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#625 - Steve Maxwell

2015-03-16 | 🔗
Steve Maxwell is an American fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. He was named one of the top 100 trainers in the USA by Men’s Journal.
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explained if you go to dot com au and and i t use a code word rogue it and you will save ten percent of any and all supplements my guess the days my long time friend steve maxwell he's a very very knowledgeable an inspirational guy he's been training and martial arts and and strengthen conditioning for virtually entire life and is one of the most respected strength and conditioning gurus in the world today and travels all over the place and were always really really excited and happy and honoured to have him come on the pot cast and share some of his knowledge so please without any further ado welcome my good friend mr steve maxwell adele will gain experience ladies and gentlemen de maxwell fresh from australia into
a man of mystery world traveller trainer stars you're out there buddy giddy may they they call it stray yeah s t r why a stray i was so this was checking out my my australian memes you know they destroy and slay pretty funny man you can go online google is dublin summit sayings absolutely who is so you are telling me before the show that you just started getting into t h see a k a marijuana and now it's funny i'm a child of the sixtys and seventys and that was the huge hippy era and i was arrested i was like hard core athlete residency dub away division one and for me their time i believed all the anti propaganda in i was a priest straightly guy and so you know oh it's a gate
dragon oh my god you gonna go to hell and a hand basket and this stuff what store your brain and blah blah have heard it all of course and blows that eleven really funny anti marijuana movie that they head back refer man reefer man those i actually what we had to watch that and health class when as an ice really gathers part of the school curriculum vagueness so they showed its you like yeah like it was real we all believe remembrance from little web car thou pennsylvania that's it that's like a picked out so yeah i just recently saw reason just about maybe
six months ago what happened what started up you know i just head so many friends over into it and it's interesting because i made observations i've been in brasilia judges are now for our guidelines eighty nine twenty years as ethic yet twenty something yeah i'll get toy six was possessed by almost every be j j champ duranno was totally into marijuana they use usage relax gives us an intense sport you know i mean if you think about it such an extreme is thing what are you doing go out and try to hurt someone as much as possible but joint locks and so forth are you show them to say course that begins add waymore injuries what's the college dressing than i ever did with which you just because you can always tapped
but i just noticed that these guys oenis intense sport maybe not as intense as mma but certainly up there and they all would light up at night and so forth and hear that heather bong sorvino roll a joint and i could just never figure this out is just would boy my mind bright and over time i just got more more curious so i had heard of our friends in a story that were roy totally ended as also and i just saw do you know what may be a mrs something here now that i'm in my sixties i missed sixty so i made my xerxes gotta check this out plant arap got wonders what i didn't live was the smoke and run it really orton but i try wonders they caught the deep like a little square box with a strong voice again we'll take a little kids juice box you write a door to spot they have a bunch of those now their pens
that like they look like like some sort of a metal cylinder with i got lip on the end of it and indeed the packet with either oil the egon by pre pre filled little tubes of of hemp oil or tutsi oiling stick it in there it has some servant element in their heated up and you just breathing in breathe in vaporous is portable vaporize are so yeah i was this very clear and well i mean you you been there for a long time very open about it and i thought well you are really into your health and your body and you take great care of yourself and i figured you know if it's really all that harmful joe and be done this is no way that you would do something like that i was with you i mean i'm before starts working party was in the same boat i really thought it was for idiots at those four people that's why
escape reality there were weak they couldn't handle it they just want to get drugged out i thought about it the same way i think about pain pills today i got i took i've had three niece surgeries my first major one my first acl was a patel attendant graft which has cannot was particularly in because they slicer patel attendant they'd caught cut a chunk out of your knee cap and a chunk of your shin bone drill at all in place and screw it in place it's good because it's a native peace tend in so it it it bit it here's the body very quickly and this very little chance of rejection and very strong but its very painful and they gave me a prescription for vitamins or some shit i took one of them one and i remember sitting the couch feeling so stew bid and foggy and i said i am done with this my two surgeon my my other acl and my other reminisced surgery i don't take anything my knee
my nose when i had my nose fixed i am i am deviated ceptin fix and my urban aids cut out my no stretched out they put tubes and knowing nothing i didn't take anything just pot and i dont like i dont like anything that leaves me like cloudy and that seems like that's what i thought pot was i thought pot was something that left you stupid cloudy and it's really just is the opposite it tunes you in i was shocked i was utterly shock the first thing i noticed was my vision improved i've been near sighted most my life and a basic found my eyes were getting worse each year getting stronger prescriptions fondly read this book take off your glasses and see and i just basely through my
classes in the trash real and started doing ice strengthening exercises remedy i'm going to their own know myself they improve the lot there's lots of different exercise it you can do better than the name of the book is take off your glasses and say and this guy was a disciple of further bates method of i straight but when i was at the summit of the breath masters in moscow they had a bunch of guys there that dover using breathing and i exercise and all sorts stuff for the improvement of vision one was a form rob special snipers i guess he knows a thing or two about vision china and he would he was showing some the ices as a seed as you know real simple step and it was likewise works but only to appoint a guy really good to the point where i can drive during the day still little reluctant to drive at night i mean i could but i can't read street signs at night during the day i can actually see signs
but i'm a little reluctant and the what a nurse with the when i would take the t say i was using wonders vaporize thanks was my eyes would start to really clear which leads me to believe that it has something to do with must your attention i noticed that my digestion were improved and instead again foggy like i would be on my ipod may be doing an email or something it it's like somehow my fingers with just glad of the keys to magically find the letters way faster these my perception of how much faster i don't know i was just a very interesting experience when one thinks of people use it for with digital is not just to relax after training but before training because it focuses you in a very tunnel vision sort of away when i role when i smoke pie role i feel like i'm better at you you too i really do i feel like more
i feel not just more relaxed i feel like a more sensitive unlike more in tune with what's going on i'm also i love stretching on it as one of my favorite things to do i love eating those things was jumbos i just gave you their interest you haven't tried eating it that's an all organic edible th see marijuana little cake thing and it's all with natural honey in all natural ingredients is probably the healthiest of all these edible wants is a lot of these eurobonds are using process sugars and high fructose corn serpents up it's not good for you so this guy who created these he decided do you know what there's gotta be a market for an organic version of these marijuana animals so that much healthier for your body but it is really strong and be careful it will be very careful i had not in truth taken it before of train but i read about the guy colorado the triassic leech is world class athlete barely and he
he's been really advocating taking it before and during training somehow it improves pain threshold your your tolerance to physical exercise by not painting rather like exercise induced comfort it changes the way your body reacts it changes the way body reaction in any sort of won't i work out with it if i lift waits within i like i can feel the fibers or at least i feel like i'm feeling i feel the fibres of my muscles i've some very sensitive to it which is one of the reasons why i really enjoyed doing it before stretch and turns mckenna who is late great psychedelic philosopher he it was his contention that yoga itself was really a how to use cannabis manual
and that the way to optimize your experience with cannabis was through yoga because all of those saw dues all those guys are just hash smokin freaks there are like one of those like the dark secret of the saudis he says what they really consternation how may chileans can smoke free pass out and there you know you're not a man unless you can go deep deep keeping the rabbit hall and these guys would smoke massive amounts of hash indue yoga and in i should think while it's kind of crazy like i guess there just haven't fond duenna until the one time i did yoga when i was high and i was i'm while this is amazing it's like i can bring
acts more i get deeper into poses and also i feel like i feel this the resistance like a lot of pavel talks about this as well and i know how to say last name i say that sewing sat slowly whose a one of the most famous advocates of the cattle bell he talked about stretching being a big part of what holds you back is attention psychological tension not necessarily even flexibility but that your area brain sets up that stretch reflex yeah we're in europe unfamiliar position so its veto it sand danger you're in a different position than you used to being it yeah for most of assets sing and chairs or most most people right yeah that's the most down that's the most common position right when your heads in between you eggs in your stretching your hamstringing out you know you beer buys threatened by finally ready down anybody tense it up ten set up what he
saying was that it's all about like breathing like resist and then will resist and they were that resistant relaxes enhanced our know how many fold when you're on merit i mean amazing how deep you go and stretches and how good it feels afterwards is is weird state you reach when you do yoga or any type of deep stretching on marijuana i'm up huge huge fan of that well as it i'm a neophyte man teach master never let it be said esteem actual doesn't experiment you know i i really think that once the secrets to meanwhile is to be open minded and just to experiment and learn new things try new things and don't be such a stick in the mud with with your belief systems you now diego garcia holier than thou with all your beliefs because a man you know if you think about it
a lot of really high spiritual adepts they all use some type of either you know hallucinogenic wait wait target at home in the show but i was gone and so forth and in the share the shamans using their rub mushrooms and i think as you get older i think especially when you have been around a lot of fools you reach a certain point in your life where you dont want tolerate any nonsense and you dislike enough for this nonsense i quit it is now a night a good diet you don't need me supplements you're doing namely hooey in your life you only need bs is get out of bed and go out and do it and that that sort tally serves you well but in having that mentality and meeting all these fools sometimes you can kind of developed prejudices developed ideas that are necessarily based on data it's more based on like sort of you just your perceptions
the people around you like if you see enough losers and do something you say well that's for losers he's seen of losers at or smoking part you think we're partners for losers as obvious like google all these loser spoken pot and then you meet like beach a pen will hold the japan time does georgia to require what's going on there and then you you know you you you find out that ninety percent of the brazilian jujitsu champions or smoking pot their only actual stuff it's it's a perfect an answer there was actually an article recently about ultra marathon honours jimmy you pull it out because it was i forget what publication it was in there was a big article where people were really being really shocked at these the results these guys at or alter marathons that were advocating smoking marijuana and they were talking about should this be banned from ultramarine outside magazine also they could have been outside other issues that fact
surrender a bunch different things marijuana has benefits but is it ethical yeah see this is the thing tat people of course its ethical is our vitamins ethical is fruit ethical is caffeine go it's a goddamn plant mean these people are all on caffeine by the way here's the dirty secretive marathon runners ultra i have a buddy who is my friend cameron aids is a fanatical runner he runs ten miles a day sometimes fifteen he does marathons he's done an ultra marathon i think is gearing up for another old marathon is a maniac and is always hopped up on the campaign always but he has job like a regular job and he can't touch the pot and i've been telling about all this is like maybe is another good reason why
but my job yeah it's there's another very disagreeable experimental worth but for years in that's the young the theatre brainwave meditation where you actually you re produces different levels of brainwaves your brain oscillated certain speeds in different parts of the brain produce different like alpha beta gamma delta satan buffeted is like the one this most closely associated with that serve because in sleep in wakefulness when the subconscious mind can be programme and others are really good programs out there that produces a beat and then your boy starts to adapt and copy the beat and you can slow the brainwave down so i didn't plan i just like us have learned from sidney like fourteen hours white man and
really get that much sleep but i did wonders by neural beats theta brainwave meditation nowhere does you weren't headphones yet she was using bows your butt noise cancellations and just there with my phone and just wow zoning and you when you come out of it you feel like you just had a refreshing sleep yeah it's very very relaxing speaking of relaxation and so for those folks there are stolen a little leary about maybe charged civility i'd say you can do this with the fate of brainwave meditation all the brainwaves lake have their benefits thou is like what we're in right now the alpha and the the beta likewise
awake gamers like when you're a real deep sleep like real deep dreamlike state the fate is like that twilight in a one year that this is where it when people meditate they go into a theatre brainwave state but by listening you could meditate like a monk your first time out man why it doesn't require any special breathing or past years really you can just literally sit lie down come and he's just go into the zone and if you do practice visualization or if you practice in kind affirmations or subconscious mind programming it's a great time to do it man so listening to a programme what is the name of the programme and have you got there's all bunch of different ones you now you can go to amazon or itunes and and just look for they too brainwave meditation i recommend maybe people to go on google
and look at the different a major so many different companies out there now you can get cds you can get em mp3 mp3s you can download it and i can i have it on my iphone that's great a dozen programmes and it's really handy for four guys like us cause you do your fair share travel when you have to adapt to new times and it is pretty hard sleep in some of these points of jobs the it's hard for me to sleep on planes it's also heart from well enough if i'm tired i can conquer out pretty much work the idea the floor it goes but it's hard for me when i have to do something like three hours and i know where you take a nap for two hours good luck the m almost nature feel worse than if you didn't take it at all hygiene lie there and i can easily become usually can't get there will use up the earphones on both you're you're by muriel it is just like a one on one the programmes is what does it sound well sometimes a use music you can hear
underline beat is just underneath the conscious hearing and by eating you can kind of here this little rhythm gone up and sometimes a beautiful gun and jelly in music sometimes you just have like sounds of the ocean like ocean waves credibly relaxing and you just find yourselves zoning and when you finish the program you really do feel like you had just a very nice refreshing sleep you feel quite quite excellent so there they vary in the sounds but the beat stimulates the same part of the bear this couple jeff techniques one one of the techniques they have a different rhythm goin in each year so the right enough hemispheres have synchronize with just what you bipolar had i know my own i go there may
i am the sort you out i'm not i'm not a brains i did when i have been doing this for a budget years with good results but i don't know maybe if you have a mental illness or bipolar son but they do claim that regulate your hormonal levels real yeah and there's even there's even to the point of reducing growth hormone and so forth have you ever messed around with any of those that do not a turbo sonic is use a sound waves through the base of a platform you stand on this issue and it takes you through a bunch of difference goals i have sound but you don't hear it it's like a dear you're standing on a seer you just get a shaky and get involved love that thing i have one last thing in my house and its postal egg do all sorts of things as far as stimulate the production of is hormones and band aid he leaning in circulation but it makes you feel great
there's always just exercise and an undue vibrations and some new and trampoline really good for that area i may the dallas yo geese and the she clung practitioners have been doing similar things with their own bodies mean obviously the platform makes it much more convenient as ten minutes you giving that sucker for terminating the lower level it goes through all these different you're doing ten seconds at one in ten seconds and another and then very fast high frequency low and slow shape on monday and when it's all real courage as too ass wild found grace he was they haven't i got a bouncing shaking vibrational kind of thing and there sir are you sit down your receveur thing where they
this kind of stuff that whereas in russia they they they had developed as part of their rob slavic russia russian health system is their mobility stop they would have shaking in vibrations and in all the stuff that you just kind of do yourself and i read this guy alexander low on you like a psychiatrist it treaty people with chronic mental problems with the exercise and so forth and really he was really big into shaking in moving the body and all these interesting patterns in various axing just gets a lot of attention on and i agree with you i do believe it it does help facilitate recovery i think mental problems and relaxation are so often connected with each other mental problems and exercise and exertion and the fact that a lot of people a lot of their tension comes from not releasing energy and their bodies store
others energy battery and then its leaking all over the place is to select their short circuiting we see people screaming and traffic and you know and cutting people off this madness that we really is like a form of man ass may see someone screaming at someone not even anywhere near them and trafficked distress levels this gets so martian that goes also back and we talked about this i am too about your breeding battening most people i do seminars all over the world and we test ourselves to see what type of breather way on this strike one of the things we do first and almost everybody in the summer is like a covert killer breather using the emergency apparatus of upper neck and chest shall aubrey they headache breathing and its penetrating and all those emergency receptors are in the upper lobes belongs in the bringing the o to die
the lower lobes so there in a chronic pan therein is heightened state of villages or the time that's exhausting man and it does all sorts of weird things your hormones and deadly it's hard to be in a good mood and real when you're in this panic state your subconscious mind as i know this is not like a threat looming over the horizon so everything that happens is perceived as a threat every little comment you know someone cut you off in traffic people tickets are personally because it's it's a threat because they're all key up in the chest and man i'm john it when you learn to do proper dive mattie breeding and bring the breath down lower lobes of the lungs it's incredibly calming you do that was so what what do you recommend if someone is looking into doing something like that is
but the iraq manned or programme do you have it i guess what i myself when you're so a lot of breastwork unite webmaster fixing grace you now if i mean for you he never showed us is breathing system be kicking whereas in doing this kind of where breathing and uses as you make fun of me and others cut with this weird cut thank you for example yah voice o koyo they all knew how did it is in their word teaching is boom purple buzz of the time but now he spent a long time aren't you relax in the way you relax in combat is through breath manipulation but as far as actually being taught i haven't seen it is a systemic guys do a pretty good job with it you know but i is funny because in austin really get into this reading a lot
pretty good job with it you know but i is funny because you asked really get into this reading a lot but i wasn't reading stuff related to combat as much is mostly yoga stuff you know where she come so it's kind of hard to find therefrom asian yet is it's hard to find information it's hard to know like what's the best program for you i guess you have to try a few different ways java voice what you enjoy what what's whose benefit you but i think gum new especially when you dealing with martial arts in your dealing with training and especially competing you don't extremely strong for situations where your bodies pushed at a very high pace where you know you reach the point of exhaustion and then you have to continue for you now three four minutes
why you're exhausted every one who's ever rolled his experience that you know you do and maybe a seventy nine minute role which means grappling sparring for the uninitiated and a lot of times your to three minutes and its special geronimo so good and you are exhausted total asia you gotta figure out a way to get to clench and just and try to bring your heart rate down and try to do just enough to defend and keep moving but not enough to totally tax out your muscles and also don't let your mind get into that panic state the browsers what controls it yeah because if you can't breathe ago rake yeah remember training with a guy who was a real what a guy very strong i but he had done jujitsu before and so he was really excited to learn it started to get into jiu jitsu and you know he's in there boring and he asked me to spar and article k
you know how are you doing now is i got a couple months and is now to get into it just start spar my guard let's go and so we start but i got to position i mounted them and i could feel em just for panic his body locked up and i'm a member had never felt i'm not usually wrong with someone who's that inexperience so too do you like our raw wipe also aimed in doing it for a short period time he really did know what to do and use just locked up am i down just break free like you know that's not gonna help you like this is definitely to hurt you you going to tell you the way but if you he breed in you gotta be able to keep going i gotta be little learn and others our walk through shared out toilets what did not do where the police are but this care let that happen ever even if you're gonna lose even of your ear you're gonna get tapped out don't ever let yourself freak you can't for
and in a real emergency they say some trap a straight on vacation where a main maybe there's a lot more on the lines in a trophy or met or you now like here and there i e going like last year life yeah yeah knowin how to breathe and keep calm is really really really import variant please keep your mind clear limitations practice and you have to do and there's a lot of really cool breathing exercise that you can do even just walking jogging even with your exercises and support for everyone can lose anyone especially that's learning in developing you can lose and you probably going to lose whether its in sparring whether its in competition when you come up against someone is better than you but there's a big difference between losing and losing composure and breaking you know that that term breaking when you feel a guy
give up we ve all seen it we ve seen it and fights and some guys just don't break accuse above example john jones doesn't break it just doesn't break you know he might take breeders him but he is he is he in his mind he's a grace of all time to figure out how to be you it's a foregone conclusion it's not my tap like when he fought retort belford retort belpher caught him in a beautiful arm bar from the guard and had his arm completely hyper extended ruined his arm and his arm johns arm is fucked up for like months afterwards he had to take a gig on the ultimate fighter and coach for a long time because it was unable to train and it wasn't it was not going to be able to fight for release like six months arm here but it did matter it was it was not going to tap like he was gonna get his arm broken and he was gonna still when he was going to find a way to where he is not breaking and then there's other guys the first moment when things go wrong
yes he is looking there i got shit it's going wrong they lose composure and that these these doors that you go into with your mind you get real comfortable entering these doors you get real comfortable entering these these areas of them and this can apply to all aspects of your life i think like jack re got when he fought roger that for example what exactly did you wanted the win took the the damage fought one arm just to eke out that the victory those yeah now i think we should focus on the word dogma haji gracie one of the very best black belt in the world and jack i was very best blackouts and worth was monday out yet we know i think it was the open funnels yeah it is a huge representative world championship and hot you're broke jockers arm and jocker i just took that sucker in his belt and kept calling can't go they had raised i don't thirty or forty seconds he just basely play the outside
the man because he had points let him tat you let him break his arms areas grazing now for it for you here for your listeners out there don't do that don't that has always argued about hard core professional athletes and make their living fighting world share been ships on the line are sound of dollars and the line but in class tat one of those guys like a if you catch me new trick me in a fighting arm walk or a triangle look the misty sort of man made you got me in the trap i made mistake i knowledge it you know i mean fight a little bit but i wasn't i feel like i this is just zoning cared about is so important to tap the biggest takes of ever made in training is not tapping specially one you're over forty five in disguise it wanted and that
brings up another subject i've been really doing a lot of work with jujitsu for a lifetime adequately grandsons failure grace you been saying elites that video because you have a university or that you sent me and lets what happened to jack elbow to by the way jockers surgery and his elbow and they pulled these chunks of of of bone that we're broke often cartilage inside his elbow i never heard about the aftermath anew is pretty messed up i never heard exactly what he had to do to repair the rapporteur is bad a recently repaired i'm only had a repaired back then but the damage all the cartilage another the stuff it's broken inside of zeal but was just swimming around his elbow messing with his sincere so painful extend your arm all the way by your body builds up a bone suffocation around that andrea and you get those austere fights and before you know it you pretty much lose range emotion injure your joint
yeah the surgery images he put online and as a slight like so disgusting bad news i do love to avoid surgery he was a five hour surgery just to clean out his elbow look at this and is a good chance manner that is really as you know even after the surgery there's a good chance is never going to serve a very good chance very good i mean they're finding out ways now with stem cells to regenerate cartilage like for the first time ever football players are doing and are using and on older folk that a vat boned bone arthritis for you it is pretty amazing isn't it what for learning languages live long enough just get me pleasure
hard for everything grown from our own bodies right yeah well that's very possible that that is going to happen but also very possible that there's gonna be able to regenerate tissue that all yuri injured tissue all your damaged areas just gonna build regenerate them can be like star trek right are they used to take that little thing and everybody you're here now what is it in germany doktor peer weller who is the same guy who created that reject a keen process that all the pro athletes they were flying over to germany for doing to do it and now they go to his a company called lifespan medicine does it in santa monica they do in dallas and at the believe their opening up other offices while they too your blood out they spin it in a centrifuge in the heated up and the reaction to the heat makes your blood produce this really intense anti inflammatory and
i have added done a lot lot of people that it really chronic injuries vetted done its work miracles will he's developed this full body mri machine which literally just gets a map of everything going on your body and once he went and did it he developed as found out he had colon cancer well he had no idea particularly the aggressive type of colon cancer and caught it right away earlier on when in the surgery nice fine but it mean it's like this how amazing it is it's so amazing that it actually worked and benefited the guy created it is amazing amazing tonight survey the beneficiary of your own invention the ask average man whilst it's also a reward for being on the cutting edge of healing and science for this guy medical science but little play this video that you have other you sent us kids it's really cool
really i liked what you're doing it too exciting to see and i want to talk to you about it's all play that real quick i spent almost a lifetime stun gun vessel was ten years old always conscious leslie lastly this wonderful things jujitsu and surfing and tropical el salvador love it so for folks who just listening and not watching us just steve demonstrating a bunch of different jujitsu techniques and now mobility training which is a big part of what you do to keep healthy and keep your your your joint healthy and protect yourself from injuries right absolutely i mean if you think about it is properly
most fun i got two guys can have without without a woman i mean yes like rolling with your like russian under liver and for your pajamas with your brother is like incredibly fun great mental stimulation it's a fun game very funny as long as you can get over the tapping part will you we're we're talking about earlier just it's like no one its angry when someone shoots a ball in on em when you play basketball and there's the details pull those dates back so we can see that the dates are but he was in twenty second in march twenty eight i'm that's no good trousers twenty of november to the fifth of december and then if the december to the twelve december in two thousand and fifteen so this is a start a new tradition it says is a new thing that you're starting to do and what a great vacation you now have fine good el salvador decent surfing you guys have
lessons you gonna teach jujitsu teach different ways of increasing your joint flexibility in preventing injuries and just got just out of sight with it for a lifetime and like four guys want to just stick with what they love doing you wrote an article about it well yeah i may like most guys by the time they have forty gonna be jonah anymore you're have to equip because going about it wrong and i was on their path myself i mean when i was in my mid forties i'll be getting up in the morning i was like oh my god i could barely turn around to back my car out of the garage and i'm thinking to you what's what is gonna be like continue for none of them just in my mid forties already suffering this pain stiffness and information so really investigating the different exercise systems mobility systems because i've always been interested in died experimenting and so forth and i've been doing this for one
i discovered a lot of really good things that i too share with people so that you can continue to do what you love so can all be like masterly immigration you now ninety five years old man get on the mat and stole havin fun with it he was use fanatical about his diet he was article about his die but you know as you get older you have to be you gotta you gotta be or more fanatical as is the old aging process doorstep said it when i was young i think i was just a less aware of what was going on when i ain't bad food are they just less aware i go though i got his taste good what a great cheese tastes awesome but i wasn't really wasn't as conscious about the actual facts whereas now i'm pretty aware of what kind of state my bodies and like very frustrating for me if my mine isn't a dull place like especially if i have to do in our views early in the morning i just haven't quite woken up vietnam having conversations in the words just come on out there
the just clumsy and is frustrating so i'm pretty aware of like when i met my optimum state and i really noticed now if i crappy food a really notice if i've of if i have like something that so i got a lot of bread in it or something that psychologists unregistered unhealthy deep pride nonsense it just was two guys it do travelling here you're doing shows all over the place besides you have seen sometimes it is pretty hard to find good get stuff but what i always pay my stuff i always have like i call my hobo back is a bag for stuff i give him
various health food stores whatever load up on you no good really good quality stuff like what're you packing hobo battle raw aman yeah i mean there's somebody pelleas places around now you know i'm not like a total fanatic about paleo but they do have some pretty damn good healthy stuff different bars and in an indifferent concoctions this already sealed in pouches or you know do different things i then get a whole bunch of things like that i love kara pods caribous dislike fantastic is like raw care right off the tree and fresh fruit
where's of what is a rock kara bar look like a bars like it looks like what are the cause of the estate essay sheer pods or whatever that you see in the ground sometimes illustrate that area but sweet you just do it who and spent the seeds and its absolute delicious good fibre is known as a blood sugar stabilizer so that you eat this thing man you're not hungry for hours when you're on the roads is just a good way to in our keep herself from from getting to you hungry i don't think i've ever seen it before their very popular at eight i used to get him in that it well everybody there's delicious but one thousand but as living in regard to beach area my girlfriend you should go to a place called roscoe moves like a rough foods place and they would sell em but my god they were like a fuckin arm and a leg and these things were so
crazy exposure and one day i was in rencounter county can't remember the little town but anyway i this woke back by can prevent it to get out gerdas or coffee shop together paper whenever an absurd these things on the ground and i woke up as a tree eversleigh hundreds of just land there man a godsend plastic bags and you were sure that it was that ill i tasted it out it was a holy shit this is this is care up as a care of tree grown right here pull the polarity image rather amortization arab tree look like i really don't think i've ever seen that give i looked at that like that one losing a bundle of snakes that third picture from the top yeah right down the rights it's obvious is utterly shocked because
been paying a lot of money for these damn things and there they words is like land i had no idea that even grew in california how long does it last once you get it from the treaties it go bad and raw none another like dried there like a dried pawed that you could just keep for a long time prior years maybe while i mean there they taste he never really nice little sweet you know i dislike you now white sugar why grandmothers sugar is poorly one the worse things you can eat toxic yet toxic but sugar cane actually you know right from the cane field as it has a lot to help benefit does a real yet it was sweet is fibrous it has all nutrients minerals and so forth
i mean obviously you don't eat alot of it cuz it's powerful stuff you know it's like one this very powerful food but the carob pods it kind of like the same thing if you do have a bit of a sweet tooth you know whatever is a fantastic way to say teachers and while the fibers amazing really really was not aware at all i always thought of care is like something that you yet i deplore this deadline chocolate is about as bad as chocolate the way they process is a really why may maybe a little less harsh on your system because of our people of chocolate sensitivities you always here by gluten or dairy but man a lot of people have a lot of sensitivity to chocolate so a lot of different things out there that have been over four years and years
is it can give you food sensitivities will some chocolate really good riley raw chocolate and the aid that some people are very sensitive to the asses really for the job so there's this caravan there is heavy say krakow cow coca the rajah the raw chocolate in that stuff is really good for europe a candy be better sunday as i is leg is powerful stuff and if you ovaries anything you're going to develop a pot of potential sensitivity yeah like the gluten radioman was alone in itself is not all that bad right but americans have been just eat not like crazy toast in the morning you know and we have a serious and then said
just sandwich relaunch it however the dinner rules and is just like they're getting inundated well i got you could probably develop a food sensitivity anything if a priori he get eggs or chicken sensitivity or something if you just ate it three three score her meals a day yeah i'm pretty certain that i went for a good while more than six months where i just didn't touch any gluten i said let me see what happens one thing i lost weight was praying shocked like how easy it was like my body thinned out lost body fat my face got thinner my carry fat in my face like one of those dude i carry fat vague fat i get love handles and i add my famous german i don't get into my arms and get into my legs but i get it might like around my belly in my sides and i get my face and although i want my fish shrunk down and myself i was i was interest
it is interesting how the fair parents to shrink up yeah there's three major fat distribution right you ve got your depot fat that's like the love handles or with women sometimes as the saddle bags in this
the thought sometime you see women and the upper backer that try siberia with guys it's usually verbally yeah or the ballet or they love handles for most guys you then you have internal fair that's the dangers stuff they enter abdominal fat they got fat that's that's working kill you then you have subcutaneous bet it's like the smooth fat underneath skin like up like insulation lear and then course they ve identified the brown that also it's like active fat it produces heat in the body it's like part of survival mechanism back when our ancestors had to tolerate a lotta extremes in temperatures lake called you have his brown fat it's like an metabolic act of fat and it's it's kids have it but by the time you like twelve members disappears as you know we have this regulated temperatures all the time people don't expose themselves to call them always bundling up in their homes or overheated but
but a lot of people say now you can actually get that metabolic highly active fat the brown fat cells gaunt which helps keep you mean and helps burn the other yellow fat so called showers cold water treatment sub exposing yourself to call roca thing for development and the brown fat and build your immune system and you you have a much better torrents too cold and much less likely to get enervated in cold weather so you don't have a tendency to come down cold refluence really brown fashion
rather i had never heard that before and what is it created by like what its any around its some of its in the apparently no cavity some of its up in the neck area and it's just something that nature provided to help temperature regulation how many tolerate court so is now more common within you it's and folks who live in lawyer for sure they have well developed brown fat its bet you and i could do to if we just exposure several but more to the call i have you done trial therapy you done either not as it s like the ways been used how long you down for
see why am i i'm goddamn sandy i'm the keynote speaker for the term strength matter summit that sir one day through the twenty second more lives sandy as seventeenth sixteen i gotta take it to this place in our helga it's called kwairyo healthcare i gotta bring you don't love call this this is insane tune and fifty degrees below zero you going to like a meat locker i mean it is is crazy you put on surgical mask you put on your mouse you were lex sir acts that go up tiered like knee high socks and like those rubber crocs cause you don't stand on a for you and you are also we're gloves anywhere underwear very importantly syndrome and do not want to have any moisture in your body and one is a later desires yeah you're there for three minutes ok three minutes a two hundred and fifty degrees below zero and it is cold
fuck and i do is i just concentrate on staying com and in britain and breed and i count and that's what i do i go one two three and i try to count slower than a minute so that when they give you timer you have one minute remaining so when i count that meant it down i was make sure that i'm not ruin due to involve isaacs i'm slower than the build up to your right maybe start thirty seconds and build up each time or you go i did that
the first thing they did they put me in for two minutes and i said hum and they go while the first time you want to try it you know don't go into long bob and i go over how was the longest i could do it and they said three minutes says that our while trying to answer tried to answer their attitude last another man i was tryin other minute so then i went in again and i did three minutes now what i do is i do three minutes i take may be five six minutes often i get on the lips of the machine and warm up and i go back and for another three minutes interesting amaze wells for me for years i did the the dousing it's a large anther bucket trip i spoke a challenge yeah well it's funny because i've been doing this for years and years before when other than philly backyard there was pretty much secluded with a big war so i could basely struck down naked in my back yard my neighbours could see me and in the back corner had his big spirit and i had a five gown
like it and the all year long ago and very slowly poor five gallon bucket starting with admin up over the head and down the back and the russians it had taught me this says that a creates like this artificial flash fever they eat as that's quite the same thing with a shower wishes more prolong you because you're down you yourself with a sudden immersion if canada plunging into like a cold lake it supposedly burns up any bacteria germs what in your body all i know is that for the years i did it in philadelphia fifteen years when i when i was householder i did he get cold room i did not get a call people around me would have flew they be sick and i was my me
systems like amazing well the benefits of this cry o therapy as it's been explained to me and if you go to cry of health care dot com i think it is a fact the website but that in the name of the place and allies crile how this there's a bunch of different styles of these cry or machines one of them is from the neck down you stand in head is outside and you dont have to put everything on your face i don't find that want to be as effective it's good certainly better than nothing but the one we step it in the meat locker god that's fucker they're gonna have one of those down the street and woodland hills down the road a bid they're gonna be putting up one of those within the next month or so well that was certainly stimulate brown fat both ever think so this is this is the sea the meat locker one is the one on the left see there they have that one that was fair the common condemnation was that one the one they soon a left a meat locker that's the mother like that women who want to take a closer phobic and now i know
our cause robert you develop organizing the little one just like it or not abandon our little ones easy the little ones always it's not the little ones hard of never done it before you go jesus but if you ve done it though the big ones did the little one that's that one right there yet you climb out of it you're fine but the big one has this amazing effect you get out of you feel like you could jump buildings heel i once your body like realize that you're not gonna die no one has dropped you in the top of the moon and sana a hundred really tuna two degrees below zero that's literally the surface of the moon is to our fifty degrees below zero ok yeah in the dark law that the moon varies from like tuner fidgety agrees to tunafish degrees below zero depending on whether or not the sun is hitting your whether not you're in the shade well that's like how all these things are even even training right in your body if training is done properly your body
sees it as a threat to its survival uv baser tapping into your survival mechanism with these things yes and your body in its wisdom was a quite up to snuff here or adapt and get stronger so i don't die yeah and that lets training to await training or anything you have to make it simulating enough in difficult enough to tap into them survival mechanism so that if you're not you're not getting the benefit of the training or in this case the decry therapy so your body like an adaptation response what is this new system that there they developed in japan is called cats you and i no the gentleman's name created it but i had a chance to try it out this weekend in austin and what to say finally as is like these they they take straps and they constrict the out like you're you're bicep like right below the adults and
then you go through a fifteen minute routine like fifteen minutes of you do curls you start vd pushups you do curls with a kettle bell to fail you're in all this is while your blood flow is restricted and then you do like ropes and you do sets of three for fifteen minutes by the end the fifty miss your fuckin arms are dead i mean get your restricting the blood flow and then they release it and take it off an apparent the response that your body has to the fact that your blood flow is restricted it triggers all sorts of of responses as far as your growth hormone your test strown always do it you're real body swords trying to compensate for the fact that it doesn't have enough blood flow so it just oh
were ramps everything up in its apparently fantastic for healing it's fantastic for people that have injuries recovery time from injuries reduces drastically like body miller the olympic skeer he used to get back in shape from moscow three like much quicker they would have without it just one more one of these new methods much like this cry of fang much like many these other programmes were there trying to figure out ways can trick your body into ramping up the healing power as ramping up the so is used for he'll enough restraint training purse for both paul i've just been curious be interesting to see how it compares is traditional strange during his bars so general strike yeah and the idea also is that it puts a strong load on your muscles but not on your joints because everything you doing like save you doing
a kettle bell curls to failure i was doing it with like thirty five pound kennel bow with two hands that's not a lot away now son went away and you just cranking out wraps but because you biceps are tied i just can't you just get that blurry pumped entrapped up and into the the muscles here your eyes just flows restricted yeah they grow draw they look giant like your arms national anthem its painful is painful but i just fucked around that yesterday for the first time and apparently the results are amazing
and i had on it was trying to look into this and trying to you know see what we could do with it to bring this to the mainstream but to try to get more athletes involved in doing things like this kind of get these you get these results where you start going okay well if you do that and this what if you do cryotherapy and this cartoon method and also the breathing also that look but it would have what's the difference in the response to your body like what's the difference in how quickly you can heal how quickly you can get in shape that's a big issue and the main fighters is that downtime from injury and then ramping your body back up to competition shape afterwards we gotta may anybody who's ever gotten to a very good fitness level and then got injured it's so frustrating getting back to the jam and then try to
back in shaping a lot of guys never never do get back because it is such a hard road such a hard road to come back on its hard for people to accept the state that therein you know like especially that's one of the issues with younger athletes you know you're young you're twenty your body heels quick geared to wild mother fucker knew he'd do anything you want your reckless and as you get older as one of things that i like about your article that you wrote you have to be smarter you have to be smart enough to recognise that your bodies gonna take longer to heal you can't be reckless within also you're really probably should have been reckless whether when you are twenty but you can you get away with it to a certain extent now that you're older you have to be wise value we want things to pull a proven they're going to last forever you just can't even met i can remember going wrestling tournament it was in your pensive area it was like i used to do the summer rest freestyle wrestling circuit they used to have torments old pennsylvania and i
remain a guy there was a thirty three years old and i was just blown away my god you're still wrestling thirty three man you're my new here i can't believe i want to be just like you and another i just couldn't believe i thought this guy was ancient in irish prior like nineteen at the time i could not believe that this guy was in their wrestling as well as you do at thirty three i know that funny now you'd kill do anything i worry that euro bodies thirty four to others like still fantastic so feeling great but yeah i mean as my grandfather said one gets out here alive year you know other time will take its toll overtime no matter what you do no matter how many therapies and so forth but you tried to do your best with what you got any do try to preserve you used in nearby
reality but one one the major problems icy especially in extreme sports like jujitsu or am i may or whatever is the over training of one thinks more is better and it's not betters better but more is not that there is a huge issue with rustling o terrible wrestlers may are notoriously them over train group of athletes there there are i think but isn't that training with the over training does not develop this insane mental toughness wrestlers are known for less part of it there is a mental top illnesses is a huge part of because it is hard ass more than he happened to see the the fox catch the movie yes i did that wasn't exactly agro at all now mark schulz put up actually a thing on his facebook page all inaccuracies that are in that movie pretty substantial pretty substantial adds is really is actually frustrating and annoying
the guy's alive his electrical medalist world champion when the best wrestlers really pretty much ever and they they betray him in a very inaccurate light pretty much so they made him look like a dumb jock guys brilliant the guy was brilliant and very particular very smart guy and my college wrestling coach was the junior coach therefore schedule rule yet boss he's in the college so he was even easier and see the boy coaches hall of fame
this was after you and college this after i graduated language i was still living in fairly and in our daily use to invite me to come on down and train now and again and i took him up on a couple times unfortunately was just a little bit too far away to be driving in i had a day job wrestlings wonders sport there you're pretty much have to have your mid afternoon job because as we know the universities train and that's where most guys train so i was really jones and for some grappling experience but is really hard work in a job and that almost married in a household or the family but figure down a few times and i got a chance to toward the facility and is really impressive and had a clinic with them where the guy they didn't even mentioned was that guy valentine jordan the bulgarian guy that's the guy that dupont gave his whole fortune to when he died his fortune went to the year this bulgarian coach reels at fort yad the family still fighting the stove
in testing it to this day there he really like this got and so i had had a couple clinics with i've got one a dreadful and because it please make his way around the different colleges and weren't a lot of awesome exercises and conditioning at wrestling and of course i met the great dave schultz had a clinic with him it's like wow he was definitely one of hackers finest wrestlers ever but even more than his physical skills was as his mental skills you you just had an amazing mine and as really fortunate to have now been able to travel in this type of circles and get she has to say about this is after my my college wrestling day so i was looking for their thing to fill the gap ina and that's when i discovered this crazy brothers run night
they didn't i'm animals like all shared this is what i been workin for me what is it about the bulgarians allow the russians and use a lot of those people from that part of the world through such good athletes of semi tough people from that part of the world like what is that why you know a lot of our best fighters come from the poorer sections of america china kids come up in that projects in some of these inner skip city kids you know that for each leg look like a failure detroit or maybe get some tough kids the grub scrapping and it builds a monotonous sometimes yeah like mike tyson grown up where where he did in the hell's kitchen up their new york amount brownsville asher brownsville you saw me there's this geyser just they they grew up in a really tough neighbourhood canada dog eat dog and produces like her
tough kind of minded person and i think a lot of these eastern european countries are they don't have much and they did they they yeah they have a lot of time in their hands is not a lot to do for the kids they end up by most boys and i get in trouble and fighting in doing all this kind crazy stop i think is one of the reasons why this new urban playground gymnastic kind of stuff tat the gods are doing has become so popular cuz i mean you that's pretty available i just equipment just sitting there com very little reported him did we play a video of you there last i we're here how they were over there with the bar stars those pretty cool ass pretty cool man but in eastern europe that stuffs really popular and so yeah they don't have a lot to do they don't have the the same kind of fun basketball course that we do and they they don't have the facilities or times but wrestling is pretty cheap
man it doesn't take a lot of equipment right it's anybody's rustling really there's lots of boxers right now that coming out in the world is well sure mean sergei called call the love of you have seen him five before ahead i've i've heard the name but i haven't i had the opportunity to see his mother fucker round be not hopkins and then he just beat john pascal the other night man some amazing is such a nice good later the way he moves mean he really makes boxing exciting again is a killer just goes for the kill i constantly but super technical like everything about his movements very technical footwork is his debts this distancing the economy of his movements the way throws punches just beautiful beautiful the war
but as so many cough guys cannot i laughed in all these tough tough guys coming out of of russia of that area you know that part of the world so former soviet union work travelled leg into siberia of travel jill like down around the black sea area i've been to order the swami countries during a serbian sabinian man guys are you big strap and guys and edith don't see the obesity that man right they don't have the first is that they can afford just to overhear like we do in amerika and the rest of europe or the uk or whatever you see some some real families but mammon here there while people pretty pretty lean wiring strategy and a lot of the younger guys just like specimens at her with a genetic sir it has to be mean you think about the people who have lived in god
through those harsh climates and tough jobs and just had to work survival have faded yeah and that's those the people that bread knows the people they kept going we will you notice also about a lot of those people from that part of the world which is interesting and i was not just their tough but the very technical there's a lot of really technical wrestling that comes out of russia and out of the former soviet union that area like guys those russian nationals and went up to montreal that's a lot of words saint pierre learned how to wrestle never wrestling highschool never rest on college but became wanted best wrestlers in mma and that's part of the reason why i remember i wrestled in the 70s arrest in the montreal open wrestling torment and this is just a at that time by the russians are making a big influx and they were starting to try
defect in an and flee to the western world it was the soviet union so existed and i remember i wrestled victor silberman in the files and got my ass handed to me and so is trying to talk to him waiter because as really impressed with disgust technique in his skill and over them and i was utterly shocked when you told me the only lifted waits once a week you have to wait four times a month at that how is even possible arthur these russian guys like the freeway every day twice a day and it is now and then we practice technical wrestling is the base of our training and then i was utterly shocked i had a guy that was trained with me and fairly for awhile five tiny ukrainian national wrestling champion used to be under the national team this back when the ukraine and russia is all
part of the soviet union and you must tell me that dump they would only spar really hardly twice a week because they found at the live resting was what was producing or the injuries but when they were trained they were trained like real slow motion and they were gradually build their speed to the point where they were just going all out horn and they were just do this for long periods of time and while it is unbelievably hard work out when you shouldn't high crotch singles doubles and so forth at match speed over and over and over over its eye holy shit and that was their main cardio it takes real discipline the details the discipline most people that's enough jitsu as well it's very similar a lawyer i just want to roll just one i really don't want to go over drills that they never get technical doesn't know how that is the problem
drills away you're really learn how to have those movements become a part of your nervous system will you just and then in the end and keeping the sparring limited you you don't get your muscles and joints distressed and you don't get the injuries bears very surprised to hear that in our cause i had a complete different perception cousin miracle wrestling edith basely pounds each other which had begun in the recent room in our yeah that is the problem with do a marriage was is amazingly tough wrestlers of control we must all right but the reason why i think why we're not sing moroccans dominating their national cinema is like there's no damn money at a man you you graduate from college in maybe ever degree or whatever but what do you do with your wrestle goes am i may yeah you have see opened up a whole new in a whole new door for former and she d boy wrestlers
why the hell would you go and go to the olympics and make peanuts when you can make every decent money possibly if you're good of europe yeah that's what i wanted to know the do the russians have that same issue with over training dirt now because they don't spar as much as the americans do that they there very careful not to over train of their day they they have like blocks where they they kind of they kind of amp ramp up the training as they get nearer and nearer like world championships their limping sure whatever some people call participation or whatever but they are very clear for not to over train and over overdo it will how can build their known for their mental toughness as well like what a wide is one of the american wrestlers incorporate that into their workers or have they started why they probably are in i've lost a little bit of touch with the wrestling community bet are wrestling coaches are fantastic either for smart guy so i'm sure they're taking a hard work because the russians have been
really successful as have the iranians as the turks the bulgarians you know all these countries that perennially put out why or champions azure by john the mongolian arose turned to dominate judo and there they ve always been topic shit wrestling so i think that for sure you can learn a lot from their their basic programmes are the pre semple programmes roy there there they don't have a lot of sophisticated equipment and so forth but what they met they make up they make up for a lack of sophistication equipment facilities nor that with technique the real technicians that is the most important part of any marshall are the most important part is having a technique down to just a razor sharpness razor sharpness man you got a hundred skills
am i may jujitsu judah wrestling saw technique i really wish you'd wash the star past weekend this you ll see because man to the report now you gotta watch anthony paris versus have failed los angeles numbers have been held the man who does beat the brakes for preserving internet yet under the way to before the loaded what site do go to do fight fight pass yossi had passed it's an honor believe it's up yeah ok i'll check and i think it is i mean i know it's on paper view it might be available fight pass yours how long but i'll i'll give it a to fight pacifists pretty much everything but i dont know how i think they do show some paper views they have lived hence it what what are you what are you bring their cup of on going around the man's ok ok i'll be right back into once it gonna try violent receiving it finds the highlights of it but what i want
steve about after gets done using gales real what was incredibly impressive was not just the skill levels dose andrew showed but the the pace and fitness and steve onto did on horns ought to towards other room he's like is so knowledgeable and he got diego sanchez into probably the best shape of his life when diego challenged a bee japan for the belt and diego wound up getting beaten pretty badly by be j when peter was in his prime beaches like an all time great and just one of my all time favour fighters but he was an incredible shape for this fight as well which was always i kind of his achilles heel was his
he was so talented but he just didn't never really was able to continue that sort of strength and conditioning programme they got him into the shape that he was when he fought diego sanchez and what we're talking about with steve being that the technique is so important it is so incredibly important but anime is so unbelievably gruelling it i had a conversation which hale sun and about it whose former you have seen fighter and foster the title several times a great fighter and also very open guy very open as far as like his own limitations and is strengths and weaknesses and he was just talking about how the time that you spend inside the octagon the due to competing for twenty five minutes is vamos possible to really do it's almost too much time what i was saying was it sees back with us
that the amount of time that you spend in the arctic are fighting a championship fight is so saying my talk it's almost like your sprinting for twenty five may is fertile and very few people figure out how to get in the right shape as well as work their skills and theirs weird hard man because like endorses the skill but then there is also this of making the other guy used up his energy more than yourself and i mean that entered the controlling in and managing your energy system in the ring and on the mat as such a skill unto itself i mean not just take out the striking skills in the grappling skills and all that stuff just that energy management that's huge man
and i like guys don't pay enough attention dealing with pressure is a big one i remember from my my days of competing that when guys like really aggressive and i was backing up a lot trying to move away make it so much more tired cuz you're always thinking you're thinking dealing with this guy attacking you and your backing up which is a kind of an unnatural movement mean allowed people run but very few people run back words and you gotta realised when you're going backwards you're gonna be using your mom i was in a different way wage yeah lasting and very few people dude mohammed ali used to run miles backwards because he was always backing up and then moving forward backing up the moon for one of the most beautiful things about him we watch em again his prime like the cleveland big cat williams days before they took his title away because i didn't want to fight the vietnam war his foot work and movement was this magical and his ability to back up the evil you're really couldn't catch him huge is backing up a movement for back up moving forward
that's something he had to work at really hard but three minutes in a boxing match is so much differ there for five minutes with wrestling and leg kicks and elbows and the convention gods but so i'm curious to see what you think after you wash his fight as one of the most impressive things about the fight as far as dawson just performance was his cartier was in in their region of the azores or just accept announcement i mean he just attacked from the moment the the fight started he just went after palace and just never let up like literally never went up let up was amazing it really was amazing airs here's a maybe a sore point but what do you think about the use of the performance enhancing like stimulants mask take and so forth like which kinds legal many different ones these days i've just yours are they testing for this stuff now
or the other guys using by various stimulants to keep them like really pretty much hopped up whether protesting for every everything so guys are getting paid for a lot of different start hector lombardy us this strict testing now we are especially california mean have given this guy credible get given credit again andy fosters been directed california saith let a commission for a few couple years now but he's a former fighter longtime marshall artists needs very smart very diligent about there's enough that some i had a conversation with them when the you have see was in los angeles and wonder things that he said he goes further we're gonna test everybody tonight we're not just testing the guys the main event we're not just testing out did the people that are involved in the paper view were testing everyone
competes night blood and urine urine before the fight blot after aunt ass he has a beautiful thing it's so you i wish they do that for a regular jujitsu those pride cos prohibitive use very cost prohibitive it's like forty thousand dollars mean depending what lobby go to him sure the results very or the price varies but rarely with a place winners in other first yeah everyone on the podium needs etsu i grow up the judicial does have a real epidemic in it it's a it's a real issue and unfortunately a lot of jiu jitsu guys have come over to anna may have pissed off at two it will take a strength is so it's such a critical factor in forcing positions may technique is everything for sure but strengthened doorance man's goddamn huge in there's some guys we all know some guys you try to hit those on them each other like trouble doing i'm dragons like trying to pull a wall
some do as i look at whose him our powers is a perfect example that damn dude is so strong he so ridiculously straw these guys like john fitch tangle up with them in john fetches an elite wrestler elite took him down and cranked on his leg in the first round me john never got round just couldn't can get out around i'll send his leg locked and just did know what to do and get us tat is like hyper extended but these performance enhancing drugs are catching guys for some of em i even heard of their get specificity stuff now there's so many new cocktails that fall kind of just within the borders of legality well that's what paper always discovering so new way to hop upper i was just curious what you're taker because know cuz you're around these guys all the time so well i think there's a lot of guys that are taking things when they dont think they're gonna get tested you now when they
they need to recover about ever thus and just to get through the other the train and all to recover from injuries that's a big one not just injuries that you know abolished surgeries but almost everybody's tweaked the europe a bomb knee or your elbows bothering you sums goin on your neck everybody theirs almost no way of avoiding know exactly you cannot engage in extreme a sport like mme and maybe to a lesser extent the judges who in an judo and wrestling as that hell of a level without the twigs yonder is virtually impossible you cannot do a combat sport without paying the price to the to the body but i wonder if a protocol will eventually be established the most intelligent protocol similar to what getting with these russians that the third developing that have developed this programme for wrestling where they're just doing a lot of technical training
nearly as much sparring but a lot of technique a lot of repetition and drills wonder if that will slowly work its way into emma may be established as this is the way to do it the way they do in its aim russia air well i think he's gonna have to get some point because you know they career window for all these guys right now is like what do you say like two years maybe while nine years seems to be the magic number for everybody the netherlands area but don't use silver these guys pretty much burden that within about two and a half years it seems like yours wada guys it flair
the top and then they're they're gone yeah there's also the issue with their they're kind of forced to keep competing on a regular basis wants to become successful especially you break into the top ten and you want to keep competing and winning and so you win a big fight and say it okay we're with the ufc calls you up on monday hey we got blah blah blah and four months okay and you think you know man i would really love to rest this knee and really loved you now get some therapy on you know this elbow or whatever it whatever issues you have and oftentimes that's not option they have to go right back into training camps and these injuries become chronic it's a bird away to make
live it is a very brutal way to make a living and some guys i don't see how randy couture did it i don't know either he got through and it was late forties would know surgeries course he was in a novel me yeah he was like a may one out of thousands have thousands you just don't find guys like him yeah i don't know how the hell did you really have no idea it's incredible i wonder if he suffering now do you know him first i do not personally be seems fine is a dementia them does seem to know he was interviewed recently was walking us with a girl of russian about twenty years old and he's gotta be about fifty hand ass she looked like like she just halved off a porn sat put on a t shirt and struck down the road captain america where man s by australia friends they get on your make good on your right
he seems fine above all that the point being that they asked him questions about leyla ali lelilies saying that she wants to fight round arousing out i've heard that for little flapdoodle by that dust and yet it s because you know like why much what my heroes with of course the great dang able not one of the greatest year wrestlers not just in america but two worlds ever produced his man any went through the the munich olympics what ear was it there was seventy two wasn't munich was that my sex that was seventy six was where will area that loss angeles this only six was that eighty eight it was the munich alembic it was that you re all right where they had that tragic lee i am i right over the year the terrorists but anyway he walked through the torment i'm scored on how that even possible as the elite level not to be scored a credible jesus it's like wow
i don't think anyone's ever done it before sense now he was an ogre debt adjust differing guy man wow double hip replacement at her with his hat near replacement but i saw a video of the poor guy man i'm out suppose you viewed ask him was a worthy promising area the gory but his mind is fine he just looks like he's in such underpin the way shovels and moving around he just beat himself to death basely with those crazy marathon training and that's one the problems with the early on guys he was the role model for a lot of us young guys come up and you know that that approach that kamikaze approach to training it really ages a body yeah really ends when you're in your twenties you're not seeing the big picture
you know you got to that body for body for a good number of years after you hang up your wrestling shoes yeah and i think what you sound like if you asked him he probably would say it was worth it because he you can't take away history mean that guy has a man memories of being one of the greatest rascal observer but his mind is ok at least the eyes a very intelligent gap and live dimension anything well violation wrestling unit taken that the the brain trauma yeah mark coleman first ever you see her which hamper and his body is starting to fail him he had one hip replacement and apparently they have to replace it began he had a mass of infection when they wanted to look at it in the hospital now there's a go fuck me i'll retweet the link later today out this pod gases or for folks who want to help out mark but he has been body just all banged up
from the years of wrestling lover ressler and then from there all the years of competing in emma may is is getting his hip replaced two's i believe both of them need to be replaced so that braces backed in full circle where we started with the judge four for a lifetime i really do believe there is a way that you could train and have a lot of fun with stuff but you gotta keep rarely light nina like the like then they grandsons avail erase it keep it play for keep it fine don't be so concerned about point some in some guzzle bleed from the eyes not as a guard passed as i do that it is not even a tournament you're gettin cranked up in your neck in india in and you taken all this abuse for what
where are you know that you're gonna be bass and then work on reclaiming reclaiming are you just go to the fence like like master elio he was a master to fence man you can't do anything to the old man that's one things in hickson always preaches differences to most people anything more support things defence be safe they always if an and you think you can extend your grappling career wound or bans i think of all the march towards you can pretty much do jujitsu and submission wrestling if you if you're smart well advanced age unlike a lot of other things poets arriv santa because hickson himself is very banged up like really badly dont be as eight hernia discs his is get alot of muscle atrophy like if you look at his buys a lot of a lot of pain and suffering and he talked about a pretty openly when news on the pot gas and afterwards we discussed it mean he doesn't look physical
anything like you look like back when you find our way quite especially our young man whose two hundred plus pounds very thick moss olden just flexible and movement was amazing but all those years of gaining cranked and also constantly training constantly in their cars travelling and been slammed alot yeah that's it i mean you can see some of the old videos where he's gettin smash down the groundbreaking aren't that zoophyte basely thrown himself backwards and on top of a moment s a big heavy guy and i may that wasn't just that it's what you say is the training for that stuff yeah it's ironic when you think about him being one of the masters and one of the very real originators of that whole breathing system you know he brought that yogi breathing that fire breathing to walk to the practice
if you do too and harry's all just really bang deputy can train me more meaning canada goes our technique i think maybe doesn't really really light rolling with people who knows perhaps but what happens everyone eventually yeah very picking myself now my sixties is given extra ten years younger than you air and probably the consensus all time great autumn great if you ask people who is the best for you to and you know he s got a tap marshall to ask him about down upon cast him in march also mark schulz had never really rolled with a digital black but before in these said guy was incredible rap wire credible gobbler but fixing caught em like my thirty seconds of the triangle like you just had no idea what it wants
and i really know you're doing as most resolutely and especially at a time when most wrestlers now give given like six miles yeah well being one of the things that mark was disqualified form one of its key matters was he gonna ghana camorra and used it to use it in a way that illegal rustling wrestling you use a timely dynamic may but he locked up and rolled the guy within just rubbed his shoulder apart ouch thing you're the guy was from turkey papa video see mark schulz disqualified wrestling but the classic double risk lock hatch wrestling dull red crescent and uses it to flip the guy oranges destroys his arm in the process and he went on to learn a lot of submission technique
absolute frightening animal towards the end was new actually learn their submission self physically strong lot of the early catches care can wrestling submissions were all part of it on bringing this ban but let me give the exact title here right now one of its history a brazilian jujitsu and did an amazing job on putting this put this thing together and i don't have it here i think it's called so he's a he gets the guy's try get a single so he's got his legs in which wean he's got shorts leg in between his legs schulz locks the double risk lock and drops and roles it destroys his arm just destroys it it really is a bit i'd i saw key moura on one is all black and white pre war war
two juno videos do the same exact take down with it with the gate he locked the camorra the same exact way and and through the guy you monsieur le maire tom lavoisier them bird he was this qualify for the police i pressure what does this why thank you that my shoulders gaunt worries over the guy you just see the collapse in now that's very similar to what frank mere broke minnetaki rose arm yes i remember that that is tap and hands got his arm by soccer other yeah yeah soccer i was almost the same type a situation where we stand it anymore he was gonna throw him and i think cancer resisted by straightening orbit it was enough torque that it
eight bit pop i believe henzo had his back and just got a little relaxed cuz it was winning the fight hands on it's a carrabba's back and you don't talk about when you had his back that's when he would lock the and he said hansel talk about a richly suggests really surprising how strong sakharov awhile eyes a strong good order because he had been rolling and are fighting rather with much larger guys like you for conan sylvia error in the first you have see when he fought in japan and was a ninety eight maybe and he was in a one ninety somethin and gonads like two fifty and i tapped him with an iron bars remember that it was like one at first hand we saw a brazilian jujitsu black bogot tapped we live while carrying out was the introduction of the world to sack robber
well you know funding when as a kid york barbell was like the mecca for strangers in those days and bob off in the father america weightlifting in weight training here the system called the heavy light system where you would you use heavyweights one during one session and then might awaits the next but the latter wastward that light they just felt like as he has used heavy waste before sometimes even the same session you would hold a really heavyweight and then when you go to your normal way it felt ridiculously light right i used to do then a wrestling i call my heavy eyed system and i would spar with all the heavyweights on our team or the big boys and then when i went with caution my own way they felt like toys makes sense it heavy light system and i talked to a lot of guys that had experience wrestling with big guys you know in jiu jitsu and stuff for it does truly make guys your own way
feel like nothing you without a magical but it's also like really barrier joint wait i'll be careful many rarely really really care for this it that's a young man's technique i have not used the heavy light system anymore myself man have you ever seen that video of the really all judo master rolling with all the students it's a black and white and black and white as it may well be that guy's name at what where james hearing your fire all judo master tools young students and we use is black and white here that that floating throw there was another floating dropper valley dropped through many was just like tossing these guys yeah and you can tell if this was not like some sort of a kung fu demonstrate there was a real this is this is this old dude guys you're has even jamie's on the bottom allow me before me i mean how old is he i mean i believe using sixties
time does it say it in the description of a journey so it says no noise no thank you yeah i believe in his sixties means all is our gray hair but look how relax servility so frail that wasn't judo beautiful delicately moves will look how beautiful you say now rejection with the help and he's a little guys guys huge yeah big difference in size like maybe like thirty or forty percent at least but look at that began ages china go on whether each action with the happy just as enough to have to get through real excited dancing it's amazing it's a beautiful thing every time this guy transmitter either all wear and wipe out is critical yeah i know you were know bout that was so that was even before there were about is the case law that bow was likewise during the sixties or wherever they started coming up with the whole belts is real
during the sixty here is really light is late in the nokia now so judo earlier raising told me that in brazil and suggested there is one but when he became after you train for five years you put on a boat and that signified a senior astern real one by one bout that today whether judo while started with their belts there's u g2 also did run the same so when the black belt get introduced that was when the color boats were introduced at believers during the sixties male can have i not pre war war too there were no about account beautiful effortlessly throw whereas discordant effortless is all frail guy just using perfect i need you so much knowledge so much bigger than look how beautiful that is a guy chose to do to him when he did in this kid glove for two years now i may show respect but he's east china throw the old man is no doubt that he with you just knows
ways is yeah he's not is not trying to bullying he's trying to use technique but look at oh my goodness so amazing i do actually i've watched a love love watch now and as there is really a difference in this in comparison to striking arts because no if these guys were kickboxing after a few leg kicks was as you know how to do your break false you can kind of severe for now but it is no mean i find that with the grappling archie can pretty much keep goin for much older certainly much older than sparring was striking that you'd it's a certain about this book i'm worried about the history brazilian jujitsu and they're talking about like the japanese when they first came to amerika it was the first clash of cultures the judo men were finding that they couldn't stand up to the american catches ketch can wrestlers the americans were beggar stronger faster
heavy they couldn't take them down with the wazirs throws a lot of the rest is one where the jackets that's where the guard really became develop real found that if they could pull him into the garden he despatched with large triangles sometimes insisted that the rest was where the jackets in these fights lake like meda and then of course they can set the choke pretty easy and these guys very fascinating borg it's really fine about it of amazon i have it on my kingdom halfway through a right now i'm just to the point now where my eight starts teaching corliss gracie why the history of this port is absolutely fascinating that's incredible have you been paying attention all too matamoras ah well my dinner son gas zack there was a tough for like he doesn't do no good that's not his game at all he's always doing it again and i said holy shit for your first professional blackout match gary tony jeez nea could you packed
like a hardware guy gary torrents coming on this week of railroad yes i really question you know like wow that's he said i you know that one of the challenge i just really want to fight that what the top got gary turnin anytime you talk about no geese measure wrestling that names up there with the best man did you see his match with chrome oh my god amazing i don't even how cromwell that outlines these measures on fridays but yeah it's like so so metamorphose had dean lister verses josh barnett josh barnett of course representing catch wrestling josh barnett even came out like an old cataracts would obviously keen bowed starts in add seriously shoes and tapped dean lester with a head about with that that you d headlong from from sign control
guys out there you bluebells and perverse dont forget to practice your headlong escape man because you know and you jitsu training no one uses the headlong is usually pretty easy escape from also you give up your back kindness exactly when you get out of a headlong you're in a pretty crappy position right but if you dont practice it man you can see what happens and maybe get a high level athlete josh barnett who is we take as a strong yeah and he slapped there only by surprise even a professional idea may deem probably knows hundred escaped from a headlong but man he caught by surprise get locked up in that thing man
in that same position i was actually giving a seminar for the united states secret service are used to go down and they were just a ninety minute drive from my gym philadelphia and i i got to know some of these guys through pavel and i used to go down and give self defense seminars as well as conditioning and care about someone so when the guys with an ex wrestler who me in that position that josh gardena i made a big mistake math the guy's as well how do you get this position and so they down or even do atomic but this outbreak crank me with it and pop both of my ribs and i was crippled for eight weeks while those pretty jerk thing to do garcia up u v chip atypical hershey jerky tiber wrestler was one of those guys myself i went on but i realized how dangerous deposition it that's how more common be damned sovereignty when the first ever yossi heavyweight title same exact position and our j a man
is a power move but man if a guy knows how to do it right it freezes your diaphragm it can dislocate your ribs it kitty and caused some spinal damage this horrible to be caught in it and you go and an immediate panic but yeah you can really get her with that that not just neck but ribs its power move but isn't it getting as well i mean dessert hackneyed too at both a technique to certainly have to have some strength to pull it off your life your recent any by your own size or limit smaller georgia's case he was bigger than dean hell why not that not much better dean needs now use our deeds a pretty big boy he's really big now mean he's way thicker than we were fighting it to a five and you have c mon always walkin around but he looked to me to be like in a two forties or two thirds of the very i won't doubt it
yeah he's thick but josh josh got him in opposition he he escape which is amazing when you consider how much experience dean has and i don't think you ve been tapped in competition digg is a heart tat so hard disk your level his skill set by they both geyser fantastic in that that's grappling right at any given time i love also the different approaches josh has a different approach and you see that a different approach that cast wrestling approach can be just as effective if he gets you in one of those positions its it in a might be something you're not accustomed to so you haven't train to get out of it i remember one of the first pro grappling matches arisen maybe remember this is like in one the carolinas northcotes honours ask on whose i think it was called the programme or something that was guy logos us man back in the nineties may we know
it was real roy like late nineties was this the one where frank shamrock rustled den henderson and they did like got paper view thing and john peretti was the man it wasn't a paper view but they were paying cash prizes to the guys is like ones that early attempt to do submission wrestling as a pro sport and as i remember sallow was at the house he was training sally america so we bow and arrows resin supposedly like the number one catch wrestler he was living north carolina somewhere and i have seen this guy another torments and i warned him i said hey this guy will give up his back to go for that twisting total you know like one got the loop over the toward him kind of flip upside down and go for your foot
and i said the guys good with it he's really good and wouldn't you know solid takes the back and the guy does it and pops his ankle but solid won't tap he said he would have died for he tapped it is cash reza then because you didn't tat he choked the guy over the face because the guy's jonah hydrogen basis but the guy out map and does it make was anxious bet mangled angle so you want but oh my god i think turned is black is his microphone men of his life he was paint less urging now he did his match i saw as another one of those guys it dislike when the toughest deeds i've ever met him his brothers shines here too sick so tough but man he limped around it was hurt era the ankles ever the same but that's wonders deals with catch wrestlers gotta watch those guys are tricky is all very indifferent things is the fee mad yards guys
in different things and getting really good at those things that's that's a big part of it it's like if a guy has a foot logger sunlight that he just has down he just knows how to do it and that becomes this thing i mean i'm guys just have certain positions that you're not really well versed in and they go but over and over and over again like any bravo before you famous for doing that twister things i remember in an jocks any bravo would do a told he was a tall old guy he would get tolls on guys all the time because a lot of people weren't good toehold so he would dive hold your tongue tat all people that doesn't have it venom air is smart move and sometimes moves are so all their new like you see things going trends and then people get good at stopping
they cannot go away rather some older move will come back and you see these waves it's funny like i was sort of fur aunt i baron ball oh and somebody's inversion techniques maybe i'm just jealous cause my spines over to odin stiff do it but the guys like they're having a good time when they do it right but i sorry my son he says well daddy's as exuberant that stuff he says even if you dont want to use it you got to say you know how to stop it that's for sure if you dont know uni a tab guy's gonna catch right so you gotta lease pray zella but to be familiar with them and thereby that is in new york city and as wrestling with johnny agrippa and of a mr baron bala the guys
how much money is one marcello work sir by about this kid is so good where that and it was really fun playing with him were that thing man he could just slip ups down and rollin invert next thing you know those suckers on your bag is how did he do that man yes really interesting when guys get super sharp at one predict technique in if you're not aware of that particular technique it could become really dangerous you know braulio estima is famous for having that very bizarre guard as well where he'll do you know do those reverse triangles or inverted triangles and he gets himself a new position we're at four to the outside observer it looks like while this guy on his neck here and it's weird position and then all sudden he's got a triangle on the guy any what happened people just oh good at that position is
he's good at all position oppositions but that one position he's been particularly successful because such an unusual thing to defend very few people that scary with it and it's like some people like criticise certain techniques eager ah you know i played around up that doesn't work well ok really would about like head did you play around head case you say they don't work cuz you know how many times you have to drill the head kick to get it effective but then you get it up to like we're like and anthony paris has it or and anderson silva has it and it becomes a real dangers weapon in your arsenal croaker perfect example croak up drilled that damn head came to the point where he throw it out like another guy get throughout a straight ponchas standard straight punch that's how good and fast his head kick was and still is and when you would you discount a technique simply because you don't have the proficiency in it you can really really get caught because you really can discern defined
world and an inaccurate light and then you see a guy like me with his bare bolo guy or any bravo with this mr or a million different techniques that you're you're starting to see emerge in mma that guy's a discard like a front kick to the face then we was worried about the front kick to the face nobody all sudden anderson and acts out or jean no one would ever expected but say that the thing i mean you can't learn everything for sure you know you got to have your certain arsenal but it's certainly pays to be familiar with these positions at least the rudimentary basics so you understand it what it is you can recognize it goes recognition is the first step to protect yourself stop so even if you never want to use it if it pays to least learn it and yet familiar and actually learn it offensively disservice yeah do especially wrestlers that are learning
jitsu they decide what is gonna learn defence mozilla jujitsu defence you will never learn correct jujitsu defence unless you learn jujitsu offence if you'd no had a cinch up a joke if you don't know how since up arm bar you know gonna know exactly what you can get away with when you're defending and once you once you get adapt at of often then you'll truly understand events cause you understand what would i will be trying to do to me if i was in this position how i stop this guy from doing that others little details of cs like so so important what so in that one of the most beautiful things about budgets who are so many techniques it's almost like a seed ever ended yeah and you see certain guys who have a very small we'll house of techniques of the utilised specially attacks like marcella garcia is of course one of the best of all time but he has a very if you look at is if you took always jujitsu matches that is one and look at how he won them
is a very small number of chokes it is used i mean it's almost all of you as rico rodriguez i think you gotta my leg lock most guys he got jake shields with a risk lock i believe one of those in amerika chaparral had a professional jujitsu tournament thing that he was doing in los angeles shock or eight pitted against radical tour and marcello competed against jake shield and i believe he got generous lock which is he's got some crafty shit and there really crafty but most of it deities nor sal choke reneged choke it's almost all necks almost at all attack the next item is the judges to such a complex sported like in a two hour by hour like a wrestling been former resume more like checkers andrew gesture to chess but not just chest three dimensional charge
it really is maybe submission resin would be more like regular chess and then read jujitsu with gay with all the different ways you can manipulate the cloth a three dimensional just to such a huge variety of stock the only problem i have with the game is i think a lot of people get brainwashed into thinking that you need to learn to be to be good at jiu jitsu in mma and eddie bravo in particular is very adamant that that is ridiculous idea he's like that's like saying you have to be really get it racquetball to be good at tennis yet two different sports altogether was so much to grip and you see so many guys that our world champions or the competed very high level with the key and then they fight an image and everyone sweaty and they have gloves on and they they can't grab thing and they re sir lamorak specific man you have to develop the specific skills torture fighting conditions but no one the most elegant definitions of jujitsu over her as
it came from house and gracie it was at a seminar in atlantic city this is like one of the early gracie seminars and this is back in the day when you never knew what kind of wacko was going to walk in through there something that you can get people that wanted to challenge seminars and there's this guy came in swear to god was flowing robes like this conflict this being a red sash and in the members have already international mr gracie sir could you could you give me the definition of your philosophy of jujitsu ever away all boy i guess you know a house in his english wasn't the most he s heart understand sometimes in our policy mix it with hawaiians land but he says when the fight when now i can win the fight i can pretty much in a b that nice guy and kind and and loving and all that toward the people because you know i had that conference with myself that i know i can protect myself i don't have to be in secure so the guises
could you expound on that of course but first we have to explain what expound means are there and we're thinking man was he going to say here and he says it should do so if you do this i do that and if you do that i do this for ever and we said that is in deep shit let's get it by five cars and actually heather by my school actually wrote and put it on the wall for you do this i do that and if you do tat i do this for ever and why does it goes into infinity man especially when you're constantly moving one step ahead of the guy like if you die like in it who having a conversation like if you have a conversation with someone who speaks very broken english you can really can talk circles around them if your if you're not taking person especial you can make them like really silly you'd like
what are you trying to say you'd rising nothing you do not adopt my language do it and you can just literally just rattle and attacked them has said because sophistry service like a lawyer with some guys in aid be aggressive and rude about about some guys can do that what you did to where are you going to have to think yourself through every step and you're not kind of aware mean that's how i always feel when i would roll with guys we're gonna really really high level as like i'm not prepared for all the steps that you could take to counter my step you know i will do a move and you your move but you also have all these you you're already anticipating to counter this i've gotta do that so many stop this by putting my hand on your knee here and putting my foot on your hip here and now you're gonna have to try to get out of it but i'm not gonna let you get out of it because i'm already anticipating that is already so for a cakes and ratio used to say about guys he's not going to be able to keep up the rhythm knock inimical to keep up the rhythm and other like you're gonna
i do this and you do that i do this this how long can you keep that up now aren't you the rule of law but health into another go internally is amazing years ago spray profound in his very ample where the way it explains ngos pretty measure but somebody was complainant how easily he was catching up houses look i know everything you know and everything out absolute he's is maybe maybe if i got sick or injured and was in the hospital for three years and it train maybe if i came back you might have a chance i suppose it is true i will in future be the guy's done it is run around boy actually learn under mad run has been saying that about female opponents is like she was like listen what's going on now is i've been doing this my whole life and these girls are just not going catch up to me
and that's what you're seeing when we saw that beautiful arm bar that's landed in ghana in ghana what their hats unbelievable and tries to throw a rhonda dross wines up on top recognizes the position where the armies and when i was talking to george cordial and about it at the last you see he's like that's when i bowed down the rhonda that's what he said where's the black belt as well it is like in i saw her arm viruses like actually get good arbours sometimes she does things that i agree with so maybe your needs too wide a party of us is catching these girls maybe she's catch these girls cause they're just not that technical because when she that on bonds in ghana fourteen seconds ends i forgot about out with that's a high level high level high level technique man yes the ability to adjust and again that language that she has in her head she so articulate with the language of submissions in her case arm bars good at what a town a loser she has quite a budding movie careers she's not a bad gas beauty
sutherland set aside the swimsuit as you are aware the man she's good figure pretty girl tough shit sovereign funny interview where this guy was a talker low trash and she judy hello landed ottoman poker harwood for all oh man did she she broke the guy's red yes judo threw him and launched herself on thought of him with i'm she knew exactly what you are you all right all right i got a guy trash talk to drag i think it was and i won't let it out in advance what did you think what did he say dinner is one of the euro anyone who video you put on a gay and you trash talk the girl but you're not going to people get upset when i said that i think she had been a lot of men in her in that clad in a why they would work as they don't know
ever rolled with a girl is really good and they like in aid natural world right lioness can sometimes be a male line if they're the same zaire and if she cobb your risk your life and it may be could beat her but her in ankara is way higher than his incentives so a figures is not worth it while technique is who as we said before is paramount and her technique is so laser sharp if she got in there with a guy who doesn't have that good a technique just because he's a man the physical strengthen the inherent to the benefits of being a male whatever advantages they may have the aren't necessarily going to counter the technique that she
as when they're the same weight now you're dealing with a guy like you know she's was she compete at one thirty five okay if you deal with her verses a guide one seventy like johnny answers jesus course at summits batch johnny hendricks is a powerful big strong man and most likely beater up but you talkin about a guy who's her weight and then even if he's physically stronger maybe get hit harder but how much of it had never advantage does she have on the ground she could easily catch you in southern the scramble easily easily well one two three four steps ahead of you for for older guys i myself actually the women are some of your best barring partners like the more advanced women their funding framework because
gonna try to muzzle they don't usually is rare occasionally but usually women won't use power they do think differently the men they have different logic and they surprised heck out of you with some of their attacks and the way they put their game together it's really fun and usually women are pre flexible so their guards or a nightmare to get mean us some these girls with the data is an spider guards like wow controllers feet is a nightmare me and you think about someone's guard someone's legs have to carry their body around you know safely away a hundred and forty pounds like rhonda or one thirty five and you are you carrying a thirty five pounds around all by wishes are really way one thirty five show is one thirty five on way in day and then i would imagine she re hydrates up to around one
fifty two a cheer she's pretty she cares muslin frames ass thick ass you know she's out of skinny grow by any stretch yes he's now weak banister imagination our guy she's very strong and so you're dealing with someone who knows how to manipulate their body and they have these legs that are carrying around all others wait all day long your legs are amazingly strong is amazing endurance and when you factor that of you ve i like i remember doing drills with my friend felicia felicia owes one aversion jock machado black yeah i know felicia from the old our casey cared about yeah yeah she's a kettle by wizard she loves i remember doing drills with her and you know arm bar drills and she auction or embargo born you man in your dealings with legs oh your leg a strong man even a small woman has very
drawn legs were the difference between male and female legs is very small percentage and studies if they dont upper body there is a significant effort but where the train woman she can close that gap and attire fur your guys listening other you know you guys over forty or if gathers been injured start seeking the girls up for sparring partners and you will have a wonderful technical spar session you also available but of a creep yet element adds up just don't be afraid yeah that's a big one with guys tapping the girl i got some guys want to bleed from the eyes before though chapter grown of europe after girl oh hell yeah i haven't i would say i didn't they wanna get my car
with imam erotic about tat man if i ever get an bab his errand care heard as if a child out tap if if now to the point where my days were fight now to stuff if i'm right if i make the mistake and i get in the submission i have to ask that if a person of equal skilled myself i'm submitted let me in this position fighting out of it is it really technique is much is just strength or whatever you no pain page hours i may there are technical escapes sure you got you you know what you do the joint straight right ok specimens fully locked exact provoking he got me straight for the jokes sat just pain tolerance in or whatever its also the pot the price you pay just to keep your ego they like physically i remember my friend brent got me in a committee
and i didn't want to tap and i fought out of it but i couldn't do chin ups from that is why i was so jack i couldn't do channels for the law and i just remember every day i would be the gym when i was left and waits gonna wanna fuck didn't i just tap because our fine right now like either which is the same thing happened tapped on before he's tap me before but i just would not haven't you there's riots i've heard of it but you gotta treated like its basketball yeah i'm scores on you in basketball it's not the end of the world you get the boy you go right back in or you plan softball any upon a fly out now filigree thrown out a third base so what you get another chance at bat that day of our times like like you said even though you do fight out of it you are successful the injuries already occurred especially with the neck and he might not even feel it at the time but then is this really hurts man
i didn't realize of as is damage as i was maybe a little bit drain of ized her that's why i love the the saying that the camera and here on you keep it playful keep it but that's a great way it's a great philosophy and a great way to teach you know those guys have really done and every other blossom i met those guys when there are just like little tiny boys too so enthusiastic to its very contagious they are they are very enthusiastically those gracie breakdowns that they do not go over the techniques it guys use and fights to win fights like its very is it's really makes you want to trade their great their great assets digits the great ambassador i think so too i love the whole was straightway things if they do and they show like the right things that people doing the wrong things and they get some pretty intensity fights sometimes so you're in town for how long and you doing some seminars around he actually i came here just to see you then
i'm gonna be another should have imagined show but love one with the doktor john why should you mentioned o up menu cover isn't like a competition buck s just something i about that all ever no no no no friends do not confront that's how old school radioman tat yeah i know i support everything that so yeah that that was a weird weird were man i just days is calling on the boy apparently the guy's been found some giant aging stuff up during the year not answer drew but the mike the comedian guy that son yeah yeah that's interesting that's cool and i've never dies out that before that's like all other should be interesting if i tell myself i had no idea you know like what you expect to tell him that you get into pot here is actually he's actually go around about pot human at sandy
goop brown cnn ever coming around man if i camera it it's like now that you seen it get legalise bay as absolute concern because like i wasn't sure as it could be like howard stern thing where they try to make it look like an idiot or bright new now know now now i understand is actually pretty pretty pretty culture so i'll be doing strength matters summoned in san diego that's twentieth through twenty second march san diego i'm teaching a body weight workshop where can be we'll find all the stuff just on my website maxwell s c d calm down i'm gonna be dot maxwell as safe restraining auditioning darker and all the upcoming thing and then course the el salvador lifestyle jujitsu training camp show you all the all my aunt aging secrets nice halfway there mobility and conditioning and jiu
big emphasis on the self defence aspects of it but also a will have some other young guys thereof for competition stuff then i just came out with the five pillar work out system for kettlebells i have a mood of movement based exercise i had one with the body weight now i came out with the care about five pillar movement system does release that and i gotta be making one with the barbell five pillar so nice and here we go this is the the website here maxwell s c dot com and you also custom taylor work gowns for your clients through the internet i do i discover long time ago that fifteen years ago that a lot of people there need someone to hand hold them through work out they had the incentive tran they just don't know what to do so i die programmes that was programmed for people helping wade through all that huge information
i have my own personal diet wars with with myself and a pretty much figured out await that you can mean europe so help me both diet fast us and you know what to do this so much meant information and misinformation how do you put all this together is difficult as it is difficult to come over the time to do other research or self and it's all basin calls by what they're so many different ways to crack the not so many different systems and they all work more or less it just all depends on what it is the thing i want so people really need a lot of help disorder stuff out so that's what i do and extensive questionnaire i analyzed photographs restructure ina partial stuff and then you get it worker program and you send me trainee logs and i review them and sandy information back and do progressions with paypal and support them well i can recommend you highly enough bags and the years we ve been friends of just gained
management of information from you and all the times we worked out together working out tomorrow too damn joe those guns rex that i'm so anybody who is interested in any sort of strengthen conditioning work out if you wanna makes it operates want to just tap into the data base of knowledge that is steve maxwell maxwell s dot com and all of these upcoming seminar dates with all available there and they get all check out on twitter its maxwell s c on twitter is well right is it s eve maxwell s on the actual thank you pressure on his wife s traveling no bad though mare all over the world without a mere for a little bit art folks we'll be back tomorrow take care by weakening finns thank you so much for turning into the podcast and thank you so much to our sponsors thank you two on a
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