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#568 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

2014-10-27 | 🔗
Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at FoundMyFitness.com
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she is a an expert in so many different areas of the human body and constantly doing new research and the podcast if anything is almost too informative over well namely filled with positive information and things that you can apply to your your daily life when it comes to the the mechanisms of light and nutrients and and what is good and bad for the body she's awesome love haven't her on love talking tour to stage a whirlwind of information so without further ado please strap yourself in getting notepad handy or google something you'll have to write some shit doubt rhonda patrick ladies and gentlemen welcome experience i presume you see again good to see you
last time i saw you i introduce you to the wonderful world of head trauma indeed dark deronda got her first variants of alive you have see event and adjust it provides it you really didn't know much about the sea at all before you went to this thing when you huh and it was well you you appreciate yes i see beyond i have no clue until now been like the morning of mourning before and i was like the morning of the day before spunk that i looked it up and it was like i saw people were laid in a cage fighting and wholly crap i thought it was you note told i don't know you know what i was expecting you to some kind of wrestling thing you know i think i was confusing it with it w w b is i would rustling the w w something wrestling now so you see
indeed these all three letter agnor acronyms so you'd really never been exposed to any sort of mixed marsh or an hour now so funny not mix martial arts i mean i was you know aware of things like take window and on that but i do know that they exist and that their kind of cool that's good that's about it had you ever been a boxing match before now i had never been about boxing match and i've really never they watched one i've seen probably clips are pieces of it like throughout my life at some point but just now exposure in general i dont have a sports gene in my body while i love to leg work out an exercise in you know i'm very addicted to the brain benefits and other benefits have never really like watched sports urban like interested in it like
in general and i try really hard because my dad is a huge sports fan what he play baseball many sixty five and you still play baseball unlike amends in a league so and he watches but by a basque like any sport any like manly sport we know he he watches he knows everything about and he's not a big science guy so i'd try really hard to bond with him when i'm the wheelchair my trying to really hard to be state or local take me to a pod raise gain we know unseen wound and like i try to understand you know the leg what's happening but its is takes network from voting with said that whole that emma may experience was very unique causing i've bent a baseball game happened to a football game bent a basketball game so those are the sports that i've actually spectators life point in my life but the emma may was a very different experience it felt very like there is kind of a tribal component to where you ve got me into people cheering
when the fighters are coming down the aisle and and i don't know that's the way them zack like drums and stuff going i something beating and then this the whole people fighting in it age made me feel like this times back in the roman see em where they go much people fight there's a lot of that in it in definitely a lot of tribal the tribal element of the music yes different people from different cultures have different music like a lot of the country music guys or country guy i will come out like country songs and guy sewer alike more urban will come out of the rap songs on a white guys come under wraps on too but you know some gaza i'd like classic rock and every year that saw route for this dude it's definitely an element of that in it there is a risk that music school on that that i think that also gave that tribal feeling but then the cheering and how people were like i had just
there is something moving inside of me that i was not expecting and then so was cool and in that regard were like how this feels like some unique experience that i wouldn't get at you know they haven't ever experienced at any sort of other sports event that effort so when you said something was moving inside you you mean like you were emotionally move like you got excited your heart raised your guy i felt like i was part of the community that get out there were some kind of a community that i get to experience fur you know a day yeah it was it was some sort of unique event where i felt like i was just you know connecting with these people that all around me it's a verdict of community too i can imagine it was a lot of fun you know it was a lot of fun aside from the me in looking at the effects on me now the brain and stuff what a lot of these fighters are experiencing aside from that it was it was a fun i really really liked it
the thing we all went out afterwards a giant group of us afterwards went out to eat and you just were wide you had like likes ass her eyes and you were like the the amount of damage that you i just couldn't i couldn't stop calculating the amount of damage that was going on these his brains irreversible there actually yes well that in coupled with our com station the night before where you know daddy was talking about friends that we're fighters that you know having memory problems and immediately when he started describing some of those new characteristics i was like that sounds just like an alzheimer's mean a patient and just because i wasn't really aware of any of the emma you noakes community what it involves what sort of free now it seems like there's a lot of you know there's not a lot of rules like you know you can you can punch someone in the had you can kick you can show you can in a boxing i don't think they can kick
i saw it seemed like there was a lot of other stuff going on that was very dramatic did so only listen to you describe it because you you're so educated and science in the human body and the effects of vitamins and various nutrients in the human body to see you like your first exposure to what's like it normal part of my life i get daily part of my life a is being this stuff so it's fascinating to watch you like i don't think they can kick in box and clear here here so remove now you're an alien let him come from another planet landed in the world of ever may further yes that that that is kind of how i felt by it i am right right there is that you're a europe where there is a thing called kickboxing there's a company called glory and they hold these events on spike tv which is american cable channel and their aloud
kick they kick and they can t the can't elbow though like a modified version and what called my tie in my time is tie boxing in thailand they there the experts in this very particular type of kickboxing where they do a lot of clinching let's grab a hold of each other and each other in the body in the head and they elbow from clench and they they throw a lot of leg kicks their known for their their kicking ability ok i've i've seen moist i like on twitter anymore like you know tweeting at me and said what i really didn't know exactly what it was my ties pretty wild actually i didn't even realize people used kick bar i thought kickboxing was i going to work out relaxed lack actually people fighting is that you like and really really it was just a way to work until just now why that's so afraid of eve i'm blaming another world i do a lot of telling the other day leg you know people on we can they go out and i think i go
camping and they hide can go and they got to the woods and egg fight you know see all these who things in the forest and which i left to do by the way but every what i do is i am like hiking in forging through the human body and its like every day i'm doing this constantly and i do get a little you know i'm i'm sort of sheltered from a lot of other things cause i'm just like all his reading about science and health and mechanisms and so at times a unit with other things that are so common knowledge to people kind of like blow people's minds around like now i didn't know what to do things do you completely cultural norms that you're completely unaware of well out of sports things definitely television stuff you know just any of that television world and people always relate to commercial and there s nothing like
without these why tv and i still relate to lock someone just plain to me that the show bones on fox has been on for like six years for something that was on the other day in hospital waiting room was watching it and i was like what this shows how to spend on and i spent on forever as well come on like there's summer shows i have no idea what they are our past by us weekly myths but on the cover you know she's leaving him she's tarmac who the fuck is she whose he who i apparently there are huge celebrities right no idea they are yeah that's that's so on and i mean that sort of mindset mindset so but in a back to the to the gypsy event yet so the watching the event was really exciting by starting to look at you know these blows that people were taken to their head and third choke
there seems to be a lot of choking going on here and some of those sort of i was just what little i knew at the time it was already like while this seems like some stuff going down this is basically while the choking though is not as dangerous game is the issue joking is any grappling he's gonna die michael you have disc issues as you get older and going to have just just a lot a lot going on with mine so there's some trauma but for the most part the choking is not too dangerous there's one repeated issue that's been happening a lot lately never happened the you see but it's an happening in small organisations and its very particular move where someone will go for it take down which is treated with guide their standing out be tried take the guy down and then the person who they're trying to take down gets the guy
it's called a teen choke and gear teen choke is your head is trapped under the armpit and you have your form the neck and your pulling up on the neck and then the person whose caught in the guillotine tries to take them person down by like picking them up and to throw them and they land on the guy's head and that people are becoming paralyze from it happened several times it's happened in training a couple times and happened a couple times and fight but it's an enough of an issue where it's it's starting to scare the shit out of me yeah that guy's who get caught and gear try to slam their way out of it they try to pick a guy and slammed the way out of it instead of trying to be technical and grab a hold of the hand and try to work your way out of it just cause that choke is so sudden when needed caught in it it's such a nasty choked that the there's like one or two seconds where you have with a guy who's really good where you have to breathe where you know otherwise you're you're you're pretty much gonna gone cod
yeah so that's one thing i was wondering with a choking specifically was you know because choking you can to some degree caused some hypoxia in the brain so no you're not causing ischemic damage which is like no oxen getting the brain but you may have reduced oxygen in the body compensates for they knew the body will because it senses that less auctions getting the brain it increases blood flow as compensation but if that care if it can compensate what happens you know you'll start too eventually like a motor control will get affected and i was wondering if they use that as a technique like because then that the ep there because our choice their opponents another opponents motor control gets you know affected knows with gold just put the got to sleep which is even worse because that's the next step which you become in that happens all the time yeah so and there is that that hypoxia damage
there is damage occurring what kind of damages occur when the choked out completely sleep well completely asleep so your time about you know not enough oxygen getting the brain for just a couple shoguns a few seconds one of the thing that can happen is that you can have lacked eight build up so the so your brains you have neurons and you have supporting cells in your brain called astro sites milburgh glee ourselves but ass besides her a specific type of glee cells there are really important they do a lot of things for the for the brain and they make up like fifty percent of like the human brain volume they actually they use glucose and use glucose and away where they don't need their mighty contrary us they use glucose through something called like calices and the by product is they make lack tate and the reason they do this is because the latter
goes into the non anna goes right into the mighty contracts and is used to produce energy but that is an needs to be coupled to oxygen so lax eight is a really great source of energy for neurons because it it's not too for the neurons to convert glucose into pirate bay which then gets used as energy cost energy but for lack take to get converted into my roommate to then be used as energy its thermodynamic dynamically i favourable because it doesn't cost any energy to do that so but this requires oxygen is oxygen to foster listen mechanism that i ve talked about before but when you dont have oxygen there then the lacked hate campi used by the neurons and so like tat woman build up and can cause you know it can cause i sell death when you have too much has lacked acidosis building up in their brain that i dont
you know with the amount of choking i don't think that's much of an issue because this is more for like a real like real trauma likes intends trauma like a head trauma blow to the head or even like the rapid acceleration in deceleration under like contracts in car accidents mostly i don't think the blows to there had been a people's heads moving but it's not as its knowledge car hitting you where it's like really really rapid acceleration deceleration that's a real problem so thank you no once i started to dive into this i start to read about dramatic brain injury and disintegrating i am interested in in it because of the alzheimer's connection and was like well wait a minute why are these young people coming down with symptoms of alzheimer's lake and like early early age like that there's there's somethin connection between the way the normal brain ages and
someone that's happening with traumatic brain injuries became really interested in third reading about it you know since i went to that you have the event and dumb really fascinating in i've been reading a lot about it and you know these these fighters fighters and i fell players in a people box boxing anyone that's taking blows to the head you know whatever sport that that's some some regard in i think even rugby things like that you know these these people have a increased incident of alzheimer's in some cases justine tooth three fold increase case of alzheimer's and in its an earlier onset you known in its very like indistinguishable indistinguishable in terms of like some of the the pathology that occurs in their brain compare day like someone who's seventy five eighty four eighty five years old and getting alzheimer's so i started reading about this like what's going on
on and what happens is like even just a single blow to the head can cause you know you can increase the risk for alzheimer's when you're having multiple repetitive injuries that increases the risk even more and so initially like there's a lot of changes that happen but when you have a bloated had you know you ve got the acute damage that happen so you know tissue damage you can get like diffuse acts on all injury things like that and that's from like a real trauma to the head but you know even just like mild repetitive traumas what happens is you you tissue damage and you release a lot of reactive oxygen species which i've talked about before which are released every every day were releasing that in our brains and our other cells through just nor moment metabolism i'm it's kind of like a byproduct of normal metabolism so in people that are not getting brain injury it's happening the little but each day but
with the brain injury when you're when you're getting a bloated had induces a massive massive amount release of it and it starts to damage the mundane jeez so which caught which form a protective membrane around the brain and though cell start to die reactive auction species as a protective can resume it causes cells to die and the reason it does i've talked about reactive auctions reaches before in the context of cancer when you get a little bit of reactive auction species such as like normal metabolism you can do it you can cause damage to and you know when you damaged dna you can either repair the damage if you don't you imitation eventually that build up and leads to cancer but if you have a huge burst of it like in the case where you're getting an injury then you're talking about a protective mechanisms kicks in which is like ok i need it the cell and the reasoning to kill cells because i don't wanna get all that damage that's gonna cause mutation get me cancer so it so it's a protective mechanism
so it's killing cells to protect itself yes that's that's the biological mechanism as to why this huge burst of reactor box and species does kill cells it's you know it's it's cool serve an evolutionary conserve mechanism and it really is important like after if you stand that's why part you know underlying mechanism for radiation in terms of treating cancer the is you know you're you're you're causing doublespeak breaks in dna it's just like your shit you know you're you're damn in the dna at a huge the amount of damage so it causes cells to die so this happening in the brain and it's really not a good thing because in this way for this you know on the ec in acute injury you ve got this been injury cells that start to die and then asked for sites which like you know they part part of them like helped form some of the blubbering barrier and they start i and when those asters i'd start dying that formed the blubbering barrier what happens is
lebrun bearer gets leaky and now you have things like you know potassium clause i'd sodium leaking into the brain and causing assets to swell causing me water to flow in you get you know a demon and the brain like i looked at the sky more common egg i think if you go you can see like a picture of his swollen deemer like head and it's just like unbelievable so that's power that the cause of this team s are even now what happens is that reactive auctions reaches us dead cells blubbering bear it gets you know opera immediately when that happens these immune system and the brain gets activate it's you have another part of glee cells called really i which are like the immune cells in the brain vague it activated when the blue brain bayer damage and nay migrate up and they're trying to like plug up the whole so they like this being the blubber embarrassment compromise today micro definite short trying to pluck up the whole problem
this is now you ve activate activated this whole immune response where is it turns to cause the lump yeah look at that i mean that so awful when you see a lump like that fight should be stopped immediately yeah i would say was dickie fighting if you're here for another round and one one the final round with a with a big injury like that's that's unbelievable honestly also in your opinion as a medical professional when you see the kind of swelling this is this is not a guy ashby hidden head again i would i would say deafening there's a lot of consequences i can occur when you're so when you already have this type of damage where your disk immune systems but
under the skin that's part of the thing that's happening but in addition to that europe you ve got all sorts of sailor changes that are occurring you're getting you know like i said jamak to the manila jeez damage these asteroids sorts of cellular changes that are occurring you're getting you know like i said damage to the manila jeez damage disaster sites that are you know the blood bring barrier and then you start getting those they start dying and when they start dying dead so you know in a day into the the micro glia the immune system in the brain getting activated to try to pluck up the damage it all as soon as you have selves dine which in a case like this when you ve got massive damage its happening on a huge scale these micro glia they try to like eat up and get rid of all the cellular debris that's part of what they do the programme to do you know these they get activated when you have a bunch of dead souls and they try to go away this damage and the problem is that when that starts to happen you're getting a
starting a cycle of neuro inflammation and the brain which is very bad and you know what happens even within like hours of an injury like that is you start to get accumulation something called amyloid beta plaques in the brain so you know traumatic brain injury and alzheimer's they have a lot in common in this sense we in a traumatic brain injury is massive amount of damage and it's happening in one instance or even just mild repetitive injuries you may not get someone that has a swollen headlight mark but you know just taking repetitive little blows to the head also you know you're here causing your activating you know reactive auction species are causing cells to and you are activating the immune system even with a mild injury and what happens is that you know in a dish
to start acting this immune system then this also causes the accumulation of these amyloid beta plaques too keen lighten the brain so amyloid beta plaques is one of the major pathologies associate with alzheimer's what happens is in we age we have a little bit of inflammation going on or bring in it we have cells dying we have this is this is on a little bit by bit scale every day and so by the time we know seven eight decades go by you know we have accumulated enough damage that we note stopped stuff starts getting messed up so amyloid beta plaques they form outside of neurons in between glee cells and neurons and what they do if you know you can even google when we had been applied you'll see they form like these little plaques outside of the neurons and this disrupts like glucose metabolism and neurons and ask your site it causes even more reactive auction species to be generated so now you're generally
even more and more on a daily basis and the micro glia healthy immune cells of the brain get activated when there's a plaque just like they do on this dead seller like oh my god what is this i need to get rid of it so they get activated they secrete pro my mentor cider kinds are doing all this firing firing new trying to eat the flags and so you know that it causes this vicious cycle of neuro inflammation were then that causes more blocks to be formed so you have it's a terrible terrible cycle of neuro inflammation and these amyloid beta plaques form in in fighters and also in like nfl player that they ve been looked at these plaques that are in the brains and they should they ve been shown by like pet scans that they form immediately like within hours in this even happens and children that have undergone trauma you know so there's something it's almost like the traumatic brain injury is lake accelerated aging like like issues instead of seven decades bone it's like
happening you know in an instant in like that in the course of you know hours and then you keep two and then it causes this huge cycle of neuro inflammation so listen to that tangle start to form is another thing that happens in response to the activation of these micro clia cells in the brain were now you ve got something like inside your neuron you you ve got a protein called tao and it's real an important protein because basically what it does is it like its transporting cargo all like a down the long acts on to this nafta cleft were neuro transmission occurs when you form synopsis to learn memory those things are happening it's taking its transport lipids transporting glucose its transporting might a country that being a need to get to that synaptic cleft unit to produce energy so it's like its it in its transporting all this cargo to get there to do all this really important stuff for brain function but what happens is unity
brain injury and also just normal bringing aging when you have this activation of the immune system and reactive oxen species it causes thing aggregate and it screws up its function and now it can't transport any that cargo it's like the train became derailed get there so now you can't get you know nutrients to the to the part of the neuron where it needs to get you can't get mitochondria there you know which are making energy and so you start to have things breaking down you start to have synopsis dine you know that's part of the reason so two neurons when you learn something before to send out the connection between the neurons and that's the whole purpose of the neurons they want to form connections with other neuron so that's you know that's what they're there for and when you can't do that if there's none of energy and it starts breaking down the neurons have no purpose there you know it's like they can't so they die and so this this causes brain
to free and it happens you know in normal brain aging over the course of several decades where you can look at an alzheimer's brain and it's just got massive atrophy while the same thing happens with traumatic brain injury none of these people are are losing a lot of cells glial cells and neurons in their brain and its causing brain atrophy so you know these the accumulation of amyloid beta and tangles are two prominent features of alzheimer's that are disrupting all sorts of their causing a cassette amino neuro inflammation causing amount of auction species regenerating does it its causes this cycle we're just won't stop because whenever there is an amyloid plaques you activate more michael uglier than microclimate activated and makes more plaques you know so it's it's just this horrible cycle that doesn't get broken and not something that's that's really that they found both of these things very prominently in india
people have undergone tb i i have a question about repeated trauma xo arm if you are in a fight say and you get hit and hurt and new you didn t well but you survive and then you make it the next round do the the impacts that you take after that are they even more devastating because of the initial impact i guess so what happens is because of the the initial injury yourselves and because of the production of reactive oxen species and inflammatory response in these things are happening that is all a stress to the south of the cell has already stressed and when as stressed it is more susceptible to death this is this is clear part of the the mechanism by which cancer cells are are prime to die in science where cancer cells are
there are stressed because all sorts of you no sir is going wrong in them and they are prime to die like they the cell is expressing what's called pro hypnotic proteins and make cells that are proteins at all the cell die but the cancer cells found a way to overcome that by expressing these anti up product proteins is its balance between ok to how much do i have that make me die or not make me die so that's happen when you have stressed cell from injury and then like for example brain injury there also we know that the reactive auctions species causes those cells to make more of those pro in that are saying ok die so they're already primed to die even if thanks of them die immediately but even the ones that have died immediately they may not be dead because there is enough those ones that are saying no don't i don't diet there's enough for that protein narrative sort of balance it out
then when you take another stress boom just tips it attempts at towards death so stress plus stress is additive in not stress what can sensitize you to death stress plus stress will definitely cause death so that's that's something that you have taken report you never having repetitive injuries specify especially in a short timeframe like that sensitized them to death so plus its also you know you're you're making more of these amyloid beta plaques in your brain these this is like like i said it's happening within our select the more injury that's happening the more this this is occurring so it's it's really a nasty thing and dumb with fighters
just from watching that we know that one event that i went to him and it was clear that more pretty much all about we're taking injuries to the head and so something that people may not be aware of what i say people i mean you people on the memo make community is that there is something else that really predisposes these fighter to neurodegenerative diseases arms others they categorize them as there different ones like pugilistic dementia and then there's chronic traumatic encephalopathy and these are all if you look pathologically they all have they all share characteristics with alzheimer's disease they all have these amyloid beta plaques that have accumulated in the brain they have top protein aggregating there isn't bad you know inflammation massive atrophy happening because he sings caused cell death
these are all very common in their shared pathological features and all these nurture animal diseases i'm not sure what exactly if they could if they can't call it alzheimer's because alzheimer's is an age related diseases you know calling someone who's five and has no massive amyloid plaques in the brain its affecting their memory and do you know it's affecting their behaviour calling that alzheimer's is kind of weird disease alzheimer's just a limiting word you think you're went because when you're doing with the very exact same rain situation but brought on by trauma you know i i i it's hard for me to definitively say that i insist speculation i think that looking at like i said i think these pugilistic dementia and these in the chronic traumatic encephalopathy it's like alzheimer's but on an accelerated rate and it happens specifically it as a consequence to traumatic entered the head i've seen it happen in a fight like i've seen a guy be one way and then have a fight
and see a note noticeably diminished a bit ability to communicate yes yeah that's that's one of the features of lack of oxygen to the brain because now you can't have energy you know be energy is not being made to haven't you know too to facilitate nor a transmission and memory like learning and things and communication like happens when you have an injury is that everything gets i to repair it's you know energy make so much energy and you know so it it's constant battle and this is the same for people that are obese type two diabetics whatever type of chronic injury that's happening in the body inflammation you know there's there's a lot energy that neat that's required to repair that injury and so it's it's its energy gets diverted to repairing
injury and what happens when you have all the energy that the cells are making go to repair well at her in a normal function dont get it senor metabolisms kind of screwed up you're thinking you know these things are it's like a tree eyes almost where your tree urging this to the essential like i need to repair the damage of adele repair this damage i might die so it's like you shut the energy to that repair process things like short term memory communication all that sort of gets screwed up in a way so that makes perfect sense that that would happen because i've literally seen guys in its non scientific to judge them by the standard because you don't just my perceptions but i've seen a guy be one way and then have a couple really brutal fights and then there's a noticeable dimness to the way they look the way they talk they just there seems to be like
like a loss like what timeframe are we talking about here couple months yeah why so i mean they ve there it's been shown that this the injury the acute effects it i was describing in of lake you know the immune system means in the brain that microblogging activated in amyloid beta plaques forming in all its up happens and they showed that this continues to happen for months even years later even with justice go like traumatic brain injury salt one rough fight can potentially effect of approach and the negative impacts compound over year yes they have shown a dose dependent effect in terms of even multiple mild traumatic injuries they compound
over years and they cause pugilistic dementia they cause you know these types of neurodegenerative diseases that are very very similar to alzheimer's and something that i want to point out that may predisposed people to them more is genetics so this is something that's very very similar to alzheimer's as well there's there's so we have you no different variations of genes and these are called polymorphism seems really allah polymorphism is it's it's a gene but it's like it's there light variation in the sequence of dna and that's all variation the sequence of dna can change the function of that gene somewhat i think if we were to really look deeply polly more prisons we find there
scottie a selective reason why weave acquired these sort of changes like there's gotta be an advantage that polymorphism aren't need nations in this sense we are like a mutation is random you know that just happens polymorphism aims are selected for and they occur in a decent per cent of the population so we note there see to be like you can you can always find even if the treaty changes the gene and in this sense where it seems like it's not doing thing as well as it should be doing if we'd look hard enough we might find there is actually a reason why there is certainly a trade off right so anyway so jean polymorphism so we ve got unity are very common ones people are always looking at things like the the breast cancer related genes like brca one brick a two words like oh if you have a certain variation of this gene you have a dramatic increase in possibly getting breast cancer
well we ve got a lot of different variations in genes and one of them is associated with dramatic increase risk for alzheimer's disease its energy and called april we end this this gene is polymorphism in this sense where there is actually multiple bearing in tibet there's three different i so forms of it that are common in the human population it's called a but we too are we three and eight but we for and essentially what i believe to its labour protein and it's it's me in the liver and also in the brain deliver what what its main function is it's actually transporting cholesterol like dietary cholesterol and making sure it gets to your cells that need it and bring it back to liver to get recycled so plays a very important role in cholesterol transport turns out in the brain in our astra sides or astrocytes make a cholesterol we have we produce a bowie in the
in and it plays a very important role in transporting them cholesterol made from ass your sites to neurons and its it doing other things also involved with amyloid beta but the point is that there are like i said there are three variations the main one is april we three and that's what the majority of population has so you get one illegal every jeanne you have you get one copy from your mom and you get one copy from your dad's you have two copies of every gene and so at that's when illegal is so most people have to copies of april we three which is good because ape away threes like the nor its consider the normal one like but twenty five percent of the population has one a wheel of april before and so april we for some twenty five percent that's one in four people
just up the general population has one of these illegals that either got from your mom and dad people that have to do so they got one from this it's much more rare like two percent of the population actually have to copies of the april before so twenty five percent of publishing has one copy of april we for and what happens is april we for increases the risk of alzheimer's by two to threefold became so people that have april before haven't increases just two to three full and this is recognisable and dna tat so you could potentially scan athletes yet so to so exactly i'm so people that are fighters third or f al players people that are any sort of trauma to the brain if they're getting this you know as a part of their sports curriculum or whatever those people that have one april for so traumatic brain jury injury itself increases the risk of alzheimer's by two to three full just like
people that dont have traumatic brain injury but have this april we for people that have tv i and april we for increase their risk by like tenfold so happy one only you'd have so you have a guy who's getting close to the head anyhow in april we for he's dead taking his wrists from two to three fold to tenfold to get yes we're talking twenty five percent of the population has this so they ve shy when they ve done and they ve done studies and they shone bynum traumatic brain injury dramatically increases the risk of neurodegenerative disease its also stroke people with a strict had a stroke and have april we four you're talking about a tenfold increase risk of you know having a nerd general disease so the problem is that you're having a but we for is you can't repair damage as well you know when you're when you have damage that occurs you know there's a lot
pair mechanisms that can happen so you can have what's called like if you lose like the synopsis that are formed between the two neurons amyloid beta screws that up but you can repair the damage by having like what's called nor outgrowth to grow new projection to that neuron that's one way to repair the damage and paper we plays a very important role in that because it brings cholesterol and fatty acids hu the neuron the membrane and that that's really important to be able to grow new synopsis you need that eight but we for doesn't do that as well and also when does it but we cannot do that as well there is also bad effects april we for itself is its polymorphism that happened to changes the structure of it and so it's like getting great degraded a lot so you don't have enough of april we around and an chops it up and starts you're getting in doing bad stuff itself so it's like it's just terrible because what
when you have tv i when you have an injury to the brain actually increases april we cause it's like oh i got a repair summons damage but if you have that paper we for its increasing the bad part its increasing we know the bad stuff so you can actually test for this this very and using on twenty three may for example so i actually recently did did a twenty three metres it's ninety nine dollars and you spitten like little tube and he sent it off and to the twenty three meaning you know i dna from your saliva and then they look for very common polymorphism so they look for april we they look for parkinson's related ones and cancer and all that so you know unfortunately the fda shut down part of their ability to inform you whether you have yes happened recently i think it was sort of consequence to angelina jolie getting your babes cut off essentially yes
was that misinformed which he did so fortunately i haven't really read exactly everything went down i just know that she did three in me and you know found out she had some shit only more prism in one of the genes but you didn't have cancer no so yeah so that a proper i think that sort of precipitated the fda so the way they test these genes is by some cold pcr and it's an it's it's not infallible so you can you know they can give you back your results and say oh look you ve got this point more prison associated with x and disease which include this is your whisper you know cancer by tenfold and it could i just spent a little air in the method so you know it's not like a foolproof proof technique and i think that's also part of the problem worse after giving people back this genetic data and it's like they're taking it very seriously and obviously taken going to extreme measures to do things you know like like getting their boobs removed
you still can't wait three is not shut down like you can like i did it when they were already unable to give you tell you exactly what polymorphism you have well i'm a scientist i didn't really care because they give you the raw data and i can actually go through the raw data which i did and see what mean appalling represents i have and i found out that i actually have won a wheel of april before so so because it's really the only we jean i cared about like all the other stuff like i i did twenty three in me because i was terrified of having april we fall and so i have it and if it turns out my dad gave it to me madam has it so you know like i said having eight but we for just one a little of it is already you have a two to three fold increase whisper alzheimer's if you look at people with alzheimer's between sixty five and eighty percent of them have won a level of april before
so basically if any person walking around with one a wheel has about a thirty percent risk of getting alzheimer's and it really really has to do with you are your environment the way you interact with you with your environment that that's gonna shift you her into getting it or not and in what were multiple ways so you know the debt the paper we four is like i said it's not working long and one of the ways so amyloid beta plaques build up in the brain whether you're talking about an exponential rate because of injury dramatic introduced we're talking about just normal brain aging decades in decades and decades theirs we plays an important role in taking that amyloid beta that's built up and bringing it to get degraded it like gets rid of it but if you have a before it is for some reason can bind to the a beta plaque as well and so it can't remove it so you're you're talking about people that are
no way accumulating more of it because you know of other things a paper four is doing but they can't remove it as well so mean a people that have to but we threes they ve got a better in a mechanism of removing amyloid beta well there's another way you can remove amyloid beta from the brain and that's from getting sleep literally so sleep when you sleep what happens is your brain actually swells because rebel spinal fluid gets pushed up into the brain you bring you have this whole glim fabric system like let me know when souls things and that are surrounding neurons and asked her sides and cerebrospinal fluid gets pushed into the brain when you sleep and it literally physically
pushes our amyloid beta plaques it removes amyloid beta plaques and other dead debris things like that just trash its building up in the brain and this is happening to sleep if you don't sleep if you're not getting enough sleep then you know people have this april we three that's another way they can cleared out of the brain but me i really need to make sure i got enough sleep because you know i don't have that other repair mechanism to get rid of the amyloid beta plaques how has it been shown anything else does it meditation along those lines in terms of the glint system i don't i think that you know that seems to be a unique feature to sleep something that happening when your you know especially particularly when you're in rem sleep but do you know why it's it's rem sleepest triggering it
no you know this is a new relatively new finding and i think we're going to resume this decade later new as in just a couple of years ago so it sunk so that's so fascinating is something so significant importance two thousand twelve rang right it's been a while others the human brain is very complicated and there's lots a little you know people let our doing research there looking at just little tiny aspect of this and this look you know me you're so many little deeds details that you have to sort of interrogate to figure things out and how the rhine but that the gloom that system is something that really cool because it gives a mac mr explanation as to why we another reason why sleep is so important now does nutrition play any part in the your brains ability to do this or two did to mitigate this issue yet said
is i mean nutrition plays a huge factor i mean if you look at people that are obese you know and or insulin resistance type two diabetic these people also have an increased risk for alzheimer's disease may have increased risk for like a lot of age related diseases there like their accelerating their aging process in general but the fact that they also have an increase for fur alzheimer's disease parkins it is very interesting because it suggests you know something about not having the right diet is also involved and there's more poor things going on here and i cant figure all of them but we know part part of the reason is they ve shown that inflammation so obesity got chronic inflammation going on also attach diabetics and that info
nation actually causes this accretion of like pro and fly which were he saw two kinds which are below the activate the immune system because of happens when the bodies like way something's here that's not supposed to be got rid of it and this is the same it happens in the brain that causes the amyloid beta plaques to start getting build up well those things cross over the blubbering barrier inflammatory side a kind cross get into the brain and start causing neuro inflammation so it's really like david deviant shone like a few inject you can inject people with and toxin enter is what's like a part of the bacterial cells wall what's released you know when bacteria are dying and it happened and the guy a lot but it causes massive inflammation new can inject people with under toxin
it causes learning in memory deficits and it causes depressive symptoms i'm also you can inject them with a pro inflammatory side a kind interferon and that interferon also causes depressive centre because you know inflammation is being more more linked to depression is well but all inflammation and the brain is appiano causing the aggregation of these amyloid beta plaques to occur so that's very interesting how literally impulse action in your body in your got you know in the peripheral part of your body of your body can affect your brain it's none of your there's something i have there been sort in regular down but i haven't been some recent studies have shown that the gut bacteria of kids at have all timers is is usually an issue that a lot of children they have alzheimer's also have issues with got bacteria like they need mean autism
is that what i say alzheimer amounts are autism yeah yeah relevant norm saying literally words are coming out live evidently had too but you autism spectrum disorders and even aspirators that there's been some sort of a connection to get bacteria yeah yeah definitely i mean these people with autism do you have a lot inflammation and their god and you know having formation in your guide what's gonna happen it's going to get into your brain and can cause neuro inflammation in your brain and other thing that inflammation and the brain does is is it activates you know you ve got crossed a gladdens that are being generated specifically to serious prostate lindens and the reason why that's bad in the brain is because generating two series prostate lindens inhibits the brains betty to release serotonin so you basically can't
sarah tonal from like a priest and abject neuron which is important and you want to u need to release tone and is certainly during a lot of things listen to regulating mood trailing paviers regulating impulsive behaviour things like that social behaviour but this this inflammation that gets into the brain literally stop serotonin from being released from the brain bye bye inhibiting this this sorry by activating the itu series and even shone like that city i was talking about p were they injected approach inflammatory side to come and the big they had to put the gun down with depressive symptoms if they gave those people epa like a very high dose of epa so i krona penta i cosa penta economic asset which is one of the omega three some that that mitigated the depressive symptoms like they didn't get the depressive symptoms because i think that what is happening is that inflammation is causing one thing that epa does very potent patently is inhibits the generation of ie to serious press
and so in that way got bacteria especially taking in in the form probiotics is probably a very important part of the human diet that is widely ignored by a lot of people right yeah i said awful right you drinking computer their love i love making computer but do what i say to you that this is the computer this watered down that meets the whole food standards tat i had no idea how did you get this often i want a string of them one of the street they have the regular stuff too you gotta know what bottled to get and you need to have a license like a driver's license shows your over twenty one but it's only one half of one percent that's that it's more than one half of one percent alcohol by volume then you have to have it has to have a liquor licence to sell it which is preposterous he can get drunk off it
no i haven't i had no idea that this was watered down by now you know i guess you know probiotics are very important you know you ve you been so probiotics are doing things like generating lacked acid which are does a lot of things one is it's killing if these pathogenic bacteria that can't live in an us in acidic environment in the gut but also like i mentioned lacked hate you know like dates also can be used in my country are so you re talking about giving a sore of energy for europe mitochondria you know so that you can it an important component of not having a lot of got inflammation is yes the balance between pro bioethics and and the pathogenic bacteria but it's also maintaining that got barrier because you ve got a lot of immune cells in your got under their because you don't eat something bad and you know
it kill you so there there and the ready to you know fight off anything that's potentially pathogenic so they have a purpose of being there that's the way they don't concrete continuing like you know continually start fighting off things is because there's a barrier which is basically a mucus it's called musin your guts secreted this musin is important for separating that means cells in your got from the bacteria because when that musin gets open down then your me cells are exposed to bacteria which are supposed to be in your gut and the like bacteria and its are firing all these cited kinds and you get you start to get information which can break down the great barrier more and it causes the same sort of cycle that about the brain you know this sort cycles going one can happen in the gut as well so things like
what a sugar you know like can literally like break down the musin you know so it's like that's having that chronic inflammation is doing a lot of things so having the right balance korea is one thing that's good but also making sure that you're eating the right diet to make sure that you're you know you're giving your cells the right energy they need to be known do things that are supposed to do like fifty if we're talking about the gut making musin and sugar actually fuels bad bacteria in the gutter well right yeah sugar does feel bad bacteria in a lot of the bad by turning the got like to get them some sugar then you're talking about having over growth of the bad bacteria you now so it's theirs what we can immune system yes unger as is the significant immune system weakening guy inflammation and general i mean i think that also has a lot to do with if you think about
having you know a breakdown of the gut barrier and all this pathogenic bacteria which also break down the gut like that's what they do also a lot of energy get spent towards fixing them fixing that oh my god i gonna fix agatha repair this and that takes we ve brain imaginings awaiting sparing cognitive enemy over lunch and noon because now you know you're all the energy is going towards the got to repair this chronic damage is also happening and now you're your immune system don't you note when when you're fired off a disease when you're fighting off a pathogenic you know whether viral or bacterial or whatever like that requires a massive amount of energy massive amount of energy that's an energy consuming process so it's a matter of trials in this energy to the right place it's like ok well you know if i if my gun
it's really healthy i'm i'm not inflamed i have a good die i'm getting my mike nutrients and not eating a much sugar crap you know you know that those refined carbohydrates and things like that then you know your u dont have all this chronic damage happening that you give your energies constantly it's like a drain and energy drained it just keeps going sucked into it and that you know that affects all sorts of other functions in the bar so and there's other explanations but i like to think about it that way in terms of the of energy because they really just makes a lot of sense from an energetic standpoint looking at energetically consuming fighting off diseases how energetically consuming repairers and people letter obese or type you diabetic there in a constant repair state constant so it's a lot of it is poor energy management because of your die because your diet your your energy is being taken way to a bunch of functions that you would know
ordinarily need for if your diet was good exactly exactly like it's really interesting the lab that i did i work in my children's hospital in oakland we work with a lot of insulin resistant obese children but we are also doing research on like adolescents and even some of the parents of these children which are also obese and insulin resistance and some of my colleagues and my lab have developed a like a nutrient bar to call it the quarry bar and the nutrient it's like a micro nutrient dense bar where it has all sorts of the means and minerals and vitamin d in fibre hasn't polly funerals state aid has just a bunch of good stuff instead of making a bunch of vitamins it's all in like a matrix with fibre and stuff so that things are absorbed better and adjusted and repeat my my
colleagues i haven't been directly involved in this research because i look more things like teeny damage but what what my colleagues have found is giving these obese people whether we're talking about children or at a less adult giving them this michael nutrient bar if you compare giving it to a lean person and you dont have them change their diet at all it's like you know do what you're gonna do eat eat what you're going to eat but here take this twice a day on top of that what we find is that one publication that was on a leash people lean people like immediately it they're hd all goes up things are happening they make more gloody file like all these positive changes occur but obese people it takes a lot longer to happen like it takes a couple of weeks whereas like actually takes even more than that i don't remember the exact amount of time but if it takes longer to happen we think it takes longer because these people first all that energy that this stuff them
drink all these things it's it's being shunted towards fixing fixing eventually as they start to fix then you started the little changes happening but it doesn't happen right away like it happens in people that are healthy and i use lean as a marker for healthy i mean it's not entirely accurate accurate but generally speaking healthier than obol exactly relatively speaking and i own do you take good asylum as a supplement so that actually i wanted to talk about some of the possible you know tb i we're talking about traumatic brain injury and attacked but almost both stuff but there are things that can be done to help and glitter fund is interesting because good at is its one of the major antioxidant in the brain which is why it's very important you know as as for four brain aging in general and it's all it's been associated with a lot of studies in terms of more gluten
in the brain we know decrease alzheimer's decrease damage in the brain going on good fun is just basically three amino acids that are together and its good tamerack acid clay seen and i think assisting so our body makes this inside of ourselves we make it we have an enzyme called grew defiance in days and that enzyme takes those amino acids and put together and then once i've got a fund we have other enzymes that are able to use gloody thy own eyes potent antioxidant i'm coup d found peroxidised for example this is another enzyme that uses that good fun to prevent that reactive oxygen species damage is talking about the happens like in the early events which matic brain injury and also one of the early damaging events it happens just with normal brain imaging which is happening all the time we're making it right now in our brains so having gloody theo
in the brain is really good and their different enzymes use its good found proxies what use go to fund too to basically reduced at oxford eight of damage so it can damage the neuron ashes site or whatever you know cell type that it comes in contact with i'm the problem is that with age we decrease the expression of codifying related gene what that means is no you have genes in your body and sometimes they can be expression just means more of it so when you when its being expressed you're making more of it that's a good thing as we age we decrease the expression so like everything things fall apart and we don't make as much of these codifying related genes the thing was found as you can't because its maiden ourselves there's no transport mechanism to get glitter file into the so like you know you view or you can transporting
you mean a lasting and demi no acids and you know this good a thousand cynthia's uses those to make it in the cell but there's no transport mechanism for good chemical sick lysine sustained like together to get in and you know you can't just cells have transport movement to get stuff inside to regulate at process i'm so taken go to fund orally is sort of pointless not to mention the fact that the guy isn't gonna absorb it either it gets broken apart there is life is a more critical that's what i'd take take this morning we are so wipers i'm all go to fund anything that's like bizarre more can bypass a lot of these transport mechanisms just based on into the way so first of all like bosoms can be absorbed by the the guide but also they can get into cells because a white bosom is basically like you know it's like a little limpid that has a forceful if it by lair and has whatever has inside
in this case found which insoluble and it fuses with the leopard a layer of the solemn membrane and basically just gets taken up and so than whatever's inside of it goes into this all they ve shown in i've looked for studies to see you know like us more supplemental wipe us all more good cloudlike how might like is it getting into debt is it getting into the brain for example because it's important and i haven't found a lot of studies if on one study that showed rabbits that were given oral good or a light bizarre more good fun were able to increase the good sound levels in their brain in their heart and also in the liver but they were good a massive dose like they were given four hundred milligrams and thereabout eleven pounds so that's like six grams really one hundred and eighty nine what is a four hundred mg like what is that bike in a physical form like what would you say is it would it be a how many teaspoons would that be for a ride
oh i don't i don't know i'm you'd have to look at things if it's in a teaspoon liking it tells you the like milligram content parties then i did look up on i see cause i've gotta get me some of this and done that the problem is that most of the glaciers and we're going found is expensive and it's like between a hundred the grounds and four hundred milligrams per day slight per teaspoon or per caps on what they gave to rub think avery right but the latter but a rabbit eleven prize does deserve it swallows it to ice was to hold it in your mouth under your tongue now there they they they inject like they give it to the to the rabbit like they inject it in their mouths yeah when the way i've been told to take the wipe us all go to fires to talk it on your tongue quarter on your tongue holding your mouth thirty seconds and swallow it doesn't make any sense at all and now i have no idea how that what that would do but the only you're being sorry got not mean the point is that you
supplement like life is also good maybe actually you may be getting it to your brain it's just a matter of how much is it they didn't you don't respond that study and if it wasn't sardonyx there are other ways to increase could find but here's the thing so taking supplement go to found in the form of life is almost with found course any other supplemental codifies useful trash yet it's useless an appeal form nothing well i think they have lap zone you can have it until form we'll just now but it just has to be like this almost the point yeah if it's not like us more than you're not even getting it passed the gut let alone into the cell so but the other thing is is that ok so here's the thing your new suppliers you're yourselves with this life is ever fund but the thing is that the enzyme that uses good fun grew to found peroxidised in these other enzymes they decrease with age so while your bypassing the you know the decrease
the expression of good than synthesize which is what makes could have found your not by passing the decrease in expression of this enzyme but uses it that's using glitter fun to do it's thing so that also in worn and there's other ways that you can actually increase go two thousand but just interesting we i came across a study recently like two dozen fourteen very like i think museums months ago it was a traumatic brain injury study where they they basically took mice and they induced magic brain injury by like putting pressure on their brain and what happens is they notice that mean that blood brain variables compromise all those things that i was talking about happens waters flowing into the brain and solutes and all that information of a new function all that's happening what they found was that if they put good fun they actually because i did a pressure mouse school much thinner than humans colder and if they did a pressure
to the mouth school there was a little tiny crack in the skull and they could put glued asylum on top topically where the crack is and it would get through into the brain and what they found was that if they did it within three hours of the injury they they abrogated like seventy percent of the cell death that happens it was amazing but it was a three hour time window be done the humans says wondering whilst i that's what got me on this whole laconism trail i was well we can't first of all we don't even know anything about the human school i mean we know bout but we don't know whether or not you can put something topically after attic injury and if it's gonna get in there doing those studies now because this was this was actually a new discovery words like oh wow you can actually get through school and get into the elite under and injuries happy situation so the idea would be
that you and inject something into the skin on the scalp i don't think checked it up a year ago under the selling price the reign of scrite governor yeltsin but whether or not that can done in humans i dont like i said i mean first of all humans have a much bigger scoldin than some rodents rack but so there you know it's gonna be hosting that but the other thing is is it ok well can you that the key part this study and my mind was they inhibited that reactive oxygen species which is the instigator of this whole cascade this neuro inflammatory if they went down stream and try to inhibit inhibit inflammation it didn't have the effect because those things were already activated europe had so dead cells because it's the reactive auction species putting it causing this tell that and not was how they were able to prevent like seventy percent so that by giving that topical found so that was what will we have to figure out
you don't do that yeah exactly and oh there's other ways you can increase going to fund the light is almost one i don't know how robust like i said with that one studying rabbits of amount we're talking about leg for hundred and eighty pound man and i don't even know how much some these emma mayfair where the following morning not but you know hundred eighty per man you talk about six grams of life is also good asylum which is a lot significant i mean considering how much how closely is just not economically feasible in my mind run these the holding it under the tongue of seem like a sum will be twelve that's ok listen our way makes and between people its doubling wall like that that people do that to bypass the whole stomach acid thing but no i don't know maybe there's something i just don't know about with the life is unlikely to fund sub both means what what does that actually mean that means holding in and under the yeah its distribution methods yeah right so to you
like us all and use it something or way to destruction under that make any sense would it go into your blood that way i mean i don't know why i would be any different than swallowing it but don't worry time by a mouth i've just been thinking about something that's all as to me or or its waste time been studies on labour some all be twelve taken sub langley i haven't really read any there may have been studies on that but i haven't i haven't looked in the literature of that workers are removed yeah so the other ways too to increase so like i mentioned to theirs theirs jeanne setter glitter fine related genes and you can increase the expression of those children were right away something malerba saw glued asylum shows up in the first thing you were you google with you go sub languor
persano good as i was the first thing that pops up in google interesting yeah well that's something i can certainly rate about but i just off the top my head can't think like that would be more effective at getting in tears it's saying right here the only way to get significant amounts into your body is with life a somewhat gloomy silence supplements either i ve or injection is either were yeah yeah injections another way and that all are obviously bypasses the home tat small absorption thing yeah oh what's interesting as they have done so other ways to increase could fund would be for example term are two merrick turmeric users yassum it's what they ve shown so that their
there's two different bio active components in at one is the procurement and that has what that does crook human is it first of all its awesome it gets into the brain and it's you know an anti has antioxidant into activity itself aside from good fun but it also increases the expression of all the good found related genes so it turns on clear found proxy good offence in days and another drink good a farmer which actually recycles could have found that already been used or oxidized which is really cool because now talking about ramping up the whole gluten a system like all of it and and this proclaiming does this and so their reside they ve done studies in mice where they ve done you know tb i related studies were traumatic brain injury where they ve they have given them they did intravenous and because of the the effects of duty basically metabolize kirkham immediately
it's like forty minutes do say kirk human research human i was her kindergarten human yeah canals and i have said it wrong right human what are used aye sir cumin now i think it's kirk human just read it and try to browse at nine you are really able to say no to merit of heard but yet the actual turmeric to mark termer tumor think there's an hour to you are termed turmeric yeah but that up to yeah whatever i know what it is now important to smile let's get stuff it's like hurries unum humiliation occurs but its lack of anti inflammatory mass not not only enter inflammatory and inhibits like the activation of end of cap it be which is like this gene that like turns on a whole variety of different genes evolved information so it's like blunting the whole inflammatory cascade and debate all the good found genes and
top of that it has antioxidant activity itself so it's like you know it's just like it why are you so it's really cool so kirk human is probably way better than taking michael somewhat due to file well i don't know his car maybe in synergistic for them synergistic but the thing with kirk kirk human is that it also rapidly metabolize because it's it's a for its as you know by attic which means its i'd vitamin or mineral at something foreign to the body you nepali females agencies from green tea these things are the same but of herbal agony shia these are what are called zyobite eggs and what happened you take as you know by attic is it activates this whole pathway in the liver which is like the live like oh there's this born thing in my body that's not supposed to be here it's not a vitamin and mineral ok i need to get rid of it so it material eyes its detox buying whatever so it gets metabolize rapidly
but there's something in black pepper called piper green peppering yeah that inhibit sooner bypass zena biotic metabolism so it's been shown in humans that if you give her come human and pipe dream that you can increase the bio availability of procurement by two thousand percent in humans well which is pretty significant and so that's kind of cork some like oh well of course i ordered some cricky men with with preparing and took for myself because i've got april before and it is a really good thing but with traumatic brain injury they ve shown that you know if they gave it to two mice to do an inch in the gun like a really high dose it prevents you know the who inflammatory responds to get deemer intracranial pressure like all that stuff is dramatically improved while and this
is again it's like a time window where it was like you know a few hours after the trauma after the trauma so it's you but i think maybe even before if you're already if you already have it in system you know it the question is how much it isn't gonna like you know prevent the acute you no immediate thing i don't owe to what degree but least at the very least taking it every day you're talking about tabling some of that neuro inflammatory cycle that cycle that's really you know vicious because once you have the platform which happened within hours in after injury then you're talking about you know it activating the whole cycle work causes more and more for years and years so there's no negative repercussions taking and nothing there have yes not study where they increased the availability by two thousand percent there was no adverse side effects however since peppering inhibits zoonotic metabolism full force like
yeah it's it's inhibiting despair generalised pathway that to use to detoxify and get rid of all sorts of foreign things like even drugs like antibiotics whatever you know you're stands whatever you take there is a concern like in my mind i haven't done a lot of reading on this you known to see what's out there and what i but just for you know my understanding of the mechanism i think it's you dont want to go crazy because it's like you for taking a bunch of other stuff because it's going to increase the half life of all sorts of fino other using obey audits which are just like i settle of different herbal things are two things i could come in and agencies all that stuff so there's always that potentials like what else are you taking are you increasing the half life of that to buy taking this you know piperine with it and what is that doing so that's it you should definitely be cautious in that in that respect
too much of it yet i haven't seen too much of it like i mean when i did some searching for it like that to merit but the thing is that i like the two american not just the core human because there's another compound you know that's in two turmeric call tomorrow aromatic tomorrow an i study just came out like a couple of months ago on this where it's actually it does it it doesn't lot of the same things that there kirk human does in that it inhibits inflammation but it does something in addition to that it actually repairs brain damage because it causes the proliferation of neural stem cells in your brain so well i know it and it was very robust there's there's two regions of the brain that you actually you have rural stem cells and britain which means you can make new neurons give damage neurons neurons have died you want to replace those neurons and theirs
reaches the brain it can do that the sub ventricular zone and the dente virus and sir tomorrow and actually causes the proliferation of neural stem cells in the sub ventricular zone and choose to some they're giving these mice i can recall of top had the dose but they were giving them pretty high dose and what they found was that increase the proliferation of them by like you know sixty percent which is pretty significant part of the problem with age is these neural stem cells they start to proliferate lass and they start to proliferate less than you have less of them being made and you also have less new neurons being made some net less nor genesis so if you think about in the context of one whose undergone a traumatic brain injury they have undergone they had massive amounts of cell death occurring from now react boxes views from the inflammation you know they ve lost neurons that's that's that's a fact so if you can have something
that's boosting the proliferation of their neural stem cells that's a great thing it's not just great thing for people that apply an inch it's a great thing for normal brain imaging i think it's also a great thing for you know people that are susceptible to nurture disease like myself because i have one of these eight but we formerly ails you know too i'm no i've gotta be really careful because i can't repair damage as well if i can make sure i groaning neurons then you know that's that's a good thing i didn't know there is anything that you could eat that could help grow new nor i never heard of that yeah so tomorrow is stimuli stimulate stimulates the proliferation of the europe's stem cells in the sovereign curricular zone this this study was really came out less than two months ago that's incredible it's pretty incredible yeah i'm so you can get smarter for meeting tumor did get smarter gather free they had improvements now i mean take with the greatest saw in the sense words like it the whole bio bill
everything in humans and how much are we that's always the issue psych okay well they're giving now mice you know a much higher dose and you know so that its like bypassing first of all there in jail in some cases so it's bypassing the whole getting absorb but the first that it occurs is hopeful because it's like well actually will find a way to overcome some of the bio availability issues which you know what kind of art so is the bio availability issue mitigated all by a large dose like if you know taking like what what do you recommend as a dose like a thousand milligram pills or what i have of turmeric in the case of the mouse studies its mitigated by a large dose that's given intravenous lay says i need starship so you don't have but battalion petty shoot up turmeric yeah i you know i dont know i and the question is then about up your book they ve got the suppositories they have clinic trials that are there doing now with people with alzheimer's or people that
dementia early early dementia signs that doing this with two merrick they use peppering also using suppositories their budgets i don't know i don't know what they're using because a lot of studies have come out recently in a different indifferent model organisms where they looked like at work lies in mice in there and they all these different neuro degenerative you know sort of models were they look and study the stuff and they find hands down this generic is doing some cool shit like it's a docile these studies are the administering it orally or they using injectable if talking about my son they're alive and have been injectable and this is where the studies are coming out yonder studies aren't on humans but they did get smarter the people that they did it to that got smarter than so the people and others so there's a mice gets martyred mouse perform better i'm learning and yes yes so but let's see what was that others there is another interesting
thing about than oh i know i wouldn't want i want to bring up it was i got sort of sidetracked when i'm talking about the the neural stem cells that are in the sovereign curricular zone which really interesting about this is that day they readily go to the olfactory bold smell so their sense of smell is a good predictor of alzheimer's disease and parkinson's disease and even just all cause mortality like little you can have decreased sense of smell and you know it can be a good predictor of your next you know five year mortality and it's like why is this sense of smell such a good predictor of be no people that are gonna get alzheimer's soon also people that may just die soon and rate finding out again just recently within the past couple of months that the olfactory bulb requires constant supply of neural stem cells because the olfactory neurons
which are in your a factory ball but just ran from your brain those neurons which are responsible for smelling things in and they send signals to the brain so that you can you know experiences so to speak they require constant supply extent neural stem cells which is coming from the suburbs ventricular zone and so when you started should have that process diminish where you can supply those new stem cells to the olfactory above your two cents a small goes away and so that's why also it's a predictor of alzheimer's because lilla literally losing their bill it now don't people are born with people are born with a terrible sense of smell that doesn't mean that you don't that like not making neural stems also the release don't forget legos other reasons why you cannot have a good sense of smell the reason this is impacting me right now because i know people who ve been knocked out and lost all sense of smell yeah so why so that some the
the camaro that was given to these mice at improve their sense of smell and improved you know that this is theirs other thing also with this neuro stem cell i'm i've known for some time that this sense of smell is a good predictor of alzheimer's but in just until i have i just didn't understand why and this whole under scanning the neuro stem cells being having to replace it constantly so it's a little like a marker it's like a marker for brain you know your brain ability to repair damage in your brain remember last night i was on the hot puck ass you mention that study where they gave young blood to old mice and they centrally made them here i got it wrong to bring this the no so i i am very interested in that study and so essentially what they thought
is that you know there's something in the blood that's secreted inserting the plasma actually in its called growth differentiation factor eleven and it those it's made its made more readily in young blood said decreases you know with a like everything does and what happens is this growth differentiation factor eleven goes to the goes to the muscle and stimulate stem cell proliferation and does it in the separate ventricular zone and so when they gave it like they do this when they did it mice what they found was that the mount the mice their tissues were less aid the only way you can reverse tissue aging and not to that degree he's gotta be related to stem cells because when you already have all this damage like the only way you're going repair the damage is by replacing and replenishing that population with new selves and because as we age the ready to do that or stem cell debility proliferation decreases in all accept increases we can't do it as well and also
you know the more reactive auction species we get the more those cells to sort dying so the fact that you know these tissue were able to like reverse an aging was really you know obviously indicative stem cells when they found was indeed this growth differentiation factors in the plasma morbid and young people its causing the proliferation of neural stem cells in the sovereign regular zone and also muscle what they found was they could even isolate that growth differential differentiation factor and you know injected into old mice and it would have the same effect which is really because that gives hope for isolating it in fer you know get basing people using it as a source should stimulate plus mission of stem cells from those actually clinical trial that started this month at stanford where there are injecting plus you can see the status of thirty and they're giving of people with mild alzheimer's older people with mild alzheimer's and they're gonna check though the cognitive
facts you know immediately after and also long term so but the horse something in the nose in its it's very interesting it's like the knows that stem cell rural stem cell market capacity to make more of them can be you know you can see the status of that by your sense of smell and the fact that you ve observed fighters have had decrease sent us now that is alarming what does wonder gary good riches a real veteran mix martial arts fighter who was around during the early days of the year of sea and he fought and case law and he fought and pride he's kind of a legendary mixed martial arts character and he's doing with some pretty significant traumatic brain injury now from from years and years of fighting and that's one of the issues that he had lost his sense of smell that makes total sense what i'm saying yep
sorry to hear that you know i i like i said the the april four thing is something i think is really really significant and i think that they ve shown it with traumatic brain injury from car accidents they ve shown it within a stroke stationary boxers having one of those wheels you're talking about a tenfold increase risk of screwing up your brains you think that some that they should screen for when they give someone a licence to fight i think that if i were a fighter i would want to know i'd want to know my risk when you're you completely missing the psychology of the fighter fighters feel invulnerable hi daddy of a fighter is it everybody else is going to get fucked up but not me i'm going to be different i'm going to rise above i have a championships heart of a champion champions heart champion's mindset i'm going to get through things that other
candour you're knock and you're not going to if you have an ape away for a little shorter you're not you're you marine science into the world of fighting yes i i would love for that to happen because you're talking about possibly changing the lives of lake you no twenty five fighters for fighters would still want to fight a guarantee you a good majority of them still want to fight and they would just say well across our bridge when they come to it well if i start feeling difference but the real issues once you start feeling the issues you ve only touch the tip of the iceberg of the amount of damage that you ve actually occur the ghastly choir yes and once you start becoming symptomatic incense were your emory short term memory becomes effective like what we're talking danny and our friend right that that is typical of you know a eighty year old human being that is quiet eighty years
of inflammatory racked box and species damage in the brain you know then you start to see those sent do you remember there was a story a few years back of a football player to remember the football play the fell off the truck jamie he jumped henry chris henry that's it he was involved in some sort of a dispute with his girlfriend or his wife forget which one and she took off with his truck and he chased her and jumped on the back of the truck and fell fell off the track while she speaking on a road cracked his head open died they did a autopsy on him and found out that he had brain of a seventy something you're old all timers alzheimer's patients and he was in his twenties wasn't now
find out how will they was i want to say he was twenty eight years old and he had mean this is a guy who would not expressed any issues as far as like there's a bunch of different athletes now that are coming out and there has been hbo real sports peace if they just did this past week then i watched about football players violent expression that their directly relating to this traumatic brain injury their suffering from football but this young man my six twenty six twenty six and he had
see if you can find the article about him having did is does it say he had about his brain issue there was an article where they did the autopsy on research is fine brain trauma in henry twenty six years old chronic and see my kids and cephalopods and several apache yes he came to himself this is well there's multiple things that you brought up that is that we should we could discuss i think you know one is definitely the accelerated brain aging that's happening from the repeated traumatic events where is it's doing that high school football college football my prows you just slamming into things like a good chunk of your life right and and and i did see one press release or are some some article that was like seventy four out of seventy six
being like and i fell plated or something some i don't put me on those statistics but something that was very very almost like ninety percent of them had a beta amyloid beta plaques there and entangled in the brain that were a characteristic of alzheimer's disease yes is seventy six out of seventy nine and this is post post deaf right puzzlement heart yet more yes for exactly it's part of that it's depression lapse after birth we ass he gave birth to france because the fact that we have our man that's all they got it but yes so the the other really interesting and thing about this attic brain injury is the effects on behaviour you mentioned to you like ran over here she ran chase car and jumped on the truck and fell off like that's that's impulsive behaviour and mean that site not that's not a normal thing you don't you say chase after a truck and shouted jump on it it's moving but athletes and fighters and like really that this that's really common like decks
impulsive behaviour its super common for fighters so while there definitely there's one aspect of the fighting culture i mean you know their yeah it's part of which also what leads you to do that in the first place as you have this ability to do like not a lot of them i mean i think before they ever got any brain damage whatsoever there impulsive people that's what led them to do fighting in the first place i think that was part of the cinema me i'm guessing certainly doesn't get i'm guessing based on my own right so i don't know yet i think that many people so rules of behaviour that related to impulsive progression that can be self directed like suicide self harming it can also be like aggressive towards others such behaviour can be like not long term planning where your does not weighing out all the possible for you know events i can occur in what's more likely
happen or not you know you could possibly do something there are polymorphism items that are in a religion sierra related genes that are associated with that because serotonin plays a very port role in regulating impulsivity so people that are already genetically predispose because they have a polymorphism again jeanne variant that i was describing earlier when i talked about equally they have it invariant in serotonin synthesis gene or in relief serotonin release or in the transporter or the receptor you know they ve shown that that there are associations with these and impulsivity serotonin is one of the things that happened i've talked about this before the podcast you know you can deplete people of saratoga by taking with their trip defend and they become impulsive they become impulsive in terms of impulsive aggressive things you know when they do sweatshop test
not partly because what's happening is behaviour old dis inhibition behavioral d innovation is you know there's signal that's happening that's going on from the orbital frontal cortex part of the brain and it's happened it signalling to other regions of the brain like the make dollar and i dont understand exactly how sarah tone in does this or what its specific role is i'd have to really dig into two more narrow science for that but i do know that it does play a very important role not when you take away the serotonin dis inhibition occur which means dis means now usually you're having inhibitory signals happen that's ok you know you can't just go out and you know do something crazy like you know that that's u k do it and your brain knows that under certain signals that happening we take away serotonin those signals go away and so now that inhibitory signal isn't there this
is something that i you know like i was doing some reading on some of these nfl players that have gone crazy and commit suicide like junior sale i think is one who shot himself in the heart because he specifically wanted his brain to be examined examined and there is another football player i don't recall his name but he also committed suicide i think he shot himself in his heart as well and then there was a pro ressler and i dont know his name but he like in a murder suicide so these are all you know there's probably me to put things going on the port the or the orbital frontal cortex plays a very important role inhibitory actions when things start to get messed up in that region in the brain including serotonin and i think like i mentioned the
inflammation and the brain when you generate each series prostate lindens which happens when there's inflammation the brain you they have shown they shone this in many different studies in mice use inhibit the release of sierra leone and so you take that you know in inner of by itself when you're talking about not having is much of that sarah toning plus the damage to the orbit frontal cortex and all these things are compounding you're talking about leg just massive changes and behaviour that are occurring and then on top of that you may have some one that is like you said they d go into these you know sorts of sport for this reason there already impulsive sedated you're technical them may already be genetically predispose they may already have some sort of alter nation in their serotonin function and ah there depleting their search on release on top of that and they ve got damage to their orbital frontal cortex and like these things are compound to cause just total impulsive behaviour and where they become aggressive and they do crazy things
they normally otherwise wouldn't do because it have that impulsive i mean started that inhibitory signal saying no don't do this you can't do this like so you know think it's very damaging in that respects of changing the behaviour of these people to where they just become even more you know impulsive an aggressive and their already fino in this in the case of fighters are already fighting it's already a culture thing you know so it's it's something very interests with the serotonin system also an interaction between inflammation serotonin maybe even shown the opposite like when you take people and you give them an acute dose of like an assess our eye and you flood the blurred the brain serotonin just acutely just for like a couple of hours people become more adverse to harming others like when you do give them you know like
those questionnaire things they become more adverse to harming others even at the expense of saving other more and more people no serotonin somehow regulating you know these times i don't know what you know in theirs neuroscience and philosophers and all this that are doing this research and trying to understand it doesn't make sense that happy people would be more common the less likely to harm others and i've found personally that people that are most depressed or the most likely to fuckin slash burn re or those of the people that want to take everybody down with them it's usually people at a really depressed that are looking to make other people feel bad yeah i think happiness is a component but i also think the impulsivity is another component that's important it seems that serb toning if that he is what's going on that giving someone a large doses serotonin would actually make them less likely to want to harm other people that's a pretty significant thing yes
that study was published i don't know like two dozen ten or so i think in their there look into their during lot of follow up studies on that leg you know there's a difference when giving someone in acute dose of serotonin their brain and doing it constantly you know because when you are constantly doing it then there's feedback loops and you start to decrease the amount of sir turning receptors in the bright yes that's so mean it but anyway it's just a fact what their time understand is like what is serotonin doing like why is it that by giving someone a huge dose of it they become more adverse to harming others and i don't know the answer you know just seems i did be happier i mean if you if you're serotonin part of its function is to promote happiness rights is one of the reasons why s our eyes are termed antidepressants because people were on depressants they take these
regulators maritime gives him a big uptake in it and then whew they feel better as is clear cut by it does you know me i'm simple for russia that it does affect me gathered ass you do feel better if they ve shown also the serotonin as is our eyes effect paint you pain so you actually feel s pain so it's not just a matter of play happier it's also a matter of not feelings pain and their similar pathways between physical pain and social pain i have a friend who has depression issues for being on s our eyes he was like really angry like fuck everybody fuck this guy like you would just say horrible things our people once you get on the antidepressants all that went away yeah now couldn't care less well people do couldn't care less like who cares like someone to do
the bad or someone saying something bad or what it is like gallagher does doesn't bother me and i'm not gonna wanna harm that person you know it's a complete shift in his mindset yasser serotonin does affect that at that aggressiveness you know a guy you know it's definitely playing a role was moreover lash out sort of a thing i think there's one of the issues with depression is the people that are depressed and people do have depression issues that kind of want to bring other people into their world almost like they feel like that people we're being happy is summed up somehow taking something away from them you know yeah yeah i do i think we know that they want to surround they want other people to be miserable miserable with them i think and this is also words like because its justification would like i'm here and then it must be okay and you know if everyone here is also here with me then yeah than i mean you know it's not i'm
not abnormal there's not something wrong i've always wondered how much of that is what's going on psychologically that is what in their life and how much of the psychology much of what's going on in their life like what kind of feedback they're getting on daily day to day basis no life is actually regulating their human neuro chemistry yet no it there is a very complex and action going on between the environment and the narrow chemistry and this has been demonstrated you know in a lot of different animal studies you know where it's like so you you can actually alter someone serotonin system by having an early life you know stressful a happen so you know like case of mice and early life stressful that is when the pops when you're born near pop and you're not nurtured as as pop so when your nurtured you know the parent mice will lick the pops and one that when they get licked you will they believe serotonin in their brain when they're really
really young and what happens when they release certain underground there really young is all sorts of feedback epigenetic feedback loop so epigenetic is changing the expression of their genes without action altering the dna nucleotides sequence like a polymorphism is different sequence of dna but epigenetic little change their receptors in their brain that a response that respond to let cook a quarter quoits ex stress hormones and they incur so they have seen tone and there they increase the amount of those receptors which means when they have more receptors took luca quarter coins your body doesn't make us shooters much cortisol and much much for the of those cook a quarter courts out because it has a lot of sectors there it's a feedback so them calmer their happier they're not as you know an anxious if you take that away in those pups don't get let they don't make serotonin in early develop and those group a quarter court receptors you dont have as many and so the body is constantly it's like in a stress stay in these these my screw up very very
anxious fearful just you know they're very dared their brains develop differently it is not the same with children the grub in orphanages where they don't get caught oldham yeah i'm out that's what i would be that's what i think seems likely that and you take them in combination so you ve got someone who's already genetically predisposed i like in the serotonin system because it we're talking a lot about that there already they already have appalling more in these things polymorphism and you ve got people with polymorphism in sierra transporters serotonin you know synthesis gene or their receptors into their already kind of votes old or already you know they're not making much serotonin or they're not responding like like normal so they're already genetically rowan to that end the new couple that with an early stressful event and then edges these things up even more and also diet is coupled to it i mean i've talked about
vitamin deregulating search on incentives is epa reg it's the release of that they ve shown that i mentioned each series profit linens inhibits the release you pete when you and when you put epa in it mitigates that so having an anti inflammatory omega three you know is very important for people that are genetically predisposed to have their serotonin system screwed up you take that person i think about someone who is already on the french is already waiting to be tipped over into mental illness or behaviour types of behaviour that are non productive and you'd in you take their neutral should they dont their poor nutrition there inflammation going on to all their energies going sucked into the wrong place and not appear work needs to be and then you ads swell environment i'm you're talking about dynamite for mental illness and not just stressful environment but negative feedback like negative invite
well yeah poor poor relationships poor friendships ned is a real hard core negativity yeah maybe even shown actually in terms of the relationships this this whole behavior all epigenetic so to speak as is kind of what it's called and it's very interesting because its talking it's like the relationship between what in your environment and how that changing you know things that the euro can strain your brain either at the level of neural transmitters or receptors or whatever they ve shown that they're so another thing that happens when you're cut old when you're young and they do a lot of these studies and in mice obviously but do you really like like for example when your mother licks you you also there's also oxytocin being released and oxytocin from that bonding hormone that's main where the mother bonds with trial also with its pair in a mate bonn bonding as well and so we
you take that away went movement you know like like it or not cod older you don't get that attention early like that early attention from the mother in early life then what happens is that people offspring grow up and they make less oxytocin like some epigenetic changes are happening were now they're not making as much so now they grow up and they don't bond to their children and a perpetual its and they don't bond to their relations so they have poorer relationships similar thing happens with vast oppression which is its very evasive preston it's a lot of things it's also an anti diuretic but interestingly it's also made in the brain and important for me they become freaks like the polygamous and stuff and i ve shown this unlike non human primates to work for example they they ve shown unlike prairie voles which are road and that our monogamous
they may have higher level they have a higher level of receptors for that that is a present in their brain compared to other of all species that are not monogamous and when they take away when researchers take away their ability like take away those they basically antagonize receptors can't bind bows present those prairie evolves four monogamous nip then they they mate for life all this that goes away take it if they become freaks like the applicant and stuff and they ve shown this unlike non human primates to work i think it was like our monk our monkeys their monogamous and you look at and compare them to reduce monkeys that are non plot non monogamous their differences also at the those receptor four bows oppressing them monogamous ones have a high density of them in the brain another set it came out looking at humans i'm in a swedish cohort i looked at males that were
i'm in vienna monogamous relationships that we're married had successful relationships verses ones that word to forest also once that we're just single and they found that there an association again with these values are receptors in in the brain the men that were had failed marriage for example are not likely to even get married they had less of these vassal present receptors so it's really interesting that you know there's these social hormones we're making that are really changed epidemic so these are also like for example in the prey voles they release more of this on basle preston when their meeting so like the act of mating with their monogamous with our partner that they partner with for life there's something that goes on with that mating event that bonding event that ramblings them more may examined it makes them more monogamous exactly and it's happening i don't remember i think it was happening at the level of the receptor yes they are making more of the receptors the maiden
event cause them to strike then that bond even more novi fascinating is if they could figure out some way to experiment with bonobos who are patently polygamous but but nobody freaks they have sex with everybody related there they only have deal only with light male intervention is yeah they do the other their homosexual the only restrictions are the mother won't mate with the sun's that set everything else is a free party and it would be fascinating if they could figure out a way to introduce that good can you introduce it yes yes you can make a transition and until recently transgenic by informal dialogue with their current now so transgenic in that in the context of biology means that when we take a piece of dna like a gene that does something and we put into any you know a speed he's a rodent and we make it like we can give rodents human genes and studied
facts or we can give rodents genes that we give them more of them and see what happens globally apes got started probably sounds like a fuckin disastrously we do it in rodents butts permitted in chimps so now with this week there some limiting ability with the cloning techniques and how we do it but now we can do it more readily so i think those studies are going to be done yap at your your right always the variability that the chaotic factor and say well what if we could what if they like become really smart restart landowner right sure but the zoom chip fuckin welding masks on make it sorts that would be kind of oh yeah away by also terrifying although their mean a lot more but nobody banal both aren't what is really fascinating because they're like the least violent of all the primates or one of the least violent they almost never harm each other because they're having some sacks
secondly i wonder big but chimps have a lot of sex to they don't have much sexes bonobos for sure but bananas have so much sex they dont use em in captivity you never see bonobos at the zoo and the reason being that just so hyper sexual they'd people would find defensive because western culture so ridiculously suppressed if we had bonobos in the zoo we couldn't say well this is the thing what you looking at here is a normal natural expression of bonobos they like to have sex with each other they solve disputes with sex they the u sex for bargaining and what we we know the chimps use bargaining for sexless what i had an old bit about it was because one of the first things they ever discovered but chimpanzees when they start experimenting with money is started giving chimps coins and they could give those coins and get fruit with it so the first thing they did was give that coins the females have actual them thereby really the first thing they did once they realize the coins represented food they give the coins the females the females would say fuck
stacks of coins the ceiling and all these males are we having sex with them it said that associative being you know we're then immediately been able to realise the great within prostitution is genetic yeah interesting we back onto the i guess it's not really prostitution but back the whole life style and how that changes are behaviour they have oh shown that in mice when name female my so when female mice when they are not caught old so there's a lot of this in behavior all we know epigenetic stuff they there during did you a lot of studies on ok what happens in early development you know what happens to the brain like if you're not even if you don't get attention you don't get the cuddling licking how do you grow up like what went on and with the females what happens to is they when they don't get cuddled and licked and all that they grow up with more estrogen receptors in their brain and they be
more sexually receptive so estrogen miss make me no makes females more sexually receptive so what s happening is usually you put a male mouse into a cage with the female mouse she made do not make them you know and if you put if you put one male mouse into the cage with her this is a normal like a mouse tat cuddling coddling mother put the second male mouse and let's say she made it with the first one but the second one in and it's she's not going to just met with this guy is like made it you know she's not she's not promiscuous where she just having sex and after sex but what happens with those female mindset grow up without that cuddling they have increased abby genetically increased expression of astronauts separating their brain they become more from sql you put it put a male mouse in again and it will make and you put another one in and it may it so it's changing the sexual behaviour now you know quarter i'm sorry but is no correlation with human beings because human beings are come from troubled childhoods of the
lack of love tend to be more promiscuous yeah i mean i agree obviously i can't make that statement but mean a you did a motion the more we learn about how early life events are affecting you know behaviour of our own brain and also of of our offspring you know like the more we and start to apply this to you know humans i think it makes sense and i think there is definitely a correlation between growing up in poverty growing up we know with without having that family there that love nurturing support of system on whether at a single parents not is not necessarily case i'm not saying what i grew up in a single parent home and you know i'm not out there fgm yeah african get in africa kind of i get my science for gone by a different alone therefore i i'm just saying i dont want to live
so that every is definitely no exceptions better but i do think that are increased understanding at the biochemical level of the environment changes the brain we know whether we're talking about behaviour cognitive function you know in general is very interesting and i think that it should be extrapolated and shorter in applied humans and and hopes that we can our to make society better you know it's just so listening to me that a human being is essentially the product of an equation equation of all these different hormones all these different neuro transmitters all these different epigenetic factors all these different life experience factors all these different things this is that that's what produces around the patrick i mean it's amazing so it's so complex
i agree with you i think you know there's a lot of here's the thing that we cannot control you know and this so we cannot control are you know are pauline prisons that were born when like me being born with april before i can't control that or it's hard to control no being raised in a family were let's say you know you're from us single parent families in your mom's working hard shouldn't have time to cleaner you don't get as much nurturing dad's gone you know that sort of thing you can't shoot that i mean you and your very young when you're young infant in young toddler mean these your your brain is very susceptible to all these new no environmental interactions that's epoch genetically changing you know the way your brain is working but things that you can change our you know as you know diet diet important one that you can change you know that the whole ballgame basically each unit
talking about i really think there is a complex interaction between you know genetics abbe diet and you know i'm not the only one that thinks i mean there is there's people researching all these different complex interactions but i think what i like to focus on is the part that we can control on the part that we can control right now and not is you know our lifestyle wit we what we as an adult at least obviously when you're really young your sort of beholden to your parents beating you and also you know that's the sort of unfortunate but the starting point you know it's like when you're able to lies what's going on i think that trying to control what you can is really important so getting a good diet in a things like getting enough omega three epa in your brain is literally and anti inflammatory it's extremely extremely important like you know this study
their injecting people with sight a kind that are causing inflammation that gives them depression and yet if they take appear with it they don't get depressed yet that's pretty significant its mass we signal yeah you'll be a huge issue with children's well i don't think it's a huge issue with to have these these repeated the various some fish oil gummy bear lesson these different little candies they give the children right they dont it is a candy the tide is quite a bit shit here than candia but their sweet enough so they feel your treat kids yeah i think that you know extremely important specially early on to get to get that epi i know i've talked about in the past the data is always talked about because its high there's a high couple of it in the brain and i even talked about it in the context of
well oil in some research after our last conversation yeah we had a conversation about though this woman things keep coming up on my message board does one folks wanted to work question you about that like what is the difference between crude oil and fish were and what what are the benefits of crude oil and also how do you know whether croys rancid cosette that that appears to be an issue with oil real are you valley with krill oil interesting ok well i'll tell you what i now and i'll die what i dont go so the thing you know the reason data and pierre very important cause they're they're both an important part of of the brain in terms of a j it's it's very important because it's part of this membrane like new neurons are ass your sites and other cells in your body but particularly is concentrated in the gray matter up the brain so it's very important the difference between
you know a fish oil and krill oil and you know this this is something that i made a video on recently is is that so fish oil is usually molecular distilled because they use it to fish in our higher on the food chain and they ve got concentration of more bad things like mercury and their fat and so they molecular does tell it to get rid of that john because we want to take a bunch of you know mercury and so they they do still it because they want to concentrate the fish the epa anti aids and make it more concentrated so what they do is they take the fair the epa deejay and they put this like ethanol back phone they usually it has a clear role backbone on it which makes it a tremulous right and they take them off and they do this ethanol backbone its part them like the desolation process how they do still it get the impurities away but then most companies leave it like that they don't put it back in the trackless right forms they have this ethanol backbone which
is not recognized very well by pancreatic like paces in our small intestine so it doesn't get absorbed very well because that's an ethanol backbone is not common it's in a does get absorb you just have to take more of it soil can be released arafat into a tremulous ride form where they put the cliffs rob gone and not as is much better because it the trackless right is what these these pancreatic like pieces are used to seeing so that they can absorb it you're small intestines can absorb it better so the bio availability better essentially so but the problem is most fish oil supplements don't do that there's it there's a couple of exceptions and a nordic natural's is one i like them so that's the fish oil krill oil is mostly in a but liquid form and so that the thing about the phosphor liquid form much like when we are talking about with life bosoms is so the thing with fast philippic
is it the d a chain european krill oil can be easily absorb the small intestine for one it can be absorbed in its intact form without having to undergo all this intimated cleavage stuff too can just be absorbed intact and get transported to the cholesterol a clown microns like html elliot that can be transported there in full tat form but so that's you know better bio availability so to speak and there's been a couple of studies showing that there's like a forty percent increase in bio availability and from getting epa indeed j and foster the liquid form from crude oil verses getting inch in i tried less right form from visual so that's kind of cool tat the thing that's really cool about crude oil is that this possible liquid form is is great because deejay to get deejay to the brain we actually transporter which means to there's u can get you change the brain by just having it as a fatty acid free fatty acid and aching carried into the brain
but there is also a specific transporter that has deejay in a certain kind of fossil lipid form called lay so far title coin foster title calling is if possible a bit and it isn't krill oil and it's pretty awesome because the that deejay lay so fast tat calling can transport transport the chain in the brain is actually important where that aid gets into the brain in fact when i knock out that transport on mice mice had sixty sixty percent last year jane their brain so is obviously an important pathway the brain likes it in that form so i think for free for that reason in and of itself crude oil we call for the deejay because it's in that light ass it coin form however that's not the whole story i think that fish oil because fish oil concentrates the epa anti j till it insane levels i mean even though crude is more
available you know it doesn't have high levels of epa forty eight speak but your brain doesn't need that much deejay your brain conserves deejay very very well the half life of deeds it is like anywhere between like six months to a year it's like very very long your brain is conserving it and the brain doesn't take up a lot you know so on daily basis i think it's something like four milligrams day so your brain isn't taking up a whole lot of j j but when it does take it up it likes it in that crude oil form that fossil liquid form epa epa is the thing that you bring needs a lot of a constant supply epa is so important for so many different reasons were talking about you know the whole night inflammatory pathway that we mean i started talking about with you know traumatic brain
three with just normal brain aging with inflammation and general anything going on in the body of the inner any sort of got issues all that stuff that's affecting the brain and so you know having epa in the brain is so important is so important and so i like to get a concentrated amount of pierre from fish will i get mine intrigue less right form so i use nordic natural's because i actually take both i take credit well and i take visual because i think the krill ill is often for the data in that foster total calling form and i think that the fish oil because i can get like i try to get to grams they ve some like multiple multiple studies have shown whether i'm looking at clung function whether i'm looking at depression i'm looking at impulsive behaviour or you know at other types of a brain functions and behaviors two grand seems to be a consensus in terms of benefits that's two thousand programme
yes yes and so i get that from my minorities natural's epa that i take and then i get my deejay from the cruel the other thing about the crude oil is it has asked to dampen which is a cross annoyed that is also accumulates in the rods and cones in the eye and also on the brain and the reason it does that is because it has a unique structure that is able to sequester singlet oxygen which is produced by uv like the sun singlet oxygen is the thing that damages our eyes with age it's a very reactive one of those reactive oxygen species i talked about and it damages the rosin the cones of the eye and it's a it's a cause of age related blindness with her were talking about max or generation to generation or other
sorts of you know i d ability diseases so asked his aunt and looting decent and these are cross noise better really really good the cumulative i because they're like basically every time around the sun in that blue light hits which cause which has the elect this thing with oxygen and it gets captures and it stops it from damaging brain and also eyes so asked aunt and really call it off been shown in clinical studies to improve html to have been a lower oxidation oxen lower occidental stress all these good sorts of goodies that come along with that which i also think are really cool i like asked stanton in terms of rigidity i personally reason another reason why i take nordic natural's is because of the the isolated their fish oil under nitrogen conditions meaning there's no oxen oxygen present so in order for these make a three to get damaged they need to be oxidized supported hold distillation process the pilling all that that stop you're that's me
you're exposing into occident of damage and so the fact that nordic natural all that in a nitrogen conditioning there's no oxygen presents its kind of awesome the crude oil ran city i aware of how rents rancid they gets just because i'm sort of new to them or feel i just did a lot of reading on this dossier facet of coin forms probably similar situation probably is and fish oil asked his anthon is a very good it is also good at preventing limpid proxy so it's you know its doing so it states that its an antioxidant is preventing allowed their integrity just a matter of maybe how much ass standards in their that's possible pipes in various doses so maybe more ass his aunt and would help prevent the rapidity and that in that regard but that would be you know one thing that i would look for if you're going
well try to get a higher level of speaking of mac your degeneration i issues yeah what what specifically is a good thing to take for vision i've heard course certain is that what is clearly tenure horse to minsk is supposed to promote healthy vision even better than that is losing india's anthon leo as well this is the thing s pure as a macular health packet some supplement they save that has bought that looted so to say loudly and looting yeah polluting our course of yeah i'm like i'm not i mean that's corsican is just got general mechanisms were activates and are of two which is a transcription factually acted act of its good fun to its in it's one of those broad spectrum connally the corky men where it in turns on a lot of good good genes in the body but really for talk
about the idea j looting and sees anthon there really the main ones including india's anthon are are present in my green plants calles really high in it zucchini you know these things has all those things is pure one the one that i take has lose even in has z s ex ante event as the asean plan and corsican as well as well as an essential el citing and a single sistine sistine decide what here so actually that's another in a single sixteen is another way that you can activate and i have to and also good at thy own and it's also a potent the oxen end no i don't know it it's not a general thing that specific
did he die it's it's more of a sore not specific thing to the ice more general thing it can induce couldn't violence into says so it's you know it's one of those things that are being a good for multiple cells but speed when i'm we were just talking about the eye looting and decent and like if you look another tissues the only place you find it in the eye and the rawdon cones in the eye and in the brain that's it that's worth accumulates whereas animals this your system gets in my multiple cells it's just do no general antioxidant thing so having the looting and his aunt and that's part of it i think but this did i make a smoothly every morning which has a lot of kalen it and other greens but it it's gotta huh the concentration of looting and is aunt and also my multiple as it is well i think i'm confusing corsican with something else because i think it was looting those thanked about something and think this year
pure mad at you probably what you're thinking about losing his course it doesn't mouse right yeah it's it's a policy in all guides good i mean it does a lot of good things that a lot of the mechanisms by which these policy in all work is through that it slightly talks good activates all these different genes in our tissues that are good detoxified times are good fun and other reactive auction species scavengers and things like that i saw an industrial system it has been shown to activate all the good at thy own june so those it's like it's it's one of those mechanisms words like it it's like i mentioned before the whore response is kind of like that where does something like that generalizing respond you earlier about something that i always thought was bullshit that that's dead that did that bull shit that everybody always prescribes and people are sick a connection amnesia also there was nonsense i dont
now if it has or not i just i mentioned it cause i know that it's in people's minds at an urban thank the islands of peoples who take a couple jobs our commission when you're circle around it and never did anything i never felt any increase you know healing or yeah recovery from cold i honestly have no idea fits if it's real or not i haven't read about it enough i mean i think the best thing to do we are talking about now is making sure you don't have a lot of inflammation going on making sure you're healthy like that's that's going to be the way to have the best immune response you can possibly have when you are exposed to something what i'm pathogenic refreshing nor human beings work because we always goes try to fix it wants it's broken and don't try to prevent it from being fixed like this there's a lot of money in hell supplements but there's a lot of money and like homeopathy the remedies once you're already set right like member
remember who gave it to me burma this stuff it's like these little like little sugar capsule yeah fairly happily harp important email them like a meeting sugar was it homeopathy i don't like this is nonsense nanos is amazing homeopathic remedies cause i go this is fucking sugar surely that is a fact that what is yeah i think that it is you stop called europe dogma now you papa tablets lecture crystals now i've never i have no idea we're talking about but i do know that homeopathic stuff is there's just no way that can be in fact if the weather dilute it to the to the point where the like one molecule of the compound in it just crazy i did i was given to given them once and i took one and i didn't know is homeopathic but i thought it was like on a car something they took it but it was like little tiny little cap like sugar things in item and i could tell just by the way i shook the capsule
pop it open may never spoke of our capital but anyways that that's what is arnica arnica is it's it's in time amatory herb anti microbial made use for like new mouthwash kind of thing it's it's potentate inhibiting aerobic bacteria bacteria that her aerobic so so that's yeah i haven't done tunnel researcher arnica needs that that's one thing than it does do the golden rule is another one in soil partnered with acclamation color goal seal goldens right right now you're right you're bringing back memories for worship too i dont know because i am just haven't looked into those i haven't left with is i know things that are good are the polly phenol course it in common two american general because the tomorrow on the industrial society
flip hook ass it is another waiting meaning that a thousand that's also impart important for my to control function so you know there are there are good and who knows summit on arrival poorgrass and some prepare yeah you're out my book ass is interesting because my actually my mentor key is one of the pioneers such showed when you give off a loophole acid to old rats showed this like our now fifteen years ago i guess it made them young again like their brain it like made their brains young so when you gave them to old rats it was like reversing bringing aging and how to administer was intravenous you know i don't remember i dont remember foes intravenous or not i can easily check that check that out but i believe hook ass it does get absorbed and actually gets absorbed better when it's not taken with protein interestingly enough hall
has it buying usually it's something we make ourselves like plants make its in you notes in food that we and also we know we have we make it in our body but it when its complex protein for some reason and i don't it's been so long has been quite a few years since i read about this mechanism but something about it does it doesn't get absorb because it's like cleaved away or something with the protein so actually taking out fillet poke ass it supplements should be taken on empty stomach which legal absorb drug cattle now just which is kind of different than other foods where you take them with more many people like listen all this information is allowed people listens paragraphs right now like fuck there's too much to have really taken a consideration there's too much like you have a hook has needs and without but not one
protein ok when i take it ok libel saw more good asylum zella jet lot right who was on so i'll take turmeric and then i'll get my decision the thing that i get from our universe began the subway right now writing on their hands re like china puts shit in their head how much stuff should you take a day how much does turn you get from your food can you didn't raise rude absolute like there's apple i broke ass a new food i mean i've warming you're cooking would come from six i think you know i think that its you know joe it's been so i can't i can't call which ones have the most of it it's it's in a lot of foods but in terms of concentration wise i forgot but the thing is that you know like i'll take awful able gaza it's not part of my staple you know my what i really really focus on is on micro nutrient setter part of all these but biochemical pathways that are going on in all of our in
in our brain those things i want to make sure i'm getting that's key so getting the omega threes getting my ph d j getting vitamin d maybe i'm getting my minerals calcium magnesium doing that right making trade at all that stuff vitamin c like all i need all those micro nutrients and i want to make trade that that's most important the other stuff you know like taking the current khartoum in or the term eric and fun things like that you know those are more i think the measures that you can't i think first and foremost healthy diet you now make sure you're eliminating the inflammation at the source of witches no making sure you're not causing too much information by eating shriver eating sugar and refine crap just eat you wanna make sure eating a lot of like when you eating your meets you know that are not all crazy
process dia nitrates and nitrites when i try my trains are nitrates earth night this big well my trades aren't used for pure of care no they're in their inquiry there in all plant layer like everywhere nature nitrites are used to cure me an like lunch means and make a lot of bacon i think has it on the differences that nitrites can form much nitrostat means which are carcinogens so they basically what they do is they bind to your dna and they form this bold bulky attic on your dna and what happens when you're cell tries to replicate slots you may damage bulky attics when i trust it means they like interact thirteen and then when the cell replicates like the uk can the rubble and machinery can't recognise that dna sequence could just big things sitting there and so it is put any
they're in its actually sociate it with a specific type of mutation i think it's a g to tee one spent awhile but that causes that's associated with cancer which is why its labelled as a carcinogen so nitrites can form mostly because there when there are inaccurate acquiesced solution they conform nitrous acid which then can react with amy which are everywhere in proteins like amino acids amans so the reactors that informed conform nitrosamines so that's not a good thing and i nitrates you can form nitrates canvas nitrites like in the saliva we have like bacteria saliva that can do that and its i've seen studies every and anywhere ranging from like five five to twenty percent or something like that word it conform nitrates are certain i try to nitrates conform so well plants turn form not showing your saliva arbour which ensures that
by some significant mile we can be talks are well so well there is i don't remember like that what the toxicity i think that there is something that can happen but so there's a so that there is a nitrates conform nitrogen which is a basic dial soon it's kind of a good thing and actually use sometimes i use that to help people with like hypertension nitrites can also form that but it depends on whether or not there is enough anti oxen and around like vitamin c or other antioxidants because nitrites because they perform this nitrous ass acid in our resolution they can immediately then go i trust it means but if you have this reducing adrian around then you can shift m nitrites to form night nitrogen nitric oxide but with a complaint is right he's good but so plans how a lot about him and see when you're eating the nitrates in the plants you're getting vitamins
see you're getting all these antioxidants with vitamin season caille celery alleged off its there so you don't they ve done studies they looked at the amount of nitrates and means formed from either nitrites or nitrates and like so for meat like meat nitrates are incurred meat and have shown that nitrates don't form those is readily because its warming the nitric oxide instead especially because this lot about an see around which inhibits the formation of the net trust me if you if you the nitrites and cured me then you're not getting a lot about oxidants unless you're eating them also with it but in the case where cooking the nitrites cooking is dangerous because can be dangerous because when you cook water waters have you get water and then i tried in though in the acquisition of water for nitrogen for nitrates acid
which then react with debt degradation products of amino acids from like bacon for example like has protein and they formed i trust a means of cooking conform to track and i trust the means and you can enjoy them so cured bacon with with chemicals that's what's bad for i know i'm not a big fan of of eating nitrites daily or even weekly you know they i think if you love bacon why not just you know by the stuff with the nitrites they make it without you get a butcher sharp words not right you're not to retreat i think i've even seen it leg at berkeley ball leg were my shop so it's not so nitrates are bad traits or plant formed yes and nitrates can form my truck it's just me i know like a little confusing and complicated by common wean misconstrued uncommonly yeah they commonly get guess so night traits are not what are curing meet nitrates her wits and plants and you can form them you can form nitrites from them however
because of all the vitamin c in all that they don't readily form nitrosamines i trust the means which does the bad stuff that it's the carcinogen that's that's what you dont want to form new it forms nitric oxide more readily so and nitrites can form nitric oxide but they so warm i trust the means and particularly if there's not a lot of vitamin c your antitoxines around that can get push towards that i trust i mean state gotta yeah yeah those lubricant it's so over complicated i've seen this switched on all over the place on the internet actually so it's all its i know a lot about it as my mentor studied nitrosamines and he was like one of the pioneering guys that lake was talking about how this tina damage causes cancer so i've he's told me about them you know so i little bit a little bit about them and he knows a lot more than i do so it just seems like one those things were when you're when you're talking about all these different nutrients in talking about which is a real constant area
of study for anybody wants to be consistently healthy anybody really wants to have really nutritionally balanced diet and optimize their health and their potential to recover from illness and prevent certain do you know certain damage in we radicals in other areas it could be problematic and our world and arts diets this is think about there's so much to calculate i hear you i think that on one of them in things i think that my advice would be it's a lot easier to focus on what you should eat then on what you shouldn't and i think that in more inclusion airy diet is is key so focusing on your body needs you know not we for short term but what it needs for long term is on that more than twelve percent guy eliminated from you die because it's just first of all if you focus
what your limiting from your diet and you're not going to be getting all the good stuff that you mean that there are so finding a lot about loss drawn later and even eat that it's just like it so there's too many little it's easy because caught up in a lot of minutiae and i know this because i've been there and so gonna getting caught up in all the subtle my new minutiae you know it can take you forever to try to fix what's going on and then in the meantime you getting distracted from the important thing is not as what you need you know your body your body is a resilient and if you feed it what it needs you can fight off stuff you're gonna you're gonna age better you know these are all chemical reactions and ends erratic reactions going on all yourselves in your liver in uk in your brain all these things are gonna keep happening because your feeding it and when you have a little but a toxic stuff guess what all these path is already because they're so they're getting nerve we're getting what they need that they activating the your body has protective mechanisms to make sure it doesn't get cancer
i explained that when you make reactive auction species you can repair it or you can do this i will die but all those all those repair stress response mechanisms they require that you know you're you're giving yourselves what they need to do that so if you're so focused on what not to eat that you're not enough of what you need then your bodies you know capacity you that isn't gonna be is optimal oh i really like i really think it is i am especially for people that don't have a scientific background don't have time i mean because it takes a lot of time this sit there read through all the scientific face and figure out what's going on all the complex interactions you know i barely have time to do that and it's like i do this everyday like i do research every day and on top of that in my spare time i do still overwhelming and i still can only get some done and you have the education deal with all the information you understand what's going on when the mechanisms behind it
you know last time we were here we talked about some of the disinformation and that even medical professionals does your written books that an understanding of the different like we talked about vitamin e ended the understanding of the different mechanisms involved in vitamin e absorption the body and people who have written books did their incorrect about the what's negative about high levels and what is good about high levels in what is a warehouse your body should be processing it and what different types of when either is gender this is so the so many variables there's so much going on a yeah i think that you know dishes to some variables in it being so complex we're all were also can newly finding out new things you know i'm talking about studies that were pulled two months ago in the in the context of dramatic brain injury in some of these neural stem cells i mean it takes a continual all
searching of the literature unity to keep up to date with all the new research and and that's incredibly difficult to do when you're occupied full time as for example is affected and you are treating patients already overworked you know these are things it's it's extremely difficult for a lot of a physician first of all they haven't been trained in a lot of these biochemical pathways in nutrition and mechanisms you know i think that the training itself inherently is flawed and in that something that needs to be changed at the institutional level you know i think that doctors to be there needs to be more focused on understanding how friction interacts with genes how died interacts with genes how you know these complex biochemical
was why they why they need all these different micro nutrients as co factors make enzymes work in all this stuff that's not that's that's lacking in the medical profession i know that's locking cause i have several friends at our positions and have told me and also because even people there aren't my friends physicians have told me that they don't get trained in this way so i think that's really you know that one of the the flaws in medicine but in addition to that you have doctors at work really hard and you know and i i respect them i think that they they do to some degree in a date that they train hard they work hard and they trot they're they're trying to somehow help people they tried to diagnose diseases and to some degree the they do do that but i think the problem is that they also can't keep up with all the new literature that can't keep up with the new research and us then there is the whole human component that comes in when you you ve got your patient that knows more about you know something you do sometimes ego
that's the way your immediate responses sort of a jerk knee response words like now this can't be true because i'm the the leader i am the person that more especially when you talking about things like your time the study with the mice that showing that the the neurons are acts its stimulate stem cell grow here that this also knew and you'd and what's on there's a couple months all the end of year you're degree was in the nineties good fuckin y know it's true it's you know it's in it i do like for me i'm putting out some of these videos and i do this you know some sort of an i'm trying to do it more frequently but some of my videos are low more complex than like the general you know educational the alleged i tried a really you know be comprehensive and bring it home and sort of make sure i explain mechanism in contacts and all those things and
and getting emails from positions that are thanking me because they're saying than ever knew this and their time and its really reward in addition to like educating the public you know like i can also very important in making sure the public people that no understanding how to fantasies understanding what you need to optimally optimally perform is but as good as you can into age as best as you can that's important but it's also important for physicians understand things that they didn't get they didn't get trained in an didn't have time to read about it's almost impossible if you have a full practice in europe constantly today on a daily basis and actually how much education is involved in getting a degree in nutrition well i mean when you remember you're a doctor if your general practitioner how much of your time is really spent learning about nutrition and when you go to a doctor for advice but nutrition you're all rules better off just fuckin googly mia
i don't know how much time i think that relatively speaking to the rest of their training i would say it's not much and you know also getting any new nutrition is also i mean like i a degree in biomedical science and i'm you know i've i've done research on agent cancer now i'm doing some nutrition research but i think that even getting a degree attrition has flaws because you know i think that some of these some of the dogma of nutrition itself is been changing with new science and then getting people to like change their state of mind and that's always harder to do especially when they ve been you know this out for years in and also that a lot of time he's you know like they don't have a real hard core science in some cases like a science background words like i always
i like to change fields i'm changing my i've changed my field several times you know if we started out doing chemistry looking you know that very very molecular level and then i went into no aging research and then cancer and now i'm doing nutrition and i'm getting now i'm even getting into the brain so i think they it's it's kind of cool they also cab different perspectives like words like wrong because you see things that other people have been in that field or ever don't see run you know like minos the nurse cells and like i'm does not love nutrition people talking about rural stem cells and things nutrition that are important for that so it's yeah it's definitely it's hard for the for the average person to figure out what they should eat or what they should supplement that you are saying that one of them but his ear involve with does like nutritional scans on people you'll do like blood work panel and then recommend what the person's deficient and yes
involved with them i had done some identical guess blog post little over a year ago to sort of because i like they were doing me like the service provider companies whileness ethics wellness have access cool because they they are there basically consumer based words like you sort of you don't have to go get a doctor's prescription to go get your blood work and to look at things like see active protein your vitamin d levels you know you're our bc museum deliberate profile you know these sorts of things omega three they they measure eight an epa and deejay they also you're the omega three omega six ratio which is also important having too much of a mega six fatty acids also leads to the inflammation that generation of each series the landings in the brain in the body is causing inflammation in its having having a good or mega six swimming to three ratio is also really
i'm so do that as well and i think that people that are going to get it has done and then they get their blood work and then they they'll whileness effects has like a panel of nutrition is another physicians are not really familiar with them they help people interpret and to what degree they know what they're doing i can't tell you but the point is you have an information you can rise also learn a lot from the internet but also you can look at your baseline dietary changes and start to see how things change like that's really important this quantifying this quantified self movement it's called where you're basically quantifying your own thing in a blood work and things like that figuring out how to optimize yourself that's a lot of work it seems like it be really problematic to find a lot of rwanda patrick's out there that i don't know how many of you there are blonde smoke of europe you're my friend and i love you but if there's a hundred rhonda
checks out their running clinics it'll be awesome that means a hundred cities could have a place we could go and you can get as someone who is really completely absorbed in this of research like you are give you a real systematic breakdown of your diet of here's your profile this is what is missing is your martin is fuckin difficult change well thank you for that compliment but i am i think that you know that getting the blood worked out i'm looking at these different micro nutrients and by workers and liberal panel lieber panels is one aspect of it and i think the other aspects that i'm becoming trick increasingly interested in is getting the genetic data as well point three and so i you know i am you know i'm trying to say out away somehow i can i i'm getting more and more interested in because i'm looking a lot at these complex interaction between genes and die and i'm trying to figure out ok you have this polymorphism em
you being me i have it namely for what do i do to make sure that i can give myself the best chance of not getting alzheimer's disease rise gives me what can i do for my first other whose sixty five years old now and is at a critical point i gotta make sure that i dont somehow in or be now and make sure you know he's doing things right that he's gonna get alzheimer's and and i pray we want that even i want to make sure he doesn't get it even more than i do you probably because they know you have it it's i feel bad my family members you know but i won't really now it's it's it's dealing with your close loved ones and then slightly losing their mind and not remembering who you are i can't think of a worse thing that can happen at from death watched a bunch of documentaries without timers in his brutal and like i sent i've seen the dramatic
brain version of it in fighters lonely start to appear and not just in real time but in highly accelerated real time like i've seen a guy go i'm being one way to two to three fights later seem a year later and he's different and this profoundly com when i see this you can literally see the struggle in their eyes wow struggle in the way they form sentence you know some of the united left about some things that are impossible to help me well that are getting traumatic brain injury repetitive traumatic brain injury and obviously i really i really think that the paper we for genetic test is i would love to see that come into practice where was knocking adopted by for the commission's i'd like to see that a dietary banana fell yes i'd like to see it adopted by anna foul i'd like to see a boxing emma may i'd like to see all those types of athletic commissions adele where it's like you know
i don't want to say okay well they they're gonna say europe before you can't do that cause i hate to like take that away from someone you know i don't know maybe maybe maybe people will figure it out there's some committee form and also you know it's such a high risk that we are just can't have you saw him affiliate wants want a sword fight it is it really is it's just that bad i mean you're too about going from just having leo i am already freaked out because i've got to threefold risk of alzheimer's disease you're talking about going from that to attend in some cases you know ten fifteen fold increase risk and now increase risk it's an earlier onset it it it changes the onset like by seven year so you're talking about getting at seven years almost a decade earlier than other people so that a leah like having that ice a form and it's just an easy is an easy task to do twenty three me does it and doctors do it
i'll know there's a release a recent study published in the journal of alzheimer's disease that reported neuroscientist using a cellular model of the out summers found low doses of ultra nine tetra high drove can now and all which is too this recently from marijuana actually has been shown to reduce the production of amyloid beta and prevented abnormal accumulation which has some of the early signs while the memory loss cities which saw areas because men one has been known to give people short term memory let me rest that one thing that potheads like myself constantly complain rank the fuck are you talking about you know that's what only when there on it but when you smoking marijuana were eating it when you're intoxicated by the big things short term memory so it's interesting that you bring this because in my whole traumatic brain injury classed as i've been reading about you know recently
can adenoids came up on my radio radar because new studies have just recently come out related to else to also traumatic brain injury where they found for example patients that were emitted to the hospital after a traumatic brain injury i think it is like a mild too mild moderate so it was like glasgow coma score blake or five it wasn't like a severe severe were like totally that go in a coma and all that but they found it though people that were admitted after having a dramatic an injury they those that have the highest levels of th see in their blood war the least likely to die and it was like there was a dose dependent thing where they saw people that had higher levels were much less likely to die like in the hospital so that sort of sparked my interests me what's going on i did a short little room
research and i found out that also even in mice mice that were given a low dose of arm teach see that was not high enough to have a psycho tropic effect it actually so they gave mice this lotos just a single lotos of teenage see either forty eight hours before the dramatic increase today i'm induce dramatic injury in the mice when delightedly press that put pressure on their little tiny now skulls and or they gave it to them one at seven days after the traumatic event had occurred and what they found was that it dramatically do the whole neuro inflammatory pathway there was less a demon there was less inflammation less amyloid plaques were aggregated so this is quite significant i'm so i started just a little bit more i haven't done a tunnel reading on this big so i really am no expert by any means so their apparent
there's two different receptors kanab annoyed receptors in the brain there's c b one in c b to c b one is found on neurons predominantly in c b to is found on the mai quickly i which are they a means of the brain which is really interesting because there also found in the immune cells in the body so like something about the c b t receptor is specific to mean cells whether whether talking about mean cells in the brain or in the periphery but what's interesting is that can have annoyed activation of the seabed you receptors in the micro glia it prevents them from getting activated prevents them from throwing all sorts of sight of kinds and causing all sorts of neuro inflammatory cycles that happen i don't know exactly how i think that its i think it's also well known that not kanab onwards have some sort of anti inflammatory effect in general i'm so that is one likely mechanism in the everything was the the c b one receptors
they recently found this led me into this alzheimer's there is there are studies so that the fact that it can protect from traumatic brain injury is and it's that it's an anti inflammatory effect is also suggests is showing that this is relevant for alzheimer's so i did a search on that sure enough yes like lots of studies actually had been done on the effects of kanab annoyance on alzheimer's and so there is a real since study that showed that somehow the the receptor when you agonized the receptor subhuman receptor on neurons its protects it does thing where it's important for long term participation and it's kind of a confusing mechanism but long term potential nation is when you so during learning the learning process when you're learning something new you form you ve gotta synopsis forming between the neurons and there's an enhancement in that synaptic
so it's like its enhanced so it's solidifying that memory that learnt which whatever you're learning it's making it stronger and that's a very important mechanism for like neuro plasticity meetings that you're gonna remember something long term you know because even hands that signal it's gonna be there and do that enhanced that long term retaliation you can activate you can cause you know morlock activating types of signals but you also get rid of the inhibitory ones and the sea be one receptor seems to somehow get rid of those inhibitory ones went activated and amyloid beta plaques when they build up in the brain they they act they antagonize c b one receptor they prevent the c b one receptor from doing that minimum role it does and long term merchant potential nation which is part of the effects on memory long term memory
to now in terms of short term memory i don't really know it's kind of interesting i had the same thought i've heard that both shorter memories memory is affected it's very stereotypical you talk to anyone in the street they ve heard yeah out several hundred percent but i don't know that i just i would have to read a lot more on this topic but there may me some sort of acute versus chronic effect where it's like there's something happening acutely wire you know the agonizing than wires by you're gonna taking the kanab annoyance and then versus the long term effect and maybe there is some sort of trade off maybe it's like a short term something's affected but in the long term you're you're your ability to have that long term budget creation is good so it's it's interesting the can have annoyed its unfortunate that there is not a lot of research being done in that field i think that more and more
fuller doing more research on it as if all these studies are coming you just can't ignore it it's absolutely having more more especially now that there's money involved in it because of going on in colorado and washed and state her so much money is being poured into marijuana research now because people turned to look at it in terms of while this is like sums see seriously financially viable stuff like this is not just like some sort of a fringe thing people trust to sneak under the guise of medicine is a crop and we have to look at it as this is a commodity mean they're making hundreds means dollars now and taxes these states are while that are often colorado gonna be over a hundred million dollars here washed and state might surpass at once all said and done it's gonna be crazy and once the new elections restart rowan in and these these options when the ballots for other states this last
it's that are economically challenge that are gonna probably jump a born in california should be in terrorist that they have this mission with fuckin move jerry brown in sacramento the whole thing is ridiculous it should illegal a long long long time ago but i think that there is to be a lot more studies being done on the positive effects because they just live looked at so many different things the reduction in iraq killer pressure for people have go coma people wasting disease and aids and all sorts of two people were appetite issues because chemotherapy meaning go on and on and on but now when you finding alternatives yeah the play inflammation properties of it that especially the difference between eating and smoking i give you more benefits from eating in a lot of people that can complain about chronic or last hugely they find it hugely beneficial it's it's a really good platt yeah that's i think you're right as
more and more research comes out there's gonna be a positive feedback loop or it's like you just and in addition with these other progressive states i call wrought in washington state which are now you know it's recreational rate recreational ii legal and it's not only by its generating income which is like we did you just can't ignore that i mean that money the mono too burdensome and and people have a hard time ignoring money was it really hard for them to take it away now because what happens is estates get addicted to that tax revenue when you talk about withdrawing a hundred million dollars in tax revenue when the statistics here's what gets really crazy decrease in violent crime decreasing in dui arrests over and over and over there's like now there's no negatives there's like a guide jumped off a roof somewhere ok that's fucking time i dreamt i remove anyway that's territorial it's a terrible driving even get an accident you gone ten miles an hour everybody's boy but each which other really relaxed handwriting
accidents i mean we're talking about our mediterranean dreaming getting hit by a drunk driver i mean you're talking about awful it's just amazing really truly amazing how few drunk driving acts as there are in comparison to how frequent the did the places where get alcohol as you drive and industry if you drive down the street industry drive down you have drug dealers all over the place every restaurant you pass drug dealer every tv s door is a drug dealer i mean there also drugs there are selling alcohol mean almost every bar a meal of course every barb and almost every restaurant almost every drugs or there also in alcohol means it's incredible the availability of alcohol and if you take them into consideration it's incredible how few alcohol related accidents we really do have
what's interesting is that their selling this drug that you know alcohol it does it does a lot of damage alcohol this damage to your guy i mean you're talking about poking holes in your got like sugar does it does that it also obviously your liver that's what most people are my with but the brain is my concern you know particularly because i can't repair damage as efficiently as my husband who has doesnt have this april we for so when you drink and they ve been shown in studies people with an april we formerly all that drink alcohol even increase the risk of alzheimer's even more because what you know when you we are talking about inducing cell death then if you can replenish that you know said that if you can't repair the damage and april we ve nor can we have an ape we ford impairs the ability to grow new like us had grown you know right and repair damage and that's very important it also use it's so bad because it's like also causing more aggregation
of amyloid beta and all that's that's there the neurons are primed to die and when you get out a whole on top of that its is causing at its taping them over to death that stress pa stress like i was talking about so you know i don't i don't drink what it's fun and eyed and i have always done it you known in social social situations but after finding about my but we for every time i minnesota social situation having dinner with them but your friend's name thus wine in even other some benefits with politics calls in the wine resveratrol and worn yeah resveratrol one and but the problem is that i the better than that it's like the pros and cons the cons outweigh the benefits in my mind because alcohol there's so much damage that i can't repair so if you and i are drink glass of wine you know what's but just the same
that you're u dont have this april before because one in four people have had their three people in his rooms likely that neither its mike it's i'm the one me you know so this but what i'm saying is that you know i have to think about this interaction between the genes and die in me drinking alcohol now i know that i can't repair the damage is efficiently so it's like it it changes changes might my future behaviour incense and some people were probably say wow you're not can enjoy life and do you know it's like i'm not saying ever you know drink and i do a lot of other really really good things to counteract that counteract that and i'm trying to figure we're good things but i think that in going not like for example exercise exercise also you know is very very important for people with ape we foreign shown this in studies that people that exercise more they have an april before lil are less likely together to get alzheimer so this is where this complex interaction between genes in environment come into play but it's interesting
you can have a noise which are not found in every cbs nor any store like within i in a block radius actually have the opposite effect on the brain they actually help repair the damage they actually decrease the inflammation no it makes people like me who are very hyper aware of this alzheimer's disease and all the mechanisms accelerating and how to you no stave but off it makes me think well that's kind of interesting that something that's seems to be beneficial from our from our studies that we ve had published so far you know so when will we see adopted in them in the medical community you know how are we going to see changes are we gonna start to see people given contaminated and you know i i don't know if they are trying to figure out a way to uncouple the second tropic effects from the entire inflammatory effects i'm almost certain that people are trying to figure that out and i don't know if that's gonna work or not you know there may be some thing about the cyprus appropriate effective it that's also important for you know there's
no telling biology minutes it's it's the way it is for a reason you know but it's it's something that that's on my mind it's on my mind that i in a special that that i know i have this paper we for illegal which completely changes a lot of things when i think about exercise i don't think about exercise in the sense of oh i need to this way this lose way i want to return and look i think about it if i dont get exercise i dramatically increasing my risk of alzheimer's disease if i don't get that exercise my brain point two atrophy and i'm going to much more can it be more likely that i'm going to lose my brain function and i'm gonna change my behaviour in older age and now is terrifying terrifying you know so you can have to exercise its becoming like uniting people still really think but in terms of in a losing weight and it's just its
doing so much more in doing so much more and we know i'm really glad people do it to lose weight because at least are doing it right you know but they even just like a couple of weeks ago i started came out showing that exercise literally cause you're muscle cells to detoxify something that we may called king yearning which is actually a by product of trip defend metabolism trip to fan as i've talked about before in our conversations can as a precursor to serotonin rates attributed he has to get into the brain and ignore what when it gets in the brain and make serotonin well trip event can also formed something called kind yearning and when it forms kind yearning in this house and under liked conditions of stress or you're in munich when you when there's some sort of pathological invader so it's like it's an important part of the email you may not immunological response so kind yearnings important to make tee regulatory sell something you obviously want to be able to have this response mechanism however when
make too much kind yearning not only us tryptophan not being made into serotonin the brain is getting sucked into this other pathway in addition kind yearning can cross the blood brain barrier and they conform to something called catalytic acid which is like a neurotoxic literally causes like too much glutamate to be released and clauses excited toxicity and sell death and it activates micro glee s caused inflammation if you already have amyloid the flax in your brain great more activation of michael we're going to keep making more to feeding that already terrible cycle so exercise causes muscle cells to like convert that kind yearning
to another byproduct that can't get into the brain so you're talking about another way that we know exercise is protecting the brain in fact in these to study that was published and so they found that these might stay they did this mouse models when they injected the mice with kind yearning it got into the brain and caused all these like ex neuro toxicity sort of effects but it also depression causing have depression which of course you know inflammation in the brain depletes the ability of brain or release serotonin and that's one aspect of how implications causing depression see you're not you not making serotonin tipp cost depressive symptoms in this moistened the do all sorts of little studies were they look at exploratory behaviour and all sorts of things and little mice obviously humans are way more complex but then some people so when they made the mice exercise they depressive symptoms went away truck they did better on learning and memory tesco yet the reason why you know
exercise is freakin awesome for the brain for depression for me to make sure i'm not gonna let you know get alzheimer's so forever but for everybody were at a time fortunately we just rattled through three hours at an accelerated rate blasted through you were in a trance you wanna information disseminating trains will i say legal people learn today is the day barely learned that gonna have to go over it again with no pad and they gonna google shit out of it in and i think we got a lot of us too shit every time we talk next we have to talk about crile therapy something i've got to talk about that but god dammit totally also launch so much of terrible talk more about behaviour of genetics fascinating do it again month or so whenever thank you so much it's always awesome your website yet so am i
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