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#554 - W. Kamau Bell

2014-09-24 | 🔗
W. Kamau Bell is a stand-up comic and former host of the FXX television series "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell"
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experience and well argued you're one of those duties that rocks to phones none and others an ipod touch broken like i can't listen to music on this phone anymore so it is but an ipod touch i'm not that do not that i know this just looks like that like like this is my best but well there's a lot of people they just love fuckin around with a bunch of front pieces of electronics eirik a few of them now i prefer one h is that when i went to this variety can i have a new funds as was cracked there like are gonna be seventy dollars like no it won't be i will wait until my contract is what's wrong with that its crack the screen is correct it doesn't bother me but somehow i am really bad with i'm really hard on everything is my wife will test and
not enough not to re write reign was a jack is all fucked up so i can't i can't hear things in a re rice way will be a statement now yeah you until somebody else knox two of their wives out like michael vick in your dog yeah yeah yeah valid paul scenario is leading to so many different people getting in trouble for domestic violence ports are divesting violence and johnson want to fires in europe see god suspended just because there is just did the possibility that may be something happened so there's an inquiry is going through a sea change right now and it's all about i think because it i have talked with a little before that if we only knew the shit you knew that was directly in front of you that you want innovation they sought out or your friends brought to you but now and facebook and twitter people
finding of a re rice we're like i did know there was a thing called the nfl you know like everybody's getting everybody shit so that the vienna falsehood domestic violence for you know since the the nfl and not that it's benny worse than railway society but they ve had it but now to the point where people never pay attention the unifil are noticing it also were going and looking through the passive alot of these different guys i think in winter you're dealing with a bunch like super athletes who are also involved in an incredibly aggressive sport and he added head trauma repeated head trauma and out of unlike re racist said that that's how he was raised or there now he wants it was a petersen age petersen eighty percent said that's how he was raised when we ready get knocked the fuck out elevator was only arise knows petersen have you i've killed i've put a switch off a treaty that had to go get one but
my nets i'll cut up like i think there's no kind of that was the kid it was like that there is theirs when i read that there actual like injuries on his genital area really that's what i you know i'm not trying to testify in a court of law but i heard that it was like i mean there's is certainly as abuse in theirs and there's also discipline and we ask that line is changing and they say they are going through a sea change where everybody does germany shit now but i don't know about that can hide but we all had fucked up she had to happen was by our parents but doesn't have to pass it on you're not gonna pay forward fuck yeah yeah that's a good point in talking about lately that my pair were raised by immigrants emigrants came over from italy in ireland and in those people they came over here in the nineteen twenties they were savages they might as well have been cave people right they got on these shitty
floater across the ocean took months they got over here they get their name change railway immediately they start talking to shit now kids they raise those kids with their savage instinct and in a neighbour that they're not allowed to leave because we have their access to thicken the weird food not allowed to leave that neighbourhood at the point when it talents work that are to be white collar why are you know like polish people are white and then eventually who's the accents are allowed to integrate into the rest of the of the city i had a history professor erroneously thaddeus russell who explained that exact same thing you know how all these different cultures integrate into society in their considered non white says you on this issue for the black folks we don't get integrated while it was also his his take on it was the unique aspect of america is that america was the the country that had this p
in value system like these people came over they had this i really really repressive value system and very rich repress society but they all had slaves and asleep didn't they didn't accept any of that and then they became part of the culture radically influence the art radically in freedom in influence the language who the slaves of the slaves day i mean this is one of the most unique things about america is the african american influence and the western africans integrating into this really fucked up puritan very repress society and then you see in america like eighty percent of all entertainment comes out of here of a massive amount of innovation comes out of here a massive difference in the way we speak english as opposed to the way english people speak english as so many variables that that came out of that and it makes me think of how much of
in a kind of bringing our back to the petersen thing beaten his kids how much of the human beings live our lives is based just on the momentum of the people that came before us whether it's his parents at me i am more some fucking weird puritan a society that you just unluckily were born into whether there are a lot of that is a but again the withers that i certainly standing we eat like as it allows i've fucked up things happen to us in our childhood so let's go i got us put a stop to the nato that you make the choice to go i get a break the cycle and sometimes it big ways like i'm gonna go to college no we went to college sometimes like i'm not going to let my kid in the nuts ii just gonna stick i want to talk to him you know in certainly i was whipped as a kid by
differently i mean i was it might when my group of his favorite stories was the day when she beat me with a shoe one time and that was the thanksgiving everybody sit down and let's hear the beat with a shoe story that was not like invariably she told a story like grandma tell you beat me with a shoe story again and everybody would laugh and you know and it was a good southern time what was the cause what did you do that major beat you at issue but it is one of the south i said i said what that's it like zone so call me say come out come out what you say also what to me though what was yes ma am yes ma am and i was and i live in and i swear to say the north over my mom in the north so i didn't know that and the thing in the north that you couldn't say what so no and i felt really like tricked like i thought entrapped like nobody you give me a list of rules of how it works in the south and i won't do those things
that's funny man it's funny god be with us you ve seen what what kids when they're starting to sort of find themselves when their staff entered establish their own identity one of the first thing they do is immediately try to challenge the way you would discipline them and the way you do like my daughter loves doing now i'll say to our hake mind we gotta go do something that's what i'm watching tv or you know you watch tv we gotta eat sonny i wanna watch to show
it's not no one shows no there's no we're not negotiate tat is just what can happen the term is gonna get chirac's angry i will i standby was not testing authority i just did hear beaten and our work as a euro is entrapment those entrapment and but many of them and it became every year the story was told is like the with the bell holiday stuart thy so weird fond beat kid with shoe lillis funding and i worked up pretty well i think you are right but it didn't happen hears it didn't happen every day it wasn't like the here's my time get beat but it certain the thing i remember and i'm not gonna do to my daughter there's no there's no shoe beating happening in my house yeah yeah it's it
sick when you when you see like i saw the pictures of justice kids leg that were built with the switch it's a sick thing clear sighted beating kid is not the way to raise a kid it's not the attic i think there's there's there the pillows apparently times we need you grab your key my grab begins you like don't touch that are dying rather you gonna get hurt and i'm in your tension running like my daughter's cool if i yell she gives like you you did me feel bad and where the different era will raise in babies andrew softer friendlier worldwide we're getting too it is and i just like that like that aspect of it like that we're becoming more aware of the negative impact mean if we didn't learn from the fucked up shit that our parents and grandparents did us then it would really be idiots immune system point were evolved to go they did that and i'm going to try to do something one better and i think this specifically the
drove athletes is that if you are in a professional at the probable been coddled since you were in high school and been told and you ve been given a different set of rules to live by so that somebody who grew up ray rising may became us in a mood may not be doing the thinks he's doing they work it fuckin walter and then allowed to tell people what the fuck do you think all the time and then allowed to do those things but re rises a professional athletes does a star is living by completely is that a rule lambent so guy like that now he's can't fucked i mean it was when he when he was you know convicted for rape and went to jail and east says seem to come out of that ok mamelukes come back that is true that if he d convicted for rape and went to jail and east obsessed to come out of that ok a man like to come back that is true then if he does the things that and united we link if he'd like i was somewhat tiger woods america an accepted him back because they were on board can't go to jail for cheating on your wife like if he could
to jail and then like we would like he was in jail for eighteen months right now will let him come back but we're still people still judging him for what he did you imagine how happy we'll be if i gotta go to jail for she knows why excited there would be blogs written every air what where women would be recounting stories from high school asking their boyfriends to be put right can you expect things had had a decade ago yes they would be other rebecca professional victim crusade would be out in full force now there's enzo but you can't since you can't do that tiger western head down my going said i was sorry i was an airplane was really funny and there was this guy and his wife and they were in front of and dump the the guy was going over the golf score in the woman have i got golf visor on i guess they probably both play golf and the guy was whenever they in the guns like there's your site your blew it in the whatever round on a foul groundless and she goes of course he did
what what what have you done you really shit non target raided golfers the fungus alien has ever known can't you which toggery inwardly did not go to jail for it so he can never really recover from it unless he you know him if his idiots if his life had stayed with him then they would like ok they worked it out rise wife left him he as i understand you know right like fourteen fifteen women you i think this is it working out here and there but he can't there's no like there's no thing to do there was no has now given with kobe we're like the court case ended whether you believe it ended in the right way it was at least resolves and there i declare in nike like ok will foot fuck with you now back in the full but an especially his tiger is not as good as it was before that which is really shocking i think that's ivy league its mental only like lessons that he didn't i think he knows and i mean an undertaker within all bessie i just feel like the thing i've been that guy we like
fucked up initiatives i just gotta sit much uses for awhile and hope it passes while so i don't think either one of us could ever understand what it's like to be a that famous and b that hated yes yes added at it started when you were ninety yeah you know that link to me about saving personal happy you became famous before your brain was full of fear i guess so soft spot you know we're we're all you are not a full grown already before girl get you have your man weight on you show them you know suddenly what those phase you on the planet stay and why on his side like you know as a kid who was a narrative went to stanford com it is that is mainly gall forever the music i think is right several large women it is never ever there are no get married those bright idea but i get that yeah but then you can't you know you you eat he got caught what is also i think that this is speculation but i think there is
all of this is not only about four three good may as well there's there's a thing that goes along with being a great athlete dislike this conqueror mentality dislike they can't be beaten i mean mom and i leave scream and i'm a great as of all time wait when he did that everybody loved did they let the other half the people loved and have the people that we need to we need to draft and into the military in force him to be our bit she and i don't mean really at trinity that we're but yes yes you translate bitch i try to download them that guy don't let them get you burn now it's not about to tell you mail dog i know it gave a wee bit it's also if you know a slur for women so yeah but not always it's a lie not learn from men will that it becomes does like niggers not always slow for black people it's also i can but it's more i earned over area but you're allowed the com if i say jamie you nigger that's like tat
one thing i even got way slowly i get nervous even here to come out of my alma be exactly like like set settle down bitch like that stuff i'm not telling you about you you personally that's my this this is how i eda yet without you but they may be already had me i want you to go up ass a man he is the big guy look an amount of bitches you yeah it's really scaled back no one from three to zero in other words as a nigger it just i feel like i can but i dont say that in a way when i would never i would wager we say to my blackberry what's up monday i wouldn't say that right on call him that and i talk about is ordinary on stage like them talking about it but i'm way some not said the word police it just we all have our own set of rules that we gave way
so thrown off by your refusal of the word bitch that i forgot what what my entire point was gonna be it's my it's my goal yeah it's like a you know when the catering and make sure you nervous that's it a good move we are talking about it mohammed ali on the greatest of all time and you say that like some people have to somebody who hated yeah one and no doubt in the distant people love that conqueror mindset of the person is extremely confident yes they love thyssen we're losing his prime you now that that you know there's something about a guy whose at his best who thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants and then keeps polar off the people love to see him fail yes they also loved seem succeed but then some people love date that guy down no sort of that's there they fail you know is that it's true while he's gotta meet
john jones they ain't you know you're the beer also get quiet so god they hate i hate like that is so good there is no doubt that there is an issue with that but i actually it on what it's like to be that guy when you are that good at something like golf like a guy like tiger woods who is arguably the grace all four of all time or right up there with them a mean for though the time when he was on iran that a golf historian as its ideology landline age he had like it ten year runway was just like that we had was on well he was unparalleled yet where he despair he yet he was going to competitive every week in that he play i was going to he was never got it you like and make the cut and golfers i know nothing there's wild swings like a guy who wins one we cannot make the cut the next we couldn't it's mostly mental i've even love is equal but it's also you have to hold yourself together cover and so it does wild swinging often he had an amazing consistency that even if you didn't win he was in the top ten in a year
and then all of a sudden i went away he may get his mental i think it will like all sports movement now everything is mental but i think that in with golf especially like easier if your meant if you're not mentally thing any undue thing it's not about your physical gifts he still strongly still begin everybody does have physical issues to now though dogging as problems and new problems and stuff yeah he does he does but a lot of that stuff in euro but he still not too old to i mean you know tigers at the aids that most golfers are sometimes in their prime like that like sort of late thirty this is when you should be good to gaza did i not back but you know he's also he put heel he was the first muscle lawn and really work sometimes you knows you if you put to which must alone you can fuck yourself up there yeah would then also fucks up you're you're coordination sometimes like with poor players i play a lot of power and poop one thinks it happens tombs they lifted out awaits if they start lifting waits they
start getting like really tents players lift waves that thing that's real players are trying to be more fit because more fit gives you more energetic longer match and i understand that and we can maintain concentration i know it seems cattle to die get that you would like honest being good shape of being both to play positively would be the not even a laugh but strong beer core europe like the loud terms poplars develop back issues bending over all the times so what just the idea that you lifting waits to keep your body strong but in doing so sometimes create alice tension and then that tension fucked up you feel for where the balls go and i would imagine a garlic tiger sargon pre buff there's a lot of that in like how you knock a ball around on the golf course as well ray a study that delicate touchy evidence that it's a lot of fast which is mentioned in releasing and there was a guy named willie hobbes like a famous billiards player from their early nineteen hundreds like one of the all time rates and he wouldn't would drive a car
when wouldn't even did do anything with his hands until he got to that aim is didn't touch anything just like what his food and just no tension at all he wanted his arms be delicate lose so he had a full control where the ball was gone at all times i wish i could do that with the country the target is going to sit here some people i demand some people rest their voice and shared and drink climbing technology lyman like before the show i d like to do a thing like this don't talk to me for an hour if it's a big show the electorate to shut it down i do the opposite really yeah yeah it's a big shot like to talk a lot have so that when i go out there i'm lose your i'm having a good time i guess it happened last night i did largo an adept at head though the car expectation we were talking but i think it's because i want to do that because there is a lot of industry people out there and i didn't want it focuses too much on the fact that this is just
my career yeah yeah people paying attention to and stare you will what can we do with here get money to go and general direction we sign him up for this is hildy i expect to see the head gap is he the is the friend of the guy afresh neighbour the wacky neighbour that cosmo kramer's his way into the rumours either feature outcomes and for six episodes in love with doesn't want to see him tomorrow it could be that we cannot overstate is welcome you had an awesome show man you had a really good sheldon groundbreaking show that for some reason some fuckin suits decided that they should take it from the very profitable effects and move it to ethics exec sex acts which nobody even was informed was a real channel is it was a veto i say i'm therefore the show having happened i certainly feel like a little bit the shooting cancelled in such a way made it a better still for people like being now become like woodstock like more people claim it over there than were there i watched it
casual you like we were like i was there every night like it but it's like but now people when it was gone people got more it got more attention route being gone and hence i really appreciate that bulgaria is a crazy will you you know you you more known for being a stand up comic and then all of a sudden you hear all effects as do a show with kemal bow and its being produced by chris rock so why we say chris wrong to say we are excited when the greatest comedians of all time produce will show the thousand shows gotta be fantastic and you what would you did i thought that was really unique as you tackled some pretty interesting subjects and some things you never see discuss a grape jokes me that thing with windy west is utter named area and in jim nortons at his name to someone fucker namely in you you guys got into like some complex subject matter for television year which relate nato which has just been used
it's like my new song is all about love and i never i never wanted a late night talk show it just ended up being that was the format that they called it like i just wanted to show right and they said it comes on it and after eleven alike can accommodate but there's a thing is there's a person who standing on a stage talking to an audience about the world in the late night talk show and i was always sort of rebelling against that format in trying to make it just a showed we don't watch here why think you did a good job in doing that is when when a show is on a network there's always to be like a bunch of people that are also trying to change the direction of it like you got your idea and then you got your producers ideas which add hopefully to your ideas the directors ideas was at any executive african kick cooks and the kitchen yes you absolutely do an echo of coming from the world of stand up and also the world you might like the social they got me the thing i add friends helping
i'd people help me but it was ultimately it was my words with the thing that recommend my mouth in my idea nobody is people could say what she did it there's nobody gonna think about it but when you're in that in that meet ground your environment especially when it became daily there's so many things worse at a young things at you and at some point you just for lack of you can't if you can't talk their idea user ago yes we'll do that you know or or somebody goes like this that is just like somebody will be like oh you know about it we could do a called open wound i wanted you called open to us is not going to show what well i think we have we ever biggest what do they call open laterally why do that last guess he wants to do it i guess we'll do it an invalid is happening what we're doing it's gotta be they gonna do you go about we already bought the whipped cream and sunday the vision like why we doing this why we ve got it just there's this machine of television and mean that suddenly just as either
like i was either it was like a meat grinder neither i was putting the meat in the grinder i was the meat for the grand arrive and in that format when it was daily allied days i was the meat i think it good to appoint we like a john stewart type dude where you're you get to decide what goes on the grander yet and i think that stuart i read flouts the fight him he did to come to an f used to get the daily shall we dont all we think of the daily show a really think about take the last ten years of the daily show more not thinking about that first when he first got there took over from craig kilburn yeah and it was sort of a wacky afternoon already show of like good news event show tat was more like a pop culture type day was whilst it was like a parity of those they only do this anymore but those afternoon shows you see like ino even magazine we like the guy that if we were to the floor show and found this new floors do bob and john took an immortal the direction the but he had this from over there central didn't want it but he in position where he wasn't being told he was the face of the network
and they all the pressure was on him clever he had southwark and he had all the eldest of comes into whereas on effects on ethics x it was there one night original programming that wasn't that included me when it was like the or it's always sunny or jim jeffreys area the night it would be like you'd be somebody at home what you're mad about you re run and enjoy and then suddenly a black outcome on screaming about the events of the day and i give you no no no i was enjoying all rather from the nineties of black guy black you just said that like in a way this that is a sum you are acutely aware of like how they were programming it like i think i'm aware of the audience if you're watching a mad about you re run and i'm not in any it's not mad about you but i'm savior like alan cell to knock advises don't set a bad for america for paul ragged baby i don't have any opinion it said that you think if you're watching a re run of some sick around the nineties and your enjoying it which you can and then suddenly
i come on screen and on the other members are the opposite of that we are talking about right now that's like about what happened the nineties animal i use what about your white people was that of manhattan talk about will you go how are we gonna get to the coffee shop we don't barbara and then i can they're talking about homophobia he's gonna get this isn't it's hard transition whereas if there's a network that's rammed where i'm a part of the package then it sideways and things will simply wanted to the other we are not only a guy that's you know a put pole opposite of the nineties occurring guy but a progressive black yeah intelligent whose about some controversial and in its hard to like it becomes harder box it's not like i'm doing this is what i expect like us to do it in doing they were in where i'm being vulnerable
let us use it i don't know they about internal learn about oh yeah yeah that's that's huge and that's what i thought was an interesting approach of your show that you don't really see too much when it comes to a controversial issues like a guy who instead of pretending to be the expert everything you know the voice of reason you kind of like laid back and ask questions and try to piece together on the spot that's was that thou take the men illustrates if we did was always is that people responded to the best of condition to the debates we did put like now we are talk to people and we will make comedy out of what we were talking about whether we agree to not just out of like me talking about whatever the issues were in that stuff i always felt like it it might comedy that we were doesn't work if i pretended to the smartest ghana room they write books i'm smart which sometimes when people say that they go you're smart and they shake your head back day i also like industry like we don't know what to do with that but i will take that i certainly like to read nosedive like you do but i'm not the smartest of my friend
on the funny one of my friends you remain around here that i command you to know to talk and upgrade he read this in wrath that's the place that it works best for me not to go and stay on tv liquidity but unless i'm talking about something about being black in america that i feel like i've got some research on adult learning and of comment gary any you're an expert in this varies where i feel like i will hold my opinion but you know for livestock i'm just as i'm trying to see we don't have to do everything overtime what i watch to show the first thing i thought besides that is a really good shown really unique is that you should be on the internet why doesn't he just do this fuckin shown the internet will you be himself a hundred percent because you can get the numbers
on the internet that are just as big as any number young effects execs five years after the numbers we got the historically low i can do about it but it seems like this you u developed a following there's a lot of really up a lot of positive reactions to what you are doing and it seems that you carry them onto the internet smoothly and it would just take off like wildfire world that at the right now and i was at a lot of things that happen when the show they cancel like we work is so me my with my daughter moved to new york for the shoe we'd never live in new york never thought near my wife is born or his moderate california doesn't want to be out of northern california so we moved and i lived ass we moved to this so this should cancel and then there was the period of like what he called crippling depression like we're just like what happens next what do i do we stay here do we leave and then my wife get pregnancy spring with a second kid russia recently thank you and so it was this thing
like we're ok now what do we do we can raise a kid like it we have a baby in the organ they descended reality short and want to watch like these are cut we'll have a baby no we cannot in manhattan and so we just move back to the bay like six and everything in my life has been i like i just feel like i can bring again i do like more about san francisco the new york i think the org is is the greatest city in the world i'm not trying to i think it is but it's also a hard city to live in if i feel like if your phone they are born and raised you can do it or if you move have the means to have the means to live life you want or you're twenty two being a like those but i'm not any of those things at this point the bay you get all the good stuff it in europe has the culture of the ideas on the diversity but there's just a more is more wide open space and there's more there's more than conversation there's more like you know it just feels like you can pick it's an area where people move there to be curious young enemy like they move their black sea
in turn my dotcom idea into italy get to our people go i'm gonna go there to be gay as i wanna be find out if i can be to gay you don't go this is a formula and our house will yet we live in berkeley what we we i let my dear i lived in science is gonna move back and ask my judges that sentences were like now you live in berkeley i can't eat no we can't i came in services nobody can now it's in the cities only seven by seven bueller realise that its tiny and at some point i think gave a noose and the mayor relies wait this could all be high and real estate the entire city could behind realistic that's kind of what it is not yet so it's become a thing we're unless you limburg for forty ears and own your property you or your people had been kicked out of like old people are being kicked out of apartments i live in further entire lives because landlords turning the billing condos and it's really a big deal
i lived in san francisco during the vietnam war i lived in san francisco and little kid it's really set that was what you were in the vietnam war i was not sit back that's what i live there seventy two i live there during the vietnam i was an objective catches objective of our year old i was seven i knew better but it shaped the way i look at the world very very very much so it's over it's too open sometimes i think people like since it could get so liberally get conservative like we're there like we're reintegrate tunnel vision in their liberal mr that's it but i think for me that i've learned to stand then i looked in that support away i think my active operators i've learned fuck with that yeah so i know is not perfect but it just it actually you can bring that there and you still get all the stuff like you don't you not missing any of the cancer during the movies ernie the food of new york right you get to like you gotta you'd everything's that foreign
beat all that is an interesting thing though isn't it hope like you can get so liberal that an almost becomes conservative has become so dogmatic in your idea as liberals get very focused on their version of liberalism yes and aggressive about ass yeah that's that's a big thing about it is it's not about kindness and love and understanding so much as about pushing their idea with kindness love and understanding should be in guinea disagree your fuckin male pig patriotic privileged piece of shit diana fire he gets it gets a pretty aggressive agro the why privilege part is that now nobody i think that people don't realize networks show was trying to do that people get caught up in like i'm for example of my friend i've milton black france would like milton because the thing and they sort of ignore like the like gay right side of it and suddenly that somebody sarcoma gay rights like no that's unimportant its militancy black militancy and then they gave you were like
no emigrations unimportant it's about getting so people get caught in their lane and he a show in my life is about no we all of us on the right side of the issues need to get in the same hot tub together you're now you know like we need to sort of talk we are all in the right at me up today you don't kind of gay do militants there is that it can have a fucking brawl you're hot who has a broader hot it can have you ever seen a shell and a hot i never saw a fuckin guy not girl out an elevator before the re rice video but it really is positive love should have lots of wooded you guys get a billion knockdown elevators but i think brought hunters somebody google hata brawlers you comes deserve very famous story about a guy and a few heard this one a few years ago he was a news castor and was gay guy there was in the closet he's like alcohol tv or some shit like that and you know one of those thanks by all right today's top story you know one of those fucking god he woke up with
dead guy next whom they had been doing crystal meth all night and and and haven't gay sex and the guy had a belt around his neck and the guy this x fixated while doing auto erotic fixation and he passed out they passed out together in this hot tub so he woke up you know in the hard to do and pale with a blue guy next year with a pair of in it but he had not
might not illegible they were all they were all in it together speaking hata bra leads to arrest that but that's michigan man night i'm crazy white people that's a different kind of human love you google about the raw advance of theirs everything that i said that i wanted to see an attack me that you have come out of this that style it'll be the next you have seen hata brawl and people to use techniques you got a push off the back of the time important the peach bounds of the water makes a big difference don't get in your mouth effect you breathe a lot going on with how tat braun had to brutal but it's when you want my favorite distant money this is like one with favour things about eric cisco and just fair these resources goes like this so gay community crystal method has been a problem the gate
or an awesome thing here is that of putting up when you take it somebody out there isn't really keith rigid version of crystal meth is working for me you know somebody out there it can't be bad for everybody and other set up sell it it is everything works is however downloads is open and some people are eating it and feeling that of working eglin well from this morning it was delicious you'll have one tonight now you don't have one key element muffins unlike crystal meth do not require you to continue in our day to maintain a state of normalcy maybe batting without would like you to use of everyday sure they were but they stop selling them after ten thirty eight year that is to say a little data coming junkie may understand that's right thinking i'm kinda bagman ten thirty cause we do want to call it rob america yeah big there is a billboard in san francisco like on the bus to shelter like in the gay neighborhood where i had i used to take the bus from there and hang up
and there's a billboard and it was a guy like only was was it was a there's a billboard said don't you crystal mother something and the image of the billboard was a guy stood like like so you're like you're standing over his shoulder on this and it was implied he's getting flocked in the ass and didn't know it because he was on crystal meth why loosely track is like he's got this horrified look at its base because it from there and he's got his shirt off and its from the perspective of like some guys fundamental social waking up in the middle of like the crystal meth hazel eyes while a guy i'm making poor choice and it was like a thing at the bus shelter right next to the safe way i love this city you are ridiculous had the fucking greenland that might i haven't done crystal sense before good for you live you learn failure from wacky adds like something about yes i think san francisco is like it if not thus
is one of the smartest towns in the world i mean i think it gets a lot of credit for that but i and i think that it can be but i also think that if you like the comic relegated to infer being smart i think that can be true but it also you can also walk into sampson suddenly like where did these come from unanimity is too but there's also just a lot of like you know internal there's a lot of like people come the desire to crowd the original sandwiches could people live there are just people like you will grant that you're gonna neighbour deserves a story like you like these we will know it's the gay city on earth do the plumber he doesn't know that this is like the most progressive city in the planned the plan do you think that with this this whole what what what would you call gentrification is out of the car loud galling that these people buy up the real estate and it's going through the roof where they create neighborhoods were neighborhoods weren't before or should have been and they didn't want to make a neighborhood is that what can you do what can we do to stop that mean almost nothing the amount of money the wealth that's in there
let's go concentrating on wealth makes it i mean unless we want to storm the streets and get all like ukraine and there the concentrated wealth makes it damn near possible because the first was that the four they but when i'm deserves the scope in the nineties there was the dot com the first outcome about and they tried to judge for the mission and back then what we're doing with trend it was tearing down stuff and building new things a neighborhood flexed on them and said in a mission that historically lieutenant able and enabled flexes had no you can't do this now to have data but they stop them but now the money so much bigger and the bubble didn't burst and its google money and facebook money which is going to last for the end of time time being ten years from now but that the money so concentrated that and they being sneaky about how they gentrified they don't care the buildings down they make the buildings like they're the same buildings it is really the answer yes or becomes invisible so you just go you sonny you don't know the debate
justified but then you go men ass they charlotte more wine bars are only there used to be but they look like that from the outside yeah and you go into them in there just unbelievably renovated yes what the fuck did you guys do they ve kept outside in such a way that you dont that it's it's more invisible but yet the google like there's the google buzz in san francisco like all the google i choose live in like mountain view down by palo alto but then google to steer this thing that's what i'm very controversial they have a pre bus that will take you from certain areas are concerned straight to google so the eu so that the twenty five year old people were he google can live the cool hip city but then get to work for free but what that does is that every stop on the google buzz line it changes the neighborhood because we want to live next to the google buzz lie and so they suddenly neighbours i like it would have been a poor neighbours or struggling ay but people are buying probably there in renovating things and then pushing the other people are the neighborhood so in a sense the goose which is good because it keeps cars off the highway
and it also helps google out because people get on the bus is our working right away throughout people go it's great where free wifi noted so you can work so it takes cars off the road its ostensibly help people it keeps you from living in place they dont want to live but it changes the neighbourhood and six people our neighbourhood it's a very super controversial thing that's i'm just doing what right now savages goes well four feet people who don't know is in this weird stupid category that doesn't make any sense i have some friends that live in atherton and they ran a house there but the house is worth fifteen million dollars and it's not fifty nine you don't just not you don't walk in and go this is fifteen million dollar how do you know you can walk in and go this is a one million dollar house it's just a house it's a fucking normal i mean yes it's worth it
i guess like if you put it in a decent neighborhood in you now studios eddie it's a two million to our house is a very nice house but its fifteen thousand million dollars yes it doesn't make any sense and on walking around my cow is this house with fifteen million dollars is any sense to me it's a zone it's got a normal backyard doesn't have a view the fuckin the continental divide a whiff of all stadium now crazy it's crazy the money there is so over the top it's their contrary to wealth artificially inflates the values of anything around it which means people who were there forever suddenly being told you can't live here they can afford it we would have to have a look
fifteen million dollars is like what is the fuckin mortgage on something like that you can't yet like that in a hundred thousand dollars a month or so i would ask you to have to keep a fifty million dollar has i think the mortgage would be like probably close to a hundred thousand dollars a month that's a million two thousand was a fucking year in year again yes yes that's insane you and you haven't what if the sink break in others you can't even earth move earth moved there s a big one all the insurance because you're on a europe houses built on a fault line so yeah they need his please it's it's it's it's but there's no you it's capitalism you know nationalism unchecked is not necessarily the best thing and what's the optional capitalism unchecked its capitalism sort of will always iccat capitalism like unless you should go hey maybe we should you know this we should keep an area for people who dear we shouldn't alive he would get kicked out of the house of all people should there be
cried paying the rent that they were agreed to pay when they move in eight hundred years ago that's the things that have to be people should be allowed to buy whatever property they want to buy this for sale but it's also thing where you shouldn't make it easier and those people on hard on the people who actually dont have the ability to go live somewhere else gets really tricky when they run out of places they can go to to because when you're especially the rent control type situation here once a boot you out of that good fuckin lot fireplace for eight hundred bucks a month no one else in the end in a year if you're an old person do you know you you don't your family men i live in the area and you have to go you sent and all you shit like you do you know like what who was it at my matters including indiana she pays six hundred dollars a month i think for a two bedroom townhouse by yeah and it's got nice put its for six months if it's nice you know it's you know them and i think
and there's no way anywhere in the bay area that she could ever likely to go out her moving out there and i'm like i don't wanna make in their effects money anymore we got to figure out how to get somebody else going we can move yet here because you know can finally recycling berkeley nice though i like burglaries milk com it's like it's interesting sort of environment it's a super lefty very happy environment but it's i sort of young and a little bit gutter punk to look like you it's funny like if you are that but it down temperately barred station it is very gutter punkin like sort he had spare changing man you know it's a very sort of it's it's a place that those people hang out and i was down there with my daughter pushing stroller and i felt like the widow the baby so like we're gonna get a baby for that's ways you sell it like i felt like a weirdo you guys are on the streets well does that the seventy go in the bay area itself is so accepting of like homeless people and its we're would for africa out how many like living in new york for two years new york
think you're gonna homeless problems like now you guys have about twelve deeds i met him all i was there they're all very nice but like san francisco its its thick with it the area because its temperate and we have social services for those people who know that that is a good thing the angle of the neighborhood where i knew all the homeless people and they were all pretty cool there isn't really really time i had a problem with the mena ryan they just there to do this thing in and you know it s a great the hidden benefit of homeless people when you what kind of instruments is go there's a culture of if you walk into a restaurant you have left overs and you don't want to eat them use put my trash can right in their gone right rather feel like you did so yeah i'm a good person whereas it's not that culture i am glad to be back in that culture you feel like i've i've done a good thing i'm a charitable individual cause i didn't finish my spaghetti that's funny the do you think that well i think the real issue is a lot of these people are like they have mental issues in the mental health care in this country just doesn't doesn't it
love i mean us these people are just not being taken care of the way a culture should probably look after its citizens we are i think i've i dont know for sure but there from what i heard in the bears when grain was governor he turned to open up the doors were wasn't just when he was governor when he was president came presently change the the what the requirements are said are you guys can feed yourself you put a fortune mildly earlier you're freaking out you harry ghana mental health issues or are serious and at its been forget casual america's programme one issue of mental health issues at anyone i mean you know if the win win it would give it to take it back to the full public the nfl rookie symposium sit involves it now the therapies and talking about ok you but a lot of money and you have the alike but let's ride for you what what in your past is gonna lead you to make bad decisions in the future the that's all well and good but the reality is you're never going to be able to change anybody out of a fuckin conversation the rio and having a guy who's poor to being a guy's a fuckin nfl superstar mc millions dollars boy
but a transition don't mean one conversation i mean like confident you have really i actually feel like every black person america that would i'll take those reparations free therapy i replied rose in america may free therapy session once a week for the rest of their life it will change there change american why people need terribly to yeah i've never seen you guess i'm getting me for you people dare you people now its own people at our yeah i'm married only you people i guess it's good for you got summons do i think also the did real problem within a fellow players unaddressed problem mental health is also the fuckin concussions you know the one thing concussions is it creates depression and it makes guys way more susceptible to being impulsive violence morpheus and your os
you're so used to a violent world a world of constant collisions and explosions and push people off you and screaming to people on the line and in that world its deficit it's difficult transition between that world and the calm world of domestic living and i think that's true i d sit when sometimes when people say that they make us i think that's an excuse for what for domestic abuse that i believe these are violent men in violent violent game and if you like a that's true but they still have to be human beings outside of that this year did you i can't deal down and i don't know the challenge that amazing is easy but i certainly feel like we have two you still have to walk around us eddie you know only then would we just house and if all players in a separate property in the industry to keep me away from the general population but think it's something that the people that are involved in sport from high school too
i watched coaches to everyone it's something that's not addressed but it's one of the most difficult aspects of competitive athletic sports combat sports as it were here i consider football combats for absolute you know those guys are fuckin run and each other full clever that's not comment what the fuck is it have not as yet so i think that just the realities of dealing with being a combat athlete or any sort of explosive athlete you're doing with physical contacts on a regular basis call whatever you want that that's it's hard to to be a functional member of a com stayed normal society on the hop of doing that an entire yet that interest especially like those that you say like me i was never the fact that these guys again it's like the present have been since high school mouse and seventh eighth grade been sort of the rules have been changed yes and they ve been coddle than the eu
back my privilege to unify exotic idea you don't have to go to class we don't have to do this then you know and so sometimes you don't get the life skills that a regular person would get because they insert a segregated from regular society he gives about a million dollars and tell them that they are the best and exempting i'm i feel the same way about comedy sometimes at committee stage after goods that i feel like i'm the best thing this world is everything that's definitely an issue like sitcoms stars dear big issue man i've been around people like run their own shows they have their own sitcom their yelling at the producer and yelling at the other actors in yemen and everyone and i mean this is this hundred stories of like you know roseanne when she was run in the residential brett butler when shoes on greece under fire
go on non on there's a million different stories that have to do with people that become the star of a show it's the kemal bell show me there are about a shot i forgot what i've sheriff we brought in some of the staff and televised they would tell you stories about me like that aye aye sir it's when or put in a position where you're the focus everybody's attention all day long everyday be i can say tweaks your head like a tweet my head in a way that i certainly was not i dont think outbreak where did ever i don't think i rose ended but maybe i should have sometimes i should because i think sometimes you so we go everybody pay attention but i certainly was not the best version of myself and that's one thing that when i left i felt like hurried i can sort of free i can return back that dude who got the showing the first we also a producer who comes up with a wacky idea that make would make you
look bad and he doesn't hurt him the view if he talks you wanna do in his wacky ideologies whack idea sucks known listen talk this through just give it a shot you might play a those here or there you're gonna let you do that thing on rape jokes do this thing where you you know you put fuck em lack face on a man yet nine ends echoed jimmy you do it and it doesn't work you look like a fuckin idiot yes they don't feel any idle and the indian thing i think there's always thing where people think fit there's a lake p think this is where the inhabitants you now as some people like they still don't get the internet and they go well you like it used to be johnny carson intonation indeed did a stupid thing to make me feel stupid nobody rickety with you do for say it again it was gone he was in the areas of time but now this exists forever like if you make me stupid i don't like to do i will be hearing about it for
rest of my life on some will no doubt no doubt it at eight i think that's the thing you say about like it just becomes a thing where where did it's a sea change its also this different time hasn't they haven't caught up to the reality that yet things about your show as you had a late night show but late i chose have become there they have they have this sort of this symbol relationship with the internet now there is one of the big things is getting a clip that people find bout online and they you know facebook it back and forth to each other and they got all listeners cool funny thing that conan day you know and then we'll get escape and that comes a great way to get people aware of the show so it's almost like time that is on is not nearly as important as the fact that is being made and i'm in the work that i ran to emissions because i wasn't i didn't grope wanting to because i read every both late notebooks the book corner of all those deeds grew up going to be late natasha my coat and came all and they all kids lead
and was a hero and carson was a hero i didn't europe that way i grow chris rock with my hero even at me like i want to be a stand up and he had a show and each be oh then like i want it but it wasn't nobody thought was a late night shows the chris reductio rightly rise stuart i like stuart like that's hits the john stewart shows that a late night talk show but once i get put in that world suddenly there was thing about like germany famous friends we could put on here who could come in here like the way that fallon does a thing would just in timber leg and then found was on s enough for eight you like me his rolodex is filled with everybody i was
the barrier in i dont have the ability to reach out to this you're hanging near myths signed except exactly one met in another little nothing i call d gotten the poster all the other asian twink from the post communist shelby carefully you can't say twink the engineer andy can get in trouble for saint twink will i certainly i feel like i'm calling makers that's too they were portraying in that way i'm not saying that all earn twenty turn twinkie now to use it anymore will happily have decided to those areas that cannot wait for me not zero the guy that had a bravo was a girl you then trouble for saying someone's a perfect twink sweat preposterous its again it's everybody thing everybody shit while these two maybe you could always you only saw your shit in the shit you interested near the head of a network is a totally different it's not like i said it in so many between solana santa but i'm not responsible for billions
if someone does tweet you and tells you retweet the shit out of me not to let people met everybody that local get this talk to this guy the i mean i'm happy every i've had people i'm yes sir i think i'd like to do that when people say it seems to me that i think are actually a shitty and not helpful i've turned a few people i've i've made people guys just i oh yeah just out of like sheer like it i keep a sort of like taking their putting it in the wall and indians bringing back you do it again that we just put it back in the wall and then they got here you you're pretty good guys prior to get my very thing to do is to turn people on twitter don't you think that a lot of people are doing just to get your attention i absolutely over that's why they it's fun if you can actually make them feel bad for getting your attention and but not from like calling them now from yelling at them from taking like their energy and sort of like actually sometimes you will say sitting you actually treat likud serious and grandmother tina and they got not just you're just not i was not you say like they did they get frustrated because you're not mad
raw and i'd like to will not reduce the second on the road and by myself it's like our it lets it's not i'm not yelling at them i'm fucking with them back in a way that they don't realize that that you should be mad now they know your strategy that you cannot out some fuckin new series of us attack will see what happens i'm ready for it or others ignore i'll just ignore yeah yeah some new matador tactics to come up with yet the deal with people online is amazing it's it's an amazing thing that no one was prepared for that interacting with people on message board on twitter and facebook and all these different if we had this at the beginning of the united america we wouldn't be in the future it now it still be unlike wagons its take it it is slowing down progress by the time they were all spinning arguing about bullshit online don't you think though that look i don't agree with a lot of the social justice warriors and tactics in the professional victim mentality that a lot of betray but in
i feel it more suitable combat people excels just as people in professional victims let us think that duty free goods vehicle it can be ok the point is i really whiny overly sensitive super progressive aggressive people i think though that it open up the dialogue and forces people to even even if your communicating about it in a way we are defending your position that that conversation gets like a perfect one a perfect so it is this subject is coming up a lot lately where not a feminist are trying to push the idea that if a person had sex with someone that's been drinking that its rape there's no way i can guess they're saying you can't consent including men they say a woman having sexual drunk ban she's raping that magazine he's not able to consent to these drinking it's ridiculous i think there's this almost wouldn't be here without the exact accidentally that there's a giant spectrum of what intoxication is also it takes away a lot of responsibility where you are
or to be responsible for your actions if you're driving you forced to be responsible for it we re your actions if you engage in a violent activity but somehow or another if you're drinking in the summer some of you you were raped the same amount of intoxication that you would be liable for driving liable for violent actions now you're not liable for your actions its it seems ridiculous and it also its it discredits women in ways because you saying that they dared not capable of forming their own decisions deciding that they want to have a couple of drinks and fuck some guy because you know women do that have you need a capacity for some good because otherwise you know we're fucked exactly and it's friday evening and you had hard weak exactly is not the good looking girl you thought you'd meet at the bar and haven't you do i mean it's not always a negative thing and that's the problem with broad looks like paining with broad strokes but in introducing this dialogue and discussion in making people angry about this debate they are bringing the very real situation of
bill drugging people and getting people drunk and having sex them which is disgusting yes is rape is immoral yes so i think even in like when they pay the needle way too far it is allowed to i think it announces out of another point is that you sometimes you can't it's like the thing where if you go how can we talk about a rape now he waits saint aubert now it's ok it's not that big of a deal and have to you can't this is certainly is up as up culture of oppressed peoples it by the culture repress being oppressed work is that people are here you when you ask permission for rights here you when you say i'd like to talk racism in america to see if we can finally nobody wants to hear that the happy i love when people sometimes so fuck the right is filled with people who are so far on the right and don't and are always like this working people get alot of attended the left is this have we been ashamed of that like we don't get too loud and we ran and so for me like we need a couple of those people horse who who make hoo hoo
where the middle should be you know who is like so forget we want to do that right by rat get things at the pendulum has to be pushed that far to get it back to the middle yeah no doubt and i well it's over has to being but it aids that movement they i mean this is an exact i've little example of it like people say that occupy wall street and accomplish anything however we didn't talk about the words income inequality ever in this country until occupy wall street quality do the frank the phrase it at one percent and so people say didn't accommodating carpet but by going to the parks and setting out and get your bongos out and you know it in knitting for justice or whatever and feeding people given up books now that is in people say people on the right will say income inequality in the one percent not realising that they have adopted the speech of the left you know it's a year is that's sometimes you have to have a tantrum to get attention i big coming from historically black people we are used to like ok we need ever tantrum sometimes at tantrum is inventing
rock and roll in something it's a million men march you know it just that's it that's the nature being of getting attention america's and oppress group what's so the first time ever where people can unique start a movement online they don't need like on office somewhere where they hire a bunch of people we didn't know already agreed and see anybody personally not withered whose helping to make the movement i mean this is happening all the time this climate marched on idea in new york city the big fuckin clogged up the streets man on the climate nobody is that's not a sexy issue nobody's like but we know that that but they got the word out and made people think it's bored and which i believe it is but it's also thing words like person is like i have other issues that i'd like to see the streets clogged up with it s like ok that i'm glad we're getting streets clogged yeah well it's a fascinating time when you see these movements and they see how big they aren't right now nonviolent peaceful but the gun
may be sure is aware that this could also be a large protest it turns violent i can overthrow government type protest i mean look discarded just fine and broke into the white house yesterday the guy has a fence mad like nine hundred rounds of ammo in his car duct tape and fuckin just climbed the fence and ran i mean i hate when it's like it wasn't even like oceans eleven planned it was like that which is going to climb the fence and run any fucking door how many eight so hard how many what is happening that there's gotta multiple level of security and the white house it's not just one guy he's like i didn't see him look like and set the greater walmart legato that oh how many levels is geared to break down for him to get into the white house and why is that happening there they saw why is my question in the era of the black president why does this have to be when all of a sudden the error the bush president's yeah but i just i just admitting that you will do the same thing happened a guy broke into the white house and got in the way i want when the bush when but
his presence is well placed to the white house right now that was the pending when we talk about when like our small plain like for a long time ago there wasn't it won't earnings google that shit playing liberally that charming the fence and running getting in the front door to me the problem that is like there's no sophistication that belgium the easiest thing only the hounds alright we're done with that you will then have to be on point twenty four seven looking out for any there was another woman what in our data didn't anyone got shot recently arisen thing here didn't woman get shot she she showed up the white house and our car and broke through a barrier again i think that we have to be on tat point twelve hours i think they're supposed to be the ass think that's the gig but the point is that these movements at sea like in new york city with a clog illustrates that could easily happen at the white house that's fucking terrifying for them if a million
people just stormed the white house and tore it to the ground stomp to death or dislike and secret service agents were holding their heads up like that that shit is not outside the realm of possibility if everything goes horribly wrong i know not what i mean you know with the ice is doing a good job recruiting be worried now with some hollywood style videos and you know if somebody in america picked up that ball in i think that's what the white house is afraid of right now as it clearly ice or ice or whatever you call it is recruiting from here got a middle east i just do not very many but at least it yeah it's stirring the pot here no way nobody thought al qaeda was recruiting from it was like we're gonna get american delivering out again there was one but this is like actually gives a sense that they are recruited that like there is that in that the other they release there's the one shot of something like a cellphone video somebody driving pass the white house in shooting video the white house in which everybody can do but in fact it in the isis videos like oh shit it's all it implies something that is not but i think we we are weak
good do that but until we don't worry that happens in america's you have to make it seem legitimately we have make it sexy occupy lofty became maxie for a book for a few months we need like an iceberg challenge i wanna go organised budgets how's it going to go to scale the white house and i chose ninety four my man killed and suicidal plane crash and i now so that was clinton while scattered across the cell phone crazy fuck goofy asked hooligans porn mustache yeah plane is different because you get on the plane comes its carbon atoms but i do not like climbing the fence seems like last minute and not low tech yeah that's it that's not wealth there should not be a thing that he got to the white house georgia but i'm over the fence oh my god the dogs are eating me go well emmy image what i've seen casino in italy with the most our oceans eleven though successful bank robbie brokeback rubber vegas ice robberies and it's only people who got to the door right like you know like
that's what should happen if yang get inside more money in vegas than there is in guarding the white house certainly the mob despite his causative still runs vegas the mob is now running the white us anymore if they were it would be a tighter ship offer but for that we need more consequences yes yes the wouldn't kill the guy on the spot they drag him into the house first you have to talk to him at the station with them first i don't know i mean i don't think in our lifetime morgan i don't know can ever see like some sort of a crazy million group of people that are storming the government like we saw egypt like we saw in libya i dont know i like that i think it would have to really get to history strange place to make that happen here to get that many people on the same page who also have that kind of cool even the tea party in the further right versions of that aren't doing that they have all the guns but they're not
to do that with them in also there's no mean ex beside september eleventh does no notable attacks on america in america this problem for which a sort of america flying five hours in a plane over the ocean doesn't really seem like america me although i love why but the difference that in september eleven september leveller okay this is actually happening here in amerika if more things happen in america and we think it's a direct result of mismanagement misgovernment you know corruption what have you and people die and you know chicago's blown off the map some ugly shit could go down yet but its get but that you are talking about like a post apocalyptic name you know and you know like a blade runner type of that's not that's that's something that where there were several steps away there are several steps away we are several steps but that's one of the reasons why people will never give up their fuckin guns that's why one of the reasons why people think like this shit could always happen i wanna be locked and loaded with bunch of water my basement some potatoes
there are various sado that with the thing where can clean my urine second drink it yeah smuggler bread affair what does that mean that i'm not trying to go you will guns way but which has a cache of guns stop the government from taking anybody down if they wanted to take them thence depends on how many guns and how many people website we haven't seen it happy ina when they're just when they decide to come gets you you know ruby ridge or waco they go get the tank with the fire that will stop the automatic machine guns while he was in trying to take down the government whose china banger buddies but doesn't say when i was a very bad thing they he wasn't even doing things are necessarily wasn't killing people in may with there is like it the tank with the fire that'll settle this that'll take care this why can't fence in your town and then like have tanks and guns and ammo and the governments like that seems a little too much like a small country you fuck that for the government ruling everything that is needed
the thing that you see in egypt and in the ukraine is that if people storm the streets it doesn't matter how many tanks you have rival disco say that like the prom with american protests as they have an in time and its posted on facebook we're gonna be streets until five thirty you know right whereas in the ukraine and egypt like nobody's gonna stay going anywhere that americans have that i mean to have that can follow through eventually like i'd like to get home and what's netflix wine endeavours on tonight in order to take out a guinea pig it might give soccer practically were soft is perfectly baby shit man well there s a goal that the americans are being allowed to be solved as babyship isn't that the why we what people struggling to get here why kids are striving to cross the border as its hard living here will that is also why we gotta fight terrorism over there for that doesn't come over here so you can avoid chinese food enjoy your soccer practice exactly that's what many guns were throwing it could get on
and second amendments on economic i'll show it to you has written an animal skins elderly girls moderate here god wrote the second movement i don't think that's all that worked the ship was written the seventeen hundreds and everybody's clinging to a desktop hilarious thing about the constitution in general written like this is unconstitutional yes dear what the fuck the constitution is old issue as i understand it is i was taught in high school american history class when they wrote it they were like this to set the country up for about twenty years and they will come back and look at right but this is just the way we deal with the british we have to make sure they dont come back so we need militias just in case they show up again but this is just a guy started right became sacrosanct it became like this is the it became another chapter of the bible or once the people who wrote it or dad you don't ever want to fuck with it began its like a religious doctrine yet then that's the problem is that it villages doctrine religious doctrines aren't religious doctrine
they're all written by dude named jeff you like i'm on somebody like yeah it's not like i just wanna hear chris rock great chris rock but about it like people like people said god send it because if you say i said it people don't listen yeah so yet pork will kill you they want with god said poor folks cable stopping pork inner people like to be the authority and on that and i say this is somebody who's not i'm not a man atheist a matter that anti entire religion religions and luxury things but i'm not sitting here is an atheist go and i don't believe in any of it would are you if you're not an atheist reconsider of an agnostic are you now and now i'm not really i mean i grew and christian i feel like i feel like i come from a christian base like a like i was black church methodist church baptist church so i can't help it treat to that sometimes when the shit it's the fan oh jesus help like but i don't expect him to walk through the door in order me like i'm not i don't believe that
there is a guy in heaven looking down on me but i do like to think of the universe as being in a place where it where if you could if you live a good life and then have order the things war for you and so and certainly i will retreat to you know i like to think that it is it makes me feel comforted to go thanks god but i'm not going before we get started let's have a prayer in unavailing its culturally god has been cultured i've been in cultured with god and it doesn't and it seems to have worked out but i don't give a church i dont want to show you a mild form of christianity i've like it's a circular like it's a peace that you don't need to take very words exactly what it is nice letter dry uploaded it doesn't usually have anybody i let everybody no it's just that and i would say that because i feel like i can have the atm discussion and not feel threatened by
who do tell me there's not a god is it breaks my heart now arises my own in the same way that some people their god is geena game thrown say i think that's the thing you know that's a b of all of us have gods that we define i'm living my like comecon is religion for people but ends but we somehow you actually really do don't you just think as a gathering of fun gathering like that's what religion started as it was just it was a way to centralize the community and get people on the same page about stuff and so these are moral and i get em you even the comecon you must have been outside of comecon i've never gone indicating only indicate where you would now question i went there it's it's real like people this is like people's lives while its is it because they get the freedom have fun and be a freak because like most of the time society for upon you dress like anatomy character most eternity
can't be a fairy you can't be iron man can't you can just be there and be hanging out with people having a good time well i think it is that but it's also those people they they go there because that's the place where the permitted to have it but their living at the whole year but it is just like a fairy in their house united in that's where they go it's like you know it's a christmas were led to hang the lights and do all this shit that it's fun but then some people also carry that have across on their wall you know i don't think there's much different ultimate between a spider man postpone your wall if you didn't across a new wall if that's the thing you're focused on tuna tattersall areas spider man is your god yes this certainly and i live in services go where people have lived as people are hyper focused about their version of their life i want to live my life this way i want to go to this coffee shop and i want to and i and i go to this bar and i and i do leather things on weekend i got the false retreat fair in that and that to me it's like that's your religion you didn't mean that
the thing makes you feel better about the whirl and that's how you put order in the world but you're not in your god may be that you know that i'm going to live the best gay lifestyle i have or that i'm going to be the best you know whatever there's all that we all have gods we just don't want to put that word on that so for me my god is that i put the word gotta because i don't have a hypocrite and like i'm like basic what my men i met my wife she was a religious studies major issues in grad school for that as i do the thing i'll airbus's on that religious some spirit she's like that's bullshit he's gonna take us that what are you what do you believe and as i believe in god but it's like if you say that people started quietly you gotta get caught right now and let you talk not i know just talking but i just don't see the connection between spider man and god i think spiderman some you enjoy gotta something you believe in let does necessarily have any basis in fact or in provable in the eu prove the existence of god he cares
nothing there's nothing that you can point to in science that says well we can splain this we're pretty sure that what this is god's work but there's a i mean and i certainly there's that's the end i feel very comfortable and not cause i'm not trying to convince you guys you may count will not be able to approve the thing that is that i sort of walk around with but listen you don't have to meet its a framework for you no moral judge rents it's a framework for discipline and give you sort of a path led your life in a positive manner something wrong with religion but it's not iron man but but i think i believe that we all that there are things that we put in ireland on the magazine criticise just there are things that people put in their life like i don't believe in and you see that they spent what war whatever you splitting the most time doing that you feel like is making your better person you're stats that's your god that's your than your religion that's why
inventing our own religion religion maybe yeah ok likes ideologies religions the very similar i'm not aware like i feel like your religion is brought you you got a little image religions have growth it we're thinking i go to the gym i work out bonding this is my community bond with these people i feel better because i come here there's code of honor here and a code of ethics that if somebody violates we talk to that person about it in that that's that's it i'm not trying to make anybody field just my building right i'm sure it just we you have that life this is how i lived my life in this i want to live my life it just we ve taken the god thing out of it because god people fucked got people treated that turn them into a bad turn intuition thing you know i'm not i will make one aborting incursions all day long i'm not trying to say that's the way to do it but for me i think because i grew up that way in like there was a lot of church around my life i'm rejected the charge but i also like to if i'm if i'm running for the bus and i get it
nigger and i don't really like it i just and other aims but i don't expect there to be like i gotcha dark i don't i don't expect to see the guy you as you rightly said like it just its inmates the part of my it of its part of my ethnicity intellect religion be empowering in order to have a belief in that doesn't necessarily have to be even based on fact in order for it to benefit you know you know and i feel that it is the problem is that if you go this way i believe and i was sitting you two guys believe it
well now i guess what i can't disproving either the reality as i've seen waymore fucked up should do in psychedelic drugs in anybody's ever described in the bible you know if if you go to heaven and it's just a guy with a harp and angels and and saint peters really at the pearly gates and the floors made out of clouds like they'll be so normal parasitically dm teach her that she would be like pretty mundane and i feel like people type approval tat i dont know why this phone fuckin works but they they could vigorously to talk to someone else but i'd but nobody who explained to me in a way that i can take it apart and put it back together they can they would just take a long time the battle of saying but i don't care i don't need to know is that of say i trusted you people their children in china who know what they're doing and they put them
together right but if you wanted to chase that down to the very origins of the first seed that makes the first phone you could do that an ad in the same way i d have interesting do not have interesting convincing anybody else about my version of god like sand say twice i got a picture really old denzil wash new with dread lux that's how it is my head that's how i feel about it what about didn't morgan in play god movie and ensures overrides there's been a few all idea you know minded specific within the washington that specifically specific why denzil keys so do i really fundamental he's kind of like a circuit dad victims are watching too i don't know him but in the movies there is appeared my life where like i felt like denzil was held figure out he's he's the last black actor in high would who is sort of during the baton for this is how to be a black man you know the important thing to have in the black community especially when you grow up i know who my daddy's i've met him several times non voting on it
almost eight visible summer but i didn't grow up with a debt with my dad the house and so i found surrogate dams and places in entertainment who i felt like this is a person i shall try to be i write rashly was asserted dad of mine you that just showed me that again helping me learn a moral code you mean example of how to be an adult and how to be a man yeah i had the same had martial arts doctor the deserted homey item are substituted their visit think about movie and like having someone who maybe even as an unrealistic depiction of human being like so moral and ethical and powerful and strong but that that can empowering if you want to be like tens i washed and yet nobody is the out you want to get some work off in the next month so more certainly upon a double treating this essential magic coffee the guiding role to shit i i never thought
too much about racism in movies or thought about but but people being representative movies until i went to see planet of the aid and oblige neighbourhood and fairly and the first the james franco when the apes and was it my friend tommy and his girlfriend kate and we were in fully for the u have c and fraud it's the way and so do the wagons on friday that we had friday night off and so we want do a planetary zat let's go check it out so we're in a hotel room we got high as jesus on the sunday shut me with an even handed way too deep we went away to deep and then we went out to this movie theater and the closest movie theater was in this all black neighbourhood fairly and so i mean what i mean both men and women only white would have america's last you already added but fun god damn it was fun but here's the thing and when i was in the movie theater i was
acutely aware first of all that we were the only why people in there and i was also acutely aware that every fucking add for every preview every move was white people it was our why people now but being in that position like an apple back to have been a white person in all black moves heroes were and being hi bark made me supersensitive to it and there was only one white guy that interact with a black eye in all the previous and it was jonah hill in fucking goofy ass movie about playing a babysitter we're brings the kids and talk to this black doorman and he's talking a woman is like really
fuckin depressing saw very useful accident was so bad and then of the black i said to him like your bad mother fucker like what's the world this is taking place in which was so bizarre then player the apes plays and everyone in the movie is why accept a bad guy black guy like fuckin forces the drugs to get into the monkeys and then the monkeys go loose and take over the world and wow this is real shed yeah everybody should get there everywhere breathing and anger c and go live in the world because that's what it everything you said is only yes keeps yet nothing in that surprised also that scenario that particular scenario was unique was very unique because it was like the the perfect storm of shitty preview ever shitty preview and although with wiping both in our cameron what's her name to india's
yes your camera ideas an hour ago rubies and fundamental and lively when the ice is stone face watch these pre use waiting knowing laughing as they shouldn't there's a most have thing ever is when you go to the movies and previously dog shit in someone's laughing i gotta see that i am a lesson currently falls down oh she's alone she's banks are pink girl like ours when somebody when the wind up when it's a stone basic that amended slowly people laugh added lingers solely the audience are still there not laughing we ass a laughing again there is this goes about through yes there actually like no we're laughing at you movie here when i left we're not gonna go see where this is ridiculous bullshit you ve put before that is beautiful that's when you know you're a good neighbourhood yeah that's a good neighbourhood to be an that's a lot of laughter at the grass is smoking that's the problem to perform in rather laugh at the trial is our dead jonah he'll see if you could find that fuckin preview
jonah hill in the baby sitter of something some shit like that for me i read by of time register it like you just let me down it was martin in the movie with queenly tita like some sort of thing where she's the love of line either blubber blood together they got trailers just her being a very outsize virginal black women in him being raised narrow version why guy in the middle of it still martin one of these it is comedians of all time who has it was on the views the colony hall of fame does it think we walks terribly club all gang like sort of all gang stood out in like a jersey walk in like a quorum coalblack gonna make use dean martin use one of the greatest you know there's a mortgage yeah you gotta bears in mind similarly as eating you find that video they got it it's gotta see this video it's so fucking bad he's like that
the wacky crazy babies and bio amazonia hell phantom mountain hilarious i love them and this is the antithesis desert shit movie also a mortgage foresight and if he has a mortgage already made twenty five years old started looking for a job sorry what about babysitting babysitting sucks adult men don't babysitters wonderful with children now i do oh my god premium for a hug baby don't tell me tickets later life and rodrigo yeah so he's taken over the case just fast forward see if you can find when he takes into a nightclub more see i'm a cash said little tampa shadows as before the three key
please tell us what is at the moment for my keys to my router that's what's up noticing or placing a key position my name's noah jaber knows you like to flag was never they call me so so maybe so baby control with tears now fears man respected don't neglected my three they don't beat him all bad so i had oh i watch online movie theater stone
the king and i went wow what a cartoonish foolish representation of black people and this is the only one they get to see and the various people say wire black we will or wires and like it also angry and i think we made the people a theory you they could get lets you wash over us errors will be angry all the time yeah it'll be outwardly like flipping tables over time we know if we don't worry we ve got away plan of the apes we're gonna let this wash over we can't turn this into a change that org petition we'd go at this both also you not you never dealing with things from a neutral point could you dealing with things from the repercussions of all the other shit you ve seen already but here that in the thing is as has been stated by may people is that in this country nope the most people watching this trailers that you saw our going there's a bunch of white people in his trailers you're going the polish people in these trailers beneficial the trailer for you know friday after next then it's a bunch of black
people in austria as white is considered to be normal in this country that's the white is the default it's like on the senses which is either poses the first category when they and the race category the list of races is white so it's not alphabetical right just why ok white and though if you're not that what else are you and why people are busy we value either the so it's that why consider the default and when people say things like like i've talked with his poor like people magazine is about white people for the most part but since says it's a black magazine right you know it's it's very you but what and i feel like white people one way to sort of put less races nor is widely what our putting white on their magazines have to start if white people got more comfortable hung about their whiteness it would make the rest of us not decreased we talked about our ethnicity but sometimes we may i go as a black man people go why do you have to provide people can't if why people talk about their ethnicity if why people say we're gonna have the white actors awards dude what that's all
shit would not blotches someway people its wooden fly because white when people's historians when people dinner fathoms of his white it's the clan orton you nazis rarity like good way people like yourselves have declared to take whiteness back thank you for your coolly mean the group shit that very much of rome know what someone said to me also is a white power like brow pride is attached to the cane velasquez has on and nobody can meet cable ask as they have a chamber the world no one gives him a hard time for having brown pride tattooed on task as it is probably a mexican but if he had white pride tattooed on your chest that's a different animal so i said this to my friend and he was again but you know what you gotta have irish pride oh that's so true but you could have irish pride tattooed on your challenge the differences irish people have not been known to be like slave masters and not been known to be k k members is not like a traditional background for them it's it it's out yet i think it's also it's about the theirs ash reality their verses white the white was invented
concept in this country you know they meet like europe in europe they don't they think races they don't think racism exists in europe because it's all about now it's like the french spanish and rights not they don't run light this if we don't racism yeah but you still have nationalism weird shit ass a new and over there like it's ok to hate arabs that's different but but in this country white became this has been a constant and the reason why white power is hard for people to take his claws white people already got the power when he when cable i soon vasquez as taxes as brown pride is because brown people don't feel like they ve got enough our minutes away to invoke a feeling of power and invoke the thing that brown we ve been shit on and i'm gonna take the power back black power came out of black it will go we're tired of being shit on tourism like power white power yet you why people its ideology behind it and in fact so when the white people for why power and if you look great how much party gonna tat sounds like kids could then it becomes about we don't want you in our schools we all black we want our schools or brother you in school like these care we gotta can weak
what you driven out of our water found in any mean it becomes this the power give so crazy but i believe and i am very have white that if white people good white people actually reclaimed words like white power in white pride for the sake of good things like khazars there's things you can be proud of you write about it got any it became something that wasn't about neo nazis or their swastikas than it would change the race discussion this country than white
that's it i wanna go i'm proud to be white without going some bad but no one would able do be able to do that because of you even say that iranian pinching shift and try to push it through an aggregate loudly that's ever gonna fly of emily they are i have the yellow here on the edges so that in the middle people can go ok we're going to do that bullets at least talk about racism you think you could do it as a sketch snake like a bunch of buffoonery cartoonish why people were dolly were proud to be why we love black folks i love tyler perry was as it it's not about lowering vat it's about living white things at the like i love mumford sunrise waiters fights ethically yes to wait for me that hurts me that's what they went so white they went back in time knows that offered sons they essentially white when slavery was legal that's what they do they drank and automation jars flocking chaps orientation why what are you guys doing you weren't fast superintending the outlaws josie whales fucker you do and that's it but it's very authentic to a version of whiteness there's nothing about mumford and sends a field black now it's very why it feels it feels like i feel like a white americana in that do not live in man it's a new why it's a new white that's an old why doesn't mean it's a throwback to like retro to a time when like why we go back to that time yeah there's no black people in those videos either their black people and mumford and some videos you can you google that like to people in a month prudence and video could you imagine if they just started them and find out cannot be a black eye your video if a bunch of people came to a black movie theatre to see a black movie and they just started playing mumford and sun videos these time people would white hot live now dr paisley lack right vicious this is where this way for the movie started just keep it keep it together like things like a movie with denzil washington and morgan freeman just just loaded ass little bastard great introduced by offering free direct american stars every fuckin giant blockbuster like quintus tarantino style movie just gigantic huge fuckin past him
by based on oil is he doesn't leader everybody gets excited about it places package by these play muffin sons video after muffins trolleys people like they don't get they play like a half an hour of margaret incentive for the movie you just starting to blacken numerous you got used to do this you should do that four of what can show me do that rejected is troll the people my guy that would be incredible its i mean it's it's its failure rather like one tellers watching us his generosity and i flew passed like the country music cannot stop because it was a musics there was a video that's playing on the country's jail acts of theirs black people in it and yet our desire that wow like what's going on here like wine
we one's country real dairies rather too that's exactly what a black eyes thing and it we could describe it as a good view dairies rucker these tapped into it because he tried to police and army album like you weren't now hooty really that that's the point i mean i think he's authentic tombs open but after who's gonna blow fish he
he's an army album for black people when you shall as james mumford sons to elaborate a guy like that i see that there is a mandate that now gradually that doesnt counterbalances from the movie mandela black james bond of terrorism as an average black percy get that fuckin shit are far scream out i like vinos glengarry lays great actors and all that but see how dare you fifty will happen a big movie that he's plain and he's playing a fucking guys like a serial killer and goes after black women like he knocked at the door in the middle of the night till that is a car broke down in accra time release that movie nicholas near that don't ya gotta adam that's why i'm don't turn be enact yeah he's not a star in a movie where like he gets the girl now now is black has got it we always get it we always do we go different way in oak as if any
should be playing a black superheroes we that dude but now have the circular first what denzil washington got to play he's the closest to that they got here to play like real soon star type role yes there like you would maybe see like someone else george clooney parent or even he sort of never heat there's a steed do you like romantic comedies keys clearly doing you re specific very very hemmed into the thing whether here i'm serious choosing it but he's not doing you don't seem like a full on broad comedy i'll see him doing like northern singular clooney the u dont but gave a george gloomy always gets the girl right and denzil washington these movies where like for using the pelican brief and it was very well he shook him unduly roberts addendum to gang bank and they know they don't which enlightened and whose decision that is but it's like george coolly no matter what movie did it ends up at the end and kissing the girl in the credits rolling that's
whereas denzil it's like there's always a reason is always that doesn't always work out for music is unfounded hand has discipline and he can keep the pudding we have very disciplined marshall artist or something is yeah there's that trend going on now though to sort of avoid would have brought about a recent a bunch of movies it's the one that cause he's this post he's posting though there that's that's the that's that's the thing he gets to do the things that denzil either doesn't want to do i can't do bigger pilecki he does romantic commies too though he d like hedge get an idea he gets a deepening as well as the guy who still holding the city forty eight baton knew my one this enables like now good yeah he's a hundred percent serious and which yet even though funny i mean he's very funny movies but he's not he's just this will you think he's walking a path that i dont want to be caught up in a thing where
he still holding the baton of blackness in eleven other that people after him don't have what i was saying there was nothing to do but where he you play the guy who beat up the black women are you trying to do that movie unless they do give women in my american gangster and and he always that that's hee hee that guy is up at the end if you noticed whenever he does the movie about the guy who's in prison villain kid is killed or he end up at the end broken right he never they re that guy goes out on top willingly training days a great movie until i think i'm gonna die he always gets a come up and at the end that's a very moral thing he's doing ass he was to show this is not how you live your life the reason is a conscious decision on his part and i would choose as those role is given a list of these he is the alias black actor and he's an alias actually you know i mean how many alias blacked actors others even ten now there's him there's will smith and then it's a dress off you say it is right for him yet
he still work i'm he's a real live in these areas in the uk we may alias here he's on his way you'd hazy list gaze of british actor he's a big storm of the seas it's for the bridge accident absolutely that's always weird like the guy from the walking dead if you ever heard that i've got the walking dead the rick we heard him talk him alive and space with total english ex ante same is the guy from homeland the red headed dude from homeland deep english accurate i think is where it is christian bail whose british when he was doing interviews for batman spoken in american exit yeah here because you wanted people to accept that
it is but he didn't want to throw them officer either through a fake acts and why we need specific needed interviews for the movie batman they didn't know where he's uncle tom and for a man who has worked out ass now you make free those three blue base action we small time who jackman too who jack and this can be done until he abandoned that yet he sorted out he brings it then a little bit when he's apparently never hear that australian exit from him he's a duck he's he's delaware
it's always gone out he's married two hundred year old lady that's gonna do somebody's gonna want to marry a hundred early maybe i should have merely nobody's got there everybody means remnants ashore the door closes war all of whatever the agreement is likely amendment that yes i know what you're saying tat we ve just leave it right here you need to get crazy no need not refuse anybody say that sometimes we don't know about firstly the fact that we know man i don't know shit you know in the certainly there's people marriages and agreement handsome man now absolutely beautiful body never liked aims will room
smile near ways to talk to you told rain is it has to be built like hector lombards was built by values for it must be like a young robert maria nathan robert yeah but deftly too good lookin but it should be like this why think tank of a man we have overrun the ugly everything animal is a small animal that's crazy wild and no one wants a fuck with encumbered hair yeah that's what is us was beautiful six foot for his old man perfect dabs there wolf rooms like five six or something like that of a little short guy with metal bones and killed a lot of people was converter it's when you have as this clause in the movies don't ever like a to do the damage it you think you get clause community hands vans and look at it you know i mean if taken do a are rated version of wool rain wages slicing feeling they are starting to get the idea that they can make comparable like they do in a dead poor movie that bolivia like they do a deaf you like their leaning
into like another back she adult wanna see subaru movies but with actual adult things happening while the watchman yeah but what is more area just yes it's more of that gives me because i'm at this point i must come who geek at least i was and i like super louise but i'm over them areas like eyes and explosions in a year and then you do and the thing i'm a comic book geek too definitely was when i was a kid i was a huge comic book gig i skipped all the compass movie this dislike i i just couldn't i just spiderman movie with angel garfield firstly at that this is the second came out like now and then captain work i never had maybe it's not it might be unable to give a shit about it getting cats in america too much it's just too much money and he doesn't have cool powers outside scored a kind of guidelines cool sterilised our history exec is to pursue their ideas there are even more so but yeah did
there is a difference between a guy like him and say garlic the hawk yeah i get behind the whole back and given that the same please my favorite of all time that's me as a key i grubby remember the hope tv show the new hawked the thing about the hawk now as they can make it look real yes like the sea gee i so good and what's his name but the a new due to name the gap with some action really good actor jenny that bill mark the mark rough allowed areas yeah he's a real we get our lady orton was good to yet no one would have been good at just think the siege i was not up to snuff bared banister area that thousands of prisoners at six foot for two hundred twenty pounds looking people i don't want me to
you are ready the whole day that already huge issues is great and chopper but i just think that that that movie that he was in was not a good hawk will hang lee and i think he's a great director admitted he didn't know who the hawk was when he took the movie others like they basically gave it to him is like big hollywood director do you want me to seek the superior moving he said so he didn't there was no sense that he actually understood or care aired really love the source material man listen a sacrilege i still feel like did let loose regner do it every time with that's me i'm old school beta or to work in small get a date to put you saw lord of the rings fucking again does not really that tall in real life they get they can do stuff i gas but this doesn't look like it was so well i did what i did de i would rather a person was doing it recognized it we better because it it's a person is london city i don't mind the hawk been cgi because
is no real hawk like we're cd i looks weird is one that sis ii gee i version of a real thing like a spell we animals than not good at that yet like given in the game of thrones and you see the dogs the wolves the dire wolves like that's not really there have been a kind of pretending origin the ground add something going on airline it's not just the worst version was the lions i am legend member that share goofy christ's very when i think of like when tight the titanic came out and there's a shot with a debate they sweep over the shouting and people are already me whatever their knees will it's like the opening seen a video game like when you get it like clear the loud scream logging in our case in america is a systematic words like this isn't a game but this is makes you think the game is gonna be cool now that's the eyes i skipped ovens yet they're just and not quite
there yet with cgi we're talking about this the other day with monster movies that they show too much i give them i can werewolf in london is the perfect example you'll see that where wolflike brief seconds and so your ear imagination ass to kind of do a lot of work and its ill scary but now when you see a monster movie you see like minutes minutes yet monster ass it starts to look like a dude in a suit or a cd i think he looks like a sea gee i like that i am legend monsters they looked cd i'd up they didn't look they didn't look like the twenty eight days later zombies who were people they just they move like a real thing that was really in front of you as opposed to these things that are moving likes we created in kyoto somebody's drawn this right now but that's just you know cinematic shit hollywood shit what
we think about tyler peruse will you think about like a foolish heard a black people has done by black people i have i ve talked about very the guy i have it's my problem typewriter moves is that there's not enough black filmmaker out there making movies did not make him look like that's the definitive story of black people right and so it's frustrate when people go that's it right there that's the version of it you go if there is other filmmakers if if if spike lee he was still like em he's a viable familiar but if there was like the point the ninetys were blackmail started directly moves you thought out we're gonna have a lot of major black movie directors john singleton on single too many rich spike was rightly predates of people and but it didn't there's not a still black cinemas still defined by tyler prairie
likely sorry got out of the east every running into one of his classic speckly movies but yeah but it's my promise that there's not enough choices so that i have to have the teller pray discussion because like nobody ever do you like you know for you know is a message you gonna go what do you think about woody allen move enemy like there's not a major embody out but not that you know cannot accept some very like you don't have to reckon with each and every hollywood directors it represented as a white pursuit of mandatory labelling would hear me don't you can you can go like for example i can oh i don't have an opinion on calibrate movies you be like come on man you're right but you gotta be anybody on me like i guess he doesn't need is maybe doesn't think about it you know i have two as a black person reckon with temporary i'm glad he's employing people here employees more black actresses than anybody else and if your black actors in hollywood and your version is getting beat by it
el but in a movie or or that the christian mom who finally meets a man and has a girl's club or whatever the shit is that he's doing i've always i have not seen any of them but i get you go i think i'll do the thing where i play the woman who has a whose a single mom living in the tragic get a better opportunity worsen is ever side your head for ninety minutes they arrive i so i appreciate that i used to be very like like fuck tyler prairie about but i just sort of things are complicated man he has a weird scenario to where he does things like old school studio style yet he owns that's you think there's a part of that where the business side is like he answered studio so yeah he literally is making the movies he wants to making there's you know there's more i would directly short doing some he writes only produces only shoot someone is lot he cason he put himself in them driving now it's is that thing or blackburn africa numa becoming out entirely precious in it like playing up like a guy really
and yet as it what is it what he does i sometimes any plate with those in removing word matthew five year i like any law try to play he tried to do alex cry and alex cross moving away like no none and no no no without cross any it's a series of movies morgan freeman did that was i kissed the girl in there's a cancer is one of them is based on a series of novels the main and mortar for you play their character ox cross and then he basically redid and updated it and he was playing the main character and savings alex cross our yet and i know that it was also the yacht in those based on some yet that would that that's what they're trying to do it established property that has been a hit movie we're gonna redo it with with tat perry and bring his audience in and have a new franchise but nobody bought tyler perry as a serious dramatic sort of thriller guy i mean that it would have been better if it was medea as alex cross without showing on girl is that new dongle yea tyler pages in it what is it what has gone girl ass like movie it's a vs getting a lot
it's gonna be the numa we are all talking about you know whether you see it or not is can what is it about than i somebody it's a kid at the utterly dogs kidnapped deliberations in it just as you like it's a little bit hard for me to have the facts you have time to do a legit you know he he's think they know in this you can't be that guy without being and i say this in the best possible a hustler you know you can't but you can have got into the point of view that without sort of like making time to do with me things you can do somebody would live out of his car doing plays and baptist churches or something and so pleasantly has yet that's waste he things he did in movies started out his plays that he did in my community centres and pride church basement and he built them everything that you go to the apollo and see a toddler prairie play like black theatre because women like they deserve a hundred year old wife to none he's gotta
immense i'm sure it's gotta be rearranged yes please that's it you're not you not married he hurried children go go according to the movie openings homophobic conversation with ions anyway it's a velvet homophobic does anyone have any but the dude he takes his mom the premiers i don't i'm not going wrong with gatt whatever years is easy successful at a good family a nice guy there's been no scandal so we can't be mad at him sudanese friendly seem friendly it doesn't get aggressive and angry people like the other blacks are those that's what i'm saying earlier is one of the good and he's not like the other jamie now being whether good why people we like to point out some of the good black people thank you thank you for peace is also very articulate and if you notice that he speaks
i don't notice color and i'll see it thinks that in one of those people eggs there that's very help see color is helpful to louise merrick wipers me doesn't seem like just see people i don't see it at its benefit sex c c gender and see and i didn't notice white privilege because i don't even notice that on white also just like i don't notice them six foot for all the time i just i just i just looked down into his sat seems to be where everything i can reach everybody i don't ever happens they get a step stool i can always seal report the concerts great long reach if you wanna bar privilege but notice it privilege differences i used to be short sighted know where i can reassure people feel yeah we're meeting was reading grow your blackened and grew up into that's true point i feel but yeah but now i was short and alone i mean whatever the definitions shortest to high school
you started getting tweeted when i was involved in this conversation with a lot of people about racism and john jones and you you were chimed in about it and does weird conversation not not because the idea that people being racist against a young fellow like when you see a guy that's doing well and has a lot of success and then you see a lot of blow back and people criticising em i always wondered what is it that their criticising their criticising his personal life is behaviorally what is he doing it so terrible what would it what is it so that is racism and when i said how much of that shit did i said i wonder how much that has recently been then i also said i think he'd be more popular few was white and people like you say and did we don't like because rightly people me these these big johnson
big conclusions are you saying that he wouldn't be more popular few is why because i think that's ridiculous because there's more white people than there are black people and why people tend to associate when people they want white hero we like to see ourselves yes yet this is their natural all people we like to see we like yourselves reflected outside of that meeting that saying that he's not more popular because of racism i think that's a racial preference thing but ass the question i wonder if a lot of the blow back allow the reason why people don't like him is racism and i was i was taken aback years of payments are that i saw that now is it that's why chimed in those like i felt like oh joe is experiencing something that i expect for the time when the in these discussions and that's why i sought to reach that like us trying to reach agreement thank you i know it should i know it's happening here and amber white guy malaria so larry well it's worse because you judge people acted like you turn trader exactly racism is is it people who died dr themselves as white people felling
you turned on them because you brought up race what people are saying fuck you there there were treating me like some really mean channels like well did you and listen to what i said you didn't even listen there's another they saw it on print somewhere in that it was on the cover of like a bunch of a news outlets said joe rogue a tributes john jones a lack of success to racism yes all i said was that i wonder i wonder i wonder how much of it is raises assume a similar thing much smaller happen to me recently wrote i saw it buzzfeed one has a buzzfeed reached out to me said you know anything about lack of mercy late night and day i would have meant that you may be overtime i'm gonna write a thing about it i got things to say and my thing was it true i noticed you can't say it's not white and light white male they want to make it why doesn't know male its be real and by my thing is i'm not worried about late night i'm not trying to we need to stop focusing on getting a divorce
late night in the rest was neither do we always do find our own projects and create our own way in stopping for the way the way that this is a action too late night talk show that you like i wanted to talk and i'm gonna have to do is get so and then the highway reporter said put debbie global their headline was it's time for a black hole wait you ass i saw that as i don't want you when i say i love you tweet to it to you said it's funny when i say did you ever know people here we will hear everything you know and love is wrong that's david you found that is when you go i wonder people here your racist but i thought it was particularly was produced shocking to me because i'm a white guy and i'm saying i wonder how much of it is racism because we pretend that racism is a real with three hundred fuckin fifty million people in this country right this three hundred plus million people in this country what percentage a racist if it's one percent but say it's one percent we have me
more three million racism ok we know it's more than one percent yes so what percentage has a high our time dealing with a dominant male athlete in a combat sport that beats a flock of everybody and is like young and brash and also has the thing that other thereby comparisons of john jones to ali young only in this it is in the alley had where he's considered to be an outsider to the sport lena there's a thing with john don't worry he kept their newly discovered about john jones that he's he's unorthodox sir he's not he didn't the way he learned on youtube videos you out of this and this legend that has been created about him about like that he's not that the sport he's not a guy like i don't like you think about like george mps george napier na museum of the black i can't the guy who john jones they were friends in any beater shot overshot haven't whose order was raised by the sport through the ultimate fighter and so people get to see him sort of like baby this put people get to feel like i
again the tv show now is our champion where's john john sort of came from the outside and very quickly dominated in that threatens people sometimes well he actually would see that there's a misconception when it comes to martial arts and one of the big ones is that wrestling is not a marsh lord john was a very just for wrestler author on high school in college and that is probably the most important martial arts the ability to dictate where fight takes place is probably the most important aspect of fighting and john was an outstanding wrestler the only reason why didn't go to be a college star because they got its girlfriend pregnant you how to get a job that is why he got it admitted but he was being actively recruited by a bunch different universities because he was recounted wrestler and then on top of that he grew up with two fuckin giants brothers yahoo and these two duke it out all the time johns parents would laugh about how their there their kids we just did wrestle and fight in the living room that is a reality if you grow up with big brothers you can't you
to combat in the household and daily fuckin bays you gotta fight for cereal like a fuckin dude took your basketball someone you know someone's got your shit you gotta dig it out and get if i go to the bathroom beautifully and even if it's not a real fight there's competition like a high level competition so when he came out of nowhere he was still a very good athlete in a very good ressler and wrestling is a hugely important martial arts so it's no more unusual than a guy who's a world class kick boxer who enters into emma may start knocking people out that's case cannot be expected so i think that's just a misconception yeah that's aid but simply the keys the book i hear your black your bed and everybody and you you didn't come up the way we want you to have come up into this boy why don't see i don't know about that but that's where we disagree i mean i just feel like that was the thing that i when i first or by judges that there is this the myth was created that like you he learned from watching youtube videos
rynch it like that will you didn't learn very quickly i did learn very quickly and people kind of don't like windsor so they without like like with the young cash will catch clay somebody is so young and so much and everybody here and then you put the blackening on top of that he might have got that if he was white and somewhat predator wanted to carry bigot they sort of threatened by that right then you put black on top of it it's like that's a recipe for american people and then if we can find some fault in your character or was he drinking and driving when you meet as airy as as a professional athletes or as especially a combat sport all you tell the geyser the as this is not the polite things another yet you want you actually want you're fighters to be bad asses who drinking and getting fights inducing the ito that's that to meet them the following four that is ridiculous floods very difficult to find a bad asked that doesn't do yes like donald sir rony whose one of the best fighters and the eu have see he
he's he's a real fucking crazy wild man is names cowboys nicknames cowboy wears a fuckin cowboy hardware literally was a bull rider and drinks beer until the day awakens ok did takes a day off two way in and then after the way as will have a beer like the day before it's fuckin fight and in between fight he's its wake boardings of wild mother fucker but he's a white dude so like all this talk about him drink any never like crash car is not marry should have theirs a bunch of sheer the john was involved in midair gave people an excuse to be upset and i think they gain which uses if if they liked him that's that would be the things it made him like always a bad ass he did adam shit he's out there drive and especially in an area like that that would ask that he was celebrated for if they liked him yes if they liked them here but i heard people they were all he so fake so figuring he's fucking twenty seven years old you even know who you were when you were twenty seven
if you were will you the fuckin like heavy we champion the world know you the ringer years we would have heard about was a man of pressure and though the gist of scrutiny that he's under this unprecedented and i think that it's a meme enemy at this point i think is a very nice i've i feel like it if i was if i were made like like a sort of fuck you money or money that i would open jujitsu gems in the ghetto to train the next generation of black him it is because i believe those guys in their who could be enemies are very white spot right now now black eyes historically have been fighters like it professional boxers but professional boxing got so corrupted the strongest tubs blacking now now play for in a fell he doesn't he's not a boxer he's not a heavy blow heavyweights yield there aren't they be a black eye we champion really ever get really blast you say that because you know jaunty wilder's no bad mother
ok well i have their running undefeated heavyweight just smashing people good big tall long lanky dude who's got i think he's all knockouts record is just isa they got famous recently because there are some crazy who is on the internet whose and all kinds of crazy shit to him and so he met him in a boxing ring and beat the shit out of it and so on i get to see the add some crazy guy said some fucked up things about his daughter wilder beheld fuck out of a man of in a video that was antium z in everything well i think i just think that this the culture of professional boxing this country has changed in the black community that i think i think people because it's like if mike tyson inventor holy fuck agenda broke what chance i stand but deployed may whether has until old amounts of money it's my management in it is apparent now joe you area i don't have that right i don't get a war forward ford which may whether started but i just feel like who had by
thyssen had untold amounts of money now may whether more because of isabella also it mike tyson and who mike tyson and holy feel had untold amount of money the terrain they're both that will have their lives but they're not living the way they were but that's a management issue it is but i think the promises you come it's the same thing with diamond earlier you come out of the the bad neighborhood you you don't you learn they learn your natalie they dont teach you the red then i'll teach you like how to be a good manager then europe signing without with a boxing manage a donkey languages like to sign a blank piece of paper i'll take care of it so it's it's a current process that happens i think whereas at least we go to the unifil you get a contract here you can get an actual thing that we're gonna pay you this motion has guaranteed over yoda the nba get a guaranteed contracts or my fear is that a lot of those do go instead of going into a box you get my brains we now i'm going to hang out with the bathwater player in town and be his indian is posse either that pay doesn't pay as much but at least i'm not getting ripped off we are therefore delighted way what why
black eyes in boxing anymore why aren't the white it used to be that it was for a done deal that a black eye would you there which there is a real problem and the problem is a six foot six russian name is a mere college girl who is one of the best boxers a heavyweight divisions ever known mean vladimir click grow as of now fuck i'm not anyway but it's just so you know it's weird who would have ever thought there will be a white heavyweight champion that no one gives a fuck about knowing if no one is a fuck about an idea but that we german youth reading the most famous ghana plan and that in that ended with when linux louis retired i was on a four complained vladimir could go and no one knew who he was i was thinking about whether i should interrupt him and say hides a big fan like that deeds by so happy that no one's talk and whom i now have the milan but then i realized news talk until nobody
what do they have with theirs that's it that's a shift to have which have been used to be the most famous gonna play out my friend goes man i got fuckin huge ago do you know that's a heavyweight boxing champion the world goes y yeah yeah like i got that that's vladimir glitch got now in ukraine he would be i'm sure he gets mob in germany he actually speaks like five different languages he's a phd he's a bridge guy i mean it's a really unique guy to be a heavyweight champion him his brother were heavily chambers in the same time didn't want any fight each other it was so strange washing soap corrupt that mean like you know why do you say that hey what are you what would you think is corrupt about it there's no shea statement which was the here's why about bringing this the the sea is doing a good job i know it a central organisation that has a series of practices and this is the way to do it in the bed that do you can call monopoly if you want to but it's a centralized organization that runs everything boxing ass a bunch of death
organizations at each set their own rules and doubt so there's no way to go how do we make these fighters fighting and you can avoid a fight if you're the best kind of sea and there's a number two guy you guys gonna fight bright business but boxing because a bundle when organizations you can't we never get to see wholly filled an enticing fight in their prime you know because of pakistan may whether of academic because of all the back watered the people trying to keep the protect their side so i want to fight that geiger that we lose is then we lose our thing so there's it's not what's good for the sport it's what's good for the bottom line in the dollar and what the and so therefore it leads to option it leads to like things happen where wire these fights happening in and also the thing with don king you know tee thyssen will to actually to protect my time before the nome king became the biggest promoter because he was ribbon everybody the fucker and so
no central authority to rule over and say we have to clean this right as it is and it so there and so it leads to a lot of corruption and it leads to there's no reason that mike tyson should be broke right now despite all this shit he went through there oh really see i that's where i disagree with you on a tribute that too to corruption and neither is he here went crazy spent all his money has a fuckin one man broadway show we're back shows three hundred fifty million euros yes i spent tat my thoughts he's because its bring that much but he also i am sure would tell you in that somebody to let somebody else took millions of dollars from him the day when she was too they ok that is true someone stole money from me however if he had that money is spent to outdo i wish i were i would like to give him the chance to spend that will i would have liked to have been with someone who is a financial adviser who would set some money aside very early on and you know as in our times and has that yes
does year we were talking about that recently and iverson turns fifty he gets millions of dollars dollars that's nice he's is working for the thing for the seventy six years until it kicks in and i think that that visa michael jordan so to establish the modern nba of like now get a money manager and getting i who protects you things and don't invest in supervision to some people will end up broke but you think that the nfl corrupted tat the nba corrupt not the way the box he's got a look at it this way as a guarantee know that eighty percent of any fell players within two years are bankrupt after they retire eighty four anthea sixty something percent of nba player same thank bankrupt within two years retirement so i don't think the issue of corruption when it comes to how much money they blow as much as that they get that honey it's flowing in like a rimmer me ideas being documentary broke as yet it it's bets bouts about it's about that guy like mike tyson was grew up in brownsville
poor as hell and then all sudden he has hundreds of millions of a he's got tigers charlie murphy came pike s until the fuckin story about mike tyson about shown up mike tyson thousand mike tyson than the frontline plane with a tiger said he had a fuckin tat nobody would get the car everybody's in their car my thing the corruption leads to people not wanting to participate in the sport in the same way that's what i believe entail man well aware the i just think that that you know what i mean we're football player i don't think we are looking at it in terms of this long term thing i think there's less people that are getting involved in boxing first of all because more people getting involved in mme that's one thing that is definitely happening but black used in one lacked you don't get involved i mean a lot more starting to but that wasn't that there was a there is this there is a gulf between the end of boxing being a big sport the end of headway champions being a big thing and then the amendment taking prominence in that what was
what happened in that gulf between lennox was going out and we end to john jones there's like a gulf of like where did all the black but whether like every champions go where another black due to we're gonna be rich and where there is still a lot of black fighters in the lower way classes like tat was roy jones are still around there's hopped about sugar shea and my way leaders the highway champion was the bad grammar play is hard to find really big dude that are willing to get punch in the face here that's a thing is boxing is just so fucking hard to do in comparison to other sports like football because not footballs not hard to do but you you could be a grey football player and never have the courage to be will step in a ring on your own in your underwear and go to tell it because you could you know bob could fuckin drop the ball and you lose the game is to go on party of you get your ass kicked you that you're fuckin asking you did it it's all on you a lot people are not psychologically bill for the war with it but that's it as essential for you they were up through up through a wholly fields
i said they weren't and someone what again some of these are getting concussions and anna fell not like i just think this that's my theory about it i certainly don't you right but i feel like this the culture of the sport became so corrupt that i don't think the oh i see where you come from but i really honestly don't think that it's coming from a point of like ok we ve seen the future this where this ends up let's not do this not then that's the future but i think there's a sense that like if you're a kid if you're a kid who six foot three to fifty you go man do i wanna be dwelling to be about good ballplayer like like lebron james or michael jordan recovery right don't be a boxer like a venerable fitter my away to second tuesday broke dna romania but they didn't have to be broke man they dont say they lie that they are they are a lot safer and more importantly than broke is brain damage i think that is the most intelligent thing to avoid yes i think that as one as different as economic groups exe
now in the culture they become less likely to be fighters that is one thing that happened on a pretty pretty consistent basically whoever on the bottom of the economic too that's why was irish do that will give you choose a year and i think that dahlias for while its also by things like brain damage fog and unavoidable yes and can't you can't do it for long without let me i think linux louis got out when he was like a have beaten everybody here at this point it is gonna be about taken twenty hits the head yeah very smart and he showed a little bit of deterioration known how could you not you can't you how could you not yet nobody rights referred and i was big boxing van scientist i sort of miss the fact that the heavy weight title was like an event
lingering news like this video you everybody paid its it people who didn't care about boxing knew who that which the clear goals are boring as far boring because their smart and are not they're not going in there to their doctrine have blood wars like when you watch seven nineteen seventy boxing and it's like you know fifteen rounds erroneous shavers yea and in so doing breaks is john the third round as i'm good does not break medina break my there like it's like a huge ali fan now another surrogate dolly can norton when he spoke as john and they just still no doubt on saint no doubt by the hook out i'll see at the hospital you know that i miss that spectacle of like i mean i remember being an event store in chicago and they had the thyssen fight on and it was like what it maybe like the truth last year and is a good thing where my finger i wish to stay amended this i take a minute anybody'd like that that i'm a fan of
i miss it i dont think all those deeds ended up in a may yet maybe they working muslim submitted a proof of all in a lot of men it up and whenever terry norris terry nurse was one of those guys from that day was a big star he saw fucked up now man i read to him in vegas a few years back and i was listen to him talk to some fans and he was slow and his words into barely put a sentence together like damn i remember one terry norris was the champ yen it's weird to think about ali for example its the jury is out whether he got his power the last time that right now fuck that jury areas it filled with idiots tell you from a person is a lifetime investment in combat sport that's a hundred percent trauma relate ok consider the trauma related disease and a lot of people freddy roche has parkinson's related trauma it's one of the reasons why he forced many pack to take a whole year off after mark has knocked him out his dude you're not fighting
we're gonna take a year off it yourself both so that will add to greet you have been so ali who still alive we sort of almost treated like he's dead and in every now to get lucky disjoint twitter you're like its we do some of them are coming from the chair of the elect are they really companions i think we'd like if ali still with you not at all these in his seventy unease old but he's not like you knows a hundred rife he was still around is still talking is in talking relatively fastened was he was to be an ambassador for you should be a box cry but because of like you said the trauma related injuries he has not there's no no old boxers a good ambassador for box except bernard hopkins yet is ridiculous forty nine years old still the champ talks great still full of energy out boxes the shit out of some young guys he's a free man
i think we just idle utterly with some people doing crystal meth in its fine it's the same thing that everybody has to take the head well he's also get a very intelligent style he doesn't bra with anybody he he brows and his terms clinches alot e holds onto guys he he'll hill use roughhouse tactics to push them out of their game just aware he understands what to do like before boxing is one of those things where if you look at it like if you don't have any education in boxing and you watch it on television like will this guy's turn hit this guy and the other guys faster so you can hit em now this footwork and all there's he's doing movements they get you to react and he's anticipating your reaction and then giving you another thing to think about and then when you react that you're gonna step here and he's ready within overhand right and these things are all in his mind these are all foregone conclusions but to a young i just wanna uses speed is too but you don't
get a chance to use that speed he's already on you he's earning making you move and dance to his rhythm he's got you he's the marionette you're the up it you don't realize until the tenth round you get your ass kicked and new at fuck and looking knock i like i can inform you have touched on this the first round you see that russian guy that he be for light heavyweight i don't know these blocks their shares in the tenth round black drop some they like you know you need to stop a media in tat room hopkins drops him up i can't even it is too good miles lick college i briefly but join the box and club and got hit by a duty was not a peripheral boxer that like the hearts of everyone in my life and i like i think i'm though this boxing either you get rotterdam i think i'm gonna just go back to class they will try to be a comedian boxing to be taught probably should be taught where you don't hate each other hard at all well this is a little like a guy who had like an x is inferior
fear this guy was an ex boxer sugary leonard like that was his being stored it lost the sugar a letter which has no mandate as is a long time ago yet already name but he use it i would recognize fortunately leonard in philly at the blue horizon ass man lost fight it below its rise yea i like he played the video for us but you should have put it was a black box and clearly this will put us in a room and there i rang it was like this was a viable the fear the same height so but that guy he await me out except for one ninety used like six for enough to six there's something like you i don't think we're going in the same way class and he was a guy was any rocked me and it was this that the united headgear on as i am aware that this is not a bit these words yeah you can learn how to box but you got to learn how to box today special in today's day and age you got to learn how to do it for someone to respect brain trauma
and our stands like the goes not to just go in beat the shit out of each other in the strong person survives the goal is teach someone how to move their head so they don't get hit when he's got his right hand there that means that punches come in this way i want you to duck under it and any counter and do everything nice and slow at first divine at the moment and then when you spar sparta very can old way and you actually get better at it and then you know you could actually become a real boxer but the the problem is a lot of these gems they don't they don't want pussies had taken in that throw you in area put lay some up where other now cardio boxing where they can earn you which is there not exactly you talkin about words like weight is pretending to be well they hitting bags mostly and they're doing it with poor form i wanta cardio box in class and i was watching people hit the boeing mcdonnell even telling them to do it right i governing their doing there i'll fuckin whale in their arms or goofy and not throwing their hips lived in their food
when they ponds and no one's correcting like this is not boxing this is just hitting shit shit is exercise can even called cardio boxing it is interesting what you said about the heavyweight division that they have a division being this division that sort of but you still guys like adrian browner that are coming up each still i have not paid attention a long time because it sort of became a thing we're just for there was this fellow desert let's just a heavyweight division no knife i will i will watch many pact fuckin russians have a stranglehold on another and yet are not listening to intervene to seek as he still the champ right good that when he fight causing any free l do is not a young is like forty that when he retires like what happens what you know i think that box it could use a central organization that sort of like you
they never gonna happen now now i think that's you know why because you can count on your own organisms in the ghetto that's what have you started well mme as die in a way we're like if you organised an event like you call it the debate if whatever the fuck it is you decided to have an event and you say this is my w f o world champion that's world champion that's what the dummy ba does for boxing the idea the idea that all these different organization w b you the sea is the thing is likened the nfl superbowl chair began is a fucking nfl champion there is no question that the per one zero is the best football team world at that point there's not somebody in football team in europe that like no we could actually exactly and the problem is with boxing is so many organizations and once that happens you can't take it back i get all those people together and say hey let's all form one organization and whilst put the money for the
out another that's the again it's the everybody wants the monies what dictates a thing so they did i remember when unifying the title was three titles yet it was the debbie ba the bbc alike b f i think i'd be it was late again yeah we have around like that aid is the ever berwin people resisting it out i think he threw the trash through one of tat in the add on that road haulage deal like was also they pay ridiculous sanctioning fees the sanctions please to fight for it doubles the eight us fuckin through the roof it's crazy money for what are you what are you fucking what my now given you a million dollars and what the fuck are you getting the year this is against the that's the best of both men it maybe someone called corruption but i think that's the corruption is this gives much of the money they can but it's not good for the sport when it should be managed should be like ring magazine
see now ring action as a ring chant been annulled think they have to pay to be the ring champion evolution abandoned everything but the ring title yes ring magazines not gonna do you dirty they there that there is more that and i want the sport to be good yeah they want the best that's the problem with the added that this money in it is money in deciding whose in other w b c or the dummy ba that unchecked capitalism thing that communism as appoint yet that i shall i enjoy this phone that was made by chinese children they are probably pay them a living way they could phones but let's payable living whenever we have nets around the building where you worked key people from jumping off the roof causes so many fuckin people jumping off the unique nets yes maybe i wish that we should look into this yeah yeah maybe we should do you wanna do does a way around that that's that's drives me nuts about now just cellphones but about like people that drive premises and shared and say i'm helping the environment being socially conscious here also driving a fuckin
oxfam with conflict has been ready at every fuckin lithium ion crystal and that came out of a above fuckin mine in the ground in africa and its likely a child that might have been poland ito some recent diggers of my act in a way tat things like how would you intervene of your socialist you com is like not due to any went to the apple storing got me and i thought a very very proud maybe reluctant capitalist but also like a nice house to i just i just think that there's an ex there's ethics wrought like if i'm liquid go to pay when i went to go try to buy new phone who said it's gonna be seventy dollars if i if i thought that that's of her dollars was actually going to a living wage for somebody maybe i don't if i buy but i would think about it but i know it's like you just making up a price this is not actually a pot like we're probably paying too little for our phones tracer probably all beat this is what they are but we all they were the fifty fifty dollars or the free rebate is something we want that put that's a problem because it doesn't that doesn't
the world it's the same thing would like with like minimum wage raising the minimum wage like it if you is the minimum wage you have less job turn over only blackmore pride in the jobs we cuss reserves is sucks in this country because the do get hired two days ago and is there any looking for new jobs is there also like when you look at the amount of profit that apple is made in proper the apple has something like sixty billion dollars in the fuckin bank like how much would you have in the bank if you paid people more money to make those phones and you made him an american you made less profit by the people all made a living wage and we worked out on paper that so i see what that would be what's his name is essentially with walmart like they they if they paid everybody like twelve dollars an hour they would they would make like three billion dollars i get really it's not like to how much profit you need to make and at some point and i get the led to set the price where everyone is welcome to market a market right now you like my dad as a bargaining but we all have
i agree we live in a society that we're not individuals living on our little islands but i think corporations treat it like i am we are all our own little country well there's a reason why there's something like a minimum wage in that we all kind of agreed a should be some minimum wage is because corporations have no consoling know we're just about money there about bottom line there in there in fact their duty to their shareholders yes is to increase your bottom line and they have to make more every year yes europe gave it can have flat they can have flat growth they area i think we can we made a billion dollars last year we made a billion dollars you up i was able to give that factory care they need to make last may and so did the thing that i think is like then with a minimum wages that it hasn't kept up with inflation if minimum wages tracked with the economy with inflation in the it would be fine but it has not kept up and so and you knows my dad will have talked my dad about his neck well that's that those jobs are passed through jobs you're not supposed to have worked warmer forever
the factory left town yeah there's no good union jobs and is now a lot of good union job we can work at the gm factory for twenty five years and retire with a golden yeah walmart is the fact that i feel like there's some jobs that are really good for kids this jobs and kids just get out of high school and they have an entry level job there there are some jobs are probably shouldn't pay a shitload of money but no not a shitload with us if you work in all week you should be able to live on the yes yes it is why should we not full time work you should be able to afford to share with the key issues able to sleep somewhere in the end the government should want you to be able to be able to actually not just live for yourself but also married and have been afforded be married before to have a key i haven't you kids because that all feed the economy right you shouldn't want somebody to be struggling and not afford to i guess we can't have occurred
no yes or whenever we have one can i guess we need a better job compiled his get out a north dakota somehow find yourself a good place where you can get a good outcome exactly abu deserves this goal we can't afford to live a four million dollar shack so that such it's to me that so called like no you if we raise the minimum wage it helps the economy certainly slender but i have a small business and if i read them in which your employees don't be so shitty that's what will happen and they won't quit every two weeks how much money should it be though what the minimum wage be ivy ice i i mean that i'm not an economist i think fifteen thousand hours not outside the bounds of no use on a reasonable for somebody who's like and i think i don't even have a problem if you track it to the city like i think some cities you need seventeen dollars an hour and sums in may we need twelve right i know i think that's just the with the whig because excitement hospital living san francisco has a higher minimum wage than the nash than the national minimum wage doesn't yes it's like ivory
the national food processing box or sounded like a fifty i think ok because they now that it still really nice it's fucking san francisco you know it's they'd they are weak and it still bright thought enough but at least there's this is about we realise that this is the city is not north dakota this three things that you bring up where people go fuckin bananas about cod a change racism and minimum wage and we ve talked about you start talking about minimum wage the fucking court on quote economic experts by the way here's what i've noticed most of em aren't writ one of the people they fuckin chinese on these discussions i've had to do conversations with if you look back and forth for a long time i know zero about economics and someone i've said hey i just think that people should be able to live on the amount of money that they make turn we and people come up with all these reasons why that's bullshit and all these reasons why that's bad for business and always you and i eventually
the conversation i get too much you make what do you do you d run a business or you'd know none of them run back and businesses they all have this idea in their head that america is filled with people and have read this quote somewhere forget who tutu attributed to that think that they are about to become a millionaire s and they want to make sure it does no laws in place they gonna fuck them over once they become a million area no it's the its people is the reason why people vote against their own personal interests cause i'm gonna vote with the aim that trend is but i'm going to vote with the republican party because they have they don't want taxes and one day i would be rich and i'm not the out tax is even though its like will write negative dukes and taxes might help you you know me live help you it would help your community and enabled but now i'm one day so where does thing in the world is a people that a republican that are broke that are of voting for corporate interests yes
what are you doing as people think that everybody thinks there one matter but a beloved with their one lottery ticket away from being the one before one step or one or launching or one one jump shall yeah one could care yes but it's weird how the republican party is like a party that supports big business like sort of unequivocally yet there mom supported by under in colleague lower income conservative people it's the reason why people who don't live in new york like the yankees because i feel that the best it is there that there the winning team and even though its not connected to even though is not connected to them they just feel like i want to be with the winners also the team that is most line with jesus is it is the actual solana republicans overvalued yes now it won't republicans by tying patriotism to god yes were swept the hope people in their eyes are signed in alabama that's at america bless god how do you know that means but was a billboard that i saw that was sort of exactly like wait where is that
yes we ve found was america when it was actually like putting it would sort of saying though we married as the guy america's the god and i was i am not sure what that means but clearly i dont think i want to rent a house here a minute better than the creator of the universe there lies the land and the greater the south america is better than that so bless the greater the universe ass yet if a little pattern ahead guardian giant could make an ass good job making as you do take it home here here who knew about u s love and we'll take it from here america bless oh there it is god bless guide and you do at my house look at that fuckin billboard meanwhile its conti flying ass if you were met a lizard amino unequal european legal someone last summer for the first time in real life and you into the eyes that heartless monster you how the fuck is this our national bird is our nationally and raising a little bit or not their dinosaurs sources survived
he pulled away all the feathers and by the way they think that most dinosaur have feathers now they're started to reconsider the idea of dinosaurs and feathers giving allow dinosaurs further so they essentially are fuckin dinosaurs so that gives thieves bill were whether through these are the jurassic park where we now wouldn't weathers you don't know what the fuck was on those things you don't know what color they were they know that had some sort of skin well they have his bones and speculation but in more and we link we like to think are lizards greens are we just make there but we also think that t rex might have been like vulture shaped or vulture colored like bright red faced on black body because they think tat he might have been like intimidating because i think he was more of a they think it was more of instead of a predator he was more but carry eater lucy probably stole away from somebody else who killed it because buys all fucked up here the way would instantly arms can't really run that good they also speculate about the earth's atmosphere being dead
then that's one of the reasons why things grew so big was a more oxygen rich in dense atmosphere but they there's a lot of dinosaurs and feathers so fuck you go is a dinosaur regret but when you're looking at that thing with a bolt caught her for a face like how is this a heartless was evil baby steel and flying monster that's us that's an i got no there's some other there's nothing we're soundly lodge an eagle flying into the fox con factory in china and certainly not i phoned taken away that sounds gallagher and what are the baby in one hand is fuckin drop in the ocean thing that happens the other towns law there are so many do not video fish women over which rummaging shows that that's caveman were also living with them at the same time if you go to them
writing we go to the creation museum have you been i know i've been through that area and heard about its awesome the creation museum is supposed to be so awesome they have like these these lectures they explain yeah how dinosaurs were mentioned in the bible and the hell yeah how they were all here together did noah forget them is that what happened have different views on the hirlaji relate dinosaur sword it the dinosaur people time d you have it yeah i you i'd love when people get wacky ideas like that in your head and they just write em out here i to the very end i think it's so finding because people think that they're supposed to build some people and especially in religion it sort of ina think they're supposed to have been able to figure things out well notes i can its is everything should be easily explained to them everything you know like though that you most doesn't makes it should make sense to you it doesn't have to make sure you have a job that thing this was an existing but with the you don't have to know the why things
work the way they are unless that your job well as i that science handle it signed this love you work on this it is also our people they like a tribute like real the complex mechanisms to like it possibility they say you're telling me that six fourteen whatever was billion years ago somethin created the universe at nothing from there you can see with your eyes like ok man where we begin do i go yes that's what i'm telling you next questions like what you say and i can ever make yourself on nominal within itself i'm sure you do you just gotta do the work you have done some say like i couldn't if if somebody brought me all the parts and separated together and i don't i don't need to know how did you to believe that if that ran a job but some people may act like they need to know how
thing works for it makes sense that we do need to make sense than like no it's you didn't study that yes we use you don't know that what you're telling me a single celled organisms can become a giraffe yes i am next question takes a million years fucker or don't worry about it let the people horse who went to college i trust them they're all liberal exactly liberals in the queer love or those liberals brought your iphone you not worried about that is the problem that lot of conservative think tanks creating the most innovative new cellphone movement now right does that's a weird thing the comforting thing that i like about a lot of these internet based tech based businesses they seem to be very ethical and moral like this to have a connection google especially google and allow these companies they there are we more open and weigh more intelligent about their approach to ethics and morals than a lot of like other corporation i mean yeah but it's probably like if if you know
walmart is where we here is not ethical moral moral some would say with facebook is here they wouldn't say it's like all the way up your facebook is tricky fair face we i think that like you know they aren't they our information they have they we have they sell it to sell it and they may be like how does this big money if i'm not paying for it i also thing when you go to google search something and it shows you like all sorts of other share that you might be interested in on the right hand side like wait a man how the fuck do you know what i like you or the new thing where they show like i do i looked up what have you got punching bag like us they were by no means about pension and that every time i go to sites and being advertised for ever less bags and like that one time half hour looking at twenty bags went not down i'm going to do that key just dump your cookies are simply like us but is that thing they don't think about until i'm likewise it telling me the or is it tell me about like i've made a river irresolute this happened this week i made a reservation this autumn staying at now my computer's advertising me to stay at the hotel rooms
i did it i heard your gun they are together money negative marty staying there gets even weirder when you have a google phone because we have a google phone it i'll tell you like you look something up and show you like how many minutes that is from your home you fuck do you know where i live it's knows where you go every night so it soon assumes that's your home so tracks down and then where you are you're twenty three minutes we home fuck do you know where i live you should leave for work now what are you what are you telling me or the thing that i find my google phone the technology is still not working the whip google something like in allay like always that thing something that not even the answers i always think of coups while we're ok there's a thousand san diego couple years ago and it was like it's four hours to that location googled in los angeles like why we know that now that i'm not go in there you just telling me
for our slowly starting to get smart not quite not quite there yet with them but if it does get too smart you it's gonna be so intrusive or its work to say convened and i mean that with every new isa you will be her now it's a good by the integrated the conflicting ideas together yeah it we want that maybe not the sex spoils actually somewhat what this export of it but we want to build a wall in their home and go my email is put a bullet my netflix q indebted eta and then and then and you wanna go to work and be like semi that you want we want that that's what this is all about that in allowing in some ways you saying we're get yet people's everyday privacy but people like people are willing to give a privacy if it comes with a coupon and a friend some free stuff you know
until it bites of mumia until it bites when the ass and that's a question we all have a different place where we were our asses we all have different size and shape ass not by me in the agenda like but i think what the inner say it's like we it's hard to say they stay told our data when were the ones who said harry would you like i do like true you download candy crushed your phone and you think i'm just plain fun game for free and like now it's knows where you are now but the real problem is there and i let you know that the government was able to read your emails any time they want these workers could just like download your day there are for random edwards it is telling the truth may obviously i dont know but he said that these people in his office that were download emails from ex girlfriend and share sharing photos and starving i feel like you say like people didn't know that i feel like every black barbershop around the country has been talking about this for years black people i would like to see our universe yea and when the crack united we like their level of like we're being what
did all time because every time i walk into a store their literally is a guy watching me in i think in the black community i don't think the innocent story was this big of a government watching the blackmailing the truth or community should get together if memory serves to work because the true that you really goes there was no slavery ok guys to see a guy in here former cia director of operations were like he was really nice guy but i played m this guy michael rupert talking about how they were selling drawing is a former ella narcotics officer who you'd like literally caught the cia selling drugs in black communities and was direct it was with addressing the director the cia at the time i got fired right after this and i played it form on the podcasting watching them try to around it you know that this was thinking we need even i mean i let it go after a while but i didn't even get until i gary were or any other than cocoa
plain that had been the guantanamo bay twice it crash with tons of cocaine in it in mexico it means a lot of evidence that easy i might have been involved in some form or someone in the sea i i mean that absolute i mean if they do they mean that you can't you with black we will get fled in the ghetto with drugs danny i can't you know i mean for every now and again there is a real freeway were often when there is not one of them is the guy that i haven't podcast freely recounted three times and want to times that i had a mind was he discussed how he got into next with this guy who is directly setting the profits to the fucking contrast i mean that the whole contras in sending east is thing in nicaragua which was the oliver north scandal that was on television was all our free ricky sullen the coke yes i mean it's incredible and they knew freely
little bit if you like it leads to boost the black i made some money africa i really had not certainly if you do it all again he wouldn't he definitely wouldn't he's an interesting guy he's he learned a lot from it i mean he taught himself at a red in jail once it was arrested for that in and found a loop in the argument that got gonna arrest for three strikes is supposed to be three different charges and he get too two different charges it was one was one time it was arrested in that doesn't count as a three strikes law so they had a let him out he was gonna be for the rest of his life he figured that out zone after you and had a red in jail with china in in a party one time and it was the show and so when i show i would get like attention for people who normally wooden doctor like i'm having a party whose very nice be like give me a number and i had this we're like
i don't know mr all i'll give it to you sir how is it you see jim nortons by show where he innovative z pretty good river very interesting he's an interesting guy man and you know he's a real deal mean he really did have a multi time time multi million dollar cocaine industry and it really going to the government yes i mean that's a fact and i'd feel like again is a person who sentinel black barbershops basement of charges i get you to tell me here i i don't think i don't believe in lahti conspiracy theories but out to me that doesn't feel like a conspiracy theory that physical of course house would you cocaine and crack in the ghetto unless somebody was greasing the palms we could happen in that person worked and govern that was the government while not only that if i was sitting around the government now is a scenario with a bunch of military industrial complex leaders never ones
going over how to make money you go because where how much cocos get sold in this country a lot of guys we're not gonna stop that they can always so whose like this my do we want to the fucking colombia to make the money or should we just make the money oh yeah we wish private money we're not gonna stop coke but i feel like it no if even had the we're not going to stop a cumbersome feeling like a new stock the hake on my lesson that i don't feel like it gets to the hey we can't stop the people from you know i don't think it's that father discussion were like their animals any we let them destroy themselves like let's make a lot of my letsthem lose their so yeah it's apples making money we should invest in that in belgrade and the ghettos making money and only land the big impediment like what's the big problem is law enforcement that we got that yeah don't you think i would even if we were to get it we had we are now have the already have that i'm sure that's from michael rupert stepped out because he was a former ella narcotics officer he was a guy
who was involved in busting cases and he hold his story in no uncertain terms how he we told the letter go because it in the cia he's like why fuckin saying are you telling me that the cia is selling drugs in the black community no i'm tellin you let this case go as a case that you busted people is actually cia saying yes yes and that's why you have the police that's why the black community has a problem with police in this country one reason what are the odds hard to try to believe that that's the voice authority if you feel like the worst authorities not honouring its own already you know it's interesting the bay area is also interesting because of oakland which the police are notoriously horrible yes like that extra well yeah wiser
opens crazy existing metallic organs i mean ok now is becoming gentrified spoken is now one of the cities that you find in america's top places for people to live white paper so people yet because its becoming gentrified so open is released it literally struggling with the fact that its being gentrified very quickly but its communities that are not even majority black as is what people think opens a black city it's like thirty percent black it's not you know people go it's funny how few black it we have to have we go a little black people and thirty percent more than the national average it is more nash operating seventy percent what what makes the national average it's like given that the executive tumor run twelve eleven getting one of you have eleven that's a black neighbourhood yanks exactly eleven percent variety in that we lack the exactly most deprived neighbourhoods our hundred percent y yeah it's a weird and if a black family moves in it like what's happening what's going on over here my
oakland like a lot of cities that are thought to be black cities are over policed and underserved in oak as people that to me it's like it system the structural institutional racism problem that for example do we can talk about it are not talk about it but so that if a guy walks down the middle of the street saying like it sort of being a teenager whose allowed guy walk on the street a white teenager might get all get the fuck out of the street and the guy will i'm not gonna street dude grab put em on the corner don't do that should again but a black teenager who walks in the military and goes on i get a street in sub debt is my opinion on that situation that we get that even with the things it would that would be sort of like if your white they will guide let's we're not gonna make a big deal out of this that when your black it can end up in your death because of the approach to policing black country do you think that that's a problem inherent with police officers or is it because there dealing with so much violence it's coming from black people is it because there have been too
to handle cases differently i think it's a i think it's the americas founded on racism so i think it's a it's a i'm not gonna necessarily say cops are the problem cops the way people black we were police is a symptom of the fact that america the cornerstone of america is racism and everything we built was on that and that's why for you now want to have that when you have the reparations discussions like we know how we live cheap labour in this country like you know how do we get to be the richest country in the world for well because we had for in your head start on the labour in undermine like we weren't paying they weren't be borne being paid to build this country so i think that when the corners this country is founded on racism and the people who police the country are trying to protect the country's reputation a name that means a lot of times they they use racism of racism is a part of how they please country how can you ever fix a scenario where the entire culture was established with slave labour if if a jew
i percentage of what made america what it is was established because a slave labour how does i get fixed i kind of that ever balance it out how does it it is it just come naturally over course of a long period of it isn't combating socially engineer its it has to be a year it asked something has to jump start the process i think that this that you can't say affirmative action this kind with us and we will go in armour within a white man won't have a job in its like but actually it's like you have to jump start the process you have to and maybe it's me it's like if i literally said the essentially if every black from these countries give fair because i've been blackening where i have a mild form ptsd or severe former ptsd depending on where you live and if you made it an you guarantee he that the schools in the inner city were good that they were well funded public schools where you could get where you could they eat you may not get a good education here but this is a place where good at jason happens easily and that's not true most schools in the energy and if you said
and if you made it friendly for major grocery store to be in the inner city so that you know you ve been in a poor neighbours like that's the grocery store you know where a major chain grocery stores and ninety nine since store that also has fruit enemy let's like that you you said that if you made it so that it was friendly for those it's coming with a lot of joint happens it's like people in other neighbours being gentrified women and then sent closed door closed down in a whole foods opens and i go finally we have of we can afford a shop so you have to change the structures of the neighborhoods you have to change the structures of how people are being how people are living their lives and there's no there's no motive to do that now did the only the the only hope that we of that is that you know there's all those words i look at that like the money that is being made in brussels words like their somebody's got to eliza go broke but in the end a hundred years
dealing with the jordan foundation the way we're dealing with the rockefellers united saying magic johnson did a lot of that job better that at some point i hope that some of these people have this like fuck you money can actually figure out a way to port back in but they can't nesses like charter schools that jail arose as a child school they specifically in detroit to go i need to help jumpstart this situation myself it's hard to rely on individuals to do that in the interim america goes its in our best interests to make poor neighborhoods better easier enamored system a black etched in general poor neighborhoods better it will make a better country until the government feels like that's important thing and also either we have this one present the brok is very good very liberal but we all know the next will be like in the next i'm gonna look like until the country's autumn as a whole goes you know that we consider to be more we need to we should all the schools should be good there without health care shouldn't
corrupt you you know you shouldn't you shouldn't get you shouldn't have a cracks it it is amazing that we have to even say these things yes i think there's like it should be like the staples of culture yeah that immunity in the uk they go what you mean you it broke because you had can you get a broken leg here something why we think of in terms of what is the number one resource that we have an american not natural resources human beings wooden america be stronger if there were less people there were losers sites are what the best way to make less people is its work with children i think they should have community centres in any poor neighbour which its have a place where kids can escape that's right well stabbed with people that are excellent councillors people it are teaching sports and martial arts and in places where kids can work on their their studying these have computers to used access for books and all kinds of other shit so that they can
the place they can get away from the crime and just that alone will stop alot of fuckin crime and it'll give kids a place where they can they have a home away from home they have something so their parents work during the day and they didn't want to go home just stare at the walls they have somewhere to go to their people that they can look up to that can help them councillors and you're you're giving people more of a chance to be a successful human when you do that yours exiting the country here that's it i don't think people see it that way they see somehow like its again to hand out their animals yourself out by your bootstrap yesterday which to me is that you're crazy it's crazy i think that people doats its stupid it's like if you have an infection in your finger and you let it go it's going to kill you you mean like you have to sort of go we need to address this news and we can either
dress it now or we can wait until like ino would do if the burned down ferguson missouri door will get more cops to patrol yet we might europe my place in kenya in connecticut we need to get back on our crops need tanks are constantly need tanks causal gas masks xenia cannons drones that people don't take it they don't take it seriously and i think that that's the until people go oh if we build a stronger community easily to stronger america there should be thanked legs at this meeting it has taken for granted in a higher than i do that taxes for marijuana yes ecstatically guys out that solution ladies and gentlemen legalise marijuana thirty nine and tax colorado's doing hundreds of millions of dollars at your disposal at everything about the big motivates figured it out but like because you you you can't
the federal government recently last marijuana there's all this money that the pot dispensaries or make their slowly starting to do exactly like just come on america yeah well it's that's the federal government trying to fuck with people may yet it is not only that their arresting people in using these with these federal parks like theirs nor can we states where its legal but they go to the park in this they spark up a joint the state park and then the federal government comes in and arrest some even though brok about thing has been pretty clear about their not trying to prosecute the president can i say that we're not trying to after these thing well he has been pretty clear about that however his administration and in the d a has prosecutor a lot of five million people in states where medical marijuana is legal they did that thing they do which is really cute as they arrest people they take other we they take all their money and then they say the cases pending and the lady have to sit there and they they don't do anything about it but they stole five
a thousand dollars from them in a million dollars or the weed and then just sitting there waiting to find out whether now you're gonna go to jail and some of them do i have a friend who's going to jail because of a nome several people that have gone to jail during the obama administration no you're selling medical marijuana its legal so he's kind of full shit comes to that he's coming to you i like i like brok i'm not in love with any more what happened did you guys breaker we broke caused it what caused it for me the thing actually cause it over and over again was every time there is like lecture avis their games on death row in texas who people like the evidence as it he didn't do it and their people like i'm on twitter people like say something brok say something just if you like one of those dixon every time the issue that is it that fall squarely on ahead of blackmail in this country and brok sort of tb those around it does dress it had answered enough i feel like he that's why we elected like president that's why black people went out to vote is because we want
somebody who had our back and every time he doesn't and you can t get fix problems unexpected to fix things when it takes him four days to talk about ferguson and as he says one is aiming to quickly or he wants it cause you d want to be seen as putting his thumb on the scale of justice unlike oh do that's why lected you i want to get some on the scale of justice that's good that's we again we need to jump start the system and so for me the stuff like that with you know with the sort of the data and again yes veto which we ve gone martin people are indeed but i'm going well that's the job the jobs it yielded times i do not wish to take a hat is to have a hard weak because you take him a good stand if you take a stance anyway you're going to yell so pro or con if he took an andrews zimmermann stance in order to make that george whether the funds needed or he the trail on martin stance whoever side he cited on you're going to face an assault of opinion but my contention that black people rallied around a black president because you like we need
you know boarding and christians had a voice in the in the white house with george w bush and georgia must not hide is boarding unchristianness he didn't he said god the timing he said we gods greta whereas brok he now he he's clearly walking a fine line which yet i wouldn't want to treat places with them i wouldn't be the first got a fifth black reservoir though any priority for our white president you did take the job if you did go get you didn't you didn't get assigned the job don't think that that jobs unimaginably difficult and honest unmanageable difficult it is but you took the job yeah it's yet is put just you know beat everything is that we all have our things we pick and it's hard to do it's hard to be stated comedian but you took the job in nothing it i'm not comparatively approach i think instead of comedian you can actually do it
you can't you didn't the white ass you can actually be the present you cannot really the president i think you get in there man you are faced with just a fuckin tidal wave of special interest groups and money in pole is probably decry similar to having you're late night talk show them how you're gonna do a cold putting but i don't want to do a cold opening except you never get to that john stewart position we tell her what the fuck are now because you get to be present for twenty years to but your behavior show is not the country economically dude where
at a time we did we see three hours and you are going to do for the long haul but little through through artist is trying to keep the ball that was fun what are you doing next suzerainty yemeni projects in the way i see you could look forty i go of big brother offers one taken a month after my wife will have our second kid but people can't afford to that but then in november i'm gonna like my most extensive to wherever ok cool beautiful has covered everything tour o everything oh everything what's wrong so i will be hitting of many targets i like that i have never before in places i love to go to a beautiful so everywhere dotcom uk may you be l l dot com or twitter and facebook debbie come out bell at debbie clever if you look at it well i'm the one at this to do in a nutshell man just do your show on the internet you know it's it's italians are getting out of new york in like sort of the haze has been lifted in the storm is passed over and i feel like i've just got back in and a beginning
the guy river that i was ok but i'm a little bit wiser like this guy so it's come sums and working workers mr beautiful listen man than a lot of fun thank you very much i really appreciate the conversation been an alderman thanks thanks sir i come out is german see soon figures
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