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#579 - Rory MacDonald

2014-11-25 | 🔗
Rory MacDonald is a Canadian mixed martial artist currently signed with the UFC fighting in the Welterweight division. He is a former King of the Cage Lightweight Champion.
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there do please welcome one of the top you have seen fighters on the planet mr rory mcdonald will gain experience you may recognize this man as the voice saying the jura implied cast check it out you might know from the you have seen top well to waken tenders in the world you might known from metamorphosed which is the probable the premier grappling event in north america we just completed this past weekend dont ladies and gentlemen somebody now much man thanks for having thanks for doing this so in town you were you did some competing matamoras against such eighty torres whose top level presumably jitsu competitor really really good and you that's unusual that a guy who's in your position whose atop while to waken tender in mme decides to test himself in brazil jitsu why watches
to do that i think i want to tell me open as many martial arts is i can that's can i got into it and y start fighting the whole competitive and testing martial arts skill you someone else at the highest level i saw metamorphosis a great set up i like the rules the concept of it so i asked if i could be a part of it all worked out let's call so you approach them yet that's interesting man in metamorphosis for folks i don't know the idea behind it is they don't have any points which i like it i like that i almost wish they had no time limit in like the time limit is kind like real jiu jitsu like we talked like hoist or you talk to it you know a leo back in the day they would they would say you know that especially sars they need time like they're all about just
or of attrition just slowly but surely keeping pace on a guy until he makes a mistake and then eventually catch him but allow them anymore so matches like yours go to draw because after twenty toinon time limit for years go to swim in a time limit and have no one is submitted each other it ones have been a job you guys are both go in for it was only a draw because a timer now me you were you attacked leg locked got pretty close he attack with kimora mean pretty wild pace match her yet there is a lot that happen if there was points you would have definitely be me but you know like you were saying it is it's it's nice to have no point so you can maybe your more comfortable working outside control on the bottom rather than garter beriah say you not to readable lay an impasse right or getting mount or something you know so i give you see none gary tony he lets go mountain legwork right
with that i won't mountain this is what did you do this you do the legs over the top how does he muttered he does our how easy it is like keeping thing with his legs he'll get his hips underneath the view that hell but of the ash grammy take the leg so he go sideways the almost doesn't one eighty and takes a leg ha you wash them actual seemed there's a lot of guys are coming up with all these wild techniques now i was just watch in some jeff whoever has some crazy new technique goes from being caught inside control to heal hook he like he was dead demonstrating at her but just did the beauty thing about you jitsu one the most amazing things about you do too as it seems to be constantly changing and evolve like emma may
is evolving and changing constantly in emma may is constantly incorporating techniques that we already knew worked in martial arts whether its might i techniques or type window techniques mew seeing all these being introduced into mme but we're not see like new striking techniques those detecting some kind of been around for a longer whereas with jujitsu it seems like a turning it never ends your way firmly five months here you're behind the ball big time because there's so much going all the time is now we're india it what it crazy that it thinks aiding it's here said to be a part of what one of my feet red martial arts because i just think that its there's a lot of good things about it where first of all its de martial law where a small person can beat a big person because when you it's like a brutally movie and you see some little guy just thrown flying kicks in knock on how these big do the reality of it is that that there is a real
four way classes and when the hague reasons is like for striking in villages for welcoming someone way classes are important i've seen time and time again smaller guys submit beggar guys in jujitsu and that was the whole thing it was impressive about hoist gracie in the early days the sea since they know jitsu he was submitting guys or play a bigger and stronger than him yeah yeah that's the great thing about you get out when i started i was the tiny little kid smaller than average when i first started that martial arts and that's why i took two jujitsu so fast because as aid the neutral eyes or even be bigger guys here which doesn't really mean very rarely see that kickboxing a guy has to be like way better yet again overwarm you with their power in size and smothered bob sat verse or nestor boost if you never seen that match jamie proposal
so people can also give us pull from you to that's that's our lives whenever we say pulled from you two people are taken shots now they're gonna to die will pull it up so you get a people if you if you listen to this just google bob sat verse unesco host and what who are nestor whose was ok one grand prix champion one of the most technical kick boxers ever in the history of kickboxing he was just and is actually fighting again now which is pretty incredible but he was just an amazing technical kick boxer and he embodied that dutch style of kickboxing very strong low kicks really good boxing and he fought this guy bob sab who was a former football player who was ninety nine percent steroids i mean here's a mean as jews to the text as a person you get he was three hundred and fifty pounds with ad
and doesn't even live like a real person when you see him you like that can't be real is so big at all he did was just overwhelm ernesto whose just push him into the corner and just conrad okey com and must take me there now very little it's all just size and mass and meet even the ways throwing his punches eases winging its punches and he's one of the few guys fate or a million anko allegedly passed on fighting he didn't want to fight him he just said felicity commands because you know what fellow was the heavyweight champion he fought big guys who fought semi shelt he fought that a giant korean dude what was his name the guy was literally haha member that guy i am he fought big guys you know in a small ring it is not ideal for a more technical day right you just get pushed up against erosion cant do anything there so sap
eventually goes down from i think i like her left took to the body he got hit something but to his he got up and things like kicks arrest her whose status so beautiful in his technique but he was being outweighed by about a hundred and fifty zero small now i mean he's a heavy weight and did this is an example of the difference between like say jujitsu and kickboxing cause if this was like hickson gracie in his prime verses bob sap and it was just a jujitsu match he would actually get em he would do so is like kicked it dropped him it looks like it was never get it taken damage bob now he was not while he only had a relatively short time in fighting and then along the way did was he canada start taken dives like you would get hit when going fine yeah i mean you'd seller fights and do not make it
big hype out of it and then somewhere along the line he just kind of you know we get hit and then he would go down in a fetal position but i think they stopped the fight right here which he goes down it's a credible and when we not wash respite but it's the best example of the difference between did you and say kickboxing or striking word the site i can make a pretty big difference cosette skill wise me doing we were blue belt their verses of black bout whose chief who is also martial law where leverage and technique and positions is it seems to be like this continuous flow of techniques are you never you you ve never learned enough you ve never gotten good enough and even guys who have been around it a long time when they see learning they stop applying new techniques to their game you see them
beaten by young guys i have all this these new techniques are they just not familiar with the positions right yeah the gypsy now is definitely a lot different when i go to new york and training and those like there's only something new that catches me by surprise for the a day or two after make sure that i'm watching over that so even i get caught at every second month going down here does not mean and enhance our health system for mines them killers down to sing aroma blacker have you gone to ten planets around you train they were there ain't no bird like to set it up lay no when you want to go who i hope will help you he actually lay great in the hall of member states and on its back he's got over the background right now really appropriate and help and now he's got his deal some back spasms he's
he works his guard so much like you so lower back intensive is doing a lotta rehab staff and we are talking about this before the shower that is a big issue with fires is like back injuries one of the most difficult overcome because so many guys get em and then their their skill levels deteriorates whereas like me at any injury he had so surgery on it like georgia
there came back is better than ever in our the guys can come back from need surgery connor macgregor better than ever yeah i constantly have to be keeping up with my back maintenance i had portal fighters internet problem so my neck and back at a constant thing that i have to watch and have therapy done on two three times a week you know we're gonna thermal doo doo massage and are still all the time doesn't stop for me or else i just six different up and only with the amount of training i'm doing but i like to do like a warm up and a cool down before every single training session with different exercises still ache activate my muscles in my back ass stretching eta
i do a lot of planks like to stay planking exercise that's pretty good for my back as well that machine age showed me in the back during everyone i berea we have one of those it try star should probably start using a lot more than anything credible here incredible it's there was we're talking about created by this guide louis simmons whose power lifting legend whose like i think sixty seven or something crazy like that which is fine enormous do still dead lives so insane amount await and he injured is back there we're gonna do surgery they wanted a fuses discs and he wouldn't let em and he figured out a way to make a machine that active actively decompress is your spine and strengthened at the same time its very difficult described the motions of anybody's interested if you have any sort of injury google reverse hyper and i got mine from broke fitness but there's a couple companies itself including westside barbell which is lucy simmons company he invented
amazing thing but for fighters just giant tool to strike your core build up spinal com they could see him he's like four secondly in this picture enormous dude but d the maintenance and the physical therapy and all that stuff how do you schedule that and you have somebody does your schedule as far as like you're why do you do straight the conditioning oyster organise it just over time it just like me i've been try starfleet seven years now so like over time you can figure out what to take away with put in on that day and see what works out so it's a gradual progression of learning where things fit in an uncertain days to have a job to cuba journal a training jonah now saw in your head there now when you
paying for a fight savior the big fight coming up like your last firewood tax aberdeen and concentrating on a guy who's kick boxer the do go more kickboxing heavy doo doo known a really it's i candidates just go with my gut feeling or what i feel like i want to do at the time lately i've been doing lotta jitsu i've just been feeling i did about it so i follow that excitement in terms of lake i really feel like doing a lotta kickboxing so i find that my schedule is not completely kate boxing but dominates the weak mostly you're one of the few guys that's come along and emma may you like the new crop guys who didn't have a background wrestling never back
karate year year just from the beginning you started and mixed martial arts yeah yeah i started at fourteen to shadow mixed martial arts and color and was just lucky enough to stumble upon a mma gym for my first martial arts gym so that's just how it all came about because i was just a boy yeah you do you know the type a guy like if i didn't know you enough i met you i was in normal peaceful dude seems pretty you'd like to meet certain duties they got this calumet josh barnett gag to arrive unifying livestock an intense and leaped we'll high strung like very mellow unlike even keeled i like to the year is out i'm purposes is just your personality naturally i think nationally it is but then there is the other side too were causing if i can say
we were wondering like with fuck this dude actually like because like put pull up that this is fucking the death dare the roy mcdonald s there with it where it is where's is coming from and that is as natural disasters like this dare stare that you have when you fight are you aware of this in the zone i guess you know i'm appointing dude whoa at when i was fourteen turkey now he i caught him staring at me when i was coming in can it made me like i'm not the best way to say i offer my like i was just like year like we were fighting for a territory so you dislike you're like a couple of dogs staring down at each other before we vote to fire now conifer like that some kind of toy you know boss route needs to avoid i can't i didn't make eye contact it doesn't bother me they were like i don't think me stereo
he's gonna make me when the fight right right right it has nothing to do with that i totally believing skill over any other the psychological battles or in our being bigger smaller but i guess it sir it just it just happens it just happens and you just go with it the same thing there inside factors some staring down here i'm not i'm not gonna look away and make you make me feel like i'm a bitch that's a weird moment though right it is awkward i guess when you and into the octagon regardless on you know who you're fighting like how important fight as do you have like a routine you go through mentally do have like a preparation you go through if anything i'm just thinking about techniques and my head but sometimes i'm not thinking about anything i just can't wait
they bring their barracks image you wait for so long anyway right that the hard part is the anticipation not really can get used to it by now has it become like as you fought more more guys higher and higher level has become like more and more like a relaxed you or more normal yeah it's normal especially when you're fighting like i've been real busy last year to sell its every fight now seems like it's a sake it's i remember this feeling right that's big round it is persuasive garlic dominic crews it's out for three years it makes his fight even more impressive when he just like mr garcia steamer oldham did do incredible fuckin look better than he's ever looked when you see a guy like that though you know you're making a living off of your body i mean you make a living with your body meaner and
goals are predicated on the health of your body and seal i a guy like dominic crews torres asia and then he torres hamstringing torres acl again i'll fuckin series of serious fuckin injuries three years out this african now when you shoulda year olds i guess yeah this hope together never happens to me the out that's that's a massive hurtled overcome crops to him for coming back young is in that guy bees good to go he s very good he's he's like the bar setter when it comes to footwear movement when you see a guy like that who runs into such a massive hurdle like a three year absence from sport like that make you change your preparation anyway or be a little bit more cautious or be
little bit more diligent about strengthen conditioning or rehab or anything like that no eye is other people's lives are really influence my address i just i feel like i go with the flow alive if far enough i see something a movie den official to me then i'll do it fun i wanna go a certain direction and my martial arts career then i'm gonna go thou care of it in work out so well for them guy i'm gonna go down that path here i follow my instincts in my excitement it such a fascinating way to pursue a goal in life you know to pursue the goal of becoming a champion mix martial arts fighter is so few people that you can kind of like figure out how to do it from maybe it's like
ask that you have this mentality jia yourself he can't fear he can't let fear into your life in our asses just gonna take over brian just because this guy heard his name was over three years shouldn't stop me from going in and fighting for what i was bright maybe you could be easier to take some precautions but and do things those smarter now we say things like you can't let fear into your life or into your mind do you act really tried a block that out is like something that you work on yeah i would say sir it's like i guess the best example is just going into a fight like you see some guys are terrified and it works for them like george right
i'm not scared at all like that i'm nervous i definitely have nervous i'm not going to lie about that you know the anticipation of it and i think it's natural to just your body just knows what it's about to go do but i'm not going to fear what i'm about to do i'm going to take it head on and conquer so when george would fight he would have like some serious nerves case terrified easy when you think he's you know best walter way our yeah it's crazy like all week before is fight he just won't stop talking about our scary is real it's really funny actually but wisely dwell on it i don't know it just as just how he prepares for fighting it's interesting i don't i don't
to it at all it's he's a fascinating guy because he'll tell everyone ways fears are tell everyone what has weaknesses are it's almost like he's setting himself up to half to overcome those things why does because he performed so well i mean he has all it's like traditionally if you tell someone like what's the best thing that concern on contrary positive thing focusing but then you look at george and the achievement cities be able to to make and that is the greatest walter weight of time and yet it has it that much more impressive than he you know he has all these fears and the overcomes any forces himself to pursue that anyway what interesting words with interesting you george is just a couple different versions of george disliked the plate
save is try to win george and then as a georgia fought by japan that was legitimately fuckin pissed off you know what i mean by already far matter the second yeah yeah legitimately pissed off but i think like mats error as a person didn't bother was much not be j did bitch got under his skin i remember like when dj was so tell him that he is going to be fighting to the death and you know you could see georgia like you mother fucker talk i was crazy shit like colonists we can help to learn some of that stuff like bug you yeah but it seemed like tat was like one of his most impressive performances he wasn't trying to win the fight you turn it beat the fuck out of here you know the man asked him it was like a different thing but it also has to do i think with
the skill levels of europe on it in the style of fight that the way the fights going you know i don't think george intensely tries to play it safe is constantly fighting the best guy in the world for ten years in a row refugees the champ re so it's the got the next guy at his best peeking for this the moment the most important element is marshal s career he's gotta fight that guy for ten years or however long held that fell in a row people dont really take that into equation yeah he now he is always gotta be the best in the world the people who say they like areas attention but it would look at the fucker the police are fighting and not just that their at their best there not just turning for another five years is that their moment yeah yeah it's quite impressive in i think people get about that sometimes it is and you know it is was equally impressive was that he had the the
fairness to step away you know what i just need to take a break you know and there has been talk about him returning and i know he started a train again and he's training enjoying it and he's not making any decisions but i appreciate the fact that with all the money is on the line all the money that he could potentially be earning all the pressure to get him to fight again then he had the presence of mind to go you know and let me just step back yeah yeah i think yet ecosystem paranoia yourself and i think it's important like the guy has no life if you get if you seen how does go trains he'd be thrown away i never met anyone who trains are really yeah he's state he's got oecd so it's like everything has to be perfect and this training is like he can't miss a day even if his exhausted her eyes surely the guy's a workforce does what it takes for some
as for me not so much now i tried doing then dissent or for me that's enough to you you have your own protocol due to sigh i go it how you feeling i think that after matter morrissey i've been here for a couple days now i could have went training but a craven sore my arm her caesar i'm john tomorrow probably go change the i'll be into and then i'll be exceeded did to train you know and i ll get the most out of that train session i'll be aware i'll be listening to the guys around me and i'll take his mouth geez i cannot know that session and feel good about it in for me personally i feel like my skills increase more when i go to the gym lake league strict too two days you know every single day my body breaks down and
at the train station on my i don't care but what anyone says you know i'm just getting through as rather than taking part in it you know i've had conversations with many trainers about this and one of the things that a lot of people are in agreement is that there is an unrealistic expectation about what your boss go through that may be based on a lot of guys who use drugs lotta guys use performance enhancing drugs like this guy's will tell you they train three times a day seven days a week india if you're doing if they are doing that they have to be taken some shit i have no idea how how anyone could make my body is dying you know after half a wicked training once a day i don't know these guys do that those rights i just i just stay away from it will the demands of emma may are so different in any other sport because your centrally learning three major sports
you're learning striking you learn kickboxing you learn wrestling and judges who made this three of them together and your incorporating them with strategy and indeed intertwining fuckin crazy but combinations they look at john jonesy can do so is it an artist yes yet intertwining unto his thick and art of its own yeah it's such a all encompassing sort of a competition which is why a guy like george with oecd we just is training constantly in relentlessly is white cells in this because he can ramp it to a point where a lot of people just can't keep up with them it works for him yeah it worked for him did you try when you first came to try star seven years ago you were a guy who how will they now twenty us twenty five so you're fuckin tat damned eighteen you're eighteen
try star it's a u doing well you were you know you are starting to to fight and you're starting to the xcel a new techniques you just realized i need to go to where the best gym in the country i'd come down there to visit i wasn't fighting in order to get a week in a train and with the guys in to see what and other jim was like the only been at one jim train with those people rights i wonder explore martial arts a little bit and the amount of talent there in the technical approach there i felt that i could really accept that yeah for ass a hobby i was hoping that he was gonna be will make it in here but family obligations daughter i love that yeah fascinating guy and one of the best coaches like he's got the wanting to drive me crazy is when i listen to coaches in between rounds and they just safe nonsense like you gotta get after
you gonna knock em out like a there have been one wanna be jays fights does like you gotta get him be j do it he lost i or something like they're saying like some crazy does he have anybody in there that can give him some fuckin technical advice tell him what is going wrong step off to the left you idiot change levels do something you gotta get some i understand our approach in some situations if the guys to sleeping right and he did not willing to work you gotta wake him up but from i need someone to gimme the technical advice right cause i'm in their fighting trying to figure this puzzle you know and frozen and john down her to a really excellent job with giving me those those pieces of the puzzle right yeah donors are another gun unheralded brilliant gaia love talking about god
is it he's smart he was again and i want to talk and to work out what george once we worked out on spitting bacchic technique gear in doing it through daughter her because don her came to me he said is like i need to find someone who is in the end we want to talk about spending bacchic technique in when i worked with george but doktor john and he's just this weird quiet encyclopedia of information when it comes to martial arts he's got a very latest arrange its is an incredible guy he's a brilliant yeah really unheralded but you are not the people in the business understand not into for the media the attempt at all his just he's so he has such a deep passion for martial arts and find out how did beat another person s genius our skill of on the map incredible to hear in the way
teachers duly things he's coming up with two so cutting edge when a mind that's a big part of success in amazement surrounding herself with great trading partners having minds like the as coaches yes you need for a coach you need someone just as dedicated on the other side of the fence as you are doing the physical work you know his need you need that still need to be able to take would take the skill from them and put it into your physical training right yeah that's what dwayne ludwig brought to tee now for my only see what would a massive impact that's cause he's just as crazy about coaching as those guys are about fighting when you ve ever meet dwayne he's got just notebooks fuckin stacks of shared that he's you know into and is constantly revising his ruin the routine
and the drills and he runs guys through and in sizing things like teach ideal shaw beat edinburgh i had lunch with ludwig that day and dwayne drains you ve talked doing he's a maniac you talk to starting a million miles now just like mothers dues and he's like we're gonna do is just about to left here to make sure that when when brow a taxi taxi over community states lafferty does this would tedious can induce gonna do and is just going to pick those red line and constantly essentially blue printed exactly what was going to happen in the future explain to me exact was gonna happen the fight and teach in him how such a close relationship that it was just one of those situations where the cut the right coach met the right student and the students a sponge any general lessons to everything doin says you know it's really funny about it is we're talking about this during one of the fight broadcast is that you know doesn't
the way dwayne teaches dwayne he never fall like that he's not like captain footwork now precision puncher yeah precision poncho precision kicker excellent more time but he wasn't that like crazy footwork do too much now at him it's weird but it teaches teacher and it's perfect it's almost like do as i say not as i do or maybe his body didn't work our way or maybe he didn't need to or he had a different approach buddies dana could work out there yet he really is i'm amazed means one thinks is most exciting to me about emma may is the differences in approach as far as liked it coaches and the result because nobody really knows exactly what the right way to do it is in its different for you you said as it is for george it's probably different for t j than it is for like joseph
read everybody has their own approach and its it's just a matter of doing it all loud and working it all out and there sir we variables its use endlessly fascinating to me it is it's it's crazy there's somebody new guys to it so exciting rayner yeah that men are new talent coming on and in the new were like you'd look at random lousy conor macgregor these guys are so different we seem like five years ago straighten no one was using judo throws like round is knows crazy or proactive angrily worker acted as lombard versus jake shields was a judo exhibition was pretty crazy that was done by the he's he's a motherfucker now when you see a guy like lumber and you see a fight like that which takes years as i get you cited by fighting yeah yeah data is going to fund a fight for sure
the fire and you were excited about fighting tyrant woodley whose powerful atlas of guy powerful die i felt like my technique and overcome in his the call in our obviously look at me look at him he's physically superior in our view the athlete does he uttered a stone and i felt like it exciting for me to see the skill arrive schoolwork i've done over the years to overcome a boy your stronger faster opponent because i was never that guy i'm a guy but when i started martial arts i was i was a little puke you now i got beat up by bigger kids in us it's kind of it was a cool thing for me especially to being vancouver to fight a guy like dandy use my skill the like in or solve this puzzle of the bigger faster stronger now there was a beautiful five there was a beautiful fine
was a fight there you really cannot shut him down a weird way keaton he did it really have an answer didn't know what to do gave isn't he was waiting for a certain things yeah and i also love how you use that high elbow to block the right hand that's that's that's interesting that's a little use technique yeah that for us the the phillies shell known was used in the olden days when clubs morale fur blocking had shots because the bigger gloves now box if it's i brought you put your hands up to you but now it's our gloves or no gloves this doesn't release dark writing it still hurts like hell you temple is exposed a lot you
joe i'm back here six was these little the fiscal fit through these little spaces now because there's not a huge pillow huge global a bigger pariah to absorb that that impact so they they started using the phillies shell and using elbows and farms in any your try sap turn to fill in those holes against despair knuckle so i've i felt that it would be useful to me yeah it's interesting when you go back you look like old school boxing matches when they have a little tiny gloves i go get some unlike the jack dempsey fights her they were they were fighting with almost like little bag yet it is happening leather over their answer yeah but which is very similar to emma gloves yet is what think about no gloves i like it do you like that better think about it all the time is i'm like why is it ok to shin kick a guy in the head why
located near gotta had elbow but you have to protect your knuckles gazette some left over hold out stuff from boxer the idea that you need pan and maybe this for the media to rio we need to have rounds we need to have rules and and and gloves and some kind of protection so that the mainstream media can accept it as a sport but yet the raw you see first first fights and urge that that was the real deal but it seems contradictory to me because how come you like like barboza terry anyway we'll kicks when they had with his heel where that is the hardest part of your body walking around on all the time you could take your heel and walk a wall stop the wall anybody can do that you getting a little kid make it stop the walk and take a little in technical punch the wall italy like it hurts everybody you can't do it anymore
to me that its very unrealistic to wrap up the hands tape up the river because that's an issue as well the risk move now you have this unrealistic expectations of how you can just sort t off on people and brought with them in her whereas if it was just bear knuckle you'd be forced to be much more precise with your punches and be much more realistic in the impact of em i think it i think our gloves to aren't helpful first situation i think the you see those could get a little bit better in what way their color like round and so they make your hand open up right you always talking about i folks glove is a big reason for re my opinion you have you tried the bell towards those belt i i tried to pull prior gloves they are also you like those that wish to have those lane around here somewhere programme in the back of the old pride gloves have
over curve to him anyway i wash the old prior desires make a first and keep your foot and very rare that you saw i pokes her they are built torres use some ever last gloves that do two things one a curves of fish more keep sophist was more and another thing is it reinforces the other men carpal it reinforce its more padding in here where its preventing hand breaks which it makes it figure which makes it harder to show people which probably not good i think like especially for jujitsu and grappling i think it would definitely benefit people if there was no gloves and might even stopped i pokes more over here is no gloves because your hand wooden automatically open up yet i agree with a lot of people are wounded think so but not not not in mainstream media
i don't think so but how crazy though he cheated smash you get on top of a guy literally smashes eyeball open with your elbow yeah it's just like i think its peoples predisposition like that they need see that glove never even though every other party a party that used as a weapon in the nay world is it protects his is harder shields and knees in only my god you now elbows are a big in other cut you yeah do you think that elbows she there's an argument that elbow should be allowed like the strike force rule as they have to be the happiest yeah because her affective yeah yeah what about mean i think head buts and needs on the ground into being of the real i see that you are right leg welcoming a bunch of diana had become like smash and with your head like it is a legitimate weapon would change
with needs on the ground the head and head but it would change the dynamic of governing what about soccer kicks yeah that too but what about soccer kicks being a problem because guys get pinned up against a cage as the only argument over her that makes sense to me that they shouldn't be legal because you can get your head stuck yeah but the fight would be over pretty quick so the ideas you still get stuck yeah don't get there or pay the price of pay the price i wonder if any organization could ever if anybody would do it if we reach a pan in japan would take it whose what one of these guys get rules yeah but they have a weird rule where they allow you like they say open fight or something like that where they allowing the referees discretion they haven't time anderson here that's weird yeah that there's been fights to work are awkward yeah yeah i don't know about all that there too but we all know about the referee deciding because what have you got an idiot referee
does he know there's something we're guys are battling for a position and its like a very important transition in a fight and the referee will like be like ellen anthem you got work get to work like what are you watching you're not watching a fight these guys are fighting in my opinion like long as guys aren't actively stalling zone as they really are trying to get to a better position her will you watching is an important part grappling that's right i'm against stand ups em into good its awesome i think it like just better thereby oh yeah that's where they don't know that's where the no no rounds in no time limit also plays a part in the fight to yeah it should but i can understand the idea of rounds that it makes it more excited guys get to recover and between rounds than seem so exhausted but the if you're gonna have rounds that i'm really against stand up there if a guy could take you down in the last year
five rounds and just hold you in place in and feed on you ben askern style her that's life you learn how to deal with that yet again the tec technical skill to build a ghetto that situation you can ask when i was kind of bomb doubt when he signed with one of sea because i want to see what that guy can do in the eu of sea against a leak eyes like when he fought douglas lemme and belcour our holy shit like he could do that to that guy gleam as a bad mother fucker and he s pretty fuckin rang on my ass grass so god damn good rustling always get it it's important to have guys like down around here you know it i think maybe maybe you're sees worried about him beating the exciting guys and then having a boring iraq is though not no one likes a watch him maybe it's a lie do the fence unless i guess but who knows if he would you know you gotta tonight cheeks an employer the my thoughts
on it i'm a purest in my thought on it is you don't know who the best in the world is until you take the guys who are the most dangerous or in his case the most problematic and you got a point i'm up against each other and in less you do it's not legitimate be nice to see him in the sea to see if he is in a top contended for real yeah i mean or you put him in there with a guy like you shut down and you say ok well here's issue you know you know we ve seen in time can't we just saw with eddie alvarez any average the great value tour donald surrounded pixies lag apart and you go o k here's this the new level you here next level see you see guys from other organizations that come in they start to see maybe they're not so invincible inner will look hector lombard when where he was fighting and one eighty five belcour he was rushing p came over see tim both beaten neither timber the very good fighter no no doubt about it but what the
it was as bushes and natural to a five cut down to one eighty five and lombards and one seventy blown up to be one eighty five and the sky level and toughness of bausch allowed him to beat him and ass everybody was sailing lumber it's gonna come over and smash everybody looks really good now one seventy but that's that's him what you gonna see that play out and if it doesn't play i feel like i feel like i got robbed like i feel really do when sign with one of sea i remember reading a monolithic but that is a unified over there i was upset me maybe maybe in a year or two years the talent level of one f c will rise to the occasion or maybe he'll go for the belet or who the fuck now smell may become back road about or who the fuck knows in another pokers there and bjorn is gone you know who knows maybe that was the issue the reason why he laughed and every year we have been asked to salmon use
every night to see another organisation really fuck and step up a bee like pride was to be like tat the other additional we get for the fighters for everybody here right here and it's good everybody in weight classes to like a white class like yours well to wake me you got a flock in murderers row and well to wait and that's important and that's why you know that all the new guys are coming up and that are there at a very high level and like it seems like whenever you have a really super ultra competitive way class it's all these people start rise to the occasion you see better performance is from all them now walter i divisions crazy it's like so unstable you never know who's gonna come aren't i would take a pressure cooker yeah but i think i think it i think i'm minute i'm coming up right now and i think i might be able to dominate the divisions in www deftly getting better
as one of the inclosure getting up day of fighting for the title neck so you will see your fight against softening was a big i open it for a lot of people could sovereignty and is known as a stand up guy new set traps for man that was really interesting fight in algeria as small details gonna me yeah there was a big victory now catching him like that stopping him i thought that was a big victory the damien my if i was a big victim was for a fair fight because he got down that first round is most dangerous in her old dry and you know you got you down be defended perfectly hurry now and then yeah he's a tough guy not a lot of people recognize him in the world to a division we saw strong he so strong tat it over there crazy and getting down to one seventy you see him very technical but also physically strong like the rick story fight you know no one's ever taken story down like he's trashes evil crushes john fetch ignoring ranting
fish like that at the time he john fitch fetch hacking to hurt you i mean that's what fits do you guys you do i'll grapple them and beat them down that's another issue that i want to bring up is wait cutting that's that sort of highlights why like way cutting pockets is unfortunate but its reality her how much you cut world renowned or two hundred jesus christ sign yeah but not like jack it all guy how do we sixty six one successful i added an issue for some it was about its untoward me actually i just diet normally naturally way tuna and then work the week of the fight how stuart the lake before the fire like money one eighty to one
to see you somehow another eighteen pounds along the way and how you doing sty healthy eating but you're not lot axis i would never imagined in no way i like i'm not rift all year round only i'm only really kite when i'm cutting away from my fight i have a lot of actual excess weight ngos waterways or whatever call do you watch your diet all year round or when you don't have a fight you fuck off pretty much i like to eat healthy but yeah i definitely not go off yeah what do you think about guys rule you're pretty extremely cutter than now that's really though it is not hard for me no no it's an is really like if you ass my coaches like i'm cruising well an aid to the we gov is not bad get down there twenty comparable and then its sake i dont need to margin i manage my water levels properly and i actually i have a good system works for me that
another issue though that goes along with training for fight the issue of dehydrating yourself essentially in getting down to hire seventy pounds for a brief amount of time and then when you step the octagon woody way point eighty five sonata so you're not straining yourself too much you know deplete your body to but i feel good the time the feeling a good fight one when i get on the scale yeah i really don't feel better that's nice to hear because there are some guys that push it so far i've had that in the past they just do like i just cut water our diet the weight off naturally and i feel great so it is just a matter of like being a bit more disciplined in your camp yeah with nutritional a big part of it i used to know george lockers
no he's in nutritionist stir ex fighter and he's got a good system i think his website is fitness t so he's one of those daughter type dude i think he's dead from the dolce lower marketing sheen now and i think it is still more natural little more natural do we say dude spit it out i've heard things will you we genuinely diuretics i don't know they're doing over there but it's not for me without was beaches accusation the direction yeah i don't know i don't i don't i don't feel like to play with any of that i like to keep a natural and have a healthy train rich body you know let my skill do the work for me apparently you can use diuretics are natural worker vitamin c and high doses apparently unnatural
i recognise that word they say dolce uses one thinks that he does not deal with system is yeah i don't know either but lotta guys been popped four directives in the past and now ok guys have sought enough what do you mean there's digital it's like performance using drugs or performance enhancing substances it's it's a such a strange thing because there are nutrients that you can isolate in levels that you would normally never gettin food you now you can take nutrients and ate are healthy and normal but you extract them from food you take them and pill form and they can without a doubt improve your performance but those illegal because essentially food base supplement other air unanimous vitamins and transfer vitamins newt out i think that that natural thing quadriceps mushrooms think things along those lines as an opt in alone
you the chinese olympic team use did and we actually have some here i'll give you some forts totally safe scald shrimp tech her shrimps text it it allows your body to better utilised oxygen and actually came from high altitude hurting populations had found that their cows were being these mushrooms her that were growing and they were more active and so that was initially how's discovered they actually grow it on caterpillars really kind of fuckin freaky ebbed so this is a natural natural natural nutrition and examined a trance and things it in eyes this isn't like epa some say exactly air exert if it is natural on you know it's i think that's a chip loud re younger but any get things are creating which is also behind a natural but you're taken it informs or you would never get it from me seven beneficial do fighter fighters
now this been studies is besides it's in creating approves a physical strength of what is also been studies it she makes you retain water which swung the last things at a fighter would want especially about to cut way too you re supplements are not really educated are too much at eu protein light bc aids and stuff we're gonna protein steel plant based her eyes vega that's good stuff effort in the past year gives way way protein now now mostly plant based year i knew i dont do it all the time i just i can i use it once more so this guy probably use more settlements i think eating it really helps me yeah laura i drink a lot of water do you drink will usually have a coffee there is a lack of he do fuck around with that like the week of the fights follows eyes seemed must we didn't bother me tito or teachers who the coffee fucks with your car yo but i've never heard that the fact of her to help
and had a problem with it he's a coffee a day usually what is it new tricia guy again which is now george were acquired awkward it is he proposal or proscribed meals for you does he like yeah like you're having a meal plan and staff and like a balance it for your work schedule laker the eu does it for like regular people and then like you know athletes and fighters and stuff so you punching like you work out schedule its detail how much you walking that day how would you sitting down how much you're sleeping on all kinds of stuff like that and how much in fat you are how tall you are what your goals are so it's a whole lake system has employed squeeze very specific yeah yeah skies nosey stuff if you ever talk germany to say like ninety percent
you go right over your head and you say he's using words that you never heard of any talking fasten the smart guy he's one of those days you have to ask him like three times the same question to a kind of feel a little bit you know he's talking to her so would you just get a plan from him or dizzy actually cut make the meals for an hour i just take the pair i so you do all the preparation everything so yeah it all your own shopping yet if like that you cook for yourself on each year on and when it comes to port portions de measure the mouth yeah i've kind of like figure it out now like this guy general size at that when i first started yet was weighed and stuff now what about like
mean leafy vegetables things lawnmowers lawrence z raising strong on yeah yeah fisher all types of different vegetables mostly vegetables a yes it what would he would source printing there's nuts felix naxa staff and then you know chicken brass certain fish like salmon flaming young pork tender line there's a few different ones so socially mostly low fat type stuff here and you get your fats from like other cod or cocoanut oil or only a coconut oils and other one there's the nuts again commons and stuff that's very interesting to me as well that this is something that people realize he was in the last few in a decade or so that like healthy fats are just as important nutrients is very important part of your diet if you take this stuff out your brains fuckin dries up when i
i've tried like taking fats out of my diet like way back in the day of the experiment with different diet and one things i've found is i got stupid my brain wasn't working like i could feel the difference you need to oil your brain or something i don't know the exact mechanism is as flaccid to the child stuffily that you take the tablet fish oil produced us tablespoons yeah like liquid yeah the other liquid several but he's your digestion have to deal with that the gelatin that comes in the outside which is now centrally just animal hooves and show that they turned i take vitamins jail capsule environments i dont have another problem and is this guy georgie measure all this stuff out for you weren't ache and yet it's all a porsche note on the site for you do you get blood worked on i have it all i ever
prescription like measure like all my nutrient levels and i've just been too lazy to go get it done ridiculous though your professional at the highest level of the air and i'm an idiot arises i just procrastinator with it because you know one day i'll feel like crap and i'll be talkin to my osteopathic go get these blood work done see what your deficiencies are so go get a prescription and i'll never go do it i'm scared of needles it's a you're scared nato bulgaria emily i pass a number i'm not an i wake in everyone's looking almost attack whereas doing a couple of guys because up and didn't nowhere like you rehydration like going to univee you you pass on
call it an i wake up in everyone's looking almost attack for hours and a couple of guys because up and didn't know where i was and i was just slower isolate this girl who couldn't even watch someone get a needle in a movie shoe blackout out here you the border to harden i'll get lakes my stomach roy that's so we're here but that's so illogical and understand what that is only happened only certain happening like for five years real or like blood blake zephine blood work done for the fights right right pass i hear hiv and all that stuff and before display an stun walk away now then all of a sudden are nowhere every time i see a needle coming my way i might fit my face will get away for no reason that's so strange i have to get on my phone like this have to lay down
honey i look away look i'll distract myself why how even talking about legally that's so strange i mean it would make more sense it was something you always had tat so like my ex girlfriend her dad had it and she said that dad one time her brother got like a severe sunburn in the ep blisters oliver and dad sought and debt faint it was crazy down fuckin doktor owes it to it was a dentist some how the fuck is this guy like me obviously must deal with some fucked up shit and gory thing is what does he in dentistry to yeah weird well i guess he was ok when needles but he would cease and things he saw a sun with blisters from that is we doubted be westerners because you know like from the from the sun from their sunburn media apparently at a really bad sunburn yes it yours like
second we re a sinner family i guess but where the u acquired it that's very aware it was safe one i was i was doing bloodworth fer a fight at the hospital knows you sing everyday i passed out and ever since then it happened so have to be really careful that's fucking weird if you talk to a psychologist brother now now fallen everywhere i wouldn't want to know if there's like coping mechanism for that for our part we must overcome it maybe now moving on everything this conversation we bring in sport psychology is a very interesting thing to me and i've actually thought about using a sport psychologists for stand firsthand how many because my outing enemies ever done it before but i come out i bet because a lot of camps incorporate sports ike
just hurry part of the regiment and like ryan parsons you no hidden trains tents bermudas handles pat come at lahti good guys and he's big on the air and i've always been fascinated by sports under i never actually sat now the psychology they're gone over my own brain reserve i i don't know what they would talk about like what would what would they tell me i don't know do differently for you they pray watch a video you staring i beg your good good whatever those that place great help you get to that zone yeah that's what i would wonder is first guys it becomes necessary after a loss after a loss in there there are people that have guessed the best way to describe be unrealistic expectations or unreleased
perceptions of who they are they like to think of themselves as being absolutely different from everybody else and their champion it's gonna happen they gonna beat everybody and then they get be ill i can't believe i lost ike any becomes a real issue reads structuring their mindset like ree reestablishing their confidence and yourself i dont georgie's one i think now while i think he always did it but i think he tried it dave laws i think that it too will the wiser from tramp anxiety yeah and he didn't have those until he lost re lost to retrain clear how those kids that started a lot too sure can without a brutal fight now so that was there was a war brutal via the air was more of riches biggest victories and it was one which was in his prime and it was just of beating david was really never the same of that
we're not george used it was it was post the mats terrifying i have no idea where it was i never really asked our too much but seems like tebbit guy that we try everything he's very open minded you know here and if someone tells him suddenly with enough confidence will be interested in that boy sob i mean i was amazed that it was willing to work with me when i told them i can help him the spinning bacchic turning out so far is ok let me get the on that in our but he's v he opened his eyes first learning tat hill he has a slight outshining he's got the beginners mindset yes almost too much so because oh that's all i got roped until that fuckin witch doctor robin honest childcare who do move yeah sure he's very like is like a child almost in that sense it s easy very optimistic in that sense i got some there ever
he's trying to help him and stuff how they were explaining to me with this guy was doing to him that he was like china he is shock risen is meridians and honest well well well well yeah i was what the fuck's going on i let you go this guy money to hold on to explain this again what the do you think you really think this one guy that can do this and there's no one else in the world of the olympics elite athletes in football nba boxing filling the blank millions and millions and billions of dollars in the one and only sports there's one due to nose on a robin you're fucking chest and turn we do see what i heard this guy's this which doktor i never met him i'm out of here dana was the one who actually call them the wisdom any would claim that is his name after dana call them as a guph yeah a guy you're like a witch doctor
we can then use a witch doctor lunatic both the situation was in rome for a moment stone of areas that elite high level alpha male competitors like fighters gettin fuckers by bullshit i there's been a few looking for the advantage ray and looking for the next thing there really i think it's it's it's in your head no doubt and one guy talk to actually admitted to me that what he was doing was all in your head i can try to like everybody was telling me like that you're not going to the neck and back problems is from two to two and this guy was working on me and he was like doing some weird shit was like pressing the back of my head tell me that he could tell like where my issues where i press the back my head like this is her notice her in the press one spot harder as i desired her to go we just pressed hard and then we had a little like we're looking at each other funny and then i go
what exactly you do and we got into like that you know he tried to like give me is be ok with tries again what exactly you doing what exactly do what is essentially he was saying in a roundabout sort of away was it if you believe in what he's doing then it becomes like a placebo effects syria but it might be you can't just bullshit me you can bullshit me because i'm too curious repulsion mammon asked questions and i he did know whether or not i mean bullshit but it's kind of fuck because if i just love him me may i would have had a better result but i was i was just the call fighters like a single level guys they see this all the time with us little plastic respect with the shiny little there on your house like that's gonna help may be a better ass fuckin my goldberg michael one time we re
in vegas and he had a couple of drinks and he's telling me how amazing these where waste fuckin stupid things and he's tell me how amazing it is and makes a introduces me these guys are selling them and they how to do these carnival tricks on i know i know you don't we as they do different test with your body like pushed down one arm but if you we stand you you know is changing the leverage point here like he's like he's like tune it like that this and then like you know hill i go further out in your arm like now try likely you're over there now get the fuck over here till it the way you did it first you know it's like ok now resist me ok now resists movements of the older a shady minor we had one on underlay had one on car moon was telling me how it helps us back mike over in my back never remember two years a second disused course fucking talking about an undisguised get a rubber band on your rests with
shiny shiny plastic i guess maybe it's some people's human instinct to look for edge yeah listen i believe and believe it and actually feel better actually feel better yet crazier totally guys you mind where the mind is so powerful it's insane it's amazing it is amazing that power of belief is something to be said why was reading this thing where they were talking about injuries and that in certain injuries you know people get atrophy after the injury cause they don't use the muzzle whilst healing but if use and x amount of time doing visualization exercises an x amount visualizing actually using those specific muscle greece they don't atrophy of her that what the fuck behind your imagination i think about like all different kinds of things i tell em daydreaming find it helps me but we must
i mean mindset are it is so important you think about the mind is the control panel for the body that's what executing all those moves and one other things about you when it comes to competition i think freaks people out is how calm you stay and how how dead i like that that video where just stand there staring and not blinking like that dead i'd calmness that's deaths not giving in to anxiety that's not having strain is thought only too answer my chest before the united states and make a difference but some guys do yeah gets you i've done i dont mediator but like we think about it like the one guy that everybody was so impressed with her throughout his career was phaedr cause he's dead face too
just friends at on the bell rang the exactly didn't need to and he used to say that like showing anger or showing emotion was a sign of weakness and their you'd should be focused entirely on your task and nothing else i can agree with that but you know have like this isn't something that you like worked out with a coach or that you think just experience over the years learning yourself is it from above having other people that are also good in it i think itself experience in here maybe not know why it happened alison did just your thing is that you found your gave a washer yeah you going about better european grants through the door goddamn athletes and a small bladders should have zero as drinking water
to the door running right hand side right there may target is genuine doing his intimate is brief intermission why roy does is peace i would like to announce why should the show tomorrow night at ice house is basically sold out i think it's sold out cuz a ridiculous line on this bilbil crystal e brian cowen in edwards tony hinge cliff and me i do it every year every year i do a night before thanksgiving cause i'm almost always home with my family during thanksgiving we actually talked about nolan places thanksgiving but it seems like a goddamn nightmare place or nightmare timed travel but that shit is basically sold out and then the next thing i have to after that is december twelve on the road in phoenix arizona with tony heathcliff
these celebrity theatre everybody that tuned in two rocky mountain heart it was on calmly central thank you so much this is i think my best one i would say that but this one i really do think was my best one and it was without a doubt the best received one my last one was wasn't it i think i wasn't doing as much stand up while i was doing it and for whatever reason yell a lot of people didn't like it much they felt like i fell off a little bit so i worked really hard on this one and it paid off so i appreciate the fact that an american hard as quick crazy did my first totally new our this past weekend at the ontario improv so everybody came down for that thank you i had a great fucking time in its back legs so when you were eighteen and first started going try star and major move up to mature how beneficial was it for you as a
got to build a train with the world's way champion of arson huge food riots and not only that like george mosaic such a nice similarly probably one of the more welcoming persons there like you really they go away you know you're really good use very complimentary to me earlier me train but he took me how much we all know talk to me oh oh tell the jam invited me back to stay with them for a training traps and things like that like you know such a suggestive cool experiencing some part of my life yeah he's such a nice guy housing he really is is it so hard to believe that he is fuckin train killer now he's a beast because he's so nice he's so nice but not worried about competition that's what i find found meaning that there is some guys like you
where the whole thing we were shot and john jones like there are worried about bringing guys have to fight this guy some day well you're that's crazy that's fine i find i never a lot of people now of people now like asking me to fight him in this and i think it's see the things that are in i gotta see in that i appreciate and not only is like a martial arts but now from myself and i learned so much remember i gained a lot from his kindness in what he gave to me i'm not gonna forget then stab in the back here right
what would happen though if you do eventuality when the title and george does come back i think you just do supervise you think so near i'm pretty sure where they almost a hundred percent offered you fuckin boat load a cash to you got louder life's not about money now obviously in doing this for my also but it's not it's it has never been my goal be fucking billionaire rat i'm gonna live in the woods one then sir are you ever sherman really wouldn't do other just beware yeah we're gonna run com you can just be worth while people i will close i go in real life because a real live you really ammo then
they know you from the moment you step into that cage and that's when you see what the media should share that's what well now what everybody cease fire i'm on you fucking psycho yeah that's look it will play there the again you eventually going to live in the woods for real yeah definitely better that's the thing that i've been thing i've been trying to overcome his like how am i going to train martial arts and and live in the world is in the woods and ever family sighing and have to have like some kind of thing worked out we just gotta live close enough to sit here that's the problem i don't wanna because anyone how far away you wanna be far like hell after rescue our visa awesome
what is it about wanting to get away look why don't you i hate i just dont lagoon city real i grew up i grew up in like in nature and stuff and my early childhood and stuff in the night tossed around the city and don't have no other with terrorism moved away and stuff so i prefer to be out in nature well you know you could do you start your own jem now europe out of the noise it's gonna mean you think a year at a point right now in your career that if you started jim today people flocked to it and the more you accomplish in your career wouldn't even necessarily be a jim that you'd have to teach her but higher yeah use your name i thought about it may be a failure try star something that would be cool too yeah i'm just gonna see what happens cars my way i definitely plan i haven't having a home in the woods i love being the world's lives while hunting that so called
about data beaufort is fifty is the real india no k that's cool were gone forget the name of it it's it's a compound bother i lost a few his arrows of food is not measured early rights right it wasn't working for me yeah the thing about bows especially compares knows combat both very specifically you have to get a measure to draw lengthy amount wait you pull back in the arrows have to be waited to the correct bow i can't even hours to light or narrow is too heavy and then you have to cite used it the site is both have a site honour and that has to be accurately judged base on the weight of the arrow the speed of the arrow poundage of the pole many details allotted details i like guns letter personally well what i like about guns is that there really effective shot a moose couple weeks guy and i got in
b c nowhere here hauser well i'll tell you the places called the big country outfitters and it's like the mediated mid northern may be seen ok i'm revealing caribou or something now we are better some care bonanno the area yet as a guest caribou that is i was born larry s that's crazy north gentlemen north of that they're about us elegant little less than an hour nor the cariboo that's what they're ok kovac we saw some big moves do here damn the one i shot was pretty big minos young was only nine hundred pounds for moose that's not the big it is good in this crazy anything nine hundred pounds another but we we saw one that was like fucking jurassic park
willie saw like briefly for a second there was all these females is always cows there were big in other probably nine under two thousand pounds in this mother fucker was twice as big as them with his enormous ass like this huge legs they were just tower and india's disappeared in the woods berlin wholly may have those out there these just giant fuckin moose abysses amazing in so many words that they encourage people to kill here and now to become like pass but where we were the guy his neighbor got a cow taken by wolves like they're in their house and they hear howls and crazy shit look out the winners like twenty wolves weapon a cow apart happens they wasn't bad though but there's just a lot of a renowned easy well you know there's balance to the ecosystem exactly in their very important to the shore for all sorts of reasons too
broadens down and to keep populations healthy and to make sure that and they catch the diseased animals it usually unlike the lake the big pact caribou them their ears they catch like this once in the week one there it's when they get out a whack when there's too many of them and that can happen they get on these giant super packs they have a big issue within russia there was a couple years ago there is a super packs it were taken out horses heroic hundred wolves strong thrilling knots nude that's insane take a fuckin horse out why would you live up there like back an era where up like near caribou our you'd lawyer fell away i looked all mixed martial arts jeremy set it up he who come when the words here maybe every awesome who knows what will happen
well you're living like a pretty metropolitan area livin in montreal here do you live in and i can apartment land the city that's got everywhere that's like the issue is it too much noise to a people here i just prefer to be with like treason lakes and leslie craziness and how can the anxiety of the stair comes along with the city something about it i can't explain it i grew up with the right so it's like that's what i mean but back on my best times right yeah i would find it we're that some people love it like my manager lives in new york city and he loves it he left off the city i have to go in the park every day when i trainer till i balance out i hate it there really him the city so what you do just coffee pigeons or some shit yeah walker
just relax do you have like things that you do like doo doo meditate do anything to try to calm yourself down now i think i'd daydream so maybe that's meditation for me tenement aware not this one yes i'd display have you're fucked around the centre deprivation tank no right the taxi i warn you that that's right for us so due to those who get up sure there's gotta be a place of montreal and others a big plan in vancouver that open up recently makes sense there you're frankie edgar was just tweet in me today you just did is first session today is it tat it takes a few times learner relax you're saying right yeah well i wouldn't say it takes a few times to learn how to relax but just to be comfortable the experience it becomes a normal thing it's it's so we're the so much
strangeness to it the first time you do it i think you get more out of it we do it two three four times like i have one in the house so to me going in it is like a normal you think it's ok i'm gonna take now i tell my wife let me alone albeit i'll be back in a couple hours and i just go in there and ours does you two hours i can do what one hour like if i know i have a show because i have to leave the house at six for a show i can i can go in five and go in for an hour and a half or some and take a shower butter i prefer it at night when my family's asleep ok everyone's conked out i'll go in there because an unknown just gonna go a mile em there's no other energy and how year makes any sense yet fisher like i do my best writing whenever one sleep and as you know when you have a family especially euro is managing shit is always like things i god she took my
calm down everybody relaxed his eyes you know it's hard to write when all that's going on but its way hard to like relax thousand the tank i heard screaming from upstairs like again a faggot tang who didn't work you there so it's it's best in a state of complete quiet now seeking if you didn't isolation yeah oh yeah and then you enter into it it's like think about the most piece that you've ever found when you're in the woods and nature and the multiply that by a hundred is it removes your body removes all the input of your body cuz you're floating you feel like you're flying yeah it's it's cracked president it's very it's very intense it's crazy to me that the guy who keeps telling people bottom like how is this not weigh more popular never understood it and how is it like what
you have to hear from me houses not like a huge starting of so many people's lives especially when you think of much of everyone we were talking about the mind and how much of effect the mine has your performance in her and how important it is to achieve certain mindsets there's no better place to get to know you fuckin brain tank and i would think with so many people being so performance oriented and goal oriented and achievement oriented that that would be a huge tool yet makes complete sense to me where did you get in as soon as we get on with this part ass a cop crash a cat footwear whom a hook something poker us where you stand when you're in town by alas o perfect gazetted he's in venice ciganas yeah it's like fifteen minutes of acid yasser arafat i'm gonna take the fourth vegas nice so you down here just doing the thing having a good time
yeah some training and hopefully trainers as many people as possible is that when you come in a town like a place like that is the girl terrains hundreds everybody's welcome you with open arms i don't know i haven't really haven't changed with anyone yet so hopefully it's you haven't tried that before calling us an hour's time ok so you showed up yeah are probably like tredah like one of those chuckled eddies blazon georgia's spend some time here so hopefully he'll get me a sea freddy in pretty roach yes or network with people and hopefully i can get a espouse different gems and soon saw the one that we have to work with the new which you train with garlic freddy roach if to pay him or decisions taken you don't know either ones fine right you look just go you in the work yeah after pan no problem at that what about my tie you looking to do some work
i will get onto anything i'd actually our learner your psychic backache man i'm happy ever was worked out definitely be happy show some stuff you yourself flexible already need to throw so you have so much dexterity we you like that question market yet lot right yeah yeah i've been trying to get more dynamic with my taking with a front like psychic is the one that i see making come back in emma maiming john jones loves to do that to the fire and he then dropped veto or to the body with the i did i was asked care there was a big kick in in my arsenal differently psychic and i'm a short guy but my friend larry my friend larry jones who was a high level black belt back in the day he was a tall guys like six what three was all legs his legs relentless fucker
cage and this do we just impale people whose front like sidekick he just had developed i've never worked had loved the work that he knows get it as cavan johnson oh yeah good front leg yanking yeah definitely to worked out with you yeah we're technique because it's so effective keeping distance from the guy likud sideways stance like you see that sideways stance play out like wonder boys really stevens comedy really good at that sideways stands here he's really fuckin interesting addition to want to see us on a train with him is striking is amazing and this music a snake in and let us get back and forth in and with a big cage suit it so hard to deal with dry wrestlers there we have always thought i always wondered what do you have sea would be like it was in like a basketball sized even there like metamorphic rocks are enormous just
don't like minimalist as it gives near the edge and looks at people fallen off and like the abc chrome gracie versus was a oki tights yeah i got right on the edge over there in a separate chrome cotton with getting really like a weird my brain is a weird sort of it wouldn't you know chrome gets a getting on your you fucking the toast he's got a nasty fuck and getting his is technique so slick so hard to get a surface that works fer you know people want a campaign why yeah well it also the cage kind of gets in the way a little bit of the view you know better than the ring at the same time at least every in the ring for emma i think they're bringing sloppy like watching guys fall out of the ring or whose it was apollo feel you someone called
someone an arm bar where their arms wrapped up in the rain there in the road a robot wasn't it there's a few guys like that yeah that's stupid if it doesn't make any sense to me and then they tried different things like frank shamrock tried some weird thing at one point in time words like sort of like us when poor like xenophobic flat the ezra like round a bird cage near no no that was like yama yeah yeah i'm a pit five million workers without was bob meyerowitz who's the guy who is the first owner of the u fc a pay created that yama thing and justice the fuckin name like someone she said you can call it gets there thinking but the idea behind is not the worst idea whirl and world combat league you somethin like that member chuck norris organizations
take by and had wondered what was in that two year was yeah he was one of the best causing yeah that old world combat leagues can you're staying out simplified yeah nice in glory in now on spike which i think is pretty interesting to hear the sea some really high level my tie guys but would like slightly different rules prefer the my tie rules like the fact they can claim an elbow and hold on and throw and also anxiety letter exactly and ty as an art form is so it's so fascinating to watch because you know i'm a big boxing fan but the reality of boxing is you know there are the arm masters like like floyd may whether use it in this incredibly beautiful way to watch you know you use see the way he's using footwork and angles and countering and faint and its is beautiful the watchdog together but then
see a guy who's a real like a kevin ross type you know uses everything costly easy elbows leg kicks knees clench there was altogether lion fight you watch line by line fight is the promotion of vegas like one big my type motions and united states there on access tv all the time really high level guys come over and fighting ty guys are fighting like yachts incline fight fights for them now now a pet fight for their like real high level tigers and their use in everything it's likely king lot knees elbows is beautiful because you get to see how this works like how others distances where
you know you should ponchas distances where you should kick this in and then when you see it all combined a really good like a kevin ross type dude combining it all together and in perfect harmony it's beautiful to watch it such a it's it's another style of its another art form which i think little bit is lost when you have something like glory we dont loud guys to clench for nothing there like a five second rules on my ass any known law guys to pull down the head and throw needs so that its position and no elbows which i think his car yeah yeah yeah i'm the same as you appears thing the less restrictions are better who'd you do your might i was up in canada furs for us yes for us as you're my type is he also does he mean obviously very good granular himself is blackburn yeah down does he in dakota
that too or zeebrugge and someone else to do it as he sees like my he's the guy go too pretty much for everything but you shall go around like a worker box him with their howard grand and stuff but most like almost everything i do it for us we will ever a close connection and fraud a lot of people donors and house guilty as if everything he's really wrestler jujitsu and kick boxer the understands it well you know the teacher really well could tell just listen to encroach now his is take on things describes things like when they do interviews with m i t doesn't have a cursory knowledge of this pre in depth you can pretty much tell that is also obviously a very smart guy yeah i know he's got a degree and you is very to speak well
express himself why do you see yourself after you done fighting doing something pantyhose of coaching falling no not interested maybe if the right guy came on sunday the right thing i'd probably going to something else in my life so my work i don't know find somebody is another issue that i wanna dive into do you have like a long term plan you have like an idea which is tomorrow just tomorrow dude do you know like when you want to get out the evan i don't know i always tell myself i'm just gonna do it until i don't like it anymore this premature i'd operate my life my brother ass any other time just have like i dont i just do whatever's fun and that's it there must drive tricks crazy there are we going to be a year from now where what about five years now rory our long term plan let she yeah she's is global
for me in that way it's gonna balances bounce assault road that but now she she roses furthermore they are pretty ran like this trip was random totally totally random just decided hours cast anchor you came here to compete and said fuck it i'm just gonna stay there the random aspect of repeating part how long did you planted out that's actually was when i was training for the terek softening fate i was eating as they are thinking about digit soon as i'd love to do matamoras side texted there i should again touch them goya here's a name like ok out all over them do you have to run that should by the usa yet debit they accepted roy that's interesting though i think that you can get an arm broken assumption
i almost got that you got caught man pre deep camorra emma was heard in for a couple days it's just going to feel better today did you think about having now so you wouldn't let him snap your they re now i've brought i feel idea if like before the matters again i'd probably tat but then when i was in the position as like there's no fuckin way of tat that's so crazy is well done a fine line between where you were cause you got out of it and you know getting snapped mean that's yeah with that particular move it's kind of hard really do serious damage casino the legs and hips are under it right but but you much like frank mere versus big nog here
as are when a watch here we see that was more earlier aren't i wish to make it was bent over this way minors straight armor right right yeah but still mean guys got their elbows snapped on but that one the biggest oggie was an ugly one could get upper arm snaps for some reason that broke like here something right now that's weird real weird but francs a fuckin big guy tank in those back when testosterone replacement this legal be hopped up on special sauce that's weird and that was legal so stupid strange here i can't it was allowed well strange medically too because it just shows you found a loophole yeah i think what also shows you what a piss poor job athletic commissions do with recognising which shouldn't shouldn't be legal it's insane one of the they do are like it
there's like wonder one and they should be able to test one to one in what synthetic writ being replaced they can only test a lot of my test for they wonder six so you could be wonder one to six synthetic stare aids or whatever using you could still get away with it really yeah i heard some crazy stuff that's why the whole like vat in water thing work on a miniature because vat does the wonder one i don't know what you mean by like when you saying one to one what do you mean like take a test like your natural to m knots educated on it so maybe i shouldn't be opening a half averted by their like they could test synthetic steroids to your natural testosterone levels yeah well there realizing now that taken test for everyone we shall selinger popped in our view the new shit that they're doing
he was a whale answer only certain well that was during the andersson silver fight his is testosterone to epithets tossed her own which i don't understand how that works but it is actually it's an indicator that you're using our official testosterone but he up most recently we have suspended for two years he got pop for epa oh he got pop close to me in all sorts of shit growth hormone we use on a cocktail that's crazy of different things the main issue wonderment testing the better in my opinion the for sure i i think they should test to the maximum value i think that would be the best but the problem is its about forty thousand dollars that's what every blood tests like that and they have this chain of custody when they take the blood for me they fuckin essentially put a suitcase hank themselves to it flies the lab like they have to cover the whole procedure i did the vat testing for the beijing ten feet right
be joe was he asked me on twitter if you if for a fight we could do the vat are testing for a whole training camp and they sponsored it and they took all the costs and everything worked oh great boss obviously pastern yeah being good it was good for this what i think and that's what george wanna do it hendricks that whole debacle happen yeah that was those weird situation right the like george was upset that after he left and you know said that there was one thing that we want to stand up for was the we need more testing in the usa where was coming from from george what is what is his concern that people are she and i thank you right specifically does you know they're no one or who or what i don't know i don't know they just assumes or yeah maybe maybe there's rumours that fly around
but everyone right i mean i constantly get messages on twitter like i you cuz you have jack near face acne are you steroids user you know i do protesting willingly with be jane i do i do that for every fight if i could get my opponent would do with me rumours i guess why what does a lot of experts author has fake expert ignorance there's so much ignorance and would you man i do i'm not i'm nuts i'm not super educated i either because there is no point for me to be good i don't take any part of it but i think it's bullshit that people are using it call the for the longest timing for how many years as it little we are allowed to take testosterone no idea through some guys i was only one i was twenty five it was twenty five testosterone use exemption
what the fuck is going on i would you need that while i have to do is get a doctor the tells the commission hey this young man as a medical condition ray and all you'd have to do to get that medical condition is take steroids you take stairway and then you get offer them rapidly consistent rashes you're testosterone slow they get tested you have physical prove you testosterone is low the doktor who is probably unscrupulous per se as this young man he's testosterone unfortunate because you know martial arts shouldn't be you know how physically strong your superior someone i think it should be about the technique and skill work right that's why started anyway right i mean do you like a special satisfaction of beaten guys physically experience you look like tyrant woodley take time but this is on it now i'm not supposed to be better i shouldn't be able to kick his ass
of juvenile with training and the marshal our set of learning skills i spent my whole life working towards i'm able to do the meal to conquer the soda special piece of satisfaction for sure so like if you took the average person does know anything about mars art and they looked at woodland they looked at you and they say our who you bet not everyone tells me every everyone does his eye i thought you fuckin steamroller everywhere why wouldn't you unlike like dislike family members that would like watch the highlight video they see my highlight unlike jabbing people may be big enough slamming them or something is impressive highly but you look it torone is just like one shot cayos everyone like everyone's sleeping knocked out he's an timid figuring yeas a powerful do now
her certain styles and approaches when it comes to striking in attacking and you are very technical in europe ouch didn't have had to be near you ever you have knock out power that armenia in you not sassy ain t mean seven is a tough mother fucker you i believe you're the first get ever stop him ninety pretty sure you know so you are capable of doing definitely but like when you hear guys like there is there is a do that i know that i read is twitter wants a nice guy but he is like honest twitter he wrote some like fuck technical striking you now just stand in the middle of gone and let it rather worse what are you saying hockey fake guess i mean amused idea was dislike test your colonise gum
on our i'm a big fan of strategy and technique and technical fighting and that's what it is rather a big fan of use you thanks you have a very intelligent roach too to fight now when you when you fight a guy that is you saw pull russia like a route not send a woodley doesn't have technique but he will explode on you and it tries to finish it with one shot years to spread things like you do you have a specific strategy that you use for a guy like that or do now go with the flow i go flow and i think that mastering techniques the you need to use against a fighter like those important not lay thinking i have to do this doesn't this against him i think just working techniques
every situation possible for a long of time you'll be able to be able to apply it and in the situation so i like to react like i try not to think about too much about my points good at or what he's going to do i just like to work on all different kinds of technique master them react towards in front of me at that particular time so when you're training for garlic softening do watch tape on him now now i never watch anything i didn't watch j t such tyrol and watch anyone la that's interesting why though i don't find a beneficial to me at all that's fastened it but would have j t had some really bizarre attack you do like you know cyborgs tornado guard or some shit like that you don't want to be aware that at all well i think if i'm training where i am all the techniques and training it all the time i think if i may
to those i'll be able to overcome that you know i don't know how to explain exactly as i don't you guys nations study tendencies and it's a very big part of their game is studying tendencies and and finally opened so far ass do that does donna her do that for you now i just gotta am i learn what technical time and ip piece together over the years and when you master you able to just apply in the situation you know you learned defences certain moves but right if that is really good at whatever you know you maybe were that defence a little more well that's why i'm surprised that you wouldn't like another study i'm not a believer in footage because now maybe
opponents will change i don't know i'm just not into it now i could fight a guy that six hundred pounds one day in a hundred pounds the next day i should be able to overcome any any style fighter best fascinating when you compete you're essentially just put in all your skill and martial arts knowledge on the lawn and that's what you like yeah yeah exactly that's a better description of it did you always knew that you wanted to be in a very fine one no training marshall idea first day out of town area who i am i serve you yeah pretty much my first day immortalizing these new you can reaffirm here is there anything else is ever attracted you like that before yeah hockey i was really into hockey as a young kid and i want i found martial arts a discharge that's interesting thing about some fighters who says amounting to sports at all costs fighter so compelling yeah it's takes it
where everything was so it's all so so much on the line it's so much crazier when you watch a live ufc fight and you watched some chaotic wild fucking fight it's just the amount of investment that you have in it doesn't it the nerves in the excitement and then i just watching it just watching it it's so much more intense than it is sporting event everyone can understand to no one needs to know the rules or anything of one knows what's going on right away the only issues when it goes the ground with some of the ground and more technical situations yeah that's why yes you find a lot of berlin and you have the technical striking coming in people are enjoying yes you're seeing its like waves and really interesting how you see like there was the mark common wave where the big powerful wrestlers were taken doubt round the pounding and then there was the kick box or wave there's a jujitsu wave and now it seems like it so
carried through some there so made different approaches and strategies goin are now you know years you're seeing wrestler style and then you sing like you know guys like j d russia and dominant crews that are accentuating the movement more so much more movement now if you watch dynamics fight with me to gawky there's so much more movement angles in just in that one round giant right movements giant i'm a big believers we see geyser flat footed and they have this very particular more tie style is that bomb you out it like doesn't balmy out but i used to fight like that to join this time when i fought carlos i was just like i am one directions straightforward i'm not gonna go i'm not gonna back up to now and then i can i open my mind new things and it should be open minded and cause every opponents gonna give you oh differ reaction you know skinny required
cancellation yeah i also it's like there's something poetic about the ability to think and you you add in all these very labels when you add in movement that aren't there when a guys like this flat footed approach like conner gregor endow one of his interviews this last post fight interview i asked him and i salute talking about point and i said you said he was base what what did you mean by that that's right size like this this plotting more ty style that everybody does here and then connery opens up like a front leg foot kick he does on wild yeah yeah i like your super cool his style and then his personality is combination in august i
i think is very cause well but like what do you think about a guy like that talk so much shit and gets this attention what would you think about that i you do you pretty much the opposite yeah but for some reason i can i get you like it do they ask yourself emulating now never now is it not me i think he's been here and i think that so awesome you know he is able to go out there and is able to express her self on the mike and in his fighting and i think that's that's that's amazing i'm happy for you but i saw like i saw the influence of that in the dennis bermuda ricardo lamas fight they're in the same division right for the fighting talk at all is mad shit like these guys because they wanted that aid or where they were the title the attention and they also see what it also people can real people can recognize from people have china is the worst rare its way better to do what you're doing do deep view i think people recognize
you're good i'm recognises the special things about yourself disputing beauty the forest i think corners great at that he's not shy easiest he's here he's got scared about pissing people off or stepping over people in eyes he's doing yeah know he's is deftly doing this thing he's up he's afraid cat in a lot of ways a guys have for fight in the usa and canada the fuckin soccer said that those guys you can man if you fight in ireland is he its dennis either in his next fighters in ireland against a big fight will it with its although for the title in i when toby would play might write that whole country on fire they might literally bridge smash every building and lady tighter country and it only very little bit crazy for fight for fighting you say that's bizarre study it no wrestlers though has a fine any restless yeah
he moves really well those that's that sir there'll be something wrestlers will have to overcome i want to see him versus gallagher that's when i was a kid that's what i want for christmas frankie here is your cranky moves so good to end his his is the penetration shouted so good he is ro atlas too i was so blown away by his fight with cubs wants and i thought that can it be a very difficult fight for both air and he just overwhelmed them i think i love that fuckin pace he puts on and you see that pays from the moment he comes in runs to the fuckin octagon and its decision that mindset like she's gonna start run in one of the energy your buddy beaks and he's in i was notorious for training like a fuckin while notorious like what
to impress obligations all that shit sneaking in work out and wild energetic work out also coach marked henry like fairy fuckin diligent about notes and brennan job train with them for a while they got fuckin notes on everything page after page after page notes you know and you see he's constantly work on things and constantly getting better mom really impressed by frankie i mean to the beach a pen fight really impressive but i was i was sceptical about be j going down to one forty five first of all languages as the figure for they thought me right seventy what's this crazy you nuts that witnesses what was it like fighting that guy like that weird things because you know he's in iraq was weird because watch busier since i was a kid always be just like my guys so good and i so cool sidra
you know he's so raw racist hard nosed once given their fight anyone former chief what the fuck a heavyweight he's a b it was over to a five technically at the same time he was talking so much shit about many piss me off and i just want to eat him alive shows like a mixture of emotions were you hurt him standing probably more than anybody ever did you had a little trouble it in where's that he is tough you wouldn't oda genuine job to any nice officer is deathly tougher ship with its hard watch him take those kind of beatings now and then the frank you had your beating after that it it's hard because we all know who to believe you hear my doll chase take on his cap and then here be j taken his cap it's like i'm in here i don't know but i know that be
j when it was with the marina vetches and is doing a bunch shit that he didn't want to do away with super uncomfortable unlike conflict or but then you look at what the fuck he did diego sanchez look at that dj the sean shirk be j right he was a mother fucker over the tank at one fifty five a m this desire to go down the featherweight i just didn't understand it two bit weird now yeah i don't know what it is you noticed reinventing himself or try to figure out one new thing yeah it's ecstasy again and last bit of his careers as well how to deal with what you think about anderson silver like he's very skilled obviously movement we see him to losses in a row of car freaky yeah there are widely noise the real deal i knew i was hardly of train i travelled whiteman here in their yeah he's attack this guy
east boys of women earn any just took a cheat and i thought mosquito would be his heart is fight it that way harder than than any overcame it it was a difficult fight the meteor put global europe trouble big time how much he does a dangerous guy and which is another guy who utilizes that strange stance in homage sheeta hill incorporate more forward stance but he'll occasionally go completely sideways on you too yet that karate style early to incorporate artists if he does to the area of always benefit in his excellent that need check the need check to the body catches gambling that near the body does we do not know its common as around eight down defence to his yes sir his his backwards movement circle i like the way he did some sumo training to tell ya interesting series really good at like popping his hips ford alright circling away from things we now and he d credit sat a lot with his take down defence
which you never think of sumo as i got on applicable muttered marshall i owe you getting down in your squatted stance rain or is it you're able to rotate faster i do that to jerry you sumo yard fuck around it now but like i've never the train summa but i understand the concepts what you're talking about i do use them a wrestling i would like to train it just to wear one of divers bigfoot have some to try to work the shit out of me drag me under the ground i was still while sumo match other daggers i you know i watch everything i watch amateur wrestling a watch i watch karate point tournaments because i think that suddenly be learned in point five any there's something about the approach the initial blitz approach of point fighting that an armed i forget it
name but there's a guy and english guy who's fighting and belcour whose a really good point fighter who is now starting to fight nemo may and this the if you think about like the initial approach of the first strikes that are landed in point five it's all about that initial approach or its unrealistic in terms of like a continuous match or five minute round or something like that but that skill of being here bullets in a charging is very different very unique bullets into the huge a huge factor november yeah i'm a lotta guys are really good at it hendricks as a great bullets stephen thomson yet one of the best now yeah i think that that is an area where we're gonna see some guys make their make the transition over to work to emma may that have that and they learn all those other aspects of em but it's hard for them the day probably have
hardest road in because at least my tie guys they used to continuously fighting they used to taken shots and encountering these to overcoming obstacles whereas the karate guys it's also the stamina is not nearly as much of a requirement in such a much more difficult thing to do at aggrandize harder for them to grappling sought leg kicks her hard there's a lot but that blitz is undeniable fact the duchess i think that you guys ever incorporate that and trees do you do do drills for that or do they ever like deal one point fighting yo and stephen used to come up with a tab george they they showed a lot of his blood style and and and how to do that so yet we ve taken some of their jobs for the future when you train for a fight like say if you have a neat weak training camp and it starts out do you have like it set up warlike this type ennoble blake
will break things down during this period this period to be like me a build up period and then like wendy taper f everyone's kind of different acre you always excited when you first start camp right so it always starts explosive than your body starts to break down so you need to be able to do a little bit shorter set sessions and like short but explosive so yeah there is the times were like farther away from the fight there longer sessions but less explosive an intensive no more technical approach and drilling and stuff and then the closer it gets bit more time cut down the more just like the hard sparring and work and then right before the fight it's really sure you know it's just it's just the shorts barnes the rolling sessions things like that maybe some truly and some pads for
in between a not law do you ever fuck around cry of therapy i ve done i was crowd there began i know i might i write it down i gotta get you in there you go into this body's tuner fifty degrees below zero we put up a philosopher and ask your mouse did you hear what i did this for the mass fight real year day at this and my asked your past clinic they got one and i started using is it neck down or full bodied down gag on for full a year i've done both but the problem knock down one as they don't really get your upper shoulders and you now have the squat down hold my breath yes sack let's annoy it's annoying this one they have an ally there's a couple of them across the country but the one they have an ally is insane ok it's full body and i go there all time i'll take it it's amazing guy swear eddie bravo turn me onto an he fucking whereas by he goes several times a week
and when he was training for the hautala gracie matthews go and every day he said i couldn't do without it is like i need it to recover the air really speed things up my muscular soreness went way down it's amazing here you could have like incredibly sore muscles from weightlifting or you know he'll sprints shit like that and you go in there it is it out somewhere they expire it's me i'm not i can't scientifically explain what the details details as but somebody was tell me those who doesn't work and so am i an idiot and my fuckin fall assessment but then i receive or science at the sight of a hundred percent legit because your body thinks fuckin dying gone two hundred fifty degrees below zero for three minutes you're bodies oh we're fucked this is any body tries to preserve itself by pulling all the blood into your internal organs and then what you get out into room temperature floods it back up and apparently there's like some intense and
i inflammatory response that comes out of that amazing for healing that it is a pair leave the number one issue when it comes to injury and even disease is inflammation yeah and they're saying that in time i'm too responses in anti inflammatory like die it's that don't promote information like low sugar diet apparently sugar is terrible for information this is all discover are all a part of what that whole rejected keen thing is all about i'm sure you ve heard of that that's like would widen had done on his knee he's dana white talked about is a blood spinning priscilla gower know about it's kind of like that pierre people lake derive more intense re ass yet data told me about that exactly i did peertopeer my ankles did younger than bad ankles less fucked up from
grappling or one was wrestling i tore i am my tendons before the robber qualify and then after that fight i smashed up this one in five day my hair headed pure he loved it though now legacy torrent detour it all the way through or partial to thank you is a partial but it was i i couldn't like walk on it for how long pretty much the whole can holy shit here how'd you get through camp sucked it up here to do this shit the brazen i taped over the brace why did you consider pornography i should of probably real yeah but at that point in time like i'd been like point out of every second fight it seem like right of injury and i was like the carlos fight the bijou pen fine and before that i had some other small before i was late less well known i had some other fights as like i can support
this fight you know it's too big is not just a part of the game now i mean it's suicide is used to push to be out in a lot of friends don't recognize that because not a lot of people speak about their excuses for lose and study days it's gonna take it you know you never going to be a hundred percent as a fighter and you just have to deal with that to know what is ok to push through if you need to satellite torn asia things on those lines we renewed gives out has losses stability i mean i could still stand up and throw punches in do take down so i'm still able to fight who's this painful soda was yeah restricted certain things vows stable fight when you have like an injury like that you just figure out a way to train around into yeah obviously a train zacarias gateway right so how do you compensate as forest like your conditioning
three major road bike for the whole time really a biker airtime like yesterday in the ep regular stationary by just dunes france yeah two bottles and couldn't swam can do a lot of stuff i do to do a lot of agility work athletic agility and stuff and for work and stuff and i was never do any of that george got big into gymnastics did you learn to do and i did it i did with them in four hours for a while and i never got i never stayed with it i might start more later later on but i felt it was more beneficial for me at that point in time to talk to work well with the john chamber rather than more the dynamic
instead my my base wasn't there you know ethically right in chambers been your strength in addition coach for while he does george as well not anymore it doesn't i think george california he george deserve takes a similar approaches me as like if you're efficient in your movements in years still work in your technically don't really have to be the most conditioned athlete right so that's more important than this just cardio in my heart rate yeah i mean because efficiency is huge right and when your efficient you you put out less energy and its easier like we seen a guy has a really good boxer boxing guidance note is doing very even breaks sweat because it can just keep moving loose in your bodies normal it's the about is used to doing it yeah that's that's my belief but there is there is a factor of being law condition also
sure that highly high level when you have to efficient fighters you know at the high so we need to be in good mission have you ever had a fight altitude yeah gallagher calgary telegram altitude may my shirt calgary is now thought there i'm not sure that i don't think anything like denver mexico city was welcome bananas ire seventy three hundred feet above sea level has held out on feed about both where people showing any area hunted but hunt took to fight on three weeks notice ok redeem had lived up therefore couple months trained up there but it makes them in hot struggled against ben roswell in denver which is two thousand feet lower so warm tough fight for him
do not take on three weeks now and again it is a tough i define sustain at one seventeen or do you think your arm over yonder move out twenty five now because it after you i've i've talked about before its have because a half do is just out of curiosity and the experience to fight bigger guys but i want to do what i have to do it this division for so if you win the title at one seventy year then you move up yeah up always terrified at well to wait here really it back and forth here because i mean it's easy for me make waterway polly if i can if i could find enough in the year and you have seen school so essentially for you your motivation is challenges you wanna keep things interesting and charge herself yeah africa overcome obstacles and test myself and find out who i really
do you ever see yourself competing in straight kickboxing or more tie yeah i've thought about it maybe you know branching often doing stuff like that maybe a boxing fire eventually and stuff like that i'd be probably pretty hard for the of sea degree yeah but who knows that while ballpoint i'll do that it won't be any time soon because rampages talked about doing that recently is talked about just leaving him remain yeah i would never do that it would be like how i'm companion metamorphosed i just don't see like two years he ever let knew but maybe i won't be for fighting ever name at that point maybe i'll be forty and so before me and take on someone i find us so you just a free spirit like going with the flow in the eu join this life while fuckin life man yet for some days boys hell what's
these are the monotony of training sector i liked it is always be doing something ass her mother they might often has a hard time dealing with sake i can't just sit here i have to be doing something that's gonna be what part of what makes a successful the above the fact is this constant dry i've near a lot of how drive for sure do you read any motivational shattered you get motivated by known i watch a lot of what will watch stuff for asian much light stuff i'm out of its mere yes but nothing like you now art of war and i have already a book son do here do less do is under way to training really is gonna randomly ok what about massaging ever fuck around the book a five rings now heard of it found to be more applicable ok i've war
out of war on the strategy stuff i thought was really interesting but it really is a lot of is about actual wharf yeah it's had come right where is minimal so she was a samurai and so a lot of his stuff was about one on one count i was here our centre and it was also where she recognized raising his this is where my arm i am there ok i've seen this go before he while he was a great samurai fought sixty two men one on one combat killed them all just for sword swords and kill you if you get bored so you would take on people wouldn't swords they would ever metal sword who use of wooden one he killed a guy with an or show this is as bad as ears on what would arrow is if you use a fourteen hundreds he this any would kill them yet
oh yeah i killed everybody go no show you sure were authority peter the hair with a fucking or he would he would widow the oars down somewhat ear was that i must say it was the fourteen hundreds see me automotive so she it was fifteen eighty four he died in sixteen forty five how he was sixty one years old natural causes probably stomach cancer say when one says that but his book is fascinating because he was really into a big part of his philosophy was about staying balanced and that our keeping the mind bounds cassio sword fighting such a
fucking unbelievably intense and stressful scenario that he was all about balancing out your life with art and philosophy and poetry and i even calligraphy mean it wasn't about just being his brute it was all about balancing the mind there was no extraneous stress that all everything was about the technique being clean the mind being sharp and makes us and everything was completely he's a fascinating guy but i believe in balancing like two i'd like to read the do you have hobbes murmur like hunting just got did i come hunting license this year just this year year where were you hunter i just went up nbc were order prince yeah princeton area of anything yet a rabbit
that said it is the first time you ve hunted as an area as a kid my dad and my grasp always took me my brother out but there is an adult as this was the first time i had opting but i'm gonna go next year i got a letter friends ago like l contain and stuff and that's all i've got a few different offers from some friends that warning take me out some trips can be amazing but that's a cool thing about being a famous soon we will find out the year into hunting my grandmother who hunt would roy medea s sake you yeah that'll deftly he i get somebody said a really big into it so long you have see fighters yeah chad men those killed his first elf this year with a bow he killed dear to t j t j killed a huge fuckin bear last year and put it on social media nobody
angry adam did eat is a barrier matters people crazier they think you're killing bubu and these in the middle taken picnic baskets and speak in english fuckin murder it honours and balancing ecosystem that stuff you gotta educate themselves before yeah what is allowed convenient in their thinking two of its is so easy to just look at someone you mean i had a guy i gotta get upset with me cause i shot a bare and he was wearing leather shoes anyone with a crazy this car station so ignorant there and a lot of them think its crude sake but the meat you're eating at the supermarket dino crew their treating those animals gets insane what's hustle the getting upset at someone for hunting when you're driving by restaurants left and right see now fast food joints supermarkets and pretty much every crowded street the you drive down everywhere you look there's animals have been killed
it's ridiculous thing to concentrate on a hunter who takes it in the most natural of assocation maybe well insulation so out of it you know i mean is ignorance i'm sure you deal with a parallel or similar kind of an ignorance when it comes to fighting because when you tell people to your fight they probably assume you're some thuggish or like we do in the skies like so like even he'll do get that sometimes your people like they don't stand why you are so calm and normal be at your yeah elite world class fighter yeah i guess i ever some situations they don't like it's kind of counter to the idea exactly how do you do about people like judge you because the fact your finer tomasz most people out super popular i really like it's cool seven years ago pry wasn't so much all our eyes like fourteen for it was like they're like why
you do not go to school get a real job you know you never going to make any my im like i bet i probably will more money doing this than in all working construction or something would now people realise that the five back then it wasn't there was i by either it is kind of crazy thing if you think about people that entered into it when it wasn't very profitable boy you have to really love it and those guys i've so and so like thankful for like the gray season first you have season randy tito jan andersson still these are still at a guys find moves us he doesn't get enough credit this guy off so fucking most suffers gases ever walked the face of the planet last night with calm here you know but like basically to three way classes and vigour their general adult yeah yeah it's some crazy it was so important for those guys to have their passion tube
to this end those guys really should be heralded as the true pioneers they were even though horace gracie's has a bunch of crazy shit today like you said a bunch of crazy shit about eddie bravo's my best friend i still have nothing but love and respect for that guy was voice gracie out and never done jujitsu you never know when it was if that i didn't have the balls to step in there and fight guys like dance ever museum catch a guy triangle and you like what i've fucked has happened that open my eyes so much too martial arts you know the real potential for martial arts could be and we ve seen our slots evolves so much just enough a couple of decades twenty years more than over the last thousand experts crazy the amount is changed i mean i was competing in the eighties man and nobody knew anything everybody thought
that if somebody try to wrestle you just fucking catch him with a punch and not about a hermit out there with his head kick people there are on the way that you didn't realize how easy it would be futile get smart yet nobody had an idea i love talking like back in a daily mail kickboxing coach instead newman ed yeah i heard a box and go that would say man and mergers take me down a size step of a cut there was this all third step uppercut jack what if they're shooting at your legs doesn't it is a bad idea but making practical is it all day yeah i there's one dude was explained to me you mean learn martial arts good man you know what i'd do arctic somebody's falconry my i'm sure you some phase one you ouster ovaries ben roswell deadly kick thing doesn't really work that while all the time the amazed how durable your knee is how many sheep
leg unique and kick do you fucker our terribly kicked you do that thing though the like the asylum yeah into that's a kicked it and i made a comeback over the last few years a great acting as the because used to see that those old like wing chung books you now it would do throw a lot that weird kick and outside who that's a goofy kick things differently you see like carlos com likes to do it alone john jones i stood a lot it's a good care of you if you learnt correctly jones is effectively with his other strikes here where i sat down and then papa he so fuckin tall to yeah that such a huge advantage he i haven't played with it but i dont rule it out yeah no i think it's really excellent is a kick i like that comes from the same kind angle but its head kick the crescent recrossing can now it's like it goes up to that
colleagues i do like this front kick you know you at the he'll know it does come up on that side with i suicides what we get so it's like a mr action sort of a thing like think it's coming in use yeah echoes lake it's your back leg comes out this wavered it ends up like a weird angle like a sea ere i saw the opposite maybe of the question market is the exact opposite i love that question mark against such a good beyond brazilian kick for some people i was a global fight also mia family also is a peace god damn he and used to bring it down yeah he was self louse away out why oh my god amazing photos of him doing that on my desa classic kilkishen technique and taekwondo as well that's where i learned it at taekwondo guys used to do it but before they to call the brazilian kick it was always known as a
denmark has such value keck here what we used to call fake front kick round kick that's what we call in type window but you know but that this this idea this direction are you see it saw often too with wrestling we're guys you're figures and then land a punch instead in others much misdirection and five eight trot yeah faints fainter giant when you see guys that don't faint dosages plough forward with no no misdirection of fainting whatsoever here one of the most successful as george yes it very much george was great and is still as at you never knew what the fuck is going on here busy people just like locked up gonna shoot is get a job me i'm gonna kick me like yeah georgia is also great at utilizing the momentum that he got up to being a champ and just carrying that for he was so comfortable with the experience of fighting and a high price
while bout that you would see guys they were fighting and they were just so caught up in the bright lights and the moment in the womb he's taken him down almost up and elbows on both a notice he was relentlessness one of the greatest martial arts marshall or is that a villa ever my ever and of great representative the of martial arts to use such a good guy and is such a good guy spoke really well yeah yeah i am happy that he got out when he did and you know selfish de in some ways i hope he stays out because i think it i think he started and i think it does to us where we are but i hate seeing a guy stay too long like the thing that bugs me more than anything is talking to guys that have been in fights for you now are in emma may for a long time and i see the deterioration that that's hard to watch i think if he's patient with it
so you know what this this need surgery coming back slowly enjoying the training and then maybe here two years down the road and he has that he's back to worry was you know where know needs to be could be interesting what certain could be interesting because you'll be having fun with it again for this time i know george was in having fun fighting right is doing it because it was pressure in this and i will use up to that incredibly high level to we'll make it so much fuckin money making more money than anybody his paper view you're so i used in any endorsements and again such a great representative that people would like scramble to to have him sponsored a product or to sponsor him rather but i i guess think that there is a certain amount of punishment you can take it and then passed that you know there's disappoint of no return her you know and i boring
about that causes so well spoke in such a good guy i worry about guys getting to that point of no return is there something that ever comes into your mind no doesn't bother me but we see like these studies and traumatic brain injuries in and fell players and yeah if i were even a fighters me i hereby fighters well yeah i think it also has to do with some certain styles fighters though i think guys let me take a lot less damage right with if i follow i did against carlos in all my fights ashore here and then i'd probably have to be concerned with some facts down the road ran like forest groove style forest griffin versus nathan bonner if you little my fights are the statistics on my phone can hit much right sets a huge
issue for me will you good defensively when you do get hit two if you want a few guys like robbie tagged you you figured out a way to maintain your call you stay calm that the most you were heard in a modern fight yeah yeah i was ok though i wasn't i i was definitely hurt like the shot bang gave me like my eyes went back or whatever and i fell on but i remember i was thinking clue clearly through the whole thing my legs means so tired at that point of the fight and i just needed no sir i think i think actually the more scrap the a bigger hit for me was the carlos codified hit me that but the top of the head and i was just like so scrambled man
it's weird how different spots in your head will deal is not here yet its side of the head too is really the temple target that it does something where do equal every year if you if you look at monocular again step ion sat savareen is pretty much similar i finish them i got the men four points and i would give them shots to the temple sitting overtopping them and when they both got up they did the same thing they would get up and they would think they would find their legs would give out run they keep going back and foresight assign have to have a guy hold them up think there's something to say about that that that shot the impact their yeah we're just talking on some was target online we're talking about like what shots hurt guys what shuts down her cause there's no right a reason to it i sometimes you'll see a guy get caught without good grazing shot to the forehead and his legs are just give out right conor macgregor was kind
that will carry orient appropriate foot yeah can legislate on their interesting yeah hi it's fuckin are awake he has very hard for that weight class i always wonder if he's going to stay at one hundred and forty five or if it becomes too much of a he says it's hard for emma to get there who impresses you these days like the letter fighters like wooing who do you like watching i've been watching all around arousing judy wanna go get it that connor's movement punching star interesting how he keeps his chin up in the air but his apricots and is movement after that cool jon jones how he mixes things up with the you know his elbows and his distances stuff like that ground and pound johnsbury creative to like i love that move that he did with glue over where
ranch to shoulder and ever done that before it is like nope just gonna made it up on this a new that is vulnerable and knew the summit its most doing wrestling here and so just realise a glow had a light under her could just got his four behind the elbow just yank the shit out of here org lovers shoulder up crazier sifted go with the flow yes you like water like bruce yes exactly i find a fascinating when you see a guy like one things i'm really fascinated by is gustafson and rumble johnson ok rumble johnson who was a stand out at welter way they are fighting thirty five pounds heavier how can these he just did died at the shit out of himself he's a perfect example of you can cut too much weight and it actually fuck you up
the point of diminishing returns he had passed that clearly yeah hi gruesome i say with overrun like this could well i know however i don't know i mean rumble was always big well with our car i saw rumble tween fights once news tuna thirty per year re added soon between places massive i think you just incredibly disciplined in dieting and starving himself down to a hundred not interested at that point no bigger guys get fucked him up i mean when he lost across jack he's had nothing in the tank you got to a certain point where his body he was good for a certain amount of of effort but his body was so depleted not saying taking anything away from koscheck is has caustic legitimately beat him but your body when you you have so much depletion there's a certain point in time where your body's like you know what is stops is nothing left is nothing left just not functioning right right right light heavyweight he's
mother fucker man going to fight finally i have no interested fight one fifty five zero interest zero guys do man glide way rather fight bigger guys near i dont have any interest is to look at frankie you mean free key for the longest time when it was highway champion he was wearing one fifty five fighting yet if as funnier barely cuts to make one forty five he can make one five really hundred percent are guaranteed to make one thirty five year we wouldn't be fun but he could do it right it is a good decision a mode of forty five yeah anybody else that is exciting to you they're always is you i watch a lot of bruce lee do you really are every fighter does yeah yeah i don't know
older guys to i'm very random the newer as i have been watching conor iranian a lot lately i like round his armor technique yank her arctic these might be the best of everything yes a great arm her set ups and the way she is able to adjust when opponents try to roll out of her hair moves as they try to get out of it she just thinks it in tighter and tighter and tighter and she follows them she's so used to attacking with arm bars that like she kind of knows what they're going to do or they know what we're gonna do so as they try to defend she's like one step ahead of tightening up even further joint boroughs awash lot in her wrestling areas no jordan boroughs great american wrestler tijuana olympics and world championships great explosive double probably one of the best double eggs around interesting
interest interesting it watching him and curing a bowl out of his techniques help me off my wrestling what george was really interesting in his wrestling approach because he didn't wrestle in high school did wrestling college and trade end a russian nationals up there in montreal right yet he train with the majority is there a lot of high high level wrestling up there yeah i'd i'd say i like you know gear ass i can and i never it says that aims sorry i saw him he said world champion i think olympic silver medalist he's super technical he's help me a lot with the rest i think he's help georgia like the others
let's get restless and is for us bring guys like that and as you have like rests in class yeah yeah gear comes in and there is also some other wrestlers that come in some greco guys that come in now let's just such an amazing sport i love emma may i just love that there's so much variation somebody the variables to consider that so many different options and different approaches is this council exciting and interesting to me you know and summer cylinder there is and i love this guy's like man that are out there you're on the edge you know you're you're costly pushing it and just really fun to watch a thanks appreciate i really appreciate come on her to anna von conversation ranks further the plug at the beginning that it sets out its roy mcdonald and people value on twitter what is your toward its wits rory
under underwear mcdonald mcdonald not m c m s ear you don't want some do not their vacant system do not their pretending to be anybody oh yeah i'm all that's what i've got to talk to you about before we leave the music fuckin mute walking music we ve talked about this on the part which is a great story you changed your phone number and the u s he did know that you had a new phone number so they were texting you're all phone number then some other dude who got your number who was a fan was he was picking your walk music so when i moved from colonna b c the small town as doing more so when i finally made a move to monterrey eye to switch to that the area around the phone number so my old phone number went to this random guy and calonna and apparently he was a phantom me and there
jason the guy you see who is asking for my entrance music just had number in there and so i was he was a heroic would sir what interests me is if you want the next fight in this guy was like picked up i was i pretend to be mean surrogate kept divinum my energy except for the longest time i kept walking out to them was ran of shit the best one was the empty have had an unlimited like this said well it was air was out you yeah you wait for me for that who'd you fight who is it that you are my pile and mike pile now some classic songs a rocky is because it was an philly we fought unfairly oh that's right so i said his classic and then my goal burgos like listen classic to go down a song saw here which has come about because i saw empty hammer after
that i saw him like a couple fights later and came out means that i might feel bad now said your song sucks words on back in the day but here i mean it's my kind of music but some people like it and in this certain fan enjoyed the song thought i wouldn't enjoy it is which song did you choose here's some songs yet met erica seeking destroying adriana owes me see pick those all the way up to empty our empty hammer did you pick up to now to pay can biggie was that you that was me here i was you that's must that was the one probably were i've i caught on so i see however was the catalyst yeah i was the last one last year that guy picked and the one i i the two parties big you saw that one so when i thought she males jason came up to me and his leg in it would it
can you down if this he's comes out to me and persons like our sorrow we can't get the rights to that song ever it was it was like a nickel backs on how do you figure out in their go back there so what are you talkin about they gave you ask me i tax lee told me this arm i did i never texture anything and we start arguing like is a year you did and like knowing and might my poor before but see it we take this foreign our knees i like you said a right here unlike what numbers this go into the contacts you never is it was my own number do this is not my number did you call your old number and talk to the now i should have their fakir com right now we does he still have it what is my own
used to say out loud do the abandon wish after the show we don't fuck with me i gotta figure out number bold just text to ease and ask him to these two minded deleted it we are now i remember the number began it will call it afterwards rory underscore em a sea mcdonald's followers on twitter when's annex vi scheduled waiting while you're waiting for the title vi yet intensified over you given john i johnny hendricks voting regular december six two weeks from now yet the winner of that fight me beautiful on a date to be decent hopefully encounter ain't they dana said it's for sure and canada while there is will there be in toronto montreal we calgary montreal vancouver right law spots value while listen man
a lot of fun and i really appreciate doing and i appreciate your style love wash you fight on the big fans asia school for me roy magda ladies and gentlemen i will be back to morrow with louis from unbox therapy until then take care but my biggest you everybody thanks tunisia podcast thanks to vimium thanks hi maintenance on video gotta vimium dot com forts lash on demand ford slash high maintenance entered the code word rogan at check out in the first five hundred j r e fans to redeem we'll get ten percent off thanks also to me andy's where non bitches there the most comfortable underwear you will ever get and if you're not happened with em you fuck if ve got not happy with them your first paris free go to me undies dot com for rogan and get twenty percent off your first order and free shipping that's me andy's
dot com forest slash again and last but not least we are brought to buy on dot com that is oh and an eye use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements thank you once again for tunisian shit fuck out of here before you taught in your ear
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