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#597 - Magnus Walker & Alex Ross

2015-01-10 | 🔗
Magnus Walker is a driver, a famous collector and builder of Porsches. He's in a short documentary called "Urban Outlaw" featuring his cars and his obsession with Porsches. Alex Ross is the owner, and co-founder of Sharkwerks, which creates dialed-in, tweaked-out modern Porsches for Porsche enthusiasts. http://magnuswalker911.com/ http://www.sharkwerks.com/
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could get excited by other people's passion enthusiasm it inspires me and i hope you feel the same way the other guy is my friend alex ross alex ross is perhaps the best porsche modifying artist slash engineer slash shop owner in the world he owns a company called shark works that's famous for taking these ancient porsches on say ancient the really couple years old and bringing them up to the highest possible performance standards they're not ancient i shouldn't have said ancient but it's too late now what i meant is at the last generation especially he works on all porsches but the nine hundred and ninety seven zara specialty which is the the model right before the one now which is a nine hundred and ninety one which is the
last of the manual transmission gt threes and he takes them and just turns them into these unfuckingbelievable beasts if you ever heard me talk about my car i got my car built by him by alex but he didn't build it he took a porsche from the factory designs and specs and brought it up to specs of his shark works cars i talked much anyway listen to the podcast right now go rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast by night all day that's it ladies and gentlemen were alive would live with two fucking psychopathic car fanatics here in the so the lovely valley of los angeles magnus walker and of course my friend and outlooks royals from shark works who
i drove his car yes and no you've driven his his new creation that is the that that was a without a doubt the scariest car i've ever driven it wasn't the best environment for because it was on the canyons and it's got so much power you you can't really use it on those canyons because it's just so by the time at the gas you're hitting the brakes like you hit the gas something around eight hundred horsepower around there yet give or take depending well gas he used three thousand two hundred pounds thirty one three thousand one hundred pounds that's fucking ridiculous it's like a factory sort of gt3 weight with eight hundred horsepower you know gobs it talk about six hundred and fifty to the wheels and until you're bouncing off the rev limiter second third gear yeah my experience second gear on the limited with eighty seven and our third was about twenty five and then by the time you deep in one slash four this sort of running out of road and if you have you done a top speed on that car yet you attempted it yes well
initially we saw one hundred and forty seven somewhere yesterday and we were not out of fourth gear so its prey we got to be close to two hundred over two hundred actually the way that kit works it's already just in a turbo car it already does about two hundred and two in the mile so in a lighter two wheel drive car it's about it i mean it will trap one hundred and forty in the quarter easy it's like everything you know who well there's always this thing about cars where people always want to add more power an as guys both know we're in this weird horsepower war now in the world where every year have to if you have a car that makes four hundred horsepower next year it's got at least make a little more four doors product camera right now right we have one that bmw m three that i have which is a very pretty moderate car for and twenty horsepower let me tell the craziest thing i did recently last year in july i went to norway to the gap bowl festival i don't know if you've heard of this thing
now i describe it was like mad max meets burning man on steroids and it's essentially a diy drift fest but essentially these guys eight hundred four thousand horsepower in a volvo wagon and there fifteen sideways around the whole track so yeah the days of four hundred most power sort of being a benchmarker gomber i'm sorta help is on the less is more girl you know yeah well that's why i wanted i thought it was interesting that you take these real cool old classic nine hundred and eleven and if you haven't seen the documentary herb law you got to check it out to so was about thirty plus minutes two minute short document it's in a may it really got me excited about those old cars it's an amazing documentary and you know one of things that you said we we down already problems with the audio yeah we'll be working out the we we have a new set up here this is completely new is very high because we thought you know being at nasa yeah yeah well that's all this is a new thing called a try caster and it does everything in h d but you haven't worked
all the kinks yet you mean we're not shooting this on iphone sure we hear about it on reddit and everyone the audio back up but is the audio up let me hear hold on yeah it's work there you go you know ralph in the corners got an iphone he can take some great shots with that right well yeah wraps red rock but your your documentary about those old classic 911's and you know you rebuild them and add your own touches to them but but your car you know you're working with some of them less than two hundred dollars but yeah i mean most of my causes small displacement you know for those that don't know my collections basically early nine hundred and eleven from sixty four through seventy three really just covers to leader up to twenty four ugh like this mad dog and englishmen right here alex were you know too much is never enough my background was sort of the opposite you know it was more the sort of giant killer trying to chase the cause with twice as much power was to me
a bit more exciting rather than just sort of you know flooring in a straight line and you can still get a lot done if a car set up pretty well 'cause two hundred and seventy seven that's the car i've tracked on off twelve used in a lot of club racing stuff and he's so dialed in that two hundred and twenty horsepower is pretty usable in a car that only weighs that's eight the two hundred and fifty weight is such a key so when i call a flat foot car you can keep your foot planet all the time unlike the gt2 as great as that is you gotta roll into that amount of power if you just stomp it you just spell in the road it's almost too much power i mean it's like a throttle stop the challenges there is trying to how to modulate and actually get that power down is takes a little bit of finesse 'cause she sorted gotta roll into it 'cause try control on or off if you stamp it it sort of does the same thing you just chirping in in then step inside well correct me if i'm wrong with the traction control do they
the calculated based on the horsepower the engine actually has so jam it up to it's not just traction it's a stability management it was the first time on a nine hundred and ninety seven that it had well on a gt car so your car being you know seven hundred and eight mark won it he has like a more simple traction control system that you can you can turn off doesn't have stability management like the gt2 so it actually has two buttons one is you know are you fucking nuts are you going to died right now so yeah says that on the bond no just as passengers and it says like s c plus the eagles death all right it does this i tell you what this orange light comes on you know and and yeah you you know it's sort of like it give do a chime as if you've got a problem with your engine seems like if you have a check engine light on a car you know it's got this thing and you like you know you're driving and you have this like you know orange amber you
warning signs so it's it's you know they're pretty still because of none of that crap you know you sort of feel little you don't feel it has especially with the brakes right there with you you actually can modulate yeah pushing them hard yes no power mold was but i think the brakes on the gt2 almost the same size as the wheels on two hundred and seventy seven two thousand and fourteen or fifteen inch eighty military anymore so yeah we're almost the same size there fifteen inch brakes fifteen inch wheels fifteen inch brakes well you need it with that car these people aren't aware of how much computer generated this stuff is going on behind the scenes of a lot of these modern high powered horse cars like i got to drive the challenger hellcat recently all entries even though it's seven hundred and seven horsepower it's very manageable when you're driving around because they have all this stuff going on behind the scenes neck so mopar guy still got my sixty nine super beta the will
there's that's a mopar be proud of this new order the valley is the valet key like five hundred horsepower mode yeah they give you that but i told them i don't even want that i mean what are the values that stupid and why do they have five hundred oh god help me cody damn it if you leave a valley guy with a five hundred horsepower car he could kill himself of wrapping around a tree just as easily as seven hundred horsepower car was pretty funny for folks i don't know what we're talking about there's two different keys one is a red key and ones of blackie the red key give you full access to all the power which gets you up to help at seven hundred and seven horsepower s'mores summer another just having the black key live it's the amount of horsepower yeah well this doesn't probably controls you know controls throttle mapping is not as much black metal yeah you know an amount of yeah it's probably just throttle map controller and obviously you know it allow you to sort of dig deep
and go higher up the evidence of state there's a lot of rev limitation rev limit when even when used as rather the car up just have some fun with it feels sloppy well it's just backs off when you get up near anywhere near the red line like you you can feel it cutting out i think i'm also stories never let a valley going to you call really that is the world on the two keys and i've never let any valley touch my jeep i had a valet key with one of the first cars i had which is you know like in the end of nine nine it was a supercharged jaguar xkr and i was very surprised at best to britain's unable to vertical right moral california because when you do a lot model and you tell me about i was a little longer internet supermodel yeah early internet celebrity that say good did you know that about him yeah gamer you do you remember remember websites like you tom
hardware and non ten yes yes so sharky extreme was mine and it was one of the big three and then voodoo extreme was another one i started did i remember that i remember this is a man and i remember should i started through the man behind was shocked about this war i don't know if we talked about on the podcast move definitely talked about it yeah that was your background yeah i will shooting video game i was trying to make some money so i started writing for you know magazines and this is back in england and they would go why you want to write about you know hardware in 3d cards and all this shit is never going to work and so i just started posting it on the internet instead and i moved out here and sold a website that was big duringthe dot com error isn't funny or people that that's one of those things where people thought there was no market for it people thought now i know i'm going to pay attention to that but you put it on the internet and you put it on the internet it becomes giant well obviously there's a market i just you fuck heads
couldn't figure out how to reach that mark remember this crazy thing in nineteen ninety nine y2k like going to meltdown i mean amazing fucking meltdown well how 'bout again at two thousand and twelve everybody thought the mayans were right they were stars are going to live there really is going to land ours up there yeah that sounds right up fake though it's just low photograph but you grew up in england you know 'cause well there's this big divide sickly between north and south north south divide so you've probably seen those and lost dog and so there is no money so it's like a l a or it's like well i mean in the eight one eight two one three and i'm a is the south and then as the norm i grew up in the ritzy cool part which is the south i was there grimm nor than steel town chevy but even in the south you know if you said you know to your school counselor or career person you know i want to be a fucking astronaut there be like
own it down a bit you know or i wanna be a baker no you can't do that son you know just just get a normal at all any means yes he does a great thing about america i used to yeah cut your hair and get a real job i was into heavy metal i've had long hair since i was one thousand four hundred and fifteen and you know for thirty odd years later i still got long have you got more than long hair man you got a whole ecosystem you know you got some crazy extra long like rope like things how it is about hanging out of the car though and epic getting caught in the door i was telling these guys one of my funniest moments was at the frankfurt auto show and portia debuted the nine hundred and eighteen last year and here we the ten minutes after debuted all the press was a an invite me up on stage to getting this nine hundred and eighteen and i get my their core in the door stay there is like headlines in the newspaper subtitle it read something like in fish born american rockstar gets her according nine hundred and eighteen door at frankfurt auto show but for me it's sorta like the samsung thing where you know i'm afraid
cut my hair 'cause i'll lose my strength but now it's just turning gray and getting thinner and falling out but i've had a long hair for thirty years but if i trust bald on top are you going to keep it on the side so probably it would be like a nashville pussy you ever seen that band yes you know where the guy takes his hat off and he's like completely bald on top it'll be like that but i think the point i was making his england is a sort of class divided country where is coming to america for me at nineteen sort of whatever in class divided even in the si mean when you come from england i mean let's is that we don't have much of a space program we don't have i mean you know korea it's going to change though right you guys do for sure with you son of a bitch you carry those things everywhere everywhere everywhere shakes take the shell a dead man they don't think the dicks but they did the sharks
good friend from steve his name is steve and he's firming as well and he was not the same thing so he's actually over pretty john he's a professor turn stanford and he says essentially the same thing he says that when you are in england they sort of limit your aspiration should be tell you where to go really tell you what to do we actually went up to the biggest magazines and you know ralph in the background yeah but it's distracting the images destroy yeah yeah he's the apps not i mean if you could sit you can sit over here you can do whatever you want you join in if you like juergen some long pants his eyes just because if we have the same background we would do in the background when the image but just so you know who he is he used to work for a very famous portia race is the godfather he used to work for bostic polite and he was working like rs kayson moving all these like
multi million dollar cars that but i know which is two three thousand dollars of year three dot nine yes yeah he is like right off the kermit that's right and and so therefore it is also barefoot and he drives barefoot cooking fuel better at the gas station in downtown actually yeah you want to want to sit in here always cool is very yeah he's a less is more going my friend steve hilton who is a professor at stanford is a very interesting guy fast in a guy and he fucking loves america and he said he didn't realize how negative and how limiting thing with the attitudes of people in england aren't we got to america when america people like yeah you could do whatever you want to do whatever you want to do literally i think i told you this on the last one but i went to do the most academic ritzy school i don't know how the hell i got in there a lot of hard work and you know my study good lucks yeah stunning and when i did get there i'm
the whole time it's sort of you know just keep it down son keep it down you know don't just try and do something different this is what you to do you need to do this this this and this and then you'll you'll good job in the city there's no such thing as dare to be different then i left school at fifteen i don't want you left school but i i remember i was just like the momentum ancient times it's it's almost determine you know you don't want to make him go down this path imagine going to the biggest gaming magazines or whatever if you're a nerd gaming magazines and pc magazines back in the 90s and saying hey this really cool new technology that i'm playing with and it's early on i know but it's going to make all these games better and then you know the editor in chief you know he's been there since one thousand nine hundred and eighty five just goes now that's not going to to work i'm not doing that and so
you've got no where like express you know something cool in news so yeah the internet was pretty freaking amazing for me you know i just threw it out there and then people start reading it and you know then what's funny is that same the same co i need the publishing company tried to buy my website like fucking four years later and i said now i sold it to internet dot com we're seeing something similar in america where the midwest and there's a lot of parts of this country that don't have urban centers and don't have there's a lot of people that are that have like really limited ideas of people should act how people should dress what people should do what religions you should follow and because of the internet there's this like this embedding of like a new culture in all of these areas like you could but anywhere you can go to the midwest you can go to kansas you can go and you'll find really fucking cool kids who are on the ball or understand what's going on we have to go to the library
find anything out or seem to exist anymore yeah they do they do i take my kids would you do with them there they look a little kid books like dinosaur books about books those on the web 'cause we're talking about magazines and where do you get him it's like therefore does she sought to find me buy magazines at the airport since he will lot of them yeah a lot of bookstores are dying yeah i know and then every round but like all the you know portion magazines and stuff they're all like you know on the ipad now you know my mom's like better on the ipad everyone's got an iphone and snapping photos i mean i've sort of because i'm an ex you know magazine guy too i just there's something about reading on paper i still i still want to cut down trees i guess to do it but i got a great photo from the tree hugger photo outside in the rain mad dogs and englishmen hugging the truth humping your trees see schedule excited just right here just just wipe it clean but it is amazing that the internet offers up all these
opportunities in the internet is essentially how i found out about both you guys i found out about you because of the urban outlaw documentary which is how well would you ever watch that documentary if it wasn't like him out a left feeling if i can talk about that for a candidate to i mean i got to give props to to me muscovy chi my canadian bid body who the he's been following my post on pelican parts and i was starting to get a little bit of magazine coverage prob three years ago in pelican parts for folks don't know the website for chase the sort of classic portia go to online foreman parts supply place in many anna write a thread going there called porsche collection out of control hobby and to me it was a canadian film director who was sort of dissatisfied with doing bud light commercials and more importantly he was a poor sharona and sort of connected with my story and figured maybe there's a little bit more to it than had been told through my posts and talking of the internet shot me an email and couple of emails later we had uh so
of online verbal handshake and he flew down on his frequent flyer miles to la hired a sort of very talented crew for nothing and from my point he was like what's worse it can happen here i'm going to drive around for four days and get some great footage we didn't know what was going to happen with that film you know and we released a trailer probably we but we shot it in twenty twelve january release to trayless months later that got picked up by top gear nothing sort of went viral and exploded and then the film came out october 15th online got into the rain dance film festival and just sort of went from there you know and it's amazing how global that thing became 'cause i think peep connected to the story film urban outlaw is not purely about portia it's about my store i have following my dream which everyone can relate to and we touched down a little bit grow up in england and then coming to america is in nineteen year old not knowing anybody but just sort of follow the passion and my theories
who is the same how bad can it be and that's ultimately the great thing about america and i think that's what to me captured in the film of an outlaw was my sort of spirit which is a common spirit of trying to follow your dreams and do what it is you like to do without taking no for an answer in the past two years since that film came out you know just been a whirlwind of travel for me in meeting great people in i've realized this sort of common bond with all car guys it don't matter whether you drive in a eight hundred horsepower gt2 orbiting building a vw in the back yard or hope our god we all share that same common bond of love to tinker with cars like getting out and driving and basically trying to express yourself through the styling of car on the passion of the car and everything that evolves in it is a language you know i say porsche as a language but i think all the guys share that same common bond and i think that's the connection why people sort of related to the film well your your passion and your enthusiasm is really addictive and that
things i love about people were in it i watched a documentary reasons short piece at a guy who makes knives he makes like but when i say no i mean he makes mostly like knives for chefs and house but he does the mall bahandi hammers the steel the whole deal and watch them covered with pieces and polish them down in a similar guy that selling life toric clapton and these things are like two thousand five hundred and fifty grand knife some of these old vintage collecting yeah well this is in vintage this is all handmade stuff but it's just this guy used to have a regular job and then i think his company is called brooklyn cut and he's just started well you know is like in a funk and he started making knives almost as a hobby and then it became is job but as he's making these knives it's like you're really interested in the craftsmanship in his passion enthusiasm that's so addictive i don't have any desire to make died yeah if i take a knife i cut a tomato and the knives done done i'm done talking cool to see someone that's just you know he's
obviously that's life and passion and he's putting everything into it compassion goes further than street smart than book smarts often describe myself as st that guy 'cause i left school early without a lot of education we're talking earlier about the past people go down where school university college you know to come out when the two thousand two hundred and twenty three and they've got no idea what they want to do with i've got all these degrees in education and then sometimes they just or float around for me it was a complete opposite but just always trying to enjoy life and find things that you enjoy doing but the keys never give up you know it's like the guy with a knives seems to be a hobby passion into a what sounds like a pretty success full business when i came over here in ninety eight i didn't even have a driver license wow that's hilarious
consider what you do now he struggled crazily but not good yes good always good as him he's actually you know it's funny you mentioned you know most of your collection is uh by the early cars and low powered but you know i i left the car with him it rained in la member like a while ago for like thanksgiving thanksgiving and my wife actually who made that video that you saw 'cause she which is not as good as his actual which video i'm with kermit you know and it's also it's not one of those home videos you guys like yeah we like to do that that's a different one because of the rising in orland something no not normal justin walked okay you are one cool guy that's right i the calls are going to get it in there but yeah i mean you know we left it that well i said i gotta get back on the phone right and you want to tell him back story before that yeah will tell him back story with the point where you're trying to get at is that you left a car with him to try to get him addicted exam
actually and this is like those are going to the back story though there's a third of the it's time and just watching him sort of go up in his in two hundred and seventy seven or early car an you know he respects the power but he just eases in and like i said it was like a i found a song on the radio that he liked if anyone is since the radio but you know and he's like i think i like that turns out the volume a little more then goes back in you know chops tomorrow tomatoes with those knives probably goes by i like that song a lot actually i'm going to turn it up a little more and he continues to cook and by the end of like that drive was two hour drive you could just go to eleven yeah you know instead of having like thirty percent throttle or a three out of ten on the volume knob you know who's more at seven or eight and he's like this
this is this this needs some time you know and yeah so i left it with them for a month is possibly something that you also have to get accustomed to when you're coming from these cars that are essentially most of your cars or somewhere around two hundred horsepower and then all sudden you're driving that thing is almost got four times the amount of power so i'm used to sort of getting in these two hundred and seventy seven type cars and you just keep your foot plan all the time i call him flat foot cars were what's the metal sort of my slogan gt two with almost eight hundred horsepower you you can't do that so pedal to the carpet yeah gradual pedal to the metal you know to me so it's a lot but variety and the challenge with that car is trying to get comfortable with it where you feel confident where you can push it more and more and you know break later get on the gas earlier type of thing and i said hi just to be able to modulate and try and get the most out of that car the flip side to it is driving around town under four thousand rpm pretty dope
well just like any other car yet but you know it's real angry real quick but again is the whole passion thing you know i'm addicted to his passion basically you know that the first time i met him you know like really it was a year ago with the blue car to the point where you know i'm crazy enough i guess some people think to you just hey american only the car with you for a month you know some guy that's got a video like that you know up in the canyons well now that you're leaving a car it is an owner of one and what a modified one of one but essentially one of two hundred yet you are ever built but i think of anything better like i'm not gonna bring you know i'm not gonna bring sold out yes we have to clarify i've owned a lot of early nine hundred and eleven a lot of them but uh collections my own collection i don't build customer cars and i think there's a bit of this may sort of interpretation that people i'm a tuning shopper or performance shop building customer cars to get these emails all the time from guys want emitter build cars for them or can they drop their car often have had quite a few people
approach we wanted to do collaborations with other tuners so you know to clarify i'm a collector and i like to get out and drive out on build customer cars i've helped and buddies out occasionally so when alex approach me with the car and just sorta left there and he gave me the classic line like what i think become the all time classic line for migos just as if it was your own car and do whatever you want to do with you painted it yeah i'm done with what i call opeapea other peoples porsches for me this was just a real fun collaboration to be able to put my sort of artistic stylistic into rotation of the 60s and 70s sport purpose error onto a new car which is something that hasn't really been not done you know now not really took that six thousand and seventy styling put it on a new car and the porche well is a little bit black and white in a sense just to sort of be real broaders you're right
cool guy only reward a cool guy you know on a generic term the two don't necessarily makes even though they really do all the folks i don't know what we're talking about just explain the error she's not a push for more on right here this is just a regular podcast of but it's essentially the ninety four was one nine nine three ended production no i was ninety eight the line launched it out it and when that happened when that happened old you know porsha guys that we're you know fanatics for you know three thousand and forty years i start in the beginning the bottle and came out in nineteen sixty four and was at called soul start they start there all the way up to ninety eight it surely people that reports you guys wanted to jump off a cliff because they thought it was over it was over because portia announced the going to water cooled and they were just like that's the end of porsche and they went to water cool because it was the only way to really get more horsepower that and i think it's cheaper in a way it's cheaper than to mass produce 'cause when they were air cooled they were making fewer cars
volume one volume were not introduced but actually it's not true it wasn't nine thousand and ninety eight they made the last air cooled nine hundred and ninety three but in twenty seven they actually introduced the boxster and that was the first water cooled so you know about the box no i made it my friend lou hurdles he had one it was an automatic god bless this man this is a great you know what's great about doesn't need exhaust pipe really in the middle like that it's a little weird yeah i i love scene one with to circle that's the s et that's the that's the yes that's good i think the new one is beautiful it is actually a new boxers well hello honors in you came in you know they got this thing coming out he told forty four that's a real yeah this raman really is and it is like in cayman gt s r on steroids so it's like a g g three but any member and i'm going to go that far no still it will still martin and what's all these guys you know what do the shot works tuning and take a bite out of well ayman over that's what's interesting on becoming an old like new river
version of you like a older grumpy sort of new car guy because can you come again yeah because the the golden there for me is there of joe's car nine what seven yeah nine nine seven you know g t three from seven i like the nine and six what did you get your first porsche i got two nine nine six turbo in two thousand and three i think today that nine nine six two who is the best bang for the buck yeah and then getting a certified grand in really fast yeah but my was a lemon mine broke down like crazy and i got away from porsches for awhile and and a second when you bring in a sex than i got rid of them as sex i got another nsx i too am a sexist but then i found out about
g three nose ring about the road my car broke down five times a night replace the engine the legal route over the throttle the fuel pump broke so i just ran out of gas the fuel gauge broke that's a claim and run problems he ran out of gas to fuel pump broke the ship broke twice okay right that was a really common problem if you looked at it you would log off because you're thinking like a hundred and you know whatever thirty thousand dollar car it's got this plastic piece of linking linking the floppy shifter the cables on the transmission and that thing would break on cars from ninety seven is it the same part in a bog standard boxer turbo and yet we always had to make like a bill that part for the early cars will shift yeah see made something much stronger yeah i see a company in arizona it's like a tuning part of maybe they make it and yeah it's just a little bit piece
and then yeah you don't get 'cause you know what happens you get stuck you can't shift you can't go anywhere so i got lucky in mind stuck in second gear it's a goodyear to be stuck out here to the porsche dealership that's a good game to be stuck in that car happened twice is pretty stupid once you got the gt3 i got the g3 year before i may use it was three hundred two thousand and ten you went hardcore went backwards i loved it i loved it but then i found out about the shark works cars and i was like all this mother fucker just took too much next level and so my wife's video yeah i saw the video and then there was the cover of excellence i think it was three dot nine was on it and they were
talking the guy was just raving about the engine it was comparing to three but i must be your buddy right ps oh yeah peach down now he's in charge of panorama that's right so i got rid of the twenty ten bought a two thousand and seven had it sent to alex never even saw it didn't even see the car right off the showroom floor center right to not even driven install form to just just new stuff was and i talk to him like this mother fucker is exactly what i wanted to hear everything you saying like that's my dog in the car we go let's do it there it is said go crazy and it isn't that crazy i love what's your favorite road to go drive i love that angels crest hard man i love holding at loft with that so yeah no reception up there you know know i called the bottom now we're going to say yeah well we were up there yesterday at the other side of it i had exception
is such a masterpiece what i i drove it i was like this is like better than any ride at disneyland six flags i got to the bottom and those that when you drive a car like that on a crazy wine to canyon road no one anywhere near that's when you really understand i would write because i can relate to that well that was sort of how i connected to the gt2 you know and then just little by little eased into that car and then you know these guys had already added performance i just added a little bit of style and personality did i think if is there a best website to look at the images of the what the version of the one that he had created on basically
it's all over sort of hold on instagram so if you go to like the shark works instagram or magnus walker you can see it i mean you just sort of like dependent relation to go that's on my insta mapper on look at that guy with a honda t show who the hell is that special worse looking gt2 today it looks like i got some holes in my jeans it looks good when you see it in person it's like the blue car the blue car you're back you're like and then you came and saw it and you were drinking coffee now i think i like it yeah the four point one when you see it in person you see the blue and the orange cereal that's where you go he could hear it if you play it off to another the video of matt affair driving bus which i think during that video i think so but you can hear that that's just my instagram oh yeah ok
the folks it looks pretty fast around that that's that's pretty cheap here right have a british flag yeah jack upside down people would dig in the bus is then that's what do through the union jack on german because also you did the thing with the seat inserts all yeah yeah we took a uh my wife and i took a uk tour right before christmas we did an event with porsche are in london and then went to see my mom in sheffield and then we see my sister lives in aberdeen scott a bird the so you're able to dean when i got some eye in blue yes so you know i'm a big fan of messing up in tears in college but pull should been putting plotting tear is taunting tear is in because since the seventies i harden is it's called harden you know i got a little it's like a tax in thailand you know they make a lot of the in scotland you know them them will it william wallace dudes with the kills in the spa is sort of a going to show up and show their willies or their ass that thing i was
is there for that on fabric but i managed to find this tartan letter is almost the same colors that are on the car so couldn't this just put in the inserts into the seat just to give it a little bit more character on the inside as well i mean when you open it you just go doesn't make it drive any better but just sort of looks like he's got a little bit more style and personality bowed can you guys on this i just see that that's your urine to it i like solid colors i don't like plat interiors but honestly that car has a lot more character in a very unique in a weird way now that you've got a lot of places i would have done it but and with the gold wheels it does work really like three color combos you know just sort of trifecta i call it and like i say it's an acquired taste but it's sort of a late 60s early 70s race inspired library interpret come to a new car which is i think you'll see another call like that out there you know you see the privateer to we know from the 70s eighties that
is when i see that car going down you know as opposed to just being like stealthy white nine living with a sort of big wing on it that to me is the glory days of portia cars nine hundred and eleven came out in sixty four they one lemon in nineteen seventy so that in ten years you know portion just started winning everything in the nine slash eleven nine routine and that's just like the iconic sort of error beginning of everything that's become this autumn with legend that has gone on for fifty years and there's only for the cars that have been in production as long as the nine slash eleven the corvette which which you have ten years before you've got a sixty five well you know what i'm talking about then and everyone's favorite the mustang and i'm always floored that people don't do more mustang portia sort of harrison's because to me i don't have the same time came out the same time i own a sixty five mustang gt three fifty all replica on the
mustang owner on the porsche are on it in maine are very similar in the sense that both of 'em love to customize the cars you know you see a lot of upgraded mustangs i mean just look at all the pawn the jones the shelby's the boss 302's you know these factory but conversions on the mustang it's just never ending the night lemon innocence is sort of a similar thing and i think the owner and enthusiast of the two cars share that bond of the cars were easy to sort of upgrade for point of view in a static point of view and they've both been in content production the years in the both icons you look at ford and i think you are by forward with the mustang you look at ken block and what he just did with it encarna seventh that thing is ridiculous one threat i will pull that video well that is blocked comma seven funny about a mustang but like in england if you were thinking of an iconic forward it was probably
a four to three not well at all two thousand sq no no it's it's a ford escort xr three i was the most stolen cars in one area you grew up in a here's the video yeah at first what how beautiful as ellie look at night like that that is i was fortunate enough to be a couple hundred yards away from some of the scenes is running on the you know the guys that you work with wheels on it sure yeah he's running the same one thousand five hundred and fifty two wheel nine mustang is that what it is what year is it truth be told it's sort of a completely purpose built car but the real key to is eight hundred horsepower on four wheel drive is unbelievable and i think what this day before dinner ways bring a whole new fan run into ken blocks world and also the ford world through this last thing which to me just looks like darth vader
mad max on stage that is looking much better soon after the sixty five look out on the front and we know it's a notch but you know it you're not going to post a fastback yeah notchback and why dennis fender flares and it's just wants to look at this spin the wheels well yeah four wheel it is kind of hooked up to a chain all wheel drive mustang on the sound you know i'm not hearing that sound but it's just intoxicating nigga unbelievable only all wheel drive performance mustang ever built what's the benefit of having a car like this all wheel drive though power down better right yeah but that's it right it's going to or it makes more smoke even smoke it all for this guy is a fucking mad yeah driving he's nice guy to that video that he
with his subaru whereas spinning as different as you did that on top gear right there control that he has in this thing i thought the san francisco gym khana five was the best until i saw this my son is going to lead big but this one is in downtown la side ways around every corner in the craziest mustang that's ever been built my mother in law sent me this video have you seen this is like yes hello how are you right you're right about mustangs though in that mustangs might be the most customized ever irons are without a doubt yeah i mean what a he's been around in production for fifty years and there are also one of the most radical cars as far as which you can buy the most radical which could buy straight from the factory they were the first to go completely hog wild that gt500 with six hundred and sixty eight horsepower meant what the blocking the road i mean that is bananas got his little god damn bananas car to have a live rear axle in two thousand and fourteen yeah
the new one have you seen the new gt350 they've gone the other way they have low through the horse power down to five hundred they've lightened that car like that giant carbon brakes and apparently with this new independence suspension it's a mother fuck as far as its handling it supposed to see see honestly i would actually take a slightly horsepower but lighter i like that for gt that was one of my all time favorite cars as a kid growing up the the fifty is a new mustang ford gt yeah the ford gt is a beautiful car is a number ricin on those monitors done modern version of it and modern one yet is just insane nobody rivaling the average house and well i had a friend of when he said was dog shit i can i drove them it wasn't there was a time when i was thinking of getting one uhm it was the the gulf livery one obviously i like weird colors you know it was around one hundred and eighty at the time so it was like the best time to buy it and now i see there like four hundred grand but nobody ever drives those cars
it's a great thing what not elevens and pushes your kitchen item yeah i see a lot of high mileage porsche you don't see a lot of high mileage for always allow because actually you know nothing about that would you just saw so manual transmission is standard that's all you can hear how great he studied manual is the sole transmission out so l e and and write about down to that what makes you like the sticker on everything lined the gt to the anti theft stick of the models yeah i love that dan came up with that i think it's a job well done roasted porsches not making manuals and it's it's really disappoint owns and the worst thing is you know well i came in gta4 come in manual that's going to ruffle a lot of feathers 'cause guys are going to go like you or nine nine one gt3 guys they're going to go i can i can get a manual in nine nine one gt three is ripped the soul out of that car the art of the gt three program when they you know said it's p k only you know i get that have to compete with you know the nice
gtr the m threes and all these all these cars that are basically you know automatically just a button it doesn't ring for you the ohio soul glass you do have to still push mother off plane numbers there also yeah they can conquer cheesy our emotional nurburgring the clinton pete on that so i don't really know about the journey i think you know the interaction and you know the control you put angela's arm yeah the like you know you're just like falling asleep the nine one one gt3 is honestly the first gt3 ever that i've been sort of board in you know to the trees are being bored and i'm like pushing buttons 'cause i see oh it's got some new buttons what does this do instead of actually going you know why i'm really engaged don't get me wrong it's a great car for a first time portia by our spies who's buying them usually and not the hard judy three loads rich guys who don't really know how to drive a manual i have a friend who's wealthy who doesn't know how to drive a manual and i go listen i go rent a truck jean kerr i go over
my car for no he doesn't but he's thinking about getting my building i go rent in a car ready for the weekend and beat the out of learn how to drive a you can learn a drive in ten minutes it's not hard it's like hand that's the great thing was right on the money that can do exactly out but how are you going to be yeah and i say it covers all the senses that to me is a great thing about driving i don't think ultimately doesn't matter what car you drive but what matters is being engaged and involved in that experience which covers sigh sound field touch you know you know how to and two feet in the canyons once you get or just as all you would do is put 'cause you probably not even push buttons anymore but you just push the gas going around and it's like ok now what my arms not doing anything my legs not doing anything i'm not getting that feed i have my body yeah yeah three is a pd k car trouble it did drop out rates i'd smite traffic car yes i love drive around and try to get a great because it it was great yeah
i'm the opposite i live two hundred yards from where i work so for me eighty percent of my driving walking fuel pleasure do you have like a regular car you drive or do you come on i think of all on all of my will to work so i got the courage for the because i walk to work i have my one karen hook call what i call the wife's car is a regular call us and we will cars be in today i i guess i am so much for money b and w no no i mean it's it's you know the funny thing is why people columbia four door and they look at me and go puzzle like they go aren't you porsche gonna go you're on the go what do you do in trying to be endemic always my wife's car still go
a call yeah three three five i b m w you know sort of still for driving it now we come on i have a two thousand twelve three i phone but you know what i really like i right i like the generation before mine the you know the one with three and thirty three horsepower the what the forty so yes that's a beautiful car man's a lot of people make their track yeah yeah you make i'm sort of track cars out of those and then even the thirty six that's like probably the most common you know sort of you know like get into in our tracking other than a miata that's that the you know the e thirty six m three are the most common delivery not phone silver i've seen so i always love the two thousand two t i and the three point oh but yeah i still going older old school i was real old school seven engines go by why is that why why you so things my age my ear you know i'm forty eight so i grew up born in sixty seven grew up and where is that we'll see thanks you know so as a kid those are those informative years alex is
little bit younger so i think his point of reference is 80s my point references 70s and i remember watching motor racing on tv on grandstand on a saturday watching valley college program in england on the bbc just one we had two channels i think no now we had three one thousand nine hundred and eighty two they introduced that we have three channels and then everything was eighty two right here on bbc two and it v they went with now going to unveil channel four and it literally the entire country stopped as if it was a royal wedding right and the very first probe when was this thing called countdown right which was like a game show where you know they would i've liked they pick letters and you go i'd like a vowel please or i'd like a consonant please and they put it up and you sort of have to fill in the blanks you know that have celebrities and stuff and they'd go okay well you know give me in a give me a you know so i can be a letter and and you know you make a word out of it and it was like that was the first part gram to launch the you know channel four you like
i don't remember that you know for me i remember old grey whistle test top of the pops they were the music show is half of the part that was sort of every thursday top of the pops and then what was chan the force mu sure in the eighties that was it was with paula yates and bob killed yeah it is well to the to that was it this is the mtv sorry is going back to a pretty trendy to have some really good bands on it you know sort of a cool air of music you know my thing growing up was i'm from sheffield so sheffield was sort of high portrait grim all the steel town but it was also a great music town you know joke welcome to reach london was varies from from sheffield died recently couple weeks ago but when i was a teenager late 70s early 80s sheffield was known for its new wave bands human league heaven seventeen abc the cabaret voltaire but the flip side through it was def leopard sack in heavy metal music so
feels always had a great musical vibe i guess a current pep band from sheffield ought take money kids which are sort of those guys ignore that environment towns you know manchester sheffield leeds liverpool i think they breed cri because you know people just looking for a way out something different you know mike than in the seventies it was pretty deep steel mills closing down coal mines clue sing down so minors for gas exit well talk about that lazy not your favorite salon as well because so there was a there was a move yes or recently called pride you know you like english sort of humor black humor movies and this is going to sound weird it's like full monty on steroids it's called pride should look it up small sort of british movie or play win some awards came out this year but it's about the more mining strike in the 80s which i remember growing up you know
this call was argo europe the coal mine yeah practically shannon me down when the guys went on strike he's actually everyone was on strike and the there was police brutality towards the minor it was striking but there was a so police brutality to gays well not lesbians but gays mostly at the time 'cause it's brutal well you don't mess with me you mess with that i don't want to get asked by a lesbian right come on so in london an activists and they were thinking well no is taking us seriously but we have something common with these miners in the middle of whales weigh this is what is a common bond thread you know what that is yeah i know you said before it's it's the about you all that you said since you're the dirty minded one yeah you've got it more so than on a black hole black hole yeah i know like i know how dare you but they are you know be
beating on a daily basis and you know base just just penalized for being you know gay and they're like well we have a lot in common with these coal miners right now what we're going to do is we're going to fall this coalition called gays and lesbians for minors you know coalition and we're going to raise money for them and so what happened is you they raise money since all these miners were out of jobs and striking on the on the street so you can imagine in the seven sorry in 80s the early 80s you know gay people on the street going hey would you like to donate to the minors of wales for gays and lesbian we're gays and lesbians would you like to donate it and it kind of looks and things were like that's yeah that's a interesting thing yeah it's really cool so then you know that you get all this money and they end up actually getting a lot of money for these miners and they go set them they get in a in a bang boss basically and go visit them
and when they get there you know you have to you have to realize that you know these are coal miners there's probably that's probably homosexuality there underneath but would you say i'm dead go digging i guess the cold fossil fuel thing doing gay sex about digging you're doing it wrong i haven't done it yeah so i don't know i don't i don't know i've read books about the jake there hadn't go this is not the right technique is it though that there is a little bit different of the you in me greg a coal mining breast off movie yes it is about the brass band yes respond but they get there and there's this hundred and five year old you know grandma that you know pouring tea for all the miners at their club and working men's club right thing we have and she's and she's just like you know whatever guys name is who's in charge of them she goes okay so here and it's like the whole place just stand still and you're bringing money for them and they form a bond they actually
i turn around it's happy go lucky but then not to put a damper but then you know the main guy gets is one of the he's the sex in person with the to contract aids in in the uk sony not died sorry but the other sorry and the other on the store on a high note sorry well the other guy lives the other guy does live did you hear that russia recently banned trans gender people from driving from drive how would that impede anyone from driving properly well you gotta not dress like a woman or dress like a man if you're a woman could you to me i don't know if it's i think trans transgender transsexual trans trans fats and anything transaction transmission trade may have a slightly k transmitting have yes i have found so what mail transmission that is when the sense if that's bring a stick russian is there so archaic with their their views on homosexuality or kicking they've decided
just literally a van okay reasons for wellness documentaries on us route forgot st yeah they they go head hunting for them like in a really crazy it's a that country is falling apart right before our eyes and coincidentally doesn't make a good sports car well they know what they did they bought the mask of issue seventy remember that the rush yes they did they bought the worst british car company you could possibly buy remember that russian guy he was like a twenty year old kid billion when he bought tv are trevor out a black yeah he watcher and that's not a good car company i mean they the styling of another stylings good just don't drive it just don't go to admit they looking shield falls off the boat load of power remember remember that top gear episode where he's testing pick up you know one of those weird looking tv ours with you know from the early 2000s and you know windshield wiper actually just like flies off i mean it's a factory car just fly is off going one hundred and twenty miles an hour this is
this is a crazy rush is they've dumped it all in with rational ideas like you shouldn't be allowed to drive your blind should be allowed to drive you that's probably a good idea right yeah and then along with that they listed desire to live and be accepted as a member of the opposite sex and people who were close of the opposite sex in order to experience actuary membership of the opposite sex those people russian drivers must not have sex disorder also what was introduced have sex in a car in russia though i hope so yeah i'm not going on since the communist are for sure but the crazy part is that you know they had their first f1 race there right and sort of like coming to texas you know a black guy lewis hamilton wins the first race you know they see many black people in russia i mean it's a very sort of white it's actually quite racist i know because i have
shin blood in me unfortunately and the that's the races party no i am not at all not at all actually i i was born and raised in london very cosmopolitan i have many many green yellow get up united colors of benetton really all there we go that's right now i remember that i was think of 'em is american apparel exceed the basement wood paneling that's how i look at it but she got kicked out of members should not use this factory episode did it down the american apparel up for yes down there yeah yeah we can of which are t shirts are made by them american invented in every month by the same guys that make up the tesla sold here the main guy all america off turn it was supposed to be very weird pics shady creek creepy isn't like this these articles i never meant in the bottom he just seem to attract i just paid it would just pay the bills for it i don't know kick him out of the company and somehow i've bought his way back in the coming to a huge pretty quick you know stores everywhere and
well it's all teenagers in their underwear at wood panel cool thing is just a cool thing is actually about that company is that the labels you know we can we can specify what we want so like you know that blu that bright blue thing you know it's it it's not that that's a demo but we're going to have labels that say you know where it is where until it smells you know this was made by you know people over age of you know twelve you know that didn't didn't earn one cent a month you know it wasn't exploited you know well that's a whole big thing yeah verticals on in la a night out at the yeah so it right there on you know yeah well i've been
they're found no shark fin janitor there are regulated like a million square feet of production down there this is john once they know all the front there because i'd be really disappointed no no no i mean it is actually made in honduras now you know i say the fact i've walked down through the i've actually what when we're filming there we were actually walk through their factory yeah but this is pretty what will happen is going back to the geeky thing sorry but when i'm in are we still talking about england for channel talking over the phone now when it's a nineteen ninety eight you know i'm out of universe ninety seven actually i'm out of university and i'm doing this website thing and i'm going to you know what cs is right now yeah so if you're at right used to be called on the big bang theory for geek so a lot less complicated wiring feria is one yeah one tonight yes four engine i was invited to go and speak in tight pay at the you know like the chai these version of it i went there and i was all you know you got to visit all these mother board companies in our taiwan and
you're like oh this is where i get my you know a suh's mother board and i overclock and they're like oh thank you for mentioning us and all this stuff away from him yeah yeah he knows you know sorry i said alright all cat and i drove alex fix my printer the other day so and there's all these rather nice factories in taiwan but you're so they can look in there and going this isn't in taiwan there's no uh we doing anything all they're doing is taking these things in boxing them and there's like dust that click on the you know on the equipment and on the tables and you start to realize actually what they're doing is they're making it in china for way way less you know sorry to break that but it was pointing oh so they make him in china and they box it up and yeah but it looks like they're made and so i was just saying i hope it's not like that with those t shirts but i believe it is i was very wanted to go with a company that was michael keaton sort of you know in california i don't care about paying more for it thing but i feel it local well i feel bad for you know twelve your kids or whatever in honduras or wherever it is you know earning
a dollar a month to work twenty hours a day to make a t shirt that i can sell for whatever thirty dollars on doesn't feel good yeah that whole thing that really doesn't something happened in america where they started moving almost all of our factories and all of our all most of the cars so i mean look it happened to detroit detroit was essentially gutted mean the first cities casing cars detroit i mean that's like a ghost you could have picked a better way you know i flew to new york take a trailways bus from new york to detroit worked on some account with kids that was how i got to america one thousand nine hundred and eighty six and then spent some time in detroit which looks great from windsor if you go across the he told me he has a you didn't have your driver's license i don't i don't drive in england either you know he could growing up nobody had cut we can afford one first will that we we can either she spent everything on my ski whatever on the bus for five people you know it's so
go back now beak at an old age pensioner free policy i could do the almost you know what is a a a p once you get to forty eight is a fifty you got no i'm almost close close i will say though just for the record the first car i have a bowl a border here in in la plus my drive this test in la i think in nineteen eighty seven when i was twenty at the santa make a dmv in an hour one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven toyota corolla two tc that i paid two hundred dollars for if that was the very first guy on second car was a saab turbo nine hundred spg plenty of the third one was the nine slash eleven is what do you guys feel as as englishman living in america top gear than uh for one television show all time when it comes to cars but clarkson is pretty adamant about being anti torshe yeah he's he's he's learned to be a bit of a knobhead about porsches and that's ok he actually there's this episode i believe it will ends on top gear it's before the new sort of format
i think it was by the late nineties or early two thousand should look this up if you want to feed its on you too bye now he takes what now probably a6 project six thousand and seventy thousand dollar nine hundred and eleven it was like a seventy three yeah not to let him know on it he he just ways to destroy it hits walls with it like it going yeah must be the first generation that show initially with kant was canned cas t it goes on that's what i grew up watching and i think you mentioned this with chris harris how different adele drove with them and stuff and that's what i grew up carnation and from what i can gather she liked it better than i mean it's really spectacular now with all the explosions and all the silliness but is sort of like jackass surfer car guys are yeah tiff needell show fifth gear i did that show and that seems to be a bit more of a series all of them can drive too and what's the name vicky who used to be on there is right there with this car yeah your man is on look at that
i would have found it well i mean is it a look at him he's got us didn't even have any smashed a car though that is a beautifully governmental bite then these because were undertaken around all day long now you know there's not amazing it's amazing out prices doubled and then tripled like what is like a nineteen seventy two like really nine hundred and eleven lfss peered fall two three hundred grand that's dude a seventy three rs he drops a fucking piano on it don't do it jeremy yep that's the final camera fuck me no but he does way worse he goes into like walls he just he cripples the thing and it just keeps on going that's the joke about it really but it is kind of fucked up that car take such a beating they are rock solid well money man yeah they are look at i mean who would have thought you know we're we're racing around in the in the canyons in a seventy one this is set up right you know two hundred and seventy seven well forty four years old now i know that things age
very well yeah those cars are amazing i felt about just watching that actually does yeah well it's gross pretty crazy though i'd rather watch those other videos with it you found lost time of like burning hero now people making love to a racquet tangs or all i know is in other words you're the wrong no no no no there was no no i think you know it wasn't that it was you you're saying a horse was banging a dude that was that was the one that you were really high on that one last hey with the language sorry not true no no i'm shocked pulse raced disturbed commodity on no that's a good job no ones you said you like the movie avatar i enjoyed that high on that you say in this actually and it was in your stand up to you said the noise that that guy makes
with you for the entire life well it will it's right never watched it i didn't want to see that you made the noise so put it up it's all good is watching it you made the noise thank you appreciate it i don't want to coal mining in somewhere in kentucky or something back to my is the point did you ever want to give jeremy clarkson one of your four point ones i mean i want that guy to drive that got him not him but actually richard hammond but he lie sports right he had a gt3 rs a green one like ours i really wanted him to drive ours because i think he he understand it clarkson first of all he wouldn't fit in the seat because he's a bit of a chubby tom is in a bit yeah i love matt serra fits and how the could collection of fit and a stretchy he just said on the way over that we
we're driving his car that matt frost side and it is developed in new creek that it might wondering there wasn't there before you create creek that's on the passing you said that wasn't there yesterday in silent two hundred and fifty if not higher the weight distribution was a little bit different with him in the code yeah he could go in a little bit of diet and be better nice guy you have two thousand two hundred and seventy seven so that was good i think you had fun in the gt2 as well but he was raving about your two hundred and seventy seven here raving about the way it handles but nothing is surprised to roast it yeah no map map got it towards the end of the day too 'cause at first i was like holy shit holy shit this things like you know now such as easy and just ease in and the more you spend more time you spend with that gt2 such as i'm pretty quick because before we got to the canyon i was in the past you see when he was driving and we did do the one hundred and forty seven well he's also one hundred and forty seven kilometers
no it was mph was wrong for serving his professional driver on a close cause i mean come on full disclaimer here back there is also one of those guys that really loves cars when you're around him it's the same sort of infectious sort of vendors for hours when he's driving those cars in those videos i mean that's how i became friends with him is watching his videos and then reaching out to him like his video the fund is enjoying driving these cars it's not like some sort antiseptic review these things not excited about it optional he's got a collection of cars of cell phone to lori and that's that's the court that's the model right we parked next to each other and he was going over in the the lawrence so got a
yeah you know exactly you know a guy that shows up in a dolorian that's that's a good dude dude right here to party yeah yeah sure yeah good sense yeah yeah i saw one the other day in hollywood so absolutely matt yeah look to see if it was matter i was just some weird nerd some guy i mean they're cool to drive now suppose it a photo i run into the la auto show not long ago the opening date and it just happened parking in the same spot underground at the convention center but he pulled into the handicaps on it import there we pulled into the open up the door and i took a photo of course i had to put it up online of course within like three minutes is all this head of why is that asshole parking in a handicap zone in the dolorian it but you know it didn't take long for that to sort of get punchy mentally handicapped for only a dolorian that's what i think we're all challenged here a little bit challenge ball is not about that excited in a very logical way let's put it it makes sense it's a mouthful i want to
get jeremy clarkson when one of your cars mount it would be hey jeremy if you're i'm sure it's listening right why well doesn't even know what the internet is seriously he does not i'm sure it's because the interweb will you any any you know what he calls you know what he calls a prius frias you know what he calls an ipod one ipod well you guys says aluminum wrong too now that you may know tell uncle what's up with aluminium aluminium i'm not help build dispelled aluminum we well it differently over there you just pronounce it differently color is spelled differently colour says if you don't want to speak english anymore then go ahead and speak spanish now which weakens american speaking american how you speak in english we run the world now it's a different thing now china does this is now you say so but we have all the bombs essentially if the shit hits the fan america takes has some bombs on this nuclear wasteland that is the world because we all go to war right
goes to hollywood right yeah go to war between two tribes go towards just can't deny american when you already moved over here and said oh it's a land of opportunity the grass is greener davis i'm an american citizen i'll have hollow you know how it became an american citizen only in this country i was working way too hard yeah i shook hands with them and we went across the border what did you have in the states again ninety eight yeah newbie yeah no so i did in the process i hadn't what was known as an o1 visa which is like a special thing pre nine hundred and eleven it was kind of get in la for people that were like internet celebrities all internet celebrities do you should use it is in my group are he's mad can we go on his extreme size i don't know it sharky extreme onto you don't do that don't do that don't you this yeah but when you when you went to these things you know there was actually one time which that i have is that a woman that she showed up so it's like really cool groupie
one time at a woman but mostly more guys anyways back to that you know watch the big bang theory right now so how i imagine now now but when i when i got here at one visa then then i got a green card i got married to my girlfriend was a game developer and so i started another company after retiring which was shark works out of a play again and you know for a few years into that i'm like ok i have to get the can green card which i think is three years later surly they make the appointment and i lose the card right you lose it the way i think the way i lose that is by bringing it back to them seeing how he loses stance on these my lunch i got a good green card story when you don't know all right so i take it you know take the green card back to them the original one and then i'm supposed to come back in three months and pick up the second version of the green card i don't get i don't get to
appointment on time because you know i'm supposed to make an within six to nine months and i so busy with shark works that i don't so come there the officer there you know eventually is like well never going to find it i mean you're here a year late you could either start this process again or do you want to just be an american citizen literally i'm not kidding you and i was like okay yes right there on there so i did like no not not in the spot had to come back and do a history test and at the time the mustang no no no no what was this jawn john adams things on hbo useful sam adams brother yeah yeah yeah that's the that's the that's the one that is american stories right out of man yeah i don't know i'm not a u s and then some you know is always in stock picks up on that and then you know my education finally came in handy because you know we did we did a lot of history and stuff and actually you know the brits did kind of rule the
tanya ruled the waves back then you know we colonized everything was right too including the wing of a gt2 yeah yeah but yeah so that's that's how i got it and so i still dancing is not seeing him in for a visa and they said look just because some believe will just become a citizen you speak english you look kind of weird then you have never said that to me it's a really green card store i'll make it really short you know i'm on a green card i've been here twenty eight years couple years back i go to england leave leave i know problem get into england no problem ten days later i'm ready to go back to la and they go ok we need to see green card i hadn't even looked at it in about two years well turned out it expired what's the big deal is sort of like speights only two weeks before you know it homeland security is coming on a suspended and karen's all upset 'cause we like how long is this going to take away you may have to stay a week or two and go to the embassy and blah blah blah anyway long story short we got a twenty four hour extension just to fly back into the states
got sort of hammered when i came into lax 'cause of course they thought this was some mickey mouse twenty four hour extension but long story short don't let your green card expire in twenty fifteen it's really hard to become a us isn't right it's much harder i think for a white this guy that has had a posh english accent it's probably not hard as it is for people of other ethnicities the guy with a northern accent and no no i'm talking with different skin color that urban roll white have you heard about the term an outlaw thing we're doing that urban urban outlaws open outlook chop chop little chewable theory doesn't stop the corner shop does it not the band cornershop no does not stop no i'm talk have you ever thought about doing something like with singers doing but doing it with like the the actual clay basic shape nine nine 1970s night late 1960s car and like pro
sing them bill no you know i think i touched on that earlier on about i don't build customer i know you don't but coming down with a demand that would listen to on the show but you know then it goes for me from being a probably in a passion to a job in a business which means response abilities like if you come to me and say i love you carbon here all of a sudden it's not my car it's your interpretation of my car it might have some tweed on it and you might be pumped up and you know it's all of a sudden it's got you more personality which is fine but then i'm sort of under the pressure i believe to make your happy to bill the car to your expectations your timeline your deadline so i don't really have any interest in turning that side over to becoming like a production line even though i know if i built let's say three or five cars a year i could probably sell 'em 'cause i've had no problem
in college you know through the press i've got people i get all these emails if you ever want to sell a lot call let me know type of thing it is interesting though with so many collectors out there so many people who customize cars do they you've sort of somehow or another just by just your own infectious passion enthusiasm use a result of the tommy probably short about real long hair and the beard a thing you know it's it's a little bit of that than that turns out that stuff yeah no no time for me i think it was look on top timing you know last year was a 50th out who are the nine slash eleven so you could how to scape hearing about porsche are in the nine slash eleven 50th out nursery issues and i think from a story point of view that builds it we're doing we're quite interesting but i also think not being your typical portia looking guy because truth be told there stereo type stereotype actually in of doctor lloyd beverly hills guy driving around never take his car to the canyons you know just more
status symbol so i was a complete opposite of that so i think story point of view why i got a lot of sort of momentum was couple of things timing not looking like a typical portia guy and all the cause it i build instantly recognizable is nine hundred and eleven but just slightly tweaked you know it little details i think separate my bills from the countless other people building cause and the one common thread between the fashion their clothing and the property in the filming that we do is just put in our own little style on it which became personality for me i never set out to say okay here's the one thousand nine hundred and seventy three rsr that left the factory the porche factory and everyone that replicates that car just duplicates exactly what factory one i want to make this point too because a lot of people are going to ask me how this happen you know he has a made a single cent from like what but as you know we sat down by the fireplace how do this is more money had a baby you know which is a gt2
outlaw do tell you when you two together yeah yeah i wasn't sure what was stolen while they're on the edge of the check your rear end later for call coal miner's daughter oh jeez that's a good film was going down here this is going down no but there wasn't actually the only thing he's gotten out of out of me was a 118th scale white g to which i just happened to send him the day i got the car and the funny story is that dan who was here last time him and i the first day we got that gt2 were like well it's not as thirty is the or flashy crazy as that blue and orange car what the hell what we need to do is make a sketch of his two hundred and seventy seven car so you know use photo shop or he did 'cause i suck at it and he did like a five minute job of a attribute to two hundred and seventy seven and emailed it to him and you know i texted him and he's like how's the power coming in at basic
this english subtle way of saying you know don't don't quit your day job still can cause go fast not yet yeah and perhaps the mall to the us yeah and i sort of kept needling needling needling and yet to live with that and you know he just i don't know i guess he got passionate about the car so we do this thing this thing evolved organically i think i touched down in the past people have asked me to collaborate on some other peoples builds and for me i had to be connected to the car you know but i think when they left the car with maine for as long as i wanted really was only one time yeah right for a long time in la but i finally connected with the and then it just made sense to put my personality on that cock as for me this is not about money i'm not making money off this operation it was just a fun project that while this is great i've got this awesome car that i can keep for a little bit and coppa people's pools are baby you cannot i'm in tune with it whatever i want to do on it you know it was
for me it was really exciting to put my sort of interpretation on a new car sort of moving forward in the portia years often talk about variety and one in experience more of what which is got to offer so for me my original goal was having one of each year from sixty four through seventy three which covered shot well based on long wheelbase cars now you need one from two thousand and seven well no my new color now is to have one of every generation this seven generations of course you know through the g series into the ninety nine quadrillion nine hundred and ninety three trillion nine hundred and sixty four billion nine hundred and ninety six million nine hundred and ninety seven thousand nine hundred and ninety one so i want to everything that porsche has to offer in the nine slash eleven range so far i've covered sort i've driven all all those calls but i've never owned them let me ask you about this then you you you really love those old cars and one of the things you love about those old cars the tactile field right yet when you know you're dealing with a car that was two thousand plus pounds is such a light car you feel the roads nope nope
steering you literally feel pebbles that you're driving over when you get eight nine nine six nine nine seven you're gonna get like a more muted field commuter experience compared to the hill you get to the g t three yeah and the gt three sort of removes some of that insulation and what better car to do it on then a car that you know we could use to hunt but nobody understands and when you say new car it is a newer error car but it's actually a two thousand and eight car when you're talking about your car then yeah it's easy to put it this way all right walter all we know is the world's greatest x rally drive used right write drive group b rally cars that were like death traps and when you know he did you know mid seven minutes in a carrera gt and eggs same time in a stock version of that gt2 so
to to to these guys have got scope turning horse power more than the carrera gt and british flags on it but this is your car to drive but is it on is it on manageable i mean when you get to that kind of power the way he drives a actually he manages it you it is but is there a is there a point of diminishing returns when you have too much power in a car and you're spending so much time trying to figure out trying to not kill yourself yeah you obviously don't need seven hundred and seventy five will say too much power is never enough i'm the less is more type of guy but i gotta say horsepower is addictive you know i had that mopar background driving the super bees and those things were addictive in a straight line the gt2 there's no question that's a scary cone it's got seven hundred and seventy five horsepower but that's the part of the challenge of can you mount up and sort of clinical that power you know and that's one of those things that unless you you know you want to speak search big waves were talented i think of you
for growing to that so to me that's the challenge of trying get the most out of that car you know i've sort of been lucky through these guys built to drive various variations of the gt3 even in stock form of drill thirty nine have driven the full one i've driven gt2 this year to drive a lot of my dream cars and nine hundred and eleven r i drove a seventy four i saw but i drove we have porsche's iconic super hyper cars and i'm fifty nine the carrera gt and the nine hundred and eighteen on the all offer keep going back to variety cause they all do the same thing differently and that's sort of what's great about the gt2 it does the say something but it just delivers it in a different format you know the challenge there is truth be told that car is done by seven thousand rpm you're on the limit are you bouncing off the limiter six thousand eight hundred rpm and it's done so in two hundred and seventy seven that's got a quarter of the horsepower that single river over eight thousand step into the gt thirty three dot nine
four point one those things go to well eighty six eighty eight what we kind of just talk about numbers here but the the what my point is is like there's two different schools of thought in two different philosophies you're dealing with you're dealing with in one in school of thought the cars that you are famous for witcher it's really lightweight cars are very tactile and there's some sort of a strange character to those cars like even when so that urban outlaw video when you get into that silver car and you read it and you're you're looking at the gauge is it has a field to it that you just do not get from a modern car there is there is i mean you've admitted this to there is some level of connection between races the is that still there unquestionably you know it's a little heavier it's a little more morgan's cup holder but it still got that that's why the golden area but different two thousand and seven to two thousand and eleven those gt cars they have they're all manual they still have that link to the real nine hundred and eleven that's why that car
up in value so much you know all the gt cars because people that know and there aren't many of 'em unfortunately and that like to drive they get it and they've had old cars or they want all the cars or the have had all the cars and they dry these new ones and it's like you know what it's ok it does all that stuff more comfortably and has nav and all that shit but still in nine hundred and eleven i think the g he threw up to what you've got the nine hundred and ninety seven is the connection to what i've got for the sick is the same as yours too says on the basis that is like a baby gt three qassab throttle response the law night nurse the way it feels the road the weight turns in his back to that i keep talking about the five senses the connection the site the sound the feel the smell the gt3 has the no and that's what's great about those because i've yet to own one i'm trying to get a nine nine six gt three something that's the most bang for the buck i mean truth be told i've been called in these early nine hundred and eleven for over twenty years when you could find me
auto trader and i bought two hundred and seventy seven at the pomona swap meet in nineteen ninety nine and it just it's a second oh sure i ever owned and it's evolved into what's become i think my call that i'm most connected with in all my memorable moments and everything you talk about that tactile feel in the connection and sort of what i think we got across in urban outlaw the documentaries so common that everyone relates to you always got your favorite car that you go back to and i describe that being like my old favorite pair beat up jeans or your old shoes because you just comfortable in it there is no surpri it is and it's funny you know you spoke tell me about matt raven about the car you know he got comfortable in that car within half a mile where you know he was pushing that cost so the limits are not that high where yeah the cars fast but it's not gt2 fuss fast where you know you know
going to get way overhead really quickly i think that's the difference in that to me is the challenge of driving these early cars is yeah their antiquated bite play standards every we get and i talk about driving for me is freedom because i don't can you i walk to work so eighty percent of my drives appeal pleasure are you working out in the gym no two experiences of the same i don't think but these are rewarding satisfaction i assume i don't work out but to me up i often say people like some people like to go to gyms to workout i like to get in the car and drive that's my physical and mental war carries behind the seat of that car because nothing else that is when they either you're not thinking about what you might be pissed off about or you know something that's sort of bugging you wanted behind that wheel it is this sort of almost out of battery sensory type of expression of manna machine on the open windows simplest form lightweight cars that's where you're getting this experience and i think that's one of the things that people miss
they talk to i don't care about cars cars get me there everybody gets wrapped up in cars i think what they're dealing with is the difference between like a modern commuting car and what you're driving which is essentially like a ride yeah you're in a riding on a road that's why i said it's it's sort of like i like surfing about seven can questions so i can't do it anymore but you gotta can sing from surfing i got one from surfing and six from soccer football oh and sorry one from being a passenger in a car one time tell about some real he was semi pro football back in the day not not if no just just just basically just call it public schoolboy footballer then that that sounds sexier so david beckum shouldn't be worried about your foot no no i was too left i was totally left with no no no alright with no i was left footed but yeah it's sort of like surfing where it's not for everybody it's it doesn't make sense i mean in northern california you go out it's fifty
degrees in the water there are some sharks actually and it's gnarly and the surfers are not friendly at all they're very localized and they hate you you can open your mouth if you don't know the other point break on this watch that from what it's like senate surfers man let's start there violence with them all right santa cruz is where i go you know it's not the from the city i mean you would think they're all you know let all the time and everything but they're not friendly it's like at now it's uh this is my way fast and get the fuck out of the way fest for selling movie this set there kiefer sutherland lost boys or movie santa cruz santa cruz right yeah i don't know i don't know location was like a main point and i know i think of the vampires yeah the grand prize with the big deal you missed the point did miss the point but now when i go ahead and i know when i go surfing i mean there's better way there's bed things to do with your time that a less risky probably
because it is kind of risky to do that yeah so driving a crazy weird lowepro washing car that does make a lot of sense it's challenging but then you know why do people you know i mean not to make it sound glamorous but you know people bungee jump or why do they want do something that's sort of challenging and takes time it's rewarding you know you get one ten shift kerr are you know that's what america's flogging mona senses sensory they're used to their arms right you know like with your mma stuff i mean you probably started as a white belt you know back in nine everybody does right brightness roast alright buddy ok sorry like it doesn't blow out so something exactly but it takes time and it's challenging and you beat up your body and it feels good when you get there so blue car beat the shit out of us in terms of the development costs the the setbacks the you know it didn't make any sense to do that you know i should have just focused on something that you know is a
my volume high production car like a i don't know like a prius and made it get better gas mileage you know then there not be driving the world's most pimped out prius probably but that's not what i wanted to do want to do something that's feels good and it's challenging and you know work with these goodbye weirdos like him that's russia projects go way for me you know the best thing life and never really literally like i said the ok there is one thing he's getting out of it so other than the 118th scale model i said did i cannot look at your smashed iphone five anymore you're really really good at all these pictures and everything i'm buying you iphone six when i'm helping you upgrade that's what he's getting so i got let me turn my iphone background i resisted resisted resisted up until eighteen months ago i was still motorola flip razor phone and that to me was cool 'cause everyone's here with their iphone given it this that and the other i'm like what the fuck is that about
and then finally my motorola razr it died and i literally had no choice other than a real sort of throw away crap turn the phone the yeah i must only have three button something larger yeah exactly it was not on iphone five so i got the i five i remember i got it before me their island last year so i mean there are nothing is march so badly that they are phone two years and that sort of how my life's changed in two years was never on facebook wasn't on still we still know it's winter yeah yeah i'm trying to set him up with that it's you can clear i got magnus walker yeah probably someone does not what you know what we can do we can do we can do shark miss walker we can talk to shut artus mine is working on a letter my friend are you went back to the flip phone he our goal is no arch fear can stand up comedian he by a live band and his i phone and went to a flip phone went off he does all of his social media stuff either on a computer or not he doesn't check his twitter
on his phone is dead he's like i was getting too wrapped up in like i would be talking to someone i go yes this guy i wonder if anybody zero well the last night on like literally that my iphone i hit my forehead three times and i finally gave up 'cause i was like what the fuck am i going to post yeah another concussion i'm looking i don't think it's spelled correctly and it's probably like a bunch of weird win ding characters but it brings me back to what i was going to say is this sense there's there's there's something about iphones that drag people in right there's something about being able to videos and you're interacting with your phone the interaction that you get with those old cars the field that you get the addiction that you get to getting in those things is very different than the new cars and is there and i wanted to ask you this 'cause you're the expert on those older cars is there like a point where it crosses this line and it's not the same experience anymore and was there like a sweet spot in the production of cars where is there a spot where all the technologic
advances in all the advances suspension although they may allow you to get around a race track a little bit quicker especially with like pdk transmissions with dual clutch is and at the same time they do allow you to get places faster but is it is it missing all the stuff that gets people excited about cars i mean 'cause i know that driving an automatic car is fun it is satisfying but i also know it's not as satisfying as shifting your own gears as the field that you're going to get from a car like yours and i think that that's something it's missing i think ultimately moving forward the manual may become a lost art because you look at kids growing up today that don't know how to drive manual cars so their point of reference is completely different most of us here i think learn driving a man old car and everything you said is perfectly true that is the interaction between man and machine which gay shoot down the road differently in a manual than what it does in a new
call in a pedicare care automatic and to try to nail down a real answer to what is that sweet spot i don't really know what the answers to that question i've driven almost every porsche are out there and i've driven the new turbos i've driven the new came in is a phenomenal car i've driven the nine hundred and ninety one in man call ann pdk and the new manuals are not the same as the old manuals you know they've got this is hard to dylan told the way the pedals setup especially if you've got ceramic brakes will explain healed told to people don't know what the fuck you're talking my sort of another thing when you downshift and you know you want to be basically on the break and open the throttle at the same time doing it with one foot so covering two pedals with one front and the early car it's really easy to sort of modulate the brake on the gas pedal you know i'm off put little blocks of wood on the gas pedal to bring it further up so when you're all the way down on the but you can just sort of squeeze it break with your right to and roll over to the throttle to blip it so you
ching the engine rest when you downshifting that essentially as letter for the annual until ways you know so smooth the transition between the gears so you as you're shifting gears you're revving the engine at the same time to match you know when you're also down the light weight flywheel that allows the the the read some of the others don't have that but what these guys are doing the super throttle response if light weight flywheels yeah like a component to just makes it like you know in a new manual nine hundred and ninety one is a little bit different but you got those ceramic brakes of travel on the brake pedal let's see you coming down under these crest highway in fourth gear you want to make a right or left hand turn you gotta go down let's say third or second i'm going to go down one or two gears and you all the way hard on the brakes the travel difference between the brake pedal on the throttle on those new cars is almost to be to roll over in heel and toe so you know to come around that with that sport plus mode where automatically blips the throttle for that's what i want to ask you when i first got in the call you know i can get it were at my funds almost
on a forty five degree angle nice sideways where i can roll off keep my foot on the break but still modulate the throttle at the same time so what i they're doing was doubled flipping i'd blip and then almost text same time the computer would automatically blip the throttle to match the revs's bring that portia thought most people don't know how to heal until now the rev matching the they they're doing that on new cars no i think that nissan three seventy was one of the first cars to do it out there is actually the the newest porsche which is sort of known as the we're sorry addition porsche did for gt three guys what did is i said the nine and one one gt3 came out only in pdk the gts now has a proper manual transmission not like the fake manual transmission with a nine one well it was actually could get a manual a7 speed nine hundred and ninety one if you really really tried but it was essentially just a pdk box that's all it was with a fricking gear shift and what's the difference
well i think chris harris explained it the new ones are real christian to get he's yeah he he was saying you know like you can you can go in like seventh gear and it's all like destin is it's just good this is such an odd gear on those yeah and i'm once because one of you ever in seventh guys driving to vegas it was a p k transmission that right but is there with the new one exists i mean they have a six speed manual transaxle new transmission came in the new one is yeah speed is a new one that's what's going seven speed sport mode yet no it doesn't like being a seven speed
it's so annoying emission almost and the hospital is that right they have to use it because the pt k transmission what's gonna seven you're does new because when you get in mind i wanted his pd can you just driving around town before you even up fifty miles and now you're in six to seven weeks on what the we're talking about what it means an automatic it's it's a german word partial double club dot on a line of warnings dandong it's a crazy long word but what it stands for is to clutches and what it means is that there's one clutch that grabs the gear second clutch already has the second gear grounds along the round the clock so the change between gears between first and second gear is literally instantaneous it's it's so fast so you're you're and can barely perceive it so as you're driving when you driving a manual carla grant you let off the gas clouds wow and you put it in the next year this was like man and it's just so quickly that you do is no way you to build do it on your own that's the fall of the nissan gt r by the way the nissan
gtr being so fast and so technologically networks is that all soulless though right well actually what nobody says it is pretty well yeah which is really annoying because some my customers bought them they fell for the hype don't get me amazing tech cold piece of blocky something but what it is it takes a lot of weight that's a really really heavy car so a lot of journalists will take a few hartley and it's like man look at this lap time to lap times but the guys are actually ended up buying them and going on the weekend they would have to you know like change change the fluids they were the brakes will be cooked like one session and one session meaning you know twenty thirty minutes so it's not much porsches you just bang on them you know i know okay engine you change breaks and stuff eventually day have ceramic burrs the
they have yeah they they can decide on option yeah even corvettes have a you know sorry not even core i'm just saying you know cars a lot call vet let's be honest us a lot about a book we were telling me that you have driven around the corvette z l or the camaro z l one and you were saying how addictive that was i was a job the r one you you but you got a chance to drive the camaro for awhile didn't you know this twenty eight you're talking about before that you didn't drive the zl1 god damn it most of the other guy with the beard swear you were tell if you've never driven one of those camaros no no i was in yesterday until now i don't have to be but no no never camaro you know for driven one they never loaned you boil for awhile no god why do i feel like it was you you were talking about i got visited by bmw i got visited by volvo i got visited by bent believe it or not the guy from bugatti but you know other than portion no ones ever lonely cars i'm just or shark
works yeah all short works you know i'm just sort of thrilled portia loans becaus but no not maine no but the nine hundred and ninety one gts to touch on that is the is it's the latest one they just released and it does have a proper manual gearbox not the pseudo pd on the scenes like the in between car between the gt3 in the regular now and they're like ok you can order it and manual we don't care about performance numbers it's an na car it's sort of like a manual gt3 if you and they may be naturally aspirated naturally aspirated no no what the you're talking about it's an and a car was in a basically doesn't have hair dryers or a blower or write any listing dot com blues all it is is vacuum and so it's a good car this gts what journalists are raving about it i think chris harris is about to go drive it after your show or he was back from now i'm not sure but ralph you draw didn't you
they took it up to you and you didn't like the automatic blippar he didn't like that well we know we can hear you so yeah unfortunately we want to get on the micro yeah the basically ralph sorry yeah but yes sorry dude if you if you want a manual modern nine hundred and ninety one platform that's that to buy right now at this very time i don't want one but that's it and what are they going to do with this gt4 what's the specs is it going to be a fast car the cayman gt voice funny talk to people at portia and they won't tell you anything about it you know it's essentially a cayman gts these are on steroids with supposed gt3 esque performing right in the mid engined already gr great handling cayman package with that the thing about the came in for people who aren't aware nine hundred and eleven or a rear engine car and there's certain inherent flaws in having all the weight in the back of the car move it forward to the middle for the cayman
if they came in which is a mid engine car is better balanced but they have purposely portia has underpowered that car in order to keep the nine slash eleven at the top of the food it's always sort of been handed cup 'cause as we know the nine slash eleven top dog been around for fifty years a sense the cayman handling caper it is a really really high i mean you can get into came in you know and go fast really really quick portia lonely came in last year for a week and my favorite go to road is crest highway i had two of manual and pdk i'm pretty comfortable in angeles crest highway drive it all the time in two hundred and seventy seven i was amazed at how much quicker it was or i was in the cayman less effort so back to the regional question you know the reward you know elf versus effort put in and quick and they came in but the drive is not quite as rewarding
not quite as invoice with it we had a we had the first is your personality really yeah we but we built the first year came and asked as a as a shop car and and then you know it got track to lawton through the canyons and i'll say you know it's an oh six came and asked me added a bunch more power light weight fly reel better suspension better breaks try to make you know better seats to make it like a canyon carver and it was easy easier to drive fast and it was also like anyone could get in it 'cause it was just really well balanced and drive it fast but it was missing you know the special engine the whole connection you know the steering wasn't quite the same the field wasn't the same i mean it's really nice to have that engine over the back because it's always like looking at you you've got to think about it where is when you're in the then you can just drive like an idiot but had a crazy thing to say it's good to have a flaw because you have to think about that flaw encounter that focuses more exponentially an engineering flaw that they've worked
for pentel you look at it you know you can rotate a lot quicker yeah so and have and you can put more power down better too right because you're not spending the wheels i mean that's why nine oh you are in now are down there in that gt2 well yeah eight hundred horsepower you spinning but car two hundred and seventy seven with a quarter of that that power just by yeah ground you can come out you guys much better warner speed exit you know which is why i'm still a believer and a sense of less is more because you got to put more in it some more room i keep going back to reveal that was what i was going to get to are you are you more comfortable do you enjoy the older cars better or do you enjoy like a like a four point one g t three when you're getting in the for point why don't own any nine hundred and eleven beyond my one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine nine eleven sc yet i vote five thousand nine hundred and eleven i bought my first one twenty three years ago but driven the other cars i do see in my future a space in the carriage for a newer porsche nine slash eleven probably
some form of996 or 997gt3 i also just said earlier on i want to get one of every generation i also recently bought a nine hundred and twenty four let's talk about poor shoes unloved cars nine hundred and twenty four about uh one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine twenty four front engined turbo that was porsche's first production front engine water cooled turbo so my new guy they started one of each of the three let's call them ugly duckling porsches ninety two thousand four hundred and ninety four or a nine hundred and twenty eight nine twenty it's a weird one huh yeah i mean you know to me it's just back to varieties like i've been so focused on early early porsches and i've driven forty fifty my cars have been early portion so i've sort of covered that base you know i've covered i've got one of the first one thousand nine hundred and sixty four and i've driven the tail and buck and let's call it the iconic set three rs carrera they all sort of driving a sense same but different is hardees cry
so you know now i'm back to variety you know what is more variety than a nine hundred and twenty four nine forty four thousand nine hundred and twenty eight is a disgusting car it's pretty unbelievable cars at all my nine hundred and twenty four terabyte cost me four thousand five hundred dollars unbelievable i swear to god i put it up post out there is silver with how tall is got the black and white what porsche 'cause pasture or checkerboard interior and the funny part stories it took about a day before i didn't even know the nine hundred and twenty four form existed but opposed thread developed on the nine hundred and twenty four forum someone sent me a link to it the title was watch nine twenty four prices go up look who just bought one this whole like rambling thread about why would i've bought a nine hundred and twenty four i'm a nine hundred and eleven gun but lots of bang for the buck come back to variety there also very well balanced never friend who races them right yeah he loves nine hundred and twenty good race cars for nine hundred and twenty four nine hundred and forty four spec series
normally successful just like the box the series and people email me all the time falls into a few categories obviously people like in the cause but my favourites sort of category of emails that i receive is from non portia people that have maybe seen urban outlaw maybe followed my builds and all of a sudden of being turned around from being porsche haters to all of a sudden looking at porsche are a little bit differently pradon the early cause and these are guys that are looking to get into a portion for the first time i want pull up pull up this video what we talked about before the show jack olson nine hundred and eleven verse one thousand nine hundred and seventy two nine hundred and eleven night seventy two nine thousand nine hundred nine eleven versus gt99 one gt3 and jack olson is a writer in hollywood who is a really fascinating character going to get him on the podcast too we talked about it and he has essentially had this lifelong there's a video jamie
there's a i can email it to you if you want me to do an email to you ok i believe we actually as a part i meant back over twelve years ago when he was first developed in that car and it's gone through several phases an hour i'm giving him a car two hundred and seventy seven ironically at ac when i first got it and jack olson was looking for an ac compressor and actually gave him my compressor that i think's in that car but cool guy and is really fine tune develop that car spent comma willow spring i think what you're getting at here there's pretty much every person you mention here with a porsche is a wacky son of yeah you know but we're old yeah this is that no drug and what's interesting about this is that i'm dealing with the cut no this is not it yeah okay this is it yeah nine nine one cheesy driving both because no no it was professional driver and what's interesting is that he this car which is a nineteen seventy two car only has two hundred and seventy two horsepower it's very it's around two thousand two hundred pounds and
the modern car which is four hundred and seventy five horsepower pdk transmission the automatic transmission the whole deal all the technological innovation all the suspense in traction control anna professional driver and olson is still quicker who's driving both cause i don't know with jacks driving his car which is the nineteen seventy two car but since sing to me is olsson is obsessed with his one track with this way car and tweaking everything constantly trying to shave seconds off of his car trying to hit the perfect line every time and in doing so he's a to drive faster around willow springs which is one of the fastest race tracks in americus rd in the west and he's able to drive faster with his one thousand nine hundred and seventy two lightweight
low horsepower car then the most modern most spectacular version of the nine nine one g t three that is a lot of hours are for that car i mean they they never came with that kind of power what is going to three six in there but it's still only two hundred seventy two horsepower i know the wheels right yeah it's a nine hundred and ninety three stock engine but i think about it what did it come with stock right that that was about it one hundred and eighty million of the original seventy two if it's a tb one hundred and thirty if it was one hundred and thirty three still on eighty yeah well he definitely added more horsepower but it's still no one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven technology i mean at the height of whatever he's got its one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven technology along with some tweaks he's got some very custom wheels he's got folks centers with like i think he uses like corvette middle like the wheel the all is tires and wheels are custom i got a question for you then so of the two is in the car right i don't even care who wins i know who wins but when they come in who do you think was having more fun jack
exactly and you lost the pro driver i bet you if he drove the other one even if this lower he'd say it was more fun in the other car well also jacks having more fun in the corners like he's keeping up with working the corner the other guy is catching him on the straights i mean that's where it is just raw horsepower it straight line traction i mean probably have a similar time in like a you know a modern what time are you doing in one twenty one i don't remember i remember what the numbers are but i remember the jacks was quicker well that's just kinda who is coming around twenty nine if you watch the video it's really interesting because jack narrates it talks about the differences between the two cars just certainly knows his way around willow for sure well that's also part the rub is that one twenty so he you know look at that i got a nice nugget you brother so you know your car the gt3 rs with a thirty nine so i had a proud record wagner
the video you saw with the two green car yes yeah so that day he was in the one hundred and twenty fours and that was on shitty tires so just letting you know yeah i think a real test there is to have a slow drive a drive the same because because we don't know because i know jack's got thousands a lapse at willow we don't know who the other guy is yes very thing i think you put someone let let's say like a pot long i was driving with pain in last week or so and the guy that you put those guys in the car and see us more the true test i think yeah same same guy driving both calls on the track but still it shows that you know like your car's not even your car which is four four years older than the new generation nine hundred and ninety one gt3 is not slower right yeah no it's well you still have more fun it's different i think it's all about the driver though 'cause we open angeles crest the other day i'm driving two hundred and seventy seven and newer with james in the gt thirty three dot nine yes that's right
it's all about the driver thing the card is so it the what what but jack showing here is that these light weight cars have disarmed breathable damages yeah they have this initial manages and ray wandering handling everything my question is isn't isn't that also what you're getting like this tactile response and feel from is the fact that these cars are so light so this is tremendous benefit in the having a light weight real super nimble like the lotus elise yeah yeah which is one race with them and so you know mantra why doesn't porsche develop always all new safety you know they're talking about and they talked about it remember there was supposed to be that collaborative effort with vw few years ago this thing is so yeah sorry a collaborative
of likely mid engine it was only going to have two hundred horsepower and it was going to be about two thousand five hundred which ok it's not as light less light still pretty light yeah and it would have been a fun sort of ellie's ass kind of effort but no said the decider you know release another panamericana cayenne and when you get to the kingdom itself which is a very light weight car for for modern standards it's about three thousand pounds for the gts right is it about somewhere will be it'll be around there yeah that's pretty light right yeah i mean that's a standby days yeah i think things have just go obviously heavier and bulkier and more sort of our bloated yeah the not necessarily faster though now you know i still think going back to that less is more but i think those those times of gone when it comes to new cars porsche is not going to start making a two thousand five hundred pound nine hundred and eleven i never got now never well why not because it's just they sued because someone would die in an accident because we had a mere frags can you put an airbag in it me how much is that back when they weigh a lot when you have eight of them i see you in
have modern standards would be this yeah several safety standards with none of us of what sort of killed everything yeah that's what i'm i'm not i've had a ninety to nineteen seventy nine eleven to you with a three point oh in at on a you know cams or mismatch cams but never and i've had a seventy seventy nine nine hundred and thirty so i've cars too i've the mother absolute right worst time you know the right timing when i had to call the third i see them now and they're worth way too much but but i've driven them enough to and all the cars you know 'cause everyone at shark works everyone's shark works has had you know either a nine hundred and twelve like the absolute based base oldest model you know you know james phenomenal amount of old rusty cars because they weren't galvanized then it's quite guide james right but really there's a lot going on this it is like that scientists going to create something my professor yeah and then you're going to explode when you hit the gas pro
the point being they enjoy that we enjoy it when we enjoy it but the reason you enjoy button cause more about more it's like i like shark there's a lot of different story i like there's a lot of different species you know i like some bit more than others maybe but i like sharks i like nine hundred and eleven and there's still a connection there for driving you know nine one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine eleven t or my you know my easter replica three hundred and fifty six you know it was nice and i still something there that connects all the way up to the gt three in on i i do get that the modern cars are losing and the fact that you can have you know one of them know me as a best known collector of their cool cars and in our he pushes the button you know to his garage and he's got to water cooled cars in there you mean that says something right i mean
cool cars you have in your girl so gt2 holes in your car no but they're in there but you're letting him borrow them he's not buying them really gotta leaky roof and water is leaking into the carriage isn't sure but you're not trying to infect him with not with coal mine before i met alex i was already working towards water called but my heart and soul is there called you know in one or two water called cause due for variety do you like the sound of the air cool cars better that you are sort of a raspy agones sucked him through the carbs or the mf i it's just a different visceral central field you cause that deliver the same way is there an issue with those cars in traffic like when i drive two hundred and seventy seven in traffic pretty easy to drive around it depends on the issue like if you were driving in the airport and let's talk on the four hundred and five in summer two hundred and seventy seven unbelievable even on the race track it navigates above two hundred and ten
but when you're on traffic like stuck bumper to bumper it's not it doesn't overheat the turbos run hall really turbos run hot but my early airku 'cause never get above two hundred and ten two twenty le yeah i mean my turbo my seventy six turbo and i'm driving to my buddy marty's who's just going reseeder i'm on the one hundred and one it's one hundred degrees what gauge is crawling two hundred and forty just 'cause she sat in traffic so there turbos run hot do you sort of two liter two falls and i'm running no issues now do you take that car place is like if you go to the movies we take it somewhere and just park it yeah no problem you know it's a very vague google car though to just leave parked i never think of it that way you know to me the sum of the parts of two hundred and seventy seven there's nothing if the build sheet on what what car is is nothing really special about it i think the uniqueness of the car is it's developed its own personality you know it's
like ever raced at daytona but you know i used to do four thousand and fifty track days we are in that car with the poor sharona club between two thousand and two and two thousand and seven there's no real significant race history to the car but i think the connect people have to the car really is a real simple theme and messages like just follow you dreams you know that's is my dream car it still is my dream car but evolved it wasn't like this like i went out and wrote a check and just got a new delivered that called the pomona swap meet it wasn't fled i talk about customizing porsches straightaway check is the motor in that car and you know just made it look more like a seventy three trs carrero and that's the great thing about these early portions is the real easier to customize you we've touched on a little bit a lot of things are interchangeable you can take a two liter motor out and put a three six and if you want that's what jack olson did take out is to form in a three six so that's a great thing
about these nine hundred and eleven in the gate driven the developed personality two hundred and seventy seven got personalities jacks seventy two black beauty car thing is what he calls it is also pretty unique and personality you know the two cause a similar yet different that's ultimately the grey thing about early porsches is they developped after and soul overtime just like petina you some people like shiny cars i always say dirt don't slow you down i'm not worried rock chips and scratches 'cause to main those are memorable moments that i earned overtime in the room by getting out there i mean you never meet you never meet a guy at a porsche or sorry you know cars and coffee event and he proudly put creams i've got three hundred and five miles on my two thousand and seven gt three quite the opposite you know ralph has like sixty eight thousand on his three point
gt3 i built search river seventy more now yeah they're built to be driven and that's how you got connected the car you don't get connected by it by leaving the sure there's some there's some nice sort curves on it and it looks cool but every time you drive it stuff happens you know if you're if you're driving that particular car nothing else really is not so about again for me to be the quickest you know it's more about enjoying that journey and just so you know wrong with the car yeah and these things that's the great thing about all call guys is really the great thing about porsche guises it is this language i've had people visit me from all over the world it doesn't matter where they speak english german or japanese you speak portion that sack connection and truth be call daman earlier called guy but also like these you know horsepower water cooled things and to me it's the case of which is better the both got soul but the both slightly different but they both what personality into me i think that sort of sums up everything that right about lauren james who rose up here
guy that built your engine and the other well the other third of shark works he i've got to drive the two hundred and seventy seven you know why and when they went off in the gt2 and i was sitting with him and he's a man a few words and now i just slowly like a few corners in you know he star not slowly 'cause it's the two hundred and seventy seven and we're like we're in it so maybe i wanted people wanted his face his face is going like like this i just turned onto you having a good time on chinese you know and it's you know he he drives every day you know two hundred thousand or whatever one hundred and fifty thousand two hundred thousand or their worth and build you know gt3 rs is and he gets back in you know in your car and it's like it's nice sounds good you know drives properly and he's just having fun in the canyon is there something about those old cars to this knowledge that you're in something from another era and it's almost like a bit of a time it's like stepping back in time yeah like listening to an old song
you know you listen to like a led zeppelin song from nineteen seventy one and it's like there's something about it makes you think like man this is going on like this guy was singing this in a different era the world was different and there's a finite number of those cars as well they will never no one's ever going to build another night teen seventy one thousand nine hundred and eleven it's just it is one of my favorite causes my irish green sixty six thousand nine hundred and eleven and it's pretty much almost in stock form that it would have been in nineteen sixty six brakes as well yeah what have changed we you know obviously paterson new but you know the points my stories that car forty nine years old and it's the best way that you just described it that i could step back in time to nineteen sixty six even though i was born in one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven it's like you get that card it just it's the smell of these early air called cool nine hundred and eleven you know i'll go through the process you look at it site walk up to it put the key
then it turn it you sort of feel it and hear it then he sit in it put the key in the ignition turned the key you hear it fire and then you smell it and i said capsule right there right there is there's something modern cars will never give you you know we to talk for a couple of hours about the difference but ultimately if i can home it in you know five senses of sight sound smell and feel that is the time capsule i think you just sorta brought us full kirkland to what is great about these early call nine hundred and eleven truth beta is probably the same thing all the vw guys experience who's things like this living breathing time warp time travel entity that ult it doesn't matter really how fast you going you just in this zone that is yeah it's auntie waited but it's also pretty examine i'm pretty sure that's really great and are you picking up my car that was you know for seventy one and it's like i'm on the road you know in rush hour traffic you know
things whizzing by me in a bright yellow you know it was like an rs clone and i'm sitting there i've no ac no no nothing no cup holders nothing i mean and i'm just be no stinking up the place but i loved it and it was just great you know and then i go home i would take a canyon road near me in it i mean my just always says karen you know want to get home and i've been in a nine hundred and eleven she can tell up in another class distinct it's just smell you sort of come in smelling with you know you've got a voice sort of sweat and oil and fuel smell i mean you either love it all you don't really you know it's an acquired taste for sure but this was like a chanel number five for us right it's only drive one of those old carburetor driven car any even an old muscle you smell if i should ask yeah well always my drinky carburetors james we rebuild the carbs on mine and it's like i spent like th
three days on it you know rebuilding the carbs on that engine i put him in or he helped me and it's like bitch i can still smell leaks you know and it's like he's like washers how it and then in the three days that i'd taken and rebuilt them the change like fifteen degrees in the car and like shit i couldn't handle it back to the drawing board you know that joke about if you now early nine hundred and eleven is not leaking oil there's no oil in it these things are sort of living breathing you know peace is of machinery that have got soul well that's with your one thousand nine hundred and sixty five but with the new ones that you've built yourself has there been new technology that allows those things to be a little bit more reliable have less issues most of the that i built like the sdr or you know being involved in the process of these cars i'm still sort of keeping him period correct you know i'm not putting new is in those old cars you know you touched a little bit what what is doing you know the difference is
had taken a964 and sort of backdating it to resemble an old car with modern technology for the most part other than update in what i do too i'm balls and stiffer suspension which yes newer components but yet it still running for the most part original motor that's being rebuilt get a higher spec but it's still if it was carburated then it's probably still carbon did now so what about gasket technology or any of those things i mean there been improvements and yeah for sure but you know it's still slight right i'm building a sixty seven s is a car that i've got the louvered fenders which is my follow up go to the sto i sorta sixty seven s case and bought some new molly pistons and cylinders and as crazy as this story sounds i'm shipping all the components to my buddy mathi who's got a shop in hamburg germany and now we're having build them or assemble the motor in germany and ship it back so it'll have new components in it and it's going to be punched out from two liter to two five but it's still a sixty
evanesce motor going in a nineteen sixty seven xl isn't that something that porsche is doing now they have like an entire factory dedicated to rebuilding old car voice apportion classic restoration facility they've actually had for some time but what's happened recently over the past three to five years is you know these cars have just escalated and value to the point where now a lot of these cause let's say would have been trashed five years ago 'cause it was worth spending fifty grain to restore car that might be worth thirty now that fifty grand all over one hundred grand cars could be worth triple that what's the name of the portia restoration for size just pulled the portia classic restoration facility portia classic recipe plus amazing now i visited it the past two years i've done various events with porsche went to the techno classical show in sm with them i went to the old time gp at the nurburgring good goodwood revival so great
about portuguese they've got fifty thousand parts in the showcase of porsche classic that's not just fifty six is it's all the way up to the nine hundred and ninety three factory replacement parts it's also great thing about portia in that they make new parts for their old cars they continue to make parts for every sing models well there's someone even on the road they say there's eighty percent of i'm still on that's incredible any other fifty year old cars or forty oil cars are on the road i mean well this he's like year one that make parts for for all my classics muscle cars and things on those lines but there's very few i mean truth be told jags got its own thing jut juggles got the heritage facility whether actually rebuilding twelve with those continuation light way eat types i know for i don't know say deez's been doing it for quite some time those old car smell like that yeah those are the nine hundred and fifty nine do you know the story of the nine hundred and fifty nine in america how you can drive one do you know why you can drive one in america 'cause bill gay
spot two of am and crashed one of them to do the testing on it so it's hilarious if you want to get one of those you probably going to be building up i mean it's and how much of those worth mean that's got to be worth now it's like nine so now one million dollars car couple years ago there were five hundred right well i remember there were two hundred and fifty three meanwhile if you drove that and then drove your car back to back to collect focus like i said i drove helmet box prototype nine five hundred brumos owned and really you know it was no different twenty other nine hundred and eleven it wasn't this brutally just crazy car that they built the gt2 which is just not snapping lee brutally fast nine hundred and fifty nine like the i mean you got to remember how old the car is now was in the eighties where eighty six it was actually designed it was it was united i'd kind of compare
a bit too although generator run thirty your honor this round yes what was over each other to mow yes sorry using for people to take a bathroom break yeah but what it did was it it basically is designed to get to two hundred it was like the first you know super car to kind of do that right so like the veyron and so it wasn't prudently foster i was able to go two hundred back in nine thousand and eighty six which was a big deal it was one of the first four wheel drive cars too right yeah well yeah it was i had a law yeah over all with his four wheels like he hong you know formal ac that and there's a cool picture or i don't know if you ever do you know about the parry dakar rally for example i've heard of it yeah so you should check it out people by every year and at that go across africa and the uh took they took nine you know and had like roffman stuff on it you know it's a cigarette company they raised and put knobby tires so to nine hundred and fifty nine parried cars you check it out so it's a nine
i've nine and they rally raced across africa and it you know it did really well subject another iconic nine five nine that is so ridiculous they take it nine five guy which is worth a million dollars and this effect and it was one truck yeah but it's but they raise that's porsche that's when another rally racing is very strange because the cars look so odd jacked up with the you know they have to have a lot of invention travel writer to and so yeah yep they have to yeah it just seems wrong now is wrong to take those cars and to put them with such a wacky suspension then drive him over dirt well when you watch the trailer again when you
watch them all there like with the footage from the seat oh my god the guy i'm worried about some navigator though yeah reading that you know left those guys got big balls in oven they always get blamed too when they crash it's like it's tracking your fault google up pikes peak already varna nora voltarol and just see those guys i'm not a big fan of the idea of a navigator i think you should be forced to fucking drama didn't have gps then so what i feel like you should be able to figure out every turn if you go off the side of the cliff that's par so you know we were talking about this program called cold grandstand which you know on us on a saturday afternoon in england on one of the three available channels and they have this quick v you watch any i love man racing before yes crazy like guys yeah that's good we had a series with the site cars where these guys would like trapeze off the side of the bike right that's all they did but they would be the first ones to let go fly thing one thing crashed i mean it was just into a wall
pretty knowledge gets gnarly high thing the isle of man tt is a true test of big pulls in a real hero when he see what those yeah those guys in the us men's yeah holders yeah no no yeah yeah maybe miles an hour too slow for chrysler really russ their their fight it there fighting for our country so freedom to go fast on a motorcycle yeah yeah this guys are animals there's something really crazy about someone who wants to race for a living there like mcconkey guys you know that sure conky guy for example there just nuts what was the the movie that the recent formula one movie with or what the fuck five russia russia jimson the yeah yeah well that was my ever growing up in the seventies you know england in seven thousand six hundred and seventy seven james hunt won the f1 and barry shing on the old world super bike title data that movie didn't get nearly enough respect that was a good movie is ron howard's movie on racing yeah it's pretty good but my mom remembers it differently 'cause she she fancied james hunt alone
well did you see those guys that was the sex drugs rock and roll era of you know guarding the lifestyle the glamorous lifestyle now it's a whole different thing i mean the guys are faster the cars are quicker but it's a whole different corporate mentality look at f1 footage in the seventies and people are practically bare feet smoking in his localities generating you know looks like the war thor really does look at that guy but i would like to ask a sticker on the g t two oh yes so you know member so let you had last time when we were when we came here with the four one no we showed up at atlanta's place and time is running a hesketh t shirt and then we showed up right to his so that's how we met we rent after traffic and he's like healthcare thani you guys are alright you know i'm in the movie like you that you're watching know lord hesketh he the finance ear for for james hunt you gotta get your car to seinfeld you got to have that nut
drive your car knows he's got one of the best porsche collections in the world i mean he the real porsche aficionado have you seen that show cars as far as getting coffee yeah it's pretty it's pretty bad at it has a legit one thousand nine hundred and seventy two rs it's worth over one million dollars he drives it on the street it was it wasn't some wasn't there some idea yet backed into it right someone did really yeah in new york's in new york at the class interests like off and then probably a no idea was worth a million now there's like some old stinky porsche yeah that's what it looks like to bunch of ugly details on it dripping oil pro someone backed up into it hard is it fucked up and put it on the show this video put out there i guess you could jerry seinfeld rs getting rear ended video of it getting hit yeah yeah oh no that i want to see it reacts my what are you doing it's almost like you didn't even know was there it's like jerry right opposite when you reverse tyrone things
from behind you i don't know why anybody would want to spend a million dollars on that car i don't understand how to put it when it was a fifty grand call him telling they go look nice right the amp ins in the area oh sorry my god yeah unapologetic hamptons woman yeah now do you jerry impression right now yeah do you even know what you just did hey lady lucier happy looks there he looks really happy is that before or before show the cherries while he watch is come ysera video i think he's really there was a video there you go there you go interview only god let's hear this i got this video is going to get a lot of use now map oh he doesn't look happy there does he wanted he finally
so this is the great thing about the internet with talking about it and there it is there it is there a video of it look look up there yeah that's a video of seinfeld right there no no those are photo what are you doing looking into my car hunchbacked watt limiter backing up most car how do you know you can't see your face in my four thousand six hundred and fifty six thousand what year was this that's not correct no fourteen now that's the problem that's the other problem with the internet everyone has a free opinion yeah scroll afraid to video where is the video i saw the video so i was saying i don't know where it is but maybe he took it down yeah but it says scroll down for video in the article on it well you also can't believe everything you read is not funny you go into the daily mail which is a british tabloid buses british tabloid dailymail dot co dot uk is what where you did you guys give us fucking the guy from cnn what's his
oh that asshole that's not yours is not from the daily meals yeah he he well i don't want to say anything he's gross he's yeah he's not a very nice chat i should give you some incel and that's that's the problem with another problem with the us like it's sort of the british rejects well no okay on over here wreckage a vase come on yeah well ricky's great look a lot of great comic right right off he was not great i felt really embarrassed being british with him what we could you know no with that peers guy well then here's guy got own by chelsea handler you ever see that when they're also has other guns and other less no no you got owned by alex jones the guy got off and by ted nugent yeah all but chelsea handler who's a stand up comic just destroy good because you like you're not even paying attention to me like you during the commercial break you just go over and look at your phone like he's a fucking moron enjoy him on that show i thought he was just
first of all i don't enjoy his background i mean he's a hard icy double not just a shyster the what happened in people's phone yeah that is not cool there were times that were missing and they hacked into these people's phones and listen to their voice mail and so the parents got a false sense of like they might be still alive checking their always now it was because the heads were tapping into the phone he was a part of all then some another he's scared that scanned that's why i'm saying you know it was easy for him to get in and impressing get in into the us and they didn't really do a proper akram check on him and then suddenly became you know celebrity everyone we got rid of a pretty quick but i'm glad center well done when he was shamed many times for being people got to know what should he is but also
we are soccer for an english actor yeah that's what i'm saying when i was my story come in almost thirty years ago now i know the monkey sex drugs rock and rolling out a long way but no see you don't understand we don't know that that's a northern accent we have idea is just any old stock into so he's what are listed on the old sort of tell you all about the great north so yeah great guy ritchie's best movie we love it love garbage but the funny thing is about sorry about piers morgan when is that if you if you top gear a lot he's like the butt of every joke like anytime anything nasty or disgusting you watch you know jeremy clarkson compare like car suspension to piers morgan you know banging him in the rear and like mila so he's really not liked well he shouldn't be you know that thing they did paula gys for being british there and they did with tapping into peoples phones is just so awful just disgusting and the fact that he snuck in but it's like we
we are a weird sucker for english accents which is why those infomercials when they're trying to sell everything always in english because i'm very rude things buildings are cleaning the product it's always the villains in the hollywood movies or the cleaning product yes so it's like we're gonna be cleaning can we do anything else other than now we brought david beckum over here come on english guys so that didn't work you guys tried tried he didn't spice girls come on that last little while we don't give a about soccer you can try all day we're not gonna be detroit with that yeah all right do that before i don't think it i think b would be it would have been a better fit that's a man what danny is more manly than he was very close to arkham football i think if you took american football players and took their helmets when men play rugby that's a more exciting game not yet did get one of my concussions for mark because i played right a lot of the it was a posh man's game rugby you know very fog ash the very thought this game i mean it's the only game i know of where like a big samoan you know can likes to
on your teeth in a scrum and he will give you his hand to pick you up it's just bizarre and they've got studs on the bottom of their shoes well not good that yeah so and you don't wear cricket as well i he didn't i didn't like that meant and no just just rugby does rodger rodger exactly and you know you can you don't wear any pads there's when your in your like twelve it's scary when you're sh the small guy near the last line of defense is i wasn't fost at full back or wing and you know twelve the differences between certain you know nations could there be schools from tongue friend samoa new zealand they're like big gnarly guys and of them definitely weren't twelve they'd like reset a few years really just a demand bag yeah yeah i said oh yeah many sam back and they are interesting id no no it's check in idea yeah but little you know they would they would relax you and pick you up
you have all these and then uh it wasn't a professional game back in the 80s and you you have these they have real it's like they were lawyers because they were pushed you only played it in a party school uh this doesn't happen in chef and now it doesn't know and suddenly you know you'd know he's a rugby player because he's not missing teeth into things a lawyer with missing teeth but drinking twin or like yours yeah leverages yeah yeah cabbages yeah i mean cauliflower yeah cauliflower let me see your is under those headphones no he's got good ones he wears headgear yeah where i wear headgear when you're smart do jujitsu i have little bit about your martial arts background i mean i remember seeing you on these ufc fights that you go around my buddies and washington member senior on fear factor and i've heard all about these black belts but i don't really know that your story i i started martial arts and i was a little kid would you grow up grow
in boston but mostly being town right fat around yeah be in town going back there next week are you going to be zero my this one right now i think it is there i've got a buddy that used to run a store there called often be in allston ok yeah and then he moved it to newbury street my buddy craig and now owns all the gs toast yeah newbury street site the heart of less fashion newbury comics we used to sell out storage the newbury comics so you him being temp yeah thank you mock or is is i don't know marky mark i didn't know the funky funky no but we set up free selfie right you know i've worked in saudi i used to teach i used to be one of the trainers at the boston athletic club i actually got
you know bobby orr's famous hockey player how dare you neither one of you fucks what's hot today is that we have hockey but it's not nice so that marky mark betrayed in that film that was boston's order here or so let's make you more toward yahuza excellent boxer so i worked in south boston at this place called the boston athletic club how did we meet play nineteen i told me when he got into martial arts i started fighting when i was fifteen that's when i got like really into it and i was i was fighting in the mens divisions when i was sixteen kicking ass i was doing well we wish we started before no no i wasn't really you know i was scared more than i was like aggressive and mean i was just i get into martial arts because i was worried about you know people kick my okay i see not a fight so i figure i gotta define tired being scared of everybody so i was for time massachusetts state talk when a champion i one that for years in a row i won the us open and won a bunch of nash
tournaments then i started boxing i did but i start doing that as i was doing stand up comedy dumb i i see competing then are you understand that you just a funny kid in the neighborhood of my friends my friends talked me into it guys that i to train with actually my friend steve graham still buddies with to this day so it wasn't like you failed the new kids on the block audition and figured i'll go to stand up i don't even think it's funny i thought they thought it was funny 'cause they were my friend but other people are just going there was an asshole 'cause my sense of humor will they just laughing intrusive thought you there are so we just generally pretty i would do impressions of our friends like having sex or doing weird shit you know i was good impression so do these impressions of people that we no and i would make people laugh in the locker room and my friend steve is like you should really be a fucking comedian i was like look you think i'm
funny because you know me i think is a joke there we just missed he made him laugh in the locker room at were not pick up on that we're getting ready to fight ok now we're getting ready to copy everybody thought you would think is gallows humour's because essentially everybody was nervous and i would be the icebreaker because we would have sparring days like especially on saturday saturday was a scary day 'cause we would do what we call team training and team training was all the black would we get together and they would pat up and we would do he's really long training sessions and they were brutal and everybody would shit pants in locker room so i would be everybody laugh i would be like the yeah just there must be i don't know what scary there like a fight stand up i mean that both of the way scarier well physically but i mean yeah it's way scarier in all the above the link's eyes are way more devastated give me the joe rogan story past point though so in boston we still find my start doing stand up comedy i stopped competing
somewhere around ninety seven which is several years later still training doing like very smart are you in la now you still back there i got into la in nine thousand four hundred and ninety six i started doing jujitsu so nine thousand seven hundred and ninety seven i started working for the ufc and then i got really energized you through that so i from ninety six to today i've been doing two different types of juju to go and no gg meaning with with como no which is like you know like across a uniform look with thicker a jumper yeah use throw people around with that you could grab it you could choke on within that see you could use it more like it it's almost like a weapon and then no d which is essentially just close you don't grab people's court no clothes you're wearing i got skin tight rash guard and it's all about wrestling techniques like under hooks in over hooks and submission holds and stuff like that so you still why did today i still not just train i mean i don't fight fighting competing is a very different thing obviously you gotta
competing in the gymnasium you go in your sparring i mean you're going one hundred percent try to choke each other but is a big deal between that and going into competition i'm uh the opinion that especially fighting like mma you did not do that in less that's all you're doing yeah i think downtime is our right it should be a how to present your focus because of it's not i think in the someone in it is a hundred percent in there they're gonna you up often if you're out for real spur to drive while you're on the track if you know a hundred percent folk don't detect yeah doubly taxed on your radar so when did mma and ufc sort of really exploding takeover the founder of boxing what was that ten years ago five years ago let's ten years ago to go out because the ultimate fighter those two thousand five when i came along i came along in ninety seven i was the post fight interview or this is michael long before it was big was to fly into places like does and
alabama and we do these shows and these little what is ufc on now fight number you know if you watch it on tv this is you we just had ufc one hundred and eighty two while so the next one is one hundred and eighty three i believe which is a lot of events but you've been with him since fight one no father came along your c twelve but i only worked for them for two years he was in different organization different people owned it work for two years and then it was just getting too crazy there were banned from cable it was really like more of a blood sport image like then understand what it was now i have rules but it was just the the public perception of it like i would tell people that i worked with that
it's going to some you too but y'all brolin tried any other it was like i was doing porn that was the attitude the what will you do in that like what you're gonna ruin your career today hundred ninety three fights later if today is much different much different i started working for the u f c again at ufc thirty seven and a half which was in two thousand and two new terminal since then to most of while most the paper views but there's so many events now i can't do a mall lectores fox sports one events which most i'm doing the one next weekend but most of those i don't do and then there's funny does those right and sometimes he doesn't he's going back and forth about porsches with me on on on the included crazy guys that i'm sort of loo really sort of seeing visually that were involved with what was guys named dana son of dana white yeah he's the president of c and they were free
well they understand each guy well they don't eleonora austin okay yeah and you know i can today you know i didn't know how to a two thousand two i met him when i was doing fear factor okay because the one that fit fight to stop two thousand two i think two thousand one two thousand and two somewhere on how you go from being this bostonian martial arts commuting go to fear factor how does that i was on a sitcom before that i was in a sitcom on nbc called news radio and that was on for five years in the 90s so did you come out to la to do the acting stand up thing i came out to la for another show called hardball that was on fox that was cancelled i got hired to show is that was a baseball show like i sitcom about baseball that was cancelled after like six episodes and i was out here i'd already leased an apartment for a year so i was like fuck i'm stuck here for awhile i wanted to go back to new york this is a bit like swingers one of my all time favorite mormon expert in what way you know just
people coming out to la to pursue acting and did you wear mickey mouse swing rose on a killed for that role a lot of that you know that skinny bins for you look at vince vaughn in swingers they look at this one today different john fabbro golota booze food living the good lot of miles a lot of my so how are you fall into fear factor how does that it was the same casting director that worked with nbc four news radio he just brought me in they were mostly interviewing like sports announcers and people they wanted do you like serious and when i came in for the uh i was actually mocking it i was laughing at it and they thought it was terrible for the job because i was mocking and then somehow they realize like look at we don't market someone else to knock it better to have our own guy market as it's happening i just take a slash i just thought it was ridiculous you know you're sick dogs on people this is the most ridiculous show idea
vault how long did that show run for it just seemed like six years one hundred and forty eight episodes and then we came back and did another seven until we did an episode where people have to drink come they had a drink come and that's what got a cancelled tmz found out about it they put the image is also fucking giant your stein of donkey com and the public outrage was but nbc it was fine with it they'd had green it it they said that we could have the people drink come about could be well as you know what man these people everyone wants to push the envelope yeah where do you go next they keep pushing and pushing and pushing until finally they don't even realize how far they've crossed the line to other people realities blood well i he's telling them not to do it i mean when i'm telling you that it's a bad idea something wrong yeah there was two times we did that show where i told people don't do it what was the bull riding yeah they made people ride
and i said this is a fucking bad idea man because you're dealing with an uncontrollable l environment or dealing with an animal you know i don't care if you think it's team that's not tame it's a bull just because you corralled it and you figure out a way to rope it or put it in a cage that's not attained thing team is a cat you go to kitty cat you edit pers knows your person close rubs up against your leg that's a tame animal a dog came out metal bowls are never fucking tail i always fuck you up you have bulls never come up to get pet you know they'll fucking stick there born right up your ass and launch you over the top of the arena they don't give a sh you know i mean we've all seen those images of a bull go to somewhere in the the one where it goes through the guys cherian outers amount yeah it's like that is in my mind why you should never fucking bullfight that will run with the bulls are the most ridiculous thing that thrilled they say the thrill of running with the bulls like the fuck are you talking about nothing you got animals with test
asteroid giant balls in their angry they're running still these wet blood and fucking you're soaked streets everything's cobblestone slippery and you're running to get away from these bowls a sales or not no i don't i mean it's not the running of bills no i know i've done it i've seen it one of the following morning concussions actually no you got a lot of stories you've actually had i've got a couple of podcasts lined up there's a doctor that's on there but dan told me about it 'cause he heard him but he's very into oceans and dying to run the patrick wm yeah i know her her sorry rhonda him show what we yeah you know run the man we talked about transvestites earlier sir well now she's a a woman but she i took her to a u f c and her husband is he's a fan of it and i don't think she ever wash before actually i don't know his dandruff i'm
he was a fan but anyway and i invited them 'cause they live in n california so they came to the ufc and is the first time she had ever seen it she literally had no idea what it was all about after it was over she was like oh my god and then she went like deep on the show in the dangers of head trauma and all that's going on yeah i think was that the one that i was at where anthony johnson knocked am i would stick another log yeah brutal and i felt yeah he got room that was it's probably the headache the next day probably still probably to this day probably gets up a whole if you saw that i mean it was it was actually uncomfortable i wish they'd stopped it sooner but well it was at one round knockout him is pretty quick i mean it was just tag him a couple of times and put him away yeah johnsons fighting for the number one title contention next not next weekend but the weekend after that in sweden who is the big top dog guy now john jones is number one just tested positive for cocaine whoops
oopsy daisy rehab amazing fighter amazing fighter pretty argued the best ever at this point in time twenty seven well my favorite guys nick diaz i love back fighting in a couple of weeks it's writing january 30th in vegas anderson silver yeah that's crazy or 31st i remember that nick diaz is he's just like forgot for personality well nice details no no he's from stockton i don't think so did no no but he's awesome to watch fight and he just does it like nobody else i'm stopped in can't be portugais course again they just can't park in front of the house and then sleep yeah everything will be gone window yeah now he's just yeah that's the problem with things like i an image of your car yesterday and somebody wrote in the com
sense of instagram you know i hate portia guys they're all show offs like how hilarious that they're all of 'em everyone every single one but it's like if this qualifies you from ever owning one because you'll be a douche like you can just enjoy the engineering you can even if he was just by yourself there was known around and tell anybody had a porsche you took the car cover it just drove around deserted road and enjoy the out of it you can see there are some people's renews yeah we'll look at him i mean i thought he was a rocker yeah for a look city seem right yeah but some people say my automatic been some people automatically associate cars yeah touch base on a little bit earlier on specially here in la yeah it's in the each thing yeah you know sometimes these porsches don't leave that bedroom zip code you know you go you ever take it to the track no i don't want to get it shipped i did see it a guy in aston martin repeat and he was deaf an agent
definitely hey hollywood rise a movie time i mean yeah two cell phones like he was looking at his phone and he was on a bluetooth but you you have well maybe you're naked in bed and on the toilet do on the toilet well there's a lot of agents here so it's probably it is hot and it was like that time of the day where you know it's like we should could be at work but you're not think it's not lunchtime so yeah he's doing the meeting the meeting well there's image cars and you know the big ones are of course ferraris a big image car you know that's like the probably the most obnoxious all of them and a lot less easy lamborghinis at a yeah yeah there's so there i am rages sin i thank you so you can have one too for like the blue jeremy clarkson always says you know like and three drivers are constantly on bluetooth and that's the big thing box i don't know but he hates porsches images and i tell the story of the time i think anyone grown up anywhere in the world in the 70s already's chances are if you're a car guy you had
a choice of one to three posters porsche turbo lamborghini coon tashawna probably ferrari five hundred and twelve bucks or testarossa i had those m w m one no way out of my my wi alpino one yeah that was a cool car only it was forty seven this image yeah i had that i didn't have my phone i had a model of that i had like a model of it it was a basf remember that company these to make tape basically well i was a cool car the bmw bsf taped i remember you pull that up dude since you had that pull up a basf bmw look at that and you'll be like that's a quite number that was a space age carfax j but i look at it now looks like you know they see those cars racing down historic son believe twenty five i'm running around the f1 that's the basf yeah look at that i had that my mom gave it away to someone when i left home thanks a lot more we can't find that look at that and you know what and basf is literally to tape you know that
for the sony walkman yeah really that's what i mean by tape you know like the fender flares on that what do you love fenders aren't you yeah i'm a big fan of what one of the things i love about like jack olson's car wash widebody fender flares i love those i love you to me that's the evolution of i spoke earlier on about like in the two thousand and two t i3 bono csl but mobile that's an easy evolution allow you like the nine nine three nine meister that rsr that they built along those wide body because people always ask me do i like w b i'm a big to be be found i don't like those really as like the nine meister uhhuh rsr look which is essentially the g t to revive her body kit gt do gt two with the with bolt on yeah there's there's an image for the 993rs r if you find the nine hundred and ninety three tiful car man look at the ass end of that thing click on that one that you just don't get a white one so you can see the bolted on flares i won gold wheels that's
that's actually not even it you click on the other one that you were just hovered above that right there yeah that's the it has the bolt on fender flares that's a fucking beautiful ass right there that's jennifer lopez to maine it also but also it's got rhonda rowsey on hold on that is it good ass fucking tires two mascots like it's got fight tonight that things pull up my str will see what joe thinks do that just punching mag walker i see or something well i've seen that car i love that car i'd love the back end if i saw that during person that speed on this thing we tip nadel driving there but just got a little there's a video of ticket to travel pull down solid on fifth grade party so go back to
i spoke earlier about doing something with fifty dollars right there for is a let's see that and let me see that for our pre audiences all not your car was not overly horsepower either i mean it was a fairly show stroke reason to to see if intel pulling into your driver get hard when i drive it from downtown all the way up to the snake only if you fast order was that truck that pulled in was at his truck no that was you know jonathan ward from icon does the dare allow that is that's why we met him jonathan ward no no people doing that to get him on the show what we were talking about those cars and he makes yesterday that bronco that he makes readable and he makes those old cars and they look like old ship boxes but they have incredible suspicion that she's derelicts where he finds old beat up patinas shells and everything underneath these new mechanic yeah but he doesn't do anything to the outside now that's what's cool about tiff working it was you saying here he said
i'm looking for ronan a same where's that gt2 so this is sort of the inspiration for alex is short works gt2 right there a little bit and how fast is this car i mean how many horsepower is this car that is driving here two hundred and seventy five and probably weighs two thousand pounds two thousand two hundred and fifty so all still no fiberglass on it when if you wanted to get it lower you would have to go fiberglass and how much lower could you get it not well you could go into two thousand which is magic but could you really oh my god why didn't you you pretty just have it was all steel you know like the steel so the only reason why to go off fiberglass would be just for a weight but i know you go call but that stuff just cracks i mean i've had you know fiberglass fenders before on wide body you know old nine elevens and then this is not the same a guy
looks so exciting this is the call that i sold the good enabled tion of the fiftieth anniversary of pebble beach area do you miss it well his great thing about it i have visitation rights to it now so i what i think is the greatest porsche collection in the country in durham north carolina i think local those proto ti po steering wheels yeah hold school mole moles yeah some old fart momo right does this yeah actually of driven this car three or four times in the past year really north carolina i drove it down a fort bragg and then in monterrey i shot a video patrick long in this up in monterrey it's cool that i record you have to build them a new one i didn't wreck it i mean come on things but if you do not sure i'd take care but thankfully i know my limitations on the road i never pushed above and beyond
now what about red bumper yeah right now to see red bump right now what about this car doesn't have any spoiler in the back there's nothing it's just flat in the back does that become an issue with speed maybe willow springs going through turn eight flat out like about thirty five thousand one hundred and forty maybe but on the street now doesn't make difference at all like not ducktail wouldn't eat it in anyway i mean let's say you're on a freeway on a sweeper doing one hundred and two thousand five hundred and thirty miles an hour yeah maybe then but it's still fun sort of having that rear end move around a little bit and it's ok when you need to do that you can do it in the water called for one with the big off well this crash is relentless in his pursuit of water cool to accept the water cool one interesting little point the guy shut these photos for speed until sean klinghoffer we're actually going to be doing a photo shoot with him in about an hour and uh
tell a really women in my andre so cool is that that was the inspiration for our car and i'm i'm just saying guy shoot in the same spot that's amazing losses seventy two nine eleven right the and does the louvered decklid like that does that have any function that are struggling all i mean help style but obviously as coming out of it yeah so its form and function i have you seen have you seen his knew well it's not even it was like one of the coolest talked about cars at sema this year have you seen the one with the louvered flares at the mobile one movement from fans yet two years ago so i went and i see that as an online yeah you can still look at look at the look out which is immune from sixty seven s teal you briefly tell you my seem a story i'm sure you're familiar with walker sixteen test yeah yeah always go in another section minus will to sixty seven s or t and srt srt srt magnus walker yeah mine is no dude top down right there right there take that one on the left so
let me turn my mobile one story real briefly or my sema story two years ago i snuck into sema on someone else's pass and if you go back to that this year i got invited by mobil one to display two cars in their booth which had three cars the other one was a pro touring sort of sixty seven camaro but that's just how crazy my life had become in the past two years from sneaking into the sema show in vegas which is the biggest sort of aftermarket specialty equipment show to be invited by mobil one all from one documentary yeah i never thought i none of this is being scripted these no pr person behind these men on iphone say that's what i enjoy knowing that you are there's no way that you shop we and the way we met is my friend todd todd masoro who is the producer of my show on sci fi todd is porsche guy owns nine three loves loves porsches and we're talking about you i showed him the video we've gone back and forth and he goes
we're going to be in downtown next week like let's contact magnets let's go see if we could see his shop so he call you you answered the phone all the time you guys had a conversation we after we shot we just drove down and hung out with magnets for a couple hours so i emailed it i emailed him right before the jay leno show in right after and i said is it still ok to come right and he's like yeah like friday at nine hundred pm i arrive there for gay so for his wife was really his wife was real happy and then he's like not cool man i was just reading about it on the cover blah blah oh my god will go for a ride yeah yeah let me drive it so i hear him wailing around will not wailing just putting around so yeah putting around in the four point one gt3 rs and dan who is in the passenger seat you he's telling me later yeah he's going like yeah just one more lap just one more lap this one more lap and right before he got in the car right before he gets in the car sorry just going to throw you under the bus or pet he's talking to his wife carolyn cohn
i've just got some stragglers in the last ones of the day i swear i'm just kicking him out right now is kicking him out i'm kicking him out i swear i'm coming over seventy freaking laps later i throw props to my wife karen i've been with her for over twenty years and uh that's why i'm the luckiest guy in the world is i've got first rule she's beautiful she's my georgia peach and she just allows me to be this crazy fool sort of you know enjoying my life but without her it would be here today so you're not head impact is what you i'm just saying i love my wife and she is super supportive who knows what i said my wife my wife from my birthday before i even had a shop this is what got it was a set of the first brembo gtr breaks that i could put on my really fast turbo and she help me install nitrous lines when i was drag racing is a key for an area that's like cats so she actually makes video games
is there another way to take those naturally aspirated engines and get them a journal is powerful is that eight hundred horsepower that you have in that g t two is your way i mean have we reached the limitations i mean the limitations essentially on the air cool cars it gets up to bike before fifty and it like didn't nine meister get they got a993 engine up to like four hundred and fifty horsepower i mean it's really pushing around thing through a square peg you know or whatever the freaking thing is i don't think you need eight hundred horsepower with the early yeah but i'm not asking whether not you need it i'm saying is it possible mean have i don't think you can get eight hundred but they were out of a naturally asp it i'm not talking about an early car i'm talking about like your car that a four dot one you got up to five hundred and sixty like what is the limit is that it so that's an interesting question so you can make more but what's that
every of more so we probably yeah we could we could stay in bore and stroke in lots of four point whatever we want so what i mean how much four dot thirty four or it's been looked at in the maths being done the problem is and we've tried certain things who tried what happens is the pit things get larger you know they get heavier then it stops to feel like a gt3 and feels like a you know sloppy v8 or the v eight you know i mean because is more weight in the bat well that's more weight would you know i mean think about have your pistons my balance you know okay i mean you can add more displacement but how are you going to do that there's cost involved in terms of more weight more weight is the enemy in a gt3 just go get my muscle car yeah exactly you want to be revving part of the thing with that four dot one is that i thought it was still a gt3 like you get in it and it's like it's still related like it's related to your three hundred and yeah for sure it's not the gt2 so you could technically make a big you know
i mean the gt2 doesn't read the same way you know it feels heavy it's got heavier stronger components in it i think joe needs to drive two hundred and seventy seven i do and pissed it's raining i think you need to drive through and then you probably need an early car in your stable i think and that way you can sort of see how the less is more lightweight smaller displacement work a little bit harder approach to getting a thrill driving is and then you probably have the best of both mentor me magnus walker helped me would just go for a drive uh so we're going to do but we talked a lot about right we talked about alex and i actually talked about him building me in nine hundred and sixty four we talked thing i want to build a lightweight nine cents for its inspired to the right like can you get one of those they start out be heavy they're actually heavier than a nine hundred and ninety three really why is that just the time p did you know they got heavier and heavier so a lot of people sort of hated on a bit now they're really popular because they looked kind of awkward
during a weird middle stage which is like the end of the road for the early styling moving into the ninety nine she cries of fickle out me nine hundred and sixty four was the unloved nine hundred and eleven i mean you could find them all day long under twenty grand but not anymore those days of their tables you know technology was different than a lack of just sayin it yeah it was just heavier or piston heads featured this really really nice one recently a white one that was like really radical and cheapest and light will impress dude i'm impressed you bringing out the english flag is and i'm low file is that what we call him with that one that they did do that one nine hundred and sixty four was very nice really lightweight the license plate said growler or something like that the thing that sucks though and this is the the bus my daddy's car yeah his call the white one have you driven a car well yes i have it was a lie it's great because of the store without punching out bermudez 'cause i got him into the portia rohner club
and now he's become a red nine hundred and sixty four growler pull pull up growler yeah i'll just punch in alex bermuda i felt there you go there it is the back way back yeah local that's it yeah yeah is that your wall no it's not a good one this is a cool guy actually got i was his first driving instructor with the porsche on a club and he runs a spec box around my body tyson which meant that used to work at tre built that car and then alex border did his own custom what's it like to drive one of your lightweight cars or feels like two hundred and seventy seven pumped up these sort of these stepping stones to me that the in between two hundred and seventy seven in the gt3 three point nine but as is tactile as yeah seventy seven at a whole deal the thing that really stuck out so far is that i think a lot of those cool cars never really made it here like the irs is now they had like an r s america right it's not the same you know we had the one with the big off wing on the back you know plus
the glass windows and you know sort of it's a shame in a sense that the states never gets a lot of these great cars one thousand nine hundred and seventy three hours never really officially came in here is that because of safety regulations and they don't want to crash him i guess or whatever you know everyone's bill gates or he doesn't want one maybe yeah yeah well this is a really interesting conversation and a lot of people probably there are ignorant to the joys of these lightweight itch fighting cars like what you have and certainly to what you're building these extreme versions of the race bread nine hundred and eleven their fascinating cars it's it's it's a group of people that enjoy them that it rates such incredible loyalty and passion you know it's it's really you unlike most cars in that sense isn't what we i mean you
i hadn't even not even met you and the first phone call we pretty much had that goes up many gets it rattled off all this stuff about t threes you know and because you have the two thousand ten and i'd had it so i had that connection and yet you watch the video and i pretty much you know we just kind of rift for like an hour or so after work and i didn't want to brand new cone that was yeah deliver heavy metal video it's pretty hard to go back and see this video well that video of the green kermit you've never seen that video no go do my homework i throw that three dot nine creek kermit bear in mind it was done on her avid station back before we had hi def cameras in madison so i don't show interest in does not a master of the video i got sick yeah portion versus for our that's a good one it smokes this it's not even a stock four five
it's four hundred and thirty that's been modified four hundred and thirty yeah this was an factory it was a full thirty that's the new one yeah this was back up shut down this is how great is america they shut down beale air space so that we could film a tv show with tanner foust and pull tracy control yeah yeah and it was a show close the clock when she hold my when i feel no no she's not no no no no no no she's been editing i'm doing the the she's not driving tanner and tenors g tennis driving the green car and pull tracy's drive in that one look at schlock and wheel spin off that that's your baby yeah just a green version of a total of ten are you so you post on instagram that he's like in the gt two so rob that thing no yeah he's got an invitation that's a guy you want driving that fucking thing that's concrete adman chris harris did you ever yeah and chris harris jr but kind of files a real race card no i tried a cool glasses with india he's he's also
so yeah a lot of people don't sort of given credit but you know 'cause he's adrift boy or whatever but he beat michael schumacher you know in the race a race of champions and i've driven with them like on the track in my car's a bill and i didn't even know they could go that fast i didn't know that he was going to use any breaks i mean he's a animal did doesn't use brakes just just lightly set the car up that's in front i'm yeah exactly i was just like you're coming really fast as a wall right there and he says yeah that's really close you know is he turning any just just lightly tap and we're flying around the compressor he suspensions so much at the hairpin of sears point and this was for speed channel that the the front lip that i had on there literally touched it and it exploded it shattered when we thought like we blew a tire and the guy though contract says are i've seen that a couple of times on you know the cut car compression you know and he's doing that on north street car yeah just compression how could that be avoid
can you not avoid that raise it mongol quite as fast you're not have tanner foust drive have you ever seen the video on top gear the us version where he's taking this corvette z six around this industrial area one of the early cycle that was the one of the only shows that while comes wasn't odd animal the way back i drive she's overnight bucky's doing its soul like precise and surgical the way he's taking corners on that tv show it was called battle of the super cars it wasn't the world's greatest show but like i said they shot down a stealth you this way they fly all the uav's that kill all the terrorists that's where the operators beale air force base like we weren't even allowed to in certain directions their lines with people with guns at which you may tell you what they would do if you looked well don't i don't even work on ideas don't look we don't cross don't step over this line right after the drummer little bit yeah no well no we i got to i got to drive the car with the u two spy plane taking off and i was like the touching go car basically
and he's like don't get any closer or burn your fucking paint off but imagine if those jet engines yeah that's some bad ass little right there gentlemen we're out of time but there's been a lot of fun being emotional yes people need to watch your documentary they haven't seen it it's urban outlaw it's available on vimeo it's beautiful it's mag def that you're going to want to buy a porsche if you do want laporsha and you want to get crazy if you we get a gt3 senator this guy fuck it you only live once if you can afford center the shark or how far can it be right you step it shop and that's it you'll you'll be flying in and out thank you gentlemen really appreciate it fun magnus walker's on instagram shark works on instagram and shark works werks on twitter and instagram gentleman always pleasure good times to get that fucking shark get out and drive it i'll try it out thanks everybody for
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