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#590 - Ana Kasparian

2014-12-19 | 🔗
Ana Kasparian is a producer and co-host of "The Young Turks" and also teaches journalism at Cal State Northridge.
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already moved for who can show a few you're, also be on the bill. A k, the renegade you odd Duncan Trussell. I need a nickname for Duncan. If you got any suggestions, please tweeted to me. I started off with the wizard of words. It's terrible and I I know the something the magical hipster, which will the fedora wearing prophet of doom. I don't know Duncan Trussell just come dog. He does need a nickname, Doug Russell will also be on the show. So it is Joey Diaz as fear Duncan Trussell, and me yeah for can wait we're going of someone's phone dot, dot January at the Mirage in LAS Vegas Nevada December 31st,
new year's Eve. I will be at the improv in Hollywood. The improv on Melrose Street very fucking excited about that. That should be a good time and the only other dates that I got booked is helium in Portland. If love you dirty hippies up in Portland and come visit you during the rainy season. I want to see what it's like I've been there in the summer and it's so intoxicating. You want to move there, but then I heard the winter gets dark gray and it's hard we're going to bring. We're gonna bring some sunshine in the form of comedy ha ha, that's February, twentieth and February. Twenty second at helium, comedy club is not a lot of tickets. There, so don't sleep. My guest today is ANA Kasparian. She is from the young Turks, which is a online news network that is biggest online news network on the planet earth. Thank you,
who started it and found it is also a friend of the show he's been on the podcast several times a one time at least an has been on several times but Jack School Mother Fucker, and I love that this is a real thing. I love that there's these new sources now that are really completely independent from the regular system and that they can talk uncensored about a variety of different issues on the lawn online and it's well received. I mean they get hundreds of millions of years to schools, she's always fun to talk to, and why is and always has unique and interesting opinions. So without any further ado, please welcome my friend ANA Kasparian. He's very unremarkable and someone is remarkable in many but on the market moves in the darkness? and I cast
and welcome to sit. We just do it now we start from here. I like it. She brought Mister ANA Kasparian boyfriends here. So all you all you sad dudes at home. They like, maybe no, no, it's never going to happen. Now. She got a boyfriend she's here, we're boozing it up too well. Gotta be on his a game at all times, because I don't know, maybe it could happen, would a terrible way to start a project. I'm thinking around he's amazing. He really is amazing. Yeah is wearing pajamas plus Cuban. I gotta big respect for Cubans so well yeah we're we're back with Cuba. Right is not a new thing. That's going to be able to go over and get some nice cigars now yeah. Now, Congress needs to get involved right and Obama. Can't you
laterally lift the embargo, but I think that overall, this is good news and I know that there are Cubans in Miami that are against this and they think it's a terrible idea. But look the embargo lasted fifty two years and it didn't end communism. It just strengthen the Castros I'm so we'll make things really weird. Do you ever look at those photos of Cuba? And you see the nineteen fifties- cars that they've all fixed up yeah, kind of fascinating. It really is. I mean when you can't import vehicles from the United States. You know you gotta keep up with the vehicles that you have, so they are in perfect impeccable, condition yeah it's crazy. It's weird to watch like you see like a red light. Is these photos of these cars that are like beautiful like classic cars that are all in like great shape makes you realize, like we're kind of trapped in this cycle of constantly getting new ship and getting the it's two thousand and sixteen Lexus you know we get so excited about the new one of the new ones. Headlights move when you move like oh fucking Christ, right like we could get by with these nineteen
these cars that we really wanted to accept the brakes suck the suspension sucks. Look, I'm not an expert cars at all, but I will say that the vehicles that are being built now won't last as long as the cars that were built, like the nineteen fifties, like do you think of a car that was built in nineteen, I'm I'm sorry. Twenty is going to last forty years or even a few decades. I wonder I don't know oh. I don't know enough to say whether or not there really built better. I just think they were there's a weird thing that happened between like one thousand nine hundred and sixty and then into the 1970s and 80s were it's just sucked and like the 1960s like between, like one thousand nine hundred and sixty four sixty five at the old corvettes and going into like the muscle cars of the classic one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven camaros with those kind of cars. Those are some of the s looking cars, human beings have ever figured out and they have this-
weird sort of like flair to them that you just don't get from cars that came from the nineties. A does because look like like I was. We were watching the auction once and they had a we talked about in the park has, and we were the Camaro that was for sale. I know there a camaro for several you two thousand two Camaro, never is a kit that, for piece of shit outta. Here nobody cares about it. Twelve year old Camaro get outta here, wow, but like a thirty four year old of course, yet somehow or another. We like we. We entered into this era where people don't want to fix those things up. You just want to get rid of 'em like there's like pockets where people like you know, you don't fix up a two thousand and two get rid of that thing, yeah, that's so true. There was a neighbor. I had that. Had this amazing red Mustang, I don't which year it was, but it was just such a beautifully crafted vehicle and I compared that classic car to the mustangs that are being built today and I felt like there was no comparison. There was something
sexy about that car in most things are sexy today too, but not to the same extent. You know it has like the curves of a woman. Almost when you look at a Mustang from decades ago, yes. I they figured something out yeah. I don't know what it is, but they figured something out from like in the nineteen sixties, with a figure out how to make these cars just like whoa, you look in this is classic shape. Yeah. I think that's coming back, though I think the last few generations of american cars they've really figured out like some of the new cadillacs are Butte they really are credible. So I recently leased a new car and I settled on a b m w and it's a great cards, three series. I really wanted, like a white exterior with red interior 'cause, I'm but in the blood yeah it is it's in the blood we like flashy,
so it was funny because I remember talking to Christian my boyfriend about possibly getting a cadillac and he was like yeah. Catholics are cool, but they still kind of have like the old man much attached to that. Even though they're beautiful yeah yeah do a little bit right. Yeah the new ones that are spaceship, be they still have. That thing is like for the longest time, that's what they were yeah, but I really have no room to talk before I got the b M w. I was driving a lincoln. Those are very old man, because is old man is there, but I love that car. It was an Mkz hybrid, it wasn't hip car, but it was smooth yeah right, David, just american cars over the last few years of really justice. It seems like especially since they got that money to soar to rebuild You know there was like a lot of restructuring and it just seems like they came out with some pretty exciting cars like some really nice cars now. Well, they had
choice after that bailout you better fucking deliver. I mean yeah yeah a world of muscle. Cars have made amazing amazing cars and they have a new Camaro, the Z, twenty eight. That is like a sensual. You could buy a race car from that from the Chevy dealership. I mean it's: it's a Race Car, it's five hundred plus horsepower doesn't even radio. It is a speak the door doesn't have air conditioning. It's conditionally ridiculously they want make it as light as possible. Right, of course, there's always light battery, and it's you know, but it's insanely like like capable like for a car that you can just buy. I mean this thing can run on a back. Could polls like more than one g of its own body weight sideways and its Camaro yeah that that's impressive, but I always wonder about people who buy cars like that like? Are you really going to take it to attract, probably not drag race you probably should probably shouldn't, but even if you're driving legal speeds, those car,
way, more fun than regular cars yeah. Definitely even if you're just getting onto the highway just at a moment of it, duration to merge one. You don't have that in like a Honda or not a vault yeah. I shouldn't be admitting this because it's probably not a good idea on the road, like a little bit of road rage and my least favorite thing on the planet is when I want to be respectful. I want to follow the rules and I put my turn signal on and so I want to switch lanes right and the mother fucker behind me sees that. I put sorry I put the I put the turn signal on or whatever, and here He starts speeding up, so I won't be able to pass right and with the link, and I wasn't able to speed up enough to like cut them off, but now the Bmw I'm like Oh you're, going to speed up. Well then, I'm going to cut your azov. I love it. It's such a good feeling that so ridiculous. Why did we do that? Do you catch yourself doing that like accelerating and then just go? Why am I getting involved Well, I'm not getting involved in this.
No, I never go to war. I go to war. It's so crazy do think, would be a healthier for all involved. If you just like just what what this mother, you don't healthy. If we all respected one another's opinions about getting outraged if we were more compassionate and empathetic, but we're not we're animals and we're hateful and we're not inherently kind that. That's not universal, though I know a lot of people who are don't. You know a lot of people who are. I know people who are kind an. I think it's of course a mix of nature and nurture right, but no, it's funny, because I was having this conversation on the point, which is one of the shows I holes for the T Y T network, and I said you know doing this job in this. Actually this year I started feeling a little more depressed and it was because I started realizing that there are a lot of really bad people out there you're exposed to it on
regular basis through the news stories that you cover through the emails you get through the tweets that you read through the comments that you see and it's discover. Gee, it's disheartening and I'm trying I'm like in a right right now, I'm trying to rise above it and not let it get to me, but you know, you're the Please brutality stories. You hear the you know the cases where people get shot and killed and there's no justice for them. You read how people will be supportive of those types of behaviors that you're like what world am I living in. You know yeah, it's very challenging you're dealing with insane numbers. I mean that's one of the parts of the world that so hard to handle and manage in this day and age, so you're dealing with the influence of billions of people. Literally now I mean there's amazing, there's so much news and there's so many stories that the shoe numbers of human beings and then extreme poverty, extreme disparity and and how much people have and how much advantage they've had been born in certain situations, a resentment of that
rampant crime in your neighborhood growing up in these neighborhoods mean, which was just just so many people, and so many people that just have a ship roll the dice. They just got a life, you know and and you have to be aware of that and you, you kind of, have to understand where people are coming from when they're. You know not necessarily the best people on the planet, but at the same time look the internet just exposes you to things, way outside your bubble right. So I remember when we covered the whole Ray Rice story, Anne and you know we saw that surveillance footage of him knocking his fiancee out with one punch. You know, of course we condemn thee, action and a lot of people were like. What do you mean? What do you mean you? She was. She was melting off. You did you see what she was doing. She was charging at him and it's like Ray Rice is a freaking. Football player is much larger than her. I mean she can't really do much damage to him right, and so I yeah. I get the argument that, oh, if someone's attacking you, you should be able to defend yourself, but you
so know your own strength right. So we make that argument. We got so much hate on those Ray rice videos. It was amazing, I couldn't understand- and I still don't understand it- yeah that's hard. You know I grew up when I was a little kid I I saw my dad hit my mom and my mom moved out like immediately afterwards and up a never forget it. I'll. Never forget like seen that and it's it's a there's, a big difference. It's like a little kid trying to kick your ass, and so you need him in the face and knock him unconscious, like you, wouldn't do that with little kid, you'd hold them off yeah. Well, if it's a woman and you're a two thirty pound. Two hundred and forty pounds super athlete. I mean a fucking super athlete. You received I run like cheese Christ, I haven't seen him run, but I've seen him knock. Someone out the single punch, it was was a nice left hook. Actually he had good technique like the way through really knows how to throw a punch. It was a short range, a lot of guys
a wound up too much and they would never landed it from that position. So as an analyst, it was very good but it was rude as fuck that he did that when she just kind of slapped him in his head yeah. He should have the other thing is this is what people don't like to talk about, but it's a reality is that guys have experienced a lot of head trauma or way quicker to pull that trigger the way quicker to react very impulsive way. I love that you brought that up because while we were discussing that story, I brought up the potential of all of the head trauma leading to more violent behavior, an look, I'm not a neuroscientist. I don't know I was just my speculation, but I think that it's a pretty good hypothesis that I'd what I'd want to look into a little further but yeah the HBO real sports thing on it recently. No, I haven't yeah, they did a a piece on it or they were talking about.
People who were like really kind hearted in normal and very peaceful and then once we started playing football in the experience. If you head injuries, their personality shifted and they became like really angry and really aggressive and really just an a lot of people think that it has to do with depression, which is like super common as well guys experienced some significant head trauma and at this depression might make these guys like more quick to snap or more angry or more impulsive, and that's a lot of that's just related to head trauma, and that's that's a that's a scary reality that comes of football yeah. I look, I wouldn't be surprised at look. I don't watch much UFC stuff. Actually I don't watch any I'm not going to lie to you, but I don't know I know, but is there head trauma involved with that as well? I mean you're using your full body to beat the shit out of some.
No! No! No, of course there is something. That's the point is so were you ever served about that yeah yeah? Well, I think, for the athletes, it's um risk that pretty much everyone is aware of at this point and many of them I think they impose like a threshold. They impose themselves like if I get knocked out too many times. If I feel like it's happening too much, I feel your can't take a punch anymore. I'm going to get out an a lot of guys have done this and done this like really intelligently, and
paid speeches about it and you know, put a blog entries about it. But it's a common theme is that these fighters, they realize at a certain point in time- they're not durable anymore. They get hit and they get hurt really bad really easily, and then they start really being worried and that's smart. The smart thing to do is to get out then, but unfortunately, you can't tell someone when they can and can't compete, so some guys they stay too long right and they have those twenty three fights that they probably should've had and those are hard to watch yeah. Well, you know we had this discussion about whether or not in let's say a few decades. Football will be outlawed because of the head Rama, that a lot of these players- indoor- and you know my argument to that- would be it's not always the answer to ban things right. So, for instance, back getting marijuana, didn't work, banning drugs, didn't work right, but one thing that you Do is actually educate people as much as possible about you know the consequences of doing such things and then
make an educated decision about it with the NFL the NFL withheld curds and studies from its own players, so they would know about what this head trauma would do to them in the long run, and so, if I were like a legislator or something I wouldn't advocate for banning certain sports, but I would say, Look there needs to be more transparency. There needs to be more education that way people can make a decision for themselves. Now, it's kind of hard to do that when you're eighteen you've been drafted out of high school, but you know none. The less I feel like more education is the best way to handle a situation like that. Why, I think, because
the data? That's in now I think it's undeniable, but I think for a long time it was one of those things like when cigarettes first became illegal. You know there was like a lot of resistance to make in not a legal rather, but when they cigarettes became like responsible answer when they became like responsible start having to pay out payments and having to acted tobacco by me, how much? How much money of tobacco companies had to pay out? These giant lawsuits would rightly ins and billions of dollars, but they're still making so much money that it it's viable for them to stay in production, but at one point in time they were completely denying that there is there any link between cigarettes and cancer They were literally getting doctors to prescribe cigarettes. I mean that was like a common prescription for like we kids, they had prescribed a little fucker cigarettes right similar. Things are happening right now. In similar things, I mean children with guys in their 20s right similar.
Happening right now with pharmaceutical companies. In some of these prescription drugs, I mean things that are being marketed as harmless are being pushed. Kids, that shouldn't be taking pharmaceutical drugs right now. It's amazing yeah it is amazing, and I think that when the the football players of all demonstrated this in consistent pattern of brain You know if they kill each other, all the time and they're trying to figure out how to mitigate that, but along the way that it becomes undeniable so now, they're at the same spot, where, like tobacco companies were Ok, cigarettes cause cancer, but we still want to be legal. You know: ok, okay, football causes brain damage, but we still want to play it. You guys still want to play football. Who wants to make money, don't make money sorry about getting hit in the head a couple times. Ok, we're going to do that's, not hit heads together, but we're playing fucking football because we're mad no Merikens, yeah, yeah, that's what happens and due to March out there bro I'll, cheap bag and heads
still banging heads, I'm going to fucking Bang heads you get penalized for animals were savages, especially like when you are just a complete stud athlete. And you're involved in this ultra competitive world of trying to dominate other stud athletes and spike ball in their face? Oh they're, just fucking out there we're to play. I got it but I just visualized astute super stud athlete spiking the ball and I got a little turned on, so I can understand why they do it. I can understand you imagine that you get when you see what I don't watch much football, but I love highlight reels. I love watching the because the show like the best I of times. I don't understand the downs. I really don't. I don't even know the rules. I don't know the rules of football. Neither do I so we're on the same boat who's, your call and flags MIKE. What is all this rests. Wise everybody resting the should be just because and chaos? I would want to see like an mma bout, this just fucking
five guys on this side. Five guys in that side, move the ball. Go chaos craziness no brakes when you get it across you, fuqing March, it back the other way and do it that way and no breaks no brakes. No, this whistle blow that white guy off the fucking field, that little tiny white guy with the White outfit he's going to get killed. You can accidentally run over that fucker and he's going to die this three hundred pound men on who knows God what kind of actions that are made in laboratories that have allowed them to grow so big yeah I mean still the same, I'm going to sound so stupid to your male audience, because I don't know the in's and outs of sports, I'm not a big sports fan, but that's kind of how I feel about professional basketball games right. So, like I go Christian play basketball and I love it because they don't take any breaks and I'm like awesome, I guess what it simply, and I really get into it. You watch nba and there's like a freaking time out called every two minutes and you're like Jesus.
Price just keep playing the game, and I understand there are good reasons for it. It's all part of the strategy, but for some, Like me, who's, not a big sports fan. I get turned off really quickly because I'm like alright next commercial break. All right. We're going to wait like it loses the momentum of the game and I lose interest well for sports fans I think what happens is you have these highs and lows we just sort of like settle in through the lows, weather blown whistles and moving guys over here and talking about this and arguing about that. Well, then, it gives these things to debate like that's a bullshit call, there's fucking refs are retard, and it gives you sit to talk about when you're at home, like I like on twitter after fights. I don't even- you can re comments on like the last people I want to hear about. Is people that didn't like the way I called
right on Saturday, just fuckin' queer and his flunking FED to Jitsu that it's just like opening up the devils, asshole and looking for advice did we get in this, but that's part of the fun part of the fun being a sports fan, is getting pissed off at shed and it's like it's a american outlet, a uniquely american outlet like Americans, radio, I've done a which radio shows with sports radio guys they're. Very We can that dealt just start? sitting on these players. Well, let's be he's lazy. The guy never gets up before practice he's not putting in the extra hours he doesn't want it and, like I've, got a group, he's, got no heart. He's got no heart. He's a fucking Super athlete the NFL with the fuck. Are you talking about yeah, but that's style of like shiting on them and they get- it's free shots, because I mean this guy is
a ray rice or a super athlete type due to being and not Ray Rice, because his his thing wasn't about. Sport itself was about violence, but, like you know, pick one, you know any superstar who's a Super star football player like awesome, running back. Currently Demarco Murray, Demarco Murray, like that guy does he, you know, come on deal with start outlets yeah, so they are very rare people yeah. I think the issue with the head trauma surgeon, it's gonna. Do it, no matter what they're just going to do it? Well, that's on them, like I, I believe in individual liberty. If you want to do something, that's going to harm yourself, then you should have the freedom to do it right, but I want to make sure that there's as much information and education out there as possible, so you make an educated decision. That's true yeah, I I think that's true, I I or that so that's the very valid and the the idea that they knew about the damage before hand they withheld it. That's
That means you're working with people who don't really like you know the NFL agreed to a settlement. I don't remember the exact number. It was two hundred mil. In a little more than two hundred million dollars. I remember that, but I don't remember the exact figure anyway. So their settlement was, that they wouldn't have to release the studies or the findings about the concussions in the head and I thought that that was so shady now that was the original settlement agreement and I believe a judge struck that down so we'll see what the Some of it is but true, yes, we reported on that over a year ago, and it was wrong. I mean when I read about that. I was like how freaking shady are you guys think about it? They make so much money out of these athletes and true the
to make millions of dollars in a lot of cases as well, but I mean it's so disproportionate when you think about the the health consequences of what they're playing. I don't know. I just I worry about all that, but it's there's a good you're you're, making a good argument. You know it's also. The the other point yeah. That's very good is that these guys are making millions of dollars and they wouldn't necessarily be making that kind of money doing other things. No and their uniquely built for sports, I mean these people like if you were just around a guy who is the size of an NFL lineman and he just worked in your office should be like Jesus stuff, uh q do like good to him in the kitchen. You know you're on your way to the coffee machine you like what the is this guy, do here. There's huge people like mitrione- is a fighter in the UFC was a he was a lineman. I believe his alignment in the NFL. I know we play in the NFL. Looked it up. She was alignment every time. I interviewed him, his full
sucking giant human like if this guy was just hanging out at a bar and he was angry. You would be Osh at the giants angry. You know you want that guy worn out from football practice. Ok, they want him, run Pilsen bash into other giant dudes like if you do have that outlet for dude, like that yeah terrifying, and by the way I mean there, I'm sure that there could be precautions taken to lessen the number of people who suffer from caught. Concussion I don't know how I don't know how interesting, because with a game like rugby, the rate of concussions is actually much lower than regular football players right and it's because they don't have the same type of protection that football players have. So there are a lot more careful with what they do: Very good point: yeah: it's very astute That's actually an issue with them as well. I've been actually saying over the last couple of months and I've had a bunch of guys agree with me that are fighters that thing we shouldn't have gloves and that the glow
What they're really doing is sometimes they actually there's a lot of eye poked. Bombs in the UFC and a lot of these as you're saying that the gloves actually are pulling your fingers apart, says your hands, get tired and you're fighting. Sometimes the gloves are difficult to keep closing really requires resistance to close them. So there's accidentaly folks that are happening. They think that, with knuckles. Also, you be more judicious with your punches 'cause. It's really easy to break your hand right especially if you hit someone in the head like in their forehead with the back of two knuckles. These are really weak, they're, not really supported that way, Kan Karate, the kind of teach you the use the front to muscles, I'm a front to not enough rather, but if your bare hand You have a really high likelihood of of hurting your hands, and you also your I don't think, you're rich should be taped up as people get to tape their wrists. They table uptight, Your wrist doesn't move when you punch people it you punch of way harder right because, like your hands wrapped and everything like that. That's an unnatural state for your hand and turn them into weapons right as ordinary?
they're kind of vulnerable and if you break them it's huge, a guy who breaks his hand in a fight as huge problems. Now you can't punch with this hand effectively. You only have one hand and if you, even if you have to grapple like you, probably are not going to squeeze hard with it, so you're fucked what the hell got you into UFC fighting like just an excess of testosterone, you want to beat the shit out of people like no, no, no honestly, I got into martial arts when I was a kid because I was very insecure and very lost, and I needed something to like put the put me in a challenging environment where I could put like some fizz intensity into something that was very competitive in very dangerous and scary to me, so it became what the way my instructor used to describe it is that it's a vehicle for human potential, developing human potential. And that when you're doing with martial arts, it's not you not trying to kick peoples asses you kind of are but
We're really trying to do is you're trying to do something. That's unbelievably difficult Gary and in doing so, you develop your character in a very profound way that a lot of people? Don't they don't experience the terror of someone trying to kick your head off, like literally, you feel whoosh heels going by your head, the worst separated you from your consciousness with no doubt and you see it happening left and right around you see guys getting axe kicked in the head, we'll kicked in the head inside kick to the body and they crumpled like they got hit by a car I've seen, that so many times. It's terrifying, imagine what the adrenaline is like right before: a fight hard to manage. Some people have biggest issues with managing the adrenaline and you see it in the UFC all the time with guys who are having their first fight. We've called Octagon shock because it's so intense all. These lights are on in the cameras on you like home, We should I'm in the fucking UFC 'cause they've been fine,
these smaller organizations and very few It was seen it they've developed this record and they've got some good skills and then all sudden, this just wave of I know in him and then like Holyshit, their hearts like you could see it. There breathing have either trying to calm themselves down it's very hard to manage. So I can't imagine it so one thing that always been really terrified about is skydiving, and I know I know fuckall that so Christian I've been talking about doing it together. One one day, one the next day with one of you dies you can miss if you both died together would be so we feel like we're talking. I know I know I love you, I love you too boo. I feel like I'd almost prefer that if I had an option between that's a romantic, I guess you guys are really in love
it's unbearable going to it's Romeo and Juliet type, no one of the things one of the things that scares me about skydiving, isn't even the active me like already outside of the plane and seeing the ground come toward me, I'm more afraid of the feeling that you get the adrenaline rush that you get before you jump out of the plane. I like a drought, adrenaline, that's a shitty feeling. I don't understand people that are adrenaline junkies, you're talking about picturing feet on the edges, looking down holding on to the cycle potluck fuckfuckfuck fuckfuckfuck. I can't I mean we're going to end up doing it, but I know I'm going to be miserable who was it that was on the podcast? Was it someone that got to tell the story about the first time they went skydiving their first parachute. Did now to cut it off. Oh my God was it some of the park was it summit. Someone was talking to me. I have been Steve, Graham God. No, it wasn't Steve. I gotta remember who the fuck told me this
but they went skydiving and they're parachute didn't work. They had a the guy had a because we had an issue here is. Will that mean he was well enough to this parachute loose and now we're going to go with the backup and like what he's like what he's on the on this guys on his back. You know it's not. You know they do that, like they're about to choke you and that's how you fly through the air and want to know and he's sawn off the other one, and so it doesn't get tangled up in the second one when he pulls the back up and if that doesn't work, your Fox ville. No, no we're not doing it doing I don't talk you out of it, but my my friend, Brian Brian Red Band, you met him. His dad was working with this person. It was a man or woman was a woman. He told the store, I think, was a man working woman anyway working with this person and they were always trying to get him to skydive come on. You gotta come with us. It's awesome. It's such a rush.
Oh yeah, yeah, okay, just going to find the time with my kid on the weekends Sunday shows up at work at Monday and he's like? Where is this person? They died skydiving, oh, my god slide, show! That's you hit now launch your body in the lawn. Coming from ten thousand feet, just rocketing towards earth being sucked into the gravity. I feel like when I feel like my life is pretty exciting exciting life. I don't need to jump out of a plane to feel like it's, as I was looking up, skydiving tickets and all that other stuff, I did look up the number of people that die per year, We do to skydiving accidents just and
actually not as rare as I thought it would be. Okay, like I thought it would be like one person has died over the last ten years, and I know there are. There are a lot of accidents that happen, how many was it a year. I don't but it what's gas I think it was like. I think it was like eleven out of one thousand or something like that. Maybe I don't remember the number but it was that alone is enough to make me uncomfortable. I don't know what that means, though, as far as I don't know how many people are skydiving, so it's eleven one hundred thousand. How many people do you think die every year? If you had to guess I'm going to go with like twenty five hum, ok hold on, don't pull it up yet 'cause, I gotta guess: let's say I'm gonna, guess: five thousand and fifty wow that's a high number.
I don't know per year. Oh alright. I got the number forty two point: five fatalities per year, forty two funk that says the 1970s hold on in the nineteen, the average average was thirty. Four: okay: we got. I got about twenty one out of three million in twenty thousand ten, two thousand thirteen, last year. They have it. They have it's two thousand four hundred and twenty four. Alright, it's a twenty five. So that's still too much for me. Yeah, it's out of three point two million jumpers. But if you look at this calendar, this is pretty crazy, because if you look at this the schedule with the data it's really crazy. Is there showing you the numbers you get two thousand and thirteen, and then you get twenty four and then you get estimated animal annual jumps. Three point: two million. Ok fatalities per jump very low, but when you look at it,
on paper, imagine if you were living in one town where this many people fell from the sky every year. Okay, if all diving was only in Kenosha. Wisconsin when you're working on a farm- and you just everyday. You hear there's thirty two in fuckin' year, that's more than one a month. More once a month, someone falls from the fucking sky and die screaming as they slam into a planet, two thousand and thirty am two thousand one. Thirty, five thirty everybody's in a year falling from the sky. If it was in one neighborhood, it would fucking suck. It would literally be raining people every day. You would go outside terrified that you're going to fucking get your car. Start it usually guy comes from the sky and slammed the Nero. No, but you,
convinced me to not, because you don't need to do anymore. I'm not transients, I'm not trying to convince you, but I'm I'm just imagining that I'm living in a town, you know just what, say Chicago, it's city, it's a whole city, big city. Thirty, five people fall from the, on Guyana, Chicago a year, you'd be like what the fuck. Are you guys doing and look the craziest part about it? Is it wasn't something necessary right. It was something that you paid for an it's expensive. It's like hundreds of dollars to go skydiving. So you just hundreds of thousands of dollars of hundreds of thousands we have dollars to die. Yeah well, yeah, essentially with some attached to your back, but it's got to be a rush, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it yeah. I don't need that rush. You know that story was from Ryan Parsons in the head. Video. That's right! That's right! It was Ryan video
oh god, Lord! That's right! No, we're not watching that! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I don't need to watch that yeah. I don't even like hiking next to a cliff because I'm like worried, I might like stop the wrong way and somehow roll down the cliff and die you have to worry about, should drop in on you too yeah. This brings things fall, you know, would you always drive by when you're driving down roads, nasals falling rocks signs? You see box on the road like if you're below one of those rocks they hit you in the head and your deadsville or yeah scary out there but there's a certain amount of fun in being in those weird environments that are kind of dangerous like as long as you recognize it as well like hiking? So we need you, careful, and you know what you're doing, there's like a certain weird thrill to it. When I was in Alaska, were this island called Prince of Wales and there was a deer that was below us and we're like sitting on the edge of this rock? It was literally a fucking
so, there's the edge of this cliff and I'm look down. Look WH fuckery, my whole body like tightened up he's like you, don't want to do that. Clip dude, I got no, I don't want to. I don't want to hear that cliff, like I'm, not going to like she said there was his legs dangling over the edge of my fuck. That chat The hedge fund sitting stats not interested in his legs dangling over a cliff and there's like a fuckin' one thousand foot drop underneath them or whatever the hell. It is five drop at least you're dead No, no interest in that. No interest in that thing that it does to your body When you see someone do that when you look look over a ledge and you see that view and you're like oh dude, some people get off on that. Like not sex, but like they get a rush that they're addicted to an I I don't. I don't know what it is about. People who love that, but I don't I really don't. Maybe I'm a boring person, but I like being comfortable. Well, it's a weird thing to love,
to love to be scared, you don't want to die, don't don't get hurt, but you won't be scared. It's a weird thing, but it's really common. I mean look at roller coasters, the scariest funk most fuct things you could do in your life these days or go to some of those like magic. Mountain roller, coasters holy yeah. Those are terrifying someone they have. The x, something or another they have one called the viper and one called the x, the one you can even have anything in your pockets. They strap you to this concoction spins you around all this fucking chaos, and it is so terrifying 'cause like if this thing is wrong. My pti, it's just breaking apart, but you're just going Now you get ripped to shreds going, get smashed into the gears of this machine that is so powerful that it's whipping two
people simultaneously around. You know, surprisingly, roller coasters, don't scare me at all, not in a little bit like I don't mind roller coasters, I just anything where I am there's like a free fall involved, I'll get scared, but other than that, I'm I feel like I can handle it. Roller coasters are great. I love roller, but there's always that somewhere in your mind, has to recognize that people have died on these fucking things. It's not very many, it's very few yep. Very very few most likely going to be fine, but you might not be I mean. Look you put your integer every time you get behind the wheel and you drive I'm averaging an accident a year at this point is this that thing James? What is it called the x to magic, mountain boat, good, Lord dressed, and when I did this fucking thing, God give you a locker okay, this right, so stop you get a locker, you get to put in a locker see
anything in your pockets. 'cause! Anything! That's in. There is just going to fly into someone's eyeball, the top thrill dragster cedar point I've been on. You go one hundred and twenty miles an hour thinking like three seconds and up to four hundred and twenty feet within six black fuckin' there saying and then straight down like that kind of, this it's a rollercoaster where you're hanging upside down and spinning around in circles? Oh good, Lord, you're just experiencing from watching it from an outside perspective, sitting in those seats. It's madness how did you feel when it was over, like usually when a rollercoaster is done, like my entire body, is kind of trembling? but when you're in the moment you don't feel it like it, and I don't mind that feeling. The thing that I don't like is just the anticipation of something that scares me so like again, jumping out of that plane, like the moment before I jump out of the plane, is what scares
I, the most but yeah when I'm in the middle of it, I feel like I can handle it fine. I think a lot of fighters get addicted to that. Overcoming that moment and being calm and peaceful. In that moment, you know because especially like what I did Thai Kwando is not nearly as terrifying as doing. Mma because MMA is just it's just uh it's more likely that someone's going to in answer to your bullshit and then it is, if you're, just doing one discipline, whether it's boxing or something like just so many variables it's it's really easy to get smashed, and it's it's hard to beat everybody in MMA, it's one of the more difficult sports to become like truly dominant in yeah, and so when these guys getting into that cage like you could see this wrestling match with this anticipation with all this, nervous energy and it's a huge part of it. For them when they win, you never seen anybody happier when
the guy has like a huge victory, the UFC and they throw their arms up and that Falk yeah like this, this this craziness to it. It's just you you can't imagine someone being like more excited to win something. You don't like you ever like win a game of ping pong like the job up there for you just so pumped up yeah. We we really can't control. That's how I feel at the end of the day, when I haven't read a comment asking me to sit on someone's face You go to think about things like foot. No, I get that kind. I get that kind of sit on daily basis. So if I go like one day without reading like a crazy,
Ask comment: I'm like, oh, my god, it's a good day. You know the problem. Is they probably got your condition? So if you want a few months without any of those comments, you be like hey come on every now and then it's focusing on their face. What the Phuckamon every now and again come on boys, the same cut it out entirely. How would imagine if that was the case? We just you know once you missed it, you like shift no, but you know the one thing that I did realize is I mean in the very beginning of my career. I guess when I People wouldn't focus on what I was talking about and then all the comments were about what I look like. I was like, oh god, no ones attention to what I'm saying there and I was like kind of heard about it, and then I realize, like these people are telling me I'm attractive. There are worse things in the world I can move on with my life. You know you got a super lucky roll, the dice, the attic Lee. Thank you. That's very sweet, yeah right so like saying that you're hot, like that's, fine, let it yeah. So I don't mind those comments anymore, but it's
weird thing that men do to dismiss women right. We'll talk about your looks or your make up or something like your heels. You know, that's that's cheap! That's! Like a cheap tactic! Look of some. Talking about an idea, we start talking shit about their makeup. Like girls in heels and look at her with a little skirt yeah. But then again for the males point of view, it's very weird that you get to wear skirts Really do you want to wear a skirt? I mean I would judge you. I said I don't want to wear a skirt. However, it's very weird that one gender gets to regularly expose their shaved legs and flipping back and forth and interviews, and it's very strange yeah it's very odd that you have the one gender that is more desirable, physically, more pursued. If you had a bit like who's pursuing more as women or women producing men more or men, pursuing women, one for sure, men are pursuing women more. So though the women or more pursued, but more.
Suppose in there a on a regular basis like just a tiny piece of cloth. Separating your vagina from the cold hard world. And that's standard business clothes yeah! That's kind of odd right. I guess, but you know it's funny because there are. There are diff schools of feminism right. I just that feminism, your Yahoo worse, just like lost interest, just started rolling up. I anyway just stay with me say we please, okay, so there's one school that things like if you are a woman, do not float your sexuality, do not embrace femininity reject it, because if you do flaunt it that's all people are going to focus on an but, like I fucking hate that school of thought right, because I think femininity is great, and I like embracing the differences between men and women. Men and women are not equal. That doesn't mean that men are better than women or that women are better than men were freaking different.
And so embrace the fact that you have differences but expect or yeah expect equality comes to situations regarding employment and things like that right, but yeah I mean love to do like you know sociological, history, Oracle! Research! out. Why it is that women can dress that way in men, don't whatever it is, but also I don't It's funny because going back to what you said about men pursuing women more, I think that that is chain slowly based on with sure Ok, so there's that element of his route there just banging left and right these crazy kids there's that element of but I also think that, as women become more dominant in the workforce, I think you're, seeing more and more women feel confident enough to pursue men at least that's
My experience, I think it's insulting to think that a woman can't wear whatever the fuck she wants. Whatever she likes to wear the dress, the way she wants and still be intelligent. That's that's really like form of sexism inside of like your own gender, it's like. You're separating the idea of like a serious woman yep. You know serious woman and a woman who wants to look sexy, what says who says you yes says who who's the who's, the one that gets to make. This call- and you know here's where it gets really weird the one exception to that. As far as like women dressing up and like really like skimpy outfits and looking really sexy and wearing high heels and makeup and really grilling it up, the one exception is transgender women, trans gender, they're, always supported as deep as they go into the woman with category like as deep as they go into femininity. You go girl. You go girl, nobody ever says to like a transgender woman, hey you dressing like a you,
They give her some slack. I think that the same courtesy should be extended to anyone and, and whatever woman wants to where I am supportive of it. Just because Someone might wear something that I wouldn't want to wear myself, but that doesn't mean that I should sit around and like judge them and say no, I'm not going to take this person seriously. So I got to give example, because this kind of shows you how progressives can go too far when it comes to certain things. So I have this friend from grad school. Who is like a hardcore progressive right. And he was caught by did on or I did a status update on Facebook when I recently went to France for media conference. I didn't know that Walk around on the plane, or else my legs would get fucking swollen's I've ever seen them like they got really swollen. So none of my shoes fit once I finally landed, and so I wrote on Facebook, that I had to buy a new pair of shoes that were a size and a half larger than what my feet really are just so I can wear heels to this conference and he commented back and he's
why are you wearing heels and why are you subscribing to the mail expectation of feminine in beauty and you're doing it to feminism and I was like really. I was like your Don't you find it ironic that you as a dude are now telling me what I should wear as a woman in order to to follow the right perspective of femininity like or feminism, I should say so that, made me upset because for me, wearing high heels, isn't about attracting men. Sure there's some! part of it in there, but what I actually love about wearing heels. Is it makes me stand straight? It makes me feel sexy. It makes me feel confident, and I feel like once I put it on. Heels. I can rule the world. It has very little to do about attracting males.
You should be able to wear the funk. You want gene Simmons to wear those boots with the teeth on the bottom of them and still be one of the manliest man. Ever I mean come on. He work boots that went all the way up to his knees. Nobody complained. Nobody can expect your man card with your feminine outwit myself with the shoes boy. What's up with the fuckin' shoes. Disappoint me You know he doesn't have to go on stage at timber on you know some fuckin' rodeo belt buckle. He's wearing leather pants come on, he's got fucking glitter all over his body. Yes, men make up is going to make up on come on with the could wear whatever you want, gives a shit. That's the problem is people are getting genuinely upset about something. That's no yeah absolutely and they're just deciding that, because they've met women who dress sexy all dress, sexier idiots and they do with men. The man who work many work out of focus. Media is or what are you going to the gym? Meathead dealt dealt diminish. You, because you work out it's the same thing. You know gross nice tight shirt
There's a lot of it comes from jealousy too. To be honest with you, of course, it is right, yeah, of course, if you're, a hot dude who's been working out and you're getting criticism from other guys, because you're, a meathead you're, coming from a jealous play selected David, invented that dude Bro thing 'cause. It really is very quickly diminishing. It looks everything yeah he's the most dudebro guy ever wow that's hard and hurts actually has he ever knows what they're talking about you know like a dude bro is just like a blue adds. It's it's it's a great thing to say, because you can't even get upset at someone saying it, because it's not like your cut face, you know it's like he's a dude bro like I don't even know what you said. They don't know what that means so diminishing, but it's so effective. Yeah. Now you know people There were, there were weird it. What we get upset about, you know me included, I get upset about and I go. I don't care what the is wrong with me. Yeah the It's time to time. I definitely feel that especially doing what I do like. Sometimes I'll get upset about a story, I'm like wait. Why am I letting this go
yeah. You know and then sometimes we'll do a story where it'll have this profound effect on me: recently, I I don't know if you read about George Stinney, who was executed in nineteen forty four, this fourteen year old boy, I heard that He was exonerated recently was exonerated recently executed, one thousand nine hundred and forty four, because he was convicted of killing two white girls. So he had nothing to do with it. As you guys know, exonerated recently and we were doing the show and o o Stevo came in and he's like hey sorry to interrupt the show, but I want to give you a quick update on a story that I find important and then he gave us the details. I had never heard about George Stinney until that moment, and I don't know what it was, but when he told me about that fourteen year old, who weighed ninety pounds getting executed for a crime he didn't commit, I couldn't hold,
back tears and for the first time in a really really long time. I was about to burst into tears on camera. We had to go to break so I can kind of You know, contain myself. Do not want people to see you. I so I want to be as a woman, it's difficult because you don't want people to immediately go to oh she's, just an emotional female she's, not a reliable source of news, write a lot of people think that, if you're passionate about something that means that your irrational and that you're just an emotional girl, and so I go out of my way, regardless of how how much I want to breakdown. I go out of my way to make sure I don't cry on camera 'cause and then also whenever Crown camera. I immediately think of like the Glenn Beck's of the world or like super fucking, cheesy and they're like they're, doing it they're doing it to ham up the audience right yeah. I don't think you should ever worry about being fake 'cause. You don't give off any of that. So I think, if you felt like crying on camera crying camera, but if you-
feel like crying on camera, you don't have to do that either yeah. It's it's interesting to wonder why, like I've, never cried on camera either, but I've tried I've tried it like on movie. You have yeah, I I cry. Daughters are crazy. Which makes me like you do. I cried for no reason it's it's pretty easy to like a a good song or a good like you know, especially anything where anything where you know people are losing loved ones yeah. I remember I watched this documentary once it was like a one of these. Not a documentary like it was a cable show that was documenting Malibu fires and these fires were just devastating. Fires that swept through this hillside destroyed all these homes, and this one guy was a fireman and he had a house that he worked,
whole life to build and he built it himself, and you know I didn't make a lot of money, but he saved up enough to buy this piece of land and literally build his own house over the course of several years by himself and he was living in it and his house was spared, but his neighbors was, and this this guy was just Bing just weeping for his neighborhood, for you know the the of losing his own house and this whole thing- and I was watching this in the green room of a show that I was about to and then I had to go on stage this work before I realize you can't do that like been doing comedy a few years I was, I was a rookie, and so I was doing a show with this guy J B Smoove. I don't know if you know we as he was on acid, curb your enthusiasm, hello, Larry hilarious comedian and it was supposed to be you supposed to go first, when I was supposed to go up second, but JB got lost, it was a College in New Jersey and was in the middle of nowhere, was really hard to find. I got there
early, but I was I went. I got I left way early and just got there early, so they tell me in the green room, watching tv and relax. Nowhere. Start the show whatever, and so I'm sitting there watching these people. By this girl calling for her dog she's calling for a dog. Can. I just do stay the dog is dead. You know it's dead and you got a camera on this girl, while she's calling for this nonexistent duck. It's a God Dam inferno, it looks like Satan came over the mountain with fucking flaming horses. It looks horrible and they're focusing on this girl. There's sucking you in showing you the humanity, the situation I'm talking crying like a bitch, oh, my god, I'm like a bit and then I gotta go onstage. That's no! That's tough man that stuff, like it's hard to you know, gather your thoughts after you see something traumatic like that and it it really like hits you the first time I've only cried on camera twice. Okay, so I just mentioned the George Stinney story. That was the recent incident, the first time
turn on camera was actually years ago, and we did a story about. I think it a natural disaster that happened somewhere. I don't remember, but died and as a result of the disaster and he got buried and there was photo of his dog just sitting and waiting by his grave. And I don't know like I just like understanding, the loyalty of that dog- and they know that he's there, he showed that someone did tell him that right down right. No, no, it was it was photo. No, it was a real story. I don't know if the dog had like this- I don't know. Maybe the family numbers went to the burial or whatever, and the dog breed like realize that I have no idea, but it was it was reported by a very credible news organization, so it wasn't like look? This was posted on Reddit it it's real! No, it was widely read it more yeah. Well, it was like the Associated Press or Reuters, or something like that. The problem with those stories, as they sound great and so there's
no harm in them. Being bullshit yeah, you can just put it out. There was a dog in a come a rat. You out, you know the I was going to be like this bulshit. Do they gave me a bone? They told me to lie down there. I don't know where that dudes burried funk stores bulshit. So it's a no risk. Just make. Well, ok! So that's true yeah and you're right. That's like a harmless made up story. Yes, it is made up, but the worst thing is when you have like kredible news or Haitians or like a magazine like rolling stone, doing a really really terrible job with that you'd be a story. Do you know about that? Yes, yes, that's unfortunate, that's unfortunate, because You know it's very unfortunate when you release a story that has troubles and that these troubles could have been investigated especially when it's are a very, very, very sensitive topic that everyone knows needs to be addressed. Everyone. I don't think, there's a single person that doesn't believe that sexual assault isn't a problem. It's a huge problem. You haven't
been on line then, but everybody know everybody must know. Everybody must know that it's possible. Everybody just know that women can get sexually assaulted right yeah. So whenever you You know that that is true. It has happened. It's one hundred percent, it's undeniable. If you have A situation where someone is accusing someone of covering something up along is like you. Gotta go over that bit with a fine tooth comb can't leave them with any evidence that points 'cause not only is if, if you, if you fail to make credible story, they can't be backed up not only does it fail in that attempt, but it strengthens the resolve of the other people that I think for a lot of false rape. Accuser is one hundred percent. I had that story did so much damage to those who actually are, and who knows this? Jackie girl, my actually be a rape victim, but maybe she can't recall the specific events I don't know. I don't know what her story is. I have no evidence. I don't want to comment on that right, but regardless the
reporting in the misinformation that was portrayed in, that rolling stone piece does a disservice to the actual rape victims out there who are trying to get people to believe them, but people. Denying that they went through something as terrible as rape and it's I teacher journalism course at Cal, state, Northridge, right and journalism. Ethics. One hundred and one is that you get both sides of the story that doesn't mean that you are neutral. You should be objective right, but don't be like. Oh, this side says this: site, says that now you guys decide I'm against that right, but you still have to get both sides of the story and then you as an investigative journalist, need to go out there and seek the truth, and that didn't happen with the rolling stone, they agreed with Jackie, that they would not corroborate her account of the of, with anyone else. What kind of fucking journalism is that that's crazy? I mean
We actually really pissed me off, because that did a lot of harm. How do you think that that kind of an agreement gets put into place where someone says we won't corroborate the facts of the case like we won't try to investigate it any further like. Why would someone agreed It doesn't really make sense right. I think maybe I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt, but may- they understood that this is a sensitive story, and here is a woman who is a potential rape victim and they want to be very sensitive to her, and so they kind of like walk on egg shells for her, but so that's like the best case scenario for rolling stone. If that's what their intentions were, the worst scenario is: if- and I don't know if this is the case, but if you A journalist who has her own biases and she uses those biases to justify only using one source for her story, I don't know which one
of those two scenarios actually occurred, but none the less the outcome was disastrous and it was I mean that story came out or the aftermath story came out when my class was winding down, but if I get the you know, honor of teaching that class again, I'm gonna bring up that case and I'm gonna be like do not do this. This is the most irresponsible type of journalism. You can do it's. It's super unfortunate too, because it could be avoided yeah to be avoided, but due diligence and that's the one thing that people complain the most about like web site. It's like they don't really they're, not really under any supervision like they could do whatever they want. You have excellent ones and you have pisp or ones you have ones that report thing. Just totally made up. I can't how many, how many times week. Someone sends you something: that's not even a parody site. It's just a complete made up site There was a site where someone sent me a new species of hominid found and they they thought they found dead. Leprechaun. This dude, like he's, he's he's
sweeping is using like a paint brush to sweep the side of a mountain and there's a little dead. Leprechaun skeleton like get the fuck outta here dude. It's really send me this. You assehole, but that's that's! The internet internet is beautiful. You could do whatever you want, but you don't expect that from like rolling, I'm really sorry! I expect you know it's got damn it! That's where Hunter S Thompson, I mean you're supposed to have like the highest journalistic ethics. Ever you talk about important stories, you have Matt, the tie? Evey, I was mentioned- I mean Matt's id, Be- is amazing. A monster he's a freakin mock grass yeah. He is he's the best ever at that he's the best ever that and he's brilliant to read to it's. It's fun stuff. Yeah he's! You know, he's a he's, a he's, a he's, a journalistic, So really it really is. I mean there are
a few journalists out there that I look up to Matt. Taibbi is certainly one of them, and so so yeah I mean. I think, that that rolling stone piece regarding you VA not only do damage to people that have been raped, but it also did damage to their own magazine. It did damage to the other reporters out there who do the do just. Legends necessary to put out a responsible news report. I don't know it. It was disheartening. I did not like that at all. I think
we'll get super scared insensitive. When it's dealing with that subject the subject of rape. It's such a you know said, dark subject. So when people are dealing with that, I think you know. Sometimes they they just stop. They don't look at things as as objectively as they could, if they weren't like really locked into this. Like very kid gloves approach this one subject: all subjects was a victim or awful without small station, whether it's violence, whether it's any you know anything that happens like person person if human interactions he gets gets sensitive issue including sexual stuff, like rape, it's all like super sensitive, but when you're talking about like a crime in a story, there's just revealed fear of blaming the victim or this real fear of questioning the victim of the real fear of of stepping on each match and are being raped and then the heart of someone accusing you of lying about that rate when it actually has happened, so that's very waited because of that rightly so,
so everybody that approaches the subject of rape is like very, very kind and sensitive about it. But it's like in this case it's just a up, because you talk about stuff that wouldn't that hard to look up right. You could you know, and you don't even have to like do it with that person. You just start doing some work and find out, know who is in what fraternity and what? What social affairs were? You mean they have to like keep logs of shed and Jackie describes, someone that she knew from years prior that doesn't even go to the school I mean just simple little details from her story. You can corroborate. Without let's say you don't want to talk to anyone who was one of the alleged. You know rapists right because she was allegedly gang raped right. Let's say you, You want to just check on the little facts. Like okay, was there a party thrown by the fraternity on the date that Jackie specified A very simple thing to check out. They didn't do that yeah you're responsible, to say the least.
It's just crazy. It is rolling stones. Yeah, that's what's crazy to say it seems that it's also everybody's, like there's so much content out there I mean there's so many different websites are so much competition. To some I mean I think people are made many, maybe many times in a rush to get salacious stories out, because you know anything, that's like very prominent and and and terrifying like, like a gang rape. You know people daughters think about how much God can you what yeah? I did what I got away with it, then there's also the issue of people who experienced trauma that they lose a lot of memory. That's a fact: yeah! Well, people have had traumatic experiences, the the very impactful emotions and for year and and and self loathing, and all this that comes a traumatic experiences, a lot of times, people black things out, like there's a lot of people who have PTSD for events that have happened in their life and they you know really violent events, especially they just block them out again. You know. I've talked to people that don't remember like big chunks of their life, yeah
it's people have some fuckedup exactly, which is why it could have happened. What would actually happen with Jackie mentioned or told rolling stone could have happened, but again it's up to rolling stone to do its due diligence and make sure that everything that she is reporting to them is true yeah there's, also there's a real issue of people, just not being truthful and being crazy. You know people like to make things up, there are. There are a certain amount of people that, for whatever reason they just will start talking and the words will come out and they're just talking about ship that actually never really happened and they're just making things up and I've met a bunch of I'm sure you. Of course, it's it's possible, you can do it. You can like lie and get pretty fucking far in life. You can totally sneak through certain gates to climb over certain all it, so you make it there's a lot of people to get away with doing that. So you never know when someone's story about anything. Where is a he said she said
You really never know until you look deeply into it. What's going on exactly just whatever small percentage of false rape claims there are. I don't know what the percentage is like someone said, it's like two percent or something fall. Rapes that that people like claim are false. Rape claims it's just someone trying to get back into yeah ex boyfriend or someone trying to somebody over, but that's still too out of you got to look at those yeah. You got me with those numbers aren't reliable. You know it's really difficult to study something like that. But yeah I mean that's victim blaming either. Ok, that's just being rash. Logical yeah, it's all that is, and this idea that you shouldn't look at things Ashley, logical or you? Could you shouldn't want facts while still being kind? You know you can still be kind while you want facts, you look it's unfortunate. It's very unfortunate. When you run into someone who has made up stories. 'cause like oh you, poor, bastard, you're, just crazy, liar person yeah. You know. What's also really crazy is over the last
two years there have been a number of stories of like teenage girl girls who have been raped, right, drugged and raped at these parties, and then their rapist will take pictures of them as they are passed out naked. This is this- is amazing. There was a girl girl named this happened to her her we reported on her recently so her rapist took, pictures of her as she was passed out and she had her leg bent in like a peculiar position and then they started like please circulating that photo among their peers. So all of a sudden, a bunch of people started bullying. Her forget right, and so they started like a hash tag, called Jade Oppose and they started posing in pictures in the way that she was in that photo and just making fun of it. Like posting it on Twitter and Facebook and pulling the crap out of This happened in Houston and she what's amazing about this girl. She was sixteen when it happened. She was resilient enough to not let it destroy her and so the main,
Press has a policy, and I think it's a pretty good policy of hiding the name or the truiden, b of a minor who's, been sexually assaulted or raped, or anything like that and she and she's like no. I don't want anyone to hide my my page. I don't want anyone to hide my name. I want to come out and speak out against it, because a lot of- majors go through the same thing. I've been going through and they they commit suicide right, and so I, it's important to have a really serious discussion about. Why kids think that that kind of behavior is ok because look in the school district I went to Lausd, we had comprehensive sex, ed right, brands of sex ed? They talked about everything, including rape and sexual assault and molestation, and we're really uncomfortable conversations to have in middle school and high school, but I felt My peers had an understanding of how serious situations like that are an how you don't bully someone who's a rape victim and since he in Houston, I'm wonder
whether or not they had the exposure to the same type of education that we had right, because if you first and the weight of sexual assault and rape you wouldn't make fun of or Only the victim, you see what I'm saying: yeah I don't know, I don't know, that's just my speculation and it's like a hypothesis that I have, but I'm really curious to look into it, because how vicious is that to make fun of someone who's been raped, children, lack perspective yeah. I have a lot of experience in life and there's a lot of what being a child is, which is essentially a reflection of the people that are around you when you're growing up and they're very young there. You know you talk about kids that are less than eighteen years old right. They all have pathways that have been be into their brain by either family or circumstance or being around the knuckleheads there around. What time lack perspective in
or also there also terrified and confused- and everyone is, I mean every fucking young kid that grows up that is a bully is probably just as scared, if not more scared than the people, they're, bullying, they're, all terrified, so they're doing a bunch of stupid shit. You know, that's like big part of being a young person in the real issue is, is we shouldn't have young Kids alone, that much with each other 'cause they get all Lord of the flies. Ok they're supposed to young kids should have parental supervision and then, when they get there are. Teenagers should still have a lot of real. Grown Assmann around to go, hey like settle down like stop every what it what it, what are you guys doing like? Let me explain to you what's wrong about your behavior from someone who they trust. Like a real woman who is running the class is going to go, everybody sit the down. What do you think you can accomplish with this? What do you? What exactly do you think you're gonna cop was by one and through my
walking classroom a drawing pencils at each other and pulling hair. You guys are crazy, sit down yeah I'm going to talk to them like that where they go. Well, I respect MRS Johnson she's told us to shut the fuc up and sit down, but a teacher can even say that it can even speak the language that the kids use on a regular basis on their own, because that's profane and sometime the only way you can get their attention dude. That's why I love teaching at a university level, because at least you're able to have that type of freedom right like no ones, king, there telling you what type of language you can use or when you swear in your class, I swear my class all the time, your classes from the get packed right now, no love my class, so I can sign up. Is it like this will have to do it? Take some tests and ship no tests. I mean it's a broadcast news class, so I somehow to how to put together packages together, we do mock production meetings that are very similar to what you would have a like: a real newsroom, so fun class. I but it's very interactive, but I tell them in the beginning like look
I'm not much older than you guys, I'm twenty eight uhm, I cuss talk to you as if I'm your peer, but I'm not an easy professor. So don't take advantage of that. Like. I want have a discussion. I want us to like understand each other, like I have that whole spiel in the very beginning, and I want open up. You know I want them to trust me and I want them to respect me. And have like a real conversation with me, when I'm actually doing my lectures because there's nothing worse, and having some monotone old Fuddy Duddy, come in and tell you like. Ok today, we're going to talk about journalistic ethics, they're not going to pay attention to that. I've had those profess, there's yeah, especially when you use the word fuddy Duddy I just nailed it knowing what a fuddy Duddy is yeah, I mean K. People definitely would rather communicate with somebody who they feel like it's a regular person, and you know it at the university level. Of course you could do that, but with six kids like my god, you know like it
leaving them alone to be mean to each other, these thirteen and fourteen year olds, accountable every settle down well, you guys only know what you're doing here. Being me This little grow, because somebody drugged or unfucked her like do you know how crazy that is, like you, girls, out of your mind, like they get and also kids get wrapped up in rivalries to the point where they want each other dead like it like. Fourteen year old kids, fight to the death like they literally have this like that bich I want her dead and they fucking get out of school and hit each other with their per doesn't pull her and dudes would like teenage boy Are some of the most dangerous people have run into it because they're physically they start their starting to get their testosterone they're starting to get strong, I've only been doing. They've only been strong for a very short amount of time like an eighteen year old boy is essentially only been man strong for like two years right. So has this new thing overlap, St One thousand six hundred and eighteen, I might be able to focus dude up. You know they have this. Weird thing about them that they have to manage an if they do that without any guidance, if they do that when
supervision of they definitely do that without any tests, trials and tribulations, if they just don't ever get to express', that violent chimpanzee echo that's ringing around inside our atoms, if they don't express that they won't be control it it'll spin out into the trees they don't. They won't know what the fuck they're doing I mean this is part of the reason why growing up my mom? Never let me go to sleep overs or camp, or anything like that. I'm sure like that, engage it probably well the prevalence of like sexual assault. Among do geisha. Girls get together camps, oh yeah I mean I I waited until I was like in my twenties to get into that kind of stuff, while but I'll borrow but yeah like I, I think my mom understood the kind of things that happen when a bunch of teenagers get together, and so she was like no you're not going anywhere yeah. When I was. I want a boy scout camp in the tied this kid up put toothpaste, always close the trip they took on the day tied him. To his his cot and they carry the cot into the woods and we were in New Hampshire and was in the middle,
fuckin' know where there was no light outside, like I'd. Never been to a place, was dark out there is no moon. That night, you couldn't fucking, see your hand. Like you're trying to see your hand, you can't see your fucking hand like there was no light, none and they put this through the fucking big brought him out. Woods and left in there this guy screaming? So hey guys this isn't funny and they woke me up. One of them grabbed me and I jumped up like fuck you dude you're, not taking me out there not going out Fucking woods, God they put toothpaste on your clothes, it's very hard to get toothpaste off your clothes. Is it yeah, yeah, I really scrub Dutch, it doesn't just come off, so you can't just put it in the washing machine and it's gone well. You know we're in the Woods the washing clothes with like literally washboards. You know it was a camp we had archery and shit. There was gone. They give these little fucking psychos guns. I was in archery range on her. What the fuck is that is ricochet. I go fuckin'
They just came near us with wide when shooting of the so he probably had a rock, probably an accident like flock lil inner city, creepers, going to boy scout camp. Well, animals, man! This is making me not want to have kids. I went once odds of MIKE I'm good. There are two weeks. Oh my god, I miss my parents about couldn't wait to get home. I said how old are you such a bitch uhm I was probably it was under fourteen. So it's probably the thirteen or one thousand two hundred and twelve or thirteen. Oh fuck yeah animals savages about here going to boy scouts with plus you know thirteen or whatever. Then I was like. That's fucking young. You know you're out there in the woods with a bunch of fucking, crazy dude, you don't even know like oh yeah yeah, that's not good and there's older kids too. Some of the kids really fifteen one thousand six hundred and seventeen and a seventeen year old and a fourteen year old kids should never be unsupervised, especially the seventeen year old
creep 'cause they'll just decide that the fourteen year old has to douche it you know and then for some to do it and beat their assets like 'cause. Finally, they get to tell other people what to do like for seventeen years. Their parents are probably been telling them what to do and if they grow up in an abusive household. You know like so so many bullies that I met when I was a kid it turned out like when you went to their house, you realize oh, this guy gets bullied at home and then he goes and bullies people at school yeah. Of course, I think I think parenting has a lot to do with it. The way that people are raised has a lot to do with it. I had a friend he's getting fist fights with his dad fist fights and he this fucking guy, I won't say his name, 'cause he's a good dude. This is not a bad guy. I grew up with him and he would fight anybody me and my friend Jimmy would go with this guy and He goes. That's it we're fighting tonight and I'm like we're fighting tonight, 'cause we're fucking fighting and he would just find somebody like come on mother, Fucker and there's guy and start a fight with them never met. Anybody like this, this guy just would just litter.
For no reason go, find a purse go come on by the fact that we're fighting- and he would talk about it like he had a good one too, had a good left right that was like. Is it wasn't really very good? writer, whose past decent, so it wasn't like he was even winning. These fights like a lot of times, would get in fights in his asked kicked, but he had he had a pretty decent one too, but this fucking guy would just start fights for, and then I went to his house and then I got became friends with them. He was friends with my friend Steve and when I became friends we hung around and realize, like. Oh, this guy got fuckin' abused like he got, beat up all the time like he was. He would get in like fist fights with his dad when he was young. You know like young. You know that his dad would punch him. You know is like scary shitt. So when you meet like the monster behind the curtain- and you go oh, this is so cute anymore. Yeah isn't so funny now. I know why this guys doing this he's an asshole because he's getting bullied. 'cause like when I became friends like we never had a fight whenever
an argument we really friendly with each other for whatever reason it was like he just would find people that he wanted to fight, and it was just- and I couldn't understand that it's like I don't even want to do that until I realized. This too, is like fighting his dad. All the time he's probably fight his dad everyday. Damn. Yeah? That's that's some crazy. I don't know roll the dice is what it really is. I mean I think about every once in awhile I get kinda down about certain things, like God and my field of work in my happy like all, I could be doing better and then I think about eight people. Problem. One hundred percent right, like I've, been giving. I haven't been giving Christian a hard time but like every once in awhile, come home and I'm like in a bad mood and he's like what's wrong and my problems are such bulshit problems. You know what I mean. I have great parents, I able to get a good education with no debt, like I have a job that I love like. I have friends that I love everything is great,
so like when I try to put things in perspective in stories like that really do put things in perspective. For me, people who don't have like a home to go to people who don't have good parents like there's a lot of pain and suffering out there. You know- I remember, I don't think I told you about but we had gone to San Diego and I tried mushrooms and for the first time she it And it's like a good? It's a good way of kind of like putting things into perspective right, because I felt euphoric every great. I had a really really good experience with it, but there was one point when we were like walking down the street, and there was this one elderly homeless man, just walking, he's like stumbling like he can barely walk right n, like that hit me really hard like this man has such a bad life like he's out on the streets he's at really he's older than my dad. You know, and I think about my dad and he's like getting up there and, like you know his body is kind of
bring break down a little bit and I'm like man, this guy I mean he has no family, has no one looking out for him. He's out here on the street San, like I don't know like it, really really hit me and it put everything in my life in perspective like how freaking lucky I am yeah sing? It isn't it funny? It's it's kind of says something about people that is very in very poor taste to make four people in less. They are so poor, they don't have a home and then they're open targets yeah. You know what I'm saying like as far as the way people mock people like people will mock homeless. People like it's common thing to talk about homeless people on stage, but If you talk really yeah yeah jokes about homeless people are very common 'cause most people, a lot of times are crazy. You know it's not there.
Like one of the reasons why a lot of these people are homeless. They have mental illness yeah and there are undiagnosed or they don't have money for prescriptions or they lost their job and time. Sometimes they are diagnosed but like if you're, a paranoid schizophrenic like my friends, a social worker, and she has this one client he's this really young attractive guy in his 20s right and he recently got diagnosed as a paranoid, schizophrenic and he is in such denial about his condition that he will not get any help and now he's homeless he's living in a car. It's uh devastating story, and it's like he has the Reese's family has the resources to help him. He doesn't want the help. So what do you do situations like that he's out on the streets, there's not much, you can that's the reality of mental illness, and that's it's it's a weird thing where, like you can't make, no one would make fun of really poor people, like other pool but you know you can bill like because idiots idiot sleeps under a tree you sleeping bag in the fucking park. You dipshit
you, don't even have a house really like it could be a point of mockery like people would walk by them and even tell him to fuck off. Whereas, like you, would never do that in a poor neighborhood. It's kind of strange, it's like if you reach poverty point where you don't even have a roof over your head, you're, fair game, this weird right We have our own way of demonising poor neighborhoods, though we demonize them by allowing police brutality in those areas in justifying it by saying well a poor area with a lot of crime. So, of course the cop can shoot an unarmed person and not pay any consequences for you. What is your take? And I was really interested to talk to you about this on? First of all, on the Mount of Police how to cases that are happening. Is it just because people reporting them now is because people
recording them now or it might just might just really like only paying attention to what gets broadcast in the same things are always happening. Yeah. I think that this is probably something that's been going on for quite some time, but now, since we have access to surveillance, since people are using their smartphones, since communities are starting to like really be an edge in regard to the excessive force, now we're seeing a lot more coverage about it and I think that there's there's now a tipping point, and I don't know if it's going to lead to a new civil rights movement or what the outcome will be, but regardless of what you think Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin, or any of these other high profile cases, I think it's hard to see that anyone would watch a video of Eric Garner in New York City, pleading with the cops who have put him in.
Lock to let him go because he can't brief right and then the cop who killed them doesn't have to do you any cards or deal with any consequences for killing him after putting him in a in a unlawful, headlock, it's against the law as a cop in New York to put someone in a headlock that, but it didn't matter he did it. Dies, and I don't know, every time? I watch that video, my God, just let him go. Let him go. You know the outcome. You keep telling yourself. Let him go. Let him go come on. You can brief he's telling you he can't breathe, but they don't fucking. Let him go and he's dead. How is that? Ok? How is that kind of excessive force? Ok and if That's not enough to convince you, keep in mind that the cops harassed because he was selling untaxed cigarettes loose cigarettes. Are you kidding me in New York, we're talking about All street were robbing the american people destroying the economy, never paying any consequences for it, and are you gonna go after this man because he's selling loose cigarettes, it's ridiculous, yeah that that case was really disturbing to
because the guy didn't have any cigarettes on him. He did have anything on my feet: you don't you know reasons you broke up. A fight cops were called because he broke up a fight like that story in rages me. It really does because, even with all of that evidence of the police wrongdoing grand The verdict says not we're not going to indict the cop, and then you have people that defense end of that grand jury verdict. How do you watch that video and defended? Did you actually watch the video? Did you look into the story? Or did you just decide? Oh yeah, it's a poor black guy. You know black guys are always trouble so fuckit he died. Who cares? Well, people have this real problem when it comes to issues like this, where they either all the way to the right or they go all the way to the left and You know the reality of that situation is that there was no evidence, this guy didn't anything, wrong, he was staying there had he been arrested before yeah, but so what? What are you saying that? Because the guys been arrested before you're allowed to just fuck with him forever? and to be selling loose cigarettes. That's it that's what you're worried about, but you're, not talking
a guy, who's selling slaves or a guy stealing cars you're talking about a guy who's. Just waiting a cigarette tax? I mean it's those bizarre amazing so are the amount of money you're talking about so God Dam miniscule, not important in the city of fuqing trill, The dollars are flowing in and out of it daily, and you get this kind of headlock ranalli cigarettes for zero dollars and fifty cents apiece or something like something. So I mean it when they started grabbing him like they didn't need to grab him. He wasn't doing anything. It doesn't go anywhere. It wasn't running away nope, they just grabbed him and when he was saying like this ends today, like you always fucking with me, this ends today, you know like he just looking at things like this is so pointless like shouldn't cop should be worried about the most important ship first. Did you solve all the murders? Did you find all the stolen cars? Do you do you solve other burglaries? Ok, let's stop talking with the cigarette dude and, let's just think about that shit like there's only how many people that are cops yeah. What's the number, this is going to be more crimes in cops. It's only thing makes so why the fuck would you concentrate on?
so there's like how many of you guys, four or five I know they came because of a fight you know, but what do you they just wanted an extra collar because they got there and decided to rest this guy. I don't know that was one of the more disturbing stories that we covered, because the case like Trayvon Martin, you know you don't have surveillance a case like Michael Brown, you don't have video, so it's understand, even though I don't agree with them. I can understand the doubters right, but with a case like Eric Garner, the proof is in the pudding. It's right in front of you. You have the video footage and still there were no consequences for the cops, and so you know when you have Police departments and police unions criticizing NFL players for protesting some of grand jury verdicts or protesting some of the actions of these police officers. I mean gotta wonder like what planet they ran like you got he's got away with murder. Okay, let it go. If people want to protest it, let it
Oh, the worst thing you can do is win and then go out of your way and tell people that you're offended, because they're upset that you want yeah. What do you? What do you know? the law in terms of what kind of like the way you're allowed to grab someone's neck like no, I don't know specifically, but I know that that headlock was unlawful, which is why I don't understand why there the grand jury verdict, because here's a reality. What he's doing definitely is a choke hold, it was hands are together and his hands are together in some of the pictures, and some of the pictures he's doing this was hands are together to Negli, it's still a chokehold, if you're using one hand, but there's not nearly the same amount of leverage as when using two hands. Used to like this is the real like what they call a rear, naked choke. That's a put you to sleep really quickly, but you can still put it go to sleep like this. You can put a sleep with a lot of different ways of grab your hands once you're grabbing your hands, so grabbing his hands. It's chokehold, but
if it's a chokehold, he might not necessarily be choking him. He might be just holding up and the only one. Who knows that really is that guy, the guy who did it 'cause either he or people who are watching 'cause, you either see him really squeezing down the neck or he's holding on he's got the head in here, these trapping it but he's not putting any pressure on the neck. Both of them are possible, but the breathing thing likely had to do with this guy being diabetic and have a lot of health issues. You know the choking thing, you know you can you can hi to guys air off. You know when Folkingham and it is possible because he had his arm around his neck. That was happening, but it all comes also could have been possible to go. I was just freaking the fuck out, and these guys are on top of me. In a heart attack yeah way. It was caused by these guys fucking with yeah, so even if their their intention was not to choke this guy out, even if they grabbed him by the neck. What you did kill the guy like for no fucking,
here's, what you should do when someone tells you I can't breathe. Let off him get you can't do that with psychos can't let psychos play you saved you if you, if you're a cop in New York City and you got some guy who's. Like a you know, some football player, that's running a muck and you, you handcuffed they finally dragged into the browser can't breathe? Maybe you let him up. He headbutts you and run casino. You know I mean yeah that can happen but yeah. I don't really listen to everybody. This is, I can't breathe right, but but look at. I have no doubt in my mind that the cops in that incident do the Eric Garner is not a psycho okay. I that's why they're willing to engage with them physically, if there was a big giant, do they know? Is a teddy bear I don't understand what it is. I don't know. Did you notice in the beginning of the video, the cop who put him in a chokehold like waited for back up before he attacked Eric Gardner, so was like you, had it in the back of his mind, like yeah, I'm going to I'm going to do what I'm going to do, I'm just going to make wait? Make sure that I have backup for just such a sick video
for all the listeners who haven't seen it, please, please take a look at it because It just doesn't make any sense, because I think that there's a lot of people that join the police force that have great intentions, definitely, and I think that when you get into situations where people have which is really pretty basically ultimate power over other people, it becomes fuckin' tricky. As hell 'cause people like to abuse power, they do they get into that have a position and they just take advantage of it and they do things that they can justify, but aren't morally right. Yeah and this is one of them. It's like this is not serving or protecting. What or are you guys. The bodyguard of the tax collectors is that what the fuck you're doing yeah we professional leg, breakers who are paid for by the citizens. United states know you guys are cops. You know in the best sense of the word you're, loyal and fantastic great asset to the community in a very important aspect of the community when it comes to keeping peace and and pray you know, and and promoting like a a sense of of protection yeah, you know I I
to say, though it don't. You find it a little ironic that the Nypd the same police force that killed Eric Garner for selling untaxed cigarettes was all so the same Nypd that went after occupy protesters that were protesting against what Wall Street did to our economy. People were there, though, how many, how many like how many people were involved in the occupied ST thing today, just I don't know I'm so there and just have them sort of resting kids on what I. What I found really interesting is JP. Morgan Chase had donated. Yes, huge amount of money telling and right millions of dollars to the N Y p d, as the occupy protest started to get really fired up, Enzo looked money talks right Wall Street, anchors and the people that did what they did to our economy in two thousand and eight. Have in power, and so, if you have four point six, as if you have blatant you
kind of money. Then you by the police force they're going to look out for you. Okay, so when do cops, really care about taxes, yeah they care about taxes when the powerless aren't paying their taxes. How rude is that, though, four point six Billy, and that is so God dam blatant. I mean it is. I remember I remember when it happened. I was like really you guys are so transparent mean. I gotta respect the fact that you guys were that transparent about it right yeah. I respect that. Does gangsters fuckery just laid out a four point: six million dollar check. They said I would like to blow my Benz into the garage and peace he got. A big fat cigar was talking to you and I think we can work something out. Any new, how much or some it's the world we live in man. Four, six million dollars is like that, saying you know. Look we have so much moaning yeah that these hippies I'm willing to pay four point: six million just clean. This is pitch.
They did. Is it done this? If you go by there? Is there anybody? Because the square do you know the square was where it was a cloudy park to cut a pardon Is there anybody there anymore? I don't know if they're occupy protesters there, now, but I mean I think it's safe to say at this point that the Occupy Movement has died down considerably. So which sucks? Because I mean I was very supportive of it. I was behind it. I really wanted to keep it alive at the same time that the thanks for doing what they could to shut it down, you also had the mainstream media, which is bought by corporations also doing it. As to discredit it. Belittle it and so you have like people watching the news thinking CNN and Fox NEWS like this. Is you know this is Bible new source thinking that these occupy protesters are all these crazy, druggy,
use that are living on the streets and they're, causing riots and their looting. And this- and I mean kind of similar to what happened with Ferguson protesters. All of them were painted is looters in the mainstream press. When the reality is, you have a few crazy people that might coopt something right that might cause some trouble, but that's not indicative of all the protesters. You know It's not something that you're going to see with all of them. It's just like a tiny fringe that might be causing some trouble, but it's interesting that the mainstream press will focus on those as opposed to the people who actually have an important message that they're trying to get out. I think they just focus on one. I think people are going to watch going to watch this video they blocked off the highway, which is by the way you guys who are protesting. The police,
I get what you're doing it's very noble, there's a lot of like a lot of people with a lot of really good ideas and a lot of really positive energy and they they. They really want to make some changes, but I just think there's a lot of real problems and blocking off the highway, and one of them is medical care, people that are sick or people that are injured for loved ones to lose loved ones, because the highways were blocked off the ambulance couldn't get through would be so horrific and tragic, compounding and already horrific and tragic. Six your situation and I don't think it's necessary. I think there's gotta be a way where you can allow traffic were regular folks, who probably most of them, agree that police violence is at hand. The you shouldn't be just blocking off highways, because you can run into situations where you cost people their lives and you cost loved ones. Do you? Love ones are in the horrific grief because this person didn't get to the doctor in time
bled out, because the fucking highway was completely shut down, because some white kids wanted to show how down they were. They were in a get arrested and put zip ties on the bench I'm going to fucking snapchat this I'm going to Instagram these pictures from the back of this Patty wagon, I'm so down, I'm so down we're going to block off the highway foot capital you know, there's a lot of like strong wills and good intentions and people that really want the world to be better than it is today. That's the motivation behind it all yeah, but is very problematic when you do things like stop. Fellow citizens, from getting places and using traffic systems and using It just gets weird man, you don't know what you're fucking up and if you did, you would fucking hate yourself. You can't and you can't blame it on anybody else. You can't blame it on the cops. You can't blame it on Ferguson. You can't blame it on the.
Resident. If you are blocking the highway and someone dies. Because of that, you have to blame yourself, you don't need it in your life, there's other ways to protest yeah. No, I I agree with you about blocking good ways, but there also is a very delicate balance, because the reality is protests and political activism is not meant to be convenient and when it is convenient, then you don't get hurt. So sometimes you do have to stir the pot. Sometimes there needs to be civil disobedience. Alright movie, do you think there's a way to do it without blocking the highway or is finitely? I'm sure. I'm sure there is, I think, the what about City Hall Sort in review, but what about their city hall? One of the just swarm that I'm sure I'm sure the more objective I'm sure that they did, but I don't I don't know if that's enough really look nothing bothers people in authority. More than having protesters are causing a ruckus and by ruckus, I don't mean breaking into innocent businesses and looting and doing crazy shit like that. But there needs to be
civil disobedience right at a protest like the way that protest supposed to go down legally as ridiculous, like you, gotta get the right permits for it and you gotta be in the protest zone and you but, like greater so like yeah, let's, let's put all the protesters in a corner and ignore them as they're holding their signs. No protests are supposed to be inconvenient they're supposed to get people's attention. It's supposed to fire people up. What about this idea what about going to City Hall and having some People show up that you blocked the entrances to all the buildings. I mean I don't let anybody in you just say: look at you guys are broken. This thing's broken we're not letting you in get the fuck here, everybody and so, if you want to get arrested for blocking the highway, how 'bout you block the real issue, the real problem,
real, the real source of government, and if you did that, I might be like terrorist act of suggesting the search bar say. Is they don't do this? I mean everything's, considered whatever I'm saying, don't listen. I know I'm the fear factor host, I'm not to be taken seriously. Don't do that! Don't block city all but but that don't bark to highway. What I mean there's got to be a way. You know sure there is, and I'm not you know, I I'm not good at organizing these types of events, but but I think you do make a really good point about blocking roadways and things like that. There was I wanted to ask you, though, I'm really curious if you've ever had to deal with any type of police brutality as a dude. No, no! Fortunately, no I've seen it. I've seen cost
other people, really yeah yeah. I've seen. But you know a lot of times is drunk the cops or you know having to protect themselves are seen that too. You haven't I've known a lot of police officers over the course of my life, because my dad was a cop and then growing up doing martial arts. I knew a lot of dues or cops like from the time- hours, one thousand four hundred and fifteen years old. I was around cops all the time, so I'm just I'm, you know I'm they for the most part. I don't look dangerous look like a suspect an now to this day. Now it's easy because most of 'em UFC fans like cops wanna, learn how to defend themselves, so usually just talk to them and everything is cool. I'm respectful, but when I was a kid I wasn't the one that you're worried about, not a big black guy. You know I'm a little white guy, so it's like was polite. No sir, give him my license registration. I never had a problem, but people you know in the
worst situation can react in the worst way, and that includes cops man who you don't know what the fuck that cop had to do before he got to you that day he could have been in some sort of crazy wish you were someone trying to run him over with a car, any pull some math had offered old old, lady or just to She could have gone to a domestic violence situation. We saw somebody get shot by a time of Copd who the fuck knows what he saw right before you or just in the years before you yeah. So they could be really the high strung yeah. You know, and I I I think, that some people don't recognize that. I also think that the idea of being a cop is formal plea, ridiculous and almost no one's qualified to do it for a long. Time, because I think the amount of stress that they see yeah or they experience an amount of violence they see is almost you know it's it's it's in a lot of ways. It's it's crazy, and being a soldier 'cause. Some of these guys are putting in twenty five years and if they're imagine it, I really
Some of them are seeing all kinds of crazy for year after year after year, it's like that becomes the reality that changes like who they are I've. Never I mean I've, never seen a dead body in my life, but Copsey that kind of stuff on a regular basis. So I I want to discredit cops out there that are doing good work and I know they exist, but I think it's also important for them to speak out against the police brutality that they see. I think, a lot of the reason people are kind of opposed to police in general is because the good cops are usually very reluctant to speak out against the bad cops and they protect one another, and so I think it's important for the good cops to speak out against them, because the bad cops are the ones that are really. You know muddying the waters, an tainting the entire police force. Right- and I think, there's a really accurate representation of what a bad cop really is. When you just look at it most posters on the internet, I think that and you get a number of people. I don't know how many cops there are that are professional police officers today in the United States of America,
just whatever. That number is. If two percent of 'em are fucking douche, which is really likely when you take a hundred regular people, just a hundred the odds of you having two is pretty good, it's probably seven thousand and eighty percent the odds of you having one Duche bag out of one hundred people, one hundred percent. So it's at least one percent douchebag in every hundred. Unless you're in, like bold or something worse, should people are super? sweet, and last year in some weird place, you're going. Like one out of one hundred people that are douche bags, that's going to be the case with police officers as well. So if you look at internet comments like especially like how many people tell you to sit on their face like that. Look at all the assholes that are out there, but then compare it to the amount of people that are out there, they are dealing with some insanely incomprehensible number of people that are online right now, it's hundreds of millions just in this country just throw information back and forth in this shity stuff gets through the net and it hits you and you like people who could suck Nomo People are awesome, the vast
majority of people are great vast majority, but it's just like one. Or two percent that sneak through that fuck the whole getting sideways yeah. Definitely, there's no question about that happens tops too. I think cops are representative of the general public as a whole. And if you, if you only the shitty web comments and ignored all the people that are like post, book post on each others, walls. You look so awesome, I'm so psyched for you, you guys this shade. I love you to death all that positive ship that people do back and forth with each other that that's like that counts too
we don't focus on. There was focusing on these assholes open letter to you know they should hurts right. The angry things and you full can go further season. Huh. You know this assholes yeah polls, yeah you're right, is going to have household you're right. I mean when I think about, like my instagram page, for instance, so good right, like I get it, I get a lot of love on Instagram like I very rarely will get like a terrible comment on there. An I love people follow me on Instagram. There's super sweet soup nice really respectful every once in awhile, I have to block someone, but it's not it's very rare so yeah. I think I should focus on that, as opposed to like the crazy ask people that write terrible things on Youtube which is the sheer numbers yeah. It's like true you we, we we get caught up in a few variables, a few people that gets that sneak through the net and I think, with cops for you. We
we've already established it's an insanely, difficult job. It's really hard for people to process all the stress. It's not something the average person experiences and it's also, therefore, not something the average person can commiserate with or understand, or even conceptualize if you're not seeing people shot all the time, you've, never seen a body and you're talking to a guy who works in the fucking gang unit like Jesus Christ, you know you're dealing with two completely different realities, yeah and I think there's that and then there's also the two percent thing like you get a hundred people, You know it's more than one hundred cops, one of his account. Alright he's just he's an asshole It doesn't mean that all cops are like that right and the other problem is when you're around can't see. You got this fucking code of silence, and you know, even if one can't out of a hundred. If you get away with some shared you wanna get away with some shittu they're all brotherhood in the fucking bad and that's where bad cops come from,
Lot of them, have good intentions, we get involved and then they slowly but surely get corrupted yeah. I think it's a culture problem within police enforcement and it needs to be addressed and one way that you can address. It is ensuring that prosecutors and district attorneys and other people that are in the justice system or in bed with cops. So when they do do something wrong, you know there are proper consequences. You know in response to what they've done, but it's interesting, because I never thought for a million years that I would ever experience like a bad cop. You know 'cause, I'm not the demographic. Easily deals with cricket cops right, I'm you know a white girl, you know who driving a nice car- and I am very agree very nice with cops whenever they pull me over. I think you're a white girl, but if you were trying to date some dude, who is a white dude in Wiscconsin an you can choose Armenia. Interesting, that's true! That's true!
I'm not yeah, I'm not really a in some weird category but it was funny like a few weeks ago, really I mean it's not a bad thing. I love Armenians, Armenians are firing people, I love armenian fighters or some of the most exciting fighters to watch yeah super aggressive. I believe I've seen crazy and Manny Gamburyan, some of the most fun guys to watch anime yeah they really are Gegard Mousasi is another. I mean a lot of top fighters of Armenian, Oh yeah yeah. It's a good percentage. Animals yeah- this is quite a few of them quite a few of 'em, because they're known for kickboxers to a lot of good armenian kickboxer cool I that I'm going to an armenian sweet, sixteen right after this, so I'm looking forward to we're going to need it. Don't do any sparring I want I want use, throw I won't mess with them. Yeah, like I got pulled over by a cop a few weeks ago, because I did something wrong. I made an illegal. U turn and I knew it like. I remember right.
I did it. I had two of my colleagues in the in the car with me right before no three of them rebel I did it. I looked around and I was like: is there a cop? Is there a cop note, I'm going to do it, so I, aren't doing the you turn and a cop turns the corner, and I was like damn it. Ok, whatever I'm going to get a ticket. It's fine. I deserve it right and I'm not combative or anything pulls me over before he says: do you know why I pulled you over right, which is what they usually say when they play believe me, I've gotten a lot of tickets. First thing he says to me is: why are you laughing and I wasn't- I Wasn'T- laugh I'm about to get a ticket right and I don't want to get a ticket. I just tinted my windows illegally, I'm probably going to get for that everything's going to be fine.
And so I'm I'm not laughing right. And so I look at him. I'm, like I'm sorry officer, I'm I'm not laughing if it seems as though I have like any type of a muse look on my face. It might be because I just did something really stupid and I can't believe I did. Some stupid, and I really apologize is it. I can give you four tickets. Now I'm going to give you four tickets, and I was like ok he's like yeah he's like yeah he's do you deserve for tickets and I was like, if I'm, if I did fourth, wrong. Then I guess I deserve for tickets. I was just being so agreeable with him right. Like I'm sorry officer, I apologize to like fifty thousand times, and then you know he just like stood there and yelled at me and then finally, oh and then You know I just got in the car, so I hadn't gotten my license plates yet and he like where your license plates, and I was like it's a new car I haven't gotten before. I could even finish the sentence like I don't care like he was really mean, and I was like. Oh, do this guys, like Roy up,
what is issue is he's pissed right, but I'm just going to keep agreeing with him and let it go. The story gets better, that's just the beginning. So then he goes back to his car and gets his little citation booklet thing, and I don't know what he looks up. Maybe he looks up my identity or whatever and then all of a sudden I hear him say something and I couldn't hear him because it's kind of a busy road- and so I look at my coworkers and I'm like did he say something to me that, like we don't know, we didn't hear him right and they were like spooked out 'cause. This guy was being so dick and then he said something again and I still couldn't hear him. So I like poked my head out the window, and I was like I'm sorry officer- I couldn't hear you. Can you please repeat that? and then he was like. I need you to step out of the vehicle. I don't know what it was about him saying that, but I immediately freaked out. Okay and so like I start tearing up and I'm trying to hold it back and I'm like, why do you want me to get out of the car? Is he can to search it? There was not
in the car, but I'm like I'm not allowed to sure search your car, not to ask you, I know, or have some sort of a warm and also he needs problem, calls to have known to have me step out of the car. There was no reason for him to have me step out of the car. That alone was not a lawful requests, but then I stepped out of the car. I went by him and then I realized very quickly that this cop is a fucking pervert. Ok and so, as I'm crying he's getting a rise out of this, and he starts asking me like a bunch of questions like why we're using your phone when you are driving- and I was like my phone- was in my purse and my purse was in the backseat- I wasn't using the phone he's like. How often do you use the phone when you're driving, I was never and- and I was like I would never do that. I I know that I may do you turn. I deserve the you turn ticket. Please give it to me and I'm I'm gonna go to like. Where were you going? It was like I was, trying to go back to work and he's like he was like. The last time you deserved a ticket an, and I was like what the fuck. Where is this guy going with this right and then
then he was like. Where do you work, and I was very close to work so I pointed down the street where our offices are and then he was like he was like. What do you do for work? Oh no, yeah he's like what do you do for work and I was like. Oh I'm a report. Right. I don't want to get into the details, like I'm, actually an internet commentator with what I just said reporter and then he was like he's like. Oh there's, a news your company down the street? He like an older cop. I don't know- and I was like no, I work for a show called the young Turks. It's an online new show. It's the largest online new show. World has the largest, the largest the fucking stats, I gotta keep it real he's. Gotta know what he's you know like. You know the stats, and then he asks me. What are you going to report on this little incident today? Oh god, and then I was like nothing. I don't report on my personal life and then he slowly closes his height citation book and he's an then he says. Are you upset or no he's like? Are you disappointed? He uses the word disip
Are you disappointed that I'm letting you off with a warning, and I don't know what to say like do I tell him? Yes, because I deserve a ticket. Please give me a ticket officer, or do I tell him? No, I'm not The point I'm actually fucking stoked, because I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for this ticket. So at first I didn't say anything at all, I'm, standing there looking pathetic and I'm crying I'm literally crying at this point right and then he was did you hear me is like. Are you disappointed that I'm letting you off with a warning- and I was like no, I'm I'm not disappoint and then he's like. I hope you have a better day and then that was it. It was the creepiest interaction of, with a cop? Do you think you crazy? No I used to, but I don't think I crazy anymore, but, and I wasn't crying- He told me to step out of the car. That's a weird request: yeah, that's a that's! A power move for short yeah, not a threat. You didn't do anything things! Chris you're, not! I was the most of that criminal activity. I told him I deserve the ticket I do,
in my license, my registration. I did nothing wrong. There was no reason for him to have me step out of the car none. Well, that's the power trip part that everybody hates about cops. You know, there's you will run into people like that, every now and again you know, and they have so much power, and in that moment you feel so, senseless right, so you for someone like me who like I hate admitting this about myself, but sometimes in cases like that, I will cave in to authority right. I like to question authority, but in a situation like that, I'm not questioning I'm doing exactly what he wants me to do. I'm doing I feel powerless right so now that I think In retrospect. I get angry because I wish I would have handled it differently. I wish I would have gotten his badge number. I wish I would have gotten his name. I wish I I've been able to do a report on it on our show, an actually be like hey. This is a cop from Culver City, and this is what he did right, but I didn't think about it in the Moma.
Because I was so scared and I felt so powerless. I don't know it was. Crazy. That's ok! So here's why that's disturbing it's just because your this very powerful intelligent, like outspoken person, you speak regularly online too. You know untold millions of people worldwide these videos and yet in this one interaction, we were so taken aback by this I'm so scared that you were crying and in you you didn't get this guy's badge number you do and get this card number you who has the. Worse you who has the vehicle, Or delivering this information all over the world in exposing this real thing that you went through, you did so now imagine a girl who's, insecure, a girl who was terrified of public speaking, a girl who maybe has had some sort of a weird background that she grew up and she's in that sort of the same situation. She runs into the same as whole. Yeah. No,
I can't even imagine it I can't yeah, I mean they would be like shaking and weeping and freaking the fuck out, and this guy gets off on that I mean that's real what you're dealing with and it shows how effective it is that it works on you, 'cause No, I'm not so sure yeah, you can say say to me and it seems like a fender, but it was the wrong things. You're welcome, yeah, you can say yeah, but it's like too confusing the certainly variables, you're, not a coward, yeah, all you confront things and so free for you to be freaked out, It should really sort of highlights what a confrontational situation that is and how it can really be. And there were a lot of factors that played a role. Not only was there the power imbalance there, but there was also the fact that he was just this huge cop. That was towering over as I was standing there in front of him- and I felt so small- and I felt like he was so angry for no
we can reason that I was so scared that if I said the wrong thing that he might do something to me, you know what I even even though my co work three co in the car. After it all happened. They were like That's something cops will like literally like a really bad cop, literally put himself in a situation where you put your hand up to stop him. Yet, if you touch him, that's assault and they grab you and throw you to the ground. I mean I've. Seen that happen. That's why I was so scared. I didn't know what he was going to do, but he definitely got off on me standing in front of him weeping like that. He definitely got off on the fact that I recognize that there was an imbalance of power there and I don't know like again. I think about it in retrospect, and it makes me so angry and in the moment I was so powerless gonna be a vigilante. Just go running red lights, the finest mother I mean I would love the Son of A. I wish. I could identify him and I don't know, get some sort of justice, but imagine think about that think about,
The relatively mid oscules amount of discomfort. I felt in that situation compared to what other people deal with. Oh yeah, I mean think about it. Powerless and how angry those people are. And so, when you have angry protesters right that are received, the Ferguson or Eric Garner and all those other things, and then they of the media. Tell them you guys violent you need to calm down. Can you understand why they'd be so angry for sure yeah? totally makes sense that they would want to do something as disruptive as stopping the highway traffic, and it certainly does move the conversation because people have to and it may be so impactful that cops might actually think twice before they squeeze a trigger because they don't want more craziness and more eruptions of violence and or rather a protest. Not violence in fact cops doing the did you see that that one undercover cop that got busted and he had a gun, he was pointing at the guy taking a picture because
They were causing violence. They were doing. You know, like they've, done this tax for the longest time one of the ways that they can stop protest is they use? What's called agent, provocateur yep agent provocateurs or someone who looks like a regular protester, but What they are is police observes or military or people they hire and they go in, and they'll wear bandanas cover their face and shitton start smashing things they'll smash Sales and they'll turn things into looting, riot type situations so that the cops have reason to move in with force and start arresting people and that's how they stop a peaceful protest, It's so creepy that this is a tactic. That is, we asked for a long time and it was always like when those can the theory, tinfoil hat stupid things, and then we,
oh no, these mutherfuckers really do. This really happens. Yeah. I remember the first time I had heard about agent Provoca tour, as I was like, come on guys how conspiratorial Ann Looney is that so Luna and then I realized it was happening with occupy. I realized it was happening with recent protests and it's just I. I love how they try to discredit peaceful protest by doing that by coming in and looting and starting violence and making it seem as though all of protesters are violent because again the mainstream media is going to latch onto that and you're right. I think that that's definitely better to drum up ratings. I mean, if you're, going to do a news report on a peaceful protest, Is that going to do well with ratings? Probably not if you're going to do coverage of looting and violence is taking place in relation. The protest people are going to be they're, going to get fired up there going to get angry and they're going to start referring to these protesters as animals, and all that I mean I've seen so much of that
how you see a resistance to people doing stories on the actual undercover cops who got busted one hundred percent. I don't see anything on that. I didn't see anything on that on CNN. I didn't see anything on that or any of the coverage of the Ellee Riots was like. Do you guys not understand? What's going on here CNN, we still reporting on the missing plane, you can see. I don't know where CNN is right. Now these riots in Oakland, rather not la, they were so fucking crazy, and these kids took over highways. There's a lot of 'em in a lot of 'em gotta. I said, and this to see that photo of that guy, pointing a gun at the cameraman who's. Who's. Pretending to be a protester was like what the fuck is going on. Yeah, this is crazy, you guys are pretending to be protesters you're smashing. When so you get paid tax dollars to smash windows. Your tax dollars they get paid tax dollars to undermine a political process. A democratic process turn it violence, so they can come in and arrest people. It's amazing. Just so bizarre, oh so bizarre!
One other thing, those bizarre. I saw a lot of people that were quote on quote progressives are quote on quote, you know, really left wing strong, left wing people and they were in it least in if not in agreement, they were. They were at least standing of the people who looted and smashed windows now and one on one time went to his his twitter page, and he had this crazy statement like if people respect you they'll respect your schitt. Obviously, people didn't respect this place. It was like an hr block with a brick through its window is like what are you doing right now? This is crazy. Starbucks, is there smashing Starbucks for corporations? Now I can't stand It's not really does undermine tracked people from what the real message is. The looters are not doing any great service. Questions. How many those loser are cops,
we don't know, I mean people who are like strong super progressive people are getting caught up in the momentum that was actually kicked off by vigilante cops or even provide agent. Provoca tour cops, I would. However, I mean that's, you know going back to the whole journalism angle of it I mean that's what the great thing about investigative journalism would be if we had strong and to get of journalists in this country. They would take that beat and they would go to these protests and investigate and try to figure out how many agent provocateurs there are out there right. But we don't have that anymore and that's what scares It's scary, when you can only refer to a few people in the country is good journalist like Matt Taibbi, Michael Hastings. At one point, unfortunately, is not here anymore. You know Jeremy Skahill's of the world. I don't know yeah, I don't know either we live in a very unique and interesting time of expanding possibilities. So it's cool, it's cool to be a part of it and watch it all going down. But it's interesting trying to see it sort itself out, as everything is going on,
but it's it's hopeful to Maine, I'm very hopeful. You know, even though there's a lot of fuckedup sheet in the world. I think that when I see these like Oakland protests even though I don't agree with shutting down highways. I I love the fact that there's this many people that are pissed off at the way things are going, even if misguided guy in some way or overzealous in some way that their. What their intentions are. The correct type of intentions right recognize that we have a a kind of a wacky system. Yeah I know, and- and I I think not enough attention is put on the idea. Of cops and the idea of being a copying. This insanely fucking difficult thing to manage. Yeah it's one of the oh, I see so much violence. He see that cop that was busted in Denver who had the guy on the ground. He was punching in the face and the wife came over. She was Preg. The trip, the wife and she fell down and no, I didn't hello, and then they took the guys Cameron erase the picture of race. The video Nobody had already uploaded to the cloud so this,
I got on the news with this video this cop as far out throwing haymakers the this face. You know it's just come on man, I have there's no need to do that. You don't have to do that you're doing some. If you want to arrest someone for a crime yeah, I have to punch in the face any fighting back. It is crazy. Yeah I This is the only up side of it is the political activism that's coming out of it, but it's funny because you're mentioning how you're hopeful, but I feel like society keeps devolving like it gets. Worse and worse and now we have this whole situation, like you know not to do a start, transition, but now we have like this ridiculous situation with Sony and like the hackers and and how we have Jong Moon dictating what kind of creative freedom we have here in this country. I mean that kind stuff, is coming out now and you're. Just like really is there really hope in this country right now yeah? If goes down. What hope could there possibly be I'm not even about the interview it's nice to be over? It's a Seth, Rogan Movie and they're not going to put in the movie theater we should just
and most of the words we should just give up and civilization well, you're, forgetting about James Franco, James Franco's in that movie to movie as well. So this is a double disaster. This is a huge box office head off the bat it's going to be number one. First week comes out, it's all strategically planned, but isn't that? Isn't that the best part of the story that a freaking comedy movie feature? Seth, Rogen and James Franco. Is what because, like this ridiculous hack and it's what? Because, like the cream government to be up in arms. Like I get it, the story line can be a little offensive to your dictator right if it has to do with this house later him their dear leader right, but, like the I, like this entire story. In this, entire situation is full of posies. Oh my god, this and crazy armenian Broad came in here, but it's true, it's true. You have policies on one side with Sony backing down from from the movie you have. Supposedly,
n korean policies that are so offended by a movie that, like oh, my god, how dare you offend our dear leader, we're going to go after you? I mean all around just a bunch of people that are scared and I get it. Okay, the email hack was devastating for Sony. Allow out of private information. Embarrassing information was leaked to the press right, but at the same time, like you, you can't let a dictator of a country like N Korea make decisions about what your company should distribute as movie like it's ridiculous, even Obama said it, which was amazing. I go Bama commenting on a movie being distributed, but it's it's becoming. International affair yeah, it really has its create an id know how this is going to end up. But one but I will say, is I'm not going to believe the feds that this is one hundred percent N Korea is doing like for some reason. I find it inconceivable that it's a bunch of hackers from North Korea doing this might be
fourteen year old. Kid in Australian is under way right now, his off, but it's fun. I was thinking about that yesterday, like it's, it's speculation and I have no evidence to prove it right, but, like a lot of these hackers are like teenagers and and they're, really smart, the really savvy and sometimes are not even smart and savvy. Sometimes people really stupid with their passwords and all they have to. Do. Is guess and the hackers will get into their email and that's it right? Well, the reality is. If someone can break into your system, if you haven't found that someone isolated them and arrested them, then you don't know who the fuck they are. Ok, Just don't know if you're, if you're, just taking any old threat from someone like that and saying it's Kim Jong Moon, you're, not giving us any reason to believe you right. We got well. I don't know, I don't know if you're right, you might be right, it could be him. I mean he's, got one thousand eight hundred cyber warriors there there there
rock and roll for any given time there all in line the goose stepping over their desks. They stay at least are people up all over the world for the dear leader, and it's also kind of amazing that, like in this day- and age where we've given up so much of our individual liberty our freedoms in the name of national security? All we need is anonymous threat that there would another nine and eleven type attack, and then we back out of like showing a movie, I mean- about it think about how we're all spied on indiscriminately on a daily basis. Ok think about the fact that, after nine eleven we gave away so many of our rights, because we were so afraid of these big bad terrorists and the government supposed to be keeping us safe right. The CIA is supposed to be on top of everything. Our intelligence is supposed to be top of the line and all it takes is one anonymous threat and people are like tucking tail and hiding behind the bed and there's an app default. I mean, or I shouldn't say the fault- isn't- that the vision, though of the company itself, because Obama him
office said yeah that he thinks that it was a mistake, so really doesn't matter whether not the CIA protects anybody or whether not the FBI, it was their choice it never moved past that so I don't think it's in there, situation. I think it's fair to blame the CIA or any of those people it's just like they decided to pull it Omar told them. That was a mistake. No, no! I I agree with you on that, but at the same time like are we supposed to have certain agencies within our government that no, every anything because they're spying on everyone, but the resulting argument for right. This is actually an argument against it because they spy on so many God dam people that are completely innocent, that there systems are just like full information and data, that's absolutely useless! Okay! So that's that's one of the biggest issues that I have with this. I viewed, Laura Poitras on a show called take part live and he was getting into detail.
About that about how the way that we collect intelligence right now is actually the most ineffective way, because we're collecting so much data on people. Totally innocent. So how do you sift through so all of this data and determine whether or not someone's an actual threat yeah. How do you do they have they building it like building storage facilities, hoping they'll have better search mechanisms in the future. Is that the idea I have no idea, but what they're doing right now is it worse? I mean when you have something like the Boston bombing and you have like terrorist attack. We look, we we don't have terrorist attack. Here all the time. You know what I mean like a despite the fear mongering that you see in the mainstream media. It's just fear mongering. But every once in awhile, when you do have some sort of event like the Boston bombing, it's like well I don't know NSA you've been collecting all this information on everyone, and you have these people that are posting things online talking about how they want to kill Americans, and adding to do certain things. How come you didn't catch these guys want like? Why is it that
guys- are focusing so heavily on the type of porn people are watching, but you're not focusing heavily on. You know the real threats that are out there. That's where it's a real shame when you've got a bunch of agent provocateurs occupy Wall Street were nothing bad is happening yeah, and that's that's where it's a shame. It's like. I don't know who what agency there from whether not they could be involved with some sort of terrorist activity well Investigation unit. But if you, if you wasted resources, looking after hippies and a drum circle, and that could possibly save somebody's life yeah. We were going to be like really, understandably pissed off, which is one of the things about this agent provocateur thing and open the piss people off like come on yeah we're paying for that. We actually pay for the yeah, our taxes, every citizen, contributes to the payroll that's crazy,
you guys to undermine us when you guys break windows, to pretend you fucking bad protesters and try to start people looting so that you can get come in and sweep them into the Patty wagon and fulfill quotas. That's the weirdest thing like what the fuck would they do if we all collectively, as a country decided, we will not break any laws for thirty days, they'll, probably frame us they would have to start frame. Their budgets would fall apart. They were fucking department would fall apart when it came time to like budget mean and shared well, we've had no crime, since nineteen blah blah blah. Why do you think police enforcement for the most part is against? legalizing marijuana or legalizing drugs in general, it's because they will be out of jobs. I mean there will still be crime obviously, but you look at our incarceration rate and how we incarcerate more people than any other country in the world. It's because of drug laws and there
a lot of profit to be made off the prohibition of marijuana cops, make money off of it that keeps them in business. Correctional officers remain. Business private prisons remain in business. There's a lot of money behind prohibition, yeah stopping people from doing things that they want to do that doesn't hurt. You is ridiculous and it's some daddy shift. Your daddy ing people you're telling them what they can and can't do not include things that I'm totally opposed to like cigarettes. I think cigarettes are the dumbest way to die. It just drives me crazy. When I see good friends who have a problem with cigarettes and they can't kick it, I'm like I'm watching you poison yourself like this, is so stupid, but I'm one hundred percent in favor of you being able to do it. If you want to do it same here, folks, who is anybody to tell another person what they can't do so it's one thing to tell a person, don't commit a crime or don't commit assault or don't harm people, but that's the number one problem with the government telling you that anything is illegal, whether it's
mushrooms are prostitution or anything yes says who says who yeah I mean. Look, that's one of the reasons why I'm in favor of legalizing things and regulating them with common sense regulations so like with prof tuition legalize and regulate it, so these people can say safe when they're trading sex for money with bugs. Obviously, I'm not saying hey: this is a wild wild west. Let's legalize everything and not have any regulations that's usually what are like? That's the type of argument that pro probation people will say, oh, if you legalize it all of a sudden like ten year olds, are going to be smoking pot now they're not know they're, not. We have laws place to make sure that ten year olds are drinking alcohol. You do same thing with marijuana, there's also an issue with it's not an issue of public opinion. 'cause public opinion is very important,
there is an issue with needing fifty percent or more of the people to agree in order to give you freedom like well well, well, well, well, well, well, it's not that hard to trick half the people they have mortgages and and softball they have to get the kids dressed for their. You know the because it's not that hard, yeah the trick, people about stories of brain damage and memory, Lawson men growing tips that there's plenty of fake data that can bandy around in court and people could get confused. So fifty percent is not good. Fifty percent is not a healthy number, but it should be. Let's find out first what category we put these laws in there's a category. Does it hurt anybody else? No, ok! So, let's, let's This is a personal choice. Category. Yes, so It doesn't have to be one percent, but this is what it should be. How many
people are opposed to it, and what are your reasons for writing opposed to it and are they rational and are they based on the data we currently are? Where yeah, if they're, not they're, not valid yeah, and and need to say like do you believe that marijuana makes you grow tips? Do you believe get marijuana cause. I had like some lady she's telling with testicular cancer, like talking about read it online? I know you did must make in this making this well and also You read it online. It must be true that person, my point is, could vote on it if they went out and they go. Oh, that I want my children hooked on. We click and they hit that their their vote. What informed or not, is valid, and I think you should to prove that your point in some way is informed. Well, once that's one of the issues with ballot initiatives not only are people either uninformed but they're. So misinformed a lot of times, because there's a lot of money behind the advertisements that are either for or against ballot initiatives. Right- and the thing
amazes me about political ads is politicians can straight out, lie yeah political action, these can straight out lie in any political, add an. Why is it that It comes to an advertisement for a product like beer, for instance. Right if Samuel Adams was to advertise right now, like our beer, is going to give you superpowers and you're going to all of a sudden lose any pounds and what like, they can't do. That's false advertising. Why is that the politicians are able to falsely advertise whatever the hell they want. It's probably because there's a gay keepers and they're the ones who get to decide whether or not something is illegal, but I've seen so many political ads where I'm like. That's not true! That's not true! Why are they able to say this? That's amazing so with ballot initiatives. It there's money behind. You know, there's legalized library behind a lot of it, there's a lot of misinformation behind a lot of it and if you're, not someone who sits and analyzes political news all day. It's very easy for you to be misinformed and that's not your fault, it's because of the system and how it's set up against you, yeah
also known as an incentive to change it, to make it even yeah. You know why we do that. Let everybody make less money and what is going to happen is going to be less jobs and what else is going to happen? You're going to have some power at Fox that it's the same thing with climate change. I mean people immediately go to oh less jobs, that's all they really care about. That's worse. I've had conversations with that with people about that when they see the. All the oil work that doing up in Canada and devastation to the environment around it. You like looking at photos you like holy ship people like to relax. It's just a little bit so because so many jobs are dependent upon that they're very, very sensitive to people criticizing it. If you, no you're not from around there. I mean they, that's like a major source of income for a lot of folks up there I understand it because that's your livelihood and you don't want anyone messing with your livelihood, which is why it's so important for the federal government to invest in renewable energy then you transfer the jobs you know from dirty.
Hold whatever the hell we're doing to doable energy sources, new jobs can be created but not even willing to have that conversation 'cause right now we're stuck on this ridiculous debate as to whether or not climate change is man made or not. Why are we having that debate? Why are we having that debate drives me crazy? I think we need to work in LA for sure, on solar, it's so ridiculous we live in a place, that's literally sunny three hundred days a year yeah and if you fly over, you don't see a single solar panel, it's crazy. I know. I know that the the the expense of the technology is right. Now it's pretty high, but I guarantee within the next decade or so it's going to drop down to some sort of manageable point where people will consider installing them on the top of every building, yeah well, you've got free electricity. I mean it's got to be worth something yeah, even if, even if it's not one hundred percent of your electrical output, it's probably like high 40s fifteen. I don't know but as they get better at these things
I figured out some new us. It's like a spray on panel that you can. They can take a lecture city for from the air spray on solar panels shut up really yeah, yeah, yeah, amazing, all kinds of new is that it right fully trance at solar cell that could make every window and screen a power source Jesus. Write an amazing that some I love it! God geniuses that dance around amongst us we're mere apes. We're me rapes we're mere apes. We really are the someone figured out a way to make glass power up your fucking tv. I I know this conversation? I had these like philosophical conversations with Jiang on our post game show from members and like I'm, probably the post like pessimistic self deprecating person on the planet because often times on, our post game shows. I have like these like quarter life crisis, where I talk about how I'm a failure and how I haven't done anything meaningful with my life,
Think about what you see stuff like that. You see these like astrophysicists and these neuroscientists and all these amazing intelligent people you're like, I do. I just read the news and I comment on it. You know- and that sounds very self deprecating, but it's true like I wish I could do something that actually changes changes the world like that. That actually saves yeah. But if that fuckin' egghead how to do your job, he would suck at it. People would be really boring under, but what his legs look like shit he's wearing fuqing wearing your shoes, they don't fit. If you put him in your job, it would be terrible at it. You gotta realize that, like everybody has their own little station in this life, you really, if you really life for what it is. It's some sort of a weird experience. You know it's a temporary experience. It lasts a time relatively, like you like in comparison to like holding in your pee yeah. Your life lasts along long but the reality of it is it slips away. Pretty got quickly at things that we dwell on our like these markers of
achievement and these like measures of success. In these you know they are our ability to measure ourselves against the other people that were competing with some sort of a weird way, but all that stuff is self defeating. We really need to do is find some sort of a comfortable medium. Where we're actually doing what we want, to do most of the time and obviously what you want to do is what you're doing yeah you win yeah. If you were that fucking dude and you're doing computations till three hundred o'clock in the morning on some fucking glass it's going to make electricity and nobody gives a shit with your shoes. Look like you'd but this job, this job sucks, I'm tired of working sixteen hours a day on fucking, stupid, solar glass, I'm tired, I'm tired! I want to be a reporter. I want to be on tv. I want to wear cute clothes come on what the fuck a fair use. You wouldn't be happy you're, happy with what you're doing I love. What I do don't get me wrong. I love what I do, but every once in awhile. You know you do you do size, people up Ross will specially, because you're an educated success
If a woman who already had your you live a little bit chip on your shoulder, plus your armenian and then you're out there in this competitive environment, where, in all fairness, I think women have to, I feel they feel at least that they have to prove themselves, maybe even ten percent more than men who are just as competent as them just to be accepted as it like, as at that same level, yeah men have this idea: all she just wants to get pregnant and then she's going to take paternity leave and she's not serious about this job and there's a lot. People that have those kind of prejudices about women in the workforce. So you will automatically have to get gangster on people, so you're always ramped up an extra ten percent. Yeah there's also there's also this notion, and I don't know which is looking at me like nailed it. I know I know I got you, I got you I know. What's up, there's also like this notion that, like an attractive woman can't be smart, like
like a comment that I get off and it's a sweet comment, and I love people that that send this to me, but I think that they're, a little misguided is like all yeah beauty and brains, such a rarity, and it's like No it's not it's. Not they want you to be dumber that way they can throw there are tricks in their voodoo on you and they could fuck you, but I mean I think, if you're one of the more intelligent podcast guests that I have Rhonda, Patrick Rhonda, Patrick every I got damn talk to I don't know. Half the shit she's talking about this is doctor. Rhonda Patrick who's found fitness on Twitter she's, amazing. She comes on the podcast like every few and breaks down all sorts of different issues between vitamin absorption, the last one was head trauma like she's cooled me on head trauma and the issues with head trauma like all the things that I kind of like had it. She like in depth, describe them in great detail and like as she's talking like my my my I'm just trying to just keep up
All I want is this: a certain point times are just happen out of my I'm gonna have to go over this after it's over and take notes, because there's no wake. She'll go on these. Like ten fifteen minutes super complicated rants like I've, talked to people on Twitter. That said they live. Into the podcast seven times they just listen to it over and over and over again like what vitamin b complex is most important for this and what it contributes to. What vitamin d contributes to muscle, fiber growth no no and she hit you with all those different shed and just like woah she's beautiful. So that's nonsense. Smarter than me there's a lot. I mean there's a lot of really good. Looking. Guys are smart as fuck and if for some do that annoying it should it should it's beautiful handsome, Adonis Character and you're like that stupid fuck. Meanwhile, he's appear hd like Vladimir which go to heavyweight champion the world he's a doctor he's got uh
fuckin' phd that hassle, sixty six and shredded, he speaks four languages. You know fuck you up and now possibly that you want to that meathead, always a box yeah. I he's real smart he's way. Part of the nearly plays chess every day he's a world being boxer for like ten look at that handsome bastard. That's that the world get the fuck outta here here, a super athlete from the future in russian fuckin' engineering schitt. It doesn't even make sense, how tall is that dude he's like six six or something you look just like that without your shirt on Christian, brown sugar heavy six two forty Jesus fucking Christ, six two hundred and forty with a doctor's face it was a good big foot can be. Did that big fit he's way smarter than you and you up? Sorry, please deprive better Pacman
yeah, probably better at world of Warcraft, probably got a higher rating. Doesn't you know, like people are weird man? We everybody wants it to be a God dam race from beginning to end yeah enjoy your life, everybody gets a different hand of cards, do whatever they like, you can with it, don't get crazy 'cause it doesn't. Last. It's just have some try to make it the most enjoyable that six foot six but you might be miserable. What What do I know you know, might have a wife screams at him throw shade at me. We don't know, we don't know what his life is like you know, he might have shitty taste in music, you might like yeah I, can be listed in the terrible music all day. I hate him. I want to be him, we're we're we're weird. We are. We compare like you're, comparing yourself with solar glass people yeah, I'm like thank God. Those eggheads are out there. I'm well much love to you, tweet, something Holla at me. I help you out right at the end of the day as long as you're doing something you enjoy as long as you're surrounded by people, you love you gotta. You gotta enjoy the moment a little bit, which is what he tells me all the time
in which humans are rocket yeah. I know they do Cuban that's a that's. A fun like Joey DE is my favorite human. Being of all time. He's born in Cuba Easy the knows that this is a different flair to the latin cultures. They have. They have more fun like we get more, should done do we get more shipping, but it's like what you want: want to get more should done or do you wanna have more fun in the becomes like this balancing act of man. I don't know because, like you did said, like people that are the most happy in the world the some sort of you know, index of most happy countries. Mexico was you yeah, I was I'm really surprised about that, really especially the time good for them good for them. If they're not, you know, we We are caught up in this idea that, unless you're keeping abs and less your numbers are ahead of their numbers or your position or your social caste systems ahead. Then you shouldn't be happy, but
stupid yeah? You know we need to happiness. Friends hang around a bunch of friends. You have a good time, do stuff, the like! That's it be nice to each other. You get more friends, be nice to those friends, they'll be loyal to you. You be loyal to them your brothers and sisters. You stay together forever. Everybody is cool, it's all you have to do. Find a gang of friends collect friends that are cool and you enforce your love for them. And they enforce their love for you and you shield yourself from the outside world by forming these pockets and communities of awesome people that can be done. That can be done, but I'd be done if you're fuckingg shitt real estate mogul once a fuc over your partner, in your investors and he's trying to pump and dump stock oksan fuckyou, like the guy in Wolf of Wall Street, like that sort of crazed, mentality, capitalism, above all, costs like you're, missing out on the balancing act of life, you're, just you're, an asshole, your guy I think, she's going to run the marathon by running as fast as you can right from the beginning, yeah, no ones or no ones ever thought of that.
We started that stupid. You can't do that. You can't sprint for three hours you fuckhead. It's now possible. Everyone knows by now so you're doing that what you're really doing is you're sprinting your way through the beginning, couple miles of a marathon or do you fucka die? That's what you do you're treating life like a moron. This is better than any therapy session I've ever had. This is great, I feel better. I do too. I do too it's coming out of me and I feel better about it. But that's you know, I mean everybody says like a you know: hey me, you know that's easy for you or I can afford it without a doubt. Everyone has different circumstances, but without a doubt every circumstances could be managed more optimally. Every single, that's ever existed were we're flawed and we learn from our mistakes, which means everyone approaches every single situa and in their life, where you're just kind of basing it off of the information that you've acquired the knowledge that you've gathered the experience that you've sort of
calculated in your brain, and this is how I think, and then, if it goes, fucking shity like your cop situation, you go well now. I got some fucking new sheet in here and then next mother fucker that tries that nonsense. I'm asking questions, I'm writing things down and I'm making a fucking story and I'm making a fucking difference and that's the different. That's what happened thus we grow and learn I mean that's. It's all about yeah yeah. Absolutely, there's no question about it. I would say, like the happiest moments of my life were now when I was sitting there competing with other people or trying to achieve more. My career was definitely moments where I old somewhere with a really good friend moments where I've you know shared like a real, great meal with a coworker like those are the things more memorable, and I think that my generation is moving away from, like the obsession of owning big things right like less people in my generation or buying homes, partly because they can't do it because they're straddled with student loan debt,
but also because they don't want to be tied down to one place. They want to go see the world. They want to go experience things, and so you know we talked about the it'll be the first time I was on your podcast, but sometimes I struggle that too right, sometimes I'm like yeah. I want to buy a big house and then other times, I'm like looking at my quaint little apartment and I'm like this is fine. I'd rather have some money saved in the bank to go on some cool trip and like meet people and learn new things. If I was Joey Diaz, now I go on a rant about a that should be getting paid. Need a big with pillars, like Elvis, had marble ship like they had in Greece, what the fuck he told you to keep your money in the bank and those fucking people are going to steal it on you get the fuck outta here you wanna Bentley, and a fucking jet in a helicopter and missile launchers and afucking pool with your face on the bottom of it. That's with Joey Diaz would say. I agree with him. You're, making a lot of money should Puckett spend that shaped like a one bedroom apart
but yeah you just have fun. It's it's hard for people to do thai people we quantify too much. We do quite a far lives too much. You know question, but you know I I think there's one thing that if I could ever give especially men advice healthy friendly competition, that is the difference. The real problem that people have a competition is is very self defeating and a lot of times losing at things, is insanely frustrating, and it makes men especially angry, and this is a trap, and this is a trap and it's essentially a non management of a biological system. That's put in place to allow you to try to rise to the highest possible spot in the social spectrum, for you to breed and it's a trick and the trick is in place and it can fuck men up so they can get angry at their best friends. If they
pick up basketball, they could get to a point where they want to have fistfights over basketball, an men if, but if they didn't, if the exact same thing happened in the still experience, the heightened sense of competitiveness, but always with friendship and love for the person you're competing with you can have better results, you can better results because you're still going to have that same competitive drive, but you never allow yourself to hate the opponent right you waste Nrg. That when you hate the opponent, I think I mean I don't know if this is the same for men, but whenever I need a woman who's super accomplished and I feel a little bit of envy so I just picked, you turn green. I know right now, actually use that as more of an inspirational thing, as opposed to like oh, I hate her and now I'm going to like tear her down and try to find her fault. So I can feel better about feel better about myself. I love meeting really successful women that shake me out of my complacency because as humans we love to be complacent. Whether or
We are aware of it. We kind of like slide into that. You know comfort, zone and I like it. When I meet a woman who's like smarter than me more successful than me and settle like hating on her I'll be like what can I do to be like her or better than Yes, that's healthy, that's, very healthy and being inspired by people that you meet, especially people that are doing like what you're doing for a living or what you're doing or for a hobby, or anything that you know any pursuit, whether the money is involved or not. They can be incredibly empowering or defeating, and with men, especially men, have a real issue in denial of the actual competitive nature of the scenario. Like there's some men that they have this idea of what they look like and they had this idea of what a bad mother fucker they are and how cool they are now under there and the rest of the world has a completely different opinions and they don't
they don't ever allow themselves to see what they're doing wrong, because then it chips away at this armor that they've put on this armor. Being this false opinion of themselves and they go out of their way to make sure that it's never exposed through trial and that's what one of the things that separates people who do difficult things. Anything! That's really hard to do. I think in doing something, that's very difficult when it's running, fuckin' marathons or climbing mountains or martial arts or anything you're doing it's hard to do you learn about your ability to push so, if you learn how to overcome obstacles learn about yourself in a way that people that are sort of in denial about where they're standing as far as how good they are at anything, you know there's some people that think through this. They don't even have a job hey bro, I'm sure working there before can run things The president met everybody Fuq off to rush to suck my dick man
New paps blue ribbon, get soap and you know there's a lot of people that think they are fucking awesome. But if you peered in on them, you know if you had a window into their trailer and use other fucking dirty so, box in their foot, kicked up on the couch, you be like, oh, my god, you fucking yeah, you don't know how the world sees you and for men. Especially it's like the knee to be little competition is a very dangerous thing. You know, the need to not be empowered by people that are better. That you see yeah when you, when you see them and you embrace- and you have no heart hate in your heart, then you can actually be in. And it actually make you better whatever you do, yeah absolutely. You gotta learn from people around you, You know you got to learn from the mistakes that people make around you. You gotta learn from the people who are doing things that are better than what you're doing and don't
my tendency is to feel down about myself time to time. I don't end up hating the person who's better than me. I start like being very critical, overly critical of myself, like don't let that happen either because that's very destructive but yeah like I'm lucky that I work in a field where I'm exposed to super intelligent people on a regular basis like you know, I agree with everything the jinx says. We have differences of opinion and a lot of taking that in a minute edit it in the Senate, so right now saying out of them mother but shakes my mentor. You know I learned a lot from him and I'm so grateful that I was able to like grow next to him and and learn a lot of stuff, and he also built a company that expanded to the point where we're we have a steady flow of intelligent people coming in all the time. We have these great conversations, I'm always learning new things, I love that. I have a job where I get to learn new things. You get that too, and it's awesome, were you know you guys have a dope office to that. You like to place like you, because the corporation is a corporation. You have focused
yeah. It wasn't always like that of a number workstations and everyone is friendly. That's very nice. Yeah people super cool environment with you by the way when you came in not like in a creepy way. So I'm give him a shout out, because he's a big fan and he's like listening right now has an actually Jenks nephew is like such a big man of yours and he was like. Oh Joe, is going to be at the improv like I got Suzhou, and then I noticed that like as soon as he saw you walking through the studio, you want to take a picture with you and I was like. Oh my God has your so embarrassing. Please stop that's already there pictures that doesn't embarrass me. It's fine, so out to her son? Yes, I know you guys have like a real corporation like you go in. There feels, like you, know what you're doing going here. If, if Jamie died, a bit bring Brian here every day, be a disaster again. Is Brian user right he's. Not here yet well it sums podcasts, he doesn't do. I see he does ones that I feel like he would be best suited. For I see I see. Okay,
if that makes sense. No, I think the you only do so many podcast same person over and over again. You know, I think I think got one of the things about doing podcasts. Is you got to do what, like you got to talk to people? You want to talk to how to converse, and you got to do it when you want to do it like that whole idea behind it. To me is that you know there is no set schedule. There is no employer. That's telling me what I can and can't talk about. Yes, that I'm being forced to interview right, that's the worst! That's the word! Yeah the cool thing about. It too, is that it's now podcasting it's become something that people are willing to do like. I had Paul Stanley from kiss on this deer and I was like you gotta get the fuck outta here. I can't believe I got Paul Stanley sitting here. I was such a little fanboy yeah such a little fan with Joe Perry, Joe Perry's my friend Joe Perry. Nothing like this is my friend Joe Perry. Do you know what, though you gotta? Do you have to give yourself some credit, though, because you do a three hour long podcast in the middle of nowhere la wise? It's not hard to do it's, not it's not
it's intimidating, if you haven't done it before so before I came into the first podcast with you. I was definitely nervous. I'm like oh, my God, three hours like what are we going to talk about for three freaking hours straight, no breaks, no, nothing right. So the fact that you know these big name, people are willing, not me, but, like you know, the people you mentioned early, Are willing to come in and sit down with you for three hours? That means that you've made it my friend I don't even know what that means, but it's pretty cool to be able to talk to Rosanne Barr for three hours. Roseanne Barr is awesome. Roseanne pole is giving me a hard time, Millard eggs. We have this show on and was no chicks on the show, and I said that I secretly she goes what the hell. No women on the show at all question mark I said, I secretly made no women on the show just 'cause. I knew you would complain, success and then she said well something to the lines of you're, on the show that I guess that chick is on the show- and I said well, if you Let me check in your check that's a couple but she's great awesome she's so crazy. She
my opinion, like one of the all time great comics like she doesn't and I told her that when she's in the studio, the guy had a list, time. You know top ten like most important comics in my, and she she became a totally unique in new thing like when she first on the scene. She was like, murdering in it doing these HBO specials. There never been a woman like before you tell men to suck it shut up. You know she had this like fucking attitude with good joke, yeah. That attitude plus good joke writing in a genuine, not give a fuc outlook on things yeah and now, once you talk, it was really funny because she talks about her life. She's super honest and I'm crazy, in off the rail she was. She has some she's the best, a really good friend of mine. Dave Rubin, who also does a show for a network, is very good friends with Roseanne, and she apparently has like a tv studio like that. She built herself. And he's now like doing some shows like out of her tv studio and like
I've heard stories about how freaking awesome she is an. I love it. I love. How open is an I don't know. She's a lot of I've met her a few times to she's great She said she also is not dogmatic. You know, We had this idea about chemtrails all their spraying, nice guy. You know, and I and we had this conversation about it, and I said that's not they're, not really doing that. What's happening I'll, tell you exactly what's happening because we investigated it and there's a lot of people. Believe that, but they really haven't looked into it. Yes scientifically been proven that when a jet engine goes through the atmosphere. It was a certain temperature in a certain amount of condensation. It actually produces artificial clouds. Yeah, it's a very scientific principle behind it. It's really easy to understand, and you see it explained. Oh that's what it is and so they're always like. Why is it always in grid pad ago, on the podcast makes sense what flights do they call the same way every day so flight pattern, you think planes just take off like a boat out in the ocean, just any fuckin' path. They want
you gotTA fucking sailboat, you just left and right. No, you have to go exactly what they tell you. Otherwise you slam into each other. You fuck, you know but when I told her this, she said Oh okay, like she like she didn't. She crazy red in the face or alright about it right. Well, I heard that is such an admirable quality in people, because when someone's meaning to something you just said there they're like no, it's actually wrong. Here's. What the reality is. I mean, I think, the human and you know Standable reaction is to like try to defend yourself, even though you know you're wrong an it's like the best feeling when you Finally, just like recognize like I'm wrong, I'm just going at that I'm wrong and I'll do more research into it and figure it out. You know what I mean, I think that's more admirable than like normal, so, even though you have evidence proving that what I just said is bullshit. Well, I think
people are learning now in this day and age that it's there's really no benefit in pretending, you're, never wrong yeah, especially when it comes to things that are like. No one has all permission exact. You can't there's too much going on the world. You know everything about aviation. Do everything about viruses! You know everything about computer code. You know everything about this portuguese. You cannot wish to much. You don't We have time in the day, so you might have a misconception in your mind, doesn't mean you're, a fucking idiot. It means you were wrong, you're, a fucking idiot. If you continue to cling to it, even while its peak explain to you yep that it's not correct. That's what makes you idiot and unfortunately, especially for men again we cling to our. He is, we don't want to ever say we're wrong, because then we give up this position of being smarter, right position, yeah being better or winning yeah. I Kevin Pereira said something to me that I loved, and it's so true he's like what
wrong with saying I don't know time to time. So you know it's true like there's like this fear, especially when you do an interview with someone or when you come on a podcast that someone's going, ask you something that you don't know the answer to and then you have to utter the words I don't know because you're a criticism for it, but like why. It's not like, I know everything. That there is to know that's crazy. Those two percent out there hunting it up. That's what it is. Those are, the ones are going to complain, 'cause, there's the ones we're not going to know. Of course you can't know. There's a new shoes. I can't waste note the Bolton Island Florida going to be someone. There's always going to be that problem, and you know there's a lot people that are out there and they pretend that this never comes up in their life. Well, you talk about things that I'm not aware. Of course you do stupid havoc on, have a a conversation with someone. You don't know you start talking about some shit. You don't know about
you know someone from somewhere else with different kind of life. You couldn't possibly know what they know. Exactly. No one can know everything and it doesn't mean you're dumb and that's the problem. Set in small social circles or especially where the instinct probably comes from tribal situations. You all have access to the same amount of data, the one who knows more, the one who's more wise, yeah one is paid paid, more attention, someone who has more experience or more success so that man becomes preferable, and so, when you're, in a open environment like earth in two thousand and for almost fifteen, you can't do that anymore. Stupid. There's too much shit out there, like the amount of data, is unprocessable when it's about oh, don't eat that yellow leaf 'cause. It gives you diarrhea, you know you, the green leaf in you're dead in fifteen minutes, like you got to know that stuff, are you gonna you're, a dumbass out in the jungle, and you get it done right exactly, but that's a finite amount of you know, there's the there's just about like what fish will kill you if it bites your deck. You know like this, the you don't
You know that the amount of data that you have to process being a human with a computer today, it's unsurmountable. It really is it really So there's no shame in saying I don't know in fact I I trust people more when they say I don't know, because the worst thing is when you have someone in the media who has no freaking idea, what they're talking about and they're just bull their way through an interview or both you know, like you know. Sarah Palin wasn't so good at bullshitting her way through it, but instead of saying I don't know her dumb ass tried to answer questions and, like the most ignorant way possible. Well, she got bus. The whole thing that can of worms opened up with that Katie Kirk to such that was so interesting turned out. She has read anything I was like so obvious. Oh you know, you know it really. Doesn't she read newspapers yeah, I'm reading fortune, cookies and stuff they kept the China man she just decided to just that with no preparation and
charm her way through it. I bet she thought it was just going to be all softballs she, but that's the thing. A lot of first of all of the questions were softball. I mean about this. Do you think that that same approach would have ever been done? If it was man, do you we did. A man from Alaska would be asked what books he reads or what newspapers he subscribes to. I bet they wouldn't well. I think that, honestly with the way the interview went, it started off with respectable question respectful questions. It wasn't. It wasn't like a gender thing at all, like oh your woman, so I'm going to softball you. I think that do you realize that this woman has no idea what she's talking about and so her follow up. Questions were super tame. You know kind of like alright, we'll do you read yeah, I never really confrontational way. Maybe you would do it right? I mean I would you would go after yeah. I think I would think so too. I remember once when I was at, I think, Katie was probably set her up. She's probably had given her some soft jabs.
Waiting to drop that? What do you read beds, brown yeah? I don't think they've researched and found out that chick doesn't read anything I probably they probably did. I actually. I think that Katie Couric was tactful. She she handled it. Jamie agrees, yeah cetera, big right hand would you read? Beds planned go eyes, roll she plus now there's a little bit of that. Like Katie saying it could be the king president to allow yeah think about that for a second think about how that woman almost became the vice president. United States and Florida, so in the yeah have been fun just like Dan Quayle, who do the same type, Mccain still alive. All these well, that's true, so she wouldn't really have any influence, but maybe, though, the job my to kill them because we don't know what Obama really would have looked like if he never got that gig I mean he might have all black here right now. Can you imagine that yeah looks like pretty similar to the way look six years ago I mean he age so much in six years and older about all.
Where will this job? I would never want to be present in? I wouldn't want to be a politician period. It sounds like a terrible job. It sounds like an incredibly flawed system that is taking part in the words like almost like the answer trying to rebuild the ant colony while they're carrying leaves in like guys, to make new tunnels far off carried us are going to fix this gigantic ant colony. You're. Not going to fix that would be great analogy. I love that, but doesn't like that kind of in a way. It's like you, even if you're the president, even if you're the one person that gets to talk to congress- and you have debate- and you do speeches and all these different. But the reality is my God. Would a machine is behind this fucking world, my god, how many influences my God, how much money my God, how much long standing patterns of behavior that are very difficult to change like a lobbyist but if somebody tried to propose lobbyist today in the age of the internet, if there was no lobbyists and they try to come along and propose a lot of people like CAT
fuquan here. What are you talking about? One hundred percent I mean if the internet got to vote on whether or not Congress would allow corporations to, donate money like an individual. They will go. Are you crazy? Why would we do that? Why would we do that? Why would we what's the benefit legible? Would dirty rivers like what what's the benefit there? What's what's what's gonna come out of that? That's I know it's yeah. The system is definitely set up against us and the entire notion of a democratic process. You can't have a democratic process when you have corporations giving unlimited amounts of money to politicians. It's just not going to happen. There's no competition. You know this. Is this blue, mind, although I've done this type of reporting for so long. It shouldn't surprise me during mid term elections. The coke brothers spent between two hundred and seventy five, no two hundred and twenty five Three hundred million dollars, I mean go to the lower end of that two hundred and twenty five,
one million dollars to influence the midterm elections so crazy. It's amazing It's so much money. I love that they're called the Coke brothers too. I hope they do a lot of it. I hope Do it in their underwear while they're getting their toes done you they just are just constantly getting massages and eating grapes. People dangle grapes, for sure they I mean, I always wonder brothers, I don't even like gangsters how much money do you need how much freaking money do you need? Well, obviously, don't need that two hundred and twenty five million just gives those stupid politicians and the politicians eat it up. They have to do is well yeah much money, do you need, and but I think it's also their professional players of the game that is made them incredibly successful. They are the baddest mutherfucking monopoly players on earth. You know they figured out a way to do it at a very high stakes. I'm sure it's in, only addictive. They don't want to. Let it go. No. I I'm sure it is addictive as well, and you know first of all, they're terrible people so do Think excusing them, but but I
also say I will I will say that if the system is set up is such, why wouldn't you take advantage of it because you're nice 'cause you're ethical 'cause, you realize you're a temporary life form sharing time with these other people, and you try to make the world the best possible. You have the best possible influence on it that you can that's not the best possible influence on it and it's not the best beneficial input for you. It's that beneficial because you've already reached this point of diminishing returns. Why should you got enough money to donate two and twenty five million dollars? Yeah whoa? Do you like fly fishing, You should do that with your days now. I know it's. If you could you imagine, I would never even think about working in a bank if I had, if I had enough money, or I could give someone two hundred and twenty five million dollars to fix. Whatever laws or make it. So you know whatever the to show them again tilted in my favorite. Oh my god I would. I would be like.
Tuna fishing. I would get a jet ski It goes one hundred miles an hour if you're having fun right now. Why would you? Why would you want to be involved? You like eighty how much more money can you bake enjoy? I don't At all I mean, what's the point of building this kind of wealth, if you don't actually I'm sure they enjoyed in some ways, but they also spend a sizeable chunk of their lives. Destroying the country think is also a momentum behind it. Like a successful meant, I'm almost a can. Do what you were describing when you see other people that are more successful and even though you get inspired by it, some people may not like that thing that drives you to worry about your success level, which is very high, for would you say twenty eight yeah very high for twenty eight year old woman, you've been on a very successful news, show for many years now, you're very respected. You do these conversations. People online they're very well received, but yeah still will trip about like what?
Donna, what you haven't done, I guess when you're like a super fucking crazy billionaire. Maybe wanna be like Dracula or something you know, maybe you want to have a horde of undead slaves that bow before you and just waiting for you to have enough money to buy some technology that turns the world into fucking goblins that are at your command or something I don't fucking know, I'm not exactly sure if I get that kind of motivation you know like that, one hundred billion dollar motivation or to attend billion. Well, what you doing what you doing, I don't know, I don't understand it either an and you know earlier in the show. I talked about how I question whether or not people are inherently good, and you know what I think a lot of people are inherently good and we've turned around. Thank you. Do you have this is this is been a very productive podcast, the way thing that I will say is I get a lot of pleasure. Out of giving back to my community because growing up here in la there were so many things that were provided to me.
As someone who was kind of disadvantage, 'cause, like growing up my parents, weren't wealthy, you know my parents were struggling, they were working class and I had a great public education. I have you know access to something called healthy families, which was like an affordable form of health insurance for kids, like all of these things were paid for by taxpayers. Right and these are the things helped me build a life for myself and help me become successful, and I feel like it's my obligation to give back to the community and and help in any way that I can, because I want to see people who were maybe from a
our neighborhood grow up and be able to do what they really want to do with their lives. You know I'm living my dream right now. I want to make sure other people have that same ability. That's beautiful! I think it's really cool the do that. I think it's really cool. You teach that journalism course too. I love it yeah! It's cool that you're doing it and you're like someone is actually out there doing it as a gig. You know, and then you teach people how to do it and do it correctly. That's probably yeah. It's great. I kasparian we're out of time with just three hours since ancient saints. So far as far I know who have studied have to pee so hard it would have been like the last ten minutes of hanging in there, but okay Twitter, ANA Kasparian. Is there anything you'd like to promote yeah coming up, so I have a personal Youtube channel. I post a lot of stuff on there. It's? U two dot com, Slash ANA Kasparian, so check me out there and Instagram ANA Kasparian T Y T beautiful day
they always smile, I was lead time. I had a great time. I had a great time doing your show to is really fun. Alright, folks, that's it for now we'll be back next week, a lot of fun gas. I can't tell you who is some secret, but I we got some good ones, all right so enjoy your weekend or whenever the your this and much love big kiss by oh, my friends, thank you for tuning into the podcast and thank you to draftkings dot com, draftkings dot COM, America's favorite favorite one week fantasy football site, you like Joe Rogan, what about on it pitch a rep on it every day, twenty four slash, seven, three hundred and sixty five go to on it, use the code save ten percent off any and all supplements enter the code. Word Rogan also for Draftkings common make some cash if Uc play.
For free in a ten million dollar fantasy football world championships, see I combine two podcast sponsors like a pretzel, see how I did that lazy gentlemen. Alright you're bored with me, you must be bored me goodnight everyone. My friends will see you next week. We've got Kevin Pereira on the podcast next week, Bert Kreischer will be on the podcast next week. And more hopefully, more because it is the week of Christmas heating. So you understand this is important, because I love you and thanks for sharing that will see you soon. Bye.
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