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#595 - Nick DiPaolo

2015-01-06 | 🔗
Nick DiPaolo is a writer and stand up comedian. His latest special "Another Senseless Killing" is available now at http://www.nickdipaolo.com & on iTunes.
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east coast sense of humour and always blasted talk to him without further ado please welcome my friend mr nick de paulo logan experience nicholas me boy joey boy i ve known each other for many decades now we're both where reading glasses settlements lancing intimate fuck a narrative like an old men can't see up close so did you notice when you came in i writ mine off like you ride things are going to see someone calls you know and you sleeping he always lie about it we need those not
those i only those for numbers in the restaurant i have the wages hold on the menu she's eleven of eleven feed from my tables hungary yeah in low light conditions unless i have my camera on my my phone with the flash night you know so i can use i could read it if i had my but otherwise along with the fact that the bill is any step up to bite vocals seeking m all day long nobby get out i don't need em passed like my arms length it's it's right my friend steve graham explained to me he's an up tomorrow just a guess when you get older you're you we're eyes just loser billion focus up close and then this shit doesn't help computers not so fast porn on your cell phone at three in the markets now what i'm talking about i'm talking about work i know you don't know it yet nectar paolo how air you personally you don't a lot more than i am job you went back to new york oh yeah how i go go back i was out he christ i was already from ninety five to ninety nine like an offer that chris raw cockeyed i had enough i swear
this is a true story i was in my own shower at my house arguing with an imaginary fucking age and i didn't i am not quite i swear to god my wife for me i don't really this house where i did and i'm like fuck and losing my mind out here and then like a bolt from god chris rock called you'd start in his hbo show and said i want you to be one of the writers and i was like you gotta be shit me i was on gonna fuckin next plan out and looking down at all the bridges i burned an ally you could see the fires meg play my brother a news radio there was there was a i want i want to say was a confusion but it would be a lie it was an agent try to fuck him a casting agent tried to fuck em over we had already booked him for the part and all the sudden this casting agent goes o area verde book that i've got you know this guy covenant woody i go it supposed possibly negative
follow you my friend is gonna be my brother that my other friend brian counts my other brother like it's already but well i don't know what to do you know i've already got this guy book so you can have to tell me no no no i have to tell this fuck and other guy she's already called you told you didn't that's right you came out and said you guys can go wherever she the weasel that casting female casting agents in many circumstances are a lot like male casting agents in other casting couch casting us how bad you will pardon me no global well this this gal male friends and these male friends apparently she she enjoyed their company and so he would get them gigs even of those gigs weren't really available and that was what was going on just gonna weasel is guy i i was walking in my car and you came running out
hey hey hey i got worse and then i felt bad i'm like now did that i just fuck somebody or because i know you know you in fact any but europe has stellar outstanding but you are applied moved and done it was over but she just try to ways and it was fuckin gross worley all what was that horse now no need to name names and behold it might not have grown which might have been on medication who knows at the fact that was a fanatic though we beat the shit out each other through each other through windows three sociologists and we did a scene we you gotta see mary said was still it came across to violent joe and brian member with a car we will get ass coffee pie i hit you open it is mastery over the head and they won't captain jollies down and they settle up too much they re actually ceta looked much like good fellows era was a guy yeah so
i got to break this thing over like five times yeah i've got to fly through a glass window you know they have that candy glass so one fly through a window it was fun fun episode in you oh epstein from from welcome back carter epstein from welcome back car was are all his brother was a priest that we were all terrified of his had to these his way no kidding was name he's got time steve we're gonna be born and say that you yeah i know he died he really done around the earth at arms done an ugly roma enough but i i i really i might have already died now you are hoping we should not confuse your hopes you wait a minute you know what you're rice is it is it we're short and the black i think they're all dead actually gave cause you know outside the wife died he done today wife died recently you're right he done two thousand to how he did
maybe from their episodes alot of violence can you look like shit before i die what the fuck man we knew him that's that's robert ages when we know em he actually look pretty good looks like andy crowley from sienna some of those guys that get a really good dig like a welcome back connor and then after that it dies those fuckin guys never recover its like that live in the fucking life per year ice bengals from craft service everybody morning mister hedges how are you certainly nature coffee would you like something and then this fuckin cruel change separates them out it's a hard fought and then you want all my yeah why did he turned into a hawaiian woman before what does it look like you know inhabiting rapidly went all spiritual and other than necklaces and stuff is wherein he probably won all spiritual about was all gone downhill or maybe he had cancer at some maybe now feel bad he was
dude man he was any that that was like a thrill to meet a guy dial hot yeah was we were kids and that shows you died of a heart attack sixty years old and i think i know the woman the wife the played away from that this data cancer and gave up one's y yeah and the show she just i recently meanwhile juncture road look great sucking cock planet apparently it's may get rhythmic well ripped anymore now you're right he's gotta colleagues here who looks debate from that we'll him he works the best from that show a bit gotta play washington stillwell freddy book washed and yes we do have we are dating well but it's kind of relevant gazette dead wigan close to explode nobody knows who they are anymore that's what's book the ny now let's talk it over with
i'm the guy they didn't last reference and i've never seen the shoe you never saw lost this first settling that wasn't even really good i watched it chose way better if you know what happened because now you're only focusing on what you're really supposed to be focusing on now the bull shit that makes you hate the show but here's a pitcher freddy boom reboot shall alive parents hilton jacobs is his name yea looks good but he's the best looking girl them now and horse shack check out i think it rightly see artist i think you're right i think horsted shows kind of jenks now the thing about not real it's his life do not that right oh hello truth is dying two thousand twelve to same year epstein died and gave gotta whose they like the gambler is it degenerate what i know he's a poker player but maybe i'll stretching the though not weakened
and on a club owner told me that did you have do the cagey riddles in oregon park illinois ganem canning round on over the aged have gabe cod are in there and gave bodies to hate gonna bring in a stuffed three airport in a luggage you hate charities male it spelling three three hundred miles mailing is closed really and he went he sky took him all gambling in some casino they are the weekend before i was in any he one like he won't like he said seven fifty thousand betting on football what i say i mean seventy five because no seven hundred fifty thousand sky canny wouldn't why even but he discussed using he's a heavy into it when you start getting who those big numbers that's fucking dangerous because it can all go away like that while i'm at a pool but dollars and begin the year in china beat my niece jana stats help that's an open is gambling is fun don't get me wrong but
the thing about gambling is that like you gotta keep pushing the mistakes to keep up and that thrill right juice in your reindeer already lang used up he's your hard all my guy you tell me now in a moment when a norm norms the worst norms nor mcdonald's was we like the worst of all tat my guy tonight and again so bad i couldn't his podcast his wake what kind of number he even why article story about norm and he says is absolutely true that he won t one like sixty grand one night any walked out where were they gambling where there was it it wasn't vegas causes an ocean near by any through the money in the ocean casino using a pistol i anyway why sir that's what already tommy i wouldn't when in doubt that would mean that you know not only my budget crazy don't we we haven't a great time on a plane once and
just ran we sat next to each other just total dumb luck had a great time lino three hour flight laughin and crack and and talk and all kinds of shit he's like why i quit smoking a long time ago just some happy acquits again and then it as he lands he goes one cigarette he you walk right into the fuckin what about duty free shops at the airport bought cigarettes and is just couldn't hurt him in his hand ass yours walk another door and lighting couldn't wait to get out the door to light a michael what happened acquitting cigarillos i quit quit and adjust they wanted a cigarette with it it's what it's like it was so great and we just an hour were girl talking about how much is happy he quit cigarettes quit a long time ago and then this switch goes average impulsively decides time now cigarette i gotta was tell me in new york a few years ago a bunch of sets at night like two in the morning he tells me comatose auto he's drinking black if you buy the pot he drank like it in the hot in front of it and it can
stomach gurgling yes our stomach problem he says europe mechanism can he's just two hot what i've already didn't do stay up a three day i am immune do it bother me some guys can just during carving rotate taken drink carving my friend who owns caveman crossing a people become immune to you are you do you drink coffee in the need to pass out i don't i'm like a little pussy have a half a cup and i'm all over the place the conflict it's one of those things we do a lot of you drink a lot of coffee it sort of becomes normal but if you if you take a few months for coffee and then you realize what a drug caffeine really is i the bitter my album goods gradually wanna make dip yon negative dot com you can get about what's in amity armagh another senseless killing mother says is killing but die of a caffeine bid on their because unlike hyper i get fuckin almost allergic to it you're what i mama's like allergic to have i ever celerity i have a couple cup not i can't even like focus really here
so it's an unusual feeling that you get here i dont has always been the case now there's a reason thing like eyes oh yeah its delivery now it is the immune system can find out of caffeine up we'll go on go on like fuckin harsher fr we go we might i don't know why i think the guy i spoke so great sarah negative guy have a caffeine problem justifiable out like the m almost allergic gaffin i it better than i think it how come up like twelve is vital for new time of the last twenty years like hyper large you guys a couple cups of coffee eagle jittery it's like best solved for me i'll show you fuckin face often making industry i got
that can dollars an hour later on making my driveway ruslan three cops taser my balls what's the angel does now i had a cappuccino three should get back in cairo look into your mouth but i get really mass is opposed by natural state i've had some of the worst fight to my wife and i was jacked up on coffee last january truth or it's a sunday morning my wife comes down the stairs she does my nieces enough he's a coming over we're going to pettengill and you're coming with us i'm like i've been following the patriots who sixteen weeks today is the first play off game but what better time we're gonna go lang his own shut up in the woods and ask her to me no like half hour later amid a barn looking in animals look upon a coffee and i've got on crawling out of my skin this guy next to me goes to me the most condescending tony goes that's a yak i agree
two fucking you act as a sign of the cage and add a red asshole and then i realized he was talking to a four year old son on the other side is that not a classic caffeine how do you get out i just hate me asshole role in the next occasion it was a goat marriages looked at a moment let me guess duck a pigeon doktor assumes you know everything right even a little kid was looking up like who placed in your cheerios mr little pussy i threw a pumpkin out of my way push member but which record this what good is one more per one more caffeine story this is about a month and a half way mme white plains airports it next it is obese guy for like two i was ignoring his smell
hoddan said a word to each other all sunni gets up he looks at me and his tone of voice because i'm gonna shit or watch my back that's my country a bag and can explode in thirty seconds because whether gaga terrorist second at the pansy goes depends on what a goal if i was a cheeseburger afresh gonna sell comfortable watching your back the next twenty minutes pack a sweet love acta you like butter let's be honest i did that an actor in media at a great clubs my forever club to gray club it's low ceiling and it's my say things like two and seventy people yet is it this like five of those typical were queuing comedy works you know all those like low ceiling tight tight clubs chose as nanda like that i've been economy or i may god is the best i i get a kick out of thereafter to some
finally the party rhone might fuck that you know the second time i soon i call them fat cats in the girl a random places of vat guns she didn't like that how dare you i hope you start running what she owns it now wendy i don't think it is i really don't want only was worked out i had to be eighteen years ago o sprawly wendy she's apologia you couldn't owning it then all right yes yonder from the start could she wasn't there not the honest absenteeism they urge back then and then she looked with those tommy things done and while she stapled yams what would the elder they do those things now it's not only is still my reason what a bachelor party roma shall i hear you're dealing with you that way you did yours right yeah yeah yeah yeah i love employees did my rocky mountain high at the last moment calmly central special that is done doing more from now on and clubs yeah i
i did the last one i d raw nerve was at comics which is a club rose like we ve squeeze like five and our people air and an old people do these big theatres that all sound alike or like kind a cookie cutter you know capture that that energy that can get away with a theater i mean i did talk monkeys and space my next set my second favouring one that was in a theater and columbus avowal nice little theatre nine hundred seats are that's perfect but i think that once you go to like two thousand three thousand it's you you who's a bit of the interaction with the crowd yet they are enact me it's a fucking love that's great club classic low ceiling clubs as that's why you're kommeni is hypnotic like everyone gets a rope didn t your energy mindset the stays right in your face you know it nay right it's also like a fool like when you you have you you know
sending the tags you don't miss any there i didn't ever sat in the crowd at a theatre before just eleven taping when i first moved in you you ever that's different maybe it's like not stand now i to i was in new jersey and joey and i judea and i were we're doing friday night and black was there on thursday night the he'd gotten early we flew and was able to go say hi to louis will sit in the audience you want sat in the audience and he would big laugh and then you would have a tagline nobody wouldn't hear the timeline and i was like all you can hear out here because everyone's laughin there was too many people i got round you that were laughing and the sound is didn't patrick you big there was at the twenty two one wonders i'll never get near the unfortunate little larger that's my goal to make a bad speciality in of appointing a lot of people i would love to be able to fill twenty but i think that the region although spoke came out but we need to get a big laughingly three thousand
people towards away was the biggest crawler performed for ah radio city i think the dennis larry was going to say seven thousand sixty five hundred although we did some the staple centre that's where it was stables and was even bigger was like seven thousand out here an hour i did kevin being have this april fool's day thing than they ever april fool's weekend and its seven thousand does the biggest overburdened we're because that's some theatre at universal and they're all in front of you took a wall of people take a real deep incline so that like the top row is like right in front of you like everyone's right front it's very strange statements a girl that migrate intimate tat great for four seven thousand peoples as good as it gets the idea one of its
a casino this pass october i think it was like five hundred fifty seats but same thing theatre seeding and if i have a shot some mouse i'd love to do with their those casinos can be fought and weird like twenty can suck can be great that was a great one but that you take it s your eyes those indian ones in connecticut fuck christ you don't know you gettin especially the people like connecticut connecticut is a fuckin stirring you get people around the edges that near boston there are ninety york that are cool they then a car i want to live in a city like i want a yard so they gotta connecticut in any of those fuckin deep weirdos that live those but we have to drive five miles an hour ago dear jumpin across the road every five seconds you get you got hartford when you get to the woods and then you get the snowy people greenwich
heart for what it's surprisingly shitty i allow you think of hartford connecticut it sounds regal like hartford connecticut probably was at one time yet its main waterbury connecticut yeah we used to be like a textile it was unbelievable beckoned fifties it was a beautiful city now you know to do digs and want to get a bowler driving through yet it's rough area this rough spots there my wife's from outside currently the best place to stop she's a witch doctor i mention she's model town from outside of waterbury but it is gimme wrongs nice people are but their old diamond get out i don't like you see i don't like to mexico c e bay i don't like i guess if your gun but i can see love and stay there for a week but but i hate gonna have to do a casino i just don't it did it to me it draws the fuckin dregs of love
these people out there in the late seventy you're wearing dirty running shoes that a mechanism on a friday night you know you you think you're lucky for you think you're lucky you dirty running shoes and a map suddenly jacket need is put to granted to the wheel of fortune machine fuckin loser and then they get pissed come the shower i sit when i put some advice was specially those casino she like you are only here cause you're a gambling junkie taken a week in vegas most of all a vegas we're gonna see some show how we're gonna go the stratosphere going to write the rides now not about fucking connecticut you play and you know you're a crap sabre the guy not she is like a twenty year ok we're in a mixed sheriff up a basketball sure like off like an and work boats would you can use to dress up back in a rat pact days not dry supple what the look look like crap that power a little come on you're sure i'm not saying my little alligator
oh sure to hear you members were kids kids would they would so fake alligators online generic while the kids healthy would like orchid right get mad at you if you want chapter tag doesn't it in no tories biagi as a song about that but it does it the attack someone's trying to illegal punishment a face like this like the song where he's be punches somebody in the face where they try to check his tag misery the violence the questioning your brand you gotta do we got of neighborhoods you gotta keep europe the fake we always look just like the alligator that's like a tadpole were a lizard or some with a little laugh can never yeah i have nothing on your shirt or isn't have we have brands become like something that everyone has to have its so fuckin strange how sheepish people i would that of sheep like
i need to wear what everybody else's is wearing otherwise you're not in our brain i know people that they they want to have everything brand name you know like everything has to be brand name it's not brand name it's just as good doesn't matter they do not only my wife you talking to my earlier by fucking generic i do bit about we have mice an hour an hour basements why put traps down she can't i caught a poet imported parmesan regime of cheese and one of the fucking tracks at eighteen bucks apparent really about craft singles what the fuck she was put in imported she just wanted to know what she's enough that's all we had in the fridge and my group would you fucking
lemme scotty down the espresso make my all the bits but so it he's drunk solely as a good job scotty like no no no pastry is good if you have to dont get coffee for this sort of thing is this gaudy raw you know my grandfather used to cut the underside of your mouth sarah wine check has one says it s got a bit yeah was it not it's not her it's a guy i know the guy was the bit but yeah means one those things like my leg when you go to a fuckin like when those coffee beans and they have one of those who hard like triangle lookin it's not it's a blueberry scott own fuck skull i want a muffin and i have a scones limit bullshit flagstones lemon bars not bad
i don't mind lemon bar i just i just feel like pastry should be mostly soft i don't mind will crusty outside and you look like you did culprit appreciated a little bit powder all your for writing a tailor facility i've never done coke but i'm always paranoid the people think i'm too coke without letting coke amounting in old coat that i haven't worn in my ten years i'm just going through it and what that is nobody had like foreign line the bad news thinking like who what night did i go you know why i'm dying i'm just gonna set further our what fuck man it's up how do you know it's coca might be rice and am i to tell your mother they gonna wanna kill us dummy somebody hated some your post it on youtube is put some fuckin something coat bag and leave us
i get elsinore that that's my wanted to work as i don't remember ever even buying cobra having somebody wanted to kill you all we would have to do is by you drink the com is torn than hang you a bag of anthrax what jonah this is you ve changed since i've known you i mean you like this cause what can you do in the woods the alarm amity the empty that way different than coke now i know i know that's why i'm saying i would risk a heart attack i'd rather duke this that shit i would never skid shit that's why scared because some people won't come back to that site that it's not like lsd it's the thing about romania dante's first while your brain makes it its common in the body or that none of it i've never had it why you have dreams or do i ever they go
what i am to ignore the greens and i take a brig cobb ivan sano cava yeah yeah yeah that gives me drink that'll do right yeah for sure yeah there's a lot and i know it melatonin gives some people freaky during that unlike sometimes just taken vitamins before you go to bed sometimes people get we're dreams but if you kill you why for before that a battle would make you fuck us horrible drink i won't sleep we'll call mean is a big one take a seat of colin before you go to sleep you have our full backing why is that where do you get this shit joe it's crazy fuck what it's actually just a plant it's an extract from plants it's one of the main ingredients of alphabet but who turn who turned you want this shit the internet the end nicotine patches put nicotine back before that abandoned keeps unanimity where am i don't think that's a good place for it it accurate
ten receptors alive what does a bunch of different nutrients that are shown to have a positive effect on your memory in the way of brain function so i started research no doubt ten years ago i started getting a norm taken different ones a bunch of different edmunds but it was cool and it wasn't anything like it wasn't about your friends said you gotta do this shit what the empty is different this is we're talking about a single colleen and nutrients and per hour enabling them to do third i should add that found out about well i heard about it first through this guy named terence mckenna who was i've heard about tens mckenna through an old bill hicks joke extended organ of yeah about terence wynn ten mushroom yea i would turn me can i would call a heroic nato does so lagoon turning mckenna guy it's i bought it turns mckenna book and holy shit is this guy go and deep i think i bought a food of the gods he's crazy fuck book sky was just i mean at the time when i never heard anything about like much about psychedelic mean when
new people that did mushrooms is like let's get fucked up i got some mushrooms who were going to see some crazy shit that's not really there did you do that you motion for you are young you know i didn't do it i didn't party at all i can i might smoke part five times before i was thirty maybe at the most six or seven before starting that was all it was all when i was drunk we nose like i hardly drunk someone's gotta joint fucking smokes and then i was gonna do that again freaked me how to care for them feet like that's what surprised me then you do they shit will then start again in a pot i enjoy it now i love pot it's one of my favorite yeah it's a hit about thirty thirty wanna start hanging out my friend eddie bravo and eighty bravo who is a musician was tell me that it makes him more creative that he looks like sums it makes me dopey and is again sure like you ve ever live every like smoked it by itself or smoking when you drink and so we smokes
and then i was like this is the best should everyone went got ice cream sundays and i was like a cat fuckin believe ice cream sundays taste is good and then you wrote a bitter no just rise from some should probably should have missed the boat but so really outdo tax feel so much better when your high the weders is any kind of we'd it makes you i per sensitive that's why people get paranoid the region you're because most of us put blinders on because you have to get through life i mean there's you know we're on a fuckin planet were flying through space right run metal boxes zenos gold i wanted a sixty miles an hour on the highway anybody at any moment time could just fuckin turn into the oncoming trafficking but blinders on to get through life and we ignore things and then when you smoke particles you ever think about this try not to people always i don't like park as it makes me paranoid i think it just makes you hypersensitive last time i smoked it was
when i first moved to new york city then an acting class skill go back to apartment like five of us in the class smoke this shit that i had to go given the way home grown up i go to the bank chemical bank i'm in line my fault mine and they had a digital than we in number comes up so i finally i get there my number comes up i fuckin lady to stay at home and i ran out that's a true story is freaked out chewbacca mean schoolteacher and i just fuck and bolted that's the last time there like an early nineties that's you smoke so you know that you would help me with my insomnia wouldn't yeah sometimes but then again one of the three i hear it's like did the wheat today's odyssey way stronger than what was going on italy fifty i was wild had now a days and just to see if it works fine him into parts one when it is going to happen when his look at this and shit that's all i need another way to look at is this ted you get over here that's a boost that i shot couple months ago
my mother and i wanna one thousand invader from canada didn't have a green card flock took it out from america not shut down in canada if you will live around you and give you some mistakes i got four hundred pounds of it my free relic now can guy joke testosterone methods glare why cousin i gotta cousin hunted bow and arrows get all kinds of events where that as you have shot a bear with a boner you do that shit i you know no no no no five years about caveman coffee firearms and marijuana does not i want to be like fuckin hybrid diligence hyper aware answer on the boy no fucking around in the last you ever want to be involved in is a firearm accident that you could prevent it's a good point element thinker
don't i know guys who do though this month we gotta go fuck and bow hunting that didn't tristan smoke a joint said they would later they like it rural release if you're in a tree stand in yours issued a bow and arrow the likelihood of you shooting yourself is very small the likelihood of you shoot somebody else v small keziah indians are probably high back on this day when they were hunted how much marijuana here not we but hey odeon yet i ought in they use their but he had there's probably some mushroom use go onto but i think they would use that stuff the sort of like fuckin post post hunt the kind of like celebrate celebrate or sunlight that they rub but the vikings you know used to use mushroom and going on in a semicircle known on those guys these derived lengthy different vikings whose can giant dude who there's all these photos of this sum some football player there is like
but a means with this guy's tat you know i'm talkin about was destroyed for it does not mean probably who the fuck knows you know i don't know is it a college kid couch it yeah asian com it is now saying that six eighty to ninety or something like that pete the people today so goddamn freaky huge that a body fat is divine like dear yeah this is the guy what look at us this is not the right picture below this one picture of this guy standing around a much other people and he just like you a lot of how is it going to take the arrest of photo do that for all the right to decide their mother fucker that guy was created in the lab that doesn't look like a real person negative body fat what are you making a pitcher bigger the that's not because a full photo narrative saving make them pay related economic lighter doesn't when you we tried it in margie twitter photo doesn't let you do that for some reason you look good in a certain size and it blacks out on you
looks like girl go lab experiment you know when you go back now like jim brown back when he was planned sean oatman that's the gentleman's name i will call him a gentleman from now on by the way someone some insane size and he's a stone college it just doesn't make any sense this is people just way beggar now our of its hormones in meat and twelve year old girls with must now hand over my various look look at his mother fucker jesus can cry is probably a strong safety to look in his eyes the guide it doesn't even liquid human always tower and over the guy's next home look at his arms their popping out of a show you what wise you have panza didn't those paths are useless what does that mean our paths are to the fuck what the fuck am i gotta stomacher cheerleader princess yeah those why i was thinking that the other day i come do it never caught on with guys to wear like amid drift expose shirts it's like
where those exclusively manager of getting everyone wants hollywood lately there would be tightened the not right now like hell may cause i'm gonna certain boulevard fuckin beverly hillbillies nobody nobody fought back then that's a beverly hillbillies nobody will ever fucked i lay may who wouldn t even going to date on show with jethro brother then you had the first lesbian and hardly where i think was miss out the way i thought it was alice i think some of the rapidly hillbillies alice from the brain it was also but i think not croatia christiana she played overtook texas knows tackle before she got she landed the role of alice
the copy of stumbling of my we're getting angry ready asked earlier while in fact and check that five intact she was good but nobody is half the way was but i think the beverly hillbillies predated the o light the lady that work at the bank yes there always kissing his ass because yak jed had all the money you're the one that dennis melis said when he's time bruce journey wendy bruce jana canada mrs hathaway from it's not the best reference by sillies go now exactly was intense mail is strange cat man he is strange guy outcome like him too i i like him as a person of talk to him i talking to him but he nine eleven came along and that guy just wait flogging he took our right turn hit that guy i wasn't already there you were now you'll always there like a star i just saw a thumb in boston in niger
boss things a little right wing i mean there's a lion s wing in boston but there's a lot of right wing or do you write it so left that it we used to talk about the next it so left wing that it came full circle they started to have shit and com little homes and end our right member bury criminals human you know i was talking to bobcat this weekend bobcat gold we came to the usa and i got him in his daughters boyfriend is a big you have seafaring arms from tickets and i went on and he just didn't die humanity on bare criminal and that's right i heard him talk about its pretty intense peacenik not bury right thank you he was copy is gonna benefit form i didn't i didn't know about that but this was about bury was apparently molested as a child as a young child and this this is sort of
explaining how we became such sort of angry curmudgeon right up in surprise apparently a fuckin really deep and intense documentary and it's coming to combine sundance and they're gonna come on the show in some time in early january february but it's it's fucked up puffed fucked up cat title to like me a lucky like all may lie like that's what he you know he named the documentary something along those lines you told me that i know how and laughing but yeah barry criminals was like super i remember here in that i am saying that he came out one nine soda broke down on stage stitches about that that's it remember hearing member van already moved to new york at that point but i remember somebody tell me second hand that you like that he let it lot on stage one night is something but you know left wing back there was a different thing
oh yeah how will you re more laurent yet was way more taller relax and now become a lot of work shaming and call out it's become this aggressive tactic thing like the aggressively left wing in your face about it which is it creates com more than it resolves anything absolutely bury was like it was like a pro union geigy believe that people should get good wages he bought american beery widows jungle budweiser right age i was a bar back eyes to carry that i carry a case of but i was a bar back for six months and ditches before i start a comet yet with susie susie member susie the manager of stitches using that band they had already banned with a in walker in egyptian we're leaving walk with an erection harry can forty was running around and berry right i used to bring a case of budweiser and you right now
back on it he was hiding he would drink that case throughout the night they may be two left i mean in a bottom sit around aspirant did he had a cold and he's the only gathered over to me is a barbaric music i'll get sick walrus mustache was tat timid and as far as i like really critical so i mean radical left on the east make me laugh as hard as anyone jimmy tingle entangle funny guy thought about it i always quote tingles joke about ronald reagan but this is when i was an open maker i saw one this is when an open micro is right after the whole reagan contracting and went down was nineteen eighty eight and read after ring was out of office there they were they were in here on trial and they were asking him did you say arms to iran's said i dont remember i dont goes on mr president will you when you so arms to people who hate us jotted down parliament applauds do not generally doing though is this
the line charlottetown up is a good tangle joy he was he couldn't needs one is real left wing but reasonable in his letter was absolutely you know it's like left wing now has become the sledge super hyper the fascist fox i've expert i experienced it in a pretty high hard core way when i came out and i'm pretty flock and left wing and allow issues on gay rights on gay marriage on a lot of different issues on racial issues but i'll guns i'm in the end i gotta do i'm a lotta let louder why do feel like there's a lot of credible issues on both sides but there's this guy who got a section
and then started fighting women and emma may also get the fuck out of here and all these people were call me transphobia big it and all this clash it yeah and that's when i got really this we're really experienced a full understanding of what it means to be a social justice warrior were right any time a man is critical of women anytime a man shits on women that guide them up but that's it guy has one arm don't shit on they're the ones for a thousand union feel bad about it's like i got you have paid well any time a man is due to doing something horrible against a woman are saying something about that guy becomes a massage next i lass criticising a transgender person siege and gender is more marginalized than women so a transgender guy who becomes a girl now can fight when
and if you criticise that you'd criticising a former guys now girl and that's like a hindrance to download over the agates will involve own cause they re so he's fighting guy now at least he's out or she is out of the closet or you know the notion tat closet i set out an open about it because the first two she fought didn't know that used to be a guy i saw some of the sun was it's fuckin what's his name is it's no need did cabin anymore fuckin publicity then she's already gotten says because it set a hundred youtube videos complaining about me but the bottom lilies yet is this too two schools about it there's transgender reassignment doctors who say no she's totally women's too but then there's marshall artists and then regular endocrinologists they will hold on a second like talking much as regular sports
do not talk about someone who's competing in say fuck man is like racing renee richards there was another one was not like wait racer renovated by grace who dominate all the women in her first professional event is beating them like fuckin ten fifteen seconds faster than everybody knows that fuck and these are like a lot of people like encourage her to get into you know competing as a woman and then just that the inherent differences of the fuckin male and female frame really get high did when you want somebody beat the shit out of some absolutely who is a natural born woman versus someone is becoming a woman digital certain things you can't change during a number of your members super foot wallace fuck i don't do you remember when the woman went up against someone why well the sports no ah why did she can benefit stella around while wasn't even can't because a kick yes with bill superfly women do i don't know because building the king and the whole movement was in full swing and this
outcomes run out and he fucking dropped her like a use rubber like in the first use cameras around house or just a punch probably a hook kick or a punch because here though he had the best hook taken i think i was going to say was a kick to the head than they can then be dragged back to a court then they set her up again they send out again and does it in no way yes realer members a kid go and what the fuck sharing there's a woman named to see a rikers problem the best women boxers of all time and she fought a guy and it was like one of the first men versus fema she has fought a mediocre guy and she's like a world champion than ever but i gotta see martin was doc all these women were docker she wasn't heart and held out of a managed on this does this this lucy riker chick was arguably one the best female box of all time got fuckin lit up like a christmas tree by this dude and knocked dead just warmth he caught her with a punch and just fuckin paternal lights out george
and she faced planted it was ugly because you know you you're watching a guy beat the shit out of a check right it's it doesn't matter if they're the same weight class it doesn't matter if they the same amount of body mass is a different structure will chris rocks india you know my daddy garage you still have a hundred and we still have a hundred five pound chin deference or whatever well they can deafening men can deftly take which is better for the most part in disguise it are built much more slender and feminine bright this does one woman who used to be men is not not built feminine you get man shoulders and fuck man hands man hands hit ardor man shoulders are wider the whole deal just the point being until then i had not experienced the full impact of the progressive movement the full massive respond right totally illogically unlikely we're just when talking about her right to be a woman i fully so what do you want to you i wouldn't know what it is like to be born a mixed measurement briar i fully
you changing your your sex no prominent change your gender no problem at all have no problem i'll call you whatever the fuck you want but if you be they should honour my sister on propaganda come out there's gonna be honest with you i try to be tolerant until i find out that you did not discuss the fact used to be a man and my sister's enough can hospital cause your gender and ahead you know it's like this is a different world you're talkin about in other words of combat sports that's my old and i'm telling you right now there's a big goddamn difference between the way a man it's a bag and the way a woman is a bag he watched the difference between the impact how much gets taken away by that sex change but not enough rice not anonymous sir i just to this too much more out what you can't you know it you can't change do that you can't the size of the fists you can't change the dubbed the emu yet frame the frame if you that woman died eyes a thousand years now scientists dig up her body thing i got others a dude that's a dude
gelatin there is and i know that you know it was transgender to woman then i'm going to do because this is a male skeleton looks perhaps it's those are male hips but there was a boundary that even family used to stay away from but now they seem to be pushing that like i was i was a gotham couple years going to fight breaks had not to do with me on stage like two tables got into and those women right in the middle the swinging over what i don't know that today someone was being allowed in another table complain in those boyfriends and girlfriend to the table than they do start a fuckin swinging and there was a girl right in the middle east china hit the dormant in the doorman came over to well back and knocked at the door she no hidden popped her yeah that's all i'm saying or he determined yet you fuck around gotham those raw former cops exactly hydra big fuckin irish square john is that have knocked a lot of luck and heads and these changes right in the middle of pork throw tyrannical haymakers bought into this shit yeah
mean going a little too far with did you the woman trying to play football no on the internet now look it up didn't it was an indoor league on league or whatever it's like first from the five yard line she's a female run out on me like a big woman here she's think she'd have asked she i don't know they try to run or off tackle like four times and she each time she gets more bro even like cringing i don't know i don't even know your name it was like an indoor league arena league but it said you know she's like the first one firstly el the plain a pro gain that wasn't a kicker fist billy quality is non existent is non existent and its devil it's not even existent inside the genders in a male electors certain fuckin men are you guys you fight in the usa like this guy lombard is fuckin freak of nature's cuban olympian judo player whose isn't fuckin knockout artist you watch him
i knew i was almost is unfair that he fights regular pete hits even though their border all hundred seventy pounds flock indifferent hundred and seventy pounds but at least there i mean it's there's no air when it comes to that shit in that part of what would it is to be a champion like what is this five foot two hundred thirty pounds female running back plays a professional football watch the now she's still alone is it took eyes at knocked out why would she do she was taken shots i have to say at least prayed plants and they give the bottle like three times in a row we can't you pulled from you too would say can we really let's look at it ladies and gentlemen if we get poles from youtube jamie just added dumping at eight i think google it what's the name of it than that
cod five foot to its on daily mail five two two hundred thirty pounds female running back plays in professional football game by i think the video is actually pulled from this website so oh really my husband yeah lies night playing fucking united nations a crime against humanity that iran is a country that god look ok that's not it look that's not it oh that's not throw that maybe that's it that's that's the clip jesus christ who that was her about to go in there just master make you you get dr applause but getting up she's not dead she's not dead they give the ball three times in each hand is more savage may go on what the fuck but she's as nails she she didn't go off the peel that's heard using a single line through the air that did just through her what was once a year
people can i laugh crazy why would you laugh makes me sad picture contemplate daughters and b that stupid what they want you wouldn't do that would you what am i to do i can't control them they become adults ingenuity finally given that minor point figured you gotta see this last one that this the cycle humongous sky watches she's got the ball fucking christ imaging ones right now that's a tough chick young oh she's probably played against you got a few initiatives you gotta juice if you wish choosing you mean you'd have to do for so long that you actually became a man we had a guy in the park that used to be a woman who became an buck angel she's kind of burying mould and when she was a woman she was built like slender and now he's a man and he's pretty thick
one point i would like to make one eighty five years following the openness it is too much pressure on the joints like because you just fuckin bang and test our strong to dead lives but this is only so much that changes doesn't change sides your fuckin face in size let's not get smashed how does let me as your question how does salami sixty eight still joseph right now watch movies in these ripped he's more than sixty eight now is almost seventy i'm lombardy deduce yeah should do it yet its testosterone places therapy relic here i do it in the name of the doktor gets very doktor thing at the position of fuckin buddy absent listen and make another beverly hills wreck the bottom line stallone sixty eight year he's my canary in a coal mine song now that we're all good i'm telling you look its there's a lot of science involved in it in rife you go to
right daughter re make sure that you get your level your blood levels checked on a regular basis is not any more dangerous than aging agents fuckin terrible fletcher gray point agent gets you no matter what you do everybody dies from aging and the people are going eventually gonna kill you like unlike life long to get cheated out of a month listen you know good a new rambo do new fuckin right now last lives scarlet laugh level ass blood somebody said is an somebody made a menopause georgia but i think it was somebody said already muslim the financing setting an eight year old guy that looks like him i mean i sit my wife says i'm in love in a canoe highlights the long term sex man and i don't like those of you that the fuck out of here we were picture ever we were picture when was that this recently that this recent how is that possible my testosterone would
that's what's missing from old people so my dnc pills that say testosterone a continent is disappointing does does happen do that you know you know it helps a lot is dead lifts and squats don't hill sprints and ain't time you do something that's like compound exercises that require your body to like put out a lot of energy like big first of all like those force your endocrine system the fire up cause you bodies like this the farmers can be lifting waits like he's gonna there's gonna do this all the time we produce a lot more hormones and we bring the but if you just sit around if i can offer you known exercise your testosterone astro levels just you bobby only does what it has this right that's why people get muscle atrophy will work out you muscle shrank because you bodies like we don't need the americans are young people at work i don't need this less the same thing when you get old if if you get old and you're not lifting waits you're bone density decree try law should happens my joints though i did
ninety ex right i did was it for ninety days i did like eleven months i got obsessed with and i dropped like ten pounds which is all i want the drop i was in like this i do this i gotta ended about a year and a half ago but don't know me suppose it is a reason for us to do it because this kind of thing when you joint right that if like eleven my awesome i got up my eye misa clicking and it's not because of its because a penknife because i abused it right i mean it's a lotta jump acts as a lot of stuff that people say kind about fashion now while not apply but you know i mean i just not forgotten is fifty and i made we will there's some people than have some good ideas about like in limitations are a lot of times based on injuries like all this guy got here is back well don't do that anymore in your heart you back there's a lot ideas people have bait but it's it's all about
no in your body known how much stress you put any body and giving your body plenty recovery time in any given your body i knew trains to recover like fish oil vitamin gray protein a full range of multi vitamins super important free bosnia and in food i didn't write foods that's that important like all the vitamins and world and i'm gonna help you fucking cheeseburgers everyday whose major need outing when yes i am a lot of salmon lotta chicken protein vegetables then i may just enough carbs to fuel me and it worked worked vodka some oh you did everything your heart rate goes through the roof and end now there's no digest abuse did i got i had never done anything that work like that two thousand and twenty and i play football in college isabel shape i was in and i was they call it shit that's what we would do him back then we would do a lot of biometrics right right and that's all we didn't college to get and in it it was in great condition but i couldn't i was
when at six times awaken is both to stop at the ninety there i didn't waste processing i just thought it was now nearly fifty you are and i mean that europe you're twenty five you can fuckin door for three years i'm sure the guy does it is like fifty isn't always all that now toning down my order aid shape i know you knows it another one that you can do that's called the extreme kettlebells cardio work out by this guy keith weber does not know jumping and no none of that stuff it's all just what i do with authority i don't know about you i saw that i'll go out and get up and go along with that seventy pounds or that's it everyone just this once a light one is just a full cardio work pocketing you pick up a thirty five hour tenable feels like nothing but after like a million holy shit how much time this is a forty five minute worked out o my god twenty it's in your fuckin legs are on fire lungs are on fire but
very low stress and new joint cause is now a lot of weight and it's not like note no jumping anything like that fucking love that work they would all the time it's fantastic but it's like those ones he's doing it so you do you follow along those are the best ones that's what's good about that penile x ray like exists like do what they're doing and then you know it's over went any you're done you show up that's your problem is fuckin judge actually doing shit like so many look i want again shea boy defined die that's all just fucking do it and what it does it did just fuckin talk about rag about he said then one or in one of the things he goes to show up and hit play and it is there that actually set off a thing of my hair no matter how shitty i felt i gonna make up in our eyes give myself advice like like some alike land somewhere much go the gym come on pussy men up tell myself pretend like i'm talking to me and i call myself a pussy and then i just go but i always feel better when i do you know
it's like knowing when you feel like shit because you didn't say and knowing when you feel like shit just because you know elsie this motherfucker gets up i'll tell you what that's how the fucker gets up he will that picture about i read an article he said he when he was in no way we know now that the earth the spend worse now the first blood rambo he was so obsessed with work and how he got these could be out insult beach shit based and then go right to the jump drunk at three the morning really out what it was drunk you're lying and work out yes he said he was obsessed with haven't even got drunk that's what he said what i said was it bars on gas networks don't and he go right to the friggin jim that's where three in the morning that's if you follow the rock fall the rocks instagram page if you're one of filling a lazy fuck followed rocks instagram pages he'll like fuckin fly somewhere at five o clock in the morning like touchstone five a m
five third and tat a don't fuckin squaws as has the kedo on cattle but yeah he's on it apply to a hotel in the gmo i can see from my room i won't go to it now as they are at present i am resolved it's a blackened gonna get me it's a nautilus those of europe they did their bad for your joints polemics replica this mother fucker seventy years love i don't it's hilarious recently i was looking out one do you moved to shoot somebody kill somebody it's gonna forget mine pan actor look is sauce true if i knew somebody get home if i twelve million people gonna see me had actually put in the time game but it's my wife who gives a fuck there was some bitch in a certain level you like it or not is there divorce you decide you want be lonely rude that's a great idea or thought of what used to
worse like socket or divorce it's not a good idea that's why you're not married and i don't have a choice of yeah i say he i say something ridiculous videos like what a great idea ok around he's ok this is doctor me right this way when did you get married five years was a far bigger kids but suddenly some recent into your mary i held out for a while i think marriages ridicule but i'm not going anywhere i have kids i love having kids even enjoy being married but i dont i think the idea of a legal contract with a stick an illegal in more more ridiculous is the idea that you bring a bunch you don't even know and if you decide to break up there side where all the money goes to split things up i've had some friends have gone through some absolutely fucking brutal divorce will you understand what divorce really is it's a business i mean them the marriage system in this country when the encouragement
is more than getting marriage getting married is about selling diamonds that's a big one and then distribution of assets which a big part of go to the legal system that's what people think about important was the first one effect is true turn me but how about deal the flip side in our illegitimate kids and all that one solution of the family and learn how that turns well what's legitimate and what's not i mean if you together and you're the father and she's the mother you fuckin jump over a broom like they didn't routes and you say we're married you know i have friends have kids that they j they change their names and then not married you know they decide we don't need to do this legally i have friends i got married on a lark like there really mary they got married by a friend you know like do
they went through all ceremony dachstein help did that he got married and was like a fake and then like one she went crazy like well i guess it's not be meriting more than he doesn't have to go to court i don't understand i've got mary i got married while back when you remember i wasn't real goes our real is just like they what they did everything except assign the actual papers they were the rings or whatever but if he went to court if she took him the court i bet she could fly but that back then why there were together she get alice suit all those fucking goofy suits you workers isn't there like a law if you live with somebody for over seventy years that's it's a mystic partner that could be i of common long common law marriage that is that in all states i don't think so i think it very state by state but california and it's definitely it exists in china for now it is also a thing about being married more than a certain amount of time i have a friend who was married for twelve years in this you know fuckin too the end it was brutal audio than in my no kids broke over there has to
pay alimony for the rest of her life forever she apparently because he paid for for twelve years i mean she's like forty nine she might lead jeez paying him none another now he's paying her they forever forever he's paying of arabia that's it we're married bad where she was thirty norman no no no no no this is california divorce law they talk about america when you goethe it's it's the people's republic of california when you go to a certain amount of years of marriage in california you are obligated if you're the guy who's was the caretaker describe it the guy who's got the money without friend because russia is difficult what was he don't you was never american every amerika because of that colleagues will they both have money the nine my friend was married his wife was just fuckin get her nails the brain or little fuckin show tiny dog get it wash he has to pay for the rest
relax he's married now to another woman and he pays for example in amounts money every month and she lives in his old house in the fuckin palisades sweet house and she moved her boyfriend in and when you're living with a man then it's supposed to be you know he's not suppose pay anymore so he brings investigator into the situation the investigator goals need they check how's the guy moves out an investigator comes around i wonder what the fuck you all as soon as they he comes back land ownership as they go through this little dance where they do if she gets married again he doesn't have to pay any more but then she lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars a year i mean i think he pays or something like six or seven hundred grand a year well that's why i am saying is justified but that's why you lot a guy snap oh yeah i mean same of that with it with all the you no child custody thing enough at all it's all favoured towards the mom in that case and guys fuckin snap
in some cases are nonsense justify but they do that the systems are fucked up because first of all these people don't know you so if you go to court you know it's everyone's trying to present their argument would dare the perfect person i'm the perfect husband i was the perfect you know my wife is a crazy bitch you know i was a perfect model my god they weren't you hear the level of also had friends that their their wives when their breaking up who will file of restraining order and say that he was threatening being abusive and if it's just you and her alone the cheek they can sail crazy shit and that's worried guy would snap ga i made you gonna ruin my life i have referred who was a woman who was getting divorce and her lawyer advised her to do that and she was like what she couldn't fuckin bleached like no he's not violent i'm not gonna do that is like looking a little favor you in court when i say that in a way that is abusive sanity
and you and you can you know he likes phrase that in a way where he wasn't suggesting it he was saying one of the best ways to ensure you know favour with the court as if your husband was abusive has he been abusive has he ever said anything violent to you went link like issues like a u insinuating is like one i'm just saying that if you did that and she's like stop mama have you seen that more begone gone girl yes holy shit i was kind of a good example of a hole in a very good maybe fakir duty haven't seen now existing take a check for it seems like while they that its where its it i didn't have the hell it's the opposite of a chick flighty while it is it's to me i don't know i have my own take i can't watch too much shit out a highly without seeing the little the fuckin angry feminists head rearing its buck in facing the heavenly yes it was just an x you see much hate it
listen to me though assembly will you well written but yet but that's a hateful woman who wrote that shit she hates me with a fuckin patch but then can justify the embargo while the woman's the crazy bitch in the movie that's what they boiler alert listen don't anymore because people if you haven't seen among its good fatima what happens in the end i didn't know that already i wash in a hotel room and vegas i was like fuckin by myself like you i got a bed see what's on tv use at one o clock in the morning watches type fell asleep ten minutes aunt em fuck and why not the pillar the area was long fuck but it was so slightly on and i was it that they would the dialogue so slackened like people really talk like that but but the venom in the hatred towards and that's what i was getting out of it at its warm and i don't want you analyse menu hapless like an hour or two particles apart from a tv yelling at it gone this brought his vision
well but it was really really mean in and well written and she's got books of lessening flint apparently the book is really good apparently that i believe that is more complex more like a murder mystery whereas the movie in other condensing a dollar two hours or whatever the hell it was didn't see like it's the way she was categorizing guys you know his idea of a fantasy b of book in a reality show marathon and with his hand on his pants you never said shit like that about a woman and a fact and bold please a drill yet a hollywood york no but i did i move out like they would tell a story and given the scenario it i'll tell him with the movies about totally made sense i mean did i sense but it's coming from you know it's a what
right metric down it's comin out of her filthy hope and a guy ever debbie equivalent you couldn't get the more we made wouldn't get green lit understand you're gonna be a fuckin douche bag i want the right to be a douche bag what used to be these two evils mac women in movies harry we should have liked gather mac while by who were the who sticks the great fruit in his wife's face arch bunker whose takes a grave rooted in a movie yes early baumgarten guys some time other carefully you don't hear your as cagney james care really he does i wish you are a wish and well argued fuckin sink somebody sticks a great brought his wife's face at the kitchen it's beautiful played on eloped my view i wish you you know it's it's going to find the other way now so you can see
women in the face and they would kiss you afterwards those yeah those days were different what was going on back then we could just smack women with zero live like that i'm in beating about sovereignty is that what was going on you have put into this feminist horse you are going to do for themselves yeah but it me why was the guy hit nor in the first place how budgets have accomplished burnt does eggs come on let's be not enough of corsica nicholas how dare you oh my god this is horrendous you're gonna come after you deprive who the feminist they're not gonna come near shows anymore not exactly as they would already picketing play a goal you got a great measure our working again but i wish you would imagine well but i like a tire poverty and singular woe maybe found someone you like better
oh my harder than i that's all she said is maybe if found someone you like better that we talk and palms or in the that was lord for the activities i didn't realize that hard either you know where i saw them sopranos tony sopranos watching that movie at home i think it's public enemy is something that's where i first saw that i go holy shit how they get away with it jesus christ s look at its base tie heather looks like you know or go one but you know slams you know in a godfather cross yet i was like up palms triad efforts those not just like most of the face he had some like some snap because they feel of the hand that hurts i'm different
that really lovely woman when i remember i think that it was horrible lovely guys i'm with you on that one he was hurled it all she said was mania i'm better romania files you like better level it is only reasonable she's been fairly reasonable wouldn't even screaming see but that's just ten years ago you probably saw that an was like yeah that she deserved it but you get we're getting puts it in the last sixty years ago burn movies from fifty fuckin yards along damagon more than fifty years ago the movies from like the fifties right was yeah yeah maybe i like maybe even forty with james cagney agenda give her even after publication but girls we said that that old school hair that old school year that way we're like that they when can convict before flatter and then they also have like fluffy shit around the end of their sleeves those
we're common that's like she's pissing poodle your wife showed up at the dinner table and she's short like that you feel like what what are you wearing your show how buddies pajamas pajamas are excellent guy some of my brain snapping that's like what you weren't you breakin rocks lillehammer nineteen thirty one public nineteen thirty y yeah i think that was it i think that's public enemy yes social media back there was a newspaper in armenia was social media between people shit there was nothing nobody had a voice then in a nice was quiet but it's interesting cause you could kind of its shape society with movies like em like that will you see james cagney hid it chicken face with a great fruit that would be imitated by
we want to see that move yeah you don't think that happens now godfather oh yeah a definite does but at least now you have like people that counter that like this horse shit right is this gone girl is fuckin feminist tropes bullshit or this this on girls it shows you the massage mystic patriarch society that will arise arguments people can have on that island and debated back then you know you watched it chick got hit with a girl an you went home and your wife that grassroots now you get over the penny coming many people watch movies and thought that's how to behave i saw this in a movie so this is what you do i mean it's gotta be pretty fuckin come earlier or just look at all the scarface t shirt scarf i mean how many there is a role mila has ever been movie were a guy was like more of an anti hero that became like a giant all right a drug dealer murderer whose coped out of his fuckin mind became like an iconic cultural figure niner says some about willing
but everybody loved that movie i feel like i'm moving united love him i would wear a fucking give my kid a t shirt with his face on it but it's coming that's crazy she little five year old cables scarface circulate what was the fucking yea i got the money then you get a person said i the bad guy lastly when the restaurant shit it goes on and put mine away was embarrassed i was a good fuckin movie of a good five movie hub me when i got to see that i got to see the day came out and i was really crowded at the theatre in my hometown damage i sneaked down by this by the ropes waiting to the doors open so i can run in sit in front of the neck showing the doors open when i see him falling in the pool oh i just when it didn't denial unlike that's not him that was just problems character that's not didn't know that's what i saw that's terrible
everything toiler alert have time happens tat was swell spoiler around as one he became a weird guy later and his movies you became like this real over act kind of a kind of egg to big like where like you know he just didn't didn't matter it was it was like always like trying to sell shit material or something like that it wasn't good anymore legal act back to dog day afternoon how funny good was he that was a movie about a transgender guy right he's just trying to get money for his friend to get a secretary at right the robin a bank and it wasn't it based on true story does i think so great based on larry ambrose will was fuckin good back then god damn you good i him and i watch some fuckin trailer firmly we almost watch for guph
deniro and the line on all right now travolta no that was done was terrible i don't like to those kind acute good lord i really did i bet you did worse than that farmers in that was deniro and travolta travolta plays a russian hit me and deniro ashley s second cia guy was one word oh my god is the worst fuckin trailer like you want to training like who green let this horrible piece of shit that i'm watching here yeah they don't want what happens when they went two characters in the movie that famous yeah that you're watching deniro chase of terms you're not waging a russian gadget with a shitty russian accident terrible killing season or so bad but
two deniro over the last few years it seems like they just give a movies like i'll do that faggot panama pay my fee i'll fuckin do it even a poster looks bad for that maybe without so bad do it so bad would say the amish beard i would say play the hoodie about say play the trailer but will duffel you kicked off for you too for the control of its like a hunting in central park is it such a bad movie men went deniro did that movie with like you did like a fantasy movie like one of those fuckin wizards sorcerer movie with what the hell's rename the cheque from turkey though that sharon stone it was i think was heard sharon's stone and deniro in some awful fuckin unicorn wizard movie well that movie i was called paycheck it was
i mean was spent in his money on how much money is like i have he wore it's funny because not as much as you think this whole article a few years ago about him i haven't money pro really yeah he and he just bought a bunch of property upstate new york and of another it is starting to us like one reason i don't even remember there is a wizard or something i don't even remember that guy seven point seven and i am db fuck you i m d be financed showgirls has on i point that's that's a legitimately good movie because it so bad twond shall showgirls legitimately boys our name a czech elizabeth spurt four point five that's it outrageous tomorrow but how does i when i was seven point seventy seven point seven is almost broken eight no eight is almost nothing minds almost perfect right that's bullshit
that's stupid train movies ninety five percent of rotten what train movie snow pure oh yeah doesn't make any sense did you see that thing snow picture now swallows indy movies people like movies that were made for fifty bucks when they find out what we are made cheap and i have made in house all these guys made it you know they ve all got together the chip down they certainly kickstarter everybody gets really excited they did it and garage does is plug well i was done at the end of the day they did the dude in the background i do you know about this maybe what did you know that there is a sequel to whatever that one is called little fuckers where it little me these that's right what the fuck are you sure it doesn't have an irishman he did not meet the fuckers but he has not been hashing in he really has he wasn't bad in the first one though the first
was not i was funding is actually pretty by but he's losing he played there was fuck it was a movie the deniro did recent goddammit i gotta go deniro i am db las vegas the family now going the family wedding silver linings now there was a good it was actually a fairly decent fuckin movie limit where he play practical magic my hundred i he played some mob guy and that's it the when he said the family which is a family is i think that's while the good shadow family family would suffer rambling genova spoke on the mob now when a spoof fuck god dammit godmother i'm not gonna now this not limitless not killer elite being free
answers no big wearing no killing seton no that was always talked about who cop land which was an american was good get the fuck was american hustle was american also well i can also would really was in here he was an american also deniro was yes yes he was good and that one of the eu i forget he was good in that movie muscle were they were trying to was set somebody up and he he happen two no arabic and the guy was playing like a fake arab there's an undercover cop was plain a fig arab think oh yeah he was actually an area like one american hustle that was ok that maloney s any given point three i can also which was a great movement has seven point three those fuckin towards their plan with our emotions are sought how does another a seven point three in the it's a good fuckin movie american hustles
nine it's a really good movie and what an jennifer lawrence good large taught them really yeah that was good play what a good kid she is good kid a good kid goods come league are not i'm any problem of that beautiful but yeah i mean that's that's one of the rare movies it has done over the last few years that was actually good but that's what happens man that's a weird world do not a world of the aging older actor guy who used to be the iconic moot areas played some fuckin gonna forgot about that trying right he was good in it to scare he was legitimately scare you give a good role if it still knock it off the park i is enacted thereby yeah just i guess it's like not that many good role
forget that or you now they go hey we got this movie its independence is stop click be that's right yeah is like listen de my as it's not the narrow christ i'm gonna mortgage but you mentioned is funny that's an interesting thing about real successful famous actors and they get older than the lid tis moby right now right michael key yeah about that very thing you see that z not yet herds really a good final with that as i am to be fuckin ship bag with any website yeah those guys when we get to certain ages like there's not a lot of roles and women it's way worse
we're don't even scary point seven eight point seven down bergmann respect yeah like a woman like fadeaway they get a certain age gerfalcon latona extra definite double standard yeah especially of its money you know it's like a big money movie like the little she was major league movies are probably making ridiculous minded at times in her day and then you get to certain asian and arrogant often for it and i would like to broaden williams was talking about that before he died he was talking about why went back to television there soon dislike there's no money like you know he was in his sixties and people coming tomb of these rules that in a word that interesting or if they were interesting was an independent movie right no money involved and then sergeant stand up again memory did especial
but standards one of those things you care if i can take a decade off and then get back and sadly there are weak are we got her exactly isn't weird like that absolutely it's it's over it's it's a muscle stand up hits it atrophies very quickly chop in a way i didn't remember i got any surgery once and i take a few weeks off took like three weeks off and my acl reconstructive then went back downstairs i was nervous factors like why not weird that's how you know still a scary thing to do for a living because when you been don't twenty six twenty seven year and is still a little nervous that's when you know this is still fuckin kind of attributing it takes balls especially for me when it gets nervous racking is like right now because i just released a special so after really gonna put it away tall gone i now knew now that's where you are now two absolutely terrified and live in the city i live forty miles north new acceding i gotta drive in and its effects
gets eighty miles and night civilian aid in the bombs walnuts eleven degrees out i'm via my couch fuckin being a slice of peach eleven ten at the seller and you gotta do three sets the nite owl there is one more well you know i do i go to the standards of the club an egg i do a full half hour they let me do a full help ah ha that's why can get something done in it they came in handy when i when i did this and others this killing it nick dip died costs after me and stands one of the bus handling a billion euro clubs yeah it's at its intimate little it's a scam spock summits he's got a really fifi fail to it's almost like zizi you doin little anything will laugh color and then it gets so angry he'll say some hateful me shit i got a fuckin liberals while yet night from absolutely wrong but but does it but you gotta admit even chris rocks at all really is that a whole article outs and i've been fun anymore the kids
your pc and they get fuckin brenda and this has come a black eye you think he's gonna get in trouble saying anything if i can bring allergies he was talking about colleges i hold up doing i long term job my second you're in the business i stopped on call bury cat sent me to clark university which is an whisker it's even liberal from massachusetts school really and i did so stuff about middle east dinners as some speakers what're you gonna do abortion next died so i just wish that much i hate lamborn yet only time i got for early in my life in aid that was i go there like ninety ninety one three years after i started i shouldn't have done a handful sense now when you dumb they request outdoor they request me and they know what what's come and i didn't have state cup copy upstate new york and new surprisedly they were open to anything oversight because you are not alone is you need to go to a shitty school that's really that's actually goodbye
if you go to harvard you're fucked up mit we first started did you really but i had tv clean sheds light it it's really easy clean saying anything and they liked it will nicky it came up in the time just after stephen right had made it was this big scramble is that movie stand up one stanhope stood out throughout france alameda hungry great fog and move it it's all about the boston i mean it's sort of really accentuates what happened in those days has stephen right with such a rare talent that he came along and there was all these guys that had been around before him that we're just doing it to be funny and it was pure like there was no going anywhere like those guys were national level headliners like sweeney bag knox gab end you know any writing lark all those guys
mike donovan national level headline yes but they'd everyone anywhere they also tom because all they were trying to do is make each other laugh and get the respective each other and kill the crowds but this fuckin guy stephen right came along his heart was so unique and so weird they got on television also needs is national huge superstar and so every body cannot became like squeaky clean like tv guy and that's we came in right when that was how you were like a little bit ahead of me and right we came and we were likewise so what can we can't kid swear like oh i don't remember sweeney of doing that and he thinks we only did not heed s state of our fight in budge nerves are not doing it it was already a huge star buying boston you now but the better that's a good stephen right because the guy can i just happen to be in boston leaves this is all part of that movie when stanhope set out they d guided books are committed
the night you back in the seventies when carson was hosting it was the thing to do he was in town looking at schools were his daughter and he said the ding how ad in the paper anyone the ding how that was with a first comedy clodagh chinese yeah member and in so he said i want to go i'm coming here to morrow night so they made up a lineup in almost every comic in boston went stephen right was in that in the mix and he's the only one they didn't do that well when the show was over all the comics went up to meet the guy they were trying to shake hands with them and in and stephen right left ass he did so bad that forty seven in the movie and he's the one who got the call one while he was so unique yes they're fucking act when you get work at a fire hydrant factory couldn't park anywhere near the place isn't that a pot material as what when i hear is never like that has to be weighed material headway is the best will guide all time you know we live next to media really when i moved when i was an ally i moved a couple times i moved to sierra benita here must ali what are you and i will
to the shooting building and the guy goes in this before anybody who knew much wiser he goes you're committing i agree i exalted standard community lives right next to you and i go what's his name is animal mitch something no whatever and am i gonna fuckin heard of him and then you know about i'd say a month and a half later two months i'm watching tv i was on the road somewhere and he in my neighbours on the enlightenment and i go disguises funds innovative ever forget her my like the scale of next and then he did a joke my desire to bang on his walk ass i used to play guitar or is why our girlfriend did they used to have a single longitudinal bang on the one hand and end of inshore grub yeah and so zoe from the improv so we might and yet she was in new york or night you girls she was there to help much puzzled items she goes you know he has a bit it says deposit says to follow i'm a map and that's that
about me men bang on the wall and eagles there's no doorknob come around some sum up our open ended allow laughing but i love you confront our internal want you football game and only if what can they do in single lungs larry's and expelled so bad we gotta murmur believe in my case a heineken something other than school that's funny man but broke my heart was a guy he was a guy that gotta development deal like great stand upright killer standard then they wanted to put him on tv and put it in the movies and share and it just wasn't as thing his thing doing what he was doing but that's the way thing about hollywood instead of just like they take a stand up to go man that he's yours you need a host of architecture track show host and they'll give us stand above talk show give a stand up a sit com and given some fuckin candle
mines and are absolutely right but he did it for a little while and i was like fuck this took as development deal money bought a cabin in big bear nobody dared yeah i didn't know that you have been fuckin big bear man he lived way many lives there i think you know this alone at large stones and you had a cool fuckin cabinet would just go to the mountains and hang out you know is like i'd like that guy i learned a word it seems that comics we like to do that i lived in the woods for while living colorado any living cholera my dog written by an outline my wife got pregnant line of creativity and we do need to have not killed him outline weaving fine said there were fucker up he played dog rev but my wife get praying you we're at eighty five hundred feet above all about bolder three thousand feet above bolder and it was really thin air and you if you're pregnant up there that's got to be top warning signal is brood it was like she had the flu every day so we had to get out and she did not to drive and snow
which one was it was all the above it was everything it was isolated man we were in the fucking would and one of our neighbors got it spits his car eaten by a bear i say once i mean they find that a flock of many cope blackberry knows best when they smell leather seats they don't know that's not food burial at the bare guardian i bet i could find it i better get fine fascinating bob bear claude seats car i cars fine colorado because i saw the pictures online i was you gotta be fucking they're scared the shit out of me i'd rather get eaten by shark or whatever the bare thing to me yeah i went on sledges are the i answered i like eating bears like they go get em the i only problems joe with your chickens i get kiley chickens young at twenty four are used have twenty fortune you haven't got a guy like this
and does the acid and reiterated the fucking congo export crazy mother i like experiences i know you do you say so anyway this fuckin bear in our neighbourhood broke into this car and just aid it i mean fuck and ate the car eight the seats eight the dash word i'm trying to find the images i can't fuck and find them online i should have book marked it it's the craziest fuckin thing you ve ever seen goes out to think that a bare would what's that when it was his only gives it fell off of a trampoline and lead to shorter and fell they tranquilize then have higher the tree not young maiden trampoline so it just start pelts nor economically their video yeah yeah little progress pulled from you to really how'd you get this people it own those videos day they get make money off the ads so if you play them on a par ass they put
how to write a shilling really answer pain the deck man is a real pain anyway this fuckin bear just absolutely completely mauled this guy's car and my wife's written out about that too because the first these fuckin giant animals and they went even their big they were they were black bears yeah that's what is that when did it or is it a salmon and terry as us another it happens all the time because of people in national parks leaving like sandwiches in their cars and no period blood arza period blood bears are so fuckin powerful when we went bear hunting with my front cameron haines and we were on the ground may be twenty feet or twenty yards rather and follow these fuckin to bears that were and yet it was i wouldn't it was crazy should ever was like watching a u have see with bears it was male they're trying to get to the female her cubs the cubs they see a male bear they run up trees male bears iii cubs first thing you don't wanna be anywhere near of female bear
her cubs exact lily you'll any exactly we wonder why we could move once we were there you lasting reduce run right you don't want a backup lay down it's a big thing about nears is about nothing it's about its about body language if you back up your baby they know you re you're there domicile you're given the finger you have to stand up if there's come here sustainable you don't lay down you have to move towards you don't play dead you have to get up and go like this young girl or are you going to do that really you'd we did you have to if you don't do it you get fucking eaten i'm not bullshitting they they ate a kitten rockers just now the indian kid yet i met a joke about a beer the words really does now yait india how dare you spicy curry that kid don't fit still he saw the pictures up people had to take selfies barons that's my worst nightmare i'd rather a shocker a crap there
but a lot of weird ideas but were bears are they have these ideas at some out of the bears like these cute little cuddly forest creatures are eaten berries grew up that way teddy bears we should not give cannot hide trying to tell you there are no true was putting like what would you do for klondike bar fuckin bears polar bears this is a fuckin coca cola bear that's what they do those goddamn polar bear all they eat is meat website worries eleazer dear somewhere not as you get the blood office for he doesn't just what have you got to the cleaners kidnaps it with some soda swims war is worn out with blood all over his face like a fuckin g doesn't give a shit carried it looks like he's a polar bear their blood oh my coat dared goddamn terrifying
animals we play the video didn't way of the guy that was in that big plastic box the giant elects a glass some guy for the bbc sets up this box this huge bullet proof steel reinforced box in polar bear country and this giant fuckin polar bear comes over is trying to get him trying to eat the box and is huge fuckin mouth and this inside this box parents shaken the box you realize how strong those fuckin that's like a set of rather than a shark i've never seen a video i blame the video is gonna play on this can appoint on that aiming jesus fucking u have to six its keys working goddamn terrifying is that so many animals out there that are just unbelievably careful and terrifying and we have these ideas about and based on my cartoons bubu like although a really scary ones like paul
we're bears land is penetration told never koala beavers geiger killed by a fuckin beaver this you have a thousand venereal disease allow you're a fucking com can a bone by the bear no that's that's why sir oh oh skip add one that goes like this is fucking guy in this thing and if brine what is the name of this photo dumford cod starving polar bear bbc will bring it up god so it is jack ass sides is going to sit in this this big glass in bulletproof glass and steel box and this barrier
goes right to i'm no fear and enormous animal probably fuckin you no thirteen hundred fourteen hundred pounds sizes fucker yeah that's got damask makes me out look at the kyoto face and then as you know by now just wholly jesus will you know you know which he gets up there he's just smelling it right now he noses meet inside there so we start getting really close and then start trying to bite it like this is where it gets really crazy you search pushing it this is tightening down the lashes not sure yeah good time indictment mule i won't allow night how they even tested
size of that fuck you ve gotta be shit me how did they even test this thing it's trying to get him i mean it is trying to open that thing up and get him this guy was the only animals that actually see us as food i would want a gun one if he's got a gun you have to have some kind of pack up right just in case of it does happen i would hope someone who's filming that from a distance has something like bear spray or something you look at this hope training them please claw and at the fucking over that oh god what even eighteen oh jesus christ because they're not like even grizzly bears dully berries and grass and delete all sorts of plants and then why should doubt human blood polar bears
don't have anything around except meet other donors is eaten seals and occasional hiker yet h they create me out they should but we want this actual swoon with one the guy who's got his own pet look at that i find jackass and i went to school in maine they had fences up along the cap is to keep the bears up reeling but those are brought blackberries right yeah still dangerous apparently blackberries or more likely to kill people than brown bears she's brown you just being races what am i saying equally barely blackberries would eat people often in brown bears wore black brown bears it is bigger and stronger rarely bombers will avoid you apparently more the blackberries well but new jersey especially has a real fuck i know they arrive no i mean i live in west just what's the difference and you want you move out to westchester what made you want to live out their honest to god no tunnels
bridge is on the way into the city that is nice but the property taxes or through the roof i am but i love you i love it i am worst and country real one other where i will mention like five different articles on the times you're like that's what we're part winchester mob without telling anybody can people will start by the bye like chappaqua area briar cliff i was listening to you wanna armies pod cast you are talking about are neighbour hans and swung air yard yeah sometimes look out the window and obese walkin throughout our agatha dear yeah reopening bloodshed love is a guy i love this guy does you bring over me he gave me venison rose for christmas really i love this guy not yet not couple days ago there were late exchanging gives but that's club that shit i mean and we have the same thing i got other small dog and we have carried out is it
the dog out at night you gotta go clap and applaud let's get to let the coyotes now you they aren't apparently they say this like certain like things he could set up there make a sound a certain sound the coyotes don't like any set em up and they can keep a lot of the coyotes out but their smart does little fuckers if they figure shit out they recruited my dog that's our really and that's how he got away with killer my chickens he became my dogs friend like they go around my dog and in only would like play i guess like outside the fence my dogwood bark and i'm in wagon i want to seize on how my gun and when he killed a chicken and ran off with my dog till the chicken to my dog broken into the side of my yard where the county was somebody left one a gate open we have two gates and one of the gates he could canna he could shake it with us
and he can open and nobly figured it out and so he ran over there to hang out with his path on going to fuck and an orgy of slaughter was it you whoever we burn or whatever that said something about this that the quality limping that was trying to trick oh yeah yeah yeah that was actually and asked that was the scoreboard scarborough yeah we're all hanging out in the back of the colony storing them tell us that peat you live with his pity see he picked up he'll behind the comedy store with july two car comics to depart way up in this huge hill cuz there's like a street that they can park on and then walk down the hill and said he was getting on his car there's a coyote limping that was used megabyzus coyote limping is this kind of nervous he's like i'm not gonna let this cavity walk by me and then suddenly this pack of coyotes to start walking past em like so there they were doing the exact same thing with the limping they set it up where they make it look like the hurt and they work although limb
so that's what they used to do here is to get girls yes pretending was hurt is it a serial killers dog they become ever asked on their arm in arm crutches member ted monday i didn't know that you're a girl comes over to help and we try to put a couch in the back of a value is bhutan he's gonna cast on us into the girls i saw lamps yes that's like that's a gate that's creepy i did not there was a human thing i dunno fuckin setting no animals with don't they face a limp yeah they figure limp and they also become friends with your dog and then like my neighbour he has a like a beagle little beagle any says every time the code is come near as has the beagle starts wagged his tail i think the coyotes his friend and if they get the dog outside and they just mall and kill it creepy well but i was just they smell the foregoing attacked it now there smart man they develop tactics won't you
there are similar in a lot of ways to wolves and wolves have a lot like crazy tricks they do to to get animals wool set up ambushes like wolves will they'll funnel like elk and dear into like a path and then the they'll have other wolves waiting on how the fuck the work this out how they robbed the internet i mean email what do they do that lets them figure out that this is a good strategy and how they know like who's gonna be the chaser who's gonna be there wade's know how do they coordinators but i guess when you fuckin starving and the only we get food is to kill it with your face you work shit out and quantity streets markets where it is
the streets more think of a greatly fake limping i'd made never heard that that's unbelievable they have a real problem this one retirement community has been sums insane amount to more than thirty over the last year coyote attacks because the where figure appeared in arizona figured out that all people or fuckin old highways guys like you stop me from his dog as is run up and snatch dogs right off the leash they'll literally wait for someone to be walking their dog the wait and see the guy with a dog and then just run one right now you think after number ten or eleven you wouldn't want you dog and buccaneer well especially if you live in full in arizona we can carry out a gong on moves yet do everything luckily arizona open carries too we will have to have a concealed carried permit you do whatever the fuck you want you can keep a gun you're under you know it everyone now helmet in gun on your machine no helmet and motorcycle and gun chaotic of the smell of absorbing junior just walk you dog by
cycle while you're armed that's just because there's someone if you put the comedy sir they're getting new motorcycles lately and it's just so like india that expensive i thought motorcycles we're like the price of a car there not that bad knows about it all the way we could get a motorcycle i wish we didn't live in our legs it's so tempt the gloomy armenia we ride together hand unease like lady got plans i ain't gonna get aside carbon whereas i goggles on
is that there are many people the comedy sure they're getting new motorcycles lately and it's just so like india that expensive i thought motorcycles we're like the price of a car there not that bad knows about it all demons always run his trouble you re yeah that's a fuckin dope motorcycles got to that fat harley davidson things amazes police car one year has a police motorcycle because you can only least motorcycles cool oh yeah the load is kind of like sort of police colors yeah we aside car aside bags on it that things may i asked him about i go to that things amazing idea have come cause you all the time king louis as liberals low in new york right after we moved to different places he got a bike and and and sure enough like after like three weeks you don't like sixty nine hour by hour bassorah goes did gets hit going through a fuckin innocent yeah lie not by you can t count i gonna kill again easily
he got hit hard yet flying got knocked out i almost got a bike i was going through the motorcycle training thing and everything i was going to the couple friends my and they want of getting bikes but to people i know got some pretty serious accidents a body mind fell he was gone through the canyons and he fell fucked his shoulder up and then another friend frank mere was you have see one that you see champion he got hit by a fuckin car got launch sixty feet near some old man's ran a regular slogan hit the gas and shattered his femur that's the thing it's it's not you it's almost lost a lot of people the other people drive and the ultra exaggerate exactly i mean crashing your bike if you'd gone fast can be fatal for sure but most accidents occur because you're involved with another vehicle unless you're driving a psycho
i don't have a mini budgets even tempting just work you know i just drive around my house my neighborhood i think i'll just go to the store and it is going to happen on the freeway ali to go pick up and say i withdrew itself they aren't i mean you think about he go to i think about this when i go to work like like like disneyland with my kids and i'll get any stupid fuck and go carts and like work you know i gotta go cart i gotta go sports car dry too fast like this is another fund for me this is stupid but like a motorcycle like around your neighborhood is just like going on a ride but you in over it's fun go on a ride dissonance way more fun to be reiner our neighbourhood are more cycle would be really fun convince yourself out though but what's with worse as those guys that thou think feel the same but they get those like four motorcycle like words
a grown man like a white guy with what when those four wheel motorcycles drive me not a story that washington agreed yeah you should be of wash without uttering a word in tennessee without checking your moonshine ass if somebody broke into the trap line those things get people fucked up now those florio lotto airlines people didn't i won't break his back doing those problem they fall over on you the problems arise it's different and a motorcycle i give you slot and a motorcycle of your phone you let the bike slide and you know you get rug rash or road rash rather but on those things a lot of times we want to be trapped under him get crushed there's so goofy looking data and guide driving down the street and at their real dangers
if you hit a bump if like you hit a bomb like you left side and you know it flips over on top you you might get crushed and are you might get your body cavity caved in here's trail ellingson what's he doing is never helmet on chooses christ was credit football injuries goddamn had injures tat lady who said to wilson affront one the back those apparently more stable for some reason why the hell is that that's like all those things they have two wheels and the front and one of them i wonder if because it has all those wheels you don't need a home in or is that like in a place where you need a home you don't need a helmet bought african states still don't have helmet laws now yet sunglasses and and i deplore that we have to have sunglasses which is small attic the law a bug
pebble amino pebble hit your windshield if the miles an hour danish though i say the worst is when you're behind somebody in somebody flicks a cigarette out no go right in your co inner driving it just like you don't know what that means is that happens all the time tat yeah cigarette the bark rarely i see little marble party times humanity i mean it happens all the time on the road i see people throw cigarettes other the car out here all the time when they leave men used to have a jug about their member well as she goes out i'll throw my cigarettes healthcare one august last time i did the crab homey blew up i always think than say with the best younger you think tat all right like you do at somewhere inside your engine is going to go in the tank get in there and fuckin rights as all gasoline and shit without an ella you have to be a real asshole dude accidently rains once a year here everything's dries fuck
that's correct manner fires they say all those roadside fires they all get started with people flicking looking about south listening out that's pretty sweet that it we don't know excises them three wheeler nothing looks a bit leclerc tyrant it looks like you could the front could be the best in the back be that you could go either way on happy i'm laid out this way it's a bisexual cycle goes both way those that's like corvette size tyres why does happen tyres are that seems like that would be you know not that stable i may i guess that means an idea that you can glean weary of younger you drive there were people drivers shit all through ella i guess although the idea that this example accept legal thousand warsaw google is we're like motorcycles illegal but you have to get a ticket if you have a see built on
i'm inside a metal box disguise he's like sitting on that thing he's sitting sitting in holding on with his hands you can write a motorcycle by the way we have one hand about that how they have one hand you just sitting on it and i have two hands inside a box and i get a ticket of another strapper get another big thing burbank then it's not illegal golf cart slack keyboard just drive this should remain in burbank all the time just two or three people just drive nestling golfing suddenly they living on life at breakneck pays out with a really i there's a light that's become popular think because just that gas mileage you now with their illegal on a lantern rather it draw electric i don't i don't know this that the future of em the albanian jennings lecture carts well fuck the spotted alchemy my pickup truck these fuckin electric cars are making now they're slowly starting to get better gas my or distance they under a hundred thousand dollars now
i brought you right that the test was the good ones mean getting a previous but those ugly less so i want to get by two broad than a golf cart late when allegation no gears just a steady buzz thirty five miles an hour when their pushing it yeah they got a new test liquors foreigner miles that's like the newest latest greatest one day an upgrade to their little roadster cause foreigner cost for miles but that's that long and long miles and charge now seem shit it's a fan didn't you guys get divorced in areas that is paying a girl twenty million dollars elon musk don't it maps work what only about a preen up and i never worked contest them for sure and loud times when people can test pre knobs or any kind of lawsuit people settle because it took
like yak is at a low you know you have see right now has a elon musk divorce makes him most eligible again divorce hindu do she will receive sixteen million yes she deserved it at all because she help with a company shoes sweets jordan sex that's massage you gotta get to know you wanna be pungent raised in the six are you going i didn't know better i don't know any better when i grew up my formative years all occurred before the internet and social justice i didn't know i thought i was raised on james cagney movie about if you wish think it like i second the only others fuckin electric cars is gonna get those goddamn batteries from somewhere and all that though that shit from those batteries a lot of it comes from like with it call conflict minerals its comes from africa comes from like them fuckin slaves
the ground like that's that's a big dirty she ran i cellphones lithium am i on batteries alot of that shit comes from either africa or a big a big supply they found recently in afghanistan like they're gonna gonna be setting mine are now able to mine i'm not a lot of chemicals over there a lot of shit and ground minerals why don't you girls in natural gas yet no roads no toilets yeah you know they say also in places where electricity is made by coal it actually is worse for the environment to get your electricity the power cuts are and then use it with a cop part fired electrical plan than it is to disburse gas because the guy ass they have now like if you have certain what is a charge jones what has guess what what positive for cocaine winners rehab where is actually happened as having now john jones test positive for cocaine and
rehab oh my good now wait him and held out when you do cause is going to ask you that that was the next question i dont think that stays in your shoes to very low thirty days twenty days really unlike that's very short is that long i thought it was like thirty hours or some crazy like that maybe i'm thinkin thirty hours but i did wow that's fucked me harshly after we fight like that i want if he loses its title of court from ghana i am proud of john jones for making the decision to enter a drug treatment facility he stated i'm confident that he'll merged from this programme like the champion he truly it that's a good thing to say i saw him on the phone to really thinks i think that we can have an interesting conversation i can't talk to people about its exact on right let me
that's grenade maybe celebrated the big victory now i'm hoping no no way to know no way because they test them after the fight like ratified they tested before the vote right have a right to have december drug testa says i put the rest of my coat so yeah i wonder what had tied gonna be you know what i don't know about that because he won i mean it probably a non vision like the probably like some no bigger vacate the belt man yet only that cocaine you can't be his high efficiency is are you fix this so you have a re match month with above cooked up yeah it's a pretty woman that he was baloney still one how about that about this exercise i jump always the most bad ass ever and ass a positive for cocaine metabolites companies brother with a patriot best pass russia they have
it's a mayor couple a tough mothers aachen family develop some stud athlete ever this is this is really strange man that's you it happened this is called being with the rogan when the nose you're right you're granted that you might get your ass be really up thanks was watching like a year ago in some guy gonna shit kicked out of him and you go but the guy's gonna little cocky enema whose one in the fight he go he's got a little too cocky and you don't even ten seconds after you get the guy get knocked out albums while this is crazy this is really crazy nevada state commission falls the world anti doping agency toad and on whom this he tested positive for ben zone zile yeah go nine the main metabolites in cocaine that's the so i use half so
by saying that some metabolizing cocaine means what you're talking about like really trace shit billy trace shit and he's already gotten busted in deed why would he merrily trace just small very very small amount of all amounts would give this issue with john jones body oh shit we're gonna starts traits mounted cocaine i mean he could have just like days
de in a well if you could have money than all this damages grab some this window vassili an x amount of percentage avoid konrad our bells of my yes cocaine all gone i when i worked at a record store we would get people coming to sell their cities and i just remember i would pick out once energy white dust over and about our whereby this why anyone let them know we want let alone would scrape up again and we didn't know what we are doing we're just like due to hospitals in what other white shit would be honest eighties while maybe they're good people it alone long defends the one that i seldom showing tits and while i am proud that mr jones is addressing the issue
frankly this annual are now well he got ten december fourth ok that's almost a month before now with the support of my family i've entered into drug treatment facility i want to apologize to my fiance my children as well my mother father my brother's making mistakes i may i also apologise to you see my coaches my sponsors equal point my fans i am taking this treatment programme very seriously therefore this time my family and i would appreciate privacy and better you know what man the dude is having a good fortune tat s going on here they try to smother fuck around the planet is partying up a storm like some sets out to me like you know all crazy a year and always while shit that he's doing and i was like listen you gotta be a wild mother fucker to be to do that a bad attitude on the planet you
we do and john jones essentially when it comes to emma may is the bad motherfucker and the planet mean he just beat daniel call me a who was a strike force grand prix champion who trains on a regular basis hold his own with the heavyweight champion came the last as he said in all in a heartbeat he would fight the heavyweight champion and he might be able to ban a man who the fuck knows mean he might be a better fighter if he wasn't losing weight to get down to offer and doing coke what two or two to four days is when is the last in a system yeah ok had slept means said annie that's so if we look at his we look john jones twitter on december first or distant number twenty knife was the exact whereas i cannot hanging out where he was on the boat and look at the cop over their question
very cleverly cries take it easy there they go back and going to see you and i just not dated each other such sherlock china jerry aren't i've already my guide reference i was trying to guide the m detecting division humanitarian needs for concerted joe ok let's go to john john whether it should simply go it's fine john jones to him of his face in appearance scripted jones with you think how far back yet ago so so december wait the test was december fourth is that what it said i said i'd say i've got december second are first i try to go deep deep into the honey home december turning to do too
it's alive he just got back from brazil came over its by brazil sky disfigure the whole thing on we ride holy shit that's how it happened energy because it's trace amounts i'll bet you that it was probably something that's common that he may be he went to a restaurant in deadlock coca leaf or there is some of weird like thing the throne other theory the rabbit went to call me he's people's over there and sprinkled it well vendor thirtieth that's wrote image anything so he got test on november for so he s number for the december fourth rather so he has four days were to get as a sinister yes for that's it i'm gonna start don't mention it again yeah i didn't know that either it looks like brazil's new most likely corporate absolutely guys put them together really like going i'm putting up a storm here's the actual quotas
by brazil thank you so much for the great time now back to the boot camp and that was november thirtieth and then there's a trail of blood gone up the plains he is now there will sprinkles reeboks while my laces bloody what wow and fight with hamleys cooped up about the fact that he was party in doing blown still beat the best guy on the planet priscilla man you hang out that kind of bite you doing cocaine off of it that's my shakes out there every time you gotta be a while mother fucker manage their tried on frequent those places anymore brazil or commonplaces nobody brazil not beautiful place man but the contrast between poverty and wealth and your very shocking they like right next to write a bolt not only that
you know the hollywood hills or the rich we believe inhale yet an irregular folks live down there is the opposite in india till all the poor people live with this amazing view of the ocean and then the no she had lived down on the bottom side though who though they would have problems they cleaned up a lot of it but they have problems in the people would leave the values and rob people and go back to the fabulous favelas like there's some like extreme power and they were really mal yeah they had the most like the worse homes population on the planet yeah yeah it's big can get bad sums but it's also like the really nice people brazil's fund man i really there are three issues together the food is fantastic they have those
two hoss careers you know where they have the brazilian barbecue it's what you said about with a male and they may they cut death if they have it here you ever going to church i mean patrice lay great patrice on every single wooed majorities watch majorities he brought me that please let us good i go dude and this money no he had like diet i'm like no one man guys come on you're hitting fuck eight tis a fucked up his body but in brazil they got real man because they spent so much money on the fuckin world cup millions millions and millions of dollars spoken stadiums bring all these people in with other poverty i am i know what the fuck were you guys get this money assholes you could have been put in these kids for school and giving people food and less some ass like katrina de by legal and brazil it is isn't it a ban not not banned in competition in brazil sang and you have see it's not banned oh it isn't worth
ok that metabolites are not banned that's what it is the metabolites it's not illegal sites if you have marijuana metabolites in your system like now it's legal like this certain amount metabolites you're allowed to have a u equally changed it while i go a large number there used to be it was like you like a trace amounts of marijuana your system and they did take your money away fine you and take your victory away that's happened before it would nicosia that happen but now oh now you you could have quite a bit more zones hi when you're fighting that's what they want now they didn't think you should be allowed to smoke pot to relax after training all that shit marijuana stays in your system could its fat soluble wait longer like seven weeks whereas with coke copper fuckin they ain t my marijuana story when i came on promoting a dance club one night is read after it before i start your comedy lebanon malden granada highlands up on the hill there those nice area
i come from the palace fur by palace and saga yes we left like a half a mile from which i come my bodies all went out i come home shit faced the thing a tomato sauce on the morning i'm starving i am spaghetti eight enough like five people ok i wake up like an hour later my ears are ringing in the rooms go like this i start pumpkin puking violently i hit my buddies command i'm in the bathroom i hear them go into the kitchen they go here how fuck they made rasta pasta my when now in they ate this much of it they they said they ate like our a tiny amount they were fucked up all night this is a guy why only get high at that point a couple times in my life not now my roommates talk enemy right he's right where you eyes like five feet away but it sounds like he's yelling from a mile away i was driven on the fuckin there
i'm taking a bit in all they should take me to hospital one can puking swear and adam and an honest about it was a week later i remember watching the superbowl still being fucked up because it somewhat like you to seven you and when you ingested orally its way stronger and in it little reason my system for adena how lucky i mean you know you look it up but i and this is for somebody didn't i didn't smoke a lot of wheat that's crazy a week later or at least a week now at least i am party being conservative without because its days in if you saw how much i ate you know if you how much tomato sauce such a response and end and they were like they were fucked up all night was smart and they were like all now you make it of the figures like a hockey parquet outlay sire forget him on a tv hit but the about a half dozen boggy by and i was sidney again oh my ears were ringing in and they would like is it my roommates like that
to me and it like magellan down the hallway i was true tripping on that's fucking phd whatever it is yeah it's eleven hydroxide metabolites is what happens when you the tac passes through the liver and which they think was most of the way people used to eat will they should take hash and eat it back in the day and its response for like a lot of those psychedelic writing in then though the rig vader all the hindu scriptures a lot of that was written while they were on eating marijuana eating cannabis and it's like it's very psychedelic when you eat a lot of a u trip your fucking balls off it's not like smoke in part you get some of the lot apart you just get really high but you when you eat it poet as crazy thing i was a vulgar mass unemployment rate for ever we close your eyes you see nutty shit recluse nay i don't remember that remember the voices though very well know somebody talking to me being that close and in satellite though yelling down always there was freaking me out on its own
little law like anybody else your whole system whispered so fucked up at so much like i could scared hearing people talk about stuff like that start get nervous my hands a sweaty right now you that's one see what's the stuff you do i want to hear more about this die methyl trip doing the thing about empty is it it it leaves your body really quick fifteen minutes later it's gone but how long to how long are you on that the wheel high would you will you got it's your sober in fifteen minutes really you might try that you tonight it breaks or brain forever the note he does why would he does ever done it rains broken so don't josie prettier expanded his arises and addressed me your you you'll be fine i heard you talking about it like when you want to use specials you taking questions and answers have to end users explain that shit i was in my car listening on the radio i was coming home from a gig and i go holy shit i must want to try to stop
well it's a good thing to try and it's over quick when i took tony and we did it allegedly in austin together died let none are you live is doing well but it's it's like i can't explain it caracks ways you wind a great that night when i was listening how it changes you perception of everything it derives that devlin changes your perception of everything about your marriage i hoped to get her effect on i think what it does honestly is it shows you dead there more that i suppose it is like multiple dimensions that exist simultaneously all around us we only exist in this dimension is liquid physicists believe enough there's like eleven different
gender and it's probably that we just don't have the sensory deeper we don't have the sensory perception abilities to perceive these things when you took an ant and you know you fuckin held a book over the answer you think they know there's letters over there than owners to wrap up you know and i do not need to be able to perceive that we have developed evolved with our abilities are perceiving what's in front of us all the time whether its hunting and gathering recognising enemies where all of our senses come from our hearing our feeling or touch does have sex make more people to no one your hungry all those different things but its very likely that this law shit around us all the time that we just can't take it and this neuro chemical that your brain produces when you take it in large doses it allows you a very brief but incredibly potent window into what's likely there all the time
but what is it what are you saying visually the king s gravity oh yeah yeah yeah the world dissolves in oh you live on a war in summer that of fuckin of gestures and like lights that indescribable geometric patterns that are infinite fractal they go on forever and so most potent thank it ever would never i just showed you until i get alex gray painting offences like little clarity yeah well this guy does all this shit while wally's he's paying it ain't mean doubt john jones prom pitcher snowball king is when it says on his net supposedly real well he lived in new york and yes there are given a snowball battle can it's true there again we would burn seriously but this is the kind of shit you say is literally sheesh see shit like that i go a rug store that's great o mike heap
is that when you when he's trip and unwelcome mean he's what you would call a visionary artists and he is very well versed in trip to mean experiences but he's the best at like capturing those those images and you saw stuff sort of like exactly like that exactly i would never leave like you see shit like that but it's like moving into into itself in the unbelievable i coming humbling what do you get out of it you just have a different view of the world like your view of the world just completely alters forever mushrooms before right and i haven't outdoor onawandah row enough either now you don't throw up on mushroom my friends rubber mushroom page on people did wrong makes enabling garlic and made it wasn't working time it's like romania it's not worth much support umbrella right now you know between one of our cows have we done you ve done the accidental eating of the pot a little bit of smoking
how can i go now everybody me eightys i never did it man i wouldn't do come of oil really you don't know you miss and joe i had a body you're gonna get really angry for the next three days horrible not interested at a body whose cousin was a dealer watched as his life a road and does when i was like yourselves like fifteen sixteen i watch this guy who's a fuel years old enough yet he had graduate from moscow and is fell apart just got real skinny hide in his fucking eight they had an attic apartment they lived in his parents you're someone here and there were just do coke and watch tv was a mess he wasn't doing right well have you have treated hands climate a bunch of whores i think he was doing it because he had a lot of it because he was selling it entails a year and all the time and so i got to see this guy just fuckin erode
miss nathanael you feel good for like fifteen minute euphoric them especially with my type a personality like the crash right just depressed and not interested in africa crash and that i never the bad portugal because an guy he's there all the time he lives in the crash rank is exactly i love it so much that's the best part like the ice to just carried around and poured out if i saw hot girl in immediately year in in her house he now my place i'm here they really did so crazy dig they didn't get all sloppy like when they get drunken o member our friends of back in a day
they would just like put in on our friend and get it just because a new girls wanted does the best way to get laid out like a tragic usually do it if they wanted to do your fuckin hated it nobody would do it because it was the best way to get laid there can be no poking around lay not really so crazy but when you got it god damn i will watch girls run after him just run continuing coke that term co core that's it there's no coke studs there's no guys so good point bang infatuate since they got a barrel color so true a badge of feminist would say it's not fair we're whores and we do it dealers but it is true right leg why does it is cocoa war is a very legitimate expression or you whatever coke promiscuous gao
call it a comic opera comes a lot but still shredded strata behind you cope promiscuous female you know but it's not a coke man weird right it's true what kills do dick right does not kill you dick no but i can tell you that now we always says it kills dick i have never had a problem with that every gives a dead dick guy got trouble dick trust that would like i know a guy on stage and i shall therefore on the show polar photo rightfully jamie we're at the mirage this weekend do instead and on stage and killing i guess he was loving it so much is dick out hard so he's got pants on tight g and he's got a little worthiness so crazy because it so you say you know what to say did you notice that night when he was on stay why was on the side and i didn't see it but look at that
carter joanna that is able to monitor knows coming oh my god it's perfect egg is almost point that is its like is like a man is someone circulars dick and i would like a magician make any right here so much they weren't labour eyes quarter authorized cora don't exist anywhere with anybody backwater as thoroughly can you backwaters those like tat genes but that there was out there a lot of fun times men they were due hurry and duncan kissed it was one of the best things i've ever seen it pulled it off my instagram very his ear yeah they kissed a when they knew the cameras gonna be on them they are in duncan kissed when they knew the cameras going there while the fight we're gonna go there in the front row right
i don't know very headed and i did not love they had done it until brian sends me a text message with a photo of the two of them kissing wild commentary my phone opposes a check it i see the fuckin picture and i turned to look at them and i held up the picture and thank god it was between five because it was like in our big promo thing you know four conor macgregor the dual osha and i'm fucking crying laughing i mean tears are rolling down last watch this was just watch since i left there are a lot is duncan what course so funny instead i next com for its last the jura experience yet next it is i just have to happen is for
the frost yet i love these are sound guy what i'm like disgusted one almost laughing and they also did some some newman adi oh yeah not dodge over organ experienced instagram dotcom forts last geraldo experience just that yeah but it's up their farc and larry s man those guys are so funny there's so silly they have such it with their mushrooms to whether we are now mushrooms are weakened aid they brought our brought allegedly not true making this up if it is worth about it i'm bored bout yet saw he brought you should talkies about nine ground and there were split none and we were up till at five o clock in the morning i couldn't do it i can't candy mushrooms and watch people fight am i pack up my shit go billy i can do is call up and there was a call kenny florian it's going to pursue i'm gonna go to the jungle
i would like our soul i was a montreal with area in the summer at the festival and hammond metzger i never saw so much why didn't they weren't straight perfectly one minute now he enjoys that we'd homer got some happy splashing he's doing really well are you happy mother fucker at nice is ever so much fun his life is fantastic right now he's doing so well because our you mean not fucking guy he worked hard he worked hard for a long time but his commie so goddamn but right now and it's good because a hard work is beautiful to see me i love watching a guy just really like pull it all together in an fuckin i mean just through she ve known are since he was an open micro you know i became friends then when he was working at the door of the colony stores through sheer will and hard work he's a great comic now fuckin love that i'd love absolute and i've seen that happen yeah he's a funded us watch intimate
at the festival how many i am a mask only they were tweeting before the first of all about joke about working with me and said they would make enjoyed the ball will probably smoke nepal oh my god i didn't really nodded anything about these two guys funny cats but am i do not know much more like what are these we jokes you're talking about we made me like a straight i owe the fact they think they are and then i think that's the festival and they were just one the whole time will you gotta be careful to in montreal because its legal bizarre right now and you get busted with weed and then they deport you you're fox veil because right now my facile will you can't come back either mean though if you get caught drugs i can sum partner hannah it's pretty much legal in toronto its prey close to legal in vancouver saving over we're bc that mean i wasn't it men are called the union that was based on the economy of it without the document is based on how
marijuana is involved in the economy of british columbia it's fucking everything if they they pulled weed out if we didn't exist british columbia would be fact like the song of the money that flows was arranged come is involved with marijuana huge part of it in the dock mary by my friend adam score gi who just in a recent one called the culture hide it brian was into and on its he's just got these great documentaries it show like first while the hypocrisy and vote the maiden we'd illegal why alcohol is legal or you smoke guido or not it's fuckin stupid and they'd they just let us do that is but it shows you come so british columbia it's pretty pretty close to legal but montreal not so much much or little more trick and it's scary to a lot of people alive
people do is keep like old joints in ashtrays in their cars and things like that you could get poured over and get a dui and then not be allowed to go back into canada because they won't let you have to its eye so my my car the other day and had like a joint sitting my back see i might do i need to be not be the sloppy because the good about the do you i asked that they can get you why just being stoned and drive it will not only that the trying to crack down on that more because look the whole deal what d you eyes is two things going on one trying to keep people from drive and smashed into people and people die but too they gotta make collars they try to rest they get they have fuckin like they have a schedule that they have to adhere to the loudest they have protests which should be illegal because like what the fuck would they do it everybody decided we won't break any laws for a year now and break law for a year what will they do lay off all the cops or were they treated like firemen were they to sit back and wait for something to happen
nobody rest nobody says hey has been fired six months i will we cut back on the fireman fuck you know we know it like when there's a fire keep the fuck environment ass all but if there was no laws being broken and the money wasn't coming in from the cops to justify spending the money you know salaries knowledge as i wonder what they would do we reach a cut off point culture wherever ones do and mushrooms all time no offense rhymes no cops we owe their doing now in new york city cops are saying that they're not gonna arrest anybody unless it's absolutely sorry which is like war what the fuck does that mean you arresting people when it wasn't necessary is not a part of the problem in their sort of admitting that the was right in that they will arrest that air gardener guy fucking rested some guy for so some loose cigarettes like there's someone selling crack somewhere here there's someone
in babies over the city i admit there is that's how tax hungry fuckin the blog yonah left desire that they go after they bade they suggest that the big that the cops and force those laws so because it because attacks is there are those in so much money when illegal it's really yeah because they attacks crazy nooks and how much money could hang lie illegal cigarettes are like really meant yes yes so stupid that's how obsessed with for contact you know it to know that it's a left wing thing that the left wing police or the terrifying merit mayor is responsible for what we think of as a right wing add a threat of arresting someone it's kind of funny around here because like left wing leg left left us ideology would be the you know these are racist cops are doing but maybe it's a fucking it really the tax issue reiner its forces guys to do a of people say that and now the car aid on their i'll turn their backs on the release of luck and
i know nothing about it was just a you all you want to fuck cuba hunters honey monitor needed we are only help the sandinistas he's a fucking marxist cocksucker he what when when on the other hand the nieces back there is only one says really hope share diseases firefox and left as a com which is whatever bite but a new york vodafone what have you get what you you know you get what you do you work is very the other twelve million yeah we'll get to close its here and now and then i mean shook it was late robin i like that but new work is also aggressive it's a very strange place it's like this again this progressive and aggressive dislike you the extreme left like williamsburg and these brooklyn people like you know everything is like super laughed then you also have like some i'm i saw more racism when i lived in new york than any other place they lived ever the word negligence came flying out of people's miles i go there racial threats like
i prefer it when i lived in boston i didn't hear now he's much racism is why we're where were you hear that new your walls boxing dooms martial arts places although stupid place those hanging out maybe paying all the wrong people but he's hurt a lot of racism road gigs would hear racism and a lot of road gigs you seemed more accepted in new york than it was in boston what he's eating what is more racist not to know i just i don't hear the word anywhere come out a white people ever the scared sailor on you to support betterment of car when someone cuts europe becomes out of your own but it seems like there's a weird thing on our right now in new york where they're trying to like fuckin finer comfortable happy place you know yeah well may whenever will establish further political in search of that stop elimination you need all that an issue while he was came
and become mayor he painted the cops is bad guys come out and say what i have a son i'm gonna have to sit him don t have to be careful around caught that's a fuckin slap in the face the cops you can tell me a cop a fuck special white guy that that day into the projects every night and rest his fuckin life to protect black people from other black believes racist mine well not at the obviously this bad copley unites amok every group has shitty people in it and this guy painted them you know as the bad guys and then you get sharp and involve lose a fuckin scumbag anarchy would anybody says you mean did you see him next to it that the police commissioner on all these meeting it have he's a sharp and he's a race permit so we makes his living and he's a is also charlatan mainly of i do not act was respected at all you see him on see it in the white house eighty times less funding is further years mean that the black pretty had martin luther king whose like universally that's right a great leader now about sharpen you think marvel to king would wake
have generally jump anymore you noticed that right jesse jackson's african pariah you know why cause you got busted but scamming alleys fuckin companies out of can it would show exactly it was on a treaty that shakes down come pepsi goes to pet i have nothing to black people work and we're gonna pick it up and then they they send money to his action can main bo coalition national action network and but you know here budgets jackson anymore than his son got busted member jesse jackson we are in jail right yeah he had metal brahms son like mentally ill area whose on medication instead it is sad that the black community doesn't have like a real powerful respected civil rights later today yo yo sharply always be defined by that to want a broadly is enormous and then i mean you can just fuckin quote pick you up
mine a million phuket things that he said that a ridiculous you now about how a black people can be racist it's only why people that can be used is like stupid shit like that like mom and everybody could be raised and i was actually chinese people could be racist peruvians could be really what we re talking about like racism is not specific to like one different nationality it's it's the whole thing about being a cop in my opinion is that being a cop is almost a job that no one can do its job have that kind of power and a gun and to see violence and crime and people why do you every day the worse we see people at their worst survey in oh when he dwelt with all the statistics and how many times cops interact a ie eight little literally they do job right ninety nine point nine percent of the time i mean it of course his bad ones here and there but if you have any nice all nine percent and their interacting with a thousand people a day you know that's why
twelve million a year you get a lot of fucking bad interactions nelson once it make the paper slowly it's just a job that's like almost impossible for persons thankless that's why they should be treated respect my have been yeah and its nunneley just thankless it's also like the fuckin stress the ptsd those guys must be under they commit suicide it at ambled able ria unbelievable ragged baddies cops but caused and soldiers very similar in that way they they both have very high rates of suicide and they both sea ridiculous amount to shit it s almost like seems like this should be a better way but i don't see a better way of me i mean i don't see how you could live in a world that doesn't have cops means people who think they wanted we should live above an antidote is that i believe areas to make someone i would point out with its work even if they must have never met an asshole
you know how they have resisted will there in denial than yacht sound out right what's also i got cute thing to say it puts you in like a very progressive camp and of of you know a very high level thinkers elite leftist thinkers if you know i'm an anarchists and i believe that we should all be free there should be no laws and let the market decipher the fucker then all sounds good in theory but then when the rubber hits the road at all falls apart that's how the monk came about if there was another if if you can point to another system of government that works better than this i'll be led the fuckin open how about a system of government a worse at all it seems like we have when people get together is a large people yours guys gonna have a certain amount of chaos a certain amount of crime certain amount of people doing shit they should we know and a certain amount of fuckin victimization anything look the fuckin shit it's going on right now we find out about bill cosby guy with money a guy with thing
name a guy with everyone loves he still doing creepy shitty things like you you have to have a say an amount of law you have do because even a guy like that is there was fucked up shit it's right well it's about humanity with god and you know that's why we all have to do more in the emptying at point doggie alison and here that man i was ready to go find some harvesters it's very difficult to find a store go the bag it's like buying cuban cigars had i know a guy we're gonna be we cuban cigars now has at where yes supposedly one is actually only plus two this thing i gotta almost gotten trouble taken some back at the last minute i didn't take some back from montreal and then the fuckin guy the airport literally ass me you're gonna do i was in there what i must smell
therefore what happened to your work and he goes did you bring back any kid i'm just asking because they are illegal god no daphne did not bring back anything they open up my bank they looked there's nothing in the road like oh shit like this is real like to actually bus people you go to jail for having a fucking cigar it's a taste any different for real i know about those things those fucking things like having an alligator on your shirt you know these are hell bent on landline law i don't know man james and i used to smoke cigars together and he didn't like cubans he's like the two fucking strong though them knock you on your ass like you're certain cuban like a punch like that's why woman is a few oiled the monterrey double kronos his big fuckin fat studies they'll knock your dear out i had a dirt they make a high and i used to teach you to back on college did jug like the death or that everything we
we had the deborah the weirdly by garrick leaks are that's the real shit that was that those girls up their children at the larvae one idea behind these acute girl spitting into a cup yet leave i gather that the leaves and that's the real shit all my guys bags yes and never till i get up there and then stop doing that in when i got a call you at my buddies house he had some skull so i put a pinch of put it in a pension and i too white fellow i got all sweaty and ship it's like you young you can hear all this stuff like this more like what the fuck i'm gonna puke without heroes pilot twelve or thirteen i was really into tom soyer and huckleberry fin and i want to try chewing tobacco has thompson i have a very friendly my stick so i gotta go gus square like a little brownie of chewing tobacco and you break up
he's off and put your mouth fucking twelve how i got it first well why someone sell me chewing tobacco closed i guess it was legally get out how the fuck i i don't know how i got it like now that i'm thinking about about but i remember tuning puking my brains out the saliva build up in my mouth of raw swampy i know i can tasted anyhow for a long time i couldn't drink check it because it is of course outside or two we got sick on it now i would smell it i would get sector smelling it but that i could taste that chewing tobacco right now if i think about it and almost throw oh yeah cherry school i what those little packets like a teabag your eye bad but also give you a massive mouth cancer there yet they are dying on the other a video that guy or so that guy got his john removed like you would go to like do these public service announcement said
rules were kids would be i am snuff like fuck em square yard captain america looking mother fucker and alcinous garlic no chance half its tongue was a lot of my time when i was there tobacco i know you want to look like a baseball pay us both cool everything is known to him at food is like shit came at once all tastes like shit it falls out of his it's all inside sloppy side of his face which it is that they would advertise not only candy cigarettes to kids but also bigley chew which is like i'm not that chewing gum s that kind of is the reason why eyes started i like the baseball players member bigley jus this is a real step
gum rightly shaving yes garner shavings that's pretty evil people a lot of places they made those little candy singer is illegal and then yeah you're not thinking of binding risk any where things weird it's weird like italy cigarette affect gun if the fuckin candy people were involved in the tobacco industry then it would make sense then you would go out we were visited direct correlation that was the most fucked up police brutality thing was that twelve year old kid they got shot with having a fake gun cleveland the one they shot on one and two seconds of seeing them they got out a car just start on look don't drop the guy did say anything just start following kind going i'm going and pointed out i don't know what the fuck happened i don't know i was in there does she have a split descent second we itself we didn't listen the chris rancho we did a sketch about that railways played a cop
every how we re ibm every every sketch but that was one of the things because of the shooting back then and that was the sketch because somebody recently get shot the guy had a banana we had a banana i was remiss the payment are free we did a sketch and chris rock where we were and they are holding up pictures what what's this and it was banana that was the whole gino and would go to gun picture of a bike i was a was really funny but then i read executive some going where we have a banana wrapped in tinfoil statement but your copy of two seconds to make up your mind and you didn't do it or you get your ass a rule that is true in the not drive by spraying a twelve year old but how they did it was he got released another police force for being like mental unstable arise already trained in the heart of this other police force there's a bunch of issues my friend just in is a real gun not told me the whole story but i think he's a right wing as you get and he told me all store buys i think i was fucked up i think i should not a minute
be so but they make you know there's a certain amount of money involved in training while those guys and once that money is invested they hire someone in another district because the fact the verde been trained and went off to retrain anybody and spend those resources too many chances when you will work in fora for chris rock unlike did you work when you were developed was you well his specials we weren't would we were involved in that we do and what we are going to show you how each be ocean right we're going up so you hired certain guys though to work with especial relatively well i janni helped in well well would like the oscars he hired us rich agenda me and and punch up a couple of movies businesses with his watch came from said asano zhang teen actually tina faye was their louie we
we met at a hotel for a day and dislike punched up a script tina faye rights alot machine decision before she was famous right before you get real fame did she do stand up to a question i don't know i never i don't think so reduced i don't think so probably second city all that but choose funny and was writing it s an outlet the time so but yet we went to some hotel for the data punch up a script and i remember tina louie and would have about but like but about a month later we all get these relaxes yeah edison's drive in the back its has thanks for your help motherfucker isn't it says that's cool that was a mole funny about my life we're going to that show he was so laid back and the committee will be an eighty degree day he go fuck it was getting aggregate that's cool and then the knob big mama's i came i don't have one of those members mom who might learn that large in the second one came out and he i think chris one sort himself and then he made us
go see because it was so bad ass he made us all the more we will send our tickets and then about twenty minutes in the seeing someone hips sitting on the toilet making shit jobs and then crisscross ok let's go that's all i want you to say that last father walked out even wanted to see that's all we wanted to see it was that bad that is why we are all half an hour s bad it was yeah i mean shit but it was what was what i expected from based on this house to the fact and i may my lord said the colonel storm minamoto day the powder really fuckin good point about what is it about black man in hollywood they reach a certain amount of fame and they make you dress up like a woman like that is it's fucking eddie murphy did it jamie fox did it mars lines candidate areas will surely one but i mean it is kind of funny i mean how many
like guys dress up like a woman you have robin williams who did the first in half menaces doubt fire does the hoffman tutsi zip present bodies that autonomy for they weren't famous dire they became famous from now i was sort of premises shirley eta rent control place it would only allowed checks or something like that both the one that day you know what he's crazy it's crazy that's right now and again there was fuckin homeboy was in there to wesley snipes about is using their due to want food now you join new marla was the dallas plays club about gently gerald let oh yeah but he was playing a transgender he's playing like a gay brenner homeless wasn't geoffrey and is not playing a woman and actual woman like mama's house like the usual woman like there wasn't like he was wearing robbing rowdy woman's another fuckin conspiracy theory the white ali would guys mega black furthermore ralph harris member ralph harry
a tv show or dressed up like a woman staff rat ralph harris had like a tv should memorabilia vonny funding anyway he had a tv show where he dressed up like a woman on the show wayward robin her not en route from robin harris's the funny thing robin robin s is very for my even that rob he was fucking funny was like the king of black ella comedy forlorn last time i saw my country comes out i think a deaf comedy jumping some he but he had just a tear wife beaters with a big got hang out and i was lying at how far material was just but this working class mean oh god hitting your fuck i don't give a really get really famous he was about yeah he ain't got under her eyes he had his one choked a fuckin kill me i don't have a messenger pretty woman pretty woman too much work like me and other girl but it's i'm going to the moon or you became
up there i don't want bad happened to you big his eyes big to say it you became do you have to say he was funny he was a funny dude ban he was a phoney dude this a three hour shall dance over to we did three always do all the time pleasure once you start toggle kelly's what you just did not know how to do now i mean so nice and ever studio cameras i'm i'm i'm hum hunt i'm hunched over card table out of my basement will you do i'm i'm not i don't understand how to read out a gets it's not really three hours a coffee you forget based ports more up took three days now will you one when you do your part gas do you do it audio only or do you get him on yeah i've only we don't like a little over a year coming episodes wants weaker wants away like sixty three episodes and i love i
cause i like radio i love raiders when where my favorite thanks has almost as much a stand up so don't have gas because i live way up in the woods nobody's seen do you see an hour i treat it like a radio i do new stuff i treat a kind of almost ago right radio show like billboard does his stuff all by himself to say rambo hey rarely has a person on yeah he'll tilled the red like viewer email or listener emails if like family i guess you i'll do stuff in the nose and endless my personal life and just ramble it's a good it's like a good exercise for oh yeah to me keep it moving forward try to keep meditate to play with sound effects it should like a kid i pay some here run it through mike i bet it's a blast try that flag one episode yeah well you don't have to tell you of nineteen can't look at you like
see bs studios well we're gonna have is beware more i take after today because we are just trying to help you to have fair fact gas on act this is the core radio isn't exactly that i wanted this indication to bad behaviour that is breaking checking account for five minutes and see what the fuck's gonna know you don't get that was they ask me i delete my writing my pleasure my report most familiar another senseless killing you right now are the new worship dotcom we were literally entire but nick dip doc we play one it's hilarious but does it up there senseless killing would seriously dude i've known you for twenty five plus fucking years you ve always been hilarious i give you alright commagena great do appreciated by the friends for long term happy to help ya a time you wanna come on again we got an open ended
asian i'll start this fucker up at four o clock in the morning i doubt this is the only reason i come out here that's all men think you have something on scope nick dip dotcom go go by this go purchase get it respect nicht apollo mother i think that what is europe your twitter is it ethnic demand apollo why nick dipped outcome not not nick get you can go to its easy to spell i try to make it simple so if you go to nuclear power like goes over to nick dip dark generals transfer guess they aren't dip is easier and paulo spelled p a oh that's why do nick dip the town in greece balls my friends are right folks we'll be back tomorrow so until the end of august see soon much love they kiss nick dipped icon go aren't you dirty fox thanks tuned into the podcast and updates comin up january thirty if i am back at the mirage involve a verbal vergoose and
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until then go fuck yourself or not what are you nice to each other
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