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#574 - Dr. Mark Gordon, Matthew Gosney & Jason Hall

2014-11-12 | 🔗
Dr. Mark Gordon is the Medical Director of Education at Access Medical Laboratory and is recognized as a top leader world wide in Interventional Endocrinology (Anti Aging Medicine). Matthew Gosney is a former Navy SEAL and current patient of Dr. Gordon's. Jason Hall is a screenwriter, his new movie "American Sniper" stars Bradley Cooper and is directed by Clint Eastwood releases this winter.
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and optimization website go there and you understand what we mean by that we sell you all the best shit you need to get your life together physically mentally and even inspirational lee gotta on it dot com and i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements this podcasting it is a very important in a very interesting podcast it is my friend mark gordon my very good friend who is not just a doctor endocrinologists but just an all round awesome guy who is dedicated a significant part of his time in his life to helping sufferers of traumatic brain injury and soldiers with traumatic brain injury not just our athletes and and and regular folks but he has reached out to a lot of folks and done so partially through our first podcast together to lead a lot of people know about the the benefits of the type of
therapy that that he and some other doctors are offering to allow the symptoms of post traumatic stress traumatic brain injuries that soldiers have gone through matthew god need one of those soldiers matthew heard our podcast with marked the first podcast and the results change his life and i want to say anything more than that it all on evelyn of unfold rather during the podcast and also jason hall who is a screenwriter and the writer of american sniper the chris kyle doc mentoring that is or movie rather on non chris cause life that's being directed by clint eastwood and it would be out this christmas i he's very close to the subject well and justice an excellent debate an excellent screenwriter rather in a really interesting guy and without any further ado he's welcome doktor mark gordon jason hall and matthew cosmic
will gain experience by my hey everybody let me introduce you to everybody here because we got a large group of humans offers while we have my good friend doktor mark orton he's been in the past before brilliant endocrinologist slash all round awesome dude and his friend and patient matthew gauze knee and matthew and right here to my left we have this involves a screenwriter for american sniper and we're gonna get into a lot of things on this podcast but one of the big ones are going to talk about is doctor gordon if you listen to the previous part gassed that he and i did if you haven't its excellent go back to check it out your board but you're an extra traumatic brain injury and you contacted me about matthew in you you done some amazing work on soldiers coming back from from iraq and afghanistan and
also athletes with ptsd and the issues that come out of ptsd not just like a logical but trouble brain injury which is something that we're dealing with more these series of wars and we have an before because the advancements in medical science there able key people live that may have died before and also their able to recognise what's going on what shall shock is this term that they used after world war two and you know who they they change and a little bit in vietnam they they altered the name of it when the we're dealing with the same issues correct we're dealing with the trauma to both of the mind and the consciousness that's happening to people experience horrible thing see horrible thing but also experienced damage to their actual brain itself absolutely the point of view foundation is the distinction between what ptsd is verses minimal or mild traumatic brain injury
unfortunately about four hundred and ten thousand that's coming back with what's being late there being labelled as dramatic as sub ptsd when in fact they have a form of traumatic brain injury the distinction between the two is psychological one which is ptsd andy physical one which is traumatic brain under the psychological you ve witnessed in a whore things out there in the battlefield were you ve seen your friends being guided or i e blowing them up in being without any limbs and then in this like large in the physical one you actually have the impact of the explosion or penetrating wounds like a shot to the head or being blunt and in football and its believe that and the psychological one with the ptsd that reliving the event that precipitated is what causes you to become depressed and anxious and so forth under them
the lord the mild traumatic brain injury it's the physical trauma to the brain that leads to deficiencies of hormones which is what my whole of crimes has been for my treatment of dramatic brain injury so what's being missed is there a guy to go out there in the field who have already had issues of magic brain injury because they ve been fighting firing weapons which cause jolting action where they ve been jumping off without a planes and le hitting the ground at ten fifteen twenty miles an hour these type of impacts significant amount none of to make traumatic brain injury and interrupt the way that the brain controls are hormone balance in our body in this is fairly new is understanding of these things like jumping out of planes are even plank soccer and heading the ball correct that or finding in in football you know by the time you
into the national football league vortigern through you know pee wee pop warner in high school junior high school and sulphur than college football and by the time you get the major games you forty have the entire process of thumb loss functionality in the brain and then you need just one more hit one more not even loss of consciousness to create the scenario of information the brain that leads to hormone deficiency yeah it's the issue has always been thought of as when you want it to brain damage she always thought of people who have been beaten up like boxers at of headlong long careers or football player to have had long careers and the just stayed in too long but finding that a lot of athletes like mark henry's i was name was where was his name they like the young guy chris henry the young guy who la fell off the back of a truck did something really irrational grow from was driving way jumped on them retract fell off die
it hit his head but emily examine his brain like this guy's a brain of a seven year old alzheimer's patients right it's all just be any twenty six i believe twenty six some mid twenties and just a career of playing in vienna as well as well college football high the whole deal detailed had left this guy with a significantly damaged brain before he was even thirty years old and he was running round functioning nobody had suspected this he was behaving like a normal person greg look at these suicides that have been happening in football when there are between the ages of twenty five and thirty five that committing suicide a look their brain you see that their aging lots more run faster than normal person in fact a study that was before at the end of fellow showed that there was an eighteen times faster occurrence of alzheimer's disease and people of hedge romantic brain injury plain and it fell we ve had boxers as patient
two thousand and seven did he s been outside the line with them to football players in a boxer james tony we showed his hormone levels were down low the laboratory read em all is being low i didn't have to interpret the lab did so that verified that they were really low and he had a lot difficulties would wait with control and so forth and has the host of the show said how can you be to start from growth on deficient and still be able to do that kind of functioning the personality takes over you know it's just the way that term the person projects there i've hormones helped to stabilize it to make it available and then you as an individual get to decide what to do when he was ring fighting is all there was nothing wrong but he had a lot of problems outside so you're saying essentially that is just his discipline in his will that kept him fighting but very significantly depleted correctly was unbelievably depleted and then looking at
tell me by name the brad like it was with the mariners and the patriots formal levels were incredibly low when he talks about how his man is rejuvenation occurred worry improved in mental functioning physical functioning and physiological functioning when he had his hormones returned to normal pattern i was on the show and they all talked about their eggs in sweden for multiple head traumas i think pat said he had double digit head traumas and if we go back and start doing some new technology like good data mri which is an mri that looks at the connectivity of nerves look at a pet scanner spectra scam that looks at the flow of blood through the brain and confine areas of deficit because been damaged and you can go back and matthew how did you get in touch with docked gordon and how this whole process starts i'll start with shell when he was on your last time i was in the house
proper suicide attempt and was an avid listener this was listen to that he was on here talking about it now is on my last i had no other options essential and you're a veteran explained explain your history for the three listening this shirt navy seal medic pronounced two thousand and eight i live up in washington got out started having them all kinds of issues just kind of down spiraled went into the vizier finally and said this is going on immediately they diagnosed me ptsd me about ten medications and then did follow ups checkups can what kind of allocations as they arise antidepressants aunt anxiety meds i've chronic pain sedate dose me up on medication nazi cons things along those lines that nor morphine octagon nerves on all three at one point jesus by the way how high did you get that
the ground was totally that's real bad before him tell did he share while and so oh i was just having a lot of issues i was really depressed sort gaining wade couldn't get up out of bed i was married at the time really struggling with all that then my wife left me because of what was going on and i just i mean literally had no hope because i was thinking that i can't be fixed because their given me these things say and this is going to make you better this is going to make you better and my mind wasn't getting any better so i decided it was better than i just wasn't here and ended up in the hospital was there for a week my wife actually brought me my ipod and all my stuff so i was able to listen to she knew that i was
listen to the show and he was on here in literally the day i got out i went on and i applied gotta grant had more my lab work done sent to him he sent me on our results back and we figured out kind of what kind of protocol and you did to do and then i flew down here to talk to him and started the turkey so what do you think i mean if you could do you have a series of events that you can recall that caused your injuries or is it just just the liar entirety of your career in the military well listen to heidi explosions to exposure to the face so i've six bolts and my job i took shrapnel to the sign my face i was shot in my leg just from all the damage of doing everything not related to any mission but i ended up having surgeries on my shoulder arthritis norma joints of back issues
i mean so just all kind of compounded into one of damaging than just you know shooting at four is all day jumping out of things rolling around you know even just you know just pan and combat when we're planning on practicing things you can you're thrown on ground young in overtime issues that system it was just so much stuff happen over time that it is compounded and did you feel this coming on slowly or was it very quickly was it when you got home was when you were over there that's a hard thing to sir because for me wasn't very new spell out the fact that i just didn't feel good mentally i wasn't out of their mentally you learn to shut things off you become decent ties to the world around you that has a soldier its survival mechanism and so emotionally i was able to do that to turn it off everyone else round me could see some
was wrong i wasn't acknowledging it because to me there wasn't anything wrong but no i just thought the pain than i had that was just going to be the way it was i was oppressed with everything i thought that's just life now i went and did this now i have to deal with that and you have this stubborn mentality because you put all these in front of you and you ve always accomplished them so now hear something that there saying yes you have this ok i can beat this too but azure you keep going hey i'm not doing can't beat this what's going on here so then you look at yourself and you go this is just me and to get to a point where it seems like life itself is so painful and there's so much negative involved in your data the existence that its pointless and you just want to shut it often ended is that like what's the mindset before you decide to try take your life that's exactly the mindset mean for me at the bar
in point was i think when my life left because she didn't leave cuz she love me she left because she couldn't live with and if this person that i love who loves me back can't live with me then what's the point of view being here and she's begging me to get better and i'm going to council i'm going on all these medications their switch indications up every three months because the fuckin not working and on i can't keep doing this keep going on mad i can't keep being stoned out of my mind i guess you could say with all the pain meds and just mean then you ve got a human being there was fog i didn't have commented function i could barely reed i'm an avid reader mean ten minutes ten minutes and i was like factors i can't do it it just even even sleeping it was like aren't i guess i couldn't sleep struggled with that so even sleep wasn't even giving me a comfort and soldiers in other was no point to be here
and will you in contact still with allow the guys you served with india they have similar issues some of them did so my mom had died kind of issues as a stigma that ptsd causes huge aggression that's no anyone i discuss where they atom meaner ptsd like oh are you gonna do worried are gonna fuckin snap and kill it and i did and i think that's not i don't think that's as common is it's been made out to be i think there has been some huge cases come out but it definitely isn't it but for me that that wasn't the case for me it was more just internalizing everything in shutting off and just them but you know having the ability are so important that this yesterday nor for like for my wife she no what matthew she was getting each morning there was the matter you who was loving listen or whatever in the one she married or shoes and get the matthew could
her soul i need it run run over and she didn't know and i was never you know i never hurt her but there is definitely when you shot off emotions there's a fierceness for that and it's scary no she would tell me you know you'd your face there's me and i wouldn't hurt her but there is a protection thing for me just then you just learn protection thing meaning like your aggression is almost like to shut other people out yeah yeah there's more things that one i don't want to deal with it in two if i could shut them out then then we have to acknowledge that i was interaction i just want interact don't want on view i dont want look at you please go away and because you could see the pain every time i look at you and it's just a reminder it's that case of you know you can't can get better till you acknowledge its wrong rossi just don't acknowledge it
the same look it so you you hear about doktor gordon on the pod gas to hear about this the treatment for traffic brain injury in here about hormone replacement and in the damage the bitter terry glinda happens during these impacts you get together and you you start hormone replacement therapy and then what the result was you never marshall does that mean that also sounds almost sounds like a miracle cure but at this point for me it was within ten days the biggest for me was my cognitive function within ten the farthest with it i could think clearly i could do things again and even is it really within those first ten days i was able to get out of bed less paying our could move and then within like six weeks in i started feeling like matthew swordfish like me ok i know the gem today you know what i can go do this today i can read today i can interact today i mean it it so hard to describe because
you got so used to how it felt that once it starts changing your like well this is unreal this is happening so this i'm a different person my room and the real me but a different person than in our in the last couple years and so it's it's almost in it judgment is now you gotta go back and try to just you all damage that you did around you while so just replacing or hormones had that significant effect your well being how you interact with you janet cope changed everything that's amazing what what exactly did you where would you put him on tommy what what had to start article sheila now he's gettin me you're feeling the green martians gave the green light for it
you know we ran through a twenty eight point hormonal assessment that twenty eight hormone assessment looks at brain regulation of the powerful hormones you know in order to make two stars shone signal comes from the pituitary and tells you testicles or woman the ovaries to make astrand stopped running and whatever and in king at his pattern he had a very deep deficiency of the regulatory mechanism for production of testosterone but distortions only one of the multitude of hormones that we focus on others de hd die hydro testosterone is de eighty eight day had de hydro hippy industrial sulphate and why were finding you said we think of hormones as gender or sex hormones while the sex aspect of it his baby thirty forty percent the routes the remainder is on repair and maintenance of our body one of the good things about testosterone anthea inflammatory what happened to your joint pains in your back beings on to start from reduced by half that first week
and this is in the literature you know i won't get to technical won't understand myself but the issue is that the testosterone like growth hormone like esther dialect progesterone all regulate inflammatory chemistry in our body are immune system and we are also found in the past seven to ten years that the brain makes its own hormones in its own hormones being too dost ruined i heard you to start from israel and so forth in the brain and what they who is they regulate the ability of the nerves and i just gave a lecture than we called dumb the non mrs environment which talks about when you have head trauma neuro trauma where you been hitler explosion soforth were areas the brain shut down in their ability to produce hormones that regulate how you feel in your bed ability to have cognitive functioning so not only on the testosterone replacement we use physiological dosing which is on average twenty five to thirty five year old male makes about forty ten
pilgrim today's we use sixty milligrams a week or eighty milligrams week which is about a fourth the amount that's used out there by traditional positions were replacing testosterone the phenomenal response without any the side effects so the hormone replacement includes anthony i'm a toy medication which were all natural things like peek a coup which is a form of coke you tend to stop the production of oxford they caught reactive oxidants species which are activated chemistry accidents that leads to death of cells and there's an incredible amount of literature that has been out for many many years now it's getting more focus that in order for us to heal the brain do we have to replace the hormones but we also have to protect it from this accident of stress that the brain goes through sums you know one of those two de kind of statements but it's actually factual and there's just thousands of art who's coming out and how much we need good fun or we need
vitamin c or repeat your cue coke you ten all the things that take the free radicals that are damaging the ability the brain to regenerate and in this lecture i just gave back nineteen eleven there was a guy named tallow who proof that we can generate are nerves those are neurons in nineteen twenty eight men there's a guy in canada those like the guru the ability to regenerate the brain but you have to have the right environment that right environment involves in and also to help step up this is ability ability to fight the stress why why is this sort if not ignored wisest not commonly known by a lot of physicians or by a lot of people to talk about differ neuro chemicals that change behaviour because we think of dopamine we think effect serotonin those two big ones right when you say of serotonin re uptake inhibitors me think of antidepressants or when you think of peace
depleting die with drugs you think give dopamine serotonin primarily well is very rarely does do the other ones get brought up well i think fortunately there is a financial motivation to things matthew is on rome flee about forty or fifty dollars a month medication one of the medications that he was on was one hundred dollars a month and when you talkin about i think you said fifteen total medications that i can when you add up the cost per month you're talking about thousands of dollars a month so there industry in keeping these we automatically big business industry as well as the unit gee that i make as if you remember back and leave no new affiliates philadelphia which was a lung infection they went and gave these people know thousand dollar drugs and it turned out tat it was a fifty cent drug with from ice in the trees were looking
the things that are so brand new that we have ignored the very basic fundamentals martial arts structurally set back to basics back to basics thank you young you so so jason hall your screen writer you you rode american sniper which being directed by clint eastwood which is when is that come out comes out at christmas and it's about chris kyle famous story the book american sniper course bestselling book in a tragedy where he was killed while he was working with ptsd suffers in he was working with someone on the range who is suffering and one again i'll buy em i how did you involve non us i'll say first that you know that's it that's a pending trial so we don't know that i had peace tears dearie ran a screw loser what it was he got approach to buy
and whose work is to give the green light up to a woman who is working in the parking lot is kids school said my my kid is suffering read your book he served can you help mouth that's about all i got you been up in a lot of vets and you know this guy headed in form and it was it was a tragic story i met chris in two thousand and ten he got up two thousand nano i heard his story and i went down to texas to meet him and now i've never been to texas before either and had had met many navy seal snipers welcome the annexes and altogether services like sixty cops sixty texas cops like half of all the texas rangers were in the room and drank so i wasn't real popular first the only way i get ingratiate myself to them was one of them was
picking on me and call me your high would liberal in this man panny waste and anna so through minafer had luck hijacked them up a little bit chris finally start talking me i took him out a little better how did you get involved in this you you read the story and you heard this gloria i heard the story this guide shot you know you got more can i'm kills in any one u s military history i call the buddy of mine who is serving he had he had been your team sixty was workin down at the cia at the farm i say this gaia this guy's killed gum confirm kills than anybody any hit a shot from twenty one hundred yards confirmed twenty one hundred yards is like i got news for you buddy you're good full of shit you're full of shit there are five guys on the planet who can hit that shot your boys not one of them as i got it will look it up so it calls back in his
so chris cause one of the five while yeah it a vortex optics is summah friend of mine that provide me with scopes and stuff for hunting they they actually got a call from someone in afghanistan that was about to shoot somebody and aid they needed to know how to adjust their scope correctly so they were talk over a sat phone with the guys taxes and giving them the exact adjustments to make some you know like fucking thousand yard shot let me know if that is the air what its k and when you get to like real long distance like a thousand yards plaza mean a lot of is calculations mathematics and understanding scopes and how much the well it's gonna drop dead think some of it is some of it his instinct and yet some of it is here he said god kissed the bullet yeah jesus christ so
amen guardsmen fact before not you the way he kissed it very blue on gas or whatever happened it worked so yeah to get involved with these guys you start in just immersed in the world of of these soldiers and their issues and how did you get connected to matthew and to dart gordon but why chris you know i walked in madame i looked him in the eye and i was like oh shit this guy's not home yet luggage he and his eyes there was something going on and it felt it felt like termorrer there it felt like he was still fighting and i call my wife was i was like i don't know what i'm doing here gonna go on with this guy i don't know yet who's gonna work it out but he's he's got some stuff to work on it was hard to look at it was hard to into his eyes and thankfully wife and kid showed up the next day and i saw a change i saw for a minute the fog
lifted and i saw him light up his kids into his arms and i saw like here's what this guy was before the war you know this is the man who was there before the war and in here maybe the man that he could become again how many of these guys are just tough and they just deal with this new reality it seems like that is a big part of what's going on when you saying the guy wasn't back yet but yet he was physically and he was going through the motions and living his life but all the that problem is going on in his brain and certainly going on the psyche right i think most come back that way i think that's their first mentality is like for me meet on market admit that i've beaten things worse than this i'm gonna keep going so seals yeah maybe you have to get through but to see it through any of it that does he said
need any child has been in front of me it seems like i've completed it and so this that's all it was at once finally realise that i couldn't house broken because sooner than i really felt broken cuz it's never happened is no light at the end of time what song was just all dark it goes dark to the end of time yeah i mean the best parts about me were gone and had chris kyle that he received any treatment for ptsd than the standard dose of killers and assess our eyes and what have you know you know i think chris i think christa with it doing some thank you and then he finally kind of worked his way through a got a little got back into church and and started actually helping these guys help another veterans any peace and now he found peace and help and other guys and you know i can't speak too to what when he laid his head down on the pillow night but ah
he found some real solace in in helping these vats and you in other bring em up and they go out shootin at the range or go hunting and you end up talking around the bed of a pickup truck for four hours with a couple beer in and then you you get a little bit of this com lottery and and then i'll feel so long we are purpose again yummy you have a purpose warrior and you have a job you get out and it's gone as ripped from you there's not enough there's no clear goal or mission in front of you anymore so you can search for that like for me a kind of history figure out what you know what the fuck am i gonna do with myself now what mission can accomplish and it's not there anymore there's no people you know structure of things were gone the command is gone it's just you and i think it if it hadn't been from wife never women would have gone into the vienna honestly because this
there's just happened to be someone i lived with me the whole time whose like you to go in or i'm gone and mean if she had been there are probably still be that way now d you have seized on a lot of work for two brain injury and in and helping to fund the intrepid centre for a traumatic jerry and one more shocking things to me when we we got involved we start doing these fights for the troops was that there was no funding for this how to get funding from other sources that they had to get funding from donations and they had to ask people to call in indonesia and the gis believe me shocking to me that we spend so much money to send these guys over there so much money for weapons in so much money you know the latest high tech ways to kill people and so little money on how to treat these guys when they come back and girls i mean it
it's an issue so little money and also so little imagination and so little willingness to to explore new things we're talking about a fuckin blood test yeah talkin about a blood test to test their hormones and it's like oh what a crazy idea this guy's out of the box using trackers you now and it's it's you look at the you look it at the symptoms are having the same symptoms guys men a feller having its the same symptoms that guy's with low testosterone or have it it's not a huge mystery you know but it is a mystery to to all these people and you know we're also talking chris car who is the achilles of iraq alike act i was having a hard time that guy had go through the same thing and go talk to somebody you know there's a lot of guys out there who served and got no thanks for it there no recognition they got there anonymous soldiers in in a war that nobody wanted
came home and they were messed up most most about most are like that you know and look i'm sure guys who came home and they were ok like haven't met a ton of those guys are some of the seals are like that they're fine you know god bless but i spent the last year out after running sniper book called thank you for your service in this guy followed guys home he followed a battalion of army guys home from my from iraq and followed there wanderings into like how they were gonna get back lives and how did these guys were going to deal with their stress in dealing with the vienna was a nightmare man and you meet guys that just did have any hope they don't have any hope and you know some of them have have to have the power yesterday in some of mobile additional injuries like matthew had and they got nothing there nothing in the vienna is like you know you're talkin twenty two soldiers adele kill themselves
for those who know more soldiers have killed themselves and have died no correct but which is the first time in any war in u s history and the thing while they keep me keep records now can i use a website which is called prevention and awareness suicide prevention awareness which is of military site which keeps track of all the us suicides and also things prevented and they keep records of the deity in that twenty two a day i think his is not an accurate number and there was another report that came outwards like forty words even more did you in two thousand and twelve when they start really releasing numbers there were more people killed more people committed so so then people were killed in the year of fighting in two thousand and two on fuckin believable i can from a patient standpoint goin in the vienna i like the ba had been nothing but very kind to me very good so i don't have anything in that regard to say but
when you go in there and yet diagnosed ptsd these lamb you one of the methods and to with all these appointments to talk to people who one you're not gonna fuckin relate to i'm sorry but miss susie over there hasn't seen what i've seen or done what i've done and she's trying to engage you mean this conversation and all i want slim face the floor because he's trying to act as if she's my friend and knows what i'm talking about and she doesn't and i know she only has good will but as a patient sitting there and disposed to help you and it's not helping you like this is fucking stupid and that's what happens people go to like one or two sessions and never the council again you can not fix the mind when the body is not working well physiologically not working correctly the mind will never get better so essentially what's happening is they're trying to fix these mark the mind in these mental issues without fear the physiological aspect of it and then wondering why none of these people are getting better ok
why are none of these medications working how many more indications can we give you do you know before you in a situation like mine and that's what's happening and its that part of it is ridiculous in that part of it angers me because it is such an easy fix at such a it seem like an easy fix you know the payment that effective ineffective fix but it's that you know i remember when i first was going in there for my chronic pain and only started me off like britain tat eleanor they went through this progression to where they were and i remember my doctor look at me saying i know what you need but i have to do it this way so not only did i waste another six months to a year going on these ineffective because i i did need some from a pain probably not what they gave me but that's just another in our example of sometimes think they know that it's not working but therein this bureaucracy a where they have to just debts
no it's a federal constitution they have to do this that they have to have sort of a chain of prescriptions there's that we heard about this distant work with that and documentation of is that what it is worth at yeah i mean it's a rainbow of medications that everyone starts off on it seems like an that's what everyone's getting when they go in there and then their wondering while none of a more effect in all some of them are effective but a whole they're not in so you go in there i mean i was goin in that you know in i would go in after thirty days nah sorrow doing our was tried another two months ago years three months what's either up your dose or luscious throw that shit and garbage and give you something else so not only you taking something my bodies been on for three months now and then just introducing it to something else you know that i was i was becoming worse
becoming more just not when the frustration oh yeah australian you need by the internet you need a stronger medication just deal with all the points you been do its banana yeah it's ridiculous i mean i i did stop going through all my mental counselling sessions because i knew that wasn't was wasn't what was going to help me i didn't need especially not then you know me maybe a friend or some but lord stuff that happens on there i don't want talk about it at all it's very sacred it's very personal and intimate to me it's not a game most of the people around you talk to you and it's a fucking video games could call of duty and they sit there they talked in other talk any was at that like that and you like listen this is not ok don't say anything now a market summer wife could she doesn't need to know any of this poor stuff but i went through you just internalize it you internalize it your buddies
you almost don't wanna talk about it because you know either you're so bodies are just anyone optional not here because the bring it up to this for again so just becomes this thing where you take the deepest aspect of your soul and you just shut the fuck up there and then you pay and walk away and that is part of the problem in it's a mental issue mental issue of like get progresses down this the slope downhill because when your body starts malfunctioning all the stuff that you're trying to deal with mentally goes with it goes down and then you ve got it then you can start handling just the daily things of life around you can't handle oh they got my coffee wrong aright war now i'm fuckin past and let's go break a ton of shit you know just simple things like the everyday its likeness our big issue you know but can't handle the law things around you and you don't have a buffer the address no buffer there's no nothing i mean fine things to do i tried final kinds hobbes to do and they work for a week
you're just you realize you're right where you were and you just keep moving on it never gets better and that's the thing that was so frustrating about it it's also die we frustrating for you doctor gordon to know that there sort of ignorance involved in just treating the mind just treating this in terms of anti with these kind of medications when dealing with so many different things holistically the entire body has so many issues that aren't being addressed and they just addressing this one thing because this is all these doctors no incorrect it's really a mask process that they're doing the patient has complaints of isolation which matthew had isolation withdrawal and hedonism enjoying doing the things you were enjoying before an that's classical depression so superman antidepressant you having difficulty sleeping per month transit on put whatever medication in the frustration
is the literature is so clear i mean i didn't invent anything i just sit in front beautiful ate nine hours a day and read the literature that's coming out from all of the planet and they're so compelling that i put into clinical application with not only the veterans but with the civilians who have hedge traumatic brain entry from motor vehicle accidents looking forward have you in the boxes across the board once you find the laboratory proven d since these are insufficient seas and replace it you get these credible responses woman thirty two years ago who had a motor vehicle the head on were neck hit these steering wheel and crushed her carotid she had a stroke on the opposite side the two years of being on a multitude medications and then she comes in and within a month she's
billing better they had run after all to counteract the side effects of the five psycho tropic drugs like the us or rise and would have whatever and after one much goes back to recycle interest in the south and she says the dark female doctors is i'd like to get off these medications docks esther honey i'll put people on anti depressants adam take them off the mentality that we have to start educating that there are all are alternatives but there being told of quick fix is to put antidepressant listening to matthew story in ten days the cloud started to lift the fog started to dissipate and by six weeks he was coming back to matthew remember himself being that's the place then that's the place where he can deal with the others they lack than cigarettes yes correct exact caesar deasey things are not independent of each erect you know in the past i started in two thousand where i had dug forehead trump
and when i was between thirty four forty six i think i share this with you once before between thirty four and forty six i started to go depression was depression was and pack so just wasn't happy ample what we had dramas from policy at four years of age plain jungle jim in new york during the winter hit my head on the middle bars landed up in the ground at ted believe it or not i was sitting there how dare you shut off sancho shoot it then when i was writing my bicycle to where he was school at between twelve and thirteen i was hit by a car knocked down cut my face cut my chin let's see at eighteen years of age and swim team o screwing around in my head on the swim port than in those february nice two thirds of february nice nineteen seventy one some are quite before you were born you know a shelf i shall follow my head and nothing else so i was you went through
de graduate medical school residency everything was fine but between thirty four and forty six to develop and i'll be symptoms and then i to a facility and had my hormones jackknife thyroid which he saw me take earlier thyroid roy to stop growth hormone deficient and started on it within a period of sea august two november third i woke up totally different person someone to utter matthew was stating and until that was ninety nine not until two thousand and four when i read an article out of turkey turkey they have a lot of pugilist like boxing and there was this one article that said that boxers in turkey were found of unusually high amounts of tat growth hormone deficiency in the following year who tie in thailand came out and then that was my epiphany i went back to life darted finding one to five ten articles talking about head trauma associate with hormone deficiency and from two thousand foreign to present that's all i read his these relations and we know in jordan
g in geriatric medicine internal medicine that as el gets to be in the sixtys and seventys that you see them go through a process that they called the stymie which is a mild kind of a blue you know filling blue depression and they have significant assessment officially when you replaced the get better so why can't we see that things that accelerate you lost head trauma leading to two stars from this deficiency causing depression that looking at the older generation who have or the older age individuals who have hormone deficiency both males and females that they'd of philip depression why can linked to an that's where the problems been in linking the two issues hormone deficiency whatever cause can predispose you two issues of psychological problems and
psychological problems like what like oppresion anxiety the number one is fatigue did you have fatigue ok fatigue fatigue with albania will sleep correct fatigue insomnia depression rage just for no reason to start being angry enraged screaming at people patience is gone lobby oh sexual drive is gone doubting yourself a sense of well being is gone a plum has gone com it's gone assertiveness has gone in that's this issue what they call coal mobility when you're arguing the fact of being ptsd site the logical verses of physiological cause for that psychological i think the head trauma creates the scenario about chemicals to allow you to have sensitivity to these things that are called cycle affective disease or cycle neurotic diseases whatever their using today so it predisposes tat makes you susceptible to the thought corrected the bad thought correct what's the difference between we're talking when you were talking jake
that when you saw when crystal kids his personality changed yet that was a stimulus that was something that would amount to peek right thinking with hormone correction it can wrecked those thoughts and were finding something called neuro steroids which are them nine or hormones that run through a body that our law stirring inflammatory processes throughout the body confess the brain that stabilize our ability to not be schizophrenia car ability not to be depressed our cognitive woody so that the long neurons that conduct information over longer time to in green are rub memories and so forth are stabilized and if you lose that stabilization like pulling the plug you lose that ability to control or not turning the sound all the way down so correcting the hormones it allows for the sound to come back up to where it should be so that you can function at a level that matthew is we have a lot of people that have had a multitude of injuries what happened was
because of a laboratory access medical lab in florida they gave me a grant and what happens if they gave me a chunk of money and i matched at my pocket at my practice to provide the type of services that matthew and large group of other vets from the green berets from the navy on ship maybe it same navy right saint blue side produce i pray and in fact now i use your neri think what matthew was the last one to get in on this programme ran out of funds and we did a radio show two weeks ago in when my patient calcined offers us a money to get the system back up and running and last week when i was a lecturing in vegas approach by sea one who had put in a grant would deal with a dear doktor sinking to patty and doktor dash at a university test of texas who are now
helping me to apply for a deity grant so that i can continue doing the work that we ve been doing i'm still taking money on my part then dad the lab still providing us with a funds so that we can have a trickle of people but before we get ten people at a time and they ve all gotten better there's not a lot of people there talking about this though in the sense that the way you're talking about it why did you see israel real sports peace untermeyer brain injury and football players you know well here you using in all these pieces on these guys have all these issues but will you while the know what they're saying essentially is we have to be careful with the amount of damage these guys taken football and there's gotta be some sort of methods and place to mitigate this or at least to monitor like put sensors on the helmets they're not argue about hormones not did not talking about another avenue of treatment that is based upon doing the right testing to see what the problem is there not doing that in the final hormone deficiency thereby
brain damage their funding but you're gonna find tt yelled the encephalopathy from trauma you can find that in what the literature is i referred to earlier is showing us that we can regenerate neurons spin done we can heal the brain he's that came out life extension magazine a couple years ago in the interviewed me for the same healing the brain with hormones is happening in healing the brain regenerate neurons like how is that done and what what's a process well and he was might our lectures i'll make it ensures i can having heads from it initiates a group of inflammation inflammatory cascades in the brain than have that change the chemistry of the brain so that the natural ability of the brain to regenerate nerves his lost were finding that thyroid hormone specifically fiery three trader thy remain is extra
important to help stem cells in the brain which they just found recently in the past ten years that we have stem cells the brain that can regenerate the brain so when your thyroid deficient happens is these cells lose their ability to stimulate growth factors for nerve regeneration and so having all the hormones back removing the trunk inflammatory processes in the brain can foster neuro permissive environment with the nerves will grow and the site is there they showing the things that stop at the things that stimulated in hedge would it not have been testing because of difficulties in order to know what's going on the brain you have to take a brain biopsy they ve been trying to get markers s one hundred b is one of the march there were with right now that just tells you that it's happened we're doing so for at diagnosing that you have traumatic brain entry and seeing it on one of the neuro radiological techniques but their failing in treatment would about the can
active tissue between the brain and the skull itself mean isn't that an issue with boxers and and fighters that have had repeat had trauma right i see that the connective tissue gets damn well what happens is subdued hematoma which is a bleed between the p a matter than the brain and then there's intra shrivel bleeding that occurs and what happens that the cause for loss of consciousness is because you ve torn sheared is what they call shearing or defused excellent trauma you ve broken the long nerves that connect everything to keep you stimulated to be awake and through this process called an mri or a deity mri actually see how weird nerves had broken and when you break them that's when you lose consciousness and so we can detect it we can not regenerate those directly but we can build secondary pathways and that's it
finding there's a chemical called no go a minnow geo a which actually inhibits the ability of nerves to regenerate by controlling the environment in all using high go to fund using some of the ivy products that we have that can allow the brain to heaven pay in an environment where can regenerate so thee the trauma to the brain itself the nurse they get damaged will never be replaced but the secondary pathways that are created to response to that damage can they puts went back to the same state that they were out where they always be diminished i say you talking about a guy like you know a name emma may champion who at the end of his career starts getting knocked out a bunch tom just any we see that with guys who used to be able to take tremendous punches analyses and they get hit and they just go is that
because of all those nerve breaks it have happened over the course of their career secondary pathways just simply inadequate or is there another response going on where the mind is protecting itself this is what i have heard described me right there shutting off quicker because the mine has recognize this pattern worse even trauma the best way is did to mitigate this just shut off well that's a simplified version of it not to make too deep but their tolerance changed were in the past they have a regenerative capacity or they have it endogenous system inside that can help to keep things better when you ve lost the ability of this automated system to control things you pass out whether it's the vascular you more sensitive vascular so on the head trauma sean's from one area to another so you lose the blood that keeps you
can you pass out neurologically yes they could be breaking more nerves and therefore losing more readily it's about resilience tolerance and how much of that you ve lost so you no longer you don't have one hundred thousand dollars in your bank account you got a penny so when you buy that piece of gum that you can't buy your empty so any shot me that's what she to the head they just start going in that doesn't get fixed correct can answer whether it gets fixed or not because depends on the individual individual looking their may lou looking anything else that so called morbid things that are paid opposing him to have a more sensitive response to it you know certain drugs alcohol being allowed the drugs that we we use there's one drug that used lot won't say the name but deals with close well that doesn't allow cells to regenerate also wax you're vitamin d in your mukoki lieutenant to me somewhat less
seven aim suit sued doesn't want the fucking army kind have well their articles showing that want to note that the cells breakdown more readily and there's a process for processes in the brain which regulate nerves staying strong being destroyed by rousseau anyone who's on those kind of drugs are anti cholesterol drugs there there risking a lot of damage to their body there are multi the levels you shut off i examined friend whose on it what anthony bore danes on it you know and he's he's out because he won't stop being pork is culture his lamp leaves joy shall maybe not the poor kosher now obviously he isn't it doesn't leave that's right promptly could be jewish producer ways not relate but he's in libya so doesn't matter that my point is is taking this just because he doesn't want to do anything to reduces cholesterol
yeah cause enjoys fatty awesome food enjoy it that shit is not good right well it shuts up few ten vitamin d in one of the chapters of the new book talk about a treatment for hormonal the first case that i presented a guy came in to me who was on one those cholesterol loring drugs in it all his hormones would down because plus rose the precursor to all or hormones are engines and hum estrogen so called resolve clutched cortisol bringing home testosterone astrid islands hd mdgs and they were all reduced all we do is stopped his staten drug end it all came up i didn't have to do anything and why do you do to reduce cholesterol other than diet like for a guy like well opens up nice warm box worms the question is is cholesterol really the issue when you look at the statistics fifty percent of all heart attacks happening
for with low or normal loves a cluster also the question that issue any intelligent person as to ask treaty myself is that then what's causing how do these people get heart attacks if the cholesterol normal or low why don't i have a heart attack with my cholesterol between two hundred and seventy five and three hundred and forty nine and my hostfest ct scan that looked at my coronary arteries were perfectly clear how is it that when my bill jesus of a spyder pilot has a cholesterol one forty two one fifty in he ended up having open heart surgery because is cholesterol his calcium count was greater than two thousand my music his was greater than two thousand less than a hundred great greater than four hundred dangerous he was greater than two thousand he had done ninety five percent inclusion of the main arteries left enter descending and of having open arts fir tree hen artery replace from his leg how do you count for what went back and we did a series of tests which were gifted by this laboratory work within florida which golden lp six that looks at the end
flam markers inflammation marks that lead to heart disease so to call purely see small density l de l homo assisting see reactor protein there's a whole group of chemistry that causes information led to the hardening of arteries in the body response by putting calcium down that's the earth was great equations to try and work like bandy and what spin off that you ve heard of croatian therapy chelation therapy for many years has been poo by medical community in three years ago it will come to studying what do they say collation therapy works what is key their population is to levels of one is to remove all the taxes from the body are focus was to try and remove the council calcium deposition of in the arteries and use costs mediator so immediately athos without calling chemicals that remove it is another product which is called k one two three and seven which help too
remove calcium deposition from lining of the arteries so if you going the council occasion you improve the at risk erratic lesions that narrow the blood vessels and lead spasm in inflammation that calls in cholesterol control is has two major fund one is to supply the cells with the precursor to all our hormones growth home and so forth and thyroid in all the sex hormones and also to repair the wall of the arteries and studies that were done with they took a whole bunch of stuff like trends fatty acids nicotine sugar uric acid cholesterol see reactive protein testosterone estrogen they put it in cultures of the lining the arteries called into failure the only one that didn't cause inflammation was cholesterol while wow what a lot of articles in all the talk about this the myth of books cholesterol and that's what i see otherwise i have hardening of the arteries
but my genetics on this panel that we do and help me six my inflammatory markers or low my cholesterol high in keith his inflammatory markets are high but with low cholesterol and so is this just a legacy diagnosis is just something that we ve said for so many years cholesterol causes heart attacks and it just in print in our brains i remember people say sodium causes high blood pressure it but if you ve no fucking salt a mineral goddammit it's an important part of your body i give you it's all you need certain amount of it correct and i think they're making generics statements were their selective it should be selective in certain people saudi might be bad in certain people cholesterol might might be bad i don't see it wasn't that sodium the whole i notice of sodium causing on these health problems was not like inherently flawed in the first place is web was
did you remember what it was specifically but they were saying that tugged overload of salt in certain racial groups can i say that yes mechanic fight so the blacks ok fine then i won't say that see in certain racial groups they ve always been known to be more susceptible two kidney related issues and fluid retention on sodium so it predisposes to enlargement the heart congestive heart failure fluid retention and high blood pressure entreating certain racial group to use diuretics that make you go pee to lose the fluid in the blood and other groups use beta blockers to blacks from hot for the contraction of the heart other ones to stretch the blood vessels and so forth so every genetic predisposition has specific kind of medication that works best so you can't ubiquitous say ok everybody needs a stand drug everybody needs water pill everybody needs a beta blocker you have to be very soon
active in this is what's being lost as matthew experience in his experience you walk in with any of his symptoms everybody gets on a pre paid prepaid package over medication and of individualizing what he needs he just needed a blood test hundred seventy nine dollar blood tests to look at just his start from related issues and find out who is deficient and replace it any are you still in your medication any medication know you're on offer think did you go to withdraw with that morphine and usher it's been a while back no i still take oxy code on and come down to on between two and three peltzer damsels five three twenty five so how many were you wanted to pick a day a day in that's with morphine i was on four day and then still taken oxy codeine for pain nigeria and what does it would what is causing your pain
more my gun chauvelin my leg developed compartments syndrome in their so essentially i guess the easiest way describe that is blood goes into the tissue doesn't have any where to go to the pressure built up and searched breaking down muscle so tissue and ex its painful six titanium bolts my jaw from one of the experts and so i have a lot of joint issues and i took shrapnel side by my ear so some joint pain from all movement to stuff like i mean it's not a not near where i was and am arthritis things like that but you i mean i think i was on fit in all twenty five micrograms i think is what it was when five micrograms every three days there was a patch morphine was forty more the day i believe accepting their twenty maugre impulse to remember that in an hour the code on was five three twenty five and i was on aid of those and then
so now i'm down to no fear no no morphine and just three oxen today and it seems to me i mean i am ignorant of this but that still seems like a lot of pain medication for your body to absorb the process is that it is a lot but you know he's gotta detox you can go through cold turkey along this process so i've been on the testosterone replacement a little over three months and from there i went from i got off the fat nor a little bit four i'd start about because i just couldn't function with that members to do not hide feel high because i was in pain but i felt down like suppressed amino suppressed agus some like that so i went off the morphine and then within three months i went from eight ox he's down to three and so i mean could be two or three just kind of depends high under in the day so my
take one in the morning when i wake up and then maybe one at night and is the goal to eventually eliminate that completely yes three months is pretty significant improvement i mean that's amazing that short period time that's the pain meds that's even antidepressants and anxiety i mean it's all this stuff i mean the only thing that's laughed out of like twelve medication panel literally just the three payment how how did it change your relationship at all you have to some of their personal no you know and this is what we got divorced so that yeah that and you have to give public is right yeah yeah i mean on yeah and were divorced me night interact with with my axe every day but i'm pretty sure she's got a bitter taste left in her mouth but
is it i'm maybe that was the wrong way rephrase the question how is it affected your ability to like all with data stuff yeah and it's much better i mean it's hard to even describe it cuz it's so normal and i mean i feel so normal now to where it's not an issue i mean i'm not happen that issue of just the biggest thing for me i think was the ability to let go my things are upsetting in a little things that people die every day just happens part of life worse for me was in the world and in our monitors things down were now just kind of goes off interactions and ex have been better there's a lot of hurt there she so that comes out sometimes and on both sides because a lot of mistakes were made and anger or in pain and you know that's for me right now the big thing is physically i'm getting to wear
want to be and i'm getting i'm not i'm not a hundred percent there from eighty percent physically where where i want to be you know i still got a little ways to go now second half of that will be working mentally trying to figure out what it is i need to do to mince we get a hunter per saint clair city of where i can think is clearly as possible and deal with any of the things that have happened whether pre military military and after and it is to be a challenge because in on trying to heal broken relationships in my my axe and i with someone i'm very happy so does nothing there i'll always love her you know she was the only one i've ever loved and so that's there but i want the best for her and it wasn't with me that time and she's moved on and that's ok wasn't ok for me beforehand because till i can process it whereas now i can look at it objectively and say i get
i just wanted to be happy and thus also man but good for you but that's an attitude that manner which more fuckin people would take but it's not easy months that's great that's not easy now how many other people have you turned on to this i mean you you must know other guys it are suffering for similar conditions or at least i suspect they might be sure that this process right now it's part of common on the show is were creating a dialogue as we like to say because no knows if we want to empower veterans to be able to say hey go into their doctor and with something just to say hey can you do this because now they don't know and if they know they can at least start something or content me or maybe you know jason our doktor gordon just get some kind of info and get going ass a thing you know we're gonna limited because it's almost like there's just a handful
people are doing ass doktor gordon and few doctors he's train gone over end in on they're not not in every state in every city in every visa and every practice once and it seems like there get an attack to me i mean i'd i'd got in just at a naval special warfare event to a guy who's doing some of this work down in texas cleric and yeah you look him up and people are attacking him and all this and that and it attack by doctor heather doctors people saying they were licence to do this or or its experimental medicine or you know these kinds of yet nothing we're doing is experimental it's all written about doctors retreating it whether you know it or not you not there they're treating patients word testosterone deficient they never go into great depth ass them their history casino i get a lot of patients coming from other men's clinics type of organizations
there was a guy recently who wanted to transfer from his organization or as from his clinic to us and i asked them to send a copy of his original labs and to make sure it wasn't about using steroids for body building or something of that nature and he scented labs over and screaming on the lab results very limited but significant enough you can see that he had traumatic brain injury in the past i call them up use forty one years of age call them up introduced self and i said you have been an accident he said yeah de ten years of age he was broad cited and car in his head whiplash and hit the glass and broke the glass window so need to go and do a better job of history relative to traumatic brain injury refining people who have hormonal deficiency and never ask about in all their history or us someone comes into their dark because their depressed and the first thing they do is they put him on drugs instead of asking him have you had any hedge
farmers or any sudden falls or anything others that delay effect to it doesn't have to be wrecked come on that's when you go in there with this problem no one thinking to go hey did you have this because that might happen ten years ago rhine and so that's an issue with fighters it's a big issue with fighters where i see guys who have retired and then even though retired like save they retired like two thousand ten you we'll see them three four years later with no fights at all they ve deteriorated significantly over that three time like what it is how long does it take i've heard ten years it can be up the seventeen is an article that came out just recently that said that it can take seventeen years in it might be that all their fights brought them up to the edge and then something silly like getting into a automobile accident five to seven miles an hour pushed him over the edge we had someone in san diego they had traumatic brain injury from five seven miles an hour rear but they had history of his of trouble
the passage just how much of the hawk on may look do you have to lose before you flip into symptoms and now we have it of reserves systems in our body growth homer serve and when you lose that reserve you start deteriorating from growth on deficiency with the same thing with this ass from essen all the hormones we have a reserve mechanism where there's a little bit hanging around when you lose that reserve from you lose the battle you then become susceptible to all the situation to depression fatigue itself with that occur in how'd you get how'd you guys want involving other hug jason get into this i look them up didn't look me up looked up on the un and what would wouldn't put in mark gordon or what night you know i've been i've been hanging out with these guys no i looked out energy csp hormone theory didn't write your name came up you know to be
ptsd hormone therapy and haven't you hear about the hormone third because i've i've heard of some some pretty well known navies those going out and in getting this therapy that clearly wasn't available to the army guys i was talking to who ever heard of this at all in any way shape or form and because this guy had some ways and means and end was was known he was able to go get there therapy and is able to go get it and you know it significantly helped his his quality of life and so to me this this movie that we may it is about a guy who's who makes this huge sacrifice you know any sacrifices spiritually mentally his family everything for his belief and he comes home and he's he's to fight another war this guy fought is hard to get home as he fought over there and and i just feel like
looking at this thing and it's kind of like the public is just standing outside a glass and and being in their head on it like well why are these guys shooting themselves they hear the status that is why these guys putting guns in their mouths i don't get it did not even asking this question and the general public is not completely i do it mean the average person you walk down street say how many soldiers killed themselves they would have no idea that it would be as many if not more than don't got stigma sonya about you say you have brought tears d or something and then meet wow you we need a lock you in others that mentality that now your dangerous and its assent think they its own ignorance is bliss what's the snow it's hard to talk about its hard you like it's hard to dig in you know it's hard to we have this thing over like thank you for your service and its it's the light thing to say and it kind of also puts a hand up at the same time we like thanks for your service i don't really want to know what you saw or what you did you know in a lot of guys correct me if i'm wrong who served like hey you one thing
maybe if you know what i had to do you know an end its carter prevents conversation in a way will there's also that movement does not support the troops known at kenworth i mean i'm were come back a few times and seem protests and its anger me but it was a situation of it's like you if you just knew this wouldn't be way doing right now so convenient to protest mean just saying that use or the troops just saying that you you know you you you want them to come back homes really support the truce combat combat that's that's very convenient very correct we all would like less war in this world but the reality of supporting the troops in the reality of the protests in his u dealing with these people that have gone through something that you're never gonna be able to comprehend it is absolutely impossible for you to be comprehend just psychologically whether dealing with and too
to add in this physical aspect of it the traumatic brain injury the loss of hormones the the loss of the ability to cope because this hormonal deficiencies there's so much going on there's so much going on and when you see people protesting getting upset at troops you're talkin kids you talk about eighteen year old kids at her income unbelievably easily influenced that are sent over there and essentially brainwashed your immediate thrown into your throat to these training courses that treat you had block things out how to become a train killer and then they come back and we want a protest against them like what would you expect them to unbelievably unique and be able to deal with this and process it in some sort of a strange and in a very unusual way where they don't need they become a conscientious objector they step outside of it mean i see people protesting the actual soldiers themselves it's very maddening because could have been me
i ve been a lot of us it was you and we have been anybody who joins the military and then that should jars fuckin crazy that you're you're blaming the soldiers for what happens it's one of the one of most infuriating things and i've seen it time and again it so easy to do it's so short sighted there is also no course when you get when you i mean really there's not mean they do all these training things to help deal with getting out there's no like magic course that you take and all of a sudden you can fuckin deal with life again mean you're used to a structured life almost every day of you do this at six o clock in the morning you do this at ten o clock in the morning you do you do this you eat here you eat when they tell you eat this march you do this you go over there and you do in the same out your duties routines do these routines and then you get out and you too little is left to just fuckin figure it out guy sooner
a prison as well but that's why large guys want to go back to prison and i mean i've known people who have gone now couldn't handle it and when back in because they were so use that structure light it almost is that kind of indoctrination and when you're eighteen and away because it's all they ve known in there still babies at eighteen they arrive in on it how life was that's what they know when they go back and its comfortable its comfortable here but through for years they had the a strategy anyone coming into the military had to go through assessment and then when the exit you're supposed to go through some kind of the exit assessment zapping done no you don't understand you have been only knowledge i think you always doing he always go in with some kind of a basic assessment physically just to see if you meet certain criteria but when you get out i mean so as a person who is in charge of most of the teams health type a thing you do like physic
cause you do their lab work you do all this stuff for them but yeah the checks out you just go ok you're good to go i mean you're not i'm not doing anything extensive davy needs to be done to they give you any psychological counselling about like how to reintegrate the society how to deal with protests had a deal what people call on you in our baby killer whatever the fuck now you go through like things were you there classes like when you arrive he s an outer how we want to call it that just you know that teach you basic skills to how to get out of it bree integrate into the world but means a basic on like you can learn like jobs girls and i personally do any of those courses i did different things but they have these things for them you go through these things nothing like
can you train anyone really down to deal with being called a baby killer i mean i can't i guess i mean you just i don't know boy yeah we put all this money into training them to fight and then no money into training them to find peace right you now regularly opponent yet internal peace opinion now we need and there's the sir i don't know look at the men i've been doing a lot of thinking of the medication lately and stuff like that just cause i can't believe everything that i've been given and no it is it's like there's a market in this ptsd thing right now just like everyone's coming back if you have this symptom or that somethin you go in there and you fall under this linked to that and there there put you in there and you now get out of it because no one's gonna look any further than that and that pass to change that there treating everything backwards and so who knows man that's
voters needs to get out there why think this is gonna help it obviously it helped you the first time doktor gordon talked about it in the podcast you heard for sure yeah i mean a deeply indebted that you have people on here that come in and ensuring new ideas or just things it people need to hear you i mean this year i have no idea i mean act be dead right now if that happened because i mean let's be frank are probably would be dead and dying in a way pry needed to happen for me to get you know courage to say this is something i need to try and had nothing nothing to lose by applying or nothing to lose about coming down here and just seeing what going on and trying nothing to lose and the problem right now as we need to get money so that we can help people we need funding we need to get the word out there were trying
non charitable go and that we can get donations things like that even now profit as our bible once non charitable nonprofit taken of cheer in my head and right so people can get money how many people are on waiting lists right now we have about twenty eight just got another to sober up thirty that's is europe active in how many people like you are doing this the country not just to know our foreign yet no one jesus rotation looked i've got a couple of people look there's no one else doing it and now they're doing very basic hormone because since two thousand and four i've been going around the world lecturing on dramatic entering hormone deficiency syndrome but it does have the nuances that renders so they started by giving just testosterone when the issues with just giving testosterone
as we have a mechanism in our body if you give a hormone or chemical into the body that's normally there it shuts off the origin of that chemicals so upset precursors or shut off so until i strongly two very important upstream precursors are pregnant alone andy eighty eight so it takes about forty six and before you shut off those two and they affect the brain so what you'll see and patients who are just run testosterone is that they'll start complaining that they're not experiencing the same fact there losing the benefit and communists thing that's done as they increase they might testosterone increasing manifesto that get big tits and they get you know feminine kind of attitudes and and so forth try say dare you have tried it gets reminisce ass you well oh some soup
i have a pretty feminists really i just downloaded around here about its military intelligence is a bit so i think at least i think it took huge balls for you to come down here and do this dude i had no idea was three months like honestly fuckin awesome success story but you know just how many other people do we need to have the same thing the vacant wake up and those guys there's a lot of their suffering man you know families the captain who is some twenty one years after his initial traumatic brain injury and five weeks he was seventy percent better he gets better he gets redeployed deaf because he's better air for europe comes back and ease up on the eighty percent improvement ninety percent now has been put at that of five shaped a building and
washington wherever really is he's trying to help to find the avenue for us because you know he's living breathing proof that what we do is it works and it is very simple basics back to the basics replace the hormones at a deficient and protect the brain it works and the other thing is that we're missing out things like alzheimer's disease we talk about traumatic brain issue we think it's just blunt injury to the to the ed nice radiation from excessive x rays city scans regular dental x rays el x rays can cause damage to the control mechanism in the brain could the hypothalamus also some early matamoras which is leading in the brain from like boxing has now been associated with all the same symptoms and hormone efficiencies akin to traumatic brain injury so strokes said another one hum surgery i have a terrible williams issue that while this is that now
there was one article that came out that started looking at this where there are some thirty thousand seven hundred articles that had been written on i know the costs by you something called google scholar it tells you in zero one seconds one seconds it pulled up twenty thousand seven hundred articles me put in cabbage witches corner coronary i pass graph and depression and you see twenty thousand seven hundred articles come up talking about post surgical post heart surgery depression and robin whims and two thousand nine had a major heart surgery on the earth valve replacement and now we were also finding is that thyroid changes the thyroid production the body changes after prolonged surgery and generates a form of firewood hormone that's inactive in so seated with low fired his depression so seated would damage to the pituitary from prolong surgery is criminal shut down
so i believe that it probably is in all contributory especially when the pathologist came out and said that there were no drugs in nomadic nation no i'll call no medication in his blood but of course look at the hormone able to see if there was a deficiency low levels of testosterone least depression find a seventy thousand articles in this chapter on neuro psychiatry into my brain injury there are four hundred and thirty two thousand articles on growth hormone deficiency and depression there are two hundred thirty five thousand articles on thyroid seventy thousand on testosterone deejay has about seventeen thousand estrogen has large mountain progesterone all have depression articles i've been written since two thousand two thousand and thirteen almost eight hundred fifty thousand articles what no instead producing the just publishing em to publish it no one reading
so essentially what we're dealing with when it comes to happiness and avoiding depression is the entire your body as a unit as an individual unit has to be balance correct you have to be healthy you have to proper nutrients you have to have rest and exercise and you have to have your hormones in line if they are not in line you're going to deal with all sorts of issues for a pet story issues depression the all the buffers cause you to lash out that they do not lasher all those are gone correct this is a crazy thing to target on saudi arabia but issues it seems like witnesses a rush to get this information on here while these forty soldiers killed themselves a day and we're just talking about soldiers were not dealing with people in car accidents people kick box now that they may be able to play football that are all dealing with this issue lot going on here there's then enough going on in there
since of the industry my industry in the medical industry is what is perplexing on one part because we went through in medical school and hopefully we already the credit growth and were supposed to serve them memento humanity and trying to help fix them and i don't think that's being done i don't think it's really being folkestone think unfortunately i believe that more pawns in a game of chess were pharmaceutical companies according to insurance companies insurance companies are dictating to both patients and to the physicians on how to run medicine so that he walked into your office and you know you no longer an individual you're just a number on a card but the key in the paper mill dollar bill the other people getting this treatment are the rich forty five year old white guys who can afford who alone testosterone right who were off finding some benefit too there too there
to their body and mind but even then that is not being done correctly if run seller has been developed at all it's that they're doing it at the entry point i mean i've been giving classes on andrew pause which is to start from deficient samantha pause which has grown deficiency in many pause and how to bounce female hormones little better since two thousand and one and how did oxford listen to it's a lot of ducks went into the industry to make money and therefore they go to one class in a one class for three days like i just participated in and they walk out in the for the expert i don't consider myself an expert on anything i think i know a little bit and try not to get in trouble by keep on reading so i know a little bit more in what i do is i go out and i share this information on it you see and when i was in chicago teaching in medical school there and that's just my personality i read a lot
i find ways to deliver it so it's palatable unusable in a very relatively short period of time but you have to change now unfortunately since tooth made everything is financially oriented so i put my my family life and the quality of my wife partially on line because i try to make it so that my office comes as close as possible to breaking even and my site lecturing whatever is what really i give my son i put in the wrong place two to four to be able to do in our pricing i mean the lab pretest tests patients are paying a third of the average a medical director of education for laboratory in the lab has put a lot into what i do they support what i do by matching the funds that i personally put into it so that people are
madam i have some patients who are not the military not in law enforcement and the other areas of government a government who are just great cases that i once and all i want to work the works and i can back this i know you do this cuz i know you very well and this is a real labour of love for you this is very important this is not just lip service this is something that you from the moment i may you bid very adamant about this and because of guys like matthew and this is one reason why you want to bring matthew in here you you contact me right after you start treating them if you start experiencing positive results and i could tell but this is something that was very important huge is why we brought matthew in here to discuss this right in jason is in arena where i've been trying diligently for the past three four years to get some champion for we're doing some one in the entertainment world to step in and to pick this up and
china to spread help spread the word in all i without saying their name some of the people in the industry that i am i see i work with could do it but they do want to be looked at as being out there on the floor because i'm even i'm in core medicine everything i do is called evidence based every single thing i do as article and i've a collection seven thousand four hundred articles that have gone through in the past ten years that address each area colleagues as you know i'd like to see go on to start run and heart you know that craziness that was going on so scent of my portfolio with no six hundred articles about heart testosterone all the benefits so the thousands of articles benefit of testosterone the heart and come up with these three bullshit articles that you know try to taint the benefits it to stop rhone in
had one of them one of the top guys in harvard doktor abraham morgenthau wrote a book testosterone for light that refutes testosterone causing prostate cancer he came to us in the beginning of the year to an organization called age management medical grouping nominal dissertation on the bush of these articles showing that they show a three percent the report a three percent increase in mary artery disease greater heart attack on testosterone when the actual statistic showed the thirty percent improvement but the way they picked up used everything but how is it the fringe these guys don't want to be perceived as being on the fringe but they're coming to you as patients well it's that's what i do know personal and public it's about personal image in part but but how are you how do you put this thing across the line so it's not fringe i've been on the phone with them frequently trying to get them if they don't want to stand up and beads participant direct measures
when direct me too was the stuff like this and i think that stuff going to work out here i think stuff like this especially something like this word too long form uninterrupted conversation you really deep into the facts the reality and your act all experience controversy is not new to you yes arrive everything controversial enough to worry about it what's the hottest controversy or and right now i don't know what is its cage varying forcing people eat animal derricks joe hot advocacy i mean i don't have a single thing that i do that doesn't have somebody hating me so it's ok you say your leisure enough yet but i didn't do it everything of zanu though now i think we're good but everything up saying no but regardless of whatever it is you whatever subject as this is but i truly believe i don't have any other motivations so fine but the controversy and i think hormones have
stigma in this country because of barry bonds and fucking sammy sosa and all this crazy shit where everybody is like all this fucking cheaters in baseball they ruined everything and sports and everyone is so concerned with what we hear about with cheating and steroids and athletic performance that men would you're missing out on a core essential aspect of being a human being being a man especially the lack of testosterone directly related to depression d actually related to these these people that start hitting age regardless of traumatic brain injury they start getting older and they feel like fuckin shit they feel like shit and i've talked to a lot of em to get on testosterone all son they glow again they have energy they want to start doing things are active and someone the i've talked to we're onto on testosterone that dont like tat
about it because their worried that someone is going to look at them first of all as being inferior because they need to add a word artificial testosterone to their system and that they might be a royal head now they might be a cheat her in some like what you ve complain of fifty five there's no you play mutually baseball mohammed back with excitement at life here life cheater you're doing to good with these new want me more you'll take aspirin if you have a fuckin headache letting i view profanity you'll take medication if you're sick like why won't you take testosterone why won't you get your warmer levels change i have a very good friend that do it cause he's afraid of all these other things like broke you look like shit retired all the type and write like wouldn't worry about it but the end the difference to me is like us being air and these guys who like down with a guy two weeks ago wrote a script about a met for the first time low league i like the sweetest swedish nice guy loves to fish and all this and unlike
so how is it like we really get down to basics he's like his good man it's good some days i just have to find a reason to go on living yet and you're just like you your stand at that point how different it is these guys like how much more drastic it is how much more important it is to to reach out to these guys in an somebody's gotta this is a subject is very near and dear to my heart both because i know a lot of guys in the military from martial arts and just from life energy and i know a lot of guys of its head trauma for fighting and i've had a budget drama myself said explains it i'm sure there's some bad children must be set and we can use it but it's a it's a subject is very near and dear to my heart and once we started getting into it we start discussing it was very confusing to me that it wasn't hearing this echoed in other places
sometimes when you hear things and you don't hear it echoed in other places you say well maybe i'm talking to a crackpot maybe this guy's fuck he's just trying to get it right on the jews have look at it but when you when you research it and you find the all the hypocrisy and the contradictions involved in the the counteracting of it or the other the right that people are against it is you you start realizing like while this is not a rationally approach subject this is subject that for whatever reason is either the people who talking about it or ignorant of it they don't have personal experience in it they don't have data a conversation with a guy like you that is spent decades working on this stuff there's this is marked this is not a really well understood subject for a lot of physicians
they don't have formed suitable reps coming in and tell him that they need to replace said to stall strong for whatever reason we're starting to see it with an issue right the obstacle revenue offices what you know which does guinea sense because there are what the underhand deodorant testosterone there's the rub i have underlined deodorant test after how it looks like an under of deodorant thing to try to avoid contaminating your loved ones with excessive amounts to start run out with the crimean yeah but all of your body we dont use any creams per se except for fun issues will don t how dare you a half a dozen dont creams have also some sort of absorption issue as well but what happens when you put a cream a ten percent or five percent joe or cream of testosterone skin the little hare follicles have an enzyme minute that converted from testosterone to die due to start from which is the active form it to stop them you want in the cell not floating around in the blood to cause
of hair on point of my various financial far less noise than a hair and shrinkage of your testicle is good economy plenty new large were set your monster over there and where in the world and enlarge the prostate for women enlargement quitter is not bad it's an imbalance it's an embarrassed by lack of data with the too much the age range of having free to start from that you need to get into the brain so we have were injured acting with some other delivery technologies aside from injectable and topical that increase is the amount of discussion that gets into the brain and we see the major benefits in art tb i in her head trauma neuro trauma patients were they do phenomenally well so it seems that but it doesn't seem that there's there's a whole panel of things that have to be banned
and stout correct in order for you to have set a happy bar you said at the beginning a holistic approach you need to have physical activity nutrition and you have to have a balance of everything you taken to your body whether knots of medication hormone or mineral or vitamin you sent me another thing is very important to talk about because i send it to a body who is experiencing some depression you sent me something about propitious or process car oars right whatever the industry than stirrest right as iraq an asteroid undress tried to russia that has been shown to cause depression in people and i have a body who got on that shit lorries experiencing somehow lost got on that shit and became really really depressed right reason being is that stop throwing it gets into the brain goes through a cascade of changes from two thousand to die hard to start from three hundred steam dian and then it stimulates a chemical called edna cyclists which gives us are up great feeling
and when you block the conversion to supplement each t lose all that stuff down the road so you can have issues with anger depression we have a couple of people who were opted within a short period of time like eighteen months on the finances finesse right and had to put him under eighteen she little common a little testosterone six months there back in line there were depressed lost her libido minutes because the effective date tee and to start from the brain stop from growth one also work in an area the brain for memory recall nobility learn new things for the hippocampus also are pen i'm a vision and our panoramic memories so you look at something panoramic early or you have a sequence of of thumb of memories that you can lose if you lose your testosterone and the pair hippocampus here the brain had also kills you dick like pesticide dates that fuckin that principle
asteroids tough oh yeah that's because the aged is important now to important deeds tea in the brain so when you use stuff that converts adhd in from the application on skin it gets into blood but doesn't get into the brain so you have to generate your d hd in the brain in the cells not in the blood and when i look at people who are on some of the topical products out there you see free saffrons good told distortion is originally high indeed to sky high there wondering why their hairs falling out in a handful testicles are disappearing or else but their straight strange up right from day to day but it's this pill that makes your hair fall out i mean that's like this one things like if someone can come up with a pill it makes you there to keep your hair from falling out boy that's that's very popular thing and then you the side effects as i don't give a pregnant woman you're fuckin kids can we fucked up she touches it you can't even touch it if you're pregnant woman i don't
exciting that a woman can even touch when she's pregnant and the reason is that they found the de hd helps to distinguish the brains gender orientation phd i too testosterone gender orientations that you can have externally a in on a male body but a female mentality woe and its biochemist it's so do you think that this is made possibly related to transgender people that that they're dead say they are born a man physically but a problem one run your ex ante hd related i think it's that's it i it's not i don't believe this for cultural reasons for it you know someone becoming homosexual or lesbian theirs as a piteous the kind of responses to data gal who was a lesbian who is a lesbian who would was my golden sir she needed to be who she was but she had been
i'm telling you i know you were she had been raped multiple times when she lived in this country that's always conflicting over there in the east area and craftsmen ok and on one july and middle staring look out here and in that country that the ones picking on because its warmongering come country ok it's all the wars syria in israel as our she was raped in israel by god and people there and she feared meant she a ptsd every time she got clothes for the guys she would freak out and she didn't have it with women and that was no the pts but i think they say it's a choice well i don't think it's a choice and all the cases i think in the transgendered they were put into the wrong their mindset was in the wrong body or their body was right the mindset was treated with hormones that created the the other gender
in their fulfilling it by transgender surgery i worked in thailand for the past four years going back to certain of the project and was exposed to allow the transgender of the gender reassignment individuals relative to hormones and there were people who were in the wrong body i mean their physical expressions in the opposite than the sex they were born in was obviously the wrong body and they went through surgery to have things corrected for them and do you think this is related to these hormones and in the womb i think it's hormones it could be you know how cohol cocaine crack meth any kind of chemistry is introduced the woman's body during that very fragile period of time the first seven weeks where everything starts developing
and the change in hormones whether not its externally introduced or internally manufactured because of things that they ve been taking answer body like alcohol which can alter chemistry or smoking weed that can cause you know an elevation mr dial levels and if you have elevation s child vile levels and in a mail you can predispose him to be female brain why physiologically male female in mental this is an issue that a lot of people get very emotional about when you're talking about transgender folks and yet and when you break it down to a chemical relationship you break down to this what will your saying about the introduction of these certain chemicals in the womb people resist this information yes they do then they like to say that in all their always female they want to be free
now or male or female yes sorry had just preference ready milled regardless but yeah it's a very heated very emotional because you don't want to have that doubt that were male you'd want to eliminate the fact that they were a male and that there are female as you know in in may the situation that's going on the situation i'm involved in bomb did it because i was one of many people thought it was incorrect there's a woman that was born a man he's a man for thirty years and then had gender reassignment surgery two years later with fighting women in mma fights damage mod as a man and spider man in it just beating the fuck out of this and not letting them know first to at least that she to be a man which i thought just completely incorrect and i based on my knowledge of martial arts my now of things like the size of hands and shoulders and to dip
relationship that the body parts of the hips tested this that the dust structure of a male body is very different and then if you take steroids one of things steroids its shoes be problematic for people that you know cheated and then dont cheat anymore is that when you cheat you take steroids in i'm not talking just about testosterone talking melick real radical steroids it alot of people taken you in permanent changes to about not just per the changes but permanent changes that improve the performance of your body forever you there there's been many studies that have come out recently that to have taken steroids no x amount of years ago and been often for a long time still have the benefits taking those steroids if you take in thirty years of testosterone in a male frame a male frame which has different tendons which has different just different jaw structure which
you changed your ability to absorb punishment to of estrogen therapy how much of that can i change that externally it'll change estrogen has counteract some the benefits of two thousand so the question is is there also supplementation of testosterone at the same time taking estrogen or that using s testosterone verdant estrogen as a means of getting your estrogen you'd have to look at how there being treated in an old their personal selection of what cocktail of hormones
taking usually happens is cyprus torone acetate is a drug that used to block the engine receptors so that a woman can develop the horror transgender woman can develop these softness and lee femininity of her body but if the individual the transgender female ending up as a female maintains a lot of the muscle striations and contours of the male than they're probably not getting adequate amount of estrogen or other supplementing with one from another of either testosterone or deco or had manage alone or darkened manage alone what handwritten and of our some of the other day each t like products so be interesting to find out what the chemistry the biochemistry as the individual but you're right muscle muscle
response time absorption hips tendons cartilage enjoins resilience thickness of the bone men have more dense bones more dense jaws than women mine said the aggression there's a totally different direction printing imprinting right from that thirty years men are different for lot ways way we analyzed are we not fair nestor but when it comes about density avc american women have similar bone density to white man correct for never reason my significant other is dentist in would share with me over the past thirty seven years about the difference between different racial groups and the african american have much thicker bombs much thicker bonds can comparable male female to male yes and estrogen in taking estrogen post trades
right transition estrogen allows the bone city to remain because ends estrogen which is one of the issues in austria processes when women go through many pause their bodies tops reducing estrogen so their bones lack density so giving gender mail estrogen it actually preserves bone density so keeps them with a male bone dance correct they dont lose it as long as they're make sure that only vitamin d but extra dial testosterone growth hormone all help the bone density in fact growth hormone works about point one point six percent increase in bone density in a year so it raised the bone density we have patients who are growth on deficient with funding at the bones would come back on physiological dosing growth you see in six months to a year the bone density responds when using some the medication that are out there which are more name in can take twenty three
and bone density is also altered by weightlifting cracked correct the body spawns through pulling i mean people the most an abnormal example of that are either achilles attendant spurs or planter fashionitis spurs from pulling up ass lord tended unbounded stimulates more bone to be made so if stressing the bones is really what this you increase the density so if you look at people who are sedentary drink alcohol blonde blue eyed miller female you'll see scandinavian study you'll see that their bonds it is less than people who are dark skinned dark haired and physically active these are things that helped maintain and promote denser bone what happens to tend in strength and things along those lines because tendons play a vital role in striking in combat sports right up specifically about tendons i can't answer other than the
it improves the muscle and muscles are connected to tendons tendons sorry a kind of tissue the muscle that pull on the tendency towards them a solution but the muscles decreased with estrogen therapy they can disk decrease with estrogen therapy but if they're also on something that puts back to back testosterone you can general balance so they get some softening they dont lose the muscle and then estrogen he'd have to look biochemistry biochemistry over to really answer it because of your being strict on the process of total transgender transformation you need to give them lots of estrogen and diminish the testosterone which competes with the estrogen so if you wanna be a dominant s don t be a female estrogen dominant then you have to wipe out the testosterone this has been such a highly charged and emotional discussion and it becomes a transfer baker and anti transgender argument more than
becomes an argument of fairness involving sport where the goal is to use your body to hurt somebody else and if you have some sort of an just now troll physiological advantages over there and because you were born mail not because you're with this ekstrom involving women do some women that are very feminine very petite in there's some women that are very thick and physically strongest naturally but from the womb you know no added hormones no out of anything so that but the is it that's mitigated by weight classes ideas that a hundred thirty five pound woman and a hundred thirty five per woman you know just they're both hundred thirty five pounds their pre whether there you know there's variations but pretty close let slip them compete against each other but hunted thirty five pound man first is a hundred and thirty five pound woman very different hundred eighty five pound transitioning man too
and gender woman still different than a biological woman they would have undue disadvantage lee competitor i give you my female natural born at reform fema would have undue disadvantage against a transgender of female when they went from male to female jeanette glee you know you're always going to be a milk genetically sort means at the biochemistry when you put these things into the body will respond to preference male unless you totally put in chemistry too to stop that nets that cyprus who lets us under the even do put the chemicals industry where would they still have signal in advance as in any area yes for a timeframe they wouldn't all the optimal effects that you're looking for by giving estrogen for softening the muskrat sure fact will still there's a ten percent would benefit
that men have over women look cross border reaction time with that they'll be a factor if they had transition to a woman i really dont know that answer is it probably hasn't been that many studies on this is where i think the biggest problem in this one case that you're talking about is that there is really no precedents is no wealth of documentation where they actually looked at someone who goes from male or female sometime some mail male sports will then not its rustling or grappling or may or whatever the situations or baseball someone recently went to transitional wanted to sport cyclist do not as yet michel do more ask yeah this is a fascinating story she transition she had sex reassignment surgery became a woman and started peering in moments in biking end and in our first she entered a novice female class her for
finish was two point five so it's faster than the winner of the professional female category she went on to win the fall into that and two she she was awarded a licence to raise and women's category three weeks later she entered a first race in the pro woman's class finished third the following week she placed first beating her command competition by ten seconds and this you know a novice a person is just just entering into this world of professional racing and she just stopping these women a wave of protest and a petition was created and signed by female and a few male racers asking her to be disqualify because she had a race licence the request was denied so became his huge controversy and you know this is another example of someone who has an unfair physical advantage or is thought to have that tat chemically that this the problem with this is that there is a lot information by us about this
there's a lot of emotions the riding on this and this person who talked about the person question has become essentially a poster boy for transgender rights friends gender acceptance think of the worst possible example so one thing to say hey you know this person wants their own personal freedom to be living their life as woman do you accept absolutely change your name change whatever whatever you want but when you're asking for that right but you're entering to combat sports natural born females and literally beating the shit out of a boy that gets if i tricky that gets really tricky what do you think the resolve will be have a separate two organization that only deals with transgender that's the best way no mean that's probably the best when irrational i mean see what it but if there is a point at which the body the body prove
its homeostasis as a woman after doing all that testing isn't isn't that measurable its measurable but it's gonna take a long time they might be in their seventies by the time it takes so it tastes here but the point is that genetically there would have really throw into their body their bodies going to respond to it as their original gender so that the testosterone the you're talkin about the the problem people have that i've talked to is if i start taken this then i'm gonna have to take it the rest of my life if you're deficient i just get this for the past fourteen years you're diabetic who needs insulin right what are you gonna do rest your life correct saint with testosterone forward i am committed to my fired for the risk my life because without it i gain weight you know my thought
processes or slow down and now i raise all the time brain weiss you have to treat it like it like a disorder disease its inefficiency simplification to do you know i don't understand why you know my colleagues tend to isolate it just as you know positioned it if you're deficient you're replace you replace replenish bring it back to where the normal loveless the other thing is we have developed a statistical models for twenty years of age you need this amount of hormonal forty this mount which is less than sixty this amount what we replace everything to one word the healthiest between twenty five and thirty five and that's the premise of our practice and that's why we get the risk as we do we don't return a seventeen year old to the average seventy year level because they weren't can benefit in the past so we bring him to a level that has the hop
of it do have seven year old wives commandos do won't stop focusing we those back christ i had a you brought it you brought it up ninety four year old guy comes in on a walker rice ninety four year old guy comes in on a walk is running by one guy that i talked about keith and he been used workers about seventeen years comes in and we put mine to hormones now in the past i would draw the blood get the results and then started but he had a classical syndrome called the frailty syndrome he was holding onto the walker and shaking because he didn't have muscle tone to support his own body that is classical fatigue syndrome so i put him on a middle of the road treatment protocol low dose regiment i waited for the labs come back don't come back in six weeks came back and six weeks and we started from no review them absent he was on appropriate mountain drew blood again to monitor him
and we should shouted a little bit and as he started leaving the room he turned to me ass his home by the way dark gordon i promised should tell you i finally had sex with my sixty year old girlfriend and that tells you that at replacing the hormone that psychologically you have to be psychologically attuned to want to have sex you can't just have sex because the brain is not with you physiological everything has to be working and physically you have to have the moves by the way i did you have a basketball that's what he did to me he's got some of the other thing is he carried his walk wherein he knew it didn't work did he carried it in under his arm and i said that herman i said herman why you carrying the walk he says well i have used it for seventeen years i've had a continue using it as it did you use it tastes is no such leave at home he says but there might fall is committed to his walker like your committed to your thyroid absolutely so
i think it's different events like if we needed we didn't need authorities still taking it with them is provided to him about le feature silencers sunlight than it does help it starts roundness out allegedly legit allegedly know anything but not so the answer is yes he let some nine year old deeds for commission unbelievable when it about not what what if you ve ever negative responses will you put on some sort of home replacing protocol that becomes issues absolute what are those issue let's see german who was put on to sixty milligrams week of testosterone while we wanted to have sex with anything that walked so we had alarm down to forty milligrams three p since who had panic attack because this process of testosterone
in the brain going to this thing called down no cyclists if it's the wrong person or too much relative to her body they can get a panic attack which of heading three patience you lord those who disappear it what is it what's causing the pack its chemical called admiral cyclists which is like a stimulate in the brain just it just should you over the edge so is it that they have so much testosterone and then thereby thanks what we must have we must be a dangerous area as i we hope it's its relative hormones are relative it's not absolute you can't see it hundred is what everybody uses and there are people who need twenty milligrams i have one gal that the average production of a woman in a week is about twenty milligrams she would use twenty milligrams per month hens chewed meter it buyer libido so average weekly dose he used every month where she was supersensitive to it
women when they get on testosterone start super horny they get assertive which has great they get allegedly what's your living with them but it's assertiveness they start feeling great they absolutely feel better competitive and it's all degrees of its all acceptable to resolve and when you over treat him then you get into our bee fuck now hour and in two hours and three hours in four hours and you know using besides from personal absolutely not just i had to go back and take human sexuality classes so that i can feel comfortable saying the f word on your show reeling absolutely have to write it and i took it years ago now help me with dealing with my own upbringing conservative up back in service for we agree but a time no internet man the world's change absolutely working at our doctors are dropping bombs are rightly stated
for converting we'll get being from new york fuck is and is first in idea is second and fuck his third its common one it's a common one thumb there are better words some of us their betters so again this people of who have this response to the testosterone they d this anxiety issue a panic attack panic what exactly is a panic attack or what's going on when you have a pan its explosive fear of the unknown were they think something bad gonna happen to them and they get prevent elation him they get fast poles in the hyper ventilation they can actually pass out they changed the ph d we had a guy in the you have seen it was ended in the locker room about the fight had a panic attack hyper ventilating and they actually pull them from the fighting and breathed into a brown pay
bag or a plastic bags or put one was black hoods over there but what does that do what the lag what it is when you hyper ventilate your blowing in getting into it oxygen getting review calcium it falls at solutions and calcium responsible for neuro conductivity so when you breathe into montier giving riper ventilate you created changing the acid balance acid base and calcium is used to try and stabilize it so happens is it falls out a solution how does the hydroxide what is the black baghdad cows to spring fund bobo brown paper bag you don't think i like plastic over brown paper by red brown paper makes too much crunching noise cocoa so the idea of a bag being you not getting all the oxygen from so you bring your breathing in car carbon dioxide you need to bring back the blowing from hyper ventilation you blot alot of carbon dioxide which body actually needs
you know if you give someone pure oxygen you can stop there breathing because the balance of breathing is between auction carbon dioxide the carbon dioxide is actually what stimulate you two brief what about those like art in bars at present the council with the actors name him was such an age woody harrison i think has allowed the action bars either great you know michael jackson used wouldn't leave anyone for you it is a hybrid chamber he did and has higher oxygen concentration so adding more oxygen you know in plus vegas you go to the airport i was just there and they have always oxygen bars there so after you ve been bombed out for three days playing every night until two in the morning or never getting to bed are sinking help you with some improvement in approving you're focus dante pumped into the casinos as well yes this supposes what they said idle multilateral keeps you up that's what i've heard too but i don't know if that's true we need to fight
i'm off they would ever fuck and admit that you bring her oxygen meter twenty one percent or hire you know they are because its i think nineteen percent in the natural world of jack you want that's what it has always card pendulum that's where they have the cameras there are then make sure you don't bring oxygen meters they frisky for extra meeting i was at the door and the idea of the oxygen keep you awake is what it is correct what are we doing snobs is as follows how the fuck do you know a similar it's just the gambling the japanese get in your blood to and is it who could you ask him is it true that when you asked for a drink when you're playing craps they put a lot of alcohol in it so this innovation so that you put more money down than you have while they definitely give you good friedrich
when you're is that it was good that is a crazy fuckin thing they're allowed to do give you free drugs that lower your innovations and cause you to make a responsible decisions while you're doing something valves gambling and direct fuckin crazy so they get order boxes in there i supported a minor sent with it i've done though some those oxygen bars i did want in vegas once we sat down tried in my friend eddie and also to feel leavings pension did you get a londoner flavoured with probably was gone up my nose or source socket i remember but i remember that given up after wiles if this is new does not enough it's not like you have a shot i would like this is working maybe you awake the problem you have to be asleep to do so if you're sleeping have little ass tenderly on how better the guide the float lab pumps oxygen into the isolation tanks he
has an oxygen scrubber like one of those ones it makes those weird nor the others auctions everything's pumps air into the isolation tank to enhancing wisdom then tomorrow for the first time where which which place venice flow lapierre saw some yourself sauce web so life changing in morning and some flashbacks or something you might how long are you in the tank depends you do it for as little as in our meeting to i've done it for half an hour for just one relax right i have something to do and under strain on wine they got three kids something in three hours signal deprivation here it two hours each year's wise it helps i do it every time i come down yeah yeah whatever what helps about it you think in a clear ocean like things are coming to you and i believe you know it's just you you're able to kind of work through it a little bit better where there's no distraction distractions is not me i don't got other stuff gone on in and i i
better internalizing things like that like our ceremony for me that just as my personality would never work because the person targeted as an hour i went through but in my own mind when my own dialogue is talking to me back his eye last time i was talking to remember talking to myself and i was talking back to me was the i was very it was very strange but that's what was happening was i was bringing up things and i was talking in i was responding in fashion with what i was talking about like calming myself down and it worked yeah i'll do where's grab is it the first twenty minutes or so of me in the tank sort of like a seminar on my own life giving myself advice because the mine on from the body is very difficult to get to that state unless you do really fuckin heavy meditation for long periods of time it's very dear to achieve this the current state you gettin isolation tank ever half an hour just floating it takes me while i get there
yeah you got his heart is i don't know i don't i don't do it often yeah that's enough harder to takes me while but once i'm there it near it does help you leave clear and it is something that i think is a benefit especially for things like ptsd mental issue you have you had one near you and you could do it on a regular basis i think would help even more because yet it's part of it is did relaxing with the experience itself the experts to me because i have my basement it's a very natural part of life i go in there all yeah so it's a natural thing it's not like or what are we doing here it's like here we go again you know it's normal thomas irrational a gotta on over but yet a thing to was for me with my body just with paint in i'm used to walk around as certain comfort level of just where my body works so laying down in their when my bodies not supporting itself i was able to let that i let them go and just kind of focused like assent on my mind and that's a huge thing
me i got it wasn't i did at the first time that i realized how much my body is impacting my mind you know really just because you used to feeling is certainly a whole tyres for she would like pain or you know my leg or my knees you take that out of the equation oh your minds like ok the sluts we can focus on something else is nice and besides the alleviation of pressure because you're not carrying your weight anymore there's also absence alternate which you have source of magnesium which also relaxes the muscle so you get like sort of a dual effect going on here no gravity effect as you're completely floating your body water and then you also have this magnesium when in this one things that people always recommend for muscle soreness is absent salts and this delivery met of getting the magnesium through your skin that waste must be action as well that's the biggest organ in the body so it absorbs ola
what are we to do to help more people out here with this to spread the word out about this about what you're doing and matthew thank you very much when is the common on here and enjoys too this is this is it port an issue and i think dumb the things we discussed here today the the benefits i think can really greatly helped a lot of people so how do we how do we spread this well we found out in january you had an impressive response for the programme that we did we talked about you know big foot and we talk about narrows we talked about mobility injection gm injection of if you know everything talked about them lit up to this area of tb i i think
finding a multitude of avenues that's why i've been dragging matthew with me to some the guys that i know rumble states that have shows not earth is so it's yours but not as grand and have each helped to make a little dent and we just need someone to come up and champion going to get in touch with the howard schulz was a ceo starbucks who yesterday had this really great statements he made we need to honour our vets by giving them a concert and a job now in order for them to go to that concept appreciate and enjoy it and have that job we have to fix the underlying problem not too mascot and therefore letting that's know that there is an option and next year april i'll finish my book by
january him then put on a class which will be limited to hundred docks to come in to be trained in this process these protocols which are relatively simple and then go out and start being representative of an alternative to and the anti and excitement is there a bit of an uphill battle get it and has to be fought also with the idea of supplementing hormones to achieve abound in the body because a lot of people when they think of soldiers what do they think of the think of these testosterone funerals savage man and then you know yad testosterone too that boy like you're just gonna make more aggressive crazier soldiers it doesn't work that way one is that is absolutely up yet appeal battle if they weren't
military they go into a clinic now what's happening is you might have load to stockholm syndrome let's check you and they do to test and i find that their load to stop them but you don't know the cause for it because it into an extensive enough to say its due to head trauma no which where they can do it to get the guy's onto it asked the history of trauma do the lab tests and get them on it but the resistances because the controversy see that has always stood there would testosterone them with the bow coal in the very bonds and all these things relative to the public eye that negative they demonize growth home demonize testosterone instead of talking about the benefits of it and how can be utilised in the specific situation and at work so anyone who listening now i know someone who might be there to connect us with the right people and government and so forth to go and do it
that is the knee jerk reaction right of edit immediately people want to think of it as like this is this achieving thing this is a bad thing just like this i think we're talking wreck we'll stop everybody's some estrogen replacement stop it he's insulin replacement retired replacement our body had it from one we were born so why do we assume that it's not necessary i mean i've had a number one looking and who are significant need to start from deficient with all the symptoms that women get from testosterone deficiency they're not nice to be around and their due this is why you don't need it you just need terrestrial replaced and they don't even replaced just running you need to have that balance so they don't get sleep deprivation developed depression panic attack him end up in emergency room every two weeks like we see my thing to is that i think i don't think this is a cure for everybody everything a person's gonna fall under this category you went to war you you know you suffered some through some stuff now here's your
i don't think that's what it is but i think that there is a as a two stages here there's the stage where you know like math you talked about what he admitted he didn't feel ok and he was willing to go seek some help for it you know and hopefully this movie you're watching cress who's the guy who tough as nails he was the bad as that is in us if there ever was found a way to admit that it is okay and went and sought some help for it then the in seeking help there needs to be more pragmatic solutions but right now we're looking at the thing it it's like it's a grab bag you know in me this feels like a mile body solution this isn't this isn't free in counselling this isn't some lady sitting there you know god bless you women who work at the vienna and the men to whom the dig dago through her i mean imagined sitting there every day there on the there seem guys on their lunch breaks there see
people after work they have huge heart but they can't handle it you know after a while you shut down you hear this story over and over again you see the misery and it's just like it just sucks the life out of them you know an end so i don't think that's the solution for everybody i think there's there there's a number of things that are gonna help people but if this seeking blood work and see in a mind body solution through medicine is available an end is out there in the public it is good vetted through other doctors and and spread among the medical community than these a chance but if it's not if it's just one thing one doktor sittin here some guy missouri he's not gonna make it out to sea doktor gordon i think it's really important he said what you said about the it's it's not the solution for everybody and it's only one part of it that way before this is a holistic approach but if you don't hear the body
it's gonna be incredibly difficult to put the minor peace and its debts the bodies not necessarily gonna put the mind of peace but it's a step in the right direction quarters i mean it's you have nothing to lose you do it you try and that's not really what's going on then you take the next step but gonna do no if you dont look here you don't know you don't know and matthew came down we took a look it's a simple blood tests some similar work ok so for the guy out there or the gaol with ptsd with depression that's dealing with the thing have some sort of traumatic brain injuries in their pass it could be contributing to this what's their step did they do what they can go to the website which is tb i met legal dot com tb i met legal tb i mid legal dotcom end up put in an application
those that are coming through an it ass military and asked the type of injury you had and what medication drawn in the military get put into a separate grouping and we're waiting for funding to come in so that we can start taking more of the people in this is the laboratory testing has always been one hundred percent covered the treatment wasn't matt paid for some of them but i helped him in his call their situation and we're hoping to get someone who will champion with some money i had one patient offer a significant amount and that'll help to cover about a hundred patients so it'll cover everything for a year and cost for treatment i mean the blended to stop them that we developed about ten years ago is one hundred dollars for six months supply well let's talk about doing something through this show and let's talk about promoting something like maybe through a kickstarter go fuck me or something like that at all contribute to it and will try to get up but to contribute to it and let's just try to get
something were there is at least a point of of a starting point for a lot of people great let's do this on my end one thing you can anyone can reach out to me on twitter matthew gauze me black dicks come anywhere yeah signals and it also made of the awful just off centre right what is it again you got me to don't let me down for you can send send me and let you know if you're a veteran just raw you're hesitant about this you don't get it you know you want to know more contact me my own kickstarter up right now you can search it up called hidden wounds and what is this for its use our book and putting together in the first half is about tpa tv and just experience is going through in the second half will be about ptsd in my search to kind of deal with that which that's my journey right now is going on and figuring out and then the book is done which i'm hoping by june two thousand fifteen
twenty five percent will go into this nonprofit organism given that we got gone and when is american cyber coming out and whose in it and gimme that instead of clinics directed former colonies were direct that it bradley cooper stars in it bradley started out put on forty four pounds you scan is incredible comes our christmas and a few places in wide january sixteenth beautiful thanks guys you very much thank you very much and thanking matthew thank you mark this is i think this is a really important thing to talk about and i think you know you come in here and take your time and do to use specially expressing your story in doing it so honest and openly shoot to try and bring these not thank you thank you about thank you anybody that's tunisians this that is is benefiting from this please one more time go to the website mr gordon what is it t t b i met legal
if they google me and put tb ion it'll come up our first and to my friend m jays buddy rob kay who were i sent a village video to yesterday we give a shadow to you is this he's going to exactly what we're talking about tat ready willing back tomorrow with math full tron love ya see soon bike i think you're very thankful tune into the pot cast thank you too dark to mark orton thank you jason hall and thank you thank you to matthew ask me for coming on and telling his story thanks also to zip recruiter dot com go to zip recruited dot com ford slash rogue in and post jobs for free zip recruiter dot com lord slash rogan thanks to ergo depot for providing us the chair that i'm sitting on right now is awesome ergonomic chair this my ass and balls and back thanks
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