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#596 - Brian Stann

2015-01-08 | 🔗
Brian Stann is a retired mixed martial artist and U.S. Marine, who competed as a Middleweight in the UFC. He is a former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion and is currently an analyst & commentator for the UFC.
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did in a very sensible and well thought out manner and is just very intelligent guy. I really enjoy talking to him and I I hope that he listens to me and does his own podcast, his name Brian Stann. So, ladies and gentlemen, Welcome UFC Commentator former UFC Fighter, former WEC Light Heavyweight champion. Former US marine he's just a very accomplished man in the President and ceo of Hire Heroes, USA, a nonprofit organization that helps us military veterans. My friends, please well Brian Stann broadcast experience trying my day Joe Rogan Podcast, my name all day. That said, it's up all right. This is the first ever hd, version of this podcast Brian stand. You are the guests wow, the perfect guy for this first, ever first, ever you stream hd version
the podcast and as it's gotten here, I just got an email. Why? I'm on Victor Cantes, email list, you know Victor Conte, Balco guy, the guy who is suspended for getting all those guys on some undetectable steroids and now he's some sort of a crusader against performance enhancing drugs, and he just sent me this thing, John Jones testosterone levels are suspect, and it's saying that he's pretty was probably on steroids. Coming off the biggest win his UFC career. If you would have expected Jon Jones to have the worst week of his life, blah blah blah drug test, cocaine is the big one that everybody's been talking about uh,
but the thing about the epitaphs doster own levels. That's what they're saying the mean content has a you know a bunch of numbers and ratios and what's normal, what's not normal, but apparently this is a. This is an issue now to the people talking about yeah. You know it's interesting. Kevin Aioli was tweeting some stuff about that yesterday and you know when, when you take a look at it, some of things are taking place as well. Is there are some major flaws in the collection? Whoever was the sample collector and I don't think the commission just wants to help them move ever. Did that because the first test was supposed to be for performance enhancements and then it was actually recreational. He was never supposed to happen like that's the when they tested him two weeks later, after failing a recreational, then they testing for performance enhancing, and I guess that's probably where they got his testosterone ratio. So you know when when they get back his post fight drug
test, I mean this. This will be real interesting. But when I talk to friends of mine that I haven't you Saddam, I texted with them today in in you side, a is is good as it gets me, these guys don't mess that stands for the. U S: anti doping agency yeah. The federally is federal government, backed organization that does the Olympics and- and they told me straight, they said, look yeah, there's there's definitely some indicators there, but they're they they believe at right. Now it looks like there's some flaws in the collection, so who knows how this thing could possibly hold up in arbitration? And if, if that collection process had anything to do with the flood levels, there there's a lot of detail those yet to be uncovered. So when the collection levels would it supposed to be, is supposed to be one guy, there's a chain of custody, he administers the test, takes the blood and like handcuffs at two, is fucking wrist right like like one of those nuclear bombs like the nuclear football thing, and they take it
it's supposed to be like this guy has it he signs off and he sleeps with it. He doesn't go anywhere with it until it gets to that lab and then from there. It's a direct chain of custody exactly right in the big key there there there's a few areas working the flood won the collector. If the collectors not fully trained and and and you know where, then the second part is what lab they send it to you know. I did confirm today: Nevada had that urine sample sent to the water laboratory in SALT Lake City, which is a is one of the best one of the two best in the country. Salt Lake and then you have UCLA. Those are the labs that can detect all the high level stuff. However, it was still a urine say and you're in is a lot less accurate than a blood test when you're talking about looking at testosterone, levels, etc, yeah and water is the world Anti,
doping agency. They are the ones who make the regulations at the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Everybody else follows when they say: hey: what's your protocol or what standards do you follow for performance using drugs or banned substances? Well, we followed the Code, and so you saw to uses that same laboratory as well. You know, but the difference. There is the collectors, the organization and- and you know there, there are the premier organization in the world probably and they do it worldwide for folks who don't know what we're talking about John Jones is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion number one pound for pound fighter, pretty much consensus in the world, one his biggest fight of his career against Daniel Cormier, but then tested positive for cocaine metabolites, which means that they do the two
administered on December. Fourth, which means some take sometime between two and four days before that he had done cocaine yeah: it's do you hear the wind Jamie fan? Is it come through the microphone can't tell? Well, that's not good. A fan for that yeah. Is it coming through your microphone then shut your microphone off. Yeah, that's it yeah you're, going to have to turn your microphone on and off we're going to have to put that thing somewhere. Yeah well, either way, so for folks that don't follow the UFC. This was a huge fight, probably one of the biggest fights ever skill level, I think, probably one of the biggest fights ever 'cause. You got the number one pound for pound in the world and guy who many people thought could beat him John wound up winning the fight and winning in pretty
fashion because he beat him wrestling. He took Daniel down first time ever in Daniel Daniel Cormier's olympic Wrestler undefeated as a heavy weight and as a light heavyweight was a real threat and John beat him. So now that the cocaine was one thing but found this the testosterone to Epitestosterone ratio, which seems to indicate that something else going on that's a way bigger deal. It is it is, and you know right now there there's a ton of speculation. If, if the, if the rate she owes were bigger, I think we'd hear a lot more talk about it right now. You know right now, people say hey. These could be indicators to something masking steroids and again this all just did so I certainly don't think either. One of us had a whole lot of time to dive into the details, so you got I hope that this scenario doesn't get any worse at this point. You know you really don't you know personally having trained that Jim for a number of years now I haven't been down there in years since even before I retired, but there
never any rumors about John doing stuff, like that, I mean from day one when he came into the gym. He knew nothing and he still kicked everybody's ass, bad to the point where people were just jealous to the point where But, okay, you know there's no way he wins this fight. Now they finally match me this guy's gonna be, and then you watch him fight and he just smokes. I mean we wondered how he was gonna. Do against Brandon Verity. Remember that fine I mean he made it look like a joke yeah and he did it to everybody. I mean all the way through. You know on other than the gossips and fight and then obviously you know or even their shot, Evans fight. You know, there're shot, Evans fight, you know it was. It was a dominant victory, but it wasn't something where he just he ran through it. So I personally never heard any rumors in the inside the fight circle. You generally hear a lot Ramada guys do a lot of talking when it comes that stuff. But you just never know you know
Well, that was one of the reasons why you retired right. You were having a real issue with the level of performance enhancing drugs like the permeation of it yet in this board, absolutely you know you see it when you train in these gems and so you'll see guys that you come in and all the sudden there physique looks totally different and you can feel the difference, and so it's in because when you mention that a bunch of all fraud, excuses, eccentrics and look, and even mention this until six months after I retired and I was in a position where hey you know, maybe I can influence the sport will be here in trying to stir in the right direction. But it's a major major advantage. When someone goes on that type of stuff- and you know for me, I had to fight at a different weight class that I already thought was fishy about that as well. You know, it's Vanderlei Silva, hey, you're, going to fight at light heavy instead of middle weight, while in the middle way you know those things happen and
still signed to do the fight even with my suspicions, but if you're going to go at it clean and you're going to lose to guys that, maybe you suspect we're doing something you know for me. It came down to decision one in my willing to go back to a major camp and train and leave my family sign for weeks at a time. No am I willing to level the playing field and take something like that compromise, my integrity. You know to to be better and and get back on a sending climb. My my career, no well, then, I'm out I'm out it wasn't working had trom at that point, so the Vanderlei Silva fight. Why was it light heavyweight? Is he to find it. When you want to let when he's you know, he's got it issues of his own, of course, vandalised over. Who is an all I'm great, I mean pride with longtime pride would
call middle weight champion, which was two hundred and three dot zero in pride, which is light Heavyweight in UFC and most likely justa that it's I mean. Let's be be honest about it. I mean everybody in pride. Was there was a lot of people in pride doing a lot of crazy shit? you know you talk to ensign anyway. I'm going to answer anyway said that they literally had a clause in the contract in pride, saying they would not test you for steroids? Yeah and you know that's. You know this has been a subject that for me you know specially in the last year. It's one of those subjects where I get emotional and then you know my. My initial instinct is to speak with emotion and then regret what I say afterwards when I calm down, and so I've really it's boat, an ugly side to me that I'm I'm not necessarily proud of, and I've sat back and looked at more perspective on the whole situation in not that I still don't condemn it. But when you look at a guy, is Korea,
I hate seeing guys like a vanderlei like a Cung le go out with something that happened towards the end of their career, that caused a black eye on it and then have it ruined the entire body of work that they perform because, right now, the in Fireman in every professional sports pressures, a lot of guys to go Tord's at avenue. I mean, if we're talking about what takes place in mixed, martial arts. Let's talk about the NFL. If you lifted up that rock and look anything God bless you I mean it, you have a couple of quarterbacks and you'd have maybe a punter. I even think those guys. You know I mean you had like a forty seven year old guy, then kick a fifty three yard or the other day I mean so, is there and I think if, if if the sport in General goes towards a comprehensive testing policy level, the playing field for everybody, I think it makes a safer environment long.
For the fighters- and you know- maybe maybe we'll get there in the next couple of years well for fighters is a gigantic issue, of course, because you're not talking about baseball where you can hit, all better basketball or anywhere running fast or you're, talking about a guy being able to deliver more physical punishment to his opponent You know possibly scored knockout, that he wouldn't be able to score, possibly Lana shot that he wouldn't be able to land. Had he not been essentially with superhuman hormone levels, and it's widely understood that especially in the early days of the UFC. In the early days of pride, there were uh gigantic amount of guys who are taking performance enhancing drugs. I have friend, I will not name names. He fought for a japanese organization and they not only did they tell him do steroids, they wanted him to fight at a higher weight class. They were going to help him set everything up, and now they were even picking. Opponents for him that he can beat
You know there was setting the whole thing up when you know about from the inside- and you know like the organization telling the guy to take steroids You know letting him know that it's ok, we're not going to test you for that that it had to be a major part of of mma in the early days now those guys that came from those days now they to adjust, because, like you looking at Victor, like Victor who was on testosterone replacement therapy, you know had those incredible victories over Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping. And now those Dan Henderson and now those fights not only the come into question like you, gotta go man. What What does he have left now that he's off that stuff and now he's going to fight with natural testosterone levels and he's going to fight Chris Weidman for the title, when we're going to find out you going to find out next month just passed his most recent I mean they've been tested. Quite often, Egypt passes most recent test and absolutely right.
Gonna find out and- and you know the whole tier t ruling. Thank God, it's gone because it just clouded the issue I think in in gave at times a sport, a black eye and you know not only the sport, but then it kind of screwed over some fighters too. If you're going to allow something, look, then guys are going to do it. You know they're going to find a way to do it, but I think there's definitely been. You know from what I've seen talking to camps talking to fires, I'm calling all these cards now there has definitely been a difference. The younger breed of fighters is very anti performance. Hansing drugs. This a lot especially a lot of these wrestlers, there's so used to being tested, and this is becoming like their NFL now coming from amateur wrestling that they're all for it in a lot of that old read, is really starting to go away and you know guys are starting to get randomly tested out of the blue yeah and that's important and randomly tested. The US
is doing these random tests, where they're doing the full impact blood panel, which is like forty thousand dollars a fighter, and when you know they can only do so many of those and that's one of things that everybody know. So it's a bit of you know it's a bit of a game of musical chairs. You know: there's only a few chairs everybody's moving around you're, hoping that the music doesn't stop and you're standing up, and I mean you're talking over over five hundred and fifty. I think five hundred and eighty five, we sit on UFC tonight, fighters fight on the roster and this is across the globe. So if you want to start doing, you know during their training camps random testing throughout the year and all these different countries, language barriers, the labs I mean that is a monster and I'll tell you from private meetings with Renzo Fertitta. He is very determined to find a way to make it work, You know: we've had some meetings in I. I think it is in the hopper overtime, but right now it's just it's more peace mail where they can't do it
every single time here and there it's going to be hey on this card. We're going to be able to do three on this car will do four. You know and they're going to contract out and give the athlete Commission the authority. Here's the money, you guys go party the organization and take care of it, because you know, as Dana said this week, they don't want anything to do with that. They've botched it in areas already, so they know they don't need to do it with the Conley fight. You mean yes, exactly is a fighter who was a his in Tyreke Rear, was you know he had like some really spectacular victories over in Strikeforce is a great kicker and he a real good wrestling background to have very unusual style and that he threw a lot of like wild Thai Kwando style pics, but he was also really good at stuffing takedowns and could throw guys around came.
The F C had some winds had some losses. You know fought it for his heart out and then took his last fight against Michael Bisping. Ms all, these photographs of them just look in different. Any is ever looked before. It's like we're talking about yet this radical change in his appearance yeah this mad six back You never saw that from before, and you know he said hey. This is the first time I'm healthy in a long time, I'm doing a lot of strength and conditioning, but it just soup odd to see someone in there. You know late thirties, forties, forty years old for yes, forty years old, being built like that. I don't know where she very very odd and mean less. Someone goes on like a fucking vision, quest for like seven nine months, whatever just radical, fucking strength and conditioning training, you don't see that much of a difference in persons body yeah, usually where you working on skills and your sparring and you
we doing drills and you doing all the shit that you need to do to win fights when you're training like that. It is so hard to then go hit the weight room and get that kind of muscle density and put on that kind of mass, and I mean that's where it gets really difficult. You know it get explain the story with Conley will sure yeah exactly yes, I mean he goes into fight and I remember it was Saturday morning I was in Tulsa. Ok, I was calling the fights that morning and I wake up my basic hey. The fight pass card is on would pull on literally just woke up. It was in China and so fight takes place. Michael Bisping wins and at the same time I remember I was reading an article were busy with talking about the picture Kong took, and you know MIKE is always been very vocal since he's fought a bunch of trt guys and he's had some opportunity squandered. In his career, and so then I pushed out the tweet. Where said, a good starter didn't pay to cheat for once good start to the day and it sent off, you know a just a wildfire. All of a sudden I realized yeah
it was one of those emotional times were having the phone in my hand with, and you know what I'm old order, an I'm wiser than that it was. It was one of those times and then you know it was told to me: hey it's best to keep your mouth shut right now. You know afterwards, so it was certainly not a situation that I was proud of, regardless I'm who is going to be for proper testing, clean sport, etc. But it is not my job to go round making accusations or whatever there's bodies to do that, but it is certainly something that that does get me emotional triggers aside me, I'm not so proud of us aside that speak before thinking. You know it's been a real good lesson learned for me. You know over the course of this year. Being an official sports broadcaster, not a fighter who does commentating on the side. You know and something where there comes a
certain amount responsibility with this. Are we not broadcasting audio that was going on issue? It seems to be recording fine, I'm recording. What's the to not hitting you stream, I don't know, I want to reboot restart you stream and see if you can get it to go up in price, and I would just keep talking. Okay, okay. I just tell your MIKE. Ok, yeah I mean that's. That is a transition right. I say it's also like you're speaking from the heart, but if you were in a jam, If you walked in the gym- and you were talking a bunch of guys in the gym- it would be a normal conversation absolutely, but you did it publicly when you do a publicly, you invite every fucking troll and all these certainly dorks that just sit in front computer waiting for something like this to talk about it. Create you an I don't you know, I don't follow my own personal. You know look if that is a conversation I should have with him. First, before I ever,
go anywhere else, and you know I axed try to contact a few days after and and you know he just lost the fight, he wasn't, he wasn't ready to speak, and so you know it it it's it's it's one of those situations where, where you live and learn, you know in to learn the hard way when you do something, but at the same time you know it it's not one of those situations where it's going to make me back down from from stating right from wrong in this sport and in standing up, that's right and you were saying that he was ready to take the nine month suspension. He was ready to take the nine month suspension. Then they changed it to twelve, and then they started having this according according to the UFC. So there was something where his camp was ready to take the nine month and then, instead you know when it got up to twelve, that's where they fought it and ended up beating it, and then everything had to be reset. Well, he they ended up beating it, because the way that the tests were handled was incorrect away that the tests were administered was incorrect. It was all done by someone that the UFC it hired to do it, but it wasn't done to the pro
call yeah the Lamb the Lamb couldn't build. The lab was not capable of of actually testing accurately for human growth hormone, which is what they said. He failed for so that's kind of a disaster, and it was an apt loot disaster, absolute disaster, which is really why the UFC is now abandoned. You know tr to do this and you know they've taken a step backwards to evaluate right. Now. It's really fascinating to me, because the sport is it's the most intense and the most opinion, the most dangerous sport, in a sense that you have so much on the line like if you lose an auto race. Auto races are dangerous. You could crash, you could die and it is a witness, no doubt about that. It's a very dangerous game, football also very gate, but there's something about losing a fight that is so much more personal there. So much more on the line, it's so much different than any other laws, you, Who is basketball game, app, fuck, we lossed, you know, let's have a
let's you lose a fight and it's a fucking life changing event. Tremendous tremendous there's, one there's no teammates to two: it's just you and the other guy in the rain. You know. Sometimes you get guys will use. The referee is an excuse that judges, an excuse and you're on a fifty percent pay scale so When I would fight you know, I would get forty thousand dollars to show up and fight in forty thousand more to win a tremendous difference! That's a lot of months of paying the mortgage that that's. You know a big chunk that I can then put away for the future, and what I need to do is a fighter for when I retire there's a lot of that, so it becomes very personal not to mention you're standing your can't negotiations, who you fight next, how soon you fight! Next, all these things go into a play in, depending on how you lose for fighter loses by a vicious. Knock out how much do that just shorten his career. So, there's a lot on the line in a big part of is the reason why people are so intrigued by this sport. That's why they want to watch it because they know wow. These guys they lay
this. This is front in any other sport who are these people that are capable of making that walk in doing that and that really, I think, is part of the reason why people are so it where to watch the sport and get so interested in so involved in it that victory incentive that doesn't exist in boxing? Doesn't you don't? They don't have a win LAS thing in Boston? As far as like fifty to win five thousand and fifty to show you to win, then that's not does not exist in black it may I've never see it's usually a contracted amount. Now it's a contract amount due. That's an issue, isn't it I mean, it's like I think the UFC likes it because it makes people gives them an incentive to fight, but God damn don't they already have the incentive to fight. You know. It's one of those things where, when you talk to Joe Silva about some of those things, he has some some very
strong ideologies on it. Since he's been there so long, you know if there's one point where they did finish: bonuses for anybody who finished on the car. He said that was a complete failure. You know so it's interesting that would be a pretty cool. You know to pull all the data pulled into some kind of model and see you know, but in my opinion it seems like to me it's financially more beneficial to win long term. Then it is to a whole lot of risks. Of course yeah. Without a doubt- and it's also- I mean you only have so many fights in your career and if your sending your yourself and you're putting yourself in danger to try to eke out a win, an fighting in maybe what you would call a nontechnical way or fighting in a reckless way. You long time, you going to cost yourself money absolutely because you're going to take shots, you wouldn't take and you're going to put yourself it's a short term gamble. It really is only official to the folks that are watching it in the UFC
in in when you look at it. You know from from spending the last year calling fights and I've really gotten to know Joe Silva Sean Shelby a lot better than I did when I was a fighter. I've seen them reward the guys. You know that there was a miss, Miss Community. I think some guys just had it wrong. You know back when I fall were hey, I gotta go in there and brawl I've seen them reward, guys very well, for going out there and fighting very similar how Frankie EDGAR Fall. Cub Swanson, he didn't go out there and trade with him. He went out there. We move around, do we need to do shot the takedown and dominated the fight on the ground then gets the fin the very last few seconds of the fifth round, and they absolutely love the fight like that. So I don't. I think, that fight we need to realize, look, go in there and get the fight finished as fast as you can and win in most dominant fashion, when I've seen where they get frustrated with is where guys will ride certain positions out they get inside the garden. Make no attempt to pass to do more damage they get inside the clinch their happy to just hold him against the cage for a while until the referee separate some
that some of the things that get them a little frustrated when guys more win. Fights like that, but then ask for major things. After today I want a better contract. One high profile matches a want to be on the main card. I wanna be the main event and the for for folks that are not familiar with training camps. There's one thing that has to be taken into consideration when you watch a fight, when you see a guy may be stalling like that, that guy might have fought injured, he might have fought sick. He might have got injured during camp and not being able to train correctly. So he has to take advantage of what little opportunities, sometimes that he can get to take a break because he doesn't have the gas tank to go all out. Absolutely you can't tell by looking at a guy. No, we are never all with with when you're warmed up like that, you're gonna be able to move through certain injuries, but doesn't mean you have is much pop on your points for your kick with that. You know with that poor in your body, and it was funny because I get it all the time man that fight with you in Vanderlei Silva was awesome, but why did you
Did you fight him like that, and you will tell me you know I see I flew to Japan in and I actually I tore apart of my hip the second day there was real stiff from the training camp and I would over trained bad. You know was it was a big problem for me. I always thought the more I do, the better I'd be. So I couldn't lift my need in my chest and and it's his doctor d, who flies and all the events had to come right to my hotel room as soon as he got there- and I said, hey just give me a lighter Kane, Pleat Lee allowable by the commission. This league a little numb. It be good to go, couldn't get it in Tokyo, and so all right. Well, you don't have to find a way around, and this happens all fighters, who knows I mean Van Really- could have easily showed up to that. You know with with open torn in his body as well, and so so you know you go in there round one in Iraq. Am there alright well disguised? a lot of miles on it, one more shot. In all finish, this thing: oh shit, he just now, You know it. Kinda started going back and forth and you know one of those fights you almost black out and you just get lausten the violence and knowing you're putting on a great fight
that even you know when I will But when I started realize what happened, which was when Johnny Anick starts interview, music, God, I lost. You know it's those things where all right you know but that went out on my shield, the fights that really hot you are the ones where you go home and you're like man. I could have pushed a little harder. I could have done this. I could have done that. That was a wild fucking fuck Are you in front of and let you know whatever you say whatever you want about performance enhancing drugs and he did run away and they suspended for life for folks who don't the whole story? he ran away from a random drug test. They showed up at his gym and literally ran out the door. Like I gotta go, see, and they suspended him for life, which is really unprecedented and, in my opinion, it's kind of fucked up, because the guy is a legend and one of my all time favorite. If not. My all time kills me to see you know look he absolutely people should be punished for what they did wrong, but
Let'S- and I'm actually said this in a couple- a reason of a mirror- some but eight, let's, let's not completely black out the entire career yeah. You know they they, our Hall of Fame, worthy martial artists, who they screwed up like every other human being in there. Hey, call a spade date and make them stand accountable for it, but at the end of the day, they have an entire body of work to look upon. But is it true? That means some of these guys that are hall of Fame type, guys Hall of Fame caliber guys most likely cheating, their entire careers. I mean that there's a big percent guys. Well, you could point a finger at especially guys that are fighting in Japan, and if you talk to the guys who fought in Japan, they will tell you that now this is what was going on MARC, Cohn and told me. He went back stage and he solved Vanderlei. Oiling up his body
he saw him. Oil is like the fuck you doing man, you can't do that they were oiling up, so we could do without circus back then, men at that organization was an absolute circus for quarter listening. It is light years, Diff in the UFC? Oh yeah, but yeah? That was an absolute circus, but if they let fighters fight like fights that should have never taken place like how 'bout Ba Bob Sapp, three hundred and seventy five pounds for Tamura like one hundred and eighty five right. Anything I mean literally if they could have put a tiger in there with a human being, they knew they would have made money off that and they would. They would have absolutely done that if they could find a way to not go to jail afterwards, they would have done it. They put together some fucking ridiculous shows. What about Hong man Choi versus Phaidor. Remember that I mean hungry and she was like seven feet tall. He weighed three
one hundred who knows what the fuck pounds he was a legitimate giant. He absolutely with with less athleticism in his body, then my five year old, daughter yeah, but the poor guy was like he's bones, probably wait as much as this fucking table. I mean he was just he was a mess. I mean physically had a puck in two minutes, but Terry Gland, I mean that's. Why the same as Bigfoot So Bigfoot Silva, who still fights for the UFC still an elite fighter, mean that poor fucking guy and he's a guy who legitimately needs testosterone management therapy, and you can't have it he's. Gotta have some operation on his head now and now he's going to fight Frank Mir. Right now, he's got Frank Mir coming up. Look, God bless 'em, you guys still in there throwing, but he's he's a guy who legitimately needs it. Fucking Nogueira we've played it a couple, so we did a fight, companion and watched Nogara versus Bob Sapp, even fucking know Gary got I'll drive by three hundred A5 pound Bob Sapp picked him up and dropped him.
Then Nogar is wait on no get his head. It was the fucking most horrendous thing to ever. Watch someone do to someone you like, oh god and me when went on to win right, which shows you course he did tough. That guy was back then that that dude is. I saw him in Rio just a few weeks ago, and it was oh cool, the segers, you every was just sitting at this, this little bar and it right next to the restaurant, in the hotel and he came. Walking downstairs is humble, as can humanly be. He comes down. Everybody stood up, not just press, but everybody associated with fighting stood up out of respect for this guy who know the day he retire should be immediately put into the C Hall of Fame yeah. I agree. I agree there should be some sort of a martial arts hall of Fame. You know like not just UFC just all schools, all disciplines he's in there for sure I mean he I mean he showed how you could win fights off your back in the heavyweight division which nobody was doing. Those try angling Mark Coleman, who fuck is going
Mark Coleman, he's going to pick up and slam yeah, I mean and mark home by the way, fighting in I'd most likely in a variety of mexican supplements and he's he looks insane is enormous. He was so good back then too I mean it was mark. You know, like in the days where he won the prize every week, Grand Prix, let their skin yeah an animal Mark Coleman. I was there for the first fight ever work because you have see twelve that was in, our common won the UFC Heavyweight title be beat dance every God, Damn fucking Judo a headlock and just almost pulled his head off The old school yard, the square movie- wasn't wasn't quite the schoolyard move. It was like he was kind of in like side can cool, but laying on top of him and he had his head and he was just fucking. Yes, I can, I forget that it, you know catch wrestling. Josh Barnett is that when he got dean, Lister asks and then all cynic who the current UFC Heavyweight who's.
To know right now, at forty seven years old and you have Caesar Heavyweight, he tapped out Crete at the three guys and roll with that technique is brutal. Oh yeah forgot gets you like that, especially a guy like Josh Barnett he's got a ridiculous grip. He gets you. That position and goodnight Foxville you fucking Tap Dean Lister, whose Abood would be great one of the best submission wrestlers in the world mean something if not you or Josh Barnett. You know that yeah he's a bad mother fucker and he is the best representative. In my opinion, in all of modern mma for catch wrestling mean he re. He is a student of that game really understands that sport. That was the fight when he fought Daniel Cormier. That was a fight that woke me up. You know, when you see it mean cornea would have like eighty nine flights at that point in time. I'm not sure we had barely any any experience and he goes in there and beats a guy like Josh Barnett were granted his wrestling game a major advantage in that, but you know still barnetts Ocra
the. I you make any mistakes in there he's going to catch. You screen keeps going black over here Jamie. This is not real, I don't know so going out. Okay, it's not on a mom, my computers, not. Yeah well, there goes came back yeah Josh Barnett is a very good wrestler too, so to see Daniel Cormier launch him through the air, that the same thing you did to Dan Henderson, who fuck is ever done that Dan Henderson trained the first inventor Daniel Cormier. We were all doing these shows here in LA and he's like hey, let's get a session in today, and so we go to tiny little gym and it's got uh is really small cages. I mean you know I could lay across at night almost be you know, long. Is the cajun I'm trained with Cormier and he's picking me? I mean if he wanted to throw me right out of this octagon. I've never had a man pick me up that easy once his hips pop you're in the air, and it just it shows the kind of leverage and you know the length and the
meet. The John Jones has to have stopped that repeatedly and stifled those attempts yeah when the one time the Daniel did take him down like that, it was for a second and John was back up to his feet. Look who's on springs, wouldn't even have been scored a takedown in wrestling rules. I mean he belly down immediately and popped right back. It was incredible and yeah John is a freak. I mean he's a real freak athlete. You know in the crazy part. Is he. You know, I don't know if Johns ever been into Jiu Jitsu class and shrimp before really like he's never lifted weights in between fights to my knowledge, he doesn't train. Like heat comes, he does his seven to nine, we camp, he leaves martial art over it you got a heavy bag in his basement. This house, in New York that hit every once in Watts, dead, serious and so now he's actually moving to Albuquerque. And saying how I'm going to train year round I mean it's. You know, aside from all the other things going on with him, he's obviously got some things to take care, but
He comes out of this, the other end and search training year round. It's really really scary. I mean the guy never lifts weights between fights. He just comes in and starts lifting. Then that's so incredible. It's so crazy doesn't train in between fights. So what does he do in between? it just hangs out he's got nothing that he lives in Ithaca. If again, I drove when I was suppose when I was fighting Phil Davis. They gave fight. It was right after I just fought December. I just had a baby, and so we were good. We are. Do you plan to get the book to go to Pennsylvania, see some family for Christmas, where I'm from until man I gotta train with some wrestlers, I'm fighting this guy named Phil Davis, so I can find me footage on right. Now is a national champ and I'm not really a good matchup for this guy. So, of course, I end up driving all the way up to upstate New York to try and train with John and I'm trained in some. I don't know if it was like Ithaca college some Matt somewhere. He shows up and sweatpants and talk
kiss me all over the place. I mean even know anything back. Then he knew a little bit of wrestling know any jujitsu. He didn't know how to strike. He was watching the first day in Greg Jackson's gym. The comment I watched all this Youtube videos of Mohammed Ali, so he goes in there he's got his hands down the snap and jabs playing the rope. A dope with Mohammed Ali and just toasting everybody one of Break Greg was running around the gym running Jim saying Wife, saying to me: that's that's my next champion- that's my next champion at, time. I was still at light Heavyweight, so Greg politely said well after you, Brian and I looked, and I said, look great: old enough and mature enough that that I can tell you right off the bat look you could. You could save that shit but someone else. Alright, that's rare and that's one of the reasons why you been able to transition successfully inter korean broadcasting. Is it like you, who let it go like in a way that very few guys do like you. Let it go with many many miles still left on your engine. You just decided, you know what I'm ok.
Good, I'm young, I'm healthy. I can still fight for sure. You can still compete at the highest level, but you decided I'm good you know, and there was a couple you know there are a couple of things to it- one you know and when I got knocked out by vandalay, I knew right then, that night, in my hotel room that I was done, if I can't beat a fighter who's, an aging fighter who yes he's one best of all time he's an aging fighter, I'm now taking a step backwards, to evaluate because, like I played football for fourteen years, get hit with a few ideas in Iraq. I mean there's a few indicators here and then you know we trained in the air and came up in MMA, where it was you go to war twice a week, inspiring yeah. That was a different he reached. She'll learn their well you're, starting to see those guys in the gym the ten year later guys that are still you know sort of in the sport, but have them in used considerably in their faculties of diminished considerably, and that's the that's a big issue that a lot of people have is those guys
guys that nobody talks to those guys that are still around and the chance to see what that style of training can do to you. Now you see in a lot of guys who are training their if you've kind good training partners. You can get so much better by not hitting each other harp. So that's something that people have a hard time accepting everybody wants everybody to be tough, most fucking guy is in the UFC already tough. They don't have to take punches to be tough. You know it's just what you need to do is work on your reflexes, you timing, your technique and then the skill set working on energies, working on a new standing what to do in various positions. Where did never be what to do? If you find yourself in a place that, instead of just winging it toughness which used you're still seeing you still and guys fight at the highest level with their fuck, chain up in the air, their hands down and their winging punches and they're going in, and Occasionally it works and occasionally it doesn't and their flipping coins when they do it. You know
it's exactly right in a big part of my focus when I get to visit with all these fighters before I call their fights I'll talk to about that. You know your objective is to make the maximum amount of money for as long you can in your career fight as many times a years you can, and I will always ask him: do you get paid in the gym? Of course they look at me like I'm stupid. No, I don't you could pay when you fight right, So why you? Why you fighting in the gym? You look, I'm Gill, then I use it myself. I for years, never got right. Damn it. I mean I spar with some really hard hitting guys. You know Jardine reshot Evans. You know some really good guys that would get after. I would never get rocked All of a sudden. You know towards the end of my career, my last two camps, I started notice. Man start to get some headaches united started. You know feeling the repercussions of training so hard for so many years, and instead of focusing on spark partners that can mimic my opponent, I'm just focus, and winning in the gym against various level, guys we're going to one hundred percent against me and that takes
from your cuts, it short and it cuts down that window to where you can make that maximum amount of money. You know where you look at these guys now that are getting smarter, just like you said, and there tracking. That sort of thing you know, Mark Henry counts. How many strikes Frankie EDGAR puts out a sparring session, because when they do their game plan, you need to fight at this pace. This many strikes per round this. We have to do to win the fight, so he'll watch for be sparring the whole camp to make sure he's on pace, to win that fight for what they feel he'll need to do to win and he's using like. Clicker Mark Henry is one of the most underrated trainers in the game. Today, he's a guy who does not get enough credit. An I've talked to Job Khashab did some training down there with Frankie EDGAR, and he was like this guys got fucking notebook after notebook filled with all the different strategies- techniques things they're working on things to do that for very fighters. When you look what he did to cub mean Cubs up Fucking Monsall, he is such a good fighter.
Frankie shut him down and cubs a black belt in brazilian Jiu Jitsu him and he got into half guard and really he knew what to do move from there, but because of the continuous stuff thanks I mean it was a pace, but I'm not even just in the striking room, but on top Frankie, never stop punching, which, when you're punching a guy in half guard, it makes you a threat cast amount to full side control. It made hub worry more about. Retaining half guard may be back to full garden, blocking the punches his face, and on top of that, common guys punching you, you can't breathe so every time I punching your tightening up your constricting your body when punch in your body and your cutting in cutting back on the amount of oxygen to get. That's like one of the strategies and Nick Diaz is always used. His career he'll hit a guy one hundred and fifty times it like fifty percent. He just gets in front of your face and start throwing punches and people go. Those don't even hurt that, yes, that first one, yes they do. Yes, they do you don't know the fuck you talking about. Let him punch you fifty percent, it might not knock you dead, but it fucking
arts and he hit you with four of those. It's probably almost as good as one full full blast punch is going to hit you with a bunch of and you're not going to be able to breathe, going to be tightened up constantly coda to uh. Paul Daley, Robbie Lawler knocked both out yeah. You know It are just two of the examples of what he's able to do, and you know he is good accuracy mean he'll, knock him out, he's pretty pinpoint when he goes and hits a guy in the chin rate when they think it's it hurt, and then he does drop him and it's a suffocating style, because I the feeling I don't know if their science backed up by having researched, but when you you're exhausted your easier to get knocked out You can't tense up as much when in roll with the punches as much you end up and it's square and it rocks the jaw crushes the nerves in your own yeah. There's, no doubt- and you know those fights, my god damn especially the Paul Daley fight. His chin is another thing I mean you can't teach that you can teach the bill did absorb punishment that he has. I mean it's just he's, so tough and the psychology to you know to
walk into an octagon from all these people everybody do you know, and care about the world is going to watch that fight and you gotta a face. Some words, an your decision. I mean you talk about the fight or flight and there's still fighters who even other professional fighters they their their way tougher than your normal populists? You know there's there's levels many subtle levels when she get the highest level Nick Diaz. Doesn't he doesn't care he's going to go toe to toe with you no matter who it is. You know Anderson Silva he's going to go toe to toe with them and they no issues there, even though he hasn't been in the octagon a long time. There's there something psychologically in that man. Where hey you know what, if you tell me your going to draw a line and fight, then I'm there and he'll admit he's even like fighting yeah, which is pretty raising it's tough, for you want some money, and I mean I had a lot of money in the George, St Pierre fight and then took a long time off and now it's coming back and fighting Anderson Silva on Anderson's comeback fight, which is a man with a lot of questions. Not fine or aint does fights all it's one
big. That should be the poster shit fucking phone, just a question mark are with the fuck, yeah yeah most people, you know, will look at say. Well, you know dear, is going come out out and go want a box and Anderson just has so many weapons on the feet, but how does he throw those weapons and you know we haven't seen the d as brothers. Do too many legs check the error checking leg kicks yet you know certainly need didn't. Do it again top filters on just, but it Nick Diaz or Nick Diaz comes out there and he checks a few leg. Kicks for Anderson does let's slow down the attack. You know, does hit the same area again. Does he check that? Who knows I mean you know if I have to bet money, I'm going to put it on the all time. Great Anderson Silva, but I'm not quite ready to count out Nick Diaz out of this fight. Just yet, I'm not counting amount at all and enters the silver for folks. I don't know what we're talking about is the greatest of all time broke his leg in his last fight. Through a kick, Twyman lift up his knee Anderson caught him in the top part of the Shin, which is a brutal spot. We get checked an Anderson's leg snapped like a twig. It was real
I've only seen it happen twice live Corey Hill long time ago, who looked like a guy who would break and mean Corey? I was really tall for the weight class. Was finding one five thousand one hundred and fifty five that was a disgusting cut? Oh, he was really really really really thin and uh. I mean it probably take something out of your bones too. I mean it takes something out of your organs for sure super bad for your kidneys and these guys are dehydrating themselves like that, but Corey break his leg was very shocking, but there was something about watching Anderson break his leg, where you just know, like the Anderson, isn't all time great, the all time, great them uh, spectacular performer, we've ever seen in the UFC in his neck. His leg just snapped the best martial artist, in my opinion, in the hip, tree of martial arts. When you look at the end, you want to talk about. You know, Ben
the age at Bill, Superfoot Wallace, and you have Bruce Lee at all that you know you can go way back in history path, pavers for sure absolutely you've got to then look at Anderson Silva he was able to bring to the most complete fighting style, no Man. The artistry he brought to it the many different ways he won from different kicks a submission to me. He can, he can do it all. I see I think the greatest fighter to ever go in the ac on his John Jones, though I don't think any. I don't think anybody is ever beat the level competition he's beaten by by the mall, things that he's done so I mean drops Michita unconscious to the floor. I mean where he's done a submitted victor after he got his arm fucked up in that arm bar and refused to tap yep. You know it mean fought gust of sin, from all indications, barely fucking trained for that fight and still got it out in those final rounds and one it's funny, you bring the emanet, that's that's what I've heard is
I don't know if they're true, that that certainly the rumblings, you know that that that was there, some stuff taken lightly Egypt, prayer when you hear those rumblings and they're? Not true, I mean when you have time you heard that guy barely trained like what the fuck you talking about the guy was doing 2a days. He was running five miles. Use eating nothing but the most wholesome foods. That's not what I heard I heard he was doing the exact opposite. He was eating some very unwholesome food, so yeah. Well I mean when he fought Shogun for the title, one of the worst beatings. The inside the octagon heal the fucking tough lying knee in his opening move his the youngest guy to ever fight for the UFC title and throws a fuck, not the youngest guy, ever fight for a title. I believe John Alessio Link. John Alessio was twenty when he fought Mila teach way back in the day, but you just gotta win it Youngest just kind of limpy throws a fuck flying Neon Shogun and cracks I'm right in the chin. I mean I mean just ridiculous stuff that he threw me through it. Try flying armbar in Cormier, I gotta theory, but that shit man. My theory is that
guys who grow up with brothers that beat the fuck out of them are just on a completely different level. 'cause Weidman grew up with a brother to beat the fuck out of him. Matthews and his brother beat the fuck out of each there. John Jones had two Super athlete brothers me get two brothers that are fucking NFL studs, and you know his brother, Arthur Bio, all. All indications kicks John's ass when they were not together and he kicked Johns Ass grown up plenty and he was state champion wrestler. I believe yeah huge guy, too yeah huge yeah he's three hundred plus and when you grow up like that, I think you just have a level of, I think. Also your body develop stronger. You know something about tangling with a brother, your whole life. I mean you're in competition from the time you're a baby you're, a always going to war, and, coupled with that, I have not seen in a guy. Like John the belief you know, John,
he'll watch a movie about like cheat or something, and I'm making this up obviously and help think it truly this in him, so he is, he meditates near a waterfall the day of his fight. Always they gotta find water. He's gotta go to water, and you know, it's in humidity and he focus on most guys would point to that and say that is the. Dumbest thing. I've ever seen they try and make fun of somebody. For John, doesn't care Joe you know, be in the locker room with him for several fights found the same card he's back there this young kid who has very few life experiences so caught never once as a thought of him losing run through his mind, I mean when he off of Latin America. Shenko I've fought in that card Ann in Johns Jujitsu. I had submitted him several times in that training camp. He goes out there against flatty in the game If the strike with them, 'cause value such address and so good on the ground and John wasn't good on the ground immediately takes Vladimir down passes guard elbows him into oblivion. The fights over. I do
You know that Johnny. We know how to pass the guard at that point. I'm serious you. Twelve beginners Jujitsu classes a Greg Jackson, Jim Hill. Do it like private sessions with them? You know, but but John it just. I remember submitting him several times when we can then two weeks later, we're in Denver CO for that camp and he catches man in a submission Mcgregor. Did he learn jujitsu in two weeks? You know just always been that way. The only the guy that I hear. That's like that to that extreme for every move they learn they could use it instantly is Weidman. Really. When I talk the guys and I are going to Enzo's frequently for the the nonprofit I run. A lot of guys have been Wall Street have been very generous and are very avid for veterans, getting jobs and will always meet me at hens in a train there and the guys there will talk about it. Like you know, he
you sit there in these classes, and it takes me thousands of wraps to get this moved to work on high level. Competition Weidman learns it drills at once and then submits everybody in the class. With that he's just that much of an animal, you know he's a and stuff when you get stud wrestler that picks up jujitsu jitsu fucking, her perfect combination. That is especially for guys. Like me, I mean it absolutely for anybody. Man yeah, you know Eric Bradley is wrestler. I don't I don't use training at eddies for awhile, and I we were doing this drill where I mean he's not much bigger than me, make maybe fifteen pounds, but we do who is drill we doing this need a belly drill and you start out with knee on belly and see how long you can hold it. He might it has well had it might have might as well have had a building on top of Maine might as well have had a fucking full foundation, a few cars parked in the building. I mean I wasn't getting up
I gotta talk to him. He threw me off like I was like who's getting out of bed and is thrown off the covers. It was just ridiculous. It's there's a kid just like that. His name is Raymond Jordan. He wrestled with Tyron Woodley and then ask versus Missouri and he was younger than those guys an he. The two time all american there never was a national champion, though in Woodley will tell you like, I won't touch ray anymore, won't touch, and so he will Gobi Jordan Burroughs main partner. While he went in one gold- and I actually had him come to Atlanta to help me train for four weeks before a fight Michael Bisping. First week he was there, the UFC cameras were in town, and you know you had me: you have Tom Watson who fights in UFC, yeah Douglas Lima who's. The Bellator champion was in there one Carneiro who's coming back to the UFC Fight Mark Munoz, and then here's Raymond Jordan. This kid who never done this shit really before he was beating, everybody, so bad that the UFC camera said Brian. This is some of the best for you ever gotten, but we can't use any of it is this cat and he doesn't want to fight.
Does he he he mounts? He. He mountain taps level, world class level, black belts, 'cause he's he's that same funky style on the math at the these Missouri TIGERS have he's most natural athlete ever meant. Everything he throws is hard by the way. Just doesn't want he's just not interested in that. So so what does he do? Coaches wrestling, I help him get a job. He works at a company called Med assets and it's it's run by the gentleman who chairs the board of the company. I run an easy, so brilliant by the way he's an african american kid who grew up with a crack deal uncle. Both his parents are dead by six, and you would think this kid graduated from Harvard he's an anomaly and he's brilliant and So he works in finance with them and as deal analysis for a fortune. Five hundred company public traded companies awesome. So just doesn't have the desire to fight now
you know he looks at a you know, he's been grinding for so long with wrestling and I think it burned him out. Yeah that happens a lot of those guys it stuff. Is there a sport where people over train more than in wrestling no mean teaches a mental? Tough yes- and that is true- there's no doubt about it- that wrestlers can perform and come back and push and way. Is that a lot of guys in other sports is that they never developed that gear? That sort of extra gear that you see like a guy like Johnny Hendricks have where you see like some of these wrestlers have. But then again like Robbie Lawler, who has a gear- and you know he had a little bit of a wrestling background, but it was never like an NCAA Nash. Champion or anything along those lines odds, are definitely higher coming out of that. You know that population when you, when you look at that that talent pool of Amateur wrestlers in really in any country,
I mean look at the kids were getting in from Dagestan known I mean these guys are animals and it's not just because of their combat sombong wrestling back. I mean you go. I would love to go over there and see how, Khabib off grew up the heart ship saying it's just a different kind of people. You know not nearly as spoiled is most of our. This is our over here state side. That's it that's what without a doubt fact hobby, never gonna golf is the scariest guy at one hundred and fifty five. Next, to Pattison my opinion, I can't wait for him to get healthy. I mean I'm looking forward to San Jose fighting Pettis 'cause. I think stylistically, it's a very intriguing fight, but then you watch what Nurmagomedov did Dosan Joes he just can shut up. I want to fight again the other day he just ragdoll them everybody. He he does it to everybody. And it's not. You look It doesn't look like Tyron Woodley. You know he doesn't look like look at Tyron Woodley. Masha somebody go. Oh Jesus! Look at the expected yeah! I mean look at the guy, but
look at number command of looks like an athlete for sure. So, you're strong guy, but the way he's ranked on people is shocked at the way did to Abel Trujillo. I mean just like a rocking Abel's, a star athlete strong. So you know it's. You know their moment of his kinesthetic awareness in his leverage and technique, and then I think the the key ingredient, though, is is, will guys that have that wrestling back they have headgear. If you don't believe someone can stop you it's so power, and he has that and the talent and that's really really scary yeah, I find sort of werewolf. I mean there's in about a month like he's like he is its intensity and violence is just so heightened. It's like it has next level and just whatever it is. I mean if his striking ever catches up to his grappling Jesus Christ man I mean, and it most likely will I mean, depending on what's the state of his knee 'cause. I know he he
Disney, and then the rumors were regarded, got it operated on and then heard again. I came back to quick really. I had seen him maybe two months ago and you know, speaking to some of his management as well. I mean they believe he's going to be back soon right around. I think that I'm that petty going to fight those Angeles, so he'll be waiting in the wings. You know quickly. He had a guy, complain at the sound is even at the shock yeah. He is complaining that, but he's not ready. Just I mean don't train right now now and if he does his knee up a probably just duct tape, it together and get back in there and that's the worst thing you don't want to ruin your career to you know, take your time and the one crazy thing is, though, if if it because it's not a walk in the park for pet is to be designed just does not all dangers into Sunday's wrestling. Look really good against Ny D S, but has is he's a sniper. He just needs one shot. That's scary! That kid is mean
we can go into a fight and barely misses her and only hit you once. He also has a style. That's based on not like there's the style of kicking and punching that a lot of these guys do this multi style, where there's a step and then the kick a step, and then I kicked and Pat this is got that Thai Kwando thing where he he's standing there and just throw zero telegraph, zero telegraph with KO power, an it's tough to fuck with you watch him like the head, kick that he landed on Joe Lowe's on it comes out of nowhere, the one he landed on Donald Cerrone. It comes out of nowhere and baronies of fucking excellent striker and he's phenomenon that kid naturally has incredible. Cardio we go. Do the sand dunes at Jacksons, you add altitude. These things are, are sixty to seventy meter, high or or length sand dunes that that are a steep incline to where the sand falls and you have to crawl up with all force. He glides up those things. Folks, everybody, even when he's not in premier shape to kick him in the body and KO him.
You've got a bruise, deep, deep, deep honey. I call him soul kicks You kick a dude so hard and you see that you see the shit face and the soul just comes sneaking right out the mouth. You know that's. Why happens or not you can do those liver shots. Man they're not like anything. Anybody could describe unless you've been hit, like that. It's this weird thing where your body just stops working and It's were in sucks because you're helpless and you but your conscious see you're forced to watch the dude. Kick your ass, while you're helpless. You can't do anything stop, especially in mma and boxing at least you go down, and you know the countdowns like Oscar Delahoya versus Bernard Hopkins, the only time we've ever seen. Delahoya get stopped like that, but Bernard, just fucking, hooked right in that liver and you see it whole is it's the weirdest thing man and sometimes you could play it off like you know you get hit and kind of move with it and, like a guy, doesn't know
then there's times when you get hit like it doesn't CRO cop versus Keith Haring. You ever see that, yes, there is a fucking photograph online, see you this photo of crow option. Read halfway in the body, and this is when Procop was fucking croaking when he was on his run towards the title at he hit Heath Herring with this at my house, I couldn't breathe. I was watching it at home and I was like all week. Look at that fucking kick! Oh my god! Yeah like taking your lungs, kidneys and intestines, and just I mean smushing them all together for a brief. Second, I mean that is disgusting and look. His foot is pulled back. Back! So you know it's all Shin bone and you know how God damn hard Mirko kicks. That is the most horrific looking body shot. I've ever seen anybody take in a photograph. Do I mean you? Don't you see that in like car wrecks yeah? That's exactly what it looks like. It looks like he looks like
It was on a motorcycle and he crashed into a telephone pole that was on the back of a pickup truck. You know it. Bloom is whole body, a slack that puts any picture. I've got a couple of pictures from taken shots. That puts everything. I have a shame. I feel I feel like a chump just looking at, and that is the liver kick. That is la the liver. Kick that's all I mean it's a rip, your heart separated. Makes everything anything internal it's over ribs are probably broken, probably broke. Some ribs I'd like to talk to eat about that yeah. Jesus It is in yeah. We saw that with Mitch Universe, Dollaway doll- I mean it, you know Dollaway, isn't such a fantastic job of. Finally, you know reaching his potential and showcase of the does in its sole hard for fighters 'cause, you want it at least go out. There showcase, your skills similar to Pettis, but it turn style, Thai, Kwando and now you're. Looking at at karate and a guy who knows, telegraph sent
right, underneath the elbow your garden pinpoint accuracy in the fight is over. I called that fight. It sound like someone took a two by four and just smacked it off this table in it echo throughout the stadium, yeah I watched that and as soon as I saw that will look at his face. This is probably overdone. Yeah he's got that and hit him with his shin and step. At the same time, I mean in kicks, like a lot of people, think like the foot area is like not as effective in it's not as hard, but God damn it enough to knock you out. I mean it's still, a God. Damn bone, you can kick show pretty hard high style. You could deliver about get more power, but it does take a little more time to get there and you know something depending on the athlete to you know I kicked harder more from a thai style stance, but I don't have the flexibility of a guy like in Anthony Pettis an you know. What are the level there muscle levers like two in their hips and what's their fast twitch muscle fibers, like you know, you can pick
different styles, but sometimes you get the athletes who did train the perfect styles for their bye, body style, their genetics and that's where you get the Anthony Pettis is in the lead the cheaters who who have the perfect genetic structure for that as well? Well, there's also So the speed that you develop when you do it your whole life, that's almost almost can't replicate it by starting in your 20s. 30s and learning martial arts, from a wrestling background and learning how to kick. You probably never going to be able to collect my cheetah not or like Pettis, and they have this ridiculous speed. It just is this weird thing that they could do with their body 'cause their body developed. Doing that I mean they went through maturity, doing that their muscles literally grew onto their bones, throwing kicks yeah, I mean lifelong martial arts. He even went when I still fighting the UFC. You still had a ham
Full of guys that were like me, I mean I didn't even start thinking about doing this till twenty six never had. First real lesson till I was twenty seven. And so I mean now- you got these guys like Rory Mcdonald. They grew. Doing it. Your g s p was one of the first. He was a life long, martial artist and that's three you're gay. You know Michael Bisping was, life long, martial artist and now you're getting guys that are even higher level athletes that it's really g s p bit higher level athletes that are life, long, martial artist coming into the sport. I consider wrestlers life, long, martial arts as well. You doing that shit since you're five years old you you are more, I mean it is me resting the martial arts when the best in the world yeah my momma. I think the most important, if you're, really good wrestle you dictate where the fight takes place. Absolutely but the some wrestlers never develop that it's almost like their bodies, not designed to strike like a good example with all due aspect is Matt. Lindland was one of the fucking toughest guys ever. Fight in MMA was a fantastic grappler. Whenever he wants,
you want silver New Olympics fucking great wrestler mean I got ahold. You manhandled people but is striking, was always fairly awkward on his feet. Never developed like you know you never gonna mistake him for Anderson Silva, never feet and it probably would never wasn't available and you wonder I mean how much scar tissue they build up in their hips in their shoulders from years and years of wrestling, which I know for me coming football in the marine core. You know even now I mean you're supposed to be able to touch one hand behind your head, the other hand, behind your back. You fail to meet your fingers in between your shoulder blades I mean I've like two yeah I've got like two feet. We give it a shot, let's see what you can do one hand behind the head sore right shoulder. So I can't do it one way I could do it like this. Can you all right. Well, I mean a lot of those guys, probably can't move with the bears to show mine wow, that's crazy! That's all I got.
Yes, I mean it, but there's a lot of you have a lot of muscle to is not yeah. What is it but I've separated bowl shoulders. The SI joints a couple times each and you know humping with with big packs, all the time in the military ship build up scar tissue all the time, oh for sure, and then grappling is the worse than shoulders knees and necks and backs, and after awhile everybody's is playing demolition derby after awhile? You know frames get bent fucking things blow out, that's it. Yeah- and you see that's where you gotta, get the crafty old veteran to come out there and pull off some sick moves and have their experience to win fights and where they ride off in the sunset and with no guerra. The word is that no care needs like an hour to get ready just to train like he has a guy who travels with him Guy does massage and stretches him and does all the shit in, like literally can't train and less. He does this our long regimen before he gets in there wow yeah,
and there's just there's so much your body can take you know, and so many guys have fucking fuse joints or fused disks. Rather some guys are getting artificial disks put in apparently they're getting way better at that I know Braulio S, demos, world class, Jujitsu but he has an artificial disc in his neck that somehow or another it row states and moves. Well, it's like it's something they do in Europe and I guess they're starting to do it here in America. You know had one He had an artificial disc put his neck. Is the fuck is named Freddie, Prinze Junior, the the actor he just doing, Juju too, and I mean he's really doing digits, like you know, he's doing a lot of rolling and apparently he just had next showing all these photos of the scar. The next surgery- and you know, he trains down with a hammer and he and those guys down in Torrance, and
ask him about asked her about. He said yeah he's trained. It rains already see he's a legit blue belt, no kidding yeah, it is not goes Foxville yeah! No, I mean it happens. It happens this port for sure you know it's interesting. 'cause when, as we talk about this and we've talked a lot about the damage guys cause we've gone through all the various techniques after you had the you know, discuss your brain shop. A lot of people came out in the service and he should we feel bad for talking about this sport in and I've heard that conversation again. You know at what point should we feel guilty for watching guys? We know our aging fighters and you know you could do the same thing with football. You could certainly same thing in the military where there's a lot of traumatic brain injuries taking place in militaries. Well, one thing that that I think people forget in that. I think people need to understand that it's not to excuse anything or take away from the conversation. It's it's a little bit of mitigation, the, the men and women who do sports like this. If you take it away from there going to find it elsewhere,
I mean it's, it's a need for a guy like me. Had I know found mixed martial arts. I was going to find something. There's like this drive inside us to do so in extreme. That makes people raise their eyebrows and say: are you sure you want it? You really are going to do that. They have that that desire, and it's just a personality trait mean if, if mixed martial it didn't exist, I mean look at cowboy Cerrone the things he does to fill that hole well in his life and your we get a lot of guys. That's why guys don't wanna retire, it's just part of who they are. We all know the risks. We all know everything we're up against. We still sign the contract, and so it's important remind him that if you know for people that are in hi this anti that you know we we're going to do something like that. Anyway, we're going to find something else to do, and at some point we've got to be accountable for own actions, but there's a wide variety of human beings. There's always going to be sedentary people that sit on the couch is going to be people who want to fuck in rock climb with no ropes it's just like you ever see that Alex Honnold guy.
The free climber, gas kits Christ. We had him on the podcast he's the most mellow laid back super sweet guy great to talk to, but this fucking guy He not only does he climb these insane peaks that people get scared to climb with ropes. He does it with no ropes. He also takes pass. I said no one is ever done before he takes his fucking crazy past that have never been accomplished by anyone and he does it with no rope he. He goes now just straight up. He goes in angle, the wrong way like you go, is an angle like fifteen degrees to towards him and he caught look at that. That's that's him with ropes. You could see a rope there, but there's video. Of him climbing this one area. Look at that right there! That's no fucking rope he's got no rope there and he's got no broken. He is readable. He is like thousand two thousand feet over the fucking ground holy cry
in the crazy I mean there's, there's nobody around him that I see pushing him you know in terms of a like. I have to do this like you'll, see other people that'll do extreme amazing things, but there's people around them to make them feel more comfortable while doing it you're on your own? That's incredible. No idea he lives in his van. He is a van he sleeps in his and he's got a little boxes for his underwear and toothpaste and shit, and he just sleeps in man climbs all the time is. Is he found a way to monetize amazing you make any money for climate and stuff. I don't know I mean I would like to help the guy, but you know the peep letter in that industry. One quote the the the free climbing world they're terrified of him because they're like well this guy, it's just it's some I mean there was an interview that I watched on. One of those major shows where I found out about him where they said. Look, it's
not a matter of. If he's going to fall, it's a matter of when is he going to fall? You know he does he disagrees. He says I know what I'm doing every time I do this. I eat what I plot my strategy. I figure out what path I'm going to like he does it with ropes. First, he maps it all out and as he's mapping it out he's climbing up and he's seeing. Ok, what can I do here, but even told me on the podcast one time he was doing one of these fucking climbs and he started the climb got like you know, x, amount of feet up and realize we got his powder, so you know they put that powder to keep the finger. Slipping? I don't even live ways without powder. You know, I don't Do cattle bells without this shit, this guys climbing five one thousand or so has how many fucking feet be. It would be is right here like look at that medicines, that video incredible he's insane, but he he did it without fucking powder got halfway up.
There's some other climbers who couldn't believe you didn't have any ropes, though you just climb and they gave him a powder bag, and then he finished the rest the climb and then left the powder bag at the top for them. I love the public, a heart monitor on. If you know something that would like to show you know, what's his heart rate at when he does this. It's probably something like this. Disgustingly low yeah. He says it says it's really mellow. He says if your heart gets. If there's a moment where your hearts racing you're, probably fucked, like you I made a really really really terrible mistake, but you You know your point is that there's guys that are like that, I mean what is more dangerous is fighting more dangerous than that. Well, it depends right now fighting is more dangerous until he falls then that's way more data yeah far more, but there's going to be, there's there's people that Have the reason why we have human beings in twenty fifteen is because there's there's a genetic predisposed,
and that some folks have to taking risks, exploring new lands getting in boats going across the the ocean fighting battles, incurring new environments means this a part of being a human. These are a drive that some people have and that sort of speaks to this idea that everyone, has a role in this crazy day: ants, that is life, and without each one of us it would never work, and then all of us somehow or another are integrated as this one gigantic super an ism and we're moving humanity towards some ultimate goal, but without these risk taker without warriors, without people that are willing to climb fucking rocks and all that a part of who we are, and you can't you know I've heard people say mixed. Martial arts should be illegal. Well, I'm whoa. Stop stop! You can't never fucking, girl you're going to die, no matter what yeah, if you don't get head, kicked you're still going to die absolutely, and you know, there's
there's a lot of mitigating factors. At the end of the day, you know every fighter chooses to do this, it's on them to do it and- and you know, gosh football is way worse. You know I called one season of college football. There were two games. Rest are guys, you know to be we can half in one game the Amona headshots you take if you're a defense or offense of lineman in those games. When I played football, which I graduated from becoming three, we didn't have anybody checking if we had any concussions I was out. They've since then they've banned having a wedge on kickoff return, I was the wedge breaker on kickoff team, so I would take a couple of ephedra and, I would say, all the way down field and I'd run rate into four dude sitting right next to each other from Notre Dame. I don't in a chance against these guys. I just gotta be a sacrificial lamb to bust this thing up right. You know. I have no idea if I got a concussion doing that
it didn't feel good. What how does ephedra help I, who knows get your heart beat real fast. We thought it's. A placebo ephedra is like a stimulant yeah, and then they they'll it's like a ton of caffeine right they banded shortly. If we could even use it anymore, I think my senior year was banned. I took an aisle supplements the judges to class. Once after I took a couple of ripped fuels, I almost had a fucking heart attack number that remember ripped fuel, that shit used to be legal usability, go to gnc and by crank you get it like Sands SAM's club is fucking crank. Your heart would, and you feel, like you could fuck and run through a wall was so retarded that that stuff was completely legal, is a very very bizarre thing that I mean if you look at the two. One thousand and three when you're talking about when you're playing football. You look at that and you look at the reality of today. What do you show any seared, Jamie, no
didn't see it. You didn't tell me you're going to show me anything he's got to straw, my God just flew through the air that will ruin your day. Oh dude yeah p, and then he collapses in every cheers, impact, then I mean there is no protocols like when I played I played six years of pop Warner Football and one of the as we do for tackling drills two times we'd, like the whole team in one line, the first get the ball. You gotta run through each guy individually, one on one just run hit run pick pop Warner, little kids get you we got a bunch of dads are just guys in the neighborhood that bond I mean I don't know, think of how football internal anything is you incredible that human beings have been around for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and it was two thousand and three that's only twelve. Years ago, no Nobody knew that you were and can questions all the time, and this could be bad yeah that doesn't seem to make any sense. Does it doesn't? But you know it's funny, it mean it opens up all of their door. We are still
IL sole prime, for is it chances. We are technologically when you look at what's taken place in the world right now and and how easy it still is for people that take lives. You know I've seen studies on chimpanzees, where they have murder with chimps, and things like that, and so some scientists will argue that it's kind of pre determined in our genetics and our dna that were aggressive, we're going to do things like this, but I mean there's still a lot of primal quality, that we have in humanity manual which took place in France today, so so in France, guys who, who are expected, be muslim 'cause they were, they were chanting, muslim, chance and they went in. They didn't attack a french magazine that does frequent cartoons. You know basically make one of the muslim religion, and so these guys attack it's separate everybody in executed, I believe nine people and then on the way out till killed two more police officers, and these three men. You know
I think they haven't released any information on him, but they went in like they were trained military. It didn't look like your average. You know typical terrors to get recruited online found again wouldn't shoot. Somebody wasn't the the two brothers who made a pot bomb up in Boston. These do knew what they were doing, and it's huge news. The couple with that. You know it's less news. I think there is a of a suicide bomb in Yemen that killed thirty people. This is incredible to than the parachuting suspects are still at large. Two of them are still large, and this was all over making fun of a really yeah incredible now they, in fact, one of my think they showed one of the one of the cartoons in the main cartoonist. They they they knew her by name. They knew people by name separate. They made sure she was killed, but she is did one on Mohammed, and so what are crazy religion, where you can't even draw their guy ' I mean you could you could have SAM Kinison, which would be a preacher, had Jesus Christ,
folks about him getting nailed to the cross. I mean he jokes about Jesus Christ, about his life. You know, saying he's a loser and you're hanging out the twelve also they're losers. Your friends losers mocked openly mock, this religion, that you know he used to be a part of no repercussions you draw Mohammed just draw and your fucking. You know your suspect or you're subject to this kind of shit. It's incredible it you know a never in my life and and obviously I haven't been everywhere, so I'm pretty well traveled. I've just I've never been anywhere like my time, the Middle EAST, where, where I've seen not everybody but certain people, value human life, so little so little an in it's a really hard thing to comprehend, be there and you try with a language barrier to understand it more and the I was able to conclude was that you know that this
population has been so accustomed to violence for so many centuries that their Endura for it is so much greater than western civilization, and that is that is part of the problem with us, being involved in conflicts over there. Where look, you know they're going plenish their forces every time someone turned sixteen they're going to join the ranks or whatever age it may be, whereas you know here we're not people to do that. You know, You know. In order to be you know, the sons who had a great point order be be successful. Military campaign need three, things need the people, you need the government and you need the military without all three synchronized! You will not be successful if you lose one of 'em, it's out and We could see Vietnam, you could see Iraq when the people get disgusted, then it becomes a problem and it's going to pull back. The government- and you know the militaries going to pull back, really you're going to see us get outlasted. Now, I'm not making the argument that we belonged and you know that's a whole other bag or we can get there, but you know,
are there, they know we're setting dates for when we're going to withdraw. I mean they're, just so much more used to violence that yet not an I shouldn't generalize everybody, but but the the the unit Al Qaeda Taliban. They're so used to violence that they can stomach it and they're. Just it's just the way. They've always lived. Well, it's you saying about guys, like Herbie Number, medoff growing up in Dagestan and growing up in these really harsh environments, They become tougher. People were so used to a certain easy way of life that these folks have this much more intense, much more day, dangerous environment that they live in and that is normal to them and when peep will grow up in certain environments that becomes how they live and where adaptable as hell yeah, I mean you look at one of the more the most disturbing. When I try to explain. 'cause people will forget,
they'll take for granted, I should say how evil or what evil does exist in the world, and people will talk about ISIS, and you know you know Ben Affleck Metacomet. They couldn't even fill baseball stadium. You know Aa Baseball stadium, like they're, not a threat people will take for granted. You know that type of evil that does exist in the world, and it's not just obviously in the muslim culture. I just you know as knigge. People existed, exists plenty in Africa as well in certain areas: but one video all tell people you know check out, and it's not for everybody. But if you look at a video of the Dagestan Massacre, which happened in Dagestan, where Chechnyan rebels massacre russian soldiers and they basically, one by one while they're alive be head them where it takes, long enemy in the video is disgusting. I don't remember, recommend anybody here, who's listening, let's go watch it. This is I get into intense debate with people that I know are mature enough to handle it in are trying to uh
understand certain things, I'll recommend you. If you want to understand this little bit, take a look at this. I mean it hard to watch to understand that that exist in to imagine that a human being is people not only of doing it once but repeatedly in talking casually like, we are right now, while they're doing it well when squirms on the ground being decapitated that takes something inside that that is sick, ning. That is frightening and it exist throughout human history. It does it's. A quality that Salute Lee to human beings can tap into an almost in a way that animals can't it's almost the mind. Has the human mind, has this ability to compartmentalise and irrational eyes and to be capable of things that even animals aren't capable of doing animals killed to eat or occasion the intelligent animals like chimpanzees, you know, kill to protect invite answer prop overthrow overthrow the alpha yeah? But what these? This is a different thing. I mean this is
this is ritualized killing. This is this is killing on a level that the justification that is it's hard to comprehend for the average person that lives in a nice. You know unity and goes to the supermarket and likes to go to a restaurant and order a glass of wine clink glasses, and this is like I support war. You know what war is even no idea. No idea! I mean it's not just you know. I certainly, people at home that think we're generalizing, the Middle EAST. I mean you can go to Rouen and look at what took place in one look, what takes place in Sudan every single day. You know in it, then. Could you talk about how we're this this global race of beings that all have a place at the table to to progress ourselves. Yet there's so many things you that show that we are still very primal. Well, there's areas of the world that just have not caught up yet and there's areas of the world that give us a window into the past. What it must We've been like to live. Thousands of years ago, when you hear about all these barbaric event,
that happened in human history that most people just like to can go all those were the dark ages. This was back in King cons day. This was backward Alexander. The rate was around? I don't know so. Fucking, Congo, two thousand and fifteen. If you are there right now in in one of those areas where warlords or tearing into villages in machete in peoples to you would watch exactly what it happened one thousand years ago, ten thousand years ago mean the only difference. Is these people have clothes that were made in a factory, an machetes that were made in a factory and guns other than that, it's human barbarism, absolute and it's it's it's very disconcerting for a lot of people, because you know you when per child, especially I was a kid, I'm forty seven and when I was, I don't know how old I was. I was probably like nine. Or something maybe ten when the Vietnam WAR ended. I don't know what, but I was living in california- and I remember
It was on tv, it was on the news where America is pulling out of namborn. Oh, I remember thinking is a little kid. While this is great glad, we figured out that war is bad and we're never going to do this again, because everybody, really hates war, we're moving. I remember having this deer in my mind as a child, that we are evolving pass Warren. This is good that I grew up in a day because I talked to my step dad he he was worried about getting drafted and never did and there's a people in my neighborhood that had been to Vietnam and I talk to them about it and everybody was almost unanimous, that we should have been there and then war is bad. And then I was a kid maybe twenty one when we, when into the First Gulf WAR and remember watching on tv with my roommate and me and my friend Jimmy my roommate, were like holy fucking shit. We're doing it again couldn't believe, but it was that long stretch
America had not been in like a real quote: unquote war. We had gone through some military actions. A lot of covert shit, a lot of things that weren't news on daily basis people weren't, really aware of how the world work and how how much bloodshed is required in order to keep peace. In certain areas and then all of a sudden? It's on again and remember thinking. I can't believe this You know it's interesting too 'cause. You know people, people don't bring this up. Could you imagine what would happen if, if our navy was so down size that they no longer patrol the waters, what would oil prices be like shipping, because piracy still a problem, and we end up doing most uh. We do a lot of policing out there in the seas with constant appointments for Navy and it's crazy, but the world you know in you know sensor. I got in a discussion with with a Harvard law grad today about it. You know what came first chicken or the egg. You know had we not
in the Middle EAST and interfered with that have prevented a lot of the terrorist attacks that we've taken place. You know and she threw that out there and I well. You know this attack happened in France. How much involvement is France had in Iraq and Afghanistan you know, and so it's hard to ever comprehend at this point, but there there is a lot of violence in the world and there's a hatred that we can comprehend like the way that the alt fight in Iraq when I was there hated boss, why be in America could never comprehend that kind of hatred we don't even know what it's like? I didn't know what it was like I couldn't get. I mean to the point where you are willing to not only try to kill me, but your kill innocent children just get at me and have no issues doing it? You'll repeatedly try to do that that what that does to the mind you know when people will look at post, dramatic stress and
the mind not meant to handle all of that, especially when it's a young kid you know who's. Eighty in nineteen years old who most likely came from you know a pretty poor background, that's the reason they decided to enlist in the military during a time of two wars. So it's it it's an unbelievable debate and discussion, that's going to take place for years and will never you know. Will or fully know because of course, there's so much politics at play with it as well. That cloud who's that the overall analysis of what truly takes place and It goes into a whole other discussion on how you know certain policies are made. You know based on political timelines vice when their act need it. Well, that's also one of the true horrors about drones. That is constantly up for debate, because drones are so non specific there's, so many people that have been killed, drones that were absolutely innocent, a lot of them children, law,
from women a lot of them completely civilians and lot of people on the other side would say well what you're talking about these horrific things they're done by United States with their done in this weird way, with a robot that flies in the sky and shoots missiles it's it's sterilized in the sense that it's not like that. You know these. These Russians, killing chechnyan rebels or Chechen rebels, killing Russians with a knife. It's sterilized in the sense that no one has to get blood on their hands. They use in a room, control there watching a monitor the pressing, a button. The same result is taking place. Certain and I mean, if the end result is is, is human life has been been terminated? Did you when you enlisted and you went over? Was this a part of like sort of the same drive that lead that led you to be a fighter? You know I, think so. You know for me. I was in high school to time and I was getting recruited by a bunch different schools to play football,
and I kind of already had a sense that that I really would like to attend a military academy, but then I also started getting heavily recruited by a lot of Ivy League schools and in my edge patient mattered. I looked at some of the graduation rate to some of the other. You know: division, one. A schools recruit me in West Virginia and Maryland and the graduation and I you. Look, I'm not going to go play professional football. I need to go somewhere and get an education and the Naval Academy is free. You don't get a full, so you don't get a scholarship to an Ivy league school. So my mom, who is a home health nurse, isn't gonna be able. Forward to send me to Yale even with the financial aid. So I went to the academy and also I have always been a pretty intense guy who took things more seriously. Maybe then they need to be taken, and so I thought look. This is a place I'm going to go going to get along with the people better, but when I was there initially was time of peace. You graduated you either win the Navy of the Marine core and you would deploy, would go on a bow you'd, float around a bunch of cities for six to seven months. Have a good time then come home. Then maybe do one more then move to a
from duty station. It wasn't the same when and I was a junior- is when nine hundred and eleven happen in shit changed forever. It was never the same, and then the The second Iraq war actually started when I was a senior, so I and friends that were in the you know in it a wave into the second Iraq war that I played football with. You know before I even graduated, so so you didn't necessarily sign up to go to war. You signed up because you felt like those were people that you would relate to more yeah, but and at the same time I bought into the whole. You know I wanted to serve my country. I knew look you know inside. I felt like. I was a warrior at the time, and this is where I belong, and this is where you know my leadership. Skills can be honed and I can develop, and this is where I should be. When the war started. You know I could have easily chosen to go. You know I could have gone so this warfare and been a boat and then pretty much away from the fight you know I chose to go Marine Corps chose to go infantry?
and chose to be there where I already had friends that were there, you know there is no way I wasn't going to a guy who served at that time was that, drew you into doing infantry. What was it like? What, when you, decided when you made that commitment like what was what was on your mind No, I couldn't see any other choice. You know I would feel guilty had. I not you before I had ever even gone infantry officer, School Ronnie Winchester, who played offensive tackle first, when I was a sophomore, he was killed. And then, while I was in infantry officer Course, a guy a graduate Jp Blacksmith, he was killed in Fallujah. So I mean there was a time period there for several years where, when God high school that we haven't heard from in awhile. We almost didn't want to pick up the phone you know is really. It was a really difficult time, but but that's that's war mean it it's ugly. It sucks there's nothing fun about it and you know a pet
leave of mine is a lot of other cultures and even sometimes you know in our own, they These assumptions about the men and women that go to war you actually got asked in in line to away in when I was in Japan, I'm not going to name the fighter 'cause. I don't want to insult anybody. He looks at me and says: wow wow we're going to go in he's. Like Brian, you know, How do you justify going to Iraq in just killing generations of people in Issaquah I think you're a little misinformed Ann and I'm certainly willing to have that discussion with you. But I don't think now. Is he pro time he's like? Well, I'm fucking nosey. So that's exactly what I'm nosey. So you know, let's say I'm asking about it. And so you know, I mean it's the happiest moments of you know my specially my second tour. There were two schools in our area of operations that never had school, because if the teachers taught they'd be killed, Al Qaeda would kill him immediately if they taught the students.
In this area never been patrolled before so we started patrolling. We started securing it five months. Into our deployment? We Add the areas so secure that these kids were able go to school again and that way really proud day. I mean it. Wasn't it's not what a lot of people think where we go over there in all, we going to do is kill, kill, kill. I mean. Ninety percent- I mean you, don't even see the enemy in these kinds of worse. It's snipers, it's Ieds, it's it's! It's on scene, enemies, you're, walking the streets trying to help these people get blue. I've been shot at you know are you came and tell where it's coming from in. In most of these scenarios, an really what we found, because the after and for this kind of war was never written in the military, had to adapt to it and we had create this new counterinsurgency warfare. The key was the people, whoever owned the trust of the people, won the conflict, because the people, if they try you would then give you the Intel necessary to find out where Al Qaeda's coming in from and who they are
influencing who they're using their who their informants are, how to catch and what time catch him, and that was the main factor. By month. Six over there we were really getting names and full descriptions of who was coming in an we, had snatched up thirty guys in a month. You know it was because the people at that point truck let us in belief here you know these guys helping us they're, injecting money into our economy, helping his reopen the shops there secure discourse, the kids can go to school there, helping to clean up the garbage they're really here to help and that's what made the biggest difference. It was more shaking hands than ever pulling triggers. Yet can't tell you how many comments you know the big hatred all receive, both social media and even just the fight world in general, from mostly foreign culture. Sometimes even America is uh. They called a murder in look. I don't Take it personally 'cause. I know the truth, obvious him securing that but there's a lot of misinformation out there. That's that's the the main representation of of people that go
war. Is that you're over there you're invading this country, you know, over here that you're getting the support of the people and that that how you win those fights, that's how you win those battles. You always here like we're invading in this country. They don't want us there you're dealing with a muslim country, but even in these countries, these islamic countries, these people that practice. The islamic religion are still again Once these radical fundamentalist people that are throwing acid in the face of the children that are trying to go to school and trying to keep women driving cars and all the the the crazy that we keep hearing about. So how much conflict is there like inter religion, conflict I mean it seems like they're they're going to do. What must be must be very difficult for, People in this is islamic country to take Justin. These soldiers that come over from America AWE
salute the specially when you first get there and you go to an area, that's never been patrol before you know in in any you know any screw up that takes place. You know if, if, if something happens in there, there is collateral damage if you do get into a firefight, the enemy only attacks you when you surrounded by civilians- and so if something bad does happen, it will set you back weeks. Months could even be years in the conflict, and so it goes against the maybe the three hundred and fifty positive things that that took place at that time. There were a lot of people. At least you know, I could speak from my perspective in the two. Free of operations, I operate in there. A lot of people that wanted us to be. There were a lot of people that had smartphones in a lot of let saw how people live in other civilizations and we're fed up with having corrupt governments. You know that that word that basically taking from them at all times and using them as pawns, and they would wanted to live that kind of life, and they,
angry when these extremist groups set back their religion and even just their culture, when you see something like that happened in Paris, and we talked about that. That's bring back everybody saying hey, you know the entire Islam. Religion is completely evil. You going to get Bill Maher out there saying it again and again and again there are people in the muslim religion that don't believe like that. They don't believe in that they're, not extremists, but it's it's. This it's horrible conflict that were with right now and like so many others were not capable of having good open discussion. You get some who believes in this ideology always the front of the table. Then you get the other some believes this here and for some reason both them think they percent right, which is absolute insanity.
The one argument, if you ever been in where you're a hundred percent right yeah well, especially when it comes to something like a religion and and of the islamic religion in general, it's such a such an old religion and it's got so many. Would you you look at some interpretation yeah, the would look at you look at the the the crown and you look at all the day of the various things that people fight for and but I believe you know just our doctrine like you, the you know the the with the way women are supposed to be treated the way gays are supposed to be treated the all those things I mean you're you're talking about some shit, that's been around for thousands of years and it's so hard to move past that stuff, it's so hard when that's ingrained in a culture and people are fighting for it and willing to die for it
It's so difficult to read restructure that that, oh absolutely absolutely, and yet we still. We continue to try it's it's interesting. When you look at history like of Afghanistan, so we only try when those resources there service really up. I mean we. We really only. We really only get concerned about people's wellbeing. We can make some money out of the situation that there there's got to be yeah exactly there. There's got to be some kind of political agenda involved, which is you know it's it's one of the more frustrating g c, one more one, more frustrating things you see in american politics right just rip, my hair out if we found a gigantic plot oil under North Korea, thanks to give very juicy very quick. Only if we found out like tomorrow, that is fucking hundred trillion dollars with the oil in North Korea is a very poor. Typically, unusually rich mine of oil and be like oh shit, we did cut off their fucking internet we'd, cut off their ill tricity. I mean shit would get crazy really quickly if they fail now that all the world's resource supply
guys, you know, as far as like natural gas oil, whatever the fuck we need is in North Korea. The whole world could live. Fine we'd, be well, you know, one of the other things are two is that we get the double edge sword where, if we don't go work, written when we go were criticized, so I mean you know it's there's always a lot more details and we're not privy to all the Intel reports. You know when people like when the syrian rebellion started and people asked you know hey should we go into Syria should be supplied with weapons. What should we do? You know we're basing our assumptions off with the media tells us which there's so much bullshit wrapped up in that as well. We're not pro Read all the intel that people in the pen getting it's really hard for us to speculate on what we should do, but in the end we end arming a whole lot of people and uh at least decent size portion of those people end up being Isas. You which it's it's it's the level you know where you mobility in that. Well, it's almost like
You know what you're saying is like that. The average person is not privy to the information that the Pentagon is getting, but the Pentagon is not there not there like. Don't you have to be there to get like hands on information and who the fuck can do that other than the people that are directly interacting with them and they're, not dictating policy and with what. Doing their eating information, feeding, information, they're following orders, they're fighting battles and Ultimately, you got two people that are again each other. They don't speak the same fucking language urine. Country that you know, ideally we shouldn't be in the first place, and you know people kill everybody. The whole thing is fucking crazy and to be able to to make sense out of that. The only and it gives me any hope Whatsoever- is the idea that overtime Lodge, and reason and education will work out and as long as we're on the right side of all that that, with all the blue, there's the mistakes and all the the
friendly fire and all the civilian casualties that are unfortunate, that overtime logic and reason will settle all these issues, but that, since the show like down happening today in France, it doesn't seem like that's the case. It seems like we're going to go birthday grave and live in this fucking, crazy world of bombs and bullets and and then we're going to We're going to end and the our generation, the next generation is going to have to fucking pick up and carry the ball. It, is going to fuel the argument of hey look. You know in in and of course me having gone to Iraq. I would let you know I. I would love to believe that. Whether we should have been there or not at least going kept the violence there on us who signed up for advice. You know here on on our land, etc. You You like to hope, that's true, because you had so many friends that you've lost doing it. But you know, when you see things like what happened in Paris, that's going to feel the argument of well
but we have to be in these countries to control these things because they hate us so much that they are willing to go to extremes that we're not. You know, ice This Taliban Al Qaeda there now, we're going to stop hating western civilization they're, never going to stop attacking us, Palestine, Israel! Never going to stop going back and forth, which is one of the reasons they hate us anyways 'cause of our support of Israel as well. It is such a complex scenario that I mean you could discuss it with scholars for hours and hours. And you wonder when we're going to find a better way to solve these problems. Yeah, if ever You know every time something looks cool like in Momar Kadafi getting killed me watch that crazy footage of those guys sticking. Knives up his you know, killing him and you're like well. They got rid of that. Asshole Libby is way more fucked up now, who's running it, and you know that you know that's that's one of one of my me. We spend a lot of money, a lot of handsome. You know on some really stupid. So
so I don't know if you had a chance to take a look at ramp, but posting use airing some grievances and he was talking about millions. We expend alike, you know, monitor, monkeys, throwing throwing fee These. I mean we're weird things that we actually legit Lee did spend money on which is just out of this world, but we spent a lot of money on what we did in Libya, and we have no does this administration. They have any idea who's in control of that We did something similar in Egypt too. I mean it's just the accountability in the dollar spent. You know it's very frustrating yeah incredibly frustrating, and it's also it's hard for people. That are in America who live this life of privilege in this easy first world civilization that we have it's hard for us to eat. Understand that there's. These is going on in these other countries. We see it on television, we read it
in the news, but to actually witness it. It's it's so difficult for us to to even comprehend war. You you've been there you'll you'll, you've taken part in in you've. Been there you've been boots on the ground. You fixed. Did you lost friends your perspective? It must be so difficult to, indicate with someone who has this idealistic point of view completely insulated from the reality of what a war actually is it's very hard. It's very and at the same time, you have to fight against your own your own bias, because when you do go to war. Of course you want to believe that you are there for all the right reasons. You know you do want to believe any conspiracy theories etc, and it's hard to so it's hard to read all that. You know hey now we're seeing lessons learned. You know the Iraq war, complete waste you when you, when you saw as we've withdrawed and what's taking place in Iraq, to two people,
make me an in all my friends and my generation of military that have gone over there and it's heartbreaking to see it begin to collapse and violence like the level levels that have started since ISIS has been born. And again the argument. Well, if we never over in the first place in ISIS, would never been born, but how we never left prematurely, they probably would have been born either. There's so many ways you can go with it and everybody wants to be right, No, I don't think anybody truly has all the information to say exactly what would have been the right decision, but it's all it's really really sad and we we elect. People to make these decisions for us, and you know I. I can't say that I feel comfortable with all those people in there. You know I I feel like the private sector is much more accountable today, then the government sector,
minutes easy to get fire in the private sector. You either deliver towards the bottom line or you don't you go away in the public sector. You can do all kinds of stuff and still get reelected yeah. Only marionberry came back as the mayor of Washington DC after got caught smoking. Jackie came back in one, that's an extreme example, obviously, but the shit that goes on behind the scenes that we don't know about, and then you compare it we do know about you, gotta go like Dick Cheney, who is the ceo of Halliburton, a company that they make them? any off of rebuilding shit, that he blew up, and he gets into office and he's the fucking vice president and also were blowing shit up and Halliburton is getting these huge, fucking Nope did contracts, there's no, no one competing against them and they're making billions of dollars rebuilding. And if you talk to the people that are Wagner, rebuilding the like look, we're just putting fucking water treatment plan
the factories in place, that we don't even they don't even need they're not going to use, but we have the contracts to do them so we're building this, so we could submit it and we can get paid so get smitten invoice yet It said and look you know people love to point at America at our corruption. But you know we talked about him. I mean there's Khar every single level. Soon, every single! Could you know when you put money in power on the line does something to a human being, especially power. I mean that's my argument. All this police brutality shit. Went on in everybody's, like hey. Even the police need to be accountable. Yes, they they absolutely do here is part of the problem I don't think anybody is fucking qualified to be a cop. I think when your confort in thirty years and you're dodging bullets in every fucking door. You open up every domestic dispute. Some chick might stab you in the neck for arrest. And her husband that beat the shit out of her mean people are fucking, crazy, you're dealing
worst case scenario almost every day, and I think we want cops to be better at their job. We don't want cops to kill, people, but I really don't know how many people are qualified for that fucking job. I don't know how many p we can do it and it's not like we get the same caliber person that goes on to be a doctor that ends up being in going to be a police officer. It's a very it's like you said it's a very difficult job, but their human we are, we are flawed. I mean we're all completely flawed and it's yeah, I mean that's, that's been a frustrating thing. You know in this country. We see this argument in that goes back to what I talked about before. Depending on what new station you go on, you one side completely over here. Then the other side completely over there and nobody willing to really discuss this middle area, because both sides make really good points in certain areas, but nobody, to discuss the weight guys. There is a possibility that
if you guys are right in certain areas- and maybe if we can come to terms on this, we can actually fix the problem. I really felt that with Ferguson was first and I felt like my god- damn everybody is digging their line in the sand and there's people on one side that think that the kill who is unjustified and that the cops should have been tried and should go to jail, but they are unwilling to look at the the deck I robbed a fucking convenience store, moments before he was shot. The guy definitely try to get the gun from the cop. I mean he had a he was shot in his fucking hand, that was true. It was a close range in this cop car and they're. Like look at its phase that cop was barely hit now you know as well as I know you could go through a fucking phone. Everyone fight in look like you were not barely hit me you're getting rocked, sometimes swelling. Takes hours to show up? Sometimes people don't date. All's well
Can you get caught clean and there's no mark on you get knocked out cold and you look fine like this idea that he she have a fucking hatchet wound in his forehead. Before he's pulling the trigger on this kid, then you look at the other side that says well. These are terab. People, and you know you should have been shot because he was a bad person. Ok, what would you be like if you open? That absolutely would you be like if you were that kid in that fucking, impoverished neighborhood, with no hope everyone around? You is doing drugs. Everyone around you is involved in crime. That's the real fucking problem. The real problem is you're wasting the potential of this young human being because he's being forced to develop in his horror the situation that nobody seems to have any incentive to go in and try to fix. Nobody is talking about going into these neighborhoods and trying to clean the open using massive federal resources and money to try to try to calm these fucking places down and try to give these people, some hope, the end
Both sides now absolute digging their heels in the same, and we asked these police officers to do an awfully tough job. You know they don't they're not going to get credit for all of every day right things they're going to do, but when, when it hit the fan- and they got to make the really tough decision we screwed- is the living hell out of hope for Shantan. It becomes very difficult, but I couldn't agree more. You know, there's god, I I I I try to say that I hate both political parties. Equally, you know, just because of the the the the lack of integrity I tend in a lot of areas to lean more towards the conservative side, but then there's some areas where you know I've got completely liberal views as well. But on this one. You know when you really look and I've had these great conversations with with kids who did grow up in neighborhoods like this, and you try We have these discussions and you look at it. You look at it, the one one thing that you can look at to say. You know at least one thing that can be the equalizers education. You know where I live in. I live in a suburb, N, Atlanta and
school districts by where I live or the best in the state. Now, if I he had to send my kids to assess N Fulton County, which is in South Atlanta to one of those public rules there's no way in Hell. I said my daughters hair no way both public schools both funded by taxes, but the difference is completely dead. One one is a platinum level school and the other one, isn't I mean d minus level school, and so these if you don't have a choice to which parents they're born or which household are born into, are forced if they, if if they already have parents that, Caught in the poverty cycle that don't have a whole lot education perspective, so their home life isn't great. Then they go to school, that's not so great and then you've got the the criminal justice system that can continually just recycled. Put him in jail, and I mean it's. It's a situation where the odds are not in their favor and if there's one, if they,
two things that in this country that we should have with all the money we have and that we send overseas, I mean one of them should definitely be platinum. Schools are our school should be phenomenal. You know you've got this ten year thing which makes it really hard to fire a bad teacher. You know the whole system needs to be reformed badly because eh education could be that great equalizer, regardless of what unicity you are and when you find out how much teachers get paid, I mean I know UFC fighters complain about paying find out how much a fucking teacher gets paid. Jesus cry they're, making a teacher salary in one night. It's it, but it I mean obviously can compare the two, but you you you. You have to look at the just the sheer ridiculousness of teacher salaries and the idea that this is these are the people that are supposed to literally teach our children the skills they need to get through life successfully, and we we're giving them no incentive
we're asking them to do it almost against their best interest. Financially we're almost at you look, I know you're smart. I know you have all this education. I know you could probably make a lot of money going on looking for some company, that's very profitable, but you know you want to be a teacher. Guess we're thirty five Grand a year- and you know you're, going to you're going to have months off, and you know while you're in school. You know you're going to fucking deal with the dregs of society's children, people that have all sorts. Criminal pasts and all sorts of drug problems and vial and so these kids are going to grow up with violence and you're, going to be forced to corral them and try to wrangle them in class. I mean I've, seen videos of teachers getting assaulted and This is where you know there was some video with some girl jumped up of receipt started. Beating the shit out of this teacher and teacher started. Fighting back in another kids jump the teacher and it just fucking chaos you
you're doing this. For thirty five grand a year or whatever the fuck they're getting paid. My older sister, she was a teacher for years. She left because that reason she doesn't get paid very much and then anytime, that she had a problem with a student. If the pay Eric got involved, the administration would normally take the side of the parent and student, and she wasn't allowed to. Actually each in discipline, a child who was pulling up their own barriers to their education. It became very frustrating for you and you're dealing with you know you deal with a kid, get a kid at sixteen years old, sixteen years of conditioning of life experience is an all the stuff that they're getting from their home. I mean you can only guess and only gases to what what their background is like it's really horrific in a lot of ways that we have. The something that is so important. Is human beings like the helping human beings, if you want I've, always said this, you want to have a culture with less losers like wouldn't, would not be like the best way,
keep America strong Bless losers, US losers, you fucking go with children, you to figure out. What's the best way to develop children and it's one of least with the areas we put the least amount of resources in this country? You look at me. What is it less than fifty percent of people pay their taxes? Is that true it did some around look up that status. If you can, but I mean there's a big percentage of people that don't pay their access? And so you get a lot of people complain? You know guys like. I don't even want to know what you pay in taxes. I know I pay a lot in taxes and it sucks every time you gotta write that check your paying a ton in taxes, but imagine what it's like. If you got a lot of people that that vice living off the government are now providing for themselves and paying taxes. You know it's what you said. You know having a country with less losers and it really he is education yeah, I don't get and I know there's a lot of people that have a gigantic issue. When you look it up
A lot of people have a gigantic issue with taxes, and my my issue is waste and fraud. My issue is Barack: see. My issue is the amount of people that have jobs and only exist because the guy I'm trying to create jobs for these people, because this is sort of some way to feed into the economy, and this is a bunch of unnecessary fucking jobs. There's a bunch of law cause it shouldn't exist, is a bunch of people reinforcing those ridiculous, jobs and the reinforcing those Riddick Slauson that becomes a job it becomes. An industry in the war on drugs is a perfect example of that, and I think that we could figure out a way to utilize taxes in some sort of an efficient and equitable way, I'm all for the taxes I mean. I pay him anyway, yeah you're not going to not do it you're not going to jail, I'm not Wesley. Types in it and just trying to avoid taxes and they locked up Lauryn Hill from the fucking Fugees, like she's, some sort of a threat to the general piece of our culture.
And it's you know it's forty six percent is what it says. Forty six percent of american households won't pay federal come taxes in two thousand. That was two thousand and eleven is probably even higher. Now yeah still pretty high, but it you know it's said she said When you look at at lock up so there's fee the new crime laws on average made a year which is about it total of four thousand five hundred laws, which is two thousand seven hundred pages of criminal laws and then over fifty percent of the jail population over drugs for nonviolent crimes. You know we yeah in America, we've got five percent of the world's population. Twenty five percent, though of the world's prisoners, are intermittent incredible. It's in fifty three percent of the people that go to jail or beneath the poverty line, Bitch fifty three percent or below the poverty line, as if you
respect, people that are just scratching by to follow the rules, but I mean how do you fix that? I mean it's it's if you look at what you know when you look at Brazil, for instance, where that, though, the we think that there is a gap between the haves and have nots in America, it's the norm, s in Brazil, it is enormous and it's funny, because when you human beings, we have ingenuity, I mean it's like Utah. We have a drive for discovery. We will find a way in when you have that poverty trap in certain areas, they're going to find a way in in in Brazil and some those favelas they found a black market. Illegal way of, staining life in an it's very difficult. There I mean: are these favelas in the hills? I mean there was pleased I have a whole lot of control over those. If any, at all, yeah the favelas is very fascinating situation, where you've got this group of people above the people that have money, and The people that are in these places with this incredible view, are people that are really poor. I mean it's.
Opposite of how it is in California, the Hollywood hills where all the rich folks live and down on the bottom is where the regular folks left the people that can for to live in the hills. They get that incredible view. The people that are down on the ground, those are the people that man I'd love to live up in the yeah, but the fellas in the hills. It's really kind of crazy, just wedged in I mean stacked boxes on top of one another with with just a horrible standard of living, but yeah it makes it really difficult. When you look at our criminal justice system and some of those things you talked about, but one of the things that look at two is where you get these career politicians that You know, yeah they've got experience balancing a budget, but they've got a staff that kind of looks at it. You know my, experience coming from the military, then over to the private sector in seeing the accountability there, you know, if your cfo of a publicly traded company, you are scrutinized to the t on every expenditure. But that's going to do to your stock price. These are men and women that are very, very capable of
going into Washington DC in leaning out some of the things we have their very capable of doing that. But, of course, don't want to give up all their their freedoms. They don't you paid one hundred and seventy K year because they're making a heck of a lot more than that with this, this publicly traded company too, but to go by politician of every little bit of their life. Scrutinized like hey this lady back in high school. Did this that Detur's a lot of these really brilliant people in the private sector and going and running for office where you know they may be a lot capable than his career long politician who got into office when they were thirty, two years old and has been in public office sense yeah? Isn't it kind of a crazy situation we find ourselves in specially today, with social media and the internet and the accountability that these people have about. The private lives is the only people that we're going to get to run for for people that no one can fucking relate to 'cause they've now taking any chances, they never done anything fucked up. They never had a fucking orgy
never done, Coke they've never done anything stupid they. Never. You know just everything that they've done that was crazy or fun would automatically disqualify them for the job, but we can't take into can't in our minds. Rationalize the idea that people make mistakes and through those mistakes you build character and you become a better person. I'll tell you know, I run a company and you know the people that we bring into the company and the company helps veterans, get jobs and get out one My prerequisites is, I don't want perfect people on staff, that were we. Don't discriminate against them by any means, but I like bring and people on my team, specifically my leadership team who have been down and out before who have had to dig themselves back up and overcome adversity, because when things go bad they don't panic. You know how they're going to respond already, because they've been through things in their life before where it's been very difficult. It's one of the values that we pitched a companies on higher more veterans is look
you're going to hire these folks when there's a bad day at work, sales are down or something didn't show up for work, they're not going to panic about it, though it's that small to them. This is minor. That's a very good point! It's you know. Who's. The people that I want on my team office. I mean you get all these perfect people, then you throw him in a DC where then they start having orgies it's when they start going a little crazy, been waiting. You know, they've been contained for so long and you get the Anthony Weiner's up there. Well, this fucking shit that's going on with Clinton. You know this thing that this guy, who had an island and essentially have these underage sex slaves. Do you know about No, I did Clinton visited this island. All fucking Google that Jane bill? Yes, I got in a ton of heat and social media because I said yesterday, you know the John Jones thing comes out and I don't want to perform somebody, but I said you know they will he ever be able to overcome this? I said lucky in a country where Bill Clinton can do what he did.
And then become more the highest paid public speakers in the hero of his political party. Yes, Jon Jones can be forgiven for snorting cocaine. Yeah he's a twenty seven year old Joe will people went nuts and social media was all stand. Can pairs John Jones to Bill Clinton. We did, but it did score That's a good comparison. It's the scenario to look at this man. This is really fucking crazy. This spell click if Hillary is running for president right now, which apparently looks like it's going to be Hillary versus JEB Bush, this guy Jeff, Epstein was accused of luring underage girls to his some some some retreat somewhere and Clinton went there several times, so just fucked pellets, be I mean he's a fucking Wildman Bill Clinton, a God, Damn wild band. We know that for a fact I you know, I don't want to devote his name, but I spent time with a guy who's worth two billion dollars,
he's one of the most successful ceos in the country and- and he told me a story where he hung out with Bill Clinton one time when he was president in and near there at some there at some establishment and bill says hey. We should buy those girls down their shots and in the guy in the gym- and I know goes you know, Mister President, I don't think that's a good idea if you want to do that, let me or them and set him down. Oh no! No, no, I'm going to go ahead and do it and he said that his personal security is secret. Service members used to call Bill Clinton is to call Melvis that was their code name for him with L, wow he's a mother lychee had that sickness He had a. He had a full blown people to. I mean his: I s. U S supposedly off the charts, he's one of the brightest guys yeah! That's why he likes pushy so much. He knows my
Tyson said it best. He said if God made something better than pussy kept it to himself. You know. I've got a phrase that I used to all married men. You know I home all the time. I said: listen, you know when I tell it to a lot fighters when their marriages walks, they travel. There's gonna be a lot of temptation. I said: look pussy is on It's never! It's never lost. If you go head to head with it, you are going to lose and you need to avoid those situations. You need to avoid those situations, and you know I've got certain protocols. If I go out to call a fight, you know in a if if I'm going to go out and it's Vegas like last weekend, I'm not going to go out and have more than two drinks out in public in an environment where I am not with my wife and then once it's can drink is up. I'm going back to her, I'm not even in and then going to put myself in that situation. You know got a ferrari at home, you don't go out test driving cadillacs, you know, meaning so Cadillac brings a good car. These days, cd V ever Drive, one God, damn hell of an automobile
probably more reliable you're, ruining your. I know he's saying understanding up your cadillacs, I'm a car guy. Sorry, sorry Ferraris will fucking break down the highway. That's where you go there. You go either ways don't take it on, don't take it on head to head, don't go ahead ahead with it. You will lose its neverlost. Yes, I like what you're saying up to that point to the Cadillac Ferrari thing: the real yeah I mean we're you're fighting fucking dozens of years of dna, essential you're, fighting all the dna that existed that kept and beings alive when fifty percent of the babies would die when most people never lived to be passed through, I mean did so you're fighting that mean that urge that men have to procreate. That is that's the reason why there's people we were lazy about so creating about having sex if having sex was as all right now buddy african kids. Not, however, I mean you have children. I have children, you would never know what a gray
experience. It is to be a father how fantastic it is how enriching it is. If you just looked at it from, why some guy and his wife with kids crying at the movie theater or someone at the airport like fuck, that I'm I'm young, I'm single. I like I like get up when I want, without someone yelling at me, without some fucking kid that I have to clean their diaper then you have kids, you understand like. Oh, this isn't somebody else's kid. This is my kid. Is a part of me. This is love, that's in disc probable, and then it becomes this sort of new level of your life that it's very difficult to explain to someone who doesn't have children a lot of single friends have, comics that are my friends, that you know that don't have kids and they all Millie Crazy, slinging dick all over the world. There are fucking wild men and I try they're like man, you know I would hate to have kids, I'm like you say that you know the yet to me it's the meaning of life, and I I couldn't imagine you know I had my
first daughter, and it wasn't that long after I'd gotten back from Iraq. The second time in it was such a powerful, the most powerful experience in my life, you go from an environment where you see so much life taken and then I'm in a room, and I see you know life given, and you know for me at that time. I was already thinking about getting out of the military and there's a lot of guilt inside me for doing that, because I was so I so good at being a marine officer, I loved leading Marines. You don't love going to what I loved leading Marines and you feel guilt, because you know these guys are going to keep going back and what you should do. But when my first daughter was born, it was just an absolutely life change experience mean for me. The rest of this is a puppet show. I mean you, we do all these things we can get home to where we want to be. I can get on my my living room floor and just be with my three daughters and they bring out the beside me. They inspire me there by far my best accomplishment I mean I absolutely live for them.
You know you can relate. You know when you sit down and you lane x to a girl that that you may have just had you know random relations with that's nothing like laying down next, your child is a fall sleep in the lean over and just tell you I love you. Daddy is very different, but if the chicks really hot, it's still awesome, I'm just saying if you're not married in the chicks, really high- it's pretty God, damn good, specially whatever but yeah there's just a different level. Like you know, I visited my daughter at school today and she didn't know going to be there and she turns around and sees me, you know, she's six and her eyes light up, but she runs over gives me a hug, and this is how warm that comes over you, that no one will ever understand. Unless you have a kid he just won't. You know I'm not saying that it's a better life and I'm I'm not saying that I'm a better person. Not saying that everybody has to go out and have a kid 'cause. I hate those arguments and I used to hate those arguments single people. Thank you! You not fucking you're, not much
until you have a kid. You know I believe, there's a lot of people that don't need to have kids. I believe there's a lot of people that they can can tribute to this society to this culture to this world without ever broken absolute there's, nothing wrong with. That is nothing wrong with that. For me, though, I'm such a selfish person. I'm so I shouldn't even say self, I'm so self obsessed with make my own goals and I'm always in my head, I most Is it raining on my thoughts and my emotions that have a child made me rewire, it rewired all of my thinking, because the thing I do now, I think about my children, I think about them as little human beings that are responsible for little human things that I can't do anything too crazy. I can't do anything, that's going to risk, my life, I'm I have to take care of them. I mean there's a thing about that. I never used to
think or worry about. I mean I I certainly didn't want to die before, but I never used to think about it. The way I think about it now, because now I think about leaving behind my children and that's a horrific I idea, powerful. You couldn't say it any better. I mean it was at the time I had my first daughter, I had to zero fears. I mean I took a lot of risks. In my job at that time and did not care, then all of a sudden you have this child in this fear is introduced your world, not just You dying mean behind it. What about the child? You know they're going drive one day, they're going to get their heart broken window or what happens here? You know I had a. I had a friend of mine who lives right up the block and his first born son, eleven years older on a ski trip in Cala Rado and someone was towing a paraplegic down the slope in the. Why are they were using to to him hit his son in the neck and kill them instantly? I mean it was intended to be there for him in not that
is able to do much, but to see him have to recover from that. Is you know I've been on the battlefield and I've seen a lot of a lot of things. I would never wish on anybody losing your own child is just brutal. It's brutal yeah. It must be indescribable, what you know. Jerry Stevens brought this up when he was on a podcast about fighters having daughters, all daughters You've got all daughters. John Jones has all daughters Mark Coleman, Hasard, all daughters. I mean this is go long list alpha male of these savages. That only have daughters is that the the universe trying to balance itself out. You know it is that there's something with it with the you know. Your natural testosterone count is so hot. I don't know they there's there's I've. I've read did in articles about it. I remember before I add my third Chris,
weidmann was trying to give me some tips, so you gotta eat this and you gotta do it just like that. I mean he. He gave me the play by play and he says that's how he had his boy. You know that's exactly how he did it and he followed the step scenario. Of course. I wasn't patient enough to put in the amount of time he did, and I don't believe it yeah. Dumb luck. I think it's you know the fucking zigzag. You know the right fucking sperm gets to the right tag, but I am Jeds millionaire, I don't think there's any logic or science to it. It's a bunch of old wives, tales I mean I go home and I am surrounded by estrogen reaches around it. Incredible. It's a weakness, you get, they get you and I've got a bit I'm doing about it in my act right now. It's just 'cause, it's so when you're around a bunch of people who think completely different than you. You really, Stand that the the trouble that men and women have tried this. Thing, we're trying to figure out how to get along together. You
You understand it at a base level. Yeah! Oh, this is like this is like a toe three different animal. This is like a kangaroo trying to live within a Ranga Tang, like you guys, are fucking so difficult is so different, and then you have is weird traders that sort of like cry the barrier and try to meet in the middle like mineral councils I'm different and they try to excel them. So yeah yeah turn it if to man, but meanwhile they are men and then your wives are using as an example and argue with you that thank you some creep and then they always get caught not doing something fucking gross raping somebody or something like. Oh yeah. There you go. You like Bill, Cosby Perfect, sample bill Cosby for I was telling comedians don't tell dirty jokes should never tell dirty jokes, crushing Eddie Murphy for it he was not just Eddie Murphy. He did it so, Chris Rock he do get to a host of especially black comedians. Meanwhile,
if the stories are true, a thirty women are liars, is getting a little ridiculous, but that's exactly what you find out. I mean TED haggard that fucking that preacher. Who was always like a railing against gay people and against you know, God says that gay men should not be married. It's an abomination mean I was doing math and fucking. Getting gay hooker it's all the same shit. It's like these fucking traders that cross this this line where they're trying to portray themselves the alternative to Alan. If they believe they're the enlightened one yeah can grow is scans disgusting, male feminist. That's were talking that you hear me out there. You creeps, you need to do deadlifts all of you. He. It is funny because there's been a couple times have started to get pretty pretty serious on the podcast here and then Joel complete. When I talked about Ferrari. The Kelly Lady completely turns important. You know, or you know, hey, you know,
fix to my daughter. Instead of like you, know another woman. He throws that when that reminds me, I did the Howard Stern Show Once- and this is back in two thought I was active duty. Marine core captain was that when in the wc would light heavyweight champion yeah and so the Versus network God rest their souls rest in Peace they somehow get me on the Howard Stern show, and I go. What am I going on for I'm worried is an active duty in the marine core. I can get in a lot of trouble for saying the wrong thing here right right, and so they tell me, oh, don't worry, you're just there to present a check from the wc, but if he will start asking you questions try to stay on as long as you can. Okay cool. What's the contest the hottest chick with the ugliest car, oh god, let me the ugliest garner so far, but it you know one point you know there's actually still. I think the video is still somewhere but we're doing this interview.
In Howard was being very serious and he was asking me what it's like for these young men and women that deploy and how difficult it is and I'm getting into it. And I could see his wheels. Turning like he's gets a pathetic and every and there's really serious, and this is in his brand. So he thinks that his feet he's nimble and rate. I don't know where he comes. Why now that is so mean how old are you twenty five years? The pressure you guys, you must be jerking off what seven eight times a day. What are you doing? I mean I I knew you know yet. I was warned, you know, hey look, this guy's gonna, throw a curve ball or to a you know. I wasn't ready for that. I forget how I tiptoed in tap danced around it, but I mean it was a city. Wasn't easy. Yeah There's no there's no easy way to tiptoe around that. No No, and you know, there's Marines out there just waiting Now- hey Jude God, Damn captain on there talking about jerking off on the Howard Stern. Show yes, that weird, you can admit to jerking off. It's very strange thing:
it's like! I don't understand that world I'll, never understand a world where some get angry at you for talking about jerking off looks like women, shiting yeah, it doesn't happen. Some chicks will get down Dell, well, you you know they'll, let you know. I appreciate that you know a guy who can't you know. I had a friend he was over this girls house they're about to get busy. He went to use the bathroom, she forgot to flush floater in there and he said he killed his boner and he said he left and I go with she had it. She was really hard to go. You're a fucking pussy. I go. You flush it! You, man up your race, your memory, shake it up a little bit self, the fucking Vulcan neck pinch. There's no way he was an alpha male. He had to be a bravo. I don't know what he was. You know I mean you know, he's a good guy, he'll. Definitely boys yeah, Maybe I don't know. I just don't understand that. I just think there's a reality to this world. Food comes in shit comes out deal with it, pretty simple. If you can't you know you're going to miss out on some opportunities. If you can't
close those doors of perception it. It's amazing. How funny that stuff is the kids by the way to I mean it's, you say poop in my house. Oh yeah, he said your level of comedian. Do my kids, love to say poop, my kids well read stories and, as I'm reading stories like the you know, there's a lot of times is like pauses. And like the story, when you try to read the story right and they like any po, this pants, you get. Six year old and a four year old and think it's fucking awesome anytime, you could say poop is that it your girls are yeah. I've got I've, got seven five and one slash two their so cute. It makes you really understand and appreciate, really understand and appreciate the differences between men and women on a like a base level having a baby grow up to be a little girl and you and and also see the variations between the two of 'em. You know when I say like that. I get angry at male. Feminism.
I don't mean that I don't think that everyone should have equal rights 'cause, that's not what I mean at all. I just think there's a lot of pussies out there that are, pass themselves off as a better alternative to a masculine man, and that masculinity, for whatever reason is under attack, is wrong wrong, absolutely wrong. Physically strong Oxic masculinity, I've heard this expression many times like what are you fucking talk about like there's, nothing wrong with women being feminine either, and that's the other, talking about women being feminine, but somehow or another. A lot of these women who are like pro equal rights will get upset. If a guy who wants a dress sexy if a girl wants to wear, which can heard by our society to be sexually attractive, high heels short skirts that this is playing in the men's hands. Guess what some women like it, there dressing absolutely does nothing wrong with a guy who wants a dress like that either, who gives a fuck like this live and let live for
Whatever reason it only works for some people if it suits their purpose or their ideology as soon as it doesn't any guy that, like to compete in an aggressive sport, must be a piece of shit. That's not true. I know it's not true. I've experienced it. I know a lot of guys that are really nice people that also like to fight absolutely and plenty of, and this this idea that that's in, comprehensible that these things are mutually exclusive. I reject that. I thought I think it's preposterous, and I think that idea is perpetrated by people trying to present this alternative to the norm, that they they know they can't compete as men, and so they want to pretend that somehow another all the things that we associate with men muscle cars sports, you know whatever haven't tech deck all those things terrible and that
they are this, so this guy cries every time, she's ugh a commercial in it with a puppy. That's the that's the better choice in your in your wrong. For being the other way, you know it's, it's envy insecurity can make any one of us. I mean really ugly, and you hear you know, the greeneview makes you ugly and everything, but I think I th a lot of that is what it is create said in town. You know I mean people ask me all the time you know all your your you're white you're in the marine corps. So all you must be fully against all this. You know homosexual stuff in the marriage. I don't give a shit, don't care all. With this mont is much hate? Is I've seen in the world? What do I care about? Two people love each other. I have Noah is. Why whatsoever with that? What's up yeah my issues of people that have a problem with it? I have a real issue: yeah the people that have a problem with people who just love each other. I don't know what it's like to want to love a man. I don't. I can't believe my wife loves me. I
I believe any women love men uh. Why would you want dick that I don't get it? Is it me it's like having dick like having a magic trick like like. I can't believe this works pull a rabbit out of my hat. I can't believe you want to see this. I don't understand it, but the idea that somehow another it's evil that a man wants it, but it's not even that a woman, it's fucking perpetrators who gives a shit, it's ridiculous. I don't care if men wear high heels. I don't care if women dress like a fuck, biker? I don't give a fuck as long as you're nice, I mean I've. I have had friends and relations with some of the weirdest fucking people across the full spec. From of humanity, and all I care about is. Are you nice interesting to talk to? Are you intelligent? Can I Can I enjoy my time with you without feeling, like you're, judging me or you're, being aggressive chords me or passive aggressive towards me, and I mean I've had some of the weirdest most press if conversations with people that are supposedly progressive, you know
decide before they even get to talk to me that I'm the enemy because I got tattoos or I lift weights or you know, compete in martial arts or you know whatever the fuck it is that they decided was put me with enemy bracket, but these insecurities that we have The live and let live. Ideal is one of the best ways to live. Your life just live and let live, don't cry, create any enemies that aren't really your enemy yeah and you know we make it harder on ourselves. You know when you look at that, I mean the live and let live means hey, look be concerned with your circle and be tolerant of all those around and try to understand right, which we all we all make mistakes. Certainly I do we make harder, because then you look at all these these new things that we have that really bolstering security. If you look at twitter for twitter. Is this universe full of all of us that are?
really really insecure. Looking for other people's approval, you know. How can I think of the next statement. That's going to get as many favorites, We can get other people too, then you be friend me save. So many follow me and I mean it everybody's trying to one up each other, and it's this environment, where we go out there looking to make, I mean how many times we get sniped for everything I mean I can't call a fight card. Without me, look we're talking for seven one slash two hours: seven one slash two hours is how long we're talking it's impossible, I challenge you to find somebody who's going to talk for seven one slash two hours and not piss you off at least once not only that you're calling alive fight where shit is going down on the spot and sometimes you're incorrect, It's not there's no way around it. You're talking. Two guys throwing fucking bones at each other in a cage. I mean swinging at each other, and you make mistakes and you you you, you don't see a choke, you you miss a position. You know you you,
it's going to happen, but there's many people out there that just looking to point a finger and that's where Goldie gets in trouble Goldberg Fucking engages with these people. I had to pull Mossad after the NFL thing. I will do it. I fucking told you about this before you can't argue with these people why you are going, you don't even know them who knows who they are, who knows what they're doing some of them? They don't even have an avatar, it's an egg, and even if it is an avatar with the fuck you, how do you know if it's that them you could see anybody they could have taken a picture out of a fucking magazine. Taking a cam photo of that picture, use that as an avatar you're, a fat fat. You don't even know that yeah, I don't even know what they look like. Have no idea. You're arguing is fucking ghosts in the thing is to that people. Who is the people, will engage like he does in a law an instance is they tend to be, very passionate and care a lot about what they do. So it's easy to lure them in there. So, while you're trying to destroy them and you're trying to break them down it Lee
understanding knowledge check that they really do care about their job in the product they're putting out there they're trying to be good. And obviously maybe they made some mistakes and you were able to lower the men into to saying things that in me, but there are guys out there. You know, I don't want to name any names, but there are guys- out there that do commentary for MMA. That should not be doing it and I I can't list there's guys that I can't listen to that. I had literally have to turn the fucking volume down and other organizations. They just drive me crazy. They don't know what the fuck they're doing. They don't know what they're talking about and I get crazy. So I understand it and if you think I'm one of those guys, I get it. I think you're wrong. But I understand, but I think this this ability to reach people and to express your opinion. It's way more valuable than it's negative, May I get a lot out. I get a lot of the underground. I get a lot of criticism and sometimes the right I mean I'm not perfect. Absolutely I fuck up calls sometimes or out miss things, or you know
things that people need to consider. You know need to consider, but when you watch in fights you're watching in the octagon. When we're watching there's often times like, I think, a punch landed, but it really I tripped and it's because the guys back is to me- and you can't tell if it's standing in your backs to you and someone throws a punch in the sea, the guy fall backwards. You think the guy got hurt and then there is the people that are watching at home have the benefit of watching it from the side and they're, seeing a punch, not land. All that kind of nothing happens: you watch the monitors. I guess- and sometimes I do, but man I want to watch it live. I don't watch those fucking monitors so much better to watch live as a fan I try to stick to the monitors because I remember the first card I call with in Rio when filled Lyoto Machida image just through a whole bunch of his blitz is going away from me and indeed Phil Davis and it looked like they all landed. When I watch some of the replay's, not all of them landed, so it was. It was one of the difficult things where the monitor, I think I can. I can see more but
There's times when they're close to me. I can't help it. I want to look through the cage, because I need to get in wrapped into that fight and feel the crowd feel them because, like it's our job to to be provocative, to break the down to make it entertaining and all are trying to do that. There's also voice in your multiple voices in ear telling all kinds of wild hey look. I got the replay, it was ahead, but you know so there's there's, there's lots of things going on during that seven hour period that that can also me too a distraction or lead to to a misstep those those voices in your ear, a brutal when you're, in the middle of talking, when using they'll, take a big point, you're trying to make and then someone's like we gotta replay on run. Look at your monitor, look at the monitor and you hear someone talking in your ear while you're talking, and you know that a fucking million and a half people are here play. Yes, our hearing you and then who knows how many fucking people going to hear over the course time they're going to listen to that that broadcast. I watch that
bill, Davis, Leona, Machida fight the other day. It was way closer than I thought it was and I could see Phil winning I mean Phil did get takedowns and did do damage on the ground and, like you were saying, like a lot of those shots. That Machida is very, very, very close fight, but a lot of we're calling one of the greatest robberies ever but man I watch bananas like boo. I don't think not so much. I don't think the greatest robberies is no very fucking close fight, and even the cheat will tell you when I talked him before his fight with Cb Dollaway. You know he's had to adapt his style loaded because he had a whole bunch of really contested decisions. You know his ramp Jackson fight his fight with. Call Davis. He was leaving a lot of fights where he felt ok, look. I was in total control, but he didn't you know he made it confuse. And for the judges and when you do that, look judges are human too. We've talked all tonight, but flawed. We are assuming, we all make mistakes, and that happens there that absolutely you've got to do the things he's had to get progressive. He can't just counterpunch
had to get a little bit more offensive with this style to ensure that he's going to get those decisions, because if he doesn't get them, he can't totally disappointed when he's got a little bit of a passive style. Yeah, I'm glad he went down to one hundred and eighty five. I think you should have been there all along, but she is one of those guys who would weigh in at two hundred and three thousand two hundred and four didn't cut anyway, not crazy and he's not a huge he's, not a huge middle weight. I mean he walks, he'll be you know one hundred and ninety seven one. Ninety six, when I fought at middle weight, I would show up to the venue at two hundred and seven on Tuesday, make one hundred and eighty five Friday fight back at twenty seven on Saturday does Cruzan. I was big, then now I look at these dudes now I mean they're almost all like that anymore. Look at Weidman why machine enormous he's, a big fun box at two hundred and twenty five, two thirty he's a big thick guy and he straw in a shit and that's one of the things I think Machida realizing that fight like wow, I'm not a big middle weight. No! No! When you fight in Weidman, you
load, everything but the kitchen sink any waves. In afterwards I mean he unloaded on white men and white men was still there and the fact that why I mean who thought round, one Weidman gets rate image. She does face and start out. Striking first three rounds, he outstruck Machida. Now it's not appear Kickboxing match. The threat of the takedown certainly opens up your arsenal more limits Liotta's, but it was still, we've never seen someone go in there and take that route towards beating Machida he's very confident his chin and his knockout power. He also has a really good sense of distance. That's one thing that people don't give him enough credit. They think he's just face forward attacking guy. Now he moves in and then he moves back and he moves in and he moves back he's throwing thanks a lot and brain Longo was such a good fucking striking hold, especially with wrestlers. Now that he really understands how to how to teach those guys had a fight with the constant
read of the take down and then attacked off of those of those opportunities. You talk about controlling diss me when someone knocks you out with that Conor Elbow yeah. How often do I mean that is really hard to do time and elbow on a counter strike and knock? Somebody out I mean that's understanding the range of your opponent. How far they can feel it's a feel, that not every fighter has and Chris definitely hasn't yeah Longo long. It was also in this guys technically, but he also I think he makes his fighters feel like they're better than they should be like he makes like the rate, a run through that brick walks you step off Northeast Grady. Do you like hey Ray? How do you think he's going to do against white men in any told me two days for the fight are used Brian he's going to smoke. This will be, you know, run right through him. It's it's so funny to hear his confidence in how tough he is, what he told me was one of my earlier victories. I think I think after we fought Tom Lawler, he
I was in the cage with Amanda Ray Longo's he's a mother fucker, I'm telling you kids are mother, fucker, hey nothing! He said to me about wine when he goes we're all lucky's. Fighting trust me. We're all lucky he's in the fucking cage fighting, because if he was out, If we didn't have an outlet, oh Christ, know, should have seeds of shit with this kid in the gym. Your grade will be a great Reebok teacher for a while Lucky's fight. If that he's a mother, when you look at him to he's so handsome and looks so nice he's a lot of spectacle. Looking young man to be such a murder in there, he did that he did that the desk show at this one time he's got his wife, his kids up there, and it's like you, said just because someone's fighter doesn't mean that they're, this aggressive, atrocious human being exact Frankie EDGAR, is one of the the great ISIS guys and probably the the pound for pound or eight did forget, wait toughest guy in the! U
Fc is a savage mean gritty, like the did that guy has in the pace that he puts on you. I mean he go. I think that guy pays for case is like there's, there's almost no one who could beat that there's almost no one who has a work ethic like him in pain, doesn't register the same with him. You know and he's totally saying, we've had some fighters, not that I don't think Paine registered with, but I don't think they were all there Frankie's. Guy that, when he feels it, hurt his heart burning, his lungs burning he just teaches tells himself to go forward. He just keeps going and the other now. You know when you see a mountain public, none of it's gone. I mean he still the same kid that will go eat like a bowl of pasta down at the local. You know the corner store with everybody, and that's I mean his whole community just loves that Guy now he's a great guy. He is. It is a perfect example what you were saying, like you, think, of a cage fighter, especially a champion championship, UFC Fighter in this nice fucking Guy, you ever want to yeah yeah, there's
a lot of those in this sport. There's a lot of those guys in the sport that defy the stereotypes that one thing that I love about this sport and one of the reasons for that. I think is that so who fighters they develop this understanding of who they really are in the gym. You can't have You can have an unchecked ego and be a basketball player. You know you could really. Thank you to fucking greatest thing since sliced bread, you're slammed Dunkin' people, because I can strangle every day, you're not getting guys with a run of fresh guy in every five minutes: they're all murderers and they're, all just on on to Papa you smothering you nean you in the dick. You know you know, you're not getting that humility that you get from training and tapping and losing and and getting call beaten out of you also the aggression that you expend in the gym to just blow it all out of your system. You don't have any need to get in fights outside, and you know when I
notice to it. For me, at least person helped me a lot when you go through those really hard workouts. You get this when it's over you get this moment of almost euphoria where you gain perspective an in for me. You know MMA. Fighting help me with a lot of demons that I carried over, that I never had issues with the in my personal life. You know, because I had waiting. Is my outlet- and you know you would finish these workouts or you'd finish a fight and have that high of winning a fight, and it would give you this perspective on your life and all of a sudden. You have more this, this clear thought process to make decisions and not rush to ginger see things a little more clearly and not get angry about Xy Ursi, because all the sudden now you're seeing him a little differently and you get that when you're, when you're, exhausted, yeah yeah you you've expended all your biological need for aggression, which men have testosterone, you have a dick it works. This is a reason why
go to war? All this stuff is a part of our genetics. It's a part of our dna and to expand it to get it all out of your system creates this balance and that balance doesn't exist in a lot of people. There's a lot of people out there that have this under best aggression inside of him. That's why cp that would never get into a fight fuck! You in the car there fucking fingering people and laying on the horn screaming it's like this is there release like they don't have a real release, and so, since we're not living in a world, we have to worry bout barbarians running over the hill with broadswords every couple of and you're, not fighting jaguars that are trying to babies and eat them, you go through this life with all these Jen medic needs that are never met. You know I mean in many ways it it's just the down fall of our culture that I have always said. If you want to get rid of bullying, teach people how to fight and a lot of people thought
that's like that's counter intuitive. That's ridiculous, like you're, going to make bullies that know how to fight better the stronger bullies going to merge the kick everybody's ass. I bet not. I bet not I bet what you're going to do is you're going to get people that have a greater understanding of where this aggression is coming from, where there bull he's coming there. They'll understand this is a lot of it is in security. Yes, the exact a confidence is the number one deterrent for bullies. If bullied bullies, don't bully coughing? Kids, you just don't if, if there's a possible threat that that kid may you back or may actually beat you. They are not going to believe, and so I would talk to parents, you know when I would teach kids all the time that look. You know learning to defend yourself is a life skill. It the life skill, to learn how to do that and it go. It bleeds into other areas. You know if you You push yourselves and get comfortable's in these really uncomfortable situations. It's going help you when you have to go, and maybe speaking from the class you know the first time you grapple against somebody with all that problem. You kids get nervous. When I would train, I would train Marines and
First time I would make them grapple. I had I had one that threw up right after there's so much pride. They were afraid. I got tapped out from all my other classmates and it's such alpha male. You know, and they got so nervous couple weeks later I mean they're all in in their comfortable in that environment. Maybe now public speaking comes more more. Naturally, I mean they get, that here and they get over it that bleeds in other areas of your life. No doubt no doubt, I mean I've seen people in class for the first time, hyperventilating like I have done all sorts of sports, but someone mount some and also when you see them like you, can't fucking breathe and you like calm down dude. Think of this is a game you're playing pool here, you playing basketball, it's a game, it's just it's game of armbars and chokes. You know you mess around with these pro football players. You know I've spent some time with Glazer who trains a lot of those NFL guys you mess. But then you start dominating him and they start to panic eagles are so big.
And they're. So you wait a minute. Why is a smaller guy than me doing to me what he's doing and they they begin to panic and hyper ventilate. Just like you said. Well, it's also football players and never really go. I mean they kind of go one on one, but for these brief moments and then whistle, blown flags are raised? Second yeah, you don't have to have that dig down deep Frankie, EDGAR type heart and very few can do that's why it's so rare when you see a guy like Herschel Walker subjects himself to that but in his late 40s would've fucking stubbed guy is he's a scariest guy of all time. Forty eight years, old, smashing people in Strikeforce and you just go what mean probably would be like John Jones. If he started into his you know his young days mean the athleticism he had and look at his physique at that age. You just have to show some sit ups. I don't believe him. I really
because he says a lot of that's just not scientifically possible, like he says he only eats a but a salad and one. Yet one meal a day as a file for you to be so skinny well, and I don't, I think, he's lying. This is what I think he he has trauma induced issues that he's had football where he is multiple personality disorder. I mean he's spoken openly about this that he has more than one person inside of his head, and I know he's he's dealt with this variety different ways? Therapy. I don't know if he's on medication, I don't know what the deal is, but if you have multiple personalities and they're all living inside your head, you might have one guy, would just eat soup. What is now the guy doing, deadlifts and even steak? Okay, rock guy just doesn't talk to you is a guy, you don't
I mean I just don't I mean I think for sure he definitely did a lot of his exercises just doing chinups and pushups and look if you doing for them. You can get pretty fucking swoll yeah, there's a lot of guys who calisthenics have a great body, but you in all set. I'm wait on this really serious scientific research. There may be one due to eat soup and such yeah. I think that's what it is. I think yeah, but is it kind of crazy that he went into MMA after this trauma induced multiple person, Ali disorder and want me not necessarily trauma physically, but I think there's a lot of emotional trauma and mental trauma as well, but then again and also a lifelong career of getting hit? In the end, I mean the collisions that that guy was a part of our on record. You can watch them and nobody rides for free they're, all just fucking crashed into each other super athletes, sprinting full blast or fuck on elbows and head to
collisions back before there was this concussion protocol by the way, where guys get him now and they're out for weeks weeks, the year back the next play back, then what do you think is the number of times where a person can be knocked out before the athletic commission steps in and says hey? This is enough three three I I think yeah, my in my opinion. I think that the athletic commissions need to have a limit to wear it once you. If you get knocked out three times, then I think you should have to go in front of a board to get your license. In my opinion and and I'm sure that you know I haven't fully thought through this to cover also before people start bashing before, but look and you can defend yourself, hey look. You know, I've got. But in this one I'm not out the rest stops. This is, I was exhausted, you could visually and then you have You know a panel at the organizations involved to make a decision on whether you can be commissioned again. Do you think if this is the case,
If we're really going to be careful about this, do you think that fighter should be required to film training sessions so that We can review so that we know exactly like if you're sparring, like you. Like you know how many times guys been knocked out in the gym yeah, it would be tough because they don't think they have the capital to put in the they kind of equipment. I don't think so either, but I mean if, if you can go forty thousand dollars for a fucking blood test and they have five hundred fighters that are possibly subject to this. If they make it too, I mean most guys are just going to get urine tested up into a certain in their career. But then they get to a certain point and you're going to have to go through the full water testing If that's the case, I mean, how much does it cost to put go pros in gyms? I mean how much does it cost there's ones that we have now that are wi fi enabled they can all be Lynn, up to a UFC database
in the UFC could be monitored, or at least storing. All of the footage of. You know all these gems and then make them sign contracts and look at you have to is if you're sustaining concussion in the gym like there, so many fights where you see guys get knocked out. Well that doesn't even look right. What 'cause you? Oh they got knocked out in the gym a bunch of times like Travis Lewter versus who's again that Victor Marvin Eastman. You remember that fire, Marvin Eastman. The word was that he got knocked out not once but twice in camp leading up to that fight. Once Tito Ortiz, you got the knee or something and once in it during a takedown, he got knocked out again so you're dealing with guy who had like serious trauma and in Travis catches him with a punch which is a pretty decent punch. But he Fascism, on the end of it and Marvin goes down like he got shot by a sniper rifle and then
Jitsu guy knocks out the striker out of nowhere. Travis could hit hard use a tough guy, but it was just a weird KO same thing happened. Rashad Evans, With his last sparring session. He got rocked bat I mean drop, then he got hit in the same exact spot in the cheetah would eventually Naka modify. Who gosh you that wasn't? I don't think it was Jardine, I'm forgetting who I mean he could tell the story better than I wide heard. The Forrest Griffin leading up to the Anderson Silva Fight was knocked out pretty badly too and The way he used to spar MAX price. I've sparred with him I sparred with him three three days after I got back from, I say, into in Iraq. I still had sand in my ears in Scott Scott Adams to match, make the wc or he is like hey look. I need to get out here, real quick. I need you a photo shoot we're going to promote your fight, your fight in six weeks, all I'll go to Vegas and bring my wife site ca a little bit nope. We go straight to the gym.
And I'm in a ring. I had to borrow all this care of. No mouthpiece is a care what you do, or this guy you need to get. You know you need to get back in the gym and get in shape. I have no idea who the guy is just noise way. Bigger than me turns out is Roy Nelson and the coach we're going to five minute rounds. I had never done five minutes before I thought you only did that fights like that's crazy. Now we just five rounds. Roys hit me with these overhand rights and dude sand is still flying out of my ears. I mean it was bad. It was literally Surv Travel mode two times you must not me. I mean I went you're like the Rocky four up and over the ropes in any threw me back in and then as soon as we finish there. This this morning's here here go to sparring over it raining tours new gym, so I'd go down there and it's Forrest Griffin. I've got no mouthpiece, then again the kosher. Hey he's got no mouthpiece for she's in the military. Have free dental chips, my teeth I mean, but he used to get after it. I mean spark as hard as humanly possible. Yeah look at him now
yeah fucked up now, because of it he's his shoulder so bad. I can't even brush his teeth is supposedly holy shit yeah. He's apparently he's right shoulder just like it's just not working yeah, I mean he's he's lost a lot of mass when you look at him and these set a lot atrophy in his body that guy thought fucking hard train hard mean culturally said. Nobody works harder than yeah. Fourth, always the card right work. Smart guys are getting so much smarter about that. Now I mean you look at like you know: galley get the booze been yeah he's been injured frequently, but he's had a change of cold training routines that he, yes, he gets himself there healthy cowboy Cerrone first crazy, as he is. I think it was three fights ago. He get gained a little bit of practice. He just illuminated sparring and just stop doing it that entire There's a lot. He does a lot less now than people realize in everybody he sparred with someone hand selected and then uh stands, and this is a wildman, but he knows look I've things are changing. Coaches are finally starting really skip.
When I was fighting me, none of these coaches actually fought in the Anke right. They were playing jazz at that point. Nobody really knew the formula to how to win this. They acted like it, but now they're. Finally, starting to learn and now we're starting to have guys like Ludwig who grew up doing and now is switched the other side and become a coach are seeing more guys like that as well. That uh stand. You know you got a hold these guys back from themselves. Come back, train less less rounds, deliver them healthy to the fight and they'll, be way more productive. Yeah. It's really going to be interesting to see what Duke Roufus does with cm punk 'cause Duke Roof is essentially taking this guy once read this article today with her interview and duke- and he said you know, I'm going to build this guy up from the ground up and he's going to. Anybody, but me he's like he's, I'm going to have him spar with because I know that no one's going to hurt him. I'm going have to give have total control, but I'm going to correct all his mistakes and it's a great call
I have a guy like Duke do that because he is a master striker in a master instructor and you couldn't get a better coach for MMA for striking in MMA. I put him right out there with Duane and with for us, a hobby, and you know all the good match you all the great guys, but I think that a guy like that Is it like an interesting sort of a test? Ground mean, first of all, for the public's just just credibility mean you're. Talking about a guy was no amateur wrestling bouts, know amateur amateur kickboxing or boxing it's no sumo, nothing just pro wrestling yeah, it is, you know, entertainment, so he some sort of an athlete. It looks like he's in good shape down little jujitsu training. I mean I don't know how much he wears a white belt. I mean that in good nope and he's he get in there is going to fight in the UFC and A lot of people have issues with it mean Jon Jones said he hopes he gets knocked out. You know and yeah.
And there's a lot of people that find a Ben Askren. Pissed is all hell with a good right to any city culture. Now, yeah, absolutely yeah right to be. I mean you know, there's a Ben Askren doesn't have enough experience and the F C hires is zero in zero guy to fight in the USA and against who, though, another guy that they're going to hand pick for that zero and zero guy, who also doesn't belong in the UFC, which is going to be really fascinating. How do they make a compelling match for cm punk? I think him by himself. Is that compelled he is such a draw in that people? I want to see him come out of character who this real guy is. You know, and they want is you know in the WB he was a straight edge guy. Who was you know he had iron balls and blah blah blah is he Really that way, you know, does he show up in the octagon? Is he scared? Is he afraid to throw punch? Does he leaning back with Chin held high. Does he get demolished or does he fight hard? You know, as if he test positive for for PG's.
Ah twitter twitter would absolutely just break it would be hilarious would be hilarious, it would be Cosby. Esque you know and he's an extremely intelligent guy he's very well. You talk to me very bright guy and he's on this journey, and you can't fault him. He just said I wanted to fight can't hold him. That did that. That organizations going sign in in in- and I I get you know where they're going with it as well, but the good and for him and when I spoke to him actually, you know this past weekend, there's no timeline from we can go train as long as he wants to train an when his coach, when Duke says, he's ready, that's when they get to match. What I want to know is at what point did things are getting impatient at in there to say, hey, look. It's been. Eight months are in a fight yet or not right. Well, you know you have sitting with yeah point yeah, that's a very good point. Yeah I mean as long as he does that mean that's a smart thing to do. I'm I've always said that Brock Lesnar did that he would've been.
The greatest champions of all time. If Brock Lesnar went to a mad Amat Humora Feroce Hobby type dude and had someone just analyze his physical movements and everything you do going to do everything half speed for fucking months. I want when I throw a kick. I want you need to come up and I want you to check it when you throw a le took, I want to right leg, kick just to be coming out on instinct. When so throws a punch. I want you instantly to roll with it. I want to be it to be a part of your anatomy. I want to be a part of your dna drillers, and it never became that with that guy. He was just a spark. I root for super athlete it's like like, one, giving you a corvette Zr1, but never teach you how to drive and you get on fucking highway and you get a few moves. You know, turn left and now turn right and from scars it's going to be enough to beat 'em, but then you get this came Alaska's card. That knows how to do everything you like fuck, to connect an evil car. It's an evil car, it's scary, car. After John
Daniel Cormier, you know, and he said he would fight Cain in a heartbeat boy. Did I get excited about that fight? I'm excited that fight as much as I'm excited about Augustus in Rematch or rumble? Johnson fight almost depends on what happens in the Gustavson rumble Johnson fight. If Gustavson, knocks out rumble Johnson rumble Johnson knocks out. If one of those guys finishes the other guy in a very definitive way. Then I want to see that fight yeah, but until that pick John versus came would be fucking. Crazy, too, you know how long canes been out over a year, how did he I mean you are we ex, because he was so dominant that he he comes back true to form, but you gotta wonder, does E Mansi he's had a lot of ninja and in certainly over doom, he gets overlooked. Time and time again I mean I certainly did when he fought Travis Browne. I thought Travis Browne would have a lot more success. Manveer doom I mean he made him. Look you minimal, mediocre, mediocre about that double jam where the fuck did you develop the fucking
text, Louis style double jam, I mean you look great standing up mean his standup has improved, really dramatic fashion, knocking out Mark Hunt with, fucking flying knee like what you know, I feel Cordiero got a lot of love from the past, guys he's trained, but on play some of his best work has been recently, but he's done with your doom when he's done with filled with Sanders and he's starting to bring up son of a gun up. I'm missing. Daru Sh Benil, are you as well? Who's who's defeated in the UFC so far is had some very good fights. Who is a black belt? He's a grappler that now we've turned striker in being successful. He starting per use guys that shouldn't be good strikers and really showing some depth and the technique to not the the crazy shoot box style people were accustomed to, but a lot of trash. This trickery set up. You know very technical: it lots of Volvo I am striking with a lot of depth to a different, looks different styles and
Darryl, you can't get a nicer guy and that's the other thing is that these fires have this bond with him. 'cause he's such a lovable guy's So they want to win for him. A lot like the Ray Longo thing, Ray Longo. They want. They want that guy there, for they want to make that guy. Happy and half which is such a nice guy he's such a nice guy- and you know, was a great fighter himself really understands and that really becoming a part of our because a part of shoot box that history of me- he's like his legacy. Yeah yeah, absolutely where that comes from is calling a fight and having Ray Longo, come in for a fight do you have a headset, I think Ray Longo and Matt Serra should have their own fuckin reality show. I agree, those two guys cornering fighters. It would be, it would be absolutely incredible: absolute they're hilarious and they're, like my favorite kind of east Coast, guys that EAST coast,
sense of humor, humble self deprecating. I mean they're great human. I spent a week in Fort Hood with Matt during one of the fight for the troops I mean you couldn't find a funnier guy. I mean the whole time. Dainas text him tell him off at is and then we go to. We go to who's the big puppet guy in Vegas, Terry Fader yeah. We get date get this front row tickets is Terry, Fator show in so serious texan data. Look I may put on some weight, but I I you know, I sure, as hell then ask for tickets to a puppet show daily, I'm thirty, some years old I could have passed on. I could see this by stay home. My kids thanks for nothing. It's funny in the there he's hilarious, they're funny, guys, man that EAST Coast mentality that there's just a different sort of sense of humor that comes out of long island, this fucking guy over here Jesus Christ, they're funny man. And we're out of time. We did just did three hours
you the first ever HD podcast. We ever did how many gigs is this going to be too big for you stream will we'll see what this app is, yeah, the first one, listen man run for president. Please gonna run you can do it eventually. Now, no, maybe maybe one day if I get pissed off. Maybe, ladies and gentlemen, I think he could win I'll get behind you, I'm not going to be vice president anything but I'll be on a you tape collection. I got a whole bunch of people who come the cabinet yeah. I don't think you want take your fucking cabinet. We tell you some stories. You want talk about skeletons, both of us, have some fucking graveyards. Thank you very much man and please do your own podcast. You be fucking fantastic at it. I appreciate everything you do it Brian stand! Your. You're awesome. The cometary were great fighter. Your great dude you're, very intelligent. Your great speaker you'd be awesome. If this man, I I'm, definitely looking to do it and you know hey if, if some of the listeners here enjoyed me, you guys, let me know if you think you would be worth listening to and
if you didn't keep your fucking mouth shut, alright, dirty which is then Ray Longo to your house, Brian Stann, on Twitter, STA Nn. Thank you, brother. Really, pretty simple. It's a lot of thanks for having you guys. Alright fuck, we'll see soon. Alright, you dirty dirty dirty bitches. Thank you. So much for two minutes. This broadcast and thanks to our sponsor, thanks to the National Association. No National academy. Excuse me a a S M National Academy of Sports Medicine go to my USA, trainer dot com. That's my the usatrainer dot com go there and become a personal trainer. You fucks. Oh yeah, we have some shows coming up some are sold out. I'm going to be at laugh, Boston coming up really soon. We just announced it sort of
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the owner of shark works? The if you've never heard a shark works before W e r k S? It's. There are a Porsche. What's the word upgrade company modification company they make some of the dope is cars in the world, even Dover, and with him hope we will be Magnus Walker's, very famous car designer himself, and maybe we can get Matt Fair to come along too. I'm doing some shit with those guys on Friday, so on Saturday, going to come on down we're going to do a little bit of a podcast later driven home by herself, and we might do something tomorrow. We got to see something trying to make something workout so until then much love this is. Second, Broadcast of the new year and the first podcast ever that is in hd uh. This is directly in response to the requests of all you. People online that have been asking
to do this in hd. I know that most podcasts are not even video, but I know you guys, like video, some of you do and it's a small percentage. It's probably like ten percent of the people that even take in the podcast take it in visually, but you people are just as valuable to me as the ninety percent that make up the bulk of the people. Whatever you know, I'm saying: look it's better to be in hd right. It's going to be a video, so we I'm up with the shackles we we threw it out. There was a company. We bought it from game to game a little plug, ginkgo key code, Keycode media. They sold us to try caster. So this is an h, yeah. We had a few issues this one, the fucking audio, did go up on you stream at first, but young Jamie. He rebooted the fucker and running and will work it all out. We got a fan, that's kind of loud, noisy and listen. That's all could be expected. My friends.
It's also going to take two thousand hours to upload each and every podcast in hd, so resenting you wizards out there that know how to deal with that. Keep yourself we'll figure will out on our own all right friends thanks everybody for tuning into this podcast thanks thanks for everything. Thank you so watch for just being there in giving us inspiration and giving me personally inspiration thanks for all the positive feedback, especially on my last comedy central Special was, without a doubt, the best receive special that I've ever done and it that is a direct correlation between the amount of work that I put in and the results that I got from that special. I work my ass off on that had fun doing it. Don't get me wrong, it never felt. Work, but I put in a lot of hours on purpose. A lot of sets was doing to three sets of night. In town I'm doing I'm on Monday Tuesday, when I would take
one night off a week sometimes and some some weeks- no nights off a week in multiple shows per night, and that's I guess when I have to do- I mean that's the best way to do it to to do the back show that I can do and the reason why do that is 'cause. There's a lot Do you folks out there that are hypercritical and believe me if it's justified, I appreciate the fuck out of it because from those same hyper cool people. I got this really awesome response for this last special, so will continue to work just as hard, if not harder this year, and it's very rewarding to me. I fucking love it and I love you guys. So. Thank you very much for everything. Thank you, thankful, fucking person. That's it see you soon. Much love big kiss.
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