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#584 - Zoltan Istvan

2014-12-08 | 🔗
Zoltan Istvan is a futurist, philosopher, journalist, author of #1 best-selling novel" The Transhumanist Wager" & 2016 US Presidential candidate for the Transhumanist Party.
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today is a fascinating one that is about the subject of trans humanism with guy who is a real expert his name is zoltan is divine and he's a fascinating character who is on the cutting edge of and humanism and trans humanism research which would trans humanism means as the idea of while it's really a technology and the integration of technology in in the human body and the future of the human body which is probably connected inexorably tutor knowledge is also the author of the trans humanist wager which is a sigh fi fiction book which is about trans humanism and he's even running for president two thousand sixteen although he admits he's gonna lose his fast guy in interesting guy a very intelligent man i really enjoyed target term so please without me further ado well
zol tan is fun logan bearing in the black ass everybody so tat is the correct way to say perfect is divine do right perfect now now when you're a guy's a trans humanism expert you sound like a robot your names a mean zoltan you ve sound like a like an evil robot from another planet mean the name sounds like no no insult meant no of course of course you know it's a pretty bizarre name the american america strangely it's the most common gary name is a really yes like me saint movie they earn a hungry you get five people to turn around so but you known america sound a bit spends a bit spacey so zoltan is like the equipped of joe exists
like when someone says joe you like if you're among the crowd i assume that someone else always so many damp chose so zoltan is the hungarian joe yet in sight its yet it's amazing you save on the street and get people turning around for sure now that's it's it's very funny now that your name is zoltan and you are a trans humanism expert i mean it's the irony cannot be lost on you in that in and allow the median points that are too because it is you know i'm pushing ideas that are pretty bizarre there are certainly far out there and and the name sort of just emphasizes that aspect of it what do you see when it comes to this is a very controversial subject because i think there's a lot of people that are resisting the inevitability of this this relationship that we have to technology they need the can continuation of this inevitable relationship
there's a lot of people that for whatever reason don't like it they want things do what they want to go back to chop in word and now its it seems like there's some people that are digging in their heels when it comes to technological progress what do you think is like one of the big reasons for that well i think anything that's foreign too people sort of scares them and dumb as beings it we have biological propensity to just take our time in adapting and it's like a snake in the grass people dont react really quickly people tend to like warner take it away and discuss it with their family their friends government what not and so we have huge almost a paradigm shift about occur were you know we're doing things like already starting to put microchips and people's heads we're you know we can take rose from the atmosphere and look at ourselves and it's like surveillance issues i mean this is all drone you
i mean there's a million different things going on with technology and science and it's coming so far so quickly it scaring alot of people people that not normally be so frightened if it was like individually had come at some supper time but it just come at all at once and yonder just looking at the two women in this you know even ten years ago a lot of this wasn't like it was so you know if you're not accustomed to but our fear low but afraid of some of that change you might back from unstable what is this this is too weird but term in office those of us who love it and who see it as very useful and functional and improving wellbeing and health this type of technology this type of change is is really great do you have any apprehensions at all about the sort of exponential growth of technology but i certainly have lots of apprehension
i think the biggest thing i'm worried about and you ve been hearing about this in the news recently as his artificial intelligence this idea that there will be another entity on the planet that is smarter or you know smarter than us equal to us this kind of thing potentially become so much smarter than us in such a short time that it could little literally change the way you know our earth actually is and dumb the false and rules are the machines in this room and all the airplanes and stuff like that for whatever reason it could certainly stop the earth i'd say or at least pro dress and as we know it is that a good thing is that a bad thing these are these are very touchy and difficult questions but the thing about it is certainly scary and that's the one thing and i kind of agreed with allowed the experts lately saying that yeah we probably need to have some type of oversight recently at eight can an artificial intelligence and singularity conference in that
on a panel there five experts talking today i and some one asked will what who's regulating official intelligence development and all the experts have no one said anything because no one said there really is anything regulating this idea that may be in potentially eight to twelve probably twenty years there will be this entity that smarter than us on earth that that seems a little bit of a disk and i don't really like regular in regulatory things but dumb maybe for this one is something we have to say i have a lot of apprehension when it comes to that single concept but mostly other technologies i think gum as long as that historically their increasing lifespans they're making people live better papa is going down across the world because of technology so from a statistical point of view technologies helped and i'm pretty sure it's going to continue to do that especially if it's made kind of freely available to everyone
seems like there's two schools of thought when it comes to artificial intelligence there's the elon musk where he's like you know hey we might be summoning the demon mean that was his exact quote which is tat fine then there's the other school of thought where people are saying like no need to worry about it because they will only react in the way that we programme them to react that when we create some sort of an artificial life form that will have very strict parameters of what it can can't do it would seem that science fiction movies before like they have a protocol that can harm human beings you know they have these these things that are programmed into their behaviour patterns that cannot be overridden but i think the real concern at least my real concern is that we are giving birth to this new superior form of life and then the way i've described it as it were essentially a caterpillar that doesn't recognize that it's going to become a boss
that we are worried toiling away creating this aunt hill or whatever the we're doing in a wood we were just involved in this constant growth constant technological innovation process and we want to realise that our whole purpose here was to create this new thing was to create this new life for now and i'm a big proponent of that entire idea because as i point out my my book the trench you miss wager a lot of what evolution is going towards is not what we think it's going to what we want it to go towards which as you know human beings family all the institutions of marriage stuff like that continuing i actually think what evolution is really leading to is the creation of a really incredible superpower and i want to say god but something that has in something that is a mission something that is perfect in its in its form the universe
is becoming alive through us and you know we're very early in the process of that i would say were you no i don't i'm five ten percent longed along the way we're just kind of kids in the universe but the idea is eventually artificial intelligence and you know the key it works to my apprehension of artificial intelligence is that i would like to merge with it i would like to have it so that we could connect and you know it through a neural implants or whatever it's going to be into the genes so it's not like the machines leave us it's like we leave with the machines and that's that actual state of evolution therefore we actually become that and it's like you said you know the caterpillar idea where the butterfly actually then becomes something else that's where i see none all human had he going but also the kind of evolutionary course of the universe which is sort of moving towards this
much more incredible of an intelligence incredible energy forms whatever it is that's going to end up i think we're going to end up being on the most important things that humans don't miss the train i wonder if one thinks of people concerned with is that we enjoy a lot of our flaws and if the if we keep improving if technology comes along and gets to the point where are you and being becomes free of any irrational thoughts free of irrational emotions or maybe even any emotions we were missing out on rock and roll or miss out on charles bukovsky or missing out on you know muscle cars are stupid shit that makes life fun it's be like completely irrelevant and we're not gonna no one's going to be getting drunk no one's going to be making dirty jokes it we're we're gonna miss out on like fast food like like ridiculous ice cream
on days unanimous it's like there's a lot that we enjoy about life that is ultimately ridiculous and as we continue to get smarter and as technology it takes us to this point where we can kind of eliminate a lot of the biological protocols that are in place that's that causes flaws but what will be left with will be these weird robot creatures now and this is one of the most i think important philosophical dilemmas of the kind of thing i just spoke about where we're evolving into some type of incredible intelligence is what if it's super boring you know and what if it's just not much fun you know so i think what's going to happen is along the way we're going to find out how we miss you know some of you said the ridiculous of life you know so dont know if life can actually evolve and progress just through pure logic or
who were rationality i think chance is very important in life and i also think being creative and creative must to some extent involved that ridiculous this at least must involve the question of asking why now it might get more gone rational as we go forward but i'm not sure were ever going to completely be the perfect mathematical model that we would want to be i'm not even sure that if we had perfect intelligence if let's say hypothetically we became that perfect intelligence we might purposely sabotage or so just so that we always have that element irrationality in our lives to keep us on the go to keep us moving forward to keep us evolving so i'm that's the first part that i think the second part of what you're speaking about did them the interesting thing that i always tell people cause i get asked this question a lot is that right now our current perception of the universe is pretty for example our eyesight can only see about one percent of the light spectrum our ears can hear far less than one percent of
at the sound of sound waves what's possible the universe so our actual ability to determine what is in the universe is is completely limited and incorrect so limited that where we were just basically getting tiny bits of it as we get as we progress forward i think we're gonna have more applications towards getting a better perception and our senses of what the universe really entails well i'll have night vision will have been able to see differently of gases in the air will will have different types of feelings basting with with this these kind of hyper senses and in itself will give us so many new experiences and i tried tell us to people like that actually gonna become much more complex we think this is our world around us but actually if you and i had bionic eyes we see that there are maybe a billion for an organisms in this room that are also interacting with us and that something that i'm not saying it's gonna maybe take us down either a small
or bad path but is something that could be different that could take us to other ideas other ways of experiencing the world that makes it so it's not either boring or makes it so it's not so you know so kind of crazy though you know i dont think that humans are ever gonna entranced humans at least to start with are going to up some of the ridiculous aspects of their life because the things that motivates us is fun and one of the things in an experiment experience that is fun is being ridiculous so i think you need that creativity you need a creative element in the speech she's yeah i agree i worry about the theirs the sheer amount of data you would have to process if we could see other gases in the air or the organisms that are in the air i was camping regionally unalaska wherein the prince of wales which is essentially rainfall
rains all day everyday and we were in the like this this area where is just constant downpour one hundred percent humidity and i was in my tent and i turned i had like a little headlamp on a turn the lamp on and looked in the tent and the tent was filled with moisture like little tiny droplets of dew or floating in the air in the entire ten and it made me think like if you could see all the microscopic particles are in the air constantly mean you're you're breathing in particulates your breathing in all sorts of pollutants you breathing and forts and gases things from cars and and there's actually organisms in the air mean there's there's colds that are spread by people coughing they call it gets in the air and those organisms flowed into your body and in fact you that's why we tell people
have your mouth when you call your literally spitting out life forms and then those lifeforms contaminate other people i worry that that would be like almost too much data process now i mean imagine if you walk on an airplane you could see all everything and you see people i think there's like years of irish no there's a virus you know you're right it would be it would be a pretty freaky experience but i think the thing is we're probably at that point you gonna have so manage connection thereafter neural implants are just some type a connection to machines that were our data processing is again in our brain however whatever kind of servers were attached to will allow us to you know me sense of it all now i know you're saying it's like while there's no way i could process it life is already pretty you know how the process when you're going through a red light runt someone's running a red light or something like that but hopefully in the you will have all these nerli enhancements that will allow us to take that kind of stuff on and take more
it on and you know there's there's just so much that's gonna happen when we start increasing our own brain power in for example they talk about artificial intelligence we're talking about something that could be ten thousand times smarter than the smartest human being within a year to us actually existing just through its object you're a thousand times smaller and that's just the first maybe the second or third year it's hard to know could become you know then d j curve takes off that's where the singularity idea comes from but some if we're a team to that end were able to keep up with that were able to kind of process it then you know all these things we start seeing are going to make more sense and will have so much more capacity to understand i think right now we try to imagine it it's like while way too much but in the future hoping that our brains are going to be like you know a thousand iphones connected and then our ability to make sense of it all and that
i look forward to the day when i can see everything will be able to see you know your heart beat i'll be able to see right the walls whatever people are doing in the in the building will hear the planes will know it you know everything will will see the airwaves have you seen him we lucy yes so you know she's i'm getting to that point when she said she understands everything everything is totally interconnected to her and she has processing ability it doesn't overwhelm are in fact a kind of becomes a magical to her sort of like some kind of saint or some kind of guru it just feels the entire universe and i am hopeful that that's what it's be like though i'm not really sure you know that may be too optimistic but damn hopefully will be so interconnected that will actually be able to be much more part of the universe terms of sensing in feeling and understanding it then we are right now that's the big concerned the people have is when when folks like you say i am hopeful because you know like
you take the elon musk possibility the way he's describing at need take what you're you're like i'm hopeful india must send the demons are coming out like well hopefully not that's that that concerns people right now of course condemn unfortunately and i always tried it back from any kind of total equality were totally firm statements because if i say anything other than it's gonna happen in all sonya this guy who's pegged you know a definite thing in the promise anything we're talking about in futurists issues is always speculate to some extent and no one's ever really got no no and most people are wrong the question is closer you to getting it right if you're twenty percent in a wrong that's pretty good if you're seventy eighty percent wrong so you know a few just try to attempt to speculate based on status go analysis historical patent what things are going to happen and then philosophers just throw out their ideas and in hope that some of them stick and
usually one becomes totally accurate and you know that's the way the species moves by the so say hope i'm am certainly not trying to pretend that dumb the universes to be the way i'm saying could go very wrong and turn out even better than i am hopeful of and it could just be a lot less magical than open i've seen some critics some really well educated critics i was reading this peace written by this biologists who is criticising that the whole idea of trans humanism incurs while particular and what he was saying is essentially we know so little about the human mind already and we're still just trying to wrap our heads around the processes that are going on that we're just beginning to understand as far as you know was synapses neurons the where memories are stored how to manipulate them and that is the very process of the mai
and his take on it was that it so incredibly unrealistic that will be able to duplicate this by twenty forty five we thus the idea behind it right to twenty forty five an issue might take on that when i was reading his his peace i was saying i think he's being per ticker we critical of it because he's he's saying that what these i don't understand about the human mind is that there's just theirs is always processes that go on behind the scenes were we still don't have a handle on but might take on it was it we don't we have to have a hand on if we can or handle on if we can replicate them like if they can replicate it with technology we don't have to know how proteins are process and always different various things it create
biological computer would which is essentially the human mind is it's not necessary if we can create something far superior and something that's based entirely on artificial intelligence artificial technology yet no i'm you know for sure there's a lot of critics out there are coming at trance humanist ideas futurists ideas in have remember you know that if we as at in smashing america about eighty five sound the people are religious christians and a lot of really that thought much the maybe see paul told me eighty three percent was out i think in early two thousand fourteen denote the problem that is how the whole bit about this my act and its that only idiots answer poles so you didn't he three percent of idiots of urine syllable no i've never answerable jamie of reverence interpol they go i dont think most people answer fault no you're right and i think
eighty three percent seems totally high to me but i think even if it's a lot lower let's say it's fifty sixty percent and let's just say in others there ten percent but our various other i religious ideas the promise we ve been kind brought up in a judeo christian abraham ec culture were you know we celebrate christmas easter these are with there's so much religiosity and basically set into place and a lot of these ideas tritium as one of their most important goals is that they want to live indefinitely that that's really there that the centre of a lot of that the most important goals with the next ten twenty thirty years i don't want to die we want to use technology and science to to live at least the at least have the choice when we're gonna die and if that sort of thing in the face of so much of the major the world's major religions because a lot of it is kind of based on you two to be a good persons get to that after life and have you know you're either you no seven
or whatever it is that they do say to virgin yet that whatever that is a day promise you but damn trend much like no actually this is perfect what we're here right now this this earth and what we'd like to do so make it so we don't have to leave it and we could stay their families and we could stay with our loved ones are we could continue jobs are professions and stuff like that and that really conflicts with a lot of the american point of view of you know how it how is it that what can happen the future mean as you probably know i think it is still percent of people in congress sir claiming their religious now i don't know if it's really a hundred percent how many are pretending but either way you still have a pro that swears on the bible to get his job that these are things that fly in the face of it humanism and i think until that changes there's gotta be a huge amount of x out there that are saying this is this is a dangerous idea and dumb you know you can you can
painted a different direction sable tranche humanism is just a label it just science and technology all religious people want that any ways in order at least want some of the benefits but i think it in point there will be a clash because when you take death out of the picture lot of the main philosophies lot of the main ideologies of the religious religious text fall away and they're not necessary anymore and i think that's going to create a pretty big conflict here in the next five ten fifteen years as we kind of crawl to that spot where a lot of people start realizing wow we may not die we may live in deftly what does that mean for you know the environment does that mean for politics was i mean for countries globalization and stuff like then papa you know population as well so i think there's gonna be a lot of issues with that in the future and i think that
where you get a lot of your critics from because this guy that i was talking about was not religious at all the biologists he's an atheist i think there's a lot of atheist that have issues with the possibility transhumanism just as much as people who are religious but i think there's definitely something to this idea that you know no one knows what happens when we die that's that's confusing it causes a lot of conflict and we ve sort of created place holders for that was created with religion with chris these whether you believe religion or not the reality is no one truly knows what happens when we die if you have faith that the the religious text of your choose choosing are correct that's all well and good but the reality of scientific data is there's none when it comes to what happens when you die there's none as far as like where did where your soul words personality come from there's none has no data we have no idea is it
nature is it nurtures dna is at epigenetic what creates a person's personality who are you what's inside of you is there a soul all this is pure speculation is it consciousness trying to form some rational reason fear existence all that speculation saw i think when we start talking about circumventing the whole reality of biological death going around it and coming up with something that i used to forever there's some people that think well we might be missing the whole point like this might be a gigantic cycle of life and death in life and death and continual improvement in just like everything else that we see around us just like our technological improvement is constant inconsistent
might be the same thing with with life itself like with with a stepping in and stopping this process with technology in some sort of way we might be fucking up the whole process of the universe the other hand it might be that's the whole reason why we have these thoughts in the first place my thought of us being this caterpillar that becomes a butterfly our whole he's infer existential annexed our whole reason for this fear of death these i mean when i was six seven seven years old and i was talking to my parents and i was asking them what happens when you die and my stepfather said it's probably nothing it's probably just see people this die in that's it and i was crying i could read my head around it but for a seven year old it's terrifying step and have said this before but i say it again
everybody likes you go to sleep but nobody wants to die and they're probably incredibly similar but this idea of having this impending end to this experience it might be one of the motivating factors for us to create this artificial life to create this artificial intelligence this thing that we have that phrixus out worrying about death my be part of the motivation for us to transition into something new no in fact i totally agree with you in fact my entire book is really based on a very singular moment when the main character basically almost eyes and he realizes from that point forward and that's what the trenching is always a novel yeah it's a novel but that exactly what you said is is the trans humus wagers once you realize that you know you could die that's potentially as a seven year old child that's it you'd in
something you can do about especially in the twenty first century where we have so much science and so much technology at our disposal then you may this kind a wager where you're saying you know a mesh going dedicate my life to trying to accomplish that because i don't like it that's all i have to die and that's such it what the trench humus wager really is but i think the issue one thing is that philosophical conundrum of if we take death out the asian is life as valuable as it is are we messing with the mechanism of evolution and our remit with the mechanism of growth of whatever the universe is going into and i intend to i'm i'm not you know i said before i want to live for everyone living deftly but i am not necessarily wanting to have it so that that's a kind of permanent i just want the choice that's what i think is most important and when i hear people trenching was community we ve actually been shying away from the use of the word immortality anymore because it
i realise that a lot it's kind of scarce people they really think we mean immortality don't necessarily what we mean is we just want a choice on when and how we're going to live and if we're ever going to it's under our circumstances it's on our terms the site i use indefinite lifespans a lot more because at least let me say when i might want to end my life if ever and i actually wonder too i thought you know if if you're going to live in deathly you know would god potential some god would god maybe commit suicide some point because this idea you know if you were if you were god and you had all power is that something that would be the thing you wanted and revealing like plots in my sequel but anyways the idea is maybe an omnipotent entity would say return to create a cycle of renewal i will my existence i'll commit suicide and and then the whole system
ups restart itself as we had what're maybe you create parameters in your existence so that all the son you there is renewal there is creativity and it's out of your control sometimes you have to you know i know that for example day traders when they're playing stocks they some of them have such problems they'll purposely set their code so they can get into their account but they won't remember though just like type it in time in short term memory and then stop it in the way they do this is so they can't trade any more if they ve been losing money and they having a bad day or something like that friends and we're doing it in college and i want some there's one or maybe a grand spiritual entity would do the same thing he would programme into his own existence problems issues as we talk about ridiculous of life because that's something that keeps us moving forward and maybe god woody
programming killing himself or herself in itself whatever low is that's a heavy concept and i'll have always wondered why it is that it seems like we need conflict in order to find resolution psych i think if everybody lived in this perfect state of bliss and you utopian existence we probably ever get aiming done and one of the reasons why we get things done is because work and constantly worried about overcoming struggle were constantly worried about over many potential aggressors or you know things that go wrong and overcoming environmental issues that we have created and so we were coming up a technological solutions for those things for every new power source we come up whether its nuclear whatever there's always like some sort of a by product of that that we have to deal with and some sort of an effect that is having on the environment that we have to mitigate and it seems that
this constant yin and yang is syrup built into the universe this to her tell you about my trip that i had in alaska whereas camping in the rain was awful was when and cold was miserable but when i came back to allay i was so happy and i call me prince steven took me on a trip and i was like dude i have never felt better i feel fucking great like the sun feels good it just feels good to be true i think it feels good to be able to go to a store there are so many things about life that are so amazing that i do necessarily completely appreciate until i go like into the wilderness when you go into the wilderness then he come back you can really appreciate the city and i feel like that is built in struggles this year in this yang of life is why we appreciate things like you don't appreciate really cool people
unless you're around a bunch of assholes you know your appreciate funny people unless you around people that have zero sense of humour and then you're funny people need just feel so good a warm you up it just feels fun and i really wonder if that is what we think of it it just life is it just the realities of life the unfortunately out his life and one we're gonna get our shit together movement have all those bad aspects but is there's that real nor is this like israel just data is at all just a part of the code is it all just part of the algorithm that moves whatever doing forward and that in since you need conflict is built into the system in order to create entropy in order to create movement in order to keep everything going so that we eventually make that fucking cook and become that butterfly yeah no i mean the conflict question is is such an age old philosophical question because it's like
we striving for for perfection but when you actually think about perfection in itself it doesn't sound like the thing you actually might want where i really wanted was the journey ryan and that's why i think they say will journey is most the finer half the fun at least up and down but i tend to think you know as far as we like from a trance you must pursue active since we're so we're so i think miniscule in terms of what we are as entities right now in our brain power is whatever billion neurons are how many ever many billion there are but they the idea is we could create an earth that's fool servers and or as i like to say in my son my writings you know the empire state building could be filled with servers and that we want me like waiters no no no no basically computer chips servers that kind of here and the thing is we can create something far more complex than the human brain and if we're tat
into that and now he didn't someday more like the deaths start even that's just filled with computer chips and servers you know if we get this something that huge are halogens could be millions millions of times more what it is now and if that we have no idea that types of conflict that would come from that we have no idea maybe the khan are also million times greater maybe conflict is something that you always go through and maybe you even get to the end of some perfect entity and you actually can't get in an hour are you get stop by some kind of physical thing that could happen it so its awesome the thing bout it because the bottom line is from a philosophical perspective currently i can't see a world without conflict it just do it almost be like the world didn't exist what makes it exists to us is that we have all these trials we have all these relations into these things happen to us and we're happy and said because of it we feel it because then we we grow from it
so it's hard for me to understand the world but i think as we get more complex i think as were able to tap our brains into a joint machines and increase our intelligence it will probably become that more much more complex and i think the conflict will also become much more complex damn it's not really worried about a universe at least in the near term at least in the next hundred years to three hundred years without any conflict because the universe is still so beggars all this type exploration and we have to figure out exactly what pure energy is will let you know will transfer entities eventually transition into something like that into subatomic things and what not there's so much to explore i think it could get i think will probably find that there is a more explore than we ever thought and will pass we just as lost in the universe and stuck in kind as we are now
even more so as we as we grow more intelligent and even if we do create this unbelievably credibly complex system of computers that run everything we ve eliminated emotions with you know carved out this utopian existence there still astor it's in there still super volcanoes we're still hurt things and soon armies and earthquakes and all sorts of things that we'd it's not even on the remote horizon us controlling natural disasters not even in not not even for a fraction of the natural disasters that that potentially can come our way mean we were not even considering how to control super volcanoes there's no technology so far nothing they can do and i was reading about i got in this trip one night i'll do that
and really fucks my head up and i hate doing it right before i to bed but i got on this trip one night about super volcanoes could i started reading all the soup ok knows it exists currently and the the reality of what has happened when those have gone off in there's one in indonesia that they believe there's a lot of people that have pointed to as the possibility of y all humans can be traced back to original ancestors that they think that this one blue somewhere at i believe it was like seventy five
i was in plus years ago that they think that when this fucker went off it killed most of the people on the planet in indonesia incident enormous bigger than yellowstone and they think that the remaining few people repopulating the earth in that the seven plus billion people are directly related to seventy thousand years ago the survivors of the super volcano that's crazy and that's terrifying and if that happens again there's a damn thing we can do about it right now or com italy worrying about getting faster wifi and make an electric car that go more than three hundred miles without a recharge but the reality of natural disasters is there's always that nature reset button and that nature reset button could come in the form of a five mile wide rock that slammed into the yucatan and killed all the dinosaurs
or that gigantic super volcano in indonesia that killed off we know who knows what percentage of the population but they think it could be as much as like killed off everybody but for a thousand people that that's a real possibility of its being bandied about and that something that we're not going to be able to stop no no deftly in idea about two months ago created the trans humanist party which is the kind of first political organisation about it in the third we have three main goals and the first is try to make it so that everyone can live indefinitely the second one is just to spread a kind of a general like we want people to think positively when they think of technology and science set of being so critical but the third one deals with existential risks and amazes me that way spend so much money walmart mcdonald's are going to disneyland when we have problems
the supermarkets that exist things that if you think about at late at night it's keeps you up because it's so horrific and amazing about is that it's not just soubriquet its we ve had substantial risk facing the planet for you know they ve happened we know they ve happened we can see that they have and still we send such a small amount of government budgets towards protecting the species as a whole when you know you were there from an existential risk point of view it would be the first thing you would probably tackle i actually thought this sort of with a bowl i thought you know i can't believe that we don't spend a hundred million dollars and wiping out why don't we just as a world get together and do it's not like what were you know we're worth two hundred four hundred trillion they say that the world and would probably take fifty eight hundred million to to wipe out the disease why don't we do it when are we wipeout malaria why don't we might out the things that simple though it's probably not that simple but no one's tackled it in with more than
a fraction of that amount and i think if you actually put the world's best scientists together and really said you know what something really are scary for the human race this is something that we to go out there and attack first before it gets out of control and dumb i just i find it always so strange that governments don't treat this seriously and i think it's because as a politician you can't because it sounds so far fetched to stop five mile wide asteroid hitting the earth it sounds yeah yeah i'll worry about that tomorrow but the reality is something like that happens or a tidal wave happens for example and in own kill so many people a few years back then you start thinking about that i think it always takes like some kind of jane cataclysmic disaster to actually get people are today i am putting my money where our mouth is and we're gonna should go and try to stop somebody sayings and like you said broken us there's nothing we can do but only with asteroids and stuff like that there are some things that we can
do and certainly with diseases there are things we can do and damn i'm kind of you know i'm always bombed out because i feel like our governments don't treat them the rest species seriously enough they treat you know so security tax issues and this kind of stuff you know it covers the headlines but what's really important for the speed he's for all seven almost a billion of us soon is is making for that we don't i'll go the way the dinosaurs and that just takes a matter of money and putting some best minds to insane let's just whatever are you guys and girls need to do just please do it the young malaria ones terrifying i was listen to radio lamby virilis in their pocket i haven't but i've heard the name the brilliant brilliant podcast at think it's put up by an pr think those the folks do it but it they had a an episode what they were talking about mosquitoes they were talking about malaria and they said that half of the people that have died ever since p
i've been around were killed by malaria i've i've had malaria i've had malaria i've had a whole bunch of god i when i was twenty i did this long sale trip and as a result i got a whole bunch of stuff like hepatitis andy fever malaria wasted dandy fever and malaria i had it all various places in this so i spent about four months in the solomon islands and but i also i went through the north pacific ocean after the south pacific and bay stickley on a sailboat you're just you're gonna get it unless you're taken was even taking m prophylactic malaria when i got malaria but it doesn't always work there's more than clerk when that you needed you need in math acquainted what not and the promise it gave me crazy nightmare so i i didn't take the the proper prophylactic but eventually got it when tested there and then just said
my boat for three four days then i did i'm a mess with treatment for malaria which is essentially take for tablets times three days you take twelve altogether anything about larry i'm or method quinn but it gives you and it makes you hypersensitive so when you look at a sunset you get incredibly emotional and it's like rating write poetry on but it totally mess which is why a lot of people at least when i was in ten years ago tried not to take it as a prophylactic but damn so it worked i got rid of it i was i was able bodied twenty two year old in a person's out you're pretty much able to go through a lot of things but i have been around a number of villages in that trip where people have died children die all the time and day i still i'm not sure what the numbers are but i think it's a seven hundred fifteen million people maybe
dying from malaria a year or have died in the last i don't know something something crazy when you think about it you you you think well why don't we just go out there i mean this is why bill gates is target this is one of his main initiatives with his is incredible wealth is to say this this is one thing we could literally just take out six hundred and twenty seven thousand malaria does this year yeah well i mean it it's it's a huge amount when you think about in terms of far more than war its say its farm than anything else and think alike so we spent all this money and war we could take a look but that budget and for you now unicef has a different number they say over a million unicef says over a million people die malaria every year wow
so many it causes three hundred to five hundred million infections in over a million deaths this is john hopkins also says that so i'm assuming its probably somewhere around a million i think when you dealing with impoverished countries rights very difficult to keep track isn't it a year now turn and i think a lot of people like where i got it was there was no phone in this village there was no anything i wish it anchored author surf spot and dumb and i must gotten it through the time that i was sailing through some these outer islands and theirs maybe once a week there's about that comes through supplies but that's why people die from it because there is really nothing there except the basic drugs to take care of it and doesn't always work and stuff like that there's variations of it as well so so some people try to just ride it out not take the drugs because i like you so wacky what some people actually once they get it are too weak to walk into the clinic so
like in the solomon islands for example its just filled with these giant not giant mountains there's a lot of hills and so you have the kind of cross ravines and i was so i mean i could barely get up i didn't really eat i just could drink water and i can allay my my bed all day and does so if you have it and you're an adult you either have to send me kids to get it but you weren't you can build a climb a couple of miles to go get the medication and so if you live in some outer tribe away from a clinic and most assault there's a couple hundred islands in the solemn and i no one has access to the same thing with papua new guinea there's not a huge amount of tribes but if you actually try to get anywhere it's all highlands full of snakes what not even across a mile in that kind of territories pretty tough stuff so if you have to go twenty miles to get it pills it might just be safer to take your bad not use all your energy and in turn right it out so your immune system is capable of your healthy young twenty two year old of surviving in
think it's just luck so for example i was already on clerk when at the time so irony had some resistance to certain type of malaria icy but once i had tested for because i got i got feverish and all this and i went tested before i was got really bad and they said yeah looks like you have it at this little clinic and does so and i i was too far away to say out anywhere and dumb time i didn't have any real services to be airy vacuum it out and also you know i've been sailing three four years already you don't you can't leave your trip i add a whole bunch of incidences you can't leave your boat every time something goes wrong you just got it with it and so i just went back and took this larry i'm treatment and so i had the the cure for and the cures at least in the solomon islands at the time was you take this regiment of larry i'm twelve tablets over three days and that should that should take care of it let us crazy trip you went on man you you you sail for three or four years so now i sell for actually around seven
and it was left from from and santa barbara los angeles and went to the south civic spent four years there and continued and across the indian ocean and mediterranean so i done some craig stuff a lot of that stuff was when i was working for the national geographic channel so it was kind of set up or i would go and do short three to five minute kind of filler documentaries in between the longer segments of a new show that they had an das i'd stop places and film and em and create these three to five minute use pieces so really funds up did some crazy crazy fund stories but you know weird stuff you would imagine that would be insane life of adventure all those years on a city both just sail around in an end in the south pacific as well you know the south pacific was the best part because i am i wasn't working at
time it was later that i started actually working in doing the national geographic stuff and that was great too but this civic i was just there with about five hundred bucks literally for years in the south pacific include the time i was at the solvents summonses starts getting into the north pacific and a wonderful time i was twenty one just finish school and was sailing around and reading books on the ocean times times ahead girlfriends come with me in be enough for month or two and so it is really like i was a surfer and per glider and us will do just all sorts of activities all the time and spear fishing as what elias hard to talk because it's like i have kids now mary house so i'm proud of you never bash going back to the days of you i want to turn around i went out on the pacific sailing going by the wind glorious
so it was those were the days left out of the opposite a trans humanism those it it will it is an dumb and i was very low tech at the time you know when i first our sailing they didn't have jp ass they we i used a sextant for the first few years you use while those crazy that's christopher columbus thing that's all they had only the military had access to the gps system then so no one even private people were allowed to have in the end i hadn't jp system on my phone or my car that was cd rom driven and it was in i want to say the early two thousands or maybe even the late nineties it was somewhere around two thousand dish and i got one of the first ones and it was such an inaccurate piece of shit and it was really slow and it was only good for california had a stick the cd in writing as a slot that it would go into its soul
hard to imagine a world richie ps didn't exist i now let alone be on a poet travelling around the world on this boat with no gps that to me just incredible it was it was real it was fun it in the second thing so awesome cause you actually use the stars navigate same stars we teach kids you know a guy to my daughter's all point out be like you know the whole life is so magical it still cool i loved what i'm doing now but there's something more human and just youthful about that entire period of my life human not a strange words here what is your whole thing and best trans humanism and you're talking about is incredibly low tech adventure is being one of the highlights of your life i'll tell you exactly how that switched after the most of the sale trip
i was actually covering a story in vietnam for national budget for the national geographic china we were covering story on bomb diggers and dumb what what they do is in it there's about i think five to fifty ten percent it's hard to know exactly but at least five percent of the american bombs dropped by america in vietnam never exploded so what you have as you have millions of tonnes of metal lying around the jungles just sitting there over growth is all around them in and most the rice farmers markets make a dollar a day so ultimately happen is a huge community farmers have said well why don't we solve it metal seldom metal and will make ten times we make in a season in farming the problem is that damn the demilitarize zone in quite a bit of parts of vietnam are filled with landmines
and dealing with these unexploded bombs some them that as long as this table or not pretty close to it are incredibly dangerous because you have to dismantle it and take the metal to a dealer in the city and what not so a lot of these bomb hunters what they call themselves in there might be ten thousand of them in vietnam end up losing their lives losing their legs on landmines and so i went to cover the story is an awesome story teller fascinating but damn i had a very close incident on what am i nowadays when i was cut the story cameron hand is my guide came behind me were walking on a trail guide came from behind me i had stepped off the trail the look at an impression because the way and tell where these unexploded bombs came is at the heart of the jungle there's an impression india in the earth and he came and tackled me and i said dude i'm holding my camera united so we hope went down and any pointed out these are the right here
and in the ground there is this like little silver thing and our little black thing actually and he said we probably a landmine in your arm stepped on and i just have sat there and i thought oh wow that's a little too ricky from after i had already like in the years preceding this i had all my diseases from the sailboat bent a number of war zones i just about a year earlier had a huge kind of bunch of into it's in the kashmir indian pakistan conflict which i covered i did a humanitarian kind of war peace there and i was the vet the the landmines and was the one that sort of in my brain said human trans human and i thought i'm not doing dangerous things anymore actually went home the incident it just there is there is a lot of you of them it was like a philosophical bomb went off my head i said you know what i'm i'm twenty eight years old i've been doing crazy things for huge amounts of time in getting very lucky i was working at this non
often organisation cambodia called while they and we were doing undercover work to busting poachers you know we were literally go with a team militia we were non profit and we'd go into places and freely animals that have been confiscated for food and weed literally arrest poachers because they have in china in cambodia have this illegal poaching system but it was it was like i have just come from about a month of doing that and if you like a little bit too much from you you know it's just too much danger too much acting is the landmines it was the one in my mind that changed it and i said i went home that's why and she began working on the book and dumb france was wager which assorted launch me into this this public career of boating tranche human not always been a trance humanist and someone who wants to use technology and science to upgrade myself but this was time that i made a personal the time that i said you know i'm i'm done having fun and just right
journalistic stories are now going to actually dedicate my life to something that means a lot to me because i dont want ever have to be facing death you know the landmines certainly would have killed me i think or at least me to such a you almost always lose flags and dumb
slow too much for me so i came back and that's heard of how my career the church trajectory of trans humanism for me took on this this quite public role while than it does first of all its incredibly terrifying to think that there's that many landmine still in vietnam i've read that before and i kind of putting aside i guess in the back of my mind but those poor people that live there into the vietnam war is such an unbelievably fucked up time in history but it so incredible how peaceful the vietnamese are and how like forgiving in accepting the vietnamese people are about us invading or i wish in say us you know that the troops of the nineteen sixtys and seventys invading vietnam and although the horrific
things that happen there but that that the fact that no one's freaking out there's that many bombs duchess occasionally go off and kill some poor farmer i think america should go in there clean it fuck yeah you know cause it's ridiculous amount of bombs that are there are such as agri number you could never cleared up with ten thousand many farmers who have given up their fields and again it's happening all the country now in cambodian louse bomb digger are it's an entire culture mostly young kids and allow but my documentary was on actually filming the amputees that lost or laser arms when something went wrong and your viewers can watch this sum either national geographic video still up on this one as it all i think it's just you google's all ten each fond slash vietnam and go to youtube and it'll it'll appear it's called bomb diggers i think but are just vietnam bonding is just if it's a format clip but it shows like you know why
what these people go through on a daily basis they just go out with a shovel they got with metal detectors and there like did you did it in every step they take his freak for a whole week i was freaked out dislike like because the dmz is just filled with no ones and there is no villages that mean area because it should dangerous to live some people you know so there's thousands of those thousands and thousands of what's worse is that bomb digging is a trap think a younger generation and they mix much more money than rice farming like literally a hundred times find one six football you can feed your family for a year and you can find and one day so in one day's worth the work you can make more than you could contain an entire season so the bomb is just the metal of the palm of your bomb itself unexplored it's no just the metal they dismantle it and they seldom metal that it is only making one dollar dane their farming so it's they're so poor you know and the very
you're right you nailed the totally nice people there are happy to help me with my story but there the whole thing is so bizarre that's incredible and what did they do how they dismantle these things so they have experts if find a big one they carried into their village and this is another all they fuckin pick it up yes that's the whole problem and then these hammer it apart it's just yet raising and sometimes like half villages go up when they make a mistake this has been a problem that happen in louse is that like so yeah it's a couple documentaries have now been made since i did this and i think in two thousand to two thousand three but a couple real doc because now there nonprofits dedicated to saying hey don't go bomb digging that you might make it for in a day you might change you know your your family your wealth of your family but it's not worth it because look every forever
ten people that go out two or three end up with amputees or some end up completely dead and stuff like that and so much more dangerous than just farming and has there been any effort whatsoever by the united states government there are clean it up you know so i did the story long time ago and that point there wasn't much they just gave a lot of i think money to make up for it but i really don't know what's going on now i know that the nonprofits had been working on trying to get them money just set so hard to think about its it so hard to think that you're not responsible for all the bombs he left behind that wouldn't be one of the first things the united states deals with in how difficult would it be to do a sweep the entire country and find all the bombs with the promise like in the area the dmz is all pretty big hills so it's almost empty couldn't we only get tractors up their issues there's too much vegetation and
things overgrown so nobody knows what to do would be much easier just to throw a lot of money at it and and try to you know get the u n or somebody to go sweep through it with metal detectors what the fuck man i mean how is it possible that they have just left all that shit their taxes put that so dark they become so much of the country and its really like it's such a staggering just when you asked study the numbers of of how much they dropped i think they drop more i'm not a hundred per cent of this fact but i believe they drop more bombs in vietnam than all other war something like that combined of the amount of like bombs and because at the time that's all they did and dumb i mean you about it's just literally millions and millions and millions of a bombs and tons of bombs of course huge percentage that just never explodes so wow that's terrifying to think that could be there hundred years now yet
it's still potentially could be deaf your kid could step on one or i could just you know it it might be just right doesn't you know i don't know thousands and then or just ready to be ticked off for one reason one missed wire or something like that i don't know but it's a it's here is problem and every you look in the new every now and then you ll say oh another explosion happened here an egg and it also now it's it's also quite substantial in cambodia parts bomb there and what not and and lost they have all the internal wars you know some countries it's not just said some the other countries that you know not vietnam bond you know these kind of thing so there's a lot of unexploded stuff all over so you see this bomb you almost step on it and then a switch goes off and you side too to change or focus yes so i i had been instead entranced humanism from the time i was in college we were again an essay on cryonics in others
field where you actually put dead people into some type of freezing compound and then in hopes and too thirty years you you'll be able to have the science regenerate them and reanimate them and our english class was asked to write an essay on it and then debate it and i was very for son i was introduced to about age twenty and i said reading about trance humanism and sort of fell in love with this concept of using science and technology to become super humans you know just we don't need to worry about death we don't need to worry about disease we don't need to worry about you know the kind of things at plague our biological beings we can use and technology to overcome at all so i spent a lot of the next ten years as i was sailing just kind of reading about it being into it without doing anything about it after the since and i came back and began working on that the transfer must wager which a novel about transforming them it's kind of an epic and dumb the
it took me many years to write the book because it's a pretty long complex philosophical novels it's at least thirty percent of the book is pure philosophy towards a novel it's not a novel in the sense of you just reading storyline it's actually huge amounts of just pure academic philosophy through it and the book did really well and you know i've been talking since about it in depth got me a lot of trouble it's pretty controversial in what way well essentially the main character jethro nights he says he will do anything to live indefinitely and naturally the book goes out of its way to create an environment where he can't do what he wants its fighting a religious he's fighting against religious entered he's in america that are saying we dont like trance humanism we don't want it as part of anywhere in america so they sort outlawed and so he he
it becomes a sort of a terrorist for his own ideas but the problem is he'll take it to all these extremes in the end he forms his own nation culture two mania of floating see standing platform and i'm a voluntary bastard the sea sitting instead i know you you ve done something that we have to work gear yeah and and i and so i did a big about third the discuss assisting were a tenth and of some the smartest scientists in the world work on creating the billy to live indefinitely but then world says no no no this is not right and and they say we're going to take over your country and justice is now we're going to start a world war and we have a techno she to do that and he ends up defeating the the planet and making it into trance humanist minded planet look i'm crazy funding on the use uses authoritarian ideas and this has been the controversy of the book is that a lot
of the trans humanist especially the older one said hey we like that writing about transforming them but we don't like that you're you're taking such extreme but jethro is a militant leader he he's a he wants to his ideas to spread and they want to keep taking away from they also in the book his wife into all sorts of other things so it's a novel were it's an epic from kind of his early childhood to the end near the end of his life where he trance when the world against every ones will what makes the book controversial that nobody likes jethro he's tchort sort of this incredibly arrogance machine like human being yet he's a good guy of the book you sort of cheer for him because you know even though he sort of authoritarian he saw that you would like him because he's driven is like the greatest fighter you ve ever met just he's not dont tell me about rules this i'm just the best fighter you know
on one hand that's very admirable on the other hand we have rules for reason but jethro breaks them to get what he wants and he made the transom wager where he really like he says output anything i'll do anything to achieve it and that's where the controversy comes in because only if we all did anything we want and we'd be in in a pretty hectic place both politically government in a way that with society all these different things and so i am the book is one praise and just as much criticism and there you look at the the amazon reviews it's like an e there's like a huge amount of one stars and a huge amount of five stars phenomena in the middle nobody said you know everyone hates the book because they call it you know it they say what this is an evil character and you know the people like it say now this is a character who she wants to fight for what he believes in india a revolutionary leaders are sort of like that they they just they take us
different places and they use different methods that term you know certainly are questionable again it's a fictional novel and you can take it from what the artist worth while this is where gets complicated because you are planning on actually running for president on a trans humanism platform now when you ve written a book about a world war that get started by a good guy with a trans humanism agenda and now you're wanting to run for president people go the zoltan guy this mother fucker think about his name he's name is result on anyone around the planet and he wants be a trans human as we want to be a robot you're turning into a robot that's gonna start a world war to run the planet yes says officer
but no no and of course that is the most difficult questions may be asked probably a lot as a move forward with the who really gonna do this year no i mean it's already some sort of stake my entire reputation on at this point we have some big big publicity events and what do you think that you could possibly when so i don't think i could win this time around i think when the virtually no chance i think if you look at am far the transom his party might do by twenty twenty twenty twenty four where i would put potential do it again i think we may have better chance of making a dent now wanna be unrealistic and say that we could actually when or that i could win the presence or anything like that but i'm m deftly advocating for a run that's in all my time like i'm literally dedicating now you know my all my waking hours towards this party really all the infrastructure takes its really complicated in it i mean i'm i basically working with advisers i'm working on the different there's some logistical
things that one has to do including just dealing with taxes for an entity like this and straight process a manifesto but in the next week or two mostly infrastructure will be in place we have a lot of it in have member of officers now and were at work for i mean i'm gonna stake everything i have on my wife has given the approval which is employed because i got two kids and in her and we're going to do a lot of campaigning we're gonna we have some great great in fact i'll probably hopefully be down in a few weeks dilated started documentary on it with has which had a great budget by the way so i think there be a lot of things coming out about the trend my party that are gonna work really in the favour of getting people to think about what would it mean to have a political you know person running who actually wants to use technology and science to change politics not just you know o politics let's dabbled
but since passed but actually want to use technology and science to dominate politics i think we can solve most of humanity's problem and and run a much better country if we put politics matters in technology sort of at the forefront of the government we are at the forefront as a lot of other issues that defence and you know i don't know taxes and in all that stuff very important of course but i am an idealist and i would like to make it so that everyone can live longer everyone has the choice to potentially not die we convinced that if we put a trillion dollars towards conquering death we would probably achieve it most for its actually feel that way too that the amount of money that's actually going into life extension science right now is so slow literally hundreds of millions but if we actually could quadrupled are made
make it twenty times that we could take the twenty thirty or window and make it into ten years that's when the platforms is that we're going you know of the parties to say where we're going big money from our wars are far off wars and put it directly towards important things education science and technology and also life extension science so but to end here it is yours what dangerous question for me publicly i am distancing myself from the book because it was a moment of writing something very artistic and trying to write something very philosophical but the philosophy of jeff tonight does not work in a political campaign and dumb doing my best to dissociate myself from his ways even though i i'm the creator of the philosophy and you know the one who sort of spent all these years developing it but i would never work
it would never work in america as we are today we live in a country that's very free there aren't a bunch of religious people trying to stamp out trance humanism in the book he lives in a war environment that's part of why he fights back with war so lucky we live in a pretty often country you can we don't you want an dumb i'd like to vince people to do a lot more than just building bombs and in some way the things that they do and spend a torch science and technology and hope that everyone will eventually like it everyone will have we live better of whom will eventually tend to be taken to a new era were you know that families and loved ones dont have to die we have all the benefits technology like we don't have traffic and allay like i told you i mean these are kind of things driverless cars organ improve everything and i think more people embrace technology we might go out further
as a species and also a country the obvious question when you say if people live forever or people could get to a point where they don't die we can conquer death we have to people who seven billion people on the planet right out the number is now i think it's in it it's gonna fast yeah it's gone up fast los angeles as you said we were talking on the way about you travelling on the way over here how difficult it was to get here is a traffic is so bad in others twenty plus million people in los angeles what happens if they keep having babies and no one dies yeah so you know this is one of the most challenging question the most challenging ideas about the problem with trans humanism right now is when we act kate for technology and science to change people's lives and make them live longer and better the first question and one says will may we get environmental problems in the world and i agree we do a believer in some the climate
problems i'm a believer in you know over population i'm not gonna in any way tried deny some of these things i actually think the sign stands pretty strongly for it the question though is whether tackling that broadly tackling environmental problems with the kind of ideas we're trying to do right now population cycling and you know an and stuff what you have just basic things were trying to empower ourselves to be a more green world i'm not a hunter sent sure that that is the accurate or that is there very best path we can take thou this gets kind of speck a collective and i dont actually endorse this necessarily as as a kind of a political platform but i'm pretty quite pretty convinced that in twenty five to fifty years people will start downloading there consciousness into machines and stuff like that so there this idea that maybe
using a lot less resources a hundred years from now because people live in digital lives and virtual lives maybe we'll all live maybe the entire population will fit into that empire state building that is full of servers as we have discussed and maybe the it will have a chance to grow back come back to what its former but that that's not the you know that is one of the kind of speculative de as a trance humanist might use to counter some of the criticism that we get about environmental crimes personally what i'm for is for a lot of the green technology that's the if i want to see i wanna see solar power increase i wanna see money going towards that i want to money going towards the win i want to see money going towards the green types of technologies that not only can a whole new generation of wealthy people and give millions of jobs to people but i can offer at the same time help the planet so i take this twofold approach one is very speculative in the future they'll be spacex
duration all these other things we might figure out ways that don't make a so dependent on the planet but the more important ways that we're going to spend money on the type of technique is that really make the planet better get people to move into cities make them greener leave but spaces alone i'm a big animal advocate as well it worked with wild life a lot of my national geographic work was with wild life so i'm i'm i'd love to see the species replenished i'd love to see it so that we can actually go to national parks and have the car the things that we all hope will you see dear and use it could take your children out there and and especially in afterward of so much poaching and stuff like that core some in america would you a pretty good job with protecting our wildlife but i'd like to see us both
more of a leader on the international front saying what we actually need to say stop at a it's crazy that the tiger population is literally on the edge of extinction literally gone there are more tigers in texas than there are in the wild it's an incredible it's sad its terror because they are an important part of the ecosystem in all the places are out and the stories we covered was the siamese crocodile when i was in cambodia and em there's a couple in captivity but basically the last time someone saw one was like thirteen years ago in the wild and so it's gone you notes essentially gone and when think about it you're like well that's a certain species just basically gone eyes again when people making boots and stuff out of its tales and what not so like to advocate for policies that kind of make it happened less and generally increase our environmental consciousness with money
building bombs hey let's settlers spend it on building electric cars what spend it on other ideas even more unique ideas in that but there's a lot of things to discuss their first of all any this you were talking about downloading consciousness into computer so your kind of advocating a non biological life you kind of advocating life inside of a server a virtual life and that that would be the future of life has really hard for people to conceptualize it's really hard for the average person who just likes to go on book every now and then post pictures of their dog with a fucking bow on her head you know what i mean like one day you're going to live in a computer like that's going to eat that won't be just your photos in a computer your mind your consciousness will live in a computer your body will die and you will exist in ones and zeros and some sort of a
ram like that to a lot of people that doesn't seem like life it could get to a point in our lifetimes where is indistinguishable from life and that is in fact other freaky s ideas that's bandied about today by people far more intelligent than made is not my own philosophic helstone ramblings but the the concept of living right now in some some sort of a computer simulation and this has been discussed at nausea amongst physicists and scientists that we are going to come this come point in time where we will be able to create some sort of a virtual life that is absolute indistinguishable from the life that you and i are experiencing right now if that's the case how do we know we're not already in it you know that's that's the big mine fuck right as the big mine fuck when it comes to quantum theory and when when people start talking about virtual reality
is that we may already be in one i did my senior thesis at university on brains in nevada exact same concept so it was i spent like a whole month writing a twenty four patriot it's crazy in fact after round the paper i was like it took me like a week to even become normal again because you can't you can't use right in that scares me you know you can't say i'm not in one hour i am in one right in dumb yet it's it's a totally freaky concept namely that you can't say it and it's going to happen if we don't if that super volcano doesnt blow we don't get hit by the meteor there's going to come a point in time if technology continues to increase whether its fifty years from now or a hundred years from now or a thousand years from now our ability to control yeah i'll do it self will reach some sort of an epic point but we can create a virtual reality i'm sure you ve mess around with occupy rift i have i haven't tried the new one i tried my front duncan is he's he's got
the old model and now he has a new model he is the developer's kit and the old one i put on it was all pixelated and weird but it gave you the sense of why i was kind of freaking he called me up he went to some sort of a virtual conference if they had los angeles and he called me up landing and screaming it's over man this is bigger than the printing press this is bigger than the internet like this is it's fucking over we're gonna this is gonna be reality and he was just freaking out so much but i'm scared to go try this this headset on but he was talking about going into some virtual room what is a person playing the piano and you you interact with them and you feel like you're in the room with them and he said it was the freakish things ever experienced in his life could it's all in like for k hd super like like really really clear video
they apparently the way they do it they put cameras all over the person's body when they fell miss cameras in your hands cameras on your legs so everywhere you look they have covered and it's just a matter of the processing power of being able to keep up with all the different potential views that you have seen as when you're going into a computer three g generated world ago a video game like quake or something like that we are going down corridors and good look up and looked down they have it like that but they have it in complete the reader mentioning hd video to the point where it it's indistinguishable from actually looking at these things in real life and that's just now mean what is that be like fifty years from now there when they figure out how to do something on your head where they put you know electrodes or something where they can stimulate parts of your mind that can give you that
sensations of the feel of the wooden floor giving slightly under your feet the texture of a wall as you run your fingers by you you'll be able to feel that in your fingertips and then a thousand years from that what happens then mean what happens then what happens then what happens then it keeps going and going and going going and if you strapped late if you look at where we are now and you look at the future it's almost impossible for us to not reach a point where we're indistinguishable where reality virtual reality indistinguishable from each other now i can agree more and if you try that stuff on that's really them it's like the landmine thing once you tried that on it really is such a freaky thing that you realise this is here today ok it's not perfect but in ten fifteen years common is common and i think a lot of i think a lot of younger people get that because they i've tried it or the coup with it they grew up like maya my seven month old ten month old daughter
is already quite adapt she's already pretty quite good at using like the ipad bing through thinks there's no the aps mean yet but she's only eleven months and dump just growing up with this technology and so for her i think to put on whenever a virtual reality set up it's gonna be in ten years or fifteen years is not can even dent her she's not going to be scared of issues we have heard the word she's gonna be have heard trance humanism for the last ten years it'll be like stepping in i think when people first talked about cars they must have thought well how we're what you mean we're gonna get rid of the horse and then next generation that will accompany the guy's run horse and sort like the way we talk about either fax machines now or you know the new generation is gonna take it and run with it and they're not gonna be a fool of it at all i think its people are age that are already still wear like a little sceptical and then above us at a really still out there they have to actually tested to see it but fifteen years no matter who test it
can it be so real i think the philosophical d there is that people are gonna say well it's not real life and people myself sell going to say will why not you know what makes a real nice just because its created you know through machine how to say this isn't created through machine you know what to say this is so different you i couldn t something in there and it feels maybe even more real than it does now you know maybe the touching of wood there we talked about if you have sensors on your fingers it's not is touching would will be able to determine the strength that would i can't you norm we can do all these things right now but except i'm writing an article right now on black people using artificial robotic eyes bionic eyes to see and there are now basically kind of doing surgery were they put something into your eye and then they can program it
through these goggles at you wear and blind people can now effectively see since i like the character and start yes exactly that's exactly what it looks like to it it's called i think the argus two is one of the latest ones but the the point though is that part of my articles what are they doing now because the last year they went from like black and white to upgrading the eye to color they can program in the certain types of lights that hit color into your nerve cells but soon there against our programming things like we talked about gases or eventual just a matter of the machinery will be able to have whatever capabilities you can give it it's not a you were not limited anymore our eyeballs are limited to its biology but if we have some robotic that ties into the nervous system are nervous can understand anything the reason see much more than we see is because our eyeballs or frankly there quite poor when you give when you say about what kind of mechanisms are out there that can really attached inside there and so the
articles about what is the future of the ten year future of rub a bionic eyes i'm pretty big believer that in ten years will have bionic eyes that are almost equivalent of the human and probably within fifteen or twenty years people will start replaced one of their eyes for the bionic one in the he's not do so because i said you're gonna not just seeing one percent of the universe anymore peters and the programmes in the devices will be able to see far more you're gonna be to see through walls you're gonna be able to and this is this stuff companies are like literally working on right now i'm in its this is blindly i have already seen this happen in two thousand while the two thousand thirteen now they're starting to upgrade the software and you know what i'm from the start operating things it's and it's like ok we got the apparatus in place now let's see what kind of magic this can do in this just the eyeball the same things happening with the human heart the same he's gonna be happening with the ear very soon we're gonna be replacing place up
what's in ourselves and going for upgrades and our lives are going become much more complex better than longer but also explore it will be different experience will be sword like virtual reality it's such a different experience that once you ve gone through it you realise its cannot you know i heard you talk a little bit about drugs and the shown i am a big proponent of of experimental drugs myself i think it's nothing it's quite great for forgets to to do all sorts of staff including adults it is fucked up your presidential chances right their power no waiting at too great for kids do drugs but not now i don't know i don't mean kids i mean you know twenty something twenty one year old and above those young uns yeah i'm forty i guess kids or anything you know under twenty state aids or in the thirties fuckin kids net lackey kids but but ultimately you know whether we
i could not know whether you know again i'm not running on some presidential campaign to try to be they the guy who pretends these things it's i'm luckily not that point yet maybe in eight years i'll have wash alot more what i say but right now a big i don't think you will and the eight years from now we're going to be able to know exactly what you mean without you even have an assent i think eight years from now we're gonna have such amazing access to each other's mines that laws are getting closer and closer possibly the idle and i'll take you don't have to worry about people lying anymore with that would be great because then they weren't we can we can know under pretending stuff you know and the truth is think all of us and many are listeners we all realise that there are lots of things out through that the gun and considers illegal considers terrible that been very useful for artists creative types and basically people in general to expand their consciousness and i think you know the technology will be also some new form of enabling us to x
and our consciousness like said if we have a bionic i and it allows us to see different things that's got to mess with our in some way and you can combine that with all sorts of things and i'm a big advocate and in doing any as long as it doesn't harm someone else i think it's open game i agree and i think that when you we think about the possibility of improving our organs i think we can also look at the natural world and what we know about like for instance look what dogs can smell like the the incredible ability that some animals have to see things like my friend matt from he lives in alaska and we're talking this weekend about fishing and he was saying that sometimes when they fish they'll catch sharks and the poem out the the ocean like the catch them accidentally when efficient for halibut and when they release them they're on this four of the water and eagles can see them from a mile away they can see a fish
just swimming on the surface of the water from a mile away and they'll just show up they show up and they grab it's like this eyes like our vision of what that could be it so but think about like you see a fire in the distance and aunt has no fucking idea that fires out there know jamie was show me this photo of there was of huge fines last night in los angeles and from a distance it looked like like like a bomb had gone off it looked like a missile would hit some apartment building was a huge fire melted signs that we're saying on the mountain now we can see that but to a worm business can i do it's going on so we already know that biologically there are animals that have organs that work far better than the ones that we have so we're completely aware that their ability to smell things their ability to hear things i mean you can just like ruffle your fingers together
slightly across the room and my cats ear like turn like that you can hear shit that i could even hope to hear million years we know those organs exist we know that their capacities are far beyond anything that we have and if we start giving people cat eyes and cat ears and dog noses and you know the abyss to do that mean we will radically transformed human existence just based on not even fantastical like science fiction versions of these organs but organs that we know exists in the biological world now a hundred percent it out so my articles one of the funniest things about the articles that it's quite possible within ten years a blind person will see better than ever well biological person were they'll have the letty to see you know hundred fifty miles and they'll have ability to see various tiny things that are the human eye can never see that that's how far technique just come or a blind person has better site then a real powers
it's not here but its deftly probably gonna happen within the next decade have and glasses easels will glasses as i'm forty seven and as i've gotten older wanna things it's happened is most likely from fuckin staring at screens alla time my closer visions torreon suck like when i i can i can read like my life i phone i can read it fine no no issues at all but when i start being small print like all small website or something like that i need to put on the reading glasses that in their one and a half what regular vision is like so it's one plus fifty that's that's like robotics i mean this is like a bug this technology and putting something over my eyes it changes my eyes right now just goes over and some people they get lay sick they changed their their actual when they cut it they do with technology they changed the form of it and then
people get artificial lenses put in when they have issues or or you know they get injuries and i know of fighters who forgotten artificial lenses put into their eyes it's gonna it's gonna quit upon us i think it's like people with hearing aids and you know some folks of artificial hips i have a friend was an artificial hip the winners and artificial me you know and this these are becoming more more commonplace where they are taking parts there not working well anymore and replacing them with robotics i was just doing article apparently i think around three hundred thousand people in the world have this cochlear implant which is actually inside and dumb that's a thriller thousands not like hundred emmy that's a huge number around the world that are having hearing problems that have this that decides the dough undergoes surgery that involves a skull and head essentially and have this implanted that's great because some and those people apparently here far better and you know
now society is changing its just gonna take it's gonna take it take interview like this where people here about an you know if you hear about enough times the also like what i know someone else did that this that you know intervention everyone will sort is hopefully start to say well this is great in ireland and the big thing is really getting a lot more government funding for a kind of these kinds of things because some sometimes it seems so speculative but if we improve the world improve people's in biology beings in their livelihoods it's hard to argue with that kind of logic system can better it is getting better and as we said when it comes to technology if don't blow ourselves up or the the universe has sent rock our way it seems inevitable the will continue this progress it just seems inevitable
i think there is a certain duty that we have especially folks like you have that have the scientific know how our knowledge and that the information to inform people that this process is under way and you know better prepare yourself khazars there's no getting away from it as long as we human beings we are never satisfied there's a horsepower revolution right now with cars as gotten completely on hand and totally ridiculous i don't know if you were aware if you're a car person but in performance cars they reach this staggering level of performance at the highest end they have an american car now all the challenger held tat i drove one when i was in denver it has seven
hundred and seven horsepower it's fucking insane and it is a run of the mill not run of the mill but it's a standard production car you you get it from a crisis or dealership we go to dodge dealership he pick up an s archie challenger it drive it off the law you don't need to go to some flight school you dont need to show any and incredible provisions with high performance engines and they have cars now that regularly hit zero to sixty in less than three seconds less than three seconds you're going sixty miles an hour that's insane me this is far faster than race cars of a couple of decades ago and it's going to get faster and faster and faster and we're all going to be driving next formula one race cars around me it's going to be that bizarre and it's exist in we're seeing it now in internet speeds we're seeing in process for speed when computers when they when they eventually do go public with kwan
computing it's going to reach an entirely new level i don't even understand quantum computing i've read several articles on try to wrap my head around what the fuck it means i dont get it but a pet apparently in my crude understanding of it is there going to able to create computers that aren't just ten times stronger than the lionel this macbook i'm using but a million times or ten million times or a hundred in times when they have processing power that is literally unimaginable like we will get to appoint again whether it's a hundred years or five hundred years from now we get to a point where we are masters of the universe where we literally become gods we become an entity that has the ability to manipulate all matter all the time and my wish
with that is when this gets into the hands of everyday folks we have a priority in this country with guns and the problem is mostly people with mental health the gun problem in this country is not nearly as bad as people think it is this what i mean by that there are three hundred and fifty million people country the amount of actual mass shootings we have is very rare when you consider how many people have guns these are it's a mental health issue the issue is you're giving a one in vigil who is mentally ill they have the ability to get in control of this device a gun which can cause all sorts of incredible damage what happens when it's not you're not talking about a gun you're talking about something that manipulate matter you're talking about something that has the ability to radically transformed the environment in some sort of a way that this responsibility can't be it
it can't be over emphasised its we can get to a point worth average human being has the ability to create worlds we with the average human being has the ability to completely alter life as we know it for everyone else to exist on this planet whether that's a thousand years from now with its five years from now if we keep going where these technologies will eventually getting in the hands of of regular people how do we stop that mean how do we stop doing is that is the real question do we concentrate on mental health do we concentrate on getting people to live in harmony and peace before we create all these technologies or do we sort of figures as we go along and have it catch up you know that's like what you know nobody again this is you know to why i had was trying to do the trans him his party is that i'm trying to enter
do these concepts into politics because for example just was read an article they said you know the average kid can go spend a thousand dollars on ebay and create this kind of very professional crow biology lab in his bedroom where he could then launch potentially very dangerous diseases if he knows what he's doing and i thought the thousand dollars you know twenty that would have a hundred thousand also no one would have had access to accept you know and these the kind of things were i think a lot of government to agent these politicians are actually thinking about their just sing i will push that off to some other dates it so crazy but it's really not a crazy anymore what's happening is more and more people are getting more more access to power and that's why hackers put for example might be able to at some point in the future bring down entire systems if there are able to do that so we note your ear your questions on how do we stop that do we try to make everyone in live in harmony
a big believer that because to make them live in harmony is probably too we tried that four for ages no programmes and make him unlimited were to competitiveness as a species i think you need use technology to not only and the species but sorted to protect the species and decided this is difficult because i am i try to hold some libertarian values and of those values include not impeding technology or not impeding the right to use the things you want but i think that technology can really help guide us if we use it like ever talks about surveillance for example in also we live in this great surveillance world where everything we're doing us tracked and watched and there's always cameras but the reality is actually if you look at it a lot of the surveillance has made the world safer and better for free children for ourselves and yet we still out of us have the freedoms that i think
i want it i mean i still feel like a very free person almost all the time not happy paying taxes whatever everyone else the same way but the bottom line is we live in a pretty free world and that's knowledge has made it safer at the same time without really compromising our freedoms i think we can continue going down that path or weaken use technology to continue to monitor people monitor the kinds of things that make it very dangerous for an individual to get you know some type of our in his hands that weaken remake universes or whatever or just a michael biology lab recreates a virus then releases it into the water supply i think we can use technology to stop that but at the same time i think we can use technology to grow the species as a whole that's a very fine balance because we're probably have to give up some freedoms for probably going to have to up that this idea of actually no government are this idea of too much government you know come you're gonna have to change as technology grows technologies
to be leading governments from here on out its technical governments have looked a technology define their solutions not oh well that's you technology on occasion to solve this technology is in the driver's seat and i dont a lot of people realise that anymore they think they're in the driver's seat or they think we can still control that all but the round is our life is so determined by the amount of structure that progress and knowledge has put in our lives its nose gaping anymore and yet it's done very good things i think we need to continue with it and put more of our faith into it might mean you no more regulation more observed more tracking eventually we're all gonna be interconnected with chips so this idea of you mentioned earlier maybe ten years or be able to read my thoughts i have them recently put on some of the head reading equipment and done a few articles on the and wave reading stuff is fascinating a singularity university professor a credible we were there
future society in florida few months go speaking together and he said salt spoken language won't be here in twenty years vice seas spoken language won't be here so i did an article on that and he said look we ve worked singularity university professor there any brainwave technology is increasing so quickly in the law two years it's jump in another two its can jump in ten years we're going to have the ability and you know just last year or i guess it's about eight months ago a man in a person in india and a person in france had the telepathy thoughts they were without saying where to each other he said hello and the weather once a chow and that's just the start in five years everything is can you explain that technology to folks sure so basically it uses this energy technology which is a very complicated were disabled i'll just say it's that technology and essentially the brain creed certain types of waves when you have certainty
the thoughts in various places the body very pay varies some of the brain and the head you have can read it and those based on algorithms based on a lot of repetitious practice if you're thinking like fire a helicopter for example the army's working flying helicopters with using these brainwave headsets it knows lift it knows turn left in those right based on the soldiers you know repeated like saying ok experience say ok this always means the same thing and they put it so good other that they know when you say hello and they know when you say goodbye now and if just concerned that to another person and then stimulate that person the same way it's able to a very basic level right now tell that person that what you feel or what you what you actually said except become soon feeling in your thoughts and i'm not a scientist i'm not doing a very eloquently but that's the basic structure of it in the idea is
eventually we'll have signals going into signals coming out that ultimately can make us here these things head you know i mean we're hearing stuff in her head right now but we're doing through our senses but if we bible the senses and just go right to the neurons and stimulate them it be the same thing and that's essentially what they're trying to do with that with that type of technology its is very primitive right now but it's growing so fast and there's a huge amount of people that think the brainwave reading headsets will become the next iphone technology which as you know why why do we need an iphone when you can just where this little device in your head and you like you tell her you know tell your wife or tell you you know i want to take our pizza here i want to reserve a flight you know we're gonna have siri that's going to be much more improved in a few years and all these things we digitally just done through your thoughts so you know this single airy professor who i truly believe said we probably won't be speaking to each other will be at us we'll be era
conference and everyone will be plugged in and you'll be thinking things because it's a lot easier just to think it and you know and is that different than what we're doing right now if their headsets like it said the ears interface but if you just go right the brainwaves and stimulate those places the brain that know how to recognize it will learn this new form of communication and my articles based on them weathers whether will need second languages because google translate already translates things instantaneously so i suffer through six years the spanish i've been working on trying to teach my daughter chinese and spanish right now my wife like yes we must go through but i said will do we me need to what if we all have headsets instant translations with anyone on the planet through our thoughts you know this is the kind of thinking words like wow that's real trance human thinking because maybe all a second languages will die out we will just go to one language in my book i talk about lisbon bond which is this theirs
various types of language is out there that are better for communicating site big ideas or logical ideas and they don't come sitter in english has all sorts of imperfections in it and that's why it's some it is difficult to learn and most languages have imperfections but a couple scientists have worked on other forms of languages that are much more easier for example to programme into a computer there's types languages that a computer can process a lot more simply than for example english if you're trying to each a computer a language and because there's feminist and masculine types of findings and things like that that can trick things if they're irregular but certain languages have any irregular things and so scientists worked on these language but the idea immensely we might arrive twenty years at a perfect language that will all use it be our the occasional be a lot quicker more expedient simpler and dumb it all be done through brainwaves
and you know the world to be a very different place you think of it with just one single language is thinking about things but to be some sort of tower of babel type shit we're gonna have that inside of our head with some technology glee created translation device allows us to utilise this universal language that computers create i feel so dumb just listening to this my mouth is starting unconsciously go slack over and i talk about it but i don't know any the ins and outs of it because the kind of you know the question of like how technically do they do this this i insist that are working on this have spent their entire lives on this and the other scientists that are trying to look into it don't even what they're doing and their experts on it and then you have people like myself discussing it's it's amazing but you know it's true happen and that i think the more important things that their developing these things and
these brainwave reading technologies is now a number of companies that are selling it i'm sure at the local target and you know that's already here those so crazy but she so hard to wrap the mind around the potential of something like that sound sort of in a bit me if you think about like what regionally what morse code was did i did it i did and now you know you send a text message and now you can talk in your phone and send a text message i have on you know they have that google voice thing for you you can or not not google voice we could you use google voice does work we could ask you know google
questions but i have this sum this application on my phone with iphones notepad an eight when i have ideas when i'm in my car i just talked to the phone and it transcribes it and it's almost perfect except for weird words it it doesn't understand generally speaking i give you said to it concentrate on new technology that make sure that people can see like eagles it'll do that and make it perfect your message no i haven't but i've i've seen it but access will do it right now because it is it's just so crazy how good it's gotten you just precious little button right here concentrate on new technology that allows people to see as well as eagles do bam perfect absolutely
perfect absolutely perfect and i just hard thing in all version talks like i would normally if china you know send a message to someone who is trying to communicate to someone and it takes it and it's doing right now i'm doing that that's incredible you should you should type in the google the mine wave reading post photos to twitter you know they have devices where you can actually post directly to twitter and facebook by thinking it based on those devices i was just telling you about that's incredible my thought was the the the difference between morse code which they created a language did you dear dear dear did it they had to create amount of sounds it meet me and ass certain maoist sounds that mean a zero you know there's all these different or rather there's all these different sounds that correspond with letters and then he had a peace that together and create a language out of it or create a word out of it
now you're able to just say the word and it transcribes it but eventually if this technology comes to fruition and you'll have a thought and that i will be transcribed to a universal language is someone in india sullen ends i air someone in south america anyone anywhere no matter what they speak will use this language response but that there won't be any other languages other than this you know like wasted cursive used to be standard i had alerted growing up my kids don't know they don't know what it is my dog six and they do not teach cursive anymore it's gone and they're gonna typing will be gone too typing probably by the time i eleven month old gets to six wondering if they're going to even do typing because a lot of it will eventually just be what you said verbally speaking or thinking you no end
and it's all it's amazing all these technologies that we thought were so breakthrough eventually get too when when they're so obsolete and youth and then you try to tell a person what it was like in they just look like i don't get it why did you do that no i didn't have a voice navigation system when your car no i just use everything on my iphone i'm a transom as i'm not very high tech with that such like talking about no but i dont actually have that much technology in my aspect we may even have a television you dont have a television no you know we just how do you watch tv than we did we have we don't have the tv we just as we watch dvds and stuff like on a lot o pewter we know we have a big giant screen we just don't we have no tv whatsoever not even local access oh i say so you have a big tv you just we have cable or satellite yeah yeah so we the internet we just use the internet for everything and its
kind of like it's funny because i think tv is one of the things were first thirty forty fifty years of such a mainstay and then all son your trying to teach your kids and say well here to squander like what we don't have it with none necessary anymore you know and eventually i'm sure a big giant screen tv will be necessary might just be it well one thing that you carry round her and i am i or something like that i mean it's constantly in flux and that's the great thing about it is constantly changing a mean yeah i wonder of will you know if in five years you'll be using a laptop for what you're doing now might just be used maybe something more projected from a hologram or something like that from
i've seen those and i have seen that they know the new watches that exists like i'm like a little bit of a fit bit thank ryan projects and image on your rest and you could touch it and play with it the same way that you would like a touch screen on of an actual phone mean this this found that i have now of this this big iphone have an iphone and i also have this big samsung galaxy s five and with both of em they're so big and so good that i often comes i go on the road i don't use a laptop anymore i answer all my emails on this on the same song and its plenty big for images its plenty big for web surfing the only result even use a laptop is because the companies it's another programmes actually work with each other and sometimes a laptop is the only way to make it you know what the cycle ashen stuff yeah and end they do that purposely because they want you to eyes many gadgets is possible but you know eventually they allah i heard something like thirty years worth it
technology now fits into an iphone you know thirty cuz you can watch movies on it you can my music on it you can do all your if you're in math clashing dear calculators and stuff that and television is now an iphone so that that's how small it's gone but i bet thirty years it's gonna get to something size your thumb nail and inside your head you know we'll have all this recording will be done with no equipment just probably big jain tables yeah remember my first computer at some crappy mac that i bought that i don't even think it had a one gigabyte hard drive i mean i don't think i don't think they existed back then i got a computer and ninety ninety four from compusa which doesn't even exist anymore and i think i'm pretty sure was less than one gigabyte and then our member in the future i ordered a computer that had a four take a bite hard drive and unlike this is fucking crazy for get abides now my phone is
hundred and twenty eight gigabytes is little tiny narrow thing this is a case on it in its narrow just slides when in your pockets get a hundred twenty eight gigs and this one the samsung has cards slide in new ones you can stick in sixty four gigs hundred twenty eight gigs just keep sticking in little tiny steve cards there so small and a hundred and twenty gives me doesn't make sense anymore and you know with the cloud the cloud is deftly where the futures it's not there's going to be no more gigabytes on our phones everything would just be interconnected will all have these floating big giant databases above us and i already em used the cloud for a lot of my stuff because i do a lot of videos and photos the kids and just adds up to much space on the actual phone and and i realise that you know you could run programmes it you can just run it computers in the cloud now just you know it just all about the new programmes coming out in the
eventually everything will just be probably a hologram screen connected to somewhere up there wouldn't eminem it's obviously metaphorical but damn will be interconnected that way without actually even having much of a device so yeah it's it's and that's probably five years away that when i'm speaking out i mean i think that the cloud is probably the most heavily invested things of gadget technology that they're trying to do right now and eventually will all be interconnected the story i just did on artificial hearts it's such an interesting story because they just did the second completely robotic artificial heart surgery on a patient in france and am u robotic hearts have been around for ten or fifteen years or maybe twenty but they were always a way to keep someone alive until they found a transplant heart but there now starting to robotic hearts that replace the real hearts and that's it that's the only hard that person's gonna have for the rest of his life or her life
so far been two guys and dumb so we ve just now ass twelve months we ve crossed that with now robotic hearts are no longer temporary replacement they are at the final replacement and em they're all wifi in there have wifi things about in my article is like if you want to be in a fight you could pump up your heart you know with your cell phone for example if you know in the ring and you could fight that much better if i'm surfer they wait or if you want to meditate or sleep you know you could put it the sleep oh your heart go slower you know instead of these are the way you're gonna be able to control the technology in your life and cynthia i found about the d the story i did was dick the former vice president had this little device i was attached to one of his the valves in his heart and if you'd read but he was actually afraid of terrorist attacks because that was wifi controlled as well that was an app
sort of homeland yeah yeah yeah used that car technology to suit hacking someone's heart so the technology is coming it's crazy but they're gonna start doing that and what people are actually really worrying about that kind of stuff to its actually here today and dumb so you know it's just a totally brave new world but it is also pretty awesome because when you think of the possibilities of having robotic heart and now you want to go for example you wanna be a go free diving like free died and you want to go down as far as you can maybe a couple hundred feet this is the kind of i'm a good programme your heart to actual work with you like said he went to sleep the younger even have sex in i mean our son you could programme your heart to be a different person then you might have been normally will that there was one of the things in trance transcendental man where they were talking about the potential
using now botz or artificial blood cells the you'd be able to hold your breath underwater for an hour just just you know just using these artificial blood cells have get created they they just that this last year was when the big things for that were they have some kind of injection when for example someone has been drowned for thirty minutes and they can injected into blood supply its when the first things are trying to put forth that they can now doing accident like that but it works in the same way we're allows you to hold auction in your body a lot longer than you only would have and so of course one of my very first opening articles after the book was on the trans humanist olympics and this is the idea that instead of having so many strict regulations regarding drug control and what technology you can use during real competition y know make a competition where you anything goes where weightlifter can use any types of enhanced and
you know and athletes can use any type of technology they get their hands on and you know it's great because for example if you did this thing with each other could you cells maybe awesome races will be underwater it's it's considered that you all the son you can be you can go underwater long enough that's why sometimes when you see backs rockers is to be swimmer they kick esparza and water cause they can go faster there's less resistance promise no one can hold their breath long enough and so on if you could do that it could change the face of swimming and the same thing can happen with almost any sport that year you think of special power lifting when you actually just a burst of energy instead of lifting what their lifting now that might be able to have three or four times at with steroids tat are just design for to give you ten seconds of just pure age but the problem that is what we look for in common
asian where we look for and sports is someone transcending the ability of the average person with discipline and focus in and drive and will that they work really hard and concentrate really hard on their technique and then they get to some point where there are michael jordan or some you power lifter if you could just programme and in what would be the point watching it we would like eliminate a lot of the really magical moments in sport because we're gonna create a bunch of super athletes but on the other hand if you don't do it yeah my take on his gonna to be that we're going be able to manipulate biological bodies in in in a way where you're going to be able to literally create an incredible hulk like someone is going to be that and if we're watching athletes that are totally natural and have all these limitations but your mail man can jump over your fuckin house like we're gonna be bored with regular sports they're not going to have the ability
but what who's gonna watch football very what is the hawk you know it mean if if you have a team up sixteen hawks on one side and sixteen hawks in the other and it's all about when a ball across a line we worked out fuckin world we live in and i think that's you know from just when a commercial perspective that's why i like the idea of having two separate types of sporting endeavour for example you have the stuff we have now because i totally agree with you i've been an athlete my whole life did water pull through college and stuff like that the idea is your right point of it is that i work my boat off and i got i was good it in our and dumb but achieving of some gets it take a drug just as a scientist developed it and he had more money in that you know to do it and then their better and that's why i think maybe two fields could be created like one trance humus olympics one of them takes whatever it is supporting with cheap did the regular
yeah now trans human as they would cheat mean that's what you haven't i mean there was the big argument about lance armstrong lance armstrong got busted cheating and there they they do no took away his tour de france winds but if you want to go back to the person that hasn't tested positive for drugs on the tour de france you gotta go back to accept 18th place because everybody was cheating so it gets this point we're like is achieving in everybody's cheating or is it just some unfortunate aspect of this competition that people don't admit what they need to do in order to be able to raise like this will think everything will if you d go the trance humanist competition rout everything was sort of become like race car competition where you have a really good driver but then you have engineers behind him that make the vehicles so that he can get that far and and that's part of
cool thing is like you're like well you here's this engineer from poorest or whatever and becomes for celebrities or you know french you olympics world i think scientists would maybe becomes celebrities as much as you know becomes popular fig because you would really say what he's the one who made this athletes this lastly this actually do all those records so it would be kind of different you know i think maybe even a different word should be used when be sports anymore might be something new because it would be something so different you would be taking the coaches and the engineers and scientists behind that athlete
whole another level yam what would that be you mean i think part of what we love about sports is the fact we know it so difficult to become a great athlete it involves like like the dedication of the like we go back to the movie rocky i go one thinks of people loved about us it he got up when he was tired he hit that alarm cocky drank the raw eggs went jogging you know he was doing all these things that he didn't want to do to push his body to reach this level of fitness that allowed him to go and fight apollo creed you know what a guy who really i was out of his leaky rose the occasion with hard will and determine heart and will and determination and hard work that
that's like what excites us about sports then we know it's hard to do if it becomes easier to do i mean if the average person didn't go to some trans humanism clinic and get a shot of narrow botz and become you know some ultra man some some some person that it has capable of these far beyond the normal biological body will mean we might lose interest my lose interest no you're right but you know that the problem is what you said and another on the head when he said what what what and doing the male man is a better basketball player that michael jordan just because he's on these data take me things or a ten year old who puts on turn exoskeleton suit just runs it's faster than horse in and you know it doesn't matter what if you're an olympic limpet printer it i'm sorry but aren't sports
silly in that sense i mean we're concentrating on this this thing that we talk about this this competition aspect of our lives but if we reach some incredible transcendent point in india the physical ability the people because of technology does it really this is sport really matter anymore i mean it's kind of a silly thing to concentrate on about this being the one thing that we're going to lose i could give the shit if that ball goes in that net you know like a he made a basket whew doesn't really change the world know or is it far more impressive at the average person no longer has the limitations that the biological body yet no i i think to some extent probably what you know i guess one aspect i dont think sports will fade away because sport has become one of the greatest methods that people used to become you know that it's the one of the inspiring events that we have as a species that brings us together and size hard to see that going way but again
if everyone has access this incredible technology they may not be necessarily like so involved in right now for example the superbowl is one of america's big nine events i never i don't really understand wives that way but it's hard see that changing anytime soon even if we get really crazy access to technology somehow that's become kind of part of our culture these this type of competitive friendly competitive you know endeavours that we do the world cup just came and remember that was like when when you actually have so many people all thinking the same thing isn't like steroids and you know and even supplements to that to a certain extent aren't they essentially like low level engineering of the human body amidst it's like a low level genetic engineering mean that's that's what you're doing when you're adding steroids your adding a chemical to a system that forces that system
warm and exemplary matter that's really not possible without the steroids now it's totally i think that orange yet it's in its day mace its unnatural but what is unnatural i mean in today's day and age bases unnatural bases everything's well i mean amy reading it it's true if europe but from a friend a fact that come from both from a certain perspective everything is kind of like you know if it comes from certain elements it's their its natural use it would use it if its useful and functional in everything that human beings create in fact natural because we are natural and we of we have a built in curiosity and a built in thirst and hunger for innovation that is mean how much different is that then unnatural animal the forges for food mean that is what they do we want our actual that they dig a hole in the ground and find the the roots looking for the animals they want to eat all these things are natural and that's why you know i've been everyone's also in a built in that
and humanism stuff you're doing so unnatural my say actually it's its potentially the most natural thing that you know we have and becoming robots might actually be a incredible natural process for human beings one day and you know that just its evolution so how can it not be a natural thing but you know just it's all perception and p wanna twistin say all i'd just too weird for me it's in any way that's it just too weird for them it's not any like big statement saying that it's a natural for us to transform ourselves whether were creating stew rights whether were putting microchips inside her head or whether we're just putting an exoskeleton suit and climbing mt everest i mean this these are they're always gonna be natural things i wish people would see that text algae more as a natural phenomenon rather than some type of like outside thing that comes into some alien and there were slowly started using i think if you had taught told in a century go hey we're all
may be interconnected on the cell phone with us on this internet we're gonna be doing video conferencing across the oceans people to look at in setting this his mental problem you know it's crazy and now everyone does it i mean i i know they have cell phones of some of the poorest villages in africa it's incredible how far it's come in it there's not an unnatural about its in fact is just amazing stuff that's gonna keep get more amazing that's the one thing that gives me the most hope about technology is that somehow or another it will raise the level of quality of life for people that live in poor areas and you did the cell phone is a perfect example that it used to be gordon gecko on the beach with that a gas brick fallen in you know in wall street and i was like wow this guy's got access to a phone in these walk on the beach this super high tech
now you know i've been to brazil and seen people in the five alice in these poor neighborhoods had have cell phones and have smartphones if i phones are new or android phones and this is becoming more and more prevalent all throughout the world in africa was different places i think the quality of life and as far as the access to health care as far as the ability to communicate with each other as far as the access to modern comforts that's the one thing that gives me the most hope about the exponential growth of technologies that i hope it elevates the quality of life for the people that are stuck in the lowest one percent five percent ten percent whatever it is in the world that slowly that life will be a far better far less suffering far farm a you know are easier existence in a day in fact with this technology can concentrate on other things because the technology frees up a lot of resources and
it allows them to raise up their quality of life raise up their education raise up their healthcare raise up their government like all these things one fact raise that we look at africa is a perfect example we look at the congo which is this incredibly rich area in terms of resources but incredibly poor in terms of the quality of life for the people who live there if we could somehow or another raise that up where like the people that live in the congo have the same quality of life of the people that live in the average american city city you have a radically different world radically different world it would change everything like that that could be one of the biggest changes that technology brings in the world the elevation of the quality of life of the eu person on the planet now and until a green fact that's when the big reasons i'm such a big proponents urban promoter of the internet because the one
the internet has done i did a huge amount of reporting i think thirteen or fourteen muslim or middle eastern countries for national geographic i went to various places in them nothing but the internet is its offered a sense of democracy and even though a lot of those places still don't really had it says why we had some of the uprisings i think recently is that you get enough people on the internet and they find out things there like wow this is what some person is doing in los angeles why don't we do that here and damn that's happened as computers or cell phones are slowly appearing in these places that never had access to that its inhabitants to stay in your culture especially it's kind of some type of authoritarian culture if you have access to them kind of information because it may yep and you're gonna you're gonna revolt in that really that's why cell phones are so important and just
regarding the malaria thing we talked about earlier in the solomon islands one the reason so many people die from malaria is they can't get access to the drugs but if you can call someone and have them a healthy person make the walk over the mountain they bring me the drugs but the promise in the past has been no way to call there's no telephone lines but funds have enabled that to happen so france is one the main reasons that a lot of villages in africa are a lot of villages and f group have cell phones this reason for literally nickel reasons so that people can come in and take out sick people when otherwise have to walk days just to get into to get them to help and so i mean this kind of technique energy is literally changing the face of how especially poor people live in making them live better longer so that mortality rates or are just everything's getting better and m i'm totally full that take everyone says oh you know big brother
technology or you know that it's a new world order i have a lot of conspiracy theories and always leave me threats but i keep saying that you know view threats they leave me threats because i'm you know now saying a lot of stuff like i advocate for using microchips and people's heads and and and using technology as a means to improve life but they think it's all part of the elite trying to control us and i always say them but the fact is that all all people around the world are getting more more access to tat this technology that's proving their lives you know if what the elite do i'm not saying there's elite behind anything but if that's what they do than that's a good thing because it's happened there in its not in the least thing it just happens to be that it costs a lot of money and develop technology at first it take a few years to trickle down maybe takes a few decades but history has shown that most technology has trickled down from wherever came from and that does summed up most people in the world have access to to allow
the development that has come through the pipeline i had the few weeks i debated johns airs and he's the leading philosopher of the end arco it kind of capitalist will he's a these basic and anti civilization philosopher he really advocates for going back to entirely primitive lifestyle and i we really had a debate at stanford university and went well he's a nice guy but he is he represents kind of the anarchists in my book anarchy steam so i can't completely dissociate myself from some of the radical missionary ideas that are there but at same time he the case for things that would absolutely harm some of the poorest people in the world harm basically everyone by giving up the things that have made us live longer and better when you
actually my wife is a doctor says she's done a lot of work in africa when you take away tat ology and met sin and you know modern science from the people especially the poorest people they have a very hard times surviving they go right back to the way a lot of tribal people had lived for long times work people die from a cavity people die from the simplest of in fact since we now have ways to deal with all that so lifespans are growing growing not just growing in america the growing all around the world are growing africa and they're getting better so what is this guy wants what does he want to happen so primitive way of life yes oh he advocates he says all harm came from basically the development of technology and in canada
basically when we lived in tribes and we were in very communal tribes were much happier as human beings i've heard this shit so many times for trust me bananas what's he do john there's an spells z ye are the end and we literally just had a big kind of public debate at stanford university research it went well but it was ludicrous it the anarchists is the chance humanist in the auditorium like forty one is of little bits and she actually there there are the black block guys in other though the guy's and like that go through the oakland riots and when you have rights and they put on the black stuff the black mass and would not know you know whenever you see like the world trade organization the people that kind of that those their coal black black people they usually there they try to make himself completely anonymous and any was there some of those guys there and it was a little bit sketchy because it was a pretty heated these guys think that all trans humanist or aiming to
turn the world into robots so they actually feel quite angry they they really there like you want to kill us by making us become different types entities and trans you must say what you guys want to kill us by taking us back to a domestic to this kind of very primitive lifestyle most of us can survive as we'd all starve is not enough hunting the ring so they want to hunt yes they want to take us back essentially two hundred and gather a lifestyle and that's that's that's their platform yes that's a hundred percent platform the whole world hunger and gather hundred hundred percent the whole world that doesn't work with seven billion no no i know that indeed and they know that two yet they they add kate in the same way that like some we advocate things they did their trying to make a point that knowledge has made human beings unhappy and our point is that acknowledges made human beings live better and longer and happier
does so they advocate for that and it's a big pre big movement i mean there certainly allow bigger than trance whom so all these guys they hunt for their own food they know nothing about another they're all hypocrites in that sense and because even in and this is not criticism of there and there is really no way for for example for two even get mr zalm to a debate here to fly from or again yet that we're gonna win scenario we u speakers you know i'm stuck rather he wears clothes but has a watch john johnson is the he's the is the confidence of the unabomber and that's why he he's gonna taken over the euro bombers position he will he knew the unabomber he knew he was thinking he was a good friend of his who is there during the entire court proceedings i'll fuckin kill so this is why i had a lot of threats because you know when debating him you're sort of debating some of the ideas of the unabomber who still has a large following well you know the unabomber they screwed his mind up in the harvard lsd
it is actually dont know that much about an hour my god that this he was a part of those original lsd studies and i believe it was the sixties before they made ellis the illegal and they fuckin towards that guy's brain i mean they they harvard did a bunch a series of experiments on people with lsd and the rest also those experiments are all classified but there's a documentary called the net that when in great detail i believe is a german documentary that talked about but its very public its public knowledge that he was involved in the harvard lsd studies and very likely the day looked his fuckin brain with extraordinary stored narrowly large doses of el as d in these clinical settings and who knows what kind of funds test their ran on these guys and but he came that went to berkeley and made enough money essentially teaching just to be able to build this house this little small cabin up in the woods and start his plan
and murder people who were involved in the creation of technology i mean that the fact that anybody could leave out just look only purely at his philosophy and leave out the fact that they they cook this guy's brain on acid and who knows what kind of dosages mean if you go back to some of the 1950s with soldiers and they did studies with housewives there was varying doses like this that they know they would give people a couple you know like what would be you know what the average hit what you would call a couple hits of acid and i don't know what the or does it should be but they would give them a hundred hit given telegraph right they would cook their fuckin brain with this stuff and guy came out of those studies and there is a direct link there has to be is a direct link to several people that have undergone large doses of lsd and severely diminish mental capacities afterwards severely diminished
abilities to rationalize reality too to view the world through the same though the same lens that they had before they took it it really fucked can fuck people's head up and this guy was one of them the fact that this version guy is you know a proponent of kosinski ideas yeah i mean if you look at the worst case scenario you know the eye robot scenario the the you know summoning the in scenario its put there is some potential that we could be doing something horribly bad by creating accelerating technology but if we do what are we to get where we don't we limiting ourselves to being animals or what let's throw away fuckin weapons its kill things where face like john why do i know you want to go super low tech because everything is technology no evoking stone access technology course so here an easy it's funny if he doesn't even advocate for a lot of he says domestic johnson and he doesn't so he was really good friends
rising sea for a while and then they had a falling out and in the process as yours and has become a kind of the leader of that movement since kosinski has been in prison war probably not representing his ideas accurately but but but so zeros and essentially you know he i think knows what he's advocating would kill billions of people however i in his main message is that technology because apple he blames these a school shootings is are a result the increase of school shootings in america are a result of our discontent with technology these are one of the things we debated about it at stanford random and i disagree i think there are in the system for mental health is there exactly and mental health issues happen a number of reasons and perhaps too most of you know air if everyone has people with mental health have access the guns it just goes wrong sometimes and then the media explodes it and you know but all
where i think you know a lot of people feel the same way that citizens ideas are we out there and he's not taking in the whole picture which is what i feel but at the same time you know he can he's in charge now hour at least he's written number of books were a lot of people follow for potentially millions of anarchists around the world that are take in very serious issue with and so they have there are some of the same people that are now i think they are recently a google book bus and there's been other attacks including physical tat exactly sure what happen with google buzz i think there was some physical attacks with it but their basically you know it is combined with the occupy movements its those sort of fringe groups are starting to say well there's too much surveillance is too much government there's too much this there's too much technology involved in a course trans humanists are pitted sort of against it all saying actually technology improving the lives of everyone in europe
i i'm gonna send your tax or do arrange any of your movements without all this happening without all this technology so what's happened as ever since that moment i have been sort of under attack as the guy who went against serezana and we're probably can actually have another public debate because human like each other we were fine talking to each other yet we represent totally extreme and he really does advocate going back to a truly hunter gatherer eliza high doesn't do that himself no does aunt i'd i grow my own food i grow vegetables i have chickens i get eggs from i hunt but i just don't think you can have it and it's not for everybody people don't want to my friend stephen our who's the host of the show mediator
hunting show he has a really great point is like we have a lot of society has come up with all sorts of methods where we don't have to do everything we don't have to be responsible for eliminating our own waste for getting rid of our own garbage we'll have to be responsible for digging the whole and burning it we don't have to be responsible for our own sewage system in a we don't have to do any more society figured out a way like there's nothing wrong with a supermarket his ideas that yeah there is a disconnect when you just pick up a piece of meat it's you know neatly wrapped in saran wrap rapid noted foam tray but that's that's a part of progress so part of civilization you can go back to hunt if you want it is an option but its very difficult to do and most people are not going to do it and then three i like it i like doing it makes me feel connected to what i'm meeting but you don't have to do it something wrong with going to supermarket you know in the this idea that we need to go
acta hunter gatherer lifestyle this is a short sighted idea because that life phuket sucked you know people died broke their legs they were dead i'm cavity and they die from cavities armenia it's just infractions yes skin infections dead you know you had an open wound dead septic dead now know antibiotics all that's technology its i find that incredibly shortsighted no in i am i have had the lock him one of the ways i actually even got involved the national geographic ass i had visited a tribe in vienna watch on my cell trip and i was the very first warner in this tribe and ninety ninety five and they had never i think only two or three people have actually been off the hill or off the mountain their kebab mountainside amounts again through this mountain range and been to the ocean and seen even a town some most that people had never seen anyone outside of people in their village and so i was
i first want to actually get access into this my went back later for national geographic and film them but actually seen first hand a true the indigenous and authentic tribe and m almost about forty percent of the kids do not live until they're like twelve or thirteen here because they die from various things that's no way to run a society when you losing almost half of your population people you love because of stupid things snake bites malaria disease you know i mean stuff that we can deal with well that's why prone of societies are soon to fertility rituals there so they had already credible infant mortality rate where did you get no i mean so much death and it's not a place to be happy it's not a play its it's you know i mean i've never been in the village of in their couple times never been in their village when it wasn't in a state of morning it's always state of mourning morning there their rights lay at last month
it isn't there never gonna be in a knot estate of mourning someone is always dying and when you have a society like that it's incredibly difficult to come up with technological innovation could you constantly worried about staying alive feeding her fan fighting off the enemy whether it's an animal nature what whatever it is you know totally in this is it's like you know in our debate which i talked about this but this is what is so great about about you know our societies that we have time leisure time to dedicate to the things that matter to us for example you get a cab you can replace it with a fake tooth and their look i can eat stake again as a those two well you ve lost your teeth now you're stuck eating shrubs or whatever it is you know i mean it emily tribes well because the hours or what it would actually yeah yeah i know you're saying i know exactly you say it's a i think people they fuck up with this either orthe
they fuck up this blog your way too far it's not a black and white issue it's like it is complex and we all have a limited amount of technology that we must use to exist in this world today whether its close if you live in a cold environment that is technology whether it's in a vehicle house all these things we these are human creations and human innovation a fucking house itself is a human creation and if you want to live in a house than you want technology me that that's reality do you not like insulation well guess what insulation was created by humans would you gonna use a lighter gets what that is fuck face that's it you going to start all your fire with flint so have you not you're a hypocrite no of course in that's that's the problem with those perspectives in there taking the either or instead of saying what what is the middle ground i think you know it's important also that transport ministers take a step back and try to work with other groups and and say well
times and i agreed with a few of his points there are times that technology does alienate us or make us forget some of them parts out we ve just talked about likes what would do we really want to live in a universe it's totally robotic maybe it's boring so there are we need do need to keep some of the ridiculous as we discussed in our lives are some of the year the chaos but them in vacation foregoing air just advocate going back words to such an extreme with such a far fetched i idea but you know i think like i said it's a big movement and there's a lot of people that have gone down there well there's nothing wrong with it for the individual individuals involved that movement if you want look there's plenty of area in alaska if you so choose to go and get some land in when build a house and live off the land and live a subsistence living if that's for you you can do man you can do that
you can live like that and there's there's a bunch of shows dedicated to the people to do it least life below zero what am i favour ones is fine you can do that is nothing new with that but to think that society has to do that to man you're dead your heels in on a process that is impossible to slow down its the train lifelong time there's no changing this mean we this is what we're about now it's what we ve been about since they invented metal you know what it's it's been a slow process the combustion engine tyres roads all of it is almost an unstoppable process three d printing is fascinating to me and those one things out to bring up when it came to africa and you were talking about the ability to use cell phones to get medicine i m fascinated by the ability to actually produce things the produce things in in like things that are necessary for survival in these villages the ability to instead of have goods
chipped in to produce them and ultimately maybe even possibly produce medicine of technology continues to improve to produce ever nano botz that we're going to be able to inject into our bodies to have that a machine that makes those things those you can literally fix people on the spot in any remote location with these these types of technologies mean i think that's something that we have to afford them if eventually you can have something that fits in a backpack that you can anywhere in the world that's controlled by some type a wireless in a signals and you could procure like you know what i need something for this person because they broke their leg and make it right there on the spot i mean imagine what it would do for huge pot of swathes of the population that are actually dont have access to that type in it you can create the malaria medicine right out there so i mean it absolutely stands to change the world and i think i'm three deeper
he's probably one the most exciting things that have happened in this decade so far in us farce things in the press and things that we're looking for two and i think gum it it has passed billions of totally transforming manufacturing itself there might come a time when everyone in their house has won an end that you need whether its lava lamp her you know a table or you'll be to create parts of it are created and put it together and they will come with plans you know look at will in do now with printers with with photograph printers they can print these beautiful high resolution photographs from a cell phone you take your cell phone to get them around me fucking megapixels these things have now but there's this new iphone though the lens and there they took the camera on them it's beautiful you take these incredibly rich pictures and then you print them
this large for and put it on a frame and you would never know if you looked at that frame photos that came off of a regular computer printer from a cellphone mates amazing and this is something that still exist ten fifteen twenty years ago which is the technology wasn't available twenty years ago ten years ago they look like shit today they look amazing totally and you know in the future and are probably print them in your frame and put them right there on your desk in your done you know i mean it's it's gonna be a hologram you're right you jim you know it's gonna already be that which is a crazy seeing this new technology that the using wars are should called the with the little elephant in the guise hand there was with the one we did with louis from unbox therapy i find it you'll find it did i don't know if you even know about this but this incredible is that google that working on some insane new technology that allows them to project three d
is there are moving with shadows on your hand like what we would star wars no i don't think so magically put this up put this up so he can get a look at this but there is there's a website that shows some of the demos it was going to be capable it was going to be possible with this technology but it's unbelievable there's a there's one that really gets me because i have daughters and there's a tiny ballerina dancing on this girl's bed i mean look at this oh well that's brilliant yeah there's this guy has asked for folks listening to this magic leap l p p is the name of this technology and google it disguises hands open and there is a small elephant floating and dancing in his hands and they're going to be able to project things that aren't really there out in the world
and have you no floating dragons i mean they're going to be like theirs of picture here we're lookin out of these kids looking at these beautiful seahorses that are floating above their desk in the classroom this one gets me this little girl watching ballerina dance on her bed i dont know what the projection mechanism is what the technologies involved in like what you know is it will where does it come from i'm not sure but god it looks insane such incredible that i mean imagine all the billboards they're are going to be taken down users can protect stuff but gascons costs car crashes thanks now me it's not a real avenant nos magically shit me this as a whole host of problem now i'm in eight will change the entire world of advertising it just like you know the whole thing you're just be liked but in it change the entire thing that i haven't seen that yet i'm surprised when they come out it's pretty recently this month ok
how dare you not cutting edge trends humanism working too hard i think that working together on the twitter with the young kids today but we didn't find out about to louis came aren't explained to us but it some it's mine blowing and this is obviously look you're pre in tune with the stuff and you are unaware of this and i mean how many other technologies are on the verge of announcing that these guys i've been working on for years and in these folks are about to put out and just we're not we're not aware yet when that came out of like oh this is why those leaps that i never saw coming you know you looking at that guy's hands if that's real that's a working model now on a cd i representation of what they actually going to be able to do that's mine boeing stuff totally totally i hope it's not like the hover board thing were
in other words that did you see the harbor commercial that came in ass it was like it was i you know but then it ended up not being real but then i think in the last few months they actually did do one that was sort of real disorder yeah but it's i'm a surfer an escape worse i look forward to that kind of thing just sounds like something i dreamt of you know when i was a young kid i think it's going to be a combination of like that hover board technology along with those scooters where those things called those gyroscope scooters i'm talking but those got sideways yellow segwarides we were in a secular amazing our amazingly app cabin name's good buddy of mine and he was doing that that movie paul blog mall cop and you know in the movies ride around in the silly subway and he got one because of his i do they are he's gonna like uranos scooters that really fun but i wrote like this is incredible you leaned forward to make it go and he leaned back to make it stop u turn like you shift your weight to turn within its there
maison earlier last i know they they haven't like you can just rent them for being here vacation really fun the really the promise when they run on batteries you're fucked us like a majority bush was on one it went out of batteries and went flying over the top of it because it's just stops and adjust falls down so like when the batteries out like you fuckin tilt forward and fall flat base because the gyroscope is somehow another balancing your weight out like as you're moving with this thing it's sort of correcting going back and forth with you when it runs out of batteries how how long do they go just good question i don't know how long can most tesla's go and they even those things me at those are amazing they're only good for like three hundred miles on right highway right right yeah electric car thing is going be mean they're gonna don't they don't think far quicker than the elegant
horsepower engined not quicker but comparable color we're talking about horsepower wars like these new teslas the tesla model d i believe is comparable to let go really high end like a sports car right now like i think they're doing zero to sixty in under four seconds that you have that ability with an electric car in the special because i think they have four wheel drives is not as much traction issues as they have with with some two wheel drive cars they're getting there now and it's also they don't have gears the way like you have to go first gear second gear they just go because it doesn't have a combustion engine doesn't have to sort of regulate the power through a transmission where is a completely different kind of transmission so it's it's all pretty amazing stuff till it you know i used to erase motorcycles growing up and following a little bit of the electric motorcycle market too
slowly developing i don't even know but it's not nearly as complex and i don't know if anyone's making any money yet but they're of course trying to do the same types of things had to try to do the same types of things with all sorts of vehicles now including watercraft vehicles and boats and like that and i so the entire market could literally change and you know what technologies i love most is the exoskeleton technology because i have a feeling that within five years are now i think panasonic releasing its first exoskeleton commercially in the next few months at least according to some articles i did andy it supposed to cost around five thousand dollars i don't know how many are going to be available and not sure if it's even on schedule right now but it was a few months ago and apparently we going to be able to walk a little bit on and listen very heavy stuff but i'm assuming within five years you'll be able to run and play sports and think of some of the active first off its in it
change the way a lot of old unfit obese people handle their existence because either i a lot of can't go outside right now a lot of them can't get to the go from the bathroom to the fridge comfortably if you're wearing one of these things it's gonna be easier for a lot of unfit people to move so that could revolutionise america especially since we have so much obesity and diabetes and stuff like that i'm pretty sure five years you're going to see a lot more sporting events like thing like people running with it and that but you know you just look out it'll be jogging in their exoskeleton suits and their problems to be very soon able to jog as quickly as maybe horses or even as one day they'll probability able to outrun cheetahs it's really just a matter of of technology potentially doesn't dollar fifty five sixty miles an hour the summit resent that might be twenty years out but the thing is that
the great thing about exoskeleton technologies that it offers the ability for a lot of people to use it so some technologies like only ten percent of the population would actually use but exoskeleton technologies will get a huge m will become probably had a multiple in our industry very quick energy as i wore one of the cruder ones not our actions it cruder but it's us a fairly prototypical model and there was some a show that i did for safe i called joergen questions everything in one of em we went to this place and i put this suit on an economy walks with you like the kind of like makes your legs walk and for people we had a guy who's paralyzed from the waste out any use this and you could walk around with it
but it's attached a tether to this power pack and it's very but large and bore i know they're totally body still yeah but it's they're gonna be smaller and smaller and the power supplies can be smaller and smaller and as battery technology continues to evolve that's when things are stranger and stranger and harvard right now is working on a soft one like a soft exquisite exoskeleton suit and there's the one of them work on us for military people that are carrying these really heavy backpacks and it's not spoke b something sort of like the the steel one where it helps you to walk its immediate helps you to walk but is not supposed to be like you can lift stuff with it it's just supposed to help you go much further distances without getting tired so it's like adding twenty thirty percent of your walking capacity to you and i pray i've seen already the tests on them and harvard and it's pretty billing have you heard about his armor that harbour that that hardens on impact the harvard exoskeleton allow widow
seen here just walking and yet this is the soft that's incredible and this is the i think that will really catch on because people are going to feel a bit afraid of the metal thing get into but this is one that i think you know a lot of people say hey just like a droughts and outfits that jogging off it while in some of the tests that they are doing with this stuff is makes you stronger and it can make you faster and you got a little fanny pack back there with some batteries on it yeah that the battery packs are going to get smaller and smaller and that's so interesting is these people are working on this technology the people that work in a battery technology will develop smaller and smaller batteries and we'll get to a point where they all work gather and just create these things that we just came around our hands around right now you know what i mean i look for because i've been a more cycle writer most my life i think the excess scale in business is very similar to kind of like you know what more cycle
it is to me it's recreational so if you could on an exoskeleton suit and go play different types of sport or go climbing you know stuff like that you might find yourself able to things that you never would have done before and have you no strategy more strength and more endurance and stuff like that i think an entire recreational like you know enterprises can occur because of it were people start using exe guilt and technology in the same way that they would use recreational motorcycles or record boats where we now go do exoskeleton things together right now what weekly climb mounds i won't we climb cliffs we now we have been able to climb just because we can lift ourselves instead we have got that we never would had let's play catch with a bolder yeah exactly you know that's crazy stuff like that nobody minutes it's pretty it could change i think a lot of recreational things and i'm i think it is also like said it's gonna be
so much money to be made that the technology is gonna grow a quicker than perhaps other fields sometimes really excited about because i as i told you light around one articles i want one for christmas i want the first one coming out the pretty expensive some that have been heard of this artificial skin david developed its bullet proof that made out a spider silk it's it's it's an artificial skin that they believe they're going to be able to put on human beings is gonna make people bullet you know i've heard of the artificial skin i haven't heard the bulletproof article discovery dot com if you wanna go if you want to google it for folks here listening to your bulletproof skin made from spider silk this is so crazy spiders are coming to the aid of burned victims this is one of the things that they they figured out a way to use spider silk and combine it in some sort of a way to
artificial skin and so this dutch artist along with a forensic gin no mists genomics genomics consortium in the netherlands created a swatch swatch right as a set of nearly bulletproof skin made from spider silk and human skin cells the project takes its name from the maximum weight velocity a type one bullet proof best can withstand from a twenty two caliber long rifle bullet so this is that the image you looking out of that that's a bullet that's headed towards this piece of artificial skin they ve created and the ideas as this technology grows you're you're eventually going to be able to replace human skin with artificial skin that's bulletproof what's die that's us that's another like wow look now you know
enemy we are local action addendum get scratched fine i mean and it's it's gonna come point time we're we're gonna see people removing their parts and and changing exchange and eight they could see the impact of this watch show this again jamie they could see the impact of this is so great as a new scientists of this bullet hitting this spider silk skin and looked it just bounces it out let me see the impact of the bullet but it it doesn't break the skin which is just fucking insane i mean is an artificial skin that you're gonna be able to replace your skin with some day i i can't i can imagine i mean i literally can't imagine minutes hitting and you go you so you have to know the impact of the bullet
the other stuff that i was talking about this armor that they've created for motorcycle riders that hardens on impact that you can push it in your hand that's pliable until it receives an impact and they do a demo with it where they have a hammer and they're playing with it and tony and pushing it and then he hits it with a hammer as hard as a rock so you can have this armor on fall off your motorcycle and it protects you i guess if your covered in of an incredibly hard like polymer shall or something that sound similar they you know they now have the bicycle helmets that inflate when you fall it knows it through a balance and that you can like if you get a fallen there's gonna be an impact it inflates like very instantaneous sort of like an airbag so you can you weren't around your collar and it just like something i hear it also protects her neck yet and i i felt like i m one of my articles i mention it i thought with them area skiing where they're doing like four or five jump if you know you're a blow it it could just you know
right at the last moment a full body thing it's kind of technology the kind of like blood stuff could protect us from a lot of things you know in the future i suppose we could wear suits protect us from our own you see i mean what if the entire and i dont know if it it would work for something like airplanes or something but eventually when i get to that point when we're invincible really not thing we can do can harm us and that that can it be great i'm that's why so that's stuffed showing once again this is this is this is this impact study
they see the skies moving around the now watch when he hits it with his hammer often well to stop this is shown apply borders yeah i'll do the same stuff the same when the one that i saw when he hits it it's hard rock ok but i mean it might be just a different kind of impact resistant sub gazette like it gave in a little bit stuff that i saw he hid it with a hammer interests like dunk nike was playing with his pliable and then when you hit with a hammer it's just bang you know there's a million things come there were a mill totally it in its great because it just going to make us all safer without and make us in it working you crazy or things i think that's one the things i've loved sing about for you ve seen this in sports in the last ten twenty years they're doing stuff when we were kids bicycle around you know i can't believe you're doing double triple stuff lips and stuff entries in our
even in surfing the stuff there doing the waves are writing now you would have thought what had just killed every one but they do it and you know that's one he thinks about a lot of the technologies just allows us to do new things we would never thought possible push ourselves to new limits and i think the few sure is probably a lot bigger than the past has been so there's going to be a lot more craziness that we we all see in full at the every day there's so much so many companies working on the weird stuff yeah i agree i think we could probably do another potass in six months and everything we're talking about today will be obsolete nellie probably some new stuff six months down the line and that's that's a big part of what exponential growth is about right it's like that the growth happens so quickly that as time goes it happens quicker and quicker and quicker and quicker and quicker yet until it's just you know and then you say six months it could be three months the time after than one and a half course that's pretty quick but events it will be like that eventually it'll just be the spike straight up and i am not
it's hard it seems almost impossible to think like that but when you actually look at the modeling it act this is like that there are huge amounts of new companies working in stuff every day begin an idea they think something else they get funding and they judge you know it is where we live and man it's it is crazy and yang crazier and changing rapidly in and a big more brilliant i think as as the as the days go by i great listen this fast any conversation really appreciate you coming on the porch if people want to reach you on twitter its zoltan and underscore ist von i s tv and zeal t a an underscore i s tv and website well there's two of them there and humanist party dot org and then there is you can either go to zoltan east on dot com and your book
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