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#607 - Joe Schilling

2015-02-03 | 🔗
Joe Schilling is an American Muay Thai kickboxer who competes in the super middleweight and light heavyweight divisions. Joe's upcoming fight is February 6th at Glory 19 on Spike TV.
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Is the one and only Mister Joe Schilling. Joe Schilling is a world ranked Kickboxer one of the best on the planet earth and he fights for glory. Glory is the biggest kick boxing organization on the planet and they hold fights all throughout the world this weekend, they're alive February. So next Friday, night on spike tv It's glory. Nineteen really high level Kickboxing organization super exciting to watch and Joe Schilling is one of the best on the planet. Earth that two thousand and thirteen glory Middle Tournament champion outstanding kickboxer done a lot of training with MMA fighters, including just fought for Bellator recently and knocked out Melvin Manhoef. Please, ladies and gentlemen, welcome a very cool dude, an an awesome fighter. The Joe Rogan XP
join my day, Joe Rogan Podcast, by name all day, uh right with me today, this Friday night, you can catch. Him live on spike tv glory. Nineteen writes number nineteen, yes, Sir Stitch about Joe Schilling, live from LOS Angeles. Welcome aboard brother pull that sucker right up to your face. Don't be shy. Drinking distilled water, huh! That's to cut weight! Is that what that is? Yes, sir, how much you cut my try to cut like twelve pounds of water, maybe a little less, but the process, it's like five tons of water over three days. Is there like a science to this, or is this like? Does everybody do the same thing or like it seems like a lot of people have different methods on how to do this. Yeah, a lot of people have different methods, I read about it online, probably five years ago from some wrestler and we tried it and it works really well for me, so I just keep the same, but I'll do two gallons of water, like my TWAIN's on
so I started on Sunday, two gallons of distilled water on Sunday to gallons and on Sunday, two gallons Monday, one gallon Tuesday to Wednesday and then Wednesday, for twenty four hours won't drink. Any water, no salt and just kind of comes right off so Wednesday, no water all the way through Thursday, no water, the way Inns of Thursday yeah and because of the distilled water, because just to still water has no minerals in. It is just pure water. It just flush through your systems at the idea behind yeah and it doesn't have it doesn't have any men are also your body will hold onto it and because it's flushing through your system, it pulls all the other minerals out with it. So you know the for two days. You just pm, like crazy, are sweating like crazy put on deodorant you still sweating like crazy. Your body feels like it's over flooded with water and that last twenty four hour period, it's still in that same cycle and you're the rest of the water just comes right out yeah. I would think that that would be not good for you. That's probably not this cold water. It just see
because I know my friend Aubrey. He went on this weird diet of distilled water, like you, thought like to water, be pure and he started getting dizzy and shit. I thank you and he went and got himself checked out and then, like the United Fucking minerals in your system, you can't be doing that. It's definitely not a healthy thing. It's not a you know. I definitely don't advocate for anything other than cutting weight. Would you weigh in at one hundred and eighty weigh in at one hundred and eighty seven you walk around somewhere around. If I'm walking around, like maybe six weeks ago, was probably two hundred and ten to twelve eating whatever I want, you know drinking beer doing whatever I want to everybody got their own little ideas about what should be done. As far as like how much weight to cut before you compete, some guys think cut the minimum amount, possible and then there's these extreme in dudes that cut like three thousand and forty pounds, yeah really comes down to everybody and then also like your style of fighting some guys, I think, need to feel strong a lot
and stronger, because, maybe they're lacking or because they you know, whatever reason they need to be bigger and stronger than the other guy, but there's endurance. You know I've cut too much weight and over hydrated and learned lessons that way where you think, when I thought Demarcus. Second time when I flew to Vegas I had like one gallon of distilled water is supposed to drink and they wouldn't. Let me take it on the plane, giant, gallon water. And as soon as I landed, they had me doing, press and stuff, and I didn't get to drink the last gallon of water. So I started doing Buffy like crazy thing, let's diuretic it help me lose the water, and when that twenty four hour period came was time to cut the weight, I hadn't really dropped anything. I was still like twenty two dot zero over, so I had to cut twenty two pounds and twenty four hours and wo it was terror. It was awful. You know the first round that came out strong. I was, I felt, really good and then to the second round. It was like if It's like you know when you have a dream and it you've tried to fight somebody when you're laying on your arm. It can't get the threat
If it was just like that- and it was a bad performance, so I learned from that one the point of diminishing returns, that's a big one when it comes to weight, cutting right, it's it's almost like a whole another event in itself, there's like the fight, the training for fight the preparation, skills, strength and conditioning all that jazz and then there's this way. Cutting thing, that's a totally different event and guys failing it like this past weekend, too big important fights that guys failed at John Linaker failed for, like the fifth Fucking time the guy can't make one hundred and twenty five, but he wants to be the bigger guy and he doesn't want to fight one hundred and thirty five and then Kelvin Kelvin Gastelum same thing couldn't couldn't make one hundred and seventy for like the fourth time, I don't know how many times Calvin Smith, not as many as Linaker but he's you know, he's Condit most many times, and then you get a guy like Anthony Johnson. It was like really had really
that reputation in the UFC got cut because you couldn't make weight and then finally decided to stick to his natural weight and he's killing it. You know. So it's ridiculous. It's a it's a weird balancing act. I think everybody has their own. You gotta learn your lessons and work for me today. If there's never been a garlic Johnson who, like at one seventy, you know, he's a good fighter very good, but struggles to make weight and then fades latent fights because is depleting. The shit out of his body goes all the way up to heavyweight and beats the shit out of Andrei Arlovski and you're like wow the Father heavyweight and then it's down to two, oh five to compete. The UFC makes wait no problem and is the number one contender now and just terrifying and terrifying fighter. Amazing. You know it's amazing how this guy, like not torturing his body, is now one of the best fighters on earth. Where is three year? Go he didn't have a careers grammar is fucked up all just because of weight. Cutting. You know it's a it's a weird, weird thing. You know. If you don't do the weight cutting and the order
like same day wins, then you still have guys that are going to try to cut the weight and fight the same day and it's not healthy. It's terriblr boy, especially striking sports, it's terrible with wrestling, but the guys get away with it, but with combat for its anytime you're involving head strikes, you really do have enough time to replenish all the water that protects your brain, all the water in your in your in your head, and that was one of the issues that people used to have back in the old days with these to weigh in and fight on the same day they change that around the dark who Kim fight. I believe it's also when they dropped it from fifteen rounds to twelve or boxing 'cause. They just felt like Fifteen is too long and they changed the the gloves heavyweights used to wear eight ounce clothes and then now it's, I think it to be under one hundred and forty five to be in eight ounce, close wow, I mean, can you imagine heavyweight fight, lay down close it's. Basically, it's gonna make love just different style. You know well how 'bout the Jack John
in days we used to wear those Everlast gloves or at the little tight there, just Bexley Knuckle pad. This is crazy. Well, there's some guys think and I'm I'm one of 'em that MA probably be more realistic and better. If no one wore gloves, I feel like, if you can nice on the face, elbow some of the phase kicks in one of the phase, while you punched him face with gloves on it, just protects your hands more than anything, and also the wrists like having your just taped up and nice and solid like it makes it so that you could hit people harder. You could be much more careless with your punches. I give you had bare knuckles, yeah much more realistic, like scenario as far as like what you can do with your body taping everything up and rap everything, nice and tight and solid and padding it. You know you're turning and to a different thing right. Well, it's like some apple conditions. Allow you to tape your ankle, some people, some athletic versions. Don't you know if you watch like the like the
new ones and stuff you'll see like butter hurry, and these guys have like a huge amount of padding placed over their ankle on their foot yeah. That padding is not protecting the person they're hitting it's protecting you. So if you ripping kicks. And you kick somebody in the elbow you know and you have a pad on it's going to protect you going to be more likely to keep kicking. Then, if you smash your foot in the first one, so yeah, it's kind of interesting yeah, I think protected, tease protect your balls, that's it, I think. Maybe that's the best way to go, but everybody has this thing where it would look more barbaric if somehow another your knuckles weren't protected, well, then also you gotta, look at it from like promotion standpoint you if, if everybody's breaking their hands and and fights- and I wouldn't as a fan, we wouldn't get to see those fights you know the truth, is we like to do to see him? You know so that is true, but if you talk about like like an impact on the problems with brain damage- and you know the side effects for guys after that career, can you imagine if we had even less padding on our hands and
well. They think that they would be actually less brain damaged, guys wouldn't get hit as much. You have to be much more judicious with where you place your punches and it you know, because the fact that you you have you had some in the forehead you're most likely going to snap and uncles address he'd be a little bit more careful. I don't know it's it's a weird argument: it's like the same argument with foot they've said that if football players didn't have pads didn't have helmets, it would be a safer game for the players that, of course it put football they're not and each other in the phase yeah and there's always going to be that one guy that, like just like the one, get, did same date. Wayne there's always gonna, be that one guy that thinks he can still cut thirty pounds of fight that day of dies or yeah, the one guy who doesn't care and keeps hitting the person when his hands broken. You know it's a yeah, that's true! That's true! so. You were in camp with Nick Diaz in preparation for his fight this past weekend with Anderson Silva, which was an amazing fight. You know I've been thinking, not about that fight after it was over, and one of the
really really like la in my head was there's a lot of p they're calling for Anderson to retire. Now you know and they're saying that you know, and even Chris Weidman's one of them said he'd like to see Anderson retire. But I watched a fight and I was thinking about myself after the fight like. Nick Nick and silver that was a better fight than Nick and Carlos Condit. It was a better fight, then GSP in Nick, like these are. The good fight is a good competitive Exciting fight an you know, Anderson Silva, fighting, Nick Nick Diaz is a tough motherfucker he's a good fighter he's very so aren't very crafty, and I think that you know like the guy turn off those two fights it's almost like. Just we expect more of him, then of just a regular fighter. It was GSP in his prime and he put on the exact same performance, and if you just you know
C g, I g S p's body inmates, one watch, the fight build us good fight. Well, the beginning was kind of ridiculous Nichols clown and I'm, which was Larius. You know I I was howling and I couldn't I couldn't stop myself. I was slapping the table when he lay down and put his head like his tail and now we're in the corner laughing. We couldn't believe it. You know I was worried about him. You know going into fight. I felt a lot of responsibility for him. Kickboxing wise. You know right and I felt like my my job, helping him out. You know he's one of my good friends I created with them anyway, but in this fight camp I was kind of more of a coaching and I've got a lot of responsibility. No, not him not to get caught, and you know that I teach him teach him the right things that I tell him enough stuff felt like a lot of responsibility, and you know I'm yelling out instructions or whatever, and he did that, and I was like when he stood up and walked right at him with his hands down on my god. I get fucking hit right right right, but yeah. I was super proud of him yeah that that's happened to me in the past two with
you know when I find calculi nobody, nobody thought it. You know when I was Joe is going to get destroyed. You know, and I was the only one who believed that was going to win and then once I knew medium, size of lead, then it was all he's. Retired he's not good anymore, and I think this is not a very you know. It's like the guy comes back from a you know, two losses and one was a horrific. You know Shin break and then Nick Diaz does wouldn't before the fire went on. It was going to go more than one round. You know he was gonna, get murdered by the goat, you know, and then it puts on a great performance Anderson. You know it makes hard to fight it's hard to finish, but then all the sudden, it's all he's not the same guy he's should retire. I just think: that's not fair for Anderson or for Nick yeah. I agree I think Anderson did uh like I said I think he did better than Carlos Condit did he did better than you Saint Pierre did George essentially fought, but on the feet the most the fight to come down. You know, try to take him down. Control on the ground and George is a very strong guys, got real good top control, but you know now and
person stood up with them and the entire fight was taking place. Kickboxing and I think Anderson look good nope, and especially when you come off. Two big losses like that in your heads, all fucked up and you Know- what is column on you to retire. First of all, the first fight had to fuck with him Providence so hard. They did that 'cause, he the clowning and he got caught, which is everyone's worst nightmare because, like new clowning you trying to make fun of your opponent and then boom, you get cracked with a big left hook and the lights go out and like no way that way like to lose that way. After all, those victories after the Vittore Belfort fight after fucking up jail, son in the rematch and after all, those spectacular victor is against James Irvin and Forrest Griffin, and you know to like that is like holy shit. Yeah I mean that's going the camp. I was looking at stuff cuz, you know as a
really tough fight for Nick and in a lot of people didn't think he was going to force Griffin when the fight first came out, so that this is silly fight. It was another one called a super fight. You know it's just too small for that. You know and I think a lot of people counting up. I was looking at Anderson's fights things that I noticed were. People say he was showboating river. I think that when it didn't go his way against Chris Weidman, the first time he started. He kind of broke men and that's why he started showboating, and I had done that in the past and pay for it. But ultimately I think that his style is to bait people in the coming, so he can use his reach and then catching them was shot so Bryant with Nick. You know my thing was you have to find that middle range? Somehow you know to get him to come at you or go just enough there inside of that middle range, but not go all the way into the clinch and get and get stuck in his clients. You know
right, and that was I think I have a lot to do with Nick baiting him to come forward and, I think also messed with Anderson said no one's ever no one ever clowned interesting. You know a lot of these guys go in there in the one I think they get surprised by, but there's not prepared to fight that level of kickboxing. You know they're not used to seeing that level of striking that speed. That range, those those moves and then the other thing is that they get out there in there. Like I'm fighting, you know the best striker in the world. This is the goat. This is the goal right, and I think that was a big thing for Nick was I don't think Nick believes for a second that he's the greatest fighter of all time. You know to mean right and the same thing with jail son. In the first time he fought him shelf, the stuff that Shell said jail, really believed he was going to beat innocence over that night, which is why he did beat him for almost the entire fight until he got caught. I think the second fight might be. It was a little different, but I think most of the guys that he thought didn't really think that they could they do
visualize themselves, winning that fight and that gave it to Anderson. Well, Anderson is a great counter striker and that's all he's been what he's most spectacular at mean. He will lead, but most the time. He only does it when he has a massive advantage, like the first couple of rounds against Damian Maia like who's going after MIA, but Damien Myers like applauding Guy, who doesn't have good strikers speech, especially back then didn't have good striking but like if you but, alas, latest fight or if you look at the Patrick Cote, a fight he likes to lay back in. Let guys come to him and when guys just stand there and wait for him to come. The flights get really boring. He was involved in a few stinkers everybody kind of forgot about, and that was because he's not really he's, not the attacking style of fighter like there's some guys that just fucking attack they just like rumble like goes after you Bell rings he's argentu throwing bombs. Anderson is never been that kind of a fight. It's always been like
much more of a tactician and then there's always the air of invincibility, but that air of invincibility is gone? It's gone just completely gone. I think it's gone. It was so weird, seeing him like weeping after the fight two and then it goes and pick some up. That was pretty badass. You know and Nick was like come on man. You can't be crying yeah you're, the greatest of all time. You can't be crying Unicon, They get painted to be these like bad guys, and you know that's part of the persona that you know they promote. That's all well and good, but like there ve you're, very respect, but we know when the when Nick beat free- Shamrock he was on the ground after the fight and Nick reached down and picked him up and said, you know, you're a legend, you can't be on the floor, stand up or whatever yeah and this is but all people see is you know they go for the stare down in the press conference. Netflix am often frank, Shamrock grabs his balls but they're both very respectful fighters, and you know, I think they get. They get a bad rap, sometimes well. He definitely gets crazy before the fight and anxious and but
that's to be expected and the shit talking Look Sunsu set it in the art of war. You know minimal to moose. Ashi talked about it in the book of five rings. There's all sorts of things that go on in a fight and in any contest, there's advantages to be had, and there is it meant advantage. Is that if you do not take advantage of those mental advantages and your opponent does your it'd disadvantage and when Nick immediately starts to fight and he's like he's got his hands out to Anderson, like what bitch, what bitch and he's walking towards him come up with the fuck you going to come on. What are you gonna? Do you see him talking like constantly talking and you, the Anderson like people get blustered when Nick does that he doesn't. Trying to tell you really it's. The first time I met Niko was brought in for actually the for Nate's fight with Donald Cerrone, and when I got to the gym, no
It had hurt his neck or something was going to have to go to the chiropractor or something, and they were like. Well just wait. Nickleby here you conspire with nick- and I was like: ok so like Nick shows up and I'm a big fan of these guys. You know, like I was kind of like a little starstruck and. Nick shows up and he's suck. Yeah close. The problem is like, so are we going to we're going to fight and he's like unified right now? You know, but it was just like just like he walks into the cajun. You know kind of like just look me up and down kind of thing, and then you know we spotted it was really hard and we had like a really good really hard session, and after that he was like kickboxing or so yeah if you wanna, hang out after we started hanging out into that, but it was. It was very much like like his you know, that's who he is. You know it's a yeah. What kind of insight can you give us to? Why is he like that, like what is what's going on behind behind the eyes? Ah,
honestly, I could you know that makes a good friend of mine. I couldn't tell you what the hell is going on in his head night, just who he is now it's just. I think he gets people thinking like he doesn't know what he's doing he's crazy, but I guarantee like he once you figure. He knows exactly what he's doing all the time, because a plan which they're totally is then you know, but you worry about him sometime What's he doing well he's in the next month and far as likely as you look at the way he behaves, you go okay. Well, this is like off the. Who is the street guy, and then you find out. No, no, no he's he's on this. Incredibly clean organic diet. He runs. Math lines on a regular basis. Fucking ice comes back from Alcatraz, I mean he incredible. Endurance athlete is that does not like a dummy is a very calc elated. I legit black belt in Jiu Jitsu like v very, very good on the ground, his boxing's outstanding, like there's too much good, there's too much like too much preparation.
Which discipline too much intelligence in the way he carries himself inside the inside the competition he's not dumb at all he's, not, though, no she's very smart and, like he's in a nigma yeah, so much stuff, he talks about it. Just like you wanna take notes. You know, like the diet, stuff he's always on me. My shit, if I drink rockstar, is in energy drinks. Smoke cigarettes from time to time. Do you he's, like he's just very much, not did Sigur They come from Thai from training, moitie 'cause, so many ties smoke cigarettes When I was a kid you know my dad always smoked when my stepmom was my brothers, I'm the youngest of three. There was smoke from Ohio. Everybody was smoking back in the day and I started when I was a kid and then I thought When I started doing kickboxing, it was more like okay, there was other. And made excuses. There was other people that smoke cigarettes kind of thing. I mean I don't advocate it all, but I'm not. How are any smoke cigarettes. I smoke cigarettes pretty often really like right
now you spoken right now, while you're in training no shit like a pack a day. I try to back you know when I'm having fights just go running training really hard, but yeah, I'm I'm a regular smoker Jesus Christ, Joe that's, not a fucking terrible. I'm I'm not going to hide. Who I am you know some people do have vices and But it's incredible as you thought, and I fucking glory tournament, which was a brutal tournament which I went to in LA. It was amazing the fight with Simon markets when it went into the fourth round. You caught him with that right hand. First of all, that is a fucking. War for one fight, but the fact you had to fight three fucking times in a night against work and class fighters like that Wayne back fart in your next fight Jesus. Rice and then Levin right level in the finals, one of the best in the world yeah. That is a crazy night of combat does it was. It was not
What the fuck is the next day field. I only do that man, it was how many seconds did you smoke the next day I get a manicure will say this so that so. Don't smoke, a kids, it's bad for! Don't smoke, don't smoke, it's really not like people You constantly hear shit from people like Joe and Nick and all of the other people that you don't you don't get people on a respect you as much. We smoke cigarettes, make dumb choices like that and and the fighting community. You know it is a. It is what it is, but you have great cardio, which is weird. I tried really hard. I'm a very hard worker went to buckle down like a buckled and how much of an edge do you think you would have more? If you didn't have cigarettes. I've thought about that for a long time, but God damn do. I probably would have more of an edge but, like you might be the baddest ever if you quit cigarettes. Well,
don't think I'm not far off from it now, but you're, pretty close, your pretty close, but uh yeah after I knocked out Simon in the glory tournament were in the back dressing room and You know they want me to lay down and ice cream and all that stuff and I'm like coach, let's go outside, have you smoked a cigarette in I went outside after a Simon and had my hands wrapped and walking out the securities like we're going to call be right back switch cigarette calm down a little bit for little better, and then I felt it was such a insane night that night after this I thought it was really pumped like I was banged up, but I thought I was really unlike this high from beating him and he had beat me twice in the past and it was really as a big moment for me and then the winged bear at five
it's really frustrating. Is it a really mentally challenging fight? You know his style really, the first time we fought a really frustrated me, and I I did with Anderson did with with white men the first time I kind of cracked under like the frustration and put my hands on my hips, and you know I kind of gave away the flicks with styled like describe his style. It's just very. It's very different, it's almost like he makes it up, he's got very strong box he's got heavy hands is very big. He was the first person I thought at one hundred and eighty five, where the guy that I weighed in against in the I got in the ring with for two very different sizes. You know, and that messed with me a little bit, but he running away. He not running away, but he was trying
uses movement in every time which had to throw, I just got really frustrated by him, not not engaging me, and that was something I had to really learn from and going into the second fight. I was ready for that prepared for it, and I knew it was going to be an ugly fight and it wasn't going to be. You know the type of fight that I really liked that Simon is the type of guy I like to fight. You know I like to be in a sense like a war, but let's fight- let's, let's get it on you know. Wayne was like stepping backwards and put his foot on the rope and jumping off the ropes and like doing like a lot of of stuff is just frustrating for me. So I had to stay focused on that fight and then I got the w. I I honestly didn't know who won the fight because it was so neither one of really scoring. But you know after watching the video I see that I want to fight and then so I had about
thirty minutes after the Simon fight before I got out for Wayne, but after the Wayne fight it was like going the back change your gloves, and it was. There was like one fight between us. It was, I think it was like nine minutes before I was back in the ring again and well. I was walking to the ring and I just kept thinking like how the fuck am I going to do like what am I disses like on like this is fucking crazy and it was in the back and he was just like down out if I'm going to do this to like my legs, were just not at all up and down my face, hurt from head butts and getting dropped when, when Simon drop me in the second round in the first fight hit me around the chin, and it didn't really affect me immensely, I never got rocked by it. My legs went out right away and I felt all of the punch like in my neck. It was like pop up in my neck and yeah walking out by our time. I was just really proud that I had
balls. I guess to do what I was doing that goes. I was more like in shock of what I was capable of, but I didn't I really didn't feel like. I had anything left to win the fight. You know, but I was on my way to the ring. I was just really proud that some archaic shit, those three fights in one night- to get world class fighters to fight three times in one night like I well there and I talked to Kevin K, who you know is one of the big wigs over it spike. I said this is awesome when you know the the the Van is awesome. These fighters are awesome as it would be. It's so cool you guys have world Class Kickboxing euro, but all this crazy, fighting three fights in one night ago. This is dangerous. Yeah is not smart. If you guys lose somebody because of this. If someone dies like a world class guy dies. 'cause of this, you guys look like assholes, like don't do this. Yeah I mean I don't know. If it's that dramatic, I mean I because we have a guy could do through right. It could be if you have a war if a guy has a war with another guy in gets, dropped three or four times in the fight. Like you know, some jaw
reform and RON Lyle type shit where they just blasting each of the back and forth, and one guy manage, is to just get through by the skin of his teeth, and then he gets head kicked in or later by somebody else that shit is no Bueno. You know, and that is a possibility. Like you fight, you should be, you should fight once in a night. You know you're you're in camp your training for a long time I mean. Obviously you can do it. You did it, but if you had, if you had your choice to be at your best to fight a guy, eleven. You know you want to. You want to be at your best. You want to go through a full training camp and you don't wanna have two fights that fucking dead nine minutes before you fight one of the best kickboxers on Earth it's like when you're going into that tournament in both times that the thought eleven your training camp is for that first fight and the back of your mind somewhere. It's like, oh well, if I get to the next round like if it could be this guy, be that guy you kind of try to get some sore game plan for everybody, but then the third fight. After that, you just you know
and even thought about getting to eleven in that tournament or how I was going to fight him. It was beating Simon who had beat me twice, you know and then beating Wayne, and then you know it was just is really tough and yet neither one I mean it wasn't at my best. Obviously it was all beat up when I fought him, so I think the fans deserve to see in the same thing, with the with the first time I thought eleven. It was the second fight in it that before fought and yeah would be really nice to see. Really, who is who is the best? The you know on the weather on the Yeah? That's true right, the first time you thought it was the second fight in a tournament tune, that's so crazy right and that tournament was nuts, because I was supposed to fight Steve Wakeling, which at the time was the number two guy in the world, and then I knew that I would be fighting eleven in the final just 'cause of his match up and like six days before the fight Wakeling pulled out of the fight and they gave me Kingo Shimizu, who had never heard of who was like the japanese champion, who used to fight a heavyweight and was coming down to middle weight, and you had like six days to watch tape on him and try to
got a strategy so will live in such a slippery guy to you were the first ever catch him like that. You know you had him really fucking hurt like I thought he was done like kudos to that guy for getting through it, because you, cracked, and then on the way down you caught him with an EI think that knee actually will come up to be honest, more watch. It was like he was dropping like he was out on the way down and then my knee, I think it was like that second impact, like kind of brought him back but yeah I couldn't how weird is it that that's real, like guys, have been knocked back, awake right, knocked out and then bone? They get hit again and then all sudden there back in the fight very seat along the way that these guys are out limp and then right when the ref breaks and they're going for a leg or you know they're coming back to sort of yeah, you see guys how their eyes rollback behind their head and then they get hit again and it's almost like. They refocus like the new jolt of electricity, their brain like clear. You know it's very weird.
That's another thing like with the machine would like Dan Henderson, most fights like all he's out, and then he comes back or like a check Congo, when his fight with God, I can't remember his name, that's very, very, like he was gone and then it came back in him. You know so bad verify with Mommy CASA was hard to watch yeah. That was hard to watch pad. Mary is a great guy. I love that dude he's such a fun dude, but man he's had some rough chaos over the last couple of years, where he had never been k, o'd and then he get scale by Congo and then it get scaled by Lavar, Johnson, but movie CASA one was hard to watch that was hard to watch. That was a hell of a shot. I really like that. Guy Zach he's seems like a really really good guy yeah, that's cool happy for him buddy. I was, he seems, like a really good guy, but he's another one like he's, not he's not built like a fighter he's built like some crazy giant, Bodybuilder dude, which is great
for like around and a half, and then you get into the third round or fourth or fifth, you find the championship fight in, like you know what you saw, he fought two fights in one night in that last tournament and in the second term he just was a different guy. Is this? Is a different guy? like, whereas you can be the same guy for the first row as you can for the fifth round, those big guys. What were saying earlier about cutting all that weight they just when you have how much muscle to feed like there's, there's, definitely benefits you bum rush, Agar and you're, just a machine for as long as you have oxygen, but there's that weird middle balance, where you're trying to find a comfortable middle ground between being ridiculously strong and being an endurance athlete Terry. So could you was had issues with that right? I mean when he first came on the scene in priorities like just who the hell is this guy knocks out Ronda and knocks out O'Gara and then the UFC could see like really strong, and then he would kind of faded in later rounds. I think he has
mental issues too. I think there's a little bit of a confidence issue two when it comes to when you talk to the people that are trained with them, and the people in his camp sometimes guys get through there in a v two or went for up to a long stage, read confidence issues, and he got through that some. You know it's not insurmountable, but but yeah. Definitely the muscle have packing all that muscle is not good for you it just doesn't it doesn't help it helps a little makes a really strong if you're grappler, you know, we could certainly give you some advantage, but those guys man when especially when you're, if you built like that you're trying to fight five rounds. Thank you to going crazy gamble and gamble. Is I'm going to get this guy out of there in the first couple of rounds and then you gotta go like we were talking about Cain, Valasquez yeah he she but has like ridiculous cardio. You know it's a people just the freemen's are just so weird right there. So they vary so much man, they vary so much. You know you get guys that, like you remember cab,
which yeah back in the old man I love cabbage cabbage is awesome to those awesome. You could hit cabbage with a fucking tree. You could pull a tree out of the roots and clanging off the side of his head and he would smile at you. You know that guy could just take this unbelievable punch and that's just biological. He just born that way. Yeah, but it's like you know. Somebody told me the day I had a great chin and there are the Nick had a great somebody said something I haven't, and I said you know ever say that about me. Those are telling you that you can take a great shot. Are you have a great chin? A means of defense is bad. You know to make it right. It can only last so long and then you know you see it. One guy can go for. You know, take shots for ever than one fight later. He cannot take John. The chocolate Del Chavo Del is an exam Henderson. This last fight against saucy rests on see him with the punch that damned would have eaten like a tic tac earlier in his career and his legs go cyst everybody's got a sir, not a whole demand. Jermaine Taylor is like that so yeah
after Kelly, public knocked him out who's. Fantastic boxer still had all the skills we just couldn't get June yeah. This is just a a point when you reach, where your you know, and it's also how you prepare right like how much you, too, how many shots you take get in the gym, you know and how we Howie training. Are you training, smart defensively? Some guys are just fucking full pedal to the metal offense. You know, that's how they train. That's how they think that's how they fight and then, when it comes to defensive skills like they might have like an a plus for an offense, but their defense might be like a see you know and then, when it starts going their way and they take lying up, they don't know what to do. They have to think. Instead of just being instinct, controlling with stuff 'cause. It's a natural part of your everyday thing. That's a weird
thing about fighting man. It's like how much emphasis, especially when it comes to MA how much emphasis to put on striking how much emphasis to put on grappling, how much emphasis to put on your cardio and strength and conditioning and how much to put on skills, and I think that a huge part of that is missing. I think in a lot of people, or even just in this conversation is like the mental aspect. You can train perfect, you could have a decent weight cut. You could do everything correctly and that two hours before the fight from the time you check into the time that you walk out in that ring. If not mentally strong enough to prepared for that, you just don't perform, you know what I mean, and you know it was. It was Anderson Silva that prepared for Nick to the lay down and start a cleaning. Certainly not was a lot of so I think, take for me. I hired a mind coach when I first started with glory and has been a huge. It's been
change in my career, when you see a mind coach, that's interesting that you say that, like it's, not like sports psychologist, you called him a mind code yeah. So what do they? What do they do with you? It doesn't have any Sherman he's out of the UK, he's actually an announcer for he's, like probably one of the most active cape boxing announcers in the world, 2K one and it's Showtime he's been around kickboxing for a long long time. He does all kinds of really cool stuff with me. You know I don't want to give away too many secrets, but he can he does like it have noses on me. Sometimes the lady live in the. U K he lives in the UK and, like you hypnotize me through face time what I got and like the first time he did it like that. I had the
we've been posting. I had heard heard about him a little bit and I had some issues in the past were like my worst. Performances were not because I didn't train hard. It was a mental thing. You know, and the first time I started talking to him like one of the hypnotize me and I'm like ok, yeah sure you have both eyes me and he's like. Ok, I want you to sit down. You know you're going to start feeling blah blah blah blah and, as he's talking, I'm like just quietly with my closing this dude so full of shit. This is not gonna work. This is not gonna work, this guys so dumb and next thing. I know it worked immediately and the things that the little things that he told me to do. I immediately felt a lot better like a lot better and I could see the difference. My coach could see the difference and, what's his background,
The psychologist. I think I'm not really sure how he got into that it's. He does like a lot of seminars and goes to a lot of things and studies a lot of stuff. I don't really know his if you went to school for that or what that is, but he's very, very good at what he does. He works with Liam Aerosani, with Jordan Watson work with Julie Kitchen. He worked with Andy Housing, most of like the really high level kickboxers overseed, that some That is a very important point. You know, and I don't know how many guys Utile eyes, sports psychologist Anderson did a bit for this fight after the Weidman. Finally important for him. Yeah going really stuff like this. I'm in a lot of guys. You you bring it up in and they can immediately see it as a as a disadvantage that you even think that you need help or that you Remember for me, there's so many things like fans on
stand the amount of pressure that a fighter is undergoing into a fight and then to go into a fight where the whole world thinks you're going to lose. You know I mean you have no chance like what like me fighting calculi. I think I had nine professional fights and you know he knocked out my team. He was Roger dominant champion at over two hundred. We don't, if you don't know who he is he's a world famous thai boxer who is. Not one hundred and seventy five thousand one hundred and eighty pounds fought mighty MOE who was close to three hundred pounds at the time and had kicked him It was just one of those ridiculous K. One match ups with these to do in Japan. They love freak, shows they love to put together no gear verses, Bob Sapp or Bob's apps, three hundred seventy five pounds- and you know they put up by this app versus even crazier. They put Bob versus Minoa who's like one hundred and eighty five, so we gotta get this kinky pseudo versus assimilate the samoan guy Ganke Sudo also fought fucking the fat guy with the ball out butter bean.
Yeah member there than it does. He was thought to be a that show is ridiculous: we're talking about more than a two hundred pound weight disadvantage and they go on the ground him on top yeah, unbelievable yeah, I mean, but they don't give a folk in Japan they they will put on Godzilla versus King Kong. That's what they want to do. They want to have ridiculous match, and I I want to watch because of our skin going. You know I'm into that. You know I am sometimes they see like styles make fights like. Sometimes it's I mean. Obviously you want to see who's the best of the best the best, but sometimes you want to see these other. You know these two might not be even in the top ten, but man they're gonna get down. You know, because if I don't see yeah I I mean look Bob Sapp versus Nogara to me still is one of my favorite all time. Funniest 'cause, it was so good in fact got pile drive in the first round, which you never see in MMA is kind of illegal. It's illegal in the US at least speaking of illegal. Can we talk about this Joe? I think we talked about sure. What's up with all these guys smashing trying to stomp kick like did to Nick
again in the knees just think it's a little shady that you got it comes off with such a catastrophic injury and the first thing he does is start stomping away at somebody else's elses kneecapping Did you see the the fight with Miguel Torres the Kickboxing fight the reason right, Jamie pull this up? Miguel tore as need destroyed, you'll you'll find like legacy. Kick box yeah. It's you probably g. I f you can find it the give file of its her ran. This is the worst one I've ever seen. He does this, the oblique kick and he does it. Right to the neon like the side of his knee knees. Needless you see it get destroyed, I mean I just don't. I just don't think Let's, I don't think it should be legal. I just don't think you should be. You know I'm trying to knock somebody out, I'm not trying to like. Actually kill them and finish their career, but I think if you start messing around at two knee surgeries and had to come back from- and it's just and it bothers me to see somebody
intentionally try to attack any joint, but you think about, but then again you armbar. So you know it is what about he looks like she got like who's, smart, Pajares, specialist. I don't the problem with the heel hook. I have a problem with a guy that holds on to the hook after you tap multiple times and then intentionally rips your leg off and then which he's done, which maybe this you know. I just don't really care for that. Yeah fields of particularly devastating one. To hang on to like, if you hang on to a choke, you put the guy out with folks who don't who've, never trained, not like it's not that bad to get choked unconscious. I know it seems like it would be really bad, but it really is just like a shit shut, your brain off and then turn to bring back and again, it's sort of the best we described is like a garden hose in Pincher guard. Knows it stops the water and then you let it go and the water coast flowing through it. It's not nearly as bad as getting knocked out so hold. New Ashok and put in the garden conscious. It's really not that big a deal but holding on to a heel.
Look. You tear the ligaments apart and you're. Talking about a guy is going to go through six months of rehab surgery the whole deal, and then it might. Would be the same way. You were taken away, guys livelihood for over a year most. Just just to what be, We already got in that app or whatever yeah I just I just don't particularly Harrah's is kind of crazy there's something something This is a little bit of a mental issue. If you know about his, his childhood right is lost or is really a heart wrenching I mean he grew. He was working full time from the time is like a little boy in a in a far You know that giants car that he has on his chest. He got that when he was working and he had a crazy glue it to whether it was like they had no money for food. I had no money for the doctor, like he he's to eat pig slop because he had no food like he would eat like the food that they would feed. Pigs so it's horrific. So this guy, like he, went through some really
horrendous shit like as a child in rural Brazil You know in intense poverty, so I think it's hard to get through that uh skate most certainly hasn't. So I think every fight that he as many fucking fighting for his live right. If he gets a hold of your leg, he could see this this sucks. What's that it's loading up, yeah! Look at this! I mean he caught it. Sideways to Miguel was heavy on the front leg and he almost kind of like stepped in Sideways Oh, the dude caught it like just in the outside. Look at that- oh my goodness, oh
through, like a similar, kick to that where I take the front of my foot and it's almost like a slap cake and I do it to the Shin bone, but it's not to injure him it's to stop his forward momentum a lot of times. We might do that their head comes forward and I can throw something but to go directly on the knee joint. I mean I got it through that intentionally. To do that. You know, I don't think, there's any question that he was trying to bug his knee like that attacking the name and that's a look at me- he's coming down yeah! Well, it's actually. Miguel is stepping forward, so his knee was off the mat like as it landed, see that was kind of touching, but he was coming forward and guy caught. Yes, he is need, came up and he's coming forward and then it just went down on it and just wrenched it across. Oh, it's horrible to watch and that's you're out for a year. If any might not have that idea and we can become back there too. In this new.
Thing: now, man with there are 3d mapping your meniscus they're. Taking this this thing that they've created it's like a scaffolding. They 3d map, this scaffolding. They insert it where your meniscus is, and it has proteins in it and your body bill moves your own meniscus on it. That's also you gonna be able to rebuild your man. That's awesome because credible for years, that's been the thing they can make a change. You know yeah Terry Meniscus, like you're screwed, that man is really good, that they can do that. Well, they've car village to that started to do that with stem cells, they've started to inject stem cells into the area where people are missing. Cartilage in Cartledge RE grows, which is incredible. That's awesome, yeah they're doing things like ERP stuff too, with the with my knee surgery. They were thinking about doing that with mine and they didn't do it.
The rich plasma is really cool as another thing that I've been doing. Culver Jenna keen, androgenic kings, amazing, it was that's the stuff that was invented by this guy doc. I forget his name, but he's in in Germany, and he created this procedure? We take the blood, they pull it out like a lot of blood, and then they spin it in a centrifuge and heat it up and when they heat it up, it takes the blood and the blood reacts to the eat as if you have a fever, and it creates a amazing anti inflammatory response is, is you low serum they pulled is CALL Sierra Mountain in the injected directly into any area. We have an injury and it's like like play Blue Ridge Prize my times, one hundred so amazing that makes sense. It's like, like the cold, therapeutic light therapy yeah, but there, but essentially the light or the heat triggers your body
to send more blood and nutrients and heal itself yeah, just straight heating and stuff up and injecting it back in yeah. It's amazing. That's amazing! I've had it but I have done on my name my neck. My back my elbow my shoulder. It's incredible. Some some shits fucked up on me. I just write down there and get shot in that. You feel the difference right away. Oh yeah man, my knee, was fucking with me. I have had three knee surgeries and my knee was fucking with me for like the last couple of years I was like man, I might have to get this fucking thing scoped again and I get it shot up like five months ago, nothing squads, kickboxing, nothing, just never fucks with me, just never fucks with me anymore, it's weird, so they can do incredible shit now with Madison and science. Thank God there's so many eggheads out there that just fucking pounding keyboards and you know doing in the lab trying to re engineer, human being. It's amazing. It's like well Anderson, an Tyrone Spong that break like fifteen years ago they would like amputated your leg like it would have just been. That would have
that really yeah. Somebody was telling me that, please to amputate legs, you got kind of break. If the leg snapped and like the yeah they were, they said they would amputate bot really 'cause of the something about that issue, or something just fifteen years ago. Something like that yeah, that's hard to believe put me on that yeah. That's what I heard they might allow simple item pretty gullible. Well, they probably used to have to like Joe might be lying to us all right now about this and gold stuff there, the reinjecting- I don't know man that Stuff Dana White's one told me about it. He he had it done for his mcnears disease. He may this is something you have an inner ear and it was. It was fuck with him his whole life. He had surgery to try to fix it,
He he got shot up with this Regenta Keenan, just bank gone just goes away. I wonder if that would help make make hurt his left elbow like hyper extended. His left elbow we're training, like maybe three or four weeks for the fight, and it really started messing with them like the week before the flight, and we are in Vegas and his manager actually hit called Dana to find out. You know what doctor or whatever, to go through to get him a cortisone shot into his elbow and, like you, it mean Nick won't. Even take Ibuprofen also do take some ibuprofen, so I want to take ibuprofen. He think it was about. We used to cut really easy back. In the day, I be Profen like a blood, thinner sort of the thing or something that he thinks it makes him bleed more or what not but yeah he was having like he. We were walking around the hotel and like if his arm would lockout and like he would have to wait a second for it to like click back. So it was Jesus cry.
Yeah, then you're going into a fight where your boxing is your your strong suit. You don't feel really comfortable, throwing your left hand so that ridiculous, but yeah yeah. I wonder if gold stuff will help yeah he got through and he landed some good shots with it, so he definitely did well and once adrenaline starts flowing yeah. That's what I was telling him like you're, not going to think about that. When you're out there yeah the rejected the thing is that so that all the rage, like all the basketball players, a Kobe bryant- gets it done all these different guys get it done guys were flying over to Germany to do it right now, We have an office in Santa Monica and I think they have an office in Dallas. I think as well. They have a cup problem there opening up, but they might be opening up one in Vegas, but they're opening up all over the country. 'cause. The response is amazing, and we live in a weird time. Science is amazing, it really is. I just got done today. I was doing cryotherapy if you done that, yet I haven't done it. I wanted to go to one, especially after the last man standing tournament. My entire body was messed up. I had this still kinda messes with me a little bit
but somehow, along the line of the three night three fights I got hit in the chest with something I want to say. It was probably Simon with one of those knees, but in my whole body hurt and as the swelling and everything started going down. My fucking chest just started
like the sternum yeah and it was like, then I noticed I had like this ball. It was literally like the size of like a a tennis ball. I'm on my chest. The source was a little bit now, but it swelled up so much that pinched off all the nerves in my chest and then like my arm, would like. I have like stingers all the way down my arm and I'd wake up. I mean for the first like week or two after the fight. I was like waking up in the middle of night, like shaking. I will get a fever because in so much pain from the center of stuff- and I guess I got like multiple x rays, that might certain sternum broken couldn't figure it out, wasn't there's no break and they said it was basically like a you know this. You see these guys. We get hit in the face or in the head may get. The team at home was on their head and that's just blood and crap. That's stuck between the skin the bone. Well, mine was, I guess, inside of the cartilage of my rib or whatever, and you know even for the moment by when I would be training you,
zero, be working on my jokes or somebody puts their way to my chest, like it would swell up afterwards. So what can I be profaned by like the handful there for a minute? Was it a lot better? Now, yeah, the the crowd therapy probably helped a little bit, but you can assist once things got a year or two, the crowd therapies, awesome for recovery yeah! It's it's amazing value ice baths. I mean, I think, the cries how much shorter it seems like a lot. Cooler lot shorter and apparently a lot more factor really, if you're going to under fifty degrees below zero for three minutes, then you get out you get on the list to go machine. You wore everybody body back up and then boom right back in for the other three minutes. What's that feeling do who feels amazing you get out of there, you feel, like you, could fuck and jump over the moon. Really, it's amazing there's such a wild like if you could take that in a pill form people would just be fucking chewing on him all day, Most people are scared of the feeling like fucking. Two hundred degrees is really not that bad. It's really not you just kind of stand. There I mean I'm not. I don't even freak out it just kind of move around a little. It hurts my nipples. So I cover my nipples
Do it. I don't know why. I don't want my nipples to fall off, not that I use it or anything they're pretty numb anyway, but they that's the only thing that starts to like feel really bad, we had legs, get super cold towards the end, but It's three minutes. You know just kind of deal with it for three minutes and then you get out and as soon as you get out, you like woo hoo as soon as your body realizes back and real temperature rated. Well, the blood apparently the science behind it is your body thinks this mother fucker is going to die. Just somebody just dropped you off at the top of the work. And it's zero degrees below zero and you fucking you're, going to within moments so you're putting all the bloods here to your organs, try to protect your organs and then once you get back to room temperature, it which is it all out- and it creates this amazing, anti inflammatory effect like all the soreness that you have and just
This doesn't weird thing to your body, but the energy that you get out of it. I don't know, I don't know if it's an adrenaline rush of your body, realizes like hey we're not going to died. Life is beautiful. Look the sun is shining I'm alive. You know it's like one of those things where they say you do really appreciate peace and less have experienced war. You don't appreciate, love and less experience hate. You don't know how beautiful it is to be able to walk down the street and not for your dick until you're inside one of those boots, but there's a lot of physical effects going to try. That sounds really cool. You could research it online, like all the different like what they know about the actual biochemical effect that it has on your body, but people swear by it like again, like basketball play. Where is MMA fighters like AL? Japan he's one of our guys at tenth planet he's in their everyday Eddie. Bravo! Does it every day? It's just. It is amazing when he was training for the boiler fight too, especially who's in there every day it is It's amazing it just it just me
she recover quicker, but the feeling you get out of it. I love the best. I walk out of there. It's like your whole body feels alive. It's wild take you when you come back. Let me know I'll. Take you down there. Yeah definitely introduced those guys a lot of cool science actually with with like cold therapy after the the last man standing tournament. I was thinking about doing a student on a wide enough doing it, but Nike makes a cooling vests that it's basically like that as all these pocket, sir, we have his pockets and and- and it gives you a really cool, so I was thinking after the fight putting that on, because if another, like seventy five percent, again quote me on these numbers with seventy five percent of the year, your energy system is spent on temperature regulation to like, if you have multiple fights in one night, how much time are you wasting sitting in the back sweating in the you're wasting energy that you need later?
on the fight. So we were thinking about trying to put to use that that cold packer, those cooling vest, I think Nike came out with it for the Beijing Olympics, that's a great it. You have two fights this weekend now I just have one plus one beautiful, which seems like my coach like high in my cardio is not quite as good as I thought it was and he's like the only fight once it's alright, so ready, compare 'cause when you get and such I mean I was in phenomenal shape for that for that last man standing tournament. I think I had like we found out about that fight. I think four or five months in advance going pretty hard for it the whole time and know when you have a camp like that like who, like who structures your camp, who structures like much running you do how much strength and conditioning you do how much kickboxing, how much striking with on the path add something like how do you? How do you structure your workouts? My coach would do that, but yeah that camp it was like. Okay 'cause, we just came back from the Wayne Barrett Fight, where he just seems like a lot
than me so I was like you know. I was fighting at one hundred and seventy five before I signed with glory and then when I went to glory was automatically up till like one hundred and eighty seven and one hundred and eighty six and you know the Corrie ten tournament Rg11 wasn't very big guy in king of thieves. It worked out really well for me, so I thought it was good at that at that size and then between ferret he was just so massive, but he's just a big guy, you know and so I wanted to put on some muscle. So we did a lot of strength conditioning just I was doing like every day, sometimes twice a day. I was doing going to la fitness with my buddy and doing like body strictly bodybuilding stuff, no cardio, just I was taking out. Figures was shooting for like three thousand five hundred calories a day which is just would feel the thar Jikan just exhausted all the time, and I did that for a few for a few months. I think I got up to about two hundred and fifteen
which was really big for me at the time and then the last, but he was probably the last like five weeks I stopped with the strength conditioning was just focused on speed and trying to get my trying to get used to that size that I was, and I trimmed down quite a bit, but there's like build the muscle, bulk up and then get fast and loose and then go in Tournament and my cardio on my speed and everything kind of comes in the last four weeks. You have some guy there's a lot of guys who like to do that for me, like they take off from a fight and then once they're done or they get out of camp for they say they know they have a five four five months away. They'll, do nothing but strength and conditioning no fee. Training, no sparring, you know getting hit, no grappling they just lifting gates in this, like jumping box, isn't doing all kinds of plyos and shit like that. That was first time I had ever done that that I really focused on the strength conditioning stuff and then when I did start you
Stop with that and I know doing the rounds and stuff Nick was actually in town and we went for a long run at Venice Beach, where we were around his house that day and one for this long and we did like six mile run. I felt really good and then I was like hey. Let's, let's hit these sprints on the way back and there's like bathroom and then it's like you know, two hundred yards, another bathroom or whatever and he's like. Ok will run to that. To that next next bathroom will split and like I couldn't I was just in shocked at how many gears I had. I was never ran that fast ever in my whole life, and it was we had, it was the difference of that time that I had booked up and really worked on the strength conditioning and then the period of cutting down and getting thinking fast again and I was just very, very explosive and it was really good sign. I smoked neck yeah. We listen this Nick. I beat you so that
that's interesting. So this is like that's a direct result of all the weight, lifting and all the muscle and strength. That was the first time I really notice like a big difference. 'cause, I always really hit hard and I think I've always hit really hard, but that was something I really notice with my explosiveness out of my legs was definitely better is weird for fighters. It seems like every training camp, almost like a science project, we're trying to figure out what is the right mixture and also the back to the mental thing. I think that that's you know I I always say like I'm trying to get like the tip of like an arrow. You know I mean each Friday get a kind of closer to that, and then you know you. You make a mistake. Whatever I'm trying to get to this pinnacle of, like mentally focused in on sent right to perfect the perfect, perfect, perfect edge. Do I get to pumped up before. If I was a too cold was a flat was a rhyme thinking about the right things and you know that's why mine coach really helps me is there's so many things going on in my head and he just tells me the right things to think, and you know a lot
is also like the way. The way you talk to yourself or about yourself the way you describe yourself, I used to say stuff, like you know, I have really good punches, but my kids aren't that good and you told me like hey you gotta, stop saying that stuff. Well, my kids really aren't that good. You kind of self self sabotage yourself. You you only allow yourself to get as good as you you talk about yourself, the sense at all yeah, you define need to find yourself. That's what I call a minced like mine. Coaching is sort of like psychological psychologist, whatever right. Just like my coach tells me you're, dropping your hands are doing this or doing that or you need to focus on this. This and this my mind. Coach is doing the same thing and I think that, like the I don't know. I think everything is really come. The stars so to speak, of all kind of a line for me in the last last couple of years. You know I feel, like I'm not an age now, I'm just turned thirty one, although I guess I can't change my would keep
the other page now. What was it say? It says, I'm thirty one. I was going to change it's like twenty six, but don't do it. It's a slippery sure right. I know guys that are forty, something they try to say their thirty fuck, but I think we have reached an age in my career where I just I'm a lot more mature him, a lot better Ashley seems like things kind of lining up now and I have the right coaches behind me. I've been with my coach Mark Morrison. So I was, I was fighting in amateur fights and now he's taking me throughout my whole career. That's great! That's a guy! Who knows you really well then yeah. He trained the yard in la Where is the yard it's in Lincoln Heights pronounce right outside so, avenue. Twenty six is right, where the five in the one team, one hundred and ten meat. So it's like downtown area. It's basically down time. Is it that's a bitch to get to and then and traffics well, I kind of live in like that general area like I live in Alhambra like South Pasadena area. So it's not too bad. For me, I was living in downtown for a long time and then my
my son started going to schools- and I was like you know: I'd rather have him in a little better school system, so yeah, the school system. We could, you know the best school system, I think, is like Orange County, but we couldn't quite quite work out. The best we could find was Alhambra. It's like self pass. Nice, quiet area, man- I love it. There DINA was like apparently back in the day when Hollywood was sort of first created in the 20s or whatever the stars would fucking booze it up and do blow in the Hollywood hills and the, uses like let me get the fuck outta here and then they set up shop in Pasadena. That's why she go by Pasadena there's these giantess. Huge house, man, God, is amazing houses in Pasadena. I love Pasadena. That's nice! There's some Jim and is now a code set you'll Tonga sing, alongs of us in the past. You know sky kick boxing gym leader on for a long time. We
yeah, I always a weird spot where you would think to be a lot more. Like top level MMA gyms in this area, there are yeah there. Really is a you know: there wasn't a whole lot like in Hollywood. It was like legends like the only imagine for a long, long time, yeah and then yeah imagines went under and then you know, you've got some stuff down in Orange County course. You got reign of kings, but to go see him yeah, I thi more but there's is no like jacks, is Emma Mae Britt got like World Champ, this training in one facility. It's like this center spot. It's almost seems like what, for a lot of places like you might actually be better to be in a small town and bring the guy then, and then, of course, you're going to have less distractions and less bullshit. If that happens, but Eli doesn't have a lot of great kickboxing either is not a lot of different spots. Before is that many people there are twenty million people. When I moved out here from Ohio, it was to pursue kickboxing those, because
it's listen in California, was the like the center for kickboxing in this country, there was only show only played lane when I was moody heroes. Nineteen, the the only ones putting on sanctioned Muay Thai Fights was Dennis Warner and vote vote promotions and but there's a really good gyms. In Van in Van Nuys, there's there's a really good gym in North Hollywood, two or in North Hollywood there's a seven three days ago, really good Jim. So you know, I think, that the there's a lot of of my tie here and Southern California. I think that's you know when I was fighting it and amateurs and smokers and and on the smaller shows it here and California it was it was. The amateur was a very high level in a very high level, and I only had I had
twenty three and one is a mature and most of those were smokers, just local amateur fights before work for you, so many judges to schools. Here, that's! We are dentures who's crazy here at intimate when you compare agency to all the other martial arts is made like it's almost like ten to one, and it's like how many judges who jams and then world class, you know, graphics, things. Crohn's here and Jean Jacques Machado's got to Jim's here, he God Jim, hear it and on and on and on you can keep going over and over and over this. So many fucking world class, jujitsu schools here 'cause Brazilian, like the song. They want to be near the beach. This is the spot that gravitate to disagree with them well, it's it's amazing. How much that's changed in this country? You know when I first started being in ninety six, there was a small handful of black belts in the country. There is not that many like world class places to train now there everywhere every city,
go to these legit black belt. That's teaching classes- and you know this place- is that have you know hands those got like five hundred plus students in New York City now that New York City's another? How Bed. It's like you know, there's hens, Owen, Marcelo, Garcia, and you know on on on. You can just keep going there's just so many gems there, but when it comes to a place where you have like gee it world class MMA training facility like an a k, a you know, they're still, not that many of them right. You know, and especially when you look at California, you would think man. You know this is like so much kicked. Boxing, so much Judea too. So much ma like you know, are so much. You know so many fighters, but now, like one big central
bot and the ones that you take away most like Timo Yamas got lucky and most of their team is a lot smaller, but you know I mean I was going there for a long time and he's trained with Shane Del Rosario before he passed away in Webster he was gone. There was hello, guys my size down there, you know so that's an issue for bigger guys to write these actually for heavy weights really hard for having wants to find good training partners and find a skillful God, that's above two hundred twenty five pounds. This is not that many. I think alliances got it good. Is a good team down and see? You are pretty good they're. They got some good guys. You know, of course, of course, aka has Cormier and and Kane there's other. Good guys there are colds men doing really well lately too yeah yeah, rockholds beast this. This is an interesting time because people are still trying to figure out how to train correctly for MMA. You know it's like You've got a lot of guys that are still holdovers from the early days where they would get together and try to
figure it out and slug it out, and there was a lot of like unnecessarily hard sparring or unless Sarah hard, not smarts, barring, and then you know, people are still trying to figure out like what's the best way to go about it, and then you have people that have figured it out like the akas. It have figured it out or the american top teams where they have it down to a science. You know sure, but there's just not that many there's like if you look at any other major sport, look at baseball or football like they have protocols like strength and conditioning protocols. You put all their athletes through and there's been programs. They go through from high school to college to the pros like they. They know like state of the art. This is what we're supposed to do. This is the best way to recover. This is the best way to train strength, conditioning this is the best way to do this with MMA. Also there's so many skills. There's so many is to learn. It's like it's one of the most interesting things about MMA, but it's also one of the things like man. What do you concentrate on? That's a really good point
with me: transitioning over the it's a that's one thing, I'm really enjoying. Is there so much? You have been kickboxing for so long where you know I don't know everything there is to know about kickboxing, but I feel very at home and if I getting in good shape and my clothes are just sharpening me up and keep me fresh, I think I can get in a kickboxing fight and just react naturally, and on with him it made still I'm still to learn still thinking about things and a lot of times, and I remember what I supposed to do like ten seconds after an IRA tapped out. I should on this, or did that you know so, but it's a lot of fun to to be evolving and keep learning new things for me, there's so much stuff to learn, and so many different styles and different ways to win and that's why wouldn't really beneficial for me working with Nick Innate is they think about it. So so analytically, you know, like all of the you know, going on top going on bottom like if this doesn't work out, then you end up here, and you know its it's really interesting D. Is it difficult because you're doing
both you just fought Melvin Manhoef in a big mma fight in Bellator, and then you go on from that a couple months later, you're fighting in a big kick boxing event. Is it difficult to do both at the same time we're going to find out? I right now: it's it's the dream I feel like I can be really successful in both right now, depending on the right matchups. You know, I don't think I'm you know. I don't think I'm a contender for a title and man just yet but yeah, it's you know these things. I have to remember not to do for both. You know what I mean. If I knock somebody down in may I don't walk away right. Russian mark is the king of the walk away KO in MMA. That's funny. When I knocked out Melvin, I felt the walk away like I did to do, though I knew it was out, but my coaches, my coach,
I manage were very adamant that that the night of the fight and then like the week of it like this, isn't isn't kickboxing. There isn't going to be an eight count. If you drop him, make sure you go over and finish him. You know, like you, need to finish right away, It's like. I hit him with like the hook cross. I didn't even know I hit him with the left and I thought I thought it was just the right hand until I saw the video and Song go down, go down and he always going down with his hands up and like wanted to walk away. And then, like is like this voice in my head legal petition and then I went to went to go in a MIKE Beltran had Jung. On the way, and then I was just like hot really ruined my walk up. You can just walk out and just walked off right. Yeah pull pull up Jimmy Joe Schilling, Khaos, Melvin Manhoef. That was a big fight for you, because Bing that that Guy Melvin Manhoef is His style is terrifying, like people are terrified that guy, because first of all, he's black as coal he looks like a fucking superhero. He comes out throwing bombs.
Knocked out Mark Hunt with one punch, I mean he's a terrifying and it's not. That shows like twelve minutes long. Everybody like the we gotta fight everyone with Joe Schillings fighting this guy and they tag me in it. Like every time I checked Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, it was like people reminding me that I'm fighting you know this guy and it was just like knockout knockout knockout. You know get the highlight reel of death. Yeah he's a it was a really big fight. For me, it was really tough. I for me to know I had a is a really bad camp was rather worse camp, my career, I my dad had passed away like three weeks before the fight. Then like two or three days after that. Why is that looks so shitty Jamie cousin, passed away like pull up? Is it our computer? That's doing that the? Why but come on man this fucking, it's a Youtube video. Is it see that. But what do we gotta do to fix that. Tell me, whatever we have to do to fix that, let's fucking fix that 'cause. This is pissing me off. This looks like shit, can't even see it,
Boom, damn this days been flat lined a bunch of times over the last few years. It's those dutch guys lot of fucking, tough guys in HOLLAND, man wow to tough kickboxers in HOLLAND, say I think, mostly kamikaze fighter. It's either like Arabic. But that's why I'm a fan of you know I cannot who doesn't want to watch a moment. Hot foot yeah, I know I'm a huge fan of Matt MIKE Jim produces some God, damn savages, yeah Badr Hari, so God Damn SAM. Yes to, what is he doing? These days is going to jail again, or so it's not sure what is, but that situation, but these these training for fighting is fighting in the global fighting championships and and Russia or somewhere. Not these out fighting glory. He's the I don't know hasn't glory, get that guy
to ask myself the same question? It's fun, heavyweight he's a fun heavyweight guys, one of my all time, favorites yeah that dudes a mad dog, I'm not sure, he's going to pass any piss tests, but he's a mad dog. A lot of fun to watch the dutch kickboxing scene is not one drink, piss test. So yeah. That's it that's one good way of putting. I think America's. The only country in the world that really drug tests are athletes. You know special fighting in real life. I don't think that there's any drug testing- and you know I- when Japan there was when Japan had drug test you to make sure you're doing steroids to make sure you're doing make sure a friend who was is a natural. I mean he should have been fined, one hundred and fifty five and he just going over to Japan and they wanted him to fight one hundred and eighty five yeah they're, like you, know, you're a big guy. Let's do some juice, let's get you picked up and he was like what like it was to deal with american promoters. They never said that they said they sat him down flume out there Saturday
and they essentially told him to get on steroids. What do he wound up fighting in America he went over there. You know had the meeting. He had one fight over there and they you know they liked him, but they wanted him to go up. Thank you fought over there at one hundred and sixty and they wanted to fight one hundred and eighty five like what the fuck are. You guys talking about, there's one Think of your, like your big guy already and they're like oh, we wanted to go and wait. Another you're really good, but we want you to put on twenty pounds of muscle insight. Well, I think in Japan they feel, like the large your weight classes are the ones that sell the most. When I think that was their thought process he's a good looking guy. They feel like this guy, give put put some big muscles on him, we're going to make some money now they definitely not. Thinking like hey for your career. This is the best move right or your safety. Well, you hear those stories about the
whose back, in their pride glory days, give you bowling ball bags filled with money yeah. I heard a few stories like that they show up in the you know your hotel room the night before the fight with like grocery shopping, yeah, guys, uh take him back with them. They would be taping rolls of money to their body right 'cause you only take ten thousand dollars or something back, so they be literally taping stacks of money to their body. To try to get through security voice had like every member of his entourage had to hold like ten thousand dollars to go on the plane to go back after yeah, but tracks play in that so you're traveling, this dude and he's got ten grand two in this guy well coincidence, he's got ten grand. How is this have ten grants. Who would you guys fucking and some money over there like what the hell happened in Japan. No taxes for that the glory days, beautiful thing, this sport, though, that the glory days were only like a decade ago. You know it's like it's so young twenty two years since the UFC was first created it's hard to
and that those guys in the glory days still still competing now a lot of them. So is your plan to glory case you're fighting in glory? I would love it if glory became really successful. 'cause, I'm a huge fan of cake box, but I don't know, I mean how how successful was their pay per view? Venture the paper adventure didn't think. I don't think it did very good at all, but I think it was more about us, like a stew eject thing like: if you give away your product for free all the time, then it's it's hard to ever establish. Ok. Now you have to pay for it. You know, so I think they did. That is more of like they needed to do a paper view, but there are people for the great which I think was kind of unfortunate, because that was like the end all be for combat. For one night you know they're going to put that on spike tv. I think that would have done huge numbers for building their brand, but they
great. You know the other thing they did on that was they had two cards at one at one time, so you have you know. Crowe cop was the main event on the on the card at that was live spike tv, and I think it's just hard to get people. I mean I love kickboxing, but I'm not going to watch it for an hour and a half and then pay another. Fifty dollars to watch it for another hour and a half trying night right. I think that was just well. They The US strategy, the way the UFC has the Prelims on Fox sports one and they have the main bouts on pay per view. Afterwards they tried that strategy but the UFC is just way more established. I think it's really hard to do that with kickboxing, because for the most part most of the people that are watching have no idea who anybody fighting is so, so showing except social and whoever fights. But if you watch you know the UFC, your your they're prepping you for the big stars with his. They haven't really established glory enough to have
big stars yet, but man, the level of kick boxing, is so high on it. It's it's it's kind of frustrating, because you know you for the for the. When you come back to the new fan room for MMA, you know you still get people a call. What's is boring stuff on the ground and don't appreciate the support that is want to see those. You know the the action or whatnot like those people new tune into kickboxing. You know those people need to eat. Paint right, they'll need to lead paint, go fuck themselves society. So that's the one this disappoints me, so bad. When I go on twitter and I read like a fighter, will post something you know after the fight? And you read all the people talking shit about them all like fucking, e map, there's so many douche bag and it's kind of worse for me in you, know, oh yeah, obviously like there was a lot more exposure from my fight with
with Melvin, and I always knew that there was a bigger fan base frame and may then there was her kickboxing, but I had no idea how much bigger it was. You know when I won the glory glory. Ten. I was the first American to ever win a global combat tournament ever and it was like a huge deal was the biggest payday, I think of America. Kickboxing history- and I think there was like three stories down on me about it total and then my fight with Melvin was you know it wasn't for title or for ranking, and it was just one fight, and you know it's been all kinds of publicity and more following from that, but like within, like two days there was people on my instagram like just right, the most degrading disrespectful shit about, like my family and my mom and my you know just just ridiculous stuff so you get more fans anymore in the white jobs, but there definitely seems to be a little bit more ignorant fans that hang out trash
double digits? So many dummies in this world get period yeah they have. They have an outlet to reach you or is before you know they would just be yellow each other at the gas station. You know they're going good Newhart here going to work, you can fucking ass and that's where it would end right now yeah they can tweet directly at me they have an instagram and they get on your page and you should leave these posts and you read him and just go FUCK Matt. Imagine if you know someone came from another planet, we're trying to understand what people are like and they read comments instagram. We got a nuke. This thing nuke this thing from orbit. If you like movie aliens, get a new, looking for more but just to be sure, these assholes these guys have bombs and missiles, and- and this is the way they think you know it's not indicative of the best example of humanity, especially combat sports or something fighting well kind of sports in general man. I've been I'm not a sports fan, I don't pay attention to football
or baseball, but I don't either every now and then I will read like comma sections on blah. Just to see if they're the same as like it's the same She rose and I'm yeah, you got to try to get a girl at seven hundred in the morning. That's a desperado cocaine move I've test that mother Fucker immediately fired from ESPN. Do they fire immediately fires from usb? That's hilarious, that's a lie. Does she give me a raise, not raping anybody just trying to trying to pay for it? Give the man a break buckets. They got the word possible like what what could be worse than that do, you know, was getting caught. Picking up a prostitute like it shouldn't even be a big You know the guys trying to get a massage on his dick. That's all it is. I mean look if it's seven hundred o'clock in the morning was trying to get a massage. Nobody would bat an eye you're trying to get something to touch you for money. That's what it is, but oh, no they're touching the bad spot, the naughty area, who this is crazy.
If you had, if you paid a woman to suck on the back of your neck, nobody would okay. Thousand bucks to suck on the back of my neck Ok, we check the rules, that's all, but I painted a suck, my dick, what fuck it! Why did you right yeah? Why would you do that? You're fired feels good shit. What did I do wrong? I don't know she needed one thousand dollars. I need a blowjob who got hurt here, I'm so fucking confused. Well, though, sponsors sponsors won't tolerate it, Joe Schilling. We need to sell gatorade we're not selling blowjobs, it's fucking ridiculous. It is fucking hurting. We live in a goofy groovy baby world. This is an infant tile. World guy gets arrested for fucking soliciting prostitution
is, did he hit up a cop or something I don't know? I haven't heard that whole story. I was hoping you know what happened Jamie. You should know you're the gossip monger he admitted to the girls said that he was assaulting them two girls and then, when the cops came for that he admitted to the solicitation of prostitution, but not the not the assault, so he's a douche Berg. Alright, I take it back yeah. She know what man if there was like a legit establishment where he could go to and just give them money and it just to me look I have daughters in the last thing I would ever want is my daughters to be prostitutes. However, I believe that part of our issue that we have as human beings with prostitution is just weird pure, in view of sex? That's sex is somehow or another. This forbidden evil thing it's just two people touching each others body. No babies are getting eaten, you know
no fucking slaves are getting whipped, no ones getting tossed off cliffs. This is not a horrible thing. It's fine! If you do it for free right, No one is any problem. If you have sex for free the idea that you give someone money and you have sex all of a sudden, terrible, awful evil thing, I think that's stupid. I think it's stupid and it's it's archaic. In this world that we live in is changing and people are starting to realize that adult human being look, you got a fuckin one hundred years on this planet. If you're lucky, that's it it's just this Wild ride of times, and hopefully, friends and good food and love wonderful life experiences and who the fuck, anybody to tell you that pain and for sex or someone paying you for sex is bad. When who is that
who are those people but there's the same assholes, to tell you shouldn't pay for weed you shouldn't be able to smoke weed the same assholes that tell you you shouldn't be able to do psychedelics, so you shouldn't be able to whatever the fuck. It is. If it's not hurting anything Nancy graces of the world. That's it did. You see, have a interview with two chainz. Oh my god, I was so like triple someone stole one of two chains chains 'cause. He only had one chain on. I was clearly the whole video is like where's, the other chain, it's got one chain. Oh, You can't call yourself two chains and have a fucking debate on CNN, sir. You need to you. You got damn birth name. Alright, I need to see a fucking birth certificate and drivers license two chains: two chains. Nine, and not my name's on Joe, showing it crazy. If what would your rap name but rap? Maybe I don't know We just be. This is can't stop crazy, I guess so skins and what it where kids, that need that slow
and can stop crazy come from that actually came from uh. It was my second probe point. I fight I just kind of went Bezerk and with elbows and knees, and one of the guys that train in my gym was like. Oh, you know, you can't stop crazy and I just never thinking that the dumbest thing I've ever do that later on. There was a time when, before glory Day before Lion Fight got a tv deal, there was kickboxing and the show the shows that I was fighting on the face. Things didn't really have any connection to any one of the fighters unless you went to every show. So there was really hard to set yourself apart. As you know, the high level guy
the better guy who was really doing it. You know because there was no media vital and me and, like the other, five or six best Cape boxers in the United States, got together and started like our own website and started promoting ourselves, and we are got the best photographers in the sport. You kind of just built our own media for ourselves, and you know eventually, Lion Fight got a tv deal and glory came, but for a long time it was just uh kind of making it for ourselves and we like what we call it was like. I can't stop crazy, ok, that's cool, it's kind of a movement. It really kind of took off. It's weird. I can't even describe what it is now can people have asked me to describe it. It's just a group of people that sell t shirts and we used to do our own in reason with no tv backing. You know there was nobody promoting us. You know these are the shirts right here yeah by some see you can wear. This is one hundred
send douche free. No one would have any idea. Note the lack of skulls there's no swords going through a broken skull with a snake wrapped around it. There's no pit bulls game. Fucked in the ass by a dragon actually so if you're listening are designer, I would like a shirt made with a pitbull getting fucked in the ass by Dragonbane, glitter and glitter, and that's going to be the Joe Rogan sure some Japanese, foil, writing behind it. You yeah, I don't know man. The world of dropped off pretty quick. That was like wonder why hardy was like it was like. It was like VON Dutch for people with head injuries is like, So people like VON Dutch is function too clever for Maine. I mean what do you think really started that downfall, for that was it the whole Cogan show where he wore like Hulk. Hogan was like their poster boy for it, and then they kind of
I think is, is overexposure anytime things get me. People love those old school americana tattoos which to me that's what eh. Party always used to represent, like was kind of cool those old like sailor. Tattoos, like, though I like those but dazzled the shit out of it yeah. Then it was like what is going on here. Then it became this weird, he's like a von dutch thing, like VON Dutch, used to be the fucking Shit Ashton put your used to wear those stupid, trucker hats and everybody was like man. I gotta get one and I would look at it. I was like what the fuck are you wearing man that look. You wearing like some diner in Cincinnati. They have like a hat that they sell. You know that's what it looked like. You know what I mean like it's just some scure, like truck, stop diner, you know and then all of a sudden, all these people wearing it like full, committed tilted to the side crazy. I don't know what happened, but it became this thing that douchebags would wear I don't know how it happened, but it went it came.
And everybody you know what it was like is like spinning wheels of clothing, spinners believed to have on the rims they last a little while with people like what the fuck are. We doing those spinners killed the custom wheel market because used to be everybody would get a car and then they would get custom wheels like you could take out a pretty decent car, but put some wheels on it. Maybe like that's pretty nice car, but those fuckin, spinners came out and it was like. That's it we're going the other way, don't ever change your wheels. Just leave the fucking wheels. The car came with like this is ridiculous. We can't be associated with this. You notice that yeah. It's not a now. It's like they're painted wheels are like stand like. Low giant, yeah low key. You know you might have nice wheels, but there like painted black and match your car, yeah. That's only got like giant gold spinning you know, and then they had like twenty cheats or something that came out was like
the wheel and they would make the lip of the wheel even bigger, so yeah they had time here's that were like literally the thickness of an Iphone. You know that was what it was like your tire and they put it on like a old money. Carlos now, that's like a mighty Carlo monster truck. That's a common thing right, those in policy it would put on these ridiculous cars. If, like wagon wheels, it will like to do the most preposterous wheels ever and those things break all the time you go over a bump hit a pothole there's so tired. It's like you're running around on metal rooms. They bend yeah I've put a twenty inch wheels on my acura and they're, not like flashy there like paint black wheels or whatever, but either how to roll the fenders for didn't realize when I bought the car but either here yeah it's a tl, nothing, nothing spectacular! But it's when I got the wheels. I I didn't know that you couldn't fit twenty as one of the rub.
They would rub unless you roll defender, so I got when I ordered it. They really need to get these thirty, five or thirty tires or whatever. I don't know what it was. Apparently thirty tire is like this big, very thin, incredibly thin and yeah. It looks cool, but I'm constant. Every time I drive up north, I get I get a flat tire, like only all the time I've had to repair the rims like three or four times just to The tire gets so low when you hit a bump, put a hole in their bins or cracks the rim fairly acid pain. That's the end should make up my stock wheels back up. Yeah put the stock wheels back on Acura make. Hell of a car, though they're under appreciated car, the other area that I love it to those I had to Nsx's there MIKE I still might go out by I had an old one, I'm looking for one that was fucking. Cars are great man. I love that car never had a problem. Every time start room starts right up, hondas just do you can,
fuck with Toyotas and Hondas that this mother fuckers will run forever. I had a Honda accord when I was in high school. It was like a ninety two Honda accord and I never change the oil in the thing yeah. It does no money. I drove around two dollars of the gas all the time you know yeah we're never changes there and I think it never. Having two clutch is. I went through two How much is because I was like fast and furious. The movie had come out back, then it was like burnouts at every like stopping and did a lot of dump shit You know those those whippet things where you can take the actual use for it is to me like a whip, cream yeah sure, but you can like mister and you can put a little whippet cartridge in it and it'll hit the button. It will fill up and fill up your building off of that. So I had it was like sixteen or seventeen. I had wired like put a tube through my
through my Glove Box, all the way into my intake in the front- and I put I was like you know little street racer guy and I would crack off like four or five It's in that little container and thought I had nitrous in my car there might through my glove box, true story, but that Honda I get it up, giving it to a friend when I got another car and drove it literally to the wheel, fell off till the front. Wheel fell off and had like over three hundred twenty five thousand miles on it and they gave me no. Never you know just ran into the will. Japanese make amazing cars. I have a friend who is Alexis that has a million miles on it, really a million yeah. It's like it's a famous car like I don't know if it's his he dries matte fare from the smoking tire. He always has images of it. He brings it everywhere. It puts it online. It's got a million fucking miles, amazing, a million they just don't break like something happened along the way where it became acceptable for cars? Just fuck off at his bp,
yeah and it's american cars. Why do we do that to ourselves so is it so? Well I mean it's like it's always the japanese cars that last forever now, lady Access, the Toyota Honda, even german cars, which are amazing, I had sure had a Volkswagen's piece of shit. They fuck, I know, someone who is a Porsche cayenne and she went started the other day, catastrophic, fucking failure, just engine lights on year, old car, probably like what one hundred the grammar that cayenne turbo pressing buttons. All these lights are going on like what's going on here. Nothing got to it, get it towed. You like, oh there's, a problem wrong, your thing and they replace the thing and like what but if you're in Alaska, that shit went wrong like what, if you're driving across country when you're driving your portion, Alaska, you never know, I guess there. People in life that portion this much people ask about some cheese, want to fucking, be a boy all are out there and drive under moose with fucking cayenne. Yeah something about
the japanese cars, though they For whatever reason it's like the japanese culture itself, you fought in Japan, I haven't I haven't. I would think that that like for especially for a when it comes down to like the K1. Glory days. Those are probably the glory days, not necessarily have more time, because you know there's a lot of like the great moitie fighters, particularly like in the lower weight classes, came out of Thailand. But as far as like heavyweights, in the larger kickboxing bouts, like man, it all took place in Japan. I mean that's where when I moved out here when I was nineteen, I was going to school and then I couldn't afford. Cable had a little job is like a room service attendant at the Bonaventure Hotel, but I had I would go to this video store in little Tokyo and they sold the K1 video tapes, and that was my girlfriend coming over and just being like. We want something else. So there was,
All the time was just like all the time, K1 MAX or K1, heavyweight and yeah. I think that was the best like the one hundred foot giant screens. You know the long walk. Yeah wars. They had in cable, and that was the golden era of the pageantry and which is what Glory is now you know, so I wish yeah. I wish the the fans that loves, cable in woods pay attention to. Well, I I just okay for this thing to fail. You know the yeah so long that we're trying to get this sport going and you know she nobody's going to watch a glory, show and not not fall in love with it? You know what I mean. I agree turn on the damn channel, I told the UFC, you know. Maybe like seven or eight years ago I told him to buy K1 'cause. I heard that K1 was for sale. I said you guys should buy K1 As you know, the ultimate fighter was originally supposed to be the cable in really. What do you mean? My cogan? My manager told me this used to work with K1 when K1 USA with Scott Coker that the the ultimate fight?
Tv show was originally supposed to be K1 on spike and the deal didn't go through or something and then Dana in the Fertittas picked it up and it the UFC. The reason I was supposed to be K1. I would double check on that. If it's coming from my yeah, that's what he said. You never know he might be right. Joe Schilling is most gullible mother fucker, but I think that the levels there you know like, like here like the big fight Rico. Verhoeven he's, like you know, like one of the best kickboxers you could put him back in the K. One glory destiny, fight writer, he's far out of those big name, guys well, yeah. I mean like think about the guys that they have, I mean, there's just like there's a there's, a there's, a wealth of talent in kick boxing, especially like a lot of these european guys. All these
guys from HOLLAND, I mean there's so many good fighters, it's not a lack of talent. It's it's one of those things where it's like at this point. It's almost like it just needs time. It's almost like it just needs it's like if they're willing to do with the UFC did and put that and put the show on an you know. But wait it out. Daniel Ghita mean Coke on sake, mean there's no fucking great fighters. You guys have Karaton off now to some really exciting fighters in the heavyweight division, as well as all the other divisions, but if they just take the the UFC was forty four million dollars in the hole before the ultimate fighter got on the air and they were ready to pull the plug
they'd. Even he was one point time where Dana had had a conversation with Lorenzo and they were like. We can't keep hemorrhaging money, let's just sell it. Let's just get rid of this is who we can get for and they're going to sell it in a big loss and the next date a look of the rental slept on it and got up and it changes my said: it guns blazing let's get to keep going, let's ride this out, which is what you can do when you're a billionaire yeah. Well, I think that's a that's, probably not real. Far from where you know the the glory stories right now and if appear the owner of glory in the head chairman or whatever, is a disturbing one funding. Ninety percent of the stuff it and pushing that. So, thank you, Pierre! Please, keep it up. You have was there, you know almost it's look, it's so cool the product. Is there see that's the thing it's like the product. Is there the fights? Are there? Anybody who watches that the the
then that you were in the last man standing around that fucking shit is on my dvr for a life which, by the way it cut out before the end somehow or another. I don't know what the fuck happened. Maybe I only recorded for three hours or something like a little retard but the the anybody watches that tournament it doesn't get hooked on on glory and hooked on kick boxing is your you got no, Also, let's see the thing about the glories doing, which I don't know. I don't know I mean the finance stuff, but but they're not going cheap on their on any of it. You know it right like that is a huge vent the production is insane. The fighters urged I mean all of it is just really top notch and you guys got MIKE Tyson. Pimpin Courtney. Apparently they got MIKE Tyson doing this thing, not work, which is cool, yeah go to glory page go to gloryworldseries dot com MIKE Tyson is doing the intro video, which is pretty fucking bad ass and
is regal very who've in verses Errol Zimmerman, and then there is you first is. This kit is only twenty years old, these twenty two Robert Thomas from Atlanta. This is the twenty two death. The con, the White Dragon job is good, good fighter is going to be interesting. Have you seen him fight before yeah I saw couple fights online. He fought Artem Levin, then he thought Alex Pereira whose another guy in top ten Brazil and we came up short on both of those, but you know that was a lot of respect? Somebody that's that young in his career, it is as going after. The top top fights me that was me am the. I was the guy that that one of those tough shots, so I know how dangerous is kind people can be yeah. His last fight in glory was glory. Eighteen in November he caled MIKE Lemaire. So I'm just going to be fine man. I just
just love the fact like I said that they're doing this Nikki holes and is fighting to who's fuck he's so high level. He's he's really fun to watch. He so fun to English, really so technical man, everything he does is to said that classic. More to you, know the classic kick boxing style from HOLLAND. You know says: boxing is like no he's been he's going back and forth doing the functional boxing over there between fights in the yeah his hand, they're really good. He's he's he's my pick for the win, tournament, but then they also got a riemann Daniela Sis Human Highlight reel. You know he's a really high level. Martial artist, uninvited comment: Kickboxer well he's becoming a kickboxer because really like a karate guy who's get to me. It was getting into kickboxing rather, but the shit that he does like that. That touch something sidekicks, spinning back kick in the air that he killed his last opponent with
but you can do that in the bag. He does that and then, like the timing of it, it's really really. It's really some yeah he's learning the kickboxing game. We still got like some gaps in his is striking, especially the transitions between kicking and punching through, but the stuff that you can do. You know any still fairly young you just Learn it he's in la guy too. Isn't it yeah think so? Do you ever train with him? I supported them once probably six years ago. I think one had that world combat league. When Chuck Norris tried his little thing. Yeah, I think, was so geared for his type of style that Click karate guys like none of the movie Tiger, did very well in that without, full combat league. Did they allow leg kicks they allowed leg kicks, but underneath those pants we had thick Shin pads on like oh, really Shin pads, and then it was only one three minute round Did you wear Shin pads
no there's one three minute round and it's really hard to do to really make leg kicks that affective and three minutes with giant Shin pads on you know what I mean. That seems ridiculous as well. Chuck Norris was his league and it was really geared around like the point karate guys and that type of style. You know that sounds really interesting about it, though it was the lack of ring. I really kind of like that. I'm not sure of the similar yeah, for if you do know what I'm talking about, they kind of it was almost like a very shallow swimming pool where it's like. It was flat in the back Adam and then uh for folks who didn't watch it. The edges were kind of sloped up, but not not a big slope. Just to see it's live just old enough to let you know that you're at the address and then they would bring everybody back to the center. It wasn't very big saying, but I think that for for MMA in particular, one of things that drives people crazy is people being pressed up against the cage like a lot of people. People don't like that aspect of MMA, like the clinching up against
Cajun, throw nice the leg, and you know they they start booing and they want everybody to separate. I've always felt like have a football game can be played in a fucking giant, one hundred yard field and a basketball game can be played in this. You know really low on court. Why can't an mma fight take place on a flat like just big round flat area like that, where you don't have a and there's like there's a a red zone where you're out of bounds. You know and make that red zone you know whatever through for five yards or something like that and then bring your be back to centre? Well, you don't have any of that. If you're going to get
take down, you gotta get a honest. Take down like you, do in a wrestling match not pushing guy, have against the cage and pulling his legs out from under him, but an actual legit take down the giving of pride is the harder to get a takedown yeah, because you couldn't pull into this, but it is a server begins offense than they suck it like so, and art get the use that a certain thing I mean, I have a lot more. A lot more comfortable defending takedowns in the middle. You know stuff like so yeah. It was a lot easier to stop. Take them once they start smashing against cage. Then there's a lot of different variables and yeah. How many fights like TIM Sylvia and he was TIM, Sylvia and Brandon very already spent like three rounds just smashed against the side of the cage, the whole it happens. It happens a lot and people get crazy, they boo and they you know- and it's also hard to see through a cage,
if you're standing in the crowd, even if you're in on the floor, if you know you couple rows back and there's a pillar and they're behind that pillar and they're fighting, you can't see shit you wind up looking up at the big screen. That's what I was curious. Maybe you can tell me about this when there Lucy judges do they have a screen in front of the one who's now. Okay, this is something that we have to complain about for a long time, because, if you're sitting there and the whole fight is going on the upside the cage- and you can't tell what's being landed or what you know well, throwing punches and like a lot of those punches. That Anderson was he did a really good job of blocking him, but if I'm thirty feet away, I can't tell if they landed or not yeah. Well it sometimes it's really hard to tell while we're doing commentary like sometimes I have to watch a replay to see if something landed like if a guy's got his back to you, you see someone threw a punch in the guy falls down. You like, oh, we got hit, but then you watch oh no! No! He stepped on his foot, slow,
and then he went down like. Sometimes it will look like a guy got hit. Sometimes it's better to watch it at home. Really that is to watch it live. You watch, get home you're going to get the perfect angle. You know the UFC Bra Cast team, those guys who are the production, guys they're the best and there's so good at catching all the right angles, the replays are always on point. They know exactly what they're doing right. So you could. You could almost see it better from home. Then you can but there's a lot of people that complain that likes it in the crowd, like you, can't fucking see and they wind up. Like you see like look out in the crowd there, looking up at the giant screen of went to quite a few UFC fights were up. It's just, I feel, like you, go there for the energycap, even in years you're there for the energy of the crowd, but like you're, watching a screen yeah. Well, it's an event I mean there's there's nothing like it like when you're watching, like Nick versus Anderson like when they we're about to fight, and you know
they are in the center of the cage, and you know the referees reading the instructions and then they back up and you're like holy shit. It's happening right there and it's fucking thirty feet away is about to go down. There's nothing like that. That's good! bump inducing shit, and then he lays down like all the shit when he laid down and put his hands on his head, like he's, taking a nap or picking his wedge and like the act worked at him a little bit dude. I was crying, laugh Sctv is pounding on the table and crying laughing. I couldn't help myself. I just was so funny is so good. I had wondered to whether not Nick was going to clown him, because all all the stuff leading up to the fight was totally respectful. All the stuff lead up. The fight was like hey, you know. Nick was saying. I want big names on a big name. Fight is a big name fight, so you know I respect him and we ready to go. And then, when I got to the octagon immediately he's talking shit and you could see Anna
It was just so not comfortable being the guy that gets shipped talk to, and I was telling him keep talking like, I said fucking with him, but I keep fucking with them. It's weird 'cause when next stop fucking with him in the later rounds, Anderson started. Doing better, you know, no doubt was definitely you know the mind game and the. I think it was a really good strategy that he did come up through it and he kind of he said in the back. They would. Is going to do something like that. I had no idea he was gonna, lay down and put his hands like that you probably didn't even know before you did that I think he just he just knew like if he's going to. If he doesn't want to engage with you know, I think he said I'm going to flip that switch. I do realize that was the switch he was talking about with. God was awesome and really like it's hardly there's a an article. This came on to it was called the sober replay, like the sober thought like when you watch a fight after you know the thing they stay or whatever, and when we were in the corner,
yelling instructions, but between Gilbert and Atheos and Cesar Gracie, and all of us were just sitting there like this guy. Such a fucking beast like we're so like blown away by what he was doing was just so impressed them. I was really proud of him, This is the first time fighting at one hundred and eighty five, two. He steps up and fights the greys ever at one hundred and eighty five after a two year, layoff yeah two year, layoff words not just really not pursuing any fights at all. Just you know you made a load of money off the George St Pierre. Fine just lay back and relax for a little bit and he said he wanted to be fight. You know I mean he had said before he goes. I want title shot. No like we can't. Let me just give you a title shot like you: gotta beat somebody, you know, and this was an opportunity to fight a guy who it's just like in a title, shot mean fight with Anderson and then to do so. Well, I mean the the judges
scorecards and they gave it all five rounds to Anderson, but every one of those rounds were very competitive tip. The fourth technique took off the fourth round, but everyone of those rounds, I thought, was really competitive and really close. He was come but enough, and especially if you consider the other fights in Anderson, been right. Probably also you know they say like you have to beat the champion so to speak, felt like you have to really beat this underdog and I didn't feel like Anderson. Did it that much, I really didn't whoop nicks ass He won, I feel, like you, want more feel like he played it safe as fuck right. You know, I mean he threw some, wild shit through a wheel, kick at one point in time, but there was no no moment in time where he was treating Nick the way Nick treated him no where he was like come on bitch like let's do this. Let's do this. You know like stood in front of him. He just wasn't ready. For that. I mean this psychological aspect also having a guy like Nick taught you if Nick knocked him out like
if it was titanium and then all sudden boom that catches his down like that, would just be devastating and he just was not prepared for that or Nick lays on the ground, and he jump in the in the next gardening trying triangles yeah. Okay, anything can happen in them in a in a garlic Anderson knows it as much as anybody now, especially after it happened to him. I think also to the pressure of competing at that high level being the champ for as long as Anderson was like, I remember when Bj Penn be mad use and I talked to Matt Hughes after it was over and he was really honest about it in the cage. He said honestly is a relief like being champion is a lot of stress. You know he didn't swear, but he was like it's it's it's it's a relief. You know I'm glad I got this weight lifted off my back and I go back in the max and see what's up, that's kind of the impression I got from george- and I was talking to george- you use the same way though it's it's extremely is a ton of pressure to be a champion for that long and then everybody. You know everybody
Once you everybody calls you out every want to fight you, everybody attacks, your character, that's gotta, get pretty old and Nick was talking about that the other day and his post fight interviews like you, I wish I would fall kind of wish. I fell off and people would stop talking well he's such an enigma. There's no one like Nick Dnc. There is an unusual characters. Easily really is I mean I'm good friends with him and I really have no fucking idea. What's going on with him, Ninety percent of the time, which actually makes it really fun. Sometimes how often do you training with him I was training with them a lot for the moment fight until my dad died. I left his his pad to go to the funeral and stuff, but yeah I'm go up there pretty pretty regularly an
when Nick is in between camps. Is I mean like this heat? Is the training on a regular basis to still do everything, or is he just relaxing like what is what is he been doing? Look over the two years yeah when I was at the last man standing German and I was back in on June June July. He hadn't, I don't think he had booked for the Anderson fight. Yet he still was running with me and I mean I'm training for a the hardest part of my life around six and a half miles and he's pushing me I'm trying to keep up with him. He runs a ridiculous faces. Just runs are insane. Does that? Does that fuck with your explosion at all like there's some people that believe that all that slow running, and slow twitch endurance type work that it can actually fuck with your explosion. Nick, I disagree with me, but I think it does. I think that him, Nick and Nate both are not the most like explosive people when it comes to like their movement patterns or whatever I feel with me doing more. I do a lot more sprint work, then
too long distance kind of stuff, but also like that's more of their of their style, their very technical with their stuff. They don't use a lot of strength and they both of them, will wear you out and then whoop your ass after right, both of them had beat the piss out of me from just being durable shit and I'm throwing throwing throwing it through throwing tired and then there's the pot mother yet have they once you tired? These are targeted well, just the whole time. You know the whole time he's your Sparling jack like. What's he saying I am out of and camanche it that night when and see when the. For this last fight? We were sparring and Nick did, I think, is when the FC was filming. It Nick had done like nine five minute rounds with fresh guys. I was like Meech Et Anjek Wanyan brought in to spar with him and then another guy and like the last round, I could tell that he was tired and it was kind of like clenching me up against the fence and was like holding or whatever, and I come on now
trying to get motivated? You fucking mother, and I started with my ass lick. Their thing about Nick's mentioned is like it sometimes lot better, which I agree with its a lot better. Sometimes this bar people- you don't know instead, like your body, you know you get you go a little harder or you're a little more competitive with somebody you don't know and like when they can. I first started he used to be a lot more competitive with me in an hour pretty good friends. So I have to I find myself like talking shit to him or trying to piss him off, hit him hard to get him to to push a little harder. That's interesting so replicates an actual competition more in that way, then it does like light sparring with your friends. I mean, I think, there's different, there's different times different stuff. You know
some I'm at the point now where I don't feel like for I don't have to win inspiring. You know I can work on other things. I can work on. My defense will work on stuff where, as I used to be like, I have to win inspiring if I lost around inspiring those really upset about it, but like Nick, how do I say this like with Nick yeah? Sometimes she he'll coast or hill with this camp he was coasting in some of the rounds are. If I put him in there was somebody that wasn't that hard. He would like not do so well and we just kind of go at the level of the person he was going with. So I found it, you know I would tell the people to him a lot fucking harder, almost try to piss them off talk shit to him right right. I tried my best, like Anderson Silva, come on, come on like impressions with
only respond. His kicking was a lot better in this fight and we never seen it before buses that all you, you know, there's a lot of people interviews, people some guy, some interview guy forget who it was, but he was like you know. How do you feel about this fight with Nick? You know, looking at Nathan, Nate's last performance, you know blah blah blah. I was trying to pair like Nate versus Nick Lee, with Nate. Didn't do so good against to Sanyas than unlike how fast I'm on my math to fucking
different people, yeah to be different opponents to different people to different weight classes, but I yeah a lot of times. People have complained and both of them don't know black x very well in their understanding of of kickboxing is little difference like for me as a as like a coach so to speak and this this camp. I was trying to put and bring in the best possible sparring partners I could for them, so I brought it Artem Levin abroad and she into quantity was fine with me. I believe in a like a lot of flack for this. I believe all three of those people are better kick boxers, that Anderson, so being that they're Kickboxers Anderson Silva and may fighters right, not a knock on Anderson. So I just think that those are very high level, but it's just a reality. Is reality? Yes, and I mean Anderson's had spectacular, striking moments in MMA hello when it comes to is actual real world kickboxing experience, it's it's fairly limited run out his his out nearly as many fights, especially in like world class competition. But as I
you know, our team has a very like confident, like head movement, he's a good coach, very lucid, very sneaky, that's similar traits that Anderson has, but at a higher level. I think I had a lot harder than than Anderson and I'm a little more aggressive. You know whatever the things that I do well, translated well and and Nick for. As far as the looks and the feelings and then which really is a quandary, he's got phenomenal movement. He it looks similar to Anderson. He he's got like four inch longer reach them, or somebody is very, very similar movement patterns and the things he does. So my it was, you know in Nyc the necessarily beat any of us, and any of that you know I mean, but he got used to seeing those the situation so that when it happened, when Anderson through that spinning heel kick Nick was prepared for it moved out of the way most of the qixi blocked. You know, Nick through a lot more kicks and
usually does his way more. His awareness of kickboxing at showed. You know, and that was you know. I don't know how I was going to go, but I knew that I felt a lot of responsibility as far as ethnic I caught with something some kick or some kickboxing move. I felt like I was in my phone so I didn't show up now. Will you hold in pads with him and password? So you were working on his combinations and like that left leg, kick was big he landed, more leg kicks on, and and anybody ever done before. Have you go back and watch Anderson's fights nobody, nobody landed like that. That left leg kick over and over again he landed that I don't think
It isn't expected that you know Anderson stands Southpaw, so that right, legs exposed and Nick landed that left leg kick over and over again yeah. There was something that we worked on was just him, throwing kicks and being more comfortable with kicks. I've always tried to get him to kick more, but it was something where he's a lot more confident with his hands have more experience with his hands, and sometimes we don't kick enough someone's making you forcing you kick all the time in the gym. You get tired when you throw a kick, you know, I'm use to boxing all the time and I throw one or two cakes I like going for a takedown retire yeah. I wanted to make sure that he felt felt good. You know we worked on some elbows from the clinch. I thought he did really well against Anderson in the clinch, especially if you look at how Rich Franklin did so you know my goal wasn't to make Nick a high level. Kickboxer was just
make him his awareness of kickboxing, his defense. You know, and I think I think it showed that he showed a lot. You know it definitely did now. Does Nick do any weight lifting does he do any strength and conditioning stuff for this fight? He did but again it's not was it wasn't that heavy, but he he worked. His way up- and he did, he did start weight lifting for that, and I think he put on you know he still was like right. Around two hundred was walking around for the fight. You know he was by no means like two hundred and five or two hundred and ten that's still heavy for him made a hit two hundred and five. That's for him. That's pretty heavy, though, isn't it yeah. It is, and I thought that when, when fight week came and he cut the way, he had a pretty easy weight cut at the drop by ten pounds of water, one he got in the ring, probably around one hundred and ninety five, but like you could see, he was definitely bigger than he was, but it was like solid weight. It wasn't like some he blew up in. You know like when we lose a pan out Machida or something like that right, all sloppy right. So
who is Nick begin or what? What is his thoughts after this fight probably said it four times on the show Joe I'll say it again. I really have no fucking yeah. Let's go ahead on his head. I hope he does. I think we, you know there was some stuff that one of the problems that we had in the fight was. It was the first time I had ever cornered Nick and when I was yelling stuff at him didn't recognize my voice, there's a lot of stuff. I was saying he told me after I was like wow. That was you and I was like. I wasn't screaming fuck in Portuguese and was like fuck. I didn't know. If that was that's funny, I think we could do even better, and I think I think he did great. I think he is some really exciting matchups for him. Like to see him rematch Carla content? I think they would be a huge file. People would love to watch. I'd like to see him rematch, you know, Robbie Lawler would be huge, ' cute to Carlos of the neck, is my title shot, maybe getting it until shot. I don't really know just guessing
love, those two fights I think as if he comes back after a two year, layoff or whatever it is. If he does decide to come back, I think that's another awesome fight. You know make says he wants the big fights he's, obviously in marquee fighter. I think that there's a lot of the exciting match ups. Well, I think this fight only raised his profile. So too, I think you did a fantastic job against the greatest of all time. You miss him and fate or the Those are two arguments are who's the greatest of all time. It's Anderson in favor- and you know it's one of there's. No right answer, you know fatal. I had some amazing fights in pride and then, but the problem is those guys that he thought they came over from Prime define the UFC. They didn't look nearly as good. So what is that? Is that 'cause fade or beat them up is because they're not on steroids anymore. Is it because they weren't that good in the first place? Is it their shop porn the cage right. So there's all these different questions, but those are the two guys that, in my opinion, I go with Anderson, 'cause Mo
Really because I've seen live, and I think that the level of competition that he faces probably a little higher, but it's an argument that I see, look and see what people say fade or was the greatest of all time. Like yeah. I could see your argument. You know I mean I'm, not I'm not one hundred percent against it, but to go five rounds like Nick did being who fought his original career at one hundred and fifty five unbelievable amazing. I mean you fuck fucking, Diego Sanchez, at one hundred and fifty five and I've gotta lot Sean Sherk, one hundred and fifty five, Anderson, thirty pounds, and it was very good that was his sixth or seventh fight were somebody. Heave were, is opponent was either at one time, UFC Champion went on to become a UFC Champ in the foot, six or seven of those guys and Kerr. That's amazing! That's amazing!
Does that thing up to your face? So here you better sorry and then, when, when I was going through his, I was looking at the opponents in the strikers that Anderson had fought in his career. Then I was looking at the strikers in the components that naked fought in square, and it was just for my own curiosity, but like Nick fought straight, straight with his word hitters and at their best. You know when Robbie Lawler with some monster. You know at his best when now is kind of new best, I'm not sure, but I think he's at his best. Yeah, but in a Chris Lidle you know a lot, like really really good strikers, when they were in the japanese guy, when pride go me, go me, Jeez Gomi was knocking the shit out. Everybody, so Nick is always taken. Those really tough fights other people love him or hate him. No one can ever say that Nick doesn't fought his way to get where he is no dance really
now, he's a very good, very good fighter. It's just one of those things where I just feel like right. Now is a great time for him. If you want to like fall through now, if you really want to remain active and jump right back in and there's so many marquee battles for him, I would love to see Nick versus Hector. Lombard. Wanna talk about crime in what the fuck would happen with that actor Lombard Nick starts talking shit to him, like that, you know, and it's good fight to great fight, Hector's a monster. Matt Brown and being awesome fucking lot of really exciting fights from at one hundred and seventy, and I'm sure there are some one hundred and eighty five as well, and if he wants to You know now that watching him against Anderson Silva there's not really a weight class, I wouldn't want to see him fight. You know what I mean yeah we supposed to head. Every way, but no higher than white people fight all those guys yeah. I think he could go back and forth between seventy and one hundred and eighty five you wanted to, and it's funny that people are watching that fight and they're, like oh Anderson, that would, let's see Anderson retire, he's not the same person
Nobody is saying that about Nick and that's after a two year. Layoff is true. It is really impressive. Well, people are concerned about Anderson. First of all, you know, so the fight was over to watch him like weeping like. That is also one of the reasons why people concerned you know they're like Jesus Christ like this is like the pressure on this guy must have been tremendous right thirty nine years old I've come back from from from knee surgeries before and like that must have been such a relief really challenging thing to I'm back from all that, and you know, maybe he wasn't time, because I don't know why I was crying sure that was a lot emotional to go through. You know I'm back after being knocked down, you know basically humiliated and then we're going next fight. Your legs shattered. You're out for another year, you know yeah, it's a lot lot of pressure on the on somebody, and maybe those are just years of joy was happy to or pride or whatever it was. You know right. Well, the second fight the. What does
Serb me wasn't. Even the leg snap mean the leg. Snap is Dista bring, but I'd seen that before would disturb me was how easy went down in a clinch. He got clinched open, Weidman him with the right hand, is like his body just gave out. I was like I don't like that, because if you go back and you watch Anderson's younger days. He took a fucking tremendous punch. You go back watching versus was in Jorge Oliveira yeah, he gets cracked with Hor, hey Rivera. It was hor, hey Rivera, not Oliveira, Georgia, Rivera, yeah Horry right. He called whatever he calls it. It was a big puncher he's a big puncher in Anderson like stood in front of him and let him tee off on him. It was weird and then he was smiling at him and then and then fucked him up afterwards. Now the lemur. If I get tagged by Lee Murray, only Murrysville fucking murderous puncher. Fine, no, you know no problems at all. It's just
Those things were when it goes. It goes that's true, and so that also we're really can that we can and the and the camp you know we're looking at. We are obviously concerned that of how Nick was gonna react in the clinch, with with Anderson after seeing and is, is fight with Rich Franklin, you know and then watching the fight over again with white men. I was like. I want you to punch from there just for throwing punches and cry face to get out of the Clinton. You see how Easily Nick was able to get out of it. How will work for a wide moon and it was like with Rick with Rich Franklin. He had to really no idea what to do there so yeah yeah rich, was it a las when it came to that he, you know he's a very tough guy in a very well welcome. Asian guy, but I don't think it was the most technical when it came to certain aspects of fighting, but he was at a different. He came up in a different era, and that was that was my goal when it came to like bringing in this
printers and put him in those situations, Rich Franklin and obviously is capable of doing a lot of different things in that. Could she just had never been in that situation? His training partners didn't expect it or what you had trade him for that, so that once Anderson Hitch with a few of those knees, you're kind of fucked, oh yeah, yeah and then what you're going to do make some new ones ever taught you any other was like. Oh shit, don't even there again the man face yeah. He did not how to control the Hipc. He didn't know what to do, and just you know that was that was who's new school. He was like the new era in like two thousand and three: that's what Franklin was. He was like the new error of athletes. Supremely condition. Remember these to show on those countdown shows the show his training right. You know his work out routine was per brutal me. Nobody worked out back down as hard as rich Frank, but he was huge for one hundred and eighty five John really is like what was that Hawaiian League used to fight in before UFC was like Super brawl or whatever it was like two hundred and twenty five champion, like you
do it, he was a big guy is really thick and when he went down to one hundred and eighty five I mean he was a. It was a struggle there, the first few fights at one hundred and eighty five before we figured out how to dial it. In perfectly it was a struggle. It's. That's the weird thing about what we were talking about before the weight cutting like what Wentz too much. What's not enough, you know, and then he He was the guy to retire Chuck Liddell at two hundred and five. So it's you know. Nobody saw that comment. You ever thought that Rich Franklin was going to knock Chuck Liddell Dead, who thought that was going to happen? What is weird flu shot? A fluke mean obviously probably meant to do it, but the way that Chuck down it wasn't, like you, seen chuck it with way harder shot from that yeah. But I think it's the side. You know like once you once it's gone, it's gone tagged earlier in the onto that, I think, contributed to that. He got he got hit with some big shots earlier in the round when you could see like he got dinged
phone and I actually talked about it before and he said he felt like Chuck was hurt early in around, and you know that was just the one that just put him away was the one that that landed was crazy. That rich was, he hit with a broken arm. You know he hit it with the right hand and then, after the right hand, his left in his left had been snapped earlier in the fight. He didn't even do I just threw punches, didn't even realize, and after the fight he realized. Oh shit, fucks going on with this thing, that's a common thing in kickboxing, though? Isn't it blocking those kicks? yeah in the two gigs on arm. Is this there's a way you can do it, though, like a lot of people- and I was another thing I was explaining to Nick in this- can
Is somebody along the line told Nick to block like you're holding fads way? So that's like exposes your skin. This, like exposes your your forum with the bone on bone. If this inside you're gonna take it out like the meat of the arms, the meat of your other arm, and then you put one hand here so this doesn't nearly as bad as going here there. It's it's bone on bone in the shins, going to win against the owner or whatever but yeah every time, it's so weird when you watch a guys, shit get broken like the Tyrone Spong Gokan Saki fight, especially when it like spawns. Just such a high level kickboxer. You watch him through a kick. And then you see his legs go noodle just snapped soil, and then I think Jerome Le Banner had broke Sakis arm back in K1. Some of us too. Well remember. When go Kanzaki fought against Alistair Overeem in the finals is his arm was shot yeah. That's what I was out. Yeah yeah! He got
getting his arm was fucked up before you know that fight even started any through, like one more kick in yeah. He was done at arms done yeah the boat owns. This is nothing nothing to make some any tougher than you know. You're born a certain amount of bone density. Then you can lift weights and they'll get thicker and a little bit stronger. But so someone was telling me that 'cause, usually all of the guys that I can remember that I've seen with the breaking their legs were always black guys. You know this and somebody was telling me that I think you can google it that there is a. There was a study done by the vitamin d and d3, be like something that we get from the sun. The darker skinned people have like almost like a filter of it and they don't they don't don't absorb, don't absorb as much as it but it was like Corey Hill term long and is of so Danny peel back in the day, like almost every person, I can think of that their legs snapping kick boxing was
I've definitely seen white guys online, get their legs snapped in kickboxing, I'm sure by two to just let the guy that I lost. I thought somebody told me that I googled it and sure enough. There was like a study done at the it works like a your dog. Your skin tone works as like a filter, and you don't absorb as much. I think it was D3, that's weird, because I You know the more melanin axes like sunscreen may was melanin. Someone that's interesting I don't know, but I couldn't I couldn't believe it. Like Joe Schilling is most gold rose out facts and that's what everybody does races. I do it all the time too, but I think that like why did Google that one I want is true, but african Americans tend to have thicker bone density, see. I think it was the exact opposite, That's it that's not true. They definitely more bone density. Cousin fact, african american women tend to have
the set a similar bone density as european males really yeah Africans have thicker bone density afternoon in general, but you got to realize that that varies with us Frank training like when, when they do that with people a lot of times, they're do not testing people that are lifting weights. When you lift weights, your bow Definitely it increases that dramatically, especially with people who do like Powerlifting. You know like their fucking jaws get wider. You know their head gets thicker, it's 'cause, your body, your whole body is doing with there's a little bit of that going on to his or her powers and little bigger, but even if your natural, just carrying it, you know just lifting very heavy things forces your body to go. Oh, this, mother fucker. What do we do? their body here. You know your body is pretty adaptable. Myth me look people that are yogis that can get in all these crazy positions and they're not born that way.
Slowly stretching themselves into that position. You know, and that's that's the flexibility of your muscles. It's the density of your bones. The body will adapt to stress the more you give it the more it sort of try to to conform to this new work that you're asking it Do right and then, like kicking pads and like boxing for sure bones get thicker yeah like the micro, Well, they also say when you're kicking like Shin on Shin all the time. What you're also doing is you get these deposits of blood and if goes up and calcifies, and you know all the bruises when it heals those micro fractures and tiny you're getting off. This calcification, it almost leads to like a shin, instep protector, you know all over your shin, a gears fyi in lion, fight or Malakpet to just he kicks
guy, and you see the guy react, and so he just starts going Xinda sham with I'm just winging his shins and I'm laughing at the guy is MEL Pitch in It's been on, since he was like six yeah he's going for like four hundred fights, I think yeah ridiculous nuts, but it's almost like he's got we're on a shins just smashing into the other guy shins and laugh and Adam was doing that 'cause, it's shins I'll, just fucking covered this layer of protection. That's been built up like knuckles, those dudes, those karate makiwara. Guys constantly. Does that your hands up, though 'cause I would but, like I would think so. I mean I used to tell him all the time like Bro, you were glow rapper hands to focus the point of that shit and kick that thing you're going to do it like what the fuck are. You do it you know, but he was like on some like samurai in type shit
well but yeah. His knuckles were just be like just crazy calcify mean my pretty big knuckles now too, but I don't know, I would think that, like your hand, would not work proper. Arthritis and shit winter. That's what I must be worried about the arthritis, my friend John. He to do that shit used to break bricks and those karate demonstrations and shit, but he would always practice like hitting the makiwara in his, which is a makiwara. This, like like this for folks, understand it's like a two by four, that's wrapped with rope, and they they lock it into the ground. So it's real stiff, and they would pound this two by four, with a rope until you develop all this calcification and all this this, the callous, is all over the top of your knuckle, where it's like one big knuckle. The first two knuckles become one big giant noko. But does that help your hands? I will protect you from getting injured. I don't know it seems like it would
I think, most of the time the injuries that happen and boxing and fighting is usually the the small ones towards the pinky in the next finger right. There not protected as much well like this is actually, if you break this and you go to the doctor, they're going to call it a boxers fracture. Is that comment that I broke mine when I was kid, but these are usually the bones of break, but usually they say, like you, want to hit with these two bones that, because these two bones line up directly with your wrist, these two are like kind of on an angle. So it's a lot easier to break the yeah yeah yeah, especially considering like how your hands built like some people. They have a more narrow hand. Maybe it would be more protected by the outside edge, but mine sticks out on the side. Yeah. It's like a weird thing when the hand just not designed to punch people speak a lick mixes. Gnarly Nick has like this crazy, not right here on his I saw the other day. I was on both really what the fuck probably broke. It never did anything about. You is not probably broke it.
Just let it go on sites like this crazy lifted up thing like right here in the center of his hands on both of his hands. That's probably not good. I think he's got some garbage he's been through some Fucker Moores, but look at you, man, looking beautiful thirty one years of age
People didn't know, you would never think your professional kickboxer through I've had a few cuts and scratches I've. Gotta. Both of my on both sides of my eyes have cut under both eyes, never broke my nose all those Simon Marcus and, I think our first fight he had slammed me. I tripped me and like landed on top of Maine and knocked me out of it in stand up in the walk in the wrong direction. The ref wasn't convention said fight, and I just got blasted the two more times, but after that fight like one of the finished, with like a push kick to the face, and after that fight like all of the Cartledge inside my nose like this ball or whatever is not doesn't sit right anymore. It's like a little Krooked, because this can't fix it. Does it breathe? Can you breed that you breathe out of both, though that's good, but it's like. If I stick, my finger in this part is space and this one there's like a ball in there where he just kind of rearranged. My cartilage gave me a nose job. It's ok.
Knocked amount or even well. The last fight is the fight. That's the most important right right. You know if you'd knocked him out the first time they beat your few times, it wouldn't feel so even we talking about taking punches, I need to put him on blast and he was the first person to talk about. He was thirty nine and our super impressive record awesome, but he just fought in China. I think the week or two ago he got dropped like three or four times and finish like he can take a punch anymore like we haven't really affected, is who knocked him out fan as some chinese guy? numbers as a should have said. Look of Simon Marcus! That's that's input! That's really incredible when you think about the fact that he did have that amazing record coming into that fight with you that right hand you landed on him was so perfect. It was so per for to watch him for just drop like you got shot by a sniper. You know it is front of all those people in LA you know it's it's I,
oh I gotta tell you that before that can't stop crazy is, is fun till you have someone fucking yelling it over and over behind your ear way, trying to watch the fights I was devices. Some chick was young. Can't stop crazy, can't stop crazy, like fucking relax, honey. We heard it the first thirty times she literally kept, kept yelling it while you're fighting can't stop crazy. I don't know what you're trying to get on camera. Why is that's awesome? There's quite obnoxious mean is obnoxious, but but awesome that you have that kind of looks awesome at that kind of support, but dude when he went down that place with deaf Cousin, your hometown in LA that was wild shit was such an incredible. I mean I've used to you know. Before glory came along. I was fighting me. I had some pretty bit lion fight at some big shows when at the hard rock, but for the most part it was like Hollywood park casino. You know one thousand two hundred people.
To be at the forum and they walking. I usually I walk out like tunnel vision. I don't see the fans just focus on what I'm doing when I walked out for that, like the elevation from all of the fans was like, it was kind of choked me up a little bit. I had to like take a breath. Blow kisses to the fan thing. I had to do something to show my appreciation it was, it was really overwhelmed it was an awesome environment manage the forum was so packed and it was so intense and there was Everybody was also recognizing that this is a big moment for kickboxing. It's like kickboxing. You know I've been to a bunch of small, occurs. I've been some some probe matches in in around the area is always are small. It wasn't that well received. It wasn't that big of a deal but man. This was a giant deal all this spike ' tv cameras, you know everybody people being interviewed in the whole deal, it was like it was
so much energy behind it, that, like everybody, was realizing. While this my and the fact that it's a big pay per view card like this might be a big moment, we're kick boxing becomes just like MMA. You know becomes like this next level sports 'cause. I know we said like when you look at the level of competition like when MMA became huge. The level Competition was not nearly as high as where the level of kickboxing competition is right. Now the level is very high like the Nikki hold skins and a you know the the the the the guys that are at the very top of the list. There's is this. Hello. Level, that's like a real, solid world Championship world class level. Where me, wasn't really there in two thousand and five when it when it emerged like it's like all the pieces are in place: yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Well, that's more super tough guy yeah. They weren't skill set yeah, but it will go back.
To Rich Franklin, I mean rich frank- was a very good fighter, but like the difference between like Rich Franklin of you know, the rich frank of the font, Anderson Silva and say, like you know like like mighty mighty mouse Johnson who's. In my opinion, like the the most technically sound fighter, like Damn mother World class at he does, everything is perfect. You've got that you know like with mark to bond to you got that. Would you you've got that with you, the the leak kickboxers of today, whereas I don't think MA I had that when it started to take off so if like, if the promotion was behind it and if they just if it caught gone with the american people in the name started, getting a stab lish. You know Joe Schilling and all guys- and you know these- these- these names became more established and it became something that became you know.
Stream. I just think like that the quality is there, the product is there, it's all just a matter promoted and getting people to that's the other thing that Dana said when I was trying to get them to buy like way back in the day like you know what Americans were so poisoned by, like PK a karate class, you know that they just have this idea in their head is like is, is dog. You know like the like, when guys would throw like a bunch of flippy kicks just to get the kickstand and they want. You know you have to throw a give our service around or whatever boxing after that yeah I was like. It was a weird time. It just wasn't the same. It's like the the level. Just wasn't the same. It's not like what you see today. You know what what you see today when you see there throwing kicks 'cause the kicks are affective like like Raymond Daniels. I mean that guys throwing some wild, crazy shit. You know Daniel Ghita he's throwing some
Aug and powerful. Kicked was really exciting about the kick boxing. If we were talking the other day about there's, there's the heavyweight division and an mma right now is it's lacking a guarantee other divisions right when, when you look at kickboxing heavy weights, you got guys like Data Gita who's like six five, like two hundred forty five pounds to run head kicks in as a spy punch, speed of like a middle weight, recover, who've only the heavyweights in kickboxing, you guys are like six, five and they're still throwing head kicks. They don't move like TIM Sylvia. They don't move like these mma guys are used to sing, and it's just really really exciting stuff like recover. Who've is incredibly athletic. He just a sparring partner with with uh. She really high level boxers and and then that ails a merman, it's just a knockout artist. From from the K one days you follow all the top guys in K. One. This is really
really exciting. Stuff and Rico for Hooven is conditioning mean for a heavyweight he's. Lot like Kane in that sense too, or that just does not get tired mean he will go five: five Five three minute rounds an be one hundred percent through that and that's where he beat Daniel Ghita. I think we started wearing down and then the condition being sort of tooken me he can fight at a very high level for a long time and he's a young guy, too he's got a guide to future. May I help you these twenty of the twenty six at the most yeah. That's was a say here he's a huge guy. You know when, when you next my keys q, chance Just a giant giant man yeah. I just hope it takes off man. I really do because I think I do enjoy boxing. I'm a big boxing fan, but I like kickboxing a lot more like I will watch kickboxing fights over now working, I will re watch them where I think the more elements you add to fighting the more interesting it becomes a
I actually kinda wish. It was more it I you know, I I think that the clinching is an important aspect of it, the tying up in the knees to the body and in the dumps. I think those that that's that's an important part of the art that I, and then also the elbows and knees in the clinch. I mean, I think, they're very important, Moline fight and Kevin Ross. Is your guy right, yeah trained with him on my best friends? I love that guy. I love watching him. Fight too he's a pure. Might. I, like you, watch him fight every the way he controls distance, the distance between the throwing. The kick so the punches in there like he's doing everything the right way. Where is like the right technique for the distance? It's all like it's a beautiful thing to watch. You get to see the true art of more tight red represented. When he's fighting. You know absolutely absolutely they think. That's, I think, that's missing in in a little bit and Gloria MIKE, I think there I wish they would go with the elbows and knees and letting guy
tie up in the clinch and throw knees to the body. I think their their thought process with the clinch is that it turns out some guys it turns into like a way of stalling or way of like you can't punch with them. You can't as good at punching another good at kicking, so you just punch him up and then ends up being like a wrestling match. Does with with this, and I think, they're silly things. My two fights with seven Marcus, absolutely well Simon Mark is that is that right. That was. That was one of the reasons why he beat so many guys clinch was phenomenal in on any was so physically strong right. You know: what do we do? How much the difference is? You feel fighting him in a moitie fighting fighting him in glory. I didn't really notice how much of a difference, I was in a lot better shape and for the and lot more prepared for the for the last man, standing thing but I think it also forced him. He had to you know he wasn't able to hold on the way he wanted to it and to do what he wanted to do so, a unfair for for me to say it. If it was, that was a really good fight.
Interestingly spread out for you, but I really liked and I always thought the glory with elbows would be really interesting like even if you didn't allow the clincher Lotto books, because I was action, my favorite weapon, that's how I got my my ring name most, my first ten knockouts were viable or from the need to the head from the call, yeah. I think it's a great technique. It's a very great technique. I don't know why they don't do it. I don't say I think a one they didn't do it, because Japan isn't like being on the blood thing, so maybe that was why they need to stop fights and wipe the blood off and all that stuff but yeah. I really love elbows and if you look at guys like Nathan Carnage more poor yeah. He was like them elbow God with Lake beautiful boxing ability in this sneaking in the elbows. You know I'm a big fan of the elbow yeah and I think that those guys when they're fighting in kickboxing, as opposed to moitie, there's like an element of their game that they worked so hard to to adapt and to get profess. In that and then that elements been removed, you're forcing them to fight it like seventy percent, exactly
yeah. This is that some of that happening with with Simon you know enough. I would mean that was his first fight. His first loss was his first kick boxing for first knockout loss was first kick boxing fight and in the one that just happened was also, I think, Kickboxing San Shao rules or what not yeah owes Hanshow rules when l'enfant So, SAM showered, you allowed to throw takedown. Talk to his own, and I really know about. I mean they call, it seems like Stanshall, but they call it Supina Wheeling Fong. I did it once in a horrible for me is actually when I tore my knee apart but it was like you're allowed to judo, throw or but somehow they were yelling at Simon when he was trying to clinch, and I don't really understand it. What do you about what John Wayne Parr's doing. The cage combat thing he's got like he's like got more
hi, but they're fighting in a cage with like mma gloves, and I particularly don't care for it at all. Like I think it's it's, I just see it as a gimmick over trying to tap into the mma scene. I mean, like we just talked about cage, makes it really hard to see. I, who don't think the such as well against the cage, as you can in the ropes 'cause, you can move them backwards, writing more positions for right it's more about like just attaching the gimmick or making it more brutal than you know thing and I think a lot of guys are breaking their hands with the lid
does a little gloves doing it. I wouldn't I wouldn't want to do it defensively. It's a big issue. Right with the little gloves we can slip punches through where you can't. You know, I thought it was going to be, and then I started training for the moment, but I didn't find that much difference, although I think if I had it my way had a boxing glove on it hit me on top of the head there and might not have put my legs out and I might have dropped as easily as I did. I don't know if Melvin would have went down from that right hook with boxing glove as as dramatically as he did did glory adopt K one rules just because K one was like the big organization, the K, one star to fall off and it's show time came along and it's show time. Put up some really big fights and then glory kind of came along and took that over yeah. I think that's exactly what happened. I think that the from what I understand, the guys
K one was K one and then most of the fighters from HOLLAND were under one management team and when K one started to fail that management team had all the contracts for the k, one guys and they started it's Showtime because there to handle the fighters under contract and then, when it's Showtime eventually sold to glory the the company glory and then they said it was just like save people. Same scenario. Right just grew from that, and now it's so lion Fight is the only like really big moitie promotion like National on television, national Moitie promotion, his country, I think legacy fighting just got just made a deal is on tv there only access as well their access to exists, interesting yeah access is fucking, great man, which used to be hd, yeah it's like one of the best accesses or best ways to access like up and coming fighters, like the small,
organizations. I think yeah I don't get that channel was on there. Then they had mma was wrong, WEC was on HT. No, it was up in Canada. The fuck is his name, oh god damn it. I can't remember in Edmonton you know I'm talking about that dude, but now remember spike TV when UFC was still on it and then the ultimate fighter that was like the kind of a home for combat sports. Another spike tv is now re branding. I think in March and they just signed Spike TV's re branding like something like that? Changing the name, no re branding their changing their revitalizing, their look or something I don't know they're trying to get back to being the home for combat sports. I know they just signed to deal with Floyd Mayweather's manager. They may be boxing going have boxing on on spike tv.
Oh yeah, they're, having like gold and glory right call. Dad golden glory are golden boy. Golden boy productions is going to be on the aspect of why the good will of its golden golden boy. It's I'm for Mayweather's coach of give the gonna call it was AL, Haymon is promoting it, and so now they're gonna have boxing kickboxing and inability from now on spike, which is really that's beautiful, be good for 'cause, that's their demographic demographic, you know was was all kind of geared around the ultimate fighter and all their shows were like the same. I think from my perspective, so I think it's great. I think that you know more the better. I just think they just changed. Name Bellator. Name? What do you think? What does it mean? Fuck, Isabella tour? How do you Well? Is it one now I don't know that there are no plans. I get, I spell it wrong with everything I love the fights, a local organization, but this call to spike tv mma, it's fun. It's much martial arts. Everybody knows what it is. Just you know like when
watch boxing. It's not you know. Thunderfist thunder fist boxing like White the name is the UFC like when it comes to MMA Ufc is like NFL right. It's got that it's like Q tips Kleenex. You know you don't want you don't ask for tissue. You give me kleenex. Give me a q tip. You don't ask Now have a cotton swab, you know, I mean it's like they become names like I'll. Have a coke like velcro yeah, it becomes like, I think. Velcro is actually a patent, isn't it I don't know but exactly was not my Father laws in the army and they don't call it velcro. It's called something else can lose yeah hook and loop, or something because my role as a brand yeah right so is the same thing yeah big, but that said, MMA is what it is. Everybody knows it's mixed, martial arts. You know, and I think that if they just went with MMA I just have mma on spike TV. Have the name of the fighters be the what's important and I think ballot, for this the name itself is kind of goofy in the fucking helmet
like why is it a roman guy with a helmet that was that was that or did that come about around the 300th? is, it seems very through them at three hundred ask. It is kind of kind of. I think it's a roman thing, the name, but whatever it's about fighting championship was what I was trying to remember: Mfc MARC Pavlick, his organization which up in Edmonton, which is another good thing to watch Like you see a lot of like Ryan Jimmo came out of there. A lot of young up and coming guys are really good fighters came out of these hdnet fights fights that they put on back in the day. So if spike can do that and just make it like the home for waiting like every Friday night boxing MMA Kickboxing people will get programmed if they just stick with glory. I feel like it can't miss. It's just a matter of promoting it correctly. Getting to understand like these are the best kickboxers on earth and it's soup high level shit. It's not
like you know, they're just learning how to kick box or put him on tv like these are the best of the best. Do you think in there needs to be more Americans fighting for America? I need to hear that, but I don't know I mean every that that don't know if we are that way or not. Some people are there's a lot of us, so I don't want to watch this turkish gikas Turkish. I want see American. Fucking American flag on a short, send him out. They don't talk about it. Suck now don't do that fucking you get caught Well, listen! Man! I know you must have to pee you been holding on to that water. I do. I know you do and this week again this Friday night folks couldn't watch, it is going to be live on spike tv glory, nineteen and where is it from Virginia to Hampton? Va ham? Virginia Colosseum
is a huge event if you've never watched kickboxing before it. Let this be your first one and definitely cheer from my man, Joe Schilling, who will be fighting. In the co main event of the evening. It's it's it's going to be a big card What's pi can a big card for glory, and God damn, I hope it's successful. So, let's try to put set up set your dvr's watch that shit just chilling much love my thank you very much really appreciate it. I'm a huge fan, fan geeking out right here. So this is great. You could follow Joe on Twitter. It's Joe Schilling. Three is his twitter handle how come three, which is, if you, if you find Joe Schilling one or two, let me know 'cause I'm going to smack around. I don't know how I got stuck with three. It seems like they should be able to take that over. Is there a guy this Joe Schilling, one is Joe showing what's look it always a basketball player for Duke you, dork
Are you still got two followers coming back he's? Not even really god damn it. Joshila he's got two fucking followers. Two two is sterile. This is bullshit bullshit. Take it over all right. My friend talk to you will talk to you soon. Thank you. Everybody tune into the podcast and thanks to our sponsors. Thank you think you think you to everybody, including one 800flowers dot com, go to one one hundred flowers, dot com and entering the code word JRE to get a fucking off some deal twenty four stunning multi colored roses are just two thousand nine hundred and ninety nine or for ten dollars more upgrade them to red roses. That is use the code word JRE at one, eight wordflowers dot com or you can call one eight hundred flowers and mentioned JRE for the same money. Fucking discount. Oh shit, we're also brought to you, buy smart things, so
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