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2014-10-10 | 🔗
Anthony Cumia is an "exiled radio host" formerly of The O&A Show, now hosting The Anthony Cumia Show available at AnthonyCumia.com
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the job will gain experience that's nice ran do we started doing your show in your basement while you were doing the open anthony show and you set up like a pro studio with fuckin green screen and the oil real fashionable like camera broadcast quality cameras as we fuckin do something like that that's when brian and i started out with the use dream shows directly influenced by not just you doing your show in long island but also the style of show that you guys did an open anthea which was just pretty much a hang you now turn like real people talk not professional broadcaster you're on town knew tat almost workers when talking about lately that's what i wanted to do with the light from the compound especially is make it look as professional
as possible and then up people watching go is this guy like did he hijack a new set of ranking he's talking about cursing he's talking about ship it shouldn't be discussed and that kind of why i wanted it to look so good i wanted to look very professional but be done very unprofessional so well it is its unprofessional but it is profession yes exactly but not in the sense of what we see every day on the news and that that phoning us that you just here every day with those people that don't act like real people if something happens a mistake or a blue per hour someone yells fuck in the background of somebody doing alive shot the anchor loses his mind like you just saw murder freak out so i just want bring that look that professional slick look to me who was just sitting there like a sad drinking probably hung over your i made the show at four p m eastern time just so i could sleep late i don't even think like
let me let me research and see what the best time to do alive shows like i could be up by four so that was pretty the criteria for that so it really is being ever do my own thing which i haven't been able to for many years as well when you we're doing it also while you are doing o in a much do of management remit telling you not to do yeah yeah they day why exclusivity and i was like this is completely different from what i'm doing on the own show its video based it's me alone in my house i'm not bouncing off being jim i rarely have gas while the new shows lot different life from the compromise but i do have guessed but but
then they were getting on me about exclusivity in its like it's completely diverting it's in my house i bought this shit let me just have fun with all your life when you weren't you know agenda you're just having fun that was it i had no schedule know anything i would just pop on whenever i wanted to if i people over the house a karaoke with machine gun ring that met with machine that crazy gun guy karaoke and just anything but that is the freedom of being able to do whatever you want like that it's it's amazing went when you're able to do like that you realise how tied up you were when when you worked for them and do you ever see yourself going back to serious and doing something that again are you too free now it's you now once you the dog out of the house man it's very hard to keep em keep him in and i'm love in this it's so much freedom it's a lot of fun i'll be honest the the gig
serious was great it it it was four hours a day i made a boat load of money and sat there and and the joked around with the likes of jim norton and open and comics we just come through and it was fantastic the lot of fun but and they were those little instances where management would come in and fuck the whole fun up get up and now to have the ability to just do anything talk about anything not have to go through all the logistical red tape bull shit with management keith the cop is my executive producer here he's never executive produced anything but probably bruises on purpose heads when he was a cop but with three emails we set up a poker too i'm over in in can connecticut therefore again where the fuck towards or mulligan mohican was getting confused in no time i've been trying to do this with serious exam for years just let us get a poker tournament together nothin
this that we got to sell this vision gotta talk to that one that and now it's just like keith let's to purgatory ok i'll call the guy and we're done were set up i always feel that satellite radio is the bridge from terrestrial radio to the internet very guided this bridge that allows you to see oh this is what it's like if you allow guys to come on and just swear and say whatever the fuck they want a talk the way they would you i did on owen is you talk the way you would talk if you are hang on right in there was no the radio show those doing every radio show you go on the guy who is the host very clear agenda he was pushing the conversation you were being interviewed they would ask you probing questions try to keep you in your heels you know try to nebulae the conversation we went on holiday you got me you would ask questions of your curious ran and we would all just hang on top year was just more like friends hanging out and that's what you know especially with just
but a roomful of guys that's what we do we hang out we grew fond each other we hope to get a great line in that makes the other guy look like an asshole and and the person you going on his laugh in more than the people that a goofy on of yeah that's what friends do that's how guys out and have a show like that is very rare thing and i think you're absolutely right about that bridge to the internet when i was on terrestrial radio early in my career you looked at satellite radio like what who's listening to that nobody it's it's it's the graveyard for radio and then we did up their open we died in radio the sex for something and i went over to satellite and it built you could feel it like it was getting momentum people wanted this they wanted to hear people speak open we honestly and real language but then that again got fact by management and people that their
beholden to that they the we couldn't speak about anything any more like i like the idea of speaking about anything anything and everything i think it's detrimental to not be able to talk and to have peace but want to shut other people up done their ideology or anything that they're saying if you want to take someone off the air shut them up or fire them from their job i think that's com now and say look i i can't logically argue or or in elegantly argue so i just want them quite i want them sign i don t know the by hamstring you they fuck up their product and they open up the door to the internet via the internet right there is a war fat or it's right there it was just a matter of the technology catching up to the de talent base out there when when you're on regular radio your heard by anybody in their car that could just flip on the rails
satellite you needed a subscription you need at the cars have the radio in it and in time that did build up an and there are many satellite listeners the internet had that problem with technology and that you know it you had the product you just couldn't get it out to everybody in every location that they were in but now cars wifi enabled and people have their phones and they could download podcasting web chosen and play in their cause is there going to work just like they would radio so yeah it's right there they don't they don't see the danger to their business and yet they keep making the same mistake to push people away neither hamstringing themselves the amazing and they're doing it because they want to save sponsors or they don't want people to protest or they want to save the day there a pub three traded companies but all that stupid shit it's this phony ethical vision that wanna have they they think that people are looking at them in a certain way and and they won't respect them if if they
don't to react to the people like me and there was no there was really no outcry to have me booted from serious ex em no one said anything they just went what we have done a pre emptive strike yes prenatal racial things it's it's also a weird thing like being on a network like a serious exam type thing where you have all these channels that are like music and christian radio and like we're selling so much shit and on top of that you got some like owen which should really its own individual entities because it's so uniquely different from the rest of things you're having you with things give your fuckin going like let's see what's on serious exam and you again right when jimmy nortons do an uncle paul shredded defend the seventh heaven guy fucking hear him yesterday larry all my he was deferred uncle paul is jimmy nortons charm lester care activity occasionally breaks out first of all that
wasn't doing and wrong it's an acting thing you with he was practising for acting and he was too he was tat it was doing something about having the kid lick the water of the tipp of his dick like a journal united channel has ethic and then he makes the sound it was our offer in obi wan cringing norton was pocket he is uncle paul was for blue day it's it's despicable and whole larry and if you're flip into the channels you had no idea you slant let's see what's on china one owes you re the fact is that the fact that you just get to that other what are they thinking in the first place you know you guys should be specifically different image i should have been on the internet through two or three years exactly the the that's a prime example four context by the way everyone is old to this standard now the same like we
our language on serious satellite radio what we used to say on the owner show was held in the same light as an anchor man would say on the evening news like years ago you didn't see walter cronkite being held to the same standards as george carlin and vice versa like that you knew the context who was saying what now no matter what you say in what context it's just held to this generic standard of that's awful rashly get somebody like jimmy doing uncle paul it's looked like as tom broke all got on and started just saying that that's our wages we ve law the ability to distinguish the differences in context yes now days and it that's what's really fucking everything up i think it's absolutely lost also when you take it out your extracted and you put in quotes and put it on a blogger is gonna look different than it looks
let us show like owen ay what it is is a haven for like fun it's like a few remaining havens where you can tune any you can hear awful ridiculous shit you can hear jimmy sending a pair of fire and it i have doctors man i mean and i have little kids and i thought ass fucking larry us and on the latter because i know what it is you re naughty he's being fun i think i think people don't want to know anything about context anymore because they dont want to believe that people can hang out in a room like that talk about stuff like that in a few anyway laugh about it they don't want to think that people like that exist and they don't want you to be but to do that i want to change your way of talking thinking they want and we ask you to their own social standard thinking that everyone can be changed like we're all sick or something yet world ill if we laugh like that but there's hope for you with we just to stop people from talking like that
stop airing them then be nice and people won't speak like that like the idea that if you stop jimmy from making fund using the uncle paul character you some aren't you gonna stop child molesters you're gonna know let's having now he was bore balls out for fucking kids roma hawks about it he wrote books they wrote to books that supposedly which started the whole thing is one of his victims wrote read both of his books in one of his books is about sleeping with like a baby sitter or it had something to do with like a younger he's a sitting baby actually babysitters nineteen year old baby and who didn't fantasies about that that's like us threats of john raw isn't it certainly is but he's a fucking real pig the real peaches
unbelievably never its he's one of those guys to that you never really would have nobody wants that seventh heaven show and its fastening too that he admitted to it all and therapy with his wife who does that like i really wants a divorce bad you know just do this difficult to get out of the marriage but you gotta kind of do this confession and wipe us demanding it and then it's like was this was this recorded she apparently coordinate without causing the knowledge right zone would have been no i think what happened is that one of the victims contacted the wife the wife then tried to figure out what was going on in the navy they sign like all these paper is about like the whole thing a debt deposition is that with cotton weary and then they recorded it with him knowing i think they did it was like i don't think you know that it was being recorded i think his wife recorded it because that was part of the premise was that its legal for
recorded because he was involved in committing what they consider a violent crime but that's what else i felt we are weird they use of the term violence like obviously a heinous crime he took a little kids hand and put it on his dick that's a crime but how that violent what what what made it via isn't violent deserve alternate definition of violence that it can be a mental or does it have to be a physical the salt i don't here's what interesting because the word assault that's another one the skin thrown around a lot in really weird ways like section salt like one of it's coming up now a california just pass this new law called yes means yes well you have to get actual verbal sent from summoned before you have sex with them and we just get back to finally because the thing that they're trying to push and this is a feminine agenda two thousand fourteen is that if you have sex with someone who's been drinking it sexual assault they want to say that while gag
kicked out of occidental college because him in a girl had sex we had thaddeus rustlings professor there and he was going away you're drives him fuckin crazy but guy was a guy in a girl young eighteen year old freshmen they both were drunk there for taxing each other at for the guy was like get over here the girls like do you have a condom she said you have economy he said yes she said i'm on my way she text her friend go have sex now went to the guy's house drunk had sex them they're both drunk and he got it of sexual assault and he got kicked out of college despite crying all the evidence despite the text masters she didn't get kicked out she didn't get expelled he did because he's the one with penis because its sexual assign it does it ain't drunk if she was gonna withered enough to say hey you got a condom contacts there friend and you know that she knew what was going on well it's also absolving someone of responsibility because the drunk in only a sexual context you don't do it right arriving you dont do she went out with a baseball bat distort fuckin brain in people and was like look i'm not
possible i was drunk right right yeah why is it in that case its she's not responsible for both because feminist or pushing this the they're trying to de masculine meant in trying to take away masculine behaviour and mascot heavier is seeking sex that's what i'd say trying to say that seeking sex while the woman's intoxicated into the mouths of toxic as well that the man and is being sexually assault the essentially aggressive and is committing sexual assault that is spectacular waiting sexual saw because you're drunk chemicals it has sought a just how is it a solved by the way it sex yeah it was i don't even know it el confusing now what happened drunk fucking would draw everyone drunk fox its acts and you gotta have a little bit at least to loosen up first of all its fun those inhibitions to kind of slither away now you're havin fun but this
ideas that that those innovations are therefore reason anthony sexes bad well so are the male fucking i wanna fuck instincts does have been there for fuck since we ve been on the earth denied now i love when people try to deny the fact that we still have so many animal mystic tendencies that you know that covered up by a suit or the ability to use an iphone and shit like that but the fact is gone i'd love to fuck and and they will do things that sometimes aren't the most honest things to get laid and and this is just the way it is and there's no changing that it's just the way it is that's it the thing that they're trying to push is the ability to withdraw consent after the fact if you feel you are tricked you could say yes have says the summoning colonies i guess what i didn't love yeah hey he and he leaves and that's right that's right now
comes re becomes rape after the fact as those lot of new new rape is what i like to call new rape new death oceans its astounding what's going on in this society d day we always been in like just on the precipice of a society failing or or is it worse now i could get here shift from years ago it's like that sounds pretty familiar yeah you know i think we are always fact but where here and now so we see it as the most important fuck that we're getting you know grandpas fucking was probably just as bad yet to everyone he's always been fucked in everybody's always been taken in societies failing a ghost into this hunter s thompson documentary recently started about the state of america nineteen seventy whatever and it was all fallen apart like her here forty years later it's ok yeah
we're always on the brink of of just complete disaster and i think people like to think that we are now i i i honestly feel that just based on your own mortality i think people like to think that you're going to be the last of it yeah you know like it dad i would not want this carrying out without many societal if if there's a cataclysm make event that everyone goes and i could be happy by you know i'm checking out to its partners omby apocalypse fantasy to exact we all want to be part of that mad mac style which all over the second you drop dead someone's alarm goes off and they go to work the next day in the fucking earth spins round and round but everyone wants that like we're on the brake also america's gone just look at it now compare two years ago and it's like now now think too did he from now and i'll give you gonna fuckin crazy we should still have cars by why you don't wanna be the guy that's on his death bed watching cnn and the like utopia
been achieve long life is forever on everyone's dick will now grow six inches we're all billionaires congratulations really printers have come up you can make your own house whatever shape i want a terrorist free right everything's vrie the internet is made everything free is download the specks to whatever device you wanna now objects materialism means nothing now because we have what everyone whenever you want to marry are second check your rotten fuckin liver spots and enhance glow up checks i've missed about bird i messed up both but this also like forty years in the context of hunters thompson and nineteen seventy four to compared where we are today is nothing if you go back like rome i give them in ancient rome and write a forty year period there will gas will always be here now i know and that's what people bring up also they always bring up that roman empire it so well
fell and that was a pretty strong and long lasting and eric and rwanda i see it happen though now but that's just the thing when they bring it up they think that now is the fall heart of the american empire while they see rome like when rome fell were member workers which we hear about it was always like the access the victoria and i mean our jeez vomit tourism is just like a way to get out of the arena like a vomit term is not a place where they go and vomit relay here was a pathway that the entire crowd would go out of the arena had nothing to do with fire because it's like spelling the people and of that makes sense yeah i got it sounded funny as a kid just save like vomit or well that's what used to think that it was like some place where they would all get together and fuck and throw up and then have orgies and shit it was just that whole concept of of gap jane and just eating everything and that's obama torreon day ago networks
just a passage done look bad it's a passage situated below or behind a tier of seats in the amphitheatre or stadium to which big crowds can exit rapidly at the end of performance so when the lion kills the dude and then if we want to get the fuck out therefore leaps in the stand this are they fired up the romans the vast majority come after you here you're not entertained will they we would always hear about the violet towards gets was bullshit but then we also hear about christians versus the lions are crazy shit they would do and have people fight to the death front of everyone in the fuckin doubt about our society fallen apart and comparative today with our vote
drones and war and a u f c and all this chaos and fear factor i'm a part of a lot of thought really downfall and automatic of society in general but that's what we would think i like all this is a sure scientists it's fucking over that's how people think as they want they want it be over in a weird way because of your own mortality if people live forever you would never wanted to be over rise like this is great deal changed into something else cool baby over time but i what is to be over since you are a mortal being and you have a lifespan you just want to be like yeah no i go everyone goes for
ultimate like flip the board game over if you can't when has somewhat terminal cancer that fucking takes a machine gun heads from all right rights opening up and that's another thing people have these ideas of what they would do in certain situations and you know well enough i found out i had cancer stop i'd folk and get a gun i'd had opened a syrian start shooting isis people nonsense now you'd be in a hurry still no hair getting from your family and know how this idea this this notion about themselves that are very rarely accurate yet are based on books and movie it's all these guys romantic depiction of what you would do thou scenarios right makes for a fund reed right yeah yeah and honestly were very rarely that why thing but this
beautiful thing about being influenced by movies and books and songs in that they provide us with entertain men and inspiration but they also really distort the shit out of realistic scenario life but i think you're supposed to be able to distinguish between mad oh you know art is one thing in reality is another art exciting is based stan reality and that when it got call reality so much the area especially with and how many women have these despicable especially young women that have these distorted perceptions of channel tatum movies shining tatum is that's how men behave in this area is going to happen to me i can find my prince the yeah it's not a bundle where'd you want to come in you answer valleys out their nature just lying and both sides that either the aggressive male side and that the men
pretending they're not like all the other man could they wanna come in you too and that's the only way they can go about getting in there is being unique or or just being like on your side mynors shit right or i am horrified to be a man may issue yeah i'm differently he has said that on in its most archaic form which is the white knight yes i fucking love the light i dont think i really verbally go near went re reading anything else about white nights on twitter when you bash somebody who's a girl and and and you re a collar out on something and then some guy swoops in don't take that you're beautiful a beautiful person in this it you just like to first well you just want fuck her you want to do the same thing that guided fuckin bachelor wants to do he's just taking a different angle you know that swell been and what is their mindset oh
dear me you're a good man they just is love love swat love how can i get their way they swat love it just doesn't haven't i ve given up on the concept of love i honestly don't think it real exists and this is something a lot of people have called me on i think love is a cross between lust and an obsession kind of it not the obsession i think maybe a year the nation kind of a just this quick thing that happens it doesn't last long it could last maybe a couple a few years class of quite a few years but it still the same thing it's lost and this fascination with the person and that conjures up mixture that seems like something that's love in the fix scenario you don't think that people can be in love no
i earnestly goats assume full i honest would be like you just never argue you agree with ever thing there's never snooty snipy moment so it just doesn't it this and time it a trance me transfers into something more abbot habitual thing the lust turns into habit and the fascination turns into comfort zone and anger justin gather and you continue to be together and you don't even know about love anymore you're not coming home every day you're not at the office gone back i want to be with her god when you first get together you like i can't even work i'd love to girl i want to be with her i want a fuckin smell or harry kisser and poker and then you gotta leave and but to go to the store ten minutes waiting all i love you on one law i wish i'd enough to go come with me come to the store it's just fucking great
twenty years of marriage and you're still doing that bulgin then you still love the person know you're now a habitual in a habitual relationship i can't sleep only if it is like a pistol over every there's a bunch of people at work right now listen is going to love definitely don't get the newness still rate relationship but what that is not love but the falling in love part the volume isn't newness well we know what the newness is the newness is a hormonal rush to make babies and you're supposed to fuck airline time guess that's why relationships most relationships peter out around three months in that area the woman it's a first trimester she's already supposed to be pregnant use both be out of their rights bang in a new one why because people get
eaten by jaguar them on a daily basis yet a fuck as many people as you possibly could i in order to ensure that this the species survived the problem is our high mortality rate when they then when human beings were in their infancy are high mortality rate led to very specific types of behaviors that are ingrained in our genetic yes and those specific types of behaviour are frowned upon by feminist now they did that the very thing that got us into two thousand forty they're trying to curb back the dislike deceptive behaviour in order to try to get laid you know any type of acts other than the sex that they feel comfortable with i am happy that this happened the man sat here for dinner left peg reva anything that's not along the lines of their there there i deal is right as rape yeah yeah and and like you said it's just illogical for the preservation humanity early on that's how we need to
here's where gets more fascinating the women who are trying to tighten is down as much as possible no one wants fuck yeah yeah at the very top of the fucking machine the very tight of the machine is run by troll late sure always draw lady there not like really sexy attractive objects of desire yeah you know i think when when they speak about like like how can a man dictate what happens our bodies kind of a thing he means the same thing is how can you dictate what happens to a pretty girl like you're not a pretty girl so you don't stand what it's like to be that and to be able to in a manipulate men in such a fashion so you she should probably the troll ladys should probably steer clear of what they think attractive and women shouldn't wife but finally made easier by the social justice social justice warrior people one thing
they love is when transgender people go way overboard and mean come very overtly feminine like her heels in a lot of make up you go girl if a woman does that if a woman that she's playing into the gender stereotypes that is brilliant yes there are so many hypocrisy that's a big one but that is a giant one yeah that's it would look at you he's go girl scary unison he leave you finally to be gender neutral better not be you know i don't want people to be gender binary there i like queer because we're is everything the everything that's all queer well i like when i see an application for something and it says gender and it says male female both neither verily knighthood neither either really i mean it you just say
mozilla can we created it down tat enable why in their dude next non don't fuckin what will you please check that we can tell not anymore that's pretty good at it they don't fucking do i know how to get there are and guardian i'm not sure i don't know i don't know i mean have you seen a photo a really good one of a really bad iran is bought the rope around but well when you look the vat in all lucky now is a little more upward and when you have to turn a penis inside out to make a vagina issue of appeal cotton for little but actually the trans sexual vagina is exactly where you thought it was for you solve your whole make it through right because the desire of birth few ties you you try to get down to girls as you like i am so
far below the belly button now whereas i gotta let a great adventure that was i remember my friend polly hudson he was the first one to tell me that you had sex you got you went inside a girl right why was i thought straight straight in so i thought i was a giggle up goes everyone had sex are you how well do you know what happened you think back at some of the most sections you have in your youth about sex and it really is hilarious i was under the impression that you needed what was called at the time a scumbag which was or a condom a rubber these call those economies where a scumbag contract was called a condom was a scumbag back in the old days wow this is and i was a kid so i never use that term but i heard like my parents say that might
add friends you know yeah and have a scumbag last night i felt like i dive larry so i thought you needed one to get a girl pregnant i thought the shit that was on it got the girl pregnant yeah yeah end and i thought had a fucker in the ass like i didn't know that there was of a job and i just thought you know risen ass you ve so you fucker the ass black with a condom it she has a kid why you are but the fact that thing is now i fuck girls don't wanna have a kid so i don't wear a compliment i fuckin with applause they so how does one kind of an employment sound like future when i was in high school and i don't remember where i learned this or if it was taught in class but i specifically remember something where we it was a real source where there were saying that in order for a woman to get pregnant that she has to have an orgasm
when a woman has an orgasm it opens up the canal and the eggs get through i remember like this being some just redeem leslie ignorant shit that i was taught yeah is i would i would think may because of the moisture it gives a little more fluid for the spur cells to swim up but it was like a door was only gonna have anyway we like to apply any issue was opening visually teenagers healthcare shit and didn't know back then are the it was an older even textbook where they are just ridiculous that sounds like some you tell a girl like so you can come look i won't give you an organ we'll be fine songs and i'll make you come when i make an ebay and then after i come i'll make you come better than that you do that in your rapist because then the and can say i'm withdrawing consent cause he tricked me i said i was going to come after the fact now
i want to put him in jail you can with the true consent something that can be done it's u consented and it happened nope not anymore me rules are changed the rules are changed male feminine stepped in today or in this is well fuck endanger our dangerous because once dangers because people are actually like it is in people's lives and going area like this kid got expelled from occidental college meanwhile the girl didn media that sexist that it is absolutely sexist yeah yeah it's confusing i saw the best white knight tweet once a guy said i'm going to stop calling myself a feminist because it's up to women to decide whether or not i do feminism correctly why did he tweeted while i'm putting it all out their girls only just come over his head and beat him to get a brick just kick in it georgia just smashing east fought your fucking up everything you're nonsense you're stretching the curve out away past the bow
use of reality you are out you fringe fuck you fuck weirdo do you think that first blow to his head he'd know exactly what you are there yes we like it might try devil you didn't have to say a word to raise blogging to go not regular no is he can't possibly have said anything more or less with i read it over and over and over again to say does not it would be a great ironic where
mode shopping around yeah if you are guy there was pretending to be a male feminist you're saying like he's really preposterous things to see my website spoken of where this is not just subtle and a lack of coherence man yes then does it just settle enough to do all your way into the area is it really is amazing how how easily people are bamboozled online and we didn't know this we really we didn't have a good bead on the masses before the internet we knew our friends but they pretty much like us because that's you know how they become your friends we really know just anonymous people we movie stars and tv stars and our friends and that was pretty much it strangers you'd see in the store you'd might looking up what an asshole you never realized how many assholes around until you got to see like everyone now a voice and their pictures their families
how they live their lives what they believe in what they like what they ate and it really does open up open everybody up to see like this one world of weirdos strange people but then where weird to them and i understand that part were not these perfect beings can i wear this s all jellia checklist sitting out we're we're everyone's wee wee yeah but but to be to see now what a lot of other people are thinking and how they believe things and how they get tricked so easy we had a belief false news and and a blog that just like the reader blog and and believe it or the onion an article from the onion which is hysteric all it's a parity site and i have gotten links did you check this out i know you'll be talking about this it's a worse than the onion because there's new ones that aren't even funny thing just
shit up at my car you're the websites of parity site and there's a bunch of on the area which does not even remotely funny bullshit they're just bulls my fuckin sistered cause me up and says did you kill him out my with a belt i heard that one out its priorities are we really going to say it it s pretty manlier fuckin mountain line i couldn't kill a cat with a bell trichina flocking house get your cat beavis yoga deserve all right it's bengal but an angle like i sort of all yeah it's it's their little smaller than a servile serves a fucking nuts you can't even really have one in a house they ripped apart brilliant the people that own circles they have how's that you go into any like yeah ok you really care about anything i understand if in the mountains somewhere and stuff that's cool but not as a angle it's like it's i think three generations removed from an asian leopard and tabby mix when they breed and
tabbies tabby tabby and then you get this like leopard spotted cool fucking cat what does he do you're on your house is is a maniac is lacking really intense but the man and just like i'll come down the stairs and i'll be pretty tired pajama pants on and shit and fly the dining room and with all of his weight throw the side of his body against your sure you're a calf and then i have your leg like he's trying to throw you off balance and then grabs you and sinks his teeth in here fuckin leg so shy and take you down yes he's constantly trying to take people down on the house i've mega video them i guess the others will be i guess he's outside their i let him ass mixed with which are always in the chris straight value at about a kitten when you let him out when you men he goes crazy he starts fuckin he this low slink walk and he's constant looking around and shit
like a little wild animal it's cool is fuck does your balls now cut those fuckers are right on yeah yeah they get i've read that it's just in saying they would piss off like a person like just fuck everything come on shared about their girl he likes he likes the girls have no shoes and socks bare feet walk around the house and he'll just attack and girls are where's because they just scream and run and he no you run away from a cat they fuckin love that jason and i'll just laugh and girls run around the house getting much as away like full grown now got hang and now what the fuck would you say ways sixteen how's pick fucking cap area is pretty fuckin a bag he sees pretty although like as far as a people cat goes you come up to any body that comes to the door and lets you
your parliament shit like that he fetches honestly fetches not even like you know i'll help sniffing or bring it somewhere it brings a thing right back to your sits there awaits again for your fuckin thing and brings it back i have a regular cather did it's very color when a cat acts at last when he was a little by little you little guy was trying to get my glasses off he so cute now and i saw us very unlike i will put this on line and it will get a far lower than it did so adorable you can't beat a kitten taken your glasses off what about getting them a friend well i i have a friend who had to day another love fighting like she brings freddy over the house and they they brawl shit on the day to day they love fighting like i have said if you ever come new york and come out of the house i would love for you to come
one of their fight and they are just that i just come down state like i had this thing where i come down stairs because i hear you calling a fight and i come down and end the cats are fighting on the floor and your calling it i just go to show my house like cats what are you doing out would be august a brawl in so fucking call did erika that's his little fetching fetch maneuver comes right why because you are you as we smartest shit man is pretty is critical and any catches to at that time great you fucker but that leopard spot pattern is really kind of that sold me on it what made you give em the leopard pad the way i looked yet i kind of i guess i
being alone in a big house for that long i needed something since i don't believe in love ass a cat qaeda out you'd some boat in the little love that was see you said he's smart periods with his head stuck in the trash can lead if he puts it back get back out of kindness mice martinets freddy his little pal and then he please australia he does not like that at all can figure out how to get it up and took it off on the poor little i feel bad form when it gets himself into dumb situations or fail to jump on the table with that's been like polished and and just fly right across it and without any of that kind grace that you seem to have hit that share fall daddy's bouncing off with things like involve machine
it's really funny about to watch and i'm alone cat guy in my house to elect their that's worth come to a lonely cat grandma you know occasionally have some bitches over though that you gotta i tell i mean that like us with this whole i dont believe in love thing i've had to convey to two girls that could do come over the house that i am not a boyfriend i'm not your boy and or nothing i didn't think you tell them so i'm not your boyfriend i went through so many years joe being with girls much too long much longer than i should have a couple weeks yeah yeah i know i was one of those fucking years guys like guys making a marriage that i hated for nine fucking years nine years think radio was part of it because i got into radio halfway through the marriage so the second
half i didn't even pay attention to it it was all about fuckin radium i'm in radio stratum i'm gonna build a sin concentrate on that so whatever but and she was was outweighed by the poor you're doing radio but after nine years that was that was it so but i jumped right from add into another relationship that just lasted years and then after that when i started thinking like maybe i shouldn't be and tell these girls like that i feel for them so much you know now i just say look you understand what this is we not boyfriend girlfriend i am in a relationship with you then and ate it all works i got it i have to fine tune it thought moments where thou how to get the message and it some i start getting there but then when i start getting text i be like these are girlfriend texts were
not in relation to them yes i got this is a girlfriend tax little what's an example of a girlfriend a girlfriend tax use i could do this and then at the last minute you told me that i can't do it with you i can't go here do this or something like i changed my mind or i have something else i made other plans it happens it fell through all your treating me like shit this is hey now that's a girlfriend that isn't a friend if i call my friend joe curry let's say and i say oh this weekend i'm having a party at the house come on over like ok and then on friday noon i call on it say joe no party it's just not happening i'm doing something else i call that's like that only if i could fuck joe curry see the girls are trying to make that you're trying to trying to make it
so they understand that that they are one of my friends that our girls that if we want to have sex that's great it's cool and everything but we can't this relationship where you live here and where where we are our obligated to go out for certain occasions because you're my top bitch somethin or whatever it is what about them fucking other guys yet at does now what were you there s all up here who's this guy now day they they could i don't want to hear about it just like i do want to have to tell them about oh i've heard this one like oh who you're going out with tonight that's none of your business to manufacture business always it this girl is it that one i'm not telling you why did i tell you why wouldn't you don't want to hear this i just want to hear it but that's gonna this certain patents relation in relationships are people automatically fall into an they think they're allowed to the end
these are these are allowed because it's become come play and that's what they ve been used to their whole life and that's what this this groove that the guys have fallen into over the years where they know like all my god you just realized at one point you got i'm in a relationship i don't even know be in one week dating or something or just hanging out but what is it always have to turn to a relationship and i've said to two girls before i've said relationships are the that the death knell for a good companionship all the sudden now there's obligations response abilities a cow abilities all these things that come on with a relationship take away from the good parts of hanging out which is we're watching tv were drinking we're fucking we're going out to dinner we're not doing about anything because my phone i hope not how did you manage to avoid sites
now though that it's a girl like you avoided my children no yes that's a big one that is the biggest because i almost had kid with my wife which would have just been i had to cut myself i think i will try to do something to get out of it yeah yeah she where she got first you got one of its economic pregnancies which happens in the philippines and blowing armand she like started bleeding internally and boy if had future me came back at the moment i was driving at the hospital i may have made a stop at mcdonald's first or hear no matter how to pick a few things up she's in the passenger seat bleeding to death bleeding to will you say this because say this she basically mean how much to take over the years there was a bad divorce seven figures she took
her long period time to re she got dominic barbara for her lawyer enough famed bloated howard stern neighbor dominic barbara was her lawyer and he was just so much fucking anger but i had you think i'm angry now people while i was angry and yet i hated them i hated that whole camp the lawyers they come in and i i had to pay her legal bills which is another of those great fucking amazing feminists things at a fairly he'll bills and mine so she hires dominic barbara and he's just this fucking way expensive attorney and i think what got to save some money so let me hire a cheaper attorney all that doesn't work job that's redemption i had a guy that would come in with like a manila folder into court and they were they hand trucks of those big boxes
of legal briefs and stuff and i'm just died this is the worst thing ever and over the course of quite a few years how to keep hang on paying her and then it was over and i am very glad that the ever communicate with her now now thank god and i dont have don't if i had kids i would have to i don't understand how that happens i like lot of people say well now you know over the years we built up a nice relationship album friends with my excellent signal you're not you had to do el up something or you would have killed her or your cell for everyone involved you have a kid so you have to kind of bill some type of relationship with her everybody's friends with his ex girlfriend and its extra whereas now married to another one of his friends and they have kids together and they get all their kids together imply that's weird that's just odd i dont think ever goes away i don't think that new factor ever goes who ethic
probably not only the the ex boy and the new husband they do have little weird thing with each other within the new been will occasionally criticise the ex boyfriend and a little bit of an excessive way now because he knows that holding gonna have been the deck them pretends to be cool there but we know what a weirdness do it now urgently weirdness note him that's tria dominic barbara the lawyer for like he came to my house a couple of months ago for what knocked on the door came to the house because he heard that i got fired from serious sam and he was like i just got a rehab drugs alcohol ruined my life i no longer have a law practice i'm you know got arrested for stealing from one of the story
the miracle mild ere long island and and he's just his destitute he wanted a sense couch he went from that attorney that was always on howard's joe and made merely of dollars obviously made some off of me and then he's just destitute now i read the stories in the paper before i got fired they are not always laughed i thought good good for him karma mother fucker but and if if you crawl about karma is not bad comically thinks it has whatever but he had he not so my door i'm looking at the window economic barbara then he comes in and he was trying to preach to me like he saying read what happened and i'm thinking maybe you know you need help or something you want to be your sponsor talking about probably a cease using up to your back in the limelight and be feels back
that is still you fuckin money maybe might have been doing one of those twelve step things where he's max i reckon site association with me we came over he did that but then at the andes like so you got the new show you gonna be starting up on a gig as you know i know this advertising thing where this and then he's pitching some type of advertising for the shell so yeah he will he left his number and a big stone money for me fuck out of here yes and people are saying that they like why did you even let your house why you know
and their saying you should have shot him when you get around trying to attack you crazy he was wrong monies dash to look at his fuckin record in the end and check this knife out the air i guess it matches my cutlery said but very popular right yeah so people ask me that an end i dont know i i can't really do that i don't i'm not they get the fuck out guy i'd rather just k come in and idle fan come to my fucking house once just knocked on the door is like hey aunt like hey i found out where you lived or maybe you are getting another beer and looking gone awry i could do this two ways i could fucking tell him get fuck out of here and and he leaves pissed off and i have no idea who he is or i can haven't come into the back yard grab a beer and intent
gave him pretty magua that's what was that that had a beer we found out everything about am i gave all the info to keith he random and you know figure didn't have any problems is a merry guy with care in our lives our out among islanders stony broke i think somewhere home we're yet any so there are two ways to do that and i have been wondering who was that guy and now he's pissed but how is it scrunch dull van you know now i can pretty much tell me you had a beard my how shut the fuck up let me alone and made it but then there's that stalker agenda where i'm friends with them now i can just come over any time do they come i gotta know he didn't mean kate som at the mexican place we are eating out of about a month ago and he came ok how you do look at it it is the fucking crazy guy but
mary this get kids in rural areas is a facebook account and i see as facebook posts is kid like rights horses and huxley gotta live nice place he's holds a job just a friend so you j turned out he was just a fan and you know what i really don't have any problem with certain fans a lot of the people that come over to my party's were formerly just and the show or people that were on the show crazy fuck and big and and my boy denison and all the by poker playing friends they were pretty much and so the show that one way or another the hanging out i figured they were pretty cool responsible inactive shoot up rob my house so that come over and will you how should we whether worse places to rob anyway because your armed to the teeth fuckin houses treaty actually set up i'm case by breaks repression fuckin buttons and
save two hours or opening the magnetically locked doors that our alarm and i'm not kidding reeling and all kinds of magnetically locked door yearly magnetically law they got separate alarm systems on on them just a separate from the house and you know that's like the gun storage shit like that because you don't want no i got as you have guns even sure it's probably on probably almost a hundred me we're on that's a lot of rivals and stuff and yeah but in new york it's getting very tough to to own rifles that anything but a level you don't want done new york now it looks like eighteen hundreds it's all let us catch in fuckin riflemen burn actions bolt actions a lot of those but they are fifteen's you just can't find him anymore semi automatics things like that and that's a whole another discussion about the effectiveness of banning certain weapons as opposed to
banning didn't they make it so that the magazine size was literally nonexistent like the legal magazine size for and they made it seven rounds and gesine only come in five ten fifteen things like that by saying seven rounds and an outlying the ten round magazine this is was very calculated they said we only want you to load seven rounds in europe in your clip in your magazine so you're ok and work adding ten round magazines so like so what you're saying is i can only have five rounds because as the only gesine available to me that isn't over the the seven round limit and so they they put the calabash on that they forget that was excessive so now you're allowed to have the ten round gesine and ten rounds in it you are yes partially fought against it they change
yeah who changed it was appealed to the court those promoting new york overthrew that and their constantly all the new yorker chap of the inner ray and a new york rifle associations are constantly battling legislation is supposedly control legislation on safety there is call it good stuff safe that's this safety act its ever taking away laws never are you know tiger law or take away gun laws or it's just safety law for your pleasure its everything everything that is given to us by the government thank you government which is supposed to be the people everything that's given to us is presented in a were giving you be the marriage protection act you know you are we was protect marriage it's not the fuck the gaze law and
i can't get married law where protecting something here and that's how presented because they know that that people get a call em out being antigay so there now we're not antigay we're just pro marriage the same thing with everything the government tries to present to you it's convenient it's nice safety an injury eyes i want the patriot patriot act is another one if i don't agree with this i'm not a patriot it's the patriot durrant on payments from the inside so i mean they're hacking thing obviously is to bring up nineteen eighty four and in the way the language was used in that book and it's so real it's crazy and it's all semantics its crazier than lengthy debate for those who work in wonder what it's gonna be like fifty years from now i really do deanna worlds coming like next week any day now you just say at the downfall site please please i hope so like ebola thing everyone loves talkative
ball i'm scared rebel boy i'm i'm scared of the fact that something like that exist i'm not scared that there's gonna be a big outbreak here in this country why i i think i think it's it's not i think it's more set sanitary can do since then it is people getting it from each other i think in west africa you have horrid sanity conditions people are literally living in shit this shit falling down you walk your little shack and their ship going the street and i think those conditions and and eating bush meat and shit like that not what we consider bush meat which i love here in different states if the bushmeat nationality just put up plain detained over las vegas for fears pasture had he bore symptoms now the could that be the guy that coffee
on a plane some paranoia some guy i just saw menus before he was coughing and they goes i got a ball i said that to somebody they pulled him off the plane in space yeah they follow the blighted spect suits that's like saying you have a gun riotously why have a gun yet i like to be we're getting security when you put your bag amygdala i hope i don't find a bomb and they are right vegas you know you're not a note you get back here for the old full body is no jokes in vegas you know i have seen no jokes at the security the airport rather amazing people still do that and this guy said ebola and they came in grab them and fuck and took him off the plan space suits it's amazing people are petrified what's so contagious a one hundred percent mortality rate here in this country and i want to tell me so there's two people and have it re second person was brought in allay from
bulgaria they found out that he doesn't have it is in this guy in vegas supposedly he just got back from africa repute on the plains that's why she cries thought that thing is like planes make people puke suppose your on the plane whenever bag and gather snags in front of every person for puke i've never pewter plain of you now have neither policies you cannot pure got about no i haven't i've puke gunboats yeah yeah its socks because i love boats but it gets here yeah but like kids i wanna go out on the great self bay and shit like that on long island and it's cool that's fine i got no problem with that but let go deep sea fishing and which i love don't it's fine you're having a good time and then it's so weird how it hits you seasickness because you'll just be yeah
have organised at all what the hell was that and all the sudden you just get sick and you can't do anything it's a puking terrible he doesn't get me for whatever reason but i know people it does get some weird jewels inner ear thank your whole vision combined with fear your balance and how the two their separated too much if they're not in compliance with each other our i'd make environment i don't know why i guess they assume you ve been poisoned the authority has resumed its been poisoned and needs to get four points out the type from sit in the back seat of a condom readings style baker queasiness all bumps unlike staring at some time also yeah we're that swallowing thing with a saliva starts come an awful right i'm not a friend of of puking here's what's funny that the drug
they used to keep you from getting see sector those little patches those all things there its scope paul i mean that's that same drug as the colombian devils breath blow on you and they turn you into a fuckin zombie real that's the same drugged vice the documentary on colombian devils breath exact drug that they used to keep you from getting really set yet is just a seasick version is a very low load though right yeah did the colombians i'll take this from there they blow it in your face and it goes up your nose and you're gone yeah yeah yeah blown in your face and you literally become a zombie and you'll move shit for them commit murder fuckin dig halls does it ever wear off yeah many will be frightened you know of any recollection you ve no recollection this stuff i'm being devils breath of people been rested and use that as a defence now but it's a good idea they went at its also might be one of the reasons why haiti is so are you bolas toll four thousand instead
and months two hundred and thirty three of them our health care work that's a lot of fuckin people dead four thousand people that's a thousand more than nine eleven and seven months look at that guy he's just cause calling on the ground what it there is some real repugnant poverty over there well when i was in what i was doing this cipher show we did an episode on hemorrhagic viruses we didn't i never saw it on what they call weapon eyes with weaponry and we talk to them the cdc centre that they have down a galveston texas where they have these fuckin went to the building they have these four foot thick walls balls with solid glass and concrete in these ventilation systems itzhak everything out everyone's weren't spacesuits they want a mule spacesuit and get in there knows i get the fuck out of here and there like a story save unlike those does now knows that totally safe reasonably safe fuckin earthquake capital
i knew you system breaks while i'm in their work and take my mask off to work the gear now dead fuck you you bleed you boot you bleed from everywhere your eyes really your ass all bleeds your mouth who knows you buy starts to liquefied you start oozing so one of the worst where's your die ever innerds yes fuckin time a year and then i guess that guy duncan was his name that kind of just recently died it came from liberia his family is now criticising hospital saying that they might not have given the care that what could he do you close an entire florry comes from liberia through brussels comes here gets off think they were giving him the most attention in that hospital out of any patient family was like you know well we want an investigation is like you should be thanking every doctor in that hospital
this tells us emma we'll have to kill you because you might be contained you might be contagious fuck your honor ass good ok nobody allowed from africa for a year this is what is more a tory em you keep your country we got our is complex one year i have friends who go to africa for hunting there's really understood gone over their cameron cameron just one over there in shadow budgets there was an air of washing their pictures i am faced with virtually dark there there the type the pit president doesn't give a shit doesn't give a fuck there's everything often those pictures come out and people like ah why are you know it's interesting and my friend steve renault i had a really good point about this the real outrage came when a white girl was doing it throw it wasn't like
some old fat man took a picture of him with a lie and that he killed and everybody went crazy and it got a million facebook kids now there's old fat men than have facebook pages are filled with fuckin dead unicorn s and now gives you she hates gives a shit because it's in all fat man and then we want to have sex with but they d take what else young czechs a cheerleader from texas he's got a pink bow standing over a zebra nobody loses their shit why and sexism or that's how but is actually got steven spielberg killing if i can try servants is evil there's a dumb people then he killed a trifle people do what you do you
try serpent saturday revolving around there's but there's a lot of people that have those websites where they go to africa and they they kill animals they put em on the website nobody gives a shit why is it that the hot young girl with pink bow and everything she's the one that gets the oh you bitch you can't while my friend steve bunch a good points but one of the things he said easier to believe a lot of it is real sexism that's real sexism mike if it's ok for guided but for girl does it everybody goes knots and they don't want pretty girl getting involved in that for some reason while at their feet like first of all there is a lot of people resent pretty girls because they feel that they are also a fuckin free ride and especially if you're a check that maybe is unattractive and you're also someone who loves animals any see some pretty girl with a fuckin dead zebra up you fuckin cunt like shit
the costs are ready just because she's privileges i've got you great bone structure and a big juicy ass every wants a common side of her thought her ray and so that those that but you have now you have a license guess she standing over fuckin leopard yes shot with a bow and arrow unlike this fucking bitch i hope that animal each you alive i hope they make you suffer you guys level that is it because the english just cholera for being pretty she'd look petty and exactly in the marital and men who know that that girl would never fuck them in a million years they are angry to write and then there's also the man that want to go away overboard show everybody there really support animal rights and the people eat animals are assholes and people shoot zebra paul share yeah it's a fact fascinating thing because you look
it all the restaurants everywhere you go you get out his office right now we can drive down the street and every fuckin place on the left and the right and the left and the right is filled with the carcasses of animals died in ways far more horrible and any fuckin zebra suffers when you double lung them in an era of these animals live their lives in pens in cages bread specifically for consumption killed in horrible ways fed other dead animals when they're not even busby eating animals because they can get more protein in turn to make em fatter and stupider i mean we're work horrible it really is great when you take the by products that cannot be used for anything else grind it up and feed it backed that's what they did with mad cow they fuckin were feeding in brain matter and i think they got disease
is that cannibals new gimme got that syphon shit right is that's fucking dark that's so green stuff for myself i could eat arose backdoor take they use it they have already used it devotes views differ dog an animal things on who sat down and necessarily thing that offers dogs thrown ass always leave anything any shit out of his balls packing me doesn't have protein is product but that that hunting thing four goes even more exacerbated by the reality of conservation that these animals were on the verge of extinction and now their valuable so big their valuable there's far more of these animals than i've ever been before like ever recorded history in africa like they have they have areas of high fence hunting operations that once endangered animals and their just fuckin roaming free wild everywhere and these hunters flyin and they go spots and they kill him so itself fucked up
like on one side like you know luther the document areas from england ever seen his document or enough fascinating i really really cool guy and i had a pike ass before we talk specifically about these operations we went over their new stained with them for three weeks and he said that these people have these hunting branches and without these honey ranches these animals would probably extinct button because there valuable and people fly in and hunt them they're worth money so he's talking to the guy and he's trying to figure it out and the guy goes in this fucking crazy rant the guy you keep asking me the same question i'm gonna tell you what's up africa is fucked i'm not not to stand it everything is worth money or it's nothing these animals there was something so then they're alive if they want alive if they were working thing they rode be alive africa is fucked you just was used in the south can access while africa is fucked in these issues
oh god it's been lived in africa as a whole life and is talking about which is grinds everything yeah give its not value bill it's it's not gonna stay alive yeah only reason why these animals even exist still is because people can come over and how i right isn't that enough pay a lot of money but over there and hunt these animals and then the money from one i've heard i don't know how accurate and it is isn't it supposed to go to on conservation and lighted it does a lot of it does i would be suspect to anything that goes over to africa and that support to go somewhere when you look at sea urban nations and is plain loads of food or going over there and there still just the starving air someone's getting rich off for that and yet not the people well is the numbers of people that are and poverty are so high it's almost like your own saying what am i gonna do with us we we
showed an image down the podcast of what africa looks like size why's that you could fit pretty much every their country and the inside of africa itself fucking enormous places the congo itself is is why is america like this the man january imagine the congo a fuckin giant rain forest filled with wild crazy monkeys and some of them there they were myth mythological until recently and i commend human will run the show we were an open anthony a lady called up we were talking about the bondo aid which has since been proven by dna and photograph and video evidence but i was sorry about a base our national geographic argo and some woman usage biologists we called up said it was bullshit you guys know you're talking about i was again angry at her mike i'm not making this up bitch the congo the congo's a crazy plays imagine
i'll tell you why i like i just flew over the entire country and you look down and you see america you imagine all of that being a jungle yet full of wild life you know no everything that's in there now and there are pockets of places where there are little communities of one animal certain things there their diet dictates where they are their surroundings whether they a great or not you're gonna be able to keep tabs on every fucking living thing in one country on the continent that is that big and that covered its just astounding that people are surprised when new things get found yeah that that was a big one though a new primate and a beer six foot tall super aggressive chimpanzee that occasionally walks upright conway's much four hundred pounds and they call them lie in killers oh man they said two types of chimps tree beaters in lyon killers and the tree meters
the smaller ones that governs the job of the trees and around but the line to his bed on the ground the guerrillas the plan of the apes type grew pointed out on the plain of acting like shy and good last more not less pretty good i can no longer in their anger and those like oil but did is this area of the congo is also where like fuckin old cold tran comes from when they making cell phones out of so much mineral and shed they extract from these areas yeah it's it's a very wealthy nation as far as resources go and it's the poorest not nation continent and it's the poorest continent sub saharan africa on the face yeah it's astounding to me and an i know it always gets blamed on imperia as many of you know every other countries come in and raped and ravaged africa and then left with the wealth and riches and blah blah blah but i'm
hasn't happened with every country continent on the face of this earth pretty during some point in history will unless someone comes along and revamped their infrastructure and creates some sort of a central government its democratically elected and gets rid of the majority of corruption like they're dead civilization there is so old and that the key rob option and the violence is so embedded in their system to break them aunt em the congo that fuckin that fucking coney two thousand twa i that is where they go very well when the fucking guy that was heading it started beating off naked on a street corner that hashtag when the old been so clear that without fast one of you will cared didn't care like that that is the hashtag like people care then they don't care was the
biggest want it was huge paved celebrities get involved and there was a kid like there was a kid you that you could send for that one day in april i think of that year people are supposed to up and just see coney signs everywhere and you could send for these big kits where the colony stickers and stuff and one day people's posts get out about to go to work and you like what's happening coney everywhere and demagogy our jerking off maybe twenty eight where they don't play now lay in san diego you can't see that's fucking conservative the close to military bases changes be jack and offer the bunch all rich people donald rumsfeld neighbourhood area they are all slacked of us that that point we're just like we need new hashtag stag it is like these warlords that essentially control large parts of the congo it's like to get them out and to revamp ecosystem and deal with the fact that just a job born is no roads no roads very fuzzy
borders like all these borders are constantly moving based on which a warlord is war with the other one and how much land they taken killing taking resources yet there needs to be some kind of legitimate infrastructure put in place our house every inhabitant doing that but that is another thing with we think about it like our boy it's never happened in the time we ve been alive so won't have issued takes thousands of years yeah yeah yeah look at that some of the middle east with all their oil i mean there walking around on that ship for years not knowing it there it was pretty much civilized technically advanced cultures that said hey let's build these things and start pumpkin an oil out of agreements made them rich but that's the infrastructure that was in place by the west end made them who they are now
then why cannot happen in africa with all those resources because the seconds swoops and from the west and decides that they're gonna start building things it since they scene is taking advantage and when raping the land but meanwhile job jobs are created when you re the lan sorry to say but it does happen and i think that's better than just have a population that doesn't even know to take the shit out of the ground and is what literally walking on gold and starving yeah and dying of disease literally yeah and they just but there's no odds and is also this this this problem this fuck and trees everywhere like your money will go terrible you bad person non green but if you're in by you get everything so down a road and you good to go start jail and are i would get cash what do i do it's build a bigger fuckin building every let's do it
twelve and inter alia analysis maybe we should then just look at it for what it is and try to incorporate that into the world we we know and we are familiar with an end just accept that for what it is there are going to be people that live in these places that cannot be industrialized and they are going to see for the consequences of living there i don't know there is unless you want us to deforested build some roads get some big cat fuck bulldozers in there what the answer there non lotta as everywhere you go that has a big jungles fact here is what do you get into the jungle a goose working people were the leaves of their dicks when we do here when you're fucking around as a key in the woods you have been in certain situations we like ominous stickers i went the path oh i'm dead that's not thing like imagine that this
size of the united states and a third was in times worse now do something in there live no shit man it's crazy that is that is fuckin terrifying living in the jungle to than you think about the bugs other second level use it when you put a little off on you in the back yard because the mosquito i got bit did you see this i got bit thats just law fuckin like those be beards mosquito love you ever been in alaska summer no i haven't alas is incredible you go outside i am not exaggerating at all you get out of your car you step audience and then a swarm of mosquitos will involve you like we when aryan i went fishing last year and what we have to do is we pulled up to the spot is the boat was over there so we got you ready i got the keys you got everything got everything in your hands ready dull and we would
the door slammed lock just start running knew how to do want where we were running to the below the bow because it when she park the car you stand put it stay there and just get swarmed and then they follow everyone the just sting and so once you get on the phone out any unlike pull out they don't fuck with they can't find you what you re going to ever yeah if you stay put for while the final but the idea that they think they breathed the day they detect a carbon dioxide all right come to your mouth it's the first thing they come to define the you're in the air and they just start sting in the shit out of me i'm talking like a thousand of mosquitos instant arrive at once because there's no like they have no time their only alive for like a couple of months therein high gear everything they do june rules around man they fuckin roll out they hatch and they just start going there only live at the end of august
it is over starts getting cold a shit it's over again well yeah you see animals sometimes assume it covered in bugs and they don't seem to mind you have brought us the amazing to me but i don't know i and annoying now there's really life that tail maybe some swap away its waterway flies within a fucking to foot radius of their ass all that's very much it if its on your fucking eyeball the banks have illusion yeah i killed a fuckin too he'll do say olaf's baggage bear
nowadays the half ass job no pun intended at least they put it where they know most of the flies going to be going back to make seconds codify it s all our size of daylight ironic that's a lot of animals have tales that's what the flies or even their chinese think we ask everyone to think about where i can purposes a tale serve on a car unless it's to slots for example eyes away musa bouncing they don't carry the fucking cows you see they got like some bushes shit hole up there all akin green cows handover honourable yeah there is another way to look at it like fucking a cow i ve been a guy ever that's fucked a cow for sure i'm sure every animal on the face of this earth has been fucked by somebody human people get animals pregnant people were pregnant the world would look so strange to be half human half horse half
gee have wow half cats have we we go we got sometimes when we see a mixing of the races people go crazy imagining a half horse person it's gonna walk around nature figure that shit out doesn't work out mathematically this does not compute and if it does even if the close enough to breed wherever they breed wherever they fuck and they have a kid becomes sterile yeah yeah like what donkeys daniels a mule a donkey and a horse or i guess eggers sterile offline have tiger its it does seem like there was some type of plan put in place there were do that you could do but we're not going to go any further that's why we learned we won't even let's get to that for some fucked a chimp and made a bit what if you could make like babies but the baby's couldn't breathe some half person half chairs
i mean how much different is that in a cow or lit a tiger fucking the lion means the idea behind people breeding when neanderthals right right yeah they fact and they need some sort of a half high bread human neanderthal thing that just kind of petered out down the line somewhere yet there too thick the young man the note over there that is vice i'm donkey dont yeah i saw on the colombian donkey fucker those poor answers here came to be enjoying it i saw the club and he just there was little embarrassed is barely little embarrassed but fairly the donkeys a convenient size i wonder if someone funded giraffe that out of it do together and owes figured out a way to get a draft come near the tree is think of your around where there giraffes there so many other flexible asked and pulls yeah but there's gotta be a guy who like had goals theirs
he climbed everest this ran a sub format mile we're gonna be a guy fact everything else like a dammit if it's any wanna fuck alive giraffe cause it's not fair for shooting giraffe and then fuck it fuck it was still warm and ethical through an so if the animals a little taller i heard about animals being stump broke where you you beauty train them and break them to back up to a stump so you can stand on the stump and fuck that so the animal stump broke it knows like him into the stump and why the area worker animal get stump broke horse s wife you gonna fuck a horse i remember because i used to live out here i actually used to live so you the last year's the horse fucking hands or capital linda someone cap astronomy
had horses and everything they then it was always the joke about who you know stump broke their horse cosette imply that you were in your horse of dump broke there and the other thing where you dumb i guess a boot broke was the you have your boots and shoved the goat or the sheep's back legs and then your boots and they caught my eye where and then another one you were supposed to go to the edge of an embarrassment or a cliff and push at the sheep and it would back up because it would afraid of falling off the cliff and we're back right into your dick and you get a little action i have heard that i've lack insane a lot of desperate desperate i've been without put growing up especially when it was really hard back in the old days to get fuckin laid an end your desperate put
you never look around at an alternative live source but you ve got a single yvonne you everything i work you been long island right well long island andy out here but lao in algeria these are places where people are a lot of people on a farm somewhere in the middle of bolivia is no one around you just get on top of the farm house you look around you chauncey shit for as far as yet i can see given these sheep and you will get a sheep a giant anyhow mistake my finger their fellow joe you really do put things in perspective i'm thinking from my own privileged terms so they went and about an urban scenario right where you know these are desperate fox living hard times he knows he's not gonna even see a girl poor bastard shit role the dice and live in the congo you could just wait up one day and you feeder dirty that in your house made meda twigs
as always the the intense fear of the thought that reinforce nation might be true and even though no one really remembers who they were in a previous life who they go i'll be in the next or something yours i don't wanna man i got a good one this time or sell like like a new york you know i e mails why i e mail job that is lacking is a dead end bulgaria carter you like fuckin got ebola your company a blood up in front of a fuckin guy fucking a go before you're a monkey or little now usually a person but you can't talk now that's all you're bombed out that would be bombers beat not bomb down no no one hundred and ten i was fucking i was in new york i was was a white guy was a white guy you had this whole thing world telling chicks no girlfriend
girlfriends it was crazy that may still came over crazy how many of you think come over because they think i'm gonna fix him this guy what is no girl your thing shit i think sound no i think there's been a few that think like well he does has found the right and they'd they'll say they go with it in the beginning but then they start getting angry with you yeah as as they realize others mother fucker serious sick wait a minute he meant bullshit i wish i'd say these assets but they can't pull it off no one really mean what the fuck do you think you are that you could pull this off they get that oil fuck do you think you are what do you think you are worthwhile through the woods a fuck you you fucking idiot exactly why they are effective
we made a minute i totally ass and take away could send out the wrong a troll women have spoken and sudden clear for the horn we found another one right now is fun when you live in your life by our own rules set it fuck you they dont people on like that i guess i do think in retrospect that this whole firing was a good thing yes in retrospect at first i was freaked out it was just before a fourth of july for joy weekend i had this big fuckin party i got a like entertain people as i'm just bombed just completely bombed and another thing when when we talk about how dumb people are and you realize how stupid alot of the masses are by reading there and on the internet i took a picture the next day after i got five because it was the big party of my buddy cotton
black eye and we were in the pool and stuff and i was on my arm around i'm doing the thumbs up and i'm like hey look look thought i was seriously they said you know the fact that he paused to picture the black i did try to let us know like look i have lack of red i got that was the gulf that i wish i was parodying that you it doesn't matter even if they know you were doing that i still want to call you honor because it gives them play it gives them a licence to be upset yes people always looking online especially for a moment where there are allowed to be mad is inaccurate they were every man oh yeah because life sucks for most people look doesn't sought for anthony you gonna fuckin if a house you'd make money you got your own show now but for most people their trapped in the job that's unfulfilling they have to listen to a bars or a fuckin company by way more restrictive than what serious was given you earlier yes and there's no fuckin hope in sight so
each time they give a chance to vent this anger this frustration this existential axed at the very life their fuckin trapped in with a majority of your time all day all he is doing shit you hate that some ajar way of your life so this guy thinks he's gonna trick us with this black friend you did describe a great bad life that's a lot of who is minded sellers bab of thirty five years old it was terrible and then like last night we're flying here in a beautiful new fucking airbus any the tv is as big as most people's house tvs were a few years back an amount seeing the new planet of the apes and i'm sitting in a fully reclined seat hurtling through the cosmos coming here to los angeles in in time that could
only be dreamt about years ago and might might screen was fuck it up a little bit it kept pausing the movie and setting back a little ways and stuff and i to keep sitting up pressing scrolling back to i was in the movie and i start it for a second to get pissed ice for a second and then it all started yelling where i was what i was doing fine in pissed because my fucking first run movie at thirty five five thousand feet my way joe a privilege that big thing they sang college campuses today of course they did on kids are being done good enough for me i should have drawn myself the plane so allow visa i actually chuckled at myself for starting to get man you check your way privilege did check my white privilege which i implore all
you do please check your privilege jack your privilege that's a big thing they sang college campuses today of course they did on kids are being indoctrinated by the hard left its running these colleges yeah and the hard left wants you to check your privilege check your privilege i still don't know what it is and i have said what i believe white privilege is and i've gotten a lot of shit for it would you believe wide privileges i think white privilege is something that isn't a privilege it's been earned over the course of many dairy i know it's it's it's something where if if you act as certain i do certain things you get certain price as for that certain you don't get followed in a store life's not a fucking carnival i know i know but you noted to be followed in a store and let me tell you something when when i was a kid when
five of me and my friends and ever they would go in at eight nine years old to a candy store we got followed in the candy store because the fucking guy you know that people that was killing candy where the eight year old fuckin kids that would come into his store so he followed us to make sure we didn't steal when people going to stores now and there followed they look at the people that have been profile the us profiled the course of their lost prevention and say all right make sure you keep an eye on these but we can intervene the interview everyone that comes in and find out what their character is so low just take these slice of people that have been doing most damage to our inventory and follow them around a little or get a fallen but the camera blend of macro pupil because that's pretty much where we have a kind of fallen they are in the end the theft over
goods that stores i wonder what people want people to do that do live in places where they do get robbed all the time by black people i wonder what they expect the store owners to actually do i don't know just ignore it it had let it happen debt robbed get robbed member those korean store owners that were fighting back against eyes idea the reginald denny shit the re entering the riots and rodney king did some guns do they had to mean there is crazy shit go where they had nothing to do with any verdict and not enough but it was a free ride free ride and we to see a very unique almost almost like except id form of racial violence during that time we're late people were were literally targeting why people and attacking them and no
one was being outrage no there was an extremely more there was well you gotta understand the fresh dry land there very merit angry very frustrated as they love that planter over that man's head was lying on the ground that oh here comes the a bowl lead and there's a lot of blood on the street but the act is really the story we have to look at here it was accepted completely and i think we sanction deviancy sanctioned and we see a lot of stuff in numb happen that listen what does it is only right and the left thousand in railways aisy looting is a weird thing like something went wrong it's time to steal tvs yet sluts kurdish yeah yeah and it's a very festive thing like like the beat the reason that the looting goes on is very grim and it's usually a very awful thing that happened but then the law
being itself everyone smiling like they come out wall there like cold and stuff up no matter anymore buried health aviation tension in breakers dance and understands and assume looting though you see on the judgment answer either stealing this huge girul what attitude ban like our drag it and on the ground with a fork it's always been my dream to make little wooden whales dry seven yeah well you're gonna get advance that young man yeah there's deliver it now you gotta come getting homey hip shit fifteen blocks when a gang signs where this damage designs that's pretty good the delay riots but i will never forget that photo or the video rather reginald janet denny getting pulled out his truck in that guy took tat bread
produce smashed human ahead with it and until a victory it there and here that reginald any was just a truck driver you didn't do it now he wasn't a copy didn't beat anybody you're out and wrong why steps on the brakes sheriff flacket bognor that their right on your election right through their don't you have a lock we do in the air what are you doing getting out this is the video there it s awful sure i remember watching this lie way out they d just see how the taint gun things go off and people start writing they just completely lose their humanity yeah something that happens to human beings when you get to much of us together and their mad about something and chaos is going like paper smashing shit and stealing shed it just all
rules go out the window today like accepts it they call it a mob mentality but i think it's more than just a mental thing i actually think there's a physical pheromones or or there's something that's thrown off by people in a group like that that just makes we won rabid here look at everybody chasing after the cars on the cars are slowing down likes cars they're leaving alarm but other cars have why people in umbria chasing after the white people i assume i witnessed until and random reject any trial just break down or something whether you like it doesn't it emigrated operate name sleep oil and gas lockheed you know you don't know i don't think you think this is going to happen to you so maybe he he stopped to let people called through the crowd smock yeah in our mountain boy
the fact that they really dead and arduous drabant slow about all the motor boat you think pocketing to happen i did you pick him up off the street all by yourself get him in your truck nor you already said this is the other part that they have to do so let's show who took raided hospital black sorry for you my everybody that not all bad did this last more than one day i can't remember yeah they went on there were many deaths to well anthony boarding show was fascinating about this because they talk to the korean folks to thailand some people that had shop had been raided offend sorrowfully on maya yeahs koreatown got fact but the like a line of cops protecting beverly hills right yeah there's cop cars like literally down the streets skeet blows mrs green ombudsman but wouldn't you
forget everything is on fire in korea yeah well they were also getting matted koreans that we're on top of the roofs with rifles people shot guns and shit they were protecting their businesses it's like they were pretty in beverly hills and and the wealthy areas but it's like what are you put in your safe in your own house you don't put you no fucking candy bars and the hair you put your valuables in it's the same thing they want the valuable stuff protected yeah and the people spending on the money right paying all that axis exactly it's just a larger scale of your own in a little life that's you want to protect europe vestment twenty think would happen if the fuckin raids and the people they were gone easy if they went into beverly hills support people are their houses and shit that what you would have absolutely sammy the national guard start just shooting people like it was vietnam probably ready yeah yeah that's just what have been so far
unheard heard electing the korean people can get fucked over like that but the moment they move into the jewish neighborhoods yeah can people their houses and neighbourhood area that would be crazy again now it's you know it's it's cost effective to protect the wealthy neighborhoods don't you know you're using your police resources to protect your other resources the price on everything do they like now when situations come up at will a racial situation you have more freedom you have you don't have this like filter that you throw up like you would have to like pause before you talk about there are certain things like this where words occupied exist certain people it would might think it be racist if we're showing that their attacking this guy simply because his white the only by exposing an obvious incident of pure racism a guy because he's why hidden in the head with a brick you're being racist
commenting on that and not taking it all into perspective what about the context anthony rather life in the disenfranchised los angeles neighbourhood exactly but that then then we have like a nice debate tonight little talk about it that can be done why should wash one side be silenced i mean and i do feel more freedom to talk openly and have to walk and some of the eggshells when i'm china present the point without we most fucked up thing about you getting fired was you need an opportunity to go on the radio and talk about it now in one of the things that have talked about on the show before a hundred times like you you style of talking which is internet is to rat say crazy shit exact where law and that's exactly what you were doing that's still i guess you know like you said if you put it quotes around it and printed so they look different it looks a lot different but if you were on the show and you are doing that and then jimmy
and start to do an uncle paw and then later herbs and every was nothing different than i done on their very airwaves for many years and for to throw me out over over that was it was ridiculous made no sense whatsoever and to demand an apology women demand apology while there have been some people who have demanded apologies some people that think i should have a pilot let's not so much demanded them but think i should have applied guys and i have always stuck to the point that if i do something wrong i have and will apologize for i was assaulted in new york city i was i was hit about the head people store there are certain people i'm sure that are living listening to this that dont know the store shore so as given the whole brief for the story i was i was out i was taking some pictures early morning pictures of manhattan and i posted all the pictures that i took it wasn't just just creeping girls like some people said was taken
my hands an amazing place at four in the morning it's a joke lit up city with barely any one in it and the there are in it are a little off including myself with a camera and i was taken it's amazing and it's not a groundbreaking i mean other p will have taken amazing pictures of new york city very early in the morning i was doing that and i took pictures of fewer the ladys of the evening that walk around strippers that we're leaving some of the strip clubs hope where's whatever their their hot it looks great as their walking on a wet street with the lights behind him and the nice shallow debt the field i mean it just looks like a fucking amazing picture so i took a picture of this one woman that was walking honestly and again it was very early morning very quiet and it's a big fucking cannon camera i wasn't moved with my iphone
she hears the shutter clicking and turns around a look and she goes ah you white mother fucker don't you take my fuckin picture and she's coming at me you know so i rattle a couple of more pictures cause she's coming at me and just punches be right in the face just punches me right in the face no if sands or buts and unlike what the fuck are you don't i don't take my pick well you could have said that so we get into a little argument about that i colored cunt and she just keeps hit me and now out of the woodwork like fucking walking dead five black eyes just start china kind of walking around looking at the scene and one says you bet not touch that girl and i add my hand up i was just using like my four arm too to kind of let her bang into i wasn't pushing or away or anything i just was trying to keep her at a distance so i could see her fucking hands and this was putting me in the side of the head it didn't hurt but
was just it was annoying me that she was doing this and that's when i said one of them embarrassing things i think i ever said i said that while the black as it said i as a backlog saint your show a have happened sergeant barnes of this agency show you have sovereign bonds from pussy did you drop any involves no no that's one thing and i i didn't drop any in any of my tweets or anything i just didn't say who said that you did someone said that you did robin and by our plenty of people that said i and take people more shit gets made up in those situations so she i said i'm gonna get a fucking cop she goes get a cop i'll just say you were sexually harassing me so now i'm like looking around there wasn't any cops i wasn't exactly in times square as a little northrop times square at that point
i was and am waiting to see a cop card just a flag him down atonement this fucking bitch is power we on the side of the head but no cops showed up so we can break up a little bit and i just not walk back to my apartment and i'm pissed now within minutes what happened i'm actually communicating to the outside world which years ago you time a cool off and then you maybe get on your at home call your friend and say this fucking bitch with smuggling in that but now my it's out i still got the adrenaline going i'm angry i is that this happened and i voicing it on twitter and this is what me in trouble and i say i think my biggest crime here was the fact that i talk about the incident and how pissed i was and then i also added a little social commentary to this conversation so people put both of those together and got the impression i was talking about all black people anthony said all black people are violent said no
said there's a problem with violence in some segments of the black community which has been addressed by black leaders reverence pastors community greeted the it's been it's it's just been out there but you didn't check your way privilege i didn't check my privilege and i brought it up that there was a problem so why did this woman jump instantly from zero to physical violence there wasn't a talk i mean i could think of a lot of situations where i would take a picture and someone might go hey i'm hit by picture taken might be oilcake whatever without them instantly come and an resolution number one is punch the person in the face that's one on the list its funding but but there she was probably a hooker right yeah yeah i'm think it she was a hooker read me yeah but i i also took a picture of a white hooker and it turned out to be a beautiful there was great was amazed and she didn't catch me in the face and she knew
taking a picture and she didn't mind i sure of a black hooker once was she pulled her tit out while she is eaten a meatball sub as one spit ever taken in my life saving and find a burden to be hung out somewhere woods it's in my wall i took it with an old phone to like motorola flip phone at one time it wasn't it in a very camera i wasn't even a one megapixel camera but the pictures it looks like it was the same as the subject that really brought it you don't need good equipment when you have a great subjects she said that she had a big giant to choose enimie sub and she wore a wig so all who's got anywhere in downtown outlay it's like one the best pictures of everything in life it's fact it sounds it she was so happy she was so happy i should try to hit me at all i i just gotta take a picture she goes guy a baby and she posited out and i think picture and share the southern her hand she pulled it it area i was a good
yeah i know what you got no one gets i was i was an arm though that the other thing that came up well they the serious x on fire maybe they said it wasn't the race racial thing they said it was the violent tone of some of my tweets it was because i said i i've i fucking hope somehow she miles off to some homeboy like that and he shoots her in the face tat because that point that's what i wanted because we're just gonna be just maldon often smack and people i'm sure she's gonna get her ass handed door at some point here she'd mouths off to the wrong person i other hand didn't hit or back i like and i put my forearm up to just keep her from getting closer to me but that was the only contact and it was her banging it's my arm saying don't touch me and punching me in the face so the violent tone of my tweet is what they didn't like
meanwhile yes i am privileged to be able to exercise as my actual right second amendment right to bear arms and and carry a concealed weapon the city of new york he are you one of the very rare people i mean if she wanted a punch some dude in the head that's a cop and think what this guy has a fuckin right around a licence to carry a pistol illegal licence to carry a pistol how long did it take you to get that it was a good year i guess a year thousands of dollars and i had to fess up with every bit of of occurred of my entire life pretty much like here here's my tax forms here's anything i ever did including a ticket and how
resolved in nineteen eighty eight a guy speeding tubular like a plan to like a parking tickets speed no not parking tickets speeding ticket yeah and anything you just put it in front of them because they if they find something you didn't include they will say work nope so you got your playing this weird puzzle again with them to try to get this and then you need a lawyer you can't go in there yourself crazy so you got retain a lawyer for probably jeez unita get a lawyer to try to get it into a gun lawyer a gun lawyer very there she is the girl fan tat we put a picture over boobs illegal at i can make it ass he called it around here look at come on those with the greatest picture of ever taken the matter i've got one she was a real woman and she was happy to laugh and that is something while
hey this is icy morgan and she's gotta functions materials i wouldn't do she's meatball sandwich underhand means just picture she got to eat i got that was this is good as a picture gets so that so takes a long time a lot of effort and i think they bank on the fact that a lot of people aren't gonna go to that length and and they ve turned down a lot of people a lot of someone did nautical a few years back on they turned down and it was a lot of people like on the mats and us some some personalities and some pretty big celebrities so what did you say like did you have to have a reason that you wanted it god if you have a reason and as europeans we cannot surely the menace yeah i've got i get a lot of death threats you save amount and things are good and age have that you bring those in and stuff yeah yeah like agar threat assess
threat as a threat assessment done by security guy and dumb and yet you these letters i get letters to male directly to my house that have just all kinds of nazi propaganda and you know just weird shit material to my house i know you're fuckin twenty fourteen people you could find out where anyone lives now no secret you when you ok you have all this stuff you you bring it to them and you say look this is a threat that i get you like your lawyer do it via the elect the lawyer don't you give it to him everything he ass for the one is unrealistic and ask for is actually shows that you're a good risk to give that sort of a licence to that's what they're doing because you got hit by this woman ryan you never once escalated i order you not hit i've thought about it like because it's a hit huge fuckin responsibility having a gun ending in something that you never not think about you need
you know that you have this on you and that kind of lee you into how you handle certain situations where would you have done if those guys are five guys we're circling back off it's not your show yeah those guys came in i d probably just try to run run into i'm square where there cops like the if if you're why if you're going i have no way out of this i'm fucked and i am going to die then the gun comes so you would run i would anyone chasing you and they grabbed a hold you once once you grab a hold of you again get its life buttoning situations are very fluid they change by the second so base what's happening at that very second if you use deadly physical force you might be fact might be justified that's how that how crazy it is to try to get a hypothetical
the legality of again you have you in that situation she's hit a you and they close any just pull the gun out here that's brandishing it it could work my job was to get someone else cupolas allegory i want us to another fire you know it's union what no weird situation where it absolutely is the last ditch effort to save your life is that gun it's not your first fuckin waited to try save yourself i'm not saying that you're controls amazing you didn't shooter but you can try pretty amazing that you didn't hit her you didn't do anything here i harm right i wasn't i didn't feel like i was really being injured she was hitting me with those kind of girl fetch you how to make her fists we're because you have the long nails and so she really could make a fist and its use doing this side of the head thing like years a little at my cheek she wasn't really box and me you know so i never felt like i was on the verge of being knocked out right or
or even injured so i was able to keep going and keep a real pressing as it went on and realize i'm being and of dumb saying in this situation let me break this off and go home alone but once they get hit that's flip yeah yeah that's which flapsy and then they get they hit back if it was a guy i would have reacted in a second and hit him and that's a lawyer let me joe if it was a dude out have been all flattered that ways ahead of it is thrown upon shares some into a woman but you can't punch girl i dont know i would have loved to i'd love to poncho right in the fuckin face would have made me so happy but would you a punishment face if she was punching you she was like if she has lies are really pollyanna if she had like her knuckles has addressed them to try to now i have to have to have done some defending you so i
i don't know a lot of what if sat a hard situation because when you're in it you know four just from fighting when you're in it it's different than when you're king what you would do it's weird you know where every one thing it's gonna be like some fuckin action toby tyler leg kicks come out psyche not even hitler and had just one solid one right above the knee that media part the shit fuck and really hurt ike nobody extra chicken high heels to arrange her and they hip over but then i will go into it then i might have to deal with the five little helpers there that would have been a problem through so you do the right thing you know i was i was really waiting for a fucking cop i would love to have had a cop dr buying go hey you know but i had to just you know whatever
and kind of backed often started walking out and tweeting than tweeting my anger sec gets me fire and and then the thought that i should apologise that anyone that heard the story second hand or anything thinks i should then apologize for anything i tweeted in that angry moment twitter isn't a fucking representation of anything but how i'm feeling at that moment that i'm tweeting it's an open forum of that it's not a good form for you because you know animated invulnerable should it should be should i should be allowed to post just outrage things as should any body an end if it can here's the mood i men then deal with it this is what it happened to me holy fuck this read this and you can really feel how anthony feels right now more sky or that guy based on what that build why is that bad why is
so bad i dont think i hurt anyone's feelings to be honest i got into many debates with people and didn't use a horrible language or insult any body and an eye pissed them off just by debate that so by really express how angry i was at that moment how is that a bad thing how is that a firing offence well dangerous tat their brand that's all it is any criticism that might be able to come there way might drop down their stock they're all their about brand of uncensored strained gatwick crazy we gotta how it's your own steam doing is religious show on a fuckin channel but whose than joel austen also steam out an all but they ve been playing commercials form nonstop on sears he's one of these christy church guys that get everybody to put their hands up and big arenas in closed their eyes it's fucking insane it's insane
and he's now has a show on serious on serious i'm like who why he's a huckster yes a fucking huckster one of those guys stealing money from people by using this huckster cause i'm sure the huckster announced for donations of course donation arenas full of misguided people with their hands stretched up to god their eyes cry in their eyes out poor kids see standing next to these mutants thinking therefore they don't even chance jersey jesus camp oh yeah a great occasionally then ass dec on the web justifying the fact that their training these kids because in islamic countries their training these kids to be jihadists the so we need to do that with christians really really fly their weight is the solution we need a christian suicide bombers i played a clip of of some church gathering and there was this guy dress like one of the dancer
and the old lawrence wealth show two girls are women next to him similarly addressed and they would do this song and dance number two likes weird hip hop beat and they were white is fucking white could be and it was jesus an era when i play like some isis videos and unlike see this is what they are doing this so what we are doing and i swear to you i don't know what's more dangerous or horrific to walk it's like that our version of of extra we religious extremists is just this everything as god ever hang out with somebody that that is a born again like completely into and cheese jesus and its twenty four hours a day like i'm into a lot of shit and i'm really heavy into a lot of shit but but i take a break
sometimes i love my radio control helicopters you have beavis by love beavis we ve talked about little beef and you know i love gun you know it's not twenty four hours a day but you hang out with that's what you entire out with people you'd like to think like he's got his beliefs i'm cool with that will hang out play some cards and stuff jesus what a fuckin folded jack and eight have you ever in june tvs all jim could easily guy played the passionate cries he played jesus all while he's fucking all in all ages was he bore no in a movie do it now as one of the other one of the other may might have been before and is more so now but he does these interviews these religious shows and start talking about how the it hurt him in hollywood his religious beliefs and his belief in jesus and his belief in god i note of this
this right here you're out your honor shall wacky jesus show i knew try about the impending apocalypse you talking about like arm again and that the fuckin the reckoning that my favorite this in this day and age now and it's really heavily new for the really the community is the people and dinosaurs that is my favorite thing dino sarah palin said when she was year running issues in alaska she told a schoolteacher up there that dinosaurs people live together vienna that she saw a photo on the internet of a footprint of human footprint inside a dinosaur footprint that's nice and then
maybe he'll main road and the human said dinosaur why did you abandoned made during that my most needful times and the dinosaurs said no that's when i was carrying you footprint dinosaur footprints in the sand pasht ag dinosaur footprints footprints has has there been any past though that have seen this hook street me or lady that or any officers i go you know it looks like a growing arrested a couple weeks he our now thing no nothing should valence put age are not that people have said to me i'm so surprising she hasn't come forward and try to get something from this or anything and and i just i know she does nothing she has no clue what she has wrought good she's just some fucking dumb hocker knows nothing about the news knows nothing about what's going on in the world she knows money ends
you know her corner now in her time that she works and i would love around the i'd be dead ass you might i gave you know whatever last long was maybe some homey shot her in the face of getting fired again via yourself for the fire myself i would say when i'm never since its on show now the entity komio show i'm never take vacation i'm gonna say something so outrageous and then suspend myself for a week flock and bars asshole do you have any desire to try to go back with opie and jimmy do try to talk to him until like you're sweet side of the woods here and now when when they were still work out a contract because they their contract went until october which they just three signed so they did they did recent
but i got fired in july so from july two october there was a lot of speculation what's going to happen in october and the contracts up in a recent most too are they gonna bring anthony back are they just gonna tell everyone to go fuck themselves and jimmy and an open were undercut track so they could just leave that's a fucking breach where they can leave because i was fired they did reassign i think they they squeeze more money out of him i think it was very easy to take my money you can take a half of my money given that up in to give it to jimmy and obey now they pocket the rest they we can all be like area we got raise shows fuckin money i get out i dont fault them for it at all but i wasn't sure what was gonna happen in october and that's why i i was so adamant about getting this up and running so fast as was keith i've i would
this morning on the couch for like two three days after i fired fuck fuck a key comes already like ass how you gonna fuckin studio in your basement so true not chalk you already had it set up i was the crazy guy that that was building the bombs after that all the neighbors pointed and laughed at tat hour bang the door when the bonds are trafficked let us in you thought about doing something the manhattan now because is probably tough to get people to come out along its top or to get people out along island we ve had to send cars for people
i've heard about a few pretty fun guests and today's clay oh what his whole family big fat fuck gainer any demanded a super stretch limo demand it was the eighties does that anymore you can say so why is there no use for a black one i want the sun rose so i could pull out like a kid in big fuckin guys that is jean is daisy eyes most came over with his whole family and we did that the good thing about this is it's my fucking house and i could put the cameras anywhere so i set the cameras up at the back table by the pool and we did the whole of you outside i got some really hot girl to ten bar ill role bar by the pool and she just kept coming over servant drinks and stuff like that and it was just a
fun real relaxed hang the low waterfall of the pool and everything made a really cool atmosphere and then cut and when i had him over and i set cameras up by the bar that again in the house we were just sitting there at the bar wasn't like it doesn't have to in the studio rise it as i want to have having pollack command at some point and that from the movie theater and play like an old colombo episode and we'll just and then every so often refer the show and you know cause he doesn't mean in colombo it's hilarious and just fuck around like that that my home houses become location are you do it anywhere these the cameras are they remote like how to work big fucking expensive carers and i lines that just run down to the tri castor in the studio i run they're not portable why did you go weeks were
we talk about while a high death i deaf photos or hide their video the abbot you prefer the track asked are you think that's the way to go the one i have i'm pretty satisfied with it i'm always looking into something see what it is but i like control i like the fact that i could roll video an audio and it's very easy integrated with my computers and stuff so yeah i kind of like it you run down to the tri castor in somewhat so someone else's working it down the basement yeah studio as the and then you have the cameras are just two operated on long cords yeah yeah run him right out through my my oil burner closet out the vent the back yard but we're having the whole thing set up where i have sockets right plug a mannequin outside they'll be a little bay where i could pop all my jackson and
everything done my ants yeah so i could put it anywhere but i am going to get a wireless also so it will put the video signal wirelessly so i could do something from the jacuzzi and shit like back as we're having a ravenous ladys bring him over a porn stars so i want to do it naked from the fuckin jacuzzi naked just fuckin turn on some bubble so we can keep a family friendly sworder except artists sticking out there and then do it like that you have used would you stream with what service to use it goes through life dream but then it also then goes to serve as that we have set up with some guys down like tennessee very very crazy the logistics of this was the hardest part because i already had the studio built print it was we because it was a trial and error over the course of years
i've been building there so i usually set something up it worked or i wanted something better like fuck rip that outputs then else and i was constantly building it and it just looked like linguine all over the floor wires everywhere and then when we this rolling we got some tech guys in there to kind of ripped apart and put back together again the way it's supposed to be but for the most part everything was already there except for that you know we could do the show now i get it out to the masses and ask them gonna be a lot of people that needed to get this immediately so we did what crash issues and things like that are you having a hard time growing it because it's a pay service because i'm sure you got an initial rush right i write you get that initial rush and then its constantly growing though its initially it it really took off a lot of subscribers and i needed to do a subscriber bay show because i knew i knew i had an audience i was keeping a cheap enough and going to charge people a lot of money for for the show what are you sick
x amount of journalism and bucks a month and then if you do six months it goes down like six dollars and then a year it's like five bucks a month so its relatively choked exactly bucks ear take forty eight cents an episode and those port built african kids that takes like fifty so it's cheaper and feeding darting african children myself get right it that's my slogan by the that's right slogan how little road but i can get the caused loan and happy with the growth growing well yes yes i'm i'm very happy with the way things it's like i would love hey here's another fuckin hundred thousand people let's get him all on board right now but it takes time after you get that initial boost
major decide to go subscription base in instead of decide to have advertisers well i'm kind of doing both because greedy fuck so i did i do reads during the show i have a few live reads just a couple actually and then we have other ways that we're advertising on the website and things like that that aren't quite libraries but we also have the ability with the video to pop up those intrusive things like you see on tv s coming up sir and fell like those and be sold your screen behind me with a logo and the great thing that the advertisers because they could send videos of their stuff over and play it as i'm doing the red and muslim dont care what i do oh we had this guy we get this guy dale bond dancer he does this bail bond dancer dot comedies former fat guy got skinny any calls himself a little for fat falcon but i
just decided to you know he's dale bond dan's it's an extra based on the old tonia dan's a bit from years ago and he loves it like they just the avatar is no and i'm not tied to them they know if the idea something they don't like that i could just say well later i forgot about it tiny dan's abed gone fuckin killed me once you you had this visit it there was a on audio rather of this old lady who was in love we're toned down yes and you are talking about gettin or into the green regimes on line for the tony dan's a talk show that was on for a week or two and and she was online waiting outside it is one of the studios in manhattan and iraq with a phone call it a us and said it was she down the lines that you want to talk to tony and they yeah yeah so we handle the phone and i was like well this is tony how are you doing and and she thought was tony dancer and the conversely
not worse and worse is that would allow so you enjoy d showed did you like me on taxi and things like that and it started we like well i could use some relaxation in the year in my dressing room about you come when you come in and you know maybe give tonia massage and she's laughing like all i would do that and then it got to the point words like you know what because i hand job was sauntering and she d never broke them like our above all like it was they based i didn't want to be illusion but they're they're celebrity die a crush then let us wet weather think tat he was approved today every right now that it was you no not the authority the dance show did
the data they started having security walked the line and iran iraq picture was put up why did do not let this man near the people coming about that that was one of funny it's fucking things i heard on the radio that was a good one i parked i parked somewhere and i was crying laughing and i had to go inside from meeting and i set my car vote an extra ten minutes listening to what point said something and everyone knew what the next line with those like hold onto yet had kids here it comes out elizabeth like yes we know it's that was some funny shit we used to be and and that's what exam was we want an exam radio that when the merger of me you're happened that's like when you remember when germany merge with poland yeah merger happen
with the serious they completely took over and did did away with all the people i accept that were show friendly things like that and and just put us in their building instead building we were and where we were able to go out on the street just to fund shit we did boxer cox that day where we put up a box we lined with gay porn just dildos in it and and fake rubber dicks and then we closed the box and put free kittens please take give them a home and left it in the middle of the sidewalk and then we're just we didn't we'd have a video we what we do an audio of like i think danny was down on the street we were upstairs we watching out the window watching people if i got all she's looking at looking at the box and then they opened ah of kids are in there and the reaction was left we were doing this on radio it wasn't even a video to it and we were just described
fact that we were laughing so hard people really could kind of get what was happening and they just stopped that would seriously what kind of conversations that they have with you guys as far as like what you could in couldn't get away with that was just at nothing they d never had conversations with us when we would ask it was always it's weird they point to the ceiling and talk about the people up stairs if you like yeah well you know they think like who the fuck go you pointing at like i want a name i want someone to talk to and say how can we do this not that we can't do something pleased war for us and say how can we do it maybe well we do you know run it through up the old flagpole and run it through this and will will green like that as we skylight this and just middle management bull shit that but would shyness on every day and we realized
months and months would go by we got you know we haven't done anything we have gone out to do an appearance we haven't done a poker tournament we haven't we wanted to do a cruise weren't do a big over a cruiser promoted a year in advance cruise ship with all comics and fans and fuck q and aids and shit on stage at on a cruise ship five thousand fuckin people and do that and serious came up to us and said yeah that's great we want a million dollars up front to allow oh you to do this y yeah because it was gonna be done with the same promotion company that did our virus tor and everything you so they came to us serious wasn't evolve at all it was be sold in that and you know every always gonna make money and if serious had it a notion to sell their voters all that and make money off instead a shaking down the talent there are a million dollars up front to allow us to do a gig that would be huge they
you guys to give them a million dollar one million dollar how much more is the prophet potential for this it was a lot ass with a million dollars just at a serious i didn't mean it was going to be pretty lucrative pretty lucrative but to that extent and that just the nerve of your your company coming to you and saying we want to shake you down for a million bucks to allow to do this it's fucking mafia tactics and and and there's a there's a bit ready for them to make money on an appearance like that el the shit out of it you you got it you do sell what the crews lying you do that whatever i don't know the ins and outs but i know in terrestrial radio and we used to do appearances it wasn't coming out of our pocket that's unbelievable yeah million dollars a million bucks like fucking doktor evil just dying on the vine i
it's easy for me to say based on the fact that i was on out of there to say yes they are likely to talk about the end of the world is that yeah it's happened it tomorrow but i can't see them sustaining themselves based on what they're doing it's just a loss cause they're they're showing themselves to be as much regular radio as they were trying to be the alternative altea their showing themselves to be the corporate guy and not the coup all show that out gets away with staff and its monsieur isn't the concept so archaic when you have the internet you have like a provider like your situation you eat use you and keith said i you dont need all these people you don't need at your own ads you get you guys get both solicit company to advertise like look i've got eczema thousands of people every fuckin data listen and watching you can sell your price
to that boom and then you can allow the nonsense what you need is an agent to handle a warrior so like this idea of having this i mean into their own studios you guys are in a fucking giant building in manhattan that must cost factor of my unbelievable it's gotta be it's god only some raising its way the fuck at the top of this building you gotta show your idea and they give you fuckin sticker medium is you go through the thing up to the floor minutes crazy how much money is involved you go there is receptionists people walk and back and forth and all their doing is me now music yeah but with you guys me that's why there is what you guys should be a separate entity rise is you don't need any it's the live talk aspect that is something different and end the worst part for them is the fact that the most important logic
tickle part of their whole set up is in outer space like something fox up at the house we can really most go to radio shack and patch something together and fix it there it's in space is other breaks on one of the satellites what are you gonna do well as and when i go on all scott greenstein up there too good luck they can be won tat by a solar flares dollar flare fuckin meteors whatever whatever some errant russian truck yeah i don't know yet well power yesterday we had a power outage at the house are united generated i have a generator i have a giant fucking generator it's the size of a truck and it's in my back yard and when power goes off thing will more dramatically kick in and and i could run everything in my
and probably to more houses with this for how long until the fucking to one thousand gallon propane tanks run out that aren't hooked up yet yeah so how also you power just went out it's how it out yesterday and stayed off i did the rest of the shell from it i found in my kitchen plugged into a battery backup perfect and my laptop to show videos and and keith having right down the sponsors and show that i have to talk about i was great it was like i we went from the most technical odd technologically advanced studio too pretty much been in the cave was yeah yeah i weirder when you run and crouched behind them then if you just walk you just want to get done say and how this is this is the opposite of serious illnesses
yeah i can hear you when you say that the eu does not on either what what what what were at our house doing it and he's on camera i have to crouch and i said is true he does but there are two instead where people are at the house and there talking and the doors open and i dont care like i lag behind of this ambient noise that people are hanging out yeah some people get i got used to doing like live reads with people talking all the time when what commercials would happen on the owner show i would do the live reeds and people don't stop talking with the power is an iphone gi was with the power of the airwaves it's stream like this yeah see generosity in forging the it s amazing this is taken forever because a red tape with these stupid fucking
in their zoning and permits in everything that's good commercial for the show here on your shop so while rags what went on in a bit of a great heat i do leader alliances and plus the code in here all the alarms would go and often the house confer battery up and everything but worked out i'll get the general iran at some point the neighbors gonna hated it's got like a turbo diesel engine in ice yeah in colorado we had one of those kick in all the time the power up their sucked yeah long island ask us the wind blows and and for some reason we're the only place on the face of the earth that it still has wires strong on poles like like eighteen fifty and there all between the property lines where the underground i don't know that's so stupid and they put him tween the property lines of of everyone's house
then also between the property lies are trees because you want like trees and tree and wires they don't fuckin met emits so there you're windy the wires rip out of the fucking works in and you lose power so will you get this set up here back that apple a better located ass beautiful as beautiful at ground zero screens or is that your actual that's a green screen and doesn't my maize that's my pool in the backyard done on the green screen but i put anything back there so there's green screen but it's all broken up like you have some of its green screened on ahead it is an entire green screen everything the fake screen behind me the desk it's all fake why it's fake so i sit there at a desk council but you don't see you see that and the reflections or in the desk it's all computer
magic that's amazing there a flash in the dusk are also manipulate all fake and i could put any video on those screens so that's what i use and i'm shown video who built the desk for you that is in a real desk thus the whole is very old asking if eric i hear you all i all morning guy sitting in a chair in a very relative small room with a green drain behind me that's why when something happens and and like they were showing some of the rioting in ferguson and stuff and they'll just play that green screen behind me and i'll be in the crowd go my guy don't hurt me so the desk being figs who do have green screen in front of you as well no it knows had a layer that's the thing about the troika that i like it knows how to just layer things like you would in photoshop where where the background is the back layer my
live video is middle and then the front layer is that desk and whatever else is in front of me so with the odd thing is i could never i can never reach oh the front of the desk in front of me how far i lean i can never reach over it that's right yeah but it looks like i'm fuckin with stuff behind it all the time and i put my beard down there or i have my o bomb a bubble head doll when i'm talking politics or are you just everything can kind of bee hide the desk and it looks like i have what people actually they come down the studio go this is it looks like a giant comp ex studio and it's really pretty simple why that's amazing fine fine man i've always been into video and and i used adobe after effects we it's like photoshop for video and spent and eighty with keeping and green screening and stuff like that and yet they the equipment that's avail
people two people now as opposed to even just a few years ago is on fuck unbelievable even just when you first started right yeah when i first started i was just grab and a few cameras there be an age and popping up and down the show and then slowly trial and error figuring out how to new things after a lot of electronic waste in a lot of closets around my out so i got these lie don't worry made you decide to do like a video bay show as opposed to like the way owen was which is primarily audio base but yes pal talk and yeah well i've always been into more of a visual aspect too to show especially now days that everything is a visual lively can tube and stuff people like watching videos of something and then talking about it so paul videos all day and all night and put him in full nurse and put him on the tri castor play
m and be able to just discuss it with people so as a whole another dimension it is weird and the fact that i can't just roll out of bed and and go down is showering something in our shaving i don't be a complete disaster i do nobody here jail today some little frizzy so it is to be on camera the whole time i'd find that kind of strange and then one of the things i learned is you can't play song parodies or anything on a visual thing because just kind of sitting there wrangler adding we were planning old and reverend al song that i did years ago and i realize i'm just sitting there are gone this is an ideal is an aching it's kind of weird you that video the just showed brian the guy's a sitting right next to each other the egg is that weird haven't a conversation we sit right next to each other like that now you get used to it it's where you
address each other and then the camera and its odd a little odd but you get used to it pretty quickly and that we were at more cameras to the studio itself but a lot of time i said i'll do it from out by the bar or by the pool or upstairs by the fireplace what it wherever do you think you'll eventually have a place in new york and this i would like to i would like to rent a place and have somewhere to go to do interviews or yeah and i i think it to be a lot more convenient for me now having cameras strewn all over my house and lights my house is strewn with cameras and like it it's everywhere gallagher you outside the airlines outside with me jimmy norton hang out just it's just go anywhere its it doesn't have to be just in the studio now have you had any conversations with serious since the firing
they send me an email when they fired me was email and i called greenstein who is the kind of boss over there and said really fucking email after ten years with you and your years before with examined stuff but an email and again oh i get it no explanation nothing no come in time can you not give your side or anything well wait any just have anything ok so i'm i'm fired and that's it because yeah this nothin i got ok thank you you'll hear from my lawyer because i have to sell them for the rest of my i soon why wouldn't i come what like they all raising my idea for i don't i don't think they have legitimate reason a fire me to be something that dumb what does that word when you do something to accompany that makes the company puts the company in a bad light the company itself like disparage
if i have something in there that certified disparage the company now that's me going on in saint serious socks don't fuckin subscribe to them howard socks this socks everyone sucks for the bosses are assholes they know what they're doing like that's disparaging accompanying me expressed my thoughts that i had expressed on their airwaves for years is not disparaging their company so i say you owe me from july to october itself so up mother fucker when one is echoed court their workin on already my agent and while the lawyers is all on top of that it won't go to court and all the other things just settle psyche i'll take some fuckin i'll take some care where they looking over mummy have a lot of subscribers hasn't work there subscribe but i dont know how many subscribers they actually have at what they say they subscribe out because they count things like when you buy a new car and yet a subscription they can't let us a subscriber a lot of people
cancelling their subs for when they fired me there we call a lot of people out again yeah plants built not me now not our i again i'll find you you got a mac i wouldn't hold it against any potentially but they they cancel and everyone was saying while they call me back and said they're gonna give me you know year subscription for like a third of the price and stuff and that just up as sub so when they go in front of their shareholders when they give their quarterly report they say well ladies and gentlemen the sobs are up we're doing we went from this many serbs that this money now me if you want an amateur that many paying and other paying a third of the price you're kind of losing money they never tell much money it's always their money they always tell it is then a loss but there
i was always going up to amazing how that works this jobs so many subs we have it is a very strange business it as a thought ratings you now share points things like that that i remember from a radio we need some and i remember the boss of the company the actual boss only remember fuck name that's a little i dealt with him i dealt with scott all the time but this boss guy he he bought us up we met with him once and he goes goes i don't care what you guys do what you say because i tell you the truth i early ever even listened to your show we like you didn't even know what we did we thought this was good to tell us by the way and then he goes all ike air about our subscriptions that's what i want subscription
ah it's for my may a twilight zone with an old boss was i got a push posh push a guy that i thought i was sitting there in black and white all crazy i care about subscriptions that was it and that just told me right they like our boy this is in good is to our heck its history just to archaic the idea that like i get a podcast on my phone and i stream live like immediately i press a button on my phone and it starts playing in my car i was that message we may in the end i can pause it and i get so all things that i cant do with syria here there's all things this idea of a show is on when it's on that's when you have to return again yes ridiculous that's our cake well i think their hope is that hey people still turn on their fuckin radio and their car they do and in i do i write it you'll do it like the uncle
all thing i heard about it because i was just slip into the dialogue because i turned it on when it was happening you know it when i was in my car was right when jimmy was doing that if i had watched listen from the beginning i might not made it hard i made it might have got into my destination and not earn them all show yeah these are still too to people just fm radio others has put that fucker on a b and many it's that well in other ratings are still there but there too weirdest ratings of all time those books has a hand out the diary their nielsen diary we need arbitrage diaries i wrote it in and i represent ten thousand people and we welcome that enough diaries got returned from the urban areas so we're gonna flood them with diaries the next month and then three months we average it to get who came up with this shit twenty fourteen their use in fuckin this
a system the mercantile used in little house on the prairie since mercantile it is good that nielsen goofy but the arbitrage or even more goofy the up that book that rate on the job and that was the one that's the goofy us that's two go feet book they send your book and they sing it like a dollar or something having no use listening they can't know now they can't they really can't the serious know whose listening do they have any idea i think they do in some way shape or form they have to write dante i would imagine with technology they have to know who's she turned into a channel i would imagine would be like an ip address on a website like others forty thousand people listening to have always said it's like no one but they have said it's like a one way signal they they send it to your radio but your radio doesn't send anything back to them when you when you subscribe you have to do it for me that the foreigner fewer with your radio number c
just go to your radio go hey i'm subscribing click kevin's this was telling me that they know whose us listening to what yeah oh how he knows i don't know either i've never heard a number they ve never given us a number i think they know it would be a barber a bargaining chip for a go she i would think that just thee nation that shows like honour displaces like you know yesterday blah blah right that there's something sending out that separate from the signal something but it's not because that send this did doing that with a regular radio to now with hd radio that's true viewless regular radio that its part is embedded in the signal that their broadcasting what else embedded in that for governments the harp system how about getting version i love jersey or what i'm not what while the nine eleven nine eleven what about
patriotism have think they brought the building down it was i was embarrassing that incite with him and jimmy norton whose like europe your service whose embarrassing he really was just it was such a blow hard yeah so i can before that yeah i think something happened to him age like a year there might have been some kind of well some kind of brain hang holes western apps thing or what other people get really conspiratorially minded they start galley nutty with that starts it says becoming something just automatically go to yeah what autumn equally there is no room for reasonable discussion on a topic anymore it automatically goes to well about nine eleven nine eleven explained to be the patriot act they had it ready to go look out for town
yeah i'll write another one gotcha upper right sure northward in a word i think also they real high on finding conspiracies in things like several people that i follow online that will find anything that's our mind and think that to some fuckin grand scheme behind it all some guy was goin on the other day about what i this really was with some israeli plot some fuckin that's a strategy it's always something really as they do they also i acknowledge real facts sometimes i just thrown away if they can't put a conspiracy to a fact it just never existed like well why did they fly any plain parts of the pentagon well they did dear non on outdated they did it was a missile that hit it wasn't a plane so they found this they found it
engine they found you know apart from american airlines are on a second lawn and not and finally they thought tat now we have the brow the ice website new website said to the contrary right or you don't think the fuckin zero there the pentagon you don't think they could allayed plain parts out on the lawn actually that's a much more shrug pulls guy it's just times he had played fuckin flies out of a video of a guideline that just like you now you see those trucks that farmers have with spray seeds they try to do that just chuck and play with honour on play in part as a piece of detail i have work and turbine yeah there's never a logical explanation for anything in the easiest explanation is never the one that could be it's always gotta be a very complicated something that would have taken planning on the lines of a movie but
and once they get it in their head that there is a conspiracy they look only for everything that support that conspiracy less we had this episode on cam trails at all that cipher shows we did that was the one that more people got so fucking angry at trails one because we a guy on who is explain in very clear scientific terms that jet engines when you fly i threw condensation in the atmosphere create clouds they ago a create artificial clouds and these artificial clouds the uk do it over and over and over again all day long you introduce fly through what about one time there's a video that shows the plain and its flying and is creating a cloud and then no cloud and they turned the jet off duty turned it on again or you know how
look up at the sky and there's a cloud here whether that not a cloud on here yeah because the level of condensation atmosphere very berries and its different is alive throw you see measurement barium about nine eleven if you squeeze the air that has mr in it that's not visible as a cloud right now but you run it jet engine it's gonna the other end of the cloud yeah bottle i'll tell you what it is it's a weird thing that people want to believe that government is sprang the skies and their down here too but there spray those guys and have they been doing that urban engines because there's been contrails which that people don't want admit they wanna pretended there weren't they in contrast with canary young they used to dissolve very quickly
fly and then the contrasts dissipate quickly does your normal contracts on the contrary we are seeing today or term to ride out ok there it's a loomings variant aluminum barium meanwhile if you fuckin sprayed aluminum it wouldn't look i'm goddamn cloud you need something that's moisture relegated cloud it needs to be vapor aluminum is never go to your fuckin vapor tell it's it's us dumb another thing i love is the fact that how you are foe phenomenon has just disappeared the advent of every body having a phone and a camera and stuff like i think that killed the you are foe thing it was now try anything that happens is on camera anything you can't do anything without it being on camera the second something happens to twenty people at least their hold their fuckin phone up now you would think if you are always regarded with everybody havin a camera now there would be so many great ufo videos and there's none
there's some vague once there's like fake laws that have been done on after effects in the green paper companies are put out great shaky and things out looks pretty cool there are no fucking like go to youtube google authentic like it's just not happening now jane i think to be great like finally everyone's gonna camera we're gonna see these motherfuckers gone it's true social i'm yazzi and videos of mount lions and fuckin parking lots and sharing those amount line in san jose someone's car they cardona security cameras standing on the hood of his car that scary cat man a big beavis a big of giant believe us you see the hawk that took the little drone now that's one of the videos up today i think it just sitting down some nagging guy is gone what is drawn and you see a hawk kind of going around this thing comes at the door clause fucking out were hits the fuckin thing
where's its ray it's great was ended if you could find you you'd love it it's its nature saying fuck you technology while still use blossom i will tell you this towns in colorado that have made it leave us towns townsend cholera that have made it legal for people to shoot down drones oh that's great areas so that islam or various is because i love these talents come out great wonder what he thinks it is bench it's something in the sky that he doesn't want in the sky or anything food or something i wonder if he thinks it's a competing its arrival i guess it's a rival for another hawks affections that's it i had ass they grow clocks my house always fuck with thy crows yeah
hawk sucrose fuck with each other because hawksley crows i think a hawk stole one of my chickens out really mean what am i chickens vanished and i think it was probably arc from rome and the most the area where they are those are the protecting the canopy of oaks so the hawks can't really sweet been by the chickens gets stupid the hire you sit throughout that that drop can they gave you have night vision and then i wish you could just watch at any time you want to show you like ill notify you have something crazies how it started right hd yeah while you get idea i've got big hocker fly across can only last night there was call a hawks around here than just forget it drove down and then back up into the trees i thought instantly i thought i was back at night and that's what i've been a big fuckin bat they have big fuckin owls out here owls oh my god tat will be warm as it was not a bird i've seen some hours out here that i'm not bullshitting we're like tuna have three feet all standing on a post for days on end just
now we have rubber one labels houses keep away stupid birds we can't figure out that's really lock it can i won't leave some on cold bowel ever have you ever thought about certain about here now you don't have to be in new york you know i don't have to be in new york no matters very call no went on i know i know i gladly collaboration shows anyway fucking light due to the range of our guns together you'd do spend a nice yarn and ere i if i did move i would consider a few other places just because of like i can't go to another state that just has ridiculous gun losses no you are well this place has better gun laws in new york believe it or not yet hand gambro easily now i hear you think that you think it would be harder but you can't even
walk into a gun store in new york you don't have a pistol licence for new york state in the city forget about it in new york state let's say you go into a gun store like all i wanna see what that walter people hey is like and i hold it no you can't even hold a gun in a gun store and like oh wow that's kind of cool without a gun license you gotta show them first new york is way bore way morale fournier but california has more archaic hunting laws have here they don't do not allow them to hunt a lot of animals that are really problem animals like bears and and cougars these these dogs to hunt bears if you dont use dogs to hunt bears its this really these three ways to hunt bears spot in stock which israel tough got find them in stock them in woods it doesnt work like hillsides and in areas they're gonna be out eating berries orilla grizzlies enlarge tundra areas or you got ease bait we have to leave
our phone the bears can say that i can t tell em so i want to do it i guess cheating when you use bake for fish dusting to tell us always got the fuckin answer i love a man is catching later but how else you gonna get him a really got us area are really that you don't use bait for most animals that yeah no most animals its legal will there's some like taxes they can allow you do what you want you can use bait for dear like a lively like you leave out core and financial haven't we gotta think it's fair if you put the bake for the bear on a land of economies like a big funny he's gone under the leaves of air we're gonna need other energy stand and outlines they stopped hunting them all together in their so prevalent now that the six year old kid got attacked and fuckin cooper tino with a fucking apple campus
incorporating oh why was the same taos apple campus a six year old attacked by outline their everywhere this is one rather than a hunt out they have a trail came up at this ranch and they caught sixteen different mount mines on camp on the camps sixteen different mountain that's right and when people that get eaten the mount lions they're doing exactly what do mountain loves liked running biking it's only like you i took a jargon the hills ramallah jesse's like this is great by either of some for your taught you throw it toy to a cat watchword eat there oh god damn strong to imagine a cat that's as strong as a house cat but ways your bounce yeah just fucks things
up all day that's what it does its allies this is the first time ever kill anything that its fayza it's been getting its food deliver like beavis has a nice little lamp tray now it's its food is catches is through its face catches fuckin food we see that tough guy that got in the cage with the tiger yassin and he was with cowering in the morning with the tiger like two feet away from just staring at him for fifteen men before the tiger bit him that fifteen looking at that there are times i look at beavis his face and go oh shit i don't wanna fuck em and it's a cat those fuckin his eyes turned completely black and he's got that look on his face i gag just lunge your eyeballs right now imagine tiger head which is if you ve seen a full grown target their heads are fucking bizarre big there just from an end that thing just like still there he'll look at yes stop me was
oh praying alone we s hands up and down he was like being would naturally that i'd find what i did that fight some now i don't know what our guide nothing you can do the amount of power just onboard the way our that must we are very weak and the animal world if we didn't have a few fucking sparkles of miracle up in our head we would be done ideas a spark of miracle what sent us down this road of decay of five body has developed and havoc and soft fleshy outer layer that tears on rocks and twigs you'll like it like i look at a chimpanzee napkin going trees hitting sharp branches nothing there made a lever to maize whether with moss crowded fuckin tendons we don't even understand tendons that are so much stronger than ours now give you think they have a wake up just how one often happen until they grab
ancient launch themselves into the air with three themselves through the sky we'll catch things and skin like fuckin easy rider other there so different than us we're bags of jello just fleshy two year old chimp on numb news radio once was an episode i only we will even want abusing the scene but they are adorable adorable near there was a tiny little chap and it fuck it slow in the back and i was like holy shit was hanging onto me was being cute but then it just whack me in the back i couldn't believe our hearted hit me this is fucking crazy even the smallest we had one on the illinois show jimmy jimmy had worked with the chimps on some mtv thing and he found out that the chip was in town so they the chip on the show and it was probably a cup the years old maybe three and you could just feel
like you feel is shoulder different and it's this rock just muscle tight fuckin muscle it's totally different yeah yeah but we have guys and we where we have guns and we holdings tactics and bang generators propane right i've rain i saw an hour electric toothbrush quince second later listen man i'm glad you would we go we're out of time but i'm glad you doing you show i'm so glad you're doing it the way you're doing it too not just getting hired by some other radio station it's gonna fuckin hamstringing you'd be in the same boat i've been same boat in no time i think so it's kind of nice that this worked out and it is odd that the inspiration at you got for this from me doing a compound show and then you doing this wasn't aspiration to go back to actually do the full show honest scheduled basis they think it was they told me somebody you gotta you gotta put these things on
at the same time like if you're gonna do it like when i do it's gotta be from four to six p m eastern the bit the keys just consistency since they make sure the people get into it and it becomes a partner day and its very rewarding for you too i'm sure riah that's lack too it's fucking cool it's just fun to do i don't think i ever did so much preparation or any other show i did i am honest it's like i would go in and not that i would find it ain't or anything but it was easy to sit there with the likes of a gym norton and bound shit back and forth and start laughing our asses audio guph and when when it's your show though i want stuff i wanna know that i'm talking about this this that i want to be very intern with the audience we're doing a pal talk thing where where power talk is joining us so subscribers we have to go to a room in pal talk now i'll be
just pull up their cameras put him on my virtual screen and have a d caution with these people instead primarily go into the phones we get in activity or if i could just want to surprise me if someone just sitting there jack and off ban a part that we're going all what are you doing culturally dot com go watch it though the scribe be a part of its only seven boxy cheap concentrate go pay the money death squad dot tv brien's got some toward dates coming up yet green rabbits michigan wednesday that this coming wednesday and enclosed so high the sixteenth and indianapolis the seventieth death squad that laws dodd tv shop squad dot tv to by all the original kitty cat artwork brian has created himself yours supporting the artist if you buy it he makes it himself produces himself sure he's wearing right there that's it me i will be at the tower theatre in philadelphia next friday and the warner theatre in washington dc next saturday both with the great
in edwards when the funniest fucking guys on the planet and that's it you're fox go to anthony cuming dot com subscribe thanks hoard be apart there at a great rate it thanks on a dot com au and an i t use the code word rogan and go fuck yourself
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