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#612 - Billy Corben

2015-02-11 | 🔗
Billy Corben is a documentary producer and director, best known for his films "Cocaine Cowboys " & "Cocaine Cowboys 2" and also "Broke" & "The U" for ESPN's 30 for 30 series. His latest film "Dawg Fight" will be available online on March 12, 2015. http://www.dawg-fight.com
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guy and the director of one of my all time: favorite documentaries, cocaine, cowboys, including cooking cowboys, to which, for whatever reason he doesn't like as good as cooking cowboys, He's, got a new movie out called dogfights, a d, a w g fights which is about the underground I'm fighting business in Miami, which is where he's from this motherfucker love. Miami he's coolest shit is a fascinating dude. Any sub, boundless source of energy? So please, without any further ado, welcome my friend Billy carbon again experience where life Billy carbon? Would you dont tweeting text and careful can do that we're on online. I can do that all the time I realized it doesn't matter Much of my life I spend tweeting in and at this point has been a significant per cent and
I've got a cool like lit little following, but it did for what I dedicate and put into it. No, that there the are a wise. Quite there were, especially when I can just sit back on my ass and might my phone just blows up when they go due to you. Listening to Rogan he's talking about cooking cowboys. Again, it's gonna twenty, as it does a Joe take care of it or luxuriously. The feedback that I get in the love that I get from people your your audience, your listener ship is just off the charts like that, might might might might twitter metrics dwarfing Paris into your listeners? Just hitting me up like to make my family, like realistically Romeo using two Rogan like right. Now, I'm working in the but like naughty Adamo dont, you work knowing no ambition to road and at worst, a good deal. You keep making awesome, fuckin, documentaries, I'll, keep talking about em. Don't you get out here and I like that, deal that's it that's a hell of an arrangement as it one wondering do alive remote from Miami, though this town dude, I got it,
you just like like by any more than you like, Ella Darling, my anymore thy like Morgan? I, like anything, obviously so weird wiser, because you're smart, like a you're, really rare for a guy from Miami? I've always said that if you want to starve to death open up a bookstore in Miami, it's a great lady starve to death. Open a door in and your starved to death. Actually now kindle a Kindle store, but later I will I get it this time, this. How much had been incident nothing but good to me. My whole life Angeles, I mean like broken it's a fuel, the power grid in tears come out of the false. It's like. I landed Ella Exit, Ternata Raymond Fucking Chandler. All of a sudden. I just like I get really sad here. I don't know what it's like: it's the Fuckin homeless guy in pretty woman, dreaming on Hollywood Boulevard, like that's this, like that's this town to me, like not just its
sad to me. My any is like that. I don't want to Montana set at best. You know it's just a great big pussy waiting to be fought for ports in Miami is the city of the future and always will be. You know they're, just endless opportunity there, but it never quite gets to that that level but that the famous saying is it like Elaine is where you go. When you want to be somebody New York is where you go. When you are somebody and my enemies, we go when you want to be somebody else. So, unlike the thesis of like all of our work in a way. That's like the motto of our company of raconteur. That's that's like if you want to put on a t shirt, but it's like that's, that's the message gets to take away. I thought too long the polarity shortly to be worked out. Small font goods. Basing redesigning it right now academic and we worked underwater priority right now votes I mean I see like it here in a lot of ways. What I dont like here is the amount of humans,
There's just does your quantity of welcoming supply of human beings. Here to the point that I think that any time you get too many people in one place, you devalue those people. It's like, I think that's the case with everything I mean, I think, of your guy. You have a million fuckin girlfriends. There are all waiting for you in a warehouse you're not going to care. Um dies you now you just now you just now you barely going to care If you are my anger filled with tens and you just walk in you in the back with a yellow hair. Come this way, please you're! That's what you're. It doesn't mean that if you have one wise that you love dearly, it's going to mean a lot more. If something happened sore, I think Ella has too many fucking people and I think the when you get to many people, you there's this sort of weird things than that happens. Where you stop caring about them. They don't mean anything to you, but is a tiny here. Is equality with is too many the queen
These hearings are so many of think that there are very important because we're all world, if you fear the centre of our universe, I mean, but, like everybody like everybody, I don't. It's really there's no other way to see this other than how it's going to sound, like the self worth meter is off the charts for four weight many people it is, but it's also a fake meter like people. Are holding up a meter of what their pretending their self worth is, but, in reality, what they really think about themselves, their incredibly insecurity, which is why they're here trying to validate themselves in the first place, this this a weird town, and then everybody who comes here wants to be someone national, and usually they want to be someone special because they warrant special when they were children. So they get here. You seek out this this ultimate
which his fame and now because of people like him, car dash in reality shows you only have to do anything on our doing then get. I have to have a special at how rumbling thing to me. It you don't have put in work. More here- and I did not like manifested itself with this, like Conway back thing- it's like back- I mean Kimberly asked for more gifted musician or songwriter focusing more industry. Is concerned. You can save, you can be subjective You could say you like him, you don't like him, but the guys in order I mean legitimately, puts in the work he play here. Seventy thing he plays. Every every an instrument on his album. So it's like the guy's putting in the work, Why devalue somebody who was actually an accomplished raw
honest and say like well he's all right isn't worth as much as somebody else's art or Congo. Worst has a real ego problem. He needs psychedelic more than anyone of ever seeing the public. I mean he's such a insufferable douche bag, and that's because his ego is completely out of control. He wants people to pay attention to him. He wants to be loved, he wants to be great. He wants to be great. That's his big thing. Leave me alone, Let me be great. You fucking rhyme shit, you surround, but that's a note. No offences to his is handlers but like you're, surrounded by awful people. Those two people are supposed to keep you in check and gives us a perspective on your place in the universe which is only smaller than you can do that, then, on deaths, not their job. Their job is to make money and the weather monies to keep like rubbing his back and pushing him out there in the rank and mean that that's it, cap keep getting them to make more money jewish people. We have our families to both like blow up heads and also put us right back in our place. I remember I got into some trouble a couple
years ago. I was on a jury. I was a jury forming a criminal case in Miami Dade Circuit Court and was armed robbery case and I tweeted because that's what do I entreat about the case. By did my usual should have just kind of observations of the court house. I notice that he was It was named for this guy Richard Gerstein, who was a state attorney who had we had ties to my or Lansky later represented Pee Wee Herman in his indecent exposure case in Florida, and only was in that your can often in the adult theater and just things like could see from the window in the jury poolroom out like how you know how appropriate that that the view from the jury romantic in the criminal Court House is one of the greatest crimes perpetuated and the people of my mandate, which was the Morlands park, the publicly financed speed of sports welfare, boondoggle of of mining, Marlins, state Stadium, baseball park, and so on. An ignorant. What what we'll get back today, but I like just tweeting stooped observational share and then my usual sort of aggregating article. So this comes up
appeal that public defender we can victim of lesser included offence. The public defender says over reforming was tweeting like live, treating the trial, which is not what happened. I didn't Anything all my tweets are still there. So the Mai, Harold, like rips me. They have this completely tat free right the herald she actually slept her way to the middle is what she did. She slept with her Mary editor and got a promotion, and it was all scandal really and an end now Color America and Cuba's worst columnist, and she still has a job. It's it's unbelievable and she like rips me for being a always like tweeting twit. That's what she called me a tweeting twit and might might my parents should, on the Harold you don't I its cage with it. So like the heralds, bastard like my me, Harold, yesterday's news tomorrow corrections to follow that stick so like might, but my Grandpa old school. They still
the newspaper, you know he likes the ink on his fingers, and so he reads this like vicious column, about about me about his grandson and is too the ways ass. You, like Josephine, yes uses a systemic us. How many twitter followers you have, and I was like a bad, the times it may be too. Maybe ten thousand dollars like out and about ten thousand goes just in breast twenty two million, and that was it I felt shuttling. He put me back. I was reminded of my place in the universe with one with that which sets out.
How the hell does my grandfather? Not are you nobody knows where relevant my grandfather's, Hezekiah Dick, might be honest with you like these funds are grandpa he's a wonderful man might meet meet me. I won't or is a wonderful, wonderful man. He is only. I daresay you just know. Nobody has been, like you didn't say to me, like I'm ashamed of you and what you did in this woman, destroying you in the newspaper he was. He was pretty cool with that. He was just uses understand this twitter thing a little bit better. That's all you still not on it. There that's funny now, yeah. I mean that having someone you live to keep you in Czech like that, is important or having something you know. I don't think he has any thing to keep in check, which is why he thinks it's funny to go on stage and interrupt people's performances are or accept and speed is but Daddy Mother voting, while they just like honey. I pick who wins everything well. How about this is how I see enemies are stupid. How about the Oscars are stupid. They're all stooped, award shows for art or dumb. They really are
because our isn't, notably subjective. You know this in this Ideally you can have this one big moment where, but it just seemed like a penguin ya, get together and pretend This is our night to shine forth. Gotta make a living to do right whose don't worry dislike the toxic like just intermolecular. Taxes is kind of like his stick fashioned area but like I am not a big, what we have already always. I often get introduced her like people like a right up, a bio or Blur Bamiyan Award winning filmmaker, unlike, I actually think I've won any more I don't know, I guess we have along the way I got it. I got it to the city of Miami and mighty Beach, which was incredibly disappointing because when you know you're The beach and somebody gives you a key role.
Hoping it's gonna, be something else if you, if you know what I'm screamin but the that it was not the kind of key that you hope to get when you go to my Amelia low right, that's right! I guess it's one year when you explain it, I don't think so. It won't work and welcome back, I think, there's a few listeners that got it. Maybe too that are going to keep my key there's only jewellers or me usually Jewishness go job right now. I don't think that's there's more than that What will we are talking about before about what's wrong with this town, and this is probably the last time we should get into it, because this is like such a attired subject, but the the idea that people didn't enough attention when they were young, so they develop. This whole their sole. They need to fill up and other people's attention. Come here, and then they seek validation through auditioning, which is one of the most ridiculous processes ever
the idea that you're gonna be in line with a bunch of other people hoping to get picked and if you do get picked like yes, yes, It's me, I'm gonna be the one and then you're the one who's gonna get out there and then the cameras onion they put make upon you and make you pretty and perfect lighting and its All these is this weird thing than if you're lucky you can get through That would some sense of what you're trying to do in the first place, which is like trying to create something called the people enjoy, and then some sense of humility where you can understand that that's in the greatest spectrum of the universe is really not that significant, what it is again A lot of attention because were confused and media confuses people and the idea of the one, the alpha with the light on them and the one who has the microphone and the one who has the voice and that this It is somehow and other makes you special, but it doesn't exist, entertainment well. The shootings had said that the four first of which is that put it out there. I don't talk about it that much Brahma put it out there, because I think step. One in the programme is admitted that you have a price.
So I was a child actor in this in this town, and this too that's your problem is tat. I wish there was yet, but it was very good to me. It was very It's me I was very successful and end before retired fifteen, or will it ever was but like it I'm afraid. Which it was a different term of the child after which, which immediately evokes images of light liquor store, robberies. Drug overdose isn't chow molestation like, but that's what I was on the saying they want it. I want to which are probably shouldn't talk about because you mentioned you're talking about the casting process in and how completely toxic. That is in terms creating anything of substance and such as its development process. We we, we option the rights too Philip, a drama. Text series about cocaine cowboys about I think, eight years ago, now with ro calmer television, Michael Bay and Warner Horizons, and,
we have been developing the show developing development develop you know when you say a word so much or you look at it. So often it loses its meaning and you can look like what is it. This word means thing development should want to come one day I'll, never misses already years ago. It was years into development and years ago already that's how long we ve been developing this, and am I looking at what Veronica, Let's go, you can get a word and edgewise really in a conference. Also on this, this call and I'm looking at at at the calendar, Illnesses J B tv development, and I'm staring at the word and it loses its meaning. So I'm kind of you know that the voices turn into a peanuts cat. You know, adults won't want what we want and I open a new tab in my browser and dictionary. Dot com but you're going to urban dictionary comedy, go to discharge our com and I look up the word development and I realize looking at the definition that the development process in film and television, and there too, entertainment is the antithesis of them.
In addition of the word development which infers Prague evolution and its exact, positive that it if it doesnt, stifle progress it in actually has a reverse a fag. It's like d evolution. It's like on development or the development. I do. I don't know what the term is, but it's a total misnomer this, this idea of developing goes like we make a documentary, we get an idea, someone comes to us in or we have access to a cool person or a great story, and we, I got two partners. It's me in you guys want I've known I known so long. Our parents used to bathers together, We were sophomores in high school. That was weird but like We were nursery school here and I know the guy literally sensors go or other partner, Alfred Spellman. I know him from tat vision production middle school. So we looked at each other. We go. Did you sound like a cool idea? Yeah? Let's do that's. Our development broken the nonfiction world. This whole like scripted thing, we're like you bring in three writers and you pay them on told him some money and therefore sentiment?
with nannies and they're gonna write for the Miami drug scene in the late seventies. You're like why is going on here. How is this progress? How are we developing anything here and forms of our work to values and media, manipulating what our priorities now breaks my heart more than when I tweet something important it's going on in the world and it gets like. Retweet so whatever, and then you tweet something about Kim Kardashian. Justin Bieber, Conway, West or Bruce Jenner, God forbid, and it just gets up. It gets twelve hunt retreats or some crazy Florida man story that gets ten thousand retreats and, and it breaks my heart goes on this, like I'm like and contributing to the distraction, here is what I feel like an end. But but I really frustrates me it's like, but something about you know the lack of accountability in politics or the public sector, or you know the dramatic increase in police
in police brutality and the prison population, as the the crime rate drops precipitously all these things that we should be concerned about as a people. I just realized, like maybe I need take my advice and like the fact that we're all so insignificant, so small and this time is so fleeting. Why not just good time onward. Here we're not actually gonna change anything for the better. It's like that, seeing what you say it's like I want to have less corruption or more dissipation in it or something like that. I as a older. I feel like what, where were we getting here, one that you know I'd, I'm not actually going effectually, eight, any positive change. Maybe a little, maybe a little bit of awareness and my corner of the twitter verse. But what what which I just need to do something for myself for my family, and I can't do that. There's something and there's a moral compass that just wont. Let me kind of like compromise my valley. At a weird way. I hate that about myself, just relax man seriously do smoke with
You should probably I would help you alive. The cadets. The diagnosis. Will you guys have medical marijuana are perfectly for fuck's sake. Dude, I fought my ass off amendments two and Florida. We got nearly fifty eight percent of the vote and it failed. We need a guy sixty two right, Scott, the least popular governor in like the history Anything anywhere. Ok gets forty seven percent, The vote in for more years to destroy the state of large, like but we do have usually old people obedient emigrating there. They their idea of what marijuana is just completely fuck by propaganda, our elected officials, fortunately kind of realising that like wait? A second? If you look at the the the the district results for amendment two they're going, will ship my constituents, this. So now you do have some local politicians were trying to unseat politicians who are trying to introduce bills. Now that will that will bring?
medical marijuana to the state of Florida, because what strategy was to do is beat twenty. Sixteen, where met it, we're not only is it a you know. The presidential elections of turn out turnout Florida could be as much as I dunno twelve percent. Why do people vote one people vote? While they fill the scourge they did, I don't think it works. You look at the system itself. You look at special interest groups and lobbyists and the amount of money corporations donate towards campaign. They do that to mobilise not just to impact how people are going to vote, but just to get people going out of it, If you want things for sure, if you don't vote your votes, not gonna, be counted, I can guarantee. I can guarantee that right. But so the special interest money really goes towards me belies people already in a way like minded like you, the elderly population, which really what help kill. I think recreational marijuana here or the expand. And of marijuana lesson. California, it was. It was in the New York quite there. Yet people warrant, I think, getting out the not going
the vote per se, but but they weren't convincing the elderly, relations by the way, probably need marijuana even more than I do, I'm just in terms of their you know there met their maladies, improbable that would do more for them and certainly in Florida do more for them, but but there are still on that you're that hippy drug thing you tell what they think of us, which which doesn't make any sense not to mention what can any governor or any politician or anybody in this country, do in a single stroke of the pen that create the kind of economy that that brings. How do you create jobs with you? many jobs, and that kind of revenue in in their marijuana else. Then I want that a marijuana and there's nothing else. I could possibly think of that. You could do it. You could say like overnight: we could just create an epoch industry that not only hearts no one but helps millions of people and, more importantly, Decriminalize- is a class of peace. In this country that we have needlessly spent untold millions of dollars to deprive them of life lived
in an and property and you're right, I need to smoke. Budgeting is welcome, we get stuck in Brown, Madame money they are making in Colorado staggering. They have to give it back the taxpayers refunds, giving people money, but I wish you much money for education now we're when they are literally making untold. Billions of dollars and tax revenue that would be unavailable otherwise and more, likely same people, smoking weed, which is less. You know that this is just really an inefficient use of public resources is the inefficient use of a commodity which is a natural commodity. It's part of life mean marijuana. Goddamn plant, that's been used for thousands of years in Florida. We had it He'll mill crisis nor he likes that we have- I mean I therefore believe that the did the documentary d, the Octagon explorer oh yeah, Amazing amazing was up to seven people a day were dying in the state of Florida.
Children are not enough, kill more, should have opened up plants hopeful in Florida out, maybe in the north, but furthermore they say in Florida the further north. You go the further south. You forget that, like floor, I mean this is Jim Crow, South Florida. South Lord is Lego. Tropical country networks, like the be all right compared to people who might get Bruce. What it's like a lantern in Georgia, yeah you're, gonna, sell flaw. It is like because we're still vary the reds we're like a red state with a blue your skin, that every wishes it you just circumcised like right off the stated the city of south my areas instantly about my immediate. Nobody, even noses Miami Dade County, which has but think two point. Six million people now were made up of, like thirty, four different municipality. So there's a total. Like thirty five different now, is in dismay me, Dade, county really, and the city of my enemy is just one small city among the thirty four in Miami did county and about data coming
this usually called deed, county or Metro Day County. In ninety seven we branded, we voted to change the name of a town like we're all southern then like by Bay in Mumbai, like you think of a place that, like chain is the name we rebranded it to Miami Dade County, to borrow essentially the most famous brand that we have, which the most famous city in in the area and so one of these cities. These thirty for municipalities with thirty, four and thirty four municipalities and I think, to be fair, only other still, thirty of them who have had their may arrested yet in the last two years. So that's it! That's a pretty good ratio, but the city of South Miami. Actually, they have a resolution to ah does it not to see from the union, but split Florida down the middle into two separate states in North Florida or northern and any south. A South Florida, Tuesday angry Garee idea for real it's a great. They will never happen because South Florida is revenue, is what fine
answers Tallahassee, which is the state capital which is in the pan, Angela Northern. For so that will never happen greatly. They live off the fat of our land and our tourism trade, so that will never happen, but a great idea when you look at the politics when you look at the demographics and and and and how sort of the way that people the fought process, we are very much to do. Two different states or South Florida is more democratic. It's more liberal, ass, the Blue Tipp, but there's a lot of Cubans that are very republican right, well worth servant of the war that the ever since Kennedy in the bay of pigs. They they they took a hard hard right. Did I mean, did there There are Cubans who have not voted Democrat since Kennedy but you're, seeing now a new generation, third and fourth generation Cubans who are now being actually be in Miami, This trend, changing my needs to go to Miami in, and you say we'll anyone floors were you from any minute?
were there for sixty years ago, Cuba Chicago Philadelphia, New York get no one was from Miami now changing. Now you see a little bit of this three or five till I died, is kind of like this Spirit of Reich this spirit of like ownership of longing, which I keep hoping he's. Gonna manifests itself in people driving better and using their turn, signals and be nicer to each other. I keep trying to say it's, not my Emmi or your enemy it's our Emmy. This is a collective experience here, people, let's more on this together. Let us be nicer nature. Each other, but like yours and fan boy, I am above all. I hope when I get homesick when I travel to like an like, I, I missed special. When I go alleys different because it's not homogenous but when I travel around the places where it like I'm, like I'm nervous, there's too many white people here, like any civil scam polio need some Catholic ology like I get nervous when, when there is not, you know it when there homogenized population. I know I was you mix it up. I don't know my because Miami, like you just driving, you can a stretcher blocks in Miami Beach, and you go from the Argentine.
Neighbourhood to defend a swell neighbourhood to the brazilian neighbourhood. I should say this: there's a communist conception that my Emmi is a melting pot. We are not a melting pot. We were more akin to like tv dinner were sometimes the peaceful over into the maximum Tito's, because we self segregate We do that any where we go was people here we find like minded or order China's year similar looking people, and we learned we stick to our own. So in Miami you know you have the jewish neighborhood. You have a haitian neighbour, you have an african american neighbourhood to give a cuban neighbourhood a cuban neighbourhood, a cuban neighbourhood, a cuban neighborhood. You have then let us say in Miami Beach. Even you have Venezuela, Brazil, lily brazilian neighbour, they don't even the South Mary in which the old thing Most is like being called Latin Hispanic there very pride, full and nationalistic people. They want to be associated with their nation or actual you can get to an argument. Anybody Miami until you see what flag is hanging from the rearview mirror, because, God forbid dude, you should call in origin. In Vienna, Venezuelan Venezuelan a Cuban, a Cuban, a Brazilian
they fear or any of them a Mexican. They all hate Mexicans or for some reason around you and him. Why wasn't I don't know, but they and all of them, if you ask any of them, they'll tell you all. My great brewer like like for truth, Bro like seriously like my great great grandfather from Spain, but they are in their european, but none of them are caribbean, they're, all european, it's it's kind of one in, and I like that, kind of incendiary mix of people. You know, unlike nineteen eighty was like, which is kind of inspiration, cooking cowboys. You like that year were, like all of you, chemicals just mixed together and shit, just exploded, and that's u you there, that tension in Miami constantly that that, I think, is just makes it an exciting, exciting place, particularly when anybody outside of Miami. They think there's like one hotel, the colony on ocean drive is where were you weren't? Miami only knows that, like fifteen blocks of ocean drive, you know and an even when you watch mine,
dolphins, games or, like the Orange Ball game, which is it Joe Robbie Stadium, renounced sunlight stadium in Miami Gardens. When the most dangerous municipalities in my media, one was dangerously The world is mighty gardens. That's where the stadiums located they'll cross fade from. Get the game to the blimp aerial of the stadium and then will cross me, two ocean drive as if that's right outside eighteen miles away from the stadium- and That's what people associate. Miami most of my is is third world. In I mean minded County has what I think only the second greatest disparity in income gap in the cause of major county in the country, we are you and what was that? Tv omen had a book called city of the future about my any that Europe. He did not like the floor of today is the America of Tomorrow and if you want to know what shit is going to go down in Amerika what Calamities are gonna before this country in like the next twenty years, or so. You look What's going on in Miami or Florida. That is the barometer of whether it's the drug trade.
Immigration more dealing with, which would now, at the end of the day, the browning of Amerika, you well, this fantasizing of America and the push back. We ve been through all all of that shit Medicare fraud, you name it. We have experienced it already in Miami or earn flood the greater Florida area and and we know what's coming basically sure earlier We had everything but earthquakes and mudslides. How did you get involved with this documentary cooking cowboys? What was the was the inspiration to make this just now the history of how crazy my He was in what what led to this? He did. Massive surge of drugs into that part of the country. That was our childhood in a weird way. Any we grow up in, mine. I was born in place of Fort Myerst Florida on they are on the West Coast. Seal that here
we're coming years. You know four for it for, like five pilot seasons or whatever the hell you do, your parents bring. You are here to do my ass might be. I asked them to well yeah, I asked, Why so you wasn't? Even they had stage parents. It was all you do Every year my parents would say to me whenever you want on, they would say whenever you're done. That's just like that, as dead render for Oddly, for my dad, he's transition now that I was very happy. Transitioning can say that a few years ago, no, no, what the fuck you're talking, I hear you say, he's transitioning now it's like is serious. Like overwhelming influx of transgender people and our culture is, I was gonna or or we're just more aware of it. I guess and war kind of ok, like gay people got married now, like it's a new world man like its internet, it's it's kind of its kind of fantastic like I'm like when it. When I was, I was travelling. We run set of this pilot in in importer Rico, and while I was on the plane,
there is no internet on on on the slightest we're coming from poor weaker for whatever reason, and so as soon as I landed, alma had announced the new Cuba policy. I landed in Miami while this going on in the air, and No one really knew exactly how my army was gonna react. The truth is a lot at a hardline older. Conserve of Cubans have died off, the demographic is changing their their cuban kids growing up now, who don't want to never get to secure, but before they die like a lot of their grandparents, never got to great reverence ever get to a back, so The sentiment was very different from what I like from Circa Alien Gonzales. That was the last gasp of you know: eggs right. In exile. Politics was really the ailing Gonzales fiasco, and so this this was a little. Calmer, but like I laid than those like I just land, in a whole new world like it, was incredible and and whether you with policies are not it's kind of cool to see when you're hyper aware like history is happening in your lifetime and before your eyes, and that's what my any was like in the nineteen eighties and growing up, we were even aware of
when I was most aware of it as a kid was the money we were We lived in this like working class, jewish neighborhood in North Miami Beach and everybody was doing good. The one the drug business per se, but this is the That is the most successful case, study in history for raw Reagan's down economic theory because there is so much cash in Miami added trickled down to everyone Whatever business you were in, you were, making more cash has the drug traffickers, the drug there was so much cash tourism nineteen. Eighty tourism was our will and real estate there, like our top businesses. Tourism was bringing it about five point two billion dollars a year in Miami drugs. There s name was generating seven billion dollars a year, so it doesn't even Bigger business and tourism in Rome in the early nineteen eighty, so you just had it was just everywhere like in our neighbourhood policy, I did like made additions to their houses. They had like a poor, nicer car, and these are people who were jewellers
The grocery business or car dealers are just working people, but suddenly every but he was a little was a little flush and they weren't upgrading in a major way. There were just getting themselves from toys that they could get with the fruits of this new found the fruits of their labour, and this new found I've got ready. You can't say, shall I was just and you ve heard the stats about you from the movie about the the debris. So the Federal Reserve in Miami had a cash surplus of more money than all the branches combined in the country it was just more hashemite me? Nobody had any place to put it when you saw scarface when banks were charging a vague posit cash. That was true. They had no place to put cash that we just too much. And its true that if you took a twenty dollar bill, I'm not denomination of twenty or above cash in Miami and tested it? There were traces of cocaine on almost every single bill in Miami it was so is literally drug money. That's amazing
it's an amazing time and you're documentary really captures it so brilliantly. It's just that you with the wind. When you highlighted that that one graduating class of the police academy that every guy either went to jail or was murdered Every single one mean that that's an amazing moment in human history. Will you just get to see Essentially it's a version of what's going on in Mexico right now, oh absolutely, in an end aversion, Interestingly, it what's going on in the United States, in terms of hiring practice, Is it better screening people in law enforcement and people in the public sector in general? Because what happened there is that you didn't have good people. Who became cops and then the power went to their head and they became corrupt or anything like that, You had gangsters straight up thugs. Who cited well where better to apply
My trade then be hiding behind a badge. That's what happens at these words like this way These were bees were bad guys should who it became. We had a m, but how was it was a federal judge. There was a consent, decree, etc judge it was a civil rights action. A federal judge looked at the demagogic fix the changing demographics of Miami and said We are hundred percent of the mining Police Department was white and they said You need a police force that better, represents the community that their policing? And so it was a federal judge who just wave right away. Is is magic pen and said higher more like officers Hiram for more precise panic officers, so you have a police force it It reflects the community there and what happened to say it, but it's true. They kept reducing the standards for hiring an that's. What happened is that they wound up with guys we're like weight,
I'm on the streets almost straight up gangster, but the mining police are high hurrying like that's what happened so route really The system worked in a way that they read it out. You know that the worst of them and that I think it's a little blobs by large. You have a lot of good cops now, but the problem is that they're, not screening, they're, not sufficiently screening in the hiring a process to say cereal, oh, I think so all over the country think you got guys resort of naturally aggressive steroids epidemic in India. These departments that are that the unions have have completely precluded it's a police for being able to test officers ya, think you have again an epidemic that that affects us. Minority are percentage of officers and apartments, but it still an issue that you don't want guys like that, with a bill with the ability to deprive people of life, liberty and pride we are. The stairway thing is absolutely jet. I got polar by dude who look like Roddy Coleman, who, by the way, was a police officer.
Ronnie Common who was mister. Olympia was a police. Might I don't know? I don't know if you still as but yeah I'm in here It was a long time, police officer, but sky to pull me over was it was ridiculous and we had a nice chat in nice guy. The fan was a good guy, but I mean this dude jus oozed. He was, I mean five nine, two, seventy somewhere around then, which doesn't happen in nature. Was your fuckin guerrilla who acted out of you you would have to do to get their big naturally you'd have to the you, couldn't have a job. You have to be eating: thirty thousand hours a day that it Jim renewed, have to be lifting waits literally all day. I mean I could probably maintain that amount of mass for a couple years than everything would break. Is doesn't happen in nature, and I looked at this due to my you are going to fuck and you're going to force laws,
glass house what kind of real where you gonna bust people were drugs. Mother fucker because none of them. You know I mean that the steroids Reno calm down or hormones or whatever you want to call him and they the idea and I've talked to guys and martial arts. Let's say you know I have to be prepared because the people that amount into out on the street in our money. Two like really bad guys, and I want to be enhanced programme. What is I'm not that familiar with it but like, The research I understand, if fucks with your mind, my camera anger you're out somewhere? Well, I mean there's levels, of course, like everything else like you could smug little pie
and be fine. Karen a conversation or you get so stoned you you don't remember who you are? I mean you can really get fucked up, you can get. So don't you look at a phoney like what is this? Are you get pretty far right but or you kids day, little love and just kick back. Don't talk like that have had a cocoa knows what it is. We can tolerate more than any human being show. Ideas can eat, he eats it mostly. You know, you'll those pot animals. When he'll kill go so deeply, you can believe still alive. He just goes deep, but my point being is it I assume that some of these guys, you could take a small amount of steroids and probably would have be recover, and in but the problem with those guys as they can never get off of it media as a friend. That's been steroids since nineteen, eighty, seven, a rod on our side. We lose our divine guy, he's a his friend from Jersey, that's a bodybuilder,
that has never got enough steroids he's, we been on steroids, nineteen, eighty, seven any Joey's age and one he's fine he's healthy relays, fucking big as a house. He never stop lifting, therefore stop doing steroids, but I'm the guy, but he's a maniac. I think you could probably a little bit and it would probably help you recover and you'll be all right. But most definitely, if you take a lot like this cop, the pulled me he had to be on all kinds of ship. That's gonna, fuck, with your temper many years essentially become a different thing. We were kind of discussing this yesterday because there's an epidemic of sterile, it's in the USA, I may a true epidemic, and not just the. But Emma may in general, has been some high level guys of tested, positive and other organizations and even guys it's swore they never took anything and would mark other people took performance, enhancing drugs and they got popped. So there's
There is a real issue that work were all as the mix martial arts community started coming to grips with now, but as police officer, I think, being com and having a sense of of. He's fullness of being able to defuse situations like that was my thing about the tray on Martin thing: oh you know, nobody was talking about George Zimmermann and the people there. Supporting Zimmermann. There will, I do know, hey George Zimmermann got attacked and Georgia might ok. Here's a problem with that tourism, was a fuckin moron. First of all, first and foremost, we wanted to be caught they wouldn't let him be a club which is fucking bad, which means you gotta be a real moron, because I've been morons cops. You know most cops. I mean a great folks but we all know a few idiots. It became cops. This guy was too fucking stupid to be one of those idiots in other You're too, damn you can't be a cop, so they give him this job as this community
oh guy right and its second of all, Let this kid. This young kid was kicking. It's fuckin ass, the young kid got on top and beaten as head of the curb, like ok, What how that happen do not know how to light at all. If you don't know how to fight it all had a fucker, you, a cop, here's the rub that no matter which version. The events you choose to believe tree on stood his ground. First is actually what happen so, strict standard ground situation becomes like who wins. It's me it becomes a steer down of the space off. It's it's a shoot out. You know an editor who wins because what happened was he was, but he was being followed some creepy dude with a gun. He was a kid
we back from seven eleven bouquet. I think there is an icy is walking back to his dad's house, but the creeping over the gun was a security guard. Well, we wouldn't neighbourhood watch you like it. Does me I'm going to have their own, no, no, I'm so voluntary it out. Yet a poncho honour whatever he had. It was raining and that's why treatment at a hoodie on it was raining. So he doesn't have anything that identify Badge started off. She was on the phone I'm on one and are telling him stay in your car. Sir stay in your car. Other sellers it gets out of the car and he's he's stuck in this kid was on the phone with a dream. I was on the phone with this girl and he's like there's. Some dude follow browsing Cory's getting out of his car and she was worried forums as it turns out. He was a creep do with a gun, newest stalking. This kid was walking back to his dad's out with an ice tee skittles. I wasn't aware they didn't have an outfit nowhere days, volunteered neighbourhood watchman dry, nobody else, did him or assigned him. He took it upon himself to tourism, robberies the neighbourhood anyway, stalked any got jumped because this
was scared, so there's no organization whatsoever, it looks like a community organization, but I know that there is any formal I don't either there was. He wasn't a member of any formal organization that I'm aware of an eye. I was too but this in this was to me- was just objective. These we're just objective facts to me and what came into play. Was one of the most disturbing things I mean. Ok, I'm right up to tell the story: a lot of people are really shown sit down till we ever a fan. Age. We did this document for European called you Inversely Mammy for programme adjusted a sequel out late last year, and so we have this fan page that we put on Facebook, which has about eight hundred, eighty, five thousand or so Van in annex one of the most like kind of logic, most interactive pages for Hurricanes football fans so. Every once in a while. I control the page. You can do I troll my homepage. Why do you do that?
I just like a sociological experiment. I don't know like we just like we'll just put like, like worn sap got got busted we have a priority out eke out, could have happened to an ice. Guys soberness fuckin lower. This is stupid Islam and to me it it's just an example of sort of these are Kane patriarchal light. Yet women are let women can't decide what to do with their bodies. We decide what they can do with their bodies in and what contractual arrangements consenting adults can enter can enter into, but points legal which it should be, but then he's over there there's a camera in the room that changes the entire Dinah Secondly, there was a girl. There was hang around commie store way back in the day. That actually said that when my friends, she was a porn star and she said you know he someone other gases, conversation and she said you can fuck me as honest. Have their private shoot would do apprenticeship, and he was like what color is like trying to figure it out. Like a line for me tat, a woman told me that she had to be
She goes. You pay my fee for the care of their own. You can fuck me and he's like says that prostitution. She was not legally and and then we thought about it. Why can't? I guess that isn't prostitution do the resources, the resources that police department spend given these sting some us too, to create crime than otherwise wouldn't exist by limiting cops dress up like hookers yeah we're, which were as follows: dangerous for them very right and second of all, their just creating crime that doesn't it the debt wooden otherwise exist. Unless this contrast is ochre, we're gonna go. It actually passed laws in certain states that make it legal for cops to have sex with prostitutes as part of the states. Part of the sting wish. That seems, that seems fair whole area. That seems that address God. Damn Larry about. Why would anybody think that there's you know that there are few legal systems here in this? I want to make sure that monies who was around their suckin Dick saw Monaco, give my dick suck just do ensure. She knows. I'm legit
I'm pretty sure about the way contractors offer. Captains in consideration- I don't know the actually deliver on in order to say the contract of this- in illegal contract, they have entered into you're under arrest. I can imagine that that's necessary to go to court in Sight No, no, your honor she's, really a hooker I paid her, and we had It's like! Is that really is that really necessary? And how is that legal? Well, my friend a boss, the mistake operation in New York, and he Flirting with these girls, and one of them said something like you want a party or something like that: and eyes like party like what does that mean likely you you, you mean like sex and she goes yeah in. Goes, is going to cost anything shows how much you want to pay me. Your ten thousand dollars, like you just joking around we have to take down ordering that a fucking earthworms like that clean he was drunk guy coming out of a bar flirting with some girls that he didn't know we're cops and they were made
believing the language in order to get him to say that I q being a silly goose, being a silly guy. China is a comic, so he's just trying to make these girls laughed like ten thousand dollars like saying ten thousand, we'll fuck, is going to pay a street walker. Ten thousand dollar will even comes up with another first offer. I mean, for ten thousand dollars you can do with all. We do not aim as porn star for ten hours. Diver yummy no, I mean like coming if it had been a counter. For it would have been more reasonable of agenda two thousand dollars. If he said you know, five hundred she said Amelia like when you consider these. Through these two women officer, you consider their back up. You consider the surveillance you consider. Then we have the process. A John balloon is in jail for twenty four hours to pretend that the the manpower involved in processing ughi. What
Their crime was going on that night alike, victim victim fortnight, victim, less, but victim fall victim to find was occurring now totally I totally dodge the the trolling. My own page bullet George, I tell a story what you go. I never told the story to any public web pages is that its facebook dot com forward, slash the? U movie, ochre someone's! Well, when I see troll the page I mean we're kind, the New York Post of the. U of like you and put ball fan pages, we're like the tabloid. You know we don't just post the press releases that come under the athletic department will post whatever that's kind, like peripherally involved in Miami football or pop culture surrounding Miami Football, snoop up, the? U N, a music video shit like that. You know so, on the day of the Zimmermann verdict, there was a picture that had been on the internet. For some time. For my travel, martens Eleventh birthday or something like that where
parents or who am whomever got him a birthday cake with the EU logo. He was apparently a hurt in span. I knows itself the kid, and so it was him, smiling eleven year old kid and his over. You know you m happy birthday cake great, so I just like you know what I'm gonna do a mocking assail word, I'm in a post, this picture to the Facebook page I can't tell you how, like all social media hell broke loose in the community, and I would venture to say that you could write papers on the state America's race relations, based solely on the comments from that from that image was one of the most disturbing just Exchanges about America and re in crime that I have just ever seen in my life, it was Oh disturbing- and I just left it there and let
It was kind of like a war shark and people were writing. Like private messages like I'm on, I'm unfriendly are unlike ing this page. Why don't you post a picture of. Oh, oh, that's not what he looked like when you know wait when he was killed and they post like one of those fake pictures of like some wrapper that, like people claimed, was traveling light like things that were debunks. You know why, the hopes, and otherwise, like months or years earlier, and just like that freezing is that ensued, and them and I'm like eight listen, you find a picture of awe George Zimmermann, and a U sweater, whatever our posts. That too, I mean like what you this is, it was just because I posted pictures of Brown Obama throwing up the you and then Mitt Romney was campaigning and he threw up the you didn't you like. What are you throw up? Do you go to hear you just what he wants its well? I guess it's like this year, Euro X or to put a brake on it like air. I dreamed that like one year but like yeah, that's, that's! That's a you! Only you
but on essential, but it will only get to the point here. Yes actually was white people who are being racist against trade on Martin and were upset that you were posting this image of him with this UK, no one, subjectively. Looking at the facts of the situation, they saw a black hidden, a hoodie and right away. It was thugs who gobble was coming to an end, matter that he was a human being. It didn't matter that he was he smoked pot before its. I can't believe teenage care outrage that was a teenage piety illegal in Florida. The kid never got into trouble phrasing before just like you, ve got you got. You got little bit of trouble in school, which teenage kids do is from a broken arm and his mom sent him dispense. You should meet my son, you to spend time with his father ominous cinema. This was good. These were good people. This was a good family nodded. It mattered. It just mattered that he was black and and and there were people who, just literally how much each suggesting that was everybody, but there were people who just could not get beyond that, which was just it led me to like this whole
this whole, but you know that I do not remember the closing the closed argument in a time to kill Matthew, Mokanna, hey it's like few. Really, I myself now. I seriously doubt that, but it's like that. It's this whole monologue where it gives you the stack pattern about this young girl being kidnapped and raped and abused and beaten within an inch of her life, and then he says now imagine she's white meaning like just take the same set of facts and put your kid there. You know the old reason Miss following in the first place, or schemes on re suspicious. So it was the resource which the regime have led Zimmermann, be a black guy with a cop complex right. Now but my point was initially when we start talking about this. Is that he's so socially unskilled that another guy who may be was a good cop? or another guy who was good with people would have seen this young kid walking and said dont brother, everything good night and again what's up. You know we don't
Some skittles are we'll take care man, the majority fucking get go, get dry, are you two men and their good. You know how many, how many of those exchanges between two beings could do very radically, depending on the social skills of the person. Its quota quote in a position of power that's an issue with what we're talking about earlier, with steroids distorting p aggression, distorting people's perception of of danger or of their. Their power over situation or, what's what's Justin? What's an ethical law enforcement officers are allegedly trained to DE escalate. The should initially waffles, most often we're seeing these stories thanks to the internet of situations. Where calling police turns and otherwise benign situation, potentially deadly, and that's a frightening thought. The because even if these are isolated incidents, the proliferate some of them in our exposure to them. Now, thanks to the internet,
creating environment where kids are actually feel like. I maybe I shouldn't call the police, maybe that's not what I should do and you shouldn't ever feel that way, you know you you shouldn't have that beyond I I started to lose a lot of like, whereas they front I mean you know. Social media referencing quotes friends and followers on twitter, and I finally just like, after the vote, I was like. Listen, it's all good. If you are follow me for my travels Zimmermann tweets if zero, and had unfollow tray on, we wouldn't even be fucking, talking onus. Damn he dropped the bomb on yeah. Look, he was a dummy he's, a dummy who can't fight who wanted to be a tough guy and Florida. This far and kid getting on top of among beaten is fuckin ass and then he shoots em. You know I just wish when I talk trade on a little better and he could put that fucker to sleep before ever got the gun out. You know you ve just
have a person that so socially unskilled, which has obviously been proven now, like Hamish, were eager to see a subsequent to fucking Christ. He pulled a gun out on someone in some sort of a car situation through a wine bottle and driver, apparently he's? A cot is a kind of a human. He's, gonna kill somebody some day jail where waste problem. In jail for a long time now. Right now is me no! No. We get picked up on a domestic abuse. Wrap with her friend through a wine bottle at her, she will cooperate anymore, she's, not present, he's out. I'm pretty sure. Is well. You know what I'm not lowered, Evanna Vigilante justice, unless it's a guy like that- and I don't like you so tat. We can show that by the way that was what I have just highlighted: vigilante justice, but when it comes to get free mobility between us, not endorsement by the fire up torches fuckin fine. When I can't sleep and assist
bad person is a bad person. It's already done bad things, and in a minute going to continue to do good, maybe I mean in also ease it has become a hero of the TED Nugent crowd. You know that people that are standing up for the second amendment and he's you know what he did was he shot and on unlawful thug. That's Fuckin retorted ban and I'm a person's supports the right to bare arm. You must remember that kid did not commit any crimes, even jump right. Was standing is ground what this guy was stalking him with a gun, there's no set of facts. Even the waves Zimmermann tells it there's no set of facts that that that are set of a version of the story that changes are those that he was stalking a kid who is armed with an arrow sonar, iced tea in skittles, walking back to his dad's house and he killed them Nido. He might have been on part so hot on the pot. I think the Michael Brown situation is far more. Can
using, because I wish I knew what really happened. I wish I knew everybody putting their arms up in the air and doing this hands up, don't shoot shit. I really wish that was proven that that actually did happen may be perhaps a video, the way. More disturbing story to me was the twelve year old who was shot with a toy gun and applaud, cops playing. It holds out the other copses pull up within two seconds on loan, I am all on video all on video. No confusion whatsoever is another situation where the lack of empathy to me in the twitter versus just like staggering cause. It's like what was this he's doing with a toy gun like I grew up at the park with scraps and robbers in war? What are you I mean? What that? What are you talking about allowed its habit? Of course he was in the work. You can withdraw the twin, I kind of a drug, those are fools and they're they're. Looking for some reason where this kid was culpable,
but don't even engage the kid they know they who was right on top of aren't very jumped out of the car and open for she was more disturbing to me. Is the fact that you have a trend where you have a version of events perpetuate by the police, which is usually always the first story, you ever read a press release or the statement from the police, so never innocent until proven guilty. It's like we're charging this guy rearrested disguised as this France that were arrested for resisting arrest. They didn't do and they call that that's called contempt of cop, because there's for a basis to arrest them in the first place. So if you're being arrested for resisting arrest, what was What was the original charge you were being arrested for? How can you just the Van the majority of those cases- are dismissed and guess what brightened police mission in my PD wants to escalate, has gone to the legislature to to elevate contempt. I was getting contempt of cop. That's why they call that contempt of God. He wants it escalate or elevate. The charge of resisting arrest from mister
or to a felony. Now again, most if those charges will want to being dropped, as it usually do, because there completely bogus its contempt of carpet a situation where it's like. You didn't listen to me, which is again that it will be time up, afford the verse the difference between de escalation. You can beat the rapid can't beat the ride. Your boy was in jail for twenty four friggin hours might have had too high. An attorney might have had some people get the car impounded depending on what telling the prostitution setting us things. Those are major revenue generators me. Major revenue generated from the criminal justice system. All the way from law in force to tow yards to asset for future to massive officer, which is amazing people and even know about legal. They take your car, you could have a very nice car say over fifty thousand our car. That's the states. Now they see you're fucked we're a police department, it's a local, they get the big data and they get to keep metallic. They they turn it over it. Anybody if they want something
they could literally go out and take it you don't even have to be convicted of a crime just charged or accused by an you might never see they could take cash from me. Yes, well, why do you have that cash? Sir? What were you doing something illegal with Canada? I think you might have been so we're gonna Lauderdale thousands of innocent, and then we can use that cast a fuckin parties they use. Those. Does there that the funds are. They see they do. Have a butterfly paths in by cars and and and boats limit on ran a similar scam in LOS Angeles, for a long time with arresting people there were, medical marijuana dispensaries. They were there's video of this, where these fuckin kids are college. Kids, there you kids, are not doing aiming wrong. They're working in a place where the state law says it's illegal business, they break in guns, strapped bulletproof, vast atm, fuckin outfits. They put guns to people's head held this kid on the ground stepped on his fucking neck mean is videos of others.
Zip tie them the whole deal. Then they take author suddenly shall we they take? Yes, they took all their cash, all of it take all their marijuana all of it and they say we are going to process your case and then they do nothing. They do nothing never prosecute actually cause labyrinth. That we use. All. God is all that money and then because these guys don't want to go after that money trying to get it back because then the de comes out of even harder, I have the money to fight to get that money. We as much in legal fees was stolen in the first point is the hands of their operate? Yeah yeah! It's all! You could see the dossier to get your legal. Please pay they're, not gonna pay! It's a problem with it and Annie also don't care, even if they have to pay legal fees. Endeavours
officers were never held liable. It's not their money. It's all our money anyway, that gets paid when there are wrongful death suits or theirs brutalities. You attribute it data there never punish the union's completely insulate Anne and protect them, and it's not their money station aerial they get to retire early with a full pension. Dear, has the an unbelievably offensive violation of the law for the cops through prostate prosecuted. I mean it has to be like really outrageous where that that state step, since, as we gotta do something here or we're gonna face a riot like the rights they haven't. Ferguson like the they're having, although all throughout the country, about air gardener. You know I mean, I don't think anybody I really believe this, and this is life, long of experience with police officers only anybody's. Five for the job for a long period of time, having been a cop, something they actually do for a very short amount of time. Just like being a soldier, the you one,
soldier that, when fuckin crazy in Iraq and wound up gun, down all those people and in all day, this guy sign like will. This guy had been flagged for PTSD many times, and he he was saying himself like I gotta get out of here. They sent him over there again, and he just one fuckin crazy. I think that the mine only withstand so much stress and being a cop is a fucking insane we stress, will join. They see horrible things. While I don't I'm not a big fan of these blanket statements. Like you know, I have friends like fuck. The police and fire might now stop saying that man, because some shit goes down. You're gonna wanna call the fuckin police. It's not fuck to please just like when a black person rob somebody's, not fuck biogas and absolutely no upset it's not. Man sees these are rash generalizations than their based on this premise that
Anybody could actually do that job correct, but herein lies the wrong. Herein lies the problem. The public sector, as far as I'm concerned, should be held to a higher standard of accountability, not a lower or no accounted by ITALY with you. If you are going to have the power and the authority to deprive people of life, liberty and property, you need to be helped, your standard in the lack of accountability that please officer, see happen all over the country, fee, this can't this this mental idea that you like you might very well be right. That might be mental deficiency might be a form of PTSD that you might actually believe that you're above the law, that they don't ya. Laws apply to you because, as you said, only in the most extreme and extraordinary cases are police officers ever ever prosecuted, and I don't think there to be a or there should be a any kind of random or any kind of like uttered alike, idea that there's a certain number of police officer in every part. Of course, when someone commits a crime occur if their black, wider, blue, ok, you
you're, not you don't need to be a quota. There needs to be justice equally applied, and that's that you're, my any in the nineteen eighty people I mean you think if I was here for the Rainy King riots, in LOS Angeles and so what I think of wrought race rights. Are you know you think of Detroit or Watcher Ronnie, king or but my end, he was, the race Riot Capital of America in the nineteen eightys we had no less than three incidents, all involving police messrs you, mostly whiteness spanish police officers shoot killing or in the case of the first one beating to death a black but unarmed, and they all resulted in horrific race right, some neighborhoods in Miami have never fully recovered from the nineteen. Eighty riot still see empty undeveloped entire. City blocks that were burned down, Those nineteen eighty writes that people have not come back and reinvested in those in those African American, communities and we had that nineteen eighty,
Eighty three and eighty nine, when the when the eyes of the world were on Miami for the super bowl supposed to be all we get all this good publicity we're having this this world class event. The city was burning because an officer who had good, he first been convicted of a not mistaken. Then? I was overturned on appeal and he went for. And end we ride it. Wouldn't you think about what happened in New York where those cops got killed and then they send out this order. I don't know what how hell was how was dictated but the the idea was
we're gonna rest anybody and downright odor. Yet for anything that wasn't necessary, it was an end, but my kit kick take on it was that should be, how cops always off and task. You should always only arrest. People for something is absolutely necessary, as of now we're. So what the fuck is, this, like you for a short period of time, went back to actually being someone who, with holds the peace or war, enforces the peace or keeps the peace and then from there they went back to revenue collectors, because that's what the fuck is really going on. I sing for unlawful investigated era guard that gentlemen, which kiddies older, that guy got dragged to the ground choked didn't loose cigarettes out, I'm wasn't selling thing and people like all the guy. Thirty two, prior arrests and you resisted arrest like that's, not resisting arrest, we take a fuckin into. Personally, you violate the rights and grant them around the neck and throw them to the grand duchess never happened. The first placing the only reason it happen because of taxes. That's at that guy
we have never been arrested. Unique instrument. Never remember, he's, never been accused of a capital crime. He wasn't committing a capital, crime and If he were, which is to say that he was facing the death penalty for whatever he was being accused of, that's not We carry out justice in this country. You don't get choked to death on the street like an animal, that's not Oh, that's not how we roll ok, that's it. Aren't you shoot, but but when you know you got these even try to claim it wasn't a joke right whose which I had instead of a technicality, yeah. Well, technically, that's what I do for a living soul like that's for control Let me do it. You know tat. If you could breathe real good, that's ridiculous! You grabbing you're, war arena guides neck and squeezing that's a fucking joke? I think, you're right, I think it exposed policing for profit. I am that's the real issue. New York city wasn't suddenly a lawless, Fuckin Rabin, running Gotham City TAT. I mean nothing up, nothing had it. What what happened was that innocent?
people stop getting harassed for no reason on the strike over penny anti revenue generating ordinance, and in that sense it's not even the fall of the cops. The cops are being forced into these two July illegible come revenue. Collectors like these crops are being forced to go back can start policing as usual, because they have fucking quotas but to say quarters were bullshit. You know you don't know you have to research there. That quotas are fucking, real dear one hundred percent relief that they in organisation a great local blog Crespo, Graham and in Miami who does a lot he's like obsess. We have this chapter, one. Nineteen, these public record laws, forgotten sunshine laws, reverie things in the sunshine doesn't quite always work Wayne Florida, but Sonny as for shady people and all that, but he he just just as public record oppress nuns. And so people start leaking stuff to him before even requests it and he email at this late August. Like this, like third shift,
overnight shift in little Haiti neighbourhood that the city of my Emmi polices arrest quota they actually had from from, like the shift sergeant, send out an email quotas that included arrest quotas, meaning that each officer, a rest arrest for what he didn't, specify but they had a minimum number of arrests they had to perform during a shift managing seeks moment. What have you don't encounter? Anyone committing a crime will doubt what I've always said. What would happen in this country if the entire country, if all three hundred fifty million people agreed? Ok, even you fuckin hard, criminals nosegay do anything wrong for a month just one month, the the The answer came down the opposite approach. For one month: no one's gonna, speed, steel, no one's gonna, do anything wrong. Just everyone abide by the law even mean. Doesn't that's not outside the rebel possibility? These things, these departments would fall.
The fuck out. They wouldn't know what to do. I would have no revenue coming. I think about. I think about what hitchin. So I rest in peace always used to say about you. The necessity of of religion, to keep us from becoming savages. We from We know right from wrong. We have internal moral compass, I said earlier, oh my god. I wish, I could be ruptured who like it. So I can make more money and you know in and take care of my family better but like, but I can't do it. I think you every time kind of like try to lay off. I wish you'd love of just like. What's right or wrong, I get right back on Twitter like this shit's wrong and people need to know about it and like it's the same thing there take without the ten commandments would be justified. Raping and robbing and murdering- and I don't think we would do that, as I think we all had. It goes back to this the sense of self worth. I think we all have by and large, by this, the sense of self worth and preservation, which might very well be off the charts, but I think actually creates, makes. A little bit more civilised because it's like well. I have too much to lose, maybe
you know I'm not going to just rape, rob and murder big. I think right. That's what bad way of addressing it. In the first place like this, I have too much to lose to do that. No, you don't want to hurt people, it feels bad tat kills people. One of the issues that we have with the internet is that you have a real issue with people stocking harassing being trolling people being vicious. Two people strainers still like people in right now, because there's no social consequences, there's no! You know enough feel it if you're looking at a person- and you take a person- You show them a picture of them with fifteen Dixon around By the way, I'm not really talking about that. That's usually pretty funny. Does a lot of of me with Dixon my mouth. I've never once tried to take them off the internet. I think they're hilarious. It doesn't bother me, but for some people it's, genuinely upsetting especially women, like that fine pick, on Google. It had to do believe what am I fuckin message? There's a swarm of em. I don't
what is it a swarm of Dixon to gag all at EU its flock addicts like cauldron. I don't think, look there's the golden rule, the internet. If there's a photo of you in the internet somewhere, someone is Photoshop deck in your mouth. That's if they haven't it's just the company law. No, I guarantee you by the end of this pod cast. It will be pictures of you. In some sort of compromising position with what is it about. If I didn't have one Eyed actually be offended, I feel worse about myself. I believe no one's bothered even Photoshop and Dick in my mind, if you re a certain amount of photographs of you on the internet, its ultimately inevitable, if you're, probably person, you know if you are in animal evidence and Adam your mother fairly anymore, it lets me even, but I think that you know that their that that's more fun anything, but I think he does. You're Tanya hateful shit like mean I've in some really fucking evil harassment
Some people have to suffer for whatever reason it seems to be more women than anything because with women they could use the rape thing. I gotta guides us rate MA? Am I will good luck with the cycle unless you roof. You may use a raven me. Do it? no Cosby mean you'd have to react this this. This thing that we can do because of this. This ability to interact with people with no social. Consequences. It's a real issue, twitter gangsters. Yet, but I got him sad lonely, twitter, trolls face oil is a little bit better because with Facebook you can click on a person's profiling say this learning something like Jones from being Obama blustery. You know this letter, some fucking egg yeah with some exactly stupid, handle Indian mean that does become a real issue with social interaction by gets a temporary hiccup. I really do. I think that this, wherein is the state of la malls and adolescent stage of interactivity, where what we're
experiencing now is is just it. So it's a weird like bridge between total connectivity. The complete absence of any form of privacy is on the way in which they might be a hundred years. Now in might be thirty, it might be in our lifetime. It may be a couple months from now. Somebody might come up with something and they'll say look. This is going this. One thing that we want to implement is going to be unbent. Leave, but as far as exchanging information, as far as our knowledge base, the actual iq of human beings gonna double within weeks. We're gonna change the world, but no more privacy mean we're in like a learning guess. I'm gonna happen work. We are essentially, we are driving around and model ace one day, someone's gonna invent a fuckin, nine eleven gdp. Three and you know if you went back in, took time and Henry foreign drivers, stupid, fuckin, shitty, car by a group of other dump, and you pulled up beside
We must and shall be cheating five hundred new check, this shit, I'm from the future or what the fuck is that do not, as I still waiting for an answer, waiting on the Hummer Board, but an applicant hover borders, just you just floating. What's the big deal, just not touching anything war would so pray that we have just single fastened the speed of sound. I mean. That's the hover boards dog shit all can fall so plain stupid, I gotta tell you how much that the world is is change who were working in the dark about about nine eleven right now and it's it's like it's been like fourteen years by its it, which is incredible, just seems like such a modern history region is, of course, a modern historical event, but it seems like just yesterday and when you consider how much the world has changed, particularly tech terminal, logically it was no twitter instagram. There was no you're. There was better than those barely you As you know, so I think the situation
you wasn't Youtube is actually took two thousand three or two thousand for right. It was like Napster and ninety nine banana, like you, ve, just think of how far we com. I think you're right. This is just the infancy of I've got yeah. I think like what you're talking about on your website where all these people are getting upset and near the trail on Martin thing and people are interacting as racism and all is all that stuff, I think, is a by product of this that the monkey dna that we still carry around in our bodies, and I we're on our way to transcending that some very strange way or can a matter what part of the world your farm? It's not gonna matter, it's all! That's what does things we see lose you get up, we're getting married in Alabama these out of the way the world is changing. That, I believe, is one hundred percent because of the internet. I believe that whole heartedly and that's why things and encourages me- and I feel like this trend, like
is today like no one could try to bring back slavery today, but in eighteen. Seventy one thousand eight hundred and sixty five one thousand eight hundred and sixty these are real arguments, he's a real arguments were people are saying we should be able to keep slaves. That's a fuckin blink of an eye man does not that long ago, you Talkin about a hundred fifty years there ain't shit, that's not shit historically minutes so, so recent and more so now than ever before, Morceau within the last few years than ever before- and you know you seem ridiculous things like the social, this warriors he's really weird white people, but are trying so hard to get black people love them that they just go out of their way to just be out Rayjus Lee Progressive to the point where there actually prejudice against other white people like they go so far left to become right. You know I mean I've seen some ridiculous shit where I saw is one guy who quoting about asylum, been lot in, saying that
I will never celebrate someone's death, you know, even if there are horrible person, and then the same guy quoted about Christopher Higgins. You no good written, he was a massage just and a warmonger like, ok fuck, you can't have it both ways. What he is is the Gruber version of the social justice where the unforgettable white, dude, try so hard to get women and black people love him because he dismissed completely insubstantial in any real form in r and that the noise more context of our culture like mine, the more you know the thinking they re so much is kind of race, like the work and a progressive you get about, the issue is the more you're thinking about sensitivity in the more. I think. That's an over correction, to say the least in I'd I'd. What we like Black, Annie, blackening the joint black uncle buck. Did you know that
I had never heard of that. They don't have to tell you that that that trend that, like what was it like, delete nineties, early zeros when like hip hop, was speaking, they did There was a black honeymooners whenever there is a black airplane with salt land, so that trend is coming back around a guy like you have to do that we had to do the black version of like all of these, like pus soldier they telephones. Oh, this is its demeaning, its demeaning to black people. To do then, first of all so plain, I know the guy created a white guy neo opportunist kind of account it just what's going on its people are taking advantage of this opportunity to like to capitalize on cultural ultra vultures culture of all yours. I had great way of looking at last early last year. We did a many series for for rich ones, rock docks series, and they might have been that one of the last rocked ox ever call the tanning of America, one nation under hip, hop and so
the handling of America. One nation under hippo laws is nobler, face vote and it was written. There was a book, a quality mark of Magna, Steve Stout, who is major duty guy in the record. Business is now it bigwig are our marketing and advertising world and his thesis was that hip hop culture led to the election of the first black president. The idea that a generation of Americans that grew up immersed with the music, the fashion, how it infiltrated the Wall Street. I why I Madison Avenue and the consumer goods sector and like- and we just what immersed in this culture a tan. The mental complexion of Americans and made it, ok or even cool to vote for the first black president, and we had four hours to kind of prove this. This thesis,
and we go to Sundance last year it was actually the venue was called the Black House and it was an event that sort of celebrated the the African American Cinema culture that was going on Sunday answer. So we're going to do like this panel discussion is a movie wasn't done yet and. We're going there in someone and said to me for the floor time even work on this project for almost two years for a year and a half, and someone said me for the first time like particularly I guess they were concern about that environment, the black yielded the black eyes, must be a fantastic experience, but they should will what if somebody says like, why are you guys doing it in only two like white jewish dudes, from from Miami? Why why? Why are you guys doing this?
commentary and ours and the flooded never crossed my mind. I don't even think about that like. Why would I stood about ass? It makes a great story, great idea, great concept, a challenge to kind of prove that, which is what you do, that we want you cover historically and I never thought and then and then I sort of its and then I started thinking about it now, Michael. Why am I ve been thinking about that?
Like the end an end like someone put at me, I got my head with it and white privilege and I worldwide prevalent and then I started getting white guilt about why deal white male privilege go, you should have like, and then I started feeling like well wheat. Is it white male privilege that I never thought about this before coordinated as I was like? Of course it is a shame. I know I'm on you. I certainly I box. I was really in my head about their songs upon you and what, if somebody else brings up like publicly or asked me about it or what the hell am I gonna Sayer them do rocks, and I and I thought about it- I thought about it for literally that entire thing happened in like a millisecond and then I'm like will. First of all, we are that generation. I thought about my childhood in living. Color was my us in El Right or Cynthia was my Johnny Carson right. I grew up a white white jewish kid. I watched two to seven. I, why the cause be show a different world aims Members show amen to my wife,
King amen vote was aimed amen. What Deacon for human took place like a black church with with George Jefferson was like enables like it was. It was news we shall, what the hell am I watching it for, but I loved it. I didn't think, but I listened Sandford Conversion rate, is fuckin, shows, Tie Edward Norman Leir. A little way. You're a guy. Like me, it was answerable for for the first, all black sitcoms on television, Sandford and Sun, the Jefferson's good times on the fan, which really brought the discussion of race to tell it to mainstream television in the waste Anna comics. We're doing it obviously. Well before that, but but say go and we're television have serious conversations about politics and race and poverty in this country, white, jewish guy. And then you look Russell Russell, Simmons, teamed up with recruitment. A white jewish guy and in why you you look at you know it all. These sort of relationships had helped reasonably bright Ratner. Why
jewish kid from Miami Beach who was love dip up because you pop wasn't it Wasn't just urban music. It was youth, culture, music and Why capture the generation of your kids? You didn't want to listen to what their parents were. Listening to you, it wasn't rock and roll anymore. It became hit popper rap music at the time. Second thing was Steve stout to his credit. When we in the room to meet with him, he didn't know we were white, he knew we did cooking cowboys. He knew we did the you. He knew the work, any risk didn't like the work so as to allow it to work with those guys who did this shit that I like and respect it was like await their white suited his credit here. Thought about it either since it. Why should I start thinking about it dealing with the same thing right now: dogfight, that's what I'm I'm dealing with It is also vital to these hoax explained the new projects, course I got a spell it. It's a w g, Zeilinger Ervic, yes, dogfights! Now, like people its dolly, it's not it's dogfight! Well.
The underground culture in Miami there's a bit like a street fighting culture, but this was the the subculture that that really, I think most slice was kind of responsible for issuing area. He became the the role model for a new generation of young people in Miami to literally try to fight their way to a better life and there's this neighbourhood, which is right right? Where can came from him. Would fight in the back yards are called Wes brine. So this twenty two miles South West of South Beach when you think Miami new most people do to the ocean drive. This is when two miles South west of that this is an area that I call a suburban ghetto. I say that is when you, If ghetto or an urban neighborhood, you think of you think of vertical. You know people stay can projects. You know you're on top of each other next to each other, but prying. As these very modest houses in like on a pretty
reasonably size lot, so you have a little house and you have a nice size yard and so Dada five in Darfur Heresies this guy, who actually theirs We owe him a Youtube video that we use the movie of him benches in his moms yard there in prime six hundred and fifty pounds he benches and he's bench but he's been pressing in team. Kimball comes rolling by and see sky. This beast in his like I'm gonna Ray Mercer in Atlantic City want to roll with us. So for a year dot eyes on the Vulcan J you know going around the world with with with team Kimball. Well Kimball was very slept in that fight with Ray Mercer, who is very smart comment, a fucking geared teens this a bit. I learned solution. I'd stand you Olympic Gold medals World Heavyweight boxy champion far. I wanna fuck and choke your neck and Kimball like when he did that, like RE, Mercer was pissed off
you saw the Re Mercer fight with TIM, Sylvia, justified in God, damn re Mercer Tim Sylvia with upon should probably took a year and a half off his life. I mean one pint, Kay alone, that's terrible piquet owed him so viciously with this one punch me was one within the first fifteen twenty seconds. The fight just hit flash on the chin and knocked him dead, so you're, seeing that in illegal sanction environment where they were, they fighters had had checkups. They were waiting and there's a dock orange ambulance. What are these are like on indian reservation that well imagine it in a fuckin backyard I'll. Do it I'll sign a law civil Alex Cassandras? Who fights with you have see right now he got his start doing that shit suited for him Fidel, whose our high level fighter in the EU have sea must be for a lot of those rights. Will that that's like to me like the origins or that's the goal for these guys given neighbourhood, that is over a third black? The vast majority of the other communities
but in a below the poverty level on employment is like a third, higher than the national average, and you basically have a community with very little hope and very little opportunity here. You ve criminal. The vast majority of the male population, so they're nuts. They can't get work and they think that their best hope, is to fight in these illegal unsanctioned bear knuckle backyard, brawls, upload them go to Youtube and hopefully get discovered by a professional and then a promoter or trainer, and try to go pro look at him. Kimball slices made millions of dollars the guiding us where he's got, that Horatio Alger story that that that they aspire to be- and I recently got sign for belcour- he's gonna fight again on television, Kimball, good question outside programme forties. Now you know when you first for the ultimate finer think he was like in his late thirties, USA, Camboss Levels Dada, so they blue team chemo blew up a fighter name level level Martinez, forty one, forty one, while I'm thinking that
old in the EU in the world of the average age heavyweights tend to age better too, but he fought to a five. I believe in the EU have saying I think, there's something going on with heavyweights, where your body takes longer to learn how to move all that mass. If I had a look at it that way, lightweight fighters also rely much more on speed and reflexes. I think as get larger. You tend to rely more on skills and more on sort of an understanding of what your body can and cannot do. They have smaller gas tanks has. Undeniably, though There's no way a heavyweight unless your came, the last guess who's really a fuckin freak of nature can fight at the same sort of a pace at a lighter wake. I can sustain the USA Heavyweight champion painful, ask as one most unique athletes have ever seen. You said yourself, the longevity Emmy just sort of like go out on him in his case on all because he saw fucked up kid mean
and who is an amazing fighter and one that I think he might is of good argument who might be the best heavyweight of all time, but his body keeps He keeps blowing out knees and shoulders is because he's so mentally tough and he's so driven and focused, and so intense and dedicated that he pushes through injuries, and you can't fucking do that and when you pushed her injuries, what happens? Is they just break further You mean you can't pushed through any injury. What you're doing is now you gotta get surgery or you gotta. You gotta figure out a way to recuperate the scenario or alter training so that you do know this doesn't happen in the future. But They're, all just so fuckin tough man, which is what made them great wrestlers in the first place and would allow them transition in Emma May. But Kane has this insane gas tank reach does get fuckin tired. He just over guys because he's just is got so much fuckin cardio and a lot of it is pro
globally, natural, like he's just his body, different people have different like natural veto to MAX's is just its wild things like somebody above more fast which muscle fibre, some people have thicker bones, some people have more, they can just especially for some reason. It seems like Mexicans in particular, have very good cardio. It's really common. You know that I mean it could is conceivably be that a lot of mexican folks come from really hard working environments and they ve been for to work like labour jobs like a lot of them, especially second third generation, whose parents had an arduous track to get over here from Mexico. You know it could be. Mental could be just the more mentally. Tougher could be some physiological aspect. But my point is that, like he's a rarity in that his gas tankers just insane most heavily, as they get older, the kind of learn how to pace himself better. They learn this their skin,
they learn how to be more efficient with their movement like Vladimir Klich go. Who is just unstoppable as the heavyweight championing boxing? I believe I want to say is thirty, nine years which is a mean he's coming into his own, now mean when he was younger. He went to a streak. We got stopped, I think, to fight in a row. We got k owed and you know it wasn't: wasn't wasn good for him and now he's like you know, all these years later, he's like unstoppable yeah, he's he's thirty eight right now and he's in all. He has lost lieutenant nears going fast, ABC I'm just getting into now. I spent almost two years following this in several years in post, trying to find we'll get on release. It is almost on restoring it now it's coming out March. Twelve would be The failed? You got a dog Ashby, dot, com d, W G, gash fight dot com or, if that's tough, remember, cooking cowboys, dot com, but what will eventually Clued actually gets you they are yet you can click through yeah, but we it's gonna be online. Twenty on you to be able to get it.
They are at the site, like Google Netflix, will build actually absolutely eighty absolutely eventually, eventually everywhere, I'm hoping eventually get it on show time. You had a without a great wrong with the cooking cowboys rounds of talks on show time is also cooking. Cow was anxious, look through the critic, the Miami Harold saw rough Kok report where the requirement that debt should no no, they did no the movie critic and whose a great guy, by the way Renee Roger S, elevate, he saw a rough eliminate. He saw a rough got any said. It's our best movie, dogfight, woe and start strong word idea now talking cowboys. One was amazing. Cloaking cowboys too, might have even been better really might have been better said. No one ever Zelda set money and Griselda God damn that bitch is tearing it. Whenever I hear about people like doing shit for money over a paycheck, I was just like listen. I did cooking. Boys to hustling. With the godmother I directed a movie called cooking how boys to hustle and now even hustling hustling with apostrophe at the end of it.
With regard to my name's ends in my filmography. Thank you when you're very kind, not kind you do not like the second one is the first, my don't really the additive. If I'm right- You I wish movies movies or, like kids, young people say, do other favorite fire Can I tell you, you know like nets, it's the same thing with kids like every parent. I don't care, what these I love the more equally. No you don't consumption you're just ass, well, ass! You can't possibly you know, and then someone screw up in life and have children. Now I doubt you can kind of love them all equally, because I think when kids them all is well yeah, it's kind of there's a part of it. Your fault. That's the thing that believe you're using nationals compensates for for the LAO overlap raises the love, because you feel they need more love because you screw them up you're responsible for their being shouting at ogg that killed one of my other door sailor, I love the dog that she killed, but I loved her just as much and it was very sad
obviously I should have loved the dog that got killed more cause. She wasn't it, She was an asshole that was out there killing the other dogs, but does this door was a sweetie and I picked her up the pound and she lived at the path. Choosing what else no kill, shelters like eight Monson when I was young. Man had a real problem in that sword. To talk about a guess where I felt like I felt I had this. This need to help strays, and I think I have this need to help strays, because I felt a stray and when I see a dog in a pound or a cook up, I bought a cat from a fuckin pets, Dorcas hist at me. In so far as poor Fuckin Catholic scared. Me, I'm! U have scare me. I love you and I felt that way about this dog. This poor, darkest core squeaky cause.
When I picked her up? Could even talks couldn't bark? Is she had bark so much so often in this pounded? Her voice was gone so when she was bark and the pound, tubular rock, like this squeaky, noise, and I was like what the fuck is wrong with our voice- and I realize oh, my god, she's barking all day and she doesn't have a voice anymore and when I took her home and took care of her. She eventually got a voice back and she barked like a normal dog, but that don't fuckin loved people. She love people. She was so happy to be out of that too, but she didn't like other dogs. Further dogs came near her. She felt she was a competition for love like if you came near. Another dog that are the dog was gonna, get that love so she'd get upset that dog for steel and love from her. Aren't you try to attack it? So I loved her equally, even though
an idiot you know, but it wasn't your fault, the choose, an idiot. It would about it, I realize from then on. Oh, never get a dog, that's not a puppy that you got a raise them from the time, the puppies, because then you don't have any there. Only phobias awareness, get a chance to to raise them around people, raise them around other dogs and socialized them, and it's an important aspect of humans. She's, like is an important aspect of the other animal. That's in our culture, so you know I, u can love your fuckin shitty kids, just as much as you have your good care, which is partly or fall that their shitty I don't know about deluge. Each part nature fall for bring them into the world. Some people hassles, I mean, I don't believe the really. I believe I don't think so. I think I think it's him, there is. Some people require more attention. I don't think people are born assholes. Now I do you like me. There's nature verses nurture, but I think that, because there are people when door in
I would consider many other people consider intolerable stress an abuse and don't become psychotic assholes. And then there are people who are. Or raised in the most loving and nurturing and an end permit permissive in enabling environments and become during this lunatic. You know, but I pay you for an hour by that. I think those people that become derange lunatics their proper didn't get the attention they deserved, or they probably get the look right. Single human being is as simple as just Santa Claus school and talking in a bed at night, you, your ear, your training them you're, communicating with them imparting love and you're in part they they learn by imitating their atmosphere. They learned by imitated their environment or they learned because it ignored and they figure shit out on. There are some: do people learn different ways and people absorbed the lessons they learn indifferent wasting your time, but the the sword, the chemical make up of a fighter and how different
owns indifferent bodies, respond differently to different stimulus in depending on your size. In your shape and and and your training and your steroids or whatever, I think that that have that's that's true, becoming you're, born with a certain chemical balance and not seeing that can't shifter change with time there are certain inclinations that we are born with good or bad. That cannot be rectified by opera or court had there not bringing born with regret out about right out of the box, and by that I mean you're, gay you're, crazy, you're black you're, why there asian black into how dare you, no one Have you ever saw upsetting you, it's just those words mutually exclusive examples- and I just but I think that there are there- are Quest suitably characteristics that you cannot raise or
beat or love out of somebody. Then they are just ingrained in them. I think you should probably have kids for so that I really do things by of kids and raise them from the time their babies and see the developmental process, because it's a lot of you what you're doing now speculating and me raise three kids of of been there have of seeing the process of good and bad the corrective process, and I ve been very lucky that my kids don't have developed, develop Madeleine shoes or mental issues in some kids are sir. Born with that, but I think, to a large extent, children imitate their environment and there is certainly a lot of deterministic factors. There's a lot of genetic factors is a lot of like in intangible variables that are difficult to there's, gonna be kids at or more selfish is gonna, be kids at or more angry. There's gonna be kids at her
more outgoing there's gonna be kids are more gregariousness, but I'm really not regardless it in. I don't have shitty people, though shitty people come from abuse, almost always almost always when you have a really terrible person that terrible person is not treated with love almost universally I, I don't buy that unless you have some like real issue like a real brain issue, where there's like some part of the mind it did, it develops decay or there's a tumor there's an injury there's something where there's a others. A disconnect led to very critical processes and less that's. The case like You, don't you don't make a monster, I believe idle hands. I think I think you can choose to be a good person or a bad person I think there are some people that cannot choose that. Our bake hand, while he lay on who remain as areas where you that's USA is very bold statement. I think
that was very little of the Bavarian, an old saying that some people fought from burnt. Now you might know you're sitting on the chamber the spiritual way, I'm I'm I'm talking about it and we're not seeing spiritual, we're saying the way they behave. I was you you're saying that some people, no matter what you do, no matter what how much effort you put in how much love you give these kids and how much x you expose them. Environments. You give them different tasks, indifferent learning opportunities there stood and we shithead yes that is why that that's that's rest on water and such a bold statement. This was it, but why would you say that that's baby? You have no data, let us not based on any ogier but but but but but but question about you define, but it is that there is isolated cases of that everyone is nicely. It's like affluence. Affluence is, for the same reason, isolated cases. You should have those isolated cases. In your mind, if you think I'm citing, like I'm citing the outlet, will the outlines of cases, for example, this flu
you're. Not influenza, affluence o affluence this issue. It is not a thing that say these kids are shit heads because they have been given. They ve been given everything in life. So now ass holes as an you argue and an end, and that area is their most likely ignore right, you're, right energy costs, they have money, does it mean they have love doesn't mean they have learning and experiences doesn't mean someone has been nurturing them or guiding them or mentoring them. Those are the issues that people have it's not mine, but I'm seeing is also possible that they have mental defects. That's all. I'm really turned up what you ve already said, which that is a sure people who have who are wired is what I'm saying to to do to the propensities to violence is before us is its very possible that they do, however, most likely, if they become counts, is because someone did it. Did job of raising them. That includes this.
I flew Windsor, which is a very new term, which is why the fuck me yes, it's a horrible servility using anything it shouldn't be a thing will happen useless to exonerate people. This phrase, creases resides, is world aware wearing you're gonna you're gonna get on me about this too, because I dont have kids, but its world were everybody's. Looking for an answer for why their kids and ass all four, why their kids acting out for why their kids to sensitive, why their kid and everybody needs a diagnosis, everybody in Orange and or a drug that can help fix them. But he needs to know like. Oh I'm not fucking up. My kid actually has some well invent decidedly by the time you have one of those issues you ve already factor. That's. What's going on, during our animals. Ok, just like a person and a groan adult they can put animal like. Not really it's an animal animals react to their environment. Have you ever had a fairer cap now about fair oaks?
so my friend Laney her and her boyfriend found these fuckin cats underneath the house and they did this cat had given birth, is cats issues given awakens again, I have taken straight. I took this fuckin strand in this. Crazy fuckin cat was in my house and learning from Pharaoh cats. You realize Ok, like this kind is already fact by Time got to lose x, amount of months old or whatever it was, does not fix. This fuckin thing it was already fact- and that is the case with human beings develop a certain amount of pathways, your mind in your intellect in the way you go. The compound the world way. You you, you interact with your environment, that's based upon the dangers you ve been exposed to based upon the in import. These had and once those pathways define it violent, negative way or whether you been ignored or whether you bins oil to the point we could scream at the help and yell at the housekeeper. And everybody bowed down in front of you,
cause you're our Rockefeller. So you just something along those lines. The affluence aspect of it when you get to a certain those pathways are so established in the mind insanely difficult to change that so when coming along, you saying like hey, you know. I need a pill to fix my kid. No, you didn't pay attention to them enough, like a child needs. Constant attention babies need to have a mother around them all the time of father around them all the time they need input. They need to try develop and understanding of their world and a lot of people don't do that they passed. It could offer the fuck a nanny. They dont pay attention to it when it cries and the crib and they they wonder whether kid gets four dump when their working seventeen hours a day. They never see the kid like. I don't have any fuckin time to deal with this kid. Let's put em on Prozac,
would have had you then explain to people who overcome adversity who come from her richest expired life. It's definitely because you can and make something of them, because you can, because it can be done, does mean everyone's gonna. Do it not everyone's gonna finish a fuckin marathon just because people start running Some people run a hundred miles. They do that Ultra marathon, some people get five miles in, like I can't fucking do this and for whatever reason they decide to take a nap, they decide to sit on the side of the highway and stop some people. They decide. Know what my mom was a prostitute. My dad was a junkie and I am not going to be like that. I'm gonna learn and I'm never gonna have a drink. I have a friend who was a great guy in his grandmother, used to lock him in his fuckin room and locked the door and leave him there for the weekend
she could get drunk. His mom was never there, his parents whenever there and heat this fuckin guy to this day won't touch. Alcohol is not to say not. A gas on Ryan is terrified about food like he, oh, you will not throw food away like when he goes to a restaurant and he gets scraps and need to be a tiny portion that I will take that to go with them. He will not waste food is because when he was kid. He was exposed to this horrible situation, but other people could have exposed then become a serial killer, other people expert but suppose the same situation right and desolate, because the priest predisposed to being good or bad people. That's no was alone, are predisposed. He made choices and it became a fighter and want to things about. Martial arts gave him a sense of self worth and character, but you can't say that its he's predisposed to be a good per or someone else would be predisposed to be a bad person. A lot of it is these subtle variables that happen when your interacting with your environment,
some of those settle variables, though our chemical they are in the brain. They thought they make they doing, they do exist in and its possible, but it's also you should know what you're talking about when you're saying these things are. Your ears dating them as facts, and I think there's a real should that we don't have any data. All I'm saying is opinions, but you're, not going years, you're saying when you're saying that some people are far something I believe by saying that but you know arguing it so strongly like you. You have this in your mind as a rigid idea mean others definitely possibilities. As far as mental deficiencies mean looks. People are born blind. You know people are born where they don't have any hands. There's a lot of issues with human beings. We won't come out perfect, but to say that some people could do a great job and the kids can be a monster anyway, most likely not most finally, what you're saying is people who do not want to take responsibility for the fact they did a shoe job of developing a human being that might be by large shoe, but you do have, but but but schizophrenia
this is a legitimate mental defect Really, I don't mean we're talking raises easily guests, but that's what I'm talking about everything that have that's really disposition talking about leukemia schizophrenia, you know at the moment will be an assholes, no, you are not normally. I thought that's what you were saying go into my if you, if you grow up to be a truly does individual there are there is not always an opportunity to change that, or two first that trend, regardless of how well your what opera? How loving word affluence as an example that that's not schizophrenia? That's people dead, ignored their fuckin. Kid sort of actual boredom shape, but I'm seeing as it is, is that there are people who have a this position towards certain behaviour and there are people who may or may not be be razor. I think we're confusing the two issues ultimately might actually be saying the same thing. In one way and other- but I'm say I'm talking about legitimate defence in individuals and legitimate defects in individuals call them
while the mutation, will now than what you will most certainly their legitimate defects and certain individuals most certainly, but I think that a lot of what we're dealing with as a culture as a community is, if you look at people and indigenous cultures, there is constantly around children spend all this time of it. Children and you you see far less instances of mental issues. You see far less mental diseases. You see far less issues of, but did depression and the there's this sort of existential answer that We exhibit almost like more frequently than not in our culture and I think A lot of that has to do with the development process of a child is not just misunderstood, but is ignored Third and is, is treated in a way where it's it's very irresponsible. The way a lot of people raise children like I have four scientists are really nice friends it over there very nice folks and they both work,
insanely, difficult jobs where they're gone all day long and their kids are starting to be fucked up and we ve been friends with them. For a long time, I've known their kids is there a little? They ve got a kid. I mean I can't be too specific about it or I'll be, but their son is fucked up and their smart, but there they don't have the time and they're not the kid all the time in the kids, terrified any fuckin screams of another night, all time there never home there, they fuck and there they have nannies. You take care of them and the kids are really confused and these people have long hours there long hours, and I don't see that changing and I see their kids coming out this in a very fucked up way and I'm watching it happened from the beginning to to wear are now to the point where meet me and my family kind of avoiding them. Now we don't want to hang out with them, because our kids are starting to be disturbed. They started there there they are acting aggressive towards other kids and some sort of a weird way, You d there there need to be around their parents is like it's! It's not it's not normal! It's like this, like, like their drowning. In
need air and their parents or air. It's like they cling to behold, andand they're, scared of everything and what it is these kids are not be nurtured correctly, because not natural in the wild, as a human being as an organism is not natural to be away from Europe, your parents first, fifteen hours of everyday? It's not it's not natural to see your parents, just as you go to bed and as you wake up that's fucking crazy, but that the norm for a lot of these people. They want their cake and they want to eat too, want to have a career and also have children. You know a woman who is a fucking, huge executive, that a major company and this crazy Lady has three kids and they're. All nuts they're fucking kids are not. You know why? Because mommy barely exists, Mommy barely met, Mommy exists in their life for ten minutes a day. That's not man, that's nuts for a three year old and they don't know what I mean he is they don't do not around her you're supposed to be around hours and hours supposed to be cuddled inert.
Didn't you play with them. You teach them about life, you teach them how to talk about account. You don't wanna have. The friend and his wife doesn't work at all and the kid is three economic count, two thousand there. He knows how to spell his name is spelt words it because why? Because the moms, interacting with the kid all day, long and this kid is happy and it I'm seeing the direct effect of people nurse bring their kid and developing their kid as a project, men touring their kid. The same way, would mentor someone about how to do martial arts. The same way you were mental someone about how to write or how to mathematics or you're you're, developing up a thing, a thinking thing and now, a human being, and I can't fathom the apparent Who would have this? human being that is born of them. That would not want to engage at that level. You know it, meaning that all food illegal. I want to go to work and leave my three children in the care of some other person who is not
You know who is not responsible for them in in. In the end, the absent way that I would be response. I can't even I can't even fathom that that mentality. I'm not trying to get parents off the hook with that. With this too. You also had an example of a perfectly well adjusted out, handing citizen and operates it is any human being who came from a horrible. Ireland, let's not get carried away, he's not standing human right up these her. Well, you know I've done my buying. What I'm saying is this guy won't drink any won't. He won't let waste food, and this is directly because this was respect child? It is not a good guy. In fact, this is kind of abusive towards this child and he's got issues of his own he's, not a good guy. What I'm saying is: there's a director, spot to this guy living this horrible life. As a child too,
him saying, I am not going to be like that anymore. I'm gonna make sure I don't do drugs, I wanna make sure I don't drink, and this is because he lived in this horrible environment. We saw the direct effects of someone being an hour. He learned what ninety NATO, instead of what he still it is a shitty parent. You know I mean this is it's a very complex issue to very complex issue? Raising children and it's an issue where people conveniently intelligent people conveniently like to skirt the responsibility of what it is to raise their children and I see it from friends. I see it from friends that work long hours. And it's one of the reasons why I choose to work more fewer hours than I could I want to be around I'm leaving from here. I want to go pick up my kid and, as when I get a new settlement to hang out with them and a monopoly, and we're gonna have a good time and we talk about stuff and I think it's a responsible That apparent has, I think people evolve toward the anomaly in terms of becoming apparent and in your priorities. Change but like, as as I get
older. I can kind of. I can. I can sense that happening and we would like. I want to work. Less I want to enjoy life. Having said, which is a little bit mean ambition, great great and may losses to become successful. To the point we have less stress, you have a nice home, you have food on the table, you can take care of your needs, but when it gets pass a certain point, you know my friend, Brian and set a best. He said you want to be successful enough, where you dont worry about what it costs to go out to dinner, because after that's all bullshit and its he's right, it mean once you know you can have a nice meal, you don't worry about food, about having a roof over. You had you not. You have to live in a dangerous neighbourhood. For to live in an area where you you know that your family in your loved ones, are safe, it's all bullshit, will you have a bigger? and then a bigger, and I have a castle. Now you on an island do come on. It's all more money? More problems, Biggie set it right. You know it's at a certain point time. It becomes you try yourself with your own ambition and you get yourself
to a situation where you realize like this, is not the smart way to do this. I've just been caught up in this this zero sum game? This idea that in others There is a certain em I'll give to continue to grow. You have to continue to expand like a corpse we just. How do you ever coming out we're coming out to allay once a year we make the pilgrimage meal we, otherwise we work and live in Miami and were come out to align its like. We had a meat and it's like this- is on the one hand, is like this is the most important meeting of our careers and then I thought about it. Color do the sometimes just kind of flip something on its head, go hundred degrees and say what, if my belief is the exact the reality is that it is the exact opposite of my belief. So I said what if this is the least important meeting of our careers and it dawned. It's like it's something kind of outside of our it's in the entertainment industry, but it's kind of outside of our core competencies, nonfiction filmmakers and it certainly
advances in the industry, but I would just like, if nothing comes of it or doesn't, go while this most important meaning of our careers, we go home. We go back to work, making your documentaries I very little to complain about I I don't have to worry about where my next meal is going to come from or where format have with over my head. I still got away. You know I said, but will just keep doing what we ve always been doing. We're we're pretty happy you're, pretty pretty happy life like what more do I actually, where I live, I love to be able to support my parents a little below this little things like that, but like, but beyond that it's just like. So what happens if this move Important meeting doesn't go well like life is still pretty good like. I don't have that much too to complain only you know so yet so I don't know if that's a product of being and ten years ago, I would have been like on the. I would have been languorous oh shit, this is it everything's riding on this that you and now you can like well, but what
doesn't go outside Slife, exchanging good, you grow, you learn D, just get better at functioning and you get better at coping with stress- and you also have a perspective- a long life, you know you have this perspective many years of life on this planet and learning the lessons that we think about that with the media. We talk about the heavyweights, getting older and Kimball being for what you said, forty one on and Yell- and I am thinking of me- this dark for ESPN called broke about professional athletes going broke, and exactly what you just described, which is like the natural or typical trajectory of an American. It's like you're born you go to school. You learn a trade, presumably you graduate and enter the workforce. You enter obviously at the at the entry level and you start to work your way up. Instead, industry or pivot to something else whenever it is, but in the meat,
You get married, maybe get divorced me be a married again. You make some investment, some good, some bad. You buy a house, you have a mortgage, MC, Givney Foreclosure, you get some experience, you start to learn as you grow and as you grow and an advance in an industry you're making more. Hopefully, and then, by the time you say in your fifties: you're at the peak, your powers. You are making the most you're going to make retire and, that entire structure is complete, upside down for a professional athletes, because there make the most money there ever going to make their lives it basically in their twenties right. Even if Europe showed a premium mostly the most successful look like, like top. One percent of a professional athletes does nothing! You people don't understand, and in this in this business, is that, like when that sports entertainment is it like? Not everybody is a millionaire people, don't stand that, like not a lot of us, professional athletes are journeymen. You know they make decent. They make legal minimum whenever it is, but they still have to work in other can't just
I tomorrow and be o and an that's. My area would peoples. See that you, you know you you make movies your sheets on. Show time are you? I see your stuff all the time or out you know you're. Very Europe check on Twitter, so you must be. You must be a millionaire. Does it just incredible misconception that, like in my letter, worked like we're, rich and famous like neither of those things you know but like I should be written that fuckin documentary from cocaine cowboys, if using their rich somebody fuck the most money. I've ever me in the drug industry is selling my yearn to my friends, because I was the only guy that didn't smoker didn't do. Drought in this drug industry, yet meaning like my friends, would like they made more than avenue did from cooking power. Yet now I never saw my you're in Britain, for example. I do you got you in my mind, we're gonna start retesting. If you are enough, if, if you, if you
you sold Mason tempests like that. But if you like, I was a kid growing that never I didn't really damage if any one I ve ever done coke now, never never. After all, a half an annual one right for the show No, no! No! It's a good guess that asylum I ate Digital entered gum before that before the General Energy Gothenburg Jolt COLA yeah they ever come. Oh yeah! Don't do that! That's about you gotta have a sweating it'll be ass. She watched you gonna crash at the end of this you're gonna need a nap now, no time Adele idea at the pulse of this city and getting these go and stops go, go, go, go, go, go, stops, absence, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Steps. Have pulse of this yeah, that's all just really! So when you were doing coking cowboys, you ever have any desire to do coat to see what the fuss is all about. No, in fact, when it's interesting, why would you an art school, and so- and this is the midnight- early early, the mid nineties. So your drug trade I find like nostalgia. Trends are cyclical, like their certain perennials.
That's always popular but like in the midnight It was back like sixties drugs. Again people were doing. My friends were do like psychedelic. They do we acid shhh rooms, but it was ass if she was like in a similar genre. So M dna is on the rise. Then high school kids couldn't afford cocaine wasn't as popular as it later became in there and the arts. You know in the zeros again at that time, was coming around but, like I was never curious to kind of alter. My my my partners, I started first company we're sophomores in high school, so I was like can. I was sort of goal oriented and then I was like. I was raised to believe that, like you go to rule and then you go to college degree and Yoda what when My junior year, when I had four in high school, I had friends who are seniors and for the first time
life. I learned that not everybody goes to college. It was the first time I knew that. So we just raised to believe that that's just the natural course of life. I had friends who I guess it we're in article I gotta go I'm going to New York, I wanna be a dancer and I'm gonna go to allay and identity and housing, which four key knowledge and their like, not an arm and get an apartment, but some Frahm, and that was like a farm. Concept to me cells at the straight Erika. I was a kid who finally got the respect that we would sit around in a circle and they be passing the joint and they would just pass it like around me. They would know not even the room yet, but we like in a garage, albeit a balancing act, but now he usually we're in a back yard urgently. I'm sure I got. In that second hand, stone must therefore I've seen people get blocked up on we but like like, like have passed get tax? Oh yeah, in his room, ass. I do I thought it was what we like this chill highlight. The smell I Timothy Leary, had a great expression about we'd nodded we'd rather about LSD, that allay that
de in do states of paranoia psychosis and people that have never tried it like that people, five of lsd- and you know to cycle that way. Now I told you, coke you'd, have to scrape me off the fucking dealing with a shovel earlier Raker something's I would just like. I would just like to be create like this. I'm normally you know some caffeine just I was always. I was fraid. I was always just like I'm not going to have a positive reaction to this, and I and I don't know that Prohibition has ever been a deterrent, because, obviously, drugs are quite of readily available in Miami? In particular? I believe it big hug, seen still I'd, not as big a coaxing but like Molly is a big now. Certainly we, the biggest primarily, is like the nicest people to be around the differences people that's why they want to rob you. Can I come over and hold a hand the friendly them on one of the biggest shut, the fuck up biggest concern using? What are you actually ingesting? Icu you buying it for on what are they
with which is the problem with the illegality illegality. The prohibition gets that enriches our man on regular mean always fuckin people are smoking fake. We their smoking, a spice stuff and honourable it's awful, you know you're ingesting your lungs. Your body does know to do with it. It's alien. You know that they can amyloid receptors like what the fuck is this. You don't like the same argument against artificial sweeteners, but to a much heightened much more heightened level, because, though the weights, interacting with your mind, is its genome. I just think I again it. I think it's it's traces, marijuana prohibitions, traces of this kind of like racism, we're talking about this I give you can't get past pass it. If you objectively analyze, returned outrage on just objectively analyzed. Back to the situation. There's really only one reality there and- and it's incredible to me how people how race gets in the way of blood in their access to that reality, but right seeing them probation, it's a plant that grows out of the earth
that is less dangerous than poison ivy, which is legal. Although I wouldn't smoke, it recommended a real hard time being objective about issues that are hot burnish use, whether its drugs, whether its religion, treasure in that you at these drug dealers, in lab coats and at the local pharmacy, ok killing children not temper, but like these farmers, look at me. You are creating poison, toxic chemicals that people, because you're right, you a prescription for it gleefully and to their wives are kids. Are parents like that? Is it A mindset- that's like ingrained in us as a result of judge. Like a life of of propaganda and and and just my mind fucking. I mean just its literally just brainwashing that you could think o this plant that out of the ground. You shouldn't role that in smoke it we do it with cigars view is cigarettes, but as soon as you start, adding crazy shit to it like nicotine or chemical or that's that makes it legal because the
The aim is to a ladder I just over ten years, damps journalism in alcohol him in the most devastating drugs, a wire people, okay with violence, because people are okay with culture. Culture is firmly established in you, grow up and that environment. It's you normal to put a fuckin plate in your lips and stretched. Whips out its seems normal to put a bone through your knows why? Because, all the elders. They have the scar vacation on their face. I'm gonna get scarred up to mean that's whatever but it does actually reaching our atmosphere to pay the government twenty five cents to make a dime like the windows we're talking about early without laws about cops, enforcing laws that are just as silly revenue. Collecting laws are not protecting anybody from any. There was two kids I barely teenagers Do you know that the snow Day out east in a while? But the blizzard a couple weeks and so, instead of sitting around dicking around at home, because it wasn't nearly as bad as everyone thought it was going to be. They decide instead of watching tv, you're playing video games. Rather no smoking the pot, they said, let's grab it,
we'll shovels, go door to door and make five box and offered a to clean people's Yoda driveways and the cops came because they got complaints. The kids. Knocking on doors or whatever I guess and stopped. They didn't have a proper permit They just laughed: where are we? offering their services. I did that all throughout my childhood, when I was a kid he would get site to know it snowed. I mean my friends would go around the neighbourhood and we shovel and we'd make deals. Do they shut down? Lemonade stands for not having proper, permitting unlicensed. That's ridiculous, and that's that's that they were the revenue collecting aspect that we were talking about their not about with whole up upholding the peace for protecting our serving New Jersey, teens block from shoveling snow without permanent counts. That's all that is Jurassic. Jersey is a state where people can conquer on gas for crying out loud, that is to say the cops names we could say in its earliest
Michael, you know me told my Jersey, central dog, constitute teens. Would not a restaurant issued a ticket, but what stop? Because the town was a so called state of emergency advance, a calming stump shut, the fuck up emergency Put my central using my number that my homepage, that's. Well, you can't shovel snow because it's gonna be more snow out. Yeah, good, good call! Fucking! when you get listen. But this way for these, the rules on the books are enforcing that make it up these laws. The kind of proper permit for Ireland is a permit for helping people get out didn't answer: is it what it whatever it? Is you if you'd shovel someone for freeze out? Ok, let's just be exchange of money. You know that's what it is you go round the neighbourhood of the good Samaritan, chevaler buddy.
But the cost of what I ve not given the government delays at giving patients the government twenty five cents to make a dime how much these kids gonna make that they could go out and spend three hundred dollars on a permit so that for one day of honest no day when they're not at school, they could go around a make. Five bucks driveway, like its guiding cop, should investigate really hot women that date, these old, decrepit old men that are barely alive and they did However, our rolls Royce is unchanged ho ho ho ho hop. Let's sit down sit out, let's talk, what would you get nervous? You get money, you gimme that roles. I want twenty five roles. Why that roses were two fifty thousand dollars. Pay up, Hooker why'd, you, twenty five percent. They could just use asset forfeiture and take the whole thing. Yet a girl, a whore, actually give up that money. Give up that fucking car bitch. You know you don't know you listening to seize. It will give you like ironical Smith and her husband, members elected in Peter before he died of the both of em right, she's, dead, tuna, crazy, but, like being thousand where the more clear examples
Public prostitution, you're ever gonna see a billionaire J Howard Marshal and ability but I can ride. Hooker that's, that's what it was and you have the one that's profiting off of the other, when you go to the the seminal heart, I can Hollywood Florida, the improper in you. Don't you see the identical sweet, dynamical sweet? She died there. Oh that's the ghosts, goes to favours eddies did there was a member of this? The seminars would never confirm this, but there was. There was a rumour that they actually sent like a witch. Your links in the endeavour to act like a kind of yellow ghosts, but you didn't poltergeist or whatever the room, and then they like completely redid the room changed the number like that. That's there were no. They would never come indicted or confirm that what she was so dumb, a better goes be too stupid to haunt anybody about goes like boob. Now bow. I forget I quit girls who just take naps or goes just taken out and do pills. Imagine if you just he saw goes,
like a fat check, eating pills in the couch like six such a nun, threatening ghost. Right, it's really like a seminal land, will be like. You would be like the least scary ghost, like an indian Mary, oh yeah, yeah me about that that you're talking about native American you're, not just persecuted, but they were in. Genocide was committed upon their people and as a compensation. They were given swaths of land where they can open up casinos and mean that matter. That I would say to the indian Casinos argued that the paper saying as the house always wins, the indian casinos, he only casino where the house never winds, because no matter how much money you lose, we still rate there. Install their country, so atheling collar operations like sit down at the one arm. Bandit lose some money for crying out loud, like it's that would meet, but which enter things like now and then, maybe this might go to you- do to your earlier point that its affluence of theirs derelict
no native Americans at work. At these casinos anymore. They sit at home, get the check every month from the revenue now higher and white boys to rush allow alligators, and I do all that, like the Indian Cultural Native, American, rather cultural shit and there's, no, no Indians in an indian casino anymore, they're, all just kind of living off the fat of the land and getting there. Action not incentivize, to motivate or or or do anything. You see higher rates of alcoholism. Drug abuse in and they're just sitting around yoga, getting checks and and and and and and then a lot of them are dying with so has been an issue. A native american reservations. Right alcohol is an absolutely depression, drug abuse, depression I mean, did their culture. Stolen I mean it's like us, Surely there wiped out, except for a few survivors who were then forced to assimilate new strange culture and then made aware of it painfully every step of the way when you growing up that you
you're the loser in its cultural genocide attack, and this these are the pier those are unconquered there is from a yes. They always say that with a Seminoles actually do a lot of good things. They they use that money in a lot of good ways and there they days A lot of charities like that that tribe in Florida is responsible for a lot of good things: do they bought one of the most American brands darted like the ultimate fuck you I'd like work. We are the hard rock. I thought that was unlike what a great gotta great thing that club to work their club every toned down there. I prefer that club over the the bigger one in West Palm, which I get more money, and I like it's like or more intimate environment. I find grow there and I sacrifice a little money and I have a better time, sometimes like my girl, from issuing a project for school a few months ago, and it was about the appropriation of native american culture and how it's one of the few. Races, words still, okay, so Redskins phenomena like how still ok to be racist and create com,
like minstrel, ask images and their children driver Hoskins, like Libya can redskin that's like having I wholly inward. That's the level but people to look at it. That way, I just Stan, how they don't just change the name. It's not a difficult thing and do it If you want to honour native Americans and somehow another keep like that, you just change the name. You know call it you, you could call it whatever I mean, there's people that called the carriers, the golden state warriors meant, I dare not once have. No, I don't think if they do have an issue without there being silly, because that's an honourable the mean that's like your ear, you're being proud of what these people were at their finest at their most noble and powerful, so get offended by the mask. Actually thou killers, YO and and- and I did surreal kind of like like white guilt moment for this animal rights activists who get offended by any mascots many others that you're gonna have some people that are ridiculous, but red skin is a little weird. It's like, I didn't really think
that way, but its incredibly advantage. Indians, yeah, I saw you, I thought. Oh yeah, that's that's offensive. You fuck we're doing girl wild thing, good work, wild thing just what I was. There was something I was completely idleness here was insensitive to it. Just kind of unaware of right and then shirt doing this power, this whole powerpoint on it and she starts going in getting like racist I cannot graffiti through through the year in particular in the south, it from your word in Miami in Florida and like and I was like- and she was kind putting them. She was living side by side comparisons to like classic free civil rights era, racist fertilizing and you know, and and and posters and and imagery and art, and then temporary native american depictions were left and right and unlike oh shit, I was again How can we not see that that's it like? That? Was that that that racist, you know a black. You know that the black cartoons
faced with the great big lips eating a watermelon that was ok once you can advertise your store, your product, antagonizing, that kind of shit and then he's got the same exact. Your a reminiscent imagery, but from a contemporary ads and can again kids dressed up is as Indians. In with the fate of the war paint in the head, dress and and and the kind of and in kind of bearing that modern day a minstrel and, unlike that's fastened like a never thought about it that way and then privilege away. Then I started to view all fuckin bad about it. Again. I don't like I'm the asshole. I never thought about this before it, I'm an asshole for never having he's, but Redskins is like out I'm seeing it. I'm actually going negotiations being the r word like America now that heads space, because of like it
yeah, it's it's definitely not necessary to look. You could still have the same exact team, the same exact athletes, same exact pride and just let's get together and have a content. To come up with a new name, and you would you would get people that would be so happy about, and the publicity from that continent has to look at. I'm I'm sorry like, but we're gonna keep it out of truth. And because our fans aren't offended by its like we had leave reactive tradition, like my morality, to have a body in a black lady that looks like a slave cover. Other yes, Jesus fucking Christ has not happened, and that's that's it well you're an answer, Mama Doc, I think she's, I think she's the woman who who actually created the Serious- and I am sure she has come but she's alive. Yeah. Well, it's different she's, not addressing the Mammy like the made it used to be a mammy there. Oh yeah was a great out anti Bellum Saddam's. They had gone with the wind character, absolute, yet, and
yeah she's a lovely. What she's, a lovely working women has regular here now to she's, have banned down over here, and I wish you wouldn't get her, but dirty hair and the White Man's food. This is what she used to look like man, good Lord AIR guy Mama used to look like a slight like that's. Why that's where the updated Wendy? You know that, because the ginger protest movement was trying to get Wendy of Wendy's right now, I'm just but only very positive, about the right heads at the Redskins threaded with that, and I'm wondering I'm wondering is like. Are we at? What point is? Does it we? Are we veering into political correctness? I think the Redskins, is tough. Going too far. I really believe that you mean in a negative way. That's you! I don't think I don't think we're being overly sensitive is what I'm gonna things. I think it's fucked up, I think of your native American. It would be a huge issue and so that it would be much like you know yet the fuckin San Francisco Guineas,
near the mask. I was a fuckin italian guy with a hairy chest in gold chains. Look stupid with pasta, stains on it shall be sure that would be seriously together well, there's a lot of guinea's in San Francisco believe really is everything Is there like little? Italy's are like when there's a lot of time, people in San Francisco so I'm just gonna, fuckin amazing, ionian food. I am Columbus resilience. My life there, Good Chinese will be very good. Italian food to separatist goes really good. There there's some german italian restaurants we'd at every time. We worked I was complaining budget. Have you ever driven in San Francisco treacherous? Do yes, fucking treacherous, easy, well, Grubbin, Boston, son! I grew up in Miami.
Rob on black words sea level word sea level. There is no here that you know the highest allocation in the state is Mount trash more. It's it's a landfill that is the highest elevation, how knowledge and appropriately when they did, that move Iraq of ages. That was the Hollywood sign amount for that, through the days when we say in Florida dealing you can't really recreate is like mountains and snow, but but they found a way to do it. I don't know how it is, but that's the highest point of elevation in Florida or their ass now trash Martha landfill that they're together just piling on, but but I grew up on, I want to say, It was a scary thing in my died. What we are actually doing cooking a voice to harass them with the godmother in in in Oakland in Brookfield Village, and I had to I had to drive the equipment truck back and return the equipment at the end of that shoot. So I'm driving in this great big truck with like at an untold thousands of dollars worth of equipment, that I've got a return to this house, and I was just petrol, Why? Because I was like I was like looking straight at his dude degeneracy bullet was team.
We, of course I watched it again visa or some months ago, trip in Canada, and I was watching what a friend who had never seen it before us. I dude, yearn for God, Damn tree This is a real american moving and it's also a movie where this very little dialogue to great moving bullet was steamer queen. Great. The seventies were like the last golden age of American Cinema, they want to have she's got reiterant discipline should got real. There are definite different is a completely different style of making a movie back. Then you didn't have to have music can ever. Damn seen yet some real moments- grinning, greedy grinning, greedy gritty and like- and I think they are, he's coming out of of the sixty. That transition, where in terms of censorship, where you could start getting You start pushing the envelope in the sixties by the seven was no envelope anymore interest, mainstream cinema, you can do practically anything and they did and so you are you- you had in that, wasn't just in terms of like a section vi.
In terms of the reality, the greenness of the stories in the characters it you became really dirty harry early? Dirty harry movies are like brutal, but there dumb The difference in their unlike bullet bullet is a brilliant move. Like the people at arena, their great actors, it feels real, you know like some dirty harry moments. We let go ahead make my day I come out here, a crazy asshole, and now it's like there, on- but you know it's a fun movie to watch, but it doesn't give you a feeling like you're, actually watching sound. They could actually be taken place, that its brew oh yeah man. If raw death wish to she'd Irish one. Yes, Charles Bronson Man, you're. The first would not affair so much weathers. Yeah though they set out on his face target- fatter, listen, I'm again, I may cooking. Ways to hustle. Her godmother arguing remind Alyzia one man, I mean you part, you're, not inclusive and Y know.
Our boys to type apologizing for that and that apology, ok, you're, so cocaine cowboys one. You have no apologies right now, I'm certainly things I dont differently. We gotta do cooking cowboys reloaded, which was grey You always are always part to know. There's something wrong with it on did someone force you to call us and with the godmother news outlets, and I think it's like they would have to have a lot of temporary working titles had just stick like our first document goes its other road that we did, this dock a raw deal, a question of consent, and that was raw deal with just our or working title and was about the alleged rape of a stripper at the Delta Kai fraternity. Else at the University of Lord and gains well in the spring of ninety nine and the entire knights events were captured until video cameras were, and so we used the video footage and then we, in our view, the strip a meter viewed from the fraternity men so that the thing about this, the footage is that it was placed in the past the record of some of these very liberal public record laws. We have in full in Florida, so it was placed in the public record and it became the costs, Levin gains begins with a small town, so there would like alive. There is real live there when I was little kid between the
job seven eleven alluding gains really Amis Natural County resident go into the University of Florida, so I was down their to go to leak, Alice and Crockett Alligators marshmallows, For they made me yeah what they were your college, national forest? You might be from Russia and they were doing a big brother little brother, edge of it. I didn't Russia, not. I wasn't wasn't in the greek world, but good for you. Some ritual, where there there's a bonfire what the hell's anything there needs to be boycott boycott that show kids do enough, be your own fuckin quick, flash forward. Rice, wheat, we promoted Sunday School, that's one then later went to the Edinburgh film. Us was like that. It's like the Sundance of Europe in like so we go to Edinburgh and all the questions which is kind of intrigues. The question that article about this, this controversy, which will get into an amendment or almost all the questions and embryo, were about what the hell the greek system is. They have they're, so they were completely. This was like a total.
Actually, a house mom of one of the sheep thought this was the house at our mother. Our grandmother work at it wasn't but she's whirring, nothing, but a t, shirt that belong to one of the fraternity men coming up to about her belly button banging on the door of this neighbouring housing Miami Guy, like you don't need to. For that link for social interaction. You don't need a club like you might need to do in gains Veal or Tallahassee the analogy towns. These insulated college towns, where you're the social environment is very kind of restricted. My license, hazing in all the funds, incredible to fuck, all that's creepy, so their hazing, these kids or whatever. This ritual, the big brother little brother, pledge ritual out in the forest. They go back to the to the to the fraternity house to the common area. They have to strippers that they hired to common perform. Well, shippers leaves, after the show. One of the strippers goes back to private party, with some of the fraternity, men come the dawn. She
running to a neighbouring fraternity house, her grand grandmother was actually a house mom of one of the. She thought this was the house that our mother grandmother worked at. It wasn't but she's wearing nothing, but a t, shirt that belong to one of the fraternity. Men coming up to about her belly button and bang. On the door of this neighbouring. How saying that she had been raped and she told the university Police Department that they had videotaped it and they go and get the videotape footage and spoiler alert watchword. Of the two videotapes and arrest the strip for filing a false police report based on a videotape footage and as a result of that, one of the two with one of the chief idiot. What about the second related and care for the elderly? they'll, say on actual rape, industry Youtube as it turns out was just coverage of is like a cam became, so the second he doesn't show that much more. It just shows angles of the same action rather than but so so, what happened there's no misdemeanor filing a false police report case against this woman. And, as a result, the media says. Well, we want to see that this is evidence in a criminal case, her lawyer.
Argues the underwrite shield laws that her identity should be protected in her in this video tapes It should be put to protect his depicts rate, a judge, the footage and says this ain't, no rape and they release the footage to the public and their in their becomes. A backlog at the state attorney's office in the clerk of courts there, because there's like a like, can copies the videotaping sending it to people so engaged If you were the first person on your block to get the tape, what they call the rape tape, you'd have kicker, Will it invite friends over to their house and they too, because you are the first and getting everybody wanted to see it. So what happens is like given the growing up in Miami that friends. Of course, you gotta gains will go to tell us how you know too, that the two major state schools, of course only in Florida to our two flagship state schools, where they both targets of major serial killers, TED Bundy until a happy and generating in university for only in Florida, and so
here from France or I'll. Never forget this. As long as that we hear from one of our friends and we grew up, see neighbourhood. I say that same upbringing, white middle class- you guess. I see that to say we had similar kind of life experiences and come come at things with. Not dissimilar worldview, so they Did you hear this is like summer of ninety nine by now elected you hear about this case with Delta kind stripper videotaping gay I read about it and, and the like, I just saw, video tape it. A friends house was equal. What happened and my friends I keep. It was disgusting what they do to this poor woman like I haven't, been able to eat or sleep for days, it's horrible, what they put her through, how they talk to her, how they put her down how they hold her down. Trot kicking in trying to get away, and I can't believe they haven't arrested these guys and it's just I'm just completely destroyed over it and they- days. Later I hear from another body again, we all grew up together, Sandstorm single he. I said what I say: did you hear about the rights of course you side shirt, realistic. This lying slut.
I was she's screwing around with all these guys and then she cries rape. They should locker Robin throw away the key and I'm like what on earth you have. Did you see that a worthless Not before this. I don't. We heard about it from these guys and I'd like to reasonable, educated, similar demo, guys watch the same footage and diametrically disagree whether or not they witnessed a consensual and I consensual sex act and I'm like we gotta see this footage so in a census analogous this trail on Martin thing and the sort of way, but you can We actually have a benevolent you, but you have voted predispose. Eloquence K one year, the Duke across case, which they never turned, that they never touch the girl, one of the guys we're alibis one guy. Wasn't it ATM machine, written withdrawal. Why? while the woman claims that he was raping her? But here you had, sexual interact. Unquestionably, undeniably, here was a videotape footage of this willing to which your take on what actually happened. You guys
see the movie is knowing how to send its electoral without much time left military involvement lighted. His tell me, because you have to tell me what do you think you have what I think is that you have one of the most oft committed, least reported crimes in like the history of man and most of these crimes, as they say, are not like the mast me in the bushes. Stranger rate makes up the minority of rape, it's mostly, so you will answer right. It's mostly quaint sedately. What I think though, is it you have a world where we are back to videotape footage to tell an objective truth to say here is a surveillance, video, there's a guy, robbing the store. Let's go, find him closed when you have a crime like this, that exists predominantly in the minds of the alleged victim, an alleged perpetrator, it's almost impossible to determine, because not all what what what what what she claims like this wasn't ate. A Hollywood rape. This was
me kicking and screaming, crying going. No, no, no! No! No! No! No! She was a professional stripper. She had been most of her life. And she comes world where we spoke to repress his council, hoo hoo. Office was near shirt collar close your latest clubs in Florida, and he found a lot of proof little girls, so to speak. Who would come in and There are always trying to maintain a line, and this is what these ill Eric lapped answered here, the rules, I touch you, you could and then over the course of the thing. Depending on how much money is spent the love the lines get blurred you get yield than there are certain things are certain compromises that are made, and so what happens here is it. The course of a long night. She danced like three or four places like the third or fourth show last one of the night. She she party with the guy. She was drinking. They were drinking they might have even been rolling on there's a lot of the that lie get seriously blurred. Ok and at what point you at any point of a woman doesn't want. If there is
I wish I were. I pull the audience, and this is really interesting. Jukes I'll call the worst eight movie of all time. I pull the we always assume that, like the women would side with her and the men would sigh, but the men very often is the exact opposite of that had the men. Are more inclined to believe her and the women are more inclined to believe the men didn't they rule they don't wanna behaviour from both parties is pretty reprehensible, pending on your morals and values, were some people it's a Tuesday night when brothers, it's like this is appalling, I don't- want to associate my genders behaviour with that behaviour and that say she deserved during a bit like people We want to dismiss it ginger. I talked to worry blackened of the famous defence attorney one of his most. Miss clients was William Kennedy, Smith, the famous rape trial and in palm beach at the Kennedy Compound and Roy Black. In the Kennedys were like well, we Kennedy Democrats, on this jury. Obviously, and the jury can and came in and said now what you need
middle age or older white republican women because their values. They're going to look at this, this woman goes out with this man drinking dining they go. She goes back to his place it whatever ungodly hour of the night, and what is she that will happen. That's much more mentality of not Kennedy Democrats, but they wound going with that jury. Not only did he get acquitted, but Roy Black Mary, the joy, if the jury for women is lay a black if you're familiar with the the real housewives him, I m sure you knew No really I now the real housewives of Miami. If you know nothing of took one. If you took one part of each of the housewives, you might be able to build one real one. I think but like that, but that's anyway, that that's so we, the men, women dying, Thirdly, like are sort of opposed, and then you have situation, I pull the audience and I'll say Many of you believe she was raped. How are you feeling she wasn't rates.
How many of you believe that some sexual activity occurred that she didn't consent to that? You didn't want to happen, most people raise their hands and like will that Israel is right, but how do you find a jury of twelve people? Letters debt is going to convict based on her This is what at which Social justice Warrior websites they were. Judges will judge in Nepal. They were. Urging for behaviour and I'll tell you something I read in this case on with them, but I'm I'm reading the police report, which is like a seventy page police report on a misdemeanor filing a false by ITALY's report against her the case against the woman for filing a false police work and the woman who wrote the detective ice thought it revealed. About her than than anybody else, but she there's theirs. Phrase. I'll, never forget in all of these pages. She writes the woman. I went to dance at all of these houses, leaving to children who are black at home with a baby sitter with her mother, something like that and I was like.
Who are both just those three words? And I was like shit Mary directs husband was a black man. They had two children together and what How in the world religion, actual county out, an old. That means something to people there, but also how it is. How is that had any who are, but is it her children who our black, who were left in polish at like her children who are russian her children, who are like seen. Unlike what are we try? What are we literally application or what's the relevance of this in a criminal proceedings, but that I will put it this way. The people leave I over the core working on the movie. I changed my mind several times over the course of watching the movie and, as you live I think it more life experience, because people come to this movie with their own baggage. I've seen I've had to an age where women get up to the microphone. Its had never said this before I was the victim of a rape on campus and start to its very can be a very good thing
experiencing be very disturbing either people won't want common Libyan, but also come false. Rape claims are also very concerned on their home and now comment. Rape, claims. Then all the time, they're, not com. When you get what you mean by not com there, there there there might there a minority of of rape claim. I agree However, those common, yes, an extraordinarily damage to everybody involved, but common. No, I don't we mean by not come will, I think, reap what percentage is not common. They give did if they happen every day and they do that, not common. I think you're right. I think you're taught you. Yes, it's common, but talking about single digits? I think not. I am not talking about majority. Ok, I'm talking about, I'm talking about a occur regularly. The Erika which is common right. Yes, that's where they occur, regular and that must be taken. If you're gonna look innocent man lately objectively, yes, you are well, you know, you're being sensitive to the victims, which is very important, but if you look at it objectively,
Justice is strictly as an a numerical issue. I mean, I believe, the numbers, like eight percent. I think that's the statistically prove number as far as like investigated aims of radically lower, but a single digits is a single everything they risk. Yes, I fancy sailor very, and it is also that of the reality that a lot of rapes go unreported big. Women are ashamed of what happened they would rather just ignored because there can be accused of has reporting and their entire passed in sexual experience is going to be brought to bear, and yet there is a law and is also. You also have to take into consideration a lot of false rape claims the guys get convicted and it's never proven. That's a false rape claim. That's a fact. I've had that avenue and I know that it works both ways. Human beings are the we very in others, people at a full of shit and their men, and these people are full of shit that are women. So there's there's always going to be that part, ability that it's a false race. Gender has the greatest percentage of people foolish it not dislike
across the board pretty percent across morning, you don't you think I just talking media, but maybe men, because meant well known, because men try hard to fuck women, so maybe we have to make as well which I pursued. We have to be more full shit and then that's more possible. I don't know that's a good question. That's a good did documentary subject with what genders more full shit to great title. Yeah, it's a great title. What genders full of shit. That's that's not a bad idea. I think you're right adding to bring in a fine, it's pretty pretty close ass, pretty class, but you know that the rape thing as far as like what I think this way more rape than there is falsely accused victory. No false. False rape, claims, yeah black eye and and in this spirit of justice. In the spirit of you know, let let ten milk, let ten guilty men go free. Then one innocent man spend a moment being deprived of of his liberty. I mean I under I understand that and I gotta say no matter how low
the rate is two percent according to Wikipedia that, how low that is, the two percent of of men that that the false claims occur to its pretty fucking them. Britain to them, and I can imagine how here, but in those cases of one tenth of one percent of its you and in those vast majority of those cases, I believe it has to do with some sort of like me till deficiency in the part of the woman. It has to do with some sort of revenge kind of scenario, and only the motive is like really personal and really obvious and can usually be quick proven, but as soon as you are accused something there. Some cases where you write a kick. It's strictly a he said she said, and you could find yourself in a lot of trouble, obviously not ok, I think the problem is, you cannot be it, but what we have,
society that unfortunately discourages women from reporting from coming forward? And I think that that's a serious problem, because in inclines like this, a lot of people who commit them can continue to commit them. The rate of recidivism think is- is such that, if their not being reported, you're going to see more victims and fairly well does also without a doubt, there's people that. For whatever reason they don't look at other people as being equal to them. You know and that that is what allow someone rape, someone, that's what happens in this video. She is a local girl. She go to Santa Fe Community College, as opposed to like the flagship state school that, like the quote, rich at a town, kids, I'll, go to and needs meet her like, speak to her? The way they speak to her in
it's a similar phenomenon in in the Duke lacrosse cases that that woman was black, here this woman who was white in this industry raw deal case, but had black children, the it's I think, we're. What's it what's the famous line from fumble worth while people have more in common with black people than they do with rich people, meaning the division is not so much black and white. That's kind of us That's a flashy object to divide us. It intend whore and affluent absolutely to haves and the have nots and the poor people get treated like shit, no matter what color, while also people in that position, people that are strippers. You know, because it sought looked down upon us like a CD career choice of losers.
It also you're allowed a trader lecture and then she's in a fraternity, which is not even a protected environment like an actual strip club and you're. Dealing with people that are drunk in their judgments are fucked up. Because of that, and then you know who knows, plus you killing with developing mines in eighteen year, old, kids at or drunk they really shouldn't be drunk. They don't know the fuck their due. And on top of that, the probably raised by assholes, you know I mean, is a good percentage of people or assholes, and these kids drunk in some fuckin thing, feeding off each other entelechy motion purely measure of that situation is and how they lock and tear deadline, yeah gangs Hallo that you see and riots gang mentality that you see and behaviour that you would never see, gave reeling from all joy. Our behaviour to the point of criminality because of the inn outside fluency and everybody else, Duna. That's like a psychosis, that's cool, like what's going on in the brain. We asked
two are weird of it: the way that human beings imitate our atmosphere, which is like a big party or talk about earlier about culture. You get stuck in certain cultures and cultures where violence is accepted in violence like if you live in the Congo, you know, and you are you're in a tribe in your ear, there's a warlord. You know, and your dear seeing people shot and killed all time, lighthouse evaluating seventy five yeah I mean it's, that's that's their environment, I have to ask you this and because I mean you, ve talked about it a zillion times, but like America's gun culture, that's what everybody says. America's propensity towards violence in racial violence, and you dont see this another country because you don't see the quantity of of gusts while
an issue and the celebration of violence. Of course, in our media, are our shoe, entertainment, etc. That is an issue to the celebration and Video Games celebration and all those things are unquestionably influences. However, if you look at the actual numbers of people that have guns which is fucking staggering and the actual crimes committed by those guns, it's very small low, yet which is undeniable and that's something people don't like to bring up when they bring up a new town massacre or something where you have massacres. I believe those are issues of mental health without a doubt, and I said so, let me you know. I wrote that this country has a mental health problem, disguises a gun problem and a tyranny problem. Disguises, secure problem, and I think that that is a real reality when it comes to guns and shooters and mental issues and also the number of people that are involved in mass shootings around psychoactive drugs
anti psychotic, unpleasant pressure taking poison is what and who knows, but correlation does not equal causation right. So you don't love those people crazy, already and they're, giving them drugs. Treat them, and maybe they will be better off. Maybe it's getting off those drugs, which is often the case that the coming down those dry was Raul, affects the withdraw. The causes people to go crazy is alot issues, but you can't deny that its two fuckin easy to get a gun. You know you need a driver's license to get a fuckin car. All you need to do is not be criminal to get a gun. I bought a gun before I knew anything about guns. I didn't know how to use them and all they just let me have a fucking pistol and I remember hearing here we have a hot dollar stand for having parameters, shovels, not figure easy, I'm an almond nice person, so I'm not gonna go on shoot people, but I found it incredibly disturbing that it did in all they mean it. You know that I wasn't a criminal. I didn't community violent crimes, that's it that's all
and should be told. If you were a criminal, went on the street to get it, it would be easier than he walked into. They dont want your driver's license if your body and that in this country at this point the numbers does the sheer numbers like I've heard it describes. Trying to get guns out of America is trying to take salt out of the ocean like Jesus Christ You don't get all assault on the ocean is the more Americans with or there's more guns rather than there are Americans in in America, does more guns than there are people. That's fucking crazy, there's more than three under fifty million guns in this country. That is hard to wrap your head around. I am, but I got two hands, but this the milliner people most of us have more guns, and I am people some power, the problem, but I have to shoot anybody here above average only havoc. I only have a couple, so I just don't think that that that I dont think the issue is necessarily that there is a lot of guns. This.
The issue to me is what we were more. Certainly need a better education programme when it comes to the ability to acquire gun that, if the fact you have to go to this, we know difficult taxing process to get a car, but I think people are afraid. That, like you know like they say that only a car is a privilege on guns right, it's a rights in the bill you knowing that saw in the bill of rights. The second amendment, the constitution says right, bear arms, It's just people that are legitimately worried for good reason that a lot of people have his knee jerk reaction way. Sort of violent crime goes down to take all the guns away from the people. I don't. It I don't know maybe having to take a shooting course is an impediment to the exercising of that right on safety of my my family, I got family in Delaware and they grew up in gun. Culture in hunting, culture and theirs but the most responsible coolest best, but you know that they, because it guns and demystify for them they're not afraid they know how to properly
use them and there are the least threatening most cooler. Most unassuming people that capacity, but their cool with any type of weapon that you put that, basically, that you put in front not just guns, but knives they use for hunting and actually what if we all grew up like. Wouldn't it I think we will be nicer to each other to read all be aware of sort of power that we possess from the you know. We're not just sort of like tv stirs or whatever we do, we we'd all just we'd. All this be a little bit more cognisant of the fact that we have this week if we choose to have the power of life and death over somebody, but they also have an over us without about its live and let live an expression that a well armed societies, a polite society and an often times that is true, but the aberration. The person who is not polite and decides to take out the fact that they have to do member that instance in North Hollywood years back when those guys got they put on bulletproof invests in always crazy guns, and they robbed about your yeah. That heat was inspired in Rank Z,
crazy scene. I was doing news radio at the time and we all went into the brake room watching an honest television and we're are dislike freaking. The fuck out like this is Real this isn't a movie where watching a shoot out between the cops and these insane people with massive fire power and that those types of scenarios, although incredibly rare, are really legitimately frightening to people, For a good reason that are happening in in Miami remember the war wagon at the daily mole shooting in the July. Seventy nine that we open cocaine, cowboys well cops show up at this scene. They have guns on the ground to be covered. In the report the rapporteur said: they called the despite the Dixie CUP generation. They would shoot a gun till it was empty and then just drop it on the floor and pull out. Another gun should that and there were MAC Eleven and there were hand, guns and pistols and automatic pistols, and they were just and they and their was shell casings forever single gun on the ground. They left the guns in the ground and then they took off on foot and they abandon
this war wagon, which was is converted for conall line Van that had stenciled him, happy time, party supply and a number than ever sighted happy supply time and a different phone number on the other side, not really give up the idea of the incognito thing here and in the back they had flak jackets that they had put that they had kind of like wallpaper de Witt, so that it would be did they like have reinforced bulletproof, armor, word gardens of every shot, guns and machine gets those like the punishes war wagon cop show up with their six shooters by the way that's what they were carrying in Miami in eighteen, seventy, nine and they flipped the fuck out, and there were every time, someone soft Forty conall line Van, like on the streets People were calling nine one one. The cops wouldn't show like they didn't know what the hell to do. They knew that the fuel gotta one of these over, where the backs can open up and
just gonna empty, empty audio, and you before you can even grab your pop pop gun. You know an end that was when they started to do to put together. And tat twenty six. The fourth area there's the back of it right there and they put together. This syntax was Drivel central tactical unit that was made up of multiple, local and and and federal agencies. That would work together. They are of history, which traces back the untouchables that was like working to combat by take the best of the local eyes and the best of the federal guys and put them together towards a kind of common, very specific goal, oriented mission and end, and so You had these guys got here because a they were called the it's in reloaded. These special homicide, investigative team or, as they call it EL the Shit Squad, special homicide, investing a team and they had to deal with all the one doze that we're turning up because they get it they get in and I hispanic male automatic of bullet fires. Twenty five percent of the bodies in the morgue and that time in Miami had automatic,
who from automatic weapons I had a friend who was doing his residency, he's a doctor and residency in That was the best place to do my god. He told me some shit and showed me some shit. We were growing up in, I was he's all the main and when he was shown us these images that he had saved from guys with light bulbs up there ass and both you and the trauma industry, medical business, the law enforcement is this: a homicide, business there journalism like my Emmy was the place to be as crazy as the one I know a guy was. It was eight trauma doctor Jackson Memorial Hospital in any. That's our that our one major trauma centre, where you know all the bullet, you you get airlifted to Jackson. That's really go So he was working one night in this was after the material boat, lift it think scarface like you and all of these hardened criminals, the dejected
to the rate of rape on Miami Beach quadrupled in months I mean there are reaping little old jewish ladys Holocaust survivors who made it out of Germany but could not survive the merry about left in Miami they'll want to I'm U Beach, because it was a slum and because he had the it reminded them of Havana. Looked like Cuba. Ninety beach, like ocean, like the sea wall in every, looks at you, but so on, and they would just kill you for nothing. If you like, I, like your bicycle gear, bicycle bomb and just to end like Britain and then leave the bike to like it, like just crazy, homicidal, lunatics and They are one got one day, Ariel summarily dough comes in with a gunshot wound and the doctor says to him in spanish you're, very lucky, man had the bullet struck, you a centimeter or so overhear. You would have bled out and on the scene and in minutes, if not seconds the guy Its discharge leaves hospital within days. He gets another merrill gunshot victim with a wound. In exact
we the same spot, he told the other guy about and that guy died and his belief always was you never could prove it, but that the guy told basically where to shoot the other guy, that this was a retribution shooting for the other guy. Who had been shot but like that would just par for the worse in Miami the girl cuts. My hair lady got my hair. She You'll, get your hair cut you! Yet you say goodbye. You put the tip in the in the pocket, so she got would go home at night in the eighties and she'd Turner pockets inside out to get all the folded bills and this net one day she found finds a little baggy with white powder. It that one of the Ladys you say, kissed her good, bye and so didn't pocket. Rising chrome has a tip and and she said? I was soon I e my friend what the hell is this and she said what it is: is worth more than the Tipp that you would have. You would have gotten up. The same way is thus that was it. That's our Emmy! That's our Emmy! Keep it!
that place new I visit your last year. We are less Angela's haven't I visit and I get the fuck out really. Thank you very much man. It's a lot of fun. I really enjoyed and eighty tired documentary dog fighting D, a w g ganja dot com coming march, twelve March, twelve and cocaine cowboys one into don't, listen to him to his good. It's very don't how soon can we are now reaping exactly when it's what they like best documentaries ever that captures the madness of of of coke? really, I mean an end to violence in the drug war. I mean it's just that amazing document. Ladies gentlemen, we see next week guide. Everybody must love. Thank you. My friends returned into the podcast and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you to draft kings, dot com, gotta draft kings, dot com forward and enter the code. Word seasoning draft kings that come under the code. Word road.
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