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#559 - Keith Weber

2014-10-10 | 🔗
Keith Weber is the creator of "Extreme Kettlebell Cardio" DVDs, a physiotherapist, triathlete, and "physical culturist."
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cheese, Weber, ladies and gentlemen. Finally, we meets I've worked out your voice, many times Europe sleek athletic body on the beach swinging kettlebells, making people we're got along, and I we got you on a par guess. Man had been talking about your videos, for I don't know how long I don't even know, I found it. I found it somewhere online and I was looking for some video to work out too and adjust it was, bad ass. You know that it has been we start cell dot com became like our best selling dvd your constantly out of stock. We're sellen amount for you, but it's fuckin, awesome, video man. So it's good to have you on thanks for having me Jeff, it's amazing to be here with the book you what you got notes and shit like thought. I should just in case every
something which was. Why would you want to bring up the EU like how to write down? While you know I, like, I thought, I'd be really nervous and I thought maybe there be some important stuff. I forgot about TAT, there's some parts of the video that are really hilarious, that I didn't want to forget to mention, because I've looked on the internet about some of the comments people put and most of them are actually positive than one's I've read and is a few that are quite hilarious. Especial then than most hilarious ones are obviously the negative ones so giving you the closing its listening, the better because it very directional data that the Euro is gonna, get negative comments on the matter. What, especially with the work we do, this work, actually, I'm not a mediate and wish someone looking to be fair. I don't like you he works out, tell me what to do
it's in my eyes, when I do his work on the beach, the beaches, a good place to work out, though, because you did that feeling like of humbleness like you're you're, connected to that ocean behind you and now also just the role of the ocean and of the feeling of the sand, and it's a great like surface like as a super good surfaced IRAN on now. If I think more people live by the beach we'd have a nicer sweeter world. I agree the thing that blows me away whenever we always go on holidays at least two or three times a year to a tropical place, because my wife and I and the kids love the beach powerful. Why people off white privilege carried down to your vacation There's a story behind that vat and the boy. I see people running down the beach with running shoes. I just want to tackle them and fixed their feet. Thick survey
because feeder fixable thumb what's wrong with most people in running shoes, ranches just bad for you, I wouldn't run amok marathon without running she's like that, would be crazy because the pounding well yeah. You know if you have read the book she running were born to run anything. I know I've never had anything on running, because there was a great comic made Bill Hicks whose to make fun of Jim fix. Guy who were the running books right as usual What are you writing about? Left right, left right done fast after I'd, yet it's amazing his wherein Dennis beat right now in lots of people run in Vienna speech, and I totally get why runners get a bad wrapped, sometimes because a lot of people are running that really shouldn't be running Why? Why they're not strong enough, which is not in shaping up running high Ligon? You really need to have a lot of strength run properly and really I can work in house like if you'd,
someone and they were thinking about starting out of work out routine. You would not recommend just running, never, never really interesting. What would you recommend? I, I wouldn't recommend kettlebells radar forget go unless you know what you're doing and young a train right. I would recommend summits just fresh off the coach and they don't hurt themselves find somebody that can teach you how to do some compound lifting learn. How to do squats again, learn how to do deathless promptly, maybe learn how to do a pull up, maybe learn how to do a push up properly. All those basic old school exercises are so powerful. Do you want to deal with people that are starting from scratch? Cuz? That seems to me to be a very daunting proposition for some folks have been kind of couch. Potatoes are whole life and then also know, like you know what god damn it I want to get fit. I really want to do something
he's really big and he's been telling me lately. There's a lot of shooting competitions like he does like up like a ghost tactical things. We run through maze and you have to shoot at targets these two big God, damn it. I got to lose some weight, but I can tell it's hard to just start doing that hard to just change your lifestyle. We patterns that we fall into. You know you got your average everyday parody get up in the morning, eat some unhealthy shit. You go to an office in the cubicle, whatever you do, it's really hard to say today after work at six hundred and thirty,
I'm gonna go and do Jumping Jackson, push shops and Chin option only get my shit together. Exactly and honestly. That is the main impetus for the video in the first place, and I come across people that I treat all the time that her keys. I want again to shaping you know how do I do it? Not that's what I do love about the kettlebells in a perfect world. I would have them, learn how to do the compound lift slowly, but the kettlebells provide the same idea, see movement patterns without having to put a bunch of weight on your body rise using the inertia in the momentum created by these things, so yeah its side. So I do get a lot of people in my kettlebells classes that are starting fresh, like amazingly, the women become usually women. I dont know why it, sir guys don't like an order that comfort zone you think that's what it well, maybe just a handsome guy would long blonde hair and checks looking to hook up
My own weapons pitch he's gonna teach me. I work out what my windows life. No, I don't think that's there's one night. I honestly think women have a different mentality. I have a body, I run hills with just out. The couple blocks from our house is a perfect kill it bust. Your ass it'll take you about two hours, two minutes twenty seconds to get the top, but that's absolutely give me and everything else. It's kind of the perfect length of a hill kind of tapped into that mid range energy system, and there's mornings every morning. The summit is a group of women it this playground nearby at six, a m like twenty of them doing boot camps in and push up some berbeus and things like that. You'd never see twenty guys do. At least I haven't. You would have there in the military good point of departure, but yeah like just on their own. Will
desire to be in good shape, most guys unless their professional athletes, if they're just the average guy. That wants to look good- and you know be like that guy in the fitness magazine. They are they don't like being. In public. Almost I showed you sound like women. Don't mind worked out at a park like getting out together and they learn that none of its mother, I think they're bit more social than us, a little more social, so goods ACT, the hunter gatherer thing or something it probably gathers. They sat around talked with the hunters european required sneak up on shit. I've heard that burden alone. That's true, but the other cut talk a little bit about that in the book. Wanderer Yerevan is an honour, and even I recommend that booked everybody, because it sir it will make you wanna, try running and running on. The beach should be done barefoot, I believe so
that's the way you were all supposed to run anyway right we're not supposed to run the way most people think because of those running shoes that you're supposed to go he'll first rate, because they ve sort of change people's gates. With these shoes with his big fat had the heel, which is really unnatural. Cracked, like away the foot, is design you supposed to land on the ball the foot and the foot is actually supposed to act as a bit of a shock absorber slowly de celebrate your weight, and that is A natural gate is supposed to be performed when you're running Right yak, and there is actually there ve been studies done where they ve taken people, any blindfolded them and looked at their gate patterns, and then they put these big runners on and they have a very summer gate pattern. It's almost like you take me that sensory ability of the all those thousands of nerve endings in the bottom of the foot actually feel
Let's go not so your body subconsciously put the brakes on. It makes you he'll strike yeah it so that the heel strike thing really didn't happen until boards the ninety seven is your humbly out when they came out of those running shoes, amazing that they need. Virtually change the entire country or the all over the world, the gate of people when they run by putting a big fat pat on the heel, and we never had before in its it does. It creates a terribly unnatural gate and it leads to a lot of injuries, but there are a lot of people that, even if they started running in a perfect scenario with the right she's. Never even if they are not strong enough,
There is going to lead to some problems. There really is important and one of the things that I would stress when I talk to people about the honor dot com products that we sell, vote kettlebells or, though, like the steel clubs things on those lines. Unlike pleased start slowly, men don't want to pick up an eighteen pounds about like poor folk birch worker will more, but you very your video with a thirty five pound kettlebells. Kick my ass, just thirty five pounds. You think: that's not that basic up four year old yeah yeah carry for women carry for euros in your arm near my wife's carries a four year old times about thirty five pounds That's all that is in your you're doing this work, out in its in the beginning, it seems like was not that hard. But then a minute annual holy shit. How long is this going to be, and then
You realize that just one cattle bouts, one simple thirty, five pound kettlebells. If you follow your work out, you can get an absolutely brutal routine. It yeah it sack in it's kind of them. For me, it's a measuring! Stick I like to use my video at least once a month test myself make sure I'm not getting lazy year. Canister fall off the rails, cause I'm just like everyone else. If I don't stay with it, I can get you a little bit lazy. Yeah everybody can if they now have some sort of a girl right, that's one! The cool things about your video is just you have to keep up with it. I bought a bunch of videos before there were excellent, like Maxwell has a bunch of videos and MIKE Mauler has a bunch videos MIKE Moors, very much into technique in showing the fundamentals of the movements things along those lines, but what I really liked about yours, it's just that. You have to already know that shit and it is hard.
Already go. Let's do this and that that was the big thing when I first started doing kettlebells thinking. Oh two, I think I took their for their second instructors course with Dragoned or yeah. There weren't any videos out there that just for people it knew what they were and so I had I bought every video in the book. I shouldn't say that there were a couple that were four people that knew what they were doing, but they were died. I just don't think they wanted to hurt anybody right and I had seen I'd been teaching kettlebells by the time I mean that first video for at least three years and I'd seen what these have again, mostly women housewives that were coming fresh off not exercising and what they were putting themselves through and they weren't getting hurt. They were just getting really good shape. Heaven tat, so I thought I might put a video together like we do in class, and I did have a lot of
western people saying make a video, I can't make it to your class I'd love to have something that you pop in the dvd player at home will be awesome if there was something like a class or something with a really common class. That was taught where people that have never worked out before. Could all get together so it didn't feel like freak yeah. You know I mean so you don't like show up at the jam, and these are these fuckin brows, Austin it up and screaming and thrown wait around and drop in and out they lived in its very intimidating. There's a place you go for folks are just cubicle jockeys, you know what Have you people that I, like you know what I just need something different this isn't it
I take this glass. My work over the verse, I'm like a war of first timer work out programme. That would be awesome. I think honestly kettlebells give you that that's the closest thing you ever get to something for everybody, because it's it's a lightweight Nan its side. It such an equal stress on the body. You know, like you, go to the gym, they'll be do bench, press and arms, and the next day he can't move you. Your packs and arms are just fried, was right about your whole body is fried, but not to the extent you can't move is launched what about it so moving it altogether hours, one one move one unit, rather than always find it that it translates the best to actual athletics. To that when you do things like deadly,
ups are squads any big compound movement. It just it translates like actually feel physically stronger when you do some like martial arts or your grappling things long silence. I think that has a lot to do with the acceleration t like that's. The goal is like exercise. I love the threat is what an exercise I love to hate. It's because you have to develop a lot of acceleration to get that kettlebells over your head session, when you're getting tired That's what I like to put the thrusters after you ve kind of done a couple exercise to fry the legs and shoulders. I think the man maker, I think it, sir, I think it starts out with it actually starts out with a thrust her, but a lot of the other chapters. This I Senate slighted in their when you're really fatigue and it forces you to get acceleration.
And then that translates over the strength. So do you ever work one on one without any Emma may athletes? I did put like we're talking what I did work a little bit with Jason Eyes, Mcdonald yeah we're talking up for the show, and then we did. We went further how many workers, who at least half a dozen because he's he trains. He was training like twice a day. So these are the sort of to supplement, is training, and but I think he was a little more with everything else he was doing so, but I think he one is next fights, or maybe it up. That is a big issue with Emma may foreigners. It's like doing just the right amount like you, don't want to do too much so that your burnt out my comes to your skill training later on the night like when it comes to like technique, martial arts technique, but a lot of guys do like to do their strength and conditioning first to where the
cells out so that when they do their sparring, they they try to be more technical cars already exhausted and can't you strength is like two schools of thought when it comes to the right now, there's like one school of thought that says you should role really tired and then there's not a school of thought says you should do all we strengthen conditioning after you ve done all your technique works. Who technique be like a sharp as a razor and then, after he's worried about getting sloppy when you're running up hills yeah, you know it really is over almost to the strength training world as well Specifically- and I'm like. I know how APOLLO Jocelyn he's very much into length was kettlebells he's one of the guys it brought kettlebells to America right yeah. I think he was teemed with John D came and they sort of collaborated, and I think the story goes. John said he would publish a book for possible if he would sort of bring kettlebells to American. Let him manufacture
before then no kettlebells in Amerika. I think that were I think there were, but a few I dont think it was is mainstream. I mean it. I dont think I did. He was one of those things that probably sat at the back of a German hadn't been touched in twenty years. Is no one knew what to do with this right, We sat at the back of a German hadn't been touched in twenty years. Is no one knew what to do with this right now, amazing. Could be around in Russia for so long and did make it to me of the nineties, the so weird yeah yeah, it's well yeah! That's the end. When they first came out with kettlebells, they had sixteen twenty four and thirty two kilograms sizes. That's it and I came across kettlebells
people would put articles in the odd I done a few women amazing muscle, media, two thousand, but now it was a bill. Philips published out one and he was the guide. It first came up with the thirty or the twelve weak body transformation challenge and you could, when a car, it was through E s supplements and it anyway I was in terrible shape. My son was just born, so I will miss hang out at home with him and didn't go to the gym through, like eight months at all, I've, maybe once a week ago, and I felt more and more pathetic. Every time I got was horrible, my son as a theory both at tat, So I was in really rough shape and I remember people that new me were seen Hannah. You should do this brought body transformation challenging in my mind I was still an awesome shape. I mean how gag good idea. You know. I think I was anyone. Tell me this, but the key to that programme was
was taken before picture, and I remember my wife took it before a picture of me in the middle of winter. You know it didn't have uv light for four months at least, and I looked horrible- I actually up you saved it, I saved you, I actually carried around on my phone to let you know how ve come well in just either t remind me to stay discipline right because, like I said I'm just like everyone else, I can fall off the wagon pretty easily, but so you took this before picture yeah and then he did the challenge yacht and then I found I fell in love with the whole bill. Philips muscle, media concept and read every magazine covered a cover and I sent my pictures into muscle media and I didn't win anything I might have wanted sports back or something, but the after pictures were quite
standing comparatively and I will admit you know I had a bit of a town and I may be gotta hair Curtain Eve. You prompt herself up and I got a little extra, but not to the point where a lot of people I knew that we're doing the challenge. Did because I think that's your star, so not genuine. Like two years, one day he was dehydrating himself three days, we look more rip, you no enemies and there's another guy that tat you know was taken like loads of creating, so he get pumped up moron That's why I think that everybody used to love our fate or afraid or million Anko, the former. A champion and one of the greatest mixed, martial artist ever is that he was always kind of dumpy head like a little gut like a little spare time, we always like thick big thick. Rushing dude but you know never worried about what he looked like users fit as always in great shape to which is really kind of astounding, like the guy, never gas down amusing
an excellent shape and never had a six back and it's fucking life at one time ways fighting at least yeah. Well, that's one thing with sport, I'm sort of doing now, at least in the summer. Our summers are really short so That's why like try, I've do triathlon now, you're irritable! You haven't Alberta in averting eyes that some reward is like a week, long or short summer Yeats, in what we do get is often times not so great, so beautiful up there. The amount it is God I was up there in june- is amazing, so gorge, so much treason, animal life and everything up there yet very natural. It's you!
so you're saying you went to times some summers. Very short, summers short and never judging by its cover us, whereas one that you have people doing these try outlines that you're in there in front of you for most the race and their huge and their there. They don't have the typical athlete body type it all and there just like thick guys. It should be playing rugby or something like that. They're they're still fast, so he must have a powerful engine under their two part that carcass around its fifty pounds heavier than mere then also, probably every than it should be all right. I mean there's a lot of people out there that are really good shape, but their fat and now you're gonna was dude. I won't say his name, but he's presented just black boys had a big fat belly, but a fuckin guy using it
man you roll them. He knows how to conserve energy and he's under that belly. He's strongest shit like his core and his legs, everything very physically strong, but I just got a lot of fuckin pizza in his body. Yet Esther! That's! I think you were at the other day. Why? Because people ask me a lot about what I eat. I don't think I eat particularly crazy in terms of disciplined until I hang out with someone that I always wondered. What, like I won't say, names here, but there's a couple bodies. I have that their generally do triathlon their work out all the time they're doing stuff, but they got a little bit extra, and so all I need to do is go for bite ride with we're. Gonna go for it! two or three hour along by tried to find out. Why and during these bike rides, these guys will consume like I'm, not even hungry and we're in a one hour of the right, I'm starting to warm up, and these guys are they ve already chow
an energy bar there, drunkenness, sugary, sidle, MAX or whatever time solution without lacked relates in a dry, and it's just like want it's like feast. This is required by some sort of like Christmas day. Her hands and they do that every time they train- and it's almost I dont, know what would cause if it's like a human survival. Stink that I'm exercising. So you know I gotta keep pounding food in a while, but I think he's just because they have the food, There are, though, some study recently about we and other talking about like how much more people rehydration if they're around things that taste good. Like if you have sugary drinks, aggregator a type drink like how much more you'll drank than if it's just water right now we're just gross where growth slovenly
sugars like those simple sugars like those are really not good. For you mean you can get away with eating them after you work out because your bodies sort of glucose craving, but that the reality of those sports drinks and stuff, like that, like this, that I'm fuckin healthy for you at all, this are courts. Europe will exudes indebted motherfuckers biting most of the sports drinks. Are
by companies that produce offerings yeah. I'm sure a lot of a mafia shore alot of MAR for sure, but they say the chalk. Milk is the best thing to drink run after worker is untrue. It, I guess it depends you talk to, and I think this is based on some studies that they have done. But if you talk to anyone, it's in a chinese medicine or like my wife, really and erratic medicine, milk is the demon it's like they. What do they say? They say it's drinking pass and Iraq is drinking pass. Yeah how's it during the past. They hate milk, who are these people had well anyway, of every and cookies, because milk without cookies. This is bullshit cookies without milk. Yet it
there's a lot of people into this method of eating in eating for your body type in everything and anyone that sad is three things in chinese medicine. The cause on phlegm in chinese medicine flame is not only what you pack up when your exercising, but also our energy blockages in the system. So the top of the list is dairy. Second, is peanuts and third bananas, you canny peanuts, candy bananas. Now, what kind of communist what they translate bananas. I know what the fuck is bananas man enough by the chinese medicine in Ireland? people have brought you rhino horns for hard on Saint fog. It is they do us crazy how
you're bone. Make you strong? No louts kills Working Tiger come ass, yet so I take all this stuff or the green, so yeah yeah should take it all with a couple grains assaults good for you your phone? Not so much? The key. Are you into like that kind of acupuncture acupressure? All that's hell yeah! We do that at our clinic is what what kind of evidence is there that that stuff works? Is there ever been like peer reviewed studies and acupuncture, especially in Asia. The out
a lot of studies in Asia. When I took the the course initially, there was a lot of again studies from Asia that indicate like memorize studies. There were there, you know, taken MRI of a person's brain and poking needles and different points in this. Destroying like major brain activity in different parts of the brain, has never understood it. But I've always liked looked at a curiously because of my wife, so many people for some years been stricken needles in themselves. There's probably something to it, but you know like I've heard people criticise yoga and one thinks they say about yoga is that it's just stretching like my friend PAN Gillette from Pennant Teller, they did this episode of Pendule. That's bullshit, pantyhose bullshit memoranda yak now, and they did one on yoga. Whether like it's just stretching, strenuous showing- and I want to say, listen man. This aim call you guys are out of shape. You don't really work now, you're, not if you do yoga It doesn't seem like its anything more than stretching. But if you do you over, you get high, there's just a fact. If you do like a big rooms,
ass. You do like on ninety minute yoga class. You will feel high at the end of it it just a fact. That is on avoid. I mean you can deny that its undeniable and to say that that's just stretching that all you're doing it just moving your body round man, I don't think so those skinny Motherfuckers from India been doing that shit for a thousand years for a reason, there's something to it. They have figured out something. Figured out some way to tap into your endorse. In system in some major way, so that you get a big reward. You do like a long yoga classes are very peace, so
of inducing movement or a series of movements will end, it goes a lot of these systems coincide with each other. So with chinese medicine they teach Eagle, and so that's all all about bring me the breath in with an art with the breath comes at least rough fires at Saint. They had that's a variation of it. She gone is more for a ride healing yourself through energy cultivation, so you're bringing the energy in three your lungs and then you're doing certain movements are tight. She is another good example and your stretching those those energy meridians it go through your body, while you're breathing, and so the Bin in breath, brings that she in and then you do these particular movements that that forces that she down you're already. But what has changed is there ever as anybody ever like shown Chee in memory? I I've what's goin,
Are we saying that you're forcing your chief? Is it circulation? Is it just your your focus, your energy like? What is it is that in its also leave that they ve shown that there are electromagnetic forces going across get currently. They found acupuncture points in cadavers, unknown at an exponential rate I'm gonna help with all the needles in you are I suppose your point is actually an area of lower energy resistance, lower electrical resistance and its it sat on it. We all have them and there, on the same
so, when they're using needles and their sticking em in various parts of your body like how do they know where to stick em and what does it based on mostly it's based on, believe it or not your body dimensions, so your body dimensions will be different than mine, so I would figure that out by using my hand, so the width of my hand from these knuckles here would be three. Should three chinese inches now your hands might be bigger than mine, so I would use this part of the knuckles for the three.
Part here here on Earth Euro Saint had a smaller hand. I would use these knuckles here how'd. You know when to decide like what have you got a medium hand? No one be off with your needle play well acupuncture points or about the size of a dark. Ok has been little room there, but I think I think, a lot of these people to do it all the time in the people, their real hard core chinese medical practitioners. They think they almost have a sense of where the energy is geared to the moon. Stephen cigar was in a coma for a long time and they put some acupuncture needles and came out a car start fuckin people up he had they gave himself acknowledges NATO's with the Moxa yet with the glowing incense at the end of it. So what is called NASA when we are took our chinese minute. We took a few courses, but the the best when we took with side the nearby university right, where you did your show lying Edmonton, eminent and
guy there, a doctor on his master. He comes from many generations of chinese medical doctors and he's from Burma originally, but he's also at a western medical doctor. So he can. As a nice perspective, one thinks he's not just one sided he's and but he loved Moxa he alive late that stuff wherein it smells it siege of Eden, widely guttmacher them large called sage? Let's, with all the names of people called Sage, Moxa ourselves, some incorporating Moxa Mark The tm, so you take this sum sage and you put at the end of the needle were purposes it serve. The needle was one or not she more cheap, so not looking at it taken Rand. Am I swear. I'm out
She don't work you can. He can get more achieved by a burning thing. That's the end of a needle, and how does it give you more cheap? Will it warms up? The needle blacks are extremely sound, caretaker back back empty and there's two types of Moxa there's the type that you stick on the other, the needle and then there's like a big long. Stick like a big cigar, emulate the end of that, and then you wave it over different end. Like this, a major energy point on our belly button and that's actually forbidden point in chinese Cynthia, nipples, hey, you, don't wanna, be putting needles in these places penises. Everyone, I'm pretty sure the schoolroom also like that, so their smart. They knew where not to put the NEA don't put needles in european and african smart are these people than I cannot put bases in a moment to say: don't: stick needles I told you I'm not even any so that this, when you say like major energy centres, energy centre in the stomach area, That means so that's where a lot of energy is stored, reeling yeah
is there a battery down there? I know, but it's almost like a pool of of this vital energy that we breathe it now, but has its stored there I'm just I'm challenging this, because I'm playing Devil's advocate first of all, but also because I wanted to ask you about these things, because I've had these conversations with people and I'm always like I got to go like a carefree people, start going pulling my energy and improve the marks in life My cheek, might I gotta go. I can't I don't have the time so but you're right now. I really want to know what the fuck is up with all this pool of the energy storing of the energy willing. I'll shown or is right in that that's good. That brings me back to the scientific partlet zone.
These shocks errors are the same as major energy centres in chinese mess and which are the same as our inner consistent. So I suppose the sharp cry at your naval would coincide with the adrenal glance hum of this stuff. Do you think, is like things along the lines of action, puncture or now these types of meditation how much of them or actually changing your state because you're just focusing on it and how much it is not necessarily a placebo effect, but in the act of say, ok,. They're, putting needles in various parts of my body on putting myself in a very calm place, their lighting. The mocks, like just getting yourself com. And accepting the fact that you're in treatment at that moment, which is very different than you would be normal say. If you have, I got back acre some point that we have a backache come back sucks really been fucked
Me, but do you ever like sit down and try to calm your whole body and meditated? If you did, would that be the same result sticking to suffer the bunch needles and thinking about it. An accident in it totally. Does the is you are you're in this state in the mind, is so powers it both? Is it being in that state like commune, done and there is also an effect by the needles. Yet I think it is, but I think there is having had acupuncture done it myself many times my take on it from doing it for a long time is these needles are going into are our skin, which is a huge sensory map and the the needles are so fine. They actually don't cut us
It's like taking a baseball bat and putting a new of out of court spaghetti it itself there so skinny the allied light in its really weird air and diamond hurt ip nothing. They hurt, you barely feel them, so I think it occupies a little bit of space and that that signals the brain that I'll do something going on here that I don't like so then it sound sense down national anti inflammatory and sends down more blood circulation. Almost stir sets the the healing environment. Have you ever done whole body cry of therapy? no dude. This is the shit you got to try this. This is the the latest and greatest thing, like I heard about Kobe Bryant using it, but my friend Eddie. Bravo, when he's preparing for his match against toilet Gracie at Metamoris, he started using in a daily.
This and our and your ban, one of our fighters from my tent planet, just forty of sea, he he was his knee, was hurt me did it twice a day every day before his last year of sea fight in a totally fix all the information is now you go into this tank. This, like this box, knows just Lego, looks like a meat locker right, there's too indoors indoors, where you taking clothes off, and you keep your underwear on ear muffs on you. If you wear a mask of your face and you wear socks and slippers cuz the floor is fucking ridiculously cold. You have gloves on as well and you go in this room. It's two hundred and fifty degrees below zero and you go there for three minutes. That's what I do. I do three minutes because I'm not pussy pussy to get out of two minutes. I fucking, I don't even know if you should do three minutes, probably not even a benefit of going that extra thirty seconds, but I'm a meathead. So I continued
go in there. You do three minutes to get out and I warm up. I get on elliptical machine that I do it for like political machine for ten minutes, get my body temperature up not to go back in again for another three minutes and is its ridiculously good for information. Ridiculous good for any eggs or pains. He might have a muscle soreness, because your body freaks the fuck out. It feels this tuna and fifty degrees below. It just goes hall and it pulls all the blood from the servants your skin down to your core. Then Three minutes later, when you're out, you know it's it's enough times are not dying of hypothermia. You go out and in your how we're ok and we should all just Russia's out- and it's been explained
in very technical and scientific terms, all the different mechanisms that are going on the body that are protecting you from you know, from this impending death by sea by cold, and so when your ve, your body, realises that it's not happening like. What's that? What is the actual mechanism that causes this anti inflammatory response, but its way better than these iceberg? so people when taking for a long time they sit these things for twenty minutes. This is way better and it only takes three minutes to amazing. You got tribe. Have you tried the ice bats? I've done an ice bout before good. This better is better, is ass, painful either its painful ass you dont get adequate. There are certain alone, I think the ice bath is a great thing mean if you did that's all you have, and then they are painful, and it's also good for you or like your spirit, like your ability to endure, like, I think that, like
uncomfortable your ability to indoor comfort or discomfort is a muscle. Just like everything else and my friend Bob Caparella. When I was back in my Taekwondo get days, there was this guy. Who is one of the senior students when I was first starting out, he was a black belt when I was wiped out. His name is Bob and I used to live at the school and teach and train Bob Kafir, Ella and Bob used to take fucking cold showers in the middle of January in Boston. He would just crank up the cold water and getting that shower and wash like nothing on, and I would I can't believe, is doing as a kid all the water was self fact in cold and he'd be in their interest just doing Bree exercises and taking a shower and everybody else get the fuck out of your turn that water on hot and take their shower, but this dude he. He really believed in testing your spirit and he thought that taking these were dead
the so called showers like actually probably in the long run, was actually good for your body. Now they were knowing about cry or therapy things on those lines and ice bass. There's probably actually good, like post work out for anti inflammatory response, but is also he believed that it would it it's like a muscle that your test your will by doing that, putting yourself constantly in that state of mind. We can endure discomfort that you build up your ability to endure discomfort. Janius is can again tunneling kettle. Yeah. I want to send you down there today, though, after this is over. I want to send you down with cry of therapy.
Will you stay here? Yeah, you may do you need to do. I wanna hear what your response to it is everybody that have brought down there. They ve called cry of health care in a way and their one of, I think, there's only two places in the whole country that have the very specific type of crime therapy device. They have we step all the way and usually does one where you're bodies in, but your head is above it and it's sort of like a liquid nitrogen that keeps freezing cold, but that's not as consistent as and when we step in he step enemy. Your fuckin heads in your faces. Aren't you gonna love it? I can't wait. It's it's just so cool it. They're always coming up these new ways to increase the bodies, ability to recover new ways to increase Europe, about its ability to fight inflammation
no well in a lot of it, is based on their just making something old. Better. We ve known you know, probably called showers or cold bath. Sir jumping in a cold lake, is good or ice on injuries. Yeah yeah they just taken one step further. It's amazing with the technology yeah really it's its super cool and you feel so fuckin good when you get out of it when you go anyway, here. You are you're, so goddamn call for those three months when you get out Do you get this wild no one rush. You start like jargon and place. You feel so good, your brains, ring pop. How we're gonna with your body is really convinced that you're fucked it's like you naked. You dropped off on the top of the earth and are using like the North pole, to interfere too to read both zero. Now, what's the cold, a spot on earth, Outsail pilot- oh my guess with just guess. I think we're that situations chick lives like
well, Sir she's my hero, a bit lives, the middle hull. Ask a buyer self shootin bears, but I think that's like gets too like one. Ninety one, ninety below with the cold spot on earth jamming, have the highest ridge in Antarctica, the highest ridge in Antarctica, the coldest thinnest atmosphere. Someone is one thirty, six! That's it the chance one hundred and thirty six and nothing cooler than dry ice colder than dry ice. So this is oh nothing. Just two hundred and four in degrees colder than that wrapped around. That's on this work and ridiculous to fifty two and fifty degrees below zero and no frostbite. No ammonia pull over. We need it now. I know what you want. You wear gloves your face mask. You wear your muffs is at the spot in thirty six point: zero, while new record
calls place on earth would have been a global warning bitch about real estate up there, I'm hoping for global warming, I'm trying to set up a more but the the if that's the coldest place on earth. Still, I mean it's amazing that this box is a hundred and fourteen degrees call hundred and fourteen degrees called there. One fourteen call this fuck it any timesthey, do if I try to do a couple times weak, yet it's really good and you go in and out a couple tat. He ever do do twice. I go in to a full, while member dude from fresh, Prince Wilson S body, seriously, who's gonna extra on danced with stars ass, a great video he's a nice guy during this guy S, momentum for the first time, but
dead that, through the response of your body like freaking out because the cold and then warming up and in doing it again spots, be really doing it twice supposed be fantastic and excited. I can't wait you do anything specifically like post work out. Do you have like a routine? You do postpone work out to reduce inflation or, but what are they I do if I run- and I read this in a book- and I thought it was ingenious as justly on my back and put my legs up against the wall out, just like let the delightful hound, blood drain that make sense cause. You know a large house after you run, you just sit down and put off your something yet Raoul and just pools, and I stand all day work and it's hard for that blood to get back to the hard, especially when there's all that inflammation eggs and a light he treated all obliges bashing down into their so yeah? It's sad if it makes a huge difference for your legs,
you work out with a trainer or do you concoct your own work out and just are self motivated guide. I dream of different, I get. My body is my own experiment and Sir I didn't come all right, but with, but it is you know my body and I can see what is capable of handling and it's fun to do this which information out there and so many cool things to try. But I do come back to the cattle bell. Training is kind of to me that feels like the hardest. Wait, training type conditioning exercise that I've found. That's and it's so convenient yeah nigh. Graham, I just love the fact that you can get so much out of one piece of equipment you know with on fifty pound kettlebells, you can have an unbelievable ball. Busting work out in your whole body be ridiculous, sore and are functional strength. Like I love Turkish get UPS
things on those lines because they're not glamorous exercises, but if you do them can instantly like you feel like a difference. If you go to help a friend move, a couch like you feel it you feel like you can physically carry things better. Like I said I was hunting in Alaska this week and I had a big pack on my back and I'm climbing up hills and I felt great I'm in good shape. I'm up, these ridiculously tough hills and sliding around the dirt everything that's a lot of, like lifting your son. Bob with one leg and lifting yourself up alone in another way, so it really is consistent with the work out that Ukraine, in your in your videos, yeah, you know, that's that's a good point in it said it. I don't I do. I love the Turkish get up. So many people don't like that exercise, but does not glamorous he had its it. Hard. You have to u cant watch tv while you're doing right, but you ll go skiing wheels
in the winter and the most fun thing to do is climate. These huge trails at people make they take. The skis often climb up, not out of bounds, but this one. Here we go to his like this. It's like the stair climber from Hell, hey the oxygen bit thinner and you ve gotta, get your you got the stupid ski boots on sea calf lecture ankle, so you just go on one after the other straight up, these hills and it exactly just like getting up you're used to decide from the Turkish get up. Yeah except you don't have told the weight above your head yeah. I just think that it's one of the best exercises for life translating into like using your body in everyday life? If you have to pick things up or move things just be strong, like have your body like. Oh you know it. Don't bother me if I have to move these boxes right now. It is a pity because, like
Ben from my honey hunting. We're we're talking to him our friend from my band honey, honey. Yes, there was talking about how there, on the road all the time- and he heard his back from just carrying- is like carrying their their gear, just picking things up and carrying their gear, like just things along like everyone, thinks of there's a lot of like vanity and ego associated with exercise. I give you look at the cover, volleys magazines and do their own sleek and six pack, you fuck that douche wanna? Be that guy I hate when eight the black, the motor when they airbrush them. That's the worst bothered about you see so died fake, fake, fake fuckers. What is allowed people to actually do it that way right? But that's the thing for what you're talking about your friend that that cuts weight and they hydrate themselves before they take those photographs. That's what something that most people are probably not aware. When you look at those magazines- and you see someone it
I believe we shredded in vascular, really thin skinned thirty hydrated in their super unhealthy, like you, can't stay like that, either like that state that they reach, like contest, wait state by right before they compete in body building combat, and there they can't death's door, those fuckers are like an elderly ready to die, but it looks autumn when it was good to be almost dying, distinct with we like that. Look, just solid Marcel envious Shredded enshrined at little fat good around. I think it is good for you and during the teams These guys were like super lean and shredded. They don't seem to have as much indifference as guys who just have a just a small layer of body fat on them. Actually burn fat like if you're in a competition, we say if you're doing something like a marathon. Is your body burning fat or you book
basing is it going entirely on like Jane in food and like what have you ever read the book eat Starfleet, oh yeah busied hurried. I read, but I read should unlike space things, it'll never affect me I'll summarize it for you kiss it SAM The best book I've read on EMU, stroppy stapi it these stapi dot com, and I just found it. I found it, but it's disturb it's like a e book, maybe a hundred pages and its based on tune and sixty one research papers anyway, this guy Brad peel on he would and supplement industry and he started wondering what the ins peel on p. I alwyn any he's. I think he started, seeing the wisdom of six meals a day. We really need six meals at eight. Is the body really? You know, attack its own muscle tissue if you're not constantly like full right,
and the ladys fasting really that bad so he's he looked at all these different studies on the effects of fasting and it turns out you can not eat any calories, first steam hours before you, your blood sugar levels, even start to be effective, that much like a sixteen hours, sixteen hours. So you think it's like mental for a lot of people. I think it's mental. I think once your stomach is empty. It's such a weird feeling for so many people that they almost freak out agenda so that the premise of the book is too fast forward up to twenty four hours once or twice a week, and I got just don't need anything you can drink. Tea can drink coffee, nothing with calories. It get get down to that that last eight hours of the air,
the fast at last between sixteen and twenty four, that's the sweet spot! That's where the magic happens. What magic will that's where you insulin, levels are like down to the bottom and your body says: oh, my God is no there's no blood sugar left in our muscles and liberals. We better start burning fat. Why would a new concept? Has a lot of people haven't gotten that that hunger stage where their bodies have actually been forced to access fat stores, so, for so is the average person is that many hours of of she? I think those reasons on average I know cause I've wondered that two, unlike the things, turn out like a cut and dried number, but this was a good for you to do the very real and controversy when it comes to that, though, isn't there is, but he proves it like the booking honestly, I couldn't put it down, because everything every sense he writes is backed up with a study and it turns out and he's got charts and grab snare thing. But when you get your insulin down at that level, your growth hormone level,
Art, inversely, proportional here, insulin level, so you actually get a surge of growth hormone, so thou weird, your body makes more growth hormone. If your body is starving, because it stress- I think it's under stress- ah and supposedly that's why we get a little spoke of growth hormone in the middle of the night, because, presumably, if we ve eaten supper at a certain our by the time, the middle of the night rules around weave dipped our blood sugar down a little bit compared to what we were after we ate like four hours and the growth hormone has a bit of a pump his. I will not support the EU. Had a fat pig Rep for Yugoslavia because then you sleep and brown and software sleeping and if so, how often do you fast? I try for once a week once a week and how many hours to do the twenty four you just do a full they want to hear any says to anything more than twenty. Four is not beneficial. You ve gotta MAX, though the benefits from the twenty four hour mark
So when you come back after the twenty far fast, you slowly consume food, or do you have very specific foods it? You can see you and you almost are forced to slowly consume this year, so sensitive to food, and it's not that long time, but yet yet, like a piece of lettuce, tastes good- and you know, like you- drink on- may be smooth here, something said: Connachar harmful. It's incredible see! Your stomach is just like super sense here you know animals like bears when they go into hibernation and they come out, they really can eat lunch. They have too slowly work their way up. It's kind of a crazy thing, but grids bears when they come out of hibernation, they kill things on instinct and sleeve and there is a lot of grizzlies when they come out of hibernation. The spring is still snow on the ground and moose get stuck in the snow point where they can't run away from the grizzlies, because their huge animals and the snow is often times five. Six with thick now to tell you, you live in a burden.
Their walking like they're fucking sinking all the way, the bottom, the smells like a moose can't sprint in seven foot deep snow. There really kind of fact there sit and ducks, and so these bears come these holes and they see these moves to Skype trudging and they just run optimum fuck em up and Frank Cameron was up in Alaska and he said he saw his one bear had killed like several moose and couldn't eat them yet because he couldn't like you just come out a hibernation. So I didn't, it literally didn't have the ability to eat meat yet, but he's killin anyway, till a bunch of moose sleeve, more fuck, doubly smile, even one ice, like literally. Yeah. It's amazing nature works. It strange. Our nature works as far as like you know, reacting to what you're putting into your body as far as like your burning up, Sugar is because your consuming sugars and then he stopped that and you give yourself only like complex carbohydrates, vegetable.
Calls proteins in your body was well aware, wears a shorter where's. It ok changes, script whatever and fat, and that's you know what the though the paleo has kind of a bad rapid, because it's sort of been proven that people that lived in the paleo ethic era did necessarily eat that they probably did eat some brains and they probably ditty anything that fuckin didn't get their hands on, but reality being that simple sugars, whether it's a lot of pasta, a lot of bread cake things are not necessarily the best thing for your body and its basically shiver. When you eat a pizza, as you say, almond have peace, bread, you're eating sugar, your body processes. It does almost the same way as it would process a simple shudder: yeah we don't have cereal bread. Ass to raise any of that stuff in our house eyes. Inwardly, rice it'll be worthwhile rice, yeah key moi,
Europe, we have right, one. One key was great yeah, so there's one a few complex, proteins again platform to wear has basically all the meal acids into the seed screen, we're grain, yet no, I didn't read is one of the things that make it. My wife is great, with diet, she's, very strict, very disciplined, and so when I look at a piece of bread- and it's like, if I may, to eat that, that's a treat like it's kind of like having a piece of birthday cake or something it's really gala. If I go for dinner, something it's a piece of bread is exciting. You where's most people eat that kind of stuff. They think there the end because I'm there eating hold rain bread. Now it's it's a fascinating subject: the subject of diet. It's really it's! You are what you eat and that such as stupid cliche for me to say, but cuz has been said so many times painful, but really what have you seen? King corn, yes,
we're just proves that the guy was what he ain't they were. They were made of. Their dna was made of core another carbon was based on corn when they did analysis of their hair. I love that documentary because these guys went into it pretty pretty, you know they weren't aware they didn't really know they like what corn, okay, let's find out what this is all about. They bought an acre of corn or least an acre of corn, this guy's farm gruet and watch the whole thing from according to the ground, to harvesting and selling it and seeing work goes after. It sold amazing documentary and a stunning analysis of like where our culture is right. Now, when it comes to farms, subsidies and how it affects every human being on this planet and when they go to the supermarket and stuff.
Finding all the different corn ingredients that IRAN all these different products: corn, proteins and corn, sirop and cornflower, and corn. This and corn that, like fuck the unless you're eating purely whole foods, you don't eat a core and It is not good. Like hereby doesnt, I just Cornwall. That's why you find corn colonels near shit. You know, that's like it's real that simple why's that in their because your body and digest it embodies like what is your body Paisley spit it out the way it went in you swore A colonel corner come come out like a marble know, that's really see body challenge. You somethin, hey we're not this isn't. What is this you know to do to do wondered about that. You know, corn on the carbon the summer. I don't need any more because it is so disgusting, so selfish, Bulgaria for butter, I,
but you're gonna com is buyer dammit, so good, it's about that makes things taste good. We're in Costa Rica yeah, but you don't need a stick of butter by itself to such shit and by that, I think, is the butter on the corn with its melted. You did something Indeed it would otherwise they hopes lobster yeah, I heard, abstract Steichen lobster for Christmas, we're on holidays and in Costa Rica. They don't they d butters, pretty precious there. They give them stuff out didn't hear another out yet so I had to stake in Lhasa, treat myself it's Christmas dinner, and they didn't bring me butter, and I said for it to be a pain in the ass, but can I get some butter with the lobster there, like they looked at me like that, and world people- that's why they don't have nuclear weapons to do anyway. We already have it can antibody Fox. That's why you got to me and if you want lobby, That's where they make real lobster goddamn american lobster and goes to bullshit. They didn't have clause. Does unarmed pussy lapses? Peace love
lobsters you got a main you get those called water, love Yes, that's the real labs to my friend. Does they fly I mean lobsters over the country. If I'm here for gather, do you dont want those they have California lobsters like if you go to Malibu off the coast, you'll see people right now, because it's locked season. They scuba die for lobsters they go in the water and then they get the fuckin goggles on shit and looking for lobsters, but that's a different lobster lobbies who had no clause, some bitch ass pacifist lobster. I don't taste good, you want a violent, loves, dress of Maine,
cold. Water angry beat the shit out of each other. Cut knowledge of this fuckin tentacles. Those the ones capture in their sought which still exists, we, those cold, cold water, Lobsters Atlantic lobsters sweet with butter. The butter does help so much of the diet, but ok, we're about grass FED butter. Buttressed great is a grey area, its fat. We don't get fat and her diet. That's really true, I believe so. Like, but we're fat sat at work. Well, I know you please get devils advocate problem, but I do know you so clever. Goddamn Canadians, one step ahead. It's it's the sugar is the sugar pays the areas as it ass, but we need fat and our diet not to be fat. We don't need to be fair, but we need to eat fats, yeah for or sell membranes for our hormones. Everything made out a fat airily good in our bodies made out a fat. Of a cargoes, even not even just animal fats, is a lot of good
The cocoanut oil is not a good, healthy fats. We could use on a regular basis. My wife, technical and other kind of animal Pakistan is ready. Freak out. Some wives never pass me. Fuckin avocado inner life, tat general torture. About that. Do you eat game? Do again, Why are there so many guys, I'm the only guy, my IP barely hockey I think I'm in the only guy on Origin hockey team, it doesn't hurt, so I gotta get into this. Would you get in hunting I'd love to tell you marry me and Steve Renault been talking about doing a television show. We take people out hunting of urban hunting, for, though I promise ideas, I don't have that much time and when I go on hunting and I want to go on hold your hand, Keith Weber, gloved shoot now, but I can t have time to show you how to shoot an animal. So you can have your on your out. That's all I'm saying great well and I think it seems like it is it and what we
Lee Weeklong ordeal, oh yeah. Well, we just went for a week, I'll ask and we struck out. We didn't get anything. So it's not always tat is my first strike out trip, but I've every hunting trip. I've been on it's been about a week and all the members of this one have been successful, but its work its work. Unless you want to go to a place where you know you could go to a place said they have these ranches, specially Texas, they're called high fence ranches, so the old be x amount of acres lot of em, a huge like ten thousand plus eight, but their fenced in and there's animals in there for sure, but it's all private property, but it's kind of like park. You know I mean you know me once is a fence I mean. Is it better than going to the grocery store in buying estate from an animal tat lived in a pan? Yes, it is most because they are living in a very wild way there? It is
essentially what you call fair chase, there's ten thousand acres. These animals are living in this environment that is absolutely natural, their not being fed. There's not like you know Belle goes off at night in the morning and fact the food pours out in front of us. It's not that Larry, proceeding natural grasses and wanting around these natural environments, but they are there for sure. So it's Kennedy stopped Lake sums M ways. This is pretty good of you, but I have a problem with stock lake, but they do have a problem with high fence hunting. I think we feel like we have.
An advantage already over animals that, like you, do have more advantage lights. Have them blocked in by an actual fence, is kind of a pussy with some accent, yeah yeah. No, I could see that thought. I have friends it but which I find that's pretty respectable. That's actually how hurt my shoulder from talking about getting reject a keen my shoulder accounts from point about mesdames. I could the alaskan exercises its its words decent exercise, but I just repetitive ass? I just I'm an idiot, so was doing a hundred fifty a hundred hundred fifty times a day and you, Poland, between eighty and ninety pounds, sample eighty and ninety lb of two different bows and I'm doing it a hundred times a day plus so after, while my shoulder was like fuck, you stupid like keep again
do this when we're sore stop is at the shoulder regionally budget. What doesn't usually bug me just started to bug because of all the bow all the archery cyber lighter bow, though she would now too, but arteries fund, just as far as lichen and exercising for your mind, just as any sort of a thing too, into that one spot you trying to hit keep everything com everything's together, tune in like us and let the arrow go. Everything's absolutely still does prudently lined up. You should go at the iron inspired me forget the guns yeah wondering both for a moose yet had an x ray shoot behind tree those of meat charges. I guess slowly, circulatory yeah, he just children Elk humor. I couldn't believe
he bore Oda, want my mountain bike. Still right up there hey floating, he said why walkin, I can borrow money bikes, that's a smart dude here, but I think up Elk, probably here that by common who the fuck is this guy do well. He said what they do. Is they have the guy? That's gonna kill the thing in short of the danger. Area and then we'll have the guy calling it behind? I say so. This thing is totally unsuspecting he's like. What's what is that? Because he thinks it's another mail Will you ever thinks it's another mail or thinks it's a cow? They they called during, which called the route, which is when the animals are all trying to give a second time in. And they have this crazy noise. Have you never heard an Elk bugle its I've never heard it. Real life, I've heard cows, they make a weird so I've heard that a real life, but unless you there during the spring or during fall other like our right around. I think its October fish like right,
now really is when they're they're running and when their running there as a war is crazy noise it they make his bugle and the way you call the man is either you yeah, that's real whale! Does it so crazy? There are majestic animal. They really are majestic herself, Aachen, big, there's like twelve hundred pounds, some of em and that so much meet me shoot one of em you ve got Essentially you gotta years where the food, some maize, total renewable resource, a costly having babies
huge herds of all throughout. You- know Utah, Idaho, in Colorado, that's so cool what fucking, while animal man and they they practise like the calls right. They have like yeah, whistles hunters yeah, there's a bunch of different companies that make different whistles that. But it's funny, because hunters can actually tell the difference between someone using a hunting call. That sounds like an elk and an actual Folks sound, so lotta hunters are convinced that Elk, like Smart Elk, that have been around for many seasons. They go. You know what I'm not by and that one I fuckin heard that before last an era flying near my head. The last time I came here that fucking sound. You know some of them. They sound pretty realistic and other ones. They just sound like a call, but it's enough I'll have to do is just get them there. So horny, apparently, when it's going on that they have hard ons and their dicks are flopping at their stomach and it come out
screaming bellowing and they just don't like fuck, you bitch, you know you better not be making that where's, my neighborhood come running out and that's when you get them cuz, otherwise, like getting close enough to shoot him with an arrow is really difficult. Our sense of smell and saying their hearing isn't saying they're always on the lookout, and you got to get within no less than fifty yards most the time now said the hunter as a smell it he puts on Rodya, which was all you can do, that it could spray things on. You they'll help a little since the smells just so it's so powerful, though that human beings, can you really conceptual as around? Thank yet our idea of what a smell is like that when they're getting like a fuckin internet, Download, pdf file of you,
when they smell you, forgetting my others, guys eaten hamburgers, drink beer. We get the fuck out of here s, my gun powder go and others bolt like they're, getting like so much information from your smell, we think of it as like. Oh he can smell me. I think they're getting like a book on you. You know I think they did just fuckin. They get your whole life store and, like gaol, see a lot of people on the also grasp and vegetables only like a few guys have talked to like the week of the hunt. So their breath is the breath of a vegetation eating animal. Instead of like someone who eats like a lot of meat and you're making burps that they see smells like rotten meat coming out of your face, like I think I know what this guy's up to Isn't it, though I don't use, was eat much meat? Well, I think, if you were going near them would totally makes sense. If you are trying to track and animal that's worried about you eating. It think that you would try to
view. If you eat a lot of vegetables, your breath would be that of a something that each vegetables, so they sent it. That's like the big giveaways, your breath. Some people even eat, like spruce, Niels they'll, choose purse needles rather out in the field, because it'll sort of mask the natural smells inside their breath. I never heard that makes total sense, though, does balmy brow make until sons. So you're your bodies in your hockey weak. They all hunt they have the offer to take you. They have yeah I'd better. Take it just worries me because it sounds like a bit of an alcoholic. Paradise doesn't like it sounds like they do. Is they do usually kill animals they're pretty good, like I think they do this every year sincere kids doings rockets fuck. Well, I think they drink it. It's over yeah they hunt all day and then at night they just it sounds like the they drink. More than
but their prey, hunt yeah there. They are good good group, a guy's there, the Albert and Blue Collar Albert archetype, mother, so much game up. Then a bird you guys have some the biggest box like as far as like dear in the world, in a little giant, three hundred pound white tale these enormous meal. Dears huge moose, bury of black bear all over the place. Up there take a paradise of game will. Even the city we live in is sir. I see dear every day in my back yard. Gets there like rabbits real dislike white tailed dear. She knows things Keith. Where will I thought about it, but I future loud to and city limits are now well how what is agreed, say, city limits, what city, radio yea could shoot him in red deer, name, red deer, in the name of the city. You're allowed to read that,
If your finger yards over a certain size- and you have a bow and arrow, but you probably unaware that yeah you could hear the problem the if the Dear hops defence goes, your neighbors yardage, fuckin tits up bleeding out on his lawn in his eye, K Keith, where were you fuckin dead hand, shoot we're, never gonna clean this long. There David invited you to come along. Would you have to live take a firearm safety thing or anything up here you have to do that to your hunters education course yeah. I don't think it's that big, a video sounds, and my dad has bunch of rifles and stuff that he doesn't use to what the fuck Keith gonna get a crack and to help his meat as far as like it's also the most ethically
you're so connected to whatever you're eating. You shoot a deer and you cut a deer up and you eat it. You, your one hundred percent, completely invested in connected with that animal. That's supposed that we're disconnected you get, especially when you eat, like a bologna, I got bologna sandwich like what money even is that what what steps have been taken to turn this into this perfectly so a trickle round slice of whatever the fuck it is used to be alive thing. I remember the bologna, when I was a kid. These tat, like that little alpha, gettys, embedded into an interview with an alpha giddy. You never heard that note. That means alpha getting on my god. Yet Sir Likud can of like pastor with her You know the tomato sauce and various letters of the alphabet and ghettos. Yeah. Like some videos, with with letters of alpha again after getting poor Canada working makes me sad.
The old man. I mean this. We have something similar. What is called does not spaghetti owes. What is it alphabet? There's after that super yeah, there's alphabet to procure? That's like that, but yeah. I know it's and Gary it always makes me it always makes I die, but I still people I still see people eating Bologna is a bathroom. I only got stuff in a good fire. Now, that's the one thing with the paleo that their big on bacon right right and I I love I'm sure we all of bacon, but I don T should eat that much of it. I'm leary about that concept. That much so human nitrate, but I guess it's depends on the type of big. I guess it's probably beacon of dead. It's legal have natural beg. The last is long, but from what I understand that certain natural nitrates and might see salt,
and salary celery apparently is naturally high nitrates and salaries, not bad for you. So I guess you is it just have to fucking have run the Patrick on soon to ask her about nitrates and our stand that disposed to produce carcinogens, allegedly, allegedly, and now, at the tea say, always finds on people traits Gary Height nitrates. We get a yearly over this Yannick view have been on a farm. That's one things they say like. If you were a funny story, when Brian first working for me. Actually, I think, before Brian was even working for me, he was selling a laptop. You had a laptop and you put it up for sale on the on the message board and I'm a private message. In my said. I need a laptop like a second laptop for work. Stuff is a windows laptop and I'll buy so, but he s solving laptop, senator me and took it. From the moment I gotta from material on the road and
I put it about my bag and I went to the airport and they immediately flags and they, be aside- and they said, you're you're laptops, testing positive for explosives, and I went quite what you mean and they were like. Well of you have been a farm recently, and I can think of is that mother fucker. Cranking mate. He puts a fuckin gunpowder over those, have top and then sell it to me, but it just had for some reason. It tested for trace amounts of nitrogen and nitrates, wouldn't photos and that's what they find on the closest while they need. You know you can
fertilizer bombs liked what they used at Oklahoma City apparently was a fertilizer bomb member that yet Timothy Mcveigh thing supposedly there's a lot of controversy in conspiracy theories regarding that incident. They believe it wasn't just that was other bombed plans in the bill. Whatever I don't know, but you can make a fertilizer bomb, it's pretty potent, so that's it you're, worried about when they touch your laptop and find that shit fertilizers their bombs. Now you know manure, nitrates methane. Like that shit like efforts on fire, you could also blow up people shit. I can fight club cut the soap she went fat and meats open bombs over then that's right, man that works see that video, where that whale is a beach whale and his body is rotting and it explodes or say that
Have you never saw my guys, fuckin crazy? If you can find Jim called the videos are keys to watch it yeah. You know your bodies when this whales bodies rotting on the beach- I guess it just comes to some boiling within moving. It exploded that they're trying to they couldn't take too long. It fucking exploded, others, one where they were taking it in a truck. Remember that there are they, the ETA beached whale and they pick the beach well up and they were moving it and as our moving and unexploded literally a bomb there's one they blew up on purpose to, I think of it. I had to get rid of the body in Abuja wants his Alan currencies. Natural's on farm that'll happen with wild life to around one as a kid we lived out in the middle of nowhere and die
people would leave the animals in the ditch and, after a couple weeks, the stomach with jest expanding almost like a blowing a bubble from bubblegum. So I remember being a kid I can never to bubble gum cause. My mom would be so disgusted visited reminder of this big Sakhalin stomach. Wiping out of this animal body. Hake is all the little LE bacteria unearthing go to work when the animal dies and just like swells up this big, I vaguely remember seeing an animal with a big pink bubble, sticking out of its got. There yeah cuz, if you don't get an animal right away like a deer and Alex or something Mr Rod angle, rotten and, like the stomach, is fairly thinner skin, so it ll actually start to, and that makes me sad that some people don't eat the organs of the animals. They kill it. So it's so ways that mean ultimately, it's gonna get eat by bacteria and other lifeforms anyway, and you know scavengers, it will all go to use. If you just leave it there, it will go to use, but the organs are some of the best parts of the body.
Far as like eating like eating the liver and eating. The heart is fantastic, very nutritious, really good for deliver, eat, liver, yeah, love, liver levers, delicious and liver off. Dear, like a fresh, dear liver, they just shot, is so good. It's incredible how good it is when we were in Montana we we shot these dear and I shouted dear and within two hours we were cooking the liver over a campfire and it was just unbelievable. We're just eat vehicle. Oh my God is incredible, and then we fried up the heart. We ate the heart same way like right over the camp arms. Incredible you find anything yet and caution warning caution why some of you may find this disturbing designers, pussies area speech, go see what effect this is. Are we gonna get flag on Youtube for this
Ok, here we gotta go you this, the carving into this whale and as their carving into its Clyde. Look at that. Oh, my god, that's insane legal runs like a bitch, which things got blob again, Sir look out, far its shot splattered over the wall show that again do it's crazy, so he is digging into it to relieve pressure. I guess what
weird fucking job. What do you do well in our world die? I go and I caught him that looked like it would fuck you up, does not just a little exposure. That's like a serious ferocious explosion palm like your stand around front that you're going down badge you hurt range of that aid died, how to die while whales beached and welcomed and cut into a fuckin blew up. My face took my head off here. I am in Heaven feel bad when you friends go hunting, they give you me now I actually and why shouldn't say that
its customary after a barely cocky game to indulge in meat tape. Snacks cheese prevent preferably going out to a local pub tat, chicken wings, beer, Roman, coax things like that. But there are times when we're in a place where they don't have a good pub and outcomes the beef, Turkey and everyone's really cause. I think they did. They use a lot of them, the animal make Beecher Kyoto so and it runs very proud of their secret recipe. So right, my right amazing. That is a good thing about a lot of hunters. They get really into cooking because they're they're so connected with the meat that they get themselves. They start getting into like being a chef, and I Steve Rinella said he's a big time chef. He loves
for the next. Do you um cook your meals? You have like gum like very specific recipes. You follow as far as like healthy eating and we deriving from exercise yeah. We we use a lot of soup soup yeah even for breakfast quilling here. Why soup, it's really easy way to get a lot of vegetables, India, diet and ways these animal brought by what we ve got a few local sort of grass FED places that you can get that suit bones from so will boil these bonds for a day or two just get on that jail, and everything often feel that in the the concoction of boiled, vegetables and and according to my wife, this is good. Tat. Something warm in the stomach in the morning is our stomach fire again. Is it it's all terminology
is it's our stomachs it. The digestive enzymes, are active in the mornings. If you eat this soup, it sort of gets things going in the right direction so and then, with my job, I don't like to take a lunch break out like that just last rate on through free our. So I just throwing light a mixer which your job, which irregular job physiotherapy, seaward relent. People are injured and whose almost so I go from person to person, and I don't have it If time in between did have a big meal- and I find that makes me tired anyway- so dear Father- Warrior Diet, yet you know I did that for a while, just because it was convenient than enough to eat all day and then, but I found a pig, dough Lula too much at nights yeah, but I think there's something to that.
Especially after reading eat stop eat at Ronda. Rousey was following him for a while, then I was just following anymore, but she was essentially to eat like berries and some fruits during the day, but front primarily her main meal was one meal a night to work out all day like a beast, and then she would eat this, and I think, like I said, some berries and some some light thing fruit juices and things are in a day, but her primary meal was a nighttime meal and she was having some great benefits from it. I think it. You know what I think there is something to you that in its again, it flies in the face of my bodybuilder friends that they want to eat the six miles per day, yeah and then take protein shaken middle of the night of the also heard people say that when you eat many times a day that somehow another it stimulates her metabolism. But I don't I don't know Evidence there are or is he I don't think there is so many different fuckin schools of thought when it comes to die and exercise me member. When you were kids, when we were kids, they had the p.
Made the food pyramid? The bottom was all grains, so you need carbohydrates and now it's like any aid to the bottom found Asian, throw it out. We don't need a raw. Why that's everything the grains are everything you need the reins now. Well, then, there must be something to that six meals a day, except seen a lot of people get like really good physique on that. So I think the idea is that when you eat a lot of small meals, the EU bodies never working on stored food coz, its constantly getting new food and so that Word stimulates your buyer! Your luck we need all his fat is ruining food every fuckin two hours, so let's just get rid of all the fat and just live off. This food must be something like that. Then you get near the hormones and things like that, you get so complex
No wonder people get confused. Do you do anything specifically like exercise wise to try to stimulate growth, hormone or testosterone cause, I say like real explosive exercise. Steve Maxwell is a big proponent of that, like very specific exercises that are designed to stimulate your hormonal system. Yet I that's why I love the double kettlebells. That's my idea for the next video it seeing me a long time to figure out how to implement that and make make it so that you could actually have a video in and follow along with tee kettlebells and which was what leering experiment. With that your shoulder, some sort fetch ash order. It has actually not bad. I can do a lot of things with it. I just don't. I know too many people.
Had shoulder surgery and that's a big one man. It is such a complex joint. It articulate and such weird ways someone's different than just the hinge, join the elbow or of the knee shoulder moves. So I don't fuck around with shoulder. Now I have any shoulder. Injuries are treated right away. The shoulder blade, actually just the scarlet actually floats on our ribcage like is not actually attached. Any yeah nozzles, like the only thing that it touches s shoulder to our children, is the this joint here is. Your collarbone teaches connects everything to make yet that's a very complex, join. It's not so good at getting beat up now one when people start have like forest Griffin. For me, you see fighter young even brush his teeth, his right hand, like literally camp Russia, sees his right hand. His breast teeth was left just from fucking shoulder up just
fighting through pain to big one Kane velocity as another perfect example of sea heavyweight champion means actually talked about a he's. Get such a high tolerance for paying so tough in eleven injury, no just work through it and then a wind of meaning surgery cause just tears, is shit apart. That aid is in there just big balls of star tissue
I see that every day, probably to a lesser extent than these guys, but to us the smaller, extending just people who sit at a desk all these in the mouse and that the tissues actually adaptively shortened and start calcified. Then they go and try to take up an exercise program or something and all of a sudden they're tearing this tissues. There always means which are thoughts on deep tissue, massage raw fang things on those long yeah. That's, I think, that's what's made our clinic sort of successful is where one of the few physio that that's what we specializing verses some places they'll use a lot of machines and fancy stuff like that in itself, it doesnt work as well as just grab onto somebody in breaking a scar tissue of their specifying that they know what they're doing man I've had people work on me that are good and other people work on me that aren't so good and though the really good p,
They can make a profound change in the way you feel like if you have like a tense backer kinked up things or your constant reoccurring. Injury he'd be amazed at how much of it is just like a bound up area that can be broken down. Nothing, a grasped, and that should start doing that recently, where they use metal overall thing with like metal tools, not doesn't feel good. Nobody feels great after its diarrhoea, yet, while you're getting in that's that tissues hypersensitive like twenty four seven, it's just full of lacked a gas in those nosey receptors. This painting sceptres adjust constantly sensitized and that stuff just stays in there's like tartar on your teeth, unless someone gets in there and blast out of there for you, it's amazing know that you can do that that you either the human body, you can actually change the way it feels to the person by judges. Digging into the muscle tissue in breaking it down his elbow
into it. In pulling and stretching like, I have a guy doesn't he's brutal manner me his is its unbelievably painful, but when it's over everything just feels like completely relax like all these tense areas- and I gotta think there's gotta be a tremendous for he'll Algeria and well. What's happened is the fashion his heel together, so you're dealing with muscle fibres, did they ve healed their healthy, but it's that covering around them? That's literally glued together, calcified together, like a fiber optic state. So if you can find somebody that works out to the point we actually breaks a party feel amazing and it'll continue. It will allow you to keep training and not keep reentering that spots yeah. That's where I roughing actually came from that woman who created Raul thing. I believe her son had cerebral palsy and she created it to manipulate a soft tissue to give a more range motion, give him more more pain, free life,
it works like a term. So when you do that stuff, how often you did not like, on other p
or on yourself how they have a John. I try for once every couple weeks: that's it really is it if you get rid of it really thoroughly I've gone through spells where I've had started to treatments away for a while, but once you get that crap out of their it's gone like I'd, I had a job tree planting freight summers. While I went through university and it's a very one sided job. It's you got the shovel. In your right hand, your kick in the tree and fewer right, foot, you're, planning, literally thousands of trees a day and you walk in the mountains with these bags treason it Sir Sidney tense job, but you get paid for tree so is lot of incentive their work. You bought off one just switch sides. It's really it's! It's almost like guard room writing or something when you get good with that shovel you can like weasel in between rocks of violet little patches soil. You look for
little blade of grass to slam. That shovel intake is yours. It's all about economy now I do know a few guys that messed up their dominant hand and had to learn with the left hand, and they actually did after about a week of making no money. They actually started the brain almost just like that that brain plasticity hey kicked in their like data from then on in they could like take other trees out of this bags, which hands and take so. I always thought there might be a good idea to do it. I never did yeah. They say that when you use the dominant side only, any sort of like I like Steve Maxwell had it. He had a comparison when was coming to people that work in football, the kickers that these kickers are always kicking with the right side, and they were really getting all these weird back pains and all the strains in the left leg and all they had to do to get rid of it would start taking on the left side. So you kick
equal number of times the left side, and then it was also discovered that when you exercise your non dominant hand like if you're doing something with your non dominant hand, it actually makes the dominant hands skills. Better, like your understanding, whatever you trying to do, whether it's like executing punches or doing martial arts techniques or something lines when you do with your non dominate side, it actually makes your dominance I'd better get. It is evil. Studies are taken people in a caste and taking their other arm and lifting waits, while this arms in a cast they found at the end of four weeks or six weeks, are, however long. It takes a muscle to atrophy they ve actually lot lost, almost no muscle mass, even move that our trade, even people visualizing working out without our.
Well, it's in a cast shows significant improvements in muscle, atrophy, really yeah, visualizing actress. I ask that when one that would make sense, I gas cause your body like thinks it's going to do something inside like fires up those receptor now does make sense. We heard a balloon, frightened, ass, the better things like watching sport to make you better exports are getting prospect. Probably, does, though, a little bit yeah, you the mirror, you mere what the athletes are doing and you also you sort of risk. I think martial arts, like watch its very important if you're in a Jim, to watch the best guys whilst, like the really high level, guys kick in punch and do you know Jujitsu move, because you see what it should look like what is in it gives you like a high level to aspire to yeah yeah it sir. I have a theory about were begun, in Asia in Canada? We love hotline, never her the Canadians like hockey. We love you, don't say
we're, actually gonna, be allocated game on Sunday myself, just over the moon, but anyway. I think that hockey nowadays is so much better because they ve got that screen to look at. They look at least constantly every right. You see them looking up at what they just did and I think I'm gonna do that again. I think there must be something to you that his hockey nowadays, I watched the nineteen eighty seven Canada CUP, where Canada beat rush, yeah I mean these guys were. This is weighing Gretzky Marilla meal in the Knesset, hockey players and it looked brutal compared to what it is nowadays, in my way I just slower than slower. For one thing, the shots were weaker it just a slower game is almost like Watchin one of our barely gains compared to what it is nowadays, not crazy but that's how it is with sports when there's always into it, is over Innovation is always training methods or expanded.
In getting better and with his with the understanding of the human body, that's kind of a unique thing about what you do, because exercise in training and strengthen conditioning training. It's it's a constantly evolving business and constantly evolving discipline at so into so much information out there and it just I love reading it It's so interesting if you were gonna like save someone like Adjacent Donald or save like roaring Mcdonald, some Emma may athlete high level athlete came to you and I wanted to improve their strength and conditioning. How would you approach like training, someone like that? Well, you know I'd look at what, because these guys are such high level athletes. I would look at what their lacking when these you like their lacking, like maybe there's something in their ground game this lacking, or maybe they want more power. There strikes them and give them just enough to enhance what they're doing, but not so much that is causing them injury or taken away from what there
Doing this, I think this over training is probably quite prevalent nowadays very prevalent. It saw its heels over trainees also prevalent because there's this mindset that more is better and that you just need to be tougher. He does need to keep pushing, keep pushing and more is better. But if your bodies, not recovering you're, not doing any good by keeping going you're, actually doing damage because you're giving your body more of a work. It's like that. You have to have the fine line. You don't give your body like a low local workload where it doesn't actually reach a high level of in intensity and conditioning. But you don't want to give it so much that it never reaches a period of recovery. That is always constantly dealing with a deficit yeah, and I think these guys are always writing that thin edge. So you have to be really careful before you start integrating something. So if you have an athlete
came to you in the said: listen man, my powers, fine! It's now may issue my issues conditioning I want to be able to have a full gas tank from the first minute of the first round. I want to be able to fight like that at the fifth in the final minute. What would you would you haven't due for thing that I would? I would recommend kettlebells like in that the type of training scenario that I've shown on the videos, because I think it teaches you too, that you do ten thrusters presiding there, your wended, but you have that little bit of wiggle room weeks which hands with the kettle bell. He take a few deep breath and then keep going and it's almost like. You learn those respiratory muscles. Almost learning. You learn how to like control that fatigue and keep breathing even through fatigue, and meanwhile you still doing the bachelor sizes you still exerting yourself, but I love that kind of driving that carries over so nicely to wear. Maybe on the ground and your your gaston, take they get that quick recovery backs. What about
flexibility, training range emotion, train de la than those can things well like too in order to June overhead Squat, yet we pray flexible and to do a terrific job in my way to get D. Flexible Gallagher definitely wants a gas. Will you need your ride? Dear, a doctor's hanging almost be able to do a guiding. If you did enough overhead squats, like nice and deep you'd, be able to get close to sort of doing a partial split that's funny because it never that issue because of it
stretching when I was younger boys been pre foxhole, so I never felt again flexible any strain on my flexibility when doing overhead squats, I will never thought of it out of flexibility. If I'm busy working with people litter have never done anything. So I can see how their squats improve so quickly, because a loaded up muscle will always stretch bear. So I can see people their first kettlebells class, doing these squats it or not that good and then, after a couple sessions its while, where did that come from opening up and opening up using up? And that's why that's? That is one of my favorite exercise, overhead squats, because if you're not keeping those hips open and you're not doing your stretching it- and I do mean strengthening that's a hard exercise- that's like one of them!
She says that tells you oh yeah, my programs on point. It's good right, yet so really unique exercise to because it so difficult to keep your arms overhead and hold the wait up and drop all the way down. Your ass touches your heels f and then strain back up against such a core stabilization exercise, and you can tell people with weak course, because they ll always get a crap and the opposite side where they're they're holding the kettle bone their left hand there right. Quadriga, slumberer images seize up on them. Three, I so they haven't learned yet how to integrate the hips lectures in the abdominal into getting that nice, almost like your own weight trading belt in the front, so their q l takes all the load, that's probably how they go through life right every time they ve been over to pick up, groceries their tools to do and all the work don't ever use weightlifting belts, I dont know I had a trainer once that told me he goes if you
need weight, lifting belt your weight, lifting too much weight. Yeah we should do is just strengthen your back and your stomach muscles yet, and I sort of took that to heart and I've never been a big We wait guy anyway, I dont really lived how much heavyweight like the heaviest wait. I live to seventy bound cowbells yeah. I just do one in each hand. I do most my work out like that and that's a lot. I mean that an injustice, the leverage that those kettlebells me replied the trend of police for yeah. That's a lot of weight. It's my favorite is Kettlebells squad, with a seventy in each hand. It's just you you just so much so much elapsed. A delegation work when you doing those things and I feel like when I am consistent, and I do those once we I do not like our weekly basis for several months. I feel a big difference when I'm going to do like martial arts techniques and is still a big difference in my ability to keep up the intensity like deep into the round. Yet to do those your tensing everything you cannot relax for one minute. Sir
it's a great. So have you done double thrusters with maybe later what yeah you have done double thrusters, however, those those? and I mean I love to combine the double clean with the squad, and I know that this idea of a train in him down join. You might have heard of him, but he's into barbell complexes, and so I've started taken a few of his ideas in the in order to lengthen note that that set that you're using that cause, you get gas in a hurry with a double kettlebells. So one of his favorite things as you do one clean one squat to cleans to squats up to five- and I do not wish to twenty forests- is when you get to that that five cleans, in your view, already being like holding those kettlebells, but gives you just enough of a break that you can kind of get to that last five. Twenty for what is a fifty two rounds? Yes, fifty something pounds, this kilograms, pound, conversions, the funny things poohed right now, one poohed to poohed ah
yeah it's mine put is it who gives a shifting killers care pounds. America Eagles gatherings regards muscle, parents they switched to sobered America is about ten years old. They tried when I was in high school. They were given to Us whereas I were ever nature, for a while they tried with soccer and they tried with the metric system of charging work. Leavenworth soccer being. Can it's getting bigger yeah and I think, partly because its not that expensive, completely hockey's expanse of the play. When we were in Alaska this weekend, my friend mounting who we're up there, you know a lot about running in one of the things he was talking about was that runners there there actually is a lot of people that believe that running and stretching feel like it's not nest. Four run a distraction and even the world champion. I think the top
hey guys in the world for triathlon renown, and these are the guys that are doing the iron man distance they don't die. Yet tonight stretching knowing I soon officio therapists. No stretching out was so fusing to me, as I always thought, that range of motion was like super important stretched. Muscles were healthy muscles. You I just to the course from Stewart Miguel hadn't. Have you heard him he's a canadian tat, but actually world renowned known, he wrote the book low back disorders a few years ago, the Hughes, the first guy he's actually mechanical engineer, So what he's doing is hooking electrodes, a deed needles and people, so s muscles, and and putting that and forced transducers on their actual spinal bones and doing stuff any worse on animals to any. Taking these exercise that we ve given unease actually measuring the force the muscles produce compared to the sheer in force in the compressive force. When we're doing these different exercises,
and from all of his research has finally been sort of indicated like a lot of people when he first came out like this to be thing in physio, where, if you want you back to be strong, pull your belly button back tobacco, that's the best thing you can do is it's gonna engaged the transverse dominance, and here he blew. That Are you out of the water? The trousers Adonis actually will call contract. When you take me, that fell salvo maneuver when you are at the bottom of a squad new come up that that transfers have done so much like the rotate or cupful contractually heart. If you make it tight, fisted do that some I'm getting off track. Now, please go. He be blue at other water. How so lucky route? He realized the transverse abdominal side doesn't engaged by tensing up here. You sphincter muscles ear you bite in Europe. You point about belly button back, it doesn't sown in it
I did they I think it came. There was a study in Australia many years ago where they were doing ultra sound studies of people so ass muscles in they found it. There's some so s and multifarious activation. When you pulled, did these specific exercise replete pulling the belly button backwards response? So don't do that if he looked at me So what should you do just tighten up everything and take note of the master just tightening up like they were? They call it breathing against the shield or that they are so dont suck in don't second, that sucking ends isn't a weird, though things like become common practice, and it turns out there shit. Nobody Serb abandoned them yeah in the union, but a lot of these things they they aren't you behind, approve if you'd have done some lifting what you kind of new like it just feels unnatural. I think too late Please your belly button back your spine value and yoga feels right, but if I'm listening, heavy weight, I wanna know don't tense up and get everything tight smoke.
Doing yoga you doing those crazy breath things. They are seen. Hicks ungracious, choke your sand document are no. How dare you then argumentative right now? He does us these crazy breeding exercises where you know he's like socks. His stomach in, like all the way and moving around my back and forth in Europe. They may do yeah, I guess, like you, can cure constipation with that kind of thing really or Ex locks cup of coffee You ever think we're thinking. Now, if I were you, I guess they can. Actually, you know, manipulate the waste products to the large intestine, using their own abdominal muscles, can make sense. You know pushing everything around. Yellow talent seems like it would aid indigestion? Yes,
We will have this idea that you should eat like gum, smooth ease in the morning because smoothly like vessels with his especially the sort of loomed up the pathway and then everything coming afterwards will have an easy ride through the through the bodies, digestive system that sense feasible
So why doesn't stretching dating back to us right so heeds all about the concept of super stiffness thing is a term he might have coined, but he's with athletes he's all about having the course stiff. So that and I don't mean stiff or you can't pick you up your wallet or something, but stick to the point where it's always sort of all these abdominal and partial muscles are on high alert so that when you do through a puncture, something there they kick in all at once, and he claims that, from his studies, excessive stretching the core in the hips and the shoulders the you lose that nice sat tightness. You lose that that nice, normal sort of resiliency between them, the core
extremities, that's interesting but more, but the only thing that I would take issue with is that I think that a lot of power comes from the range of motion and the flexibility like specially when it comes to kicking, like that's all like whipping the body around like those alot power involved and having it alone, range of motion, while his thing is your course should be stiff. But if you are in a kicking sport, you need to have them. The hips hips need to be a core is a big pile. If your course stiff, it seems like the more back flexibility that you have, the more you can execute things with less resistance. Yet I think it's he's he's all about having that, like a natural wheat belt around your your hips and what what sport does he engaged
well, I think he'd he has worked. He did. He has worked with some mix. Marshall artists. I wonder what would happen if you worked with a mixed marshlands. Those kicking specialists, like I'm a cheat Anderson, silver, sunlight, bat like one or if they would change their tune of they saw how much flexibility is necessary to pull off certain things like we'll kicks Raymond things on those lines word your whole bodies like moving in a very for anything that were you your resisting and it's like tension and well, and I think there is, I guess, maybe he's advocating not excessive flexibility in the trunk. Like he's bigger on having this nice core control, but I'd done in each exclusive, I don't think some ten. You have like a strong core and still a flexible core, I think so yeah. I think he just doesn't like of excessive stretching seems to me that there's different requirements, a different sports, have like what what you would need to be.
A very good shot put her. You need a completely different set of physiological skills or our strengths and to be in all jujitsu player or in our judo person, Karate master, whatever the fuck. It is psyche. It's it's almost like the people who are trained me. You have to be skilled in those areas where I agree and I, but I dont, think anyone doing sort of body work and soft tissue work. I think they should all have some sort of foundation in some type of weight or some type of exercise where they're going through those same processes themselves. Because then, I think it gives you a really nice any understanding of what you're dealing with when you get a person on your table. You like I can relate to that, you know: do you do specific dvds. I mean, I know you: do you ve done how many dvd so far, just those to the two extreme care about work out yet wish my favorite did there ass if the Higgs, really on my fair, it is you're in fuckin shape
mean your ear, you do it, along with everybody like this, no facon that and the intensities absolutely real yeah. You know the first video it's an interesting story, but die I'm a bit of a programme later, and so we were in Mexico when we fail not one we actually yeah. I had walked forever to find a part of the beach or there's not a ton of people around, and so I had my backpack on. Indeed just to get. The kettle bell to Mexico was part you're right. It's like what is this thing you want to take this on his fortune was twenty kilograms and that's what they kind of allowed on the plane is a forty five pounds. Forty four packing for some like that, and so I had my backpack, so I just log my backpack into the fragile luggage, but we walked down at the end of his speech and the wife and kids in me, and my wife is
camera person, and I found this. I walked as far as I could until there was like this big black reef and all these rocks and everything, and am I This is far as I can go, and so you see the odd person walking down the end then walking back, but you shouldn't be to close the ocean because the waves are so loud, and so we found this big rock that my wife can hide behind. Camcorder, because the wind is its wheels windy, and so the day, two days before we left to go home, I'm like I've got it like. I've got the masterpiece, like all the vast ideas, and I was like every day I'd be like fine tuning things and trying them out like I'm ready to do it, I'm gonna! Do it all in one shot, because I wanted to be the real deal, just like a kettlebells class right does any is like fifty. Fifty eight minutes- and I didn't even time that it was just luck because I've taught so many one hour classes in my life, but it was just like instinct.
And so you all my favorite work, oats return on this first dvd at the time, and so we Went there filmed it got back to the place I bear. I bury the kettle bill on the beach cause. I thought debate these workers. I thought if I have any, if there's any problems, then I don't have to carry this think as I must have walked like three miles or some of us think evacuate like, and I had to walk through this rule, these dear resorts all the way down the beach with my backpack, and so you, like Ex marks the spot. If you have to come back There is a God. Do it again. I found a little not made a little notch on the rock and buried this thing, like pretty deeper Minos paranoia about something to steal. My kettlebells, Will you be stealing your finding the king? Your house stealing telling your tell down the beach or somebody stole second letter dated they took it,
and when we are and why we we, I did very michaela- be some too lazy to take it back up to the roman disease, the metal, the technical detectors and there's one gaze like here please, give me a wave his like. Is there a couple boundaries digging this thing up and, unlike off ass, my kettle Balin he's like okay, so just leave it on the beach. You didn't come back and dig it up. The next day work out whether you lazy brow carry that I know them room, wouldn't it be an extra work out, carry the room, the farmers work sectionalism airily, the farmers walk with one weight is far superior than due to its really the eyes up. Does that co contract on the opposite side, Stuart Mill said so you do. The farmers walked. You do x, amount of cases with the right time and switch to outside you supposed to be so that's interesting that its superior,
holy and on one side. I would have thought just the opposite here. I would have thought it would be superior to have it equally balanced one weight on each side we'll come like when you go to the gym, Nisi guys workin on their obliquely. They ve got like the heavy domvilles in each hand. Can like this since point you this. The innocents pointed out when I was wrong, is as good as used having one doing on one side and then doing and on the other, it's kind of like almost tops, pull it over. What you're taken two handed windmills, that's one, the issues that I really love love, windmills with cattle, Bonnie Chan, and then we drop the cat about down. You do a curl, they care about it. What are they the two hands. Anyhow yeah it doesn't Citizens anyhow yonder the now, but I like it. I like that exercise to big one an excellent exercising boot. Imagine the amount of force you putting on the core compared to just one kettlebells. When I heard my back from Jujitsu a really sir concentrating more on back exercises and core exercise and strengthening exercises, because I recognise it was this India
there are getting in Jujitsu? Was it was a weak link, injury, psych, there's a weak link in my chain and the weak link with the core, my back rights, I wasn't doing enough curls, or not our girls- are chips rather rose. I wasn't doing enough back exercises and I switched by workers to almost primarily that, as a poster primarily pushing like benchmarking and things on those lines here, the M the two hands. Anyhow: the decrease in Euro. That's it just you Since we're on the subject of windmills, that is one exercise that sometimes I see people going through deep with a you should shouldn't. You should there's a gap for your feels like your hamstrings are going to snap, and I think that's where some people don't take it just a little bit further so that they can touch the floor, the ground or whatever. If you can meet sure that you're aware of where your body is ending up and keep that core tight, because at that point, where you get to the point where okay, my hamstrings, that's as far as they're going to go and then there's that little extra, if you can stop short of that, so you, but you maintain that nice.
Or you probably already do that, but some people that don't have much flexibility and I watch myself on the video the other day. I was doing some homework and I'm going a little deeper than I should on some of those windmills discos. I'm tryin look cool vector for health, wise and longevity wise, if you can make that you maybe even check yourself in a mere when someone make sure that your back doesn't move at all. At the very bottom of that windmill advocated, like sort of like how dips you're not supposed to go to low on dips tat, if you go to low you put too much stress on the shoulders, and yet I must stress on the ten in front of that, shoulder capsule, hey you just it's! It's it's in a vulnerable position had so you can go down the point we feel like. If I go any further, I'm just resting on the cap issued. If you can stop short of that you'll. Keep that tension on the muscles in its. But then there is an argument that you body should be able to do that. You want to put your body that stressful position make those connective tissue stronger, so sort of like a low squat like dropping all the way here, so I wouldn't say never do windmills nascent deep, but if you do it,
water windmills, be aware of how much of your back you're using at the very bottom portion but mind you, that's a good thing with kettlebells you're, usually most people aren't using so much weight that they have to worry about that, but even someone's really advanced, usually like they're, not using much more than forty lb or something like that well. I mean for part of the video they parted like the extended. Were you for your work on Sierra Leone? Do your work outside do the windmill with I usually do thirty five pounds or forty five pounds, but when I do windmills just ass a stand alone, I do seventy scam. So just think it's it's a really great exercise for shoulders stability as well. What about tat? We get up Steagall, pretty heavy unnosed yeah again get up. Seventy you can it's such a need! Exercise, gesine, go super heavy and just yeah really give her well. It seems to me like a really good stability exercise like as far as like your ability to maintain your stance, maintain you're like pushing
things! Holding your ground me! You're you're doing such a weird exercise stand like that. It's so control based like dropping down lying flat, holding the kettle Bela pressing it over and the answer very good, slow, controlled exercise, apps everything solid. Yet I love that one. So, anyway, I looked at the video that we taken at noon. And my wife is so honest. I love it that about her and she looked at and she's like you're doing it way too fast people are going to be able to keep up to this, and I'm like- and I do not want to do this again right night. Of course, I left until the last day and I'm a let me take a look at that, and so I'm like, oh god, fast, I'm just trying to get this over with Alex Terrible and too fast like trying to fast like an ineffective work out or too hard to do, I think for a lot of people.
Maybe a little bit too little but too little time between repetition. The little bit too fast- and I put you in this- I aspire to build. Do it the way you do yeah? Have you ever thought about doing like an advance version for fuckin people like me? adds that's where the double care about we're not going to come up with? Ok you're, not gonna eat my words and then I put it on the tv with little cables and the wind noise was insane. It was like a thing Do it again. I am like I've gotta go back there tomorrow. I know not only have to do one or two chapters ovary and after you the whole thing Over again, I had like wicked, does and rash on my wrists, like calibre capitals hitting arrest in. Might you know my hands were pretty tough enough, so they were ok, but I'm just like man, this skinny. So that's why there's
certain times during that video word. I look like I'm gonna die. I am like I'm, I'm sorry frank. So I hope that came out on the video because they got what people watch this and decency. This is legitimate disguise like suffering with me, Definitely you working hard. You definitely you it's impossible, not aids. It's a brutal series of exercises. Its awesome was do we're out of time man, but you, your videos, are awesome, a huge fan, I'm really happy came near more people, buy them by them on a dark com, au and I t we solemn there. You have on your website to watch your website, people to go wherever physiotherapy does here: Weber: Physical Set, physio, Physio, physio, we're canadian? Oh, that's why dossier don't go to back up. What happens if we oughta Weber, physio dot com, try that two eight sums got it now, something with decks: black decks Thank you very much farther really appreciate you. So much of our relations, gentlemen and Weber, physio on Twitter,
can catch out check out all these videos again on a dark com and weber- physio dot com. Thank you very much, but I really appreciate, if you so much keys Weber. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. Thank you. Thank you to our sponsors, thanks to legal zoom, gotta, legal zoom, dot com and you The code word Rogan at check out to save yourself some money thanks also to stamp stock on those damps dot com entering the code word, j r e for your one hundred and ten, our bonus offer, which includes a digital scale and up to fifty five dollars, a free postage and thanks also two was the Tang gotta Rogan darting calm and save yourself. Twenty five bucks of any device today was an audible to us. A no no honourable yes, audible. The comforts us Joe get a free every book, every audio book
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