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#628 - Garry Tonon & Eddie Bravo

2015-03-21 | 🔗
Garry Tonon is a World Champion jiu jitsu black belt. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author. He also hosts his own podcast called Eddie Bravo Radio. Garry will be competeing at Eddie Bravo Invitational: EBI3 on March 22, 2015 with more info & PPV access available @ www.eddiebravoinvitational.com
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doing so is style is one of the guys that is one of the more prominent and successful of these young guns twenty three years old potent choke on beaches and then of course my good friend my best friend eddie bravo and eddies putting on the eighty bravo invitations tournament tomorrow if you're getting this on saturday if you're getting this on sunday run to the orpheum in downtown ella it's at four o clock and its live on paper view bhutto videos dot com fort slash e b are we only further do my brother eddie bravo in the great gary toning the will gain experience my watch an old fight from nineteen fifty four as soon as possible are progressing match with jerry toning
one of the best she did to artists in america today one of the hot young fuckin killers of grappling and of course my brother eddie bravo yo hollow and we're watching this video that we found all this found this on the underground someone posted it will have to give the dude props i forget his name but its camorra the guy with the that's shoulder locked the camorra was named after because use it on illegal gracie back in that was the forties or something like that man from what will this building lighting sixty two hours but now it was a long asked how my black and white point point being he was he did some pro wrestling and he did a pro wrestling match with this guy i think i'm soundness santa's right rico were kiddos on we're kiddos on i hope i'm saying that right ready i know anybody say that's a big japanese his huge his huge and this match start
like this starts on a pro wrestling match with alike in other like doing a bunch of stuff they're kind of allowing push each other around in somewhere in the match it becomes like a war and a big dude right take to the boss of the lower right hand and this this just turns into a fight this is a hundred per cent of fight now he's looking around panic is panicking tries to coordinate and this is real now this is a real single like he's fucked up look the references don't that booming purchasing phase it he's poking them in the eyes of some give way for this though crazy like adele behind slaps soccer takes a man he heads had locks on both this is totally real asher i mean he's fucked up right now and this due to still britain around like a girl my reverie doesn't
of its economic i don't know i was checked this here's the finishing cover the rev looks at his eyes you'll find backing is great i think the reverend radio like a walk in the park and lily that left left handed to drive them with a hundred percent legit one hundred percent legit back that i'm just a little bit james at last combination read about their mean this year you don't fish shit like is like when you when he stood up when he saw was a little bit before this dignity soccer kicked him go a little bit before this but he was a good right nurse right there jimmy s good so this is when the dude is desperately scrambling trend take him to the ground and tito's on again a hope of seeing the right just is beaten at ass it was mostly doing been hands buddies kicking up to and then he kicked him again and boom bitch celebrated the ear did you see a couple
walk to the rather and looked out of instead knew what the fuck is look at the ball i mean daddy's you cannot fake head kicks like that that's a hundred percent legit disguise getting the fuck beat out of em it's crazy man i mean he gets up is already like real barely fucked up referee czechs do don't worry about your eye it is a good chance that that knockout was just like i do know how to end this let me just drop the fuckin floor like i can't breathe may be right down ass left hand holding the road weren't that's fucked up man so crazy i've never seen anything like that before stay down to stay down we'll start now just a pro wrestling match and turns into full on valley pseudo see this is so cool we were talking about this for the planned gas start that it so cool that shit like this exists and we can watch
like historical moments and martial arts is a historical moment i wonder what the aftermath was did the guy or something no young murdered who got the big guy because of this will happen earlier that's the story that that's the legend israel who know you know what i'm out gleamed believe that that guy got his ass thoroughly kicked he got he got the double crossed it on tv any kind abide yeah yeah he couldn't don't use it soccer checked i can definitely see camorra having some deep connections with the accuser and they say we gotta kill this motherfucker that's no rematch no grappling match no submission only no matamoras kill this motherfucker justify himself killing them soldiers killed and where did they get ugly the dude who put the video up is
in paisley is my hero that's his name on the underground so thanks dude as one of the most brutal ask higgins ever all time caught on video and theirs the do who posted somethin his name is p o oh oh and i ask tee a pole loony star i guess you could say when he wrote a whole breakdown of what happened apparently this were key design guy you know camorra was saying that were kiddos on that he got taken for red and the money in the family lost is mine and just started beaten the fucker the dude and so a pair we re stabbed him with urine soaked knife that's this is so raise your stars of what it would have died last days labels to drink we ran out of the poison to maybe only your own means yes inciting fact could well you know they do those poop things where they take poop and they transfer they transmit fecal manner the transfer
to someone's intestinal tract apparently it's supposed to be like good for your body like to get that bacteria like somebody else's bacteria in your body through a fecal transplant makes sense kind of but not really right you want to how the hell do you think i'm joe joe do there's no waiting lists for that should we ask you a few years we're kidney liver shit you better be why such shin give fresh provisions to be at the operating table they got some rash shit the doctors to show i really don't go anywhere you gotta know worlds no hormones tired i am indeed knapsack
but if he gets it just doesn't have the right amino acid chain so this guy were kiddos on like if you if you was that that might be like one of the first ever double crosses that's on like like video i i don't think there's anything like that world star hip hobby about so it's been so clear even though its black and white in a hundred years ago you see the extra clearly in their lights and does it was one of those guys are video suffered zestfully go sunglasses regulators when they got his hands for real that's that's a ruthless ruth was beat down not quite is ruthless is that shit night fuckin honourable
horrible man how do you want me to tell me about it and not just in wasn't i wasn't i just didn't get to it and then finally some of them do sit down watch this shit ok is brutal do we watch on the air we wash alive like not live but though the first time i saw it was unbelievable heart is hard to imagine that someone could do that just ran those due to over he san that now that the videos out now he's gonna people can see the truth that it was self defense while as crazy as we say said wonders come after him with a gun that's why so run ammonia because of the gun where there was it seems like there was a gun at video a mean or something that the guy took out and put in the gun spot behind
lower back into somebody ever do that with chrome man one tat ran over lemme get his calm the crack your but now they are easily put guns back there when a guy does down they stick some behind your back it's only a god it's never cell phone i say anything else it's a fucking gun that's it two gun nobody puts it bring back to put a gun what else you hold a boy and a girl you asked john result between you asked cheeks in your pants when i give promotions ahead environment about an irish alarming leaves do you do as the only thing that's i was gonna promoting you're not in training for your straight times a week your own documents here we are at times a week for two years he would do for his brown bow well he ran over the brown both over that dude he rode over that dude in that you'd apparently live the second guy died
the second i run over his head yes the guy they went flying love screen yeah frogman yeah that's stood the stories about that they're gonna that those are gonna go for eternity rap world holy shit if you if you're in that rap music world the more famous you get it i think i can china the more i missed you get in china the triads take over you note of indirect you gotta pay us on were responsible for this shit you know on the movie houses or whatever and then the rat moral do the book the tea eyes always walk around gurney went to jail like its people and killing each other and you get to big man so crazy how much of the rest of the world is attached to organised crime war crime or or violence zone girl get it's ok because we accepted mw way and up your way was not real it was it was like a slave pretending they were satanic and doubly way their deeds pretending to be ruthless gangsters in that
album you can't even do now like that now they rape a fourteen year old preachers daughter in the drive and in one of the songs of fort you know pulling a train honour and sing about the song about that and then a song about killing hookers one less which i gotta worry about their legal act scenes and between every thought there's a scene where they pull up next to hookers would you only what you want to come in with you let it go to cuba bids you tepid pop up i've got your debit that's part of before one was bitch you don't think that's ok so we accept that all that shit so not just accepted they sold and its huge huge and it wasn't none of it was true it was his only though they don't wanna so like the exercise the director and the writer they're not satanic do you think they do and then told us from the door to real thugs
how many real five you see new trinidad james you know that is now to put our pullup trinity james all gold everything you tell me of this characters real or not but this is it's the craziest thing ever trinidad james milo there's gonna be we favour wrapper ok this limit our the name of the songs em all gold everything he's they take overnight for me come on now got my sweet spot anyways what's really play cleverly play this lie so we don't get yanked everywhere now we'll just don't show the video at all just show over faces workers just go back and forth we learned that led us without the video homo whilst we watch the video where was the video all gold every
this is the explicit version you check barbecuing they have guns runaway oh my goodness i love this guy love as nails his nails are a guy i'm picking up shit go at all in my wife males he's getting you get french tips his nails if does wow the guy gash seven your act is you start making videos like this anymore shriek threaten the digital world this is the real do you think that's my question is this guy for real that bobby that murdering really i've got arrested furred stuff you gonna be
upon her with bobby from how people anger do puppies even without the political january saint of charges on him for what they are talking about their songs they went and looked out look at it oh that's these guys are these guys but there are people like this nonsense or anything like that but that these as the i've heard that recently some guy is in jail some guy from san diego for his illegal rapporteur flash and like gang signs is no crime history at all as different things to different thing too well that's that's a wonderful video i like your style i like his teeth is and he's got the puppy that's all that shit but he's got the cutest things up to this will be the alice out all the gold have you seen the white hair would tattoos in space awesome self stitches i want to find you your new favorites on its are as you know this is
new faces look it's got five million heads america is in trouble look at eighty is eighteen year old wrapper from miami name so that judges we get i do in his veins of stitches across his mouth like that is he white or black white is is he's ok wiping representing fifteen zero dope car i'll put the brick in your face i love this holy ok forty seven tattooed on his face i put that break in your face now what you gonna do with it this is flawed that's what this is because as minor favourably ideology is better than trinidad j i sell adieu gotta be sweden in this one is get off
platinum teeth or goats hard sell the video you i wish us all rifle songwriter exactly he needs a tank i gotta tell you tank and wolverine i love a little below razor i love smelling blows ellen i love sellen blow he's running around with guns splitting cocaine all over the ilo sullen blow but it's it's flashing the word yeah translated at that i loathe like i was a poor we have to make sure that the audience understands that its clear enough you know i didn't know what arguments about it yeah he's doing man he's like ok everybody thinks a crazy watch this box you think you think you fuckin topped the crazy olympics mother fucker i wondered tat two guns on my face and
stitches i'm only eighteen and i'm just going to say it i love selling blow doesn't to say it went to print across the screen have a gun and every seen wow does he doesn't have any white friends what's up with that that these races now you're better off the of the wage like guys like like ireland to get away i got one one except for you by aids white people now what you gonna do with it that's what i'm saying it's gonna be all day the media head now what do you know what you can see you i knew tat line after i submit people now what you gonna do it it does rude carried out a fire you first
when and then like i was a hell razor got you know the way i think that was him i think those him with a mask real that was supposed to be him thing i've just mind imitation of the hour i think he shares vicious data hanover some black you think so hell razor kind of brought back to white people monument online razor and they should have been spawn or sorrow now that's very good point is how razor was a white guy in the moving and black people hate scary movies generally speaking of scary movies generally this has all been difficult things that are likely to have got a razor you gotta be able to intervene because you can't generalised and you can make any fucking point so as you know the man you can't make any point you have no idea what guy that doesn't do that mike
yes i know a guy too but general outcry that's what happened before you say what you just said you go you noticed might sound a little bit racist but or i'm not races but yours either twitter feed i'm not racist that's all peoples erases shit races but really say some raises shit that was once the most races i'll fucking kill you can you read some races shit and not be accused of being racist we'll find out exactly definitely not because if someone said if someone was a story about some racist why go said edward to a black i'm on a black eye atam or something ok tell that story and use and use that word or do i have to say edward again when describing the story it's a tough one right howard stern just as the word only talks about someone else is one way of jamie stop right there
that raises but will not stand to see my country attacked by black whiners they feel sorry for themselves cook quit breaking the law ass others leader real twelfth well put what he's got a moron the difference between a high level african american and edward you say the word until i'm mexicans like i could actually get away with it if i say an idea but i can't do that but you can't even say it you can't not even com something it not calling a person a nigger but say the word like me saying you right now you'll catch pilgrimages it it just did i don't know it's it's i think it's been grappling with also more ever were in order man they have a words no big deal did
what are you going to you can say whereby released after electronic whereabouts away or to like a group of small children you got a guy went back and i would be very offensive that doesn't seem it's not quite as strong as the inward but it's it's up their bronze metal you know no mean an end the gold medal year after year not even being raises but walking behind black people on the hallways is the last place ever want to be no no that's exactly what you're being the first not even being racist oh my god i'm literally i literally am not racist at all but public i dont get why a lot of black people feel the need to ignorant literally all the time these are matters that james this i thought all double
literally and no period i'm not feeling that sends i'm not races but but caught but does it collocations are cockades are evil is hell s m age i got a real issue s image which what does that mean against shake my head just stop it stop cut the shit specially why people oh alma gallagher this one races but just in please stop hanging with black people they are making you two ghetto people think you're trying to be black rogan set about justin bieber our journey said he thought he was near me just and neither can the he's gonna actually a cool guy watch he expectantly buckle guy but said through one of the bus and he said it is not enough words are not just the opposite of cool not did not a nice guy do away
but you know what i thought about that here he got so famous young and his early fuckin good luck he's he's a guess modernize on sunset he's got his like playing with the czech first gas or such like that the guy's a really good looking guided if you didn't of you isn't a musician he would still get magic so how is a guy like that not gonna be a douche bag impossible it is it is tough is up against them empath everybody's kissing his ass all fucking day he's really good looking ridges how he can ease very talented i mean his songs i've never by cities but the duke and sing really good could play guitar he shreds on drums he's been amusing and his whole life is actually very talented but there's no that guy's gonna make it through the teens nos twenty one twenty two twenty one i just but how you gonna get
you threw all that and not be a display knows i'm half was a recent scientific study done that proves that assholes get more checks john danner just curious into this one i believe they did a study and nice ninety percent sure where when but they had women analyze photos of different you no pictures of men in doing different facial expressions and the men with like scowls unlike the chess puffed out essentially what you would look at somebody really go you're not due to natural like right off your perception those got higher ratings in terms of good looks and the guys that were smiling and look happy the only real downsides ethically with those studies checks those states whose who the people that were in their studies that would make a huge difference if those young people older people i could make a huge difference yet
having done a full analysis the study i wouldn't want to now right leg whether its college kids are young danone better or whether its women in their authorities i would like to know where the drop off point is chicks get tired of due to their chests taken out you know that for whatever reason might be appealing to an eighteen year old i think girls like that in the beginning and then they end up back in eating it killed a man there try to the barbarian and the fuckin wild savage but then now they ve got home i damn i wish she wasn't such a fucking sam because other bitches my got too so then they end up hating that shit right wouldn't that be yeah but it's ok is that animals just gonna move on to another chicken totally ok with that so why does it is odd that assholes not looking david settled down with like one check you know depend which asshole you know i think we're still stuck with the echoes of some ancient dna i think we still have for whatever reason
where should we still have all the instincts tat people had back when you have to worry about like marauding hordes coming over the top of the hill with swords and nice i get what kind of an asshole back the yellow and you had a far more than one check because your kids are going to be killed by arrows and fuck and fly body it's a grand and wales good points a very good point if you live in that many of you have dna spreading means these have fertility rituals without hope the people got pregnant the exact opposite of what we do today everyone is like please get her fucking period police and back they were they had rituals and by it we were in our twenties no way before we had kids villas people back in day like we're our dna came from they were on their way out the door they lily had kids they were getting old and you're gonna be dead the italian authorities who probably killed or disease or something so that crazy
the reason why we're here is because the same reason why women would like a guy progressive renounce all could she thinks that guy could protector is bizarre can trick the natures played on us astounds years of evolution technologically in store ugly and how much information we have the way we communicate with each other so that work still isn't stills and totally stop that monkey flock gene that still deep down the backers chicks want some guy who could defend the castle that good thing so that citizens of the end your personal study let's go about my case study now i wish i wish i wish i am working on becoming more more of an asshole of trying to get better at night hoping to people that have acl reconstruction can do more no man i'm an unshaken that dream because its clear that base their more success old women for sure
diaries a wizard that guy is such an interesting do such an interesting gotta talk to such a smart guy you actually dont train there for the technique at all it's just for the stories that he tells us and say you were saying or the podcasting dare you went to data hers to get a private or such like that at first or to train with them and then he introduced you to his leg system yeah i mean just when we started when i started training with john you know first position
system basis like once once a week or so in a lot of enemy fighters comes like a monday afternoon class sizes go in there and in that was when i was in college i don't have time to let go over all the time at once i started coming there's consistently i got its chances sea like kind of this strategy that he teaches and leg locks aren't like as our main focus but i think he's made huge innovations in the leg lock game to the point where like you know any teaches it seems like that's like his main thing you know but yeah nods deafening went over like our whole like locking meander you know eddie coming
lady coming here both of ireland not games just stem from that for share in running he such a smart dude yeah so so on the ball about so many things about you know all sorts of different aspects of life reserve interesting perspective somebody recently asked me what was the best advice i had ever been given and i continued preacher this is it and that john the always tells us never get married but he lists for four reasons why you could possibly get married this force or consent is all of which have to exist i otherwise marriage this isn't an option ok the first all at the same time these for all for otherwise it and then the offers on the table it's not like you definitely have to get married it's like we understand why so the first is that the woman has to be between the ages of eighteen and twenty five ok second is that you have to be over the age of fifty five the third is that you have to have no money and the fourth is that she has to have tons of my otherwise is just starting
question no nine attitude in the wheel house oh my god that's funny god it's hilarious i think he recently added some innovation so that theory with like the woman has been in romania as something like daddy it keeps making it harder and harder to get married ass we as we go along i would love to see dinah heard debate like an angry woman one lousy
it would be so he's i'm i'm sure it's not that many many times but on those points like anything so he's got married i don't see that happening at least i pursued is i think we will be able to really one which as you have a girlfriend then we don't know anything about his personal life he's too personally no no honestly even if i did i'd i don't we we'd never we're not if i don't get it like a player which would you consider my plan i can't answer any questions like that i don't know i just tell you this is my fuckin car guy soldiers things like we're like best friends with them because he trailing all the time we know nothing about this guy is a human being you know let us like a little bits of systematic stories we never hang out with none of that stuff like it's a is an enigma for sure like what he does once he stepped off the map itchy disappears into the easier as far as i am concerned i have glue user phil he was a philosophy student wrote when he started yeah into judea that we get
the paragraph super smart guy would be an insane podcast yeah he be granted i would definitely love to have that mean gary are competing tomorrow at the eighty bravo imitation of here alive and its at orpheum the orpheum theatre downtown allay the orpheum amazing amazing place to have started for doors open a three the paper view starts at four can be on google videos dot slash api fourteen ninety nine view even if you don't train if you think about trainees and neither should do something you watch out fund is watch how exciting it is that the only reason why jujitsu intermission grappling the way you're doing it on your show when only one that's on television just people aren't they are not accustomed to it at your cousin having golf on tv you sit there watch call for your custom to having cricket and some parts of the world i try watching cricket you're being one
the channel crickets onward with a right watch it on a couple of times just to see if i can figure it out by watching at my unknown by dont know why they keep learning john told us that co history about cricket they used to be a guy that was known so that first they were only throwing like you know seventy miles an hour pitches they started to increase it up to like you know in the nineties in a hundred miles an hour pits range and in cricket you're allowed to purposefully throw the ball at the person that's batting so there's gotta just whale people like in the face and they're just known for that became famous for just smashing people face benefit you if you hit how does that both sides are good i guess it i guess if you hit the guy and like you know fuck em up enough it's very hard for him they hit the ball and you have for the meeting to knock em out i don't know how that works met the guy hitting the ball have all the gear on who has the gear yet they see this is back when they didn't even really have that much gear to before
they have already been allowed aware like how made solving way i'd just like no now here's the question of why we do not try to hit the guy every fuckin time think that libya trying to do i think that's why you have a giant wide paddle a defensive tool that humpbacks that's all that matters are constraints answer the head every time you think it was like that errors that paddle work better back and people only throwin like sixty seventy miles an hour but now they like italy pitch you ever seen a guy throw fastball immediately fastball its character me i've seen it live is colonel terrifying the speed a guy can throw a ball it's kind of like whoa wait internationally is it your guessing that's like in that area well you're hoping that he's aiming for a mean specifically area who would but who's the guy that died and then they start instituting those helmets he's o is a famous baseball player he got hit and out
meet moana he might have got like really fucked up and was never the same again by believe he played for the red sox but it was when i was a kid that got hit with a ball and a really fucked up and was it career was done he was never the same again remember thinking one ball can do that unity with one ball in your done what the fuck was that lasting heyward i dont know what it was that it was a famous case it died lit nuts he died later fuck is programme sports fans right now scream and you got the hopeful could store forget it you got the world and all those that's not julian light british tory wrong my point me if if what you did was on tv they got see some wild matches especially one things are appreciated by watching your matt i got expose you buy the first one i saw
was you and crawl we'd organization we talk about half an hour day was an exciting match oh that was to do you like just razor sharp assassins trying to chop each other down man what a match does what a match those incredible you know the first time i met you was at that seminar right in florida for you men are florida now listening so we you know a rustle and ended up happening was the reason why did ye be i one was originally i was gonna do the sub only worlds atoms s w oh that's what i was gonna be an scotty from on the mat he he's even on board he goes do that's great idea let's do it maybe a sponsor and he goes but can i get my boy gary tone in there for sure we're gonna do one seventy the first one sub only world one seventy sixty membrane
and i didn't even i never heard of you keep out of keep track of the top jujitsu guys i really i don't i don't i don't about either so i can barely keep track of the guys in the u s see and he said i gotta get gary tone and i go well what i'm trying to do is get the best submission guys i'm not i don't care about her best i be j j of points guys i don't want points guys and want submission ethical she's gonna go sure ok like i was gonna put him in as a favor i never even didn't know this guy show sub only worlds we added investors interested and then it fell through and then by the time i was ready to start pushing it again and i decided victor got involved victor dhabi loan from the u s seas spends cognitive spiritual road he got about said let me be the unrest let me produce it and its call eddie bravo invitation also and i thought
is he wondered if it wanted to call that for recognition because people were no right away and it was his idea ebay i was his ideas like calling my name you sure but that as you think with a business mind you think ok that is a good idea limit myself out there and i was up you know we're gonna do matamoras was already in the works and would be perfect my name would be back we kaboom we could piggy back off that you know so i thought was a good strategy graceful geneva well established name already to try and build up something else so much harder you're so the for the very first one we did one seventy women featherweight too we didn't you ass you weights and gary of course you know he was gonna be an in civilian scotty from on the mat was involved and said my boy gary you gotta put a man and by that time i i d be judge a committee was out and i remember too he was i was the gallows at scotty nelson's boy so then wintered abu
we two thousand thirteen and i remember the first time we met there we were at the hotel yeah you know you are a game i go if they re vanderdyke hey guys i mentally wasn't oh shit you get and then he goes on is one of the greatest abu dhabi even though you can get the gold medal it was one of the greatest performance is that fight with crown was absolutely incredible and then after that after you almost pulled it off the canada finishing you that's what made a crazy to that's chicks and sun dixons coaching but after that you did the absolute your hundred seventy five pounds you want against russia cyborg those guys couldn't help you you were going after them i'm a cheese is crisis together just also look at him in the act of the smallest doing the absolute he gets the biggest he gets the two champions cyborg one the absolute and russia one though that haven't way class silly but i thought twice
finally one tonne boucher one one time cyborg one so that's crazy in itself we key went against both of them and then that goddamn cyborg giant is a big doing i was away after him tat man like it has to be like two thirty plus least yeah when he was doing it metamorphism with shabazz those guys he's really strong super technical really good off his and then after that like holy shit he's got some ridiculous guard was recalled tornadoes where nato guy i've seen em in videos and some aids or nato virtues out how nicely with a gay man he's he's one of the bigger guys that started to started to be moved like a lighter guy when it comes to suggest using just be like two in a big fat
eyes followed each other in her with a guy for dude over to thirty there's nobody that has i haven't seen i mean i'm sure there's guys and an end southpaw somewhere there just as good i don't i don't have my finger on all that but what i've seen out of the famous guy cyborg is a big dude nobody move i don't see anybody moving like him has half guards and say i can in place i am like tat hold different can have god i'm trying i got a couple students that are on the case of my go study hamburg and eventually bring their shit and that's on the table because its work at high levels he gets under do them with his handsprings vulcan launching craze we should call him by his name because everybody think cyborgs the chick fights for so is it not realising a brave branch egypt cyborg and then a mere legitimacy borg is a super yoga and there's a lot of great videos of him do and strengthen conditioning work on line to the mother fucker is stupid
strong and there's another cyborg that does jude two anime to what yes this is why i would ask the garden ideas onboard remember that guy boy that's right will that cyborgs husband yeah that's right yeah ex husband s course and bottom line of gary winter i gotta watch our fight against a mean they could they were so frustrated these giants four star legends are already living merging both of em bush has already just is like an animal and he can tackle raise would you do know about cyborgs guard like the g understand my my teacher tom the blast and my original teacher he forum in abu dhabi in two thousand and nine to that an eleven something like that i guess where was watchword was in barcelona
does matter but anyway he fought and other so you know i did a little studying on him just because you know my my teacher reform in that it was a very controversial match like you know they're gonna when you look back and it looks like the kind of screwed tom so you know that for me like a definite was familiar with them i watch videos of em and stuff like that after that but i'd say he'd made leaps and bounds from that point you know he i really i didn't know i took his jujitsu a little bit for granted before that fight he in that oligarchy did so like i felt like it was like the biggest like a climax of his career for sure terms she's got make use it was on that issue that amount for sure to trains hard yeah deaf return tartan it that's interesting when you when you see a guy like that and you sealer goes those leaps and bounds what would you attributed it should be that like the high level jujitsu that's available that nobody else can keep up but you attributed to just like people
thing overall people getting better i will admit that romania from his eyes of today are about this i stand out of my mind you there was always gonna be marcello proceeding hickson is primes those committees guides stand now but the guises it seems like a year if you wanted to get into judea to watch submission grappling like but the ebay i tomorrow is no no better time like people are finishing people now and every day i got a bunch of you get an earth and myself my home because they're just every time cool clip everytime unequivocal clip of transition that jeff club or put on you know on instagram or whatever of i'll tell my little jujitsu geniuses you see that one new concept in it like everyone is saying that up with new shit shit and i saw a video and i thought i might check them it teaches tonight and oh you doing wrong i've seen that video a thousand times i was the only one i was going to steal a move but that's a beautiful thing
digital that's misunderstood allow people think that it has to do with strengthen aggression and for you know you think of it as being like this thing so many the guys do it they are like if they weren't doing this they will be in building computers yeah we talk about at all times crazy how we could like actually dedicate our this time to something that people actually care about tat we can actually make money or something you know yeah cell but yeah it's lovely more the mindset for most of whom there are those who know muscle had kept guys there's a few short sharp guys like you that thoughtful and you guys seemed always rise the top they figure out how to always have the best answer whatever problems in front of them yet that's really looking for i mean and that's the theory that i try to pass on to my students and stuff suppose suit like i tell it seminars on time unlike guys if you ever doing a move and you're just like this isn't working the reasons probably knock
pushing harder are you need to go faster you gotta be make that's not the reasons and he's not working its cause you're techniques flawed you d nor his events is good either or there's a lot that's one those things it i always used to like laugh when people would do any nice talk about it when it comes to complicated techniques like some of your a guy techniques it takes a long time to get flexible and yet the reps to pull them off and people would say that that doesn't work and we would always laugh like to head kicks work you learn how to do a head kick right away this is a perfect example right like head kicks we'll kicked it had a long as i can take to someone i can say work watch tv to iraq why why say no one million fights now there's loggia so lot of ways jujitsu is is like everything else right there's gonna be these lead is that you see of it and that are super high then you realize it's possible indigo and then along the way i got a lot of people are second guessing
doubters lot of you don't think this is gonna work or that's gonna work there's just so many moves and you get its unlike any other sport its endless ever the top guys have the role styled or so much to learn in the only way to get good certain transition or move is spend time with that moreover the television you don't have that much time so the smart thing to do sometimes you workin on a transition that might not pan out and hid a dead end so you're like do you don't know what moves to spend this precious time with you look at the pop guys and what are they doing they already done research and development works so now you know what safe just put reps into a sample and that's a safe one and the main ones are there i compliment that though is like so you look at it and i seemed i've seen people do it people that used to be on our team there look at these guys what are the top guys doing focus on that but you focused
much on those top guys let's take like demand as brothers for and yes i would like baron boa right ok these guys are doing a move they ve perfected riots so sure i could study what they're doing and learn what they're doing but am i gonna be able to make am i going to be able to make the same headway that they have with that move probably not so i probably need pick up a different vassar my game and make headway with that move out of me that's what i try to do you know that's what i tell people oh you know what's the best way to get you know a step forward in competition step ahead of the game i think it's being somewhere being in a position more than other people are in that position and developing that not so much of what you see other people doing if you're constantly just trying to do what other p are doing you gonna get caught up in a game and no always find a way to submit your because they ve been doing it longer and i mean i think that's the like the opposing strategy to what you are just too
no exact i totally agree with you i have i use both strategy i always promote and push to keep your go to moves polished not forget about your go down those in your special move any time a new student comes administered comes to me and then you see them developing a move even if it's a move that i suck out of my that's your move i remain chemical bash yours get really good at that that's your secret weapon secret weapon but at the same time i have new student starting every day i like to exposure to everything that working out there and create their own style even though personally i teach the baron bullets part of our warm up system i'm not ever gonna be a bore a bit player i met with that are we now when i'm rolling with with a twelve year old
and women out of all the shit out of the white pearl girl i'll do that i know but i know eventually eventually i want to get really good at that like ten years and then i'll be able to attack with it but right now you stick do you go to keep those strong and go to tools but also also have a constant introduction of new stuff in your little pay back later maybe ten years down the road fifteen down the road where maybe it's not your game now but it will be like i'll kill you definitely take all those elements from the good guys what they do for sure and really no other marshall art like they're right there are so many different is to their shit it's incredible it's like a five dimensional martial arts its yet just keeps getting better and better at over the years like it chose same before you now that the progression of jujitsu in general and the level of issues go up i think the biggest innovations that are happening now are probably in the leg lock aimed
look it's like i know you're a frontier you and editor you eddie come into a big part of that big marty that since day one ten plan they want we have never outlawed he'll hooks or reaping i just never wanted to get here on your hooks because i wanted to train my fighters for emma may i don't want them to the first habit to go to heal looks because it's a little dangerous one he's not guys or tellin me women wedlock school guys you're telling me manny carl horrid o brow broke and may lead locks last resort you'd want to give a position when their say and that of my ok but i never discouraged but i add leg locked get me when my black belt very good at leg locks demi got really good at last i told daniel five years ago submerge yourself and leg lots i want he's gonna do i'm a may i go so leg luxor variant wouldn't for you but then when we saw what you did in ebay i want you to leg lock the shit out of everybody and now and then in the grabbers quest ultimate absent
in the end be i won and finally you beat reach richie martinez one of my guys you he'll look them inside you and then at the grabbers quest ultimate absolute or whatever you think you can only get those mixed up it was you and make an orchard and the end of that sixteen member here another one of my but you ve got a mother inside he'll hook again from that point nathan i did you know what i'm he started studying everything you are doing and we to move i never got deep into my eyes i got a good cripple or or game over whatever the erika both legs wreathed i got that when i escaped amount i go to that i'm i'm tat he hoped but generally i'm not good at heel hooks never really looked into it i didn't know the system i didn't know the system until may and studied your personal gain and showed it to me yeah and now my while it it's like the rubber card because people do people think like rubber gorgeous
reach an up and grabbing your legs and hold it on and torn up it's an arm but didn't realize there's our system there's always position a path i didn't realize it was this exact same thing for leg lot when i first started train leg locks i like i walked in eddie had already done a lot of you know made a lotta headway in not molecular game and obviously no john had been teaching himself you know when i first came in my intentions were you know is preparing for abc see some intentions were like i want to know a little about dislike aim of competing in it in a torment where helix legal which i don't usually do you know i want we re for this and i we were ready for whatever people can throw me i'm just gonna learn how to do well enough that i can defend it and then i learned that it's like a whole different martial art we're just like like boxing unlike what am i i wonder ass john gsm so frustrated i'm not passing eddies guard could just keep like locking me and i'm like so you know when a guy's gonna like locks how'd you pass a guard is like fucking moonlight locks do
learn how to do how to do what he's doing so that you know we know the counters and everything so i realized i had to spend time on it you know i supposed to just like this missing you a small part when you see someone when you see someone dismiss a minimum may like the highest on guy say don't do it does its last resort but then you see a guy like our party i was going to say that whereas rhetorical wishing you think i'd let locks today leg locks inanimate what do you think i just think that to be there's a few guys that are abusing them well and i just i think that you know they're just not enough people out there that are confident enough in them have done enough technical research to me useful you know what you are one due to shitty he'll be absolutely but on what do you think about the horse was city so i it's terrifying the guy knows that he has confidence in his heel looking knows you can break a limb within any finds in every different situation most a lot of our transitions we get from our poorest gonna like there he otto like here you know he learns how to get there from many different position
that's it i'm talking about before and kind of eddie was talking about with finding that thing that's like yours you know he's there all the time so if you can get you there boomed you don't know what you're doing exact you think in he's already moved on instead what i'm thinking about like locks is i hear the stuff from highest on ten years ago i hear up my one of my purse my first emma may fighter was he was rubber guard twister she was like like i created this guy but he also had a leg lucky we did emily and every time he tried to go for leg luxor got knocked out so they came there was there was a point where he had it was too dangerous yahoo after liked well no i'm sure but then i m you have our full support hearts coming to come out of nowhere and people i think are still giving a more i well he's making the leg locks work because he show strongly so scary and so
because people do feel like we need to see a few more times from different i hope legwork works the more emissions on the ground the better i love the way was my part is pulling guarding the leg locks he's trying to do that we know what i think of when our belgian figured it out yes alan bell traffic i mean he willingly went into his half guardy were willing where the ground with a big mistake people make and he and every single step of the way and then eat him down stop them i think at the high level that looks like i think if the guys is kind of shaky about leg locks and he's not like he doesn't have leg locked defence in his dna he's gonna get caught but alan spent two months solid with dean lester for woman adobe ramos with many parts like and he said first two weeks you just got leg locked all day and after a while you were out of slow it down and then you get tat you slow down
and get tap slowed down and the new start attacking cause that's reset show i think with maybe with the lingua game if everybody got really good at the defence that yes you can get you can get in these legwork positions and avoid getting hit because i think that the saddle and honey i think it's pretty safe right where you you ain't gonna get hit that it can reach you bought if the guy defends and is comfortable defending it and they can sit up and a certain spot and sprawl out on you then it could be trouble i'm not a hot i'm rooting for leg locks and emanate trust me i'm just not a hundred percent i need is what's the point just come at once they start lion your ryan hall is making leg lock works and in emma made training show maybe maybe like maybe leg long some will be the future of or part of the future of grapple will you know we always have its conception about this idea of it because of frank near verses in freeman mean that's like cement in people's heads member
rag meares gone for the he'll look look like scott locked up and these infringements tee on his face while yelled anonymous leg that was right gets bestow mommy got farther up until now has been frank was a monster mean frank was real young wild and grasses romanus ato and walking hansen saunders though that a leg lots had a tough old working hansen caught him once and hit of two or three times and he was out artists who ok whose gary who's got better like locked technique in machinery or paul harris because women are very has work some dudes needs to i think i'm an hour is probably more technical what do you think mail no i m coming says no yeah i think that you you're seeing comment first of all you seem to people do like locks to people that are that dont have any clue what they're doing when it comes
like locking right so it's in the animal world not to discredit anybody that use them effectively northern parts is used effectively in both but then when you're watching people use like locks and fight you can't just credit occasionally oh my god i do like locks are amazing because they're going to get there in terms of grappling going at somebody that doesn't have any clue what they're doing most of the time anyway but in terms of you know who's whose better i mean it clear that the headway that part is made with an outside he'll hook is just in a way above any one else seminary has some other i'd i'd say i'd better it's and some of these technical transitions that he does some very unique you know counters and unique attacks the cyclades entry yeah you're good at me definitely stadium and try and use and that's so i think he's just a little bit more creative a little bit more unique but i dont think nest i think up a horse a better system of guy palmer there is a better system for breaking a limb
the post seminar each lot of creative transitions in eighteen oh can eventually submit somebody but you know yourself you ever think about getting a private with a horse ah no cause i you know i favour my knees and i don't want to i think you would just how you definitely just break my legs for she really i mean you'd try anyway in really would staffordshire for sure did the guy's a crazy they brought in a spoiled psychologist to try and like a wire you breaking your training partners legs in everybody's legs and competition and not letting go and this psychologists after week was like thought this i don't know what the dr and because it was breaking is his training camps in staff dude well god damn eddie governing uniting as well the ants wanted confirmation across the board well here a term of childhood man here but his childhood that big scar across his chance they try to crazy glue that shit's shot when it was like a kid while he group on a farm a pig sloppily was like thirteen it's a really heartbreaker story
prize that he's been working since he was a little kid it's one the railways so fuckin strong awaited pig slop has something to do with it let us start takes luxury added some other things is dying some legit wake them that is not a slot slap super dense and protein tastes like shit but good for your pleasantries instant fecal transplant as work has written a little bit of pink shit in their perfect this fight with fish now i'm a bar of watching how highlights just unwell seeps alamo vulture specifically actually explained it alan directly went overload what he did wrong like it's pretty interesting man he had a video shop out lying on how to defend and how par as went to straight leg lock in only go but he did what he should the way should it done it and the way to do it really interesting on values of wizard when it comes out but the way paris got the fight to the greatest buddy john fit dnc doubling division one ressler
take him down he didn't even try he does shot for a week single and sat down and when prologue luck once you get a hold of you it's like you have a whole new law full of oh fuck like everybody has in their head like a level of or fuck like ok i'm ok here i'm ok here defend here but i think he's so goddamn strong and on top of that is technique so sharp then went to ground hot you see this look on dudes phrases like oh shit i'm getting out of their size are letting him get where he wants to be no yeah like most of them anyway you know better strategy is to put him you want him as opposed to oh yeah i'm just gonna keep this on the feet no you're not you're not gonna keep this on the feet he's gonna find a way to get the leg lhasa god put him put him down i put him now shows you would a demon hector lombardies
delong powers i wish you luck in all my legs what a man but he beat the shit out of em how does like stoppage humbert stopped he just can take him down couldn't take em down couldn't get a molecular can do anything with em never got under the ground they try to pull the lump board is stupid strong stupid strong he's only guy i've ever seen lock up with tim both and just face plant him just by bipolar lagoon ambrosch was trying to shoot and take him down and he sprawled unjust slammed him into the ground key so god damn strong and on top of that he's got ridiculous technique now his judo is off the charts and then he's got submissions to manage a video of him into submission grappling match we snaps deeds leg and you can hear it snap nothing they know which one lombard hector lombard just didn't leg lock and snapped his leg i think i've seen it since i think
unlike a straight ankle law can you hear quack about john lower got his foot broken off with the total in japan the whole foot just broke off looking out on their footing and the ravages stop certain is inadequate oh shit angry told but the whole it was like like anderson so his leg jesus christ we really stop and think about the progression over the years and all the crazy fighting put like you get a wig your brain up to that have you guys look them do the sea s w leg luck system with the air paulson guys look at him and i trained at a school once but you know i in terms of like looking at their system of legal acts are not as you know a tune to now eddies as a lot more research they mean you noise you called people be j j nerds that's for sure so i am yours i got he wouldn't backs what are the asia the i didn't want to go i do a little better research but it's not like unto extensive stuff you know any age train all the time and i
luckily i live in an age where have all these people around me that you known study and no no the martial arts no like always think about that like think back to like what was it like when nobody knew what the fuck they were doing how to make everything up you had not off you know i mean now we're in this era where its liking i could go to john with pretty much anything up to ninety five percent accurate answer to whatever question as i have cause he's seen it in a hundred times before on tape you don't mean that we don't have to debate as much are you planning on fighting and emma jane one or two years and i gotta i don't huddled even able in the face yet so you know i am twenty three and down so you're just concentrating on striking before you do a gag should learn guy i wanna know what i'm doing before you wrestled your whole life right i wrestled from fifty ninth grade and i started doing jujitsu so gave me a little bit of a grappling based but it wasn't you know i mean it wasn't
i knew what to do a single and a double egg like brags and got nothing serious nothing then i really remember now i do wrestling privates with de one guy matt pleasure on by weekly united to two too weak and work striking training you don't striking train started working with frank savannah boxing coaches i'm just once a week you and many times i am in manhattan but i haven't checked anybody out in area i've been doing stuff in jersey bring people to make i run a schools it's hard for break his hands always whose hands or can it connected with the was right i could like phil nurse aren't you guys yeah yeah aid is somewhat somewhat connected you have some guys teaching but no i haven't gotten in touch those guys it's just under real based well all right now so i just want to get to a point where i can you know start going to some professionals but it's almost like what you did to like you without knowing anything like what use is it to go to the basket
and world economy will you know what did with a guy as good as you are what i think the most important thing is you go to like whoever you go to if you decide to like you know and embark on your emma maker go to someone that's got a full knowledge like a ferocity hobby type do yeah like someone's gotta full knowledge of emma yeah those guys are so gigantic i don't think they get the credit that they deserve ghana the duke rufus as of the world and in others those guys that just like look at the whole package of what you do as a tighter and pieced together the right strategy for you we have good connections with four what for us that camp you know their guys come does for jujitsu in our guys go down them from may so i'm deftly hoping once once i get some striking issue back into a certain level latin i love to go down there you know like that is just so i feel like you know almost they would know today with me at this point desgas i'm just so you know base level right right useless to go down and waste their time so you just rainy boxing train might i just bought
right now lebizen coach told me that he thinks i should spend about six months purely on boxing ring jump into my tie you don't do it either way but it's a good idea a k a contrast the two things that they're trying to teach you some folks on one thing first and then jumping to that for sure yeah get those mechanics down and then the trends that are transitions very important on some people don't make it yeah you don't make it in the guy has led kicks are just they d come into play elbows and knees come into play this to me things are coming apply two guys make the mistake of focusing primarily on boxing just because it feels good to put something in the face pretty good at it it's an awkward movement for your body is pretty in self explanatory everybody understands it yeah but then kicking is this like whole thing we're moving your body in a way that seemed awkward and here we have to think about what we balance and foot placement goes some guys they just become that box or ressler jujitsu type guy but i can't do that anymore man to the there's veto bell for its wheels
you're not a means like now it's on such a weird level the guys can do things guys like super high level in everything they always have revenge of you in this one thing like laser as your planning out your future super important to look at all the spots sometimes ever do that you know like no one ever back to jail sun and throw ahead kick vienna man he's a good example of no one ever expected him to you now insist never put that as a threat it was never but like a guy like a g s p or you know filling the blank they can i do anything vigour provides ample could do anything yeah shuffling makes more dangerous for sure if with jujitsu like professional jujitsu was a big thing was on television that was a major export to retrain don't you but would you go and emma may or would you stay which sets an interesting question i haven't really seated at yet because we just haven't gotten into that level i think i think i will
you'll try at some point to transition in china may maybe i would hold it off for a little bit longer like if i really and i really saw that the sport was taking off and not and i felt like you know that's where i could make my head weigh and that's where i can make my mark i definitely spend a lot more time there thing i would like to make a transition from a purely fur so purely for four few reasons one just detest myself at a new thing two to make sure that i have the knowledge for when you know somebody comes up to me ngos oh yeah i want to make a transition to emanate from jujitsu what's your advice while i can't really give them advice if i've never done it before feel like you know you are so i want to really know what i'm talking about if i'm talking to these got these young guys that want to come up and do something with a may instead of gesture to so i definitely from a teaching perspective i need to get in turn a man and experience that noticed like that's that's how i feel anyway regardless
whether or not you judge who takes off in its on tv and all that stuff are you planning on overdoing amateur boxing matches or anything else i gotta talk to you know some my coach and stuff and see what they think is best in terms of you know my development and things like that i would imagine that probably you know would be good for sure i want to avoid as much as possible going there out of just getting knocked down all the time in training and stuff like that just having not just greedy tab retraining where you're just it's just getting you tough quotation marks and then i'll get to a point where i'm in a fight and i'm just being touched on the chin and knocked out cuz i want to make sure mostly on technical details and then now to show smart and so happy to hear you say that it's one of the most important things you know amy varner just did a sin of you recently jim foreigners of former w c lightly champion really tough guy did this interview resolute said i was short my career because a spar too hard spar too often export bigger guys yeah you know
talking about i respond by invader and always do do away bigger than him and that over those years of doing all that sparring with these large guys and spoiling really hard three days weak as i don't try to prove your tough purity you're tough you in the usa euro tough i don't just try to do a right and he said sometimes we have to do at once a week once every other week made you ve done that's that's what i'm thinking in terms of like when i get to sparring and stuff like that i use a spar back of a day like probably three four years ago when some my teenage certain new it's a member may i just did it like for fun for some experience and things like that but it was it was stupid and dangerous for me to be doing that without really knowing what i was doing in terms of striking i think you know and cause all i was really doing i mean all i was really doing with snow hitting until i get to take on anyway
i mean just taking unnecessary damage for no reason from people that wanted to take my hat off you know it's not smart and people think its cue the thing it's fun like those got his new nor a box what we touch more but only did an errand throw hard hooks in your fuckin head you see them common and that those those shots that you take an sparring sessions they can really fuck you up yeah a long time glad that had never really you know i didn't have to pay the price for that at all if you could find guys which sparked technically really fast and have good control men you can progress so far because it takes away all that's the fear of getting hit if you have fine but it's just hard to find the ties apparently have it down i was talking to john wayne parr when he was on the podcast and he said they stay spar like they play yeah like you like when their kicking each other the like slap in each other and cause there's fighting every week so then i wanna get hurt when their spar and there like playing with each other and no one strand hurt anybody instead it should always be like that that's like that the biggest problem for people starting out untrained jitsu to get that guy that's just like it
squeezes every day and they need to be able to relax get submitted and move around like me and to be comfortable all that stuff yeah it's like a hard thing for media like teach you know new people coming in that's like a hardest transition get him to a point where their comfortable enough to relax and then just let their mind open up to what they should be doing yet seems like this time is the only thing that fixes the game and everything in strike two in but you see eyes a train for a long time and maintained mentality and still are just like you know did just roughen tough guys that are just trying as hard as they can every single role and they're not making a lot of progress i see plenty of people like that so time but with good direction from my coaches and needs and things like that are still plenty a guys that he could be training for ten years and you just still train like a jerk off in india so desire those guys never really develop much much often see they have like a couple a good move that they were glad to that's a weird thing in it
some people just figure out how to get like how many years were you doing judges who were you started hitting work or real high level i mean i think you know i mean whose is it progression i was focus on like points jujitsu for a long time still trying to submit people but my strategy was i'm gonna get to the back because it high score four points there and i can do a reneged choke it said in a highly effective submission and low risk you know so that was my strategy for everything so the first five years my training was all dedicated to that from every position let's get this guy's back choking from behind he d simple i'm gonna have more points and i'm gonna be able to submit the guy pass that those these last three years i think i've made the biggest developments in terms of broadening my submission base and learning how to some people from different places and things like that but i think it was kind of good for my progression in august i got positioning sound in a much deeper and had like a strategy things like that but it took till i was a black belt to really mean
advances in injured you too i feel i can hear what it would i lie what are you how do you feel about what submission only versus the points game i mean i think it it takes a couple different things you know like
so i mean you could see people that are possibly successful ball for successful in one or the other but i think what it comes down to is kind of the mentality of the person that training are competing in either one of those things you know it's like menu you take somebody whether there are points fighter if their points fighter competing in a submission only torment they're gonna pretty much see them take the same strategy in the commission only tournament in out there i it's u takes it takes guys that are constantly hunting for submissions in training and that's that's when you're gonna see that the best matches no guys that are constantly handing after submissions all the time it's not just situational thing there's like this there's this overarching thing that some of the bigger gi two guys say i think i saw it like an article from kyoto and i love dietary known jogs great guy but i am opposed to this thing said like you know all you know you know i hate when people talk about you know submission fighters and points fighters and and and
the difference between the two and i think it's like you know the points matters is that it's all the same you know and these guys talk about oh i'm going to use my jujitsu and if a submission opens up i'm going to ya finish the guy if the submission opens up no you make a fuckin submission open up it's not it's not like i'm waiting for the sky to like accidentally stick his arm out there no i make em i take his arm away from him that's the point you know there's two complete those are two different mentalities i mean i'm gonna wait for this guy to make mistaken i'm gonna make this guy in danger that's it that's a newer mentality right because the original mentality was like one of the reasons why hoist would favour a longer matches you wanted a cookies wanna slammed i want to make a make mistakes another physicality to impose himself on people so i waited till they got tired and then give something up and i can work sure and i don't think it's like not a winning strategy can
clearly you see guides grind people out and welcome but i think that i think that not just using shrank you can find ways to open up some missions on people's it's dead there's deaf me a deeper level yeah that's while the differences in the way just barnett describes it describes emissions and the way like some more technical jujitsu based guys would describe submissions yeah like barnett always calls like catch wrestling like a violent the major your via your attacks on the agenda are when you just use a general are caressing the violent are yeah so these of out of the young guys like yourselves super aggressive guys dislike there is like a change in philosophy then more at hearing that philosophy like the aggressive go after it philosophy and i think when we're talking about taking grappling to appoint words spectator sport reasoning he's trying to do in many other organisations that's what needs to happen absolutely whether its whether it's gonna help you win
fights or not like you know you take a look at the you have seen dana whites always telling people like you have to have exciting fight you have to have exciting fights and its true because you won't have as many fans if you dont yoke eventually get you out of you have see if you dont you don't mean but that's what makes it a speck it that's why people get pay to do it because people are excited to watch it and whether you win or lose it can't be the only thing in your head at that point if when we're talking about bringing people and if you're making money you're putting on a performance you know so it has to be about the attacks are happy about what's exciting about jujitsu the submission you know i mean so people constantly getting attack that's what people want to see you in that make this like a big thing that people are interested and are you still interested in competing in the gear you're just i'm also nicky i just know focus on because nobody pays anybody to compete in the key number one matamoras does yap mode and most of the matches don't ended submission and their considered boring matches the most of all the saint all you d better more should go all novi what's yeah i do
i don't necessarily think that you can't have it i'd mashes energy i just think you have to find the right people yet defined to people there are willing to put on the line and just try to submit each other and not give a shit whether or not they gets me it's hard even when you find too like that when want when they both have a grip of the collar and the sleeve start there the really good yes holding together all its the tough one night i agree i think it's just a ditch makes it more exciting wouldn't you do about amours hachinoki i i'd consider but it would take out a bigger camp you know i definitely yeah i'm definitely just focus on nogueira now for everything in my few it's just like you know if i'm going to do and may it only makes sense ever
naturally super fight that i'm being asked to do is without the guy just literally at this point makes no sense for me to spend a lot of time on it now once again like i said before from an instructional standpoint students that might be interested in training the at some point once i break away from you know my athletic career are definitely studied a gale deftly studied judo definitely study all the things that are those little intricacies that people using jujitsu the lapel guards and things like that so that i can better help my students but now so much for me as a professional athletes i dont think i think at this point we're hitting appointing jujitsu where you have to make a decision what am i going to spend rising and i think i'm gonna specializing novi submission ratlin overruled with more i've never old of marcello recently he's been in he's been injured i think he's coming back now pretty strong from what happened to him he got his knee her doing so thing anonymous ensure wide maybe so morton the exile of air traffic
of its awesome do once eventually you'll do you'll do it oblonsky and is doing its job one side when it was a different its first of all to better it's it's it's better ruin one go snowboarder you don't go for years you don't go back to school years i snowboarding like when i was a girl like this guy was like i was like scheme for losers snowboard sobering so much cooler so i do it for like four five years dislike you know once a year twice a year your family would go on trips or whatever and then one year might my friends like do you gotta your trial scheme you know see how each year you like it at snowboarding hours at a level this is measured he's no boring as fast as i possibly fucking could in a straight line go down the hill fall to stop myself it's like getting almost knocked out we are falling the snow how fast he and i have no idea they don't know what's it yet who knows and i'm only go and like you know bunny slopes or like the blues whatever the
scarcely any re as intermediate whatever i could never do i was fearful of a black like diamonds only to write down i saw on schemes are put on skis the first time i try it black diamond no problem you know i mean it's like it's i mean clearly you not doing it technically but like it's safe you know i mean i could i felt like comfortable like slow myself down snowboarding i just feel like you're looking in one direction and just tunnel vision you're going too fast again its soul so much more uncontrolled is difficult so you're saying is no warning is more exciting i therefore seeking point of view hell yeah i dangerous me you're relocked into this board you don't have your two legs to be able to separate and balances often snowboard collide with each other through going fast when i'm on the slopes as the hot much higher percentage of ukraine is gonna learn turn because really snowboarding skiing is just the art of slowing gee i reckon rake slowing down slow on that slovakia
as soon as you don't slowdown ball you you go down with aloni bono o back to marcella we what would he be someone did i think personally has a duty to fan you against marcella be the most into like was metamorphic yeah she's i would never supervise libya would never like call em out or anything you don't have any right to but not to be the amazing madge i love that match up rematch with chrome absolute i ask for it all the time but again i can't really call grown out ye be me so i called now in a sense like hey i want to fight you but i would never like talk shit about grown to try and get him to fight me because assisting that's not fair then what do you need me that match was the finished i that made that match and amanda match for both of you it's it's like it made them that's so much more exciting and if you guys just went to a draw if you went to stalemate at the end and maybe ask you know you were both clinched up with each other and it ended that would not been
well that was a perfect example of what's possible at high level judge or so exciting the fact that he did submit you blew up yeah because they were made that you put it in some terrible positions madam you you had him in some bad spots were like her we shit and you know etienne i went off about we watch the video i wasn't alive you that's what i like we were all right is equally pete crowd all and then one minute left was crowned broke you guys up he looked at hickson does video huge flaming gary and then we play the video of a fight on the internet is on youtube so it's it's cool that like something like that exists i think that we need to have more of those out there and then eventually hollywood people are gonna go haywire will witness this is while shit like allah nobody
but nobody has locked down this isn't television you have sea has established a very firm but like huge property in the eu have see that's what everybody connection emma may equals you have seen and if you like ellador they go how is it going to fight for the sea someday just what it is does not with grandpa how many times have you heard a guy trying to in two thousand two thousand want two thousand two guys we're already deeply in the u s c wasn't we saw a ninety three it's two thousand two thousand one even to this day you you weren't guys aren't into it and then seen at a couple times just couple dude a round is like unavenged fall for that for them it was one of them for round but one we saw what did we see what is the difference the difference was the fuckin parliament the first when i saw was you see too and i was sixteen men tournament cause it's either being when you see one match at a time it's like a documentary you see maybe that birth round you don't
no one looks familiar but that second rang like oh shit that deal with the long arrogance that's the ninja do and then set my final holy shit how badly work out you just saw their career that night and then the finals oyster patrick smith you're like home i wouldn't from hating voice in the opening round because he'd be my karate guys rule we remain just being as follow a right that that final because i pat smith was kind of what he was like a heel even within that it was a man yeah that's why we gotta we with what we the people that watch it back that got obsessed with the answer he was greatest thing ever if they would have been single matches in you don't know those did it would probably what we wouldn't have that drama unfold there should be a bunch a single man no you can't a movie ran exact whom and you can't do that with them and make but you can totally do that would you did so in that
abu dhabi especial cause it's a bunch of sixteen man bracket super but the only thing that i think i will we should have a sixty men brac abbot four days like a whole week what every day is a different one because the way they do it now take three year cycle three movies at the same time europe watching it on food and then on the internet you just watch a link of the finals and then you go back and want to send my fine you know it's like watching a movie in pieces and you already know the ending but what what mademoiselle does it have a single fight every fighters is made page version three matches are twelve matches like the moon the owls it's one time showcase but it's not tournaments thou so show what i'm trying to do is i took the best from abu dhabi and the best from metamorphic and try to combine meadow more submission only one match at a time and abu dhabi there for sixteen men brackets that are in themselves if you watch one by one one out of time our state you it's mine
when you wander my god we need to watch it like that in my opinion that's what maybe i want an ebay i too would mean gary when in submitted everybody in the sixty men back every dude he ran through and in the final by the time you got to the final with him in which reggie blue through everybody on his ended the brackets always richie care the every and was gone not because they thought unread one at a time that's the secret ragged point no they're they're trying to do glory and i am actually been advising people against it i think it's a terrible idea for sick boxing and haven't i too much down too much damage and people get her ever caught it's not going to get cato that's the problem you gonna hey owed its sometimes get killed me still find when you know you gets you get knocked out and you still fighting on autopilot and it's all really what happened you want you want decision but what i've seen haven't you guys it's not safe gore they fought three times they had the last man standing tournament delay we went to the right you can do that should they fought threefold
times man box raise in the first five joe showing how to fight for round because the third after the third round was a draw just christ that's how powerful tournaments i'm watching it so powerful that you might not be able to draw kickboxing this this should go wrong its roots risky but the tunnel is so exciting that if we could pull this off no one gets hurt me get lucky its ran show that people going to watch over in and when you watch from the to end you feel it it's a document that's a very good point through that's a very good point and i think if someone got ahold of that someone who produces sports television and realise this is like an unsung property this is out there this boy is at a very high level right now guys are very very exciting and no one is capitalize on unknowns put it on television and no one's making money within the agent or not i just don't know how to do it there for it first how to get rid of the points you not i put together api like some old
jewish guy who told some network set on all about this marshall our stuff but i like you kid i'm gonna give you one season on no joshua i'm gonna give you one sees as soon as the ratings drop out we got a deal then you would go oh shit ok we gotta get real fucking we got to get rid of points and we got to term it you ve got to see it on full because that's what makes the ultimate fire so awesome it's the pearls although it doesn't happen one day but it still eternal you see the bracket unfolding just like the march madness i hate basket but i understand why there's tournaments you see it all unfolding you see the drama you know and in that is what missing from grappling that's why i'm in my opinion that's why you can't get it on tv because
and all the other format is just too much stalling too much wholly we mean how not to do right now to dispute your claims because right now you're talking crazy this respect i support everything that the key there is no life let let no let go let me that's one of his court it's nothing funnier than brazilian misinterpretations of english ice i sent eddie a picture of a t shirt that i found in my closet all my way back in the day of a wily ishmael valley g t shirt with a little did it say i said on the back there's a card can picture having always i mean he's out the nicest swedish skype rather guy all those mean looks at all the programme is actually persuade super nice he'll take a picture and i hope you like a little get going to look at is pigeon classic one back in may two thousand for three love that do nanda he
has a sure where it is attempts down there like a cartoon character and sit on the top don't be coward don't one from not dont want off the fight yes don't we coward don't run off the fire of humanity nice human what we need and in like when you went to the teacher chop plays an american guy it all you want is now very does that you put this is bullshit put it now now the king they will release him initials on this right initial right down right crazy wishes he's a damn sure i'm trying to find its printing it we're like boss
boss come here i just want to make sure that don't run off the fires that of germany coward snakes i just want your approval here an initial here unless you bad he didn't tattooed on himself i want to get this anyway now you mr ishmael you realize what you have written here and this is exactly how you'd like printed it goes on our economy and to do it is healthy video that i'm trying to find a picture i now try muslim and claims that the fact that this is not the true jujitsu i never say run off the face stupid because even makes sense yeah he was that was a crazy match when human voice member that shit on the beach in rio they fought like with mad so early doubtless sand everybody got sand in their eyes in their face was fuckin sand over the slab some some
down the street voice had big ball to take the lead was fuckin everyone up back there and will lead you got him in a clock choke forum the sleep that's that's a weird thing to watch too i can't believe they let him take that like as jim the jury real consensus in like night like after the you have seen around like how good is voices jujitsu from and he was never like a world champion international champion or anything like that everyone new that everyone knew his he had decent jujitsu he wasn't lightened the world on fire so for him to take that bali match man that showed a gigantic balls goose volleyed was a destroyer you that's a hugely all move and you know you got choked sleep which i think was very important for judge just to show like you ever one looked at hoist grace
rightly so as this massive innovator this this pioneering of judges to have a high heroes was after the shelter yeah while seizing on euro of judges to and then you go ok will listen there's guys out there that are another level there are another level above him in this well that's what he said about ex ante so i'm not actually that good hickson stand about an hour and then the japanese when are you sure you have as you is not or to anyone that i found it it's actually a picture of em it was our but we had more than one eddie there's more than one no no no this is the brought back you neither back the bangemann as a karaoke let me say no mercy no rules no pain this is different one man this is the very things that go together i am back a hundred percent i haven't done anything these in khartoum form two in the bush
to share those deadly more than one of those ridiculous shirt star but that's why and not those stick is so funny you know if you think that he's actually being conservative not those kind of conservative with his language is announced it he's a real shock stick as the stick ass i once known and stick its like his act not without a large trees actually that copyright people thing amazing it's an eye out he's like super confident guy now he really is like which everyone imagine with again you can see the geese and strong suit i wouldn't i never say anything bad about him and he's always been nice to me fuck it you're not a man no who scare the video camera when namely a second serious scurrying man the first time i met her eyes ago was a joke either
no it's not a job he's he's really that arrogant everyone she's just pretended to be any stone she wisdom i join my response is another aspect is some said you said that someone was thinking about trying to turn submission grappling into a television show it was trying to do oh no i was just saying that people were trying to be trying to be do you have seen the way that you are talking about how somebody be fighting a belt oh yeah when are you gonna be in u s see people are trying to do that i've had multiple organisations now asked me to be exclusive to their organization for competing yup what no such terrible if they pay enough of money on about all that man i am in favour of look the big
issue with with emma may is in the biggest with boxing has always been that trying to get the best cars to be able to fight the best guys when you're exclusive for one promoter exclusive for another promoter and mixing super problematic young independent contracts for indeed and it matches a long term commitment to things this is smart way to go for grappling because if that gets establish as the go to then it favours the grass or and then there's no advantage that to promote has over the grab the grasp of could always find another promoter so if the effect if the promoters get along applause and everybody agrees with how much money everybody's making and it seems cool and fair then that would be a good way to do it you know so no one has unlock down on the market and think it is very important and trying to just new turn down the offer yeah yeah did good for you ass good for you that eggs balls and that's a smart thing to do is i think the lives if everybody just set that precedent but we created this market where the the grabbers where were the star what's important people want to see you know
on the black marcella garcia versus gary tone of people want to see that match the real benefits authors of that managed to benefit does the man should be marcella garcia and gary tone it and then of course some money should go to the promoter you know some money should but yeah it's what's the only thing this exciting about submission grappling is the submission grappling that's it do you not sell in that you're sellen air the out that's it that's all you got so if you're locked up to one organization is also its matches matches you can't make me as i am in no way do a certain number of matches per year so what what organization puts on twelve march right now the same guy every every madge would you say i am sure that the promoter whoever's doing this i have no idea i'm sure he's probably saying themselves way if we want to be as big as the u s we can see tat stuff exact the end its as such i flawed mentality i feel like for this you know doesn't does so young and it's so tiny and others
very little money every single one of these organizations professional organizations api matamoras polaris all these things that are popping up here and there they're all doing amazing things for sport there broadening the audience for submission wrappings so silly to think that you need to be just a guy in every money is cross promoting john i like when my rising frightened metamorphic rocks going to fighting me personally put my guys geo boogie nathan orchard my guys i we'll get him on metamorphic carts text of halleck good how could you not want gillmore team is book he just blew through everybody in the abu dhabi trials are within two minutes tat everybody one either i wanna hear featherweight one is abandoned we finish never but how do you know what is going to go to your living with a rational individual that's the problem when the people that are doing jujitsu the people that are involved and you did too if you involved
these matches of your involve competition most like the ninety nine percent of the time you're making your money for teaching right model people that are running these schools that's about it making their money so it's not like a situation where this is giant peace apply that everybody's battling over somebody wants dominance it's like its beneficial for you to get your students in the men amours he's in there highlight how good of a teacher you are good god of israel is good and everybody else that's those permits it's good for metamorphosed if good for api when he comes back never be exclusive is always going to be a navy i always and so why would i want to keep him from adam morrison back for if tell you how it with let's work together and used let me know outweigh the guys and then show i'm off to you i love madame everybody make us the most money that way doesn't and then we come back we we
come back over libya i think this is the new way of thinking i think that it is this kind of exists in everything exists in martial arts we're martial arts today liquors provides ample with jujitsu guys are constantly trading technique to each other consolation in each other things the whole thing about martial arts in the old days like in the sixtys and seventys was how secret it was they had secret techniques and they would hide from you the scene you couldn't teach white people member brutishly get in trouble for teaching like people say a thing couldn't laments couldn't teach western could americans you you know they wanted to keep it within the chinese culture now it's the total opposite now everybody's exchanging unemployed is trying to find out what's the best shit who is the best at this and you get us together new match up with each other i mean that's a cent we the new thinking and it said the new thinking for everything and the fact that this is how it is right now so far would you with jujitsu with professional submission grappling is
awesome yet it means it has a shot negative soon someone comes along and buys the whole thing and then wants to put on only like you said twelve matches a year ago compete how often you compete like an as i once or twice and once or twice a month yazzi that's insane and that one of the reasons why are you so good you not just training all the time you you throw yourself in a battle now the time i've seen quite a few your your matches online and i saw the recent when we were with the guy's name though legwork specialist emma make i've seen help he's really good media that was really really interesting fight that was really cool while he was probably one of the most gain people that showed up to that show like he was prepared i felt it i could see it like men now is that was here he was there rode up for that match from for emma may his jujitsu technique stellar generally you talk about leg locks at work at ever may and leg loggers that are having a success whose more powerful number one guy in minority back
the day when he used to go for like looks a lot now he really doesn't he still awesome and then you oh that's right morphine now you sick because he ll pull guard right just like one who right into heels but you're europe the performance that they really impressed mayors you're too performances and matamoras man when you went against kid there and you just you don't even legal can we guillotine them that set up was so beautiful so crazy set up manlier arm was in such a weird position when you were when you guys china south ramble metamorphic the whole nemours is in constant struggle with how do we put together fight that's what it's all about it should have a show comes out everyone the internet goes born boring all this one was great or boy it's always so if you have a boring match people on the internet a fuckin flame you want it but it was malibran chocolate
exactly that maybe the last i like em whether their blowing or not i like the whole atmosphere ally gonna metamorphism hang about i fucking love that are too high well there's a lot of money behind it i wish i had that kind of money behind he and then it would be on a donkey kong but it's beautiful what if i love that almost lobby for matches are boring i love it because then i talked to the guy next to me you know this is that it is trying to watch and managed to have you not shows that our stand you know the poor measures when the key matters come on do look around everybody's i'm fine work and on instagram borri yard everybody is like communicating gripe during the match credible weird but but in them of all that no one can say he's a saving shall after shell because his magic he goes out and just finishes i'm tuna ones as boring show except for gary tone it jack etonian
two hours and kit dale seem to find that and then is that yeah maxwell match up man you just you without you right now without you metamorphosed would or should be keeping a meadow moors afloat decisions boy match after boy met again i loved you do i understand boring matches i think you gotta get i told how it don't he doesn't want to go pure energy because he feels like its disrespectful to suspect that spirit of digital energy i diane i dont like i'll do what i would advise you to make the decision let the fighters like the decision you can wear anything you want and you know what we that decision known where shit all the guys that yet again that take the fucker love the goose written that our but obviously i wouldn't you could worry you can you can t tell pets you going anything you want the she could do come in come in with some at
that would be the one that you were not there was a japanese fighter in a blue superman out a moment ago people love love already showed up like several colleagues is like zuyder man remains here is that if you do that the promoter gives off the hook say i wanted to be i wonder where whatever they want you know what nobody would i think that there is only one shows that a huge those for the guy he's handles and when you be wearing the weapon around your neck to go straight marco was straight forget those bikini breeze they were in paris pride you could well as observers in private all jujitsu guy probably only one is weren't gears yoshida yeah visa and it wasn't even you do but all the other brazilian their windows bikini that they were on the beach the shape their legs decreasing the relieve him always took to be off member hoisted werent g g pants when he fought aki bono india key pants top and humanism and metamorphosis halleck plea
don't sue us for this was trying to pop up metamoris no need to get crazy this this is imagine made kid day lift weights if i was injured all do he was in fact now jack during everybody carried out today how much earlier than it let get to know europe he was very big but now he's giant and seen the pictures of minors in room for shit that guy's swore the fuck up now you made a move waits you look i didn't instagram you look at it is why you looking you looking to find like someone said some stupid what's alec when their introduce new york because they called me a five time nobody world champion which is not true so that's why i just use the knowing our whose idea was that have together chris hours old school black belt old school machado lineage he's around a long time and cool to see that he's referee in this yard where video sucks of fat dick today
dude i love that rowan and try to do the mineral cut you out a little skyline or minimise cosette was one in there you pull half guard here immediately sales on top eu and what are you are you trans damage here when you do in us to go to shit it's camorra from here or and probably trying to come underneath and for a leg luck so so you planet light here we'll relaxed no don't crazy it yes a long match rights like a twenty minute match so when you have a match like this are you are you really consciously like butter in your time in your energy a little i use ie you use your energy efficiently when i feel i use my energy when i feel it's it's gonna help me attacking i mean i'm not gonna use energy just a push in poor enough i'm gonna
use it to make sure i'm not endanger make sure my opponents scenario going after his leg down as a beautiful well jamie and they knew to be outside if you look at this point wasn't very good my form there's a little off nasty transition definitely some things that i could have done a helpful now that looks those terrifying these role in here yes ok dad they'll gets out how near he yeah delicate deal everything's either way back to this is your go to shit outside here looks need to be perfect for then the workmen who so much detail but yeah man and back in hand and then some cam org matamoras just save on lights they go back to kids very good passer very ad he actually showed up to my job before this yea i heard he was training with you and coincidentally did we will work
on rights and then we were coincidentally work and i await that's an identity we say he was saying earlier china not all we were doing for awhile and he showed up but he's fine gary tone and i'm not going to change my show this to my students so i apologise it was my own purpose it was not on purpose i've ever multimedia showed up to my job really nice guy called do i ended up following what instagram and all that stuff but i dude i'm sure on issues kindergarten step compared to what you guys we have turned out so the computer fuck up yeah god i so we get back on their feet and then me i feel this is my wrestling coach fur we do this all the time still drilling just establishing the under from collar ties in hidden good snap down from years yet again snapped down get control of had now he tries it judges and then follow it and now my hands aren't connected yet right and then i'm trying backed my head to finally get it
once the hands get connected treasure struggle out a couple more times and finally sinks in the assembly we can see this area to deal with that today this annoying is the one time where we really nice everywhere i can get zack to help you jamie yeah we can do whatever take care that can you play at our redundancies that man right at the sweet spot yeah what's happening jamie there is there goes and the already tat back it up don't be so this is what part will you don't have your hands connected yeah the accusation of your arm he docked hard so my hands were separated and then i can act and finally give that crime turn on the neck you gotta from how short here our men or marcella team its tail mobility and you catch this from half girls
yeah yeah i won't i don't set it up from half garb i end up and have called for the finnish for sure and then we come up a little bit we reset it boom wow got a formal marcel it or you guys got high elbow i able ba i'm marcello uses it you know when you finish in view but they are trapped his arms trapped as was left arm trapped i didn't see i see that i have to watch it again i don't know if i intentionally trapped dams the two might there man that was huge one see marcello headed all the the only reason i called him marcella tonight it knows called how i elbow the term share there was a name but i just stop with marcel eighteen so that in in the ten planets system every time that comes up and it's so crucial its are part of our warm ups the i want marcello to make sure he gets credit could sure no more success with it than anybody i would say because of that success he's probably the best i know i've seen him run through blackberry
as you know on through a high level blackmail ten times and ten minutes it's a claim the same guillotine tijuana technique john was preaching to me to get good at that technique for so long and like i sucked out at four forever it takes a long time how are you connect to your hands i just so when i grab like mid may i go down past the pinkies between the retina in the pinky bone in this grab always left hand over there i am a night i've hit some on the left side and competition i've gone opposite direction but in terms of what if initially on the right side yet left hand over russia
but i don't like this i've seen people do it with ten finger grips now that the difference between those what marcella told me is this feel so much easier for me but what marcello says and danny does it this way too but marcel we went over he said he doesn't like this as opposed to this because the gander need is gonna come up in reaching grab anything gets him between these two hands here his fingers gonna come up he could wreck the grip you gotta get a grip but if he comes up here and i come this way it is a matter grabs the inside that's almost beards think they're doing the right thing to do and i still get sharp and improve still get job because he's coming around it instead of here mercer year so that makes it makes little sense this bunch did what we're talking about people dont know if you're listening to especially this bunch different ways to hold your hands with different so oceans and that's one of the interesting things about jiu jitsu others there's little tweet
that you were a little turns twists like einstein always likes to call freedom rock yet you know that one getting we like you know you ve seen that commercial for freedom rock it's like ridiculous commercial for like one of those population records that you would buy molly turning to a man like that turning it up rock like the turning the your your your hand side in voicing the blade of your wrist and this nicknamed he named basically named the squeeze of the dark then what the name rather than what you're technically don't you know so he named it and it's a good then its agreement freedom i must remind you that it's just it's about just figure for in your arms you turn it in squeeze yeah yeah smart that it is a smart thing it's it's cool it there's those little technical things about you jitsu and for four people that get involved
and start realizing like from the outside you look at one way and then you get involved in a new start seeing other depth to it yeah that's where the judge it sooner it's coming to place that's where does it see it doesnt seem to die like people will how come these like really computer oriented nerdy kind of deeds are so in loved you jitsu well you know like don heroes ex bothers a video that we are talking about earlier that they're playing on the underground with him talking about it being high level problem a problem solving under stress yeah that's what it was exciting about people who are maybe they would be into video or maybe they'd be into chats or maybe they being dolls rather problem solving type things but you get doing it real time the rush of success is so much better than the rest of winning a chess match i'm sure is great but do you think you choking kit dale hell out of here get out of here there's no way as impossible you know that russia is the ultimate rush that's the you're dead rush this is not a like a bang bang you're dead in a virtual
and when you're re character this is like your plan death yes somebody overlaid some of your podcast over some length digital video some real about like you talkin about submissions unlike what submissions really are what a tap really is in your like oh yeah that's i just possibly killed you write their yeah you're tellin dude you can put it in a very inverted it's also beautiful for people that are practising it that you could kill a guy like that look he's fine afterwards better hold in his hand he's fine media is probably sore the next day but other than that he's fine you didn't get knocked out he didn't get beat up so it's on like a more ethical form of combat entertainment of somebody's gonna put it on television so i decided to put the epa on spike tv or something like that it's like everybody else problem with with head trauma like that fucking kid the judge died a box or just died the other day of net roma it's it's gonna happen it's me no matter what if you have combat sports but in jujitsu way way way way way way way say
gaps way safer long term for the participants and you could still like you watch match man that's exciting shit i d i dare anybody who knows nothing about jujitsu just watch gary tone versus kit dale and do the watch it with an open mind and watch those transitions that you're going through an you realize like well this is their doing a crane the thing here though i look like and gracie steve maxwell podcast you today and health and gracie somewhere m to describe fujitsu i guess his english is not the best in the world has got a little bit of an accent it goes this is judges you do this than i do that then you it is then i do that forever this method doping spoken answer
we that is kind of what it is in a way until one of us almost yeah you deserve all our keeping until you can keep up anymore i beat you in the super hyper way of killing someone in breaking their limbs john diameter rubber we will you hung up from that one night he said if you if you look at it striking is least intelligent way of taking someone out grappling that's the most intelligent striking most caveman way of fighting just keep hitting each other's head over and over and someone italy's down near you know grappling is like let me take this guy down and scientifically put em put em to sleeping that is true but in situation where you can't grapple with someone like if you're on a street fight would you want to be in a street fight with marcelo garcia in a bar or would you want to be in a street fight with john wayne parr john wayne parr is going to be had taken motherfuckers important people in the hospital with elbows the face you try to close that do you can
your head smashed in john always known striking eyes like an ability to do crazy amounts of damage in such a small short period of time so they clearly pluses and mine is yet about in real life situations absolutely you dont want to discuss the matter if you have striking skills i wish i was a kid boxer it would be nice to be able to have the confidence to throw you take three do doubt of striking gonna write like norman practically every time it perfectly you could take three do that for years who don't know and they fuck would melvin man hope in a bar first is asleep ed there's two guys loud and one guy run say that and then it's one on one my guys the dead or butter hurry better hurry apparently they one of the reasons why you use them jill like more than once i beat the fuck out of people want is rising jailed they took this guy's a leg and they stopped it and see the shit in half in this the wrong due to flock with industry confrontation so
both sides you know it's it's good dig a union like super high level in striking it is intelligent it's more yellow then wrestling with somebody you know if you're in a bar and a bunch of other people around you and may lay type situation if you can be john daughter her you know look you can you can protect yourself or you know john is an excellent black belt anybody that goes one on one with them is mangled some not untrained person does know any better but are we willing to bet that even multiple people that of trade tat john had some trouble as a bouncer jobs for many years of his life she's had to deal with a lot of that so he would use you as a shield or we are using your arms to beat other people senseless with but the boy being like nine unintelligent to have a john wayne par skills and others and it is definitely an intelligent way to you striking uneasily modern hoary i did say that now just said signal and danner under
i think that one should not make any feel that we're going all the time just completely misconstruing every need every site to us sound is ruining all of that is no war guesses cause there's a lot of intelligence and his lot of technique to high level striking you watch like those laws and breakdowns or the jack's lack breakdowns in the unknown to ground he goes over like the real technical per this is why like bull calf or you know yachts incline when the really high level hi guys why they're so good tat is a lot of shit going on it just looks at a smash and each other with their bones but yeah note how one guy keeps getting smashed and the other guy does all the smashing s and i know i know guys it are dummy shit and amazing jujitsu so no there's no some really well is super strong cyprus sammy tat me out
i'm excited about jujitsu right now to does like one of the best times whatever because of all the key the like people could about on the internet are these online communities that have formed it seems to me like you do you have seen type of vat and weaving adami should ducas that's where the money i write that guy is more money than anybody i think they should do submission on ebay i roll you can do some national because before that it was submission only what submission only match was like a dream like a fantasy would if what if gracie nationals gracie world made it work and then matamoras did that the whole procedure single match you know you have seen type of that and what evening i wouldn't we should do is that's where the money is right that guy is more money than anybody i think they should do submission on ebay i roles because i made it up it up i personally think i'm constantly chamber overtime i'm tweaking i'm trying to make it so if someone says a lot about the do does this and overcome my oh shit we gotta go
i was at a long conversation with john danner about a month ago about the over what do we do right here i'm not gonna be one of those guys could see a glaring problem i want to do with the japanese do someone presents a problem that oh shit let's make it back on this which it so anyways the shape of abu dhabi has the most influence the most enthusiasm he is a handsome black belt that's the guy and i think take shape doc moons a guy's gonna take this and make it mainstream i think he should do each tournament on a separate day make it like a week thing every day a different just one movie that you see or maybe to a date you see one or two time you stringy let you know you do it one at a time to me i i knew i had a feeling it was gonna it's gonna be that powerful when you watch it on board but when we actually daddy we i wanted to man is it was incredible to the people
there were covered up to me and say and constantly and i mean there are signs that was the best you just turn but they never see it because they saw that way one match at a time by the time we get geo martinez and jeff glover in the final triple over time the place with nazi do you think it's part the ball to do something like this and stream it like net like service were a bunch of people already have the service and all they have to do just click on it you know or an apple you ve type deal were alive people already have that like you get access to netflix you get out seventy million homes still people that for whatever reason they don't have the ability to get the internet on tv so you don't get them but the people to do that will it have internet connections or tv alot of fuckin people have netflix man so much of their stare sponsoring television
those are making their own shows they got this marco polo showed its pretty fuckin dope dude it's like a really expensive show like you could tell they spend a lot of money making this thing i'm down to take api to the ultimate heights i guess what i want you judge you on tv there's no reason why we cannot judge bravely on tv dog frisbie we have all this crown frisbee dude pollyanna trailers literacy come on you can't you put metamorphosed on tv you can't put i would now be on tv i think it just it's really simple it's gotta be submission only it's gotta be nokia if it's gonna be on tv you anger peggy on tv a better chance putting chess on d ye i agree with you that this is a lot of matches that wine are being stalemate to hold onto the collar and its also it's it's as is it an interesting learning tool and it's a great it's to learn that if you get in a fight with someone's gonna winter code all share the reality is when we're looking at sport like combat sport we're looking at jujitsu jitsu we're looking at you did too and they should be interchangeable
not they're not interchangeable when you have a gate they are when you have no key so it seems pretty cut and dry straightforward and i think if someone just want to do soon the gay it's fun to do it's great it's great do it it's a good way to slow the game down it's a lot older guys like it especially because that reason to thank chess yes just as a great game to play we really smart it's it's it's fun to play but you're not gonna put on fox anytime soon nothing wrong with jujitsu with the gay but i agree that for the four novi like that the difference between nokia and gives it just smoothly transitions in emma may suffer a few variables like they're getting launched when you gone for leg locks and you have seen the hottest rising sport on the planet there's millions and millions and millions of fans all over the world are the rabbit fans the you have see there's no reason why they can be one million of those fans are into no gaed you did suke has really it's it's the same thing just without the striking it's on the grounds that the same
objective during the same positions standing there's no striking but it's you love them i may you should be able to appreciate some good grappling as always is its signing the formats right there's no points and look you know it's a single matches there's no reason why you can get a fraction of although as you have seen vans realistically i'm lowborn how if it's done right it's done right and marketed right i believe five percent ford i should see there being some sort of cable television show where they do it like a spike tv like you know spiky then has friday they have all combat sports now they are boxing there haven't glory and then they have better this tv why many people have that that's a big drop drop and access over spiky giant drop really big drop as biogas and waymore households and access to the millions
once more waymore i mean i don't know maybe jamie could find out the the actual numbers but if i had to guess at the differences product fifty i implore be perfect and spike yeah well that kind of a place you would get where people are already watching in other you got it tuned enough the zoning wrong with access tv access tvs got some awesome fight that's where you get lion fights auxiliary place we watch not lions my tie do you ever watch it violates at now now line fight is probably the the number one my tie organization in america's far as exposure because a television like heaven raw cells and legitimate tie guys with it i rule is bigger than glory no because its glory is not my tie glories kickboxing the difference we can't clench can throw needs the body can throw elbows and declining he can't do a lot of things you do in my tie like mine
real my tie oftentimes ones being a grapple fast with a they grab a whole each other in a blast each other needs the body along the ropes that's a big part of my tie you watch it in thailand we want some high level matches these guys clinch up with each other they blast rather the by they dump each other they they sweep each other all the time and its desert indifferent when you're adding in knees and elbows glory doesn't have that just like k one didn't have that k one you can only for a while you throw elbows to knees then allowed you came over then just blasted guy or to two hands by ned and then came illegal to even throw knees with two hands one head you can only use one hand by an if the owner of glory came to you and said joe i respect your opinion what we should do with the rules of law should we go for wait i would all my time hundred recital abso fuckin loot along in a class of better sport it's better spore it's more exciting it's the true or of stand up the true stand up involves throwing stand up throwing strikes in the clench through
so my tie involves a lotta elbows and tie my tie evolves manipulating bodies and leading people into knees leading like alan joe ban perfect exam in his last you have see bout the way turn that dude into that elbow that my tie apply to emma may mean it the combination of grappling your opponent and striking and that's a big part of my time and you don't see that as much glory because i think it was along the lines of what they were trying to do with k one they thought it would be make it more exciting if you had like less clinching exciting ended guys wouldn't get cut up which is what the worried about four torn events but i think tournament was striking is superfluous and dangerous anywhere i think they're asking for trouble by half and a guy like joe shilling fight three is fighting simon mother fuckin marcus you know and then
after simon marcus fucking fighting wayne mother fucking bear it and then after that is frightened art and mother fucking levin two three is a bad it's motherfuckers on earth and you're throwing head kicks in punches in elbow you can't have elbows in their because you get cut up so that the idea of tournament like your preserving major the fight happen more battalion do you would kill them and kicking each other in the head shit the head cut you open like a fuckin separated knife mean that can happen all the time you always a wine the risk of the guy not be able to get into the final figures had kicked no towards events lead to dangerous bring back for more time for my time no tournaments use terms for ground playing tormentor awesome for jujitsu for api format amours turn that's the way to go for four kickboxing hundred percent more time it's more effective or is it too late for them not weak are committed to diseases like a blank that's average
they they company they own the communists which they have better than they have a way more dangerous sport anyway cars like with the public's perception would be his riding and take down since emissions you just adding you just adding elbows and knees they should totally build would do that and then more time in the clench allow guys to clench because those guys like garlic simon marcus you take away his clinch you take away a big part of his game a lot of his game is he's a really strong guy he's excellent the plum new manipulates dude and he's blast new and by boom boom that's a big part of his fucking aim a huge by elbows in the clinic those itchy that's a huge part you take that away and you forcing them to just kick box i just think it's not as good still fun glories awesome the watch still exciting not as good as it was like for my time i wonder if he's gonna take that advice i hope so because for my my tie rules is also way more technical you watching more like you you never know what the fuck like a guy like heaven ross is a perfect example he's ago fights total ties
or like bull when you see that guy use everything needs to the body elbows and clench upward ellen coming in step off to the side leg kicks across the front of the fire to use in all these different techniques so many and then the clench needs the body needs the party elbows all that stuff is a part of the sport knew you how to make it more exciting that's like when elite see we're sand that you go the grand battling for fifteen seconds and then have to stand back up like this is a vacuum in the may one big country had our laws get down to work in a command they stood him up from sir control is inside control he's got the risk pin down he's feeling his arm through and he's about to try to attempt to come over this stand a mob oil at what the fuck is this how many times where it was there a bad stand up during your you have but when i was in your ear and i'm like oh my god oh my god what the fuck you then all of a sudden you start you let it i love any time there's a quick start up anything
instead i love it when you say something to you shouldn't be allowed up at all exists it's only five minutes you have five minutes to get a guy the ground and submit the guy's trunk kick your fuckin head off the idea that you should be stood back up because it's boring look if it's boring you know it's gonna happen less people going buy your paper view less we're gonna pay to see you fight you can less money if you want to finish you're gonna make more money the market should dictate your style rule should be the rules are fighting in fighting sometimes a garlic been askern can hold you down and do whatever the fuck he was and the idea that you get to be stood up you get a second shot at kicking his fuckin teeth and yet are we just what he took down he held you deputize they learn every especially when every ralph start stand it ass a stand up for the strike exact i mean if you wanted a vague add lead the fight company that was totally fair when fight ends up there on the ground in the mouth the next round
start just like that in the mouth right s use norton standing up again and you know what i think i think it would be more exciting i think it they just let the market dictators let it decides is the better rules make it more primitive make less rule yet the wrath of the mix yet i'm out of the mixed with rock subject roadside higher there whatever subjective ideas he has what's which good what's come on guys gonna fight i go crazy i'm like defining what the fuck do you think you're doing i mean that guy in the leg that's called fighting proprietors telling the rough making fight because they are there was the gary shaw thing an elite accede he told them to stand people up so you got guys or lost you want of knocking big country out which is kind of fucked up because because
is dominating that fight and if they stayed on the ground he power to stain on top of it i don't see our lost reversing big country but countries you did too is legit he's a big fuckin strong due to its work in a position in the earth and he got you too fucking ardor do grow loss king you get into the ground you get him inside control and some in seoul lab of a promoter decides it have to stand these guys up the act as they want war the crab wants war will show devaluing when selling gang spitten fucking salami sandwiches flying out of his mouth as he's talking to that guy gets to dictate what happens in a professional martial arts event that's sadia and it's only a crazy would it be if we there was a lead took out stand up and you started the decks round exactly in the same spot how hard with that but it is not a hard and an hour no not we that that's how it should be so it should be if people want to have a break if you want to get back up you should have to work to get back up
four guy tissue down he's got your fucking u mounted aegis punching face facing the buzzer rings solve that you didn't saw that issue an issue man you got a giant argue punch in the way it is on the schoolyard if this isn't a fuckin field somewhere that guy would still be on top of you so look you will give you a member get your cardio back to make it more exciting but that's it even why that's a little suspect we the fight should be ten minutes maybe though the preliminary fight should be ten minutes and the main events should be fifteen or twenty no fuckin breaks down dial breaks now lies that's real mme what's real enemies now rounds in i know the girls would give say that i'm gonna walk round administers jobs then it would still be there the beginning in the villages
a few less of these few less out think it's they still are an integral part of the organization they're beautiful the fund to be around nothing wrong with octagon girls nothing long sounded anti octagon girl rant i love those girls its due importance of point where's your list where's the caged answers and now you know ring car girls at your event rooney's dude you know make it more readily four days is trans genders straight people that like watching due to their underwear nodded good representation is male to form a small market in others and i don't think there's a huge gave brazil jujitsu community was hollywood in other they got all the local tournaments they show up they got the rainbow i haven't gotten with you like diseases since a smile that he can't hold sometimes look the corners of his mouth they start shaken just keep together mr brown
i believe that i believe should work well with you know their will some day keeps going we'll big eyes are notoriously fit i why why wouldn't gang i wanna jets right get the role without it goods come i add another missionary yet their ban balls in their fate to allow it to harden they should be obsessed with bitter they probably there their national sport maybe this inspire them to come clean with it may this year there you can just take the rig lay off in the other ramble only underneath another against gay guys i'm sure i have like five or six guys at school
today i am now raises the dishes just don't get voters well you roll and they gave version of all not races but a reason why does that not all my phobic part of your role with me don't get a hard because i am fucking beautiful it's like what you say it is and how you get harmful that we don't have a little bit something like the guy gets hard you stood in a row with no no you can only get is not to say you're you're gonna have to contact i'll get us it s only homophobic if you expect the gotta get hard in europe set before the match even starts you gotta the guy have the opportunity get hard and they then say hey man oil makes it very clear like start off go any man don't get hard we wrestle dude it's like hanging out with a black do go haemorrhoidal rubble like in these like before i think only day why
let's get hard aren't i think by bluebell you learn to control and i think there's a lot of gay white bells don't get hurrah august generally den we're gonna hard wrong with a girl never vigo that's what i'm saying you want the hornets people have worked to face the planet could put another wherever they wouldn't want every there's hardly know girls are we willing usually entrancingly coincide get more talking about we represent i what we're going to go up to say that you did it was the opposite if we lived in the twilight zone and ninety percent of the people don't you get to where women and i was one of those rare dude i feel i have a digital forever that's how problem i feel right skip more term by giant dude you said that no christ why she entering a heavyweight class
grows girls a digital there like a compliant all hazards play card genius is getting ground i was that we get a large tension is incredible but she finds herself a north south all the time it's so we're it's ridiculous sense like she's so good at retaining garbutt almost seems like she turned into north south from the bottom our silence happening sport is a crazy boy the first girl that when i was a purple belt i brought did you do to till she wanted a watch she can't believe she got she was sweating she can believe to her she does our sexual positions that's all she saw was how'd you guys do this she was done by guys wrestling with guys like guys some girls like some girls do girls want to find out who wins take a sperm it's what they want to do
all your some guy regular employment and i'm gonna go somewhere i'd like you to do it's gettin gay together some girls like that right no comment on how the yes where we have a woman and other aid ordain will tell us she's nodding so i think you know girl do no girls that are not gay but somehow to gag he's getting together turns around see in france right again we need to eliminate a year businesses crazy doesn't went crazy so anytime decide twenty percent of women that you know maybe higher really turned you on geological and laugh you know you laugh they grow up gay men one we gotta in this conversation about the thrall microphone a lot i mailed it why some dude balls deep another guys ass aeroplane with herself
the latter egos are so strong that is so important for us to do not get dominated by another man you like his balls awry year on google flock almost stopped to choke right here in his balls are right here like that doesn't mean shit it's gonna hurt more if he taps me than of his balls hit my cheek do you do block in a joke right more importantly i think about any sexuality and all you think about not getting tapped you band tie cups though steel cups and embedded you guys where those steel copies of what they were whatever they want to stop them from prison the balls nobody's not that this idea is leverage yeah you believe that jerry that its increase level whereas steel cup of year daniel i'm oil are certainly more efficiently break arms legs yeah yeah you wear one nine only one that can be i just never have so it would feel it would be awkward delight start doing it right before seems to be a massive benefit of its legal would be some some organizations ben cups in it
totally yeah fuck like leverage damn i another einstein story einstein was pass on my guard and he hit my dick with his knee think aiming so i went to the bathroom after ozone rolling and my job is filled with blood miss importing coming years now i started i peed in blood came into my dick unlike fuck and austrian think should go to the doctor says i knew if i went to the doktor i go over it would i do those my nose i go i will go to the doctor see what's going on so i went home and ensure that it is more important than your nose though it is but i went on a jerk off i just want to make sure my dick works yes lie where especially at what do we have a lot in my sperm it was like the cover of the metallic am load its blood and spur it was i want them chicken eggs or someone wrong you know you let us nice it's got a little feet as an urgent and that's what was light was clumps but it worked out of work it worked out yeah and then i peed the next day was blood for a few days though this blood was come out for a few days but it never got infected like if it fails in fact that i'm going to
because otherwise it gonna be staring at my dick gonna be awkward against put up there and then probably say nothing we're not gonna do anything for you sounds like you may drive home saying is cops are the way to go you wouldn't have happened especially like steel i'm constantly squeezing my knees and every part of my game the needs which generally squeezing some i'm in constant protect ball mode any work up never dear where one of the diamonds you each other's diamond in avonlea retry it never would you be interesting dry and i got him here you want one for serbia bosnia to hang onto something to smash my all the family silver it's like compression short and meda gilbert ivo tenderly sovereigns right that all got caught that was lying on the floor longer than that paying you know that paying you get what you feel like you're gonna get sick he had other cut a pain like a ball smashed armor
without i think he had a regular cup those regular cops this way before late they had these compression short cups is a couple companies jacko dozen to couple companies but diamond i'm a man think they started they have a cop that's concord jamie go grab in those days maybe get a bunch of and the same to me i don't have any affiliation with competence when they need to take a mould of your dick and then make like a mould rubber jelly thing whereas now you are no doubt aware soft thought about what have you dick s heart sank it's trapped and you are choking you dig out with your own class matter we haven't two very good when you want to make like mouthpieces yelling about these like an airline's yes m out these are one has caused an ear you just can't ever get turned on yeah yes isn't it i would you it's jujitsu its other sweaty do see they have a cop that's kind of concord and gas and this is now
where to go the whole deal the inevitable our wine is still you appear to take us how i'm telling you don't do you wear what these compression shorts please short too crazy to heavily straps in em and it's all the sort that thing right up against your junk to protect your hearts on you dont you need to do it not outside your pants i'm not saying i gotta say this because its bigger than this it's not a big as is its bigger than that that's what he said but you should try it it's a good idea i'll meet you dont need commentator to match was fernando vasconcelos in canada cage infidels no fast i forgot about fernando again shown carter and shown cars showed up at the cup like it looked like action the telecast i go you know bob sap called he wandered is cut back his cup with tremendous like that was a weapon it was like like something they die you'd where the like mad max you know domain again a very tragic
when the balls nose like blades issued or some who hunt ro the guy was got one on steel carbon they get on top eu could feel that thing that single weapon like there fortunately we have always read the car bad like yeah you hurt your store storm you solar plexus like you did you get out of position and an arm bars it's gotta make a giant difference gave a chunk of metal neighbours others like an angle there's an angle if you have a leverage point where you dick and how about you put a duty and a triangle and you know when they go on their faces right in their hashing how many times you put it doing triangle and you like had just in the wrong angle like if you pull said you just like stuffing his hair in europe it is a major one is it worth it i'm trying to tap on with like an armchair something that was what i wanted to match they want to talk to you about your hobby vasquez yeah do that with such a slick submission man because you you you're known for your leg locks and it's kind of like hobby wisdom
ending well and a hobby is really good defence anyway and then you switched it up and went for that year angle and caught the trying on the side yeah peel as i move forward with my matches in things like a certain situations where i'm just at all costs trying to submit somebody and beat them in whatever way that i possibly can specifically in that match i had every intention because i'd just beaten like a really good like locker marcin held i had every intention of trying to not submit him with a leg lock real i didn't yeah and want to because i don't want any known as i wanna be known as just a guy that does leg locks united mean only known as to lay like a killer on the matter but you know still you were still attempting them no problem with iran in but i what no intention of finishing ring i thought about finishing it and said now that's not what i want to do i try to cyprus idols at exerting different times i didn't let it go he d like like pushed out of it really hard
i am not going to say a multiple times i try to set up an arm triangle from mom we call it i'd like a scoop scorpion but it's what's it called lockdown ray so from the lock opposition trying to pass his arm across and set up arm triangles i've been what i'm about analysing yet environment up here that's all been practicing and training i wonder scimitar but it wasn't working out but i also than practicing some triangle setups so you know that's the dough two ways where i was coming back and forth between that china summit when you set up beyond arm triangle from the bottom do try to finish her from the bottom or do sweet i think i think i'm my preferred finish the absolute best for me to be slightly to be on bottom but to be on my hip as opposed to be facing up to the discussion side onto the person vermicular that's my favorite finish but i aside from that finnish need just directly flat facing up i think is worse than finishing on top on tops better you can move your hips you can run adjusting our top is always better get your weight
bottom the only way it's gonna work on the bottom generally did you gotta that lockdown end without the lock there is if i have the locked down and i have the arm drawing on the bottom i'm just gonna stay there and try to finish it don't you you sometimes go sideways on a guy and you have the lockdown as well which put your need a really funky angle what are you talking about or arm triangle from your bottom for those yonder and its role in the leg comes on we still hold lockdown it's like you're gonna vaporize or but instead i'm here i dare not so that's it this position you get a lot of average from their it's hard to set the one up because once you go through the leg is to have the lock down in its hard to reach you got a really screwed up there he's got a kind of give it to you it's hard to set that were not because settle up if you let go the locked out of past carcass your basically lead drag position with the lockdown it's the same thing you could pass in to that armed triangle you couldn't keep lockdown rolled will vaporize or or you can
vaporize or by just simply turning an sitting back nice and slow where there's no role and you go to your arm the it was interesting when you guys we're commentators matched to when you saw he got that position aside from to set up a triangle you got fired opulent while i do how they match yeah like this is this is a bad situation is about spy i know the gary's is its guillotine sir as far as i am sure you have way more than i know but i know you i've seen you i know you got all round jujitsu game and i understand you correctly you to want to be known as the leg lock i because you do have you're really go like your guillotine is right up there with the top guys and now you're the way you get to the back elite level you got a lot of stuff godaddy of a very active gained from the bottom
was it a shock to me you ve been training essentially judges who ve run nine years our data glancing i rely to be eight years the day of his torn in march twenty second energy its that's amazing you ve been able to have so much progress in such a short time that's incredible that mean that you must really love it you must be just fuckin obsess reactions day one for sure i just on them ass much ass possible i never really took any breaks just constantly training competing as much as possible could you remember what dragged into it like what got you so excited about it yeah so at first that just like this sport i didn't know it existed until i was like fourteen and i bet it was like hey i do this thing it's like wrestling where you get to strangle people now let's get out of here it's bullshit nobody let that happen as a good kid like nobody let's two kids strangle each other that you do not raise at usc that time while that's where no i
yeah this is like always thousand for five years living with the i was living with my mom she's a single parent that you know i'm not that she would have disapproved of that yeah but it's not like it would have been something i would have been brought right interests you don't have any talk about it at school anyway i heard about it but in the end i wasn't opposing a big part of the culture that i was in uniting mean so i did you i just never nobody really brought it up and tell my one friend that happened retrain jujitsu once i learned about that that's when i started learning about you have c and stuff like that i hadn't really in experience any that so that's what got me into the sport but not like obsessed with i was like i was like while it sounds really cool went to a competition as that's the coolest fuckin thing ever my mom was not about it she was like the audits not okay you can't do that but eventually you know i convinced her and then i what really cap pushing forward was one turning point moment i was trying with tom the blast my instructor and i chose train with somebody else first and
they are trying to escape a triangle and tom over to help me like to try and help me get out of the train i wasn't doing it properly and i was like he gave me advice and then i go oh yeah but you know i usually do this like taking a very like stand officially talking back sort of away like a child would you not a means talk back to me and it was really bad like disrespectfully now in whatever way i said it so was ok let's train let's see how well you get out of the triangle endless let's go so he's trains of me for i could grand total of about thirty five minutes i would say every tool five minutes after he would like submit me multiple times he would say do you want to stop and every time i was i know because i didn't think my beating was dont let i thought i deserve to get the shit out of me so i knew you'd said some guy new i knew right when they get go i fucked up right so sorry maybe i at the end of the match leads to a stir like a stir bruce the size of iron man's fuckin circle on his chest like
burn black like like bloody cots all over my face from fucking gibbering alike literally it was definitely child abuse like should could have been arrested if i like complained you know but i would never you know because i deserve it and it made me stronger person but after that it was could that that pie may experience swear in kill bell volume to she's like beaters getting the ship doubt of her by pie may end up being held down by the arm like do you want this power of that sort of thing and you know i wanted that power to be able to fuckin you know have control over my fate have control over you know being able to defend myself against another person be able to act in that way and then from that point on i was in love with jujitsu eventually you know in love with competing in wanting to teach and all that stuff so though chinese all your light bulbs now i know i'd idea i probably should now if i wanted work actually i do you do that to my my students that i'm trying to bring up gordon ryan i beat the crap out of them as much as possible
i didn't mean him and make him well just aerial whores all table on the deal you know what big brother on our way one daily tens or says you know even in his brothers their younger than that are better than america moister big brother i try i try my best actually gets how you make people good man something that for sure but is also something to just like being really lucky having a great instructor ghana kid has struck to like you that so passionate about the game like one of the hardest parts about jujitsu in the day was finally real good instructor and i got super lucky we found john sharp machado yeah now but if you didn't find if you are and like you know them of nowhere south dakota here and there is no good instruction it's hard tar define like a really good instructor at such a big deal tend to have a good good camp when you have a good time why don't you get your hands on cadmium art of judea to elicit legs big she gets it places rallies killers come from such a giant advantage is so it's so you
we're so lucky here in southern california we what what's better as far as like occasions on earth fugitives the brazilians like the beach and my home we that is the right level my army when you phone like the ones that are like look man i want to go to run down there's a lot of their legs sallow went to ohio for that and i remember thinking man a brazilian in ohio levels jorge erodes virgil they wrote gels been up their money is like an american pursuing these why well about a fuckin gable gonzalez he's in western massachusetts man he's in the middle of nowhere is and ludlow i think without the name of the policies see these places made people stronger you guys in california don't no pain
four years ago live in is nicer whether all the time to go from la yo to that part of western massachusetts we're guns argue lives you went from like one most beautiful spots on earth to a place for for six months it sucks fat plated dare giver binary on what i'll see other do besides train that israel is so much other things to do here what's aren't we ve been in brazil now not yet looking forward for this next thing i know you want aid oh shit i mean they haven't put out official official inmates that's all pollard hopefully o urine one hundred percent lucy yosemite qualified guess i'll be there for sure it's gonna be a cell barlow august twenty eightth and this twenty nine amateur bunch temple gotta go man it's gonna be ass she go reserve that we can't whenever i can jeers gonna accompany it i wouldn't let me see if i can i dunno what my my friends might have amended is it my boy religions have you never know what's gonna let you see them here so many good guys these days is really it's
firstly is on another level man examined you were saying that at lahti this break dancing strike from the outside world yesterday i did it inside be j j podcast and ask me what is the single most important attribute to digital you want attribute and my answer was initially was i would like to say open mindedness true open mindedness but there's a lot of close monica out there that are the best and the worst can't be that at a joint it can't be that really all my thought about it for two seconds and it has to be a lot of system at better system you a guy come and then who's been doing gymnastics his whole life in these high level he's gonna get really get it you get two in one month in one month and that's geo and his brother bogie both of them just really quick got their black belt they're just there i thought
let's just like the charts yet it could do the crazy shit with their hands standing on the hand spinning around landing their balance there there's their core strength is off the charts and the crazy thing is geo got so good so quick he got his you know you got his black but like copacabana did a a black baldwin years he did copper whereas who like that's athleticism break dancing the kind of brake dancing geo does that's out let us that's like super hyper soup revolve break dancing crazy so it doesn't he got so is blackmail so quick but his rises and stopping it felt like ok you caught up in that's it that's athleticism they got him that black belt so quick is gonna take him to the next level quicker and those higher levels quicker he is getting better all but is it enough to be someone like have amended could have amended is on we'll unreal have managed deep that's no one ever does anything
anytime you loses its on some advantage or something if you lose it other than that you can do anything in others matches of him or roles within one hundred about way bigger than any genetic keaton cornelius there's a match online way bigger than half have again nice i know there's other matters were maybe keen and captain but apparently no one step and that is the top guy in the world one forty five and an eighty cc c of gmos ready for that maybe maybe half a smash it you don't know maybe it's too soon right now maybe it's gonna take another three or four years the ketchup catch up but we're gonna find out and i really believe gmos on another love i roll with them all the time man and i can do shit all no more like this guy and he's lighter than me i got twenty pounds on
it's amazing so amazing it's amazing what we learn to that that break dancing is a doorway to jog yes gymnastics everybody always knew wrestling of course is first month he was all overdue like holy shit stumble into brought him over to do this guy is on another love and he has a break dancing crew called the fridge and all those guys we're don't you just and they all got good all of them really quick but geo and buggy are the only ones stuck with it the other breakdowns or just one backed bread dancing they dabbled in it for a year and a half and got really good all of em the good right away professional jujitsu in six months but i call you fuck this dismal moves that you do in break dancing that require like insane balance and coordination and strength like max what can we do these crazy work out the other day we you're you're doing like this push up and then you you pick one hand up and then you put one leg up and then you lose the other knee off the ground by two inches in your holding it they're so one legs
would you like us superman position right you're in one all these up with one hand and one but on the other side in your knee is off the ground in the leg is up in the hands up and you just hold its insanely difficult you gotta go home after a short of its insanely difficult but then you think about what these cause you're doing their stand on one hand spin around their legs up in the air was that it's not my fault we'll standard basic breakdowns in that you saw it geo their style is do racy weird things there always evolving in new moves and that translates to you it to me better than rustling better than gymnastics i've never from day one i seen him come up and his what he's doing it is he's just getting started is just the beginning a geo cotonou gary tone in bright dance
i see you here your card board with you you lay that shit out you start oh yes there has been a system is off the charts do he's back lips like it's nothin right you can do a lot of crazy he's doing flyin more he's doing that fly and emma what he called it says or take he's good also he's very area so let us as a result the charge is well what's your ultimate goal but what are you a view do have like goals that you ve set for yourself as far as your competition career which you want to achieve yeah i think the main goal right now is said to bring you know submission grappling to that level we're talking about two where it's you know it's an exciting spectator sport that you know people can get paid to do and in like a career you know that's minimum obviously personally that's kind of my goal in but it's kind of a gulf sport same satan's it's perfect timing ladys sees obviously a big girl you know it's coming your hotter than ever younger than the dish
star metamorphose maybe i well to wage a bit and we're doing well to which amplitude it's like everything just the line perfectly and unlike fuck i'm i'm lucky that i listened discarding nelson and brought gary torn and now i'm lucky man are actually be a part of them idealizing shades this tremendously i've i have to ask you about people keep bringing it up i hear you have a terrible diet oh yeah yeah that's it yeah visions everywhere hate me i don't know what it is they who will see i took so metamorphic the guys that do not videotaped like the pre fight whatever bs right so they d like ok such a couple videos that we did in the past and it's like brawl leo and adolfo and both of them are talking about their die like oh yeah i just eat like a little
the grass and like some leaves us now i become big and strong come on man are you serious pod dolfo just like you know she is seen as all day i am i freedom on man i saw you don't i mean like so anyway i just like these guys really have the screen that lets i'll give them the real look at what my diet is really like you know and for me because between training all the time and stuff like that it's just like i eat whatever i can and i need a high dense amount of calories all the time so it's like cheeseburgers and pizza and stuff like that you know that's my my in both of my diet now when i wake up i know how to eat healthy you know like when i wake up i'd i'd do the right things and i need a lot of fibre and do you make sure you get a lot of nutrients though due to simultaneously i definitely vitamins and things and then you know occasionally off up up up in a few battles here and there but you do you really don't
you don't get many vegetables for real yet not not you know like real daily basis that we need a man and the same lily aided little salad every day but a little bullshit l toiled loco salad or something you know dude i swear to god if you just give it a shot just try drinking caille shakes in the morning i would curtail shake said what you normally have her breakfast tastes like dog shit you're tastes like tastes like an that's all you dayton's pre come within that will not cover my vegetables for the daddy i would imagine would cover you vegetables ogre since they lumber on youtube you mix up some garlic you mix up some gingerly a hunk of ginger like a half a page remember what a pages like cut a patron half then in the blue ourselves too hard tale celery an exactly then so much effort that just when it is in no way awkward flavour is i've got a meteor look all those things are good like either earth grown nutrients it on and has garden of life as a bunch drinks they sellers and a life is very logic good stuff it's definitely
better than not having it but the best shit you can get is fresh vegetables that's the best shit fresh vessel those with garlic some fruit like maybe like pineapple or apple some cocoanut oil mix all that shit up together and a blunt days kick it is kicking everyone my magazine gonna be fine you know i'm not saying i'm not saying that like you know that you know the eating shitty is like leading me whinnying or vice versa i definitely think that for long term health like you know i mean i state at study exercise signs i have eggs degree national science like you know we had nutrition glasses in anything like that and is clearly you know four like your long term health like eating well is like the right thing to do just as much as exercising his right thing to do but in terms of just my ability to do so on a day to day basis with my training scheduled with everything else is very very difficult to make sense but i don't take as much stock into it as some people believe like oh this is gonna be that deciding factor that one percent that's gonna make you beat
so and so i dont truly believe that you mom because i mean all only if i lose because my diet wasn't good that day or one of the keys to be overly just don't feel like i was that good at you did you to begin with like i should be making improvements in budgets not now i'm not but not that i know what they are it's it's important but like not for not for its not can be the deciding factor between me beating somebody or not be that makes sense such a silly that makes sense in some ways will in some ways it doesn't because if you think about like you don't have the ultimate optimal conditioning right you don't have the ultimate others always room for improvement right there is room for improvement in the coordination is always room for improvement in your task
charles things original from proven how could it not be room for improvement and new new tisch rude nutritional technique i what what technique that there are a few of your body is certainly what are you users or improvement in mind but don't you think there's like a technique to giving yourself the right amount of carbon hydrogen us right what item on a protein nicer in time things he's young rain his body has is crazy tablets brand he's not been put in positions where is he's gettin dragged out of the deep the waters and he's getting tired and now it's the end its like a twenty minute match minutes seventeen and he's going against marcello garcia then maybe that where the diet is gonna come into play yes but right now is blowing through everybody's some it is a matter of eads ding dong but that's what i'm saying that he doesn't kind of makes sense saying that guy beat you wouldn't have beaten you because you nutritionally i think for the most part the tiger had nothing to say like to chrome gracie fight mainly ended a fight where was it you
disappeared technique or was it a combination of being exhausted me massive expenditure of energy from both parties when i was just in a really really bad spot i mean the guy had my back would like a body triangle i stood up trying to blast each efforts to trying to defend the joke it had nothing to do with it had nothing to do with my conditioning or anything like that was i tired at that point i can't even remember but i dont think i was tired thing i just really shitty spot and that's why i ended up you know capping alex i thought i was about to go unconscious not because i was tired or exhaust i don't think i would have i think of you put me in the same situation at a complete hundred percent right before the match i wouldn't got not any better than i did there really but yeah man i agree it makes a difference but not
i think not enough leaders now from pizza and i'm not sure you got fired if i might unlike the ability to do that you know but i'll hire somebody to follow me around and feed me good shit all the time a hundred percent i would but if you don't you wouldn't want that anywhere that girl would be annoying you'd have to find out what can raise its studies i want me to get the fuck away from the beats abbot now brochure get away from it it's about your train later today brow to borrow a lot like a loop its upper not working offline i think the human body is an amazing thing to be honest and i think that it takes pretty much whatever the fuck you put inside of it and turns it into what were you know who is notorious written a cheeseburger before every fuckin games michael jordan that was like his rich he would go to burger king or mcdonald's rather and you get a big mac maybe too and he would eat em before every mile jordan morocco modified enjoy big now you got what you say we i mean you're talking about people are talking about what they get the data
they can tell us what it every day yeah but he ate cheeseburgers before matches as peace like that to hold on a second when a good little shit and i was there jordan found it's ok i'm free game in two thousand when i've commentator for pride tat remark her i met him at the airport at mcdonald's and he was kill and migdol videotape than everything just to prove that look of this look at this athlete even this crap could have to keep proven to people that its mcdonald's isn't that bad for you i was deafening horrible night is but it s so good if it can directly affect mathematical mormons alice i hated ten seconds beforehand every friday my mama take us to mcdonald's what you got paid on fridays was like a treat oh yeah raised as a kind mcdonald's this is what we ve been for a week this is so decides and am in character he had the same meal for every game at twenty three on stake baked potato and ginger ale that's our bad pig different that's a big difference that's help
why are you here that it was a fucking cheeseburger man dammit who the hell was that was at somebody else sponsored by the us a lie like just to those things they spread out ok so this is is this like things that are just like ok he once punch steve someone steve her in the face during practice will need to see all that shit but ok so forget i said jones days is fuckin dime was checked alan backs dies in pretty good that some people would take that and say that is die it's not that good with observe taken place grass was grasping probably not of course prob that was just a slightly higher grade of beef what do you think about charles junior burger now that the natural burger no steroids no hormones yes was the grass free right grasp grass fed you know what man look but
a piece of meat is we have always attachments to what is but it's protein and water yet aids does not not allowed us like this good aspects too like some other like you get healthier fats from grass fed me can you get a healthier animals deftly better for it's probably more nutritionally dance for you but you get by unlike regular burgers you can get by on regular stake it still human bodies and rising thing school good for you you mean you your bodies taken that animal protein is breaking down and making muscle with it it is does the idea that it doesn't because it's steak and the stakes bad for you that's but it's about nato potatoes are good for you guys you're baked potato it's really good for your big potato the best way this view see and potassium and beg to manufacture think there's more protection and a big potato than a banana yep so you ve got that's all healthy should the people don't think that's healthy or people that are of an agenda they like either vague in
or they they wanna promotes like some really radical idea of of nutrition knife my favorite comments on the meadow morton the pre metamorphose video was gary tony's stop eating cheeseburgers and by some proactive what's proactive like florida sets and whenever he has this how dare the ruins awesome do you use anything like defence soap do you fuck with that stuff you for a while you know ye so please give me some stuff i haven't had any but even so it is the best the best is best data sent me a box of it i get by panic when i get low i use such good soap to dislike that stuff it's like a surgical scrub that use good for you do now know that antibiotics hopes not good for it is a kills your natural skin flora that this stuff to the as for hospitals man attacks intense antibiotics what they treated only use if my face deserves and everything even then
it might be that causes a pro active work though i've used for it when i use it for a little bit it worked our right within twenty three sometimes nothing works tell me use do you can show you something for so long and it gets fucking whatever swine my face every once in a while in the days of a friend of work is a fry later cook this mother fucker had the wars its have ever seen in my life s environment when you it will happily when you're being long namely when you're famous for children people breakin legs it don't matter what we have is its eddie as does matters don't worry about joining that next just keep on and that is the plan i thought i was going to focus on a set of my beauty i don't know how it goes with zero but i know what you're skin it's actually important do not use them antibacterial soap ok now also say you shouldn't shower like any closer half an hour before you match because or but before we train rather because it take your body time to re establish the like then about you guys that although the whole thing about it is the guy owns diffrent soap he wrote all thing about i don t think wasn't it
you're not supposed to take a shower but only role no don't put that out we're gonna shops now just stick it it's gotta be more than a half an hour more than half an hour for your skin health lamb in prague alex you fuck with probiotics only they like said oh my stomach occasionally not linford not for the for the prevention of like skins daddy bravo reach is that it offers rywhere matter in a few times it's not like a consistent problem like somebody will have with it you know got staff once so doesn't mean i caught it before it was serious ass i dont know how some people like let's staff goes the boy can a spider by a fucking liner by near scanning like this big like dude as soon as i felt like like you know us big swollen valentinois like yeah it's probably staff i should go get that looked at i started to get sick i ll get scenes right on people not don't get that shit how bout or not to renew their body mass saying i told you the irish fear story right we're playing poland was limping unlike why compromise haggard spider bite my knee i go away
let me see your leg and i got do that's you gotta go to a doctor right now his knee was swollen and it was like as it and those molly shit do this is ugly eddie has a good story about this is training with a dude that had like a giant wholeness laden actually train with them is a certainty saw the fuckin hollows like let me stay the fuck away from me i was a kid what's wrong with you definite staff man he's like he's like you should go to the doctors yeah i've been robinson like honey on it in stuff i'm really not into like you a dossier like intellect natural remedies and stuff no scam he put in honey on its kennedy fine that's those entering our gutters wasn't vaccine dude he's dead right now but it's better for the human race because arrived we really want to keep living on brian cowen on his friend's wife died from staph infection and she tried to teach treated naturally holistically they're like doing like all these different weird thing and he said he came to the house and he said she look like death and her gums were pale and he's like jesus how can christ get her to the doctor man get her to a hospital and they take her to the hospital
late they get her on the ivy drip nature that trying to give these are my people died at like twenty five years old thirty years old because they didn't do that exactly and especially mercer like the magnetic nation resistant there's a bunch of different strains of staff of newly difficult to deal with i'm just gonna keep robin honey i'll be fine just takes them firstly you hid it with the parson yeah perfect design porthos homeopathic motherfuckers scary you gotta be real careful with that shit there is sometimes you need medicine badge yep madison fuckin like if you syphilis don't try to pray that shit away need penicillin mother fucker penicillin don't go out like al capone high they figured out does they figured it out right to use that mark deeds knowledge yeah man it's like you don't just jump and judges as a fuckin raw wiped out try to reinvent the game right you should do that with medicine either on medicine haven't mother fucker jeff
sure to rub haughty and your staff bitch that doesn't work if it did we would falcon use that now is the number one moves rub honey i'm here you know what our friend but his mom has cancer and she's been taking cannabis therapy for it and you know they attributed to a bunch of different things but one of them being that she she's stop doing chemotherapy and it's at the same time she start doing this cannabis and are tumor shrunk by thirty percent over a period of just a few weeks they don't know if it was the comedy in the case of fair pay and the cannabis whale but they know the canvas well has a big big effect on it and i ve been talking to so many people that no people with cancer that have also gone that round start taking cannabis oil that rick simpsons oil in a bunch different cd oils it's amazing here and about to see that vice documentary on the measles virus and the hiv virus not credible
their use in the measles virus am hiv virus to kill cancer and in so far as working ninety percent is amazing live in good times my an hp ass i do to put that episode argue to pre so that the gift to the world that showing the progress they have made it seems like they cared cancer so lines like well it's not mean they're there certainly making giant leaps and bounds from where they were just a decade that easels virus kills can't raising as we know not what yeah but you get really sick as they take you through and when they gave him this this measles virus they get really going compromise it almost seems either gonna die but never gonna die anyways with the cancer and then they wake up in a coma and then there came to free that bananas we live and crazy times man
what do you think of the last question was wrong with his time right now if i left five minutes what do you think about performance enhancing drugs a big issue with jiu jitsu in out steve maxwell was just raving about the other days like they need to do that you just has too many guys that are on yeah yeah it's not you know he's not going in any sense i mean they have like some light testing that they do for like i believe you have but it's like one of those situations again we're like people know what to do like you need to have enough they advance notice of the event coming up they know if they could be tested what they pay after the event is i wonder what's at pee after the event as urine yeah they test randomly like ten dudes or something like that yes it's something stupid i mean is a step in that direction but yeah i mean it's clearly rampant you know as what to do about it like
yeah either needs there's been only two routes there's one you just don't do anything okay and then everybody has their option to use it or not use it which whatever i mean obviously the people that choose not to or going to suffer in terms of the vanish up the strength and then the other way to go about as you have to do it fuckin right and just have random testing all the time and in a way where people can't fucking cheated don't mean cause if because of some camps get really which is what happens in some camps get really really good at figuring out what the ways to cheat the task sir this that another thing other guys aren't gonna fuckin go through that i mean it gives those guys an advantage over the other guys that are in himself yeah of course so it's i mean dude i mean it in a perfect world that site yet let's get rid of it but it seems that there's always there always away to fuckin hide it always waited do whatever so i'm just gonna keep keep trying to get better at do too and hopefully that saves me instead of building by some
we'll see what we have also seen a bunch of guys would you just you guys got an m a main and got caught when they got it emma may again they get tested a little bit more thoroughly and assurance out they are probably using the entire time yeah distant there's tons of that for sure do to him whatever the case may be you know about this situation that i may find itself in right now mean looking at it may as a future prospect in getting involved yet and you see all this in all these guys get tatiana this council ricky something that run arouse he said was kind of interesting about the idea that like oh this like baseball wherever using steroids to hit a ball harder were you steroids and people are flocking getting knock them i mean that's that's scary in the sense that people are getting stronger and stronger and have the ability to do serious damage to people and also in that sense yachts i mean in a marshall art i think that super dangerous you know i just you know i don't know what the end
raise you know reign in terms of what they should do or whatever the case may be without ease but his trousers and its and even just steroids extend to other stuff people can be taken epa owes and all different kinds of things here but there is article recently online where they were saying that these business men is middle aged businessman are taken beyond winning cycling races just entering amateur cycling raises on appeal and winning em just give you such a giant advantage when you deal with someone who has some cycling you are cycling you have though the muscle strengthening also knew of the superhuman endurance yeah fact it's fucked weird engineered that so many and the main fighters tests and positive for it now gave appeal world of alibaba routine off but for the title against mighty mouse johnson he tested positive people shame mostly tested positive rio back in the day you know that's really know you'd say and when people are we say a large percentage of a professional athletes are on steroids that do you think a large percentage
our on appeal as well as cardio you have huge i know of many that i've been on appeal i love any that we're on appeal back in the day at least i know from the anecdotal stories that i heard from people the train was that there was gone what takes us a wild west me shoot appeal edith good questions i think i have a pill form now reeling i think so they can you wrong about that but i think that made major advances they used to have to do like blood transfusions nor do it properly you're able to do you guys i'm sure that blood dope i'm sure yeah because no test for that will you take your own blood out of your body you make wait your body that blood regenerated in your body than you add more blood your body you have more oxygen carrying capability we'll take two weeks though for your body to make that blood to the question and i know how long it takes but guys get easily get a blood transfusion two weeks out a matter of fact i would give you plenty of time to recover if you wanted to do that if say if you take saturday and sunday off
train all week to say ok i'm gonna get a blood transfusion friday blood withdraw the gonna take my blood out friday you know you have the weekend to recover go back on monday start training again and then they hold onto their blood for two weeks and then jack that shit back in your system you would most certainly have some sort of a performance advantage from that and i don't think they can detect that i really don't that was what the bikers used to do those well cyclists its interest fascinating time where people are learning more and more about how to cheat and then how to stop cheating like that the shit that had acted lumbar got caught for i've never even heard of it it's a designer stairway that is like really expensive exotic shit that it was like that clear stuff that very bonds and the victor conti stuff where they thought the nobody knew how to detect it yeah strictly to very tricky but more on this point is as valid as far
yes a different thing you lose their landing consciously you probably wouldn't be able land you're doing damage especially you dealing with some sort of a war or why persons surges and comes on the end and stop that person you know that's probably a big part of it any browser on the table are about time to end this fuckin podcast under construction and roused ship as your fucking heels i just show excuse me this is where people eat and they drink coffee does not for you to put your feet you son spock energetic people were defined savage veterinary and he's always gets it out the windows feed on mirrors and certain against walls vice chairs and just how surprised and not sinned against the log into all right now is always chair double lowest yeah tomorrow eddie bravo invitation o only live on paper view buddha videos dot com slash ebby slash phoebe i four p m pacific under time zella pm
googly moodily and gary tuneable we therefore rowan the fuck does steam man tournaments areas that returning chapman has got a lotta killers dare o connell he beat you in the coming year he getting me billy back in the day we're roundabout way and i would say if you live in los angeles tomorrow it's at the orphan theatre in downtown allay you can get tickets there you can get it is our view website eddie bravo invitation dot com look at this god dammit this is fucking chaos to ten thousand dollars grand prize i dare anyone to watch this and tell me this exciting this is some crazy shit this one this is all about about encouraging urgency cell tell yet i did was as winter take off it's like a game show no one else gets paid just the winner to ensure urgency and each of the whip ass the one for matches any only gets paid on the matches he wins and regulation so this twenty five hundred dollars per machel is apposite
we'll ten grand did you can win and this is we're gonna get bigger and bigger we're gonna go fifty grand mechanical hundred grand eventually a million boom eddie bravo invitation it's going down tomorrow at the orpheum cedar the orphan fate or i'll say it again in downtown allay again bhutto videos dot com ford slash e b you can follow eddie on twitter its eddie bravo all one word you can follow a tone and on twitter its gary two hours underscore c o n o and gary thank you very much man you tomorrow's going too i should say come tomorrow it will get no like the word by it's gotta be not only awesome and its if you're does your first event that you're gonna go to organs see live on paper view you will not be disappointed there are some mother fucking savages this so thanks to everybody to an end thanks a defence soap because this shit events or die com and i will see you next week much loved the euro but if a tune into the pot
ass and thank you too on a dot com go to an end he used the code word rogan and you can save ten percent off any and all supplements ye bitches aright guy soon next week in fact until then enjoy i found because each other are don't listen to me man you you don't need people telling you that you're right i'm sorry i'm just talking gotta go by lower figures
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