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#556 - Bryan Callen

2014-09-30 | 🔗
Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts "The Fighter & The Kid" podcast.
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and if i like how the fighters in smaller fought because he gets more letters you guys base it on like what's with an even trade way the ink there we weighing we had headway the fighter is nice and long but the kid what he designs are you sure it's terrible with clothing i'm not a big of that action is tat you might want to look into someone who actually makes teach that looks like a fuckin junior high school did the tehran brush with the idea that looks like art class eating give a fuck about passing against karate kid font santiago is it supposed to be like like confirm movie fire yeah sure moralist creative artists department i love both you guys but that is one the least creative tee shirts i've ever seen and i love that any thing that finally to end the end that the whole fucking weird thing that that stands for and you know what is that what is this thing called
and sign what's then an adversary and that's what i thought and percent was in a had it like a pound like with the aim that circled that's what is that what is at what is the actual ex not asterisk no astrogas star right i shall try to make tee shirts where my which ones in pursuit of outlets fund i am percent ampere sand and yeah ok a jamie's totally correct so ampere sand is the that's the end like fighter my andrey it's a weird little symbol sicily shirt yes you do obviously right there man fighter and the kid lighter and then that over the t dream you just look at it you need glasses i not just cause you need is such that it gave me and you're gonna glasses bandwagon they could he could reach it better be okay the outlines actually called strudel in israel ok we're on israel was
when america outside that scientists now tat side strudel yeah that's one of those ones that like didn't have any play for like hundreds of years what is this useless fucking thing bring things got outta you would look like that before twitter and facebook knowledge it and what can the name enough before can never use the thing on the keyboard on a typewriter that was a useless goddamn keeluk who the hell needs that answer and i would ask what is that some shit you'll never use meanwhile some shit everybody use in our everybody's can twitter handle how many poor lad langer changes are you apparent seiners hashtag person per year we should say pounds wise it get to be hashtag it's the same goddamn thing i said it had a different connotation what was a pound science quotation that it was this on your phone member of the eu or would be would punctuated send them send a message is like a voice my press the pound talk and that's all but they say the pound side but then all
but an hashtag came along what are you big corned beef in sweden hash can i ask this where is this we have to acknowledge call hashtag has tat question mark would the origin what's gonna send us a link on twitter i'm sure the origins of the word hashtag hashtag came from twitter it right now and then face bug adopted in southern sudanese linguist housing why why do you like southern accents for example in mississippi never go away why did like certain regions have hold onto their accents and he said most of it has to do with the fact that you copy the person is older the person you look up too if he has an accent that's the guy you gonna try to talk like so it gets passed down from generation to generation and doesn't really get diluted causes stand up more human beings a tribal and so what they do with you you grew up around your dad you're older brother or somebody you look up to speaks a certain way without even realizing it use
are taken on their language you speak exactly the way the same intonation in everything and so what happens is that accent in louisiana will always stay that access louisiana it's really interesting but then again dec start the sort of change as well as people migrate would have a bunch of bad motherfuckers bunch a ban as big dick south africans came in just fucked everybody in the town dominated came in with it dollars cash who be interesting if there was a way where you could read structure and accent just a few dominant alpha chip and seeing the nails with a strange accent in a strange south african accent like if there's a way like some bad motherfuckers could move into an area well if anybody would want to be like them so much that we start talking like south have if you gonna barcelona in spain that they then they talk with alive but helen them sailor now they do and they say that is because the king had a list a long time ago and everybody
copy that serve you know that that cocoa is more of the law it is kind of weird that that list is concerned to be odd one strange sound that you make but of lowering the audience is considered to be flamboyant and beautiful like say someone who speak the queen's english of course i wait another we have like that we have like categories will will put like this is a sound he should make this a sound where it's fucked up it's gonna like it and it's all based on our control see the list the issue with the lisbon some people cannot control the fact that they make that sound so that trying to lift it very difficult for them to not lift yet but so because that that sound becomes inappropriate yeah maybe it's because when you have a this bit already koran quote a de facto is considered a weakness yes so that would be something that is what just because you can control it that its weakness is roles is ours on purpose then itself
who is ongoing abundance but if he wrote euro your eyes because you can't stop by your other that's gonna macgregor of acute economic gregor conor i can i got a little bit of his own ironical allow a letter with ass an adult cleveland thing an irish thing but yeah the hours or slippery i dunno sanders role what if it goes would without was a disease you know instead of a life rhino oh it's always gotta rasp are the poor bastard tom i can't help it beecham bedroom stutters status are narrow logical study tat yeah that's an hour logical thing there was a kid i used to be friends with and his brother have stutter poor poor bastard it's fucking would lock up they would lock up and fry i need one or like helping louis yes and yet act like nothing my that something about stutters in dear me to the person like i want to attack them but we had a guy might tackle on a school who would sometimes we'd line up and he lets say chariot created link
and he could he had such a bad start soon a recent article chariot and we had to wait sometimes for it forty seconds why but of course we all day and something about a study has always made me feel protective over the purse if you're stutter an autopsy you re getting kicked in the head that's cause you got a lot of you get shit go on there already some bad connection maybe you could let loose again about the stories were like kid gets in a car accident arsenicum also play music well there's a robert sacks to the thing about this guy who got struck by lightning is regular dude got struck by lightning and be king obsessed with music especially the piano and just didn't literally did nothing but play twelve hours a day and an think piano and and he was convinced it was a sign from god sir robert sack said well you know it may be aside from garbage
anywhere can study your brain and he said now now this is scott and i'm not in sydney scientifically just such a bomber forms a what fuck happened what happened to you that struck by lightning and you be obsessed with the piano where he lives we played all that i think is probably scared that if you find something that's wrong that they might like fix it why do i go back to being normal well it's very strange to me also because what they find with people who like when they say something like you got to follow your passion than promote that is that you got abroad in your passion somebody's a passionate be just what you know and a lot of people consider their passion what they're just good at already or they are they came out with this the right nino emotional states or was easier for them to learn but some passions you have the work at really hard before you get good at him like math or for that matter even like boxing
you know something like that but so right but why would you think did he would want to not have his brain examined oh i thought it was a religious superstitious thing i think that he kind of felt he would go away if somebody did something to his brows everything yeah that's it that's what sacks at i mean that i did in fact i would wonder if he would be afraid that it was purely psychological this is i think there's a lot of people who say they believe in god and they don't talk about the fact that i believe in god but i do not believe a hundred percent thinking i believe like eighty percent and twenty percent haunts them don't they don't want addressed at twenty percent and when suddenly this happens or as a tangible effect of a physical act attributed to god if someone comes launches know you're your dual among whatever the got fried you don't have forty brainy more and that party brain dictate social skills are given a hard time like talking to people you i will you lost that parts out there anymore see
basing you now all of you all your attention is now going to music and if you found out that instead of like god gave you a gift dawit fuck with your head that's right well out they say the people of the fundamentalists people who are you know they believe they will in a diver their beliefs there's always a group deal a doubt away more doubt what those people how much fuckin mental illnesses there in this world something no one wants to bring up no one wants to bring up like how much of believing unbelievably ludicrous ship is a type of an ant alone that's the first question also investment if you say i believe in god i actually think that better question naturally is what is called for how do you define got yeah i mean as god what they thought he was when they were riding on animal skins or can we define god as theirs there is obviously a better look there's there's a weight it feels good in this world and there is a way that fills banned this world what feels bad tragedy
disease injury pain suffering violence crimes stealing taking advantage of robbing that all did you hear that fuck did this gaga fucked over all this beat up levy this video fuck this guy got this that's obviously the worse way to go we feel that right but positive is like you see friendship and you see how be kids playing any see people smiling because then south asia self sacrificing barbecue is you see you see like asperity and friendship and kinship you see all this good stuff and so if you just obvious if you just live your life more towards the good stuff is the most you can that's like a godly lie yeah like what if i'm not agreed international life frightened nest they called it does i would call
irrational like in other words you were as long as you stay within what would be considered the rational so so if you liberal roman law was kind of predicated on right so if you park your chariot in an area where they do in carthage and you get a ticket you go the judge me say roman judge in carthage we progress this is where the roman judge goes ok well in rome we do it this way so try to do try to do it that way that did dissuade lynite delineate law then and comes long snatches of baby out of omens arm and kidnaps at our kills or something and let's go an eagle eye now we do that in carthage well what the rule what roman law would says we don't but well whether you do at carthage or not does not matter because this is outside the bounds rationality this is outside the bounds of nature this is an unnatural act hence our romans never cicero it was about a sword hiding people and fuck each other because because they also had a sales at a massive empire that have to be run according
you said you had a principle you have to have something that it does make sense but everybody's idea of what that is dependent tiredly upon what happened to them when they were young it's what you're exposed when you really young have you find out about the vast majority of people that commit like horrific acts like a good chunk of had some serious trauma when they were young whether it was someone sexually molested them or someone abuse then there's love abuse there some raw among they always a few of them the people can't figure out like you know it once they have a hard time figure out jeffrey dahmer that armor apparently had like normal parents that that sociopath gene that there has been so much research recently written on this in fact a barber oakley wrote a book called the evil genes and and they really looked at how different serial killer brains and that that they think that there is for
or something that goes on genetically with sociopaths jamming gacy in those gonna people they actually in me it is you can actually tell they have a different brain than do regular people and there's a lot of science now given that the history make sense i mean if you look at every body type there is look at all the different flaws that people just are born with like like me i got a little like us have spy swear i dont groaning pigment aroma knock as bigger hasn't brennan shopkeeper that's very good evolved i've got a lot of issues but that that's probably not that's why we're not bad that's the guy gave me freaky bones but the bad stuff is very minimal you look at some bats of two people have like we know people that are dead we know well that had cancer and died we know people that are born with like degenerative arthritis you know sean rouse net poor bastard mean that poor bastard is
always in pain and he's a fucking funny dude man rouses funny shit he's really good kids always in pain dummy shake hands you just one obvious channels can run the toilet bad dude it's bad it's an item you just got new yeah let's get as users are held in fact since thirty is due to his you know he just that needs a genetic role the dice it just get fucked itself my point was it there's so much variation and like you see people dwarfism you seen people with a gigantic this variation everywhere just would only make sense that there be variation in the structure of the act brain self some people are born with weak eyesight their double dry sites ox red green is a fear of physical body emulated there is no reason to believe that that first fountain first ball evolutionary biologists have come the illusion that the brain of our brains are active
we are not born a blank slate here's the big question here's the really big question is is the one for everywhere this hard won as medical science reaches sir point where they understand the components of the brain far more clearly than they do now cause like you wanna seems the without on the show the last few days i had the skype daddy russell on and dumb he was he was talking about how just like a hundred years or so ago the way people would look at certain races radically different than the way they look at him now it can medical journal censure the way they would describe irish was that there were like basically like apes they would do is unlike harvard amuse really fascinating conversation we know now that's ridiculous right we know now that there is brilliant people from every single race and it's the big that is what are you exposed to you know what kind of genetics dealing with and can curiosity do you have in your family would well how do you develop what
but now you are nurtured browser nature what makes us sprinter does disqualify him from being a brilliant thinker no it doesn't in other there's a desert there those ideas or in the past but if there was a way with it examined your brain and go with this guy has no empathy this guy completely lack of the end he gets and enjoyment torturing animals if you could find there are already doing that and in fact what they found is a lot of serial killers have under developed mozilla's so that almond shaped that part of the brain it believes it that afflict serotonin etc and a lot of them have smaller than normal or their damaged and it's it's hard for it like one things that they talk about serial killers lead times is for them to feel is sometimes closed
possible than getting us two extremes but sexual sadism and all that stuff is that what they call what this guy the great famous profile richer walter calls a power excitement so people get off on the some people kill you overpower they're gonna kill you but but when somebody's been torturing somebody they there they get off in the act of killing not the killing the act of killing and that's those kinds of people have they think have different brands they got it stood off on the power and then feeling any more sang at sea sexual pleasure from putting people and terrible pain do now here's the question if they can spot i mean how we're does the world get why going to let that guy live like we would all have to look at them like it's no different in my opinion then having a vampire that lives new neighbourhood of if
applying our neighbourhood and the vampires constantly compelled to feed on on human blood how long would it take before but rather the troops and stuck a fuckin stake in a vampire heart it would tat a very data very good quality the first day now if you found a way to absolutely identify a serial killer this guy is a fucking serial killer this guys with his die this is what's important him this is what he doesn't give a fuck about the scale of killing he loves torturing ever give a fuck native to kill him like having a vampire write me wouldn't be the swelling or be another thing about this by the same token what you what would you have to say about some light as they have brain damage their brains are damage they are not working like an irrational human beings are you gonna fix it will not either you fix it or you categorically look at it the same way you would look at any kind of a deep a birth defect or handicap what's what that means then is what
say about punitive punishment do you punish them or do you put them in a hospital and keep them in a paddle room that's the other question what kind of a life is i don't know but but but what you do let's just say that we can prove their brains are different as a physiological than they had no control over but at the end of the day they have urges they have no control over them say the way somebody gambles really badly now what now now yes there killers their horrible we want i'm dead frankly it's a sick dog well to human being so what do we do that what would it what does that say about punitive punishment do you punish or do you put them in a hospital put him in a room with a very sensible john wayne like character i must say one of you guys step outside any here pang he went for my gun and they
and go home that's what happened i would agree i say it spear can write a law like that the experiment is not a matter of using monkeys use human yet as you can't you can write a law like tat because it concerns inconsistent with about this every time you experiment on em you let him kill an asshole you take like a child molesters in every time like the serial killer you let alone try some new birth control autumn or something every candidate you that i'm kiloton lester well richard richard
fbi europhile if that was the guy who can create came up with a double helix whenever he called it of how a serial killer universe twenty thousand murderous from someone i met in what's really fascinating to t hear him talk about how serial killers come to be so how they start and they start in really weird ways usually starts with some kind of fetishism like like grubbing up somebody against somebody in a bus stop or they call it peak tourism somehow find like when a cop hears about somebody who caught up a bunch of leather jackets in a store they'll go home on we want to come in there and look at something because what richard walter would say it says a lot of them who were into is cutting people a lot of them started by going into department stores and doing terrible damage to all
the fine leather by cutting put a very sharp scandal and they got off on the fact that firstly could get caught it's very expensive they be in big trouble but also they states the feeling of skin so so then what happens with serial killers they said is that you keep going and you keep needing a bigger and bigger fix and you never go back from that like that you know we are able to refer where's the perversion so once they have once they the anti and up the ante until finally they kill your never there never going back never that that urge continues come back more more that's john that's a ted bundy which are one of the most terrifying once was the zone until her because he was obviously super smart who would write things in code he would leave the messages to crack author i led us to the victim's parent families and he never get caught
never got caught they don't know that guy was this all these different fuckin speculations none of them you know seem to be a hundred percent they have some idea i tell people said that was my dad and people said i know the guy they but the whoever the guy was he had to be above average intelligence very very smart which is fuckin terrifying that someone could be very very smart and just wanted to say it is just one of can some people here and they are out there its price this sort of i look at it is like the ones that book the demon mom the every the dinner monday demonic mail about chimps actually apes and how human beings are bipolar apes capable of incredible kindness an incredible cruelty and maybe and if you look at apes i'll do that like chimps woke fucking kill each other and body than their incredibly caring of a young sometimes and we're a bipolar it you know
but but that that could have a genetic usefulness apparently like the variation in genes one extreme to the other one extreme being are no mother teresa the other extreme means every dahmer and we all kind of live somewhere in the middle but geneticists will tell you that you need both extremes you know to create the mean pretty fuckin you may start getting into society like god damn it we are thinking about that if you think about needing both sides like is that exist everywhere in the universe is rihanna coal is zero always and evil and a good growed that it does does the evil make the good better doesn't make it feel better i mean is that a part of the whole thing you have to write like we were talking about people who were born in with roars yesterday roy albany's larry's guy we're talking about people born in that when people are born in the money they never happy they just can't they can't do everything's always been handed them they if they dont earn it if you don't feel
struggle of being broke like i think you and i appreciate everything we we ve earned because when you are young you can clearly remember that you now you were fuckin trying to pay your bills and need doing jobs and it has always longings vienna we're gonna job security you work in a for why worked and mcdonald's i work construction for summer in in d c in the middle of summer here about working in a bank was so guess so aren't gazette sixteen months did waken up when i'm still dark brown nylon socks i literally i thought i was going to die i started to become i started to dislike myself i was i was being i became am i was even instrument i was eating anymore to i became a bad person that's how you got out of it because you your soul what while all documents have i panicked s i have to be an actor i ran into my friends roma ok dude i'm quitting everything and that's when i had a dream
i'll take an amazing during an amazing study onto on your point in nine in nineteen thirty they did this five year study on boston school children and they too do you know the story now but i'll tell you right now that eighty percent of retorts knock heads off me might be right dixon towards but it's really famous studied it has far reaching implications which was they took two large groups and for five years they gave one group a great deal of support money psych psychological help toodles tutoring coaches and a good deal of completely alone they came back thirty years later and let the both groups and the group that had it five years of that kind of special attention there it was fearing far worse and had much higher levels of alcohol abuse than the other because the other group had to rely on this become self reliant
and that required all the other things that need to be careful because sometimes you can damage somebody but certainly said reliance and and not learning helplessness but learning the opposite so fuckin import loads well it's their right in front of our eyes we just want to ignore like what you say you have to be careful with the stress because you could damage somebody that psych analogous to working out a gag at her of working out but of your idea is to just stay seville veal in a room that's padded so that europe it has never move and get injured or get shit so you know you could do a lot of things with your body i wouldn't what would you rather like not being pain alla time and not like i like feel your are deteriorating right you know me sore from working out i mean like when you when you have nothing you have no muscle
everything is just mush and grew and slowly gravity starts pull on towards about well that's what happens if you don't ever risk exercise the same thing with your brain you build neural pathways in your brain you can literally build them you would think it with everything in this world you you can either regime and then grow stronger because of resisting or never resist and have this like apathetic way of approaching whatever the fuck it is you're doing everything you do everything it was hard to do everybody i it's really hard making watches you know it's really hard everything it's done well that's right that's it's really hard so true everything is done well so true that's why if the social partners have sushi movies so fuckin interests days because who gives a fuck the guys just making sushi like i wouldn't alternative it and why should a person like a member yeah he said my person like me that's good tries him how could he look like gonna cried he was ninety was that express
in that they use what's that expressed in these were a guy who's just a complete master at something i forget what the expression why stroller no no no it's a japanese expression that they were using to describe how this guy who had worked so meticulously on creating this egg dish memory was memory was making that exist for like a year and he just couldn't get it right and one day the guy you know said you got right and then gave him this japanese saving and find it whatever the fuck it is from the movie zero dreams of suchet simply because it is one of his it was one of his apprentices who just kept have another four can throw in the towel the way it was got a right they have this weird egg dished they make and it has to be perfected
i'm not sure how they're doing it but of eventual eventually after a year this guy got it right and he was so happy said he cried shokhin show coonan yeah show congeal coonan what is it what is a definition is it like wikipedia definition was a show coonan couldn't hear arguments should spell it s edge o k you and i am sure coonan the japanese word show coonan ok there's a guy literally translated artists and craftsmen who feel deep obligation it's why don't like pellet political correctness because having into law i think we're we're which do not have that we live in a culture that is always telling you you have to feel good and i think aiding worth it anything worth it it takes what exactly we are taught anything does amy wrong with wanting to feel good
the real issue with political correctness says that it avoids intent and it ignores the complex subtleties of human community it ignores the reality that one person could say something about this you can say something one time in its offensive and you could say the same thing when you are in a better mood in a better situation and it's hilarious you could be in the wrong state of mind when you say it or you could say clumsily in people don't accept did you know you did say it after something that people might think it's insensitive you said and then i will go on the ride with you or you could say the same thing in front of the same people in addition circumstance and they get how laughing i haven't got a funny guy ever i can't believe you so that all my guys so crazy the it it political correctness in applies as you applied to humor
also those things something you could relate to you tell me you can't really to racist off like look there's certain amount of racist stuff that's fucking hilarious including racist stuff against why relate to you tell me you can't really to racist stuff like look there's certain amount of racist stuff that's fucking hilarious including racist stuff against white people when richard price you do that you know it your model mother fucker my mom is a great all gal that is racist joe that's making fun of white people that are goofy katy with all your mama mother fucker you can't you can't say that to them at work i mean that's races is it or is it ratio is it only racist if a white person doesn't and racial if a black doesn't me what is its it's a type of humor what does theirs i guess in racism and bigotry bigotry and individual rights on bigoted you can we be its fat people or whenever whereas racism just the definition applies to the
institutional racism so you're a rat so that's why it was always used more sensibly to black people in this country at least because when you in a racist society the institutions themselves our stacked against you because the racist that's why you can have a white pride shirt but you can have a brown pride short if your max jennings attained the last case was tat to that a growing nelson joked around we can have a council ask has had a white pride to on his chest like the brown pride on came that's what would anybody be able to do i mean do turning to the iranians but there's not because of course no owned white people there wasn't a bunch of people that were kidnapped over in iceland and thrown onto a fuckin slave ship and dragged overdue america your text was so funny about non violence and i was like the honouring women and film yeah we're like yours women in film haven't women always been them then you go one at that
what they honoured white men in wonder what would happen what kind of an uproar have you haven't thing honouring men in film right is mostly why because you can do black man bright black men and film like tat would be like like a real black tie affair germany would go there in dress in your best but i knew shiny issues but what i said was you said other oh it's women in film like are women in every movie right debate we in every movie cracked coming movies don't have women well they are very clear i haven't they always been movies always enough and forever i gotta have i mean they ve done some awesome shit i don't have a problem this is that my issue i don't have a problem with them honouring women in film at all i have no problem i point out like what if they want to do white men and film because i know that there would be a massive outrage that i accept the fact
the people want to honour only women and film i accept the fact that i bet for women it's pretty fuckin frustrating sums because i bet a lot of movies that women go too are just not geared for you know there's a lot of movies like if you go see you now transformers that was that's probably geared towards anybody they probably that bitch right down the middle stacks and graphs and they probably phone calls and fuckin brought in people to analyze it they probably cut that right down the middle men and women they probably give you just enough mushy bullshit so that women go google for my girlfriend would say if i go hey that's what's transformers thou be hurry actual thousand girlfriend smarter than what they are on record like act in your answer accuse him over the dear hunter to fucked up moving and i want to see a movie whereas now council now to get the fucking gun by the head and you know it we gonna shoot himself and plain i became an angry i became an active because that same procure
fuck an amazing movie you never see the dear hunter it's one of those movies from the seventies but is it like seventy one example i die you have one best picture nineteen seventy eight was it valley a while but one of the things we either way it's from an era where a lot of the movies don't hold up seventies movies man some of our tough to watch the fuckin dear on holy shit that's a good movie that was so beyond anything at the time she seen shocking would when it its himself in the head and grab some more heartbreaking right when i said i was in an age where i just unresponsive movie seriously and second i never get over that i would like to know what that is the moon was incredibly those robert ear when you mother how great the greatest at that point christopher walken who is a mother fucker mandela mother fucker christopher walken you give him a good role he still money he still carries is creepy power to whom i would say that the awesome seen from pump
action i know the wash in rome ass from romania that's the great cigarettes the greatest i didn't really like to see a perfect idea i was like getting the watch was up your ass i love that item abiding by it for some reason i love the movie but unlike that seems like come out here with this watch i know again it up your ass you know i don't know what i've whatever is work for me but him to romance you know i am mister wally on the anti christ you got me in a kind of mood one of the little cure may at the risk of sounding redundant gotta make answers genuine saw who so creepy when you do too because it is the words like the tone like it's very originally christopher walken type the liver i'd never i couldn't believe that seen outside
but i still don't know pantomime the pantomime gags until seventeen whatever the seventeen if moments ago twenty one brain discuss through this whole wheels like within this fuckin pool hussars movie poor old junkies people tried tommy that was good hope god oh god fuck an awful and is a sea the lion in the jungle it's not a good thing never told me like this gives us great speech my group that movie is dog shit here people who still recommended awesome king and new york was great too and it gives us he was amazing that the that poor movie is no one could put really play pool their all at wakeham ball round shit like they do not really play for you can have a movie where you dont even teach cigar play pool it's gotta look at least a little bit like actually play poker does is offensive and it's like mines is like it so goofy the guy doesn't want to get the job which like why do you like poor so much i have no idea i learned it that a form of age
i learned it when but i was its help me transfer alive a gas and energy that are probably would have put into bad places in man you're good you ran a table heading three times me a chopper like strata table three times a along at this table i hear it's a stupid thing you're good at item i freely admit it let people go you more gulf but you play pool denmark everything my own dialing ask israel had placed a mock everybody i might self by mark you mock me i'm a golf i marked every fuckin thing there is a marked pink ribbons for breast cancer and walk in aids a market all right out everything's marketable goods bought birth can suck my dick every one of em my brain cells me with their freedoms i'm downward mockingbirds get it give alarming i think the more i can laugh the better and i find the
then the happier i am like us and jim nor on the radio today been anthony show you tell a him and jim florentine about how jim morton was jerk off in the back seat of his car or they were driving home from a gay met a girl he was so excited it was so funny i was fucking crying what does it matter anyone you gonna drive before he got together whether what he no no he met her and it didn't work out you hooked up other like you know maybe look touch she touched him or someplace and then he had to go and it was so far not that he had a jerk off so he jerked out in the car back seat near tell this story was fuck unawares and there were tolstoy passes each other's balls and it was it genuinely enjoyable for both them and for me it's like it's fun listened but people some people are just doc can handle i wanna be laughing are learning earning us numbing animals a boring i guess i'll eat and sleep but there are will have a problem with being stupid i love is stupid but they have a problem
you know i mean people don't like being marked because a lot of times when there being marked there's no humour to it there is a humorous very mean humor there's some humor that's just not fun it goes back to that same thing about politically correct can we laugh at you every academic i have my pie i guess you know i love haven't all the academics every single one of them every single one m says basically says to me what kills me is how politically correct have to be a my classroom not if i'm not i could get in huge trouble so if you're a harvard yale faculty you better be speaking for everyone including paul pennies tribes and i mean it doesn't matter man if you say anything if you even say it's just unbelievable man and and that's the number one complaint i hear from ok but here's the big question is this or the question of how with thaddeus russell and we talked yes and with roy too is is this a sign of some sort of social progress that we're like springing
back so far the other way that it's just it's it's rebound in like some of the lost ground that was given up when they when they had things like separate fuckin fountains for men when women could get raped known would do anything about it when copsewood literally ass someone what we wearing when you get raped mean all the different things that have happened all the different types of people have been homophobia or you know outwardly sex is both from towards men and towards women that the bigger the reaction that leg is happening now like this this big below back to speak politically correct left wing progressive pushing that may be it's just like the waves of the ocean like we're talking about earlier the unity yang that you need to have the good and he sometimes you need a good this blow the fuck up even the evils like ok i
ok i think the answer is yes that the waivers is pushing in the other direction however a good direction it's a good direction however you gotta make sure it doesn't it doesn't doesn't get to create it does become its own form of tyranny and it doesn't get nowhere the troll so you have to realise that some people they use an ideology to get out there aggression and they can choose to decide the that its relevant or justified and in doing so what they are stressed out fucked up people who have a of tension in their lives and they have a cause and they find a cause that they agree with that makes intellectual science and then is supported by other people and then they aggressively pursue that caused the point of calling people out being nasty and vicious what are they we doing now i'll tell you what they're really doing their using a cause to be an asshole why
cause there ass halls where assholes that support a good idea and they're doing totally the wrong way and in doing so the wrong way being super aggressive an asshole lish what you're doing here's your strengthening up the resistance to that so of your ass haulage like in a right wing sort of away you're gonna make a bunch of asshole left wing people that are forced to deal with your bullshit but consequently if your asshole wish from a left wing point of view and you want everything politically correct and it's not it's not fresh in its fresh people the upcoming you're you're dealing with that kind of shit which is stupid nonsense i ll give you an amazing example in this area and it became a fierce fierce debate when when i hear it no doubt and terrible sally swing of heaven psyche spill is coffee everywhere a dense willpower actually kept
the coffee in my hand there it is not bad not bad but it was my sally swing chair which i love is on some serious rollers farragut i gotta it was very little coffee but this is this is a classic example of one of the biggest debates intellectual debate period do what which was the when it used to be that everybody would talk about human beings and it was a sort of married to marxist ideology the idea that human beings started zero we are all a blank slate so every child is what is it blank slate and whenever you socially put on it will actually be so so who says why should play with guns they should also be given dolls and will make the world a better place and peep men will be as aggressive and aggression is learned it is inherent in innate that was the dogma and a bunch of evolutionary scientist are doing a lot of a lot of work like steven pinker and stamping wrote a book called the blank slate and a large part of the book is chronicles the when the air
snorri biologist who studied for example the where the name the yacht amano the take up hundreds at the tens of thousands of miles in the amazon basin the the wood the men that killed more in battle sigh heard more children had our wives and when that anthropic just came back with that and said i'm studying indigenous cultures here where aggression now only is seems to be natural not exposed the western ideas of what it would aggressions but they fight all the time they their lot i will warfare it also when they come back to their tribes it also seems to be that they are more attractive to females well when he came back and said that the the p bobo had held the blank slate theory went crazy and attacked all those guys attack that guy in a number of other people they attacked them personally
call them liars their fighting their dad and everything else of course now we know with team pickers work in these guys and almost all of biologist agree that you are born people are born look we're talking about with with different proclivities but human beings pretty much every culture whenever studied the date they fight when the russian here's helios there's its malleable human beings or malleable yes they have very ideal they have tendencies that tend to be exhibited in their their relatives and especially in the family and we ve known that with dogs for the fact that we think that it doesn't exist in humans when it exist so clearly and dogs like joe the guy bought john from the massive yet he won't breed a dog if its aggressive to people you won't let it breed he'll fixin to fix the mail
it's a female who get her fix too and he just if anyone that's a trip that they exhibit any aggression towards people done any joint aggression towards dogs not interested while not interested what let a breed so you ve met my dog he's the sweetest dog ever yes so nice he's just so gentle like my four year old play with them and i were in his pocket big dog but i everywhere you wouldn't you say human beings which had to scratch and cross fight enhanced status for existence you don't think that aggression is gonna be an ever machinery necessity it is well how about dogs above the dog you used to have came bread exam great that crazy don't like fuckin doesn't goats yet to go to a baby cow and broke the legs of the avenue shepard and with what was up at that time that dog was being bred for fighting dog was a world wind that dog couldn't wait to get its teeth on something live for it was hyper charge it was like it was on ten all the time i loved the dark i go
and was a little dog to that'll total reeling us by both skinny be called the real pitfalls of these to fight of where they live apparently still due in part to the country like thirty five pound yeah that's a big one yet their small dog the big ones get tired apparently those big dogs it's just like you have see fighters like see those big dogs there like that those super monster pitfalls they would never find those they fight the little separating kennedys he seems never take kennedy he's just grind you down so fuckin tough break the tough break we're getting what what what are they what did you think about that i'm sorry to jump over now but now it's ok yeah that what for functional know we're talking about the yellow romero who is this todd ressler from cuba to tom rawle champion yeah he's one he said he a metal in every single wrestling tournament he entered pretty much i mean he metallurgy is a silver meddling in the olympics he meddled in the world
you mean just he's a fucking freak wrestler kills anderson was grace when the graves amateur wrestlers of all time you are beat him twice slice twice is that much of a freak when assuming the octagon i almost wish cause he's only thirty six thirty seven years old i almost wish we gotta when he was twenty seven god you know i mean ten years of our guy and a man of business hard for him to get over from cuba to america but he fought this guy tim kennedy and for the first round his head beaten at ass he was beaten tim kennedys ass if the speed and it was connection he every time you had kennedy but kennedy fucking tough carry sulphur content his strategy was is to make this guy work to stay there gas in the awesome gas amount and so you start attacking the sakharov and you see romero breakin see slowly started get exhausted and kennedy issues working m constantly jim constantly making a breed and then the end of the round he crack some but if you didn't see the controversy and kennedy side there's a visit
of kennedy holden romero glove pull this oh why kennedy holds romero glove our boy but its people it's like there's an animated gif to probably show it just as good it's hard to look at and be be like a objective about it because if you look at just the instance where he's black grabbing the glove clearly looks like he's cheating and he's landing a couple punches wise holding onto the inside of someone's gloves i can't use their armful but when you watch it in real time in the full context of the fight you realized it was a fraction of a second here and there was haymakers being thrown he was holding onto his arm in it so happened that for not even a second here his hand inside the glove but that's that's not that's just a photograph you want to see the animated give cause the enemy to give he goes from that which is holding the risk where the gloves which is totally acceptable to as he's punching for a brief
my fingers went in there but then after that is when it connected with some pretty big shots the of the round like i honestly i looked at it a few times very objectively i've had so much which played again played again from the beginning oh that's a split second aegis phenomenon within this is all in slow motion which splits get in slow motion so let's see it again see grab bomb it's like not i'm in a second got caught i think it looks like a sliding down he was in the middle of yakking combat that's what was going on he was a beast right there just swinging look at these off he is he's got it he's got a hold of the glove man i don't know now that looks they don't loading it looks like but it's a problem is its happening in slow she looks like easily found its way deftly slid down but one to i want to know how i see the thing is in the real fight i don't even know if that was like he real he was holding it any let go i mean how much time was you holding it let's see if you can
the real easy going on right now he doesn't say forget about this because this is not even half speed we need to find the right video find the real the us are really getting real time but look i was calling it i notice and i ve noticed around a definite said something i thought that is a very short time even in so much work was way more factor was that romero was sitting on a stool and between rounds did it make him stand out that take a stool away there's twenty nine seconds between the end of the second round when he was fucking on queer street he was on the corner of queer street and queer boulevard he was right try he got flock and rocked ban he walked back to correlate a drug that thirty seconds is giant whose fault is well you know they said like tin can you say in his corner put too much vaseline i'm see that's what's wrong because it's not the corners user vaseline is that you have to cut man the use of us and so the you'll assigns cut man we ve seen cut men for every event and we
yeah impartial cut man i mean to say this we have friends in the you know i'm not saying it's impossible its own would leave extra greece on but i think they left these extra resources like zero giant cut i size man is cut which you don't get a huge cut whereas eyebrow was like a good solid internet half long it was a big fuckin cut and it was bleeding and so they close they stop the blood and they put the the vast lean on it but that's just what they do the thing was john i recognise the vaseline and start talking about the vaseline most because romero was still on a stool and people are still in their seats acting them already he would say gotta get out get out seconds outlets go go go go it's much rashly not like you if romero was standing up they might have said there's too much vaseline on and what had taken two seconds for them the wiped off turned toward them good ok fight like a few seconds but he still sat on the stool he sat on it
they'll just sat there david he knows or ten countries in front of him go what the fuck it up like what's going on we still just sit on a stool that should be at this juncture to call the fight right are you sure you can't just sit on a stool why did you take the stool out disguises but he doesn't want to do that so because if it does that in a fight doesn't go on and everybody misses the finality of then i get mad at him that humanity they're going to try once slogans gonna know took the floor go you say paul shit right so i think john one of tat he knew we want to see more five saloon don't robinson filing john but you can't let that happen and it's like you don't expect it to happen but i guess you have to be diligent with a sum corners who they know they know i'm fuckin get their way out of a situation that they know that they can look angelo dundee was on the grace trainers of all time when henry cooper was fighting ali henry cooper cracked ali with the left took yet a vicious left alleys legs gave out any fucking crumble
old and in between rounds angelo dundee realise that i'll lose out to cut his gloves off area is it's a real time ok that's it rosa back it up a little bit because that's that's wait there that's good that visitors a highlight real sulky would see if we can see that in the highlight real boy with someone you to its muslim is left is a really here well now that we have those new things can we not use the laptop however the new connection jane i will fix that man tell me what to do and fix the target that stupid laptop bullshit bullshit it's fine laptops of a couple years ago that you don't want to deal with other new shit you're attacking
about the iphone sex are not real target know nobody structure the iphone sex some attack fan boy the offend boy asked yes but i really know much here we go real life yet holding on yeah it's real yeah that's real time but that's that's really slid down a hockey deftly did but he was deaf we hold in the glove the in real time but again did he realized it was doing it it's it's there's an argument can be made that he didn't realize he's doing it but is also an argument that can be made that he had to know what he's doing it but he's fucking in full animal frenzy riot there's a difference between that and not getting up off the stool getting off office tool is totally and calculate there's no animal frenzy at all like two and a half punches yup
it's totally reject the brilliancy just moving for i mean i mean it lets me if you wanted to time it i mean email there s a strategy that i don't think he's gonna grab that glove doesn't feel like that it feels like he bought in regions where the hand yeah it's enough time to know that is and then he lets go to seize hold onto a bull but the first one was now the first not enough known and the first one is holding where the glove is that's legal re allowed to hold the glove when you're not allowed to do as this brian pre affairs inside the glove right that's what you see here you're misjudging spy madison you're saying i don't want you stuck her a bunch of punches but that's not the case because he's holding the glove in the beginning sees holding the wrist and the glove then as romero pull away some of the fingers go into the glove for a second but you're incorrect if you think that's illegal hold the gloves so i think that's one of the reasons why people think this is more egregious and it is i think it is at all if if you if he knew what he was doing it was one second less than that if he knew what he's doing it is
legal it's illegal what he did for sure and it is in the middle of this fund battle royal moment where he's connected so you know only knows whether or not he knew what he was doing i would imagine when you're a fighter in year in that wild scramble for your life against a stud like your romero she you're probably in of pure animal state just reacting on instincts he's been smashed in the head who knows how many fuckin times that first right and in the second round me romero cracked him with some big shots and he's a spooky striker identity and he knocked amount romero sitting on the stool i then is a way bigger controversial then than marrow new rally round was over he knew the rat was over he knew he was getting extra break honourably set one thousand milk percent now he was sitting there kennedy was in front of i'm saying what's go not get up get up and they
they'll just sat there i mean that extra twenty nine seconds was fuckin gigantic because after this is over this fuck combination boom boom only this one and that last left and right hand areas and another one dude romero can take it like almost nobody i've ever seen maize he fought dared brunson dirt brunton had kicked him colleen switch kicked the head bowed the aid it leg was candy didn't even buckle sambo do it was crazy don't from or totally built for war did you got shinned on the neck and just aid like it was nothing sir do it so ridiculous because i remember what if i don't believe i call that fire i think that was a candy florian fight but i think i was watching at home go get the fuck out of here how did they get hit one that he just
just ate it from here i believe it's tumble why whack what what no he looks as close to a superhero as you get i mean you don't get more feet out used to nicholas there's a picture of romero with hector lumbar and i go outside it seems the most postures picture like this everything you must realise that what kind of genes are you these gladiator genes these three guys have even john look somewhat diminutive next to those guys i turned over the lumber evincing a normal dude almost like india goes far from it is unbelievable the next romero in lombardy some about them cuban genes man the tube and genes are so different and oh by the way you ve been even thrown too it around your life where there was at boxer from the nineteen seventies believes there was two fellow stevenson steed
enzo stevenson but they always wanted him to fight ali they always wanted to get him from cuba who sectors amateur road when all the amateur tournament and everybody was like the saint fair because americans get to a certain level there amateur take it to a certain level they turn proud but the cubans never turn proud so they're always amateurs but there being paid by cuba so this guy's renewed late thirty seven boxing their whole life fighting eighteen year old kids just lighting em up and that's what you had would like the cuban boxing team nobody would say are the cuban box teams the best work without a doubt there very skilful very skilful but recognised that their competing far longer as amateurs than anyone in america and that's just what it was and then so when the americans were still winning like in the seventy six olympics and marked leland in personnel whittaker and magic taylor was that seventy six was right now seventy six was re leonard that was eighty eight eighty nine ninety was it ever was eighty i think was a yahoo or eighty eighty ninety needier mark
we even aware i wasn't eighty eight wasn't i wasn't rise i think so a moratorium he's he's coaching people now he nineteen eighty four gold medal an idea for olympics it was a bad motherfucker i just relax and promote the pointed lights those we're all those we're all kids those are our kids that took on in some countries like you know when you are facing cuban boxers which tournaments or sometimes a soviet union gather grown men they work in a fight professionally there was no professional fighting you know that was always the deal with certain soviet boxers but tonia boxing has really taken off now with combating out again and and the head of a man is a whole shitload of em who's gonna fight who's the russian i keep getting protocol for whatever who's gonna fight provide knock off an hour s eyes named guys fibre our hearts next year i hill our yeas about mother fucker i i dont remember him
name just some fight a few weeks ago can i go now you live where is the middle way guy right yeah he's fights it fifty forest policy bernard hopkins next five that russian guys scary but hopkins is a ridiculous freak cola sergio call of coca cola live sergio coverlet cause alive yeah he's a beast yes it's fascinating that bernard hopkins is still boxing the shit out these guys though at forty nine years of age and hunting going after guys like this at this guy who hit is i don't think he's he's not gonna obeys fought including killed a guy in the ring but guess he killed a guy's he did but killed you that that's fact for real how do you know they're fine i've read about em coverlet killed a man killed a man
if you go with that comes up really quickly so he's a killer why are hardy it boxer dies in the ring yeah s name was roman simmer cough there's a video of it and coverlet didn't you fuck wider now i'm now say that but i mean he certainly did it didn't hurt his boxing he just kept boxing that's a paper terrified of right go can kill a guy and then go right back and be just as good he's got really weird power let me he really hurts did and if you so now we see what happens when there's highlighted when he had some and they just go what what's this on getting hit owes a different thank told me hit by aspiring porn i discerned the gem this is different yeah and golf can carry the same weight fanatical have can hit that heart like yeah there's a lot of those soviet guys who could just fuckin crack you yet weird well they have an excellent that that their amateur system is so good at just like the cuban system
yeah and subordinate and a lot of amateur starting out lucida that of the fight with a guy died pull it off the beginning some guys also and is a reality of boxing sometimes guys come into the ring itself already damage from sparring yet no one shop was talking about how he's too spar chain corwin and he would have fights and he was fucked up he went to the fight like he said when he fought ben roswell is like dude i got kayo dislike not long before the fight by shane spar with shame it that's they say the lot of boxes were ruined in the gym more sucker you know of bulgaria yeah i mean dies of dying jim wars to by the one hundred percent this chasm murderer my eyes i mean i don't mean that in that way
i met later he just hit ferocious he didn't mean to kill a guy obviously of crossing in our boy might not have been his father i mean like i said that i could have gone into the cage already fucked up it's very pot into the ring rather yeah it's very very possible that he had a pre existing conditions very possible that it was from although dempsey took what barring is very possible that cut a lot away tragedy pop ups and tragedies on that siena lego like a great a fighter who gives his whole life in them as is the worst we have our own boy jones junior got carried out of the ring and now we're scene of fight again he's back out and went to sleep all you when he was in total parallel universes doubt the one with glee johnson yeah that those those there that's the damage that they say away from that's a scary when you go out for a long time like when many package that do you know my remark has knocked hidden with that left hook whatever may uses
it's not just getting had there than falling on your face yeah that's bad too you know that's probably as bad that thing that happens you guys when they bouncer head off the canvas that's just as bad because see like when the law guys get like viciously knocked out it's one of the things that that does it a member when mike maccallum fought donald curry i should be a big doll curries anthem occurred was sick box or man in the nineteen eighties he was sick he had just wicked technique managed to through everything perfect it didn't have like a big build he wasn't built like like a monster just how you just
and a wicked athletes really good boxer and he cut weight against the sky lloyd hunting and whose era yet a really hard time making one forty seven those back when they just did not know how to rehydration able correctly right did just did a terrible jail rehydration people and so he had to go up in weight class after that just folic shit and after that he was never really the same again is like that one loss one one time get been up in one time of like losing the confidence of being the best path upon fire in the world he was considered the best path about for a while and then he fought might maccallum unlike my column hidden with this left took to the body ass took to the chin why bam and the one that change is sent him flying backwards his head bounced off the kalis bland so is there a latin ricky hadn't versus battery i've seen you got on his whole you saw in slow motion is whole head look like an accordion yeah you know he's got where are we
therefore knockouts now and you have sea or is it stay the same people getting better if people getting better it makes it tougher to hit people but there better at hitting people it depends on the match ups really know there's think there's less people that fight in you see now that have one very specific discipline and are missing the other stuff like you'd never see those the grab wears a can strike at all any more they're all everybody's dangerous on their feet everybody ever mean they're not equal sought equal but there's a lot a goddamn dangerous due to very few people that have that glaring hole in their games you can't just go in just beat the shit out of me you gotta set em up just like everybody else there athletes they move very fast and if you fuck up and they catch you something you can get in big trouble specially early in a fight so i think that people just better all across the board there's there's better athletes now than it's ever been before guys like like macgregor
by conor macgregor spoken kids a tremendous athlete wonder boy thompson to see that the fine and see that fight jesus christ kids good he's greater focus striking policemen striking since he was like three literally and he's all point style his hand today i can understand sideways nobody you get on getting i'm your eaten up the sandwiches frankfurt kicks everything threats from lake psychics the bodies throws vicious leg kicks throws head kicks mean he's fucking fifty seven and oh kickboxing record dude fifty cents and fifty seven and and he's just starting to figure out the aim of making a new start to get gives them so vessel babylon right exactly as you think he's a purple better bluebottle jujitsu his brother in law i think is cross machado one of the challenges brotherly so he's you know he's been in than martial arts essentially his whole life but is mostly the striking now you seeing them learn
to avoid take doubts and once you learn to avoid take doubts he is able to create much more comfortable on its feet now get loose octoo guys lenin some ridiculous combination man mr dominic cruises spoken pretty girl would have let you insane predator my train within one time he entail train down crews and both of them at the end of the accession they were they were like both basically quiet goddamn increases so smart he was like now when you do this you do this new shown and stuff narrowly cows mark this fuckin guy is very smart very focused mean you you see that when you pay attention to his analysis is very good analyzing like you did a great breakdown once there are thought was really important for people to watch for young farmers especially of when conway knocked out rich franklin and he shows like the era the franklin made a frank and through a kick in the counter that he was right in line for the counter they didn't move ahead head of us airline raw and i'm like this is so important that someone like draws us in a did you hear diagram
things like showing you know it's like pointing to the big screen and pointing out all the different you know because he's always always this summer's i teach i don't like you know like him dwayne watched dominic you know what they did they did of course that's me we have fun fight to watch very fun fight away t j is if anybody's emulated dominic style of movement a lot of its teacher but dominic took it to a totally different level the other night here he looked like he was on like you from another planet i mean he's like that that was seriously like the next level technique like next level aggression now level proficiency in high level ask myself very good really major got these top five while he's number number six contender while emits jockeys very good very good because what's one incidentally as a lot of guys who shine and other division other like organizations over the usa like watching doubts running in that fight against it
eddie there any as many hours kit wasn't really address the belet or temporary while you were just lost the timing lose the time the left and the title and watching when he comes out of the sea and watching how what dance ronnie it was a real eye opener from it because he looks like such here's a killer and he's great finer but dolls different level donald got real my tie the real monetize different than these guys what you want boxers who just occasionally throw kicks his boxes changelly throw kicks in his guys who have left hook right leg ingrained in their genetics went on serafine hits you the left kick to lever you better be lift up you left leg to check don't he's coming down hard on that site that shin he's u hooks with a laugh and then chops with the right in its it's in his dna dude he'll throw that straight right left hook right leg kick all day long and you'll be in that mom moving away from the left hook you move away from that left you step to your left to avoid that
punch that come and live there and it shops that right leg kick right on your side and he's not only these timing that me every time you go in for a single a good luck oh you know does an awesome is josie aldo called the duchy the yellow in his corner the duchy the duchy cause it's a classic dutch combination dutch kickboxing being like one of the most talent rich countries ever for kickboxing was holland like beyond above and beyond so many good fighters came from holland it's almost insane these things are nestor whose body hari boss ruin rob came and whose arguably the grace of all time roma deckers whose also every arguably the grace of all time deckers and boss wouldn't releasing the decker scrutiny by the great gray strikers to ever enter emma and one of the reasons because he had that emma maybe striking training from holland zadok like dealing
high level kickboxing training you know peter arts i mean judging keep going on on the great kick boxes it came poland that training in holland even guys from home like tyrone spawn he learned in holland he developed at holland style melvin man hoof dear helen keller monster this like the kitchen is so high level there man just ridiculously high level so they would always called out the duchy the duchy and that's that left took left took the body right lay kick although throws it like a fuckin bela crazy it's like art form when he throws in its icu that you just spent in the air he was doing i like you you're skater i really want to i want to see that i'm dying to see macgregor although now of course who isn't don't seem although versus chad benders to man mendez has improved a striking but although is always motherfucker demand is gonna have a hard time because he so short
talking i feel it is very hard time getting close to macgregor man just fighter different distant yeah well either we want to see them fight you know it's always interesting when someone has big task to deal with but the other task is we ve never seen macgregor fight a guy was a monster wrestler like mendous mended super athlete and a monster ressler like good habits of maria macgregor gets taken down how well do you fight off his back how well they do when he gets clegg weeded like cluett clegg we did anthony pet us just stuck on a more yet loo and driving the ground and made a stalemate out of it what does he do then and that's a beauty the thing about watching contenders with various styles go out it is you get a chance to see like from a strategic step point there so many variables like there's kind of some variables and boxing and kickboxing there's movement and different combinations you could throw but the variables between striking and grappling and the transitions during those two or wait makes emma may so fuck exciting and some are things that people boots
and they get bombed out about like clay guido stifling anthony paris to the point where you can get anything off those are you have to see though because you got another guy can do that because me you guys economy graduate has run into everybody ok what happens if you fight a guy who just as a lightning shot that you can't stop like josh caustic in his crime a guy just like you made a lightning shot yeah drives you cross the cage like your fuckin pillow and toss the air and slams you on your backyard next level share different what do you do it how do you react and we don't know that yet that's one of the cool things about watching different styles go out and you know what the fuck is gonna happen mean macgregor could hook when the face he could do some crazy no earthly through hooking especially through how they have ever seen that the usa very well straight attack on the hook mean croak ops thrown a couple
it's almost like it was always like this so much respect i have for you i'm in a hook kick at least if you are good at it you ve got a good chance of landing because people don't expect it it's like this guy larry kelly was talked about when the park ass reforms guy boston there was known to have a really good hook kick he was known for it bill super foot walls had a really good hook this guy larry kelly back on billy blanks used to be a point fighter he hook kick billy blanks and hence and of flying across the thing unconscious why are the greatest the one thing i never mind it larry kelly cayos billy blanks we i well know is showing on the pike ass before but it is it's a weird kick to good at college and awkward movement of the body s but if you practice you can get it like everything else like we'll takes a wheel weird kick at once you learn how to distribute your weight properly and whip yourself through it becomes like easy more at least you can even in grain can use air same thing with the hook egg i never really developed a hooker
many other i hate practising it it was always a thing we used to be like i'd has hooker with move on quantity round house good though it it's just i was i i had you know look here it is what's this is this really less boon dared yeah i hooked up first it's crazy was a larry kelly i was living in boston this guy was some large language the karate guys that you'd here about in the western massachusetts area whose at one of the best at this style this point style of chronic in which there was some boom with that shit maybe psychic i think you're slid back and caught her run and maize it was a bunch of those guys who is billy blanks and a couple of guys i don't remember the name has one guy named mafia holloway who was this big yoked up black dude who was exe
super fuck it fails to take one of as well when you i like like till they were karate guiding so hard and i mean if you get caught enable those cakes idea cake ran house good luck no the other was a lot of those can tell you very very fast and especially when you try to fight him at that stage cosette style what is a dual lunges they hate each other then they break the action up its real weird it's like but there's something good the idea hide it is kind of silly because the idea is based on this notion that karate man is to deadly to everley and more than one punch that even when you less than they would get people get in trouble for excessive contact are given you har yeah you're going to school but i think it's funny that tiger that karate take one of those allow those moves i hooked taken sides i'd taken round house where they didn't i gonna work just becoming more relevant in any more really good to have what else can i say distance what i say is the good thing about the breaking it up is that you
have to learn how to close that distance the best way can doubt the emphasis was entirely enclosing a distance and landing emphasis was not on doing anything after that so once they learned how to close that distance like ruth ridiculous speed if you fight people that are used to only tenuous fighting oftentimes that's not something there good at because it's too dangerous you're just launch yourself across the ring it somebody because if you do you get get fucked up man ass you're really good at launching yourself across the ring and being evasive and one of the best ways to do that is to learn how to play tag and what does essentially with these crowding doing and it you can learn how to play tag way better than anybody else that's i'll fuckin giant advantage and that is what conor macgregor doing that's what wonder boy thompson is doing with these guys are doing as their corporate a point style of fighting and the people
use that my tie style or attack one dough style like in point fighting like you know or continuous fighting there you're not used to it were not used to summon launches themselves with like such fluidity across the cage like that look kid no mumbling you in reaching i wouldn't do that no more time right now because you would develop that good because the to have that is your approach over and over and over again is really ridiculous somebody's gonna know you doing chop your leg but they can't when you get so good at it because you ve done it to this incredible level proficiency so they develop like a it's a weird jump and this is thing would take away because this law to take one don't take techniques develop because they don't allow leg kicks because they allow play kicks a lot of shit you do wouldn't work it was one of the first things that i learned when i start kickboxing was that there's two things i suck at i suck out get
kicks and legs i suck at boxing like when i was outside kicking distance i was good but my guys get close to me i would be flustered i didn't know that i got punching a face a lot i got my leg kicked like that was that's what so given about kind of a greater what i didn't realize you was a national champions national amateur champion as boxer which i didn't know and they never really talk about new see you never see that really in his but he was he won the nationals while its is kicking that's almost more power if what i'm saying that he's one of you guys who can kick and then when he's in there his hands are amazing he doesn't have that problem he's a good isa excellent boxer is excellent boxer what's with shock to me is how well he picked up the kicking peace like throwing off the hook cakes and spinning back kicks like that's is opening moves i really think i really think a lot of it is like he truly is after such a single minded way such as in my way the championship that's all that matters
in its next these nuts level this next level guys there's like ok here's the new evolution and next level guys a guy was a wicked boxer he's got an iron chin who fuckin totally they themselves charisma come out every fuckin porn is body oh and he could not get the fuck out with any hand any calls it predicts it like ali is predicted he's gonna knock out there five guy in the world with within the first round trans yet addressed the mind still solaris whose awesome fucking love the gaza and a guy like that man that's next level shit it's like everything a john jones is failed to do with the public this fuckin guy i doubt that even win the championship credible its fascinating because like a lot of people like i've always try to figure out what it is about someone that makes people liked them it so hard to tell man you don't know what the fuck it is
i never saw a guy like macgregor common i never saw that i was felt like in i've seen just being rise up to the hype right so it's one thing to talk a big game it's another when you are actually championship syria when your skill level and you're dead what you said you do when you when you predict the first round knock out with a guy like just in korea dustin i mean dust implants crush on terrible gave a fighter pot now doesn't brow i keep saying just but i mean that guy's a killer you know where did it points about mother fucker he just got caught up in the end the headlights macgregor is no joke really and again his next level will you are at their way hopefully santo wasn't iron i wasn't ronald yeah he's out it's it's a fascinating time for martial arts man really interesting time because all these techniques there were thought to be not like pivotal techniques have become pivotal techniques like front kicks the face
that's not even a flashy technique but once anderson landed on veto or other suddenly became like a number one technique and then bud round landed on ouster landed at perfectly that fuckin oh my god it's we tore or david veto getting knocked out by innocent but and he getting knocked out by matete front kit matilda took it next level our thanks there is a series of dismay fruitcake so crazy that these techniques like that no and now thomson does like a lot like like round yet she does a lot of weird shit he sneak kicks over behind shoulder than chopped josh thousand now wonder by stephen thompson he's doing a lot weird interesting karate kicks josh thompson's get some serious takes too like the first go stop need be as in the octagon he had kicked up those fuckin nasty some of these it's like there's really come magnified anderson sola yeah
this annual worry you wanna be there man i gotta show do the showed the rush at mirage what what day in january that whatever it's like whatever january i think you're out january first problem of figures yards us a new year show anywhere yeah where ya been born with my family what's so you never gonna make a show in vegas there oh it in its to its new year's what he retorted what are we talking about her getting i was after this is brian by the way how these high you i'll be your party way maybe i am it to be a russia for a month what were you thinking i put you rsvp dick these words way funny i'm in bar a bull hours you know that economic albion lilac responsible people obviate the atlanta improv october exciting seventeen don't just like it like that that's weird well we're talking about we be known on i didn't talk but we're alone i just happen of
we are getting it do we talk about fights you gonna be there for that but you only one do you want me not act over sixteen seventeen ninety three took its own himself my thing now is utterly and putting my charming in the approach that we have for what new years now my family of thirteen october where you gonna bora bora what the fuck is girls but that's taken every crime lily kids in l a p d ha twas like really never been i get nervous on vacation i just not good really taken you nervous let's get restless i can't hanged here's here's a reality our life is way more find an average you get to be a m comedian olive and like a friday and there's no show you look you watch you go shit i could be on state right now say crystal recently i was like over not why would i do anything why would i talk to you dude when all i do is crash
you know a rush see how our careers living in a girl pocket their own love in it's just that you just his his instagram cracks me up and he just fucking love and stem cell out selling out all over the place it's nice to be in a place where everything starts clicking i see like him everything is click in you know it's all fire and together schooled watch i've been watching the last in a bold and ass the last few weeks yeah watched cat william special and i enjoyed it there's a lot of people some people criticising i enjoyed it one of things i enjoyed is there's a version of it on youtube if you see diverge on youtube sony captured like one of his sets before the special was actually taber where was like he was on fire who just like hidden every
get ready for the special it was more loose and relax and the actual special south i really enjoyed it better actually either you could see like how funny he really as well as on it i don't know it was my son of the commonest for awhile well so blown away long three four years ago about her and i remember just watching him it was on tribune on tuesdays where the car and i was slightly what the fuck it and i walked into my go broke i was incredible thanks man i was very funny do is powerful man is part when he's nail in it man he's powerful twenty years a comedy right that's my kind of coming to its love his kind of comedy so ridiculous tat when he had that issue or get a bunch of arrests and are going to show you a bomb doubts exist
my favorite guys to wasn't my please don't spiral don't spiral keep de gazing bang though is he really did well you know only he knows but he did that special that was a big thing you did on hbo mightily directed it now is a big thing i think he's the funniest he makes me laugh the most kills me when he's on you know but stand what makes me laugh hard to but in a totally different way stand hope like point shit out that it is just ridiculous then driving it through the fuckin skull of america or as catalans just being hilarious just being me he has points it does make points but he's just he's all about being fucking hilarious whether it's making fun of himself
or making fun of someone else or everybody i just is a great time for comedy man too great time to be a fan and straight on big mean it took us somewhat stupid shit go on said every time you turn around and some new fuckin stupid thing endless tat you just either so many things talk about if i felt sports boy really have material floodlights among some good enough wife beating yet aerial i don't know what the fuck is going on but it seems that everyday tidings gone forever i the mouse is being more expose you think that's what a huge league a huge number of guys what is there not a guy or for deeds mainly fell how many of driving this fifty fifty guys a tea we would now how many going among a team what's that retain three fifty per diem fifty times thirty two even i have three or four dude in that ratio horror gonna step out ok i'm not surprised there's no
about it right i mean that's a thousand something was out five fifteen hundred fifteen hundred dude if fifteen hundred deeds that's a pretty low average actually fuel a few wife beaters i wonder what would happen if you get fifteen hundred cement workers fifteen do higher data right now about fifteen hundred you know whatever filling the blank yet you know that's why when everybody says you all this guy got it would divorce he fucked over women are kuntz you just all you ever hear about but i love want to hear about people who get amicably separated yeah i herds alleys there was a lady who got arrested who was on the walking dead she she was an actress like should have small part and the walking dead she sent rice in like that fucking poison to people under her husband's name she tried to say that he was sending it her she's doing like twenty fucking years in jail for that yeah yeah yeah fuck and
terrified it will take it to a whole mother left you kidding moisten people ominous poison and get you locked up in jail for ever and laugh i set you up you don't be with me anymore or eugene did army or what you fuckin wrecked my car whenever they really did emily did i know a guy was dating girl fight she pulled he fell asleep he took a pill falsely from a plain she under his pants and pulled out his junk lenin said there and he got in real trouble for that mamma how did he ever get out ah here to go to court in a higher a lawyer and got a court and everything in fact and yet it was it was a major and they were even thinking about having him made him maybe even after register as sex offender became a real issue is a name
and the story goes on but i won't talk about it yeah he's crazy cod that can happen because no one man you don't know the cat scan your brain say this guy's a sex pervert he's just a guy that got caught up in a relationship of the crazy per se but in others there's so much power in accusing someone of something in setting someone up there's some power if if someone do that male or female someone can send anthrax in your name and get you busted washed off sidelined my worship jesus like what kind of a sick fuck thousand ways heart though in those forensics guy come mr asking you i should then like well let's go through this have to do is get your dna because so many people leave dna on envelopes they don't even realise at your sweaty fuck you looked at envelope all you liked it can gradually
since your arrested for the rescue life one of the best people i now such a good guy he got women accused beside you thereby in the workplace hey suddenly get hurt when one of the one of us will i know got accused of sexual harassment and got suspended from his job for a year the government job so he hides a lawyer did you really sexually no no my story is crazy story was he said something he said something in allusion to her dress had relevant something else and should have accountable ran out but she has a history of doing this to people so he hired a a woman salutary this woman it my buddy said they went they went and sat at the table and affording got any kind of trial and they may that they usually think about arbitration he started isa
she started asking this woman some questions and you gotta realise this woman thought she could get away with a lie but all the son she got the ring she gonna ring somebody who does this for a living with a lawyer who this specializes in people who fraudulent claim a fraudulent claims so all of a sudden she's she started asking this woman questions that my friend had even thought of any subdued it was the right he eviscerated her until finally said i don't feel comfortable i don't want to do that to juggle there has ever gonna want to do this so do you want to drop the charges because you were may be fabricating the circumstances i what whatever my went away we won't sleep still scary it someone to just add to this i add as they decide they hate you fuck yes or they decide i love you whatever you do with them play misty fire me and there's a lot of them out there man people fucker
male and female both sides that's why its growth when anybody ever goes one way or the other i'm all for women's rights come men's rights some some women i don't like at all i'm just off ok here this afternoon and i don't want to be around ever for the rest of my life it doesn't matter what gender they are i don't give a fuck should admit women get extra rights no shit get equal rights absolutely be everywhere every year on everyone should be treated evenly by the law without a doubt but when you like when you more geared up towards once or the other like i can't get behind these men's rights dudes i can't strain i took a look i think is definitely some fucked up laws when it comes to alimony there's some fucked up laws when it comes to china the child is like custody laws and you know that some people do like what you are in about and what i was talking about some people make fraudulent claims about their children and they'll do it set a guy up just so that they can get total custody the going to war
so if the lie about a mean so and who would send rice and is not above lying about what the husband did to the children right and others like crazy shit goes but it's a human issue more it's a male woman she's right there's some fucked up laws for it was as if you two fifteen hundred women i want to they actually have lashed out hid their husband even in the re rise video i believe so it's him seven i studied a yes a balloon was duly called on them the same size unless you fight rhonda rousing you bear throws him all you have to be ready to about getting her hopes it of you break your shit often stuff it up your ass no doubt yeah she will but otherwise to scramble hold of em don't hit it and if you really are fighting to check there if you
and with a check who is prone to violent and can probably kick your ass a couple break up with scaring away to scary i tabled a collar used to get very physically abused new she's scary collared dumb once she was drunk no she was drunk when drunk when you don't know their drunk and she liked edges dec i'm gonna discards kind i called it i'm a why horridum member by just one of many others she's a boot at me so hard at so hard to assessment i docked i docked in it had one of those sliding closet just just went right to that club of slang gloves dispute goes just a hole in it whoa i was like what is going on here man i mean it was not who was fucker after that sure did now elder down i sit down calm down and then we will that's the best
that kind of relationship lavished on for a year till i had a figure out a way i mean i ok listen i know that is do you know the violent part in the making a part of lot of times it's like what they grew up with right yeah me or they run out of i think a lot of times violence is an offshoot of running out of other ammunition you're not you can't think of something what did say you can't really think of a comeback yearning to know do i think a lot of times it's almost like you regret immediately to strike me to strike us run but i don't have a language though hit i d this girl when i was in high school and we broke up and she was dating this dude and
these two ways to work in the same place when i went to visit her once i was talking to her and she was telling me she's crying tell me about this guy attitude dating that beats her he hits her and i was like oh my god i couldn't believe it and then she goes you know it's really fucked up like it could have been a sentence for you i got you like it and she was ya like it why i like you any hits me i go you like it when he had seen there i go like you want to keep having you should like no i'm just fucked up woe you mean he like he broker windowy punch stewart because she's important enough she's important enough to elicit an insane response so she feels valued whilst it was fascinating to me because we are both really young the time i think i was probably shit i could have been more than like seventeen
eighteen and she was probably like the same she was like seventeen i was eighteen things on my phone so when she was telling me that sounds like what you like it in the sky hits your strand i might have a night in eighteen another those neighborhood in a word just how to i just had a high school you know she graduated till she had to be eighteen so with some emphasis bizarre conversation i was like you can't let people here look at how many people were re rice how many women were re rice jersey and number at the next game they want a violent dick i don't know but they were all solidarity as i love is amazing the others a weird thing too weird thing people just decide the fuckin jump on board with the assholes white his wife his wife came out and was very positive about defending it yeah well hey it's complicated have referred and brain knocked and who knows where her judgments that did she got
faster head off the poor she could have easily baghdad easily been dan easily been dead the idea that he hit like that and leave me i don't know also the way dragged her out and didn't really ten tour now while i was well what i thought was on personal strange like you just like if he'd if he had and grab dramatic oh my god oh my god oh my right like i just i reacted or whatever you ok i'm a violent guy play football but tend to kind of almost look at her and car mover with his foot and it was just like wow you you are that's that's bad news locked up that's the most fucked up well now the most fucked up as the impact the point that's the second most fucked up thing is how you like bitch get the fuck up try wasn't until someone showed up and people can freaking out that it became something and by the way they are added to their cameras and elevated enough you know that in two thousand and nobody was thinking now man all he was thinking was she's
she ain't at me you know he's gonna hit her back this i was on a plane what's a michael urban hemoglobin we're it's a long ass flight we're goin australia just randomly habit vienna play with me and he's a good dude he's owing to the usa is great guy you know and a great athletes and we're talking and he was talking about this foundation has we works with a lot of young kids teach them how to harness their anger and would explained it was explained to me on the flight that when kids grow up in bad neighborhoods with there is i want in the house and then the mothers under stress alla time it changes the reaction that the boy has to violence when it gets outside it changes his reaction to stress it makes him like ultra impulsive makes them like include and towards violence and he was talking about how you literally have to figure out how to rewire your brain you news talking for personal experience they was talking about how you
to figure out how to require your brain in a positive way and that is very important to recognise that these kids are coming out of the gate with the amount of control you expect out of a reasonable dolt they don't have that amount they have less and one of the reasons why they have less as the shit there exposed to when they were in the fuckin womb animated like it's beyond their you know and i think that's the case with a lot of people i wondered if there is a case of myself now take those exposed to much stress in the womb but are exposed to a lot of violence i was young i remember a lot of luck fuckin crazy shit in my house dad's house after my mom moved out my dad used to beat my mom i remember i remember some facts lazy stuff that's do you don't get over that and then that's the last shapes you i mean i remember it i remember how you were when you are younger because the world was a dangerous place men you get things at an arms length you are always ready to go always like you just were always a good guy
you gotta be careful ok boys a guy talking to us right now i'm only you're always paranoid that controlling the environment now and then you started a calm down and we hope that helps you know view that older but i'm when you are younger you are not neutral me and maybe one or two he was also owes coming straight off of competitive fighting jack most of my formed of years from fifty twenty one i don't i don't know what's going to happen when you and it happened although you don't feel safe when you when you have a dad like you did i'm sorry man that's my kids are exposed to see that or they are yeah well i'm away you know worked in our man we're gonna get it now we have a long time we spend our time trying to shelter protect our children i wonder if that's the best things sometimes to dude i trust that nobody can i remember being five years old and thinking people retarded i remember clearly like
people argue over ship nose like five years old on these fuckin dummies teased crime are being an eleven on during the war all the i was tat do you aim even better i was fifth six fourth fifth and so great i think or even younger ten i was probably from the age of eight nine ten in the war and seeing my hearing machine guns have to sleep in the forehead misleading the basement seeing playing bomb you know shoot missiles and bought a gas station where you're like a dead how many more years this shit we're gonna do that you could look back at world level that can get back and we had to be evacuated greece but that feeling that feed that feeling of helplessness boy machine guns men in uniform just me my mom and my sister that kind of stuff that stuff makes you feel you never forget that
think of that also sort of imparted that nomadic thing that you have gone on what you could like live anywhere fuckin asshole up right now why take brine is the right one we do that i know why it's a hey man i got a place in new mexico when a move there with me yeah ok have a family for human your shit and go anywhere you make it will at all i'm a big one need to bring my clothes withdrawal to out here you don't i and you didn't have a door knob he didn't have a phone adored albinos some people say i e g guy keeps his door open all time is never is doors never lock no no no he didn't have a fucking door now nothing you could steal eric over his house and i would go broke a door not like our open i can get on my knees and i can look through your fucking door whole how about it when the woman was cooking branches cook in uk
go on onest she's making a meal at my skull of copper you gonna press charges i was now this walk then has i gotta was in place there was the same place reading evident he was james lately inventors completely ridiculous we're gonna steal my tv i don't care if you would just be grow is abandoned shit whatever but you do you think that's i like you don't appreciate nice shit i give you pritchett like a nice car now you may good money get like one of those sweet new cadillacs or satellite diana tesla i wanted comforted drive around i just don't i've always had a sense of guilt partially because i grew up in in countries where people had nothing i've ever seen like someone leprosy and no foot in yemen go into the market places when you're a white kid and end the math falls in your favour for no fuckin reason you you you don't think that you're gods favorite you just as i couldn't navigator understand why i saw like kids coming to us
starving in india and pakistan asking for food security and i had everything that does make sense that doesn't make you feel goes a kid especially not someone like me i had the imagination or whatever was gonna go i got lucky because the math film i however i did zero to deserve this and that that creates two things guilt and shame i think right and i never lost that i never lost that i still feel that way that's fastened i hate having people i work at my house like if if there doing work in my house and i go out of my way to make sure that day you know feel like on the same as they are on my right be terrible would be a terrible king yoga find it very uncomfortable all that stuff anyway now i hear that might be why my father left him you want tammy came to visit me i'm a photograph poor and he was laughing us what's with this car of striving and the terrible forward and it was really dirty and he's you know i can afford to buy you a lexus if you want it would you
one of those rousing no earthly first one i want somebody else get informing second i just didn't wouldn't make an impact in my life and i respect the like brendan brenda job grub with not a lot of so nice things to him nice closed nice car they mean a lot they mean they they ve they remind him that he's not what are used in a swipe was respected the idea of a limited materialism are i understand where it comes from i also think it depends on what your turn on by unwarranted emigrants did in the assembly said this woman was rowed spoke said i how these experiences she went and studied work with the kgb
interpreter and then went to they are antarctic and then one day india and she said i was doing nothing i had always experiences but my brain wasn't changing needed to figure out how to change my mind she had failed math and in high school but she was looking chosen the military issues watching all these these engineer solve problems in this beautiful way but it looked like hieroglyphics and she goes whitman if i can learn how to do this then i'll change the way my brain works and she talks a lot and she became a professor of engineering but you know that the guiding unwarranted maybe maybe it depends on what you're more turned it on by i'm really fascinated with changing who i am in a way maybe the way when you try to be we'd better do it the more just just can t to be as original and creative as i can be that's my thing and you can have a tesla i can't i wanna get a test of how they are going to i'm waiting my my turbo diesel poseidon leads to run out to suggest devils out to get there but people that make good money
and then dont by nice things what is the fucking point of make good money someone who is poor who looks at you would be like hate dummy but i don't have one you know europe like part of you know we talked about this yesterday the one son of the world of the world more than thirty four thousand noisier its nuts that's the world i know how lucky i do know yeah and i by nice things them and i have in my house and all i do not believe me i'm not like some smart senorita but what i'm saying is get a desolate what i'm saying is people that like make a ton of money and then don't buy nice things there one that's one look like hey man you know you you're the guy has the opportunity to make a bunch money by nice things but then as the other point of view psychological what are you you know you hear about warren buffett in a regular neighbourhood uneasy at a fuckin hundred billion dollars yeah because you don't have affectation right if you live in a regular neighbourhood humble to give away eight billion
yeah we use it yes just sitting there in your ninety correct there's a lot of like philanthropic adventures at he invest money and i'm sure he spends a lot of money on other things but i'm saying like what level do you think you're supposed to give back like what are you supposed to give to charity are you supposed to be nice to your fellow humans it's it's what are you running about the other i've been writing about the idea that this this idea i've not thank bad enough to go to hell but i feel like i've nine good not got it i'm different that's it namely close to mother teresa he's in haven't you know i just feel like i know there's a lot more evident in other words you had in other words there was there's a lot more i could be doing to give to charity like library of being little pink are being deep i'm being spiritual i do feel like i should be given more in some ways charity but then i think to myself i'm doing exactly what put on the earth to do which is make people laugh and it takes
out of work and effort operate there is not just justifying like the uncomfortable nature of that discussion abraham lincoln conquest think maybe i'm just fuck it also but i'm here to be also then again i am is rather be it also now because they spend the money on why lying in good time but that's not what you were saying you're saying like now should i like maybe should i get more charity what does that mean ok first ball here's the difference here's here's how you doing it so if i could give to charity and weaken there's a lot of different definitions is is charity going back to that what we were talking charity what people need or do they need inspiration so how do you create inspiration so giving giving money away rises or i don't know why at an or lives is rightly wondering if i could do if i can make a big difference it there's this school and
you know eighty or something i'm sure could use some money right right ok i can give to that school and i do i do a charity they give to get a doctor that borders i give to operation smile different things i got my own individuals and people people of our time and they give charity they find out how much money goes administrative costs fuck it me crazy fucking the unit away what was it what they said of a dollar a penny actually goes to the charity the rest is run the whole fuckin thing it's a whole bureaucracy they gotta run but to business it tries me crazy we'll drive we could not one penny does go to this the starving yeah we'll go fuck yourself i want my number is poorer than ever find out come at which which organization was united way united way see
much on multimedia actually goes i believe it's a penny i believe it's it's it's a hundreds of how many get crazy says twenty cents twenty cents out of a dollar you think it's really a penny used to be especially as it forty forty cents i think it's that high i bet it's less than forty cents to huge company ok i say twenty you say one branches forty forty so is it forty seven you sign for it i'm looking for the best buy you a lot of the internet that we again at the answers to all these instantly when he's google though sometimes thought so much sometimes not sometimes she gets all fog elated there are there are really good charities out there that make a difference tat the thing is here's that the question should someone running charity make a salary of course they should this what should they make a salary relative to what people make in america or the third world country where their aid in that's when she gets weird because if it's the third world gee that their aid what they cannot be bitter shit there working
whole life where they can even fuckin put a roof over their head see themselves normally so it should be like an american salary i would imagine but if it's an american salary for professional like what is is it a hundred grand at fifty grand as at thirty five grand what's he ants ok you know the way the right decision did way of topeka so i'm just i'm guessing this is a good example of what unites ok i guess different local bub withhold twenty percent withhold doing withhold twenty percent of the votes if what you give em can so they only take sedate twenty two percent twenty two percent i just i just googled what percentage it is united way charity girl here i'll come away with holds twenty two percent from two thousand and twelve designation destination the i think they got exposed and they start that they made a change they had they ran a special honour
about i'll here it is worldwide united way claimed combined administrative and fund raising expenses in two thousand eleven of seventeen percent meaning that they spend approximately seventy sense for every dollar donated on organizational cross but the other eighty three sense go directly towards community projects awesome that's pretty good ninety way is not a good example they used to be there is this they did a whole exposition them in and it was shocking i think they changed look maybe jack google that what percentage of money goes to charity let's just google of money like what's the worst we think the worst right that's really good i mean if they can seventeen percent wasn't like that jerry listing a brutal one i don't know the muscular dystrophy had on our about that ok what percentage of what's google them what is wars that too
fund called very louis tariff cherries gave us terrorism here is kids areas louis charity telethon ok i guess this but what percent ok i would say i don't know i would say i was high percentage i would say eighty percent goes to the kids marcus fiftieth worth chert worse charities reagan nearly one billion for corporate fun re la bigger why was may not necessarily bad if they if they motivate people to get even more money but yeah well look there's a certain amount of money that they would never get right if it wasn't for those things like someone saga of the iceberg challenge and i spoke to challenge the stupidest fuck but three that ridiculous motto money most people are doing it did not dare not even donating line is thrown water there
but the amount of people that have done it its prey substantial millions millions much more than they had last year s socks i'm sure i'm sure you know they don't even think that lou gehrig had lou gary's disease and that strange why scott hypnotizing is trauma related he was killed somebody while plants baseball sliding into people share plan hard based outlet for by believed that was just did a very worst charities ranked by money blown on soliciting cause number one kids wish network total raised a one point a hundred twenty seven million paid a hundred and nine million said to point i personally cannot pay the solicitor ass was spent on direct cachet so solicitors would that means like advertising right so that means hey do solicitors mean while presented spent under a cash aid looks like two point five percent point nine percent ten point eight used to work for a bank you can for you
shut up now for what is solicitors mean what is solicitors what's the difference the definition was it or i would imagine people are paying that are there are selling that somehow going out there and raising the money oh yes said this is paid to the lake they spent on getting the money so lawyers people who go out and actually raise the funds was solicitor legal practitioner visit the actual definition solicitor is a legal practice nutrition traditionally deals with any legal matter in court in some jurisdictions solicitation also mean someone who sell right needs sustaining prostitute special listeners are people that are the actual fund razors though in this context will have none but but isn't it someone who's buying know somebody who do the fund raising to selling their there's essentially going out there i believe we have a defenceless at a prostitute though does not mean
by trying to stay for the process to us a solicitor riser no solicitation yeah diagnosis trying to sell me anything around here not as i said the soldier setting like that that kid's kids wish network has five employs it's getting paid its paying them and then their only paying two point five percent to the actual direct cash aid for this so only two point five percent of their money right percentage spent on direct cash a two point five percent that's insane what's the other one nine percent turnout of a line of america that's insane less than one percent children's was found that these are all i take off on the other charities narrow scams american breast cancer foundation not associate firefighters charitable foundation without one look at that one union of mass office union of police associates look at that law than a half of half a percent yeah there's there there that's a scam and await there's one zero percent legal this operation look out national centre for missing
zero percent that's insane but how that works is nineteen point six million at sixteen point while you know that is that cigarette and should operate look out so the fifteen million is paid out to people arrested spills fuck man that allowed we live in a dirty world the world's dirty veterans fun that's so creepy that there's charities that far off less than two percent mainly for missing children we thought we'd i guess i guess twenty you guessed one and there's some half of a one they that's why that way it became what charities you give to and i think you know the they this thing and they were like how much is your money is actually going there back in the day i think was about charity when they're at the airport and you have the open bucket forget and they want
these are figures a plastic hole in an open bucket and around the bucket is photographs of kids and address like some thing they have another board aren't you are sorry yeah this lady came up to me the airport wants to super aggressive about it and i say get the fuck out here that scam jewels you motherfucker i guess that's what i was hoping for here that's what i want to argue europe in check your involvement charitable organizations rice like fucking bitch i go you're following a tradable organization you now going to dip in that take while you are reputable person fuck you bitch she gonna hit me is pretty close she'll devils so grouse taos tired man i'd just landed no workin someone like shoes aggressive about a tools like she's you know sir would you please don't aim to help you don't bub looking at her and if i smiled danger all over you you don't seem like a terrible person you gotta show up with clipboard in a bucket and
some logo on the bucket and you get people give you cash is leaving the fuck alone while the rest of your dress of cut down on that cause they should high christmas is to our committee at airports have at their wackos you look at an ill equipped with your hair god tom pocket the fuck out of here that you any money you're crazy and sandals and your man would we do you not even like a surfer saffron the thing is a mess you smell weird get out get out you smell at curry your american gonna be like you i won't be near you and i want to give you any money to support this thing that you're doing i would say a book suck out here what you're bored zagreb here get tough organise interests drought the better about love the by the bug about gaeta love to but not from some dirty hippy go to a nice store was a nice our who sells books they could tell me about it isnt peter for this morning i do not see them anymore like our christian is like the internet
that's not the mouth that if they like what are we to in experts took it even scientologist make fun of them have you hurry crystals are the bottom end of the cold pole yemen everybody goose autumn duncan can do the whole chant vegetarians was you of our christian nobody disease really liked involved and studying religions and study the little wife he can do long buddhist chance but long hurry krishna chattering and it does all that shit he can do it like and it sounds like like windows monks in those hollow echoing i'm out of here so much about zen buddhism unbosom i've had every book i can get my hands on buddhism and i was just like this is the answer maybe it is but i just somehow got too busy i don't think there's any answer because in the end everybody dies that's no answer that this is what it is how much enjoying this and how much are you enjoying being run others who are enjoying in helping each other
and having a good time because other than that but what else is there as there are deep me mean if everything's temporary it doesn't seem like that could be its using your part have some sort of weird evolutionary process that will go on as long as life is allowed to exist on this planet which is very finite the planet itself only has a light one point six billion years of life left do you think though that you know that if it goes more than now suddenly burst size corinth son runs out of juice but do you think that there is some there is a either movement toward each other or a movement towards something or anything it's all random hard question with a familiar no fuck no no no i mean it might it might not be what about human progress eating we been progressing yes yeah or death we will win win this steps back
we talk about like people being pc and all that stuff i think it's terrible but its way better than being racist way better than the pc she is way better than segregated word the blacks have to sit in the back of the boss he's not gonna different what water corps in others this way better so that to me is clear example button is also drones and spying and crazy shit people still getting lock always know challenge crazy drug laws and then this private prisons as corporate interests in this fuckin this this goldman sachs bring the came out with it is that the tapes are now being released of the fed incursion would goldman sachs mean all the different shit that's going on we see that still is still corruption there still evil is still just misdirected energy is incorrect patterns of
behaviour that have led the people to want to operate in the same type of momentum that the fuckin knucklehead traders before them of dawn in the fuckin military industrial complex guys from sixty did all the same kind of their energies hasn't been flush doubtless system yet but it seems like it slowly getting pushed into a corner or this is hard to hide what the fuck is going on hong kong dude bright poet the photos a drone video of protest in hong kong ha lee shit ants in ireland some minor actually wanter wannabe allah choose who governs them can you imagine that there is a lot of fucking p but i know a lot of people are also border is also one point three billion people on on their border and they don't feel they dont want
part of china the mainland will they used to not be until fairly recently nice to be controlled by the united kingdom when i look at this falcon video those freak you out because their flying over the by the way it's amazing thing and do another decision regular person can get a drone crazy and send an area where we did that safe i shall dude i put on these goggles these vs goggles and they put a camera on this drone and then flew the drone over the tree tops and i was like watching from the bones perspective as like oh might we can put it in the observers region known of time but i was like for it was amazing sick that's amazing that's a camera to an eagle but i'm telling you it felt like i was flying really i have already had a me our goals on why i'd be our goggles on these things flying through trees and status and you your watch how much would it cost to buy one probably they don't go very far like after a mile
doesn't transmit like the right signal whatever type of no there's only one thing i just tell you this this is the the crowd and this is the feminist by drone did it have shut down the city is incredible look at that that's a million people write it lee i don't know i live like our seven just like three hundred people brow crazy that's like next calmly stop pact as second european cocky tat look like people and some rights neutral and what year were would they united kingdom it was till the nightingale raised when the leech ran out in gosh ninety nine two dozen two thousand one nineteen eighty seven was it there was ninety seven maybe was it
later there bracing both sides brace for wednesday showdown i'll fuck are they gonna go world war three in hong kong to where i dont think nobody wants that what the people's liberation army and nino coming in deals liberation the piano and think it deals with the chinese and in some countries there are but they don't want the they don't want the chinese military come in and get unpleasant at four damn shores they're asking for the the de what i believe is named me they call the chairman the person was put in power by china to step down and they want elect and to vote in their own perish in china's saying hey we're gonna run in your country we would for joint has entered a country or is it concerns considered a province and part of china mainland china and i think that for the longest time remember that hong kong was the sort of the financial
capital of that part of the world but shanghai now has taken over in a lot of other cities have taken over as the for their richer in and so its it it's a complicate things let a mite mainland trainees come in and vacation in hong kong so they're pretty to penalize look this photo of his kid shining his in flashlights they're all shine the light from their cell phones it's really creepy the usa to the usa today's coverage it's one of the larger photographs on accountability is millions of kids and they all decide the turner their cell phone lights on their holding them up and solidarity it's kind of symbolic we'll china also apparently the government of the china is really worried is really worried that if is there not handlers india they dont handle this properly there are a lot of cities in china that could do the same thing and asking for china
just in how the country's government so china's being very very cautious about how they treat this particular programme as it could fuck this up a is everything yes because if it gets to successful this night their learning that fucking picture there's a lot of unrest in china not just hong kong what will wended hong kong become a part of china i think it was during the opium trade wasn't it what is sorted better sort it back to me i b seven yeah and ass it was rising annexed by a servant was annexed by the british i think a hundred years for that so it hasn't even twenty years so there are still trying to work it out we think about twenty years ago was that like clinton days ninety seven those clinton seven clinton's president imagine that they give clinton please and also china takes over the u s work what that's kind of the same sort of thing they were under rule of the united kingdom that's
really similar to like the being america or and of absolutely at his eye was a really hard for the four for four and also in memory hong kong they speak cantonese they don't speak mandarin most mainland china is mostly mandarin and i speak a very different language in hong kong they speak mostly moat they do speak manner but they also mainly speakin these whatever form it takes and it was a capitalist system a very wealthy area and the big fear was that when the politburo in china took over that they would impose communist market laws and things like that but i think they cut left alone for a while and then and now hong kong's economy is very tied up with mainland china's economy mess it's weird when you see a situation like that were you know something's gonna happen and we're watching it from afar from where the fuck
we are therefore now we're like what is gonna happen over there while the question is is china can allow them to behave like a separate and independent province hosting they are not according to china in a chinese law the issue so then what do you do when you do will then you gotta realised that the people in the military them selves other than the few people that are running it there's gonna be a certain point time where if this riots everywhere if the entire country goes topsy turvy over this they all start like em leading what's going on in hong kong there's a none of soldiers to cover marks is a billion goddamn people and be who would be soldiers turning their guns on their own people in this are regular folks just like the soldiers eric on each one of the weirdest things about people don't want to support the troops like that that idea that
no i don't support war so i don't want to support the troops troops are just people and they might be the only thing and their love of regular people might be the only thing that protects a really tyrannical government from turning their guns on the people themselves because they do that if the people holding the guns refuse somewhere down the chain if that we where they say now this i know it when i say that john adams lost the election did thomas jefferson because he had a standing army and one of the things that you know the founding fathers warn against was standing army why because a standing army can be hijacked by a charismatic dictator in their there can they can state a coup so that was always there was all didn't sit well for a long time with americans especially with the way the country was found at the idea of a standing army had always been abused
exact that's one thing we feel it's ok to go after someone they have their own army like the waco guy like the waco guy david crash here very little sympathy in this country even though they essentially went in and fire bomb these people killed kids shot people down those fuckin very clear images of sherman tanks blowing fire into these fuckin buildings by we knew they had guns that's the only thing we know we knew that we heard the kids and i was the thing right but by as a rule that is exactly what i would say if i was gonna fuckin run some tanks and some do tell us that guy's in their fuckin kids we gotta we gotta go kill those its and anyway was eighty is basically about though the fact that we had all this sort of us a weapon ran arsenal but think about the ultimate irony say those kids by killing them all to kill everybody i think they let some kids out at one point
yes i'm got out but alarm that burne was terrible there's a documentary about it that was jawdropping will the document it was highlighting the use of force and i was like one of the first times we solve real military force being used on similar civilians and an end the good news that use the alot of people there was documentary meda out of it and let it be war pretty outraged by but yeah maybe not enough picks out a whole bid on it picks out a whole bid on it it was pretty fuckin crazy it's just most people didn't see it because there is no fucking internet back then it wasn't like today if they did some wake oh shit today and we saw them driving over buildings and blowing fire into these building pull up the video waco pull up the video why don't you check your facebook you look it does look at that level what happened with ferguson that this black kitty was shot i mean that the whole town went crazy things are different as different it's not that easy to just get away with shit anymore i also think that like i was thinking about russia and an outdated like their conduct the rouble the currency
rubble now because it's just like it's not worth anything it's a wonder lever it's very clever like to play on the word but it's it's a one crop economy so russia it is that the motto is basically my makes right all the guys guns control everything gets what so now you got you gotta come on did you got oil that export some weaponry and this this is easy this isn't a ninety nine these this is a god damn tank tearing apart a house this is a tank in erica going into this court on quote called amber they had got into a fire fight with his people because the eighty have shot out on the eighty of their like on the roofs and shit it's really crazy documentary one the guys they ate i've got inside was shooting out the door at eighty people outside and they were making their lasting i guess music
and start to make him crazy and noise what do they do that with these guys tuna that's it common tactic was the music sing if that was the music i hope that's not me is it is it really the music goes at the video about roquat s gonna get us parliament into that's the music is this is ridiculous i mean the seed tax being used on civilians helicopters and shit but ok but then if look at it from the other hand anna's cheese a facet as we look at it from the other side if you ve got a group of people there in this house and a shooting at federal agents what do you do do you
did you this due weight amount do if you don't set on fire out you don't do that then we went and when kids are in there so what do you do so the question was that i think that with the idea was floated it they shouted the fire themselves within the compound and the eight did not and in the absence of such well that's not true they did they did the shit with with tank while the aerial view of the tanks suggest something different now ariel view the taxi they had an actor fox well jazz available using flames flames stood ok let's with google use of lay me up i thought that was pretty established use of flame
throws away well founded documentary they set him meanwhile the good the big question was what was it started the inside the compound was the fire started by the wake up call members or by the idea of hidden waco footage tanks used flame throwers and there's a link and enjoy the youtube video and though you to video is unavailable and sting proves its bullshit waco tank flame through on you to a second hole is made in the side it is needed the front door the sounds like some countermeasure yeah i didn't eat picture is collapsing these two thing when you read the when the internet you dont know footage proves beyond any doubt that the tanks intentionally set the house on fire it proves that the branch divisions warmer watch carefully as the tank backed out of them
watch carefully as a tank backs house tank has a gas jet on the front that shoots fire oh that is true but google waco tank flame torres briefer brian i think he's going to turn you or you'll be work of seeing you guys you can be in ten per se a fox news is gonna fuckin far you you got it you gonna go dark on this one you gonna go left wing i knows i got my dear tags my friend i got my dear takes too he watches and a third holies made at the front door go towards
like we the ease and experience each picture is collapsing the inside stairwell coherence good keep going to following footage proves beyond any doubt that the tanks intentionally set the house on fire it proves that the branch civilians were murdered watch carefully as the tank backed out of the house she suffered very tank has a gas jet on the front that shoots fire you can also see the fire quite plainly that shirt hank goes into the house twice and each time as it back sound the fire at the gas jet is plain visible to the deal that has on fire wall where are you now fox news what he's a man i think they little house on fire fox news dynamic i would i don't know i believe i believe that they set that house i'll fire i don't have any doubt you get those guys a gear geared up
shot at some of the guy's got shot that big men are men be vindictive there what is there also soldiers and they ve given in the beginning enemy you know that old expected back there right if you only have a hammer everything second i own area that i don't have any doubt of ok here's the question what do you do if you know that is a group that's hold up and they have a bunch of weapons on that's any set is on fire tilted but i'm saying what how do you handle that how do you you got a guy shooting and federal agents allegedly there is that that the reality the absent as they were being hurled into agents exactly shouted themselves that is a fact you can also you're the guy say i have a right to defend myself ass their breaking any shoots so a lot of it as he was in his harm people were coming and he didn't he didn't know was coming into his house they had guns you know you can make an argument for a lot stuff so oh yeah i what do you do in that situation do you do i suppose the first thing you should think about as their two things one is our choice
being abused to is does he have illegal weapon at any illegal arsenal so of those the two cases in a search warrant they try to get in they were denied access the rest is stand off i don't know that that comes out of police tactics right i mean do you think someone should be allowed to have a place like that like if you believe that people should be allowed to have guns like i have friends who have many guns my friend just in its like a legit bona fide gun you don't even know how to don t ask now what if justin got together with fifty of his friends and they're all like him and they rented a big fucking piece of land or they bought a big piece of land together put a few houses up and put a fence around it found that right could i believe in the inner freedom of assembly right but what is that you got a highly armed compound of a bunch of gun nuts
still falls within the confines of law now if flat if they have fully automatic machine guns turd guns and rockets you're gonna go hold on you guys have a license for those and you know there are a whole lot of measures and then you have to take steps to make sure that you don't you don't have an army with a bunch of illegal weapons is a reason there some weapons that are nothing illegal if you have a license for right do you think is correct shot himself or was shot by sir his people really yeah
thank you shot before he on yeah crash in about two dozen other shot themselves to death or were shot before the fire and gulf the entire compound others die in the fire or the rubble the collapsing building will doors the shooter yeah it's coming they were fuckin armed to the teeth the brand goddesses crazy watches may become the target of a madman spirit according to intelligent so anyone who tried to infiltrate dude shooting through the wall the wall they shot each other to make out so the agents went in directly in the lineup
their shooting they shot through the walls and shot their own agents will end in an appalling comrades retreat agents are killed fuck a name and wait six wonder for dead that's a blog blood dead right there you eat it with those guys good luck now you're in a war unanimous round those kind of guys europe are already tough and that's their job and you shouldn't you killed for their friends i wanna get i wouldn't be too sympathetic either at that point and i was one of those guys right but devils advocate is not my my feelings on this on its own or have formed feelings about it but with those guys broken these people's houses for what reason apparently he was in violation i think of two things weapons illegal weapons caches or whatever and also i think there was a warrant for the fact that he was having sexual under age girls shoutings charles endangerment
which is kind of adjective is running a cult and one slash two days my friend used to date this chick who grew up i called and she in he said that she would tell him horrible fucking while a ghastly northcotes linger pussy well didn't caress like a deal where he could banger by his wife by issues that was it thing is you get beggar what is why you could be a might you can be in my called here's the only catch twenty two don't they always do that though everybody jim jones probing arose westerham we're all we're all one people were all lots of about love male say i think you're saying is god all right well there's also that the whole look the same him the austria jesus you can put em side by side and there like interchangeable did we then guys greatness rostov austrian looks suited to wild australian that we are so lame uses like i'm jesus or not he's lay our than lame cause he's told to different checks at their merry like his game is he tells the check that
mary that i'm jesus you're married like canada suck out a dome and superstitious by you die type the documentary is he's not dumb he's pretty clever but on some warrior the poor girl he has his girl that's convinced that she's mary and she's crying is crying and she's talking about remembering him being on the cross it's fuckin madness and then afterwards being interviewed by the guy the guy's interview was pretty select he's like didn't you tell another girl that she was mary yes but i was wrong see what i mean he pays shittiest excuse like this shitty is way brow i would have so much of a better way i'd back in lie right now and come up with a better idea yes but i was wrong but has even been that he plays green day he seen their eyes in a green day saw these incredible you telling me that the australian g be really an agreed this kind of thing
gotta be a better song for him he's got like six followers there is going to quite a few really voters in queensland the adding awry knowing this yet a crying incidents gonna giant compound and it's getting bigger yeah yeah there's a lot of you are very worried about him really yes s me he's a legitimately why me he really has been mean it's an enormous i just feel like it includes magnet for the dummies with aside he so doesn't kind of like it's i couldn't i fly paper we're just get all the it does so other really dumb people in one area it's mine now it's not it's not because they can take over see the thing about it having a really big group of dumb people of a big proved group of people who are so done that i'm not dumb so there's no leaders there are a giant maverick retarded followers and their chasing after guy was a fake jesus legs one day i mean this is like
the numbers that a guy like that can draw the reason why it's fucked up because if you look at the whole population let's just go to the bar cuz i don't how big australia is of america's three hundred million people one percent do you think are just self i dumb they almost can't think things through for themselves i'd say it's one percent that's all you if you have one percent in america you have three point five million armies that is a staggering number vietnamese if you really late it out like that of its truly one out of a hundred which is probably an super channel south to the human race but if it really as well on out of a hundred that's three points five million in this country alone need many started good call shit here but what is it hal doing i and they just living the gas born southern jesus like date right as sex
is he's got a lot known on man still a big ass place how big is it he used to be a trillion i t special esoteric cleanest manzella queens openness you know he's got a big dude neither is there any way queensland but whenever i think he s like six hundred acres something up there that's where they find the monster gray white that's what i find great works that are twenty feet that have a bite out of them for a bigger great white six hundred acres something as crash let's see they have good here look at duncan trust caresses actually yeah young professionals and now gray hair scruff but they look similar if you look at him and then pull up the australian jesus no not charlie manson the australian jesus that guy looks very similar i'm going to cut my hair for a hunting trip dude i'm looking at your head you going to go down
yeah yeah i know what time we on let's not arouse our party sorry about all that personal data this guy yeah yeah six hundred plus acres chilling cult transcribe whatever that's a lot of fucking queensland but he looked so much look at number ah you look so much licorice ah he's he's got sharp features maybe is correct should look at the maybe caress escape to both got that weird beard with can grow a man's beards the gross fuckin yes we rise might have gotten his nose sharpened could be him and his hair strained honey let's crash stop dunk dozens more wild eyed i'm telling sky so silly when he got into that he will tend to get into that hell thing that when he was like hanging out with the church satan guy now has neither does it for funding i know but it was funny
you did that show for the wedding the area for which guy anton levey sandia swear hank third hank williams junior danzig junior junior hank the third play their youse saw crazy chaos man whose you favour front mental time for what rock band never thought about what we in high school could you who's your favorite don't put the greatest was yours you must have otherwise you wouldn t there either robber plan of mercury but i'm not sure i'm toss up between the two the robber plants right up there nobody administrators right over there to make joggers up there but the problem of the stones and no one's gonna like to hear this right they allow should is on imagine readiness on well it forever but they had some fuckin monsters that a few monsters but when you pick up there
i guess a bunch of zeppelin songs that no one talks about their fucking phenomenal you know you listen to me like oh i forgot about this you know this is still a beautiful of some stones on you like why is the shut this fuckin thing off deciding adding zeppa is the number one yeah but didn't separatist you a lot thirteen song say they credit credit or either oldtime folk songs or blues musicians that with their influence here i mean days and confused and that certain songs were mean if you hear direct rip off and we'll never credit we played that and we do we play the both of em backing but there was a video and had all the old blue songs with the lyrics from them and then madame la i mean a lot better it just seems like those guys should it got something if there are still alive and they did
went back in and they there was some settled out of court but you know said they fox news a guy fox news i'm really mad if you'd work for them i would like our homes million more manly i'd be like you can the left wing guy are far guys i just be fair with the many where could i think i was high earners you not i don't think they're fair you don't think therefore no i don't i don't adding that the day i dont like getting my news from an ideological point of view and rugged bbc elsa babies you think it's possible to have a news channel on television that undefined it doesn't slant laughed it doesn't slant right that at least was the model and that was i think the bbc and always comes very close to it maybe i'm wrong but i'm not there i'm talking about here and good old u s yeah i think it is the land the free there is in fact one of the things that they the guy who's the guy who ran sixty minutes came in and said
news and banners good news is we got the highest weighting of any new show ever bad news we got the highest rating of any new show ever in other words this too just turned into a show that's dependent on ratings you that's why i'm gonna get paid a lot more money well that's the infinite growth paradigm right existing corporations that it also exists on show scam they want the ratings to go up the ratings are up up up yes my lord percent when you all american citys you shouldn't ices has guys on hamas show that's him being a fox shit you're on fox you gotta fuckers sabotaging we had another level that was our morning show to promote might might stand that's not a fan of real fox box that amateur michael shows are the weirdest fuckin form of showbiz those local morning shows strange markets these local shows are the weirdest formal show business ever someone
right and some of them are so bad you can't believe this isn't a school play like i'm on a school play with cameras turn a lot of them are just so bodily and just it's just a strange man bake dude and some of them are so but i went on one what name the name immediately guys first question was so what was it like we feel hartman was killed and i just sort of a sort of black face them i goes terrible like one one we're not going to give you one word answer for the lab and expand yet that's is opening question you saw that video were mike tyson was talking in the gandhi canada and the russian opening statement the guy says is this going to hurt the mayor because you were you went to jail for rape you convey our grave as rape is still convicted rapist i can believe that
right on that sheep shot what a shitty cheap shots people love doing that shit love doing that shit adding mike tyson handled properly the the right where a piece of shit was more stressful is down with a piece of shit you some of you are positive here but you give your piece of shit that did was terrified looked into the eyes of death enticing didn't even flag in his heart didn't even skipper beat there was like an extra beat to it everything stayed nice and calm change that is probably wondering where the night should be the show this guy on the air has already cost i'm down it's not gonna beat amount but it's probably there floating around i'd be argued that law himself on this guy and just smashed his face and it feels so good for three seconds how much time we have to do too much not worth it don't do it a more famous he would go to jail for sure here imagine might well have been canada get across the border requests that we actually item trash splash of the guy really did to guide moved at all and some sort of thing
call him a convicted rape as a guy we get the gotta raises hands up like just anything where it looks like the guy i did i did what i did one of those things and after i damn thing over two and asked me about the experience i start talking about the lady boys and how do you now and there it to fail sars and look i mean i'm a stray man that those lady boys look very famous man get nervous they changed to seventy eight ok well that's the way you ve got to go there well that's right i'll be it's as such ninety days you guys shut me they're real quality live in a world of no fun it really out of everything has to be like form all right let's go over here to the board and take a look at the weather well well we got here cole front movement in that same guy us to do everything it same guy has to do too crews in a bit of blow with matt lauer will tell you about
when we get back like who are you i you don't exist in nature is a strange thing guys just talk as though everything is just fantastic certain people that you know shouldn't exist in nature and they offend you there their offensive and that's a fact do something about that they like ok i'll let you read the news i'll let you are what you be the robot but if you fuck try to give your opinion as that robot well you know these days are different than when we were kids and a guy like gray rice should just no better when he just you just talked about some important shit some weird fuckin fake voice has just talking about that about why i have a visceral kind of reaction to that kind of shit and i wonder if it's maybe because historically those kind of dunes cardboard people well they were also a liability right foxier like you need someone you can rely on when you go hunt for food or you can
go to battle or whatever it might be which was mankind's history i wonder if the kinds of people were always throw you basically because when they talk that way the not talking to you you don't care you want i don't trust you you're not being gonna be real with me so i can rely on you i think that's what it is you that's what i happened to me i see guys dressed super cool like there's a lot of time spent on he's watching himself i go oh boy i don't know man lives good on you but i'm just having a problem with that necklace not have too many rings on too many rings huh talk to your wherewith six ring i can't talk to you can't ultimately be friends with you that's what i problem that character you can't trust like that's doktor smith from boston base right you can never count on doctors may though do we do we will he would give you up he would give you up to the aliens drive the aliens
gonna kill him i'll tell you what i'll tell you anything you like doktor smith you fuck and the dad was always like rock solid with a square jaw cap and dark to smithereens silly little homo let him back in doktor smith was clear clearly gay we wanted to have anything to do with the wife was not mean he was alone with no women never never never flirted with her never imagined when a bill i never said that we are married i was just no women out here in space mean you're the best woman on earth and there's nothing weird creepy happened here who is clearly an untrustworthy gay man a programme that was homophobic characters ever because he was so weak he wasn't me first of all he always watch the kids like the guy was always watching the kids the other the dad who was the fuckin astronauts here was fuckin saving the planet here i hand he was sort of a hand there he was a hen and he was weak he was so weak
it was clearly gave talked deal will use is so weak and clearly gay like he was such a homophobic character but does the only one anybody would ever accept a character like down on television have yet to be feminist yeah like if he was in that mission and any couldn't be trusted but he's very ask your land and and and we know that these last night he banging the astronauts y see now would be conflict euro guile even now the mail at home or you're goin off on expedition though it's something an app weird shit what happened there especially the dude untrustworthy amene specify currents base like you got no shot at getting back to civilization coming seasons that they do after couple of years ago i realise this is where are we going to live out here on the moon for five hundred years this blows the kids they have to fucking listen to this guy
fallen around with them they have to go back dad daddy's lion my surveying then having like any any sort of person in that sort of like completely artificial way in your life likes you the men like we would we lead in some weird shit you're about to do i know you have to see you hang around but idiots you ve been out to dinner with a guy ruth thing to say so child you listen you know i love your awesome but you hang let's have arrested things dodoes now i've known bride for so long that i know not to go over to his house when you'll tell me like sir he's a good no i just hope we are sometimes so become over his house for some you ve got a budget that some loon like oh god brand we don't hang out this guy i know i know i know he wants to borrow money which i tell him
i don't know the fucking doing you'd always have like some a person or hanging around was just a hood waste here my life do that prevent a lot of my mind producer guy they used to hang around with my first and hang around brine he had this do should guided hung around with a member like some guy like a writer was trying to make some things happen meetings you dont need name names you know i'm talking about thank african american descent complete total hustler our boy and i was like way what who's this guy get in scope really means and i saw that boy do you kept our army you pick shows with love me i should have drawn pitch drunk like with that guy was a he believed he was smart he believed he is like smart and slick new pull it off any believe like his smiles and its charm with mask the overall like slick stir hustler
bullshit that he needs but there was there was no substance like you would pitch ideas like what is this idea dog shit ideal as i go out with you just bizarre like energy and he had found a way to integrate himself into hollywood and there's a bunch of those duty man and used to always aunt miranda gather sunny some of those people with how many those duties that i tell you do you get the fuck away from those guys i think about how much time i was saved if i didn't involved those days then i profile other do you know i mean like light there will always be some one and i think it's a personality trade where i've i would be part you know it's almost like feel like me because you moved around so much you make friends really quickly initiating good only and then you just do they have time and so they go away you're a complete fuckin you're a liar or whatever you have we ever you have great i'd say summertime via your antenna i've urien jerry when you're a genuine mama antennas not flawless man there's a do that so
through the wire is a couple people that slipped the war that one of them is that raw failed well i don't really know him now i can't really is friends with eddie bravo and he turned out to be a fake presented you to blackmail they murdered some guy he's in jail right now for murder he married some guys like banging the guy's wife and then like that insurance policy or something you killed the guy and was driving the guy's car there's some crazy shit but when i met a maiden seem like a martyr to me man you seem pretty fuckin normal and i didn't ever see him do martial arts so i couldn't see like where there is bullshit not i've met him like a king in a cage event and talk to him but then you find the guys like a murderer noise in jail for you but how is ok shit maybe if i had a deal with them if you had some going on we know we are involved in something together some business transactions something
i could have seen the bullshit eva does gas slick that's their job but he wasn't that slick as i did eventually watch a video long after eddie had out at em editor told them like get the fuck out figured out tat it was really a black belt as before any was even a blackout any was like better a brown built at the time was before you beat toiler long before that but we were we're in a car once and any fuckin broken down over the phone what were in the car really the other guy capture hustle in san diego stop stop stop are you a black belt in jujitsu i just need here this right now are you blackburn jujitsu knows his paw as a new start and some other nonsense is that while my dad learn job in egypt as stop stop stop do you actually have a black belt introduced not your dad now who trained with due and he went there was like a silent moment eddie goes i don't want to talk to you ever again ok you're a bullshit artist like you
you made me i brought you around people you made me look bad i you're not being honest not you not honest person so after all that then i saw video the dude workin out i saw a video of him doing like a spinning bacchic pad it's fun comical i mean it's like someone showed him twenty minutes before while is ridiculously bad but he had a crazy store this guy he he was such a hustler it's bullshit artist that he turned a turned up at he told the sky and give me a ride the woods i'm going to this no rules karate committee and begun for couple days so i'll come back and get me like round saturday so he has his big duffel bag with them ass big fuckin full duffel bag it takes it with him it goes off this committee and then the guy comes back on saturday and now he's holding a trophy has got picked up the same spot says yeah when this committee and pete everybody and not nagging trophy
and the guys like how you fuckin had a duffel bag there was filled with this fuckin trophy you woods he told me to come yet you three days so proud was walk home took an app aids and food we're back where for the due to pick them up yeah i'm gonna go kind of the trophy i want you never know like my buddy mitch communist crazy story goes by the high school reunion and why the it is with this guy fifty and fifty used it like you get on it aren't you ve dr seventy miles now he's whole nobody was raised always find guy crazy so he was the sort of home town crazy fun fuckin ninety kid good kid road fine crazy so made goes back to high school reunion in tennessee and he says where the fuck is busy and his cousin fit is causing us brought about store man and he knows what it means is fitted in german and he goes put it fuck and for what
and everybody got weird because this disease is there for a while and i'm not coming out for a long time what the fuck did you do well turned out fits he kept going this applebee's and there was a aid or there and he would the waiter would wait on fitting and he became friends and so one day fits said let's go to the corn fields and smoke a joint and eyeing out do no more than drawing an fits he tries to end does rape him and try to kill him after raping fight ensues fight ensues mr applebee's runs through the cornfield gets away ngos and the authorities ways this is their raved then attempted murder they tried to murder means are cut up and stuff and i want this isn't jonah that's a weird thing cried a fuckin guy fuckin kill a guy is that what you hear realised and hung out
guy for a long time at applebee's and befriended em and actually planned the whole thing so you never know gentlemen you'll never know how crazy somebody fuckin is what the fuck the fungi he's farms the fun guy a very easy air he's gonna raw he's gonna belly flop off thy diebold nominal fuck you grab so who knows grew fuck knows yeah those guys when he grew up to grab a neighborhood is like fifty dude whenever that all can know each other like that the potential for one fucking unbelievably crazy person so strong especially if you're in the city have you ever seen a video the kid does a back flip off the top of a second story building now go wild
in the street you not as always while kizil try anything i have seen that this guy and he makes it the first time does it again oh i don't know about that at the one i've seen evidence you one when it got makes it in these hanging out a diner afterwards areas like other photos you he back backed his back to the edge and inadequate elapsed flip through the air landed and collapse in the grounds fine toilets incredible things it's the crazy shit sensitive four zero didn't do it for a nickel like i mean maybe he had a bat but whatever i don't albert the craziest thing i've ever i mean i remember that gone that's a crazy thing i've seen dad shit that's what happens when people grow up today and one day pushes another guy in the next thing you gotta stephen chatters craig out of the ark like steve i'll you go crazy for an ox was most gnarly they're all crazy there are crazy looked steeple was with lions he climbed up
controlling the lions came up the tree in their swanton they took his hat from home yet that is what i am going to talk about that and that was a commercially he was doing and he said to they climb trees not aware that libraries and what stephen was up there the lion climbed up the tree in goddamn instead was warm and die now in the trainer took a rock can and waved it at the lion and got him away but still testosterone where join us we'll blindfold himself with syria mouth and allow a boar yeah to run through him i saw that i've seen this one is this america advice we know now and opel oh no way why don't i want to see the irony that makes me so nervous he's gonna die funny bonds or although this
oh my god oh my god i got a bad mother fucker all my that's a bad mother my god please don't do that at home you guys please don't do that anybody mania please don't do that kid's creating what do you feel like what he was in the air like what have i done disorder imagine with that felt like on his balls your feet here and that your what he's he's not clear for that answer so crazy like how fast you fall like to again how many seconds was not very long don't much he thinks he's your voices got highgate super to scare when i should do the fear factor stunts in every look look
the edges of the buildings is people to crawl out i'm like this another one hour known do what is this now oh no stop it bother with it on my guys guys gonna climb risking a swing this is not something i wanna see this why do now by what's wrong with you so the sentiment another country pushers this is a different language this gradually didn't die for why are you doing my job do it look at this again this it not now so crazy he barely barely made it clear that what had jumped though that's insane
biogas i mean i don't even want to see it through to its knees apart i have trouble that's an interesting thing there was a study on why men do that and they were trying to figure out what it is about men make some wanna do look ridiculous stunts and they said that when men do that makes them more sexually attractive to females their certain females that are attracted to men they dont have fear though more willing to overcome fear and that it somehow or another they think some way connected to the idea of a brave warrior a warrior faces something that everyone else's terrified out faces it head on and same sort of like react into watching someone do something that you know as a person is absolutely terrifying when i see it it gets them turned on i get that makes
since may tidings odin s sister miss placement of energy i mean that guy would have been no ok that's me placement but isn't that boy i'm just saying that that that you back in the day even with a shield and judging and about what's what i mean what means and it is what i was saying as isn't it essentially the same thing that make someone like a crazy be an ex rather the arrows flips yemen the kind of same thing worse it's just it's also push yourself beyond what you think you do but in but the big macs guy gets money you're biomass guy and you you do flips and share your automatic you can pay a lot of money i also thing it's juice dosage adrenaline look getting into a ring everyday and fight and do what you might get knocked out that's that's pretty dare devil ii as well that yes scary to running ponds back in the end a felt fuck and scary yandah that shit you know something about that
sleepy eye when you fighting at least you're under your own sort of control and some sort of way deal with somebody else but if you know what the fuck you when you can kind of mitigate allow shit sort of you at least i hope you can as the ultimate goal but manly you fuckin do and flip of a mountain you ve gone off a mountain or mountain bike wish we whose bam landing some those guys are out of their fuckin my i think you get addicted the adrenaline whenever they must mean fighting perform i would die you have it i think it's a way crazier russia they get to do like to flips on tv and landing on a bike to do motorcycles they flip through the anna motorcycle for then what happens what happens when that goes away well what happens when lands on their bought that's horrible the watchword dead jason alice jays now still has to do crazy shit he got in the river with each other
the other day and he just put a mouthpiece no haggard goes let's just slug it out a start going at it with the intermediate discuss you know what banged as castles in upper got knocked about jason was i was fuckin or some he just needs the juice as but that's tardiness hit you my knocked you out that's not good for your brain he's been he's been shut off a bunch time i asked about i once knew so he's been how cold like six times those and black i think there was like skateboard think those from fighting he loves don't start a dead man yeah but that causes depression too much had trauma like their causes that causes you two route like shares for bush layer show themselves and the chances are you can study their brains they knew something was wrong mark gordon the guy who's the expert traumatic brain injuring doktor mark gordon he he said it did
take much they said you could have one wrong car accident or you don't even get injured you just slam ford unlike the steering wheel like you're fine every fine fine yellow fender bender and you're fucked you thought you depressed for months you don't why while he pituitary glands does not function properly like your your brain is that while out of you with brain injury gone hormone therapy because their bodies as producing testosterone stuff yet well there's a bunch of should be the year doberman levels drop serotonin levels drop your human growth hormone levels drab get tired you know they think it that's a lot of what these to cook chronic fatigue since to allow chronic fatigue syndrome there they tribute to couple different possibilities one almost line disease that in no stand line disease will i'm disease they believe i didn't start diagnosing people with lime disease to like the fuckin eighties or something like that is fairly recent rise but the other one i think been depression and head trauma or they just want to get out of bed i do that's me
that when these two called chronic fatigue syndrome it was called the main their different word for you like epstein bar of ira my roommate colleges like a year is still member there is some girl that i didn't know but a neural peripherally and some again a poor girl she gets chronic fatigue syndrome unlike what the fuck is that and i think i know where she had been a complex and our something by four wanna say she was like a serious car that china remember i'm trying to states too long i might be confusing stories but i remember thinking like i had met her forge seem normal and now here she is when i doesn't eminent you to do anything when you like to have some unease breakdown like just what one organ does and then how it how it works with all the other organs sometimes you can't believe that shit doesn't break down here it's it's it's just such an intricate machine and one thing is dependent on it
other it's fucking nuts or somebody i haven't cavity in issue at their tooth and they have unexplained foot pain and often they realise that the nerve in the tooth is connected to the nerve in the foot and so what was really causing the problem the pain in your foot was not your foot it was works you it was your two like an infection hudson faction theirs it there's a certain nerve the goes from from like the jaw all the way down you know people fuckin hard its actual tooth infections yes we have crossed the already they d bacteria corrodes the arteries hump none allow throws the crows the valves yet fuckin in that's why does a bullet things so fuckin frightening because anything that just immediately mediately shots your body anything that immediately put your body nor tail spent fifty percent of people it gets a shit die it's so weird man something just goes wrong i gave her things great today today
did i do i want to walk the dogs i got up and play with my kid but about proper went and played tennis but yesterday oh you know same thing what happens tomorrow a ball say logic virus boils all of your face your face is covered in these giant fuckin cellphone size per so here are lie or crying out of your eyes it's like seeing that woman when jogging in florida and shoes you know like seven that night cheat along their works went right dangled feed off the bridge i sat down my photos and eleven foot alligator was like a minute i'll take you now are we haven't you no matter what arms took her arms far ass good time i'll get it was like i know i'm an alligator and usually i don't do this crocodiles do it i'm gonna do it today to you you're gonna be the third only three people are for people of the year that can be eaten by a fuckin eleven foot dragging
that'll be me ye the weird that alligators they let em hang around because a not too aggressive it's like there a docile and usually run from the people dont decide fuckin kill them on site but really everyone in florida should be in up in arms they should run out to the swamps gunners fuckin dinosaurs down those are about kid eating dog eating miles to shit out of dogs guy was walk in his dog and they get it didn't go for the dog went for the guy just fuck jesus yeah there does not as aggressiveness crocs if they were crocs mood he kill him level crocodiles they found nile crops in the everglades stop it yes they have is a shoot on site order i found i owe you i can ask people that you sam is patent canal crocodiles up they don't know they don't know of any idea where they spot in more than one now crocodile inevitably confirmed sightings
so saying strain of killer beehives cm they killed onsite straight up come they will come right out you you are food and there being big o they get really beset that peace corps girl who is there in kenya well the crocodiles died out years ago she heard she heard she go swimming the guys who knows that i'm gonna whither i am a water baby thirty seconds later gets pulled on i've got my feet room far superior to do as a document articles reading about these people that were canoeing in the congo and the guy behind washes the guy and fraught gets taken by the crock with a crock rises above the water and literally snatches the guy spins the canoe upside kayak rather sky i was stuck in it and they like goes up medallic a barber and then plump and then pops up no guy that's it it doesn't see the guy or again the crop take some of the water
and so the motto of that story is don't fucking kayak in denial i mean in in the congo it don't do that that would be the motto of that story you fucking are you out of your fucking mind did not like sharks they will bother you they come after you become after everything yeah that's what they're they're here to all interested in uganda saw us all one cried i'll eat a god the entire eat a whole tire dominate this tire entire i can you repeat that are getting is entirely cart eric as yet ain't oh my god you're your food yeah they everything you shirt everything if you think about it like where they will they live in the past said so rich with life and they have to be consistent in their ability to kill it like that in a clean ups ike antonio disunity water buffaloes there's too many willed
beasts one has to me well the beast they go near the water hole and they get gone they get snatched right be no doesn't get snatched her bows crocs fuck with all her boughs and weighed into the water with crocs and swim right by it's the most amazing thing to say because hippos are so fucking violent then i go fuck is they break crocs and have they cut crocs and hannah maritime as no more time breakdown you're my friend you are the shit thank you hilarious if people want to see brian its br why a an callin has anybody's taken br i encountered just toronto pictures addicts are why be our why a and cowan on twitter or my friend much love
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