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#573 - Daniele Bolelli

2014-11-11 | 🔗
Daniele Bolelli is an Italian author, professor, and martial artist. His books include "Create Your Own Religion" and "On the Warrior's Path" and his podcast called The Drunken Taoist is available on iTunes.
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today on the show is just a fucking awesome. Dude Danielle Bolelli is just a brilliant guy, a philosopher professor and academic. If you were a friend a martial artist and a just a great thinker, and I always enjoy talking to him. He has his own podcast called the drunken Taoist and without further Ado, my friend, a beautiful human being Danielle Bolelli Alley, train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day. Ladies and gentlemen, the drunken Taoist himself Danielli Bolelli, my friend. How are you pleasure honor to be or again always a pleasure in order to have your brother house. If you hear anything in the background from giggling, Danielle is beautiful,
daughter. Is here, babysitting plans didn't work out. Well, we'll make it happen, but I feel weird about swearing so well, you should see what comes out of her mouth on a regular basis. So yeah, my daughter, gives me a hard time or my wife That gives me a hard time for swearing in front of our daughters. It's like there's like some period, where Here- is a certain point in time we not allowed to swear when they hit. Eighteen, you can say whatever the you want, the but anything before. Then people get a little squirrely, of course not. But if it's hilarious, because you know you can tell that you know You'Re- going to listen to some music you're gonna, not even crazy stuff, but like all yeah, she she like Katy Perry at some point, and so I'm like ok, whatever you listening to your song and then she was still a couple of years ago, so she was tiny and she goes into school and she start singing to her teacher and their teachers. Like oh cute song, you have such a beautiful voice and she,
going like he'll, be a mass like a beach. I should know- and I was like- please do you know the pc police is trying to take the word out of our vernacular. Push which is the latest one, was the new retard. I won't let go retard, I don't care what you say: it's not a medical term. It's no! It's too retard is to slow down, is to be behind the curve to be retarded is to be slow, it has nothing to do down syndrome or any disease is going to have to ban it eventually, but for right now I'm fucking staying strong, staying strong with retard and I'm staying strong with bitch. What's bad bitch, exactly well, it's some derogatory term for females. It's part of the patriarchy. Don't you understand? You know you don't under
then 'cause you're, a white male. You need to check your privilege mister belly. Have you not check your privilege, hards yeah? I saw your tweet about checking your previous. I was thinking about checking my privilege yesterday. I didn't go, I thought about it, so that even mean, it's a way that people can silence you. I mean that's essentially what it is. I mean the idea behind it. It has some merit. You know the idea that there are people that have village in life and they need to stand them. I think it's about put term when your talk think about my name birdies and poor people and people on welfare and people in foreign countries that have no health care in their poor. I believe support one hundred percent that, but it uses a crutch to silence people, the crusher people who lack the intellectual vigor to engage in an honest debate and discussion. They say you need to check your privilege.
I love watching videos of people that are really that bright, but they're like getting involved in those debates and they have that weapon check your privilege. It's like it's like a fight, that doesn't really know how to box, but has an awesome, overhand right. You know they don't want to string that overhead writes the other boxes like pets get outta here with that overhand right. I don't see that shit coming a mile away, check your privilege. So not that easy, you're fucking argument sucks. Not I mean I got it. 'cause there are the people who are. You know we live in a color blind society, everything there is no more recees and we can all be equal, and if you are trying to argue anything, but you are in reverse racist and I can see how some of these guys are dicks themselves, because there is like ignoring the fact that there's a whole history behind it and when they say we start the race evenly is like well somebody's. There shoe strings tight, together from fifty years of bullshit, no pork and fifty way more an so. It's like no
no, even the race, that's bullshit, but at the same time, when you turn eighteen to everything, is about what happened the one thirty years ago, as a come on. I thank the fine balance there there's a website that a twitter handle that I don't. I don't follow them on Twitter, because I don't want them to know that I follow them. So what I did is Cook marked them and I go to her page all the time. That's and her thing is about being child free hash tag. Child for- and I mean this woman's entire fucking twitter feed is all about how happy she is that she does child. It's one of those you know me thinks thou does test too much. You know it's like when you go to it's like, oh, my god. Why is this? Your whole existence is like being happy. That you don't have a child like this, is so bizarre The bizarre hang up, but that bizarre bizarreness is that characteristic of human beings like they can get caught up in a bunch of different, weird way.
Thinking and one of them can be just fucking meandering on and on constantly about racial issues, oh yeah, of course, and it works by the way. Have you seen Al Sharpton's girlfriend Jesus Luiza? Really, oh, my god that good, oh, my god, she's fucking, ten young, ten arms around this crust. The old dinosaur, fucking suitcase pimp. Will these are sharped on the dead sea is officially dead. I don't know fucking thousands of one thousand and fifty He's disgusting here is just a creep he's, just a suitcase pimp. You know it's just one of those guys, it's just a hustler. He figured out his way through that Tawana Brawley case. Where was some false? accusations blaming all these white people? It's again the same thing that source race pimp look at her How old are he and that's this one picture by the way. This is everything that happens with people's heads
when they lose weight and when people get really fat, their heads get big. It's Sharpton now that's Al Sharpton! Now he lost a lot of weight, his stomach stapled That's only one photo over she's thirty five Zia yee ha good for. Yeah. What do they talk about? Crayons should just not that young, actually, thirty five is pretty just beautiful, Somebody is not watching their little show. Somebody is sitting in Danny. Double l is lab. What are you doing? Are we watching lethal? Could, if not, where creation of tools in the months or not she's, she's done Dennis, say hi to everybody. Has a very okay I'll, hide your the whole time about right, right you can sit in my lap watch. Your show this to be the first show ever we're a little kid is here during the podcast yeah. That should be you're, so cute I'm going to have to let it slide, I'm going to have to
this. What should I don't watch tv or anything? What time? What time so right now it is one hundred and ten you can watch tv if you want, you want to she's watching her show more or less see all that that goes yeah. Well, my dog three. So I moments ever my daughter's three hundred. I took their skips Kemsky when it when one daughter was two and the other one was four that's going to start them. Skiing yeah. I just think it's good to get kids doing shit much as possible. I take him to dance class and gymnastics and I teach martial arts, but I think it's good get them used to traveling at the middle of doing things. But when she was three we're put, all of stuff into her little bag and little bag carry we travel and she likes to pull around own and she didn't, have her helmet in the bag and she had everything zipped up and right when you finish it up on my honey, you didn't put your helmet and she goes shit.
So adorable. I know out a three year old gone and my wife, and I would just like: oh no, she didn't. If I have it the ticket kids are do right. So what's happened sees what aid the deal that I struck with our was. I don't care if you me: I get its fell. I do it too, but you do not. There. There are places where you do it places where you don right school around other Keats in front of your teachers. No, I told him so one day, We were driving home from school and she let slip up something like that which is done or not, and I'm like is. What's she look at music? Don't worry, I don't That's cool, I just say I'm like ok, that's fair, and so she sees that she had to go ahead, and so she went she Trisha Sister ship kind of got it out of our system in the US that yeah it's it's tricky, because it's totally acceptable for adult in normal rational conversations, but you know it's not
circles. It's our sisters that whole thing the whole censorship in language thing is a such a bizarre aspect of being a human being. These forbidden words that we use that essentially interchangeable with words that, like what drives me crazy is when someone goes fricking fricking guy with his frickin thing. Like I hate what kind of bizarre corporate world we live with Applebee's existence are we floating through here, frickin drives me nuts, a sense is we heard weird and that's why I mean I don't over. Do wait if I can check it I'll, try, but I don't to censor myself around there in anything you doing anything that I do is kind of like this is how I am right. This is I'm not going to out of my way to make it weird, but I'm like yeah yeah and I like talking to kids, not exactly like they are adults 'cause. Obviously they aren't, but at the same time not treating them like they are fucking stupid where you can treat them like Google Gaga
in the staff on the longer come on man. The kids are ways smarter than you give them credit too, and if you, if you work with them like that from the get go, they will say prize you time and time again with the stuff that they can say back to you. Oh without a doubt, I remember when I was a little kid people I still to this day. Remember people treating there was more on and talking to me stupid and I'm going to remember thinking when I have kids, I'm never talking to him like that. So I talked to my kids like their my friends like very sweet to them very nice and I'm like very under any other crying about something that doesn't make any sense. But when I explained explained it to him like an adult, I know heads only that big can't possibly be smartest man, but they're smart man. They are my six year old, can read now wow, which is in thing, because I had a shirt on the other day. That said, nine fucking oranges because I had this. A bit in my act is based on a true story where I had my power cut off in my house,
because I didn't pay my bill. In fact, when I was young was very responsible, I wasn't even broke. I just didn't pay my bill and so the guy came by to turn the power on. It seems like a nice guy and after return to power on ago, hey man, I had an orange tree in this yard of this house. I was renting and I go. If you want I go grab on those oranges, man, I go there really delicious and it was ok thanks. So the guy goes out there and he takes nine falcon arms, and I swear to God, man. I was twenty, I want to say maybe two thousand six hundred and twenty seven every time those twenty years ago and to this day I still sometimes I'm in my car and I'll be driving around. I just go nine fucking Orange and talked about it on stage, and it's really true. It's a true story, and so this dude gave me his t shirt at one of my shows that just said, nine fucking argue make it just for your yeah and had oranges on it. I wish I had it on right now, but I work for one of the shows. One podcast but anyway I brought it home and my dog
cause. I know what that says. That's a bad word is that a bad word. That's a bad word to bust that I didn't even know she knew that word. First of all, I mean she's your daughter, a couple of at once. In a time my wife runs a tight ship. Really I tried it. I try to keep it, keep it very eg, you can try only once, but there are ties. Would you know I remember when she was towards something where I drop something and for the of the day she went on repeating dark, dark, dark and I'm like I'm glad you sing It's a dark! What I said. Yes, that's what I said when I drop it like there's no way look at how wide it you know, there's no way it's impossible. Yeah there is Bryan Callen Brian calendar, nine fucking hard. I see the fucking is covered by my name, but it's nice. So I said
that wasn't Brian Coleman. I got back from hunting that was before hunting or 58's after yeah yeah. No, we did too Tupac Casserole one before and one after hunting. We went up to this island. Of whales in the middle of a Alaska, terrible trip Reilly. Well, it was beautiful though it was beauty, It was a great trip, was just unsuccessful, hunting trip, but there was what great about it was when it back home. I really appreciated civilizational yeah. I really we slept in a tent, it was wet, it was wet, sleeping bag is wet, it was just it was miserable's, like forty degrees, just pull Ford every day. It was so much humidity that, like inside the tent, I would turn that had this little miners light or anything like that, headlight. I turn it on and you'd see. The entire tent was filled with little floating beads of water. There's just that much humidity in there
When did you guys go with America's first week of October? It was too late. Yeah, it's late yeah. It was too late for the area that we were hiding in because the deer had already moved down here at the top, where the water is where the lakes are in. The deer had already moved out. There's water up there, lakes that have no fish giant lakes that are late they're only there because of rain water wow giant lake? of rain water. He drank it because there's no beavers right. He just dip your arm thing right in the water we drink right out of the lake, that's beautiful and it's a it is beautiful, it is it's amazing. In that sense, like I was prepared for diarrhea every day back to never came, they were saying. If you get Giardia like the the you wouldn't get Geordie of Giardia comes from animal poop. The only way you would get that as if there was a beaver up, but you could like run into a bear and a bear could have pooped in there because, like some bear poop in your mouth yeah that would be yeah. I can see how it syncs could be more fun, yeah, but it's such an enormous lake, the odds of you getting any substantial amounts. I mean
the reality is, unfortunately, we're constantly getting fecal matter and stuff in your body and like even if you're personal, only eats plants. They say that one of the best ways that vegans get vitamin B twelve is from bugs that they inadvertently eat that are right on their food yeah. It just kind of hole where, if I add that the other day- and he handed out these a glass of wine to these lovely lady and she grabbed it- and she was about this- now see- potentially look and check out the a bag inside as she handed it back to me, and I think I was already by then after that I took took a look at it. I was like just try. My shoulder and down bug and wine, and it was tasty nice bugs don't taste nearly as bad as people think they do take it from Maine from my days at fear, factor I've eaten quite a few bugs that's more in your head. Yeah then there's anything I mean I would angle for like nasty. We are looking cold cold from outer space kind of thing, but you know a little bites. Whatever
I ate a Madagascar hissing cockroaches like the site number pagers that that's the a pager, that's Matt Giant Madagascar, hissing cockroach. I think they're referred to that's pretty gross right now, it's, not bad man. How was I guess you know what it is is not the thing itself, is what he does scrolled through: it's all in your head, yeah. It really is all in your head with the boys, true yeah disgusting, but the ones that we got. They were ray used in form of their race for movies and stuff like rising in for show biz. Now it's really in that case. Yes, on the cockroaches son, so looking back amazing that there's so many cockroaches there's so much of a need for cockroaches that there's someone who raises them for television so that I've never heard before crazy. That's interesting right now, we have millions of a man, these guys railway vats of cockroaches, but I was around them. So often it just became nothing right and I watch either men in I forget
it was. It was one of the girls from US soap. Opera was a celebrity fear factor in a major deal if she ate she ate want to coaches. To move on that, I would eat a cockroach right. She won't need a cockroach. She ate a worm instead, like like. I would the reader roach than a warm but adamant about. Even in my book see a warm, I think is filled with dirt. Yeah, probably I mean the dirt, but I gained a cockroach is not exactly you get all rap himself day and night and taking showers is I'm telling you eating. It was like it was very like taste at all. It was very mild just exploded in my mouth and I crunched it, but it was very mild like if I had to. If I was starving I would eat. How was your bowl those things? No problem, fair, starving, Nancy, There are too many things that one doesn't it yeah.
Makes you gag a little just because it just feels gross in your mouth but reality of like the actual flavor of it is not that bad, not too bad nice. It's not no worries yeah people are saying that in other countries that bugs are becoming like a viable form of protein, yeah, they say is really clean. Protein is less fat than in the most other type of pro thing, so yeah. If you can get over to ill disease gross supposed to be actually good for you yeah, probably and not just less fat. I mean how much fat is in a bug yeah. I would imagine next to nothing yeah! I mean there's super lean right now, so they even have like cricket like snacks that you can buy at like hiking places the selic these cricket bars. I've done that before it was press, enter your sound, come out of her ears earbuds.
I was wonder what that was. I thought maybe some was outside cranking music. One of these things fell off year and I need to just okay, you can listen to the other ones are just plug. It is one of she's, so adorable, it's alright man then yeah. I had that before with a friend of mine was from Oaxaca Mexico, and so one of the traditional thing they will have this entire plates filled with crickets, and you know he didn't grow up there. He grew faculty are right. His parents were all into that stuff. So when they he's like, I have to try after threat, he orders it at how can a restaurant and he just look at it, and I can see she's about to throw up like any cycle about right he's. Just like, and I'm like come on is not that bad and I have to say I did the I mean you can eat them, but I can think of about ten. One thousand five hundred and seventy two things that are better than that you are not the taste testing in the world and they look Actually you know they are they are. They are not that tiny, so they have their eyes that you can clearly see mom crunching on some click. A tie right now is it. But why is that? Why is that gross,
but, like a lobster, is ok now actually I mean there are some stuff that I agree with you, some seeing sir, it's not a social condition, you know is yeah. This is, do you just brought up with the idea that that's normal and then it's normal, but otherwise it's not it's just as weird as a bunch of others yeah, because I mean essentially like crabs and lobsters and crustaceans there really like bugs or are bugs that just live in the ocean or water bugs, and it there are one of the few things that I can't quite I mean the whole being of boiling them alive. That freaks me out really, I mean other stuff. I have no problem, you know it's like the hunting thing. You know you how'd your hands. An animal is free as a good life. You kill them, you eat them totally, make perfect sense to me boiling alive something actually involving Porcher to make sure that you get to eat. I feel like I can eat something else. You know I can it then again and it doesn't have to be a vet I can eat. I have no problem with the whole, the team thing or anything, or any of that
just avoid the degree of pain apart she's like come on man where it makes you feel better. They say that lobsters lack the nerve endings to feel pain. Really, yes, well they also regenerate limbs. Pacifica lobster loses a leg. It just grows rack in the case, but it on the lobster. Yes, if you really wanted to humanely eat lobster you just hack their arms off and they just keep. Grow, their arms back But you know there are claws. You could do that it would work. I don't know how long it would take to regenerate a claw, but they they re generate the same way like crocodiles. Do right, they regenerate as well some lizards. Do I remember when I was a kid. I went to my math or not Grand Father's hours in the by the seaside, and you know I would hardly ever see him. So it was kind of a new thing and it was already weird enough and one day I'm thirsty. I wake up in the middle of the night. I go to the fridge I opened
age and his fucking giant lobster jump out of the fridge. Is that running away 'cause? I had covered it and kept it there alive, freak the hell out That's the weird thing about lobsters. Is they live in the ocean, but you can ship them in a box and they don't even know in water and they get to you like from Maine and they're all line up like that every day in Vegas, they have lobster shipped in from Maine on the restaurant's disliked hello, hello, hello. What what are these things? the day. They don't even have to brief. I know the coming days. Can they go with everything I have no idea, but it's freaking is definitely speaking. Yes is free because it comes She needs some sort of a television show for this to work. The vision show right there she's not watching watching it, which is more interesting.
Rob we work this out man. I would've brought my kids over the get a little party sign on and we just we heard yelling and waste. It was the worst I've been a wild and crazy over yeah. I don't know what it what it feels, but the one thing I do know is: when you throw a lobster in the water in the water, boils they try to get out. So I'm not buying it yeah, I don't bite it either on a little weight to me, the site. Xenia thing, the people say yeah, it's like no, they don't feel anything they like it actually is like a sauna to them. You know it's like they have these play. And so on and all of a sudden they die peacefully and go to Lobster Heaven a known issue. Yeah hear music and they just expired. They want to go to their dad. The relative lobster was being in your fault, to be four and they are uniting lobster Heaven and anoles well, and they One thing that is interesting about like prey animals like deer and antelope and stuff is that They believe now that, like when Ansel gets captured by God a line or something like that, the one the
lights down on it that its brain floods, chemicals in almost sort of gives up yeah I get kicked a little bit there, but it just sort of gives up there and it doesn't fight like say, is if of a lion captured like of a predator. You know some of the predator right a not like a leper sale like that they would fight for their right. They'll, go crazy and make screaming noises and everything, but antelopes just like This is just my place in the world today I got colds okay, I'll check. What's next to life with that, I gain see soon. Yeah come back as a draft for some. What's your take on that kind of stuff, the do you actually semi believing believe in? What's your take, I don't not believe in it, because I, the idea of life itself is so bizarre. The idea that we have a a soul that we have consciousness that week see through eyes that we navigate was sound and feel in memory. I mean it's all that so so so bizarre that the incarnation is not outside of the question you, I don't
I don't know if there is such a thing as a soul? I don't know what this life is. I don't know like. Does this life? Is this a finite experience, you you're born and then you die or are you drifting in and out of peril? experience experiences every time you go to sleep and wake up mean. Are you on the same timeline constantly when you a company? Have you have this memory of your existence in this life that you are you sure that that's exactly how everything goes me just because People in your life seem to think that that's everything how everything goes. How do you know that you didn't go to bed last night with a totally different existence, and I wake up with a memory of this life that you're living right now is completely bed in your head and we don't know, let's make it a famose trance when the butterfly right the whole daoists agent once it was all like they asking about this dream, and you say hi this dream
I was about to fly, but now I'm puzzled, because I don't remember anymore, I don't know if I'm really shines when that was that I mean that I was about to fly or if I'm actually about the fly in these is the batter flies dream thinking that as a huge feast once and that's like the paradox off you never fucking yeah. You never thought I had a really intense dream once that was so realistic that to this day, it haunts me because I was some sort of an animal like a wolf or something along those lines, and we were sneaking up on this deer and the deer herd, like branch, snap or a leaf move, and I could smell fear- and I remember smelling fear like smelling. Tingling in this animal's body, as it was thinking about bolting as it was wondering whether not heard anything, and I also remember, smelling water. I could smell the water that was dripping and then I woke up. I remember thinking like what the fuck is
going on, because I remember there was other similar animals near me. Some wolf like animals near me, and we were like communicating without words, sort of strange, primitive way, it was a very short dream, but I woke up, but I remember thinking wow. That was an intensely realistic experience. 'cause. I didn't feel like while it was going on. I wasn't like oh I'm a person that thinks it's a wolf. You know it like. I was in this animals. Mind course could easily be imagine sure, but then again it's some of those dreams. I know exactly what you mean, because some of the things are weird there's a there's stuff that I know what I've experienced and then sometime there something that could be seen that he's like this is not part of my life. Do you know what I'm feeling right now is way beyond the range of my experience. This is now part of the game, and that's what I find I find it tripping. Final really interesting, like you ever see the movie legends of the fall with yeah yeah yeah. You know I really like them
I could only watch it with at one time and I could never watch it again because he freaked the hell out. There was one scene where, if you guys around watch legends of the fall and you plan to do it ski the next mean old, because I'm gonna give spot oiler order on the spoiler from one movie for a twenty years ago, not exactly big spoiler, but there's that scene, where but speech, but rather get killed in one word, one yeah. He goes berserk and he kind of goes behind enemy lines, and he and next senior sees you, see coming back into camp and he's covered in blood. He has german scalps all over him and his walking through the camp in everybody's opening up to let him go through nobody saying award there's this sense of.
There's, the sense about him that these kind of larger than life he has done this crazy thing of going single, handedly again, killing, probably ten fifteen guy, something insane, and yet there's the sense of extreme sadness like old, that Bioware Old, that warrior ability does in give him what he truly needs, which is to get back his loved ones. You know right so that combination of extreme larger than life power and total tragedy that you can. You know that hold that power doesn't really help you. When I saw that scene, he was so damn familiar in a way that it's not my, you know it's now. Out my life up until that point are being you know, parallel whatsoever in my experience, and it was unlike any other movie where I see something and he's like oh cool, I can kind of relate to that on some degree any hit me like. Oh my god. I know that feeling so damn well and that I think about it like
Where do I know the feeling you went to your cigar whenever I so legends of the following, there's nothing in my life to mirror that not even a tiny bit Well, the imagination is such a wonderful, incredible thing: it's just it's so impossible to really understand the back countries of the imagination and people can imagine memories. I mean there there's been moments where people have been talked into remembering thing, spy like by through experiments like through with with You know someone would counsel them and give them a memory of the past and then coach them through this memory and then tie will go on and they'll think that that was a real memory, an what. What is that I mean the imagination itself is to bizarre aspect of being a human being the ability to like this wolf. Thing that I had in my mind. Essentially that was my imagination. I mean the only other option is
what is it a suppressed memory from my genetics from along time ago, when I was some sort of an animal, but you know I mean the idea of evolution is essentially that human beings in twenty fourteen are the result of millions of years of change of natural selection. Of all these different slow process is that have led us to being this thing that we are today, but this thing has a direct link to whatever the survived from that gigantic asteroid that hit the Yucatan and was what what one and a half miles deep right like plant light thing was like five, not five miles deep into the earth within the second and a half killed everything everything larger than you know, Can I use the term a everything larger than a chicken, so it just like there's a point of reference in just
weird little mammals rat things survived. So somehow another from sixty five million years ago, this weird little rat things that survived b, zero, Sierra, exactly all the mammals around those eyes and of and everything else, and what is you know, but but there's no direct chain to any wolves, there's no direct chain to any mean even the lower hominids, even the ones that ate meat He did where they weren't on all fours, they weren't. So there's! No. I have no with wolves. Not so That's the case like what is that thing? Is that just total imagination? Is it just the psychedelic chemicals that flood your brain during heavy rem, sleep just creating a beautiful image for you to try to. Actualize and wrap your head around or are you
drifting in and out of realities right? Are you mean there? Are you a monkey one day? You know this because you wake up and you're done nearly, but at least you have you, your life and everything is normal. But what were you a monkey yesterday? Alright? Well, I'm probably some would argue that a memo here right now, Claude everybody argues that I I do. I will. I yeah, I mean it's obviously, when those stoner conversations that you have. How do we know? No, we would you know anything about that. I was always like. I don't know what you're saying yeah, but those those conversations are so common like. How do you know that you know when you you'd bid and you wake up in the morning you the same person, but you don't know, and that's weird thing about going to bed- is that everyone wants to do it. Every wants to sleep and everyone scared to die everyone, the shut off temporarily, but no, I shut off permanently. Oh yeah is a very
very existence. 'cause. You know if there were any guarantees, if truly people, that's why I don't really buy a lot of the religious people who think they say. I believe these on afterlife, isn't that is like, if you really did you with a more relaxed about a lost of seeing seeing life because you wouldn't have the field that is likely to have you know if, if there's nothing to be afraid of it would be cool, is a great you know I my thing here whenever I check out the check out and they go to this other cool place, everything is great. There's no reason to fear the FED up. People are obviously not thrilled with the notion off dine makes me think that they don't believe it half as much as they actually do, we'll believe systems very strange it it it can. It can really seem in your mind to be absolutely real and you explain these beliefs to someone else, and they will tell you that you're an idiot like I was well on. The sat once was doing this thing and I was talking to this girl and her sister, I'm totally normal and then the girl.
All. I don't remember what we're talking about. He had something to do with gay people. Don't remember what it was? It was something like about gay marriage or gay people, they were talking about how the woman was saying that it's a sin is I thought she was joking. I really thought she was joking. Who is a set like a television set she's like well, it's a sin. I was like yeah, it's a sin and and then I realized she was serious. I go so you think that God created people that are gay and when did it like as a goof like a trick, What is that right and she goes no? No, no! You don't understand. She said the devil scales are covering your eyes and I say The devil scales are covering my eyes, I'll, never forget that term the devil scales? I think the devil at scale. That's when you know it's going to run, but no no, no, I mean she was friendly. She was,
Just who knows man who knows his girl and her sister and the is the girl, the one that I was originally talking to see? totally normal, but her stir was just out to Liz launch right and the devil. Scales are covering your eyes or what it was just about? Gay people yeah. That's no yeah, that's quite freaky ride. Yeah, but it's like people pick and choose shit man all the time. I know this dude who's really religious, but he has religious tattoos. Okay, I got to read the whole Bible you're not supposed to well yeah right executive read all of it. This was a tattoo yourself, but that's fine. If I to me is like when people say the either the r parole or against anyone really John Seely, because it's like, when somebody tells me they are, could he stay on our Mosley, marble, dissed or whatever to maybe he's not telling me anything really because, as you say, people
you can choose what they want out of that, so one guy is way of being Christian's totally awesome. There gonna be super nice people and their belief system helps them being nicer. Yeah the next guy, their way of being Christian, they pick and choose the crappiest part out of the Bible is scary. As hell and their way of being crazy and his ranch, Your life, you know, don't need the label itself, I'm not interested even arguing about whether one religion is good or bad, because the reality is that every one of them you're going to find at least some good part in some there's a lot more than others, but you're going to find at least a little bit. That's cool in just about everything and you're going to find also tons of crap, I'm interested in which parts you pick and out those parts inform your behavior. How do how do you behave based on your beliefs? That is what the interest me yeah. It's like, like the idea of drugs, like all drugs are not just drugs, the idea
You know, I'm I'm really a religious person, I'm a christian right! Well, Fred, flip Phelps was a christian right and then there's like Rupert Sheldrake is also Chris tried. You know this very up to exert different ideologies at work here, but they're both calling themselves christian, yeah and Fred Phelps Justice. Evil mean creepy old. That eventually tide is rotted in his own filth from fucking anger, yep, that's exactly how it is that's. Why I to me even the whole anti religious views toward sometimes gets to dematic, because it's like, oh Christians, are Muslims, are all evil is like. Do you really think
every single line out of millions of people who belong to the scenes. They are old, bad people, ground man, his like there's, there's the nice lady will peak the parts that are all about being nice to your neighbor and chatted to you, know whatever and that's their way of being christian or muslim or Buddhist or whatever the hell. It is yeah and is awesome and there's nothing wrong with detainees, actually pleasant and I'm free to actually helps our life other beliefs. Yes, those are scary, and anybody going by does Billy's Daniel Ct Natural and is not helping Old Lady cross the street. These chopping people sat off because they don't. I believe the same thing you do. That's very used got that the freaky part, but I don't even care what it's people are I always argue about which one is the one who does only shit. It's not even just their lieges alone 'cause. If you look at like communist dictatorship, nods is they've all done in the name of its totalitarianism. You know, is that idea of everybody needs to live according to my way of life and anybody who doesn't need to be squashed. That's the scary thing
Gary itself, which label is attached with, regardless of which set of clothes it's a site. Where is the same shape, yeah ideologies? Are there prob panic, because when you like, you force yourself into like a framework, you force yourself into a pattern? Anything that's outside that framework is like automatically not to be considered when you have like rigid thinking anytime, you ever Greeley, except like rigid thinking like hey you shouldn't raw people hey you shouldn't go around stealing you sitting around going around stab people you shouldn't mean. There's rigid things that this as a like, a pretty clear cut. It makes sense because they're causing harm to others, but is also there's ideologies that are just you get locked into a man, you're forced to think that way, because of it like people that I'll tell you that this religion is correct, because this religion is the truth like they'll and they'll, tell they'll force themselves to like he stuck in that Little box right and you don't
admit that you ever fucked up and lived twenty years of your life, believing in some nonsense. So then you're stuck you're stuck in this little box and that could be atheism just much as it can be Christianity because I've met a lot of atheists. That as you're in a religion you're just the religion called atheism and they want you claim your an atheist, like I know, is due this an atheist and he gets upset. If I say I don't know, you know like that, we sent that to me is the most honest thing you can raise or not about a lot about stuff of the universe is I don't know the reality of it. He hasn't had any really extr name psychedelic experiences either rice had none in fact he's. Very smart guy, but ideas are like only based on his own personal experiences and what he's learned and what is red and he's a very smart person is very aware of religion and please, like so adamant about per cream, claiming there is no God and I'm like look dude.
I have seen things on mushrooms that are way crazier than an old man with a book check in your name in the cloud and leading you through pearly gates and there's a bunch of people with wings. I've seen some that's way crazier than that, so that I don't think that's true. There was no evidence whatsoever in my estimation that that that exists, but the idea there might be some universal consciousness that we want to describe as a God. It's just it's, not this old man in the clouds wearing robes, it's just something, maybe even beyond the realm of humanity. Beyond the realm of the possibility of us understanding, I don't see any evidence for that, but I'm not throwing it out exactly I mean if somebody is telling you some crappy fairy tale that subject poorly written on his bad screen. Writing it doesn't take a genius to figure out. Ok that just bullshit and I can see it, but if you define God
in some other way how the hell do you know the price you know once you reject as the most bad Zeke Sealy type of fairy tale. Everything else is up for grabs, because nobody, really knows. I mean only versus that's right to me. It's kind of hard to have the discussions about religions, even like the books, I've written about religion because huge
People who don't like organized religion is because they are big fans self. You know kind of a hard core were materialist, Ward Velum, where it's all about what you can see and touch, and nothing does exist right. So then you write a book that pleases those guys and doesn't please the religious folks. That's great! You still have an audience, but if you argue for something more subtle, if you are you for something, that's basically not dogmatic, either religiously dogmatic or a nap hardcore, materialistic form. Dogmatic then you're out of luck. If there's a fight in an audience- because you are there's no need church- that you'll jumping to right away right is not just one simple, so you know, there's does group of guys that are going to be right behind you, you're asking people to be aware on a moment by moment basis.
So right, urgent, just simply buying into a dogma spouting the idea already spouting that this is what we believe, one two and three here asking people to live life without relying on a damn recipe that you apply at every little thing you run into and instead you to use their nose to use their. I sniff the situation right now, I'm able to in this particular case I'm going Leasing in these other cases, the same scene that Warrick two minutes ago is not appropriate and is not the right thing to do. It's kind of liking. Fighting you know he's like there's anything to sings, there's a time into sings en going with that plan. A region plan going with a plan is great, but going with that rigid plan, they are not going to change it out. As of what's in front of you is the recipe for death. You know you ask up, seem seeing. Why would the life in general be any different? The region that blind a scheme to every see
come see. Our way I mean to me reality, talent, is, is minimal to judge things we can hear out, unfortunately, that her little your buds are picking up on the though the microphones let's try now. Are you sure you don't want to watch tv? That's ridiculous my kids watch tv every chance they get, because I don't watch tv watch tv we could always go? Do you wanna watch some tv like you work, so look that up? yeah yeah. This is to greatest thing ever for travel. Man for travel. We put on those things behind that the headset and people go. Oh, Why do that? Why not have your kids like have a conversation, she's fucking for right? that our session. Only last so long right, not only that there's like educational cartoons, now ask cartoons of like teaching house Baroni some and they could sing along with it learn you know, phrases and words have you ever heard of theirs atheism, obviously
There's a thing called atheism plus. Have you heard about what day is in plus new tile is essentially new religion? It's atheism plus a set of moral guidelines. I call it duh. This is why I call it because it's like it's all, be a good person, but I just think that's done you know and maybe like when it comes to things like racism and these sort of discussions or homophobia or any any sort of discuss in about quality or reading people in a very negative way, because of something that they can't control like their sexual orientation or the way the the skin and they have what color they are. What part of the world are from. I think anybody was a good person. Is it sees that in twenty fourteen recognizes, that's a fucked up way to think so. These people, this atheism, I think they have like atheism so they're, all saying, there's, no God there is no God there is no God, but we want
a set of moral guidelines to live our lives by with no so show harassment. Sexual harassment and feminist issues are big aspect of that. It's mostly a lot of like really weak men placating to a lot of like angry women, and they formed this grew. Where they all sort of get together. They have conferences and they just die each other, the death. They say it's all just the same shit. It's it's all shit that you should already know, don't be racist. Yes, don't sexually harass women, absolutely don't rape. Of course, you know, don't murdered a you know like okay, okay, how many times can we talk about right? I get a certain point. I've watched a bunch of their conferences online, it's hilarious because it's so fucking, Dan tick at the end of like you get beaten to death by what they're fucking saying it's like You should already know this. Everyone should know this. This is this is silly, and I think that depends on what audience you're speaking to
as you know, for anybody was as semi, decent human beings should have learned these by the time they are five and it's like done, and over with, are we still talking about it? Then, of course there are about. Of people who are not exactly same ad senior one beings, so maybe for those guys is a good message, but I agree with you is like to me. My thing is: I use this time and time again in podcasting you're writing. I always write the whole idea. Their rules are for people who are too stupid to live without yeah 'cause. You know if you are smart, you don't need the damn rules, because you know how to make the right call in every situation, and you don't need anybody telling you look down rape. Anybody like I don't need, tell me, I got it. You know in this situation in the next and the next. No, it's not going to apply. That's not. There is going to be the exception to the rule right other things that are going to be exceptions, but still you're going to have intelligence to be able to make the right call is UA.
Somebody was coming to mind me. They mean baby punching in the face is a good idea. You are, somebody was disagreeing with me. Punch in the face are crazy. He r, I r Social, but you know you don't need a rule, Tally Neil when he's tough, but all bread or not. You know you. You are able to make the right call when it happens, yeah and that's these zero Mazing. The you can carry on a conversation with her squirming crawling on you. This is not working on the nearly as well as we are hoping it was going so slow that we're hoping she was gonna watch the television or watch there are little video yeah yeah. I can do it. I mean sorry for disturbing you. Now I just Lee apologize. It's no worries. Man. I honestly yeah yeah, I will sweat higher, holds them now than the again she's five yeah, the daily folds yeah. They just They are what they are at five. Sometimes you know. She surprised me because do things that I'm like really out hello like
member conversation with thirty other day. What she's telling me? I don't like that, I'm so sensitive, because every little thing, feel everything too much, and when I'm happy I'm really happy when I'm sad, I'm really set, and I'm like yeah I read you were having this conversation and then she goes even one step further. She goes, but you know what it's okay, because at least when I'm happy, I'm really super happy so I'll take the pain. When I'm really sad while Khan seeking Jesus. Why are you a game? That's the right is so you know I got three contenders when I'm like way. You are way bigger than five. I can take you to do these on that, and then I realize now she's a five year olds are down here. There are limits, game, but well. This is understanding that comes with being a human being, and that's what she's got she's. This is a human being with you know, however, what is it for hundred
months on the planet or something like that? You know, there's limited, not even imagine I mean I've been trying to figure the world out with one hundred months of experience an I mean a year. School or whatever she's brain surgeon possible, but you do have that little human brain and then you're also juggling around this, this action of words that you've acquired and so you're trying to express these ideas and thoughts and feelings. Mmhm. One other thing that freaked me out about their from the death. Please that she not exactly now because she's not picking up on the frustration of it all of the discussion, but normally she has. It been seen the level of fame, but the not just for a keyed by like even for adults, I see are like she's always whenever she somebody was having a bad day was really sad. She instantly goes to them she's, trying to like I've seen at school, where she'll go to a keyed was like phase and that the
that you don't like, was always giving you a hard time and she's like yeah, but I still feel bad a local. What about date is guys at one time and she's gonna like trying to calm for damage to the scene like Jesus man, you're, really nice I certainly I thought it I much. Maybe that's what it is she's. Maybe they definitely think kids recognize things that their parents do, that they don't think or the right way to handle things come up with their own sort of work. Arounds, it's pretty loud, your city area, school, where she was clearly quoting Bob Marley who was going through a phase Bob Marley was God Bob Marley. She was going to find all she loved Bob Marley to death, and she would she went to this. Kid was crying becauses Mamad laughed and he was like in preschool or something she was four and she start rubbing the kids back as the kids is crying and she
don't worry about seeing every little thing is gonna, be all that I don't like. I don't got back three little birds, the dead to Leiria, says: she'll have a role in the we are seeing some that when they she's like she ask Jean Kerr and she's, asked me for the millionth time for Bob Marley and I'm like okay, no problem what song do you want to select two little birds MIKE number, it's three eight. The March is like not to write you into its three, not one to shot so now, there's two little birds, Jesus, that's morbid! Really that's where that's how we're going to play today, but my daughter, who's four keeps asking me to take her hunting really yeah, and I don't know if she's just SIRI if she misses me when I go away and wants to do like she's, never heard a gunshot sprays in a I'm there's, obviously no way she can be a pull back and arrow the strong enough to kill an animal. So it's like that's not going have
and not, of course, but step one will probably get used to hearing gunshots. Now I don't know she's just so bored, though, what's the matter man. Thank you, I being shipped because you are driving me crazy. It was my way of saying where me since he's saying, settle down yeah, we can't put on a show for you or something like that on a television show for you to watch yeah baby. Actually, let's do this serious see down to watch your show, because we can do it, it's a great well. Unfortunately, this is being seen by thousands and heard by hundreds of thousands of the failing global at Lee as a father is that's due next news, nothing feeling about it at all. Like I said it's it's you know, that's one thing of becoming a
Father and you know, being around kids. When I was really young, like I was longer than my early 20s, I would never be able to deal with it like little kids. I'd be like, like I brought his little kid but like when I'm playing in like little kids crying. It doesn't bother me at all. Lately. It used to drive me crazy, but when you have kids it's one of those things where you kind of recognize one of the things that happened at the big shift it happened is I started thinking of everyone as being a baby at one point time, like one point time Kim Jong, IL was a baby right that's up yeah, we know like et I mean was a big all these weird people in the world. You know that per story is guided shot, his girlfriend your bathroom door. The guy was a baby yep. Okay, you know all these creeps and fuckups and assholes babe is Gloria. Allred was a baby. There was a cute little girl, now she's fucking, Robin P,
using the law just straight up, rob dudes. How much do you think is how much do you believe in weather the an a or a soul, or something like something that you were uniquely about that person when they are born and that's part of our day are or matches culture. You know the famous nor german culture to Bates. What's what's your take on what's more important? In days, I don't no well, they have done studies where they've taken twins that were separated at birth and they were adopted and they get them to weather after not seeing each other entire life and they find out they like the same kind of music, really yeah. They have very similar likes and dislikes. Their personalities are very similar. There's a
strong argument for nature over nurture right, but there's no denying that nurture plays a huge role as well. I don't think it's either or right. I think we live in a soup of possibilities, and I think that you can get super lucky with the amount of exposure that you have to positive, an even to negative things like there's an expression hard times make good people? You know- and I do believe that in a certain sense that there's France is that children and it's even have that they get through and it makes them more empathetic you make some kinder make some more understanding and it makes them stronger like more character. Even that, though, it's funny because you're right I mean there's part of that argument is totally through and you do see that happen a lot, and then you see somebody with through the exact same thing that makes them ten, it's more of an asshole yeah. It's like I got hurt, so I'm going to hurt, everybody else seems to throw assistance. Diamond is like that's where you think like what is the make this one person
make a right turn and going interaction where they become kinder and nicer, because they felt what it is to get hurt and what is the other one completely opposite turn and go in the direction of I got hurt, so I don't care for anybody else is feeling everybody has to pay for the FED, I go hard ones, it's weird right. It's like there's that moment where you can really make a ninety degree turn one way or another. What is the make? People make the choices you make it's a very good question and it could be a lot of it could be genetics. I mean there Apogen annex the concept that people are passing down. Ideas through their dna to their children is not without merit the id that your ideas, that the less as you've learned in your life are not stored in your brain, but are stored in every cell? In your body, and also stored in your genetic material that passes on to your woman, who gives birth to the baby, be in the baby? Has the genetic material from both the mother and the Father mean
all that is real stuff man I mean all that is. These are all absolute real possibilities and it's really incredibly fascinating. The idea that we are this, you know soup of possibilities. What we do exist in is very strange world of so many different things being going out same time- and there is something to your right 'cause. That's the experience part of it all where you got some kind of traumatic experience that really changes. Your your make up the way you are as a as a person as a human being, and it's like- and at that point the kind I mean I've seen it even on myself, not the I'm dealing with the try. Now I see how my brain has changed over the last three four years in some ways in a the way in some ways it's really not in a good way, but weighs in a bad way. I think I do. I didn't think so.
But now I'm coming to the realization that I do west some cds PTSD, you know we're seeing you know my wife die in my arms wasn't quite as a whole, I can deal with dates, sure rationally and their stand us she tapped Benson noticing that was, but it did affect me twenty from level. So I know how to to give an example of see that, because the weight started with there is like when she got seek the first scene, that was like a tiny little things. I call my shoulder. Hurts is a big deal. Right is like well. You went to the g manually step to much whatever right, seen, dad's friends. For me, in a matter of weeks to old man, I can't move my arm anymore. I can barely walk death. All of that in such a short period of time now, every time there's something wrong with my body. I don't just think like who look at that. We are like those seen Tom that I'm at
in my mind, immediately racist through the whole sequence and I'm like I'm going to die tomorrow, some horrible terrible disease and he's like, I know better right. I know that that stupid and I know that that, if anything, that's like projecting things that are definitely not helping and if anything they are damaging and I still can't help it. You know there still part of my brain that, even though consciously I know it's stupid, I still go there every single time, there's something wrong with my body. Wow, and so it's like man. What do I need to do to change that? You know 'cause he's almost like Pablos dogs right is conditional responses immediately. The sack on something goes. There part I go with it and
you know. There are moments where I have control over it and they can kind of come to this place. That's because I've seen horrible sings gonna happen any moment. Ike actually transcended that I'm like look. You have no control over anything. So let's find the right here right now, because what the hell knows what happened tomorrow right, that's the empower empire to feet, and I love it when I get that- and I don't love so much. The other one, which is that there are off the whole something's going to happen, which you know inevitably something's, going to happen at some point, tried to meet everybody dies, everybody gets sick, that's just the nature of the business, but adding that, in the back of your mind, does that sometime our allies in the old, that's a whole different game and that's part of the problem of being human being is not you're. The awareness yep, the awareness of your the finite nature of your existence and that the fact that it's coming in whether it's tomorrow or are you a hundred years from now? It's common. You know if you
Some of the gonna die in a thousand years of still freak out. You are sick of girls, and every year passes nine hundred nine sure, and- and I mean that's just the you know- eats but there's a somewhat the removed right in that intellectual, Alexi, Spanish, along society, and then there's existentialist nine deal for sort of like people who have seen the weather because of war or sickness or whatever people close to them die in horrible ways. It's not just an intellectual some point in the future or something bad is going to happen. Is it's in the past? Something bad is going to happen and any second now happen, that's not a fun way to leave, knowing it's not the best way. It's not! It's, not good in the sense of the word and living in the moment and being happy in the moment is very it's a it's. A very difficult thing to do requires it requires discipline, and it also requires that you develop like a pattern of thinking and you get that one
we're talking about with young people like they automatically start blaming the world and hating on people, for whatever has happened to them. I'm going to make people feel the way I feel there's patterns of thinking that you can fall into like almost automatically, and if you have that pattern, it's a cut groove and that groove is very easy to slip into it's very comfortable. It's very simple one of things, psychedelics do is pull you out of that group exactly they lift you above the motherboard. And you get to see what the groove is. All this is a just, a pattern that I've created and it doesn't he's, not empowering it doesn't even make sense. Yes, it's it's! I'm gonna live my life, a disaster, I'm gonna do the sixty more years of this than I am my hearts. Gonna stop beating and I'm going to die, yeah very easy to fall into turn. Very easy can can happen to all of us. I just going say it's very hard to reset, and even
can you do reset it's hard to continue that new pattern? It's like you requires great discipline, and sometimes you got things down. Writing things down is big right. Now. Writing things now, reading things positive affirmations, nobody likes the idea that you go over someones house and then fucking. All these things are written on. The walls like today is a new day today, we're going to go forth with strength and dignity, but doing like that actually can can benefit. Can it can writing things on walls, and you know, having pod of affirmations, can help you yeah, because I mean some stuff just because you know it doesn't, but you don't need to hear it again and again right right right around Isaacs. You know most people know all I mean if you have read books. If you have been alive long enough, you probably know, what's there is to know you have thirty before yeah the difference he stands for mean that from intellectual knowledge into actual it's part of your being part of something that affects how you behave. Both the old body and Amber Lyon. Give me the
after about psychedelics multiple times now. Regarding the this is what you need now, it's a fascinating case port. She has four. I have never met anybody that I gave the suggestions to like I give to her, where they just fucking ran with it like she did, that to change her life amber is a she's a trip, is I didn't meet her before so I don't know what the before look like before she was a very. Rational, serious journalists who is very concerned about the future of human lady in our culture and and and and journalism because she I had seen the ugly side of the beach right where she had reported on some horrific events in Bahrain and when she got back and try to put together the CNN piece, they instead put out this flat piece, like almost the tourism propaganda video for by Bahrain, depending on how you say it, but then
and I talked about ayawaska which, by the way, I've never even done. I totally go. Do Iowa. That was the funnest thing of the story that Amber tails is like in the middle of the triangle of about it down it, and they say you know that you'll never done it right, but I've done DMT right dozen times at least probably nine hundred and ten or twelve yeah, something like that, but This is same thing I mean. Is it isn't? But it is. I mean it's. The same psychoactive substance in fact, DMT the Smokable form is a stronger version of by, but I ask it tends to be a long spiritual trip which I thought would really benefit her. You know that struggling from it right and it.
Where did I mean again? I haven't seen them before, but the after is insane. I mean Amherst seriously, one of those people that she glows yeah every time and go out there. I feel happier she's a drug. You know what I mean is like being in the same room, improve the level of happiness, is yeah, I'm amazed by her every time I'm just like. Are you for real? I mean like. I have never think of too many people that have met that. Are that happy well she's doing psychedelics every couple of months when she's fucking hit it so hard from the moment I met her like I guess it was like two plus years ago, more than two years ago, because we didn't have the studio so from that moment on when she went to the job and she went to the jungle like a fucking month after I brought it up, not even less went, there's, even though they told her, I didn't I had never done. I was there. She still forgot our NATO of right, and I think I knew that. I am I to order to do it, and I knew that it was the thing that you needed. Some
people really needs that they need to go to a place and then to experience this thing in this very alien form and it's so transfer It is because the fact you're in that place I know I mean I'm sure I could probably benefit from it, but might what I like to do. I mean my thing, I have a sensory deprivation tank, my basement, so I'm I'm sort of experiencing is as removed as the jungle might be. I'm removing myself from real itself on this daily basis, not the that I wouldn't still benefit from it, but I wouldn't subscribe. What I do you know I wouldn't I wouldn't prescribe. Rather I wouldn't say what you need to do is get a tank filled up with water and trip your fucking balls out. Climbing that thing, when I'm not doing right, you know I have friends that come over. They don't want to do the tank, like I'm gonna, get in there. What's the scary about it, I mean reality that fucking thing, because they big meat
picture of reality, and I need to do the more the times that I've done it. I mean I've always liked it. I always felt great over or no yeah. Maybe that's my mistake. If you, it's over yeah, maybe the first times could do so over us now and you nine tool. You know and it sure all right, Gotcha Flook Bank, we ask that he's got the asterisk- is very important because whatever the Askari can do the Astor, can do in regular life, it's multiplied tenfold inside of there, especially edibles. At a old marijuana becomes a full blown. I can tell he's very much. The same table with Audible's for somebody's on is a lesson. Hydroxy tap my travel and that's what it is. Maybe that's the because I've tried every time I've tried edible, cz there to lead the lower. I don't feel it or I feel like somebody good with the biggest basketball back in the universe. Then just lag me across the head, not pleasurable that far just like. Oh, my god, Where am I, what the hell, those my favorite trips really
does my motto, I don't think I want to happen when they're over, I learned the most from them. I like I like being scared because I know I'm going to be ok, but I don't know I'm gonna be ok once happened. I think I got when I was maybe fifteen or sixteen something like that. I did this. I remember making this t with Ashish and we got a little carried away 'cause, they were supposed to be a bunch of people doing that and you turned out to be only two of us so that those that were supposed to be for, like I think it was like half a gram per person in study, was two one. Slash two gram per person so by the time we down it. An hour goes by with edibles is also messy 'cause. You don't feel it right away so an hour who is buying your like nothing happening. Two hours goes by I'm like really nothing stillwater waste. We throw that stuff away. I go to sleep. I wake up two hours late. And I'm just like who am I? Where am I at I pass out and like
not my eyes again. I like, where I'm at and I'm out in the next six hours goal like these, where I basically lose consciousness. Seventy thirty seconds- and I with cop, would days well my or am I thinking after that I was like yeah. I don't think I'm doing to by the end of it even the other times that I've done. It was old ways, not quite that bad but close, and I'm like yeah, I don't think it boats are, are meant for me. Well, is there so many religions that have cannabis and cannabis eating as the base of religion, Hinduism, there's so many so many passages in in ancient hindu scripts and like if you look up, if you Look up on on Wikipedia. You could look up the NCAA genic use of cannabis? It shows all these different times where people have used cannabis. As a psychedelic like not just hours with joint relax, but when you eat it, you have these profound vision, if you eat enough, like Mccanna
used to say that eating, like large doses of marijuana, was equivalent to eating large doses of mushrooms right just a matter of having the courage. You eat too much code that right yeah. You never get the crazy heart fast heart rate on on edibles. You can so you don't get a fast heart rate, but you get this panic sense like I'm, never going to sober up, oh, but not a physical theme, pure, as I felt it as a physical thing like I've done, you get out like a heart where I feel my heart they're pounding where I'm just like Jesus, I'm going like one hundred and twenty beats per minute or something which we are not doing exercise that's a bit. Much I bet it's anxiety. That, probably is that probably is ' 'cause. It brings on a lot of anxiety, oh yeah, heavy duty edibles make you really reconsider. It's it's very difficult to live in the moment on heavy duty, edibles 'cause. It forces you to examine problematic aspects of your past behavior assuming you'll, steal
even Aflou, CDT 'cause they're really ties have just like I'm not examining up, not accept in the table. If I don't know where I am so yeah, you can go too deep and under with long ago with the the you know, the extremes on all oil, though yeah yeah, which supposed to be great for Hamilton, D'Abbadie Singing- and you know the thing with the all- is that unless somebody's preparing it for you in capsules or something it's such a gas work of trying to figure out, which one is how many drops you put yeah? So I've done it where I take a tiny, date, and I feel nothing and I'm assuming it's healthy, but whatever I'm not feeling anything, and I take a tiny bit and one day I take a tiny bit plus my new school, tiny micro drop more and I'm like hitting the tree is right, I'm just way out there and I'm like whoa What's also who's making those things in stores it did not being made in the place where they make Tesla's yeah, that's part of the part of the problem. When that's why
read itself. You know when it's the plant, you can kind of figure things out when you're smoking get. You can sort of feel it's going and you can stop it edible sees you take an hour later you're in, for a surprise, to see what it's like. I was listening to. This radio show the other day where people are complaining about marijuana being stronger than it was when they were kids like this guy in his 50s, who just recently tried marijuana again, and he was talking about how overdosed dosed on marijuana and is ready to go. How do you expect? I almost went to the hospital I mean I barely got through it and you can overdose on me was like going on like about the pot today. Rush is danger shut the fuck up. What do you toys like that? If someone can go on the air and say something like that's bullshit, so it's it's not just like you could put a bad thought
someone's head and I really believe they could die from it unless they have a computer people o ever. Never. How much the first one. I wonder if the first one to die, oh shit, I wanna fuck it well for everybody else want to be the first one and I think there was a guy who, who died in Colorado 'cause, he jumped off a roof and they were trying to get rid of edibles cousin. One fucking dipshit jumped off a roof, but he and then to think is every single substance. It's out there is even the more tell water. If you drink too much water, you can die from it right I mean it's like everything is how you use it with using it. What's the count, every tool, cars, everything skateboards every is he losing? I mean if we, if we based
what kills you. You know with what's illegal, we would literally make everything and we all yeah courage- is the number one right computers people died from using a beauty, computers, a blown up on people right and they've died. Right cell phones have blown up and those pockets and they've been gravely injured. Women had died from a cell phone, let's find out. Let's exploding cell phones, I'm going to say yes, I'm going to say killed by cell phone while you're finding out about the cell phone? Let me take care of them: tiny, mound. Okay, okay Don't answer the call, while charging urban legends man takes woman cell phone after she's, killed by train wow. It's dark and killed by cell phone explosion; the let's see Gizmodo man. Hold myself an explosion. A korean man was apparently killed by his lg cell phone today, and this was by the way in two thousand and seven. They probably got old shit back then
He was carrying the phone in his shirt pocket when exploded, puncturing his heart and lungs. It happened, North Chung CHI on Province of Korea, as the man was working on a construction site, he was found dead by one of his coworkers wo as parents Kerr. His family got some money. Ladies, was North Korea, yeah, South Korea, Korea. Is a korean man, North Chungcheong Chung? This is Korea, it doesn't say n or s Koreans, assuming it's S, Korea, yeah. It is in North Korea. I think there about two hundred and fifty two years away from seeing fonts yeah! This is yeah no kidding right, poor! That's like the one of the craziest things about two thousand fourteen. Do we still have a real live communist dictator running an entire country? That's terrified of this little goofy chubby,
moon faced Motherfucker was the son of another goofy, Charlie Moon, faced motherfucker yeah. It's like that. Just yeah our denies. This guy I mean six that should really belong to the middle ages near like really question you'll do windisch. It's come on yeah. Where and a one- and you know you see you man at and we are so damn advance that we are doing these amazing sayings and, on the other end where the wind steal the same. She to know where to win two thousand this ISIS geyser the release. Videos on Youtube, too graphic horror, Rific videos on you tube and they don't get cold until, like we, weeks later find out about them. Like I don't know how, like a video, gets pulled from Youtube, someone has the flag, and I guess yeah in, like maybe they're, only sending it to the people that they know or whatever and it'll survive awhile before, but somebody put something up
check this out and I I went in and she clicked on a link- and I was like jesus- is on you too bye. Now these guys shooting each other at the six shooting these guys, while they're on the ground and cutting their heads off like all very, very graphic because, like I can't believe this is I use on their stuff out there to make steel I've seen what are the most disturbing scenes of ever seen? Was these one thing in like somewhere in Africa or somebody suspected? I mean we chess, and so they do not set them on fire and yeah after awhile I was like you know what what the hell am I watching noon on over. You know, I know we tap, and so I don't need to see it in it's, not it's. It's like a video straight out of the thirteen under its or something now in two isn't thousand and fourteen, is all the progress that we've gone through to get to this point in age and there's still some people that just you could take them, you could shove them back. Zero year zero and they would fit right in yes, it's both. It's Is that thing going on with human beings, man that spectrum that the the broad spectrum of behavior it
It almost seems like you have to have like shitty people to appreciate the good people like. I wonder if there's ever going to come a time. There's a legitimate biological utopia where, like human beings like with a rich, leave some form of an it meant where everyone, has reached the dust age. You know I were talking about like the atheism plus like they rattle this onto themselves, but they should no they're, all fucking edge, dated and going to conferences and stuff, like that, it's like they're, preaching to the choir, essentially or oping themselves, up on a nice moral high ground in front of their peers, but there's going I'm a time where the whole world is like that right is that possible. That would be, and- and I get you know what you're saying about you- need the bad people quote there. Should the good people Eve There is a general improvement of humanity going in a more pleasant direction. We don't need the bad people just
the Dv Ds are showing us what this is, what the bad people experiences like, and then you know really make very they have a lot of empathy, so you watch movies and you get almost like dicks pier, without that he actually to deal with its because the whole rationale that you've been here are ready. Just about all you need to evil. In order to operate the glued to, I think, to what degree man because we talk about human history. There has been so much evil. There is like really I could actually do with one one hundred that that we learned a lesson. I don't need to learn the same lesson over and over again in such brutal nasty fashion. Yeah there's something about the design off you when he study or nature for a matter, because, as you say, multiple times I mean when you look at your wrist like it's not, s. Soft fuzzy, happy animals running around the forest is brutalities fangs and close on the whole thing going to take yeah, maybe fritz about appreciating the good stuff. There would be a gentler way to go about it. Do we really have to go to these hard
court will make it happen? Yeah nature is the most vicious mod soccer ball. My friend was tell me about watching this bear. Will this female bear? He was watching his grizzly bears, they were serving them, and this mail was trying to mate with this female grizzly bear in the grizzly they didn't want to make with them. She kept pushing me off and yelling at him and he kept trying so hard to get her to mate with them, but she didn't want to do it. Right and then a new Grizzly bear a new female came into the picture and the new female came into the picture and started trying to him to mate with her right, and he got angry that she was distracting him, so he murdered her in front of the other days. Just tore her apart for AFLAC, just ripped or shreds, and he said it was the craziest thing, because all the sudden, this bear had its feet up in the air, and it was just dead like within seconds. Like a few said, integrated wandered into the camp you know or into the
little valley with these bears were, and I tried to get this bear to make any yeah he's a biologist right. He was you know, observing this stuff or it is not a biologist who works. A biologist and who is observing this stuff, and he said it was one of the most disturbing thing he's ever seen in his life he's a hunter he's lived his whole life hunting, and you know death is a normal natural part of life to him, but this to him, free him out more than anything we've ever seen, because he said it was so brutal and it was so instantaneous. You know it's just really crazy. You ever did. I ever tell you about the rapist necrophiliac docs docs. I didn't tell you about the rapist Necrophiliac doc, something so I have to tell you God so cutely
docks they are adorable. I remember seeing docks being bar. Naturally, now the fanatic and I'm like I never et Nega gained and a you know, I'm averaging docket gain poorly told. You know you got into these romanticize a cute, suffice, z, thing right right and then I start reading about docks that upbeat and fleet mail. Docs are particularly fond of three pin female docks, and and but this is where it gets interesting. So they go. I'm sure. Maybe you have seen them in this super high speed, chases, where the female is running and there's like two or three mail run flying right behind our and in during this high speed, chases. Occasionally the female techno turn an she crashes into something a tree or a window or something and then she to break her neck and die immediately. But you know body still alarm, so the one wannabe peace Dock, some for sweets aside. How would the house we don't want to waste the is so and they just got on and have sex with the bad corpse after that, I'm like
facts are back on the menu mother fuckers caused you guys are mean and horrible and not going to each you again. Maybe they should show that all those people that are trying to keep you from eating fog, Wah right, weird thing that California has California has a law you're not allowed to eat, duck liver, but you can eat ducks yeah 'cause. They were force feeding does get their liver to grow. On people found out to be unbelievably cruel. I guess crew more than killing them right eating them, like the IRS feeding them to get their livers to grow larger, was cruel or the killing the medium I forgot. Okay, I mean, is it you know you eat the stuff. That's done in raising animal at an industrial level tend to be pretty fucked up, which is why even people whine about that, but they do anything related to whether you have ladder or you eat. Any kind of meat is ridiculous. 'cause! It's like hunting is a lot cleaner. That way
select an animal of its life before the end of a singles commercial farming, yet there some nasty stuff happening at the same time. You know there are limits to all far you want to take it because there is. There are not too many simple, clean, painless, easy ways to do things that still deliver the goods that people rely on. So it's a very that's. Why is the same thing? is that we were saying earlier any kind of dogmatic position about these either the schedule cause they're just here for, to use and who cares whether they suffer horribly ordered the poorly tell bond. Yes, you can mention anything that they are both three colors right: they I'm appointed they're, both three d, because if they can too far have you ever seen the video of woman. She walks into a restaurant and tell Everyone in the restaurant that what they're eating is is not food, it's violence! No and she she goes and tells everybody about her little girl. I want to tell you about my little girl and it's chicken she's talking to her name is snow. Have you seen it? Have you seen it Jamie?
out. Let me find it for you. We should play it because it's just so ridiculous snow, that's not food! It's violence! Are you done kid? We can. We can We can end this and next time you come by I'll my daughter. The otters and we'll have a little party they come rant. Goes viral this isn't food It's violence, pull this up and then will you see with Bill Cosby did yesterday I hear there. Our Lord! If you don't know, what's going on about bill, Cosby Bill, Cosby, very careful of phrases, allegedly has raped a large number of women and a allegedly has drug these women and I mean hi fi
hard to believe that thirteen women would make something right. That's a large number and I do have to be some massive conspiracy dating back to the 1970s- is just now being uncovered. So he put this thing and website yesterday, like me, may go ahead and meme me with a photo of him and the meme being the the print the you can add a meme generator and his said happy Monday, and these people just crazy. I mean it when it got so ugly. One of them was like one of the first one was like more than a dozen women have accused me of rape How can I hear you say? No he's got like headphones on. What do you mean you're, pressing charges? I mean it's, these are the mild ones, but I mean what was he thinking fucking Idiot, what the hell was a singer, a lot of people believe
someone who works for him. Did it on purpose, really yeah that someone who works for him knew there was going to like someone who is like a website designer yeah. We got, I think, like website design and a lot of times younger people in maybe even a woman you know like it was like this fucking piece of shit and working for or a guy of sympathetic to what going on and says. Look how do I get? This far that would actually be genius. That's what happened. That's great. I mean they put a bunch of them that were like really cute right here. On his website like they. They took some of the ones that people have created that were pg rated, but the amount that where rape related was so staggering. Well, of course, I'm yours, let's see fit like in the news. What's as being from like one of word about him in the news over the last year has been this story right. So it's like, of course, that's what's going to pop up, of course that's what's going to happen,
and no one is press charges is like. I wonder how you could 'cause it seems strange. You know it seems like like if you don't have the physical evidence like, but you have thirteen people telling a similar story. I wonder how that works the pencil to from a long ago it is yeah, because that's the old statue of limitations are staunch limitations on rape time. Is it and I I think it is. I think it is, I think, isn't that would save that seventh, Heaven guy, that's exactly what is right. This is a statue of limitations always dead, wiser statue limitations on something so horrible. It becomes tricky to be, Of course, once you wait to report it, it's all physical evidence is gone. And then y. You have to rely on a lot dinner kind of evidence. That's a lot harder to make the case. There's also that the thing about memory that we discussed earlier, that
human memory is one of the worst pieces of evidence you could ever get. There are people that I have had experiences with where Doug Hey member. We did this and did that and blah blah blah. I'm like we don't have reason like what are you talking about. I was never going there with you. No, you went with us like listen, man never been to South Dakota right, stop like it didn't happen or they remember the wrong stayed. I mean people's memories are fucking terrible, they're awful. Do you have this? Video will play this and then will give her a chance. Look at she looks he's done. We did like an hour and a half. That's all good! You gotta see this watch this video. Please put your headphones on, so you can hear this. But it is not plugged in anymore capacity, of course, hold on a second give it a chance. She yank it out. It will just play this and then we'll end it this. This is so ridiculous. This woman walks in this restaurant and there is a whole group of people behind her.
She walked into a restaurant. People are eating. She was very abused for her entire life. She was terrified She has a very determined look in her eyes wherever she goes and she was hurt and with her entire life because of this establishment and because of establishments like it, she was locked away. She was hidden. She had nobody there for her. She was crying. She was scared every single moment and because they're useful they've had run out, she was going to be killed and I think these smiling and I can see you laughing but to her. This is not funny I went in there with other humans I took her out of there anyway, she wouldn't be with me right now. She would be God, look like all of her sister, just like every
call you today, girls with everyone who they just wanted to live too and right now, their eggs and their milk in their bodies are on planes. Inside this restaurant chicken have Dominique people that are there yeah and every time you see some, meeting somebody else: who's, eggs or somebody else's body. You were going to remember her name. Her name is snow. She's, a beauty little girl just wants to live. It's violence.
This is the best part they all come in and they all have a sign like it's not just to say it. They have to assign a hole of a sign, my name these me and pathetic people that are just so lucky their ancestors ate meat to get them to two thousand and fourteen ideal. Just little kids. I love out video that you have the team that was it that they've gas in the back I'll save my go. Let his old bad loans, but it's a crazy. She has a determined look in her eyes. No, no! She doesn't okay, never changes a chicken God, damn it crazy, lady, one of the my favorite videos ever yeah she's, just so bonkers. I see you smiling gee, wonder why we're smiling may because you're kind of crazy you're walking in
A chicken restaurant with more people in James Right is more people came with her. They were in the restoration she was too caught at like two in the afternoon, some off our right. Thank you. This is so strange, but she's Little girl, just it's determined, look at her, I wherever she goes and she just want to live and people are eating her eggs. Guess what my chickens, eggs and they don't care at all. You know why, because the eggs don't become a chicken and fucking dunce, I think he just hangs. Would you have chickens? You can have chickens as pets, they provide you with free protein right. You give them food and they give you protein that doesn't hurt. Anybody doesn't harm them. They have checking the lay eggs every day right. This idea, then there milk, no, no, no, there's! No chicken milk never seen shit. Even there is a stay away from. It is that's bad field, breast feed, but you know that the spectrum, that's the spectrum I mean, is important in understanding of nature's important I mean,
and I've been accused, especially lately since uh. Oh, the last couple of years since I started hunting of being cruel of doing it as you enjoy killing animals, I don't at all I mean I I enjoy hunting. I enjoyed bring home the meat. I actually, I think that the killing of the animals, the worst part of it. The fact that you're able to take an animal at a nature though like in the most natural environment. Possibly if I didn't exist, then animal would be doing the exact same thing until I came along. There was no influence whatsoever on its life and then also boom. It ends which is going to end by wolves. It's going and by whispers were I was I was up in Canada where they have a they have so many wolves up there. They have no limit on how many wolves you can shoot serious. Yes, we get away published you properly some problem huge like they have Elk, they have here they have moose and wolves are just killing them left and right. Well, we
there we actually came upon. We saw all these ravens that floating around this one area, so we're trying figure out what it was they were attracted to so we went over and we found this moose calf that had been torn apart by wolves. This is the moon, calf. I'll put it up on my instagram later, so you guys could sleep is not going to be able to see it so much left with this. Oh, it's just choose mangled. It was crazy and it was wolves, wolves it taken it from from its mother right and they just figured out a way to get ahold of it and just ripped apart, of course, devoured it and his hair all over the ground. Everything that the reality of that life. Is the wolves get it and then what's left the coyotes get that and then what's left on any other scavengers get that that is am much more likely death and by Hunter the Hunter death is the least likely yeah. Absolutely I mean that sense again to me is like everything
he's going to die as long as you're, not doing where you are wiping out a species and as long as they are not doing where you are adding unnecessary pain to the process, then that's the nature of the base, well what this woman is doing by running into that restaurant, and so it's not food it's violence like you kind of you're missing the whole point, you're missing: it's not! violence. It's there ending life. So that you can eat it and yeah, it's kind of a crazy way to do it, because we're detached from you're right about that yeah, but that's it like a shitty communication strategy. 'cause, I'm sure she can have part of a point is that right, because there are issues of we commercial farming that are nasty terrible, but you know there's a way to communicate to to where you are. I would be like. Oh yeah right. You make a good point, so maybe we can tweak the law was a tiny beats to do. We can a more humane way totally agree. You go like these are pretty into the choir. You only have like ten other people who feel the exact same way. You do agree with you, even if somebody is eighty percent.
Your way, you're going to look at you and go like whoa. You really went sleep well, she's, emotionally unbalanced, and on top of that that leads people I want to kill more chickens. It really does I have this guy that I'm friends with up in Alaska or in a BC. Rather that runs this a hunting camp and he would get these death threats from people because they would be hunting, wolves and the reason why they hunt wolves. They had one of their cows torn apart by wolves. These thirty wolves got ahold of a cow and ripped it apart where the people were in the house and they hand writes. We looked out the window and they see this wolves, bringing down a cow and that is crazy stuff man to look out your window and see this. Two thousand pound animal, get taken out by this pack of wild murderous animals. It's pretty, it's got. Pretty cool, but also pretty God, damn terrifying and people do get killed by wolves and they certainly did in large numbers back in the day, which is why
the little red riding hood: the big bad wolf. We don't think about that today because it's not an issue, but there was many many times throughout history where wolves had killed people. If you, Google, like Wolf death by people before we eradicated, like large populations of the wolves, there was actually a ceasefire in world war. One remember that, starting at the Germans, the Germans and the Russians You call the ceasefire, because so many of them were getting killed by wolves. They said alright, let's just stop killing each other fuck these wolves up and then go back. Then we couldn't go back to kill each other. Yes, that's how nutty wolves are so these These people were sending this guy death threats and he said every time you send me a death threat, I'm going to shoot a wolf in the guts attract Please stop sending of death threats. Not ever stop posting shit. This woman was like I'm going to post on your page everyday. If you ban me, I'm going make a new name. He goes ok every time you do that I'ma shoot away from the guts silence. I figure that that take care of me
yeah. I mean there's. That really is a way of communicating where it's just like you think it's funny to see things from a hot shooting. The got hot I mean, there's really a way to communicate, to the get the job across is like most people like to communicate in a preach to the choir item. Most people will communicate in a way. That's not considering where you are coming from the person. They are talking with right there only considering where they are coming from, and they want you to feel what they're feeling they're thinking exactly only they want to force their ideology on you, yeah, in that sense, like veganism of vegetarianism, is sort of a religion. Just like we're talking about atheism plus is a religion right, so be in a Christian and so is being a mormon. And you know it's like this idea. It's all it's all thought process. We could label it in call of religion. You could label it. You know calling a call to call whatever you want, but it's just thought processes thought patterns that you you want other people to. Thank you don't want them to.
To express' express themselves and you can look at it from their point of you know you just want you want them. No in your right. This is not. Food is violence. No, it's food. It actually is food. It's chick! and and I'm about to eat and you crazy bear. We came in with all these meek, fucking the low blood sugar freaks hold of signs. They can you change the world. Not changing. Shit, go get a job. What do you guys doing here at two hundred o'clock in the afternoon? How feeding yourself do you have jobs? What do you Your parents put me through school that was going on here and to think there is like how many people's minds, if you'd just changed by doing zero. Zero point zero, so he's like, even if you believe they one hundred percent right in your message, go back to the draw I'm bored and look at that. What you just did is bullshit 'cause. It doesn't lead to any single person being convinced so figure out a better communication strategy. 'cause you suck yeah. She needs your answer. The fucking elves would let her know. Chickens are going to die and I went to a bitch.
Yeah I last time I did DMT I about hunting. I asked and they work whatever that's literally what they Okay, whatever went into- and I had this- this thought in my head, I was like is: is hunting and is it? Is it morally acceptable? Is there anything wrong with hunting? No, it's fine. Thank you you like showing me all these different things about life. Like look at you and I solved eyes, everything does it all goes into this thing and they're showing me all these. You know this fractal reality and I felt silly for asking that question. I have to tell you about that. My one and only DMT experience, which is part funny because the entity with Duncan groaned Duncan is heating. Get that he's like seeing Golden Gate University. Has these beatific smile on his face and he's just like? I said it's been I'm just like
I'm looking at him and I think you are the goofiest buster ever see that I'm just laughing my ass off, but I'm not seeing you know I'd not having the same and I keep hitting it sounds like there should be, and at one point I think, wow my perception is changing. I am begging into vision. 'cause. I see that Duncan ceiling is all warped and weird and then eventually come down. From experience, and I realize that Duncan CD's really just war, but we are to see Cecil wasn't working, how it was working in the sense that he was like the biggest. He was like the biggest we, the high in the universe. I add, like big body high, you know I felt the relaxing getting to the couch, a melting into the couch, and I felt that like everything was hilarious, but I didn't know. I have been. You know I took as much as bank read it again, he was out there. You know spacing out with the creators of the cosmos and
and you were like passing it back and forth. So it's like you're getting at the same time, but that's what you know. They do say that it is a certain percentage of people who doesn't work on an I'm sure Maybe you know the next time you take one more. What I'm even I mean Hayes a lot he was after a while. I was getting mad. I was like come on man, but absolutely do it. We'd wear out like a smoke I'll take a hit of weed and in the afternoon or in the evening, and I'm like I barely affect pleasant. You know he's reading pleasant, but in a very mild kind of way. If I'd we before lunch, I mean another you if I did it once, I meant is horrible mistake with David, see my like before it podcast. He offered me a key that I took a heat and I didn't eat before and all of a sudden in the middle of this podcast. That he's like, I hear him talk and he hired his voice. Is coming the sentence is coming to an end and I'm just like oh fuck,
I have no idea what I just don't know what I'm gonna say. Oh my god, I could also pfannstiel me same substance, one heat versus ten in another case in the tent it's also different kinds of weed too. You can get ahold of some really strong stuff, but that's a DMT things weird! on Duncan, and not you yeah. I wonder if maybe it's one of those things man, one of those things where you have that thing where you know it doesn't work on you know, maybe you know we'll find out well a little bored through the next one, young lady. You have amazing patients, I'm very impressed with you were going to end this podcast now, because you're just going to squirm yourself into you, learn the keys. Yeah, give dad a kiss me one law, all right, Daniel you're, awesome next time we do this. Let's do it again and we'll we'll bring my kids will have a little party with a bunch of screaming back
much more less boring. I agree yeah! That's why we're gonna. Do it alright? your brother and your podcasts. Let people know how to get ahold of you on Twitter in your podcast. Well that lives in my first initial Daniel as a d e b, o l e l, ally on Twitter and then a podcast he's the drunken thou waist with a t t a r o. I testing If you just look up the near the Bali dot com, which is Daniel plus in the at the end B, o l e l ally that barely refers to two other singles, so that would be the easy route and I'll just throw out there now, I'm working on a second podcast, that's going to happen at some point. There's if you dig hardcore history, you may the swelling weights, but you know that so they are right. Now is on the back burner, because I have to finish writing a book I have to seventeen thousand seems to take care of, but hopefully, by the beginning of the year, something more skewed,
alright man. Thank you. Brother really appreciate you coming on here and especially into tight circumstance. Like this will make. It happen next time. Okay, I'll bring my kids thanks. So much Locate party sound good. And then goodnight everybody will see tomorrow. Tomorrow will be on with Doctor Mark Gordon he's going to talk about a traumatic brain, injury and post traumatic stress disorder in soldiers. Wear you bring on one of his patients want to talk about his experiences and uh. Hopefully we could help some other foe it's out there that are experiencing a very similar, a similar situation. So tomorrow much love see you soon. Alright, you fucks, that's it podcast is over. That was fun. I want to thank my guest Danielli Bolelli. Please check out his podcast. Drunken taoist follow him D Bolelli on Twitter and uh. Thank you thing You thank you to our sponsors. Thanks to me, undies go to meundies dot com forward,
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