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2014-10-23 | 🔗
Sue Aikens is a woman living in Kavik, 197 miles North of the Arctic Circle in extreme isolation. Her motto is "If it hurts, don't think about it." Check out on the new season of "Life Below Zero" on NatGeo November 4th.
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at check out for savings that's levels dot com enter the code word rogan the woman i'm about to introduce you to is one of my favorite people on tv there's a show called life below zero it's a great show about these people that live in these really inhospitable climates in alaska and one stands out even amongst the inhospitable climates as being the most crazy place and that is a place called cavack this cavack can and soon eggins runs it and lives up there sir thing around two hundred miles north of the arctic circle she is safe fascinating personality filled independent woman and it was just a real pleasure to actually meet her in real life and get a chance to talk to her just a really unique human being and i think you're going
enjoy the shit out of it so please without further ado welcome sue eggins experience all the way from how many miles above the arctic circle they are saying it's a hundred ninety seven miles north of the arctic circle i say it's a few more to somewhere around two hundred yeah jesus christ what what would lead you folks who just tunisian right now soon beacons from life below zero which is one of my favorite shows love that show it's the realist at all those shows it seems to be the real as these somebody these shows that they'll do like these distance living shows but you know that their setting up scenarios you know that there is some producer factory involved there there are some things that some shows out there that our i would
very heavily scripted yeah you know you're you're told what you're gonna be doing not but this shawl and it's it's one of my things in my contract i don't do script at anything ever want to hear how or wouldn't look great if you fell through the river cause i'll be like jump loggers how it feels i'm not doing it you know there's enough interesting stuff that happens naturally that you don't the script a lotta action i would imagine i mean where you're having is one of the most bizarre remote places on earth for folks never seen this show it far i was a series of people that live in some pretty incredibly remote locations in alaska but you are the most remote you're the gangster the gangster air i'm the the queen the bad ass very when it comes to remote you know my closest city where you could find a walmart is five hundred miles south and when you take a plane from fair banks to camp you get the that's it you don't see another building until you get to my camp were
lead you the spot even one i can i say in pre school and kindergarten in the early to mid sixtys when they ask you what do you want to be when you grow up you know for a girl time variety and all i was pretty standard in a wife and mother for me it was a light housekeeper i've always correct even extreme isolation this is just an extension of that why wouldn't what's the trash yes i am really happy i like myself i crack myself up all the time i'm really after all my own skin i like challenges if it if there's no challenge in the way that you're living you're not really living you're just gonna near duenna script so is this a track in to isolation is almost like a natural part of your personality it is it his eye i really bond with the animals around me you know and i i don't feel that just because its brown and asked to go down i do hunt for
meat that i eat but you know i find where else are you gonna go my main pack of wolves s twenty two in it there not all out to eat me so i get to see some pretty amazing things to three winners in a row you always have polar bears at wake up out of season they either didn't store of fat they woke up for some reason but once they wake they are straight up killers and the pound couple years i've been able to watch a pack of wolves take down a rigorously well and you know like this last year they just have to get him running then a mile or two is used up all of his galleries and there's no way he's going to survive so what came running through camp crashing into my building as they go i'm there on the inside you know with my gun go on yeah come through the wall fucker i'll get you you know but not until they do and they want right and boom they took him down on the under the airstrip and ate him so those are things that i get to experience that for
and and junkie somebody that's always pushing the limits that's that's pretty scum that's pretty good one was that lie to be insane washing up the wolves log out a grizzly and while it is because you know it comes at the time of the year when i have twenty four hour darkness so i only have a limited amount of space where i can see them and then it's gone i dont know if they're going to come around and come back inside i dont know if they finished it i dont know there's a couple a rogue walls waiting for me to come out so you your own existence then becomes quite limited to inside until you know that it's clear water fascinating way to live life now twenty four hour doctor to do that animal i think that's what my son is gonna set for the last time this next week and in barrow and brutal bay they get a little bit more sunshine just because or a few more sunsets just because of
location they're not around mountains or hills i've got a mountain to the north south and mountain range to the east so i lose it couple weeks before they do and then i won't have another sunrise until march why cells so jus you saw these wolves are you hurt dumb chase down the bear how do you know what took place and you put a spotlight on it you get a little bit during this particular time frame that had happened you get a little bit of ambien like you don't actually have the sun but you're sky will light and a little bit and even when the moon is out at lights up it's all white landscape lights it up and i routinely even in winter as long as it's not blowing a gale i go up on my rooftops and i'm always looking around you always want to give yourself as much i notice on anything coming in it could be a food source for me it could be a predator it doesn't matter i want to know what's around me and that's where i saw sir thing going on there and i saw a big red splotch or what i assumed was red
and so i know something was bleeding something was attacking something and then i could make out as it got closer that was a bare running and the wolf pack was the river and down there's twenty two wolves and they just tag them to keep him running ones he wears out they ve got em they're so clever they are their top predators their top predators were reason and i live in that they genetically are predisposed to succeed saul you know for me as a human being being there i've got guns i've got other things bud left to your own devices i mean we are nowhere near top predator they are the only predators there that size and act in a pack yes here they think together they they chased p when the fire eddies animals into a friend there is a hierarchy you know you have the alpha who control the whole thing they roll who's gonna mate who's not gonna mate and if you if you go against the rules you kicked out of the past
so then you have rogue walls so you got your solitary unit you're living in these these is that your living and they seem like their meda cloth or something they are their quantity tents now for for clients for me to be there as a caucasian i'm i'm not allowed own property on the nor slope so for me have a lifestyle there i have to lease land from the state and have a profitable business if the business stops profitable they have the right to eject me so there in ireland and people say oh it's reverse discrimination and you have to stop right there there is no four to reverse it is a fact that going in so it's a challenge it just becomes a challenge so i i the clients can stay in the trailers there's a bare proofs proof trailers they can stand now if stay and that is a very small amount ahead space for me i don't like that the door open to the outside world you you have to get your law
down to all of the door my final or going to the outside world opens inside because i guarantee fifteen twenty times a winner i'm gonna open that door it's a wall of snow i have to dig a tunnel so i can get out and opened the communal have an open space if i a door that opened to the outside world i wouldn't get out so i've trap myself but but i live in i'm not allowed a permanent structure so i have a tent and so not allowed a permanent structure no because i'm leasing land and you have to do everything has to be mobile in case they for whatever reason tell you your leases up you need to leave so thing either is on tracks or its attendant you can take now or something you're willing to throw a match on and burn you're not allowed to have a permanent structure it's a strange set of rules as it seems like no houses permanent they knocked down houses all the time that the term permanent is kind of weird air alaska still i mean if you want
break it down i mean we still have squatters rights we still have you know if you if you're allowed permanent structures then perhaps you're allowing a squatters rights situation to develop i dont really care about the background rules i just just tell me what the rules are and i'll meet the challenge you're in these tense how easy would it be for an animal to get into the tent one swipe it's just that figure you're comin ten maybe a little bit thicker material and that's it so any one is like the bear that i got this last year that the background of that my dog outside in our house and the bear came up to her little house out hockey plucked at around them the pad tried to eat her chased after some kids camping so it became after the bear that i had a few years ago there was a certain fear factor i did not aggressively i'll get bears i waited hey if you come through my wall i'll take care of you but i'm not and you know there was a fear factor
well now is an owner i can't afford to be passive this bear fruit presented a danger to my dog but also more importantly to clients camping sir oh i had to go pro active and was sixteen and a half hours a tracking crawling over eight hundred yards and then i coughed and he turned on me well the belongings or that story was on i just got the hide back now his claws or five and a half inches long so once i've been it's done five and a half inches long and is almost nine foot why so and is measurements e from what i understand is number five in the world for inland grizzly and people on it made a you know that there was a push to do the booming crockett thing and unlike number five you know if he's laundered you i'll do you know a number five
pray down impressive air ye he was an impressive specimen was over thirty four years old why so you know i mean this this was a bear that was probably getting closer to the end of a shelf life and was going to attack anything when they get right it is then it's it's almost on a certain insanity that they reach were you know they are going in the harbor nation and all they think as i've gotta eat i've gotta get fat i've gotta eat i gotta get fat if you are you know i always say don't act like a porch up if you're acting like a workshop you're in their sights so you were attacked by a bare and was that in it that was at cavack an eye i don't talk a whole lot about it i mean people always asking us immediately got emotional when i tell you and i try to talk bought it in the third person i get my water from the catholic river and at a certain point the the there's gonna freeze over while i had one more shot getting some water so i went down and what i have to do is get a pump both hands have
used to get it in the river and started up and i have juvenile bear that had been every night he'd kommeni go to my helicopter bad dig it up various food and run off could see where he was going and worry it was coming from and want to bear does that he's trying to claim your territory as a juvenile bear between three and seven years old you know he's not not enough the chicks don't want him he's not alpha off he's not kick in any other bears but but i have this prime territory at no matter how careful i am always smells like food it has cooled ends you don't today gets a prime place so it's an alpha pushy the first step on the alpha ladder is subjugate something over their territory and so on the long and short i was getting my water i sat down my rifle and he was hiding in the cup bank and snatched me up and
you know i e roles with you he opened his draws put it on your throat you can still feel your near where i ended up i haven't so my head together you do the hips out of the sockets and then you ended up going back in the river and older bear or a female would have just eaten me and and that's unicef and about and i accept that in my lifestyle i knew what was injured did not remember i had a rifle by the river got myself back to camp my hip sworn in good shape and he was going to come back and finish the job what he did kick me out of my property then m lower than he is on the don't ample and he has my territory so my gunboat ratcheted ratchet the hips the tried i read recalling one person i was told i called more and one person for help the troops i got there answering machine because our outdoing doing other thing things and i called some other people i didn't i dont remember that i tried to get a hold of the oil companies to say i've been attacked and they did not help but i went back got a rifle
found where the bear was shot him gps it i don't know i did that but it is important at the time and then this gave out on the way back over so i drug myself to the camp and i laid there ten days till somebody foam so one day here and it's a memory i don't mean that that's gonna with me forever i had no be flown out once i was found they flew me to fair banks then they flew meet at a lower world for immediate surgery and now my kid did get to see me in that shape and numb that was hard on them to that that day finally brought it into perspective that i may be the first in the family to go and so they had to deal with that you did you have any thoughts of abandoning their lifestyle when that happened i you know it's it became because i was working for the company that i later bought the camp from it was
workmen's comp case they put the hips and they had to do one twice and they took couple a discs out and then the the insurance company said while we're not gonna do anymore work you gotta get the lawyer and i do not like why i'm not argue in the companies not argue and neither is fuckin berries dead and they said that's the way it goes and my personality was well however if you go to hell i'm going home so on like all the owner he said he if you think you can do it and i there's only one way i do accept that there's eighty three tigers please within ten miles a camp at any point they can decide to charge camp or come in aggressively it's only a matter of time before i do get charged again so that my test when it happens how am i going to react if i hesitate at all i have no business being there i can't perform the job it takes to be there but when it did happen i was able to i took care of the bear it was just automatic response so i knew i would be ok but in others
how many injuries do have you know when your head stops being able to get in the game and take care of it then that's when i have to leave you said that they have to take some disks well you got several deaths spit out but of your back yeah the spine and i still have more there's more work to do but as you know not to this workmen's compensation thing but it's it's really not set up to help them people are set up to help the insurance companies so i've just got without the medical attention and now i know i can't wished and ben very often i know what some of my limits are and i try to work around it also dvd of bulk this sort of many say discs went out look gather spit out there's one that spit out pretty hard twisting into the right is not good i have do one lift things i have to be careful because when the bare got me these twisting and your body not meant to do that it's an outside for supply
pressure and twisting is not a good thing so but as well anything is like for me i was later a couple years later workin on the overnight electrics in and fell straight down from twenty two feet brook broke both angles and the bones and my right leg and that's where at the beginning of the episodes you see that i'm having surgery and coming back to camp i've since here few more things that i've had to look at you know you beat your body so much and i'm not i'm not a spring jack and i mean i'm not the crib keeper but i'm i'm goin on fifty two at some point my he's gonna say but you wanna do thou do it on your own cause i'm check it out right and also you you must if you're gonna do this lifestyle you must always assess reassess and be extremely honest with who you are watching imitations are and how can you work within those strange life to be drawn to not just to be isolated like that but to be isolated and is really vulnerable way we're in your in tents its
raise its not for everybody its fuck yeah i would imagine that it's more like one of the smallest percentages of people on the planet but your very personable you're very friendly you're very smart so you you're not like is fuckin ted kosinski wacko live at nice shining yeah you know them sandia site you seem like a person who joins being around people i do you know people assume that because i live alone i am anti social or i'm running away from something and that's it the case in all i run to a lifestyle that i enjoy and i really enjoy being social but i'd like to when it's gonna start in one it's gonna end i dont want to live in family social bud love engaging in it and then you know like a hit and run i wonder i know one to leave right so you come into town hang out with people
ok you guys take care can be by myself and well and then you know you no matter where you live it said good idea when you ran a social situation learn what time before you on what's not there may be people that you are a cordon quote friends with but their their toxic roaming cut them access idiotic your lifestyle and enjoy it without drivers crude rose but aren't bears fucking toxic shit to bears our bears all they don't wake up and say on who i think i'm gonna knock her around today right right i mean they they are animals and there's an instinct and there's a drive to survive and sometimes i get in their way and i'm in their sights like this summer at the troopers even came by several times and said we need to know that you have an emergency plan this is going to be one of the worst aggressive bear seasons ever have the numbers because the numbers are so high
man besides it's going to like the cariboo heard size they count at nickel oh there's too many caribou let's up the amount that people can harvest well when they do that and one from to a year to five a year in the villages it's ten a day so you're putting all these bones piles out there while you're predators are gonna eat those and then their numbers are healthier they brute reproduce more and then all the sun like this year the cariboo migrated out a full five six weeks early and their main food group left the nor slope so you have all these bears roaming around and nothing to eat but here i am walking around like a little porch up you know but the bears this year i had eight that we're circle camp just religiously every day but they never they never anything they weren't decades oh they didn't come through the walls they didn't ransack you know i'm very careful with garbage and everything else whatever i have to have in camp and asked to be flown in well it's a protected ecosystem
just go barrier garbage or leave bags i by law have to take all of the gun judge even human waste separate the liquids and solids burn everything to its lowest lowest ash bag it up and send it down so you have to burn poop yes that's hilarious while only if you're not doing the job because i don't want to have an unjust do you have like a furnace like i have a big incinerator oh yeah i mean it's not the greatest job on the planet but it's a job right you know i mean i don't go cook food right afterwards galina you have a profitable business subdue what do you do up there cavack used to be in a loyal camp and now you know my goal is to i want to be the first one or two percent green camp in the middle of the oil fields turn it into a sort of twisted ben breakfast it's not a hotel you'd find here we have you know so many story building in these really cool rooms they are sound proof bear proof can too
dinner's like a trailer on on tracks that you can stand and as you know that's a measure of safety but i rent those comes out if you want food or cook it for you it's always chefs menu you know you don't get a menu and get to pick from its whatever i feel i cook in that day but that's how i make money now for me to be there there's it's not inexpensive than the dollar that it takes for me to be there even to heat is no would i cant do would heat so everything has to be oil so my interesting going and i've got a certain amount of alternative energy now this winter i'm working on a big project and hopefully my next year will be one or two percent green and not needing any feel so is it possible to be solar mean when you say one hundred percent green while i've already got some solar panels and wind turbine and but solar eight nine months of the year
do me a whole lot of good work but so wind is the major one saw him adding in new large scale wind turbines more solar i will have to have a generator as a backup but like for example when i first got their work and for the other company they the one hundred ok w generator twenty four hours a day every day there is also a hundred and fifty eight earlier well that's gonna be for a hundred gallons of fuel a day just for the generator to provide electricity and so you know the actual per day you're talkin between one and two on her gowns day i've got that down six to ten gowns day so i've already made a huge stride in making it better have you done that i switched i indeed all the electorate's you know there used to be a theory and the oil fields because some of those companies have a lot of money to spend if they don't spend their whole budget they don't get a new great big budget so there's a theory that you you don't need to be more fish you obviously just need a bigger gender more power cords so
everything every time you plug in a power cord you have what's called line loss in on that's as one of the neatest things about the lifestyle i have is you know i was born knowing how to do diesel mechanics and i tell people in all the only thing i used to know about it is how to make bread in other words i had i knew nothing but i'm learning and it's just like electricity i dont like electricity but i have to learn how do it so you know you learn line loss if you plugin key plugging an extension cords you may have a hundred gay w when you start and you only get eighty k w at your final ending point because you ve lost so much of it along the way so improved the electric did more direct wiring fell on her myself in the process but got back up and did it again learned wind power i have a big battery bank i can store power and use it later that saw my entire internet system that i put in twelve years ago it runs off the battery bank we say internet system how that work back when i
got there and i was working for the other company i city we gotta get internet the analogue phones annul there's two types a signal fur cellphone usage or foams you haven't analogue signal and signal on a digital analogue travels much further than a digital digital only goes twenty seven miles while i'm eighty three half miles from dead horse no matter what i do i can't get it throw the signal again it still are not going to reach me well government took away the analogue signal and privatized it for themselves so i knew you're gonna have no communications other than a satellite phone which is horrendously expensive so told the owners and you need to the internet out here you know and he says yeah i know at this point in all technology where it was then the you have to get over the curvature of the earth to clip satellites so he said if you aren't you gonna pay for it well there's a challenge it cost eight thousand bucks to get the dish fly it up get the tec and i worked with geologists define the bedrock and about a signal off the bedrock and i haven't lost signally at wow
your bout a satellite signal all candidate as announces that off the bedrock rather than people that point it where they think the satellites are gonna go like here i pointed directly down so as those mills are hitting the bedrock i kill i get it so and it was a risk i didn't know you calculate that i brought the geology and i had an idea i'm great with ideas but i dont know if their bonehead ideas or plausible zoo i'm doing something similar is just completely originally may they may now nobody was then but you just came up with an underground yeah yeah i knew what i wanted to do i know the basic mechanics of what needs to happen and then i apply sue technology and come up with a sou fix i do check was people that are trained in that nickel yeah that my work ok it's worth a grand for me to check it out and worker award download speeds do get up there can you watch it
youtube video i can all although the way they saw the internet there is you know your band with your bandwidth you get so many gigs or what or of bandwidth when i use that up then it's really expensive prohibitively expensive but for me to go back to being jungle jane i am a mother a grandmother for me to do this and i work very closely with the kids we have a loving relationship but you know like an having children too mean you're dropping these little seeds and they ve gotta grow while my personality can through pretty big shadow not many plants grow in the shade i needed to step back so that they could get the sunshine but one of the turnarounds as i need to know that i can communicate with people you can't on a business if nobody can tell you they want to show up so to me it was the way for the future i had to get it figured out and if the only thing standing in my way is money well i'll go out make it at such a strange country
diction isolation but you wanna connectivity now i need to know for myself that it's an grandkids are ok and we have a system of talking to each other social media i throw up ten fingers tent because they know i'm ok six fingers or toes they know there's a problem it's a pretty basic and then also we have a phrase and and i won't say what it is but there is a key phrase and if the kids are drink its ever say that to me that means drop what you're doing good here a sap and how long does it take you to get the civilization depends the time a year or two even come down here and do this i had a previous engagement in new york city i've been trying on last a week ago monday i called nicely need to pull me now we're gonna get a bad storm and you know my original flight out was saturday nor are we get day you really don't we gotta system common and i need those whether days while if
if somebody in the real world you know they need to get to the airport a little earlier because maybe it's bad traffic there talking hours while this is dave today is day thirty this major blizzard up there and i just happen to have a window a three hour window where a plain could make it in three our window and and we just had it right now i got out of turn for me is when i get home i'm calculating that saturday that saturday i'm gonna have another window and i hope so cassettes my way to get back in right now you know i've got a wolverine that's just been acting like a real creep around camp trying to in the things and so i dont know what he's doing while i'm not there i can for to lose all my water and let everything freeze when my tent so my head is still going if that end gets into my building he's gonna over my head remember my camp them why
oh no jail i get there one i'm dealing in that might be happening right now could be can you go to google earth and what do you think i suppose you could but you're gonna get little delayed picture i believe with google earth but i do have two webcams and i just checked this morning it's i can see the dining hall into the east there actually for the pilots so they can see the mountains and see where the sky is then then i tried up it is i can bud i was able to see organic deliver dining hall tits so do you see this wolverine bring it's not alive feed on my webcam no do you ever see how can i say almost daily almost there now you know like with me in the animals if i need the fur i'll go ahead and get him right now for meeting the fur its own elaine i think it was five below zero i think five or ten below zero the coldest i've gotten so far this year not counting winchell so it's not really cold enough for me if you're going for a fur bearer then get him when the firs prime you know and as far as not prime in
he's just being a wolverine he hasn't attacked me as a person he's tried angle one of the buildings and i do what i can to dissuade him we'll work would he do wove i've ever been injured or you ve ever angered them or they ve forgotten trump down a hunt that will remember that like a gps coordinate and they come back and they keep trying to attack it like them i guess it's a challenge so for whatever reason this wolverine aspect one trailer as nemesis any goes any ripped the angle iron often twisted into a little not so i've done as i've tiny little pisa angle iron down there and he takes that and keeps ree tearing it up you know so was soon records enemy has for whatever reason that trailer pissed off one year and i dont know why but in it may i can't afford to lose you know for me too nine replace it is an ungodly amano money if he doesn't get with the program and leave then you know we're gonna we're gonna be like this and i have to deal with it but right now
he can't help me in a wolverine i can't help not wanting to ruin my stuff so it's do you you enjoy having them around and some sort of a strange way because it gives you something to think about mean do you have like a connection with these animals what's all rama well you know it's not you dont connect with war rain no mean there while uk you could i spoke of siena show where there's some guy putnam now it's not my gig i don't think it would be like somebody if there was a razor people that you no bigger than we are and they come in and i'm going to make off any tags last i may now be a bomb day see any reason to shoot on animal simply because it exists so what i can do is is hopefully i'll just keep dissuade german he'll go while she's crabby and she any leaves or italy down to yeah gotta take amount because he's now costing me revenue so he might our tearing up a different
yeah yeah remain or he's gonna go in and do you know he attacks a walls i mean i can only let it go so long but i'm willing to bet that if i keep you know he keeps trying to come in and i keep this waiting him sooner or later he's just gonna say while whatever and leave but i do i do enjoy the animals in their natural habitat enjoy and i've been able to see one of the moodiness grizzlies up there she's tag and her name is marty well couple years and she is what thirty eight years old is unlike that now or she was then but she ended up popping out a couple of babies now she's the one mother and the planet you know she'll let him get two miles away from her and which for a hiker it's really easy to get in the middle oh mamma cub so i tried to warn people but i was set up on the roof of my i call it the perch and i'm watching and hears marty crawling the hillside in there's still a snowfield and she goes we
slide down here come the two cubs we just all day long played and they were so loving so it's it's real really you know it's a dichotomy i see the aggressive side but i also can appreciate the maternal natural side you're dealing with it s the same speed she's that almost killed you you're watching them play in even to do the lifestyle at all and i don't care what part of the world if you're gonna go there for a moment and in an merce yourself in their territory you have to be comfortable with your own death not the same as having a death wish but like with my it's an grandkids we do one big meal a year and whether it's over the skype or whatever i tell them tell me three things you can't stand about me what would i do that really pissed me off but tell me three good things and i do the same for them and it's you just a very honest relationship i have i have accepted that i may die due to either conditions are
animals out here and i'm ok with that that's in all role that i some willing to accept but we each year tell each other i love you for this i think you're doing for that but you know what i am going to miss you when you go and you know over my life i have this big chest and i've been filling it all cool crazy things i've ever heard about me and something a pretty i mean there's some things in my life even as a very young person that we're really fantastic and so i take the photographs or the proof or whatever nice in this box when i go there going to be able to open that for the first time and see oh my god that really happened oh shit look at that but it'll be a pretty cool chronicle your light do you find it really rewarding to be out in this incredibly wild environment like when you come to a city like you go from that to new york city is new york city just like a cool little vacation for you and then do do do appreciate the wild or die
who appreciate new york because of the wild or both when you you know my lifestyle the trail andrews i face and overcoming that there is pride in yourself that oh my gosh i did that how cool is that in being so i wouldn't really little i'm gonna terrified of the dark but i live in a place it's dark for nine months out of here you know i mean there are always challenges no yourself better yourself you know when i go to a city a bear i know exactly what you want from me you know much easier they're gonna eat you or you want something here just passing through but it's a pretty honest relationship he wants to eat me i don't want him to you go a big city and i'm used to seeing my horizon i'm always check things is no trees there's no buildings are nothing more my horizon i go to
york and you can't go eight feet you ve gotta sixty story building how the hell do you check your horizon how do you know what's coming at you you see people but you can cannot be guaranteed when i see a bare and discharging i know he wants to attack me you see up and walking down the street you dont know whether he is going to polygon out of his i could shake your hand pincher ass or wave good bye you don't know so that's a pretty or that i'm pretty impressive wanna bureau when i got here i look at all these lights and all these people like my god and they're here on purpose one i always appreciate ballet when i leave eve and go into the wilderness whenever going all this i love being there like a couple times a year three three times a year hunting and when i come i always really appreciate the city area flush toilets are just like coo ee oh yeah budgets
being warm and like dry and sit on a couch and watching tv there there there is it is not that i've never lived in a social setting or a city i certainly have you know the kids father by logical father you know he tried to make it in alaska and it wasn't the way i look it wasn't a gig so you're married i one down their tried to make it in the city that boy that one my gig for very long we knew we were married seventeen years and then one day were lane and bad news cracking up and i said what nieces israel where you know it's real simple you're more grisly atoms i'm more john wayne shitting and working and so we stay the best friends are daily passed away but we developed and and that's part of me you know don't sit there and i am sad because it ended worse we were still best friends and realized your john wayne go get your horse cowboy i'm gonna go over here and get a bear and we made at work will you always live like this like what it would it
the hours you meet it was born in chicago at a very early age my mom was leaving my dad and back then divorce still wasn't very popular but she left him brought us up to alaska and then she left to go to her own thing so very quickly i had to get used to living in a tent hunting and i finish school very early i graduated high school just before i turn thirteen why'd you have to get used to living in a tent hunting i dont get into that part of my life very much so because you know i love my mother did i've never walked a mile in anybody shoes let alone three feet so what made her decided from chicago to alaska and then leave us and our own devices and go to something else i dont know older even this was gone yell um
she still alive i've never held anything against during an own that's the thing i mean when people they hold grudges other people are they leonard effect there live you know you how many people are in therapy saying when i was ten this happened while fuck is forty years ago get over it you know i mean you have to move forward if we have one foot in the past and one in the future the only place you're not live in is today some people wallow there they enjoy being upset but being a drama wins fallen i suppose you know for some people but you know now my style obviously lucky drama queens really wouldn't be back in alaska after getting almost killed by a bear well you know are you gonna then be route is your life then to be run by your fear and one where does it stop fair is a desperate creature that grabs as much turf as it can get so once you start letting it run your life you better have a good beer sneakers getting gonna be run in the rest of your life that's an excellent description
really that's very very accurate you looking for eighteen again the do you tis living there for the rest your life or would you be interested in a similarly sorted isolated but different environment or do you have a person off like i don't plan that far ahead i currently enjoying the hell out of the challenges and thriving with what i'm doing but i have a raven personality there is going to be another shiny thing on the horizon and i'll be like check it out alive of people don't knowing it i've travelled a lot in my life i mean there are so many awesome things to see on the planet and i don't want to die be sitting there in the gray my little soul lifted up and go back i will show what i've done that i want lifting up soon got it nailed it you know so there will be other things that catch my eye my body
is getting older i've beat the hell out of it i'm probably not going to stop doing that one can no longer function at cavack and make it safe for people than i don't have any business being there there's so much to see and do in his eye you ve always run it arose run in a sort of a bed and breakfast the company that had that owned it before i know you know the person that used to own at the company they were friends of mine and they came looking for me i used to have a four hundred mile trapline along the gym river and had a bunch of sled dogs and that's how i live for a long time a former miles up sending it drops four miles down checking all by yourself and then i caught you know i did mary again that did not work out as well as i would have liked but you marry another trapper
yeah he's somebody i knew when i was little and i ended up unalaska he was gonna come up there and we used a joke around because used to say i'm gonna marry you and what you never get married sorry soaker honest way up you got two avalanches he turned around married somebody else and on plant while a real man what made it muttered ended up it was not a good thing he went a little bushy up there in cavack and yeah what were you you lose your perspective you know when you're all alone there is no social theirs nobody saying oh you can't wear like in the winter i wear my long johnson jamie bans as long johns all winter long i tried again twenty to thirty pounds minimum to go into winner because when i get stuck at fifty below in lizard working hard i'm gonna lose pounds every day i dont want to come out being unhealthy so i go in being a little junkie
why doesn't he s a strategy yeah what are you eat to ensure that whatever i want to see a lot of cake you know my body if you listen to your body it's gonna tell you what it wants even norman when she's graving pickles and ice cream she probably need salt potassae and calcium so you break down craving into what what what's in there okay and you can eat something else but it's gonna give your body what it needs your body can only remember where you last got it from so it's gonna throw all these wacky things gather and say eat chocolate bananas with raisins and you know some stake so break it down you iron unique calcium you need potassium you know you deny us and sold over abbot dimmer haven't you the tenants try to stay up there whether i do i hate or two i you know i do regan you ve legendary emily glue why diabetic any nutrient diet other than there some people there was only one group and i dont know what they call themselves but the they are will only
something an apple that fell to the ground it has long commit road design or something i can't do that one my god people are so crazy must be very difficult to get vegetables up there it is i try to do a garden every year but for me at my location when i used to do the temple this green is the type of plastic but it has a very oily smell bears are attracted to oil and so every time i'd make a vis going greenhouse it would start going gooden than the bare comes up endures at apart so my area is much much much more volatile with the weather i will get snow and ice at least once a month this year i got my first big blizzard the end the third week in august and it never went away what caribou migrated out and that was it i froze up third week of
yeah i five for you just know know and you know i've already dip into the five ten below zero range probably twenty below zero with window factor what's the lowest ever gets under my thumb only goes to a hundred below and i beg it every year in own that's the real temperature adsum wind on top of it and it psycho and then you'd start compiling that you're in a tent with a thin peace a fabric how do you keep that warm you how do you keep their word sometimes you just and i have to put on a gear there's been times where you know the wind is your biggest enemy so as the when our goes on in your building snow up the sides of the building and what i try to let it get six eight feet deep because that's a form of insulation but where the wind hits your fabric it's gonna take away the heat as quick as you can make it so i have bought battery operated fans to convict the air and then times you're just gonna where you winner gear for a week or two until attempts come up
below zero that's incredible i do this thing called cry or therapy or step into this chamber its two hundred and two seven degrees below zero you do it naked where you underwear stand in it for three minutes you get out you warm back up and they go back in for another three minutes it's been sent proving you're circulate in and ass for anti inflammation for like any injuries might have it's incredible for the healing properties and for soreness like if you sore from working out just like strike all that shit out right away but i keep it that's just three minutes well lady for me and all the equipment that i have i have a mile and a half long runway if somebody wants to land in the winter i've gotta get out work that runway how do you do that i have a bobcat i don't i the proud owner of a piece of equipment that all enclosed and heated what it is outside is what i am experiencing so like
me too even get out on my two to three our window i had to go out there clear it and then therefore an hour and a half until boom the plane landed and so are my dog and i jumped in the plane and left below zero bobcat what the fuck is that like it's not good your face is exposed or you know you're carrying your covering as much as you can i'm not the biggest fan polly parole it's in the end the plastic pro and it will ets a certain temperature instead of keeping you warm it's gonna turn hard and then it's going to conduct the cold sir i'm not a big fan of polly pro i like natural materials fur it depends on what temperatures are i do have two four outfits one with the are facing in one what the fur phasing out at those temperatures ignore balls and you get out there and you just get your work known
for facing in the fur facing us you have several layers of fur yeah yeah make these yourself out of bare usually caribou and so on and if you go back to the very first episode when the oil and everything got stolen a lot of my things got taken too so i am in the process of making new outfit stole your oil i'm gonna get into that but you know personally i find out who did it and for me the legal battle in all social go out and so on i say hey you took this montoni and fuel while they are more money than i do as a company and they're gonna be stand the battle longer than i can so i'm gonna spend four times as much to get back a little bit of money the nor slope as a place that even if we don't live anywhere close to each other word spread like wildfire that company is having a hard time even getting business now because they stole from good you know when you lose in all respects
something that is absolutely earned up there but la so easily i will again why would they steal oil from you just because it was there and they could get away with it they thought they yeah and they did by you know and it it people use the camp is mostly eco tourism and ology the majority of the money that comes through bird watchers northern lights of yours scientists trying to get the groove on but on august part of september that's when the hunter show up and when i believed to have my surgeries shut down the camp this company thought this is a great way i can bring people in i don't have to pay for anything and they're gonna be warm and they're gonna use the equipment and but i did find a bill of lading that they left behind they threw away their garbage they did burn their garbage so i wonder is an orange sol but in the end what is worth how long would they up therefore
i would say they ran people through for a solid month y yeah but you know the point is for me what a bunch of again should have a choice do i choose to live in the negativity at that and drag myself through several years accord over it oh i just go beyond it right you know they to live with me in a decade i've move faster so you say august september you have hunters up there in your camp is it because the cariboo migration the three other major herds migrate right through camp the cavack river molly is if you go into the different geologic papers professional papers even in the lady jane hundreds through the mid nineteen hundreds the cavack river valley very unique among the watersheds there my variety of plant life is our different than it is another ones while the the type of lichen that a terrible eaten moss if they eat
gain the most fat for their journey out is right in that now laid on those nice and white stuff of sea i mean with malta colored but yeah they eat lichen and moss right that's where they gain their fat well i have a high concentration of it in that valley so they want to migrate through now guarantees implied because like this year they just lifted their collective cow heads moved out and really unusual that they did now looking back at it winner hit with an iron fist and hasn't left yet saw it was a smooth move somehow they knew what was coming and they left but yeah go figure that one but i do i pay attention to my plan sometime in august i start peeling the bark off the willow if it's you if it's easy to peel the plant still thinks there's gonna be plenty a good does good weather once it's it's really get tough and sucking up to the skin while all the sap is being reserved net plants gettin ready for winter it may be eighty degrees
outside but the plant is telling me to get the hell ready so no media logically speaking i can get on the internet and look at the weather systems and say all i think this is going to happen but i go outside and look at my plants and animals and i know what's going to happen that's amazing so you can tell by just pawing the bark would offer of a plant that that tells me that those plants our getting ready for whether that i may not be thinking is coming but they do it's amazing how the fuck do they know i dont know while in dollar question they know and the cariboo know everything knows all of the sudden like there was one year and all the bears rather than like they they'll dig third ends into the side of the bank and when the water starts to rise at comes in wakes him up in a bears favorite food is cub so the boar wake up the male bearers usually first and they run on finding other dams and eat the cubs
but then one year all of a sudden the bears came up in about three thousand foot level two thousand foot level started digging dent and unlike i called a fish and game namely why what with that no and nobody's ever there but me so i'm like dude i simply this goin on what's happening and they said i don't know but all the bears the ones that are coloured they're all moving up and i was like shit so i try to get everything set up in camp because that usually means an excessively high amano snow which means excessive amount of water and flooding in the spring so i tried to everything ready by watching what they're doing i can set camp differently to be protected from a flood in the spring tat is amazing that is so amazing that they know that an x of amounts snows coming how they figure it who knows but they they will adjust and readjust their actions you know based on something that they feel why can it
what i do based on what i see that's so bizarre i want to go up there now we'll get it there i want to go up there up there and hunt terrible up there in august september that at a time when i tell people i mean i cannot guide without a license but i can i can look at and some time between august in the middle of september that's when they're gonna be there now it opens up in july are hunting season goes from july through july but you know so many months of the year there down south havin a vacation in palm spray of a twelve month hunting seeds is open all year round pretty much you the the animals depends on the species are hunting season starts in july of any year and then goes through the winner and depending on the species you have to give down the season so that the animals can give birth and raise new babies they have to have a safety zone but in july it opens up again while
so when you shoot these bears like when a bare comes and indeed are you reading these things he's the rainbow european spring there is always better than fall bear the game taste if you will is more concentrated in the fat a brown from down south is eating a lot of fish diet in you are what you eat so it's a very fishy tasting product i dont care for that bought up by me i like to tell people that the bears a berries and slow tourists so uncle you know but yeah the bear but i got what you don't in that ever so it is i shoot the bear i make sure he's gone it was it was an emotional thing but i still skinning him and i start getting the meat i got about three hundred pounds a meet all of em all here's another bare and other grisly starts local and in an gettin real tight so we now have the forward i brought him up and the foam the fog came went totally dark and so now you can't see so the safety dude for the fail me was there with his weapon
and we put the headlights all out and you see this bear come inside swipe before wheelers well after three interpol meat and getting you know harvesting the fur i just had to say it's time for me to back off the barricade munch on this which will buy me the time to get away it's where the bears a switch animals their opportunities and i'm sure they don't look and see all while that was marty you know it's just an opportunity to fill their beaks and survival at its basic the cub thing those really creepy it is it is i don't know i don't know what started that with bears bud i mean it's assure bat an area where the terrible may not have migrated out early enough and won the bears wake up their fairly sluggish they walk around like drunkards or muscles are atrophied not a lot of food but its assure bet that the mothers with extend wake up later so they just go and dig it out and it's an opportunity for food so so crazy that animal would
almost instinctively and naturally cannibalize it is let me from a human sperm perspective it's it's a little creepy but from an animal perspective if you want to survive we're going to find what foods available but it seems like they're one of the rare animals said do on a regular basis that's a state or if you ve ever had a kid that had a durable as apparent oh that's true that's your actually hamsters neatly babies we we had a watch it will work they have a disease though called wet tail the sum to some disease at hamsters get when their babies get a diseased motherly the baby but in our cute little hamster that we love challenge on its babies head
and i was like an open cocoanut i was like what the fuck is wrong with fluffy body mass inside the hamster cage but i think that was more like i said that because they did they were sick it wasn't like she was really hungry she had playing hamster food i dont know no either dressing but it's still it's one of the weird things about bears like bears particularly that they will get they will survive at any cost what they actually as you said they actually go out looking for yet the cat yeah nothing more wake up early and marty actually the bear that i mentioned earlier she is old enough that she acts a lot like a bore a boar as a male bear an assault the female and old ass she is she has she digs her dance she's gonna get hit with the water to wake up first and she'll do the same thing she'll go out looking for cubs wow cheeses i was in alberta the the camp
i can eat the rest of her cup and it was like while that's a first i've never seen one eat their own cub but i guess wanted dad it just killed us will attack this female kill the cub and then eight half of it laughed and the female came back and ate the rest of her cub and it was like while that's it first i've never seen one eat their own cub but i guess wanted dad it just becomes an issue you watch these bears go out to those crazy watching these like ultimate fighting championship of bears they just started going about it is the male kept trying to come in the camp and the female was sender bear her but comes up the tree and try to chase off the mail and he would take deal with for a little bit and i have come back again and then they would start sorry
in their standing on timidity legs and go and it's amazing to see even the wolves or the wool veyrines now and i have seen a wolf rain now and when i say wove rainy other there like a badger mine are about three and a half or for the shoulders hundred twenty pounds but i've seen emptying on grizzlies and come out on top that's a big now is the wool veyrines up by me and even the wolves their considered to have though they call it a throwback to the mackenzie river breed and there averaging about two hundred and fifty pounds the wolves ear i used to have state record for the state of alaska trapped wool far it was nine point six inches knows detail and i had it in cavack you know in the dining room foot six inches so wolves i'm dealing with our not theirs little tiny shit two things you know they are sure to that crazy and you get unlike a pack of twenty plus that are that are actually
there are usually a wolf will they are just air pack sizes according to how much food there is an opportunity there is war there is enough by me that they ve actually they never split the pact there still and i used to say twenty one and then they will that do the air censuses you know he called in any society sand ear you know you are we always say twenty one walls and unlike air so what is it a teen it looks like twenty one domain is no twenty do plus pops now my nieces yeah there actually dog permanent done now which is unusual they follow their food source so too the permanent den shows me that my ear system is changing enough that the wolves feel they need they can stake a territory and stay there it's not just migrates out you follow it comes back in you follow it they feel that there is now a good enough food source that they can stay year round in one place beside
the time where they chased the bear and the bear brushed up against the tents and dinner they took him out how close to they get to you pretty close back my first started at cavack you know it was set up differently different buildings everything but the desk was in the dining hall i used to live in a corner of the dining hall and so you have a window out here on the wooden and cap and i'm doing stuff for work and you just had a fee doing some was behind you and i turn around and i'm knows too knows what the big black wolfe s head was stuffed right through the window a high rate of a gun and he just slipped down and ran so he can't i had a feeling that you're gonna shoot him or new i needed to get the hell out we're going to move that we i was i was doing a shady moves so you need to get out but i dont know how long he was back there and he certainly go to cheer me up but he was a curious about me as i was about him and it seems like if they're making dan and having come they probably of a steady supply of food yeah
fair now you know i am i on that food group probably do they normally go oh yeah let's find a city and start attacking people know but i'm not a city i'm an individual so like one my granddaughter when she first came up their visit and she was six five or six and every time more than ten four away here out of the river bank the big grey wolf starts lincoln zone the to rope from her to me and she couldn't get more than ten foot away and watch strange at her so i took her for walk down the old fox then where the little babies were all a little bodies are there and bones are there and the wolf has gotten in and eating them and she was all bummed out and i turned around to walk now we had not even two minutes there and here's a wolf track about big and i have a picture of her hand next to it and it was right nor footprint and i'm ok and she says he is stocking we then i said yeah so what is that he a whereas he right now and then her eyes got big and all she sees his brush and see how we need to get the hell out of here you are
scooby schneck and you're carrying a gun the entire time oh yeah yeah you don't go anywhere with no end when the kids get up there you know i teach them what little weapons firstly and all they get a four ten shot gun and twenty two single action and they learn gone safety and unlike my grandson this year he came up and for the first time we ve got to take down a couple of arable and feed his family you know i helped and prepare the meat and he took it back down south so my granddaughter though you know that's the difference in i have to celebrate who she is not who i am when i'm with her and f her first year there you know i ask ourselves bring her home and i said so oh come visit communal nathan migrants on he's all buddha about coming back
so do you want to come back up and see grandma and she said well grandma you know i love you right am i seize this but i'm gonna go visit uncle jesse and aunt megan because they do many patties and they like to shop they do marry her she's of she's a girly girl mentioning sparkly shiny impinges on her hit list so i told her i said well ok you can't bomb out here you're brother when it gets to come up but when i do take a break all all hookey up we'll go to law flynn and we'll go get big ass sunglasses during virgin my ties and go shopping for dresses and get many betty's so i celebrate who she is not necessarily who i am or who i think she's right good for you now you when a place doesn't have any trees why why several hundred miles above the tree line is it is that because just gets
cold the worldwide harshly here i dont have soil there is no soil you have ice permanently frozen ground you have rocks on top of that maybe a little silt but that's round rock silva's around rock it's not soil nanda so it's very difficult for things to grow and with the growing season in the cold temperatures things grow very slowly so it's just it's not a climate the trees can grow and so this is incredibly inhospitable environment to a lot of animal so why do animals live up there like what what's what keeps them coming back no matter where you are and the planet whether it be a form of bacteria look at an asteroid you ve got bacteria and viruses a girl why who knows life finds a way while in life finds a way two hundred miles above the arctic circle
i have a hard time wrecking i just don't understand what compels you to choose that isolation when you can shoes in isolation more like in an area where you may we have more freeze and you know that maybe one of my next step someone i want a softer easier way a life i'll go downwards there's trees song and easier to live in the paris larry s now how to help them are you for this tv show that eight or of the show also created on another show complying wild alaska and i use those pilots to fly for me and so i appeared on a couple of those up sarah pale and also data show and she came out there a hunt no now i already had a family out there at the time is very early in the hunting season not a lot animals around so i flung earn a little plain further out because i haven't eaten a ten year old girl that we're hunting for the first time out there and so but
they had seen me do these other show so when it created the life below zero concept he call nieces i've got this idea do you want to do it and they came out and i said well i never do anything scripted period onawandah here are you think i'd look cool and go do yourself i mean there's enough natural stuff that happens that's what we stick to an that's the showed knows is its i mean if we swear and go psycho i mean that shows it on tv if we pooch it and stock enough of something well it's gonna show that more if you get hurt or whatever so anyway i did this isn't real and ask me and i said all right and as long as you don't ever ask me to do some stupid you know did you have any reservations about exposing yourself like this about putting yourself on television and about showing this lifestyle i don't have any reservations about showing what i do there are some things you know prime
she is privacy and i do expect a certain amount of it and i am certainly i treasure my alone time so i can i can sometimes get an attitude about sharing that the is a trade off in all for me doing the show in the end the premise that it does it on one of the key things for me as you know sooner or later my number is gonna be up in all i've looked all over there's no expiration date i can find i just simply no it's coming now i may not ever get to meet my great grandchildren but if they were i know who i was pop in a dvd they see who i really was not what they thought i was so that's a pretty cool trade off for me occasionally there there is some unique territory that comes with being in the shop social setting there are go to some of these sites and i've had people send me emails one or two just die i hope a bear the issue in all our thanks and our whenever people have access to any kind of access
people there's gonna be a certain amount should do glass like that for me there is far more people that are positive curious and it's cool to touch this and of a lifestyle you know some people romanticize the grizzly adams thing and this is a way them to experience it without having to actually outrun abear yo yo that's how i feel about virtue i don't have a desire to live assist subsistence lifestyle but i real enjoy watching all these guys do it and you do in the year the very you're very different than anybody else in a show because every doesnt show they live in a place where there's like woods and they the house and like you said you're the gangster of the gangsters like they're all pretty gangster there like you know there's dying body there's a unique ceta challenges for each and every year such a weird way to live life and i think there is
a trend that's going on right now were a lot of people feel a bit disenchanted with urban life and have you seen the werner herzog documentary happy people it's called happy people life and the tiger a year and the tiger a river in siberia and it's about these guys who are just hunters and travel birds and they live this distance lifestyle in siberia and their incredibly happy at always looking around and smiling and laughing and that's one thing maybe on the series you don't get to see i'm really big goofball and i left my dance alot neighbour did you buy yourself though there's there's a lot of footage because every time they do a time lapse i what do you do in all that's been done for a little while we're just london runner while i go out there and i do these songs and dances and there's one really good video that they did and but i swear too much so can't go
in the air but why not doing erna version put uncensored clip give a little warning say no when you click on i'm pretty goofy is like me and offer the hunting sequins because in offer me any of us when we go on hunting and there's a camera right behind you you know the very stop episodes were learn experiences for us all in i'm out there trying to get the ptarmigan and they're all flying away flying way and you know big is you know what the hell they do and when i turn around here's a six what something guy in a bright blue outfit gone do there are no six what blueberries in the winter out here and get it down you know and so we have all learned but self learning sequence me and my hilarity and i one got cornish game hens and you know what kind of a trail they leave you know big sludge and the things i have this whole thing where they found on the shelf so did this whole hilarious sequence of you no hunting the cornish ends no but you know i mean all of us have a unique set of challenges part of the channel
and is still being love with your lifestyle at the end of the day this is i think the you're too this sort of aimless life that a lot of people find themselves in winter stuck in a cuba goal that work for a company the end of the day they just go to sleep to get up they have to do it all over again it doesn't feel like their connected to what they're doing or they doesn't feel like they have passed for what they're doing when they see people that eleven a subsistence lifestyle and it has this romantic quality to the surface oh but you know that society today both people are going to have to go out work they're gonna hear to work a lot of ours are not raising their own children and there eking out enough money just to pay the electric in the water and do it all over again are you living life or are you just getting through it and is at the folded government is at the inn mean are you over govern i mean where is the break it where's the profit
large and on the companies gonna fall down short enough about the money a family makes you get your two weeks vacation eagle plan woods with their kids right now people can't do that so i think these shows go look you know these people were governed by the same law we're just a little lawless about it yeah i think the overt competitive nature of a lot of people has led us to all agree to this really ridiculous life or you're working fifty plus hours a week you don't really have a live outside of worked i can't imagine having set my alarm clock and ponder clock for somebody else anymore you know i don't even while i know i wanna watch i dont know where i put it i had a few years ago but for me in the winner you know i know when i get my first sunset again in late august i know him about a month before i dont see people and then i don't even worry about the clock i wake up when i'm not tired i go to sleep when i'm tired if i'm hungry i e if i don't accept expense
melodic galleries then i'm not hungry i don't take it in what do you do ten yourself all throughout that the debt of the winter snow is the gift that keeps giving you can always dagon move snow try to keep the paths open you know the outhouses a quarter mile away from where i met why you ve got to go you need do in a wave of lord forbid you get frauds goes you got a long way to go and japan could be in a blizzard wait a minute you're outhouses a quarter of a mile and a quarter of a mile away from my dollar that's insane every time you go you have to go quarter mile debts i mean i when nobody's there i'm in anger go outside drop my doors and take our business i can get a five gallon bucket and do their cause whose watching walk around naked all day long in the windows you know i mean if that's what i want to do but i'm setting the tone of my life not somebody else why is the outhouse so far well they
and i'm not allowed its projected ecosystem i can dig a hole in the ground or have you go on it because human waste its consider potentially hazardous people take chemicals i take drugs they do whatever so has to be in a been that is collected which i then have to separate the solids in the liquids and burnt to its lowest ash it can i have an order that some people don't like therefore you dont want right next to the dining hall but a quarter miles really are not when the next cities five miles away at all relative right but when it's under it below zero then i can always grab a bucket and do it you know i mean i mean you to just your own lifestyle did you don't mind the summer walking a hundred whenever it is how many hundred yards i'm a hundred yards a quarter of a mile a quarter of a mile is five thousand and chump change so you got what twelve hundred fifteen hundred that you're gonna goethe so five hundred yards narrow minded why would i
i got a leg can and on our southern jumps out at me i'm gonna jump a leg and then you would you are you're forty four magnus i'm out a couple of forty four mag some have shorter barrel some have longer barrel and i just gotta for fifty four pistol so with a chest harness is there something i'm going to be doing here in the near future where i felt i needed something a little bigger a little closer to the chest because i'm going to need hands free get your area as far the show yes to watch a learned from that do you do we anticipate like do you have plan of how long you want to stay in this place or you just merely like by your feelings for me personally no i don't plan you know what i like i say even personality there may be something awesome that i find out about her i see her i want to do or maybe i wanna go gold banning for awhile i dont limit myself my vision is my own not anybody else's but because i am only there through the grace
having a lease with a state and a profitable business if that turns around or the state or anybody else as look there's been a land swap snow we're on by the state these people to launch a there it may be out of my control when i leave all and that something that you don't have to reconcile also not a spring chicken not that i'm the grip keeper but my age and my body is starting to wear down so i need to read the signs ryan older yeah i mean life happens what if i what if i can't see well anymore then hunting my own meet probably and can be real successful what if i break the couple bones in my body i just had some more foot surgery i've gotta have the feet work down again from one i broke them i had a difficult time walking this summer
so i have one procedure down and i'm gonna have a couple more what if that doesn't come back are the bones just the heel in primary law discard issue the tendons reacted poorly the full of pain i mean i i did it for a while but i was barely you know walking oh so they did i went down just to see the doctor he ended up doing surgery humble feet so that was kind of a trip bud he wants to do some more procedures to try and help the situation if it doesn't get better i have to change what i'm doing then you also have the downtime after surgery we can't do anything for a while i didn't take downtime i couldn't afford it so i just dealt with it this time i'm going to try to give myself two or three days downtime but life keeps opening whether i like it or not i can't let all of the chores go i have to work i like it or hate it i have to keep fuelling my heating if i don't have fuel or oil in the heating i dont have heat the longest
gone without heat up there's two months and i just covered up in all my winner gear and waited for a futile two months ago my time of the year was that was in january february so it is time for us and it was not pleasure and i didn't enjoy it and i dont necessarily ever want to do it again if i have to i have to but i dont want to but you don't know what's gonna be thrown at you what if what if a blizzard send something you know somebody drop down can on the tundra and i don't know about it in eighty hundred mile in our breeze that's gonna become a missile that might take out my tent so i have to have several places another ten that i can go to and live in that gets taken out our trail i can live in the now for us down get to those ten so you have to be able to make my tie ourselves but to get through the eight foot deep snow you tie ropes you can tied to the roof line you can't to the bottom newer snow shoes and just walk on the top of it you know
when an emergency happens you don't get the pic what you're wearing get through with deeper snow though it depends on the type of snow for tired back you walk on top of it if it softly swim wow swim through the snow just changed since you ve been doing this television show has the mention of the show changed your lifestyle in any way has it how you you interact with the people that are coming in your camp no i mean i am who i am you woke cigar swell single malt and swear lot doesn't change who i am the basic needs of the camp are set now people i don't have a lot of people that come in just because of the show cavack is extremely remote the dog or value it takes to get to me precludes some people from being able to do
there has to be some crazy do that there is in love with you in that area is that what you're getting miguel there was there was one that showed up this year and actually for a couple of years i ve been trying to set up you know and it was you know bring in the family out on whatever and it was i can't make it can i still come out only gonna cost us much you know assign their room to arm i'm busy workin come in and this person had moved into i call my personal building the twinkie its long yellow unfilled goodness right so i come there's a deadline of my bed and has decided that you know we're in love and he had his old thing going on in his head and now you got very upset when i told him to get the hell out any laid hands on me but his hands here and was holding the knife so i had the gun on my hip and put it in his dress and said you just brought a knife dual gunfight you lose why so why have military people some the seals were there and they held a guy called the plain and kicked imo just took him out now once freedom neuber
simply w plus where you're relevant i wouldn't come back fact now not well all the money all of the bush companies have analysed and they know this person or that person or this nobody flies in unless they ask me and and and the troopers know that should i feel threatened i am not going shoot for the kneecaps i'm gonna take em out but to keep tabs on this fella that's a bet the human being issued is fed him to the bare here you know that's not my my gig has just get them out no it was a it's like anything you neutralize the threat kick em out chances are but meaning the liver themselves and their problem gonna wanna embarrassment again soon people have an amazing ability to distort reality in their head to the point where it it's not living with themselves are right the world's i get interesting email sometimes and men in prison
seem to find me awfully sexy of them they're all innocent i'll tell you that the arguments i just get out i could live with her yonder and there's one he's done on twenty seven years of four consecutive life sentences for killing his wife he didn't do it how many wives four wives about four of them that what he didn't do it really amazement frame but he and i belong together and whenever you know it's still marry him and i think you be good in all conjugal visits probably now can we know do marriage to say listen killing wives key this relationship has escaped do you know you can do your own show like really easily like either i went i enjoy the show life below zero but you're such a powerful personality some i guarantee you there's a lot of people that are dislike fuck all the rest is people and find out what sues up to all day
such a you were very rare human guy that's probably a good thing for some people that your rare air water why would be all right with a bunch of running around me to pry wouldn't happen but you know if you not about doing your own version or another show that just kind of entirely folk on you you know that's not something i would think about that something that a network might present we must be like i'm looking at you and realizing that this is an incredible personality that taxes and a programme like this about yourself that way but i'll let you know people say there are some people say oh my gosh eurostar and i don't know i'm just a fat women are not andrea you know i mean don't put yourself on a pedestal unless you like falling from my place sooner or later a honey bubu is around the corner and you're done
if you put yourselves on a pedestal less a pretty big oh yeah no i i agree but i just think you know you obviously enjoy some aspects of being on the show otherwise you would it told him the fuck off i do occasionally in all go through our diva moments so you do take him out sometimes we have buttered heads a few times and i have i call it put in time out and i just like myself in the twinkie and all but they ve they ve been very very respectful occasionally its tomb social time for me after i have to get my alone time just to get it back in perspective in the home each time they spend filming do they only come in the summer are the only therefore couple months of the year no through out the year because a few what is there are winners episodes and then there are some are episodes so throughout the year the very respectful they call me what are you up to four
i don't know i don't like you know from now until the twenty fifth in november i'm going to do this this in this and this is going to happen in pocketing get that known well hey think we can common cover this in this in this and i don't want to do this by myself as i might bonehead it don't need andria on the ear but you're not going into this not because earlier you tag along and so that their respective ask me what am i doing do i mind having company and an let's get it together so there's no real set shooting schedules essentially new decide yet learnt andrews kate nanny may be doing something you know everybody else location is vastly different butchers and northern i am i i'm i'm way up there s all my winter is much much longer my frees up is much much different they may break before i do so i mean we all have to be given the respect of our individual areas in the show does does amazing
listen you gotta get out of here and i get some other stuff to do with thank you so much for doing it i really appreciate it really enjoy on the show and i just think you're awesome thank you so much love talkative diet after the terrible i would love to i would love to and everybody could follow suit she's on twitter it soon higgins on twitter and the show was also on twitter like below zero tv thank you so much awesome thank you everybody thanks for relate to the podcast and thank you for supporting our sponsors including the culture high on video google video dot com slash on demand slash the culture high entering the word rogan at check out an eel save ten percent off thanks also to stamps dot com gotta stamps dot com entering the code word j r d get your one hundred and ten dollar bonus offer which includes a digital scale and of two fifty five dollars as of free postage thanks all
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