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#585 - John Heffron

2014-12-09 | 🔗
John Heffron is a stand-up comedian and a past winner of "Last Comic Standing" on NBC.
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i want to bring up right now is my buddy john have from john have fun and i we met way back in the day we went on the maxim bud light commie tour with further i was the lead singer of survivor who just past recently rest in peace my friend who was a very nice guy and dumb charlie murphy and me john have foreign spent twenty two days together on the road and he's just a fuckin awesome do just really funny guy of cool guy always enjoy talk to him he one last comic standing very talented stand of committee and an interesting cat so give it up for my friend mister john half wrong why why can't that work is the computer is restarted in it every time this computer restarts starts out sounds fucked up on it we will soon be free of this technological nightmare and into a new one gentleman we gotta try castor common
we try to order the sony thing but didn't work for us it's this wasn't for streaming it wasn't the right piece of equipment and so what we're gonna try castor but john have followed fuck about that lays german john have wrought subjects dynamic standing glare comedian it's been a while it's been a while since i've been on it whilst i see you first time i saw you at two thousand in carlisle store so we can see each other to yes three year i do think we attacks on like and we know what i mean i and then get it has even like all my famous friends i never put their names in my phone as their real names who am i i would probably baby don't tell me you're here oh just just entails not that i'm i'm like fit but just in case you like you lose your phone like i was one of the really think people who have famous for like pairs hilton loses or phone
the time touching and then the people hack anyone get lindsey law had somebody and it's got a hard to hack into iphone less connected the cloud went like if they got a hold of it probably prove difficult crack postcode there i think that programmes at each stage of luxury any i'd like taxi drivers i think do it and cones off all the tracking and then they saw resell it like a really good i've had i've had the cloud on my girlfriends phone in she left it in a car and like in five minutes or disabled it never turned back on your will to sit in your bet you're right because the thing is they have a lot of places that by cell phones now i don't know if they ask like is europe has to say but i've seen places there by self of your soul and also solve on now is i'm paranoid because i know you can just take anything off a phone like like i could take your phone even though you
deleted it and even re used it for six months i can still take stuff offer their from two years ago i don t mind but then i always think i'm gonna do something with it like i have every version of thy pad and like well i'm just going to use this for my home security camp like any never it is only going to be for pre show music here that i leave it out club yeah i should try to do that too but i felt like ice to bring an actual ipod i was i wanna have a ipod by itself you don't just went on my phone but now that's ridiculous because they give the new funds at a hundred and twenty gigs come on you can use if you do you're an asshole what's going on you found your movies on there that the whole world john ever so yeah so its ban on somebody just tweeted to that now i'm a little bit afraid because i haven't seen you in so long and then you invited me beyond podcast people were worried on twitter veil
you're gonna give me an intervention and tell me as you quit comedy why would never do various there's just we i do about that on my own he's joking around about a conversation we have brendan shabazz night hasn't deference intense us to foot shit for sure today a fillip shit while we're doin it there were some brennan lost he got beat up and stopped by this travis browns when the best in the world i wanted to talk about it on the air i wanted to talk about what
fell on the urn and in a way ass to a few short sighted gaps lily i want i want to get it out there and get it out their way here exactly you really think and mean i'm sure what he thought i would think and what i did think was differ in ireland as we're talkin a kind of realise like this like a feel like his perceptions of worries that and the dangers of what has happened to him and the reality of worries and the dangers of what has happened to him off and some people feel like i should have done that conversation off the air and i feel it we agree with you you know all saul said and done the only good thing about having it on the air is that other fighters can hear this and they can they conform
i want to say educated opinion gsm deftly now a doctor or a scientist or even smart vital i know a lot of information about chronic brain damage from seeing it from talking to people who have it from talking to dock doctors who are experts on it too you know that i don't see a lot of people letter at the front of the tunnel wave in a light in emma may say hey you know you guys got a slow the fuck now we don't know what's up here and i think that that's the case with chronic brain damage nfl fell just dealing with now these players from the seventies and eighties and nineties and even the two thousand and that are just fucked up now look in the buggy player that just committed suicide a couple weeks ago looked at him in a look at their cell of the just to a long list of players i want some guy get k all the other day
oh my goodness someone sent to me on twitter it was a vine of these two football pairs colliding helmets did you see that one jimmy your jane your fuckin football for it jimmy had probably won him it's vanity footfall spritz stakes actual reality freedom from treated about it and then i went to even know what the website was and then head tweets about like why you are talking in so i just read the tweets like somebody was paraphrasing what you are saying and without even really known the story all i got out of it was you made him to just be careful with with hitting smacked in the head because that's not gonna work out what
be careful i'm willing to consider ending it because i know he's going to end it he wanted and it he was talking before this fight about like when he's going to get out after the fight talked about two years to get a four fight two year idea you know and the reality of getting head trauma is that its cumulative and that guys who get knocked out a few times it becomes easier for them to get knocked out again for and the damage is all compounding you're waiting it's like finding a bunch of shit on credit and you're waiting for the bill to come and you view drive around this nice car and you have this cool watch but the reality is you owe a fuckload of money you can have to your dick off to pay that shit you're not thinking about that right now the chronic brain damage things a debt that you can never pay like you're putting damage on your brain does a manifest itself immediately always takes a while a lot of these players were fine when they retired
and then you see in my gimmick man suits the sports elsewhere article on dude it's terrifying when i was a kid i don't know shit about football but i knew gimmick man was your goddamn legendary quarterback now him in the bears in that whole you know they do the superbowl for a year i knew who those guys were he's fucks will now now he like will find himself in the middle of his house not knowing how we got there she's looking for his keys are looking for what what you don't know what i'm gonna do it forgets things you know i was talking to brian stand where a text message and back and forth today was talking about people that he knows that got it from being soldiers from blasts in his like it's horrible it's horrible like these guys they can't remember anything they have no energy that press solitaire it's not everybody and it's not mean this the thing about fighting is
you never know when it's too late it's like some guys can get knocked out once and go on from that to have great careers some guys can get knocked out a couple of times but they're still in the running to just fighting beasts like pressure example that has michael bisping gets knocked out by dan henderson comes back it's very successful gets knocked out by vitor belfort comes back of it pizza shack on lean one of the best fights of his career he like he's he's been taking out a couple of times but it's only because he's fighting the elite of the elite at the top of the level you know it's a smidgen off that's it mean michael bisbees when the best in the fog and world but i felt like with sharp i was i was seeing that it was going to happen moth and bright and arm i fucking love that dude he is a great guy i mean brennan shop is a really
trusting character because he's is big hulking dude but he's a sweetheart he's like the nicest guy he jokes round about how he's like a dolphin shark outfit shark and the outside these adolfo the inside he saleratus he's really honest he's really honest about everything except like is fighting ability is fighting ability or his position he's gotta slightly elevated sense but that's why is a bad mother fucker have to have this sense that's almost distorted in order to be a fighter in the first place because when you start out how could you imagine ever going to a championship level when you first start out and you're getting hit time you move forward to getting kicked out every time someone wants you to it's it's weird you know it takes a long time so you have to have like almost a crazed idea of yourself to be
you're in the first place it's that exists if stream confidence and you know he's got that for sure and there's a lot of fighters have that its great when you're winning when you're winning that that extreme confidence awesome because that extreme confidence like gives you like a boost over some other people don't have that you might have like a psychological boost maybe it's in training maybe it's in how confident you feel before the five so you don't get as nerves as he does is all sorts of variables but when you start losing that's when i can be a mother fucker cause that thing doesn't want to see the truth that ego is a tricky mother fucker as it can help you and a lot of ways they can push you to success but it can also fuck you up where you not seeing yourself the way you sure you can like you
you don't see yourself in in a negative way you known allow it in so you don't look at the flaws you don't look like especially true and martial arts which is like a hyper crew the goal here so you have to be extremely self critical to be a competitive martial arts cause the stakes are so high you getting kicked in the face as one of the worst stakes in all of sports the possibility to sneeze guide i'll say his name because i fucked up in the broadcasts we're saint salmon at some on believest correct of presentation he won this weekend with this fuckin destruction of it its go out the guy when stiff it was late when those classic like worst case scenario the worst thing that can happen to and the afghan it would just be
hey scenario the worst thing that can happen to and the afghan there was just beautiful technique did just shuffled that fraught leg and bomb shin to the head you know that is the stakes so you have to be so fuckin critical about your technique about your conditioning about your dedication your psychological out outlook on fighting all those things you have to keep those in a row so fucking dangerous if you don't and when you start if you lose and you know you start looking yourself in a delusion away it can hamper your ability to work on the areas they can hit like any time you have a delusional perspective and introspective outlook that says not accurate you're not doing yourself a favor like you need someone else to give you advise eyes you no sound like you not see yourself you now seeing things that you can correct
and when you are in that state as a martial artist it it becomes very dangerous and its common to get too for fighters because being fighters extremely nerve racking you know i am barely qualified to speak of it because i really did type window tournaments and some kickboxing but i just remember competing and being scared on my fucking mind i was a kid in nineteen twenty one actually when i returned between eighteen and twenty one we're all the really dangerous fights like national level fight but you you you sperience these extreme fears and extreme highs and extreme lows like when you wins the greatest feeling in the world for these guys like you see that wind like johnny hendricks when one the title drops down just fucking ease you see this rush of dialogue that goes through him that you and i are never going right right i've never dicks
is that a title no tournament was it didn't mean as much right what these guys are doing is like this insane top of the mountain high and so on get to the top of the mountain high the guys who have had those big ones like brennan sets a big whence he knocked out merkel croak up whose legendary gasser mercosur legendary i mean he's he was like when the best kick barges ever to enter into the glory days of pride you know like when merkel merkel eyes like a head kick kayo highlight real that's like one of the greatest of all times but if anything the merkel crow cop fight should prove my point to brendan because of mercury croak up and he fought back on ferko croaker one the pride heavyweight grand prix that would have been a completely fucking different five there was a different guy back it was just a different guy and everybody knows it he fought guns
in the eu have see he fought eighty sanchez first beat him and they far gone saga and he got croak opt essentially he got head kicked bygones aga whose a very strong guy gonzalez i go here onto the stage when they have to weigh in one's august sounds different everybody else sounds it is made of stone big powerful fuckin dude in ovens august a beast saga ranked one off the side of his head and from then on man he just wasn't the same guy i think those two fights like in the u have see he was never the same this first who fights at some good fight me of c b was never the same as you wasn't pride you think a lot of fighters like stick it out longer than the should because there there's no fall back there's like oh i'm a lighter i don't i mean those guys have skills but like i don't have any like me as a comic if i've decided i'm not coming
i have zero other skills you there's almost nothing that that i know how to do you ivan said when i was never make an analogy i made a bad one even said if i was a comedian you know and us falcon terrible i would want everybody to tell me that i should stop if there's something that happened to me and i wasn't funny anymore but are still going on stage i would once again become atomic that's a terrible analogy i was just looking for something to say and an after settles like that's not good that will obviously be commuted doesn't cause your brain damage if he's just socket something you know that the difference between sucking at fighting and i should like to use the term sucking being unsuccessful at fighting and being unsuccessful like writing a book if you write a book in its ox everybody goes to your book sucks but does it that it doesn't give you a concrete and you know it doesn't even concussions and training that you can try to ignore it oh in time its land on your fuckin head training even in greece
guys choir collide heads all the time these are all you know these are all points against your brain every one of them points against your brain every one of them points against your brain obviously doesn't have that if you think i suck that's why i feel bad but it doesn't hurt me you'd have gradually been losing fights lately he had a real bad fight with lofty it was there was real clumsy and just look like both of whom work its way out of sync and are ass he was super nay nervousness was first buy back me up say then are lassie subsequent performance he fought bigfoot sylvan look fucking great knocked him out the first round and looked smooth like he got over his joy
matters for a second fight back ass he had been out for eight years are lost was a usc heavyweight champ at one point it she's brendan looked super obviously you like telegraphing is shot i was worried about him i am also worried about him because he before that he got knocked out by ben roswell and then he beat what's his name afar johnson was a beast of our johnson's fuckin scary his vicious puncher beat laval by taken of damages hold it down it's basically how we will not find even connoisseurs like i'm not staying with that fucking guy which is very intelligent of them goodwin for him but matt mitrione and caught him in a d'arce choke put him sleep big win that was huge but i worry about snot those fights what i worry about it if i get hit with ben rothwell ben rothwell him with one left so i could just shut the lights out his body dropped and roth was on top of them
but bombs the then he talked about the park ass you saying that he actually got hurt before that in training sparring with shame corwin shankar what apparently heard a really bad with a punch so you have to factor in how many how to spell shane carwin you know how my mind starts going you're probably spawn with shane carwin once a week at least shane carwin is a motherfuker you want to talk about
doodles built for war i met a lot of like freak athletes new york city like jon jones a freak athlete daniel cormier world class wrestler i met a lot of freaks but you know if you if you think about like elite level fighters and elite elite level athletes you know there's there's so many of them that are so fucking good that it becomes you know it becomes a matter of whether or not you want to be the kind of guy who loses five or six fights in a row or whether or not
we want to take those five or six whites back now you know i mean i want now i just think it i think it's it's scary dight you're concerned with a friend because you workin the business in its interesting to see where this new like information while it comes in danger it is how you can sit there in even be friends with anybody we don't want to be friends because you can take a certain amount of punches just got to know when to get out your friends going to know to let you out what i'm saying about freaks man is shane carwin shane carwin has a fist that shit knew they look like shit marshall amp over their yeah that's like shit carmody first that the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen in my life he had likes four or five excel gloves gozo the big thing that brok lester have these giant fists until he fought corwin carlin actually bigger fist in leicester me you talk
but things it don't even makes sense is like his his body structures so odd he came into jujitsu once our train at a mall east and place in boulder colorado's the bastards who in colorado and a mall has this beautiful jim where everybody's role and were in class and this guy walks in and i go that's not even a fuckin person what is that his guys got like jean like a pair of genes on and like a t shirt brought it's probably a double exhale but he's bill fuckin superhero and then i realise its corwin you don't realize how fuckin big car when is it till you see him out with regular people in a normal sort almost and his like everybody else is just walk around their normal close then this guy walks and it doesn't even look like a fuckin human i mean just called law and that guy was sparring with bread and on a regular basis a guy
he hit him he not gay broken zaga dead with a punch from like seven inches away just just just crank he was a destroyer and so shame gettin in sparring sessions on a regular basis with brent so he's getting hit all there's shankar once fists are on the right and brok losers are the love ya what is that he's a goddamn the he's a goddamn shave down why carrillo he could hold the iphone plus that it would have been a he would have been a champion you know he had a few issues one of them like back issues from all of his years of playing football he had some serious like like stinger discs issues and stuff like that those guys adjust colliding knew each other big giant deeds that size colliding in each other but if he wasn't if he'd just one
straight to emma may like wrestling emma i think that dude would avail world champion he who is athletic freak can see we sell flock and strong it was just like he was one as those like you couldn't let him hate you if he hit you he fought frank mere and was one of the most brutal beat down i have ever seen and all my youth is the way he did it he muscled frank mere up against the cage goddamn it like a collar time maybe maybe a tight overlook gonna remember which went was and then he starts ask them with left upper cautious paul paul and you can see meares doc can't get out and can't take the shots and he just he just sprinted eta just sprint iran with bombs and the mere down and he finished him off on the ground and i was a brutal brutal knock out so friendly respond with that guy on a regular basis was not a nice fight i got here i got him maybe
why so my life where like i thought it was done with wind like stars in that weird buzzing sound that happens one was i've told you so before danube on a duty and then the other wise stephan bonner this was years and years ago we were sparring for some reason or he was i sparring was stephan bonner he was that i dont but the thing we're at problem a guy he was there are things we train for a movie or somethin at some of the guys the stump guys were so i shall we start sparring and then he gets into the sparring some think in these pages wants to know how to fight so i'm kind of next thing i know i just heard ringing and whatever he kicked me in the side of it not like to try to like we were barring show you wasn't tries full blast yeah yeah yeah whenever it is thirty percent is my a hundred and fifty percent with the forty year olds i bought me so i have nothing to do with him but that was the first time in
was ringing in our ears like aka that was once it's too many want all look rumours over twelve year jar and does not those like football injuries to brennan also play football believe college and high school you know use it was a fucking still is really good athlete that's wise become a good fighter but the difference between a fighter mean he's very that fire but the difference between that and the top of the heap guys there's a look there's a leap there's a brigitte you have cross could cross average physically in every means only thirty years old if he became like super debt hated and went to a very strict my tie camp and learned like really wicked wicked stand up and didn't fight for but how do you figure self doing you do and thou be really if he did that though if you just stop only training in competing for fight and i know he works on skills as well but if it is completely dedicated himself to the scariest part which is the kickboxing as the scariest
yeah this guy that's the shitt that everybody should if you're in if you're if you're coming into it with nothing that's a shit you should almost concentrate on the most because it's the most dangerous if you don't have it good defensively like if you get submitted it's bad you know you can break your arm for sure you can get you but they can fix your fuckin arm you get too many needs to the head from a guy like astro room you know you don't you don't want that you know fighting is all about mitigating damage it's always about inflicting as much as you can but mitigating as much as you can in one of the best ways to mitigate damage is technical proficiency and that's something that people don't think about they want to think about strength and conditioning they want to think about running up hills the most important thing is technical proficiency it's the most important thing by far and there's some guys that unfortunately for them they come in to striking late in life some guys come into striking and they have a background long background of wrestling and so
they're not used to jumping ford and throwing combinations and spent footwork drills and its alien to them regional bodies and adapt to see a lot with white wrestlers sorry like us but it's true there's a lot of white wrestlers that for whatever reason there's just slow with their punches there's some guys that excel like god kellenberger obviously johnny hendricks obviously those guys started out as amateur wrestlers but learned along the way to blast power punches some guys never do you know there's guys like you know like a ben askren who i think is one hundred and seventy lb in the world is a wicked wrestler but it's stand up is just really close the gap to close the gap many gets in on you and you're fucked he's just to good use his wrestling is so much better than anybody else's he just eat when he gets in on you it's fucks veil so his thing is all just about getting in on you but but
but starting out with a deficit in striking the most dangerous because if you're one of those guys it doesn't have that fast which body a woodley body or hector lombard body we start off is grappling but you could pick up a strikingly quickly if you dont have that kind of body and you don't have that kind of coaching and you know have that kind of training the jam with it you know going over technique with you with a fine tooth com it's a fucking dangerous aspect of fighting the most dangerous aspect is the one thing that you know suck at the one thing that you don't want to fail at striking if you fail a wrestling can taking down you know it's not good but it's a little bit better than getting fuckin we'll take the net i was good at striking my problem was is i stop striking about five inches away from your face so that's not
yeah josie pye so i can never figure out how to get like that was my thing i'd always throw everything and you can literally just stick your face out and i would have you because i would never was afraid to always take that then what am i doing doing this when we talk about it before in all your sporran in class i have on like you gotta be careful you told me that somebody grab your foot he threw a kick the grab your foot held onto it knocked you out yet and those that come on and you can be a kind of bar or i used to bring my box stuff on there and then i go to about the you know a boxing get a train effort day this is back when i was gonna would wake up but i would go and do that and then enough did i would say to you felix barn keep in mind this was ten years ago when i'm uh yeah let's and then we have to find out
media inner whatever then they just want to kill you it's better story for them to knock you off then too lightly spar just so people get their sweat on right yeah that's hilarious saw so i stop doing that some people are rude with that man i don't think it's big deal maximum figure out sets out rose it's like you know it's fuckin egon damage someone's head and i know that's the point of fighting and in a way it makes me a hypocrite i'm fully aware of that cuz i do enjoy fighting i love watch that i'm not going to not watch it i just i'm a big fan of brandon is a human being and brendan schaub is a guy with op he could do other things bradenton he'd go on and i am at all from evil from your part and i only know from the podcast stadium really even on as a fighter you know the guy when he when he's a guest here he was
we should learn attaining not he is always eli funny do the area is a funny to any such is a really good dude i think a lot of people don't understand him because like some of the hype surrounding some of his fights he would talk la trash like attacked our trust in this fight and people get mad at him for that and they think he's that guy in other get mad at him for maybe over assessing his possibilities being champion but he's a lock and great dude he really is he could do anything he ate the dedication and led him to go from football mme he could go from emma may to having a super successful podcasting career which is a real option now mean that it's only gonna get an even better and better where's the fucking john f so you know what i had one for like a second you and repose show if we mean repay a show and then rub reap stop doing it and then i stopped for a long time and then i started one called the stadium in and i was like
i want to talk about what where i met physically and mentally that'll be that way you know sir answered the out that's a good idea and then so i had like martha quinn on and i hate you i had to do in a viewer africa jail martha quinn the mtv media clinging to martha solely door not are not market so it started off really really good and then it's been i think i'm up to a month and a half and i have a recorded one someone i don't know how to do it by myself like how wilbur does is podcast who just him that's that art that wider done his new special so good to really funny man it's so him it's like the in my opinion like the best one as far as i capturing him doing like a regular said he so loose up there that's where you like i know i have three specials in a minute get ready should my fourth i have done a special yet that i would go yeah that's that's how i am if you can see me alive like heaven was the closest for me this last was the closest and you did it in
denver at downtown works or the communists downtown the little one do so it's like tuna fifty see still have recorded to caesar the best guess is the best one i mean there's no the bass club in the country is a few clubs like that like this healing report lynn you now there's this image early in italy as he had on the commonwealth original rome like one of all time great rooms there's a bunch of those is a bunch of them the fuckin place in utah really good man why guys oh my goodness utah salt lake city is filled with really fucking cool people that was weird i think we're gonna go salt lake city i was gonna have their fuckin pants pulled up to the river age is gonna be very weird can have a straight and when we met a few of them like when i got there met some lady in the elevator those talking about it on stage because you could tell just how friendly she wasn't she was a mormon like issues that issue is looking for dick she wasn't look for death
so she was a moment she was like a mom got in the elevator weather and chooses hello where you're from house everybody has how are you today actors is weird like as far as called go mormons or some of the coolest motherfuckers there like genet they'd net don't fuck with people their jen generally leaf pretty friendly though it's like a really good call the many many months ago i met a stripper who was well the whole thing on my website like that's a mass in that you got kicked out of being woman note at club i worked at this past year that ever been to lexington lexington yet off broadway lexington kentucky and i used to do the improv their right to this place i believe it's like it's off well it's in like a strip mall but the clubs ben there forever and it's one of those ones when you go and you see the headshot but there from deeds from the eighties right
do you know a chaotic we feel that a man so in the place of this look shitty so in my brain unlike ok it's can we want two weeks every show it took me till show too to figure out why the audiences were so bad ass they dont sir food it is why so you taken out the element of people eaten stay mashed potato that's a terrible it was that it really is a terrible for kommeni really fun like you never would have thought a great shows nobody happily nothing i know it's nice for people because they can get like a dinner m m a show and at the same time it's good for them belike for this oh itself the overall performance likes it is sometimes you you're looking down the crowd and their literally looking sideways again looking sideways eating eels and you're do instead of like you're doing stand up in a restaurant and this that's fucking weird
you are didn't i do whatever this past week i'm doing my stuff in unlike why did i lose half the room and then you see to wait staff with pieces a cake but they had like twenty pieces so their past i'll cake to everybody whistler birthday party or something yeah like they gotta put if you're gonna kick you're not gonna pay attention anytime cake runs around is usually when the focus goes onto the cake that no matter what i was gonna that's the one and a fit of doing a theatre cause you don't at the air they have a bar in the very back yet to go through doors to get to the bar and no there's no way to check no check sandwiches gator blues for the show show generally starts with fifteen minutes late ki roti chance get back their seat with their drinks and then just sit down yeah you know there's something about comedy clubs it's better the set up is better the low ceiling and the irony is the only way to make that set up work is gonna make money liquor no way to make money with liquor he's gonna wage sittest health like to do it theory you cannot outside this dirges very
different probably depends and just what side on like i do forty five clubs a year let's say i would love to just do some theatres i would love to blow into a town be there one night she tawad take taken the next year may be ass judge each region age or whatever when you go home i'm going to kill five gaze in date no higher than the following week toledo are you sitting on dayton and to lead i loved ato and in though down i'll order that i would like what you know i mean i mean that's one of the reasons why should always like if you can take a friend on the road it open for you i got it does giant changes the whole game take a friendly having a good time you and hammered shoot the shit laughing and go to the movies into all kinds of shit get dinner together side note we mentioned kippur gotta chasm obsessed with em why says ok i have a wife to watch what i say
here's what i'm obsessed with but he like he's been goes after internet trolls i guess what i'm what i'm figuring out from other youtube videos you put up but he like says people's names and phone numbers and he just goes any does this whole thing going you can come to my website impose something bad about me well again well i will tell you can't use my name you call my hand but he has like any has one video worries talking about somebody pulls out a gun any any be takes out all the bullets in any kind of looks through the barrel wise talk is like yeah maybe so that that's why i'm upshot only talk about that off their fellow like so many serbia from a thread comedians we tend to be up you think happens when we get older labour while ignoring right like there's a lot of guys it just the older they get or is it a charm of somehow
had drama well i think it's the older people you other more likely go crazy anyway i turn grandma and grandpa when they were at the sameness when they were ready to call it a life my my grandfather before he died goose sad to say who is barely there you know they are people people get real weird when they get old it might yet my grandma's what ninety one night and you have to ask you the same questions and then i didn't she start asking what my mom was doing my mom passageway residing like than i had ever conversation with her and then she got legitimately sad as if she just found out there information on like this this is this yeah when they get alzheimer's that's that's really spooky lulu they really dont know where they are the wake up in the middle of doing things and not be sure where they are and they don't know people that they ve known for years
getting old sucks so fat when do you know luckily will be forever rather tired into what i was saying about brendan is that all that shit is coming worse if you deal with head drama all the other shit that everybody else has to do with its common in a threefold hopefully not hopefully gets out now you're right but there's a video terry north so me we're talking about in the park ass somebody put it up on the message board think it was or twitter one of those and i watched again terry norris when i was a kid when i was like
in my early twenties terry more norris was the well to which happen a believer one fifty four forget which weight but goddamn he was good whew he had this fuckin lethal left hook man and but he ll get tagged aloud and fights whom he would fight guys and get hit you get nailed it happened few times with them he was just a blue
guts super warrior boxer outworn with ray i was talking to them my point is it now it barely talk he can barely form sentences it's really hard to watch and use it was not old when he retired wasn't like he's bernard hopkins fight deepening fortys and then bernard hopkins cause of his skills does really get hit that much so he's fine he's forty nine years all these fine hadn't lay every reading books lately obliges i'm trying to get like that bread this book called combat and it's just basically talked about when you're in a combat situation would like guns and stuff like a lot of people get tunnel vision and then you get up and like how to work through that so you can not get paralyzed with fear you know and i just do not have that thing
you mean what comes from a lot of it comes from overcoming difficult things in outside the idea that you just get it and then you have it like a lot of guys have it like special like martial arts fighters who talked to them like they ve gone through you know a decade of college wrestling and high school wrestling and now they try to offer the olympic teen wrestling their use like high pressure type situate eyes and they used to being super uncomfortable that's one of the big keys to success in athletics is you gotta be willing to be super uncomfortable you know like you gotta get up and do training that you don't want to do the work i we're sore and especially in my may know you gonna get hit while you're tired getting hit is like this will allow
factors going on so these guys that can rise to the occasion they ve risen to the occasion a lot their whole life a mean it's it's a normal state for them so forget like you who hasn't had any you know amateur mme fights are you not doing judge its class against black belt and irregular bay right you're not experiencing like very difficult situations so they they tense you up right they there become alien like jujitsu is a perfect example like i've seen people go from being type of people that we like super timid and like had self confidence issues and then they start doing jitsu and they got like purple bow and brown bout level and now black but level and when you meet these guys like i have a bunch of friends that are like they're they're not big guys at all like they're they're very slight and very like you would never think this guy's a
can killer right but their technique is so good and they ve become that guy over the course of like a few of them of course of me knowing them they become this more coffin in person and it's just a matter of going through trials are getting getting beat down and then recovering getting i'm getting dominated than you figure out a way to survive getting dominated infidels a way to turn it around a little bit and slowly keep raising your level of ability both physically and mentally to deal with various scenarios and challenges to come up with different guys he spar with i think even what we do as comics like that cabin i got you know my shows when i go to my usually people who may be no i am you know or they're my type a crowd but even whenever i saw you guys a couple days ago the comedy store i was i was my head like i went on stage in the first like minute or two i felt my vote
he's having that crack which as you know and then the third point my voice usually doesn't get but because i never perform their that the crowd that was there necessarily didn't wanna hear so on forty four here some things i'm going through unity because they were twenty i had a moment that then afterwards when i was driving home the show and combat unlike need to i need to do that more like throw my often in scenarios that are just than just eat it yeah you know i need delete it so i can like yeah it's good well that's one of good things about a place i'd come restore or any kind show where you practices like a guy's name you can take some big chances with material you can you can doing that's like while the best places to come up with a completely new bit you have an idea in your car on the way over and again you know what so i will try fuck it we throw this out there and you know you sandwich it and between one good bit and any slip this new one in there need throw some water on i see what you got one is alas
my view like when was the last you act like eight it mentally in your head maybe the audience like the audience sometimes doesn't know jeremy right did they say there was a great show in your head you like i have those all the time if i fuck up one bit i'm super hard of myself i had one last month i performed for dale earnhardt junior oh right in his race team well and it was like his birthday charity event right so six hundred people i get up there it they'll earnhardt sister introduces may get on age i'll eighty four knows no shit these seven minutes seven minutes a bullet proof stuff stuff that's never you know it's been tried and not even like giggle laughs rice stared at me i talked for for at least five it's a zero laughs in sweat bus i'm on my forehead unlike oh my this is out of
and for some reason at leg minute six i did a joke and everybody started applauding and laughing and then for the rest of the show you know they were cool how we bought after like some of the people walk by angle yeah you are really funny started i've kind of slot like that was the right thing that is still in the guy who brought me this have framed guy a no relation he said that they had what i got the right they d said they had reap jaffar worthy billing like unified other shows like tedious had to listen to you and not maybe understand how you talk for the first six laughing and talking fat you talk like a northern but dude with sweat now like i have not had this happen in you know member we went to i think it was dallas now inland it was atlanta won the first times it did the punchline down there
we did a radio station and they were asking us always nascar questions and i was like white i would you think i would know anything about nascar and then i realized all everybody knows everything about nascar down there it's one of those things like when find out about country music artist that note you know never heard of it old fifty million there's a lot of those there's a lot that's a whole that solves a whole different culture manhole they hold a different culture two completely different world like our world of you know you think like you fill in the blank whatever angela queens the stone age in you know i heard the new iphones out their fuckin the new duck call came up
there are currently waited so we really estate during their car is driving on the highway of he hits is obviously bullshit but there's parts of learned that are like that parts of georgia that are like that georgia's a fucking great country a great state great country lana georgia's a great city but georgia's georgia's interesting place because like luggage wouldn't think of where from georgia like david cross from georgia the really smart relative intelligent guy he's from georgia you know our m like the lamb is a different kind of city man that's where billy bird taped is special his netflix special that's out right now i please please get this if you're gonna get a comedy special go this can i do if you want but you can forget is it's fucking great i'm a big bill birth fan i'd love that he's out there i love that he's always writing
shit and that he just silly fun and you know his act is is a silly fun act he does is but i want to give it away i'm not gonna say anything about the doubly does it bit about helicopters it's almost say it's so good it's so silly fine man i really really enjoyed set i just love him he just a good dude he's a legit genuine could dude gazed at her eye perform with you guys couple days ago kids you guys are all who you are then i seen you guys reform is different then like going to monitor in their some laura feature that that the local features i might say not suck but there's differ conversations you haven't green room and then though you know that the material is all kinds so yeah i know
i went to headliner camp for like yet our about ok that's that's why i like doing those i sell shows ban the other day the ices we had ready for this cause still leah bright cowan bill bird tony hinge cliff in edwards and make it a mother fucker of a mother fucker lineup related eyes were just murdering after murdering and for a few bucks to eat like i think any luck what all of you cost individually on and your theatres are collapse for the most part everybody you mentioned is you know twenty dollar plus take it is the same we're pack yeah yeah legs were fifty low shows actually cost me money because i
take all the money that i get from no shows a tip everybody out like a re all comics and that he usually there i make a hundred bucks or break eve i knows money everywhere but they're they're so the place first of all the ice house is a slice of heaven it system the greatest buildings yeah free world it's amazing that club is magic like tat club in the common store that but the ice his magic in a whole different egg is its pasadena it's not hollywood so it doesn't have is like full itself via appear like a little bit more chill and placid ina so all this common club country the owner coup be nicer mean bob fisher one of the nicest fuckin people that's ever breeze ere he just so sweet he's always like that he's got a great damn elk always to everybody you even walk behind him eat it has no you're there and is talking to the manager the weight staff is always smile and it's just a sweetie
sweetheart of a guy so like the staff there is awesome because of that because of this like good vibe waiters or so cool like every time i go in my view the super happy to give her body hugs just it's it's a beautiful environment and because of that like doing shows there is like it's kind of special this like something special about on their wednesday night i love that fuckin place what do i do wednesday night at ten o clock like every other week every tool so with realise just to set it up just a just a fuck around there and have some fun and also just to get people to keep going that spot hotspots awesome it's been of some nineteen sixty somethin moser burn spent fifty three years i think it is some crazy like that so sixty one or sunlight that when an open again they give it up there some really old school huge comedy albums recorded there too i'm sure i want to do my next special there i'm committed i'm coming
they don't specials atomic clubs i am committed to that that's a different thing yeah that's what i'm trying to do this because i think my pay from mine the special all my own oh yeah yeah film and accommodate indigenous that's is cheaper nanda it's just is yeah just get his walk on a theatre me theatres still i think it's better i think my iron or former what were they enjoy better just i'd have a better yoke is its wits what i normally do yeah i performed in theatres all the time then i would probably want to shoot a special order i have to say that bert especially film tabernacle which is the same place that i felt my last special the one before this one and the tabernacles a great spot for for doing stand up it's not too big i think it's only like i won't say like thirteen hundred fifteen hundred it's not like like mass haulage like thirty four hundred into that size theatre dyke
no ideas and i went to see louis black once we're we're playing the next night were plain of fried in whose plan the same theatre on thursday and we sat in the crowd and it made me realize like this shit you can't hear the guy say right because everybody's laughing like you gotta be really care for with like subtle shit are you gonna make sure like you'd on here any laughter still when you do in sub something subtlety of timing kind of changes in those really big rooms but the rush of the big round was yeah i think that most i've ever done was i think ten thousand stir them corporate event it was ever it wasn't people showed up see me i was a semi hagar was on instead miller i was on why how you were standing earnestly but what a steed miller look like the recognize him
no because the album was only the white horse like so my whole life you know teenage years of listener i'm never saw what he looked like he looked like a dad with blazer and genes in just one out there that's the thing about steve miller he is the least recognisable major he won't rockstar you can block run anywhere it seem like he never tried to become famous you gonna out him on the paragraph that steve no that's really looks like now dude he had some fuckin jams jungle love those anyway my argument that whole album reminds me i just high school takes money yeah this is a story about pillage because we often we thought we were cool too because we are listening to classic rock that was taken these were we're into this does not this new edition you know it's really fucking weird man i went to high school in nineteen eighty one in nineteen eighty one i start hanging out with these two that just moved into town and two newton upper falls and i start hanging out with my friend jimmy
and jimmy and all his friends were all from the other side town there are the of the north part of newton and they were all like everyone adores t shirts there are smoking weed and it was they introduce me to all this music that i don't even know existed but when i think about it now this it was only ten years old like the allman brothers ever they're playing like some allman brothers are some doors that shit is from like one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine one thousand nine hundred and seventy so i'm we're talking i wouldn't want to high school and eighty one those my freshman year since what does it twelve thirteen years old facts i that's like some music from two thousand one yet like that's contemporary you know like a song from two thousand to you could still here like on a regular basis that would be a radio station i was eighties nineties in his eyes assets and can day you can hear that
easily here that someone to play that non ironically on a regular radio station they wouldn't be saying to ali member this shit that will be a song they would play but that section candy song came out like like ninety nine or some yet it so think about that like tat we wouldn't say yeah man that was the classic something walking happened to time time is not what it used to be ten years ago doesn't mean shit anymore but ten years ago back then meant a lot when i was in high school and in eighteen eighty one a nineteen seventy car was mother fucker if you out one seventy nine hundred or a nineteen seventy barracuda you i'll fuckin sweet car are you got a classic muscle carter ten years on what the fuck happened and hence it is that what happened
the excellent just information were pump we're going to the library every single secondly look at our phone you know that's what's happening right that is what happened i was guy talk about music on stage and i was ass people in their young people shows that are like twenty one all of them it has been digital their entire life completely that's not crazy there's like never physically touched anything jeez that's not even a process that they have in their head i asked five people last night if they knew sissies basic wasn't no one knew doesn't say if you haven't seen the original carry you doing yourself a massive disservice that original carry was a masterpiece bryant palma who made that god damn that was a good movie that was like one of them the best stephen king adaptations and sissies basic knocked it out the fucking park with a light sabre just drunk i mean
was so crazy in that movie like her character was so do something about the ridiculous if someone haven't alchemy is but somehow another she sold it like you bought it you believe when she came out there that fuckin pig i'd buy or came out their area that pig but they dont pig button ahead they played a trick honour to to get her to think that he won t the problem they all voted for just two they dump blood ahead and she just tore the fuckin city apart with our brain many like get out here with stupid fuck a movie like that premise has been tried before and everybody get the fuck out of here but in that movie it actually works its awesome that's a great movie given what i'd show its now on netflix kara santa maria the when i turn meander i believe is like mere lack mere have u s o my great just watch the fur episode on netflix and you'll be hoped dislike twilight zone mixed with technology it's beautiful in the first episodes when my favorites yes really
i don't know why that is on america zombie we see america writer that's how i think i got of i think i thing i got off directv like when those instant plays could do that right it's on netflix get on netflix right now to good show like mere yeah i think you might be right about technology making like years seen quicker we are watching numb an auction or those those car auctions was on the tv show the green room and it was in two thousand two camaro and they rolled out this two thousand ground was like fuckin carers setting out here nobody wanted they look there's two thousand duca only seventeen miles as a reason for that it has to you now why would i get a two thousand to camaro would you can get a two thousand fourteen and it's a fucking dope more nineteen sixty nine and its dope its work as they are
my phone into it and what do you like the car you know you could always just get aftermarket stereo does so much better anywhere in the now sit together but now they updated they now in bed it so much i'm looking at a right now to get the apple car play in my old fort edge but they embed the sink in like so ill i will lose so much if i get a factory i take out the factory like i'll get my all change reports my emergency citizen yet but now they updated they now in bed it so much i'm looking at a right now to get the apple car play in my old fort edge but they embed the sink in like so ill i will lose so much if i get a factory i take out the factory i'll get my oil change reports my emergency gps thing that send about men and accident all that's all that's gone oh that's annoying and then the those so that the de can update the navigation system on those
either they might silly right it rapists me out because it would sink at least think would update it within like the first year they their beat up day it's in there be think he's thing word yeah but then they just product gave up on it yeah they just they stopped giving any updates and so my shit like doesn't even half we work my iphone anymore yeahs either we then it emerges have after me it stereo in the porsche and i can not do download new maps and i can download updates it'll tell me or send me a signal that i can just download it through the through the wi fi on my phone or the cellular connection on the phone it's pretty slick talk about our fast technology like when you probably move to los angeles you headed must guide later to those who i'm surprised that they haven't really mean a dark type thing where you just put in your like your ipod winning aigner are in it turns into like a car stereo hooks up a media
adequately and bill had a fuckin thomas guy as recently as two thousand eight those are the hard luck it showed up at my house and i go what is that he had a map book at its front cereals those fuckin technology and i wanted to my life i don't i don't need and i need to the cheap yes i don't even know where i'm going did you hear that they know they are not there watching will in other watch do they know where you're fucking car is there with that with a newly cars that less part guys i asked if i'm still using mapquest because now i do it on the phone now finally gave up but he's got a phone it's like for four years back just a character it thomas guy where where light but imagine telephone books with maps on each page but then the fine your story
number two guys lecture them and then you get a protracted are in fact that you would all you do have all why you are driving guys who now have a member text member going on like vacations road herons than you have like chippeway triptych words just like i return next page yeah that's right remember now i did this college tour when i was like twenty we had to go around the country and we had a game show skull crack me up and you have their policy dude and you'd be a student i'd have to see you in the chair and then i would have a minute to make you laugh i seen so i might i give you if you didn't laugh you got twenty five box if he laughed you got t shirt so i did maybe two hundred dates of this tour just in a van with two other com driving around the country but we had a ran mcnally man and then you ve highlight it and then you would arrive and when you got fifty miles outside of the city you would go to pay phone and then called the this
war dislike it was such that was not that long ago knocking you know i know that sounds archaic matthews have they would get on the horse did you have to move for four that show how my i did it saw you i had a couple characteristically we're props how many seconds you have to make a move i don't remember thirty secular minute seems like a lot ok it could have been i dont remember are you comfortable telling us what you did you comfortable revealing yours a secret ok here's a here's one though i would do this guy called book report guy ok ok i put on like a random funny hat and then i was and so we'd have like one of the com sugar now coming out and then you would say the characters name kid given a book report a book you didn't read and i would just literally make up a book report and just stooges wing it yeah and then that i don't owe you ask people laughed doktor comp
its cared thou coming out doktor comma we had a japanese completely rise japanese had thing you you weren't javanese japanese just your arm a doktor thing and then i would move my lips and the comic behind the wall would talk so it was ever think up while that work and where it was scary is we would do all these colleges in like if we thought it was like a predominantly black school we knew your dad in the water like a lot of time we go because we're like three white guys one time i'll never forget more nebraska we did a show the basketball team comes in sits on the front row one of the comics wherewith was is mixed hafela half white he went on he went after these guys this kind of mc china make fun of em right remind us was nine bees so like deaf jam was
seven people brain that that's how comedy was was that type so he went there's this basketball team so we do to show we leave we go to a local poor ha why were in their seven of the basketball team coming to the the hall in surround us and then they got it to the other comic jason there like don't ever say someone in front of again like dab bubba bought him like these guys gonna fight were dead were completely that completely that racking we're playing nine but i was racket and then i grabbed the two you are ready to go to war their side i thought we can be killed thought we were gonna zone where do we go so then they said better get out of town you guys bitterly or in a western you know western shell in here's how i would handle myself in a western we ran back to the hotel as fast as we could through
all of our clothes just into one bag jumped in the car but where a cook number skype its all corn zone as were driving we would turn you'd see headlights coming any like ok they're following us this is where does worry will they told you to leave if there are going to do something new they wouldn't have told you to leave their would say stay right here that's true and then they would those is beat your ass the only reason why they would say better get out of town as if they knew that you were driving a long way and they could overtake you long way pushed into a ditch and their cousin who's the cop would stall they over there and avoid some of the evidence who you have voiced about dogs the bull there are some statistics somebody put up about how many people get killed by cops and in what places like albuquerque apparently albuquerque mexico is just like one of the most violent places for like police and civilians i cops and advocated
the gang of people i d number like everyone is gone crazy in berkeley if he doesn't pay attention to this carbon the highway like every night like these kids are just blocking traffic on the hyena getting arrested there live tweeting while they're getting arrested and part of me is like look at the very least there making a big fucking deal right there's like a lot of eyes on this are stopping the highway every night there's all these kids there were it is true signs like they they're fucking active their active there making people think and is possible now i'm not in favor shutting down the highway because if you do shut down the highway there's some people that might be on the way the hospital they might have some heart attack and you lose your grandpa because some kids to be cute to support va you know support the ferguson trial in the middle of the berkeley highway but is it possible that just knowing that there's that much of a reaction that people freak out that much
shit that habit of missouri that ill might make them second guess for they pull the trigger i say probably does specially probably does right all that shit you're seeing on the news on a daily basis every time something happens people get in trouble every time look at how we went in highland though the other day i can't believe that guy got shot right in the middle of every you know they said hi would in front of everybody in the only had a knife what happened with that what is the official story do you know stop it scared investigated because i've heard sorts of ridiculous conspiracy theories involving costumes and that he was one of those players that now protected day cosplay yeah well there's a kid was a complicated got shot with a samurai sword you see that yeah some kid a fuckin samurai sword he was walking around four
samurai in the cops fuckin start shooting at kill them him and i'll bet you threatened anybody do you think the because it's all in the news our cops like observed generation cops they got really shitty training that they should people first nan or do you think it's all he's gone the at the same numbers we have now agreed just we reached an age with news and now i think it's more than but so is modern event organised it yeah i think so i think of anything is pro less now than ever because some places starting to implement body cameras on the cops which should be mandatory that's it's crazy role the role of having ultimate power over and others civilian you know another that another fellow citizens get that's crazy role and that kind of power like the state we ve talked once before if you haven't heard this google this an prison experiment and it's all over
about how they had a these kids and these want one group of kids and play security guards the other group of kids would be the prisoners and they fucking they went bad quick people are gross yet you kids you can't give that people that kind of power like power the issue in kill other people s tender it was default setting his praise pretty shitty by wages have just enough we changed the stuff a little you also have to think that if your doom with a cop ok a cop is experiencing violence and murder soft and robbery and crime on a rate that the average person will never know you'll ever know what it's like to be someone every single night is just going to war every single night you deal with bodies and people that have been shot and people that you know
furthermore the blank area rape and murder and and child abuse and you just constantly seeing horrible horrible things so when something happens like a lot of these guys there so ptsd out there they have just fuckin trigger finger the almost and control their their experiencing like a lifetime's of trauma in a year mean yeah you're a cop and you're in a bad neighborhood your experiencing a lot of fuckin shit and it affects people in different ways and i think it's just an unbelievably hard job to do gear its unbelievably hard job to instil they get killed two man you know that's nothing ever taken consideration i think fifty three people a fifty fifty ivanhoe topsy yoga tell those
in the statistics adona on a budget we just found down my grandpa guess i've never met him he was cop in detroit and was shot and we somehow we came across the ticket book that was in his pocket and as a bullet hole gone right through the parking ticket when they take a look at choose its current his tent cattle weird artifact like locate thou two hundred and fifty deaths per year that's what it is i have two cops for your detailed and of how many dinner i don't know it's good question ok nine hundred thousand nine hundred thousand sworn law enforcement operators officers were average call them man that's a lot in a hundred fifty of kildare lot lot of working people they till out of pocket
how many people do cops kill what's guess that how many people copy a lot of them bad guys let's just we're not listen to judgment they were just trying to find number how many people do cops kill every year and i do want to guess why later in the year under thousand four hundred seems like four hundred per year four hundred i would say them triple what the couple different sites that say it's four hundred per year so it seems like a seems love does it i mean i guess half of whom are still like our enemy all this is local police involved in four hundred tonnes per year what a fine she's perceiving his ok knew it
times a week in united states a white police officer killed a black person during a seven year period ending in two thousand twelve wow that's fucking crazy that's crazy statistic two times a week for seven years a white officer killed a black person i gave what point we have to say that there might be a bit of a problem which has been what what how high the numbers have to get with crime and police and please shootings in how high the numbers have to get before people go what the fuck is going on here like how how many black people are getting shot by white cops how many black people are committing crimes how many white cops are looking to shoot black the boy what are the answers i give you were the people they were in charge of overseeing the police department i dont know if they ask these questions but thou be like that first thing i would want to address publicly if that fuckin statistic you know
we are talking about that more often twice a week twice the workers joel blacker that seems like a lot i mean i want a laugh talked about but it seems like a ridiculous amount like that's a good commits anybody says that like you know that there is not at least the potential for racism like how could you not look i think that number right there seems i think listen just in los angeles twice to two cops price shoot a black i don't know about it will there talking about killing eighteen percent black
killed during those seven years were under the age of twenty one compared to a teen or eight point seven of the whites you know that in its it's a double problem so this is the thing everybody wants to blame one side but there is a desire double problem it's not simply a problem with the police officers killing the black kids it's deftly that but it's also crime ridden neighborhoods how to stop the the momentum of crime neighbourhoods and kids it are coming out of those crimes neighborhoods that commit crimes how'd he stopped that it's not at all believe it's the children's fall i don't think it's the fault of a sixteen year old kid grows up an unbelievably harsh environment and becomes a criminal i'll think it's his fault i think he's an unfortunate victim of a terrible situation i think nationally we have to figure out what the fuck is causing that and if there is anything that big
due to mitigate that in some sort of what is just so waste of resources and life your ear asking people to grow up in an environment is sold likely gonna fuck them up for leah here or you yeah or you have to do whatever the environment asks or your dead yeah ass at a survival you're like a hand was like that they feel like doing this but there are no doubt man no today is not in every goes well you gotta choice fuck off man if you live that guy's life then maybe you could judge but you really i don't know you don't know unless you live there and i'm just guessing i'm just totally guessing you know i just think the whole thing ultimately it's a wake up call for america i think there's a lot of people that are pretty fuckin tired of the way things have been going
this country you saw that the video that that boy like cable it with the palate gun to why did you know my friend just told me that that guy was fired from another police force and they they picked him up gazette already gone through all his training they picked him up in this forest but they did already decided this guy might be like mentally unhung to second for that you say blown now on solid but i don't pull it up jamie onawandah wiser but i didn't want to watch out and watch it i don't watch it i just read it the two the captain lake start shoot em why as cars moving still like you don't get it man i don't get it i read you read the comments and it's always like well if you don't if you don't to be shot by the cops then then don't do stuff like somebody was kind of like you like bagging unlock the kid i rumour run around with guns they put cap guns in vienna plain war we goes in this play war nor woods
well of course i definitely have done in the exact same thing and if i was in that situation and i was black and i was doing the exact same thing i might get shot they said it was scaring people in pointing the gonna managed probably disturb little kid grown up and fucked up place doesn't mean as he had shot we were like the last generation and actually have realistic army guns first twitter i sat a point like in the eightys we had guns that looked like real uzis i'm like said rob banks with though yeah yeah yeah no then along orange thing you know as i think in the nineties or some euros cut that dude with a drill brand manager fucker out make it look real we had a game i lived in a subdivision probably headache forty fifty kids deep different ages we i create this game called pack it was from a movie tout the assassin she game
and we had profiles we had once high school or you whatever at grade we're in your skull pictures and then i'd right brien's home pussy road here's his address and then you pass out those profiles and then have to kill the guy that whoever you got and i that the during come in my house knock on the door and my masses some of their open it it's dorin pulled out a gun you know like one of those ones that shot the suction cups under that plastic with the pull up black put it right in my head shot me right in the face with it and i was standing right there didn't you know just like a son just got you but but we'll all toy yeah we're all walking around with guns knocking on people's doors pointing got like instead we now know with our friends though if you knew the dude right some of the guys like you the profile you know him well and you too
to show to shoot him but there are playing the game yeah yeah yeah zadig mob hits and sounds fun as long as not genuinely mad like you know like maybe like the girl with early i wonder whether i remember that the only rule we had was you couldn't shoot somebody on the way school like that was our big thing just cause and i even by we had the spider man things you put around your wrist and you could shoot the rubber things through the spider man i wore that to school just in case somebody wanna get shit you with me after school i would advise you to her though it will show you an actual weapon yet you push like where the spider web would come out and it would shoot the rubber you know a poet some talk about those rubber such cup gun yeah yeah yeah it would shoot one of those i could point side one shot was like a danger why do you have it i was gonna shoot
what he was talking about they actually do a thing called street oars words a whole city hurdy day twenty four seven watered down assassination let's larry s that's a great idea that would be a fun thing i remember as long as like you're doing it with cool people that are actually kill you i remember making the profile so i will take your picture and then i would withstand solar whatever you know hamas stuff we had i would make a low profile and my dad going i wish you'd spend more time on your homework then like i was obsessed with this game yeah but you dad was incorrect she caused you u gravitate towards fun now you're successful stana buccaneer dad was totally craig parents are often incorrect man gotta get any fuckin kid way sometimes but then the other thing is i bet by like not encouraging you to do stand of comedy like you probably like like by saying like you got here together wipe spent all his time playing the stupid fuckin games we doing your homework but by by doing that low pressure on you and emissions
girl show you like some you don't have that yeah i'll show you because their parents are always like super supportive of ship goes wrong in and what the fuck do i parents know my dad did stand up for like five years really never even told them somebody saw me like an open mike and ass my dad and my dad goes i used a you don't say and it was weird like i was probably my dad was probably whatever the math is my age now then i was so dislike you know imagined like you when you're cute like its ceasing your dad was unhappy cool in one report there's a major advance raising kids when get older have you shit together at least a little bit better tomorrow you're twenty or twenty one i can imagine raising a kid at twenty one sixteen
people do in life was sixteen seventeen my life was nineteen which she had her damn man that's crazy what a unbelievable responsibility when you're barely mentioned in reserve issue in the military and having a kid in it's crazy you barely an adult barely mean in eighteen year old in adult technically yeah but we all know a year olds those children the children that know a little bit more than the average child there just experiencing life and are still trying to me when i was eighteen owes a fucking warm and also more or less weak yea of more than a couple hours ago boon you're eighteen god you're fuckin super duper we're on by our eighteen was way dumber than today's eighty oh yeah millions slow down
i think we all dumber out how we fuck if it did have access as much there within our legs like super fuckin experienced the kids of today their super experience in like not just doug like physical experiences but experience like understanding like all sorts of different points of view and different information different sides of things like they're more informed there just more on their their brains are working like a higher level i really believe that i've talked to some twenty year olds and i feel like i'm talking like a young adult whereas if when i was twenty and talked of a twenty year old i was talking to mow raw other fellow morons hoots who we are eureka the murat advice and tell furthermore on facts that weren't real at all you know that was backed i mean it's so nice now if you have a random trivia question are you like how many cops work do you know shot somebody you have access it up a bit like back
the day geyser bars would have to debate it like nobody knew the info knew the answer to anything you just have to really interesting review play video games nowadays because you your matched up with kids all the time so your online talking to other adults and then you have this like two year old that's it whose guys i'm gonna do you people like form relations with these kids so weird there they they don't see my kids anymore i gave up play yeah there's some this is a new reality the man is a new reality that were experiencing address guy last yes yes yes right he's a futurists and he just you know it's kind of a guy who's invested in the idea of trans humanism and alice
technology but he was talking about how in twenty years we may not even talk to each other anymore everything might be done through like mind interfaces that work like the internet like this this device it there recently tested they were able to transmit thoughts through the internet over like no five hundred miles or something crazy like that like a four very far distance and you wear this thing and like you think like say if you think of hello you think hello like you you keep saying like hello hello it reads were your brain is doing what it says hello and so then it recreate that so the up the person the other end on the internet has his helmet on and they hear in their head hello and you're not saying anything you're not using your mouth you using your fucking brain hey you're sending a word through your brain to someone else's rain through the internet is really crude right now you're one of those auto correct
that i think something like switches why so it's gotta go deep like chicago ex ante sharply at all good that's not what i meant shocking keck what the fuck did you say i wish they get with technology even drive and i had a meeting today there is is it i thought i wish i just hollow grammy like at this point i am yeah but that are probably in our lifetime don't you think like i've seen text oh both of lake cisco was doing have you seen magic leap tupac have you seen magically now magically bears the new shit it's this ridiculous technology there there's a video they show online where guises hands out there's a little baby elephant is a hundred percent real
stick as dancing in his hand some new hologram technology it's just there just releasing part of like this might who knows the might maybe your hope the whole thing might be like being up some fuckin new movie the actually king who actually think that this photo that you know it is very i think this was just made to like this is what it should be like right but i dont think seems like did they don't they don't explain enough but watch this because it was so bizarre did this disguises hands out and as his hands or out this elephants does dancing around in his hands running i put the video part of it he would show it to here is really crazy to watch and there's another one where there's a little girl i googled ass he opens his hands up unless elephant dance runs out of his hands and comments on
is that the thing is making shadows how's it making shadows like what is that find that dude find out if that it goes the seventies we'd be at a bar and we debate it for at lunch little jamie google whether not that's real because they don't that's where i was no one knows i'm new technology some new technology will figure it up the mother it's like five years from now we will be looking back at then it's gonna be some silly that member we thought that was a real but you know what they're doing with this voice technology thing if there really comes true and you really can communicate through words in each other's minds without talking and then there is no more open language and then there's like a universal language that everybody adopts this is the idea that you're gonna where these fuckin head said things and you gonna go into a virtual reality so you'll have it
the sad thing on then you'll have like innocuous rift on and you will like be in a meeting with these people an ego they can have the ties that represent who they are like you can go into this three d virtually with this headset on and see people and you only realise their fig tree tried touch them i think it s couch you set up they could have a room set up we can have a three day meeting and everything looks exactly the same on both sides as far as the french or so the person come in sit down tar hang out with you and you literally will feel like you're in the room with them you won't know you're not until he tried touch them i'm gonna be like the matrix for everything just gonna be gray and dingy but in your virtual world is gonna be beautiful tat the life tat and then seemed so early that's gonna have been right yell daphne how they get around the environment right if we when the environment and seems like were kind on
path i mean there's a lot of concern about the environment nouns lotta people iter making all these big no generations gonna get good at having the environment gradually that sancho because norway has like zero zero garbage now believe it's norway they fear how to completely recycle all their trash they have legs i think it's norway find out norway random are to figure this out i think they use all of us i believe it's norway yes sweden sweden runs out of garbage ninety nine percent sweden sought norway i'm gonna stockholm january for ninety nine percent of sweden's garbage is now recycled that's fucking credible that's incredible that is like almost zero trash one percent trash it's amazing
i saw something on water i think he was a documentary about los angeles california running out of water and they had some plant that had sewage sludge glitter sewage water in an hour and a half later it was as clean as bottled water drinking they have that drinking straw or even just drinking it filters anything and they have like a guy like a video the guide like drinking straight p out of it how dare hid his recent ass urien candidate the moving the idea the new one or their original i think i've seen bowl
that's an interesting movie about how they had in plants put in an year in how they can control on ya think i fell asleep during the new one for some reason those pretty tired rules was but the first was pretty interesting the ideas pretty interesting that's like em an idea that i was disbanded about and conspiracies is theory circles like they believe someone could be a maturing candidate and like the guy who took out martin luther king did even though it was dylan vacuum shit jack ruby technologies closer my brother in law was i had was blown up in afghanistan it blew off so so his claude gap blown off right yet so it is that you top muscle of your lake canada about this so
but that quagga blown up so he's been in a wheelchair for four years so far this is gonna happen i gained bunch away and then they created this almost iron man bionic leg that he can put around his leg and then there's like a computer we hear me would be and it will it moves like his legs one hundred percent paralysed in this biased glenn mousses leg form and then it also has a like a for future work
sense is if he's gonna for then it like locks up so it acts like a kick stand well and then he was talking about their they're doing stuff like you're saying where you could have thoughts and eventually control it to say move forward or kick hard like you can start to give it more now which is kind of like you know stabilizes them so we grow stand up and he you know he walks with that but me got like walk and hold his wife's hand for the first time in four years like stand because he's a big dude we had the biggest thing is is it is said hate being in a wheelchair like going out to people because he's always talking to people like me in writing ro as to be in a big it but that technologies pretty bad asks getting better alla time we are we talked about the show yesterday that there is now a soft exoskeleton suit he used to be like they had these big hard exoskeleton like you know like metal pipes are rods down the sides of it and joints and invite the new ones like way sleek they almost look like just like pay
you know they have those things that make you like lift like you strong way stronger that makes us stronger you can you can do things you can go longer you can go up hills like for soldiers they're going to enable soldiers carry much larger packs and they got to be able to walk for much longer like this is there it's going to barely take any effort will be at like fifty percent effort yeah crazy right the other means that got there there is just an endless amount of super smart people out there that are constantly coming up with new inventions that we're just like every now and then one pops up on your google news feed me like a fuck man like its constant it's every day there some new thing we day there's some new break through new technology new discovery that now saying there was something that i tweeted today there saying there might the big bang might have caused a parallel universe where time moves backward so we might have a mere universe like this universe is gone
in this way for writing how other universe that's going on exactly taken is as haiti hated it now the because it s like don't fuck around the earth has ended and its legs well we forming back to the big bang guess who knows where what time it is in this other one of its backwards me where we are in the life of the universe we know that work fourteen point seven billion years so wherefore however the hell it is it's a universe is for seen billion years old that this other one is fourteen billion years in the total opposite direction so right when we die we get reborn in the new and we never die maybe right maybe you met i mean we we i assume that this is how time goes that you know you do this indeed you that any move forward in a close your laptop to get new car and say goodbye but it's only because that's how we ve always lived like the idea of everything going backwards is incomprehensible but if everything go forwards
can't go backwards i mean who's to say that things can go back to their source who's to say that like you can't like start off in some sort of a neutral position and have everything instantaneous really be you when you're ninety and then slowly go benjamin button style back towards your zero again and crawling your mom's pussy i mean why not if you can come out of a person's pussy there's just as ridiculous as you going back in it and then when re entering the hive of the universe is just as bizarre to come out policies than it is for you come on old man that a child than you have as other organism that you recognise is your mother that's gonna take you into its body and its cannot absorb your soul and then you pass into the next dimension and you're born on earth in our time died over start all over again so that would you be happy you knew you were going to live your life as john half run over and over and over again would you be willing to do this again if you knew
life really is like some kind of a bizarre video game where are you play the same character add nausea till the end of time to get it right right so it is like a video game if you don't make it pass level one than you go back and eventually i would lie if there's a a way you could talk your future but are you pass cells to let you know that would you want to know sometimes i think that's what deja vu man like if you having deja vu it's because you ve done this a billion times not all think they i think they have a scientific explanation today however i forgot what it has suddenly by your eyes adjust its like a half second taking in the info i we guessing its backfires lorraine why we guessing once again explanations outdated working
because we're all how does it seventy at a bar when i verily data on your watch is gonna go that's not what it is you who brain how stuff works what is data here we go the term deja vu it's free and it means literally already seen those who have experienced a feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity as we all feel right right up to see what the reason is the phenomenon is rather complex there are many different theories ok so no one really knows swiss scholar arthur ferris guy's name ready for this swift scholar arthur funk hauser that's his fucking name he's my new fair refers are there funk hauser that the greatest character in a movie ever lots of fun causa a classic around dj arthur funk houses gonna tell you about asia will have clay crazy that getting one
how to get it was your eliza he said that guy i know he believes in switzerland maybe i can do i m over there he is search that in order to better study the phenomenon the nuances between the experiences need to be noted examples mentioned above funk hauser would describe the first and also as a bunch of ok they there are several different data experiences there's day job visit today which means already visited there's day job the coup v c you are from saint right already experienced or live through is much assent percent of the population reports having experienced some form of deja vu higher number of incidents occur and pepper fifteen to twenty five years of age ha that's bizarre its firmly associated with temporal lobe epilepsy reportedly deja vu can occurred just pull
here too a temporal lobe seizure so it doesn't mean that its exclusive connected to temporal lobe epilepsy but that its connected to mean for some people have temporal lobe epilepsy they experience data will not necessarily the other way discuss data doesn't mean i think that's bullshit what the fuck do so they don't really know that as romantic where people can i just feel like we ve been here before together its instead and i go ahead countries like a temporal lobe having our softwares just yeah i always associated with them with withdraw simulation theory like god the idea first while just the idea that you could have dreams you know you can have dreams i wrote about this dream instagram cause i was in vegas and i passed by this thing and they had
swore this hotel and they would write down famous quotes emma down the wall and one of them said if you can dream it you can do it why would sleep i took for alpha brain that day and i went to sleep and i had a dream about sex dream with mermaids so put it on my my instagram i had a dream that i could breathe underwater and i don't into the ocean and found a civilization a beautiful mermaid they all say glorious songs and surrounded me with loving hugs one of them reach in my pants start jerk me off under the long continuous streams of beautiful flowers came out of my dick and filled the water around us and then i wrote so yeah walt disney didn't know what the fuck like those dreams that's a real dream just think about that drain like i was a very realistic vivid dream a dream like that
what is what's going on there obviously it's not really happening but when you're having a really vivid dream that's completely ridiculous like you're gonna fuckin avatar dragon you're flying around while that's happening yours you like assentingly thinks it yeah volume volatile we shows you how slippery regular reality really as if you can have these experiences that are totally ridiculous but yet while their happening you buy em you u buy that you and your friend really are running away from godzilla god's will is coming and the whole city knows and you're running into people that unifies going you're saying sorry and you know dude you gotta fight your hugging i'm we're all together on this now we're gonna get the fuck away from gaza and then and he had a fucking thing coming over there you you're there you there and then you wake up and european the fuck is wrong with me i really thought zealous real i had my i dont much
about anything but i had my reoccurring dream that i've had since i was like a little kid is basically somebody shows up in my window do you like suddenly like appear in the window like that and i start running from saw run up the stairs and then they'll be a ceiling panel and then i'll push it and then i'll pull myself up and then i mean like an attic and then i'll run in the b another little door and slide that some constantly running from somebody who's below but i have all these seeker passages then i was watching discovery channel and they had a thing about ninjas it's not your house guy got out we would move a sliding panel and they went through and i go that's it that's why i enjoy fighting that's why i'm having this dream i was in india not kidding you did thing they showed an thing was the exact dream that i've had fried rebellion and ensure that that happens in almost every ninja movies
i know you ve seen in asia movies that is a much better explanation than you used to be a japanese due back in the days are there really were not that seems like a bunch of generations ago my what happened last life how can we remember that right up clearly what the forties is kind of blurring lily i think they have a photo there's a photo that which is going around recently brian saving cupolas up is the last known photo of a samurai and sure samurai before they are somehow or another the culture was abolished how they did that they may be made illegal to walk around with swords are today but this is i think photographs were discovered or were figured out in the late eighteen hundreds i believe right was outright that make sense so this guy existed with swords and walk around with a sword in the eighteen hundreds i'm pretty sure this is the google
so john f i know a bomb on one or you're dumber gas so i can't log out not lessen our true that's not the photo that i saw but it might be an another one that similar this last known photo of a samurai see you do that will leave that dude what i google you see those ninja classes like that ain't the one ah but it still pretty dope in martial arts like gap magazines or even on minors i guys it teach you how to be in india they teach you only need to think your ninja blackout and then give the promise you can watch the videos like native
eric in martial law like indian marshall out what that's the guy did oh yeah ceo blackout and then just through the honor system lies the dvds that self well that's a shriek will try to make money that's one thing about martial arts as you can you can definitely learn something from a dvd as long as you get one on one instruction as well as the originally get what i want to structure and like it it's way quicker path if you someone showing you where you put your way especially jujitsu why it's hard to see what's going on if you watching i strike like you're seeing things in real life like you're saying worse is china's placement it seems it's like there's lots variable right but when you see in jujitsu like you don't understand like worries his holding his balance and and how he you know how he passes
garden is certainly does like so many different things that go along with setting up a submission is all these steps along the way their super critical could you gotta know the defence of those steps you have no the college that defence and you gotta have two different pass out of their catches have one so like while you're teaches someone like you did you like a set up for a submission you're also teach them the defensive that's a mission and you're also teach them usually you teaching them like what the counter is now especially there like bluebell bluebell leverage on like that so that there's just so many like to teach that with a dvd is so hard to do you can try to teach basics like real simple stuffing if you pay really close attention you kind of learn that but way harder way better have somebody move you like show you like here right now watch turn up there like who causes some like settled variations just in the way you hold a choke his guy who won in brazil
one last our cars that we did not know no mexico city he caught the student guillotine and he did this new thing that allow guys are doing call approach grip and i give if someone doesn't show you how to do that grip it's his real we're a cave in mimic you doing you're my friend i was watching on the video fr antennae showed it to me but it re it seems if he is hell but when you actually do it really works its awesome it's like this crazy new gripped the guys are doing what does things like someone's gonna pull your hands there you ve gotta show territory illegally i don t exactly exactly getting it don t use another big one i've always been convey a workout equipment or video poor not so much lately but i would buy a lot of stuff and this was years ago i actually i thought it was a russian martial arts video of how to fight and water mckinney woe yeah oh you told me about this we have talked about on a part i believe way back in the day did in my life i know you ve told me the story of how to fight in like
like jailer laying waste to men like there's different techniques if your treading water look at this this is a photo of a job these dude about to commit a ritual suicide that life s real i want pretend through so unaware even research it
funny it's not real but this is all these different photos from my summarize nineteenth century so the eighteen sixties the photos of were taken in the late eighteen sixties little way those while they weren't very tall mean japanese folks baghdad especially zack i doing it to himself razetta movie looks like emily but suppose israel boy this chick with a hammer at very high i bet they did take photo well that checks hours powerful chick samara i bet they did take photos of them killing themselves outdo wondered at a disguise bleeding and this one look at us discuss fuck him
leading man is actually doing it out too that is dark so there's a photo of those sitting around while this guy actually kills himself and the blood coming out of his on the top of his kimono and down into psych leaking down to scratch area you see it for it is a lot of photos you go to the daily mail article does it says end of the samurai stunning portraits of japan's warrior class just end of a samurai daily mail vote taken a like martial arts weapons e training stuff no think we boylike at another birdsong like it seems i could become a daily wrought does the amorous words like all that would be awesome and then use rollout scroll down to want therewith there that guy's kill himself agone there also interim children it doesn't
in real debt if teenagers mighty i get pose like it's like look at us word but it might be real you know mean when you deal with someone that's gonna do a ritual suicide like the kind of willpower and then they had to be as gangster as possible when a guy is stabbing himself in the stomach and cutting his guts open with a sword that probably a patient is probably colorized yet ivy whoever colored eggs and you're not my add this little boy i think that the whole photos gotta be cholera is evident how photos back then so this is all colorized the the photos their black and white icon prefer i just don't want to
that surely temple fagin yeah i don't wanna see that that fade color i'd rather see a black and white in no that that's what it looked like to the person that was like holding that camera that yet at photograph and developed it it's it's really amazing when you think about the fact that everything pass like the eighteen hundreds whenever it was they invented camp everything passed that is accelerated like our visual understanding of the world is accelerated in it and a way that we don't really think about that much like no one knew what the fuck africa look like back then if you don't you were living in wyoming in eighteen twenty you have no idea what africa you know i didn't know it united sates look like we try to tell you so much i'd tell you about the animals are over in africa there might still be talking about people live on the moon why there's
black people and there's i'll explain an elephant marilla you know they don't even know guerrillas were real until the beginning of the ninety or the twentieth century the nineteen hundreds is there no so there has ended they didn't uncle mary will they were in the jungle and there they want or to do that african people do they were real but i mean we i mean us groovy why people talk to blackmail was we didn't know him yeah the discovery the gorilla i'm pretty sure was early nineteen hundred hold on a second this is the google show girl great baby ok discover the gorilla the head of the before rikers headlines you know too does deserve discovering nineteen oh two nuts
discovered on october seventh one thousand nine hundred and two on the ridges of the volcanic i don't know how to say this virunga mountains by german explorer captain robert vaughn bearing bearing the mountain guerrilla was named guerrilla guerrilla been gay in honour of the captain em how fuckin crazy that so we're here there was a conversation at work like the day after that were people i'd hate to see that there is a thing like us it's as hair all over it and what about those dude stills explore dude from the early nineteen hundreds you know they would show up and in other have like fuckin their wives would be with them and they tried to like make camps in the congo like ours that was the subject of so many movies a thousand did king kong marriages and explore they brought the actress and they showed up a desire island and these licked the ghost
darkness member that year like the way people and other black people work inform their making a railroad and africa crazed lodgers goes by this is they have his this is pretty cool man they have his actual account of like of meeting a gorilla for the first time from our campsite we were able to watch a herd of big black monkeys which tried to climb the crest of the volcano we succeeded in killing two of these animals rumbling noise they tumbled into a ravine which had its opening in a north easterly direction after five hours of strenuous work we succeeded retrieving one of these animals using a rope it was a big hugh like male monkey of one and a half meters in height and weight of over two hundred pounds chest had no hair and his hands and feet were of enormous size unfortunately i was unable to determine its type because
its size it could not very well be a chimpanzee or a gorilla so they did not some guerrillas ha in any case the presence of guerrilla had not been established in the area around the lakes so i didn't know it was this is so confusing look at the photo brian port pulled out opposites a crazy picture of this these people standing over this dead guerrilla is one of the first guerrillas so that's a mountain guerrilla so but he said guerrilla so that's kind of weird so what does that mean like when did they discover the actual guerrilla so there's other kinds of guerrillas other mountain guerrillas then but so it makes sense to me right physical characteristics discovery communication tells us to use international human hugo ok five hundred bc and implore
explorer on an expedition and the west african coast encountered a savage people the greater part of whom were women whose bodies were harry and who are interpreters called guerrilla the word was then later used as a species name and although its unknown with these ancient carthage gains encountered were truly guerrillas another species if ape or monkeys or even humans while okay so that was the first account of guerrillas it's written down those five hundred years before christ so the first westerner to see alive guerrilla was in eighteen fifty six he brought dead specimens to the uk in eighteen sixty one the first systematic study was not conducted until the nineteen twenties so ya mean they kind of
about guerrillas back then thou seems like it wasn't like that thing is not weird ex fake you back to basics fate he ever they couldn't do fake back then the fact that they had actually looks pretty real do if you look at the face the face get close upon it like that thing that's a dead mugging but those mountain girls they have those chest plates you know plus you get it you realize that's like the worst cellphone picture that is why like the best pictures were back then the best pictures means eighteen what was in eighteen sixty one yet a duty to set up that thing that linked in a flash magna because a nineteen nineteen to doubt that's an idea to picture fuck man yes that's the mountain guerrilla so just like they had their sisters some different species of guerrillas but it wasn't really until the eighteen hundred that us why people start figuring out there were even real don't thing he does when he sees a musician tried tries to kill him i know
like like the further like or what is i will kill it daunting what happens if aliens landed here i do think we reach you first the relay gave its with other certain people have a definite shoot for yeah there's dish people out there man like it goes back to or saying about cops like there's some cops they're just get out a car shootin right there there looking to shoot right and i think this probably like some human beings that of aliens showed what do the same thing don't see the alien and they would you start shooting their wedding we think about if they had a gun on them they are worried about their life or feeling like put put it you fuckin free it weird out if it is trying to communicate with you at the you'd have to be so vulnerable to like allow an alien close enough to you to communicate with europe soon as i got to eat you like how would you know could you imagine stupid you would feel if you came to an ailing like hello friend and it's like
frozen yet i registered uptight holds you like he takes himself plagues of user can it throws you in the back with spaceship and you'd be like fuckin shot him it also who knows maybe they're like us they we should focus yeah right because it felt like they're gonna maybe that bert thing where you can your thoughts git thing maybe that's the piece of equipment we need actually they did you see europa report is pretty interesting it's it's a movie about these people is a site i'm over these people go to while europa europa donna jupiters moons and it apparently has water on it i think it's jupiters moon said you beaten up early its frozen solid it's a ball of ice and under the surface there's cracks on the surface it indicated some sort of flowing water underneath and so they
they're trying to in this movie they go there spoiler for anybody but they go there and have encounters but way it like you think about like someone coming from another planet landing on your phone planet you gonna automatically assume their hostels fuck you you know automatically aliens are dead they're dead or word waited at word that one of the outer figure there knows maybe they didn't know maybe they have a really low testosterone maybe they ve breed have this would have aliens evolve debris with no sex so there's no competition for breeding and the competition is all surviving against their elements and the leap the predators in their area so they don't have like they don't have like this this male com thing like we do there i'll androgynous that's why they live decks dana vaginas didn't have big tidies no net
aliens on a booty videos is not working in the alien world they don't care about sex it doesn't mean anything the number one thing to us is sex it's like need we have this crazy desire to procreate we have this crazy desire to be with other people of the opposite or in some cases the same sex it's a big factor for why people become successful it's a big factor why people sell items they use beautiful sell things and endued with fuckin six per the cell genes and jimmy dean citizenship you know there's just a reality of being a human being so it's really hard for us to separate that idea from living organisms but like there's a lot of organisms it don't have sex at all in other plants and some some fuckin slugs in shit i guess they fuck but there take the male and female the male can fuck them they're both i think slugger like the one of those things is by its bisexual and the weird why not like
you're in a shakes her arrow and by the way like yours you're both sexes their home after nice idea and me we could have that can easily be the case with some being from another planet and if that's ok they might not understand aggression they might not understand how looked out we are they just show up if the aliens land and they really very hippy a share which is full of in they might not understand violence they might have somehow another grown up in this goldilocks zone that's like way but and our goldilocks zone where there's no predators everyone needs plants is it like all procreation those lou plans on all procreation is done through like this mutual experience of the entire tribe gets together and has has babies together and that is no sex involving it's all just community friendship and love and then a child is born out of love the sis is look how nor does it you shoot a load in someone's pussy and that's what makes a person that's fucking ridiculous its hit so ridiculous it's not
just as ridiculous to think of a community of evolved beings that i'll get together and hug you know and out of that hug a tiny child appears now all care for it together has just as possible within the eu show up on earth and we waste them within five how crazies pollen how crazy is the fact that plants need bees to take parliament pollinate their fuckin plants part is it take flowers and distribute like literally genetic material from those plants distributed all around that's a part of the whole ecosystem these bees that are responsible for these plants growing and if these bees die off everybody's friggin alec we're gonna lose the bees we're gonna lose society people starving what hold on the workers we got these little worker bees that they work whereas we don't even know about it like we need them too for i fear that there are important for almonds like what would be the other day i didn't feel rather persons terrible person behind think about that
an actual reality of nature is that bees pollinate plants it's a reality of nature it so bizarre but its responsible for like the progression of plant life that's like a big part of how it goes down i think there could be an infinite number of different styles of life out there in the universe that's one things as europa report thing was about wasn't the best movie but it hell my attention it was interesting and it was about like an alternative type of life that could exist on a predictive aliens land probably begin be skinny i would think they re so slick that they'll be right here right now we have no idea asians think their hiding in the asians you're so many asians in china and stuff like lot of places to hide that's because david had a land mass over there i think that was one of my more stupid theories when i was into the idea that human beings are genetically engineered from aliens they took people and they at
alien dna to people and that's why we're so different from all the other monkeys exist all the other apes my big thing was that like they had like different different levels like they're put like a little less alien some people and they would be like a little less will harrier doing a lot of backing this message and the you're gonna beach is some some fuckin dude surges harry is five do it every day the fuckin iron cheek wars an aging i know hair at all you know different complete different features smart very very little body hair notoriously good it mathematics does my stupid theory that they were more alien so damn i'm fort so you knows what dennis montana really dennis mckenna thinks it's very possible that sums of other advanced life form has visited earth in the past and subtly or actively reengineer or engineered human beings that they had some hand he said it
possible and he bases that unlike a bunch of things like what we would do if we could do it like if in end the idea that we're a fairly young plan like the earth is only like four and a half somethin billion years old so the unit around for ten billion years before earth was or somewhere whereabouts roughly that's a long time if something just had a hundred thousand year headstart that's it that's all it needs a hundred thousand year headstart from where we are now without blowing yourself up even a man and what kind of freaky shit we're gonna bill adieu and a hundred thousand years is a blink of an eye so if we could show up save the congo was a planet and stimulate the congo with these guys show up new start lightnings guerrillas up what if there is a planet and we found this planet and was all apes there was no people and we did like an accurate obey the planet like tom cruise style with land is what can we say about i laid out it yeah we're taking like what team is area for a guy huh check your grand
trust me to write a series of life actually gets an injury now me that's justice our parties you got your own scalp aren't you know maybe like you guys the scalp i'd like to take naps and there said he saw something we didn't if our fortunes false reports the travel and then there be like they have to be like a protagonist who's whose though they have you a woman that psycho powerful woman like sort of bounds it out will you guys get that dawn done you're down on planet can go get the job done and get back up here and maybe there's like cylons moving in and we got to get back to the planet fucking but by being landed on planet congo and there is only monkeys if we thought there were just like that in pansies here for shore would steal a few right fuck you are you kidding me if they knew that they could and on a planet so they found a planet you know whatever a light years away leave they figured out
somewhere in a year and on that point they knew there was life primates that were exactly like chimps like this is what it is man these animals if you give them enough time at this temperature this which again if the temperatures higher you get dinosaurs and the temperature is low you get well we malice of you know i mean what if it's like a universal thing in in the cosmos said all you need is water and carbon and all the building blocks in the same lifeforms exist everywhere if we find that out and we show up someplace we find monkeys or steel yeah for sure if we find that we go that is parrots and anna com is what is exactly the rain forest and they look exactly exactly about pretty sure will fuckin steel inasmuch monkeys let's find out and so has put these are the little month community and monkey school system and a teacher what sounds for anaconda what's the sound for four eagle the comes to steal you from the trees i try to teach and
we just go on go you're not smart enough for us to care about you can we speak so given the cage hooker clink deathlike box push our spatial sea and for the of their lives those chimps have to freak out thinking about the time that this thing came this metal disk installer mommy dec we simply want believe and we would do anything in a second inessa getting we do yeah right if we were we knew or they have bass large must pass on this lake we're still antonov bath liability guy taxes they would have a special leg you have paid to catch mars basque mother fucker imports of mars bass vitelli be real somebody to steal my dog out of my backyard that's just here in amerika you so of course we do it from a different you'd you catch him yeah that was a huge jam
wife said margaret gone in my their shepherd wasn't which is what you know your dog person you know it's weird there to do hooligans always are with each other one i'm not gonna go can only was i was in new york thought we lost them cutting off to sober i thought we lost our dogs so day three and is beyond bombed unlike my dog out where i live up in the hills and my coyotes dog she's gone were so you know she probably dead so then before i go perform i just go to craigslist just for at least a typing craigs list and i go found or lost shepherd the sad pops up saying in freedom ugh in its a picture of my dog super friendly well trained you had a list of of oliver things and then a phone number so then i call the i go hey bud like i'm excited lyra yes you know you found my dog thank you in there
ngos will she didn't have a tag honour unlike she always as it she must have got out and then to take out we got taken off for her collar which is in part like that doesn't happen were initiates a picket fence and show i go but you have my dog and he why doesn't it text i don't know if it's your dark and i go it is my dog in the night even sent the guy a picture of her that you would match up and go those my dogs and then the guy says well in a dog owner that lets their dog it out probably doesn't deserve to have that dog from now on like mother fucker are you not can give me my dog egos i gave the dog way already somebody i recalled the darn thing and i go you you had my you had my fucking do we do can i have the number to the person that you gave the dog duties i know so now going crazy like now like mother probable bubba so then i call my wife
ago i found a person as a dog but they're not going to give it more so than i even posted on my like fan page and there is some cops in this area as ike if you have is phone number would weaken weakened guys house and say i mean that's that you know it gives some said that story yes stolen property you have a little bit of of recourse so i may add gotham in new york you know the door guys i work there old like great gregor so he goes one of the guys goes put the guy on the phone with me get me on the phone to somebody tell him i would hate it's too bad you committed suicide over lost talk it's too bad you decide like you i like this is how you talk to that guy stop being so my wife calls them
and then she end up giving the number to of who had my dog now to my wife right so then my wife calls to this woman and this woman says why i've watched a dog two days now you know spend a lot of money and food babar so my wife goes this is i didn't hear this conversation was inhabited that she goes i'll give you i've a hundred fifty bucks cash on me can i come in my dog and i'll give you a hundred fifty bucks you or nice enough to watch the dog for so my wife they'll keep my now i'm in new york this is like eleven o clock at night allay time so now like do drive to some random persons house you crazy so she does anyway drives an four and a half away so keep from where your podcast is that there's a dog part that pretty close to hear would anybody be hanging out at the dog park here and then
drive home an hour and a half you don't do that in like nothing's making sense so there and she drives you this person's health by herself has my other shepherd in the jeep this woman comes out with our dog and cheek in the woman goes i still don't know if this is your dog and literally as the woman i guess is you're gonna have to prove it margaret i am just takes off you know like lunges for my wife and was just you know whimpering itself like that the woman grew a hold of margarets collar and then my wife has declined and then my wife's like now i gotta throw it out with this it's like she goes i have did you start punch in this older woman in the face to get it like all my dog has now it's so then my other
upward jumps out the jeep like that the driver side window was open by the shepherd jumps out of that window because there's now this kind of a fight going on and then my wife has a hundred fifty looks cash she throws it like she literally makes it rain she grabbed up if she needs an extra hand to grab the other dog now it's a woman lets go of of my dog and starts like the money was going to disappear starts reaching for the money falling and my wife just grabs both women enough to him in our car when she said she took off because if she was like this is not does so long story short that's crazy the dog in the guy what dude i've never i've never even had the thought of actually physically one in the kill somebody say i'll kill that guy but you never really like really think it but i'm like this dispute came into stole
a dog and is now say me won't and have his info now bananas journals we live and i you know where this guy lives now we know he doesn't know i live i'm lonely he got your dog what that's true if that like that don't know how might violent i've a privacy fence like around my backyard so it's pretty dog friendly you as adults you can't scale the wall or get out of someone how to get in yeah i dont have any proof of ended up at something happened you don't know this lady sold or this guy soul that lady that dog or gave that later that die he said he gave it but i could easily wire anywhere i think you're running a hare have you dog give me money some money scam even though there has been a lot of well know how to do that because they you contacted them there does hoping that you would find them yeah so come on that's ridiculous scam they would may be contacted and say hey i have your dog but aim is gonna rust scam like that and i put it in craigslist or where we found it yeah so we found it yes hiding
craigslist like randomized i the city i live in an shepard and about picture verse showed up that so crazy right or like i can't say you're out like what happened like none have let you said if if somebody who's trying to steal and sell the deed really shitty attic is there's a way easier way to do it the lot and movies all about that there may be lost and found with david spade seven seven psychopath that's why the dude in seven psychopaths stay with the dog shit why think it could be like well i believe that of people around me that sometimes will call it say you dogs are barking this was a while ago that there is a problem and then this person would throw oranges from his side over into my yard or like eggs and stuff like that and then you can't say your dogs are back their constantly bark now go yet you cause you're throwing you're throwing shit adam andrew havoc
relations with them of course they're going to bar at somebody on the other side of the fence so who knows if like a neighbor lake had somebody i don't know my ex girlfriend remedy it does happen my ex girlfriend headed dog and i think because it barked all the time i think somebody poison it by throwing a like piece of food over the sight of her fence in the dog died or you would tell me lay him out that speaking that i'd so my dog i would always put like vows making timber savages hum i get like supervened butter and in i get the spoon and oh yes never going one of spoon in my house but i would like to turn the spoon in the dogs would would like the peanut butter on the spoon the kind of after all this happened i i would put out a spoon with peanut butter on it in short towards margaret
here's flew back and she takes off she won't even come by me why so let right cats dogs learn something so something shady happen legs i know no well those dogs are really smart too shepherds are very smart there very there did you gotta tell him twice they usually those does it have to be like real acted with the aboard lay around like a bull dog ones english bulldogs does are fat lazy dogs that is lying around shepherds at me like that carry out its yard i wear this fucking aren't the climb treason shit now they'll escape the board yeah or some shit that's what a good please dogs shepherds and those other ones it look like shepherd those belgian amalgam was oh yeah map mutes vallum was i think the calm allow me to different don't i've ever own shepherd prior to these two nights and their great about germ i've had a gun retrievers like yeah but my shepherds aren't like people are afraid of em cause the look
you see him you go that's but there that my my brother and his wife they have wrought wilder's and i've never been in it for you just have mentally in your head you like all rottweiler are our rough they couldn't be a nicer than those are good dogs like if you re right about him on a really good one was a sweetheart they roundheads i die out like a five year old he d earth three lays on rottweiler like he's watching tv and the dog just sit there i saw a wrestling with them a little bit like tickle fighting the rottweiler came in between us and just gonna plop down did you the kind of girl cables other chick yet now than we had another that they take a fight a cat dogs are interesting because so much of a dogs personalities based on the breeder and how well the breeder takes care of the parents in the generations before i got this dog that's a register master hiroshima that on yeah his dad was on fear factor and his add was so chill who just
such a sweet dog he just hanging out like you just like we re calm and like real sweet but then he use them as an attack on a key item is a big dogs like taken out people those big attack that suits and this guy who he won't even breathe dogs if they have any aggression towards people does any growl laying a barking and eight dolittle tried take their food away who do up everything's test them great and ill so kind to them but if they show any sign of aggression towards people he doesn't breed and so because he has his like really com really sweet really confident dogs and a lot of like dog breeds depend upon whose raising them what qualities are trying to the dog and if they really strict like this guy joe was then you get like this amazing doglike might dog johnny's like the sweetest i've ever had he self friendly like i like my four year old will bring friends over and play with him i have no fear a jew
dull giant like he has never given i've seen dogs bite him and he has even buy back what the fuck man like me he's just a big sweetie just a kind guide dog yeah i've visions now because i am looking at property in the mid west low just for you don't on her right exit strategy trend i can i just want to sit in a launch here with one of the like those tennis about things we go trunk and shoots the tennis ball and that my dog do sprints so i just want to train them want to sit there i think that with the greatest this spring day just sit there i knew it do went through all those you know it sheets on training is like some yet that is i try to do with my with market but that they said she was to friendly like i think as the agitator can you get a little bit of their like ass she does it that's fine just once how old were you when you try to do to her whatever year yearn hat lake
they say is like the use of generic like you know you shake like a can make a lot of noise in some dogs will take off other jobs will go to it makes it all you know whether or not their aggressive yeah like if there there's levels of that training i've seen this issue date there's a facebook video to sky just says a couple words and there's a fight like she'll guys are fighting the guy says some words and then the shepherd runs to baby and sits there and then one of the guys fighting turns to then go towards the baby shepherdess nope attacks get like the guy suits but they're like doing drills and they train this assault like those ever seen those du pont registry magazines cycle all like we're rich people shit like watches the cost half million box illegal rob reporter report exactly they always have those pages in there that are dedicated to these train german shepherds and you see
like sitting there guarding crib loyal guardian you do a living reality that is a lot of people out there that are too worried to isolate telecom staring at the windows adoption by a kind of my fucking killers tat dog shit you know no watch here today elephant in the living room we do no other than the details those ads are on everyone i should get that magazine the magazine itself with i got a brilliant kazoo just fund let go through here like what movie fuck was so often in the how the rump elephant rooms a movie about all these people that keep exotic pets in their home like lions and shit this guy had this rig weird relationship with this lion and it would go in the car the lion and hugging news like this line you know kept me alive i didn't
line out have been dead you know i had my broke my back and trucks having accident as all fucked up on pills and i got this lion and like it so weird it's so weird watching this it's like the eventual kill you like a line what even though you you know your friendly they think it does have a bad danes sometime i'm saying you know they do sometimes they do but i think of you attention to all these motherfuckers and have lines and how few of them actually want to kill him i think if you train them correctly in your there all the time it's probably at least reasonably safe when they seem to tax when they get agitated like this sick frieden roy yeah they're like i'm not there were three i think that it might have been because some lady in the audience had some crazy had on and that the the i might have seen that had is like a cobra something a peacock some been crazy animal numbering jurassic park when
fuckin way night is trying to steal in that thing shows up in the car with them like us maybe that's what the tiger thought that hat like something similar something alerting him that it was about to attack or shows talk no time or texting in this desert performer the tigers like custody that can show friday they said it wasn't even trying to kill him i was just dragging him out of there and that it didn't had no idea like that biting him in the neck would just crush his vertebrae cuz it's just so strong it was trying to just get him out of there i don't know about it i think he's got sick a word and form of the entire if it could have a guy killed a couple of days ago mall and to align closure climb down it's like the third guy this year there is that indian gotta get killed by the big white tiger member that earlier oh my god that was almost ridiculous whenever you guys on his knees like a no
the shit at a tiger by praying he's a golden rule they won't stop and finally tadeusz i grant you fucking annoying badge pam grabs images drags on over to the other side of the enclosure like he's a pillow you ve seen it now wants it yeah on this thing here so we don't get pulled from you too we have a strategy now for what is that showing video the air what we keep getting pull from you to return we show videos now we really shown schiesser shown over on that side so it's not the actual video playing are you u to channel gotcha i get it you know they're trying to not have anybody steel of use from them but i it probably in along one gets more views because people who want to see it just on a podcast they wanna tell
friends about it the last link in an area where the actual length but i get it in other words i guess they called fair use honour what fair use is not exactly sure it seems debatable is like a debatable definition for fair use this fuckin do gets jacked that's important on her from the sky gets fuckin jacked and he's for whatever reason he thinks it's smart too were to fuckin keep praying like the tiger gets like right on top of many just he doesn't stay still he doesn't play dead he just keeps bobbing back and forth an up and down back and forth and up and down eventually ties like our rights i seen enough yet we have to sit through an ad it's an indian add world
americans it's gonna this big english were state farms or it is shown that once it is very very who has disturbing images not suitable for children leading lady oxide show this look at this fucking animal hovering over that dude my god that's when it's killing them like this dragging him off if you wish you can kind of sea it unpicked related whether you can get a better video briny get a real video you dont have to show this one does real videos it show the actual like thing in front of him like this but he's moving around look i've fallen data generated jumped in thank you went into it on his own simplify the other one is actually did you see the guy like he's for whatever rep that's the upper one year forever whatever reason these like he won't stop moving
daily motions can you the real deal daily motion and lively closer dark websites here to look at it as lively doesn't fuck around look at this disguised just sitting there and this fuckin hissed giant beast look sees constantly moving and the cat is like you're not supposed to be here fucker while you moving so much yeah what can you do there you he's dying a feather in front of my cat my caravan here look at him but he had to attack some oh my god this is so hard to watch you not getting out because if the tiger can't get out you can get out that thinking jump fourteen feet near it can't get out you're fucked so you just going have to get eaten son this i don't think there's any other way around what do you do you get up and go over here oclock quick anything like the zoo but will become an out with their like what the fuck they do and
the others by one dude is programme clean the monkey cage is over a hundred euros chick like barton margie dennis a man in the tiger cage what what's hoddan and he's got a text a text comes into your text hold on turkey backed does a mandatory judge what this tigers get annoyed this dude i think people working ellen adam to a k you get the fuck away from me oh shit that this is the tiger moved in these dummies their focusing on people sneakers does not pay attention see these fuckers is shitty video here here it is all i got stuck in a map so you go down oh my god so that when it like pulling oh and here's where it gets dark ages grabs and by the neck and just carried him away look at that easier yeah yeah right negating probably
that a hundred thirty pounds probably hundred boy unanimity is carrying like is not jumps over the inner them means gathers enclosure it's like a swimming pool type thing and it goes right up the side of it like it's nothing what awaited die what a dumb idea and a goofy waited die but like lions there's a guy that made it into a line closure and who is trying to convert the line to christianity whereas the others a video that alliances are fucking him up pull that
why and tries to convert man to christianity it's it's just fuck this dude up it's hilarious these people you two thousand fourteen still want to give it a try yeah she's pluck and i think i can get in there and this dislike needs to be done with jesus poor bastard you this he's out there proselytizing two lions look is waving his hands i think this was in china am i correct only this guy he staying there are just annoying the shit alliance did not even fucking with em look at that oh my god it just while we just sit down they get a rash like listen i know you're lashing out but it could even of the war that lions scraps the shit out of on but look the lion doesn't want anything to do with them the lurch not trying to kill him just this fuckin dummy just won't get ghosts
yeah you this you bitch just bit oh mother fucker i was yes that is not trying to kill you shouldn't doesnt really him because he doesn't want him around yeah he's a figure out a way to get the fuck dodge then the way he so stupid heat oh shit oh it's climb out of it bites his leg oh my god has to her oh my god this guy's lucky that line is like really we are not yet and the last the cabinet the lion has to attack him i mean it's is he allowed by the helsinki does is manufacture thank you exit through but the lion actually just doesn't want him there and you stand there make christ compel you guys got a gun out reddish the line it the life takes he should shoot that guy that's what he should do you fucking idiot power of christ the lion lies down
front of em jesus made that lie in la down now negotiated cargan work forward they're gonna tranquilizer darted they should just trunk him she rightly dick retard what kind of it mass they gather stretcher ready they nosegays bleeding profusely ok they tracked it they drank the cats while they drank the katharine dumb ass look at him he's ok for a big ass by as leg stitched him up what dummy goddamn people are silly john f run with the fire they got about that his wife was like next to my hagen and be disguised ass again is whose wife that that line i just protocol that that other lie there was given how do you feel like ten people wrap it how do you know who married who john have run from the magical powers do
have called me out on that shit's used to watch the carnations innate always go it's making you just dumb admit you're dumber than human being watching but one of them husbands on down there i don't know enough to guy looks like a psycho ok why do with this slip back hair degree no no it's ok whatever letters whatever his name is but they know i'm talk what is merited oldish every time you see that as a joke i would look at me i i have ever saw the guy i would keep em right in the head first thing i would do that you don't sound you have to watch it to see you can't get centres that seems unreasonable where the deal so i would go man i've just i would kick the guy right now you just seems like an ogre so where calabash is this is you know i'm after me saying this every single time i've ever seen the show where calabash to set the bookstore i'm walking down the aisle with my wife he turns into the island such walking towards us and then the whole time he's walking towards us my wife is gone
there's a chance here's your hijacked by guys he's come then part we were like ok do i got kick him in the head you so i get street craig with my wife for whatever we obviously walk by him and then that my wife goes all talk you just all talk the other games not enough funding not let me get you because last night whereat the comedy store and louisa k was playing and we have the same thing in my girlfriends is leonardo caprio and they fuckin walks buys an arctic of ask every year you can't play that here elopement whatever it is that whatever it's called they you get one celebrity to hook up with not if you live in allaying you have changed is that you're gonna run in that's vienna noah if your leonardo dicaprio you probably can't live anywhere other than la like is leonardo dicaprio tried to move to nebraska like people would like to be like tours people out like that's where it leonardo caprio is with we got is scary farm on their nebraska
but remember there was a thing about val kilmer like val kilmer had a place that he put out in the next new mexico yeah yeah i had some crazy ranch i think is still does like ie just retired some ranch new mexico and everybody would just billig walkin around ransacked fuckin batman lives now place it was fuckin ice from top gun you know where he lives in this this ranch that's like right there and everybody believed what the fuck almost like you want to i go there just to see if its real like you'd want like look over the hedges what's going on over the command for him and you just everytime you leave your house that bunch people peering over your hedges stare nature yet that's where you have you really famous you have to stay and i like then that way you get watered down a little like it is yeah yeah you definitely a watered down like ashore at my you gave it the jim that i used to go to
walk in there at any given time the rock would be there baldwin the sweet life zack in cody kids in every famous report are you too but it was really weird can you just see and then you know on a treadmill next to the rock and after like we too just like you get used to some people eating i watched a guy go up to the rocket the rock always dude headphones on and when he's like lifting he kind of has is look of i'm working out you know i can ask this so this guy walks over to missus hey kid you could help me out and you saw me took off his head year he was mid work i was like don't wear watts or something roads that somebody but the rocks is probably won a nice guys i've ever seen they yonder i know like i've seen him on flights at six o clock in the morning with his add up against the window and had down and little kids tapping autumn and then he put his head up through
on the smile sign for the kid and then go back to sleep for second to the next kid i never not seen him be cool like that show at the gym he walks over to the guy and on now i'm just like staring the guy goes i'm gonna do these preacher curves can you tell me if i'm doing i'm right curls like the one i probably the only weightlifting technique you don't need actual the white house my like a squad you can go my doing this but i can occur i felt so bad for and in mid curl can we be friends so what are you doing later we can go any legal voice message from my wife will you go first time with my kids he's hercules kids get very excited faced time would hurt you is girls demand that do jump on its stairmaster whatever there was nobody next on within seconds there be told them dumdum dumdum everybody
please it's super huge do these gigantic could you i've seen em indifferent phases like a pussy manga found almost being must build a black hole like distant singularity of of sexual attraction he's like six foot three right six three inch garish someone billinger brick shit house and is a movie star caused lower ever see those pictures he probably not that he post pictures surround when he's working out like his cheek days earlier the legendary yeah legendary for big huge pete says in his never like do you live legendary is this car i did that just a part of the diet is just like one day a week you gimme i m just a crazy man
yeah some guys do that their super strict except one day and on one day they go off libra you know member in edinburgh base it on sunday the allies anyway just killed the ice cream huge sundays peter he would be like atkins atkins for five days six days rather sometimes you'd go five days due to cheat days but it would be super strict on his atkins days like all salads and meets and very little carbohydrates other than like natural carbs natural would come from fruits vegetables fruits things like that and in the last stages doughnuts and please go off like a rock anything about fuck and he lived for those days then you start starting those days like midnight three then i think i'm on atkins one day a week i do it on monday if its actors is weird man that's not noto falls on more like people say that a given bad breath and i guess that's the idea behind it is if you have no carbs like that you're back
still live in our fats and you can do it i guess as long as you like really make sure you have the right amount of fats i try to while men and it made me really feel weak i didn't feel good cutting out like potatoes all that stuff i think cutting the best ever ever felt like an experimental diet was cutting out gluten and i know that's like a fad thing to say like in itself as the people dont want admit anymore but the reality is this is the simple reality the rear many about breads is they break down become sugar pasta become sugar that's the real issue i think more so than like gluten intolerance and allow these are the things that people claim i think the amount of gluten that we have in our die from sandwiches and bread and past isn't things on those lines the amount is like a lot of sugar that goes into your body and that's just not here citys spikes your levels your insolence ida whack it's just not healthy to have a
regular sugar intake of processed wheat you know all that that shit that's like a normal part of the american diet too good for you but you know a little bit every now and then it's no big deal so as long as you eat mostly like healthy foods you could fuck around a little bit every now and then he's getting all the nutrients it needs and disorder awarding it without other stuff the problem is people have a diet that's primarily reward occasionally they fuck around some let us for our rights you don't owe me like that's smoothie smoothie today some good yeah fuck and people especially for work and all the time you're tired you know you're at the office homage graphs jack in the box the way over you get that fuckin you know i'm trying we are on the road which the how do i mean i'm i'm skinny but i'm sorry become skinny fat lake to work out big yet you a little bit
don't box anybody more yours now i've can adjust the my work out sir come aboard with them some trying to figure out what my new thing when you do like a personal trainer and in those towns in it you could do that like find someone jim they'll put you through a weightlifting work out there we fun yet of course yeah i need like an like yeah did my menacing was opposing amadou pull ups dips pushups and then i'm an ado sprints in and that can be it just in case ever get arrested then i've stopped my prison workout duplicated adam i gotta figure out some because i'm at that line you know when you go k i think everybody at some point if you look at him they look like you ve given up and sometimes that decision is later in their lives were i think i'm teetering at that at that issue could i might just give up on average we don't they never work out and is to be done
what was a book that you gave bill bertram work out book body weight work out book yeah it's her name like it's a weird like gala re ye or i e like if you go visual work out in just tibet name it's visual work out it's a hundred her book is like a hundred body weight she's this rushing check but what does it is she has she calls the work out like like movie titles like highlander on vat men so then batman would be like forty punches forty pushups but you know she has a whole thing and then you have do you go through its three times sometimes so for me it's just like a fun no rain i can do it in the in my hotel room i just turn the page and she gives away the book for free on our website you can download the pdf i ordered the book from amazon canadian filet printing in up on my printer that's cool what's a collagen trial
go on an eminent look up my visual work out by nell array yeah already y yeah go to out her her website i won ok cool one video of hers she like this russian shaken she used to like me a fighter few states think do you know me any i l a yet she yet i would say neil but still a re work out cards by neil russia's a website any i l are you why the darkened the the book i l a a wider come so the book that i had i like you said i just bought it she gives it away for free but i didn't feel like printing it all up unless cool down food and print i love that she's given away for free here's your thing where she gives like you'll see somebody's work out that have five hundred and downloads well
and she has a a donate button and because i don't try to sell you anything on here if you ever feel like don't in so i think it's a numbers game if five hundred some people downloaded her her ab challenge you know in a few with those people go you know i'm a throw our twenty bucks for a given out i bet you she does ok yeah right i mean it's just what about now maybe she'll get more sounds cool like alike year than that when you go with the pillar one she has a lot like weird stuff like i belongs also like these are the pillow one is pillow strikes like your wife all the pillow pillow judges how weird but she does outward your ear carry on luggage and then she has these other work out where you just put like four strips you know of tape on the ground and you do a bunch of stuff with that you do so i just page and i pick whatever unites flip the book and i like do that like throw
that's pretty dope here's to love a man has proved itself like love it and then you can change up the you know what i haven't been able to do one of hers more than like three times through cuz then i then i get bored but you need to add more challenges to it and stuff that's interesting do it that way that she's releasing on for free online and ordering like having a guy pay pal button or someone that's cool you have you on your five bucks first but she s like ninety day challenges where she has one those visuals every day you do some so she gives it he's crazy he's her yeah emotions donor that's the arms wrong two thousand two hundred and fifty pushups in seven days oh my god you're always thought or choke you get is a tremendous choke yes yes i do i think
choose kickbacks earned jujitsu some because he has a lot of fighting body weight exercises man just yoga if you know i have a yoga book that bring me some time on the roan else i've yogurt cards and i just tell you i myself like ten cards and go through these ten ten different poses a problem for doomed login ninety count i call each pose for ninety can we do i like an ipad one in others a couple when my wife and we d yoke every night like we wish that we say starwood gdp yoga gdp is good that was my first thing i go ok what do you want with land gdp to people in order to gdp is diamonds page from rustling fame and here
this yoga that he created it was originally called like every guy yoga is the whole thing is it's not like archie far too young farmers yoga yeah yeah yeah i made but when you watch him he like actually is instructions really cool it's not you do like hawk out so you do like raises the sky than all get out and then you do and then stretch like you have the whole it is its heart like don't ask me a lot of em i have delay i have to go to a knee and go ok and then you keep doing for cover we should like ok now i can hold its i think joe got if i mean i'm not a expert at all but i think if you stick with yoga consistently your whole life you're going to be like staying you know at the end where you're not going to bust a
when i left ninety definitely something that's a lot more difficult to do than people think it s like i can't really good why can't you hardly anything it's unbelievable how on flexible and will yoga just it's a lot more difficult than people think it is it's like it seems like you'll be easy to do all those indian do there are skinny you know you look at chicks are all doing i like while this isn't gonna be like fuckin running of a mountain but yeah it's on the way my wife's how old is she i don't know i don't want to appraise with late 60s maybe even 70s japanese woman she can she puts her hands like that and they can perfect go perfectly straight up just holding like that's incredible she seventy woe gayer jones you keep using a man i got guns to loan me that's the most ridiculous example ever of a grant me he's likes it
the seven sixty eight years old i think at least how will that do now go he's gotta be it at least i say sixty eight right let's say sixty eight seventy two seventy two seventy two heavy while he's going eventually the stage when people like always know you're off the star wars like what are you talking about what's new millennium he's too was sixty eight sixty eight yeah he is i mean it's ridiculous the idea if somehow another he got offer them like what is gonna like with their yeah yeah seventy years out rhine i'm doing all that stuff what am i going to get myself a couple more years and then i cannot run on the side effects or he broke his neck when he was filming the yom expendable and it was like sixty five years old he like fell like you're doing like some on and landmines fucking neck and snapped his neck and he's gonna like discs it or fuse and his neck he like put up an x ray online that showed it it's a crazy
ever going to fuse diskin his neck and is sixty seven sixty eight years old what the fuck like when we were kids sixty eight year old dude was basically dead right you know yet i barely hang it on and when when they come up with he if you see nothing to do with mice jeanne doping no blood just blood to taking the mice of young mice and introduce an ant to old mice putting in an old mouse body and the old man darts literally going back in time like yeah and they have started the sergeant clinical trials of people now having positive results so eating beef this would make us young no note transfusions but here's the thing there was an episode of a goddamn quotas website this park as all the time but it's not about their publicist or anything i really think its awesome radio lap radio labs one of the best podcast amazing so
formative and interesting it's like the sound of face it really well engineer it's like the opposite of like how we do it we start india we fuck around we talk in than we ended the radio lab everything's planned out it's a really like well sir it is research and they bring indifferent sound effects different people now anyway they had this one on blood the reality of like blood donating and that they sell your blood and a lot of the blue that you don't know doesn't ever go to patients and a lot of it doesn't go like if you don't blood there actually sell your donated blood other hospitals for profit yeah it's way z it's really crazy if you try to remember the episode hell i'll go you said radio lab radio lab episode on blood i'll do that real clerk i always wondered about access to give plasma like twice a week just me
money and i always wondered if there has sold or two i was donating at never really made sense that i was getting money for us yeah it's called blood and i think this one deals with aids as well because there was a guy who had each i ve and who is doing some art with his beloved and got level of terrorism think it's one of the same ones but it's really interesting think that's the up so they would like what's that mean debts season twelve probably lamps had twelve seasons god that what steps can be lame ready for our bodies you know to go back in time little by the time letting add twenty years from now so i'll be forfeit albion only my fixes here but i'm hoping by then they'll have something oh yeah this is a new year we figure out how to take your guns in yeah well
what we are doing is apparently there there you know you can take blood at a people and he can donated and your body can produce extra blow i if you take blood out your body replenish is that blood and if you get a bunch of people to do that and they sell that blood and save their young yelling about your college kids to do that to their blood and then you take us twenty year olds blood and eat the introduced to your body of your body like literally river since the aging process you start your memory starts working better and then conversely when you take old blood and he poured into a young kids body there they start getting sluggish that's it they do not do enough people but they are too that what you see maybe they are maybe they are doing to people as they did it with mice i mean i don't think would hurt them necessarily physically but in my who knows we found that it gave kids like fuckin alzheimer's earlier something crazy but their taken old blood with mice and their introducing into the eu
mice and fuck em up that sounds like a scary movie where eventually we start harvesting twenty year old so it's kind of like logan's run in the sense of you can live until your twenty ago twenty through thirty or harvest maybe some guys wanna be harvested so weak hides in runs while they're they're gonna i will call you harvest you're gonna be ok make official organs if they haven't already they already can make artificial bladders i know that had taken skin cells and they ve created of artificial black if they make our fish organs there eventually in a move from that's an artificial body without ahead in other gonna have your fuckin body like an exact version of your body with no head and i'll be able to take stuff from it take long scare these did with a three printer they just which i'm gonna get so bad but i dont know what i would print but just one of those things tat things in your like man it would i saw some kid three printing
because i follow three printing whatever on twitter so they always like tweet you know shut some kid through be printed a laser engraver for fifty bucks so this laser engraver wise like a couple thousand dollars he printed aid and a three percent made it our plan they can then he engraved metal or whatever for some company that he did does out of his garage but he's like that i want to three printer you compassionating i just it would just sit there like a stairmaster not be used like i want no but they sell it the office depot they have this thing you put down and you can put an object and then it takes a treaty pictures like right that's like two thousand bucks and then the three brenner is you know when it's plastic it makes a plastic yeah but now they have all these different setting no for food and how like pastors and can create but our plastic would like they're coming forth as refugees
olive gardener restaurants or just the whole kitchen just going be printed like you order in skype i the three different anything you anything that bosnia or did you get this treaty print and we make a bet it's a future of objects themselves about were no longer gonna have stores is going to download the plans for something like on itunes theirs you have to look up the video but there's these three printed a house and you know as a huge this huge thing that comes in like build completely prince a house yeah say knots and then i saw my wife is a shoe want where a company exactly what you said go here's your shoes and then you go i want purple dab dab my night you cause i'm gonna buy you can and you get a parachute is printed right where you know this is like we're making a big deal but ten years now it's gonna be like at all he did was to govern you guys ridge firmer more varied out smoke signals john f our time
pleasure you always pleasant raising you dare you how do you get needy what your your twitter handle john have rain janeway chain h e f f r o n and website is john have her not calm facebooks last june have anything pretty much on average powerful john fraud where you performance we can i am mad stanhope live in phoenix arizona others right whether he was getting you to come down the fights for little bit until i didn't have a cemetery shown i know you have a shelf ride and i m a celebrity theatre with tony hints cliff and inadequate yeah sorry the others are turning its live in irish fear this friday night in edward and twenty tonight martinet tomorrow's says that's a wednesday we ourselves in edwards tonia
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