright moon was breaking right and tony steward who's this big time ass car driver ran over a guy in this dirt race with were those called sprint sprint car think rent a car they they ride there is crazy cars that weird looking cars public wings on and they drive around the dirt and he hit the skies car the guy got out of the car and was yelling at tony stuart tones to random over with his car to really fucked up he meant to do it see that's where things get weird he says absolutely not of course as the the local cops whoever investigated it did not pressing charges they think it was a total accident but now because of that everybody starts pulling up all the different shit disguised
right past drive of core has apparently is bob people's cars before is a very aggressive driver and there's been a lot of aggressive drugs i ate i'm completely new to this i don't follow racy ended the door but twenty hinge cliff does in hinge cliff was a wand told me that tony steward is known for being this like really super aggressive ever so now i'm reading all this stuff online and these people just bring up all these times in the past where he's clipped cars has yelled at people or peoples is you know it's a maniac in their concentrating all on this the negative aspects of this guy all night aspects to treatment who it i dont understand when this because they want to believe that he hit randomly hit him on purpose they want to believe that hit the gas when is near the guy because he knew the ass in the car would kick out and the ass in the car kicked out the guy get run over right like it's
it is one of those things where when something happens if something goes wrong people will find the one one thing or the epp and then concentrate here only on that instead of like me this is pure speculation on the exact what happened instead of you know maybe he'd dr aggressive and knock that guy in the wall and the guy got out of his fucking car and the guy was on the track yelling adam and i dont understand never raised i don't know what it's like but i would imagine that there's some really fuckin split second decision we are sure flying around attract new sea a guy on the fuckin track pointing at you i would imagine that the decisions like the pro and can do this and you ok do that that guy's gonna die there such a small window of error because his guys
walking around on a fucking restrain you that's what i get your car walk around right but these people all online i've been looking at it all day yesterday all we're saying that he killed the sky so many people are blaming him for it well that's also the people who write on the internet though that's true no you not i mean yes true but even eye witnesses people who were there at the time i don't know maybe on the best example because i know it's a good example it definitely is but this kind of a lot of evidence it he's a wild man well that's but that but what you're saying different than fuckin giant run over gradually but it could be that he was china like bump anyone like you is toronto model car and instead he confessed was again i don't know i said twenty five or thirty five is undercover native enough ass it was under caution so that's enough as raw soothing at twenty five would be able to
hit the manoeuvre where did he did he hit is gas they don't know that's why people are singing european maybe muted the obvious you can't hear that there is also a lot of people yelling they disputed the ata prices and general let's i was watching the iron into line it it's fucked up to watch doesn't know a guy died but i gotta watch that should give us our faces a death shit yeah i watched it when i was a kid i was like now i can watch us anymore today kids so spoiled they could just google murder and just watch hundred video aware where do you can watch it should our lab leak lively dotcom lively action scary it is scary its whilst our hip hop plus murder liveleak is like all the most fucked up things on the internet like it hears it let's go full screen in this shit so we get a good look at it
she does cause they like dump trucks where we live in a powerful it's on dead spent yet sometimes does that when you go full screen rent get it together bitters my lost but you gotta beach by their color will we get a beach ball from that that's it we'll cut off and try again reboot it or for sugar and take a long time peace should computer why we still have a computer is europe any benefit talk about the software saving and pulled up the see reportable another site does while another side up but that's a nascar guy just our college ok yeah he's a nascar guy but that was announced that wasn't nascar forms adam frazier raise why think those guys that stay race in all kinds of shit they just
just like just gimme a fuckin corneas it's like us with colleagues gimme some reality do crystallized coffee shop here what the fuck is going on nbc show a play laundromat onto a coffee shop i gotta do him do do open likes you show a bit like we're barton do sets and ever since i started getting into clubs like few years ago and just like some of them are your dogs year dogs and then not pretend or awesome and then you get to the gig in their like buzz coffee you know i mean why what exactly they because it's just like because can be ok there's gonna be an audience at a comedy club so go they write a real audience and you know i don't know somebody somebody's all rooms are fucking awesome but then like some of them are your dogs yet and then not pretend awesome and then you get to the gig in their like last year was grey up and let me tell you forgot the desire not to our rooms real weird in that like rooms like almost like everyone's making agreement put as little energy as possible here
you come along and you got a we already ass dick whoa whoa what are you doing here you knew this warming or room when he trying to be funny the chinese are to be found retrying believes there's a stigma in all rooms on trying to entertain you dont want to try the untried by thought to that idea i d say write a book read a book now want you to be on stage and be like that but that's guy not to me i mean look did a fuckin something or come whenever or funny funny i'm gonna fuck you know something's or comic is hilarious somewhat more fuckin hilarious very few bore comics very few workers however virgil comics or heller it s true too but at all comics it's very few very few it's been a while since i've been to one of those true through on you know like meltdowns gooden shit yes like
is that all those now it's not it's not it's like chris hard work whose on call central right it's his thing i guess you're right yeah you wanna fuck it coolly the whole room just fuckin run right through it yeah i don't know a lot of those all chose will you put them out you put some of those guys up on a comedy starts like death it's it's a yet different it's a different yeah yeah well that's why they they built those rooms in the frame first vice right that's why those rooms exist so that's why i'm saying if you get the comedy clubs gonna fuckin comedy club yeah those were painted comedy and it has a word comedy in the fuckin thing comedy club yeah that's what it's for yeah it's not fuckin you know buzz car buzz coffee yeah freddy soto stop doing was a long time ago before he died he he's tell people there always ask him you know hey do my room i get here is now i had a guy
ok kindly clubs i had a guy the other night i know his name but you so that you can restore they'll be like fuckin you'll be literally jim carry will show up and then somebody be like hey we my documentary and you're like all liked it just fucking relax there you know i mean i was coming as a show and i was at the comedy store and then some kid was like hey man as one and if you want to come back to my room and set up but where is it what is it is yet some its votes is its on saturday night and its pizza place and uh you know we can't pay you but we also if you like to fifteen minutes have liked pete would have repeated you up and i said you have to repeat yourself because i i think i heard what you said you didn't did you say it again any said again and i said dude i i can't be doing
i didn't know how to say it was like i can't be doing it gave me doing your pizza i said you want me to perform an end and for pizza as i can't be doing it i turned to the guy that was next was that wasn't with me or him and i said the youth this guy and i was turned out to be a dick but i was i was amazing but it's hard to not be like a brow i'm on billboards it's hard to do that i might fuel television real tv show it's hard to not be a dick yeah nigh note you saying it's so weird situation when someone ass you do somewhat that but to them it's like each time you know that's how they get stage tat they see you like maybe crystal do my room the price what those rooms is most of them
but there are not there to see comedy now to accommodate a pizza pairs sitting this way eating pizza china stages over there and you're you're interrupting really it it's like it's kind of rude solitude set up and play a song safe use you d s own out and listen to music and eat and no problem but if you like talking about you're right euro cousin that debian enough that requires you to pay its pay attention yeah yes i'll fuckin story yeah to somebody who was not listening to the story right you'll have like twenty people in the crowd and at any given time one person will be paying attention to story but they'll you and that a new personal patents fragmented that's how he could the level of vigour dead like in short bursts exactly so you have the video now jamie and i said yeah maybe ok so here's the deal
that really is weird wings they have in their cars are we have seen so he sat on the eye out ok ok so he lets backed up so we can see what happens so that's the guy that he hit first year that's the bag it all the way up the going around the corner clipped the guy with his teddy ok yeah looked like his his tire bumped and the guy the guy spun around there are flying right this guy gets out so this guy's pissed he climbed out of his car although any point until you you fucker you hit me you fuckin hit me why this is crazy cars crazy they just hit by their crimes woe
man sierra leone off now we ve got about twenty five miles an hour roughly and there's some people were able to avoid him you'd think that they be able to avoid him i mean it looks pretty bad you just from i don't know anything but jesus christ whether also saying that when you hit the gas like your and kicks out because it's all dirt sash ride around right so when you his he hit the gas on purpose maiden das eliza like he was gonna hit it up the guy like you gonna bump on the way he would certainly know that as a driver yeah well that's about diego another man that's crazy well the what's the craziest thing about that the guy got out guys crazy fucker forget not like that and then running on the track and voiding cars and pointing at this guy like you fucking it is to me why also isn't that the game to do that to somebody i don't think now i don't allowed or there is no rule about apparently
no rule about accidentally honey as non getting out in the car i'm sorry i'm getting out of order it must be on the track what you mean there's no rule they don't have a rule about that like the denial it's it's not illegal to get your car comes a european yesterday was hearing no debate about should they make about this fuck yeah you should make a rule in you're fuckin car we crazy you crazy you because you ve got clipped in the car he private of advice you know like some came on and guys or he did get clicked on a car it was fine yeah exacerbated in at high speed right then that there were at a caution on a regular maybe only disdain you can get out if your cars on fire forget to life life live ten usage yeah that makes sense yeah watch it like that man i saw an image of the guise of the terrorist attack in those three heads on the fucking thing if you saw that but that's like i remember the fur
one from the iraq war worry we watched a guy get his head cut off on video and you can watch it why men i cannot i like it like even two girls one cup unlike oh she sits in her mouth good yeah yeah oh isn't there a video of you watching that that's right i saw that video barely i had its i posted fear factor for six years and i still have to turn away all the shit that i've seen be you could throw up in front of me and it never i dont gag like my that's like gum in charge of throw up around my house at any time anybody throw and i just by my little girl throw up i always clean it up with my wife just give it to me like i handle it doesn't right right i'm immune to puke like it used to be when i was a kid so me through up in the room all this extra saliva would be my mouth with ba and i would
to look aware i throw up if someone threw up in the hallway i began but not now it's over i cleaned up if the other night my my little girl my four year old sick threw up in the bed who cleans it up me like go in there towels and shit picking up the fucking the picking up all the sheets putting up the puke into a big puke like that wurzel stork things at the store carried the day asked my dad first time i threw up my mind when i was a kid my dad's star wars like you know you know what's happening your body you know like what the heck i feel weird like nauseous and my dad like identified in you as i oh you're gonna throw up like this is normal like global you i don't know thirty two stupid jack and i don't know young young young you know and i was like you're gonna you gonna throw up and it's gonna be fine and i will show us
no what's going on in animals and he d turn me to him and he said look it's fine just throw up me going gonna throw up and it's gonna to go all over me and its fine any said that made me relax when he said that i just and throb all over but as this one cute i thought but it was like i decided when you think about it the first time that shit happens with you as like you're like you like that scarier shit yeah it's scary the first time india you like what's happening is something trying to get out of my body food poisoning the worst yeah food poisoning the worst when when you're just when it's coming out you're you're screamin it out billina mean violent
genetic rooms always nina why should he would at once you ve got a couple times but i had a real bad one time in illinois awful couldn't clenched fist millions were so work of soap and i just spent the entire night puking shitting bali ways we are what can you do to prevent some atomic garlic someone told me if you're if you have like some funky shit inside your stomach the eet raw garlic raw garlic apparently destroys like a lot of bad bacteria is gonna sit down near the toilet is for her aloud and dale sun and you shouldn't puke by heard garlic her garlic is did you ever to take so long to get down there you're fucking shit imputing while the way i broke you put in your ass flocking chaucer down given an express delivery boy put it on the end of my family lawyer it hits the
economic shit i'm just good right angles right down like i shoot yeah they figure that out there should be a way to scan things we find out get food poisoning not just wasn't someone come out with a scanner something which can breathe contents of the food with o this equally all your fuckin salad don't it number one thing the people get sick firmly salad oh yeah yeah i know that sounds bad before can sound year salad gives people food boys i know it was meat but some fish yeah you think it like bad fish or bad me salad is because they don't not wash yes i wash right but there will always be were dying from spinach its causes spent
was tainted with equal i ass waste from the air from cows and children found what those of electronic knows its nerve cell food poisoning why what's up sniff study call i think you come on a microphone what new chronic no sniffs out food is an amazing when you you say something thinking like this is now completely twenty years away completely impossible now we can ever come up with something that has a past really works checks the freshness and quality of meat poultry and fish what in its an app what's the ep crawler downloader fucker right now i am i am proud to have an extra somethin
i like it here is no what you just take your phone and forget all advice p r youth p r e ass yet that's what it's called out i'm download that bitch right now and see if it works and put it on crystal clear and see if he's annabelle p r s occur vinos worlds first portable egos in its eyeless injured mobile app enables users to determine quality freshness of meat poultry and fish and whether it's gone bad and could potentially cause food quit him it's called p r yes what's the name of the epp what does it develop per se parrys or peer purees parrys rear p r e s but as this available already met problem and assume no yeah because as and when went to p r yes it gives me some russian should back to that spy perestroika that's what gives you yes here that's that's what comes up is the very
russian writing and shit see if it says it is actually available yet pull the video blitz listen to it ass in the sand and adjust clear pleasant to begin so we can actually that fuckin bullshit b its go into a green thing detecting food in the usa seventy six million cases resulting in three hundred and twenty five thousand hospitalization five thousand fragile plaza estimate that was our talk like that but in the u s three million people it sounds like bullshit already numbers so many six cases of food borne illnesses resulting in three to five zero zero did just five thousand deaths are estimated to correct your we share that doesn't surprise me that surprises you at a lot really through
many people out and have those true love people but five thousand deaths from food borne illness i played up each year the paris story began to who created the device collaborated with scientists from countless university of technology in lithuania after more than a year but research and develop the team is now created a second within prototype of the paris device paris works by taking a sample of the air from around the poor beast poultry or fish by detecting the concentration of volatile organic compounds another gas is in the sample and adjusting them according to temperature and humidity it calculates the freshness and quality of the food product was a sensor array and bluetooth technology data are transmitted directly to a smartphone or tablet for calculation of
data users so it's a thing to help them make transfers smells repudiated and safety of their poor beef poultry pensive here and discuss the volume of our budgets breaks forty call your mouth joe ideas the parties that things are concluded with an attractive stream gear if it's another devise methods for economically but saying it's a prototype so it's not ready i read it on your island but there's a prototype brighton we ask earlier we address this guy we asked leave contribution not only for my family but for europe as well they give me money and i want to make this a sword regarded works i switched to good in mother russia a promise you and swear to an achievement
who if i make enough money i can make way vow with her in spite of relieving northern surely this treasure edward snowden and come with me to make food safe for everyone give money to kick start the airways fuckin kick started man i'm getting a little annoyed with people's kick started people that have kickstarter the leg for their own business and they actually have money already like whatever happened just investing your fuckin money you know why might later still money from our budget but isn't that how investment works are now mean they did you get other people invested yeah but kick started like like it's it's so the kick started ones reply i don't know much about kickstarter all i know is that people are given zack brash it and i don't think that that's cool that their given our zagreb was the guy who made the garden state they are from scrubbs ok and put out a kick started to make fund his next film and p
given money to make his next film and i think that that's cool why people give him because they're like well he's made a lot of money why didn't he do it it's like we're talking about as how investment works yeah i guess so it is in that i say you put it that way though actually kickstarter makes sense because but because of their like will because movies costs while because move because millions of dollars that's why engaged at many dollars but what kind of fuckin asshole come back eggs marianna potatoes into a male gibson right raising the ash yet that's all you got riches fuck now but meanwhile things which spoken now really no parallel took a beating melted bath the ex wife got a big the year the girlfriend when she recorded on yelled no that was a girlfriend i wasn't a wife that was to some russian checking knocked up but i was with russians man
spyin unrecorded spying recording very early in the day around the russian very mercenary without was perfect what does this potato salad kid s written in dollars may potatoes on kickstarter nina gettin over fifty five thousand dollars so what happens with that he gets to keep that my he's actually gonna throw a party in columbus and have a big concert and devote donated by thirty five thousand dollars to charity and start nonprofit that's a nice guy that's just a updated version of pet rock yeah you know that the girl may the pet rock made a fuckin could gillian dollars pet rock made lot of how can i know i remember that i was a kid but that was going on the pet rock ridiculous i picked up was at the seventies does before me i think i believe a guy basically package rock rocks and that's it and so
and being stores before internet yes not one person bought them not millions implementing amis the pet rock made would you guess i wanna bet i want to say made fifty million but really get jesus how much you think i can't be fifty abatement of off my back i want you think i'd say a few million through four million ok marketing tyrker what's i don't know much about it i'm a few million that's it how i guess i'd like to believe that pet rock millionaire offers new method to get stoned and actual coupon copy of a newspaper how much is going back development doesn't say how can the wikipedia not say that i would think that will be one of the first things of people one point five million pat rocks oh so then at least
does it cost a few dollars right the fad lasted about six months ending after short increase in sales during the christmas season of december one thousand nine hundred and seventy five time although by february one thousand nine hundred and seventy six they were discounted do to lower sales he sold one point five million rocks and became a million crazy a thirty two page fish training manual tire titled the care and training of your pet rock was included with instructions on how to properly rays and care for one's new pet rock notably net lacking instructions for feeding bathing central poorer so if across five bucks homeboy made a lot of made following twenty twenty bucks now you can still by the shed its financing that rock dhaka same company thing since nineteen seventy five woe since then he saw ten
nineteen thirty five he's all why am i realized i got real bad slipped off do have restrictions for great after watergate scary squarely about the money i blame them evan didn't miss gibson one was probably won't we're just plan where stan kramer or the same worse i think not now while the kramer one was worse because it was videotaped right that's true you saw in his eyes hate that's true no gifts in your like me but he's actor and you heard it and who knows so funny it was fucked up just shut up and blow me i was fucked up they were getting a window into this guy i kind of feel like you should be able to say whatever you want on in your house and end it they can't you set against you well definitely
especially because there's a lot of times like we're talking about jokes like i have this old bid my act about the difference between someone joking and eyes i saw you do it again but the point is like that when you're on stage and a comical abuse should assume that someone's fucking around right because the union what you came to see you know you can write a common will win at home you don't expect that other people are going to hear what you're sorry so there's a lot of sense we'll just say fucked up chinese say it and not even mean it your falcon can i hope you're right at the bottom of a million by the rail of dog shit and by the way your by yourself when you say that yeah may because why not europe go home and you're alone or you're at home and you ve got you dig in your hand and you talk in your girlfriend the phone and being an asshole to you and you shouldn't won't come over nonsense it yeah sieges screams because you're drunk you scream
horrible obscenity i don't mean at all now and the next day it's on the internet you like i was fucking key no i wasn't being serious the others statements there's public statements and then there's things that can be turned into public statements if they record you and then just transmundane that's what happened with male gibson that destroyed him he was a giant soup star really did really limit was more just the business of things that weren't going well for him or was he was he was at the top of your camera when they have to use of the time it was good enough to things happen to think that the anti semite thing diet to me that was what buried him by the anti semite thing was there was no recording right right no i don't think there was once a contest the cox report everything i don't think there was not enough was i dont think though i don't believe it got out locally but i do believe that the cops were saying that mail gives
we call them jews and saying right the jews control holly rain re rice that right and also his dad is like all across right i am and also drunk driving right yes rights the that that in its it's just like all he's a fuck up those things are all bad drunk driving and screaming about you write that people frowned upon those combination really you're screaming positive things about jews are you just again year not as much as we are even though some validity in your eye open your door card or put a beer cans fall far less you'll die out love corned beef ngos are they share his right now is it is apparently a serious anti semite but the enough of those things few a few of those things are very
yeah you know and if your screamin about fuck you can't come over lawyer we also think it is a mental illness aspect to a too i think some people but you do have some wrong but also how do you be famous for forty years and super stupid how did that but yet no not famous like you're on a show run he's male fuckin gibson he's he's madman how do you be famous that famous for forty years and just be like be normal we have doubts on crews with pull some cruises tom cruise best i think you're but when i see him cracking but sometimes crazy right i know but you see him holding it together what when it was only today show and whose talk about did matt whose name was matt loudly malaria about psychedelic or second
drug right oh yeah yeah keeping glibly about very grub shields and he ever why but dude let me take some right now there's no fuckin way if i was tom cruise dude i won't even beyond the today show might be why ready no no no no i'm saying they do i wouldn't be allowed there because i would already have fucked up complete our beyond buildings scream and shit out pie it even negative about just every year just just just who care just i would be the worst sky there's no way i am organ show kind of and that already i'm alright yet not do you think that more power to tom countries is amazing for that getting to the average person could ever understand what it would be like to be scrutinised on just the level that your scrutinised on being a being on a show haven't people talk
shit about you online reading twitter pages we reno com beginning with pick appeal at sea people talk about you in just a train that may well it's hard to not respond to every single one it's hard to its hard to i saw lady with a fuckin crazy had on the other day at the airport and ensures a black lady and i said hey i said something about how this hat looks like you put chips on the top in guatemala are on the side of it and people just wrote racist no perhaps we are looking you're ready i remain unknown like girl was black until we were signals are going i guess you'd like you does nothing fuckin races nevada racist tom for six as i said some respond to them i say as i do i drive a bit about it that i do sometimes only those like the guy i didn't with thing with there fuck you fuck you is it i say to the person off
whole families and they know that there is a right back i'm eight and it was ain't he was in fact an eight year old you never know what these people are that is a problem with a lot of time to do like little kids you gettin into things with little but it's you know you don't know because you just fine you are i brow and your borders shit you're on the road i'm coming for you did i used to get in those i gotta think you can imagine you didn't i can't imagine you didn't you like the two of comedians on the toolbar over them just like fuckin like i'll get you you're not i mean if this happened i'll fuck with you get you i had a guy was a tweeting back or was myspace myspace me back and forth when they have a really mean shit to me and then just engaged him and went back and then i put it online i put ho gravitation online people had some adam is timid twenty i don't know he's twenty nine
but then i started commenting on what i was doing when i was twenty in how he's a loser in comparison to me that's funny she evidently act but people but people will be like young people be like like all just we'll make fought will say you're you're shitty or whatever and i'll just i'll look at their picture and i'll be euro six like that's how good looking europe a guy or girl either an end then and then and then i'll get a job you cool doing what yeah but you entered octagon i am i am so i make fun of things that's what do for a living right so if you tweet me fuck you and your show you you entered the octagon right that the dawn but then the other p or public the other people that argument involved and then they'll come after you not cool right that's
that is where you get fact and in europe but you know what dude over its wasted energy misleading always and you should you outline stop doing you should not engage you show now you do not do definite that's the right thing to do the right thing to do is find the ones that are worthy and make them jokes strengthening right people said you and turn them into bits against the person he said something to you that way you not even addressing them personally taken what they said and bring it to the stage like well that's what i did with yeah yeah yeah that's the way to do it as a way of getting promise if you get any time it publicly beginning to any sort of notification like this is one of the things that i learned about the i want to see a situation when when the thing with carlos went down which
if i had to do it again i want to ask you that i would do it again in that case what that guy that guy's a bad guy what he did was bad it what he did with what people saw was a tenth of what he did not he oh what he did he would go on stage in front guys and do their best bits and then bring them up really on tv shows he did it johnny sanchez had a bit funny fuckin bet he's still doesn't johnny centres funny guy was always at the store is funny he had a great bit about these persian next door neighbor people are always parking spot and the gout freak out we got with broken english right and he's fucking parking in my fucking pot all right you have recently i bet yes out of its very far too crazy for words that these parking about park mincing it does it on stage on television before brings johnny centres upon a telephone he was hosting local slam one shows an johnny was gonna johnny was the next act going to do that bit job
why doesn't matter on bed says closing bit solvency it does it before it brings them up ugly and no one was doing aiming about it no the agents nor the clubs no one was doing anything about it and when you bring it up they would say this is just business by this is that like the little girl said to me oh really girl said to me you know when they asked me no apologize dementia right or they were gonna drop me really yeah they dropped him up i told them i would never work with them again is there i like right i said art or conversations over i said look you guys really made this decision form is nowhere could ever work with you knowing that you would you guys you yourself are that myself comedian works we right we sitting we set ourselves we come up with ideas we write things down the car we take these ideas which are craft and return tournament a bit like we all do it and in which they do is they come along and they sell that aren't they say hey crystal
he has got a new our that he put together and you can go on the road and he's gonna give us ten percent so there's selling your art right and this guy was a vampire whose stealing from the artist and they were selling the vampires work they were selling what he had done but all you ve done is like hake from these other artists and peace together but was off thievery was all theft and then we're talking to them when they were saying that he was a bigger star than me at the time and gradually was especially when it came to movies and television shows because he had me i'm a sea area and it was after i was done do in fear factor into they didn't have me for film i was with another cup another agency they only had me for standard
and so we have this situation when they were saying that i had to apologize jack storm and in their eyes it was just business right and so i would have done it again just because it it needed to be done like there was a real problem there wasn't like there is like a few minor in our eyes plagiarism or there is parallel thank you guys did jokes a similar subjecting you think that what i came up with the other guys bit it was used for the worst plagiarists of ever seeing while an up a bully with like i'm a mean guy like you like the sanchez thing that's crazy that's that's that's weird he would bump guy
when they were headlines like like there would be headline for the first time a brad williams arise bravely answer was adam fear which guy was but is first gig headline monsieur shows up does a guess bond farmer for forty five minutes and its first ever had lining gig like guys finally there and men see just goes up and steals is thunder for forty five minutes i think it was actually someone else to figure out who was but it wasn't the only time is done i q guys their name would be in the marquis he would show up and bump them i d bumping was a big thing we'd gone right before the thing sneak right in my point is that the negative stop that i got from that i did the people that when two people see or want to people fighting and then all the public at the time in their opinion right then you just open yourself up to dislike attack right you're right am i right
you totally most people were on my side but most why doesn't mean everybody right if there's a million people around my side it was three hundred thousand that were angry at me you know in the three thousand slowly eroded two zero right it did overtime like he still gets hate i don't get it from that right like over time it was proven that i was correct nobody saw the bill cause bethink all these other comedians came out and then he did mark marin it ever hear those podcast they did i think i did while ago yeah was that bad or a member at the bone curl really god like curdling a member at all it was ugly because you got to see like how crazy firstly the first one man was can ojeda white yeah but the second one
was he came back onto address things at all these other comedians had said about him all these other community talked about and stealing and then he sort of fell apart fell apart the second one and then he did that i am comic documentary and admitted on ice comically steals people stuff and re works it sort of like a wrapper samples they really yeah any yoshida pulled up on ice hope just pull up men see admits to stealing in i am comic it's really but what what he did was it was after years and years of pressure like he's been open about the fact that he had to go to therapy because of all this and he suggested a beaten man me look at him he's only forty thousand twitter followers and he's had forty thousand tutu of twitter followers for years and mean that is who that guy is now a curious like skinned people out there are gonna ask why did they interview carl's about this carlos is a joke leave carl steals jokes and we know this and listen to me
and look at me when i say this with all honesty if you think that i still jokes yeah you're right course i'm fuckin still jobs out of your fucking mind when i come to a comedy club you better run bitch you better get the fuck off stage because if anything you say is even remotely funny i'm gonna make it mine and all i'm gonna it's a mexican in the front unlike wrapper just sample shit and make it my own was really my son i don't know what it sounds like mine sounds like somebody else's bitch while my crazy but was he juggling like war what is he sherry gazers that's exactly does says he's joking that does exist right right thing that's it that's what he does at weird elsewhere do that cracking whose cracking
years and years and years and years and years and years and years of people fuckin yell at him and everywhere it goes and thought and thief and then they thought they wasn't really maxie tantalum atkins got matrimony o yo yo yo yo you yeah that's weird man yeah it's not good but de the initial point was that that in that situation some had to be done but for the most part engaging with someone is not worth right especially publicly unless you have like something really important approve when you do it publicly manages open yourself up to so much so many idiots opinion some activity it is not worth its harbour you do in interviews though and then somebody ass your certain questions regarding in trouble the air and then you can get at it actually like does not want to fuck and even said the enemy inside what is going to be better ways better ways to discrimination
ways to get a point across and then way and not thinking but also in the in this time we live and now it's all sound bite shit and when you're asking somebody a question about like i didn't every four have posted it was like date they asked me about some and then it took it of that and they put a lot of the headline and exciting now falkiner one you know the meaning of the word of what you say it was a very noisy yeah it's like that's not fair now that's weird man i do and then that goes back to you know me saying it's like look i think i'm a guy and you fuckin they took down spot it you know i mean and young people take things out of context context is everything it it's everything it really is and the ability to take things in quotes like i've had people take quotes that i said like on a twitter like just a twitter gioia and write a whole belong
bout right and come up with always weird assumptions of how i feel about things and write this whole blog about it why do they do that because because it's a cheap shock that need thing to do because it's an easy way to get their attendant tanzania hot shit about rascally you know ever they know crystallized known character o crystallizing ass off the hook a crystal clear row or what a piece of shit right now in all they'll do things about that's one of the reasons why twitter is kind of funky and away it's like more everyone's famous yeah boats also it's your honor for characters is just not enough i was gagnon on a year now that's totally through its decision dinner really get to the heart of what someone thinks about it and you're just gonna get some weird snippet and that you have the kind of peace together and in like especially when it's a joke right like i'll say fucked up things on twitter
dont really mean just as a joke here and then people will decide this is actually your opinion you know that's true lawyer they can't hear like i don't i don't like you no i don't i'm not into sports you know and hour when the world cup is on i was just talking about how stupid sport but let us make jokes you know and as if look if you're a kid in your car sport is a way out that's fucking awesome right i'm not i don't think that it's an asshole you know but we were sent me death threats cook the world as a weird i don't its super attacks that they were like enrolled in sports dominated this thing right would make like quick videos of like were opposite be at a bar and the world cup go on and then some people each year and i will be like it doesn't matter it doesn't arabs discriminate doesn't matter and people were like you fucking piece of shit you're still that doesn't matter of sports matter and unlike were you know shit dude i'm dead walking around guess words than it does now you know unless you like stand in its way
hocker as a matter of you know like soccer yeah i was i was working on a bit about the annoying white guy that pretends he like soccer more than he really georgia which is like a real in hollywood this fucking so children were we were beaten dinner this place and the world cup was on the background and there is in knowing why guys that were screaming whenever the usa one or the usa scored a goal there like jumping around you and a high fighting each other just like it was i was like yours i it is wrong with rooting for a team but there's something artificial about the way they are doing and it was just too obvious right well because it's also its every four years they forget about two years after that and then it comes again in their like oh yeah fuck it were you not yet also you're not with your parliament even watching the fucking usa game there will again have learned about swan i'd say you don't fuckin care i'm ruin for joy
many germany's always when my team of i love you i love germany it's like i can't i i don't like anybody who gets too in the sauce and just like they're just like fuck yeah man and like that's not your life dude but my family the particular fascination about the world cup because i find it very the interesting that soccer gets it doesn't the needle at all outside of the world cup ignoble about soccer in america when they try to sell david beckham they brought david byrne to allay and they paid something like an ungodly amount of money to have that's where i don't give a fuck no gave a fly too i forgot about that i forgot about health i gave a fuck spent so much money to bring david beckham tat to allay to play soccer and only people the wife's soccer and layer mexicans right they love soccer in mexico
it has a long history of of of soccer yeah as does england but not america there the english guy or to america the play soccer nobody's like yeah where's paley eating black fox brazilians soccer do you know that there's a lot of countries that love soccer united states is not one of them now they want us talking to be big know what it is so they tried is really higher tattooed up english guy bring over chicks went to soccer games i know girls that went to see a fucking soccer games there were in love with it back right but that then last cause they don't care about socket plus there was a bunch drunk mac skin i thought about vast they don't what gives easier world soccer in america why meets its more exciting than baseball birthing suckers where s has more aside man just because downtime in baseball it's mostly downtime yeah it's more exciting
and that is why like baseball because does cast of the children because you are you not realizing he'll get it i slept maybe i should go to sea baseball games and i lived in boston fenway park you don't we have the potential to baseball game that's what's so great and go get a hot dog come back be like that i still up yet if you to be there when a great moment happens makes a great catch a great not a great home run right but still too if you tried inventing baseball today people i wait wait where i am sure it will be this game is retarded linguistic you so you have now in english and what happens if his tie these key moraines you keep plan now i will let you know what that's actually to me that's better than what soccer does which is here the spade different game now you just spoken under you undersold your whole game by saying it's tied let's do different game you play agenda play jenna playfrock engender you jerk you're just gonna kick
the goal now which is the exciting part which is what should adjust stuff that's how it started by the whole sport should be taking a park you would go to shoot out or forky i can't watch it i counted here's what should happen baseball nine things at the end of nine innings if its tied the game still over they gotta hit ok whereas hits winds same hits then you got a fucking errors if other team has more errors they lose dude he should restructure baseball that's what it you know in my mind that's what it is that's a good idea that is actually a good idea yes why do you keep play you said colors less nine innings always diana wallis gotten of law with that problem now because would if like one team scored a run because they got four hits i gotta first another guy got a single second than another guy got on third and then another i came along and had a single and then he brought in the third baseman comes in but if you watch like a home run
that would like discourage home run zoning one hit but counties where but if you get more runs you win right but if there is more here then you don't win you only if you tie and then they hits or more with legs i wonder we propose that saddam right out there were doubts for whatever ready we're dumber radical i'm doubly dumb abdominal lot of thing that you know how i know i'm dumb you know i know them because what i'm doing this park ass time will go by and i'm just look listening to you and i'm a fucking interesting and errors i haven't said she i legitimately i'm just listening to your podcast that's part of podcasting rights that's that's me you're good at it i know i'm done because i get offended when people tell me i'm smart what do you mean because on the i go out into this is wrong is incorrect i know what actual smart people around like i know i know actual smart people have talked to them i know the difference i just
have memorized about shit i know some thats where that you that when when i went listen to your talk your whatever it is whenever i hear you i always think how do you i i just before you have no new me i would be like how do how does joe rogan remit but that much shit i don't fuckin remember anything i don't know i remember someone that's that's that's like a bother i'm at the point now round is likely out by on it but i met the plurality and looked shit up because i'm not gonna remember it satisfies if things are important me remember them the ballade of supporting the important steps important here to me but now porn shit like like someone autumn something still falconer now go away about legal i just told you really i it also we have a very selective member is an awesome if something that's actually interested to hear your attention and your interested which is good if the learner be interested a lot of the time now like people
to learn to be interested or is the usually that people have to many other things going on there are not interesting so i don't have the time to get into you have to learn to be interested because like you said context is everything right so if you give me a book that's very interesting i dont know how to read it if i don't fucking read books right and i dont know the context of it like i don't take shakespeare is that important too but he doesn't reach shakespeare you're like i don't know this is stupid yeah if you wanted to just go back in time look at shakespeare is like the origins lie literature own origins of storytelling and then it becomes interesting important in xinjiang but it's on trusting like it's hard to take things like you listen old stand up here we are trying to go back in the snow lenny bruce i haven't a long time i'm a big fan of stand up and lenny bruce i have sisters on my wall at home this lenny bruce posters concert films and stuff and may use lenny
five like maybe four five lenny bruce pictures in my house because i think that lenny bruce's i think he was the god father around he will only when and why we could do with right right actually for functional realise at one point time stand up was just jokes it was like set up punchline set up punchline and there these guys that would tour they do it the cats given they would all do each other's act exactly they would all do the same jokes and they were they were just joke like almost like street jokes and they would but they put together an act and then act never change and then lenny bruce came along and lenny brewster talking about things that he saw the thing the behaviour people had hypocrisy religion racism and left what is like what the fuck is this guy doing and people come to see him and they would be blown away like that
no one in the fifties in the sixties would talk him i found no one was communicated away way lenny bruce was and he lit the fire that created george carlin and richard prior and always different guys i think he was the original the the original source of american stand up comedy that's it asked in hot movie right jealousy it now it's fucking great man oh my god loves look put it off for second and other than one's gonna end virus can drop in the ocean but see there's two niggers and between those two negative cake and there's another kite that's took action three niggers and there's a spy
right he's doing this in an audience the peoples not assuming uncomfortable does not act as a pole arc and an old couple of greece balls and there's three lace curtains were met and as one it dick hunky on key booking bugaboo she's crying i have three times last like black do i forget what do i have seven i got seven thought americans have what seven acres six pics bad makes bore cracked three get it won't work don't push me i didn't want just trying to make a point and that is that it's the suppression of the word that gives it the power of violence fishes dig it president kennedy would just go on television and i'd like to introduce you to
the niggers and my cabinet and if you just say nigger nigger nigger nigger niggard every nigger he saw boggy bogey buggy boggy bogie we'll nigger nigger nigger niggard negative didn't mean anything at all and bombing of the articles if your black ever why because somebody call them a nigger at school what a part obliges criteria while he did a great job he's a that's one of the best play well you don't seem like a sudden amy i wonder what he did i actually laugh because there were guys like me you just like our such i don't mind apparent to other people tunnel maxim punchline i dont yeah it's like you can just tell you guess it's not a comedian about sally field and functional african only remember that i would have to watch out again you don't
it don't answer so where's that out of all you but that was actually really good representation of the year was a really good representation of lenny bruce that's why me he be played limbers and that bit boy it's it's all about the context of the times because that bit like if you did that today like boys have ado way better job rising it together just the times are different like back that was the time what he was doing was completely groundbreaking today we are you you couldn't do that right now now but it would be a different thing but if you went and watched him do stand up today like lenny bruce's on stage was down to you wouldn't be laughing right it's to let your comedy commited changes and it's like you look at should back down it's not funny anymore no not even stuff from twenty years ago it's not funny anymore yeah is now that's very very very where we remember those like the look of the box or guy that would like
his face in the eighties bob nelson that was funny yeah that's look i know you're like what and it's just what it that's that's fucking crazy dude bob nelson is the reason why i have my manager my manager was managing bob nelson the bob nelson found jesus and bob nelson decided to get a prayer partner was going to be his new manager and so my manager is a girl fuck so you got to go find some new talent so he came to boston and the ninth and came to boston i had written a joke i don't even do it there is right there it is so weird man place of it how i forgive you just jim mine my name is just
i own i only jim server i mean that's that's there's ninety the opposite funny but it is now it is back then he used to kill he was euler it's weird is it in time but he was always like a real slaps dickie yes such as in fine i don't have yet a substance abuse problem i don't know like how we got involved is prayer partner how he found jesus i don't know what what was so extreme about it but he fired my manager and then my manager like just randomly came to boston he was in new york just randomly came to boston look for talent and i just happen to be up on stage that night wasn't even scheduled and i ve been with a merchant governor that's it but that's how that should happen zack i never did that said you wouldn't have despotic ass i might not i'm see you at my man
is a very important part of my career he's is awesome he's the best there is a great friend and not less the guy we ve been together since i was an amateur bow down that's cool i have had the same manager for twenty two years while at least maybe twenty three my between three years now yeah yeah i'm crazy that's a great fuckin thing man because that the whole thing like having the right representation that like the whole situation that i went through with girlish we're trying to get me college as dementia you don't have to worry about that if you got a guy in your corner exactly for twelve years our imagine that was my guy imaginative the girl was my guy and they tell me that there was the only people who had representing me tell me how to get us to a criminal that's a sneaking part about this business right in so doing with all the people that sell it i know it that's the business part of it it's like owners and others yeah but it's
who else is gonna rembrandt whose we're not gonna do i'm not gonna be a work of aachen i'd just tell me where to go and i got there could imagine if it would do the crystalline talent agency stars blake we'd fuckin read that we as a group will there be like me and him in that car contained he would open for me that's the thing it happens to write guys bring terrible acts open forum death we are talking about we were talking about that i dont get that i don't i don't get it like i bring i bring money guys brent more in who was the other guy my show and jason callings in those guys are so good an and i don't i don't i don't i don't i don't get the idea of a guy's okay and an ugly and crush yeah we're talking about it is worth improv and the you know crescent
very funny act in some guys don't wanna go out after chris and some guy specifically get upset the wind up having to go after it here and we are talking about this one guy who can't weeks about it every day thus it is as if you being funny takes away from him being funny to me it's about going up in people be indifferent and it's fun you go up and crush and then i have to go on after you and i want to follow you what do i do you not i mean it's like there'll be forgotten you gotta category joe it's gotta be harder but before an indifferent but you ve done it you do it i do if i did a week but i dont i never would be like no railway do no way that's that's bitch made shit to me bitch made yeah too me that what what what are you saying you're saying you can't go up it who care who even how about this you bomb who gives a fuck but bombing is just at the whole thing even working for us to build up confidence
get to this point and finally feel like you're worthy of staying alive and then what bad said after critically but does the task universe gives you look outward talking about scott shore whose matures i guess oldest son he's a body mine and i ran into a mere lawyer this money where their despair the weak in scandinavia we get and we were told about what mits east due to comics like how she develops comedians in what she used to do it anybody know any good she would put you on after the biggest care yeah fine all about my days the commission had to follow martin lawrence you so crazy when he's doing that i didn't i was an unknown white guy the audience was mostly black and he was going on stage with a leather jumpsuit on yeah he was destroying our people have forgotten how goddamn
funny marcel funny i will never forget you went crazy and warlike that rubber sue gone and spoken lose running very still funny when you seamen movies he's very like he's very funny ivan to stand up lately but i don't know she does anymore i'm not sure came by the communist or maybe two years ago i started doing some stuff but i never really watch y know you took a long time off right here on stage he was talking about how they got him on pill so yeah pretty relate alone we all pills and dumb was tough action and on his side is a ted talk but when i saw him with the indian it's a thing to we're talking about people going crazy when they get so famous my orange goddamn gigantic here it shall learn norm he was doing movies big mouth this house and all is that different zipping knows how similar or removing was another there is another big body on marine mammals houses on the airplane big black eminent one point time in her life
but he did all those movies envisaged a giant superstar but what people forget is his stand up he was murder he destroyed and i went on after him how many times it's time you is performing the store i was gone on after right while every time i was no body i was nobody and i wasn't good i was okay so you get him some times and sometimes now eat shit load each it and then eventually get too like a respectable few laughs before bailed right but the beginning was all watching giant growth groups a black people get up in the air they were leaving anyway is one more right yeah yeah of course good access and then how to bring me up too he was very gracious easy gave gave a great introduction and how long would he do all these half our police
maybe more outward that's great i mean when i went on when i was in the comedy store i would have to they would make that don't make me go after the cap a ruler who crushed but yeah that's nothing like martin lawrence in the fuckin capital is a good comic but war but lawyer was a supranational he was so famous in indonesia he was yeah i would you put that you know and i was going to the communist or there weren't people on tv that where the comedy store oh yeah the dark ages two thousand eight years it was it was there was no literally nobody it was ended funny i'm not saying it's not funny with just one on tv cap rouleaux bread ernst sebastian sebastian with this for it you know i mean life and then the ends yeah you are there this was after you it was after i left i left in two thousand seven that's when them and see a thing right and then i went into doesn't eight and then and then i would be going on after these guys i would there would crush yes
i know you talk about a little bit not like the martin lawrence thing but i found richer prior five weeks in a row you didn't know that ed weeks in a row richard pryor did stand up on their forget it the weirdest thing because he was already on on his way out rise die and they would carry him to the stage and the audience would class like like fuckin moses authority from risen from the grave and was this fascinating just to be in the room with a man just to be in the room old love the greatest comical all time opening and he would go on stage and in a hint who i think i should qualify i think sam kennison in nineteen eighty six was the groves comical wild really but it was only the green card for a year i think he was he was a murderer louder than hell when he said that he couldn't be stopped he wishes on unstoppable he was the greatest ever but does it when you didn't think about homosexual necrophilia extra yes i did what's the matter again and he goes folks go sir there's these guys
homosexual necrophilia they were paying paying morgues to spend a few hours undisturbed their fresh ismail corpse and it goes could you imagine the lion out there and that's lab so well i'm dead now i guess i'm gonna go oh jesus he's like right before he's lying on his stomach guns tat is i want to it feels like deck in my ass you may i came never ends you have to see it at the time did but nobody like him nobody even room he was so original there was no one like kennison before i came on everybody else was doing jokes here scuse me how it goes
i was married price did it's a joke about going to hell and about satan would even boatwright scarier and he goes i ve been married how's old hat client that's funny she had to see you at the time will that's it you know the commission is an interesting because when i think about kennison i would have loved to see what the fuck would have happened to him as a comic he would have gotten worse but it was all but it would have been ugly to i've i mean i'm just guessing but his his act was so bad at the end but really hit he's the best example that i give to young comics when they want to talk about the perils of fame and what can happen when you stop writing we stop work on your sets you're not you no longer trying to hone it as an art form you just ass he was being kennison is doomed loud and being superstar if you
listen the louder than how you go watches first hbo special what's that stuff though the good stuff and then watch the subsequent specials they were they were slowly but surely terrible like not as good the first one after is not nearly as good and then it got really bad and then at the end it was awful he just fallen apart and i got to see him live after he had fallen apart i saw him at great woods in man's from massachusetts and karla bow open form carl whose a funny guy he was in his one his car he does we had already like used up all his best material although the hunger being an up and coming comical years and years of struggle he developed like all these killer bits and then within a year yet to rewrite the whole thing had come up with all this new material and it was just gimmicky stuff like you would have some guy onstage and the guy would tell about heartbreak that he had many would bring up a phone call the girl from age
scream at her like that is gamma ray you're fuckin i'm here with tom tat are right you have acted obviously gas truck and blood thank you can i go now and that's how get off stage it was is wasn't that good it was over like it was over like the wind terry assails was over but during that one thousand nine hundred and eighty six year marin has the best fucking stories really cuz marin used to work at the shut off when kinison was coming he did cope with our luck they really conflict seventy two hours and stayed up for days and it ugh marin's brain the poor man said that he was hearing voices for almost a year anybody who is listening this if you like watching your more of it bark marian
episode of this podcast when my mark man was on his bycatch i'm sure it's easy to find he told some fuckin off stories tennyson they were amazing like out just like my mother saw was hanging opened my eyes were glued or fantastic but he was there at the darkest moments of the beast kennison wish if i can go back home in time anywhere it would be just the eighties and i've got an enhanced our yeah me too like to fuck caveman i don't care give a shit i don't even care napoleon cool i would go see the nineteen eighty six comedy store i'm with you entrepreneurs yeah i would love to see prior when my delight the sunset trip time yes i turn those dance i mean just people clamouring getting on a monday night i would love to see that i want to see that guy that fuckin tat is just what
i want to see that no kidding you habitats cause you're a real comic really love it you know i was there i saw one you tweet till the day really loved it only i would love it but only colleagues would love if you like i want who is going to want to call your party here and i wanna go to the beach air but people dont get it like the rush in the fund the you have when you when you crushing like i love watching comedy still and this is something that really call d you do you notice you yeah that's cool about year allow it yeah it's lovely like we're watching county nosegay i love laughing i love the art form we can sound was i want to give us been away what he's doing this bed how in the back of the room it was like the added about a new idea seem for here a love i still love it some people dont man that's something if i could give advice to young comics don't lose the love as a fan
sometimes comics they become comics and then it's all about them it's all about getting better and it's all about that i'm killing and not about other people and then it becomes all about like you know like either sorted die selling i talked norton once you tell me doesn't watch other comedy cause he worries it can be influenced as i had i might calf to quit comedy really if that was the case in some way be said for that the middle east has got a reason in africa ethical reasons but i dont think you can avoid being influenced you going to be i must think i'm influenced by other comics for sure i think i'm also influenced by pop culture with ones by art and music and movies that i see in books and i read do think life is the entire culture the entire civilization of human beings is a series of influences people influencing people people enhancing people
there's a hold the whole reason to have good friends is good friends enhance you know if you are around people that are constantly like pushing and there some like to get in shit dawn like it makes you get shit donor when i was a kid thousand high school i had my tube tomorrow friends jimmy until you jimmy lawless does guess great glass there the great they sell their great guys there too great eyes but one thing that was great about those guys is that they worked hard and when i was in high school year these guys had they like jimmy as an electric company is is electrician in the other jimmy is a carpenter and while i was in high school these guys like were constantly working they would get up early they would do things jimmy had at which emily till you had a fuckin snowplow operation he had heard of a truck that he had bought were an ice we fuck em here thou and pickup truck at kids making money he was ass a word he was always getting shit gun and so on
feel lazy if i didn't like hustle like i did and i developed a lot of my work ethic from being friends at these guys because they were hustlers because they were constantly getting shit and if you around guys a costly gets done it becomes sort of contagious you know and i think comics they tend to be a lot of us tend to be very is not with the best will look at it is they need you concentrate too much on yourself to the point where you you will avoid other things being good that don't have anything to do with you expressly struggling comics when there is where they don't enjoy watching other stand up this year you know you wish you came up with those jokes you wish it was right that was up there you see like i went to work this place cap setting once and jim norton was on stage
and i was watching and beside me with the two guys at brown before jim norton right video laugh at all right they would just sitting there while he was on stage word or where he was when i was a ride laughing and i remember looking over and saying these guys are enjoying this amity and there was like a tinge of i wish it was me year there was a tinge that these guys were exhibiting if i wish it was me i wish as you poor bastard like you're missing out i what why'd you become a dynamic in the first place interesting you became a coming in the first place because you love comedy right
i love stand up comedy long before ever thought or psychological assent to go i stayed with no nothing and just say shit and people are entertained and the cool thing to watch too like i went to see a bunch a lawyer but forever got paid it do it like i saw kennison long before ever did stand up i saw kennison and eighty six and mansfield massachusetts at the great would centre for the performing arts and i saw him again at this place down the cape and it was all long before sovereignty dangerfield long before i ever saw thought about don't stand up and these guys like that don't appreciate it as just a thing to enjoy because they do it themselves right i guy you're missing out on a lot man just like it's easy to get caught up in those button so it is interesting i mean to say that is important i think because it's easy to get caught up in you're on your own had yet exactly you're on your own career your own selfishness think about at all
in terms of like your success a comedy as you know were other guys will get shit and then they'll get jobs you were talking about that's happened to you like you when you start taken off like leonardo ii i definitely yeah agus angry they get angry and that its very weird man taking all the gold there'll be no gold my flask italy which is exactly wrong because if blitz all go do this yes you can use that absolute especially a comedy you guess you get your crew and mean well not only that how about the fact that there are three hundred fifty million on the contrary and there's how many fronts clubs it's only one club in new york we ought to go there and get on stage and is no goddamn stage type no new york itself has a hundred clubs it least just knew you
ella has how many fuckin clubs or and allay jesus christ there's the main ones there's the improv the laugh factor the calmly store and then you got the ha ha then you got fuckin the ice ass in pasadena at all the ray and irvine you can go there breyer irvine ontario on and on and on the comedy magic club in her most i mean jesus in crisis a lot of places to profound here and then across the country like every where you go there's a comedy club everyone goes place perform if you develop an act and you have a following you develop a following you can work you can have a great tanya it's it's there's plenty of prosperity just keep doing it just keep doing it and just and also just fuckin don't do one club there don't just be in captivity and just to that area now let's get either i mean you know things are lobotomy i still love kommeni can still love it man in arms
ready to the special film my special not this upcoming weakened but the next up really upset sooner and so i'm i'm hammering madame like yeah you're all right a week i'm haven't shown it's fun called its courtesy to see that you know you still wants us happy that a special two years ago a really here and where you type in this one this one's in denver alright comedy worker calmly works in denver which has won my favour clubs ever how you put it out coming central ok cool now would you do you you did you last one fight data research area which fell in orleans yeah it's fuckin awesome was awesome that's a good place to ducas awesome it's up there is such a pleasure canada has different data have any kind of how the clouded club they have seen now they have like guy now ours may now but it was also i've i was i was unsure has cut me off my first conversations we want you to do it here and also the visa happy did they piggy back you with
other special they were filming where they are the same stage we each had a night yeah yeah but yeah was like three nights it was me steve ran his easy in your brain yeah they like to do there they like to do that what they like the leg get a place now i'm doing this one in a common clubs my first one in economy club i decided that like there's a thing about watching comedy in libya you're right how about you absolutely its intimate and you just get to do it in a comedy clubs does not it's it's better that is our industries i hear the shows better to its activities prince in the show that you see in a theater it still great but it's missing that crackling see that three hundred see two under fifty see comic global air like i just did american comic
right santiago fuckin path i love that club who it's perfect superb club it's perfect can't any better it's a perfect size and before that i did wiseguy knew tat same think we had another one i know the name but you gotta go there though you fuckin rebaptize parliament to me using and the people are cool as fuck you think of like salt lake city as being all buncher we're not gonna generics but it's not it's only like a person the population and everybody else like working really hard not be like that guy yeah if you have you don't have the opposite adamantine yeah we're where's the places like to work by i do like them or incommunicable i love carolines airlines of on broadway to global i love addison improv that's how great i love that fucking romance a while room it is dallas yeah that's a fund here my firpo conniston them in great spot
there is a and probably one of the best rooms are mere if not the best its debts like the that's like the only room that's built every other clubs buckley audience that is both a comedian it's only room really lucky i got that built for you a morgue my way to get back there i am i go back to joey started going back there again joey's my fuckin canary mind joe is one of the main reasons why decided not go back the first but he actually quite real or them and see a thing went down i really like a lot of things but with a store was gone i did now and we wish you would come back to it on heating off heating gale in nepal either gotcha on their own yeah well maybe i will never well policeman fun doing games with eu airline do an emperor i've i've gotta yeah it's been really fun it's just been to have somebody not in the group not in the green room with whenever the real rhetoric that we are talking about
improv in hollywood is like if we were on the road and like we work that club we like no fucking green room is nowhere stan between shows you just get like we're do thou yes all history is the global on the some show and i will use each other will be like you just hang for can be next we each other in somebody like going to show you something we ve shown each other nothing by the life we protect we want now i want to see this guy's act here who have let's go in let's go into the shell roma citizens hallmark nothin like it i know it's been funded it's been it's been cool like rollin within the european union to match the real fun and profound don't apologize reduced to three hours over economic quick flew by hope we hope it flew by for you too ladies and gentlemen if it didn't flyby for you we apologise but it's on you but we don't really say
i remember when i really do for our that's it as the end thanks everybody thanks for listening we'll be back on wednesday i got mad folk impact ass this week ladies and gentlemen stamps dot com thanks to stamps outcome use the cold war j r e for your special bonus offer hundred ten dollars on this offer which includes a digital scare which you are not allowed to use for mushrooms were also brought by square space go to square space dot com use the code joe and save ten percent off your first purchase square space dot com was about by on the com that's o n n i t use the code word rogan save ten percent of and all supplements are you folks will see soon until then much love me i guess
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