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#594 - Russell Peters

2014-12-30 | 🔗
Russell Peters is an actor and standup comedian, currently touring internationally all over the world.
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in international superstar stanhope comedian and justice guy was enjoying the shadow life so ladies and gentlemen without any further do please welcome the hilarious russell peters logan experience meekly russell breeders and where my crock box ensure respect i want my cache clay sweatshirt russell peter as mad boxing knowledge dude he was we're in the back main room of first of all the conniston last night i was really good you know that's the first time we were hung a comedy club together fun was it was me and you and who was about our own powers back there might fave members back their workmen no more than i was in the front we're on the grey suits trio was with us some do just walked into the dining room some cream any sat down yet he was sitting there for a while well here
it was real weird like he had a waitress taken back there the waitress took him back there like lookin for josh nasser apparently ends like is josh back here might nope josh's and back here and the gardens also talking spoke like it tells you took up so it came in and unlike this escaped comical so the guy said down and reuben and russell on our having this like crazy boxing conversation other bringing up old fights from like the nineties and shit and roy jones do you bout and also in this guy goes you still wearing the same hat tat was his opening lie observers hey i have subscription to still wearing the same hats and even an old and me i got this at last for a hat look for cambrian knows when i looked at it had i was we're unless my those paper boy would have any had like a leather lip on the bottom is faring there's really cool i was like dig in the hats very sad but it was just opening line so that he can come over and talk to us and he's like his eyes glossed over unease half
up and i'm realising the others a crazy person just made his way to the green room and look now those other guys who they look at him my causes fuckin guy i got him and you know anybody here they use friends with billy k made up some named jason yes frontiers mountain like it with some some person didn't even exist so like a canning algebra gave you that so that's the only problem but that place you have those like leeches or this hangers where you just like who are you are you in this i know it was it was funny was cause reuben and i were standing there and then and ngos like you gotta go body and it does not add schools going in that i know you you you're not a comic you gotta get the fuck out like on friends with this guy like you can't see coming back here there's an inner up conversations we don't even know you this is weird and then the guy goes to sit back down and just now do you gotta leave there were in deep
into the commodore green room behind the main room so you have to go backstage down the hallway down another hallway go through where the piano is go behind stage and then into the door the skylight it through the catacombs to come back and with its roots in orbit he would have gotten through it no problem with who is just not occur zippers every just sat there and laid in the cut as they say but we were in the middle of thus intense conversation and talking about report de ran and you know when boxing friends get together and start talking about old boxing fight and you know you know about fights and i know about obscures might maccallum the body snatcher owing minister whom anyway athos melt mccurry dominant curry all that shit we talking about those and like maccallum jamaican and he was about motherfucker i cried and i went for a run after he knocked out don't carry a member that knock em out when i left took no matter the motor city cobra said it was so sad donald carry was supposed to be there
coming he was i've lad mother fucker when he was at one forty seven after he knocked out was it not me and then he went up to junior middleweight armenia and then he loss we start losing he got buy honey lloyd hanukkah lloyd hunt again that's right and i wasn't upset that was after a bit well i wish yes it was a bad motherfucker to map he fell i met him when i was in england back in the day can outbreak i was realistic now is that's all that's hard to deal with it fighters that i bump into our like that like you that's why i always tell them if you're thinking about getting out get out oh yeah sought in your head like that you're not gonna be world champions gonna be isn't gonna be your career in a buddy my good friend of mine he's great he's a it was a great fighter and is a great trainer now the idea in the house he he's fine he's vat he's happy he doesn't families training guys
he is a body is enjoying life and remained nice and heat may i say what made you quit me goes you know i had retired and then i thought somebody asked me if i want to fight for a title emails i care i do want to fight for title so he said i i i started my training camp and i was out there running at eight in the morning one day and then half way through the run i said what the fuck am i doing if i was training for a fight when i was wanted to be a fighter i'd be running at five am i shouldn't be here at eight a m i should have been here already i should have finished as already and it turned out and went home and cancelled everything were like this i realise that i wasn't the same perceive you like if i was the guy who was really trying to find out about here at five a m what am i doing here eight nay eight in the morning that's what so exciting about this upcoming fight this one gram retweet john jones in denmark for me is it both of these guys are training like awhile
i'm a good knowledge of it online there talking shit to each other and in all the footage them train like some serious intensity in the training is really exciting stuff it's i tell you what i am and look forward to a u of sea fight now yeah i haven't look for to fight as much as this one in a long time i look forward to olive and really i do know is that his aunt i look forward to it but this is one that has supervised status yes it's like it's like the other than leonard handler type of situation yeah totally like i almost can't believe that they're gonna do it this way again it's almost like horizontal almost too good com it does look like physically larger human being well short call me is only little taller than me i think he's five ten but he's a fucking powerhouse tired i tell you what i'll say it now i think i smell upset buddy thanks i think so well it is possible i mean it there's no doubt komio is elite commies never
even been in trouble not even for a moment army is beaten to former of sea heavyweight champions but many range with came on a daily basis allowing that he brought in this bad ass russian mother fucker i'm gonna try to pronounce his knee without guph in it up but i think its gas to love brings in wrestler helped the isa wrestling base guy as well carmaker yes was as john jones yeah but i mean you know when you're dealing with somebody who is like a stout little law like that and your long and lanky it's really not that easy well it's way harder deal it targets especially talk i like john jones who knows our work is height yeah this is a much larger this guy's name coup kay age a j you m you are a d try to murat yeah me consumer odd that's probably like you'd know ray you're pretty good with
turning to mr this gentleman the front row let's see that i am rather consumer odd gassed olive gets olive yeah obviously some sort of muslim russian guy he's a bad motherfuker is what it is god damn that guy can wrestle i watched a bunch of his matches last where's he from russia hammer one of those yeah right gulf countries one stands he was ass uzbek things from russia itself he was one first guys to of heat daniel cornmeal a key he beat down to dinner crummy several times like one of the best guys that that ever beat daniel i should say not want a first class but he yom massive credentials behind him five world championships for european championships anyone limping gold let the gold medal yet this as every arme smart too and bring him in india this guy beat me maybe i should learn from him a beat
he beat dinner korea submitted em in the ninety six kilograms athens finals what's only six kilos as to six would iran tutor something tat is a beast point as i love the fact that this guy is this wicked fuckin wrestler and he beat korea and wrestling crummy brings a man with a train for john jones the thing about john jones stylistic early he so unusual he so tall any you he can hit you for like four or five inches before you can even touch him and he's heinous out of work as height he's the best like tommy herons used to keep guys i with the job yeah very similar but in no time hence i think tommy hands while tom hands at that ridiculous one punch power the jones doesn't whack doesn't totally have yet or if he ever is going
that means twenty seven he's more than a cumulative striker jones but i dont have you grow into his power to maybe but tommy would put motherfuckers leap emily put roberto deronda second round i'll hold good lord i thought he was dead oh that was that that was the patio knock out of the eighties and we were has it was based down is r d c roberto durango out like that to its consecrated and believe it was possible like that was how like opponents knocked out you're not i mean that's how guys who you never thought we're gonna be terry norris got knocked out but when you see a guy like roberto doran living legend get caleb like that it's really hard to believe and then doran had about with handler after went the distance ironically making an actual still to be the beast of a puncture back then respect for doing a thing hangar had a lot of respect for doran as a boxer and in my doing stupid then that's after deronda beaten davy more
i d resurrected his career with daily more and then i did it again with around barkley nineteen eighteen as right man that's a placid now and you now davy more died when these car fell on me i was fixing garnish drive it fell off the bricks and fuckin crush them at sucks fuck man would even do of your friends gender car liked i mean you gotta get a draft under these tracking start astern who's got triple epic what a scary waited die smashed under a car i do however was a good car not a camera i reckon cameras are bore everyone now there was a thing and i ran partly that he's like homeless ivo you know what a friend of mine my cousin lives in brooklyn he trains at gleason's every now and then and barkley trains fighters therefore five bucks or twenty
some like why you'll train you for like an hour for five twenty bucks really ridiculously jake i ran you'll take whatever you have really we have five bucks he'll take twenty he'll take a world champion i'm a world jane i doubt tommy hearns member that yet you know i still actually i remember that fight vividly cause i'm watching it live when he fought doran and i still think doran kind of got them i am really think i think bark we should one that fight you think so the other because rang out as a out of you know legendary edison and nostalgia and he knocked barkley down in the eleventh round right and you know that was a good knocked down but bartley was winning the finally i would have no over it but this lot a bad decisions and boxing you see the tim bradley diego chavez fight oh yeah be diego chavez like eight twelve rounds clearly and the guy they gave it a draw yet
well now you know what it was i think chavez came on strong enough to make a disputable do you think so you think a very reasonable decision i think too that drives better than a loss its deadly better ends and when its dino ec ago either way with boxing allowed times what i think is i look at it may go i think their prey probably like if if you have had a look at something like that the probably happy that sounds like that happens like that kind of controversy cuz if you about it then they have a rematch who would be excited about its him bradley diego schaffner emails and other than to diego second shadows and timber athlete not nobody would give a shit except for the fact that this decision was disputed like when a decision is disputed then people get excited about the rematch or someone gets fucked over like papua yeah nobody really wanted to see that again except for the fact that papua got robin the first five and when people ask me about that fight one when the patio eventually did when the title back this did you see if i were you i said i think patchy out one more convincingly when he lost trivial
that's funny does wanting you pack your watch him patio get knocked out by marcus is another one of those roberta doran moment i was a house a scary one crazy like you ever saw that mean you ve seen him get tagged scene of your dropped but did you just get practically punch just starched yeah that was an hour at tower kevin maroni got knocked out by alexis argyle same way that's right there it's ran arc way do good night kevin i remember on electronic whale meat is come back on it was like a b c why where the sport i on saturday afternoons far billy castelo in autumn antibodies like how she lacks seraglio back a memory when aaron prior came back and you still blind in one eye and they still get my license and whether you like it raising empire was blind in one eye legally binding one eye and they still get my license that's like the great all time boxing controversy write him and elect start whale when panama lou
sazen gimme the other bulgaria and i'm next day i gives its errand prior comes elegant demon there no no not that when the other one yeah what could you drink coke wasn't into cocaine ayala's liquid cope do they have a drink it i dont have they had a back than that but i know they have it now they have that these little advising type things aegis and you can also just doing it again i'll see you there was a shot in a bar liquid cocaine now i was at the name of its enable the shot like would go game what's in it i think like fuckin red ball horse shit when you shoot this liquid cook up your nose of workers like regular spoke of only doesn't like three times but i like it it didn't seem like a ways as effective and all it just seemed kind of like why not why why did they take you three times to be like our aid are not enough i mean it at the same time it was the same day meaning like this girl had it in as and when they make liquid cooking again
try to sort it it's just like it's just like flown aids whatever gatherings in your nose get it in there likewise in bottles yeah yes it's they that's how they make an attic they sell it that way it has girls can just put it in your purse and it doesn't look like you're going to the bathroom doing alone and it is poured out that's like this looks like advising yeah and then it nosing nosing gets really work cain culture you know we're talking about that last night to billy carbon guy who directed coking cowboys one and two i was thinkin smashing pumpkin different guy totally different guy but he yum in all those documentaries we're talking about them corbett c o r b in honey spell though smashing pumpkins early i am i am ba ion a working party its core again versus corbett carbon benson tune but we're talking about like florida that cocaine culture like
the cocaine culture the nineteen eighties from like whenever you get cocaine in the mix like like we were talking about that restaurant there we are the bar that we were all at once and scottsdale like we're there this bar you know our work in the tapie improv and we went out that night scottsdale and we're hanging out and broncos everyone's uncle game and i gotta you know this little mother all talking and they're all playlist knows and i'm looking around everywhere let people go like this do that i'm not i'll get some sort of nose issue but i've never done cocaine i'm almost sure when i'm on states sometimes it my nose issue it always on coke and what now what this fuckin knows jesus christ what to do with this novels i won't be i do lanes not lines you're welcome dies in this job brush you by jo rogan experience in italy too cool camry the upgrade huge you drink a little but you don't fuck with part in conflict with the now that i'm not a i've never had somebody haven't good expert i never had i never had a bad
there has been enough ahead of a good experience i had no experience and i was one every time i try to wait i was like yeah how to make a nothingness said i dont need in my life and nothing i felt nothing like i just felt zone doubt madame like it you might get ahold of some of that fuckin snoop dog weed those guys the smoke that oji cursed it's almost like a narcotic now de i didn't like the feeling of sluggish because i'm already icy fucked up again not a blessing and eight as it is is an enabler a hundred percent events had everything in affects different people in different ways i know people cantering coffee they drink up a coffin they fuckin oh yeah the walls they can't do it my pants i usually shouldn't right away after drink coffee and i'm good it's amazing how that works what's going on with coffee that makes you share the caffeine zone of india
why when i get up in the morning to drink a big bottled water and then i go down during my coffee and i'm drinkin this organic coffee again malibu there it's may delay coconut cream and fuckin coconut raw sugar and blah blah blah she get it from a local vendors gathers like those juicer if you go down you get a coffee had its is cold coffee two fucking great but it gets you wired oh like cold brood now we ve got some in the back some cold brood caveman often worries colebrook coffees interesting it takes a long time to make apparently tat when they out they don't make anyone like what do you mean you don't make it anymore i just took regular coffee admitted now it's not easy lofty no brew taste totally different what's the difference you have to talk to take about the process but it takes hours it does it's not something that takes like like you poor the hot water you mix and i like if you'd like a french press
which we use the use of french press you pour the water and you wait less than two minutes then you press it and poor and then the coffees ready but with that shit that cobra stuff you have to take a long time yet has once they're out for the day there out do you want some have some we have any back there i think some home with me i want taken who that's a good but this one i've already had one fuckin carving we wired gimmicks give us some cups jamie them try that shit we figure out what the fuck the differences i switched to americana instead of ice coffee and that's a huge difference that america is espresso just mixed with water or an ice coffee is brood like regular coffee but stronger what's it irishwomen americana camorra come on guys paint brush the mechanisms taste watery me that's for half the water a real india i like a spy says and i like coffee but it like america i always like to try
chinese as an indian guy tightly lad was they try means tee and indian so we won't be saying treaty will fixing really naturally malawi were so damn we don't give germany's earlier and explain at starbucks like what the fuck ever why still talking to us will make money here i also ask for an extra pump an extra pump of try me in my child but tom coffee being makes it better they actually use the spices and they make it the right way also die bucks is using centre waggling miasm should have liquid shit see caveman sells it in these containers and a ship to cold like look at that it looks like
this looks like a fuckin spray can yoga propane container analogous rapierlike multimedia bloggers bag ass with yeah this is because if you drink too much are they going to tag the bathroom told brew concentrate out this is concentrates we need to add water to this three waters to write a coffee you don't do it just the straits you its taste i just gotta get rainbow probably look lethal so russell peat is what's the latest i see you got a special common out my friend now why don't you just did a special not i'm on tour what was there i saw something oh no was special it was there's like some interview few that i was watching where people were they were saying how come you're how can people don't know you but you're so famous trying to figure out and i'm like time maybe people you're not hang around with my like russell peters sells out the
oh two arena in london two nights in a row you set up giant ass places and those watch this person interview you and they were saying like will how come you're not more known what east what is going on it's funny i that's why the tours called almost famous now that's we're gonna get that are limited so that there was probably why she was brain yeah a member i was i was doing good day new york a couple of weeks ago when i was there promoting those due in madison square garden ass a whole bunch of seconds all process to get their coffee opened uses weirded pull tab aren't you going now so doing good day new york and their alike the morning show people and so on famous i mean come on you're already famous i go out famous i'd be on good morning america recruitment fuckin good daily work is that famous like certain levels of fame like you have to be famous to get on good day new york
can we really fuckin femmes you can be mediocre early famous good danica i say i submit to you that you really want to be on good they need support and not a good morning america because of your famous enough we have good morning amerika you probably getting annoyed more like a piano probably like like tom cruise beyond good morning america then fuck endued can't go to the store you think tom cruise and grow the grocery store probably because i think he's deceptively short and people in expecting that like the data to veto short you think you think i heard his prey short any debate or making a top gun too i think people say that should probably because it shows a hearty spy seven thus our j more says no more satisfied mine a really but gmo never noted how tallest tom cruise sure don't know shit tom crisis i feed seven just talk
that's a pretty sweet is my how weird siri one syria that why did i wish first of all if i could identify nevermind siri syria siri can actually answer that now before siri would like send you to google now like ask and answer she answered boy crazy have fancied it's much more improved right series act useful now they keep on doing updates to were also where they don't how tall is brian red ban what i found on the web for how tall is brian ribbon if it's the first thing that says red been first of all i will ask about you as altos russell peters skill and see if she knows it was would try to figure out if you're famous that's right this is done lasting bites after that process again along like liquid or like cold espresso how tall is russell peters let me have a lock
ok i found this on the web for how tall is russell peters trial how's your rug says i'm five ten i'm actually says the auto oil programme ok i found this on the web for how tall we just figured it tom cruise its game there now famous how tall is canoe west checking my sources that doesn't make sense you know it as everyone knows tom quest is five feet ten inches taller private kindly were rumours cotonou as this famous does the difference that and say one who call siri and you say how tall is bright red ban and series is brian ready as five feet eight inches taller than time to quit isn't i too famous you fucked up we're all grow at the right amount
family were under the wire that's what you want to be when we under the wire you wanna unanimity that fuckin do that's no out their john travolta in it at nice as partners at night time after his wife maybe they may have an arrangement and if they do yeah pollyanna down in florida robin it margaret flooring things are happening over there for i've only heard floors is indifferent differ world where we're talking about that last night you weren't which differ world two totally different world there while people man has elapsed who put shit like the news like your father florida man twitter feed what is this its awesome floored among find that some fuckin hello it's all things that a man in florida is getting arrested for recently they keep track of all the rest on twitter
it is this florida woman as well by the way that the tweet the guy on the front has tattoos all over his face cops pull up to five florida man pointing gun at naked neighbour overlap music it's like daily say florida man vandalized psychic girlfriends car after she tells him dead grandmother will return to rape him in his sleep i mean if you dare grandmother is gonna come back i mean she's got come back to do that yardstick it's a super entertaining twitter feed another ms stripper genius have you of your red stripper genius i'm i'm missing out a lot i am my social media now very let limited stripper genius is also true it's like people who work in strip clubs they like here things at a hilarious and then put them on stuart do they sent him to strip a genius
we started we started a couple of my friends and i then we just abandoned them a baby s heart some fake ones what would you have one is one was what was called it was like wrong tweets are sometimes like we were just as i am a disaster would happen we would send out like some sort of it was called off color tweets we started have you read yes your racist yes your raises is really good they fund like super racist share the peopled tweet like i'm not raises but and then also fuck you ve really jeff and so yes like their ancient disclaimer exactly yes your racist was going off during the ferguson riots that's like i'm not gay but yeah see these are really fun man always i'm not trying to be racist but come the fuck on why did we end segregation if this would be the outcome yeah
then it's like thing here last night on the machine the chocolate milk kid hilarious he our teeth with what the actual fuck w t f not try and sound racists but why is a black i black hair playing annie while they can even lead fictional characters change well it would wear who was it moves man at the black james bond coming out a lot of people are the man eater elbows and be the new black minis british autonomy is met all the criteria should be you should just be british while such because that daniel craig was the best whenever wanting seniority was i believe that he was a killer i got believe there is i guess it was a first guy believed at honourably roger more reginald are liars loafers ashine cotonou is back in the day was a different sort of character but like the kind of guy the day you craig played like i really believed was actually
there is not even a rush what it would he can't why can they make to at the same time one of the bar there is not even rush what it would he can't why can they make to at the same time one with a black eye woman why guy illegally who gives a fuck what are you a check we have a james bond when could be james bail baha margaret show my it show as james bond just rename named james bond for comparative crazy named james bond she's angry such kicks mash worse for the european secret service just have to be korean yeah they don't like i don't like change people don't like change would it i'll say are what it says that james bond is eyes white and scottish that's who james bond is i know it's raises two probably even point this out and then daniel craig wasn't scottish excellence and broadcasting but
french i need to get on with it right he continued the franchise needs to be hit the franchise needs to get with the twenty first century that's right we had fifty years of white bonds because bond is white barn is was never black that's it seems very stupid thinking not to sound racists but i hate when black bitches thank you supposed to be their shared of them like which i will pop you black vetches is already a bad start to that sentence if cops are out to kill black people why are so many murders alive and prison oh my god the others there's a lot of the man i like twisted
logic these this is actually the real problem with reading these things you go down a rabbit hall when you go to like yes your racist or some i found you gonna rabbit all because you'll find someone that right something really racist and legal rights and then you click on their page and you go there page like of fuckin christ that's all just a race shit it's like all fuckin dom raises shit and then you see the people that their retweet in gaol missy this great yeah they there's gonna be a deep swimming pool of intelligence happening there yet this is a bad one woof i just went down a bad one i just did it and if you if you go down these things you don't really speeds how do you fix this fuckin guy how to fix a guy who's that fuck him racist and the problem is now they have outlets exactly
many too many fuck and mental cases have outlets nowadays and that there is a weird free expression thing i community can do whatever you songs or not saying hate speech is it is it hate speech if europe if europe saying derogatory negative things or is it only hate speech if you're if you're saying that there should be violence against them and are now it sets a tough cod plans on how you ask in that one year i mean it's obviously racist right but at what point would they remove it from a website for being day dresser inflammatory ord or all of that recommend inflammatory really inflammatory for sure but unlike what point like you know you can't threatened someone and say you know i will come to your house and i will fucking kill you you can't say that you can see i could say somebody should because they are mike is a fucking moron i'm so tired of his stupid shit he sought unknown could stop that but can you say all white people like mike or fuckin
morons and untidy surely you go right you can't write began most people let that slight but if you start saying like all black people are fucking morons and he put out an website like what ok what's goin on what would we allow like in any start using slurs all nigger specks all and i started going down that road all cakes i seen a lotta anti semitic shit online when the israel things going down israel palestine things going down a lot of people angry for sure mean this obviously was a horrible tragic situation to have these countries at war at all these people innocent people dying but and that i read a lot of fuckin anti semitic showed that there was an only do not suffice but you know you know they ironic part about that is is that their both semites that is true they are pointless emblematical religion service anti semitic may guided decipher the white
the brown once in a while i had a bit about that in two thousand six in my shiny happy jihad than that and if you watch if you watch like israel and palestine tv it's hard to figure out who the fuck is who i go you gotta brown skin do darker hair thrown rocks at a brown skin it dark curly hair holding a machine gun at how the fuck higher powered ones r are u s backed be compared to the air sisters the year the williams satellites noiseless i can't tell us who is one of them is bigger nor clydesdale ass they are media ass good lord one comes from great horse stock from fantastic athletic stock do would you ever be into dating a really powerful check like that i got a check that like you if there was someone chasing you shoot out run you
could you out run serene away and not those shoes housing opponent couldn't imagined not i've emma but she could outrun most men right i mean if you that's a factor i remember you don't you she's an athlete and end if you're not an athlete the letter when that raise its worst i think if you're dating an athlete and cheese and you're a comic and she's money or than you then that's bad that's really where you could draw the locking yeah i know dues his girlfriend suggests find their way onto comedy like down dude maybe manner maybe the can figured out and that's where the guy keeps neurons do you think it's way harder for a check their way out of reject do calmly right it's not harder for them to do it it's harder for the audience to accept but i think that that time has passed sing now too because there has been enough funny women out their consistently enough that that you don't do that fuck a chair
never by member when i started twenty five years ago when a girl would walk and say to really let's go to the bathroom but now in other women overstepped it up and they ve gotten out of the out of their comfort zone of manner down they just their disdain shit yeah there's a lot of that for sure this definitely the best time for women's kommeni best time for comedy i think ever people have really you your new shit that i saw you worked on last night i was like god dammit joe can hate you for being that brilliant i will thank us for really good you guys don't now finally is it well meant that that crunch of putting out a cd or putting on a special and then the crunch of coming up with a whole new our x the fun park makes you be creative emine we gotta work it i've been doing two sets a nine three sets an idea but although not learn muslin did monday i'm doing tonight i'm doing more in our society
if you have you just keep hammering out like that good things happen since we hide around it out and you can't sounded out in your head now you get well you can definitely gets some bits that are almost already like right from your head you come up with em you write em down like others this work you know yet you know there's a work somebody use that to wedge between these two things i'm trying to work exactly as i always do that i was some guys will go up with a completely like empty like sat like that none of the stuff they ve tribe or by almost always try new things out in between stuff that nor any word yet you have to i mean you're not up there to bomb that's that's you know that's not our that's our fucking it's a trick to trick you little type will dan you do the right it's like you deafening don't want a bomb we continue to the old stuff you know works good i'm in the middle of a two hour so i'm you know i am at this point
where i want to go on stage but i dont want to cheat the audience in front of me and do the stuff that's already in my act right now read at the same time i'm not thinking about new shit yet i am thinking about wanting to do new shit but i am also not like you know i don't wanna fuck my own up by going do on the spot bombing but where would i go see that tourism is shit and i saw where you do in these giant fuckin theatres and they also do in clubs die think that's so important we were talking about that last night too that the intimacy of comedy clubs it's like you can't it again candid around its the best environs stand up yet like fuckin prostitutes your whole life than thinking you're making love to a woman that's interesting way opponent won't do you need a real woman to make love to that's is out of the chemicals railwaymen near calmly comes around one where you get what you know then their real men whenever it is your into a twinkle whatever whatever makes you happy the matter to judge and just hear ledger be happy sauce right red ban to be
you playing with tony last night by the way with some of the final issue where you call him out on the gay voice killed tony the pod casual goes did last night at the common store russell was the gas it was a really fun episode tony hook tony was trying to do an impression of a gig and then went back to his own voice and it was the exact same voice sounded like hey though is not right and i'm like do that's the same your gave voice is irregular bored so body porthos his club it's not easy being narrow looks like one of those movies in the sixties member what everybody was long enough to get in the alley jean kelly you know he is i'll tell you something i could slip between an elevator reticent about the indiana jones is grabbing his hat and in turn you could just fly through it he's gotta
at about someone giving them an insult and tell them that it looks like a guy was sleeping had on fixes the breakfast if i can like you could see where those guys like nikobob crane and type dude from back or not got any nutrients ya back day those fuckin dude they didn't get any food people tiny shit you know the average person during world war three or not were more three during the civil war was like a hundred twenty five thirty five pounds tat was the average man we would have been fuckin giants bahama guileless must everybody the ridiculous book matthew marginal we're heavyweights bag in that they will have one hundred and sixty eight hundred seventy per a rocky marciano one eighty one eighty per hundred eighty make eight maybe in this prime as heaviest and whose only five ten there's a heavyweight in the world now we got six six one we could go massive human super athlete that's why they're there that's when the the limits of super heavyweight they should have done you see like brown
lessons making to come back to you have seen and he's he's well over three hundred pounds and yes to cut wait to get down to sixty five what does he have to be to six if i don't know look i don't even know if he's really going back to the sea without all the rumours are all over online to talk russian iraq losing weight to get to the you have done fr i was sitting on the other unfortunately on block bucklers neuron wessner and he s e m punk and i don't like you should have brought listener brok lesser one the title you can call enema what i call a blonde fairy sound prize is value grazing gotten over brok really is gonna come back baby does only so exciting but i think they should have a super heavyweight these novel dishevel women's in forty five they should not have a women's there's a there's a midway between what what what what are the one fifteen one twenty five and in their ban and we obviously so i don't have to a close and gets away there needs to be something
between those two yeah i agree i think it will one twenty or something i think will be one twenty five at a single we one fifteen one twenty five one thirty five and hopefully one forty five they need to get cyborg and the u have see before prime is out the answer is still an ever batteries diarrhoea before it all ends they should all seven overweight class like the old days that the big fat with a big tank abbot yankees win our bureau and urged the big however we take thought nobody really far below to sixty five but i think from the day super heavy way would be to sixty five in above can kind of weird they u have to lose weight for a heavyweight fight they dont the aid they do the whole purpose of being have you this don't have to lose weight man isn't the whole purpose of being a heavy ways that you the biggest guy in the world like irregular they get it wrong it on an yeah so i think it should be like to sixty five and above that that's it makes sense to me super heavyweight that that that be for override cause any good decide where it wants to be he can't do that
is the only way he's ever gonna be able to fight that have ease of reduces set a gateway allegedly india you stay that way class the laser ruddy that's a huge then they never allow a class they just didn't have way classes so when we started imposing weight classes there wasn't really enough talent a two hundred and sixty five above two hundred and sixty five but then we justify having a super heavyweight cuz if you have like so it save you have a super heavyweight and you have such a giant slob who is like a mediocre but he's big enough to fight to prevent he becomes your champion as like that look you want to have like what's his name their fuckin they can picture when i just got knocked out who was never been knocked up for fat heavyweight you have seen gaia snail monogamy mollet mullet burger king facchino all roy nelse rhinoceros nelson yeah really really should be fighting it to a five or you know him
and if he got really wean fucking might india will make one eighty five because he's whan like you know to fifty two sixty and he's got the big giant got now reaches lost that got and all that access for i think i think he would get knocked out again them a lot of you think so you think it it protects them being overweight think it does and what these guys out a little bit its heart its heart you know it's hard to how do you shoot on a guy who's fucking god is the first thing you're gonna hit by a hard got two yes a big man yeah no man licence food mad at him for it i was shocked when it got knocked out though i were and shocked because use fightin hunt in the hunt is so slick he so slick mean he's been beaten by junior beat him and now beat him but when it comes skilled skill hunt first voyage forty years old and i know he fought for decades i'm on my mark hunt for ever remember my pride and yeah so
i have some losses those some guys gonna beat him and in overdue biederman a brilliant performance but when he's on and smooth and striking with me you can't keep that rhythm he'll fuck you up he he did it to check congo in congo had the chain of fuckin was crystal bends wars allow those guys in about time they get to the eu see about time they get to major that's like what happened militia croak up you know you're right wars were and pride and he was so fuckin dominant he was same guy he's its funding kickboxing ores many emma may i think he's fighting emma may on new year's is fighting issue the olympic games analysed and judo issues out of
you and i may fights if what fate organ knocked out by fate or want to favour its last fights debates wasn't somebody trying to taunt fate or attempt fade order come back yet bela tore which is the you have seized like nemesis well competition authority there were there with via communist stiff fuckin billion stars began they might come up with them russian oligarchy type money because if they bought out we're thinking they bought out fate or and then they are bid the usa to get brok listener brok listener versus phaedr enveloped or federal killing is insult them no matter how old vader fatalism
fuck it animal he prime outs i would agree with you but i think they're both out of their prime now which would make what what would make an interesting and with experience behind a minute and all that in a most likely i agree with you the variables are brok lester how much is even training in this time off how motivated is he to actually make come back as something that's been eating away at him or is it just a bunch of bullshit rumours mean i haven't talked to him i haven't talked dana i'm doing is written shit and the internet are trying to talk today about the cost of unless in person and ass i find out this weekend and i'm tellin you people shit spoil me aside labour but if it is true i wonder what is the motivation like how much more just think it i want to resolutely more orders the others like this burning desire diana the thing i think i think he doesn't have as much money as he thought he'd have right now you think and it's like you know what one more fight nice paycheck us it out
maybe whilst no deals to pay you know he feels that the diver tick the lightest steady hand where they had twelve inches of his calling removed he feels it that was of a huge limiting factor and they know four hundred percent that way i mean you know that's it wouldn't you can eat seeds and and stuff like that that's what that's what it is diverted killings immune telling now that's what causes it that's a triggers sometimes seized newer right now because it day they wear stock it gets stuck and eat and somehow perforates europe you're intestines stuff what there is apparently there's a bunch of causes for the other ones are you get develop access as if you eat too much protein run a fiber people get backed up and sticks there and that's probably lechner couldn't see less not taking giant bites meat and not even join them just look just down download an alligator she now just to show off take to me just goblet down that's tough kids
you know what i want to try it you ve you ve hunted wild pig yeah i'm really wanna tell someone how right as some are brought some than france my daddy's about it smoke it put it on the smoker so good minorities the wild boar in india and realistic manage it was because it's better than any pork you have read manila what's a different color twitter and but he says so delicious tasty you get pig from the supermarket and it's like this pinkish remember their saint pork the other white meat that never that supposedly white that for that i have now white at all that when their eating natural foods like acorns and stuff like that they develop is dark skin that's like and when you buy salmon from the supermarket a lot of time if they don't die at its pale and so they re actually put die in the flesh to change to the customer accustomed to but that color there were accustomed to his because of their diet its causes shrimp today they eat the shrimp that makes there
gin like an actual orange car and it's very similar to what happens with peacocks or not peacocks flamingos flamingos that pink color that flamingos have comes from the bugs the trip and anonymous so when you see pork and the grocery store at pale color that some fuckin prison pork its import this aside that that that that wasn't that was act to death did you see that video put on twitter a few days ago of this guy used a drone to fly over these pork factories and find out what kind of a fuckin holocaust camp the running their oh it's far dude it's
fuck they have these lakes i mean just literally lakes of urine in shit toxic lay every their underneath these pigs is like these great and a shit and peasant goes in this final and flows into this like artificial lake that they create of shit and piss and it's like right next these houses with his pigs live just jammed next to each other i think i just quit eaten parked i really do i think i equity imports in that one of them a fan of the poor delicious or put me i think i need to go only wild pork their smart man in other not die my cows now when you take pigs stuff in manila valley there experiencing some some real torture embassy pigs being transported on the freeway suppressing and their passing like an hour after passing disneyland or something the pigs gonna fuck we're gonna disneyland at her
you believe in evolution i know you don't but made up but if you big proponent what if you believe in evolution and you think damning i'm sick you know not a real question but if you believe in evolution new think that things eventually like we at one point in time our ancient ancient ancestors were some sort of monkey right or even before that some other mammal because it's in the radio lab and they were they were talking about post post impact crater like when the impact hit the yucatan killed all done others like what mammal survived that became the wheat became human beings eventually there's like this weird rodent thing as we're large borrowing a rodent that meant survive after the asteroid impact so that became a person who's on the internet would have pigs get smart enough with a start talking may live if we keep eating pigs
next couple thousand years and pigs is slowly figure out a way through mutation are selective breeding their figure away too may play their tongues the point when it gets like express themselves please please please let me out here i'll tell a chicken for you i'll show you i'll show you where the cowslips mamma dont don't don't turn to this don't do it don't swear we need to wait for pigs to understand consequence we need to wait for pigs to express effect they don't want to be there like we know the dolphins are super smart we don't give a fuck if they comply with unknown yea i do want to fish we have to flip like we know their smartly there like people smart i dolphins are stupid smart we don't you fuck and compassion
yes and they ve never till the person dolphin safe people there or think there was one sort of rogue dolphin kill the person you i remember reading about to see their last year some some i know killer whales have killed a bunch of that that's definite that's there that's in their name but there was a rogue dolphin or killed someone while often kills people the one with a pocket knife he was gone matters the dark side dolphins hugo dolphins attack humans at dolphins are brien red bans by this is that the hard thing they ray bill custody of don't kill each other's babies is the most fucked up a thing about dolphins everybody's got a vice joe
dolphins really are assholes the famous for killing killing their own babies you know not theirs was somebody else's the dolphin became infamous for killing a swimmer wow thirty people were attacked by this one dolphin dick while so this is like some like super aggressive dolphin his name is t i m o t i was a females a solitary female blue knows dolphin that resided in a town in brazil the dolphin became famous for killing a swimmer and injuring many others while till the swimmer ouch kills war poverty held him down came up snouted m o c she
hilda drunk in all they were harassing the dolphin bodega there's two people well hello harassing dolphin one guy's name is wilson and one's name was joe and they were harassing and possibly attempting to restrain the dolphin dolphin broke the ribs of wilson and killed chow whose later found to be drunk after this incident a dolphin briefly left but returned to the beach others wild dolphin too that's interesting man although assholes there were assholes and they were fuckin wrestling with his dolphin don't fuck with animals drunk bitch does happen add a new book that i highly recommend about dolphins called wet goddess but it's available on amazon it's about a better relationship is it like person in the fifty shades of grey for dolphins really is actually read it now i'm already i just got it just delivered today by its i hear it let god so far during by two of em
you can never have too many i like the coverage is like it's kind of like a scrap book with a dull why did you buy two why did you buy to adjust for like it's not gonna be effort it's actually ralph and holding onto it you're gonna be a quarter from often porn or look at this i mean like used are going sixty one dollars you see i think that's a big market like this with all hundred wives and work that is probably not however back that's gotta been hard copy that's to actually get the dolphin the fuck you code it's underground fucking about us spout on that dolphin it is by the book and inside the book just directions to this place in san diego that's what we're things about people when it comes to stuff like like a dolphin poor some like that you would think woeful who the fuck would be into that and then he put on mine and attracts a whole community
next thing you know is what message board all filled with people who are talking about their dolphin porn and the dolphin love and their kinship of you ve heard about that somebody they don't wanna be judged by being akin to certain animals they feel their fox kin like they feel connected to a fox like device i dont i can't i can sort of understand or certain agree i did this movie a few years ago and i had to write an elephant in it and when i standing there with the elephant the way the elephant was looking at me and i was looking at her i really felt guys like really love you out like a genuinely felt like i think a crush on this elephant not an a sexual way more like i just want to hug you in love you trainers have to fall in love with their animals a lie to understand when they beat them unlike start click and eating and what that spiked fuckin stick your their people that believe that they are a kin
like they're somehow or another they should have been this animal inside of a person you know some people think that they were born male but they really should have been a woman some people think that they were born a person but they it has been an elephant but the shetlands that's that's a little mental is it though the judge buckskin people don't people don't understand does it is old tumblr blog about it good lord do they try to manifest physically into these things well some of those folks that are philosophies or ferries loved no gabriel these families love me some of those people i'm sure that's what they're doing their wishes they actually were somewhere and animal yeah i think that's escapism what are you i think a lot of what people do is escapism include being in the shit that everybody just accept i being
the dungeons and dragons that's escapism being cosplay that's escapism are you what point do we decided fucked up like it's ok if you want to address and reenact a civil war wise it fucked up if you want your tenure fox i do not a soldier from eighteen hundred douche bag you're an asshole who wishes south one you put on some ancient stuff and using a musket right that's what you do on what a wise and why is that ok for you to pretend you were born an era with no internet for you to pretend you're born the time it is no cars that's ok but it's not ok we're tenure fox pay sometimes it's not ok to be a fox live and let live love living let thy idiosyncrasy determinator dad tat i know used on the new today they found some hikers that got went missing last night and the fucking idiot girl
we like and she had no shoes on and then their interviewing hereafter after and she's like well you know we went to sleep last night and then my shoes off and there was a spy near by and really quite a fox and they think the fox though my shoes the fucking wilderness keep your shoes on i saw what he trying to be respectful to the dirt that you're lying i've got some drama my house my money or some shit i'm really tell me this last night a chaotic ran off with one of my chickens i saw i was this were its that's not even the most fucked up our historic my yard my yard to set up this is the back area and then there's this one acre like wooded lot and as trees is huge place where my dogs hang out and they have the best yard it's like incredible yards huge there's player for them to run around but the reality is
when i'm at work or now and no one's home or you know maybe the dogs are inside they won't be outside plan thereby themselves for hours and hours at a time and i think they become friends with a fucking coyote i think the coyote has weasels his way into their friendship i think this cut costs deserve my dogs are friendly dogs so i think what has happened is that coyote gotten close to them like stays in the outside the fence they bark at him and he hangs out and doesn't show any fear and then eventually comes in nay like you know they like come to each other or maybe even goes in there and hangs out with them i don't know colleagues can jump fences like crazy i've watched him do it it's amazing like i watched him jump the fence with a chicken in his mouth and eyes like well these motherfuckers or they're just not liked or their wily there so smart so anyway what i think happened hears it so here's a story i see fuckin fox i sort coyote rather i see him running with
in his mouth while i'm playing una with my daughter's right we're playing cards and i'm looking out the window about requires gravel chicken i run a dongle hey he doesn't give up the nome king got that chicken he's good means gonna eat a whole chicken a full grown and he's psyched right that's a meal and a half hour coyote and he jumps over the fence and run out again and then my wife scream fucking dog is over with a chicken in its mouth and like white the dog had gone not of his side of the yard gun over to where the coyote was and help the coyote he embarking coyote wasn't upset the coyote was there the coyote ran off for the chicken and johnny how to chicken in his mouth just like a guy you another one i could i couldn't flock and believe it but you gotta be careful because i'm coyotes are funding up your dog to to eat it yet while his huge he's a hundred forty pounds and understood and they're gonna get a group from the
having my glistened guys i know i'm a feast debts and take a lot of work you should get some trail on a war dude death is on coming it's gonna happen there's gonna be some destruction in my art but the point being like i took me while the figure it would happen figure out how we got out and the way he got out was there's two fences and one fence has this latch that was open then he got to the second one the second one has is weird door or if you like wiggle it the latch pops up and he just go through and if he knows how to do that these pre smart he wiggles a door he showed me how he got thrown like all you motherfucker and then i followed him and american mad at him because its view like just made a friend you know that's all right i could potentially having killed it's possible you just made friends with a gang them is primarily of the it is definitely possible its if if he was a small doggedly waymore tariff know daddy t bones my friend
he's an enormous dog but what is he is a master for regency master right half pit bull have neapolitan master their big dogs but remember when i meet he's a big sweetie he's a very very nice dog but he killed a chicken can step up your check chicken fence game like it's gonna be have to be more than that doesn't matter caused we can get over like ridiculous fences like vague they do weird shit like first are they figure out where there's high spots in the ground and they bounce to the high spartan and over the fence watched leave are like the parker animals yeah they really are the way he left there is dad you in my back yard and he leaped up put his feet on the statue on an over the fence and he did it like he's done it a thousand times which probably has so real it's almost like a vampire sneaking out of your daughter's window in the mill and i like ok we got a problem here this motherfucker has become friends with my dog you needed to set up a tree
hunt that motherfucker anywhere we gotta figure out some do because the dogs are at used in somewhat danger because he will eat i mean whether or not he thinks there you know his friends or heat cons them into thinking there's runs the coyote knows he's wild he knows those are pets he it's probably just too much danger to try to attack the dog by himself you know when you have a big giant over the big head that dog is just too much power you oughta do his bite you break your leg and new maimed and even if you get away you probably won't be old ketch anything in eating your starve to death dogs and coyoats are totally different animals kyle's are acutely aware danger involved in any altercation so they're very widely to very sneaky and how they set things up but i'm almost positively dog and my coyote or are other mike tireless coyote my daughter friends which is really fucked you allowed to hunt coyote that legal i do not know if you can hunt them but can you just kill one rate
yeah i think like was not going around where the laws for killing tyres in california not given silencer we can talk about this and by silence i mean somebody who just tells you to because i think what i'm probably gonna do is hire someone to deal with it because i'll get the road runner there's probably like organizations that they do it you know a couple of georgia's peace on the code will have that will they have problems without all the time with pets like they have coyotes that common neighbourhood to start killing a ton of pets we are talking about here we will act as tyrant community in this retirement community they had some oddly numbers in arizona there's like thirty attacks one year on pets by coyoats where people were walking the pets they realise these people were old and they can't walk so good and they just like free lunch and its run up to him still
dug its also scary judges that the fact that there is a kyoto in your yard and if your daughter's outside lange and theirs is crazy coyote rooms and shit will they will need not even rabies did you see some small and therein if there really hot will my daughter's never buy themselves totally but you gotta be careful there is a five year old kid was attacked in big bear this last year his fuckin is dad had a pull the coyote offline that code it bit the kid language take him down five year old yeah that dude the i sit there in pretty bad bank also but i have such a high fence i don't think there's i do i hear them and in like there's a huge pack of a mighty near my house and one i know standing on the balcony at night i could hear them and make an older fuck a noise and then i heard a dog barking and there are more than a year and then silence it was just quite dead asked
yeah we'll figure with the laws are very real care my neighbour has horses so i don't like taking a message horse so much now horse to big we all need to do is get kicked but also a horse or kill him yeah i had a dog s foot broken my horse uses to curious no horse once pomp to stop does you're thinking a horse you know i'm not in the horses pony for the baby's i would like to i mean i like horses like dollar got a pet them but i'm not in writing animals at all like we have cars the system but i'm not into this relationship or my balls rub it on your back tell me what i wrote a horse once when i was like thirteen and i remember how much my balls hurt a brand new then your balls didn't have the balls they are then the beatings they ve taken nothing and hang on either side of the pony
a case it is there's an article on coyote removal in suburban areas interesting kyoto move on suburban areas once coyoats have lost their fear of humans or have started behaving aggressively health and safety has it exists usually it can be remedied only by the removal of one or two or more one or more of the coyotes typical typically coyote removal in urban or suburban areas conducted by predator control professionals who shoot coyotes that capture them in padded leg hold traps or snare so i got to hire some other captured coyotes must be destroyed as relocating problem coyotes would incur unacceptable liability and risk on the part of the agency involved and relocation is illegal without prior approval of the california department fish and game so you have to kill them one with a was the law though no never peters listening i don't think we'll listen man if they are peter you kill a lot of fuckin cats and dogs area wakening equality is key to get
the truth you can and you can eat them they are gross and they most likely have diseases have to cut the shit out of it but stephen ella cooked in indicating pulled a video ups pretty fucked up vanilla added its studies a hierarchy he said it was like diver duck which doesn't really help me and has no meaning gaming is the only one we understand yeah gamey is usually it's just the way they treat it s like or the way they are rather on processed meat from killing it to actually eating it go allows to it to get spoiled or warm or the tarsus gland from the animal can get like at sir now first when there and he like a lot of times if you get dear you're getting dear
in the other the coyotes they're burning and on the other the fire you can they won't pull us from you too you can play this authority on youtube now yeah but we get pulled from youtube all the time for shit but this will only be an answer taxing pushed a parent carrier is as perfectly good as it ever gonna get all that's left to do is to do with real nice doesn't look bad its meat in omits well seasoned i just got the taste of what a child of what its fatty i mean like dry fat guy like that gotta get rich like iran turkey lay where's like dr still doubt that jargon
very highly is a lawyer in limbo so they wonder homemade sloppy joes of this but you could make pulled bork of this would barbecue sauce you never ever ever know that's great i think everything takes better barbecue says there's a website called peter kills animals and peter has killed more than thirty three animals since ninety ninety eight thirty
thousand thirty three thousand thirty three is not really a high number of thirty three thousand animals since ninety ninety eight these are dogs at peter euthanize and discarded in north carolina dumpster woe hausa oh my god is photographs of fact yeah why i think there's like they run on a resources like they dont know warm while there's a report about how many the vat peter swiftly kills the vast majority of the dogs and cats in its care while it seems like a good just pick up alive motion detector trail cams sitting run out in like get your bo into shoot it when it and that they did
after goes off the abbe gotta be careful about the legality of the of like shooting a weapon in an urban or suburb and i think that's what their fears at your many issued a human yet while you are you in on yannick deafening hit something else if not mess you're not supposed to do that you gotta get a tramp i'm just gonna hire somebody alone fuckin go out indiana jones on this chaotic grandma side in a degree work plus i don't wanna get fuckin invested in this thing and that weird way there's gotta be some sort of coyote removal service that's an expert electrical fence light mild current do next i have kids and i have chickens and i have this all sorts of stuff going on have you been everett chickens are the chickens freaking out like they're not happy two of them were dead and the other ones have to be fought freaked because they saw
in prague and now my dog is fuckin public enemy number one my wife a supermarket until she loves the chickens dragged from which issues we are that he did you bark at the cairo ages ran over there was hanging out with them this body let's go warfare this dirty smarter shit who was at last was arenas easy there was thomas the story of the coyotes had a fake limp like these quotas were walking in front of this am this area with a face the lamp and knows a scar brothers scarborough it in there the coyotes is walking from his dog with a fake lamp and the dogs bargain run up to the fat and the guy goes out to grab is dogged stop it sees the coyote there and looks down the end of the driveway and there's a other coyotes eating so what this cairo was gonna do bade him i pretended limping like they walk like their limp and the dog comes out the chase them they run down and the other countries
bang that's what i'm saying that's why i'm worried for you dog it's possible but he seems to be buddies with them like is not trying to kid nobody is unilateral and that's how reagan's i've kind of how they friend them you know i'm sure look if they could they would eat em but like i said he i have another dogged look they'll kill for sure he small his own like forty pounds or fifty at the most how big is brutus fifty five days i beg you not like that is news brutus is as names mister booth that's what does he say a limp piracy off while he's got arthritis those allow those weird breeds like english bulldogs those crazy phases those dogs
and they re the shit out of own they breed them to the point where the like a good majority of them have health issues like a lot of them have problems with their noses they alot of map proms breathing a lot of them have problems with their hips they have like arthritis issues and he's half she billina so his pride better off in some of mar cause he's got a little she billina went on which is like a sort of a pretty agile little dog but poor little guy previously ronald chills too sweet dug the fuck him up though that's a definite he came couch exhibitions thank him i tash shouldn't a little one june wise ever dining frank sinatra another dog named squeaky from this he's judge asked them if he's the best he so sweet elsie he's eight slightly sign up there for a big dog crusher that i'm going
started already problems now who's yemeni where little bit he's got a little bit arthritis but put fish oil and his diet and helps that quite a bit fish was amazing anti inflammatory man put down their diet keep them away from grain based diets that's big to a lot of those a lot of those dog food by their cheap they have a lot of filler in them and that fucks with dogs and of arthur honest people were very similar in a lot of ways like their certain foods that cause inflammation and people and something with dogs but i find that fish oil makes a difference i give them fish oil per squeak get it from the grocery store or the pet food stores and you scored it on their food yet dogs now i've no pets not that's nice have fun crazy parties whereby they get evident honor that's it she has a cat she heard ex wife have a little can i got a new kitten did you i will actually really like
i got it for my daughter my daughter broke her arm which daughter the six year old she broke her arm and she was at school and doing the monkey bars which is how i broke my arm same age and at his little girl so sad and she so united were cast we said when you gave castoff we'll get you can use them gave her like this thing look forward to you today geller breeder just might get another rag doll ashley logos randalls therefore like a house cat there the best there so sweet like you pick em up
star perennial limp on yeah they just like always want to be around here my daughter's can't print like loves my daughter like just follows around there where she goes and you see any picture my daughter sleeping the cats right beside or at all times one pa on her just to make sure she doesn't go anywhere sprinkle that's a door that's adorable but then will bite her at all times my daughter was just fuck with it yeah my cat scratched should i my four year olds one she was picked will they pick her up like she's a stuffed animals for europe doesn't get it six year old gets it with four year old like things like transfer can do whatever i want with you extra bit this loan nubs clause they have like these rubber things yeah i have them on spaz on the old cat she's she's not much time left man might all this candidate sums nineteen jesus should be nineteen and like a few months go drinkin canada that eighteen eighteen and nineteen canada so much better
in that way that so smart vienna pretend kids arc and drank it eighteen agreed on it is a very were dead jealously governed law that one in america twenty one year old drinking asia i think really puzzle the shit out of me i would rather have eighteen year old drinkers and twenty one year old drivers or twenty one year old gun owners and eighteen old trick yeah i would really like i'm way more concerned with you being an idiot driving a car than i am you being an idiot just driving or just drinking right so if you're getting like eighteen year old kids bottom fl jobs obviously so you know the fuk sum up with a need to drive but i think that i'm more concerned with them driving a fucking car at sixteen and drinking illegally that i am with thee you now just just being able to drink at eighteen a sixteen year old girl on the highway texting driving did i watches
sixteen year old boy the other day weaving lanes and i thought it was hammered and i got next and looked at his car and you just sit in electors while his driving texting turning its imposing late at night you now try to texas girlfriend you sneak out the window to meet her in the fire meter in the swing set so much the monkey bird break a bone i mean how many parents who just fucking taken ambience at night go to sleep and the kids just sneaking out gettin dick or given it a given dick or get an end given dick i was lucky i was allowed to sleep over my girlfriends house a different school district at the age of sixteen fifteen in order come areas let you why her dad would come and wake us up a black burn you gotta wake up because i have to wake up at rise you will be in bed together yet would be laying enjoy your mouth it was weird ray we're all mine i can t yet we are fucking she's the one i had at my first threesome with that girl that i think the whole family which is very
frankie fares liberal and then there's just luck and fuck it ever he dad got the dad that would wake us up is one of the richest guys in the united states is really in fact warren buffett kid the deal what am i a judge you fuck that up remember after the three summit everything always whenever i hear that three summit to checks you don't really now night talking a friend my it said that to me like can't be malter offers gonna let him have three sons and i said i had a jug about that i haven't a friend comptes tell you that he's about to have three sums is like having to frank him up to tell you that he's starting to make his own bombs like that's gonna blow up in your face yeah i he can have even if your girls trying to be cool hey when we think about bring
let's not think about their leave that the fuckin whores they want to do that or the professionals for hands it's the emotions volume the way they can't handle it meant it it sounds good on paper to them i have a friend that was dating a girl while they were dating the beginning we weren't very serious had a threesome together with his friend and then kept dating and then eventually got married and got closer and closer and like we can't you know like became like a serious item and i go how do you get over the fact that your friend was fucking your mouth while your bank from behind like this which guys did us i just it just is it it's amuse laughin will you start your gazing at our raises its head just is meeting he's good friend but i mean a friend was over the house and i was watch the interaction you know like the free i was over and
he's there with his wife and a friend came over and she hugs the friend and he hugs the franco my yo ho ho a bottle of rum memories work i guess time heals but is it a paint while how what was the time difference i managers manoeuvres that's nothing i'm eight or nine years but time you get over it but it's not just it's like the time heals if there's a wound there's a for you but is there for him i does the questioner he's got that smirk the whole time maybe we doesnt maybe isn't i ve been either one of em earlier that attached to it maybe it's one of those things like when people become swears which way more common than you would think there are a lot of people have agreements with their significant other and then they both go out and bang other people i know you know that love em it's a very logical situation its
pragmatic in some ways ok listen we're both retorted we're not gonna keep this together so as to make it a little but that always falls apart to i think i think it should happen where they don't see it happen you know it's better food our language what now you mean you can listen i've got something to do i think gave a code i got some to do deny ceiling where we have a friend who was involved in an open marriage and his wife had come home and she would talk about all the guys you're fucking and he liked it yeah i mean if that's right shaken who said that was right because we know and before that which really crazy as we know for that and he had a bad break up and the wind when he had the bad break up the kid was devastated one to get her back but she wouldn't taken back and you know what to do and you know card game some advice on like loggia scattered the deal i mean this is just do lover negotiating global if your lover you gotta was heard
happy in her being happy means her not having sex with you that just reality like you have to accept that that's reality like there's a lot of people at the u dont have sex with right and it just because you mean because you haven't had sex them in the past doesn't drive you nuts that you can have sex with them now right you just connecting yourself to the relationship that you too you to have and that's the only like you want lover in any other way you need that those parameters in order if you'd care about her as a person is it just can't do it i can't be your friend unlike that so crazy because i can't help it i'm jealous i'm just too i'm just too jealous i can't do it so ok but right after that he's involved in a fucking open marriage is next relationship he went one eighty he said just it she says she's a whole look he would talk about her being a whore like he loved it loved us so hoary it's less still fucker too now they broke up work but for a while the words shit for while he was happy was weird it's crazy wishes
he tried and i ll get you didn't like being a democrat fog it may be a republican we just went total the other way he went from being like this super jealous like i can't be friends with my axe and less well from government that's it to forget emerges data swear like she would go out with guys i'm gonna data's democrats or swinger now i should like dolphins van arrangements are basically the same thing he would go out and he would you know he would like call you and this guy right now should break up and like he would like get excited about it with a jerk
i mean i've bang the swinger in front of his wife in front in front of you and you're gonna have to do any rephrase paying the waiting a husband was watching who is why would you one that i didn't i didn't he was that it was an l shaped couch and he said in one corner said just don't fuck and touch me eighty situation stay over there and i'll fuck your wife but did you would have when i go to the bathroom came back any felt some touch your balls you haven't been turnaround in kyoto model but you're fucking why is it seems rude to kill him but i got to tell you the funny story i was we were there at their house as me and vernon my body yet ok names my buddy passed away but we're sitting there on the couch l shape couch and she just start leans over starts blown me boy and then my friend sitting beside me and beside her and ease he just like
no she's blonde me in the husband from just staring at each other because that is where the other side my friend does this lay case it ok can i get some others ass to from her and husbands goes with an eye the husband says yeah you can fuck my wife so two guys are driven so sit in their ties blowing blow me and then this my friend starts fingering from behind and my god as long as we're nobody fuckin touching me i'm just so long as it is written women on me i'm good and this guy beaten offering thing the husbands
wonder stroke and what this far enough away that he can't come on you did you google i was alone is the guy's a long distance the guy's a riddle literally an l shape couch and where at the short part of an l he's at the fuckin far guam partly a think the world record for shooting loads like three feet the garlic she hit my vote because our peter number three feet like three legs twelve inches twelve which i don't know might have he'll north and around the world but all i shot over girls hadn't hit the wall well you might be the way record not another now has in as it my twenties i shut it was friends house and bang in this broad he walks in and as you walk in the bed was then i'm behind her and it goes a geoghegan you come back because yet so he leaves i pull out i not on the back and not on the wall some of it hits a pill i just footage
low of virgilius users leave the orbit of kind of lifted over did it to myself you son of a bitch deviates ex with guys in the room alive now that is another issue that already sounds like a gay or right now but that's not just guys on the room that's a guy had a husband anymore you know what i like to say if i understand the safety of the broad you know i mean i understand what a sweetheart you understand the safety of the broad blue eye just the guy being in the room beating off would be the deal breaker you can watch we gotta keep entirely when i watch i don't give a why is it that you don't touch me you're over there why not rain he was getting off to the fact that we were drop in loads in her mouth and then he came and in fact the right after oh good lord in front of you a factor that we just kind of pack i went to the bathroom cleaned up while he was four oh my god ok dizzy like geographic but did anybody commoner
not another i wore a hat with that always in a year have with that situation i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm strap and up and put on my hazmat so for sure that's not the first time they ve done that right jim and have some ebola honour no she's she's there's there there met hard corsairs florida note toronto even greater the first time i bangor was in front of him it was on some orgy in vegas during the aliens years ago oh my god let it was like i'm being in her than some other broad to get in fact on the bed numbers it this is great complex and her watch jirga drilled this is like porn would realise born people do go on it i went to a party once way way way back in the day at the palms and we went up there to run into a friend and he was up there he goes committee wants you some crazy alyosha we go into may is some aid rent this nutty sweet that had like it at a swim
poor like an outdoor area where we have had a private swimming pools like this insane sweet who knows how much money doesn't cost this may room and is a group of people around and their why king these checks each other out this is like a movie this is like a movie any goes we always gonna watch stuff like this cause chicks will try to outside each other like watch i get to accelerate so we're watch and as these two girls are each other out other girls to jump in and they start poland tits out stuff women these girls mouths and everybody is their own like little thing how far they want to take it and so those are just taken their pants off and bending their there ass in other girls faces and girls it did didn't even know grab there ass just starting their pussy in front of her body this is crazy how come i'm not at these this guy put but description today he predicted a whole off and that really became there's a whole down they tried to outside each other who knows whose on what how many of war on ecstasy probably all of them but it was like this
when you see a movie about an outer control drug fuelled hollywood type party this what say and this is in vegas and people just walking around them go into where the drinks are going back and forth and i was really dig it was totally ridiculous tat like things i'd like to look at people that take chances so there's some emotion animal van of the law of the land of the free spirit this sum beauty in that right this ambiguity and just take a while fuckin chance like that why not we live forever but is it ok to like live your whole life and birth to death and never that or is it better to do than go i want and i want to do that again you know i'd rather have a rather have a life of wells rather than what i have seen a year or a life of pushing back michael think also
you have a very different life than most people your professional entertainer a stand up comedian extraordinary this is there this is that this is the reason i indulge in all this because unlike i still view myself like a regular person so when these things happen i go can you believe like in my head i'm still the guy that works on them all in the main right right rwanda matt when these things are happening i want to call my friends back home like yo leads working chicks are eating each other out of this party my friends like where are you at the mall do you we have a hard time like accepting the fact that new a ridiculously firms certain circles ridiculous you're famous when i'm around regular people i'm ridiculously famously when i'm around famous people i'm ridiculously normal that's true right in our like ridiculous the famous you can make anything happen let's tom cruise west now know your
yet when siri knows your high that's where it lets when you ve made it but does it a height of making when you do and he's like eighteen thousand seat arenas a freak you're out when you not only stand on that stays there others you and they go nuts i still dig it i still cannot i i'm in solved with it the same way the audiences like egg believe this shit that's funny it's not that it's not a bout me you know you should have been here even i walk out like fucking do in here that why you not cotonou us that's exactly what jesus visas are out there yes what is is that him as a kind of using a jesus jesus who boy that's rough that is rough you know some people have a god complex do you think that's what it is you have to at some point view yourself like that in order to call yourself
this is fucking hilarious name you know if this was the middle east to be gala that's right or ye hammad yeah honey spell your way into your way how always god as one of their names were gone problem why a my w eu urgently that nowhere w e why maybe now the others a bunch of different names for god john jehovah and putting on a time the place i mean you know in all fairness i think kanye callings while visas jazzy was calling himself john jay hove j yeah that's all that's but it seemed cute owed you bastard was calling himself god was a big baby jesus member oh that's right become so big baby jesus he's dead now much respect rest in peace all dirty bass was a perfect example of a guy that was just fucking
as out there as you can get from the level of fame and love journalism hudson rawhide that he did i have it on my phone who is his big hit here lebanon's you know yet another one august sex one wouldn't fuck giving baby i got your money yes baby a catch yeah but give me the money and i play rawhide or dna at an earlier than most likely have the clear event if you play it off your phone they won't pick up
what in the somme he's just so fuckin distorts rambling you like what you tell you with a government that this year it's like with new no quarter by whatsoever and your high shit when they wrote this year is the energy with marie carry that's right do we give us oh wow on a scale of one to ten how crazy things morocco areas i'm thinking it's pretty up there that's you gotta gotta figure been detached from reality for at least twenty years at least right twenty some crazy superstar them
stadium rock ever you could turn when she did that christmas thing in her voice was all fucked up member recently that isn't she going through a divorce though yeah i'm in gives some ill space can be before you now you go you i mean i think we're going to push for woman we are going through some like that and you know your mute is depending on your emotions he's probably sit back and then and endow four minute year but maybe she can't do that maybe they have obligations i would imagine something moran cares for i booked every day all days that shit to bring that paper an son your papers pretty fun keep that paper flow in the kid the amended on a lot of little family she's got enough money to know me whenever i think and gets paid i think if you have to which people one of those rich or yet the richer progress to pay jazzy and be unsafe divvy up that's a pretty equal matthau as an equal pay
close knit canyons d artagnan porn name at the spanish version with anything over the end he actually is writing like there's all these rumours that he's writing this whole album just bashing mariah carried through the whole entire album amusing album his next saddle i don't think he needs that either yeah he's never hit records whenever we have to do to keep him from doing stand up i say as we keep him from from making music do i've just kidding i don't even know you share your good dude just needs he's a nice enough kid you're never even heard you stand up but i know but with j j j o carson was joking around about while its
me and i'm off i dare say i'm a friend of next but how dare you let me joke about him like but wait but i will i will co sign that a stand up is not very solid without just thinks it we met him at the airport that went i remember it before with seven years ago yours ago burbank back in the day is a nice enough oh yeah i'm sure but when a guy you know get divorced from er i carry i just gonna be repercussions and he's much younger than her as well as he told how will shake skydiving forties ass she easily which had forget now why not whoever did this story i fought more i care how can we tell the story would that be forty five she's forty five and next what thirty three four would you say everything happy birthday we banger i wouldn't
sing whenever she wanted a nightmare sing emotion make you come quick i know that then i know the clamp those celebrity romance type things they hardly ever work out right or to like super star famous people get well you know another problem is she was more famous than he was does the problem and she there are around a lot longer than he was so she has legendary status and he has he known newbie status there was beak smells good you can't you can't you can't bank on that that what it is that's where went wrong i think so i mean it's two different levels of fame that's the problem here i fuck in my level of faith using its possible i'd look an extra domain and that's a good move you know you can't you conflict elite
lady on the man but even if you do you can't go backwards now you can't but he's always done he fucking car dash he was very recently in a million he's been throw out a popular chicks how dare you can prove that bows i think that's what the what was the catalyst for them breaking up was he started name enough names willing yeah sixties bank and then arise like enough gallagher you doing you're fucked unmarried demeanor tunnel the checks at your bang antennae reeling banged here how do we know that it's us talking shit we're just can share about some he wouldn't even know says were jamie does time off i wonder visas days up at night thinking about gaza can productions bang when you're you're really like your tricycle do try it very difficult to deal with the fact that a lot of the guards had done yeah and there's a video proof what's the worst part and she had a show wishes with our other husband now issues on her show without other do the basque ballplayer do
answer my guy yes she said you know i don't want to say but it s a manner with animals and it does i don't you know where that fucking weird time people are famous for no talent many the which is weird it's like for every one gets through the net like him car dashing like how many of them are famous for just a few moments and then it fades away then figure out how to write another media so fucking dumbly glum all over these people for now they really get on their nuts and they just let the townspeople in order to stay in the line wait return workin on this right now it is about to expire yeah but you know why because people follow it even though you like giving all their annoyed there's something about those reality shows that people will tune in advertisers do as a numbers game they know that if you get in out x amount of me more watch in some show you play a camera oh it's gonna be seen by x amount of people that are in the demographic you looking for that
case they want to do it and people for whatever reason you dont like them you see someone on tv that is a real person living a real live saying much stupid shit you get drawn into it you ll find out where they go and you want to find out what they're doing they were really smart and what they did is what they do is they involve their whole family to make its wholesome what how do we know that there are a lot of different people the tune into whereas one elton was only about her couldn't sustain that right but i think when you when you while the whole family it shows a wholesome is that america likes and it takes your mind off the fact that her whole or some of her whole was the reason we're here in the first place the whole i the whole simon some all you're welcome guys i'll be back next week other technological exuberant that's why him wash in employment which most shocking mother videos on different she looked and which should ensure by
as big i re watched it recently just because i wanted to know if above his i don't remember but they mean that bigots half the size it used to be yeah it's way bigger dynamics to be awake way better bigger now but it looks great back then her body like tremendous when it was natural i mean it was a beautiful body doing all that shit to it wasn't even really important detection hurry now texting my name me yes me from coming to see my daughter let's all personal certainly call the whole internet at its crazy thing to be able to just get famous by being a person like not a singer not an actor that's the legs now time like that in history or you know if you start thinking about it though you you can go back and go well you think back to the seventy zero women why would someone so famous like paul lynde why was he famous whose comedian while i know but could you could you ever quote appalling nobody was on the
it square yeah but then i mean like how did he get there he did some movies and stuff before i pull up paul winds i am db finer high spells lesson el why andy i was wanting to hollywood squirts he was one those gay guys we weren't they never said he was gay but nobody will you knew even i'm gonna get us some drama that guy god even jack penny i thought was gay with jack penny i dunno just seem data me with the handle i don't like the craziest rock hudson yeah rock you know i'm friends with is rigid sermons now good friends close again name is us having made it look like an old actor tough guy charles bronson lies dead cheese charlton heston is he dead too robert conrad that's robert common really
was and he knows it over money because he tells me stuff from back in those times it's really blows my mind like work to egypt can talk about on the shocking i don't know can i terminated roaming everybody talk told me about his dad doesn't count with depends so tell me like i'm gonna who is the fog who and who was whose falconer cancer i'm not like you don't me bang natalie wooden stuff like that and the like i was one of iraq hudson design iraq and everybody knew he was gay back then well i was really does go off into what he had to do just do what he had to do a werewolf like a coyote stealing a chicken in the night i gathered detective knowledge or nearly so they ve been hollywood's been very accustomed to the whole gay thing for a long time what had to be mean it all came from theatre the interest filled the gaping is no getting around them you know
you're if you're homophobic in you're in the theater cake kebby homophobic and we in the business ass like being a muslim workin for pork factory yapping yet some problems the business spock has is over finally i would just took done should street i had actually i can't i can't stop thinking about black holding and stuff like y y black cock holdings more popular than regular oh now because i warn the air so that is getting as well but that is what that guy did like by watching your bang is girl that's cuckoo holding given are you supposed to taught them if you're a cook holding a belief so you should be like you worm pieces fucking your bitch yes the enemy in any than ever i feel that we live in which you does pride i was more like a man i can keep my did you looked at him in the eyes me came loaded pretty peg law i bet in the south black cackling
way more popular than in any other part of the union it far more wrong over there i saw that bit about the statistic above a disproportionate amount of black of interracial porn being sold in the deep south and then saw why people buying that shit white racists slightly getting angry there's like some like really like statistically significant number of more interracial porn is sold in deep south south about right does we'll be right back do come back we're all fucking james nobody's looking at each other but how much i international tornado these days it starts again january bunny wing on south africa india sri lanka ostrello hong kong singapore molly i do south have on england
like you in those international tools it no do you do i'm like months at a time niger months at a time come back for two weeks mother why two weeks months how many guys you bring with you would see south africa an indian taken gregg logo to no bread piano grey clarence school did and australia and asia and take any and edward i have is gradual gown for he suddenly do austrian where asia taken me and at what is a net is march in other words is funny motherfucker you not known in twenty year led to waste do england together back and ninety five we ve got some refreshment when he had long dreads yom enemy and before that i met him in the early nineties like ninety one or shut my dad s working at the boston comic gap met in a village on hand to good dude he's what funny comics in haste the second great who so funny he so underrated old people talk well the best comic in the country he doesn't it put on that list
he's on my short list of the five funny guy in the country has really really really brilliant yeah he's fuck its one of the other night the store my god i had a tweet about it it was a serious jesse we just smashing he's got some new bits about ferdy sentiment the rights to lead is when you do comedy in hong kong i mostly doing it's like soldiers then start on average pats i don't ever do them always for the locals whenever i see somebody like hey i'm in qatar performing and then the like on these military vehicles are going on in qatar performing yet europe you might well be in america performing cause you're not performing for the local people that's not world touring can i understand you i'm and you have to change the world speaks english you ignoramus why me like reference i would say that when an oh no nobody we live in a very americanized world while especially now with the internet it's just everybody with theirs and there is a i also theirs
level of understanding for the whole world and its america and then anything above or below that is is whatever you are from and then you just take it to the middle and everybody it's their yeah sometimes when people go to other countries essay after just some of your references maybe a little bit but in our you can you can get away with most on for the most part i mean if you gonna do like a lot in cancun like australia but i can't kill things like can't be he kill me larry i remember the arab every town has one of those crazy elect you guys are crazy mattress canada's toronto has a bad boy electronic know buddy nobody be our prizes no body gimme your crazy eddie knowing crazy jos drapery in toronto it was a guy
i'm crazy eddie anyhow crazy eddies electronics his prices are in saying there was honest ed in iran on you wanna go to jail though he did something you fuckin crazy yeah but i did some really like tax evasion or something and it was crazy eddie and expect normal behaved from again a crazy that's really was it's really wants you really was crazy so they live in it kennedy we had this guy named right ford in columbus ohio in his they re from yeah and heads the largest dealership in united states supposedly any issing was we're dealing you know that's his by i he got poured over supposedly he got poured over with a hooker cocaine tons of cocaine and so he made a deal with the columbus police keep decide on the deal and i made donate my lamborghini too to the dare programme seed theirs brand new lamborghini in the columbus police department that as dead
written all over it and suppose they that was the deal he made with to keep it on the deal it doesn't make sense it you know about that i had family in the police department incomes that seems like one those fuckin stories yeah it dies but if you look at if you go to the police departments really are they they had like this really expensive lamborghini in and then when i don't watch now hams and riker gave it i didn't get it i cooked up on an eye incentive for love you gotta keep cable put their on one side and try to get ways bentley becomes yeah yeah crashing you try to go to the kind the contact them have their return at today's later i think they lost their jobs they did they think they're like some bitch can be taken fuckin batley convertibles convertible to furnish car for mike tyson yanks oh really sweet girl you know mike
he's a very sweet guy surprisingly sweet when you meet him while he is a really nice guys a fuckin gentlemen he's while he's just gone through everybody wants you know you like look back like a video especially mike tyson is also this is a long time yet this is in the eighties and i mean i just felt really odd when he was doing designing eye on the left would like to know the guy with the guitar hat when the cards here because you think we're dealing so he's gonna bust you wanna get busted i think this is a bit like the chief of police because foot on the collagen asshole particularly of the kind i think it's on the bumper it's a smash bumper is that one hour smash bumpers started telling low resolution smash up derby by the way i should lay guys know will be going hd very soon apparently we have all the equipment coming in and out he'll be using a try castor and everything will be eighties ip but complaining about getting good
any shit on europe a new television when you go full screen with it it will be very different starting next week but we have to fear what to do as far as storing the videos and uploading the videos because there much larger files so we have to get some china drives and shit near to catch it yes i'm on one of your last h regularly come back comprehensible its fellow hate i want a member most of you know i love you and black notes fanatic the last time i was you're pissed off all your future too it how did you the armory had mixed master mike on anybody was mad at me for talking over him well that's just you gotta realize if you if you gotta podcast that have at that time is probably happen million people listening and you're gonna get components now a rational or not you don't rustlers shut the fuck up and let my dog i was only saying things for him because i know as a dj he can't say certain things politically so i would say it for him i mean an already
love me for that because i like you can say it because you're a comedian we can't say because when the same fuck me all the criticisms of legality music native like that would you just talking man you're on the pod cast a talking on the progress in just so mike talks and i think you know the good things on the other side of that now so things are girls gone gone through the past past the idea that in life anyone can comment on you know economy show or if you do a podcast or even a movie mean anyone can comment on that now so like guess on that i love like what a great guy and then i got my message board or a twitter and like the guy was a fuckin idiot like what you like like more than one like three four people will go there i was taught mademoiselle i guess your bullshit technical work so good like white like i was greatly
we now have kneeled grass thyssen ok i just want to sit here and watch it was almost here a couple months ago fascinated by motor for some other stuff but the day he was doing it i was now tat i was even think it may be flying in just do it with him and fly back to where i wasn't my family but that would cause him and you got to avoid donors if you wanna stay in your eyes whispered entities and may also says she's such a nice person if she is release we sap when you eat one of chickens she beat the shit out of my dog eat dog it i never seen so fuck and angry she's gonna vegas now not only that the dog didn't totally killer chicken how you doing now rough
the second it was how dare you break its neck you have it was badly badly injured that's the only had a small amount of time left it was imminent death like i looked at the wound another go christ is not something you could like patch up with abandons the buck in a hundred forty pounds dog it into this little tiny chicken whenever ways while you're sets more of a man to make as if i had that i wouldn't can be like break its neck i'd like put a trash can over like the occasion for tv maybe this code really might have for growth there's a chicken and others trash can live mail i certainly didn't you dispose of it then i certainly didn't want to do it in our way rather the chicken live they say it's very weird i e chickens very very strange relationship like i eat chicken go to kentucky fried chicken and churches chicken whatever the fuck i'll have chicken but
have these chickens that are my pet soon i got really genuinely love them their sweet so weird thing in our eggs are delicious my i gotta get you some lay some of these there there like they won't be the same right now because it free ranging because until i get rid of this code is i can't have wander around the there's a coating found my fans again today time yes during the days when everyone in because that's when the chickens are out like that's when we let the chickens wander around they have this like dark orange yoke yes it's so much darker and make more vibrant and the yoke you get from those then follows third world eggs because when you go to other countries yes what there that's what eggs look like that so this wasn't there not processed it's all fuckin it's just the food that you give em because when we give him chicken feed in their yokes become very light if like they stay inside their chicken however big chicken house like if they stay inside the big chicken house and just eat the feed then their yokes get till i got a yellowish color the youngest we recognize
yes yes the oxygen store there's a place though near my house it has like legit free range chicken eggs that they serve in the restaurant get the age like well he's a dark eggs i recognise that stuff now that's like the difference we're talking before about wild pork in like domestic pork like a lot of the food that we eat is like so nutrient vacant and i was not like way less than you would get it for like a real wild version what's the deal with the brown shown the way show that's a good question my nails bleached no known oil some chickens just like white shells and some chickens lay green ones we have one it green eggs because the irish troops macgregor lud either commies directors like some of my dark with a dark chocolate and some milk a light brown we get a bunch of different color eggs as well
next time we come to allow for some beautiful hook here put a thousand do you know i'm a closer to you now to come on over the hill fella don't don't don't get eaten up by the waves issues bring the eggs here we can make ways to make sandwich microwave you son of a bitch we got good flag in eggs you wanna microwaves now there's no you don't know about this using micro waving is bad for the food is it does not do anything to the food additives and adding it just takes the taster tasted and i think i think you're taking away if you think you're wasting perfectly good food i give you eating the bright food these types of your reading the eggs in the mate gonna wanna nuke that they want to know the shit that's already got the chemicals and shit the elderly the radiation will kill those chemicals is way better if you just instead like if you want to re he a sandwich like a reuben right it's way better just throw it on the skill it then it is to mike
if israel yeah takes out oghee what takes out all the nutrients it kills the nutrients in the taste and everything and microwave nausea what's nope that would seek i've always wanted to know because i've always heard people say that microwave and kills the nutrients but i've never they seem like any any studies so russell what do you think i think that the radiation has to do something negative to your food there's no reason it's still bad for you to put your face close to microwaves not crazy is it good for you maybe the governmental somewhat governorship zeal for my microwave is down on really low so i can't put my science as many have said now microwaves and nutrition let's see what this did it did to do science based medicine is a concept that is larger than the analysis of any specific topic blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah look at us is way too big area does microwave cnn does michael waving food
remove its nutritional value soon the rumours zapping food microwave leeches out key nutrients the verdict if you do it right cooking food a microwave is one of the best ways to retain your foods vitamins and minerals her there are dangers to make a living your food you could get scalded for one fuse the wrong kind of plastic hint it's one doesn't say microwave safe unhealthy chemicals could seep into your food but if you are concerned about getting the most attrition out of your eads microwave and is a safe bet in fact it's near the top of the list christian sound food preparation methods if use your michael for the small amount of water to essentially steam food from the inside you'll routine more vitamins and minerals than almost any other cooking method while that seems like it's written by g he is written by bob barnett bob barnett from
see aunt em up wave dotcom owner weapons cnn up waved outcome was making the bitch was one of those subsidiaries the lesser on cnn dns picture they have a guy cooking peas in a microwave with over the water ass interesting does michael even cause cancer what do you think i think everything causes cancer at this point to says of course you can mess micro waving up dump your veggie in a bunch of water and overtook them and you leech out plenty of nutrition when you cook food no microwave cover it tightly creating an efficient steam environment stealing over a stove top is just as good though in some cases it may be better one small we found that steam broccoli retained more of its cancer fighting self foe while so for raw fain so for a faint others of sulphur than microwave broccoli hooker but in most cases using a microwave cook food its covered tie
lena microwave safe container with a minimal amount of liquid its nutritional win he so do not see that come in now yeah because my my wife has a friend whose mom is like super crazy like with everything has to be organic everything has to be this everything asked me that she won't eat microwaves because it it kills the nutrients and i was like how i go daddy know this and she's like wild common sense but never checked into touch us now and now might listen bitch is a thing called google you need to get acquainted with it living in a fuckin those ancient times people its passing down tales from generation to generation i am among those that especially when it first came out microwaves fuck no one had a twist now about oh yeah yeah i do i was i was at my feet
voice was on cue we're noticed solely on they are so my go having good brian don't play any more than i it also is probably passed down from like a colored person told my mom or arson a colored man you deal with a lot of racial kommeni prosecutors talk this model minds from a more educated perspective i know it is i'm asking you captain joe meaning leaning back in the day when force of color for so called while i told my grandmother that isn't a funding that you you can say person of color that is the politically correct way the colored but colored person is negative coloured people is negative people of color positive i put it as i hear encompassing more people when you say people of color i personally would suggest one type of color yeah but if it was like a gift card person did have no negative
connotation whatsoever and was just what why people coloured people like us that's the problem coloured people becomes like if you say people of color you could have a whole large group like from sumatra from porto rico from younger from all over the place but if you say why people in an and colored people like why people in extinction colleagues what do they say it fell it in the lake and colleagues and coolies everybody's did what's a goodly indians you're coolly that's what these tickets are negative really megawatt that's our derogatory turn out their coolly you so india is that a very common thing for africa for enhanced com or www our south africa was when they mean overtaken slaves out they were replacing them with indians it's gonna get bends breakdown they give you a hand really here while we were there is an indentured laborers also like you have a debt to work off basically only regret workin the sugar cane
it was the waiter was a black eye because what color worthy like some ignorant boston kids but then then in check in south africa that make the distinction cowlitz whether this is a valid in the lake and colleagues and coolies everybody's there to a coolly indians your coolly that's what they used to cuts are negative wholly our derogatory term out their coolly india is that a very common thing for africa for enhanced camorra well yeah were sought after was when they are you know we're taken slaves out they were placed in them and indians it's gonna get bends breaks down to get beyond reach here while we were there is an indentured labors also like you have a debt to work off basically only regret workin the sugar cane veiled in africa summit so was like the dutch came to africa first right resembling the colonists the big the big ball
is now wooden shoes coloured and they are they were also ensuring coolies had he sat coolies you learn a new she'll slur yeah but like it unless you're south african it won't really mean much to right does it work indians like that offensive like if you're talking to an indian in south africa knew somebody coolies up to see i could say it and it would be fine they would laugh they robbie the older ones get a little upset but if a white person says the kindly where were we with forty days but everybody when you honeymoon who you can't uncourtly i met him yeah those enter into race expressions that only certain people why people have neither does it since i've ever get colored makes a lot of sense because there's black white indian uncolored over there and the colored people are basically a mixer black white an indian s or miller colored these ones are black these in the indian right those of the car
one hour so when they say colored there of the meaning of a mixed neither is the natural race of people and so ever called letter coloured people really yeah that's fucking bizarre mice yeah but their very very good looking woman really really good european system some search google do what is it like over their south lever to narrate low aggressive is now no herds very dangerous that's what they say but i i mean it's not anymore danger every you get into trouble if you're gonna get into trouble right in our very rarely do people get into trouble that aren't supposed to get in trouble it's not more violent there and i mean it is i mean it's not it's like going to the heard here began again troubling i say he's dangerous stand your laying you'll be fine so
as long as you hang around with the right crowd and the right areas may feel go to those areas which probably be with people from those areas you shouldn't just wander in like an asshole what's it like doing shows their great alone over there did you ever talk to them searching for sugar man no eyes of my first i'm back after after seeing the film so curious to see one is that crazy shit ever i was pretty wild wasn't that movie was amazing degeneracy search sugarman i recommend it you know it's really one eye i knew one of the songs when real it's on sugarman you'd it when you are in south africa know i'd heard it in a hip hop song ah not a long time ago why man that's righty tee o my god as rapporteur i would help him was out from
thank you everyone with the golden pharaoh fazio was one of those ones it was like one of the late nineties albums why what songs and do you know some yet in your demand you're the man is a zone it was what i was it i am still still manner she doesn't want okay so that wasn't even that early it was ill manic was way earlier than rail and then it was it was written now than i am i think was written was the one that i welcome to the new world on it you hear that one day it was written had i if i ruled the world and it had shootouts and had some dray produce stuff on it he might be the best lyricist ever he's a lot of wrappers favour wrapper that's yet that he did when he made that whole wrap in reverse the rewind wrap it was it
from one the more recent ones like two or three cds ago he'd i forget what the name of the song was but it was wine is called rewinding so he's done a lot of cool shit is writing so good she's obviously such a smart do is intelligent human being did you see the documentary on him there's a documentary on your matic reeling time is ill matic and its he just a breaks down the whole out over twenty years and how can i get there and it's pretty cool i can now there's another there's a shot in the back of the autumn with him in the queen's bridge projects with although all the guys from the neighborhood and he goes through that guy's dead that goes in jail disk inanimate likewise it's pretty cool breaks down all the songs and how they got together and it's pretty fucking cool it's on show its showtime now i think i've heard that song i'm in love with the cocoa yet terabytes horrible by you know it's already gone already predicted by the guy got arrested for everything eat he wraps about you like he's again
somebody got up and i sell cocaine and i do this and so the police came or like a sober gives young cocaine charge is they just arrested when you can arise nobody myrna just got arrested to whose out some fuckin loser at the shimerda dance we were just talking yesterday about some guy getting arrested for lyrics wrap song near a trend indict him on crimes and murder are which one was about that guy bobby shimerda and once again them indicted for charter but what i am as h m u r d as age am u r d smyrna arrested bulgaria attempted murder wrapper spend christmas in jail after arrest he had that song about a week ago rested in drug trafficking scheme sting tat was all good about a week ago
i think this is the same story of this i think is a different story there was one of em there's this guy was getting arrested for lyrics just for lyrics that it probably came one yes it is at a yak as he was a pretty much just wrapped about what he had charged for drugs conspiracies dear about dear max what about apparently there was i got fake story that he had a bunch of dead pitfalls that he got arrested for now i was i dont ordering dead dogs yeah but it was one of those fuckin goofy debt fake stories that few people keep doing how weird is that that we live in this time where people can do that is just barely come up now this is a different story the wrapper wrappers lyrics result in arrests and eventual conviction as a different gentlemen twain gaudy
yeah police had been unable to solve the two thousand seven maria of christopher horton and brian dean in newport news virginia horton indeed sixteen and twenty were gunned down while sitting on the porch her in a town of hundreds of thousands residents which suffered twenty eight murders that year loudest that's a lot of fuckin murders rihanna many eighties out twenty murders cheese hundred eighty thousand people four years later detective came upon a video of a local wrapper he had been tipped off blah blah blah that song ride out referred to the murders especially one verse which ran everybody saw when i fuckin choked him but nobody saw when i fuckin smoked him roped him
opened up the shank and then poke dm three fifty seven smith and wesson big scope dim roped him shimerda in october they get the other guy said my music is straight facts and he got a sixty nine count indictment included murder attempted murder dealing drugs weapons possesses a list of other crimes in connection with long term investigation and woe because as lyrics straight fast state the hacks publishing said that there's another one could this wrappers lyrics wind him up in jail for life this is a recent one november seventeenth this was a different guy tiny do born brandon duncan his face
attempted murder charges along with other fourteen other gang members the wrapper himself has been linked to any shootings there are nine since april last year there being looked at if it doesn't have a cry he doesn't have it using and have a criminal record but he could marta life now this other guy tiny boo tiny do brandon duncan citizens that we get a guess there's a bunch of these now does now a criminal record but he could be doing life behind bars based on a little used fourteen year old law this is the story of secondment the law is reported abc allows for the prosecution of gang members if they benefit from crimes committed by other gang members so he is apparently down with his gang and because he's down his gang while they're doing crimes his affiliation being friends with them is enough instagram never had a problem with third base member those gas gear pop goes
we saw the wizard goes having goes the weasel the weasel and therefore the prime minister here they were very very angry at vanilla ice member that certainly in the marked vanilla ice on the way to honour stardom why wrapper tough fuckin business eminem than the only one that really successful successfully got through the entire thing unscathed like he's like super respected still as wrapper and two thousand fourteen who else naming otherwise a mother another white ready go look bone chris like i said certainly not as many more among others is a different thing this this is a different thing for boys don't rap only for white kids you know it's a different it's a different kind of music right eminem is respected in the
hip hop world across the board right name another one another across color barriers yeah i mean just was so good he was undeniable tack wait up does it have you ever heard of his black widow baby let's song by india azalea how'd you know because i'm dating a mexican but i suppose it mexico is telling me about how i make myself clear failure to honour by my assistant was india's areas like a completely made up like a corporate person i just need to know how to wrap and its job psyche do i guess he's been in a lot of interviews lately where they ve tried to trigger in doing that you know freestyle freestyle rap and she did she freaks out cause you can't rat and it is an interesting story if you if you if if i was needed me and better so she's like a one woman boy band yeah ev
that manufactured from australia and there was this other girl named piggy it is now and not just azalea banks azalea back so please actually i cannons ex girlfriend evan she's actually live out but this egg is stealing all her shine swag yeah ends swagger jack neuroses dating swag e p s were osiers she's with which one nick griffin which which piggy leggy daily is he is area is dating together plays and who's the other one that's azalea banks failure banks as though the lodge at one yeah she's like a singer though an egg azalea is dating so unnames wagging while he's that neck player i mean a laker players named nick something or another he lives on my old street like three eyes down for me and he's swag e p is non deplore the air which has done because his name doesn't have by far campaign it well is for his penis
clearly and then ass he aithra elect snoop dog like made fun of energy and then he was like yours knew better watch it and watch it is gonna beat up snoop as neighbours i m sorry he's gonna beat it cultural icon because you made fun of then apparently snoop apologized you're became like but would you they won over the texan people you're not looking at the edges posted a picture of you now looking at the comments i'm checking them outright that's like staring in the scenes asshole lookin for advice and everything up its oh my god that's them under one oh am g once my god look at this brain this is a five megabyte hard drive being loaded onto a plain acts in this reform that's a five will put up put it on online so my twitter from toy night from nine fifty six five megabyte harder
i've being loaded in the back of a pan am plane would entail the crest icing together they just cause we can't somethin about those those formations that we found ancient formations as mean that leans visit because we don't know what they are which ancient formations the ears and aristotle s army retweeted and i am obviously horribly butchering it miss quoting at but that financing god looking at that look at that thing citizens say i've megabytes of your phone five megabytes you be so angry i was your phone for i got a text so we try to send me a pitcher my phone just keeps rebuilding its correct pray it i was clean out my office yesterday i was getting rid of my old matt pro member that that huge our that turn it on to see if it was even worth doing now it's completely useless but it's so heavy and so late and now i am replacing with islam mac you know i met
its thing in thin piece of paper and so much more powerful hope will that new mac spinning thing the one the circular saga thermos what's that called madeira the mac proud that is called a tornado were tunnel is light years something about the cooling the shape is conducive to more cooling i was got one of those things but then you could that thing gets expensive fast yeah yeah i got it like the one i priced out was almost ten thousand dollars you won't you go back to make videos what do i do no i just got me for an error i don't lie i knew for this yes make videos like some happen i am i just got a new forky cameron new five k i mac i've been for k filming it for k its and because like you can film this whole entire room but later if you want to you like folk like say like you want to focus on just russell
it is you men on russell and it's like amazing hd doesnt doesn't engendering didn t i didn't look zoom dance so its prime this best shit ever is video the best a few days ago red ban that's why i've heard of a video editing similar alone i became a pocket ass they started we started zone careers is video stuff was the shit i wanted i remember from the first time i came into your podcast and then to brian just that guy now is a comic and needs this other shit unlike what what forgiven he's brandon i don't like this evolution is moving up mama geller joe i needed to say out below the fuck that's all you need to stifle people also gets also lever million die every month craziness that's insane became something now other slinging decking megan videos lack
oh baby i don't know this black widow babies but i don't want it in my head i know i don't want to get my head brian where we have you heard the i'm in love with the girl go down on arable and not i'm not here and any that shares the good news that song last few weeks and it's gone you know you know fucking courses i got bacon soda baggage bacon soda you know it so bunny cutting cocaine gas with eric be called me him really be called me ghost russ you know what fuckin bullshit radio this dumb mother fucker and i got big concerns what the fuck is wrong with these young motherfuckers pop up look face data while i become famous deformity poker my poker faced had begun parameter men would she have available
it's ok you have after a little bit and then boom snapped backlog champ unfair terms snapped back we can help you and somewhere here you know the ways to get thinner we why higher train a year yet fuckin shackles my friend i need the right trainer who's going first aid can travel and yard be kin not be annoying why i willingly and as well you could deafening get that again can t you there's a guy out there especially like there's a lot of young people or gal of its gown my beard yeah and of local tribes durham fog you might be angry at all your sexism addresses asia she won't excite someone expect what if she's asian trainer girl she been expecting fucked really running a longstanding comment you die question when he says something stupid just take a deep breath guide us
well if there are any i know you have a lot of i need somebody who can hold myths and really i guarantee you we can find some people out there had buddies under just text me and i'm like i can't take buddy and orderly trains eurofighters for real fights yeah you can't take him but some one thousand that calibre probably the blue light or do you want a lot you want some i want them to really know what they're doing a real people involved in the semi they'll get pay my pain why paint what they pay proper somebody will contact you again whoever you are out there that's thinking fuck i'll do the article on the road rust peters comedy me try and make sure i eat right make sure you that's hard the airlines have they got a water for me because i'll fuck it up still to be caught that he parks right from the door in case you get service nor i won't see i'm already goodwin then i will i will diligently do what did you eat this outbreak but if you too me to order it i'll fuckin modify it get an egg went element cheese in that place in a domain like right so i bought it up it's gonna give you the food that here it is stupid you
to be like all laid out taking take take these vitamins not though what is your number one vice food and lack of motivation and get up and do anything now why did you get too much money that's what it is how much of a ball care i won't tell you know like i want to get up and run but then i'm like i'm tired i should probably take this time to enjoy the sleep you don't i do in all situations i get outside myself and i say what i tell myself but if i was standing over me if i was like hired to be my own motive and then i would ignore myself gonna be fed work i just leave the room and then my fucking out of bodies of leave the room and my fats i've just sitting up i think that motherfuckers maybe you'd more comfortable in me maybe that now know what it is i definitely need to get my fat ass back in shape because i am going to india and the first i'm going to say to me as you ve gone so fat that's the effort they have no hesitation you ve gone fat
say that of railway do the man you ve gone fat though poke look you ve got and i d like to show you look you ve gone vanity you know because and then a good man and when i get mother fucker the goma shut up i known fat utterly due to remind is just the culture there they it's just one of those things were not like offensive really does legal which while the gang rape in it it's all about you know i don't know i'm part of that gang but a meaning happens so often gang rapes and murders again buses and shit and trains yet of i don't know i don't know those parts of india words been happening but it's not it's not good but ass a gang dansellon out there right there's a lot of dancing going on in india take a breath you know it ask an asian train or maybe she'll tell you i think for real that we could find you someone that could put you in good shape but you have to figure out a way to do that shit on your own gonna wanna once i get into the routine and i see what a day than your good yet and i d like aren't i got this for me
if i don't maximize my time again sleep right that's me if i if i might almost i was a fat fuck today too much stupid shit and in work out on such a pussy i would like my head will bout if i had if i feel like myself i don't respect myself like you lazy bitch you were supposed to do this you are supposed to that you're supposed to right you're supposed to get this this was due podcast whatever it is i'm supposed do if i somehow another blow it off i can't sleep so i have realised that about me so i just do it i just do it even if i don't want to do it i'll do it and i feel good that i did it you know oh good when i do it i do what i don't feel anything when canada me home at night i think if i start doing it like in my head i'm like i know i should start i definitely had to have started this two weeks ago gilbert ear concept of resistance in all their concept of like that resistance is something we battle all the time resistance keeps us from getting worked on resistance keeps us from accomplish
go absolutely there's a keeps is like this thing that you like you have to overcome this is book called the war of aren't you read it now heard of it guy's name stephen press field and got a really interesting stories and author and he's kind of a loser in toulouse like forty and then by thomas already he realized like oh i'm just not working enough i'm not doing what i need to do in its women happy so on the reasons why it's just not coming to get any realised this does this thing that he was battling and he calls it resistance any sort of like him outlines it in this really like easy to follow way that you can remember in your mind and actually can aid you and getting things done just keep aroma the studio remember i understand about people had a stack of m probably a stack of them had been here one most valuable books for any like creative type a writer or perform or even so much as i do i definitely need to change something in order to get out of this sort of in order to change
things you're gonna to change something to change things obviously well if you're willing to hire someone come on the road with you and then meet you at your house when you're at home and in train you and you can definitely do their captain james loss like fuckin seventy some pounds he hired this nutritionist to cook form every day now she all these meals prepared like you went completely we ergo a copy of a drawer of our snap jamie's owning job and i get wet goddess was that one have a signature and argue in the signature one moves on her i'm not signed to me answers to joseph hey my friend i know it's ok look i show people from other than she i met him and songwriter waiting people signatures rent but other book is excellent man really really excellent the guy's a really good guy had a month podcast and he just got a sweet gotta talk to a key you u enjoys company it's a great book too
you're right i'm gonna score the odds were the odds you actually the other one percent as aid less as a ten but the entire action was there my dad used to say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions true what are the odds of you actually hiring love somebody epps up i'm in this have somebody open for you there does fitness no you don't like it then they gonna suck nether dick on today as they can be fitness digging their mouth they're gonna be asking you for advice you gotta be paying them for them to ask you how to be a comedian and your leg now i'm training you i got this job and think it stage i got this joke on run a boy little good sir dugald notes and by margin that that's terrible i've had it
have you taken gazing around with you there were mistakes yeah i have i have indeed and i regret that all the time it was a mistake as they bombed or because they were annoying both because they weren't addressed that they bombed link not they killed and you're like type problem i can't have your dishonesty around me yeah that's not healthy that becomes a real issue that that's that's where you find out where europe your desire exceed your talent and your ego dictates your movements that's good way you know the shielding yourself from reality known it's like it's that that painful pill is like one the most valuable pills like when you don't have a good set you can listen to it and go over it and like it will motivate you and you in seeing the things you do bad like a lot of people don't like it cuz i think all this is going to remind me of my flaws and that's going to make me
majority you need that you need to look at that and then you need to look at when you were really great and go what was i doing different there and then get back in that meant space if you can you know i did recently that help me a lot you should do this is really fun do our your fears sceptic tank i've done that before i like done it it's great but he'll he does special episodes stomach for fun from where he goes over your special with you or any place it in an asked you about the beds and out and in says what you really liked about this and did purposely do it this way what in that's conical we are we did a five hour one for china jihad yeah we just got baked and start rambling but after was overhauls like wow i learned a lot in that i learned like zoos all comedy i hadn't listen to and like seven years the arms my while in i've had people quote obits dominican actually funny would you here that the goods that's good i can't believe i wrote that knows
people are more of a fan of you than you are the advocacy now we were so used to just been shit on that we're like i can't be worth much while it's it's that its also you're in costly in the cycle of creating news like somebody asked me a bit that was on my last special that i just did in august and a higher go nay nay like said this party go oh yeah that part oh shit yeah that's it that's how it works because without the big guy abandoned that like an ex girlfriend yet i know exactly azalea remembering you did this bit i don't but if you tell me it'll draw my memory while i was laughing at so am i bits from shiny happy jihad like i had never heard them before and then i read rib remember like after it oh yeah that's how that goes uh that's funny guy was enjoying it as a fast spectator and also like
criticising it i can see like racism dead air whether some like maybe like two verbose maybe i could have less words or maybe i can help or pause he's always like always little doll and all the things we notice that nobody else well yeah but those things man going over stuff like that like it's really good for it like i know for fighter it's one of the best things you could ever do is watch yourself spar watching self spar or watch yourself fight is very important because very distorted perception of what you look like when you're moving around because you're seeing it out of your eyes even if you will looking at yourself in them ass my shadow boxing important rape you gotta see what you're punches like when they're coming out but to watch yourself actually compete or at least spa are massively mass of important we said to film sparring sessions when i was a kid and i remember like watching them like would make you so much burial at all i could get hit there oh
what i do and their wives my hand down get you think about it why you're in the minute we do it in your head you like but i'm kill initially right now and you ll watch we go this way sloppy or than i thought it looked at my head why painted this beautiful fuckin picture you did a lot of boxing right yeah when do you think i like that sort of like having that that really difficult thing to do like what boxing's are really difficult to get good really difficult to like even show up at the gym every day that like help prepare you in life like the does up much like if you look at the average persons like range of difficult things they choose to do as a recreation now i go to war sunlight that but choose to do as a regression boxing is one more difficult ones i i did it out of necessity reeling yet i needed to i was just a small kid and i would get beat up a lot and i was not very passive and when i learned tat it was because i figured if you know of some is gonna beat me
it's better i don't fight back to the beating and quicker and i go on with my life ass a very indian way of looking at things and then on a day when my dad made me go and train cause my daddy's to box in india and in some guys and i grew up with were boxers then too and then i was like they would go train with william i went trained and those like oh i get it right now started to like it and then i would almost encourage a fight sometime a gorilla so you saying because you look at their said nothing is being done i mean you like your last refined nothing crazy began quite a few i would say it's a great tension release the berlin were to write it is but i would also get very nervous and street fight because i am at the same time i would see this person's confidence level and i'd like while they must be like a black in everything here i mean and then then you seem to punch like a fuckin it pop
good night it is weird when you watch people street fight if you want a broadside of a club likewise we hear it i so confident that you would be willing to give you have no idea what you're doing wing in these blackened windmill punches and that's why when you and boss route and stories there so hilarious like you talk about i was warehouse route assured today which won the pancreas one angry about that the roots of fight today a dope along the route of fight sweat pants yeah but you gotta full routes of my wardrobe jesse cats is rolling in his pj's right now jesse just extradition to jesse bigshot jesse it's got a great great teacher company that they have a using stuff you know i mean really dubcek johnson on who is my favorite oh i got that is it galveston giant s hands to tolerate t no use like six to hear but his wrist
i know but it was in areas like thirteen inches or fourteen inches is something that was a giant barrier that has a fuckin huge risk human being loose him i think i'm random think it's jack johnson the box i think it is five i mean i think it's a six six i think it was six even wasn't me yeah nothing similar all things like kind of legitimate lee legitimately tall but they called him the galveston giant six feet you're right six feet in a half inch that was a giant back then why is that so crazy aristotle without rest i don't looking at wikipedia than is crazy he was only six feet tall and calm the galveston giant any was a defensive master or he was such a good boxer for the time when he's also it such a knockout puncher he would hold guys up it would hit you see your knees buckling
jump in and hold you up so they could abuse you a little bit longer real interesting watching those all fights man really fuck an interesting such a different style of fighting little gloves and long in the way they moved very archaic sarcastically compared to like how may whether moves like nay whether like i think is one like people don't like him because so much shit and because sometimes he was not guys out just winds by decision buzz forest like technique and skill technical s boxers have you ever i you know i think really any either really interesting fight or really boring fight would have been him versus pronounced rhetoric oh yeah imagination at renault was at the foot may whether of the his time as far as fighting style goes yeah
he join these days he's all fucked up i think angus training guys i even though it was he had a drug problem for men of his over that are not so hard watch near here you know the heroes of your youth sport just be debilitated as older men you know you seen it with football i seen it with everything but mount boxing and takes on special special form yeah it's one of those things are really could have been fuckin there could be any guy now we're talking about their oil last night the daylight as is look in his eyes always butter relapse can any second hails has a nervous you each in his eyes and buoyant like somebody find something out about it just that look what do you know what you think of the photos that we're out i mean his macho world of not just a boxer world champion boxer but mexican
like an echo not by accepting by whom guys you know it's not like you came from like dragon woodland hills he came from the hood from east teller but then to have that and then photos of him with fuckin fish net socking zion high heels that never helps you hanging out with hot russians that's a hot up at once or stockings ass you can't do that i've i've ripe put pantyhose on my dick before did you in a well if she took him off in a rapid roma dickens from unwanted foot fetish do you know this already all your time of feet last night that's right women's icon and yeah exactly yet zero dude out there with a dude foot first that before going on here there must be live and ask there must be no fetiches shoulder finishes with evident there's all kinds you given extremity there's a fetish seven billion people right there's gotta be
although it is at issue yeah i didn't object with thick angles fangled should big ass ankles built i'm a man at them you know probably partner and it all hot neanderthal pussy those europeans who get near tal genes they do they do you know about all that they do it i can understand that but where they come from there
while france right was not part of france where they discover the first neanderthal that's what they call me and tall felix sophisticated you don't say fall neanderthal says so say the thames river idea not the famed our relates to asia may at age a m he asked because as an english tricky spot how'd you get to be so famous in england so youtube shit i used to be there all the time in the nineties really doing like the comical comedy store their john learn the glee club all data fuckin huge boom in the nineties and i was therefore it and you did twenty minutes but it's all you would do real and you'd you'd get paden pounds and it was great money and he could do like fuckin for shows a night and get paid on each one of them they have an agreement with the communist or no they do not jack the name they jack the name the look of the logos the same woe there's nothing you do about it
other countries asylum there is some sort of weird thing where they they got away with it that's lariat secondly storing sidney too there's one in india as well really a common store in india does lies based out of the one in london which is going international jack the name and then go international with it mother fuckers now one do comedy in england or in india rather they do an english for the most part really there there's that many people their english speaking under there's one point three billion people their falcons one percent of the population speaks english how much bigger is india the united states geographically jimmy africa i don't think it's much bigger
it is a sub continent so it means is like four times as many people in the same spot like you go to a city like bombay there's probably thirty million people which is the population california in a city how often do go them perform once every two years and going back in june next month memory that i've been i'll be there on valentine's day perfect how romantic bollywood and stars i will be in bali what we really this body would like what is that it's it's just the name for bombay hollywood is all what is it the same sort of seen as like the hollywood out here i mean it tries to be you know it's a little more it's it's it's everything when somebody think something is some way and then that's how they portrayed as opposed to it actually being one way right it's more that this is what we you guys are doing i see so it's like their posing
again a lotta there's a lot of ditch and disingenuous likes and stuff over there you know it's kind of like this is the hot thing this is what good image really like it you don't really understand it you don't understand the origins of it like you know it's whatever's hot is with her so it's like vonder hats like like it's like ed hardy artie it may not as there was wearing this it but nobody likes it or not if i were wearing some people used to look at what ed hardy used to be was a classic american style of tattooing right like those those the whole thing about it sailor tat yeah those those americana sort of like really like shitty drawings really is the cost shitty enormous yeah well that you know that the anchors and all that kind of stuff tiger faces they don't really like tigers but then somehow another that became cool
like sat now and i have seen some really good versions of those tat tattoos but then we came up like a shirt company and everybody was wearing it for two years and the christian identity fuck that shit was to urge each year as you that's the guy who created ed hardy isn't i had a christian azure use shirt and then affliction jumped on it will they got really scully yeah like death destruction these to pay me i swear affliction shirts for the usa and were affliction michael while i was doing a broadcast metallic a little sense affliction logo but that was wind my friend tom was tom attend seo who he was like one of the owners and they kicked amounts are stopped working i like somewhere what everyone turn dispute and the other guy get well now i wear tailored shoots suits that fox gets me or that of the usa gets may have noticed it cleaned up a lot
therefore and their internal man those tailored shirts are they their comfortable wearily taylor pan and as a fit you made for you jack lying there not made for a guy around the size yeah most people can violate regular close but i have to buy troll clothes ass big troll troll like physique vietnam and you got broad shoulders of thick neck and then a short torso through the legs the real issue at strongly carry on my weight roma dick bag all round the trunk trunk in my dick bag skinny india i get skinny boxer like soon on march would never have big lacks thyssen and huge yet he had big cabs as you all of our countries have big like many packing giant calves that's also bad in boxing isn't you dont want to have to muscular of a cab because you can develop compartments syndrome where you could run the balls your feet the whole time muscles tensor really lock up on you
militating has assumed a bother manny now i mean he's pretty flat footed buddy bounces flatfish gonna move so well he moved so well ass fuckin hard they did a study on many pack yelled skeleton and they did they know city extraordinarily sick rest and they were equating that two punching power there saying like once one of the ways he punches so unusually hard has to do with the size of his bones and the size of his numerous as the dense such things it s more solid yeah as opposed to a pinpointed pool q type a shot that's a weird thing about boxers like there's like you look at their physique ego what that guy looks really strong looks like you pry punches pretty hard but no sometimes guys are really well built and they can't punch hard and then as other guys that have lied depends where the waiter
thyssen was short and stocky so that as level explosive power and yeah but he looked like you gotta get punch hard and you have those legs answer your power comes from the first year or belike andy lee perfect example of the irish girl just one would anyone what what titles a middle way tunnel yeah i believe so he's got a vicious right hook vicious but you look at em and he looks like a regular guy like an added go often perfect example he looks like nothing belize built kind these just looks athletic but the way punches fuckin murderous you know like million jackson embryo jackson virgin islands good lord that guy much hard work and hit but he also had the garden adonis like body adonis like but you can have a guy like perfect example is targeting bradley timothy bradley like a fuckin birch ass heartily anybody i always see swings hard to but disguise don't go
it's weird like some guys have that crazy concussive so think it's will your remaining firm has come people who look like has any but now he is a perfect example here listening to you to be already for the world as areas where in brain shit but he he knocked dude dead some dead were at last when we went to distance about adonis stevenson that motherfucker campaign so could you say rouser yes you can yeah he's an inch he's on defeated americans early linked went out with thirty two knocker they're not moving towards klich go it's out about now they don't need to they're gonna he's fighting stubborn for a title why would you let's go you have a why now would you fight that you might as well get the title from stubborn and then make a big money bout against clutch go to bring the titles back to american blah blah blah and then you're gonna get knocked out by click using so yeah crisscross go way too much experience and and click gaza a boxer fighter like aids what he did
an answer and while there is a guy who was a really strong you in a box you think oh yeah he's kind of fabricated almost to a certain degree brazil at thirty two now he's thirty two and thirty two targets and fabricated i mean look at his record i'm using other guys these forests against fire i wasn't hard codifying ones facing our power and is there a heavy guy isn't like dude is any light italy's nk six six six right what is oculist listen i've madam is a big fuckin guy what do you think he weighs programme to twenty two to twenty five maybe six what seven sixty right anyway to thirty that's a big fella inhabitants wikipedia does knows weight
the story here what is the weight of the anti wilder checking on that here's what i found on the website is the way to die wilder diet now has middle names le sean how dairy produce blue and they want to know and pick bronze monarchy so it s a little bit of an amateur record dare you my data my bed we element when i'm wrong see tuna fifteen pounds youse right is to fifteen eighty six seven tune and if he's very tall in lean yeah that's crazy here that are not a good way to fight klich go well it's a good height fight klich go out yeah but then you know if you don't have the year i mean i mean waits not everything but i mean you know
didn't hit by the same size as you a good big man will always be a good little man yeah and and clinical it would theoretically be the bigger man cause he's around two forty to fifty yards deftly beggar he's also so smart thing of unclear goes built but he's not like you know a fabricated sized man it's the fuckin way is the at his ease got stuck genetics yoshida video dante wilder he fought and natural here here who and british died so crazy guy shown up the guy went to the gym with him i think the guy thought it wasn't going to happen like that really i think the guy was i'd what're you gonna do beat me up while the guy was talk all kinds of crazy shit and then agreed to meet him i think it was at the hollywood jim the gym on ray i beat the share that do when he was down whose pontio needed it fuck i did now she's we're the day that the guy actually put the gloves on you know i think he just thought whereas he's gonna toy with me
when a man whose name me make maybe maybe hurt me a little bit so he can teach me lesson here is an article on espn boxing how route as this is the anti wilder another heavyweight hoax like jerry clooney before him knockout artist could crumble if not truly tested ha dantes got holes in his defence is what the problem does he tried tightened up put in train with no my boy russ amber was training with him for a little bit of you still with rough generations rival gear now now heard arrival gear though i think that's like a really significant part of fighters career is whose too genome so significant so so gigantic mean you can have all the athletic town world all the desire all the historical knowledge boxing but if you know of a god it's right in front of you that's catching little hand it's you see you see it with mike you know it mike tyson when he changed from from kevin rooney to reach i'll be a catchy
yeah fuck an errand snow and should like the only i vow going downhill from here while he was already dishonest spiral by then again once custom motto died it was probably very difficult should it just came kevin you know like heaven had cost style down to a tea and i find the pro boxer himself there's a lot of issues there you know i don't think anybody could live like mike tyson lived and may get it through unscathed the figure it out every step of the way away you're just gonna get too crazy you can't there's not no matter who you are i mean this is the excesses so much yeah what's like you see i mean i've said that about justin bieber like people i just be research ass i like you don't think you would be reviewed in ninety nine billion dollars in the bank nobody's telling you know nobody how could even his dad's part of the answer dad happy to be their server happy
and any nineteen at the end of the day is fuck nineteen year old boy what would you do in nineteen you are i wasn't ass all with no money exactly making says a little boy he's a boy doing things at a boy would fight can be i was an idiot when i was twenty nine ten years later as retorted this fucking kids out there with a billion dollars gotta plain for christmas he got a plan for dress making it lie there was a lot he just i just took a plain that plans for sailed out by aegis took it and took photos and i said i look like after christmas how do you know he's on tv i would say that tim's if i encountered a bunch of hate obligatory if i get high to comfort me other toller but i've playing a plain solemn line may whether was like congrats journey to joining but the jet club or whatever how long before me where there after retires becomes broke the way he does things could be sooner than you think
or not but wasn't he like he was a situation before signed with golden boy where it then he oh a shitload of money what action needs to pay one of these guys on pay their taxes yeah but domain and they gonna lavish habits that cannot be maintained gambling gambles that can be a downfall gambling happier downfall going to strip clubs and dropping a million dollars in there he does that one hundred thousand sometimes you noticed it's just good kid have fun but isn't always prostitution do once in a while but it's out seems like he does it all the time they make a hundred million dollars a fighter some crazy lincoln does make a shit turn of money so if you made a hundred bucks at a gig go to strokable drop one a dollar you like forgive throw it on its able
run around the ruminants put that dollar down on a crumpled up throw it here bitch that's what he's doing i mean in that crazy it makes a hundred million dollars guess i m really doesn't really now that you're gonna he's gonna huge team around giant everybody's gotta get paid it's going to be interesting to watch how that plays out because he's thirty six or thirty seven that i'm starting to slowly but surely reset age we like okay how much longer can this guy start weaning people the teat yeah i mean how many guys can do what bernard hopkins is done maybe only bernard hop forty nine years old but bernard i'll never get the money that may whether shirl so still hasn't raised but he still made millions i mean don't cry for bernard
options but he's forty nine years old he still fighting guys like cobble of which is just incredible i hope is retired by no right after that got no i don't think he's going to be easy to keep going i dont think you let's i think the mistake he's gonna make i don't know about that man i was the advanced evens fightin adonis stevens knocked out that russian capitals like me no one man diagnosed right in front of them in only a problem for awhile would like the low jab and moving back and forth but adonis hit so goddamn huh if you got any holes in your game adonis gonna find him he's gonna plug him up i think he got out box adonis too then retire i think he could be it students i think is a giant pascal fighting somebody isn't i think he wants to fight it dinah stevenson what didn't because the hockins him patient geyser hopkins beat him right we'll hopkins hopkins beat him he beat
begins jump ass it i'll beat him in one fight and then that a remarriage eddie let's find out what's do bernard hopkins if they thought twice right maybe bernard academic shop asko can you know i do canadians we'll know each other guess you know just pay you do know you know well no i know ferrars better frosts fuckin gregg i love i did do you think that george gonna come back and he needs to desire to come back he looked like he lacked any kind of enthusiasm to be there anymore you're right you are almost he beat john pascal draw will jump ourselves those four years ago not credible
he was fuckin forty five back then and still swing it and you know that place say that he's probably older than he says he is too because when it was in jail really here they say he might be like in his fifties how does a guy like that maintain he's never been and wars you never got beat up enemy i understand that but i mean that the physical reflexes involved and professional boxing are so it's so significant i think it's one of the things where he stays training he doesn't there's no it there's no time we're yes to get back in the jim in earlier i think if you continuously stay in the jam you'll be ok like may whether may weathers never out of shape may whether literally has to gain a couple of pounds to make wait i guess that's it man i mean something so makes you walk around at wait all times mean how hard it is to maintain
but it's also like your lifestyle you just abuse like your knuckles your joints you know you have everything just going to slowly but surely i guess but it's not to go that hard all i'm in but when you forgot to call out we have to in here you're fighting twenty also underestimated coverlet do think so i think so i think he knew cover had power but i think he's gotta get out slick yeah without what are you saying that it was gonna be kelly public too and i'll to allow telepathic is there really put him on the map again after the germane taylor that was a big victor big victory one thousand just fuckin took shit is correct should after we had a problem with the booze man public yeah pavlov sad case youngster ohio i was that provides for me just hence the sometimes against you in two hours you kelly public that was way back in two thousand eight is not crazy that was six fucking years ago there was a huge upset
you now have a suspicion twelve rounds oceans a huge upset but a primitive prettily i was pretty decent one beat antonio tar remember that there has been a lot of fuckin guys man terrorist fighting at heavyweight now he's oh yeah how does he look at heavyweight goodies train hard i mean i'm friends with him as well in his ears was he travers yeah is forty five forty four forty five forty six forty six even that's old but and to be fighting these calling on how these rolling out klich go crazy i was trying to get their paycheck before you can get out of there how good is he still israelis and many knocked out the last guy if i did it really weeks ago while forty six there's a difference though with heavyweights right hey wait seem to mature later like george foreign when the title toilet forty six forty four forty six
he knocked out i got more common forty four all the devil check that will you are a fuckin boxing whizzer or now to go shut up bitch you know more about boxing and i do think it was forty four kids find out to do to do to george foreman big george say did you do to do second retirement freshness boxing record let's see michael more
kayo and around ten and that was in nineteen ninety four that was twenty years ago that's crazy already to day he how old is he should be sixty four sixty five so he was either forty five forty six or could have forty four men have been for i had gone off what if i would say january tenth is his birthday so he was that was genuine ten nineteen sixty or fifty nine there was in may may ninety four may have ninety for his birthday was in january tenth of forty nine frying brine what's that didn't fifty nine forty necessarily fourteen on his tail he sixty five now seventy two what now you making things up
of ship general framework born before so yeah there would be forty six forty six forty five forty four forty five we split the difference you ten years later he announced to come back in and of embryo ninety ninety four at age forty five he regained the heavyweight championship by not now twenty seven year old michael more and more money started has come back and eighty eight eighty nine or nine eighty eighty nine eighty eight he's the oldest ever heavyweight champion and second all this in any way class after bernard hopkins retired and ninety seven at the age of forty eight with a final record of seventy six and five including sixty eight knockouts credible what didn't he never ended up fighting their homes daddy i do not believe you ever fall arms where they were calling each other out at that age or where they both when their older here my home then larry homes called trevor bourbon we ran over a car and kicked trevor buccaneer yes
mr object of our times when one minute ago ross another vulcan peters where two people see you perform i'll be at the irvine improv january eight nine ten eleven good googly moodily i'll be infinite order the following week area florida thought what website russia peters icon so peters dot com you dirty fox at the real recipe on twitter and instagram at the real recipe this friday january i'm at the mirage in vegas with joy we d as irish of fear duncan trestle bomb internal welcome hanging out we're gonna hang out are i will go check out something beat the shit out of each other and that's just low but anyway brian anything coming up local vegas next month next month just go the tv for details on that and i will see soon dirty fox will see a next year thank you can i think
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thousand fifty see you soon your folks yeah
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