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#588 - Philip DeFranco

2014-12-18 | 🔗
Philip DeFranco is a popular YouTube and internet personality. He hosts "The Philip DeFranco Show" where news stories are discussed every Monday-Thursday at youtube.com/sxephil
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We are just simply trying to sell you the very best shit we have ever found. You will find all that stuff at on it, dotcom that is oh Anne and I t use the word: rogue save yourself, some cash aright, our first guest today It is a fillip to Franco. Philip is a very interesting and very intelligent young man who has become you tube sensation, he's one of those that do that has those cool videos or he talks about shit. Now those jump cut. So every pause is taken out so that all the people that have short tension spans they can enjoy it in it. Abu, it's very weird, but in this show he's going to talk like a normal person. So if you like Manna watch that guy's videos what the fuck Zack. I talk like in real life. Why talks very articulately and very intelligently- and I really enjoyed talking to him-
So I think you're going to this please without any further ado, welcomed Philip, the Franco experience hello, everybody, hello, Philip defraying, go below. Welcome, therefore saw by welcome to show, though, it is a fun day, because this is the first day of your listening. This in the future is the day after the set Rogan James Franco Movie, got pulled from all theatres because of anonymous threats from some hacker characters which is poor. Fucking weird huh yeah- I mean it's. It's sucker right up my mouth toilets living inside you I mean it's, it is rather a lot. I saw a lot of people reacting s day like I can't believe America did this and other get Sony. It's not a mark of actually japanese
it's kind of but yeah it is where it, because I mean it doesn't mean it sets this like this precedent- that if you make something we might not want. We can pressure you away. Actually releasing it a defectors as it North Korea has eighteen hundred cyber warriors. What does that mean? I mean she has a whole clone of people that will attack anybody, that a clone I mean Group of feed a whole army army. I, what fuck but it's weird right as every time you see like a picture of North Korea and like a person in front of a computer, it looks like that is trying to figure out. How do you like what is this? Well? Obviously, South Korea is responsible for sound, so you know so many incredible innovations come out of South Korea maintained they make some of the best electronics in the world, and so I gotta think that sullen that smarts gets up in the north.
Korea is going through. That minefield is able to get there. I would imagine that stay steel people are something that is higher and they just throw money at improving nobody's from South Korea is gonna. Go to North Korea, the Gazelle keeping their they'll do whatever the fuck. They want me You hear that shit that they do to those people in North Korea. It's like the last at all those historical dictatorships that you ve, heard about like all throughout time were people did horrific, terrible things to the people that they know they were. There were under the people that were under them. Whether this is like the last miles, the last one there was a real dictatorship like one guy, who really runs the whole show and everyone's terrified yet, and I thought there was like the the thought that he was actually Can it be knocked out of power and then it just turned out? He had a cold and leggy sprained his ankle near who knows knows, what's going on
but as a person who you do, these Youtube videos you started them essentially. Did you just sit in front around just create your own, just yeah I mean I was, years ago I was in. I was in college. I was the pre med programme, I hated life and I had no money so Youtube. Just like this free entertainment, because I couldn't do anything, and so, as watch these videos and even to this day I think like when people watch me, it's like what is this. Talking about, I could do this ago, They do a better, and so that's why I felt eight years ago, kind of start ranting about. Below Riley and in their turn into more pop culture, and then it turned into like the eight minute show that thing that you did recently. This is one, really got me that Lena Dunham thing we're which one I know. I've talked better. If you time did you talk about a few times? The one where you were, the ewe, Ewe danced very well for folks in another story, Lena Dunham wrote a book and in
book, she described this sexual encounter, she had with a man where it's tough to say, lack of what was going on, but her description. It was essentially that the guy was in very forward, or you knows very, very pushy, and she started talking dirty to him. Out of I don't know how she described it. She said was out of fear that what she said, I'm trying to think of that specific point. I know that I feel like one of them. Ass time she was in it. There were people our accusing her of resting her sister? Yes, that's a different one, the one you're talking this is the one where she she was saying that the guy raped her, but she was talking dirty to the guy. You don't think I covered that what you did. No no it. What did I say that question While you were just saying that it was a mixed signals that she was sending these crazy mixed signals confused
people as to what the definition, the actual definition of rape like what this this, when we're time now and in this weird time that we're out there a lot of theirs alone. Exposure and a lot of discussion about rape and I think that's a very good thing, because, obviously rape is it terrifying, horrible crime? I have three daughters. You know it scares the shit out of me. I just I just as a human being. It scares the shit out of me that someone can do that. Someone, but this description, which he described in her book. It doesn't sound like you can call their rape to me. I mean it sounds like an unfortunate sexual encounter. Her roommates convinced her after the fact that it was rape. You know the whole story. She was telling her. I can't believe you dont remember. I video I dont think I made this. You must have known
I mean it might have been source where maybe now, as you did, ok, I'm an eminent I'm gonna go out. Ok, do I know you motherfucker it's gonna be there and I got you a moment to be like. When did I make this video but either way the the idea behind it is that she decided, after the fact that somehow or another, this was this was rape and and then she wrote this book about now. The guy who did you didn't talk about this, but the guy who was the accused in this- has now lawyers up and even though he's under a different name, people sort of identifying who actually is and in its become this crazy ugly thing, and then came out that she molested her twelve year old sister for like a lotta years like many years yet. Another is the story that, though it that Europe in the book- and I was about her sister when she was like one nor to think of something like that, and there is the gravel story, and I mean that
That was weird. I mean the way that I to cover it is it's not black and white which very few things are I'd, try to talk about what side say and then like, where my mental as please is at that moment, but I mean a lot of conversation about about rape right now- and I agree with you that it is very good especially with, like all the big bill, Cosby stuff coming now. This was what it was. It was real rape, verses, rape, culture. How long ago is that I don't know what did you just Google Philly the rape businesses. Now, if I may, I might be wrong, did I might be wrong and actually might have been somebody else to say I would like our now have a deer dynamo. Sorry, you ve done a few right. You ve done a few on her in this whole story. I've talked about yet her in the book of talked about rape stories recently, just because its there's just there
is a real conversation to be had, and so many times it just gets lost on the internet, wet weather at some stupid hashtag that goes out there and had a good intention and its hijacked and then just men versus women, rather than all of us against rapist, Brian O Steven Crowder. That's who it was, I got, can you I got you confused, but yeah, all of us versus rapist This is why what is going on like? Why is like rape such a hot topic right now, do we go in cycles where things become like important things, talk about for whatever reason like right now? Obviously, it's race raises a huge one. Now, because Ferguson, because of the guy that guy killed in New York, Carnegie AIR gardener, We go in these weird cycles, like pop culture cycles. Will I may I think it's it's something hits and then it is always a mishmash or think of is a real issue, and people know that they're gonna get clicks right. You know it.
Rising that wave, I think, of a big part of it, is right that wave, but also like it's a problem. I think every when I talk to people, a lot of it is. You know I entered and that I don't have that that mines, because of whether people call it like white privilege, just like my spirit, specific way of like being raised, and I don't have that that outlook on life. So I find it very interesting. Yeah, I think, especially now with with race with race and with police brutality like this, is probably subject has been brought up more, not just obviously, and Youtube videos, but she's all throughout social media. Over the line. A couple months that I can ever remember. I give my lifetime. He I'm trying to think of other times are no race. Don't you think, with all this error garner stuff- and although this, That's going on right now, with with with Ferguson and the police protest,
This is a strange time. It is very each time, I am that the situation in New York, I think perplexed me, the most just because I've been always just the longest time talking about body cams on cops and adjust like it has to be a thing be, but Everything else is no just one fix it's not like. We throw cameras on in its own right racism, but I You believe that it is a good first step, and I think than you do have to punish officers that that do not turn those on, and I think that places that make it where You can punish someone for filming a police officer. If you antagonize the cop, you know, I think that something, but just filming like showing that what happened like that's, crazy, it's crazy and they just pass that recently in one of the states is Illinois thing that they use Ashikaga. Just just insane. I mean I don't know what the fuck they're trying to accomplish by not having complete transparency. Like that, it's bizarre, bright, adjusted. You wondering why I mean in there
police officers. I come out saying the only people that would be against this are dirty cops yeah in our people that you don't want more scrutiny. Maybe they think that maybe they think this, like especially Chicano Chicago's, so bad in the gang violence and God was so completely out of control- and you know you, you read about the murder rates in Chicago they're off the charts rent, maybe as thank the only way to clean it up, is to just fight fire with fired do the dirty cop kick tactics, something like it. I, like some big summer, blockbuster movie, where it is ok, yeah, like some Denzil washed in character from that lose a movie jug training day. Where becomes so you you you, you started just ranting. Things on these Youtube videos, where, along the line, did everybody on Youtube agree to do these smash cuts like what you edit out.
All of the dead air between everything you say everything. You know that weird thing that you guys do the junker yeah, the jump cuts I mean jumped out was a thing before before I did. I think I think the guy that popularized it was a Frank who works is one of the big guys over Buzzfeed now, but I mean just any anytime online. It's not for Youtube. It's very not progress in the sense of in a word sitting down talking, you can take a moment to turn to drink, though seconds matter. If I don't make you interested in fifteen seconds, you're is not crazy. I mean it. Very it's very eighty DE overtime, Youtube videos, the longer content, the law. Content can live, but it is It is kind of what you have to understand when you're making their content, but isn't it like in that sense, aren't you like kowtowing to morons, you think someone who can't can't like pause? I think that its become
just kind of the entertainment. I think I enjoy video that has jump cuts and then, if I'm in my car, I'm right ma by, I'm doing whatever that's when I lift listened to podcast or if I might be relaxing. If I'm at Work- and I have twelve minutes left him- I break- I want to try and get in as much as A single will. You, videos are very entertaining don't get me wrong. I mean there's nothing bad about them, but the jump cut thing is just it's like it just grabs. You write like you can't let go like this motherfuckers, not gonna. Stop he's not gonna start talking this as well. Complete sentence that you know that you're taking out every air every every every present everything you know it's just that, but that yeah welcome to America MAX Headroom called it right, oh yeah, back in the day, in a sort of copyright enough. Yet
when, when I first started it was, it was much worse because I was out at it in like a movie, and so I could just shoot one part of a sentence at it. I'm an unchanged. The frame If you go to my older videos, it's it's very jarring, while in the new stuff, sometimes maybe you get twenty five seconds? How many Youtube followers you have now you too it's somewhere in three million Jesus christ- I don't know how have you done? It's it's over. Eight years is not like a lot of these, like the new young british kids, that they did They make a video where they you know it's like I've things. I love him like eight million views here, you ve create, would it do their own thing than like about use? You like me also like chimpanzees? Yes, I noticed tat year. You're Loco has a chimpanzee, What's it all about our know? How you know who I know you know what is it It's not even like a cool creative reason, it's for just for greed I had a steel monkey poster and my background of like that.
First, two years, my my my youtube career. If you want to call them, and- and I was like- I can't sell these let's make our own solar and there we just we within three million three hundred and ninety seven thousand subscribers. Damn some kid. You stand in front of a camera, mostly just talking. Yes, we ve I've created a you know some new channels with different people, just so that something can grow past main but are for the most part. That's that's again today! That's the main thing, so you started like a whole business, Yes, so I, after due this for a while. You too came to Us- and it is part of this like big- you channel initiative, I think they spent like a hundred million dollars across the board and, like vice, jumped in red ball. Bunch other things that aren't on there anymore, and so I quit another channel called source fat and then from their sped nerd and then, after that year and a half that it was acquired by discovery.
Or just making stuff with and for discovery to so many these guys out there doing this now me you're one of the first ones, but the like you can't keep up with how many people are just standing in front of a camera right. Commenting on you know whatever pop culture, the new politics, things that are going on. It's it's really interesting that there's other so many people that are really good at this I mean this. Is is something where if we lived a decade ago, there's no outlet right most of these, and so they would all have normal lives. They would be in the EU would be in medical score, you'd be a doctor by our someone would be you know, whatever. Whatever other job they chose instead, now they ve got a million two million. If you three million followers on Youtube that are hanging on every day, waiting for new videos to come out of me, you have a bunch like really sorry so obsessed fans I'll try to their lifecycle obsessed now, there's a bunch people there
their people that have been with me for for eight years, like an that's that for me, that's a lifetime, people that you know I was wearing a backwards handed stupid, fake, fake, earrings and- and I beg earrings, fig diamond airlines. You know when you go to like Claire's when you're at how old I'm twenty nine see. When you twenty nine eight years is a long time because it gives the twenty on twenty. Nine is like man, you are. Child You're, a man almost one we here you'll be a man there. When I had thirty yeah, that's when it starts sort of I've, been waiting. I I've been waiting for it to feel that moment. I mean it. Let me when I was thirty, a big bitch. You ain't, a man right boy when think about some of the stuff. I said I mean I don't know if that does not stop like went when you're thirty or you like. I never said I they also have regretted now never stops? I regret some shit I set an hour ago
sits now getting around. It is wind as a human being you why. I think I think the development of life is sort of like a peaks in valley sort of thing. I get these peaks in then he saw a fuck up and you like we were talking about before about Tom score in you, during some sort of a pact. Ass lose weight reality as you'll lose all that weight, and then you fucking a fat again and then try to lose other way, and I think it is very difficult to completely change who you are ordered completely stop saying words if China Karate vernacular are completely stopped doing certain things like us. Listen a bill, Bertha Dave's talking about eyes, can stop watching porn as they stand
He hasn't watch porn like four days like talk like as, if that some sort of accomplishment, what you ve gone four days. Congratulations! You not now looking to think of what what's your number, they ve gone without much important while what I've done camping of this like a week flow followed, then a moment I get out yeah, probably why we never been more than a couple of weeks, I've defiling on a couple weeks, just because I've been busy now still accessible, I'm just trying to think like. What's what's the longest, I don't know by watching today today. Now, I covered a story on porn hub for they release and for gravity itself door. Yes, you know what it journalism yes that's very serious. Now it was, it was just a story. My whole thing is like bringing it
I guess, the HBO model where, like every first season it just like, set dirty sloppy sex in random scenes. I make no sense right and then there like and we're gonna, keep you because it's really good a really good tv show a big love. Big love was nothing but like yeah very like the first season, and then it was like and then here's the storyline. So yeah We was what what countries last put longest yeah Jesus Christ, which one is. China? I dont know why? How long we last? It's about, on average, its fifteen minutes, and then in the United States. Tempi Arizona is one of the the shortest with five minutes. For some reason it is coke hands they find that out. Will they just looked at the amount of time someone state on a video page and then left and then, for some reason, mountain view. I don't know, what's happening in mountain view, but they last twenty one minutes what they're doing mountain view they last twenty.
One man there that's the average, and you know what they're doing deployed distracted Mount minds. Outsider put the pants up every couple minutes that scratching at the door the out it's it's it's a weird time when it comes to porn as well, because it is just never been in in any time history? Will you could watch people fuck so easily? I mean then- and I remember it was a big thing for me. My parents were gone for two days and I was just trust worthy enough where they leave me at home, and I remember when you'd have to buy a three hour block of playboy on. It was a Directv and I put it the age s in and I was like I'm saving this forever and, unlike and but then I was like afterwards, where you like it afterwards, we realize you may the terrible decision. If you don't know the bills, gonna come, and so I'm just waiting every day and in the village said Ed. I
open it up? The steam thing doesn't work out. But open but little have our own things and, and I take it out, a scan it some reason. We have an old school typewriter cause, I dont know Photoshop or whatever the equivalent is when I'm like sixteen years old, and I, like I faked an entire bill so that they would think I got titanic that held I was I was terrified, but I was worried about myself. I was very proud of my, so that's a brilliant way of handling, but it was the very in the moment terrified, oh my god. What did I just do, but they still paid the bill yeah they paid. I was They really never found out. No, never found genius. It's like the one time I got away with something she tell now, just just bring it up thanks gave next year's Thanksgiving here's the deal. There was a time and those playboy blocks or fuckin brutal anyway, because you never saw real. Me kindness of sex like they would show penetration flag.
Second or two, but there was no come. Shots comes out to employ Julie, no penetration in the HBO play or the play a radio one lay voice. Some of them have a little. I think right that they are sometimes just like there is shows that Europe. Why is this a thing there? Sex court on everyone's ever like remembered that it would just be like it would be a guy that was not paying enough attention to his wife and the judge would like suckers, worse teeth, just like trash down. Do it right just passed down somewhere judgment, yeah Norman, it's Yes, it's kind of odd that the technology is fuelled in a lot of ways by porn. You know like html, five like when, when that came along that one of the earliest adopters was porn. You know and because the Iphone in the eye pads were using HTML five, they were using flashing
More everybody's, like Dr Flash five last, really does mean that's essentially what happened right yeah, but how is flat even still alive. To this day, I have problems with flash every day you guys have problems. I wrote a, I regret its a thing until I have eight tabs open and then all of them crash yeah, yeah, definitely crashes, it's it's just a weird, the sort of thing and its also got a weird reputation, because Steve Jobs so anti Flash, and so like outward about some open about being anti flash bearded still around. And it still not holes in it. It's still, you know a big problem, security, wise and now, with thy safari, almost blocking flashed to the point where videos won't work and there's like this little banner nets. Post pop up that says it's like power setting mode or something I never does so then you have to like update the flash and it isn't it. It's it's a pain they had with this. There are so many things that are just happening like I don't
still don't know what Adobe reader is. I know that I oppose all it. I have no idea: what is it, what does it do them for PDF, Sir you're right, I don't know yet what does Adobe reader do? Some one will treat us, I'm sure but their legal ivy idiot. I don't, I don't think I've ever like looked into it. I just so. We say yes to the outstanding, not update the shit out of that stupid thing. When you make your videos, you do you do it based on pop culture. Based on in a what's in the news based on shit, you want to talk about like how to you. How do you set out to create a video- and I think it's We percent stuff that I want to talk about. It's always one about one big, worldwide story today. I think it is actually the Sony story, because I mean this kind of If you think that Stoner movie has somehow now turned into just an international conflict. And then so that's the main story, and then I open with poor knobs stats cause. That's what you do.
And then share some some interesting videos, and then there is one other thing I don't know. I had to hurry up because I had it would make it here. How did it how many many minutes or videos videos on average? I get yelled out if their young long or their shorter than six minutes and yells at you, the internet, real yeah, because it used to two to three minute show, because that would be that the amount I could actually try and keep it interesting, and then slowly became this seven to twelve macho. So that's what it is usually and down trying to think. If I ever go shorter, not really was put those pauses beckons on now men and people would see how that further out ten or fifteen minutes like like I'm cringing aside with all my might
Things where I say like like is rough. Like his rough like- and you know, you know who knows where one you know there's this, you know thing, you know where you got. You know this guy. You know I catch myself saying you know, I'm like you fuckin, dumb ass, you better stop saying that stupid, because we only those Obama Is that what I? Yes, we do Philip, the Franco yeah yeah, that's what he does to keep from saint or some people say fuck. You know, which is almost ass: bad lights, fuckin guy the fucking I think that the fuckin- that's my daddy, I might add, like my dad's, pure new Yorker. So it's like every three words. What are your parents? Think of this? me you're a? U what they call in quotes a Youtube sensation. Oh no! you are you're smirk and, as you say that do I learned sensation they ass. If I was gonna describe you, you tube sensation, Philip Franco,
That's what you are you're Youtube sensation. I've seen a dozen of your videos at least probably twenty years sensation I watched a dozen of your videos. You are, in fact the sensations Vienna, so how many of you I watched on accident, none of them, You knew usually mostly videos that I've watched you is either someone put a bump on my message board. Other, like you know, this is cool video or illegally into a thread. Maybe we're you're talking about something that has to do with the subject France, or some all, send it to me on Twitter? Ok now, but there We really good points here, you're always really well measured in the things you talk about, like you, you you're, obviously thinking about these things in depth, you don't come out from any weird. You know ideology. Is you look at things very balanced, and I appreciate that I try to its. I always think of just if someone yelled at me that I was wrong. You know I didn't give me like any any possible getaway like right now. Give me an out right me. Give me something
my parents, they hid it first really yeah my work as we didn't know. One made money for like the first first, probably for years out of their work your time here when I was in when I was going through a pre mad and North Carolina. One of the big things was I Great started slipping. I was kind of just doing it because it, hobby and I want to stop making the videos, but then you too broad around the the partner programme, which was just their way of ads on it and you money and they're all these big promises, and then it turned out like you. We are making pennies, but it was. It was still like this revenue, which, which was, amazing to me. I making Youtube videos and making money from it, and now it's it's a whole thing, because we're with
every waving, a sales team in New York and why just weird imminent, but we'd, make money for the first four years habit. That's why it's good its guys, like you did it cause you're actually enjoy doing it. You are enjoying the feedback in that sort of, like an apprenticeship me think about like to get a bachelor degree, you're you're doing for years. He right for years, and you too, and then he graduated it's the ten thousand hours. Yeah. I mean shit, ten thousand hours, that's a lot. You know like this. We haven't done ten thousand hours. Podcasting. Think we ve done far five hundred and eighty somethin podcast? That's three not always three, sometimes to the US not start. Ten thousand hours sphagnum plot that's of ours along, but I mean it's, it's just the old school stuff and out of every
kind of. How do I change along with it? There are a lot of people that were making videos back then that hated the prospect of of money. That money was going to ruin it all MIKE we're all gonna be wearing like Pepsi shirts, and it was all gonna go downhill, but it is up to you ve, just change with it yeah. That is the real fear right. Is it corporate media comes in or corporate entities come in by you? give you and all for you can't refuse, fixing. You know you can't talk about anything controversial you get ass to where certain clothes you get asked to talk about, certain movies. It would be good if you could talk about the interview. It's our new fair, it's coming out filled the Franco. I'm sure you have a positive review of the cash. There were slowly. We have a segment called calls from Collen, because because I said some of the company was purchased by discovery, and then we talked about the woozy there's the Anaconda video.
Which ones are to our special of the guy that God, oh yeah, that asshole that didn't even get eaten, and I just I and I made fun of it, and I just anytime anything's discovery, and I am looking forward your call common, because I know that it's gonna come down. Why don't know what the fuck they were? Thinking with that they this guy. If you don't know what we're talking about, they put is called eaten alive or something like that, and so they put this guy in this armoured what a suit and they covered his body in pig blood, and then they sort of fed him to an anaconda. So the anaconda wraps its body around him and just start breaking this guy's body and he taps out this pussy never got eaten at all at all, like that didn't you put a mouth autumn. It didn't even get its mouth over his head. I see like bade him a little. He was nibbled, get never That's got hugged cattle that I see her creature, you got hugged mean they are fucking unbent.
Leave a very strong and that's one of the things that I was thinking of one I was when I was hearing about this is like on one of these guys aware of what the pressure of that thing constricting him. We like, as even if you're, in a suit you we can build a breeze like the thing about what they Do even if it doesnt swallow you hall, is they they wait for you to take a breath and then, when you exhale, they clapped. Down so that you can't inhale again that that's what they do. That's so terrifying other the scariest things on the more yeah, but I'm already done the same thing. Thing out. Yes, I would never done it. I've been fuck, you and I don't know, I think, it got great ratings guys did they lie, do as they like. Was data to our show were got. They knew that Fuckin guy didn't get eaten and they call eaten alive? You didn't even get falcons half swallowed even get his foot swallow? You know with you think, that's the way, that's what went wrong it and start from the right way. Now they always start from the head. That's that's the snakes choice snake. Yes to this
What's really insane about Anna Condoms is there's people in Brazil that swear they can get to a hundred feet This people in Brazil, especially people that I've seen them like a long time ago that have seen a nor once we don't really know what the biggest ones are of Anna contemplating the biggest ones have ever captured, then like some like thirty or forty feet, or something like that, but people believe that they can grow to a hundred feet. I have, no idea. I wouldn't you say you could tell me anything about. Anaconda is another, like that's amazing can a questioning, the role that we should come out of my mouth assured us question, but there there the whole idea behind animal or a snake that all what it does is grab a holy you and then rhapsodes body, iranian crushes you and then swallows. You hole
and if you see them when they have something inside their body, they can expand like they can swallow. What these enormous animals with that, I'm not I'm not going anywhere. That could possibly happen ever know, but these goddamn discovery channel shows or any these is a discovery, was discovery right. There's somebody these goddamn shows where they're doing this now or their there. There was sort of baiting you in to watch them with these stance and then, when you actually do watch it like about those goddamn mermaid for I could catch is on Thursday people believe, that those animal planet shows a real these mermaids or real. They never said that it was a piece of fiction. They never did. They were made a mock human, We D known of dogma. No, I know that, like I'm scarred, because there is like there was a show. There was on Fox whenever it when I was ten years old and it was it was like. I look back and was obviously fake, but at no point does
Did they say that this alien abduction thing was faking me that's right for at like move for years, yet that one was crazy, because no one ever took credit for that. One right only remember what it it is in their interests. In my brain of I was terrified of this were three four years, yet they that was one where everybody really was convinced that that was a real alien and there was a bunch of people that were like supposedly special effects desires, and we cannot do that that that there is it that get some dummy. That's like I'm make up artists like we're not even capable of doing that today and then you know you talk some Rick Baker. Characters like we are talking about you assholes, but all you need is, like one person begin on camera and and say that and maybe a year, whoever whoever made that was the guy like that's how he was able to get Jurassic Park because if you look at Jurassic Park, wretched awesome, like that's all, see gee. I, though no
I mean I'm talking about like the first one compared to where we are today like. If you look at the first one, how advanced maize was. I just want you to the day when my four year old, she was not dig in a six year old loved it. The four euro was like fuck this. She buried her head in her moms lab, inserted cry and screaming when, when the t Rex was chasing the cheap, she checked doubt right dad. I was like enough. She was fine when the brontosaurus is we're moving around, but assumes a t rex came around and ate the goat like lose all downhill from there. I. What points is it? Is it super important? to stay away from scary tv for kids, because I have a new one to good question. I think that mean what is scary. I mean it's good to expose them to reality in a certain sense like to let them know that there is good people, but there's also a potential bad people without actually bringing them to prison, say look. These are the guys, the tattoos interface
stay away from them. Son I dont know. I mean it some, it's a good question. I think we entirely too scared as a culture by media in a certain way I mean, I know, people that just watch those goddamn serial killer shows. You know those shows what a profile serial killers and talk about serial killers or or they talk about, love gone wrong, and this I have a friend who watches all of those are all those hasn't dv yard. Just can't can't turn away from God Damn shows on cycles, ya. Think the I think, like the demo, that are sixty year old, like women at home,
very short reply, its murder porn. Yet it is more important than a Duncan Gaza to address really the best way to describe it. Really, you get some sort of a weird thrill out of like listening to this story about how this guy bought all this. You know acid and no say saved it up and let me know, got a tub and put in the woods and chop. The lady oboloi choose those words like CSI, but real life. You know now that is when you see them in court national. I'll. Do it that's gonna Dennett that fucking? I really did it yeah I mean, but I'm not above it. I know that I search had left like forever on Itunes and all over the website to watch a show called was the first forty Yes, and I just I was trying to go to the top ten and also call this is a terrifying and it's the fur, like the number one. Is it just a guy killed like seven people
and they're all part of his family and it all- and you just like white is this- is like life. This is life. How do you do that? It's that that's weird, like the world, weird reality that some people can go off the rail completely and just kill everyone. Their family, including like kids, The other kids see that scares me now, because I have a son. Now, that's that's seven and a half months, and just ever when you look at the news. It's like this. This child workers in New York that kid or that guy cut his Mamma had often kicked through the street. Annoying that's it. That's a thing that have arms account I urge you as occurred like arduous always told internet tv down shit like that bad Judge Goldstone Pay ran gonna pay, rent fuck her. She made him, you didn't ask to be born. You hear about this video game. Actually you covered at the other day hatred
that's so that someone will you have the video asking if it should be censored, yeah it's one of those things where I look at the and I try and think of like everything that I've played in the past and I've played super super gory games like man, HANS and I like love, did and then like you're, looking at guides on him and get the more the more vicious them. Vicious kill on someone in a man, and I think it's more of just from the outset. The way that its being portrayed as its like hey? You know that guy that goes to a movie theater and kills everyone. What if he were that? Guy and so- and so it's it's again that I dont know, if I'm gonna play, I might play it so they can cover it, but I also understand that yeah, maybe it shouldn't be censored, you know. That's my that's my thing. It's it's it's one of those things at a grey area for me, crazy shit and people's health, the shot. Now there is also a senior that massive standing, and so it's one of those for me it
like something where I'm trying to get where I try past myself, because my it reaction, shown this on the shore. You yeah just pieces of its it's the imperial either though videogame, but don't just in case YAP by so we get pulled off Youtube for our everything. We shall nature videos atomic show video. We go over talk about the media. We get pulled for some Youtube: copyright, fuckin horseshit, but it's good point like At what point time, as a culture, do we say hey what the fuck is this like this isn't even like a hero, is going around killing bad guys and a very violent manner like you just like, so that wantonly killing people. So that's like that's the main France, when someone makes a comparison to manhood, it's usually you think of a bad guy. Are you crazy? backstory guy killing other bad guys this with justice?
a mass killing of innocent people. You also have to wonder We ve seen. One trailer you know is there is there is something where there is. There is a we there, or is it just intended to to make people angry? But I always look at video games some some aren't with some, I think, are like any form of entertainment art in some way. You know it is it. Is it supposed to make really nervous right like when you see that you're, like oh shit, like that's, fucking crazy. How is a thing for me I go ok, that's that's a good thing to Congress. Asian at something that goes a step deeper and that kid right that they ve said killed someone because, of grand theft, auto or of call of duty? I mean this is just it's gonna get tag on you know, uh, maybe that guy play again, but I know that I play grand theft, auto and I know run over people. I wouldn't do that real life run out a psychopath
the good cause. He also you know there are not real people examined it's kind of naughty their cannon. Naughty digits run people over for fun. Many, but I will you just highlighting: will you just how that the actual game, like the description of the games, kind of fucked up, though, Oh yeah yeah aces like I just hate the world in the human worms. Feasting on its carcass, my whole life has just called bitter hatred. I always wanted to die violently the time for vengeance and no life is worth saving and I'll put in a grave as many as I can that alone. Is this like crazy? It's like you, get to be Michael Myers from Halloween. You know. If you played Halloween, you got to be the psycho, as at a valid of art which rainbow running away from you, but inside the valid, if you're, the good guy that's a little bit of fake compared to this, is realistic This is u going into a more killing cops and children and stabbing employing our heads off a shot guns were Jason's like a monster in their lives and lake or sun.
Yeah obviously- and I want to have anything to do with it right plant, but should it be censored the request right What happened was it was taken off of of steam and then it was put back on once one of the corners looked into it and was like out because as a valid reason, this is us making it too personal. This was part of a game coming to the forefront because people voted for it to be up, whether it's because they wanted to troll the general public or because eight one of the generally play this game and it is always the question: are we protecting people buy it not being a thing. Or are we just telling grown adults what they're allowed to do yeah, but that that is the question right yeah it's and that's why I say it's a grey area because you know kids are gonna, get a hold of it. Who becomes the arbiter of common sense or decent rain comes the who becomes the judges to what is and is not detrimental to society. That looks, like detrimental to me,
Is this like you're entering into that realm of why the full extreme, like you know like faces of death, is that is that you know when you watch us face death. Is that actually entertainment, or are you just freaking yourself out watching horrific things and who the fuck is filming that stuff snuff films hooray, whose filming those things were faces of death? Real some of em is news footage mixed with fake? Is that what it was yeah? I just know that it went out one. That was a thing I think it was like ten years ago, like a man, I would just like those freaked out by the idea, and I never want to look at how much of faces death is fake, Some of them were real somewhat like the guy who shot himself in the head. The cop are the two judge in the courtroom. Yeah, what was that faces a death yet there was like the the train, the woman running across getting that was ruled. That was real, but then that blood orgy, which was my favorite part growing up that was fake, where'd that once fucking and right
the what about when they knocked a monkey over the head and aid, its brains? I think that was fake, but I'm not sure what thou art where there are none with a hammer and- and I take the monkey brains out like transfer, and indeed it does it by the way. The worst thing you could ever eat on a monkey is the brains because of monkeys are really close to a human being that we like eating human brains, which is how they get pry on. That's how those guys new guinea, one again Jacob Creutzfeldt disease. The same thing is met How will you get it from eating brain tissue cows get it for meeting brain tissue of other cows. Its is neurological disease. It come it's like natures, protection from cannibalism, natures, nature like if you come, someone who praise on the same species. Is you nature S. Orders is built in failsafe mechanism to make your your body shutdown. I, like it like that. I get if you're, in an area where that's the only thing, but when, when I think of
rain. Like someone eating monkey brains. I just imagine like some guys way too much money. May I just everything in life is boring. Let's do this. Yes, I'm, like you know most dangerous game type due to want among humans releases them from his mansion and tracks them through his country estate was an icy movie. Is that what it was I was also whose polish poyser movie right there There was a polish, ultimately short version, always sure yeah come on. Google, it for real majority, wrote Philly d Rape, India, Google, isn't fairly d of the Lena Dunham. Ok, I d ray. We, when you bring up video games, as is an interesting time with video games as well, because as others gamer date should go on now. This always saw this. This take on
women and gaming and feminism and gaming, and in a lot of people, think that certain segments of of gaming have been co, opted by extreme feminist. Polish shores dead now, but that was I different. There was a new one year polish shores. It was like him. He was faking his own death right things thousand movie. He made him think sms yeah, maybe, but there was definitely nice t version and there was a really old version called most dangerous game and I think it's based on an old book or an old story. At least perhaps a short story, yet a gamer get stuff. I just tryin to shrine stay away, man. He had slain much vote. There are people that are having an actual conversation and in their people that think there actually having a conversation that is yelling at each other and then and then obviously, then you have the harassment and adjust anyway. You touch it. It's it's bad weather harassment, awful you know, and the feminism
over reaction and the the overreaching in some of the most ridiculous ludicrous points about toxic masculinity and attaching that, like school shootings and things on, that's we're dead two, but it's not hurting anybody. I just needed. Have goofy opinions like with the the harassment is the worst part of it and I think the hers ass, that's coming from the side of the pro gamer gaiters its, if only a few people, but if fucked up the whole conversation I think most people are like look. We want a watch video games have girls, a big tits, okay, we want to, and it's ok just like it's ok, to have big, tits and porn just It's ok to you know it's it's their God like superheroes. Ok, it's like comic book stuff. It's not supposed to be real. It doesn't have to read reality, whether its phoenix from the
x, men or whether it's you know, Laura Croft and Raider, like cartoonish representations of human beings is fine, just like he, man, master. The universe was not and time mail when you have these women that have these ridiculous proportions and you know they have stereo bigger roles in these movies. That doesn't mean the movies bad. It doesn't mean it. That's. Your mental to society does mean is detrimental towards male fee. EL relations or female empowerment, and nonsense as nonsense. You old people will treat human beings how they are going to treat them based on how they grew up based on education they received based on a lot of variables. I don't think video games fact that heavily into that. I feel like the reason video games. Are there? It's it's a soft target and interest its constantly there. This constantly new stuff- I I I just don't. I don't.
Think about it. That much. I know that I like playing games and everyone else can argue wise to play as a chick in when I play quake I play when I played ghost places the check. You know why, because it's it's fun when she jumps when she job seekers should make that when she jumped and choose a smaller target. That's what we plays a check because in quake three like you could be that big fucking robot, but You're! There, big, fuckin robot, everybody can see really good. If you know little tiny, this jumble around its a better character play with just talking De Jamie about this the other day, as I only play a girl characters and video games always have will yet by. But if I go, hey Jimmy was paying as it places a guy and plays a girl, but like Jamie is like Why do you play as a a guy I mean like if you had to sit there and watch a guy walk around for three hours like justice, but number three hours wrote that began if you just that they want to a guy. If you watch a girls
third person so looking yet I was played in first person but yeah you're right. Why? What? What is everyone like video Gay Jamie doesn't want to buy things. Guy wants a way out of the way, so common, good learners group. He doesn't want to end by thanking than he secretly once we woman its key document. Way together? It's like we're on a date is he's like I'm negative, hot shaken he's with this guy. Don't you see his character? It's all like. I am uncool again in Europe You know, I don't know, I don't wanna play any game like this broken murder, violence, game, whatever it's called what is called hatred hatred and I want to play a game, but if you want to make our game, I can't stop me for making that game just like a kiss you from listening to fuck and speed metal. You know just like can't stop you from watching violent, gory movies. You know there's a lot of violent gory moves. I will have nothing to do with button. What was that
say what there's a lot of like functional normal, rational people that like to watch fucked up shit yeah, I mean, but and I think that thing a lot of people need to needed around is whether something being censored and in the sense of like the gun, and censored, and the sense of a private company were one of the big things GTA five was was pulled off of shelves and target. I think in Australia. There is another place in Australia. The poles, and a lot of it was because of the treatment of people saying that the treatment of women in that game was wrong. Yeah there's a lot of housing again right. You can run over and shit smack angle, you fuck em. It goes to a club and lock you can make a fucking car. I am. You got a strip club and you could pick up a girl and government in ya. Gonna get hookers and then they start calling you and incomplete for dates, and I wonder if it would go away if they they just made a dude Strip club like an guy prostitutes you know, like ITALY would be there. How dare you
oh? How dare you so unfair if they did not if they didn't I'd, be the first person to jump in game recorded in funding on Youtube? Like look, it is the first stewed onto a blow job, and you too, if I've, why device. I've been talking about this on states. I think that once they develop artificial men like artificial human beings, like blade runner style Minsk, come. There's gonna be women that have sex robots in their house and we're gonna find what women really like when, when when you can actually by a person that is an artificial person. Created entirely in a lab and you can manufacture. A personality and get it to exactly where you want it to be and have them do anything you them to do their essentially robot sex slaves? You gonna go over Grandma's how and she's gonna have five seven Foot tall zoo warriors had just throw decker in it's gonna be the reality. That's what is going to be
gotta go over your mom's house and everyone is gonna. Look like Arnold worsening earn his prime and there gonna be. Walk around with, like Whitey tie these on a giant hogs, a black Arnold, maybe maybe later mom Maxie garlic. Maybe she likes Arnold, I dont be Arnold don't to be able to recreate celebrities Jennifer Lawrence is not just going to be on the cloud you're gonna having you fuckin, dungeon gonna have a locked up. That's gonna be real. Look it's not that difficult to do if they can be if three d representation of her right now, which is pretty accurate, I mean did that the graphics, if they can do right now and video games are fucking credible. And the siege die they can do is incredible and then you seen that robot Japanese, face where it's getting pretty creepy is getting. Pretty creepy they're getting really close to human beings, they haven't bridged either videos, whether what is that that that valley, they call it
called the ear evaluate forget the term that they use. That is the difference between look like you're looking at you, I'm looking at you, I know you're really there and their status, weirdness when you're looking at our excellent represented see ya human like we went to the invader, headquarters in Northern California was doing this. I show, and we saw the latest greatest high tech version of human beings that they have created. It's incredible, it's so good, but there is still some shit. They can't do like tongues. They can't they can't like do like it doesn't look like a real tongue and it doesnt real eyelashes and the eyeballs were little off. I think, if you Should I we're gonna be growing all our parts as soon as were allowed to do that were, can be growing Filipinos, fake tongues, oh yeah, in that's? What's gonna change, where it's actually real skin, you know, but inside it's a robot, but it feels real. The sex feels
well yeah, for sure I mean the robots are going to be made out of some sort of artificial skin that is indistinguishable from regular skins can be heeded the same temperature as a regular persons. Howdy made the insides will probably be just an artificial organs and some sort of a weird construction and that's gonna, happen man, and when that happens, you're gonna find out what people act. We like having a lot of what people complain about is like people feel they they feel disempowered? You know like women who don't look anything like law Croft like sexism and video games, the patriarchy, it's horrible for male female relationships, chauvinists men who will exist on white privilege and bite, You could have seven seven Zulu warriors Zulu warriors throw indifferent you all day. You would lie in pitch lock lucky. Following your house. You wouldn't tell word you, don't you I got your house of frumpy fucked up just been Dick defied all day, confer
who's, your hair is gonna, be in a bundle, and you would give up on all your feminism engaging bullshit unless that was made a living It would pages you nobody doubts. It would be interesting to see what your friends like, what their version of what their perfect girl. Yet it would be interesting to see like everybody was asian. You know like from it. Would change for men with the reality of men is we have dna, is designed to want to have sex with as many people as possible, because that is the reason why human race, made it two thousand fourteen the route, raise, didn't make it two thousand fourteen, as men were eager for monogamy and once their woman died, they could never love another like in these fuckin goofy ass movies in books. The reality. Is men want to fuck everything we can then what we? Why can't? We can't, because we are either are attractive, enough or we can't, because we have a girlfriend, she doesn't want us to, or we can't, because we have a family. What food? For whatever reason you want to stick your dick a lot of different thing:
and the reason being is because you re DNA, it's like super simple society and our culture and our Feelings for other people are the only thing that keep us from doing. I dont know if there is anyone, that's against sex robots. I think that if it, though the stuff you're talking about, like I'm sure many wives, be like yes give. My husband, secular, Rosaria, he's fucking, annoyance shit. You leave me alone our that dude we'll get divorced like her we'll do whatever he wants. He will be going golfing whenever he wants. Talking to listen to anybody any more. If you have some Tracy lords in her prime such robot at your house is what your wife can tell you share that bitch better shut the fuck up, you're lucky you feed her. She she's lucky. If you let her stay in the house like you need to sleep where the dark sleeps, you can't sleep in my house anymore, you but tell me what to do for twice. And women. The same thing you think women are going to deal with their fuckin beer bell
stupid husband in its stinky dick now, they're not going to They're gonna be like look Harry it's over. You know I got Arnold one two and three behind me. Three fuckin arts, words There is a giant hogs in their underwear. There's gonna be that's good! You know everybody is worried about population control, the real problems maybe not enough people having babies No one wants to have anything to do with biological people, because everybody just fucking these absolutely perfect sex robots I, for my part. I think I think at once without past all the weird sexual that we keep inside right, because then you know have another person. Judging you, we can. We can hate each other very, like good reasons. I also think as much as I really truly enjoy sex and I enjoy
pleasure and I think you know affection is like when the best things in life not just like sex but she's, hugging people- you know it's, it's beautiful. You know, there's something really also about affection, but I think one of things is holding back human beings and want to things that keeps us in this sort of animal mystic state. Is this competitive desire to be attractive to find attractive people? to you noticed to be sexually attractive and to mate with sexually attractive people. This is all like weird sort of confusing shit. That kind of keeps us from being the next level of enlightenment and reaching the next level, the enlightenment, and when you look at aliens, you know the archetype, gray alien. They have G Joe Dicks like there's nothing there right there totally smooth. They have no muscle, they have no nothing sexually attractive, but an alien, their disliked these these sort of almost insect toyed. You know
smooth body smooth lamb, there's nothing Croatia's sweaty or animal stick or there's nothing kinetic about them. They have these giant fuckin heads this little slip, for a magazine, programming use their mouths anymore. They just communicate with their brains and they have superpower. Brain second moves shit with their mind, that's probably where the future is gonna, be if they could figure out a way to recreate pleasure in a much more intense way than you ever yet from Saxon, and just really do it like with the mind if they could figure out a way to do demolition man. Anita, and I don't need a fuck people. Anyone yet, but I think like So when someone made that alien ran, it's all smooth everything in the futures minimalistic, do you wanna, be the guy that draws a dick on it like because you're that guy. That Renault is like a dick, though each
have dick and less without was look. If you go to the you know, I had a study this for an hour too, but I read about it a lot first hand from my own amusement but and what I was doing this I shall. I had a really get into alien abduction and try to figure out like what are the common themes and the common theme is these people get abducted. They all say that the we need our genetic material because they only reproduce through cloning now and they need fresh dna. That's what they say, but they also say the third that the real problem with all that stuff is this people that get abducted or all goofy, I like ice all, and I think that I believe in aliens- I just don't know if their abducting us. I don't know, I don't think so, but I definitely think either ask me something else. They should be something out with the idea of infinity. This is exceeded.
Me by physicist who said that the universe is so large that, if it is in fact, infinite Not only is there a u somewhere in the universe, but there is a: u that has lived every second of your life exactly the way you have with every other, a vat on earth happening in the exact same order and an infinite number of them. So not just one fillip to Franco. That has been on Youtube for eight years and has three million three hundred ninety seven thousand Youtube, but an infinite number of them in every nod that you ve done this film the Franco has done. Every smile, like you just did. Every Philip Defranco in the universe has done that and all possible variables Blake filled to pray. Staying in Moscow, Philip, the Franco becoming a gay method, rail there's that every possible variable that you could have done in your life is being done throughout the universe. That's how big infinity
is he I think when I have those conversations, though I get I get like you, still freaking. Out of my mind, fuck fillip to Franco no I mean I don't mind I mean is: is it? Is it all those small little infinite changes or alike? Are you talking about dinosaurs on skateboards in infinity? Is a thing yeah as possible? The infinity is so big than theirs truly no end to it. Like it litter he has no end. There is no, and the universe see my small. Eight brain goes now its care kangaroo, it's beyond our capacity. It's like taking an Iphone six unwavering over an ant look I got the new should end as notification. How about it can't can't looks megapixel, camera hundred twenty gigs. They the ad zero capacity through for absorbing that information right. I think when you get to something that is as big as the concept of infinity, but we're better at understand. The concept of infinity then a champion
or then our ancient ancestors. You know then Australopithecus when it, whatever our ancient hominid. So I think that as technology grows and as our understanding of the universe grows, most likely slowly, but surely our capacity to understand that will grow as well, but certain things like infinity itself our way it so it so far away like intellectually for us to apprehend around. I think we really can yet be in our now. I just remember in college, just waking up and middle a night terrified of those thoughts draining as it is. It's too big now is its It's terrifying, I mean, I'm, I'm ok with not matter in the grand scheme of things by just to think that it's just so within there's the fractal notion of the universe, which is even more fucked up, was in, which is as big as the universe is that it really is just one atom that is in a person that exists in another universe,
that is also infinite, or it's all part of a computer program that always movies what they were like, whereupon the came out in two years that yeah? Well, that's not just a movie man, that's there's! This guy Gates was named James Gates, the yeah he's an astrophysicist, or is he a quantum physicist, while those guys string theory string theory he has done on these competence? since on string theory in his found, this underlying computer code self correcting computer code in all of the equations string theory, I don't understand what the fuck this guy saying he's gone is coming on the podcast. We're gonna were flying
really. I am actually you're staying for that way, no way, wisest, stay home and start talking about ten percent. Might then I'll get confused gets distracting, but this guy has come up with these theories that are based on the self correcting computer code that was discovered by human beings like the nineteen thirties. This this self correcting code he's isolated this and identified this in all
of these, these string theory computation. So what he believes is that in some way this may be proof that we are in some sort of a computer simulation and that one day without a doubt, we will have the capacity if we don't blow ourselves up. If you don't get hit by an asteroid, Dyna Super volcano, whatever we will have the capacity of technology continues to expand. An exponential rate will have the capacity to create some sort of an artificial, out of that his indistinguishable from this reality, and if that's the case, how do we know that we're not already in it? It is quite possible that we are already in it and that's not just stoner dummy fear, factor host talk. You know this is actually like,
This issue does not actually like people who are studying this stuff from an objective, educated perspective right and it's it's cool, but I mean when other then finding out if it, if it is a real thing, do you think the is it doesn't change anything yes in what way the EU could just fuckin go balls out, go balls out either it go out right now. Can you go to jail? how do we all you ever going to find the code and then you're gonna be able to change it? So you don't go to jail, nothing! You can do that. I'm nothing is means like any game and if you're playing a game, those rules to that gay right right. If you, if you do something it takes away your health and power in that's what happens if you get on here,
and in this game they better rights mean there is certain to certain things that people do in this world where, if you think about it, if you are completely objective you're standing on the outside you again what is going on there other playing a game, and they have you no x amount of years in this game and you have cells and everybody is given a different character and everybody has a certain amount of What you're trying to achieve a guide. This friend that used to manage the comic story, member rob from the commissioner Byrne that got it works in Phoenix. Now? rob was the guy that was addicted to Everquest. And he was completely addicted to everywhere, and this poor bastard would come to the comic store and he was pale. He would like be ashen like you sick. We had all he was doing for, like twelve thirteen fourteen hours a day was sent from his computer and playing Everquest Annie said like I'm so good at making money in Everquest, but so bad doing it in real life.
And I remember thinking like you're playing the wrong game you're in this. But this game is that you gotta play this game. The way you play that game. I give you, around this game life, the actual life, the the knock on lead life that you could feel they have, you played that as if it's a game the same, what you're playing Everquest as if it's a game boy you now, you would view. Do amazing me, your fucking balls. The walls were twelve, hours a day playing this game where Europe, a goblin or some shit, you gotta battle axe and running through more doing some people, I mean some people make talons money from that. Now right won't so I mean there there's the old school way, which was currency. Duff I was, I was a big nerli played like a star wars, Animo and then they ruined it. Emma massive multiplayer online game, most people listening this don't for sorry Zaire
Before I got on Lindsey was my fiance was like be specific. Sometimes you just glaze over share that no one knows what gets are no less. Oh, yes, yeah man, she's she's, like she's, my biggest critic, which is good. My life just tells me not be retorted, like to lay Madge. I wish that was a word, though, is that was easier to use without getting crowd you can use. It meets gonna, fuck and not give in on it's, not a medical term. Ok, retard! means to retard to be slow. Were some people a retarded. They are so lower in catching onto other folks. It doesn't mean your marking a disease and I'm not letting go. I'm holding to retard with my greasy guinea pause until the bitter end sea ice. That until they arrest me, I say that in twenty four to forty eight hours there is a tumbler pose with two hundred thousand. Unlike reeboks goes like he hurried Suffer Evardo Tom, the Sucker Dick Oliver. Those dummies to fuck off their all fuckin children. There all
fools. It doesn't mean you're, an unkind person, you're, saying retarded saying it around a look there. Sir. He terms, I won't use. Ok, I won't Call someone in Nigger. I won't I stopped using faggot I'll use it with bright occasionally when there's no one around, but we're friends and am joking. You know I don't won't use it. I never use it when I'm talking about a gay person I will not use. You know any never marginalize someone based on some things. Are they can't control or whoever they are, but when someone's retarded it just means or be an idiot and it's not as good to say there an idiot like you fuckin retard. That's the right. What do you want to say you know? It's not! medical term, it never has been used to be mongoloid idiot. These actually say that on peoples who, for as soon as you said, it was like there was something, and I trust that her you have a child horrible, it's horrible,
that we were so insensitive that used, we used to say Mongoloid idiot, but it s There's this list right that systems just slowly getting crossed off bitch. No one come on on the park, as you said, to give up and be word, I might what be word is this What are you saying? He won't say you can see. I think that was a new one whose thug they were too. To do that with bossy. Remember that boss. Yes, feminist we're trying to push the elimination of bossy, because Bossy was disempowering young women, young women, bossy, oh, she saw bossy, they were trying to everybody went not yet I'm not there retorted yeah we're not going to let you get rid of bossy fuck, you fuck, you a bunch of social retards out there, that's a big part of the problem. There is banned bottle, I heard him say so. You re tired, knows equity, but going to honestly policy ban bossy-
nothing wrong with saying Bossy God. Dammit pledge to ban boss and plans to fuck you tumblr when, when that, when I was a lucky cycles, whenever they include kids in the campaign, Where was happy answer on the ban? Bossy Ban, well you're against our duty or against arrogance, be I'm against be if she's against B. It is used against the viewers. That's so crazy people are God raising crazy people, I feel like it's like their job, some fields, it just get angry at stuff- well, you know it is people have the ability to affect some form of change. You know you touch your screen and you see, you know you touch Elsie screen. You see that weird indentation we finger is, and I could change screen what my finger I'd say. Just our poking added, Some of it makes sense, and some of it doesn't. But there's a bunch the people out there that are incredibly oversensitive. You know the soul what justice warrior crowd incredibly oversensitive and looking to like.
In some way: pasteurized culture and boy, Down to this, I completely inoffensive always punching up. You know of environment Manette that that's That's the same sort of mentality, that's trying to take away victory in Chile in games. They don't want anybody to win, because then someone has to lose right. Well, guess what fuck face? That's how we get better! You get better feeling like shit, you know, the ways you get better socially, you get rejected, Now you know that's what happens like girls go you're, fuckin, loser, INDIGO, damn I'm a loser and then you go home and get shit together. Yet when I was when I was little I went to a I had I like when you know like there was always like a subway or something and then like a karate studio right now. Do it and I there and I was- I loved it for two years and then I went to my first tournament a place like eighth, and they
the guy that ran it gave me a trophy for second place and when we got home my dad was like we're. Throwing us out. You'd in earnest and like it. It's important its import the urn stuff yeah. It is important Ernst stuff. Also important to realize, if you're freaking out at a lot things that were saying right here. Really meanness hundred percent. No like when I'm sedated looked a twitter heroic are now I'm sure it's happening. But I know really mean it when I'm saying like when I'm here there is a problem. People Are extremely sensitive about certain subjects and what people joke around about those subjects: people free. You know, and it doesn't mean you're a bad person. It doesn't mean that you really hate anybody, but people like to have fun and talk shit and when people like to have fun
and talk, shit and people jump all over as if this is some sort of a statement there. Giving. Court, like some sort of an affidavit again you're missing out on the subtle nuances of human interaction, like people say things that they dont really mean, because it's funny right cause they're fucking around. I think what bill covers it in his new new special Netflix yeah yeah we're does it with your interest. People taking stuff where it's like. Obviously I'm joking young, I dont think I should be my wife, I had a little bit about it in my calmly central special about about Tracy Morgan about Tracy Morgan's, I think I actually just confused you yeah, that's what I can do, because I just watch bill special and remember that part, but that the Tracy Morgan thing we're Tracy, Morgan, gotten trouble for saying that have a son was gay with stab, obviously that's horrible. But he also said that he would eat a mild shit to get the beyond sais booty. That's the part of my come on. He says ridiculous shit
that's not actually true, and he sang it in a medium and entertainment medium. Where, if you watch a movie in the transformers, destroy these buildings and someone gets stomped, guess what no one really got. Stomped no buildings really got destroyed Bob We didn't really should the sheriff. You know that's the point of the now the bit, but this this idea that everything those to be homogenized and calm down and come on. It's ridiculous. We all want to society right where we all I have are worth based on what we do and like we respect each other, but not so much where there is no fun exact, there's no fun left exam. In part, the fond of saying shit that you'd look like you're, you, you say shit. That is ridiculous, that is fun to say, because you know that you dont me
and you assume that your friends, no you don't mean it as well, and that's part of the subtle nuance of fucking around with your friends and the problem with trying to do that in public. Is that people will latch onto that they'll. Take it they'll, take it as a quote: they'll put it in quotes and they'll pretend that this is an actual statement, and this is how you we believe and feel, and then they'll just write blog about it. A tumblr blog and get super upset about it, and that's what you're talking about. Like don't you say, retard somewhat gonna write this huge Bligh, what he hey people, not What's going on, it's not what's going on and in pretending we, Doing as your focus on something. That's not really that important and your pretending it is, and there's not a real issues in the world right, you could be focusing our attention on state of someone saying retard or Someone saying your mom's gonna have a giant black robot fucked, all that that throws dick
they take all day and she's gonna kick data the house, you fat, fuck, and you get out of here. Arnold gonna fuck me now now does not real. We don't really mean that but we live in a time where anybody has a voice. Anybody can just write something on twitter, write something on Facebook or cut Tumblr, and I think that's good. I think it's good bye right now, there's a sort of balancing out stage where people are still freaking out about these things and there just it's like this, this of new understanding of this ability. This new understanding of this ability to freak out about I think a lot of you don't realize the power I mean the main. The main thing that you see specifically with celebrity is sometimes oh they'll say something just and then it'll just it. We will get warped and then other people feeling like they're so small that they can just literally, say anything anything
the most vile crap ever because the internet and the like, and it's fun yeah that that is a thing that people do like Jonah Hill when he called some reporter he called someone a faggot. There was like a guy that was, I gave a caressing him yeah yeah yeah, and then he he sort of apologize for it, and you know it became like a big thing. It became the word use became more important than someone like following him. Around sticking in Cameroon is phased violating. His his personal freedom are violating his his is privacy. Data became all about a word now. Each In that's unfortunate, like he chose the wrong word, you know if he said you now get out of here. You fuckin parasite. Then it would have been more about the behaviour of the person falling under the camera than it would have been about him reacting to their purse with an right where an all the hope that whole story ended up being s specifically about the word and then his apology for a year, which is always interesting to see famous people go on like a tonight, show or something that you apologize, tire
yeah and you just and and its eyes like I, we know that this is like the data at up moment right and ITALY. You giving the statement manages its at some weird yeah, that's sad, but is. But you know people are scared than other stared. It's it's a pr thing, but Also, a thing that I understand like I never had to grow up, worried that I was gonna beat get beat up because of my sexual a nation that no one was acting like tiny to offence and beat me to death. So when, when Sir, I think a lot people. Take it to the next level when they talk about things like where I was like offhand mention white privilege, because I didn't have to go through that I do get annoyed by the people on the extreme. Under the argument that act like I can't have an opinion on anything because of the color My skin am I in my life and my sexual temptation or any these things. But it's I get it it's it's,
the world is grey man I get. It is very great. It is it's like you know which he used the term of. If, if I said, shut up bitch, would you use that if you around a woman who had just been called bitch if someone had just yelled at you stupid bitch at a woman which is the worst way you can use. That term would still said about better get the fuck out here then you'd be more sensitive about billet. Well, I can't you gotta, get away from this check now. Call you bitch, or a broad use. The term bitch about myself. You know I'll, say I'll. Do something stupid like. Do you even know how to fuckin turn your car? You know I mean it's like I'll use it at me well, as I use it to someone else. But would I do that if somebody had just been called it in a very hateful way. No that's where it gets weird and work its grey in alike. That's why the word faggot is just like its tis too complicated, because even though
The intent is what's important when you're you're dealing with words like in intent is not homosexual. Sir. Your friend is a homosexual and you're making. Now it's like he's a wimp or he's up in any Well, ok, was I mean, then, as I mean, a gay men are wimps, won't know, that's not which me well. You probably need to come up with a better word. It's all right! It's the work! The problem that word is that its ineffective in conveying the act. Thought because it's too easily misconstrued too easily connected to gay slurs or two things that have incredibly negative connotations or are you else just did that data prejudice terms right have to kind of? Let them and come up with something else you I leave it alone with its those two words I say out. Those groups can talk about it and Louis. He can talk about it. That's it I just stay away. I go up not now going to say it. Those groups yeah, that's the thing bout with gay people are allowed to use the F word. They could say it, they call each other. Fag all is well known, but if
His man, if I was black, I would just use that word all my just like his some like someone get excited, but others would be like ok This situation right yeah. I know it's funny man, it's funny it's over what language is an incredible thing I mean there's so much is so much subtlety so much that so many different ways you can save. Instead have different meanings. You know, and people really sensitive about that today, more ever because we can analyze things it away and then communicate our analysis. Communicate, are you know our interpretation of how you speaking and communicate them and I have to do- is say something I give you say something fucked up and someone takes it completely out of context. You put it on twitter or Facebook. What you like you, you know that sort of thing baby in a lot of ways right, but also a lot of ways like you did say that word. You know you did
it in that term view, but it's not in the greater context of conversation that you're having that's what's a lost in the flat medium of print, the two dimensional medium of taking something in and putting it in print. That sort of with the point that I was trying to make in my calmly central special and that's you know that's some. Its being lost today when people just looking for things to be upset about right I feel like. I am constantly dodging stuff like that, just because I someone said you can't say fuck anymore, I was I was quoting someone and I said ratchet and and I liked and I yeah and I was like oh you I was like. Oh she ratchet, and when I, when I say like the Tumblr post of liked hundred thousand there's a tumbler presenting it has like a hundred thousand that I used again of racial eyes language- and I was like Wait- wait y know what's wrong with that
oh, no, it's you can't say ratchet it speaks down to like us, found out ratchet, is like a tool. Yet with India in reference wrappers at second now I don't know the yelling like like like that, look at her shoes there so ratchet or that girl is ratchet, meaning like she is legs like. Where would it trashy yeah yeah I, but I can also can't keep up with stuff like Think that's when I realized I'm getting odds where I'm just like. I see new words like I'm in your care, like I saw, was theirs. Is it pronounce like us? here. I don't even know it's as if it's an inappropriate word, but it's like thought its activity and I think it is means like ho right and I'm just like why we re at a new word. I will generate a new word. That's bigger! So out of the loop com. Getting old, so ratchet is what like trashy
trash like she so ratchet hold elegant. I thought I love them. That can you do that. She saw me. I did a twenty five year old, latina, that's, ok and so ratchet is bad. You get in trouble for saying ratchet. I didn't think I would I was quoting, is and then and then just but that's the thing is people just take the sentence put it in quotes just as we were running this conversation, someone actually spawned did exactly the way I was mocking. This is twitter in quotes that bit should just shut the fuck up, she's lucky you feed her. An exact quote: all caps from Joe Rogan Alyssa, you fucking dummies. We're talking about robots, we're too about robot, fucked, dolls, fake scenario, and by the way dummy I also said that in the term of the woman mocking the man kicking him out, which you conveniently decided not to quote.
See this is what I'm saying. If women were to just get fucked, they wouldn't be feminist in quotes literally a thing Joe Rogan just said. Did I say that you should go you go through and see how long that person has been quoting you during did. I say women were to just get fucked. They wouldn't be feminist, that I say this is hilarious. This Philly De Interview should just be called the Joe Rogan sexist our this. This guy, must be a wonderful person to hang out with sees Roy she's, not sensitive at all. Oh here's they sure dear meant. The universe in all caps. In the grand scheme of things, your dick is oh insignificant, you're right. Through its. Why didn't you tell everybody that, though? Why would you but diminish and by saying that, in the greater scheme of things gray, Ischia things, you're fucking ears are insignificant about that you're noses insignificant to who cares if you smell farts in the greater scheme of the universe, got
exactly what we are talking about. It's amazing, when you you talk about something you market and then someone this construe, it so badly that they literally become what you're marking its But it's amazing to me, I usually after eight at least like for the video to post. So I love that is happening in a real time for you yeah, that's! Well, that's the beauty of it being on you stream. It's hilarious people are looking. Upset me we're in a strange time now we're a hundred pakistani kids were murdered other day we have what's going on resume with this concept. Rioting. We have all this crazy shit. It's every fuckin day the some new video of a cop beating up I gotta somebody we have horrific and just all over the world and people are getting up said about a conversation involving robot factors in our sexism.
Sex is a real problem. No man would ever freak out that much about a woman talking about robot fuck men, and that is true in if they would do that. Need to give up their man card cast their bitches, I'm just gonna run the risk of this entire biogas and there's gonna be looking at your to double dealing. You don't do it in toxic is toxic is filled with toxic masculinity. Twitter men's rights. Associations bother me way more than feminism. Tell I'll tell you that right now, I think. That's me ridiculous cuz men's rights. I think the only I'm its valid at all, is involving divorce and children. That's ok, divorce in custody, women's rights women are way. More did Waymore demand
by society way more marginalize by culture than men are like when you have a men's Rights Association like really like how much more need to control a great men make way more money. They they therein visions of power like as far as a government, their way more represented. When it comes to x, yours when it comes to like head of industry way more represented like men's rights, really what what what rights we missing, the only ones are like divorce loss, but I mean, I think, that's an exact like a perfect example of the extremes. Both sides right because it's something that comes from a real valid discussion from from like I'd, it's not like when I say feminist think of people that they talk about equality. But then there This whole other level right. That goes almost and India into hating and attacking a giant group rather than the bad parts of men, the bad.
Groups of men and so then you just have like all these people in the middle going. I shit yeah. I don't want talk yeah. That's what it is like when you dont want to be, as I didn't even know, what an MRI was: somebody called mean MRI on Twitter what the fuck was a meal. Placement, or something like that. I didn't know what an MRI was. So I had a Google it and unlike men's, but then I thought about it like an immense rights advocate is a bad thing. Like some was a feminist was mocking me for being an MRI, unlike Hall, that seems kind of fucked. Like you, you, you were specifically identifying on your twitter, handle your illegal look at her page, feminist, hashtag, feminist. You, you are Dennis vying with support for female gender, but your mocking someone by using this as a pejorative like using men's rights advocate as a negative statement right, that's kind of
Larry, as a thing seems quite hypocritical. The thing you have to be scared of, though right there, so many just troll accounts that are meant to like stir up the conversation and like that's when I'm lookin, working on stuff and I'm taking stuff Roma from the internet and twitter it so hard to like tell because some some of the people that our crazy, crazy, silly people say the same stuff is the trolls yeah and I'm like I don't know. Maybe there is lots, also it's funny, because a lot of people that do it they like do it just to get everybody free doubt and then people who were like serious about it start taking them and using them. As an example, I go yeah he's right like no known we're, not right we're fucked around here, like there's, there's a lot of people. On line that are patrols, meaning that they they literally are just for sport trying to rile folks up they just for sport that trying to push buttons. And get people robbing that's another new reality that were faced with what the internet. Like you, two comments, right, how many you two comments or just literally
designed to fuck with Philip D goes. How many times did I've seen your comments? I've had to go yet. I think I made something this week where I would just like. I know that eighty percent of well that watch this do not leave comments or anything just say, was up, because everyone assumes the community's all awesome. Twenty percent suck Twenty percent of the worst people in the world and all it takes, is two hundred some people that are We would something in some people just want to fuck with me to get like that stupid, ass, common on the front on the front page for top comment- and I just see it like- I don't one more point: I hate you I saw but and then and then and then people that it's it's but At the end of the day, you realize it doesn't fuckin matter now it at all, but it's amazing that us very small number. Like save your videos like a summer, your videos heavily more than a million hats ray. I have some. I think these days they ever Have him? Ok, so think about that as five hundred thousand fucking head, I don't know how many people
It is cause, I'm sure some of em watch it more than once been so. Let's say, Three hundred thousand people oh takes is ten unbelievable douche bag, get on that comments section and just pounding on the key, and then you have this fact fast. This clusterfuck in your comments yeah it's for the best is when there are political statements on videos that shouldn't like. It's like. I was at the door, where their dumping water on the ass. Our challenge right, just like look and then it would be like some huge commentary about how Obama was a communist here does like. Why did you? I hope that was copy paste- and you didn't see this video in your like I'm inspired just start- fuckin typing Obama's, a communist Marxism members in those those terms of people love to toss around its that we live in making amazing times in so many ways, but also the the ability to retrieve so itself. It saw it so
everyone saw accessible. It's it's a magical in a way that its exposing, like all these weird aspects of human interaction, human behaviour. In a way, that's never happened before because you're, not talking to someone you not in front of them like if you said something and someone responded to it said well, you know, I think, that's offensive and you bill. I M not really serious, Conrad Luck and round, but you know I see what you're saying I see like that. You could see, Somebody really meant it yet. I would be offensive, but you know the way to be funny is to actually guph around about, and then you would have a conversation went right and you probably come to some sort of an understand right, but that's what but do you. You say something I say something, but when someone wants to write something about you, whether it's a tumblr blog or some along those lines there not interacting with you, there just viewing. You know they all around here, yeah and their their spewing out these words and they're they're having this reaction, where that would be a completely different reaction if they actually talk
You you know, and in that way it's an unbelievably ineffective way of communicating. It's very self indulgent, like two to go off on Tumblr, Rance or Twitter ran like it's very self, indulgent, definitely, but whenever I look at that or anything in life, I kind of wondering: does the good outweigh the bad? I think one hundred it does not that there's way more good, oh yeah, most certainly yeah me the best kind of funny that there's there certainly bad in terms. Correspond in allowing the rasper aspect is disk. That's the creepy ass, the scariest because, like especially when it comes to like some of the evil, fuck and violent death threats and shit that some people and on the most of it, seems to go towards women right and it is these. There's a lot of men out there,
are just not there they're not deemed attractive to women. There not dead, they're they're, not desirable by women, and they live their life in this really resentful state. This, like this painful state like if you're a guy and you're going through life in Europe, constantly being reject any looking at like some high school jock quarterback type. It gets all the girls and you just fuckin, fuming inside and angry and and you you know, you live your life like this, and then you have this outlet of expressing yourself, and then you see some woman and for whatever reason developed this. I know guys because of the fact they ve been rejected by women. For so long they associate women with pain because they associate women with rejecting M or with hating merit, and they get angry and they they they will they lash out in all they want.
I want that woman to feel part of what they felt their whole life. That's see, that's fucking terrifying. There is there is that there is a kid that shot all those people at that that college party, I think, the earlier in the year might have been late last year and he had that, like the Youtube videos where he was talking about, he was in a make. Women pay yeah number the number and Barbara. Yet the number of people that were like get women's fault, that's, what's that's, will that's them men's rights, guys in the pick up or disguise. There was a lot of these pick, a bar disguise the were saying like if these women weren't so stuck up and if they weren't so prudish like this guy would have got laid, and this would have never happen? Like that's crazy, that's crazy! You deal with a mental health issues, social or a hundred percent like to believe nests in some way on. You know that this could have been cleared.
I'm a security like the right, fuckin bizarre like that level of victim blaming. That's what blows my mind. Yes, that blows my mind: yeah, that's fucking, crazy! That's just a mean that insane, and that's also that's also like being around too many like minded psycho like there's those groups they get together and they they like sort of like reaffirm each other's ridiculous notions, and then they feed off each other ripe, and then they start attacking you now and then they start making ozal egg fake twitter councils toss away again, and just talk and match it to people. I think in the future, you're not going to be able to do that. I think one of the things that's a problem with things like Twitter is that you can be anonymous. You know: do you think that being anonymous, is completely bad. Now, because I mean cutting its grey me I'd, I think it is grey. Rather, I don't think it's black. Why? Right? Sometimes I think you can express yourself in anonymous where
obviously there is a gift. It was your own name like if you wanted a tweet, something about a movie and you'll like man and don't want these people to be mad at me, but this was the most fuckin pedestrian piece of shit film. I've ever seen in my life holy fuck, and how did this guy ever get a job? Who fuckin wrote this but that's how you really feel its, but that's the thing right, so being an honest, you can go and you can go hey Joe Rogan fuck yourself right, you can also get. The word out flash criticise. Maybe like a really bad professor, you can you can get something out about someone without the real life ramifications, if you, if you did something else, That's it that's! Why those things where I think that being an on the internet overall,
I think the good outweighs the bad at this point. Yeah yeah. I think the good outweighs the bad as well. I think essentially, like I said about Youtube comments like you, could have ten people in five hundred thousand that attack your comment section and ruin the whole fucking thing easily. You know, especially if they continue to play to continue to do it and that's in our overall five hundred thousand we're watching it or whatever, and you know ten get upset it balances out. The information is not changing. Your video is not changing You know, and if you get a certain amount of negative responses on Twitter, a certain amount of people that again angrier you, ultimately, the the unique ability to express yourself that we experience today, which weigh more positive than negative are we definitely I mean over there of doing the show, because there is so much valid conversation and we also ban the hell out of trolls like we ve had. I feel good.
Conversations about capital punishment, and you know, like my opinion, has constantly changed on whether we should have that like that should be a thing right, and I mean we talked about it- show today that was the other one, the others a fourteen year old kid like seventy years ago, he was convicted. Of murder and South Carolina and they killed him when he was. He was a fourteen year. Old boy had to put him on a on a phone book, so they could electrocute him and And then you look at the numbers. We, I think, was we killed the smaller the smallest number of people into for years we sentence the smallest number people to death this year, and I know it's It's a good conversation. Most of the time you as a father in one of the things that you realise what one thing has happened to me.
Is that I've become way more kind and weigh more forgiving of people's circumstances and and and and behaviour, because of a first of all, a really SAM Harris was on the podcast in he started talking to me about determinism- and I was talking about the idea of free will and determinism in that communism. The idea of your life experiences, your genetics. Everything that you ve gone through in your life is essentially what makes Philip the Franco and two thousand fourteen on December, whatever the fuck today, You know I mean that that that is where you are and you this idea of free will becomes. Cloudy, because essentially you are this huge.
Accumulation of experiences and genetics and all these different things. What, when you become a parent at least I've the way of our I've experienced? I look at people very differently now, because I don't look older, that guy's a fuck up all this guy's a loser. I don't look at it that way. I look at it like that was a baby okay. That was a baby that was raised in some probably unbelievably abusive, environment and and they became this, complete Fuckin Idiot authority right, you know and most likely, a large majority of how they became that person is not because of their own actions. It's because of the way they were raised and because of the circumstances they found themselves inches completely by chance right I look at serial killers. That way now I look at and I look at you know what negative people male and female in that way. I just like a lot of what we're dealing with in our culture is people there
they. They ve been raised in an insanely shitty way by people did know what the fuck there were doing. They ve had a bunch of horrible things happen to them. They had bad circumstances, and this is the result of that. But at what point do you just That is that a cop out and you don't hold people accountable for their actions. You know that's the big one there is, there is the the young feeling he was sick. Seen from a really really rich family in Texas and he a bunch of guys are there were under age; they they got, they took it. Adds car and got really really drawn, drove, ended up killing a bunch people and he I think, not doing anything in jail because they argued that, because he was from a rich family that that he didn't understand, consequences for actions like that's, that's crazy that's good. I think you have to if it what's up- we have rules if we go he's too easy of a life or he's had to part of a life. I think that you can make
changes like don't don't put people at smoke, weed and prison, but but What about these violent criminals? There's? Also problem in that when human beings get to a certain point, Is there a way you can fix them like a guy like TED Bundy, rake ethics, that island when they reach a certain point like you have to remove them from society. You got to kill him. If he's deriving pleasure at a killing women. What are we going to fix him and then trust that we can release him out in the public and he's not going to go, kill a bunch of more women? Now you can't you can't there's a certain point of no return. Human beings reach and it always that that point of no return always involves victimizing other people soon, as that they you no hurt people or kit like ok without death or violence Bernie.
Off. Ok, how much money can you steal? How many lives can you ruin how many financial futures can you destroy and we still let you go back into society and be a free person there it may mean there is also the question of in Amerika. I think the thought of rehabilitation is not there at least, with our prison system down of it, because it's it's a money maker or just we just want what we consider monsters away from us by dont, really rehabilitate. No, we don't do anything with the mind right I mean this not like. We take these people, we give them members. May we put him on I'll Oscar retreats. We try to connect them to their their spiritual. A mother spirit in oh, we wouldn t we put in it jail cell and surround them with fucking cycles and then leave em they're for ten years and hope they get better because they feel bad that they had to live in a shitty circumstances for ten years that doesn't fix anybody right, varying the jump right. So the whole point of like when I cover things, is jumping to the other side. The other side would then argue what you gonna fucking coddle murder,
oh yeah, coddle pedophiles are you going to? Are you gonna punish people, because I think that as Americans for the most part we think of prison as punishment right this is you fucked up we're gonna fuck you up, rather than you messed up. We want you to be a member, a society that is productive. So here are classes and here's. I can learn and hears therapy and one I'm in the grey area, because this, like the fuckin kid that that bomb, the Boston bombing, might kill that kid. That's. My mindset right, I'm an end it's these. It's these mass outliers rabies, outlier situations that end up changing my mind when the Norway shooter happened. You know it's like you, go home they don't kill that guy, you know, and so that's it. Me constantly dealing with it myself, often talking to the people that aren't assholes online and trying to formulate it and like a ball, my opinion on it. Yeah in, I think also with really complex it,
Patients there is no black and white, there's no right and wrong, and we kind of have to punish people when they do horrible things, but again as apparent as a person whose watching human beings develop, I'm really I think that a lot of the problem that we have in our culture is it some kids don't get a chance. They just don't they they their therein bad situations from the jump and they the product of their environment and some of them make it through horrible horrible, neighborhoods, bad situations they become stronger and better and have more character because of it, but we should expect that we shouldn't forced them to. You know to be as good as the best people in their neighborhood everybody circumstances very different, and I we say this is that the wood, the way I've been thinking lately. If you lived someone's life, you would be that person. You know you you would be
you know fill in the blanks re rice right. In our view, if you live that guy's life and found yourself and that elevator with your girlfriend and punched her in the face, you're hurt your him you that So that is possible to become that person should be punish him. Abso fuckin, lately right, but should we also recognise that you become a god? It's willing to hit a person are hit a woman. You become that through a lot of different variables RO? The way you will raise, though, that the type of people that you communicated with the type of relationship, your aunt she is the Wife- hit him you know like their hitting each other. They do that this. Obviously there is some sort of abusive physical relationship I'm pretty sure you're, not that kind of a guy right. I'm definitely not that kind of a guy, but is it because you didn't grow up that way?
You grew up around a mom and dad beat the shit out of you and your dad beat the shit out of your mom and beat the shit out your girlfriend's neighbours should out a u right, you're, throwing shoes at each other and docking plates. Then you be that fuckin person see, I think. Maybe I right because, like my mom was a nightmare growing, like she's she's done thing where, as they get older, like sheep became a nurse and she's taking care of people now, but it be the fuck out sometimes like just for no reason for no reason. I was a bad day and it's not like it happen all the time right. It's not it's! the worst situation has ever happened. Might when I was growing up my I would see my dad would use me to help steel stuff from like one. So that we can bring it back and we could get like money like so I didn't come from this place where it was just like things easy and everyone's on the up and up but I also don't do
that now that I'm an adult, because I think I saw those things and then I looked outside and I was like. Oh, that's! Fucked up! You don't do that, like I'm, never going to hit my wife, I don't want, I hit my kid. You know like I said, never hit my why, but I don't wanna hit, might well my dad s little mother fucker gets crazed. Might my dad slap me one time I was. I think I was six years old and I said fuck you and he slammed ones. I never said I, like. I said in a six year old, Good luck! You! Oh man, I'm waitin on waiting for him to say, fuck you and I hate you. Those remain over me words, but you also responsibility. We don't know you don't relax! Amateur, Edward down my dad would just you would annoy me he would you say I ain't you he's at you ate me and as six year old me just curious mocked. The anger is yeah. My sexual gets mad if she, if she pots and search wanting about things, if I Old film orange wine in
sorry ass. Shall freedom in a big be about nothing there now, but I'm sure to human being. That's the thing about human beings mean there. They are this just bundle of potential and is all these events and variables that happened in your life to create who you are, and I think that most human beings that raise children really dont know they're getting into when they started off and hopefully along the way they develop a better person. Than they were. You know that that they do a better job of parenting. Based on the experience is that they have had with their parents and the mistakes at their aware their parents made, and hopefully we learn, but we're still just learning. The effects of behaviour and what it's like when you raise kids, were still writing that were still going over there and a lot of people. Global at I watch some fucking, you, lady yellowed, or kid and
by the arm and screening. These could she's gonna beat the tar out of a monolithic, fuck man, I'm watching some kid. We re by a moron there now and he's gonna have to on learn all the shit, this more honest teaching them and that's you know in in some extreme situations of extreme abuse and extreme neglect and extreme sexual abuse and violence. Are you going to develop a horrible person? It's dealt with these very both are all life. This is who they are and how this is. This is that there are the product of all the things that have happened to them and how they process those things. But at the end of the day, do you want that? end product next to your kid now and I'll see, but that's a things like. I wonder how that's fixable, I really don't I dont know if there's a way to reset the mind.
And some sort of a functional way, and it may be some sort of a psychedelic thing or it may be. Something has to do with Neuro Science in the future, with a they find out the issues of the human brain and they can literally reprogram the mind and some sort of away and get them in in some unforeseen future technologies. Some way to understand like why they ve become This person why their abusive, why they are in a self destructive, maybe someone who's age, a drug addict who hates themselves you find out. Are you really hate yourself? Does your mother hated? You know this is what it is that you have this horrible reaction to being raised by this awful person in its this is we found the core of it like I gave an electrical problem. Will here it is. We founded this wire has a slice, an ant is getting you know the waters getting in its short gout would just fix that. Why,
Air and rail mean if people, if we can get to that point at some, we can, you know, fix a lot of the problems and so I'll be right, but then, whose do who's to say what's right and wrong at that point whose say that your broken you're not like, where Is that why you do take out the human essential, you're taking out the human rights right, because its I mean at the end we kind of our wires were kind of hers within it comes back to the alien right always that's mean the the alien sexless, muscle less speechless, you dont know if that dude. If that alienated beat his wife, you don't know he could say, I don't think they beat anything there. So skinning get away with a wife. Kick his ass, the other guy on us all, tarnished VON Jose of Futuristic he's? U one, those trans, humanism, proponents and fasten guy, but one of the things he said is that these people that have recently on and off your where this technology that have recently been able to trans
met words across the internet to someone wearing a helmet with no with no word spoken. You you think a word and having this helmet on this, this zero ease of electrodes at attached. Her had somehow understand the what part of your brain is firing up when you think of a word like hello, rightward, hello, hello, registers in some sort of an area in brain this person, whereas as Helmut, nay, here hello in their mind, that's while damp. Yes in a here it through the internet, will he said that they believe this technology or the next couple decades can advance so fast and so strong that we are going to lose communication, like oral communication, we're going to speak directly, mind to mind from now on will, I wonder likely, because obviously it sounds like they have someone goes only think of Apple twenty different times, apple, apple and then think of banana. Is it that big of a difference,
right, is it where you can be owing to get all the small intricacies or is gonna be like this is anger like? Ah, I wonder if you have to look at it. Apple and semi, and wonder how many things are involved, if, like justice visual arrow and think the word apple, so that you're mine knows this is like. If you visually sending that information as well as setting the word to the mind. Why saw was a video this morning of a guy that lives like forty years ago? He lost both of his arms and then he went to Hopkins, and they they were testing this new stuff on him and they? They put it on and they decide like think about, moving your hands, and so we thought about wrote it his hands out and they did like for three sixty. He could move them a little it obviously the technologies really early on, but the fact that he can think turn left. And a bunch of euros in ones or whatever get thrown to this machine via his nerves, and it happen
that amazing like where we gonna be in twenty years time, you're. Also the video today of the guy with a two percent arm. Yeah, we lost them electrical as a luxury exiting following a freak electrical accident, we're gonna in twenty years, and now we're going to have completely new limbs justly Luke Skywalker did on Darth Vader off his hand, member that shit warming. That's me those it These are the things that are most exciting about three printing, like medical reasons that huge not me making a key Jane. They ve already figured out of three preliminary guess. They figured out a treaty print Niemann Viscous, with this as a special type is essentially the scaffolding this, but a special type of protein in it and when they inserted into the by the body, replaces misgivings on the scaffolding and so like where they are now like, I've administers scope on one of my niece, I tore some of it is really fuckin painful. They had a bucket handle tear, which means it would lock, who would like, lock
and so they go in there and they scoop it out and they they cut it nay and you he'll up and works great now, but it's not as effective cause you lose. Some of the cushioning between your joints. What was going to be able to do now is create. With treaty printing, this artificial sky, funding for them. This gives, with these proteins in it and you're gonna, have a hundred percent Newman S case is going to grow back in place, which is a life changing thing. What is this yeah, we posted this to dog, can walk again. Thanks to three d printing, there was walking wheels it it's the cuter. Version of what they simply where's. He got what is a printed out like these kind of like legs. Almost thing a plate of the unease about he's the dogs laid runner, that's cool mean they're gonna be will do anything to get a bit to make human beings are we're talking about the artificial fuck robot people think I'm ache that it's going to happen. If if people live to be a thousand
yours from now. That's gonna be reaction, would be so Santa they're gonna make sex or about before they do organs the hook. You know that's gonna have something like organs. We first, I think it organs we first, for they can figure it out of the whole person. Here I mean that's, it's gonna, be amazing the. But it's always it's. That weird thing is. I have this ever thing called peak. Eighty like policies that can be disease, its genetic thing, sometimes I look at it and am I this is this. Shouldn't, be here early. I shouldn't pass this on any more, but we as society and as technology advances I get to live and work. What is it involved? I would assist, grow overtime like when it oh really hit me. I think around. Like thirty five. Forty, that's why my dad says form under kidney and, just listen to slowly squeezes it to death and late term. You need to get a gift going, dialysis user can these are failing and then and then kind of seven the donor list? Why it's It's it's rough stuff, but I mean it hasn't affected me, but it's like
thought that I sometimes have when am laying down at night and just think of like infinity that I, my specific cells. My genes shouldn't be passed on right, if you think of like us advancing, but technology kind of brings me even pack along like now in A hundred years will be able to make those kidneys again. Your fine, well, people you who used have diabetes were dead right. Those descends then, and now it's not now you get on insulin, figure out a way to change your diet and that's a huge. He was well doesn't have anything to do with your diet with kidneys. Is there a way to note you can along a certain kind of like I, I have to make sure that I always rink will allow a tunnel water. A shrinking should be problematic rise drinking think that's more, I think it's that that's more like it liver yeah I for the most part. It's just I mean I'm starting to think more about my health. I mean you guys were talking about going up and down and wait. I dropped five pounds a year, mainly because I just
want to die. I want I want to be able to has also when, when peak eighty hits me harder to be hard exercise after we train myself, essentially to just not eat like an asshole like a normally do work, while that's Hence manned kidneys or a big one in mixed martial arts, because guys cut wait a lot and a lot of one of getting kidney stones, that's the worsening its apparently it's a genetic thing. Some people just don't ever get it some people when they cut way kidney stones, become a huge issue and has something to do with dehydration. Deep did is DIA dehydration slash, genetics. I've had I've had one, because I think there is a forty percent higher chance that if you haven't you we'll get more kidney stones ass. Have you it's a Hutu here? Don't you it out. So it happened. Yes, a mine mine was it wasn't so big that they had to try and blasted, but they essential
because they can be purchased at, and I was essentially in and out for three days at home and at some point I peed it out. I would just like a minute drug this one outcome tat doing this because I was like ok now, maybe it's just I back pain like first day than They all went away third day. Oh just moved That's what it was. The panes is a different place, and yet I was that's the least one thing I have experience. My life paying out a little rock and then imagine giving birth manual women go through didn't actually Reiner, could you watch and always dose snow? Twice: ok, crazy!
I thought I'd never want to, and then I'll just have to look at. You have to be there at some, it's beautiful anyway. It's strange, you know it's very oddly psychedelic, because when that child was coming out of my wives body, I was thinking to myself like wow. This is what's happening right now, all over the world and en masse there are millions of babies coming out of a giant as like, simultaneously just precluded into debt, and I imagine seeing it on some massive green, like seeing a million windows, I give yet a massive computer screen with a million windows open just babies and being born people. Nine, just seeing it happened, is getting a destroyed.
Think of it. That way. I thought of the positive ways on the idea of this. This giant super organism is constantly expanding and contracting its banning contracting, and you know most of the time now expanding more then contracting when you finally to the population number of the world, just like, I believe, like in the nineteen. Fifty was only two billion in the world. Some like that and now at seven right, that's fucking that's crazy! That's weird! Like less than a hundred years and its five billion plus more. What so, that's that none of that. Yet will that's what I'm saying right. So as stuff advances and people like me, and people that that were supposed to we're not supposed to genetically would have died right technique. She's gonna have to advance for food. And space fast stir, because otherwise we are going to die. Redesigned habit want the core.
They just acorn yeah ways that may be a good cows della that eat. Corn is corn left at the end, but I'm not sure postal year, nineteen fifty there was only two billion people in the world, those what it was. That's crazy blown up out two billion five hundred and sixty six thousand or five and fifty six thousand that's nuts, and is it that try to think how much of that has the internet is mostly porn. Will now it seven billion. I mean, but this is. This- was the world in nineteen fifty with so much smaller the Rancho met. I mean how many people were in America. Nineteen fifty what it would say? U S, population knighted! What is analysis say three. Ninety three something yeah I'd say what maybe let's go. A third hundred. Fifty million hundred fifty hours have that's incredible.
I'm trying to think I wonder what like the United States like we have the baby boom compared to other places. You know nineteen, forty, one hundred thirty one assumes surfing and medicine. That's we're all one downhill. Never one night I left bind habit. I mean that's also how you invent shit, you have to have surplus and you have to have leisure. You have to have people that have the ability to sit in front of complete there's a desk to figure things out. That's where you, without agriculture, without cities and without the civilization. You know, you know many inventions right, all of it comes out of our Billy to relax. We know we have the food, we have a place where we can sleep. Ok, let's relax their and let's work on other stuff. Instead of hunting and gathering Alla time must try to figure out how to make a we'll all right. I think we can figure out a way to have a controlled explosion, that powers and engine in that engine can get us on a road, and
and get places that we take it too by walking right what so so I would be interested are so technology in general, good raw, we're all going up. At some point I mean I think it's very I was with with self driving cars and unjust, even computers and general, like their nebula people that they don't act. There can have job anymore there like their their place right. If I think of my skill set, I could be replaced for the most part by pewter, like you, have all the people in the fast food industry. I think, like you know they ve been going out saying they want in a fifteen dollars an hour in New York at the end of it, nay, if you own, that business technology is in a place where all those front, though the people in the front you dont, need right, Youtube, have. We go key. Ask if now the case like always like. If you do, we need blacksmiths to have jobs, right. I got you, we were well. Will you without the horses? What do I do we needed
with a new thing to do, but we're gonna run on a shit to do and then just go to twitter, and I give you shit with their entire day that this issue are all those people that are running out. I should do probably if they found a thing they enjoyed would have some other thing that they can do right. I just think it's kind of crazy to think of progress as taking away jobs, and but that's like the argument so many times the. If you look at like the trucking industry, if you look at, I mean right now, The big one is a right: either that's not even automated cars at just convenience and everyone's like no. We can't as we have something that already established a taxi community is set and so in those guys, I bet those guys are the guys that are the sharing any tear. Buber story over everywhere goobers worth forty one billion dollars and not credible right click that and there were two instance instances of something happening and everyone's like goobers shit, all animals in India. Right.
Enjoy their aped gather was there is like there was rape accusation there. There was also- and so I think, it's good to those he's come out because it background check super important. Yes, obvious we in huge, yes, I'm driving around in a metal box, and then there is. I think there is also another one where a guy that had been convicted or charged with a violent crime killed. Someone must have one where a guy like took someone's. Where and when let him go like took him to some abandoned warehouse or some shit is something that was Mary, I'm trying to say no to them to a parking lot or something. Maybe you might be thinking of fake taxi, but there's a fake. I don't know: no, don't google it it's ok, now, no, but also at the same time anytime? I hear those stories I think of every drunk friend. I have that's yelled done something wrong to enumerate driver. Yet I'm like maybe yeah, there's one should not not not the India situation, but obviously like be that there was a words that turned into fists really with over
others will yet with the story. I'm just not like. There have been those small instances it, but it's not widespread. I think for me, ok if the guy that owns goobers a huge ass. Well, I know it's convenient and at its forcing the taxi companies to change where they come out with like their versions, which I still don't use, but I thought I think it makes sense like let's keep doing more and more and more yeah, I well there very friendly especially goober. In New York City. I found to be much more friendly than cabs calves. Just like you know that you know that you need them. They know you knew I am, and sometimes a shit has lots of times are friendly, but the drivers were like across the board. Friendly began almost cause. It's new thing there and they also want you to give them stars. You know they all, but I want you to write them right and they, if their rated highly than people, get excited about that person, picking them up, and then I also tipp them as well. As you know, the money that they get from the little round the application we credit cards in area, they get a percentage.
Right. That's like something yet the Africa with their forget with a split, as I know that I knew a guy that was part of that for watch. My show there was an goober ex driver and I think they get a similar rate or something slightly different, but those I think, those weird me out a little more goober excess he had a car. Yes, someone just car like someone, she rose up in a cube and had it in my view that we had a guy pick. Something up here in a previous in certain or a vault was like a vote, is a fake previous lived is way better. There is unfortunate my girlfriend uses lift and I don't think that they have the same quality control owners over this guy came in with when those what f, ten pickup truck the big pick up back in a cab. You know like what, when construction workers in them, she gets. We both get anaemic wage economies, When did you call me I get in it? Is there a shovel in the back of his truck guy seemed like lustre? That I was
air saw my girlfriends profile pic of Europe. So then he fakes a phone call, Amy was watching me the whole time he fix. A phone call starts yelling at somebody. I am we're just like what are we doing in is not drive me just sing them exert like so we get out he's Jamie's outside taking photos. Could he thinks that it look? Some right thinking of my girlfriend wasn't. If I wasn't with my girlfriend, she would have got in this weird car with a shovel in the back, and he you know what the fuck him he's. A gardener Majesty Julian plants We are also I mean with with, though with women I am the one the last we were drivers. I had my friends once again. Supersaver Drunken there ask em all these questions, and I know he was messing around because I know a good number of goober drivers if they're like attractive men are constantly invited inside like at the end- and I How is it that seems like a perk? I you desire. A good number of them yet drunk checks coming on
bars, man, there's a guy, you might come in smuggling, we innocently, probably biology compiled by all, seem trivial. Anything is doing it, That really is a lot of people. Do it to make money me to its, you could do it on your own time. You know you can have your own shifts in a way it's kind of cool if, if they have real background check right mean if they really make sure you have no mental health issues, fuckin sex, an earth filling the blank and it's such a genius idea just because it's like you, don't really have to have them infrastructure, yeah, you know just to get things wrong, especially with the introduction a long time ago, Goober ex yeah yeah overreaction. So that's. Where gets weird, they have spot I now worry Ike on your phone right sit there and control the music. That's in the car so like you could put on whatever music you. Why phrasing, president can be rolling up windows and turning on air conditioning and well. How do you feel about these?
the car seats self driving car at its awesome, ass fastened it yeah I mean. I think that there is something recently where they are not the best in the rain right now, but it still early tech like they don't the breaking. They know. I think it's something with with the other, the way that it perceives like the outside world right like slippery traction, the Amazon because they always end up having these these. Articles and stories where they talk about things like I dont think about like people and bicycles, new things that don't look like cars, and out I mean it's baby steps. I'm not gonna be there tomorrow, but I think its awesome Thank you. You re talking about once again more people surviving because fewer car accidents, if you can have I'm sort of system that can be thrown into an old car. You know people, I'm not saying
make it mandatory, because I, like I love driving my car, like it, gets me incited by Al Qaeda challenger. Oh yeah, now you ve seen the hell cat. Yes ever of one that really yes, it was asked the looks of seven hundred horsepower. That's on us. How much is it? Isn't that expensive its sixty five thousand dollars? That's that's really that power is seven hundred horse power car with a warranty. It's amazing and it's really like comfortable, ivory and we drove around for a few days in Denver. It's really nice yeah. I yet before that I had was our exit. Mario Monti aren't say it and just like this little little tiny car, and then I got into that, and its warmer ladys has its new S class, the S five, fifty other big luxuries Sudan that drives itself up to thirty miles an hour like. Stays in lanes makes turns it reads: it reads: speed them at signs and will follow the speed limits. Dude, it's fuckin crazy. As awesome in its.
Good to about thirty miles an hour where you set this the sensors around all the Tec, but it breaks when cars None of you slows down when traffic slows down speeds up so like around town. You essentially could be liked. You know, hands your pants and this thing's drive and thirty mile, our misfortune craves where you Roland thirty miles an hour at the hands down your man, that's where less everywhere, every if I could was persecuted screen, has these giant Elsie discrepancies to twelve inch Elsie screens, the speedometer the twelve inch elsie screen all your gauges. Your gate cluster is all Nl City Street and you're you're fuckin nab screen in Edwards, and I rented one when we were in Dc Dude they're so slick and the all your navigation. Damn huge is twelve inches enormous and you can watch movies on it.
The motorway set up. Only the pasture can see the movie like when the cars moving when you're part. You can see it well hey, that's the thing that annoys me. The most is when, like my gps is built and treat me like a child, I can't entered on anything in rides, yeah but being w allows you to do it on the fly as driving. I like that. In the wheel and you enter into it. Mercedes is like a little more goofy. The interface like the wheel, Bmw wheels very easy to use your that's it s ass I had as a sex. If it's a dope car and it's you loading. When you drive and nothing man, I mean it just floats over potholes. Never it's super comfortable inside, but that technology is I mean this is like baby steps, its allowing you to essentially keep your hands off the wheel up about thirty miles an hour. They don't recommend you, take your hands off the wheel essentially a really does DR itself,
and there's some videos of guys trying and working on. It really does work. That's so interesting yeah, but you have to have a clue. Defined lines and the road, because it goes by cameras in the cameras, interpret right. What its being it figures on austere and drives like life this authority, a thing right as processor faster and cameras can do go higher frames were. Secondly, I wonder when that can go like seventy. It's gonna happen to know. The matter time all about how fast in the Google cargo, I think it's thirty, so I think it around the same oh really get at. It knows that weak focused, We're gonna lie with those, because if you like the newest one that doesn't a steering wheel. Why did you see that that's crazy! Like happy it seems like you should have a steering wheel like it seems like it should be. At least now should be like to sort some sort of extra thing like not mean what the fuck would have a brain
in our and your driver and no steering wheel is back on track towards a school. Every this reads the speed limit signs like two hundred: let's do this: we think that make speeds. I agree that right and newest hack riotous. How will you can hack thing? like I was talking about the screen in the car. What I meant was like you could drive thirty miles now, just beat after porn as you're driving. They does to have an infinity, and I had this guy rigour. Switch it at a dvd player and had this guy rigour switch so that it thinks that the parking break his on. So things are in part, so just press a switch, you watch movies, why your drive and remember that car here I was Bruce Lee movies. When I was on my way to the communist or they really watch them, I pay attention the roads. That's like the fact that it is their right a cop, actually pull me over any said yeah. Can you can have that play way drive? I do I know what's going on, but this is not supposed to do this,
just ask just broke you see, she's working on that What's that blame Bruce Lee Movies, now icecaps, don't know shit about tax oil. Can we rely too about that? I'm sorry that, like as soon as I see a cop pulled me over I'm just not to try and talk my way out of this. I'm yeah. One thing I don't ever do is I don't ever allow we'd get into my car in my car yeah because you some it smells weeds. The weird thing about we'd is when you smoking weed, you don't smell it. You're smokin at it, but people around you die that some fuckin slinky we again small ship. It's strange like Friends will come over and they'll stink of wheat and they don't even know they stink of wheat yeah. Joan on his later. We see that something, like talking to people and then hearing their stories where they like bring stuff like you're crazy.
Crazy person care. How easy it is it's easy to get or you crazy to travel without you and that's what I'm saying is like when you there. You know like like when I talk to me will that are all about it? They give me like these eighty step plans and unlike or Could you go a day without that could be cool too? It's not that big of a deal thought the magnitude charter. The mantra take away my weed If you want to you, wanna talk about the tears ass being like like bad that's great, you know, but fuckin dough don't go over state lines, something illegal, so stupid, because in some places it's really illegal access. Have you get busted and taxes that is really fanelli? That's and up a little there? They have a little. Will you see Congress pass this new this new Roach to medical marijuana, they're they're, not attacking medical marijuana at all anymore. They ve quite
we done this over the last few days there no longer going to prosecute states or anybody. That's involved in medical marijuana, allow states to do what they're doing, which is their right. That's the merit It is a ruins old episodes cops like that. Something like you see like his, you see, some people would like crack, but then likely to see a guy that has like this. Knowledge road, the smallest amount of it is probably like terrible we'd any like you're gonna go to jail for a long time. Zip tine is written into of cage. Fact. Man, It is a strange Oh bombers pass on these things until JEB Bush gets an office than in all gets. You think that you think there's gonna be I'm worried man, I think. Well, if Jab Bush doesn't get no office, Hillary Clinton will be president used to be one of those two reject Busher Hilary I'll. Take Hilary overture, Bush, yeah yeah. I think it's time for one president still give a chick a chance, fuck everything up,
now we will, I think, once Hilary gets energy does exact same shit. Obama did everybody's going, go hey, I don't think the present really gets say anything today, that's gonna, it's gonna go like through every possible thing. Inevitably, just go back or member would like they're all bad, because you know that guy enraged again. As a word, Obama was before he got in. Office, like the most progressive guy ever the most anti like his is, on whistle blowers importing whistle blowers. He backtracked on all that shit? It's going to close down Guantanamo. They never happen made took for ever to get out of my right still by saying we're out of Iraq is kind of bullshit, because thousands of foreign troops still in Iraq. You know, f, stand still going on me most of what they say, never comes true once they get into office and I think it's because they can't really do the things they Wanna, do there's too much going on there's too many just too many
once it is too much money. This too much power rubbing the present has way less power than we think they do. Well, it's always rough weather. There's a republican or a democratic in the White House outside yet whether it is now time to myself, republican or Democrat in the White House, like people forget about Congress like what it can be like a huge obstacle or the reason that a president can do so much fuck here, that's huge and its also the Republican versus Democrat Fuckin mud slinging. They like nobody, wants a given inch they're all just so that this partisan ideology was like they just stick with the right wing. Stick, the left wing and they're all duking it out for control, which is so frustrating and it's such a roadblock to any real progress, yeah, it's I it it's. I covered the Aral Sea just like that opportunity in it, and that was a weird thing like the currency and the DMZ going to those events and just seeing
how excited everyone is, but how sensitive and You say one thing and no jumped down your throat on either side there on teams, man, generators versus the dolphins minutes, really what and meanwhile you have people that are like I'm libertarian. Then I got great that's great, whatever daddy Cook and like, as that was thing I looked at for awhile and when I would talk to justice, Anyone that was in office. There are like you could go libertarian or you could. This be a modified version of one of the two parties and that's a weird thing: man, I think in until we realise that were being had across the board and that this is all the Big Charae, this being put on by corporations we're never gonna figure it out. Whenever gonna get past private prisons and mean the Supreme Court given corporations. The ability to donate unlimited amounts of money towards candidates in those candidates obviously support these corporations, ideas wantonly at an office and allow them to make money
and a lot of times that money making their money is detrimental to the greater good of mankind or the population. Just people in general we're we're in a weird place, and I think one, things that we're seeing. Now, though, is transparency on a level that we never had before, and ultimately I think that transparency and this distribution of information that we ve been talking about this this ability to access information. It's gonna make a really hard to hide all the evil shit you're doing rip. I mean that when staff coming out in that's seeing that, like whether someone says Patriot or whistle blower world like not terrorist by it, but what, if it were, what's worm, sergeant: no, I'm just someone that turns on their own cup country, penetrator, huge briquettes and haven't brain far, but just like the people that go. Yeah. What we did was wrong, but they had no writer
put out that information and noticing those arguments? Nurse now right, like the Chelsea Manning argument or the the Wiki leagues damp Julian Assange, argument: Yemen, those people are in jail. Those people did things that everybody thing were right. I mean, if everyone whose rational you look at what Chelsea Manning the life that she's had since she's, been in jail in our locked up naked. Left in a cell cold with in oh no clothes, solitary confinement for years literally minutes psychological torture. Me they're they're, trying to Rick people in this is someone did just exposed. Illegal activity released information to this Julian Assange character. Who now is trapped in a Fuckin house in London,
leaves in an embassy or he goes to jail. But meanwhile, if you had a vote, a worldwide vote as to whether or not they did good things weathers Edward Snowden, same sort of situation, we have a world wide vote. What what they did was at beneficial or wasn't negative for humanity. I would guarantee vast majority. We re its beneficial right. I mean the argument: is that, like you, could potentially put? U S assets at risk? If you just throw out all this information, but it is very much you know did something wrong and you're you're. Putting let us us at risk, because you bring it to life rather than go Ok, let's bring this to light and, let's not fucking, do it again. Let me great certainly in some ways a grey area, because intelligence operates under this, sir, of a really strange blanket in the idea behind it is they're trying to protect society from the evil people of the world, and sometimes you gonna break a few eggs to make an omelette. But you know I mean Obama's whole stance going into off
this is completely contrary to what's going on right now mean that hot dog whole hope and change website that he had they remove the whole. Peace on whistle blowers, oh well, because it was a bit here was a big story story, because people like hey remember this and then they like Opera is cut that out and deleted it. And we deleted from the internet. Never pop up ever again weakens slowly but surely remove its like Alyssa and our tweets. Has been deleted on the issues and shore this I'm not mad at you. I'd I'd be mad at me too. If no me so good, but it's you know, sir at this, and we gotta get out here. Ok time felt a Franco. Yes, awesome do appreciate common automatically, where much rather a lot of fun so end. Folks, please subscribe to his Youtube channel because three million three hundred ninety seven thousand is just not enough. Never and you need more and really really great stuff, that I really enjoy your videos and joy talking so
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