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#614 - Christopher Ryan, PhD

2015-02-19 | 🔗
Christopher Ryan, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller "Sex At Dawn" - http://chrisryanphd.com/
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Information is a brilliant guys, are really cool and very thoughtful guy and I always enjoy podcasting with him So, ladies and gentlemen, down a further do the author of sex at dawn and my friend Doktor Chris Ryan, will experience ass, my back from the rain soap jungle of the Pacific Northwest where hippies flourish. Chris Ryan, do they're out there. Man like they're, like monkeys in the jungle they bugs in the forest, yeah flowers in the garden of that too. You can look at it in a positive way, which is its assistance, a good place for them. It's it. Who plays you're gonna. Be there soon this ray you're I mean I M very excited I love Portland. I followed them of our being happy infested, but better that than pocket cycles. Now that's true! That's too is an interesting place. It it's got such a strong culture forces a small city
You know, I mean there are huge cities three times that size were like. You, don't even know you they're right, based on how people dress food would you I attitude whatever Portland is so specific and sort of micro, cultural, yeah yeah? I was tired I grew up there the other day and asked him what's the biggest change from twenty years ago, and it was then he said not eccentricity. It was really eccentric than its the same. Now you know that sort of became the calling card of poorly me said. The big difference is there was no smugness twenty years ago. Oh now be smuggling yeah b because I think, people who sort of chew that identity then go to Portland You don't owe me like hippies, who are actually Cannon Nazis, yeah, there's a lot ray, I like really judge mental hippies like super ultra left wing people who are really just mean, and they just ready to find a target and target as a right wing, rightly go after them. Or who matter what, after each other, I its other
like a fascist mentality that just happens to have chosen a hippie. You know outfit off the rack. Exactly I didn't, girlfriend who is really in the fashion in- and I remember one time her saying if we lived in Samara, disco one member who say yeah, I wanna I wanna go for a hippie look at you know I'm gonna like by the fringe, dissimilar thinking like that is so antithetical to what a hippie you know like to go by expensive, hippy outfit. Isn't that perfect, though, that America, it's like spraying body, odor deodorant, so you'll smell like a dirty hippy. Why saw this commercial or not a commercial ago, a website rather online that sells use genes, great. They sell genes that people war and they have like- I mean they're like stains on I'm some of them have patches and they were.
Two hundred and seventy dollars for use pair genes. Good gig, though a gene where're, we could keep data, be selling these genetic you're, probably by from goodwill for a really cheap, and forget the name of the company, but they're they're hook is there trying to make you look like you know, you warn man. I don't care about what I look like man, you're you're, buying two hundred. Seventy dollar use clothes like it here. Instead of wearing them and turning them into that you are really trying to like adopt that persona. First, the I'm a comfortable pair genes can me with my like when you see like fake rips, those fake rips, any love the crazy like. What do you do buying torn close using it gives you a look how down home. Maize or just are worn out these paths and
I waited and before you know it works with clothes, I'm waiting for it to work with the body. You just turn fifty three resolutely and I'm like when it is old and fat gonna, be in time when genetic engineering kicks and everybody looks like Doktor Manhattan. The then like old ugly faddle, be well interesting, new something different bad. It's like like a lot of white guy I swore into asian women will go to asian countries like China, for instance, cause. There's no white men, there are there not as many rather and so they become an oddity, Climate Marion's that I remember that I can remember the first night I hear or the minute I experienced that thinking like what first, everyone's looking at me: ok, I'm a foreigner whatever's we but Women are smiling and flirt, and what that what's going and in your eventual somewhat explained to me, like did your white thing? I've always, though,
thing about my body that I would complain about is my skin. I've, never like my skin, like all I've got as much melanin is anyone else, but it's all in my teeth, so I got yellow teeth and super pale skin. You know burnt really is completely, and what is your pen manners irish area? Railway? and I M a redhead which is like you know, one tweak away from our by no right. Will you not a? U redhead. You like, I used as the on gray and now dear, the greater the red well, they're, gonna get a good thing. Gonna go blind dish right on actual that's it when you makes a red with gray, you get blonde right, but now, when I was a you know until I was in my thirty's he's, probably you I had sort of orange red hair. Well, yeah was dark or Josie, copper, wire, gonna colored. So it wasn't bozo, that's very this clause, people prejudice, and that in men
Yeah, that's sexy when the man in geeky, how does where may because of the novelty and also there's a there's, a reputation among redheads for being sort of temperamental, and everybody knows a temper meant a woman's a lot of fun embed. Maybe that's it and temperamental managed dangerous drugs, exact assault, the irish assholes. Finally, I didn't rack he'll. Well, she was a redhead, although she was Mexicans, I'm not sure how that happened. Everything I've seen from Rico wealth is All I can remember, or was back in more like and why she was a red head like a dark red. I think she died it yeah, but just like Auburn Reddish kind of bloody you think die was like back then. What were they just grind up? Some leaves and fuckin rubbish There will probably had dumb. What's the use in Pakistan,
ah, you know had his goes way back yeah. That's that's! Tough, strong shit to write people get those fake cannot. Tattoos who asked for days came scrabble off the deeds in Pakistan. Hannah die there beards Interesting Chinese. Look, that's funny like when their start, when they are grown greatest, their version of just for man exactly this funny man every no one wants to be gray. That's the one thing like universally people, that's a fuckin tricky one man did it. So I'm not happy about my grey hairs grew and a little chin beard here and it's completely white and I had one five:
six years ago, and I was travelling in it- was still read surreal unaware and between then, and now I got old, Elsie whirring shaving. Your shaming completely also is like a snapshot. I there was no gradual process. I solve most Lee like say we like eighty percent black in my beard, but like the sides of my hair, like where, if I had any, this is all going right now. All this is grey and besides she's, easier to graze more dramatic than the balding, because both of our rough the graze, probably less romantic. As I know, dude were totally gray, die their hair and they look file or are they look fine with the great day? I wish gentlemen kind of thing. I know both yeah it just while it just represents. Reality represents the finite nature of the body and you d gone through a process, but also like I was talking about how I'm hoping that, like old in fat comes and now that I'm almost there or or their depend. Arguably you you're, you're sort of balding. Experience happened at a really good time, historically got lucky sort o, but I thought
for the longest time out here. Transplants propitious I put rogaine in There- and this is very ironic- your name is Rogan. You gone ball nearby, unrealistic sponsorship, especially now to go to the counter like now. It is by it, but you have to go up to the fuckin farm sixty seven prescription for that shit I've got a lotta rogaine in my day, because my ex father and lie in Spain had me bring it back from the states. Every time I came to visit, he couldn't get it over there. I think it was like he thought it was stronger or better in some way, so it was like the only the captain, my relationship with him, partly civil. I so wished. I shaved my head way way way back in the day when I first started worrying about it yeah and way better, because I love involve like I've. Really I do. If I could grow here now. I would still shaven the easiest thing in the world. An hour ago, I had a great bar. And she was hilarious. Hairstyles, my friend Gabrielle US. She worked on news, radio with me. She was- she cut my hair forever. You know about it
In point time, she was cognitive, just look like dogs should ever used just like you get thinner and thinner and then once I quit taking the propitious, then it was I serious downhill slide. All really ship was just die and left and right. Let's move why I agree with you. I think that all young men like in their mid twenties, shake their heads Joe it's a sea, don't worry about it. You know if you're gone ball for share your eyesight below I shook my head believe me, taken roll it's better than whatever the fuck is going to happen. If you don't shave your eye, to shave, my head, I wouldn't we're in India. I was with me. The in India and go on for months. We're in Asia her like over a year- and I thought is- every time a shame. I guess if I've got a weird shaped head or I look like a dork or whatever who gives a fuck? Nobody knows me, and I came to her when they were rendered this house on the beaches. They hate cut my hair and I want to share my head, and she said I please don't do that.
Why why it's not just goes out. She used to me, look like a dark, but it was my father. Had tat a liver transplant and she said in India You Shaver head when your father dies I'm like and she's very suspicious and she's got all these beliefs and she's like nothing your father's in rocky shape? You know wanna behave in your head, that's different yeah! I can see that I miss my miss my chance. You I'm my chance on these radio. That's when I got my hair transplant first one. I got three of them, my first when I was a news, radio- and I was like God, damn issues- goin man I just like to have seen it fallen out. And I was like something about shaved, my head: they like, don't do it don't do it. I'm like to my ears, are no shit and they taught me out or because it would It was because air director, because you'd living a psycho guidance, I didn't say it- is
used to whatever the fuck you look exactly like. I have a picture of Joey Diaz back when he was like two hundred and ten lb. It's crazy! It's on my wall, my office. I stole it from the comedy store with Headshot. They had up and the argument was that we think are stolen from the office. They put it up. I snapped it but it's some its Joey like thin end like, but if I if he walked in today. Look at my data below what the fuck is going on here, yeah, but I see him. The way is now again: are you nuts Joey in our young you get used to get used to the change? Definitely Ben I was thinking about the I'd. I'd turn fifty three last week rights. I think it's about time and now it and here here l a visiting my parents who are in their seventies, others all that you know a lot accuse for these things and there's a famous poem by Dylan, Thomas RE, says right: age, against the dying of the lights off and think, I don't know I don't know, maybe embrace the darkness of you know like me,
the light you really like people fighting lost a fight against pancreatic cancer. Well, you know, maybe that's not a fight worth waging you know. Well now I know I've got pancreatic cancer whose fighting it and they gave him a very short window to live in is pushed way pass that, in you know, and everybody's completely shocked, this amazing attitude and he's positive enjoying life, and I think his point of view is not instead of rage. The dying of the light enjoy the moment and live your life fancier. I think, because of that he's actually living longer right, there was a guy's name was built Euler, who became friends with from the internet from my own message board, and he was a young kid who got pancreatic cancer and he lived for years and we became friend from online you? He said he would have had a screen name mood. Call it I think is craniums called PAN can fighter a pan. Can I pancreatic cancer glaringly those screening and I would get
tickets to the sea and get him take. It still commie shown one time came to visit me in Florida and arm. He came to me I'm taking a show and then in Otomis gonna go sleep in his car as I can. Of all the way down here, you're sleeping car use, Yahoo ones have shown us. I go to a hotel room and, like the skies, get cancer nail and sleep in his fuckin car, your means system is like super import when you have cancer sleep, a super important for the immune system, but hey is always so thankful and never weird and like for a kid, a young kid who is facing this horrible does. These almost nobody escapes from its like the percentage of people. It survives one other were very, very bad, but his It was always like I'm gonna, fuckin fight this phenomenon and it would pose these tweets and It is on the other message board like Three years later, I'm still lie mother fucker, like that kind of shit, and he had to. In his stomach when I saw him once we song Bravo Nigh became friends of this kid. We
maybe six or seven times over the years and I went on- we saw his head these stalls. Hairs eyebrows were were gone tubes coming out of a stomach, because you know some surgery that he had and who still started. Good attitude is amazing what an attitude he had, and I think that too, is probably would allowed him to live for so long, but he eventually die recently, as we all do right. That's funny. I saw the guy from sixty minutes. It was in a car crash last week. You did you see that I forget his name, but he said three. He was seventy three years old, and the headline said that this general manager's name, I can remember, lost his life in a car crash. I thought You know when you seventy three, you not losing your life, you ve already bank, seventy three years right, you're losing a couple years, you're losing whatever was laughin Levin. Yeah yeah yeah actuarial table over some of the yeah right.
That's not losing your life. You spend that money. That's like somebody robs you and they got everything well even get everything they get. What I already spent right right they sped they robbed your whole. Life savings, while you're really say my neighbors: they save a couple a we really look at this picture of Vincent Man from the W W e was sixty nine years old seriously This is insane and that's not shop that I'm going to work out of shape before this Jamie. What's up. Ok, he's on the cover of muscle and fitness Tony Cliff centres to maybe Tony because Tony Hinchcliffe is a fucking fanatic and he's in love with with Vince Man but nobody in human history is overlooked, like that at sixty nine years old testosterone is a mother fuck. If you want to rage against Dinah lie, that's the way to go, get our punter testosterone replacement therapy go to a doctor,
They bring into the same levels. Really that picture this ridiculous Abbas parts behind you know, that's ok does, but it's ridiculous. I go fuck as ever. Looked like that at sixty nine is a good or is it bad? You know, I don't think you'll be too terrible. People could live to be a thousand years if I knew that we have the resources to support, Can I would think, like man, what kind of amazing philosophy insight? Would you get from a thousand year old woman whose lived hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years? yours and you know and see culture shift and change and nor members as much as she could and tells you about life in a that only a person is lived a thousand years and we are a little blips. He talked to a guy that lived a hundred years. You gotta be fascinated me ass, his faculties, but somebody's lived, a thousand. My god mean it would holidays.
Be a bitch, though be imagined a grey area. Great great grant money has to be said for a match. The candles on his fuckin, clear ethical, do with die blown amount. We isn't in Iraq, don't you think we're going to see a great advance in our lifetime of of lifespans, but the real issue is: do we have the resources for that, because one of the things is going on with our world. Everybody knows it. There's a lot more people today than there has ever been in recorded human history by a giant number and when you see places like India that are in dire poverty, it's one third, the size, United States. It has three times as many people plus it's like wow. I mean how daddy you're dealing with a lot of poverty in a lot of suffering? And you know maybe it's a prospective issue and maybe what I considered poverty, they consider life and then, if I live that life I would be accustomed to, it would be normalized. But I've got to think that most people don't want to sleep on dirt and most people don't want to eat food, that's bad!
or you know, struggle to survive in anyone in dealing with my mother rampant diseases and that you're dealing with an impoverished nations who know when they don't have enough medicine to take care of people? I don't know it's, but if we did have the resources, men would be amazing to talk to a thousand year old person who knew everything about the mean. If you could keep your faculties How grumpy were they get very spoken kids today and our electronic hologram music pour your violence. When I was a kid, we drums matter animal skins, those animals, we chop those trees down. We hollowed amount which strengthens the compound bubble, but seriously I mean, if you think about it, I just how much things have changed since you and I were kids, you know if you talkin a guy's five hundred years old. It's like all this shit man. Why yeah? The other thing is
thousand years from now. We really could you live to be a thousand years old thousand years. Now people might not be necessary me, we might have evolved, pass this state any sort of a gigantic technological loop. I really believe that when you look at it the iconic image of an alien. Now the big heads, the big eyes no genitals, I think you're looking at what holds us back as organisms and what the things it If you look at our wars and our greed and dissolved crazy, fuckin, larceny and crazy shit, the people do saw attached to the primate body, you know it's all attached a saxon breeding and greed in guilt in fear, the worry about being mortal. If that we move ass. That in some giant big engineering leap or if it goes Kurzweil on us and they develop some in,
even artificial body that you transfer your consciousness into this way more preferable in illegal the buttons you can push for orgasm all the bullshit buttons. You could push for adventure. All those exist in I'd your head and they can access them at any moment, but you're looking at the world in some crazy three, you know a minority report fashion where everything use your interacting with the world in a very different way. You might get. A bunch of people had jumped ship in the models might get better and then the next model might be so pleasurable so much better than being a human being that had just spoken people historic juncture. Specially for raising we're, fucked polluting the ocean. Guess what about you live off photosynthesis? We were going to cure the whole thing yesterday, I was again now you. We live off the sun, corporate algae, somehow into the genome or something but somehow or an look. There was a snail that I read about Ray We are a slug that shift. Between photos.
Emphasis and actually eating things and it eats Sir algae and then through eating that algae can actually absorb life and limb. This synthesis- and this is a new fine. So it's like colonized its food. And it still alive, yeah yeah. That's it succeeds it somehow another taking disability from its food. Do you know how sea slugs have sex? No Elvis great since you mentioned slugs. I was planning to talk about slugs today, Joe, but since you write it up, sea slugs are so interesting there there on the bottom of the ocean, they're just what a wandering around blind right on the bottom of the ocean, whether those can they see with those thing, I think they're, like motion detectors, you know whatever antenna but went to sea slugs. Now sea slugs contain both male and female reproductive organs right inside body, so they ve got sperm. And eggs, and when to sea slugs meet each other, they sort of.
Rear up and in with those horrid, these horns come out of their their heads and they art slamming each other, with these horns, like a couple of years, mountain doubts or something, and eventually one of them will break through the skin of the other with his horn, and at that point Jack sperm into the other. Any ends The other becomes female. Why? Because now the eggs have been fertilized, and that once a male? Well, so it's like when they there like fight to see who's male, whose field which you know maybe reminiscent of that's craven, zoo or similar boy scouts, who's, the boy religious, retreats, yeah man, that's fascinating that fast it's amazing when you see all the different varieties of life when you see
the different forms that it can take, and then you stop to consider the restless in are but your earths environment, imagining what they're gonna find they could chip through Europa those oceans, it's very possible, there's something alive under their history and fuelled from the he's the volcanic vance most likely. Nothing. We ve never seen anything in the ocean other than like. You know. We see like hermit crabs, they'll use other peoples You know about getting a shell. I've never seen anything like builders, sure are, then, that I dont think like nothing, nothing you could consider like look, there's a house. You know I got me a beaver as a Beaver den, even its crude as fuck damn their building their own little house and this kind of crazy and we actually have insects in the world above ground that build incredible structures and turned down though my Cacena Cross section of a termite mountains, ain't village, the events for keeping that eight hundred Roger Leaf cut her aunts is out the one, great filled up with cement.
And they they bring the leaves back, and then they have fungus that grows on the leaves and that's what they eat. Yeah, that's Ya'Ll, whether termite We do something similar term. I think I'm thinking I saw some BBC special recently. I think it was termite mounds in Africa and what they do like where they have all the eggs has to be an exact temperature and humidity and this is in Le Collar hurry desert re, which is dry and chant temperature changes alot night today, and so they bill these things and they got this chamber and in below the chamber arc cooling fins. That hang down perfectly space and the air circulates through them, so that it keeps the term you're exactly the same all the time why it's like? How did I mean they're things the evolution that are not understood. They like there are things where it's like. Well there's no gradual way to get from point a to point b here. How do
Termites know to do that when you know that how do you and code that in DNA that doesn't seem possible based on what we know of dna, especially since its own isolated incidents right in all these, as a user might ass crazy, they dont communicate in a way that we understand right, yeah it's, it's very mysterious it and I think, there's a we're talking about like Quantum heaps and thinking and stuff. I feel like in a strange way and I'm even hesitant to save his publicly because of It is an example of what I am talking about, like it's really hard to talk about The areas where darwinian notions of evolution don't quite make it because you immediately get. Then, with the religious lunatics Amy. So it's a shoe people or yeah, so it's sort of shut down an important conversation in a much like the Nazis. I mean the Nazis, we're doing all this interesting science that you can't talk about. You know you can't. I
eugenics right like well. That's a legitimate thing too, Parker before everything illegitimate talk about, including we are talking about nazi history, why's that legitimate to talk about, but eugenics as a concept, not saying as an actual practice, where I don't think you should take people's lives because you're dumber than you and I'll buy you a genetically. You could encourage some people ought to reproduce like like people. Do a genetic propensity to certain illness. Like hey, you know, Maybe you should adopt and here's a massive tax credit if you do right. I agree with that, but man, I think you should be able to tell anybody that they ten or can't breed of my think education is is important with all aspects of breeding, but we all know that people make terrible decisions when it comes to breeding. Because do you wanna get them?
and then I like I'll know. I made a personal right now I got to deal with it. You know I mean I don't think we should take that away from people just because they have diseases or force them to get an abortion or if you know the also one valid point that people have illnesses say is I don't want anyone else to have the illness that I have, but I'm alive and I'm I'm okay and I have cerebral palsy, and I have you know whatever have you know and I can still enjoy life. It might not be perfect, but you're telling me that this experience my experience in life, because I have cerebral palsy because I have something else- is not valid. I'm saying that's wrong. I'm harrowed, I'm hindered I've, certainly can't move the way. A regular person moves wherever my experiences MIKE, parents- and I can make the most of it now enjoy it and I'm not necessarily trying to give it I'll bet you're, but I'm not trying to involve images argument for that right. But ok, let's look at the counter argument right because the assumption there is you're, as you said, your invalidating my experience but look
from another way. What are we? Comparing that experience to write work were experience were comparing it to nothing. We're not. We're not comparing it too. You know you should die. You should be. You know what we're saying nothing right now. How do you compare it to nuts a kid who isn't born, isn't suffering right, so I mean, I think you ve the assumption. I've got a cousin, this really smart, little kiddies like five or something in the other day. He was talking about how he before he was boy. He was saying all fetuses should have ipads but no password grandkids, because he wouldn't understand how old is he like fire? I think because it's boring boring being evaded right and others like well. Might my eye was tie you do in, and he said she said. Well, where were you when you were feeding she said, I was sleepy dead sleepy dead, yeah! It's not like that
when you die. It's it's dead before you were born in UK, sleepy sort, sleepy debt, woe like ok, yeah. This is it's kind of a genius kid. What's that can actually know something what, if you remember some shit, we forgot I tell you I mean this is going to sound crazy, but I remembered when I the kid I remembered you remembered what I remembered the the feeling of where I came from before I was born, ends what happened was, and this is a weird thing has just talking- took a solar about this recently I remembered it as it general How can you say that like What I remember is, as got older as a kid. I remember thinking, I'm losing this memory, I'm losing contact. Something I know an ass, My consciousness was getting more sort of aware as a does a person right, Irene.
Lies that that was a really valuable thing that I was losing and so ass. I was like twelve thirteen fourteen I was like have to remember this. I'm I knew wooden, remember it as a memory, so I was creating like a record of it that would remember if I may, then he said you know I mean, like I know, It's like people who have. I forget what it's called, where they don't recognize faces like that all Oliver sacks than neurologists has any describes in one of his books and he's like They ve got this face blindness. So what they'll do who is, if they're, having a conversation with you and they going to go to the bathroom and another gonna come back, we'll be like ok, The guy with the blue shirt and the thing in the tattoos is Joe. You know just create a record in his head, and then I ll go to the bathroom. So when he comes back he'll, remember your Joe dad it's a really interesting neurological that I would like to see that guy draw a picture of a face.
Yeah, I wonder if they would have it works, do no Oliver sacks. He would be an amazing guess. I don't know. I don't know how Monaco Obi we have heard of them. I've heard of them actually describe that. I forget what show was was Toby was actually describing that issue, not not knowing what people's faces necessarily look? Well, yeah. I think I just want this origin it's hard day. They were like I imagine that it is right because it something with saw automatic to steer the also wrote a book about hallucinogens hallucinations, which was interesting because it was the first this that may be found five years ago and it was. It struck me as the first like main stream. Sort of non apologetic discussion of the use of hallucinogens by a very mainstream doctors written all these best sellers and he talks about when he lived into panda in the sixties and he took some acid conceded. You have to get it, expect. Let's go to the farmers a moment ago that ridiculous
I wasn't going house there once and he's fucking hippies talk me even look at any further hey there, like, like the house, had a tennis court behind it, though I give you by the house, you gonna, let the community is a tennis court right. I go what s right under my bed like enough, here now, I'm not gonna, let go you. Can you fuckin people too much imaginative, dirty hippy shown up Sunday morning, you're trying to sleep in your papa, but Bob hey man that was in bad news was, and you should share the score fuck. You have good, like the Californian the sooner lived as them. So true, I wanna go back to what you're saying, though acute your memory of of beaten before you were born, No. I was listening to this radio lab podcast. That said that about a million times, if you plainly the the drink, games. China shattering up because I d listener progress all time, but they were talking about memories and how poor those memories truly are and how many people like believe
that they have an idea in their head its carbon, stone. This is what happened, but if you, if you look at the actual events, the provable actual events in comparison to their idea. What happened for avatars away off yeah? You know I wasn't a horrid serve territorial yellow! Often, people see that when they go back to where they grew up, you know you go back to your home and lecture Smaller everything's different, just like bows like like somebody made a replica of where you grew but did a shitty job because they didn't have all the data giver feel betrayed when you have expressed, it's. No, no, no, the opposite for me when I went back to where I grew up. It was amazing. My my wife and my kids and we walked through the neighbourhood there going to neighborhood. I lived across the street from the Charles River and, as is big park like area, and I would go fishing down the river. There was like this and it was out catch Bass, add- and I took them on these walks that are used to take through the woods as I did
the crazy spot to grow up. I didn't realize how weird was. I grew up near this place. Called echo bridge and echo bridges in the fiscal Newton Upper falseness had a waterfall chief, my house and I have never realized like how cool this was lingering until I took the kids there and walked around like one is a wild place to be like all the places where Easter hang out my friends, size and always in our job? It was still alive Diana. I mean it's. The hemlock gorge reservation. That's like that! The area I think it's preserved. It's not like, I was imagining like inner city cause, I'm member talking about rough neighbourhoods and stuff. I lived in Newton from the time I was fourteen to the time I was seventeen or tunnel is without high school. You know fourteen seventeen than like a year and a half years after that stay there, but before that eleven place called Jamaica playing Re Jamaica Plain was rough really live, therefore,
about a year and a half, maybe two years at the most, but I went to high school or grammar school in this thing was curly thing. Tat was the name of the grammar school, but it was bad man. It was real bags in Jamaica planes become more gentrified now, but when I lived there, in nineteen, seventeen, nineteen nineteen eighty- I guess it was summer run- then I think my first year icicles eighty one, it was. It was really bad. There was a lot like bad shit. Go on down there. Seventeen year old, kids that were in the seventh grade in other, would like never I waited in like you'd be in. I was like a little kid and I was going to class, and this is fucking full grown adults that are in my class is guys and girls make out. The back of the class was all these like inner city, kids like they were so I come from Florida where I lived for that in college.
Unity and gains Will Florida and we moved like the only place in Boston that my parents could afford, and it was this Jamaica plain place and they worked really hard to get us out of their and moved us. A Newton and Newton was like way more urban way more relaxed, but to make a plan was focused scourge whose sketchy has a lot of crime like you, there's breaking and entering in our neighbourhood all the time you know like that, we got a dog just took to bark, to let us know if someone's trying to get into the house is very weird. It was weird place to live, and then Newton was a totally different at school that some unite having common movement as kids. I moved a lot as a kid. I saw my free high schools thrill common with people at her interesting for whatever reason, yeah. I mean it's my suit ever younger sister and she and I sort of dealt with it in diametrically opposed ways, She had
developed a real need to be part of the community. So as soon as we moved it, we've been Jacksonville, for example, soon as we're in Jacksonville she developed the local accident within a week. You know I never developed any accident. I sort of I became the pedantic, arrogant assholes who doesn't need friends. You know that I dealt with in writing. Ok, I mean I, I got to eating alone in the lunchroom. You know like reading a book like I got my book AL ignore the rest you fuckers, I mean I made, for but that's the point was that didn't like. I wasn't region out. I was trying to beam, and then that works rate in the meantime, the rest of my life travel and all the time live in overseas. All that, I don't have a home a year. You like us to write. You move enough. It's like Ok, I lived here for a couple years. I lived here for a couple years, but when Peter, They don't you miss your home, all your friends, the people. You grew up with the the people I grew up with that we're stages. I'm still friends with a couple guys from ice.
Oh really, here the army to one guy from high school actually have to two bodies from high school that we talk. Why pre clause with solemn last rousing, Boston and dumb. You know we ve known each other since we will at fourteen. So it's weird she has now he has grown kids went there with him. His kids is stars like our twenties, those crazy. You know I've known as why forever too It's it's interesting too, to see he grew up in that neighbourhood. He lived there and you know we became friends when I moved into the neighbourhood, but almost all my friends like Joe E r e, like all these guys, moved Allah. Place in our dunk in eight o Brien counts the worst like not the worst, I shouldn't say, but the most experienced as he lived in Saudi Arabia is family life is family was involved in international finance, and so he lived in all these crazy middle eastern countries. He live enough,
I cannot believe that old Efron level how he lived everywhere, man, yeah and he's one of the most interesting people. I know because that is a key, this pros and cons. I think I definitely is like a definitely like a more calming confidence of growing up in a neighbourhood. We know people and you near, but has also like a limiting aspect that too, especially if it goes wrong the hour again on the neighbourhood, reality ashore abandoned boat or if you get labelled as like a person, the neighbourhood with lost, or they get mad at you for something redefine yourself when you move to new places, it's like the new girl she's, a new girl where she from just from Portland all she smell like feet, You know I gotta see her she's watching her address. She's got out of patchouli on earth
like peculiar, oh good. I guess you're, the guy you're, the fuck I write. Well, I got one guy, everyone always waited. I like patchouli, I like pruned juice. I mean I know it's a joke, but it's like a taste good for your body too. I guess you get makes you shit or not, should honour. Even I note affect shit somehow, but I mean I just the flavour and virtually smells good to me. It's not the worst smell, I like incense, that's very happy thing: people getting angry lights, unites moments, not if there s anything but nag jumper. I like the nag champ some stuff when runners I don't mind right there tonight, just one small Surely we find a shot out, Duncan
shouting up people shouting out where you mention Duncan, and you know when I arrived, I tweeted that I was gonna, be on the show everyone's like you, you enjoying dont, give jacking can make it easier to Sir live in the Taos Lady Fucker. He likes it up there. All he loves it. He's trying talk me into buying. How do I want your house what a fairer you'd be doing you would be. I will do that too. I would totally trust him. It's pretty cool up there I mean it's, it's a very unusual place because naturally support a large population. Finally live just drive our our kind of butter up against a mountain waters right there is a desire. You got you spend time it s, limb ever talk about hippies. Now I did, but I wasn't did you a workshop? There has a small smell. You gotta go that way. Damn what's wrong with you. Yeah guess amount. You know, son just
Fucker, other houses, it's nice sure don't lie to me. Man. I'm gonna write out really matters that I tell you I mean I must be the Coca else Harry. That's how dare you that's a bad drug, that's it it's a drug, I had access emulated, your ear in this position, all the time, I'm sure, but you don't having access to like the best of the best of something I knew it college who was the son of an oil minister from a country. I won't name just keep me out of trouble. He had a private jet to fly to Colombia. He had a diplomatic bag, so you could bring anything into the country. All my he bring the shit into the country and he was like in this frat and I knew some one who was in the frat and I was never frat boy at all, but they would invite me and like these yellow rocks of anyways. I mean I went to this dumb ass college or everybody was rich, so the drug seen there was off the charts and Ike I've done
the best coke. There is right I mean I know the guy who invented de I may I you know it's like I've got Have these really good connections for drugs and coke socks. Basque folk in the work of his shit. I don't get it while I mean my in my sense is that it affects us, certain personality structure in a really pleasant way. And I don't have that structure so for me, hallucinogens are like boom. That's push in my reply. Button right, Coke just made me fuckin, nervous and drink too much by yourself, deprecating guy in EU joke around about a lot, and you also introspective- and I think that one of the things that people dont like about people who are cooked up is that they want about themselves. They want to tell you how fuckin bad ass they are. They want to brag. They want to talk about like making we're gonna buy this forest, we're gonna fuckin, you know
you know I mean like MIKE he's always talk about how people in on Coke always want to start a business with you and it's really kind of true. It's like they always have a history as a way of these crazy grand plans and adjust. I have never been interested in it. I got lucky and adopt it, but I was a kid. I told a story. Times, but I had a friend my friend and I'm still friends within Highschool his cousin used to sell it to his wife, went down the toilet. I watched him wither away, lost like shitload await, came no, you know just always on Coke and when it warns wasn't on Coke Eustace exhausted, you know just like Jesus Alex, like. So no one, some of that bit by a vampire I got my god like you got to get the bug. They got you It's like you taken all the energy from party or live and concentrating it in a few hours after you do the coke and like what? What are you gonna do with Alan Energy, except irritate people, but I knew a girl and she was a great girl. She wasn't a mean
since she was a nasty materialistic, shewed, beautiful, she's, really nice and sweetened kind, but fuck she loved Coke God damn and she would feel bad about it. She conflict in love and I love doing Coca Greeley Liquid I was not curious enough to want to do it. But, listening to her you know, she's new is bad news. She shouldn't do it didn't want to do it anymore, but should tell your goddamn I'm doing I loved you and cook In my experience, the people who tend to get really hot Dunkirk are people who have is where they feel bad about themselves. They may feel they ve got a lack of self esteem. They they feel like they they're, not good enough there, not whatever their shame and Allah, because the court takes that way for a while. That totally makes sense in this case, because this woman, her mother, was like really overbearing and her mother was like Super alpha, successful
her mother- was single mom and was like like no man's gonna fuckin run me, and so she was a lawyer and she's ex. She ran successful business law firm and she was like super like intense with her daughter about achievement about pursuing tangs about you know: don't eat throng foods and eat in zoos like really like overbearing and gave her a hard time, but our way like you're, too fat, you never can be a model. Unlike who- and so I guess the coke was like free- and I have to think about. I give her, like maybe shouted deficit created by our moms, constant in us and new ever living heard. His beer self ever union government is no he's a hormone to note did know the name, a novelty seen a written yeah. He's he's a cool guy and if you ever want to have them on the show. Let me know he's he's a friend of mine he's a very interesting guy he's a doctor who works with addicts. He's been working with addicts in Vancouver in like the slum part of Vancouver.
Long time, a lot like real down and our people then he also is very interested in alternative approaches to addiction. Is written about Iowa sky as a way of dealing with ditch entreating attics and all that but anyway he theory is that all addiction is due to trauma it's not nothing to do with the substance of the activity, its that's just how it manifests right, but it's all about psychological tromp at all, trying to alleviate suffering of some point of some kind and it's it's interesting. His research sort of meshes very well with this experiment that was done. Also in British Columbia I can remember. Williamson, I think, was the scientists name. You know those MS studies, were they give rats
like they're gonna water bottle, let's just water and then another one- that's got coke in it and the rats or just keep doing the coke and forget to eat and then leave the I'll. I like these people, you're talking about lost all his weight and dislike completely focused this guy looked at them. He is a professor scientists. He looked at them like ok, well, that that's the sort of main study that everybody sites that shows that Coke is addictive and its coke, the causes of the problem in its substance and molecular problems, but why if we took those rats I'm kind of rats, but instead of just being in a cage where there's nothin to do put them in really interesting environment, where there are lots of other options. There are lots of other rats, their tubes, to through and things to climb and things to hide under and lots of stimulation right- I mean: let's try it, they try. What happens the rats the cook once or twice, and then walk away from it, never go back right, so
There is an argument to be made that a strong argument that it's not about substances. It's like our saying it's about the way, this substance, inner sex with whatever your particular suffering is right. So these rights in a cage, ravaged suffering as are not in a natural environment, a fuckin cage does nothing to jewish set like get high, so they get high. That's a very good point that I never considered. That is a very, very good point. It's called rat park. If anyone wants to google it just Google Rat Park, is that's what he called this. You know like sort of enclosure they made for the ram, manage and being a rat being stuck in a fuckin florescent lighting, room and havoc and metal cage and followed Bali suck on big to the fuckin life. They live as dog shit now you're in a prison staff loan urging you gotta present again solitary confinement rate any for him to get high. Of course, he's gonna get high and you're being surrounded by giants, but everywhere
go. This is enormous creatures who can easily reach an unjust snuff. Your life, squeezing ridiculous by nature, your terrified or I guess I pray anemometer yeah you. Should be running from everything and also you can't run hydra urine and they just reaching grab you, and if I can give you coke which may even more pair of city life. Goddamn Peter, might have a point I view this guy recently Tugela animals that he is doing his Phd in University of Pennsylvania and it was well in psychology, but there were chimps involved in his research answer. They They would come into these cages, but they have his big area outside back behind the cages. Re were so like at night, they would go, hang out there were trees and stuff, and where and so it is in that I guess sixties or seventies and
so he would hang out until everybody went home and he was alone and then he'd sneak. Back into the area where the chimps were He wasn't allow nobody was allowed re like walking around with gems, but he was like fucking They tell me I'll take that coming over he was a hippie right, actual he's the guy who now in this chain of paleo restaurants in Portland, really cool guy Richard is he opened the first man by shop in the country is very good business man then he opened like he went to. Portland link you wanted to be in a place where you can all your supplies for a restaurant, all the food with a hundred mile radius and studied all over the country, ACE Portland supplies everything can be grown within a hundred miles. He sort of was ahead
of the mountain biking craze than he was ahead of the sort of farm to table thing. Any open a chain called dumb laughing planet which there were like fifteen or twenty visa. Like vegetarian burrito shops in Portland Soul, that because he had quintuple bypass surgery, any thought he was going to die so that bought this beautiful farm where you grow stuff. Now it's just amazing quintupled bypass her journeys of vision, mountain biker, he was a vegetarian, vehement use of education, and so on What he said he's like I, out, I'm eating vegetarian for twenty years. What the fuck any reading about like wait a minute. This idea of low fat is bullshit whose wasn't taking healthy fat he didn't you know so now he shifted the paleo and now he's open. Like you know, he's got this expanding business of paleo restaurant anyway, no matter how so he would go back with these terms.
His hilarious story. Where he's with this, camp and let go back there in the smoke, a joint at the end of the day and the chimps are wondering and one Jim, comes over and sits down next to him, and he the joint and the chip reaches no, he is not yet this chamber directive no injury. It gives it back to my that that would be the greatest video ever on you to do. That is one of a chimp fucking, a frog of yours. I have seen their that's kind of sad, not for the champ but by one of our german smoking, a joint with a dude, especially a hippie right I'll, be the ultimate don't buggered dump her garden man. If he did Bogart what're you gonna, do you know that I give a chance to joint, shut the fuck up accurately rips your arms exactly and a high? What's a high chimp life, you know probably pretty mellow. It's like it, it's like a paranoid around like how do you know it's? Well, that's another thing
we're talking about rats being in cages, I got super high ones and I wrote a apiece way back a long time ago, my blog for my two thousand nine special before a start, podcasting ice to write. A lot and put it up and blog form and want things I wrote about as it is called animal prison became the foundation for love. Jokes, that I want to use in some my specials, but it was. I'm getting high. I got really high once and I went to the zoo and I was stupid, oppressed not me personally, my personal life, but being at the zoo stoned made me like right, like especially edibles in I had eaten pot, something or another cook. Your son like that, and I was like really fucked up there's some like this? Is it not fair, doesn't its link its cruel, its crew in its cruel and away we're insensitive to the it joke was like hey man. I watched the chimps, they were plan with the higher swing around with it. They have a good time like well, you can go to pay, and you'll see dude plant basketball.
It doesn't mean its awesome right. You know, like people do what they have to do and are in prison to have fun, but they don't want to be there and that's the same thing. These animals that didn't like the idea somehow another there sit being saved. I guess we're supposed to accept doing conservation work for sure, and that some of these animals can only exist in captivity in this day and age or or or at least we have to have some of my captain to ensure their survival is humans are pushing in their area where they live, but fuck man- that's a spell. With intelligent animals does depressing is shit. I've got a friend I just did progress within the other day he's a sort of in hired by the whole marine mammal consortium to try to them deal with their image problem from black fish in Bahrain. So we are talking about this and he's been work in a lot in this place in Florida, where the dolphins are used for therapeutic. You know with likes them. That's why
PTSD and Wrap kids, who artistic and staff and the dolphin seem to have a real sensitive, pity, and there's an interaction and a lot amber born in captivity. If you let him loose, they'd be dead within hours, you know they don't know how to survive and stuff Somebody way we're talking about this and near I say like ok What are you gonna do about them? I understand he has good arguments about the dolphins in the smaller animals, but like Can I do about the orchids man? You know how to fix that any site. He said emotional way to fix them They just should not be there because you can't bill an enclosure that is even our you're really big enough interesting enough, for them and they live their social, so you can't just have one you gotta have like fifteen of us. You know they're very community based animals. So Is it possible that they could take an area in a bay like a very large area and
all the world's captive orchids and transport him to this large bay. I take a large area in a part of the world that we don't go, but it's a habitable inhabitable for them, and then you know set something off underwater, spend a lot of money to fix this issue and then slowly but surely reintroduce them to the wild, forgive them. Steady source of food, I can provide them with food and then provide them with food. That's, u have to catch. Yeah. I give them more and more food. That's like you gonna, let us turn ago or whatever you light as yeah habituate them and make it a project. I dont by the idea that that's impossible to take Let them live in the wild. You take a forty year old man. Teach them how to go forage through the woods mean, look at survivor, man, a fuckin guy, He told himself to do that. He can exist for months at a time and under in the wilderness and there's a lot of people to do that. They have survival skills, we call we used to call hunting and gather
He is now survival skills. It's not just existing as a person foraging for food, like people used to do for fuckin untold thousands of years. I think you could teach goes, but he would have to take a long time be a huge cost, a lot of money, but you owe that to the Fuckin Orkut man that I agree. I agree, but you know we're not. We get it here, what we owed other, you know being short to say. Never ending, I mean here singer, you know I am now he wrote animal liberation which sort of started the whole animal rights frenzy in the seventies. Whenever was really entry, philosopher teaches at Princeton now, I think, and he made a really interesting artic argument about using primates in drug testing and cohesion The argument there is, while their close to human, so there are real, answers to pharmaceuticals and things is as close as we're gonna get for our own testing and
He said he is one of these guys who just thinks really clearly wherever it goes, and he doesn't give a shit and so experiencing argument was got Chimpanzee has the intelligence and sort of demonstrable awareness of a three or four year old kid so that their beings, their thing, in their experiencing. They ve got emotions. They relationships is no question right. They're, not They're not you know, and- Your thousands of babies are born with no brain with forget the technical that medical terms, four, but they just their brain, never developed in the fetus in their born in houses, really here Maybe it's hundreds. I don't know, but a lot and this point was these babe we're all gonna die. They thereby They put him on these machines, keep em going there. You feeding, tubes and whatever but that they are never gonna survive. They feel no pain because they have no brains. So
We testing pharmaceuticals are now because our human does dark shit. While it is you're right, but it makes sense, it's only makes sense, logically stayed the emotion no four. Instead we're torturing. You know these living thinking, aware beings yeah. The idea being, of course mean that argument against. That is, if it saves one human being. Who cares about the champ That's the idea that a higher life ray of your wife is saved your life, your own, the person. You love more than anyone else in this world, save because they tortured some champ. It's it's not a beautiful thing, and now it's it's is very dark, but you'd be happy. That champ gave up his life right, but I think that's why we have governments right to think beyond that personal level, because That's a war is re worries. Innocent people are dying so that you know it The other is no good choice right. It's like ok, a thousand innocent people die there, or a hundred thousand innocent people die here. Well again,
exist, to kill those thousands of innocent people, since it is not the real problem like what make someone uniquely qualified to be the person, it makes a very difficult choice. Milly no one deserves to be the person who decides this group of people dies. So this group of people lives or that this monkey gets a window A battery cable will test was decorated. That's why psychopaths do so. Well, cuz, I'm not worried about Consequently, there is better able to make those decisions, a psycho, sociopath I've never really understood the difference between continued. To be honest with you think, sociopaths I'll feel empathy and psychopaths like more prone to more violent behaviour. That makes any sense like this. I think sociopath from what has been explained a mean I might be buttering. This problem should look, but I think that the idea being that they're not see feeling empathy like the right of asylum. So if they buy their actions they get ahead with toenail suffers, it doesn't bother them, whereas for you you would do something that would hurt someone feelin stability. May I just can't fucking sleaze
so freaking me out in it. I have that that sense of empathy, I've, a friend who wrote a book called the psychopath test, will ever that John Ransom Ere. I started reading and I should say a thing I build on it, Lord yeah. Well, you get the idea pretty quickly and I d d on that shit like that man. I can really good, would like a documentary. Stuff like that like getting deep into the dry issues of psychopath and sociopaths, and what's this take on it, the essentially that psychopaths are very We prominent in fields like Wall Street, military units high do really well in areas where you have to make decisions that you now hurt people. You don't give a shit, here's an medical and in psychology today. That explains in a way many forensic psychologist, psychiatrist and criminologist use terms sociopath in psychopath interchangeably, leading experts
agree on whether they are meaningful differences between the two conditions. I contend that there are clear and significant distinctions dictated to do. Ok, sociopath psychopath. Share this, what they share: a disregard for the laws and social norms, a disregard for the rights of others, failure to feel remorse or guilt, a tendency to display violent behaviour additions to their commonality. Sociopaths psychopaths also have their own unique behavioral characteristics as well. Sociopath tend to be nervous and easily agitated, they are volatile and prone to emotional outbursts, including fits of rage, color psychopath, oh based, on the other hand, are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others. Although they often disarming or even charming personalities, interesting! That's where we think of a sociopath, psychopaths, are very manipulative and can easily gain people's trust. They live, to mimic emotions. Not I've met people that do that, despite their inability to actually feel them, and
peel normal to unsuspecting people, I've, seen that I've seen that where I've had conversations with people, I realise that their like mimicking emotion. Oh yeah, Manitoba that happen him like you don't care at all when you feel like no there's a there's like certain feelings that people have Will you feel you see it in them? They feel remorse Yale, sad or they feel empathy, and then there's other people like facon that words like they're doing bad they are so powerfully annihilated blue line, and I was on a tv show here two weeks ago or something and it struck me This sort of their concentric circles of bullshit that get more intense, the closer we get to the cameras. Now, just like you check into the hotel and early aid after Ryanair
it cannot light but friendly, but they don't give a fuck rate, and then you get the driver whose lay a is everything good. Can I help you with that? Sir? Then you get the assistant producer who greeted the door or so thrilled you're here Doktor Ryanair. It is and then you're actually on stage and The cameras in the shit is just like up to your fucking neck. It's unbelievable! He had all the emotions or kind of show was it. Well, I'm legally can't I can't name it by it was like I like it, show you no kind of like where I was talking about monogamy, and you know you know and the the segment before me went long. It was about dirty underwear, get out so much less that's important, discuss, Their issues is your bacteria. Can people die what about lacks nations? They protect you against our agenda and I'm not saying it's
I don't know I've, never seen the shouts. I don't know if it's a good or a bad show, but it's just annexed. I've experienced this in lots of shows. Not this show. Lots of shows where, like you're, a tv particularly you know. Why am I talking to you about tv, but it might At least the way I interact with tv, it's just such bullshit, you can be, certainly can be, but there's some shows you do that. Aren't bullshit like they're, like the Jimmy Camel show. For instance, you talk to Jimmy, came I totally there. He seems like a real guy he's real guy he's totally. Why I often wonder about. I was sorry, this body, the doing the dolphins stuck his head. Dated woman who was on a region, from George Clooney talk about a tough gag, a year. The rebounded Rudyard cleaning out take out over the rock I'll take George coolly all day. I don't
day I data to one who told me I was even better than Fabio in that you should never no farther retaining Fabio happy seconds. Lord lowers you didn't tell. We tell it was too late to change course. It's one of the most dubious complements over recent is interesting. Even better than Vivier so Jimmy all was dating girls on the rebound from Georgia, known Jimmy. You know my buddy, your ass, you say way with that. Got us talking about about famous people who seem cool like George plenty to meet. Your enmity seems like. If you hung out with him, he would actually be a cool guy, you imagine he'd be pretty cool and so like how hard is that for a guy like that whose probably thousand times more famous than like my level fame he's, probably like legitimately, like a thousand times more famous me, that's pretty intense fame. He can't go anywhere.
Yeah George clearly shows up like helicopters will start circle in the restaurant, that he's at people just jump out of buses with Cameroon right. Try to touch him into any relates to what we were just talking about, like that fake emotion, thing like how much true in put, is he getting from human beings to? He goes to other countries that want to things that I think benefits you forgot to acting as Villa Fuckin, villain, France, France notice, I said France is I'm sure I didn't say France K, I'm not like that. He's got mad cash, that's cool because it insulate some from allow the bullshit but yeah, but it also attracts the bullshit. What I want to say my buddy is friends with Johnny Depp and so in fraud, and he spent some time with Johnny Depp in England, and he said is the most ridiculous. Seeing you ve ever seen your like the. I can't go anywhere. Everybody goes: there's people your pieces in and suits and they follow M everywhere. They like their peripheral and try to
outside whose like going outside, how cigarette and they swarm honor we had arrived. Some word need something like you're always cater to, so he lives in this weird insulated. World wailing runs from restaurant. Restaurant has chefs Comoros Housing cook, can't goat or stores It goes he's being swarmed upon and for him apparently it happened after the parts. The caribbean movies, Alec took things is critical nuclear place, or is that right now or is it dislike? Ease story? He's an object of it. She never worry goes. There's gonna be really hard. Keep a shit together when you like that yeah your realities, fuck yeah you're not getting the sort of feedback that you need to stood like know what's real, yet you know how to hear it It's interesting. You hid the character that with him over into that world
strangeness was based on Keith Richards right now. The idea started talking to my friend Tao, who am he's an italian prince talking about European. He was married to Olivia Wild for seven years now, so he sort of like he's in this world a strange world, and his heart his father. Was this crazy, italian? and who hung out with Fellini and Brigitte Bordeaux and Salvador Dolly and studies. Started the dull Jovi die in ITALY. In the fifties and day squander this huge family fortune. You like in here lifetime on women in boats and party, he's a shaky and love him. Yeah really interesting cat anyway. Tat is a great flamenco guitarist and we're talking about like how do you get in your head? When did you start playing a tiny said? Well, when I was thirteen
The rolling stones came to like Rome or wherever there are playing, and my dad is an old friend of key Richard any took me to the hotel where stones were staying and Keith had like a whole floor or to himself right and we went in. There are always people and others scene and actually Keith Richards Father was there. He mentioned, and and my dad mentioned Keith like a thousand learning, guitar and Keith. Add up Manco guitar there and he picked it up and did a few like rifts any Tom. If you want to learn to play, guitar learn flamenco, because if you can play flamenco, you can play anything and tat now is a fucking grateful, my god. Our cities like mad, if Keith Richards,
well see what to do like. You know, that's what you do it. He fuck and went with it. It's Gary. That makes sense to that flamenco very fast finger move me like you, would have to develop some incredible coordination, a finger yeah like doing stones or, if, after that, allow Yazzi yeah, it's always loved music, but have never had any inclination to learn and instrument I love it when reviewing the no fly zone of time You know I mean I haven't forms of expression that enjoying a jump. I think because fuck man, you watch like Jimmy drink solo, good Lord, you imagine if you could, just as the feeling in it that deeply in the flow you just that's what I regret and I never had the discipline. I took electric Qatar lessons for two weeks and quiet and they took piano for a week and quiet, and here I was just too much of a fuck off as a kid.
I could never get over the hump toward started being enjoyable. You need to be obsessed to get really. And anything or there's the drums earth? Tom Playing Chess, it means all the same thing really like you needed just get obsessed at that particular disk. No whatever it is that it takes two to get really good at it. A big part of what make someone really good at anything is like this crazy obsession don't have that obsession you're, just drift in and out from wanting to the other. Until you find the thing that you really are obsessed with do you think we are now obsession is defined. You know and the psychological terms as a pathology right. Sesar, compulsive disorder and end This is a very subversive kind of thought, but it's like in our society is really expected. Psychopaths. Who attain great success? Are I mean our most really successful people responding to some deep trauma,
like they say comedians. You know, There's some need for approval and make people laugh. Make people love you. You know, because whatever your family structure, not on those many comedians as you do, that here that right over you know cause I needed the attention and in an like, they need people. In it, there may need to be on stage there like drinking that up, because there some need nourishes them on some level right. So I wonder like is there you're not like I'm thinkin about people who say like I learned to play guitar, so I could get laid you know the girls were. I guess I'd, even if I didn't think of it, so I guess you're right. I would get less familiar to you and your friends got together and you, like man, we're having a hard time get late. Ok, here, it's warm Van Gogh's mega band. I think you pray wouldn't be as good as if you guys were, like man, Q
Looked stones were our age when they got together. This is fucking. Do these guys? You know you look really had this desire to produce use something that people love IA and answer you gonna have to do. You have to, I think, to get to be a Keith Richards. You have they have to have this desire to produce something that people are gonna love because, like when you into his guitar rifts in or any great Qatar. Stevie Rave on any, and we may have to have this deep desire to connect with the just the correct sounds then, is coming out of their mine there at nation there their skill, their interpretation of the moment. You know like that's why people like like when someone? Does it a guitar solo, the idea being that this guy's just feeling you know, it's not the exact same solo every time, every time there doing it like you know. If a gorgeous starts Rifkin and everybody starts cheer and go and along with it, you want to see like what's
What's in that guy right at that moment expresses itself through all the discipline are all the years that is practised guitar and then the finger coordination that is able to achieve in any You there's some shit, that's like you could tell me just cannot do just go and fast Reno. There's go unfair rather sad is unable to tread, and it's really cool and it's really impressive and then there's like some Stevie Raven Shit there's some Steve a raven. Were you like feel like him crying through the guitar are there like, there's like this, like this emotion that attached to it and then people connect to and when you see like Stevens version of little wing. You know you see a great guitarist in happening and loving another great guitars. You know there's something really beautiful about that fucking his his voice Nevada trials. The only version accept other than Hendricks. Obviously, a huge Hendricks
I mean that's. Why name this the jargon experienced a rebuff? Really you always from the towers. Little kids I mean he just- has a special quality to him, like that, sir voodoo child to me, like that. Just about power by setting Ganz come and where the fuck did I caught? Who did that before him here mean that prick compare music beforehand and after Hendricks it's like. I really leave the like especially voodoo child, there's something about that beginning riff power, like many, really gets into it. It's like guy who's. On some new place. It was in some new dimension when he was, and we strongly guitar fuck that I'm not learn that I'm doing my what that's it is just like. So unconcerned with what before unaware odds troika using drugs That's what I was going to say and honestly, the first time it special drugs not come. Oh yeah right noise on all sorts acid draw general. I mean that if I
their dinner it is hit, hit that crap that shut up. Listen to this
will you really have to think about it? This is the late nineteenth sixtys when this guy comes out with this. Now, if you just go ten years before that, you do like Buddy Holly Penny, which has great music, but this is just some next level shit like listen. This part is one due by the way and then distortion bad, bad ass. Might I have a few all time, favorite songs and I like all time, favorite song, but I listen to that mother fucker when I'm in my car on the way to the gym. Our time in the last five minutes before I get to the gym. Is food child? Just just fuckin blasted put my phone on airplane mode, fuck, you- and here this, why act always hi it's just
touches like your dna. You feel that guy's expression right through the sound like I get that with a deer elicited Danny California, the relatively papers that ok, yeah, there's like a tar theirs as a thing that, like the wholesome, builds to this fucking wild guitar led near the end like if I'm workin out a running or something I always have that on my playlist cause. I just there's like gee comes out of the Ethiopian out, so amazing yeah they had a cover of higher ground. That was one of the few covers that I actually enjoy inasmuch as the original just like see, ravens version Arright voodoo child theirs. Covers that are better that I really love that genre of music. You know where a cover like
that's the essence of the song in a way that the original performer may have missed like there are few. A few examples I mean along the watched. Our idea says that better than Delgado and a yell and actually said that as well, yeah is so different. His origin is different song, I mean it so it's so different, and you know here's one, well, don't gotta, suspicious minds. Dwight Yoke M did a cover of this building right, it's better than others get mad. Fine! You montana white people. Finally, I hosted a version that integration is in bad. Did a grey version too,
funny song suspicious minds it as it is by its Elvis and come on baby you now. I would like you gotta, believe we're your life and I actually context of elvers here with dude. I'm on my way. It's like day of K say any one woman met yeah, sure you're dwelt, not only that Elvis's, probably on so many pills, you didn't know if he was monogamous willingly with drugs are drifting in and out of consciousness. All day long mean he was Org. I about trauma, leading to great fame, where I yeah dying away, do damage soul. You know seeking approve from the world. Why often wonder if what we're seeing or see great like great? resonating forms of expression, whether its art or whether its comedy here you know any music. I always wonder if what we're looking is a mathematical equation. If we're looking like a a unity Yang and Ebony Pole, and that
the ebb, whatever it was, the created this great deficit response. Body the mine, the soul. The spirit responds this incredible work of art to try to make up for all the trauma that experience when it was young which is why it's it's really tough, to find someone who had this really alter privilege life, who is accepted and loved and nurtured in every way who becomes really fast. In great artist. I got you usually find these people at her in pain and torn up and economically I often wonder if we look at it in Joe Context, and we sort the election that guy's an asshole, his life socked or she was abuse or he was neglected and work. We were looking at it in terms of like these, these definitions that we ve already categorize in our mind, but in fact What it really is is like math
We are leaving it we're looking at a minus in a positive way, looking at a Jimi Hendrix this young black men in this incredibly racist world comes along like right. At the moment of this psychedelic acceptance, where The whole world, especially young people, are turning on in a way that they never had before the Beatles come along. They do the White Album people freaking out, clap Pink, you know, I lay LA pink Floyd and then all of a sudden, this dude comes along whose dress like a fuckin indian headband, on display in music, from outer space chewing gum, talk, Phil, Hartman, rest, his soul, whose good friend, from use radio and he was he grew up when he was young. Rather, he lived in Hollywood. Any worked as a stage hand when Jimi Hendrix played the whisky, and so he was right there, with Jimi Hendrix
holding the speaker, because sometimes the speakers would fall off the stage like they were on the edge of the stage and you had to be there in case something happened, so he was there when Hendrix first burst on the sea. So he has caused a Hendricks as you are right to confront, or a sea play. Guitar Phil was hopefully you sell did everything. You do out. He was a true genius. I mean you really could do anything any at incredible work ethic that guy like we joke around about it Had this thing we did at the Hollywood walk of Fame he star earlier this year. And Stephen Route and Candy Alexander, and I were would joking around about how Phil had these notes like he would have his script would be he would have tabs for each seen and the like different coloured tabs for everything that he was in, everything would be highlighted and you'd have notes,
dickens and everything was like. Sheep are organised and we were always likes cupboard script. Nothing could find it forgets gripped. My fill had his in a binder. He would take us things. Punch holes in them, stick them in a binder. You know me he was super duper organised in anal about that kind of shit, but one of his greatest moments. You know what one would friends, somewhere along the line he starts working week like all the time is before actually smoked. We end up aid, did it because he had a lot of problems, Mariano issues, obviously the weather's wife killing him, but he enjoyed like after work was done, not wives there, but after work was done, he enjoy getting high. He love getting high in going on a boat and he had a boat and who take his boat out and huge sloppy nigh sailing, and he was telling me one time we're hanging out in his room whose, after after filming knee, was high- and he was telling me that story about him.
Working at this club and holding speakers for Hendricks in two days ago, my favorite memories of him. You know because two seconds see him as this a young guys like he was so fascinated by everything he's. The only got I've ever met that I went to a strip club with didn't feel creepy cause. He sat down he was he sat down. I could say this now that he's dead can if he was alive at prone. I tell you the story, but he's in love to go. This place called Bob's club he lady and it was in the valley and feel took me there and he Yom. He would sit by the stage and the girls who come out dancing give the money, and he was a genuine child like enthusiasm for their bodies in how they would be like moon, affordability, beautiful paintings, highest just highs Falk, and he was these girls, dances, stick their generals in his face and heed. This was love in it. He was love and in a way that wasn't creeping like. It was weird
like he had this almost like innocence about the way he was appreciating their bodies that I didn't feel weird being near him. While this was happening you me, and could you feel it as well as to insecure out to work for whatever reason of his room, preset ideas about bodies and is also I was like at the time I assumed I was twenty six or twenty seven, twenty, maybe twenty at the most and I was pretty fucking crazy and I was just a different purse. Is it. I was still operating on the momentum of my youth and chaos and I couldn't believe us hanging out Phil Heart. Strip club like to me. Like seven years before that I have been fighting seriously, so recent, like my competition days so flavour, like who I was because, like you know, tat her mother, Word obsessed what it means I will, if is a sickness, this
fitness meaning you're good at something, because that's our, I was a hundred percent sick when I was a kid sick as sick as us psychotic in that way, you know not away where I didn't care about the people's feelings, but just ups. Maybe psychotic cite the word now that we ve research that maybe it's the worries just just. You singular in my purpose, envision on on earth. I just wanted to do and only that monomaniac and sows are for me to get out of that headset for a long time. It was allowed to drift back into that headset to fight it off and try to like simile and be normal that I felt like I like also drug. Addict to it stop doing. Koker heroin are meth or like that. I'd like on its this war, old where there was no more fighter. Flight was no more terrifying bouts of competition, followed by preparation, followed by more competition,
now send them hanging out with Philharmonic's trip club did performance feel that way at all. Like you know, you gotta taping, on Friday, leading up to it used for the nervous, your preparing new note to some extent deathly, not a tv show tv shows what specially news radios, one of the easiest jobs I've ever had in my life, in terms of the actual performance of it me be a little nervous before make sure you knew your lines, make sure we get it right, but the key ass was so fuckin good that, like you, were working with these people, they were so funny all you do just do your. Thankfully, I give it to me in a scene with Andy Dick. All I had to do was just go What are you talking about man? What are you talking about and then he would do his wacky ness and then I would do whatever I had to say in the hall Part was not laughing. You know remembering your lies first and then re not allowing amazing, but to be active. Stand up. That's a different
as your creating it. You know in news radio they allowed us a lot of room for ad living, but even if you do created your interacting with someone else and it's you know, you're you're pretending some things are happening. Neither work You're doesn't work and it doesnt work. He you get together. You take a five minute break the writers all would you know Paul Josh, and these guys raw huddled together, would try to come up with another line. You know so It's like everyone working together on this thing, so since way easier than stand up stand up my alone you're on your own bed. You know if you're out their barman, especially people paid money to see it spoken. You know you better come Iraqi, better have some should say so. Stay more so, but still never is terrifying as the link between bow
Between combination is thereby uver. Was there ever any sort of possibility of you being on certain life? I never wanted to act at all. I needed woman. I didn't sketch that no, no, I don't want to do that. So how did it happen? I mean. Do you dont have to talk about it, for this is sucre by the time tat we have is super. Somebody's got development deal did MTV half hour comedy arc of development deal they offered me a lot of money. See knows on a Disney show of all things for Fox too, areas while Disney Chauffeur Fox is called Hardball. When that was over. Our totally ready to quit, show but you're doing avoid now the care later based, poplar, frank, voluntary and does terrible show it start. Really good, the guy's created it were writers from the Simpsons Jeff Martin Kevin Current, their reddish Simpson, zero for married with children. They were brilliant, brilliant guys from, but they were soft spoke in. You know, writers, intellectual, they got steamroller, got steamroller esteem role by fax, though, though the p
who came into the Unifox didn't think there are strong enough to run, shows they fucked up their pilot. They fucked up all all the opposite and they detect a great idea. You know they thought they were baseball fans and they to make a hilarious sitcom about baseball? into married with children for baseball right. There was an idea, and I hated it. I hated hate them and I loved love being in a pilot? Jim brewer was actually in a pilot with me, Jim played one time role for him, and it was just bad seen. It was just not fun. I didn't enjoy workmen actors. I thought some of em became friends, but a bunch of my light unbelievably self centred and weird and says you got no training United Theatre in Boston, zero, no desire that which is infuriating to them that son, I was in their turn. Fear was ass was his eyes and I played the baseball star. I was the guy who is the star. The team as always, based on your comedy, no, not at all,
other. The MTV thing was now did my comedy like got me to the MTV sang bright, but the desire to sit com. They had already written it. I guess they discuss. May I met them and they said you could be our guide so boom, also known in Hollywood, and they put me Obama zone you lot I raised, I did the pilot first, so I came here to visit. I got one those Oakwood apartments on in there bank did Emily automatically goes to have these rented Furnish parliament's table beautifully move right in sleep in some bad. Some do before has been foreign jerking off. Damn I did that and then then it became got picked up than a gun apartment, I signed a lease cause. I figured out this is gonna stay I had the awkward for we Saigon shows doing well and they thought it was gonna get picked up. The nigger cancelled, so there now I got news radio same thing just audition went in for an audition. Is a cattle calls, a hundred dudes
I met them when Anne did audition came back to the second audition bam. Amato put to me, sitting there at the table, we would fill Hartman day forward so all told being on news. I had even thought about ever acting for less than a year, and I do so. My second tv show second in so totally insane and the second shall I ever audition for by the way I don't know addition for two shows ever and I was on both of em. It didn't make any sense. And so you know what do you Tribute this lucky fuck that for sure Lucky's fuck and the ability to perform a pressure in one of the things about sitcoms about auditioning for them it. So unnatural you're in this room, there's a table there's these people, you don't know what to pretend that in our our tropical island and we're trying to find where the first aid cap cabin is. You know you. It's is fake, like in the lot. People like. Oh, my god, my life depends on this by bills and some but I've never had to perform into pressure before but being a stand, help
tremendously cause you're you're accustomed to be nervous and then fighting help tremendous customs be nervous. So those two things you know I I I warmed under pressure more than the average person, even though I didn't have a lot of acting experience. Interesting that's very interesting way to look at it. I just I mean I'm interest in all this. I just watch that as an l special, the other night law to fill men, he was amazed and a lot of audition tapes as well he's one of the reasons why I never wanted to do it, though his his depiction of working in silent live, was not good, no a lot of people to hatred he hated it evolve, fail, as are nice. Fuckin guy was a nice hawkins. That's a sharp nice, it's it's a very old! Your computer You mean spirited place in Vilnius The remnants of that almost like as a defensive shell when he first started work NEWS Radio, like you, would say like, things that, like we're, really uncorrected, think of him later and it was really be
we ve actually talked about it. He unwanted, namely names, but he was talking about a mean people that work with on the show of always don't believe he's got that reputation. Does a lot of people who come from that environment do because I think it's really hostile they're all competing to get their stuff in the air and is a lot of backs debating and other people do in favour sure writers and trying to get their stuff in and there's a lot of this lot of greatness. That comes from that to mean that we decide live. If you, Look at the overall body of work ages. Just cherry pick greatness. My guy, many of his ridable bouquet of John Belushi and fill heart man and Adam Sandler and Chris Rock and use grain is Eddie. Mother, Fuckin Murphy, who was genius on that show implant buckwheat. My god is amazing. It was that it was, but I never had a desire to do that and I want to compete with a bunch of people want to be in a hostile. Invite I've always believe it or not and does make sense, because I did martial arts where I live. I will try to avoid hostility
I don't wanna and I want to argue and only conflict, a man I don't want to compete. Beautiful thing about Stanhope Comedy is you're crazy yourself you go up there, you do what you were doing right. You know to argue with people about it. If they don't like it, then I got to laughing. Then your fuck. You got a structure in figure it out yourself. I feel by writing books. I mean sometimes I missed like an idealized team kind of environment, because I know how wonderful that can be The reality is, generally. When you work with people, you don't necessarily like each other and it's a pain in the ass cause of all the weird ego shed in there. I kind of like and I can medal these for awhile make a living sittin in a room alone. You know it's gotta, Ups and downs, of course, is also a positive aspect from the readers point of view that if I read a Chris Ryan Book, I know I'm getting Chris Ryan's thoughts, their humming
dull, treated from your mind to your typewriter, near your keyboard rather yeah, that's something unconscious of. Can I read this and are not. Maybe was that book you recommended to me the the war are yeah but somewhere I read dumb. Someone said always right posthumously who now right as if you're dead, because you will be- and the book will still be there. So like let go you know, say, what's true yeah yeah yeah, that's amazing, yeah! That's way better than like fury like a Beverly Hills, housewife going to write some shit, that's only based on you know like. What's going to yeah. You know me, I mean, like they'll, create these things like ok, how's, this gonna work the best and I don't mean a single them out, but mean just like it's a people that right some books worth pretty obvious as a written, the book, they're kind of bullshitting, who they are rejecting this
back to that part of the audience, but I want a friend that parts I got out: yeah yeah, yeah you're talking earlier about that whole ebb and flow idea. The mathematical sort of it all goes out at the end. I've thought about them a law, not so much in terms of individuals, although it makes sense, but I thought about that alot in terms of his local moments, historical periods, Vietnam, the late sixties right like sixty five to seventy one? That's one me. No more Americans are dying in Vietnam right than any other period earlier than that and before they wrapped up it. Wasn't his many sea all this conflict, or he's riots in the street. You ve got Selma Martin Luther King and all this agitation and at the same time you God, Jimi Hendrix you ve got the Beatles. You ve got all the music we're talking about amazing literature coming out of that fashion, craziness tied eyes and now froze- and you know it's like when this
It hit the fan. It's really interesting, you know in an interesting people rise to the top where's things are stable. The interesting people, just you they don't get anywhere cause. It's too. The structures are rigid in controlling you know Well, sometimes there is a need for reform. And change that makes these interests. And things blossom. Almost at a pressure must I d like to rocks, pushing together and the creator it is. This is a fact that happens because p were pushed into a certain way and in that sense, has always been the argument We need a certain amount of evil to appreciate love, to appreciate happiness and in good times, must we need a certain amount like people who this is you got to do with they gotta go over there, so we could do we do over here. I would who look at war like people in this country, especially
just some thing and they don't they don't think about it deeply. They don't think about it up in a way where they they comprehend the loss of lives in the sand, the sorrow they just look at it is those are our heroes. They gotta do what they gotta do over there is. We could do we do over. He arrived whoop and It is really surface way of looking at this thing, but it's it's almost because they are not experiencing the suffering so most because they're not experiencing the sorrow that they don't have this this This appreciate the appreciation that you have of not being at war shouldn't, be someone's over their fighting war so that you don't have. Have war. It should be that you, you, you realize it who can get along that people can love each other? There could be friendly. We can be nice, you can go to a farmer's market every by Saint High,
You didn't you know that's about the apple, but you know we can interact with each other in a positive way or we can fight over an oil hole. We could shoot each other and kill babies and fuckin gun down innocence and untold numbers over oil hole. I mean it's almost like having no interaction with it. Having in also having this sort of arc at table, patriotism that everyone's, scribes too, that sort of life is a very cookie cutter vibration. Certain types of patriot type people give where it's like. It's really like this is where we can operate. We're gonna brain is very small box with the soldiers are heroes and there's no there's, no doubt there doing what they do over there. We could do it. We do over here and they'll repeat that mantra over and over again, without any consideration whatsoever for what it means. As you and being set with your you're you're dealing with groups of human rights. In fighting other groups of human beings. For some reason
That has not really been clearly defined, that most of the people fighting have no clue. What as yet and most none of us do very few. And I think that for someone who for someone who goes over there and inexperienced, it's probably gotta, be really weird to see that sort of cookie cutter version of it being expressed by people. I got, I have quite a few friends that have been our seas and involved in the war and need to talk to them. Man, they have sorrow. They have some horrible stories. Have some shit. They don't like to remember. They have some. You know some really difficult things, you know this brine Williams thing that happened. The news is one of the things that I took from it especially hard was nodded. Brine Williams was not telling. The truth is, I think, he's a fuckin hollywood
he's just a showbiz guy he's an actor is an act, is an act that reads the prompter. Instead scriptwriter, he acts like a standard actor mean like they have the tie, and they would they talk like most of Do I made a mistake and I come on man? You're fuckin lie in July. You lied about some shit that went down, but what would it hit me harder was the pilot that was involved because there is a it involves gave his version. The story did some interviews and he said that they were in a helicopter and the helicopter took small. Fire and that the helicopter in front of them I wanna, get hit with European J and it wasn't one o Brien wombs, then, but he was telling a story about this and then people sort of questioning. Now you weren't in the helicopter, pry whims, this guy wasn't helicopter Brian limbs, and so the Guy hey man, you know what I'm I dont. Really completely remember, but what I'd it's hard for me? to go over this I'd put it aside, but now that I'm being
Remember the nightmares come back in a moment. A really hard time is really, and he was softened money said I don't really want talk about anymore. I say what I have to say is isn't disguised. Certainly not lying certainly did serve, certainly dig it shot out. He certainly did see some horrific thanks is no doubt about that known questions that they just questioning these. These his version of events she's a couple. Other people have their version of the events, and this is so much trauma involved. This guy's experiences over there. That he's like I had tried my best to forget. This was what I can remember when people ask me about my experiences brainwaves. This is what happened and he gave a very logical account of it. Why we're in our lady said? If we had a drop off payload, we dropped offer payload, and then we went to that. It took us about an hour, and then we went to the site with those guys landed within then we all had huddled down together and snow sandstorm and it was an incredibly traumatic event all involved, so it I'm not giving brine Williams a free Pask. As you remember this in a fucked up legs. I do think he bullshit it. I think he added a bunch of shit to his version of it.
Put himself in more danger. Could you didn't think that anybody put the pieces together and when it came out, look historians, self would have been just as good if you said that helicopter none of us get hit within our Pga. We had that, doesn't make you better because you almost died. You dont deftly almost died anyway, like his version, the real version he almost died, real version. He still was in a convoy they got shot at his helicopter, didn't they were all forced the land and endorse sandstorm, for today's mean version is amazing. You don't have to, but it's it's indicative of the kind of bullshit artist that we have that a reading of the news that he didn't like that version. You wanted a jazz it up. He wanted to make a little bit better while I was in danger for the news. But it is as we started this conversation time on unreliable memory guide and remind me, Kundera said, memory is not the opposite of forgetting its away of forgetting rang, as we do. You remember things things you know based on emotions in and overtime,
I'm a changes, and especially a story like that, I know a guy who compulsive liar. I mean within fifteen minutes a meeting this guy, he told me he had trained with the seals. He had played some professional basketball in Europe. And he owned this amazing apartment that we were in that I knew he didn't know his boss owned, whose his billionaire guide- and he was the private pilot, this billionaire guy this friend of mine right I knew this guy was full of shit, but I also know he flies a fucking learjet for a living like on stand by to fly this guy wherever around the world like do that's good story in itself. You don't need to lie. You know the guys working at Starbucks. Ok, I'm! U make up some shit. Why not? You know gets through the night but to your fuckin pilot
like I knew. What you do is is successful. Communion and a multi millionaire and was would do really well body would be, is a compulsive. Why? If you start talking about something that you do uniquely, he would also you know like you, you talked him about whatever going to the jungle in researching ants. He would tell you about his time I was a little better than your story right ear. He smoke cigarettes new. Tell me about his kickboxing experiences with world champions. Balls you like to get into your realm array of israeli society, that's that's wrists. High risk will use crazing complete still as completely crazy, but he's really count too, which is interesting, is a really good comic. So it's like it's caregivers name away. Folks, and yet are so maybe my mind, a variety of men he likes the thrill like that. Maybe you're gonna call em. I know I don't think there's no magic is still no notice ego
when alcohol and a bunch of craziness but smoking cigarettes, tell me about how he just sparring eight rounds with world champion which isn't totally impossible how this guy and Joe Shilling recently as well. The best kick boxes in the world and admitted on the purchase smoke cigarettes on a regular basis, fuckin crazy, but he's also outside of that very dedicated as an athletes is ridiculously smoke: cigarettes and endurance, sport, but he's a bad motherfucker. I mean like bona fide legit trains, although this cows and train and skies drinking all the time. I know he wasn't kickboxing like he's not like this, but he almost can't help himself has to just a starts. Talking just comes out get away. There's a weird craziness, Eimer meeting a guy once at a wine tasting who too me he was a demi. God was, I mean, well, that's what I asked. What is I mean? Well, it means I'm, I'm half human. My father was human. My mother must round- and he tells me some latin word for a star system somewhere and anything
like again within fifty minutes. He said that He was the highest paid artist in the world because he had design Lee that ATLAS thing in front Iraq, Feller Centre, which was the highest the most Prince a piece of art, any whatever we like, whatever butler and and I was fascinated by Ngos with super good. Looking do like he had like us oh beard and bit use bag and dark. You know he looked like Satan matters. Awful he's. Gonna thing, you know I thought was bullshitting me. I thought that my friend had like put him up to because I was high and I was just like see, values is acting like it was a spy still. I thought he was goofing euro and that after a few minutes, he'd break character and we'd all get a good laugh out of it, and I even called my friend was: I hate Dave, come area that I'm talking to the devil. Here, he's got some great story and then Cassie was there and then she came- and he said,
he got into her any started, trying to impress her and telling her all these strange she's a psychiatrist right. She sees bullshit like before the rest of us, even though its coming, you know I was very fond you like the whole interaction Y yeah, but- it's. It's a form of insanity like people have to scratch that it now and they can keep move and those people almost by nature, have to keep moving because eventually leave a mass behind their lives imploding. The lies come down and Cavan on them, and then they gotta find some new person to soccer and that does up, and you know you see that you see people drifting from one group of people to the other group of people and I've seen it. Happened here, it's weird between when you meet someone just obviously full of shit in lying through their teeth. It has a tracking. This is a very strange thing. I do know that I know and you're just gonna like hope that I call you on and because you see now, you're gonna write to you. I wonder about that too. Like some people,
again. You know that my wife's, a psychiatrist, she'd she's, dealt with all this kind of stuff and she laughs she just cracks up if she sees it because she sees it immediately and just like her way. Dealing with insanity is laughter and She works with which she has worked with all sorts of people, but her sorrows, Specialization is loony. Like one flew the cuckoos nest kind of scenes ride. I remember going with her the first time eight I visited her work, She was a running our mental hospital with like double doors and bars over the windows. These criminally insane people who had killed their kids- and you know like crazy shit right and we went in there. I wasn't prepared man, we went in and it was just like the lunatics and there this woman, like must have been in MID, fifties lying on her back in a little nightgown, no underwear with her arms and legs. You know like a crab, do in a crab thing and we walked
in saying this to you, know pussy in the interests cared about it and sold it started laughing like you, crazy, old lady. What do you do get up from their that shit, like last in the thing that I didn't understand until with her is that people were, psychotic no. Their psychotic and so they kind of know how ridiculous they are an. The doktor when she laughs she laughed. Such a loving accepting. I get you kind of way that Reach is instant report and they start laughing. So, unlike relieves little tension, I like. It's all, ok, I know you're just another crazy person, idea with you all the time I got its like hell? You know like a gynecologist, I imagine would have to say be so laid back that you kind
Ok he's seen a million pussies Ryan. I like it relaxes. You went away. You know that I think she'd that with with crazy people that's normal people who make a really uncomfortable. Oh yeah. Imagine if you were gonna colleges and you are supernova spots in someone's pussy. Ok, I guess we're about to do hold on the press. Modern my face when we have a lot of areas are happening happening, see what you got run down there, I'm another come looking. Lugging gotta use a mirror like inflicted vampire you, that's medusa, can't look at in the eyes. So if you had to have a job like a nor more jobs, which would you be good? I well. What would you one not again ecologist? I imagine outside of comedy output
beer, martial arts instructor, I enjoy doing you like teaching yeah enjoyed your good with kids about I enjoyed the ice, teach kids class. I taught a lot of kids. Kids up, I taught several kids from white held all the way up to hire belts. I can't get on anybody up to blackmail, but I get pretty close because it takes quite a few years to achieve black belt so far most of them? The is very rare that they make it to that far like there. They'll learn some lessons along the way to help them in life, but to achieve that level of of a fit of ability is as wide a commitment to most of em make it like, maybe one out of a thousand ever make it black early, probably in a good school. Maybe I mean might be one out of four hundred or six hundred, but it's her whatever its close to two thousand whatever it is. It's not one percent by any stretch of the imagination, is probably a good some as one tenth of one percent right now so, but I
by joining you. I imagine you'd be really good in that kind of environment and not just martial arts, but kids. General cause they there's like I sort of an immediate respect. You know like here. You know you look like a bad assets like outlet. Take like I serious. Why, like kids reasons, why and you're amenable you're opened by, I also I'm a big taken, strays sort area where I have always taken a stray dogs and cats and yeah been following your instagram lots of good cat shots. I recently got a new kitten. I like cats, I do too. Fund to finance around the not require your constant attention to. They. Ve got dignity together. Life man, and especially the key which, which you obviously understand, is have multiple cats. Yeah, don't have one cat cause, then you can have the neurotic freaked out cat peasant in your bed, but you have it. The difference between no cat and a cat is significant. The difference in one cat into cats is negligible. Yeah,
the bright. As far as I can see the toll on you, whatever yeah I mean so, get a few cats if you're gonna get a cat, and so they have each other when you're, not around yeah yeah got three of whom there are. We had three plan you know your interesting enough. Teaching was one of the things that really help me on fear, factor which fear factors seems like a such stupid show and it was come dumb, but It was some people that will really freaked out and didn't know how to deal with, like the stress of competition and I was so used to it. So he did not just not just teaching but coaching Even when I retired my friend Dmitri, was fighting in this big national tournament, I was in his corner flag. Demand like Dern and say what is best performances era. I'm good at getting inside of peoples have special people it. I know and tell them what they need here to get him to go out there and fired the fuck up We tell them like what you're really good at man. You can do this in its all about not having
down. It's all about knowing her stay, intense and focused and and and and go out there and do it needs to be done and in giving them this sort of technical, advice as well as, like this emotional pick me up some. Some people have like a knack for that and I developed by teaching kids big. Kids are always freaked out man. I took a lot of kids to tournament in the early fight, another little kids, most likely they wouldn't get hurt, but you know, when got a little seven year old in front of you and you're putting pads on his head to protect him from kicks, and you like. Listen you just gotta stay focus and don't be afraid. All you need to think about is what you're doing dont think about what happens if it goes wrong. Never think of that always think about what are you trying to do and if things go wrong reset and think about it again, what is my objective? What am I tried it? You stay defensive, keep moving, never stand in one place; it won't, you know, never stand. Put always always keep fainting always keep the upon again. And I'd go over all the most important things to them and pumped them up until you can do this when you get through this, you gonna feel so
I know, you know terrible now, but it's terrible as you feel now, when it's over Unifil so good and when they would you know it compete unity would lose it be so relieved like see now you feel good, and this is this experiences. Harrowing stressful experience can give birth to this new appreciation of peace right. It's this the young again Ryan, we're talking about earlier. I read a book recently fascinating book called Paradise made in Hell, back a it and it's about disaster sociology rights, what studying people's behaviors in their behaviour in disasters right, and so it's fascinating, because the idea we have is like that's. When people get really crazy and maybe loot and pillaging the owl. Now I can rape and nobody will catch me. They're no cops, and in fact what happens is the opposite that that's when people are most generous, most kind, they form communities, they meet the neighbors. They never set a fuckin word to for ten years there, like
taking care of each other and people in it relates to war. To you know, people look! back on it and they say yeah, there's a lot of horrible shed, a people were dying, stuff was army, but I remembered is the best time in my life. And the main gathers is really moving passage where these guys are started. The field whose no hippy he's gonna teaches it Nebraska. Something he's like very soon it up scientists, but he said he said the best way to think about disasters is not as a disaster, but as relief from disaster, that is normal life. Because a normal life were all isolated, we're all suffer alone. Man when the shit it's a fan, that's when things get really wonderful. While there is no escaping the fact that its finite, when you watch it, people die around. That's for sure here, yet
again is like you were saying about. You know. You need the pain to enjoy the pleasure. You need hunger to enjoy the food. You need a loneliness to enjoy companionship There is no light without dark, then, really right. I think people, one of the things that people miss in their lives, that leads people to become very stagnant and and disappointed in their existence. Is that there's no thrills and I think that's my leads people too, How to get divorced or to get did come drug at exhorted to be self destructive. It's almost like people need thrills and when you get docked in a really secure jobs. Were you know our Chris Ryan for the next forty hours and now you're gonna be stuck in this spot or you know eight hours a day for the next in seven days, five days whatever it is, you gonna be stuck in this spot and you're gonna be out this desk and you're gonna, be dealing with all these cases. The calm your way you're gonna have to file them, and then you can have to read or port and it's gonna suck. Then you're gonna
be lumped in to this group of people who are all do same thing into gonna. Do it every week and at the end of the week you no one in the day done, then you can go home and you can relax, but just gonna be no thrills this, through the biggest throw it merging under the highway. Oh my here we go. There's. Nothing, there's no ups is I'll, just steady and normal new, and I think that's one of the reasons why people ass much road rage and dress and nerve, there's, no real experience. Yeah, there's no flesh- and I often say in spanish- the word ice lot means both to in so late and to isolate, so we get out of this gets in whole book armoury, like civilization, is largely an attempt to ensue late ourselves from you're from strangers from any sort of predators. You know from anything that could be a danger to us. We try to integrate our selves front and
the end were isolated right because were surrounded by this margin. This moat that protects us from from from life right from the thing that makes you feel alive ran like ok. Be completely safe. You don't get inside this coffin. You know, and you too takes a man. Is that x and annual feel a goddamn thing, but house at different remain dead. It seems at world do in our part, in this existence and warm we're moving passed, what we used to be from sin celled organisms to hire primates to some weird thing right now, that's a combination of conscious being and and physical animal, and someone like Duncan some. I don't you and we're moving in this sort of advancing direction, and it's not it's. It's not done you know where we're, and yet we are part of a great process in wood. The stage that you and I are in their gonna, look back at us and laugh the way we look back at Isaac, Newton wearing a powdered wig or you know any the weirdos that
figured out all sorts of incredible things back in history, but also believed a bunch of stupid shit as well. Like you, you look back at Copernicus and the things that he discovered an unbelievable and amazing, But today I D, like everybody, knows that you know when you look at the life that you live like imagine, being Darwin and trying to x breast these ideas that you formulated over the course of your your life's work to a bunch of christian scientists, which is what he was doing with it's hilarious. If you go back and think about it too, day like that. His challenges of this idea, this monotheistic world that date that the scientists egg pretty much universally existed in that time, Turin in and tries to put forth he's crazy theories. We come up with, uniquely on his own. I mean that the the resistance that must have experienced to something that today is instantaneously accepted by everyone that
in academia in science and almost across the board, is ideas or accepted. So will we look back at those times and we go com they fuckin so stupid back then we're gonna do that us in scale can be that long. I mean with Darwin, you talk about a few hundred years with Us- is going to be a few decades and then a few days things, those faster and faster and faster and faster, and were we're in the middle of this. We're in the middle of this weird process of human beings changing and becoming more aware of all the flaws in the folly in our civilised, and our existence and all the shit were fighting for today. All the protest like Black, lives matter, and you know people fighting for rights of veto, everyone across the board from women and gazed this to that like what we're doing is we're trying to patch up the holes in this crazy system with with agitate in anger and loud voices and in social media campaigns and its essentially all just trying to make this thing.
Into a more coherent, more advanced vote. Of what it is now and then that in turn will find the inherent problems in its existence, and it will move to cite the monkeys from you know two hundred thousand years ago. That became human beings were fight. Not all these Frank creatures and realise how are we gonna make houses? This is bullshit like this fucking. A livin in trees is bullshit, hats, climb, trees, man, my fuckin darted, my baby get neat and exits Figaro fears and snakes outs, let's figure away to make a better situation, and I think we're in the middle of them, and I think we just like, like all things you take for granted that you are in the middle of it? We view of back on your childhood. Today you look back and you go while when I was ten, I was doing this and also, but when you return you're just in the middle of it, you know you'll be looked back and how much progress taken place in your own life as a microcosm to your existence.
It's are all of our existence, you or your own individual memories in your own individual experiences. They you re in the middle of it. I do not think it about been. What worse, as civilization, we're in the middle of this babyhood? we're in the Middle EAST, adolescence, whatever the fuck. You know we're moving into some new place and its arrogant, but very common for people to think we're at the end of it that this is the cunning at yet it is the edge. But it's not the end. Its not perfection in flag do yeah. It's always always. In process always in process but amazing to think that right now, we are at the pinnacle of human knowledge. We are at the peak the Tipp of the spear
as far as like everything, the people of the learned and figured out up until now. We have this database. We ve accumulated from hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years of regret records, and now, after that, it gets all sketchy. Few thousand years seized it we're weird and different languages, things get even weirder and it gets more vague and more strange, more difficult to decipher, but all that data that we have accumulated in the access to it, We have today unprecedented as far as we know in people. It's amazing, it's amazing to be at that time. Will you have a question you dislike with I called you type a site psychopaths, think we just bang, we just google it and we don't have to go to a library would enough to order a book. We didn't have to go to a bookstore good. Class instantaneously, get that information, and I think that that is liberating us in a way that we can even comprehend the dough we are all experiencing it in a way that it seems so normal, because everyone has a phone, you know
we just check my my phone see, let me just call my friend who is nowhere near me, and you know this affects getting back to the earlier thing about aging right like this affects the experience of aging, because more has changed in our lifetimes, because it's always accelerating gear that, like I'm number the first computer I interacted with right words. I was in my late twenties workin in the diamond district in New York, and one of my job was to back up the disks is computer. The computer where's the size of a big refrigerator and asks were, like you know double this. Conference of of an album and were these mass of things and they were probably like fifty megabyte teacher something you know if that that right I mean it, I probably got a thousand times the computing power in my pocket right now. It's just nasal insane, maybe even more than a thousand Riyadh works. Yeah
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