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#539 - Cara Santa Maria

2014-08-25 | 🔗
Cara Santa Maria is a science communicator, writer, producer and television personality. Check out her podcast "Talk Nerdy" at her website http://carasantamaria.com
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use the code word rogan and you will save ten percent off any and all supplements and there you have it ladies gentlemen poor capelli wowie kara santa maria is here why fuck around brian q them maybe maybe not already brain the fuck around new operating system may have loaded some new operating says to money was forgotten i want you to it do they did indeed it has undertaken you had it worth working will happen he doesn't even know the music this lu lu lu lu operating systems not what's this one called yosemite called yosemite i thought they were like cats and shit
this is so carelessly anna maria here ladies and gentlemen my friend brien's friend jamie knows are well be friends eventually up how are you trying to i'm tell my my facebook followers that i'm on right now when there are so many different joe rogue ends and want to click on the wrong one the usual rogan deity any tee what the fuck does not now but like your facebook which one is your actual or these all just people trying to mostly the not me the others like a hundred friggin these are i have solemnly tagging faked yo rock telling someone sent a nuisance dick pigs guarantee does not make our guarantee you get my leaving it looks exactly like my death does not make a right now i have the sweet talk nerd t shirt on right now which represents
percent of maria is awesome parkers comely episodes you i just put up episode twenty centuries as though is this can you believe that environment number one you were number one yak here and i do a weekly and you you spired me you and your listeners inspired me to do this well you're born for those perfect venue for you i'm telling you think you by the way i'm telling you when i left your studio the last time i was on i probably got three hundred tweets from you're saying starker podcast our little and tat it was great it was so great that so cool the purity of twenty six of the incredible how did you do it so fast i just don't we it's been that law spokesman twenty six weeks shows when six months essentially march or april why that's all some that's so cool you did it you you need something like this because you know whenever you deal with a lot of producers earn you know network foe
you don't they mean well but they all everyone has their own idea of what should happen and if they're nice people it gets in the way it ouch euro and like i you know right now i contribute to two different television shows and i'm very lucky emma freelancer i'm a contributor so i work on a show on does your america called techno which is a great science kind of newsmagazine sale show and then i work on a local show here now lake also connected which is on casey eighty which used to be our pbs affiliate and now it's just a public television kind of stand alone and that great i have great producers i get to self produce some so it's wonderful prior to only doing those and the podcast i was full time on a show called take power live on private tv that was daily eight to twelve there is a day every day ito heron make up for two hours straight base please you hours yeah we'll try turning away rules aim
what is there to ours didn't look like wasn't let where my hair straight wasn't allow to wear black wasn't allow it was crazy like a clear rules very strict i could not myself on that show and i look back and that is really when the podcast it because i was so like you said kind of boxed in speaking only and sound bites and presenting a version of myself that honestly i was not comfortable really presenting the pike s was a really really necessary outlet like it was so psychologically freeing for me and now i think it really helps keep me centred and anchored when i do new jobs and new worked to really under and how not to let things get out of hand like that you're the best representative of yourself is you sell yet and when we got a bunch of people like deciding what you should do i think you'll be great if you were pink i'll put you should be
that legitimate like i did they made me we're paying and i had to wear my hair all curly aided diana hated that and i don't know me i think it's because i was the only girl on the show at the time it was like very male heavy and i was supposed to be like the representative of the female species which was like come on i'm kind of a tomboy like it wasn't really looking for me is a lot of short skirts to which it's weird me like i like to wear black leather but yet the majority group really weird anyway and we ve talked about it many times in the park ass about how you watch fox news women who like it's they have in their contract they have to uncrossing cross their legs like a certain amount times per minute it because it's like who the fuck is that uncomfortably shifting switching your legs back and forth and if a man
and dressed like that it would be so in saying how can you imagine tat insane because there are either we if you watch runway shows every you keep up with fashion at all there are kind of male versions of that sort of ensemble but nobody actually where's that in real life like the short kind of tight in maybe not appeared nuts but like halfway down your thigh these little like plaid shore you know it's very runway but even those are short years something crazy about a square i agree i mean it's like easy access as the most ridiculous invention for you
the giant which is your coveted sexual organ i mean this is like this is the where the babies come out this is where you let the loved ones in so much to the vagina and yet it's their protected by the thinnest piece of fabric if if it i've been able as we ve seen all these little tv upper celebrities and their little whoops he's getting ends in and out of car whip seas where they're just happened to be a camera right down near their vaginas with us on a website does that such it was engineer and what's the reasoning behind recruiter why would you want to do something you want to look at it i want it to be clark annoyed the declared they took me on africa what he said about vaginas copies of a different persuasion egos first ass her vagina when the gonna hear
but then it is a weird thing i mean that your presented as a serious journalist on fox news or as a neuroscientist you are and yet they want you to her vagina basically just barely prick active via a little a little like napkin that they throw over if it's no thank you and always the cameras are you know right at the mid lying or in the middle of the table and soon it's just like an and fly her or ultra flattering depending on how you look at it angle that europe makes you feel really exposed its yeah how are we supposed to take somebody obviously the building its it doesn't make you any hotter that's where you know how you do you don't have to like i think it's a little better sometimes to leave things up to the imagination no it's not like it but i'm saying and i give you a retired maybe not on tv and the new worlds looking man you're good news what's your yeah what's your objective mean is it better in real life well
oh no bottom tell them we are trying to do but if you're gonna show where you just trying to like tat about issues its distracted yet knows distracting to have liked this really sexy outfit on i think that's half the reason why these like fire fox news type shows do the barber walter's never i don't know maybe corrected but she you know not to two scandalous did where short skirts and i was actually just watching somebody a little more comfortable i'm very short and i feel tiny in this chair so christmas all so i was watching this documentary called misrepresentation have you seen my mom i'm about to get like super feminist on how we really early just like you know his off like everybody on twitter to act
really good documentaries called misrepresentation you can find it on netflix and it was produced and kind of narrated by jennifer simple newsome whose gavin new sums wife and the whole thing is kind of about media representations of women how women are portrayed how women you know make up x amount of the population x amount of the jobs in this field in this field in this field and then how their represented both in fictional television but also in nonfiction programming and they talk a little bit about that kind of war i are female news readers meant to look so sexy it's always kind of like the crusty
all dude and then like his hot niece like that's what it looks like when you look at a news reading team and and they have these great interviews with people like lisa lincoln and katy corsican can talking about katy actually is very open and says i i've kind of feel guilty like almost i played into this like maybe i set this trend in motion and you know i was fit i wore you know not ridiculously short skirts but you could see my legs on to you me and then it seems like that's now the formula that every news reader has to have many almost just assume that there dumb like it it portrays i i don't think it portrays strength unfortunately when you have these like girls that are women that look like they're trying so hard be sexy then all of a sudden it puts it in your head like oh she's just reading a script that somebody else wrote for her when sometimes these are really really bright really successful women why do you
well i guess they just want people to watch it and they just feel like the best way to hook people is sex yeah and in truth is that they also in the documentary they showed all of the major news corporation which there aren't that many anymore you know the kind of conglomerates eating and and more and more of the property is owned by less and less people and they showed the number of women on the board on the board of all of these different news organisations and so you look like time warner or you look at via com and it's like one woman to women veto to women and as opposed to like thirty men or fear teen men the people that are making the shows and the people who have ultimate control over those kinds of decisions historic and to this day are like ninety nine percent mail wonders that's why like women like megan tele that fox lady whose not dom at all very sharp girl she's also kind i mean he kind of got him edge to wonder if it's like till like let you know hey fuck face just cause i'm gonna
tits hanging out my legs criss crossed bear covered my cougar are still put in your place i wondered if not we already have the air star heals all atomic go is backed up yeah don't think it's an honor and feeling for women who are just in a position where their survival did by men who just are going to assume when they walk in the door that she's just dumb bimbo she's a weather girl she's a noose reader but really she's right in her own cause the in doing her own research really strong smart i mean i disagree with like fucking everything she says but i've seen her be a total brilliant shark on air before me slightly more rational than most of the people and that network that nothing yes you can be pretty rational would see you now she's right wing and assist that's her thing now she's like a real santa claus is white that our capacity to satisfy its very distracting right it is but they don't usually looks like that do just voted
work at all aware of the ridiculous you should do the news from a bed el the new should be done from succeeds she's got her tits highlighted yeah she does their different colored yet another thing coming interesting wardrobe dry she basically as to tone thing with the tests were impossible did not look up because they don't blend in iraq and that's the thing it's like they really push you i remember on take part live one day wearing one of my favorite looks which was like black panties heels a white button down shirt those fitted i mean i think that the outfit was i'd consider it like a hot outfit and a black tie and butter my hair braided and kind of pulled back and i was wearing glasses and my producer told me that i couldn't dress like that any more as it was to me skill and dogmas where i know you know you look like like i'm a girl like it's obvious that i'm not trying to be a dude i'd like to wear ties reduce ago no answer he was i wasn't no maybe really was now he wasn't really really want russia
have you thought you'd like masculine like that now i mean i don't know it's like put on a short like an end you get that thing to where even if they dont overtly tell you it's like you get off air every night and when you dressed in an outfit that you love like pants assure like you feel comfortable but you good about yourself and you look in the mirror and you think your body looks good it's like whatever ok fine show whatever you wear like the dog miss little short pink skirt or dress it you're totally uncomfortable in and you're not acting like them you look great like in your eye f b like in your it's your eye of the last link is constantly there like in your ear like that as to the eye of bees are gross i now having someone talk to your especially if you're in the middle of a tough got a conversation and there lay off that are dont say this or bring this back and bring up that or ass this
its tongue and stuff especially when there's like tension between you and your produce when earlier glow in milan hiding yeah you know what i'd do post fight interviews when i first started doing these to talk to me in my ear like way back in the day like sometimes i'd be in mid sentence and there be some fuckin clueless shithead on the other end has now been in decades than the new cars are awesome the guys it had been doing of her innocent but in the nineties i did it would be a guy talk and i really had to take the thing out of my ear i couldn't china when i was seven they have a meltdown booth when they say you take it out of here you don't know what it's like you can't mining really can't form a sentence first of all when you do a postcard interviews you're doing it in real time off the cuff completely add lived in europe you're asking questions and adjusting based on how the fighter talks to you and that's what i don't understand like even a good produce there will be like willing ever talk to you while you're talking i wait until you stop talking like even after fucking here with the person i'm doing so to me you literally can't hear that you haven't talking here and you're talking i don't hear now that you can hear it all and its
same thing that show i was on was alive show every night so i get it counting down to commercial things where you have to keep time has weak wrap it up we ve only got a minute left great but late just the talking in the talking or you hey this robbed you i must say that i say what i want to say with us a beautiful thing about the internet in the beautiful thing about the internet and producing your own show and creating your own show as i can look at those old shows the shows have been around for a long time like that special news type shows we talked about like the uncle on the niece and though i have that kind of weird format where they talk fake in its everything seven minutes cut to commercial affiliate that's a dinosaur you don't think i mean i don't think it's gonna last for people sort of our generation i use that loosely but i think most of middle america is still watching that kind of traditional television america gets the imminent too they do that's true america's not male america anymore i think most of middle america i mean they're they're watching
what's on because it's always been there the way more hip yet they are not tell it when you got the road don't you feel it brian when you go to ohio and all these different places like that uses be like a little behind their not really behind anymore it's a lot of fuckin slick people that are living in the middle of nowhere absolutely adding that's what's great about area i mean i just got rid of cable for my first time and for once em like choosing but i want to watch instead of just like oh it's anti veering say you're kind of directing bite are these middle america people picking out stupid shit like i want to watch this slowly but surely the other getting more hip now i think so do i think part the problem now is that i mean you look at the statistics and fox news is still the most watch news network like what does that say about our car what says first of all they don't really know what the fuck people are watching is the nielsen range or reject that strategy most antiquated way of figure it's the only thing it's worse is the arbitrage when they try to
girl whose listening to radio that shit's reject really i could give you a book and use to carry around right down when you listen to this channel channel i don't fucking and also what ends up happening is that people represent themselves to be different than they are there like i love npr when they like never listened npr can i think it looks well there's that thing that they do it works as well where they'll they like you're a talk show especially the the the ratings based on how many people are watching up into a sir point like that's why they're tonight show has a twenty minute first break because fifteen minutes it is when they do the first reading so they don't want but the commercial because then you'll change to channel fuck up the railings so they have a twenty minute things the thing is geared towards like keep watching us
look at what you do i'm crazy like sweeps every night it is anything to try to get you to hang in there for twenty minutes and then though bring someone on and that's like with the skirts are all about nets with why you have all these people that their sensibility is not based on which the best way to get carers thoughts what's the best way to get megan starts up that thing is how get someone to watch this chick l completely and also there is a problem i think where people say okay well people in the industry especially when you talk to them about this they go well whatever we just give people what they want you look like bad reality tv withers cat fights and humiliation television all the shit that you know the cartoons all this shit that we're like breaks my heart that this is so popular in america and then people say well that's what the people were and we're just answering to what their needs are you know we're not actually effecting any sort of social change we're just playing to the hands of of love what they're interested in but i say that that's fucking bullshit
as we have an illusion of choice in this country like we don't a viable options if i want to watch the news i have either got fox news emerson see or cnn those are the things that are easy for me to fine i probably unless i haven't expanded cable package dont have al jazeera or bbc world news or another option or archie or another option available to me so i'm watching this programme that's no longer even news it's it's just you know fucking ad ties are blow job and like ratings run off scare you artesian interesting example our he's kind of a fucked up channel our duty is very like on the one hand there is amazing reporting happening there and on the other hand it's like answers to the kremlin yeah it's so weird well abbe martens a friend of mine she's been on the show several times she's great she's one of the rare people that can count address however she wants she dresses sure slacks show where i mean she's very pretty but where you know share
something that makes it a cottage if that's what she wants to wear or show where something different but she has a weird situation there too where she's criticized russia like especially what's going on in the ukraine and you know when they were like we're gonna send you to the ukraine and she's whoa whoa whoa the fuck you are like not send me to the ukraine like made publicly a press because she was put she was sizing putin's administration and what with what was going on and knows very public on television she did this thing and so they said we're gonna send her to two crimea so you can see what it's like on the ground she's like any of your fucking mind go into a war is now did you guys are you didn't talk to me like in this is not happening and to start right now is not happening but it's weird it is it's a weird place i've ever russia i'm pretty good friends with alone in coffee and jenny churchill who used to work at archie on the alone a show
in the day and then they went over to half post and were at half past life which is where i met them and that's where you want the science editor yeah that's i was there science correspondent there was a science editor in new york i i did all their correspondent like on our work and so on them there and yet they ve told me some pretty interesting stories to about archie and a lot of stuff has been leaked lately like you see it like the reporters there have been more and more open about the fact that there is an obvious agenda at that news network and i feel like when it comes to russia reporting you have to take it with a huge grain of sand but they do a good job of investigative reporting in parts of the world and also is interesting as everybody knows about our t primarily knows about it from clips that were released on the internet yeah bait there really get about their social media that's what i mean yes yes a big reality when it comes to all those new shows too and all those tonight show and talk shows there the whole thing is get a clip
jobs suddenly only gets under way you could put on television and their or you know put on television but then people make a clip of it and put it on you too even everybody trade i mean look at us an l obviously people still watch it if you want to believe nielsen ratings but like the show is not good anymore it hasn't been good and a really long time but they really real vented themselves with the digital shorts a few years ago and as those we're getting released i mean there was like this new kind of resurgence of young people be like o s an l is actually funny has not so kind of worn out and old the whole problem of essen there's a bunch problems but trying to do a new show every week and then to doing it live and for when i it's a terrible idea they dont having it it's like make it a half hour shall like don't make it because what is happening is they have good ideas for clips and then they just every effort single sketch the usual run it into the ground it sizzling they get the joke and then they repeated and time foods also adjust super competitive environment
and we know phil hartman who is a good friend of mine we run news radio together and he was answer alive and he had a nightmare stories i have to talk to him about what it was like the back stabbing another the weird i'm seeing shit the goes on people trying to force thirds their sketches in other people caught blocking out just like all the downfall of the worst thing the worst way to come up with something creative like to have this weird competitive environment like no ones supporting our heart is there now he told me some nightmare stories and i just i mean i'm there were i'm sorry it was really amazing but not an awful nationalism need either there are sometimes eddie murphy days there's mean its euro is gonna have talented people who are capable of being funny under extreme circumstances yet put a minute the worst scenario and they could figure out how to make something funny occasionally but you're right like its it it would be better if it were much loser but it
tv better their time like the needs like everyone of welcome a sketch ere i want some outside our special pry be fuckin nuclear bomb new everywhere that some people have these expectations and i want to live up to those expectations and they want to keep up with the ratings and make enough money in all the old school tv model is i dont know how much life it has left and the problem is that's where the money is still it's a legacy model it's all of the investors all of the advertisers it's how they know how to do their jobs because they ve been doing it for so long that they still pumps how much money into that machine i mean i see it as a freelancer when i get offered a tv job it always pays better than a web job across the board that's where the money is still in and that's where my age and is trying to push me i do a lot of web work because i like new media and i like that i can be free on it but the truth is
worse still in this kind of legacy world with with old school media and until those large corporations start to undo stand new media i think that you're gonna see this weird inflated bubble were all money still stays where nobody seven fucking watching anymore it's adjusting its adjusting slowly but it's it's it's definitely in this transitional period our pete more people conor realizing how isn't everybody on everyone's online riah so is an artist people that are online also watching television shows like we can reach them in both ways like its and then slowly shift in my opinion this can a shift to the internet almost entirely i really don't see the only benefit that i could see and networks is things like game thrones we need massive budgets to put on a speck your special effects but even here it'll never usually laterally starting to do that you know what i mean i think you will be about the end and what happens when those production companies or when hbo roles out and it becomes a stand alone up where you don't need that
well provider anymore than fuck that's online to i mean the only things that i appointment view any more at all on television are let's masters of sex what is up it's on showtime was that the kinsey thing well its masters and johnson so different researcher isn't it yes ex researchers from the fifties sources like the movie was whose it was a wheel metion who the fuck is appetency moving yes so them z and then i don't remember but kinsey and masters and johnson are probably the most cited sex research historical sex researchers in psychology courses were you learn about sexual behaviour but masters and johnson a really interesting thing masters was an obese you i am johnson was as research assistant and they fucked wow alot that's show yeah and so they got day word the source of a lot of their research well it's lizzie kaplan and michael she and it's really good is it the great
that's interesting so is it is it a perverse show as a kind of like others are trying to be likes scientific about their size yeah are they totally are but it's a new field at this point nobody has thought to investigate like sexual response so they are the first people to detail what happens when you have an orgasm there the first people to try and take measurements of female orgasm like all these really nobody thought that that was legitimate research that i'm so he gets thrown out of multiple institutions and he's always getting in trouble it is pretty secondly we think about it wasn't until the twentieth century the people sir researching sex oh anne sexual out and even then it was all men like nobody gave a shit but a female response that was totally secondary lake because this is what happens this is another little feminist soup who is that feminist though now available issue though that term feminism i now it's kind of like it's the term feminine
all it really means is that i support equal rights for women you know so in that sense of the term yet some very much a feminist so we're uses probably everybody in this reality will learning for sure and so this is the thing when you dont have female physicians and you don't have female researchers because the institutions since don't allow them then you don't have a female purse research perspective so sudden all of your research subjects are men because nobody thinks that it matters to research what happens to a woman's body and it took for research on female sexual response to catch up to research on male sexual rights which is crazy because females are the child bears free bizarre i know we're pretty bizarre when you think about the other different things that used to be used on women like that women used to go to a doctor to get manually manipulate air orgasm because they were like suffering from hysteria hiss
erika was stana hysterectomy stereo they are connected with those the idea and you know it in women would go to hospitals forum exhaustion that was like a common the angry that i asked she's hospitalized for exhaustion well wishers celebrity still do the pressure they think they favour but it's like it's either depression or substance abuse right that's what we used to call them question and has only women wasn't men that we're gonna men would sometimes dear but it was very common for housewives to go in for throws out action while what they do not just turn them all they might have on the matter and the problem give em like early versions of psychiatric medications and they basically let them leave whatever stressful environment there and get away from the baby's that we're making you depressed get away from husband go beyond your own four bit redefined but do you think it is fair to think that
as life becomes easier and as like society and civilization is more like goods are more accessible it's easier yet food it's easier to get water it's easy to get services and then slowly but surely thing sort of equalize in terms of the more aggressive males paying more attention to the needs of the female but in the old days when things were much harsher people lived low that they have a shorter life spanned the world was a darker place then it was more sexist did they more like men were just like look as these are tough times fuck off bitch get i think it's probably both i think that there is definitely you look at the kind of man
lows hierarchy of needs if you ve ever studied psychology you can probably hospitals for exhaustion that's a make you look at masses hierarchy of needs and it's like this pyramid it's like food pyramid but the needs pyramid and at the bottom are things like food and water and shelter like when you certain about food and water and shelter you're not concerned about things like love and friendship and then as you get to the top it things like self actual innovation and blah blah blah so i think that there are the component of yes if your struggling to survive contemplating or waxing phyllis ethical about you know civil lib these and things like that it's not in your so you may be very instinct shawl and you may be aggressive because a better or for whatever reason you may see kind of patriarchal lines that are drawn in the sand and some sexism and some violence but i think on top of it
maybe that would always be the case so long as women didn't have a voice i'm not sure i am not sure of just moving to the future and i'm not sure if it has a function if it's a functional people having more access to food and goods and services or if it's really a function of women because what happened was women were mothers and men said okay mothers bring life this is something that we should respect and we should honour and this was a historical norm for a very long time and then as you know these kind of hunter gatherer societies moved into more agrarian societies and started to form cultural structures men realized overpower that bitch like i have physical strength and i can physically put this woman and her play and as they realise that there was a power differential between them the men were physically stronger i think that's where a lot of patriarchal wisdom comes from is that men are physically stronger than
when do you think that was in there was that was realized not until there was culture and until there was cities and i think that that was a big part do you think that that would be a big part of it everywhere i mean in our primitive cultures well if you who are hunter gatherer type into your living in a very small tribe and are concerned about kinship or welfare of your children then i think that there certain amount of respect and honour that you are going to pay to your wife but one i go away with agriculture wiser go away with so it's not so much agriculture as it is all of the things that come along without agriculture which is maybe political power which is starting to stratified and have jobs and in it no longer are you making your own clothes making your own shoes doing your own ding doing your own cooking all this and now you're a cobbler and you're you know sure and your whatever and so people have
depend on one another for goods and services and they have to say ok i'll trade you this for that and then money comes into play and bartering and all the sudden whereas it was a lot more egalitarian before where everybody kind of had a strong role because they were taking care of themselves or their very small groups their family groups now all of a sudden they have a place in society and that i think where you really start to see subjection of women is because men start too develop power within societies and if you look back historically there are no known societies that were matriarchal societies but you do see in smaller kind of tribal communities more matriarchal ideology more kind of honouring and worshipping of mother figures and mother gods
every time there is a society it becomes patriarchal historically throughout over every time there's no such thing in those and yet all then there's no such thing as those amazonian like women tribe that you know people talk about like the amazonian women justice done that's your girlfriend yeah and that's not a real voting later women agreement took care of its a myth it's a mess of rejoices so in i don't know i can't say that that's a cause of it but those things are highly correlated would you think did that evens out once civilization society becomes more complex and has so much my point was scarcity makes people desperate and when people get despot they victimized not just women but they victim us weak awareness where exact any one week it's like you know who who are the people that we historically low two for like heroic figures in times of of great stress what people
pull themselves by their bootstraps got there and kick some fuckin ass people with big muscles too i mean that's the thing it's such a brutish in such an underdeveloped away to value strength to only value strength in like a punch horrider right because there's other forms of strength but you're right when people are desperate people know that that we also think about if you were having an argument with another guy or if some if something comes to ahead even at work wherever and you're having argument and you can't agree with each other and you start to get more and more frustrated what's the way in ray film in every book what the way that it finally get settled you roll up our sleeves and you get in a physical altercation with other which is just not a form of strength or not a form of settling a score that's common in like feet in females it happens
i don't have it all back basketball wives here it has thrown down lydia they throw it out but that's like the worst of the worse to counter not norma its counter intuitive but the best way to avoid that with men is martial arts dead men a situation where they train and they compete against each other on a regular basis they don't have this need to dominate each other the way because i do think that it's a bit stupid to tat tat just please ignore the role that things like testosterone play in gender dimorphism in female male differences in humans and and higher order mammals like tat lost her own a is a cat gold that actually is highly link the things like aggression and feeling tension and having this need to rule peace that in some way and we have less of it we have significantly less
the bed and some women are more aggressive and some women are completely passive and are never aggressive that way but there is a significant difference between males and females and testosterone is big reason for so being able to get that aggression out whether it's on a heavy bag or whether through martial arts or whatever exercises you use i think is its irresponsible to think that that's not part of the equation the devil as for a man coming from male point of view i know it makes a significant difference with me whether i can release it or not but it's also the come doing martial arts and being involved in something that gives you an understanding of what physical confrontation is really all about it it doesn't it's not the scary thing that every man has to like puff his chest up to avoid happening or eat or you go into it completely ignorantly thinking it's like a movie sock some guy that's gonna be the end of it in my throat punch them and he moved his head and they like oh shit
guy actually knows how to fight now in fact now try to hit somebody that is now go let me hit i'm going to beat me up here are a lot of everything comes from fear and it comes from ignorance it comes from other ridiculous these media depictions of what happens or people hate each other one thinks it drives me fuckin crazy and i really want to talk to you about this we want to get in depression is hedge like there's so many goddamn movies where someone hit some the head and they fall down they get up and they rub their head and there were cold and then they go and they fuckin have crazy fist fight with a hundred people or you know they do they they make it like thereby to normal like large shut off and they come back to normal and now or a guy is like you know this link great moral largest is is in a fight with like ten other do right and then he's like punching unease kicking and then you know thing where he like head but like dunes of garlic access skull again of the skull alike multiple p in a row and is like in no way affected by it will help us it's really weird thing but the way to do it correctly it actually is
fact of because i'm sure the mask dad you use in this party your head your forehead and which is a really hard part and you smashed someone in the nose and you're not what kind of gives and yes it's hook up words works like crazy i wish we had a shot of redman just that enters a great a video of a woman knocking a guy out in a bar this there was some sort of a bar fi in this this guy was like involved in a fight with this woman's boyfriend and the guy ground the woman and the woman grabs the guy shirts and slow and when the head right on his nose and the guy goes out cold and goes lamp in its latest as is like this little woman and this big man and she knocked with her head evanescent
that they never show that in the movie they never hidden in the nose they hit em like in the same part of their head you can't do that you can't win not your hand and you're gonna scramble your brain her samoan you're like one those duties with extra big head you'd get away most people you smashed the nose i mean you probably don't let our minds were even seeing that there are just a video this this girl had but this do it's fucking hilarious because all this shit goin on and this girl just grabs is dude and cayos them save you can cut to it because it's kind of a video file remember correctly there a lot of shit go and i are big bar i because this is is he punching her nothing yeah only add that's insane we ought to know when in this video i don't think this is the same vinnie i think this is a different one in the same video insists that the other
the other videos indoors that one that one's outdoors but whatever yet like even in other finding that soccer players are you just a month but the movement of like hitting a bomb in your head over and over and over and over and over causes mile concussive injuries so yeah cracking people in the sculls a lot is probably yeah it's not evaluated well and me i will obviously i come from this background of not just constantly doing it my whole life but being around it my whole i've been around so many guys getting hit in the head and i have seen them from the big of their career and then i see them at the end of the current i see a significant decline and how they
communicate and have i'm sure how they feel they seem like old man when there are nearly forty and depression is a real issue and is one of the reasons why i want to bring this up as my friend mark gordon doktor mark gordon who is an expert in traumatic brain injury and he works a lot with soldiers and athletes have had significant brain trauma and they have a lot of issues with their hormones afterwards the pituitary gland extremely sensitive and he wrote a piece connecting roy been williams with depression not based on a lot of factors mean robin had a lot of things go on he obviously had substance abuse issues he obviously he had the parkinson's issue which was also taken medication for parkinson's which has been connected depression but he also had a heart surgery and his doktor gordon's connection was that right
been williams having had this major heart valve reprint replacement which entails many hours and its visa lowered broad blood pressure and the literature speaks of posts cardiac surgery depression and over a hundred publications and that the prolonged surgery with low blood pressure they believe precipitates perform a form of she hands syndrome which is the loss of important brain here on interest additionally there is an increase in reverse t three and a decrease in tee three which can cause relative hypo i wrote ism dense and also associated with depression mark gordon wrote this whole piece about it and he saying that what people have consider more is like when you take when into a situation where you're fixing their heart you're you're all yourself to realise it there's gonna be some adverse effect the whole buys can react to this as not just can be about looked your hearts fixed in a why so sad this is all or fuckin completely whacked now would have played a factor in this that was ignored
in that something that i think that we ve historically had this really weird approached medicine which i think is kind of a secondary effect of thinking scientifically and obviously i my background is in neuroscience i worked as a scientist for many years and i am very much a scientific thinker and i'm all about the scientific method but i think though we some times are at fault when we're a little bit too reductionist dick in our views and so if you look at the history of modern medicine of sight evidence based medicine what ends up happening is that we look at a problem and we try to fix the problem and we look at it as if you can somehow cut that piece of the persons physiology completely out them solve it and then put it right back in and it doesn't have any effect on anything else in their bodies i mean you look at medication right any any form of pharmaceutical they all have side effects
if you think about what a side effect is it it comes down to how medication works a medicine is a molecule at some sort of molecule that fits into receptor somewhere in your body and the idea you wanted to have really high efficacy so let's say that i'm somebody who has a problem with blood pressure for example or actually listen jump into depression because i've been talking about this a lot lately around robin williams i had put he'll martin on my podcast just last week to talk about that he hoped the mental illness happy hour podcast and has really great insights into mental illness and i of course publicly have dealt with depression most of my life i take medication every day i gotta therapy every week i'm very open about it is enough for a lot of
but they would look at eu special people who don't have any issues the pressure they look you obviously very intelligent beautiful young why would you be depressed guys probably tripping over themselves to day you u year you obviously very successful in pursuing into actual pursuits why would you be depressing enacting laws even like why what is a lot of people don't understand the difference eating depression and sadness and they don't understand the progression is a biological illness they don't given today also dont think of it in terms of like the people in terms of white boy you ve got all these sums like that you ve got all this these numbers look there's all stuck on that almost can can make it worse for certain people i mean you look at somebody like robin williams had so much going for him right same as he was loved he had all this money how could he be depressed you didn't have the problems that you are i have and you know what then you have this extra layer of guilt you have this x layer of shame this extra layer of why the fuck am i still depress no matter how
success i get no matter how much money i make no matter how much people me letters and say that they love me and and whatever i can't seem to to beat this feeling inside of me this constellation of symptoms because it's not coming from that it's coming from your brain and is it we are dont suffer from depression but i have had many friends who do and i always wondered what it's because it seems to be that when you go to a doctor and they start treating it whether treated with medication or they try to gesture diet and in prescribe exercise first that there's no like one simple facts are in everybody's completely different and people get people get upset about that because i think it goes back to tat kind of what i was talking about before which is a me and ring way to two ok so again to go back to this idea of a drug use
the drug let's say i taken antidepressant my antidepressants specifically is a selective serotonin re uptake inhibitor and assess our i'd that's called metallic remnants off brand i think it's alexa is a brand name i take that it binds to my serotonin receptors in my brain it allows me to dump more sarah tone and into the sin acts that the gap between two brain cells so that i always have more available it basically tells my brain that i need more ceremony so i make more saratoga available to myself it's it's a re up inhibitor and so or it sorry it keeps more serotonin in in the gap instead of sucking it back into the cells so i always have more available to me now it's molecule it's got a shape just like nothing out there it has geometry so it binds to this specific receptor in the brain because it got a similar shaped too that there are other things in europe body that are similarly shaped and so what ends happening is when you take a drug the specificity of the
is only based on whether or not the key fits in a lock somewhere in your body but let's that you had hundreds of thousands of millions of locks available to you and one key and he started going for you stick that in a bunch of loch some of them it might even turn but your dick it would fit in the lock of multiple locks hanging on that wall so wouldn't happen as i take this drug it binds a brain it does what it supposed to do in my brain but it also may be does other shit like makes me really fucking tired or it makes it so i dont want to have sex is often is a side effect and the reason that you have a side effect is because there's other parts of your body that the drug binds to its same thing with medicine like you were saying you opera on somebody's heart the heart is connected to other things it's it it's the source of blood flow throughout your body it is connected to hormone levels there's all sorts
things that can happen when you put somebody under under anesthesia when you cut them open when you you know you you cause an immune response and inflammatory response there your body is a whole list thing and so when you start jacking with certain things other things are going to happen that doesn't mean youth should throw the baby out with the bathwater but medicine is a risk benefit analysis all but how did they find the seems to me that they find the right medication by experimentation that they try it such the only way because we don't have any tests i can't you can't go as doctor you can't come to me stick a needle in my spinal cord take out my cerebrospinal fluid and measure how much they are tone and i have in it i wish you could i wish i could take some sort of a blood test or i could you know p and a cop and then you could analyze that p and say your low on serotonin you need an
as our eye that would be what works for you because other people's depression comes from problems with dopamine come some problems with nor open for an or some combination thereof but there's no test for it if fuckin socks there's no test for it and so what ends happenings you have to play musical chairs you try it maybe this is the first drug i try for aunt when i decided to finally go and antidepressants fucked me up so bad es andy our eye as selective sarah tone and nor up and efron dopamine re uptake inhibitor so fucking depressed i couldn't function and we decided let's through the book at it let's take the drug of all drugs the monster drug that does everything and i couldn't sleep for a week i felt like i was on straight up crank like on cod stop do you go london i quit smoking quit smoking it was often that when i quit smoking that's an important point that terrible for your body horror bondage who do anything to try to naturally stimulus
your body to produce more serotonin did you try a lot of exercise delia did you a gesture diet baiting quit smoking did i mean ultimately when you got on the drugs it for you didn't trust on the drug for a week so as soon as i got off the drug again i immediately wanted to smoke again but at that point i push through it and i said you know i'm i met my with that my lowest point i've ever been so sick fuck it getting worse and i did i quit smoking and it's been a couple years but i did i tried but the truth is this is why addiction researchers so important this is why researchers go into the lab with a bunch of mice or whatever and they feed him a bunch ok in and they you know do these different kind of experiments where we ve heard of the famous experiment where you have the mouse in the cage and it's got a bar pressing paradigms accomplished bar gets coke and then like it just fuckin does that until it dies like it like theirs food right next door and it's like no i want more coke and then it just you know dies and
so the obviously there's something happening this is a natural phenomenon because mice dont have value judgments they're not thinking about this from a religious perspective there men are no maybe i should stop doing this coke and maybe exercise a little more and that'll give me the same kind of high it overwhelms thing it's such a strong addiction does nicotine of the same sort of addictive properties nicotine is all the more addictive nicotine hasn t natural in a natural form is not hang as far as like small idea thing nicotine still addictive even if you're talking about like a vapor yet or something like that and i am talking about like like traditional methods of it like the way they would smoke tobacco pipe or in a cigar sometimes it's not the other thing is as addictive but it still addictive i mean it still it's that the nicotine as the molecule that studied in laboratories it's not the tar it's not the shit that comes in the papers now that's what like has much more carcinogenic properties but nicotine itself is highly addictive and that's the molecule that studied in in research
nicotine but isn't mc teen itself it doesnt actually have some medicinal benefit the does it actually neuro protective so can protect against parkinson's while so yeah smoke you wanted parkin from well i wouldn't say that but there is some evidence in the lab that animals that were given nicotine had lower incidents rate parkinson is it is a dangerous and might the form that people take it as far as i got more much less much much less dangerous but the goal still would be to get off of nicotine because the reason there the gum is cause they're still addicted to it but is there a way to take a small amount of it gives you those neuro protective properties but it's not dangerous possibly i mama but i think it would be important for us to see more research to see how how
again it's a risk benefit analysis like is it really that beneficial i don't know it's hard to say what's the dose response curve how much would you have to take for it to be beneficial the thing about depression is threatening to me is that there are some correlations between how well your life has gone do you relationship relationships are you happy with what you choose to do your day i had a friend who is he was on like some serious assess our eyes and they changed his life they got him east equipped as business he quit his job rather stars on business got involved in relationship and then once you got a really good is he slowly weaned himself off the antidepressants and now his great yeah and that happens to a lot of people and so i think that there is a different one have to understand too is of course all psychiatric disorders are spectrum d there is right there really extreme examples and there's barely any examples and if anybody who's ever taken a site course or who studied you know if you are
like major college you know that as you studied the dsm for which is like it's called the diagnostic and statistical manual that they use in psychiatry in psychology swiftly the big bible of all the things you can be diagnosed with the more you study at the more you're like i have that oh i have that totally fucking have that and you realize everybody has everybody can can vince themselves that they have these it's like web em you know what i mean so it's only since it is sufficient lee detrick until two your life that it affects your relationships that affects our ability to work it affects or health whatever the case may be and usually with in the d s m there maybe like eight things and it's like you have five out of these things and so anybody can read it and go oh i felt depression before but what they dont realises there is a difference between depression and sadness there's also a difference between parity depression so depression that lasts years decades and the type of depression that people get that directly linked to life events
can that draw your dog dies you look what a big one you looser broken job like we ve seen so many document trees lately about this as the economy took a downturn people lose their job in the name of committing suicide because they can't it's like this cascade of off that's a really common one in a family amber dies you have still born or you haven't where are you are you have a baby a healthy baby post partum depression is incredibly common and in case that's much more common that people can take meds they can do all these things and once they get back to where they were before that horrible life event there okay to get off off the meds some people are able to get their depression managed without medication perfectly well it but it's the people aren't is the different reactions are different people have two different medication is it because their depression has a different source or is it
stay biodiversity living it's more of a biodiversity thing than a source they i mean as source is hard to say so depression is both when you think about it we will brain in mind are the same thing most modern neurosciences say that brain a mind are two sides of the same coin that mind is just an emergent property of brain nobody's duellist anymore they dont think that you can like heal the mind and it has no effect on the brain because it's the same fuckin thing so there are you know some people's depression comes from the fact that their doping me levels or are not healthy or their northern effort levels are not healthy or whatever the fuck but i think that the common view of depression now is that there is some sort of biological difference in your brain and oftentimes that's either com or it develops out of childhood or early life experiences where you know you have sort of trauma or you have some sort of developed
you have some sort of you know interaction with family whatever the case may be an it doesn't have to be you know you are molested as attack it can literally just be like you didn't feel blob door for the case may be and you ve got this brain difference combined with this emotional experience and what ends up happening because when you're very young your brain is very plastic so very younger learning skills that are gonna last you the rest of your life in your actually building your brain architecture certain neurons are connecting and disconnecting and reconnecting and pruning out the tree the beautiful tree that is all of the cells in your brain is getting pruned when you're young end if your depressed when you're young and your experiencing those kinds of things when you're young you're going to prove a tree that prone to depression as you age because you're gonna keep enforcing those neuronal connections that's wife therapy is so important men's in an of themselves
never going to get you in a place where your depression is really well managed it's going to get you in a place where therapy is gonna be working better for you men are going to be an immediate and necessary interventional strategy so that you're not crying or you're not trying to kill yourself or you're not whatever your symptoms of so you can actually fucking get out of bed to work on yourself that's what measures are therefore meds keep me from sting in bed older that's a variable though finding the right councillors gotta be incredibly does it's tough it's like i always like in it to the women who are listening to pocket i like it unto you when you were first deciding to go and birth control in a lot of women we'll go to their kind just when there are fifteen sixteen seventeen and say i wanna go on birth control and they'll give them worth or try cycling or whatever the pill the regular old pale and they'll be fine a lot of women will take the pill the first
and it'll make them really sick like every time they take the pill it makes him want to throw up or it gives them cramps or something's weird about it affects us and the goal of this drug doesn't work for me fuck ok let's try one with lower levels of estrogen progesterone released try the ring or the dep or provera shot or maybe you need an eye you d i was like that it took multiple times to find the right drug and i think it's the same thing with therapy i think it's the same thing with psychiatric medicines it's not worth much not monolithic so the same combination isn't gonna work for everybody and the truth is if that makes you afraid of modern medicine or if it makes you think that psychotic these will or something like that it's the same thing as cancer many ways there so many parallels cancer is not one disease it's a spectrum of diseases if i got diagnosed with breast cancer and you got diagnosed with breast cancer and we both went in
with our diagnosis the same day are on colleges would give us different treatment because we have different genetic markers we would respond differently to different types of chemotherapy chemotherapy means chemical therapy it's a really big umbrella term for all the different kinds of cancer treatments that are available maybe you get more radiation maybe i would need surgery but your metastasis would make it so that surgery wasn't a viable option it's it's a spectrum disease and psycho drug illness or the same way the variable though the council has to become a weird where do i find someone that you can confide in whole heartedly and it takes time around and finding the correct sex right whether or not as some men would do better with women councillors i have a male counselor like i would never twenty i've a male therapist but i have a female go to college i would never in a million years let a dude like put speculators and may am i dig around in my cervix but i'm totally comfortable
with a male therapist i have a friend who went to a male gonna colleges in the mill gynecologist texture and acid are you so rightly said like she's kind of a flirt she might have put out there crazy their minds we have what's the jet appetites lord atwater oil is given in there you have you have obviously never had a path i ever knew i have inputs girls are dirty bitches put in a good way what's the jet appetite movie with knocked up no one and she goes to the doktor and it's her sisters doctor and he's like oh i recognize you now like setting foot there in this some do dig around your true i could never i just can never i'm glad that i like i'm glad it's twenty fourteen and there are plenty of female
did you i m available because back in the day you had a male gotta college arise there were only do doctors whoa there there would be really the need for a guy to have a woman doktor that's checking out your general styled the odd is what you think so but you have even female doktor before right grab your balls what you call that was shut up without the issue like the man would be the predator said the doktor the female doctor would have to deal with especially was an attractive female doctor would have to deal with the dude being an excited about women's economic balls not sure keep doing that she probably today about a measure for fucking ashore well there's you know i was talking to a friend about this today and he is pre philosophical older guy and he was he's been through two divorces and he was talking about how sex starved so many people are like you're dealing with all these scenario
his way like all this guy was a creep and the sooner this woman is ridiculous and the army are there that no one's touching and they are so hungry just to be held and i i mean this is a minor story but when i was when i first came california a dynamic friends came from new york and i wasn't happy i wasn't happy as i did enjoy acting i didn't enjoy being around actors and i didn't have any friends and it wasn't didn't have a girlfriend dynamic dates and i i got a hug from this girl said and i'll never forget that feeling of that hug because it wasn't like a sexual hug it was a friend me a hug and when she came the heart it was like my my level one but not sexual it was like love
like i gotta i got tat she had a love boner got touch first i'm in like a couple weeks here and i was like all you need at least this is important for people it's totally important for people there's all sorts of hormones like a cascade of hormones that you set off win you are affiliated when you're you know close to body else and it's absolutely necessary and can go back to what we are talking about aggression legate a male female difference i also i strongly that man men have a deep need that slightly different than than women that our sexual needs are much or affiliated an emotional and there is some physiological basis for female sexual need don't get me wrong like any girl can tell you she's had this craving this this passionate killing where she's like i just need to com or i just need to you know have sex or somebody but
men there's literally a back up of fluid that you have to release that's a very different physiological thing than women and of that goes back to testosterone so the same thing is we're staying emma may can be really helpful for clearing the mind and for lowering her your base levels of aggression i think coming does the same thing i think it's healthy forgot to jerk off if they're not having a lot of sex because guys can get pent up and be aggressive because are not coming enough i also get desperate i santiago yeah i heard a joke about it there was a whole descriptive called jerk off first then think about it anything you thinking about doing live anywhere you gonna make you get married that's good then think about you know you decide to do there's gonna buy back car you gonna do this unit by those clothes jerk off first if you really want to wear alligator shoes what what are you why are you wearing attract a certain person and that's it
we talk about the little head and people guys thinking with that head or wherever there is a really big neuronal link there there are hormones that affect your dick the same way they affect your brain and so you can't pretend again that your cock is somehow completely disconnected from your email genes from your feelings we you will not have in all have you looked at it if objectively if you looked at the human beings on this planet as like a giant mathematical equation you'd say ok why are there oh fuck and many of them because there's is intense need breed and this intense need the breed was back when it was really difficult to stay alive in a week essentially the same organism that used to get cut down by each other by animal predators natural illnesses disease injuries we ve only been around for two hundred thousand years and are in our current for homo sapiens as a species so before two hundred thousand years ago or talking about something that
different enough from us evolution airily speaking to be a difference species homo sapiens two hundred thousand years old that long enough for a little bit of evolution yes we are have changed in some ways but that's not long enough for that much evolution in may he weighs biologically psychologically evolution airily speaking you're right we the same organism that was like calling out of the trees strongly primitive and again when you also talk about the biodiversity there's some four there are just more fuckin primitive today elaborately morn animal mystic or more kinetic an end the range is so massive when we talk about what is quote normal and what is hyper in what is hypo so many people are so different and that's why it's cool to see when people actually manage to partner up or whatever sexual or emotional partnerships makes sense for
whether their monogamous or polygamous whether there you know gay straight somewhere in between it so cool when you see people make it work because there on the same page when there so many differences that exist out there when two people go you're awesome we're three or four whatever and they go you're awesome i mean to you were into the same stuff we abide by the same rules we have the same sexual proclivities and it works like how fucking who is that because there so many combinations out there the when those magnet those two ends of the maghreb kind of find each other in that way it's it's pretty dough blake it's not that common will like when you are talking about molecules and receptors it's almost like the gift of the right yeah it only do you also have to be a good molecule yeah i know it's like how many people truly have their shit together to the point where anybody would want to be with them and so many people are so goddamn codependent so fucked up then they lay cannon
fact anyone because their own biology their psychology there that the mix that makes them a person is just so chaotic you can expect happy in a relationship is you're not happy alone yet there has to be equity in a relationship like you can't suck the lake it like a vampire and a relationship we have to offer somebody just as much as you get from them and you have to be like you said very stand alone i mean that's a common theme for me thereupon is this conversation about if i am in a relationship feeling very confident uncomfortable because i have like an inn sane fear of committing
i because i'm so used to thinking about our relationship as if it's a prison sentence and i've been really really learning what it means to be in a relationship with my fair pest and how the idea of living for now is a healthier way to look at life like i don't have to think about hard core future kinds of conversations like if i'm comfortable with myself right now and i can be comfortable with a partner right now and not have all this psych sense of intense obligation that's where that codependent stuff comes from and that's what i think is so incredibly unhealthy and our relationship it's like i'm gonna bring my best self to the table and hopefully i'll find a partner that does the same
thing instead of meeting a partner which is a common motivation for people to get in relationships i need somebody else i can't handle it on my own woman you're not gonna end up working it out because all those variables to like the sexual variable the emotional variable there there's somebody different things that are going on and then it's almost like ok i found this waterhole i can't leave finally found water i was a lot like that my experience of going so weeks without being hugged and then being like and i was just a friend was somewhat on the set the difference between that and someone who's gonna years without a relationship that really work than you finally have one that works and you fuck it up cause you too
damn clinging crazy where are you where are you weren't you home touching you why you're taking back immediately and like that kind of shit is what makes me run out the door script that's what i'm talking about when i talk about my quoting quote fear of commitment what it really is is it it's an intense feeling of stress when i feel obligated to somebody else so soul in the healthiest relationships i've been in their their relationships where there's not a lot of jealousy not a lot of possession not a lot of that checking in these cause it's just trust trust each other and when you're really into somebody you wanna be around them and you spend time with them but when you want be around your friends there not like where are you weren't checking in when are you coming home it's like fuck off do like i want to be with you if it's gonna be like this there are friends or down their brutal and you gonna cut him off yet you do because i've done that codependent sing and what happens when you end up with two people were like that with each other ratios
and they less and less learn how to exist on their own so them when they finally do break it off because it's obviously unhealthy then their box then it takes all this healing to get back to place where their independent again yeah that's so true and that its a weird thing when you find those two people that like they they can't be apart they literally they dont they go everywhere together there are you ever is altogether rose like nobody wants to be around their friends like that don't you it's a kind of all friends you have no for i am your friend fought fade out with targeted where i mean all my shit friends you shipwrecks cutting off shit friends the color for my friends just me my girl out their ride motorcycles wiping the order you get you just realized why my friends with these people that happens here that's true we win your younger you need a lot of support and oh and i think the order you get the more you value year alone time and the more you realize that good relationships and good friendship should feel like work
and when they start to feel like work you're like fuck if too many obligations and responsible and one off or to be friends at the outset i have a lot of friends that are like super empowering like when i'm around them i want to do better i wanna be better i'm gonna get stimulated in i think better my mind fun i got my might be inspired you know i'm very lucky to have that now you know you are talking about your experience when you first came to los angeles and and not having a lot of friends and kind of being depressed and so when i first move to allay i was in new york usually not that comfortable talking about this but for some reason i'm going to right now living in new york in those working on my phd and then i started dating bill more like that's why i came to los angeles is because we started dating i was living in new york i kind of come and go and see him
we weren't committed to each other i bet a life on the west or on the east coast he had his life here on the west coast and eventually we got close enough that we decided hey let's give this thing ago and so is like fuck it i was actually really not happy in my degree programme so in some ways it was a double whammy i was very happy to be exploring a deeper relationship with this guy that i had grown to love and also i was more and more not happy with my situation in new york and so it was a new opportunity i move to allay in we ultimately ended a dating very seriously for about three years and that was my my first ella experience was bizarre as fuck dating somebody who is incredibly famous in the public eye who had a lot of money there is a big equity problem in the relationship i didn't know what i was going to do with my life i had just left my degree programme i was searching for answers and i was a young like twenty four but i had no friends none
i was friends of people in their fifties like that that was my social circle and yeah i would meet people like out hang out with sarah silverman a little bit or that they weren't really my friends i was the come along i was the girlfriend and they were all very nice to me and i was a weird life but it was almost like i was living somebody else's like and i was pretty depressed and very lucky to have my best friend at the time kelly was still living in dallas where i grew up and a kind of worked with her and hooked up with the job working with bell she ended up becoming his wardrobe stuyvesant she does that to this day which is really amazing it was a huge opportunity until she always wanted to come to so and now she's even incredible celebrity out before met this great job friends and i was very lucky when she first came out maybe six months later we got an apartment together i finally had somebody but i just had her and it took probably in
just a couple of years ago so now that's maybe been five years out before i met this group of friends that we effectually call each other than nerd brigades yes we have taken brigade on twitter all the time and there there like one of my best friends just finished her php molecular neuroscience from caltech one of my other best friends got his p gee from u s c and animal cognition i have a friend to another neuroscience student at caltech i have a friend to has marine biology to greet their all like science communicators writers academics but poor young edgy fun people who like we get each other we're friends because we have a latin com and it took a long time to get close to these people and to meet them and to finally fuck is allays a fucking hard city if you're used to living in a university town like there it so hard to her with you in will reverse i was in debt and tax
that's where did my undergrad and my masters at the universe ignore texas and then yeah i was in new york city but i was living in queens specifically forest hills because i would take the bus to flushing every dated two queen college that's where i was working on my phd at the city university of new york graduate centre between colleges my campus and i m a lot of my friends live in pasadena still which is very much a college town because their cows they work caltech students and now they're working there or or some of the whistle taken courses but i saw i mean brian's shook his head like elliot hard to meet smart people in this city it's so full of fucking vapid people and people who will i learned this de i moved to allay dating somebody who was like an aimless celebrity and all of a sudden i was like why do you wanna be front
with me what's going on i also day i've dated another very very famous person in my life where i do i dont publicly talk about that relationship at all just to respect each other's privacy but i would learn things about people like i had this one group of friends why thought where my friends and i remember dating this person and being like hey you want to come to because there are oh but you know someone thought that you might wanna play tennis we're gonna do it at so and those house also one's own there oh yeah i'm totally down and you would get that all the time this lake is that why you're friends of me away thing is very bizarre if such a weird experience said i think a lot of people do i never even adjured but are also has opened a million doors me like how d you think what i was too three years old you know cutting up my sore or birds and digging around in their brains fit i always i was going to be a bench scientist and that's what i was gonna do and i hated it i love teaching kennedy
doing the lab work because like ok this is the path i more mrs fuck it but he had told me oh you're gonna be in media you're gonna be on that rogan podcast you can start your own podcast to gonna be on television i'd like your fucking out of your mind like i'm scared of camp when i was texas at sixteen i tried out for season two of american idol using yeah i was addressing i think that much work and i made it through four callbacks in season to have and i thought i made it worthy producers the executive produces morgan i finally got to three judges who were they at the main ones like randy and paula simon cow and so that was the last audition you do before you go and how will it right and you know i didn't get in all three of them said like you're not that we like your voice we like your look i was told upon crocodile had like short spiky hair and my lip ring in the arm
is very avril levine kind of a look back then and they were like oh we love at all your dear the total package knows a crate and then i audition and there are like you're not going through belie like you are not tv ready i was so afraid of the cameras i like didn't have that dynamic personality that all of the reality tv stars have or their like i'm going when this competition is i'm the best i just walked up a nose like are you ready for me it s like it was i i was meagre didn't have that that kind of self assertive thing going on to developer i think i did i think it happened from for an end to it i think what happens is when you're like ok i'm just work i men in the lab although i taught between then and now i've taught like a million courses so that helps you stand up in front of a classroom you don't understand i call us to figure this out together upon the white board in you're helping the students so that helps with your confidence for sure but also i think
thrown into i come to allay and it's like oh let's go to the amis with walk this red carpet let's do and then you know all the sudden in the room with all these in a really important people and you don't even know who they are like i would go to parties where ever single person there was a celebrity and the people you didn't recognize you didn't recognize because they owned movie studios because the weirdest feeling and once you realize i'm not that different from these people i can have a conversation with them like anyone else and i will talk about science i believe it is often let me tell you the story and the girl that's kind of interesting and then eventually bill was like need to be doing this on television you need to be trying this at least because i think you'd be good at it he completely and utterly push me into this and i thank him every day for because i never would have done it without his help wended depression storm when a child will so you were doing with your mahala o completely some of those years like when i was dating bill or when i would be moving those are some of the worst years because resource trustworthy
frown and because i was a boy i was unmeditated yeah i didn't taking medication until about three years ago real while twenty and did you try other methods you drive divergent p tria yeah dried some things and i i've been in therapy my whole life my parents first put me in there be when they first started to decide that they were thinking about getting a divorce and i was young maybe six or seven so from the time i remember i've understood that therapeutic process they always early promoted that in me so that even after the divorce and the re marriages and all of that i started doing that it did the therapy thing on my own i went to college and i was very much on my own i went cauldron of sixteen by the way lived on my own at sixty hours fucking weird kit yeah so i was a
i'm an adult but i wasn't i did that i went to their b i did all those things where myself but i always had this mental block i always had this lake o eternit meds meds means you really crazy meds means you really don't have control and not until i kind of hit a very bad rock bottom a few maybe three years ago did i finally say you know what fuck i've i think i actually have to do this i think it would be good for me and then it was the same experience that i've heard over and over and over from people where finally they get on the med set a right for them and they calibrate to their dosage and maybe there they ve been on for about two months and they just have this epiphany of like why the fuck did i wait so long i could have felt like this my whole life what the fuck was i think because you're so societal lee we're so wrong with to looking at mental illness the same look at physical illness we're so it so easy
martin just made this point when he on my podcast last week if you went up to somebody with diabetes type one day babies and you're like what the fuck dude why don't you just think more is it of lee so that europe painters makes more insolent like what what's wrong with you why can't you just make more insulin it's like they ve liquidity talking about the same thing with depression people but the onus on like the they look at it like it's a disease of will but it's not it's it's a biological illness and
that's just very hard for people to understand and so what you end up doing his carrying around a lot of guilt and shame and a lot of feelings like i'm not good enough i can't will myself out of this if i just think more positively it's not about that and i do that for years years you just deal with any i destroyed so many relationship are can only imagine are clearly emerged bring trapped in the scenario but a mom also very sensitive to the variables that different people go through with their bodies paypal thyroid as am i have to take forward medication under my family my mother level has it too and i know i know i should get headaches these weird headaches at the end of the day or else like so far i could fall asleep in it wasn't like it wasn't like ours like now i get tired
sleep but it was like i could falsely just watch tv and be out flick eight hours you didn't make any sense was weird tired like eyes in pain so why and i get these weird headaches then once i finally got medications like nay killing oh this is this is what other people feel like right like i thought i was normal because that's another thing there such a stigma in this country not about mental illness but about any sort of illness where people can't openly freely talk about it so you end up living in this weird bubble where you don't really like i know people that have mental illness that didn't even realize they had mental illness until they finally had a conversation with a doctor about and they were like oh this isn't normal link not everybody doesn't hear voices or everybody doesn't it's like yeah
these are so afraid to talk to somebody in road it so that's i mean that's a really important part of this i think is just getting past the stigma that's why when something like this with robin williams which are so fucking depressed happens a lot of people rally around it and they say hey maybe we can use this as a teaching moment because this guy no matter how good his life was he had this thing that he ultimately couldn't kick and it wasn't his fault it just is that way sometimes and k maybe you have it too i think in some ways it's good when high functioning people come out and talk about their illnesses because then people who are actually experiencing things like loss of employment loss of a loved one whatever or who have had a bad go of it for other reasons are like even you like you said before like even you but you're pretty or but you're successful year whatever will if you could have that then of course it's
not weird that i happy you know it's like it's a good thing for people to be able to see that they are not alone like that you and in its also there's a bunch of people that a tribute other people's depression really irresponsibly to a bunch of different things like i have a guy in the park s last week there was saying that robin winged killed himself because his wife's this ex wife costs money as if he knows it off without oh yeah it's like i'm so glad you're such an ex where he was saying there was women's addiction to free stuff that was congress is so that's horrible and in it makes you want to be like hulu fucker you to presume that you know what's happening somebody else's had ever known we that its and soon we irresponsible to go against the grain of science and medicine which is clearly established that it's an illness stringent limits yeah and i think that that something to that a lot of people to understand the same way we're so comfortable with concepts of
diagnosis and cure because we're so used to things like flew cold you know tonsil infection whatever where you take an antibiotic you take an antiviral or you just wait in your immune system clears the disease were used to catching thing and then eliminating them but when you have disease states that are process states like cancer like diabetes like mental illness there's no cure per se like even ice i gotta tweet just earlier today from somebody who is like blah blah blah have you ever thought about bottled water curio depressions like i'm not cured depression because i take a telegram i'm in treatment puts fairly and treatment the rest of my life do you believe as a person is a neuroscientist is it possible that they could eventually come up with something that balance is your brain now instead of just adding something to your neuro chemistry which sort of enhances your serotonin levels but rather some
that where they can get it at a genetic level i hope so i mean i really hope that we're starting to see major improvements in cancer biology with personal genomics medicine my fear with genomics and is only not put a dark cloud on it because i think that it has like amazing prospects my fear is that it's going to further increase the kind of class divide where you ve got people who are sick because sickness strikes rich and poor the same but for some reason reason we are a very class based system and i think that you are going to see that rich people get those kinds of treatments and poor people don't and that that kind of scares me doesn't it always is with anything underwritten technologies member in the old days the wall street phone number them
whilst we were michael d fuckin stupid found it was like a huge statuses wrappers used to happen videos most people can afford a phone now i gotta brazil all the time for the eu of sea and i've gone to these poor neighbours to see people on cell phones oh you see it in in african nations where their nineteen there isn't enough malaria medication by i mean there's this huge malaria push right now how to increase awareness and you know you can get mosquito nets you can do malaria tests on your family you do it all for your cellphone because as very common for people have cell cell service or maybe not service but to have access to a cell phone because the technology is getting cheaper and cheaper so yes i do think that time always tells and that hopefully eventually that kind of stuff trick down but i wish i didn't have to trickle down i wish medication i wish health and wellness were a more egalitarian enterprise that one of the biggest problems i think with the structure of american government and being sought
capitalist society which i'm all about capitalism don't get me wrong i think we need to be a socialist capitalist blend just like we are we have a lot of socialist systems in our country the mail a socialist educate public education as socialists we have a lot of capitalist systems in this country i hate that health care is a for profit system in america it makes no sense to me that the argument is obviously the people who work hard there are more ambitious become better at it should be rewarded for that and that's what's going to motivate them to work harder be the best heart surgeon to be the best brain doctor to be the best you know the guy who fixes bone at whatever by the time you're a brain surgeon and your license brain surgeon you're a fucking good brain surgeon like you you don't get through a ten year residency you you get your surgical degree and then you have a ten year residency before you become a neurosurgeon through that and you're like a sub par neurosurgeon europe your foot
incredible nerves arthur the best of the best like this there is the best of the best and if those people want to do private practice on top of it that's fine but roger drags on top of the social medicine gathers at there has to be a national health service station has to be i agree with the hearing the problem here is the problem fundamentally and i it's very if you can provide me an argument that solve this problem for a capitalist healthcare system then i'm all about two and i don't mean you but i mean anybody listening i'm all about hearing it the problem is that when you have a capitalist system that's a competition based system for profit what ends up happening that people compete that's how it works right you compete in a lot of times they say that's what drives prices down is that you compete in prices get better and then you for you know the best part whatever but what ends up happening when you have for profit healthcare is that illness is incentive
wellness is not people make more money the sick or you get people make more money the more procedures you have to get people make more the longer you stay in the hospital and the minute i'm not saying there's some grand conspiracy to keep people sick but if you ve got an industry like the insurance and pharmaceutical and for profit hospital industry where the profit comes from sick where is the incentive to get people well i'm not saying that doctors aren't very noble people they are and they work every day doctors nurses other health care officials to get people better but the system means itself does not incentivize wellness it incentivize sickness at that very basic level it's a bit broken because somewhere along that chain people are gonna take advantage they're going to say
i make more money if this guy has to stay in the hospital extra day or make more money if this guy has to get this cortical unnecessary procedure all the way across the board the sicker you are the more money goes into the system and that's really gross its gross there are certain things that capitalism dont work on and i think that wellness which is a basic human right is one of those things it just doesn't make sense its fundamentally incompatible with that type of monetary system with his emerges taking into account only people that do the wrong thing and but people who do the right thing who motivate themselves to become the best orthopedic surgeon and treat the lakers and fix all their knee issues and these people rise the occasion shouldn't they be reward totally in the turn the pool is not the surgeon trust is the insurance company it's the pharmaceutical company it's occasionally to search and i have a friend who when he was young might my friend aubrey when he was young
daddy a resort and he he clearly remembers these doctors bragging about he talked some guy to getting a surgery and because those buying a porsche yeah no there the overture besought so the fact that it even trickles down to the people who took the hippocratic oath the people who we think of his being them noble of the most noble of citizens in this country if it even trickle to them how is it going to fact somebody's wishing paper at the insurance company where you're just a number on a piece of paper you're just a statistic run and you're a bottom line you're not always agree on this that is the answer to cut out that aspect of it that the insurance company is though that the issue and that really social medicine would be commentating the doctors and the doctors would still be potentially able to rise yeah mean that the others that would be my answer is the same i think
as any other industrialized western nation we're the only industrialize western nation that doesn't have national healthcare so what ends up happening is you have a public option you have the option to have a health care system that is free and available to you and it has basic levels of treatment and care for anything that could go wrong with you and their doctors you can see in their hospitals you can go to if you want to go private this it's the same way that we have education in this country i had an amazing public education i have friends who went to private school their parents wanted them to go to private school good for them they may have had a better education the me they may not have because there were still mazes teachers available and an incredible infrastructure in place for me to get it in credit education is now get logged in the road spot or you can be in the ehler unified school system and have fuckin horrible edge and that that is a problem with the gentrification and with segregation and with again i think some of the problems
capitalist society it is certainly a problem in how we view and what you know what we think about in terms of where our money should go like if we had so we had private eyes police force and privatized fire like every time your house was on fire you had pay someone to come in and fix the issue and put the fire out like my god it's happened before it's happened there yet you can find stories on mine of people living in regions where they have like a privatized fire service like for pay fire service and my people's health the burnt down to show this more to put it out a weird area like some rural area exactly imagined that was an urban issues like we did it is with healthcare men healthcare you could be in the biggest most populated city in the world and those poor people who don't i've healthcare yet i think then if society is going to offer basic services police force fire for the fire department
listen it's gotta be gotta be one of the driving anything is when you put the kind of money into preventive care that's necessary you end up having so much money on the back and when people who cannot afford to go to the doktor until they have a festering wound or until they have allowed the cancer to spread whatever are going to the doktor early on and they're getting a check up because they can afford it because it's frida them when you ve got somebody who's living on the street whose obviously gonna be subject to much more infection much more disease because they just their living in squalor if they can go to the door is there on a regular basis and get a check up they're not going to be then going to the doctor later to get some multi thousand dollar procedure that the hippocratic oath they have to do this if somebody goes into and they're like fucking arm is hanging off and no doctor's going to be like i can't reattach your arm you're just going to die they're going to do it gonna build these people and their never gonna fucking pay their bills cause i can't afford to and you and i are going to absorb back
asked in are in the money that we're paying insurance with does not go back we talk about people live in squalor that goes back to the mental illness issues well because you that's a massive per cent of those people that are wandering around homeless such an important point and i was there them while ragged administration they change the standards they let loose i remember i was a kid and our member being in new york and seeing all these fuckin people wandering i came in new york for a marshall tournament during their reagan administration and i remember like the people were talking in i was young i was a teenager and these adults we're talking about these that also they changed the men health standards and they were releasing all these people and i was i what just releasing them they were taking these people that were in mental institutions they change the standards of what you needed to keep these people in these facilities and they were just really
on the streets there is yeah locks there were two massive releases there was one in the fifties when held all first came on the market which is an anti psychotic which was a major improvement in psychiatric care so all of a sudden you had people who were schizophrenia who had delusional kind of disorders and you could treat them and so these people who were like basically just being fed and watered and asylums were given held all and they could lead functional lives again so there you saw a big change in the way that mental health services happened you no longer had the asylum population and then he started having more this idea of like a mental health facility and then again during the reagan and his administration use you saw a big release the problem there was it was it was really in name only there would they want getting any better treatment they were just put out on swedish change the stemmed exactly and so you ve got these people that are put out on the street and it's it's again there's a don't get me wrong i
i mean look at me like i like a set of moved out when i fuckin sixteen a busted my ass my whole life to like work really hard i got a good education and i ve no even coming to la with bill he opened a bunch of doors from a fucking walk through those doors i made sure that i was as responsible as possible i am all about fiscal and personal responsibility i have a maze credit i have no debt but i so no that as a nation were only as strong as the weakest amongst us and there are certain people to whom those types of standards just can't apply because their their ill what's a spectrum issue is an ant ladders there so many variables that when when people like to look at these issues and look at him in a black and white terms i am a liberal so i think this conservative so i think that an that's really you know i have a lot of ideas that are very liberal and a lot of ideas that are fairly conservative this there's a there is this real issues with picking aside like that assertion
come to ideology it's just too lazy weighed and think it's you're not thinking you're letting somebody else thing for you i get a lot of hate when i come on your podcast but also when i go on the young turks anytime i talk about gm foods or genetically modified crops in any way and because what of happening is people look at me and they go oh you're a literal shill they say i'm a shell because they look at me and they say ok euro liberal europe progressive your left wing law do you have this super conservative ideology when it comes to gm foods why would you say that you think that's a good thing you must be ro big agribusiness you must be pro monsanto and it's like because i dont inform my politics based on what a party tells me my politics are informed based on the science i study the science behind genetic modification and i come to a person conclusion that genetic modification in and of itself is not only not dangerous but can also be a huge boone be really helpful for health in human safety across
specially in lower income and globalized areas where they're not very industrialized the second problem is that people have a really hard time with the concept of sin necked this idea of you know that's a literary term for like looking at the part for the whole or the whole for the part so people say gm food monsanto monsanto it's the same thing it's not the fucking same thing that the company that udall as is gm technology and yes recently i got offered a branded entertainment job with monsanto and i had to turn it down and the reason i turned it down with not necessarily because i really disagree with practices even though i do fucking disagree with their practices like let's be honest there a lot of montana things that make me mad social practices yet but what capitalist kind of but but the reason i had turned down this brand deal is because i knew that if i ever took a dying from a company like monsanto my ability as a journalist to talk about gm crops from of a very neutral respect
would be out the window nobody would ever take me seriously again so it's the same thing with big pharma people go big farmers evil and it's like so why should you never take drugs again are you out of your fucking mind it's you ve gotta be able to look at these things in a nuanced way and understand that there are problems and there are evils but you can't do that baby out with the bathwater and you can't say oh all modern medicine is terrible because pfizer is making money on the backs of poor people it's like yeah that's fucked up about pfizer but that doesn't mean modern medicine is terrible sir two totally different conversation it's it's also people when it starts talking about genetically modified foods one of the things that they have to take into consideration is that almost everything you eat is modified and you go to the grocery store if you're getting corps if you're getting apples if you're getting tomatoes stop thinking
this just because it's organic that it's not genetically modified the corn that you eat today has no resemblance to the original corn none whatsoever and then they'll say yeah but it might not be transgenic likely is transgenic too and that's another thing like genetic modification is big umbrella drive it could be silly the breeding is genetic not exactly a lot of people have a hard time with the concept of transgenic foods and ice them fine if you dont want eat transgenic foods good to find her so transgenic foods would be actually scientists going into the genome of an organism let's say it's a type of corn they go into the genome and they go ok this corn tends to die i readily when the temperature gets above a hundred one where the climate is changing its getting hotter and hotter where they farm it so we're going to tinker with the gina in we're going to delete a gene or insert a gene or move the gene
around in some way so that this corn is now drought resistant changed the genome produce a new corn crop and then continue to breed that corn crop and that is really the goal and generally the motivation behind gm crops is to make them withstand things like droughts or pests or whatever so that they can live heartier and feed more people in that way now some times you have a company like monsanto doing their own research where they want to make it a crop that can only for one generation and then die so that farmers have to keep buying their seeds for example or they make a up ready crop i want to crop so that i can spray the whole thing and with round up the crop survives but all of the weeds around die it's an easier way to farm but it could have some really detrimental ecological effects but for them most part the this is why a lot of scientists get pissed off the gm hysteria because they're like ok if i were to this random corn crop and that random corn crop and breed them i'm shuffling like thirty thousand genes if i were
to go win targeted and changed three genes that only affect the ability for it to withstand a higher temperatures it's a much more specific and targeted way to changes plant i trust it more i know exactly what i'm eating but people like a terrifying because you're going with you know typewriter than and tools what because of things like round because of companies that do mean there's a reason why people are suspicious is reason why people are cautious lately are worried about and then there's been also some this vincent fuck we involve new studies to it there's a study about right that's where they they show they grow grow these tumors turned out does the rats they use more susceptible tumors in the first place it's not it's it's you know what somebody as a person who never studied lab science to try and makes sense of all the boy shit in the media and and and
be reading articles that were written by journalists who have never studied labs it how are you expected to keep things straight that's why i do what i do for living i'm a science communicator my job is to look at research that exist and to try and translate that to the public but i also want to try and understand where the public is coming from why are you afraid of this thing why it is this thing worry you let's understand the psychological reasons behind it lets understand what you ve been fed your whole lives by the media and see what reasonable and what's not and come to a rational conclusion about it unfortunately we ass a species respond better in some ways to
fear and hysteria we we see something on the news that like holy shit this thing could kill you in your like only got really i need to know about this because if the media was always presenting things rationally like ok let's take a balanced approach to this and look at the pros and cons and people would too now it's not that interesting anymore the things that we find salient are the things that we raise the hairs on the backs of our necks and what that ends up breeding is you know it's just a media landscape of fear mongering and screaming matches and worst case scenario conversations which i dont think is very helpful for anybody it's also the reality of the absorption of information the people's ability to take in how i mean how much time do you have any day now worked eight plus hours a day plus commuting plus family plus and would have remained aconite about whatever they do for a living i only know contradicting information you could always go online and find a host of websites they will tell you what the evils of genetically modified foods easily and if you have
that information and you that is what you preach your mantra now it's very difficult to be open minded and then sort of accept other ideas and trust that contradict those originally you ve been telling everybody about and in the truth is it's it's hard to figure out who to trust especially in a landscape like this it that's why i never oh i have no intention of as assigned communicator that the work that i do is going to necessarily promote a lot of people to go often become scientists themselves i mean hopefully young young children are some teens people were in that in that age group and who are interested maybe they'll be influenced a little bit about some of the work that i do but more more than that i want to see a higher level of scientific literacy in this country all that means is that we think more with our brains and less with
emotions and less with our guy you know that stephen colbert truthiness like we gotta get away from truthiness just as something feels right doesn't necessarily mean that it is right so it's like stop for a minute listen to the argument that's being made who is making the argument do they have any financial reason to be making the argument do they have any political reason to meet bacon the argument is this is this article about gmos being evil on a website called oh my god gmos are evil dot com are our international work now and and and that's the thing and i am and i think this also goes back to this conversation i had about throwing the baby out with the bathwater the mainstream media has its problems but journalism is an enterprise has a lot of nobility to it
the pharmaceutical company has major problems and its very broke in the insurance company to but medicine has so much worth two it especially reno evidence based by biomedical advances psychiatric medicine has a lot of you know places that the process of genetic modification is so important but yes monsanto us a lot of problems we ve got to be able to think more nuanced about these things and instead of guy well i don't trust fox news therefore i dont trust any media therefore i only i'm going to go to the site that keeps as you said reinforcing what i already believe oh mg gmos are horrible dot com that's the only place where i get my news well now you're in an echo chamber yeah that's a huge issue there are things that you brought up there about political about financial all the different motivations of different things the variables that's also stuff that you have to try to pay
tension to squeeze into your head and that's the thing lard it's impossible we need someone like you to a sort of bread it down some new as a background in this particular area debris it down in a way that we can understand what you're ok i'm comfortable the kerosene memory is being honest with me about this particular asp depression in euro chemistry these are this is her experience as is also which he knows about the science behind it because i have no motivation otherwise nobody's paying me to say this and i think that this is why we as you know the listeners of the joe rogan experienced the listeners of talk nerdy cares and maria that the people who are really in all in the next movement of alternate and new media it is our responsibility to continue to support these kinds of programmes and to continue to speak up and become engaged and involve because if we are not happy with the way the traditional media is handling things because they're playing to the ratings and they're playing to the lowest common denominator we can't be passive about it we
to support the news outlets and the organisations and the pod in the web shows that that we support we have to do our part to make sure that those things don't fail because the unfortunate thing is we don't have the backers that they have no i have square space on my side i have computer learning zone on my side you have these or fall sponsors on your side that help you keep doing this so that you can offer it for free to your listeners but we're not being backed by pfizer but we don't have long we're doing it with these other companies are fine trail you in it and they know we're gonna say some crazy shit but the only reason they're gonna keep supporting us if is if people keep listening and the only reason why people gonna keep listening to this interesting and the old man why it's interesting issues were being honest yes and though that
whole chain like we're all in it together i think that's the important thing is that like we're here for you you're here for us and were all on that kind of same team to be that counter culture and two to offer opinions but also offer facts that are that are based in evidence that are based in reason that aren't based in some sort of corporate interests or because some producer is in that fucking thing in my ear telling me that i have to do or say or act like somebody that i'm not i would love to talk to you about this to the under time not tell you that your already pass the time yours possibly you know it's a funny to as the reason i have to leave and i'm so sorry you guys is because i have fair if i felt at three and i've gotta make it all the way across down to see my their lesson at any time you want to do is a more than high level with unum so how are you doing you sure thank you so much for wearing my teacher i have two can i take a moment to plug is that ok because i just started making all this great merchandise and you gonna find it
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